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The scrubbing of the truth is in full effect as award season approaches for how this A list director and her slightly lower on ladder director partner got together. Expect a tide of bots claiming there’s no evidence and blame it on sexism. The facts are much worse than the donut licker’s current drama but the difference is the director is beloved. Greta Gerwig & Noah Bombach/Ariana Grande & Ethan Slater (Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach's Complete Relationship Timeline) (Remember When Ariana Grande Licked Donuts? Here's the Recap)

The publicist made a big slip up but tells no lies: it is an arrangement with a big fat NDA and the jock will be dropped once the A+ lister is done with him. So far it’s worked well for getting the public to forget the A+ lister doubled down on claiming her racist now-ex just a few months ago. Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift/Matthew Healy

As I told you would happen a few weeks ago, no other country even bothered to bid on hosting the big international sports event which just got awarded, because they knew it would be impossible for them to compete with the bribes getting handed out. “2034 FIFA World Cup”/Saudia Arabia (Saudi Arabia set to host 2034 World Cup as Australia withdraws interest) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/05/23)

This A list foreign singer featured on a salacious hit single in 2022, but couldn't follow it up with another smash. Now the artist is relying on Groupon and ticket promos with a pizza chain to keep the tour afloat. Kim Petras/Sam Smith/”Unholy” (Kim Petras on Tour Life, Dante’s Inferno, and Truck Stop Dick)

This foreign born A- list actress, other than unfollowing just her former sister-in-law and no one else in the family, she deleted only two posts from her IG. One from the former sister-in-law's wedding and the other one was for their engagement. Is our actress subtlety confirming the marriage of her former sister-in-law is fake or just saying she hates her former sister-in-law. Sophie Turner/Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Sophie Turner ‘confided’ in sister-in-law Priyanka Chopra before unfollowing her on Instagram amid Joe Jonas divorce)

Guess which former A+ list singer/serial rapist is spilling the beans on his music industry peers behind bars? The one he has on this one named A- list singer feels….familiar. R. Kelly/Usher

If you have been reading the site for years, it should not be shocking the directionally challenged rapper had his plane searched while out of the country. Who says it was for drugs? French Montana (French Montana Says Private Jet Was Searched For Drugs In Colombia)

The permanent A list "singer" is not the one pushing for a television series about her book. Everyone loves making money off her. Britney Spears (Britney Spears in talks to turn explosive book into a huge TV series)

It appears that the barely barely barely legal teen by a  few weeks was not around when this actor died this week. Not the former A lister, but about the same age and condition. Tyler Christopher ('General Hospital' Star Tyler Christopher's Friend Found Him Dead at Home) (Tyler Christopher's 2 Kids: All About Greysun and Boheme)

This foreign born iconic singer who is permanently A list left her house for fun for the first time in months, but was incredibly frail and weak looking. It will be a long time, if ever she gets back to performing. Celine Dion (Celine Dion makes first appearance in nearly 4 years amid stiff-person syndrome condition)

The alliterate one and her husband are getting slightly better at making photos look like they were randomly taken. They still need a lot of improvement. Let me know the next time you can get within 10 feet of them from behind with no security in sight. By the way, the family in front of them in the Halloween photo, asked for a photo and the couple said no. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Took Their Kids Trick-or-Treating and My Heart Can’t Handle It)

The A list actor/sometime director was spotted drinking some cold beers. I thought he didn't do that any longer. Ben Affleck

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent foreign born A lister is in a war with a singer from the two color group. Apparently our barely there celebrity offspring has also slept with the billionaire and wants him for herself. Lisa/”BLACKPINK”/Frédéric Arnault (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/09/23)

PR Barbie: This foreign born A- list singer (Shawn Mendes) is getting ready to release music and make a comeback next year. However, his label (“Island Records”) and team have been pressuring him all year to make it official with this wanna-be Barbie singer (Sabrina Carpenter) on their label. She's had multiple albums and none have reached the top ten, let alone #1. Currently she is an opening act for the biggest tour (Taylor Swift) out there and still couldn’t get a big hit or higher on the charts. Their label has invested half the year's marketing budget just on her and still didn’t get the big hits, like her vampire counterpart (Olivia Rodrigo). The thinking goes that if our foreign born singer commits this time to be a couple and not just showing up to a couple of events, but really committing to the story and the show, they can have his big comeback and get her her first number one and bigger album next year and tour. He’s not into her for obvious reasons and he doesn’t want it but has agreed since he wants a career comeback and will need to promote new music and a new album set for March/April of next year. What better way than to make it about another singer on her way up on the same label? His team posted pics with Barbie to get gossip started and get a feel for interest.  The narrative will be they hated the alliterate singer (Camila Cabello), and she hurt their angel and now they love Barbie and she saved their angel. Now he just has to get inspired to write fake songs about a girl he has zero in common with and isn’t into. The other singer and he had been best friends for years prior to dating publicly and had a lot in common and families were close. This will just be a PR and they have to fake it since there is not a strong bond to work from. As for Barbie she doesn’t care. She would do PR with anyone to get big. She’s obsessed at this point and doesn’t understand why she’s not bigger. She thinks she is more talented and sexier and has a cooler edger image than the other female singers to whom she is compared. Shawn Mendes/”Island Records”/Sabrina Carpenter/Taylor Swift/Olivia Rodrigo/Camila Cabello (Welp, the Time Has Come for a Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter Relationship Deep Dive)

This championship baseball team was the impetus for this former A list band to get back together. It still doesn't change the fact the lead singer is pretty awful. “Texas Rangers/”Creed”/Scott Stapp (Watch: Rangers celebrate World Series title with Creed singalong)

This A list talk show host is hooking up with one of her staffers. The staffer is making a play to get the boss of the show fired and him installed instead.

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee was offered the chance to go back to a role that made her famous, but she turned it down and said it was insulting. Now, she would beg to be a part of it again. Jennifer Lawrence/”Katniss Everdeen”/”Hunger Games” (Jennifer Lawrence Is ‘Totally’ Open to Playing Katniss Again, but ‘Hunger Games’ Team Not Counting on It: ‘I Think Her Story Is Complete’)

Yes, they were photographed together, but this foreign born singer and her actor husband looked like they were doing it out of necessity rather than fun. It gave off the former late night actor and hard to spell model vibes. Lily Allen & David Harbour/Pete Davidson & Emily Ratajkowski (Lily Allen and husband David Harbour put on a united display at NY Knicks basketball game as they are seen together for the first time since split rumours) (Emily Ratajkowski revelation after dating Pete Davidson: ‘I attract the worst men’)

The drug supply has been horribly tainted since the beginning of the strikes in Hollywood. Dealers have found new customers on the picket lines and demand has increased, but the product being sold in Los Angeles, and specifically West Hollywood is really bad right now. Did it have something to do with the A lister's recent death? Probably not, but the number of overdoses/bad reactions the past few months is at an entirely new level. It is only a matter of time before celebrities start also dying in greater numbers because of the bad drugs. Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry Autopsy, Initial Tests Negative for Fentanyl and Meth)

While filming one of those ensemble cast movies that were so popular at one point and a favorite of an A list director, this married A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee would take this A- list actor into her trailer at least once a day and have sex with him. She said her A list husband couldn't perform any longer.

This married A- list reality star from multiple concurrent shows had to have his heart checked because of the stress he has from juggling three different women who are not his wife. Mauricio Umansky/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/”Dancing With the Stars”/”Buying Beverly Hills” (Kyle Richards Opens up About How Mauricio Umansky Was "Consumed" with *This* Amid Marriage Issues)

This foreign born former A list tennis player thought she had the bag with a guy she yachted with for two years and then he found someone younger. Now, she is all in with a name, but far less money.

This former A list actress doesn't act any longer. All of you know her. Comes from an acting family. She is being blackmailed by an ex for millions of dollars, and it wouldn't shock me if she just decides to have the guy killed. She has that many connections.

I wonder while she is in court this week if this flash in the pan infamous A lister will talk about her sex work. She is in high demand. Not as high as those who got away with murder, but close. Shanna Gardner/Casey Anthony (Casey Anthony attorney Jose Baez hired in Florida murder-for-hire case)

I don't blame the family for publicly saying it was a disease that killed the barely there celebrity. It has never killed anyone before, but still it sounded better than the way he did die. There are a lot of people on that southern reality show who are probably relieved he is dead since he sold so many of them their drugs. Olivia Flowers’ brother Conner Flowers/"Lyme Disease"/Fentanyl Overdose/”Southern Charm” (Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers Says Brother Conner Died of a Fentanyl Overdose Amid Lyme Disease Battle)

The date this foreign born A- list actress recently went on was because of a bet her suitor made with another guy about who could get her to say yes first. Sophie Turner/Peregrine Pearson (Who Is Peregrine Pearson? All About the British Aristocrat Spotted Kissing Sophie Turner)

This barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities has essentially abandoned her family to make sure the A+/A list actor doesn't even think about leaving her. Gigi Hadid/Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid & Mohamed Hadid/Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid spotted on theater date at play ‘Danny and the Deep Blue Sea’) (Gigi and Bella Hadid’s dad, Mohamed, compares Israel to Nazis in since-deleted Instagram post)

The Motel - Anniversary Month: Many many years ago, I remember writing about an actor who owned a trailer park in Northern California that was a front for a pot cultivation farm. If you need a place to stay, you could use one of his trailers for free, but you had to grow pot, and he had a security guy to enforce it. He ran that for many years until he sold it to the security guy who then let it go down the drain until it became a trailer park/meth lab/bordello for bikers. There was also the A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee who owned multiple massage parlors and for many years was a huge trafficker of women between parlors not only in Los Angeles, but through much of the western part of the US. He is out of that business now, but he did keep several of those women as long time girlfriends whether he was married or not. Our actor today is very vocal about his religion. He is very careful to take parts that will not offend his religion. He probably could be A+ list were he to take all that is offered to him. Through his church and his humanitarian efforts, he comes across many people who are struggling and need help financially. They often need a place to stay. Our actor, along with another actor who has been A+ list, have bought several motels across the country to house families in need. In the Los Angeles area, there are three that I know of, but there may be more. Two of the motels are much like the ones scattered across the country for use by local churches. They house families. The third motel is where they keep young women. They prefer young women who have never had kids, but they will sometimes accept a woman who has one child, as long as she is young and pretty. The women in this motel are brought there from places around the country. They are offered jobs and a place to stay and to get back on their feet. The two actors are a big part of the push. One or the other will reach out to the woman, who has often been recruited from the families that are staying at family motels. When she reaches 18, she is encouraged to help her family by moving to Los Angeles. Once they are settled in and regular payments are being made to her and her parents and the parents are able to move out of the motel in whatever town they are located and into a house, the hook is set. The woman is introduced to a man from somewhere in the country. A wealthy donor to the church. She is encouraged to date the man and then get married and get immediately pregnant. The actors have devised their own baby making/trad wife farm of people most vulnerable who want to help their families
. (BLIND ITEM 05/29/07) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/26/19)

The two color singer doesn't care about her current scandal because she wants out and wants to be with her boyfriend and get married. Lisa/”BLACKPINK”/Frédéric Arnault (Blackpink: Lisa blocked on Chinese social media after Paris cabaret show)

The significant other of the foreign born superhero is really trying hard to have people speculating whether she is pregnant or not. She loves the attention. Suki Waterhouse/Robert Pattinson (Is Suki Waterhouse Pregnant? What We Know About The Reported “Baby Bump”)

This former 90's actress who now just complains a lot, has been taking monetary reservations from people who want to take some psychedelics at a spot she owns outside the country. She just takes the money, but never sets anything up with people. Rose McGowan/Mexico (Rose McGowan Talks Moving to ‘Much Kinder Environment’ in Mexico: ‘Never Been a School Shooting There’)

One thing about the permanent A list "singer." She doesn't announce to the world when she is going to shut down her Insta, she just does it. She doesn't want the extra attention unlike the A- list singer/actress who is always taking breaks but wants you to know it first. Britney Spears/Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Deleting Instagram After Being Blasted Over Israel-Palestine Post)

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and is on the older side, signed on to do a Super Bowl commercial. Robert De Niro; Al Pacino; Harrison Ford; Bill Murray

This west coast Housewife was supposed to create content with this east coast Housewife this weekend at the big convention. She canceled though because of a racism scandal. Oh, and not the racism scandal that saw one (Ramona Singer/"Real Housewives of New York City") being banned. Oh, or the racism of the boss (Andy Cohen). This is different. Ramona Singer/"Real Housewives of New York City"/Andy Cohen (Former ‘RHONY’ Star Ramona Singer Dropped From BravoCon After Racial Slur)

The A list actor/sometime director and his significant other are headed for another split. She thought she could control him, but that is never going to happen. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez

While asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks for his company from the state where it is headquartered, the wealthy bookseller is moving out of the state so he doesn't have to pay any taxes to the state. Jeff Bezos/”Amazon”/Washington (Jeff Bezos is leaving Seattle for Miami)

The significant other of this A+ list mostly movie actor was nowhere in sight for his secret event. Has our actor finally seen the light? Keanu Reeves/Alexandra Grant (Keanu Reeves takes the stage and rocks out at Amoeba Records in Hollywood with his group Dogstar)

This foreign born A list singer really should ask for identification before he sleeps with some of the groupies he meets after shows. Drake (Drake Gives Away a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon to a Fan at His Toronto Concert)

This flash in the pan commercial actress was definitely not shy about offering her yachting services to this A list movie director who is an Oscar winner/nominee. He was loving the attention.

Speaking of yachting, this southern reality star sure was cozied up to a very high roller in Vegas last night. Venita Aspen/”Southern Charm” (Venita Aspen Explains Her Romantic Connection to Las Vegas Ahead of BravoCon 2023)

Speaking of Vegas. While this former Housewife is in Vegas her long time significant other is spending time with his mistress. Teddi Mellencamp/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Edwin Arroyave (Teddi Mellencamp Worried About RHONJ Cast Joining Her in Suite at BravoCon)

Four For Friday - Secret Love:
#1 - This former A- list actress/celebrity who used to get naked and is not having the best 2023, once got divorced because she was sleeping with another person. They would meet at really expensive hotels and spend thousands of dollars at each one of their hookups and she charged it all to her husband's credit card.
#2 - This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee once got divorced because he liked his boyfriend more than his actress wife. Alan Cummings/Hilary Lyon
#3 - This foreign born A- list franchise actress once got divorced because she got a breast enlargement. It was paid for by her lover.
#4 - This former A list athlete got divorced when he beat his wife after she confronted him about his boyfriend.

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/04 **0.5**
None of the commentators have been naughty, even the one who needed a hand from the Pope to get the title. Hopefully it will all be back to normal by Monday or Tuesday. “Fox News”/Jonathan Morris (White House calls on Fox News to apologize after top host’s ‘sickening’ Islamophobic rant) (Former Catholic Priest Who Landed Spot in ‘The Irishman’ Accused of Repeatedly Raping Ex-Parishioner (Exclusive))

Despite his claims to the contrary, the celebrity CEO’s site keeps bleeding money.  It’s gotten so bad, if you were an early user with a desirable handle, but not many followers - he will seize your handle and sell it to someone else. Elon Musk/”X” aka “Twitter” (Elon Musk’s X Has Started Selling Off Old Twitter Handles For Upwards Of $50,000)

Despite the foreign born A- list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee also getting bad reviews for the play in which he is starring in London. The play is closed for the next few days because he fired several members of the cast which then led others to quit. Don't believe the foolishness of illness. Kenneth Branagh/“King Lear”

This A- list singer really should know what she is getting with her boyfriend. He has a horrible reputation, especially when he is rebuffed in an app. She should also get tested for sure. Demi Lovato/Jutes

Whenever this A- list singer/actor starts doing things for charity, you just know there is some huge scandal that is going to blow up. Jared Leto (Jared Leto (probably) can't walk on water, but he can do a smooth bungee jump at ACL Fest)


This A list stand up comic who is very popular online doesn't like people to know he has a Grindr profile. Matt Rife

This barely there celebrity is generally a coked out mess and his A list celebrity wife is about to kick him to the corner.

The A list former boy bander who would love nothing more than to get back together with them, really should look into the whole phone stealing thing going on at his club. At this point, you probably shouldn't even bring your phone at all if you are going to even set it down for a few minutes. Justin Timberlake/NSYNC/”Twelve-Thirty Club” (Elton John performs at private party at Justin Timberlake’s Nashville club)

This former network reality star turned front man for a permanent A list group should try to be a little more discreet when it comes to doing lines in public places. Everyone saw
. Adam Lambert/”Queen” (Review: Queen and Adam Lambert created a rock ‘n’ roll force of nature at AAC)

This former A- list bad actress is kicking herself for not trying yachting earlier. Well, there was the one time with the Russian, but he was really not her style and a drunk. Tori Spelling (Tori Spelling seen shopping for lingerie after steamy makeout with Ryan Cramer amid Dean McDermott split)

The former late night actor doesn't have a no phone policy because of his act. It is because if he is wasted, he doesn't want that to go online. Pete Davidson (Pete Davidson 'kicks out venue employee for breaking no-phone policy at his comedy gig': 'I pay $10,000 to lock up your phones!')

Apparently the alliterate one's lapdog was about to be replaced which is why you have seen the full court press from him trying to make everyone else look bad. Oh, and of course the new book. Meghan Markle/Omid Scobie/”Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival” (Harry and Meghan's biographer Omid Scobie brands Prince William 'power hungry' and King Charles 'unpopular' as he promotes his 'explosive' new book on the Royal Family)

I never thought this former Disney actress would turn into a full time beard, but there she is doing beard things. Vanessa Hudgens/Cole Tucker (Vanessa Hudgens Reveals She'll Take Fiancé Cole Tucker's Last Name: 'I'm Probably Going To Take It')

It is almost like the A+ list singer is rebooting her squad, and also giving lots of new possibilities for any new songs she writes. I would go with the roommate. Taylor Swift/Sophie Turner (Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner, Brittany Mahomes, and More Enjoy Girls' Night in NYC)

This A list actor with a huge franchise has been buying awards this season. That is normal for actors. What is strange is that the A- list reality star with the crappy new product she refused to wear to accept a bought and paid for award honoring her for the product which had come out a day or two earlier. Adam Driver/”Star Wars”/”Ferrari”/”Camerimage Film Festival”/Kylie Jenner/”Khy” (Adam Driver To Receive Acting Honor And Present ‘Ferrari’ At Camerimage Film Festival) (Kylie Jenner's new Khy clothing line made $1million in sales within first HOUR of launch - after billionaire star was accused of copying designer's ideas)

It is amazing how you can take a vacation to a very exclusive very secure private resort on an island, in the middle of nowhere and yet somehow perfect photos from five feet away are snapped showing this foreign born A list singer looking his best and photos of him with his girlfriend too. Publicity much? Harry Styles/Taylor Russell/”Mustique” (Harry Styles and his girlfriend Taylor Russell take their romance to the next level as they 'enjoy secret romantic holiday at lavish Mustique resort')

This A+ list mostly movie actor has a dormant franchise. He has been married multiple times. He also spent $13K on dinner and didn't leave a tip.

This A+/A list mostly movie actor is learning what so many other male actors before him have discovered. Fillers can look really bad. Maybe if he dated someone with a 3 in front of her age, he wouldn't feel like he needed to. Leonardo DiCaprio (Inside the LACMA Art + Film Gala 2023 With Leonardo DiCaprio, Billie Eilish, Lenny Kravitz and More)

Even with the edibles he took, the ginger haired one hated attending the event this weekend, but he went as ordered. Prince Harry/Katy Perry Concert (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Create Buzz at Katy Perry Concert in Las Vegas)

Part of the deal in this relationship was that the foreign born director was going to get his wife a lead in one of his movies. So far, there is nothing on the horizon and she is getting upset. Taika Waititi/Rita Ora (Taika Waititi Teases He May Give Wife Rita Ora Her Own Movie: 'That's Probably on the Cards' (Exclusive))

This alliterate A list singer is constantly going after his ex in the tabloids. His publicist must be making a fortune. Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner (EXCLUSIVE - Joe Jonas thinks it's 'too soon' for estranged wife Sophie Turner to be KISSING other men in public after she was pictured with Peregrine Pearson: Singer is 'not even close to looking for love again' and 'doesn't want to play games' with his ex)

 The A list "singer" has a new boyfriend who has spent the past four nights with her at her house. Britney Spears (Britney Spears puts on a VERY cheeky performance in skimpy white shorts and THREE bright crop tops as she shows off dance moves on Instagram)

The state A++ lister has his people planting articles and posting negative polls about the A++ lister so he can jump in and run. California Governor Gavin Newsom/President Joe Biden (Fetterman accuses Gavin Newsom of running shadow presidential campaign)

Reader Blind: Back in the day, my great-grandmother used to attend the same parties as this A+ fruit author. She said that she and her friends tried to stay as far away from him as possible because he never bathed. Roald Dahl/”James and The Giant Peach” (Roald Dahl Quote)

Reader Blind: On Monday, this A list dual threat actress attended Thom Browne's 20th Anniversary party in NYC. She was wearing an undetectable wig that looked just like her real hair. Nobody noticed and she didn't take it off. The only way you would know is that the wigmaker that did it for her put it in her stories on IG. She wore the wig again on Friday at the premiere of X: The Life Times Of Malcom X at The Met. Again, nobody noticed. Christine Baranski (Stage) (Film) (Television) (Christine Baranski Pulls Off a Thom Browne Suit Like No Other) (Christine Baranski attends the "X: The Life and Times Of Malcolm X" opening night at The Metropolitan Opera)

This former A list reality star made her significant other take a different car to an event they were both attending, so he wouldn't get in her shot if there were cameras when they arrived. Paris Hilton/Carter Reum/”2023 LACMA Art+Film Gala, Presented By Gucci” (Paris Hilton attends the 2023 LACMA Art+Film Gala) (Paris Hilton and LACMA Trustee Carter Reum attend the 2023 LACMA Art+Film Gala)

The very fast rapper was playing with fire at a recent event. He has that big court date coming up very soon and what he did, could have made that a whole lot worse. A$AP Rocky/”LACMA Art + Film Gala 2023” (Rihanna Joins Boyfriend A$AP Rocky for Late-Night Dinner After He Attends LACMA Art + Film Gala 2023)

This A+ list social media star really shouldn't combine her medications with booze. She was not doing well at a party this weekend. Really not well. Emma Chamberlain/”2023 LACMA Art+Film Gala” (Emma Chamberlain Wasn’t Even Alive in the ’90s, But She Nailed the Hair and Makeup)

The significant other must read the blinds and saw that she had been missed at the secret event. At the very public event this weekend, she had a death grip on the A+ list actor. Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves takes the stage and rocks out at Amoeba Records in Hollywood with his group Dogstar) (Keanu Reeves, 59, and girlfriend Alexandra Grant, 50, return to the same event where they debuted as a couple FOUR years ago) (BLIND ITEM 11/03/23)

This A- list actress/sometime director told a story about one of her exes. She wouldn't say which one, but she doesn't have that many. She said that the ex tried to use the carved mouth of a pumpkin as a way to pleasure himself. Apparently, when that didn't work, he used one of the eyes, but cut himself badly, and had to wrap himself in a bandage for a week. Olivia Wilde (DATED WHO) (Olivia Wilde Said a Great Many Things About Her Vagina Last Night)

The Slipper;  Apparently, back in the day, it actually started out as a shoe, but then became a slipper because it sounded more classy. Back when this A- list actress (Zooey Deschanel) and her A- list singer (Ben Gibbard) in a group (“Death Cab for Cutie”) husband started dating, he would hide his coke in an old sneaker in his closet. He had a roommate who was always inviting people over and if our singer didn't want it stolen, he had to hide it. He would forget his hiding places and then didn't know if it had been stole or if he misplaced it. The shoe was one of a kind though. He didn't have the other shoe, so figured it would be a great place. Fast forward to when he started dating his now wife (Rachel Demy). She asked him where his coke was one night and he said the shoe in the closet. One night, they had some friends over and someone asked if there was any coke and our actress said to check the shoe in the bedroom closet. The friend who asked said that was a really good idea. On that particular night, our actress was wearing slippers that looked like the ruby slippers worn in Wizard Of Oz. At some point that night, the vial of coke fell off the table, but landed in the shoe of the actress. Everyone was wasted and much like someone might drink from a shoe, everyone  did a bump of coke from the slipper. Since that night, they moved the coke from the sneaker to the slipper
. Zooey Deschanel/Ben Gibbard/”Death Cab for Cutie”/Rachel Demy

The wealthy bookseller is putting the word out that he will pay any price to get broadcasting rights for this sports league.   The bookseller is hoping to intimidate the league's current network partners into signing contracts with less expensive live entertainment,  between now and the expiry of the sports league's present contract.  If the bookseller's campaign is successful,  the networks would effectively financially box themselves out from competitively bidding on the upcoming renewal.  Jeff Bezos/”NFL”

The significant other of this former tween actress turned A- list singer is using her name to try and hook up with other people. He always says it is going to be for a third, but then he just ends up hooking up with them by himself and the singer isn't even in the picture. Demi Lovato/Jutes (Demi Lovato Wants to Marry Boyfriend Jutes: ‘We’ve Talked About It’)

While at a recent event, this pint sized actor wore the worst hair piece he has ever worn. It was next level. Tom Cruise/Scientology “Patrons Ball” (Tom Cruise goes black tie for Scientology at ‘Patrons Ball’ in England)

This pseudo offspring of an A list do everything just wants a guy who will make her famous. There is really only one guy who gave her that status and he tried to mainly ignore her except to hookup. The new guy wasn't doing it and she never lets anyone know about the old billionaire because she likes that on the down low. Lori Harvey/Steve Harvey/Michael B. Jordan/Damson Idris (Lori Harvey and Damson Idris Split After One Year of Dating)

After the holidays, there is going to be huge cleaning of house at this network morning show. Too many people with too many issues who are getting paid too much money and not getting along and not getting good enough ratings. Literally, the only one safe is the offspring of a former A++ lister. “NBC”/”Today”/Jenna Bush

The only reason the significant other of this A+ list athlete got a product featured by the permanent A lister was because the A lister and A+ lister share some of the same management team and got a favor done. Brittany Mahomes/Patrick Mahomes/Oprah/Taylor Swift

The A- list alliterate singer solo and in a group finally showed off the woman he has been dating since before he split with his ex. Kind of. No face on social media though. Just hints. Joe Jonas/”Jonas Brothers”/Sophie Turner (Rumors Fly After Joe Jonas Is Spotted Cozying Up With 'Devotion' Costar Spencer Neville)

No matter what happens, the one thing for sure is that the former actor turned reality show host turned podcaster will not end up on the site owned by the celebrity CEO. Joe Rogan/Elon Musk (Elon Musk told Joe Rogan he bought Twitter to stop ‘extinctionist’ mind virus)

The weekly shot and a lot of body work have completely changed the look of this former Disney singer turned talk show host. Adrienne Bailon-Houghton (Adrienne Bailon-Houghton attends the BET+ premiere screening for "Kingdom Business")

This former Disney actress paid someone to write a kids book for her. Hilary Duff/"My Little Sweet Boy" (Hilary Duff joins "CBS Mornings" to share how motherhood inspired her second children's book)

The publicity machine of this A list reality star would have you believe she and the former A list athlete are dating. He actually prefers the guy who was part of the group that went to dinner. Kim Kardashian/Odell Beckham Jr. (Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr. huddle inside his birthday bash)

This very old permanent A list singer/songwriter offered his limo driver $500 for sex. The limo driver said no, but found another woman for the singer.

This A- list writer/actress and the father of her kids got into a horrible argument this past week. It was so bad that it might inadvertently lead to a reveal. Mindy Kaling/B. J. Novak (Mindy Kaling Says Her Daughter Was Not a Fan of Her Diwali Party Outfit)

The Come Up: This current late night actor has been trying to be seen and associated with A-list singers. First, the pretty singer promoting her sophomore album who is single for now, and has a driver's license.  Our late night actor made sure to be photographed with her, and the team reposted and sent out the blinds. It got minimal buzz and she’s not interested. He then did it again with the foreign born alliterate singer since they were at a couple of the same events during Halloween. He asked to hang out with her and her friends and made sure to be captured next to her or in the background in pics and videos. The PR team then sent in tips to gossip sites about them partying together. They are not dating and the singer has zero interest.  The late night actor is going to keep trying since he doesn’t have to really date them. He just needs to be linked to and associated with them. His goal and the goal of his team is just to get more recognition outside the late night show. He wants to be like the former late night actor who always appears to be dating women way out of his league. This guy is as thirsty as YouTube stars
. Marcello Hernandez/”SNL”/Olivia Rodrigo/Camila Cabello/Pete Davidson (Olivia Rodrigo was reportedly spotted with comedian Marcello Hernandez at the Comedy Cellar in New York recently) (Camila Cabello And Marcello Hernandez Spotted Holding Hands At Heidi Klum's Halloween Party)

Despite the insane amount of pressure, Kneepads went with the same formula it always does when finding the sexiest man alive. A middle age white guy past his prime who has a PR team the magazine owes a lot of favors to. Yes, they are including the NFL athlete though. They are not stupid. “People”/Patrick Dempsey/Travis Kelce (Patrick Dempsey Is (Finally!) PEOPLE's 2023 Sexiest Man Alive: 'I've Always Been the Bridesmaid!' He Jokes) (Sexiest Man Alive Readers' Choice Poll Results 2023, From Sexiest Musician to Sexiest Ken)

It is pretty rare to hit the casting couch for a reality show, but that is what this former teen actress turned celebrity turned live off other people's fame had to do to get cast in an upcoming show. Jamie Lynn Spears/”I’m A Celeb 2023” (Britney Spears’ Sister Jamie Lynn Set To Join I’m a Celeb 2023 Lineup)

Speaking of casting couches and reality stars, this former child bride got catfished on to casting couches numerous times and it never paid off for her. Courtney Stodden

This late night show has been playing with clips of this deceased cast member and AI because they think they can put something together where he portrays the politician who came out of nowhere to get the very high ranking position.

This alliterate former A- list actress not named Lindsay Lohan has doubled her yachting rates over the past year and her clients have gone from old guys to really young guys who have seen her online. Donna D’Errico (Donna D'Errico, 55, posts a bikini photo to remind her followers she's on OnlyFans - after blasting haters for shaming her sexy images)

It is not very often you get an actress as young as this foreign born A- list actress buying an award, but that is what she did. Plenty of opportunities this time of the year. Millie Bobby Brown/”Glamour Women Of The Year Global Woman of the Year award” (Millie Bobby Brown is shown support from fiancé Jake Bongiovi and his mother Dorothea as she receives the Global Woman of the Year award)

It is a great meme, but this object in the desert's ad prices are scaring off people and companies and it is generating huge losses. “Las Vegas Sphere” (Las Vegas Sphere reports $98.4 million loss; CFO quits)

The advance sales for this book from the permanent A list legend are not good. She waited too long and there are no buyers for the book. Barbra Streisand/”My Name Is Barbra” (Barbra Streisand: I haven't had much fun in my life)

This foreign born A- list actor has his first franchise opening soon. He and his co-star loathe each other which makes for interesting press junkets. Tom Blyth/Rachel Zegler/”The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes”

This singer and this Housewife got into a huge fight because the Housewife didn't call in any favors to try and get the singer as a presenter at a recent award show. Morgan Wade/Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/”2023 CMA Awards” (Here Are All the Performers & Presenters for the 2023 CMA Awards)

Speaking of award shows, this A/A- list actress was barely coherent at one she attended overseas.

This permanent A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and an Emmy winner/nominee caught her current significant other with a man and said it wasn't the first time she had caught a significant other with a man. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban/Tom Cruise

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **13**
The A- list actress offspring was her usual cheery self at an event this week and told a staffer who was ten feet from the actress to go do something useful. Jamie Lee Curtis (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/27/23)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **14**
The Rules: You can always tell when you go to this particular award show (“Ballon d'Or”), who has been made aware of the rules and who has not. Or, if they have been made aware of the rules, but chose to break them anyway. This is an award show which takes place overseas (Paris, France). It is also a show that for many many years has a no date policy for the attendees. The men at the show generally get together the night before the show and have a huge dinner at a closed restaurant. Generally about 50-75 of the attendees will show up to the dinner. The night of the show, after it is over, it is a tradition to go back to a rented castle where dozens of D list female celebrities and models will be waiting and everyone parties until dawn. The award show has had different names over the year, but it is the same show in the same place at the same time of year. The tradition started about a dozen years ago when some of the guys showed up to town early and decided to have dinner. This Oscar winner was the one who suggested the dinner. Then, the next night after the show he suggested they go party at club in the hotel where he was staying. Things started off great, but then this foreign born three named actress showed up because she heard about the party and it put a damper on it. The next year, our actor tried again and with the help of this permanent A list soccer player (David Beckham), the castle idea was born. It was also suggested to all the attendees to never bring a date and for the most part, that has held true the past dozen years
. “Ballon d'Or”/Paris, France/David Beckham (Ballon d’Or 2023 live updates: Lionel Messi wins men’s award for record eighth time, Aitana Bonmati top women’s player)

102. POPBITCH 11/09
(British blog)
The much-younger girlfriend of which comedian has managed to double her wardrobe? He's been giving her all his daughter's old clothes to wear.

Sharon Stone Blind Item: I remember being “so excited” to “wear a special outfit” and “to meet the head of Sony.” I wore a “Ralph Lauren jacket with the little ruffle on the shoulder” and a “denim skirt with a big ruffle at the bottom,” plus cowboy boots. “I went to his office and it was, you know, back in the eighties, so the couch was basically on the floor, you know? It was those very low giant couches and my knees were around my neck and of course, I’m so tall anyway, so I look like all legs sitting there akimbo on the couch, and he is pacing around the office and he’s doing the exact same thing.” Stone said the Sony boss told her: “Oh, it’s true what they say about you and you’re the most gorgeous. We haven’t seen anyone like you in decades. Everybody’s talking about you and look at you. You’re the most articulate. You’re so smart and beautiful and that hair.” “Then he came walking right up in front of me and he said, ‘But first … ‘ and he took his penis right out in my face,” Stone said. “Of course I was very young and what I do when I’m nervous, because I’m basically a very bubbly person, I started laughing. I started laughing and crying at the same time and I couldn’t stop because I became hysterical. I couldn’t stop, so he didn’t know what to do. So, of course, he put it away and he went through this door behind his desk, which I thought was that he left, so I didn’t know what to do.” Stone continued, “I was just sitting there hysterical and eventually his secretary came and led me out, right? This was not the last of many weird experiences like this in my career.” (Sharon Stone Says a Former Sony Boss Sexually Harassed Her During ’80s Office Meeting: ‘He Took His Penis Right Out in My Face’)

This former A list singer in a duo really needs rehab in a very bad way. I'm sure they will say it is an illness. It is an excuse they have used in the past.

You won't see this foreign born permanent A list one named singer anywhere near her significant other publicly until he cuts a plea deal in his case. Rihanna/A$AP Rocky (EXCLUSIVE: A$AP Rocky wears a face mask as he appears in LA court on gun charges - just months after welcoming second baby with girlfriend Rihanna)

This former A+ list singer hasn't had a hit in years. So, she decided to go back to work with the music producer who gave her all her hits. The same music producer accused of rape. Katy Perry/Dr. Luke (Katy Perry Says She 'Felt Pressured' to Support Kesha Against Dr. Luke in Unsealed Deposition)

Considering this alliterate foreign born actor has been spending most nights with a foreign born actress, I doubt he is going to reconcile with his wife. Joshua Jackson/Lupita Nyong'o/Jodie Turner-Smith (Joshua Jackson and Lupita Nyong'o Spotted at Janelle Monae Concert After Respective Splits)

Honestly, at this point, getting a beard is probably not necessary. You could just drop out and keep living your life like you want to live it. Tim Scott (Tim Scott brings girlfriend, Mindy, to Republican debate in Miami)

Reader Blind: A couple decades plus ago, This A list vocalist (David Lee Roth) in his day from a permanent A+ band (“Van Halen”) was working on a writing project.  He was assisted by this jack of all trades (writing, acting) (Henry Rollins) who is probably most famous for music.  The A list vocalist is bisexual but has leaned more towards men as he has grown older.  The jack of all trades is homosexual.  Both men have never married and are deeply closeted but there have been rumors.  During the time they were together, they had a torrid sexual affair but this was not the first time they hooked up.  When the jack of all trades was starting out as the singer in a band with color in the name (“Black Flag“), he had a one night stand with the already established A list vocalist. David Lee Roth/”Van Halen”/Henry Rollins/”Black Flag” (Henry Rollins Addresses David Lee Roth’s Eventful Life And Blazing Intellect)

The Farm - Reader Blind: Drive about an hour outside of Palmdale into this remote valley and you will find an emerging “glamping” spot. It’s aimed at “digital nomads”, billed as having state-of-the-art WiFi, a communal kitchen, a fire pit, outdoor movies, and more. Sound familiar? The Compound family are at it again. This time, however, it’s bring-your-own-shelter. Vans and RV’s. Why? They lost their AirBNB privileges over the last place they ran. If you stay at this campsite, know that you are financially supporting an antisemitic, holocaust denying con artist who screwed a lot of people over to get this place going. Don’t be her next victim. Saskia Kilcher-Oulicky (Glamping near Palmdale, California) (BLIND ITEMS REVEALED 09/06/19 and 09/20/19)

The initialed cult is making a comeback. Somehow, they found a bunch of new financial backing. Could it be coming from the sister who lives overseas and escaped the whole going to jail thing? “NXIVM”/Sara Bronfman (Short Report Alert: NXIVM Sex Cult Ties Could Torpedo ELF Stock) (Seagrams Heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman Funded NXIVM For Years. Here's Where They Are Now)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **10**
Reader Blind: Watching  the latest round of arguments between Wannabe A++ listers…. 
1.) The blustering wannabe A Lister wants us to think he is a tough guy for going after A++ lister but it wasn’t that long ago that the A++ lister sent him out to get food for him and his advisers.  He happily did it. Chris Christie
2.) The female wannabe A Lister also tried to look tough but what she really wants is us to forget is allegations that were made near the start of her political career.  The ex-wife of one of the men involved later named her in divorce paperwork. Nikki Haley
3.) The wannabe A lister who has been disappointing has been mocked for trying to change something about his appearance. If people only saw something else he did to make a part of his body bigger but that is not visible in public. Ron DeSantis

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **11**
Do you remember last week that I said this play starring a foreign born Oscar winner/nominee was going to have a lot of closures because he is a pain. They have failed to have a performance a couple of times this week. Kenneth Branagh/”King Lear” (OK, Kenneth Branagh isn’t great as King Lear – but have you seen his abs?)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **12**
Until yesterday, I had no idea there was an entire group that was tirelessly working to free this A- list singer from his marriage. I think he will be free sooner than the group even thinks. Nick Jonas (“Free Nick Jonas”)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **13**
There is an organization that is very close to a group of employees who recently killed themselves. Hopefully they were not participating in something experimental from the organization. LA County Sheriffs (In one 24-hour period, 4 LA county sheriff employees died by suicide: What we know so far)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **14**
She Retired - Anniversary Month: This actress (Bai Ling) has been in this space several times over the years. Most of the time she finds herself in this very same spot. Her peak was probably A- list. All of you know her. She has appeared in a lot of projects, none of which were  all that great. She has no big awards, let alone nominations. She is in here because before she became an actress she was a very successful yachter who decided to become an actress and got her biggest role  by giving this A list mostly television director the best sex of his life. Along the way, she also hooked up with some very A+ list people (Jack Ma) outside the entertainment industry and at one point had her life in danger because of what she knows. She has written a book which will never see the light of day. It is under lock and key somewhere but will never be seen. She is older now and not really in demand as a yachter or an actress. She gets recurring roles here and there and middling to bad movies. She has a big enough name where she can do just fine acting, but her peak days are long gone. It has been awhile since any of her secrets about her lovers mattered to anyone. But, suddenly they matter again and she is extremely worried for her safety again. There is a wannabe A++ lister who had a years long thing with her because he heard a lot of good things about her from people in his circle. Things got complicated and he traded her in for something a little less controversial. But, our actress knows stuff. It didn't matter before, but it matters now and he really doesn't any of that to come out. My guess is she will get a huge payoff and now that the strike is over, some offer to star in a movie where she gets twenty times her fee in return for signing a NDA
. Bai Ling/”Entourage” or “Lost”/Jack Ma (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/12/13) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/08/13) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/11/14) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/07/17) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/24/18) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/24/18) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/10/21)

The algorithm for the celebrity CEO's website is presently boosting several posts from one account, which pays for a blue check on his website.   The posts praise a long-deceased dictator, and have over a million views. Elon Musk/”X”/Pakistani Senator Afnan Ullah Khan (Pakistani senator justifies Holocaust. Critics say Hitler would have killed him too)

In her confession, this foreign born former A+ list rapper forgot to mention all the other drugs she uses every day. Nicki Minaj (The Art of Being Nicki Minaj)

Apparently, being an Oscar winning writer has a lot more pull than I thought in a courtroom. There was even video, but nothing happened. What it did show, is that the writer has a violent temper, his husband has dealt with it numerous times and the writer has a drug problem. Dustin Lance Black/Tom Daley (The moment that landed Tom Daley's husband Dustin Lance Black in court: Judge throws out 'assault' case against film director as CCTV shows him 'grabbing BBC star Teddy Edwardes' wrist' - before SHE runs to punch him in the back of the head as he leaves)

You could hear the screams from miles away when this A list mostly movie actress who sometimes directs, discovered her long long time passion project about an ancient ruler was being given to someone decades younger. Angelina Jolie/”Cleopatra”/Zendaya (Angelina Jolie hints at acting retirement after Cleopatra biopic) (Zendaya's Rumored Cleopatra Casting Sparks Backlash: 'Blackwashing')

This A- list actor is an Oscar winner/nominee and an Emmy winner/nominee. He is also keeping paps busy by making sure they photograph him with this new companion as much as possible. It is so over the top compared to who he is and how little people care. Rami Malek/Emma Corrin (Rami Malek, 42, looks loved up with The Crown's Emma Corrin, 27, as they exude laid-back chic for a lunch date in West Hollywood)

Let It Burn - Reader Blind: What do you do when one of the largest buildings in the world stands in the way of what you want? I wrote a while back about the shady practices of this agricultural-turned-real-estate empire. Time for another history lesson: Right after WWII broke out, they were pressured into selling their most valuable piece of farmland. It sat on a former swamp and the water table was very high there. A couple decades ago the land became available again, and they have wanted it back ever since. There was a problem, however: two giant buildings with massive footprints, (“Marine Corps Air Station Tustin”) that are registered historic landmarks, sat on top of a large segment of it. In the meantime, the company bought back what they could and built right up to the edge of it. The building they wanted gone was damaged, but doing anything with it would have involved endless red tape. If you are this company, torching the building in the middle of the night would not be out of the question, and that’s apparently what they did. “The Irvine Company”/”Marine Corps Air Station Tustin” (Historic hangar at former air base in Orange County goes up in flames) (Asbestos, poor air quality found following historic hangar fire in Orange County) (From Mexican Land Grant to Great Irvine Ranch)

Back in the day, this A- list singer would never let his freak flag be shown like it is now, but he just doesn't care what people think any longer.

This Oscar winning actress is smirking right now and knows they will ask her back for the next installment because the current entrant to the franchise is a horrible movie without her. Jennifer Lawrence/”The Hunger Games”/”The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes”

This A list female swimmer is a lock for the Olympic team next year and has a hugely popular OnlyFans site that makes six figures per month. Our future Olympian puts a mask over her face, but can't hide something else that is very identifying.

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **10**
Speaking of the Olympics, because one of the events is in a far off location, the rules that most every other Olympian must follow don't apply. So, there will be significant others allowed to stay with the athletes in these events. “Surfing”/Tahiti (Olympics face surfing controversies in Tahiti)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **11**
You don't want to be a staff member at this London hotel right now and have a run in with this A- list actress who is one more bad press event from being a whatever happened to. There is a lot of I am better than you going on with her. Rachel Zegler (Rachel Zegler and Hunter Schafer lead the red carpet glamour as London's Waterloo plays host to the UK premiere of The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **12**
In the same vein, the meme actor is not much better as the actress in #11. The meme actor just looks happy while he is belittling you. (Timothée Chalamet) Rachel Zegler (Timothée Chalamet Can’t Stop Saying ‘Wonka’ in ‘SNL’ Promo: ‘The Actors Strike Ended!’)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **13**
It has been a long time since someone sent me a tip on a tweener doing coke, but this B list singer/actress tweener was doing just that with some people who were two to three times her age. As creepy as it sounds as you are reading it, apparently it was way worse witnessing it.

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **14**
Four For Friday - Designer Scandals
#1 - It wasn't that long ago that this designer died. It wasn't long before that her husband was hooking up with a permanent A list designer. Kate Spade/Andy Spade & Vera Wang
#2 - This permanent A list men's designer loves telling everyone about the need a magnifying glass to see the size of it of this A list actor from an acting family. Tom Ford/Jake Gyllenhaal/”Nocturnal Animals”
#3 - Speaking of which, this designer was also less than impressed with the package of this at the time A- list singer who then became an A list actor. So, computers were used on the photos to make him look much more endowed. They knew the product would sell better that way. Mark Wahlberg/Calvin Klein
#4 - For about six months, this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner and is retired from acting, owned one of the largest fashion houses in Europe at the time. he won it in a poker game and it took the designer six months to get enough money to buy it back from the actor
. Jack Nicholson

The frozen flavoring rapper getting so many nominations highlights the whole recording award rigging issue where they decide who gets nominated and where. Ice Spice/"Grammy Awards" (Ice Spice, Victoria Monét, and Fred Again.. Nominated for Best New Artist at the 2024 Grammys)

Look for this foreign born former A+/A list tennis player to make an early exit when she returns to playing. She just needs to make an appearance to keep her endorsement contracts. She is going to do the bare minimum to keep that money flowing. Naomi Osaka

This former A-list north of the border singer who peaked pre COVID, and had a major meltdown last year is making his neighbors angry. His team used to call the paps on him and his last "girlfriend," and is doing the same thing again. The problem is that parking in the neighborhood is limited. Plus, the noise and annoyance of random paps parked around your homes. For what? More fake "girlfriends." At least he did have the sense to do the stripping thing away from the neighborhood. That was a set up too. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello/Charlie Travers (Shawn Mendes Strips Down To Underwear With Possible New Girlfriend In Malibu)

This former A- list mostly television actress who once got fired from a hit network show, is hooking up with very wealthy old men in hopes of marrying one before they die. Nicollette Sheridan/”Desperate Housewives” (Watch 5 TV Legends Assemble in Lifetime's Ladies of the '80s Trailer: 'Fasten Your Facelifts' (Exclusive)) (‘Desperate Housewives’ Star Nicollette Sheridan Hopes To Sell Hidden Hills Mansion for $15.9M)

The foreign born one and a half hit wonder said she wanted to clean up her image. Performing at the annual porn awards gig is probably not the way to go. Iggy Azalea/“AVN Awards”

There was an event this weekend that I haven't seen happen since the fall of 2019. It was a red carpet event but it featured a bunch of D list actresses and models and was a recruiting tool for yachters for the Caribbean season. They usually make it seem like some kind of modeling event, but it is just a cattle call. “Playboy x MISSPAP” (“Playboy x MISSPAP launch event”)

The producers of this competition network reality show have asked one of the contestants to stop drinking so much because it is affecting their performance. So far, that advice has been ignored. “The Masked Singer”
This A- list social media star brags about making her living as a sugar baby and scamming them out of their money. What she hasn't told her customers is that she is HIV+
. (Top Sugar Baby Influencers You Would Want To Know)

The leak just proves the A list singer/sometime actress was on some serious drugs a decade ago. Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga before fame: What was the singer doing?)

The back in the day Disney actress/singer turned A- list adult actress should sue whatever plastic surgeon told her the fillers looked great on the actress. Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens attends the 2023 CFDA Fashion Awards at the American Museum of Natural History on November 06, 2023 in New York City)

I guess if this foreign born A list actor/former superhero wants his wife to sign a NDA that we are not going to get those revelations in his book we are all expecting. Or, it could be he doesn't want her talking about the disgraced director and what our actor did with him either. Hugh Jackman/”Wolverine”/Deborra-Lee Furness/Bryan Singer (Hugh Jackman Spilling His Guts And Dropping ‘Big Bombshells’ In New Book) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/10/23)

It is probably not the best of ideas while promoting a movie to tell a reporter f**k you. Just because the reporter questioned a scene in the movie, the A list mostly movie actor who also has a massive franchise, didn't have to lose his cool. Other reporters have brought up the same issues with the same scene.  “Ferrari” crash scenes/Adam Driver/”Star Wars” (‘Ferrari’ Star Adam Driver Tells Festgoer “F*** You” After Being Asked About “Cheesy” Crash Scenes)

The singer/Disney princess is doing everything possible to make sure she stays behind the camera and hiding that pregnancy. It couldn't be much longer could it? Halle Bailey/"The Color Purple" (DDG Accidentally Posts Video on Snapchat Showing Halle Bailey’s Alleged Pregnant Stomach) (Halle Bailey hides her front profile as she poses for racy snaps in a skimpy blue bikini after speculation she is expecting her first child)

The actress turned royal who is bailing on her marriage said she tried to give advice to the alliterate one, but the alliterate one blew her off and pretended not to know her. Please, they used to audition for the same roles all the time and slept with some of the same guys. A.J. Langer/Countess of Devon/Meghan Markle

The celebrity CEO has been hooking up with a pornstar who makes her living by looking very much like a female politician. Elon Musk/Lisa Ann (Sarah Palin porn parody) (Ex-porn star Lisa Ann wants Elon Musk to ban X-rated content on Twitter) (Who's Nailin' Paylin?)

This former flash in the pan celebrity (Bad Bharbie) turned 18 and made tens of millions in one month. She blew through most of that thinking the easy money would never end. At this point she is trying to land a rich guy who is about three times her age. Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie ("Cash me outside, how 'bout that?") (Bhad Bhabie Shares Her OnlyFans Income Statements, Shows Millions In Revenue From Racy Service)

This deceased Middle Eastern political leader (1st President of the Palestinian National Authority Yasser Arafat) was closeted to the general public for many years.  He selected much younger men to be his lovers, under the guise of hiring them as bodyguards.  In his 60s, he finally married a woman (Suha Arafat) less than half his age.   The marriage was a complete sham, which his wife (
Suha Arafat) instantly regretted.  She tried to leave him many times, but was prevented from doing so.  Our leader required his wife to discreetly conceive an only child with another man.  He then claimed to be the child's father, for the sake of public appearances. 1st President of the Palestinian National Authority Yasser Arafat/Suha Arafat (Death of Yasser Arafat)

This A- list north of the border singer who likes to get half naked for the paps with his girlfriend on a public beach is up to his eyeballs in a polyamorous cult with that same woman. Shawn Mendes/Charlie Travers  (Shawn Mendes, possible new girlfriend Charlie Travers strip down to underwear for flirty beach date) (Who Is Shawn Mendes' Rumored New Flame? All About Charlie Travers)

When it only takes the general public five minutes to find the same exact running to a guy after a concert and kissing him in the exact same way you did a few months ago with a different guy, it really seems heavy handed and staged. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce/Joe Alwyn (Taylor Swift Runs and Kisses Travis Kelce After Buenos Aires Eras Tour Concert) (The moment Taylor Swift hugs boyfriend Joe Alwyn after a ‘Reputation’ concert in ‘Miss Americana’ will warm your whole heart)

This Oscar nominated/winning documentary (“Artists and Orphans: A True Drama”) (Oscar nomination (2001-2002)) was thought to be scrubbed from the internet. The cult involving an adjacent relative to an A+/A list mostly movie actor has worked tirelessly to hide it, but it is back again. “Artists and Orphans: A True Drama”/Adam Driver

After the love and smile fest this A list actor who sometimes directs had with his ex, you can be sure his current wife will parade him out in public and force him to smile. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner/Jennifer Lopez (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner laugh, look happy as can be at son Samuel’s game)

An ex of this A list former Disney singer/actress is one of the biggest drug dealers in town. Demi Lovato; Bella Thorne

Even though she is no longer needed, you won't be hearing from the girlfriend of this wannabe A++ lister who dropped out. The NDA is huge that she had to sign. Tim Scott/Mindy Noce (Tim Scott drops out of GOP primary race, ending a campaign dogged by low numbers and the question of if his girlfriend was real)

Old Hollywood: This former A list actress has two generations of actresses in the family. She said that in her first big movie with this dancing actor, they had a romantic scene. She was still a teen and he was nearing 40 and shoved his tongue down her throat. That was her first kiss with a guy. Debbie Reynolds/”Singin’ in the Rain’”/Gene Kelly (Carrie Fisher shares some stories) (Why Gene Kelly Put Debbie Reynolds Through Hell During 'Singin' in the Rain')

This former manufactured singer has moved beyond that, but is being blackmailed about a sex tape she made well over a decade ago. Aubrey O'Day (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/22/23) (BLIND ITEM 03/06/23) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/11/23)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **10**
This former A list teen actress from multiple hit shows was a wasted mess at an event this past weekend as she pawed at some random guy who had no idea who she was. Elizabeth Berkley/”Saved By the Bell”/”Howard Fine Book Launch”  (Maurice Benard, Howard Fine, and Elizabeth Berkley attend the Howard Fine Book Launch at Andaz West Hollywood on November 12, 2023 in West Hollywood, California); Victoria Justice/”Zoey 101”/”Victorious”/”Planet Omega Exhibition Opening Party” (Victoria Justice attends the Planet Omega Exhibition Opening Party on November 09, 2023 in New York City)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **11**
While his wife went to several events this weekend without him, this married former A list singer took a bunch of drugs so he could stay up for almost three days playing a video game online. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber (Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba and More Stars Attend 2023 Baby2Baby Gala)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **12**
This married former A+ list singer who hasn't had a hit in over a decade, is essentially living with her female lover. Alicia Keys

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **13**
This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who starred on a now defunct cable show, once hooked up with her friend's now husband a few times to try and get him to leave the friend and be with the actress. Ashley Benson/”Pretty Little Liars”

The Wedding: I am actually shocked they ended up marrying. The bride (Lauren Holly), who peaked at probably A- list, probably went through with it because she would have been embarrassed to cancel at the last minute, or maybe she really thought she could change the mind of  the foreign born former A+ list comic actor (Jim Carrey) who became her husband. They fought so much leading up to their wedding that none of their closest friends thought they would go through with it. They had a massive fight the morning of their wedding. They had huge fights over the prenup. She wanted much more money than he was willing to give and he told her take it or leave it. He would call her from the beds of other women and tell her they would take the deal, so she should too. For the year they were married he made her life a living hell. The only reason he even started dating her in the first place is because an actor he hated had shown interest in her so he went after her. Her career was never the same after their marriage. Our actor still has A+ list name recognition, but no one really likes him
. Lauren Holly/Jim Carrey/September 23, 1996 - July 29, 1997 (The Truth About Jim Carrey And Lauren Holly's Marriage) (Stars Who Can't Stand Jim Carrey)

The team behind this actor already have a girlfriend lined up for him in the wake of his divorce. His recent marriage dried up all interest in him for the roles he normally landed. Lukas Gage/Chris Appleton (Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage’s divorce is ‘not amicable’)

The significant other of the wealthy bookseller always wanted to be in Vogue. So, a donation to the editor's favorite charity and the next thing you know, an article and pictures and a Kneepads worthy article. Lauren Sánchez/Jeff Bezos (Exclusive! Inside Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos’s Beverly Hills Engagement Party)

The celebrity CEO is getting a little old for these 48 hour benders of his. Plus, his tester of choice quit after some bad product and now the CEO is his own first line of defense in the drug department. Elon Musk (Elon Musk apologizes after Piyush Goyal's visit to Tesla Fremont factory: ‘My apologies, honor to have…’)

The leader of this cult has never had as much interest or as much money flowing in as now with the north of the border singer fully invested into being a member. “Churchome”/Justin Bieber (A church that counts Justin Bieber and Russell Wilson as members is accused of requiring employees to donate part of earnings as a tithe) (Inside Churchome: Justin Bieber’s VIP and Sex Joke-Filled Celebrity Megachurch)

This A list mostly movie actor couldn't even own up to his own statement. He had to get the director of the movie to try and publicly defend his a-hole behavior. Adam Driver/Michael Mann/”Ferrari” (Camerimage Festival Director Shares Statement About Adam Driver’s Viral Expletive Response During ‘Ferrari’ Audience Q&A)

Reader Blind: I am not suggesting this A-list showrunner and screenwriter (Dean Devlin), who wrote some of the biggest movies (Filmography) of the ‘90s, is a pedophile. He is a happily married family man by all accounts. I am questioning, however, why he continues to speak so fondly of this A-list, foreign born director (Roland Emmerich) who is known for being involved with underage boys. They have not had a working relationship for a very long time, so there is really no reason to be keeping up appearances. Do the right thing and call the man out. Dean Devlin/Roland Emmerich (Roland Emmerich: being gay in Hollywood has been easy) (Happiest of birthdays to Mr Roland Emmerich)

The reversal by a studio about a animated movie also has them rethinking the axing of the dog movie too. “Warner Bros.”/“Coyote Vs Acme”/”Scoob” (Warner Bros. Reverses Course on ‘Coyote vs. Acme’ After Filmmakers Rebel) (Unlike Batgirl, Scoob, Warner Bros won't scrap Coyote vs. Acme)

This A- list foreign born actress is portraying an iconic person on their most recent show. They are also enjoying the fame that comes with the fake relationship in which they are also playing a role. Emma Corrin/Diana, Princess of Wales/”The Crown”/Rami Malek

The talk show host has her team trying to get tabloids to print that she is not losing weight via the shot. The tabloids are printing it but laughing while they do so. Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson's shocked fans speculate she's on Ozempic as she unveils suddenly slim 'revenge' body following bitter divorce: 'Look at all that weight you've lost!')

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **10**
This former A- list actress from an acting family had a threesome with two other women the other night. Nothing wrong with that, but one of the three was not a willing participant.

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **11**
This former A list NBA player was throwing money at a woman trying to convince her to orally service him in a club bathroom. She declined. Another woman agreed, but the former player turned her down.

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **12**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee has been hooking up with an Uber driver who first picked her up a month ago. They had sex in his car and she calls him for sex, but they only ever have it in his car. Charlize Theron/”The Hollywood Reporter Beauty Dinner” (Charlize Theron Just Wore Socks With Heels on the Red Carpet)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **13**
This barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities was supposed to be the date of this A list mostly movie actor at an event last night, but at the last minute, he decided he didn't want her there. He doesn't think she is helping his campaign. Gigi Hadid/Yolanda Foster Hadid & Mohamed Hadid/Bradley Cooper/”MoMA Movie Night” (Bradley Cooper attends the MoMA Movie Night)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **14**
The Arrangement: For now, this west coast reality star will stay married. She doesn't want the scandal that a divorce would bring, but she also loves the life of hooking up with a man who is close to being a billionaire. Right now, she fakes her wealth. To appear more wealthy on television there were some very sketch personal loans that were taken out and she and her husband are struggling to pay them back. If he had any idea about the rich guy, the husband would walk. He is working many jobs to try and cover the loans and interest payments which are credit card sized. The reality star thought of it all as free money. If she lost her reality show job, she would be worse off than Kim & Kroy. The very wealthy suitor has some interesting fetishes and our reality star is more than willing to fulfill them. When he does give her cash, she just spends it on more toys and tells her husband they were gifts from a store or designer. What our reality star doesn't know is that our wealthy suitor does this kind of thing all the time. He will move on to the next person shortly. Our reality star thinks it is going to be a forever thing and is already house shopping in her mind and wondering when she should tell her husband things are over between them
. Dorit Kemsley/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/P. K. Kemsley (Exclusive RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley Are ‘Living Separate Lives’ After 8 Years of Marriage)

The A-list political talking head was willing to look the other way, when his A-list subordinate was running cover for the former A-list rapper's antics.  This time, it's not looking so good for the A-list subordinate. Ben Shapiro/Candace Owens/Kanye West  (‘Emotionally Unhinged’: Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens Get In Wild Fight After He Tells Her ‘By All Means’ Quit) (Candace Owens and Kanye West’s provocative friendship, explained)

The tall model who codes has now added another piece to her budding media empire. How long before she has a "reporter" write a little piece on the A+ list singer to get a few clicks. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift (Karlie Kloss Buys i-D Magazine From Vice Media)

When I wrote about this foreign born former A list athlete who needs to play to get their endorsement checks for 2024, I thought for sure they would just let themselves get bounced out of a tournament. Now, it looks like they will probably play half a match and then withdraw. Naomi Osaka (Naomi Osaka Says She Is 'Really Excited' About Return to Tennis Next Month in Australia) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/19/23)

Despite all the hype and how much people want it to happen, there is no way this A list athlete is proposing marriage next month. Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift (Travis Kelce Talks Meeting Taylor Swift's Dad in Argentina and Making Him a Chiefs Fan: 'The Good Side')

This foreign born barely there celebrity hooked up with her former boyfriend while at home this weekend. That sounds like the first step to ending the charade and publicity run with the former A list rapper the press calls her husband. Bianca Censori/Australia/Kanye West (Bianca Censori 'flees to family in Australia' to escape Kanye West's 'controlling ways')

If the former network reality singer has split from his most recent boyfriend, that would be bad news for the singer. The boyfriend was the only person keeping him somewhat in check from the singer's self destructive behavior. David Archuleta (David Archuleta on coming out, struggling with suicidal thoughts, being 'done' with the church and dating men: 'I'm 32 years old and finally knowing what it feels like to have a crush')

The recent arrest of a political blogger for child p**n, had its roots back with the now dead singing actor. The images the dead actor had were not the recycled ones common to so many similar arrests. Our actor had thousands of new images and the recent arrestee had some of those same pictures. They are rarely ever seen, so this is the same ring that ended up killing the actor. Slade Sohmer/Mark Saling (Former editor of left-leaning website The Recount, Slade Sohmer, is charged on multiple counts of child pornography) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/09/23)

The celebrity CEO knows the best way to try and save his cash cow business is to kiss the butt of the world leader as much as possible. The leader can make life miserable for the CEO in his country, or make it so he can sell lots more cars. Elon Musk/Chinese President Xi Jinping (Elon Musk and Jane Fraser are just some of the CEOs hoping to woo China's Xi)

This A+ list pro league is trying to hush up all of the rumors that have been flying around the past 24-48 hours about this A list singer. Darius Jackson/Keke Palmer (Keke Palmer's mother Sharon 'feared' for daughter's life during relationship with Darius Jackson amid abuse claims)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **10**
Getting everyone to agree on a position in the national political scene is difficult. All sides have come together when it comes to the cartoon movie. The pressure is such that we might actually get to see the other two shelved projects too. “Coyote vs ACME”/”Batgirl”/”Scoob: Holiday Haunt” (‘Coyote vs. Acme’ No Longer Dead After Big Backlash to Warner Bros.) (If Wile E. Coyote Can Have a Second Life, Why Can’t Batgirl?)
('Scoob: Holiday Haunt' Shelved at Warner Bros) (US Congressman Wants to Investigate Warner Bros. Discovery for Shelving Movies to Reduce Taxes)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **11**
One of the excerpts in this new royal book is almost word for word what the alliterate one told a friend back in September. Omid Scobie/”Endgame”/Meghan Markle (Harper Collins SLASHES the price of Meghan Markle's friend Omid Scobie's new book on the British monarchy - weeks before it's due to hit the shelves)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **12**
This alliterate A list rapper who likes rapping in a different language, recently reenacted the cocaine snorting scene from Scarface. They didn't use props. Bad Bunny (Bad Bunny drops new album, music video with Al Pacino)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **13**
This foreign born A- list actress is being forced to answer some questions about a green card marriage from a decade ago. The "husband" is nowhere to be found and apparently they were only married long enough for the application and interview to take place.

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **14**
The Trailer - Anniversary Month: Back in the day, this actor (Chris Klein) had a movie franchise (“American Pie”). He won't ever get another one. He really lucked out with the one he got and it was something that will at least keep him employed for a long time. Right now, he is probably B+ list, and that will continue to slide as the franchise fades from memory. At the time this happened though, he was loving his fame from it. He was filming a movie
(“The Long Weekend”)
far away from his A- list actress girlfriend (Katie Holmes) who will always have A+ list name recognition, despite not really acting much any longer. Our actor was hooking up with fans almost every night and also started making moves on his female co-star  who is an A- list dual threat actress (Cobie Smulders). She has starred in a very hit television show (“How I Met Your Mother”) and also had a small role in a very big movie franchise (“Avengers“). Our actress co-star generally hooked up with our actor once a day in his trailer. On one of those days, as she was bent over a bar stool in the trailer and having sex with the actor, the actor's girlfriend walked right in. A surprise visit. That was quite the epic fight and our actress co-star didn't  even bother picking up her clothes. She just walked naked over to her trailer right past the very curious crew. Chris Klein/”American Pie”/"The Long Weekend”/Katie Holmes/Cobie Smulders/”How I Met Your Mother”/“Avengers” (The Truth About Katie Holmes And Chris Klein's Relationship)

189. POPBITCH 11/16
(British blog) Which comedian gets her PA to break in her Doc Martens for her – sending the poor lackey out to pound the pavement in tight, ill-fitting boots until they're comfy enough for her own feet?

The celebrity CEO has once again created a negative firestorm of condemnation for himself. Elon Musk (Elon Musk No Longer an APEC CEO Summit Speaker After Controversial Comments)

The streaming giant has some explaining to do. They spent nearly $100M to renovate a theatre. It looks 95% the same as it did before. Where did the money go? Not into the balcony, which they scrapped. So they have reduced seating. But how are the movies? The first big movie in 70mm had mistakes during every single reel change, such as black frames, loud beeps, misaligned picture, blurriness, etc. This was still occurring 3 hours into a lengthy movie. Someone embezzled or misspent the money, and now they run the theatre on the cheap. They probably don't want to pay enough money for a proper union projectionist. “Netflix”/”Egyptian Theater” (How Netflix Restored the Egyptian Theater With $70 Million)

The A+/A list Oscar winner says he wants to sue, but people have been publicly saying the same things for well over a decade. Why now? Will Smith/gay allegations with Duane Martin (Will Smith rejects sex allegations by former ‘friend.’ And Jada? She says they may sue) (Will Smith Once Had Sex With Actor Duane Martin, Claims Ex-Assistant: 'Will Was Bent Over')

The north of the border actor/host/reality star is really underselling how much he was drinking every day. According to the ex, it was two or three times the amount he claimed. Dean McDermott/Tori Spelling (Dean McDermott details ‘drunk and angry’ last fight with Tori Spelling that led to his suicide attempt)

The A list "singer" and her manager got into a huge fight. He is really pressuring her to accept a docu type series like The Crown and she really doesn't want the attention. Britney Spears/Cade Hudson (No, Britney Spears’s Manager Isn’t Mad at SNL and Chloe Fineman)

A couple of months ago, I said this former singer/host/reality star needed rehab. Things have only become worse. Tamar Braxton (Chrisean Rock Takes Shots at Tamar Braxton After R&B Diva Told “Coke Head” Tommie Lee To “Go Sell A** For a Hit”) (BLIND ITEM 10/02/23)

This concert killer rapper is doing everything he can to try and reduce his upcoming damages and has been strategizing about somehow including the reality family in his culpability. Travis Scott/Kardashians (The Reemergence of Travis Scott)

The controversial talk show host is trying to land an interview with the former A+ list rapper to take some of the heat off her. She can't afford to lose her job or her platform. Candice Owens/Kanye West

This three named actor has an on again off again career. All of you know who he is. The regular world, maybe not so much. He and his wife have an agreement where he can be with other men.

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **10**
Speaking of open relationships, this alliterate celebrity acts like he in one when he hits on women. His meetings with them are all disguised as him working on the trailer for his new show idea.

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **11**
The alliterate one and her husband must read the blinds. After the one yesterday describing the word for word conversation that ended up in the book, there is a statement today from the couple saying they had nothing to do with the book. Uh huh. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Omid Scobie book “Endgame” (Meghan Markle Has 'Moved On' from the Royals: 'She Doesn't Want Anything to Do with It') (BLIND ITEM 11/15/23)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **12**
Speaking of the ginger haired one, he had been assured he was going to be nominated for a Grammy. Prince Harry/”"Best Audio Book, Narration & Storytelling Recording."/”Spare” (Morgan Wallen, K-pop, Victoria Monét, oh my! Unearthing the 2024 Grammy nomination snubs and surprises)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **13**
This permanent A list author has told a few close friends that he never intends on finishing a long awaited book series. George R. R. Martin/”Game of Thrones”/“A Song of Ice and Fire” sixth part “Winds of Winter” (George RR Martin on ‘Winds of Winter’: ‘You guys don’t have to pester me about it”)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **14**
The Therapist: If there is an actor in Hollywood who could use a therapist, it is this former A+ list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. The amount of things he does and gets into, is overwhelming and most of them are beyond the pale. Most of his fetishes are over the top. One of his exes threatened to split with him unless he went to see a therapist. The relationship didn't last, but he acquired a new fetish. Breaking every kind of ethics rule, the therapist slept with our actor. They saw each other for awhile and then they split. But, our actor has been through dozens of female therapists over the past decade and switches whenever he gets turned down or after he sleeps with them. He has literally gone through nearly every female therapist in the Los Angeles area
. Nicolas Cage

The A-list political talking head  said that religion was not really her thing, when she appeared on this A-lister’s show a few months ago.   When our talking head began publicly feuding with her other A-list talking head/co-worker, she began quoting Bible verses incessantly. Candace Owens/M.I.A./Ben Shapiro (M.I.A. talks faith in Jesus, the problem with Black Lives Matter, being a victim of 'cancel culture')

The new album from this foreign born male singer/rapper was a major flop. Given his reputation of being difficult to work with, he'll be hard pressed to find a new manager to resuscitate his once promising career. The Kid Laroi (The Kid Laroi The First Time Review: Watered Down for Mass Consumption) (BLIND ITEM 07/31/22)

Besides her eating disorder, this A list singer is now back on coke. Not a good combination. Ariana Grande (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/26/22)

This permanent A list singer/actress said she would never perform live again but she is in discussions to do a one night only special which would be released as a movie. Barbra Streisand

I'm not sure who told the three named actress/reality star/sibling to get a bunch of work done to your face the week before you were going to appear in another reality show. It hasn't even healed. Jamie Lynn Spears/”I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!” (Jamie Lynn Spears Arrives in Australia to Film Reality Show I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!)

It isn't often that a holiday album is used to talk about grudges, but that is what this former Disney actress/singer has done with her latest release. Olivia Rodrigo/”Guts” (Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts’ Becomes Her Second No. 1 Album) (How To Buy Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts’ Holiday Collection Merch)

This significant other of a rock star never donates to charity, but if you give her the chance to make a few bucks off the name of a charity she will jump on board. Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx

The reality star has been a required accessory for the B list singer, but now the singer got the touring gig she wanted and doesn't want the reality star tagging along all summer. Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Morgan Wade (Alanis Morissette Is Going on Tour With Joan Jett and Morgan Wade: Here’s How to Get Tickets to the 2024 Shows)

The A list NFL star probably should have gone on his mass Tweet deleting spree PRIOR to starting to be with the A+ list singer. No one would have known about his views that he wants to now hide. Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift's Fans 'Fully on Board' with Travis Kelce After Resurfacing NFL Star's Wholesome Old Tweets)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **10**
The alliterate one has essentially moved to Los Angeles and at a recent event loved that most of the actresses at an event who are much higher on the acting list than she ever would be, were kissing her butt. One person who wasn't was impressed is this foreign born A+/A list actress who is a monarchist through and through. Meghan Markle/”2023 Variety Power Of Women”/Emily Blunt (Meghan Markle Hits Red Carpet in a Favorite Look at Variety Gala: All About Her Outfit) (Emily Blunt attends 2023 Variety Power Of Women) (If Emily Blunt is a liberal who dislikes Donald Trump, why did she claim she is “loyal to Queen Elizabeth” and likes “the Queen”? How can a Trump-hating liberal be a monarchist?)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **11**
While overseas, this foreign born A list singer in a group has kind of forgotten his state/apartment girlfriend who has only been getting a text or two a day from the singer. Chris Martin/”Coldplay”/Dakota Johnson/Australia (Chris Martin takes happy snaps with fans as he enjoys Perth sunshine ahead of Optus Stadium Coldplay shows)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **12**
This former singing television actress turned singing stage actress was invited to a huge Broadway premiere, but realized she wouldn't be the biggest star there, so declined. Lea Michele/”Spamalot” (Ariana Grande Steps Out in Style for Broadway Premiere of Ethan Slater’s ‘Spamalot’)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **13**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner has decided to permanently take off her weeding ring. Apparently a decade of being dismissed as irrelevant by her husband was finally enough for her. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied (Natalie Portman Ditches Wedding Ring for Movie Premiere After Husband Benjamin Millepied's Affair)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **14**
Four For Friday - Closet Surprise
#1 - The head of this pro sports organization that is all reaching and wildly popular in all aspects of entertainment. Dana White/”UFC”
#2 - This foreign born A- list former Star Wars actor. Hayden Christensen/”Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader”
#3 - This former 90210 actress. Christine Elise//”Emily Valentine”
#4 - This former A+ list super model turned reality star. She says it only happened when she was drunk. Uh huh
. Tyra Banks

If the celebrity CEO doesn’t make some major changes soon, the stampede of big companies that stopped advertising in the last couple days on his platform will continue, and most of the remaining ad revenue will disappear. Elon Musk/”X” (Advertisers Flee X as Outcry Over Musk’s Endorsement of Antisemitic Post Grows)

This former A+ list rapper still hasn't learned any lessons from his previous missteps. Sean “Diddy” Combs (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and singer Cassie settle abuse lawsuit one day after filing)

Even the three named former model/reality star is now on board that the mogul killed his ex. Kimora Lee Simmons/ Sean “Diddy” Combs/Kim Porter (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs once allegedly ‘threatened to hit’ pregnant Kimora Lee Simmons)

I guess a love of cocaine and being Scientology adjacent was all it took for the spark of the three named actress and the A list singer who usually doesn't sing in English. Jada Pinkett Smith/Marc Anthony (Will Smith's Ex-Assistant Claims Star Beat Up Jada Pinkett Smith Over Marc Anthony Affair)

This former A- list actor is getting his publicist to submit items to the trades to try and get people interested in a reboot of his show, which no one has ever wanted rebooted. Matt Bomer/”White Collar” (‘White Collar’: Matt Bomer Reveals ‘Legitimate Talk’ to Revive USA Series)

Speaking of reboots, this cable show turned streaming show involving makeovers got rid of the one person who actually made a difference in the show. Apparently, the others were jealous of his success and think they can get deals like his (they won't) if he is gone. Bobby Berk/”Queer Eye” (Source Claims Bobby Berk Was "Asked to Leave" 'Queer Eye' Due to Issues with the Cast)

It is amazing how there are never before and after shots of whatever moment the A+ list singer and athlete want publicized. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (Travis Kelce Said He And Taylor Swift Didn’t Leave Their Hotel All Evening After She Canceled Her Show Because They Were Conscious Of Looking Like They “Didn’t Care” About Her Fans)

With her barely there celebrity offspring unwilling to yacht, and the mom/reality star getting no takers for herself, things are looking dire finance wise. Brielle Biermann/Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Kim Zolciak reveals why she’s really selling family’s belongings amid financial woes, Kroy Biermann divorce)

It's a really bad idea to publicly rage about filing a lawsuit, when you're in the wee morning hours of a bender.  Especially when your statement admitted the reporting behind the lawsuit was accurate, but just  misrepresented.  It's like sticking a fork in an electric socket, as the media organization you have threatened is going to triple down on their reporting, while reaping a windfall of media attention and donations - before your lawsuit gets thrown out of Court at the earliest possible juncture. Elon Musk/”Media Matters for America” (Musk: ‘Thermonuclear lawsuit’ coming for Media Matters, others after companies drop X ads)

The foreign born A+/A list singer was told what questions to ask of the fruity CEO. It was an effort to counter the whole talk show host thing. Dua Lipa/Tim Cook (“Apple”) (Dua Lipa Interviews Tim Cook on the Future of AI)

Don't believe the hype. The A list singer/bad actor is not going to take the permanent A list "singer" to court. There would be no possible good reason for that. Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears (Justin Timberlake ‘threatened to sue’ before Britney Spears claimed he ‘got her pregnant’ as a teen in bombshell book) (Britney Spears plans to spill more tea on Justin Timberlake)

This foreign born A list skater is getting divorced. The woman he is divorcing has tried her hardest to become famous through the marriage. It didn't work. She is probably going to have to go back to yachting. Yuzuru Hanyu (Yuzuru Hanyu announces divorce amid slander, stalking troubles)

The north of the border singer's attempt at the PR thing with his fellow cult member didn't work. She has to earn a living, so was out with a man who will help with that this week. She also made sure to get papped. Shawn Mendes/Charlie Travers (Shawn Mendes, possible new girlfriend Charlie Travers strip down to underwear for flirty beach date) (Who Is Shawn Mendes' Rumored New Flame? All About Charlie Travers)

This foreign born alliterate A- list singer is living off the generosity of one guy. So, you would think that she wouldn't be making the moves on this billionaire. Then again, she didn't know the billionaire was gay. When he told her, she just thought it was an attempt to put her off, so she tried even harder. He then pulled out a phone and asked her if she wanted to watch a video of him orally servicing another guy. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello Sizzles in Edgy, One-Shoulder Gown)

Apparently, the ginger haired one was going to go home for the big life event, but his significant other told him no, and that she had things to do that were more important. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle/King Charles’ 75th Birthday (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Kids Recorded a Birthday Message for King Charles) (Harry and Meghan Ready for Royal Christmas—if Charles Invites Them)

A deal is in place to send the madam/procurer back to her home country to serve out the rest of her sentence. There will be no prisoner exchange as part of it
. Ghislaine Maxwell/France (Ghislaine Maxwell Forced to Represent Herself in Court as She Sues Jeffrey Epstein Estate for Millions) (Epstein Victim Who Testified Against Ghislaine Maxwell Has Died—and Her Family Wants Answers)

It is one thing to have an opinion that may be controversial. It is another to repost blatant lies which is what this alliterate former A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee has done. Susan Sarandon (Actress Susan Sarandon Bashes Israel’s Military Campaign Against Hamas, Shares False Info About Gaza War)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who has done the superhero thing has been doing the award season thing by himself. Are he and his significant other done? Did they ever actually get married? Michael Fassbender/”Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto”/”X-Men”/”The Killer”/Alicia Vikander (Michael Fassbender attends Netflix's The Killer Los Angeles Academy Museum screening at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures) (Michael Fassbender attends the Los Angeles premiere of Searchlight Pictures' "Next Goal Wins") (Oscars Predictions: Best Actor)

This A- list three named actor saves every pap shot of himself and loves to look at the photos while he gets quietly drunk. He then calls the paps and tells them where to meet him the next day. Jeremy Allen White (Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía Shop For Flowers at Farmers Market)

Speaking of calling the paps, this mogul/wannabe rapper called them to make it look as if he were grieving and struggling and sick about what was happening to him. They went through about 20 minutes of poses. Sean “Diddy” Combs (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs appears downcast in Miami after settling abuse, rape lawsuit with Cassie) (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ ex Gina Huynh once claimed he stomped on her stomach, dragged her by hair) (Janet Jackson and Naomi Campbell Remove Diddy Posts After Rape Suit Settlement)

Speaking of distractions, the subject in #4, instructed his current girlfriend to have a social media blitz showing off herself and kids in public and how happy they appear to be. The extra six figures she got over the weekend, probably helps a lot with the willingness to go all in. Sean “Diddy” Combs/Yung Miami (Yung Joc’s Story About Diddy “Controlling” Cassie Resurface Amid Rape Allegations) (DJ Akademiks Trolls Yung Miami for Seeming to Be Silent About Diddy Rape and Abuse Allegations)

Since the simulated orgasm shots across the body and face, were not a big winner with the buying public, this A- list celebrity offspring is focusing on a more traditional way to advertise her skincare line. Still though, even with her new ads, it looks like she is trying to apply some type of topical to take care of a cold sore. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/”Rhode”/”Jelly Bean Lip Peptide” (Hailey Bieber Flaunted Her Undies In A Saucy New Rhode Campaign)
(Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Sees Leadership Shakeup)

It must have been a really important meeting because the manager of this permanent A list singer had someone make sure she was going to be on time and wear something appropriate and was reporting to the manager every five to ten minutes. Britney Spears

Apparently the feds have managed to "lose" the notes of dozen of victim interviews and interviews with co-conspirators of the dead billionaire ped*phile. Jeffrey Epstein (Sen. Marsha Blackburn demands subpoena for Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ flight logs) (Attorney general going after Jeffrey Epstein’s estate says she was fired for her dogged pursuit: ‘My bar license, my integrity were more important to me’)

For years, a few people have kept up the pressure about whether an ex of this rapper/mogul was murdered. Now, with more eyes focused on him, people have more questions. Why did he order a casket before his ex even died? Sean “Diddy” Combs/Kim Porter (Diddy arranged for Kim Porter’s casket to travel in a carriage pulled by horses during the public funeral) (Sean “Diddy” Combs/Erica Kennedy BLIND ITEM REVEALED) (Erica Kennedy, a Music Writer Who Satirized the Hip-Hop World, Dies at 42)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **10**
Why is it the alliterate one will go on a celebrity worthy, high profile, private jet type of event with this former A+/A list mostly movie actress but has zero interest in play dates where their kids get together. Meghan Markle/Cameron Diaz/Katy Perry’s Final Las Vegas Residency Show (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Apparently Arrived at Katy Perry’s Final Las Vegas Residency Show Via Cameron Diaz’s Private Jet)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **11**
Speaking of kids, and not really ever being photographed, this foreign born A-/B+ list actress has heard the talk and carted her kid out in public for a few minutes to get some pap shots. That was a first. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra beams with joy as she takes her adorable daughter Malti Marie, one, to lunch with friends in LA)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **12**
This foreign born permanent A list model/producer couldn't find a car trailer to hook up in this weekend, but they did hook up in the trailer of a driver while he was making a practice run. Heidi Klum/Tom Kaulitz/”Las Vegas Grand Prix Formula One World Championship” (Heidi Klum Wears Risqué Topless Look for F1 Date with Husband Tom Kaulitz)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **13**
This foreign born A list singer spent a completely quiet, under the radar 45 day visit to rehab with no one the wiser. He did it between legs of a tour.

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **14**
The Producer: Once a year like clockwork, this A+ list producer (Dick Wolf), who is one of the most famous producers of all time, lets a showrunner for one of his shows, that the showrunner is going to introduce a new character to the show. It is generally recurring, but has been main and also a one off on several different properties of the producer. The role always goes to whatever new blonde he has found during the offseason. They are always actresses and always want to be on one of his shows. He makes it happen. It cost him two marriages (Christine Marburg) (Noelle Lippman) so far. An earlier marriage (Susan Scranton) was also a mistress, but it wasn't a casting couch thing. Because of the strikes, our producer has been vacillating between two women this season and may give them each a job. Different shows of course
. Dick Wolf/”Law & Order” franchise/”Chicago” franchise/”FBI” franchise/Christine Marburg/Noelle Lippman/Susan Scranton

I have been telling you over and over for a long time about the foreign crypto billionaire, breaking nearly every law against fraud and money laundering - and how the Feds were closing in on him.  The Feds have essentially demanded a multi billion dollar bribe to permit the billionaire to avoid criminal charges. ChangPeng Zhao (Binance chief Changpeng Zhao to plead guilty to money laundering)

The foreign born ice skater now says that a small town newspaper is the reason he is divorcing his wife after 105 days. Apparently, the newspaper mentioned the skater and his barely there celebrity girlfriend ended up married. The skater didn't want anyone to know he was married. The local paper is in the town where the wife is from and many people in town had offered congratulations, so why wouldn't the newspaper report it? There is something very strange here. Yuzura Hanyu (Japan’s figure skating icon Yuzuru Hanyu getting divorced, says troubled by slander, stalking by media)

With all the rumors swirling about this A list couple and their marriage and their sexuality, no one has brought up that the A list husband has been living with a woman for nearly a decade who is not his wife. She is not foreign born, but is from the island that many people don't speak English and has spawned at least one suitor of the A- list wife. Will Smith/Heidy De la Rosa/Puerto Rico/Jada Pinkett Smith/Marc Anthony (Is Will Smith CHEATING With Model Heidy De la Rosa?! PICS INSIDE!!) (Will Smith's Friend Claims The Actor Caught Jada Pinkett Smith & Marc Anthony In Bed)

Those closest to this former American Idol, think he will end up dead sooner rather than later. No one will be shocked if dies before the end of the year.
David Archuleta (David Archuleta Says Mormon Friends Are 'Cold' to Him 1 Year After Leaving Church: 'They've Moved On')

Remember last year, when I was repeatedly telling you how the celebrity CEO's previous legal battle was going to backfire - that he would be forced to honor the contract he signed to buy the bird site? Many of the same talking heads who claimed the celebrity CEO would somehow escape that deal, are now telling you that his current lawsuit against the media organization will succeed. They're wrong again. Our celebrity CEO has just given the media organization a tremendous present. His lawsuit is a legal dumpster fire, blatantly venue shopped. The only lasting results from this ill-advised escapade will ultimately be a tremendous windfall of media coverage and fundraising for the media organization. Elon Musk/”Media Matters” (Elon Musk's X, formerly Twitter, sues Media Matters as advertisers flee over report of ads appearing next to neo-Nazi posts)

Reader Blind: This adult Disney star has been implying she is in a relationship with this foreign born rockstar for a while now. The truth is that her new album is coming soon and it is already a flop, so she needs the rockstar more than ever. So she made an agreement with Rockstar's team, and started befriending the Rockstar's friends and everyone around him. Now she's pressuring Rockstar for a post and pap walk. Rockstar definitely didn't like it and has already rejected it several times. So she decided to follow him around and expose him. Good luck with promo. Dove Cameron/Damiano David/”Maneskin” (Dove Cameron Leaves Maneskin Concert with Lead Singer Damiano David in Brazil (Photos!))

Proving the mouse house doesn't pay that much for lead roles, this actress from there who isn't old enough to drink, has been yachting and earning more from one weekend of yachting than she earned as a lead for an entire season of acting. “Disney”

This A+/A list actor walked out of an interview because the reporter asked for a comment about what the actor's son had said about the actor. Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt/Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Son Pax Seemingly Calls Dad ‘a F–king Awful Human’ in Instagram Story)

The former wild child turned A- list actress is hooking up with a winery owner she had a long time hidden relationship with for years. Now, she doesn't need to hide it any longer. Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore reveals she has ‘sort’ of been seeing someone for 3 years)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **10**
This permanent one named A lister estimates she has paid out millions of dollars to wrongfully terminated employees.

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **11**
No one asked for the north of the border actor version of a holiday classic to be rebooted. Everyone wanted the foreign born superhero's version to have a sequel. Jim Carrey/“Grinch”/Benedict Cumberbatch

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **12**
The girlfriend of this A list mostly movie actor from an acting family is always working when the actor is filming. Funny thing though, is his boyfriend always is available to visit the set every day for the entirety of shooting. Jeanne Cadieu/Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal and Girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu Enjoy Casual Date Night Out in N.Y.C.)

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **13**
Speaking of closeted, this alliterate reality star/barely there celebrity is trotting out another fake girlfriend. No one cares. You are so far down the list. Just come out. Don't be like one of your relatives. Chase Christley/”Chrisley Knows Best”/Jodi Laine Fournerat (Chase Chrisley Is 'Taking It Slow' with New Girlfriend Jodi Laine Fournerat)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **14**
The Wife Beater: With so much going on with other members of this long time A/A- list band, no one knew that the under the radar lead singer was the worst of the bunch. Even though his bad behavior stands out more than any other of the members of the band, it is the other band members who have been publicly ridiculed for their behavior. Behind the scenes everyone knew he always cheated on his wife. There was never a groupie he didn't want to have sex with. When his wife would ever confront him about it, she would end up beaten, so finally she stopped asking. He didn't stop cheating though. For years, the wife endured beatings and verbal abuse and a miserable existence. Our singer was never quiet about the fact he is a violent person, but everyone thought it was just part of his persona or act. Now, they know it was so much more than that. The wife has started calling him out for his behavior.

The family of the deceased refuting stories the A+ singer reached out shows how scared outlets are of crossing the singer by reporting the truth. Outlets post what is sent in by the singer’s team and stay away from the negative for fear of losing access and retaliation. In the country the death took place, it isn’t a legal liability to say you are sorry. The singer doesn’t care to do so and knows outlets won’t go against her. Taylor Swift/Brazil (A Fan Died at a Taylor Swift Show. Then, It All Got Very Confusing)

Perhaps deleting the Wikipedia page of your ex and having it redirect to your own website is not the way to convince the world you had nothing to do with the death of your ex. Kim Porter/Sean “Diddy” Combs (An editor has nominated this article for deletion)

For once, someone didn't actually call the paps to get shots of themselves. The one named former A- list singer who will rightfully be living large forever, was actually spotted in the wild by a pap who followed her. Cassie (Cassie smiles as she’s seen for first time since settling Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs abuse, rape lawsuit)

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor was not amused the meme actor was getting all the attention at a recent premiere. Hugh Grant/Timothée Chalamet/”Wonka” (Timothée Chalamet Sings 'Oompa Loompa' Song to Wonka Costar Hugh Grant at Tokyo Premiere)

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress is being dropped by her talent agency after being fired from a movie. “Spyglass Media Group”/Melissa Barrera/”Scream VII” (Melissa Barrera Dropped From ‘Scream VII’ After Social Media Posts Concerning Israel-Hamas War)

This former streaming real estate star went out of her mind crazy when someone tried to do a line of the star's coke stash. Christine Quinn/”Selling Sunset” (Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn weighs in on possible return)

The alliterate one didn't get the shots she thinks she needed for her latest documentary project, so made a group of women change places and had more camera friendly women ask the preplanned questions. Meghan Markle/”Vancouver Girls’ Charity” (Meghan Markle Returns to Vancouver Girls' Charity After 2020 Visit)

The A list actor/sometime director has been spending most nights away from his wife. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez (Ben Affleck totes a carton of cigarettes as he picks up daughter Seraphina, 13, and son Samuel, 11, from skateboarding in LA)

The significant other of this foreign born superhero is not happy that what she considers to be a huge story is being overshadowed by something her boyfriend had happen to him six months ago involving the actress everyone thought he would be with forever. Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse/Kristen Stewart (Kristen Stewart 'Crashed' Robert Pattinson's Birthday Party, Reveals Twilight Director: 'We All Hugged') (Suki Waterhouse Is Pregnant! Model Reveals She Is Expecting Baby with Robert Pattinson Onstage at Corona Capital Festival)

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **10**
This former A- list celebrity who is a barely there celebrity at this point even though most of you will know her because of her exes and offspring says she was sexually assaulted at a party last week by an A- list mostly movie actor who has a chance at Oscar this year.

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **11**
This A list NASCAR driver is married. It wasn't his wife though who was with him when he was busted being pegged by a daughter of the CEO of a huge sponsor of his team.

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **12**
Speaking of pegging, the significant other of this wannabe state A++ lister hates doing it and is happy to spend whatever it takes to pay for his favorite escort to do it.

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **13**
This foreign born former A list child/tween/teen actor turned B list adult actor from a huge franchise, nearly overdosed and died recently. The woman he was with came even closer to death. Tom Felton/”Harry Potter”

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **14**
Catch & Release: This foreign born singer peaked at probably A list in her own country and maybe A-/B+ list in the rest of the world. Her singing career crashed and burned because she stopped sleeping with record executives. If you get her drunk, she can be convinced to tell you about how, when not old enough to drive, she had to use her hand to pleasure a record executive in order to keep him from dumping her from the label. He ended up dumping her anyway when she wouldn't sleep with him. She bounced around record labels until she became legal. That is when she had her greatest success. She had multiple hits, and they were all because she was sleeping with executives. Then, she landed a boyfriend who she has been with forever. He didn't want her sleeping with executives, so they stopped giving her good tracks and good people to work with and let her fade away into nothingness. She still has a name and works in television, but no more recording. She won't ever go back in the studio.

These Hollywood A-listers have been together forever, and while neither is a stranger to plastic surgery, their latest his and hers nips and tucks are certainly unique. The dynamic duo recently had some intimate surgery at the same time so they could recuperate together – she had a vaginal rejuvenation and he had a scrotum lift! Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve gone under the knife at the same time and among other things like Botox and injectables, they’ve had eye lifts together as well. Despite being well into their golden years, they still enjoy an active sex life and decided to get their private parts in shape! Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn; Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

Apparently, these two pay cable stars are not above quenching their thirst for publicity. No one has really paid attention to them, so why not pose for a kiss shot for the cameras. As if they have ever been followed by paps before. Meghann Fahy/Leo Woodall (EXCLUSIVE: White Lotus stars Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall kept romance private over fears they would 'disrupt the show' - but after starting to 'fall in love' they went public with a kiss)

So, the A list actor/singer/comedian was having drinks with himself when he supposedly sexually assaulted someone? Make this make sense. Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx Denies Sexual Assault Incident at N.Y.C. Restaurant, Says It 'Never Happened': Rep)

Who knows what this foreign born A- list NBA player does in his home country, but apparently here, he ra*es girls a couple years removed from middle school. Josh Giddey/”Oklahoma City Thunder”/Australia (NBA Investigating Allegations That Thunder's Josh Giddey Had a Relationship with a Minor)

The middle of the week actress is doing everything she can to save the job of her accused sexual assaulter co-star. Jenna Ortega”Wednesday”/Percy Hynes White (Netflix ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 gets bold changes by Jenna Ortega)

The most recent pap walk for the A list everything in her mind celebrity was supposed to be a couples pap walk. Her significant other was a no show. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Jennifer Lopez Stuns in a Chic Button-Down Dress While Out in Los Angeles) (Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck look cozy on a couch while furniture shopping for new $60M mansion) (Jennifer Lopez takes fans inside the $60M mansion she shares with Ben Affleck to reveal OUTDOOR Thanksgiving table with $500 Hermes plates)

She can say what she likes publicly, but privately the wife of this NFL player is not a fan of her possible future sister-in-law. Kylie McDevitt Kelce/Jason Kelce/Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (Everything You Need to Know About Jason Kelce’s Wife, Kylie McDevitt Kelce) (Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie Claps Back at Misleading Headlines About Her and Taylor Swift)

This female bar star is hooking up with a not on the show waitress. Katie Maloney/”Vanderpump Rules”

384. POPBITCH 11/23
(British blog)
Which comedian insists that her support act eats every meal on tour with her, but won't let them order the same thing she's having in case she gets food poisoning from it – and needs them to look after her?

With the wife and daughter executive producing the documentary series on this permanent A list legend, it is no wonder they chose to exclude his male lover of many decades. Dyan Cannon/Jennifer Grant/”Archie”/Cary Grant (“Archie” (TV series)) (Cary Grant’s daughter slams speculation icon was gay: ‘I never saw a hint of that’) (Cary Grant and Randolph Scott—A Hollywood Gay Couple?)

The diver and the writer celebrated their most recent legal victory, the way they like to celebrate most days - by finding a third guy for their bed. Tom Daley/Dustin Lance Black (Tom Daley's husband Dustin Lance Black 'grateful' after assault case dismissed)

Reader Blind: As this is the month a famous event occurred (Assassination of John F. Kennedy) in, another weird connection.   The close relative (father Charles Harrelson) of an A++ lister (Woody Harrelson) knew the person who ended the life of someone accused of a famous crime.  They briefly lived in the same city and they met at a racetrack.  They drank and partied together and had a brief affair.  In fact, there are those who say that he is the true father of the A++ lister (Matthew McConaughey). Assassination of John F. Kennedy/Charles Harrelson/Woody Harrleson/Matthew McConaughey (Allegations of involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy) (We’re Not Alright After Learning Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson Might Be Brothers)

This former A list celebrity is starring in the lead in a holiday movie. She is not a good actress. She was not a good singer. So, you know things are bad when the press release for our botoxed to the point of can't moving facial muscles leads with the fact she is a singer/songwriter followed by actress. This will be truly awful, so of course I will have to watch it. Ashlee Simpson/“The Recipe Files”

This foreign born A- list actress starred in a huge movie franchise. I never really took her for one who would be willing to be the arm candy for a Russian oligarch thirty years her elder, but there she was this week, doing just that.

During a practice in the leadup to the game, a photographer covering the practice spotted the unique formation and was ready to memorialize it during the game when it would get the most attention from the fans of the A+ list singer. ”Philadelphia Eagles” vs “Kansas City Chiefs”/Jason Kelce (center)/Jalen  Hurts (QB)/D'Andre Swift (RB)/Taylor Swift  (Is this how Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship ends? Fans reveal bizarre conspiracy theory involving his brother Jason after spotting sign of the couple's fate during Eagles' win over the Chiefs)

This A- list singer who uses an initial instead of aa last name, was thought to have split from her cheating boyfriend months ago. Nope. Even though they were just recently spotted together publicly for the first time in months, they never stopped living together. The split was just for show. Becky G/Sebastian Lletget (Becky G and Fiancé Sebastian Lletget Step Out Together 8 Months After Cheating Rumors)

This NBA player was headed to stardom. He still might, but he is going to have to write some very big checks very quickly to even have a chance of this problem going away and him staying out of jail. Josh Giddey/”Oklahoma City Thunder” (NBA Investigating Allegations That Thunder's Josh Giddey Had a Relationship with a Minor)

This barely there celebrity who used to be a reality star and would love nothing more to be one again, has been sleeping with two brothers, usually separately, but sometimes at the same time. What she doesn't know is they have been recording every sex session and sharing them with their friends.

The cult member/significant other of the north of the border singer hosted Thanksgiving with him and now wants to get married this week. Charlie Travers/Shawn Mendes

This drug addict/supplier/music guy is bragging on social media about being best friends with the former network reality star singer. He is also throwing the singer under the bus for his own fame purposes.

Reader Blind: The member of two color group has been with this billionaire's son for a while. Due to a disagreement between the band and management, the future of the band is uncertain and she has stopped all her activities. She is very desperate to marry the billionaire's son just for financial guarantee and her own brand, but although the billionaire's family is happy with the attention, they are very sure that this relationship will not last long and the China issue bothers them very much. Lisa/”BLACKPINK”/Frédéric Arnault (Lisa x Frédéric Arnault dating rumours stoked by Blackpink star’s birthday pic with dad)

This female rapper gets an annual paycheck from the permanent A list rapper for staying quiet about his past. Apparently, she must want one from the freak off guy too, considering how much she is publicly standing up for him right now. Foxy Brown/Jay Z/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Foxy Brown Under Fire For Comments About Diddy’s Sexual Assault Lawsuits) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/12/18)

A victim of this north of the border actor turns eighteen in February and is already making plans to speak out about her experience at that time. Her parents won't let her speak right now. Jim Carrey

Producers on an East Coast franchise have concerns that this Housewife’s husband may be physically abusive. They have seen things that troubled them and are starting to drop hints to indicate that he has a hidden temper. Alexia Echevarria/”Real Housewives of Miami”/Todd Nepola (Alexia Nepola Reveals the “Really Weird” Thing She Does with Her Husband Todd)

As bad as it is that this foreign Scandinavian politician (Mike Villa Fonseca) is living with a 15 year old girl, her parents actually sold her to him when she was 13. Even more crazy is he is not in jail, and gets to stay in his elected office
. Danish politician Mike Villa Fonseca (Danish politician in relationship with 15-year-old girl reported to police for grooming)

The mom of this barely there celebrity of barely there celebrity offspring has personally been trying to get this A list actor to give her daughter another chance. It is a no go from the actor. Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid/Gigi Hadid/Bradley Cooper (Gigi Hadid shares reel accusing Israel of harvesting organs of dead Palestinians) (Gigi Hadid Destroyed Leonardo DiCaprio & Bradley Cooper’s Bromance Triggering A Reported Feud Over ‘Breaking The Bro-Code’? Here’s What An Insider Revealed & You Need To Read It ASAP!)

I think the fact that the author has a contact in his phone with the identification of 416 (Ontario, Canada) says it all about who is one of his main sources for material. That number has been kept through thick and thin. Omid/Jessica Mulroney/”Endgame” (Author Omid Scobie Slams Royal Family as ‘Trumpian,’ Catherine as ‘Infantilized’)

The former A list singer/serial woman abuser could barely even move the other night because of the sheer volume of drugs he takes each day. Chris Brown (Kanye West, Chris Brown slammed for dancing to ‘antisemitic’ track: ‘Beyond sickening’)

Speaking of drugs, this permanent A list singer/diva likes to pretend she doesn't do a little blow before and after each show. Instead, she says she has to run things through with her musical director. That is code for doing some lines. Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey Mops the Floor — Literally — With ‘Merry Christmas One and All!’ at Hollywood Bowl: Concert Review)

The half dollar rapper is talking a lot of smack about the mogul/wannabe rapper and his half naked appearance at a party filled with men. The thing is though, the half dollar rapper was right there with him. 50 Cent/Sean “Diddy” Combs (50 Cent Once Again Clowns Diddy, Shares Video of Puff Patting Jay-Z’s Butt During Concert) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/06/23)

Every so often, an interview surfaces for a few days and then the permanent A list rapper tries to scrub it from the internet. He doesn't like people to know he was approaching 30 when his now wife, and fellow A lister was barely old enough to drive and he was hooking up with her. Jay Z/Beyoncé (Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Complete Relationship Timeline)

The wealthy bookseller is donating gigantic sums of money to politicians from both sides of the aisle. His one goal is to have the clock app banned in the US and he is willing to do whatever it takes to do so. Jeff Bezos/”Amazon”/”TikTok”

The north of the border singer's "girlfriend" thinks if they have a baby together, it will make their life so much better. It was a wedding last week and now it is a baby. This is going to be a crazy last month of the year for them. Charlie Travers/Shawn Mendes

Reader Blind: This commentator (Steven Crowder) who is on something other than television and who recently went through some negative publicity due to divorce drama is also weathering the fallout from an expose related to work.  Lurking behind it all is the often rumored homosexuality of the commentator.  His male employees saying he likes to play a game called "sack tapping" which is just an excuse for him to fondle their genitals is just the tip of the iceberg.  His ex is waiting to see how negotiations go before she decides if she should  drop the big one - Proof of male prostitutes he visits.  Steven Crowder/Hilary Korzon (Steven Crowder Exposed Himself at Work, Ex-Staffers Say) (Why Is a Renowned Gay and Lesbian Attorney Representing Steven Crowder in His Divorce?)

410. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **10**
This one named foreign born singer has a viral hit right now. She is also being pressured by the former wheelchair actor to sleep with him if she wants any continued success. Tyla/“Water”/Drake (I don’t like guys that approach me – Singer Tyla)

411. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **11**
This actor (Timothée Chalamet) has a big big movie (“Wonka”) about to be released in which he is the lead. A very big movie. Much like the actor (Tom Cruise) who loves fish, our actor loves wearing lifts in his shoes (5′ 10″), especially when doing press with other actors. He hates being the shortest of the group. Timothée Chalamet/”Wonka”/Tom Cruise/5′ 10″

412. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **12**
This celebrity offspring gets her coke from her dad's dealer. Lily-Rose Depp/Johnny Depp

413. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **13**
This married former Disney actress was a really big star for them. She and this A- list actress have been in a very long term affair which they don't really hide from friends and family, just the public.

414. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **14**
The Grudge: This couple dated so long ago, I doubt anyone even remembers it. Any issues that happened during their brief fling, should be long forgotten. Apparently though, this one named permanent A lister has not forgotten and takes every opportunity to cause trouble for their former lover. The lover in question is a foreign born singer who many decades ago hit a peak of about A- list here in the US and was probably A list in their home country. Our singer thought the one named A lister wasn't nice and didn't treat people well and after a month or two together broke things off and wasn't shy about explaining why. For decades, the one named A lister has taken it upon themselves to try and keep the singer from appearing on US based programs and has called in every favor they possibly could to make sure the singer stays off the airwaves. Our one named A lister went so far as to once threaten a closeted talk show host with an unmasking if they dared to put the singer on the air.

The former A- list singer/actress/reality star turned businessperson, must be thinking of selling some new weight loss product or something because is telling a tale of weight loss that doesn't include her taking the weekly shot, which she did. Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson, 43, shows off her toned legs as she is back in her Daisy Duke shorts... after losing 100lbs thanks to walking 14K steps a day)

This barely there celebrity offspring of A listers was beaten by her significant other and lost the baby she was carrying.

This on again off again reality star better hope the show he is on continues for years to come because he is nearly $1M in debt to people he convinced to invest in really bad businesses.  Scott Disick/”The Kardashians” (Scott Disick jets back to LA with Kylie and Kendall Jenner after spending Thanksgiving dinner together in Palm Springs as ex Kourtney Kardashian stayed home with husband Travis Barker and their newborn)

The leak of the name was planned. The author wanted to get people talking about it in hopes they will purchase the book. There is nothing in the actual book that hasn't been said before. Omid Scobie/”Endgame” (Omid Scobie royal book: More like Action Replay than Endgame)

This foreign born former A- list singer says her career was ruined by a singer higher on the list who told people not to work with her. Lorde/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Responds to Lorde’s Criticism About Her Image ‘Or Whatever’)

The mogul/wannabe rapper is apparently not so mogul-ish at the moment because he is going to file for bankruptcy. Sean “Diddy” Combs

With her recent statement, this former Teen Mom pretty much came out and said how she makes a living now and what it takes to be her "boyfriend." Farrah Abraham (Farrah Abraham Lands New Boyfriend Through OnlyFans, Makes Him Sign NDA)

The CEO of this massive entertainment conglomerate says the deal signed with the actors and writers will be the last deal ever and that AI will be advanced enough at the end of the contract to never bother with either group again. He thinks they will be desperate to take a deal next time. Bob Iger/"Disney"

Reader Blind Item: This alliterate foreign born A- list singer/actress who recently voiced a kid movie and desperately needs money recently had transactional sex with a comedian. Rumors has it that the guy is spreading the tape everywhere while lamenting of her poor performance. Camila Cabello/”Trolls Band Together”

424. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **10**
Who knows if the split will last, but this foreign born A list singer was tired of her boyfriend using her name and fame to get himself famous. Dua Lipa/Romain Gavras (and three days later it became public knowledge)

425. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **11**
Apparently the wannabe Ryan Seacrest and the launch of his new venture was sparsely attended. They were expecting hundreds of people and got maybe a dozen. Mario Lopez/Shoe Collection (Exclusive: Mario Lopez Is Launching Sneakers + Why He Wants His Shoe Collection to Be Accessible) (Mario Lopez Footwear Launch Party on November 27, 2023 in New York City)

426. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **12**
This foreign born A list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee. Last night, she showed off her Christmas present that she got for her husband. Bigger breasts. Penélope Cruz/”2023 Gotham Awards”/Javier Bardem (Penélope Cruz Looks Ethereal in a White Lace Gown at the 2023 Gotham Awards)

427. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **13**
This former late night talk show host made a waitress break down and cry and quit her job last week. He didn't care. David Letterman; James Corden

428. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **14**
The Video: It definitely existed at one point. It probably still exists, but I think it is in the hands of an A list ex of our subject. When (AA/Melanie Griffith) was in between marriages, she let herself get a little wild. AA has been A+ list and will always have A list name recognition. She had been married to an A lister (BB/Steven Bauer). For as long as they were married, BB had managed to restrain AA's formerly wild ways. She has stories about her going back to her early days of acting and even before. So, AA is in between marriages and was sexually experimenting in lots of different ways. One of those experiments involved three guys and her. Apparently one of the three guys was the one who arranged it and also the one who filmed it. He used a digital camera to do it. He gave the actress the entire camera. This was for her and her personal library. So, fast forward a few years and she is remarried to the ex mentioned in the first sentence. We shall call him (CC/Don Johnson). CC and AA do a lot of sexual experimenting, but AA can tell that CC is just doing it for himself and doesn't really care about her. One night, to make him jealous, she pulls out the footage and shows CC the foursome scene. CC got really jealous and then said he was going to do the same thing with three women. He had already been sleeping with partners they had both been with and I don't know if he ended up having his own foursome. At some point though, he managed to get that footage. He probably still has it. AA thinks he has it, but stopped caring about it long ago
AA: Melanie Griffith
BB: Steven Bauer (m. 1981; div. 1989)
CC: Don Johnson (m. 1976; div. 1976)  (m. 1989; div. 1996)

This B+ list actress offspring is now roommates with the Satan offspring. Lily-Rose Depp/Anton LaVey’s granddaughter Bianka Berényi (BLIND ITEM 04/26/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/07/22)

Kindness: This A+ athlete lives a simple life outside of his sport and has steered clear of the tabloids. He has a long list of nice moments with fans, and this one is no exception. One morning in a small town, a teenager was training and completing drills by himself, when a car pulled up. A man got out of his car, grabbed his equipment, and asked if he could join. Star-struck, the teenager happily obliged. The two trained and completed drills one-on-one for over an hour, with not a single news camera or PR team in sight. A few giddy onlookers realized who was with the teenager and grabbed some photos of the two training together. After the practice, the athlete chatted with some of the locals and took a few more photos, before tossing his equipment in his car and driving off. Jalen Hurts/”Philadelphia Eagles” ('Symbol of hope': Inside Eagles QB Jalen Hurts' day giving back to Philadelphia community)

The mogul/wannabe rapper wants some of the pressure off him so is dropping names of other predators.  First up is the record executive (Chris Stokes) from the south and his group (“The Ultimate Group”) . The group’s victims include a Y2K boyband (“B2K”) and one of Ariana Grande’s love rivals and her sister. Sean “Diddy” Combs/Chris Stokes/“The Ultimate Group”/”B2K” (Sexual Allegations) (A breakdown of the Chris Stokes allegations thus far) (What did Chris Stokes do to Raz B? Controversy explained as B2K singer lands in trouble after attempting to jump from hospital roof)

This barely there celebrity offspring needs rehab as much as her sibling once did. That is one messed up family.Bella Hadid/Anwar Hadid

This former A- list actress dated this A+/A list actor decades ago. She recently found out the actor slept with her daughter last year.

This former A+ list actress is still A list and is an Oscar winner/nominee. She and her significant other split several weeks ago, but for some reason she is hesitant to make it public. Jessica Chastain/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Jessica Chastain and Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo's Relationship Timeline)

Reader Blind: It happened again. The controversial radio host not named Howard Stern went off on a blind rage against what little remains of his crew, when they couldn’t access a sound byte as fast as he would have liked. He ended the show after barely an hour on air. Alex Jones (Sandy Hook families offer to settle Alex Jones' $1.5B legal debt for minimum of $85M) (BLIND ITEM 10/22/23)

This A- list alliterate actress is hooking up with a married rugby player. Sydney Sweeney (Australian TikToker claims he's now 'dating' Sydney Sweeney after she slid into his DMs)

After the blind yesterday, I certainly expected a much stronger denial from the author about what he knew and when about the arranged leak. It sounds like he was up to his ears in it. Omid Scobie/”Endgame” (Endgame pulled from Dutch stores after ‘second royal racist’ named - latest) (BLIND ITEM 11/29/23)

438. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **10**
The owner/reality star is going to run for political office, but it isn't the A++ list job he wants.  Mark Cuban/President of the United States/Ted Cruz Texas Republican Senator (Don't be surprised if Mark Cuban runs for president) (Mark Cuban says he has 'no plans to run' for the White House in 2024) (What's next for Mark Cuban after leaving 'Shark Tank' and selling Dallas Mavericks?) (Mark Cuban tells Sen. Ted Cruz to 'have some balls for once' over national-anthem dispute)

439. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **11**
The north of the border singer/sometime actor is looking to buy a new home and guess who wants to be on the deed with him. Yep. The girlfriend who was homeless a few months ago. Shawn Mendes/Charlie Travers (ITV2 Big Brother's Charlie Travers wows in see-through dress amid Shawn Mendes romance)

440. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **12**
This sometime boy bander/sometime solo singer didn't spend the family holiday with his immediate family. Would he and his wife announce a split during the holiday season? That almost never happens. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (Jonas Brothers served up a pre-Thanksgiving musical feast at Fiserv Forum) (Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Are 'Squad Goals' with Priyanka Chopra at Thanksgiving Dinner Party)

441. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **13**
The team can say whatever it wants, but everyone knows the athlete slept with the other athlete's mom. “Chicago Blackhawks”/Corey Petty/Melanie Bedard/Connor Bedard (Blackhawks GM Says Corey Perry Cut Unrelated To Sleeping with Connor Bedard's Mom)

442, ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **14**
New Found Fame: This actor is an A+/A list mostly movie actor (George Clooney). But, before he became a big movie star, he starred on a hit television show (“E.R.). He wasn't the lead lead on it, but he was in the main cast. It was his first taste of fame and he was not ready for it at all. Prior to the television show airing, our actor, who is closeted to this day, lived his life very openly in Los Angeles. He was not shy about being seen with men. Then he got fame and his people told him he needed a girlfriend. Our actor was sleeping with several men on the show either who were actors or crew and one of them had a sister or cousin or something and our actor took her out to be seen a few times. Then, his people said he needed someone kind of famous, so they paired him with an actress (Kelly Preston). He hated it. He also hated that he couldn't hang out with his friends and lover in town any longer. Our actor spent most of his paychecks from the first two seasons of the show renting beach houses on weekends along the central coast of California (filmed at Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA) and have a dozen friends hang out with him. Then, after a couple of seasons, the out of town parties began to attract too much attention. Our actor's people really wanted him to focus on his actress "girlfriend." So, began his deep withdrawal into the closet where he has continued to remain all these years later
. George Clooney/“E.R.”/filmed at Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA/Kelly Preston (Inside George Clooney And Kelly Preston's Short-Lived Romance)

It’s a really bad idea to microdose right before a high profile interview, especially when it kicks in harder than you expected -  right before you walk onstage. Elon Musk (Advertisers Say They Do Not Plan to Return to X After Musk’s Comments)

Leaving the jungle show early, also helped avoid more awkward encounters with the guy she was hooking up with which would invariably end up being recorded. Jamie Lynn Spears/”I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” (The real reason Jamie Lynn Spears quit I’m A Celeb revealed after ‘days of crisis talks’) (I'm A Celebrity 2023 line-up: Meet the contestants this year)

This foreign born A list singer doesn't want to do 150 arena shows for her next tour. She is exhausted and it hasn't even started yet. She wants just to do 30 stadium shows total around the world and call it a day. Dua Lipa (Dua Lipa 'will embark on her first stadium tour next year' after huge success of her Future Nostalgia roadshow: 'She's going to be everywhere in 2024')

Those around the permanent A list singer know it is only a matter of time before she takes some meth that is laced with fentanyl and ends up dead. She is not careful about her sources. Britney Spears

Apparently the child murderer must have found some guy with a big wallet because she finally has the money to make the movie she has been wanting to make for years. She is trying to find an actress to play herself.  Casey Anthony

The former wheelchair actor is following a 16 year old girl on Instagram. He has known her since she was even younger. Drake

This actress you think is foreign born, but isn't, is A list and is hooking up with a doctor known for very creepy medical experiments.

This north of the border singer freaked out when people were seated next to him at church. Apparently, he likes a lot of empty space around him. Justin Bieber (Hailey Bieber has legs for days in a black sweater dress and boots as she heads to church with husband Justin Bieber in LA)

The foreign born NBA player will stay out of jail, but the sports organization doesn't need the same kind of proof to suspend him for a very long time. Josh Giddey (California Police Investigating Allegations That Thunder's Josh Giddey Had Relationship with a Minor)

452. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **10**
The former network reality singer has completely pushed away any chance of reconciling with his ex as he trolls for new men online and talked about the sex act he just completed. The drug use is making him do things and take chances he never used to take. David Archuleta (David Archuleta Got a Hickey & the Gays Are Ready For His 'Slutty Era')

453. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **11**
This former one-fifth is now a full time yachter trying to get one to marry her. Normani/”Fifth Harmony” (Who Is DK Metcalf’s Girlfriend? Singer Normani and Seahawks WR Go Instagram Official)

454. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **12**
This foreign born A- list actor who has been a superhero is really pushing his own award campaign. For whatever reason, his higher on the list girlfriend doesn't want to help. Tom Holland/”The Crowded Room”/Zendaya (Tom Holland on playing ‘the biggest departure from myself’ in ‘The Crowded Room’ [Exclusive Video Interview]) (Tom Holland’s First Performance in This Survival Movie Is His Best Work Yet)

455. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **13**
This A- list comic actor was blitzed out of his mind at a recent premiere.

456. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **14**
Out Of Business: In this space over the years, I have talked about celebrities involved in all manner of illegal businesses, including a business which is very similar to the one I am going to discuss today. There was of course the former A+ list actor who owned dozens of Asian massage parlors. This one is also about sex work, but our foreign born celebrity was just one cog in the now defunct machine. Our celebrity is A list. Because of what he does in the celebrity world, he has a need for dozens of people every few months. Many years ago, our celebrity used to be the biggest customer for a Russian pimp. Our celebrity just couldn't get enough of Eastern European hookers and was easily spending $1M+ a year on them. Over the years, the celebrity and the pimp became very good friends and the pimp said it was getting harder to get the women from their countries to the west where they could work. Our celebrity came up with a solution. He would use the shows he gets involved with to get isas for the women. Our celebrity was paid a great deal of money and got free sex. This relationship continued up until the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The pimp couldn't get anyone out and also couldn't pay his debts to the mob who didn't care there was a war going on and the pimp was murdered. Our celebrity has kept a very low profile since that murder.

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