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It looks like the reality family wants the rapper to go off on them. I'm not sure why, but they are intentionally trying to provoke them and it is a horrible look. Kardashians/Kanye West (Kanye West fans on Pete Davidson’s new tattoo: ‘Don’t tattoo his kids’ initials!’) (Pete Davidson returns to stand-up and pokes fun at Kanye West feud)

I told you when the ginger haired one signed up to be the ambassador for this company, the whole thing would go up in flames. The company, much like Uber, will tell you they are a technology company. That isn't true of course. But, what is true is they and companies like them have to pay their drivers/therapists/food delivery people as low a wage as possible. Is that really how you want your therapy though? The ginger haired one is not responsible, but he should have known this would happen, and he is the face of the company. Prince Harry/"BetterUp" (Labor woes hit Prince Harry’s San Francisco mental health startup)

The parents of this former A/A- list dual threat actress have asked her to come live with them for awhile until she can sort some things out or to move back to her previous residence where there is a lot of structure in her environment. Amanda Bynes (Amanda Bynes Clarifies Crack, Porn Comments About Fiance Paul Michael)

Thank you to the reporter (Zack Sharf) and publication ("Variety") for at least asking some of the questions that needed to be asked about the celebrity cult (Scientology), to one of its more high profile faces. The actress (Elisabeth Moss) knew the questions were coming and had answers ready, but at least they were asked. Zack Sharf/"Variety"/Scientology/Elisabeth Moss (Elisabeth Moss Speaks Out on Scientology, From ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Criticism to Profane Emmys Speech)

What the one named permanent A lister left out of her story is the hundreds of people she forced to leave their own homes and go out in public for a year just to make sure she didn't have to leave her own. If the world burned, she would have been safe watching from afar. Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey said she didn't leave her house for 322 days during the pandemic — allowing time to be with herself in isolation)

Mr. X: I’m hearing rumors that the alliterate talk show host may or may not be attending the Met Gala this year for the first time. She was set to attend two years ago before COVID dashed all the plans for everybody. A spy who attended the opening of the Funny Girl BWay revival saw someone who resembled the host talking to Anna Wintour (among many other celebs) during intermission. Wendy Williams

Speaking of the Met Ball, other than a documentary or two over the past decade, no television/movie cameras have been allowed inside, let alone filming some reality nonsense. That is about to change. With the amount of money they have been losing as the budgets for the party spin out of control, this should be the end of the partnership for good between the museum and the magazine. "The Metropolitan Museum of Art"/"Vogue"

Well, you have to admit that the host/producer/creator/model who laughs as she cashes the million dollar checks from the alphabet network, does know how to wander into what will be a huge controversy. The new show she is creating will make headlines every day for months. Tyra Banks/"ABC"/"Dancing With the Stars"/"Generation Drag" (Tyra Banks To Exec Produce Teen Drag Series For Discovery+)

I guess the breakup for the one named permanent A list singer was hard, because she hasn't showed up wasted on stage in a very long time. Madonna/Ahlamalik Williams (Madonna Shares Cryptic 'Karma' Message After Rumors Swirl She Split From BF Ahlamalik Williams) (Madonna, 63, takes to the stage in a sheer pink dress and fishnets for raunchy encore with Maluma at his rapturous homecoming show in Colombia)

Read into it what you want, but this foreign born former A+ list boy bander turned A list adult was asked if he would get the names of his girlfriend's children tattooed on his body and he said, "Not going to happen." Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde

That former reality star who spent some time in jail, is apparently grooming underage boys now. It's interesting how at least one of the girls from the show has spent years being groomed by an A lister. Abby Lee Miller/"Dance Moms"/Maddie Ziegler/Sia (Abby Lee Miller Is Facing Backlash And Side-Eyes After She Posted This Bizarre TikTok Where She Fat-Shames Someone And Has Young Guys Take Off Their Shirts)

I know this former Disney actor/singer who is going on tour this summer is getting a lot of flack for cheating on his girlfriend. The thing is though, when I busted him a couple of months back, it appeared as if she left him, so this time it might not have been cheating.

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who has been in the news frequently as of late, emerged naked from a changing room wearing zero clothes and took a leisurely stroll around the small store. Thandiwe Newton (Thandiwe Newton larks around with a pear and professes her love for Worzel Gummidge in bizarre posts... as pictures emerge of embattled star visiting a cannabis store)

These two former A list NBA teammates hooked up more than once. They are each retired, but not for long.

The wealthy farmer says he has a solution to all the bird flu problems, but you have to buy it from him. Bill Gates

The celebrity CEO has been talking to an NBA owner to see if he would be interested in partnering on the Bird purchase. The NBA owner said no because of the cash flow issues of the Bird company. Elon Musk/Mark Cuban (Elon Musk, Mark Cuban Discuss Using Dogecoin to Solve Twitter Spam Problem)

Don't believe the hype. This foreign born dual threat A list actor does not have actual refugees living in his house. He couldn't be that inconvenienced. Benedict Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch Is Housing a Ukrainian Family That Fled the War: ‘I Want to Give Them Stability’)

This A/A- list Disney actress/singer was given the full attention of this foreign born alliterate A list actor all of you know. The actress was with a friend/boyfriend but that wasn't going to stop our actor. The actor definitely thought he was successful. Olivia Rodrigo/Sebastian Stan/Conan Gray (Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo depart Carbone) (Sebastian Stan also makes an appearance at Carbone)

I guess I could have saved this for Met Gala blinds tomorrow, but there were two actress from a hit streaming show that as hard as they tried, couldn't get invites because the editor hates their show. She hates when people talk about it, so there was no chance of an invite from anyone on it. Millie Bobby Brown & Sadie Sink/"Stranger Things"/Anna Wintour/"Vogue"

The coke loving abusive rapper told a woman at a party this weekend that if she wanted some of his coke, she was going to have to do the lines off his male appendage. She said it was too small and got shoved to the ground. G-Eazy (Halsey had a heartfelt response to people taunting her with 'G-Eazy' comments: 'I hope you never have to experience an abusive relationship') (BLIND ITEM 09/26/21)

The Satan loving artist (Marina Abramovic) says this A list singer/A- list actress stole her ideas and rituals without credit or compensation. This would be a crazy lawsuit. Marina Abramovic/Lady Gaga (The Abramovic Method Practiced by Lady Gaga in Fav on Vimeo)

Co-stars: At first, I was going to write about each of these actresses separately, but since they were co-stars on a very popular show together ("Charmed"), why not include both of them in the blind. I also thought about naming the blind hypocrisy because they are both engaging in it in a big way. One of our actresses (Alyssa Milano) is married (David Bugliari) and has been for a long time. She is probably A- list and will always be so for someone of a certain age. Gen Z people would have her lower much like her co-star (Rose McGowan) because they don't do much now other than pontificate. The married A- lister is cheating on her husband with a guy she would call out in a second on social media for his beliefs, while her co-star is hooking up with a registered sex offender which is a huge head scratcher too. "Charmed"/Alyssa Milano/David Bugliari/Rose McGowan

MET GALA: I get that you want to party and everything, but isn't it uncomfortable for the celebrity CEO to be wasted while out with your mom? Elon and Maye Musk (Maye Musk and Elon Musk attend The 2022 Met Gala)

MET GALA: Speaking of the men who attended, this A+/A list mostly movie actor not only got work done to his face again, but was also showing off his French skills to someone he was interested in. Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper attends The 2022 Met Gala)

MET GALA: In the hidden away smoking area last night, the late night actor showed up often. He looked genuinely happy to be with fellow smokers and away from his minders. Pete Davidson/"SNL"/Kardashians (Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian attend The 2022 Met Gala)

MET GALA: Speaking of the late night actor, his date and the press made it seem as if she wore the original all night. She literally wore it for five minutes and couldn't even get it zipped before slipping into a replica. Kim Kardashian/dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy for his 45th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden in 1962 (Kim Kardashian Only Wore Marilyn Monroe's Dress Up Met Gala Stairs Before Changing Into a Replica)

MET GALA: The alliterate talk show host looked great last night at an after party and stayed sober. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams makes rare public appearance since talk show cancellation as she celebrates fashion's biggest night at Met Gala afterparty)

MET GALA: The permanent A list "singer" was asked if she wanted to attend last night, and she said no. Her significant other really wanted to attend and tried to be able to show up solo. It is nice to see the media picking up on what I told you last week about his money demands. It is not about the singer, it is about fame and money and getting as much for himself as possible. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari (Prenup Problems? Britney Spears & Fiancé Sam Asghari Hashing Out Money Woes Before Wedding, Spills Source)

MET GALA: The former A+ list rapper had one of the biggest parties of the night. She also admitted she was doing coke and encouraged others to do the same. Cardi B (Cardi B to wear Versace to Met Gala 2022, host afterparty at the Standard)

MET GALA: I'm sure there will be an official spin, but this A-/B+ list pay cable actress was scheduled to attend but is dealing with some substance abuse issues and was in no shape to be seen in public. Alexa Demie/"Euphoria" (Alexa Demie’s Met Gala 2022 Absence Confuses Fans As Star Was Rumoured To Attend)

MET GALA: This Oscar winning A- list mostly movie actress has now kept her promise for a decade to never attend the Gala again. Apparently she feels screwed over by the editor and wants no part of the Gala until the editor is gone.
Gwyneth Paltrow

MET GALA: This A- list reality star didn't want to be there. She acted like she didn't want to be there and was contractually forced/shamed into it, but was wasted on a combo of pot and booze and didn't care who knew it. Kourtney Kardashian (Kourtney Kardashian Admitted That She "Didn’t Really Think" About The Theme Of The Met Gala As She Explained The Meaning Behind Her And Travis Barker’s Outfits, And Fans Aren’t Happy)

MET GALA: Why yes, that was this foreign born A- list singer who was doing lines of coke and then ended up having a quickie in the back of a SUV before returning to the afterparty. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello arrives at The 2022 Met Gala)

MET GALA: The billionaire (François-Henri Pinault) owner of this fashion house has a long time grudge against the editor for some slight that most assume involves either his wife (Salma Hayek) or model ex (Linda Evangelista), but is really about ad prices being too high. So, now, the fashion house ("Louis Vuitton")
is represented, but just give celebrities and models items off the rack and don't do any fittings or make any effort. François-Henri Pinault/Salma Hayek/Linda Evangelista/"Louis Vuitton"

MET GALA: The A+ list singer was invited and was expected to attend up until about a week to ten days prior to the show. Apparently there is a secret about to be revealed and the Gala was not the place it was going to be. Taylor Swift (Why Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Skipped the 2022 Met Gala)

MET GALA: Yes, that was this married barely there celebrity model enjoying the great deal of attention she was getting from the singer/actor who had the press on the red carpet flustered.
Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Jared Leto (she is a decade too old for him) (Jared Leto and Alessandro Michele’s Met Gala Looks Take Twinning to the Next Level)

The Crazy Year: It is often assumed that the A list editor's (Anna Wintour) crush for the foreign born soccer player (David Beckham) has been her biggest crush. Not even close. There is the tennis loving A+ list mostly movie actor (Bradley Cooper) she also loves, but there was one year, the crazy year of the Met (2014), that she would not stop flirting and touching this A list mostly movie actor (Benedict Cumberbatch) who she hit on every time she saw him and tried desperately to get him interested in her. Because she was acting so out of character, maybe that is what got the gala off the rails that year. It was a time when there were more models and socialites than off the street celebrities attending. This was the year that set the celebrity appearances in motion. There was a huge argument because the editor wanted this designer (Alexander Wang "Balenciaga") to dress her favorite Brazilian model (Gisele Bündchen) and the designer had a celebrity in mind but backed down. This A- list rapper peer pressured the crap out of a pair of barely legal actresses (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) into doing coke with her right there at the Gala. It was the year one of my friends decided her husband really was the a-hole we had been telling her he was, but she was sticking it out for the kids. Well, when he hit on this A- list actress who has a husband in the news lately, she was done. The designer I mentioned earlier had his hand out to an offspring (Nicola Peltz) of the wealthy family that seemingly pops up here. The designer had cash flow problems and the heiress wanted some attention from an attractive young man. The designer tells her he is gay and she basically said if you want the money, you have to earn it. My friend doesn't remember if they even talked much more the rest of the night, so the chances he hooked up with her that night or in the future, seems low. A hookup that did happen that night was between this A+ list mostly movie actor who is still A+ list today, and this A list mostly movie actress who had not yet met her current husband. Our actor, who came with his wife got his wife intentionally drunk so she would have to go back to their hotel alone. Anna Wintour/David Beckham/Bradley Cooper/2014/Benedict Cumberbatch/Alexander Wang "Balenciaga"/Gisele Bündchen/Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen/Nicola Peltz (See All the Looks From the 2014 MET Gala) (Victoria And David Beckham Met Gala 2014 Looks Reminds Us Of Barbie And Ken) (Bradley Cooper Makes it a Tom Ford Evening at the Met Ball 2014!) (Benedict Cumberbatch Met Gala 2014: White Tie Suits 'Sherlock' Star) (Kristen Wiig and Alexander Wang at the 2014 Met Gala) (Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady at the 2014 Met Gala) (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the Met Gala 2014) (Nicola Is Unbelievably Tight With Alexander Wang)

Another night, another roast battle and yet another guy on stage who raped an underage girl and was welcomed with open arms. Jeff Ross (Before Dave Chappelle Got Assaulted, He Hosted a Very Strange Night of Stand-Up) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/17/22)

I'm sure there was some medication taken by the A- list actress in the news every day, but there was also a lot of coke. Amber Heard

I'm sure the lawyers advising the former stripper turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity/yachter have advised her an appeal is a long shot. That being said, she wants her fans to pay for it so she doesn't have to. Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, asks for $400K to appeal Kardashian ruling)

A recent interview is about as close as this foreign born A/A- list singer has come to discussing his suicide attempts. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Recalls 'Emotional Breakdown' Thinking Marriage Would Fix His Problems: 'It's a Journey')

By all means, take your shot with the foreign born A list singer. But, she would probably be more impressed to date the A- list rapper if his verses were any good, or at least the one about her especially. Jack Harlow/Dua Lipa (Jack Harlow Has a Song Called 'Dua Lipa')

This singer sounds like he could be foreign born, but he isn't. A woman is accusing the singer of sexual assault earlier this week after a huge event. Finneas O’Connell/2022 Met Gala (Finneas O'Connell attends The 2022 Met Gala)

Apparently the next leak involving this in the news politician is a sex tape, and not a boring Kim Kardashian one either. It is extreme. This is why you should never dump a spy. It is why that talking head got back together so quickly with his spy wife. She started leaking things and he was back next to her in a flash.
Madison Cawthorn/Cristina Cawthorn (About eight hours later was the next leak and it was a sex tape. Was it extreme though? Maybe in the mind of the person who sent me the information.) (Cawthorn responds to leaked video showing him simulating sex act)

This three named A- list actor is cheating on his significant other. Neil Patrick Harris

The sibling of the former A list singer/actress is just confirming what I have been telling you for well over a decade. The family was completely in on the sex tape and the marketing of it and how to capitalize/monetize it as much as possible. The momager had final edit so of course they were in on it.
Ray J/Brandy/Kardashians/Kris Jenner (Ray J Says Kim Kardashian Sex Tape "Leak" Was PLANNED & Aftermath Left Him "Suicidal")

Speaking of sex tapes, it is not too often that someone with sex tapes, and a history of some of the biggest sex swinger parties with a touch of sexual extortion/blackmail gets an honor from their government. Let me rephrase that. It is not too often a woman is honored in such a way. Congrats to this singer/host. Mel B "Scary Spice"/"MBE" (Giddy Mel B receives her MBE for services to domestic violence victims from Prince William at Buckingham Palace as she is accompanied by proud mum Andrea - (and her dress is designed by fellow Spice Girl VB!)) ("Order of the British Empire)

The barely there celebrity offspring of this A list mostly movie actor is going through a difficult time because of the questions being asked to her and all of the people online who are adding to that pressure. Our offspring has started using again. Ireland Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Ireland Baldwin reveals unnamed exes threatened her with physical violence and one even admitted he wanted to 'f**k' her mother Kim Basinger)

This A- list alliterate model is losing her hair.

Speaking of losing your hair, this A list singer was losing her hair and started using Rogaine but then didn't want to stop if she got pregnant, so got a hair transplant. You can barely even notice. Rihanna

Time Slip: This former A list mostly movie actress and now does really good television, once asked me at a party years ago whether I had ever heard the story of this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee about one of the films of the actress. She wouldn't give me specifics because she was drunk at the moment and didn't want me to think it was some kind of drunken tale. We each forgot about it and when I did ask about it, she said it was silly and I didn't pursue it. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I finally got to hear the story. Apparently the Oscar winner/nominee makes it a point to ask any actress who filmed in the same location ("Palace of Versailles") if they had a similar experience as she. To my knowledge and to the actress who shared the story, there have been no others. However, and this a very big however, or Oscar winner/nominee was allowed unprecedented access which none of the other actresses questioned, were given. Our Oscar winner/nominee always prefaces her account by saying it was probably just a dream. She was wearing period costumes and shooting at the location for weeks and it was probably nothing. She then tells the story where she is dressed as her character and took a step through a door and suddenly was in the same spot hundreds of years previously and looking at her character in real life. The actress said it lasted no longer than 15-20 seconds and didn't happen again while she was shooting and had not happened prior to that. She has never gone public with it, but has spent considerable time talking to guides and other experts on the place. She knows of course about one incident that happened outside, but hers happened inside. Most of the other actresses she has spoken to, filmed outside which is why she wanted to know if they had the same experience. She was particularly interested in what my actress friend had to say, but she was barely allowed to shoot at the location so didn't have much time there.
Kirsten Dunst ("Marie Antoinette")/Hilary Swank ("The Affair of the Necklace")/"Palace of Versailles" (Time Travel – Two Academics Claimed to have seen Marie Antoinette in 1901)

The new role for the foreign born bad actress won't be much of a stretch for her. More like real life becoming a television show. Cara Delevingne/"Only Murders In the Building" (Cara Delevingne to Play Selena Gomez’s Love Interest in ‘Only Murders In the Building’ Season 2)

To this day no one has interviewed the man who was ultimately responsible for the recent death of this one year wonder (Cheslie Kryst). She was in the same style cult ("Rose of the World") as so many other models who perished before her. Cheslie Kryst/"Rose of the World" ('I'm sorry, by the time you get this, I won't be alive anymore:' Miss USA Cheslie Kryst's tragic final text to her mom moments before jumping to her death from NYC apartment building as family reveals it was their daughter's second suicide attempt) (EXCLUSIVE: Fast cars, extravagant vacations and very much still in business: Lavish lifestyle of the cult leader linked to Russian supermodel who plunged to her death in New York revealed)

An offspring of the royal pedophile had naked photos texted to her of her husband in bed with another woman. Prince Andrew’s daughters Princess Eugenie/Jack Brooksbank or Princess Beatrice/Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (Happy birthday my Jack! Princess Eugenie marks her husband's 36th birthday with two sweet snaps as she swoons about 'what a journey it's been') (Prince Andrew leaves granddaughter Sienna's 'private christening' in his £220,000 Bentley with personalised DOY plate)

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who has been in the news a lot as of late, was busted while trying to have sex with her boyfriend in a parking garage. Thandiwe Newton/Lonr ('She looks crazy as hell to me': Family of Thandiwe Newton's toyboy lover Lonr, 25, insist 'he knows what to do with an older woman but he won't settle' with actress, 49)

A foreign tabloid was paid $2M by the ruler of this tiny country to not publish an expose' on his wife. Prince Albert/Princess Charlene of Monaco

This three named A/A- list actor says his actress ex will call him randomly in the middle of the night and want to have phone sex. Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie (Inside Angelina Jolie's marriage with Billy Bob Thornton and those blood necklaces)

The celebrity CEO has more of his stock collateralized then is publicly known. His margin of error before margin call is much much more narrow than has been let on and I wonder if his new partners know it. Elon Musk/"Twitter" (Elon Musk 'will serve as CEO of Twitter for a few months' when his $44B deal goes through as the billionaire reveals the 18 investors pumping $7B into his buyout including Tesla board member Larry Ellison)

The A/A- list singer/actress is now in the crosshairs of this actress/talk show host/reality star who goes against the celebrity cult any chance she can. Lady Gaga/Leah Lemini (Lady Gaga swaps kisses with ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star Tom Cruise at Las Vegas residency: ‘I love you my friend’)

There are a handful of barely there female celebrities who are former yachters and they have been hired by various companies to be the heads of HR essentially for the yachters attending the French film festival. There are so many women there and so many events and places they need to be, there needs to be some type of structure, but also from women that have been there/done that. "2022 Cannes Film Festival" ("Festival de Cannes 2022")

This Euphoria actor is deeply in the closet, so the fact he punched a guy for hitting on him a few nights ago is a head shaker. Jacob Elordi (Inside the 2022 Met Gala 'love square': Jacob Elordi arrives alone while his ex Kaia Gerber ramps up the PDA with her new boyfriend - and Vanessa Hudgens' former flame - Austin Butler) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/07/22)

Just in the past few weeks, a female rapper/singer was in this space for publicly simulating oral sex on the singer/boyfriend who always cheats. Not a week later, he was cheating again. Jhené Aiko/Big Sean (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/24/22)

Reader Blind: Apparently an A- actor has been having a long distant and secretive relationship with a woman for a couple of years. However he is often seen out with a tall party girl/escort which is not the woman in the long distant relationship. So that is completely not what it seems. However, this actor owes the secret girlfriend over $30,000.

This up and coming not yet legal TikTok star says she was pressured by the cult ("7M Films") that preys on TikTok creators to have sex with another creator who is almost a decade older and to become a couple. Miranda Derrick aka Miranda Wilking/"7M Films" (TikTok dancer’s family claims she’s ‘victim’ of LA-based ‘cult’: ‘We’re living in fear’) (Dancing in the Name of the Lord The "cult" claims about a TikTok-famous set of performers shocked everyone — except L.A.’s dancefluencer community)

Kingpin: This A list mostly movie actor (Sean Penn) thinks of himself as the kingpin of trafficking from third world countries and acts like a big shot and has bodyguards and usually wears body armor because he thinks so many people are out to kill him and take over his business. He is a rank amateur compared to the real kingpin other than the one African religious guy who deals with numbers in the thousands. No one is going to beat that guy. Our actor has to settle for what he can get, while the real kingpin is in the same business, but is trusted and known and has a faced everyone recognizes and loves. She has filled two planes with moms and kids and they are now scattered all over the world where most will be forced to marry the person they were "housed" with. The single women went for a much higher rate than women with kids, but all have been sold. Sean Penn/Oprah Winfrey or Angelina Jolie (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/02/21)

And The Rumor Is…This blind item is not confirmed but it makes sense kind of. It is something I read on social media. It is NOT confirmed by any of my sources. But I think there is a good chance it is true. So, here it is. This former house husband on the east coast is apparently hooking up with another current east coast housewife who is single from another franchise. Gizelle Bryant ("The Real Housewives of Potomac")/Peter Thomas ("The Real Housewives of Atlanta") (Gizelle Bryant Is Reportedly Dating Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Husband Peter Thomas)

67. POPBITCH 05/05
(British blog)
Which A-list model dragged an interviewer to the toilet mid-chat – not for any sneaky, snorty reasons, but to take a big long piss in front of them because she insisted she "can only focus when she's empty"?
Cara Delevingne

I usually leave strange hookups for later on Fridays, but this can't wait until I have four of them. This foreign born bad actress recently hooked up with a local A+ lister in the city where she is staying and working. This is shocking on several levels. Cara Delevingne/NYC (Cara Delevingne to Play Selena Gomez’s Love Interest in ‘Only Murders In the Building’ Season 2)

Are people surprised that this Oscar and Emmy winning actress has changed her face? She has done so multiple times. Are people just now noticing? Nicole Kidman (Is that you, Nic? Nicole Kidman, 54, looks unrecognisable as she reveals her VERY taut face in selfie while filming new Amazon series Expats)

It was not coke that the A- list actress was sniffing in court, it was a liquid ammonia that was allowed to dry on the tissue, which would allow her to cry more easily. Amber Heard

It was definitely not the A- list actress/director that the former boy bander was making out with two nights ago. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles

This former daytime actress turned reality star needs rehab and some time away from trying to be famous. Chrishell Stause/"All My Children" & "Days of Our Lives"/"Selling Sunset" (Chrishell Stause, 40, is dating non-binary Australian singer G Flip, 27)

I know everyone is talking about the alliterate NFL owner and him probably trying to find a sex worker to hook up with last night. However, there is a NFL owner that has done that for years and years. He would get drunk or coked out of his mind, get in his car and find someone to have sex with in his car. Jerry Jones (Moment Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, 79, smashes into car in brutal t-bone before he limps away from crash and is rushed to hospital with injuries)

Speaking of sports team owners, the owner of this team in Florida has a shell company that recruited nearly 400 "models" for the Formula One stop this weekend. This is separate from the freelancers in town. These "models" have all been matched with someone and have been priced at $100K each for the weekend. The owner's cut is 70%. Apparently Bani was asked to help, but because of Cannes he had no women available.

90's Limo Driver: The driver was instructed to pick up the A+ actorat the departure level of LAX and go "as directed". The actor was in town from New York to shoot a movie with another iconic New York actor. It would contain their first scene together. The driver pulled up to the curb and waited. He was excited and anxious to meet the quirky actor. The actor finally appeared with an Asian American woman and seemed reluctant to get into the car. The lady opened the door and did all the talking. The actor climbed into the car scrutinizing the driver. "Just drive us down to the lower-level short term parking. He has a rental car down there.," the lady said. The actor sat silently as the driver drove him to the rental car, a black BMW. The actor mumbled a thankyou and got out. The lady told the driver to take her to a location in Coldwater Canyon. "Which way are you going? It would be so awesome to beat him up there. He’s a 405 to Sunset kind of guy," the lady said. "Oh, I can take the streets and beat him by 15 minutes," the driver said. The woman giggled with glee and dialed the actor. "He says he can beat you up there by 15 minutes." "No fucking way" the driver heard the actor say. She hung up and smiled at the driver. "This will drive him batshit crazy,". Challenge accepted, The driver punched it and took every shortcut he knew through Culver City and Beverly Hills. The woman, the actor’s personal assistant, continued calling him and reporting their progress. The driver could hear the actor cursing through the phone. Sure enough, the driver reached the house in Coldwater Canyon well ahead of the actor. The assistant high fived him, "Well done!" she said. As the driver was rolling back down the canyon he passed the actor in the black BMW speeding up the hill. The actor gave him a one-fingered wave.
Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino/"Heat"

The streaming company backed by this billionaire just told everyone that it would be going belly-up soon. The company's stock is down more than half, in the 2 months since I told you how the billionaire would lose every penny he invested. Edgar Bronfman Jr./"FuboTV" (FuboTV Stock Tanks After North America Forecast Is Cut) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/24/22)

Sure, that major trade website ("Variety") will give the permanent A- list actor (Johnny Depp) a chance to defend himself, but they won't post stories about how the A- list dual threat director (Cary Joji Fukunaga) who sounds foreign born but isn't, is being accused of grooming by multiple women, nor are they posting about how the B+ actor (Logan Marshall-Green) who looks like an A lister (Tom Hardy) has been accused of rape. "Variety"/Johnny Depp/Cary Joji Fukunaga/Logan Marshall-Green/Tom Hardy (3 women accuse ‘No Time to Die’ director Cary Fukunaga of manipulation, predatory behavior) (Logan Marshall-Green’s ex-wife accuses him of marital rape in abortion post) (The Uncanny Similarities Between Logan Marshall-Green and Tom Hardy)

This A+ list wrestler is now living with the wife of a wrestler in the same organization.

Another night, another woman who is not his supposed girlfriend for this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is also now a superhero. Robert Pattinson/"The Batman"/Suki Waterfield (Robert Pattinson Keeps Low Profile While Visiting Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse's Place)

Speaking of superheroes, these two from the same universe who have starred together in movies and their own show just broke off their years long affair. Paul Bettany/Elizabeth Olsen

Four For Friday - Random Acts Of Kindness: You know all these people, but most are not seen in this space frequently, if at all.
#1 - This former A list mostly movie actress when she was in a movie franchise that has now been revived, and victim of the director who has the most casting couch victims has spent a great deal of her income on rescuing horses and paying stable fees for ones she cannot find new owners. Neve Campbell/"Scream"/James Toback (38 women have come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment)

#2 - This A- list mostly movie actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. He is also an Emmy winner/nominee. The guy even does commercials. Once, when he was eating out, his waitress was limping and he asked why. She said she had twisted her ankle while sliding through a puddle in the kitchen. Our actor had her sit down and waited on her tables for the next hour until they all finished.
#3 - Speaking of wait staff, this permanent A list mostly movie actor who has been in two of the biggest franchises ever, orders two very expensive bottles of wine and gives one of them to the waiter/waitress serving him. Harrison Ford
#4 - This A- list mostly movie actress doesn't act any longer and is married to a celebrity cuck. Anyway, she once met a 3rd or 4th grader at the mall who asked the actress if she would come and speak at her career day. The actress did it. Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden

The problem this foreign born one named A list singer has, is that despite all the cheating her now ex boyfriend did, she never publicly broke it off with him. The last the world knows is she had tried to move in with him. So, now she is going to be humiliated when the stripper pictures inevitably leak. Adele/Rich Paul (Rich Paul spends Adele’s birthday partying with LeBron James)

Once again, the alliterate reality star lied, and once again the media let her and the family get away with it, because they need the click bait. She doesn't own a dress from the permanent A list actress. She owns replicas, and not really even good replicas. Kim Kardashian/Marilyn Monroe (Kim Kardashian Wore a 2nd Marilyn Monroe Dress After ‘Special’ Met Gala — and Posed With Her Golden Globe: ‘Greatest Privilege’) (Kim Kardashian Is Overjoyed After Being Gifted a Lock of Marilyn Monroe's Hair — Watch!)

This A list IG model/YouTuber/yachter made a great deal of money sleeping with the YouTube star who just passed away. It was a big part of her income. Brittany Renner/Kevin Samuels (Inside Kevin Samuels’ relationships with ex-wives & rumored girlfriends as ‘love guru’ dies at 56)

The foreign born former A+ list rapper is so far removed from being a billionaire that she has collection agencies filing lawsuits against her, liens against properties and walked away from bank loans without paying. Nicki Minaj (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/28/22)

The foreign born A+ list boy band is finally being called out for not crediting the singers who record their English language songs. Plus, they are paying the singers a tiny flat fee. If they had actual credit, they would be millionaires. "BTS"

The foreign born A list in her country celebrity/reality star/former porn star is now exploiting her kids. I fear when her eldest daughter become legal in a few years. Katie Price (EXCLUSIVE: Katie Price steps up her bid for baby number SIX as she is spotted visiting fertility clinic with fiance Carl Woods) (Peter Andre 'terrified' for kids' online safety as mum Katie Price 'in grave danger' of going to prison)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver drove the black Town Car onto Cielo Drive in Beverly Hills, and passed the lot where the Manson murders took place. The house had been torn down years ago and something else was constructed there. He went a bit further up the winding road and stopped in front of a sprawling mansion. He buzzed the intercom and announced his arrival. After a few moments, the supermodel/actress (Angie Everhart) appeared, looking smoldering hot. She had a current movie out ("Jade") with another crimson haired actor (David Caruso). The driver rushed around the car and opened the door for her. She slid past him and smelled very good. Was sexy as hell. The driver hopped back behind the wheel and steered toward the Van Nuys Airport on the other side of the hill. "Mind if I smoke?" the actress said, lighting a cigarette. The driver smiled at her in the mirror and lit his own cigarette, not asking for permission "Got any tunes?" the actress asked. The driver had a mixtape with Nirvana, Metallica type stuff and he slid it in. Enter Sandman started playing. "Crank it up," the actress said. The driver grinned at her in the mirror. She smiled back, adjusting her designer shades, mucho cleavage showing. The driver was blasting down Mulholland with Metallica cranking on the stereo, a hot doll in the back, Marlboro Light smoke wafting, how could it get much better? They got to the Van Nuys airport and the driver came back to reality as the model/actress exited the car thanking him, and she boarded the Gulf Stream Jet where the permanent A list star (Sylvester Stallone) was waiting for her. Angie Everhart/"Jade"/David Caruso/Sylvester Stallone

The murder of the two attorneys a few years back became even more unsolvable because one of the people who has bungled the case for years, has now been put in a position to block every other agency who was actually doing good work. Tom Johnson/Leslie Jones (Slayings of Oak Park attorney couple remain unsolved on two-year anniversary)

Apparently this singer who also acts has a MK Ultra fetish and isn't shy about practicing on the many females in his life. Jared Leto (Everything We Know About Jared Leto’s Cult)

It is a war right now between the alliterate talk show host (Wendy Williams). The knives are out. Isn't that how the replacement (Sherri "is the world flat?" Shepherd) lost her last job? Wendy Williams/Sherri Shepherd/"The View" (Wendy Williams Refuses To Watch Sherri Shepherd's New Show)

No one is even bothering to call out the racist behavior of this A- list rapper with bad lyrics. No one called him out over his misogynistic behavior last week either. He knows he is popular and handsome so does what he wants with no consequences. It will get worse. Jack Harlow (Jack Harlow Says Racial Protests Have Made It Harder For White Rappers To Feel Welcomed)

The A- list reality star with the side job doesn't still have 20 more pounds to lose. She is done. She just has a product she is going to sell you and when you can't lose 20 pounds, you will feel bad about yourself and wonder why you can't be like her when it was always a lie. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner sizzles in bikini after losing 40 pounds post-baby)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver was walking through the baggage claim at LAX when he encountered the model/actress from the other side of the pond. She was at the time married to an A list actor, also from her country.. The actress was wearing a short mini skirt, and was every bit a bombshell. As the driver walked past her, she slid her shades down and scanned him from head to toe. The driver did a double take and bumped into some people walking toward him as he looked back at her. People often said the driver reminded them of her actor husband.
Elizabeth Hurley/Hugh Grant

The foreign born one named permanent A list singer in a permanent A list group has hung out with the Russian leader many times, and been a big fan, so the 180 seems more for posturing than anything else. Bono/"U2"/Vladimir Putin (U2’s Bono and The Edge Perform "Stand by Me" at Kyiv Bomb Shelter)

One of the younger royals lost $5M because of a scam that a cousin's husband got the royal into. They knew it was a scam, but suckered the royal.

Old Hollywood: Even back in the day, the gossip columnists would subtly let you know what actors were in the closet. This actor (Sal Mineo), who was stabbed to death once paid a visit to a woman's clothing store. This is how it was reported in a gossip column. "__________ popped into a Hollywood dress shop and paid the startled owner $250 to close the doors a half hour and let him try on a few dresses. ______ said he wanted to pick out a present for his girlfriend, but the shop owner said that "Mr." ____________ ......" Sal Mineo

This HGTV star has been in the news quite a lot and what no one is saying is that she needs rehab. Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead)/"Flip or Flop" & "Christina on the Coast" (Heather Rae El Moussa seemingly confirms Tarek El Moussa called her a 'hotter, richer version' of Christina Hall)

Judging from what the flowering financial institution has to say, everyone comes to her when they have questions about Satanic rituals. Apparently the A list singer/A- list actress is a blood drinker. Azealia Banks/Lady Gaga (Azealia Banks Claims Lady Gaga Asked Her To Feud With Nicki Minaj: 'That Woman Has Zero Respect For Black Women')

This A list actress starred in an iconic role for an iconic television show. She was also pregnant quite often. Almost every day. She was the biggest of Karens this weekend and left people in tears. She really has become a lot less nice over the years. Jennifer Aniston/"Rachel Green/Friends" (Jennifer Aniston at home: The Friends star, 53, is seen making her bed and playing with her dogs at her $21million Los Angeles mansion)

Their baby has literally only been a home a few days and the foreign born A-/B+ list actress is already monetizing her. Incredible. Priyanka Chopra (Nick Jonas) (Nick and Priyanka Jonas 'Thrilled' Daughter Is Home from NICU: 'She's Tiny but Catching Up,' Says Source)

The A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who is an accused serial sexual assaulter has apparently served his penance because he is landing jobs and the producers are actually promoting him and the trade magazines have gone silent on the accusations. James Franco/"Mace" (James Franco To Star In Action Thriller ‘Mace’ From Director Jon Amiel, Myriad Pictures Launching Title At Cannes)

It looks like the family (Joanne Tucker) of this A list actor (Adam Driver) (not Tom Cruise) who stars in one of the biggest franchises ("Star Wars") of all time is circling the wagons around the mother-in-law (Cynthia May) of the actor. The mother-in-law and her cult ("Sharon Gans Group" aka "Odyssey Study Group") are about to be exposed in a very big way, but they are embracing her and her beliefs. Joanne Tucker/Adam Driver/"Star Wars"/Cynthia May/"Odyssey Study Group" (Untold Truth of Joanne Tucker- facts of Adam Driver’s wife) (Inside the alleged ‘cult’ that has been quietly operating in NY for decades) (Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival)
(A History and analysis of the Sharon Gans group, also known as "The Work")

The offspring of an A++ lister is scheduled to have a quiet fundraiser for himself on the beach which is going to be $10,000 a plate and for a personal VIP meet and greet you can add an extra $10K.

Speaking of offspring of A++ listers, this female offspring has hooked up with the alliterate model.

Before the actress was added to the cast of RHOBH, a different name was floated to this producer/talk show host and he said no way would he ever hire her. The woman has appeared on multiple reality shows, mostly of the network variety and in my opinion is one of the reasons her actor boyfriend died. Omarosa Manigault Newman/Michael Clarke Duncan (BLIND ITEM REVEALED)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **10**
This foreign born closeted A list singer had what could best be described as an orgy this weekend in Miami. He is definitely about to come out. There were far too many people there. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes puts his rippling abs on display he ditches his shirt for early morning beach day in Miami)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **11**
An offspring of this foreign born permanent A list model is hooking up with one of the world's largest arms dealers who is more than twice her age. Lila Moss/Kate Moss/Efraim Diveroli

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **12**
Despite many people talking about it, somehow this married former A list child/teen actress turned B lister all of you know has not been publicly busted for her ongoing affair.

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **13**
The streaming service usually throws out huge numbers for production budgets for easy laundering. However, in the case of this alliterate foreign born actor and his project, they publicly said they spent a certain amount of money for the travesty, but actually spent about double and was the worst miss of the year for them. "Netflix"/Mike Myers/"The Pentaverate" (Mike Myers's 'The Pentaverate' Is Not Why Netflix Is Cratering, But It Sure Doesn't Help)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **14**
Time: Last week I wrote a blind item about an actress who thought she fell into a timeslip of some sort. That item prompted one of my friends to remind me about another actor (Mel Gibson) who has spent decades trying to time travel. I'm not really a fan of the actor and he is usually described as a disgraced former A+ list mostly movie actor. When our actor was at the peak of his fame and had more money then sense, he spent a fortune to buy something ("Chronovisor") that people question whether it exists or not. The reason that no one knows is that our actor bought it from someone about a year before that person (Pellegrino Ernetti) died. When that person died, the world went looking for the machine he invented. They couldn't find it. That is because the actor had it. The actor had long been friends with the person who died and even had the friend act as a consultant in building the church that is on the property of the actor. The actor has owned the machine for nearly three decades, but does not appear to have any luck making it work because he probably would have gone back in time and changed things he did. Mel Gibson/"Chronovisor"/Pellegrino Ernetti ("The Technicolor Time Machine")

This A list radio host (Delilah) is syndicated usually in the evenings across the country. She is married and hooking up with a guy who is still in high school. Legal, but still in school. Delilah

This A list mostly movie actor who has been a superhero, hooked up with this advertising executive which is why the actor agreed to do a voiceover for a commercial. Chris Evans/"Captain America" (Lena Beug/"Godiva") (Avengers star Chris Evans makes us sweet for Godiva)

Everyone is already conditioned to the fact that this alliterate celebrity is going to kill himself. So, if say his married enemy who the celebrity cuckolded managed to make a death look like a suicide, now would be the time to do that. Not saying that would happen, but when the celebrity does die in the next few months, look really closely.

A former guitarist (Vinnie Vincent) for a band ("Kiss") everyone on Earth has heard of, whether they like them or not, has had an interesting last few years. Their wife died and they have been taking hormone replacements and lives as a woman, but isn't going to officially change their gender. It is more of a self esteem thing. Vinnie Vincent/"Kiss" (Former Kiss musician Vinnie Vincent seems to have finished his new album)

Why yes, it is entirely possible there will be a third NBA team in Southern California. They would play in Anaheim. The owner (Vivek Ranadivé) of a current NBA ("Sacramento Kings") team was in town visiting with someone who wants to make it happen. Vivek Ranadivé/"Sacramento Kings" (LeBron James’ former coach named as frontrunner for Kings head coaching post)

It is crazy how much influence this not very relevant acting family (Mastersons) has with the LAPD because of their connection to the celebrity cult (Scientology). So, imagine what the influence of the pint sized actor (Tom Cruise) is to cover things up or his boss (David Miscavige) and the wife (Shelly Miscavige) of the boss. Mastersons/"Scientology"/Tom Cruise/David Miscavige/Shelly Miscavige (Scientology celebs in hot water: Danny’s not the only Masterson brother facing legal issues)

The employees of the celebrity CEO who work in this country are not being allowed to work, and even when there has been a break, only about ten percent of the workforce works. The rival company in that country has full shifts of workers going 24/7. The country wants the CEO out. "Tesla"/Elon Musk/China (Exclusive: Tesla halts most output at Shanghai plant, April sales dive)

This A- list mostly television actress who now does things other than acting is foreign born. She has been in this space before because of her association with some very bad people. It turns out, she is also a big financial supporter of the religion that took the life of a 3 year old last year. (Grandfather Performs Exorcism at Church on 3-Year-Old Who Dies)

The significant other of this A+ list mostly movie actor is trying to get him to quit acting so he can focus on her projects. Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves/"Grant Love Project" ("Grant Love Project") (Is Keanu Reeves Is About to Propose to Girlfriend Alexandra Grant?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/06/21)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **10**
This streaming real estate reality star is not currently allowed to work as a real estate professional here in California, which makes things kind of awkward. Christine Quinn/"Selling Sunset" (Christine Quinn Reportedly Quit the Oppenheim Group Before 'Selling Sunset' Reunion)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **11**
This celebrity family has money. They have a lot, but they don't have $2M to spend on rings money. Even if they did, they wouldn't do it. So, this new blushing bride paid for the overpriced ring herself. Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz (See Nicola Peltz’s new $2M engagement ring and wedding band)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **12**
Speaking of streaming real estate reality stars, perhaps you shouldn't go on national television and imply that the mother (Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead)) of your stepchildren (Heather Rae Young) is not doing a good job raising them so you are having to do it. It makes you look awful. Plus, when you realize what an a-hole (Tarek El Moussa) you married is really like, you will be looking for all the support you can. Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead/Heather Rae Young/Tarek El Moussa (Heather Rae Young appears to get in heated fight with Christina Haack)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **13**
I know publicly the permanent A+ list athlete said she would be ready to play come summer, but she is really enjoying the not playing thing, and doesn't even practice more than a couple of times per week. By September's end, she will officially retire. Serena Williams (Serena and Venus Williams look effortlessly chic in floral summer dresses as they walk hand-in-hand at the Miami Grand Prix)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **14**
Survival: I really wanted to call this one The Club, but obviously can't because it doesn't have anything to do with The Club. Well, not entirely anyway. Right after the lockdown in March 2020, this foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who all of you know, but doesn't seem to act much any longer or have much interest in it, got together with this A list director who has a lot of family members in the business. They decided that they should build a bunker, but neither wanted to draw attention to themselves to build it at their own houses, so they former a LLC and bought a house. By this point, they brought in this foreign born A list mostly movie actor. The house they bought was nondescript and in a very nice neighborhood and would usually be a tear down. Before they tore it down though, they built a 15,000 square foot bunker that can house well over 100 people and keep them supplied for almost a year. The bunker took about a year and the house just finished being built a month or so ago. During the past two years they have sold memberships in their survival house. They sold them for $100K per person and sold out in two months. So, now they are building another one which is going to cost celebrities even more to join.

Apparently the significant other of this A- list actress who is seemingly always on my television and all of you know, has a stalker who has tried to injure or kill him several times which is why he is incredibly self conscious about being seen. John Miller/Jennifer Garner (Jennifer Garner, Boyfriend John Miller’s Relationship Is ’Very Different’ From Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Romance)

Speaking of being in danger, this alliterate talk show host has made it perfectly clear that she thinks someone is trying to kill her. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Says She Only Has $2 To Her Name And People Have To Give Her Funds For Bills: 'I Have No Money')

Speaking of deaths, this A- list actor/host/producer/radio personality has a serious illness that may lead to a premature death. I wonder if he tells that to the women that end up pregnant. Nick Cannon/Lupus (Nick Cannon Looks Back at His Health Journey Since Being Diagnosed With Lupus 10 Years Ago)

The A+ list foreign boyband ("BTS") young woman to suicide. A song ("Filter") composed by the rapist (Bobby Jung) for one of the boybanders was handpicked by said boybander (Jimin) for the track list of their upcoming compilation album that 'reflects the group's thoughts on their past, present, future'. "BTS"/"Filter"/Bobby Jung/Jimin/"Filter" (Who is Jung Bobby? Fans furious as BTS 'Proof' includes 'Filter' credited to the sex offender) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/15/22)

It's not just mobility issues. There are genuine concerns that the A++ lister on the other side of the pond will die before her big celebration next month. Queen Elizabeth/"Platinum Jubilee" (Will Queen Elizabeth Abdicate After Her Platinum Jubilee?)

It is honestly the perfect match for this Euphoria actor to be partnered up with the barely there offspring. They both have a never ending thirst for attention and are perfectly willing to fake what needs to be fake to get the attention. Jacob Elordi /Olivia Jade Giannulli (Euphoria star Jacob Elordi and his rumored girlfriend Olivia Jade look every inch the happy couple while goofing around at a dog park in Los Angeles)

The investigation his own company arranged to look into the dealings with the billionaire pedophile, reported on how much money was sent to the pedophile, but left it there. They decided not to report about where the money ended up because they didn't want to hand up the head of the company on a silver platter for law enforcement around the world.
Apollo Global Management/Jeffrey Epstein/Leon Black

At some point it must be easier for the one named A list singer who likes to act, to just go to rehab instead of spending her days going to doctors trying to get more prescriptions. Madonna (So, it looks like Madonna just gave birth to a tree?)

The wife of this A/A- list actor/murderer must think everything is back to normal because she has brought back her fake accent. Hilaria & Alec Baldwin (Hilaria And Alec Baldwin's Gender Reveal Video For Their Seventh Child Is The Most Painfully Baldwin Thing I've Seen As Of Late)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **10**
They are going to give it a few months to see if any of the new projects ("Gosselin Girl Beauty") do well, but the backup plan for this just turned legal reality star from multiple shows who is the offspring of reality stars, is for her to start an OnlyFans to support her family. Hannah Gosselin/Kate & Jon Gosselin/"Gosselin Girl Beauty" (Hannah Gosselin Teases Her College Plans While Celebrating Her 18th Birthday: ‘I’m Finally an Adult!’)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **11**
Speaking of adult content, this OG TikTok star who has moved on to other things, charges $100K+ for a one night hookup. Apparently there is a man who liked her so much, he now pays her $1M a month to keep her exclusive, but still has to pay the $100K a night fee. Addison Rae

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **12**
I forgot to mention this other significant other of an actor. This actor is A+ list. Apparently his significant other, despite not having a drop of Latin American blood, says she does, which is who she is appearing in a gallery that only represents Latin American artists. Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **13**
An offspring of an A++ lister checked himself into a rehab just down the street from where he lives. Apparently he stays a week and then they will send staff home with him for the remainder of the 30 days.

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **14**
Poor Decision: This foreign director (Luc Besson) has been in the news multiple times for his predatory behavior towards women. It even got him a suspension. He definitely wasn't canceled. It was more of a timeout. If it happened here rather than his own country (France), it would have been much worse. I mean when you have been accused of rape/sexual assault multiple times, you shouldn't be able to just slide right back in the director's chair. But then, I think of the disgraced A- list actor (James Franco) and the disgraced A list actor (Kevin Spacey), both of whom have multiple sexual assault accusations/settlements and are being offered jobs that pay $10M+. What lesson did they learn? They stay under the radar a bit, although the A list actor has stayed a little higher than the A- lister. The A- lister worked the entire time of his banishment, he just did it without his name attached to projects. He thought of himself as one of those blacklisted writers from the 50's and 60's. Umm, no, they didn't sexually assault people. The sad thing about these massive paydays that have been announced for these guys, is that the director is already "auditioning" actresses. Luc Besson/France/James Franco/Kevin Spacey (Luc Besson returning with his first movie since misconduct allegations were dropped) (James Franco To Star In Action Thriller ‘Mace’ From Director Jon Amiel, Myriad Pictures Launching Title At Cannes) (Kevin Spacey, Accused Sexual Harasser, Creeps Back Into Film With Major Role in Historical Drama)

Instead of having any more trials, it looks like anyone with a connection to the billionaire pedophile is just being killed. This latest one seems to be from someone close to who he once worked for. Jeffery Epstein/Mark Middleton/Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton's special advisor who let Jeffrey Epstein into the White House seven times and flew on the Lolita Express dies at 59 – the latest associate of the former President to suffer an early demise)

This former A+ list teen Disney actor has let the drugs and steroids and everything else just destroy him. He looks decades older than his actual age. Zac Efron (Zac Efron’s new role ‘put him off’ having kids ‘for as long as necessary’)

The worst thing in the world this former A list tweener turned A- list singer who doesn't sing/actress is to get involved with the ignorant A- list rapper with bad lyrics. He only cares about himself. Selena Gomez/Jack Harlow (Fans Ship Jack Harlow And Selena Gomez As Dating Rumours Swirl Online)

This barely there celebrity completely got away with the story of her hospitalization with no mention of drug use or overdoses. Amazing. Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Hailey Bieber Just Gave an Update on Her Health After Surgery)

This A- list actress recently tried to pay a former lover a lot of money to keep the lover from filing a lawsuit alleging violence against the actress. Amber Heard

Dear "Nickelodeon" (kids channel),
I already wrote a blind once about the problematic hiring you recently made of a former A list rapper (Cardi B). Her history of violence, drugs, and rape should have left her off your network. Apparently these were not youthful indiscretions because this week she ordered her employees to beat up a man who hyped a person who is a rival to our rapper. Why are you doing a project (‘Baby Shark’ Feature Film) with her?
Love & Bacon,
"Nickelodeon"/Cardi B/"Baby Shark" (‘Baby Shark’ Feature Film In The Works At Paramount+; Cardi B & Offset To Appear in Nickelodeon’s Preschool Series) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/11/22)

He uses more than one drug dealer, and the one the celebrity CEO uses for more normal drugs, says there is nothing out of the ordinary in what he provides to explain the manic behavior. Yes, he provides the CEO purer products,, but this particular dealer thinks the CEO is combining some kind of hallucinogenic with a steroid/benzo combination and then staying awake for several days in a row which is when he is at his worst. Elon Musk

This tech company that will show you real estate listings and tell you how much your house is worth and had a brief foray into the real estate market has a whistleblower who has proof that several CEO's of tech companies bandied together to try and buy as much real estate as possible and then not sell it or rent it. They wanted to corner the market to drive rent prices up to the point where they could control their workers again who would be afraid to quit and also would need jobs and accept lower salaries just to be able to find a place to live. "Zillow" (Zillow's home-buying debacle shows how hard it is to use AI to value real estate)

If she wasn't so wasted all of the time and require a million meetings before saying yes, then maybe the one named permanent A list singer wouldn't have missed the chance to rip off everyone with her new NFT line. Too late now though. Madonna ('There's aging gracefully... then there's this': Madonna sparks HORROR with graphic NFT videos that feature digital depictions of her vagina and show her birthing trees and bugs, as critics call 63-year-old 'desperate' and 'creepy')

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **10**
It is amazing just how far this foreign born dual threat A/A- list actor will go to make sure the world never knows he is in the closet. Tom Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston cuts a casual figure as he steps out for a low-key dog walk with his fiancée Zawe Ashton who flashes her sparkling engagement ring)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **11**
This streaming reality real estate star has already been abused more than once in her relationship. Heather Rae Young (Christina Haack and Heather Rae Young cannot 'stand each other' and have had 'tension' before THAT soccer showdown)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **12**
This foreign born A+/A list singer says she was almost kidnapped two months ago while at dinner with a Russian oligarch. She says his bodyguards chased away the potential kidnappers. I'm not sure I believe her. Dua Lipa

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **13**
This actress who started off in the business as a child and made her fame through Disney is in her twenties now and is starring in a project with her supposed boyfriend but she was making out with someone not her boyfriend at an event earlier this week. Bella Thorne/"Time Is Up"/Benjamin Mascolo (Writer-director Elisa Amoruso offers Bella Thorne the best of both worlds)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **14**
Don't Ask: It's funny that if you ask or mention or joke about this A- list singer (Courtney Love) who used to be higher on the list and also used to act, about killing her husband (Kurt Cobain), she doesn't like it, but won't rip your head off. In fact, sometimes she will sit down and offer up a 30 minute to hour long lecture on why it isn't possible or this and that. You can tell she has given the same speech many times over the years. It probably just varied on whatever drugs or mood she was in at the time while speaking. There is a super trigger in her life though. A trigger that I got to see only once. It was after a meditation session where I knew she would be and although I hated them, I knew afterwards there would be a refreshment thing where everyone gathered and she often let her guard down in things like that. Plus, there were some other celebrities there who were also supposed to appear. Someone came up to her and didn't accuse her of killing this A list bassist, (Kristen Pfaff) but simply asked why she thought the bassist died or the circumstances around it. Our A- list singer lost her mind at the questioner and spent a solid 15 minutes yelling at the person. Hey, aren't we all supposed to be relaxed after the meditation. Yeah, it doesn't work. Ever since that day, I have always thought the A- list singer was somehow involved in the death of the bassist. Courtney Love/Kurt Cobain/Kristen Pfaff (The Peculiar Death of Kristen Pfaff: What You Need To Know)

154. TAMARA TATTLES 05/12/22
Isn’t Ironic? This blind item is based on a report on a site I am not familiar with. So I am telling you upfront that this is just an Internet rumor. That said, I believe it. It goes something like this. Remember back when Kim and Kroy got married and had a big wedding so they rented upscale porta-potties for the backyard? Kim would not even let her mother in to use her indoor plumbing? Well it seems it all played out again at another recent Wedding By Bravo. A gentleman guest, who is on two Bravo shows got really wasted and went into the house uninvited to use the restroom. When he was told to use the rent porta-potties, he got irate and was thrown off the property. The irony here is that the groom is usually the one getting drunk and making an ass out of himself. Now I can’t get this song out of my head so you have to listen to it with me. Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula/"Summer House"/Craig Conover (Summer House: Craig Denies Rumors He Was ‘Too Drunk’ at Kyle & Amanda’s Wedding)

155. POPBITCH 05/13/22
(British blog)
Which UK indie band have some gigs abroad next week, but a currently unvaccinated lead singer? Without proof of a jab, he can't get into the venues they're booked for – so his bandmates are currently training up a stand-in so they don't miss their payday. (Reports from rehearsals suggest the stand-in has turned out to be a much better singer than their actual frontman, so there may be some awkward conversations to be had about the band's future when they return...)
"Two Door Cinema Club"/Alex Trimble (Two Door Cinema Club: vocalist has health problem and will be replaced in shows across Brazil)

Don't believe the hype. The significant other of this A+ list singer is not worth millions. He doesn't even have $1M unless the singer gave it to him. Not Ariana. Rich Paul/Adele (Adele And Rich Paul Move Into $58 Million Mega Mansion In Beverly Hills)

There is a talking head who has been everywhere the past week. Literally everywhere. I'm not sure how he can be everywhere all day and all night. Oh, I know. It is coke. Nasty little habit he has, but maybe he should think about Adderall instead.
Steve Schmidt/"The Lincoln Project" (Steve Schmidt plays the victim against the McCains. But he's the real bully)

It is negotiations with this massive television station ("Nexstar") owner (John Muse) that is behind the carnage from the almost network ("The CW"). They are trying to cut the bloat to get whatever kind of deal they can. As part of the deal, they will have to give the shows on air to the buyer which is why all new shows will go to their streaming service. "Nexstar"/John Muse/"The CW" (The CW guts its lineup, replaces the canceled shows with Supernatural and Walker spin-offs)

I know I talked about a coke habit in #2, but that habit is nothing compared to the one of the part time reality star who is in a world of hurt and combined with his always there alcohol problem, he needs rehab. Scott Disick (Scott Disick Clashes With the Kardashian-Jenners Over Kourtney and Travis's Relationship)

This Housewife was dumped by her sugardaddy. She would bug him 24/7 about needing more money and needing this and that and the texts and calls were incessant. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Erika Jayne, 50, says she has a cut-off for the age of the men she dates: 'It’s 25 right now')

With the brand new lawsuit filed against this rapper alleging he was responsible for the death of a fetus, lawyers representing victims have discussed hiring people to hold up posters outside an award show calling the rapper a baby killer. Travis Scott/"Billboard Music Awards" (Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Losing Pregnancy at Astroworld) (Diddy 'demanded' that Travis Scott perform at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards... his first televised performance since Astroworld tragedy)

The celebrity CEO is just blowing off steam. He realizes that he has overpaid for the bird company. The problem for him, is that his objection is financially immaterial, and he publicly complained about the issue before signing the deal. The merger agreement allows the bird company to take the celebrity CEO to court, and force him to close the deal. The only way the celebrity CEO can get out of the deal, would be if the financial books were completely fraudulent at the bird company, which they most certainly are not. Best case for the celebrity CEO is the bird company knocks a dollar or two per share off the price, to allow everyone to save face. When the celebrity CEO takes control of the company, he will slash expenses to the bone, and there will be massive layoffs. Elon Musk/"Twitter" (Musk says $44 billion Twitter deal on hold over fake account data)

This is chef's kiss casting. This actor who crashed and burned from his A list status when he sexually assaulted a studio executive has been cast as someone who plays a version of himself but fights back against being canceled. So, sexual assault is good? Is that the message he wants to send? Emile Hirsch/"Autopsy of Jane Doe" (Emile Hirsch Opens Up: How the ‘Autopsy of Jane Doe’ Star Survived His Darkest Moment)

This three named foreign born A- list mostly movie actress wasn't even hiding that she was texting this A list mostly movie actor who has been a superhero. There were a lot of craning necks prior to the start of a show yesterday to see what they were texting each other. Ana de Armas/Chris Evans/"Louis Vuitton's 2023 Cruise Show" (Ana de Armas Wraps Her Third Movie with Chris Evans as They Share a Sweet Exchange on Instagram)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **10**
Speaking of the show mentioned in #9, this foreign born former A list model who now pretty much just stays home didn't want to make the two hour drive so had one of her husband's jets fly her there and back. Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel/"Louis Vuitton's 2023 Cruise Show" (Emma Roberts, Miranda Kerr and Ana De Armas have legs for days as they mingle with star-studded guest list at Louis Vuitton's 2023 Cruise Show)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **11**
This west coast Housewife with several side jobs should focus more on the wandering eye of her husband than the daily trash talking of one of her co-stars. Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Harry Hamlin (RHOBH Stars Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke Go At It Online: 'It Takes a Gold Digger to Know One')

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **12**
It hasn't got much attention, but there is an interview that happened last week and is on YouTube for everyone to see. In the interview, this male massage therapist discusses the time a few years ago when the disgraced A list actor sexually assaulted the therapist. Kevin Spacey ("The Kevin Spacey Incident")

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **13**
As part of her deal to return to the horror franchise, this A- list actress has to pass daily drug and alcohol tests and her on again off again boyfriend is not allowed on the set. "Scream"/Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson (Hayden Panettiere Returns to ‘Scream’, Joining Newest Installment of Horror Franchise (Exclusive))

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **14**
Four For Friday - Bar Fights: Two of my all time favorite bar fights with four names. There are better stories, but these I actually got to see. This former A- list actress was at her peak or thereabouts. It was before she got the really bad plastic surgery. She drank a lot and she was a happy drunk until she wasn't. It was a delicate balancing act. One night, she had passed the point of no return when this now A+ list mostly movie actor walked in with a woman who would much much later become his wife. The night before though, he had spent the night with our actress. When she saw the actor, it was game on. Everyone got out of her way and she went up to the actor and let him have it for a solid 10 minutes. Nonstop without seemingly taking a breath about just how awful he is and went on and on. The actor just stood there with his arms crossed until the actress finished. He then walked past her with his date. Our actress tried to spray champagne on him but there wasn't anything left in the bottle. Three nights later she was back at his place sleeping with him again. This multiple named actor (James Van Der Beek) had been trying to sleep with one of his co-stars (Katie Holmes) that you all know from a show ("Dawson’s Creek") all of you know about a body of water. He had been laying it on thick. It was all crap and he was at a bar one night and fondling any woman who was close enough for him to touch, whether they wanted him to or not. One of them did, and they started making out and it looked like he was going to try and hook up right there in the bar. Our actress walked up and confronted him and our actor who was drunk called the actress some not very nice things and a waitress just happened to walk by and kicked the actor right in the groin and then kept on walking, all while balancing a tray. James Van Der Beek/Katie Holmes/"Dawson’s Creek"

Most of the time this A list mogul/host likes his beards to remain quiet so they don't ruin the game. He might want to reiterate that point with his current one because she is making up all kinds of not true things. Ryan Seacrest/Aubrey Paige (Ryan Seacrest, 47, whisks influencer girlfriend Aubrey Paige, 24, away for romantic Roman holiday and she boasts he's 'finer than wine')

Friday night drug binges and ramblings don't change what I wrote yesterday about the celebrity CEO and his acquisition. Elon Musk/"Twitter" (Musk says Twitter has accused him of violating NDA after he tweeted their bot review process)

This A list foreign language singer (Marc Anthony/53) sure does have a thing for one year wonders (Dayanara Torres Delgado "Miss Universe 1993"). It would be a stretch, but technically his latest soon to be wife (Nadia Ferreira "Miss Universe Paraguay 2021"/First runner-up "Miss Universe 2021"/23) is young enough to be his granddaughter. She was a yachter, so I'm guessing love has some $$$ signs. Marc Anthony/Dayanara Torres Delgado "Miss Universe 1993"/Nadia Ferreira"Miss Universe Paraguay 2021" & First runner-up "Miss Universe 2021" (Singer Marc Anthony engaged to former Miss Universe contestant Nadia Ferreira)

This west coast Housewife would have the best story line of all time if everyone knew about the affair she was having with the husband of another Housewife.

I write a blind about the former A list Disney actor turned A- list adult actor and his use of steroids and loves of plastic surgery procedures and the next day the publicist says he is ill which is responsible. Uh huh. Zac Efron (‘Firestarter’ Is a Sign That Zac Efron Needs to Call His Agent. Immediately) (BLIND ITEM 05/12/22)

This alliterate talk show host is said to be shopping for a nine figure podcast deal but she is only be offered 10% of that. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Demands $100 Million For Podcast Deal, Execs Concerned About Her Health)

This fan hating, coke loving former A+ list singer just thinks the money is never ending. It isn't if you tick off every one of your fans. Then the money dries up and you have to make your money last forever which it won't because your cheating husband will leave you and take half. Cardi B/Offset (Cardi B Returns To Social Media With Brutal Clapback At Entitled Fan) (DJ Mistakes Cardi B for Nicki Minaj, Cardi and Offset React – Watch) (BABY BLING Cardi B fans in shock as she dresses newborn son in $300 beanie & chain after welcoming child with husband Offset)

I wrote in this space earlier this week about the newly legal reality star who is an offspring of a reality star and her Plan B to do OnlyFans. Well, it is still Plan B, but they wanted to get some photos and video of the day she turned 18 just in case. There was definitely nudity involved. Hannah Gosselin/Kate & Jon Gosselin (Hannah Gosselin Teases Her College Plans While Celebrating Her 18th Birthday: ‘I’m Finally an Adult!’) (BLIND ITEM 05/11/22)

This foreign born three named actress is barely legal but is already getting work done to her face. Millie Bobby Brown (Millie Bobby Brown exudes glamour in a white corset dress while Maya Hawke and Natalia Dyer opt for edgy black gowns, as they lead stars attending the Season 4 premiere of Stranger Things in New York)

The permanent A list "singer" knew about the miscarriage well over a week ago and the trip south of the border was to have fun and forget it. Britney Spears (Britney Spears says she has lost her baby early in her pregnancy) (Pregnant Britney Spears rides the waves amid romantic Mexican vacay with Sam Asghari)

This superhero has never really been one for the spotlight. His wife (technically) is really big about staying out of sight. It kind of boggles the mind then, why the superhero wants to date someone as thirsty as the foreign born actress he is seeing now. Jason Momoa/"Aquaman"/Lisa Bonet/Eiza González (Jason Momoa Is Dating Eiza González After Lisa Bonet Breakup: 'He Cares About Her,' Says Source)

This foreign born alliterate singer is now on a crash diet so she can look good for the cameras. With her career going nowhere, the biggest paycheck available to her is television. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello Opens Up About Her ‘Ever-Present Struggle’ With Body Image)

What this A/A- list singer didn't say/know is the reason he is fired is because the singer was doing some smack talking about the beliefs (straight truth) of the person who fired him. Tyler Joseph/"Twenty One Pilots"/"Top Gun: Maverick"/Tom Cruise (Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph: Tom Cruise ‘came in and just fired everyone’ on ‘Top Gun: Maverick’)

Way back in the day, this foreign born permanent A+ list singer from a permanent A+ list iconic group and also as a solo artist had a brief little gossip blurb published about him. Apparently he was trying to cure an STD he picked up from a 16 year old. You really never hear anything bad about this singer.
Paul McCartney

The former stripper/escort turned reality star turned celebrity turned yachter thinks she has a future as a motivational speaker in churches and is pitching a reality show about it. Blac Chyna (HOLY MOLY Blac Chyna gets baptized by priest & claims she’s ‘born again’ after losing Kardashian court war & ‘kicking clubgoer’)

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: This long running TV show ("My Three Sons") spanned Old Hollywood and New Hollywood. It featured a lead actor (Fred MacMurray) who had been an A list movie star earlier in his career. Several young actors, and two veteran supporting actors who were not on the show at the same time. The first veteran supporting actor (William Frawley) once almost burned down the set when he was drunk and the second veteran supporting actor (William Demarest) raped one of the young actors and tried to rape one of the others. "My Three Sons"/Fred MacMurray/William Frawley/William Demarest (‘I Love Lucy’: Fred Mertz Actor William Frawley Was Often Shown with Hands in His Pockets, Here’s Why) ("My Three Sons" Cast Reunites, Reminisces) (William Frawley, 'I Love Lucy's Fred Mertz: A Bit Of A Jerk)

It is not good that this foreign born model/bad actress is partying so hard again just as she is spending lots of time with this A- list actress who is her friend and co-star and has substance abuse issues in her past. Cara Delevingne/Selena Gomez/"Only Murders In the Building" (Braless Cara Delevingne cuts a stylish figure in plunging sheer lace-up bodysuit as she attends SNL afterparty)

It is interesting that the army of the permanent A list "singer" went after a permanent A list singer for her mentioning her management team, but seem to ignore the tens of millions of dollars a year the reality family generates for that same company/management team.
Britney Spears/Mary J. Blige/"Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group"/Kardashians

After being groomed by the three named actress, this alliterate singer is doing the same thing to a teen. Jada Pinkett Smith/August Alsina

It had nothing to do with uncanceling for the producer/wannabe rapper and everything to do with ratings. He wanted the world to know he was in charge. It didn't work. The show had the lowest ratings in its history. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/"2022 Billboard Awards" (Diddy Facing Backlash for ‘Uncanceling’ Travis Scott and Morgan Wallen at the Billboard Music Awards)

About once a year, there will be a thread seemingly out of nowhere about this former actor turned host turned A list podcaster/host and stories of him at gay orgies filled with leather clad men. I always assumed it was his former co-star fantasizing out loud, but the co-star has other things to worry about right now, so I wonder who has the time or inclination to do this every year like clockwork. Joe Rogan/Andy Dick/"NewsRadio"

The wealthy farmer is now working together even more with the large Asian country. The government can sense the people are getting restless, and this project with the wealthy farmer will get them back under the thumb of the government. Bill Gates/China

Over the weekend I told you that the superhero likes quiet relationships, so the pairing with the foreign born actress who never met a PR person who wasn't their best friend, kind of is perplexing. Now, on the first business day after the blind, we already have our first Kneepads story her team planted. You can expect several each week. Jason Momoa/Eiza González/"People" (Jason Momoa Is Dating Eiza González After Lisa Bonet Breakup: 'He Cares About Her,' Says Source)

I saw that this permanent A list singer in a permanent A list group, although the group often got forgotten, recently did a photo shoot. I wonder in his older years now if he still only wears underwear for hair and makeup.

I know there was some kind of payoff, I just can't decide what the celebrity CEO gave to the people at the magazine who make the cover decisions. Elon Musk/Mother Maye Musk on cover of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2022" (Maye Musk stars on cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2022 at 74)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **10**
I'm not sure why tabloids are shouting exclusive today about the divorce of this streaming only Housewife. There was video of the husband out and about with his model girlfriend for the past week. Considering the pawing and groping in the video shot by multiple paps, it was pretty obvious the Housewife was not on his mind. Lisa and Lenny Hochstein/"Real Housewives of Miami"/Katharina Mazepa (RHOM’s Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Split After Nearly 13 Years of Marriage, He’s Dating Katharina Mazepa)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **11**
Maybe he has given himself permission to have beers now, but this A- list actor should still probably not let his wife know. I don't think she is on the same page. Dax Shepard/Kristen Bell (Dax Shepard Was "Crazy Superstitious" About Doing This Every Day to Stay Sober)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **12**
This former A- list actor who is probably B list now, says that he is the father of two children with this former co-star. I think he just said it to say it. If he were the father, he would have admitted it long ago. B. J. Novak/Mindy Kaling/"The Office"

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **13**
Old Hollywood: This actor is probably best known for playing a long running television character that originated in a play and then a and has been rebooted at least once in the past few years. Our actor was supposed to go on a nationwide tour of a play that was later turned into a movie, but couldn't because of a horrific outbreak of herpes that kept him out of action for months.
Tony Randall/"Odd Couple"/"Pillow Talk"

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **14**
This superhero actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee recently had a breast enlargement and is always offering to share what they look like with her friends. Brie Larson

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **15**
Death Watch: The manuscript is written. It has a publisher. No one wants to actually see it in print though, until this permanent A list singer, solo and in a group passes away. They don't want her final days to be people asking questions about things she did 60 years ago with her significant other. It was bad enough all of the things they would do to young female fans on each stop of their tour, often taking the young girls with them for days on end until they finally dropped them off in a town hundreds of miles from their home, with no food or money and no way to even make a phone call. They certainly don't want to change the narrative of being a survivor when there are at least a half dozen accounts in the manuscript of young girls not even able to try and make that phone call, because they ended up dead. It was rarely an accident they ended up dead. They had just been put through so much that if they were allowed to go home, the attention would have been bright and jail would have been a possibility. I say a possibility because they knew no one really would care all that much about doing anything, but they didn't want to leave anything to chance. The manuscript has dozens of interviews with victims who have lived with what happened to them their whole lives. They will be heard. Tina and Ike Turner

This former child actress (Bailee Madison) who was the princess of family friendly fare ("Hallmark"/"Good Witch") is promoting her newest project, one that she hopes will give her adult career a boost. The newest project ("Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin") has mature themes, including nudity. A few years ago she did a faith based family friendly project ("A Week Away") after producers made her decide between their project and another more adult project ("Another Girl"). She chose the family friendly project. Back to today and those same producers have greenlit a sequel to their family friendly project, but quietly they are recasting the lead role because of the involvement of the actress in her adult themed project. Bailee Madison/"Hallmark"/"Good Witch"/"Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin"/"A Week Away"/"Another Girl" (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/24/2019) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/29/21)

The celebrity CEO is selling stock in the rocket company. As I told everyone, he signed a deal to buy the bird company, and they hold all the cards now. If necessary, the bird company can get a court to force the CEO to close the deal. Expect more rage tweeting in the meantime from the CEO, as he is upset at overpaying for the bird company. Elon Musk/"SpaceX"/"Twitter" (Elon Musk Might Sell Some SpaceX Stock at 25% Bump in Value. That Makes Sense)

Apparently all is forgiven for this studio because they have given a huge deal to this racist, homophobic, anti-Semite romance author who writes horrible books that are turned into horrible movies. "Universal Pictures"/Nicholas Sparks (Nicholas Sparks Sets Three Films, Including ‘The Wish,’ at Universal Pictures)

The whole sharing of the boyfriends thing just didn't work out, which is the number one reason these two former bff Teen Moms are no longer friends. Leah Messer/Kailyn Lowry (Teen Mom Leah Messer SLAMS ex-BFF Kailyn Lowry and says she’s ‘sick and tired’ of their feud in scathing posts)

Several years ago I met a guy who was the product of a 30 minute fling between a former game show host and the offspring's mom in the trailer of the game show host. Since then he has found another half dozen kids just like him, all the offspring of the game show host's trailer activities with contestants.
Richard Dawson/"Family Feud"

There is very little money to be made just by marrying the permanent A list "singer." Her significant other needs her to get pregnant and have a baby for him to collect the big payday he was negotiating before. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari (Sam Asghari Thanks Fans for Support After Britney Spears’s Miscarriage)

This married A- list actor has always been very religious, but not in the LDS faith, so it is crazy that he has taken on a sister wife.

An A++ lister of a state, who also has a sex tape, told a lobbyist on Friday, there will be no more masks until after November.

All it takes is one look at the stills from the unproduced pilot the perv kids producer was trying to get a greenlight for, to show he had to be shown the door. Why did everyone in a kids show need to be half naked? Where is the footage that wasn't used for the pilot and how much worse did it get? Dan Schneider (Dan Schneider Once Reigned Over Children’s TV. What Happened?)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **10**
This A- list actress who has spent the past six months front and center in our faces every day in tabloid after tabloid, had a miscarriage. That is what the three named rapper/singer was talking about with his lyrics. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **11**
It was either be canceled or head to streaming, so the pro dancers are just fine going to streaming. I don't know why people (former host included) are making them look like victims. They don't even have to take a pay cut. "Dancing with the Stars"/"Disney+"/Erin Andrews (Erin Andrews Reacts to 'Dancing With the Stars' Moving to Disney+ After She's Cut From Show)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **12**
The alliterate reality star doesn't care what the permanent A+ list dress designer has to say about what she did and his criticisms. She would say he doesn't understand the world of clicks and marketing. Have you seen his dresses? He knows. Kim Kardashian/Bob Mackie (Bob Mackie slams Kim Kardashian's "big mistake" for daring to wear Marilyn Monroe's iconic 1962 gown)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **13**
The barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities was not pleased that this A list singer posted a photo together with the husband of the barely there celebrity. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Kennya & Stephen Baldwin/Billie Eilish/Justin Bieber (Billie Eilish Shares Adorable New Photo With Justin Bieber From Coachella)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **14**
The Superhero & Snuff Films: If I saw the title, I would immediately think Nicolas Cage and then realize he had never been a superhero. In this case, there is a superhero involved in this, but tangentially and has probably no idea of the snuff collection, but I still do have questions. It shouldn't shock anyone that this former A- list actress (Pia Zadora) who also won an award ("Golden Globe Award New Star of the Year") which was bought for her, was sex trafficked. As a 14 year old, you are not normally involved with 50 year old men unless it is something bad. It is not the 50 year old who had the snuff collection either. It does make sense though that the man (Jonathan Kaufer) who did would also be interested in having a girlfriend turned wife who had been sex trafficked at such a young age. It would also make sense that our snuff collector also collected child porn and was accused of molesting his own children. The snuff collection which was mentioned under the penalty of perjury in a court filing, has never shown up. Where did it go? Who has it? Now, about the superhero (Tobey Maguire), and how he becomes involved. Our snuff/child porn collector was a long time movie producer. At some point in time he was able to collect a photo of our superhero naked. There are no published photos of our superhero naked. From my best guess of the timeline, our superhero had to have been legal when the photo was taken, however the person who was sent the photo was most assuredly not legal. How did the movie producer get the photo? Pia Zadora/"Golden Globe Award New Star of the Year"/Jonathan Kaufer/Tobey Maguire (Actress Pia Zadora wins dismissal of defamation lawsuit)

The former late night actress who is beloved on social media ticked off her fellow comedians again this week. She has been in this spot before for pushing aside other comics for her own needs. This week she was supposed to stop after five minutes, because everyone only gets five minutes. She took almost 30. She is running out of friends in the industry. Leslie Jones

Part of the reason the HGTV star is doing so poorly at some of life's skills, is her new significant other. He is extremely jealous and controlling and doesn't want her distracted by anything else. Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead)/Joshua Hall (Christina Haack returns to work with husband Joshua Hall after THAT sideline spat with ex Tarek El Moussa and his wife Heather Rae Young)

This alliterate actress from multiple hit pay cable shows is just being shaken down by a company that just made a product that didn't really sell and have that pretty much to blame on themselves. Sydney Sweeney ('Euphoria' Star Sydney Sweeney Sued for Allegedly Bailing on Swimsuit Deal)

This former A list mostly movie actress was bored staying home doing nothing, so arranged to get a baby, but would probably love to give the baby back if she could get away with it. Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz admits she occasionally loses ‘her s–t’ on daughter Raddix, 2)

This producer/rapper/show runner wastes too much time doing drugs and partying and at his age is catching up with him quickly. He looks awful.

It is going to be a very long year for the person who decides who the host is for the Oscars. Right now, this far out, the front runner is the late night actor. I know. Pete Davidson/"SNL"

This west coast arena which just recently changed its name is actively seeking a new naming rights partner to step in as quickly as possible. I told you this would happen. Arena

This A+ list mostly movie actor says he is raising a foreign born teen, because the teen lost her parents. This is not an Eastern European/Ukraine thing, this is a south of the border thing. Suddenly every celebrity is helping to raise some orphan, all of whom seem to be tween/teenage/barely legal females. I asked Bani about this and he said you would expect given current world events that Ukraine female refugees and their children would be the most prevalently sex trafficked, but they are overwhelmed in numbers by women from Mexico and Central America who come in every day by the hundreds which has made traffickers and yacht owners happy because the prices have come down almost 75%. Sean Penn (A "wild" marriage, a pandemic wedding and 40 years in the spotlight: Sean Penn's complicated life)

Reader Blind: This artist started in the music business in a not-so-famous punk group. She was also in some iconic 80s music videos and hobnobbed with several legendary early 80s artists. She got a free ticket to the big time when she replaced someone in a well-known UK girl group. She was kicked out after just a few years for being an unprofessional drunk (which is really saying something considering the other members of the group). She has long given up her bad, old ways and thrived in a different career, but still has to dabble in MLM to make ends meet. Jacquie O'Sullivan/"Bananarama" (Bananarama to release new album to mark 40th anniversary)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **10**
Saying you want to replace a foreign born A list actor in a role is not the same thing as actually being able to act well enough to do it. That is the issue facing this A list singer/bad actor. Hugh Jackman/"Professor Harold Hill"/"Music Man"/Justin Timberlake (Justin Timberlake in talks to take over for Hugh Jackman on Broadway)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **11**
This movie slated for a fall release is often initialed by stans who will line up no matter how bad it is. It is being reworked four months out, which should give you some idea. "Don’t Worry Darling" (‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Harry Styles & Florence Pugh Eyebrow-Raising Official Trailer From CinemaCon Drops – Update)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **12**
One thing the stand up comic did not discuss in her interview which will air this week, is the celebrity offspring she partied with on a regular basis and could have also ended up dead. She was barred from bringing up his name for "security reasons." Kate Quigley/Hunter Biden (Comedian Kate Quigley Opens Up About Surviving Fentanyl Poisoning on ‘Red Table Talk’)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **13**
Kindness: This one named former A+ list singer has slid down the list a lot the past several years. She can't get good songs because of an ongoing argument with a big name. She could have just given up, but she has pretty much quit drinking and partying and has started writing songs on her own. She also helped a neighbor's child by performing a duet with her at her school talent show last week. Kesha/Dr. Luke

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **14**
Charge It: I'm not sure this is juicy enough to get the big blind, but I want to put it out there so people can be on their guard. There is a television actor who is A- list. If you don't watch his show, you would probably still know who he is. The show made him a big star with a group that is more Gen Z than millennial. He trolls through their social media pages and sinks the hook when he gets the right combination. Whether he is filming in Vancouver or home in Los Angeles, he picks women from neither of those cities. He likes women who have a job where they have to be in an office rather than work from home. He then tells them he would love to see them and makes them pay to fly to come see him. He brings them on set if in Vancouver or to a hotel if he is home in Los Angeles. He then has sex with them and sends them on their way. No dinner, no lunch, no nothing. On set, he says he has to head back to work and will see them at their hotel that night, but won't show up. In Los Angeles, he gets a text and says he has to run to a meeting with his agent but will be right back, but doesn't go back. He knows they have a job and have to leave, so doesn't have to worry about them hanging around whatever city that long, looking for him. Cole Sprouse/"Riverdale"

For the first time in a very long time, the pint sized A+ list actor was not wearing lifts to a public event. Tom Cruise/"Cannes Film Festival" (Tom Cruise wins surprise Palme d'Or award at Cannes Film Festival: 'I make movies for the big screen')

With all the money she has and has access to, you would think this former A- list actress who spends most of her time behind the scenes now, could get some better work done to her face. Did she get a Groupon? Eva Longoria (Eva Longoria Wore a $40 Gown to Her First Cannes in 2005: 'Nobody Would've Known!')

The actor with the name so famous he had to put an initial in it, is cheating on his significant other. Michael B. Jordan/Lori Harvey (Lori Harvey says she gained 'relationship weight' when she first started dating Michael B. Jordan)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity can say whatever she wants in her documentary and try and spin it however she likes, but everyone knows she has always needed vocal help. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez CRIES over Oscars snub for Hustlers and admits it took a toll on her 'self esteem' in trailer for Halftime documentary as fiancé Ben Affleck weighs in on her struggle to be taken seriously)

This former NFL player who got paid a ridiculous sum of money for being really bad at his position, now has more affairs to his name than touchdown throws.
Jay Cutler

Don't believe the hype. This former A+ list singer/piano player was not offered $9M for 9 minutes of work, and would never have turned it down if she was. Alicia Keys

The wealthy farmer is threatening to double the prices of his leases which means farmers would be almost working for free. If they walk away from the leases, there will be a massive food shortage. Bill Gates

Just the fact the producers thought they could get her, says a ton. The producers of this dancing reality show offered a spot to the alliterate one. It was not an immediate no. "Dancing With the Stars"/Meghan Markle

This one named singer refuses to go to rehab and is going to die if she doesn't change her life, very soon. Madonna

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **10**
For the super secret fashion show this weekend which will happen in a very unusual place, the momager has been trying to get her two youngest kids in the show. Kris Jenner/Kendall & Kylie Jenner

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **11**
This closeted north of the border singer is having a meltdown the last 24 hours. He is convinced because of a liaison he had with a guy from Montreal last week, that our singer will now get monkeypox. Shawn Mendes

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **12**
This real life couple also are trying to work together and have a new project they were promoting at a big event for the channel hosting their project. Right before they appeared, they got into a massive fight and it took this actress a good twenty minutes to get herself together. Her boyfriend didn't seem phased at all.

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **13**
This less famous sister is accusing of her much more famous sister of stealing a book idea and pretending she did it all on her own. This is not the first time they have feuded. It is the first time there have been threats of litigation.

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **14**
Number One: Every so often, some celebrity will say they slept with so and so number of people. It is usually a number that is very high and seems completely unrealistic. Wilt Chamberlain was famous for his claim that he slept with over 10,000 women. That seems high, but he said that included nights where he would be in bed with four or five women at a time. Is that the record for a celebrity? It seems that way, but Cara Delevingne is still young. I can tell you the actor who probably is in first place. He is in first place despite being married for a very long time. He is foreign born. He is an Oscar winner/nominee. At one point he was A+ list. He is also a Knight. He has not discussed this is many years, but when he first hit his peak, he bragged about spending every penny he made on sleeping with escorts. He only wanted to sleep with women he paid. He didn't want to sleep with fans, He wanted pay for play. He said that at one point he was sleeping with two or three escorts a day, seven days a week. He did this for at least a decade. That would work out to nearly 10,000. After that decade or so, he really didn't discuss it any longer, but one has to assume it continued right? That would make him the record holder. Michael Caine

This Disney actress who has been harassed by one of her directors for years, has a coke problem that needs rehab. Dove Cameron/Kenny Ortega (Dove Cameron Shares Emotional Post About 'Identity': 'I'm Struggling More Than Half of the Time')

The pint sized actor is not in a relationship with any actress and this particular actress hates that his PR team keeps dragging her into some fake story. Tom Cruise/Haley Atwell (Tom Cruise 'rekindles romance with Hayley Atwell' after split last year due to his busy schedule - as glamorous actress supports him at Top Gun: Maverick premiere)

The ex of the alliterate talk show host has been using proxies to take everything belonging to the host. He wants to leave her with nothing. Kevin Hunter/Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams v Wells Fargo: Judge's order may allow her 'access to her money' soon)

In a recent appearance, this A/A- list actress didn't do a very good job of throwing people off the scent of her relationship with her former co-star. She did make it clear that she wasn't a fan of a different former co-star. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn/Scott Foley (Kerry Washington Jokes Scandal Costars Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn Were Mad 'for Years' over Kissing Answer)

This one named former one-fifth has bad management. But, at the same time she has really bad stage fright and is in no shape to go on a tour to support a new release which is why it has been years since a release. Normani/"Fifth Harmony" (Normani Inks Publishing Deal With Hipgnosis, Promises New Music Soon)

The rapist director had a party celebrating his newest Cannes release and nearly 500 people showed up to party with him. Luc Besson (Luc Besson returning with his first movie since misconduct allegations were dropped)

Just two weeks after I told you there was a sex tape involving this A list politician in her state, there is a group that is set to release it. I don't know how they managed to acquire it so quickly.

A sibling (Kimbal Musk) of the celebrity CEO has connections south of the border that don't just include the cartels. There are multiple terrorist training camps there, and the sibling and the CEO have had multiple interactions with the leaders of those camps. The wife of the former cartel leader warned the CEO to not to do business with them. Elon Musk/Kimbal Musk/Emma Coronel Aispuro/Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán

Do not believe the hype. Every so often this former A list athlete starts talking about how she is saving herself for the right man. She stopped saving herself a decade ago. Lolo Jones (Lolo Jones, 39, says she 'gets teased all the time' for stance on premarital sex)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **10**
In her description of the foreign born model/bas actress, the flowering financial institution forgot to mention the rich guys the pair would roll together and made lots of money and got a lot of inside information. Cara Delevingne/Azealia Banks (Azealia Banks Defends Cara Delevingne Amid Megan Thee Stallion Controversy)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **11**
This former child/tween/teen star is now an adult looking for work. No studios want to work with her and it isn't just about her sexuality. She does not have a very high popularity score with anyone over the age of 18. Heather Matarazzo ('Today, something broke... I just need a win': Princess Diaries star Heather Matarazzo, 39, admits she is 'at a f***ing loss' after 'struggling to survive' in Hollywood for 30 years)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **12**
Do they have an open relationship? This foreign born actor who would probably be B-/B list if not for his significant other certainly acted like he was single at a big event this week. Women were led to believe he would be able to date them/take them out to dinner. It is all so odd.

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **13**
Speaking of odd, this one named A list singer watched while this actress got her nipples pierced.

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **14**
Four For Friday - Disliked By All: This actor (Val Kilmer) is in a brand new movie ("Top Gun: Maverick") that is going to hit it big at the box office. For just about the first time ever in his career, he worked with people a second time. He is not loved or beloved by former co-stars. These four things, are his worst co-star interactions. Val Kilmer/"Top Gun: Maverick" (Val Kilmer makes enemies in Hollywood)

#1 - He didn't understand why his female co-star who comes from an acting family and was probably A- list at the time didn't want to sleep with our actor. Because she didn't, he tried every day to have her fired and tried to keep her from the premiere. Patricia Arquette/"True Romance"; Elisabeth Shue/"The Saint"; Mira Sorvino/"At First Sight"
#2 - He was referred to as a punk by this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who was an Oscar winner/nominee and never met a meal he didn't like. Our A+ lister would publicly call out every diva move the actor made, and this coming from an A+ lister who pulled that kind of diva stuff all the time. Marlon Brando/"The Island of Dr. Moreau" (Val Kilmer's Biggest Controversy: What Went Wrong With Island Of Dr. Moreau)

#3 - He and this A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and comes from an acting family came to blows multiple times because they both wanted to sleep with the same actress who was starring with them.
#4 - He was accused by this A- list actor who once was A list and is barely hanging on to A- list now, despite all of you knowing him, of stealing $5K worth of coke from the trailer of the A- list actor. He did steal it but never confessed and would ask the A- lister every day if he found his coke or discovered who stole it. Tom Sizemore/"Heat"

Over the winter, I wrote about the marijuana feline and how she bailed on the rest of a tour using COVID as an excuse, even though she didn't have it. She hates touring because of the strict schedule and no free time. It isn't a shocker she canceled this tour. Doja Cat (Doja Cat says she has to cancel upcoming shows due to health issues caused by vaping)

This reality couple from multiple shows over multiple platforms let it be known the A+ athlete was invited to their nuptials. They knew he probably wouldn't show, but it gave them an extra story for the tabloids to keep their names out there. JoJo Fletcher/Jordan Rodgers/"The Bachelor" & "The Bachelorette"/Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers Did Not Attend JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers’ Wedding: ‘They Have Not Reconciled’)

The significant other of this foreign born dual threat A lister wants some attention focused on herself. So, she has immersed herself in her new project where people think she is the star. She revels in it.
Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch

As more women come forward to share their stories at the hands of the celebrity CEO, let us not forget that several years ago, there was the buzz going around that not only was he paying for the legal team of the A- lister but had his hacking squad and dirty tricks people going after the A list actor. Elon Musk/Amber Heard/Johnny Depp (Elon Musk lost $10 billion in net worth in a single day after sexual misconduct claims emerged)

Until this foreign born A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee extricates herself from her mafia ex, she won't ever be able to be a successful actress. Lupita Nyong'o (Lupita Nyong'o drops out of The Lady In The Lake miniseries as co-lead and executive producer) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/23/22)

There was yet another opportunity for this very rich streaming ("Bling Empire") show to address how one cast member (Anna Shay) is rich through the death of tens of thousands of people, not to mention all the other suffering her family caused to millions of others. The streaming show didn't mention it. "Bling Empire"/Anna Shay (Anna Shay Net Worth: How Much Does the 'Bling Empire' Star Make?)

The momager thinks she is being helpful with the career of the soon to be ex late night actor. She is, if he just wants to be some kind of brand, but not an actor. Kris Jenner/Pete Davidson/"SNL"

This A-/B+ list actress who is as thirsty as they come, has plenty of formula for her baby. The actress just wanted some attention on herself and figured this was an easy way. Olivia Munn (Olivia Munn Says She's 'Panicking' amid Nationwide Formula Shortage: 'Wish I Could Breastfeed')

There were some big departures from he late night show this week, but no one seems to be talking about the accused rapist they hired. "Saturday Night Live" (Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney Expected to Exit ‘SNL’)

This foreign born former A- list actress (Minnie Driver) who is probably B list now, does have a point when she says these two Oscar winners (Gwyneth Paltrow & Jennifer Lawrence) jumped on the #MeToo bandwagon despite getting involved with one of the worst people ever (Harvey Weinstein), in order to win those Oscars. Minnie Driver/Gwyneth Paltrow & Jennifer Lawrence/Harvey Weinstein ('They were complicit to get ahead': Minnie Driver calls out 'disingenuous' stars who jumped on the #MeToo trend)

This alliterate reality star says it takes the longest to airbrush her hands in photos because they look so old.

This A+ list athlete and her husband are separating. Serena Williams/Alexis Ohanian (Where Do Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams Live?)

This rapper used to be A list in a group. Now, his only job is to not cheat on his higher on the list wife. He didn't do a good job of that this weekend. Offset/"Migos"/Cardi B (Akademiks Addresses Migos Breakup Rumours, Says He Spoke To Offset & Doesn't See A Split Coming)

I'm pretty sure by this time tomorrow, this foreign born permanent A list singer in a group will walk back his comments about the foreign born former A+ list boy bander turned A list solo singer. Mick Jagger ("Rolling Stones")/Harry Styles ("One Direction") (Mick Jagger Dismisses Harry Styles Comparisons: 'He Just Has a Superficial Resemblance to My Younger Self')

Speaking of the older singer in the previous blind. If I gave you the number 4 as in the number of Housewives he has slept with, would you go over or under that number? Mick Jagger/"Rolling Stones"

This significant other of a permanent A list mostly movie actor is seeing someone very very quietly. Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves (Nada Lottermann) (Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant by © Lottermann und...) (Nada Lottermann)

At a recent birthday party for a foreign born superhero (Robert Pattinson) ("The Batman"), there was a photographer hired by the talent agency of the actor to take photos. Those photos were then uploaded to social media. Then, suddenly one of the photos was deleted. It showed this foreign born alliterate actor (Sebastian Stan) being kissed, and not in a chastely way, by a professional beard/thirsty actress (Annabelle Wallis) for hire. Is she looking for a new contract after her most recent one expired (Chris Pine)? Is it something more? Robert Pattinson/"The Batman"/Sebastian Stan/Annabelle Wallis/Chris Pine (Annabelle Wallis and Sebastian Stan Dating Rumors Spread Like Wildfire After Robert Pattinsons Party Photos Reach The Internet)

To say that the alliterate one had to work for it to be seen in a photo this past weekend, is an understatement. First, she had to tell the other wives and girlfriends they were not allowed to have their photo taken because of security reasons, and then she had to find a way around a trophy and several large men. She made it though. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Share a Kiss at Polo Match Near Their California Home)

The permanent A list "singer" had to take down a social media post because it violated an agreement she has with a sibling. The sibling wasn't directly mentioned, but that was the reason. Britney Spears/Jamie Lynn Spears

The A list everything in her mind celebrity tried singing live this past week without background vocals built in. It was even worse than you could have imagined. Jennifer Lopez

The B+ list actress who is more about directing now, thinks she is cool wearing t-shirts of not very nice celebrities. She is also not pregnant. She also wasn't pregnant almost a year ago to the day when this rumor was also pushed. Is it a Memorial Day thing? Olivia Wilde/Morrissey/Harry Styles (Olivia Wilde is effortlessly cool in a Morrissey tee and flared leggings while out in NYC... after publicly supporting Harry Styles' new album) (Why Pregnancy Rumors Are Flying About Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles)

This former A+ list boxer loves showing off naked photos and videos of one of his children.

Someone should ask the wealthy farmer (Bill Gates) about his Burkina Faso facility and how it relates to the new disease being slowly unleashed. Bill Gates/"Monkeypox" (Monkeypox conspiracy theories: Five false claims about the virus debunked as misinformation spreads online)

It isn't even his baby, but the serial woman beater/former A list singer sent a piece of jewelry to the foreign born one named singer which was easily six figures as congratulations on the baby gift. Chris Brown/Rihanna (What Chris Brown sent to Rihanna after she gave birth)

Reader Blind: This foreign born actress on a long running cable series has a history of blaming fans for everything from her privacy woes to misunderstanding her personal life. Now she might have more than just nosey fans to worry about. Word is the crew are tired of her lies and have been quietly breaking their NDAs to spill the tea to anyone who will listen.
Caitriona Balfe/"Outlander" (‘Outlander’ Stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, EP Maril Davis Discuss ‘Breathless’ Season 6 Finale and Claire and Jamie’s Fate); Thandiwe Newton/"Westworld" (Thandiwe Newton axed from ‘Magic Mike’ sequel after fight with Channing Tatum over Oscars fiasco)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **10**
Reader Blind: This well-off conservative female "documentary" director (Jennifer Lahl) usually does anti-surrogacy propaganda films that shame mostly gay couples ("Breeders: A Subclass of Women?"), but recently did an anti-trans film ("Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?") (paid for by a mystery donor) that bombed, so the anti-LGBT forces that be have paid for ANOTHER anti-trans film, this time by a well-known conservative comedian and actor (Matt Walsh). His anti-trans documentary ("What is a woman") has better production values and features "experts" who are more photogenic than the other documentary. Of course, like the first "documentary", none of the experts in the film are actual experts on the subject matter. Another issue was the shady way they tried to recruit people to take part in the film using a fake front organization ("Gender Unity Project"). Expect lawsuits as the comedian's film uses exploitive nude photos of children. Jennifer Lahl/"Breeders: A Subclass of Women?"/"Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?"/Matt Walsh/"What is a woman"/"Gender Unity Project" (Jennifer Lahl on ‘Breeders,’ ‘Trans Mission,’ and the ethical and human rights threats promoted in our culture) (Daily Wire's Matt Walsh to release new documentary: 'What is a woman?') (Far-Right Troll Matt Walsh Tried to Dupe Trans People Into Joining His Anti-Trans Documentary)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **11**
The editor had no idea who the streaming reality star seated next to her was, and also had never heard of the show. Anna Wintour/Christine Quinn/"Selling Sunset"/"Balenciaga Spring 2023" fashion show (Is That Christine Quinn On The Balenciaga Front Row With Anna Wintour?)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **12**
A partygoer was seriously injured at the home of this offspring of an A++ lister. Apparently there drugs or alcohol involved and they fell off an outdoor balcony. How do you fall off? Was she standing on it?

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **13**
Kindness? This A- list actress has been working for quite some time. She did a pay cable show for a very long time but didn't want to get naked any longer. Anyway, she was out and about with her publicist and looking like a big deal and two teens came up to her and were convinced she was Emma Roberts. I don't really see it, but these fans were convinced. They wanted photos and an autograph. Our actress just went along with it, but singed her real name and then aka Emma Roberts. Emmy Rossum/"Shameless"/"Angelyne" (Emmy Rossum sizzles as she goes braless in pink pantsuit while promoting Angelyne mini series in Hollywood - after the iconic celebrity pinup said the show 'doesn't do her justice')

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **14**
The Baby: The baby is not a baby any longer. The baby is a tween. This baby was given up for adoption by this former A+ list rapper. She was in a bad place in her life and knew it was no place for a baby. The father of the baby is unknown, but is believed to be either one of her partners in crime or a cousin who she was hooking up with regularly. I personally don't think it is the cousin, because someone would have helped the child. The baby was given up for adoption and for the first seven or eight years, everything was great. Then, the adoptive parents were killed in a car crash and the sister of one of the parents took the child in. That sister contracted COVID, and although, they lived, they could no longer take care of the child. There were no more relatives for the child. Desperate, the agency that handled the adoption was contacted. Could they please get in touch with the birth mom and see if they were in any position to something, or else the baby would have to be placed in foster care. Apparently the agency did reach out to the birth mom/rapper, but the contact information they had was from well over a decade ago, so the person they made contact with was a very close relative of the rapper, who said they would contact the rapper. No one knows if they did reach out to the rapper. All we know is the agency was told is that the rapper had no interest in the child because it didn't fit with what they were doing now. With no other alternatives, the child was placed into foster care and has been staying with a family for the past 15 months.

The producers of the final film of this long time Disney star are being sued to have a NDA removed from the director so he can speak his truth about what happened on the set. Cameron Royce/"Runt"/William Coakley

It will be nice if this former long time reality star would hit the stand in his case so I could reveal several dozen blinds from over the years. He would be asked under oath to confirm something that was testified to earlier by someone else. Todd Chrisley/"Chrisley Knows Best" (A man who told the FBI he committed fraud on Todd Chrisley's behalf testified that they had an 'intimate' relationship)

Several years ago, when his drug use was at its peak and his mental health issues were numerous, there were serious discussions about trying to place this A list singer not named Kanye in a conservatorship. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith Cancels 8 Las Vegas Residency Shows As Steven Tyler Goes Back To Rehab)

Despite what the reporter implies, the former bird CEO says they are a couple. Taylor Rooks/Jack Dorsey/"Twitter" (Who Is Taylor Rooks Dating: All About Her Boyfriend Jack Dorsey)

This A- list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and has been involved in at least two franchises. She blindsided everyone when she was suddenly a couple with this comic actor who has been on late night. He was a no show at a recent event she asked him to attend. Anna Kendrick ("Pitch Perfect"/"Twilight"/"Trolls")/Bill Hader ("SNL")/"Cannes" (This Is Why Bill Hader Won’t Talk About His Relationship with Anna Kendrick) (Anna Kendrick True Crime Thriller About "The Dating Game Killer" Heads To Cannes Market For AGC & ‘It’ Producer Vertigo)

Apparently the foreign born permanent A list model used the services of this well known family and their connections to acquire her child. She has dated several members of the family over the years. Naomi Campbell/Rothschild family (Naomi Campbell, 52, cradles her rarely-seen baby daughter, 12 months, as supermodel arrives for the Cannes Film Festival in stylish marble kaftan dress) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/31/20)

In the past week or so, I told you about some camps south of the border that seem to be of interest to a wealthy sibling (Kimball Musk). Now, comes the story today that people from at least one of those camps were being recruited in an assassination plot. Perhaps something should be done about the camps? Kimball Musk (Elon Musk And His Brother Kimbal Just Might Be The Next Big Duo In Country Music) (BLIND ITEM 05/20/22)

Let me get this straight. This foreign born former A+ list boy bander who groomed an underage girl and then toyed with her for years before cheating on her in the very most public way possible and she ends up learning about it on social media, but somehow his fans think the boy bander is the good guy in all of this? Screw that. Liam Payne/"One Direction"/Maya Henry/Aliana Mawla (EXCLUSIVE: Liam Payne SPLITS from on-off fiancée Maya Henry for good as photos of him wrapped around American model Aliana Mawla emerge - four years after she appeared in his Familiar music video)

This former A- list singer who just acts now, and who is much better than even a few years ago, has gone to dinner twice in the past ten days with an investment banker. The question is whether he had moved out of the home he was sharing with someone, prior to these dates.

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **10**
The significant other of this barely there celebrity from a family of barely there celebrities was popping Oxy like crazy on an international flight. Trying to make that heroin withdrawal a little easier. Bella Hadid/Marc Kalman (Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid)/Marc Kalman (Bella Hadid looks stylish and puts on a loved-up display with beau Marc Kalman as she lands in France for Cannes Film Festival)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **11**
Speaking of drugs, this Euphoria actress with more of a supporting role, has been on a coke bender for the past week that is insane. Chloe Cherry (‘Euphoria’ star Chloe Cherry poses topless in Parade underwear campaign)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **12**
This alliterate former A list singer wants to hire the fixer attorney his best friend hired and who set the course of public opinion we are all seeing now.
Marilyn Manson/Adam Waldman/Johnny Depp

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **13**
The one named singer is correct that her label is delaying the release of an album. However, the reason for the delay is because the label wants her tour in support of the record and the singer says that may be an issues due to all her health concerns. If she agrees to tour and pays a penalty for canceling the tour, the label will release the record. Halsey (Halsey Claims Label Won’t Release New Song Unless They ‘Fake a Viral Moment on TikTok’)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **14**
The Scam: This sibling of an A- list actress/host that all of you know, is not doing something that others have not done, she is just doing it on a much larger scale. She has always been in the shadow of her older sister, so much so that one wonders if she thought getting naked would help her own career. The sibling is on an adult site and charges a lot of money for her basic service and even more money for her VIP service. She has thousands of subscribers who are all starting to feel duped. Our sibling posted just twice in the past month or two to the site, despite taking in nearly $300K in money. She also keeps teasing there will be lots of posts soon and for everyone to support her. My guess is she won't be back, unless she needs a cash infusion, but she also should let her subscribers know. Her actress sister is now starting to have her social media invaded by people wanting refunds or to know what is going on. The whole sibling doing the adult thing was supposed to be a little under the radar and the actress doesn't like the world asking her about it for fear it might hurt her own career. Stella Hudgens/Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens to Host MTV Movie & TV Awards) (Stella Hudgens "OnlyFans")

The company run by the CEO married to an A-list foreign-born model never had a chance of making money, and the stock would crash and burn. The CEO did cash out from a lot of his stock at much higher prices, which will keep his wife around. Mr. Hedge once told you this would happen. "Snapchat"/Evan Spiegel/Miranda Kerr (The Snap CEO’s memo caused another tech stock plunge—and the worst one-day loss in company history. Here’s why it freaked everyone out) (BLIND ITEM 02/20/2018)

This part time reality star has a very efficient way of now promoting women to other men who would like to sleep with the women. He has an incredibly large catalog of women who sleep with men for money. Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian's ex Scott Disick hit a strip club in New York City to relieve loneliness)

This Vegas hotel gave the one named foreign born A list singer a window to perform. So far she has done nothing to commit to that window and doesn't look like she will. Oh, and she needs a better plastic surgeon. "Caesar's Palace"/Adele ('It's ridiculous at this point': Furious Adele fans call her out for failing to reschedule her Las Vegas residency FOUR MONTHS after canceling with just 24 hours notice)

This former A+ list dual threat actor who had his own television show and had a movie franchise is probably B+ list now. The powers that be are worried he will do a disappearing act while out promoting a reboot of his show. Will Smith/"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"/"Bad Boys"/"Bel-Air" (Will Smith Doesn't Attend Event with 'Fresh Prince' Reboot Cast of 'Bel-Air')

I did not have this murdering A/A- list actor on my BINGO card as a white supremacist. It does make sense though, because it seems as if he only works with white people and has never dated outside his race. Yes, I know, I'm sure he has cosplayed with his current wife, but other than that, no. Alec & Hilaria Baldwin (Alec and Hilaria Baldwin walk in Manhattan with two children ... after actor caught in controversy after slamming NFL player for 'workplace violence' after punching airline worker)

This one half of a sister duo has been questioned by police multiple times about anything she knows about her on again off again former boyfriend who is in jail. She should be glad she didn't get involved in anything with him. As soon as she got so close to that killing, she should have run for it. Chloe Bailey/Gunna (Fans Urge Chloe Bailey Not To Go "Full Monica" After Gunna & Young Thug Were Arrested On RICO Charges)

The leader (Klaus Schwab) of the economic thing overseas ("World Economic Forum") and his lapdogs are doing their best to crush crypto because too many regular people were making money and making the people in charge of things very nervous. They like to keep their thumb on us, and crypto disrupts that. Klaus Schwab/"World Economic Forum" (This Year at Davos: A Referendum on Davos Itself)

People are talking about the photoshop that added a bit more to the backside of this A- list actress, but she has had work done to the area. Hilary Duff (Allow Hilary Duff to Hilariously Recap Her Nude Magazine Cover Shoot)

It's crazy, but this A list celebrity to the under 12 crowd is being told to grow her hair out if she wants work. Jojo Siwa (JoJo Siwa rocks out with her new hair and more star snaps)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **10**
The probably should have gone to jail, or at least got arrested celebrity offspring should check for hidden cameras next time she spends the night at her boyfriend's house. Stories abound about his home videos.
Olivia Jade Giannulli

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **11**
This three named celebrity is trying to shake down a Prince of a Middle Eastern country. Good luck with that. I'm sure she will end up dead. Apparently he beat some woman she provided and she wants money for her losses. Not, money for the woman who was beaten, but money for our celebrity for money the beaten escort won't be able to earn for her.

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **12**
This one named permanent A list singer had someone buy her dress for her. The singer thought the dress would get $1M. Madonna/"Material Girl Dress" (Madonna’s Material Girl Dress Sold by Julien’s Auctions for $287,500)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **13**
Very interesting. The significant other of this child porn loving reality star is hooking up with a guy from her church who is also married and who is related to her, but it isn't clear how. Anna Renee Duggar/Josh Duggar (Pedophile Josh Duggar's wife Anna begs judge for leniency in child porn sentencing, insisting he is the 'kindest person I know' and comparing him to Ronald Reagan - while mom Michelle gushes about his 'tender heart')

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **14**
The Russian - Old Hollywood: This is a tough one. I doubt many people have actually heard of this foreign born actress (Olga Baclanova) who actually performed in silent films and then made the transition to talking films (Filmography). The transition was not easy. Her accent was thick, but she used it to her advantage and made a career of being the exotic villain. Her career was not enough to make her rich. Yes, she was popular and became well known for her roles, but she was never a leading lady. She needed to supplement her income and she found a way. Because of the roles she took, she was a mainstay in horror movies and took advantage of that by recruiting young actresses who starred with her. These were not ordinary actresses. These were all actresses who were little people. With the exception of a handful of those actresses, most could not earn a steady living acting. So, our foreign born actress pimped them out to men and women and made a fortune. She made far more money exploiting the little people than she ever did acting. It is how she managed to build a massive estate for herself out of the country when she retired. The people that were hiring these little people were willing to pay a lot of money. Our foreign born actress also had what she called a family special. It was pretty sick, but made her a ton of money. She would offer up a family of little people which consisted of three girls and a boy who were famous ("The Doll Family"), but not famous enough to not need the money. Those four once wrote a manuscript about their experiences and was supposed to be published a couple of decades ago when the youngest one died, but it never happened. Olga Baclanova/"The Doll Family"

Yesterday's testimony confirms what I have been telling you from day one. Celebrities are the ones who call the paps and make their own news 90% of the time. Amber Heard

This alliterate celebrity offspring probably would have not gone through a recent body change if he knew his significant other was already having second thoughts about them as a couple. Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz (Brooklyn Beckham reveals HUGE new tattoo of his wedding vows in yet another ink tribute to his wife Nicola Peltz)

This former A- list actress who has at least one movie franchise to her name, but not all installments, is hooking up with a married NHL owner.

Speaking of A- list, this A-/B+ list actor all of you know is supposed to be sober, but got raging drunk over the weekend at a party where most of the women were not even half his age. Not Jon Hamm.

Speaking of Jon Hamm though, one of his former co-stars in his biggest hit, is yachting to snag a very wealthy boyfriend/husband. January Jones/"Mad Men" (January Jones in Bathing Suit Starts "Pasty Girl Summer")

The husband of this east coast Housewife got dumped by his long time mistress because she finally figured out he wasn't leaving his wife for her. Maybe she also found about the other mistress too who is supposedly pregnant and who he is trying to convince to get an abortion. Joe & Melissa Gorga; Evan & Jackie Goldschneider; Bill & Jennifer Aydin/ "Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa Gorga, Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Aydin are seen exiting Bravo's Watch What Happens Live in NYC)

This former A+ list reality star turned hated celebrity who is making a comeback lost millions on her NFT. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton wants to be the 'Queen of the Metaverse')

This producer/host/wannabe rapper once promised to pay someone $100K if he was willing to feel an electric shock from a car battery. The person agreed, but was never paid after. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

What this North Carolina (Morganton, North Carolina) music festival ("Historic Morganton Festival") said is that someone being a rock legend (Artimus Pyle) superseded the fact they are a registered sex offender and at one point faced life in jail for their sex crime, and also has been arrested previously for failing to register as a sex offender. "Historic Morganton Festival"/Artimus Pyle (Historic Morganton Festival to move forward with hiring Artimus Pyle Band, despite musician’s sex offender status)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **10**
It is ironic how the management of the A+ list foreign boyband is sending them to the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes while staying silent about the dead victim of their rapist composer and threatening underage bullying victims of their new singer. They only speak about social issues to get good publicity. "Big Hit Entertainment"/"BTS"/Jung Bobby/Kim Garam (BTS headed to the White House to discuss anti-Asian hate) (Le Sserafim’s Kim Garam to step back from the K-pop girl group amid school bullying scandal) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/15/22)

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **11**
This three named singer should be very careful around her new significant other. His drug use is legendary and our singer does not need to be tempted right now. Even this former A list singer/possible murder suspect couldn't keep up with him. Lana del Rey/Jack Donoghue/Courtney Love (Mama knows she likes the bad boys! Lana del Rey's new man is Jack Donoghue - Courtney Love's ex and tattooed 'rape-gaze genre' band member - as friend says they are a 'power couple of dark, twisted Americana')

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **12**
This A list mostly movie actor/former superhero is growing a massive amount of pot at his home which he says he is going to give away to his friends at Christmas. He says it is super potent.
Chris Evans/"Captain America"

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **13**
The A list actor in #12 got the idea from an actress co-star he also dated. She is known for giving magic mushrooms to friends as presents. Kirsten Dunst/"Spider-Man"

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **14**
Don't Share Your Screen: I told you about a certain Gen Z political internet personality a few months ago, who is notorious for broadcasting rants of hatred against women, Jews, gays, and nearly every minority group. Let's call him Fan (Nick Fuentes) for short. I described how the root of Fan's hatred stems from the fact that he is deeply closeted, and involuntarily celibate. Fan has not engaged in a relationship with a man, due to the risk of being outed, which he knows would cause his audience to abandon and shame him. In the past few weeks, Fan made a number of public statements, which no heterosexual man would ever make. Many news articles were published repeating those statements, openly questioning his sexual preference. Very recently, Fan posted a short video clip to an account, which he was using to evade a prior ban, on the bird social media site ("Twitter"). In the clip, Fan shifted between open tabs, comparing the higher number of recent internet searches of his name, to the lower numbers for a couple of his detractors. At the time, Fan didn't realize that another tab was open on his device, which he did not want anyone to know about. The tab was momentarily visible to his audience, which indicated that he was watching a type of fetishized pornography targeted towards gay and trans men. Some of Fan's followers noticed this, questioned him, and the post was archived in the few minutes before Fan deleted it. A key part of Fan's message espouses purity, anti-pornography, and traditional religious values. That façade has also just been revealed as completely fake. Nick Fuentes/"Twitter" (Men Having Sex With Women Is Gay, Claims "Straight" Right-Wing Podcaster Nick Fuentes) (BLIND ITEM 12/06/21)

This A+ list NFL tight end is cheating on his significant other with a porn star.
Travis Kelce/"Kansas City Chiefs"/Kayla Nicole (and the next day, they announced their split)

The mom of the stripper turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity has confirmed that a certain reality star is closeted. Toyko Toni/Blac Chyna/Kendall Jenner

Considering how hard her A- list actor ex-boyfriend tried to screw her over and destroy her career and life, it is great to see the actress finally passing the ex on the list and also finding the love of her life. Neve Campbell/John Cusack/JJ Feild (Neve Campbell flashes a glimpse of her lacy bra under plunging blazer as she attends the Netflix premiere of The Lincoln Lawyer in Los Angeles) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/17/2013) (BLIND ITEM 02/18/2015)

Police in this Nordic country are looking into the death several years ago of an accuser of this disgraced actor. They are no longer convinced it was a suicide. Norway/Ari Behn/Kevin Spacey (Ari Behn, Ex-Husband of Princess Martha Louise and Kevin Spacey Accuser, Has Died at 47)

With that new round of court filings, it looks as if the west coast Housewife is going to have to reveal her sugardaddies. Yes, apparently there is more than one, which the big one who recently dumped her, didn't know about. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Michael Gaughan) (Erika Jayne is accused of trying to delay a $5 MILLION fraud lawsuit against her by not filing her company's taxes... but she blames ex Tom Girardi's accounts for the delay) (BLIND ITEM 09/22/21)

This celebrity offspring is the OG bad actress. She is also broke again and asking her parental unit to bail her out again. Tori Spelling/Candy Spelling (Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott drop another hint they’ve secretly split after she’s missing from big family milestone)

A group of people who lost all their money are joining a class action lawsuit against this permanent A+ list boxer, an A list reality star, other celebrities and a company alleging they were misled/scammed. Floyd Mayweather, Kim Kardashian, Jake Paul, Paul Pierce, Nick Carter, Ben Phillips, Soulja Boy, Lil Yachty (Jake Paul, Kim Kardashian Lead List of Celebrities Sued for Crypto Ads)

Now that this long time halftime sponsor has dropped out, it means that the A+ list singer is now first on the list of the powers that be to get her to perform. "Pepsi"/"NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show"/Taylor Swift/"Diet Coke" (After A Decade, Pepsi Will No Longer Sponsor The NFL’s Super Bowl Halftime Show) (Taylor Swift Scores ‘Long Term Partnership’ With Diet Coke)

The reporter who today confirmed everything I have ever said about how the celebrity CEO manipulates the press to turn them into publicists rather than press, is not the reporter who has been in this space multiple times. That reporter is in a league of his own when it comes to sucking up, and the favors he receives are much more than just alone time with the CEO and executives. Elon Musk

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **10**
This barely legal foreign born A- list actress who made her fame in streaming, already has a coke problem. Millie Bobby Brown/"Stranger Things" (My, has she changed! Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, 18, sports peroxide blonde hair and glamorous makeup during TV interview: 'We have had a dramatic look change!')

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **11**
Last year, this foreign born permanent A list model fired a housecleaner after beating her. The model thought the cleaner had stolen something, but had not. Naomi Campbell

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **12**
This foreign born B list actress who got her big break in the recent pay cable hit not named Euphoria and not on the same pay cable channel, says she split with this former Disney actor for the same reason his current girlfriend did. The constant cheating was just too much. It was almost a daily thing for years.

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **13**
This foreign born model/bad actress (Cara Delevingne) says she partied this week with this A- list actress (Kristen Stewart) who used to be in that awful book series turned franchise ("Twilight") and they ended up in bed together. Cara Delevingne/Kristen Stewart/"Twilight"/"Cannes Film Festival"

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **14**
Four For Friday - Celebrities You Don't Want To Meet
#1 - This foreign born A- list actor once was the lead in the long long running movie franchise. He thinks all fans are idiots and will tell you to your face. Pierce Brosnan/"James Bond" (Pierce Brosnan Admits He Hates James Bond)

#2 - This permanent A list actress (Halle Berry) who is an Oscar winner/nominee (Won/2002/"Monster's Ball"/Best Actress) and also has been nominated for the bad acting award ("The Golden Raspberry Awards"/2005/"Catwoman"/Worst Actress/Won; 2014/"The Call"/Nominated; 2014/"Movie 43"/Nominated) Halle Berry (15 Reasons Why Halle Berry Ruined Her Own Fame)
#3 - This married A list mostly television actor who has multiple hit shows to his name, including at least one that is iconic. He also had a movie franchise. He smiles a lot for the cameras, but unless you are a female under the age of 25 that he thinks will be open to one of his swinger events, then he has no time for you. Tim Allen/"Home Improvement"/"The Santa Clause" & "Toy Story" (15 Things We Absolutely Hate About Tim Allen)
#4 - This foreign born A list actress has made multiple movies for children. That means children are going to approach her and parents are going to approach her to take a photo for their kids. 95% of the time she will ignore you and just keep walking or make up an excuse or whatever she can. Sometimes she has been been known to say, "F**k off."

While overseas, this one named A list DJ wouldn't take no for an answer from an A list TikTok star. Someone finally noticed before things really took a turn for the worse. Diplo/Charli D'Amelio (Charli D'Amelio, Charli XCX and Diplo attend the amfAR Cannes Gala 2022) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/23/21) (BLIND ITEM 04/16/22)

Speaking of awful people, the puppet master was in the same town and had his team doing the same types of favors for the rich as always has. One twist is he added the actor no one ever wants to work with who has a track record of abusing women. Mohammed Al Turki/Cap d'Antibes, France/Alex Pettyfer (Alex Pettyfer and Mohammed Al Turki pose during amfAR Gala Cannes 2022)

The recent departure of this A- list actress from a dystopian streaming show based on a book, was a firing rather than quitting. There were certain requirements to stay employed and the actress chose to not follow one of those requirements. Alexis Bledel/"The Handmaid’s Tale" (Alexis Bledel Exits ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Ahead of Season 5)

There is nothing that has been learned which would clear this actor in the death of his wife. The powers that be just know he is going to die soon, and short of a confession know they are not going to arrest him, so "cleared" him. Robert Wagner/Natalie Wood (Robert Wagner cleared as Natalie Wood case goes cold)

Reader Blind: There has been a lot of talk about this foreign born sports coach (Frank Lampard). He was A list as a player and comes from what can be described as the closest thing his country (United Kingdom) has to the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty. One close relative in particular was a player and coach but has since become a TV personality, and another won many of the sport's top prizes as a player. Other people in his family are celebrities in their country. The governing body of his sport wants him to succeed. Badly. They have earmarked him as the next coach of the national team just because of who he is. It is no surprise that he has walked into top jobs despite being mediocre. They know very well that appointing him would be a disaster for the national team, which has been highly successful in recent years, but they don't care. They just want a recognized name at the helm. Frank Lampard/English national soccer team (Frank Lampard and Everton warned to avoid "foolish" Dele Alli transfer decision) (Frank Lampard’s star-studded family includes TV royalty like wife Christine and football legends such as Harry Redknapp)

Reader Blind: Speaking of this national sports team, don't believe the hype. No former players are coming out any time soon, at least not before the tournament in the very homophobic country. "World Cup in Qatar in 2022"

Reader Blind: It's very well known that the foreign born permanent A list singer (Bono) in a group ("U2") is an a-hole. Some have even gone as far as to speculate that his activism is all just a front for how big of an egomaniac a-hole he really is. I would have considered this a hyperbolic statement until I heard this story. Even though it's from the beginning of his career it illustrates perfectly how bad he can be. Just before the singer's band took off, they were recording next door to another band. The other band never quite reached the success the A lister's band did, but they would become known as pioneers not only in their genre but in modern music as a whole. All of you know them, or at least who they became. Let's call them The Others ("Joy Division"). Their lead singer, EP (Ian Curtis), had a distinctive quality to his voice which helped set them apart from other bands in their genre. He also had a medical condition (Epilepsy) which had recently been forcing the band to cancel dates, and suffered from severe depression. At this point, The Others were more well known in their country than the future A lister's band, and the A lister was not a fan. During breaks in recording he would go into the next studio and berate EP in particular. This went on for several weeks, and he was absolutely unrelenting. He would call EP's voice unlistenable, saying that he hoped EP would die of his condition soon so he wouldn't have to hear him again. He blamed EP for his own mental health struggles, claiming he wasn't really depressed but sad that nobody liked him, not even his bandmates (Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris) or his wife (Deborah Curtis). This was the straw that broke EP's back, and our A lister got his desired effect when he committed suicide several days later. Almost immediately after EP had been laid to rest, The Others reformed without him. The two core members we will call BM and TT (Bernard Sumner & Stephen Morris/"New Order"). When the A lister heard about the reformation he went to BM's house and gloated about the death of EP, saying that he should be the new lead singer. BM understandably refused and threatened to call the police, but not before the A lister had what can only be described as a breakdown in which he began claiming he was EP. The harassment didn't stop there. He repeatedly telephoned both BM and TT begging to join The Others, one time telling TT that he would kill his elderly mother if he didn't let him join. You read that right. Our A lister drove a singer he didn't like to suicide and then tried to bully the other members into letting him take his place in his band. This is not only significant because it illustrates how much of an a-hole he is, but because it changed the course of music history forever. Things would be even more different IF The Others had took him on. Bono/"U2"/"Joy Division"/Ian Curtis/Epilepsy/Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris/Deborah Curtis/Bernard Sumner & Stephen Morris/"New Order" (Ian Curtis of Joy Division dies by suicide) (Bono recalls the "very special moment" he met Ian Curtis for the first time)

The mainstream news is finally confirming my theory that this former Attorney General had a big hand in the death of the alliterate A list actress. Robert F. Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe (Netflix Documentary Alleges Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe Fought The Night of Her Death)

This crypto scam artist/pedo enabler/participator who should be in jail and ran for President is now running for Senator in order to scam even more people. Brock Pierce (Brock Pierce ran for president and now for US Senate from Vermont)

Dear Reality Show Competition Judges,
Do not sleep with a contestant on the show. It will get you fired and in a lot of trouble.
Love & Bacon,
cc: Paula Abdul
Matthew Morrison/"So You Think You Can Dance" (and today we got confirmation) (Matthew Morrison Fired from SYTYCD for 'Flirty' Messages That Made Contestant 'Uncomfortable')

Every big singer knew being the opening act of this sports final was just asking for trouble, so they all turned it down. The foreign born singer was talked into it and told by management everyone would love her. If by love, you mean tens of thousands of people booing and chanting over her, then yes, she was loved. It was a career ruiner. Camila Cabello/"UEFA Champions League Final" (Camila Cabello calls out 'rude' football fans who sang over her performance at the UEFA Champions League final in Paris as she says: 'I worked tirelessly for so long to give a good show')

This permanent A list actress offspring (Jane Fonda) of a permanent A list actor (Henry Fonda) isn't thrilled to have the world discover that she enjoyed partner swapping (Dennis Hopper) while married (Roger Vadim). Jane Fonda/Henry Fonda/Dennis Hopper/Roger Vadim (The hell of living with Hollywood's favourite hedonist: Orgies with up to 50 women a night, a gallon of rum and 28 beers a day, topped up with cocaine... Dennis Hopper’s wild life thrilled Tinseltown – but not his poor wives and children)

Mr. X: Which foreign born right wing talking head was allegedly deported back to his home country earlier this year? It might explain why what little he had left of his social media footprint has all but vanished. He was rumored to have been caught with coke in his luggage at the airport. Whether or not he is currently in rehab is unknown but it wouldn’t surprise me if the court ordered it.

Mr. X: Which A-list singer/former tweener who recently nabbed a big movie role is about to nab another big flick? She’s rumored to be voicing this classic cartoon character in a long gestating feature film. Several streaming services are in a bidding war for this flick. Ariana Grande/"Wicked"

Reader Blind - Kindness: This deceased foreign actor (Peter Cushing - 6’0"/"Grand Moff Tarkin") is associated with a particular genre of film (horror). He often starred with another actor (Christopher Lee - 6‘5"/"Count Dooku") who was taller than him and they became good friends off camera. He was also in one of the biggest films ("Star Wars") of all time that spawned prequels, sequels, and spin offs. Off camera, he was a very kind man who did a lot for charity including recording readings of audiobooks and often appearing at charitable events. One of the biggest things he did to raise money for charity (care of senior citizens was his main cause) was to leave not only all of his money to his favorite charities when he died but much more profitable all of the various memorabilia he had saved from that famous movie, a lot of which was signed. Some of the organizations he gave to were smart and held onto it and made even more money for those under their care. Peter Cushing/horror/Christopher Lee/"Star Wars" ("The Gentlest And Most Generous Of Men": The Friendship Of Peter Cushing And Christopher Lee")

Reader Blind: This A- or possibly B+ list former politician (Steve Israel) is rumored to be the real author of a cynical, brutally worded book that discusses his life in politics. The book is in many ways unremarkable; he writes about the deeply incompetent and immoral nature of government in America. Everyone and their grandmother knows that by now. What's more remarkable is, first, how the author candidly admits that he was fully part of the problem, and second, the author's attacks on the American people themselves, describing them as naïve, ignorant, self-absorbed, sheepish, unintelligent, apathetic, and too concerned with instant gratification to do what's in their nation's best interests. The politician has denied authorship, but one of his staff members is on-record as saying the complaints in the book are identical to the complaints the staff member heard from the politician. Making his denial even less believable, the politician is a published novelist and, in his post-governmental career, has become the owner of a bookstore.
(Former congressman opens bookshop on Long Island)
Politician: Steve Israel (U.S. Congressman from New York, 2001-2017)
Cynical, Brutally Worded Book: "The Confessions Of Congressman X"

Would you want the celebrity CEO tripping on mushrooms at your wedding? Well, one lucky couple got to experience it first hand. Elon Musk/Ari Emanuel & Sarah Staudinger (Who is Ari Emanuel? Elon Musk, Diddy and more attend agent's star-studded wedding to Sarah Staudinger)

This foreign born permanent A list model (Naomi Campbell) is far too old to interest the billionaire (Ernesto Bertarelli) she was spotted with overseas ("Monaco's F1 Grand Prix"). However, she does know exactly how to find the women he does like and has proved herself to him, time and time again. He has very special needs. It is why he got divorced (Kirsty Roper). Naomi Campbell/Ernesto Bertarelli/"Monaco's F1 Grand Prix"/Kirsty Roper (Chic Naomi Campbell walks arm-in-arm with billionaire businessman Ernesto Bertarelli as the pair attend Monaco's F1 Grand Prix)

This failed singer (Justine Skye) took a side. She thinks that if she takes the side of the barely there celebrity offspring (Hailey Baldwin Bieber) of a barely there celebrity (Stephen Baldwin), that somehow the significant other of the barely there celebrity (Justin Bieber) will get her some features and better management. I think everyone is ready to see the feud end between the A- list actress (Selena Gomez) and the barely there celebrity. Justine Skye/Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Stephen Baldwin/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (Justine Skye Faces Backlash for Allegedly Posting a Snapchat Story Shading Selena Gomez) (Hailey Bieber gets dragged after BFF ‘shades’ Selena Gomez online)

This sports organization ("USA Gymnastics' Women's Program") just doesn't learn from its mistakes. One of the triumvirate (Alicia Quinn) it recently hired is blatantly racist and an enabler of the doctor (Larry Nassar) that was finally brought down. This new hire was in the car with the alliterate athlete (McKayla Maroney) when the athlete started discussing with other athletes in the car about weird medical treatments they were enduring. Our new hire told the athlete she should be quiet and not mention it.
"USA Gymnastics' Women's Program"/Alicia Quinn/Larry Nassar/McKayla Maroney (Baker, Memmel and Sacramone Quinn Selected for Women's Program High Performance Roles)

This foreign very recent A++ lister had a sexual relationship with a very close family member when he was young. This is even more complicated when you consider that there has been some confusion about one half of his parentage.

It is certainly a choice for this one named permanent A list singer to be dating a man who shot a woman. She has dated many violent men in her past. Maybe it is her thing. Madonna/Tory Lanez (Tory Lanez & Madonna Get Close At Gervonta Davis Fight)

If for some reason, the label founder/clothing designer/music producer/reality star/serial rapist (Russell Simmons) didn't bother you, the remarks he made about his daughter (Aoki Lee Simmons) will. It also makes you realize what he was doing in that foreign country (Bali) where the age of consent is either 15 or 16 depending on the region. Russell Simmons/Aoki Lee Simmons/Bali (Sexual misconduct and assault allegations) (Russell Simmons Daughter Aoki Tells Him She's Getting A Sugar Daddy!) (Russell Simmons All Smiles With Family In The Hamptons Amid Million-Dollar Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife Kimora Lee Simmons)

This Euphoria actor wanted no part of an interview prior to a sports event, because he knows nothing about the sport even though he says he watches it religiously. He knew he would have been called out for it if he went live on air. Jacob Elordi/"Formula One"/"Monaco's F1 Grand Prix" (F1 fans cringe as Simone Ashley and Jacob Elordi deny interview on live TV)

The significant other of this A+ list singer said this weekend that he had not spoken to the A+ list singer in over three weeks. What kind of relationship is that? Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift

The online/televised tabloid bought a huge story about the reality family and then killed it. It is the first time I have heard them doing this. They have killed stories about the family and others that are under the hated manager, but never heard of them buying and then killing a piece. "TMZ"/Kardashians/Scooter Braun

This A- list talking head definitely leans to the right. She is cheating on her husband with a huge political donor. Kellyanne Conway/George T. Conway III (Kellyanne Conway Isn't Wearing Wedding Ring, Says Husband George Isn't Either)

The big European newspapers are reporting today what I told you several months ago that the financing for that massive movie hit came from blood money from the Russian mob. The US media won't cover it because they want access to the junkets and premieres and especially the pint sized actor. "Top Gun: Maverick"/Tom Cruise (Suspicions of Russian money in the budget of "Top Gun: Maverick")

This still young actress (Joey King) who recently got engaged (Steven Piet), says she still has many days each month where she gets the feeling she is possessed. This is why parents should think long and hard about letting really young kids star in horror movies ("The Conjuring"). Joey King/Steven Piet/"The Conjuring" (Joey King Reveals She Got Engaged to Boyfriend Steven Piet a Month Ago: 'Let's Do It')

This barely there model who is using the services of a publicist hired by her boyfriend can say whatever she likes and believe whatever she likes, but the truth is there was cheating whether she knew it or not. She really doesn't care though. Aliana Mawla/Liam Payne (Aliana Mawla Responds to Liam Payne Cheating Allegations After His Split From Maya Henry)

The daughter of this A+ list pastor (T. D. Jakes) is being accused of kidnapping children and providing them to men to be molested. Because all of the kids are from one church, everything is being hushed up to try and keep the leaders in place in the church hierarchy. T. D. Jakes (Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Son-In-Law Reportedly Arrested For Sexual Abuse of Adopted Daughter)

The taste in men has not got any better for this actress (Margaret Qualley) who is an offspring of someone higher (Andie MacDowell) on the list. She got out quickly in her last relationship (Pete Davidson) and needs to do so with this one before making that lifelong commitment (Jack Antonoff) . She should talk to the writer/actress (Lena Dunham). Margaret Qualley/Andie MacDowell/Pete Davidson/Jack Antonoff/Lena Dunham (Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff’s Engagement Is Instagram Official)

This former Bachelorette has been making noise about starting an OnlyFans.

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **10**
Reader Blind: A while back, this ambitious individual decided he wanted to be an A++ lister. He had already held a very high position at a more local level as well as an appointed position. A rival for the A++ position leaked some info to the press about his spouse and he chose not to seek this. All of this has been reported before. But the truth is a little bit different. It is true that his wife always considered him a poor choice as a husband as she does not find him attractive at all and has had numerous affairs over the years and yes she did leave him for someone else for a period but then came back. However, this info is already out there and the wannabe ambitious A++ lister felt he could weather this. What ended his A++ quest was the arrival of photos of his wife having sex with different men. At that point, he immediately ended his quest. What he didn’t know was his wife was the one who sent the photos as she really didn’t want her past dragged out in nationwide media. Also in a more current position wherein he comes into contact with younger people, his wife is using this position to conduct sexual relationships with younger men (all over legal age).

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **11**
Unless there is some type of criminal trial pending, then unlike his reality peer, this actor/reality star should be protected by all the NDA's he had former lovers sign over the years. Most of them anyway. There were a bunch of randoms in the late 80's and early 90's. Todd Chrisley/Harry Hamlin/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Kelly Dodd Says Lisa Rinna's Husband Harry Hamlin Is 'Next' After Todd Chrisley's Accused Of Having Same-Sex Affair)

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **12**
A producer who secured the story of a law enforcement official then got their publicist to set up something with Kneepads to get the public invested in a version of events that will get the producer a greenlight. It is one of the more horrific things I have seen as of late in Hollywood.

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **13**
This elderly former A+ list wrestler had to start a Go Fund Me because his wife and her brother took all the wrestler's money.
Abdullah the Butcher

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **14**
Intervention: You may think this is about drugs, but it isn't. This is about families intervening to remove a loved one from a woman they had been dating. It all started nearly a decade ago when a woman started dating this foreign born A list screenwriter. The screenwriter, like all of the men the woman dates, are decades older and nearing death. The woman came in and demanded changes and that staff be fired all so the woman could have the attention of the writer and not let anyone near him who could break the pair up. This went on for a year, and after a trip to a lawyer to discuss will changes and money payments, one of the children of the screenwriter stepped in and intervened. The offspring had to bring security personnel and dragged dad away until he agreed to stay away from the woman.

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