NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This A list host/producer over multiple formats has hired a bot farm to help remove one of his co-stars from their position. He wants them gone and to bring his own replacement. Ryan Seacrest/Kelly Ripa/"Live with Kelly and Ryan" (Ryan Seacrest fans call out ‘annoying’ Kelly Ripa for being ‘rude’ on ‘Live’)

Speaking of trying to rid themselves of something, this former cable actress turned worldwide celebrity should know the difference between suppressing something so you don't look bad, and being exonerated. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Are ‘Disappointed’ That The Palace Won’t Release Bullying Probe Results)

This brand new actress bride is probably A- list. She has quite the origin story of how she met her husband. It isn't true, but it makes for a much less creepy version of events. Alexandra Daddario/Andrew Form (Alexandra Daddario Marries Andrew Form in Silk Gown 'Perfect' for Their New Orleans Wedding)

Interesting thing to have the media at least think you are engaged, the same week your actor ex announced he is going to have a baby. Taylor Swift (Joe Alwyn)/Tom Hiddleston (Zawe Ashton) (Taylor Swift is engaged to Joe Alwyn) (Tom Hiddleston and Fiancée Zawe Ashton Expecting First Baby Together)

Let me get this straight. This foreign born permanent A list singer who no longer sings, is traveling out of town for a concert to see her current boyfriend who is a serial abuser, close the show and perform with her former boyfriend who is a serial abuser. Sounds about right.
Rihanna/A$AP Rocky/Chris Brown (and it is exactly where she did go) (Rihanna's First Public Outing Since Giving Birth, Supports A$AP Rocky at Concert)

This very popular show on an OG studio streaming service which no one really watches, had to cancel a show because of the scandal that is headed its way. There is no way they could do another season. "Woke"/"Hulu" (‘Woke’ Canceled By Hulu After Two Seasons)

The Agenda: Next week in one state (Idaho), the real powers ("Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference") that be will gather and discuss and approve what happened a couple of months ago in a foreign country. They will modify that however they see necessary and will approve or deny requests from people lower in the hierarchy. The following week, all of those instructions and orders will be sent to the lesser elites as they gather for the annual festival ("Bohemian Grove") where they like to pretend they are the power elite with their rituals and sex capades, but are just tools of the people who met a week earlier. Idaho/"Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference"/"Bohemian Grove" (Sun Valley 2022 Guest List Includes Elon Musk, Shari Redstone, David Zaslav, Anderson Cooper (EXCLUSIVE))

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress is not shy about saying controversial things about the state of her country and the side she is on. She is expected to join with other celebrities from her country, in a statement which will probably put a bounty on her head. Ukraine/Mila Kunis (Mila Kunis responds to the war in Ukraine by raising millions of dollars to aid those who are suffering)

This barely known alliterate singer was telling no lies that she hooked up with the former late night actor. Her timeline is just inconvenient to a different person who was lied to by the actor. Olivia O'Brien/Pete Davidson/Kaley Cuoco (Olivia O'Brien Reveals Pete Davidson Broke Up With Her Over Text Before Kim Kardashian Romance) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/15/22)

A dozen BlackBerry phones have gone missing from the reality family with a lot of alliterate members. There is some old dirt and other info that is very valuable. Kardashians (Why Kim Kardashian has a stash of BlackBerry phones)

This foreign born former A list boy bander who has been in the news quite a lot recently, went to rehab for a day before leaving.
Liam Payne/"One Direction" ('It was toxic': Liam Payne says he was addicted to 'pills and booze' during 'One Direction' fame)

Nothing like leaving your celebrity wife to take care of your new new newborn baby at home so this actor can get some time to himself on a red carpet and after party seeing what new friends he can make. Sharna Burgess/Brian Austin Green/"Last the Night" L.A. Premiere (Brian Austin Green Proudly Shows Off Photos of Newborn Son Zane at Last the Night L.A. Premiere)

There is a person asking for way too much money for a sex tape between himself and an internet talk show host (Nick Fuentes) who is over the top racist and anti-Semitic and claims he is an incel. When the asking price finally gets lowered, this will be epic. You know if there is one, there are two or more tapes. Nick Fuentes (The "KHHV" Is The Lowest (Or Maybe Most Powerful) Kind Of Incel...These guys claim they’re not just virgins, but haven’t kissed, hugged or even held hands)

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups - Disney Edition
#1 - These two former Disney actresses all of you know, used to hook up from time to time when they were shooting their show together. Bella Thorne/Zendaya/"Shake It Up"
#2 - Speaking of Disney actresses, this one was one of the biggest. She is long gone from Disney and really doesn't act much longer, but sings. She once hooked up with this alliterate A list actor. Miley Cyrus/Matthew McConaughey ("The Graham Norton Show" 12/07/2018)
#3 - This former Disney actor all of you know was a big fan of watching the women he dated being introduced to this B+ list franchise actress and then watching the actress have sex with the girlfriends. The actress is not known for kindness during sex. Zac Efron/Michelle Rodriguez
#4 - This not as well known Disney actress didn't like sleeping with guys for advancement or roles or what have you, so for years, offered up her sister.

This A-/B+ list actress/pro beard for hire has paps on speed dial as of late to try and take advantage of the time she is spending with her significant other. She thinks it will pressure him into making it official. Olivia Munn/John Mulaney (Olivia Munn and John Mulaney Are Not in a ‘Rush to Get Married’ After Welcoming Son Malcolm: Parenthood ‘Is Their Focus’)

This married former A++ lister has a child that is about to turn five. He hooked up with the mother at the premiere of a movie that was set up by his disgraced producer friend.
Bill Clinton/Harvey Weinstein/"Lion" (Bill Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance At New York Premiere Of ‘Lion’)

Last time I checked, the alliterate spouse of the disgraced comic actor/comedian enabled the drugging of the women, so I'm not sure she is the best person to look to for a defense of her husband. Camille Cosby/Bill Cosby (Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille Cosby, spotted in NYC without wedding ring)

Next week is the sentencing of the child rapist/murderer, so his foreign born A list rapper wife got pregnant and hopes that by standing in the courtroom her husband will get a lighter sentence. Kenny Petty/Nicki Minaj (Government Demands Prison For Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty)

This Housewife is back on the show again and also made a new ally on the west coast who promised her a home shopping gig which is why you see the very unexpected love between them. Kenya Moore ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")/Lisa Rinna ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Now we know why Kenya Moore supported Lisa Rinna in her racist antics against Garcelle)

Months after I told you all repeatedly about Fan, the A-list political, closeted, racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic podcaster - one of the largest news aggregation websites on the Internet is now repeatedly posting articles outing him. Nick Fuentes/"Reddit" (BLIND ITEM 12/06/21) (BLIND ITEM 05/26/22) (BLIND ITEM 07/01/22)

This A list cable reporter/host/anchor (Van Jones) of his infrequent show ("Uncommon Ground with Van Jones") is hooking up with the celebrity sister (Khloé Kardashian) of someone (Kim Kardashian) he hooked up with before being dumped. Van Jones/"Uncommon Ground with Van Jones"/Khloé Kardashian/Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian and Van Jones React to 'Weird' Theories About Them Dating: 'Best Rumor Ever')

Another day another day to be a drunken mess for this barely there alliterate celebrity offspring of A listers. Someone needs to step in before he does something crazy in public rather than semi-public. Brooklyn Beckham (David & Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham) (Brooklyn Beckham shares intimate photo of wife Nicola Peltz on lavish honeymoon) (Brooklyn Beckham shares awkward PDA with chic wife Nicola Peltz as he showers her with kisses during romantic dinner on St Tropez honeymoon)



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For once, it is probably not drugs that sent the plane and a sibling of the celebrity CEO for a quick European back and forth. According to the A- list actress, at least once, that she knows of, the CEO had what he called a red light special and bought out an entire brothel for several nights. This is probably something similar. Elon and Kimbal Musk/Amber Heard

The mom of the permanent A list "singer" has been trying to set up a meeting with her daughter to secretly record it and sell it. Lynne Spears/Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ mom, Lynne, claims she just wants daughter to ‘be happy’)

It will be very interesting to see how this actor/host/producer/radio guy responds to the accusations that he is bisexual and loves to dress as a woman. He will probably get another five women pregnant. Nick Cannon (Kel Mitchell's Ex Claims She Found Nick Cannon Wearing Her Cheerleading Uniform For Her Man)

This former A list teen actor sold a product to women which has made at least one sterile, and brought severe illness to others.

This streaming actor is probably A list right now because of the A list show. He also offered to orally service the real life boyfriend of his co-star. Joseph Quinn/"Eddie - Stranger Things"

This part time reality star made six figures this weekend renting out yachters. Scott Disick (Scott Disick Spotted With Bikini-Clad Women in Miami Days After Travis Barker’s Hospitalization)

The producers of the former show of the alliterate talk show host just want all reminders erased of her from the internet. It is sad what they are doing to her legacy. Wendy Williams (The Wendy Williams Show's Official YouTube, Website and Instagram Removed After Series Finale)

The momager (Kris Jenner) was working the phones all weekend to try and have her youngest daughter (Kylie Jenner) eclipse the foreign born one word singer (Rihanna) who actually has talent and a skill and had an idea, as the youngest self made billionaire. Kris Jenner/Kylie Jenner/Rihanna (Rihanna Dethrones Kylie Jenner as Youngest Woman Self-Made Billionaire)

This A list singer/writer/producer who would have won an Oscar any other year than the year he was nominated, is cheating on his wife. That is nothing new, but leaving her, is.

Reader Blind: On the set of a movie, this alliterate action actor regularly abused his then wife whenever he could. A worker found the actor's hairpiece in his trailer. Later, the actor was driven to tears by one of a few hundred light bulbs going out in his trailer and unsuccessfully tried to get the worker who found the hair piece, fired for the error. Steven Seagal/Kelly LeBrock/"Hard to Kill"

A long time Housewife tried to get her job back, but her recent acting decisions and the people she worked for, was the biggest reason for a no. Nene Leakes

It is between this one named north of the border A list singer and the suddenly able to do it contractually A+ list singer to see who gets the Super Bowl gig. Drake/"Pepsi"/Taylor Swift (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/27/22)

This A list actor who sometimes directs has been making a movie. I wonder if his celebrity significant other would be perfectly fine with the woman who spends all day in his trailer waiting for the actor to have some "free time." Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez ("Untitled Nike/Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Project") (Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Spotted During a Break From Filming 'Nike' Movie)

Get Yours: Back in the day, this woman believed that with her sister marrying a billionaire, she really didn't need to work any longer and would be taken care of financially. It didn't work that way, and if you think about it, the billionaire and his wife and even his celebrity kid who all of you know, don't seem like the sharing type. Anyway, the sibling was on her own to make money and found a female elderly billionaire to target for a scam. Our con artist joined a cult the billionaire belonged to and ingratiated herself with the billionaire. The billionaire was so enamored of our con artist that she adopted the woman and gave her millions of dollars. The con artist was in line for well over $500M when the billionaire died, but was outplayed by the butler of the billionaire who convinced the billionaire to cut everyone from her will except for the butler who ended up with the billion. Our con artist had to go to court and ended up with nearly $100M in cash and property. Chandi Heffner/Claudia/Nelson Peltz/Doris Duke/Bernard Lafferty (Doris Duke’s Final Mystery)

This B list singer wanted another child. She wanted one so much that she was willing to have it with the A- list singer/rapper who treats her wrong every chance he gets. An A- lister who is sleeping with other women every chance he gets and will only be a bank for the child, and nothing more. Our singer thinks that is fine and that she can convince the rapper to be with her at some point. Jhené Aiko/Big Sean (Jhené Aiko and Big Sean expecting first child together) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/24/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/05/22)

The family of the alliterate talk show host is trying to get her to go to rehab, which is also a psychiatric hospital where they hope to keep her until the holidays. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Says She's Winning Battle with Lymphedema, Ready for Podcast)

The now ex of this B list celebrity/porn star says he used to sleep with his higher on the list sister.

Although her recent interview confirmed things I have been saying about this A-/B+ list actress for well over a decade, she is still not being completely honest about her current condition, which is not good, or her childhood, or the summer off the coast of France which also changed who she was in a very bad way. Oh, and dump the boyfriend who beats you every chance he gets. Hayden Panettiere (Hayden Panettiere Reveals Addiction to Opioids and Alcohol: 'I Was in a Cycle of Self-Destruction')

This foreign born one named A list singer has been trying her hardest to get pregnant with her cheating boyfriend, so that way he will be forced to stick around forever. Adele/Rich Paul (Adele opens up about motherhood and wanting 'a couple more kids')

The alliterate reality star, her family and all of the other people associated with them that do business with the horrific business manager have had years to dump the manager. They haven't. What secrets do you think the business manager has to keep them from dumping her? Kim Kardashian/Lou Taylor (The Kardashians Are Facing Backlash For Working With Britney Spears’ Controversial Ex–Business Manager Lou Taylor. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.)

There is a movie ("Amsterdam") being released this fall that has the same title as a European city (Amsterdam). The one sheet specifically leaves off the name of the A list director (David O. Russell). When the stars of the movie, which includes not only actors and actresses (Cast), but also an A+ list singer (Taylor Swift) are out doing press, how many reporters will ask:
Why is the director's name not on the one sheet?
How do you justify working with someone who has sexually harassed so many women?
How do you justify working with someone who sexually assaulted his underage niece?
These are not new revelations. They were public before you accepted this role. Why did you do so?
The answer is no reporters will ask any of the four questions, because they only care about getting close to people who are famous and getting invited to the premiere and after party or the singer's concerts. "Amsterdam"/Amsterdam/David O. Russell/Margot Robbie/Taylor Swift (David O. Russell’s abuse allegations resurface as stars like Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie line up for his new movie)

Even with the prospect of new shows, this alliterate HGTV star couldn't fake a relationship any longer. Sabrina Soto/"Secret Celebrity Renovation"/Dean Sheremet (HGTV star Sabrina Soto ends engagement to LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband, Dean Sheremet)

This three named actress is supposedly engaged to her singing boyfriend. She should ask him about his interactions with multiple sisters from a singing group. Not all the sisters, but at least two of them.
Anya Taylor-Joy/Malcolm McRae/"Haim" (Who Is Anya Taylor-Joy’s Musician Boyfriend, Malcolm McRae?) (Anya Taylor-Joy Supports Boyfriend Malcolm McRae at His Band More's L.A. Show)

This married A list comic/comic actor has been busted cheating before. This past weekend he tried to keep his cheating private, but was busted by some party goers when the actor forgot to lock a door. Kevin Hart (Kevin Hart and Ne-Yo attend the "Red, White & Bootsy July 4th Party")

The part time reality star and this foreign born A- list singer/wannabe actress got wasted together this weekend. She would have hooked up with him, but he knew she wasn't up to what he likes. Scott Disick/Camila Cabello (Scott Disick spent his Fourth of July in Miami) (Camila Cabello on the beach in Miami)

This barely there celebrity offspring (Olivia Jade Giannulli) of some celebrity convicts (Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli) told a story this weekend about an A+ list producer who had no idea who she was or that she has a ton of money and hit on her by telling her he could make her a star and just really tried to sleep with her. She said it was not as bad as when the husband of this former Housewife hit on her though. Olivia Jade Giannulli/Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli (EXCLUSIVE: Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade shows off incredible bikini body at lake with sister Bella and Patrick Schwarzenegger in Coeur d'Alene)

Reader Blind: Whenever he was on set with his wife, this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee would leave his microphone on at least once during filming while he had sex with his wife in his trailer.
Sylvester Stallone

Outsourced: This foreign born A list singer has long been married. For many years, his celebrity wife indulged him with his fetishes and would be the one doing the sex act for him. Now that they have been married so long, she no longer is interested in doing it for him and insisted he find someone else to it. Easier said than done. This is a very famous couple. They initially decided to hire an escort and had the escort sign the many page NDA and then had the escort perform. However, the escort didn't really enjoy it, and didn't want to come back. Every single time they hired someone, the whole NDA thing had to be done before the sex act could even be described. They went through a solid dozen prospects before giving up for awhile. Then they put one of their assistants on a fetish website trolling for prospective women and went through another half dozen that way. What they finally did was hire a very poor barely old enough to drink woman from India and told her they would deport her if she didn't do what they wanted. Apparently she was given a worker visa because of her specific skills. The specific skills were not mentioned, and the woman had never performed any sex act prior to her employment. Sting/Trudie Styler (Sting puts those tantric sex rumours to rest)

The big buzz in NBA circles right now is that a certain very famous superstar who recently has been in the news A LOT is about to fire his longtime business partner (it may have already happened). Not LeBron/Maverick. Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving (Latest on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving)

After getting the biggest break of his lifetime and not having to go to jail for a year, the husband of the foreign born A- list rapper will mess it up by sneaking out of the house without permission or something like that. Kenneth Petty/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj shows support for husband Kenneth Petty on Instagram... after his sentencing to one year in-home detention and three years probation for failing to register as a sex offender)

This three named foreign born A- list barely legal actress is cheating on her significant other, but it might not completely be her own idea. She is being pressured to do so. Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things")/Jake Bongiovi (Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi Enjoy a Boat Day in Italy) (Stranger Things Co-Creator Responds to Millie Bobby Brown's Call for More Deaths: 'This Is Hawkins, Not Westeros')

It is great to have a discussion about paps and celebrity offspring, but the first question should be, what if the paps are called by the parents themselves and if you are doing your best to make your child a public figure. North West/Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian's daughter North West confronts paparazzi in Paris: 'Why do you have to wait for us all the time?')

This entertainment host/sometime actor really can't read a room right now. He wants to reboot the singing boy band which right now is under a toxic cloud of grooming/underage sex/child abuse and its most famous alumnus battling all kinds of charges too. Mario Lopez/"Menudo"/Ricky Martin (Mario Lopez to Lead Global Search for New Members of Menudo, Latin Boy Band Which Launched Ricky Martin)

This former lead singer of basically a one hit wonder group, was a reason why this former A- list tween actress turned B- list adult actress ended up divorced. She thought she could get him off drugs and booze, but nope. She walked away from him, but everyone still thinks they are together.
Hilary Duff/Matthew Koma aka Matthew Bair/"Eve 6" (Hilary Duff in Bathing Suit Says Hi From the Beach)

Originally the money laundering streaming service thought people would clamor to the box office if they opened a new movie in theatres for a limited time before shifting it to streaming. They thought it would create buzz. The only buzz is just how bad the movie is and how badly it will damage this foreign born A list mostly movie actor's career. It is a shocking amount of money that was spent which will not generate even one new customer or make one customer want to stay for fear of missing out.
"Netflix"/"The Gray Man"/Ryan Gosling (and it was even worse than expected) (Netflix Holding Reviews of $200 Million "Gray Man" Until Very Last Minute Next Week)

With all the acting tributes pouring in for this now deceased A- list actor, do not lose sight of the fact he took part in many of the alliterate celebrity's parties. The ones where women were drugged and then date raped. This happened hundreds of times. James Caan/Hugh Hefner (James Caan, Oscar-nominated actor of ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Misery’ and ‘Elf,’ dies at 82) (Caan Left Playboy Mansion To Get Real)

The oldest sibling in this reality family got chewed out because she was publicly caught smoking. They all chain smoke, but the first rule is to not get caught. Kourtney Kardashian (Kourtney Kardashian Slammed for Smoking a Cigarette in Since-Deleted Instagrams)

Speaking of secrets, this acting family is very religious and have donated heavily to anti abortion groups and have made public service announcements. They also have a handful of abortions divided between various family members. Two, from an actress in the family were because she didn't want a pregnancy to ruin getting a role. Candace Cameron Bure/Kirk Cameron (Candace Cameron Bure and Brother Kirk Cameron’s Family Album Through the Years)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who might have a career that has ended now just because she doesn't get great results, was spotted making out with this very married foreign born A list director.

This current A list NBA player lost about $500K at a European casino last week.

This B+ list actress who peaked once about two decades ago in a movie franchise and another about a decade ago in a television show, just trashed some loaner accessories and a purse she was given by a designer during Fashion Week. They will not be inviting her back. Natasha Lyonne/"American Pie"/"Orange Is the New Black"/"Schiaparelli" (Natasha Lyonne Front Row at Schiaparelli Couture Fall 2022)

Mr. C: This actor has been the lead actor on multiple hit television shows. The number is approaching a half dozen. Some of them have been middling hits, and some have been iconic, but he has a run like almost no other when it comes to hitting it big again and again. Throughout his long career, he has been a regular at several sex clubs here in town that cater to a BDSM crowd. His wife is not really a fan, so he explores away from the marital bedroom. No matter which of the clubs he has rotated through over the years, he has always been known as Mr. C. Known for being a very generous tipper and being kind and respectful, none of the clubs saw him at all during the first two years of the pandemic. Over the past month, he has visited three of the clubs that still remain. He didn't go for the sex, but rather to give each worker at each club $10K in cash so they wouldn't have to report it to the IRS if they didn't feel so inclined. He did it because the business have still not completely recovered, and also as a goodbye and thank you. Apparently our actor is done with the exploring phase and is happy just to work on his new hit show and spend time at home.

65. POPBITCH 07/07
(British blog) Which Married At First Sight star has been giving her OnlyFans subscribers some truly dirty content recently? At the end of one ambitious video, things accidentally got a little bit 2 Girls, 1 Cup. Only without the cup.

Two disgraced alt-rockers are trying to manipulate social media for comebacks. One (Ryan Adams) is Disney adjacent by marriage (Mandy Moore), though now divorced and seems to want everyone to fawn over his claims of not drinking the past six months and forget how abusive he’s been. He was the subject of an FBI investigation, but never charged. The other (Ken Stringfellow) is afraid to re-enter the US due to sexual assault allegations. He penned what he calls an apology, yet never mentions what he did wrong, only that he was unfair to women he was seeing outside his open marriage (Dominique Sassi). Probably because he knows what he did and that there’s at least a half dozen other women with similar claims. Ryan Adams/Mandy Moore/Ken Stringfellow/Dominique Sassi (Ryan Adams Reveals He's 9 Months Sober, Excited to Play for Fans Again) (Posies’ Ken Stringfellow Issues an Apology, While Still Denying Charges, as Discussion of Sexual Misconduct Continues)

The wealthy bookseller is using his biggest mouthpiece to make sure that in every way possible they reflect a doom and gloom scenario about every disease, just so there can be another lockdown. The bookseller is hopeful he can eliminate any of the small business competitors he missed the first time around. Jeff Bezos (A NEW wave of pandemics could be sparked by never-before-seen microbes locked in Tibetan glaciers if they are released by ice melting, scientists warn)

This foreign born A list dual threat actor finally completed the privacy wall at his home. There were many hoops to jump through at the city to get a permit to do so. He didn't want the apartment building next door to be able to look into his yard. If you take a close look at the permit application, which is public, the two names listed as owners on the request are the actor and his alliterate friend. The soon to be mother of his child is nowhere to be found. Tom Hiddleston/Charlie Cox/Zawe Ashton (Charlie Cox says that 'best friend' Tom Hiddleston was one of the first people he told about his 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' cameo)

Over the last couple of months, it seems as if this foreign born A list alliterate actor has been sleeping his way through Hollywood. What happened to the woman who seemed as if she was a steady presence in his life? Our movie making Svengali took her away from the actor and is even contemplating a marriage proposal. Sebastian Stan/Alejandra Onieva/Mohammed Al Turki (Saudi Arabia Chases $64 Billion Hollywood Dream)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor (Robert Pattinson) who has been in multiple movie franchises ("Harry Potter"/"Twilight") and is currently a superhero ("The Batman") was once in this space at the same time as a B list actress (AnnaLynne McCord) who has a celebrity sister (Angel McCord). The actress, a long time friend of the site has been introducing the actor to different women she knows through DM's. It would seem as if the girlfriend (Suki Waterhouse) situation is well and truly over. Robert Pattinson/"Harry Potter"/"Twilight"/"The Batman"/AnnaLynne McCord/Angel McCord/Suki Waterhouse (Robert Pattinson stunned by girlfriend Suki Waterhouse's unexpected reaction to The Batman) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/09/21)

The foreign born A list director with a big gig this weekend, has a habit of not tipping his car service drivers or just about anyone else. Taika Waititi/"Thor: Love and Thunder" premiere (‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: First Reactions From the Premiere)

This convicted criminal (Elizabeth Holmes) has movies and books ("Theranos") about her. She is also apparently pregnant again to stave off her sentencing date. Elizabeth Holmes/"Theranos" (Elizabeth Holmes: who is Sunny Balwani’s ex-girlfriend and former Theranos CEO - when will she be sentenced?)

This alliterate very well known influencer (Caroline Calloway) had an OnlyFans at one point to pay off some bills. There was nothing too salacious about it, but she did make a sex tape with a guy which she is saving in case she needs another money boost. Caroline Calloway (Caroline Calloway Made $130K On OnlyFans And Used It To Pay For Her Botched Book Deal Debt)

This A-/B+ list actor has zero chance in being cast as a superhero despite fans publicist bots calling out for it. Elliot Page/"The Flash" (Elliot Page fans are calling for him to replace Ezra Miller as The Flash)

This former A list child actress who has also been A list as an adult is dating a guy who was living with his wife as recently as two weeks ago.
Emma Watson (Emma Watson Reveals the ‘Very Worst Men’ to Date)

I thought last summer would be the last time we did the whole closeted one season wonder guy having a girlfriend thing. Can he please just come out and save the tabloids the trouble to pretend to write about his new love. Literally a year ago were the same type headlines about someone totally different. Tyler Cameron/"The Bachelorette"/Paige Lorenze/Colton Underwood/Cassie Randolph (Tyler Cameron is ‘newly dating’ model Paige Lorenze) (Cassie Randolph shares ‘horrible’ way she found out ex Colton Underwood is gay)

Often when we discuss this A-/B+ list actress no one mentions she is a celebrity offspring. Anyway, she has rebounded nicely and is sleeping with a producer to land a new television role.
Minka Kelly ("Aerosmith" guitarist Rick Dufay)/"Euphoria"

Speaking of celebrity offspring, this A/A- list actress has eclipsed her parent, but not another relative and is drinking again. Never a good idea for her. Emma Roberts/Eric Roberts/Julia Roberts (Emma Roberts sports 'Ski Idaho' sweatshirt while running errands in LA... before sharing snap of son Rhodes)

Four For Friday - Over The Top Reader Blinds:
#1 - What you are seeing isn’t what was supposed to happen. The reason he (Kyle Rittenhouse) was alone in a dangerous area was he was supposed to be offered up as a sacrificial lamb. This is also why drones were everywhere to capture it on film. This was supposed to be a warning to any others who chose to defend themselves or their property. However, he turned out to be a lot capable than what was thought when they had singled him out. Kyle Rittenhouse

#2 - This investigative organization ("FBI") that recently were in the news due to the family member (Hunter Biden) of the A++ lister are preparing another exposé on the A++ lister (Joe Biden). This one is on the event that a lot of people associate with him in particular two points. The A++ lister's deceased partner (Neilia Hunter Biden) had been drinking that day which was directly responsible for what occurred. This was because she had recently discovered the A++ lister was having an affair with the woman (Jill Biden) he is with now. In fact, he had been pulled over for a moving violation by a policeman while driving her car. "FBI"/Hunter Biden/Joe Biden/Neilia Hunter Biden/Jill Biden
#3 - The former A++ lister's (Donald Trump) leaked comments on a possible contender (Governor Ron DeSantis) in a key part of the country (Florida) were not an accident. The possible contender's weird sex life with his new partner which include scatplay and cross dressing will come up. The other choice is a contender (Dick Cheney) who a movie ("Vice") was made about but who once said bad things about the A++ lister. The A++ lister is slow to forgive but several of his allies are giving support to this contender. Donald Trump/Governor Ron DeSantis/Florida/Dick Cheney/"Vice" (Trump Touts Beating DeSantis in 2024 Polls Amid 'Witch Hunt' Hearings) (Gov. DeSantis unloads on Gavin Newsom after the California Governor released campaign ad in Florida) (Former Vice President Dick Cheney told friends that Trump is 'a maniac' and said he admired his daughter's impeachment vote: book)

#4 - What will the A++ lister offer as an excuse when it is revealed that the committer of a very recent violent act (Assassination of Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe) was inspired by the same source that inspired an even more violent act in another country (July 22 Norway Massacre) and that source is someone the A++ lister is funding and supporting in a struggle of their own. Even worse the committer of the recent act not only received inspiration but also money. The committer in the foreign country of the even more violent act actually went to their location and learned from them in person. Assassination of Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe/July 22 Norway Massacre (Shinzo Abe Is Assassinated With a Handmade Gun, Shocking a Nation) (Norway Mass Shooting Is Being Investigated as Terrorism, Police Say)

This foreign born daily tabloid decided to out a member of the royal family. "Daily Mail"/Earl of Snowdon (Earl of Snowdon is spotted in royal box at Wimbledon with fellow furniture collector and Made in Chelsea star Mark-Francis Vandelli after inviting him as his guest)

This north of the border A list singer is canceling a bunch of shows because of very low ticket sales. Considering how fast he is blowing through money, he needed a big sold out tour. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Postpones Tour for Three Weeks to Focus on Mental Health)

Just because you have a "uniform" doesn't mean you are working there. It certainly does give you access to many more victims and the ability to walk into their rooms at any time. Armie Hammer (No, Armie Hammer Isn’t Working as a Hotel Concierge in the Caymans)

This foreign born former A list boy bander who is a hermit, got a former one fifth who is also a hermit, pregnant. Zayn Malik ("One Direction")/Normani ("Fifth Harmony") (Fifth Harmony Normani Kordei, "I'm Glad Zayn Malik Is Happy Now")

This best-selling novelist (Delia Owens) is probably very happy about the very imminent adaptation of her best-selling book ("Where The Crawdads Sing") produced by an A+ list actress (Reese Witherspoon), but how many people involved with the publication of the book or production of the movie remember that multiple members of her family (Ex- husband, Mark Owens & Stepson) were involved in a murder in a foreign country (Zambia) that was caught on camera? Delta Owens/"Where The Crawdads Sing"Reese Witherspoon/Ex- husband, Mark Owens & Stepson/Zambia (Reese Witherspoon's Where the Crawdads Sing Adaptation Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones Set for June 2022 Release) (Delia Owens Controversy Amid ''Where The Crawdads Sing'' Problematic Review)

What the A- list actress is arguing, could happen in lots of courtrooms across the country every day. It is incredibly rare to be asked for identification proving who you are. Amber Heard (Johnny Depp Verdict Thrown Into Chaos As Wrong Juror Seated In Virginia Trial, Amber Heard Says; Wants New Trial)

In exchange for some exclusive photos, the photographer agreed to airbrush the nipples of this alliterate reality star, so it would appear she had none. Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian flaunts slimmed-down beach body in white hot bikini)

Reader Blind: This very recognizable person who is currently attempting a new career has been strangely out of view for the last week. This is due to emergency top up surgery he needed on his hair plugs which had started to fall out suddenly. Prince Harry (What is the secret behind Prince Harry’s new hair?)

I love the interviews with this late night host where he makes it seem as if he is spending 24/7 with his kids, when in reality he has a team of people, and probably sees his kids less than half of each 24. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live" (Andy Cohen opens up about dating life as a single dad of two)

This foreign born superhero might be looking to get out of his rental for a house he owns, but it will be a solo purchase and not a joint purchase with his girlfriend. Tom Holland/"Spider’Man"/Zendaya (Zendaya and Tom Holland spotted eyeing $5.35M Brooklyn home)

It isn't like this A- list actor/musician (Steven Van Zandt) not named Leto hasn't had drug problems before. Over a decade ago, he melted down on live television because of drugs. What is ironic is he always gave the cast members of the long running show ("Sopranos"), who did drugs and had problems with drugs, a hard time over it and said they were weak. I also don't like how he is going to blame it all on the death of a friend (Tony Sirico). He was doing them long before the death. Steven Van Zandt/"Sopranos"/Tony Sirico (Steven Van Zandt Remembers His ‘Sopranos’ Co-Star Tony Sirico: ‘A Larger Than Life Character’) (Steven Van Zandt: ‘Bruce Springsteen Is a Living Example of What Happens When You Never Do Drugs’) (Springsteen’s Guitarist Admits He Was Addicted to Threesomes)

So, the question remains as to why the producers even allowed the marriage to take place and how come their background check didn't find that the male star had only ever dated men in the past. There was no way this was going to work. Steve Moy/Noi Phommasak/"Married At First Sight" (Married At First Sight stars Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy SPLIT... as she breaks news with cheerful bikini snap writing: 'Divorce feels good')

Four years old and already being exploited for profit and thirst and attention. I'm sure this will all turn out well down the road. This reality family is garbage. There is a reason, this social media company has a minimum age requirement. They are willing to bend it for cash and clicks though. Oh, and more data the host country can get from new users. Stormi Webster/Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott/Kardashians/"TikTok"/China (Watch Kylie Jenner's Daughter Stormi Webster's First Official TikTok Video)

This A+/A list singer was supposed to be in Europe the past few weeks doing the various fashion week events, but is scared to travel right now and rarely leaves her house.
Ariana Grande

Reader Blind: This A list in his prime still handsome long closeted actor (Tom Selleck) who is married (Jillie Mack) and who has been in two very successful TV series ("Magnum, P.I.") (one still running) ("Blue Bloods") received advice years ago from another closeted never married now deceased actor (John Hillerman) with a deep voice who had a supporting role in his first TV series. The advice was to always have a wife or female partner around as a prop. The actor giving the advice always talked about an actress girlfriend who no one ever actually saw. Tom Selleck/Jillie Mack/"Magnum, P.I."/"Blue Bloods"/John Hillerman

This married former late night actor who is an A list mostly movie actor has a girlfriend who is way less than half his age. He met her in Europe right before summer and has been flying her everywhere to see him. Adam Sandler/"SNL"/"Murder Mystery 2" (Filming wrapped on April 8, 2022, in Paris, France)

Why yes, it is intentional that this A- list actress is leaving her role two days prior to her former co-star joining the production. Jane Lynch/Lea Michele/"Fanny Brice"/"Funny Girl" (Jane Lynch explains why she won't perform with Glee co-star Lea Michele on Broadway) (Lea Michele Replaces Beanie Feldstein as Fanny Brice in Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’)

The bird company anticipated weeks ago that the celebrity CEO would try to weasel out of the deal, so they hired the top law firm in the deal litigation field several weeks ago to start working on a draft complaint against the celebrity CEO. It will be ready in a couple days. As I have been telling you, the bird company has the right to compel the celebrity CEO to close the deal, which they will. He will end up owning the bird company, perhaps for a slight discount to the originally agreed upon price, sooner rather than later. "Twitter"/Elon Musk (Twitter has vowed to sue Elon Musk. Here's what could happen in court) (How Elon’s bizarre Twitter takeover saga could have just been a cover for him to sell $8.5 billion in Tesla stock)

Making the NFL player's recent revelation even more creepy is that the sex happened when he was still in high school. Zach Wilson/"New York Jets" (Zach Wilson’s ex accuses him of sleeping with his mom’s best friend)

Speaking of creepy, this foreign born A- list artist (Anna Weyant) in her 20's is pregnant with her just about 80 year old A list gallery ("Gagosian Gallery") owning boyfriend (Larry Gagosian). Anna Weyant/"Gagosian Gallery"/Larry Gagosian (Three Years Ago, Her Art Sold for $400 at the Beach. Now It Fetches Up To $1.6 Million at Auction) (ART)

This former child reality star turned A++ lister to the under 12 crowd is now threatening to do hardcore lesbian porn to make her people understand she is not interested in pandering to the youth market any longer. JoJo Siwa (JoJo Siwa Says She and Girlfriend Kylie Prew Are Setting 'New Boundaries' in Rekindled Relationship)

This north of the border A- list singer contracted monkeypox. It is why you haven't seen him the past few days. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes cancels tour dates to prioritize ‘my mental health, first and foremost’) (BLIND ITEM 05/19/22)

This A/A- list rapper has already blown through multiple deadlines from her record company. No one is selling her songs/rhymes right now who will sign away their credits, so she can't finish her record. Cardi B/"Atlantic Records" (Cardi B Confirms Her Album Is Her Next Priority) (Cardi B Accuses Shade Room of Alleged Negative Bias: ‘You Guys Want to Gaslight Me’)

With all of the dress drama, one person who has been very quiet is the supposed boyfriend of the actress. Perhaps this will force the end of their relationship out into the open. Florence Pugh/Zach Braff (Florence Pugh slams 'vulgar' men who attacked her for wearing revealing dress) (Florence Pugh Just Called People Out For Being "Horrible" Online In An Apparent Reference To Her Relationship With Zach Braff)

This A-/B+ list singer is on a dating site, but uses the photos of an A- list singer. It is really strange, but the B+ lister has been messed up for much of the past decade. Demi Lovata/"Raya" (10 Celebs Who Have Been Spotted on the Raya Dating App)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **10**
Speaking of dating apps, this A/A- list singer goes on Grindr from time to time just for the attention. He has never come out as gay and doesn't appear to have hooked up with anyone from the app, but loves reading messages to himself. John Mayer (10 Celebs Who Have Been Spotted on the Raya Dating App) (John Mayer Rates Andy Cohen a ‘Generous 3’ on ‘WWHL’ – ‘You Didn’t Have a Problem With It,’ Andy Fuels Dating Rumors)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **11**
The offspring (Sami Sheen) of the acting couple (Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen) who is doing OnlyFans is about to collaborate with the barely legal offspring (Hannah Gosselin) of reality stars (Kate & Jon Gosselin) that got famous more than a decade ago for having a lot of kids ("Jon & Kate Plus 8"). Sami Sheen/Denise & Charlie Sheen/Hannah Gosselin/Kate & Jon Gosselin/"Jon & Kate Plus 8" (Denise Richards Calls Out Social Media Double Standards After She and Daughter Sami Join OnlyFans) (BLIND ITEM 05/11/22) (BLIND ITEM 05/14/22)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **12**
This sometime superhero has helped himself to several of the cult members following the actor/singer. Jason Momoa/Jared Leto (Jared Leto posts vacation snaps alongside pal Jason Momoa on boat off the coast of Mallorca)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **13**
This A-/B+ list actress who only works on one franchise is causing problems on set because she has been hooking up with two different extras and now they are both fighting over her and it is causing a lot of drama. Michelle Rodriguez/"Fast & Furios"/"Fast X" (Michelle Rodriguez’s Fast and Furious return was kept secret from her)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **14**
The Wrestler - Stories From The JS Files: There was a time about a decade ago that our actress (Anna Kendrick) was involved in a very odd threesome. Not a threesome in a traditional sense, but three men in her life that she was juggling, The first was a foreign born alliterate actor (Ryan Reynolds) ("The Voices") she was crazy in love with who wouldn't give her the time of day unless he was due to spend time here or she in his country. She would do anything for him and is the only person she has ever dated to get topless photos of her. They are presumably the only topless photos that exist of her. Our actress tried to make him jealous by dating someone else (Ben Richardson). The issue with that is that she didn't want the world to know about him so kept him hidden the entire time they dated, which kind of ruins your plan of making the other guy jealous. Another problem with the plan is she liked the guy she was dating, but wasn't crazy about him and only slept with him a handful of times over the years of on and off again dating. Where does the wrestler fit in to the story? Through a co-star (C.J. Perry, aka "The Ravishing Russian" Lana/"Legacy Bella" on "Pitch Perfect"), she met a pro wrestler (Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley) (Seth Rollins) (Phillip Jack Brooks aka CM Punk) and they really hit it off. The wrestler was married though, so it was another relationship she also had to keep quiet. What she did get from the wrestler though was someone who, when the foreign born actor was in town on a set, paid a visit to the actor and shoved him around a little and threatened him for treating JS so poorly. Instead of being scared though, our actor ended up getting wasted that night and was angry and showed multiple people the topless photos of JS which is how we know they exist. Anna Kendrick/Ryan Reynolds/""The Voices"/Ben Richardson/C.J. Perry, aka "The Ravishing Russian" Lana/"Legacy Bella" on "Pitch Perfect" (Anna Kendrick Went To SummerSlam And Hung Out With Her Friend Who Hates America) (Does CM Punk Have a Crush on Anna Kendrick?) (BLIND ITEM 06/29/22)

This former A list mostly movie actress who has essentially retired, confirmed a story I told you many years ago that she used to be involved in drug trafficking. Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz thinks she was once a drug mule during her early days as a model: 'They gave me a suitcase')

This NEW alliterate talk show host is going to crash and burn. To show you how much confidence her new bosses have for her, they are already looking at replacement hosts. Sherri Shepherd (Sherri Shepherd Says She's Ready to Fill the Ellen DeGeneres-Sized 'Void' in Daytime TV)

This marijuana feline has been consulting with different doctors about getting a massive breast enlargement procedure done. Doja Cat

As I told you last month would happen, this A list mostly movie actor wrote a check to the man he beat up. The actor's team didn't want another week of televised testimony discussing the actor's out of control drinking and temper. Johnny Depp/Gregg "Rocky" Brooks (Johnny Depp Settles Assault Lawsuit With ‘City of Lies’ Crew Member)

This former A list singer who can always find time to hit a woman is about to be dropped by his record label. No one is buying his records any longer. You will notice that when he was really in the deep of bad things, the label didn't drop him because he was selling records. Chris Brown/"RCA Records" (T-Pain Shames Chris Brown for 'Breezy' Album Flop Outburst)

The cleaning product actor has several dozen sex tapes he has recorded with women and wants to start a XXX website. Armie Hammer

The married very tall alliterate model has been hooking up with a music manager (Penni Thow). Karlie Kloss/Penni Thow (Hamilton brings in sports and media talent manager Penni Thow for Project 44 business)

Not only did this author (Beatrice Sparks) who made an entire career exploiting teens and their problems by publishing and embellishing their diaries, but she also exploited dozens of other teens by telling those she found to write down their stories for her. Beatrice Sparks (1971 druggie diary ‘Go Ask Alice’ was made up by a suburban housewife)

It was actually the thirsty reality star wanting some headlines, who posted the naked photo of her husband. Jessie James Decker/Eric Decker (Eric Decker’s 4-year-old son snaps nude photos of dad in shower, posts online)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **10**
Despite his patriotic movies, this A list star has supposedly given up his US citizenship for tax reasons.

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **11**
This former Housewife is complaining about an interview she gave to the former alliterate talk show host. Maybe she should ask her former boss, because he is the one who said yes to the interview and questions asked. Taylor Armstrong/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Wendy Williams/Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live" (‘RHOBH’ alum Taylor Armstrong recalls Wendy Williams outing her abusive marriage)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **12**
This foreign born former A list rapper who is a horrible person is not just hitting fans at meet and greets, but beats her assistant when displeased. Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj Accused Of Shoving Fan During Chaotic Meet And Greet In London)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **13**
This former A list singer is trying to sleep with a family member. We have been learning some crazy stuff about this guy the past few weeks.
Ricky Martin/nephew (and he already was sleeping with the family member) (Did Ricky Martin’s nephew accuse singer of domestic violence? Fans say ‘s**t is made up’)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **14**
Sizzle Reel Horror: There are a lot of fake movie and television producers in Hollywood. Yes, I know, a real shocker. When you Google the subject of the blind, it says movie producer. The difference between him and the other fake producers is that most of the fake producers don't have a billionaire father. That billionaire father makes a lot of things possible. It also makes possible an offspring who is one of the more vile human beings in Hollywood right now. The only "friends" he has are people he employs. The people he employs are a bodyguard, two assistants, who are turned over on an almost weekly basis, and a guy who records the life of the "producer" with a camera 24/7. A month or so ago, this producer, who is about double the size of the last time he was in TMZ or his Google photos, decided he could make a better version of Below Deck. Dad has a yacht and the son could use it. So, why not bring his "friends" and hire a crew and sail a little bit while recording it all. The plan was to sell the show or just throw it up on YouTube and spend a bunch of dad's money on ads, so the whole world can watch it. Much like the assistants he runs through because of his horrible child like temper and narcissism, he has done the same thing to every boat crew he has hired. Our horrible offspring decided he would first take out his anger on the chef hired for the boat. The chef lasted 24 hours before quitting. Apparently the offspring's shtick is to berate the chef's food. This is before actually trying it. He also is a big fan of making his "friends" sit and look at food that is served but not eat because their boss is taking his time coming to dinner or sleeping until noon and not allowing his employees to be fed until he wakes up. So, after the first chef quit, another was brought on board. She lasted 12 hours before she quit. She was subjected to nonstop harassment at the hands of the offspring who recorded it all. Shortly thereafter, he fired an assistant who was then stuck hundreds of miles from home. The chief steward quit after a tirade that was recorded. A new chef brought on lasted a few hours. Finally, the captain of the boat was yelled at, and he drove the boat back to the home dock and walked off. Evan Metropoulos (Meet the New Owner of the Playboy Mansion)

No, the A+ list mostly movie actor (Bradley Cooper) is not dating the barely there celebrity (Huma Abedin) who enabled a sex predator (Anthony Weiner) for years. Now, could they set up a mutually beneficial arrangement? Yes, but does the actor want to be one degree of separation from the sex predator and possibly be seen interacting with him. Does he want to be one degree of separation from our celebrity/reality star drug kingpin (Emma Coronel Aispuro)? Wouldn't it be much easier to hire another Russian model (Irina Shayk)? Bradley Cooper/Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Emma Coronel Aispuro/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper dating Huma Abedin — and Anna Wintour played matchmaker)

This foreign born A list celebrity in her own country got a new benefactor to pay for her breast enlargement while she enjoys the heroin capital of the world. Katie Price/Thailand (Katie Price displays results of new boob job as she relaxes by pool on Thailand getaway)

Back in April, I wrote about the foreign born A- list DJ who was raping underage girls. The blind went something like this. "The foreign born radio DJ who is A- list in his country just for being a walking meme, is employed by the same network that spent decades covering for a notorious pedophile on their payroll. They can pretend they didn't know the DJ was using his show and tours to rape girls, but they did." Now, that same network is trying to cover themselves by releasing the results of their investigation. They uncovered many underage girls, but the problem is they are acting as if this is the first they are hearing any of it. It isn't. Tim Westwood/"BBC"/Jimmy Savile (DJ Tim Westwood accused of sex with a 14-year-old) (BLIND ITEM 04/28/22)

Interesting music video where this foreign born A list singer shows off his girlfriend for the camera, but shares a plate of food with a guy behind closed doors. Harry Styles/Olivia Munn/"Late Night Talking" (Harry Styles Is Good in Bed — a Lot of Beds — in ‘Late Night Talking’ Music Video)

Most Emmy nomination thank you posts to social media were fun and sincere. The foreign born alliterate actor was not reading the room and was tone deaf and then tagged the one person who was totally against the show in the first place. Not good. Sebastian Stan/Pamela Anderson (Sebastian Stan Is Being Called Out For His "Moronic" And "Scary" Statement About The "Pam & Tommy" Emmy Nominations After Pamela Anderson Reportedly Felt "Violated" By The Show)

In anticipation of getting an Emmy nod, the team behind the actor mentioned in #5 have been trying to stamp down any press reports about the very racist IG video the actor liked which complained about white people not being able to say the N word. The media has been begged with to not say anything or report on it. Publicists called in every favor they could. Sebastian Stan (Sebastian Stan Getting Cancelled For Racist Accusations)

The wealthy farmer was overseas in a country this week and essentially said that farmers should use his supplements and vaccines ("Nutreco") otherwise their livestock and crops will die. Bill Gates/"Nutreco" (Nutreco receives $4.8 million to unlock sustainable feed solutions in Africa)

Reader Blind: My buddy was on a show at The Comedy Store in The Belly Room and this former late night actress (who was the special guest on the show) asked the promoter of the show to go up to my friend and ask him how big his dick is as she was horny. That’s how unliked she is, she literally has to ask bringer show promoters to help get her laid. Well my friend tells the promoter and she goes back to the actress with the report and the actress said "I’m looking for a foot long tonight" and left. Leslie Jones/"SNL"

This barely there celebrity (Renee Ash) who exposed an affair she was having with a married TikTok star only exposed it because the man she was sleeping with wouldn't leave his wife for her. Now that his wife has left him, she thought for sure he would want to continue to see the barely there celebrity. He didn't. Renee Ash/Addison Rae’s father Monty Lopez (EXCLUSIVE: 'I regret spending any second with him': Woman, 25, who had affair with TikTok star Addison Rae's 46-year-old father says she's been receiving death threats after coming forward)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **10**
The alliterate one and her husband have signed a lease on a house in Bel Air. The alliterate one has been getting tired of the commute. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **11**
Even though she is vacationing with him out of the country, the widow of this former A lister still doesn't want to go public, because she thinks there will be backlash. Vanessa Bryant/Kobe Bryant/Italy (Ciara, Ellen Pompeo and Vanessa Bryant's Families Join Mariah Carey, Helen Mirren at D&G Show)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **12**
This former Housewife is the offspring of someone much higher on the list. Anyway, her husband is cheating on her. Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave/"Real Housewives" of Beverly Hills"/John Mellencamp/Edwin Arroyave (Teddi Mellencamp stands out in a sky blue jacket and matching shorts as she attends Paws Of Fury: The Legend Of Hank Family Day event in Los Angeles)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **13**
More and more it seems as if the permanent A list "singer" is spending time away from her husband. He must be really busy or not living with her all the time to not notice a near empty gas tank. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari (Britney Spears enjoys nude pool day: ‘Keep swimming’) (Britney Spears Runs Out of Gas Late Night on Freeway, Cops Called)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **14**
The Stalker: The amount of work and effort this alliterate singer (Marilyn Manson) is doing just so he can discredit his accusers is mind blowing. He, along with several of his team pose as different people and stalk websites of their victims, dox them, send fake requests to their emails trying to phish and get passwords to sites. Even his highest (Evan Rachel Wood) on the list victim is subjected to this and because she is so high profile, others join in who are not paid to do so. There are hundreds of attempts each day to try and hack into her information. They have managed to get into the emails of at least two victims and then are going to use what they have found to try to get them to back off by embarrassing them or humiliating them. A couple of victims have already been broken, and they are going to use them to go after the other victims. It is crazy ugly behind the scenes and the real battle has not even begun yet. Marilyn Manson/Evan Rachel Wood (A Timeline of Abuse Allegations Against Marilyn Manson)

The only thing the celebrity CEO is really upset about when it comes to his step sister is that she turned him down in favor of his father. Elon Musk/Jana Bezuidenhout/Errol Musk (Elon Musk’s dad, 76, confirms secret second child — with his stepdaughter)

Look for the government to drop the charges of child porn from this defendant since he was convicted on separate charges. The porn was put on his computer when he was arrested in case he beat the other charges. Joshua Schulte (CIA Hacker Accused of Child Porn Convicted in WikiLeaks Case)

The latest announcement proves once again what I have been telling you for a decade. This reality family, although they themselves have some half siblings are violently opposed to having more than one father for their offspring even if it makes them look like idiots. Kardashians/Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson (Khloé Kardashian Expecting Baby No. 2 with Ex Tristan Thompson via Surrogate: 'Incredibly Grateful')

This sanctioned former professional sports team ("Chelsea F.C.") owner (Roman Abramovich) is in a fight with other mafia members from his own country (Russia) as they try and take control of a porn empire worth billions. So far, six people have been killed. "Chelsea F.C."/Roman Abramovich/Russia (Todd Boehly already implementing refreshing Chelsea changes after Roman Abramovich exit)

The foreign born one hit wonder is trying to hide the fact she is sleeping with the guy who shot a woman. She needs someone to pay for her lifestyle for awhile. Iggy Azalea/Tory Lanez (Tory Lanez Praises Iggy Azalea's Cooking Amid Dating Rumors)

This alliterate A- list actress is one of my favorite people, but if she really does want an Oscar which is super political, people are going to have to forget the throuple thing. Tessa Thompson/Rita Ora/Taika Waititi ('I am petty and salty': Tessa Thompson admits her frustration over being snubbed for an Oscar... but says she feels 'lucky' to be breaking the stigma of Black female characters in film) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/26/21)

This A list mostly movie actor who got his big break in pay cable is hooking up with someone other than his wife.

As far as I know, this A- list mostly movie actress who has been front and center for the past six months, is not, and has never been a regular church goer. Despite that, she will sometimes stop what she is doing and speak in tongues.

Bringing in a co-host is the first step to pushing out the permanent A list model/producer/host. "Dancing With the Stars"/Alfonso Riberio/Tyra Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro to Join Tyra Banks as Cohost of Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **10**
This former A- list actor who had two successful television shows, one of which he walked away from like an idiot, is hiding money from his wife in advance of a divorce. Michael Weatherly/"Dark Angel"/"Bull"/"NCIS"/Bojana Jankovic (NCIS’ Michael Weatherly sparks frenzy as he celebrates with castmates ‘Reminiscing')

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **11**
With his latest move, this late night host/producer (Andy Cohen) is living his separate but equal best right in his own city ("Real Housewives of New York"). He managed to remove the person of color (Eboni K. Williams) and shunt her off to a different show while bringing back all his OG favorites to a show ("RHONY: Legacy") he will promote like crazy while leaving the other to fail and then use that as an argument with his bosses. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/"Real Housewives of New York"/"Real Housewives of New York"/Eboni K. Williams/"RHONY: Legacy" (Eboni K. Williams says RHONY castmates weren't willing to 'negotiate a future that involved me') (Eboni K. Williams Shares an Exciting Update About Her Career) (Andy Cohen Discusses Names of Alumni for RHONY Legacy Show) (Jill Zarin Says a Potential Reunion with Dorinda Medley on RHONY: Legacy 'Could Be Very Ugly')

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **12**
Speaking of the franchise in #11, one of the stars who will not be returning had a big meeting with this A- list actress/snake oil salesperson about how they could work together selling crap products.
"Real Housewives of New York"/Bethenny Frankel/Gwyneth Paltrow

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **13**
This A list celebrity chef who is literally everywhere and who you cannot miss if you turn on a certain network, has been hooking up with someone who is not his wife. Guy Fieri/Lori Fieri (Carnival Cruise Adds More Guy Fieri, Extends Restaurant Closures) (I tried Guy Fieri's new Phoenix restaurant. Let me guide you through Flavortown) (Guy Fieri to co-star in Tom Brady comedy with legendary leading ladies) (Guy Fieri honors first responders, confirms new Strip project)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **14**
The Trafficker: In the past, I have talked about this former A- list celebrity (Dita Von Teese) with the unique look and how she has been a madam just as long as she has been playing her own trade. What is a newer revelation is her trafficking of minors in exchange for a furtherance of that celebrity. Her most famous significant other (Marilyn Manson) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, which he embezzled from the pockets of his own company ("Absinthe Mansinthe") to buy her more fame. He was addicted to the young teens she brought him and she was addicted to the fame he could bring her. On several occasions she would join in with her significant other and they would cosplay as torturers from a different era and dress in uniforms from that period. For many years, she was not shy about sharing photos the pair took dressed in their uniforms and other props from that era, and often would have a naked model at their feet. In order to keep her fame, the former celebrity trashed any person who tried to bring her down or her significant other. It was extremely expensive but she wanted that fame. It was a vicious cycle that had to end. If you ask her about that time period now, she will act as if it never happened. Dita Von Teese/Marilyn Manson/"Absinthe Mansinthe" (Dita Von Teese looks back: ‘Going into that fetish store sparked my entire career’)

This wealthy aspiring politician (Carl Paladino) running for Congress in a large state (New York) was questioned in a very recent interview about a convicted pedophile (Joel Sartori) on his staff. The candidate laughed, defended the pedophile and concluded the interview. Carl Paladino/New York/Joel Sartori (Carl Paladino taps convicted pedophile to aid congressional campaign)

A group of yachters were waiting when the celebrity CEO arrived in a country for a vacation. Elon Musk/Italy (Elon Musk Reappears In An Unusual Place)

This radio host/host/producer is not actually getting married. It is a prank. Nick Cannon (Fans react to Nick Cannon’s ‘proposal’ days after gushing over Mariah Carey)

In addition to helping him out financially, this former A list superhero also suggested the current "job" of the actor to get people talking about him in a different way so he could be cast in a new movie and have the questions be about the "job" rather than something else. Robert Downey Jr./"Iron Man"/"personal concierge" at "Morritt’s Resort"/Armie Hammer (Revealed: Armie Hammer 'has left Cayman Islands following stint as timeshare salesman and is now staying at pal Robert Downey Jr's LA home with his family... after Iron Man star helped pay for his rehab')

The latest lawsuit against the A list rapper confirms what I have been telling you for years. Not only does he live paycheck to paycheck, but he is still just as close to being underwater as when he asked the tech CEO for a loan.
Kanye West/Mark Zuckerberg (Kanye West sued over alleged $7.1m unpaid fees for production company)

Considering this A+ list singer didn't pay for her ring herself, and left it up to the actor who hardly makes any money, the ring she was given was very small. Perhaps this is why she only wears it at home. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn (PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift plays down engagement rumours as she reveals a ring-free finger while basking in London's heatwave with boyfriend Joe Alwyn - amid claims he proposed to the star 'months ago')

This judge in a tiny state is already getting death threats. As litigation continues over the next couple of months, it will probably only get worse. Kathaleen McCormick/Delaware/"Twitter" lawsuit (Groundbreaking judge will oversee Twitter’s $44B lawsuit against Elon Musk)

This married Housewife already hooked up with a husband of a Housewife, now she is hooking up with a guy who is crazy rich, which she hopes to be someday.

I thought the term was older, but this barely there celebrity (Bella Hadid) of barely there celebrities (Yolanda & Mohamed Hadid) said she first heard it about a decade ago when this alliterate actress (Lindsay Lohan) told it to her, and was probably the one who coined it. It is used in messages between a paying party and a yachter on social media. It says PJP. Which translates to private jet for play. Bella Hadid/Yolanda & Mohamed Hadid/Lindsay Lohan (Why Everyone From Bella Hadid to Lindsay Lohan Is Making Their Way to Dubai)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **10**
This former A+ list TikTok star turned actress just got dropped from a movie. Addison Rae (Griffin Johnson’s TikTok-led movie could shake up Hollywood despite Addison Rae woes)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **11**
Has anyone actually seen that this foreign born B+ list actress and her singing husband are actually legally married. Despite all the wedding ceremonies, it does not appear they are legally married here or in her home country. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Remember When Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Couldn't Stop Getting Married?)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **12**
I guess this foreign born superhero already chose sides in an upcoming divorce, because he was spotted having lunch with this hard to spell model and her son. Robert Pattinson/"The Batman"/Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski's husband accused of CHEATING on her a year after welcoming first child... and the model is 'planning to divorce him' following four years of marriage)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **13**
Apparently this celebrity offspring of two A listers in their entertainment fields has finally come out to his mother. She even met his boyfriend. Dad will never accept it. Romeo Beckham/Victoria "Posh Spice" and David Beckham (Romeo Beckham cuts a stylish figure as he poses for first social media snap since breaking up with his model girlfriend Mia Regan - after three years together)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **14**
Four For Friday - Death At The Bottom Of The Stairs:
#1 - This foreign born celebrity officially passed away from heart failure, but was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. Ivana Trump (Police investigating whether Ivana Trump fell down the stairs before she died, reports say)
#2 - The housekeeper for the man who is now being accused of killing his wife and kid, was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. Gloria Satterfield/Alex Murdaugh/Maggie Murdaugh/Paul Murdaugh (Body of lawyer Alex Murdaugh’s ex-housekeeper to be exhumed for re-examination) (Alex Murdaugh Indicted for Murders of Wife and Son)
#3 - There is a miniseries ("The Staircase") that recently aired, which is one of many television productions about a man (Michael Peterson) who killed his wife who was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. "The Staircase"/Michael Peterson/Kathleen Peterson (The Staircase Filmmakers Feel "Betrayed" by HBO Max’s Adaptation)
#4 - This A list musician died not that long ago and was found at the bottom of the stairs. Jim Rodford/"Kinks" (Kinks bass player Jim Rodford, 76, died when he fell down stairs at his home after watching TV through the night while drinking to get over jet lag)

This former Housewife is still thirsty for the spotlight and now that she’s off her popular show, she’s willing to say or do almost anything to retain her notoriety. She’s tried leaking a few health revelations to generate some buzz, but nothing seemed to make the headlines -so she’s hoping her latest doozy changes her publicity dry spell. She’s planning to come out as bisexual! While we aren’t sure if this is just a ploy or her actual sexuality, we do know she’s been hanging out with lesbians to give herself street cred.

This alliterate B+ list actress is still yachting. She says now that she is famous, it is much more fun and much more rewarding. Chloe Cherry/"Euphoria" (Chloe Cherry Doesn't Think Her Lips Are That Big) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/14/22)

This daytime Emmy winner (Winner - 2005 - "Guiding Light"/"Outstanding Younger Actor") (Winner - 2008 - "Guiding Light"/"Outstanding Younger Actor") turned A- list primetime actor (Tom Pelphrey) on a network show and streaming ("Ozark") doesn't bother to tell the dozen women he sleeps with each week about his STD's and loves going condom free. He has never been a blind before. Tom Pelphrey/Winner - 2005 - "Guiding Light"/"Outstanding Younger Actor"/Winner - 2008 - "Guiding Light"/"Outstanding Younger Actor"’Ozark" (Tom Pelphrey's 'Ozark' Emmy Nomination Was Overdue)

This alliterate former Housewife is headed back to her show which means that the former singer will probably quit. Phaedra Parks/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Kandi Burruss (Why RHUGT Fans Are Still Wary About Phaedra Parks' Return) (‘She Just There Because Kandi Wont Film With Her In Atlanta’: Fans Share Their Opinions After Phaedra Parks Makes a Cameo On ‘The Real Housewives of Dubai’)

Recently I wrote about this disgraced alt-rocker (Ken Stringfellow) who is scared to enter the US because of all his sexual assault allegations. What he really should be scared of the country where he is "living" now. I put it in quotes because has been living as a "tourist" in France for almost twenty years because he doesn't want to pay French taxes, even though his family has all the benefits of living there, including an elite school for his daughter that's heavily subsidized by the government. His wife is French, which makes him eligible for a work permit or permanent residency. But he won't even apply. He literally has to leave France every 90 days and just hope he can get back in, which is a massive inconvenience, not to mention risky. (He nearly got stranded in the US at the start of the pandemic because of it.) Given how rarely rape is prosecuted in America, I think it's MUCH more likely that he could end up in legal jeopardy in France for tax evasion and/or overstaying his visa by almost two decades. IMO, that's what he should be most worried about--that France slaps him with twenty years of back taxes and penalties that he can't pay. Ken Stringfellow (The Posies’ Ken Stringfellow Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations: "I Truly, Deeply Apologize to You") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/08/22)

The athlete that was killed this past week was about a bad drug deal. No one will know though because the police made sure there would be no loose ends. Bobby East (NASCAR Driver Bobby East Dead at 37 After Being Stabbed, Suspect Killed)

There is a lot of speculation online whether the late night host has ever hooked up with this former A+ list singer. I think over the course of their decade plus long friendship, it happens all the time. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/John Mayer (Andy Cohen Posted a Photo of John Mayer That Everyone Is Thirsting Over)

The music manager everyone loves to hate has not done a thing for the latest release from this former A- list tween/teen singer/actress turned A-/B+ list singer. The singer's latest single and video have done nothing and the record is expected to be a flop which would get the singer kicked off the label. Scooter Braun/Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Suffers Face Injury, Needs Stitches Ahead of Show Appearance)

The security cameras at house that was the scene of a deadly accident were all turned off several hours prior to the accident. Ivana Trump (Ivana Trump’s friends worried about her ‘treacherous’ staircase before death)

This married A list actor who is the lead actor in an initialed long running crime show, hooked up with a fan they met at a Con. "NCIS"/Paley Fest 2022 (Getting to Attend Paley Fest 2022)

The foreign born alliterate actor must really want that Emmy. He will certainly be front and center in our faces for the next seven weeks now that he has consummated a deal with the actress for hire. She will make sure every bit of their time together is captured for whatever pap cameras or her own she can find. Sebastian Stan/Annabelle Wallis (Sebastian Stan Is Being Called Out For His "Moronic" And "Scary" Statement About The "Pam & Tommy" Emmy Nominations After Pamela Anderson Reportedly Felt "Violated" By The Show) (EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Stan cozies up to Chris Pine’s ex Annabelle Wallis after having lunch in Manhattan while walking her rescue dog Zeus)

Random, but fun. This alliterate former almost A- list actress (Lindsay Lohan) who is a newlywed, saw that the celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) is vacationing in a country (Greece) where our actress once pretended to own a nightclub ("Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club"). She says that summer, the pair hooked up. Lindsay Lohan/Elon Musk/Greece/"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" (Elon Musk looks carefree as he enjoys a boat day in Mykonos with pal Sarah Staudinger... after revealing he's fathered 10 children with 3 women)

Apparently one of the police officers the child murderer has slept with, hates when a video of his bodycam footage is retweeted on social media. The footage is of the child murderer in a bar fight with an ex of the police officer. He was called to the bar to break up the fight. He was still sleeping with the child murderer at the time. Casey Anthony (‘She threw a drink at me:’ Body camera video shows Casey Anthony after Florida bar altercation)

I don't know if they hooked up while filming, but this married A- list actor is hooking up with this A- list tween actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress during their press trip for the movie they shot. Aaron Taylor-Johnson/Joey King/"Bullet Train" (Joey King risks a wardrobe malfunction in a barely there string top and leather jacket as she attends the Bullet Train photocall in Paris)

As I told you a couple of months ago, this A lister to the under 12 crowd was told she needed to grow her hair back out if she wanted any jobs. What has she been doing? Letting it grow and also staying under the radar about her sexuality. JoJo Siwa (JoJo Siwa has a blast as she participates in MLB All Star Celebrity Softball Game in Los Angeles) (BLIND ITEM 05/22/22)

This former White House official of the last administration, was telling people at a party this weekend that already made news once, that she is being asked to be a Housewife in the reboot. That would definitely cause a lot of noise. Omarosa Manigault Newman (Andy Cohen Says Omarosa Manigault-Newman Will Never Be a Real Housewife: 'That's a Hard Pass'); Kellyanne Conway (Andy Cohen Thinks Kellyanne Conway Would Fit Right In with These Housewives)

This three named singer/reality star, demanded at a restaurant that no one be seated within a four table radius of her, so she could have her privacy. She then spent the entirety of the meal taking photos for social media. Jessie James Decker (eating pasta, listening to bossa nova music and looking at the ocean as the palm trees sway)

It was confirmed in a newly released deposition, what I told you years ago. The celebrity CEO bugged not only the car of the A- list actress, but others too. Elon Musk/Amber Heard (‘Jealous’ Elon Musk ‘bugged’ Amber Heard’s car amid Johnny Depp separation)

In the most random off hookups, this A/A- list mostly television actress with multiple hit shows to her name who all of you know, is hooking up with a married jouster from Medieval Times. Kaley Cuoco

Anyone and everyone who owes their livelihood to this former A list singer is rushing to try and defend him/muddy the waters. Always keep in the back of your mind though, the information the manager has that will come out in the legal case between the singer and manager. It was career ending information. Something like we are trying to be distracted from right now. Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin Rejects Claims Of "Sexual & Romantic Relationship" With Nephew, Lawyer Says; Hearing Set In Puerto Rico Later This Month)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity thought Kneepads should be willing to pay six figures or even seven for an exclusive on the wedding. They were willing to pay zero dollars and zero cents. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck/"People" (Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Wed in 'Super Small' Ceremony After Obtaining Marriage License in Vegas)

When times were really tough a decade ago, this former A list singer/serial woman beater/drug abuser signed away lots of his royalty rights. It is why he is always broke. Chris Brown (Houston Businesswoman Threatens Legal Action Against Chris Brown After He Cancels $1 Million Charity Concert)

This alliterate permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee might now have an ownership position in the long running franchise he created, but the actor with the famous name, does. Sylvester Stallone/"Rocky"/Michael B. Jordan/"Creed 3" (Sylvester Stallone Insults Rocky and Creed Producer Over Ownership Rights) ('Creed III': Tessa Thompson Talks Working With Michael B. Jordan as Director)

A US based airplane company ("Cirrus Aircraft") owned by a front for a foreign government has software that can be manipulated by the foreign government to take over the plane remotely. "Cirrus Aircraft"/China (Cirrus Aircraft delivers first United Aviate Academy training aircraft) (Cirrus Aircraft Raising Production As Demand Continues)

Very interesting that the closeted Bachelor guy just happened to have a pap right there when he decided to kiss the woman he is calling his girlfriend. Tyler Cameron/Paige Lorenze (Tyler Cameron and Paige Lorenze confirm relationship with a kiss)

Reader Blind: The secret to the very long marriage of this foreign singer in a foreign band that was A+ globally in their heyday a number of decades ago and who are about to receive a big honor this year is whenever it seems like he is entering into a mistress relationship as opposed to a one night stand his wife sends hired thugs to beat up and scare away the women. Simon Le Bon/"Duran Duran"/"2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame"/Yamin Le Bon (Eminem, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie Lead Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022 Class)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **10**
This A- list mostly television actor has starred on a very long running cable show. He also spends more on dresses than his actress significant other. Rob McElhenney/"Always Sunny in Philadelphia"/Kaitlin Olson

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **11**
I always want the best for this barely there celebrity of a permanent A list singer. She has the worst taste in men and is constantly getting screwed over. The one she is in love with now, has several women he sees when our celebrity is not around. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie/Elliot Grainge (Sofia Richie stuns in lavender bikini while on yacht with fiancé)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **12**
This foreign born A- list actress had to cut her hair super short after a drunken night with scissors trying to do it herself.

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **13**
This former TikTok star turned actress lost a role because of how much weight she has gained.

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **14**
The Choice: This blind is not particularly hard. It really is barely a blind. However, in honor of the occasion, I thought I would share this story. A couple of decades ago when this A list actor (Ben Affleck) who sometimes directs was dating the woman (Jennifer Garner) he recently married, he spent a lot of time in casinos, and drunk, often at the same time. Because of who he is and his spending, casinos made sure to keep the booze flowing and often had it served by some of their most accommodating servers. Yes, it means what you think it means. Our actor often would end up spending the night or hooking up for a few hours with the servers in his comped suite. Several times, in his drunken state, he would forget his new wife would be coming to the hotel for a visit or meeting him in town and more than once a server was found in the bed of the actor. He would apologize and promise to never do it again, knowing it would happen the very next time he was in town. Catching him with the stripper/escort north of the border was probably the tenth time she caught him, and what finally busted them apart. Fast forward a few years. It was in those same casino comped suites that the pair would often meet when they could get away from their respective significant others for a few hours or overnight. So, it does make sense they would end up marrying (Jennifer Lopez) in that town (Las Vegas). Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner/Jennifer Lopez/Las Vegas (Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s low-key Las Vegas wedding ceremony: A-list couple opted to not pay extra to have Elvis impersonator and read their own vows at world famous A Little White Wedding Chapel where dozens of other celebs were also married)

It didn't take long for the powers that be to order this foreign born A- list singer to take down a social media post outing her ex.

This north of the border A list singer/rapper/former wheelchair user is paying for the yachters that the NBA player has been hooking up with on vacation. Drake/Tristan Thompson (Drake Names Tristan Thompson His Best Man As He Weds 23 Brides In "Falling Back" Music Video)

The ginger haired one has no idea why the world is laughing and cringing at him today which is a big part of the problem. You would think the alliterate one could have told him but she wanted a week of pap pictures to put on her wall. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Adam Carolla rips Prince Harry for bashing America in United Nations address: 'Colossal blowhard')

It used to be that this barely there celebrity/porn star/sibling to someone much higher on the list only provided drugs to the stars. Now, he is hooked on them himself which makes him a liability to this reality family. Ray J/Brandy/Kardashians (Brandy 'Didn't Understand' Brother Ray J's Tattoo of Her Face at First: 'It Could've Been Different')

To get people to watch, this seasonal network love show is going to create fake drama between two women who want the same guy. The editors are already starting to make it happen. "Summer House"/Ciara Miller/Danielle Olivera (Danielle reveals whether she’s spoken with Ciara since ‘Summer House’ reunion)

Everyone always thinks of this A- list actress as super young because she started off as a teen. She crashed and burned her own show and if not for a pap who is in love with her and willing to take pics of the actress with her dog every day, everyone would forget her. She also needs to get someone else to do her Botox, because whoever did it Friday did a really bad job. Lucy Hale/"Pretty Little Liars"/"Katy Keene" (Lucy Hale looks classically chic in blue jeans and silky blouse on dinner date with actor Cameron Fuller at a celebrity hotspot in Santa Monica) (Makeup-free Lucy Hale flaunts her figure in a crop top and shorts as she walks her dogs Ethel and Elvis)

This body of water B+ list actress got her nipples pierced for her new celebrity boyfriend. Lake Bell/Chris Rock (Chris Rock, 57, packs on the PDA with new girlfriend, Lake Bell, 43 as they enjoy romantic stroll around Dubrovnik during Croatian getaway)

This celebrity chef all of you know has now hooked up with this former Housewife and also one of her children.

This married A+/A list director has a new movie coming out. He probably doesn't tell his wife about the rough oral sex fetish he explores with his long time girlfriend. George Miller/"Three Thousand Years of Longing"; Jordan Peele/Nope"

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **10**
As part of All Star week here, there are a lot of parties. For sheer volume, there will be no party with as many porn stars and yachters as one held last night. The hosts paid the women to be there and promised them a bunch of retired baseball stars with money to burn. "Fanatics ASG party" (Aaron Judge Parties With Travis Scott, Harden & Embiid Before All-Star Game)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **11**
This former A- list actress who comes from an acting family and at one point was on multiple hit shows, is really struggling with depression and alcohol. Her significant other hasn't been much of a help.

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **12**
This foreign born B+ list actor was in town doing something for his hit streaming show. He got plastered at the event for his show and went back to his hotel and got thrown out of the bar in it.

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **13**
This A/A- list high pitched singer has been mixing pills and booze and is in bad shape.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **14**
The Grudge: There are lots of grudges in Hollywood. Some of them are long standing. Some result in people never working again. One grudge I have never understood reared its ugly head again this month. This A- list actress (BB) (Gwyneth Paltrow) who has a long running side gig ("GOOP") and is not named Jessica Alba, was asked if she would like to work on a collaboration with this foreign born actress (CC) (Minnie Driver) who probably peaked at A- list. BB was visibly angry when she turned down the proposition. First of all it has been two decades and I have never figured out why BB has the grudge against CC. It should be the other way around. CC was in a relationship with an actor (DD) (Matt Damon)when BB decided to play matchmaker and introduced her actress roommate (EE) (Winona Ryder) to DD. DD and EE immediately started hooking up very secretly while CC was none the wiser and continued to date DD very publicly until she was horrifically dumped in one of the worst celebrity dumpings of all time. It is a dumping that does not get the attention it should. Therefore it should be CC who has the grudge against BB. Nope. The reason is that CC got revenge and not only hooked up with BB's then boyfriend, she also told EE about the script that BB stole from EE.
BB: Gwyneth Paltrow/"GOOP"
CC: Minnie Driver
DD: Matt Damon
EE: Winona Ryder

It is really funny to see this late night host asking an actor about what the actor looks for in a woman he wants to date, even though the actor and host are hooking up. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/Taron Egerton (Taron Egerton Addresses More Wolverine Rumors With Andy Cohen)

This A+ list NBA player with the massive contract pays for the house where a girlfriend stays, who is not the reality star girlfriend.

Speaking of A+ list NBA players, this representative of a permanent A+ lister, wanted to go to Greece, but his singer girlfriend knew one of his former girlfriends would be there and complained until the rep agreed to vacation in a different country. Rich Paul/Adele/Italy (That's one Adele of a price tag! Giggling singer wears £1,825 Loewe co-ord and carries a £1,860 YSL bag as she and boyfriend Rich Paul board a boat in Sardinia during rare outing)

Why yes, this director who is a director offspring is sleeping with the foreign born singer he just cast in his new show. The question is whether it was quid pro quo. Sam Levinson/Barry Levinson/Jennie Kim/"Blackpink"/"The Idol" (Blackpink's Jennie joins Sam Levinson and The Weeknd's HBO series The Idol)

Literally no one outside the industry cares one iota about the arguments between the cast and crew of this one movie in a non Marvel setting. It is remarkable how much reporting and time spent on this issue there has been. "The Snyder Cut of Justice League" (Exclusive: Fake Accounts Fueled the ‘Snyder Cut’ Online Army)

That southern Congressman who is having an affair also hit on a cast member from a reality show based in that state. She won't say if she followed through on it, but most of the cast knows that she was hit on. South Carolina Republican U.S. House of Representatives/"Southern Charm" (William Timmons’ Affair Allegations Are About To Make National News)

It's funny that the bookseller (Jeff Bezos) is suing the surfer (Mark Zuckerberg) over fake reviews ("Facebook" aka "Meta"), when literally there are millions of fake reviews or pressured reviews or bought reviews on the site of the bookseller ("Amazon"). Don't even get me started about how every single program and movie on Prime has 4.5 stars. Never four and never five. Always 4.5. Jeff Bezos/Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook" aka "Meta"/"Amazon" (Amazon sues thousands of Facebook group administrators over fake reviews)

I'm sure it is a coincidence that the day after this alliterate former Baywatch actress posted a bikini thirst trap bikini photo, that her horrific married musician ex texted her. Donna D'Errico/Nikki Sixx (Baywatch Alum Donna D'Errico Claps Back at Claims She's 'Too Old to Wear a Bikini')

Because he has a small part in a new movie, the press are once again being fed untruths about the relationship between this actor and the foreign born actress with the massive franchise who pretends to be the actor's girlfriend. Tom Bateman/Daisy Ridley/"Thirteen Lives" (Daisy Ridley cuts a stylish figure in a multicoloured floral dress as she returns to her hotel with rumoured fiancé Tom Bateman in London)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **10**
This Emmy and Tony winning actor is cheating on his significant other. Neil Patrick Harris/David Burtka

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **11**
This band member (Nick Hexum) from a group that is all numbers ("311") has hundreds upon hundreds of recordings of him having sex with hundreds of women. Nick Hexum/"311"

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **12**
This sports host supposedly has a boyfriend but is sleeping with a guy who is second in charge at her network.

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **13**
Speaking of sports hosts, this former A list NFL QB has his boyfriend installed in a massive guest house on his sprawling property. Troy Aikman

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **14**
Drug Mom: Since Coke Mom is forever taken, we will go with drug mom. I actually had to check whether this celebrity is actually a mom because you never hear about her offspring, just her. While Coke Mom is a user, Drug Mom (Tonya Harding) is a dealer. Every single person reading this knows who she is. I would suspect that almost every person in the country knows who she is. That is despite her not being relevant for decades. That plays into the whole thing though. Because this flash in the pan infamous A lister has not been relevant and has a permanent better not do business with her reputation, it has always left her scrambling for cash. There have been made for television movies about her and feature length movies. There is even a sex tape. She has always associated with less than stellar individuals, and over the years as she has needed cash , she has turned more and more to dealing drugs. At this point, she heads a very large organization and I'm not sure how much cash she is turning over each week, but she has 20 people who sell drugs beneath her so she is easily doing six figures a week. Tonya Harding

This A- list journalist (Charlie Gasparino) works for, and appears on a cable TV business network ("Fox"), every weekday, often multiple times per day. He is also a columnist for one of the largest newspapers ("The New York Post") in the largest city in America. A little over a year ago, during a podcast interview, while the madam/procurer (Ghislaine Maxwell) was facing trial, the journalist claimed she was innocent. The interview billed the journalist as a "Pulitzer Prize winner." In reality, the journalist was disgraced a decade earlier, for lying on public biographies, that he was a "Pulitzer Prize nominee," (Pulitzer nominee claim) when he was most certainly not. His then-employer ("CNBC"), another large cable business network changed the biography immediately, as did his agent. Charlie Gasparino/"Fox"/"The New York Post"/Ghislaine Maxwell/"CNBC"

The alliterate one and her husband had a huge blowup prior to his big speech in NYC. Apparently she wanted a role in it and was upset she hadn't tried to get her a speaking role too. When they do divorce, this fight play a role in it. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/"Nelson Mandela International Day held at the United Nations General Assembly" (Why Prince Harry was such an inappropriate keynote speaker on Mandela Day)

This north of the border A list singer/rapper might be hooking up with this YouTube yachter, but it is with her boyfriend joining in. Drake/Suede Brooks (Drake goes ‘yacht hopping’ with YouTuber Suede Brooks in St. Tropez)

I bet it didn't take as big of a check as one might guess to make one of the many problems facing this former A list singer, disappear. Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin's Nephew Withdraws Court Case as Restraining Order Dismissed)

If you stay over at the home of this former A- list actress, you may have sex with her alone in her bed, but you will stay in the guestroom for sleeping. I'm guessing this is why she is still single. Alicia Silverstone (Alicia Silverstone, 45, reveals she still shares bed with 11-YEAR-OLD son Bear Blu and claims she's simply 'following nature' - ten years after admitting she fed him by pre-chewing his food and passing it into his mouth like a bird)

This alliterate A list reality star doesn't even know who an incarcerated rapper is, nor what he is in jail for. She just wants to look cool. Kim Kardashian/Gunna (Kim Kardashian Wants Gunna Freed From Jail in YSL RICO Case)

Don't let this former talk show host/actress/comedienne fool you. It was 100% on her that there was a split between herself and a comic/actor. Chelsea Handler/Jo Koy (Chelsea Handler on Jo Koy breakup: ‘You can’t change a person intrinsically’)

This permanent A list athlete orally serviced a hockey player at an after party last night. She does have a thing for that sport.

It took less than 24 hours in Europe for the significant other of this A list mostly movie actor to get in touch with a French photo agency to snap "random" photos of the couple as they traipse through the Continent. Adam Driver

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **10**
Reader Blind: The infamous relation of a very famous person recently experienced a hack. Among what was revealed was confirmation of a sexual relationship with a close family member. Not his first sexual relationship with a family member.

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **11**
When asked last night about this Asian country and why she represents them internationally instead of the US, the athlete rubbed her fingers together in the universal symbol for money. Eileen Gu (Eileen Gu’s ESPY award win sparks outrage)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **12**
This offspring of a disgraced musician is legal and has been passed around by her dad to many of his friends in hopes of getting work.

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **13**
The Setup: Did he intend for the two men (Alberto Pérez Jiménez aka La Parkita) (Alejandro Pérez Jiménez aka Espectrito II) to be murdered? I don't think so, but you never know with this sports figurehead. I do believe he arranged for the hookers that the two athletes hooked up with that night and ended up murdering them. Did our figurehead know of the reputation of the hookers? Did he know one of the athletes was about to enter politics and leave the sport? Would the figurehead want to get back at the athlete for that? Despite being asked about any connection he might have had to the deaths, the figurehead has never even given so much as a no comment when asked. He usually is so much more talkative. Alberto Pérez Jiménez aka La Parkita/Alejandro Pérez Jiménez aka Espectrito II (Wrestling midgets killed by fake hookers)

This foreign born one named permanent A list singer is staying on tour with the very fast rapper, because he will cheat if she leaves. Rihanna/A$AP Rocky (Rihanna Supports A$AP Rocky at Lollapalooza Paris in Chic Sporty Ensemble)

It is no coincidence that this A list actor (George Clooney) and this foreign born group ("U2") hat sounds like a spy plane are being honored with awards by an organization. They both just gave money to it. Meanwhile, the EGOT winner (Liza Minnelli) is passed over every year.
George Clooney/U2/"Kennedy Center Honors"/Liza Minnelli (Kennedy Center Honors 2022: George Clooney, U2 and Gladys Knight among honourees)

The wife (Princess Love) of the celebrity sibling (Ray J) who made a porn with a reality star (Kim Kardashian) wants sole custody of their offspring. There are going to be things revealed in this divorce that will blow people's minds. Princess Love/Ray J/Kim Kardashian (Ray J's Estranged Wife Princess Love Demands Divorce Move Forward Weeks After Red Carpet Reunion)

This wrestler turned actor is cheating on his wife. John Cena/Shay Shariatzadeh (Nikki Bella talks 'painful and even traumatizing' breakup with John Cena: 'I just knew it was right'); Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson/Lauren Hashian (The Rock Comments On His Daughter's Name Change)

The book ("Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors") that was released this week, confirms everything I have said for years about the alliterate one (Meghan Markle) still with her boyfriend (Cory Vitiello) while running around the world trying to find a step up to take care of her financially forever. "Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors"/Meghan Markle/Cory Vitiello (Meghan Markle spurned live-in chef ex after blind date with Harry, book claims)

This one named a list singer recently tried to commit suicide.

This foreign born former A+ list model who is a former yachter is scouting for a new husband who doesn't have a company going into the toilet. Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel/CEO of Snap Inc. (Supermodel Miranda Kerr shares the three beauty items she can't live without - and why she drinks a LITRE of celery juice first thing in the morning)

This author/reporter (Ronan Farrow) is A list. He is an offspring of an A lister (Mia Farrow), or two (Frank Sinatra) if you believe the gossip. For some reason, the breakup he had with his long time love (Jon Lovett) has gone completely unreported. Are people just scared because they don't want to be under his microscope if they report anything negative? Ronan Farrow/Mia Farrow/Frank Sinatra/Jon Lovett

Old Hollywood: This permanent A list singer/actor was so infatuated with this alliterate porn star that he got her a nightclub spot at the Vegas hotel he owned a piece of. It did not go well. Sammy Davis Jr./Linda Lovelace (Revenge Porn: That time Linda Lovelace taught Sammy Davis how to Deep Throat...Her Husband)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **10**
A movie is in talks to be made about this actor who has an offspring who has a talk show right now. It will explore whether the death of his girlfriend was him killing her or her really jumping in front of a train on her own. John Drew Barrymore/Drew Barrymore

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **11**
This Oscar winning actor lived to be 100. When he was 70, he casting couched a 19 year old actress and gave her a role on his show and moved her in with him. George Burns

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **12**
This A/A- list actress moved out of the home she shared with her husband. Do not expect her to move in with her former co-star though. That is not how their relationship works. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha/Tony Goldwyn/"Scandal"

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **13**
This A list actor is only that high because of his never ending franchise. At least two women are set to accuse the actor of sexually harassing them and one is claiming he assaulted her. Vin Diesel/"Fast & Furious"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange Hookups - Old Hollywood Version - Mr. X
#1 - Author of a trashy ‘60s book with characters based on celebrities which became an even trashier cult film with this A-list pop-eyed comedian/actor/singer/philanthropist when the future author was still a Broadway starlet in the early ‘40s. Jacqueline Susann/Joe E. Lewis (The Real-Life Sex and Scandal That Inspired Jacqueline Susann)

#2 - The flame haired A-list actor/comedian who was deeply closeted and this A/B-list actor who came out later in his life, ironically when they were making a sanitized musical biopic about a kiddie lit author who was closeted. Danny Kaye/Farley Granger/"Hans Christian Andersen"/Hans Christian Andersen
#3 - This foreign born A/B-list actress (Lupe Veléz) best known for a B-movie series ("Mexican Spitfire") titled after her nickname and for being married to an actor/athlete (Johnny Weissmuller) had a laundry list of flings (Dated Who) that aren’t widely known: the permanent A-list actor/swashbuckler/studio founder (Douglas Fairbanks) (which is alleged to have been the beginning of the end for his marriage to another permanent A-lister (Mary Pickford)); the foreign born A-list multiple Oscar winner/nominee (Ronald Colman) at the beginning of his long career, she left scratch marks down his back after they had an intense night of sex, which didn’t make the actor’s wife too happy when she discovered it; the foreign born bandleader/actor and future sitcom star/producer/studio head (Desi Arnaz) before and during the early years of his marriage to his permanent A-list wife (Lucille Ball); and that comedian/actor (Jimmy Durante) with a large proboscis whom she costarred in several films with. Lupe Veléz/"Mexican Spitfire"/Johnny Weissmuller/Douglas Fairbanks/Mary Pickford/Ronald Colman/Desi Arnaz/Lucille Ball/Jimmy Durante
#4 - When it was announced that this permanent A-list singer/actress (Judy Garland) was to attend the March on Washington in 1963, the head (William S. Paley) of the TV network ("CBS") where her (soon to be unfortunately canceled) variety series ("The Judy Garland Show") aired, whom she already had butted heads with, panicked. After she had already set to fly to Washington DC they told her that affiliates in the South would pull her show if she attended and they told her to cancel her trip (which she begrudgingly did). Her response? "Let them pull the show! They can shove their burning cross up their asses!" She later quietly helped pay for lodging and food expenses for several groups of civil rights activists traveling cross country to the March. Judy Garland/William S. Paley/"CBS"/"The Judy Garland Show" (Celebrities And The 1963 March On Washington)

There is a lot of buzz that this foreign born A list actor who is seemingly only in one franchise at the moment and not much else, has been out of state at a world renowned hospital. The question is whether he is receiving treatment or his long time on again off again girlfriend.
Gerard Butler/"Mayo Clinic"/Morgan Brown (Huge Hollywood Star Spotted In Rochester, Minnesota)

If you think this permanent A list singer cares about the really high ticket prices, you would be wrong. He could make them all a certain price. He has the working man image, but he enjoys the money more. Bruce Springteen (Ticket prices for Bruce Springsteen's shows are angering some fans)

This movie studio is not going to "fire" the lead actor of the upcoming superhero movie. The actor won't be asked back, but it will be something similar to what happened to the A- list actress at the same studio. She wasn't fired, just had her role reduced 95%. "Warner Bros."/Ezra Miller/"The Flash"/Amber Heard/"Aquaman" (Warner Bros. Is "Willing to Ignore" DC Star Kidnapping Daughter, Parents Are Furious)

This back in the day A list evangelist knew what he was doing when he scheduled a series of rallies at the same time this President would be in the same city. All of his followers hated the President. One of those followers, with three names, did something about it.
Billy James Hargis/Dallas/John F. Kennedy/Lee Harvey Oswald

This three named A list singer/rapper has been encouraging his underage fans to watch porn and keeps trying to direct them to a certain porn site.
Lil Nas X/xhamster

The day after a blind revealing just how not rich this A+ list rapper is, somehow mysteriously comes some type of document that shows he has spent $4M so far this year at one designer. No he hasn't. Kanye West aka Ye/Balenciaga (Kanye West Has Spent Over $4M On Balenciaga In The Last 12 Months) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/15/22)

It wasn't all that long ago that this made for television female group ("Dream") was about to hit it big. One of the members (Melissa Schuman) accused a then A+ lister (Nick Carter) in a boy band ("Backstreet Boys") which still tours to this day of rape. The next thing you know, the made for television group was disbanded and everyone sent home. The powers that be said the A+ list group was making far too much money to let it get derailed by a victim. That victim is not the only one who has accused the singer of the same thing. "Dream"/Melissa Schuman/Nick Carter/"Backstreet Boys" (Melissa Schuman Opens Up About Nick Carter Rape Accusation: ‘The Music Industry Has Enabled Abusers Forever’)

A studio mentioned earlier wanted there to be a lot of buzz at this annual gathering. They wanted good buzz so they let people believe an appearance was going to happen and a movie announcement, knowing full well it was not. "Warner Bros"/"San Diego Comic-Con"/Henry Cavill/"Superman" (Superman Fans React to No Henry Cavill News During Warner Bros. Comic-Con Panel)

As I have been telling you for months, the foreign born A list one named singer had a deadline to get back to a hotel. She didn't make it and was just spreading lies to all her fans. Adele/"Caesars Palace" (Adele's Las Vegas residency 'to begin in November as dates are leaked' after she cancelled gigs at last minute because shows 'weren't good enough')

For years the alliterate talk show host has gone to a strip club on her birthday. This year is no different, but her family members who want her money show it is her in decline. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Lets Loose At Wild Strip Club Party, Sparks Even More Concern With Bizarre Behavior)

This one named singer was A list for quite some time. Now, because of her big conflict, she is much lower on the list. She also quit drinking and had work done to her face and breasts which makes her completely unrecognizable. Kesha (Kesha turns heads while showing off her chest in a latex bustier as she promotes her show Conjuring Kesha at Comic-Con in San Diego)

This permanent A list comic actor got a movie shut down because of his behavior. He won't be back on the movie and probably will never work again once the nearly 100 stories of women and his behavior become public. Bill Murray (Is Bill Murray About To Be Canceled? Speculation Mounts After His Dubious Exit From Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City’)

It isn't like this co-founder of a tech company wasn't having nonstop affairs. Apparently his rule is that he could, but his wife couldn't? Sergey Brin/"Google"/Nicole Shanahan (Elon Musk had affair with wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin)

The fans of this A list everything in her mind celebrity came after me for revealing her new husband isn't sober. They all called it lies. He isn't sober and it is getting worse. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (PHOTOS: 'Exhausted' Ben Affleck's 'Full-On Meltdown' Before Wedding With Jennifer Lopez Caught On Camera)

Old Hollywood: This alliterate studio head/inventor once killed a waiter who spent too much time talking to the studio head's dinner date. A tire jack was the murder weapon. Howard Hughes

This A- list actress who might be the best actress on television is cheating on her long time girlfriend with a former A+ list celebrity. Sarah Paulson/Holland Taylor/Monica Lewinsky (Sarah Paulson stuns in a plunging black gown as she and Monica Lewinsky lead stars attending Impeachment: American Crime Story FYC Event in Los Angeles)

You know how the celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) likes to say that the madam/procurer (Ghislaine Maxwell) set up the CEO with that famous photo? The CEO did the same thing with the alphabet ("Alphabet Inc.") founder (Sergey Brin). 18 hour flight for a set up photo. Elon Musk/Ghislaine Maxwell/Sergei Brin/wife Nicole Shanahan (Is the Elon Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell Photo Real?) (Sergey Brin Ordered Sale of Musk Investments After Affair: WSJ)

A month or so back, I wrote in this space about a celebrity and her wealthy family and how they hunted their employees. Now, this barely there celebrity (Ben Dreyfuss) of an Oscar winner (Richard Dreyfuss) admitted to doing the same thing. Ben Dreyfuss/Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws drop as Richard Dreyfuss’ son casually admits to hunting a ‘drug addict’ for fun)

So, does the reality family just turn a blind eye to the addiction issues of this A- list rapper/killer? They do have a past history of ignoring it with many other men that have come through their world. Kardashian/Jenner/Travis Scott

This alliterate host is being cheated on by her husband. This will be soul crushing for her. Rachel Ray/John M. Cusimano

Speaking of cheating, the husband of a Housewife is hooking up with a former Playmate. Mauricio Umansky/Kyle Richards/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Kendra Wilkinson

Speaking of Housewives, this horrible one convinced a fan to "loan" her $100K which the fan will never see again. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

This television star is going to stick things out, but has told people he wants to get back into television where everyone loves him and he can make way more money. Dr. Oz (Dr. Oz’s Attempt At Politically-Weaponizing ‘Lost’ Meme Draws Stinging Rebuke From Damon Lindelof)

According to a juror questionnaire, this A+ list evangelist (Jerry Falwell Jr.) has three additional children that are not in his public biography. Jerry Falwell Jr. (In Its Latest Public Filings, Liberty U. Blasts the President Who Turned It Into a Billion-Dollar Behemoth) (Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Son Is Caught up in the Pool Boy Scandal)

Most celebrities usually only call one pap. This former TikTok star turned actress is making them mad because she calls four or five which drives down the already low rate her picture brings. Addison Rae

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **10**
This A- list Disney actress is hooking up with the former head of the company. Bob Iger

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **11**
This three named actress is hooking up once again with this A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and a serial cheater. Chloë Grace Moretz/Kristen Stewart (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/03/18)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **12**
This former A list singer couldn't make it through a show this weekend because she is so strung out.

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **13**
That A list comic who was supposedly canceled by the venue because they became woke is not the whole story. The venue was perfectly willing to host the comic. Apparently though, the entire staff called out and refused to come in and work the shows which meant the venue had to cancel. Dave Chappelle/"First Avenue" (Minneapolis, MN) (Dave Chappelle show canceled by venue hours before performance)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **14**
Plaything: I'm not sure you can guess this. The main subject is a foreign born (Ghanaian Canadian) actress (Jackie Appiah) who doesn't really act any longer and when she did act, didn't do much you would see here. She has several million followers on social media. She likes to say she quit acting, but she was forced out. When she was in her teens, she became part of a group of teen actresses/singers who are thrown in a pool of potential dates. High ranking politicians, their offspring and select business executives can date anyone in the pool and when they get tired of them throw them back. Once they reach 21, they are removed from the pool. Teens as young as 14 or 15 have been known to be in the pool. In this poor country (Ghana), parents are given a lot of money to allow their daughters to be in the pool, plus the daughters usually have a much better life and often end up marrying their suitor. Our actress exposed the whole thing though and some wanted her killed. She hated the fact she had to pretend she was carrying the child of an offspring of a former A++ lister (Liberian president, George Weah) in that country rather than telling everyone it was the dirty old man who was the father of the baby. Ghanaian Canadian/Jackie Appiah/Liberian president, George Weah (Meet Damien Agyemang, the only child of Jackie Appiah)

This A- list rapper who uses her first two names, got wasted drunk at a party, passed out and was sexually assaulted.
Coi Leray (Coi LeRay Defends Drunken Stupor: "We Get Lit!")

Because none of the cast of this cable franchise knew each other or even met each other prior to the season, they were essentially given the structure of how the season would play out. The producers were also under orders to have zero fighting or public scenes that would draw attention from authorities. "The Real Housewives of Dubai"

The alliterate one had multiple meetings with the ghostwriter writing her husband's biography. She wanted to make sure there was a dumpster full of dirt in the book. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

This west coast Housewife has been hooking up with a guy who is definitely not her husband. He used to be a sugar daddy to a different Housewife.

The female this A- list actress/writer was hitting on for a threesome looked to be way underage. It is hard to tell sometimes, but it is creepy that is the age she was looking for. Lena Dunham (Lena Dunham and Luis Felber attend the Lena Dunham's "Sharp Stick" premiere at Brain Dead Studios LA on July 25, 2022)

This older former A list sex symbol from back in the day, had a recent bout with COVID which her doctors didn't think she would survive. Raquel Welch (I had Covid-19. It was the scariest and sickest I have ever been to date) (Raquel Welch, 81, Rocks Gold Hoops, Long Hair & Gets Very Expressive During Manicure In LA)

It wasn't all that long ago that this celebrity (John Melendez aka Stuttering John) was on morning radio ("The Howard Stern Show") every day, and then parlayed that into a late night gig on the at the time, highest rated late night show ("The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"). Now he drives an Uber and substitute teaches to earn a living. John Melendez aka Stuttering John/"The Howard Stern Show"/"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (Ex-Howard Stern Employee 'Stuttering John' Melendez Vows To Appeal Lawsuit Dismissal In Battle Against Shock Jock & SiriusXM, Implies Other Former Staffers May Join His Fight)

Nowhere in a very recent biography does it mention this former reality star sleeping with a married A+ list television producer to land a job. Audrina Patridge/"The Hills"/"Choices" (Audrina Patridge Details Romances With Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Pine, Chace Crawford and More in ‘Choices’ Book)

This former A list singer was wasted out of his mind at a premiere this week.
John Mayer/Vengeance" (Singer John Mayer attends the Los Angeles Premiere of "Vengeance" at Ace Hotel on July 25)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **10**
They have been rumored to have split and rumored to not have split. This A- list actor/director did refer to his actress girlfriend/former girlfriend as an attention wh**e. That sounds like a more former girlfriend thing than a current girlfriend thing. Zach Braff/Florence Pugh (Olivia Wilde & Florence Pugh Rumored To Be 'Feuding' Ahead Of The Release Of Their New Movie) (Florence Pugh Dating: Is Florence Pugh Still Dating Zach Braff?)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **11**
It wouldn't be a Comic-Con if this A list mostly television actor didn't get drunk and hook up with a fan. I bet his significant other almost expects it too. Norman Reedus/"The Walking Dead"/Diane Kruger (The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus Reunited at Comic-Con)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **12**
This Summer House star slept with an advertising guy who then recommended she be hired for a big campaign, which she did get. Lindsay Hubbard or Danielle Olivera/"Marshalls" (Marshalls TV Spot, 'Spa Mode' Featuring Danielle Olivera, Lindsay Hubbard, song by Bleeding Fingers)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **13**
It is no coincidence that this A- list actor rarely got much good work for a decade and then started sleeping with producers and landed a movie that everyone has been discussing all summer. Austin Butler/"Elvis"

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **14**
One Hit Wonder: Several decades ago, this singer (Lou Bega) hit A list for the briefest of times and sold a bunch of copies of his song ("Mambo No. 5"). He toured for a couple of years based on that song, but knew the money wouldn't last without another hit. So, he started buying property. Specifically very unique properties around town. He bought buildings, often what looked like houses, but were zoned commercial. Each usually contained a psychic. The way it works is the psychic pays fairly low, or even no rent, but has to give a portion of their earnings to the owner of the building. The owner of the building usually doesn't report the vast amount of money the psychic gives them each month. Our former singer is huge in this business, but during the pandemic, revenues dropped 90%, and have not risen to their pre pandemic levels. People started using phones. So, our singer has started using these offices as brothels. Oh, there is a psychic there too, but they also double as the madam who is in charge of the 4-5 women working there. Apparently some of the locations have attracted multiple high profile celebrities. Lou Bega/"Mambo No. 5" (Lou Bega Once Revealed if ‘Mambo No. 5’ Referenced Monica Lewinsky)

I understand why this one season wonder wants a new beard. The problem for him is he chose someone who will literally say or do anything for attention. She is ridiculously thirsty. So, when the contract does end, she will spill all his secrets. Tyler Cameron/"The Bachelorette"/Paige Lorenze (Tyler Cameron reveals how he met ‘really special’ girlfriend Paige Lorenze)

It is not technically an affair if you are separated. I would be more interested in a statement that says there was never any sex between the pair.
Elon Musk/Nicole Shanahan

The pint sized A list actor always swore he would never do television. There does appear to be a series in the works though. Tom Cruise

With a big hearing set to take place that will further implicate the reality family's ties to this business manager, don't be shocked to finally learn the name of the trademarked baby. Britney Spears Conservatorship/Kardashians and Travis Scott/Lou Taylor/Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott’s son Wolf Webster (Britney Spears To Judge: Don’t Let My Ex-Manager Lou Taylor Off The Hook, Let Me Grill Her About $300k Payment)

To get people on his side, this former A list singer has created a deep fake video that makes an ex look like a liar. Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin addresses nephew’s incest accusations in new video: ‘So painful and devastating’)

The explanation offered by this foreign born former A+ list singer about disease symptoms, sound the same as someone who might have had too much to drink. Shania Twain/Lyme Disease (Shania Twain Reflects on 'Grief' of Mutt Lange Divorce amid 'Scary' Lyme Disease in Netflix Documentary)

This alliterate A- list mostly television actor (Manny Montana) already had a superhero show ("Ironheart") he wanted to do, but needed out at a network show first. He asked for a ridiculous amount of money. They should just have written him out. Manny Montana/"Ironheart"/"Good Girls" (Good Girls Cancellation Controversy Resurfaces as Retta Declares: 'One Person Ruined It for All Cast and Crew')

The alliterate one has at least one domain registered that makes it seem as if she would like to run for President.
Meghan Markle (since the blind, there has been another one found, which would make two) (

This alliterate permanent A list singer says she was underage when she had sex with this permanent A list mostly movie actor.

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **10**
Much like the Comic-Con appearances that never happened, there has been buzz that while touring this island country, this foreign born A- lister would be joined by his brother.
Noel Gallagher/Liam Gallagher

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **11**
This actress had her own show on a kid's network. Now, she yachts full time.

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **12**
The north of the border singer wants to try acting. He thinks he would be a great lead actor. Considering how much he just took insurance companies for, I don't think they will be lining up to insure his movie roles. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Cancels World Tour to 'Ground' Himself and 'Come Back Stronger': 'Breaks My Heart')

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **13**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor moved this celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister into his home. The offspring had some brief moments of fame a decade ago.

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **14**
Dance: Many years ago, I wrote about how this A list actor used this actress/celebrity offspring and dumped her after she stopped being sober. He pushed her and pushed her until she caved. What I didn't mention at the time, was, how in addition to gaslighting her on a daily basis, he would force her to prove her love for him. His whole thing was to humiliate her as much as possible. Once, they were at a party and it was shortly after she started drinking and using again. He forced to her get up on a table and dance for the party and to strip until she was naked. He then called her a bunch of horrible names before taking her to a room and forcing her to orally service him. At that party, it was just him, he was always passing her around to his friends and anyone else he thought would be amusing. he really has been an a-hole his whole life. Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith (Tippi Hedren) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/19/12)

The people of this former A- list singer turned actress/producer want her far away from the foreign born model/bad actress/co-star. The last thing they need is the singer/actress using again. It was a long road back up to the top from that. Selena Gomez/Cara Delevingne (Cara Delevingne talks ‘fun’ Selena Gomez kiss in ‘Only Murders in the Building’)

With the recent divorce announcement, does this mean the former A- list athlete who also sometimes modeled, will finally come out? Sean Avery/Hilary Rhoda (Sports Illustrated Swim model Hilary Rhoda, 35, files for DIVORCE from ex-NHL player Sean Avery, 42 - six years after her mom accused 'hot tempered' New York Rangers star of harassment and filed for restraining order against him)

I told you when the conservatorship ended that there would be some type of plan in place to keep the permanent A list "singer" out of trouble. Everyone wanted that part quiet. It is why the deletion of photos from the wedding took place, because the person in charge of that care was present and would make people talk. Now, there is court confirmation there will be a court ordered "care plan." Yes, the singer will agree to it, or at least wants her input, but it doesn't change the fact, it will be a court order the "singer" will need to follow. Britney Spears

One of the one season wonders is about to come out as gay. Either that or his "girlfriend," will out him. Now, what about his lover? Is he going to come out too? Matt James/"The Bachelor"/Rachael Kirkconnell/Tyler Cameron (Tyler Cameron reveals he 'clashes' with Matt James' girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell: 'I don't like listening to people sometimes')

This lying actor who supports himself as a play thing for rich men in the closet, had one of those men spend a whole lot of money to make a project successful. There is not enough money to do it for another week though. Jussie Smollett/""Some Things" "Number 1 iTunes R&B Charts and number 17 in all genres" (Jussie Smollett Celebrates Major Milestone As A Solo Artist Following Jail Stint)

This actor/director/producer is A list. Two things. No, he didn't discover this foreign born A list actor. Second, someone should ask him about the team of writers he employs to write scripts and then the actor/director/producer throws his own name on it and kicks everyone else off the credits.
Tyler Perry/Idris Elba

Three names have leaked out who had their safe deposit boxes raided in that big raid last year. This former A list acting couple are now in a bitter divorce. Each had boxes that were seized as well. In addition, this A+ list mostly movie actor has his seized and to date has not had the items returned.
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt/Leonardo DiCaprio (The FBI Seized Heirlooms, Coins, and Cash From Hundreds of Safe Deposit Boxes in Beverly Hills, Despite Knowing 'Some' Belonged to 'Honest Citizens') (What Is the FBI Trying To Hide About Its Raid on Innocent Americans' Safe Deposit Boxes)

They get paid to promote. If they want to work for the conglomerate and keep getting big paychecks and more exposure, then the former couple needed to look really happy to be on a red carpet together. They did so. Now, if the third wheel had been there, that would have been fun. She was not. "Disney"/Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett/Sabrina Carpenter (See, Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett Can Be Near Each Other)

This west coast reality star and her daughter had some mother/daughter time with a few bumps of coke to get them through a long lunch. Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Amelia Hamlin (Amelia Hamlin flashes her ripped abs while her mother Lisa Rinna rocks a tank top on an after-lunch walk together in Manhattan)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **10**
Speaking of coke, this foreign born A- list mostly television actor wore black to a recent event. Never a good idea when you are also doing coke. The dandruff explanation only goes so far. Matt Smith/"House of the Dragon" (Matt Smith looks dapper in black as he leads stars attending the House of the Dragon world premiere at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **11**
In the past, this singer/actress/possible murder suspect said she didn't know if the story about her ex sexually assaulting a mentally challenged teen was true. At an event a couple of weeks ago, she changed her tune and said she thought it was real.
Courtney Love/Kurt Cobain

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **12**
The significant other of this alliterate singer took the opportunity of his wife being out of town to "mentor" a young woman by taking her to dinner where everyone could see them and see they were a couple. Maren Morris/Ryan Hurd (Maren Morris performs on NBC's "Today" at Rockefeller Plaza on July 28, 2022 in New York City) (BLIND ITEM 03/08/22)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **13**
The split announcement between the three named rapper/singer and the actress is imminent. Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox (Machine Gun Kelly takes his shots at internet critics at Fargodome show)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **14**
The Divorce: At the time of his death, this foreign born A list singer (Michael Hutchence) in an A list group ("INXS") was seeing several different women. The general belief is there were four. The established one, and then three other women. No one has ever really pinned down who the random three women were. I have now found at least one of them, and because of the relationship, it led to a divorce of the woman. The woman had known the A list singer for a long time. She had contact with him in some form or another for nearly a decade. The woman at the time was probably at the peak of her fame when she met the singer and was almost a decade younger than him. They hooked up within several hours of meeting, despite the woman having a then boyfriend who she would marry. That boyfriend who she would marry, introduced the woman to the singer. For all those years, he never knew his wife was hooking up with his best friend. It was not until after the death of the singer that he discovered it and divorced his wife. Michael Hutchence/"INXS"/Rosanna Cash (Michael Hutchence’s secret lover revealed)

Even though everyone is talking about it, the new release from this permanent A list singer is a flop numbers wise. Beyonce´/"Renaissance" (Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Embodies Decades of Dance Music. Here’s a Guide)

This foreign born A- list rapper is trying to plea bargain with prosecutors to a charge that won't see him deported and unable to perform in this country or many others. Tory Lanez (Wait, What? Tory Lanez’s Lawyer Asks To Push Trial Date Back In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Case)

Producers are trying to get this alliterate permanent A list actor to shoot some scenes which is why there is a five month delay on the release date of a franchise movie.
Sylvester Stallone/"Creed 3" (not going to happen unless Sly gets an ownership interest) (Creed 3 Release Date Delayed to 2023)

I know the former one year wonder turned celebrity likes having a drug dealer for a boyfriend, but the out of control drug use is going to get her killed. Shanna Moakler/Matthew Rondeau (Police spotted at Shanna Moakler's Southern California home after her daughter called 911 and reported 'domestic disturbance' involving Moakler's boyfriend Matthew Rondeau)

This A- list north of the border singer has been partying like crazy the past few nights and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him. Each night he has taken multiple people back to his house to continue the late night fun. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Spotted Hiking With Friends Just Hours After Cancelling His World Tour)

An offspring of a Housewife says that she once made out with a still husband of a Housewife from the same city.

Maybe one of the reasons this alliterate actor gets along so well with a certain CEO is their philosophy that there should be lots of breeding. Prior to getting married, the actor was part of a sperm donor group and apparently has a lot of children out there in the world. Elon Musk/Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey Wants to Meet with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg: Here’s Why)

Old Hollywood: This permanent A list dancing actor (Gene Kelly) was nearing 30 when he started sleeping with a teen (Betsy Blair) not old enough to drive. He did later marry her but hooked up with several of her friends from school. Gene Kelly/Betsy Blair

Reader Blind: Even though this "documentary" director's (Jennifer Lahl) last anti-trans film ("Trans Mission: What's the Rush to Reassign Gender?") was a flop, and greatly overshadowed by that famous conservative blogger's (Matt Walsh) anti-trans film ("What Is a Woman?"), she's still going ahead with a new release ("The Detransition Diaries"). This time she features three "detransitioners". The problem is that two of the "detrans" women in the film are being paid by anti-LGBT hate groups to tell exaggerated sob stories, while the other one was never really trans. Maybe our director should stick to her usual anti-surrogacy films? Jennifer Lahl/"Trans Mission: What's the Rush to Reassign Gender?"/Matt Walsh/"What Is a Woman?"/"The Detransition Diaries" (The Detransition Diaries: Jennifer Lahl unveils her new documentary) (Breeding Exploitation) (In What Is a Woman?, Matt Walsh asks a question, but doesn’t like the answers)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **10**
Reader Blind: He may be the frontrunner (Rishi Sunak) now, but he won't be for long. There is absolutely no chance that this country's (United Kingdom) ruling party (Conservative Party) will let a person of color become their new leader ("Prime Minister"). Rishi Sunak/United Kingdom/"Conservative Party"/"Prime Minister" (Rishi Sunak admits he's falling behind in race to become UK PM)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **11**
This former A list talk show host is lending her name to a company that is selling celebrity meat. Ummm. Ellen DeGeneres ("Bitelabs")

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **12**
The A list everything in her mind celebrity knew her new husband had a commitment at Comic-Con to announce a new project. Knowing that, she still scheduled their honeymoon for overseas and told him he could not join her later or leave during the middle of it which is why there was an IG announcement rather than at the show which was the original plan. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck/"Batman"/"Shazam: Fury of the Gods" (Ben Affleck's Batman Makes a Surprise SDCC Appearance)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **13**
This A- list actor has been acting since he was a kid. He an offspring of a long time A- list actor and recently watched a superhero and his thirsty girlfriend have sex together.
Josh Brolin/James Brolin/Jason Momoa/Eliza González (it wasn't a sit down and watch thing, but more of a couple that got carried away in their circumstances that allowed others to listen/watch) (Jason Momoa, Eiza González confirm they’re back together with motorcycle ride) (Josh Brolin & Jason Momoa Get Patted Down by Regina Hall on Oscars 2022 Stage)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **14**
Four For Friday - Threesomes:
#1 - This now dead singer was paid six figures as a teen to have a threesome with this actress who never reached the peak achieved by her first movie and was also paid $100K. Their suitor was a wealthy heir apparent to a conglomerate.
#2 - This now dead offspring of a very wealthy man who all of you know had many threesomes with this former A- list actress who started off in the water and used her fame to help the dead guy find women. Dodi Fayed/Mohamed Al-Fayed/Daryl Hannah (Dodi Dumped Daryl For Di)
#3 - This foreign born A- list actor who has a new installment of a franchise coming out soon, had regular threesomes with his former wife and also with this A list actress who sometimes directs. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith/Angelina Jolie
#4 - This long time A+ list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee says she was coerced into having threesomes with her boyfriend at the time who was an A+ list athlete. She wasn't coerced when she had them with a later significant other. Halle Berry/David Justice/Olivier Martinez, Eric Benét or Gabriel Aubry

Usually this foreign born permanent A list athlete turned celebrity doesn't allow himself to be close to drugs for fear of association. This A- list singer with the love of one year wonders did a bunch anyway. David Beckham/Marc Anthony (EXCLUSIVE: Aisle be OK! Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Marc Anthony looks disheveled on Miami yacht with David Beckham - as his former spouse enjoys honeymoon with fourth husband Ben Affleck)

Considering they would arrest her if she showed up in this country, it is odd that this former athlete turned reality star took a bunch of money to play a round of golf for the country. Caitlyn Jenner/Saudi Arabia/"LIV Golf" tournament (Donald Trump, Charles Barkley, Caitlyn Jenner highlight wild LIV Golf pro-am) (Tickets for Trump's Saudi-backed LIV golf tournament selling for as little as $1 as event draws thin crowds, report says)

Considering the things fellow university students said that this foreign born A+ list celebrity used to do prior to getting married, she probably did engage in the fetish her husband enjoys when she was younger. A Vegas vacation girlfriend of the ginger haired one implied he was into the same things, but she only had fingers to use and not equipment.

This three named actress/table host is having trouble containing the past about her affair with the singer mentioned in #1. Jada Pinkett Smith/Marc Anthony ('Will caught Jada and Marc Anthony in family home': The shock magazine claims sending Hollywood's power couple into a legal spin)

Now that the biography of this permanent A list mostly movie actor who was an Oscar winner/nominee has been published, it confirms what I told you would be omitted, when first announced. It had the blessing of the family, and they wanted nothing to disrupt the charitable efforts of the family, so didn't talk about his numerous same sex relationships. Paul Newman/"The Last Movie Stars" (Review: Newman and Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Movie Star)

Instead of finding a replacement for the long time executive producer of the late night show, the network has been discussing ending the show.
Lorne Michaels/"SNL"/"NBC" (and the next day USA Today used almost the exact wording of my blind as a headline about that very same possibility) (Instead of finding a replacement for the long time executive producer of the late night show, the network has been discussing ending the show)

This initialed rapper/reality star/former inmate and his wife were super aggressive in trying to get this singer/former talk show host into bed. She didn't appreciate it. T.I./Tameka "Tiny" Harris/Keke Palmer/"Strahan, Sara and Keke"

This foreign born permanent A+ list mostly movie actor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) with multiple franchises ("Conan"; "The Terminator"; "The Expendables") and a former side gig ("38th Governor of California") that was not acting has three girlfriends in the same exclusive apartment complex close to his home. The latest is a beach volleyball player barely out of her teens. Arnold Schwarzenegger/"Conan"; "The Terminator"; "The Expendables"/38th "Governor of California" (Celebrating Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 75th birthday)

This podcast host (Shannon McNamara/"FluentlyForward") who loves to discuss the dalliances of the alliterate model's former A+ list lover (Taylor Swift) has recently become closer to the model than previously known. Ever wonder how she gets her intimate knowledge of the A+ singer? That would be pillow talk for this celesbian blogger and the former angel (Karlie Kloss). Shannon McNamara/"FluentlyForward"/Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss

This foreign born A+ list singer (The Kid LAROI) from a very large country (Australia) and has a group of minders making sure he does not embarrass his country. As part of this, there are several women who travel with him who take care of his personal needs on a rotating basis. The Kid LAROI/Australia (The Kid Laroi review – Australian rapper sweats out his angst)

If you’re going to tell a lie during an interview, make it believable. No, you did not get chased by five paps in a car for an hour & a half in NYC. No, it is not comparable to your series. This foreign born alliterate A-list superhero stages 99% of his pap strolls but complains about privacy. Sebastian Stan/"Pam & Tommy" (‘Pam & Tommy’ Star Lily James Understands Why Pamela Anderson Didn’t Want to Watch Her Portrayal)

You would think that with everyone discussing whether this A+ list singer is a climate criminal, the least she could do is to keep her plane grounded and use a different one for a week or two. Nope. Four flights in two days, including two cross country flights to a studio she used for her last two albums and then back home. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift's rep responds to viral report saying singer took 170 private jet trips so far this year)

This late night host has been trolling an obscure blogger on his show ever since he started stealing her unpublished erotic diary entries in 2005.

This southern reality star from a show that already has several sexual assault allegations (Thomas Ravenel) in its past, is about to have another. The star got a woman drunk and then sexually assaulted her in a dock house. Shep Rose or Austen Kroll/"Southern Charm"

Even if this credit card company ultimately has to defend itself at trial, there will be no criminal penalties and whatever fine or judgment entered against it will pale in comparison to the hundreds of millions of dollars it has earned being the financial conduit for porn payments, illegal and legal. The CEO should be held criminally liable because he was aware of it, but will never be subject to criminal proceedings, because those kinds of things don't happen in the real world. "Visa"/Alfred F. Kelly Jr. (Visa ‘Intended to Help’ Pornhub and Its Parent Company Monetize Child Porn, Judge Finds in Allowing Case to Move Forward)

Speaking of horrific behavior, this foreign record label which has the initialed group on its roster has a brand new female group which consists entirely of underage teens. At least one of the executives at the label slept with each member which is how they secured the gig. Oh, and the label said the initialed group was going on hiatus. Then the stock tanked so they are bringing them back to save their revenue goals for the final two quarters of the year.

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