NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This A- list actress/producer/oft failed business person can talk nice all she wants about her higher on the list husband, but their marriage ice is incredibly thin. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake (Jessica Biel shares support for Justin Timberlake after backlash from Britney Spears fans: ‘Always got you’)

The movie studio behind the industry planted prime minister actor don't want to lose their investment which is why they are working so hard to get him rehabilitated in the public eye. They didn't do that for the initialed comic/actor in the same world because guys like him are a dime a dozen. “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer”/Jonathan Majors/T.J. Miller/”Deadpool 2” (Jonathan Majors Says He’s “Relying On Faith” Following Guilty Verdict)

The alliterate one and her husband thought he was a lock for a recording award, and then he didn't even get a nomination. They had a huge party planned. They still haven't finalized the after party for the movie awards thing who don't want them there. Their staffers have fled. The football organization said they don't have room for them at the big game. Their favorite charity is a front for indiscriminate killings, ra*es and sex trafficking. But they did manage to get to a premiere and pose with an enabler of a sex predator. Great January for them. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/”Bob Marley: One Love”/Brian Robbins/Dan Schneider (Harry and Meghan were invited to Bob Marley premiere in Jamaica by Paramount boss - after 'insensitive' Duke and Duchess were slammed for posing with anti-royal Prime Minister who's vowed to ditch the monarchy) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/24/24)

Mr. X: What former ‘80s teen actress who’s been having a bit of comeback lately playing the ex wife of a late night legend hasn’t been immune to stories emerging about what a horrible person she is? Talk about perfect casting. Molly Ringwald/Joanne Carson/Johnny Carson/”Feud: Capote vs. the Swans” ('Feud' star Molly Ringwald: Swans treated Truman Capote like court jester)

Which alliterate former talk show host is rumored to be a surprise presenter at the Grammys this Sunday? Wendy Williams

Mr. X: What actress/celeb offspring sent an actress/former friend (who has a sibling in jail) some anti Scientology literature and it was mailed back a day later with an SP (suppressive person) declare attached? What a way to end a friendship. Riley Keough/Alanna Masterson/Danny Masterson

The transportation people and the other behind the scenes unions were a big reason why producers finally caved in two strikes. Those two groups who were helped, won't commit to helping the behind the scenes guys. Of course. “Teamsters”/”WGA”/”SAG-AFTRA” (Hollywood Teamsters Chief Lindsay Dougherty On Potential WGA Strike, Picket Lines, Union Solidarity & Studios’ “Bullsh*t” – The Deadline Q&A)

This friend turned Housewife has done more to move storylines for her show than some of the Wives who want her gone. Their fans/bots would like you to believe she is a liability but she actually tests better than they do with its core demographic. Annemarie Wiley/Friend of Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (‘RHOBH’ Newbie Annemarie Wiley Says It’s Been ‘Very Hard’ Facing Fan Backlash)

Reader Blind: The significant other of the foreign born superhero is trying her hardest to hide the fact that around the time the baby was conceived, she was messing around with a friend for almost a month and he’s the one who knocked her up. Robert Pattinson/"The Batman"/Suki Waterhouse

This foreign born A- list actor is not old enough to vote, but he is being used by an A+ list producer almost every day and his team just looks the other way because of how much money they get for the roles the producer gets the actor.

This permanent A list singer owes a lot of her career success to a music producing duo. On their big night, she was a no show. Janet Jackson/Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis “Black Music Action Coalition x Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Music Maker Dinner” (Jimmy Jam, BMAC Co-founder and Chairman Willie "Prophet" Stiggers and Terry Lewis attend the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Music Maker Dinner hosted by the Black Music Action Coalition)

This former #3 guy thinks he is getting everyone back for stabbing him in the back. That college aged blonde he has been sleeping with doesn't really work in a bookstore. He really should have been more careful on their dates and on their sleepovers. Kevin McCarthy (Inside Kevin McCarthy’s vengeance operation against the Republicans who fired him)

This A list country singer is the biggest backer of a little MDMA factory that just so happens to make sure they are at his concerts selling the little pills with his initials on the front. The markup is crazy and he makes six figures most nights. Darius Rucker (Darius Rucker Arrested for Minor Drug Offense in Tennessee)

Child Bride: The family of this foreign born A- list singer say he has been putting off marriage for far too long. Because of some things written about him in the past, more distant relatives have started wondering aloud whether our singer is gay. In their particular religion this has sometimes led to death. Our singer is in no hurry to get married. He has a collection of girlfriends that he rotates through a few months at a time and pays the rent of the others so they will be there for him when he wants. He likes a very specific type woman. So, he is not pleased that his family have told him they have found him a bride. It is the total opposite of what he likes and further complicating things is the girl is just 16. The girls has her parents' permission, but no one doing business with the singer or his fans are going to believe that. If he doesn't get married though, his entire family will cut him off. He will probably go through with the marriage and try and keep her a secret for as long as possible. There is even talk that she would not live with him in the same country, which is somehow acceptable, but not being married is not
. Zayn Malik/”Pakistanis Muslim”

This A list NFL player and his singer girlfriend are engaged. No, not the couple you are tired of hearing about and don't ever want to hear about again. Josh Allen & Hailee Steinfeld/Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift (Hailee Steinfeld and Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen enjoy a sunny drive in rare outing together... after quarterback's team was eliminated from NFL playoffs)

Is it the flex you think it is when you gloat over your A- list singer ex being arrested over a minor drug offense while you were the only one of your friends who lived after an overdose at a party where everyone else died. Darius Rucker/Kate Quigley (Darius Rucker’s Ex-Girlfriend Kate Quigley Has Snarky Response to His Arrest: ‘Karma’) (Comedian Who Survived Overdose Recounts Waking Up ‘to Find People Dead in Your House’)

The permanent A list "singer's" attorney billed a whole lot of hours to convince the court to let him depose someone. The court ordered the person be deposed and then the lawyer decided not to move ahead with it. Wait until he he lets the woman with the guy name go free next. Britney Spears/Mathew Rosengart/Robin Greenhill/Lou Taylor (How Britney Spears’s Lawyer Mathew Rosengart Helped Regain Her Right to Risk)

The cable channel did the alliterate former talk show host dirty by using footage from years ago to make it look like she still has a drinking problem, which she doesn't. “Lifetime”/Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams resurfaces in trailer for her Lifetime documentary debuting this month)

Much like the A list everything in her mind celebrity and her stripper/cigarettes/booze loving ex, this former A list (actress/singer) couple are going to also reunited and spend their golden years together. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony/Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet

I really love this former one-fifth and think she should stick to acting because she is good at it. She has promised new music for years and it has never happened. At least this time, she gave herself nearly eleven months to make her most recent promise come true. Normani/”Fifth Harmony”/”Freaky Tales” (Normani, Dylan O’Brien and More Win Breakthrough Awards at Variety & Golden Globes Sundance Party: ‘I’ve Only Been Here in My Dreams Up Until Now’)

This married A list comic/actor has been hooking up with a former Basketball Wife.

Keeping with the theme of #7, this Afrobeats star is still cheating on his wife, but this time it is with a one named singer.

This foreign born former A list reality star who also got naked for a living, has been reduced to fulfilling the kinkiest of fetishes for men in order to make a buck. Katie Price (Katie Price's luxury fleet of cars are 'taken by bailiffs' as debt collectors arrive at her £2million Mucky Mansion to recoup £250,000 owed to her ex-husband Alex Reid)

After a long period of sobriety, this former superhero has been in a drug induced haze since Thanksgiving.

This A list director has been trashing the lead actress of his most recent movie saying it is her fault the movie is bad. Matthew Vaughn/Bryce Dallas Howard/”Argylle” (Matthew Vaughn's Argylle gets zero stars from Globe film critic)

This A- list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee. She loves telling the story of how she hooked up with a royal. The reality is his family has not held the title for decades and it was a one night stand where she wasted drunk.

Speaking of A- list actresses who are Oscar winners/nominees. This one took a gamble when she broke up with her millionaire sugar daddy to take a chance on her now husband. They have been together awhile, so it worked for her.

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups
#1 - This one named permanent A list singer (Madonna) created a huge uproar back in the day with this permanent A list singer (Britney Spears), but actually hooked up with the third singer (Christina Aguilera) who is not discussed as much during that uproar. Madonna/Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera
#2 - To prove that she was sexual enough for the part, this A list actress who is really getting close to an EGOT, stripped and then masturbated for an hour in front of this legendary A list director who just started at her the entire time. (Celebrities Who Are Just One Award Shy of Earning the Title of EGOT)
#3 - This former A- list Disney actress and her on screen brother.
#4 - This former A- list mostly television actress from a very long long running television show and this former A++ lister who borrowed her from her boyfriend
. Markie Post/”Night Court”/Bill Clinton

This trio of north of the border entertainers were on so many drugs that event organizers alerted the on-site EMTs to shadow them. Justin Bieber/Michael Buble/Will Arnett/”2024 NHL All-Star Game” (Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé & More Kick Off NHL All-Star Weekend in Toronto, Serving as Celebrity Captains!) ("I'm flying, not like Bublé" - Will Arnett takes a playful dig at country music star over mushrooms admission)

This A- list actress still has representation, but they are not putting her forward for any new projects because of her recent social media comments. Susan Sarandon (Susan Sarandon dropped from film project consideration after anti-Jewish rant)

This frozen flavoring has a secret about the way she used to earn a living in the past. The foreign born former A+ list rapper knows it and uses it to her advantage to keep the frozen flavoring on her team. Ice Spice/Nicki Minaj (Is Ice Spice About to Slay Under Nicki Minaj’s Label? We’ve Got the Scoop!)

It doesn't matter if it is a tour or a residency, this north of the border singer doesn't like to be tied into any permanent schedules. He is much happier doing one off surprise shows. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Plays Classic, Recent Hits at First Gig in Over a Year During Surprise Toronto Club Show)

This former yacht star is set to take on a much bigger, high profile at the cable network where she currently works. A lot of skeletons in that closet though. Kate Chastain/”Below Deck”/”Bravo” (Below Deck: What Happened To Kate Chastain & GF After Domestic Arrest) (Kate Chastain’s Kid & The Father Mystery: Everything to Know About The ‘Below Deck’ Star’s Pregnancy)

Reader Blind: The network behind the show about the athlete’s wives has access to all sorts of data which measures each wife’s popularity. The cast member who was attacked during the colorism and featurism scandal is still one of the most popular but won’t be allowed back because she intimidates the Wife whose TV show with Oprah flopped. “VH1”/“Basketball Wives”/Ogom “OG” Chijindu/Evelyn Lozada (‘Y’all Trying to Make It So Nobody Don’t Like Her’: Tami Roman Opens Up About Her Past Experience on ‘Basketball Wives’ and How Producers Treated OG Chijindu on Set)  (‘Basketball Wives’: OG Says Defamation Lawsuit With Evelyn Lozada is Still Ongoing)

Reader Blind: This R&B singer is haunted by what happened to his former best friend. He went on to become a star , but his friend - who was equally as talented - was used, abused and discarded by a network of a closeted gay men in Black Hollywood. Or was he sabotaged intentionally for speaking out about a secret? Trey Songz/Brandon Hines (Biography) (Trey Songz Has Been Accused of Assault (Again)) (Trey Songz, The Two 'Brandons', And The Vanished BOSSIP Article That Outted Them)

This one named permanent A list singer was a no show to the party hosted by her husband. She thought the guests were beneath her status. She is probably right. Beyoncé/Jay-Z/”Pre-Grammy Party” (Jay-Z Holds Pre-Grammy Bash At West Hollywood Club, A-Listers Attend)

This alliterate offensive coordinator took one look at the alliterate general manager and said, nope, not for me. Been there done that with the past guy. Klint Kubiak “San Francisco 49ers”/Tom Telesco “Las Vegas Raiders”/Steve Keim (Rod Walker: Saints' hiring of Klint Kubiak as OC should silence the noise for now) (Four Things to Know About Raiders New GM Tom Telesco)

This A+/A list QB didn't even bother to show up for the locker cleanout after his embarrassing playoff loss. Lamar Jackson/”Ravens” (Are we ready to be honest about Lamar Jackson?)

The alliterate coordinator previously mentioned today is going to bring that highly touted quarterback with him. Klint Kubiak/Caleb Williams

This alliterate singer from multiple groups is spending way more time with the child of his girlfriend than his own kids. Joe Jonas/Stormi Bree/Gravity Blue Smith (Who is Stormi Bree? Joe Jonas’ first rumoured girlfriend since his divorce)

Reader Blind: He may not try it in a small town, but the locals on the island he loves to visit have a lot to say about what he tries on vacation. He was there last month. The local gigolos call him Picasso. No prizes for guessing why. Jason Aldean/”Try That In A Small Town”/“Hutchinson Island” (Jason Aldean pays $10.2 million for Hutchinson Island mansion)

When you are willing to make sure your wife gets those crazy business loans of hers underwritten, the next thing you know you are gifting a jersey to the alliterate actress and her husband who made it happen. Steph Curry/Ayesha Curry/Lindsay Lohan/Bader Shammas (Video: Steph Curry Gifts Signed, Game-Worn Warriors Jersey to Lindsay Lohan, Family)

Now you know why the family of the barely there celebrity want her far far away from the A- list actor frequently seen on pay cable. Lori Loughlin &  Mossimo Giannulli/Olivia Jade Giannulli/Jacob Elordi (Jacob Elordi allegedly involved in police investigation following altercation with radio host)

It seems on point for the social media manager of the foreign born former A+ list rapper to also be a registered sex offender. Our rapper has more friends who are sex offenders than not
. Pedro Velazquez/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj’s Social Media Manager Pedro Velasquez Revealed To Be Registered $ex Offender)

GRAMMY AWARDS: At an after party, this A- list singer/former winner got the cold shoulder from more than a few guests. Her reputation has tanked since the allegations of misconduct. Lizzo (Social Media Is Very Confused by Lizzo Presenting at the Grammys Following Harassment Lawsuits)

GRAMMY AWARDS: There have been some debauched after parties over the course of award season, but one last night might be the most debauched at least since COVID. The amount of coke and drugs being consumed by half naked people in between sex sessions under tables in the bathrooms was just next level. No one at this party was above about B+ list. “Universal Music Group” (Photos from Inside Universal Music Group's Starry Grammys Afterparty)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This former A- list singer comes from a family of singers. Behind her back last night at a party, everyone was calling her a f**k doll because she looked exactly like one. Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus Takes Home Record of the Year Award for ‘Flowers’ at the 2024 Grammys)

GRAMMY AWARDS: At a pre party, this foreign born former A+/A list singer who has been rumored to be a body double, was trying to be punk and edgy. Then, she started talking about how she had trouble finding decent help to clean her house and that she had her third vegan chef quit in the past year. Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards Pre-GRAMMY Gala & GRAMMY Salute To Industry Icons Honoring Jon Platt)

GRAMMY AWARDS: She didn't participate, but this foreign born former A list celebrity offspring watched the female date of another member of the group of people she was with, orally serve every guy in this limo, including the date of the offspring, all by the time they reached the show. Apparently, it is a tradition of sorts. Kelly Osbourne/Sid Wilson (Kelly Osbourne and Slipknot's Sid Wilson Make Red Carpet Debut at 2024 Grammys)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This A- list actor who has a decent sized hit on his hands from the past couple of months, was a no show at a party where he was listed as one of the big names to be there. Apparently he kept that threesome thing of his going all weekend long. Glen Powell/”Anyone But You” (Glen Powell Leaves Pre-Grammys Bash With Multiple Models)

GRAMMY AWARDS - MR. X: Which alliterate former talk show host bailed at the last minute as a surprise presenter for the rapper/mogul’s honorary award at the Grammys after she saw who it was named after? Wendy Williams/Jay-Z/”Dr. Dre Global Impact Award” (Music mogul and rapper Jay-Z gave a searing speech as he accepted the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award at the Grammys)

GRAMMY AWARDS: Speaking of threesomes, this celebrity offspring and his celebrity wife, both of whom have seen better days tried to get this actress/reality star/naked model to join them in a threesome but were turned down. The couple then pursued a comic actress but were turned down and ended up getting a waitress who was talking about getting rid of the wife. No one knows what context the talk was to be taken. Evan Ross/Ashlee Simpson (Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson attend W Magazine, Mark Ronson, and Gucci's Grammy After-Party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: After the lashing online the A+ list singer got for ignoring one of the true legends, you just knew there would be some photo taken during the night of the singer hugging the legend. It took just under three hours to get it done. Taylor Swift/Celine Dion (Taylor Swift Hugs Céline Dion Backstage After Awkward Moment Onstage at Grammys)

GRAMMY AWARDS: Every year like clockwork, this sports team owner and his business partner roll into town looking for up and coming male rap stars who are willing to do anything to get ahead. It is never worth it in the end. Robert Kraft (Robert Kraft attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards)

GRAMMY AWARDS - MR. X: At the Clive Davis party, reporters on the red carpet were given strict instructions not to ask this female rapper about the feud she’s currently involved in. A few were bold enough to ask but were immediately given the brush off. Megan Thee Stallion (Megan Thee Stallion, Dua Lipa and more attend Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala)

GRAMMY AWARDS: It doesn't matter what this permanent A list rapper says to try and get his wife the album award, she won't win that one, and the A+ list singer won't ever win the songwriting award because they both have made too many songwriters mad over the years. Jay-Z/Beyoncé/Taylor Swift (The View star says Jay-Z's Grammys speech was 'taking away' from Taylor Swift's moment)

GRAMMY AWARDS: Speaking of never going to win a Grammy Award ever again is the foreign born former A+ list rapper. She might not even make the short list next year. With nothing to lose, she might finally take those shots she has been saving since 2015 for the A+ list singer. Nicki Minaj/Taylor Swift (The Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj Twitter feud, explained)

GRAMMY AWARDS: It is going to be really tough for this A- list singer to stay sober if her significant other keeps inhaling vast quantities of drugs like he did last night. I am shocked she has held out this long. Demi Lovato/Jordan Lutes (Jordan Lutes and Demi Lovato attend W Magazine, Mark Ronson, and Gucci's Grammy After-Party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: With one of his hookups present, the wife of this foreign born A list everything literally didn't leave his side for a second and insisted on using the family bathroom with him just so he could never be alone. Calvin Harris/Vicky Hope (Calvin Harris and Vick Hope attend the 66th GRAMMY Awards)

GRAMMY AWARDS - MR. X: You would think the big winner last night would be on her phone with her boyfriend constantly after her victory lap last night. Nope. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (Travis Kelce, Chiefs Arrived in Las Vegas With Perfect Song Blaring at Airport)

GRAMMY AWARDS: I told you several months ago that the alliterate one was convinced her husband was going to be nominated for a Grammy this year. What I didn't know until last night is the couple had insisted their agency pay to hold a space for a massive party and even though they knew months ago the ginger one was not nominated, they held the space until last week thinking they might host some other party. The venue owner found a last minute party to pay for the space held so long, but not nearly as much. The crazy thing about the party held at the space is the same one I discussed way back in the beginning about the debauched party. Probably much more fun than the one that would have been held by the alliterate one and her toy. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/“NYA Studios Los Angeles”/”Universal Music Group” (Photos from Inside Universal Music Group's Starry Grammys Afterparty)

GRAMMY AWARDS: I thought the foreign born A- list actor was knocking boots with the former Disney actress. Don't tell that to the initialed A- list singer who seems to have supplanted her. Barry Keoghan/Sabrina Carpenter (Barry Keoghan attends W Magazine, Mark Ronson, and Gucci's Grammy After-Party) (Sabrina Carpenter attends W Magazine, Mark Ronson, and Gucci's Grammy After-Party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: Each year, it seems crazy that the serial statutory rapist has a party where he raises money to help the kind of women he spent his early years creating.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This back in the day A- list actress who is lucky to get a Christmas movie from time to time was complaining that she needs a new private jet broker because she had a falling out with the last one. Yeah, because you were sleeping with him to get a discount and then got angry because he wasn't interested in the arrangement any longer so you gave him a bunch of bad Google reviews.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This barely legal barely there celebrity offspring was giving the directionally challenged rapper a lap dance at a party. There wasn't much he didn't get to explore. Alabama Barker/French Montana (Alabama Barker attends the SZA & TDE Official Grammy After-Party) (CEO of Zeus Network Lemuel Plummer and French Montana attend the SZA & TDE Official Grammy After-Party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: At the same party as #21, this A lister in a group was definitely not sober. “SZA & TDE Official Grammy After-Party” (SZA, TDE Host Star-Studded 2024 Grammys After Party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This A- list winner from last night who has been around since she was a kid, had a security guard with her last night who was next level. That was a fake arm carrying the umbrella so he could get to his gun that much more quickly. It makes you wonder if she has some stalker who is a credible threat. Miley Cyrus (Left Arm longer than Right Arm)

GRAMMY AWARDS: I guess this singer/songwriter/actress is B- list. She is barely old enough to drink and got launched into Hollywood about the same time she became legal. Even though it has only been three years, she got destroyed in that first project of hers which was big time and was directed by a dual threat director all of you know and had multiple Oscar winning leads that all of you know. She partied like someone who never had and was taken advantage of every minute of that. Someone saw her at a party last night and said she looked great, but that she had the coldest hardest eyes. Not someone who will ever be f**ked with again. Hopefully she can get her career back on track.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This A- list actor is an Emmy winner/nominee. He is always talking about his faith comes first. Well, last night he and this Island reality star took a little communion in the office of the manager of the club where the party was being held. It was an extremely loud communion.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This streaming real estate reality star was being very hands on with this Oscar winner/nominee, despite his significant other being in very close proximity. She is used to that kind of thing though. Chrishell Stause/Adrien Brody/Georgina Chapman/”Universal Music Group Grammys Afterparty” (Photos from Inside Universal Music Group's Starry Grammys Afterparty)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This foreign born B+ list singer has been in a group for well over a decade but they have never been massive anywhere but inside their own region. Last night she looked like an overdose waiting to happen. She was in bad shape.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This barely there celebrity female offspring of a barely there celebrity who has lots and lots of A listers who use his services, was making out with this A- list very very very wealthy celebrity offspring. She is wrapped around the finger of our barely there offspring which is all part of the plan of securing the bag.

GRAMMY AWARDS: The plus one for this one named A- list singer was a guy who is headed to trial next month for attempted murder. She definitely has a type.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This B+ list celebrity was being texted by this A- list actor all night. Nothing wrong with that. They sleep together. Nothing wrong with that. One little catch is the actor also sleeps with the mom of the celebrity. Brandi Cyrus/Dominic Purcell/Tish Cyrus (Brandi Cyrus and Tish Cyrus attend the 66th GRAMMY Awards)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This one named singer who has crashed and burned since her high last year, says she stopped taking the weekly shot because she just misses food too much when she takes the shot. Lizzo

GRAMMY AWARDS: After losing two immediate family members to drug overdoses, this A-/B+ list country singer should really think about getting herself to rehab. She was a mess last night.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This one named permanent A list celebrity was desperately trying to make it clear without actually saying the words out loud, that she got a breast lift and enlargement. Oprah

GRAMMY AWARDS: It has been a long time since this former A+/A list singer who everyone loves was asked to show off his c**k ring, but he did last night at a party. He has to be really high to do it, and really in the mood. In that situation, you want to be a shower and not a grower. Lenny Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards)

GRAMMY AWARDS: The muse singer was high as a kite on several different things last night. Wow. It was an early night for her. Lana Del Rey (Taylor Swift Fixes Lana Del Rey's Red Carpet Look In Adorable Grammys Moment)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A+/A list singer got into a horrible argument with her significant other on the phone on the way to the show. She was at full volume and wasn't happy. Shaking with anger is how it was described. Dua Lipa/Callum Turner (Dua Lipa brings her new actor boyfriend Callum Turner to the Grammys 2024 afterparty after the pair went public with their hot new romance)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This first time winner only won one, but she wanted to take a photo next to this A+ list singer who pretended she didn't hear and walked away.

Things are so bad right now that this retired legend who is now an A+ list actor is being asked to go back in the ring. He isn't ready for something like that. He is completely out of practice. Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson/”WWE” (The Rock makes surprise appearance at WWE, stares down champion Roman Reigns amid WrestleMania speculation)

Once again, this A+ list singer is getting called out for taking songs that were not completely written by her. This time the someone is a former A- list singer who can't seem to catch a break. Maybe because she didn't play ball like she was supposed to.

The new role this foreign born former superhero has landed is going to make it nearly impossible for him to spend any time with the actress everyone assumes to be his girlfriend. Romeo/Tom Holland/Zendaya (Tom Holland to Star in 'Pulsating New Vision' of Romeo and Juliet on London's West End)

She is known for her easy interviews, but even the one named permanent A list celebrity is not going to let this A list singer/horrible actor trash the permanent A list "singer" or the alliterate permanent A list singer. Oprah/Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears/Janet Jackson (Justin Timberlake considering tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey amid Britney Spears drama: report)

Before he ended up in jail, this former A+ list singer used to call on this former Housewife to help him land girls for threesomes. As far as I know, the girls were all legal age. R. Kelly/Porsha Williams/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Porsha Williams ‘traumatized’ from alleged sexual relationship with R. Kelly)

Speaking of Housewives, I guess we now know why this long time daytime staple recently left her role. That is quite the career change. Krista Allen/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Reader Blind: This R&B singer may have become a star in 2005 but he was around for many years before his big break. That’s why he performs backing vocals on the Bumpy (“Bump, Bump, Bump”) song released by the Y2K boyband (“B2K”). He was harmed by the Y2K mogul (Sean “P. Diddy” Combs), the jailed singer/songwriter (R. Kelly) and his mentor (Chris Stokes) who runs the “university”. “Bump, Bump, Bump”/”B2K”/Sean “P. Diddy” Combs/R. Kelly/Chris Stokes

This sports organization is hosting a game in a country for the first time because an owner owed a guy from that country a huge favor. Apparently, it had to do with covering up some stuff with hookers and a kidnapping. “NFL”/Brazil (NFL announces Eagles as designated team for Brazil game)

The former A+ list rapper wants to start an OnlyFans to show off his "wife" and make some money. Kanye West/Bianca Censori (Is this Bianca Censori's most outrageous outfit to date? Kanye West's wife is known for her bizarre fashion but her latest look of a sheer raincoat with nothing underneath has fans in uproar)

This former Housewife is upset she is not the only one getting paid to provide leaks about her relationship. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Kroy Biermann (Kim Zolciak Thinks Kroy Biermann is Leaking to the Press in Divorce Case)

The former wheelchair actor leaked the video intentionally in an attempt to steal the shine away from the R&B’s legend’s tour announcement. He is extremely competitive and believes that he is tracking better with women than he is. Drake/Usher (Drake responds after alleged inappropriate video of him leaks on social media) (Usher to Play Hits From ‘Past Present Future’ on 2024 Headlining Tour)

This recent late night host (Taylor Tomlinson) (“After Midnight”) has a very mean girl reputation and churns through friends as quickly as she makes them. Taylor Tomlinson/“After Midnight” (Taylor Tomlinson’s ‘After Midnight’ makes quiet debut: ‘Mediocre’ and ‘unwatchable’)

This closeted A- list actor from a just ended long running show, brought his boyfriend to a red carpet, but made him trail behind so no one would know they were together.

The Set: Everyone knows the tale of this former A list actor (AA/River Phoenix) and how filming a certain movie (“My Own Private Idaho”) which made him a star also eventually led to his death. What is much less known, and over the passage of time has turned into a whisper here or a whisper there, is the equally high on the list co-star (BB/Keanu Reeves) of the movie also became hooked on the same drug that killed our other actor. BB was a mess, but he faced the problem of having to go directly into another movie (“Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey”) which was widely anticipated and was going to be a huge box office success. The problem was how to shoot it with BB being such a mess. At first, it was decided to try and shoot it normally, but that just wasn't possible because of just how addicted BB was. There are scenes in the movie where you can see just how bad off BB was during the early days of filming. It was decided about halfway through filming to send BB off to rehab. That meant shooting a number of solo scenes for the other lead (Alex Winter). The problem with that was it is a buddy movie. There just was no choice. It is why the film differs so much from the first installment (“Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure”). BB returned from rehab and then finished the scenes they just had to film together as buddies
. AA: River Phoenix/”My Own Private Idaho”/BB: Keanu Reeves/”Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey”/Alex Winter/”Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure”

This three named actress/talk show host/celebrity had a cryptic post about a former co-star. Everyone's first choice was this A+/A list actor, but it is actually about the co-star who later went on to be the punchline in a movie starring some former late night actors. Holly Robinson Peete/Johnny Depp/Richard Grieco/“A Night At The Roxbury”

This country has threatened to imprison any bankers and consultants if they cooperate with a probe investigating a sports merger. Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia Says Bankers Who Help LIV Probe Risk Facing Prison)

The A+ list singer secretly just bought a new plane. She was trying to throw people off the scent by saying she downsized to just one. The other one she got rid of is conveniently located next to her love. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift threatens legal action against student who tracks her jet)

This A/A- list alliterate singer (Joe Jonas) in multiple groups doesn't care that his girlfriend (Stormi Bree) groomed an underage boy (Lucky Blue Smith) when she was in her 20's and had a baby (Gravity Blue) with him. This is the same guy that hit on the barely there celebrity when she was barely a teen (Gigi Hadid) and then dated her for awhile when she became legal. Joe Jonas/Stormi Bree/Lucky Blue Smith/Gravity Blue/Gigi Hadid (People Are Remembering That Time Joe Jonas Asked Out A Very Young Gigi Hadid)

This late night talk show host is discussing a 30 city tour for later this Spring. He wouldn't be able to do it and also have his talk show, so it sounds as if he is expecting to exit the show. Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live” (Fans Petition to Remove Andy Cohen From Bravo as Rumors Swirl That ‘WWHL’ Is Done)

This A+/A list mostly movie hooked up with a random woman he met at a premiere. I guess the girlfriend is not in the picture any longer. She hasn't been seen since she went very possessive. Brad Pitt/”2024 Santa Barbara Film Festival”/Ines de Ramon (Brad Pitt Presents 'the One and Only' Bradley Cooper with Award at 2024 Santa Barbara Film Festival) (Brad Pitt Calls Ines de Ramon 'His Girlfriend': She 'Makes Him Very Happy')

This A list movie director recently shaved off all of his body hair because he thought he had bugs crawling over him.

This A list mostly movie actor and his significant other never had any intention of showing up at their alma mater. They were originally supposed to perform and then talked that down to a speech and talked that down to a meet and greet and then finally just didn't show up because they became ill. Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker/”The Juilliard School” (Inside the the Juilliard School’s Annual Benefit for Scholarship)

The permanent A list "singer" should have used a different photograph. The one she posted with the two A listers is when she was underage. So, the commentary she provided makes it a little squeamish.  Britney Spears/Ben Affleck/Diane Warren (Britney made out with Ben Affleck and implied even more happened) (Britney Spears Posted And Deleted A Cryptic Caption Claiming That She “Made Out” With Ben Affleck, And Here’s What We Know)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **10**
Reader Blind: Uh oh. Did the Y2K mogul (Chris Stokes) think that hiring bots would stop what is about to happen? Silly nasty nasty rabbit. All that did was give the people who are investigating him even more reason to look deeper into his network. Guess what they’re looking into now? The house in Atlanta owned by the “University” teacher. The house in Atlanta owned by the man (Bryan-Michael Cox)  who went to school (“Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts”) with the Lemonade singer (Beyoncé). Oh, and the real reason the jailed Pied Piper (R. Kelly) took an interest in the violent R&B singer and made him perform backing vocals on the Bumpy Y2K boyband hit (“Bump, Bump, Bump“). Tick tock. Chris Stokes/Bryan-Michael Cox/ “Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts”/Beyoncé/R. Kelly/“Bump, Bump, Bump“

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **11**
This foreign born singer was never immensely popular here like she was in the rest of the world where she was A+/A list. That being said, it was tough on her at a recent event here in Los Angeles, when no one recognized her. She told someone she wished name tags had been given out so people would give her some props. Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue attends Paramount Pictures' "Bob Marley: One Love" premiere)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **12**
The former late night actor's yachter girlfriend is now expecting $20K a month from the actor. It started at $5K. Jason Sudeikis/Elsie Hewitt (Jason Sudeikis ‘Smitten’ With Elsie Hewitt Amid ‘Fun’ New Romance: He ‘Isn’t Looking for Commitment’)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **13**
This southwest former wannabe state A++ lister is in secret talks with this wannabe A++ lister about being the number two. Kari Lake/Donald Trump

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **14**
Rehab Pregnancy: It was not all that long ago that this at the time A list mostly television actor who has been in multiple hit shows, had to go to rehab for a long time problem. Our actor, who was kind of on again off again with his wife at the moment because she was hooking up with someone else, decided he was going to have a little fun in rehab. Our actor has always been attractive and always had lots of fan fic written about him. Before he knew it, he was hooking up with two women at the facility. One was a patient like him, and the other was a staffer who had keys to various places they could hook up without the cameras catching them. That was not the case with the patient who was caught on camera with our actor and what caused the staffer to call it off with the actor. She saw the tapes. Apparently, protection was in short supply or just unwanted. It was definitely not used and both women gave birth to children about a week apart. Half siblings who have never met each other or the other children of the actor. After a paternity test, he does support his two rehab children.

111. POPBITCH 02/08
(British blog) Which depraved rock star used to get groupies to take milk enemas, then have them squat over bowls of cornflakes? The last one to let go would get to hang out with him.

This foreign born former boy bander is back using serious drugs once again. He had been clean a long time. Zayn Malik/”One Direction” (TikToker who claims she met Zayn Malik on Tinder posts personal photos of singer, alleges he asked for a threesome ‘40 times’)

Speaking of drugs, this A- list three named author had a meth meltdown and did it very publicly. Bret Easton Ellis (‘WHAT THE HELL IS METH!?’: Bret Easton Ellis’ Social Media Page Posts Unhinged Rant In Apparent Hijack)

So, is the foreign born initialed rapper going after the part of the family involved in the sex trafficking and cults or the part of the family that was in the music business, because with what she is saying it could go either way. M.I.A./The Bronfman Family

The mouse house didn't want to pay the fee of the three named composer/actor, so instead hired a group of people who stole all of their last work. “Disney”/Lin-Manuel Miranda/”Moana 2”/Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear (Lin-Manuel Miranda isn't coming back for 'Moana 2' and the internet doesn't know how to feel)

This A- list alliterate rapper did everything but #tagthesponsor. He better lock it down though because he is getting too old. Rick Ross/”WWE” (Rick Ross Admits He Can't Do An Actual Pro Wrestling Match: "I'm Gonna Keep It Real")

Speaking of rappers, this married permanent A list rapper who doesn't do much of it any longer, just bought a condo in the name of one of his LLC's, but a woman three decades younger is the one who lives there.

This in the news politician from a couple of years back says someone recently tried to kill him while trying to make a deal in a money for sex tape scheme. Madison Cawthorn (MAGA Declares Madison Cawthorn Vindicated After Senate Room Sex Tape Report)

For the first time in its history, this network is seriously considering doing away with its nightly news broadcast.

Reader Blind: Hell has no fury like an exposed man scorned. Mr. FreakOff and his team have compiled a list of names who will be thrown under the media bus if another lawsuit pops up. Next up? The musical Southern couple who have been accused of assault several times.  Sean “Diddy” Combs/T.I. and Tiny (A Timeline of All the Allegations Against T.I. and Tiny)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **10**
After everything the show has been through, an actress on this western show is pregnant and hoping to have the baby prior to the next season of the show filming. She doesn't want anyone to know. Kelly Reilly/”Yellowstone” (‘Yellowstone’ drama continues — Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes want raises for spinoff)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **11**
Speaking of western shows, everyone is pitching some crazy ideas because they are so popular. One show runner all of you know is pitching a Brokeback Mountain type western for pay cable and wants the lead to be a closeted A list television actor. Ryan Murphy/Pedro Pascal

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **12**
Reader Blind: Uh oh. Did the Y2K mogul think that hiring bots would stop what is about to happen? Silly nasty nasty rabbit. All that did was give the people who are investigating him even more reason to look deeper into his network. Guess what they’re looking into now? The house in Atlanta owned by the “University” teacher. The house in Atlanta owned by the man who went to school with the Lemonade singer. Oh, and the real reason the jailed Pied Piper took an interest in the violent R&B singer and made him perform backing vocals on the Bumpy Y2K boyband hit. Tick tock. (see #106 above)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **13**
After that number two type blind from yesterday, it was very interesting to see this PR type person use her press connections to have leaks about her being considered. Uh huh.

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **14**
Hide Her: This actor is permanently A list. He has starred in multiple movie franchises. When he was growing up, he got laughed at by the first few women he tried to have sex with. He decided he would make sure it never happened again, so he started forcing a family member to have sex with him multiple times a week. This went on for years. He will say that it wasn't him who was having sex with the family member, but instead other members of his family who were doing it. The only thing we know for sure is the family member is paid a lot of money every year to stay quiet about it all.

This former late night actress is back on the bottle and not doing so well.

This state A++ lister is trying to schedule a huge ad buy across the country for the last week of February. Gavin Newsom (Democrat insiders say it is now 'PANIC TIME' and party should DUMP Joe Biden, 81, at its summer convention with Gavin Newsom 'waiting in the wings' after Justice Department said president had 'diminished faculties')

When a family member concedes that a feature that people continue to pay for doesn't work and probably won't work for a long time, then you really do have a problem. Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk/”Tesla Full Self-Driving” (Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal is not as optimistic about Tesla’s Full Self-Driving)

This long long long time reality star has a sugar daddy who pays him five figures a month just for cam shows. Jax Taylor/”Vanderpump Rules” (Jax Taylor Explains How The Valley Is Different from Vanderpump Rules and Reveals if He'll Still Be the "Villain")

Speaking of reality stars and sugar daddies, this former singing reality star recently had her funds cut off when her sugar daddy died. Aubrey O' Day

This A+/A list country singer had a meeting with a divorce lawyer. The marriage could be ending more quickly than anyone thought.

This former A list social media star/model already gave up control of two of her kids. Now, no one can find her teenage son. Kayla Phillips

It is more likely this former A list pro athlete is hooking up with the ex of this A list reality star rather than the A list reality star. Odell Beckham Jr./Kim Kardashian/Kanye West (A Full Timeline of Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr.'s Rumored Relationship)

Reader Blind: This A+ list singer has just gone public with a B- actor, despite the fact they’ve been hooking up for months under the radar. Why? Because she has a new album out soon & tour to promote and she/her team knew he would also be on a press tour for his latest movie & tv releases and she would get a mention in those interviews too. It’s also helpful for her to be associated with a credible person in the same field as her next career move. She had no intention of making this relationship official, much less long-term, and is planning a quick exit when the tour gets underway, despite the reduced tour dates planned, she’ll chalk it up to busy schedules. The singer already has her eyes on her next love interest but in the meantime, the actor is being lied to about who is calling the paparazzi that spot them everywhere they go and has been talked into staying with her in the US just so it’s easier to orchestrate these “candid” moments with her favored paps. The singer is relying on the actor being too dazzled by their whirlwind relationship to catch on but it’s all so blatant, it won’t be long before he figures it all out. Dua Lipa/Callum Turner/”Masters of the Air” (Dua Lipa opens up about ‘bad dates' amid Callum Turner romance)  (Masters of the Air star Callum Turner lands next lead movie role) (Tour)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **10**
This A- list actress not named The Jinx makes any project in which she is involved crash and burn in record time. The only way she got her next project is by basically living with the producer of it. Lucy Hale/Alicia Silverstone (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/26/22)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **11**
This A list UFC fighter probably should have used some kind of protection when he had a foursome with the strippers in Vegas this week.

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **12**
Speaking of Vegas, this A list mostly movie director yelled at a valet driver for taking too long to bring his car around. He should have recognized the director and brought his car first despite the 10 other people waiting for their cars too. Zack Snyder

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **13**
This A- list singer has been hooking up with a pro wrestler and has no idea she is recorded every time they have sex.

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **14**
Four For Friday - Deep Deep In The Closet
#1 - This married national morning show host.
#2 - This former A- list actress who doesn't act as much now, generally worked with the same director and he always kept her secret. He even ruined a long time friendship by going after an actor who was really rude to the actress when she rebuffed his advances. Diane Keaton/Woody Allen
#3 - This married still very young A- list mostly movie actor.
#4 - This A list southern politician who has never been in this space before
. Mike Johnson

Even after everyone in the world said they wanted a certain movie released, it is still being held up. The days of this studio head are numbered. “Coyote vs. Acme” (Netflix, Amazon, and Paramount wanted Coyote vs. Acme but Warner Bros. Discovery refused)

The former sidekick to multiple A listers is back on the bottle to the point that he recently tried to pick a fight at a casino.

Speaking of bad decisions by movie studios, the mouse house already signed this A list actor to reprise his role and are going to have to pay him, but for some reason want the cooking show actress to replace him. Johnny Depp//Jack Sparrow/”Pirates of the Caribbean 6”/Ayo Edibiri (“The Bear”) (Ayo Edebiri to replace Johnny Depp as lead of Pirates of the Caribbean 6?)

It wasn't until their A++ lister stumbled that the party of the wannabe again decided to confront what the offspring wannabe was doing. They didn't care before that. President Joe Biden/”Democrats”/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Democratic party accuses RFK Jr campaign of colluding with Super Pac)

The married A- list celebrity offspring used the tabloids to subtly let the world know that she is back on fully committed to her husband and the billionaire is out of her life. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber/David Mayer de Rothschild (Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber Are ‘In a Good Place’ After Navigating ‘Growing Pains’) (BLIND ITEM 09/26/23) (BLIND ITEM 10/19/23)

You know the relationship between the former studio head and fashion designer. That one is more believable than the rapper and talk show host. Barry Diller/Diane von Furstenberg/Meek Mill/Gayle King

This gay, aging A- list dual threat actor is writing his memoir and right now as it stands he discusses his relationship several decades ago with this A list closeted actor. Victor Garber/Bradley Cooper (V.G.B.B. Loves Gay Rumors About Himself)

Speaking of A list actors, this three named television one apparently had the craziest threesome this week with his significant other and a married Oscar winner/nominee. Jeremy Allen White/Rosalía/Neil Patrick Harris/David Burtka

This A+ list NFL player got another woman pregnant right about the same time he and his now wife got engaged. A check was written and a NDA signed. Tyreek Hill/“Miami Dolphins”/Keeta Vaccaro (Recently married Tyreek Hill hit with two paternity suits)

Despite the photos, the A+ list singer does not much care for the sibling to an A+ list pro athlete. It is why you shouldn't be shocked if he gets the ex of the A+ lister's boyfriend to run into the A+ lister. Taylor Swift/Jason Kelce/Travis Kelce/Zuri Hall

Detectives say the evidence doesn't support what this A- list actress said about recent events at her home. Jada Pinkett Smith (Did Jada Pinkett Smith Scare Off Intruders During LA Home Break-In Attempt?)

When you see unfiltered photos of this former A- list singer/actress/reality star turned business person the same week you see a photo for an ad campaign in which she starred and you realize just how much work she has done to her face and that it was just far too much. Jessica Simpson (‘She doesn’t look like herself’ Jessica Simpson fans say as she reveals drastic change to her appearance in red dress)

This A- list singer/songwriter with the repeating first name came to a Vegas party last night drunk, drank some more, threw it all up and drank even more. She knows how to party. Bebe Rexha (Bebe Rexha arrives at SI The Party at XS nightclub at Encore Las Vegas)

Speaking of Vegas parties, this really big one didn't have the alliterate rapper show up. The rapper and the host had a bit of a falling out because the host has a new favorite who shares his bed. Meek Mill (Meek Mill attends Michael Rubin's Fanatics Super Bowl party)

The former A- list singing actress who is now a Christmas staple isn't going to hide her pregnancy until her due date. She is trying to sign a deal for some clothes to wear first. Vanessa Hudgens (Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens & More Stars Dazzle at One&Only One Za'abeel Grand Opening)

You can tell the state A++ lister has the media on his side now. The blitz of negative press about the person he wants to replace comes from the same place as the people who will be his biggest fundraisers. Even the aggregator finally is subtly admitting the state A++ lister is joining the race
. Gavin Newsom ('The View' floats Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom replace Biden after special counsel report)

When the internet collectively goes after you the entire first half of the Super Bowl because you have left the muse down below you, what do you do? Make sure there is a picture of you with her in your box by the middle of the third quarter. Taylor Swift/Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey takes a tumble as Taylor Swift and her squad celebrate Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl win)

Speaking of our subjects from #1, it was the whole posing with the gun thing that had the higher on the list worried about perceptions. Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey Gun Photo Causes Concern)

It isn't just the showrunner who is making the racism happen on the long long long long running network reality show. The head of the network says their significant other is a one person tracking poll and gets everything right and they say no to any people of color on that show. Mike Fleiss/”The Bachelor”/Craig Erwich/”ABC” (‘Bachelor’ Producers Go Silent When Asked About Franchise’s Racial Issues, Journalist Responds: ‘I Guess We Have Our Answer’)

This mostly online A- list news personality is always on the edge of getting fired. If her boss finds out what she said about him over the weekend, I'm not sure she could survive that. Candace Owens/Ben Shapiro

This wasn't the first time this A list everything celebrity in her mind took a big check to play for someone or in a place where her fans disagree with the choice. She doesn't care. The past two times she has done so have netted her $15M. She would do it again next week if someone offered up the dough. Jennifer Lopez/”One&Only One Za'abeel” hotel in Dubai (Jennifer Lopez faces backlash after 'pocketing $5M to be guest of honor' at hotel launch in 'anti-gay' Dubai after she performed in front of star-studded crowd: 'It's shameful')

The recent post from the A list "singer" and stuff from her dog just shows that she is not entirely in charge of that social media account of hers. Britney Spears (Britney Spears goes pantless in just a red leather bodysuit with devil horns and pitchfork for middle-of-the-night video)

Even throughout rehearsals, things were not that great with the halftime show which is why literally up to about two hours before game time, the north of the border singer was being asked if he would be willing to do a guest appearance. Usher/Justin Bieber (Usher Fizzles In Super Bowl Halftime Show Despite Alicia Keys & Guest Stars Galore – Review) (Why Justin Bieber Didn’t Join Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show)

You remember the political donor (Ed Buck) who killed all the men at his house? Yeah, apparently someone tried to kill him in jail and not just because he is an awful human. Secrets maybe? Ed Buck (Ed Buck Sentenced to 30 Years in Federal Prison for Providing Methamphetamine to Two Victims Who Suffered Fatal Overdoses)

This A list singer/A- list actress isn't pregnant. It is just bad fillers and prescription medicine bloat. Selena Gomez

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **10**
At the only pre Super Bowl party to feature every owner and nearly 50 billionaires in total, there was one politician who didn't come from the host state. One. The west coast state A++ lister. Even the billionaires who give to the opposing party were trying to talk to him as much as possible. Gavin Newsom (California Gov. Gavin Newsom hobnobs with billionaires in Vegas ahead of Super Bowl, as speculation mounts over Joe Biden's future)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **11**
The alliterate one reached out to this former A+ list athlete to see if she wanted to join them up north this week. Not a chance. Totally rebuffed. I think they also wanted to use the family jet too, which was the main reason. It is tough to go raise money and have people give when you are spending a bunch of money you could be donating, on a private jet. Meghan Markle/Canada/Serena Williams (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to skip Super Bowl ahead of Canada trip) ("Serena Williams has found that Meghan Markle is a taker rather than a giver" - Royal biographer on latter's absence at American's gender reveal party)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **12**
This alliterate rapper/celebrity had an endorsement deal with a gambling website. No matter which team won, she was going to cash a winner. Rubi Rose (Rubi Rose all-in on Super Bowl Sunday with $1,000,000 bet on Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker: "Going big or going fu**ing home")

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **13**
The permanent A list rapper's company is supposed to be in charge of all halftime shows. He is not a fan of the A+ list singer who will only have finished her tour about two months prior to the next Super Bowl. The NFL owners want her which means there will be a big fight between the rapper and the owners. He wants a team so much though that he will back down. Jay-Z/“Roc Nation”/Taylor Swift (How Roc Nation Made The Super Bowl Halftime Show More Inclusive)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **14**
The Spy: Back in the day when the whole sex/cult (“NXIVM”) scandal thing broke, I would randomly email one of the siblings (Sara Bronfman) who was adjacent but never ended up going to jail. It could also be where she lived that kept her from going to jail. The vast majority of the time when she would email me she would have ignored my questions and send me instead some kind of new age mantra type stuff. It was so out of whack that I used to wonder if it had some kind of code in it. It didn't. Don't forget that her significant other (Basit Igtet) tried to take over the country (Libya) of his birth. He didn't, but gave it a good try. Where was he getting his backing? No one ever really dug into his financial support. Oh, sure there was some from people who go in and out of the US government every few years depending on who is in charge, but they were just there to give him support once he took over the country. Why since that time has he never left the very neutral country (Switzerland) with very strict extradition laws. He has never been questioned about the deal he cut with a different foreign power (Qatar) to provide them with a bunch of women from his own country and neighboring countries to try and get some of that population back they need so desperately. Over the past couple of years, the couple have been off my radar. Then, all of a sudden in the past six weeks to two months, including as recently as this past week, certain people were killed by a third country that had sought to keep our guy from assuming power in his home country. Is he leaking whereabouts of these people in exchange for another chance to take over his home country? Is he signing his own death warrant? Is his wife the go between
? “NXIVM”/Sara Bronfman/Basit Igtet/Libya/Switzerland/Qatar (Basit Igtet and Sara Bronfman Break Up) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/09/23)

The foreign tabloid didn't want to explicitly say they caught this A+/A list mostly movie actor doing coke on camera, but they left no doubt with their words what they meant. “Daily Mail”/Leonardo DiCaprio (Camera shy Leonardo DiCaprio is seen ducking his head and wiping his nose in Super Bowl suite)

Speaking of A+/A list mostly movie actors, the pint sized one has his money spout open again for financing his movies. I guess the money will flow as long as he continues in the relationship with the foreign national of the movie financing country. Tom Cruise/Russia/Elsina Khayrova (Tom Cruise, 61, 'makes things official' with Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova, 36, after a string of dates at her £10M Knightsbridge apartment)

This former tween/teen actor from a very hit long running network show is back on meth. That always happens when he starts selling it again.

If you want to solve the problem once and for all, just strip the title and then they will be forced to call it something pedestrian. Prince Harry & Meghan The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s new Sussex website slammed for using royal titles, coat of arms)

This alliterate music producer is now getting involved in the feud between his girlfriend and the A- list celebrity. Grow up. Benny Blanco/Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin

The girlfriend of this A list actor/producer who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee is pushing him to get married tomorrow. He is not getting married again ever, let alone tomorrow. Brad Pitt/Ines de Ramon (All About Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Ines de Ramon, Who He’s Been Dating for Over a Year)

The A+ list singer is on the invite list to the White House with the team, but doesn't want to attend. That is the wrong kind of noise for her. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce/”Kansas City Chiefs” (White House Says It Will Be ‘Up to the Chiefs’ to Invite Taylor Swift to Super Bowl Celebration)

This poker pro is being accused of trying to kill her significant other with poison. Apparently, he was going to expose a cheating scam she runs in private games with wealthy people.

A recent casting to this pay cable show that frequently overhauls its cast, may be in danger after accidentally overdosing. They are saying it was a bad combination of prescription medicine. "White Lotus" ('White Lotus' Season 3 Has Officially Begun Filming in Thailand)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **10**
This chef is very rich. She is the star of multiple shows. She also lost mid six figures on a Super Bowl bet.

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **11**
Speaking of Super Bowl bets, this mostly in the closet A list singer had to orally service one of his male drinking buddies because of a bad bet.

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **12**
This A- list reality stars is on multiple shows on a cable channel. He is being investigated for money laundering

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **13**
Scared they are going to lose one of the biggest meal tickets they have ever had, the owner (Yang Hyun-suk) of this management company (“YG Entertainment”) has threatened to release a sex tape of this foreign born A list in a group singer (Rosé) (“BLACKPINK”) . Now, the singer is suddenly wanting to stay signed under the horrible terms of the deal. Yang Hyun-suk/“YG Entertainment”/Rosé/”BLACKPINK” (BLACKPINK's Rose unveils solo venture, completes all members' future plan announcements)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **14**
Eggs: A few years ago a restaurant went under and no one could understand exactly why it closed. It was amazingly popular and survived the worst of the COVID shutdown. Then one day it was just closed. Apparently, this former A- list mostly television actress has discovered the reason why. An A list celebrity chef who is on television from time to time is sleeping with our actress who is definitely trying to get a bag because no one wants to hire her any longer. Apparently, one of the owners of the now shuttered restaurant went to this A list celebrity chef for a loan during COVID. The loan was given. The loan was being paid. Then one day the owner of the restaurant was overheard by a friend of the A list chef badmouthing the eggs of the A lust chef. The loan was called two days later. Unable to pay, they had to shut down.

It makes perfect sense that this A list mostly movie actor and this A list former athlete hang out all the time. They do have a number of shared hookups. The current total is four. Unlike with the athlete's other A list actor friend, there is no jealousy about it.
Ben Affleck//Tom Brady/Leonardo DiCaprio  (Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Brady party together at Super Bowl bash) (Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady Form a Boy Band (and Embarrass J.Lo) in Dunkin’s Super Bowl Commercial)

Speaking of shared experiences, this A list reality star is going to make it seem as if that happened to her, but the guy in question, also an A list athlete is gay, so he won't be sharing with her. Kim Kardashian/Odell Beckham Jr. (Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. Photographed for First Time Together Going to Hotel in Las Vegas)

This foreign born A- list model/actress has always told the former boy bander she is spotted with all the time that she has no idea how the paps find them. Even he was skeptical about her most recent explanation because they were alone and in the middle of nowhere at night, but somehow a pap was right there in front of their face. Harry Styles/”One Direction”/Taylor Russell (Harry Styles and girlfriend Taylor Russell go on nighttime bike ride in London)

The foreign born former A+ list rapper starts one feud and then picks one with the permanent A list singer who has one of the biggest fanbases in the world and a husband who can make your music life horrible. Not a great idea. It is probably the drugs. Nicki Minaj/Beyoncé/Jay-Z (Nicki Minaj Seemingly Shaded Beyonce During Rant On Stationhead)

Just so her A list mostly television actor husband wouldn't be tempted on his new hit network show, his wife made them cast an actress she assumed was gay as his co-star. She isn't, but no one is telling the wife. Justin Hartley/”Tracker”/Sofia Pernas/Fiona Rene (Justin Hartley Reveals Wife Sofia Pernas Will Guest Star on His New Show 'Tracker,' Shares Details On Her Role)

Speaking of hit shows, this "hot" one stars an actress who has no idea this will be her last season on the show. Producers want the lead actor to have a younger female co-star next season. “Chicago Fire”/Miranda Rae Mayo/Taylor Kinney

According to this former yachter turned reality star turned yachter, the ginger haired one is incredibly chummy with a polo adjacent wife we shall call fortunate spice. Prince Harry/Geri Halliwell dated Jamie Morrison (Geri Halliwell 'fears her life will unravel' amid husband Christian Horner's 'inappropriate behaviour' probe - as Red Bull boss is seen laughing at F1 test at Silverstone) (Spice Girl Geri gives 'boring' lover the boot)

Speaking of rich people, this married billionaire is continuing his romance of this A list mostly movie actress who was spotted boarding the billionaire's jet with the billionaire. Angelina Jolie/David Mayer de Rothschild (Angelina Jolie Spotted on Lunch Outing with Billionaire Environmentalist David Mayer de Rothschild)

Apparently, there is some bad blood between this permanent A list movie director and one of his recent actors. The director thinks the actor is kind of a tool, so hasn't been openly campaigning for him like he has for a different actor in the same movie. Christopher Nolan/Robert Downey Jr./Cillian Murphy/”Oppenheimer” (Christopher Nolan Was ‘a Little Afraid’ of Robert Downey Jr. When They First Met for ‘Batman Begins’: ‘I’d Heard Stories About How Crazy’ He Was) (Christopher Nolan Says Cillian Murphy Might be the Best Actor of His Generation)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **10**
The music magazine is three or four months behind the rest of the world when it comes to knowing the former A list social media star and her momager were money hungry leeches. Do the readers of the music magazine even know who the social media star is? “Rolling Stone”/JoJo Siwa/Jessalynn Siwa (JoJo Siwa Promised Them Pop Stardom. They Say They Were ‘Thrown in the Trash’)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **11**
The meme actor and his recent co-star do everything together and hang out all the time during this press run. They are inseparable. They reached out to their actress co-star who was horribly overbilled in the first installment, but she always turn down their invitations. Timothée Chalamet/Florence Pugh/”Dune: Part Two”/Zendaya (People think nobody in the Dune 2 cast likes each other) (Florence Pugh and Timothee Chalamet join co-stars in Dune: Part Two photocall)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **12**
This A- list comic actress has finally given up and accepted defeat and is using the weekly shot. Will she tell people or go through a whole walking and eating right thing. Melissa McCarthy (Melissa McCarthy’s Perspective On Weight Loss Is So Insanely Relatable)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **13**
Speaking of comics, this A list comic/actor kicked  one of his many girlfriends out of the apartment he provides her because someone saw her out on a date with a man. Meanwhile, the comic has a half dozen women in apartments and a very high profile girlfriend. Chris Rock/Amber Rose (Chris Rock and Amber Rose step out in NYC together after Christmas)

197.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **14**
The Spy: I don't really like to call something Old Hollywood if one of the main players in the blind didn't die until the early 2000's, but when he (Peter Ustinov) won his Oscars was many many decades ago. He was permanently A list and foreign born. His parents (Jona von Ustinov) (Nadia Benois) were spies, so it shouldn't be a shocker the actor son turned out to be one too. The actor though took the sides of two countries opposed to the US. First, the Soviets, and then up until his death was spying for China and taking their money to lead a very extravagant life. The thing is, he was almost exposed decades earlier. Our actor was attending a film festival and the film festival had arranged to bring in a delegation of Soviets. At least two of the Soviets were the actor's handlers and also were meeting with other spies in Northern California using the festival as cover. What no one foresaw was that a studio head of a studio (“Paramount”) that is on a lifeline right now, somehow caught the actor and the Soviets in some kind of very close quarters which didn't look right. Now, to be fair, the studio head hated anything or anyone Communist and was never shy expressing it. He also saw things the way he wanted to see them rather than always with an open eye. In this case, he was right, he just didn't know it. He got hammered drunk and then gave a speech at the festival and then started talking about how awful Communists are and then started talking about seeing the actor hanging out with the Soviets. After he finished that sentence, someone came up behind him and took the microphone from him and he was ushered to his seat and then later out of the building, while our actor took over the hosting duties and paid huge compliments to the Soviets
. Peter Ustinov/Jona von Ustinov/Nadia Benois/”Paramount” (Jona von Ustinov Secret Service)

198. POPBITCH 02/15
(British blog)
Which image-conscious DJ put his work experience kid to good use: getting them to apply scalp dye to his treacherously thin hairline?

This foreign politician (Pierre Poilievre) seemed like a shoe-in to win the next election against the unpopular A++ leader. But the reveal of a pseudonym he used to write racist and homophobic columns in his college newspaper could crush his chances. Pierre Poilievre/Justin Trudeau (Pierre Poilievre tries to walk a fine line on transgender rights — and blames Trudeau)

Talk about a setup. This foreign born actor and former Disney actress had barely had their picture taken together before tabloids already had a ready to go story sent to them by the publicist of the former Disney actress. Sabrina Carpenter/Barry Keoghan (Sabrina Carpenter Looks Incredible in a Black Minidress on Date With Barry Keoghan)

It is interesting that this A- list actress was talking about sex work. Is sleeping with people for parts all that different? Megan Fox (Megan Fox hits back after sparking outrage with offensive ‘Ukrainian sex doll’ comment)

I wonder what percentage of the massive fortune she was gifted ended up in the hands of the celebrity cult. Enough where she is so broke she has to make a living on the convention circuit. Priscilla Presley (Judge Approves Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley's Settlement, Confirming Priscilla's $1M Payment and Burial Near Elvis) (Priscilla Presley Fights Lawsuit From Ex-Business Partner Who Claims She Brokered A24 Movie) (Priscilla Presley Convention Appearances)

The wife of this former A+ list rapper is barely coherent most of the time because of the amount of pills she takes each day. Bianca Censori/Kanye West

The brand was more important for this social media star than the girlfriend. He knew what she did for a living. “Hot Ones”/Sean Evans/Melissa Stratton ('Hot Ones' Host Sean Evans Breaks Up With Porn Star Melissa Stratton)

This A list NFL player could use a few PR lessons from his girlfriend's A++ list publicist. If you want to keep celebrating after a mass casualty event involving a dozen kids, maybe do it at home. Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift (Travis Kelce Faces Backlash for Continuing to Party After Tragic Super Bowl Parade Shooting) (Travis Kelce donates $100K to 2 children injured in Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting)

Before retiring, this OG Teen Mom Senator, wants some of that super PAC grift money which is why he is talking about running for the A++ list job he has no chance to win. Joe Manchin (Joe Manchin Suggests Mitt Romney, Rob Portman as Possible Running Mates) (Sen. Joe Manchin announces he won't run for president in 2024)

While the husband (Brooklyn Beckham) of Fortunate Spice (Nicola Peltz) was out here on business last week, she decided to accompany him and then got to drive up the coast and see friends and family and the ginger haired one (Prince Harry). They have lots of mutual friends. The buzz is that the ginger haired one would like to make a business deal with a billionaire (Nelson Peltz) in the family who has access to security and jets and could include all of that in any deal. Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz/Prince Harry/Nelson Peltz (Brooklyn Beckham plants a kiss on wife Nicola Peltz as the pair put on a loved-up display at the premiere of her new film Lola in LA)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **10**
For those that thought the A+ list singer was a psyop, what in the world of Benjamin Button (Shout out to Michael K) is going on with the former wife of the pe*o and the rich offspring who has only dated one person ever and that was an A- list model several years ago that always seemed uncomfortable to watch. Britney Spears/Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Alex Soros (Huma Abedin and George Soros’ son Alex reveal relationship in Valentine’s Day photo from Paris)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **11**
Reader Blind: This young grifter seen testifying all over the country these days whose initials aren't "C.C." recently disclosed she is pregnant. This is despite previous claims of a damaged vagina and being infertile. Never one to miss a good grift, she quickly put up a registry on Amazon. That doesn't "top" the time she took donations for reconstructive surgery then used the money for other things. The groups paying her have no problems working with grifters, but will they want to work with an unwed mother? Prisha Mosley (Prisha Mosley who was medically transitioned by doctors and put on testosterone at 17 and had her breasts removed aged 18 announces she has finally been able to get pregnant)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **12**
This foreign born A list model was trash talking this foreign born permanent A list model/producer from the same country. Apparently, the model/producer has been using her power to get her offspring gigs and taking work away from the other models in that country. Toni Garrn or Claudia Schiffer/Heidi Klum/Germany/Leni Klum (Toni Garrn puts on a leggy display in a ruffled yellow dress as she strikes a pose on the red carpet at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival) (Inside the lavish life of Claudia Schiffer's lookalike daughter Clementine, 19 - who grew up in a $9 million 14-bedroom mansion, posed for Vogue as a baby, and has now become a social media sensation by flaunting her glamorous endeavors online)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **13**
Speaking of red carpets, this foreign born A- list actress is known for the very long running television show that turned into multiple movies. She was cornered on the red carpet and asked about the show's revival. She said she knew nothing about it while laughing. So, I guess that means it is filming and she is in it? Joanne Froggatt/“Downton Abbey” (Joanne Froggatt cuts a stylish appearance as she arrives at Virgin Studios after it was announced Downton Abbey will return)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **14**
The Suspect: It was not all that long ago that the main provider (AA/Jean-Luc Brunel) of girls and teens to the dead billionaire (BB/Jeffrey Epstein) ended up dead himself. Police in that country have never believed it was a suicide, but they didn't really know who would want him dead who could also pay off people to get it done. Apparently, they have a suspect (CC/Gérald Marie) who is a citizen of that same country (France). The foreign government was hoping to see his name released in the big document dump. They know his name is in the documents, but don't want anyone to know they know. So far though, his name is being held back. He has extremely powerful friends that he is partners with here in the US. One of his partners (DD/Anthony Pellicano) has been to jail before and all of you know who he is. The general public might not know, but all of you do. That business partner is probably not quite a billionaire, but close. He used to be the king of blackmail back in the day when he was at his peak fame. Several different celebrities tried to have him killed. He would photograph the rich and famous engaging in all matter of illicit activities and when he was short of money for payroll, he would make a couple of calls. That blackmailing expertise is how he and the dead billionaire met. Plus, CC and DD had the perfect cover to move girls and teens around the world with the help of AA. Some of those teens ended up dead, including several from the home country of AA and CC. That country wants an arrest and conviction and keep asking for more documents to be released so the name will be out in the public and they can proceed
. (Former Model Agent, Linked to Jeffrey Epstein, Found Hanged) ('Haunted': Dozens of ex-models speak out against Gerald Marie, pillar of French fashion industry, over alleged sex assault)
AA: Jean-Luc Brunel
BB: Jeffrey Epstein
CC: Gérald Marie
DD: Anthony Pellicano

This beach actor can say whatever he wants, but he has been using way too many drugs and combining them with booze is just a big no no. Austin North/”Outer Banks” ('Outer Banks' Star Austin North Arrested, Allegedly Attacked ER Staff)

Usually this former A+ list rapper is more careful about hiding his STD when it is flaring up. Kanye West (What IS that growth on Kanye's top lip? Experts explain)

Almost every day, this barely there celebrity shares something with a tabloid/any tabloid as long as they mention the A list mostly movie actor she calls her boyfriend. Ines de Ramon/Brad Pitt

This former A list social media star was just added as a replacement on a competition show and is now going to have to be replaced herself. JoJo Siwa/Nigel Lythgoe/”So You Think You Can Dance” (JoJo Siwa will replace Nigel Lythgoe as a judge on 'So You Think You Can Dance') (JoJo Siwa Promised Them Pop Stardom. They Say They Were ‘Thrown in the Trash’)

While doing press for what will get him an Oscar nomination, this actor has been shacking up with one of the publicists and not his celebrity girlfriend. Maybe that is why the focus has been on him and not the actors higher on the list. Austin Butler/”Dune: Part Two”/Kaia Gerber/Timothée Chalamet (Austin Butler Makes Rare Comment on Girlfriend Kaia Gerber)

Luckily her friends found her before the police or someone with really bad intentions. This A/A- list singer was found wandering her neighborhood just wearing a pair of panties.

Usually this big fashion party keeps donors from this country secret. This time they are selling them more tables than ever and getting a direct investment too in exchange for access to everything and a big say in who gets invited and who does not. “Met Gala 2024”/China (TikTok's CEO Is an Honorary Chair at the 2024 Met Gala) (Met Gala 2024 Theme Revealed With Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny and Chris Hemsworth as Co-Chairs)

This A+/A list singer/sometime actress is about to announce her new tour, but her concert run will be significantly shorter than those of her peers. Her label doesn't think she has the stamina to perform a 100+ date tour typical of a singer of her status. Ariana Grande (Mariah Carey Brings Her Signature Whistle Notes to Ariana Grande's 'Yes, And?' Remix: Listen!) (BLIND ITEM 01/02/24)

It is not like anyone will do anything about it, so of course the long time protestor was killed in prison. It just shows that no one is safe. Alexey Navalny (Jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny dies, prison service says) (Live Updates: Biden Says ‘Putin Is Responsible’ After Report of Navalny’s Death)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **10**
She is still a teenager, but this K-Pop idol (Jang Won-young aka Wonyoung) has switched groups (“Iz*One” & “Ive”) multiple times. Apparently, there was some jealousy because the CEO of one of the biggest conglomerates in the country shares her bed and pays her many millions of dollars a year to do so. Her management (“Starship Entertainment”) falls in line and treat the other members of the groups as disposable items. Jang Won-young aka Wonyoung/“Iz*One” & “Ive”/”Starship Entertainment”

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **11**
This permanent one named A list singer is cutting off one of her kids financially. The offspring pretends to hate mom but is happy to live off mom's money. Cher/Chaz Bono (Chaz Bono Is ‘Removing’ Mom Cher From His Wedding Guest List: ‘Wants’ Nothing ‘to do With Her’)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **12**
This foreign born barely there celebrity offspring was making quite the mess at a fashion show earlier this week. Whether she was wasted or on some kind of medication, she was being crazy loud talking to her equally messed up seat mate. Then, they both stood up during the show to leave.

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **13**
This real life version of a long running ABC sitcom that starred many legends is having trouble getting off the ground because there are no big names and no wealthy people. They are actually thinking about bringing in a former Housewife to base things around. “The Love Boat”/Lisa Vanderpump/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (‘The Love Boat’: 33 Oscar-Winning Guest Stars)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange Hookups/Hookups You Forgot
#1 - This alliterate A list singer and this alliterate A list actor.
#2 - Speaking of singers, this one named former A list singer and this foreign born three named really bad actor, who was always trying to talk her into threesomes and broke up with her when she would never agree to one.
#3 - This former A list athlete turned coach and the wife of the owner of the team while the player was still playing.
#4 - This alliterate former A- list indie actress and this alliterate former A list singer.

This former child actress turned teen actress turned no more acting is back on heroin and is not doing well. Taylor Momson; Amanda Bynes

This former A list singer seems to have forgotten the other half dozen violent acts against people that we publicly know. There are also all the others that he has managed to keep out of the news. Chris Brown (Chris Brown Claims He Was Disinvited From 2024 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game)

This foreign born permanent A list model is setting up a base in the yachting capitol of the world to find new talent. Ummm. Naomi Campbill/Dubai (Naomi Campbell and PrettyLittleThing boss Umar Kamani reveal plans to launch A-list talent management firm)

Reader Blind: One person who is relieved that the Bedroom Dungeon Lady (Kandi Burrus) is gone is the actress Housewife (Drew Sidora) whose husband (Ralph Pittman) is in tech. She had a weird loyalty to her because one of her biggest roles (“The Pass”) was playing a member of the girl group the Dungeon Lady wrote a hit for. It’s a tenuous link, but it’s why she felt she owed her respect and was desperate to stay on her good side even after she called her a liar at the last reunion. Kandi Burruss/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Drew Sidora/Ralph Pittman/”The Pass” (The Pass, Kandi and Todd’s Movie Starring Drew Sidora, Streams Exclusively on Peacock: Details)

Isn’t it a shame that those funny ones aren’t so funny being in that Super Bowl commercial. Actually you might say it’s darn right scary like the other actress who was in it too. That’s because the company they did the commercial for has a state Attorney General after them for deceptive practices against consumers! Tina Fey/Jane Krakowski/Glenn Close/”” (Tina Fey's Super Bowl Commercial Was a Mini 30 Rock Reunion) (Office of the Attor­ney Gen­er­al Sues Trav­el Reser­va­tion Site for Decep­tive Trade Prac­tices Regard­ing the True Price of Hotel Rooms)

This former American Idol contestant's management team isn't doing him any favors. They have him headlining a show this weekend for almost no money. The promoter is a convicted fraudster who screwed this one named singer out of six figures. David Archuleta/”Rock the Block”/Gary Van Horn Jr./Kesha  (David Archuleta Ready to Rock the Block Feb. 17)

This married A- list actor stars on a long running network show. It sure looks like someone hacked into one of his dating apps and released a whole bunch of naked photos and messages.

Reader Blind: Mr. Expeditiously (T.I.) thinks he is untouchable because has some of the dirtiest and sadistic members of Atlanta law enforcement in his pocket. Some of them are crazed racists who attack his members of his own community. Mr. FreakOff (Sean “Diddy” Combs) doesn’t care about police brutality but his publicists are ready to leak leak leak to use them as human shields. Something is coming and he wants someone else to be in the headlines. T.I./Sean Diddy Combs

This A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig is going to discover very quickly that the actor she has been calling her boyfriend wants no part in acting alongside her unless it is a sex tape they are making for themselves. Kylie Jenner/Timothée Chalamet (Kylie Jenner Wants to Pursue Acting With Timothee Chalamet’s Help! Inside Her Acting Ambitions)

It turns out that the frequent deactivation of the permanent A list "singer's" Instagram account is when she figures out the password and is set to go live. Whoever is in charge then pulls the plug and changes the password again. Britney Spears (Britney Spears SMOKES while dancing in multiple racy outfits and says she is 'trying to lose weight' in a series of since-deleted videos)

In the past week I discussed the meme actor and his co-star hanging out together all of the time. It turns out that it isn't quite as platonic as they led everyone to believe. Timothée Chalamet/Florence Pugh (Timothée Chalamet & Florence Pugh Had To Be Kept Separate During Dune: Part Two)

Reader Blind: This now in jail former reality star from a family of reality stars is getting friendly with other male prisoners. Todd Chrisley/”Chrisley Knows Best”

At least when the streaming service/money launderer throws hundreds of millions of dollars at a movie, they usually get something decent. The former bookstore turned streaming service threw a whole bunch of money at a bunch of names and got a vanity project that a high school kid with a PC and some software could have churned out in AI for $1000. “Netflix”/”Amazon”/Jennifer Lopez/”This Is Me” (Jennifer Lopez’s $20 Million Gamble: Why the Superstar Spent Her Own Money and Defied Skeptics to Tell Her Ben Affleck Love Story)

Speaking of vanity projects, this former multiple time contestant in the Bachelor universe just got an enlargement to his nether region. That all just sounds very painful. Colton Underwood

It isn't a coincidence that just as a new season of this Housewives show starts filming, that the husband of Housewife has been convicted multiple times of felonies and been deported from the US multiple times. Porsha Williams/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Simon Guobadia (Simon Guobadia's Quest for Citizenship: A Tale of Fraud, Identity, and the Pursuit of the American Dream)

Reader Blind: There is a British rapper who has become very friendly with Mr. FreakOff and no one can understand what they have in common. The British rapper’s Gig is to supply him with whatever he needs when he is in the country . That includes straight men. He wasn’t joking when he said he turns boyfriends into groupies
. Giggs/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Giggs & Diddy review – potent chemistry unites Peckham and NYC)

This former A- list actress divides her time between singing and acting. Both are being interfered with because of her drug use which has those close to her trying to intervene to save her life.

Speaking of drugs, this former superhero who is lucky to not be in jail for a decade or two is experimenting with new drugs the former superhero thinks will be great for keeping cult followers in line. Ezra Miller/”The Flash” (The Complete History of Ezra Miller’s Controversial Career)

Thinking the celebrity CEO has only one fake account on the bird app is wrong, he has multiple accounts. They are not as clever as the anagram one however. I'm sure as others are discovered, he will ban those people too. Elon Musk/”Twitter” (The Story Behind Elon Musk’s Tweet Restriction Fiasco)

There was the generic Valentine's Day post, but the movie director and the foreign born actress/singer/emergency host are having some big issues in their relationship and have been spending quite a lot of time apart. Taika Waititi/Rita Ora (And the Award for Most In-Love Celeb Goes To …)

This A- stand up comedian/TV host not named Joe Rogan is slashing ticket prices for his tour. Yes, he has a following, but not enough to pack 15,000 seat arenas, and definitely not at those prices. Bert Kreischer

This foreign born permanent A list singer in a permanent A list group used to pal around all the time with the leader of the country he is now calling out for murder. Bono/“U2”/Vladimir Putin/Russia (Bono Leads U2’s Audience in Chanting Alexei Navalny’s Name During Impassioned Anti-Putin, Pro-Ukraine Speech)

So far, the only project that anyone has taken seriously involving the A list athlete is a reboot of a franchise that once starred the actor who is in the very fast franchise. Travis Kelce/”Riddick”/Vin Diesel/”Fast & Furious” (Travis Kelce hints at acting future: ‘Hollywood talks out there’)

Speaking of projects, the alliterate one wants to sell a line of children's clothes. She thinks it is a market she can corner. She is desperate to earn some of her own money. Meghan Markle

That was a very cozy late night drink this foreign born A+/A list actor and this A list actress were sharing. They do have a history and when you get them away from their respective partners, it can be explosive. Cillian Murphy/Emily Blunt/”Oppenheimer” (Emily Blunt on Why Fans Are 'Spellbound' by Oppenheimer Costar Cillian Murphy: He's 'Captivating')

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **10**
I have no doubts the former boy bander turned A list singer cheated on the actress he dated for a very long time. But, if you are going to include your story in a book, make it some grotto sex and not just some making out and a quick grope. That is your story to get people to buy the book? Justin Timberlake/Cameron Diaz/Playboy Bunny Zoe Gregory “From Britain to Bunny” (Justin Timberlake Allegedly Cheated on Cameron Diaz With Playboy Bunny Zoe Gregory: Book)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **11**
There was no way this A- list actress was going to walk the red carpet at the award show last night. It would have subjected her to more photos and questions about the awful work she recently had done to her. Megan Fox

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **12**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who used to be a boxer and is on your television screens right now with a new show, should watch out for his latest stripper conquest. She has ties to the House On St. Charles. Barry Keoghan/”Masters of the Air” (Batman star shows off incredible boxing skills as he steps in ring with Scots champion) (“St. Charles House Of Horrors” BLIND ITEM 11/21/17) (“House on St. Charles” BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/16/21)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **13**
This daytime soap actress who has only been working for a couple of years is hooking up with this married A list cable anchor who met the actress when he was with his wife at yoga.

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **14**
Questions: Did you know there is no birth certificate on file for this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress (Samanrha Morton) who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. Why was there a fake birth record posted to one of those ancestry sites? She says she has siblings but there are no photos or record of them anywhere. Prior to our actress becoming famous she called the woman she now says is her mother her stepmother. Did she live with foster parents from the time she was born or from when she was three or six or eight? She has said all of them at various times. Is her unknown father a very famous figure? How else can one explain the instant rise of the actress who was homeless, on drugs, pregnant and a convicted criminal when she first started acting
. Samanrha Morton (Early life and education) (Raised in care homes, saved by a love of acting: How Samantha Morton survived child abuse, homelessness and Harvey Weinstein's grip to win a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement award - but says she owes it all being forced to watch Ken Loach's Kes at school)

Nothing says staged quite like swimsuit photos of you taken from ten feet away to distract from the fact your movie was a horrible bomb and no one liked working with you anyway, so enjoy. Dakota Johnson/”Madama Web” (Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Hold Hands on Mexico Getaway Days After Madame Web Opens) (Reviewers drag 'Madame Web,' as social media reacts to Dakota Johnson's odd press run)

Speaking of staged, the foreign born A- list singer in a group hates with a passion all things about amusement parks and heights. The team of his PR girlfriend who used to work at Disney didn't know that when they set up nice "date photos" at a theme park. Damiano David/”Måneskin”/Dove Cameron

Speaking of theme parks, the alliterate one wanted a private late night tour of the one in Anaheim and was told they don't even do that for the big stars. That is how it was phrased too. Meghan Markle/”Disneyland”

No one really watches award shows any longer. They especially don't watch the one that was on this week. So, the people behind it decided to invite all the social media stars so they would make content about it and at least maybe people would watch online and get some traction for next year. “People’s Choice Awards” (See Every Star Arriving at the People's Choice Awards 2024)

Speaking of social media stars, they didn't really seem all that out of place at the award show mentioned in #5. They will though at the big event in May. The editor made her deal with the Devil though and lots of A listers will have to give way to the TikTok stars. “People’s Choice Awards”/Met Gala”/Anna Wintour/“TikTok” CEO Shou Zi Chew (TikTok's CEO Is an Honorary Chair at the 2024 Met Gala)

Reader Blind: The Y2K mogul groomed and abused his daughter’s husband when he was a minor.  He also “invests” in his business now to keep him quiet and to stash money because he is about to be exposed as the Epstein of R&B. The abuse and subsequent brainwashing made it easy for him to orchestrate the marriage between the young man and his daughter . It guaranteed permanent access to him. Chris Stokes/Chrissy Stokes/Giovanni Morales (Father Of The Bride)

The leader of this country doesn't care what people say about him, but the celebrity CEO caved pretty quickly when trying to do the leader's bidding. The CEO can't handle that kind of pressure. Vladimir Putin/Russia/Elon Musk (Elon Musk briefly suspends Alexei Navalny widow’s X account after she accused Putin of killing her husband)

The barely there state celebrity can say what she wants, but she has had more work done to her, than 99% of the people her age. Alabama Barker (Alabama Barker claps back at plastic surgery claims: ‘I’m naturally beautiful’)

The stans of this former A+ list superhero have always hated his actress significant other, but this is next level. They wrote a huge article with quotes and everything else about the superhero splitting with his significant other. They are hoping tabloids around the world read the "news report," they posted online. Chris Evans/Alba Baptista (Chris Evans & Alba Baptista’s Relationship Timeline Explained)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **10**
This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is hooking up with someone who is horribly homophobic, so I'm not sure how that will play at home.

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **11**
Kindness: This A- list actress has starred on multiple hit television shows and is currently on one now. She also just finished a movie and donated the entire salary to a children's charity. Apparently she always donates movie salaries to different children's charities.

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **12**
Not kind is this septic tank that backed up and basically ruined the cabin of this A+ list mostly movie actor who just bought it before Christmas.

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **13**
In the you probably are not going to get this one item of the day, this A list (only in her country) German model/reality star (Rebecca Mir) with a very short last name got into a huge fight over the phone with her husband over his demand that she get a breast enlargement. He said she was basically done modeling anyway. Rebecca Mir/Massimo Sinató (Rebecca Mir poses at the Laura Biagiotti Fashion Show)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **14**
Surprise - Kindness: In keeping with the Your Turn question, I will make this the long blind rather than just a regular blind. There is a lot going on in the life of this A list singer. It kind of feels strange to call her A list, but she is. Unlike her rival, her team knew what they were doing by starting her out small. Now, she is huge. She has a ton going on, but one of her friends told her about a party this teen was having for her 16th birthday. Both of the parents of the 16 year old are deployed overseas and have been there since right after her 15th birthday. She is staying with her aunt and uncle. One of the kids of the aunt and uncle is friends with our A list singer. The friend asked the singer to make a quick ten second video saying happy birthday. Instead, the singer showed up at the house and played three songs
. Olivia Rodrigo/Taylor Swift (Olivia Rodrigo explains why ‘SOUR’ tour isn’t in bigger venues)

When this A+ list singer was dating her last guy, our singer had to reach out to the woman the guy had been hooking up with and pay her some money and have her sign a NDA because of the murky timeline. The guy is now back with that same woman. Taylor Swift/Matt Healy/Gabbriette Bechtel

Remember back at Super Bowl weekend, I told you about the party that featured one out of state politician and 50 billionaires. Two of the people at that party just no showed this A++ lister at the event they were supposed to host. Gavin Newsom (California Gov. Gavin Newsom hobnobs with billionaires in Vegas ahead of Super Bowl, as speculation mounts over Joe Biden's future) (Rogan says Democratic Party is 'setting up Gavin Newsom' for 2024 presidential run amid Biden scandals) (BLIND ITEM 02/12/24)

The alliterate reality star could sell her used things and give the proceeds to charity, but she just sells things for her own wallet even though she doesn't need the money. Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian branded 'desperate' for reselling her 'dirty' Hermes Birkin bag for $70K: 'This is so embarrassing')

The club owner who is adjacent  to the alliterate one is being investigated for trafficking women through some of the clubs. Markus Anderson/Meghan Markle/”Soho House”

The only difference between the former one-fifth and a lot of other celebrities is the former one-fifth got caught managing her fan account. Norman/”Fifth Harmony” ("Imagine starting a new era and your first step slipped": Normani memes erupt as singer's accused of running her own stan account)

This married A- list crime show actor who has been on the show for a long time was having sex with an extra in his trailer and her hair got stuck in between the couch and the wall of the trailer. He had to bring in a guy with a flashlight to see where her hair needed to be cut to free her.

This pro beach volleyball player nearly died of a drug overdose. She is very lucky to be alive.

Speaking of athletes, there is a lot of suspect gambling going on in regard to a tournament currently happening south of the border. “The Los Cabos Tennis Open” (Tennis stars head to Los Cabos for Mexico’s fastest-growing ATP Open); “PGA Mexico Open 2024” (PGA Mexico Open 2024 Predictions, Expert Golf Picks & Odds for This Week)

Old Hollywood: Some say that this actor offspring of Hollywood royalty killed his first wife. He always publicly said it was an accident, but privately said it was a man at a club who had tried to poison our actor because the man wanted to sleep with our actor's wife. The wife ingested the poison meant for the husband. Jack Pickford/Olive Thomas (Death)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **10**
Old Hollywood: Speaking of deaths, this permanent A list mostly movie actress got away with killing one of her husbands. Bette Davis/Arthur Farnsworth (Death of Arthur Farnsworth)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **11**
Reader Blind: The ex-Housewife (Lisa Rinna) with the memorable look would not be allowed to return to the show (“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”) even if she tried to. The ratings are through the roof and the network (“Barvo”) is making millions from the viewers of color (Garcelle Beauvais) they almost lost because of her actions last season. Diverse audiences = several streams of advertising. It’s why they rushed to cast the latest Housewife (Annemarie Wiley). Lisa Rinna/“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/”Bravo”/Garcelle Beauvais/Annemarie Wiley

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **12**
This foreign born A-/B+ list actress buys comments to make it look like she has more followers on social media than she does. The problem is she went cheap and uses a company that uses AI, and the comments don't make any sense. Priyanka Chopra (“The world is not what I expect”; Priyanka Chopra’s cryptic post puzzles netizens)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **13**
Even though the reviews have not been kind about her short film, the celebrity offspring of a former A++ lister just got financing for her first feature movie. Malia Obama/"The Heart (Malia Obama's Sundance Movie Trashed by Reviewers: 'Giant Bomb')

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **14**
The Drugs - Old Hollywood: This actress was permanently A list. All of you know her. She got addicted to pills at a very young age. Producers would give them to her when they wanted to sleep with her. They would give the teen some sleeping pills and she would either be drowsy or asleep when the producers assaulted her. She knew what they were going to do when they gave her the pills. The problem was she started craving the pills. It interfered with her acting though, so for many years she wasn't allowed to have any on set and someone would watch her 24/7. As soon as she finished a movie, she would go on a weeks long bender until the next film. Later in life, producers actually encouraged her to take pills on set because she was so annoying. Then, when they needed her, someone would put smelling salts under her nose and she would come film her scenes
. Judy Garland (Looking Back at Judy Garland’s Severe Case of Addiction)

This A list NBA player from the Western Conference loves when people think he is hooking up with multiple women. In fact, he has a boyfriend he met after the playoffs last year. Devin Booker/”Phoenix Suns” (Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker dating again two months after she split from Bad Bunny)

Speaking of pro sports, this online pro sports player (Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja) who earns millions of dollars a year, really should start checking i.d's of the teens he is sleeping with. Instead, he brags about not knowing their age. Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja

Speaking of underage, this one named rapper did that and did so publicly, but is fighting right now to keep a sex tape of our rapper and a transgender woman. Our rapper is desperately trying. Tyga (Tyga Is a Creepy Predator Who Is Attracted to Underage Girls)

The would be sister-in-law was not exactly singing the praises of the A+ list singer while out of the country. Kylie Kelce/Taylor Swift/”Milan Fashion Week” (Kylie Kelce Makes Milan Fashion Week Debut at Alberta Ferretti Show)

This long time reality star has been out of the spotlight for several years now, but needs some money. She is pitching a show that would follow the lives of her older children and their lives after reality fame. Kate Gosselin

The barely there celebrity offspring of an A list designer has not been seen for three years since a very bad overdose. People are genuinely curious if they are even alive. Allegra Versace/Donatella Versace (Reclusive Versace heiress Allegra spotted for first time in years)

The one named news site (“VICE”) might be saved by the same billionaire (Peter Thiel) who destroyed a different news site (“Gawker” lawsuit). “Vice”/Peter Thiel/Gawker (Tech Libertarians Fund Drug-Fueled ‘Olympics’ Where ‘Doping’ Is a Slur)

This foreign born former A- list actress is someone all of you know. She is talking about working again, but the last time was a disaster and no one likes working with her. She has enough money to never work in this lifetime or the next. Emma Watson

The wealthy bookseller is a huge investor in several EWA (“Earned Wage Access”) companies that will soon be able to rip off the employees he already treats poorly, plus those who are not his own. Jeff Bezos/”Amazon” (Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos among backers of £4.5m Wagestream start-up fund from 2018)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **10**
This back in the day A- list mostly movie actress said when she was dating the offspring of a former A++ lister he would always want threesomes, but with the third being a guy.

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **11**
This still very young A list influencer is being made to take naked videos and photos for men that her social media star husband finds online and off.

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **12**
This former A list singer in a group hasn't had a hit in over two decades, but he is still spreading the gift that keeps on giving.

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **13**
This network show could have stayed on the air for as long as it wanted. The producers decided to pull it now because the drug habit of one of the leads is out of control and it would have brought attention to it to have the character written out of the show. (TV Shows Ending in 2024: Blue Bloods, Evil, Young Sheldon, The Good Doctor, Umbrella Academy and 20+ Others)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **14**
Private Church: A lot of celebrities have private chapels on their property and that has been the case for a very long time. There have been celebrities who have started and of course participated in cults which are always trying to get your money. There are churches that really hammer you to give 10%. This is the first time I can remember a celebrity who started a church and has a monthly membership fee and that is on top of the one time initiation fee. This A list celebrity "offers a space for worship where you can be alone with your thoughts and not worry about who may be taking your photo while praying." The celebrity uses an existing church for this celebrity worship service. No phones allowed. The initiation fee is about $50K and the monthly fee is $5K. The reason for the fees is to keep it exclusive and to pay rent and a portion of the salary of the pastor. Apparently, it is taking a big bite into some of the other celebrity churches. The celebrity is making a bunch of money from this. They have about 100 members.

Look closely the next time you see a photo of this international superstar because he recently had a $200,000 facelift from a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon – but the ordeal wasn’t without some drama. Hours after the procedure, the athletic star developed an unexpected hematoma (a pooling of blood under the skin that is one of the risks of the surgery) and had to be rushed back to the hospital to repair the problem. Thanks to the emergency surgery for the hematoma, the star now thinks he’s pulled a little too tight, which is why he’s sporting facial hair until he can have another procedure in hopes of making his facelift less obvious
. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (WWE Reveals When The Rock Will Come Back To SmackDown)

Obviously there is still a very good reason why this bank is keeping the money of the alliterate former talk show host out of the hands of the rest of the family. It is one of the reasons why they are being sued. “Wells Fargo”/Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia)

The gulf between the foreign born A list director and the foreign born singer/actress is growing wider. He doesn't want her to work at all and be able to be with him on whatever set he is working 24/7. She isn't interested in that. Taika Waititi/Rita Ora ('Didn't want to be the dutiful wife': Taika Waititi's ex gets candid about their marriage)

This A list actor/writer/producer/director halted capital expenditures at his company. Is it because there is no longer a need because of advances in technology, or is it because of the rumors from a few months ago about him and he doesn't want to commit a bunch of money to something in case he needs it for something related to those rumors? Tyler Perry (Tyler Perry Halts $800M Studio Expansion, Citing Concerns Over OpenAI’s Sora)

So, this A list singer/bad actor had to cancel a show because he has been sick for a month but he managed to spread his germs to everyone at a talk show, including guests, crew, host and audience. Justin Timberlake/”Graham Norton Show”/Adrian Lester, Dua Lipa, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet and Graham Norton (Justin Timberlake Cancels London Show Due to Illness, Announces New Tour Dates) (Graham Norton Show Guests This Week – Sneak Preview)

Sixteen years ago I wrote in this space that without a report from a doctor, there should be no way the permanent A list "singer" should have her life controlled by others. Now, sixteen years later, her attorney wants a copy of that report that does not exist. Britney Spears/Mathew Rosengart (Britney Spears and the Limits of Freedom)

This actor/singer is another victim of the former label owner and is clearly suffering the after effects of the damage, but what he is saying this week makes a lot of sense. Orlando Brown/Chris Stokes (Orlando Brown Makes Wild Claims About "Making Love" To Drake, Usher, And More) (Orlando Brown's Disturbing Claims Spark Debate on Mental Health and Celebrity Culture)

The star of a yet to be released DC movie had his whole pay package moved to front end because no one thinks the studio will be there at the end to pay him or the payments will be tied up in a bankruptcy court. Joaquin Phoenix/”Joker: Folie à Deux” (Joker sequel salaries REVEALED: Joaquin Phoenix gets $20M to reprise his role while Lady Gaga takes home $12M to play Harley Quinn in forthcoming film)

The significant other (Lara Trump) of an offspring (Eric Trump) of a former A++ lister (Donald Trump) is trying to position herself as a viable #2 (Vice-President) and also could be the plus one when needed to fill in for the sometimes absent significant other (Melania Trump) of the former A++ lister. Lara Trump/Eric Trump/Donald Trump/Vice-President/Melania Trump

Old Hollywood: This three named living legend loves talking about the told days. She also likes trashing this now dead permanent A list comic legend whenever she can. She says that when the comic was in his 40's and she was barely old enough to drive, that he tried to sleep with her and didn't take no for an answer very well. Mamie Van Doren/Bob Hope

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **10**
This one half of a singing duo was out of the country, but obviously got a ton of coke from someone. He and his celebrity girlfriend were never seated at their dinner table together because one or the other was always wearing out a path to the bathroom. Drew Taggart/”The Chainsmokers”/Marianne Fonseca/”Milan Fashion Week” (The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart and model girlfriend Marianne Fonseca pose arm-in-arm at the Max Mara show during Milan Fashion Week)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **11**
Speaking of out of the country, this former A+ list rapper used to attend whatever fashion shows in Italy he wanted to attend. None of the big houses wanted him in attendance this year. He had to settle for ones that no A listers would normally attend. Kanye West/"Marni Show" (Kanye Says His Favorite Meal Is 'Pussy' at Marni Show in Milan)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **12**
The celebrity sibling of a permanent A lister is celebrating one year of sobriety this week. Good for her. Paris Jackson

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **13**
Speaking of celebrity siblings, this celebrity sibling who is also a celebrity offspring has been partying without his wife again. At this point, I think we have to assume open marriage. Evan Ross/Ashlee Simpson (Foushee, Barbara Feltus, Noah Becker and Evan Ross attend CHURCH Boutique's presentation of new works from artist Noah Becker hosted by Lenny Kravitz at CHURCH Boutique)

313.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **14**
Four For Friday - The Cuckold: This foreign born singer used to be A list. They had a brief but powerful A list run (#1). The singer used that time at A list to their best advantage and slept with a lot of fans. But, what they were really interested in, is getting back at people on the list who didn't think the singer would ever make it and tried to actively stop them from succeeding. So, the singer went after the significant other of this permanent A list singer (#2) who has had a very very very messy love life for decades. #1 managed to get #2's significant other and then sent a quick video to #2 showing the pair in bed. #1 then went after this at the time A- list comic (#3) who was making the transition into acting. #1 did the same thing they did with #2 and sent a video to #3. At that point, #1 was finished, but #3 decided to use their increased power to get back at #1. It failed, so #1 went after the A- lister (#4) #3 was living with at the time and slept with them too.

This foreign A- mostly film actor with A+ face recognition knocked over an installation at a Brooklyn gallery event after eating too many mushrooms. The next day he apologized to the gallery and purchased $80,000 of the artist's work.

This former network actress is shopping for new talent agencies in the hope of reviving her once-promising career. The issue isn't her representation, but her history of being difficult to work with on set. Katherine Heigl

Because the tiny country was able to throw so much money at the A+ list singer, no other country in the region could host concerts by the singer. So, she didn't care about the people of the region, it was all about how much money she could demand from the tiny rich country. Taylor Swift/Singapore (Taylor Swift concerts: Singapore's courtship to bring pop star for Southeast Asia-exclusive gigs began in early 2023)

As much money as the movie side of this studio is losing, the gaming side is losing even more. The gaming side is on pace to lose hundreds of millions of dollars year over year. "Warner Brothers"

With her budget being miniscule, the alliterate one is trying to convince people to work for her for free on her new podcast. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle's podcast plans revealed as she 'considers herself too academic' for some topics)

The reason the ex-wife is in the new movie instead of the current wife is that this A+/A list actor hates the new wife and wouldn't have taken the part. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner/”Animals”/Matt Damon/Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Garner in talks to play Matt Damon’s wife in ex-hubby Ben Affleck’s new thriller)

This married former A- list actress from multiple hit network shows just got dumped by her long time girlfriend and is back on the bottle.

Are we sure that the magazine the barely there celebrity offspring landed the cover of, is not one big yachting ad. It looks that way. I'm not sure what the cover photo is really trying to convey other than the offspring is flexible and not wearing many clothes. Amelia Gray Hamlin (Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin)/”Perfect Magazine" (Amelia Gray Hamlin poses topless for ‘dream’ cover, mom Lisa Rinna reacts) (“Perfect Magazine”)

The award for most awkward vibe of the night (“Screen Actors Guild Awards”) belonged to this winner/nominee (Cillian Murphy/”Oppenheimer”) and their significant other (Yvonne McGuinness). Two A list actors (Ali Wong (“Beef”) & Bill Hader (“Barry”)), both winner/nominees last night, noticing and talking on it. The higher on the list (Bill Hader) of the two winner/nominees said ‘some arrangements aren’t worth it’  What that means is a mystery. “Screen Actors Guild Awards”/Cilliam Murphy/Yvonne McGuinness/Ali Wong (“Beef”) & Bill Hader (“Barry”)

This lottery-sounding rapper has just been told that her marketing budget has been cut in half. Her singles aren’t selling or being streamed enough to justify the amount of money they have already spent on her. Her new single peaked at #100 on the Hot 100 and the execs are infuriated. Latto

Yes, this returning Housewife (Porsha Williams) (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”) dated the dangerous dictator (Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue) who sued the husband of a different Housewife who tried to scam him. The money he used to fund her extravagant life style, and do business with the Husband, was stolen from the people in his nation (Equatorial Guinea). Porsha Williams/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue/ Equatorial Guinea (Kordell who? Porsha Williams moves on following messy divorce... as it's revealed she is 'dating African dictator's son') (Second Vice President of Equatorial Guinea Agrees to Relinquish More Than $30 Million of Assets Purchased with Corruption Proceeds)

The A list singer/bad actor is overselling his love of his wife. It gives off Jada Pinkett Smith vibes. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake gushes over his 'great wife' Jessica Biel and their 'two wonderful kids' on The Graham Norton Show: 'I'm just happy')

The last date between the A+ list singer and the athlete was more staged than just about anything even the alliterate one throws together. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce/Meghan Markle (Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spotted Holding Hands on Final, Romantic Date in Sydney Before He Left)

The family members of the former talk show host got a bunch of money to talk smack about the host. Don't believe otherwise. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams' family speaks out about the guardianship keeping them separated... after the talk show host was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia)

The A+/A list actor/director would have you believe he met the man he recently portrayed. He didn't. Bradley Cooper/Leonard Bernstein/”Maestro” (Bradley Cooper slammed over “insane” Leonard Bernstein interview)

The celebrity CEO was busted not selling his Internet service to Taiwan when his contract says he has to.  He’s in a tough spot. If he starts selling it, his car factories will suddenly close. If he doesn't sell it, he will lost multiple streams of revenue and loans will be called in and he will have to sell the social media company at fire sale prices
. Elon Musk/China/”Telsa”/”Twitter” (House China committee demands Elon Musk open SpaceX Starshield internet to U.S. troops in Taiwan) (China and Taiwan: A really simple guide)

This A/A- list actress/writer/producer is pregnant again, but once again is being sneaky about it. Kind of like the whole who is the daddy thing. Mindy Kaling (Mindy Kaling ‘is pregnant with her third child,’ fans suspect after actress ‘hides a bump’ in new photo with friends)

This married A/A- list actress who has been acting since she was young and may or may not still be living with her higher on the list athlete husband deleted several photos from social media after they were filled with comments about the work she just had done and why it looked so bad. Gabrielle Union/Dwyane Wade (Gabrielle Union Wears Menswear-Inspired Look to Celebrate Pop-Up Art Event in Los Angeles)

The singing princess is telling friends she is done with her new baby daddy. He has just been using her as a step up. Halle Bailey/DDG (DDG Gets Candid On How He And Halle Bailey Got Pregnant After Nearly Two Years Of Dating)

Speaking of step ups, this married A- list actor from a long running cable show who hasn't done really anything since it went off the air has hit head against a wall trying to get a reboot for himself. The answer is always going to be no. What he did do though is convince the showrunner that he is some kind of stalker. Gabriel Macht/”Suits”/Aaron Korsh (Gabriel Macht Didn't Love His Suits Character (And Almost Ruined His Storyline))

Speaking of steps, this foreign born A- list singer in a group, "tripped" his girlfriend as she was going down some stairs. She ended up in the hospital and he broke up with her while she was in there so he could go on tour alone, which is why he "tripped," her.

All this three named A- list actress did was use 1000 words to talk about the demise of her marriage instead of a couple of sentences. You proposed. He accepted. He cheated. You split. He is with someone else now.  Jodie Turner-Smith/Joshua Jackson (Jodie Turner-Smith speaks out on divorce from Joshua Jackson: ‘Time for a new moment’)

This A- list teen singer/actress was supposed to perform at a hotel during spring break. She pulled out and another female singer is doing the same. Apparently, they were advised the hotel is now controlled by a cartel who is going to make a lot of female teens disappear forever.

Reader Blind: The rapper (Boosie BadAzz or simply Boosie (formerly Lil Boosie)) with the high top who is obsessed with gay sex (Boosie went on a homophobic rant against gay rapper Lil Nas X in 2021, in which he urged Lil Nas X to commit suicide)  was considered for a $10 million Super Bowl ad opportunity but was rejected when the company discovered what he did to his sons when they were minors (paid an adult female prostitute to perform oral sex on his son and nephew, then 12 and 13 years old, allowing his minor son to watch pornography and in a birthday post aimed at his soon-to-be 14-year-old son, Boosie bragged that he had secured his son a "bad bitch" to perform fellatio on him for his birthday). Boosie BadAzz or simply Boosie (formerly Lil Boosie) (Boosie Badazz Doubles Down on His Homophobic Lil Nas X Comments: ‘I Gotta Speak Up’)

They are definitely trying to Britney the alliterate former talk show host. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Doc Producers: “If We’d Known She Had Dementia, No One Would’ve Rolled a Camera”)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **10**
Perhaps someone should tell the A+ list YouTuber how product distribution works in grocery stores. Oh, and he should make a product that actually tastes good too. Mr. Beast

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **11**
The influencer/rapper recently played her new album to her label . The songs were so dreadful that she was asked to go back into the studio because they worry the lyrics will go viral for the wrong reasons. Yes, they were that bad.

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **12**
The bot farms in this country are not usually used to go after celebrities. It did so a few years ago though. I wonder if this is why there have been all the articles connecting the A+/A list actor and the initialed killer from that country. Saudi Arabia/Johnny Depp/Saudi Crown Prince MBS (Inside Johnny Depp’s Epic Bromance With Saudi Crown Prince MBS)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **13**
I know I already mentioned the alliterate former talk show host once, but her ex is trying to pretend like he is the good guy in this and throwing a whole bunch of people under the bus. He took the most out of anyone and continued to try and use his attorney to funnel out more through his kid because he wanted to make sure his girlfriend stayed with him. He knew she would leave when the money dried up and it did. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter/Kevin Hunter Jr./Sharina Hudson (Who Is Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband? All About Kevin Hunter)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **14**
The Building: It is a fourplex that has stood vacant for nearly a decade. It looks abandoned. It looks like a tear down. It is right there touching the better side of Olympic in a really decent neighborhood. Why has it been abandoned for so long? The thing is, it looks abandoned from the outside, but it really isn't. This now deceased permanent A+/A list singer built a recording studio inside the building and it kept getting burglarized. No matter what kind of locks or security system, the result was the same. Once every few months, the good stuff would be cleaned out. So, he spent a bunch of money making it look like it was abandoned and dangerous. At the same time, he put even better security in and the only way to even access the building was from a shed on the four plex next door which the singer also owned. After the singer died, this one named A list singer owned it for awhile, but wasn't really recording any longer. Now, it is owned by this former A+ list rapper who uses it for recording, but also just sees it as important historically.

This A list actor is filming a reality show with his wife but refuses to mention or let them mention his ongoing court case. It is like it doesn't exist if you don't mention it. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (‘Desperate’ Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are seriously considering a reality TV show with 7 kids) (Alec Baldwin's 'Rust' trial on involuntary manslaughter charge set for July)

The significant other of this permanent A list rapper is not doing well health wise and the rapper doesn't seem to care. He is ready to move on with the Thai hooker he found a couple of years ago.

When it gets to be the fourth time you make a divorce announcement and everyone already thought you were divorced, do you really need to make yet another public statement? Ray J & Princess Love (Ray J and Princess Love file for divorce for a fourth time)

They are really trying to keep this foreign born A+ list celebrity from going back to the hospital, but things are not good. Kate Middleton (Kensington Palace Shares an Update on Kate Middleton as Prince William Misses Memorial Service)

This former A list rapper doesn't care if he is accused of being with underage girls. He just doesn't want anyone to know about the young men. Sean “Diddy” Combs (Sean 'Diddy' Combs accused by male music producer of sexual assault) (All of Sean 'Diddy' Combs' accusers - including chefs, proteges and ex-girlfriends - as hip-hop billionaire faces new $30 million lawsuit)

This A list singer/sometime actress is hooking up with a movie producer. Yes, she is also still with the other guy. Ariana Grande/Ethan Slater (Ariana Grande Dating Ethan Slater: What to Know About His Estranged Marriage and Acting Career)

Part of the reason the one named female rapper dumped her producer ex is because she discovered that he was sleeping with Mr. FreakOff. His ex-wife discovered that he was also addicted to gay porn. Eve/Stevie J/Sean “Diddy” Combs/Faith Evans (Eve Lucky She Ended Relationship With Ex, ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Stevie J) (Faith Evans and Stevie J. Finalize Divorce Nearly 2 Years After Filing) (BLIND ITEM 02/08/24)

No matter how much she might want to wish it and make it true, this foreign born A-/B+ list actress is not an Oscar nominee. Priyanka Chopra/”To Kill A Tiger” (Priyanka Chopra joins team of Oscar-nominated film To Kill A Tiger, says she was ‘moved to pieces’: ‘As the daughter of a father…’)

This A list director is scrambling for a new outfit for a very big night after talking smack about a different designer that the designer overheard. Greta Gerwig (“Barbie” director Greta Gerwig, wearing a custom Fendi Couture dress) (Greta Gerwig Wore Erdem To The 2024 BAFTAs) (Greta Gerwig wears a red off-the-shoulder Balmain dress with jewel-encrusted buttons at the 76th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **10**
This A/A- list alliterate actress had a consultation to get a BBL (Brazilian butt lift). She says it will just be a small one.

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **11**
The alliterate one ran away from this A list actor/producer/writer/director when there was that whiff of scandal, but now she is trying to tell him it was a misunderstanding. Meghan Markle/Tyler Perry (Meghan Markle's pal Tyler Perry halts £600 million studio plans after being shocked by AI) (BLIND ITEM 12/20/23) (BLIND ITEM 12/22/23)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **12**
This married former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee didn't seem very married while out of the country and sucking face while drinking wine at a bar. She did look good though. She was glowing. Jennifer Lawrence/”Paris Fashion Week” (Jennifer Lawrence turns heads in a daringly low-cut plunging waistcoat as she, Natalie Portman and Elizabeth Debicki lead the A-list glamour at Dior's Paris Fashion Week showcase)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **13**
Speaking of former A+ list actresses, this A list actress (Angelina Jolie) with many children is currently feuding with a fellow A list actress (Natalie Portman) over a French billionaire they are both pursuing. They are both Oscar winners/nominees and technically I think both are still married, although we would call them single. The newly single one (Natalie Portman) is much younger than the other. Angelina Jolie (at least in regards to the settling of property which is still ongoing)/Natalie Portman  (List of French billionaires)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **14**
The Collection: Nearly a half-century ago, this singer (John Denver) was everywhere. His music was iconic and inescapable, and hard to place in a single genre. He was equally prolific in human rights and environmental campaigns, and his network ran deep and wide. The singer had a personal photographer (Lowell Norman), who has a book coming out later this year and is now in ailing health. Recently he passed ownership of his entire collection of photography and memorabilia to his son, and only then was it properly examined and cataloged. The collection is spectacular. It could fill the entire back of a pickup truck. It isn’t just photos from the singer’s gigs. It’s a look into his life that no one has seen. It’s the singer backstage, at home, and engaged in his many outdoor activities. His world travels. The photographer believed it was worthless, however, and stored it in cardboard boxes wherever he could. Original Kodachromes that graced the covers of Platinum-selling albums were casually tossed into piles. It took weeks to sort out. What’s in the collection? The catalog list is practically a book on its own, but here is what sticks out: John Denver/Lowell Norman/“Rocky Mountain Highway” (“Rocky Mountain Highway” Stories and Photos of My 25 Years Traveling with John Denver)
#1. Hundreds of slides of the singer and this legendary scientist/sailor aboard his equally legendary ship. Jacques Cousteau/”The Calypso” (John Denver & Jacques Cousteau's 75th Birthday)
#2. The singer guest hosting this long-running late night talk show, when it was hosted by the A+ legend. “Tonight Show”/Johnny Carson (1983 - John Denver - Tonight Show Hosting)
#3. A lot of pictures with this A+ comedy legend who lived a very long time. They made a movie together. George Burns/”Oh, God” (“Oh, God”)
#4. An entire crate of pictures from this annual celebrity sporting event the singer hosted. “Denver Celebrity Ski Classic” (Tahoe was high on Denver’s list)
#5. A number of photos of this former A++ lister whom the singer was close with. Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan (Jimmy Carter Presidential Library) (President Jimmy Carter appointed Denver to serve on the President's Commission on World Hunger) (He was awarded the Presidential World Without Hunger Award in 1985 by Ronald Reagan for his work with The Hunger Project and the President's Commission on World Hunger)
#6. The singer’s wedding to his second wife. Cassandra Delaney (John Denver and Cassandra Delaney Wedding)
#7. Signed letters to the singer from, among others, the pint-sized actor (Tom Cruise), the legendary blue-eyed actor (Paul Newman), the former President with a lot of initials (George H. W. Bush), the very influential automobile CEO (“Chrysler” chairman Lee Iacocca), and the sailor/scientist (Jacques Cousteau). Tom Cruise/Paul Newman/George H. W. Bush/“Chrysler” chairman Lee Iacocca/Jacques Cousteau
Oh, and there were also a few pictures of the singer naked. The singer asked the photographer to take those as part of a prank war he had going with this permanent A+ singing legend (#8). Those were removed from the collection and will never be seen
. Frank Sinatra (John Denver and Friend)

This former boy-bander hasn’t aged as well as he hoped. While we never found him particularly attractive, back in the day, scores of his female fans went to bed dreaming of him every night. But those dreams might now be nightmares, since he secretly wears a toupee. He’s working on his comeback tour and has a full-time hairstylist whose only task is to glue on his wig. He’s terrified of aging so before he takes the stage again he’s scheduled numerous cosmetic procedures, but wrinkles aside, his biggest fear is that his female followers will discover he’s basically bald. Justin Timberlake

It is exceedingly rare that this weekly tabloid breaks any kind of news or makes anyone mad at them, that the story about the mom (Tish Cyrus) stealing the actor (Dominic Purcell) from the daughter (Noah Cyrus) is probably true because the tabloid is willing to tick off the more famous side of the family (Miley Cyrus) to do so. The mom was married longer than the daughter is old and they both slept with the same guy who is thirty years older than the daughter. Tish Cyrus/Dominic Purcell/Noah Cyrus/Miley Cyrus (The real Wrecking Ball that threatens to shatter Miley's family bond for good: As Tish Cyrus, 56, is accused of stealing husband Dominic Purcell from daughter Noah, 24, a look at the messy infighting that has blighted the clan)

All of these lawsuits is why the late night host is going to be replaced by the one who was in on the Face Time joke. Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live”/Kate Chastain (Andy Cohen Apologizes to Brandi Glanville Over "Inappropriate" Joke About Sleeping With Kate Chastain)

Speaking of that particular channel, the soon to be again Housewife all but admitted she was scammed out of most of her money by her soon to be ex. “Bravo”/Porsha Williams/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Simon Guobadia (Porsha Williams removes ‘Guobadia’ from Instagram bio amid Simon divorce)

The people flagging the photos of the alliterate actress who used to get into a swimsuit each week are being directed by the current wife of an ex. Donna D'Errico/”Baywatch”/Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx (Donna D'Errico, 55, of Baywatch fame SLAMS haters for flagging her sexy Instagram photos causing them to be DELETED: 'It's not nice')

The wife of this A+/A list athlete berated a worker at a store because the worker couldn't find the $2K shoes she had purchased online and came to pick up. The wife wouldn't stop yelling at the worker. The worker started to cry and the wife just kept yelling. Finally the shoes were found and the wife threatened to never shop there again. Please. She was back two days later. Brittany Mahomes/Patrick Mahomes (Brittany Mahomes wears over $126K worth of designer duds for daughter Sterling’s 3rd birthday party)

Even though they are a small designer (“Dries Van Noten”), they have never been afraid of the editor. Last year, they started the show on time even though the editor was not there yet. Usually everyone waits until the editor arrives. This year, the editor was 15 minutes early. “Dries Van Noten”/Anna Wintour (Anna Wintour attends the Dries Van Noten Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on February 28, 2024 in Paris, France)

You know things are going bad for the alliterate one and the ginger haired one when the trades start slamming you on a daily basis. They are making the case that if anyone wants to do business with them, those companies are idiots. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

The killer actor has the prosecutors looking for excuses to not go to trial. That is a shame. Alec Baldwin

While this former Housewife is out of the country, her significant other has been entertaining a female guest. Bethenny Frankel/"Real Housewives of New York City"/Canada/Paul Bernon ("Town of treasures": Bethenny Frankel is obsessed with Abbotsford)

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **10**
Speaking of former Housewives out of the country, this former Housewife/actress just does not stop pushing for her kids to get jobs and bugs designers like crazy. They are going to stop inviting her to shows. Lisa Rinna/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/”Paris Fashion Week”/Amelia Gray Hamlin, Delilah Belle Hamlin (Lisa Rinna attends the Courrèges Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show as part of Paris Fashion Week) (Meet Lisa Rinna's Daughters, Delilah and Amelia Hamlin)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **11**
No one even recognizes this alliterate celebrity but he insists on having a team of private security accompany him everywhere. He didn't do anything like that until his wife started paying the bill. Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **12**
Reader Blind: Mr. FreakOff (Sean "Diddy" Combs) threw “private” parties in London because he noticed that British rappers were desperate to please him. One of his favorite London boy toys was the older brother (Dutchavelli) of the Teflon female rapper (Stefflon Don) who faced child abuse allegations. For the right amount of money he could be convinced to fulfill Mr. FreakOff’s fantasies because he thought it would help his career. It didn’t. He did however introduce him to some wealthy men in the UAE who would pay for his services. It’s why he is always in Dubai. Sean “Diddy” Combs/Dutchavelli/Stefflon Don

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **13**
Too bad the "singer's" attorney bailed on the deposition he was supposed to take of one of the members of her former business team. He could have asked her about wiring money to sex workers for the rapper/groomer. Britney Spears/Mathew Rosengart/Robin Greenhill/”Tri-Star Sports & Entertainment”/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Britney Stan)

372.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **14**
Reader Blind: The A list female rapper is a terrible person BUT she sells records. Lots of them. It’s why she’s so cocky. She is feeling even cockier now that she has heard what the feedback is on the Bacardi rapper’s new music is. She is in direct contact with execs at her rival’s label as they bonded over the success of the movie soundtrack song. She made them millions so they tell her what she wants to know. Nicki Minaj/Cardi B/”Barbie” (Cardi B Teases Fiery New Track on Instagram)

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **15**
Reader Blind: Those closest to the televangelist warned him about being associated with Mr. FreakOff but he did not listen.  Some of the men who claim to have stories about his private life have given him the nickname General HighBooty. T. D. Jakes/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Bishop T.D. Jakes Appears to Address Alleged Ties to Diddy: 'I Know Who I Am')

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **16**
Rebecca Ferguson Blind: “I remember there was a moment and this human being was being so insecure and angry because this person couldn’t get the scenes out. And I think I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that I got screamed at. But because this person was number one on a call sheet, there was no safety net for me. So no one had my back. And I would cry walking off set." The person would say things like, “You call yourself an actor?” and “This is what I have to work with?” “I stood there just breaking.” “I looked at this person and I said, ‘You can eff off. I’m gonna work towards a tennis ball. I never want to see you again,’” Ferguson recalled. “And then I remember the producers came up and said, ‘You can’t do this to number one. We have to let this person be on set.'” Ferguson explained that she requested to act to the back of her costar’s head. “And I did,” she said. “I thought it shouldn’t have to be that way. And I remember going to the director afterward and saying, ‘What is happening?’ " “The director said, ‘You’re right. I am not taking care of everyone else. I’m trying to fluff this person because it’s so unstable,’ " she added. “And it was great from that moment but it took so long for me to get to that.” NOT Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman. (Filmography) Michael Fassbender/”The Snowman” (‘The Snowman’ Director Knows Why Critics Hate His Movie: He Didn’t Shoot the Whole Script) (BLIND ITEM 08/31/23)

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **17**
The Sequel: Two decades ago there was a comedy movie (“Kung Pow! Enter the Fist”) that flew under the radar, but got a huge cult following over the years. It ended with an obviously fake trailer for a sequel. Though the creator (Steve Oedekerk) of this film wasn’t serious about it at first, he began trying to make the sequel once the fan outcry got loud enough. This guy should have had the money to do it. Given the nature of what this movie was, it wouldn’t cost much. He had his own studios (“O Entertainment” & “Omation Animation Studio”) away from Hollywood. He wrote and produced some of the biggest live-action comedy films and animated TV shows of their time (Filmography). Then all of a sudden, he sold off all his property and practically disappeared. What happened? A lot of what he owned came through foundations his wife (Tonie) and her family belonged to, and the people who controlled them - one of whom was a major real estate investor in the area he set up shop in. When the real estate mogul wanted to develop a 5-star resort on the property they owned, she saw dollar signs, divorced him, and took everything. Also around this time, the director (Tom Shadyac) he worked with on his biggest films (“The Nutty Professor”) had a near-fatal motorcycle accident and wasn’t the same person afterwards. The hotel was ultimately built on a different piece of land, and the former studio property is a vacant lot to this day. He is still promising the sequel all these years later
. “Kung Pow! Enter the Fist”/Steve Oedekerk/“O Entertainment” & “Omation Animation Studio”/Tonie/Tom Shadyac/”The Nutty Professor” (Property owner says time is short to build Capistrano hotel) (Hollywood Screenwriter Lists in San Juan Capistrano for $9.995 Million)

This former A list shock jock is not doing well, healthwise or financially. To help him out, his ex-business partner and past employer pitched a new gig that would get him back on his feet and help pay off debts, but at a much lower salary than he previously received. Unfortunately, he's too stubborn to accept the olive branch.

This former A+ list rapper wants his oldest child to live with him. He doesn't care about the others. Kanye West/North West (North West, 10, returns to LA via private jet after whirlwind Paris trip with dad Kanye West... as the tween is seen bringing home designer items from Celine and Chanel)

Speaking of kids, after using his kids like pawns, this A- list singer doesn't really see them much. Joe Jonas

It isn't like he hasn't been photographing his mother naked for a decade, so of course he could direct her in  a sex scene pretty easily. Elizabeth Hurley/Damian Hurley/”Strickley Confidential” (Elizabeth Hurley gets hot and heavy with another woman in trailer for son Damian’s movie ‘Strictly Confidential’)

When you basically admit the product you have been shilling and getting paid to shill for a very long time, doesn't actually work, then you know you are getting the boot. The one named permanent A list celebrity doesn't care. The company she is leaving won't be able to stay in business much longer. “Weight Watchers”/Oprah (Oprah Winfrey to Exit WeightWatchers Board After She Announced Use of Weight-Loss Drug)

This A/A- list one named rapper was projecting extremely risque anime films on a screen during his studio sessions. All the material was legal, but it made some of the studio musicians and engineers uncomfortable. The Weeknd (The Weeknd Teases That He’s Back in the Studio)

The father of this A+/A list mostly movie actor was supposed to be a pastor and went to school for it. The problem is he can't do it because he is a registered sex offender. He did some bad things to a 14 year old.

The former publicist used to provide the booze to the former talk show host, so why weren't they concerned then, but are now? Shawn Zanotti/Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams' Publicist Is Looking For Her Own Fame)

Throw this into the family feud (Cyrus). The young daughter (Noah Cyrus) was also sleeping with this female A- list singer (Demi Lovato) who has had a long feud with the older daughter (Miley Cyrus). There were threesomes going on with the actor (Dominic Purcell), the daughter and the A- list singer. Cyrus/Noah Cyrus/Demi Lovato/Miley Cyrus/Dominic Purcell (Boyfriend ‘stealing,’ name-calling and Miley snubbing Billy Ray: Inside the dysfunctional Cyrus dynasty) (Noah Cyrus, Lauren Jauregui, Michael Cimino & More Attend Stella McCartney x Adidas Party - See Pics of Every Attendee!) (Why did Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato not get along in their Disney days? Exploring their relationship throughout the years) (Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus Split)

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **10**
Reader Blind: North of the border singer (Shawn Mendes) has an album that will hit this year. He is also about to drop new music and a new public relationship (Aitana) to assist with publicity for new music. Give him something to talk about in interviews besides his newfound group of " spiritual leaders” and his unstable behavior and depression. They don’t want him to focus on his ramblings about specific issues that have triggered his young fans since last November. Both parties have had to agree to at least a year relationship, while he releases music, drops a new album, and announces a tour for next year. In return, she will be exposed to his fan base and the American market.  It was between three women (Charlie Travers/Camila Cabello/Aitana) and she won, however, besides vacation spots and being in the industry they don’t have much in common and she's not interested in being part of this spiritual group ("Modern Mystery School") or following his gurus (Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon). Hard launch coming in 1..2..3…the fake love of the music industry for sales! Shawn Mendes/Aitana/Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon/"Modern Mystery School"/Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon (Shawn Mendes Reflects on Experiencing the 'Lows of Life' in 2023 and What He’s Learned) (Pop Alert: Aitana and Shawn Mendes, together in the bombshell collaboration in 2024?) (Shawn Mendes Flaunts His Abs in Steamy Paris Photoshoot After Ex Camila Cabello Hints at Feeling 'Lonely' Post-Split)

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **11**
Reader Blind: The children of this permanent A List couple are not allowed to listen to the music of the vulgar rapper with the color in her name. They know why she was signed and which group of children she has been sent to corrupt. Beyoncé/Jay-Z/Sexyy Red

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **12**
I really hope the one named rapper got paid eight figures for doing all that jail time for the wannabe rapper/producer. What this also means is that the A list celebrity everything in her mind is in on the lie. Shyne/Sean “Diddy” Combs/Jennifer Lopez (Diddy’s Latest Lawsuit Addressed by Woman Who Alleges He Shot Her in Face in 1999 Club Shooting: 'He’s Guilty') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/14/22)

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **13**
This former state A++ lister thinks if she sticks around long enough that the first choice will just give up and she will win by default. That isn't how that would work for her. Nikki Hailey/Donald Trump (There’s a Good Reason Haley’s Still Running – And It’s Not Trump’s Legal Problems)

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/29 **14**
The Comic: To call him a comic implies that he was funny. He really wasn't all that funny. He did standup all over the country to sold out clubs, but he was never really all that great at it. He didn't care about being great at it. All he cared about was finding new women in each town he played. Literally from the first month he was performing, women were throwing themselves at him and in that first month, he got a showgirl pregnant. He was barely out of his teens and now he had a wife and daughter. His act wasn't getting any better. Then, one day he wrote a bit down that he heard an A list comedian do. He changed it up a bit and did it for a crowd who loved it. There was also another comic who loved it and thought they would make a great team together, so the pair hit the road leaving the wife and kid at home. One of their first stops was Miami and our comic couldn't help himself and soon took to bed another showgirl. Six weeks after he left home he served his wife with divorce papers. Well, his wife didn't take kindly to that and went down to Miami to confront our comic. Instead, when she got there she saw the new woman in his life. The wife confronts the mistress in the bathroom and gets her on the floor and starts beating her. The mistress smashes the wife across the face with a mirror from a compact and then does a Mike Tyson and bites off the lobe of the wife's ear. She then breaks the wife's knee cap and manages to escape. The cops come and both are arrested. In court, the comic testifies in support of his very young girlfriend and she is found not guilty. In the aftermath, the club in Miami wanted nothing to do with our comic. They fired him. But, it doesn't end yet. The mistress gets very angry at our comic one night at their place. They have a huge fight. She throws a big mug at him and then heads to the bathroom and locks herself in. Our comic threatens to break the door down and does. By then, the cops are there and they come in and find our comic covered in blood. He said his mistress tried to kill herself with razor blades. She lived and the police believed the comic and the mistress was committed to a mental hospital for her safety. Meanwhile, our comic continued to try and work but no one would hire him. He changed his name to try and get work and to keep his wife from finding him and getting alimony and child support.

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