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It was quite the bender for the celebrity CEO this weekend. It got to a point in the middle of the night on Saturday, that he apparently had no cash on him and tried to offer his dealer crypto, but only his crap one. The dealer said no. When the dealer got there, it was one of the women there that paid him. Elon Musk ("Dogecoin") (Dogecoin Has A 'Meme Shield' Against Price Drops, Says Elon Musk)

The tabulated winners from last week's count had nothing in common with the awards presented last night. They knew there would be a ton of bad publicity if they left the results alone. "Golden Globes"/"Hollywood Foreign Press Association" (Golden Globes TV Review: Technical Glitches Weren’t The Only Disasters On Tone Deaf HFPA Ceremony)

I've written several times about the misdeeds of the former head of his country and his celebrity wife. What is a shame is that he isn't going to jail for his part in the birthday gift to the billionaire pedophile. They also completely ignored the sibling of the former leader. Nicolas Sarkozy/Ex-President of France/Carla Bruni/Jeffrey Epstein/Olivier Sarkozy (Ex-President Sarkozy Gets Jail Sentence for Corruption in France) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/24/18) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/23/19)

When you commit a sexual battery offense and then make the woman's life miserable until she finally wins a massive judgment against you and takes you for everything you have, you shouldn't then commit a fraud against approximately 250 people who are now all going to sue you for scamming them out of nearly $1M. The Game (The Game Must Pay Sexual Assault Accuser $7 Million After Losing Appeal) (The Game Accused of Scamming Unknown Rappers)

With everything that has been swirling around him and the massive focus directed at him the past few months, it is amazing to me that this Governor kept right on seeing his mistress until about Groundhog Day.

Mr. X - Old Hollywood: This film ("Alice in Wonderland") has been made many different times over the last century, but this first one, was the biggest. It had some of the biggest names of all time who starred in it. The actress (Charlotte Henry) who plays the lead hated that the movie followed her wherever she went. It did make her a lot of money when she was stripping though and when she opened an "employment agency." "Alice in Wonderland"/Charlotte Henry

This celebrity who has been adjacent to many scandals, many of them involving her still husband, is pleading ignorance to the activities that got her very good friend arrested. Focus on the money. All that money going in and out of the country in all those different accounts. Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Emma Coronel Aispuro ('DEFINITELY COOPERATING' El Chapo’s wife Emma Coronel Aispuro ‘is preparing to rat out cartel’ and will ‘get new life under witness protection’)

Reader Blind: This Emmy winning (2015 Winner Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie "Olive Kitteridge") and Oscar nominated (2009 Nominee Oscar Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role "The Visitor") (2018 Nominee Oscar Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role "The Shape of Water") actor (Richard Jenkins) is perhaps not A list but he is an actor’s actor and has been in many films and TV shows. A few of his most famous roles (Walter Vale) - A film ("The Visitor") about an issue (immigration) that has been in the news a lot the last couple of years, a couple high profile horror movies and a TV series where he played a character that did not exist in the show’s present (Filmography). He is generally well thought of by his peers but he has a weird habit that he only does with people he knows well. If he sees a friend, he will sneak up behind them and put a hand under their shirt and pinch their nipples. He does this with both men and women. Richard Jenkins/"The Visitor"/immigration

The very controversial writer/actress/show creator who you love or hate with no middle ground is selling her home because she is going broke. Lena Dunham/"Girls" (Lena Dunham puts Los Angeles micro-compound on the market for $2.8 million... after purchasing it 6 years ago when engaged to Jack Antonoff)

This foreign born former A+ list model who was one of the biggest models on the planet and also set every record for prices received yachting, is cheating on her husband. Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel co-founder and CEO of the American social media company Snap Inc. (Miranda Kerr finds work-life balance as parent a tough deal) (Inside Miranda Kerr's Gorgeous Malibu Home and Life With Her 3 Kids) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/16/17)

The Timeline: Timelines are a gossip stable. Was this person already divorced or not? Was this person already pregnant while they were still married? Good management and publicity teams are aware of timelines and do their best to muddy the waters as best they can. To do that though, you need to have clients who can keep their story straight and not reveal too much in interviews or on social media. One of the best that I have seen follow this party line is a couple involving a director (Sam Taylor-Johnson) and their spouse (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Both are foreign born. The director is significantly older than their spouse. Both are A/A- list. The story has always been that the couple met on the set of their first movie ("Nowhere Boy") together and love blossomed and the spouse just happened to have recently turned 18. Just by chance. It turns out though, their first meeting was actually about 18 months prior to this shoot and it was a result of this liaison that the director split with their first spouse (Jay Jopling). Sam Taylor-Johnson/Aaron Taylor-Johnson/"Nowhere Boy"/Jay Jopling (Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson relationship timeline)

The feds are now investigating this initialed rapper/reality star and his associates for trafficking, money laundering, drug sales and arms sales. Because of his prior convictions, the rapper would spend the rest of his life in jail. T.I./wife Tiny/Nelly (T.I. and Wife Tiny Accused of Sexual Abuse by 11 Victims, Lawyer Seeks Investigation)

Of course the celebrity with the made up background used a surrogate. Hilaria Baldwin (Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcome sixth child together – less than six months after giving birth to fifth)

The alliterate one is going to be out of pocket well over $1.5M after all is said and done for a $1 win. She doesn't have that kind of money, but her husband does. She told him for sure, the other side would have to pay. She was wrong. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/"Daily Mail" and "Mail on Sunday" (Meghan Markle Awarded $625,000 in Legal Costs Over Privacy Case Against U.K. Tabloid/A British judge ruled Tuesday that the publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday should pay 90% of Meghan's estimated $1.88 million legal expenses)

This foreign born mogul/reality star told his significant other he got a vasectomy. Apparently not, because he got another woman pregnant. Simon Cowell/Lauren Silverman

This foreign born barely there celebrity says the former A- list actor she briefly hooked up with last year promised her $10K, but didn't give her anything at all. She wanted to sell her story, but no tabloid was willing to meet her price. She also thought she would be able to have a yachting price boost because of the fling, but that didn't happen. Tina Louise/Brian Austin Green (Busting out! Brian Austin Green's ex Tina Louise puts on an eye-popping display as she showcases her ample cleavage in a tiny striped bikini)

This A list news anchor/host is using his position to protect his former boss from exposure. The anchor has pressured other network hosts and news division heads to make sure to never report on his former employer's sexual misdeeds. George Stephanopoulos/Bill Clinton (The Stephanopoulos Mess)

A new Potomac Housewife cast member had an affair with one of the husbands on the show. Mia Thornton (This Entrepreneur Has Reportedly Been Cast To Replace Monique Samuels On RHOP)

This foreign born B- list actor turned over the credentials to all his social media to his A list girlfriend's people. So, not exactly independent thoughts from him. Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift's boyfriend Joe Alwyn likes a tweet where she called out 'deeply sexist' joke about going 'through men' in her dating life on Netflix's Ginny & Georgia)

She created huge headlines when she landed the gig directing some opera in Italy. The writer/producer/director and at least another dozen slashes didn't get the gig on her own. She got it because she said her A list dual threat significant other would be a big boost for publicity. It was recently dropped from the theatres calendar. Sophie Hunter/"Dialogues des Carmélites"/Benedict Cumberbatch ("Dialogues des Carmélites") (Sophie Hunter: the opera director who has to dodge paparazzi) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/21/20)

Reader Blind: If recent interview footage from multiple events of this former child actor, who is best known for an iconic 1980s fantasy role, is anything to go by, he is definitely using again. His body language, appearance, and overall demeanor in no way resemble the cordial, down-to-earth guy his fans have long known him to be. The general consensus seems to be that he’s on meth.

Looks Can Be Deceiving: She (Jemima Goldsmith) is always considered the goofball in the family (Goldschmidt family). She is the one who makes headlines for who she dates (Imran Khan/Hugh Grant/Guy Ritchie/Russell Brand). Don't let the looks or her act throw you off your game. She shows up in the tabloids to keep not just you, but her family off kilter too. She is probably the face of the family at this point. A family with a very very long history in the world. A family all of you know. A family that is not royal, but controls much more than the royals anyway. After a lot of searching, she found the perfect partner (Imran Khan). A partner who already has multiple bases in multiple third world countries (Family of Imran Khan). Each of those bases (former Captain of Pakistan national cricket team) (International Cricket Council) has a built in recruiting tool for thousands of young people each year. The young people come to them. They identify the ones they want to move on to a different country for trafficking and which ones they want to remain within their own countries to upset the establishment or become members of criminal organizations. It does not come without risks though. There was the death of a very very close family member (niece Iris Goldsmith/daughter of Kate Rothschild and Ben Goldsmith) and also a home invasion that resulted in having to pay out well over $1M to get out of the situation. Then again, the people that did the invasion are now dead. Jemima Goldsmith/Jemima Goldsmith/Goldschmidt family/Imran Khan/Hugh Grant/Guy Ritchie/Russell Brand/Imran Khan/"International Cricket Council"/niece Iris Goldsmith (Jemima Khan pays tribute to niece Iris Goldsmith, 15, with photos of friends gathering at 'her tree' in south-west London - a week after the teenager was laid to rest) (Sex, Drugs and a Zionist Conspiracy: The Scandalous Memoir Threatening Imran Khan's Dream of Leading Pakistan) (Will Jemima Khan CHANGE the next season of The Crown? How Peter Morgan's relationship with Princess Diana's friend could impact portrayal of the late royal who was depicted as hysterical and unstable in series 4)

These are things that give people pause. If there is nothing to it at all, then why is the internet virtually scrubbed of all references to this one named dog rapper who is always shouting out the name of a city and said the pandemic was planned beforehand. It is just his opinion and that would normally stay online. It is because he mentions the rich guy that it all gets scrubbed. Pitbull/Miami/Bill Gates (US rapper Pitbull falsely claims Covid-19 pandemic was planned)

To believe this A+ list singer is a predator, you have to believe her previous relationships were actually real. Taylor Swift/John Mayer (John Mayer gets blasted by Taylor Swift fans after joining TikTok... 11 years after their brief romance: 'John don't you think 19 was too young?')

Speaking of fake relationships, the two people involved have to be deeply committed to it, or it simply won't work. This foreign born A- list dual threat actor is in one. His pretend girlfriend recently got her big break because of how committed she is to the relationship. The same can't be said for our actor who has been swiping right very frequently on Grindr. Tom Hiddleston/Zawe Ashton/"Captain Marvel 2" (Tom Hiddleston 'moves in with co-star Zawe Ashton' following months of romance rumours) (‘Captain Marvel 2’: Zawe Ashton Tapped To Play Villain In Marvel Sequel)

Why is anyone surprised that the A list one named singer has inappropriate sexual encounters with underage girls when she has a life sized tattoo of the alliterate singer/sexual predator that has been in the news the past month. Halsey/Marilyn Manson (Halsey Unveils Huge Marilyn Manson Tattoo on Her Torso) (Tragic Details About Halsey)

I have written about the celebrity chef in the past couple of weeks. I talked about her previous relationship and how horrible it was for her. She has lots of receipts. Receipts worth stealing for. So, when you think about robberies of her home, the intruders don't want the jewels, they want the receipts. The receipts are with her lawyer, not her house. Sandra Lee/ex-girlfriend of Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York (Masked intruder tries to break into Sandra Lee’s Malibu home) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/24/21)

The alliterate talk show host already got the vaccine. She just doesn't want people to think she jumped the line, which she did. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Criticized After Declaring She Will Not Take COVID-19 Vaccine)

This B+ list singer all of you know has a new album and a possible new lying to the FBI charge about that child porn case going on in her family. Solange Knowles/son Daniel Julez J. Smith Jr./Skai Jackson (Solange Knowles says she was 'literally fighting for my life' while making album) (Skai Jackson's Alleged Private Video Leaks As Solange Knowles' Son Accuses Her Of Cheating)

It is being called a meeting. It seemed more formal than that. The Attorney General of this U.S island chain wanted to speak to the recently departed second in charge. The meeting lasted for several hours. There was only one topic of discussion and it was the person who owned an island in the chain. Virgin Islands/Mike Pence/Jeffrey Epstein

This A- list mostly television actor knows this brand new superhero show is really his last chance at stardom. He has been given a lot of chances. The fact the show is awful, is not really going to help his chances of success. Producers love hooking up with him though, so, you never know. Tyler Hoechlin/"Superman & Lois" ('Superman & Lois' star Tyler Hoechlin on how he's like the Man of Steel)

As expected, the foreign born three named A- list actress did start to hook up with the A+ list mostly movie actor on the set of their new streaming movie. She of course wants to go public because that is what she does. Our actor on the other hand, likes to keep things low key so he can continue seeing all of the other women in his life. Ana de Armas/Chris Evans/"The Gray Man" (New Romance Brewing? Ana De Armas 'Can't Wait' To Reunite With 'Gray Man' Costar Chris Evans Following Ben Affleck Breakup, Source Spills)

On Hold: If you asked me a year ago if this A- list actress was going to transition from a woman to a man, I would have said yes, without question. She and her team has made a plan and she had scheduled surgery and was starting to take medicine. They had made plans for cover stories for weekly and monthly magazines and were talking to networks about first interviews. Then boom, the pandemic came. All of that planning came to a halt. The actress started thinking about and if she wanted to go through it and what would happen to her career. Would she get any work? Everyone knows who she is, so even when her movies bomb, and they do, she gets a lot of work. High paying work. Then, when she heard the news of the other actress, she said no. She said she wasn't going to do it any longer. She is not a big fan of publicity, and realized it would just bring a ton down on her. Kristen Stewart/Ellen Page now Elliot Page (Kristen Stewart Says She Felt "Enormous Pressure" to Be an LGBTQ+ Role Model) (‘Juno’ and ‘Umbrella Academy’ Actor Elliot Page Comes Out as Transgender in Heartfelt Letter)

We Were Duped: This RSP (for the newbies RSP is reality show participant) on a show I really don’t even watch but most of you do, has had multiple sexual interactions with people in the house. But as it turns out, despite her desperation on the show she was in a relationship the whole time. She is now engaged to her actual boyfriend. This leaves me with a lot of questions. Was the sex with the other guy on the show real? Because it sure looked/sounded real. Were we all duped? And now she and her longtime boyfriend are engaged. Will that end her reality show career? Hannah Berner/"Summer House"/Des Bishop (Summer House's Hannah Berner Engaged to Boyfriend Des Bishop: 'When You Know, You Know')

This network knew ratings would be garbage for this annual show. They did a little here and there to make it even more painful to watch, because they want to renegotiate their deal with the organization and their production company and get a much lower price. NBC/"The Golden Globes"/"Dick Clark Productions"
(The Golden Globes Ratings Were a Disaster of Epic Proportions)

The massive selling of assets by the permanent A list rapper/mogul is in preparation for a divorce. Jay-Z (Beyoncé) (Square (Jack Dorsey's OTHER Company) Is Buying Tidal From Jay-Z For $300 Million) (Jay-Z sells stake in champagne brand to luxury giant LVMH)

There is an ongoing huge split between these singing siblings because of the same issues that plagued them in the past. One is just super thirsty and wants all the attention. "Jonas Brothers"/Nick Jonas (Nick Jonas Joins Apple TV+ Audio Mystery Series 'Calls': Watch the Trailer)

This A list host thought he would be with a show forever, so he really hasn't saved any money. If he is booted from the show, he will be broke and doing infomercials within a year. Chris Harrison/"The Bachelor" (Chris Harrison Apologized And Said He Wants To Return To "The Bachelor," But Michael Strahan Isn't Convinced)

This A- list actress/director may have taken on too much with this fake relationship thing of hers. She was wholly unprepared for this many people looking into every aspect of her life and exposing it all. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles

This one named foreign born flash in the pan A+ lister turned B- lister says that a female singer higher on the list bullied her and ended up ruining the career of the flash in the pan. Lorde/Taylor Swift

There are new allegations being made about this former A+ list singer who has been in the news frequently as of late. Apparently drugs were also provided to underage girls prior to being sexually assaulted and there were also underage boys who were sexually assaulted. Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Manson Allegedly Told Phoebe Bridgers He Had a 'Rape Room': 'I Stopped Being a Fan')

This sports cable channel that is not one of the bigger players in sports cable is about to be rocked by sexual harassment lawsuits. Apparently there are very few women who have worked there that were not constantly pressured to have sex with the stars of the channel and the pros they would interview. Considering a sister company in the organization did the same thing, it is not all that shocking. "Golf Channel"/"NBC Sports Group" (Ex-Golf Channel Host Lisa Cornwell Alleges Network Execs Mistreated Women)

It definitely won't be in this season, but the husband of an east coast Housewife got another woman pregnant. The affair has been going on for a long time. Evan and Jackie Goldschneider/"Real Housewives of Atlanta" (Jackie Goldschneider’s husband Evan had been unfaithful to her)

This A-/B+ list celebrity who fades more each day, wants to be an A list politician and is changing her residence to do it. Apparently whether her slightly higher on the list husband comes with her is irrelevant to her. Lara Trump/Eric Trump/North Carolina (Another Trump on the ballot? Lara Trump eyes North Carolina's Senate seat)

Closed: It didn't have any fixed location. It didn't operate on a consistent basis. If a certain group of people were all going to be in town together for more than a few days, they would set things in motion and open the club. It would generally be a house that was rented for a few days prior to their arrival in town and rented through their visit and a few days after to get it cleaned. These were big houses because the people who organized the club had big money. No one is sure who had the original idea for it, but the five male founders were:
#1 - Former A+ list singer/child porn lover: R. Kelly
#2 - Former A list producer who was married to a permanent A+ lister: Tommy Mottola/Mariah Carey
#3 - One named former A+ list singer: Usher/Justin Bieber
#4 - A+ list mogul/producer/sometime performer: Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Jennifer Lopez
#5 - Former A+ list singer who is probably B list now. Comes from a family of singers: Jermaine Jackson
This is a club that was only for same sex hookups. If you brought a woman with you, that was fine, but she would only be allowed to have sex with women while at the club. Back when #4 (Sean "P. Diddy" Combs) was dating the permanent A (Jennifer Lopez) lister, he brought her and everyone watched her hookup with another woman. Apparently that was the case for this permanent A+ list singer (Madonna) too, who was not the guest of anyone from 1-5. Most of the young men brought to the club were guys who wanted a singing career and were willing to do anything to get it. This foreign born former A+ list singer (Justin Bieber) was a frequent hookup partner of #3 (Usher), which led to the huge career of the foreign born singer. As #1-5 have aged and also become more distant with each other, there has not been a club date in about a decade.

As I told you several months ago, the "relationship" between the daytime star turned streaming star turned network reality star and one of her co-stars was just for show. She needed cover for her affair. The furor has died down so she "broke up" with the co-star and will soon publicly be together with the guy who left his partner for her. Chrishell Stause ("Days of Our Lives"/"Selling Sunset"/"Dancing With the Stars")/Keo Motsepe/"Dancing With the Stars"/Gleb Savchenko/Elena Samodanova (Chrishell Stause Is ‘Taking a Break’ From Dating After Keo Motsepe, Justin Hartley ‘Heartbreak’) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/18/20)

The only reason the boyfriend of the permanent A lister wants to have a baby with her is so he can get paid for the next 18 years just like her ex. He also talks like he doesn't already have a child from back in the day with someone else. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears/Kevin Federline (Sam Asghari Breaks Silence on Britney Spears: I'm 'Looking Forward' to a 'Normal, Amazing Future' Together) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/09/21)
(Sam Asghari is ready for kids with Britney Spears: ‘I want to be a young dad’)

The foreign born alliterate A+ list mostly movie actor who is only A+ list because of being a superhero, pushes directors and fellow co-stars around like a diva bully. He won't be able to do the same thing to the studio he is clashing with right now. They will replace him in a second which would make cast and crew cheer like crazy. Ryan Reynolds/"Deadpool"/"Disney" (Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Unhappy With Disney’s Censorship Of Deadpool 3)

Reader Blind: During my journalism days in Los Angeles I interviewed a former working girl. She told me a few stories. Here's one.... This deceased portly actor (William Conrad) was a steady customer for awhile. He was active in several areas of show business but is primarily famous for playing the lead in two different successful TV shows ("Cannon") ("Jake and the Fatman") in two different decades that were of a similar genre. He was a big tipper but he didn't want intercourse. Instead, he liked to lay down while a woman slowly sucked each one of his toes. William Conrad/"Cannon"/"Jake and the Fatman"

The girlfriend of this A+ list mostly movie actor spends a great deal of the actor's money on legal fees trying to make sure all of her misdeeds are kept out of the public eye. Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/14/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/30/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/18/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/25/20)

This foreign born permanent A+ list model (Naomi Campell) had threesomes with the former A++ lister (Bill Clinton) and his girlfriend of choice. It wouldn't shock me if she also had one with the former A++ lister and his former sidekick (Doug Band) who later became the brief boyfriend of the model until she realized he didn't have enough money to keep her happy. Naomi Campbell/Bill Clinton/Doug Band (Former Clinton aide turns whistleblower in pedophile Epstein case, gives evidence that could implicate former president: Report)

The significant other of this former A list tweener turned A- list adult actress has a boyfriend. They hookup every time the actress has to go out of town for work.

One of the producers of this rebooted almost network show is just terrorizing multiple actresses on the show. This is going to be crazy when it blows up. "i Carly"

The wife of the former rock star and her "ex" are being accused of running a Ponzi scheme. Interesting.

At this very popular Italian restaurant ("E Baldi") here, the waiters are primarily Italian or at least doing a good job pretending. The hostess and manager are Russian. This A list mostly movie actress (Angelina Jolie) likes to think she is fluent in Russian because of a role (Evelyn Salt/"Salt") (one of two movies of hers I actually enjoy) she once played. She loves trying to speak to them in Russian and did it again last night. They humor her. "E Baldi"/Angelina Jolie/Evelyn Salt/"Salt" (Angelina Jolie and Ellen Pompeo Step Out for Dinner in Beverly Hills)

Four For Friday - One Hit Wonders: Not songs this time but instead, movies or shows.
#1 - This foreign born former A- list teen actor blew all his money on drugs and now lives in the guesthouse of his former co-star while hoping to one day get another acting gig. Lillo Brancato Jr./"A Bronx Tale"
#2 - This former A list actress is someone all of you know. Despite that, she only had one hit. She destroyed her career through drug use, but not like you would normally see. Jennifer Grey/"Dirty Dancing"/nose job (A car crash and a career-ruining nose job: Jennifer Grey's life after Dirty Dancing)
#3 - This one hit wonder was for a movie all of you know, even if you haven't seen it. She was not a lead, but all of her fame came from the movie which was a franchise. She uses her fame to charge higher rates for yachting and has been known to roll married men she sleeps with. Ashley Greene/"Twilight"
#4 - This one hit wonder teen actor starred in a movie all of you know. Pretty iconic movie. Now he sells drugs and runs strings of women to service men at conventions here in town. Robert Romanus/"Fast Times at Ridgemont High" ticket scalper Mike Damone

This foreign born one named A+ list singer had to give up smoking pot because of her vocal issues. So, instead, she eats pot brownies all day and has gained almost 30 pounds in the past few months. Rihanna (Then and Now)

This married permanent A+ list NBA player had about ten strippers and two teammates over to where the A+ lister is staying. The activities were not limited to just stripping.
LeBron James

Speaking of cheating, this permanent A list comic actor is cheating on his long time wife with an ex of a frequent A- list co-star. Adam Sandler/Helena Schneider/Rob Schneider

I wrote about this married A+ list state leader and the affair he managed to hide for so long, despite being under such scrutiny. He was actually having two affairs. The one that lasted until very recently was with a mom from his children's school. The other one that kind of overlapped for a period was with a lobbyist.

Reader Blind: A decade plus ago, this site honoring this now deceased A++ public figure shut down for a few months. This was for renovations but there was another reason too. When the A++ figure was active prior to his biggest position, he employed an aide/scheduler who perhaps did too good a job. There was a scheduling book mixed in with all the other papers that showed that the A++ was physically present in particular places at particular times. The biggest event being the death of this other A++ lister. During the renovations, they were able to clean up what was public at the site honoring him. There was also information about who he met with around the time of the big event that would have been a huge story had it been released and that is an understatement.
George HW Bush (Kennedy assassination, Dallas) renovation of Presidential library 2007

This A+ list mostly movie actor who sometime directs is trying to give up the booze but has replaced it with other substances and he is constantly wasted. Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck (and his Dunkin’ coffee) were in Boston on Friday to film ‘The Tender Bar’)

Speaking of wasted, this former A+ list model turned reality star looked out of her mind wasted at a recent book signing. Janice Dickinson (Janice Dickinson slams Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid … and Julie Andrews?)

This one named A list singer who also directs, has dozens upon dozens of nude outtake photos from a recent shoot her barely barely barely legal female protégé did. Sia/Maddie Ziegler (Maddie Ziegler Lived with Sia for More Time This Year Than Her Own Family: ‘She’s My Second Mom’)

Reader Blind: A number of decades, missing girls in different cities could sometimes go unreported for awhile. If investigators had noticed a series of disappearances when they happened, they might have connected it to a band ("Starland Vocal Band") playing in town at the same time. This pop group had one monster hit ("Afternoon Delight") that has been in a number of films (In popular culture) including a hit comedy ("Anchorman") where some of the cast members sang it. On the strength of this hit, the band briefly had their own TV show ("The Starland Vocal Band Show") which helped launch the career of the permanent A+ comic/host (David Letterman). The members of the group had very close relationships to one another but in fact they had met because they believed in the same thing - A darker faith involving sacrifice and blood. It wasn't hard to find girls on the road that wouldn't be noticed as missing for awhile. "Starland Vocal Band"/"Afternoon Delight"/"Anchorman"/"The Starland Vocal Band Show"/David Letterman (Starland Vocal Band Show: David Letterman's 1977 DC area TV debut)

Reader Blind: During the peak of this permanent A++ band that had complicated relationships between band members, the tallest member who was also foreign became very attached for awhile to a blow-up doll. He dressed it up in nice clothes, put make-up on it, and had it sit behind him when he was playing. One day the other band members got tired of this and made it disappear. If you asked him about it now, he would blame all of that on his out of control drug use at the time.
Mick Fleetwood/"Fleetwood Mac"

After not moving much, if any of her line with this shoe company, all of a sudden it all sold out in every country that sells it. So, what happened? Well, the one named permanent A+ list singer was upset the former A+ rapper did sell out all his stuff, so told the shoe company to list hers as all sold out. They did, but because it is sold through other outlets, all of them had plenty of stock, so it just made the singer look ridiculous. Beyoncé/"Adidas"/Kanye West
(Beyonce's new Ivy Park x Adidas line drops today—here's where to buy 'Icy Park' before it sells out) (Kanye's Yeezy 450 In Cloud White Shoes Sell Out in Under a Minute)

For a few more weeks this A list influencer who got her start on a talk show is still underage. She has seen and been through a lot these past few years when it comes to grown men wanting to hook up with her from the time she was 14 or 15. She never felt scared from any of them, just grossed out by most. She was scared though when the foreign born A+ list YouTuber and his co-star threatened to gang rape her. She knew they were serious and never let herself be alone with them. Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie/"Vlog Squad" David Dobrik and Jason Nash (Bhad Bhabie claims she has "creepy" David Dobrik story following Vlog Squad accusations)

This former A list gossip writer who has a long and storied career, isn't digging up much dirt on her own so is rewording blind items from others and passing them off as her own.

This A- list mostly television actress (Minka Kelly) always works steadily without really ever catching fire. She is an offspring of a celebrity (Rick Dufay former "Aerosmith" guitarist). She has always had a passion for the sex industry and never been shy about it. She goes to sex clubs and has parties that are filled with sex therapists and sex workers. Now though, the employers ("Comedy Central") of her A list talk show host boyfriend (Trevor Noah/"The Daily Show") are trying to force her to be more private about her beliefs. They asked her to delete dozens of social media posts and to unfollow dozens of groups they found questionable. Minka Kelly/Rick Dufay former "Aerosmith" guitarist/"Comedy Central"/Trevor Noah/"The Daily Show" (Who Is Trevor Noah’s Girlfriend? All About Actress Minka Kelly)

As much as they tried and as much editing prowess they possessed, the filmmakers behind a recent documentary about a permanent A list rapper could not get his mother to say one nice thing about the mogul/wannabe rapper. She thinks he is a big part of why her son is dead. "Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell"/The Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls/Voletta Wallace/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Netflix’s Biggie Smalls documentary ignores a huge part of his life)

The one named singer/actress (Brandy) who has a sibling (Ray J) who made his fame from porn, is finally speaking out about an ex from her past. She says the ex (Wanya Morris), who is in a group ("Boyz II Men") that was once A+ list and all of you know, did have sex with her when she was underage. She says he also beat her and made a sex tape of her. She says the sex tape was after she turned 18. She thinks. Brandy/Ray J/Wanya Morris/"Boyz II Men" (Wanya Morris Denies Dating Brandy When She Was Underage)

They can say what they want, and of course the A+ lister won't, because of their business partnership, but go look where the funds came from for the house. It all goes back to the dad. Every single penny. But apparently that is cut off.

This A+/A list mostly movie actor who really could use another installment of his franchise to keep that upper A list thing going, took a sex trip to Eastern Europe and his son is trying to sell a copy of all the recordings the actor made. Nicolas Cage

Since the alliterate one is all for women's rights all over the world, I'm sure she returned the wedding gift from the leader of one of the world's worst violators of women's rights. Oh wait, no, she kept it and wore it three weeks after he ordered the killing of a reporter, and then she lied to the press about the origin of the gift. I'm sure she has returned it by now though, right along with a strongly worded letter. Nope.
Meghan Markle

This permanent A++ list former NBA player has two women pregnant at the same time, neither of whom are his significant other.

The leader of this religion is being asked to resign because of what was revealed last night. It is a tenet of the religion there are no fake weddings. It is deceiving to those who attend. It is lying to those attend.

The amount of coke this foreign born former A+ list tweener and his wife do each day is astonishing. Justin and Hailey Bieber

This former Bachelor contestant was asked yesterday if she would be willing to pose as the girlfriend of this newcomer politician for the remainder of the year. When she said no, they asked for contact information for other Bachelor contestants.

With this band member wanting a double share during any possible reunion tour, it looks like the lineup that is most loved of this permanent A+ list group that had a big juice boost this past year, won't ever be back together again. Stevie Nicks/"Fleetwood Mac" (discussion about having Lindsey Buckingham back won't go anywhere with Stevie getting double which is why she wants double) (Mick Fleetwood Open to Reunion With Lindsey Buckingham, Imagines Fleetwood Mac Farewell Tour)

I guess the alliterate one, who doesn't use Google, also forgot about the time she said that while in her 20's she had a coffee table book about her mother-in-law.

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver picked up the then A-list actress who had a hit show and her A list television actor boyfriend from a different show at LAX. In the car, the actor was complaining that he didn’t feel well and laid his head in the actress's lap in the back seat. The driver was driving a Lincoln Town Car north on the 405 in heavy traffic and pouring rain. Another car spun out of control and the Lincoln Town Car smashed into it, sending the actor and actress flying in the back seat. It was a major accident and caused a huge traffic jam. The actress remained very calm and composed and was concerned if the driver was ok. The driver noted however, that the actor BF was freaking out and nearly crying like a little girl as they waited for another car to come and get them. The couple briefly married after that, but it didn’t work out. Helen Hunt ("Mad About You")/Hank Azaria ("The Simpsons")

Justice: With the previous DA in Los Angeles, celebrities and those with money didn't really have to worry about being prosecuted. It was thought that with the arrival of a new DA, things would change. They haven't. Take for example the death last month of a woman (Monique Munoz) here in town. She was driving her car when a 17 year old kid slammed into her at 120 mph in his new Lambo. The speed limit there is about 40. Even though he is a minor, he must have been charged or arrested or something right? Nope. You see, his wife beating/social influencer father (James Khuri/Beverly Hills based owner and CEO of Khuri Enterprises & FJ Holdings) is really rich and tosses money around to politicians all the time. He has also spent a ton of money to make sure that when you Google his name, you can't see that he is such a tool or that he has any connection to the crash. He has bodyguards with him wherever he goes because people want justice. He laughs and mocks at the people because he knows he has money and nothing will happen to him or his son. I mean the guy posted all about a party he was hosting just this weekend. Lots of drinking. Maybe he and his son did a little father/son bonding after with another 120 mph joyride. Monique Munoz/James Khuri/Beverly Hills based owner and CEO of Khuri Enterprises & FJ Holdings (Woman Dead After Teen Crashes Lamborghini at 120MPH; Teen’s Father James Khuri Plays PR Game) (LA millionaire throwing money to cover up sons vehicular manslaughter) (James Khuri’s news scrubbing campaign regarding his son’s murder of Monique Munoz at work. Nothing to see here according to Google News)

Despite revealing the gender of their baby to the world on social media in December 2020 (Boy!), this reality star and his wife did the whole thing again yesterday for the cameras. Our reality star gets hit in the face with the powder cannon. Also, the pint sized one showed up at the resort where it was filmed. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino/Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi/"Jersey Shore" (Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, Wife Lauren Reveal Sex of Baby (with a Jersey Shore Reference!)) (Inside Jersey Shore’s Pregnant Deena Cortese and Lauren Sorrentino’s Joint Babymoon: Photos)

The money laundering streaming service has always been one to play fast and loose with morals and ethics to make a buck. They have taken that to new levels in this Eastern European country that had the movie bridge problem. Apparently the streamer is partnering with state television there to support their propaganda which preaches some really vile stuff. "Netflix"/Poland (Poland plans revenue surcharge on Netflix and others) ("Bridge" BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/02/20)

This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor with the famous last name has been flaunting COVID rules including quarantine rules as he travels from country to country for work and vacations and dragging family around with him. He bragged about getting away with it. He now wants you to know he caught COVID and we should feel sorry for him. Michael Sheen (Michael Sheen Reveals Covid Battle, ‘Prodigal Son’ Production Not Impacted)

A certain K-Pop star who is part of the biggest all female group right now is lying to all her friends as to who she is dating. Apparently, only she and her manager know this. The whole world believes she is dating someone high profile, but in fact it is all a ruse to deter from who she really is seeing. Truth to be told, the person she is with, is rather low-profile but with a reasonably high profile father from the tech-industry. Funny thing is, he is currently a student at one of the top universities in South East Asia. Yet the whole world is lead to believe she is currently together with another A-list Korean Idol that is actually still in the closet. "Blackpink"/Jennie/G-Dragon/"Bigbang" (Blackpink’s Jennie and G-Dragon are a couple made in K-pop heaven, but how far back does their reported romance really go?)

I know the rock star wanted to make it seem romantic about how the way he met his now wife (some question about that), but it really is something that says, "Hey. I thought we were going to hook up once and then you were going to introduce me to some of your other "friends" so I could do the same with them, but I decided to hang on to you." Nikki Sixx/Courtney Sixx

This former A- list MTV actor has really struggled with drugs and drug addiction this past year and has really embraced being a sex worker in order to pay for his drug habit.
Tyler Posey

The best friend of this A+/A list actor is the director who is above and beyond way worse than anyone in modern times when it comes to coercing women to hit the casting couch. So, it should shock no one that the actor is willing to defend any other sex predators who are famous, because our actor doesn't see anything wrong with their behavior. Alec Baldwin/James Toback/Woody Allen/Governor Andrew Cuomo (Alec Baldwin seemingly defends Woody Allen, Gov. Andrew Cuomo while bashing 'cancel culture') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/13/21)

This A list NFL running back tested positive on his A test for illegal drugs. The player is sending someone to be present for the B test. Le'Veon Bell/"Kansas City Chiefs" (Le'Veon Bell not happy with another drug test)

This A list actress who recently departed a hit show, is also about to be married for the third time. Did you know her first marriage ended when her husband at the time caught her in a threesome with her soon to be second husband and this award winning actress who was once a co-star. Anna Faris/"Mom"/Michael Barrett/Ben Indra/Chris Pratt/Emma Stone/"The House Bunny" (Anna Faris bundles up in knit beanie as she steps out in chilly LA with dashing fiance Michael Barrett)

This A list celebrity you either love or hate with no middle ground let it slip at dinner that she and her higher on the list husband had been vaccinated. When asked how this was possible, she mumbled something and changed the subject. Chrissy Teigen/John Legend

The Changeup: Not all that long ago, there was a very popular pay cable show ("Californication") that ran for many years. There was a lot of sex in this dramedy. Lots and lots of sex. Probably more sex in a per minute average than Game Of Thrones at its peak. Anyway, one of the stars (Madeline Zima) of the first couple seasons of the show was several decades younger than her at the time married A list co-star (David Duchovny). It didn't stop them from having a long term off screen sexual relationship. It lasted about the first two seasons of the show. All during that time, our actor kept making comments about a younger sister (Vanessa Zima) or (Yvonne Zima) of the actress and kept hinting they should do something special on her 18th birthday. Our actress was creeped out about this and broke things off. Apparently our actor did hook up with the sister when she turned 18 and the actress raised a big fuss and was demoted on the show and has never reached that high on the list again. "Californication"/Madeline Zima/David Duchovny/Vanessa or Yvonne Zima

This late night talk show host went one step too far this time and his wife wants a divorce. They are in the process of settling things. Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon Lists Gramercy Park Penthouse For $15 Million)

I will say this for the new actor boyfriend of the celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister. Yes, the actor is a serial sexual assaulter. Yes, no one likes working with him. Yes, he is much older than her. Yes, he will make her pay for things. But, and this is a big but, she probably won't end up dead of a drug overdose like she was headed with her ex. Probably. I mean he has been to rehab a few times. OK. Maybe this is actually not a good idea. Emile Hirsch/Paris Jackson/Michael Jackson (Paris Jackson, Emile Hirsch had ‘chummy’ night out with ‘The Hills’ cast) (Emile Hirsch Brutally Assaulted a Female Film Executive. He’s Now Starring in the New Tarantino Film) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/09/18)

Oh, you mean the narcissistic show runner who only likes the person he sees in the mirror and was willing to hire nobody casts to put more money in his own pocket, product be damned, is being accused of not following through on promises for a dead actress he treated like crap while she was alive. Not surprising. Ryan Murphy/Naya Rivera/college fund for Naya Rivera's young son Josey Hollis Dorsey (Ryan Murphy addresses complaint from Naya Rivera's father over college fund promise)

This woman beating/drug using/former A+ list singer is now shilling for the alien guy. Unlike the others, he actually got paid some money upfront too. Chris Brown/Bob Lazar or Steven M. Greer

Interesting twist to the can the one named A+ lister interview Britney next. It turns out that this A- list mostly movie actress has been trying to have our host interview her for much of the past two years. The host though only wants to interview her actor ex. Oprah/Amber Heard/Johnny Depp

The three named ingenue singer's coke addiction has got out of control the past year. Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey Visits Man Soaking In Bean Dip For 24 Hours)

With all the advances and other funds provided by the permanent A+ list rapper, only two of his partners got their full share of a recent sale. Most got no money, just a credit. Jay-Z/"Tidal" (Jay-Z’s net worth has jumped by 40 per cent following Tidal and champagne brand sales)

This former island contestant on a very very popular reality show said producers made it clear you could advance further in the show if you slept with the producers.
Evan Smith/"Temptation Island" (Former Temptation Island Star Is Suing USA And More)

This alliterate B+ list reality star who is also a reality star offspring, says he is getting married. I don't think he can write a big enough check to his "girlfriend" to make that happen. Chase Chrisley/Todd and Julie Chrisley/"Chrisley Knows Best"/Emmy Medders (Some 'Chrisley Knows Best' Fans Believe That Chase Is About to Propose to Emmy)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **10**
One online tabloid and one Kneepad tabloid who used to be in the same family of companies and are still distant relatives have both now jumped on board the position of the dad of the "singer" rather than the dad. That is disheartening to see. Daily Mail/People/Jamie Spears/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' dad Jamie slams Reps Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan for calling her conservatorship 'questionable' and says his 'dedication to protecting her is clearly apparent to the court') (Britney Spears Can Ask to End Conservatorship at 'Any Time' but Hasn't, Says Dad Jamie's Lawyer)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **11**
The Books: I have talked about this person (Nathaniel Philip Rothschild) before and his hand in the death of this foreign born former A list model turned reality star (Annabelle Neilson). There has been a little more information added about motive for her death. The main impetus had always been assumed to be the nasty divorce and his wife releasing details about his connections with the now dead Middle Eastern dictator and his other deals with dictators in Eastern Europe and the women provided that became their disposable playthings (son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi). That definitely has something to do with it. Another aspect is that our model was having an affair with another member of the family. A family member who is very much a do gooder, which is quite the antithesis from his very very closest relatives. He told the model during their fling that her husband had set up a shell company and was using it to embezzle money from the accounts controlled by the model's father-in-law. Those were accounts belonging to members of the firm, and specifically ones controlling a trust. Because the model was such good friends with some younger members of the firm and slept with a couple, she told them her concerns. Did that news get back to her husband? Was that part of the reason he had her killed? Nathaniel Philip Rothschild/Annabelle Neilson/"Ladies of London" (Annabelle Neilson, Muse of Alexander McQueen, Dies at 49) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/17/18)

¿Quién está solicitando el divorcio? (Who is filing for divorce): Esta personalidad sureña del reality show está solicitando el divorcio de su cónyuge, según una fuente aleatoria no confirmada. No es una noticia sorprendente en absoluto, pero pensé que él era su única fuente de ingresos, excepto por el programa y el negocio que ella inició, que no parece lucrativo. (This southern reality show personality is filing for divorce from her spouse, according to a random unconfirmed source. Not surprising news at all, but I figured he was her only source of income, except for the show and the business she started, which doesn't seem lucrative.) Kary Brittingham/"Real Housewives of Dallas" (Kary Brittingham Reacts to Being Called a "Mean Girl")

Every Wednesday like clockwork, this west coast Housewife makes a trip down to a bank. It is not the bank that also has her checking account or any other account. The sole purpose of this bank is to hold her cash in several safety deposit boxes. No one who works in the bank has English as a first language and have no idea who she is. She goes each week and take enough out to make it through until the following week. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (The first Wednesday after the blind item was yesterday and she didn't go. Maybe worried someone was waiting for her)
(Tom Girardi Diagnosed With Late-Onset Alzheimer’s and Dementia Amid Erika Jayne Divorce, Legal Drama)

This designer says he had models fall twice during one of his shows who gave it was more effort and looked way better than this A-/B+ list reality star who "models," did in her recent show for him. He hates hiring celebrity "models," but pairs them together to lessen the impact. Kendall Jenner

This A- list singer/bad actress thinks people hate her singing so she wants to quit. No, she should stick with singing and not think she is an amazing actress just because she can do voice over work and have a hit. That is what her people tell her every day, but she thinks she is an A+ lister when it comes to acting. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Hints At Possibly Retiring From Music: 'Why Do I Keep Doing This?')

Apparently this B+ list reality star who is the offspring of a reality star really ticked off the athlete who thought she was his girlfriend. One of the reasons they split was she was hitting on his teammates looking for someone who would pay her each month. The word got around and now she can't find any athletes and is stuck with being the mistress to guys on vacation looking for fun. Savannah Chrisley/"Chrisley Knows Best"/Nic Kerdiles/professional ice hockey player (Savannah Chrisley and Ex Nic Deleted All Their Pics Together From Instagram)

Reader Blind: A number of decades ago, this A++ foreign singer who was in a couple bands when he was young but is definitely more famous for his solo work was the subject of an X rated rumor which wasn't true. What was true was the singer, who has been married several times and linked to many beautiful women, also had a period of same sex sexual encounters. One encounter(s) was with a very well endowed partner. During too enthusiastic sex, a part of the singer's anatomy was damaged and required surgery. The result of this surgical procedure was a whistling sound that rises and falls depending on how the singer moves. On stage he can quite animated leading to very loud whistling. At one point, they started using a sound dampening device to limit the effects. Rod Stewart (Rod Stewart Addresses The Old Rumor That He Did 17 Sailors)

Reader Blind: This person who has been infamous the last few years due to something he edits did really exist at some point. He did work in a third world country and there is a record of that. But the last decade or so, the person who has been in the news, who has occasionally appeared not on TV, and who no one knows exactly where they live is not the same person. This foreign government has done a very successful job in creating a personality. In fact, the person playing the role of the editor and the A++ leader of this country are related.
Andrew Anglin/Putin

Apparently the alliterate former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort isn't thrilled with a new gallery exhibit in NYC that features the actress in a series of prints and is threatening to sue unless she gets a cut of the sale price. Lindsay Lohan

This A+ list mostly movie actor had a bong pipe explode while he was smoking from it and he suffered burns and cuts all over his chest. I guess his topless scenes are done.

This owner (Ronald Burkle) of a private club chain ("SOHO House") is competing with this hotelier (André Balazs) ("Standard Hotels") to see who can hire the best women to make available for clients who want to yacht at their properties. The owner of the private clubs is personally vetting each candidate. Ronald Burkle/"SOHO House"/André Balazs/"Standard Hotels"

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **10**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener and his people have an alterative they are setting up, should this album bomb. They are going to position the singer as a Christian singer and have a tour of mega churches. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Reveals Tracklist for Upcoming Album Justice with Songs Like 'Unstable,' 'Peaches')

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **11**
Quadrangle: In the past I have written about this former A+ list mostly movie actress hooking up with a boyfriend of her daughter. That daughter has now spilled way way more about that, then I probably wanted to know. Not only did her mom hook up with her boyfriend, but her father did too, while the mother was there. The crazy things is, the mom and dad were no longer a couple when this occurred. From what the daughter understands, this was something her parents had done for a very long time. The daughter also says that her father's new wife has engaged in the same activities, but doesn't like it at all and only does it to keep her husband happy. Apparently keeping him happy also meant having sex with that same boyfriend that is passed around the family. Demi Moore/Rumer Willis/Bruce Willis/Emma Heming Willis (Rumer Willis opens up about anxiety: ‘Sometimes I feel like I’m dying’) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/18/13) (BLIND ITEM 04/09/20)

This comic book studio ("DC Comics") that gave one of their directors (Zack Snyder) a hard time with his own movie ("Zack Snyder’s Justice League") which is coming out soon is currently in talks with this one named A- list actress (Zendaya) to play the title role of this black hat magical magician ("Zatanna") in her own stand-alone movie. "DC Comics"/Zack Snyder/"Zack Snyder’s Justice League"/Zendaya/"Zatanna" (A Guide to Properly Preparing for Zack Snyder’s Justice League) (7 DC Characters Zendaya Would Be Perfect To Play)

The coke use of this former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress is out of control. The celebrity CEO needs to stay far far away from her right now because she is on a yachting/porn/drug scene that is set to explode. Bella Thorne/Elon Musk (Bella Thorne's lookalike mother Tamara, 50, shows off her youthful figure in pink shorts as she parties on board Miami yacht with her daughter)

This A/A- list music guy who works with a lot of A+ listers, has been sharing porn he made with his writer/actress ex. He is also sharing stories that put them both in a horrible light, but he doesn't see anything wrong with what he did, and blames it on her. Jack Antonoff/Lena Durham

The leaks have really started in earnest to try and show this former A+ list rapper is unstable and suicidal, so his ex can try and take control of the companies where she owns a large percentage, but not majority control. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian (Kanye West and Kim Kardashian no longer speaking, despite co-parenting)

For years and years, especially when this foreign born A- list actor had his own network television hit, I would write about him cheating on his wife. She would always forgive him and take him back and he would swear to never do it again. He did this a dozen times or more. Then, he finds a mistress he actually wants to keep around and dumps his wife. I hope she takes him for everything she can. Simon Baker/"The Mentalist"/Rebecca Rigg/Laura May Gibbs (The Mentalist star Simon Baker, 51, can't keep his hands off bikini-clad girlfriend Laura May Gibbs, 36, at the beach... weeks after announcing his split from wife Rebecca Rigg, 53)

It's funny to watch the long long long time celebrity best friend (Carole Radziwill) of the madam/procurer/sex assaulter (Ghislaine Maxwell) try and weigh in on the royal family drama. Didn't she once sleep with the pedophile prince (Prince Andrew)? I know she slept with the celebrity significant other of one of her supposed best friends. Carole Radziwill/Ghislaine Maxwell/Prince Andrew
(Carole Radziwill Compares Meghan Markle's Struggles to Those of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/16/19)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has been abusing his foreign born model wife. That is par for the course for him. So far she is sticking it out. Apparently he didn't start abusing her until they got married. Alex Pettyfer/Toni Garrn (Alex Pettyfer and Wife Toni Garrn Expecting First Child: 'Life Is Definitely Changing Forever')

This now deceased former A+ list singer in one group and an A/A- lister in another, was always very proud that he managed to give a death OD heroin shot to a guy who raped him back when our singer was in middle school. Scott Weiland/"Stone Temple Pilots"/"Velvet Revolver"

This daily talk show host has a special upcoming gig and his actress girlfriend is causing all kinds of trouble. There is too much leakage coming out of this relationship from his people. They want her gone and are really applying pressure. Trevor Noah/"Grammy Awards"/Minka Kelly (For Trevor Noah, Grammy Awards a return to in-person hosting)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **10**
This multi-national company/money launderer not named Netflix is actually way worse. I have previously written about them. They are a monopoly. They control 90% of the world's supply of what they provide. All of you know them, at least by the name of their most lauded product. The reason they have never had an antitrust investigation launched against them is because of several factors. They throw out money that are bribes but are dressed as speaking fees all over the world. They know the IP addresses of every government agency and exactly what their employees like to view. They have no fear about threatening the lives of people because they have a huge network of people from within their mafia benefactors to kill anyone in their way. It is the largest monopoly in the world by far and it isn't even close.

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **11**
Four For Friday - Bad Drug Behavior:
#1 - This former A- list singer blames drugs for her hooking up with this now dead permanent A+ list west coast rapper. This ultimately led to her husband being murdered. Faith Evans/Tupac/The Notorious B.I.G.
#2 - This sometime reality star from a big franchise blames drugs for the times he had sex with animals or forced women to have sex with animals. Bam Margera/"Jackass"
#3 - This one named former A lister blames drugs for the time he tried to rape this permanent A list one named singer in a group and solo. Nelly/Beyoncé (Nelly Reportedly Tried Unsuccessfully to Date Beyoncé)
#4 - This former A list NBA athlete all of you know blames drugs for the time he slept with his former brother-in-law. Lamar Odom/Kanye West

The boyfriend thought the permanent A list "singer" looked amazing and was perfect in her most recent post. That should tell you all you need to know about who signs his paychecks. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Sam Asghari Net Worth — Is It the Lowest of All of Her Lovers?)

This disgraced A- list mostly movie actor who has previously come out, still likes to pretend he is heterosexual, is hooking up with the meme actor everyone seems to love. James Franco/Timothée Chalamet (James Franco Says He's 'A Little Gay')

This three initialed singer (H.E.R.) asked this A+ list singer (Taylor Swift) not named Beyonce to join her in a protest against this award organization ("Grammy Awards") because it would carry a lot of weight because of who she is. The singer said no, and that the organization seemed fair to her. H.E.R./Taylor Swift/"Grammy Awards" (Taylor Swift Drops Major Hint About Her Highly Anticipated GRAMMYs 2021 Performance)

I remember after the last delay, this former tech ("Theranos") darling (Elizabeth Holmes) was told by her lawyer, she had exhausted all her delays. Nope. She had one more up her sleeve. At this point, it wouldn't shock me if the government really looks to make a plea deal and be done with it. She has beaten the system. Plus, this current administration is more sympathetic to her because of who her attorneys are and who her supporters are. "Theranos"/Elizabeth Holmes/pregnant (Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, likely delaying her criminal trial)

The sudden turn of events in the relationship of this couple had to do with a financial agreement put in place to have them be a couple until some things are resolved in regards to the racketeering trial. So, the strippers on speed dial hoping for some big paydays this week, will just have to wait. Jennifer Lopez/Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez (Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez End Engagement: 'This Has Been a Long Time Coming,' Says Source) (Inside the $32.5M Miami mansion either J.Lo or A-Rod will have to give up) (Jennifer Lopez getting close with Lenny Kravitz as Alex Rodriguez split news broke)

This national reporter has apparently told friends he is writing a book about his real identity, which has long been assumed, but never proven. Ronan Farrow/son of Frank Sinatra

This foreign born former A+ list tweener can never guarantee he will be able to perform or even be awake because of his substance abuse issues. So, if he records in advance and edits the whole thing, his performance will look much better than if he tried to do it live. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Reveals Tracklist for Upcoming Album Justice with Songs Like 'Unstable,' 'Peaches')

There was a boy band ("LFO") that was particularly struck during their being handed out phase, and it was a true initialed group. One of the men (Lou Pearlman) who was a huge financial backer, spent a lot of time with a couple members of the band. He gave at least one boy bander (Rich Cronin) HIV, and probably a second (Devin Lima), although that has never been proven. "LFO"/Lou Pearlman/Rich Cronin/Devin Lima (Rich Cronin, Ex-LFO frontman, slams former manager Lou Pearlman) (LFO Singer Rich Cronin, 35, Dies of Cancer) (LFO Singer Devin Lima Dead at 41)

This former technology CEO you all know is one of the wealthiest men in the world. His current state of residence just enacted a massive tax increase. He is in the process of quickly relocating to one of the most favorable states.
Larry Ellison (It took nearly a month for the press to figure out he bought a house)

It has been a month since the universe began to apply pressure to the A- list actor (Ian Somerhalder)who appeared in two hit shows ("Lost"/"Vampire Diaries"). He, along with his brother have been scamming people, but still haven't followed through like they were supposed to. At this point, I wonder if even his not so kind significant other (Nikki Reed) has had enough. Ian Somerhalder/"Lost"/"Vampire Diaries"/Nikki Reed

Considering the number of fake social media accounts this foreign born former A list celebrity/reality star in her country has, it is pretty rich she wants a new law where people opening social media accounts need to have their identification verified. Katie Price (Make verified ID a requirement for opening a social media account.)

According to the ex (Álvaro de Miranda Neto) of this very very very rich private woman (Athina Onassis) with a last name (Onassis) all of you know, the mother (Christina Onassis) of the woman was killed by her husband (Thierry Roussel) so he wouldn't be cut off from the fortune. Álvaro de Miranda Neto/Athina Onassis/"Onassis"/Christina Onassis/Thierry Roussel

It was only after a lot of pressure from the public that the DA finally caved and charged a teen with any sort of crime related to the death of an innocent woman. The very rich father of the teen has done his best to thwart that effort. It is a really weak charge and it is doubtful the teen will do any sort of jail time. Brendan Khuri/Monique Munoz/James Khuri (EXCLUSIVE: Teen Lamborghini driver, 17, who was arrested in LA crash death of 32-year-old secretary, is pictured with his father who bought him the $500k super car for his birthday) (BLIND ITEM 03/08/21)

Our favorite foreign born A- list pay cable actor is desperately doing a PR push while also keeping everything hidden, all to land that franchise role he has always wanted. Look for others to throw his secrets into the open to land the role themselves. Sam Heughan/"James Bond" (SAS: Red Notice review: Sam Heughan storms perfect James Bond audition)

This foreign born one named permanent A+ list singer is really frustrated with the process of putting together snippets of her voice for an attempt at a record. At this rate, it would take another solid year. It isn't like she would tour for it or anything either, so she kind of just wants to throw in the towel. Rihanna (Why Rihanna isn’t at the 2021 Grammys—and hasn’t dropped an album in 5 years)

This permanent A+ list NFL athlete recently celebrated a season long accomplishment and did so in a way that is not his usual style. At least in public. At this public party he managed to get COVID. He isn't planning on sharing that. For now. He will though down the road. Remember where you heard it when he does. Tom Brady/"Super Bowl" parade (Tom Brady's 'Drunk' Boat Video: New Footage Catches What He Really Said)

This beach based reality reboot is setting things up for one couple to go on another reality show about counseling. The lesser known female on the show was busted by her fairly new spouse on a Ring camera with another man.
"Jersey Shore"/Angelina Pivarnick

This A+/A list singer who got her start doing children's television for pervs, which probably included lots of footjobs, made the person applying spray tan to the singer's body cry, because our singer kept treating her like a dog rather than someone providing a service. Arianna Grande

The deal was this foreign born A list night time host would get an automatic second chance next year when glitz and glamor could return. Apparently that is not going to be the case. There will be no redemption for the host for something that was completely not his fault. Trevor Noah/"The Grammy Awards"

Once the award show date was changed, for sure, the alliterate A/A- list model/fake coder was going to make sure she was induced on that day. She actually had the baby a couple hours before the ceremony but made sure the announcement took place during the ceremony. Karlie Kloss/"The Grammy Awards" (Karlie Kloss Welcomes First Child with Husband Joshua Kushner)

Speaking of the alliterate model, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to have multiple exes at the show. She still texts the foreign born former boy bander quite frequently and had the close family friend/manager, pressure the award organization to include the former A+ list singer who gets more creepy as he ages. Like a puppet master, this model. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift's exes/Harry Styles/Scooter Braun/John Mayer

There is a massive smokescreen about the death of this former A+ list athlete. The spin is that it was natural causes. In reality, it was from COVID. That in itself would be fine, but some family members think the death was caused by the vaccine, but if that isn't true, it might be too late to put the cork back in the bottle.
Marvin Hagler

It has been awhile since I heard from this reality star or his "publicist." This is the "tip," he/they sent in to show he is trying to wade through dozens of women throwing themselves at his feet. "They've hooked up several times in the past month after really enjoying each other's company a bit ago. Not sure if they'll become a couple, though he would like to. He thinks she might not want to simply because he's not her normal type. Think Rick O'Casek and Paulina. He was so torn up over his breakup and devoted all his time to his businesses to help get over it, so all he's done the past few years is hookups with random women." Jonathan Cheban

Relatively speaking, no one will watch the show and most people haven't seen any of the nominated movies for best picture, but there is a lot of buzz this morning that the fix was in nomination wise for the one about a city. Anyone who actually did see it, would have nominated it for a Razzie because it is that bad. Have all the award shows gone dirty? "Academy Awards"/"The Trial of the Chicago 7"

This back in the day A-/B+ list NBA player who was more famous off the court for his television career and for the women he dated/married. For years, he has been playing with fire with what he has been doing in this Caribbean country. Over the past year as he became more desperate for money, he really pushed the envelope with legality. He is being investigated for sure by two countries. Not Dennis Rodman, but Dennis did have a nickname of an animal. That could help you. Rick Fox

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **10**
Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: There have been endless conspiracy theories and allegations of foul play but the true cause of death of this actor (Steve Cochran) who if rating by today’s standards would be a B- is far less exotic. In keeping with his thuggish image (which included run ins with the police and a reputation with women), the actor had worked for real mobsters early in his career. He had been badly beaten up in one point with brass knuckles used. The condition that killed him was a result of an old injury from this. The fact his body was not examined for a number of days after his death has fed conjecture. Steve Cochran

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **11**
He Died: He barely snagged a one paragraph obituary, but the death of this architect is a big one. For all of his adult life, he would tell people when asked about his job, would reply, "I work for the government." That is all you need to say in big government towns like Washington D.C. for people to not ask a followup, such as, "Where?" It is code for something top secret. It used to mean CIA, but these days could be any type of secret government organization. He was recruited out of college and designed offices/buildings/stash houses and so much more, all in secret, for the government. From time to time, he also did other things. One of those things is more massive than anything else. It consumed well over a decade of his life in the actual building, and the rest of his life was consumed with hiding. For many years, he was in charge of building a structure which is one of the biggest in the world. Oh, he wasn't in charge of the above ground stuff. He was in charge of the below ground stuff. He also came up with the ideas of what to tell the press each step of the way when there was a "failure," in the structure, or something that didn't work right. It was also his idea for the name of the company that built it, but had no idea someone would actually make a plaque with the name. He did it just to feed to reporters, so they would have no place to turn to for answers, because the company didn't actually exist. With so many governments wanting the secrets of what was beneath, he had to go into hiding for pretty much the remainder of his life. The only project he did afterwards was a one off at the request of this royal family in the Middle East who wanted something similar for their own private area of a public structure. Curtis W. Fentress/"The Denver Airport" (How the Denver Airport Became an Icon of the Illuminati) (The definitive guide to Denver International Airport’s biggest conspiracy theories)

Apparently this talk show ("The Talk") is in deep trouble. The former journalist turned host (Elaine Welteroth) tried to take down the former network reality star (Sharon Osbourne) and wants to be the new boss, much like the reality show host (Julie Chen) was when her husband (Les Moonves) ran the place. Everyone on the staff is scared of the firmer reporter and her team. The EPs are scared of her so they give her everything she wants. The widow (Amanda Kloots) just wants to keep her head down and have a job to go to every day. Most of the staff are hoping the network pulls the plug on the show. Everyone is on eggshells. "The Talk"/Elaine Welteroth/Sharon Osbourne/Julie Chen/Les Moonves/Amanda Kloots ('The Talk' Extends Hiatus as Claims Mount Against Sharon Osbourne)

The soon to be husband of this alliterate celebrity who is by far the least known of any of the celebrities in her family, thinks the family of her soon to be husband are billionaires. They are on paper. However, all of that paper is suddenly becoming worthless as their home country fails. Tiffany Trump/Michael Boulos/Nigeria (Inside Tiffany Trump's Relationship with Fiancé Michael Boulos)

This former A- list tweener turned A- list adult singer is thisclose to getting a restraining order served on her by her long long time on again off again ex. Demi Lovato/Wilmer Valderrama (Wilmer Valderrama reveals his newborn daughter's 'strong' and 'unique' name and how it was inspired by a trip to Japan)

They probably didn't need to do anything to have most ego feeding actors and directors stay the course with this award organization. The organization is discussing adding ten new members so they can say they increased membership by 15% and are taking steps to blah blah blah. They won't change, but the actors and directors just want a little cover with a bunch of word salad. "Hollywood Foreign Press Association" aka "Golden Globes" (Golden Globes: 100+ PR Firms Warn HFPA They Will Cut Off Talent Unless There Is "Transformational Change")

Mr. X - Old Hollywood: When she was first investigated about her many "doctors"/dealers in 1948 this permanent A list singer/actress was still under contract to MGM. The head of the studio called the director of the FBI to drop the case which he did. A different permanent A list singer unfortunately did not have that luxury. The FBI had a massive file on our first actress/singer which disappeared after she died. Rumor has it that one of her kids has them, after money exchanged hands in the ‘80s, to not have it released because it has info about those drug dealers plus her left wing politics with "Communist front groups" which got Joe McCarthy’s attention in the early 50s. Judy Garland/Billie Holiday

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The dispatch order had one female name on it, which the driver didn't recognize. He arrived at the pickup location in the Hollywood Hills. Two women came out and got into the car. It was clear which one of them was in charge, so the driver addressed her by the name on the order. The woman rolled her eyes and looked at her companion, giving the "loser doesn’t know who I am" look. The name on the order was that of her companion. After a couple of very sarcastic comments from the woman, the driver began driving to a premiere in Westwood. The condescending woman had the driver stop two blocks away from the premier and drop her girlfriend off to walk the rest of the way, so that she could arrive at the premiere solo. The driver later learned that she was a comedian who had a hot television show at the time, and was still in the closet. Ellen DeGeneres/"Ellen" or Rosie O’Donnell/"The Rosie O'Donnell Show"

This A/A- list mostly television actor who reached his peak about a decade ago, is back full on with the booze. The other night a pap asked him about it when he was leaving a party with his girlfriend. It didn't go well. Jon Hamm/"Mad Men" (Jon Hamm, 50, makes sure girlfriend Anna Osceola, 32, gets safely into a waiting car as they leave late-night post-Grammys party in Santa Monica)

This original showrunner of a long long long long long running network show believes in loyalty. If you are loyal to her, she will make a splash with some news and a return of a fan favorite to get everyone to stop talking about how you affaired yourself through a vast swath of the married actresses on the show while you were also married. Shonda Rhimes (although never married)/"Grey’s Anatony"/ Jesse Williams/Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17; Another Former Cast Member to Return)

When this former A list singer would hit the stage at her residency, she was probably down to A- list. Every night while she was on stage, her husband would be having sex with the sister of the singer.
Toni Braxton

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **10**
This so far, one hit country wonder (Cam), had her huge hit ("My Mistake") a couple of years back thanks to her sleeping with the record label boss ("Arista Nashville"). After the song reached its peak, the label boss moved on. The new label boss ("Thirty Tigers") heard about what happened, and decided he would hate the singer because of what happened, and has refused to promote anything she has done since. Cam/"My Mistake"/"Arista Nashville"/"Thirty Tigers"

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **11**
The Winter Of Discontent: The title is much more dramatic than the actual blind. I just wanted to use it and realized it is almost spring, so now or never. Over the fall and winter, this A+ list mostly movie actor feels as if he were used, much the same way he uses the women who are not his wife. In his case, he feels used by those higher on the food chain. He has believed for many years that he was at the top of the food chain, especially because of his long long time partnership with this permanent A+ list director. The director made it clear to the actor in late January, that this was not the case. The actor had been promised nearly $100M for his participation in a public relations drive if you will. He did not get it, or anything close to it. He got nothing. He can't do anything though because if he says anything, people will know he was complicit. People will know he lied/exaggerated/embellished. The one thing he can do, is to expose the director. The director has a huge project coming soon and the actor can roll out the red carpet of misdeeds and sully the reputation the director has with the public. Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson/Steven Spielberg/movie loosely based on his childhood growing up in Arizona (Tom Hanks' COVID-19 diagnosis likely shaped behaviors, thoughts toward virus) (Steven Spielberg To Direct Untitled Project Loosely Based On His Childhood; Michelle Williams In Talks For Role Inspired By His Mom)

As this alliterate permanent A+ list legend nears death, the publicity team of this initialed rapper and his wife are trying to leak that the legend used to, along with her abusive husband, drug and rape women. Stop yourself. She has always denied this and no women have ever come forward to say its true. Tina Turner/Ike Turner/T.I./Tiny (Tina Turner says goodbye to fans with doc amid PTSD, stroke, cancer) (Tina Turner Still Has Nightmares About First Abusive Marriage, Says Husband Erwin Bach) (More accusers allege sexual misconduct against rapper T.I. and wife, Tiny)

Reader Blind: You probably forgot about him- *that was the goal. But, you do know of him. This comedic actor was no less than A++ (Chris Tucker) for what one could sum up.. a good decade. He was in some of the most quotable movies -if you watched any of his sleeper hits; others, international box office, blockbuster gold, you laughed. And you may have forgotten about him until maybe one of those silly movies appeared on your tv. And you can’t help but think, "hmm, he was really funny...whatever happened to him?" Well, he’s popped up briefly and *nervously? or, just a bit "different"/ bloated? and *less funny? from time to time, in press or shows - but never in too big of a way. (Filmography) Some say he disappeared because he had a bad agent, others claim he had a scoundrel accountant who robbed him blind and gave him major tax issues. Many say he was hooked on drugs, couldn’t handle fame, gave too much money away to family, etc. etc. But, on occasion, he’s even claimed he found, *"religion". Well, if he ever wanted to make his potential in box office owed-money back, he should write a religious book or do a tell all interview about one, particularly infamous, wild, and crazy flight/trip he took to another country and suddenly found, his "religion". (Or even a tell all about a belated eccentric/creepy A+++ friend he was acquainted with, could be pretty interesting, too.) But, there was a brief, yet *now somewhat famous/infamous trip where some extremely A+++ celebrities/ powers who were in attendance and misbehaving. So he saw much too much, then, knew too much, and there are claims he actually thought he witnessed "THE Devil". Soon after this *trip, his life and career changed drastically. He was "influenced" upon returning home. His Hollywood deals, canceled. Once he found this "religion", he disappeared quickly, almost completely from celebrity life, and has *mostly kept his mouth shut, ever since. He’s gone bankrupt. He did a few "safe" shows to make ends meet. He, to this day, is haunted, not only by what he saw, but also yearly by a federal/government agency. He lives in a paranoid state and will never talk about the powers that he saw and/or what he/they did on the fateful trip for a now defunct, "charity". He could and should be SO much richer than he is. He is a "haunted" man who, if can manage to *stay under the radar... may be able to survive, but will never thrive. One power player (Jeffrey Epstein) who attended the trip is *dead. Another (Kevin Spacey), *exposed but "in hiding" while sending out sporadic, coded, social media messages. The *Other (Bono), *never mentioned in infamous story- but was present; also currently exposed; but highly protected by powerful family...still visits tiny country/island (Haiti) known for extreme underage trafficking. The last attendee, *Main Man (Bill Clinton), is comfortably retired. Escaped exposure somewhat... certainly, no less powerful and in control of the fate of all infamous *survivors of *the trip. At any minute, the ball could drop and this *under the radar comedic actor has evidence- THE nuclear ammo to sink those entities that haunt him. But despite his *religion (born-again Christian), he won’t. He wants to live a life safely, for his family, and remain "under the radar", for now. He may have another streaming deal soon- it will probably fall through again. But if it doesn’t, it won’t be his style, or remotely "funny". He, his money, and his donated ratings will remain, *under the radar or else... Chris Tucker/Jeffrey Epstein/Kevin Spacey/Bono/Haiti/Bill Clinton/born-again Christian ('It was like camp with corny jokes': Air stewardess Epstein accuser tells how she flew with the pedophile, Bill Clinton, Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey on the 'Lolita Express' to Africa and they all fell asleep watching a movie) (Bono, Chris Tucker Visit UC To Discuss Africa) (Comedian Chris Tucker’s Absence From Film Has a Lot to Do With His Religious Beliefs According to New Documentary)

Speaking of near death, this back in the day A list mostly movie actor has cheated death before. A few years ago, we all thought he was going to die. It was inevitable but then he went against the powers that be in his life and he lived. This time, there doesn't look like there will be a recovery. So many memorable roles. Arguably the best to ever play this particular superhero. Val Kilmer/"Christian Science" (How Val Kilmer beat throat cancer and came back with a new voice)

This former A+ list child actress turned A list celebrity had a bender last weekend which is unlike anyone has seen her do in over a decade. This isn't good for her. Drew Barrymore (Look at Drew Barrymore’s Dirty Feet…She’s Wearing a Mask While Walking Barefoot in NYC)

This actress (Angela Lansbury) has seemingly been around since the beginning of time. I mean when you get up there to the age of Betty White, that is saying something. The thing is, our actress didn't become super famous until much later in life. Oh, sure, she had a nice steady career, but nothing like that hit television show ("Murder She Wrote"). It was when she got super famous that she had to pay off a tabloid to not mention how her children were members of the Manson Family. They didn't take part in the killings or planning, but were neck deep in the family. Angela Lansbury/"Murder She Wrote" (daughter Deirdre Ann Shaw) (How Charles Manson courted Hollywood’s impressionable offspring)

This actress (Alexis Knapp) has a movie franchise ("Pitch Perfect" (film series)) with several installments. Despite that, she is B+ list at best. She lives her life super under the radar. She had one big scandal in her career, and managed to keep that down to a whimper because of how quiet she usually is. It is because she is so quiet, that she has yachted for years without anyone knowing it. Also, because these are long term things, so not as much chance of them leaking. She still has nothing nice to say about this former A- list actor (Ryan Phillippe) with whom she shares a bond (daughter Kailani Merizalde Knapp). Alexis Knapp/"Pitch Perfect" (film series)/Ryan Phillippe/daughter Kailani Merizalde Knapp (Ryan Phillippe will 'gladly' take paternity test after pregnant ex Alexis Knapp gives birth) (Hollywood stylist reveals the best and WORST stars she's ever worked with - praising 'professional' Selena Gomez while slamming Pitch Perfect star Alexis Knapp, accusing her of 'losing' pricey jewelry and staining clothes)

That technology CEO really should take heed of the things he has previously signed. Don't take drugs and then let it slip to people at a party that the top secret military flight that took place this past weekend was a plane that breaks the sound barrier, but does so without anyone hearing it. Elon Musk (Mysterious High-Altitude Flight Corridor Was Opened Up Between Area 51 And The Pacific)

Would a professional sports team financially back someone's legal efforts to go after their biggest star? They would if it would keep the star in the fold for the foreseeable future. "Houston Texans"/Deshaun Watson (Deshaun Watson Sexual Assault Accuser List Grows, Lawyer Claims 9 Women Coming Forward)

This southwest Housewife is at war with her husband. He is about to leak some audio/video of the Housewife wasted out of her mind to try and make himself look better. They should have given this whole thing up after the mistress baby. Bryan and Brandi Redmond/"Real Housewives of Dallas" (Brandi Redmond’s Husband Bryan Allegedly Caught Kissing Another Woman!)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **10**
There is some book coming out about how this first lady and her husband were going to have this huge romantic trip but he ended up dead. Nothing can be further from the truth. The first lady hated going on trips and the only reason she was on that trip is because she spent the very late summer and most of the early fall having an affair on a yacht. The trip was to make it look like things were normal. Jackie Kennedy/John F. Kennedy/Dallas, TX

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **11**
St. Patrick's Day: My annual holding back items about all things Ireland until St. Patrick's Day.
#1 - This A list actress (Brenda Fricker) in Ireland is one of the top actresses there of all time. She is also closeted and just had her tenth anniversary with her partner. Our actress will never come out. She fears she would lose everything. Brenda Fricker
#2 - This B+ list actress (Elaine Cassidy) in Ireland recently ended a long run on a popular television show where she played a member of law enforcement. She is having an affair with a married politician who has been the leader of a party in Ireland. Elaine Cassidy
#3 - This director (Jim Sheridan) is B- list in Ireland, despite being Oscar nominated. The director and their significant other are notorious for getting drama students drunk and then having sex with them. Jim Sheridan
#4 - This former B+ list child actor who doesn't really act much any longer, but is still really well known is having a relationship with a woman who stalked him for years. Apparently they are in love.

Buying The Media: There is not a lot to report on during the pandemic and sites, like mine struggle for news. And that is where "talent" and I use that word very loosely, come in. In my nearly a decade of doing this job have I NEVER seen some D list reality ho with a failing reality show splashed all over the news. The amount of coverage is INSANE. Clearly her agent has a connection with Page Six who is covering her as a celebrity. In reality she is an attention whore. And a really shitty parent. That kid’s father and or paternal grandparents need to come get the child. She’s a narcissist. Maybe the kid is already somewhere else? And how is it good press to be frolicking on the beach during a pandemic? She’s paying for a VERY expensive agent. And now she is literally being splashed everywhere. Rumor has it she is trying to marry someone with a big name. But she is a whore. So … we shall see. Madison LeCroy/"Southern Charm" (Bikini-clad Madison LeCroy escapes Alex Rodriguez drama in the Bahamas)

179. POPBITCH 03/18
(British blog) Which TV host had a bit of a panic when their car broke down driving home after a show one night – as they accidentally spilled the two glasses of wine that they'd stolen from the studio green room all over the rented car's gearbox? (They later told colleagues the incident had taught them a very important lesson. From then on, they always kept their car wine in a Thermos-style flask...)

This southern reality star is using her new found fame outside the reality world to dramatically increase her yachting rates. Before, it was just hooking up with rich or famous guys and now she is actually getting money too. Madison LeCroy/"Southern Charm" (Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy shares a slew of sizzling bikini snaps as she jets off to the Bahamas - while Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez 'work on issues' after 'split' claims)

Well, at least we know Kneepads will still kneepad for the former A+ list rapper and repeat whatever he says word for word even if it makes literally no financial sense at all or any reality to it. Kneepads has decided the former A+ list rapper is worth six times what he was worth last year even though that was proven to be false. "People"/Kanye West worth $6.6B (Kanye West Is Worth $6.6 Billion — and More Than Half of It Is Thanks to His Yeezy Brand)

Apparently the permanent A+ lister couldn't be bothered to ask the foreign born B+ list actress about any of the affairs that led to her being banned from films in her own country until she got married. Apparently there were no questions about separate bedrooms from her husband or separate houses either. Oprah/Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jones (Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About Marriage to Nick Jonas on Oprah's Super Soul)

The coke bloat is real with this former child actor turned A- list mostly television actor who is only A- list if you actually watch his almost network show. Otherwise, you probably have no idea who he is. Cole Sprouse/"Riverdale" (Cole Sprouse takes new gal pal on walking tour of Vancouver)

At least one of the guilty parties in the accusations made by the former tween star turned A- list singer hired a bot army. Her story came out and the guilty party had bots attacking the singer within hours. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Said She Was Sexually Assaulted By Her Drug Dealer And "Left For Dead" On The Night Of Her Near-Fatal Overdose) (Demi Lovato alleges an ex-boyfriend took her virginity by raping her)

The former A+ list actor who was back in the news this week for the first time in years, has hired his old pedophile publicist again. The only reason I can think of is possibly the pedophile is blackmailing the actor. Charlie Sheen/Jeff Ballard
(‘Kid90’: Soleil Moon Frye Recalls Losing Her Virginity to Charlie Sheen — ‘He Was My Mr. Big’)

I have written about this married cable news contributor who also has his own show on the network. He is spending more and more time with the divorcing reality star. If he leaves his wife and family he will be such a hypocrite, but he probably will. Van Jones/Kim Kardashian (Is Van Jones perfect for Kim Kardashian?)

He is nearing 100 years old, so take what he says with a grain of salt, but this billionaire says that his dead son was paying $200K per month to be with this now dead A+ list celebrity we all used one name to describe. Mohamed Al-Fayed/Dodi Fayed/Diana

This former A- list mostly television actor is still technically married to this A/A- list actress. He also took out a massive loan in her name. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox (Megan Fox's ex Brian Austin Green says he does not know how to 'protect' their gender neutral kids: 'It's my job to make sure the path they're on is positive')

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **10**
In another "improv," this former celebrity chef described the never ending relentlessness of her ex always wanting to set up a threesome with this celebrity chef known for her love of rock stars and actors and not so much her marriage vows. The threesome never happened, BUT, the ex still hooked up with the desired threesome partner. Sandra Lee/New York Governor Andrew Cuomo/Giada De Laurentiis

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **11**
Old Ties - Old Hollywood: Back in the day, this A list comedian/comic actor (Lou Costello) who was part of a partnership ("Abbott and Costello") not named Laurel and Hardy was brought to the attention of the FBI, buy someone who was a little out there in her thinking. She was convinced the comic actor was a traitor and sending secret messages to the Germans during WW2. Well, the FBI couldn't back her story up, but they did decide to keep surveillance on the actor and discovered that he had the biggest adult movie collection in Hollywood. They also discovered that, while our married actor enjoyed watching two women have sex in front of him while he was out of town, he had mafia goons confront any men who seemed to be paying too close attention to our actor's wife (Anne Battler, a former burlesque dancer). The FBI then started looking into the other half of the duo (Bud Abbott) and discovered he had a massive porn collection too and was having it shipped in from other states and countries. The director of the FBI declined to pursue the matter though and the actor never knew how close he was to being arrested. Lou Costello/"Abbott and Costello"/Anne Battler, a former burlesque dancer/Bud Abbott (Who’s on First? Rumors of the Abbott & Costello Porn Collection & more)

I wonder if the ginger haired one thinks that some random pap must have got really lucky to snap his photo while out randomly biking with no helmet, mask, sunglasses or anything to disguise who he is. Of course not. He was sent out by the wife knowing full well there would be a pap, because they were called in advance. And yes, US taxpayers are still paying for security for the couple.

This still fairly closeted foreign born former boy bander hooked up with a guy this past weekend. Meanwhile, the publicists for his "girlfriend," make it seem as if the couple are headed down the aisle as quickly as possible. Umm, no. Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde Celebrates Harry Styles’s Grammy Win With Photos of Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger)

The world is filled with fan groups and forums dedicated to various famous people, and there are always those that would prey on the gullible. Deep fake scammers are the latest twist on the old con. However, there is a series of events that has the fan forums buzzing. At first it was the old is she or isn’t she a girlfriend debate. The PR maven came out swinging, getting the gossip debunking site to state that there wasn’t a girlfriend, and threatening those that would post that there was. But after all the photos staged for readily available paparazzi and all the articles favorable to someone age appropriate, the general consensus is that the subject is the girlfriend. After all, she shows up everywhere with him now. While overseas, she had a meeting with one fan club, and with opportunities to meet the actor, they are now fanatic fans of hers, promoting her projects and attacking others. Many others are watching, catching each little detail, documenting every lie and personal attack. Each social media post draws the attacks to report posts, getting the social media account blocked or deleted as a way of silencing criticism. It has gone so far that the girlfriend has gotten a restraining order against one poor, infirm older lady, accusing her of harassing and stalking by using multiple social media accounts. Where is the actor in all this? In the court records, the lawyer clearly states that he is representing the girlfriend and the actor. This is setting a buzz that he is complicit and not just an innocent victim. Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves

Even Instagram said enough. This TikTok star/singer who isn't even old enough to drive and has millions of followers posted photos where she is clearly engaging in sexual contact with her legal aged boyfriend. So, yes, child porn. Instagram cared, but no one else does. I hope she knows that all those videos of her having sex that she recorded are also all illegal. Her mom thinks it is great publicity. Danielle Cohn (Teen YouTuber Danielle Cohn's ex-boyfriend claims she's only 14 as speculation around her age continues to grow)

This east coast Housewife knows if she does the all star show, her husband will cheat on her the whole time, but she is thirsty and thinks her marriage is doomed anyway, so might as well pick up a paycheck. Melissa Gorga/Joe Gorga/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/‘The Real Housewives: All-Stars’ (‘The Real Housewives All-Stars’ Cast: These Are the Names Rumored for Peacock Spinoff)

This married politician has aspirations for the top job. One thing he is trying to clean up are some awkward attempts at hitting on women over the years when he has done one of his quirky side jobs to get publicity for himself. A couple of the women said he was creepy. NOT Zodiac Killer creepy.
Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz and the Zodiac Killer, explained)

Reader Blind: Many years ago, these two actresses, one still living and one deceased, were on the same popular groundbreaking sitcom. Neither was the star but both had short lived spin-off series as a result. Both actresses were in loveless marriages at the time and they became very close eventually having a several month long sexual relationship. There was a hotel near the studio and they often would go there together at the end of a day's shoot.
Cloris Leachman ("Phyllis")/Valerie Harper ("Rhoda")/"The Mary Tyler Moore Show"

Reader Blind: There have been lot of stories lately about the friendship between two people everyone knows - The deceased pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) and the disgraced writer/director/sometime actor (Woody Allen). There is however one part of the story that has not come out yet and that involves how they met. Many years ago, the writer/director made a film ("Manhattan") where his character had a truly inappropriate relationship. In the film, the person (Mariel Hemingway) he had the relationship with went to the institution ("Dalton School") the pedophile worked at and the writer/director visited there to do research for the film. The two men did get to know each other at that time. Jeffrey Epstein/Woody Allen/"Manhattan"/Mariel Hemingway/"Dalton School" (Jeffrey Epstein Taught at Dalton. His Behavior Was Noticed) (Mariel Hemingway, back in "Manhattan") (Quiet, Everyone; Woody's Filming)

Reader Blind: One of the great mysteries of modern music is what happened to this foreign performer (Lee Mavers) who has the leader of a band ("The La's") that made an excellent record with a song on it that became a huge hit ("There She Goes") and has been covered many times but since then has not released any other music and has largely disappeared. He was an influence on many musicians from his native country. While the drug problem stories are true. he was not inactive for those years he was not in the public eye. In fact, he has recorded dozens of songs and he has been telling people lately now might be the time to release them. Some of them go back to the time of his success, others are newer but those who have heard his unreleased tunes have said they are of amazing quality. Lee Mavers/"The La’s"/"There She Goes" (The mystery of 'lost' rock genius Lee Mavers)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **10**
Many, many years ago, I wrote about this foreign born B list director (Richard Stanley) and his very interesting backstory as to why, exactly, he was never A list despite working with some big A listers (Filmography). He's being called out on social media by his ex (Scarlett Armaris) for abuse (Domestic abuse allegations). She won't be the last one. Richard Stanley/ Scarlett Amaris (‘Color Out of Space’ Producers SpectreVision Cut Ties With Director Richard Stanley After Domestic Violence Allegations) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/25/16)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **11**
Four For Friday - Bad Behavior - Old Hollywood Style:
#1 - A wife of this Rat Packer would get wasted at parties and strip naked for guests. She also neglected her kids and often hit her husband. She was also a descendant of one of the original Illuminati families, and let everyone know.
Betty McDonald/Dean Martin
#2 - Speaking of 50's legends, this A list singer/actor/alcoholic had a big stake in a house of ill repute in his hometown. That hometown was a sex trafficking hub and most of the people trafficked had been kidnapped or taken from the streets after they ran away. Dean Martin/Steubenville, OH aka "Little Chicago" (Steubenville Trying To Clean Up "Little Chicago" Image)
#3 - This former A+ list actor/comic/television host was married forever to his wife. That being said, he would sexually assault/rape women who were in his chorus on his many overseas trips. He would also force them to have sex with his famous co-stars on the tours. Bob Hope
#4 - This newspaper baron all of you know loved evangelists. Not for the worshipping, but because he thought it was a great racket to get into. He couldn't do it on his own, but would audition them and if he liked what he saw, he would finance them. Arguably the most well known evangelist of all time got his start after an audition with the baron. The baron financed the first three tours of the evangelist and got his expenses paid back, plus a 50% cut of all offerings. The baron made a fortune. William Randolph Hearst /Billy Graham (Billy Graham Recalls Help From Hearst)

This former A list singer who hasn't really done a lot since she either killed/burned bridges with the people writing songs for her she claimed as her own, is rewriting history. She said she had a horrible sickness that nearly killed her last year. Yeah, a drug binge. Courtney Love/anemia (Courtney Love: I weighed 97 pounds and almost died from anemia this summer)

This A- list three named actor/producer is leaking some really bad stories about one of his former employees, which will probably keep that former employee from working as an actor again.
Lin-Manuel Miranda (My life in the cast of Hamilton: An American Musical)

The cleaning product actor is spending tens of thousands of dollars each week in research and detectives and PR and the lives of his victims are going to never be the same. They have dozens of websites they have bought which are going to suddenly be "independent blogs" written by "supporters" of the actor, and are going to be filled with images and messages from the victims, not only to the actor, but dozens of people they had relationships with. Armie Hammer

The last remaining OG tech CEO is certainly going to make it easier for purveyors of child porn and child sex trafficking to make their jobs easier to find victims. Oh, and he is lying about not collecting data too. Mark Zuckerberg/Instagram for kids under 13

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver regularly drove many studio executives. As a group they were particularly nasty: rude, backseat drivers, very condescending. One female executive even threw a phone at the driver when he missed a turn. It bounced off the headrest. The biggest executive of them all, far higher up than all the others (now cancelled) was quite copacetic however. He always seemed relaxed, never told the driver how to drive, and was often smiling. The driver was not an attractive young woman, and had nothing to worry about or gain.
Les Moonves

The child murderer/yachter appears to be living with a female police officer which is really odd. In social media posts by the police officer, our child murderer is referred to by a name other than her own when it is plain as day who it is. Yes, our child murderer was yachting from a very expensive beach hotel this past week. Yes, she abstained from booze at a recent party, but contrary to rumors, isn't pregnant. Casey Anthony

That southern cotton festival ("Carnival Memphis" (formerly known as the Memphis Cotton Carnival) that is the news right now has an interesting side note. The wife (Lizzy Wilson) of the man (Guy Pelly) who joined the ginger haired one (Prince Harry) in wearing Nazi armbands to a party, was the Queen of the festival (Queen of the Memphis Carnival in 2003) not all that long ago. "Carnival Memphis"/Lizzy Wilson/Guy Pelly/Prince Harry/Queen of the Memphis Carnival in 2003 (Lizzy Wilson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know) (A private jet of rich Trumpers wanted to "Stop the Steal" - but they don’t want you to read this)

Many decades ago, this record label founder (Berry Gordy) spent the equivalent today of about $1M in bribes to the HFPA ("Golden Globes") to make sure this permanent A list singer solo (Diana Ross) and in a group ("The Supremes") won an award for best actress ("Lady Sings the Blues"). He was shocked when he couldn't pull off the same magic in the Oscars. Berry Gordy/Diana Ross/"The Supremes"/"Lady Sings the Blues"

This former teen idol who was A list as part of a group is battling dementia and other serious health issues and has deteriorated rapidly, to the point that he needs 24 hour care. Unfortunately, the "care" he receives consists of nothing but mental, physical and financial abuse. His people beat and neglect him. They steal from his bank account. They force him to smoke pot to fry what little short term memory he has left so he can't come out and say anything about it. Many of his fans know something is seriously wrong, but those who publicly raise the alarm are attacked on his social media, which these people control while he's sitting there in wet Depends stoned out of his head.
Mike Nesmith/"Monkees" (Monkees’ Michael Nesmith Recovering From Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery)

This A lister in his corner of the sports world has a reputation for being hit and miss. He was not born in the country he plays in but has lived there for much of his life. In his adopted country he plays for a certain team. His performances for this team tend toward the miss side of things, causing fans to wonder why he is picked for every game barring injury. The reason he gets selected is that he, in a way, is blackmailing the head coach. He has told him that he is ever dropped, he and his agent will come out and accuse him of racism. The coach is legitimately one of the least racist people around, but he knows the damage an accusation like that would do to his reputation especially now, so he just plays along.

This is why you can never trust any interview with the permanent A+ lister. She lets obvious lies just go with no followup, because she wants to get the big interviews. She knows there is no singing in a mosque, but just nods anyway and lets it go. It is why the alliterate one knew she could say literally anything and nothing would be challenged. If it is not challenged, then it is accepted as fact. Oprah/Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra Says She's 'Aware of Islam' as Father 'Sang in Mosque', Twitter Asks 'Which Mosque?')

Speaking of the alliterate one. Get this. That kissing ass of the state's A+ lister, has paid off. The state's A+ lister promised that if the ailing, aging senator retires that he will replace her specifically with a black woman. Guess who is on the short list. Yeah.

Maybe the widow could buy a few less clothes for herself and her boy toy and actually spend a few bucks on the gravesite. It is obvious she only cares about herself and what she can get. The gravesite looks awful and no money is spent on it. Vicky Karayiannis/Chris Cornell

The people of this current superhero who looks about 12 have been trying to sell him as the next gatekeeper of the very very long movie franchise. They think he would be perfect. I think they are serious about it too which makes it even more disturbing. Tom Holland/"James Bond" (Tom Holland Says It Would Be a ‘Dream Come True’ to Play James Bond)

You still have to get them shipped to you, but you can now order exactly 6 kilos of cocaine on this very large sales web site. It is disguised as a necklace, but a quick check shows there have been dozens upon dozens of sales of this $180K "necklace." I haven't seen any lower or higher amounts. It looks like your only choice is the six kilos. It is eligible for free delivery too. Amazon/Dazzlingrock Collection Heart Colombian Emerald & Round White Diamond Ladies Halo Style Necklace, White Diamond G Color; VS Clarity; Available in 10K/14K/18K Gold ($181,125.00)

The prevailing theory right now on this talk show ("The Talk") is to bring back the creator (Sara Gilbert) and keep the former network reality star who is also a producer (Carrie Ann Inaba) and then everyone else would be new and fresh with nothing to cancel them in their background. One of the co-hosts from way back in season one (Holly Robinson Peete) and one who started in season two (Aisha Tyler) are also being asked if they would be interested. "The Talk"/Sara Gilbert/Carrie Ann Inaba/Holly Robinson Peete/Aisha Tyler

This B+ list actress with A list name recognition never acts any longer. For over a decade, this actress went from promising star with a great future, to a really bad actress and bringing every production down with her. Her company optioned a book that could go somewhere movie wise, but she wants to play the starring role and can't be talked out of it because she still thinks she is a great actress. Katie Holmes/"The Watergate Girl" (Katie Holmes To Produce & Star In Adaptation Of ‘The Watergate Girl’ Memoir By Jill Wine-Banks)

This yachter didn't say which of her "matchmakers" wanted her to extort the foreign born A+ list tennis player who most players on the tour hate. It was actually the mafia who then were going to use the recording to get him to throw a match or two. They are the same group behind several thrown women's matches in 2019. Novak Djokovic (Model Natalija Scekic: I was offered $70,000 for Novak Djokovic sextortion plot)

The former child/tween/teen actress turned adult actress and documentary maker left out an important part of the suicide of this actor. He was being constantly abused by the disgraced director and the director's friends. She didn't want to say it, so I will. Soleil Moon Frye/Jonathan Brandis (Suicide of Friend Jonathan Brandis: 'I Carry His Memories with Me')

This former tweener actress turned A- list singer was told she was going to have her interview put in primetime. She was ticked off they aired her interview on a Sunday morning. Demi Lovato/"CBS" (aired on "CBS Sunday Morning") (See Demi Lovato Talk Overdose, Recovery on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’)

It was all rigged of course, and they only had enough money and bots to do it for one week, so the crash and burn for this latest record from the foreign born former A+ list tweener will be massive. They just wanted something to hold over the A+ list singer. Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift (Drake Breaks His Tie With Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift And Justin Bieber With A Fourth No. 1 Debut)

This fashion company is, in fact, kidnapping women or at least enabling it. "Fashion Nova" (Dubai Dreams Chiffon Maxi Skirt Set - Blue/combo)

This foreign born A+ list director who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee drugged a woman at his house outside the country and then had a doctor perform an abortion on her. He didn't want his wife to find out he got another woman pregnant.

I'm not sure how much longer this foreign born former A+ list athlete turned A/A- list celebrity can hide his mistress. They are together all the time. The city where they live talks about it all the time. David Beckham/Miami (Inter Miami CF Co-Owner David Beckham Can’t Stay Away From The Ball During Preseason Practice)

No matter how they spin it or who they spin it too, the reality family look awful, just like always. Everyone already knows that no one in the family actually donates anything they promise to do. If you believe they do, it is on you. It is next level though to claim you are a billionaire and can't cough up $10K and have to ask others to do it for you. They only care about themselves. No one else. Ever. Kylie Jenner/Kardashian family ("GoFundMe" account for makeup artist’s medical bills) (Kylie Jenner flies Kendall on $72M jet amid GoFundMe fray)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **10**
The kind of celebrity husband of a day time host you all know, is cheating on his wife.
Ben Domenech/Meghan McCain ("The View")

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **11**
Secret Treasure: Several decades ago, this A+ list author died. Over the years many of his personal items have come up for public auction. One item though, was originally sold secretly and the three times it has changed hands in the past couple of decades, the secrecy agreement goes with it. It is because the owner is not allowed to tell anyone what they have, that it gets sold so often. It is the original half typed, half handwritten manuscript that the author wrote but was credited to a different author. It is one of the biggest selling books of all time. The A+ list author didn't think it matched his personality so gave it to one of his best friends. Later in life they made a deal to keep the true author secret. Truman Capote/"To Kill A Mockingbird"/Harper Lee

Three times in the past ten days, the supposed soon to be wife of a Congressman has gone to dinner with the same guy. On the second dinner, someone actually approached who has done business with the soon to be wife and asked how long she had been dating the guy, not knowing about the "engagement." There was a lot of hemming and hawing before the guy said not that long.

Publicists have learned there really is no screening process and have been submitting tips straight to crowd sourced gossip sites that are published verbatim. It is like Kneepads, but published on a much quicker basis. The ones from the exposed celebrity and her A list husband though, appear to be some kind of side deal that was reached with a family member of the husband and certain sites.

This is probably the shoddiest product sold by the celebrity CEO, and that’s really saying something. This product flies under the radar and hardly gets any attention, compared to the others. It’s just not as sexy or exciting. Many of these products have caught fire. For years, these fires happened to both large and small customers. Very recently, it was revealed that the celebrity CEO’s company has been under serious investigation, for a meaningful amount of time, by a federal agency with a long name. The celebrity CEO hid this investigation from the public, and his customers, as he typically does. Elon Musk/"Tesla"/solar products (Tesla whistleblower complaint about solar fires is part of evidence in federal safety investigation)

She wouldn't split with the rapper who is a child molester/snitch for those reasons, but had no problems leaving him when he ran out of money to pay her their agreed upon amount every month. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Why are Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mama Sara Molina and girlfriend Jade fighting? Rapper's ex's mom in center of feud)

The ginger haired one can't do anything about the fact that the company he is working for will never make a profit and would be out of business tomorrow if money was not so cheap. Second, I hope he knows the people who work for the company in the positions that interact with the public are paid barely above minimum wage and the company is quick to throw them under a bus to make more money. I'm sure he will fit right in.
Prince Harry/"Better Up" (Prince Harry Is Taking on a New Job Title: Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp)

This former A list singer who doesn't do much of anything any longer except be a celebrity and live off her money has never been shy about sharing, sometimes too much. At a family gathering this past week, she related a story about how a couple of years ago, she got so much done to her lips and face that she couldn't close her mouth for about ten days. So, she related it was hard to eat or drink anything. Fine story. End it right there. Nope. She also included that she was unable to orally service her husband for that time period. Yeah, and everyone took a drink and a deep breath and then moved on to something else. Jessica Simpson (How Jessica Simpson Celebrated Daughter Birdie Mae Johnson's 2nd Birthday)

One studio that won't be changing its new business model is the one that has been the most successful. Everyone else isn't getting the subscriber numbers to ditch the theatres. The others are not clearing $1B a month from their streaming service, plus the studio also is making as much, if not more money from their 60 day buy it upfront as they would if they had to split money with theatres and marketing and so much more. There is talk about them scooping up a bankrupt movie chain and branding it under their own name. "Disney"/"Alamo Drafthouse" (From the Alamo Drafthouse Bankruptcy to Refusing to Play Disney, It’s All About Exhibitor Survival)

Old Hollywood: People always forget this former actress turned Princess was a yachter first and foremost. Whether it was a producer she was hooking up with in her dressing room at the studio in between takes or bedding a businessman or a King, money was always on her mind. Everyone talked about it at the time, but now people only remember the myth that she was some kind of angel. Grace Kelly (New York City's legendary Barbizon Hotel for women: Elite charm school where yet-to-be-famous Rita Hayworth, Sylvia Plath, Liza Minnelli and Joan Didion lived next to Grace Kelly - who danced the hallways topless - is remembered in new book) (Checking In! Grace Kelly, Little Edie, Liza Minnelli, and the Untold History of the Barbizon Hotel for Women)

Unable to get their purchase money back, this organization is willing to sell the log in credentials for the initialed one at a very very low price. They paid well into six figures and are probably going to sell it for $5K if they are lucky.

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **10**
The former daytime star turned streaming star turned network reality star thought she was an A+ lister a party this weekend. No one was going along with her big diva act and just ignored her. Chrishell Stause

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **11**
Complicated: There are two versions to the story, depending who you ask. The version told by this foreign born permanent A+ list model (Naomi Campbell) is that she was tired of being with her partner (Flavio Briatore). He was and is very rich, but also very much an a-hole and would abuse her verbally nearly every day. He liked to make her feel like crap. She put up with it for several years and needed to move on, no matter how much he was giving her. She wanted to be able to come back if needed, so didn't want to do the breaking up. So, she invited this foreign born permanent A+ list model/producer/host (Heidi Klum) to join in on a threesome. She knew the a-hole would love the threesome partner and she was right and was able to walk away very easily. The other version of events is that the foreign born permanent A+ list model found out she was being cheated on when the foreign born permanent A+ list model/producer/host announced she was pregnant. Naomi Campbell/Flavio Briatore/Heidi Klum

You really only have to look at one person for the death of a celebrity (Bobby Brown) offspring (Bobby Brown Jr.). The same person who was responsible for the death of that person's half sibling (Bobbi Kristina Brown), and also the death of the mother (Whitney Houston) of that half sibling. The three named grifter/grim reaper (Raffles van Exel) who sounds a lot like a former NBA player. Bobby Brown/Bobby Brown, Jr./Bobbi Kristina Brown/Whitney Houston/Raffles van Exel (Parents call for charges in drug death of Bobby Brown Jr)

It would be much more of a shocker if this former A- list singer/actress was taking part in a reunion of her former network show. She and the person being honored hated each other, and no, hate is not too strong of a word. The other big name not participating has a big fish on her yachting line and is not letting any other fish have a chance. She is glued to his side. Lea Michele/"Glee"/Naya Rivera/Dianna Agron (‘Glee’ Reunion Set For 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, Cast To Pay Tribute To Naya Rivera) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/25/21)

In the last decade, this actress has been the lead in a television movie. She has been a judge on a long running cable competition series. She has released records. She went on tour with a permanent A list group. She has been the lead in a reality show. She is also now, essentially broke and homeless because she hasn't worked the past year.
Niatia Jessica Kirkland aka Lil Mama

Reader Blind: More than a decade ago, this foreign musician (Alex Lifeson) in a foreign A+ band ("Rush") that is now defunct had a bit of legal trouble due to an incident involving him and a family member and police. The diehard fans of the band and the band's PR machine were quick to jump on this as nothing and criticize the police for brutality and overreach. But the details of the arrest show the family member used racial epithets to refer to the performer he interrupted and also knocked down a few women in his drunken rampage. Later, when the police tried to arrest the family member who was resisting, the band member physically tried to prevent this and punched a police officer in the face and knocked a female police officer down a flight of stairs resulting in her hospitalization. The band he was part of always had a reputation of getting along together well but privately the member (Neil Peart) of the band who is now deceased said "Every band has an A***ole. He is ours" referring to the band member above. Alex Lifeson/"Rush" (son arrest in Florida)/Neil Peart (deceased) (Rush: The Shocking Arrest of Alex Lifeson)

All last year, this former tweener actress turned A- list adult singer could read the blind items and reveals I wrote about her not being sober. It wasn't until she needed more attention that she finally admitted that she isn't sober and doesn't plan on it, so she can't be called out about it any longer. She's right. She also knows that if she isn't trying to be sober, she will slide down a path that will have her dead by the end of the year. Demi Lovato/"California Sober" (Demi Lovato Calls Herself 'California Sober' -- Here's What That Means)

This former A+ list mostly movie actress is an Oscar winner/nominee (Best Actress in a Supporting Role "Chicago" (2002)). She also just bought a house for her long time secret girlfriend. Since they have lived together forever, this seems like a settlement rather than a gift. Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock buys 17th property, this wild $3M Beverly Hills home)

Speaking of A+ list mostly movie actresses, her B+ list ex, was drunk one night and gave out the phone number of the actress. It then spread around the internet to the point she had to change the number she had been using for well over a decade.
Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe

This former Housewife who quit because she was delusional into believing her always cheating boyfriend was suddenly going to stop cheating and be faithful and marry her, has started a social media company. It isn't a company that actually does anything. It just makes it easier for her to get yachting payments. Tinsley Mortimer/"Real Housewives of New York"/Scott Kluth (Tinsley Mortimer Reportedly "Begging" To Be Back On Real Housewives Of New York Next Season)

Yeah sure, lets dump the Oscar winning writer who also has won awards for television shows and Broadway. The one named permanent A+ list singer who is one of the world's worst actresses and who makes awful awful decisions when it comes to anything on a screen, thinks she knows better and fired the writer of the singer's biopic. Diablo Cody/Madonna (Madonna Is Directing and Co-writing a Biopic About Her Own Life) (Madonna suggest Madame X tour doc should go on OnlyFans)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **10**
Reader Blind: This anti-gay marriage activist who was once A+ list (Anita Bryant) in her profession, has lost her battle and no longer gets to be flown around the world or even the US on subsidized trips, meeting with high-ranking church and government officials. The last trip she made was a piggy-back on a UN event held in a conservative town a few years ago. She got into trouble at that event for falsely portraying a hip cookie company as a sponsor. The failed activist recently tried to emulate the runaway success of the author of a best-selling anti-trans book by writing her own book. The successful book's author has become a media darling and even recently got to testify to a senate committee. Our activist's own book seems to have flopped, and has become a giveaway for donations to a conservative religious group. Anita Bryant

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **11**
The Past: The pseudo celebrity offspring of this permanent A+ lister has been sharing stories of her childhood and the abuse she suffered and how her parents did nothing. Now, she is naming names of those who did sexually abuse her and at the very top of the list is a long long time business partner of the A+ lister all of you know who would invite her to come over to his house to go swimming with his kids. Inevitably he would get her alone and sexually assault her. She says her parents knew but didn't want to rock the boat as far as the partnership went. She also says a "famous actor" also sexually assaulted her several times, but she hasn't said who yet. Mikaela Spielberg/Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela says doing porn is a ‘healing journey’)

There has been no change to the official release date for the biopic of a former royal. That could very well change considering how bad the acting is in it. It is more worthy of a made for television kind of acting. "Spencer"/Princess Diana/Kristen Stewart (Princess Diana Film ‘Spencer,’ Starring Kristen Stewart, Casts Prince Charles and Starts U.K. Shoot)

This permanent A list athlete who made some news in the past few days with what she said, is about to get called out by former teammates for racist comments she made to and about them. Megan Rapinoe (Megan Rapinoe shines spotlight on pay fight and unequal NCAA amenities in Capitol Hill testimony)

This retired late night talk show host is cheating on his wife.

Speaking of former late night talk show hosts, one of them has been hitting Grindr a lot and using some of his rebooted fame to hook up with guys he couldn't land before. Arsenio Hall/"Coming 2 America" (How to watch Coming 2 America with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, streaming now)

Conspicuously absent from a recent celebrity documentary is the offspring of a permanent A+ list producer/showrunner. It is because no one liked or trusted the offspring then or now. Soleil Moon Frye’s "Kid 90"/Aaron Spelling/Tori Spelling (Soleil Moon Frye "Opened Pandora's Box" by Creating Kid 90)

The only sticking point to the dropping of the lawsuit by the former A+ list mostly movie actor against his ex is how big the check is going to have to be. At this point, there is no possible way he can win his lawsuit. The sooner he gets out of it, the smaller the check he will write. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (Johnny Depp Fails to Overturn Ruling in 'Wife Beater' Libel Case, Amber Heard Says She's 'By No Means Surprised')

The former reality star turned snake oil salesperson has all her kids preaching to their millions of followers to not get vaccinated against COVID because the former reality star has an herbal cure she wants all of them to buy. Yolanda Hadid/Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid (Anwar Hadid says he 'absolutely' won't take the COVID-19 vaccine and defends himself amid backlash from fans) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/01/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/26/21)

With paps essentially stalking this A- list actress/director, one thing that has been very noticeable is that the former boy bander is never around. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles (Olivia Wilde cuts a chic figure in a tailored grey coat and gold sunglasses as she grabs a morning coffee during low-key stroll)

I know the author hired to dig up dirt on the alliterate one has already scheduled an interview with her most recent ex. It will be centered on her cheating on him.

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **10**
This former bar star had to borrow money to keep his car from being repossessed. Jax Taylor/"Vanderpump Rules" (‘Vanderpump Rules’: Jax Taylor Reveals He Doesn’t Speak to Lisa Vanderpump – ‘She’s Another One I Could Care Less About’)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **11**
The Money: When this at the time one named rapper (Shyne) took the fall for the mogul (Sean "P. Diddy" Combs), it was understood the rapper would receive $1M for each year he was sentenced. Instead, he got nothing. While in jail, there was little he could do, but when he got out, there was plenty. Even though he was not signed to the label known for their love of money, several of their enforcers made it clear to the mogul that they would be collecting what was owed. The mogul stalled them for several years, but was finally confronted in Paris, not by the label enforcers, but Russian mafia guys with guns. The mogul wire transferred $10M plus interest and a "handling fee" was paid to the mafia guys. Shyne/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Shyne Speaks: I Saved Diddy's Life & He SNITCHED In Court!!)

This back in the day A- list actress is trying to revive her reality career so is kissing the butt of the talk show host/producer who can help her. It is so very needy. Tori Spelling/Ryan Seacrest (Tori Spelling wishes she’d slept with Ryan Seacrest: ‘I would’ve been dating up’)

There is at most one tiny tiny role for a child, but for some reason this permanent A+ list director is having an open casting call for children for his new television show which is filming overseas. Steven Spielberg/"Halo"/Budapest (‘Halo’ TV Series Moves From Showtime To Paramount+)

Even around the holidays, this A+/A list mostly movie actress who is in a superhero universe was still defending the child molesting director. It is only as her release date for her standalone movie nears, that she has suddenly had a 180. Scarlett Johansson/Woody Allen/"Black Widow" (Scarlett Johansson Continues to Support Woody Allen Despite Dylan Farrow’s Hate Campaign) (Scarlett Johansson admits she’s lacked ‘self-awareness’ when speaking out)

This former network reality star turned Disney host/part-time talk show host is about to become a full time talk show host. The one named host needs to spend the next year out of the public eye and is going to walk away from their show. Stephen "tWitch" Boss/Ellen
('Ellen DeGeneres Show' loses 1M viewers after workplace toxicity scandal)

On a dare, this former A+ list actor who now sits quietly at home, had a PEZ dispenser inserted into his butt which he kept there for the entirety of the taping of his long running hit show.
Charlie Sheen

This closeted foreign born A/A- list superhero is hooking up with a food delivery driver who brought him a pizza last month. This is not the actor who is often on television, so there is no need for a Tumblr battle over whether it is him or not. Tom Hiddleston/"Loki"/"Avengers"/"The Essex Serpent" (Tom Hiddleston joins Apple TV+ series 'The Essex Serpent')

The celebrity CEO asked what was the longest battery range of any upcoming models of competitors. He was given the answer and then said their new product would beat that one. By how much he was asked? Three whole miles. Great, it would still be the longest. The thing is though, the tests don't even have it running longer than the current model whose range has also been embellished. So, this would make them fourth or fifth in battery range. Whomp whomp. Elon Musk/"Tesla"/Porsche" (Porsche Says Its Synthetic Fuel Could Make Gas-Powered Engines as Clean as EVs)

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: The best word to describe this classic actor (Robert Mitchum) who was in a number of great films (Filmography) as a leading man is underrated. I say this because even though he still commands a dedicated fan base and stills shows up on many greatest lists two decades or so since this actor passed away and going further back many decades to when he was at his peak popularity, he was never really thought of as technically a great actor. This is wrong, his threatening rough exterior with a sleepy, dangerous look always contributed to edgy and iconic performances. It could be argued that two of his best film performances in fact were as villains (serial killer Harry Powers) ("The Night of the Hunter") ("Max Cady"/"Cape Fear"). This actor told a lot of stories about his early life, some were true and some were embellished. One story he sometimes told after a few drinks was of an experience he had as a teenager when he was a hobo sneaking rides on trains and how he had to beat a man to death who tried to rob him. He was never formally tied to this. Robert Mitchum/serial killer "Harry Powers"/"The Night of the Hunter"/Max Cady"/"Cape Fear" (Robert Mitchum was a Fugitive from a Chain Gang)

Reader Blind Item - Old Hollywood: If the police ever want to reopen the investigation into the murder of this actor (Bob Crane) whose sex life became more famous than the TV show he was the star of they should look at a different suspect (Sigrid Valdis/second wife/co-star "Hilda" in the American television series "Hogan's Heroes") not the deceased one was who was tried and acquitted (John Henry Carpenter). The suspect in question had no alibi for not only the time of the murder but the whole day (she was supposed to be in a different state) and also had financial motivations due to the end of their association. Bob Crane/Sigrid Valdis/John Henry Carpenter

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **10**
Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor who has a franchise does not appreciate the 50 or so texts a day he gets from the foreign born three named actress who feels jilted after their hookup. He has moved on. Chris Evans/Ana De Armas (Ana de Armas sets her highs on new man after splitting from Ben Affleck: Rumor)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **11**
Four For Friday - Bad Game Show Behavior: Some of these involve contestants, so in that case, you can just guess the show.
#1 - This contestant set a record at that time for winnings on this game show ("Password") that has aired on and off for over fifty years. He used an alias for the show. When his episodes aired, it was discovered he was a world class swindler and wanted by multiple state and federal jurisdictions. "Password"/Kerry Ketchem/Patrick Quinn (The Password Is Fraud: TV Show Champ Arrested : He Came to Pick Up Winnings, Got Picked Up on Old Warrants)

#2 - One game show ("The Match Game") known for celebrity guests who were more akin to sexual predators, had a rule. At least half the contestants each week had to be blonde, young, and not allowed to wear a bra. "The Match Game"
#3 - This game show ("Family Feud") host (Richard Dawson) who also did some acting in memorable roles in his career was doing coke with a contestant in his dressing room and also having sex with her. She did so much coke she overdosed and an ambulance had to be called. No one could find her top, so she went to the hospital in a shirt with the show's name on it. Oh, and she was married, so her husband had a big shock when he heard what happened. Richard Dawson/"Family Feud"
#4 - This host (Drew Carey) is still hosting ("Price Is Right") after a long career as an actor. His first game show ("Whose Line Is It Anyway?) gig was not a traditional game show. He was known for sending assistants into the audience if he saw someone attractive and gave bonuses if they could find someone who wanted to hook up with him. Drew Carey/"Price Is Right"/"Whose Line Is It Anyway"

This foreign born former B+/B list actress is just straight up lying about her involvement in the sex cult and the things it did. She also says it wasn't a cult. It sounds like she wants a redux of it. Nicki Clyne ('The women wanted to be branded': NXIVM sex cult doctor who scarred women with leader Keith Raniere's initials says they asked for the marking and insists: 'Nobody was harmed in this')

Apparently AKA Sticks has been angering people by calling out everything she has been. The record is trying to cancel her. Here is what is going to happen. First, they screwed her over at the Grammy Awards. Second, a music video of hers was stolen shot for shot by the person who beat her. If she complains, they will knock her down more. How so? They will change the narrative and tell the world it was her idea to sell the blood shoes, even though it is the winner who is the Satan lover. FKA twigs/Shia LaBeouf/Lil Nas X (FKA twigs steps out in NYC after claiming it was a 'big relief' to speak out publicly against Shia LaBeouf amid abuse allegations) (FKA Twigs Fans Think Lil Nas X Ripped Her Off With His New ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’ Video) (Lil Nas X's Nike Air Max '97 "Satan Shoes" x MSCHF leaves Twitter scandalized)

You know you are in bad shape when you are this former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress/porn director and you agree to have a threesome for coke. Not only that, but someone who is so broke that he can only buy the most cut up stuff available. Bella Thorne (5 Things to Know About Benjamin Mascolo, Bella Thorne's Fiance)

This closeted double one season wonder is having a tough time making ends meet and is discussing coming out and doing gay porn. Colton Underwood/"The Bachelorette" & "The Bachelor"

This former A- list actress wants to do the reboot of the show that made her a star. Her wife doesn't want her too because the wife likes to be the famous one in the family. Portia de Rossi/"Ally McBeal"/Ellen DeGeneres (We’ve Been Down This Road, and We Might Be Down It Again With an Ally McBeal Revival)

The latest craze in laundering money is buying and selling NFT's (Non-fungible token). This former A- list mostly television actress turned yachter who hasn't really acted much since her long running singing show ended, says she was asked to be a part of such a group and it was super shady.
Dianna Agron

Will they be able to see your medical information? Probably not, but I wouldn't put it past them. That isn't the point though. Once you download the app, they will know where you are every single minute of the day and know where you go and who you are with and it will be used for marketing and also "for predictive behavior." Sounds very much Precog like. COVID-19 Vaccine Passport (Will you need a COVID-19 'vaccine passport' to travel? Here's what they are and how they might work)

This former A- list mostly television actress who had two television hits, has her people spending a bunch of money in PR to land her some acting roles. The thing is though, behind the scenes, she isn't ready and it would be a mess. Hayden Panettiere/"Heroes" and "Nashville" (Hayden Panettiere is in a 'wonderful headspace' and is 'excited about the future' after enduring abusive relationship)

It was inevitable this A list "rapper" was going to go into country music. Before he got famous, he said he only went into rap because no one was paying attention to his folk music. So, he put a trap beat behind his songs and he hit it big. Now that he has played all that out and made millions he is tired of playing that role. Post Malone (See Post Malone Cover Sturgill Simpson’s ‘You Can Have the Crown’ at Texas Benefit)

This former A+ list actor (Charlie Sheen) who has been in the news the past couple of weeks says he started having fantasies about being with underage girls after he saw a movie ("The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane") his dad (Martin Sheen) did which showed older men having sex with a 14 year old girl (Jodie Foster). In the movie, the 14 year old had a nude scene (although body double used), but the 14 year old did have her breasts groped and fondled by the older men. Charlie Sheen/"The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane"/Martin Sheen/Jodie Foster

No need to worry that this foreign born B list actor (Robert Wolders) got screwed out of a big inheritance from the A list mostly movie actress (Audrey Hepburn) he was with for the last dozen or so years of her life and all of you know. When he murdered his foreign born actress wife (Merle Oberon), he got a very large payoff. Robert Wolders/Audrey Hepburn/Merle Oberon

With the advent of all of these new Tik Tok and gaming stars, it was kind of inevitable this happened. A casting couch sort of thing where the Tik Tok stars/gamers sleep with technology executives who can land them exclusive contracts and big paydays. One of the biggest is this star (Corinna Kopf) who actually slept with the horrible vlogger (David Dobrik) to get her first big break and then became the personal play toy of this executive (Mark Zuckerberg) at a company ("Facebook") that started out at a university (Harvard). These are much bigger paydays than any actress would get for a role. So, there is a lot of competition for these million dollar paydays and the things you have to be willing to do is also amped up. It isn't unusual to have to be with four or five people at once. You can lose that contract at any time, so you are always on call. Corinna Kopf/David Dobrik/Mark Zuckerberg/"Facebook"/Harvard (The Untold Truth Of Corinna Kopf) (A Timeline of the David Dobrik Allegations and Controversies) (Video Game Streamer Corinna Kopf Gets Dogecoin Tattoo On Her Backside) (Twitch and Facebook Gaming exploded during the pandemic — and they’re even bigger a year later)

Reader Blind: This alliterate foreign born A- list superhero is being called out on social media after declaring on talk shows that he stayed at home alone during the pandemic. Yet numerous pap pics and articles showing him and his equally problematic PR girlfriend visiting beaches worldwide tell a different story. The "girlfriend" has also been called out for her travel and her racist past ("Asian parties") but continues to ignore it. The superhero needs to stop listening to his incompetent team before he loses what’s left of his dwindling fanbase and the company decides he’s no longer worth their investment. Sebastian Stan/"Bucky Barnes - Winter Soldier"/Alejandra Onieva (Why are people slamming Sebastian Stan on Twitter and why do fans think his girlfriend, Alejandra Onieva, is racist?) (Caught in a bad Fauxmance)

Last week I wrote about a back in the day teen singer who was beloved in his group. I wrote about how he is being used and abused by those closest to him. Here is some more of what is happening. He hired someone four years ago who was in her 20's to handle office work. He is nearing 80. His personal assistant left and she just assumed the role, took over the office and started firing people right and left. She fired personal friends of his, changed passwords on staff and had them escorted out, took over his social media and posted as him, etc. She is the only staff member now and lives in his house with him. She says she takes care of him, but no one believes it. She said in her twitter account her aim is to keep him high all the time. Every time he is on video to his fans, he is smoking weed or preparing to smoke a joint. She has blocked every friend on his media. People can't get in touch with him. He's not in the throes of dementia. One of the fans is a nurse and she has said he's in his right mind when he is not stoned out of his gourd. And he's not pissing himself. However, his health is going down the tubes fast. He's diabetic and had a quadruple heart bypass. He's lost a lot of weight, a lot of muscle mass, he's haggard, fatigued all the time and looks like shit. This is all due to her. She feeds him stuff like biscuits and gravy, pork chops, cupcakes, all things an elderly diabetic heart patient shouldn't have at all. She's got him confined to the house and has isolated him from everyone but her. His kids aren't allowed to visit, friends can't talk to him, she's got his phone as well so no one can talk to him, ever. Then late last year, she announced she wasn't going to accept any mail or packages. Now he isn't getting letters or presents in the mail. No one can reach him directly-he is never alone. She controls all of his time, his media, his phone, his friends and family. He is isolated from everyone. If he is chatting with a fan on a Zoom meeting, she is sitting right next to him or is behind the camera. She posts for him, and he hasn't posted as himself since August. He had a girlfriend a couple years ago and had to break up with her because his assistant threatened to kill herself and had a huge tantrum one day when asked to make reservations at a restaurant for the former singer and his girlfriend, breaking equipment in the office. Mike Nesmith/"Monkees" (Monkees’ Michael Nesmith Recovering From Quadruple Bypass Heart Surgery) (BLIND ITEM 03/21/21)

The foreign born A list singer now knows what happens when he doesn't pay the protection money to keep his secrets secret. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello's Home Broken Into, His G-Wagon Stolen)

This A- list mostly television actress who left a long running hit show because she was too good for it until she had to come crawling back because she couldn't find work, got angry at a barista because they didn't know who she was and asked for her name for the order. The actress was in disbelief that she was unknown to the barista.
America Ferrera/"Superstore" (America Ferrera on Returning to ‘Superstore’ for the Series Finale and the Show’s Cultural Resonance)

289. BILLY MASTERS 03/29
Could it be that this oft-tossed about himbo is willing to bend over backwards (and forwards) to ensure his show's success? So say people in the know who claim the scruffy stud is glad for the gig and very effusive with his "gratitude". You know who loves that? Producers. And producers' husbands. Often together. That means juggling a lot of balls. Also, not all guest spots translate into a hit show. Remember, he's been down this road repeatedly, and it's a grizzly business. Sometimes your best work (or all of your work) ends up on the cutting room floor.

This foreign born A list dual threat actor isn't doing himself any favors in landing that franchise role by hanging out with the past?? drug dealer turned Instagram star who escaped a hit job last year, and is always on the run. Idris Elba/"James Bond"

This A+ list mostly movie actor who has a decades long franchise recently took an online anti vax course that he paid $500 to attend.
Bruce Willis/"Die Hard"

This foreign born A list musician from a permanent A list rock group who defended the disgraced director is now defending his employee charged with giving drugs to & raping way underage girls. Brian May/"Queen"/Bryan Singer/chauffeur (Queen's Brian May apologizes after appearing to defend Bryan Singer: 'No such offense was intended') (Brian May’s driver in court on child sexual abuse charges)

This "recent" male actor says he was sexually assaulted by this A/A- list mostly movie actor when they filmed something together not that long ago. Elliot (formerly Ellen) Page

This former A- list mostly television actress from a defunct cable show doesn't act much now and mostly spends her days doing drugs and trying to find guys to pay for them. Because she can't always find guys now to pay for the good stuff, she does a lot of crack. Ashley Benson/"Pretty Little Liars" (Ashley Benson pokes fun at 'LA girls' as she posts heavily-edited selfie to 'look like a blowfish': 'Why does everybody look the same?')

This barely legal to drive celebrity offspring of celebrities most of you know, was actually paid a very large fee to appear on this competition show. That is not the usual practice. Apparently they wanted the ratings boost. Claudia Conway/Kellyanne and George Conway/"American Idol" ('American Idol': Claudia Conway clashes with partner, other duet ends in hospitalization)

The boyfriend of this almost network actress found out about her relationship with her much much much older now former co-star, and that was the end of their thing together. Camila Mendes ("Riverdale")/Grayson Vaughn/Skeet Ulrich (Riverdale Star Camila Mendes and Grayson Vaughan Split)

This foreign born A+ list singer has a new local nanny hired last month. He is already sleeping with her and his wife doesn't know. Michael Bublé

A team of cleaners spent eight hours cleaning a yacht that police sure would like to inspect again. They only got a few minutes look at the probable crime scene. I'm guessing he didn't want to go to jail again for beating his girlfriend, so killed her and dumped her. Ryan Bane/Sarm Heslop (Sarm Heslop’s boyfriend Ryan Bane allegedly blocked U.S. Coast Guard from searching catamaran; cited for obstruction) (FBI searching for yacht captain who sailed off after Sarm Heslop vanished)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **10**
This A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee doesn't want anyone to put the pieces together about him losing his virginity to a showrunner who died the next year in awful circumstances.

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **11**
Disposal: We all know that Carol Baskin was not the first to use a killer animal to do a little body disposal. What about a celebrity though? Someone more famous than a streaming reality star. What if I told you that a former A list mostly movie actress who has an offspring who is arguably more famous, knows all about some bodies disposed by a killer animal. One was a drug dealer who was chasing after the family to be paid. He ended up dead and fed to the animal. The other was a gardener who got a little too close and died. The family didn't want any questions so the gardener was fed to the animal. Tippi Hedren/Melanie Griffith/"Shambala Preserve" (The Shambala Preserve presented by The Roar Foundation) (Before ‘Tiger King’ Mania, Dakota Johnson’s Mom, Melanie Griffith, Was Attacked by Lions That Belonged to Her Own Mother, Tippi Hedren)

The "insider" on this NYC Housewives drama playing out in the media is their boss, who is trying to get ratings to an acceptable level. Andy Cohen

This A list rapper who is trying to do damage control beyond belief this week, has his PR people regurgitating old tea about the one named permanent A list singer solo and in a group. Old interviews from people who knew and worked for the singer where they say things like the singer sacrificed cats and performed other occult rituals.
Lil Nas X/Beyoncé (Lil Nas X’s evil gay Satanic agenda, explained)

Speaking of PR teams spreading complete and utter crap, the team for this alliterate foreign born superhero franchise member, is trying to tell everyone he is still up for a very big role in another franchise. Umm, no he isn't. Sebastian Stan/"Luke Skywalker" (Mark Hamill Pointed Out Problem With Sebastian Stan's Take On Whether Or Not He Could Play Young Luke Skywalker)

Another example of celebrities doing what they want is the filming of that movie overseas about the designer. The lead actor wanted his family along. How to make that work? They gave his significant other a fake job on the movie so she could come and get around the quarantine rules. "House of Gucci"/Maurizio Gucci/Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker (Adam Driver spends time with wife Joanne Tucker and their son in Italy)

Old Hollywood: This foreign born EGOT winner had a ritual he would perform whenever he was doing a theatre production. He would cruise around the lobby after a show and find a young man who might be interested in him. He would invite the man to come to the show the next evening and would have the man orally service our actor during intermission. Sir John Gielgud

During a pandemic, even A+/A list singers take a massive hit in the bank account. You have A+ list expenses and nowhere near A+ list income. So, what do you do? You are still a bigger star than the retread boy bander with the questionable marriage. The next thing you know, you get a cool $20M+ in your bank account and have people fawning over you every second of your working day. Well, except for the craft service guy. He knows what you are going to do to the food. Ariana Grande/Nick Jones/"The Voice" (Ariana Grande joins ‘The Voice’ as a coach, replacing Nick Jonas)

This politician has bills to pay. A lot of them. He also wants to live his life and not have to duck and cover and keep people out of his business. The fact there is a media company out there willing to pay him ten times his annual salary to work for them is icing on the cake. Matt Gaetz/"Newsmax" (Matt Gaetz Is Said to Face Justice Dept. Inquiry Over Sex With an Underage Girl) (Scoop: Matt Gaetz eyes early retirement to take job at Newsmax)

Could there be an alliance? Yes. I am not sure exactly how it would benefit the two children on the same level as the ginger one. He can't change the rules and get them money. There is no one who would listen to him across the burned bridges to get them money. That being said, it is one of those siblings who is responsible for leaking the name of the relative. Maybe the siblings are throwing bombs on their own to extort payments for themselves.
Princess Eugenie & Beatrice/Prince Harry/Princess Anne (Lady Colin Campbell claims Princess Anne is royal accused by Harry and Meghan of asking about 'Archie's skin colour' - but she insists it was actually a misunderstanding about 'culture')

Even though, she mailed in her entire season, the permanent A list model/host/producer got her guaranteed 30% bump in salary for the network reality show on which she stars. Tyra Banks/"Dancing With the Stars"

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **10**
Let me get this straight. This film awards organization is willing to pay for First and Business Class travel to nominees so they don't have to quarantine as long when they enter California. HOWEVER, they are only willing to pay it for actors and actresses, and no one else. No directors or anyone else. Only the names. Apparently the rest of the people in the movie don't matter. I hope the show crashes and burns hard. "Academy Awards" (Oscars: Academy To Create European Hub(s) For Nominees Unable To Travel To U.S.; Producers Reveal New Details On Show)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **11**
The Real First: This now deceased A list poet/author (Sylvia Plath) would give interviews or tell people she didn't really know, what the date of her first suicide attempt was. There was even a well told anecdote about it and where she was when she tried to kill herself. Did she try and kill herself that day? Definitely. It wasn't her first though. You have to rewind a few months to find her first suicide attempt. It was earlier that summer and she was horribly depressed. Her dream job was horrible and she wasn't getting the attention or recognition she thought she deserved. She was crushed. This had been her dream. She made a decision. She was going to end her life. She started by removing all the clothes she bought for this dream job and threw them off the roof of the building where she had been staying for the summer. She went back down to her room to look for more clothes she may have missed and realized she was wearing some. She took them off and walked down the hallway completely naked, headed for the roof. A woman she barely knew saw her and started asking what was wrong and what she was doing. This woman later became a very very well known actress. She followed out poet up to the roof and watched in amazement as the clothes were thrown off the roof. The poet then looked down and seemed to be willing herself to jump. She was talking out loud and decided that running start would be best and if she got moving quickly, she wouldn't be able to stop and it would be over. She walked away from the edge of the roof and was just starting to run when the actress jumped on the poet and tackled her and refused to get up. She stayed there on top of the poet for a good hour, before the poet finally agreed to go back inside. Sylvia Plath

All In The Family…A certain reality TV family is in contract negotiations for a four year renewal to their contracts (with options each year). You guys think of this show as sort of herpes that never goes away. But I think it is kind of cute but I don’t always recap it. I hate half hour shows. Mommy dearest makes six figures per episode plus a small executive producer check for a half hour show! The network loves the show because it is so cheap to make. The problem is that the cute little kids are all growing up and becoming a bit obnoxious and not that cute anymore. The attorney repping the family is the best in the business. The negotiations are expected to continue for a few weeks. It is a complete renegotiation. No one in the family has an actual job, so they are desperate to keep the show on the air for as long as possible. Possible storylines include, reconciling with her parents, finally telling the truth about plastic surgery and bringing in new friends to spice the show up. Basically, she needs to make it worth the six figures per episode for a half hour show. The show itself is considered a "reality comedy" and showrunners don’t think the show is funny at all. But I do! It’s a cute half an hour. And I’m here for it. Kim Zolciak Biermann/"Don't Be Tardy" (Kim Zolciak Biermann Downsizes From Mega-Mansion to Tiny RV: See Inside Her Temporary Digs!)

It is really telling that the A list "singer" was not allowed to watch the documentary about her. She was only allowed to watch edited clips which is why she had the odd quote about it. Britney Spears (Britney Spears Says She 'Cried for Two Weeks' After Framing Documentary, Though She 'Didn't Watch')

Even though it is in a reputable newspaper, I have not seen or heard anything to suggest the permanent A list ex of this A+/A list mostly movie actor is publicly supporting him in his battle with his most recent ex. That is not a battle in which she wants to involve herself. Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

This foreign born B+ list singer is sleeping with one of the contestants she is supposed to be judging. Oh, and also one of the producers of the show. Rita Ora/"The Voice Australia" (Rita Ora suffers bikini blunder as she sunbathes in Australia on a break from filming The Voice)

Even though he crashed and burned over here before when he had a chance to host, this foreign born recently unemployed talk show host is getting a new hour long hosting gig on a cable channel here in the US. Piers Morgan

This married pseudo celebrity/possible abuse victim who is the significant other of someone all of you know, is sleeping with a female roommate of one of her children. Soon Yi Previn/Woody Allen (Inside the mysterious lives of Woody Allen and Soon Yi’s daughters)

This former Disney actress has gathered together a dozen or so very young women to be "therapists" who help guide you through issues. Most of the guidance is you being under the influence of Ayahuasca while they have sex with you. This takes place in the home of the former actress. Bella Thorne (Bella Thorne Talks Cannabis: ‘Forbidden Flowers Is My Baby’)

With all the cleaning product actor talk about cannibalism, let us not forget what happened about 10-11 months ago and the buzz surrounding this foreign born A list actor. There was also speculation from some of his captions and posts on social media, that he too would be interested in it. Armie Hammer

This locked up woman who is supposed to be in custody another few decades for a crime all of you know, wants to get released now. She has some offers from a game company that wants to use her voice to make some horror games involving a very legendary figure. It is not specifically profiting off the crime which is their workaround. Anissa Weier/"Slender Man" murder/"Slender Man" (A woman requesting her release in the Slender Man stabbing asks for forgiveness and chance to be a 'productive' member of society)

This back in the day A-/B+ list actress who last had big fame with a long running network show from which she was booted, is having trouble meeting men to support her. She has long been with famous men, but now makes a living with executives who have cash and a fantasy. Nicollette Sheridan/"Desperate Housewives"

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **10**
This A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and doesn't really act any longer, is quietly trying to sell her shares in her company. A MLM company is really interested, which of course they are because all the products in the company are crap.
Gwyneth Paltrow/"GOOP"

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **11**
The Watcher: I have written about this murdered permanent A list singer (Marvin Gaye) before. In fact, one of his reveals was a Reveal Day reveal that people still mention. As far as I know, the things he did in that blind have nothing to do with any of the things mentioned in this blind. Anyway, when our singer was in his mid 30's when he started hooking up with his 14 year old girlfriend (Janis Hunter) who later became his wife. One of the things our singer loved doing was having her have sex with people he considered on an equal level with him. He didn't share her with people in his band, but if you were a star on the same label, the he would gladly share. She knew it was expected of her and what would happen if she refused. When she was 16 or 17, the pair were in Los Angeles and he offered her to this at the time A+/A list mostly movie actor (Ryan O'Neal) all of you know. He is also one of the world's worst fathers. The actor thought about it, but ultimately said no because she wasn't his type. What he really turned down though was the singer would be watching the whole time. Our actor had been in orgies and threesomes but never had someone sit there and watch. He heard from this other A- list mostly movie actor who was an Oscar winner/nominee (Roy Scheider)
who had agreed. The singer just stared right at the guy and kept asking if it was enjoyable and if the guy didn't seem like he was having fun, the singer would yell and hit the woman. It was very intense. Marvin Gaye/Janis Hunter/Ryan O'Neal/Roy Scheider (Marvin Gaye’s wife reveals how he tortured her) (12/28/17 BLIND ITEM REVEALED/Marvin Gaye a serial killer)

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