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What do you do when you are not getting enough attention and you need to land a role and make some money. You come up with a crazy story and then just so happen to have a video of it and ready to be sent to the biggest tabloid. Ian Ziering ('90210' Star Ian Ziering Viciously Attacked by Bikers on Hollywood Blvd.)

This singer/franchise actor spent his holiday overseas trying to get a yachter to join the actor and his girlfriend. The thing is though, our singer/actor didn't want to pay anyone because he is famous so they should want to do it for free. Jared Leto/Thet Thinn

Apparently, the cable bosses decided booze was a much better idea than anything else this late night talk show host might come up with as an alternative. Andy Cohen/"CNN" (Shots taken! Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen down tequila again on CNN's 'New Year's Eve Live')

The label of this A+ singer is considering delaying her 2024 album. All signs are that the studio sessions are on schedule, the music sounds great, and she will likely dominate the charts. But in today’s music industry, an album release is really just promotion for the much more lucrative concert tour, and the label is concerned she won’t have the stamina to complete a global 60+ show concert run. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande Announces New Album for 2024)

This barely there celebrity in a family filled to the brim with barely there celebrities was not proposed to by a wealthy Prince. Bella Hadid/Prince of Qatar (Prince of Qatar Proposal to Bella Hadid)

This foreign born A+/A list singer has been working with his lawyers to try and make his divorce quick and quiet. His goal is to not have anyone discover it until this time next year.

Why hasn’t this rapper dropped a follow-up to her debut album? Her label no longer has an incentive to ruin the career of her rival so they’re tightening the purse strings on her budget. That’s why she’s so stressed out. Cardi B/Nicki Minaj ("I'm literally fighting for my life": Cardi B shares her health update with fans)

If you thought the celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) spying on you in your car (“Tesla”) was bad, it is a drop in the bucket of what this foreign car company (“BYD Company”) is set to do. One Scandinavian country is set to ban the carmaker from selling any of its goods within the country. Elon Musk/”Tesla”/”BYD Company” (China’s BYD is selling more electric cars than Tesla) (Marketing Company Claims That It Actually Is Listening to Your Phone and Smart Speakers to Target Ads)

This extremely wealthy tech executive not named Elon has been spreading feelers/messages through friends out to reporters to not dig too deeply into a story that looks very enticing on the surface. Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg Building Top-Secret Hawaii Doomsday-Bunker With Blast-Resistant Door); Peter Thiel (Peter Thiel Is Taking a Break From Democracy)

The strip club show was just the beginning. This reality star is going to go much further on her new OnlyFans. Angelina Pivarnick/”Jersey Shore” (Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick, 37, puts on sultry show at New Jersey strip club as she dances around pole)

The thing about this A list singer/sometime reality star is she can never keep a secret. She loves sharing. The former actress turned neighbor of the singer is about to discover that. Katy Perry/Meghan Markle/Montecito, CA (Meghan Markle and Katy Perry Allegedly Have Tension Over Katy’s Comment About Meghan’s Wedding Dress) (Meghan Markle sparkles in Valentino for Katy Perry concert date with Prince Harry)

The hard to spell model/actress thinks the best way to have a great 2024 is to go back under the knife yet again. It has only been a couple of years since she got her breasts and butt done, so I'm not sure what else can be done at this point. Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski puts on a racy display as she ditches her underwear in daring leopard print dress)

Was the musical husband of this foreign born model driving drunk in her IG stories? People seemed to think so. Tom Kaulitz/Heidi Klum

Early Start: Almost thirty years ago, the madam/procurer (Ghislaine Maxwell) started really building her resume as someone who knew what to do to get underage kids to a place where they could be abused and then capture evidence of people abusing them to be used against the abusers at a later date. It was at an event nearly thirty years ago that gave rise to the dead billionaire (Jeffrey Epstein). No, they had not worked together yet, but it is what the madam/procurer and her dad (Robert Maxwell) gathered that day that put so many people on the hook. The event was naturally a Disney themed event. It took place at the homestead of a Lord (Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath). This Lord just happened to die during COVID, but left a legacy of debauchery. At one point he had nearly 100 women on his payroll that he slept with, in addition to his wife of course. These women were given cottages on his land to live and to entertain his friends on as needed basis. Most of them were also wired for sound and video. The Lord enjoyed watching. He also had a love of adult videos, most of which he made himself or commissioned through one of the 100 women. What a perfect place to invite a bunch of underage girls and boys and then to get everything recorded to use later. It made perfect sense of course then to have the tabloid owner and his daughter have their Disney party there. The names of those attendees were the foundation of the dead billionaire's blackmail business and also one of the reasons the tabloid owner (“The Mirror”) ended up dead
. Ghislaine Maxwell/Jeffrey Epstein/Robert Maxwell/Alexander Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath/”The Mirror” (The Mirror organised a Disney day out for the kids at Lord and Lady Bath's Longleat House, in Wiltshire. A great fun day in which Ghislaine Maxwell presented a cheque for £2000 for the save the children fund. 13th September 1985)

If you thought the probable now former NFL QB was going to apologize to the late night talk show host, you would be wrong. Apparently he is doubling down on his Epstein accusations and the host. That is a good way to lose a lot of retirement money. Aaron Rodgers/Jimmy Kimmel (he finally backed down a little) (Pat McAfee apologizes for Aaron Rodgers’ claims about Jimmy Kimmel in reference to Epstein documents)

The cult adjacent A list actor who is desperate for an Oscar is not talented enough to be this insufferable about it. He won't get one though because he has burned too many bridges. Adam Driver/”Ferrari” (Adam Driver Is Tired of Being Mocked for Always Playing Italians: ‘It’s Just 2!’)

To get some attention for a new album release, look for this female singer to suddenly have a relationship with this streaming actress on a show which has one season remaining. Billie Eilish/Maya Hawke/”Stranger Things” (Billie Eilish reveals her celeb crush is Maya Hawke after confirming she and ex Jesse Rutherford are just 'good friends')

Kindness: SNL is regarded as one of the toughest gigs in the industry. Every season sees a huge turnover of staff and it is not uncommon to see new hires and interns holding back tears in their cubicles. This 90s cast member and current B actor mentored new staff and regularly provided support during dark times. While most cast members were fighting for screen time or demanding invites to the hottest Manhattan parties, this cast member regularly mingled with staff, considered their pitches for sketches, and provided guidance for their careers. When a young writer's job was at risk with few of his sketches making the air, the cast member lied to the writers' room by attributing a sketch he came up with to the writer. The sketch made the air and the writer was hired for the next season. Tim Meadows

That wasn't exactly the strongest denial from the football player's camp that his relationship with the A++ list singer is essentially PR. Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift (Did Taylor Swift manifest her relationship with Travis Kelce years ago?)

This You Tube star/boxer wants everyone to think he owns a yacht. His is a rental and he even asked for a discount because of his fame. He ended up paying full price. Jake Paul (Billionaires and their yachts land in St. Barts, along with Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and Jake Paul)

This former A+ list rapper doesn't have sex with the woman in his life, but he enjoys watching her with others. Kanye West/Bianca Censori (Staff at Kanye West’s favorite 5-star Miami hotel fed up with the controversial rapper) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/14/23)

There is a rumbling among some of the biggest celebrities and biggest donors in the celebrity cult that the leader should be removed so they can keep their tax exempt status and to stay viable. Scientology/David Miscavige (Scientology Faces Largest Protest in Years Against David Miscavige)

This A-/B+ list actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. He also needs rehab. Again.
Cuba Gooding Jr. (Cuba Gooding Jr. celebrates 56th birthday popping bottles with 50 Cent in Miami)

The former singer turned reality star turned host turned celebrity has crashed her career so hard to the bottom that she is hanging out with people and partying with people she wouldn't have given the time of day to a decade ago. Tamar Braxton

Our favorite alliterate former talk show host is writing a tell all book on the wannabe rapper/mogul. She should hire security. Wendy Williams/”Sean “Puffy” Combs (Wendy Williams Tried to Warn Us About Diddy)

This former one-fifth could not get over her stage fright or the pushback to her career from this one named permanent A list singer. So, now the former one-fifth has turned to acting. She is a much better actress than the first from her group to do it. “Fifth Harmony”/Normani/”Freaky Tales”/Beyoncé/Camila Cabello (Normani to Make Film Debut in ‘Freaky Tales’/Sundance 2024 Premiere Date Set) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/09/21)

The daytime talk show host still won't admit to taking the weight loss shot. She thinks people will think less of her. Plus, she thinks she can get some endorsement deals with the other things she has been doing alongside the shot. Kelly Clarkson/”Ozempic” (Kelly Clarkson credits weight loss to healthy diet: 'I've been listening to my doctor')

The alliterate one has been trying to snag Vanity Fair Oscar tickets. The thing is, her demands are through the roof and nothing that even the biggest of big A++ listers have asked for through the years. Not even close. Plus, she wants extra tickets for hangers on and publicists and they just don't do that. Finally, the buzz is her husband has no desire to attend at all. Meghan Markle

29.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **15**
The Voodoo Guy: Every couple of years, you will hear a story going around town about a new celebrity who is giving instruction in voodoo and other dark arts. For the past several years, the name of the flowering financial institution (Azealia Banks) came up. There is an older permanent A list singer (Stevie Nicks) solo and in a group (“Fleetwood Mac”) who has long been someone people sought for advice on it. The biggest momentum as of late though, is probably the most scary. This actor (Nicolas Cage), who was once sued for millions of dollars because of his drug use, assaults on women and his use of voodoo on women, has been teaching his special brand of it to people who make their livings at conventions, much like our actor does. These barely there celebrities then bring it back to the towns and cities where they live where they are much higher on the list and an entire generation is being exposed to some crazy things which would make Angel Heart look like a laugh in the park
. Azealia Banks/Stevie Nicks/”Fleetwood Mac”/Nicolas Cage (Six Celebrities Who Have Been Accused of Witchcraft) (Report: Nicolas Cage Back to Work After Arrest) (BLIND ITEM 06/07/23)

The studio is not happy the organization moved the film to a category it won’t win and felt a win was guaranteed. The creatives behind the film are mad because they too thought they were certain they were going to win. “Academy Awards”/”Barbie” (Oscars Shakeup: ‘Barbie’ Moved to Adapted Screenplay by Academy Despite WGA Classification as Original (EXCLUSIVE))

This professional sports league has received a lot of recent bad press. Now, rumors of game-fixing will not only put this specific league under more scrutiny, but also the lucrative partnerships of multiple pro sports leagues and the sports-betting industry.

The attorney who got the massage knew all about the private life of the billionaire. It is why he wanted to be involved in his orbit. Alan Dershowitz/Jeffrey Epstein (Alan Dershowitz reacts to being named in Jeffrey Epstein docs)

Once again, the manager of the permanent A list singer is trying to shame her into working so he can make some money. Cade Hudson/Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ Team Is ‘Trying to Get Her Excited’ About Music as She Says She’ll ‘Never Return’)

The team behind this new rapper helped turn this permanent A list rapper into a household name. The trouble is though is that they are bleeding money trying to make a profit with the new talent, while the original talent generated millions with ease because her fans bought her records. That’s why the new talent has been forced to advertise fast food (“Just Eat“). Have to recoup somehow. Latto/”Just Eat” (Christina Aguilera and Latto Collaborate on Food Music Video Ad That Mixes Rap and Opera)

Reader Blind: On New Year's Eve, a familiar face from the hockey rink was spotted engaging in a lively conversation with a group of intriguing ladies. Our puck-savvy athlete, who's rumored to be romantically involved with someone, raised eyebrows as he navigated the festivities with an air of mystery. Whispers among the social circuit suggest that the player might be tiptoeing around the fine line of commitment, sparking curiosity about the state of his rumored relationship. As the puck drops on another year, will this hockey heartthrob find himself caught in the penalty box of love, or will his off-ice escapades remain an intriguing mystery for those who dare to delve into the world beyond the rink? Ron Duguay/Sarah Palin (Sarah Palin, Ron Duguay still going strong as couple cuts a rug in NYC at Little Steven’s police charity event)

This A list actor certainly does love all things Italian, including the mistress he had while he and his wife were "separated." Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker (Adam Driver Defends His Right to Play Two Famous Italians: “Who Gives a “S–t?”)

Hopefully, somewhere in the documents will be how the royal paid off his debt by offering up one of his children. Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/20/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/30/20)

The remarks from the founder (Chip Wilson) of this athletic company are not shocking considering he named the company (“Lululemon Athletica”) specifically so one group of people (Japanese) he believed would have a very difficult time pronouncing the name of it. Chip Wilson/”Lululemon Athletica”/Asian (Lululemon founder Chip Wilson rips company’s diversity, inclusion efforts: ‘Don’t want certain customers coming in’)

This foreign born former A list athlete was always going to be an early exit from the first big event of the season. Now, she might even bail prior to it beginning. Naomi Osaka/”Australian Open” (Naomi Osaka Shares Positive Message Following Loss in Brisbane, Looks Ahead to the Australian Open)

When the internet stops discussing you (one named A/A- list actress) for a few weeks, then stop following everyone on Instagram and then people will talk about you for hours and wonder why you did it. It is such a thirst move. Zendaya (Zendaya Unfollows Everyone on Instagram, Including Tom Holland, as She Gears Up for Challengers and Dune Sequel)

This alliterate singer who has been A list in multiple groups doesn't want you to ask him too many timeline questions about his girlfriend. Joe Jonas/Stormi Bree (Joe Jonas arrives at Cabo airport with model Stormi Bree amid Sophie Turner divorce)

The alliterate one dropped a long long time friend because she thought the friend would make her look bad by association. Can we expect the same thing with the offspring of the royal who have been feeding news and gossip to the alliterate one. Will she dump them because they would make her look bad by association. Meghan Markle/Jessica Mulroney/Princess Eugenie (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Vacationed in Portugal — and May Have Visited a Royal Relative: Report) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/26/23)

Behind Closed Doors: This foreign born actress probably peaked at A list, but that was decades ago. Now, she is a recluse. From time to time she emerges from her cocoon to say something outlandish and then goes back to hiding. Over the years, she has not been shy about revealing secrets about herself and her former partners. One secret, she has to share outside a close circle of friends, is why she started dating a man in his 30's when she was not even old enough to drive. It is because she wanted to be with someone big enough and old enough to make her father want to stop sleeping with our actress. It had been going on for years and she had multiple pregnancy scares because of it and also wanted to protect her other siblings and thought the big older boyfriend could do just that. She was right about herself, but she was unable to help at least one of her siblings who did end up pregnant by their father.

We now know at least one of the reasons this daytime host wanted her significant other working with her rather than the A lister with ten jobs. The A lister refused to record episodes early unless it truly was the only way to get something done. The current host likes her five days off and three days working schedule. Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos/Ryan Seacrest/”Live! with Kelly and Mark” (Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Slammed for Prerecorded Episodes of ‘Live’: ‘Lazy Multimillionaires’)

It is a dumb name for a movie, but the mouse house is making a mistake by trying to sell off the Elvis' guy latest movie. It is actually really good. They are just scared to do anything outside their formulaic vanilla stuff. “The Bikeriders”/”Disney”/Austin Butler (Austin Butler’s ‘The Bikeriders’ Lands Summer 2024 Release Date After Disney Distribution Shuffle)

This A- list actor who started off on Disney said he had a massive knife collection he just left with a homeless person and then walked off. Ummm. Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf slashed face for second world war drama Fury) (Shia LaBeouf confirmed into Catholic Church, intends to become a deacon)

This studio used its own network to start the rehabilitation process for the prime minister actor. Looks like they want him to still be a superhero. “Disney”/"ABC"/Jonathan Majors/”Marvel” (Jonathan Majors Books First TV Interview Since Guilty Verdict and Marvel Ouster With Disney’s ABC News)

This A- list actress who really thinks she has a shot at some big awards this year was wasted out of her mind at a film festival not too far from her house. Lily Gladstone/”Killers of the Flower Moon”/”Palm Springs International Film Festival” (Leonardo DiCaprio and Killers of the Flower Moon co-star Lily Gladstone take Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards red carpet together)

This A- list celebrity spent at least two days of the holidays with the billionaire that lusts after her, rather than her husband. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber (Hailey Bieber Shares Cheeky Photos from Her Beach Vacation to Kick Off the New Year: 'Along for the Ride')

Back in August, I had a blind where the royal pedo*hile thought he was going to be off the hook for his underage sex parties. I also mentioned the death of one of those underage girls at a party he attended. Now that the underage sex parties have been confirmed, maybe now someone will take a closer look at her death. Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein/Ruslana Korshunova (Top model who jumped to her death from her Wall St. apartment building had flown on Epstein’s jet as a teen: court docs)

The celebrity CEO had one of his ketacocktail parties recently and apparently there was a very bad batch mixed in and things could have gone south very quickly. He has a device that tests all the drugs and it saved everyone. Elon Musk

This A list Broadway actor who is a Tony Award winner/nominee beat a woman last week who was trying to take pictures of them in bed together.

This back in the day A list three named actress is writing a book that will blow up this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor. Lara Flynn Boyle/Jack Nicholson

This A/A- list actor all of you know, and almost everyone else does too, is trying to get custody of a grandchild because he thinks the child needs saving. It doesn't. Tom Hanks/Michaiah (Chet Hanks' Baby Mama Family Drama: Child's Grandma Was Accused Of Violent Behavior)

Reader Blind: Are we ready to talk about the exploitative nature of the relationship between this NeoSoul icon and her Brown Sugar-making (“Brown Sugar” (D'Angelo album)) ex. She (Angie Stone) was in her 30s and he (D'Angelo) was a teenager when it started when she pursued him. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it, to this day. Angie Stone/D'Angelo/“Brown Sugar” (D'Angelo album)

Reader Blind: The niece of this Southern music mogul doesn’t know it, but she’s been blacklisted by the industry. No one wants to invest in her career once they find out how many boys her uncle is accused of violating. L. A. Reid (L.A. Reid Accused of Sexual Assault in New Lawsuit)

Four For Friday - Boy Band Scandals
#1 - This "OG" boy band had a pair of twin sixteen year old girls they kept on an entire tour as sex toys. The crazy thing is, their parents never wanted them to come home.
#2 - This dead permanent A list singer was on a personal email list of this boy band maker. The emails would invariably be random music news along with a code that changed each week and unlocked a website and the bedroom pictures the band maker took of his recent conquests. Michael Jackson/Lou Pearlman
#3 - This foreign boy band (“Boyzlife”) (“Take That”) that never really took off in the US but was A+ list in their own country would have contests to see who could drink the most before a show and still be able to go on. There were several times where going on meant being late and spending time puking everything up. “Boyzlife”; “Take That” ('I've heard karaoke sung better than this!' Boyzlife fans slam Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy for 'being drunk and cutting short' Somerset gig)
#4 - This boy band that arguably has the most success with its members moving on to other things did a cruise ship thing and left two groupies from the cruise passed out on shore as the ship sailed away
. “New Kids on the Block” (New Kids hangin’ tough with fans on 3-day cruise)

The casino couldn't even give tickets away and get people interested in seeing this former A list singer perform. Hence, the postponement due to illness, while they strategize. Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera Postpones Las Vegas Residency Due to Illness: 'I Cannot Wait to Be Back on That Stage')

The on again off again wife of this musician/celebrity offspring derives most of her income from being a Dominatrix. Marieangela King/Cher’s son Elijah Blue Allman’s wife (Who is Marieangela King? Everything to know about Elijah Blue Allman's wife amid Cher's conservatorship filing)

Several months ago, I told you about this former A+ list NBA player and how he enjoys watching his wife have sex with other men. Apparently, the couple have now split. Dwyane Wade/Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade Spotted Out With Another Woman, Fueling Separation Rumors With Gabrielle Union)

Speaking of athlete's wives, the wife of this A list NFL QB is not welcome back at a hotel she recently visited. Apparently, she was beyond rude to the staff and treated them like crap. Brittany Mahomes/Patrick Mahomes/”1 Hotel” (Brittany Mahomes Outed By Hotel Staff For Being ‘Genuinely Unpleasant’)

Has the streaming service spread the wealth out enough to get the A+ list actor a Golden Globe? They think so. “Netflix”/Bradley Cooper/”Maestro” (they didn't) (Bradley Cooper ‘must win’ Golden Globe for ‘Maestro’: Netflix spends millions to end Oscar curse)

This foreign born, former A list singer with some monster hits, is dying.

The former "assistant" to the madam/procurer who now works in the West End, says there are tapes she has seen of the royal pedo with underage girls. The madam/procurer would copy them from time to time and send them out. She doesn't know to where though. Emmy Tayler/Ghislaine Maxwell/Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein

As part of the deal the exec was required to create music that would target and influence African-American culture. Specifically children. That’s why this Sexy artist became a star overnight. Follow the money and it will lead you to an investment group with its hands in banking, politics and entertainment. They’re spending millions on her message
. Sexyy Red (Is Sexyy Red the most outrageous new voice in rap?) (Sexyy Red Records Herself Driving 130 MPH While Pregnant) (With Gamma, Larry Jackson Is Putting $1 Billion To Work For Black Culture)

The family of this muse says the former A+ list rapper is using drugs to keep his girlfriend with him. Bianca Censori/Kanye West (Kanye West gushes over ‘most beautiful’ wife Bianca Censori on her birthday: ‘I love you so much’)

The princess actress/singer wanted to continue to keep the baby a secret. Her thirty significant other was the one who needed the clicks and likes. Halle Bailey/DDG (Halle Bailey Welcomes First Child With Boyfriend DDG, Shares His Name and Sweet Pic)

This A- list actor is foreign born and an Oscar winner/nominee. He needed a burst of good publicity so the Disney actress/singer signed up to be his date to the big event. Barry Keoghan/Sabrina Carpenter/"Golden Globes" (Golden Globes 2024: Saltburn star Barry Keoghan attends annual ceremony WITHOUT new girlfriend Sabrina Carpenter after couple were tipped to make their red carpet debut)

The organizers of the event tonight have subtly let it be known that if you make any kind of political statement while on stage that you will never be nominated for their award again. “Golden Globe Awards” (Meghan & Harry roasted at Golden Globes for ‘asking Queen for cash’ & ‘being paid millions by Netflix for doing nothing’)

The A+ list singer is upset about the article discussing her sexuality. Isn't she the one who threw the north of the border singer under the bus about his sexuality just to distract from her own issues? Taylor Swift/Shawn Mendes (New York Times faces growing outrage over op-ed suggesting Taylor Swift is GAY: Pro-LGBTQ megastar's associates and fans slam writer who previously questioned Harry Styles' sexuality)

It is pretty tough for the A list actor/thirsty for a nomination talks about being a family man to get the good publicity, when his family is not all that supportive of him at all. There is video online. Adam Driver

This American media owner told a bunch of female ex-employees they would receive a better severance package if they slept with him.

Reader Blind: The touring company would prefer it if this rapper’s husband did not join her on tour. They don’t want every headline about the show to focus on the sexual assault or “manslaughter”
. She’s a superstar, but he’s a violent liability. Nicki Minaj/Kenny Petty (Nicki Minaj has revealed 40 cities on her 2024 tour, and Milwaukee is one of them)

GOLDEN GLOBES: It took this A- list actor who is a multiple Globe winner, getting everyone at his table and the next table to take shots, that the audience finally warmed up to things. Paul Giamatti/”The Holdovers” (Paul Giamatti Dedicates ‘The Holdovers’ Golden Globe Win to Teachers: ‘They Do a Good Thing. It’s a Tough Job.’) (Paul Giamatti Golden Globe Awards)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This songwriter/producer/performer was consuming so many edibles at his table he could barely get up from his seat. Finneas O'Connell (Billie Eilish and Finneas Win Best Original Song Golden Globe for 'What Was I Made For?' From 'Barbie')

GOLDEN GLOBES: One of the winners speeches was actually written by their publicist in such a way that Academy voters would take interest and vote for the winner again. Lily Gladstone (Lily Gladstone began her Golden Globes speech in Blackfeet language. Here’s what she said)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This A+ list singer was told if she showed up, she would win. She showed up and didn't win and will never return. Taylor Swift

GOLDEN GLOBES: This losing director went on a tirade against the voters that bordered on racist after not winning what they thought was going to be an easy win on their way to Oscar. Celine Song/”Past Lives” (Celine Song’s ‘Past Lives’ named Best Picture by National Society of Film Critics) (Celine Song, Ryan Gosling and Martin Short emptyhanded at Golden Globe Awards)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This A+/A list director/writer was genuinely happy to lose in the writing category and was gushing over the winners and told everyone he had seen the movie a half dozen times. Martin Scorsese, “Killers of the Flower Moon”/Christopher Nolan, "Oppenheimer"

GOLDEN GLOBES: This permanent A list actress who lost last night, admonished her television co-star from the most recent season of the show, to stop drinking so fast because she would make a fool of herself on worldwide television. The actress/singer listened but did get drunk later. Meryl Streep/Selena Gomez/”Only Murders In the Building” (Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep enjoy Moët & Chandon at 81st Annual Golden Globes) (Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift WERE gossiping about Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet - as actress says she feared 'upsetting' couple by asking for photo - lip reader claims)

GOLDEN GLOBES: Speaking of co-stars, a long long time co-star of the alliterate one didn't trash the alliterate one. I mean, they were invited to the wedding, so that was not going to happen. Probably. However, the co-star did say that no one in town wants anything to do with the alliterate one right now and that the brand was oversaturated and the alliterate one should disappear for a year and try and start over. Patrick A Adams or Gabriel Macht/”Suits”/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle isn’t in the ‘insane’ ‘Suits’ group chat: ‘We don’t have her number,’ co-star says)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born permanent A list model said she has a huge front slit in most of her evening gowns sso she can have quickies with her significant other without making a huge production or ripping her dress. Heidi Klum/Tom Kaultiz (Heidi Klum Looks Red Hot (That Slit!) in with Husband Tom Kaultiz at the Golden Globes 2024)

GOLDEN GLOBES: The same model in #9, was asked about her appearance in some recently released documents and gave a death stare which silenced anyone else asking the question. Heidi Klum/Jeffrey Epstein (Heidi Klum 'Never' Traveled on Jeffrey Epstein's Private Jet, Says Her Lawyer: 'Totally False')

GOLDEN GLOBES: Up close and personal it was scary to see what this permanent A/A- list actress from at least one movie franchise and an iconic television show, has done to her face. Back in the day she was so subtle about her procedures. They were perfection. Now, she won't be able to fix what she has done. Jennifer Aniston/”Horrible Bosses”; “Murder Mystery”; “Friends” (‘Morning Show’ fans cringe at Jennifer Aniston’s face: ‘Unrecognizable and weird’)

GOLDEN GLOBES: After all the bad press and people laughing about the heavy handed pairing, it was not a shocker that the former Disney actress turned singer was a no show on the red carpet with the foreign born actor. Sabrina Carpenter/Barry Keoghan (Barry Keoghan Didn’t Bring Sabrina Carpenter to the 2024 Golden Globes Despite Rumors)

GOLDEN GLOBES: Speaking of franchises, this actor has at least one movie franchise. He also had a hit streaming show where he played himself. The success of that show has made him truly miserable to be around. He is basically a caricature of himself now and I'm surprised he doesn't have a mirror with him at all times. James Marsden/”X-Men”/”Jury Duty” (James Marsden on the Red Carpet for the 81st Golden Globe Awards) (James Marsden On His ‘Jury Duty’ Role of a Lifetime and the Day He ‘Lost It’ Laughing)

GOLDEN GLOBES: You could tell this permanent A list actor/sometime director didn't want to be there. The only reason he was there was to make sure his stuff (“Horizon: An American Saga”) being released this year gets love from the voters next year. Back in the day he would have been obnoxious about appearing as a presenter, but would have laughed. Now, he is just cranky and arrogant. Kevin Costner/”Horizon: An American Saga” (Why Fans Are Calling Out Kevin Costner After His Golden Globes Appearance)

GOLDEN GLOBES: It would not have been all that long ago that this A- list actress with at least one movie franchise in her past would have got wasted drunk at the show and maybe even peed herself. After years of being the brunt of jokes and a castoff, everyone who comes into contact with the actress comes away thinking how great she is. While you are talking to her, it is as if you are the only person in the world and all her attention is focused on you. She is very very good. Natasha Lyonne/”American Pie”/”Scary Movie” (Nominee Natasha Lyonne Strikes a Prom Pose With Bryn Mooser at Golden Globes 2024)

GOLDEN GLOBES: By making sure this actress won yet another award for this royal streaming show, the voters are sending a message that the show needs to keep being produced and they will make sure people attention to it by giving it big awards. Elizabeth Debicki/”The Crown” (Golden Globes 2024: Elizabeth Debicki breaks down as she wins award for her portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown and dedicates award to her late godmother)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This A/A- list actress from an acting family says she was pressured by a former co-star who is an A lister, to take one of the A lister's children as a date. Our acting family actress said the pressure was texts and emails and even calls. Elle Fanning/Angelina Jolie/”Maleficent” or Reese Witherspoon/"Sweet Home Alabama" (Elle Fanning Slipped Into a Plunging Semi-Sheer LBD for the 2024 Golden Globes After-Party)

GOLDEN GLOBES: Bringing the mom was to get the A+/A list actor publicity for the voting that kicks off this week. To the big show, he will probably take the ex. Bradley Cooper (Gigi Hadid Enjoys Post-Golden Globes Dinner with Bradley Cooper and Mom)

GOLDEN GLOBES: Speaking of the actor in #18, an actress ex of this A+ list mostly movie actor whispered to the actor that if he had picked her to be with all award season she could have swayed some voters. It is how her ex cleans up at the Globes whenever he wants. Bradley Cooper/Camila Morrone/Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio & Camila Morrone Attended The Golden Globes—Did They Reunite?)

GOLDEN GLOBES: At a pre-party Saturday night, this permanent A list actress who seemingly executive produces a dozen shows got drunk in public for the first time in forever. She did have to convince a photographer to delete a photo of her holding champagne. She hates those kinds of pictures. Reese Witherspoon

GOLDEN GLOBES: At the same pre party on Saturday, this actor offspring not named Quaid was hit on by this celebrity/reality star/athlete entertainer who is twice his age. That same actor offspring probably got fifty new female friends/phone numbers last night. Reese Witherspoon’s son Deacon Phillippe (Reese Witherspoon brings son Deacon to Golden Globes) (Breaking Baz: Partying The Night Away With Barry Keoghan, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Danielle Brooks & A Chihuahua At W Magazine’s Château Marmont Soirée)

GOLDEN GLOBES: At a different pre party than the one mentioned in the previous two blinds, this former A+ list social media star was flat out annoying as she kept trying to make content and become relevant again. Addison Rae/”W Magazine’s Annual Best Performance Party” (Addison Rae attends W Magazine's Annual Best Performances Party at Chateau Marmont)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This former A+ list singer (Lenny Kravitz) who is a celebrity offspring (Roxie Roker) and has celebrity offspring (Zoë Kravitz), nearly came to blows with this singer/actor (Jared Leto) at an event. The singer/actor was once really creepy with an offspring of the former A+ lister and no one outside of those involved and the family even know exactly what happened. Lenny Kravitz/Roxie Roker/
Zoë Kravitz/Jared Leto (Jennifer Lawrence and Lenny Kravitz Have a ‘Hunger Games’ Reunion at the Golden Globes, Just Over 10 Years After ‘Catching Fire’ Release) (Jared Leto gets ROASTED online as he attends Golden Globes wearing black leather gloves - with social media users comparing him to a hitman or cult leader)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This three named A- list actor was a walking hot box last night. You have never seen someone take so many "smoke breaks." Jeremy Allen White (Jeremy Allen White Wins Best Comedy Actor for ‘The Bear’ at the Golden Globes)

GOLDEN GLOBES: When the producers told the meme actor and the reality star to kiss for the cameras, you expected more than you would get from second cousins asked to do the same. Once again, he didn't let her walk the red carpet with him. Timothée Chalame/Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Cannot Stop Kissing at the Golden Globes)

GOLDEN GLOBES: This A- list actress refused several times to take any kind of photos with her higher on the list former streaming co-star. Apparently, there is some bad blood because he tried to keep her from getting a role. He wanted one of his wife's friends to get the role. Jason Bateman/Julia Garner/”Ozark”/Amanda Anka/Jennifer Aniston (See ‘Ozark’ Star Julia Garner Call Out Jason Bateman at the 2024 Golden Globes) (Who Is Jason Bateman's Wife? All About Amanda Anka)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **27**
GOLDEN GLOBES: The buzzing was pretty loud that this actress/singer who is an Oscar winner/nominee is pregnant. No one actually saw her drinking and she didn't look like she wanted to even be there. Hailee Steinfield/”True Grit” (Hailee Steinfeld Is Giving Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s at 2024 Golden Globes: See the Side-by-Side!) (Hailee Steinfeld Addresses Josh Allen Engagement Speculation at 2024 Golden Globes)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **28**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This former A+ list mostly movie actress is trying for a comeback. The still very young, former Oscar winner/nominee took a huge step with that as she networked with everyone and was kind to everyone and you can tell she really wants another chance at decent roles. Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence Mouths to Camera 'If I Don't Win I'm Leaving' Right Before Pal Emma Stone Wins at 2024 Golden Globes) (Josh Hutcherson Says Hunger Games Costar Jennifer Lawrence Sent Him Sweet Text When Freddy's Opened at No. 1)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **29**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Everyone who saw this former A+/A list singer and this foreign born A- list actress from a massive streaming hit together, thought for sure they were going to just have sex in front of everyone. There was some kind of chemistry that made them inseparable. Lenny Kravitz/Hannah Waddingham/”Ted Lasso (Hannah Waddingham and Lenny Kravitz attend the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **30**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born A- list actor was solo at the parties last night and was having the time of his life with as many women as possible while his higher on the list significant other was nowhere to be seen. Orlando Bloom/Katy Perry (Katy Perry Wishes Fiance Orlando Bloom a ‘Happy Anniversary’ While He Attends Golden Globes Solo)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **31**
GOLDEN GLOBES: If last night's arguments and fighting is any indication, the marriage between this A list music producer and the actress offspring is not long for this world. Considering she dumped her last husband for the producer, there was not much of a foundation. Mark Ronson/Meryl Streeps’ daughter Grace Gummer/Tay Strathairn (Golden Globes 2024: Mark Ronson's wife Grace Gummer flashes a glimpse of sideboob in a daringly plunging black gown as they hit the red carpet) (Meryl Streep's Daughter Grace Gummer Ends Secret Marriage to Musician Tay Strathairn)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **32**
GOLDEN GLOBES: A marriage that seems to be going swimmingly well, especially with the make out session in the smoking area that everyone enjoyed watching, these former co-stars who couldn't stay apart even when he was previously married to his second wife (Chrishell Stause), not the first wife (Lindsay Hartley). The first wife was a co-star too though, so I can see how you might get confused. Justin Hartley/Sofia Pernas/Chrishell Stause/Lindsay Hartley (Golden Globes 2024: This Is Us hunk Justin Hartley packs on PDA with wife Sofia Pernas as the couple share a KISS on the red carpet)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **33**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This actress winner from last night was really doing her best to find some coke. Apparently, she forgot hers at her hotel.

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **34**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This A list actress is an actress winner/nominee. At an after party, she was very much hitting on this foreign born former host and they even shared several cigarettes together. Natasha Lyonne/Trevor Noah (Trevor Noah and Natasha Lyonne attend Netflix's 2024 Golden Globe After Party at Spago)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/08 **35**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Speaking of sharing, one of the oddest combinations at an after party was this A list mostly television actress/fan fic star and this A list comedian sharing a joint and chatting away
. Gillian Anderson/Jim Gaffigan (Gillian Anderson, 55, Shuts Down 2024 Golden Globes Red Carpet in Gown Featuring Vaginas: 'It's Brand Appropriate') (Gillian Anderson attends Netflix's 2024 Golden Globe After Party at Spago) (Tim Robinson and Jim Gaffigan attend Netflix's 2024 Golden Globe After Party at Spago)

This foreign born A- list actor essentially made his debut with his boyfriend without actually finally coming out of the closet. Pedro Pascal/Franklin Latt (Pedro Pascal posted an adorable pic with his agent and fans are in a tizzy)

To protect the family, the public announcement of a cause of death was natural causes instead of the drug overdose it was. Sinead O’Connor (Sinead O’Connor Died of Natural Causes, Coroner Says)

This married A list musician from a former A list group got hammered drunk last week and was groping a pair of college students who seemed to be enjoying the attention. All three of them left together. Tommy Lee/”Mötley Crüe” (Tommy Lee says Crüe Year's Eve at Acrisure Arena will be 'one to remember')

Now that he knows he has no chance of winning, the A+ list actor showed himself in public with the barely there celebrity. Bradley Cooper/”Maestro”/Gigi Hadid (Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid 'Looked Happy' at Dinner with His Mom After Golden Globes)

When you are drinking more than everyone else at your table and then you end up losing your award and have a few more drinks, someone taps you on your shoulder and says it is a good idea to leave early. So, the A+ lister did just that. Taylor Swift/"Golden Globes" (Taylor Swift Leaves Golden Globes Early After Award Loss, Jo Koy Joke)

That painting the hard to spell model she made a big deal about in a magazine? Where she claimed the artist stole her likeness from her? "Buying myself back"? She actually commissioned the painting she claims was so violatory. Emily Ratajkowski (Model Emily Ratajkowski Blasted Richard Prince for Stealing Her Image. Now, She’s Taking It Back—and Selling It as an NFT)

Reader Blind: A social media family's Bahamian bliss takes an unexpected turn as whispers of heartache and nostalgia ripple through their tropical escape. While the family's Instagram feed showcased sun-soaked smiles and oceanfront extravagance, a hidden drama unfolded within the confines of their resort. One of the daughters (Lola Consuelos), typically the life of the party, mysteriously withdrew from the sunlit festivities, spending an entire day sequestered in her hotel room. The reason? A cloud of memories from a past romance, with an ex-boyfriend who had once shared those very walls. The intrigue deepened as the matriarch (Kelly Ripa), amidst the vibrant cabana area, was overheard acknowledging the daughter's emotional turmoil. Sharing with a confidante, the mother revealed that her daughter was grappling with the ghosts of relationships past and that the family had anticipated this emotional storm. As the sun dipped below the Bahamian horizon, casting shadows on the picturesque surroundings, the daughter emerged from her cocoon of contemplation only to embark on an unexpected departure the next day. Witnesses spotted her leaving the resort in a discreet private car, leaving the question hanging in the air - was this a fleeting escape from emotional echoes, or the beginning of a chapter yet untold? The tropical breeze carries the secrets of this social media family's island adventure, leaving followers to wonder if the paradise they portray is truly as flawless as the filtered images on their screens. Lola Consuelos/Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Vacationed with Three Kids and Their Significant Others: 'Really Weird')

Reader Blind: The evening of the Golden Globes there was a reunion of four actors of a TV series, everyone is talking about how the two actors who were the fictional couple were detached. It is so strange since these two have known each other for 30 years and are best friends (or maybe they were). In the video and in the photo taken after the ceremony he is not there with the other three actors but he made them separately. Everyone noticed that their vibes were so off, even those who do not know their whole story. There are no pictures of the two of them and this is also strange since they were best friends as long as they were shooting _____ and that’s weird too, isn’t it? I just think this is something worth talking about since you had written a blind item about them back in 2017. Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres/”Suits”/Gabriel Macht/”Harvey Specter” & Sarah Rafferty/”Donna Roberta Paulsen” (Suits stars Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Gina Torres, Sarah Rafferty reunite at Golden Globes)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **10**
This former almost A- list actress has been nonstop arguing with her husband because he doesn't want her to take on any acting roles and she wants to act all the time. Lindsay Lohan/Bader Shammas

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **11**
At this point, the morning anchor couple sound a lot like Will & Jada and we know how that turned out. T.J. Holmes/Amy Robach (T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach Are Into Shower Sex & Handcuffs, Test Reveals)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **12**
Why yes, that was the ginger haired one at a bar drinking a beer and chatting up a woman. Prince Harry (Prince Harry pops up at bar with TV cast in new photo)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **13**
This A+ list mostly movie actor had a few night fling with this foreign born A- list model from a modeling family, but the drug use scared him away. Leonardo DiCaprio/Lottie Moss (Meet Lottie Moss, Leo DiCaprio’s party pal and Kate Moss’ sister: the 25-year-old was just seen cosying up to the Hollywood actor in London, and gave up modelling to become an OnlyFans creator)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **14**
The Arrangement: There was an extremely popular network drama a few decades ago that starred an A list actor who was super cranky. He also became the face and voice of a massive company. The network loved him and wanted to keep him happy. There were some things that were easy like a car and driver and a personal chef while on set. Then, there was the hard, which was our actor wanted to have sex with a new person every day. Every single day he was filming. The women couldn't be repeated. The network started flying women in and keeping them in a hotel room until it was their turn. The network never wanted to film more than twelve days in any given month, just to make it easier on them to procure women. This went on for the entire run of the show. Our actor tried the same thing with the massive company. They told him no and if he asked again he would lose his multi million dollar deal. He never asked again.

This A list killer rapper with big legal debts had to make the difficult decision to slash ticket prices for his struggling arena tour. Travis Scott (Travis Scott’s return tour sparks controversy)

Because the court doesn't want to inadvertently out anyone, it doesn't look like we will get documents related to the boys the dead billionaire slept with. Those were also the favorite of his biggest benefactor. Jeffrey Epstein/Les Wexner (Jeffrey Epstein accuser says in deposition she was forced to have sex with former Victoria's Secret CEO Les Wexner and that he had sex with minors) (How Jeffrey Epstein Used the Billionaire Behind Victoria’s Secret for Wealth and Women)

Why would "Max" cancel a show with stellar ratings, a ravenous fan following, and a bright future? The company wants to keep cutting costs and the show was expensive to produce. So, even though a third season was all laid out, it will not happen. “Our Flag Means Death” (The Passive-Aggression Strikes Again: Our Flag Means Death Canceled After Two Seasons)

Speaking of the company in #3, the head of the company was spotted partying with all his other rich friends while the company slowly burns to the ground. I hope he is very proud. David Zaslav (Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav’s lifeline to Paramount’s Shari Redstone not enough amid merger talk) (Tom Cruise Crawled in Bed With Cartoon Villain David Zaslav)

I sure hope the former Disney actress turned singer knows what she is getting herself into with the foreign born A- list actor. Some of his fights at pubs in his country are legendary. Her team keep leaking stuff about them as a couple. It is really making her look bad though. Sabrina Carpenter/Barry Keoghan (How Barry Keoghan has moved on with superstar singer Sabrina Carpenter who is the spitting image of his ex-girlfriend Alyson Kierans) ('Eternals', 'The Batman' Actor Barry Keoghan Arrested in Dublin for Public Intoxication: Reports) (Calm with Horses star Barry Keoghan on having ADHD, growing up in care, and playing a Marvel villain)

While documents are released daily with her name right in the thick of things, this foreign born permanent A list model is in yachting country, recruiting. Naomi Campbell/Dubai, United Arab Emirates/Jeffrey Epstein (Naomi Campbell is seen for the first time since being named in bombshell Jeffrey Epstein files as she heads to the gym with a pal in Dubai)

For six months, I have been telling you that this state A++ lister wants a shot at the big A++ list job and wants it now. It looks like he is about to make his move. Gavin Newsom/”United States President” (Could Gavin Newsom actually mount a successful presidential campaign?)

No matter how many times she loses her entire investment, this A- list actress, who is an Oscar winner/nominee, continues to throw money at a chef she loves.

This Housewife used to be a moderator on a popular gossip forum and would use the platform to attack one of her love rivals. All of you know who this rival is because she is a prominent actress. The husband found out and hasn’t respected her since. Robyn Dixon/”Lipstick Alley”/Gabrielle Union/Juan Dixon (Juan cheated on Robyn with Gabrielle Union?)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **10**
This alliterate celebrity and her ex, who also happens to be a new dad, are not quite so ex any longer. Rubi Rose/DDG/Halle Bailey (Rubi Rose Says Ex DDG Convinced Her To Join OnlyFans: 'My Life Has Been Going Up Since') (Keepin’ It Cute! Rubi Rose Reacts To Arrival Of DDG & Halle Bailey’s Child)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **11**
This former A+/A list mostly television actress is on a big press tour right now and is hoping no one discovers she isn't living with her husband any longer. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha (Kerry Washington’s Latest Press Tour Looks Are Full Of Fall Boot Inspiration)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **12**
This A list model who is barely old enough to drink was at a premiere this week. Apparently, a much much older A lister who you would think would know better made some really nasty remarks directed at the model and the model's appearance. Then again, the A lister has made other problematic recent remarks too.

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **13**
Even when she makes her weekly announcement that she is taking a social media break, the A- list singer/actress has so many Finsta accounts that she never really takes a break. She just uses the time to go trash people she hates online. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Taking Another Social Media Break After Kylie Globes Drama)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **14**
A Suspect: There is an A- list singer who embraces his home region even though he has not lived there since he was a boy. One of the reasons he embraces it is because he is far more popular there and the surrounding countries then he is here, in his adopted home. Because of that fame, there are many women who want to hook up with him. He prefers hooking up with women who are not all that into him. He also prefers porn stars that he has seen online before. One of those women was murdered this week. He had been trying to see her all throughout Christmas and she kept saying no and then no again. Apparently, he was really frustrated and was telling friends that he would get her. Did he mean get her as in finally get to sleep with her or get her as in do her harm
. Thaina Fields (Tragic porn star Thaina Fields’s final post hours before she died aged 24 after revealing being abused ‘many times’)

Not sure if there is some kind of monthly newsletters that goes out to all psychics, but there have been four in the past two days who all say they are receiving messages through the dead body of this child molesting former A+ list singer. Michael Jackson

Apparently the movement to free the sometime boy bander/sometime solo singer from his actress wife is being met by her having accounts on social media supporting the movement, banned. "Free Nick Jonas"/Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra shares rare family photos from Mexico vacation with Nick Jonas and daughter Malti)

This A- list model who has been in the sports magazine, has lots of photographer friends. So, it shouldn't be shocker she had one waiting to take her photo with the foreign born former superhero. Olivia Brower/”Sports Illustrated”/Andrew Garfield (Andrew Garfield 'confirms relationship with new girlfriend' Olivia Brower with very cosy sighting) (All About Olivia Brower, Andrew Garfield’s Rumored New Girlfriend)

The coke loving A list singer/songwriter splitting with his long time significant other was a given considering her huge fallout with a family member of the singer. Bruno Mars/Jessica Caban (Bruno Mars' 13-year relationship with girlfriend Jessica Caban is 'on the rocks' and they are 'living separate lives' after spending Christmas apart)

Another thing that has also has been in the making for much of the past year is this showrunner/executive producer (Eric Fuller) getting fired from the city franchises he runs. It might be too late to save one of the franchises (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”), but the other (“Real Housewives of Potomac”) has had a lot of good seasons in its past, and has the potential again to be great. Eric Fuller/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/”Real Housewives of Potomac” ('RHOA' and 'RHOP' Executive Producer Eric Fuller Speaks Out, Says He's Not Responsible for Casting or Choosing Scenes) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/23)

The permanent A list "singer" and her manager had another huge fight. This one was about the "new music" which she doesn't want. Apparently, the fight was epic. Britney Spears/Cade Hudson (Britney Spears’s ‘Toxic’ Is Still the Greatest Pop Video Ever Made) (One Of Britney Spears’s Biggest Hits Is Back On The Charts–Almost)

This former A- list singer who has focused on other entertainment ventures over the past several years, needs rehab again. She also needs to stop trying to use her meds the way she wants rather than the way they are prescribed.

This standup comic is A list. He is back to hitting on college students so apparently he and the actress are done, or maybe she doesn't care. John Mulaney/Olivia Munn (Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Make Red Carpet Debut as a Couple at the 2024 Governors Awards) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/01/20)

As I told you two months ago, when the book was released, the permanent A list singer/actress who also directed (Barbra Streisand), waited too long to write her memoir. The sales have not been good. They have only generated 20% of what the "singer" (Britney Spears) sold. The sales that are going to be epic though is the book of the three named singer (
Lisa Marie Presley) who recently died. There is dirt piled on top of dirt followed by even more dirt in it. Barbra Streisand/Britney Spears/Lisa Marie Presley (Lisa Marie Presley to Publish Posthumous Memoir in 2025, Daughter Riley Keough a Collaborator) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/17/23)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **10**
At an event promoting his flop of a movie, this A list superhero was asked to sign a photo. The actor looked at the photo and then looked up at the fan and asked where he got it. The fan's uncle was a photographer back in the day and took the photos that our actor used in his escorting days to attract clients. Jason Momoa/”Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **11**
So, what we are saying is that the former A+ list athlete did a cash grab and is keeping all the money she didn't really need. Mary Lou Retton

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **12**
This married A list singer who has also worked a lot of reality television might consider a fling with the married A- list celebrity from a family of celebrities, but that would be so messy and painful to watch. I think our singer needs to stop drinking again. Blake Shelton (Gwen Stefani) (Gwen Stefani proudly drops huge career news after Blake Shelton parties with gal pal amid ‘marriage troubles’)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **13**
Reader Blind: This British female rapper is trying her best to hide the fact that her brother is still targeting underage girls. She’s playing up her current feud to hide what is about to emerge. Stefflon Don/Stephan Allen, aka Dutchavelli (British rapper Stefflon Don embroiled in brother’s grooming controversy)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **14**
The Favor: For many years, this almost A- list actress (Meghan Markle) precariously balanced herself between dating and yachting. She thought of it as dating upward and there are perks such as lifestyle and glamor and gifts of dating upward rather than yachting in the traditional sense. It was through  her willingness to straddle the line that she fit right in with an organization (“Soho House”) that has locations all over the world to facilitate meetings between the wealthy and the attractive people who are drawn to the wealthy. Our actress made it a point to befriend someone who worked for the organization and could put you in a position to be in front of someone wealthy and looking, or this person could could also keep you from any possible interaction with their patrons. I have discussed this relationship between the actress and the person (Marcus Anderson) in the organization. What I didn't know until very recently, is that to facilitate a meeting she really desperately wanted and the inside information of what buttons to push, she slept with the higher up (Ronald Burkle) in the organization. He didn't and doesn't normally work on a quid pro quo basis, but he did that day and the next day and for nearly two weeks. Our actress was fully on board and got her meeting.
Meghan Markle/”Soho House”/Markus Anderson/Ronald Burkle (Who is Markus Anderson? Meghan Markle's best friend is Soho House's secret weapon) (5 Things to Know About Markus Anderson, Meghan Markle's Close Friend) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/22/21)

This pro sports league keeps on saying they're turning a new leaf and fixing their toxic culture, but that's not stopping them from allowing this disgraced athlete to return. “NHL”/Corey Perry ('Alcohol-fueled incident' reportedly led to Corey Perry's release by Blackhawks) (Corey Perry gets path back to NHL after meeting with Gary Bettman)

Many directors who were once vocal in their support of Roman Polanski have since done a 180. Not this A list director who just announced a new movie with many of the same cast he uses every movie. The director has actually doubled and tripled down on his support for the horrible director. Wes Anderson/”The Phoenician Scheme”  (Wes Anderson Sets Bill Murray, Michael Cera & Benicio Del Toro For Next Feature) (Hollywood Celebrities who signed the Polanski Petition)

The people behind the AI version of the legendary standup comic, did his legacy no favors with that mashed up mess they put together. George Carlin (After AI-generated ‘George Carlin’ routine, late comedian’s daughter warns other entertainers: ‘They’re coming for you next’)

First it was her birthday then it was going to be Christmas. Now, to give themselves some more room, but to keep people talking about, the people behind the A+ list singer says she will get engaged this summer. That will not happen. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce plan to get engaged this summer)

It is not all that shocking that this wine actor (Vincent Gallo) who made his A- list actress girlfriend (Chloë Sevigny) perform real sex acts on him during a movie (“Brown Bunny“), is at it again. It also isn't a shocker that he would team up with the actor/serial sexual assaulter (James Franco) from an acting family to be part of the project (“Golden State Killer“). Who is giving them financing for this? Do those people get first choice of victims? Vincent Gallo/Chloë Sevigny/”Brown Bunny”/James Franco/”Golden State Killer” (Mind-boggled by casting choices for the upcoming Golden State Killer film.) (‘I Want You to Believe You Will Die’: Vincent Gallo Made Auditions Hell, Women Say)

Is the new single from the new album good? Not really. However, that doesn't mean a thing. For the next 11 months, we will be forced into seeing her/listening to her every five minutes. There are many hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. Ariana Grande/“Yes, And?”

This business networking site (“LinkedIn”) keeps its head in the sand about what kind of hookups are going on between its members, it just likes all the extra fees from signups. “LinkedIn” (LinkedIn is a dating app? 52% use networking site to find love!)

I told you a couple of months ago this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee had quietly split with her husband. This week, she confirmed it by not wearing her ring in public at a big event. Jessica Chastain

This married A list dual threat actor is an Oscar winner. He and the hard to spell model have run into each other quite often the past few weeks. Emily Ratajkowski

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **10**
This A list offspring of an A lister has been battling some life threatening illnesses which is why he has not been seen much in the past year.

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **11**
This probable now former superhero was at an after party after a big event this week and started hooking up with a woman in front of everyone and then asked if anyone wanted to join in. It was awkward.

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **12**
This foreign born actor is A+ list in his country and known throughout the world. Even that probably won't save him from a "suicide" after criticizing the police and government in his country. Chow Yun-fat/China (Chow Yun-fat speaks out about China's censorship of Hong Kong films)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **13**
You know a primary candidate is about to lose if they trot out a VP pick to campaign with them. Someone is planning on doing that next Tuesday if they do poorly on Monday. Donald Trump (Trump says he knows who his vice president choice will be)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **14**
Four For Friday - The Recruiter: This long time agent specialized in signing talent right when they were about to explode. He would steal them from their first agent. Often, he would use sex to close the deal. He would find out the actor's favorite actress and the agent would then send over the actress to complete the deal.
#1 - This actress/reality star often gets naked. She was used as bait for this A list franchise actor/serial sexual assaulter.
#2 - This A list actor with at least one franchise to his name was signed for five bottles of Pappy Van Winkle. The agent was horrified later to learn the actor mixed it with Diet Coke.
#3 - This A list singer kept saying no and then no and then no again. The agent discovered he loved this actress who has been rumored to have slept with a former A++ lister. That sealed the deal.
#4 - This happily married to a woman A- lister is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. To sign him, the agent got a very well known male porn actor to spend a couple of evenings with the actor.

The former husband of the "singer" is already using photos taken with this A+/A list actor for his business even though the actor had no idea who the ex was. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears/Brad Pitt (Britney Spears' ex Sam Asghari meets Brad Pitt and jokes he got 'skin care tips' from the 60-year-old Hollywood hunk at art exhibit in LA)

Speaking of splits, this foreign born superhero knows he and the one named actress have split. He is just trying to salvage it before anything official gets out. Tom Holland/Zendaya (Tom Holland Denies Breakup with Zendaya Despite Rumors, Unfollow)

This barely there celebrity has been in this space before and doesn't really like the A+ list singer. She is really close to the situation and says the singer is trying to set up the barely there celebrity and her husband to take the fall when the relationship ends between the singer and her current boyfriend. People are already going after the barely there celebrity online for doing absolutely nothing. Kylie McDevitt & Jason Kelce/Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce (Everything You Need to Know About Jason Kelce’s Wife, Kylie McDevitt Kelce) (Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie Claps Back at Misleading Headlines About Her and Taylor Swift) (BLIND ITEM 11/23/23)

Many might say the flowering financial institution was a little over the edge discussing the celebrity CEO and egg harvesting, but he does own several fertility clinics, so is she that far off? Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Elon Musk’s Take on DEI Slammed by Azealia Banks: ‘No, Stupid’) (BLIND ITEM 01/14/23)

When the last guy (Jeff Zucker) who was in charge of the news network (“CNN”) awful things happened to women. Now, he is trying to buy it which is why more stories like the reporter (Angela Rye) who used to date the EGO winner (Common) and the sexual harassment she endured from the alliterate host (Chris Cuomo) will be common again. Jeff Zucker/”CNN”/Angela Rye/Chris Cuomo (Jeff Zucker’s Latest Bet: Prestige TV) (Chris Cuomo called ‘humiliated’ CNN staffer ‘tinsel crotch’ — and she claims network axed her after confronting him)

Speaking of things don't just happen for a reason, the accused sexual assaulter/serial beater of women actor who is A- list had some recent news. His former victim/current significant other is being sued for being just as bad as the actor is. Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth (Shia LaBeouf's wife Mia Goth SUED by background actor who alleges she intentionally kicked him in the head on set of slasher film MaXXXine)

Speaking of couples, I told you several months ago about the former late night actor hooking up with this yachter who is also a victim of an A- list actor who used to be married to an A+ list actress. The mainstream media is finally realizing the actor and yachter are  a couple. Jason Sudeikis/Elsie Hewitt (Jason Sudeikis, 48, gets cozy with actress Elsie Hewitt, 27, after night out in West Hollywood) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/23/23)

There were not just plans to hook up with the sister of the one he is with, this A- list musician made it happen many years ago. He is another member of the two or more club. Kim Kardashian/Travis Barker/Kourtney Kardashian (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/25/23)

The former wheelchair actor was hanging out with an 11 year old in a nightclub. Seems pretty on brand for him. Drake

Speaking of horrible people, this foreign born former A+ list rapper definitely needs rehab before she tries to do a tour. It will be awful. Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj Unabashedly Called Out Other Artists For Ruining This Hip Hop Industry Trademark)

This young north of the border singer is using streaming farms in Eastern Europe to help climb the Billboard charts. Tate McRae (Jack Harlow’s ‘Lovin on Me’ & Tate McRae’s ‘Greedy’ Rule Billboard Global Charts) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/23)

The director who hasn't had a hit in fifteen years and who sexually assaulted his niece is being given yet another chance to direct a movie. I'm sure it will be filled with actors or A+ list singers who choose to forget about the niece and the horrible flops the director makes. Oh, and the yelling and screaming at crew and lesser cast members. David O. Russell/Linda Ronstadt Biopic/Selena Gomez (And as I said on my podcast, I do think Selena Gomez is an amazing choice to play Linda Ronstadt. This just isn't the director for the project or any project.) (David O. Russell to Direct Selena Gomez’s Linda Ronstadt Biopic) (Why Has David O. Russell Never Answered for Groping His Trans Niece?) (A Timeline of the Allegations Against Amsterdam Director David O. Russell) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/06/22)

The timeline does look bad for the alliterate A- list singer from multiple groups. There are pictures of him on socials with his current girlfriend long before he got divorced. Joe Jonas/Stormi Bree (Stormi Bree is a ‘happy girl’ as she reminisces on her Aspen trip with Joe Jonas)

The team of the singer sent her boyfriend's employer a cease and desist for using her image in one of their videos. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce/”NFL” (Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy Sends a Blunt Message About Taylor Swift Attending Games)

Reader Blind: They say she has bad breath. How could such a random rumor about this A list singer (Beyoncé) spread so fast in the early 2000s. Try the Immature singer (Marques Houston) and his manager (Chris Stokes), who started that and many other rumors to spite her when her dad (Mathew Knowles) confronted them about the little boys in Atlanta. That’s why his band (“IMx”) stopped appearing in her band’s videos.  Don’t take our word for it. Ask her dad. Beyoncé/Marques Houston/Chris Stokes/Mathew Knowles/“IMx”  (One Of Beyonce Girls Shades Her: Says Shes Bad And Her Mouth Stinks - Celebrities - Nairaland) (What did Chris Stokes do to Raz B? Controversy explained as B2K singer lands in trouble after attempting to jump from hospital roof) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/06/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/05/21)

This rapper/singer/seldom actor is being accused by this former A list dual threat actress of taking her one night and casting spells on her which caused her to have a breakdown
. Kid Cudi/Amanda Bynes (Amanda Bynes takes a leisurely stroll through the mall with a friend after cancelling her podcast) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/14/12) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/08/18)

Mr. X: What former athlete turned sports show host was recently busted by network higher ups hoovering up lines of coke in a bathroom minutes before he was set to go on air?

The former Disney actress turned A- list singer gets maybe three weeks with the abusive foreign born actor. Is it really worth all the grief right before you go on tour? Sabrina Carpenter/Barry Keoghan

The former late night actress/writer/producer hates the former almost A- list actress which is why there is a joke at her expense in a new movie. Tina Fey/Lindsay Lohan/”Mean Girls the Musical” (Lindsay Lohan Was 'Very Hurt and Disappointed' by a Joke Included in New Mean Girls Movie)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor is dating someone who was born a man.

This two color singer who has broken free and will never return says her former company likes to keep as many of the second class singers addicted to drugs so they will never leave and will be essentially lifetime employees or at least until their looks fade.
“PINKBLACK”/Jennie/”YG Entertainment” (Blackpink Members Decline Signing Solo Contracts With YG Entertainment)

This former network singer got a book deal. He already partied up the advance. There won't be a book. He can't sit still long enough to write one or talk to someone who will write it. David Archuleta (David Archuleta Lands Memoir Deal With Dey Street Books, Will Write About Mormon Church, ‘American Idol’ and Coming Out (Exclusive))

Reader Blind: A well-known young couple recently spent some the start to the new year away have hit  rocky patch yet again.  The lack of his presence in her picturesque snapshots has fueled speculation that the couple might have called it quits once more. Seems like this location for vacation is not the best choice for this on-again, off-again couple as they called it quits back in May after a trip to this destination.  Olivia Jade Giannulli/Jacob Elordi (Jacob Elordi's girlfriend Olivia Jade Giannulli shows off her chest and impressive abs as she sizzles in a bikini while vacationing in Mexico) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/20/22)

Reader Blind: There is a group of adult writers and producers forcing the child to perform explicit content over Hip Hop beats. At a party recently, one of his videos was shown to this makeup musician by someone who thought she would love it. She was disgusted and the person who showed her the video was asked to leave
. Lil King/Sexyy Red (Lil King - Freestyle) (But they’ll say that Sexyy Red is bringing down the black community)

EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born actress/celebrity is always parched. It is why she made sure her dress designer made it clear to everyone our actress is pregnant, so she would be asked about it. Suki Waterhouse (Pregnant Suki Waterhouse Says Red Valentino Gown Had to Be Tailored to 'Fit the Bump' at 2023 Emmy Awards)

EMMY AWARDS: The only thing this former A list actress who has been acting since she was in her teens, carried in her purse last night was a compact, a tube of lipstick, a credit card and a vial of coke which she managed to finish off before the ceremony was even halfway over. Her career comeback isn't going to last if she goes back to drugs all the time again. Natasha Lyonne/”Poker Face” (Natasha Lyonne Jokes That She’s Holding A-Listers to a ‘Blood Oath’ to Get Them on ‘Poker Face’ Season 2)

EMMY AWARDS: This very unexpected pairing on the red carpet was pulled off through the use of blackmail. Considering the person doing the blackmailing has a long history of it, they were obeyed. Riley Keough/Priscilla Presley (Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley coordinate on Emmys 2024 red carpet after squashing feud rumors)

EMMY AWARDS: At a brunch held a few hours prior to the awards, this A- list actress from a very hit cable show got blasted drunk and she was still wobbly when the show started. Apparently, she made multiple trips to the restroom in her formal wear to worship the porcelain throne.

EMMY AWARDS: This A- list actress got her alliterate boyfriend to drop six figures on a piece of jewelry for the show. She was bragging to everyone about it. Selena Gomez/Benny Blanco (Selena Gomez Shines on Emmys Red Carpet as Benny Blanco Blows Her a Kiss)

EMMY AWARDS: This married foreign born A- list actress is an Emmy winner/nominee. That wasn't her husband she was making out with last night at a party. Sarah Snook/”Succession” (‘Succession’ Emmy winner Sarah Snook will make her Broadway debut)

EMMY AWARDS: The long time boyfriend of this foreign born A list actor thought he was finally going to be shown off in public, but the actor vetoed the idea last minute. Well, it turns out the actor knew two weeks ago he wasn't going to bring the boyfriend, but didn't tell the boyfriend until Friday afternoon. Pedro Pascal (Pedro Pascal is joined by his glamorous actress sister Lux as they attend HBO's post-Emmys party)

EMMY AWARDS: "Remember the time I blew you and your friend. What was his name again? He was huge." A very drunk A- list alliterate actress from a very hit show to a former co-star who was with his wife.

EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born actor is not old enough to drink. The actor was discussing an interview they had done with a reporter who was doing a piece on sexual assaults during the run of a very famous pay cable show when they were not old enough to drive. Our actor described how if you wanted to stay on the show, sex acts were a part of the job. Bella Ramsey/”Game of Thrones” (Bella Ramsey attends the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **10**
EMMY AWARDS: This middle of the week actress was loving the fact that the boyfriend of one of her biggest rivals would not stop flirting with our actress which was making the rival angry, but couldn't do anything because they didn't want to make a scene. Jenna Ortega/”Wednesday” (Jenna Ortega Calls Her Floral Dior Emmys Dress an 'Art Piece': 'It Literally Stands on Its Own')

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **11**
EMMY AWARDS: This A- list dual threat actress all of you know is a multiple time Emmy nominee/winner. Apparently, she knows the entire storyline for an upcoming season of a show, which she is not even starring in and was giving up spoiler after spoiler. Jennifer Coolidge (Film & Television)/”The White Lotus” (The White Lotus' Jennifer Coolidge Thanks 'All the Evil Gays' Before Getting Nudged Off Emmys Acceptance Speech)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **12**
EMMY AWARDS: There were probably at least a hundred phones tuned to the NFL game last night during the show. This winner/nominee from last night was watching porn. He said it kept him from freaking out because he was so nervous.

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **13**
EMMY AWARDS: Speaking of strange, this A- list comic actress says she calls her ex after dates with guys and gives him a blow by blow of the night, including what the sex was like.

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **14**
EMMY AWARDS: This A list director certainly took a shine to a waitress at an after party. She didn't take a shine to him though, especially when the director started telling her what he wanted to do to her if she kept rebuffing his advances.

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **15**
EMMY AWARDS: This actress was once A list. She was the lead in movies and television shows. Then she became a pain to work with so no one worked with her any longer. It was just one night, but everyone said how amazing she was last night and just really nice to everyone she came into contact with. Katherine Heigl (Katherine Heigl Joins ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reunion at Emmys and Nods to Her Controversial Exit: ‘Yes, There Have Been Changes Over the Years’)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **16**
EMMY AWARDS: This EGOT threat has maintained she is in a relationship. Anyone who witnessed the heavy make out session in the back garden of the Four Seasons would disabuse you of that notion. Ariana DeBose/Sue Makkoo (Awards) (Ariana DeBose and Bella Ramsey hug it out at Emmys following Critics Choice Awards joke); Jessica Chastain/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Awards) (Jessica Chastain Wore a Retina-Searing Neon Gown to the Emmys) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/27/23)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **17**
EMMY AWARDS: It wasn't with her at the actual show, but at a party after the show, this A- list actress who is a nominee/winner and been on many hit shows and currently stars on a couple of hit shows, had a taser with her. She just pulled it out and showed it off. She says she always carries it. Niecy Nash (Filmography)/”The Rookie”/”The Rookie Feds”/”Agent Elvis”/”Never Have I Ever”/”Human Resources” (Niecy Nash-Betts Cries, Thanks Herself and Honors ‘Unheard, Yet Over-Policed’ Women Like Breonna Taylor in Rousing Emmys Speech)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **18**
EMMY AWARDS: This north of the border actress was shaking because she hadn't eaten in days. Apparently, she was told she needed to lose twenty pounds before filming the new season of her show. She lost the weight.

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **19**
EMMY AWARDS: This former child actress turned A- list adult actress has not been married all that long. The buzz last night is that her marriage is already on the rocks. Christina Ricci/Mark Hampton
Christina Ricci (Christina Ricci gives peek of breast tattoo in plunging black velvet gown on glamorous Emmys 2024 red carpet)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **20**
EMMY AWARDS: This A list actor refused to pose for photos with the rest of the cast of his hit show. Wow is he pretentious. James Marsden/”Jury Duty”/The Real Star Ronald Gladden (James Marsden attends the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards) (Mekki Leeper and Ronald Gladden attend the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **21**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A- list actress (Hannah Waddingham) from a hit streaming show (“Ted Lasso”) was doing shots with a Yellowjackets actress (Juliette Lewis). The foreign born actress was asked by the Yellowjackets actress if the breasts of our foreign born actress were real. The foreign born actress took the hand of the Yellowjackets actress and said feel for yourself, which she then did before having another shot. Hannah Waddingham/”Ted Lasso”/Juliette Lewis (Hannah Waddingham Stuns in Icy Plunging Gown at Emmys Red Carpet) (Juliette Lewis Doesn’t Rule Out a ‘Yellowjackets’ Return)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **22**
EMMY AWARDS: This winner/nominee doesn't get enough credit for her acting. She usually keeps her personal life secret, but last night she said her boyfriend broke up with her during the show via text. They had been fighting all day. One of the best nights of her life when she should have been happy, she was holding back tears.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **23**
EMMY AWARDS: This A list actor/writer hates being at events where the whole cast of his show is also there because it is awkward when your girlfriend and your wife are in the same room.

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **24**
EMMY AWARDS: After the grief he received at a recent event, this A list actor with hit shows and movie franchises to his name, chose not to bring his yachter girlfriend with him to the show. He did make her attend an after after party and they stayed about 5 minutes. She told him she had been waiting for hours for him to tell her where to go.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **25**
EMMY AWARDS: "I don't know if it is all the drugs he did or that he goes so method for the psycho characters he plays, but that is someone I would never want to be alone with anywhere." A female writer discussing just running into this A/A- list mostly television actor. Evan Peters (Niecy Nash-Betts celebrates her Emmys win with co-star Evan Peters while Katherine Heigl takes to the dance floor at the Netflix after party)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **26**
EMMY AWARDS: This married A list actress and this foreign born A- list actress were not even really hiding the fact they are a couple.

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **27**
EMMY AWARDS: It was pretty obvious looking at the fly area of the pants of this A list mostly television actor that he had recently engaged in some form of sexual activity immediately prior to arriving at the red carpet. He has had a very big last year or two. Jeremy Allen White (Jeremy Allen White attends The Walt Disney Company Emmy Awards Party)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **28**
EMMY AWARDS: The significant other of this A list mostly television actor who has starred in an iconic show, made it very clear that if he started drinking, she was leaving. Jon Hamm/”Mad Men”
(Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola attend the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **29**
EMMY AWARDS: This A list actor has multiple very hit television shows to his name. He was passing out pot brownies on the red carpet that he made himself. Ted Danson (Everybody Knows Your Name: Cast of ‘Cheers’ Reunite at 2023 Emmy Awards)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **30**
EMMY AWARDS: Speaking of stoned, this A list singer was in a world of his own last night. Whenever what he took kicked in, you could just see it on his face. Charlie Puth (Charlie Puth performs onstage during the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **31**
EMMY AWARDS: This A- list actress from a hit pay cable show and her co-star boyfriend were very touchy feely which makes for a stark contrast to the last co-star from the show she hooked up with and didn't want anyone in the world to know they were a couple. Meghann Fahy/”The White Lotus”/Leo Woodall/Billy Magnussen (The White Lotus's Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall Have a Cuddly Date Night at the Emmys) (BLIND ITEM 12/08/22)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **32**
EMMY AWARDS: Speaking of co-stars, a winner/nominee (Sydney Sweeney) from the same show (“The White Lotus”) described in #31 said her recent co-star (Dakota Johnson) who all of you know in a movie set (“Madame Web”) to be released this Spring tried to get the winner/nominee kicked off the movie because the winner/nominee was making the actress all of you know, look like a really bad actress. She didn't get the actress kicked off the film, but after sleeping with one of the producers, got the part significantly reduced. Sydney Sweeney/”The White Lotus”/Dakota Johnson/”Madame Web” (Sydney Sweeney ‘Was a Little Nervous’ to Work With Dakota Johnson on ‘Madame Web’: ‘She’s So Hot’) (BLIND ITEM 11/14/22)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **33**
EMMY AWARDS: This alliterate reality star was mistaken for an actress almost two decades her senior and got her start way back in the day as the regular star of a permanent A list singer's music videos. The reality star, already in a foul mood didn't like the fact someone thought she was pushing 60. Kourtney Kardashian (Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Make Out at Emmys in Matching Suits! for First Post-Baby Red Carpet)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **34**
EMMY AWARDS: This host has been on multiple shows. Last night at a party he would not stop making horribly racist and sexist comments about other men. It was disturbing. RuPaul (RuPaul Defended Drag Queen Story Hour on the Emmys Stage)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **35**
EMMY AWARDS: This permanent A list mostly movie director said he had been approached and asked if he wanted to direct the movie the alliterate one is behind. He thought it was a joke. His fee is more than the budget of the movie. They said they thought he might agree to reduce his fee in order to have a chance to work with the alliterate one. He laughed
. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle in talks with ‘big name directors’ for acting comeback, thinks Oscar is ‘in her future’: report)

When you are found nearly dead of an overdose, the whole I have been sober for years thing doesn't quite hold water any longer. Hey, at least this time there were no almost dead hookers there too. Jim Irsay (Colts' Jim Irsay found unresponsive at home in 'suspected overdose' last month)

The record label of this A list north of the border mostly singer tried to kibosh the singer's six figure donation to a humanitarian relief fund. They were concerned it would be interpreted as a political position. “XO”/The Weeknd/Support Emergency Humanitarian Efforts in Gaza (The Weeknd Donates $2.5 Million to Support Emergency Humanitarian Efforts in Gaza)

I was the first to tell you about the split between this foreign born A+/A list singer and her thirsty director ex. What I didn't know until now, was that she was already hooking up with her current actor boyfriend for months before ending it with the director. Dua Lipa/Roman Gavras/Callum Turner (Dua Lipa and new boyfriend Callum Turner pack on PDA after sushi date in LA) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/28/23)

This pro sports organization is usually upfront about investigations into its players and owners. One of those owners though introduced a money printing machine so the league is going to sit back and do nothing for as long as possible.

It wasn't that long ago that these two pay cable co-stars were a couple and the public loved them being a couple. Then, they split and the actor married a different co-star from the same show. Apparently, the fans can get happy though again because the original couple are hooking up again. Kit Harington/Emilia Clarke/”Game of Thrones”/Rose Leslie (Kit Harington Says He Was Diagnosed with ADHD in Rehab: I 'Managed to Forge a New Life')

The permanent A list "singer" is going to have to spend a great deal of her remaining fortune to get out of her record deal. It was on hold for years, but now the label wants a record or money. Britney Spears (Britney Spears vows she won't return to music: What's next for pop star)

Apparently, there was a problem with a risky pregnancy which is why the emergency surgery was needed, not planned. The ginger haired one reached out to someone about going over because of all the health emergencies, but you know who said nope to that. You know who also tried to buy a house but had to settle for renting a place in Los Angeles, because she didn't qualify for the loan. Kate Middleton/Prince Harry/King Charles/Meghan Markle (Why Were King Charles and Kate Middleton's Medical Conditions Announced on the Same Day?) (Ailing Charles and Kate’s first thought was for others — wailing Meghan and Harry’s only thought is for themselves)

The conversation the far right billionaire had with the far left wannabe state A++ lister overseas must have left a mark on the billionaire because one of his big ideas is to destroy trillions in accumulated real estate wealth, so everyone can afford a home. The conversation didn't include any questions about his dead ex. Jack Dorsey/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Silicon Valley's loudest moguls get behind RFK Jr.)

The clock app is running out of money. They have cut the money they pay out to content creators by at least half and are tolerating way more sex ads and live streams than they ever did previously. “TikTok” (Tech worker who went viral after posting herself getting fired on TikTok speaks out: ‘I don’t regret sharing that’)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **10**
The A list mogul/wannabe rapper is selling everything he owns and is hiding all his assets. No one is getting any more of his money. Sean “Diddy” Combs (Diddy 'voluntarily dismisses' racial discrimination lawsuit against liquor giant Diageo)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **11**
Speaking of moguls, it is looking more and more likely that the billionaire record mogul is the one who was being mentioned in some allegations a few weeks back. If that is the case, the accuser should be very careful about going out alone at night. L.A. Reid (L.A. Reid Sued for Sexual Assault and Harassment)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **12**
Part of the reason this Housewife (Gizelle Bryant) was cast on the show (“Real Housewives of Potomac”) was because she was the former First Lady of this scandalous mega church (“New Birth Missionary Baptist Church”). Remember the pastor (Eddie Long) that was grooming the vulnerable kids he was supposed to mentor? Yeah. It’s the same church (Controversies). Her ex-husband (Jamal Harrison Bryant) is in charge now. Gizelle Bryant/”Real Housewives of Potomac”/”New Birth Missionary Baptist Church”/Eddie Long/Jamal Harrison Bryant

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **13**
Apparently, this wannabe A++ lister had commissioned some stigmata merch to sell. I mean, it is getting closer to Easter. Would that be a big seller though? Donald Trump (Donald Trump's Red-Spotted Hand in Photo Sparks Speculation)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **14**
The Missing: I accept that the profession I am about to discuss can be very nomadic and there is a lot of turnover in the industry. People quit the industry especially in the lower levels and are never heard from again. That all being said, there is an issue going on that should be addressed. You need to back about fifteen years or so. Several foreign born celebrities who were just starting out with television shows about their profession are now A list or even higher. All of their old shows were produced by the same production company. They are people all of you know. In those old shows, the audience would many times, but not always be introduced to women who worked in the industry. By introduced I mean you would get a first name usually and they would say a few words and then they would be background never to be seen again on the episode of the show. Every so often, one of those women would get an extra one or two minute segment. The thing about all of these women is we have a starting point of where they were and when and a first name. They should be pretty easy to track down. This all began because one of those women on the show for two minutes was spotted on YouTube a decade after the show aired. It was a sister who had been missing and the family wanted to reach out to her. It seemed like they had a great starting point. Yes, the ten year gap would be tough, but there was a starting point. Except there wasn't. The woman had never worked for the business the show said she did. Oh sure, they gave her a matching uniform top, but she never worked there. She was brought in by production for the day and then never seen again. The appearance was so potential buyers could see what they were getting. They could spread it out all over Europe to buyers at once without having to deal with websites or dealing with hundreds of buyers individually. This was all at once. It took the private detective the better part of three years to discover all of this because sometimes the employee was really an employee and sometimes they were not. It was hard to discern who was who. He did discover the culprit were two shows in particular, but the hosts were so new they probably had no input and didn't care who was introduced as an employee or not. Those employees were not really vital to the show. Because of the way the format was set up so long ago, the two hosts do the same thing now, but the people all work for the businesses.

This former A+ list celebrity doesn't want a movie made about him. He is going to even more upset when he finds out what they are going to say about him. Richard Simmons (Richard Simmons makes rare statement to denounce Pauly Shore-starring biopic: ‘I try to live a quiet life’)

Now the arch rival of the royal is pushing the narrative that not only is the royal a racist, but is also an alcoholic which is why she needed surgery. Kate Middleton/Meghan Markle (Piers Morgan says Meghan and Harry ‘deliberately spun’ ‘ludicrous’ racism claims against Kate, Charles)

It took several more violent vocal outbursts before the barely there celebrity offspring took the advice I gave her six months ago. Never get back together with the A- list actor. Olivia Jade Giannulli/Jacob Elordi (Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade Giannulli are STILL together with Lori Loughlin's daughter joining star in NYC for SNL rehearsals - after split speculation)

The check the NBA player had to write was in the seven figures for the girl he rap*d to not press charges. Josh Giddey (Josh Giddey will not face charges following allegations of inappropriate relationship with potential minor)

Speaking of child rap*sts, this rapper/woman beater/child rap*st has been having contests every night while out of the country to see who can bring back the most tweeners to the house where he is staying. Tekashi 6ix9ine/Dominican Republic (Tekashi 6ix9ine Arrested in Dominican Republic Amid Domestic Violence Investigation)

This Oscar winner will learn what every woman this Oscar winner has dated learns. He is always looking for his next girlfriend. Jennifer Hudson/Common (Jennifer Hudson puts on a cosy display with boyfriend Common as they attend star-studded LA Lakers game)

This CNN reporter is hooking up with a member of Congress, but only during the week. On the weekends, the House member goes home to their significant other.

Reader Blind: It’s no conspiracy. Just ask any social worker who worked in Atlanta or Florida twenty years ago. Depraved men and women linked to Epstein wanted to violate vulnerable black boys and a ring was established to use the foster care system to target them. This Y2K (“B2K”) Southern mogul (Chris Stokes) was a big part of it which is why he has evaded justice for so long. “B2K”/Chris Stokes (Sexual assault allegations) (What did Chris Stokes do to Raz B? Controversy explained as B2K singer lands in trouble after attempting to jump from hospital roof)

This former Disney actress turned opening act for bigger and better, almost fired her whole team because she wanted to be one line higher on her Coachella billing. Sabrina Carpenter (Coachella 2024 Lineup: No Doubt Reunion Set With Lana Del Rey, Tyler The Creator & Doja Cat As Headliners)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **10**
This former A+ list rapper will do anything to get people to buy his new album, even a nearly hour long apology, he doesn't actually mean. Kanye West/”Vultures” (Kanye West wears shirt with nod to neo-Nazi after apologizing for antisemitic rants, promising to ‘learn’ from backlash)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **11**
Earlier this week I told you that plans are already in motion which will end with this most talked about couple splitting. He will be to blame of course. As the week closes you can see even more signs. We have gone from breathless engagement announcements to seeing how things go. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (Taylor Swift Visits the Studio Amid Report That She and Travis Kelce Are "Still Seeing Where It Goes") (BLIND ITEM 01/03/24) (BLIND ITEM 01/14/24)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **12**
This A- list actress has not ruled out that a much higher on the list in-law may still be alive.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **13**
Speaking of A- list actresses, the jinx was apparently having phone sex with someone while at a restaurant. Alicia Silverston/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr. has solo sushi dinner and gets Alicia Silverstone’s vote) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/22/21)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **14**
Flash For Cash: It is probable that this horrible person who can never step back into this country again without being arrested probably filmed more women flashing their breasts than any other person/company. However, that was the effort of a company and cash and a lot of drinks. This comic, along with his buddy spent an entire decade with a Polaroid camera taking dozens of photos every night of women flashing or even more. One year when he and his buddy were in a tour bus for most of the year, they decided to see if they could cover every available surface of the bus with photos of topless women. No woman would be allowed to be a repeater. They had it covered by April. There were well over 1,000 photos just by April. They took all those down and started over again and repeated that twice more before the end of the year. Was it their charm? Their good looks? Their A listerdom? Their never ending stash of pot? Joe Francis/Doug Benson/Graham Elwood/”The High Road with Doug Benson” (“The High Road with Doug Benson”)

This celebrity spawn (Alabama Barker) is barely a household name even though BOTH of her parents (Travis Barker/Shanna Moakler) are famous- but she wants to change that. Her parents divorced years ago and they both moved on. Our fame seeking gal has warmed up to her very famous stepmom (Kourtney Kardashian), SO much in fact, that the stepmom is encouraging her to have body enhancing plastic surgery to boost her chances of becoming famous. Our generous stepmom is offering to pick up the tab for breast and butt implants even though the girl barely old enough to vote. The problem is our gal’s dad doesn’t approve of his daughter going under the knife, so she and her stepmom are scheduling the surgery for when he’s out of town working
Alabama Barker/Travis Barker/Shanna Moakler/Kourtney Kardashian (Shanna Moakler Accuses Ex Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian of "Parenting Alienation")

This A- music producer who is currently dating this A- list actress/singer was asked politely by wait staff to not clip his fingernails at the bar. Benny Blanco/Selena Gomez/”Jitlada Restaurant” (Jitlada Restaurant) (Selena Gomez dines at Jitlada, Baby Bistro pops up in Venice, and more)

The spouse (Yvonne McGuinness/married 2004) of this likely Oscar nominee (Cillian Murphy) told them if they don’t kill their friendship with a costar (Emily Blunt) (“Oppenheimer”) & her husband (John Krasinski), there will be consequences. The friendship is not romantic but the costar is friends with a foreign born actress (Sienna Miller) that got caught cheating with the likely nominee almost 2 decades ago while filming a movie (“Hippie Hippie Shake”/2009). The hard copy of that movie was mysteriously destroyed. There were rumors the spouse had someone do the deed for them to send a message.  Yvonne McGuinness/Cillian Murphy/Emily Blunt/“Oppenheimer”/John Krasinski/Sienna Miller/”Hippie Hippie Shake” (Sienna Miller paints the town boho on a late night out with co-star Cillian Murphy) (Sienna Miller reveals Emily Blunt was her 'wing-woman' on her first date with boyfriend Oli Green as she reflects on their wild nights out)

The political podcaster went full mask off with last night's interview.  Will be interesting to see if anything happens to his job, YouTube channel, and future speaking engagements. Charlie Kirk (Charlie Kirk: Martin Luther King Jr. “is not worthy of a national holiday. He is not worthy of godlike status. In fact, I think it's really harmful.”)

If the blind item below looks familiar, it is because I posted it back in September. It is happening again. Now, this time the beard is much more muscular than our actor usually likes to be seen with. It looks like we also need to change every year to every few months. Our favorite foreign born closeted A list actor has a new "girlfriend." It is always the same when we get these. First there is name dropping to a known blog in tumblr that is connected to the PR team of the actor. The women never have a lot of followers so it would never get out on its own. They are forced on the world through the PR team and the blog on tumblr. The post will mention an outfit the woman was wearing and then amazingly, the woman posts a photo to her own social media in the same outfit and look, our actor was in the same location. Then, as happened this week we get a carefully staged pic of our actor at a location and then a photo of her at the same place. It is all well done, but wouldn't it just be easier to come out with your long time love then to do this every year? Sam Heughan (Outlander star Sam Heughan joins Glasgow fitness event as part of My Peak Challenge) (BLIND ITEM 09/08/23) (Sam congratulating his PR firm,  Viewpoint, and his agent Jennifer Allen)

It takes longer each day for the meds and other things the permanent A list singer does to her body to wear off. She is this close to canceling her tour. Madonna (Madonna sued by fans in New York for starting Brooklyn concert so late)

To pay for his big loss in court, look for the ginger haired one to do a couple of quick endorsement deals for less than stellar products/companies. Prince Harry (Prince Harry drops libel claim against Mail on Sunday publisher)

While using shell corporations and fake foundations, the wealthy farmer is helping this foreign power buy up all the land the farmer doesn't own. Bill Gates (Congress Wants to Block Foreign Ownership of U.S. Farmland. Is This a Red Herring?) (Bill Gates floats 'global government' during discussion of AI regulation with Sam Altman)

An "adopted offspring" of this politician has been pitching a book to publishers. Hopefully it is already written because he would probably be long dead before he could finish it otherwise. Nestor Galban/Matt Gaetz (After heated exchange on race, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz reveals Cuban "son"); Michael T. James/Mike Johnson (EXCLUSIVE: House Speaker Mike Johnson's 'adopted' 40-year-old son Michael Tirrell James in court on charges of running illegal cannabis business and possession of brass knuckles - as it's revealed rap sheet goes back to 2003)

As much as we would like to see the killer actor behind bars, it isn't going to happen. It is an election year thing for the local prosecutor. Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin is indicted in fatal shooting of cinematographer after new gun analysis)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **10**
The A list everything in her mind celebrity can spend as much as she wants and hire as many bot farms as she wants, but her song is still awful and no one is going to buy it or stream it. Jennifer Lopez/”Can’t Get Enough” (Jennifer Lopez - Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video) (Ben Affleck Has the Best Cameo in Jennifer Lopez’s New Visual Album)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **11**
Was it too much coke, bad plastic surgery or wanting to look like the dead A+ list singer to make the nose of the alliterate reality star look like that. Khloé Kardashian (KHLO NO Khloe Kardashian exposes her ‘collapsed’ nose at nephew Saint’s game in LA, as fans ask ‘how can she breathe?’)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **12**
This former late night writer/actress turned primetime writer/actress is finally showing everyone she is exactly the title of one of her more famous projects. She has so much contempt for people. Tina Fey/”Mean Girls” (Tina Fey on whether both Mean Girls movies share a universe) (Lorne Michaels Says Tina Fey 'Could Easily' Be His SNL Successor — but She's Counting on Him to 'Live Forever')

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **13**
Reader Blind: Ask this Southern rapper/reality star when she met her husband and her answer will vary according to who is asking. She was a minor when he started grooming her. They were once considered for this hit Bravo series but producers freaked out when they made the discovery. Rasheeda Widad Buckner-Frost/”Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”/Kirk Frost/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Rasheeda Frost gives sneak peek into Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **14**
Four For Friday - Legend Or Real: Which of the following sex tapes are real or just a legend.
#1 - The dead underage singer with an actress who peaked at A- list and was in an iconic movie. There was another woman involved who did the filming and can also briefly be seen.
#2 - This long long time game show host and several men at a large house party.
#3 - This former NFL coach turned announcer and his wife and a former player who no one really remembers.
#4 - This one named former A list singer and several of her former "boyfriends."

The muse of the former A+ list rapper is still with her long time boyfriend. He has recent pictures of them in bed together. Julia Fox/Kanye West (Julia Fox Is Your (Double) Denim Snow Bride)

Reader Blind: The network (“Zeus Network”) is named after Greek god. Fitting, because the truth of what is happening beneath the surface is the stuff of tragedies. It is a prostitution ring and the former Bad Girl (Natalie Nunn) and her boss (Tanisha Thomas) are the ring leaders who take a cut from each cast member (“Baddies”). Why tragedy? An incurable disease is spreading in the group and the client demands are becoming more…extreme. “Zeus Network”/Natalie Nunn/Tanisha Thomas/“Baddies” (Natalie Nunn Shuts Down Screenshots Showing Verbal Tussle With Gypsy Rose Account)

This one named actress says she is too busy to do another season of the pay cable show. Zendaya/”Euphoria” ('Euphoria' Season 3 Cast: 12 Actors Expected to Return, 3 Stars Won't Be; Plus HBO Exec's Latest Update)

This former one fifth is losing her hair because of the weekly shot. Camila Cabello/”Ozempic” (Camila Cabello shows off her ozempic results at the L’Oréal Women of Worth event but still manages to look sloppy and harass the cameraman)

The manager that has been in this spot a lot as of late is suspected to have molested nearly 100 boys and young men. Chris Stokes

This two show hit wonder who left both shows early is sleeping with this married A+ list mostly movie actor. Jennifer Morrison/”House”/”Once Upon A Time” (Did Jennifer Morrison Reveal Star Trek 4 Spoiler?)

Reader Blind: The perverts impersonate attractive women online and prey on young boys  who are asked to send explicit material of themselves. These horrific images are then sold and distributed to other perverts via “bait pages” on social media. One of these pages made the mistake of trying to sell videos of this singer’s teenage nephew to an undercover agent on Telegram. The feds are involved now. IP addresses are being tracked and other victims and their parents are in for seven figure long payouts if they sue. Look into US Code 6851.

This very very young, but legal foreign born A- list actress is trying to purchase a sex tape that was made by one of her exes.

I have been talking about the celebrity CEO and his hard drug use for many years. It is nice the media is finally starting to catch on. Elon Musk/”Tesla” (Elon Musk Has Used Illegal Drugs, Worrying Leaders at Tesla and SpaceX)

Speaking of drug use, this former A- list mostly television actress (Michelle Trachtenberg) all of you know, who was a mainstay in several primetime teen dramas is dealing with the aftermath of meth addiction. It is why she has been out of the public eye for the past couple of years. Michelle Trachtenberg ("I'm 38": Michelle Trachtenberg From "Gossip Girl" Addressed Concerns About Her Appearance)

This dancer/reality star used a ghostwriter for her book. She uses her ex for clout, but treats his family like crap. Allison Holker/”Keep Dancing Through”/Stephen 'tWitch' Boss (Allison Holker on Her Book 'Keep Dancing Through' and a New Beginning for Her Family)

Reader Blind: Speaking of the mogul, someone should take a look inside the trucks. Oh, you didn’t know? His family members run a transportation company which delivers packages across the country.

The sibling of an A- list offspring is hiring herself out as a beard to get some attention. Isabella Rose Giannulli

The foreign born former A+ list rapper is in deep dark hole and she needs to get off drugs or she is going to end up dead in the next couple of months. Nicki Minaj

Speaking of former A+ list rappers, this one couldn't even make it 48 hours after his apology, before taking it all back again. Kanye West

The movement to free the A- list solo and group singer has spawned an entire industry devoted to deep diving his marriage. That is a lot of scrutiny. Maybe that can be the excuse needed for the split that is coming
. “Free Nick Jonas”/Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra

It appears that the unexpected reunion between grandmother and granddaughter was to simply try and be able to control which people are going to be burned in a new book. A lot of people have been reaching out to grandma. Priscilla Presley/Riley Keough/Lisa Marie Presley Memoir (Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley coordinate on Emmys 2024 red carpet after squashing feud rumors) ('Raw, riveting' Lisa Marie Presley memoir due out in fall; book completed by Riley Keough)

Our favorite foreign born former B+ list actress/singer turned A- list singer/judge may or may not be legally married but looked to be playing some tonsil hockey with an actor who knows a thing or two about hooking up with women in relationships. He left his barely legal girlfriend at home. Rita Ora/Taika Waititi/”Menswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025”

Not too long ago this guy had a little hardware store in the middle of nowhere. Then, he decides to send some photos to the wealthy farmer and the next thing you know, he is the doomsday prepper of choice for billionaires and is turning over hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and has office space at the wealthy surfer's headquarters. Bill Gates/Mark Zuckerberg (What do they know? World's billionaires are building bunkers and assembling fortresses outside their mansions)

The barely there celebrity offspring has been in this space multiple times. She needs her parents to step in and be parents and pull her from the clutches of this A- list actor. Olivia Jade Giannulli/Jacob Elordi (Jacob Elordi, Olivia Jade Giannulli ‘all over each other’ at ‘SNL’ party)

There is no way any studio will remake the 85 year old classic again unless the Broadway version of the remake that didn't do well in movies suddenly does great. There is talk the third remake of the Christmas classic about angels getting their wings will try and tie in the last time the movie was remade. No, not with the over the top A+/A list Oscar winner, but the A/A list actor who played the angel. “It’s A Wonderful Life”/”It’s A Wonderful Live The Musical” ('Black-ish' creator Kenya Barris to remake 'It's A Wonderful Life')

This former child reality star is now all grown up and wanted to show it by getting a tattoo. Problem is a huge portion of their fan base is old fashioned religious granny types who are also the primary ticket buyers, and they were not happy at all about the tattoo and the new rebellious image. The star and their management were caught by surprise by the heavy backlash and are now in panic mode as they fear this will impact future ticket sales. Wait till those fans find out the star is also closeted. JoJo Siwa/”JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. The Tour” (JoJo Siwa Got Her First Tattoo with Raven-Symoné & Wife Miranda Maday — See Photos) (”JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. The Tour”)

The former Disney actress is being cheated on by the foreign born A- list singer in a group. The couple has been in this space several times. They were just using each other anyway. Dove Cameron/Damiano David/”Måneskin” (EXCLUSIVE: Måneskin lead singer Damiano David and Dove Cameron debut their relationship and pack on the PDA during a romantic evening on Bondi Beach) (BLIND ITEM 12/20/23)

At least in the last cycle, this wannabe A++ lister gave up the whole beard thing after he gave up his campaign. He didn't double down. Tim Scott (Sen. Tim Scott Announces Engagement To Mindy Noce, And Marjorie Taylor Greene Approves)

If you are going to perform for one of the world's national treasures and one of the favorite people of this country, try not to perform drunk. Elle King/Dolly Parton (Grand Ole Opry Apologizes to Audience Member After Elle King Performed 'Hammered' at Dolly Parton Tribute)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **10**
The A list everything in her mind celebrity had some work done. It is awful. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez attends the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 show)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **11**
This former A list NFL player (Tony Romo) who used to be engaged to sexual napalm is 100% (Jessica Simpson) convinced the A+ list singer (Taylor Swift) is married to her boyfriend (Travis Kelce). Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson/Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (Tony Romo again claims Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce are married) (TBT: Jessica Simpson Deleted John Mayer's Phone Number After He Called Her “Sexual Napalm”)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **12**
Speaking of former A+ list athletes, this former NBA player already has another woman married even though he is still technically still married. Dwyane Wade/Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade Spotted Out With Another Woman, Fueling Separation Rumors With Gabrielle Union) (NBA legend Dwyane Wade and actress Gabrielle Union are probably heading for a divorce)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **13**
This school board member (Bridget Ziegler/”Sarasota County, Florida”) is making money hand over fist keeping a whole bunch of secrets (“Moms for Liberty”). My guess is she will be dead by the end of the month. Bridget Ziegler/”Sarasota County, Florida.” (Ousted Florida GOP leader Christian Ziegler won’t be charged with sexual battery)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **14**
The Victims: He was sentenced in 2022 but this Democratic donor’s (Ed Buck) (Criminal investigations) crimes go way back. Like the Y2K (“B2K”) mogul (Chris Stokes), he fed on the bodies of marginalized boys and men of color. The donor’s victims would enter his California home alive and leave dead. The mogul’s victims were born into the crack epidemic and were betrayed by their greedy, negligent and strung out parents. The mogul needed seed money to start his company . The billionaire donor (David Geffen) and the dead billionaire’s (Jeffrey Epstein) clients wanted boys. Those bedroom photos of both boy bands in their underwear were ads
. Ed Buck/”B2K”/Chris Stokes/David Geffen/Jeffrey Epstein (Raz B accuses Chris Stokes of Molesting B2K (VIDEO))

A lot of voting members still remember what the alliterate director did to the three named actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Now, a whole marketing campaign is going to have to be scrapped. Greta Gerwig/Jennifer Jason Leigh (Noah Baumbach & Greta Gerwig got squirrelly about the start of their relationship) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/20/23)

This former franchise actress who crashed and burned hard in a drug fueled haze before making a comeback the past few years, finally posted a photo of herself this past weekend not wearing her wig. Natasha Lyonne

Unlike the princess singer, this frozen flavoring is not lying when she says she is not pregnant. Halle Bailey/Ice Spice (No, Ice Spice Does Not Have A Little Munch In The Oven, Despite The Viral Photo Circulating Online)

The alliterate former talk show host has started and stopped a half dozen projects over the past six months. She is finally ready to go though and is set to announce a new project the first week of February. Wendy Williams (New York Radio Host Miss Jones Tells Wendy Williams to Come Out of ‘Hiding,’ Claims Williams Moved to Florida to Rebound from Health and Sobriety Struggles)

This former morning host continues to see a sugarbaby behind the back of his significant other who must know by now the relationship with the former morning show host is doomed. T. J. Holmes/Amy Robach (Amy Robach Cries Over How ‘Emotionally Removed’ T.J. Holmes Has Been From Their Relationship)

I'm not sure why at her age, the permanent A list singer decided she needed butt implants, but it was another horrible decision on her part in a year of horrible decisions from her. Madonna (Madonna, 65, flexes her muscles in skimpy negligee as she returns to stage after getting SUED by fans accusing her of 'false advertising' for performing 'two hours late')

No one is saying that the celebrity CEO is involved in the arms smuggling, but those tunnels used for the drugs, are also being used for the arms. Elon Musk (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/03/19)

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress wants an even bigger in with a family, so has been pushing her in-law to date a yachter she has known forever. Priyanka Chopra/Joe Jonas/Stormi Bree (Priyanka Chopra approves Joe Jonas' new ladylove Stormi Bree)

Reader Blind: This pretty teen grifter (Chloe Cole) is finding that her trips across the country to "testify" against healthcare for a minority of people are drying up and the money isn't coming in like before, so she's turned to plugging psychedelics. This is despite posting thirst traps to try to catch the eye of the older, conservative men with warped little girl fetishes that usually pay her way. Chloe Cole (Detransitioner tells Congress her ‘childhood was ruined’ by gender reassignment)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **10**
This foreign born permanent A list singer who doesn't sing any longer is hooking up with a Middle Eastern Prince. Much better decision than her current significant other. Rihanna/A$AP Rocky (Rihanna Makes Her Dior Couture Comeback)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **11**
How is it that this streaming star (Monica Aldama) who did a little network reality (“Cheer“), has so many people in her life that abuse children and love child p**n. She always pleads ignorance. Monica Aldama/”Cheer” (Cheer Star Monica Aldama's Son Arrested on Child Pornography Charges)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **12**
If you are going to take PED's and the risk of getting busted, at least hopefully you want to have turned into a super athlete and dominate the league. The north of the border athlete did none of that. If you needed PED's for that stat line, maybe you should retire. Tristan Thompson/"NBA" (Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson suspended by NBA for 25 games)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **13**
Reader Blind: This performer (Kevin McHale) found this network singing show (“Glee”) after his time in the boyband (“NLT”) but it wasn’t always easy. That’s right. He too was “discovered” and placed in a group by the exec (Chris Stokes) currently under fire. Look deeper and you’ll see a connection to the yacht loving exec (David Geffen) who has faced the same accusations. Now you know why the first exec’s ex-wife (
Monyee Morton) is so afraid. And now you know why investigators are closing in. Kevin McHale/”Glee”/”NLT”/Chris Stokes/David Geffen/Monyee Morton (Making Monsters: David Geffen) (Chris Stokes Ex-Wife Confirms Sexual Assualt Allegations)

309.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **14**
Small Town: The individual (Matt Brown) is part of a former C list reality show (“Alaskan Bush People”) family that still has a cult following, even though their show is long defunct. This adult offspring from the family was essentially disowned by the family after addiction issues and allegations of sexual assaults. This individual is now attempting to rehab their image with social media channels documenting their "sober lifestyle" in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest (Okanogan County, Washington). This individual has no source of income and uses the social media accounts to generate income with lowkey money begging.  A reliable source claims this individual regularly has women visiting them from all over the world, who are of course also providing money. Whenever subscribers to these social media channels attempt to call this individual out on their money begs, they are immediately blocked. There's one single mother in particular who has been ensnared in this individual's grift. They are very lonely, wealthy and have visited this individual several times. That single Mom has reportedly decided to sell everything they own to move nearer to this individual so they can have a relationship. There is concern about the former allegations of sexual assaults, considering the single Mom has children. No doubt reality show dude will try to help themselves to the single Mom's cash. The town near where this former reality star lives is small, and people there are talking about what's going on. Reality show dude seems to forget that in small towns, everyone knows everybody's business. This town is no exception. A lot of the people there also don't appreciate the social media attention this person has brought to their remote area either
. Matt Brown/”Alaskan Bush People” (What Really Happened to Matt Brown From Alaskan Bush People)

This A list music manager is considering leaving the music industry entirely. In recent years, most of his newer signees have flopped and many of his A list established roster have left. However, it’s the new investigations into the network of artists, labels and industry titans that are based in the manager’s hometown, many of whom the manager has relationships with, that is likely the driving factor.

The publicist of this A- list actor is leaking to the tabloids that he and his barely there celebrity ex are still on and still going strong. No pictures though and this is a very front and center couple. He is trying to win her back while keeping it alive in the tabloids. Jacob Elordi/Olivia Jade Giannulli (Jacob Elordi, Olivia Jade Giannulli ‘all over each other’ at ‘SNL’ party)

While doing press for their very successful movie, this alliterate actress and her co-star have only been using one room. Apparently, the "fake" relationship is now real. “Anyone But You”/Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell (Glen Powell strips off AGAIN in jaw-dropping BTS snap to celebrate his Sydney Sweeney film Anyone But You crossing $100M)

Speaking of pics or it didn't happen, the permanent A list "singer" has not gone topless at her hotel pool of choice for years. There are always dozens of people at the pool. Do you really think no one at the pool would have taken a photo of the singer topless? Britney Spears/LA “Four Seasons” (Britney Spears banned from Four Seasons in LA after she makes guests ‘uncomfortable’ by ‘going topless by the pool’)

This A list YouTube star who teaches classes on how to marry a rich man and other tips to get rich, is broke. SheRa Seven (Who is SheRa Seven?)

Well, that is not a look I was expecting. The alliterate one and her ginger haired husband taking yet another Caribbean vacation to try and save their marriage. Wait. Did they actually pose smiling while directly next to the CEO/best friend of the Nickelodeon predator producer? The same producer, who despite his best friend being in charge, can't even get back in the door of the studio. But hey, it was a red carpet, so that is all they cared about. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Brian Robbins/Dan Schneider (Harry and Meghan were invited to Bob Marley premiere in Jamaica by Paramount boss - after 'insensitive' Duke and Duchess were slammed for posing with anti-royal Prime Minister who's vowed to ditch the monarchy)

Despite what the tabloids are saying, and the website domains bought last year, the former first wife has said if anyone is going to do the last minute surprise, she wants it to be the state A++ lister. Michelle Obama/Gavin Newsom (Megyn Kelly weighs in on speculation Michelle Obama could replace Joe Biden in 2024) (Coming Joe Biden coup and the Michelle Obama-Gavin Newsom election gambit)

This A list mostly television actor had two monster hits in his career. He recently gave an interview where he discussed a feud. He made it seem as if it were the only reason for the feud with a former co-star. It was so much more and he probably should have stayed quiet because he is in for a world of hurt. He doesn't care though. Ed O'Neill/”Married With Children” & “Modern Family”/Amanda Bearse (Ed O’Neill wasn’t invited to ‘Married With Children’ co-star Amanda Bearse’s wedding at height of feud: ‘I started laughing’)

The wife of this A list musician from a permanent A/A- list group is throwing him under the bus to the media by sharing secrets he didn't want shared. This is going to be one heck of a divorce. Who gets the failing business in the divorce? Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx/”Mötley Crüe/”Bouquet Box” (Rock Star Nikki Sixx’s Wife Reveals Reason For Ditching L.A. For Wyoming)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **10**
Reader Blind: The parents of the abused boy band (“Omega X”) members will be given a choice. Call the authorities before they call you. An investigation is looming and those who knew about the violence and didn’t report it will go down with the perpetrators. Deals can be offered those who speak out earlier. Think they’re bluffing? MoraSuma. Do the right thing. “Omega X” (Abuse allegations and lawsuit against Spire)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **11**
Things must be good between the foreign born model and the retired A+ list player. She turned down a huge new bearding contract for an athlete. It also would have meant her moving overseas, which she doesn't want to do. Irina Shayk/Tom Brady/Lewis Hamilton (Tom Brady and Irina Shayk are 'seeing each other several times a week' but have managed to 'keep the visits a secret'... 6 months into their romance) (Irina Shayk and Lewis Hamilton are ‘just friends,’ according to the model’s pal)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **12**
The wealthy bookseller is going to help the permanent A list rapper buy a NFL team. Jeff Bezos/Jay-Z/”Washington Commanders” (Commanders: Jeff Bezos, Jay-Z not buying Washington)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **13**
This former talk show host/sometime actress/comic/Epstein party attender really thought she was going to land a choice gig on this cable network. She has far too many enemies. Plus, they got to bring back an old favorite instead. Chelsea Handler/”The Daily Show”/“Comedy Central”/Jon Stewart (Chelsea Handler Is Ready for Her Late-Night Return: ‘I Know What I Want to Do’) (Jon Stewart will return to 'The Daily Show' as a weekly guest host)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **14**
The Breakup: When you live together and work together, things can get rough. This duo were A list together in their chosen field. Person A was much more famous than person B. Person A was always trying to get person B to party with her. Try and try and try and pressure and pressure and would spike drinks and food just to get person B to party. Person A would get hammered drunk almost every night and one night had three or four guys over to the house and took them all on. Afterwards, she went to person B and told person B that person A was going to get person B drunk and send the same guys to see her. The breakup happened a couple of days later.

324. POPBITCH 01/24
(British blog) Which Oscar nominee has been scouring the internet for one-star reviews of their film and passive-aggresively replying to them with "Thanks for watching my film" and a little prayer hands emoji?

The governing body for this A+ national sports program is in crisis mode due to multiple sexual assault scandals. Despite demands for more transparency and the removal of top brass, the organization is far more concerned with keeping the public in the dark to ensure that sponsorship money and TV contracts are protected. “NHL” (Five members from Canada’s 2018 world junior team told to surrender to police, facing sexual assault charges)

The celebrity CEO is having a really bad day today, and it’s only going to get much worse from here. Elon Musk (Elon Musk’s Net Worth Drops $18 Billion As Tesla Stock Slides)

You can tell these former band members didn't know each other very well, if one of them thought the other had a girlfriend. Wolfgang Van Halen/David Lee Roth/”Van Halen” (David Lee Roth Rants About Former Bandmate Wolfgang Van Halen: 'This F—in Kid')

This member of Congress loves watching his significant other have sex with other men. That happens much more frequently then actual sex between the couple. The problem he is facing now is one of the men she had sex with managed to record a little of the scene. The member of Congress is wearing something reminiscent of when Oscar De La Hoya had photos of him plastered all over the internet.

Speaking of strange things happening sexually, this singer/network reality star from multiple shows has finally given up on her pledge to remain chaste until her wedding night. Guys kept breaking up with her when they found out she was serious. She would always do other things, but then would cry and pray for hours afterwards. Apparently, there is no more of that either.

Keeping with the sex theme, the barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities should patent whatever she does with her fingers because the A+ list actor is keeping her around for award season. Gigi Hadid/Bradley Cooper (Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper spotted holding hands in first PDA photos since their unexpected romance began)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **7 **
They spun the story but those who remember what happened will never forget. His (Morgan Freeman) wife (Myrna Colley-Lee) divorced him after discovering that he had brainwashed, abused and groomed their granddaughter (E'Dena Hines). He even walked the red carpet with the poor girl and she was  paid to call her own grandmother a liar. The actor thought he’d gotten away with it until her murder trial. Her therapist testified under oath and confirmed that the girl was haunted by what he had done to her. Morgan Freeman/Myrna Colley-Lee/E'Dena Hines (Ick Nast Of The Day - Morgan Freeman And His Granddaughter) (Morgan Freeman had affair with step-granddaughter: alleged murderer)

That 80s female pop icon showed her true colors when she refused to give a fellow airplane passenger an autograph. She said if she did that, then everyone on the plane would want one. Cyndi Lauper

This A+/A list singer wants to wait until the end of his tour to announce his long awaited split with his wife. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel (Are Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Still Married? Inside the Relationship After ‘Selfish’ Release)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **10**
This desert festival is rethinking their lineup and are in talks to have the foreign born one named A list singer/tax scofflaw perform. “Coachella”/Shakira (Was Shakira Turned Down as a Coachella 2024 Headliner? Here’s What the Rumors Say)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **11**
At the present rate, there is no way this foreign born former A+ list rapper will be able to do an entire tour. She probably won't even be around for the beginning of it unless she goes to rehab. Nicki Minaj

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **12**
Lipstick Alley Blind Item: I'm 28, and I've been casually involved with a famous 55-year-old musician for nearly a year. We crossed paths randomly in my city, and we catch up every now and then. I enjoy our time together, and it's clear he appreciates spending time with me, both socially and intimately. Despite our connection, financial support hasn't been part of the equation. We share nice dinners, vibe at his place, and he's even introduced me to some people in his circle who seem to appreciate me. Interestingly, he has children my age. Now, I'm contemplating whether it's time to distance myself, even though I think there might be more benefits beyond just companionship. While I'm not looking for a romantic relationship, he's a nice guy with access to a vast network. With aspirations to start my own business, I've considered approaching him as a potential angel investor. However, there's this nervousness about being perceived as a gold digger. Over the year, we've hung out about six times, and we stay in touch regularly. Last year, due to my busy schedule, our meetings were only occasional. though he is wealthy he is smart with his money and not flashy. However I’m upset he didn’t get my a Christmas gift lol but he wants to see me this week and I might bring it up. I'm not inclined to completely cut him off, considering his strong connections, and I value maintaining a friendship. I want to benefit from this connection beyond intimacy. When he was tipsy once, he mentioned supporting my passions. He said this in front of his friend and it could have been hop showing off. Despite my reluctance to ask for help, he consistently jokes that I'm a future CEO and expresses belief in my potential. He is drawn to me because I am very independent and successful but I wonder if I should have played broke and dumb when we met.

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **13**
I told you in the past few months that this A+/A list actor/sometime director was going to let the media do the story telling about the cheating his now ex did. It has begun. Kevin Costner/Christine Baumgartner (Kevin Costner ‘had strong suspicions’ about ex-wife Christine Baumgartner’s rumored romance with neighbor: report)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **14**
The Host: This foreign mafia (Russia) infiltrated this tiny country (Monaco) long ago. Through buckets of cash thrown to the leader (Albert II, Prince of Monaco) and occasional violence which of course is never prosecuted, the mafia use this country for their banking and laundering needs. They also use it as a hub for illegal trafficking. Most of that is an open secret. What was very much a closed secret until the past few days is the threat they made very real to make sure they had the cooperation of the leader. He was being pressured by a larger government (France) to do something about the trafficking and violence that was seeping across the border. When the royal tried to get tough, the CEO (Dmitry Rybolovlev) of this athletic team (“Monégasque Football Federation”) and country representative for the mafia personally took part in the sexual assault of the wife (Charlene, Princess of Monaco) of the leader and made sure to have it all filmed. He then made the leader watch it and told him who would be next if the royal didn't get back on board. The royal did get back on board but this is why his wife keeps trying to leave. She keeps coming back because of the threats made about her much much younger relatives (Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella) and what will be done to them if she doesn't come back and put on a happy face
. Russia/Monaco/Albert II, Prince of Monaco/France/Dmitry Rybolovlev/“Monégasque Football Federation”/Charlene, Princess of Monaco/Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella (The prince, the hush money and the scandal rocking Monaco) (Princess Charlene Says She is "Happy and Serene" In New Interview About Her Children)

This B list celebrity who is about third highest on the list in her family, is still super young. Her new boyfriend said she should get fillers, so she did and it looks awful. Noah Cyrus/Lil Xan

The wrestling CEO thought the woman was bluffing. He didn't think she would go public with her name and story. Much like Sean Combs, he was wrong. She is going to get some of that new streaming money. Vince McMahon/“WWE”/Janel Grant (Vince McMahon’s abuse ‘in its own class of depravity,’ ex-WWE employee endured ‘sexual slavery’: lawyer)

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress is incredibly thirsty. It is why she thought she could get away with posting a photo of a double date. Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas & Stormi Bree (Priyanka Chopra posts and quickly deletes pic from double date with Joe Jonas, new flame Stormi Bree)

Apparently, many of the stories about the "competition" that the ginger haired one told in his recent book never actually happened. His wife just told him they did. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘feel wounded’ after another Emmys snub: expert) (Video shows Harry, Meghan ‘unimpressed’ by ‘cheap seats’ at Bob Marley movie premiere: ‘Life on the D-list’)

This married never really very nice A- list mostly movie actor was overheard this week in Utah saying his dream was to "find a chubby LDS woman with big t*ts and have her ride him for an hour." Will Ferrell/”2024 Sundance Film Festival” (Will Ferrell and Trans Comedy Writer Harper Steele’s Heartfelt Documentary Draws Multiple Standing Ovations at Sundance Premiere)

If the foreign born superhero was not worried before, he probably should be. His "girlfriend" was being very chummy with a guy in Paris. Tom Holland/”Spiderman”/Zendaya (Zendaya Stuns In Fendi At Paris Fashion Week)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **7 **
The celebrity CEO is trying to get a government contract which would allow him to expand his brain chip technology. He thinks every soldier in the military will get one implanted when they enlist. Elon Musk/”Neuralink” (Elon Musk's Neuralink chip is ready to embark on its first clinical trial. Here's how to sign up)

An offspring of a former A++ lister never seems to learn. They got photographed doing coke and are being blackmailed.

This barely barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A list actress bought herself a breast enlargement for her Christmas present.

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **10**
This still very young A list singer has developed a heroin habit. Her team doesn't have any idea. Olivia Rodrigo (BLIND ITEM 02/10/23) (BLIND ITEM 03/13/23)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **11**
This former A- list dual threat actress is at Fashion Week in Paris. She had a lot of lunches set up with designers, but when she blathered on and on about what she was going to do for her wedding for nearly an hour uninterrupted, word got out. Designers started canceling on her. Bella Thorne/Mark Emms (Bella Thorne showcases her sense of style in black jumpsuit as she attends Maison Margiela show during Paris Fashion Week)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **12**
Reader Blind: This female rapper speaks to this unlocked blogger at least once a week to coordinate hit pieces on her rival. Little does she know that he records all of her conversations and puts her on speakerphone when other people are in the room. Yes, even the conversation about how best to spread fake news about the rival’s sold out tour. Megan Thee Stallion/Jason Lee/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj fuels Megan Thee Stallion feud with ‘nasty’ dig about her dead mother)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **13**
Reader Blind: With the permanent A List host’s (Oprah) blessing,  the mogul (Tyler Perry) who likes to dress up is planning to buy the rights to the late child star’s (Quindon Tarver) autobiography. Yes, the one who was victimized by the falling Y2K mogul (Chris Stokes). The best part about the book? Its contents also being used to build the case against him. The permanent A List needs the positive publicity. Oprah/Tyler Perry/Quindon Tarver/Chris Stokes (Former Child Star And Sexual Abuse Victim Quindon Tarver Found Dead At Age 38)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange Drug Tales
#1 - This former A list actress comes from a long history of entertainers. She doesn't really act any longer but all of you know her. She used to shame other actors when they would be caught doing drugs, but our actress was almost kicked off a movie because she was caught naked doing lines off her co-star's naked body. Bridget Fonda (Filmography) (Bridget Fonda explains why she won’t return to Hollywood during rare outing)
#2 - This former A+ list singer who sometimes acted, passed out from drugs on the Oscar stage during rehearsal. At first, everyone was afraid to move her, so they just left her on the side of the stage while they continued rehearsing. Finally, after about 15 minutes, paramedics took her backstage. Whitney Houston (Some Oscar Questions Linger: Like, Where Was Whitney?)
#3 - Everyone knew that the way to get a job on this foreign reality show was to get naked with the boss and his girlfriend (not the one he married) and have sex and do as many drugs as possible so he would have you recorded and vulnerable. You were also not allowed to hook up with anyone outside of his presence. “The X Factor”/Simon Cowell/Terri Seymour/Lauren Silverman
#4 - One of the biggest reasons this A list singer from an A list group broke up with this former A- list singer/actress is because the A- list singer/actress did so much coke one night, she was heavily bleeding and bled all over a 400 year old antique couch the A list singer had just purchased
. Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato (Joe Jonas: “It Was My Choice” to Break Up with Demi Lovato)

The new single from this A list singer fizzled, which is making his label nervous since they just announced the dates for his big arena tour. Justin Timberlake/”Selfish” (Justin Timberlake Drops New Single and Video, ‘Selfish’)

In one corner you have this unhinged foreign born former A+ list rapper who is married to a murdering rap*st and fully supported her serial child rap*ng brother. In the other corner is a TikTok (”CelebriTEA”) personality who simply read a blind item. Nicki Minaj/Kenny Petty/Jelani Maraj/”CelebriTEA” (@Nicki Minaj Blowing Up My Comments Section #nickiminaj)

Are we ready to talk about the fact that this legendary soul singer’s father (C. L. Franklin) was a prolific child mole*ter ? Some say that the man who shot him was one of his victims. Aretha Franklin/C. L. Franklin (Detroit Woman Is 4th to Be Held In Shooting of Father of Singer)

A casting director basically outed this alliterate actor. "SNL"/Oliver Hermanus/Pedro Pascal/Paul Mescal (‘Saturday Night Live’ Brought Our Internet Boyfriends Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal Together)

This A+ list reality star throws away her clothes after wearing them once. Kim Kardashian

This former A+ list rapper ordered a super expensive bottle of champagne and then had to borrow money from his fellow diners because he couldn't afford to pay for it. Kanye West/”Nobu” (Kanye West reveals daughter North is creating her first music video for his new album featuring her basketball team, a Lamborghini and Nobu restaurant)

This foreign born former A+ list singer in a group was doing some promo for some solo stuff at a radio station and afterwards, refused to take any photos with the radio station staff. Liam Gallagher/”Oasis”/Johnny Vaughan's 4-7 Thang on Radio X (Liam Gallagher never worries what he says in interviews: "I don't VAR what comes out of my mouth")

This foreign born celebrity sibling is the new plaything of a Russian oligarch who has been financing projects to get her in front of cameras. He wants his investment to be super popular. Kate Moss’s sister Lottie Moss (EMILY PRESCOTT: Lottie Moss is due to address the Oxford Union - just like Albert Einstein)

This permanent A list singer has finally agreed to try a full on backing vocal track for her live performances and not just here and there as she has done in the past. Madonna (Bond ambition: Madonna’s longtime background singers Niki + Donna are still expressing themselves)

This alliterate wannabe rapper has been trying to hook up with the husband of her current arch enemy who is someone all of you know. Rubi Rose/Kenny Petty/Nicki Minaj (Rubi Rose Allegedly Calls Nicki Minaj "Evil," The Barbz Pull Receipts Of Her Past Support)

The ginger haired one will keep his head in the sand because there is nothing he can say or do that will make his charity look good. So many charities in that region of the world are about land grabs or human trafficking. It doesn't look like his was any different. He is leaving messes all over the world. Prince Harry/”Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of Congo”/”African Parks” ("Raped and beaten": Prince Harry charity linked to horrific abuses in Africa - new investigation)

This famous for fifteen minutes celebrity who has blown through the payment his very rich ex gave him, is now trafficking undocumented women and also disposing of their remains when they invariably end up dead. Jeremy Meeks/Chloe Green

This foreign born A list dual threat actor splashed his baby everywhere right after the baby was born. Now the baby is MIA. Apparently, there is some behind the scenes drama about the baby between the parents. Tom Hiddleston/Zawe Ashton (Tom Hiddleston and his fiancée Zawe Ashton look every inch the doting parents as they enjoy day out in Paris with their baby)

Speaking of babies, the singing princess is being pressured by her significant other to monetize every aspect of their kid's life. Halle Bailey/DDG (Halle Bailey claps back at haters who are ‘mad’ she hid her pregnancy: ‘Protected my own peace’)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **7 **
Reader Blind: You should hear what his billionaire “friends” say about this talkative East Coast rapper. To him, they’re his role models. To them, he is their court jester always willing to do something strange for some change. Robert Kraft/Meek Mill (Robert Kraft speaks with rapper Meek Mill on NAACP panel about antisemitism and racism)

It shouldn't be a shocker the permanent A list one named singer is always late. Don't forget back in the day when she was making the music video with the permanent A list "singer," she made the singer wait for hours each day past the call time for the shoot. Each day there was a different excuse
. Madonna/Britney Spears

The problem the foreign born former A+ list rapper faces is that she needs rehab, but is so broke she can't afford to go to rehab and has to tour, but the tour is not going to cover her losses which she knows. So, she just spirals further out of control. Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj is the Most Despicable Example of a Superstar. And Has Been for Years)

The recent social media post from the A list "singer" confirms other people have access to her accounts. Britney Spears (Britney Spears apologizes to ex Justin Timberlake over memoir: ‘I am in love’ with his song ‘Selfish’)

If you want to see that state musical on Broadway you better go this week. It won't last beyond the weekend. “How to Dance in Ohio” (‘How to Dance in Ohio’ will end its Broadway run)

The industry plant rapper and the married permanent A list actress certainly seemed more than chummy at a recent event. Jack Harlow/Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts and Jack Harlow Make Poppin Front Row Appearance and More A-List Moments at Jacquemus)

This foreign born A list singer stiffed an escort and was threatened with a gun a few hours later and coughed up the money plus a "tip." Sam Smith

This A+ list director made very sure there were as many Academy voters as possible at a recent screening of his Oscar nominated movie. Christopher Nolan/“Oppenheimre”

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **7 **
This foreign born A list dual threat actor has at least one movie franchise. At a recent event he sent his significant other out trolling for a threesome partner and not to talk to him until she found one. Martin Freeman/”The Hobbit”/”Black Panther”/'Sherlock"/Rachel Mariam (Martin Freeman and Rachel Mariam attends the Gala Opening of "Plaza Suite")

This former late night actor is doing his recovery no favors by hoovering lines of coke at every opportunity. Pete Davidson (Pete Davidson makes VERY rare appearance with girlfriend Madelyn Cline as they make a low-key departure from his Philadelphia gig)

This 101 years ago actress is hooking up with a married co-star. “1923”/Julia Schlaepfer/Brandon Sklenar/Alejandra Fontanot

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **10**
Speaking of on set hookups, this actress who got her start in teen romcoms, is hooking up with a much much younger co-star. Molly Ringwald/“Feud: Capote vs. The Swans”  (Cast)

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **11**
This back in the day A- list teen actress turned B+ list adult almost lost her Christmas movie making gigs because she and an executive at the production company broke up. He finally caved though and renewed her deal. Lacey Chabert/”Hallmark” (All 30 Lacey Chabert Hallmark Movies) (from Oldest to Newest) (Hallmark Just Unveiled Its Brand-New Christmas Movie Slate for 2023)

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **12**
 A couple of decades ago, this southeast election machine whistleblower (Ray Lemme) died. His "suicide" is now being investigated as a murder. Ray Lemme

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **13**
This not that long ago top ten Bachelorette contestant has been spreading the gift that keeps on giving to his various one night stands, including at least one former Bachelor contestant.

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **14**
Jealousy: At first, I was going to call this Old Hollywood, but at least one of the people involved in this story is still alive. Back in the day, this permanent A list movie actor (Marlon Brando) filmed a movie (“Mutiny on the Bounty”/1961) in a foreign country (Tahiti) and made it his second home. He married a woman (Tarita Teriipaia) from the country and molested a daughter (Cheyenne Brando) who was born to them. What isn't widely known is the year following his movie, there was another movie made in the same country. It starred an actress who has never acted again. She was very young. That is how our actor liked his women. He pursued her and told her he would get her fired from the movie she was filming unless she had sex with him. Even though he was a newlywed, our actor spent every second he could with the actress. The problem was the actress was in love with her co-star and did everything to be with him. The co-star knew about the A lister, but he was scared of his power too. The A lister didn't know his new toy was involved with her co-star. When he found out though, he went ballistic. He wanted the co-star gone forever. He bided his time until the co-star returned to the US. Our A lister reached out to a friend in the FBI and claimed all kinds of crimes the co-star committed. The co-star was duly arrested by the FBI, but only one of the charges stuck. It was enough to end the relationship with the co-star though, who was forced to endure years of being the toy of the A lister until he finally moved on with a new toy and of course his daughter
. Marlon Brando/”Mutiny on the Bounty”/Tahiti/Tarita Teriipaia/Cheyenne Brando (Inside Marlon Brando’s Private Island Resort) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/02/22)

We’re keeping this one anonymous, since we don’t want to jeopardize the police investigation. It’s one of the priciest gated communities in Los Angeles and its residents read like a who’s who of the rich and famous. Despite state of the art security, and homeowners dues OVER  $10,000 a month (!) the neighborhood has been hit with more than a few recent burglaries. One B list but wealthy resident was robbed weeks ago of millions of dollars worth of  jewels and designer handbags. Now some of the celebrity residents (including a pop star and a musical legend) are SO terrified that they’re arming themselves, taking shooting lessons as a GROUP. None of the robberies are being reported because if word got out about the break-ins, house values would plummet. (Gated Communities in Los Angeles)

Apparently, one of the reasons the foreign born B+ list actress didn't travel with her husband is because she would have faced multiple collection efforts against her in her country. She has been selling apartments as fast as she can, but it isn't enough. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas/India (Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra having financial troubles) (Nick Jonas stopped at Mumbai airport after performing at Lollapalooza India music festival)

The long time girlfriend of this permanent A list singer who is decades and decades older than her was overheard saying she wants to have a baby at the same time as the singer's offspring. You better get started then. I think the girlfriend is only about a decade older than the offspring, so that is kind of creepy. Lionel Richie (74)/Lisa Parigi (34)/Sofia Richie (25) (Lionel Richie, 74, cozies up to girlfriend Lisa Parigi, 34, as they lead stars at The Greatest Night in Pop premiere in LA) (Lionel Richie Says Daughter Sofia Is Going to Be a 'Fantastic' Mom: 'I'm Pumped')

This one half singer who has another half that also acts, has been posting a lot of thirst traps to social media. At the same time she has also been sending those and fully naked ones to this A list initialed actor. Taking her shot. Chloe Bailey/Michael B. Jordan (Chloe Bailey's 'Wild' Manicure Made Fans Think of Another Superstar) (Chloe Bailey Reveals Michael B. Jordan Is Her 'Celebrity Crush')

These two foreign born permanent A list models have been friends forever. Would they still be friends if one knew the other trafficked a family member? Naomi Campbell/Kate Moss/Lottie Moss (Naomi Campbell 'welcomes Kate Moss to her fabulous 50s' as she reflects on 30 years of 'unforgettable' memories and calls the fellow south Londoner her 'chosen sister' in sweet post)

At a premiere this week, this foreign born A list dual threat actor who really should be the next Bond, said he would have confronted the alliterate one and her husband if they showed up to the premiere. He said they tried to upstage the recent premiere the couple went to last week, rather than being there to support the movie. Idris Elba/Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/”Bob Marley: One Love” (People get reggae! Glamorous Sabrina Elba joins actresses Lashana Lynch and Umi Myers at UK premiere of their latest film Bob Marley: One Love) (Awkward moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to hesitate as they're shown to their seats several rows back at glitzy One Love: Bob Marley screening in Jamaica)

This two named manager was all over a tiny brunette at a party this week. There was no sign of his very high on the list significant other. Rich Paul/”The Core Entertainment 2024 Kick-Off Party”/Adele (Sports Agent Rich Paul arrives at The Core Entertainment 2024 Kick-Off Party)

This A list American music producer (Mike Dean) who isn’t a household name but whose songs you always hear is spending 40K a month on drugs to keep up with the demand for studio sessions. Mike Dean (Mike Dean Net Worth 2023: What Is The Iconic Producer Worth?)

The significant other of this former A+ list rapper has a string of women he will be seeing while the rapper is out of town for three months. Kenneth Petty/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj Announces Additional ‘Pink Friday 2’ Tour Dates) (Nicki Minaj is losing fans amid Megan Thee Stallion feud)

Wait until you listen to the celebrity CEO talk about his latest experiment and his ideas for running elections. Elon Musk/”Neuralink” (Elon Musk goes viral for endorsing RFK Jr. speech hitting baby boomers, praising Joe Rogan: 'He's right') (The Gruesome Story of How Neuralink’s Monkeys Actually Died)

393. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **10**
This A/A- alliterate actress got called out for lying about yet another part of her past. Her problem is she can't keep any of her stories straight. Sydney Sweeney (‘It’s such a weird thing’: Fans are calling out Sydney Sweeney for allegedly lying about being a Universal Studios tour guide)

394. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **11**
This former A- list singer/reality star was a no show at a huge event. Apparently she is having drinking problems again.

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **12**
This foreign born permanent A list singer has a new documentary about her life so it must include the grooming her former husband did to her. Oh, wait. It doesn't. Céline Dion/”I Am: Céline Dion”/René Angélil (Céline Dion to Open Up About Her Ongoing Health Issues in an Intimate Amazon Prime Video Documentary)

396. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **13**
Usually players at this big game have to buy their own tickets. Guess what player doesn't have to pay anything this year and is even getting a box thrown in for free. I wonder how the other players feel about that. “Super Bowl LVIII”/Travis Kelce/“Kansas City Chiefs“ (Can Taylor Swift Make It to Super Bowl 2024 to Watch Travis Kelce? How Her Tour Aligns) (Tickets to Super Bowl 2024 are the most expensive ever, Seat Geek says)

397. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **14**
Let Me Help: This former A+ list athlete (Andre Agassi) is known to all. He had a lot of the typical relationships that attractive A list athletes have, but he also hid the fact that he enjoyed experimenting with men. He will say he wasn't groomed, but from a very young age, male coaches molested him and made him sleep in their beds. One high profile relationship went crazy wrong when his significant other (Brooke Shields) found out he also enjoyed men. He had another high profile relationship with an older woman (Barbra Streisand) who knew lots of gay men and would call one up whenever our athlete wanted to explore. In his long time marriage, his wife (Steffi Graf) often just assumes the role of a man which seems to work out best for them. He hasn't gone looking in a long time
. Andre Agassi/Brooke Shields/Barbra Streisand/Steffi Graf

This two state actress is being cheated on by her higher on the list significant other. They have been on again off again for the past several months. Dakota Johnson/Chris Martin

This A list mostly movie actor with at least one massive franchise, has always said no no no whenever this drama school asked him for something. Then, he has a bunch of flops and bad press, and it is sure I will headline your fundraiser. Adam Driver/”Juilliard School”

With their movie division in disarray, and their television division not doing much better, this conglomerate (“The Walt Disney Company”) is going to focus on its theme parks which are battling for dollars with another movie studio/theme park (”Universal Studios”) operator. The former though think they have the inside track because they are going to focus on selling time shares to newly built resorts and want to build one in Las Vegas that will be adults only. Isn't that against the brand? “The Walt Disney Company”/”Universal Studios” (Disney Vacation Club: How to Make Buying Into DVC Affordable)

This current Oscar nominee (Jerskin Fendrix aka Joscelin Dent-Pooley/“Poor Things“) is trying to make all those stories about him from university (“University of Cambridge”), disappear until after the voting is finished. It is pretty awful stuff. Jerskin Fendrix aka Joscelin Dent-Pooley/“Poor Things“/”University of Cambridge”

The alliterate one and her husband are in a big money crunch, so are choosing to not renew the contracts of people who know what they are doing, because those deals cost the most. To replace them, they have brought in at least one intern from college who they can pay minimum wage rather than mid six figures. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dealt fresh blow as top TV boss quits their Archewell production company)

Reader Blind: This rock star (Lenny Kravitz) is hoping people forget the real origin of the song (”Justify My Love”) he “wrote” for the Material Girl (Madonna). The song was actually written about him by his girlfriend (Ingrid Chavez) and his producer (André Betts) who had to sue him for the royalties when he lied to the world and claimed he and the icon wrote it alone. No easy way to justify stealing from your friends, is there? Lenny Kravitz/”Justify My Love”/Madonna/Ingrid Chavez/André Betts (Controversy over ''Justify My Love'')

Speaking of the actress in the first reveal, her people now believe because of the success of the movie which she toplined, she deserves to be paid more than the one named actress on the pay cable show and won't be coming back unless she gets it. Sydney Sweeney/”Anyone But You”/Zendaya/”Euphoria” (‘Euphoria’: Everything We Know About Season 3)

In her live rant today, the foreign born former A+ list rapper contradicted herself multiple times about her coke use. She also said there were other drugs she liked taking more. Her tour insurance company must be crying right now. Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj Slams Rumors Of Coke Use, Says “If I Did, I’d Do It Proudly”)

Reader Blind: This religious organization has a two witness rule which means a rapist can get away with anything so long as no one else sees them doing it. Victims are punished, ex-communicated and separated if they alert the authorities. That is why it has become a haven for predators including the Y2K mogul. The church knows and is protecting him as they have protected so many monsters before him. Ask his daughter’s husband how old he was when he met him. Scientology/Chris Stokes/Giovanni Morales/Chrissy Stokes (Father Of The Bride)

407. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **10**
Reader Blind: Hollywood is a twitter with casting news! This Former A list Foreign Going for triple threat actor gave up the hippie beads for poodle skirts and church keys. Casting calls are still out for main cast but that Tuneful actress that wasn't in Les Mis and can sing seems ripe for Kim (Ann Margaret in 1963 movie). Cameos could be fun. Let's see those hips swivel cats and Dad-o-s! “Bye Bye Birdie”

408. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **11**
This one named former A+/A list singer says she was used by this actor/director to distract from the very young woman he is hooking up with. He wanted to present an image that he was dating women of appropriate age. Jewel/Kevin Costner

409. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **12**
This foreign born A list athlete who is aa recent winner at an event is going to be absolutely crushed their significant other is cheating on them. Absolutely crushed.

410. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **13**
This three named actress worries so much about what people think of her, that she lets them get in her head. She has been essentially starving herself for a month to do rounds of publicity for her new project. She reads every word mentioned about her weight. Bryce Dallas Howard/”Argylle” (How Bryce Dallas Howard Got Ready for a Special NYC Screening of Argylle) (Bryce Dallas Howard's Colorful Upstate New York Cottage Is 'Like Joyful Springtime' — See Inside!)

411. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **14**
This east coast Congressperson has been hooking up with the chief of staff of an across the  aisle Congressman. He has been bragging about photos she has sent him. This secret is going to explode.

412. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **15**
Stay Away: While having a chat last month with Bani about the record prices being paid for sex with barely legal K-pop singers, we got around to discussing the Super Bowl. It turns out he was just as fascinated with the Taylor/Travis story as people half a world closer. That led us to discussing the Super Bowl and all the sex trafficking that occurs. He said that none of his clients want anything to do with it. It is for small timers who are going to be nailed because the Vegas police do it every single day of the year. He also said the money is not worth it unless you have control of hundreds of women at once. Enter this former A list singer all of you know who has been financing a lot of operations through smash and grab burglaries in California. He uses the money to pay for people to beat up and kill people who control a lot of women. Over the past year, our singer has consolidated many different sex operations and probably has several hundred women under his nominal control. He is making far more money through sex trafficking than he ever did as a singer without having to do any of the work. Oh, he still sings, but does it to help facilitate the trafficking of the women. He also established a production company that helps with tours, but which is just a front for transporting these women throughout the US. His women will be all over Vegas and judging by how he signed up new women and got rid of their bosses, there will probably be a lot of violence Super Bowl weekend as he attempts to add even more women to his stable. He thinks he can go worldwide. Uh huh. Try and he will be dead by various mafias throughout the world who wouldn't hesitate to have him killed, celebrity or not. French Montana (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/11/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/27/19) (TikTok Blind items french montana); Chris Brown

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