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The world at large is learning something today they should have known for the entire run of this decades long network performance/talent show. It is rigged. "American Idol"

It sure sounded like this long in the closet A/A- list mostly movie actor with multiple franchises under his belt, just outed himself as bisexual.

This B+ list actress who used to get naked back in the day and also earned a living getting naked and then was a reality star for a bit, is living with a man who is not her husband.

This former network reality star from multiple shows is a singer. He is also not getting his calls returned from this A+ list singer. The A+ lister knows the call will be asking to "borrow" money. Todrick Hall/Taylor Swift ('Celebrity Big Brother' Todrick Hall Sued For $60K In Unpaid Rent) (The Truth About Taylor Swift And Todrick Hall's Friendship)

Reading between the lines from the latest manifesto from the flowering financial institution, it looks like she needs a new sugar daddy and would like him to be Russian. It also makes me wonder how she blew through the celebrity CEO's money so quickly. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Shocking Confessions: Azealia Banks Sparks Backlash With Pro-Putin Statement, Calling Him 'My Favorite Super Villain')

The drugs that killed the drummer were not bought locally. Was the drummer alone smuggling them into the country? Taylor Hawkins (Machine Gun Kelly recalls being with Taylor Hawkins days before he died)

Apparently the north of the border singer thought he could beat the foreign born former boy bander in a war of released singles on the same day. The north of the border singer got crushed. Shawn Mendes/Harry Styles (Harry Styles: As It Was review – a pop star in his own sunlit lane)

Apparently getting to see a movie before anyone is somehow going to convince the royals to support the celebrity cult in their country? "Top Gun: Maverick"/Prince William and Kate Middleton/Tom Cruise/Scientology (Prince William and Kate Middleton 'were treated to world's first screening of Top Gun sequel after Tom Cruise learned they were fans of the original movie')

This Euphoria star/model learned an important lesson last night. That smile she got from an actress she thought was a friend, turned to insults when she thought the Euphoria actress could not hear any longer. Barbie Ferreira/Kiernan Shipka (Barbie Ferreira and Kiernan Shipka attend UGG FEEL HOUSE x REMI WOLF at Sunset)

This model none of you know unless you live here in Los Angeles, also sells candles on the side. She says this A+ list mostly movie actor date raped her.

The actress/muse/model/drug addict and her photographer got booted from the front yard of a house by the owner. Julia Fox (Julia Fox flashes her tummy in a bra top and jeans... amid wild rumors she's being considered for Real Housewives Of New York City reboot)

This former A+ list singer who has made a very nice comeback in the past year had her significant other tied up and forced him to watch our singer have sex with a man and woman. Avril Lavigne/Mod Sun (Who Is Avril Lavigne’s Boyfriend, Mod Sun? Here’s What We Know)

This B- list singer who had one hit and has been trying to duplicate it since, has essentially been stalking this actor/host to try and become his next baby mama. Nick Cannon

Four For Friday - James Bond: All of these involve an actor who has played James Bond. You just have to decide which actor.
#1 - This Bond (Daniel Craig) continued to see his ex well into the marriage (Rachel Weisz) to the women he cheated on the ex (Satsuki Mitchell) with. When he would visit his ex for sex, she would charge him $10K. She says she made $2M in three years which means he was visiting her more than once a week. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz/Satsuki Mitchell (Agony of the girl Bond left behind: Family of the fiancée Daniel Craig dumped reveal he left her in torment)

#2 - This Bond slept with most of the Bond "girls" he worked with as well as hundreds of other women. He did all of this while married. He always said though, the best sex he ever had was with this foreign born three named actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. He was convinced she had "professional" experience. Sean Connery/Catherine Zeta-Jones
#3 - This Bond once beat up a man he thought was trying to hit on him. He beat him so badly that it cost the actor nearly $500K. George Lazenby
#4 - One of the more quiet Bonds, this actor had a threesome every night for a year with one of his more famous exes. Timothy Dalton/Vanessa Redgrave

I can't decide if it is confidence or delusion or entitlement that this foreign born A- list celebrity/porn star in her own country feels she deserves a MBE and a title. Maybe she could schedule it for a day after she gets her license back or a day she is not in out patient rehab or not fighting with her abusive drug dealing boyfriend. Katie Price/U.K./Carl Woods (KP WANTS AN MBE ‘I see others getting MBEs who’ve done less than me’, says Katie Price)

Speaking of rehab, this former HBO actress who starred with the A+ lister who was just starting out, just emerged from her latest stay in rehab and has a sober companion, but doesn't have the kind of money needed to have that arrangement for long.

Speaking of drugs, this A- list actress keeps hinting she is pregnant. That would be a bad thing considering how many drugs she and her three named boyfriend do on a daily basis. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (Fans Theorize What MGK's "Twin Flame" Could Mean For Megan Fox)

This politician didn't try and fool us with an actress, but this politician running for an A-list job has never been in a real relationship with a woman, nor will he ever be, despite getting married prior to his latest run for office.

This A list rapper has a lot of legal trouble and to help herself out has been snitching to the government about her former associates. Cardi B

This former superhero thinks the time is right for him to come out.

This permanent A list singing legend from a group, was in really bad shape last night. When you get to be his age, drugs just really mess you up. I think his girlfriend may be trying to kill him. Steven Tyler/"Aerosmith"/Aimee Preston
(and six weeks later goes back to rehab)

The road manager for this foreign based A+ list group spent nearly $100K on strippers in Vegas Thursday night. "BTS" (BTS' V dances among elderly couples in Las Vegas jazz club, fan says: 'This seems like a scene out of a movie')

This foreign born A- list actor got away with a story a couple of months ago that covered for his drug abuse. This time though, he had to bail on a project. Taron Egerton (After Taron Egerton's On-Stage Collapse And COVID Diagnosis, He's Stepping Away From The West End Play)

This A- list actress has two movie franchises, one of which will be big this year and next. Despite having multiple children, she made them stay home when she went to Disneyland yesterday. Zoe Saldaña/"Avatar" & "Guardians of the Galaxy" (Zoe Saldana & Marco Perego Take KidsBowie & Cy, 7, & Zen, 5, To Disneyland)

This A- list singer is the only one of his siblings to have a bodyguard. He doesn't need one, but his actress wife likes having one because it makes her feel important. Of course, she doesn't pay for it herself though, and if she had to, would immediately dump the security. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra is a curvaceous beauty in all-black while grabbing lunch with husband Nick Jonas in LA)

I will say this about the one named A list singer. She knows how to get headlines and get people talking about her on music's biggest night. Plus, she is really good at feuding and her recent comments should start a nice one. Pink/"Grammy Awards"/"Rolling Stone" remarks (Pink blasts Rolling Stone as 'irrelevant' and 'the biggest sellout in history' after the magazine snubbed her from list of top 25 Grammy performances)

This online kneepad gossip website that also includes a junior version said that the commando loving actor got into a party last night. Umm, no he didn't. He was so wasted drunk, they wouldn't let him in. "Just Jared"/Jon Hamm (Jon Hamm & Casey Affleck Attend Pre-Grammy Party Together in LA)

There is a pap who is stalking the celebrity offspring/model of a permanent A list model. It is getting super creepy. Kaia Gerber/Cindy Crawford (Kaia Gerber puts fitness first as she heads out for a jog in leggings and a royal blue sweatshirt in Los Angeles)

It didn't take this A list mostly movie actor to find two "assistants" from the country he is trying to help. Apparently part of their job duties are to sleep with him every night. Sean Penn/Ukraine (Sean Penn Calls On Billionaires To Buy Fighter Jets For Ukraine)

I think the permanent A list mostly movie actor deserved to win last Sunday, and not the actor who did. That being said, when the permanent A list actor chose to speak this week, he conveniently forgot to mention his long time second family or the winning actor's long time ties to the celebrity cult. Lots and lots of spin by omission. Denzel Washington ("The Tragedy of Macbeth")/Will Smith ("King Richard")/Scientology (Denzel Washington speaks publicly about Will Smith Oscar slap)

GRAMMYS: The marijuana feline is great and looked great, but coke was the holdup, not the peeing. Doja Cat (Grammys 2022: Doja Cat Almost Misses Her Win For a Bathroom Break)

GRAMMYS: The all CAPS initialed one, just didn't want to perform, but wanted to attend. Since a note from mom wasn't going to work, bring out the crutches. SZA (SZA Went to the Grammys on Crutches & Didn’t Even Know Her Leg Was Broken)

GRAMMYS: This A list singer was apparently not joking about hooking up with a random stranger. Well, not completely random because they met late the night before. Lil Nas X (Grammys 2022: Lil Nas X channels Kim Kardashian in pearly Balmain suit... after threatening to 'resign from the Illuminati' if he doesn't win)

GRAMMYS: This three named actress basically abandoned her husband when a television producer started talking to her about a role. Melissa Joan Hart (Mark Wilkerson) (Melissa Joan Hart attends the 4th Annual GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party to benefit Janie's Fund hosted by Steven Tyler)

GRAMMYS: Speaking of the producer in #4, he left the party with our favorite former cable actress who probably has the role locked up this morning. Ashley Benson (Ashley Benson attends the 4th Annual GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party to benefit Janie's Fund hosted by Steven Tyler)

GRAMMYS: There was nothing spontaneous about the 17 seconds featuring the A/A- list still young singer and the foreign born A lister from a group. There was a lot of discussion ahead of time who the fame singer would be. Olivia Rodrigo/Kim Tae-hyung aka V/"BTS" (Olivia Rodrigo has a flirty moment with BTS' V as the pop sensation whispers into her ear during 2022 Grammys)

GRAMMYS: This B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister only thinks about drugs 24/7. Just in the week since he was spotted at the Oscars, he looks like he dropped ten pounds and aged ten years. His celebrity wife at least has the help of makeup to make her not look as close to death. Evan Ross/Diana Ross/Ashlee Simpson (Kat Graham leaves little to the imagination in an edgy cut-out dress while Ashlee Simpson is chic in a mock neck jumpsuit alongside husband Evan Ross at Steven Tyler's Grammys viewing party)

GRAMMYS: It was shocking just how many yachters were at a viewing party. The problem is that many of the young women who were invited are not yachters and had to put up with men who thought they were. One foreign born model/TikTok star was verbally abused because some guy offered her money to leave with him and she said no. 4th Annual GRAMMY Awards Viewing Party to benefit Janie's Fund hosted by Steven Tyler

GRAMMYS: This A list rapper who hasn't had new music in forever told her fans she was going to be at the show and maybe even performing at the show, when she knew with certainty she would be doing neither. This is why her fans have turned on her. Cardi B (Cardi B deletes Twitter, Instagram after fans criticize her for not attending Grammys)

GRAMMYS: This A list singer had fresh cut marks on the back of her legs. Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish's all-black look is an optical illusion to behold at Grammys)

GRAMMYS: This performer last night hired a stripper and kept calling her by a name other than her own. When she asked why, he said he liked calling her the same name as his sister. Finneas O'Connell/Claudia Sulewski/Billie (Billie Eilish's brother Finneas O'Connell packs on the PDA with his girlfriend Claudia Sulewski as they walk the red carpet at the Grammys)

GRAMMYS: This actress/model who is most known for starring in music videos has gained some weight since her last red carpet. It looked good on her. She had a horrible eating disorder after this north of the border A lister called her fat during a music video shoot. She was crushed for almost three years.

GRAMMYS: The night before the show, this multiple Grammy award winner/nominee who is also a multiple Dove Awards winner/nominee was drunk and giving a lap dance to a guy who was most definitely not her husband. Someone said he is in her band. Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher (Carrie Underwood Tears Up as She Calls Grammy-Winning Album 'Greatest Project' She's Been Part of) (List of awards and nominations received by Carrie Underwood)

GRAMMYS: This actor/singer was leading around a handcuffed woman at an after party and no one said anything. Jared Leto (Who wore it better? Lenny Kravitz, 57, and Jared Leto, 50, battle it out for hottest quinquagenarian at Grammy Awards in sheer plunging tops)

GRAMMYS: This A-/B+ list writer/actress was being her usual hit on any woman that comes near her and she is just never nice about it at all. Lena Waithe (Lena Waithe attends the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards)

GRAMMYS: This A+ list singer/songwriter said that crack makes the world better. He led by example last night. Bruno Mars (Bruno Mars lit a cigarette onstage while accepting his fourth Grammy)

GRAMMYS: Someone said this A- list celebrity offspring is on anti-depressants which is why she had multiple different crying sessions last night. Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Justin Bieber fans think wife Hailey is PREGNANT after spotting ‘baby bump’ as she ‘hides’ tummy in baggy white dress)

GRAMMYS: She was arguably the highest on the list singer in attendance and had a great year. She also said she maybe knew who a dozen of the attendees were and felt completely out of place. Joni Mitchell (Joni Mitchell Makes Rare Appearance at 2022 Grammys)

GRAMMYS: At some point this foreign born former A+ list singer will discover her singer boyfriend is really nothing more than an abusive a-hole hiding behind a smile. For now, it is all love. Avril Lavigne/Mod Sun (Avril Lavigne had ‘given up on love’ before meeting Mod Sun: ‘It’s complicated’)

GRAMMYS: Ever since this foreign born A list singer started using his own plastic surgeon instead of the one his wife sleeps with from time to time, his face looks much more natural. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman (Keith Urban speaks onstage during the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards)

GRAMMYS: That massive age gap between an offspring of an A++ lister and her significant other didn't seem so large when they got married. Judging by the looks she was giving this A- list singer, I would say the marriage is long for this world. Ashley Biden/President Biden/Howard Krein (Ashley Biden attends the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards)

GRAMMYS: Speaking of cheating, this A list country singer is no longer allowed to go to award shows without his wife. There will be no repeats of the jello shots with naked strippers in a hot tub after party.

GRAMMYS: A no show of the girlfriend allowed this foreign born comic/host to hook up with a singer/model/yachter after the show. Minka Kelly/Trevor Noah (Trevor Noah returns as host, after a dust-up with Kanye West)

GRAMMYS: There were almost punches thrown last night when this very drunk singer (Justin Bieber) accosted the tattooed musician (Travis Barker) who loves making out on red carpets. The musician loves to say he is 5'10." He isn't even close, even with his heels on he is a good four inches shorter than that, and this drunk singer would not leave it alone and the musician almost took a swing. You could see he wanted to. Justin Bieber/Travis Barker (Twitter Cannot Handle Justin Bieber’s Huge Floppy Suit at the Grammys) (EXCLUSIVE: Kourtney Kardashian's wild night in Sin City! Reality star stumbles around after enjoying 'a few drinks' at Grammys celebration with Travis Barker... who gallantly helps her back to their hotel)

GRAMMYS: It is good to see that this permanent A list musician hasn't let familial alienation or getting fired from his long time band keep him from abusing as many substances as humanly possible. Richie Sambora/"Bon Jovi" (Richie Sambora (2L) attends the Steven Tyler's 4th Annual GRAMMY Awards® Viewing Party Benefitting Janie's Fund)

This recently convicted pedophile/former actor turned singer just started a podcast on YouTube, providing access to more teens. Drake Bell

Considering she is not yet a lawyer, perhaps this alliterate reality star figures she can get away with lying about the death of this small child. I am all for the Innocence Project, but she should actually read the autopsy. Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian petitions Gov. Abbott to stop execution of Texas mother)

Is it really a secret if Hulu cameras are there and there is craft service for the crew? Travis Barker/Kourtney Kardashian wedding (Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Get Married in Las Vegas)

I don't know how long she gets for an acceptance speech, but this permanent A list singer is going to need a solid 30 minutes to thank all her ghostwriters for her songwriting award. Mariah Carey/"Songwriter Hall of Fame 2022" (Songwriters Hall of Fame Confirms 2022 Date: Mariah Carey, Pharrell, Eurythmics Among Honorees)

Another agency has already got a lock on the A+/A list mostly movie actor if his agency decides to actually drop him. They will have him signed within a day. Will Smith/"CAA" (Executives at Will Smith's talent agency are divided over whether to DUMP the Oscar-winning star from its roster after Chris Rock slap and subsequent resignation from the film Academy)

Is the former A+ list NBA player embarrassed to have a child with a porn star? Why make her sign a massive NDA. Blake Griffin/Lana Rhoades (Had to be Blake Griffin Former adult film actress Lana Rhoades)

These two Beverly Hills Housewives are accusing each other of using surrogates to bid up the prices on a charity auction which puts an actual dollar value on who is more famous/loved by fans. So far, the lip filler lover is losing to the one who has had multiple siblings on the show. A side note to this is that a niece of the Housewife is actually besting both of them, by a LOT. Kyle Richards/Lisa Rinna/Nicky Hilton/"Cure Addiction Now Auction on CharityBuzz" ("Cure Addiction Now - Charitybuzz")

I have already told you in this space that the celebrity CEO tracks anyone who drives one of his products and especially those who can do him a favor or those he wants to track. His latest acquisition is just going to be an expansion of that and doesn't rely on people to buy his products. Free speech doesn't apply to those who speak out against him. Elon Musk/"Tesla"/"Twitter" (Elon Musk spent $2.64 billion on Twitter shares so far this year, new filing shows)

This A- list actress/director was shut out from a recent meeting that included the foreign born former boy bander referred to as her boyfriend. In every previous meeting of this type, she was always included. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles/"One Direction"

I'm not usually one for pregnancy watch, but when it comes to delaying an album and tour because of it, then it is worth discussing. The one who uses crutches is the mom. The dad is someone she has been seeing for awhile, but rarely is seen with him in public. SZA/GuapDad 4000

I very highly doubt she will accept the offer, but one of the shopping channels is trying to make a deal with the alliterate one. Meghan Markle

The rapper who has thousands of lawsuits against him, said he decided to withdraw from playing the spring festival. No, you would never be allowed to play. There was nothing to withdraw from. Travis Scott/"Coachella" (Kanye West Drops Out of Coachella, No Travis Scott Performance)

I have never known this reality star from multiple shows dating back to when she was in high school, to beard for anyone. I guess the thought of a new reality show with the beard made her say yes. Kristin Cavallari/Tyler Cameron (Kristin Cavallari, Tyler Cameron Make Out During Photo Shoot)

The Debt: This actress was once A list and had multiple hit television shows. She actually even once starred in a long running movie franchise. At one point she was doing everything right career wise and couldn't have anything shake that. Her drug use and sex parties were out of control and it was only through the help of an organization that nothing leaked to the press, because it would have crashed her career at its peak. The organization wanted a favor in return. They wanted a bigger lock on a former A+ list actor. They wanted him fully committed to the cause. While both were out of the country, the actress arranged for cameras and police to be present when the actor solicited another man for sex. Our actor was arrested, although the police had no ideas about the cameras present. The police were willing to hush the whole thing up because it wasn't that big of a deal crime wise. From that point forward, with all of the evidence the organization showed the actor, including photos, he never strayed. Kirstie Alley/"Cheers"/"Veronica's Closet"/"Look Who’s Talking"/Scientology/John Travolta

The celebrity CEO made a deal well over a decade ago with the man with three letters in his first name and three letters in his last name. The deal was the man would stay silent about the inventor of this OG product so that way people would always speculate that it is the celebrity CEO. Elon Musk/Lei Jun (Xiaomi founder Lei Jun says his company’s first electric car will be an SUV or a sedan, priced between US$15,000 to US$45,000)

The pressure yesterday was too much and the alliterate reality star took down her posts supporting a child murderer. There were no apologies for spreading the lies, there was only the continued promotion of product. Kim Kardashian/Melissa Lucio (Kim Kardashian calls for clemency for Texas mother who faces execution after 'falsely' pleading guilty to beating her two-year-old daughter to death: Defense claims she denied it more than 100 times during five hours of police interrogation)

The good news is this former A- list tween/teen star will call out in her upcoming book at least one of the producers who slept with her when she was underage. The bad news is there is subtle shading of the producer we all want burned, but the good stuff didn't make it through the legal team. Jennette McCurdy/Dan Schneider (BOOK BOMBSHELL Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy slammed for ‘horrible’ and ‘offensive’ title of her new book about late mother)

This part time reality star does take a test drive so to speak with the models he shows up in public with, but he really is after photos. He likes to be papped with them because then it drives their prices up and his cut is higher. Scott Disick (Scott Disick Makes Red Carpet Debut with Model Rebecca Donaldson at The Kardashians Premiere)

The magazine always exaggerates, if not flat out lies. They know we know, but they don't care. The A+ list rapper is also lying. He knows that we know he is lying, but he is going to play the game anyway. What the magazine ignores and the rapper hides are his shockingly low ownership stakes in any of his projects. With his most lucrative project he holds a 5% stake. The magazine has been led to believe it is about 60-70% and doesn't bother checking. "Forbes"/Kanye West (Kanye West And Rihanna Top Forbes’ Billionaires List)

Speaking of misleading, this former A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and a serial abuser of women forgot to tell everyone how drunk he was when he recently injured himself. Mickey Rourke (Mickey Rourke reveals bloody gash on his forehead: 'Looks like my skateboarding days are over')

It is always nice when your forced return to social media in order to promote the new season of your show, coincides with a civil complaint against you that questions why you are not behind bars for life for your criminal behavior. Something to discuss on the reunion! Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ('I don't give a f**k about anybody else but me': Erika Jayne is accused of mixing booze with antidepressants amid her embezzlement scandal in shocking RHOBH season 12 trailer)

It is funny that the alliterate one wants to use her new platform to build up women and make them stronger, but to do that is going to use a ton of money to destroy the companies they have built, if they happen to use a name she wants to own outright. Meghan Markle/"Archetypes" (Meghan Markle tries to trademark historic word 'archetypes')

This foreign born A list singer was hitting the meth pipe right before a big dinner last night. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber and wife Hailey enjoy a romantic dinner date in New York City... after she denied pregnancy chatter following the Grammys)

The concierge at a London hotel refused to arrange an escort for this foreign born A- list actor who was staying there. Apparently the last time, there were some liberties taken with the escort by the actor and his business is no longer welcome with any service in the city. Russell Crowe/"Kraven the Hunter" (Sony-Marvel’s ‘Kraven the Hunter,’ Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is Filming in London)

This studio head who is in over his head when it comes to two projects that are filming, was cornered on a red carpet last night and asked when he was going to approve the massive budget for a film which is currently holding another movie hostage until the budget is approved. Brian Robbins/"Paramount Pictures"/"Mission: Impossible 7"/"Misssion Impossible 8" (Tom Cruise and Paramount Remain Divided on ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Release Strategy) (Idris Elba and Brian Robbins, Paramount Pictures President & CEO attend the Premiere of 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2')

The bots and trolls are out in force this week spreading rumors about the "boyfriend" of the A+ list singer. Is it the work of the one who "codes?" Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss (Everything You Need To Know About Taylor Swift-Joe Alwyn Relationship)

Law enforcement would stay silent of course, but it is still very awkward to have them in your home when you are using illegal substances and your friends are too. It also helps keep things quiet about the hookups with the alliterate comic actress, who is not using anything illegal and would probably run screaming if she saw anyone using anything other than coke.

Hospitalized: This actress will never eclipse the fame of her more famous sibling. It just will never happen. Now, with that being said, our actress is a solid B lister and has been working for over three decades. She actually is a series regular on a network show. So, definitely a good career. When she was younger and everyone was comparing her to her sibling, our actress had an eating disorder. She was bulimic. She knew she had to eat, but she would look in the mirror and compare herself to her sibling or someone would make a comment about her sibling, so the purging continued. Then, one day on set, she did what she always did after lunch and went to purge. She was so sick at that point that her body was shutting down. Her gag reflex was destroyed and wouldn't stop. Our actress was writhing in pain on the floor of her trailer, unable to stop gagging. Finally, when she failed to show up on set, someone was sent to investigate and they found her and an ambulance was called. Dedee Pheiffer/"Big Sky"/Michelle Pfeiffer

84. POPBITCH 04/07
(British blog)
Which suspected celebrity beard is getting a little sloppy with their public duties? Not only did they leave one of London's best cruising clubs this week with a fair few phone numbers, they've booked themselves a table there this weekend too.
Joe Alwyn

There was a private service and burial for this actress. Before letting people know where she is, they want to be able to figure out a way for fans to visit, but not disturb other graves. Betty White (Betty White's idyllic beachfront California estate of over 40 years FINDS BUYER for whopping asking price of $8million... three months after comedy legend's death at 99)

This showrunner knows what went on and what is going on and doesn't want the public to know he knows what his actor was doing. Who do you think is paying for the vast majority of the legal bills?
Lee Daniels/Jussie Smollett

This foreign born B+ list actress who hit it big with one show, but really didn't do much before or since, recently told the world what she eats everyday. What she neglected to mention are that her portions are astonishingly small and she smokes a pack of cigarettes a day to help with appetite suppression. Jane Seymour/"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (Jane Seymour, 71, defends claims she said she has NEVER had any plastic surgery after she was called out for appearing to forget about breast implants and eye lift in interview)

This late night actor has always got people to buy his story about how old his wife was when they met. It was creepy enough with his story that he was 30 and she was in her late teens. She was actually still in high school, but somehow that part never makes the story. Kenan Thompson/"SNL"/Christina Evangeline (Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson and Wife Christina Evangeline Split After 11 Years of Marriage: ‘They Remain Close’)

This foreign born rapper is doing his best to keep his green card marriage quiet, especially with all the press he is getting right now, but enemies of his misspelled coffee sounding girlfriend are trying to broadcast it far and wide. 21 Savage/Latto (Latto Discusses Her Chemistry With 21 Savage)

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of smaller producers who will give a movie role to this singer/dancer/reality star who is always full of energy. They think she can sell tickets. What everyone knows though is she can't act. It is basically stunt casting and hoping she has enough pull left with her fans to get them to buy tickets. JoJo Siwa (JoJo Siwa Cut Her Hair Super Short, And It's Immediately)

The celebrity CEO is a criminal who made $150M+ and knows nothing will happen to him for his crime. Meanwhile, someone not rich, who steals $20 could do (not likely) up to a year in jail.
Elon Musk/"Twitter" share buying

I have been telling you for years that the rich CEO who likes to surf, was setting up a way to pay his employees with credits instead of actual dollars. They are testing the system with employees in four different countries. It is his way of getting employees locked in for life who would be unable to ever change employers without a severe financial hit. Mark Zuckerberg/"Facebook" aka "Meta" (Mark Zuckerberg says he tries to surf every day to help take his mind off getting 'punched' by the news) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/24/22)

Reader Blind: This British born C list actor (Tom Bateman) left his former fiancée for the then up-and-coming starlet (Daisy Ridley) after meeting her on set ("Murder on the Orient Express"). It appears an ex now has left him with his pants down as she has confirmed with photos on social media she was dating him while he was on location in India ("Beecham House"/2019) (Cast). The former girlfriend is popular in Bollywood. Indeed, she is a stunner and should in now way be heartbroken over said actor. Was the very public reveal a set up to draw publicity to both her and the actor who most recently was seen in a movie ("Death on the Nile") that was doomed thanks to the male leader actors (Armie Hammer) real life behavior. Does his current non legal wife, the said star who is known for being a beam of sunshine ("Rey"/"Star Wars") know about this or is it a sign their relationship is fake? Tom Bateman/Daisy Ridley/"Murder on the Orient Express"/"Death on the Nile"/Armie Hammer/"Rey"/"Star Wars"

This almost network actress said her co-star ex kept making excuses why he wouldn't come pick up his stuff. She finally just threw it away and is apparently seeing a guy who is super nice to her, unlike her ex. Lili Reinhart/Cole Sprouse/"Riverdale" (Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes Joke About Previously Dating Their Riverdale Costars)

This actor/new dad got blackout drunk this past weekend. Apparently things are not better with him. Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth Welcome First Baby Together)

This offspring of a permanent A lister got an up close and personal look at how her parental unit used to support herself. A guy in what had to be his 80's approached our offspring who is a barely there celebrity and said that when the offspring's mom needed some money, he would f**k her and wondered if the offspring does the same thing. Leni Klum/Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum’s Teen Daughter Leni Klum Showcased Her Sporty Side in a New Fila Video)

This former one-fifth is bankrupt and apparently no one wants to work with her either.

Eight Days: There is a cursed film ("Atuk") in Hollywood. The curse has been added to over the years and using some fairly flimsy justification, more actors are added to the list of being killed because they read a script of the movie. There is actual substance to one part of the curse. It is something that has been whispered about for over three decades. The legend has grown over time to something almost mythical. I wrote a blind several years ago about the only actor death I really attribute to the curse. There are other deaths, but they are not mentioned because they are below the line people or people who were just extras. For eight days there was filming of this cursed movie. Eight days of film footage. Eight days of people working on the movie. The film footage is kept in a vault. It almost feels Jumanji like. I wonder if it noises can be heard emanating from the vault. Because it has been three decades, a lot of people who worked those eight days of course have died of various causes. However, there have been at least a dozen murders, vehicle accidents, and unexplained deaths of people who worked those eight days. No one will even watch the footage any longer. Back in the day, people used to dare each other to watch it, but apparently someone who watched it got hit by a drunk driver and died on the way home from watching it. I have never been able to confirm that and think it is probably not true, but I do know that people stopped watching it because of that story. "Atuk"/Sam Kinison (John Belushi, John Candy and Chris Farley and even others who were planning to be in the film or associates of the late leads who had read the script in their presence, such as Michael O'Donoghue and Phil Hartman) (The Curse of Atuk - a Hollywood script that has killed 6 actors!)

Ticket sales were abysmal and the show was going to close anyway, so at least an "illness" helps the actress and the actor save some face. Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick/"Plaza Suite" (Broadway performances canceled after costars Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick test positive for Covid)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor (Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith) is in the same position as another actor (John Travolta/Kelly Preston) who belonged to the same organization (Scientology). They have their secrets, but can't get out because their wives know the secrets and are devoted to the organization. The latter actor had his wife die and was able to break free. Our other actor will be in the same miserable situation for decades. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith/John Travolta/Kelly Preston/Scientology

The commando loving actor and this A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and not the biggest star in his family supposedly both have significant others, but spend most nights finding women to swap or to have threesomes with. Jon Hamm/Anna Osceola/Casey Affleck/Caylee Cowan (Jon Hamm and Casey Affleck pull off casual chic as they arrive at Mike Dean and Jeff Bhasker's pre-Grammys Party in Los Angeles) (Jon Hamm, 51, and girlfriend Anna Osceola, 33, FINALLY make red carpet debut at Oscars bash after more than two years dating) (Casey Affleck holds hands with his girlfriend Caylee Cowan amid engagement rumors as they grab lunch with friends in Los Angeles)

This former A list teen actress thinks she can divide her time between acting and being a medium. She has already had lessons from a very popular medium and wants to work some small events until she gets the hang of it. Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens Is "Leaning Into" Her Ability to Talk to Ghosts)

It was not all that long ago that this barely there celebrity offspring of an A list actor would be invited to family events. She was treated like crap at them, but invited. Now, it is as if she doesn't exist. Ireland Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Ireland Baldwin to People 'Obsessed' with Dad Alec Having 7th Baby with Hilaria: 'I Don't Care')

Sure is suspicious that whenever a major blockbuster goes on sale, this movie chain’s site ("AMC Theatres") conveniently goes down. Avengers Endgame, Spider-Man No Way Home, now Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness all saw the site go down for 7-8 hours. However, you could buy tickets at full price through Fandango. And it was discovered that if you log-in to the chain’s app WITHOUT their $20/month A-List membership, you were able to buy tickets at full price. And it’s always 7-8 hours. And their CEO never pledges to fix their alleged "server traffic" problem. Almost like it’s by design, forcing their subscribers to pay twice. Are they playing games because they’re still struggling financially? Why aren’t they just implementing policy upfront that big-ticket pre sales don’t apply to A-List? Sounds like foul play. "AMC Theatres"/Adam Aron

Actors and actresses are not the only people who can use illness as an excuse. Now was not the time for this A+ lister to tick off the largest country in the world, so why not fake an illness to save some face. Nancy Peloski/China (Nancy Pelosi postpones Asia trip after testing positive for Covid-19) (China warns of strong measures if U.S. Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan)

Considering she lives in Southern California every day she is not on vacation in Mexico, it really does seem odd that this HGTV star would have a show 2,000 miles from her house in a city where she spends no time. Is she trying to rebrand herself? Christina Meursinge Hall (formerly El Moussa, Anstead and Haack)/"Christina in the Country" (Christina Hall to Star in New HGTV Spinoff, Christina in the Country, About Life in Tennessee)

This barely there celebrity offspring of a musician and another celebrity is underage and sends out naked photos to lots of people. Alabama Barker/Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler (Travis Barker's daughter Alabama debuts her new turquoise hair as she steps out for dinner with BFF Jodie Woods at Craig's in West Hollywood)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **10**
This alliterate singer had to agree to let her athlete/reality star husband sleep with anyone he wanted, in order to stay married to him. Teyana Taylor/Iman Shumpert (‘It’s just cool to tap into something different’: Iman Shumpert on going from hoops to ‘Dancing With The Stars’)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **11**
This Housewife/snack product had to take out a loan to pay for all f her designer rental clothes for this past season of filming. Dorit Kemsley ("Doritos")/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (RHOBH's Dorit Kemsley flashes her toned tummy as she stuns at The Kardashians premiere in Hollywood)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **12**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who has been linked to multiple women this past year, was present for the birth of his child three weeks ago, with a woman he has never been linked to. Brad Pitt

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **13**
This A- list not well liked, mostly movie actor is being accused of sexually assaulting a date last year.

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **14**
Four For Friday - Bad Behavior:
#1 - This former A+ list actress who has several offspring who act, once filmed a movie with this actress/singer who doesn't really do much of either any longer. The A+ lister tried to get the actress/singer fired from the movie because she once slept with a boyfriend of the actress. Goldie Hawn (Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson, Wyatt Russell)/Bette Midler/"The First Wives Club"
#2 - This three named actress had enough power to get an ex boyfriend blackballed for nearly a decade because he cheated on her. Mary-Louise Parker/Billy Crudup
#3 - This A list Disney actress/singer tried to frame a female co-star for drug possession.
#4 - This former A+ list NBA player happened to mention to someone that he hated a certain individual. The NBA player knew the person would end up dead.

When the streaming service threw a ton of cash at the A - list showrunner 4 years ago, Mr. Hedge told you the streaming service would take a financial bath. The analysis was just published today. He was proven right in spades. You can read the analysis, which got linked today on the most popular news aggregation site on the Internet. Ryan Murphy/"Netflix"/"Drudge Report" (Analysis: NETFLIX Has Lost Hundreds of Millions on Ryan Murphy...) (MR. HEDGE BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/25/18)

All of the A-list politicians of a certain political party got a research document on the nominee's record, a few days before the hearings. It took the collective staff of the politicians months of work, to compile the research involved. There was a plan to surprise the nominee at the hearings. While the eventual outcome of the nomination would not have changed, the hearings would have been far more embarrassing for an unprepared nominee. This A-list politician decided to go rogue. He just shared all the research on social media instead. He totally blew the surprise, to hog all the press and credit for himself. Yet another reason for his colleagues to hate this politician, who regularly indulges in self-promotion.

When this movie studio hosts a tribute to the pint sized A lister at the big movie festival next month, many people will be absent who would normally be there. The money behind the studio, which saved it for the time from bankruptcy came from New Republic Pictures and many of those investors are currently being sanctioned by western governments. "Paramount Pictures"/Tom Cruise/"Top Gun: Maverick"/"Cannes Film Festival" (Tom Cruise to receive "exceptional tribute" at Cannes Film Festival) ("New Republic Pictures")

The first time she took a crack at this beloved A list princess, we got the seminal biography about her. The second time through, we get an even harsher look at the princess including the fact she committed emotional incest against her oldest offspring. Tina Brown/Diana, Princess of Wales/Prince William (Prince William’s strange relationship with Diana)

Apparently it is murderer party time this week. First we had the child murderer who is out partying with her wealthy new boyfriend who enjoys paying for danger sex, and now we have the murderer who gets naked for a living who is out partying and looking for a new benefactor herself. Casey Anthony/Courtney Clenney (OnlyFans star Courtney Clenney is seen covered in blood being questioned by cops next to her two dogs moments after stabbing her boyfriend to death in their Miami apartment)

The permanent A list everything in her mind star, does not understand why her relationship and now engagement is not getting more attention. It could be because she is not relevant any longer and her boyfriend is not far behind in that category. The only people that care are the people who buy Jennifer Aniston is pregnant tabloids. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Casey Affleck Allegedly Doesn’t Approve Of Ben Affleck’s Relationship With Jennifer Lopez, Anonymous Source Says)

This former A+ list reality star turned hated star turned comeback story is pitching a reality show about IVF and trying to get pregnant. It has been done so many times before. What would be even more interesting is if she ever actually had sex with her significant other. Paris Hilton/Carter Reum (Paris Hilton Reveals Baby Plans With Husband Carter Reum)

This barely there celebrity of two A listers, is sleeping with her sister's boyfriend while also sleeping with her own boyfriend.

This talking head at a cable network, who gets hammered on a daily basis, much like his not liked very much significant other is doing his best to kneepad for the new owners, writing one puff piece after the other. It won’t save his job.
Brian Stelter/"CNN"

This foreign born A-/B+ list has always been problematic with her political Tweets because she has a horrible take on everything inside her own country, so no one wants to hear what she has to say about anything outside it. Priyanka Chopra/India/Ukraine (Priyanka Chopra Urges World Leaders To Speak Up Amid Ukraine-Russia War, Gets Brutally Trolled, "Did She Post The Same For Iraq, Syria & Palestine?")

This closeted A- list model/reality star hooked up with a waitress this week she met at an Oscar after party. Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner Says Mom Kris Thinks 'It's Time' for Her to Have a Baby: 'Is It Not Up to Me?')

There has been a lot of burning up the phone lines this weekend to try and get a settlement between the former A+ list mostly movie actor and his A- list actress ex. There are dozens of different entities working behind the scenes to make it happen. There is talk that this universe will also give the former A+ lister a role in its universe. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard/"DC Comics" (DC Confirms Amber Heard Really Was Almost Fired From ‘Aquaman 2’)

The recent history of drug abuse and some other problems are going to keep this former A+ list celebrity to the under 12 crowd, on double secret probation for awhile. JoJo Siwa (JoJo Siwa Says She 'Didn't Get an Invite' to Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards: 'I'm Not Sure Why')

This Academy Award winner hates this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who only works in a long running movie franchise. I'm not sure how this is going to work on the set of the franchise. Brie Larson/Michelle Rodriguez/"Fast and Furious" (The Fast and Furious Family Gains a New Member in Brie Larson)

Now that he only has a half dozen sexual assault allegations against him, this alliterate reality star thinks this is the perfect time to take her relationship public with him. Khloé Kardashian/Trey Songz (BE-TREY-ED? Inside Khloe Kardashian’s past romance with Trey Songz as ‘fling’ with singer broke up her lifelong friendship)

This is a bad time for this former Disney star turned host to lose her job. She won't make it a month without a salary. She and her husband are close to broke. Adrienne Bailon/"The Real"/Israel Houghton (The Real CANCELED after 8 seasons as hosts Jeannie Mai, Adrienne Bailon & more lose longtime gig)

It was very interesting that this in the news a lot B+ list actress chose to hit a red carpet next to the woman who casting couched her years and years ago which got our actress her first big acting job. Jada Pinkett Smith/Debbie Allen (Jada Pinkett Smith Stuns In Gold Dress During First Appearance Since Oscars)

This disgraced actor who used to be a dual threat A lister has been trashing one of his victims to anyone who will listen and said that if the victim wanted a big role, all he has to do is forget it ever happened. Kevin Spacey/Anthony Rapp (Kevin Spacey Asks Judge To Throw Out Anthony Rapp Sex Abuse Lawsuit)

Speaking of underage, the offspring of this B list singer who has a mean backhand slap but will never be the highest on the list in her family, has an underage child who is about to be a dad. The mom is a porn star. I smell reality show. Solange Knowles/Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr.

Apparently the trades, in their interviews with the executive producer/showrunner are just going to ignore what happened to the second season of this show. There has not been this big of a drop off disappointment between the first and second season since Heroes. The reporters just let them talk about future plans and spinoffs instead of asking the tough question about why should they get another show after destroying this one? Shonda Rhimes/"Bridgerton" ('Bridgerton' Season 2: Creator explains lack of sex scenes)

A female sibling of the foreign born not as bad of an actress as she used to be, who is really fun, but just not that great of an actress, has been hooking up with this foreign born celebrity chef who is much older and very married, except when he is cheating on his wife. Kika-Rose Ridley/Daisy Ridley

Yes, she used to rape people and drug men before robbing them, but she was still at the kid's show because the network doesn't care about things like that as long as you can bring them shows that make money. I mean, they let a predator work there for decades and just kept their head in the sand as long as possible.
Cardi B/"Nickelodeon"/Dan Schneider (‘Baby Shark’ Feature Film In The Works At Paramount+; Cardi B & Offset To Appear in Nickelodeon’s Preschool Series)

Pretty sure that loud noise you heard last night was the celebrity CEO and his Dr. Evil laugh. He will be back for more. He just wants everything to be under his terms. He knows the board will wait too long before implementing a poison pill. Elon Musk/"Twitter" (Twitter Has a Big Elon Musk Problem)

The alliterate staffer/press person/talking head always seems to keep her head down until one of her affairs/relationships comes to light. She hasn't always made the best choices when it comes to her love life. I'm not sure hooking up with a married candidate is the right thing to do either. Yes, she has done the married man thing before, but how many times does it take before you look for a single person first.

This A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig would get so many more points if she was just honest and told the world that as soon as she gets a trademark for her baby's name, she will announce it to the world. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner Says She Hasn't 'Legally' Changed Baby Son's Name Yet: 'We're in the Process')

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **10**
Speaking of that reality family, when you drive back to LA from Coachella this month and see the three billboards all featuring the face of the family wearing next to nothing, and then a fourth with just writing, the original idea was to have the writing on each of the billboards advertising the brand. Our reality star said no, so the photo of her could be even bigger on each of the billboards. Kim Kardashian/"Skims" (Kim Kardashian's angels! Billionaire recruits top supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio to pose in lingerie for new 'iconic' SKIMS campaign)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **11**
Speaking of billboards, the opposite side of those four I mentioned in #10, all promote the brand of the guy being sued for all the wrongful deaths and injuries and trauma. So, when he says he has no money after he loses and has to pay judgments out, I hope someone asks him who paid for all the billboards. I hope they also ask him if his company paid or the reality family paid, since they are sharing the same space. Travis Scott

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **12**
I bet this foreign born permanent A- list celebrity who used to be an athlete thought the marriage of his son would cause social media to bring up all the times he used to cheat on his celebrity wife. David Beckham/Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz/Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham (Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Share First Images from Their Wedding Day: See the Photos!)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **13**
The superhero had an excuse last week when busted cheating on his wife with the actress. What is his excuse for this weekend and the woman he hooked up with who was not his wife or actress? Jason Momoa/"Aquaman"/Lisa Bonet/Kate Beckinsale (Jason Momoa Isn't Dating Kate Beckinsale He's Just "a Gentleman")

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **14**
The Healing: There were a lot of young women, legal and not legal who signed very painful NDA's and have stayed quiet. Whenever I think about it, I am shocked that this A- list celebrity who is higher than that to those her age has stayed silent. She is one person you never expect to have her mouth on lockdown. I suppose she is afraid of losing everything she has built from nothing and knows it would be difficult to start over. One of this A list host's favorite things to do was to have a session after the public session. The host would identify those who would allow his "healing." Then, that same night, the host would take his subjects to dinner and usually get them drunk even though none of them that I know of were legal drinking age. The host would then talk about all the money they earned and the victim never had a dime. The host only picked the poorest of poor. The host would then take them to an apartment they owned just for this purpose and have sex with them. Sometimes I'm sure it was consensual, but most of the time they were too drunk to consent or they were underage. None of them know for sure, and I have only ever managed to talk to three women, but all three said they were pretty sure they were recorded.

Some closeted NFL quarterbacks get a beard and liveS what looks to be a normal life, at least from the outside. Some however, just project and pretend and have zero idea what to say or how to act and should just come out and live their best life. Cam Newton (Cam Newton is the NFL’s Undisputed Fashion King)

I love how the alliterate reality star pretends that she was a victim in the whole sex tape thing. She and her mom knew exactly what they were doing. Kim Kardashian/Ray J/Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J comes back to haunt her in 'The Kardashians' premiere)

This model was telling no lies when she said the wife of this permanent A+ list NBA player is being cheated on regularly. The other A lister would probably cheat if given the opportunity, but he is constantly monitored electronically by his wife. Is that really a marriage?

This European island nation's government has been doing a full court press telling people what a wonderful idea implanted microchips would be. They have government controlled media airing stories about the benefits and have briefed reporters from newspapers.
Great Britain

Also present on the trip where the A list "singer" got pregnant was the Svengali. He met the couple there. This is not good news. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari/Sam Lutfi (Britney Spears Said She's Pregnant) (Britney Spears shares loved-up snaps with sizzling fiance Sam Asghari on holiday... after clinching $15million book deal where she plans to spill all on her 'cult-like' conservatorship)

CMT AWARDS: This A+/A list singer got wasted drunk and started hitting on women right in front of his celebrity wife. It was ugly. Jason Aldean/Brittany Kerr (Jason and Brittany Aldean indulge in different ends of the color spectrum as they walk the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville)

CMT AWARDS: Two nights ago, after arriving in Nashville for the show, this former A- list actor watched his significant other have sex with a man who used to be the boyfriend of the significant other. It is a very strange relationship. Taylor Lautner/Taylor Dome (Taylor Lautner and his fiancé Taylor Dome arrive at the 2022 CMT Music Awards in Nashville)

CMT AWARDS: Speaking of cuckolding, is it cuckolding if you don't know that your son sleeps with your wife more than you do? It wouldn't shock me if this celebrity who is many many decades older than his wife, ends up dead and his wife marries the son of the celebrity. Dennis Quaid/Jack Quaid/Laura Savoie (Dennis Quaid, 68, and wife Laura Savoie, 29, beam as they walk the red carpet at CMT Awards in Nashville)

The spokesperson for the police department investigating a double homicide that has been in this space multiple times, as much admitted there have been no arrests because of how high profile the killer, or at least the person behind the killer is. The anniversary is approaching, but still nothing. Barry and Honey Sherman (Relative believes 'someone was making a statement' in murder of Barry and Honey Sherman, unsealed documents show)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **10**
CMT AWARDS: This A list mostly movie actor was just being Hollywood and being loud at an after party and then criticized the quality of the coke. It was just a bad look for him and he isn't usually like that.

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **11**
CMT AWARDS: This C+ list singer who just released/is releasing her first big project, said that an A+ list DJ would make sure the lead single would get played, but only if she slept with him. He keeps a list of all the female singers he has slept with and even their pictures right after sex. I didn't know he was still doing this. It has been at least three decades then since he started doing it.

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **12**
This A+ list mostly movie actor let it be known that he was a massive contributor to this wildlife corridor being built in Los Angeles. He never actually came through with any money though. Leonardo DiCaprio (Animal crossing: world’s biggest wildlife bridge comes to California highway)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **13**
This A- list singer was at the CMT Awards, but this blind has nothing to do with her appearance there. Her husband has been hooking up with an actress here in Los Angeles, and it has got to the point where the husband is going to have to split with either the mistress or the wife.

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **14**
The Picture: I don't think anyone will actually be able to name the musician. If you do, then you get all the bonus points. He was A list for sure, but only locally to the area where he lived. The picture ("A Great Day in Harlem") though was going to be his chance to become A list across the whole country, or at least where he was allowed to play. There were supposed to be 58 people in the photo to match the year (1958). Instead, they ended up with 57. What happened to the missing person? It is not explained in the documentary surrounding the picture and how the people ended up in the picture. All of the people in the picture were A list. The biggest of the big. Our musician was the missing person. The night before the picture was taken he went out with some friends and ended up partying all night with them. He overslept and didn't even bother trying to make it to the shoot for the picture, although it turns out he would have had the time to make it because they were running super late. Because he didn't show up, none of the other A listers thought he took his career seriously and no one would hire him to go on the road with them, so he was forced to continue working locally and ended up dying of an overdose a couple of years later. "A Great Day in Harlem"/1958 (Iconic 1958 photo - which featured the biggest names in jazz - is brought to life by never-before-seen frames from legendary photographer Art Kane's shoot)

This extremely wealthy reality star who has her own cable reality show and is not on Bravo, is cheating on her husband with a man three decades her junior. Jackie Siegel/David Siegel/"The Queen of Versailles" (Westgate Resorts’ David Siegel shares more on Versailles mansion construction)

The significant other of this murdering actor is trying to get a solo interview for herself on a network. The thirst is never quenched. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin

At this point, the alliterate reality star is just gaslighting us. Not only had she watched the late night show she says she never had, BUT she went to the 40th anniversary show and a show in 2018 when her husband performed. Kim Kardashian/"SNL" (Kim Kardashian Reacts to Debra Messing's Criticism of Her SNL Hosting Gig: 'Why Do You Care?')

The celebrity CEO's (Elon Musk) fanboys are working overtime to spread malicious gossip about the famous investor (Michael Burry) who shorted the CEO's company and made it very big a decade ago and even had an A+ lister (Christian Bale) portray him on film ("The Big Short"). I have received multiple "tips" that the investor has all manner of sexually transmitted diseases and is abusive to women and so much more. Elon Musk/Michael Burry/Christian Bale/"The Big Short" ('Big Short' investor Michael Burry trumpets what Warren Buffett and Elon Musk have called him — and jokingly seeks another nickname from Jeff Bezos)

It isn't a coincidence that this former A+ list steroid user showed off his new girlfriend this week. His ex got engaged and shamed the steroid user for his engagement ring game. Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez/Kathryne Padgett/Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Alex Rodriguez’s Girlfriend Kathryne Padgett Goes Viral During Timberwolves-Clippers Play-In Game) (Alex Rodriguez Gets Trolled On Live TV Over Ex Jennifer Lopez's Engagement To Ben Affleck) (See All of Jennifer Lopez's Six Engagement Rings)

This foreign born one named permanent A list singer who doesn't sing any longer, definitely can hold a grudge. She has a favorite shoe designer. Loves those shoes. Our singer doesn't know her very fast rapping boyfriend has an on again off again thing with the shoe designer. Rihanna/Amina Muaddi/A$AP (RUMOR: Rihanna Broke Up With A$AP Rocky After Catching Him Cheating?)

Apparently the former bird CEO (Jack Dorsey/"Twitter") has been in contact with the mysterious founder (Satoshi Nakamoto) of the big crypto coin ("Bitcoin"). Jack Dorsey/"Twitter"/Satoshi Nakamoto/"Bitcoin"

They kissed and made up once a couple of months ago, but now the fighting is almost daily because of the substance abuse issues of this three named rapper. The A- list actress is over it at this point. They are about to be the first of the three similar couples to split. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (Trouble in paradise? Awkward moment Megan Fox snubs fiance Machine Gun Kelly's kiss and walks away from him in tense red carpet moment)

I do sometimes wonder if one night, the person who has a copy of the golden shower footage will just release it for free somewhere and then what would happen to the career of the reality star and her family. Ray J/Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian Sobs Over Sex Tape with Ray J in Graphic Call with Lawyer)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **10**
The alliterate foreign born A- list singer/wannabe actress is up to two packs a day to try and keep herself from eating. This is a crash diet of crash diets. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello Just Posted a Flirty Bubble Bath Pic)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **11**
The A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is really working on a way to sign people up for an afterlife package. Yes, she is serious. Gwyneth Paltrow

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **12**
There is now a parents support group for daughters who have gone missing inside the cult of this A- list actor. Jared Leto

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **13**
This permanent A list rapper had two of his associates visit a woman who was threatening to discuss the affair she had with the rapper. A gun was shown and her child threatened.

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **14**
Advance Notice - House On St. Charles Blind: This actress is foreign born and A- list (Morena Baccarin) on a very good day. The powers that be said I should keep my eye on her over the next month because she will be doing them a favor. She just got into town (New Orleans) early last week. She is married (Ben McKenzie). All I have been able to learn is that she has a very big fan and that fan would do anything to spend some time with her, including providing to the powers that be some photos and videos. I don't know of what or whom. Our actress owes the powers that be several favors including getting her cast in this current project ("Fast Charlie") by withholding financing until she was cast and making sure she was the highest paid on set, including a co-star (Pierce Brosnan) who is higher on the list. Morena Baccarin/Brazil/New Orleans/Ben McKenzie/"Fast Charlie"/Pierce Brosnan

171. POPBITCH 04/14
(British blog)
Which notoriously stingy stand-up isn't content with just taking his share of the box office; he demands that venues cut him in on their car park fees too?

Just like in the US, the royals when they go to the Netherlands, will have the host country paying for all their security. So, despite being a 30 minute flight from his home country, there will be no drop bys, because the home country won't pay except for the minimum that the royal had his whole life. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle/"Invictus Games" (Prince Harry, Meghan Markle won't be welcomed to the Netherlands by Dutch royals)

It looks like the A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner has been facilitating women to come forward and tell their horror stories at the hands of this A list comic.

This A+/A list singer is being body shamed by her significant other to the point where the singer really doesn't eat much any longer. Not a foreign born singer.

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who has at least one franchise to her name, can protest as much as she likes, but was fired from a recent movie. Thandiwe Newton/"Westworld"/"Magic Mike's Last Dance" (Thandiwe Newton DENIES she was 'axed from Magic Mike 3 due to bust-up with Channing Tatum over Oscars slap'- as actress exits project due to 'family matters' and is replaced by Salma Hayek)

It is really funny that this B+ list actress is in the news for some comments she made about men. Maybe she should look at the mirror and not have sex with other men and women in front of her husband. Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina’s ‘Entanglement’: A Timeline of Their Fling and Aftermath)

After my blind item yesterday concerning the cheating from the very fast rapper on the foreign born permanent A list singer, she has made it clear they are finished. It isn't like he hasn't cheated before, but just because of who the person was, it struck a nerve. Rihanna/Amina Muaddi/A$AP (RUMOR: Rihanna Broke Up With A$AP Rocky After Catching Him Cheating?)

If you have a caregiver 24/7, and do not have a disability, should you be an A+ list politician?

This 90 day star has been using OnlyFans for awhile. The in person hookups for customers is a recent thing.

Back in the day, this ABC show was highly rated. It also starred a woman who transitioned to being a man, but the network, refused to let him appear as anything but a woman.

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **10**
This cable news anchor only came back to her job because they threatened to put someone in that timeslot she cannot stand. If she is not careful, she will get fired and they will eat her salary. Rachel Maddow/"MSNBC" (Rachel Maddow Reveals Nightly MSNBC Talk Show Will Move to Weekly Format)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **11**
Good for the alliterate Euphoria actress for admitting that men used to pay her bills when she was starting out as an actress. It happens often, but actors and actresses like to pretend they somehow managed to live a luxury life on their acting pay. cc: The alliterate one and the model who used to star with her. Chloe Cherry (Euphoria's Chloe Cherry Says Dating Sugar Daddies 'Taught' Her How She 'Wanted to Be Treated')

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **12**
This A- list standup comic/actress has always publicly dated men, but is hooking up with her agent's female assistant.

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **13**
Speaking of agents, the agent of this A+ list mostly movie actor has a reputation in town for date raping women after he lets them text the actor from his phone.

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **14**
The Setup: This celebrity used to get naked for a living in between hooking up with men for money that her mom set up. In her current situation, she is not getting many men to meet her rate, and needs money to live, so is going back to reality. The thing is though, even though she has been advised against doing the show, she craves fame more than anything, even money. Her current attorney almost quit representing her because of this show. This show is a setup by her ex and arranged by her ex to show that the celebrity earns a ton of money and doesn't need his help. The show will go away just as soon as it not useful to anyone opposing her. Blac Chyna/Tokyo Toni/Rob Kardashian (What drama? Blac Chyna is all smiles as she films scenes for her new reality show... a day before trial against the Kardashians is set to begin)

There is a standup comedian spilling truth tea about the shambles of the comic world. One tidbit not discussed in this space before is the significant other of this A list comic. Apparently he writes the jokes for the significant other and the significant other would not have a career without him.
Alice Hamilton/Christina Pazsitzky/Tom Segura

This permanent A list model who is also a producer/creator and television host, knows she is going to lose her most recent high profile television gig. She doesn't care though because the payout will be in the tens of millions of dollars. She only did it for the money anyway. Tyra Banks/"Dancing With the Stars" (Brooke Burke Says Dancing with the Stars Is 'Not the Place' for Host Tyra Banks to 'Be a Diva')

The significant other of this A list singer is bragging about he keeps the singer wasted all of the time and thinks she is under his control. Rich Paul/Adele (Adele and Rich Paul: A Complete Relationship Timeline)

When the late night actor and this A list actress were dating and co-starring together, he actually said he had a "better opportunity" which is why they needed to split. Pete Davidson/Kaley Cuoco/"Meet Cute" (Kaley Cuoco 'So Happy' for 'Meet Cute' Co-Star Pete Davidson Amid Kim Kardashian Romance)

There has not been an ad for the reality star's sex tape in well over a decade. It is all just more lies. Kim Kardashian (Ray J) (Kim Kardashian Was Joking About Dildos in Sex Tape Conversation)

The lookalike wanted too much money so the A+ list rapper found someone else who is just happy for the attention. Kanye West (Chaney Jones/Shannade Clermont) (Kanye West, Chaney Jones Do Nobu Date Night, Clermont Twin There Too)

The significant other of this A-/B+ list actress once sexually assaulted a co-worker at an open house.

There is a recent trend among stylists who are sick of not making enough while their celebrity clients roll in cash. The married sometime model/barely there celebrity from an acting family recently fired a stylist when she learned about what they were doing. They are all doing it. Here is how it works. The stylist makes a deal with a company about product placement or getting something worn and takes a fee. They usually want $10K. They get the celebrity to wear it without disclosing the fee. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber

Usually this A+ list dual threat actress attends these little mini-reunions of an old movie, but didn't want to hang out with her ex, who usually skips them. Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe/"Cruel Intentions" (Sarah Michelle Gellar reunites with 'Cruel Intentions' co-stars Selma Blair and Ryan Phillippe for her birthday)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **10**
This French actor is probably A- list. All of you know him. His significant other is cheating on him. Vincent Cassel/Tina Kunakey

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **11**
The shoe designer (Amina Muaddi) and the very fast rapper who I wrote about prior to anyone else, also have another piece of interesting trivia. The very fast rapper did the best friend of this barely there celebrity wrong, so the barely there celebrity trash talks the shoe designer whenever possible. Amina Muaddi/A$AP (What is Amina Muaddi Net Worth? Find how rich is this Romanian Fashion Designer!!) (Fenty's Amina Muaddi Slams "Malicious" Claim That A$AP Rocky Cheated With Her Amid Rihanna’s Pregnancy)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **12**
This three named former A- list singer got dumped by a guy she thought she was going to marry. He is sleeping with her best friend.

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **13**
This foreign born A list singer nearly overdosed in a Los Angeles hotel this past week.

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **14**
Four For Friday - Bad Drug Behavior:
#1 - This former B+ list actor/reality star is from an entertainment family all of you know. Most of the time when he would get wasted and hit on his family member's wives and girlfriends, he would strike out, but he did manage to sleep with this former A list singer who liked getting wasted with him when her husband was not around.
#2 - This A list mostly movie actor got hammered on coke and booze one night and had a friend insert a bottle into his anal cavity which had to be removed carefully by a doctor who made a hotel call in the middle of the night.
#3 - This former A+ list mostly movie actor blamed drugs when he slept with a teen who was barely a teen and later said it was a setup by the teen's family to get money from the actor.
#4 - This back in the day A+/A list comic actor who is now deceased and not named Chris Farley, would get wasted exactly twice per year and see how much blow and how many hookers he could sleep with in 24 hours.

The permanent A list "singer" doesn't know the sex of her baby yet. Britney Spears ('WEIRD!' Britney Spears’ fans ‘creeped out’ as pregnant star says she’s ‘playing with her small fetus’ in bizarre beach video)

This former child actress turned teen actress turned adult actress has her significant so paranoid about past cheating, the significant other never leaves the side of the actress. Kristen Stewart/Dylan Meyer (Kristen Stewart and Fiancée Dylan Meyer Stun in Coordinating Looks at 2022 Critics Choice Awards)

This prime time cable talk show host had a relationship with another man when he was at college. There was thought to be zero proof of the weekend fling, but there is a photo of the talk show host sitting in the lap of the other man. No proof, but would make for some very interesting conversations. Tucker Carlson

This one named A list DJ sexually assaulted a woman at a Coachella party last night. Diplo (Diplo DJ Not Attending Coachella 2022) (Diplo and Anitta pose backstage during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 15, 2022 in Indio, California)

This multiple former one season wonder is still being the awful jerk he has been. Getting drunk at a Coachella party last night brought out the worst of it.
Nick Viall

I do wonder what happened to the woman that was traveling with the very fast rapper that he brought home from overseas. Did she go home or is she staying behind waiting for him to get back from his hide from the press trip? A$AP Rocky (Writer Who Started ASAP Rocky Cheating Rumors Issues Apology While Amina Muaddi Also Chimes In)

The alliterate one brought four stylists, a makeup person and a hair person, along with other staff. Meghan Markle/"Invictus Games" in The Hague, Netherlands (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Arrive at Invictus Games Opening Ceremony Hand-in-Hand)

Has the foreign born A list singer turned in the rugby player for a soccer player? There was a LA pro player with a pass that identified him as special to the singer. Harry Styles/Xander Ritz (Harry Styles and Xander Ritz Timeline) (Harry Styles Performs with Shania Twain — and Debuts 2 New Songs — During Coachella Headlining Spot)

The online/television tabloid has jumped on the post photos of yachters to make a money train. It is a very lucrative business. "TMZ" (Stars At Coachella 2022 Day 3!)

This comic/actress (Rachel Wolfson) who was most recently seen in that franchise stunt movie, is finally being called out for her part in the death of a woman who killed herself. The actress and the suicide victim' long time significant other were having an affair and the suicide victim discovered it. Rachel Wolfson (bf Mat Edgar)/"Jackass Forever" (‘Jackass Forever’: Meet Rachel Wolfson, the First Woman in This Pain- and Penis-Obsessed Comedy Crew) (Get to know Jackass star Rachel Wolfson's boyfriend Mat)

In other comedy news, this standup comic who loves underage girls is trying to get people who call him out for it, banned from comedy clubs. Jeffrey Ross

This permanent A- list musician knows his kids can't stand that their celebrity mother had to relive the whole sex tape thing. Instead of supporting their beliefs, he has been partying with the foreign born alliterate actor. I wonder who is paying for the drugs. Tommy Lee/Brandon & Dylan Lee/Pamela Anderson/"Pam & Tommy"/Sebastian Stan ('Pam & Tommy' Star Sebastian Stan Grabs Dinner with the Real Tommy Lee!)

For at least a decade, the alliterate former A- list actress/escort told people that because of some procedures, she couldn't get pregnant, so this would be remarkable if she is. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan fuels pregnancy speculation after 'liking' baby bump comments)

This A- list mostly television actor who starred on an iconic network show says that he completed his first trifecta. 30 years ago he slept with a woman who had a tween child. Later when that tween became legal, he slept with her and has now slept with her 18 year old daughter.

Speaking of that iconic show in #6, this actor from that same show is paying an astonishing amount of money each month to his girlfriend.

The mogul who is hiding out from law enforcement and civil lawsuits in Bali is the man who the British host will not name as her harasser. Russell Simmons (Loren Allred) (Russell Simmons Denies He’s Hiding Out in Bali, Plans on Returning to the U.S. Soon) (Russell Simmons All Smiles With Family In The Hamptons Amid Million-Dollar Lawsuit Against Ex-Wife Kimora Lee Simmons) ('They abused their power': Britain's Got Talent star Loren Allred claims she was sexually harassed by music executives from record label she signed to as a teen)

Very interesting that as soon as a blind was written about the foreign born former A list boy bander and some company he was keeping, the girlfriend shows up 24 hours later for pictures. Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde/"Coachella" (His biggest fan! Olivia Wilde gazes at beau Harry Styles as she cheers him on during headlining set at Coachella) (BLIND ITEM 04/16/22)

This A+ list mostly movie actor has been divorced. He is married now and is cheating just like he did with this first wife. Chris Pratt/Katherine Schwarzenegger/Anna Faris

At one of the festivals within the festival, this actor/singer was being especially pushy with women and looked to be wasted. "Neon Carnival"/"Coachella"/Jared Leto (Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto Attend Neon Carnival During Weekend One of Coachella)

I am constantly amazed this former late night actor who has not been relevant for a decade, somehow manages to find women who are desperate to be with him to the point, one married journalist left her husband shortly after meeting the generally out of work actor. Chris Kattan/"SNL"/Maria Libri (Yes, you saw right, former 'Saturday Night Live' star spotted around Springfield)

Name the retired trailblazing anchor and reporter (Connie Chung) who has a bidding war for her memoir. If the lawyers don’t water it down, she burns the house down with stories about the male co-anchor (Dan Rather) who made her life hell, and the gaggle of ladies (Diane Sawyer & Barbara Walters) she thought were her network teammates but quickly learned were some of the biggest backstabbers in the business. People forget the life-changing stories she broke, including, in the early 90’s, exposing Dow Corning silicon implant side effects. This book names names and dives in to details more than Katie Couric’s memoir. Connie Chung/Dan Rather/Diane Sawyer & Barbara Walters (Connie Chung reveals behind-the-scenes drama with Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters and more) (25 Years Ago, CBS & FDA Concoct Silicone Implant Scare) (When are we getting this Connie Chung memoir that seems to not exist (or been announced) yet??)

Apparently breaking up over a swimming pool is the new breaking up over drugs. Fred Armisen/Natasha Lyonne (Natasha Lyonne Says She and Fred Armisen Broke Up Because She "Wanted a Swimming Pool")

This one named permanent A list celebrity/host is promoting a new project, but only with people she employs/has employed or can be bribed. No tough questions allowed.
Oprah/Smithsonian Channel documentary

The A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig and staring at the side of thousands of lawsuits, doesn't want anyone to show what she looks like without two hours of hair and makeup and multiple photo filters. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner flaunts post-baby body in classy denim outfit on Easter)

This foreign born B+ list actress has steadily been gaining weight and is trying to sign a deal with a weight loss company prior to going under the knife for lap band surgery. She is such a scammer.

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **10**
This former A- list actress turned wannabe HGTV star is making enemies everywhere she goes and producers let her calls go straight to voicemail. Zooey Deschanel/"Property Brothers" star Jonathan Scott (Jonathan Scott talks about new home with Zooey Deschanel and passing it down to their kids)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **11**
Police have discovered not just the two models belonging to this cult who have died, but at least another handful all over the world the past few years. Christy Giles/Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola (Cause of Deaths for Model and Architect, Dumped Outside at Hospitals by Masked Men, Confirmed); Stephanie Adams (Playboy model jumps off building with 7-year-old son); Cheslie Kryst (Cheslie Kryst, former Miss USA and correspondent for 'Extra,' dead at 30); Ruslana Korshunova (Tragic leap of Ruslana Korshunova reveals dark underbelly of the new Russia and its 'lost girls,' author claims)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **12**
The way the celebrity CEO rotates places he stays overnight reminds me more of a hunted drug criminal out to save his life rather than a CEO. Oh, wait. Elon Musk (Elon Musk says he doesn't own a house and for the most part sleeps in friends' spare bedrooms)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **13**
This A- list singer who sounds like a seasonal exerciser, doesn't care about her fans. Whenever she has a date or something sounds more fun than performing a concert, she bails on her fans. Summer Walker (Summer Walker Cancelled Most of Her Tour Because of Social Anxiety)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **14**
The Next Big Thing: In 2001 this promoter (Vince McMahon) became the most powerful man in professional wrestling he bought two organizations. It gave him a monopoly ("WWE" ("World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.")/"WCW" ("World Championship Wrestling")/"ECW" ("Extreme Championship Wrestling")). From the ashes of those two promotions rose a whole new promotion ("WrestleMania") and they had a hot new rookie (Sonny Siaki). He was going to be huge. The upstart promotion had their star. The problem is the upstart promoter didn't know what to do with him. The fist put him in a comedy heel stable and then teamed him up for something more serious until his partner died (Umaga). Not knowing what else to do with him, they eventually dropped him and he made his way over to the big promoter ("TNA" ("Total Nonstop Action Wrestling") who promised big plans. Then, due to a family emergency, the wrestler retired and now works for the Post Office. Vince McMahon/"WWE" ("World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.")/"WCW" ("World Championship Wrestling")/"ECW" ("Extreme Championship Wrestling")/"WrestleMania"/Sonny Siaki/Umaga/"TNA" ("Total Nonstop Action Wrestling")

This A- list mostly movie actor who sounds like he could be foreign born, but isn't, was his usual a-hole self over the weekend, which was heightened with his drug use. Someone said it was meth, while another said it was crack, but he was hitting the pipe hard and hitting other things too. Timothée Chalamet/"Coachella" (Timothée Chalamet looks in good spirits as he chats to girls and enjoys a tipple with his pals while letting his hair down during Coachella party)

Judging by the artist drawings coming from the courtroom, the artist is no fan of the reality family, but loves the one suing them. Kardashians/Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna v. The Kardashians Is Officially Underway)

Proof of life photos from the monarch from the very small country show us his wife is probably still alive. The photos are not very clear. The A- list actress is waiting in the wings whenever the monarch's wife does die. Albert II, Prince of Monaco/"Monaco"/Charlene, Princess of Monaco/Sharon Stone (Princess Charlene Shares Her First Family Portrait Since Returning to Monaco)

I know the world is always full of talk about secret tunnels and hidden underground rooms. I was hoping that one of the many influencers who were waiting hours for transportation at an event would have stumbled on the underground tunnels that are still used today at the former compound of a permanent A lister. They connected the various guest houses with the main house for ultimate discretion. "Revolve Festival"/"Coachella"/Merv Griffin/cc: Ryan Seacrest (Influencers say the invite-only Revolve Festival at Coachella was a disaster) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/30/19)

You do realize the slapper's publicity people are making up all the stories about him being crazy hot and in demand, right? Will Smith (Will Smith to soon have offers on table despite Oscar ban after infamous slap) (Before the Oscars Slap: Will Smith’s Most Controversial Moments Through the Years)

I guess in the eyes of the producers of this cable show, it is easier to go alone with a solo spin off show with the star they most like, set in the city where he wanted to film, and screw over his co-star and then spread lies about her being troublesome. "Flip or Flop"/"HGTV"/"Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa"/Tarek El Moussa/Christina El Moussa Anstead Haack Hall

This streaming service is trying to sell naming rights. Kind of. They are not going to change the name of the company, but want an exclusive advertiser who is willing to pay a fee similar to what the networks pay to the NFL each year, to be the sole advertiser on the streaming service.

Don’t believe the talk of bankruptcy. The very loud talk radio host will pull through with just enough money like he always does. He is insured up one side and down the other, and has lots of very wealthy donors behind the scenes. Alex Jones (Alex Jones' Infowars files for bankruptcy after defamation suits)

This one named A- list rapper who is always broke was telling people about an investment he wants them to make. The marijuana feline said he was full of crap. Tyga/Doja Cat (Doja Cat's First Official Coachella Performance, Brings Tyga On Stage)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **10**
This A list mostly movie actress who has directed, thinks her A list ex was sleeping with a woman who was investigating the actor, which is why the actress lost a case against the actor. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie Might Be Suing the FBI Over Brad Pitt Plane Incident) (BRAD MAD AT ANGE Angelina Jolie under fire for agreeing multi-million pound deal with Russian oligarch)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **11**
This A list mostly movie actor did a good job last night hiding the fact he was drunk at a screening. What gave it away though was his significant other who was not good at hiding it. Jeff Goldblum/Emilie Livingston/"The Northman" (Emilie Livingston and Jeff Goldblum arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of 'The Northman')

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **12**
Speaking of screenings and A list actors and significant others, this A list actor sent off his much younger wife at an after party to find some "entertainment" to bring home. Nicolas Cage/Riko Shibata/"The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent" (Nicolas Cage, 58, is joined by his pregnant wife Riko Shibata, 26, and oldest son Weston, 31, on the red carpet at a screening for The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **13**
Speaking of the actor in #11, he was married at the time when he casting couched this foreign born A- list actress two years ago, who all of you will know by the end of the year.

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **14**
The Secret: In the past in this space, I have written about some very messed up situations that involved situations where an actor or actress had other potential actors/actresses move in to their home and then a parental figure abused the person who moved in. There have been a handful of those over the years and the most egregious was probably the manager/parent (Mathew Knowles) of a couple of celebrities (Beyoncé & Solange Knowles) who seemingly abused a rotating cast of characters found by his celebrity offspring. Another horrible tale involves a manager/parent who did the same thing with a young girl who was probably a tween (Kelly Rowland) when she moved in with the family. Along with at least a dozen other girls, some of whom stayed for a bit or a long time he slept with them all and told them that was part of the deal to become a star. The tween suffered the fate the longest and had to sleep with him long after she became legal. It wasn't until she really started making her own big money away from the control he had over her and others, that she was able to hire someone to threaten him with death if he touched her again. This of course caused some problems because she still had to work with him for one project ("Destiny’s Child") and family members of her abuser too. It is rumored she is the one who made sure the information that would ultimately bring him down, was released to the public. Mathew Knowles/Beyoncé & Solange Knowles/Kelly Rowland/"Destiny’s Child"

A few months back, I told you in this space about the married east coast Housewife and her trainer hookup. I guess they wanted to take it to the next level. Ashley Darby/"Real Housewives of Potomac" (Breaking News: Ashley Darby and Michael Darby Are Divorcing)

There was a deal made. We will stop trying to investigate the offspring (Prince Andrew) of the royal (Queen Elizabeth) and you turn over the foreign born secret leaker (Julian Assange). Oh, and we also had to throw in several million dollars to the family of the person (Harry Dunn) killed by the "diplomat (Anne Sacoolas)," who crazy enough as it sounds, was in the country to monitor the secret leaker as part of their duties. Prince Andrew/Queen Elizabeth/Julian Assange/Harry Dunn/Anne Sacoolas (Julian Assange extradition order issued by London court, moving WikiLeaks founder closer to US transfer) (Woman Charged in Fatal U.K. Collision Was Employed by State Department, Lawyer Says)

It seems a bad time for the news to leak that the three named actress has yet another lover her husband knows about. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith faces more humiliation as Jada Pinkett Smith's ex-lover August Alsina references 'entanglement' affair in new song and is 'set to write tell-all book about their sex life')

Some of the friends of this foreign born A list singer wanted him to post a photo making out with his boyfriend instead of teasing this coming out party forever. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Said He's Nervous That If "People Knew The Truth" About Him, They'll "Think Less" Of Him)

Speaking of foreign born A list singers, the thirst of the actress/director cannot be quenched. We can all agree on that. So, if she is engaged, don't you think she will make an appearance this weekend flashing some bling. If she isn't, and she wasn't last weekend, then they are not. She is not the hush hush type. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles (Um … Are Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Engaged? Here’s Why Fans Think So)

The bird company is set to do what Tumblr did several years ago. They are going to ban porn and nudity on the site, which will then have an effect on the porn for money sites because they won't have a way to find new customers.
"Twitter" (With the events of this week, there may be a reverse of that decision)

Considering how the LLC was established a month ago, and how quickly the paperwork was discovered by the general public, it makes you question whether the in the news reporter knew about the financial ties or was just pretending to after the discovery of the paperwork. It sounds like the latter. Taylor Lorenz/"Libs of TikTok" (Washington Post defends Taylor Lorenz reporting after story on ‘Libs of TikTok’ Twitter account)

Can you imagine how bad the numbers must really be for the streaming service, if this is the number they are publicly releasing. "CNN+" (CNN+ Streaming Service Will Shut Down Weeks After Its Start)

This three named A- list actress comes from an acting family. She is also about to have a long running character killed off with no possibility of return. The cable channel she is leaving is beyond upset. Candace Cameron Bure/"Aurora Teagarden"/"Hallmark" (Candace Cameron Bure Won’t Appear in Hallmark’s Holiday Lineup, ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Not Moving Forward (EXCLUSIVE))

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **10**
If the A+ list singer or her significant other told all and shared all, then no one would spend days and weeks and months breaking down every song of the singer and sharing all their thoughts on social media which then snowballs into more people discussing it. This is not a privacy issue, it is a marketing plan. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn (Joe Alwyn Is Finally Addressing Those Taylor Swift Engagement Rumors) (Joe Alwyn Says He Doesn't Plan On Continuing To Write Songs With Taylor Swift)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **11**
This B+ list actress got her big break in this iconic cable show. She then had a chance to make it on her own and failed. Now, she is the regular hookup partner of the married head of a movie studio.

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **12**
This former A list teen actor turned grifter is going to get all of his fans to fund his concert tour and then ask them to buy the tickets, but probably through a site he controls rather than a normal ticketing site and then will probably cancel the tour but call it a postponement. Good luck with that. Corey Feldman

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **13**
Murder In New England - Part Twelve:
Where are they now? Thirty years have passed. The participants have moved on with their lives.
The Creep (Vance "J.R." Lattime): He never imagined that three decades later he would be respected. Among the criminal set of his area, he is a respected elder statesman. No one remembers that it was his big mouth and lurid fantasies that led the police to his friends and the widow. The police were not even looking in that direction. Instead, the young criminals believe it was the tapes that "proved she was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt." that convicted her. Has the creep gone straight? Hard to say. If he keeps to smuggling, with occasional robberies, the police will not bother him.
The Real Murderer (Patrick "Pete" Randall): Like all murders he wants to talk about it. He thought he would be released when he was 21. He made a statement where he expressed sorrow over what he did to the husband. In another words, he confessed to the murder. He just could not say the words right. The response of the state was to send the widow to another state where she still is. Life was good for him in prison. He had an easy life with free room and board. He had the respect of the convicts. Now that he has been released he finds that society looks down on him and considers him garbage. In the quiet of the nights, his conscience bothers him. He wants to confess to the murder. Since his release, he has called up journalists and wants to tell them the truth about the case and then backs out. Now when he calls, they hang up on him. Murderers need a nice person to help then confess. Next time he calls, let him talk.
The Bad Seed (Cecilia Pierce): I have always said that if I wanted to murder someone, I would ask this person for advice. Before she graduated from high school she had committed enough crimes to be in a rehab program; looked for a firearm to kill a man; help a male rape a woman; blackmailed an adult to borrow her car and for other purposes; made the decision to kill a man; covered up for murder; accepted bribe money to bear false witness under oath. She has yet to spend a night in jail. She proves that if you have a cute face, you can get away with any crime. She has committed more violent crimes than most adults. I expected her to continue her criminal ways.
One of the few ways that a criminal will reform is when they find a better racket. The official story is that the state paid for post high school education. She became a hospital technician. Any one who works in a hospital is on a mission to save lives. That is more exciting than a life of crime. Then again, she could have spent 20 years in a prison in another state for other crimes.
The Creepy Newscaster (Bill Spencer): He would be fired after the trial. He would work as a waiter for a while. It is said that he was a better waiter than newscaster. He then went to work in a city known for their fiery Halloweens. He is retired and lives somewhere. He dreamed of being a network star. Instead he had to live in exile in secondary markets. It is a punishment, but not enough for his crimes.
The many people who could have prevented murder and covered up, have never seen the inside of a prison, and may never will. The widow is still in prison and the state intends to keep her there because her husband defended himself against two home intruders.
The Creep: Vance "J.R." Lattime
The Real Murderer: Patrick "Pete" Randall
The Bad Seed: Cecilia Pierce
The Creepy Newscaster: Bill Spencer

(Part One)
(Part Two)
(Part Three)
(Part 3B)
(Part Four)
(Part Five)
(Part Six)
(Part Seven)
(Part Eight)
(Part Nine)
(Part Ten)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **14**
Sold: It disappeared sixty years ago, never to be seen or heard from again. It seems pretty difficult to lose a car from a sealed boxcar on a train, but that is what happened. The car could never be sold whole, because it was worth much more to the owner to sell individual parts from the car. If the car stayed in the public eye, then there would be only four tires that could be sold. If it was out of the public eye, he could sell as many tires as he could find that would fit the car. There was so much selling of not original parts to the car, that it was also hard to keep track of the curse. Hidden car and hidden parts make the curse tracking tough, at least from the outside. There was a receipt book of sorts that was kept for many years which registered the original parts and who bought them. When possible, those parts were tracked through future buyers and sellers. One of the parts that was tracked ended up in the car of this now dead A- list mostly movie actor. The part was small, more decorative than anything. The question is where is that part now and where is the list of the sold original parts so the curse can be tracked. James Dean’s "Little Bastard" Porsche 550 Spyderr/Paul Walker (What really happened to James Dean's 'cursed' Porsche)

258. POPBITCH 04/21
(British blog)
Which TV presenter hosted a big party at her house to thank colleagues for their tireless work on her show – a booze-laden affair that got so debauched two women ended up hooking up in her pool? A guest who returned to the house the next day to pick up some belongings they'd left behind was surprised to see the pool had already been drained that morning, in preparation for a deep clean.
Ellen DeGeneres

Everyone assumed last month that a blind must not be true or it must be someone other than the obvious subject, because it appeared that the wife of this A list actor stayed at the agency the actor left when I said she left too and her treatment was the reason he left. It just took a few weeks for all the reference sites to show she did in fact, leave the agency. Joanne Tucker/Adam Driver/"Gersh" (Adam Driver Parts Ways With Gersh) (BLIND ITEM 03/23/22)

This foreign born one named A+/A list singer has been given a second chance. She can perform between July 4th and Labor Day. If she can't make that window, the powers that be don't want her. Adele (Adele 'fires her creative team and hires Take That artistic director in a bid to save her Las Vegas residency' after vowing the postponed shows would happen this year)

This foreign born alliterate actor who has recently become popular again despite avoiding the spotlight has just welcomed another child with his wife. This is turning into an Alec Baldwin situation.

This former Housewife put into her lawsuit what I have been telling you for a decade. You don't have to look any further than the late night host for letting it happen and for being a racist himself. Of course the people who work for him and with him that he hires are going to share those beliefs, or at least pretend to, so they can keep their jobs. NeNe Leakes/"The Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Andy Cohen/"Bravo" (NeNe Leakes Has Sued Andy Cohen And "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Production Companies For Allegedly Encouraging A Racist And Hostile Workplace Environment)

Apparently the alliterate reality star thinks she is a better lawyer, even though she isn't, then the person hired to help her. Kim Kardashian (Lawyer-to-be Kim Kardashian takes ‘detailed notes’ on legal pad during family’s explosive court trial with Blac Chyna)

The alliterate one and her husband were blindsided by an announcement that their role models were leaving a podcast host. Now, they want out of their deal too, despite owing a bunch of episodes on their contract. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry/"Spotify"/Barack & Michelle Obama (Meghan Markle's First Podcast for Spotify Is Announced) (Barack and Michelle Obama will NOT renew Spotify podcast deal after clashing with the streaming giant over exclusivity and how often they had to appear in episodes)

The former CEO of this entertainment conglomerate stayed in the background for a couple of years just in case he was needed back at the helm, but just like he wanted no part of the COVID mess, he wants nothing to do with the company now and its even bigger mess. As I said in this space a few weeks ago, he just wants one of the company's properties and a sportsbook. Bob Iger/"Disney"/"ESPN" (As Disney flails, Hollywood weighs a possible Bob Iger comeback) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/21/22)

The foreign born A- list actress thinks if she goes to rehab, she will lose her much younger drug addict boyfriend. That would probably be a good thing. Thandiwe Newton/Elijah Dias aka Lonr (Thandiwe Newton resisting rehab, has grown close to musician)

The former spouse of a permanent A list NBA player is trying to stick it to the reality family by sleeping with someone associated with it. Larsa Pippen/Scottie Pippen/Kardashians/Scott Disick (EXCLUSIVE: Flirting with the enemy! Scott Disick enjoys THREE HOUR cozy chat with busty Larsa Pippen... two years after close Kardashian friendships turned 'ugly')

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **10**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor/superhero was wasted and flirty last night. Certainly no thoughts given to the on again/off again girlfriend. Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **11**
This A- list actor from an acting family had to breakup with a recent girlfriend because the celebrity cult thought she would be trouble.

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **12**
This alliterate A- list actress has shed her clothes for recent roles. It doesn't mean that producers should have meetings with her where, fully visible to her are nude scenes involving her that have been frozen and the producer looking at her like a creep. Sydney Sweeney/"Euphoria"

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **13**
This one named foreign born permanent A list singer, who doesn't sing any longer, doesn't like her very fast boyfriend much right now, but still wouldn't set him up to be busted. Rihanna/A$AP Rocky (A$AP Rocky, Rihanna Blindsided, Shocked When Cops Arrested Him)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **14**
Creepy: In this space this week, I told you about an actor who slept with three generations of women from the same family. It reminded me of a more creepy story. This involves an actor who is permanently A list and an actress who has reached A list several times in her career. When our actor was first starting out, he had a relationship with the actress. Well, it was actually an affair that broke up the marriage to an actor all of you know. There were rumors at the time that the actress became pregnant during the affair, but she was at the peak of her career and didn't want the baby and also didn't want paternity questions in a divorce that was already going to be explosive. Fast forward many years and the actress does have children, including a daughter. Our actor hooked up with her without her actress mom not knowing about it until several months later. There was a thought that the daughter was pregnant and she talked to the actor and he said something to the effect of like mother like daughter and what it would have been like to have kids with the mom and the daughter.

With all the health violations because of food and sanitation, there must have been one heck of a check written to someone to keep the festival going this weekend. "Coachella 2022" (Coachella 2022 food and drink lineup revealed)

The A list actor lied when he said a government agency exonerated his role in the murder. They did no such thing and that is not their job. Alec Baldwin/’OSHA" (Alec Baldwin’s Lawyer Says ‘Rust’ OSHA Report "Exonerates Mr. Baldwin")

I'm not sure why people are shocked the former stripper turned reality star doesn't have a personal bank account. She has a business account and customers of yachters feel much more comfortable transferring money to a LLC. I would have asked her how much crypto she charges and what she uses for her wallet. Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna says on the stand that she has no personal bank account, has no saved texts with Rob, and hasn't filed taxes since 2018)

Putting this music producer/host/reality star/wannabe rapper in charge of a winners decided in advance show is just asking for trouble. The complaints will roll in. Sean "Diddy" Combs/"2022 Billboard Music Awards" (Sean 'Diddy' Combs to Host the 2022 Billboard Music Awards: 'I'm the Ringmaster')

This A list rapper says she is walking away from a certain type of music. What she is doing is trying to influence her criminal case, which is another reason it is crazy that she has a deal with that kid's network. Cardi B/"Nickelodeon" (Cardi B Dropped A Catchy New Song During Her Baby Shark Episode & Kids Are Loving It)

This former A+ lister (Tupac Shakur) of a west coast city ("Death Row Records"/Los Angeles) has several sex tapes. That is not new information. What is new is a different former A+ lister (Suge Knight) of a west coast city says that he has seen a strip tease video of one of his former girlfriends (Jada Pinkett Smith) all of you know. The video was taken by a former host all of you know. Tupac Shakur/"Death Row Records"/Los Angeles/Suge Knight/Jada Pinkett Smith (East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry)

Von Miller Blind Item: The woman claims she dated the linebacker and over the course of their relationship he took "private and intimate photos and videos" of her that were not to be shared with others. Obviously, she expected the sex tapes and photographs would "remain private" between them. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Court, claims on May 7, 2020, "in a fit of jealousy, anger, and rage" Von Miller shared the "a private sexually explicit photograph of her and Miller engaged in a sexual act to "two well-known celebrities." It should be noted, that the suit never mentions WHO the two celebrities are in this situation, or exactly what was in the footage/images. But, she says the pictures/or footage was sent via Instagram to the two famous parties. Shockingly, according to the lawsuit, Miller's first message read, "This the b---h you want? You can have her dawg." The intimate image was allegedly sent next. A second message, the suit claims, was sent a few minutes later, saying, "This the b---h you want?" Elizabeth Ruiz/DeSean Jackson (Von Miller is being sued for allegedly distributing "revenge porn") (Instagram model Elizabeth Ruiz, who made sex tape with Broncos' Von Miller, says DeSean Jackson is ‘built like an Asian’)

If you think the money laundering is bad when it comes to the popular show ("Stranger Things") on the streaming channel ("Netflix") or the movies directed by the permanent A+ list director (Martin Scorsese), nothing compares to the movie producers who are asking for $1M to sell their movies/shows and are given $5M. It doesn't seem like a lot, but that is done 100 times per year. "Stranger Things"/"Netflix"/Martin Scorsese (Netflix can’t renew your favorite shows, but it can spend $30 million per episode of Stranger Things)

This former A- list singer who was a more popular reality star than singer, doesn't know that a family member is making the former singer's already precarious financial situation, even worse. Jessica Simpson ('I'm draining my bank accounts': Jessica Simpson admits she has 'no working credit card' and got DECLINED at Taco Bell after buying back her brand)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **10**
It makes sense that these two would make a movie together. They are both entitled a-holes, one an actor and one a director. Neither much care for the well being of anyone other than themselves and feel as if they can do whatever they want to anyone they want. I fully expect both to have dozens of people come forward with sexual assault stories. It is not a drug thing for the actor, it is an entitlement thing. Christian Bale/David O. Russell/"Canterbury Glass" (Mindboggling Cast for David O. Russell's CANTERBURY GLASS Christian Bale, Margot ... - Latest Tweet by BINGED)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **11**
This one named A- list actress can't stand this former television actress turned sometime A- list mostly movie actress. That is the reason for a very public absence. Zendaya/Blake Lively/"Met Gala" (Zendaya to skip Met Gala for third year running) (Here's the NSFW Story Behind Blake Lively, Emily Blunt and Zendaya's Viral Fashion Show Moment)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **12**
It was nice of the west coast Housewife to confirm what I told you months ago. She met her husband through yachting and she was a long time yachter. Noella Bergener/"Real Housewives of Orange County" (RHOC's Noella Bergener Recalls Meeting Her Ex-Husband James on a Sugar Daddy Website)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **13**
An accused sexual assaulter (Aziz Ansari), an enabler (Seth Rogen) of sexual assault and just an all around awful guy (Bill Murray) walk on to a movie set ("Being Mortal"). What could possibly go wrong? Aziz Ansari/Seth Rogen/Bill Murray/"Being Mortal" (‘Being Mortal’ Production Suspended Due To Complaint Against Bill Murray For Inappropriate Behavior)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **14**
Four For Friday - Best & Worst Tippers:
#1 - This permanent A list country singer who reached his peak several decades ago had a messy personal life, but has never left less than a 500% tip on any restaurant check.
#2 - This alliterate former A list mostly movie actress does not leave tips on a fairly regular basis and has a variety of excuses from someone else paid the bill or she thought she was comped including tip to not having enough cash on her. Lindsay Lohan (More Trouble? Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Skips Out On $1,300 Dinner Bill— Just Two Months After Completing Probation)

#3 - Speaking of A list actresses, this one who is best known for the iconic pay cable show leaves exactly 18% and not a penny more or less and uses her phone to work it out. Sarah Jessica Parker/"Sex and the City" (Jerry Seinfeld and Sarah Jessica Parker Debate the Finer Points of Tipping for Incredibly Famous People)
#4 - An actress who is a dual threat A+ lister always doubles the bill with her tip. Yes, even if the bill was in the thousands.

I told you when this B+ list country singer/reality star started hooking up with the new guy, it would be trouble, just like the previous two men. She goes into these thinking it has to be exclusive immediately and gives the guys no breathing room and it is intense 24/7 from the jump. Of course it wasn't going to work out. Jana Kramer/Ian Schinelli/Jay Cutler/Mike Caussin (Jana Kramer Confirms Breakup from Ian Schinelli After Cryptic Posts About Being 'Happy Alone')

The A list actor/director is just using word salad. Of course he has been a member of the celebrity dating site. His profile name was the name of the character he played in that stock buying movie. Ben Affleck/"Raya"/"Jim Young"/"Boiler Room" (Ben Affleck Says He's Not Recently Been on Raya After Selling Sunset Star Emma Hernan Says They Matched)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee still has the drug dealer in her life which causes huge issues with people because of the threat of raids or violence. Lupita Nyong'o (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/07/21)

Things don't look so good from the outside. This A list singer had a huge event and her significant other was nowhere to be seen. Usually, he would be there looking to leech off her friends. Ariana Grande

It is shocking that none of the members of the crew of this very fast rapper have been arrested with all the smuggling of drugs they have done the past six weeks between various drug supplying countries and the US. A$AP Rocky (Rihanna Is Completely "Shocked" After Her Boyfriend A$AP Rocky Was Arrested Yesterday)

This A list singer/big headliner needs to get a new guy in her life who doesn't try and put her down and demean her every few minutes because he is insecure about himself. Our singer is a mess because of him. Billie Eilish

This always in the news three named rapper recently was waving a gun around threatening to kill themselves and others. Machine Gun Kelly (Megan Fox dodges Machine Gun Kelly PDA in tense red carpet video)

Speaking of guns, I find it ironic/funny/serious/troublesome that an offspring of an A++ lister is even allowed to own one, let alone the arsenal he has. You just get the feeling that one bender that goes the wrong way is going to lead to a very bad domestic violence situation.

This FORMER West Coast Housewive Is Pissed She Is Off The Show: I am totally trying to go to bed. However, I keep forgetting to tell you about this housewife who has been groveling to come back. She is allegedly burning up the phone lines begging for work. I know that could be any number of people but this one is trying to stay in the news with her "new projects". The thing is her new projects are not new. She keeps on franchising her name and calling them her new endeavors. And some of you fall for it. She is pissed that her arch enemy is doing multiple movies and is the star of show she left. We never really needed her dog and pony show in the first place. Please have a seat next to Nene Leakes on the You Never Know What You Have Lost Until It Is Gone bench. Goodbye! "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Lisa Vanderpump/Kyle Richards (Lisa Vanderpump on Her Miraculous Recovery and Why Her New Vegas Restaurant Is So Special (Exclusive)) (Lisa Vanderpump Shares Honest Thoughts On Possibly Bringing Back Controversial Vanderpump Rules Stars For Potential Season 10)

Really smart move from the convicted murderer/child rapist who happens to be married to the foreign born A- list rapper who has a history of enabling multiple people who have raped underage girls. The convicted murderer/child rapist still has not been sentenced for his failure to register as he draws it out as long as possible in hopes a judge will slap him on the wrist. Instead of being good, he has been hanging out at schools, which is a huge no no. Warrant being issued for his arrest in... Kenneth Petty/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj's legal team slams Jennifer Hough's attorney for claiming she 'SUPPORTS' sex offenders)

Coachella had a big surprise this weekend. A reunion of sorts that will have the 13 year old daughter of this A- list singer (Jhené Aiko) horrified for months. The A- list singer simulated oral sex on her on again off again rapper ex (Big Sean) who is apparently on again. Right there looking at the simulated oral sex was the daughter. It is bad enough that the A- list singer has a tattoo of her ex on her but not her daughter, but also to keep taking him back after every public time he cheats on her. Of course, they did get together while he was sleeping with the A+/A list singer (Ariana Grande) who got married not all that long ago. Jhené Aiko/Big Sean/Ariana Grande (Coachella 2022, Weekend 2, Day 1 Highlights: Harry Styles, Big Sean Set Music Stage Ablaze) (Jhene Aiko Explains Why She Covered Up Her Big Sean Tattoo Amid Split Speculation)

The drug addict/muse/actress is desperate to continue her newfound fame. It is slipping through her fingers though and she didn't use the time to sign any new deals or on to any new projects. Julia Fox (Julia Fox looks VERY different without her signature eye makeup as she flashes sideboob in revealing silk outfit and towering platform boots in NYC)

The dramatic weight loss of this foreign born A- list actress had the effect of making her look much older than she did, which is causing producers to backtrack on some roles she thought she was going to land. Rebel Wilson (Rebel Wilson shows off her 35kg weight loss in tight shorts and a T-shirt as she gets a Thai massage in Sydney)

This foreign born permanent A list singer didn't offer up herself to the judge who is deciding her case, but did hook him up with a couple of backup dancers who are his for as long as he likes them. That is probably going to keep the singer out of jail.

At least the permanent A list actor and his partner (George Clooney/Rande Gerber/"Casamigos Tequila") actually drank the booze they were selling. There are dozens of celebrities peddling liquor they haven't even tried or don't even like. The A+/A list mostly movie actor (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson/"Teremana Tequila) comes to mind right away. George Clooney & Rande Gerber/"Casamigos Tequila"/Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson/"Teremana Tequila" (The Difference Between Casamigos and Teremana, Explained)

The person (Elise Stefanik) who leaked some very damaging audio this past week, apparently has some naked photos of herself from her college days that are being held over her head by some people who acquired them two years ago, just in case. Elise Stefanik (Elise Stefanik, Reinvented in Trump’s Image, Embodies a Changed G.O.P.) (Stefanik still supports McCarthy, despite his lie)

All it took for this former one year wonder/naked celebrity/reality star to come on board and be sweet about her ex, was a nice big fat paycheck and some in front of the camera time. Shanna Moakler/Travis Barker (Shanna Moakler Sounds Off on Ex-Husband Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s IVF Journey: It’s ‘Fantastic’)

Instead of hiring the very best people, it seems more and more that the alliterate one simply hires people so they can name drop them to others so they can feel more important about themselves. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Reportedly Hired Barack Obama’s Former P.R. Expert)

This former A- list child actor turned A- list adult actor who doesn't act much any longer, threatened to kill a man over a bumper sticker. Rehab anyone?

As is his custom when traveling out of town, but because of COVID had not heard of it happening in years, this foreign born A/A- list mostly television actor who does a lot of pay cable work, hired an escort while in town. You always know it is him though because he always requests someone who will shave their head and body hair in front of him. Alexander Skarsgard (A smiling Alexander Skarsgard mans the mic on April 21 during a chat at New York City's 92nd Street Y.)

The team of this foreign born permanent A list rocker are just using a fancy term for hospice for where the rocker is staying. Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne applies for 'rehab wing' at UK mansion while battling Parkinson's disease as he plans extensive renovations)

Will the newly arrested former reality star start sharing information about the producer/wannabe rapper who is also his former boss? Chopper/"Making The Band"/Sean (P. Diddy) Combs (Former MTV 'Making The Band' Star Chopper Arrested for Sex Trafficking)

Remember last week, how everyone supposedly was lining up to work with the A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and I told you it was all crap. Not only is no one lining up to work with him, but he had deals which would have paid him nearly $100M, all canceled in the past week. Will Smith (Will Smith’s Career Reportedly Suffers Yet Another Blow After Oscars Slap)

Every night for the past week, this actress I mentioned in the big space not that long ago, has sat at the bar of a hotel from 7pm-720pm. The hotel, which has two first names and is very much boutique, is not too far from the places that makes an appearance in this space from time to time. She always goes alone and has one drink while looking at her phone. She leaves exactly at 720pm. Morena Baccarin/(The Eliza Jane); (Henry Howard Hotel); (Hotel Peter and Paul) (BLIND ITEM 04/13/22)

The celebrity CEO is breaking ground on a massive gated community near the mineral he needs so desperately. The gated community will house top executives, because apparently there is a danger of kidnapping? For what though? Elon Musk/Lithium/Nevada (Elon Musk's advice for entrepreneurs: "Get into the lithium business")

Apparently this is not the only country that rigs Dancing With The Stars. Yes, we know that the guy pulling off the first in that island country (New Zealand) is set to win the whole thing, but the one person (Sonia Gray) who might foul up those plans wasn't even going to be given a chance. Despite being in the middle of the pack with her scores, she was sent home. Now, the producers don't have to worry about anything and can lock in their winner (Eli Matthewson). New Zealand/Sonia Gray/Eli Matthewson (Dancing with the Stars NZ episode 2: A kiss, a spell and a millionaire-maker goes home) (Contestants)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **10**
Sometime late next month, this former A list dual threat actress who doesn't act any longer, but who we all support is set to play a 20 minute set at a bar where a lot of singers/musicians here in town get their start. Tiny place, but props to her for putting herself out there. Amanda Bynes (Amanda Bynes Releases Second Rap with Fiance Paul Michael - Listen to 'FAIRFAX' Now!)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **11**
The west coast (crazy that I had to specify) Housewife who stole millions has way more supporters from her co-stars this season than one would imagine. Apparently as long as she didn't steal it from them, they are good with her. Quite the change from last season. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Erika Girardi Reveals Which Scene She's Most 'Regretful' About in Upcoming Season of RHOBH) (Erika Jayne: Lisa Vanderpump’s breath ‘reeks of garlic, cigarettes and chardonnay’)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **12**
Although there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault in Australia, the amount of time that has elapsed since the time the A- list actress says it occurred, and that a judge in another country ruled that it did occur, there is very little chance of the government in Australia prosecuting/bringing a case against this A list mostly movie actor for the crime. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp (Amber Heard Accuses Johnny Depp of Sexual Assault)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **13**
It is amazing the lengths this A- list actress will go, to keep her decade long sexual relationship with a multiple time co-star, secret. I guess because it would make her look like a cheater and her lover wouldn't recommend her for parts she otherwise wouldn't get. It is an insane relationship they have. Christian Bale/Amy Adams (Inside Amy Adams And Christian Bale's Relationship)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **14**
Don't Use It: Apparently in some countries, jaw dropping oppo research isn't released. Maybe it wasn't released because it could backfire. Everyone already knows the basics of this foreign born leader (Emmanuel Macron) being groomed by his wife (Brigitte Macron), from the time our leader was 14 and his now wife was nearing 40. Pretty creepy stuff. Then again, there have been some pretty creepy things coming from this country (France) and its leaders. Don't even get me started about the "gifts" they bought/transferred through their country to the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) or allowing the husband (Basit Igtet) of the rich liquor lady (Sara Bronfman/"NXIVM") to run a sex trafficking operation. The oppo research had statements from people who said the now wife used to coach her now husband back when he was 14 or so, in how to have sex and used her own daughter to do so. She would be in the room and tell him what he should do and correct his performance. Only after he got it right, did she allow him to sleep with her. It is also one of the reasons she followed his family when they tried to break free. She put so much time training and grooming him and didn't want to start over. Emmanuel Macron/Brigitte Macron/France/Jeffrey Epstein/Basit Igtet/Sara Bronfman/"NXIVM" (Emmanuel Macron Reelected President Of France)

This former A list actor has refused to answer what was contained in the hundreds of text messages he deleted prior to handing the phone over to the police. Apparently there are also a half dozen contacts which were also removed. Alec Baldwin

This Los Angeles restaurant owner is going to be in court today which will be the first step in unmasking him as the biggest spender on yachters in Hollywood history. He has spent nearly $100M to sleep with actresses and models over the past decade.

This acting couple is not going to be a couple much longer. They achieved what they wanted when they got fans talking, but the one named actress and the foreign born A- lister are just going through the motions. It always looked awkward, but now it just looks miserable. Zendaya/Tom Holland/"Spider-Man: No Way Home"

I'm not sure how this former Housewife can deny getting plastic surgery when there are literally photos of her wearing bandages as she leaves a plastic surgeon's office. Brandi Glanville/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Brandi Glanville DENIES getting plastic surgery as she puts her changing face down to having swollen gums: 'When I do I'll be the first to say')

It was the permanent A list singer/actress who made the final call on who should reprise one of her most famous roles. Now, that choice has turned to failure, and our permanent A lister will suffer memory loss about her decision. Barbra Streisand/Beanie Feldstein/"Fanny Brice/Funny Girl" (Funny Girl review: Barbra Streisand's shoes are too big for Beanie Feldstein to fill) (Beanie Feldstein 'Funny Girl' Reviews Spawn Wave of Lea Michele Memes)

The manager of this A- list celebrity who makes a ton of money getting naked tells women interested in sex work that they can also make a ton of money. They think it is just going to be taking their clothes off, but he ships them all over the country and world to have sex with men and keeps 90 percent of the fee. The celebrity knows this, but doesn't interfere. Dita von Teese

This married foreign born permanent A- list celebrity who got his start in sports, was wining and dining with a man and several overpriced Eastern European yachters. The man preaches against drinking and womanizing in his own country, but not when he is here attending a sporting event. Imran Khan

Apparently the flowering financial institution is still in tight with the celebrity CEO. They have been texting again this week. Things would be less messy this time around without the one named singer to interfere in the sex and rituals. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk/Grimes (Azealia Banks rejoins Twitter following news of Elon Musk acquisition)

The Hawaii buying rich guy could do something about the horrific atmosphere he has created in his new world where underage kids have to travel through a minefield of predatory adults. He won't though, because that would mean less revenue for him. Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg’s Fortune Soars by Most Ever After Facebook Comeback)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **10**
Do you think it was the lack of good roles she was being offered or that his fetishes were becoming even more bizarre that was the final nail in the coffin in the relationship between the actress and the athlete. Shailene Woodley/Aaron Rodgers (Shailene Woodley reflects on grief following her second split from Aaron Rodgers)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **11**
Once again, despite the fact that most of her entire team of bodyguards and handlers consisted of celebrity cult members, this A- list actress has not been asked one question about the cult in any of her press interviews this past week. No one has the guts to ask anything because they are so scared they won't be able to have the pint sized actor on their shows. Who cares????? Use your platform for good and expose them to the world. Elisabeth Moss/Scientology/Tom Cruise (Handmaid's Tale's Elisabeth Moss Calls Upcoming Season 5 'One of the Wilder Rides We've Had' — Watch Video)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **12**
There was a shockingly low turnout this week for a listening party of a singer who got her start and has her money courtesy of sleeping with a rapping doctor who was a no show at the event. To be fair, most of the world was a no show at the event.

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **13**
There is a new jinx out there. Yes, our long time actress jinx (Alicia Silverstone) is still out there destroying projects, but there is a new jinx for a new generation. Producers are actually second guessing casting this A- list actress (Lucy Hale) who did have one big cable hit ("Pretty Little Liars"), but it was an ensemble. The actress has since been given two television projects to headline ("Life Sentence" & "Katy Keene"), both of which crashed and burned. Alicia Silverstone/Lucy Hale/"Pretty Little Liars"/"Life Sentence" & "Katy Keene" (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/01/21)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **14**
Short But Awful: If you dig a little in the news today, you can find out the atrocities committed by this foreign born dance duo ("Die Antwoord"/Watkin Tudor "Ninja" Jones & Anri "Yolandi Visser" du Toit) who have had multiple top 40 albums and songs here in the US and around the world. Suffice it to say, there are kids who should be removed from their home and they should be banned from the US. Until the news story broke, I had no idea what they were doing to the kids they were "fostering," in their own country. I have had my eye on them for awhile because they have hung out in the past with this foreign born actress (Bianka Berényi) who is the grandchild of The Temple Of Set founder (Michael Aquino). That is the same grandchild who also hangs out with this three named actress (Lily Rose Depp) all of you know. "Die Antwoord"/Watkin Tudor "Ninja" Jones & Anri "Yolandi Visser" du Toit/Bianka Berényi/Michael Aquino/Lily Rose Depp (Die Antwoord’s adopted son accuses band of physical and sexual abuse, and slavery)

This three named singer/rapper (Megan Thee Stallion) is being trashed online by every man in the rap industry because they want her to drop the charges against a rapper (Tory Lanez) who hurt her. It is awful what they are doing to her. Meanwhile, she is looking for protection from the married permanent A list rapper (Jay-Z), and that usually means sleeping with him and then having his wife (Beyoncé) permanently mad at you. Megan Thee Stallion/Tory Lanez/Jay-Z/Beyoncé (Megan Thee Stallion says Tory Lanez offered her $1 million to keep mum after he allegedly shot her in 2020)

As I told you a couple of years ago, The Club has unofficially always required you be an Oscar nominee/winner to be a member, but was thinking of making an exception for this A- list mostly movie actress. Apparently they have not only made her a member, but she is the de facto leader of it now and has started recruiting more actresses. Megan Fox (Naomi Watts/Sandra Bullock/Charlize Theron/Angelina Jolie/Scarlett Johoansson/Halle Berry) ('I do have a child that suffers': Megan Fox reveals she has bought books written by transgender children - after her son Noah, nine, developed a desire to wear dresses) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/04/2019) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/15/2019)

Unless he turns on someone, an indictment is headed towards the significant other of this East Coast Housewife. She sure can pick them. Luis Ruelas/Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (RHONJ: Luis Ruelas Asks for Joe Gorga's Blessing to Marry Teresa as Questions Loom About His Past)

I'm not sure why the foreign born A list singer has to always use so many words when talking about his sexuality. Just come on out and say it in ten words or less and then let everyone start writing fan fic that is probably not fiction. Harry Styles (Harry Styles Says He Was Once "So Ashamed" of Having a Sex Life)

Not only does this long running movie franchise need a new director, the director also has to be approved by the powers that be in the large Asian country which always greenlights the franchise for one of the rare foreign theatrical releases in the country. "Fast & Furious"/Justin Lin/China/"Fast X" (Justin Lin’s ‘Fast X’ Exit Puts Universal in a Tricky, and Costly, Race to Replace Him)

The management of the A+ list foreign boyband bribed the local National Assembly and 100 reporters to pass the bill, granting the band members special military exemption so they could continue milking their brand. It is amusing that, while the press posts daily articles about how the band contributes billions to the country's economy, one of the member's luxury apartment has been recently seized for refusing to pay for health insurance. Currently, the management is under investigation for violating anti-corruption laws. "Big Hit"/"BTS"/South Korea/Jimin (Big Hit responds to reports about BTS’ Jimin having his home seized)

There are actually two cable political talk show hosts considering a run for office. Well, one of them is a former talk show host who was fired. He wants to run for something in the state all of you would presume, and the other quietly started a PAC, and thinks he can win a national contest.
Chris Cuomo/Tucker Carlson

The Lost Kids - Reader Blind: The local and state authorities have been trying to shut down this infamous, very remote homeless/squatters camp ("Slab City"). Ever since a certain movie ("Into the Wild") came out a decade ago, it has become more and more popular with sightseeing tourists which the locals really don’t want, considering how much meth runs through the place and how much every health and safety law that exists is being broken out there. Recently one of the locals started a YouTube channel to try and scare people away. He paid a bunch of local destitute teenagers to shake down "visitors" on camera and attack them with glass objects. The videos look shockingly real and will come up on YouTube if you search the name of the place. Know that if you do visit this place the videos are fake, and if some Good Samaritan reads this they should offer these kids a job, as they are actually quite friendly and desperately want out of the place. "Slab City"/"Into the Wild" (Inside Slab City, the Lawless City in the Desert) (The REAL LOCAL Residents of SLAB CITY Tour- (Documentary))

The alliterate reality star is so used to lying/omitting and getting away with it, and can't understand why people are now calling her out for all her lies. Maybe because they are getting more frequent and much more blatant. Kim Kardashian (LIAR, LIAR? Kim Kardashian accused of LYING on show premiere as fans demand to ‘know the truth’ about star’s personal life)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **10**
Murderers, especially those working for an employer love when their victims have drug issues. It makes everyone look at that rather than the fact that a whistleblower was basically in hiding for a year and when he emerged was killed. "Deutsche Bank"/Val Broeksmit (Valentin Broeksmit, Deutsche Bank Informant Linked to Trump, Found Dead)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **11**
Speaking of murders, our child murderer has apparently been forgiven by Kneepads and is posting her PR blather word for word. An interesting side note to this story is that the woman who had been seeking a buyer for the documentary is no longer involved because the murderer didn't want to share any money she receives. While there were not many takers a few years ago, there are multiple streaming services who want it because they know it will be huge. Casey Anthony/"People" (Casey Anthony 'Is Getting Ready to Tell Her Truth' in Upcoming TV Documentary, Says Friend)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **12**
This former A- list actress turned director needs a new trailer for her movie because it was not working for those who saw it yesterday. Olivia Wilde/"Don't Worry Darling" (Harry Styles and Florence Pugh Get Hot and Heavy in Olivia Wilde’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Sneak Peek) (Olivia Wilde: Actress given custody papers on stage)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **13**
Yesterday came the news that the rapper responsible for deaths and injuries was finally getting a gig. Today, he landed another one in another South American country. The insurance requirements are not as stringent there, but one thing he will have to contend with are artists who are dropping off the lineup because they don't want to seem as if they are supporting him. Travis Scott (Travis Scott Announces First Festival Performances Since Astroworld)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **14**
Hidden Away: I find this to be a very tangled web to unravel, but let me see if I can give it a shot. There is a very wealthy man (Elon Musk) who is often mentioned in this space, usually under a different moniker. He has a long standing friendship with this celebrity/reality star (Emma Coronel Aispuro) who is currently in prison and was married to one of the more infamous people (Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán) on the planet. The government let it slip that the celebrity/reality star gave up names to get such a light sentence. She didn't, but the government wanted to put pressure on her to never get back in the game and to never leave the country. It would be very difficult for her if she left the country. This is where it gets really interesting. The government did have information, and lots of it, but the person (Joaquín Guzmán López, Ovidio Guzmán López, Iván Archivaldo Guzmán Salazar or Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar) who gave it to them did so as his last act prior to being released from jail. He gave up tons of names. Despite that, he is in line to take over for his father should he want. I think he would end up dead. Most people believe that after he left prison last year that he was put into a witness protection program. What if I told you that the celebrity/reality star is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is living with/under the protection of the wealthy man. Our celebrity/reality star is convinced the only reason she was targeted is because the wealthy man gave her up in exchange for something he had done wrong. Elon Musk/Emma Coronel Aispuro/Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/24/20)

One of the things I warned you about in this space and in a message to this former A/A- list dual threat actress is things change when you go from very limited hours together with a forced curfew to living together 24/7. You learn things about each other you maybe didn't know. The actress is finding this out first hand. Amanda Bynes/Paul Michael (Amanda Bynes and fiancé have blowup at home over alleged drug use, porn)

I suppose this permanent A list host will take her sexuality to her grave. At this point in her life, she is still spinning things and everyone knows it is lies. Oprah Winfrey (How a Snowstorm and Sleepover Led to Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King's 'Beautiful' 46-Year Friendship)

Thinking back to one of the earliest big blind items from the site and now all these years later seeing all of these singers getting vocal credit this week for appearing on the songs/albums of the A list everything in her mind celebrity. She always tried to pass them off as her own, but is finally having to make it official that it wasn't all her or even close to all her. Jennifer Lopez (Ashanti ‘grateful’ to finally get credit for Jennifer Lopez’s hit singles: ‘It’s important because things are so smoke and mirrors nowadays’)

This foreign born former A list rapper is throwing money at her publicist. There is no way on any Earth/plane/dimension that she is a billionaire. The magazine doesn't care though and will print that she is. They want clicks.
Nicki Minaj/"Forbes"

The foreign born radio DJ (Tim Westwood) who is A- list in his country (United Kingdom) just for being a walking meme, is employed by the same network ("BBC") that spent decades covering for a notorious pedophile (Jimmy Savile) on their payroll. They can pretend they didn't know the DJ was using his show and tours to rape girls, but they did. Tim Westwood/United Kingdom/"BBC"/Jimmy Savile (Tim Westwood 'victim' says she is thrilled he has stepped down from Capital Xtra but slams 'deafening silence' from radio station after sexual misconduct allegations emerged) (Now the BBC must face another inquest about its safeguarding policies)

This painter (Peter Max) was A+ list at his peak several decades ago. He is best known for his commercial work and prints which are closely associated with a certain subculture (Psychedelic and Pop art), and comes from the same genre as the deceased permanent A++ list celebrity (Andy Warhol). He is foreign born (Berlin, Germany), but has lived in the States for the entirety of his career. He is also a victim of elder abuse. When he was diagnosed with the memory disorder several years back, he appointed somebody who he thought could handle his affairs. Instead, he has been subject to the kind of things that would make the trustee of the former teen idol sick. His children are trying to get him out of the guardianship, but are failing. Peter Max/Psychedelic and Pop art/Andy Warhol/Berlin, Germany ("Free Peter Max")

To go along with that service of summons will be documents that will probably detail whatever type of relationship this A- list actress/director has with this foreign born A list singer. It will be all there for everyone to read. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles (Olivia Wilde: Actress given custody papers on stage)

This wealthy guy (Jeff Bezos) who you know best from his ownership of an online company ("Amazon") and a newspaper ("The Washington Post") had a meeting late last year with the American (Edward Snowden) hiding out in a country (Russia) that took him in after exposing secrets. Apparently they collaborated on some type of crypto scheme together. Jeff Bezos/"Amazon"/"The Washington Post"/Edward Snowden/Russia (Watch Edward Snowden launch Global Encryption Day, live today)

The late night actor's team is slowly being replaced by the momager's team and she is the reason he landed his latest deal. Pete Davidson/"SNL"/Kris Jenner/"H&M" menswear campaign (Pete Davidson takes the fashion world by storm as he is named the newest face of H&M's menswear campaign... amid Kim Kardashian romance)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **10**
The significant other of the permanent A list "singer" is trying to negotiate a deal where he gets paid $1M annually and if they split will get another $1M annually in support and another $1M per year for child support.
Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Since my blind, there were other reports that he is trying to get bonuses after every five years together. This has always been about money. Always.) (Britney Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari shares selfie video with pop star during her self-imposed social media hiatus)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **11**
I probably could have made this a big blind, but there is an actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee who had a surrogate carry the baby of the actress and then after the baby was born last year, the actress changed her mind and said she was not going to take the baby.

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **12**
This foreign born B+ list actress was hanging out an event that was open to the public. The actress and her husband were really the only celebrities of note in the crowd of 30 or so people who were there supporting family members/boyfriends/girlfriends at softball game. The husband of the actress was playing. Someone tried to sit down next to the actress and was told not to and also to not talk to the actress. It was such a flex, and a horrible one at that. The person who was going to sit down had zero idea who the actress was and thought it was a COVID thing rather than an I'm a celebrity and you are not and I don't associate with commoners thing. It was only a few minutes later when recounting her story, she was told who it was. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas/softball game (Priyanka Chopra cheers for Nick Jonas at his baseball game, calls it 'perfect Sunday'. See pics from their game day)

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **13**
When the celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) is calling for an SEC investigation into the fund that sounds like a Biblical animal savior ("ARK Invest"), you have to wonder whether he is gaslighting or is somehow shorting the fund. Elon Musk/"ARK Invest" (Cathie Wood's Ark Fund Plunges To Two-Year Low As Teladoc Stock Crashes, Tesla Slips Again)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **14**
The Model: Will you be able to guess the model? Probably. I know you are thinking to yourself how you will be able to guess a foreign born B list model, but it gets a little easier when you know what a tool of an ex-husband she has who made the gossip pages a few times and is hated by a royal family to the point he is banned from a country. Our model got her big break courtesy of the billionaire pedophile. It was at one of those things he did in Ecuador where he would bring in a bunch of European kids who had the possibility of becoming a model or a plaything or a useful tool. Our model, who was actually 16 or 17 at the time, was years older than most of the models there. She was put to work almost immediately as a spy for a group that the pedophile belonged to which was mentioned once in the Wall Street Journal and never mentioned in print again. The group was worried about what the liquor heiress not as directly involved with branding as her sibling was doing in a certain Middle Eastern country. They wanted eyes and ears on this project, so our model, who had been doing modeling and being the plaything for certain businessmen, was immediately told to attach herself to the man who would later become her husband. He was traveling and involved with the heiress in the project. Within a few months, the model was proposed to and they got married. She had to endure a rough few years to make sure the group got what they wanted. Finally, she couldn't handle her husband any longer and split. When you do a search on some of the girls who were at these "events" most have gone back to somewhat of a normal life, but some are the companions to leaders of countries and oligarchs and you wonder if they too are on a payroll.

This still young, three named foreign born A- list actress is way too young to be a diva, but is doing her best to act as such on the set of her new project. She shows up super late every day and wants to leave early. At least, she still lets people look her in the eyes. Millie Bobby Brown/"Damsel"

I don't think it would really be a fit, but there is buzz that the late night host is working on a Larry King type project. I just can't see him taking calls from the public because they would all be why do you screw over your writers so badly. James Corden (James Corden Leaving ‘The Late Late Show’ In 2023)

No one had been talking about this A- list singer for months, so she makes a change to her Instagram profile and will get 24 hours and maybe a blurb in a tabloid. Stay off drugs kids. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Makes Subtle Change To Their Pronouns)

Speaking of A- list singers and attention, I think the long term boyfriend of this INITIALED singer would be very shocked by her recent social media post.

Apparently there is already trouble in paradise for this HGTV newlywed. Who could have seen that coming? Throw all that in the mix at the next custody hearing. Christina Meursinge Hall née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead (Christina Hall's Husband Speaks Out After Ant Anstead Files for Full Custody: 'I Will Protect Her')

This former A/A- list singer who was a better reality star than singer, pops all kinds of pills to stay thin and is addicted to several of them and spends half her day in a daze. Jessica Simpson

I looked through all the Tweets and posts from the thousands of critics at CinemaCon blathering on about the new movie from the pint sized actor. Not one of those critics mentioned the lawsuit that was filed by multiple people against the celebrity cult accusing them of trafficking and sexual assault. The biggest promoter of the cult is the pint sized actor, but go ahead and don't mention it at all. "Top Gun: Maverick"/Tom Cruise/Scientology (‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Blows CinemaCon Away: First Reactions Hail a ‘Perfect Blockbuster’)

Apparently when they were still best friends, this A- list politician (Lauren Boebert) confided in this three name A- list politician (Marjorie Taylor Greene) that she shot several sex tapes when she was younger. Apparently the news was shared to everyone which is why they don't like each other any longer. Lauren Boebert/Marjorie Taylor Greene (Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert Almost Came to Blows Over White Nationalist Event: Report)

This married A list mostly movie actor who also sometimes directs has been spending a great deal of time with the always unlikeable A- list mostly movie actor. Apparently they have developed a "special bond." George Clooney

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **10**
It was nice to have confirmed what I told you years ago. Namely that the A- list mostly movie actress got a huge chunk of money from the celebrity CEO for her donation and that he also gave her a significant amount of money to spend time with her. Amber Heard/Elon Musk

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **11**
I'm pretty sure at this point that the child of this foreign born permanent A list model has been given away. Naomi Campbell

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **12**
The child murderer's parents have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in fees from interviews and speaking engagements, but have skipped out on paying the mortgage on their house for almost twelve years. Casey Anthony/Cindy and George Anthony

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **13**
Proving she hasn't changed (Nicki Clyne) and still does whatever she is ordered to by the cult ("NXIVM") leader (Keith Raniere), this actress is leading the charge to have him released based on fake arguments that the FBI tampered with evidence and that is what led to him being found guilty. Uh huh. Nicki Clyne/"NXIVM"/Keith Raniere (Lawyer for NXIVM victims calls demands by Raniere loyalists 'extortionate')

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange Hookups: I was going to do a different one this week and then someone told me how #1 came to be and definitely had to share.
#1 - This former A++ lister and this foreign born permanent A list model/host/producer of multiple shows. Bill Clinton/Heidi Klum

#2 - This foreign born A- list dual threat actress is an Oscar winner/nominee. When she first moved to the US, she had a very strange relationship with this permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group who has never gone solo. The singer is openly gay, but apparently enjoyed orally servicing the actress for hours on end. Tilda Swinton/Michael Stipe (Michael Stipe: ‘The male idea of power is so dumb’)
#3 - One of the many exes of this foreign born permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group actually ended up married to the singer. After their divorce, she played a game with one of her friends to see who could sleep with the most politicians and how high up the ladder they were would give you more points. The ex of our singer slept with several US Senators and reportedly also ended up sleeping with a spy who she shared all of this with. Bianca Jagger/Mick Jagger/"Rolling Stones"
#4 - This EGOT winner who made a much talked about television appearance not that long ago, had a months long relationship with this former daytime talk show host turned nighttime talking head/sometime host. Liza Minnelli/Geraldo Rivera

This alliterate reality star is not going to be wearing a dress that an alliterate permanent A list actress had to be sewn into to wear. Plus, if there is a negative verdict, our reality star is going to bail prior to the start of the event. Kim Kardashian/dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to John F. Kennedy for his 45th birthday celebration at Madison Square Garden in 1962 (All the clues Kim Kardashian will wear Marilyn Monroe’s $5 MILLION gold dress to the Met Gala with Pete Davidson)

I guess the older child is not as good of a prop any longer, so needed a younger child to use in between those long nanny visits. The A- list celebrity is so predictable. Benjamin/Lucy/Andy Cohen (Andy Cohen Introduces Son Benjamin to Newborn Baby Sister Lucy — See the Sweet Sibling Snapshot!)

Even in death, this permanent A list publishing figure was bossing around her former employee and family. She could only attend the funeral at a certain date and time and if they wanted her there, then bend to her will. Anna Wintour/"Vogue"/André Leon Talley (A fashionable farewell: Stars gather to pay tribute to late style icon Andre Leon Talley, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Anna Wintour (despite the Vogue editor dropping him from her inner circle for being 'old, overweight, and uncool'))

In one of the stranger things I have heard in the past couple of months, these YouTube brothers apparently have started stem cell therapy. It actually makes sense for the one who gets beat up for a living and has probably suffered permanent brain damage, but the other brother joined in too. Jake and Logan Paul

This former superhero was just about to come out of the closet, and then bam, something must have spooked him back in and with a beard no less. Andrew Garfield/Alyssa Miller (Andrew Garfield takes a break from acting 'to rekindle romance with his ex-girlfriend Alyssa Miller because he wants to settle down')

Speaking of closeted, the stories that this foreign born A/A- list mostly television actor who has a very popular last name in the acting world, are just becoming much more fantastical. If a woman is pregnant with his baby, there was scientific intervention. Alexander Skarsgård

This foreign born permanent A list singer has taken a setback in her fight to stay alive.

This A+ list dual threat actress is very fortunate her latest drunken rampage was not caught on camera. It had career ender written all over it.

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