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The late night talk show host won't do or say anything about the next franchise location. He is too busy trying to score financing from residents of that country for a new project he wants to do. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/"The Real Housewives of Dubai"/United Arab Emirates (Andy Cohen Comes Under Fire By Human Rights Organizations Over ‘The Real Housewives Of Dubai’)

Let me get this straight. This rebooted pay cable show somehow shocked everyone and got picked up for another season and what you decide to do is put the focus on the least popular character by a long shot and think ratings will improve? "And Just Like That"/Che Diaz (And Just Like That… Season 2 Is Doubling Down on Che Diaz)

The foreign born former boy bander throwing everyone of his former bandmates under the bus to distract from his cheating last week, is next level. Liam Payne/"One Direction"/Maya Henry/Aliana Mawla (Liam Payne dragged for airing One Direction’s dirty laundry on podcast) (Aliana Mawla Responds to Liam Payne Cheating Allegations After His Split From Maya Henry) (BLIND ITEM 05/31/22)

This is coming from a friend of the new girlfriend and not the girlfriend herself, but it does make perfect sense. The celebrity CEO has become so lazy in bed that he refuses to do anything but lay there and makes the girlfriend do all the work. He also has been known to text during all of this.
Natasha Bassett/Elon Musk (I'm actually shocked he can even get an erection) (The rising Australian star who is dazzling Elon Musk: 50-year-old's actress girlfriend Natasha Bassett, 27, found fame Down Under before hitting the big time in the U.S. playing Britney Spears - and even formed a friendship with his mom Maye back in 2015)

The significant other of the permanent A list "singer" has been accused of yelling at the singer if she didn't let him spend more on clothes and other things, so I call total crap on his most recent article about only spending his own money. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ fiancé, Sam Asghari: ‘I’m not a house husband’)

Not only are reporters barred from asking any questions about a procedure that was reversed on this alliterate reality star, they are barred from talking/asking about whether she got the procedure in the first place. The only thing they are allowed to ask about are product lines. Kim Kardashian/"Brazilian Butt Lift" (Kardashian fans think Kim’s butt is SHRINKING in new photos after accusations she got her ‘fillers’ removed) (What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?)

At some point, there will need to be an exit strategy so neither this foreign born actor (Tom Holland) or this one named actress (Zendaya) looks bad when there is a "split." The last thing either wants, is a repeat of history when an actress (Kristen Stewart) was busted with a director (Rupert Sanders) and ruined the fan fic (Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart - "Twilight") of millions. Tom Holland/Zendaya (Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders/Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart - "Twilight") (Zendaya cuddles up to boyfriend Tom Holland in intimate snap for his 26th birthday with touching message: 'To the one who makes me the happiest')

I was talking about this A- list director and what he was doing on sets and off sets years ago, but I'm glad he is finally getting the bashing he deserves. Cary Joji Fukunaga (‘He Needs to Be Stopped’: Sources Say Cary Fukunaga ‘Abused His Power’ To Pursue Young Women on Set)

This foreign born B+ list actress who has slipped over the year since her hit show ended, got wasted drunk and fell into the sea from a boat carrying her to a yacht. Her boyfriend fished her out.

This A- list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and regardless of what she publicly says to reporters, privately she doesn't understand the plot of the horrible movie ("Crimes of the Future") she is promoting. It is really unwatchable. Kristen Stewart/"Crimes of the Future" (Kristen Stewart Responds to People Walking Out of Cannes Screenings of Crimes of the Future)

The singing offspring of a permanent A+ lister, recently tried to kill herself.

Reader Blind: Two possibilities. First, This A/A+ list country singer has been doing threesome with his wife’s best friend since this woman moved back to her hometown. No doubt because the wife wants to keep the husband for money, she would do everything to please him and apparently, she attempted to do it before their marriage when he was bored. Second, the country’s wife is bisexual or gay. She had no actual romantic relationships with men before the scandal with her now husband exposed. The friend keeps coming to Nashville from the same hometown with the wife and they’re going to join on tour with the singer. Jason Aldean/Brittany Kerr (Sketchy Things Everyone Just Ignores About Jason Aldean)

They are from the same country (Canada) and have slept with the same reality sister (Khloé Kardashian), so why shouldn't the A+ list rapper/singer (Drake) party with the alliterate NBA player (Tristan Thompson). Canada/Khloé Kardashian/Drake/Tristan Thompson (Drake and Tristan Thompson Party Together with Cocktails and Hookah in Memorial Day Photo)

Filling The Void: This behind the scenes person definitely had a following. People listened to what he had to say. He had been saying things on television and radio for over two decades. The following grew slowly over time. One thing people should do though, is rise above the forest and look from a different vantage point about how the following did grow. In the early days, he achieved growth when those around him had to give up their following or their audience when they ran afoul of the law. No one stopped to ask why so many people close to this personality were going to jail or losing their jobs and he remained unscathed. Could he have set them up to fall and then take their followers? Fast forward to events much more recent. He has tripled, if not quadrupled his followers over the past two years. Where did he get them? Some of course were organic, but the vast majority can be attributed to two people who espoused many of the same theories as our blind item subject. Those two didn't end up going to jail or some other law enforcement operation. Instead, they ended up dead and there was our blind item subject stepping into the void and bringing their followers with him. He didn't kill them, but he certainly pushed them into reckless behavior with his words. Words that he didn't follow himself, which is why he is still alive and why he is such a very powerful force. Much more powerful than he has ever been.

15. TAMARA TATTLES 06/01/22
Housewife Betrayed: This housewife (Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey") was trying to have a sort of low key wedding to husband number two (Luis 'Louie' Ruelas). She invited a few housewives from other franchises (Kyle Richards/"Real Housewivess of Beverly Hills"; Kenya Moore/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"; Luann De Lesseps and Dorinda Medley/"Real Housewives of New York"); Margaret Josephs/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"). Think more of the others with similar low intelligence. So one of the other housewives (Ramona Singer) from another franchise ("Real Housewives of New York") with low intelligence was doing an IG story and held up the invitation for all to see. Apparently, the invite came with the invite in a box of cheap flowers. The wedding is… errr was? To be on August 6th 2022 at Park Chateau in New Jersey. This was supposed to be private information. The was also a weblink and a pass code to RSVP. Apparently, when you go to RSVP you can also see everyone else who is invited and what everyone RSVPed. I’m sure the housewife who gave away the whole thing has apologized. Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Luis 'Louie' Ruelas/Kyle Richards/"Real Housewivess of Beverly Hills"; Kenya Moore/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"; Luann De Lesseps and Dorinda Medley/"Real Housewives of New York"); Margaret Josephs/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Ramona Singer/"Real Housewives of New York" (Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas' wedding date and location LEAKED after guest Ramona Singer shares invite on her Instagram)

Another ex of this music producer/television producer all of you know, telling him he should just be with men full time. 50 Cent

This A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee says her ex, molested at least one of their children.

The actor who won yesterday is trying to quickly settle an abuse lawsuit set for trial next month. The only holdup is the NDA he wants the plaintiff to sign. He has admitted to the beating, but doesn't want it spread far and wide after yesterday. Johnny Depp

Apparently the foreign former boy bander who is in the news a lot as of late, learned that the woman he is seeing, has previously seen one of his bandmates, which is why all the animosity towards him. That, and of course, the drinking. Liam Payne/"One Direction"/Zayn Malik/Aliana Mawla (Liam Payne dragged for airing One Direction’s dirty laundry on podcast) (Aliana Mawla Responds to Liam Payne Cheating Allegations After His Split From Maya Henry)

A TikTok star who has gone viral for her swinging has some very interesting tales about network reality siblings and their sexual escapades. Taylor Frankie Paul/Camille Munday & Miranda McWhorter (What on Earth Is Going on With Mormon MomTok?)

This B+ list actress was last seen on this long running network comedy which recently ended. She says she lost forty pounds through relaxation methods. Uh huh. So, what was that liposuction appointment about? Lauren Ash/"Superstore" ('Superstore' actress Lauren Ash shows off toned legs after weight loss: 'Fit and fab')

This alliterate executive (Sheryl Sandberg) who is no longer an executive of the company ("Facebook") with the ridiculous name change ("Meta") , which was also ridiculous when a NBA player (Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace aka Metta Sandiford-Artest) did it first, has been promised the 1/100th seat (United States Senator for California) should the current occupant (Dianne Feinstein) die or retire. That would give her the easiest path to election in 2024 too. Sheryl Sandberg/"Facebook"/"Meta"/Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace aka Metta Sandiford-Artest/ United States Senator for California/Dianne Feinstein (Top executive Sheryl Sandberg is leaving Facebook)

This back in the day cable real estate star has been selling homes that are not for sale. He targets people who live in other countries who wire money for the purchase. Because they couldn't travel to the US for a couple of years to see their home, he got away with it. Now, he is on the run. Madison Hildebrand/"Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles" (What Happened To Madison Hildebrand From Million Dollar Listing?)

If it so painful, this three named actress could stop talking about her feud with her former co-star. She won't though, because the feud is the only thing people want to discuss with her. Sarah Jessica Parker/Kim Cattrall (Sarah Jessica Parker on "Painful" Kim Cattrall Rift: "There Just Isn’t Anyone Else Who’s Ever Talked About Me This Way" (Exclusive))

Speaking of the three named actress in #9. In the past, she has commented that she thinks gossip is vile and that it perpetuates the sinking of culture to the lowest common denominator. Maybe someone should remind her what her best friend does to earn a living. Sarah Jessica Parker/Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"

This foreign born A- list singer has been purging all her meals on her European trip. Camila Cabello/Italy (Camila Cabello puts on a cheeky display in a skimpy orange bikini while enjoying a dip in the ocean off the coast of Capri in Italy)

This A list comic actor is cheating on his wife.

Released video shows there was no easy access into the building for the dead murderer. How did he get in? His first victim who was close to him had a key as she had worked there. Wait until they find out how he got the money for his weapons. "Robb Elementary School"/Salvador Ramos/Celia "Sally" Martinez Gonzales (Salvador Ramos’s grandmother was teacher’s aide at elementary school where shooting unfolded, report says)

The Story: Apparently this standup comic (Kate Quigley) is not alone in her relationship with the offspring (Hunter Biden) she has made news with since her near death. Apparently there is also a dead porn star and another porn star who was the roommate of the now dead one. Why do I bring this up? Because the still alive porn star is about to sell her story and I wanted to tell the story first. I didn't think anyone would actually pay her her asking price for the story because it is really the story of the dead roommate who used to have sex and do drugs with the offspring. Yes, the still alive porn star did the same, but never heard the story directly from the offspring. The offspring was doing business with someone (Christopher Heinz) in the condiment industry. Things were becoming rather dicey and some money was taken from some people who most definitely wanted it back. This is why you shouldn't do drugs and try and rip off people's money at the same time. It looked like for awhile, the people wanted to kill the offspring to get their money back. Our offspring reached out to one of the guys who used to deal arms and had a movie made about them from a magazine article. The porn star didn't know which of the two, but one of them. That person knew the guy who was trying to kill the offspring. The person who was supposed to get the money from the offspring or kill him decided to make a deal, but he needed a body for his boss. I can totally see everything happening up to this point. It is this next part, that I would need to see more proof, but the people buying the story, perhaps have it? A homeless man was killed and then burned beyond recognition. There is your body. The reason I don't believe the last part is our offspring is a known face and wasn't going into hiding, so the fake body thing wouldn't work. The porn star's logic is that it was done to buy enough time to get the rest of the money. Kate Quigley/Hunter Biden/Christopher Heinz (Hunter Biden's business partnership with John Kerry's stepson DISSOLVED because he thought VP's son taking board seat at Ukrainian energy company for $50,000 per month was a dumb idea)

30. TAMARA TATTLES 06/03/22
Trying To Throw Off The Scent: Ah, the perks of being rich. This "friend" on a real housewives show paid a PR person to make sure that her (Kathy Hilton) appalling behavior (homophobic slur in Aspen, CO) was not revealed on the show ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"). Despite the cameras rolling at all times, sources say there is no footage of the behavior. If I have to guess I’d say production was hit with a huge lawsuit. But wait! There’s more, the lawyers dealt with the legal stuff, allegedly, and the PR person (Patrick Somers) was specifically hired to change the narrative on social media and get people off the topic. The guy was actually pretty good, I don’t think the abhorrent behavior was really reported by major tabloids. I don’t read them much so I could be wrong about that. The PR person began targeting the main person (Lisa Rinna) who was calling out the "Friend of" for her aborhorent behavior. INCLUDING POSTING HER PHONE NUMBER ON SOCIAL MEDIA! That’s fucked up! He planted all sorts of stories about the truth teller and also manage to smear her husband (Harry Hamlin). Shockingly that smear campaign was very similar to what the "friend of" was accused of. Money can’t buy you class, but apparently it can save your ass. I’m now suspicious of the "PR GUY". He just posted this on his own. It’s totally possible he made it all up and is just seeking attention. I mean he doesn’t even know how capital letters work. Kathy Hilton/homophobic slur in Aspen, CO/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Patrick Somers/Lisa Rinna/Harry Hamlin (RHOBH: Why Fans Are Questioning Lisa Rinna & Patrick Somers' Drama) (Lisa Rinna Claims Kathy Hilton Hired a Marketing Manager to Start ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Feud) (Lisa Rinna hits back at Kelly Dodd after the RHOC star hinted her husband Harry Hamlin is gay... as she responds by posting a picture with a beard)

The alliterate reality star (Kim Kardashian) is doing the same thing ("SKKN") she always does. Capitalize on an already existing business name ("SKKN+") and try and force them out of business. The fact that it is a female minority (Cydnie Lunsford) owned company doesn't matter to the reality star. Kim Kardashian/"SKKN"/"SKNN+"/Cydnie Lunsford (Kim Kardashian Is Already Facing Backlash Over Her Skin-Care Line, SKKN by Kim) (Kim Kardashian Receives Cease and Desist Letter from Cydnie Lunsford’s SKKN+ Skincare)

The thing is, this foreign born A- list soccer player has always cheated. I have been writing about him cheating with hookers and fans for a decade. The only thing different this time is that the A list singer had a very bad court ruling against her a couple of days earlier. Sympathy vote from the judges? I think the hospital visit was a little too much, but congrats to her for really selling it. Gerard Piqué/Shakira (Shakira and footballer Gerard Piqué announce split after 12 years) (Shakira tells fans her father is in the hospital recovering from a 'bad fall' while the pop star deals with fallout from her split with longtime partner Gerard Piqué)

The sad fact is no one was willing to pay this former Disney actress for an exclusive on her recent split. No one cares. Her team had to pay Kneepads to take an interest. Bella Thorne/Benjamin Mascolo/"People" (Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo End Engagement After More Than a Year)

This retired actress in the news again, once had to sign a several hundred page NDA in return for a little over $10M. The secrets she knows about all of the stars who came to her for her Dominatrix skills are legendary. The one payment is from just one actor. Leelee Sobieski/Tom Cruise (Leelee Sobieski's new life: The actress co-starred with Tom Cruise, Josh Harnett and Paul Walker before leaving Hollywood to paint... and now she has an exhibition in Shanghai)

The celebrity CEO has no more wriggle room and no more time. He is going to own the bird company very soon and is going to have to pay that very overvalued price to do so. I expect a bender for the ages this weekend. He better hope there is no government drug test for contractors come Monday. Oh, I forgot. He stopped testing any of the employees who work for the space company which is in violation of federal law, but he doesn't care. Elon Musk/"Twitter" (When Elon Musk Dreams, His Employees Have Nightmares)

This foreign born former A- list hockey player says that he slept with the woman who was his wife, but also his brother-in-law. Dion Phaneuf/Elisha Cuthbert/Jonathan Cuthbert; Sean Avery/Hilary Rhoda/Spencer Rhoda

Much like the royal pedophile's COVID, there is also another ruse. According to several employees at the streaming service, their well laid plans have been hindered because the woman they wanted to film and scheduled to film by staking out locations, got wind of it which is why she keeps making excuses for not showing up to events honoring her. Prince Andrew/"Netflix"/Queen Elizabeth

I love every year on this date when people write all kinds of think pieces and where is she now pieces about this Grammy winning singer (Bobbie Gentry) who disappeared. Maybe because living in LA for so long, you would get used to seeing her here or there. The only question you can't ask her is why she disappeared. She doesn't like that. Bobbie Gentry (Where in the World Is Bobbie Gentry? Here's What We Know) (The Third Of June Is Coming)

The disgraced director is up to his old tricks again. I don't know if the two guys were legal or not. I will assume they were. However, neither looked older than 14. Bryan Singer ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

When this foreign born still one hit wonder finally splits with the married NBA player she is seeing, it is going to be epic. She thinks they are going to get married. Nope. Iggy Azalea/Malik Monk."Los Angeles Lakers" (Iggy Azalea EXCLUSIVE: Rapper rocks head-to-toe black ensemble for Valentine's date with new basketball player beau Lakers star Malik Monk at Giorgio Baldi in LA)

Speaking of cheating, one of the members of this all female band is sleeping with a married late night talk show host. Alana Haim/"Haim"/Jimmy Fallon

Why yes, the social media post was planned by publicists to try and flip the narrative that this actress/director is a bad mom. Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde sometimes felt like a ‘huge f–king failure’ as a parent)

The alliterate singing actor is indignant and outraged that he was fired from a show. I am indignant that someone who enabled/attended countless parties with Bryan Singer and knew what was going on the whole time, would be hired for a show. Matthew Morrison/"So You Think You Can Dance" (Matthew Morrison Shares the Direct Message That Got Him Fired From So You Think You Can Dance)

Four For Friday - A+ List Horror Shows
#1 - This A+ list mostly movie actor hated this A+ list mostly movie actor with multiple hit movie franchises to his name so much, that when they were filming together, the non franchise A+ lister slept with the mistress of the franchise A+ list actor and called him during sex. Sylvester Stallone ("Rocky"/"Rambo"/"The Expendables")/Richard Gere/"The Lords of Flatbush" (Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere Reportedly Got into a Fight Over Princess Diana)

#2 - Speaking of cheating, this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee has been feuding with this A+ list DJ for decades. Does the DJ know his significant other once slept with the actor?
#3 - This A+ list talk show host had a dinner at her house. All of her guests got food poisoning. Instead of apologizing, she blamed a guest for coming to the event sick and getting the host sick. It was the strangest deflection ever. Rosie O'Donnell
#4 - Speaking of A+ list talk show hosts, this now former host has strip searched employees when the host thought they were stealing. If they complained, they were fired. Ellen DeGeneres

Don't believe the hype. This A- list mostly movie actress is not being cut from this next installment of the her franchise. Amber Heard/"Aquaman 2" (Amber Heard No Longer Appearing In Aquaman 2, According to New Rumor)

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister has not been showing up for his drug tests. He needs rehab, but has a court case coming soon and doesn't want to miss it. Chet Hanks/Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks' Son Chet Court Drama: Ex-Girlfriend Kiana Claims Self-Defense Over Bloody Knife Fight, Denies Stealing $20k)

This actress/showrunner is being accused of sexual harassment again. I'm not sure how she keeps getting work and being put in charge of people. Lena Waithe (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/10/2020) (BLIND ITEM 02/24/2020)

It is highly probable that this actor/host/serial impregnator has four women pregnant simultaneously. For sure there is one, and a very high probability of two more. The fourth is a maybe because she is seeing someone other than the host, although they do have a child(ren) together. Nick Cannon (Relationships and children) (Abby De La Rosa Reveals She's Expecting a Baby Nearly 1 Year After Welcoming Twins with Nick Cannon) (For Your Viewing Pleasure: Possible Papa of 9 Nick Cannon Talks Fatherhood With Men’s Health)

This foreign born actor (Arón Piper) is a Netflix mainstay appearing on multiple shows for the streamer. He is also an idiot for cheating on his girlfriend (Jessica Goicoechea) in such a public way. People always have eyes on this A list foreign singer (Dua Lipa). I hope the bad press headed her way is worth it. Arón Piper/Jessica Goicoechea/Dua Lipa (FKA Twigs Posted A Video Of Her Making Out With Arón Piper From "Elite" After He Was Seen Out With Dua Lipa)

This girlfriend/beard for hire definitely wants to be the girlfriend of this foreign born alliterate superhero actor. She is trying to force him to into a corner by posting videos of him and then deleting which piques the interest of fans and ticks off any women the actor is sleeping with. The thirst here is next level. I guess being a beard for so long and not getting the attention she craved has really set all of this in motion. Annabelle Wallis (Chris Pine)/Sebastian Stan/"Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier" (Sebastian Stan Gets Close With Annabelle Wallis in Seemingly Flirty Birthday Party Snap)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity went off on a fan for taking a photos of the celebrity because it was from a bad angle and made the fan delete the photo. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez bares her abs in a crop top and leggings as she arrives to a studio in Los Angeles)

It has begun. This three named actress who is in a legal battle with an alliterate singer has been getting death threats. Evan Rachel Wood/Marilyn Manson (Johnny Depp’s Verdict Sets A New Precedent & Now Marilyn Manson’s Defamation Case Is Next)

A court in a European country with their recent actions has confirmed what I have told you for years. The foreign born cyber journalist all of you know was targeted for execution by the US. Spain/Julian Assange (Mike Pompeo summoned by court to explain alleged US government plot to assassinate Julian Assange, say Spanish media reports)

I don't know if they are specifically trying to target the A+ list rapper with their actions, but there is a concerted effort with recent photos and statements that will cause him to lash out for sure. Kanye West/The Kardashians (Pete Davidson Holds Kim & Kanye's Son Saint's Hand During Shopping Trip)

One week you are on the yacht of a billionaire off the coast of France sucking face with him and the next week you announce the split between you and the actor with the initial to break up the famous name. Lori Harvey/Michael B. Jordan (Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey Break Up After Over 1 Year: 'Both Completely Heartbroken,' Says Source)

This former A list mostly movie actress who has gained a second chance at fame was going to discuss how a pregnancy her actor boyfriend didn't want, changed her life. Maybe she is saving it for a book. Winona Ryder/Johnny Depp

The director (Rupert Wainwright) of this children’s film ("Blank Check") known to most Millennials, that featured an infamous kiss between an adult and a child (Kissing controversy), is listed in the dead billionaire’s (Jeffrey Epstein) black book (page 74). Rupert Wainwright/"Blank Check"/Jeffrey Epstein

This A-/B+ list celebrity with a NBA star as a significant other has a big pill problem she is keeping from him.

This A list mostly movie actress is dating a man who has been accused of being a professional one hires to have someone eliminated. Should her ex be scared?

This alliterate permanent A list singer tried to kill themselves last week. It was only because someone was in the house that they didn't die.

This still a teenager actress won an award/was nominated last night and also was on the arm of someone a solid three times her age. It was pretty disturbing watching them make out. Jenna Ortega/"Most Frightened Performance"/"Scream"/"MTV Movie & TV Awards" (Scream Star Jenna Ortega Wins Most Frightened Performance at MTV Awards)

At this point, this A list rapper/singer is just trolling us. He had a threesome this weekend and there was not another guy in sight. Lil Nas X

This one named actress kept trash talking her stylist last night for the outfit the actress was wearing. Awkwafina/"MTV Movie & TV Awards" (Awkwafina wears Dorothee Schumacher on the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022 red carpet)

I can't even imagine the number of things the A list everything in her mind celebrity had to commit to in order to win the award she won last night. She is going to be in debt to the channel for a long time. The channel already has been doing her a favor by never mentioning that her manager has been accused of attempted rape. Jennifer Lopez/"Generation Awards"/"MTV Movie & TV Awards"/"MTV"/Benny Medina (Jennifer Lopez delivers emotional speech while accepting Generation Award at MTV Movie & TV Awards)

While this A- list foreign born actress was in town for the show, her long time significant other who is equal on the list, was back at home sleeping with their nanny.

Why yes, that was the one named DJ last night, sexually harassing this B- list celebrity who comes from a long line of people higher on the list. Diplo/"MTV Movie & TV Awards"/Riley Keough (Mother Lisa Marie Presley/Grandfather Elvis Presley) (Diplo attends the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards) (Riley Keough wears Gucci on the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022 red carpet)

The celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) must have been beyond wasted to reach out this weekend to an actress (Cara Delevingne) he cheated with when he was married to a different actress (Talulah Riley). The actress he cheated with was promised a bunch of money to not say anything about the affair, but was only given about 10% of it. Not Amber Heard, although she was definitely cheating with him too. Elon Musk/Cara Delevingne/Talulah Riley (Cara Delevingne flashes her toned midriff in a black bralette and maxi-skirt co-ord as she attends gala dinner in Venice)

When you leave an event before it ends, the story becomes about you. That is what the alliterate one wanted. However, the world's social media timelines are filled with her sister-in-law and nephew. "Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II"/Meghan Markle/Kate Middleton/Prince Louis (Royal Source Accuses Harry and Meghan of ‘Overshadowing’ Queen’s Jubilee With Abrupt Exit) (Prince Louis steals the show — again — on final day of Platinum Jubilee)

In a recent interview, this former one-fifth came as close as she ever has to acknowledging she suffers from stage fright. Along with bad management, it has really held her back. Normani/"Fifth Harmony" (Normani Explains Why She Hasn’t Released Her Album Yet & It Makes Perfect Sense)

The very much in the news as of late foreign born former boy bander (Liam Payne) is not wrong that he was the lead of the group ("One Direction") at the outset. That lasted until his substance abuse issues were discovered and he was almost fired before the group even really got going. Oh, and on a side note, it was nice to see his ex get to claim her real age again and not the made up lie he forced her to accept because he didn't want to be known as a groomer and a statutory rapist. Liam Payne/"One Direction"/Maya Henry (Lizzo Says Liam Payne Wasn't One Direction's 'Frontman' on TikTok: 'Who Lied to That Poor Boy')

This A- list actress had an affair with a man recently killed in a mass shooting. She has been scared it will somehow become public in the aftermath of the shooting.

This very controversial foreign born director (Jane Campion) is probably B list. She also now has multiple sister wives which she is trying to keep secret. Jane Campion/New Zealand (Director Jane Campion Faces Backlash Over a Comment About Venus and Serena Williams)

So, the female reality star (Christine Quinn) brings credible evidence that her television boss has treated not only her, but other woman horrifically for many years, but somehow the boss (Adam DiVello) wins an award ("Best Docu-Reality Series"/"Selling Sunset") and the the woman making the accusations is barred from attending ("MTV Movie & TV Awards"). That is the way things are headed. By the way, when you get wasted at an award show you sometimes forget the television lights will make you sweat and look like you have coke sweats. Christine Quinn/Adam DiVello/"Best Docu-Reality Series"/"Selling Sunset"/"MTV Movie & TV Awards" (Christine Quinn ‘disinvited’ from MTV Awards after calling out Adam DiVello)

The Singer: I had not thought about this singer (Laura Pausini) in several years. I try and keep an eye on singers who do well in a certain foreign competition ("Eurovision Song Contest"), but she slipped beneath my radar until a few months ago. This singer is foreign born. In her own country (Italy) she is A list. In Europe, she is probably A- list but she lives in the US, and almost no one knows who she is despite a very recent high profile performance which is why I went digging again. Superficially I get why she had the performance she did. However, considering that an associate of hers was found guilty less than two weeks earlier seemed a bit like, payback for staying quiet. She already got a huge gift when she managed to get a great visa to come to the US, which she initially deserved, but did nothing here to keep it, except know some very powerful people. And by know, I mean know, but also there is a lot of buzz she was used in honey pot type situations to lure people into scams. She really stepped outside the bounds of being a singer/actress with some of the projects she undertook. She was the face of everything. Someone kind of famous and extremely attractive. Everyone assumes she was just the front, but considering the people who went to jail and the people who should have gone to jail and just the timing of how she stayed in the country and after not doing anything forever in the public eye, shows up for that big performance shortly after a guilty verdict of an associate and it all seems too coincidental to me. Laura Pausini/Italy/"Eurovision Song Contest" (Laura Pausini Was Positive For COVID-19 While Hosting Eurovision Finals)

You would think the family of this alliterate insider would want to catch his killer rather than shut their eyes and pretend it is the most impossible suicide ever. Mark Middleton (Family of Bill Clinton advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into White House seven times has blocked release of files detailing the death scene after he was found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast at a ranch 30 miles from his home)

After a really messy fight over someone they both wanted, it looks like the permanent A list actor and his best friend have finally made up. Now they can get back to those swinger parties. Harry Styles/George Clooney/Rande Gerber (George Clooney and his wife Amal enjoy an alfresco lunch with close pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber in the south of France) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/03/20)

This foreign born A list celebrity chef has some very creepy photos of one of his offspring in his phone. The staffer only got a quick look, but they were wholly inappropriate. Gino D'Acampo/Mia ('Get over it and get a life!' Gino D'Acampo hits out at 'haters' as TV chef shares snap of himself giving daughter Mia, 8, kiss on the lips)

This A- list reality star with a very lucrative side hustle wants to have the same reduction procedure her sister did, but the reality star's cheating boyfriend insists she keep it, so she will. She does whatever he says. Kylie Jenner/"Brazilian Butt Lift"/Kim Kardashian/Travis Scott ('SO FAKE' Kylie Jenner fans think she got a ‘BUTT lift’ as star’s backside looks much bigger in recent years) (Kardashian fans suspect Kim posted new bare butt photo in response to wild theory) (What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?)

This A list actress now suffers from three separate diseases, each of which are very rare on their own. If she were telling the truth, she would be a walking miracle. Instead, it is attention seeking and really bad plastic surgery. Lena Dunham/"Ehlers-Danlos syndromes"/Endometriosis (What Are The Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes?) (Lena Dunham's Health Issues Mean She Will Never Be Able to Biologically Carry a Child) (Lena Dunham poses poolside in a bikini: 'Just stunning')

Until this foreign born former A list celebrity in her own country, who has also dabbled in porn, dumps her boyfriend and stops using drugs, she will end up homeless, broke and either in jail or dead. She is a mess. Katie Price/United Kingdom/Carl Woods (Katie Price arrives at court with Carl Woods accused of breaching restraining order against ex-husband Kieran Hayler's fiancée 'by calling her "gutter s***"')

Apparently this A list reporter (Taylor Lorenz) never gets in trouble with her bosses, because she is sleeping with the boss (Jeff Bezos) of the bosses at this news organization ("The Washington Post"). Taylor Lorenz/Jeff Bezos/"The Washington Post" (Washington Post issues two corrections to Taylor Lorenz article that had already been stealth-edited)

Speaking of reporters, this prime time cable news host who has been a fixture on a channel for as long as I can remember and also does radio, wants his next contract doubled or he is going to walk. He wants to start his own network. Yes, he would be a massive loss to the network, but his show would be a huge loss dollar wise if his salary were doubled. Sean Hannity/"Fox News"

The soon to be husband of a Housewife was trying to get a poolside waitress to hook up with him while the Housewife had a few meetings. They were at a hotel. Was he going to take the waitress to the hotel room he was sharing with the Housewife? The waitress turned him down, but what was his plan? Luis 'Louie' Ruelas/Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Teresa Giudice gets close to her fiancé, Luis Ruelas, after the MTV Movie & TV Awards) (Teresa Giudice Celebrates 50th Birthday with Fiancé Luis Ruelas in Mexico)

I think she might have more success in daytime, but if she can find the right hook, she can kill it late night too. This former Disney actress has been killing it hosting this year and is being discussed to replace the late night talk show host when he leaves. Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens May Actually Be the Most Powerful Person in Hollywood)

This actress was A- list and starred on a long running hit cable show. She then crashed and burned in multiple television projects designed for her. Now, she is being forced to do international television commercials and "meet and greets" as she likes to call them. Not Kiernan Shipka. Lucy Hale/"Pretty Little Liars"/"Life Sentence" & "Katy Keene" (Lucy Hale in Bathing Suit Has "48 Hours in Istanbul") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 94/26/22)

The actor husband of this former superhero is really getting bad at disguising his cheating. He really doesn't care any longer. Melissa Benoist/"Supergirl"/Chris Wood

Reader Blind: This website is one of the top ten in terms of traffic in the world. They have a motto. But the motto in reality is false. Attempt to write for the site under a contentious topic and they will remove you. No one is allowed to change the point of view they want you to follow.

The After Party: One of my favorite stories this A list celebrity (H/Larry Flynt) ever told me was about a night that happened 25 years ago. He first mentioned part of the story to me shortly after the death of one of the participants who was also A list (S/Jerry Falwell). I knew they had been unlikely friends, but the first night they hung out is what made them friends. The two A listers could not have been more different, until you stop to think about it and realize they are exactly the same. I told this to H multiple times. They were both in marketing. They both had products to sell and always needed to expand their base to keep it growing when others dropped out. They also tried to find as many revenue streams as possible branching from their origin company. Now, were they polar opposites politically? Definitely. Was S a hypocrite when people were not looking? Definitely. So, on that fateful night 25 years ago, H was not sure how he and S would get a long and arranged for S to be ensnared in multiple gotcha type situations to use to the advantage of H. They were not needed. The two hit it off and after their joint appearance, they headed to H's house. H says it was the only time that S went to the house. Every other time, they hung out at the offices of H because S felt more comfortable there. It was harder to explain away being at a house partying than a business meeting at an office which was also partying, but on the face looked better. That first night, they decided to ride in H's limo together. H could tell that S was a drinker even though he pretended he was not. Shortly before they got to H's home, he broke down S and he began to drink. H was sober although he did slip from time to time. That night, H gave S a tour of his some and could tell S was horrified but intrigued too and was letting the booze get to him. As the tour ended, H had arranged for a few women to entertain them. The women that were supposed to gotcha moments instead were brought to the house and danced. Here is the ultimate crazy part. The thing that made H so devious. One of the women stripping (Jessica Hahn) had become famous a decade earlier for bringing down a man (Jim Bakker) very similar to S and here she was, giving S a lap dance and offering to do way more. S didn't know how to act throughout all of this, but never removed his coat and tie and didn't indulge, which can't be said for an offspring of S (Jerry Falwell Jr.). H was impressed that S didn't freak out and run and also wasn't going to get caught in some type of compromising position. It cemented their friendship. Larry Flynt/Jerry Falwell/Jessica Hahn/Jim Bakker/Jerry Falwell Jr. (The exceedingly strange friendship of Jerry Falwell and Larry Flynt)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress walked away from her husband and has walked away from rehab for a second time in as many months. No one wants to hire her right now. This could be the end of her career. Thandiwe Newton (Thandiwe Newton signs with new PR team - after 'being urged to get help following marriage breakdown' and 'bust up with Magic Mike co-star Channing Tatum')

This A- list host/producer/celebrity hooked up with someone a few weeks ago who has now contracted monkeypox. The A- lister still refuses to wear a condom with his random hookups each night. Ryan Seacrest; Andy Cohen; Nick Cannon

The company that this streaming reality star from a rebooted cable show is fronting is a pyramid scheme. The idiot doesn't even realize it because he doesn't understand what a pyramid scheme is. Spencer Pratt/"The Hills"/crystals and healing crystal jewelry (Spencer Pratt Has Always Understood the Assignment) ("Pratt Daddy")

After some 15 year old remarks came to light, this A list singer/talk show host reached out to the permanent A list "singer" and asked if the "singer" wanted to come on the show and the "singer" had no idea why the singer/host reached out. There is something going on here. Kelly Clarkson/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Seemingly CALLS OUT Kelly Clarkson For Resurfaced Comments Following Her 2007 Breakdown!)

This celebrity became famous when they were a teen starring on a reality show. Whether it is porn or reality, she has been in the public eye since. She is also not sober or anywhere near it, despite her protestations to the contrary. She also needs a very big pay day very quickly, so expect a trip overseas very soon. Farrah Abraham/"Teen Mom" (Farrah Abraham Says 'Sometimes People Turn into Monsters' After Kissing Pics with Ex Mack Lovat)

Everyone talks about Nick Cannon and his never ending collection of pregnancies and babies, but this A- list actor who is foreign born and only keeping his A- lusts status because he finally landed a lead in another show, has an even larger number of kids and pregnancies. The difference is our actor, who is in a relationship, vacations in Central America and SE Asia and insists on not using condoms. One lawyer in Costa Rica says he believes the actor has fathered a dozen kids, but is having trouble figuring out a way to get child support for his clients. Jude Law/"Skeleton Crew"/Phillipa Coan (Jude Law Welcomes Baby No. 6, His First With Wife Phillipa Coan) (British actor Jude Law celebrates his birthday in Costa Rica)

This NFT huckster (Gary Vaynerchuk) who is all over TikTok and dragged the YouTube brothers with him, is just talking up the market enough until he gets out of all his positions. He knows it is all a house of cards, but he will keep taking the money of suckers. I don't think he will see the class action suit or the fraud charges coming. Gary Vaynerchuk/Jake & Logan Paul ("VeeFriends") (Logan Paul tells Gary Vee he’s actually open to fight Jake Paul)

An offspring of this deceased rock star was given a dozen pages or so of songs/poems/thoughts that the singer had written in the final few days of his life. They were in a backpack that had been given to a roadie to pack up but were not. When the news broke about the death of the star, the roadie kept them and after a certain period of time didn't know what to do with them.
Chris Cornell (Lillian Cornell daughter with Susan Silver)

This foreign born one hit wonder is being accused of not returning jewels lent to her for a photo shoot. She probably already sold them for cash. Iggy Azalea (Iggy Azalea Faces "Blackfishing" Accusations Following New Fashion Nova Photo)

Someone counted and it took twenty times of getting out of a car before this alliterate reality star was happy with the "random" pap photo that was taken. Khloé Kardashian (Khloé Kardashian stuns fans in car selfies: 'Tangerine dream')

The significant other of this A list mostly movie actor is actually living with someone who is not her husband. This is all getting very strange. Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **12**
This pseudo A++ lister was diagnosed with cancer last year. Apparently she tried to talk a doctor out of retirement to lead her care. The buzz is that she is getting treatment at home rather than in a hospital.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **13**
This A/A- list dual threat actress with at least one movie franchise, was out of town and got into a very obvious fight with her husband in a hotel lobby. I really am shocked they haven't divorced yet.
Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/08 **14**
The Hunt: It sounds all very Most Dangerous Game like, and I'm sure that is where they took their inspiration. Do I know of anyone who has been killed or hunted with real bullets? No. Do I know if some people have been hunted with people firing rubber bullets? Yes. Apparently the reason they use that instead of some kind of paint ball is that the rubber bullet generally get people who have been shot, to act more realistically. Would it shock me if this billionaire (Armand Hammer) actually did have people killed? Nope. It isn't like he has the most charming personality anyway. His family members are horrible and it is only because of the family members that anyone even knows this kind of hunt exists. Oh, and to make matters worse, the white people do the hunting while the non-white people are the ones being hunted. The family says the people enjoy being hunted and it supplements their pay when they agree to do it over a weekend. The most visible family member is someone all of you would know. Does the general public? Probably not. It is that visible family member (Armie Hammer) who has shared several times over the years about the "hunts," as in "I can't do anything this weekend because of the hunt." The family has always been scary. The visible family member has always been scary, but more in a Veruca Salt kind of entitled brat way. Armand Hammer/Armie Hammer

Her life, and she can do as she pleases, but drinking booze instead of taking your meds is probably not the best move. I think the A list "singer" is just tired of meds. Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ Bikini Catwalk Leaves Instagram Worried About ‘Regression’)

Had to wait for the documentary, but it confirmed what I told you last year. The A list everything in her mind celebrity was not happy about having to share the stage with the foreign born one named singer. "Halftime"/Jennifer Lopez/"2020 Super Bowl Halftime"/Shakira (Jennifer Lopez Thought Co-Headlining Super Bowl Halftime Show Was the 'Worst Idea in the World')

I totally get why this family would not want their daughter to be with the pedophile superhero. HOWEVER, you did let her travel out of the country alone with him when she was 14 and the superhero was 25. Tokata Iron Eyes/Ezra Miller (Parents of 18-Year-Old Claim Ezra Miller Groomed Her, Want Court Protection)

The publicity team of this A list actor gave a lot of reasons why he recently needed help walking to a car. At least they didn't try and deny it was because he was wasted. They omitted that part, hoping no one would notice their word salad. Johnny Depp (Bodyguards were helping Johnny Depp 'get through crowds,' source says after photos show him being escorted out of a UK hotel)

There are some trades that are speculating this former child actor turned A/A- list adult television actor/sometime director (Jason Bateman) left his current gig ("Ozark") because he was about to land a tent pole franchise movie ("Artemis"). It could also be that he thought he was going to sleep with the A list actress (Scarlett Johansson) in the movie, when she is already sleeping with her frequent co-star (Chris Evans). Jason Bateman/"Ozark"/"Artemis"/Scarlett Johansson/Chris Evans (Jason Bateman withdraws from directing the movie Artemis over creative differences... after Apple paid $100 million-plus to purchase movie which stars Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans)

You know the actor/host/prolific baby maker? Well there is this A- list mostly television actress/writer who also had a special relationship with him. Nick Cannon/Mindy Kaling (Nick Cannon recording Mariah singing We Belong Together while she's sorting the mail, I AM LOOKING AT YOU)

If you ever doubted The Church ("Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (FLDS)") blind items and their search for the treasures of this deposed dictator (Warren S. Jeffs), the mainstream media is finally covering the search for the treasure. The problem for everyone else is The Church had a big head start and a map for many of the locations, some of which were provided by a Housewife (Heather Gay). There is also of course, the man (Joe Hagin) who used to work in the White House who partnered with the liquor wife's (Sara Bronfman) husband (Basit Igtet). They also found a great deal. There is not much more to plunder. "Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (FLDS)"/Warren S. Jeff/Heather Gay/Joe Hagin/Sara Bronfman/Basit Igtet (Utahn overseeing FLDS trust wants YFZ Ranch documents) (REVEALED: Top Trump aide Joe Hagin 'worked in Libya with key backers of alleged sex cult NXIVM') (BLIND ITEM 12/12/17) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/02/19)

The ex of the alliterate talk show host is going to spend all her money and bankrupt her and right now she is powerless to stop him. Kevin Hunter/Wendy Williams (Kevin Hunter Boasts About Great Life As Ex-Wife Wendy Williams Gets Back On Her Feet)

This former Glee actress was given a very one sided bearding contract. Unless a lot of changes are made, this A list mostly movie actor will have to find someone else. Dianna Agron/Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper is allegedly seeing Dianna Agron)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **10**
Kindness: This is not the first time this A- list actress/singer has been included in a Kindness item. This time it is because she is paying the rent for two apartments for two separate families. Plus, this past year she also paid for school supplies and clothes for the kids in each family. Hailee Steinfeld (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/27/17) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/22/21)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **11**
This A+ list mostly movie actor has cut back on his press commitments for a new movie citing paternity things. It is because the movie sucks. Chris Pratt/"Jurassic World: Dominion" (After Missing Jurassic World Premieres To Spend Time With His Newborn, Chris Pratt Hilariously Photoshopped Himself In)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **12**
This alliterate A list actor is one of the big investors/supporters/financiers of the youth cage fight movement. He wants his organization to be the leader. (The rise of youth cage-fighting)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **13**
If you use the available to all program that rivals Clearview, and use a photo of a family member of someone who has been discussed in this space, you will find several hits of what appears to be that same family member at a concert a few years back that ended in tragedy. Probably a coincidence, but still creepy.

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **14**
The Shocks: If I ask you quickly to name one person who had their career destroyed by one self inflicted act, you might think of Jennifer Grey. Her whole career came crashing down because of the nose job she got. Was she A list though? Was she ever going to be A+ list or was her inevitable slide, just hastened by the procedure. I would argue the biggest career slide was in this former A+ list actor (Anthony Perkins) who was an Oscar winner/nominee and could sing on Broadway as easily as he could be the lead in a dramatic movie or television role. Our actor was closeted and thought he could cure himself from being gay so he submitted to electroshock therapy and then forced himself to hook up with actresses. The electroshock therapy changed who he was as an actor and changed his appearance and his cadence and he never got the same kind of work after. That led him to abandon trying to be heterosexual which led him back to men and an early death due to AIDS. Anthony Perkins (Anthony Perkins, 60, Dies; Star of ‘Psycho’ Had AIDS)

The very fast rapper is spending most of his days smoking crack. I'm not even sure when was the last time he spent with his kid. A$AP Rocky (Rihanna's boyfriend A$AP Rocky is seen for the first time since welcoming baby boy together as he heads to studio in LA)

This former one-fifth is now dating a billionaire which makes it even less likely we will ever see any music from her. She just wants to not do anything, but have enough money to live the life she wants. She owes her label nearly $5M. Normani Kordei/"Fifth Harmony" (Normani Unlocks Fresh Preview of New Song ‘Candy Paint’)

The A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig, is finding it not so lucrative any longer. Her sales across all lines are down 50-60% from their peak of several years ago and show no signs of rebounding. Look for a total rebrand of her image to look more like Hailey. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Minogue on blocking Kylie Jenner beauty trademark: ‘Had to be done’) (Kylie Jenner flaunts her fortune as she poses in $200K Lamborghini)

Would it shock anyone reading that the now husband of the permanent A list "singer" has the personal phone number of the head of the online/televised tabloid. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears/Harvey Levin/"TMZ"

This late night talk show host should not be allowed on the air until he explains why he was trying to sleep with girls not even old enough to drive a car and why he was hanging out with them. Did he sleep with/rape with any of them? Suspend him until there are answers. Period.
Jimmy Fallon

Last month I told you that this producer/actor/host had as many as four women pregnant at the same time. I was only unsure of one woman who currently has a boyfriend, but I guess he is a cuck, because all four women are pregnant by the producer/actor/host. At this point, I'm guessing this is going to be a cult. Nick Cannon/Jessica White (Nick Cannon's ex-flame Jessica White DENIES being pregnant with his child in fiery post about her infertility issues: 'Stay the hell out of my uterus')

This A list TikTok star who recently passed, says he was molested by several members of that TikTok cult. Cooper Noriega (TikTok Star Cooper Noriega Dead At 19, Found Hours After Post About Dying Young)

The career as a porn star went nowhere for this fired Teen Mom and her Only Fans is going even worse. So many people dislike her that her paid posts are sent out for free seconds after she posts anything, just to destroy her.
Jenelle Evans

The celebrity CEO introduced the A- list mostly movie actress to one of his friends. It must be going well if she is riding around in his jet. Elon Musk/Amber Heard (Amber Heard spotted getting off private jet after Johnny Depp trial loss)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **10**
This alliterate A list singer in multiple groups hosts Ayahuasca parties at his home with his wife.

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **11**
This A list mostly television actress is an offspring of someone higher on the list. The actress is also sleeping with yet another married man. Tracee Ellis Ross/Diana Ross Kenya Barris (Is Tracee Ellis Ross Dating Kenya Barris, the Creator of 'Black-Ish'?)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **12**
Speaking of married men, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee spends most afternoons with a married director before he goes home to his wife.

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **13**
The first lawsuit including the relative of this child murderer as a defendant is about to be filed. She doesn't have the money, but she needs to be included. Uvalde Massacre/Salvador Ramos’ mother Adriana Martinez/grandmother Celia Gonzales (Parents of 4 Uvalde Children with ‘Severe Physical Injuries’ File $100M Lawsuit Against Gunman’s Estate; Others May Be Sued ‘If Necessary’)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **14**
Four For Friday - Crazy
#1 - The whole Disney train stopped for this former Disney star when it was alleged her dad was sleeping with her.
#2 - This A+ list singer is the granddaughter of the modern founder of Satanism.
#3 - This Harry Potter actress had a secret child with one of the directors in the franchise who is raising the child as his won with his wife.
#4 - A long ago offspring of a former A++ lister says she was molested by her siblings.

Much like the private investigator (Anthony Pellicano) to the stars who was banned for life from ever doing it again, the child murderer (Casey Anthony) is also banned. To get around the ban, the PI to the stars gave himself a fancy title, but he still does what he did before. The child murderer uses the exact same title (Crisis & Risk Management). Anthony Pellicano/Casey Anthony/"Crisis & Risk Management" (Anthony Pellicano Is Back in Business and Working for Joel Silver) (He's Free! Notorious Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano Off Probation, 13 Years After Being Found Guilty In Celebrity Wiretapping Scheme) (Casey Anthony’s Net Worth: How She Makes Her Money A Decade After Her Murder Trial)

Perhaps the former late night actress/writer turned primetime actress/writer should stop bragging about how one of her former projects started the MeToo movement when her own behavior was to enable statutory rape of multiple minors. Tina Fey/"SNL" (Tina Fey, Seth Meyers Among ‘SNL’ Alums Who Allegedly Witnessed Horatio Sanz Assault Teen Fan)

A couple of things. When you take a lot of drugs, things happen not only to your barely there celebrity wife (Hailey Baldwin Bieber), but also to yourself (Justin Bieber). ("Ramsay Hunt Syndrome") Second, I told you before his tour even started that I didn't think he could make it all the way through. He wasn't ready for something that long and grueling. So, he did the Angelina Jolie trick. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber/"Ramsay Hunt Syndrome" (Justin Bieber is one of many stars sharing personal health struggles) (Angelina Jolie said she had a rare condition. Here’s what we know about it.)

One of the rules for this NBA Finals A lister and his open marriage is for him to not pull a Nick Cannon. Too late. I wonder if his wife had any close calls because she dates too. Stephen Curry/Ayesha Curry (Ayesha Curry Slammed The "Ridiculous" Rumors She And Steph Curry Have An Open Marriage And Told Fans Not To "Disrespect" Their Relationship After A Theory Went Viral On A Gossip Instagram Account) (How the longtime marriage between Dell and Sonya Curry crumbled amid accusations of infidelity)

So, these two A+ list QB's play a televised golf match together and the married one tells the single one how he credits his wife's former witchcraft rituals for keeping him playing so long and the next week the single one and goes and finds himself a witch? Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen/Aaron Rodgers (NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers team to defeat Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in exhibition golf match)

This A- list singer/better actress than she used to be, did have a plus one with her at the wedding she attended this week. Selena Gomez/Britney Spears wedding (Selena Gomez Wore A Strapless Blue Jumpsuit At Britney Spears' Wedding)

Depending on who you ask, the percentage of photos that had never been seen before on the now dead actor's computer was about 30-40%. No law enforcement official had ever seen them. Fast forward a few years, and somehow they were leaked and are flooding the chat room run by the company that started out selling books. You would think they would want to do something about that. They won't though, because you know, clicks and all. Mark Salling/"Glee"/"Wickr"/Amazon (Wickr, Amazon’s encrypted chat app, has a child sex abuse problem — and little is being done to stop it)

It certainly didn't take long for the foreign born alliterate A list actor to hook up with the Disney actress/singer. He even found time to hook up with the iconic television actress too. Sebastian Stan/Olivia Rodrigo/Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan Bond Over ‘Friends,’ TikTok Hurting Acting and That ‘Pam & Tommy’ Penis) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/02/22)

This LA comedy venue finally had a meeting to discuss this former late night actress. Unlike everyone else who performs at the venue, including the A+ listers, the actress/comic does not call in on Mondays for her spots. She randomly shows up during the week and expects to be put on immediately and blows right through the 15 minute time limit and will often stay on for 45 minutes in each room which destroys the entire lineup in both rooms. The club has had enough. Leslie Jones/"The Comedy Store" (BLIND ITEMS REVEALED 05/18/22)

The wealthy farmer took a break for a few years in trying to bribe his way into a Nobel Prize. After it was discovered a couple of years ago that he tried to buy one with the influence of the billionaire pedophile and his contacts with Nordic countries, the farmer had backed off. He is back on again though. Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein/Norway (Bill Gates hoped his friendship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein would help him win the Nobel Peace Prize, report says)

This one named permanent A list singer in a group and solo was scheduled to make a surprise appearance at an upcoming Verzuz battle . She pulled out when she found out the very troublesome pair accused of molesting and grooming multiple people were also going to make an appearance. There is a limit to the number of times she can get away with hanging out with awful people. Beyoncé/Tiny Harris & T.I./Trey Songz (Tiny Harris Says The Streets Are Talking About The Recent Verzuz Battle) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/12/22)

The pseudo offspring of this A+ list mostly movie actor shot yet another porn at his house. It is kind of getting out of hand.

The pint sized actor couldn't keep up with the charade he was dating a co-star any longer. I think her team were also very tired of the rumors because then if she dated anyone she was going to look like she cheated on someone she wasn't even with in the first place. Tom Cruise/Hayley Atwell (Tom Cruise 'splits from girlfriend Hayley Atwell' weeks after she supported him at Top Gun: Maverick premiere as they decide they're 'better as friends')

If the serial impregnator can't even make it to the first birthday of two of his children with a woman who is expecting another with him, you know he won't be there for anything over the years. Just because you can afford to pay for their upkeep, doesn't mean that is good enough. Nick Cannon (Lupus) (Nick Cannon Illness: An Update On His Health Condition & Wellness!) (7 Rules Nick Cannon Allegedly Makes The Mothers Of His Nine Kids Follow)

This foreign born A list director who is an Oscar winner/nominee has to leave his girlfriend outside the country whenever he visits the US. She is barely old enough to drive. Their relationship is legal in their country, but it would be sex trafficking if he brought her here.

There are a couple of secret guest appearances by this foreign born A list mostly movie actor on an album from an A+/A list singer turned judge. That being said, the new single being attributed to him, is not his.
Robert Pattinson/Katy Perry

Two days after I pointed out the illegality of her job title, the child murderer changed it. She is still offering all the services a private investigator would, but is being more careful about her job title. Casey Anthony (BLIND ITEM 06/11/22)

When this A+ list makeup company files for bankruptcy, one of the creditors is going to be a former A++ lister who has been paid millions of dollars from the company and done nothing in return. "Revlon"/Bill Clinton (Revlon Is Preparing to File for Bankruptcy)

It turns out the alliterate reality star did damage the priceless dress and it is going to take a lot of money to get it back to the condition it was prior to her wearing it. Kim Kardashian/Marilyn Monroe Dress (Kim Kardashian may have damaged Marilyn Monroe Met Gala dress: claim)

Speaking of reality stars, the significant other of this New Jersey Housewife lost most of their savings in this crypto crash. He hasn't told his significant other that he invested all their money in crypto. (Crypto lending giant Celsius 'pauses' withdrawals after token value plunges)

This former one-fifth is yachting to support herself. She even has social media under a completely different name and looks to have abandoned any association with the group. Normani (Normani Explains Why She Hasn’t Released Her Album Yet & It Makes Perfect Sense) (DK Metcalf: 5 Things To Know About NFL Star Spotted On Dinner Date With Normani)

The offspring of a former A++ lister is cheating on his wife with a waitress from Hooters. Eric Trump/Donald Trump/Lara Trump (Eric Trump Asks Dad Whether He Can Have Ivanka’s Room Now)

This three named actress/host has been called out for not telling the whole truth multiple times in the past, so it shouldn't be shocking to learn she was lying about a lot of details in her relationship with the dead rapper/actor. Jada Pinkett Smith/Tupac

This NFL QB who will probably never retire, got a little work done to his face last week. Nothing like the surgery he had a few years ago though. Tom Brady ("Brady Got Botox": NFL Twitter Confused on 44 Year Old Tom Brady Looking Significantly Younger Than 38 Year Old Aaron Rodgers on ‘NBA on TNT’) (Doctors are Analyzing Tom Brady’s ‘Non-Aged’ Face on Instagram)

The north of the border one named singer wants to start a micro dosing business. In her mind, I think she thinks magic mushrooms are legal if done in tiny doses. Grimes (Chelsea Manning dodges Grimes relationship questions)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **10**
Apparently there are multiple sex tapes of multiple members of the TikTok cult ("7M Films"). No, not the Mormon moms, although they probably have some too. The sex tapes were made using hidden cameras in homes where members stayed ("Shekinah Church"). "7M Films"/"Shekinah Church" (What is the Shekinah Church, and what does it believe in? According to a viral video, TikToker has been inducted into a cult.)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **11**
This A-/B+ list actress all of you know, is married. For her entire adult life she has had the same actor best friend who she always mentions/name drops/discusses. Apparently they have had sex which then brings up a whole bunch of other questions in my mind.
Lea Michele/Jonathan Groff/"Glee"

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **12**
Only six more days until Swinger Sunday. That is the name bestowed upon Father's Day by this A+ list mostly movie actor who sometime directs. In the past, there have been dozen of participants. As he has aged, the number has dwindled somewhat. Mel Gibson

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **13**
This A- list actress who was down to B+ list before her career resurgence this year, has been acting since she was a child. She only recently got married, and the marriage is already headed to divorce.

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **14**
Never Changed: Over the weekend I got a couple of tips about this one hit wonder (Jakob Dylan)who has several other family members on the list. He probably ranks second in the family (father Bob Dylan) (mother Sara Lownds Dylan). The tips this weekend said he was acting really aggressively to female fans and his behavior with female fans and his constant cheating definitely contributed to his recent divorce. When he was at the peak of his fame, he once toured with a group ("The Wallflowers") that also enjoyed flash in the pan success and also were total jerks to their fans. The group's name also is part of a very famous book. Anyway, our singer and this other group would compete every night in some new contest which invariably involved a body count of female fans. As the tour progressed, the games went from annoying to downright mean. One of the games was how many women could you get naked and then toss out of your dressing room/bus/hotel room naked, leaving their clothes behind. Whenever I think about the singer trying to pretend he is focused on family and tries to make it seem as if he is some kind of role model, I just have to think about the tour and the horrible things he and that band did to women and I am using the term women loosely because I'm sure there were a huge number who were underage. Can I prove it? No. Did they play all ages clubs sometimes? Yes. Did they ask their victims for ages? No. Jakob Dylan/father Bob Dylan/mother Sara Lownds Dylan/"The Wallflowers" (BLIND ITEM 05/09/19)

The studio is going to roll the dice and hope that everything blows over between now and the release of the movie and no other underage victims come forward. The thing they are most worried about is not even the victim or other potential victims, but whether their star can keep it together for any kind of interviews with press. Ezra Miller/"The Flash" (Court Is Unable to Locate Ezra Miller, Cannot Serve Papers)

Since there was never going to be a deal for the exchange of the murdering diplomat (Anne Sacoolas) and the royal pedophile (Prince Andrew), the deal that was agreed to is the exchange of the cyber journalist (Julian Assange) for the billionaire's madam (Ghislaine Maxwell). Anne Sacoolas/Prince Andrew/Julian Assange/Ghislaine Maxwell (The extradition farce that benefits Usual Suspects)

When the Manhattan cult ("Odyssey Study Group") case goes to trial, front and center as witnesses will be the mother-in-law (Cynthia May) of this A list mostly movie actor (Adam Driver) and the wife (Joanne Tucker) of the actor, both of whom are very prominent members of the cult and were "teachers" of several victims. "Odyssey Study Group"/Cynthia May/Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker (Two ex-members of secretive NYC 'cult' say they paid $400 a month to serve as 'assistants, cooks and drivers' for actress and founder who lived life of luxury at the Plaza Hotel) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/09/22)

It's interesting that all the media coverage of the wedding of this permanent A list "singer," and her guests didn't include the woman who is still kind of sort of acting as a conservator without the title. The one media outlet who mentioned it, immediately removed the name. Britney Spears/Jodi Montgomery (How Britney Spears' now-terminated 13-year conservatorship restricted her ability to marry and have children - as she weds her long-term partner Sam Asghari in lavish ceremony)

The NSFW online company ("OnlyFans") has been trolling for barely legal celebrities and celebrity offspring to keep up interest on the site. Their numbers are much lower than they have been and they gave a massive bonus to the new offspring who just signed on to the company. "OnlyFans"/Sami Sheen, daughter to Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen (Charlie Sheen blames ex Denise Richards after daughter Sami joins OnlyFans)

The former A list baseball player/steroid abuser just keeps going from one yachter to the next. It is embarrassing. No, not as embarrassing as the current MLB player in Chicago who is married and got his girlfriend pregnant, but close. Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez/Kathryne/Tim Anderson/"Chicago White Sox"/Bria Anderson (My J.Lo 2.0! Alex Rodriguez takes racy snaps of new influencer squeeze aboard love boat in Italy a year after getting dumped by Jennifer Lopez) (Chicago WhiteSox Player Tim Anderson's, Alleged Pregnant Mistress Revealed)

It looks like the alliterate one and her husband are headed for interview two with the one named talk show host. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Oprah (Royals will cut off Harry, Meghan if they share private Jubilee details: expert)

The mogul is dying and that means the protection he offered to dozens of horrible people will die with him. The things he has covered up will shock you. Well, not you, but the general public. David Geffen (BLIND ITEM 03/12/18)

This former A-/B+ list singer is from Australia and he just made his first gay porn movie which is set to be his coming out party.

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **10**
While this foreign born superhero does have someone to share his bed, it is not the foreign born celebrity who is trying to make their relationship work. Sebastian Stan/Annabelle Wallis (Sebastian Stan Gets Up Close and Personal with Annabelle Wallis at Robert Pattinson's Birthday)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **11**
This alliterate streaming star was invited to the wedding of the permanent A list "singer," but doesn't even know it. Sydney Sweeney/"Euphoria"/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Recommends ‘Euphoria’ To Keep Anxiety At Bay)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **12**
This actress was A+ list as a child and tween. Everyone knows her. She doesn't act any longer and comes from an acting family. She is being blackmailed about something in her past. Pick your choice of what that could be. She has a lot of skeletons in that closet. Drew Barrymore

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **13**
This A list streaming actor (Jason Sudeikis) is no longer hooking up with his current co-star(Keeley Hazell) ("Ted Lasso"), but rather a former co-star (Kaitlyn Dever) from a movie ("Booksmart") they did together which has its own little twist to it. Not the movie, but the filming of it (directed by Jason‘s wife at the time Olivia Wilde). Jason Sudeikis/Keeley Hazell/"Ted Lasso"/Kaitlyn Dever/"Booksmart"/directed by Jason‘s wife at the time Olivia Wilde

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **14**
The Guy: There have been a lot of big hits in Hollywood over the years with lots of great writers. On the screen and in the credits, there are their names. They wrote it then, right? Yeah, for the most part. Crap movies usually have more writers than are credited, but for the purposes of this blind, yeah. There is someone who has written for movies that have earned tens of billions of dollars at the box office and received no credit at all. How is that possible? You would think someone who is helping to write hits that earn tens of billions of dollars at the box office would be in huge demand. He was in huge demand. Producers and studios went after him with a vengeance and would bend over backwards for his approval and willingness to help with a movie. If he said yes to a movie, it meant the studio was going to have a huge financial partner. If it meant that the guy wanted to write or rewrite a script so it fit a certain agenda, the studio didn't care. They got money and access and a much softer landing if the movie crashed. So, who was this guy? The liaison (Allen Dulles) between the federal government (C.I.A.) and Hollywood. Allen Dulles/C.I.A. (How the CIA Hoodwinked Hollywood)

Don't believe the hype. This one named A- list actress is not pregnant. Zendaya (Zendaya Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors After Viral Prank Video)

Apparently the ex of the foreign born boy bander spent the night with this A+ list mostly movie actor who has been a superhero. Maya Henry/Liam Payne/"One Direction"/Chris Evans/"Captain America" (Newly-single Maya Henry dazzles in white lace dress as she joins a stunning Laura Anderson and angelic Keke Palmer at star-studded Lightyear UK premiere)

Even with final edit approval, the A list everything in her mind celebrity didn't bother to watch the documentary starring her prior to its release which is why it shows her to be just an awful person. Jennifer Lopez/"Halftime" (5 things we learned from the Jennifer Lopez Netflix documentary 'Halftime')

The foreign born super group is taking a break. When they return, most of the members will have been replaced. "BTS" (South Korean band BTS announces temporary hiatus to pursue solo projects)

This married barely there celebrity who is an offspring of a barely there actor has a new skin line. She doesn't even use her own products. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber/Stephen Baldwin/"Rhode" (Hailey Bieber on New Skincare Line and Embracing Her Natural Beauty: 'I've Never Felt Sexier')

The alliterate former baseball player (Carl Crawford) is a really bad record label ("1501 Certified Entertainment") owner. He just wanted it to be able to sleep with young women. His one three named act (Megan Thee Stallion) that is actually making money is about to finally be free. Carl Crawford/"1501 Certified Entertainment"/Megan Thee Stallion (Megan Thee Stallion Gives 1501 The Finger, Carl Crawford Claps Back)

The wealthy farmer has been banned from entering an African country where he has a history of leaving death in his wake.
Bill Gates/Burkina Faso

This actress who once starred in a prime time soap that had a famous shooting ("Who Shot J.R.?"), said she never once got a job in her entire career without hitting the casting couch. Victoria Principal/"Pamela Barnes Ewing" on "Dallas"/"Who Shot J.R.?"

This thirsty Euphoria actor is being accused of revenge porn. Jacob Elordi

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **10**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor all of you know with multiple Oscar nominations/wins is set to be placed in hospice care. Jack Nicholson (Jack Nicholson health: Actor living out his 'sad last days' amid dementia fears)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **11**
This foreign born B+ list actress is spending ridiculous sums of money on her PR campaign to have the world think she is the girlfriend of this alliterate foreign born actor. Annabelle Wallis/Sebastian Stan (Sebastian Stan and Annabelle Wallis Fuel Romance Rumors With Night Out in L.A.)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **12**
This recently married musician is probably B+ list music wise right now, but higher on the fame list. He was flirting/hitting on a red head this week at an event. Travis Barker (Travis Barker's son Landon is 'proud' of his fashion campaign as dad and sister attend launch party... but stepmom Kourtney Kardashian is not seen)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **13**
The Marriage: This permanent A list entertainer/actress (Liza Minnelli) has been married multiple times (Peter Allen) (Jack Haley Jr.) (Mark Gero) (David Gest). Many of them have been bearding situations, including the first, but the reason for that marriage was escape. Our entertainer/actress is not going to live much longer and has been sharing stories with a ghostwriter. Most of the stories I have heard before, but she dropped a big one I hadn't heard before. She says that from the time she was 12 or 13 until she got married, she was forced by her mother (Judy Garland) to sleep with actors/actresses/producers/directors or anyone else that was in a position to do her a favor. Our actress says she was forced to sleep with hundreds of people all at the direction of her mom who would beat her if she tried to get out of it or if she was not sufficiently "enthusiastic." Our actress got married to escape the situation. Liza Minnelli (Peter Allen/Jack Haley Jr./Mark Gero/David Gest)/Judy Garland (Liza Minnelli In Love with A Gay Man Again)

The significant other (Alexis Ohanian) of this permanent A list athlete (Serena Williams) has been hooking up with a worker from a NGO. He also supports her financially. Alexis Ohanian/Serena Williams (‘Methods Have Not Kept Up’- Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Vows to Change Education With His New Initiative)

Speaking of cheating, this actor/reality star has a long running movie franchise and is hooking up with a woman he met at a mall. He is well over twice her age and just got out of her teens. Johnny Knoxville/"Jackass" (Johnny Knoxville Illness: He Suffered Brain Damage From His Jackass Forever Bull Stunt!)
(‘Jackass’ Star Johnny Knoxville Files for Divorce from Second Wife)

It is crazy that the child molesting publicist (Jeff Ballard) is the one releasing statements about the offspring (Sami Sheen) of the former A+ list actor (Charlie Sheen) and her choice to be a sex worker ("OnlyFans"). Jeff Ballard/Sami Sheen/Charlie Sheen/"OnlyFans" (Denise Richards Slams Charlie Sheen’s Publicist on Twitter: ‘You Had Way Too Much to Drink’) (Sami Sheen Says She Hopes to Use OnlyFans to Show That 'All Bodies Are Beautiful') (Will Corey Feldman finally talk about his former publicist in the 1980s, Jeff Ballard?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/09/18)

Considering his father is a swinger who essentially ended up swapping partners on a full time basis, it shouldn't shock anyone that the A+ list NBA player has an open marriage. Dell Curry/Stephen Curry (How the longtime marriage between Dell and Sonya Curry crumbled amid accusations of infidelity) (Ayesha Curry Slammed The "Ridiculous" Rumors She And Steph Curry Have An Open Marriage And Told Fans Not To "Disrespect" Their Relationship After A Theory Went Viral On A Gossip Instagram Account)

The writer/mouthpiece for the alliterate one is finding himself increasingly shut out by the alliterate one. Don't be shocked if he lashes out and throws her under the bus. Omid Scobie/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle's friend Omid Scobie insists future of monarchy is 'dull' without 'gen Z-favoured' Sussexes - as royal family changes Twitter profile picture to 'new look' Firm)

This A- list actress/director just bought herself a six figure engagement ring. Olivia Wilde (Harry Styles) (Harry Styles Proves He Adores Olivia Wilde With Sweet PDA)

This A list actor is being offered $50M by a group if he will run for a political office and divide the votes. Matthew McConaughey (McConaughey hires DC lobbyists in gun control push)

This foreign born B list musician who was once married to an actress offspring everyone knows, is being accused of sexually assaulting yet another woman. He is terrorizing women here in the area. He also is driving an Uber now???
Royston Langdon/Liv Tyler

This Housewife's escort past is going to be front and center in a weekly tabloid that found one of her old customers. If they wanted to interview an old customer, all they would need to do is talk to her husband.

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **10**
This foreign born A- list singer is having a messy relationship with one of her female backup singers who has in the past hooked up with the walking blind item. Taryn Manning (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/09/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/31/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/08/21) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/14/21)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **11**
This A- list beloved Gen Z actor is opening that closet door just a bit wider with his newest love. Timothée Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet has hilarious reaction to being shown on the Jumbotron at Lightning-Rangers)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **12**
This barely there celebrity offspring turned down a late night talk show for next week because they were hosting her bitter enemy this week. Umm, she has been on every talk show, so that is just strange. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Selena Gomez/"Only Murders in the Building" season 2 premiere (Selena Gomez Stuns In A Romantic Shoulder-Baring Midi Gown)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **13**
This former Housewife very recently hooked up with an offspring of an A++ lister. When you get the answer you will realize just how creepy it is. Meghan King/"Real Housewives of Orange County"/Hunter Biden

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **14**
The Connection: Many years ago, I wrote in this very space that I believed the CEO of a company ("RCA Records") was being blackmailed, by the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein). At that time I also said that I believed it had something to do with underage boys, but that I was not 100% sure. While doing some research, I had the opportunity to talk to a former member of a boy band. I wanted to ask him directly about the rumors that members of the rotating group ("Menudo") were molested and abused by record label executives in general, but more specifically a record executive (Jose Menendez) who would later be found murdered. Not only did he confirm that, but he also stated that the record label executive and the CEO shared the same common interest (child sexual abuse). That would also back up what the defendants (sons Lyle and Erik Menendez) in the murder trial also alleged, but they probably would have no way of knowing about the CEO. The billionaire pedophile knew though and would have used it to his advantage. "RCA Records"/Jeffrey Epstein/"Menudo"/Jose Menendez/sons Lyle and Erik Menendez (Slain Entertainment Executive : Jose Menendez’s Conflict and Controversy) (Jose Menendez Had An Important Job) (Lyle and Erik Menendez's Cousin Who Testified About Their Sexual Abuse Speaks Out for 1st Time) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/08/18)

A studio executive was overheard yesterday saying the only way they can possibly salvage a superhero movies is if the star commits suicide. Otherwise, they are screwed. That is definitely a first. Ezra Miller/"The Flash"

This alliterate former member of this permanent A list all female group, has never been the same since she was fired. She could be worth tens of millions of dollars, instead she is almost homeless and needs rehab. Farrah Franklin/"Destiny’s Child" (Hidden Destiny: Farrah Franklin of Destiny’s Child argues with Tariq saying she made him famous on his Live)

The celebrity CEO knows firing all those employees in retaliation was illegal. He doesn't care. If they sue him, he will keep it in the court system for five years before anything happens, and in the mean time, he will have sent a message to employees at all his companies that they will be fired if they say anything bad about the company. He is the one who was talking about free speech right? Elon Musk/"SpaceX" (SpaceX Said to Fire Employees Involved in Letter Rebuking Elon Musk)

Speaking of being out of touch, this permanent A list rapper and the former bird CEO are making promises daily to groups of lower income brackets that they can get rich overnight through crypto and to hand over their money to the pair and just trust the process. Jay-Z/Jack Dorsey/"Twitter/"Bitcoin Academy" (Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey criticized for launching ‘Bitcoin Academy’ in rapper’s childhood home)

You know a show is really bad if Netflix doesn't even want it after 10 episodes are ready to air. The cable network that was supposed to air the show that starred two reality stars as hosts looked at it and went, "Nope." They have been shopping it ever since. "The Big D"/"TBS"/JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rogers (TBS Dating Show ‘The Big D’ Axed Weeks Ahead Of Premiere As Part Of Warner Bros. Discovery Cost-Cutting Plans)

The self-admitted rapist (Ceelo Green) who made it to A list in a group ("Gnarls Barkley") and solo and as a judge ("The Voice") has made it all the way back and the one named permanent A list rapper (Eminem), held the door wide open for him. Ceelo Green/"Gnarls Barkley"/"The Voice"/Eminem (Eminem Unleashes ‘The King & I’ Featuring CeeLo Green for ‘Elvis’ Soundtrack) (Cee-Lo Green: It isn't rape if the victim is unconscious)

I told you last week that the deal had been made for the exchange of the cyber journalist and the madam/procurer. The cyber journalist is headed to the US imminently where he will be found dead in his jail cell. Julian Assange/Ghislaine Maxwell (BLIND ITEM 06/14/22)

It is not the first time that this Housewife has been called out for being racist. I'm guessing it won't be the last. Blaming it on English not being your first language when you have spent the past 30 years in English speaking countries is just doubling down on the bad behavior.

This former A+ list mostly movie actress offered to sleep with the director who made her famous. He moved on because he knows she used him. Jennifer Lawrence/David O. Russell (Mom on the move! Jennifer Lawrence is on a health kick as she steps out for a green juice and Pilates session)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **10**
This three named actor all of you know is cheating on his significant other.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **11**
This foreign born A- list singer with initials at the end made her nose bleed with the amount of coke she was doing this past weekend. Charli XCX (Charli XCX and boyfriend George Daniel get steamy during Italian getaway)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **12**
Somehow this A list actor was left off his leash long enough to cheat on his wannabe celebrity wife. I hope he gets publicly busted because the divorce would be epic. I wonder if she would leave him though.
Alec & Hilaria Baldwin

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **13**
This A+ list mostly movie actor was standing at a urinal when he saw the person next to him was smoking a joint. He asked for a hit and they passed it back and forth while also taking care of their business. Sounds really hygienic. Johnny Depp

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **14**
Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior
#1 - This A list female group once loaded a drunk groupie into a case which was then loaded on the truck to carry the equipment to the next city. They didn't tell anyone they did this, so the next day, the crew got quite the shock when they opened it at the venue and a guy was inside instead of an amplifier.
#2 - A bassist for this 80's hair band missed three shows because he was beaten up so badly. The drummer of the band liked getting orally serviced during the guitar and bass solo portion of the evening. Because of the way the drum risers were structured, he couldn't see who was doing the servicing. One night, the bassist arranged for a guy to do the servicing. When the drummer found out after the fact he beat the crap out of the bassist.
#3 - This band that started off as punk but sold out to get that record deal and put out one of the all time great first records, loved Japanese porn. When they toured Japan the first time, they spent every penny they earned on sleeping with their favorite Japanese porn stars.
#4 - This permanent A+ list guitarist says that one of his fingers is deformed because of arthritis. It is actually because a bookmaker broke it when the guitarist didn't pay up on a gambling loss.

The convicted reality couple are trying to gain any sympathy they can and if they need to tell the world mom is dying, then they will do it. It is interesting they waited until after they were convicted, to tell anyone. Todd & Julie Chrisley (Todd & Julie Chrisley Confirm That Todd’s Mother Nanny Faye Chrisley Has Bladder Cancer: "She Is In A Battle For Her Life")

This former Southern Charm star was just dumped by a married A list movie director and is vowing revenge. Landon Clements/"Southern Charm" (What Is Landon Clements's Net Worth? 'Southern Charm' Fans Are Curious)

The deal will be that the dad is deposed, but for the same amount of time as the singing daughter. Something like that might get the singing daughter to drop everything. It will also reveal what exactly the legal arrangement the singing daughter is living under right now that is being kept quiet. Jamie Spears/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' Dad Demands She Be Forced to Sit for Deposition)

Over the last year or so, behind the noise of COVID, there has been breakthrough after breakthrough in vaccines and treatments against cancer and other diseases which seemed out of touch. The first breakthroughs came at the expense of a group of people. Six years ago, two men and two women were kidnapped. There is no other word for it. They were kidnapped and isolated and never allowed to breathe anything other than sterile air and not come into contact with their captors. If they had, they would have quickly died. The four people are part of a larger group of people (North Sentinel Island) that have only made contact with the outside world a handful of times in the past five hundred years. Scientists wanted to use their untouched bodies of human disease to come up with cures. Shortly after the four were kidnapped, that couple north of the border was killed. I think they wanted in and were being excluded and were going to say something.
North Sentinel Island/Barry and Honey Sherman (Conspiracy Theorists Are Trying To Link The Deaths Of A Billionaire Canadian Couple To The Clinton Foundation And It's Nuts)

With everything that went on with this long long time reality star, it is no wonder the one named singer was able to groom her. Maddie Ziegler/"Dance Moms"/Sia (How Maddie Ziegler Says Dance Moms Set Her Up For Failure, And Why She Hasn’t Rewatched The Series) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/02/21)

With all of the big sports entertainment news that came out about a certain figure, we are going to hear all about him being closeted. Vince McMahon (Vince McMahon Steps Down as Head of W.W.E. During Misconduct Investigation)

This foreign born A list actress slept with a senior manager at Child Protective Services. There have been no more complaints that she has ever had to respond to again. Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron Says She's a Dance Mom, Shares Kids' Latest Milestones: 'They're Just So Tall')

Yes, some things from the alliterate talk show host set will be thrown out, but lots is going to be auctioned. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams’ purple chair, other show memorabilia to be thrown out)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity is using a surrogate to try to have a baby with the actor. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck

This back in the day A list boy bander not named Bobby Brown has a drinking problem and his recent shows have been a mess because of it.

There is a B+ list actor who is an absolute pain to work with and no one enjoys the experience. The problem producers are having is whenever the actor doesn't get a role, the actor says they are being discriminated against and is very vocal about it. Terrence Howard (The dark side of Terrence Howard)

You know who wasn't invited to the wedding of this alliterate comic actor? The A list mostly movie actress he would dump his wife for in a second if he thought had had a shot at the actress. She did him so wrong, and he still would try again. Aziz Ansari/Jennifer Lawrence (Aziz Ansari Marries Forensic Data Scientist Serena Skov Campbell in Tuscany) (BLIND ITEM 05/30/17)

Reader Blind: This recent Carolina Country Music Festival was packed with A listers who took time out away from the stage to meet and take pictures with first responders, law enforcement, and members from the local fire department. All that is except one headliner, who is married to this A list Oscar winner/nominee. He refused to take pictures with a local fire department and then made a complaint to festival organizers about them. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman (2022 Carolina Country Music Fest Lineup)

This permanent A list mostly movie actor is old. He is an Oscar winner/nominee. Because he is known for slapping women who don't please him the way he likes, his people often have to pay double or triple the going rate to escorts. That is already on top of the high rates he pays because of his age and fetish.

It was strictly an all actress cast party to mark the end of this almost network show. Yes, there was a cast and crew party that had men and women, but the lead actresses of the show are done with the actors on the show and did their own thing far away from them. (Every The CW Show Canceled in 2022 (So Far))

This long long time A- list actress keeps trying to set up her gay son with women thinking that he can be converted. Oh, she believes this with all of her heart. She also refuses to acknowledge her son is gay. Jada Pinkett Smith/Jaden Smith (Is Jaden Smith gay? A look at his dating history)

I don't know for sure what happened overseas, but go ask crew members who worked on any season after season one of that cable show the alliterate one starred on and ask them if they believe she could be like that. Everyone will say absolutely. Now, to be fair, the lead actor on the show was even worse. Meghan Markle/"Suits"/Gabriel Macht (Meghan Markle Supporters Fire Back Online At Buckingham Palace Leaked ‘Bullying’ Report)

The celebrity cult (Break from Scientology) will do everything they can to bring down the A- list director (Paul Haggis). Anything. Scientology/Paul Haggis (Paul Haggis Arrested in Italy on Sexual Assault Charges)

The A- list reality star with the side gig that isn't quite as lucrative any longer still has not got the trademark approved for her baby's name. Also, she suspects that when she does come forward with the name of the baby that the foreign born permanent one named singer is going to steal the spotlight from her. The singer doesn't care about any of your pettiness. Also, don't let your baby be exposed to boiling hot Ramen water from her wasted father. Kylie Jenner/Rihanna/Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner's Son Appears With Dad Travis Scott and Stormi Webster in Father's Day Photo) (Why Rihanna ‘Cherishes’ A$AP Rocky Even More After Seeing Him Become A Dad) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/11/22)

So, forget about the actual father of her kids, the A list everything in her mind celebrity was all about the man she has zero kids with at the moment. I'm surprised she hasn't tried to terminate parental rights of their dad. Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Jennifer Lopez leaves Marc Anthony out of Father’s Day tribute to Ben Affleck)

The music manager (Scooter Braun) everyone loves to hate has signed someone (Eddie Benjamin) who he believes can replace the north of the border former A list tweener (Justin Bieber). I don't know because it is the same guy that is involved in that strange/creepy love triangle with the singer (Sia) and former reality star (Maddie Ziegler). Scooter Braun/Eddie Benjamin/Justin Bieber/Sia/Maddie Ziegler (Eddie Benjamin Talks ‘Weatherman’ Single, Touring With (and Being Mentored by) Justin Bieber) (Maddie Ziegler on New Fabletics Line and Support from Her 'Super Creative' Boyfriend Eddie Benjamin)

There are several former really good friends of the permanent A list "singer" who have tried to get in touch, including several backup dancers she has known for ten years and longer, but they have been denied. There is definitely a big wall. Is it a wall because the singer needs help? Is it a wall because everyone is afraid the Svengali is using one of them? Is the Svengali already pulling all the strings? Britney Spears/Sam Lutfi

The wealthy bookseller is using his money to get people off every other encrypted messaging platform, by leaking they are unsecured or have been compromised, when he knows full well that his messaging app allows the CIA to see every message. I mean they were founding investors in the company after all. They were there long before he was. Jeff Bezos/"Amazon"/"Wickr Me" (Wickr, Amazon’s encrypted chat app, has a child sex abuse problem — and little is being done to stop it)

The muse is recruiting yachters. She doesn't want to do it herself, so why not find insecure celebrity offspring to do the yachting for her, while collecting a nice little finder's fee. Julia Fox/Amelia Hamlin (Julia Fox, Amelia Hamlin touch tongues amid Kanye West, Scott Disick breakups)

The original A list mostly movie actor who also directs cheated on his wife with a publicist's assistant while out of the country last night. Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor/Ukraine (Ben Stiller meets Zelensky in Kyiv as ambassador for UN refugee agency)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **10**
There was an event this weekend and this former Disney actress who is not old enough to drink yet and who was dating 30 year old men when she was 14, attended the event with a man in his 50's. Her mom forces her to do this to try and land someone rich. Her mom does the same thing, but knows the daughter has the best shot. "DesignCare 2022 Gala benefitting The HollyRod Foundation at RJ's Place Vocational and Family Support Services Center"/Skai Jackson/Kiya Cole (Skai Jackson attends the DesignCare 2022 Gala benefitting The HollyRod Foundation at RJ's Place Vocational and Family Support Services Center) (Who is Skai Jackson's mom? – Kiya Cole) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/13/20)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **11**
This Housewife was asked by her ex to film him having sex with another man and she did. Ashley and Michael Darby/"Real Housewives of Potomac" (RHOP's Ashley Darby Wishes Estranged Husband Michael Happy Father's Day amid Breakup: 'So Thankful')

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **12**
This former teen actress has had a career the last three decades because of one movie role. She recently left a reality show early because one of the producers dumped her for someone else. Stacey Dash/"Dionne Marie Davenport/Clueless"/"College Hill: Celebrity Edition"

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **13**
Speaking of reality stars, this former Dallas Housewife got pregnant by a man who is not her husband. I mean he did the same thing to her, so now they are even? Brandi Redmond/Michael Redmond (Brandi Redmond Breaks Down Over Husband's Infidelity on 'RHOD' Reunion)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **14**
Revenge Porn: It has been a secret that one of them has kept since it happened. Recently she had an interaction with another celebrity who shared a very similar story. Neither knows if the other women in the former A+ lister's life are under the same constraint. When this A- list actress started dating him, she had to sign a 20+ page NDA which doesn't even allow her to mention they dated. The world knows they did and there are pictures and video, so that is bizarre, but kept her in check. This former A list celebrity who dated him says her NDA was much shorter and much less restrictive because he never thought anything bad would happen to him. One thing he did with both to make sure they stayed silent was to film them doing various sex acts. They knew he was filming. They just thought it was part of their relationship and having fun. He has never released them and never threatened to release them, but made them both aware he had the recordings. It was another layer of protection for him because he knows they would never want the recordings leaked. He is truly an awful human being.

Although The Club is not really accepting new members, it has not stopped multiple celebrities from trying to join. It is kind of reminiscent to a few years back when every celebrity just had to adopt a child because it was what all the A listers were doing so everyone wanted to be just like them. Same with The Club (Naomi Watts/Sandra Bullock/Charlize Theron/Angelina Jolie/Scarlett Johoansson/Halle Berry/Megan Fox) now which is why you have the bad actress/reality star trying to fit in. Tori Spelling (Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott's Teen Child Liam Identifies As Transgender) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/10/19)

Usually in his films, this former A list Disney actor is asked to remove his shirt. In a recent movie, the director took one look at the back acne from all the steroid use and had him keep it on. Zac Efron (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/14/22)

This A list singer who is not old enough to drink says that her ex took hundreds of photos of her naked and every day she wonders if she will wake up to them being leaked. Billie Eilish/Matthew Vorce (After Billie Eilish And Boyfriend Matthew Vorce Allegedly Split, He Responds To Cheating Rumors)

This aging permanent A list fashion designer spends thousands of dollars a week to watch his boyfriend have sex with other men. Calvin Klein/Kevin Baker (Has Calvin Klein finally found the (CK) One? Inside 79-year-old designer's VERY private romance with young model boyfriend Kevin Baker, 34, and his past relationships - from a fling with a male porn star to his two marriages with his ex-wives)

I thought about waiting for a strange hookups edition, but it is too good to let it marinate. This closeted foreign born A list singer and this married non celebrity who has a last name all of you know. Shawn Mendes

There is an A list wrestler (Bryan Danielson) who is a vegan, but was forced to eat bacon on air to keep his job. The owner (Tony Khan) of the company ("All Elite Wrestling") is such a jerk. Bryan Danielson/Tony Khan/"All Elite Wrestling" (Bryan Danielson Remains In Prime Wrestling Shape As AEW’S "Marathon Man")

The deal between the audio streaming service and the alliterate one and her husband is not working out. A breakup announcement is imminent.
"Spotify"/Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

This actor who is sounds like a lengthy bank employee hooked up with a woman who is not his significant other. Miles Teller (Keleigh Sperry) (Tom Cruise Attempts Heart Signs With Miles Teller: Fans Quip, 'He's A K-pop Idol Now')

This Shameless actor was a coked out mess last night and I am shocked that is alive this morning. It has been awhile since I have seen that level of partying.

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **10**
There is just no shame. The YouTube brother was taking people's money again last night for what he must know is a scam by now. Logan Paul/"NFT" (Logan Paul Claims Jake Paul Is "Broke" Because He Invested Too Heavily In Crypto)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **11**
This foreign born reality star has been on multiple shows. Mostly network. He has a secret family overseas. Maksim Chmerkovskiy/"Dancing With the Stars"/Ukraine (Peta Murgatroyd Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage While Husband Maks Chmerkovskiy Was in Ukraine)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **12**
The A- list rapper with very bad lyrics got himself blocked by this foreign born A+/A list singer. Jack Harlow/Dua Lipa (Jack Harlow’s ‘Dua Lipa’ is the Musical Equivalent of Sliding Into Someone’s DMs) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/12/22)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **13**
The A list everything in her mind celebrity (Jennifer Lopez) went overseas to perform at a corporate event. She brought everyone with her. Even though, she was offered one of the best First Class experiences in the world, she wanted to fly private. The thing is though, she insisted on two private jets. One for her and two other people (Ben Affleck), and one for three people (Nanny/twins Emme & Maximilian). She didn't want to fly with the other three, but wanted them to have their own private jet. The dancers and musicians and crew all flew commercial. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck/Nanny/twins Emme & Maximilian (Jennifer Lopez Just Wore the Most Glamorous Airplane Outfit)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **14**
The Director: I have often discussed the worst casting couch directors and producers. In most of those instances, the interactions were one on one. There is a director (John Duigan) though who took things further. He is not a director that everyone knows. He is foreign born (England). He also has the biggest collection of soft porn starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood. This director's films (Filmography) generally involve nudity and sex scenes. For his auditions, he would make women feel comfortable by having a woman in the casting area with him. That way if he told you to imagine yourself in the sex scene and what you would do, actresses felt it was necessary and nothing would happen, because there was another woman in the room. Nothing physically would happen, but the cameras were rolling and they captured everything. The director spliced each audition together for each movie he directed and shows them to guests. If you are an actress who started acting in this very large island country (Australia), then you know what he did and he has some of the biggest actresses in Hollywood on those reels of his. John Duigan/England/Australia (Thandie Newton's affair at 16 with film director 23 years older than her)

Bradley Cooper got candid in a recent interview, revealing a prickly interaction with an unnamed director that angered him. The 47-year-old actor and director appeared on Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes' podcast Smartless, where he opened up about an interaction four years ago. The actor said he was at a party, when, at the time, he had seven Oscar nominations, when this director bashed his work, while comparing it to an actress Cooper says is a 'dear friend.' Cooper was chatting with the hosts when he revealed that he never forgets, 'anything mean anyone has ever said,' about him or his work. 'It's catalogued, I can tell exactly where I was, and if they challenge the verbage, the sentence structure, I'm like, 'No, bro, that's not what you said,' Cooper admitted. He added he was at a CAA party four years ago, when, at that time, he had seven Oscar nominations, which he admits, 'is crazy, it's nuts.' 'This director guy - I'm standing next to a woman, who's a dear friend and an actress,' who he said has three Oscar nominations. 'He was like, "What world are we living in where you have seven nominations and she's only got three? What is wrong?' Cooper recalled. 'I was like, "I f***ing hate this business." I'm like, 'Bro, why are you such an a**hole? Like, go f**k yourself,"' Cooper said. Arnett admitted, 'I would never f***ing forget that. I would make it a point to f***ing crush that person.' Cooper added he was at the same CAA party, but years earlier for his first nomination for Silver Linings Playbook, where he was up against Daniel Day-Lewis and Denzel Washington. Cooper revealed that he ran into a 'hero actress' who he also didn't name and said he didn't know at all, who mocked his work as well. 'This hero female actress, that I didn't know at all, comes up to me, she goes, "I saw your movie. You deserve the nom." I was like, "What? I'm sorry, what?" "The nom,"' he said. 'Then like 10, 20 minutes later — I'm not kidding — I pass her going to the bathroom and she mouths it: "The nom," meaning like don't win, you're never gonna win," Cooper explained. 'I remember [thinking], "What the f--- is this town?"' Cooper said, as Arnett explained, '80% of the interactions have to do with them, it's got nothing to do with you,' as Hayes added, 'anytime anyone says anything negative it's about their own self-hatred.' 'Can you imagine saying that to somebody? You've got to be f***ed up to do that,' Cooper said.
"dear friend":
"hero actress":

This foreign boy band management company ("SM Entertainment") is being investigated because of multiple deaths (Jonghyun/"SHINee") (Sulli) of their talent. "SM Entertainment" (Jonghyun - "SHINee"/Sulli) (Who is Jonghyun? SHINee fans hail mental health advocate, LGBT ally: 'Much more than a suicide case') ('It's jail time!': Fans of soloist IU rejoice after malicious troll maligning singer online gets arrested)

I wonder what kind of payment the wife (Joanne Tucker) of the A list actor (Adam Driver) had to give, to appear in the pages of a borough magazine ("Brooklyn" Magazine). Also, did they not look into her background and the cult ("Odyssey Study Group")? They just ignored it. Joanne Tucker/Adam Driver/"Brooklyn" Magazine/"Odyssey Study Group" (Joanne Tucker/"50 Most Fascinating People"/"Brooklyn Magazine") (New York Theatre Ballet Names Steven Melendez as New Artistic Director) (Caelum Gallery’s ‘Ride the Tiger’ Gets a Cosign from Adam Driver) (Inside the alleged ‘cult’ that has been quietly operating in NY for decades)

This reality star who sounds like a one named salad dressing needs to be in jail. I don't know why the former music video playing channel is keeping him employed. Beating your dog with a chair should be an automatic firing. Of course, they didn't fire him for abusing his daughter, so maybe they just don't care.
Ceaser Emanuel/"VH1"/"Black Ink Crew" (they did fire him a day after the blind, but only because the season had finished shooting.) (‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Accused Of Hitting A Dog With A Chair On Video) (‘Black Ink Crew’: The Latest Update From Ceasar Regarding His Daughter, Cheyenne) ('Black Ink Crew' Star Ceaser Emanuel Fired After Dog Abuse Video)

This A- list NBA rookie seems to be everywhere. He also enjoys hooking up with men and uses his barely there celebrity girlfriend as cover. LaMelo Ball/"Charlotte Hornets"/Ana Montana (LaMelo Ball Finally Confirms He's Dating Ana Montana, Shows Love To Her On Twitter)

This A- list singer/actor has been forced to enlist reporters to help him find new recruits for his cult. His people mingle with reporters at events and ask them if they know any young women who would be interested. Jared Leto (Did Jared Leto Really Start a Cult With Thirty Seconds to Mars?) (Jared Leto makes the most of his holiday in the sun as he goes snorkelling with a group of friends in the South of France)

Speaking of young kids, the country that gave Jimmy Savile a pass on his behavior for decades is doing the same thing to that comic actor/reality star/judge. Are you going to wait until he dies and then act shocked? It is the biggest open secret in the UK, but no one does anything.

Late last year, this foreign born CEO (Feras Antoon) of a mafia owned company ("MindGeek") that has holdings ("YouPorn" and "Pornhub") all of you know, had his $20M mansion burned to the ground because he displeased his masters. They have now replaced him and by the end of the year, will probably be dead. Feras Antoon/"MindGeek"/"YouPorn" and "Pornhub" (Pornhub CEO claims arson attack that destroyed his unfinished $16 million mega-mansion on Montreal's 'Mafia Row' was incited by 'extreme religious groups' after XXX-site was hit with claims it profited off child sexual assaults) (Top Pornhub execs resign after accusations of underage, forced sex videos)

This back in the day boy bander was part of a family group. He is married. He is also hooking up with one of the women from that reality show that focused on how many kids you could produce. "Hanson"/The Duggars/"19 Kids and Counting"

The lying actor who just keeps retelling the same lie repeatedly, is earning six figures by sleeping with a director's friends who are closeted. Jussie Smollett/Lee Daniels (Jussie Smollett Maintains Innocence: ‘If I Had Done This, I’d Be a Piece of Sh*t’)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **10**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor only gave up pot and booze so he could pass drug tests to see his kids and to make himself look better in court. Brad Pitt (Why Brad Pitt quit smoking and drinking altogether during the pandemic: 'I don’t have that ability to do just one or two a day')

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **11**
Old Hollywood: This permanent A list talk show host who has a theatre named for him and who won multiple man of the year awards for morality, raped an actress who starred on a show named for the vacation after a wedding.
Ed Sullivan/Jane Kean

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **12**
Old Hollywood: This alliterate permanent A list actress (Marilyn Monroe) cheated on her playwright husband (Arthur Miller) with an A list director (John Huston) who has an offspring (Angelica Huston) that also reached A list. It was the nail in the coffin of the marriage. Marilyn Monroe/Arthur Miller/John Huston/Angelica Huston (A Lost Marilyn Monroe Nude Scene Has Been Found. What Happens Now?)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **13**
This A- list actor from an acting family uses his girlfriend to find them teens to play with. It is why they travel so much. They prefer lower ages of consent. James Franco/Isabel Pakzad (James Franco's girlfriend Isabel Pakzad, 29, wows in a skimpy thong bikini as she joins shirtless actor, 44, for beach day in Mykonos) or Casey Affleck/Caylee Cowan (Catching Up With Casey Affleck and Girlfriend Caylee Cowan in France)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **14**
Justice System - An Old Hollywood Harvey Blind: In this space I have written about several of the exploits of Eddie Mannix, but most of those involved paying off a couple of people or finding a willing reporter. There was one time though where Eddie paid off nearly two dozen people all to keep his studio bosses happy. There has been a lot written about a party held one night that resulted in the rape of a chorus actress (Patricia Douglas) and how Eddie bought off jurors and even the rape victim's lawyer. It is quite the story and absolutely ruined the life of the actress. Instead of the $400K she was offered and a seven year contract, she got nothing, and nothing happened to her rapist. What no one asks is why did the studio go to such great lengths to protect a salesman/rapist. They didn't put on the full court press because of the salesman (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer salesman David Ross), they did it because they didn't want anyone focused on what else happened that night. There was a 15 year old (Judy Garland) who was there. She was going to be the studio's biggest star ("The Wizard of Oz"). She had been putting off the studio ("MGM") head (Louis B. Mayer) and the executive second in charge. There had been some groping by both men, but she refused to sleep with them. That night though, they didn't give her a choice. The studio boss and the executive took turns assaulting her. They tried to get her drunk, but she refused. Several people were standing outside the room where it was taking place and watched it happen. There are stories that because of it, it inspired the salesman to do the same thing. Others said, the salesman was ordered to rape someone at the party so all the guests would talk about that one and not the one by the two studio bosses. In her very unfinished biography, the actress talks about both men but only refers to the groping. She had barely written anything before giving up on the project. In the publisher's archives there are letters which refer to it though, as well as her unfinished manuscript. Eddie managed to keep everything quiet by focusing the world's attention on the chorus actress. Patricia Douglas/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer salesman David Ross/Judy Garland/"The Wizard of Oz"/"MGM"/Louis B. Mayer (‘Girl 27’ recalls how MGM called shots in 1937)

It is more than just a little casual drinking. This long time A list singer in a group and solo needs rehab. He is in bad shape. Zayn Malik/"One Direction" (Zayn Malik looks strikingly different as he shows off his surfer-style curly locks and full beard in new snap)

One thing missing from the excellent music documentary airing on a streaming service is the mention of the murdered record executive who also enabled/participated/pimped out the sexual abuse of band members. "Menudo: Forever Young"/"HBO Max"/Jose Menendez/"Menudo" (Ex-members of Ricky Martin's former boyband Menudo lift the lid on horrific abuse they say the manager subjected them to - claiming they were plied with drugs and exposed to 'predators' who 'RAPED' them numerous times) (BLIND ITEM 06/16/22)

The groomer/director should know by now that if you renew your vows, your marriage is good as done. At this point, she is holding on for dear life. Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Renew Vows on 10th Wedding Anniversary: 'We Are Blessed Beyond Belief')

This foreign born three named actor already quit one hit show and now another project he was set to do, he ticked off and is not going to do that either. He is burning way too many bridges. Regè-Jean Page/"Bridgerton"

This barely there celebrity used to be married to a crash and burn football player. She also just admitted she cheated on him and also was the other woman in an affair the actor/producer/host had while married. I'm also not sure how she practices real estate without a license. Breana Tiesi/Johnny Manziel/Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey (Nick Cannon's baby mama Bre Tiesi says her relationship with him is 'not a cult' - but deflects when asked if his multiple families are 'polygamy')

This former A- list teen actor who has gone downhill every year for well over a decade, sells himself at truck stops.

This for sure first round NBA draft pick spent the night before draft day, doing lines of coke and boozing it up. Perhaps he has not heard of Len Bias.

This former A- list teen actress who has struggled as an adult actress, finally hit it big again on pay cable. She also is back to her old tricks of acting like she is an A+ lister. Yelling at aa car was guy for ten minutes because he missed drying a spot, is not the best look. Miranda Cosgrove/"iCarly"/"Paramount+" (Miranda Cosgrove Steps Out in London for Paramount+ UK Launch)

An offspring of a pseudo politician got a lot of love last year and became a celebrity. She is overseas and hanging out with some very bad people. She thinks it is living on the edge. She has to ditch her protection to hang out with them. Them, would probably love to kill her protection.

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **10**
That was not the girlfriend of this A- list disgraced actor from an acting family and not named James Franco that the actor was hiding in a car in a parking garage with on Tuesday. Caylee Cowan/Casey Affleck

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **11**
One of the things this pint sized actor loved about working with the permanent A list director, is that the director was convinced he at least once had sex with an alien. Tom Cruise/Stanley Kubrick (Stanley Kubrick's strange fear during the filming of '2001: A Space Odyssey')

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **12**
Speaking of pint sized, this former A list rapper keeps taking upfront money to attend events and promote products and never does any of it. Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne Cancels Governors Ball Performance) ('We are deeply disappointed by this sudden and negative ruling': Lil Wayne forced to pull out of festival after Home Office blocks rapper from entering UK)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **13**
Why yes, what this cable franchise needs is to skew even older by bringing in a singer who is nearing 70 and who brags about going to sleep by 8pm every night. "And Just Like That..."

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **14**
Changing History: This singer (Michel'le) was A list for a minute. One name. She has the strangest fascination with guns and violence and death. She has phone sex with murderers and has been the girlfriend of several. When she was super young, not even old enough to drive, her goal was to sleep with the head of the meanest gang she could find. While she was doing that, she was trying to sleep with, and she will say succeeded in sleeping with this permanent A list rapper. This is where it gets crazy, and I think she thinks she believes her words. Apparently the rapper broke it off with her and she wanted revenge and that is why he ended up dead. That of course changes every conversation we have had about his death. Maybe she told someone and they said they would do it, but didn't, but she believes they were doing it for her? Why would you even want to claim that as your own? Michel'le/Tupac/Dr. Dre baby father and Suge Knight

You would think the former Heidi girl/actress/reality star wouldn't cross the line and pose naked with next to a family member. If that price is right, you wait and see. Denise Richards/daughter Sami Sheen/"OnlyFans" (Denise Richards joins OnlyFans one week after daughter Sami Sheen’s debut)

After making the life of several of his former female co-stars miserable on set every day on a multitude of television shows, it is not much of a shocker that this foreign born A- list actor would support the showrunner/producer/director who is an awful human. Nathan Fillion/Joss Whedon (Nathan Fillion wants Joss Whedon uncanceled so they can work together again)

By their own actions, this one named A/A- list singer confirmed what I previously wrote in this space. They just didn't want to go on tour and it had nothing to do with any allergies or illnesses. Halsey (Halsey reveals she's suffering from FOUR syndromes and is 'allergic to everything'... a week before embarking on her 28-date tour)

This former Southeast Housewife not named Kim, is running a string of women she shuttles between the US and the Middle East. She has even brokered marriages. Phaedra Parks/"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Dubai (Phaedra Parks Reveals She’s Buying a House in a Location We Never Saw Coming)

With all the trademarks lined up, there is no way this very brief in time A+ list tennis player is going to change the name of her company. It doesn't matter if it irks a bunch of people. It would cost too much time and money. Naomi Osaka/"Hana Kuma" (Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka is SLAMMED over her new project with LeBron James because its name has a VERY sexually explicit meaning for 200 million Africans)

I really am shocked how the women in the life of this Southern reality star never ever mention he prefers men. They just let him pretend he is a player. Whitney Sudler-Smith (Patricia Altschul Shares What Her Son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Is Up to Today) or Craig Conover/"Southern Charm" (Southern Charm's Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo Set the Record Straight on Season 8 Hookup)

The locals in a certain state are right to be upset the wealthy farmer has invaded their state. Wait until he starts his "seed experiments" and testing and how the neighboring crops somehow begin to suffer while his are lush and fertile. North Dakota/Bill Gates (Bill Gates’ purchase of North Dakota farmland has locals ‘livid’: official)

At least one of the members of this all female B+ list group ("MUNA") who all identify as LGBTQ is actually none of that and admitted the band wanted a hook and it was an easy way to do it. "MUNA" (MUNA Goes for 'Dyke Boy Band' Supremacy)

A network and a line of animal NFT's ("The Bored Ape Yacht Club") that are very popular are trying to make a deal that makes sense to both and would have every contestant dressed as a different NFT from that line. "Fox"/"The Bored Ape Yacht Club"/"The Masked Singer" ('The Masked Singer' free NFTs sell out in 10 hours — how to get one during second-chance wave)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **10**
This foreign born former A- list musician/A+ list drug user also had a hand in at least one human death and nothing happened to him, but this is not about that, but rather that he was obnoxiously drunk at a performance this week. I'm not sure how he is still alive. Pete Doherty/"Babyshambles"/actor Mark Blanco/"Glastonbury" (Clean-living Pete Doherty takes to the stage at Glastonbury to perform with the Libertines after turning his life around and moving to France - 11 years after 'marrying' Kate Moss there) (A Death at a Pete Doherty Party Is Still Unexplained)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **11**
This A- list mostly television actor is probably closer to B+ list now. He had his chance and blew it. He will get another, but not if he keeps blowing up trailers. He was freebasing in one and it caught on fire.

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **12**
The vast majority of the Marvel universe of actors/writers/directors donate free stuff to be auctioned off all the time. There are constant demands and they are filled. However, there is one actor who has now left the universe that says no 99% of the time. He thinks it cheapens his name and the character. Robert Downey Jr./"Iron Man" (Robert Downey Jr Charity: Here’s How Much the Iron Man Star Donates) (Robert Downey Jr. Strikes Iron Man Pose For Charity, And Now I’m Emotional)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **13**
You know those cows that died last week? When reporters went to interview some of the ranchers, two interviewees mentioned black helicopters. Now, were they reviving things that happened a long time ago? Would they even know about that? One of the remarks made it air, and the other had the person on, but not that particular line. (Fact Check-Death of Kansas cattle in June 2022 caused by extreme temperatures, officials and industry say) ("Skinwalker Ranch")

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **14**
Four For Friday - Killer Celebrities: Celebrities and barely there celebrities who got away with killing someone. No Courtney Love in this one and none that I have ever discussed before.
#1 - This one is really hard, but there was a foreign born character actor who worked a LOT. He was also a very good friend with an actor/rapist (Kirk Douglas) who has been in this space before. Well, the actor rapist got an actress (Jean Spangler) pregnant and she refused to get an abortion, so the character actor was hired to do the job while the actor/rapist scooted out of town to have an alibi. Kirk Douglas/Jean Spangler (The Missing Star Spangler Girl: Inside the chilling, still unsolved disappearance of Jean Spangler)
#2 - This permanent A list rapper has killed multiple people. I have already written about one that was getting too pushy so she was killed. In addition to that, there was a record label employee who ended up dead in a room at an after party, and the only person seen going into that room all night was the rapper. Jay-Z (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/26/16) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED)
#3 - There have been many celebrities who have killed people in car accidents and such, but they were never on purpose. However, this flash in the pan former A list actor who doesn't really even work any longer, was angry at a woman who turned him down at a bar and he intentionally ran her over when she left the bar. He tells the story to explain why he has a drug and alcohol problem, but they were around long before this supposedly happened.
#4 - Technically this A+/A list actress didn't commit any murders, HOWEVER, she knew who a killer was and knew he was going to kill someone and didn't stop him and also didn't report what she knew to the police about it and continues to do nothing to this day.

This permanent A list three named singer in a group was spotted canoodling with a woman who is not his wife and also was not sober any longer. Billie Joe Armstrong/"Green Day" (Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Says He's 'Not Really Sober Anymore')

Through procedures and hair style and color, this HGTV star is trying to remake his wife into his former wife. Tarek El Moussa/Heather Rae El Moussa/Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead) (Tarek El Moussa and wife Heather Rae Young pack on the PDA during luxurious yacht holiday in Greece ... before getting back to work on their new reality series)

This three named A list rapper/singer got a taste of what happens when you make the wrong people angry. No payola means your new song flops hard. Lil Nas X (Lil Nas X Paid "Homage" To Kanye West By Urinating On His BET Award In The Artwork For His New Single)

The actor/host/producer wants to have two more women pregnant by the end of the year. He is kind of doing a reverse Duggar thing here. Nick Cannon (Nick Cannon Confirms He's Having More Babies This Year: 'The Stork Is on the Way')

This foreign born A- list comic actress was on a tour with other people. They came to an Instagram spot, and the actress had her assistant move everyone out of the way so the actress could get a solo photo. Rebel Wilson (Inside Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma's European vacation: New couple enjoy a romantic helicopter ride in Iceland after a trip to France and Italy)

This A- list actress who comes from an acting family and is not the highest on the list and is not named Dakota Johnson, is being cheated on by her significant other.

Prior to getting married, perhaps this Housewife should ask herself this question. If my soon to be husband is willing to chastise me and lecture me at a restaurant about what I should eat and that you have been gaining weight which makes HIM look bad, imagine what the marriage will be like. Teresa Guidice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Luis "Louie" Ruelas (Cynthia Bailey Was "So Excited" to Meet Teresa Giudice’s Fiancé Louie)

With every new project a bigger bomb than the last, this former A list teen actor wants the women in his life to start an OnlyFans page to support his lifestyle. Corey Feldman (’80s Child Star Corey Feldman And His Band Are Bringing Their Upcoming Tour To Louisville) (‘Lost Boys’ fans: ’80s teen movie star Corey Feldman and cast coming to San Antonio film event)

This closeted A- list singer solo and in a group had a good thing going with a closeted employee of his wife. That employee just came out though and now he wants the singer to do so too. Nick Jonas/"Jonas Brothers"/Priyanka Chopra

This former A- list "singer" turned judge is hooking up with a married A list DJ and is traveling with him the weeks his wife is not. Paula Abdul (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/17/21)

Without anyone knowing or even asking about it, this A-/B+ list actress all of you know sent her child back to foster care three years ago. Everyone had assumed she had adopted the child in the celebrity adopt a baby craze a decade ago, but was only fostering the child. Kristin Davis/"Sex and the City"

Reader Blind: Buzzy, up-and-coming director (Sam Levinson) is currently under investigation by everyone's fave indie-darling studio ("A24") for sexual assault/rape allegations. His sophomore film ("The Idol") with this popular studio is in production and (ironically) slated to be an erotic, feminist drama starring a rising foreign-born actress and the popular daughter (Lily-Rose Depp) of an A- list actor (Johnny Depp) who recently dominated the news cycle. It'll be interesting to see how this studio responds considering their progressive, millennial fan-base. Sam Levinson/"A24"/"The Idol"/Lily-Rose Depp/Johnny Depp (Sydney Sweeney Says Sam Levinson Would Be OK if She Never Wanted to Do Another Nude Scene)

There is no doubt the log in credentials for an account everyone knows were sold. There was the dark net listing. There was the proof post of the person who owned it and then there was the strange ad video the new owner posted and then nothing until now. Sold back to the original owner, or is there a new owner and a new game afoot?

This one year wonder who has also bearded in the past really thought she was going to get proposed to this past week by her NFL boyfriend and even told tabloids in advance to be ready. It didn't happen though. Olivia Culpo/"Miss Universe 2012"/Christian McCaffrey (Olivia Culpo Says Boyfriend Christian McCaffrey Restored Her 'Faith in Love' on Their Third Anniversary)

This A list mostly movie actress used poor African children as props for a recent magazine cover shoot she did. Angelina Jolie

This A- list actor starred on a long running sitcom. He is cheating on his husband with a cast off from the talk show host who is barely legal and barely speaks English.

The A list makeup artist with the two first names proved over the weekend that he continues to troll for the 16 year old crowd. When will companies finally stop giving this guy deals. James Charles (James Charles reports losing over 30 million TikTok followers after apparent glitch)

The actor/murderer (Alec Baldwin) is going to be hanging out live on social media with the child molesting director (Woody Allen). The only thing missing is the actor's best friend, the casting couch director (James Toback). Alec Baldwin/Woody Allen/James Toback (Alec Baldwin Says He 'Loves' Woody Allen as He Announces Live Interview with Controversial Director)

The international love reality show has a cast member who is wanted for murder in his home country under a different name. "Love Island" (Love Island cast 2022: Everything you need to know about all of this year's contestants) (How Love Island Became a TV Reality of Sex, Fame, and Sometimes Tragedy)

So, let me get this straight. At the same time a world governing body was deciding where to host the World Cup ("World Cup Qtar 2022") that happens this year, leaders from that country were going to leaders/influencers in different countries and bringing them millions of dollars in untraceable cash. Seems legit. "World Cup Qtar 2022"/Prince Charles/United Kingdom (Prince Charles took bags stuffed with millions in cash from controversial Qatari sheikh)

This current Teen Mom is being investigated for drug trafficking.

Considering this foreign born reality star from multiple shows on the same cable channel told everyone on social media where she was headed for vacation and took a bunch of look how wealthy I am photos on the way there, why should she be surprised she was robbed? Caroline Stanbury/"Real Housewives of Dubai"/Mykonos, Greece (Caroline Stanbury ROBBED in Mykonos: Real Housewives of Dubai star forced to hire extra security during 'nightmare' holiday with her family)

This lying actor was trying to raise funds for a project last night that doesn't actually exist. Jussie Smollett/"BET Awards" (Jussie Smollett explains why he attended BET Awards in rare public appearance)

This former A- list actor is often referred to by his initials. He is cheating on his celebrity significant other. Brian Austin Green/BAG/Sharna Burgess (Sharna Burgess Praises Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox for Keeping Sons 'No. 1 at All Times')

This married A list mostly movie actress was overseas for a few days last week and hooked up with an ex and this was not the first time.

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **10**
This A- list one named rapper had to reach out to this fashion house to send him something to wear to see their runway show, because he couldn't afford to buy anything at their store that he thought looked good. Tyga/"Givenchy" (Tyga, J Balvin Hit Up Matthew Williams’ Givenchy Front Row)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **11**
This foreign born A- list singer/wannabe actress got dumped after a one night stand by a guy she thought was rich, but wasn't. Apparently he bet someone he could hook up with the singer, and did. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello cuts a stylish figure amid romance rumours with dating app founder Austin Kevitch)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **12**
The powers that be want to have a spinoff show featuring the newlywed life of this reality star and her musician husband. The husband is all for it to give his kids a shot at stardom, but the reality star already hates doing one show. She has no desire to do another. Kourtney Kardashian/Travis Barker (Kardashian fans ‘concerned’ for Kourtney’s kids’ safety after daughter Penelope, 9, plays with ‘dangerous’ hunting tool)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **13**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor is "dating" the not even 20 year old offspring of a foreign born barely there celebrity.

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **14**
Shoot It First: Several decades ago, a director (Christina Hornisher) got her first and only shot to direct a feature length movie. She also happened to have written the script, but used her male pen name for the script. She often used a male name so her work would get bought or so she would be hired. She wanted to make an impact as the director of this movie. She wanted it to be a stepping stone to lots of other work. The budget was not high. It was a slasher movie ("Hollywood 90028"). This was peak slasher making movie time. Shoot them quick and hope to make a buck. The director's goal was to show that she could do everything and wanted the world to be talking about the movie. In an age before the internet, how could you create a buzz? You tell the world that the deaths of the victims in the movie are real. That idea was discarded because it was too many different women to kill. What they did end up doing though was killing the actor who was the star of the movie. They filmed the scene, and then called the police and said the guy died of an overdose. The problem the director faced was in order to get the buzz out there, people would have to know he died during the shot scene. They were never able to figure out how to get that buzz. So, one dead actor and one slasher film that did so so and a director who never got to direct again. Christina Hornisher/"Hollywood 90028"/Christopher Augustine

This A- list north of the border singer insisted he wanted the tease of his new song to be unmastered. He thinks he is a better singer than he actually is. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Sings In First Teaser Trailer for 'Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile')

The child murderer has her local police department retaliate against anyone in town who posts or says something bad about her. It is why she has slept with so many men in law enforcement. Casey Anthony

I told you yesterday that this former A- list musician is desperate to make his kids famous and to get them a show. To that end, one of his offspring is in a fake relationship with A list social media star, just to make a show more likely to happen. Travis Barker/Landon Barker/Charli D'Amelio (Charli D'Amelio Is Dating Travis Barker's Son Landon Barker) (BLIND ITEM 06/27/22)

With all of the accusations of forced abortions over the years, this celebrity cult is probably working to carve out an exception for themselves in a southern state. Scientology/Clearwater, Florida (Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization)

This reality show which sounds like it is going to be FLDS version of dating, hires actresses to pretend they are interested in polygamy. The producers couldn't find anyone when they were originally casting, and by hiring actresses, they can create whatever storylines they want. "Seeking Sister Wife"/"TLC" ("Seeking Sister Wife")

To get your photo taken from outside this club, you need to be in a very specific position and the photographer needs to know you will be there and when. Funny how the alliterate reality star and the NBA player just happened to be in that specific spot just when a photographer happened along. Kendall Jenner/Devin Booker/"Soho House" in Malibu, Calif. (Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker spotted together after breakup reports)

The rogue juror in the madam/procurer/abuser trial is pitching a documentary to streaming services. Ghislaine Maxwell (Ghislaine Maxwell, Who Helped Procure Victims for Epstein, Faces Sentencing)

A long time girlfriend of an A list pro golfer was involved in a death a decade ago. At the time, it was ruled an accident, but now new information has come to light, and she is being investigated for manslaughter. Erica Herman/Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Erica Herman no longer named in wrongful death lawsuit)

Because of some civil legal issues that can best be handled in the US and because his host country was starting to ask some very tough questions, this producer/clothing guy/accused serial rapist is back in this country. Russell Simmons (Russell Simmons Says KFC and Popeyes Are 'Poisoning Our People’)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **10**
Speaking of sexual assaulters, this alliterate actor last seen on a long running sitcom has increased his acting fee, proving once again, there are no consequences if you are famous and making other people money. Anthony Anderson/"Black-ish" (‘Black-ish’ Stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross on The Show’s Legacy, and When They’ll Be Ready for a Reunion) (The Truth About Anthony Anderson's Sexual Assault Allegations)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **11**
This foreign born A-/B+ list actress spent a couple of hours with her child last week, but it was just for a photoshoot and for some plan in advance social media posts. She then handed the child back to the nanny. Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Priyanka Chopra Jonas shares adorable photo of baby daughter to mark Nick Jonas’ first Father’s Day)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **12**
This A- list female singer offered a woman $5K to sleep with our singer, but the woman said no. Our singer then tried to slap the woman. This will all probably end up well.

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **13**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener is supposed to be sober, especially now, but he isn't. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Returns to the U.S. with Wife Hailey from Vacation Following Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome Diagnosis)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **14**
Some Words: This former A- list dual threat actress has been through a lot this past decade. Apparently she wanted to have a chance to appear personally in court to speak to the judge who oversees her case. The actress wanted to make clear to the judge and to the public about the trauma and abuse she suffered and how she was repeatedly lied to. When her people discovered what she intended to say and who she intended to call out, they forbade her from coming. Because she was not present, she didn't get to object to the agreement that was put in place and would never have consented to. The agreement essentially "frees" her, but still gives her no access to money. The only reason she got a little "freedom" is because a new attorney hired private investigators to look into a financial trail that appeared was filled with overcharging and kickbacks. As soon as that became known, paperwork was filed the next day. The problem is the money. The control of it just went from one bad person to another and the actress still can't access it. She wants the pressure amped up so the powers that be will be forced to allow her access to it. Amanda Bynes (Dan Schneider) (Is Amanda Bynes now exposing Dan Schneider? See her story of abuse) (Amanda Bynes files petition to end conservatorship, has parents' support)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor who got his start on a hit television show, should have just stayed silent. Instead, he just told a series of lies and which can easily be fact checked from his previous statements, and he played the victim. Chris Pratt/"Hillsong Church"/Religion (Chris Pratt Says He Never Went To Controversial Church, Reveals Where He Does Worship) (All the Celebrities Who've Attended Hillsong Church)

The three named rapper who is definitely headed for rehab, if not a grave, was trying to make what he did last night go viral and was talking about getting others to share their videos. What? Machine Gun Kelly (Machine Gun Kelly is covered in blood as he leaves his own afterparty after smashing a champagne flute on his head during wild performance where he shouted 'I don't give a s**t')

A cast member in an international version of Housewives ("Real Housewives of Duban") that does not air in the US, uses dance competitions she organizes as a way to traffic teen girls all over her continent. "Real Housewives of Duban"

This former late night actor turned A- list movie actor turned A+/A list television actor is hooking up with someone who is not his on again off again girlfriend. Jason Sudeikis/Keeley Hazell (Jason Sudeikis and Girlfriend Keeley Hazell Split After Nearly 1 Year of Dating)

There is a former NBA guy who played for a half dozen teams in his career and usually stayed affixed to the bench. During and after his career he got involved with a couple of mob guys and they supply women to NBA players in a dozen cities when they come to town. None of the women are asked for their identification. No one has got caught yet. The women are all given Plan B, but now, with new laws in effect, it is possible one of these women will end up pregnant and expose an NBA player and whatever age the woman is.

One of the hosts (Ethan Klein) of this extremely popular podcast/YouTube channel ("h3h3Productions") which makes you think you are seeing things twice has gone completely off the rails and his drug use is out of control. He is going to end up destroying his career. Ethan Klein/"h3h3Productions" (How controversial influencer Ethan Klein rose to fame, from feuds and Frenemies to being banned from YouTube for a week)

This permanent A+ list tennis player has a small camera crew with her. Apparently it is a documentary about her final few months as a pro. Serena Williams (What next for Serena Williams after her gutsy, first-round exit at Wimbledon?)

I don't know where this actor from a very very wealthy family keeps the sex tapes every oppo researcher wants, but apparently the actor had to install a separate server in his compound that is not attached to the internet, because the estate kept getting hacked. Because everything from sprinklers to alarms and lights went through the old system, it was as if he had ghosts/sprits living there full time with all the things that would go on and off or not work. Balthazar Getty (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/21/21)

This A- list mostly movie actress has been in a couple of big franchises. She has been front and center a lot as of late. Someone should ask her about the initial stages of her current relationship and how she was overseas sleeping with her bodyguard every day. Megan Fox

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **10**
Speaking of franchises and A- list. This foreign born actor (Jamie Campbell Bower) is probably A- list right now just because of a hit streaming show ("Stranger Things"). He has been in a couple of franchises ("The Twilight Saga"/"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"/"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1"/"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"). His two most famous former girlfriends (Bonnie Wright) (Lily Collins) will both tell you he cheated on each of them with the other and did so after being caught by one of them. Jamie Campbell Bower/"Stranger Things"/("The Twilight Saga"/"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"/"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1"/"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald")/Bonnie Wright/Lily Collins

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **11**
Speaking of cheating, we really do tend to overlook this former late night actor because he looks quiet and innocent, and just a guy who could do no wrong. He cheats a lot. The fame thing went right to his head. Over the past couple of years, it has grown even more and he can't help himself and never turns any woman down.

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **12**
This A list actor who often plays himself shoved a valet the other day because he thought the valet was moving too slow because the last time the actor had been there, he didn't tip the valet.

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **13**
Image Is Everything - The JS Files: Every single one of you know this A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee (Nominee: Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role "Up in the Air" (2009)). Let us call her JS (Anna Kendrick) ("Jessica Stanley" on "Twilight"). If I asked you to use one word to describe her, most of you would say something along the lines of sweet. I would go with cunning or possibly manipulative. I get asked a lot who is not the person that is their image. This actress is at the top of the list. Lets go back in time to her very first big break ("Camp"). She is a teenager and she may have even not been legal when it was filmed. Even back then, she knew she wanted to be a star. JS wanted to be the one everyone discussed and hyped. She saw a threat to that in another actress (Joanna Chilcoat) in the movie and started a rumor campaign that was next level. JS knew what she was doing and the actress, who everyone loved, never worked again. Poof. Gone. One thing JS had not counted on is that she thought she would get lots of roles after her first. She thought she was going to be a star. There were tiny things, but she had been counting on big things. Big was her problem. A casting director finally told JS that she was a fine size in the real world, but not so much in the acting world. So, our sweet actress went on a crash diet and became an Adderall fiend and did everything she could to become the tiny person she is today. She doesn't exercise. She medicates and purges but that isn't in her official biography. Now, with her new tiny frame, she was ready to be big again. JS needed a role and there was a very up and coming director (Jason Moore) who was going to do a movie ("Pitch Perfect") that could launch her career. So, she slept with him. She did everything he wanted and she got the role and she kept sleeping with him until the film was released and then never spoke to him again. It devastated him because he was convinced they were going to be together forever. He didn't work for two years because he was so crushed. That movie did exactly what JS thought it would do. It launched her career into A list territory. Anna Kendrick/"Jessica Stanley on "Twilight"/"Camp"/"Joanna Chilcoat"/Jason Moore/"Pitch Perfect"

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **14**
Image Is Everything - The JS Files: Every single one of you know this A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Let us call her JS. If I asked you to use one word to describe her, most of you would say something along the

It has now been two years since this permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and doesn't act any longer, was exposed as the man who permanently disabled two escorts by beating them nearly to death. Nothing has happened.
Jack Nicholson

As of right now, this foreign born late night talk show host is set to have on his show tomorrow night, a woman (Veronica Ivy), who, along with her partner (Danny Shawn Daugherty) reach out on the internet for vulnerable tweens and teens to come live with them. The partner has been arrested multiple times for soliciting minors for sex and other sex offenses against minors. Trevor Noah/"The Daily Show"/Dr. Veronica Ivy/Danny Shawn Daugherty (The Daily Show 06/30/2022 | Dr. Veronica Ivy & Moses Ingram) (The Family Unit is Transphobic and Must be Abolished, Says Transgender Activist Continue reading The Family Unit is Transphobic and Must be Abolished, Says Transgender Activist)

This former Disney actor who starred on a long running show about Wizards, is now on OnlyFans and is very much naked. Dan Benson/"Zeke - "Wizards of Waverly Place" (‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’ Hunk Now Part Of The OnlyFans Coven)

It seems wrong that while his dad is in the hospital, the offspring and the TikTok star are setting up pap photo sessions so they can be seen together. Travis Barker/Landon Barker/Charli D'Amelio (Landon Barker Holds Hands With Charli D'Amelio Amid Dad Travis Barker's Hospitalization)

This foreign born one hit wonder needs the money, so is willing to be with a guy who beats and shoots women. Iggy Azalea/Tory Lanez (EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Tory Lanez Is Reportedly Dating Iggy Azalea . . . And We’ve Got Proof!!)

The former A list dual language threat singer (Ricky Martin) is going to be forced to settle with his former manager unless he wants what happened in the past to resurface and permanently end his career. The manager (Rebeeca Drucker) teased it, so he would know it would come up in depositions which then would be leaked. It is completely separate from the things that happened when he was a teen ("Menudo"). Ricky Martin/ Rebeeca Drucker/"Menudo" (Ricky Martin slapped with $3M lawsuit with ‘career-ending allegation’)

It has finally happened. The movie ("Minority Report") is coming true. There is a small town in Finland that has been experimenting with an AI system ("Clearview" facial recognition software) and now it is coming to a city in the Midwest that is slightly larger than the town in Finland. Policing is about to change. "Minority Report"/"Clearview" facial recognition software (Finnish police denounced for illegal processing of data using Clearview AI software)

Apparently the significant other of this A lister was not where he said he would be. The singer would not have discovered this infidelity if not for a recent emergency she had and needing to get in touch with her significant other. Shakira/Gerard Piqué (Shakira Reveals Her Dad Is Recovering From a ‘Bad Fall’ Amid Gerard Pique Split)

This former A- list actor who has had an up and down career, was wasted at an event this week and was being really messy when it came to women there.
Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry Channels His Inner Chandler Bing, Recreates Infamous ‘Friends’ Trip to Las Vegas in Rare Photo)

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **10**
Speaking of wasted and messy, this alliterate barely there celebrity offspring of A listers, is being spoiled and entitled and just blows through his wife's money like water all while being wasted and messy. Brooklyn Beckham (David & Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham)/Nicola Peltz (Brooklyn Beckham shares awkward PDA with chic wife Nicola Peltz as he showers her with kisses during romantic dinner on St Tropez honeymoon)

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **11**
Even though it feels like she just got married, this A list mostly movie actress who has at least one franchise, is getting out of her marriage.

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **12**
This former A list tweener/teen turned A- list adult singer has been crushing it as of late, but got her heart crushed when she discovered the person she loved is married. Demi Lovato

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **13**
One of the John Doe's in the never ending civil proceedings involving the dead billionaire pedophile, is a former state A+ lister from the Northeast state where the billionaire lived. Jeffrey Epstein/Eliot Spitzer/New York (Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? A close study of his circle — social, professional, transactional — reveals a damning portrait of elite New York) (Disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein settles following ‘sex slave’ lawsuit)

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **14**
Not So Poor: This very recent reality star (Diana Jenkins) likes to tell a story of how she came from nothing and worked hard and ended up rich that way. Would her best friend from high school say that? The one who traveled with her to ski resort cities and beaches and the best hotels? When not accompanied by their parents, they would find rich men to hook up with at these resorts and on trips. Would her best friend mention the professional soccer player our reality star was seeing while in high school, and how he gave her a BMW? Is that what she meant by growing up poor? One of the things our reality star did was to cut off the best friend as soon as she could, for fear of damaging that narrative about her past. She couldn't have the best friend talking about the man our reality star slept with and convinced she loved, so he would move her to a better city. The same city where she had another boyfriend protect her at the strip club where she worked so no one would steal her tip money. I wonder what happened to that boyfriend. I also wonder if he would know that while saying yes to getting married to her now ex-husband, she was carrying on a torrid affair with a much wealthier man who she really wanted to marry, but feared he was too unstable. His money almost won out in the end. Diana Jenkins/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Diana Jenkins fires back at Garcelle Beauvais’ ‘uneducated’ comment)

375. POPBITCH 06/30
(British blog)
Which member of the nobility was caught throwing hands at Soho Farmhouse recently? After security stepped in to attend to a minor flare-up involving her son, this septuagenarian baroness waded into the fray – diving onto the bouncer's back and thwacking him.

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