NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This company which has designs on becoming a streaming giant, has decided to pay whatever it takes for rights to this very fast “sport”. “Apple TV+”/”Formula 1” (Apple considers $2B Apple TV+ streaming rights grab for Formula 1)

Apparently, the mainstream media must be reading my old blinds because they are all talking about the alliterate one replacing the now dead Senator. Meghan Markle/Senator Dianne Feinstein (Senator Meghan Markle? Speculation mounts Duchess of Sussex will try to replace Feinstein)

Last time he was arrested for a shooting, this A list everything (Sean “P. Diddy” Combs) paid an employee (Shyne) to take the fall for him and then paid a whole lot more money when the employee got out of jail and was going to reveal all. I don't know if our A lister has enough money to pay someone to take this fall for him (Keefe D aka Keith Davis - murder of Tupac Shakur). Sean “P. Diddy” Combs/Shyne/Keefe D aka Keith Davis - murder of Tupac Shakur (Rapper Shyne Sentenced To 10 Years in Shooting) (Driver: Lopez Said Shyne Fired Gun) (Keefe D, Man Arrested in Connection with Tupac's Murder, Said Diddy Allegedly Offered $1 Million to Kill the Rapper and Suge Knight)

Speaking of the A lister in #3, his A list ex, who he cheated on while she was sleeping every night is about to split with her husband. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

The head of this A list social media company is cheating on his wife again. At least this time she appears to be legal unlike when he was in that Asian country drinking. Alexis Ohanian/”Reddit”/Serena Williams (Alexis Ohanian's Special Secret Ritual With Daughter Olympia Has Us Swooning) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/21/21)

This A- list actress who doesn't really act any longer but who will always have her stolen Oscar, sees dollar signs if she can get this A++ list candidate to do some product endorsements in return for a political endorsement. Gwyneth Paltrow/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Gwyneth Paltrow says she finds anti-vax 2024 candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr 'interesting' and that she's 'open-minded' about political parties)

The fans of the A+ list singer need to realize that the one named permanent A list singer has been releasing concert films since the A+ lister was a teenager. The only copying is the other way around. The only reason the A+ lister wanted it released in theatres is so she could try and qualify for an Oscar. Honestly, it is probably the reason the one named singer decided to release hers in theatres instead of streaming too. Taylor Swift/Beyoncé

The NFL QB in the reveals, does not play the game the alliterate reality star is playing. He has called her out once for planting PR garbage about them and will do it again and again until she is embarrassed enough to stop. He likes the Russian yachter
. Tom Brady/Kim Kardashian/Irina Shayk (Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady get flirty as they bid on same painting at Reform Alliance gala with Jay-Z, Matthew McConaughey, Tiffany Haddish and more stars)

Apparently, the three named actress started believing the blind items about her cheating actor husband. Jodie Turner-Smith/Joshua Jackson (Joshua Jackson was ‘caught off guard’ by Jodie Turner-Smith divorce: report)

It didn't seem possible that this network reality host could get even more diva, but right now, the crew hates her so much they would even be willing to take back the host from last year. Julianne Hough/”Dancing With the Stars”/Tyra Banks ('TOO DARN CUTE' DWTS alum Joey Fatone gushes over ‘adorable’ new host Julianne Hough after she replaces Tyra Banks)

The actor who was A list when his network show was airing over a decade ago has not done much of anything since. All of you know his name but no paps ever bother to take his photo. Then, he gets a new girlfriend and the paps are everywhere. Funny how the same thing happened when the woman used to date the former superhero. She loves the attention and has the paps on speed dial. Zach Braff/“Scrubs”/Alyssa Miller/Andrew Garfield (Zach Braff & Alyssa Miller Attend Coldplay Concert Together While Their Exes Were Together at Paris Fashion Week)

This former social media star who has been resurrected from the dead is not even old enough to drive but was at party with guys in their 20's and 30's who were pressuring her for sex. Where are the parents? Lil Tay (Lil Tay Breaks Silence After Death Hoax, Drops New ‘Sucker 4 Green’ Video: Watch)

How many times does child support services need to visit UBT before they arrest him? How many different kids is he going to get away with abusing? Why isn't the Teen Mom kicking him out? David Eason/Jenelle Evans (Teen Mom Jenelle Evans & David Eason are ‘under investigation by CPS’ after her son Jace, 14, goes missing for 3rd time)

The former singer turned reality star turned talk show host turned celebrity has a huge substance abuse issue but refuses to get help. Watch her end up dead. Tamar Braxton (Tamar Braxton Ends Engagement to Queens Court Finalist Jeremy 'JR' Robinson)

The promoter of a concert tour is trying to get extra insurance because they know the one named permanent A list singer will probably bail on the tour after a few shows. The loss will be huge to the promoter because right now they can't find anyone to offer it. Madonna (Madonna, 65, displays her VERY youthful complexion as she shares busty new looks in lace bra - with Celebration tour just DAYS away)

It is interesting that the first leak about the residency of this new appointee came from someone who is best friends with a PR person on the alliterate one's team. Laphonza Butler/Senator Dianne Feinstein replacement/Meghan Markle (Laphonza Butler sworn in as replacement for late Sen. Dianne Feinstein) (How can Laphonza Butler, who lives in Maryland, serve as California senator?)

Speaking of drugs, the "singer" is now getting hers from people who are supposed to be looking out for her best interests. They are also using them with her and encouraging her to use them. Britney Spears

Speaking of the "singer," her ex is starting an OnlyFans. Sam Asghari

This celebrity offspring/B+ list actress has been kicked out of the group of friends, or is at least not getting calls returned. That was sudden. Margaret Qualley/Andie MacDowell & Paul J. Qualley/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Reportedly Roasted Jack Antonoff During a 15-Minute Speech at His Wedding to Margaret Qualley)

This A- list actress/Oscar winner is paying for a study to show the things she sells are in fact good for you. Gwyneth Paltrow/”Goop” (Gwyneth Paltrow Looks Back at 15 Years of Goop and More: 'Don't Put Me on Truth Serum.')

This former Bachelor star turned podcaster is cheating on his significant other. Nick Viall/”The Viall Files”/Natalie Joy (Nick Viall and Natalie Joy's Relationship Timeline) (“The Viall Riles”)

Keep The Secret: It was incredibly easy to pin the murder on the guy (AA/Barry George) they ended up sentencing to jail. He was befriended by a close acquaintance (Jeffery Epstein) of a royal who said the royal would have met with AA in person but everything needed to be kept discreet. AA had a fascination with the royal family and our royal (BB/Prince Andrew) new this. BB had a problem. There was a TV host (CC/Jill Dando) who knew all about the royal's underage sex parties because one of her friend's daughters had been at one of the parties and had been sexually assaulted by multiple men. The royal got wind of the story and paid off the family of the daughter, but the host was digging around and talking to other girls who had been at other parties. Would AA do this as a favor to BB? To protect the royal family. AA didn't pull the trigger. He thought he was just a red herring. There were things planted in his home. The killer didn't plant enough stuff to make the case airtight. If they had, then people wouldn't still be discussing the case today and the royal would probably breathe a lot easier. Think about how much earlier we would have known about him
AA: Barry George
BB: Prince Andrew
CC: Jill Dando

(Who killed Jill Dando? The main theories behind Britain's biggest unsolved murder) (Who is Barry George, the man who went to prison for Jill Dando’s murder?) (Jeffrey Epstein Gets Off With a Little Help From His Friends)

The former A+/A list singer is not doing any of those rumors any good when he buys a house with the guy the rumors focus on most. John Mayer/Andy Cohen (New Roomies Alert? Close Pals John Mayer and Andy Cohen Allegedly Hunting for Hamptons Home to Buy Together)

It looks like UBT (“Uncle Bad Touch”) has been doing what got him his nickname in the first place. David Eason/”Teen Mom 2” (‘Teen Mom 2′ Alum Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Alleged He Ran Away After Stepdad David Eason ‘Assaulted’ Him)

The convicted former record label owner knows who was behind the murder. The A lister with the  ever changing name. Suge Knight/Tupac Shakur/Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (And now the guy arrested says it was Sean Combs who offered $1M for the killing)

Suge Knight Won't Testify Against 'Keefe D,' Says Tupac Shooter Isn't Who Cops Think It Is)

This aging B+ list actor/director sure enjoyed auditioning the very young men for their roles in a gay porn movie. John Cameron Mitchell?”xXPonyBoyDerekXs” (John Cameron Mitchell To Exec Produce ‘xXPonyBoyDerekXx’ Digital Multi-Week Drama On OnlyFans And X)

Don't believe the hype or the implied story, this A- list actress who got her fame from a government show is happily married and not seeing other guys. Aubrey Plaza/“Parks & Recreation”
Now, speaking of marriages, there is one that is not so happy involving a former A++ lister who prefers to take his own vacations separate from his wife.

The wife (Brittany Mahomes) of this A+ list NFL QB (Patrick Mahomes) sure ditched one of her best friends in a hurry. She doesn't want to risk angering the A+ list singer (Taylor Swift) so dumped the ex (Kayla Nicole) of the other football player (Travis Kelce) after just going out two weeks ago. Wow. Brittany Mahomes/Patrick Mahomes/Taylor Swift/Kayla Nicole/Travis Kelce (Travis Kelce's ex Kayla Nicole UNFOLLOWS close pal Brittany Mahomes - after her friend was seen hanging out with Taylor Swift)

Apparently the whole prosperity gospel grift is not going well for the former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity. Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna selling her personal belongings ‘to make ends meet’ amid custody battle with Tyga)

A singer from the two color group is apparently pregnant or had a pregnancy scare with the very very rich guy. They have been definitely trying, so about those contract negotiations.... Lisa/”BLACKPINK”/Frédéric Arnault (BLACKPINK's Lisa allegedly spotted at French restaurant with rumored boyfriend Frédéric Arnault) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/09/23)

The snack Housewife might be feeling a little jealous because this reality star from multiple shows has had a very young female visiting him on set every day. They are much more than friends. Dorit Kemsley/“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Mauricio Umansky/”Dancing With the Stars” (Mauricio Responded to Rumors He Cheated on Kyle Weeks Before Their Split)

Apparently, there was an agreement for the child (X AE A-XII (“X”)) produced the old fashioned way, but, for the two done with hired help (Exa Dark Sideræl (“Y”) & Tau Techno Mechanicus), the celebrity CEO just took full control and are being raised by nannies. The north of the border singer says she wants to change that, but hasn't shown an interest at all since they were born. X AE A-XII (“X”); Exa Dark Sideræl (“Y”) & Tau Techno Mechanicus/Elon Musk/Grimes (Grimes Files a Lawsuit Against Elon Musk & It Has Everything to Do With Their 3 Kids)

Just because you are a fan of the singer/muse doesn't mean you need to support her making out with a sibling. It is not like the fans are making out with their siblings and would consider it disgusting to do it, but they stan so hard, they can overlook anything. Lana Del Rey/sister Chuck (Lana Del Rey and her sister Chuck kissing in their mouth)

This disgraced former director had interactions with the middleman used by the clothing company CEO to find young men for sex, but had an army of his own middlemen so didn't need to pay anyone to do it for him. Mike Jeffries/”Abercrombie & Fitch” (Abercrombie & Fitch launches investigation into ex-CEO sexual misconduct claims)

Around The World: Over the years there have been a wide variety of tenants of a mid century modern building that shares a parking lot with a 7-Eleven. Currently it is a design studio. It is just a mile or two from Hollywood and was at one point in time the location of one of the biggest distributors of illegal porn anywhere in the world. Back in the day before the owner of the company died, it was a production studio. They didn't do any filming there. They just did editing. The company had a legit show that actually appeared on all three networks at the time. The show, which copied the formula of several other shows at the time, involved lots of travel to some of the poorer countries of the world. While one crew would go shoot what would air back home, several other crews would scour markets and clubs and schools for teens and young women to shoot porn. Often they would pay just a couple of bucks and get two hours of footage. They didn't care about ages of the women. Every so often they would make sure they got someone they knew for sure was legal and get an i.d., but for the most part, they didn't care. The company shot thousands of hours of porn during the few years their network show aired. The networks had no idea what was going on, but back home in LA, one team of editors would be working on the network show, while other editors would be working on the porn. They would then send the film our to be duplicated and then it was sent all over the country and the world. They also had certain niche films for very important clients around the country who often put in special requests. The company made millions of dollars. Then, when the show ended, the porn business ended. The head of the production company kept it all a secret

This former Disney actress who has been yachting for years even though she can barely drink, recently got new breasts because she thinks it will help her earn more money. One of her "boyfriends" paid for them. Skai Jackson (Skai Jackson attends the Variety Power Of Young Hollywood at NeueHouse Los Angeles) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/14/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/27/21)

The north of the border actor is playing the victim card and the pap game with the kids when it is very much the opposite of what he is portraying. Joshua Jackson/Jodie Turner-Smith (Joshua Jackson Was ‘Caught Off Guard’ by Jodie Turner-Smith Filing for Divorce)

The former bird company somehow thinks this former A list reality star from well over a decade ago is an A+ list everything. She will take their check and cash it and will contribute nothing. She knows she screwed the company over good. Ridiculous. “X/Twitter”/Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton Inks Content and Commerce Deal With Elon Musk’s X/Twitter, Will Host Videos Featuring Live Shopping)

This A/A- list actress has spent more time on her recent tour with her former co-star than her husband. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn/”Scandal”/”Thicker Than Water” Book Tour (Kerry Washington Drips in Fashion During 'Thicker Than Water' Book Tour)

The wealthy farmer keeps testing new crops and GMO's and the people in the countries where he tests them are the ones suffering. One recent outbreak sent nearly 100 kids to the hospital. Bill Gates/Africa (Critiques of Gates Foundation agricultural interventions in Africa) (Malaria Cases In U.S. Trigger Unfounded Claims About Bill Gates, Mosquito Project) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/28/21) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/01/21) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/11/22)

Speaking of bad people, one of the largest drug dealers to celebrities in town has been cutting his stuff with all kinds of bad stuff which is why there have been more overdoses and hospital visits as of late from celebrities, including the former reality star. Brandi Glanville/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Brandi Glanville’s face blew up, eyes swelled shut before collapsing and being rushed to hospital)

Apparently all the love headed the way of this foreign born celebrity family (“Beckham”) seemingly is ignoring the secret life of one of the members (Romeo Beckham) of the family and the crazy drug use of another (Brooklyn Beckham). David and Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham/Netflix Documentary “Beckham”/Romeo Beckham/Brooklyn Beckham (Victoria Beckham Breaks Silence On David Beckham's Alleged Affair In New Netflix Documentary)

Apparently the ex of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor would not peg him, while his new girlfriend is happy to do it, especially with what he is paying her and all the attention she is receiving.

This A list mostly movie actor (Adam Driver) is getting an award (“Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s 2023 Tom Hanks Caregiver Champion Award”) for a foundation (“AITAF”/”Arts In the Armed Forces”)  he established. The thing is though, it has since been dissolved because it was so horribly managed and didn't accomplish anything except spend donation dollars on ridiculous stuff. But, he is a name and will sell tickets to whatever dinner the organization giving him the award is hosting. Adam Driver/“”Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s 2023 Tom Hanks Caregiver Champion Award”/“AITAF” (”Arts In the Armed Forces”)/Savannah Guthrie will present the award (Adam Driver will be the 2023 recipient of the 'Tom Hanks Caregiver Champion Award' at the Heroes & History Makers event on October 11th in Washington, DC.) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/10/22)

You will notice the injured permanent A list NFL QB (Aaron Rodgers) didn't say a peep about how they guy (Woody Johnson) who signs his paychecks earned his fortune (“Johnson & Johnson“). He went after low hanging fruit. If you are really serious about your views and not just looking for clickbait headlines to feed your thirst, then go after your boss. Oh, but he won't and the people interviewing him won't push him on it. Aaron Rodgers/Woody Johnson/”Johnson & Johnson”/Travis Kelce/Mr. Pfizer  (Anti-Vaxxer Aaron Rodgers Calls Travis Kelce ‘Mr. Pfizer’ After Jets Loss)

The former A list sidekick turned barely staying ahead of creditors/barely there celebrity is now hiding money in his mom's accounts. He is also telling his ex he can't afford support payments even though he recently bought a house. Howard Stern's former head writer Jackie Martling (Howard Stern's former head writer Jackie Martling opens up on 2001 exit from hit radio show in new doc Joke Man: 'If people understand or don't understand, I really don't care'); Stuttering John Melendez (Stuttering J's Crappy Condo is Under Contract)

The Pirates of The Caribbean (Jack Sparrow) rapper is the most obvious industry plant I have seen in a long long time. Jack Harlow (Jack Harlow Delivers Shocking NSFW Lil Nas X Bars In New Kanye West Leak) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/23/23) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/01/23)

This former A list actor is being investigated for death of a friend he says was just a hiking accident and the friend slipped and fell down a hill. Authorities now think the friend was pushed because of what the actor did afterwards.

The Price Of Fame: For the past several months, there has been never ending gossip about a handful of celebrities and their hangers on which is leading to a wave of self destruction and deaths just around the corner. There is the former A list singer (AA/Adam Lambert) who has been way over the top since his debut. He has a bunch of investments that are about to go under because he likes being called the owner of something and the perks but has no actual business sense. Plus, his boyfriend (Javi Costa Polo) is a mess and hits on anyone who will give him the time of day or a few bucks or some drugs. One of the bar stars was a recent ask. (BB) There is a former A- list actress (CC/Kat Graham) who crashed and burned from a hit pay cable show (“Vampire Diaries“). She and a lower on the list actress friend (DD/Phoebe Tonkin) yacht with guys from out of town who can't believe they are getting to have sex with actresses they have seen on television and in movies. All it costs them is some cash and some partying or so they think. The actresses approach the businessmen at a club and have them do the whole bottle service thing and often the guys will get bills approaching five figures. The actresses will then sleep with the guys but only for extra money. Plus, they get a kickback from the club. It is a hard hustle. There is the singer who peaked at A- list (EE) and will be dead within the year if he doesn't stop partying. The amount of spiked drugs in town right now is astonishing and he seems to be one of the most at risk, just because he will party with strangers and doesn't know where his drugs are coming from.
AA: Adam Lambert/Javi Costa Polo (Adam Lambert, Roger Taylor have purchased St. Felix WeHo)
CC: Kat Graham/”Vampire Diaries” ('Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham & Fiancé Darren Genet Split 1 Year After Getting Engaged) (BLIND ITEM 01/06/20) (BLIND ITEM 07/14/23)
DD: Phoebe Tonkin (Sheer beauty! The Vampire Diaries star Phoebe Tonkin reveals her lace bra in a see-through top as she attends New York Fashion Week) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/17/18) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/02/19)

When you start filming your domestic awfulness and release it to the general public, what the two former reality stars are saying is please give us a show. Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann (Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Are Waging a 'Money War' in Tense Living Situation amid Divorce)

The "three" named former A- list reality star and her racist husband found they couldn't grift as much as they can by converting. Kat Von D & Rafael Reyes (Kat Von D Gets Baptized After Renouncing The Occult)

I guess we now know why this permanent A list NBA player moved across the country with a woman who is not his wife. Damian Lillard/”Portland Trailblazers” to the “Milwaukee Bucks”/Kay'La Hanson (NBA Star Damian Lillard Files for Divorce from Wife Kay'La Hanson)

This A- list actress turned producer more than actress and her higher on the list singer/actor husband are living separate lives. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

Speaking of A- list singers, this A- lister solo and in a group found out his wife is cheating on him. That isn't a shocker. Everyone thought she would though, when they actually got married. Nick Jonas/”Jonas Brothers”/Priyanka Chopra

A lot of leaks about this A list actress come from a spurned A- list actor she worked with many years ago who was shoved aside by the skinny older actor who was also on the set. Angelina Jolie/John Cusack/Billy Bob Thornton/”Pushing Tin” (When Angelina Jolie Revealed Having A Wild F*ck In A Moving Car With Billy Bob Thornton On The Way To Their Film’s Premiere, Here’s What Happened)

The bribe didn't have to be as big as the country ultimately ended up paying to the leaders of this governing body. They just wanted to make extra sure they landed the ultimate sports washing bid. To get the leaders to manipulate everything the way they did though was incredibly heavy handed and no fan wants to attend an event in that country. Saudi Arabia/”FIFA” 2030 and 2034 men's soccer tournaments (Saudi Arabia in lead and maybe all alone in race shaped by FIFA to host soccer's 2034 World Cup)

Apparently the relationship between these two female reality stars from a cable franchise is fading because one is jealous they found another woman to be with after promises had been made. Teddi Mellencamp & Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

This A- list actress is continuing her hookup with the married wannabe A++ lister. Alicia Silverston/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr. has solo sushi dinner and gets Alicia Silverstone’s vote)

The good news is we will all probably wake up on October 16th and the relationship everyone incessantly discusses will hopefully be over. That is when opening weekend is over. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce/”Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” Opens Friday October 13, 2023

This A list actress has given up any pretense of not promoting her performance in a film that she thinks will land her an Oscar. She doesn't care about scabbing or running afoul of rules she doesn't think she should follow anyway. She wants that Oscar and is done playing games to try and pretend she is following the rules. Emma Stone

Reader Blind: The controversial radio host not named Howard Stern has started smoking again. He lit one up on his show the day after a broadcast that was extremely dark and fatalistic even by his standards. The thing is, the state of his personal life very much affects his broadcasts. On top of his crew threatening to leave, he now has a third party threatening to release nude photos of him that were leaked directly to them by his wife, whom he is cheating on. Alex Jones (Alex Jones Fights Bankrupt Infowars Over $680,000 in Back Pay) (BLIND ITEM 09/29/23)

The mom of this A/A- list social media star is sleeping with wealthy men to make sure the dreams of her way way underage daughter come true. A lot of those men have been looking at the daughter too.

Band-Aid: Who knew that being a groupie could be so lucrative. Enough so where you just bought a massive house. Interest rates are high, but somehow they had a ton of cash to put down on the house. Somehow they had enough money for the house, but cried poor when they had some expenses they thought they could capitalize on and play victim. Our groupie tried to get the general public to pay for all those bills. Our groupie loves interacting with men from the profession she follows. Several of those men say they slept with their fan only to then be asked for funds. Lots of funds. They were given all manner of sob stories and also just wanted the hookups to remain quiet. So, our groupie started making a ton of money. The problem she faces now is most of those men won't have anything to do with her, so now she is making money in a more adult way, but says people are trying to destroy that for her and is asking for help from others yet again. It is definitely a house of cards. Some of the men she screwed over in the profession are tired of her hitting them up for funds and are starting to fight back
. Lindsay Hill/“MLB”/Trevor Bauer (DMs Exposed: Lindsay Hill Plotted To Victimize Trevor Bauer Of False Sexual Assault Charges To Get In On His $51000000 Million Net Worth)

This foreign born A list actor is teasing that he is finally going to come out. I hope he does so we can talk about all those sex parties he went to with barely legal teens. Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman will finally be 'honest with himself' in new bombshell memoir following his split from his wife Deborra Lee-Furness) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/10/23) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/25/21)

I had high hopes for this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. She had to juggle the drug dealer and the singer/actor for so long and then finally found a guy she thought was the one. But, he dumped her and now she needs to start all over again. Lupita Nyong'o/Selema Masekela/Jared Leto (Lupita Nyong'o Wishes Her 'Sunshine Human' Boyfriend Selema Masekela a Happy Birthday: 'Mi Amor') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/07/21) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/23/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/19/22)

The former wheelchair actor turned singer needs rehab. Drake (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”) (Drake To Take A Break From Music ‘I Need To Focus on My Health’)

Just because the alliterate reality star likes to sleep with the alliterate athlete doesn't mean she should ignore the fact that he is a deadbeat dad to the kids he doesn't have with the famous person. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson/son Prince Oliver with  Jordan Craig & son Theo with Maralee Nichols (Tristan Thompson Questioned His Treatment Of Khloé Kardashian Over The Years) (Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Living Together, She Shuts Door on Romance) (All About Tristan Thompson's 4 Kids)

When you are getting the monthly child support checks from the billionaire offspring you can take a chance and do the church grift thing. It isn't a life and death thing like the former stripper/reality star/porn star/celebrity who needs it to make a living. Jeremy Meeks/Chloe Green/Blac Chyna ('Hot felon' Jeremy Meeks dishes on co-parenting with exes Chloe Green and Melissa Meeks) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/04/23)

The half dollar rapper is complaining about the wannabe A list rapper's parties, but his parties are exactly the same. Lots of hugging from both the front and back. 50 Cent/Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (50 Cent Says He Is No Longer Going to Diddy's Parties Because He Hugs You 'From the Front and the Back at the Same Time')

Apparently the A+ list singer was much more concerned with posing for the cameras and getting those free commercials from the sports entity than quality time with the "boyfriend's" mom. This is going to fizzle out so fast. It could end up being worse than the tragedy of the handmade t-shirt actor. Taylor Swift/Donna Kelce/Travis Kelce/Tom Hiddleston (Donna Kelce’s 3-Word Response To Meeting Taylor Swift Is Underwhelming) (Taylor Swift Rocks Bikini, Gets Close With Tom Hiddleston At July 4th Party (PHOTOS))

Considering how wasted on drugs and booze this former athlete turned reality star turned reality movie star was last night, I hope no one bought advance autograph and photo tickets to see him this weekend. Bam Margera (On 'Preston & Steve,' Bam Margera says he's been sober for 45 days)

The celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) made a really dumb move, when he failed to appear in the probe by the 3 letter government agency (“SEC“/“Securities and Exchange Commission”).  They are looking  into his seemingly illegal failure to disclose his intentions, when he bought his first slug of the bird company stock (“Twitter”) in the open market. He also probably forgot what he told the flowering financial institution (Azealia Banks) when he was wasted on drugs and trying to get a three some between her and the north of the border singer (Grimes) and himself. Elon Musk/“SEC“/“Securities and Exchange Commission”/”Twitter”/Azealia Banks/Grimes (SEC sues to force Elon Musk to testify in Twitter probe) (The billionaire house hostage saga of Azealia Banks, Elon Musk, and Grimes, explained)

Yet another lunch between the alliterate one and the billionaire. If she isn't careful, people are going to start talking and she will have the A list actress mad too. Meghan Markle/David Mayer de Rothschild/Angelina Jolie (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/18/23) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/24/23)

This former A- list actress who got her sister hooked on drugs when the sister was way underage is trying to land a judging gig on a reality show overseas. Mischa Barton/Hania Barton (Mischa Barton Siblings: Meet Zoe And Hania Barton) (Hania Barton Suffers Drug Overdose) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 96/26/21)

This A list creator/showrunner (Bryan Fuller) has promised jobs to anyone who will publicly defend him in a recent lawsuit. This is going to be super messy. Bryan Fuller (Bryan Fuller Accused of Sexual Harassment on Set of AMC Networks’ ‘Queer for Fear’)

What no one is really saying about the A- list singer who steals everyone's content being sued for sex harassment is that according to the court filing, apparently engages in Satanic rituals before having sex. Jason Derulo (Jason Derulo signed hopeful singer to a deal and then expected sex, she alleges in lawsuit) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/27/23)

Four For Friday - Moving Parts: This A list social media star (#1/Kelsey Impicciche) who also is a judge on a competition show (“The Sims Spark'd“) and has millions of followers on social media is in a secret relationship with this B-/C+ list actor (#2/Taylor Boldt) whose claim to fame are a couple of movies and a Super Bowl commercial (“Bud Light Seltzer” (Hero)/Guy Fieri Superbowl Spot) (“Flavortown”)  with an A+ list celebrity chef (#3/Guy Fieri) and working at a Disney park (“Frozen – Live at the Hyperion”/”Prince Hans” (original) (“Disney”)). #2 was previously married to a $15 Cameo actress (#4/Anna Grace Barlow) and if you get her name then super bonus points. #1 and #2 met at the wedding of this A+ list YouTuber with many millions of followers who used to be a professional athlete (#5/Michelle Khare (Professional Cyclist/Garrett Kennell). There is a very good chance that #2 cheated on #4 while they were married because if you mention #2 to #4 on social media you immediately get blocked. Apparently, the cheating thing is still big in the life of #2 because even though he is about to elope with #1, he is still on Tinder. #1 forgave #2 the first few times she caught him on there and then he started using a different name. Maybe don't do the whole elope thing? #1 though has already hired a photographer who specializes in elopement weddings. Who knew there was such a thing.
1: Kelsey Impicciche (Kelsey Impicciche relationship Update)
2: Taylor Boldt/“Bud Light Seltzer” (Hero)/Guy Fieri Superbowl Spot (“Frozen – Live at the Hyperion”/”Prince Hans” (original) (“Disney”))
3: Guy Fieri (Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda Officially Declared the "LOUDEST FLAVORS EVER" by Flavor King, Guy Fieri, in New Super Bowl LVI Commercial)
4: Anna Grace Barlow (The Fosters' Anna Grace Barlow Marries Taylor Boldt, Jordan Fisher Attends Wedding)
5: Michelle Khare/Professional Cyclist/Garrett Kennell

Award season is upon us and with that comes the annual ritual of this A list actor looking for a companion for the season. With his regular tied up in a real relationship, he has turned his eye to a barely there celebrity who will do it for free just for the exposure. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk & Tom Brady/Gigi Hadid (EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid, 28, and Bradley Cooper, 48, step out for surprise dinner date in NYC - months after supermodel ended romance with actor's BFF Leonardo DiCaprio, 48)

After a decade, the former wheelchair actor is still bitter about the Grammy he lost. He says the winner bought hers. Perhaps, she is just better. Drake (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”)/Esperanza Spalding

The marijuana feline will do or say or wear anything just to get attention and to have people talking about her. What her management team hates though is she alienates half her possible base with some of her activities. Doja Cat (Doja Cat Gets Backlash After Wearing Shirt With Photo of Alt-Right Comedian Sam Hyde)

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress has been proactively reaching out to tabloids to give her two cents about her now former sister-in-law. The actress is so thirsty. Priyanka Chopra/Sophie Turner (Priyanka Chopra caught up in Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner divorce as she’s ‘forced to pick sides’ between warring couple)

I suppose the good news is there was no drugs in evidence when the former American Idol contestant got wasted drunk on the east coast this week. Maybe the drugs are just when he is home and feels safe. David Archuleta

The north of the border actress says she wasn't desperate enough to take the money she was offered for a reunion. I guess that means the other three are desperate? Rachel McAdams/”Mean Girls”/Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried & Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls Reunion! Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert Spotted Filming Secret Project)

Apparently, this A- list reality star has a 25+ page rider she has sent to this late night show just for her to be a +1 of someone. Crazy. Kendall Jenner/”SNL”/Bad Bunny (Pete Davidson Gets a Second Shot to Host SNL as First Season 49 Headliner, Followed by Bad Bunny)

The alliterate one has essentially moved to LA, but seemingly has left her husband back home. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle's Political Ambitions)

Even though we knew about troubles in this Hollywood marriage we had no idea how much their union had disintegrated. The bigger breadwinner of the attractive couple has recently secretly rented a “love shack” where they go to have one night stands behind their spouse’s back. They’re hiding their infidelity since there’s a clause in their prenup guaranteeing a bigger payout if the wealthier spouse is caught cheating. Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones (Is Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas' Marriage Over? Couple Reportedly 'Living Separate Lives')

This individual has been making the rounds in right-wing media recently, and has been repeatedly been boosted by the celebrity CEO,  Not only has he massively exaggerated his resume, but he also has a secret past.  A few years ago, he went by an anonymous handle as a racist podcaster. Michael Benz/Elon Musk (Michael Benz, a conservative crusader against online censorship, appears to have a secret history as an alt-right persona)

This foreign born superhero used to solve crimes on television. He and his wife got into an argument the other day because she called the paps to tell them where they would be. Benedict Cumberbatch/”Dr. Strange”/”Sherlock”/Sophie Hunter (If the cap fits! Benedict Cumberbatch is a proud tourist during Big Apple stroll)

I know what the stories say about the wife of the former A+ list rapper but she talks on the phone to her family and friends every day and also does FaceTime, so maybe it means don't talk in public? Bianca Censori/Kanye West (Kanye West orders ‘wife’ Bianca Censori to ‘never speak,’ wear certain clothes)

If this alliterate barely there celebrity offspring agrees to do a documentary, he will for sure get busted by his wife for several things she doesn't know about. Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz (Netflix ‘eyeing’ Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz for reality series)

The meme actor hooked up with a blonde two nights ago while out of the country. He said the reality star doesn't care. Timothée Chalamet/Paris/Kylie Jenner (Timothee Chalamet takes it easy in distressed cargo pants and gold sneakers during a night out in Paris)

The killer actor knows he has thrown enough money around and muddied the waters enough that he is not going to be criminally charged for killing someone. Alec Baldwin (‘Rust’ Producers ‘Obstructed the Criminal Investigation’ of Halyna Hutchins’ Death, Prosecutor Says)

Apparently, having a baby has not made this former A- list actress give up chain smoking. Lindsay Lohan

This foreign born former A- list musician was a tabloid fixture a decade ago. He says he is off heroin for good now and just does pills and coke now
. Pete Doherty (Moment Pete Doherty runs away from London flat where Cambridge graduate was 'thrown off a first-floor balcony' - as rocker is seen with friends at pub in Belgravia before documentary into actor's unsolved death was aired)

I wonder if the Talking Heads keyboard player (Jerry Harrison) or Peter Gabriel knew they were taking a photo with a pedophile (Sam Llanas) who had a history of preying on underage teens and got kicked out of his A- list Wisconsin based band (“The BoDeans”) for doing so. And how is this guy still playing gigs with no push back? Jerry Harrison/Sam Llanas/“The BoDeans” (Videos and sources undercut molestation denials by former BoDeans singer Sam Llanas)

This billionaire has made it his life's mission to get a seat on the board of this conglomerate to make sure his offspring gets cast in whatever projects she wants. Nelson Peltz/“Disney”/Nicola Peltz (Another Headache For Disney: Activist Investor Nelson Peltz Is Back And Said To Be Seeking Board Seats – Report)

This A- list singer is very open about her sexuality. She just doesn't know that her boyfriend is very fluid too and cheating on her with hookups from same sex dating sites. Demi Lovato/Jutes (Demi Lovato Wants to Marry Boyfriend Jutes: ‘We’ve Talked About It’)

The permanent A list athlete decided to overlook the former actress hitting on her husband, but apparently the former actress was talking smack about the athlete to people and it got back to the athlete and the former actress and the athlete are no longer friends. Serena Williams/Meghan Markle/Alexis Ohanian (BLIND ITEM 10/19/21) (BLIND ITEM 08/02/23)

It is pretty telling that this alliterate talk show host said she set up cameras in her kid's bedroom so she could watch whether he was having sex with his girlfriend or not. When the girlfriend left, did she take out the cameras? Sherri Shepherd (did she tell her girlfriend?) (Sherri Shepherd once snuck a hidden camera into her son's room to spy on him and his girlfriend)

The former wheelchair actor doesn't see anything wrong with him hanging out with the foreign born A- list actress before she was even old enough to drive. A few years down the road and maybe she will tell us what happened. Drake/Millie Bobby Brown (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/05/21)

The visit by the A-list neo-Nazi to the offices of a political outfit funded by a couple billionaires, was supposed to be a secret.   One of the employees learned about the meeting, and leaked it to a local media outlet.  Pictures were taken just outside the office.  The state party chairman was caught attending. Nick Fuentes/House Speaker Dade Phelan (Conservative PAC leader’s meeting with white supremacist Nick Fuentes leads to condemnations, escalates GOP infighting)

The celebrity CEO refused to have the implant put into his own body, so that should tell you everything you need to know about that product. He then tried to get his ex to have it implanted in her brain and she said no. Elon Musk/”Neuralink”/Grimes (The Gruesome Story of How Neuralink’s Monkeys Actually Died) (Elon Musk reportedly threatened to ‘burn down’ WB if ex Amber Heard was fired from ‘Aquaman’)

This very popular one of two politician in his northeast state didn't have much of a marriage to begin with, but he and his wife have split. He is seeing someone else, but is worried everyday he will get busted without already having told the public his marriage is over.

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **10**
The former A+ list rapper has decided he is only eating McDonald's for the next month. I think that is how he gained the extra 40+ pounds he is carrying since last year. Oh, and by the way, his "wife" is not even allowed to stay in the same room as the rapper. Kanye West/Bianca Censori (Kanye West & wife Bianca Censori seen having tense conversation as they hit up McDonald’s drive-thru in $100K Land Rover)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **11**
The three named A- list actor and his ex can't stop hooking up. They each love dating others but hooking up with each other. Jeremy Allen White/Addison Timlin (Jeremy Allen White and estranged wife Addison Timlin put on united front as they enjoy bonding day with their kids in LA)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **12**
If you ask the "singer" she will tell you a dog bit her, but she cut herself again with a knife. Someone should take them away when she is wasted. Britney Spears (Britney Spears dances with bandage following knives controversy)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **13**
Do yourself a favor and look at the gravesite of the actress who died not that long ago in what seems like an obvious staged death. The one hand over the eye is quite telling. Anne Heche (Anne Heche laid to rest on Mother’s Day)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **14**
The Invitation: It is that time of the year. Back in the day, everyone in town hoped for an invite to the Playboy Mansion for Halloween. The debauchery that night was next level. Now, though, there is an invite that is even more cherished. Part of the reason is the much fewer guests that are invited. The home (Charles and Tanya Brandes' Halloween party) where this party is located changes on an annual basis but is a fraction the size of the Mansion. This party also makes sure that every guest is willing to partake in whatever sexual situation they encounter. If there is any hesitation, you may be asked to leave and you certainly will not be asked back the next year. The hostess of the party is this former A+ list singer (Christina Aguilera). Over the past decade she has been throwing this party, it has become one of the very hottest tickets in town. Long before there was an actual invite only party, there was the singer and this A- list actress (Elizabeth Berkley) who ruined her career with a film choice (“Showgirls”) and a half dozen guys and some drugs and booze. The next year a few more women were added and a male and female who were willing to be tied and whipped by whoever wanted the opportunity. The actor/cannibal (Armie Hammer) always wanted to attend, but our hostess hated him. She did invite his wife (Elizabeth Chambers) one year and she attended without the actor knowing and apparently she was ready and willing for everything
. Charles and Tanya Brandes' Halloween party/Christina Aguilera/Elizabeth Berkley/”Showgirls”/Armie Hammer/Elizabeth Chambers (Christina Aguilera performs at private party in Rancho Santa Fe)

I'm not saying they are hooking up right now, but back when this A- list singer/actress (Selena Gomez) was always hooking up with the foreign born actor (Orlando Bloom) from the pirate franchise (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) she was also hooking up with this A list singer (Chris Martin) from a group (“Coldplay“). So, it is interesting that he has been bringing her out as a special guest. I wonder if his actress girlfriend (Dakota Johnson) knows about the hookup history. Selena Gomez/Orlando Bloom/”Pirates of the Caribbean”/Chris Martin/”Coldplay”/Dakota Johnson (Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez All Over Each Other in Las Vegas) (Selena Gomez Joins Chris Martin on Stage to Sing 'Let Somebody Go' at Coldplay Show in Pasadena)

Speaking of undercover hookups, people were already talking about how close the foreign born married A+/A list actress and the A list actor are. Now, they are doing projects together production wise and acting together. Margot Robbie/Brad Pitt/”The Thin Man” (Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt re-team to produce a remake of The Thin Man which will be a 'modern retelling' of the 1934 Dashill Hammett novel)

There are two people alive from the day of the shooting (Tupac Shakur). One of them says the guy arrested didn't do the shooting (Keefe D) and shouldn't be in jail. He also said the guy (Orlando Anderson) everyone suspects of the shooting didn't do it. The very next day you get the wannabe (rapper) A lister (Sean “P. Diddy” Combs) who did finance an earlier hit trying to pretend the whole world is not looking straight at him as the person who financed the successful hit. Tupac Shakur/Duane "Keefe D" Davis/Orlando Anderson/Sean “P. Diddy” Combs (REVEALED: Rare photo shows Tupac murder suspect Duane 'Keefe D' Davis with 'shooter' nephew Orlando Anderson - as rapper's brother says there are still questions about 'conspirators' that need answers) (50 Cent sends clear message after claims that Sean 'Puffy' Combs organized Tupac's hit in Las Vegas) (Timeline of Tupac’s murder investigation, from 1994 to now)

This foreign born A- list singer who sometime acts has told friends she is not legally married. Rita Ora/Taika Waititi (Inside Rita Ora and Taika Waititi’s Intimate, Never-Before-Seen Los Angeles Wedding)

You don't often see the straight up lying on court financial statements like the former stripper turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity turned "pastor" recently submitted. It is breathtaking the amount of embellishment, if not flat out lying there is on it just so she doesn't have to get a job. Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna Selling Clothes, Purses and Shoes Just to Get By, Asks Tyga for Money) (Tokyo Toni Praises Blac Chyna’s New Beau, Derrick Milano, As The Couple Celebrates Toni’s Birthday: ‘This Man Is Everything’) (Former NFL star Dez Bryant left dangling in pain after Blac Chyna quits mid-challenge on Special Forces: World's Toughest Test)

The alliterate singer just will not stop calling the paps whenever he is with his kids. He is convinced the public is on his side, when they really aren't. He didn't even know how to use the stroller/collapse it because it was his first time. Joe Jonas (Joe Jonas enjoys quality time with daughters Willa and Delphine as he takes them out in their strollers - amid divorce battle with Sophie Turner)

If you think the wealth bookseller's company is up to their ears in trafficking, let me tell you about a car company with tunnels beneath the southern border. Jeff Bezos/”Amazon”/”Tesla” (Revealed: Amazon linked to trafficking of workers in Saudi Arabia) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/03/19)

Whether the woman is telling the truth or not about getting pregnant, can you imagine publicly admitting to wanting/having unprotected sex with UBT (“Uncle Bad Touch“)? David Eason/”Teen Mom 2” (Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans and David Eason spark concern with bizarre behavior in live video after son Jace, 14, runs away)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity went all diva at a Malibu club until they cleared out people from the adjoining tables. Jennifer Lopez/”Soho House” (Jennifer Lopez replaces her BEN necklace with a JENNIFER necklace as she models an olive green outfit at exclusive club Soho House in Malibu)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **10**
This newlywed network reality star is being cheated on by her higher on the list husband. Hayley Erbert/”Dancing With the Stars”/Derek Hough (Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley Erbert: Everything to Know About the Dancer Who Stole the ‘DWTS’ Judge’s Heart)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **11**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor is already trying to buy the rights to the story of the woman who was in the pickup who everyone thought was dead, but is alive. Mark Wahlberg/Shani Louk (German tattoo artist Shani Louk believed to be alive after being paraded through streets by Hamas, mom says)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **12**
This network singing show is scrambling because of a list that was supposed to be a secret which identifies which contestants will be selected and which will not. The whole audition thing is fake. “American Idol” (American Idol: 8 Fakest Things About The Show, According To Cast And Crew)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **13**
This three month star is pregnant, but the father of the baby is not the guy on the show with her, it is the guy she has been seeing for years. “90 Day Fiance”/Mary Demasu-ay/Brandan DeNuccio (Is ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Mary Demasu-ay Pregnant and Expecting Baby No. 2 With Brandan DeNuccio?)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **14**
Marketing: This A- list actor/singer assured all his partners that he would get all his followers and all the people who think of him as their leader, to buy millions of dollars of products a year and that a MLM style selling system be incorporated too because his followers would be fanatic about signing up people and making sure those people sold product. The actor was not going to put up any of his own money for any of this. He said he had a huge name and the investors were lucky to have him. They made some products to send out to reviewers at magazines and to influencers who were promised all kinds of access to the actor/singer, so they gave stellar reviews. Later, they didn't get any access at all but the reviews were out there. Apparently, the products tested though were not the products that were ultimately offered for sale. Apparently, also once the actor/singer got some money, he decided he wasn't all that interested in motivating his followers to purchase the product or support the MLM thing, so the whole thing fell apart in just a few months. Investors think celebrities can move product. The vast majority of the time that isn't the case
. Jared Leto/”Twentynine Palms” (Jared Leto Pulls Plug on Lifestyle Brand Twentynine Palms, Alleges Breach of Contract and Mismanagement) (Jared Leto’s First Brand Debuts Joshua Tree-Inspired Luxe Skincare and More)

This still very young A list singer says she suffers from a physical ailment (“Synesthesia”) that several A listers (List of people with synesthesia) say they also have. She doesn't, and they don't. They just all like to say they do because it sounds in interviews like they are some kind of savant overcoming an obstacle and still are A list. Olivia Rodrigo/“Synesthesia” (Olivia Rodrigo Says She Has 'Baby Synesthesia,' Which Makes Her 'See Colors' When She Hears Music)

The alliterate singer said he wanted 50/50 custody because he didn't want to pay a bunch of child support. A nanny or two would be way cheaper. Joe Jonas (Joe Jonas Shares Message About 'Doing The Right Thing' After Temporary Custody Agreement with Sophie Turner)

This three named actress/host has a book being released and the publisher, in a memo said they won't ever recoup the advance they paid. The advance sales are incredibly low. Jada Pinkett Smith/“The Holy Joke, the Holy Slap, and Holy Lessons” (Jada Pinkett Smith is slammed as a 'narcissist' and accused of 'using' her estranged husband Will Smith to gain publicity for her book - as social media erupts with backlash to her confession that they have secretly been separated for SEVEN YEARS)

This A- list celebrity/horrible actress/frequent mover/frequent hypochondriac must be really upset that her sibling didn't blow all the money mom gave him every time the actress asked for some. Maybe that is why the siblings don't talk. Tori Spelling/Randy Spelling/Candy Spelling (Tori Spelling Reunites With Brother Randy At Universal Studios After Ending Years-Long Feud: Photos)

Probably not the best look for this permanent A list singer to perform for the guys financing the operation against Israel. Of course, she has performed for lots of dictators in her day and usually only cares if the check is going to clear. Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey performs surprise concert at Carbone’s Qatar Grand Prix dinner party)

An actress mentioned earlier in the blinds has a barely there celebrity offspring who is taking HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which explains that recent transformation of his. Jada Pinkett Smith/Jaden Smith ('DAMN!' Jaden Smith hits back at body shamers and reveals dramatic transformation saying ‘let a man have his phases)

The "singer's" team set her up again. They are the ones who arrange and pay for insurance. They didn't do that. They did though leak the story of her driving without her license or insurance. Britney Spears (Britney Spears Ticketed for Driving Without License and Insurance)

This alliterate A list singer/rapper who usually sings in a different language has been hooking up with his ex. Bad Bunny (Gabriela Berlingeri) (Gabriela Berlingeri’s Diciembre Veintinueve Is More Than A Side Project)

This A+ list TikTok star always talks about his wife and kids and how much he loves them. The strippers he was with this past weekend would probably have a different version of events.

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **10**
Speaking of interesting behavior, the wife of this outspoken politician has to spend a few nights each week at a condo the couple owns so the politician can entertain his male lover in the marital home. He used to try and get his wife to join in, but she is pretty strait laced.

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **11**
I feel it is a little late in life to become a wasted party attender who is going out multiple times each week and leaving their husband and kid at home. Said offender is alliterate and has been a cast member of a reality show and its too many to count spinoffs.

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **12**
This barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities went against her family in a recent statement because she doesn't want to blow the award season date gig. Gigi Hadid/Yolanda & Mohamed Hadid/Bradley Cooper (Gigi Hadid Condemns ‘Terrorizing of Innocent People’ After Hamas Attack on Israel) (Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper were introduced by his ex Irina Shayk: report)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **13**
This foreign born A- list actress could move out of the A+ list singer's place now, but plans on staying/using it as her home base for the foreseeable future. I guess they are very good friends. Sophie Turner/Taylor Swift (Joe Jonas' 'furious at meddling Taylor Swift' amid divorce with Sophie Turner)

The Spin: There has always been so much talk about one specific mistress (Sanaa Lathan) in this long time marriage. I think it is because there was so much noise when it happened. Here was this supposedly perfect celebrity couple (Denzel & Pauletta Washington) (they aren't) and this supposedly perfect celebrity husband (he isn't). They wanted us focused on the one mistress to hide all the others. They wanted us focused on one mistress to hide the long time girlfriend. They wanted us focused on this one mistress to hide the child out of wedlock. They have done a remarkable job, but apparently the love child is about to turn 18 and has lots of things to say. Sanaa Lathan/Denzel & Pauletta Washington (BLIND ITEM REVEALED "Is It His Child? 09/04/12 ) (BLIND ITEM 03/07/15) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/28/18) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/29/18)

138. POPBITCH 10/12
(British blog) Which notorious Groucho caner calls his coke deliveries "airstrikes"? (As in "Gonna call in an airstrike. Anyone need anything?")
Graham “Suggs” McPherson (How Suggs is taking the airwaves by storm)

This celebrity offspring/national television host realized a joke had gone too far and that her own dad was recently called out for engaging in the same type of behavior. Jenna Hager Bush/George W. Bush (affair) (Jenna Bush Hager Says She Went 'Too Far' With Joke About Having An Affair)

The permanent A list "singer" had some drinks with two A list singers and had no idea who they were or are and never heard their music. Her people keep trying to push collaborations that just are not going to happen. Britney Spears/J Blavin/Maluma (Britney Spears has 'late-night sushi dinner' with J Balvin and Maluma at social club Zero Bond in New York City - as she prepares for memoir release)

This barely there celebrity offspring/reality star of a reality star is sabotaging her mom's efforts to hook up with rich men for money. Brielle Biermann/ Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Brielle Biermann Still Rooting for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann to Reunite: ‘Till the End’)

Every business this former boy bander has opened has crashed and burned. Every business his wife has started has crashed and burned. So, the permanent A list golfer should really watch his back and look at the books. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel/Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake’s new sports bar coming to St. Andrews, Scotland) (Justin Timberlake Business Ventures) (Jessica Biel's Kid-Friendly Restaurant Au Fudge Closes After Two Years: 'It's the End of an Era') (Jessica Biel's KinderFarms Launches Clean Medicine Brand KinderMed)

The foreign born one named A list singer literally has to beg her significant other to spend time with her. It is going to get much worse now with a sports season upon us. You can tell he wants out, but can't figure out a way to do it. Adele/Rich Paul (How Rich Paul Became The Most Powerful Agent In Sports) (Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul offers advice for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce)

Alisha Lehmann Blind Item: Swiss soccer star Alisha Lehmann claimed she turned down “a very well-known” A-lister while out in Miami. “I was in Miami, my favorite place, and I met some friends at a club. I got a message on my mobile, which I didn’t reply to, but the same person then messaged the bodyguard looking after me.” Lehmann explained the message came from “a very well-known person,” but refused to name him. “We had previously bumped into one another at an event. The message said: ‘I will pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss francs to spend a night with her.’ “But my answer was — ‘No way! And just 100,000?'” “The crazy thing is that I still have his message on my phone. It is a bit stupid. "He is very, very well known on an international level.” Drake (TOOK HIS SHOT A-list celeb offered me £90k for night of passion, reveals ‘world’s sexiest footballer’ Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann) (Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann says that rapper Drake reached out to ask for 'a jersey' as WSL star reveals messages with Canadian musician)

Because the A+ list singer never takes a stand on anything remotely divisive, it was a really bad look last night and will be tonight when she shamelessly plugs her own projects and isn't really reading the room. Taylor Swift/”Eras Tour” Film Premiere (Beyoncé Joins Taylor Swift at ‘Eras Tour’ Film Premiere, Dance Party Closes Out the Show)

The alliterate nepo baby is trying to get his very rich significant other to finance not just one restaurant but an entire chain of restaurants all at once. Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz (David & Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham)/Nicola Peltz (Nepo baby 'chef' Brooklyn Beckham promotes new high-brow Michelin app (despite not being able to cook a hash brown) - and admits wife Nicola Peltz shushes him when he goes on about it) (Brooklyn Beckham lands a parking ticket on his dad David's £45,000 Land Rover Defender as he drives around London without a seatbelt)

This former A+ list television actor who is more famous for being funny than any acting ability, is being offered nearly nine figures to reboot his old show for two seasons. Jerry Seinfeld/”Seinfeld” (Jerry Seinfeld teases ‘Seinfeld’ reunion 25 years after series finale)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **10**
Speaking of reboots, this movie franchise was going to get a reboot, but one of the three lead actors who all starred together in the comedy franchise is going to have a tough time saying yes because he is paranoid now about leaving his house. He thinks people are trying to always kill him. “National Lampoon Christmas Vacation” (Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid, Juliette Lewis to Join Chevy Chase at Christmas Con 2023 (Exclusive))

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **11**
In keeping with this reboot theme, this three named actress has been talking up a sequel/reboot of a movie she made decades ago. She has no idea her co-star in that movie is trying to undercut the three named actress and find a different co-star. Jamie Lee Curtis/”True Lies”/Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jamie Lee Curtis Reunites with 'True Lies' Costar Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'The GOAT')

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **12**
This A-/B+ list alliterate actress hit the picket line this week and only took breaks to do bumps of coke.

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **13**
The alliterate one keeps trying to do solo appearances, but people always want to see her with her husband. Plus, there is news he doesn't want to be part of the snake oil products she is going to partner with and sell on her revamped website. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle Speaks About Feeling "Frightened" About Social Media) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/24/23)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **14**
The Chair: There isn't an actual chair in this blind, but when you go into a hotel room and there is the one lone chair in the room - the where the guy sits while some other guy has sex with his significant other. That is why I am calling this The Chair. Although, this A list mostly movie actor (#1) was not present when his A- list wife (#2) was having sex with this A list actor/director (#3), #3 made sure to tell #1 all about it afterwards. He even played some audio to #1 that left no doubt that #2 was definitely having sex with #3. Apparently #1 once slighted #3, so #3 got back at him. It was not the first or last time #3 did that to some guy's wife or girlfriend and let them know after
#1: Will Smith
#2: Jada Pinkett Smith
#3: Mel Gibson
(Mel Gibson interview ends awkwardly after he’s asked about Will Smith hitting Chris Rock)

Only in some NyQuil fever dream of hers did this dead rapper propose to the three named actress. Jada Pinkett Smith/Tupac Shakur (Jada Pinkett Smith says Tupac Shakur was her soulmate)

Apparently this foreign born A- list actress discovered who had been leaking stories about her to tabloids which is why she unfollowed her former sister-in-law. Sophie Turner/Priyanka Chopra (Sophie Turner Unfollows Priyanka Chopra Amid Ongoing Divorce From Joe Jonas)

Probably as an effort of sabotage, this celebrity business manager has really been overdoing the strip clubs as of late to get his A list girlfriend to split with him. So far, she has latched on and is not letting go. Rich Paul/Adele

Nothing like starting at a new NBA team in a new city and have your wife dropping bombs as she divorces you. She basically said the A list NBA player is a serial cheater and she protected him each time so he could keep his endorsement deals. She also makes it sound like he is a horrible dad. Damian Lillard/Milwaukee/”Milwaukee Bucks”/Kay’La Lillard (Following His Divorce Filing, Damian Lillard’s Estranged Wife Requests Sole Custody Of Their Kids)

This former late night actor could barely get it together to do promos for an episode of the show. Pete Davidson/”SNL”

The head (Ari Emanuel) of this agency (“CAA”) encouraged this foreign born actress (Julia Ormond) to file her lawsuit and name the agents (Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane) she did so the head of the agency would have some leverage to kick them out of the company and amass more power. Ari Emanuel/”CAA”/Julia Ormond/Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane (Julia Ormond Explains Why She’s Taking on Weinstein, CAA, and Disney) (Bryan Lourd and Ari Emanuel Savage Each Other Over Weinstein)

The celebrity CEO says he has immunity against lawsuits and prosecutions when his products start falling from the skies and killing people. He says he signed an agreement with several governments granting him legal and financial protection. Elon Musk/”Starlink” (FAA says Elon Musk's Starlink satellites could KILL someone by 2035 - but SpaceX calls report 'preposterous, unjustified, and inaccurate')

As with many feuds in the family, the one involving several celebrity offspring of an A- list singer/bad actor, this one stems over money. Miley and Noah Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus (Noah Cyrus calls out sister Miley for shady interview: ‘The disrespect’)

It didn't take long for the A list "singer" to confirm what I told you yesterday. She had no clue who the two A list singers she met this week are. Britney Spears/Maluma and J Balvin (Britney Spears, Maluma and J Balvin Hang Out in New Photo — and One of Them Appears to Feel Left Out)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **10**
This reunited group has its share of controversies as of late. From members dying to banning other members and now partying too much to even take the stage. “S Club” (S Club CANCEL their show at the last minute after performing just one gig of their reunion tour - as fans fume they were only given two hours notice)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **11**
The NDA this NFL player signed is so in depth that he is not even allowed to tell anyone that he signed a NDA. Well, he must have told someone or else it wouldn't have got out. Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **12**
That new bill signed into law is exactly what the team of the A list singer have been waiting for. They can take over temporarily and commit the singer to some deals and themselves to some money. California Conversatorship Law/Britney Spears (California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill expanding conservatorship law)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **13**
Reader Blind: This former tween/teen actress turned B+ list adult actress (Bella Thorne) was seen embracing and hugging a rockstar from a foreign band at a nightclub this week. But the truth is that the actress has a boyfriend (Mark Emms) who is 3 decades older than her and she only uses the rockstar for PR & cover up. It is unknown if the rockstar knows the truth. Good luck with yachting and real boyfriend drama. Bella Thorne/Mark Emms (Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey Marries Singer Phem During Star-Studded Wedding)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **14**
Four For Friday - Old Gossip: Once again, this is way old crazy gossip from the site that you probably don't remember.
#1 - This original singing talent show kicked off a popular contestant for having topless photos online. “American Idol”/Franchell "Frenchie" Davis (“American Idol Scandal”)
#2 - The next season, the same show saw nothing wrong with it from a very popular contestant and also didn't kick her off when someone leaked a sex tape of her to the public too. “American Idol”/Antonella Barba (Double-standards controversy)
#3 - When this A- list actress who is married to an A list singer/bad actor now, used to hook up with the actor from the decade show who hooked up with everyone. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake/Wilmer Valderrama/”That '70s Show”
#4 - At an after Oscars party, this A+ list reality star went home with the former A list NBA player who has spent a lot of time getting drunk and been on a bunch of reality shows and is not named Lamar Odom
. Kim Kardashian/Dennis Rodman

The north of the border former host/former bad actor is pleading poverty to get his ex to pay him spousal and child support. Dean McDermott/Tori Spelling (Dean McDermott holds hands with apparent new girlfriend at welfare office after Tori Spelling split)

This former A list NFL player who comes from an athletic family, loves telling stories about all of the women he has dated in his life. They are all in his head. He uses it as cover. Shannon Sharpe/brother Sterling Sharpe “Green Bay Packers” (Shannon Sharpe Baffles Chad Ochocinco With Strange Relationship Requirements)

This three named actress is throwing anything out she thinks will result in a book sale. Her latest story about her offspring preventing her from killing herself is simply not true at least in the way she recounts it. Jada Pinkett Smith/son Jaden Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith says son Jaden, 25, introduced her to hallucinogenic drug ayahuasca to help combat depression after she 'made a plan' for suicide - amid Will Smith separation shock)

This singer/rapper might have got the late night gig for next week, but he is having a cursed year. Even his attempts at stepping on the necks of women to get success  haven't worked. It all started about the same time as the "relationship" with the reality star. Everything in your life goes to hell when you make that deal with the devil. Bad Bunny/”SNL”/Kendall Jenner/Kardashian Curse (‘Saturday Night Live’ Announces Return, With Bad Bunny to Pull Double Duty as Host & Musical Guest)

Reader Blind: The biggest K-pop boyband (“BTS”) reportedly renewed their unfair contracts after considerable drama and manipulation behind the scenes. The two best-selling boy banders (Jimin and Jung Kook) had been hesitating to sign up for more years of overwork, and consequently bonded with the members of the most popular K-pop girl group (“BLACKPINK”) over their similar ongoing experiences. Personal life leaks were intentionally done to shake their support, although with little success. However, contract renewal seems to be the only possible way to get their solo music approved for a domestic release, without being blacklisted by the government that has no wish to lose their soft power giant. “BTS”/”BLACKPINK”/Jimin and Jung Kook/South Korea (BTS Renew Contract with HYBE and BIGHIT Music) (Every Solo Song by a BTS Member to Chart on the Billboard Hot 100)

I actually don't see anything wrong with it. It is legal in her state, but someone is trying to sell photos and video of this A lister in her corner of the political world taking bong hits in a bikini at what looks to be some kind of lake or river.

Speaking of local A listers, this A+ list state leader is giving a big push and a lot of dollars to this northern A lister to take the first big step which will then allow the A list state leader to say he has seen the light and also will jump in to the pool. Gavin Newsom (California)/Dean Phillips (New Hampshire)/Presidential Run 2024 (What is the Democrats’ Plan B for Biden?)

This foreign born former A+ list tweener is getting revenge on his significant other by cheating on her with a look a like to his ex. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Selena Gomez (BLIND ITEM 09/26/23)

With all the hullabaloo about the boyfriend, no one noticed the breast lift and slight enlargement the A+ list singer managed to quietly get done early last month. Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift (Before & After)

The barely there celebrity offspring of the book writer and her husband already had a bunch of issues, keeping a "secret" about the marriage of their parents was way down at the bottom of the list of their problems. Jaden and Willow Smith/Jada Pinkett and Will Smith (Willow & Jaden Smith ‘Relieved’ Mom Jada Admitted to Separation with Dad Will)

It must be a nice feeling for this A- list industry plant rapper to be having a baby with a guy who just leaked their sex tape. That will make a nice bed time story for the baby. Sexyy Red/WuDuece (Female Rapper Sexyy Red Is Pregnant … She Just Leaked The Video Of Her & BF Conceiving!!)

This alliterate talk show host is doing everything she can to save her show, but she is going to be canceled before the end of the season and replaced. Sherri Shepherd/”Sherri” (WATCH: Sherri Shepherd joins WLWT to discuss second season of talk show)

Apparently, the three named north of the border actor/accused serial sexual assaulter made some deal under the table to star in a movie when the strike is over. That is a scab move. Oh, and apparently family members of the actor are cyber stalking people who speak out against the actor. Percy Hynes White (‘Wednesday’ Actor Percy Hynes White Calls Out ‘Campaign of Misinformation’ After Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘The Rumors Are False’) (Percy Hynes White reportedly written out of ‘Wednesday’ season 2 following sexual assault allegations)

Speaking of the strike, the reason management is in no hurry to get anything done is because the sheer volume of exceptions and carve outs given by the leaders of the union for projects and promotion makes an agreement unnecessary at this time. “SAG-AFTRA” (SAG-AFTRA Interim Agreements: Full List Of Movies And TV Series) (What Is Scabbing During Hollywood Strikes?)

This fighter who recently lost a fight because he failed to throw any actual punches got a huge payday from a notorious gambler/mafia guy. Dillon Danis against Logan Paul/Daniel Kinahan ( (Logan Paul beats Dillon Danis by disqualification; KSI claims 'robbery' in loss to Tommy Fury) (Bill Simmons Instagram) (Tommy Fury says he is still banned from US over brother Tyson's alleged links to Daniel Kinahan) (BLIND ITEM  REVEALED 09/29/23)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor made his new girlfriend take on four of his friends at once before he would let her be his girlfriend
. Leonardo DiCaprio/Vittoria Ceretti (Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, and new girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti, 25, hang out with actor’s mom in Milan)

Apparently the under investigation former reality star husband of a long time reality star tried to buy a gun, but was denied this past weekend. David Eason/Jenelle Evans/”Teen Mom 2” (Jenelle Evans & David Eason Hit Gun Show with Kids Amid Possible Charges)

Speaking of reality stars, this YouTube dad has so far stayed out of jail, but much like his wife, will probably end up in a cell next to her. Kevin Franke/Ruby Franke (Disgraced Utah parenting blogger Ruby Franke's husband wanted eldest daughter ARRESTED for burglary after she took hard drives from his home - two days after cops broke in to serve a search warrant)

This three named actress has been pitching a reality show to follow her healing process. She knows if the A list "singer" could do her own press that the singer's book sales would crush the actress. Jada Pinkett Smith/Britney Spears

The statutory rapist/snitch/rapper managed to escape numerous attempts to kill him here in this country. He won't be as lucky in the prison where he is now. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine Arrested In Dominican Republic, Allegedly Assaulted Producers)

It was only because they were embarrassed to tell the guests the wedding was off, that this celebrity wedding happened this past week. That sounds like a nice solid base to begin wedded bliss. Tyler Posey/Phem ('Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey Marries Singer Phem in Starry Malibu Wedding — See the Photos! (Exclusive))

Apparently, the plan is for the alliterate one to launch some kind of site on November 1st and try and capture eyeballs and wallets in the holiday season. Meghan Markle/”The Tig” (Meghan Markle One Month Away from Potential 'Tig' Blog Revival)

This permanent one named singer is going to drastically reduce the length of her show. Even she knows she won't last very long on the tour the way it is designed and running right now. Plus, no one really liked it. Madonna/”Celebration” Tour (Madonna launches ‘Celebration’ tour after health scare delay: ‘I didn’t think I was going to make it’)

Speaking of A list singers, this A+ list singer has movie theatre owners scrambling to fill screens this week because of her agreement they won't show her movie except on weekends. They are not happy. Taylor Swift/”Taylor Swift Eras Tour” film (Taylor Swift Eras Tour film posts second-best October box office opening, behind ‘Joker’)

And just like that, the barely there celebrity lost her award show companion gig. Gigi Hadid/Bradley Cooper (Israeli Government Blasts Gigi Hadid’s Extremely Mild Pro-Palestine Post)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **10**
Three weeks ago, this married A list actor/sometime director spent the night in the guest house of his ex. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner (Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Are Reportedly Not Seeing Eye-To-Eye on Handling This Drastic Move to Save Their Relationship)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **11**
This offspring of an A list couple has no idea that one of his parents has paid someone to be his girlfriend for the past year. Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt/Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie/Angelina Jolie/Carmen Blanchard (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s rarely-seen son Pax, 19, sparks dating rumors as he’s seen on ice cream day with AHS star)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **12**
Talk about wanting some attention, an offspring of this director who is an offspring of a director and has been in trouble before, ordered a brand new car and had it delivered to the home where everyone lives. Apparently, the parents didn't notice until the offspring got to car number three and the card issuer got in touch with the business manager who got in touch with the parents. Romy Mars/Sofia Coppola (husband Thomas Mars)/Francis Ford Coppola (Sofia Coppola’s ‘nepo baby’ says she was grounded — for chartering helicopter)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **13**
This A list mostly movie actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. On a very recent international flight, he got warned about touching himself in public in what looked like he was pleasuring himself.

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **14**
The Watcher: It wasn't that far back into the past that this celebrity chef would engage in all kinds of sexual swinging and sex clubs, often with their partner close by or even without our chef. Our chef would then be regaled with stories or videos of the event and do a couple lines of coke and want to go see for themselves. Now, our chef leans more to the watching aspect of it rather than participating. It was always a very edgy process because the chef never wanted to take a chance of getting busted and having their career ruined. There was definitely a lot of blackmail sex and money paid just to keep the sex life unnoticed. Now, the chef likes to watch. Our chef likes to have a front row view and will invite four or five people to entertain the chef right in the bedroom of whatever house/apartment they have rented for the weekend. The chef does still love the drug aspect of it and does that as much as possible, but it has to be a very special person or situation before our chef actually joins in any longer. Not Giada. Not Gordon Ramsay
. Rachael Ray/John Cusimano (Rachael Ray's husband 'repeatedly visited Manhattan swing club before - and after - marriage to celebrity chef') (BLIND ITEM 02/13/18)

The wrongful death rapper really should try and cut back on the partying, at least to the point where he doesn't have to cancel shows. There is also talk he needs rehab, but that could just be a sympathy ploy for a jury. Travis Scott (Travis Scott Postpones Second Raleigh Utopia Circus Maximus Tour Gig at Last Minute With No Explanation)

The only thing real about the Kneepads interview with the singer are the cell phone photos taken by her manager when they were out of the country a couple of weeks ago. He also provided the answers to the questions or they were pointed to a specific area of the book. “People”/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Reveals She Had an Abortion Because Justin Timberlake ‘Didn’t Want to Be a Father’ (Exclusive))

This one named rapper who loves living off the women he dates told friends that his ex tried to kidnap their child which is why he is extra secretive about where the child lives and goes to school. Tyga/Blac Chyna/King Cairo (Tyga files for sole custody of son King Cairo as Blac Chyna celebrates 11-year-old’s birthday)

It is interesting that the former lingerie CEO wasn't willing to ever take a stand against the billionaire pedophile and did everything in his power to enable him. Apparently serial molestation isn't something for which you need to find your spine or even to stop enabling. Les Wexner/”Victoria’s Secret”/Jeffrey Epstein (‘Stunned and sickened.’ Wexner Foundation cuts ties with Harvard over ‘tiptoeing’ on Hamas)

Apparently, the reason this Disney princess has been hiding their pregnancy with the cheating deadbeat that I have been telling you about for months is because she is trying to sell the story and pictures. Halle Bailey/”Little Mermaid”/DDG (Halle Bailey fuels pregnancy rumors in baggy clothes as she steps out with boyfriend DDG)

Unless there is some type of money laundering thing going on here, there is no way this reality star couple from multiple shows is going to sell their home at the price at which it is listed. Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann (Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann place Milton, Georgia mansion on the market for $6M ahead of slated foreclosure date ... as splitting couple deal with major financial problems)

This former A list singer turned talk show host is going to sell a line of products designed to help you lose weight like she did. Ummm, unless the products includes a weekly shot, then it is all lies. Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson’s Fans Are Begging for Her Weight Loss Secrets as She Looks Totally Slimmed Down)

This A- list singer who started off as a child actress is quickly learning that music careers can be fleeting. Her old manager dumped her and her new management team can't get her the gigs she feels she deserves (she doesn't) and doesn't have the pull to get her good songs to record. Demi Lovato

This A list mostly movie director (Patty Jenkins) loves to tell the story of show cast this foreign born A list actress (Charlize Theron) in a role (Aileen "Lee" Wuornos) (”Monster” that got the actress an Oscar. It was a casting choice that was out of the blue. The director's version of how that came to be was she was watching television late at night and a movie came on featuring our actress. The real story is that the director was crashing at a friend's house while having an affair and hiding from her boyfriend and the friend she was staying with suggested the foreign born actress. The director never thought the actress would say yes. Patty JenkinsCharlize Theron/Aileen "Lee" Wuornos/”Monster”

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **10**
The alliterate one made sure the paps knew where in the US her private jet was going to be landing so they could take photos. Meghan Markle/Atlanta, GA (EXCLUSIVE: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seen arriving in Atlanta on private flight after spending weekend on the island of Canouan in the Grenadines)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **11**
This EGOT winner has a new investment idea. He won't invest his own money into the idea which is a loser from the jump, but wants to convince people to invest with him. John Legend/”It's Good” (John Legend looks to take on Yelp and Google Reviews with his first foray into tech - a travel and food review app 'It's Good' . . . where no negative reviews are allowed) (“It's Good”)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **12**
This A- list alliterate actress is trying to figure out a way to cross the picket line or at least get her next movie released because she wants to keep the attention bandwagon rolling. Sydney Sweeney/”Anyone But You” (Anyone But You Release Date Slightly Delayed for Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell Movie)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **13**
This former 90 day star robbed an escort client after she drugged him. The police are investigating. “90 Day Fiancé”

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **14**
Way back in the day, this permanent A list "singer" said it was a different man who got her pregnant while she was dating the A list singer. That probably doesn't sell as many books though and maybe puts her in a bad light. Britney Spears/Wade Robson/Justin Timberlake (Britney Spears’ Dating History: From Kevin Federline to Sam Asghari) (Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson ‘split up Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’ after ‘hooking up with her’ behind star’s back)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **15**
The Relationship: There is no blood relation at all, but it feels very Woody Allen esque. Honestly, it feels even more creepy. Yes, Woody molested other relatives, and there is none of that going on, but it just feels so wrong. This former A- list celebrity has been sleeping with someone he has known since the person was very underage. He says it happened naturally and knows that it looks really wrong. The other person says it feels really right and sees no problem in it. I think it is incredibly creepy and is going to be super problematic if it ever comes to light which I don't see them being able to hide at all.

I'm trying to imagine the mom of the ginger haired one making an appearance on the show of the reality family. Of course she wouldn't do that, but the daughter-in-law knows the exposure would be great and maybe she could get some of the body hugging clothes wholesale to sell on her own site if she did it.  (Princess Diana’s Ghostly Presence on Netflix Is “Incredibly Hurtful”: Prince William) (Meghan's Kardashian connection! Her mother Doria Ragland poses with Kris Jenner and Kim at star-studded charity event that also hosted Amazon boss Jeff Bezos in LA... as The Duchess of Sussex prepares for million-dollar-a-post social media relaunch)

Speaking of clothing deals, this sports host who dabbles in other network host duties, made sure everyone knew where the A+ list singer got a certain shirt even after the A+ lister told the host to not plug herself or her products. The host doesn't care. She just wants the orders. Erin Andrews/Taylor Swift/”Wear By Erin” (Erin Andrews Started 'Screaming' When Taylor Swift Wore Her Jacket to Travis Kelce's Game: 'Huge Moment') (Wear By Erin Andrews Kansas City Chiefs Womens Red Windbreaker Light Weight Jackson)

The A list athlete didn't get the memo from the A- list actress about timelines, and had to try and clean up the timeline after the fact. It is pretty obvious now the two were hooking up while each was married. Sophia Bush (Grant Hughes)/Ashlyn Harris (Ali Krieger) (Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris Had First Date a 'Few Weeks Ago' as They're 'Both Beginning New Chapters')

Speaking of the athlete in #3, this is not the first time marriage hookups have buzzed loud. Apparently, she used to hook up with the singer who is with the Housewife now. The singer wouldn't have got the publicity with the athlete that she gets with the Housewife though. At some point the Housewife will figure out she is being used. Ashlyn Harris/Morgan Wade/Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards seen at LAX amid relationship with rumored 'lesbian lover' Morgan Wade and separation from Mauricio Umansky)

The A list "singer" didn't even know about the excerpts from her book being released. The only thing she paid attention to was an Insta from her singing rival that mentioned knives, so our singer brought them out again and fans already called to do a welfare check again. Britney Spears/”The Woman In Me”/Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera Breaks Silence On Britney Spears’ Memoir ‘The Woman In Me’) (IS BRIT OK? Britney Spears holds knife against her own throat as she dances in bikini at home after revealing heartbreaking abortion)

Speaking of welfare checks, this A- list actor who was on a long long running network sitcom needed one after disappearing off the grid for 72 hours. Apparently it was a massive bender and nothing worse.

With everything falling apart with the latest plan of the A+/A list actor and his award season companion, he has reached out to his ex yet again. Apparently, she may be up for it again because the athlete seems to have lost interest. Bradley Cooper/Gigi Hadid/Irina Shayk/Tom Brady (Israeli Government Calls Out Gigi Hadid on Instagram: “Have You Been Sleeping This Past Week?”) (Irina Shayk carries dog in her Birkin in NYC while Tom Brady lounges on yacht in Miami)

The first day of getting $1 was a huge windfall for the bird company. At least one bot farm that I know of that is based in the SE Asian country that does a lot of celebrity boosting, now has 10,000 new accounts that have been given free reign and will never be banned. This goes along with their 15,000 "verified" accounts that have already generated twenty times the revenue of the initial cost. “X/Twitter”/Philippines (Elon Musk’s X/Twitter to Charge $1 per Year for Users to Post on the Platform, Starting With Test in Two Countries) (Why crafty Internet trolls in the Philippines may be coming to a website near you)

Apparently in early July, this near death social media A lister had a heart attack while making self sex tape for a customer. It was quite the outfit she went to the hospital wearing. Eugenia Cooney (Should social media giants be allowed to profit from YouTube celebrities such as Eugenia Cooney who are clearly unwell?)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **10**
You know what will stop the bad press for the A list singer/horrible actor? You know what will turn it 180? A one off reunion show with the boy band. That is looking a lot more likely than it was a month ago. Justin Timberlake/”NSYNC” (Britney Spears' 'Everytime' Overtakes Justin Timberlake's New NSYNC Song On Charts After Abortion Reveal) (Justin Timberlake cheating rumors with 90s girlband star Nicole Appleton RESURFACE - after Britney Spears claimed NSYNC star was unfaithful with 'another celebrity' in memoir)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **11**
This former A- list actress was talked into an abortion by an A list manager (Ryan Good)  who promised not to leave her if she did. He left her a week after. There is also talk this former A+ list tweener got her pregnant. She finally got her bag she has been trying so hard to secure. Ashley Benson/Ryan Good/Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber’s “Swagger Coach” Ryan Good Decides to Leave) (Ashley Benson gives off biker babe vibes as she goes shopping at the hip Boohoo boutique on Melrose Place)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **12**
This former child actress turned teen actress turned adult actress turned talk show host went on a rampage against her ungrateful writers and said they were a dime a dozen and easy to replace. Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s Post-Strike Season Premiere: A Meandering Muddle That Could Use Better Writing)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **13**
This former A- list reality star used threesomes and cocaine to snare the guy she wanted. The problem is she doesn't really like him and is going to have a tough time getting him to change his will and leave everything to her. Plus, she knows he doesn't want kids and they would probably have to adopt anyway. Either they won't get married, or it will be the shortest marriage this side of Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters. Tinsley Mortimer/”Real Housewives of  New York City”/Robert Bovard (Tinsley Mortimer is ENGAGED! RHONY star is set to wed Robert Bovard NEXT MONTH in Palm Beach after being proposed to with an emerald ring)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **14**
Rewriting History: Imagine a time in the not too distant future, or honestly, even now. You are a public figure (Steve Huffman) accused of horrible wrongdoing. You are guilty of it, but want the rumors and innuendo (death of Aaron Swartz) to disappear from the internet. You hire a scrubbing service, but they can only do so much. You need extra help. So, you go to the creator of a AI chat service and for a massive fee, they make sure that whenever anyone on the internet uses any kind of AI bot, or websites that use AI to write articles and create clicks, that your wrongdoing is never mentioned. Further, if you query any of the AI bots, they will say they have never heard of such a thing and you must be wrong. In the past, I have written about this tech bro (Nima Momeni) who probably had something to do with the death of a co-founder (Bob Lee) of a company (“Cash App“). He certainly wanted the person erased from the history of the company as quickly as possible and used AI programs and brute force to do so. The cuck (Alexis Ohanian) of the athlete (Serena Williams) went along with it. Now though, our tech bro is also using the power of AI and his power to cover up the fact he molested his sister (Khazar “Tina” Elyassnia) for a decade and has made her feel a lot like Sandra Bullock's character in The Net. Each day she is gaslit a little more and loses a little more of herself. Why? All the AI sources out there say he is innocent and say he has never been accused of any kind of wrongdoing
. Steve Huffman/death of Aaron Swartz/Nima Momeni/Bob Lee/”Cash App”/Alexis Obanian/Serena Willians/Khazar “Tina” Elyassnia (Reddit CEO Steve Huffman's Third-Party API Debacle Is Making Elon Musk Look Like a Strategic Genius) (What Would Aaron Swartz Think Of Reddit’s Ridiculous New Direction?) (What killed Aaron Swartz?) (Nima Momeni, accused killer of Cash App Founder Bob Lee, denied bail for second time) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/01/23)

This former A list Housewife is being cheated on by her significant other.

All that playing for pay and partying with play must have finally got to the former A- list actor. Jussie Smollett (Jussie Smollett Enters Rehab, Takes ‘Necessary Steps’ After ‘an Extremely Difficult Past Few Years')

This foreign born former A+ list athlete wanted an excuse to step away from being a pro and thought a new love and a new baby would do it. Well, the new love dumped her, so but she will have the baby at least. Naomi Osaka/Cordae (Naomi Osaka, Cordae spark split rumors 3 months after welcoming first child together)

Another round of sexual assault lawsuits for this former A- lister. This time though, the permanent one named A lister is not picking up any of the bills. Trey Songz/Beyoncé (Trey Songz Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault At House Party)

With as much cheating and money issues and lawsuits and a million other things that have gone wrong in the relationship between this A- list actress and her A list singer/bad actor husband, him not telling her about an abortion from two decades ago does not even register in the top 100 things gone wrong in their relationship. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Reveals She Had an Abortion Because Justin Timberlake 'Didn't Want to Be a Father' (Exclusive))

The three named actress has always been cult adjacent, but now she is making it clear she is and has been in the cult which explains why she doesn't believe in counseling and why her relationship is so similar to that of the A list actor and his now dead actress wife. No one is allowed to leave. Jada Pinkett-Smith/Scientology/John Travolta & Kelly Preston (EXCLUSIVE: Jada Pinkett-Smith defends using Scientology to homeschool her kids Willow and Jaden and claims it was BETTER than traditional learning)

This west coast celebrity realtor not named Mauricio but who does have a reality show on the same channel is way overextended in his business and development projects and is about to declare bankruptcy unless one of his rich clients bails him out.

The property the ginger haired one wants to buy will be in his name only and considering how far away it is from where his wife lives, one can assume it is when he finally decides enough is enough. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry 'house hunting in UK' as he wants Sussex family to spend more time in Britain)

The very tall model who codes is making her fashion comeback as a part of the revamp of this lingerie company. I'm guessing the A+ list singer won't be there this time. Karlie Kloss/”Victoria’s Secret”/Taylor Swift (Every Victoria's Secret Fashion Show look Karlie Kloss has worn, ranked from least to most iconic) (Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss' Dramatic Friendship Breakup Timeline)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **10**
This married A- list offspring was out with the billionaire again this week and stayed away from home all night. Hailey Baldwin Bieber (BLIND ITEM 09/26/23)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **11**
Beneath the radar, this foreign government (Saudi Arabia) is putting pressure on sponsors of certain athletic events (“PGA”) to instead sponsor the foreign government's athletic events (“LIV Golf”) in return for a huge investment from the country's wealth fund. They are trying to collapse the entity they were going to merge with and they also know the government here is never going to approve the deal right now with the current political climate. Saudi Arabia/”PGA”/”LIV Golf”

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **12**
Ask A Manager Blind Item: About 12 years ago, when I was just starting my career, I had a brief dalliance with a well-known celebrity. In my infinite 20-something wisdom, I wrote an indiscreet email to my friends about it … and that email leaked and was written about by a news org and went viral. It was quite the scandal at the time! Luckily, the tempest quickly passed, but if you google my name, multiple stories about it come up at the top of my search results. (I don’t want to hear about all the snacks our main office gets, interviewing after scandal, and more)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **13**
The alliterate reality star can't sell perfection when the offspring admits there is not perfection. It also makes it hard to sell certain products. Kim Kardashian/North West/”Dyslexia” (North West, 10, reveals she has dyslexia)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **14**
The Dorm: Many years ago, I talked about this A list mostly movie actor and how he terrorized a fellow A list actress back in the day. Despite similar backgrounds, she has made it a point to not speak to him for well over two decades. They have ended up places together at the same time and she either leaves, or if that is not possible, makes sure to not come anywhere near him. She has never said anything publicly about what happened at all. Privately, she has let a few people know. For the actor's part, he just wants her to keep maintaining her silence. Now though, there are several women who are coming forward who were interviewed for a lengthy magazine piece and they each share a very similar story and say they were all sexually assaulted when they were in college with the actor. He would get them drunk and lead them to his dorm room and sexually assault them before sending them on their way in the morning. Being the time period it was, they knew they would be blamed for getting drunk or making out our whatever so none of them ever pursued any charges. They still are not going to pursue any charges or try to sue for damages. They just wanted to finally share their stories.

239. POPBITCH 10/19
(British blog)
Which supermodel held a luxury car event to ransom at the last minute by adding seven grams of coke as a non-negotiable addition to her rider – two hours before she was due to turn up
? Lisa Snowdon/”Starr Luxury Cars” (Lisa Snowdon turns heads in a sexy black PVC minidress as she attends luxury car event) (Lisa Snowdon 'loves and respects' her body after giving up booze and going vegan)

This Middle Eastern country, which funds and arms multiple terrorist organizations, has been moving a lot of money into crypto in recent weeks. They are planning to escalate the current war, and crypto helps get around the increased sanctions.  Their key conduit is the foreign crypto billionaire I have talked about previously. Iran/ChangPeng Zhao/“Binance” (Bitcoin rose by $6,000 in the 4 days after I wrote this blind) (Binance’s history with Hamas, Iran looks even worse today) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/01/23)

This west coast Housewife had a threesome that was so rough that one of her implants was ruptured.

This A list singer who would rather act, has done so much work to her face the past few months that she is going to need a ton of makeup if she has to do reshoots for her latest projects. Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga is seen on October 19, 2023 in New York City)

This initialed rapper wants to be a hit on social media like his relative. The rapper sees nothing wrong with exploiting his pregnant actress girlfriend and her mishaps for clicks. Even though he is destroying her career she won't leave him. DDG/Halle Bailey (DDG Responds To Halle Bailey’s Pregnancy Rumors)

If you look at the visitor logs at this jail, the three named actress never visited the rapper in jail. It is all in her head. Jada Pinkett Smith/Tupac Shakur (Jada Pinkett Smith says ‘soulmate’ Tupac Shakur proposed to her from prison)

Back in the day, the A list "singer" threatened to sue her mother saying the story of how the "singer" first had sex and with whom was untrue. So, the publisher removed it even though thousands of books had been printed. Now, the "singer" is using the same story in her own book and treating it like it is breaking news. Britney Spears/Lynne Spears/”Through The Storm: A Real Tale Of Fame And Family In A Tabloid World”/18-year-old high school football player ('Britney started drinking at 13, lost her virginity at 14 and took drugs at 15,' says her mother in shocking new book)

This other, smaller, wealthier Middle Eastern country, is presently hosting the top leaders of a major terrorist organization.  They also have a security agreement with the United States, which greatly complicates matters.  The highest list politicians in Washington DC are currently waging a major pressure campaign on that nation, behind the scenes.  The matter is exceptionally delicate.  If the nation does not relent and turn over the terrorist organization’s leaders, things will quickly boil over publicly. Qatar (The Reckoning That Is Coming for Qatar)

I recently told you the alliterate talk show host (Sherri Shepherd) was set to be replaced by this comic actor (Ken Jeong) who did something before he became an actor (Physician of Internal Medicine) that takes a lot of school. Anyway, the talk show host is going scorched earth now because of it and is on her way to getting fired and replaced prior to the end of the season. Sherri Shepherd/Ken Jeong/Physician of Internal Medicine (Ken Jeong to headline his own talk show) (OVER-SHER Britney Spears fans furious and slam Sherri Shepherd after talk show host called pop star ‘crazy’ in ‘cruel’ WWHL moment) (BLIND ITEM 10/15/23)

A couple of months ago I told you about this foreign born A list actor (Vincent Cassel/56) in his own country (France) who is probably A- list here. I mentioned how his new girlfriend had an even larger age gap with his girlfriend than he did with his wife (Tina Kunakey/26) and it was getting pretty close to being illegal. Apparently, someone must have talked to him about how bad it looked because he went and found someone else (Narah Baptista/27) who is just three decades younger rather than the almost four decades of the other one. Vincent Cassel/France/Tina Kunakey/Narah Baptista (EXCLUSIVE: Sacré bleu! Ocean's Twelve star Vincent Cassel, 56, DELETES all traces of model wife Tina Kunakey, 26, from his Instagram - as sources claim pair have SPLIT after five years together) (Vincent Cassel, 56, seen for the FIRST time with bikini-clad new 'girlfriend' Narah Baptista, 27, as he gushes about his happiness six months after 'split' from wife Tina Kunakey, 26) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/21/23)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **10**
The owner can say whatever he wants publicly, but he is trying to convince a long time AFC coach turned broadcaster to come out of coaching retirement to takeover as coach of this beleaguered team.

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **11**
This former A+ list reality star always is yelling at her significant other because he hid a genetic condition from her which is causing huge issues in their relationship.

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **12**
Reader Blind: This detrans activist (Dylan Mulvaney) doesn't make as much money or get as much press time as the prettier one (Riley Gaines) who is paid to fly around everywhere and does fashion shoots. The hate groups cutting the checks prefer more alluring young ladies, which is why that nubile blonde who lost a race even got an organization (“Riley Gaines Leadership Institute”) named after her. Our poor activist also tries to make it seem like she had her surgery as a youth even though she was an adult when it happened. Dylan Mulvaney/Riley Gaines/“Riley Gaines Leadership Institute” (Riley Gaines launches center at the Leadership Institute: It will 'fight the movement to erase women')

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **13**
This foreign born A- list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and recently split with her boyfriend because of "deception." What about what she was doing with the north of the border actor while they were both with someone else.
Lupita Nyong'o (Selema Masekela)/Joshua Jackson (Jodie Turner-Smith) (Lupita Nyong’o Reveals Breakup After “Deception”) (Joshua Jackson with Lupita Nyong'o and Friends at Janelle Monáe Concert Amid Divorce)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **14**
Four For Friday - Horrible Bosses:
 #1 - This A+/A list mostly movie actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. He has been married a few times. He and his last wife went through multiple nannies because he wouldn't stop trying to sleep with them. He would also walk around in just his underwear. Billy Bob Thornton; Nicolas Cage
#2 - This A list actress is known more for  television although she has been in lots of movies. She has starred in an iconic role for decades. She stands by the front door and if any worker is late even by a few seconds she fires them. One worker was two minutes late because they had been in an accident and were bleeding because they hadn't even had time to get treated because they didn't want to lose their job. Two minutes late and bleeding out on the front stoop and fired. Ellen Pompeo/”Dr. Meredith Grey”/”Grey’s Anatomy”; Mariska Hargitay/”Detective Olivia Benson”/”Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”; Julie Kavner/”Marge Simpson”/”The Simpsons”
#3 - This former A list singer all of you know even though she really doesn't do the new music thing because she has no one to write it for her any longer used to spike workers beverages with drugs and then laugh as they freaked out or passed out or even once had an allergic reaction that required hospitalization. Jessica Simpson; Katy Perry; Keisha
#4 - This former A+ list mostly television actor all of you know used to only hire assistants who would have sex with him. He would make them prove it during the job interview, but even if you had sex with him in the job interview, it still wasn't a lock to get the job
. Charlie Sheen; Kelsey Grammer

This foreign born former superhero who would really like to be one again, has been uses a recently discovered second Finsta to hook up with like minded military men. Henry Cavill/”Superman”/Kidane Cousland

As part of a recent court deal, this former A- list actress offspring will be allowed to involve the real father of her child in the child's life. Bijou Phillips/Danny Masterson's brother Jordan Masterson (Danny Masterson agrees to give Bijou Phillips full custody of daughter as he serves 30-year rape sentence) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/13/23)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor who is on the path to award season rewards was less than thrilled that the barely there celebrity offspring called the paps on them. Bradley Cooper/Gigi Hadid (Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid Continue to Spend Time Together as They're Seen Out on a Walk in N.Y.C.)

With ratings sagging, the former network reality star turned singer turned host decided to cross swords with the fans of the A+ list singer so she would get more attention. Kelly Clarkson/Taylor Swift (Kelly Clarkson Clarifies She Didn’t ‘Bash’ Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Romance)

It is not any kind of coincidence that this permanent A list actress split with her husband at the same time all the information about the disgraced producer was being revealed. The actress was a HUGE supporter of the producer and knew what he was doing. Meryl Streep/Don Gummer/Harvey Weinstein (Meryl Streep and Husband Don Gummer Have Been Separated for 6 Years) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/05/18)

The long time cult member never used to let his significant other leave the house except for mandatory appointments. Now, she seems to leave once or twice a week which can only mean he is so worried about what he has done to other women, the last thing he wants is his wife to go after him too. Danny Elfman/Scientology/Bridget Fonda (Bridget Fonda seen for first time in 12 years on 58th birthday)

This Housewife got a tattoo with the initials of her new lover. Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Kyle Richards Tattoos 'K' Initial on Morgan Wade in 'RHOBH' Trailer)

The reluctant princess tried to escape again and as a result missed an event she was supposed to chair
. Princess Charlene of Monaco/”60th AMADE Anniversary Dinner" (Princess Charlene missing from glitzy family outing in Monaco)

All the documentary did for the foreign born A list celebrity couple was bring out all the women who had sex with the husband while he was married. David & Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham (David Beckham’s alleged mistress claims she found him in bed with model — while Victoria was on phone)

The "singer's" most recent ex is on the road trying to make a deal for pictures and videos he has of the singer. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari

Reader Blind: The controversial talk show host not named Howard Stern spent much of his Friday broadcast telling his listeners about the near death experience he had, and what happens after we die. While he says God himself showed it to him, it sounded less like what his (or any) religion teaches, but much more specifically like this tabletop strategy game (“Magic Chess”) he’s been the subject of numerous memes (“Magic Chess: Alec Jones) relating to. Alex Jones/”Magic Chess”

The on and mostly off girlfriend of this foreign born A- list actor who has been a vampire and a superhero has started following a bunch of baby and pregnancy sites. No, she isn't pregnant but would like you to think she is and that everything is great with the actor when it really isn't. Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse (Suki Waterhouse and boyfriend Robert Pattinson look smitten in PDA-packed display at the GO Gala in LA)

The ginger haired one is doing everything possible to not go back to California. It feels like the Caribbean thing was similar to when Brad and Jen did something like it right before they split for good. Prince Harry (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Return to U.S. Following Secret Getaway to the Caribbean) (Report claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to move back to the UK, at Harry’s behest)

The hard to spell model has been back and forth about joining OnlyFans, but she needs the money and her fame is rapidly leaving her. Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski’s Nude Photos Have Mom Shamers Raging & We’re Officially Tired of the Internet)

This A list singer/sometime actress was wasted out of her mind before she even got to this after party last night. Lady Gaga/”SNL” (Lady Gaga Makes Appearance With Boyfriend Michael Polansky After ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cameo)

This former Nickelodeon star who has crashed and burned since she had her eponymous show, convinced her boyfriend/benefactor to finance a bunch of studio time. She thinks she can have a monster hit doing cover versions of former hits. Victoria Justice/”Victorious”/Evan Berger (Victoria Justice Announces New Music) (See Victorious’ Victoria Justice Debut New Romance With Evan Berger)

One celebrity who has been very quiet as of late, who usually interjects his opinion whether we want or not has a very good reason for remaining silent. The celebrity, who is an A+/A list mostly movie actor (George Clooney) who sometime directs, is married to a woman (Amal Clooney) who is part of a family of arms dealers and specifically an uncle (Ziad Takieddine) who is the largest arms supplier to Hamas and Hezbollah. So, our celebrity stays quiet. George Clooney/Amal Clooney/Ziad Takieddine (Lebanon arrests businessman linked to Sarkozy corruption case)

Speaking of the actor in #1, he also likes to feel like a big shot with the SAG/AFTRA contract negotiations so offered up a bunch of suggestions and other things which were not wanted and not helpful and basically show just how entitled he is and wants the peons to accept any offer they can so he can get back to his $50M paydays. George Clooney (George Clooney, other A-listers offer over $150 million in higher union dues to end actors strike)

Unlike the A list "singer" (Britney Spears) who kept a lot of her names hidden in her book (“The Woman In Me“), this A- list actor (John Stamos) wasn't shy about dropping names in his (“If You Would Have Told Me”) even if it makes them look awful. Even he didn't try and dare cross the sisters (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) though who had their lawyer in constant contact with the book publisher who wasn't going to allow anything bad to be said about the sisters who would have dropped bombs after bomb about the actor if he tried, plus a lawsuit. Britney Spears/”The Woman In Me”/John Stamos/“If You Would Have Told Me”/Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Speed Read: John Stamos Dishes on Bob Saget, the Olsens, and Divorce)

The foreign born A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and the north of the border actor can say what they want and have their publicists spin it as business, but they have been hooking up for awhile now. Lupita Nyong’o/Joshua Jackson (Jodie Turner-Smith Shaded Ex Joshua Jackson Amid Lupita Nyong’o Dating Rumors)

Speaking of foreign born actors, this A- list actor used to be the face of a long long long running franchise before he was replaced by the yet to be replaced foreign born actor. Anyway, our actor is cheating on his wife with a third of his age model. Pierce Brosnan/”James Bond”/Daniel Craig/Keely Shaye Smith

Not only is this tech CEO a guy who will snitch on you to keep the government out of his affairs, but he is also a guy who has pimps on retainer to constantly supply him with very drunk, very young eager guys who will do anything for money, or at least who will when they are drunk. Peter Thiel/”Paypal” (Peter Thiel was reportedly an FBI informant)

Speaking of the late night show, this A+ list TikTok comedian spent an hour yelling at some woman he had been having sex with who works for the late night show because he wanted a guest host spot. The language he used was terrifying. He thought he was going to get the spot that was given to a different comedian for next week. “SNL”/Matt Rife/Nate Bargatze

This A+ list mostly movie actor wanted to do a deal to buy the studio where most of his work is distributed but all of his money guys have been sanctioned and can't get access to the funds they need to do the deal. It was all said and done which is why the owner of the studio can't find anyone else. The money guys have asked the government to allow them to do the deal. Tom Cruise/”Paramount Pictures”/Shari Redstone (Paramount’s Shari Redstone is open for business, but business may not be open for her) (Scientology status by country)

his Housewife first cheated on her husband with a barely there celebrity offspring. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Kroy Biermann/Chet Hanks (Kim Zolciak plays coy about ‘nice guy’ Chet Hanks amid romance rumors)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **10**
This singer set up shop in a corner of a bar on Sixth Street and had someone bring him women until he found one who would go back to his place with him. He sure is loving the single life. The thing is though, he was doing it while he was married too. Not so brazenly though. Joe Jonas (Newly single Joe Jonas is all smiles with other celebs such as Prince Harry and Patrick Dempsey at the F1 Grand Prix of United States in Austin, Texas)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **11**
This daytime talk show host has been seeing a guy for a few months. It was only after they had been dating for a month that he finally left his wife. Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore reveals she has ‘sort’ of been seeing someone for 3 years)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **12**
Speaking of affairs, the reason this foreign born B- list singer got booted from a singing competition is she was hooking up with one of the married judges.

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **13**
This A- list actress who hasn't been in much as of late was really counting on an endorsement deal for some cash. The company is going in a different direction though because of her affair. Lupita Nyong'o (Lupita Nyong'o Makes Her First Red Carpet Appearance After Split from Selema Masekela); Sophia Bush (Sophia Bush, Ashlyn Harris face blowback as cheating rumors intensify)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **14**
Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck: 20 years ago, a memorable musical (“Dance of the Vampires”) not exactly filled with biting wit burned out like a total eclipse over Broadway. Its now-late composer (Jim Steinman) was peeved about its reception forevermore, though (as a documentary podcast will soon report) he was responsible for opening the door to many of the changes its temperamental star (Michael Crawford) demanded that tanked the production. Just over a decade ago, he commissioned a new creative team to take a second look at the material, largely returning it to the version that was a hit in many other countries and languages overseas. They've faced an uphill battle overhauling the show, but are finally almost ready to proceed, pending approval from foreign stakeholders. Is somebody over at the Lunt-Fontanne about to play a fearless vampire killer in the workshop? Stranger things have happened... Name the musical (“Dance of the Vampires”), the composer (Jim Steinman), the temperamental star (Michael Crawford), and the fresh blood (Somebody over at the Lunt-Fontanne: Gaten Matarazzo).
(Within Fifteen Minutes, It Became Unbearable’ The bloody Broadway mess that was Dance of the Vampires) (Hamburg Production of HAMILTON Will Be Replaced by TANZ DER VAMPIRE) (TANZ DER VAMPIRE | Ab Herbst 2023 in Hamburg)

This boxer/YouTube star/accused serial sexual assaulter can say whatever he likes, but everyone knows he was coked out of his mind at a recent fight. Jake Paul/Dillon Danis fight (Jake Paul Denies Cocaine Use Allegations)

The Disney princess will walk away with her millions of dollars for her crappy company that she already took out. It is the investors who are left holding the bag of losses. Kristen Bell/”Hello Bello” (Baby brand founded by actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard files for bankruptcy after being torpedoed by high shipping and production costs)

This foreign born A- list writer wanted to be the person in charge so got the showrunner of this television show fired headed into the third season. Neil Gaiman/Douglas Mackinnon/”Good Omens” (‘Good Omens’ Eyes Season 3 Renewal By Amazon, Douglas Mackinnon Not Returning As Co-Showrunner)

If  you are a long time reader of the site, then it shouldn't come as a shocker this former A+ list NBA player was hooking up with men. Dwight Howard (Dwight Howard denies sexually assaulting man in bombshell lawsuit, claims it was ‘consensual encounter’)

This foreign born one named permanent A list singer has no desire to ever go on tour again, doesn't have the voice any longer to do it and makes more money doing things that don't force her to be on the road for two years. Rihanna (Rihanna Tour Reports Are ‘Bogus,’ Says Source)

This former A list singer/serial woman beater needs rehab. Moving out of state is not going to change that. With his income and bills, he also cannot afford where he is currently living anyway. Chris Brown/California (Chris Brown says he's moving away from California: 'I think it's time for me to try something different')

The former A list singer solo and in a group continues to do the same thing every time she says she is going on tour. You get one or two shows at the beginning where everything is great and then is just goes to hell. This tour is no different. Lauryn Hill/”Fugees” (Ms. Lauryn Hill Postpones Philadelphia Concert Due to Doctor's Orders: 'I Need to Rest My Voice')

The celebrity CEO doesn't have the free cash available to make his current offer viable. He wouldn't pay even if he did have the cash. Elon Musk/”Wikipedia”/$1 to change their name to "D*ckpedia" (Elon Musk Says He’ll Give Wikipedia $1 Billion if They Change Their Name to D*ckipedia)

It is never just one thing with the walking blind item. You just know there is going to be some kind of physical violence or a rehab visit for the actress. Taryn Manning (Taryn Manning's makeup artist arrested for allegedly stealing her car in latest incident in the duo's troubled relationship) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/09/19)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **10**
The celebrity cult is just trying to make their civil case look better. If there was not a lawsuit, there never would have been an expulsion of the actor. Scientology/Danny Masterson (EXCLUSIVE: Danny Masterson is expelled from Scientology and declared a 'suppressive person' - requiring members, including wife Bijou Phillips, to cut all ties with actor)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **11**
This foreign born NBA player is trying to get a big dollar contract overseas instead of the NBA one he has signed. He wants to be able to hide his assets. Tristan Thompson (EXCLUSIVE: Tristan Thompson's first baby mama Jordan Craig claims he owes $224,000 in child support for son Prince and seeks to garnish his NBA wages) (Child Services Investigating Tristan Thompson’s Guardianship Over Special Needs Brother)

295.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **14**
The Industry: It probably hasn't helped her life that she had a horrible stage mom (Debra McCurdy) for a parent and worked for a sex predator (Dan Schneider) when she was a teen, but this actress (Jennette McCurdy) needs help. She looks frazzled and is, very thin and gaunt looking. She always looks like she just hopped out of bed and didn’t brush her hair, but the most concerning thing now is she’s pivoted into trolling her audience with videos of her sobbing hysterically about not being enough for social media and then claiming it’s satire when even her own industry friends were in the comment sections begging her to call them. Now she did a one woman “show” last week in NYC where she did absolutely nothing but charged fans a fortune and they’re in her comments asking for refunds and to explain what’s going on with her manic behavior. Her new podcast just dropped today and it’s literally NOTHING but a voice memo of her ranting at top speed sounding like she’s popped some Adderall or something about hating everything and everyone and not wanting to be seen and hating herself. Everyone is sorry for what she went through and her book is great, but she needs to take a break and take care of herself before it is too late
. Debra McCurdy/Dan Schneider/Jennette McCurdy (Jennette McCurdy Says She Has “So Much Shame” From Starring In ‘iCarly’ And ‘Sam & Cat’: “My Ears Burn When I’m Saying Them”) (Jennette McCurdy attends The Future of Audiobooks Event with Spotify 2023 on October 03, 2023 in New York City) (Listen: Jennette McCurdy Premieres 'Hard Feelings' Podcast)

The prime minister actor had everyone on his side yesterday with the fake news his side leaked. People will continue to think he was wronged. They won't remember the news today. Jonathan Majors (Jonathan Majors Assault Trial Set for Nov. 29 After Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss the Case)

Why would this A- list singer solo and in a group/sometime judge remember a B- list actress she met for five seconds nine years ago? Of course the alliterate one was not on her radar then. Kelly Rowland/”Destiny’s Child”/Meghan Markle (Kelly Rowland awkwardly forgets meeting Meghan Markle in 2014)

Maybe the former wheelchair actor has gone into hiding because of the video and news about him that is set to be released. Drake (Drake's 37th Birthday Party Featured Breaking Bad Stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Bartenders)

The former vampire actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee just got married and wants kids, but doesn't want to get pregnant. I just can't believe she got married. She hasn't been faithful longer than two months in over a decade. Kat Graham/”Vampire Diaries”/Bryan Wood (Kat Graham is married! The Vampire Diaries star, 34, 'weds' business partner Bryant Wood in SHOCK ceremony after 4 MONTHS of dating)

The numbers bear out what I told you two weeks ago. The publisher knew they weren't going to get their advance money back on the book of the three named actress. The actual sales numbers are even worse than they expected. “HarperCollins Publishers”/”Worthy”/Jada Pinkett Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith's Memoir is a Flop) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/11/23)

This A- list actor/part-time drummer knows he can't be sued by a dead woman (“Vanity“), but everyone knows what he did to her, and for him to talk smack about her knowing that, is truly next level awful.
John Stamos/occasional drummer with “Beach Boys”/Vanity/book “If You Would Have Told Me” (John Stamos's Addiction Struggles, Hollywood Romances and More: Find Out the Biggest Bombshells from His Memoir)

Between the former Playboy model, the former actress and his current network reality co-star, this married real estate agent can't keep all the women in his life straight. Mauricio Umansky/Kendra Wilkinson/Emma Slater - “Dancing With the Stars” (Mauricio Umansky Holds Hands With ‘DWTS’ Partner Emma Slater Amid Kyle Richards Split) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/09/20)

This married former Teen Mom star has a super wealthy fan who keeps her financially afloat. Jenelle Evans (Jenelle Evans Twerks on TikTok, Advertises New OnlyFans Content Amid Ongoing CPS Investigation) (Teen Mom’s Jenelle Confirms David Was Charged for Child Abuse of Son Jace: ‘I Don’t Trust Anyone’)

This former A+ list social media star turned failed actress really needs to work on the whole staged pap thing. It is supposed to look natural and unplanned. Fake reading the book by the "singer" while standing out in the street was just horribly done. Addison Rae/”The Woman In Me”/Britney Spears (Addison Rae Reads Britney Spears' Book While Leaving Lunch in Beverly Hills)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **10**
Apparently, the held against her will royal, recently tried to kill herself. Just let her be free. Charlene, Princess of Monaco

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **11**
This barely barely barely there celebrity who shares a name with an A- list actor has made several attempts to get close to the "singer" again, but has been stopped by security each time. I worry about her going on one of her late night drives and him following her. Jason Alexander/Jason Alexander “Seinfeld”/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Reveals the Real Story Behind Her 55-Hour Marriage to Jason Alexander)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **12**
This A- list actress offspring was a little drunk and a lot angry when an actress turned down her advances.

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **13**
This foreign born alliterate A- list actress just didn't want to do the work her partner wanted her to do. The actress was perfectly happy just cashing a check and then feigning illness. Her partner was classy about the exit, the actress was not. Amanda Abbington/”Strictly Come Dancing”/Giovanni Pernice (Strictly fans point out ‘strange’ detail about Amanda Abbington’s Strictly exit statement)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **14**
The Drug: If you sit down and have a conversation with this former A- list actor (Mark Ruffalo) about this drug (“Kratom“), he will talk uninterrupted for thirty minutes about how wonderful and life changing it is and how it is the first drug not made by big pharma which is why people say negative things about it. He says it changed his life and hundreds of others who were having problems kicking drugs and alcohol. The fact that he also sells it probably influences his feelings about it. He and a bunch of his friends go around to AA meetings and try to sell it. The actor wants to set up a MLM for it but feels like he would sell too much and he wants to keep the product pure. If you ask him about the people who have died after taking it he will tell you it is because they died of the drugs they were addicted to and overdosed on those drugs and his drug didn't do anything to them. Has he tried to get his drug approved? No, because it is all about money and then people would steal his idea and formula and that is what he is trying to avoid
. Mark Ruffalo/”Kratom” (Is Kratom Legal In Wisconsin In 2023?)

While doing a book tour and meeting fans who want their books signed, perhaps you shouldn't be doing coke every second of your free time. Your fans can tell. John Stamos/“If You Would Have Told Me” (Jerry O'Connell Addresses John Stamos' Comments About Rebecca Romijn)

While once again gaslighting her fans about her plastic surgery, this A- list reality star with a side gig that has gone belly up, apparently thinks her lips are not a part of her face when denying she has had plastic surgery or done anything to her face. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner Insisted That She's "Never Touched Her Face" And That She's Only Had One Breast Augmentation At Age 19)

This Housewife had a long long time affair which really was the downfall of her marriage and her lover, but her lover has moved on even though he said he would be there for her when she finally split with her husband and her lover split with his wife. Dorit Kemsley/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Mauricio Umansky/Paul Kemsley/Kyle Richards (RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley and Paul Kemsley Deny Separation amid 'Challenging Years' in Marriage: 'We Remain Committed')

This former A- list teen actress talks about how she hates the character she played when she was younger. She even says she turned down the reboot because of how much she hated it. The reality is she wasn't asked back for the reboot even though she and her agent tried their hardest to land the gig. Jennette McCurdy/”iCarly” (Jennette McCurdy Says She Has “So Much Shame” From Starring In ‘iCarly’ And ‘Sam & Cat’: “My Ears Burn When I’m Saying Them”)

This back in the day A- list bad actress has been taking the weekly shot. She has no prospects on the horizon and is about to start an OnlyFans. Tori Spelling/”Ozempic”

The significant other of the wealthy bookseller is the one pushing for him to sign the alliterate one and also the reality family. He doesn't want any part of any of them. Lauren Sanchez/Jeff Bezos/Meghan Markle/Kardashians (Lauren Sánchez Shares Stylish Photos from Kim Kardashian’s 43rd Birthday Party: 'Absolute Blast')

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee broke the nose of one of her lovers while he was tied up. Charlize Theron

Many months after the fact it is nice to see the mainstream media finally coming to the conclusion that the wife of the north of the border A++ lister was actually cheating as I told you for years. It took a divorce filing from a ticked off wife to get the media to finally report on the cheating. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau/Justin Trudeau (Ana Remonda/Dr. Marcos Bettolli) (Sophie Grégoire Trudeau 're-partnered' with Ottawa doctor, ex-wife claims in divorce petition)

This alliterate A- list celebrity is once again cheating on his significant other. He just keeps playing with fire. Jesse James/Bonnie Rotten (Sandra Bullock's Ex Jesse James Accused of Cheating on Pregnant Wife)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **10**
This bar star is trying to stop a 9 minute clip of her having sex from being leaked online. “Vanderpump Rules”

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **11**
This A+ list mostly movie actor was overheard discussing about how his last relationship finally crashed and burned when he was caught hooking up with his kid's teacher.

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **12**
This former A+ list tweener used the bathroom four or five times during an hour long service (“Churchome“). I'm sure it was because he was sick or something and not using drugs. Justin Bieber/”Churchome” (Hailey Bieber Put an Expensive Spin on Classic Overalls for Night Out With Justin)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **13**
This north of the border A-/B+ list NBA player is sleeping with two different women. So, it doesn't look like he has learned any lessons. Tristan Thompson (Khloé Kardashian Fears Tristan Thompson Moving Out Will 'Be Damaging' to Daughter True: 'Is This Gonna F--- Her Up?')

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **14**
The Burial Ground: You would think after so many years, that someone would have just dug up the bones and disposed of them far far away from the ground itself so no one could tie the deaths to the dead A+ lister (Walt Disney). You have to go back a long way for the beginning of this one. The office parties at the company were legendary. When the head guy is an alcoholic womanizer who hates his wife (Lillian Disney), parties at the office are going to be big. They always involved secretaries who worked at the company and were hired for their willingness to sleep with male employees. They were encouraged to bring female friends to the parties and were paid bonuses or given vacation time if the friends they brought ended up sleeping with one of the male co-workers. The head guy is known for being sweet and kind and family friendly. Instead, when he was drinking he was a monster and especially so to any woman who displeased him while drunk. If you look back at old film of him, you can see him sexually harassing women all the time and groping them. And that was the stuff they sent out publicly, so you can imagine what he was like in private and drunk. No one is alive any longer who can tell you whether the two women died of an accident or drank too much and died or if they were killed. But both women had spent time with the head guy. The two women died about six months apart. The first one died while there was construction going on at a huge new project (“Disneyland”) being built by the head guy. So, they buried the body there. Six months later, that construction project had stopped, but there was a big ranch (“Golden Oak Ranch”) on site at the project so they dug up the first one and buried her with the second one  at the ranch. There they stayed for decades. Like I said, everyone who knew the story was long dead. All we know was that one body had been buried and then exhumed and that one body appeared to have been buried only once. We wouldn't even know any of that except about five years the ranch gave way to bran new construction and during the excavation, the bones were found. The workers were paid to keep quiet and the new head of the company decided to use his power and influence to have them disposed of with no questions asked
. Walt Disney/Lillian Disney/”Walt Disney Studio”/”Disneyland”/”Golden Oak Ranch” (Drinking Through Disney World) (The cruel reality of Disney's world)

The foreign ex-girlfriend of this late night star has been sharing footage of him engaging in a less than family friendly past time. He has no idea that the footage is the reason some producers won’t hire him for bigger roles. She’s showed about a dozen people.

This former A+ list rapper turned thirst queen with a serially cheating husband has not said word one about the gossip blogger and forgiving her debt. The blogger is just hoping if she says enough nice things, that somehow it will happen. Cardi B/Offset/Tasha K (Cardi B Debating Easing Off Tasha K $3.4 Mil Judgment, Seeking Mom's Advice)

The A+ list singer has already filmed her scenes for a superhero movie. She just can't talk about it. It was filmed before the strike. Taylor Swift/”Deadpool 3” (Taylor Swift Has All-Star Hangout with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Hugh Jackman and “Deadpool” Director)

This Southern Charm star is the side piece to a state A+ lister for a very hefty monthly fee. Olivia Flowers or Taylor Ann Green

The actress and the athlete keep going to any tabloid possible to make it seem they had split from their respective partners before they started hooking up. It won't work though. Sophia Bush/Ashlyn Harris (Ashlyn Harris and Sophia Bush Insist They Were Initially 'Just Friends')

The one named perpetually broke rapper should have made a deal with his ex because now she is calling him out for the statutory rape of the reality star. He should be in jail, but then the momager would look really bad because she knew it was happening. Tyga/Blac Chyna/Kylie Jenner/Kris Jenner (Blac Chyna recalls ex Tyga’s ‘betrayal’ with allegedly ‘underage’ Kylie Jenner)

Reader Blind: New sparkling love? This singer wasn’t kidding when she said she doesn’t kiss and tell since she and the Netflix actor were trying their best not to be spotted kissing in a London pub. Olivia Rodrigo/Louis Partridge/”Enola Holmes” (daily.olivia) (Everyone Olivia Rodrigo Has Reportedly Dated, From Joshua Bassett to Zack Bia)

This one named permanent A lister should probably be asking for partners to collaborate who he did not sexually assault or molest. Usher/Justin Bieber/”Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show” (EXCLUSIVE: Usher is desperately trying to convince Justin Bieber to join him for the Super Bowl halftime show - but popstar is reluctant to return to the stage and wants to focus on his health after Ramsay Hunt Syndrome scare)

The closeted Midwestern congressman I wrote about last year has just been outed by one of his firebrand Republican colleagues. Jason Smith from Missouri/Matt Gaetz (Matt Gaetz Accusation Sparks Speculation About GOP Colleague's Sexuality)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **10**
This alliterate former talk show host is scheduled to be released from the hospital this weekend. Next week she has a meeting to discuss a new radio show. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Is in a Treatment Facility 'Doing Her Best to Be Her Best,' Her Manager Says (Exclusive))

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **11**
This male A list foreign language singer spent a few hours last weekend with this foreign born A list actor. It is not the first time they have hooked up. Bad Bunny and Pedro Pascal

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **12**
This married foreign born A-/B+ list actress is out of the country and in the bed of one of her many former lovers. Priyanka Chopra/”Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival” (MAMI Film Festival 2023: Priyanka Chopra, Kamal Haasan, Sonam Kapoor And Others Lit Up The Red Carpet)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **13**
He isn't really a celebrity. He isn't a politician. He is very much a public figure and is probably A- list. He is married. He was a little higher on the list a few years ago. He likes to travel out of the country whenever he wants to hook up with very very young men. He has arrangements in place in the countries he visits that he will not be charged for whatever he does with the young men. Jared Kushner/”Saudi Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia” (Jared Kushner calls out pro-Hamas protests in U.S. at economic summit in Riyadh)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **14**
Four For Friday - Unknown Hookups:
#1 - This A+ list mostly movie actor has been battling with his A list actress ex for years. Back in the day, he used to hook up with this A- list mostly movie actress while she was still married to the A list action star who doesn't act any longer. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Demi Moore/Bruce Willis
#2 - This former A/A- list actress offspring is an Oscar winner/nominee. She has long had a reputation in Hollywood for someone you do not want in your restaurant because of her demands and the way she eats. Back in the day, there was another reason too. She would ask the waiter if he wanted a tip or to be orally serviced in the bathroom instead. Kate Hudson
#3 - This former A+/A list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and this juvenile delinquent turned singer turned A list actor. George Clooney/Mark Wahlberg
#4 - This A+ list mostly movie actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. He is married. He has been here before for his cheating. This time though it is because of his past relationship with this TikTok star who got famous for her workouts. Our actor would pay her to work out in front of him, removing pieces of clothing every few minutes while our actor pleasured himself and then would finish all over her clothes.

The A list singer/horrible actor must have promised his former bandmates more one on one time for them to be defending him as much as they are. Justin Timberlake/”NSYNC” (Lance Bass Hopes Fans Will ‘Find Some Forgiveness’ for Justin Timberlake amid Britney Spears' Memoir Release)

This singer has told her friends, including her ex, that she is using the Housewife because she would never get the kind of fame she has received lately. It feels very Sam Ronson like. Morgan Wade/Kady Cannon/Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Morgan Wade’s ex had ‘feelings’ about country singer’s friendship with Kyle Richards) (Kyle Richards doubles down on being ‘very close’ friends with Morgan Wade amid romance rumors)

This A/A- list dual threat actor (James Marsden) is the star of at least one movie franchise (“X-Men”) and had a hit streaming show (“Jury Duty”) that could turn into a long running series, but not with the actor. Anyway, he is hooking up with a much much much younger yachter (Frederique Brons) and she has been calling the paps on them all the time. James Marsden/”X-Men”/”Jury Duty”/Frederique Brons (EXCLUSIVE: James Marsden, 50, kisses model Frederique Brons, 25, as they enjoy a smoke break outside NYC hotel)

I often ask myself that if the two offspring of two different A++ listers lived in the same city, would they get their coke from the same dealer? The amount they each use is just staggering.

He won't report it as such because in the end he wants to hookup with her, but this former A list singer/network reality judge/cheerleader was wasted drunk and started kissing a guy without his permission. They were going to hookup in the bathroom of a comedy club before her friends also wasted drunk told her she should wait until she got home. Paula Abdul

The money grab by the former significant other of a dead singer who was a one man boy band is not going to work. She is hoping because of the singer's name she can get a settlement and stop having to do adult work. Melanie Martin/Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter’s 1-year-old son, Prince, sues doctors, pharmacies for wrongful death: report)

I think not only was the permanent A list songwriter throwing shade at the A+ list singer, but also telling the world that the A+ list singer takes sole writing credits even when there is a group of 20 people working on the song. Diane Warren (EXCLUSIVE: Diane Warren talks teaming up with Taylor Swift on Say Don't Go: 'She was great to work with - it was an amazing collaboration!')

I still ultimately think he will let her go when he makes a deal with his ex, but apparently the A+/A list mostly movie actor loves some trick the barely there celebrity offspring does with her fingers so he is keeping her around for now
. Gigi Hadid/Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid Wear the Same Adidas Sneakers — a Custom Collab from Her Clothing Line)

This photo company rapper almost died from a meth overdose and then went on a podcast the next day also wasted on meth. Kodak Black/"Drink Champs" (Ray J Shows Concern for Kodak Black's Health After ‘Drink Champs’ Appearance, Wants to Not Watch Him ‘Self-Destruct’)

Reader Blind: The young singer may not kiss and tell while traveling, but when she's back home she's pretty loose lipped about her bodyguard boyfriend. He's quite a bit older than her and many in her camp do not approve, but she doesn't care. Evidently things are pretty serious between them as he just relocated to LA and even helped her move into her new home there. Seems that he's her hired muscle in more ways than one. Olivia Rodrigo

Reader Blind: The Netflix actor and the former Disney actor are not together romantically like some people are speculating. They’re in talks for a role involving a reboot of the creature that’s the title of one of the singer/actress single . Olivia Rodrigo/Louis Partridge/”Vampire”

This foreign born A list singer was orally servicing her boyfriend when his at the time girlfriend walked into the bedroom and hit the singer with the door as she opened it.

This three named rapper horse is on Ozempic. She should know coke and booze do not mix well with the drug. She is a mess. Megan Thee Stallion (Megan Thee Stallion Almost Bares It All in Sultry New Snap)

This A- list actress who loves wearing her children's clothes, gets work done to her body and face every quarter and has not uttered one word of support for the actor strike, decided to take a shot at the guild on social media while breaking the rules they wanted to enforce for Halloween. I think the rules are kind of dumb, but to just be so petty is just wrong. Maybe one day I will tell you about what a director made her do for a part and it was so much more than just a casting couch. Megan Fox/Michael Bay (Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Wear Kill Bill-Inspired Costumes for Casamigos Halloween Party in L.A.) (What Went Down Between Michael Bay & Megan Fox in the Transformers Franchise?)

It has been quite some time since the A list actor and his buddy the former superhero did as much coke as they did at a party this weekend. Epic amounts. Was that a nosebleed from the former superhero? Leonardo DiCaprio/Tobey Maguire (Casamigos’ Annual Halloween Bash)

If you think that you have heard all the sex stories about this Southeast Housewife, just wait until she commits to running for political office next year. It will be crazy. Kandi Burruss/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Could it be that a full-scale mutiny almost took place on the fast-paced show? It was a good idea - a tribute to their fallen leader. Obviously the show’s golden boy would take part in what was conceived as a group effort. But that wasn’t how Goldilocks saw it. He insisted on being in the middle (a position he prefers) with everyone surrounding him. Seeing them as backup was clear when during the rehearsal he actually bellowed at to someone to “back up”. For him, it was strictly a star turn, and nobody dared say otherwise. After all, they all want to keep their jobs.

The girlfriend of the A+/A list actor knew what she was doing at the Halloween party. She made a lot of money selling those photos. Vittoria Ceretti/Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti gets affectionate with A-list actor as she grabs his behind while embracing at Halloween party in LA)

Contrary to what it says in her book, this A/A- list actress does have a DNA match to her dad's side of the family. She just doesn't want anyone to know who they are. Kerry Washington/”Thicker Than Water” (Kerry Washington Recently Discovered Her Dad Is Not Her Biological Father: 'I Now Know My Story' (Exclusive))

Speaking of books, the A list "singer" just keeps getting her lies/omissions called out because if she had spoken truths to those events it would not make her look good. Britney Spears (An Exhaustive Guide to All the Celebrities Britney Spears Mentions in The Woman in Me)

This foreign-born actress, who is A-list in her part of the world but kind of fizzled in the West, once worked with this foreign-born A-list everywhere actor on a commercial. She introduced him to some local gentlemen to enjoy.

This married A list west coast NCAA coach celebrates each win by having a threesome with two coeds he pays the bills for each month. Lincoln Riley/“USC Trojans”

Apparently this former Housewife and this nepo baby/A- list reality star/bad actress are competing for the same guy they both think is rich, but isn't. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Tori Spelling/Chet Hanks (Kim Zolciak plays coy about ‘nice guy’ Chet Hanks amid romance rumors)

This A- list actor/standup comic got rejected by a woman half his age and then he started yelling at her and being generally awful.

This foreign born A list actor has at least one action franchise and he is the star. He is also an out of shape sloppy drunk who can barely function.

The management woes continue for this A- list singer. She only wants to tour if her boyfriend is the opener and the venues are appropriate for his audience as well as hers. The boyfriend has been contacting tabloids with lies that he and the A- lister are married to apply pressure on the label to give in to a joint tour. They’re not married and have no plans for it. Our singer has also been withdrawing from family and friends again, spending too much time locked away with her boyfriend and being noncompliant toward management. Demi Lovato/Jutes (Demi Lovato Wants to Marry Boyfriend Jutes: ‘We’ve Talked About It’)

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **10**
The live action Disney princess must be spending a fortune having someone photoshop her photos. She really wants someone to buy the live event pictures. Halle Bailey (Halle Bailey Fuels Janet Jackson Biopic Rumors With ‘Poetic Justice’ Halloween Costume)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **11**
I don't think anyone needed a magazine article to know this east coast former Housewife is racist. Her former boss is too. Don't forget that until he was forced to relent, he was the architect of separate but equal. Ramona Singer/”Real Housewives of New York City”/Andy Cohen (Ramona Singer accused of 'using the N-word with a black crew member' filming RHONY and said 'most' black people don't have present fathers)

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **12**
This food loving A+ list TikTok star has someone out there who has been paid to try and kill him because of things the star said. Keith Lee/Kandi Burruss' Atlanta restaurant "Old Lady Gang" (‘Frustrating’: Kandi Burruss’ Atlanta Restaurant Called Out By TikTok Star Keith Lee Over Bad Experience)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **13**
This A-/B+ list actor was on a very hit network show. He uses the picket lines he walks to find struggling young actors to take home for sex.

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **14**
The Witness: It is a strange job. I'm not sure when it started happening, but I started hearing about it a couple of years ago. Back then I understood why because the guy had a horrible reputation and was trying to protect himself. From there, it kind of spread and now there are five or six people who actually make their living doing it. How do you even let people know that you are available for that kind of thing. It started as I said with this A- list actor who has been accused of bad things by several women. Well, he wanted to hook up with this woman he had been seeing a couple of times but was fearful that she was going to use the occasion to also make claims against him. So, without her knowledge, he had a guy monitor the events that happened in the bedroom via security camera. Our actor did record it too, but he says it was just for evidence purposes. The actor then had a series of women that he slept with and he had the same guy watching each time and started paying him. Someone heard he was doing it and the next thing you know this former A+ list actress hired him because she was having random threesomes with couples and wanted someone to witness everything just in case stories were told. There were no recordings of those events. She told a friend who told a friend and the next thing you know, it isn't just actors and actresses, high profile people who are vulnerable to being sued for allegations made started hiring the guy and he had to hire people because he was so busy. Like I said there are a handful of these people and they literally work 7 days/nights a week.

This foreign born married B- list actress is cheating on her actor husband with one of her cousins.

This A- list celebrity has attended twice as many Halloween parties with the billionaire than with her husband.

This three named gun rapper was acting tough and yelling at some guy. Then, the guy stood up and the rapper saw how huge he was and tried to play it off. The guy shoved the rapper and the rapper ran into a different bar area at the event, leaving his girlfriend behind. Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox (Machine Gun Kelly Pulled a Fake Sword on a Photographer at Halloween Party)

This former A+ list singer is probably A- list now. Still A+ list name recognition though. She was trying to find two women to take home at a party, but she didn't get any takers until she started offering a lot of cash. Even then, she could only find one to take home to her partner. Christina Aguilera/Matthew Rutler (Christina Aguilera Revisits ‘Burlesque’ With Cher Halloween Costume) (Christina Aguilera and Fiance Matthew Rutler’s Relationship Timeline)

Perhaps they have split, but if not, this A- list reality star really needs to stand up more for herself because the meme actor generally is looking to hook up with someone new almost every night. Kylie Jenner/Timothée Chalamet (Kylie Jenner accused of ‘copying’ Timothee Chalamet’s stunning ex in ’embarrassing’ pic as critics call her ‘so cringe’)

This network reality star was being her normal rude self to a man who was trying to talk to her until she realized he was a SVP (Senior Vice President) at Netflix and then became super nice and friendly and flirty. Julianne Hough (THAT'S EN-HOUGH! DWTS’ Julianne Hough snaps at producers for giving her orders backstage after she’s ripped for cringy live TV mistakes)

That crisis PR team isn't working out too well for the former boy bander turned A list singer. Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Made This Drastic Move to Avoid Britney Spears’ Memoir Fallout)

The label rep of this foreign born A- list singer is planning an intervention to stop the self-destructive partying which has gotten so out of hand that the singer has been in breach of contract for months. He was supposed to release a new album by the end of this year but he’s been skipping recording studio sessions and showing up hungover to the ones he does make it to. The label doesn’t want to pursue legal action but he’s cost them several thousand dollars just in lost studio time. He’s reportedly struggling to find passion in his sound and brand image and is searching for a new publicist. Shawn Mendes (Is Shawn Mendes Working on New Music? Details on Album No. 5: Release Date, Quotes, More)

This alliterate B+ list celebrity used to be on the syndicated show. She blames the significant other of her most famous ex for trying to get social media posts taken down. Donna D'Errico/”Baywatch”/Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx (Baywatch blonde Donna D'Errico, 55, bares cleavage in sultry Halloween look as she BLASTS 'women haters' adding they can 'kiss my a**')

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **10**
This foreign born morning talk show host is A list in her English speaking country, but none of you probably know her here. She was wasted on coke and booze last week and was puking every time the camera cut away from her.

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **11**
This barely legal B+ list actress is hooking up with a married foreign born actor who is more than three times her age.

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **12**
This foreign born A list singer solo and in a group loves his psychedelics. Apparently, he was rebuffed when he offered one to a former wannabe A++ lister. In the past though, their significant other has gratefully accepted the offer. Harry Styles/”One Direction”/Beto O’Rourke/Amy Hoover Sanders (Beto O’Rourke Is ‘So Grateful’ for Harry Styles’ Endorsement: ‘He’s Well Aware of’ the Issues)

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **13**
This former A list boy bander keeps bringing women to parties and events, but no one is buying it. Now, if he brought the disgraced director, then that would be more appropriate. They are still best friends. JC Chasez/”NSYNC”/Bryan Singer (NSYNC's JC Chasez and Jennifer HuYoung attend the 2023 SONA Warrior Awards red carpet in LA, USA) ('N Sync Reunites for JC Chasez's 40th Birthday) (Here’s why JC Chasez is always at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner)

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **14**
A judge (Rita Ora) on one of those talent competition shows (“The Masked Singer”) started hooking up with a coworker, an infamous baby daddy (Nick Cannon). Is that how the judge landed the gig? Wouldn't be the first time. Their partner (Taika Waititi) seems oblivious & likely distracted by their own side piece. Expect the judge to find more excuses to make trips to LA where the coworker is based. Who might feel some type away about this affair may be the other judges (Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and Robin Thicke) on the recently updated show if their roles are affected or shifted to accommodate for the judge. Stay tuned. Rita Ora/“The Masked Singer”/Nick Cannon/Taika Waititi/Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and Robin Thicke (Rita Ora to Step In as ‘Masked Singer’ Season 11 Judge for Nicole Scherzinger) (BLIND ITEM 10/10/23)

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