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I have written a couple of times about the former reality star turned makeup artist and her out of state home purchase. The purchase is complete. Oh, she doesn't own it though. A production company with a love of Lord Of The Rings does and if she goes through with the show, she gets to live there, but doesn't actually own the property. Kat Von D (Tattoo Artist Kat Von D Buys Historic Mansion in Indiana)

What looked like an unshakeable professional and personal relationship has gone into the crapper. The late night host/producer agreed to be on the podcast of the former Housewife. He did the show. In between the airing of the episode, the former Housewife did an episode of another podcast and wasn't nice. A couple of days later, the late night host did the same podcast. He promised the former Housewife he wouldn't do any other podcasts after doing hers. She was ticked. Huge fight. They are not speaking and she has no plans to air the episode he did for her. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/Bethenny Frankel/"Real Housewives of New York" (Why Bethenny Frankel doesn’t follow Andy Cohen on Instagram)

Half of the productions on this Burbank studio lot are not testing anyone for COVID. The studio says that each production can make their own decisions and the studio is implying they don't care any longer. No one is going to get shut down and there won't be any fines. The health department isn't doing anything because they have been instructed from higher on the state food chain that no television or film productions will ever be shut down again. "Warner Bros." (Hollywood Is Leaving COVID Safety To Ill-Prepared Assistants Who Say They Have No Idea What They're Doing) (California Ends Strict Virus Restrictions as New Cases Fall)

I guess we shall find out if the police are all that interested in questioning the wealthy lover of the singer/DJ that died this weekend, or will go ahead and use the already established story. My guess is the latter. That death was a convenient way for all those other bruises to seem normal. "Sophie" (Grammy nominated artist Sophie dies at 34 in Greece after a tragic falling accident)

The alliterate rocker and his team were always so smug. Whenever anyone said anything about the rocker's abusive behavior they would victim shame and then threaten. They knew they were safe as long as the three named actress never said his name aloud. It isn't like she has never told his name before to others which is why I have written and talked about it extensively. She never did publicly. It gave him cover and leverage against others. No longer. Marilyn Manson/Evan Rachel Wood ('I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer': Disturbing 2009 Marilyn Manson interview resurfaces in which he talks about relationship with Evan Rachel Wood - as she and four others accuse him of abuse) (Marilyn Manson Off Label's Site After Evan Rachel Wood Claims Abuse)

Of course, the alliterate one is the one who had the change made to the reporting of a life event, and as I have told you for months, her significant other will be traveling solo. The question is will he return to his significant other after traveling or just hang out with his easy going drinking buddy, the foreign born A+ list one named singer. Meghan Markle/Name Change on Archie’s Birth Certificate/Prince Harry/Adele (Duchess Meghan Didn't Change Her Name on Archie's Birth Certificate) (Meghan Markle won’t accompany Prince Harry to London this summer) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/25/20)

Reader Blind: At the height of this now defunct band’s ("Talking Heads") success, the most famous member (David Byrne), the public face of the group, stopped talking to the other members and instead started communicating with them in a combination of gibberish, baby talk, and fart noises. This was part and parcel of the manipulative behavior he regularly engaged in. What was funny was he continued to talk normally with the extra musicians the band had taken on tour with them. Their more recent albums were bigger and more complex and needed additional players to present the songs live. Finally after a month of this, two other members (Chris Frantz/drummer) (Tina Weymouth/bass player), who are very close off stage (couple, later married), told the other member to knock it off or they would walk out. The member agreed although he always found other ways to irritate his band mates and they would break up later that decade. "Talking Heads"/David Byrne/Chris Frantz - drummer/Tina Weymouth - bass player

Reader Blind: A previously unknown connection that may come out in future trials is that of the deceased funnyman (Garry Shandling) who was in two hit TV shows ("It's Garry Shandling's Show") ("The Larry Sanders Show") and before that filled in an A++ role ("The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson") and performed live. Yes, he knew the deceased pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) and he visited the infamous location ("Little Saint James") several times. Publicly, he has long had these type of associations. Two of his friendships were with the permanent A list actor (Warren Beatty) who is synonymous with sex and the deceased figure (Hugh Hefner) whose residence ("Playboy Mansion") was synonymous with sex. The deceased funnyman was not so disciplined and got caught in a couple photos with underage pre-teen girls. At the time of his death, he was negotiating with authorities to avoid jail time by testifying against others. This was kept secret to protect the funnyman but he dropped dead before a deal could happen. Garry Shandling/"It's Garry Shandling's Show"/"The Larry Sanders Show"/"The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson"/Jeffrey Epstein/"Little Saint James"/Warren Beatty/Hugh Hefner/"Playboy Mansion" (One Year Later, Comedy’s Still Mourning Garry Shandling)

It sounds like the very very wealthy businessperson who is retired from the company he co-founded, is getting everyone around the world ready for the next virus. He wants the entire world reliant on the products of the companies he invests in and not just the people of Africa, who he has already victimized. Bill Gates/"Microsoft" (Bill Gates Warns That a Next Pandemic Could Be 10 times Worse)

Reader Blind: In darker corners of society where people practice strange rituals are where two photographs are passed around to murmurs of awe and respect. The two photographs have two things in common….1.) They both feature permanent A+ celebrities who died younger than they should have. Photo one is backstage at a very famous event. The celebrity in the photo, a musician, is considered by many to be the greatest of all time on his particular instrument. He is considered to be a pioneer and a trailblazer. Photo two is on the set of an iconic film filmed in another country. The star of the film was also considered a trailblazer for introducing his discipline to global audiences. 2.) Both photos feature the same figure standing with the celebrities. He is a tall pale man with a goatee dressed completely in black. It is better to call him a figure and not a man. He has been around since time began. He appears to those who have potential and desire and he offers the world. But there is always a price. He is the great deceiver. There is a third photo kept under lock and key in a foreign country. It features one of the most evil men of history in a conference room with the same figure. The figure’s attire is slightly different and he is wearing an armband bearing the symbol associated with the evil man.
Jimi Hendrix (guitar)/Bruce Lee (martial arts)/Germany/Adolph Hitler/swastika/Devil

Grifting The Fans: Except for a little light editing, I left this in the words of the tipster. They are not happy. This person used to be in a UK Indie band back in the noughties. The band might have gotten to B list in the UK at the time and were certainly known in Japan, USA and Australia. Their 2nd album was produced by a big name American producer. Things all went very wrong by the 3rd album and they split after it. No, this isn't anything to do with The Libertines, but we are talking about one those 'The' named bands. A one off reunion gig was announced last year to take place in 2021. The person in question has worked day jobs since the band split and not liked it. This person has been interacting heavily with fans for several months now and have just started a Patreon page asking fans for money. This person has stated they have no intention of doing their day job any longer. I know it’s not very exciting but I’m really angry about it as I was one of their fans and I can’t believe the cheek of this guy. He’s trying to get at the moment £700 a month and once he gets it, I expect the amount will go higher. Telling the fans they need to reimburse him for the money he spent buying equipment to do podcasts, for his time tweeting fans, for him as his job (gardening) is seasonal and he doesn’t work at this time of year, to buy him new lighting etc. Sounds like Corey Feldman! Today he posted f**k gardening and he’s not doing that anymore. Hitting up his old fans for cash. I think it’s morally wrong.

Just when we thought we’d heard it ALL in this messy celebrity breakup, it now seems like we’ve only scratched the surface! We’ve been captivated by the escapades of the male half of this couple, but it turns out the female half has some odd sexual peccadillos of her own! During her seemingly happy marriage, SHE had countless affairs with burly blue collar guys – the type that don’t shop at Brooks Brothers. While her naughty spouse was out tom-catting, SHE was trolling the Home Depot parking lot, picking up day workers to work on HER! Her refined mate knew he didn’t satisfy her appetite for working class guys, so he didn’t care about her indiscretions. Armie Hammer/Elizabeth Chambers

This A+/A list mostly movie actor who has starred in the biggest franchise ever, also has done pay cable. According to a foreign born actress, he also verbally and physically attacked her on set and forbade any of the crew from looking at him or talking to him. Adam Driver (Lídia Franco/"The Man Who Killed Don Quixote") (Adam Driver accused of physical assault on the set of 2018 movie)

The wife of the alliterate rapper/actor is all in on going after the alliterate talk show host about something that happened a long long time ago. Maybe, instead of that, you can focus on the fact that while married, your husband has impregnated at least three women. Tamika Smith/Method Man/Wendy Williams (Method Man’s wife calls Wendy Williams a ‘circus freak’ over hookup claim)

Even though her latest project sucks just as bad as the last dozen or so, this former A+ list actress who everyone hates, got the "Most" deal. That means her latest project no matter how poorly it does, will receive an accolade from the streaming service. This will be some type of most ever watched, or most ever watched comedy, or some other accolade that has no basis in reality. Katherine Heigl/"Firefly Lane"/Netflix (Firefly Lane Review: Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke's Netflix Soap Opera Is the Most Trivial of Pursuits)

The celebrity CEO hates shorts. How does he then explain his massive short position in that space competitor?

This Housewife (Sorisha Naidoo) is in a new overseas (South Africa) franchise ("The Real Housewives of Durban"). She was kind of a one year wonder prior to doing some acting and reality (soapie Scandal!/Miss India South Africa in 2002). Her new role is also drawing attention to her celebrity husband (Vivian Reddy) and his shady business practices (Controversy). He is once again going to have throw a lot of bribe money around to stay out of jail. Sorisha Naidoo/South Africa/"The Real Housewives of Durban"/Vivian Reddy (Durban dishes up some (mostly) real housewives, including Zuma’s ex-fiancée)

It took about a week for the married, now former political appointee to hang out with the disgraced director and have a party. It was four or five guys and about twenty women. Steve Mnuchin/Brett Ratner (Steve Mnuchin’s wife stars as hedge fund manager, serial killer in new movie) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/02/20)

Reader Blind - Kindness: This deceased personality (Calvert DeForest) who would be very recognizable to people who grew up at a certain point especially college students, used a name (Larry "Bud" Melman) given to him by the show ("Late Night with David Letterman" - NBC) he was on that starred a permanent A+ comic/host (David Letterman). When the show moved to a different network ("Late Show with David Letterman" - CBS), he used his real name but played the same role. He was already an old man when he became successful and before his role on the show, he worked at, among others, at a drug rehab center and with the homeless. At one point, he worked for a program to give low cost pharmaceuticals to poor people. He always did a lot of volunteer work for the disadvantaged. After he became successful, he liked to go to a public place every Sunday with a couple friends and provide lunch to homeless people. His empathy was due to his experience. He had been briefly kicked out of his home as a young man due to the fact he was gay. Yes, he was gay and not in the closet. He never made any attempt to hide this. Calvert DeForest/Larry "Bud" Melman/"Late Night with David Letterman" - NBC/David Letterman/"Late Show with David Letterman" - CBS

Reader Blind: This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is nowhere near his peak. One of his favorite things to do at his peak was to sit in his car in an upscale salon parking lot drinking expensive wine. He would talk up women coming in and out of the salon and had sex with many of them - sometimes right there in his car in the parking lot. He was friends with the salon owner who knew full well what was going on. Mickey Rourke/"Giuseppe Franco Salon"/Giuseppe Franco ("Giuseppe Franco Salon") (Mickey Rourke and his his hairdresser chum Guiseppe Franco shared a smooch after a lunch date in Beverly Hills)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: What permanent A list diva arrived in Los Angeles from NYC with an entourage to do an AIDS Benefit in West Hollywood? The limo driver picked up the diva and her entourage at the 4 Seasons and drove them to the Pacific Design Center a few blocks away for the gala. The driver noted that all the passengers were drunk or high, and the diva had a particularly nasty personality, unlike her public persona. The driver dropped the group at the benefit and was told to stay close by for a quick exit. The hosts of the benefit were just giddy and in awe of the diva’s presence. The diva and her group only stayed 20 minutes at the benefit, and were off to the hotel. The driver overheard the group mocking the event organizers, and heard the diva say, "LA is such a hick town. You can’t get a decent meal here."

Apparently this A+ list politician in his own state is trying to save his own skin by throwing a national A+ list politician from the same state and party, under a very large bus. When the in-state politician was digging up dirt on a high profile person in the state, he found a lot of dirt. He also found a lot of dirt on the person in his own party and is using it to make a deal.

Bad Things Happen To Good People: This often married, former A+/A list athlete/entertainer (Perry Saturn) in his corner of the world (Extreme Championship Wrestling; World Championship Wrestling; World Wrestling Federation; Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) was driving his girlfriend to work when he heard what he thought was an argument next to his vehicle. When he approached the vehicle, he saw two men trying to restrain a woman as they were raping her. Without hesitation, he grabbed both men off her, and started fighting with them. As he was able to get the woman free from her attackers, he felt a burning sensation in his neck. He thought originally it was a cut stemming from a punch. He was wrong. He had been shot three times in the neck. After months and months of rehab, he was supposed to return to his sport. He was scheduled to, but failed to appear. He then dropped off the face of the Earth. Family, friends, and all his ex-wives had no information as to his whereabouts. Furthermore, due to the fact that he missed the funerals of two of his good friends and the funeral of his mentor some speculated that he may have died. Five years later, he was found alive and well and with another wife. He said he disappeared because, after being shot, he became addicted to methamphetamine and was homeless for a few years. Perry Saturn (Personal life)

This foreign born former A- list syndicated actress is threatening to sue her long long time friend/lover because he has made promises to her that he was going to give her a lot of money for her years of advocacy fighting for his freedom. So far, she hasn't received anything. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

As I told you would happen, even though the movie is awful, the Susan Lucci of Oscar nominations got her Golden Globe nomination. All those gifts and years of parties, almost ensures her one whenever she has a movie released. It still won't get her that Oscar nomination though. Glenn Close/"Hillbilly Elegy" (Glenn Close defies dreadful Hillbilly Elegy reviews to score Golden Globe nomination)

This A+A list director/sexual molester not named Woody Allen is getting some attention this week for a script rewrite he did on a movie years ago. One thing that isn't mentioned is he did so because the A+ list actress who starred in the film and got an Oscar nomination in it, wanted him to. Since they were sleeping together at the time, he wanted to make her happy. David O. Russell/"Joy"/Jennifer Lawrence (David O. Russell Rewriting Joy Script Broke Original Writer’s Heart)

Politicians write op-eds for newspapers all the time. Whether you like what they say or not, they are a pretty standard thing to see in the papers each day. Rejections are not uncommon, but they are not usually for the reason given recently by this major newspaper. The opinion page is separate from the newspaper. Financial considerations should not be taken into account when deciding whether to publish something. They rejected a pitch from this probable 2024 A++ wannabe, not because of the content, but because he was going to discuss the offerings of a streaming service. The newspaper didn't want to tick off the streaming service because they have huge pending financial deals with the service.

You might not know the name, but you do know the work of this A list online comic strip creator who's been very heavily memed for both his art and his supposed dealings with the supernatural. He's recently taken to social media to claim one of his works has been ripped off by the creators of a short film, but what he isn't saying is that a different short film already beat him to the punch by several years. So who's ripping off who?
Adam Ellis/Keratin(the film Adam ripped off is The Earth Rejects Him) (Cartoonist Adam Ellis Claims Short Film, Keratin, Plagiarized His Work)

I seriously can't stop laughing. We are really supposed to believe the permanent A+ list NFL player is in a relationship with the A-/B+ list actress who has the same issues as the athlete. How terribly convenient. Aaron Rodgers/Shailene Woodley (Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Is Dating Shailene Woodley)

The recent reveal of the person this A list NBA player is hooking up with on what he thought was the down low, also shows you the sham of a PR relationship he had with the person who cannot be named in February. Tana Mongeau/Ben Simmons/Kendall Jenner (Who Is The Athlete That Left Tana Mongeau For Kardashian/Jenner?)

Don't believe the hype. This west coast Housewife did make the cast trip, just not on the first day. Also, although she is still fairly new, she is going to make this season her last because she just has too many projects lined up that pay way more money and involve much less stress. It is similar to the last person who left this franchise. Garcelle Beauvais/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Denise Richards (‘RHOBH’ Mean Girls Are Coming For Garcelle Beauvais Next Season!) (RHOBH: Garcelle Beauvais Is Missing from Kyle's Cast Trip Photo) (Denise Richards Leaving ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’)

This southern reality star might have a boyfriend, but she is still yachting as much as possible. Kathryn Dennis/"Southern Charm"/Chleb Ravenell (Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis Poses with Boyfriend Chleb Ravenell on Set of Reunion: 'My Guy')

This A list celebrity made his fame through political runs. He isn't doing that any longer and just enjoys being on television and feeding the ego. I wonder how his ego would take his wife cheating on him, because she is. Rocky De La Fuente/Katayoun Yazdani (2016 presidential/2016 senatorial/2017 mayoral/2018 senatorial/2020 presidential/2020 congressional) (Who is Rocky De La Fuente? The other republican running against Trump in Connecticut's Primary)

One Day: I have written about this married executive (Andy Jassy) once, many years ago. In the past blind he was an unnamed executive because no one knew who he was. Everyone does now. He is famous for his one day trips. He flies into Los Angeles early in the morning for a breakfast meeting. He then makes some calls before having a meeting with whatever actress has caught his fancy and is filming for the company ("Amazon Web Services"). They then go to lunch together at a restaurant which is located within a hotel. He then has sex with the actress before going back to the office for an hour or so and then flies home to his wife. Andy Jassy/"Amazon Web Services"

35. POPBITCH 02/04
(British blog)
Which British music exec used to treat one of his male underlings to loads of global travel, sending him off to look after the label's acts in various territories – specifically so that he could conduct an affair with the guy's fiancée while he was away?
Simon Cowell

Ellen Barkin has claimed that she was assaulted by a famous actor when she was a rising star. The "Big Easy" actress made the allegations on Twitter Wednesday after separately posting about disgraced singer Marilyn Manson, who has just been accused of abusing ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. Barkin wrote that "When I was about 25 and just starting my career I met one of my acting heroes at a small dinner party. He tried to molest me. I was heartbroken. I get it. #FallenIdols." She added: "My point being I believed this towering actor would be as great as his art. I walked home crying." Barkin, 66, who was previously married to Revlon billionaire Ronald Perelman and Gabriel Byrne, spoke out after praising Wood this week for breaking her silence on Manson.

This former A list singer who likes to direct more than anything else is trying to distance himself from the alliterate sexual assaulter. He wasn't interested in doing that until now. He is probably wondering if any of his victims will come forward. Trent Reznor/"Nine Inch Nails"/Marilyn Manson (Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor condemns former friend Marilyn Manson, years after he 'fabricated' claims they sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman together)

This foreign born A- list author has said some crazy things in her past like there was a hit squad out to kill her. However, that aside, she is not telling lies when she is talking about the dating life of this former A+ list singer and his conquests, even the surprising ones.
Kola Boof/Luther Vandross/Randy Jackson ("Jackson 5")

The alliterate talk show host has been quiet about the new venture of her serial cheating ex. She knows it will more than likely fail on its own, and doesn't want to be accused of giving it a push in that direction and having to cough up more money. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter/Italian restaurant "Loreto" (Wendy Williams’ ex Kevin Hunter opening Italian restaurant in Brooklyn)

This disgraced A- list actor from an acting family is quietly reaching settlement deals with some of his victims. James Franco

I think it is fair to say there will be no drug testing involved when the former A list athlete and former A- list tweener meet in a sporting event. Lamar Odom/Aaron Carter (Lamar Odom Set to Fight Aaron Carter In Celebrity Boxing Match, 'Gonna Be a War')

This A list mostly movie actor is using his position to make a ton of money selling something very valuable on the black market. He is making about $250K per day. Sean Penn (Sean Penn blasts employees complaining about work conditions at COVID-19 vaccination site) (The wealthy scramble for COVID-19 vaccines: ‘If I donate $25,000 ... would that help me?’) (BLIND ITEM 01/28/21)

Reader Blind: This back in the day A+ list mostly movie actor used to own a hot dog stand. He would crash there on a cot after fights with women or a bender. Hot dog stand employees were often fired after the actor showed up and were told by the thuggish manager that the actor "didn’t feel comfortable.

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and has lots of children, is about to have another. Oh, he doesn't want to have another, and has been trying to convince the Instagram model who he impregnated, to have an abortion. She wants about $1M to have an abortion. Brad Pitt; Owen Wilson; Jude Law

According to the latest issue of this monthly magazine that does Hollywood big once a year, the person who ran the very popular crowd sourced gossip Instagram page, no longer has anything to do with it. "Vanity Fair"/Deuxmoi (The Joy and Agony of Being @deuxmoi, Instagram’s Accidental Gossip Queen) (The Celebrity Gossip You Won’t Find in the Tabloids)

I predict the marriage between this foreign born former A lister (everywhere but North America) will end up just like the marriage of Liza and David. Kylie Minogue/Paul Solomons (and the next day, they said they were not getting married)
(EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue IS engaged! 'Thrilled' stepmother of singer's Welsh boyfriend Paul Solomons confirms they are to marry - after Billie Piper let the news slip)

Stage Family From Hell: I have written about this family before. I have written how extremely messed up it has been for decades. You had the mom (Crystal Workman) who was the stage mom from hell. She would do whatever it took to make her kids famous. She loved sexing up her youngest child (A- list) (Ariel Winter) to make producers want to cast her. There was a huge fight and the daughter went her own direction, which was under the tutelage of her older sister (Shanelle Workman). Her older sister had also been an actress but will never get as high on the ladder. The older sister runs an acting school ("Gray Studios LA") and is in the middle of a nasty divorce because she was sexting and hooking up with a client. The older sister has her own kids and she stage moms them much the way her own mother did. That would be crazy enough, but there is so much more. How about the time, during an acting class she made her students use a loaded gun for a scene, so it would feel more real. Oh, and then lied to the police about it. How about the charging students you manage, coaching fees, even though that is illegal. How about that production of Grease that you didn't buy rights to and that you ever so slightly tweaked to try and get away with it. You don't even call it Grease any longer, but charged people to come watch it. Does your actress daughter(Skylar Gray) know you spent all her money that wasn't protected in her Coogan account? Are you going to pay her back? How about the charging of students to make a film in your classes and then taking producer credits on the short films they make? You really have turned into your mother. Crystal Workman/Ariel Winter/Shanelle Workman/"Gray Studios LA"/Skylar Gray (A 19-year-old star says she missed out on a normal childhood after living 'in isolation' with her mom for 14 years) (Ariel Winter’s Sister, Shanelle Workman, Getting Divorced Years After Becoming Star’s Guardian)

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee wanted to star in a movie she is producing. When told she probably wouldn't get another Oscar nom/win for playing essentially the same character, she handed over the role to a multiple Oscar nominee/winner while our A+ lister can still win one as a producer of the movie. Reese Witherspoon/"Fever"/June Carter Cash in the biographical musical film "Walk the Line"/Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams to play Peggy Lee in Reese Witherspoon-produced Fever)

This A list dual threat actress and her A-/B+ list husband have been spending nights apart from each other for the past two months. They like to pretend their marriage is rock solid. Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard ('They're nature's antidepressants': Kristen Bell talks 'Puppy Bowl,' rescue dogs and Super Bowl plans)

This former stripper turned reality star who also wants to sing and have her own show on Food Network, finally found a benefactor who is generous, so she really doesn't have to work. She doesn't know he is married though. Blac Chyna/"The Real Blac Chyna" (Blac Chyna’s Dramatic Reality Series Lands at WE TV, Watch Teaser)

This back in the day A- list actor all of you know, who is probably B+ list now, just because of his past work, is still technically married. He is also cheating on his celebrity girlfriend with a D lister who just turned 18. Brian Austin Green (Friendly exes! Brian Austin Green brings new lady love Sharna Burgess to the opening of ex-girlfriend Tina Louise's vegan restaurant in LA)

She doesn't need the money, but wants the attention. This B list celebrity who is third most famous in her family, and will never catch them, wants to do an Only Fans site. She thinks it will make her more famous than the rest of her family. Noah Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus (Every celebrity OnlyFans account you can follow)

"Unless you are here to lick my p***y, I don't have any use for you or your family." Foreign born A+ list singer who was eating dinner and didn't want to be disturbed by this A- list reality star.
Rihanna/Kendall Jenner

Reader Blind: Which short tough guy actor walks around the San Fernando Valley dressed all in black wearing a black flat top Riverboat gambler hat? He frequently orders chicken at a local barbecue place and prefers his chicken done rare. Seared only.

Reader Blind: What A list Bad Boy actor/director (Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn) was obsessed with a Los Angeles underground writer (Charles Bukowski), so much that he dedicated a film to him ("Barfly")? The writer wasn’t too impressed with the actor however, and was not really a movie fan. The writer was more intrigued by the actor’s junkyard dog bodyguard (Chuck Zito), thought he was more interesting and real, and that drove the actor crazy with jealousy. Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn/Charles Bukowski/"Barfly"/Chuck Zito (Bukowski's reaction to the film "Barfly") (Hell’s real-life angel)

The alcoholic disputed creator(Pat Sullivan) of this animated animal ("Felix the Cat") spent some time in jail for raping a 14 year old. That was his only conviction, and only because the family of the 14 year old was connected in the community. There were at least a dozen African American female tweens at that time period that ended up dead after being raped. He is the prime suspect. Pat Sullivan/"Felix the Cat" (Rape conviction/Racism)

Reader Blind: When this B+ list actor (Kevin Nealon) joined the cast of this late night show ("Saturday Night Live"), his hair was thinning and he had a bald spot in the back of his head, so he started wearing a toupee in the back. The one and only time he didn't wear it was when he played a now deceased movie critic (Gene Siskel). Our actor likes to play basketball and was part of the permanent group that played with this deceased A list comic actor (Garry Shandling). One time, our actor was wearing a ball cap. Someone misses their shot, and the actor goes up for a rebound. When he comes down, everybody screams. While going for the ball his baseball cap came off and with it his toupee, which by this point covered most of his head. He simply shrugged his shoulders, put the toupee and cap back on and left the gym. Kevin Nealon/"Saturday Night Live"/Gene Siskel/Garry Shandling (Kevin Nealon as Gene Siskel) (This bald spot always seems to be following you.) (Kevin Nealon Pays Tribute to Longtime Friend Garry Shandling)

Bad Behavior - One Hit Wonder Edition:
#1 - This later in life one hit wonder (Rachel Platten) who had her hit not that long ago, got paid mid six figures for a decade as the mistress to a movie studio head. Rachel Platten/"Fight Song"
#2 - This foreign born one hit wonder (Psy) of a song everyone tired of hearing, claims it was because he was wasted on drugs and booze that he sexually assaulted this female Japanese singer. Psy/"Gangnam Style" (Psy Interrogated by Police Amid Massive K-Pop Scandal)
#3 - The lead singer (Morris Day) of this one hit wonder band ("The Time") of a song ("Jungle Love") all of you can sing in your head, used to always hookup with the significant other (Vanity) of this one named permanent A+ list singer (Prince). Morris Day/"The Time"/"Jungle Love"/Vanity/Prince
#4 - This foreign born singer was in a group that was the one hit wonder. The singer, was the first and only person from his now, non existent country to ever score a Top 40 hit in the US. He now spends his time running a huge mafia empire from the east coast.

As I told you months ago, an entire show on the streaming giant was basically one big pedophile and child porn ring, and the coach knew what was going on. "Cheer"/Netflix (2 men who appeared on Netflix's 'Cheer' accused of separate sex crimes involving minors)

The former A list teen actor is desperate for cash. At this point in time, he is begging his fans for money, and don't be surprised if he starts auctioning off his personal items to raise cash. Corey Feldman (Corey Feldman Says Marilyn Manson Groomed Him, Kissed Him, Then Abused Him For Decades!)

This A list rapper who has an Only Fans page, stole her most recent single. At least if you are going to steal one, steal a good one. Cardi B/"Up" (Cardi B slaps down plagiarism allegations over her new single 'Up' from 2 other rappers)

The highly paid PR team of the cleaning product actor have been working overtime to discredit the most vocal victim. It has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They managed to convince a reporter to not use any statements from her in a recent article and used her monetization of all of this as the reason she couldn't be trusted. Ridiculous. Armie Hammer (Courtney Vucekovich Claims Ex-Boyfriend Armie Hammer Said He Wanted to ‘Barbecue & Eat’ Her) (Untangling the Armie Hammer ‘Cannibal’ and Abuse Allegations) (Armie Hammer Dropped By Agency and Publicist) (EXCLUSIVE: Explicit messages and audio recordings reveal Armie Hammer complaining about being 'kink shamed by the internet,' boasting about his sexual prowess and claiming that women are offering to let him 'eat pieces of them') (Bill Maher defends Armie Hammer: Real Time host says women who were in a relationship with the 'cad' should have known 'it's not gonna come out well in the end' amid claims star has cannibalism fetish)

This Grammy winning rapper/producer/script writer/musical festival founder used to hook up with the barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities and was the reason she started getting plastic surgery before she even turned 18. Tyler The Creator/Bella Hadid

Speaking of underage celebrity sex, this A- list actress who is a celebrity offspring of someone permanently higher on the list, used to hook up with this B list celebrity offspring of at least one A+ lister when he was well underage. She then broke it off when he started getting serious and talking about getting married and things like that.
Zoe Kravitz/Lenny Kravitz/Jaden Smith/Will Smith

An interesting bit of information coming out in a new book. The murdered actress was in the process of divorcing her director husband. Sharon Tate/Roman Polanski

This actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and a superhero. While pictures from a set have included some of the stars of the movie, our actress has been filming in complete secret to make it a surprise for viewers. Brie Larson/"Thor" (Captain Marvel could become an LGBT hero in the sequel)

The cleaning product actor has the same attorney that A-listers in Hollywood use when they are really in trouble. The same one who did all the private settlements for the disgraced A-list director. Armie Hammer/Bryan Singer

Just as I told you several years ago, the timeline put forth by the three named actress and the alliterate singer was always just for public consumption. The actress finally revealed what I told you all along. That the relationship she had with him started when she was underage. He likes underage. Several other women who were 13 and 14 are set to come forward within the next 24 hours to discuss their experiences. Evan Rachel Wood/Marilyn Manson (Evan Rachel Wood filed a police report against Marilyn Manson’s wife Lindsay Usich)

Have I seen it? Not in person, but have seen several photos. Three years ago she even made a 20-30 second video highlighting her annual ritual. Each year on this day, this permanent A list singer hauls out the action figure from when this A list singer/bad actor was in a boy band. She then takes some needles and jabs him right through his chest multiple times. Janet Jackson/Justin Timerlake/"Super Bowl Sunday"

Just because it is a showmance, doesn't mean that the athlete and actress have decided they want a family and this is the best way to do it. The previous "girlfriend" cared too much about herself to do that. The "girlfriend" before was way into her career. So, here we are. Aaron Rodgers/Shailene Woodley/Danica Patrick/Olivia Munn (Aaron Rodgers Thanks His 'Fiancée' in NFL MVP Acceptance Speech: 'I Got Engaged')

Apparently this A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee holds a grudge because he has donated a lot of money to the side he supports in a fight in this foreign country. If the actor's side wins, he will be allowed back in the country to continue what he was previously doing before being kicked out. Sean Penn/Haiti (Haiti Braces for Unrest as a Defiant President Refuses to Step Down)

Don't get fully invested in this possible new edition to the Housewives franchise. The company where she works has not signed off on it yet and she would have to give up a charity board position she recently landed. There is also that history with the former NBA athlete that would come very front and center. "Real Housewives of Miami" (Wendy Williams Wants To Be On Real Housewives Of Miami Reboot; Suggests Larsa Pippen For Cast)

This B/B- list celebrity with a very unique look, who used to be A/A- list not so long ago, has some things coming out which are not good. In the past, there have been leaked sex tapes and what not, but this is way worse. This is a sex tape which has themes that will see her never work again. Dita Von Teese/married to Marilyn Manson (Dita Von Teese speaks out on Marilyn Manson abuse allegations)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee has a lot of security because of a drug kingpin ex. Our actress has a very expensive security system. The best of the best. But, when she goes on the road, things are different and twice in the past eighteen months, she has returned to a rental house and found her actor ex inside her rental.
Lupita Nyong'o/Jared Leto

Could he be a serial killer? Sure, he could. Probably in my top five for possible actors who could be serial killers. He isn't being investigated for it right now though. It is his people that are leaking this kind of thing to get people to stop talking about the sexual assaults and rapes. Yes, in their world a murderer gets a job before a serial rapist. Armie Hammer (Armie Hammer 'Serial Killer' Conspiracy Theory: Actor Linked to Remains of 3 Women, Missing California Mom)

The demand for this initialed foreign born group is way down. Sales are down and views are down. Interactions are down. People are tired of the group and 2021 will be when they announce their "final tour." "BTS" (Who runs K-pop? Big Hit, backers of BTS, Kakao, label of IU, and CJ ENM, with Mnet music channel, loosen grip of ‘Big Three’ SM, JYP and YG)

Let me tell you a little story. A few years ago, the celebrity CEO was tired of being hammered by short sellers. So, he spent some of the money he would other use for drugs, on bots and people who would pump his stock. I have previously told you how this also included buying reporters and positive media coverage by sharing his drugs and the women who are always around. He has used them for two years and had great results, keeping afloat a company that really shouldn't be priced where it is. It was his same team of pumpers that allowed him to cash in so much of that stock that I wrote about two weeks ago. He now uses them for whatever he wants to promote like the ridiculous crypto currency. He has so much of his own stock tied up as collateral, that these past few weeks have actually made him liquid cash and given him incentive to keep going. He is the king of pump and dump. Elon Musk/"Tesla/SolarCity"/"GameStop"/"Dogecoin" (The Real Story Behind Elon Musk’s $2.6 Billion Acquisition Of SolarCity And What It Means For Tesla’s Future–Not To Mention The Planet’s) (Elon Musk sent Dogecoin soaring last week. Here are 6 times the Tesla boss has moved markets, from GameStop to Sandstorm) (In HBO's Fake Famous, social media influencers buy their way to glory)

The idea to remake one of the most classic movies ("Breakfast at Tiffany’s") which also happens to be a song ("Breakfast at Tiffany's" by "Deep Blue Something"), in the history of Hollywood is awful. The producers also want to make it politically correct for the time we are now. "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" (Paramount Fights to Remake 'Breakfast at Tiffany's')

This is what happened when you get sucked down the vagueness of crowd sourced gossip which could be anyone because of the lack of descriptors. No, the actress who was on the cable show didn't have an illegal relationship with a cast member from the show. All you have to do is the math. Lucy Hale/"Pretty Little Liars"/Ian Harding (Is The Cast Of 'Pretty Little Liars' Still Friendly With Each Other?)

This A+ list mogul/producer/host was not as discreet as he normally is. Perhaps it was because he was out of town and on a mini-vacation, but he was caught kissing a guy, for only the second or third time I can remember in fifteen years. Ryan Seacrest

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: Two young brothers (Beau and Jeff Bridges) from an acting family, who later became actors themselves were riding in a studio van up to Big Bear where their father (Lloyd Bridges) was shooting a movie ("Last of the Comanches") (Buttercup Group Camp/San Bernardino National Forest/Near Big Bear Lake, California). Also in the van was the veteran tough guy actor (Broderick Crawford) who was a known alcoholic and hung over. The actor did not say a word the entire trip and the boys were terrified of him. When they finally arrived, the boys hurried to get out, not wanting to spend a moment more with the grouch. One of the boys made eye contact with the actor on the way out. The actor looked the ten year old straight in the eye and said, "F**k you (Boy’s last name)" in his iconic voice. Beau and Jeff Bridges/Lloyd Bridges/"Last of the Comanches"/Broderick Crawford/Bridges

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: This permanent A list actor became the father to an 11 pound boy, who was his first and only son, and announced to the world that he "had his linebacker." The boy, who later became an actor himself, grew up to be a string bean, and the father never forgave him for that. The father was also very thin, but was extremely cruel to the boy growing up because he was thin too. Henry Fonda/Peter Fonda

Lawyers on the opposite side of the west coast Housewife want any salary/earnings she makes, deposited into an escrow account. Erika Jayne (Girardi)/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (RHOBH: Erika Jayne's Ex Tom Girardi Is Allegedly Facing Eviction)

Kindness: This former A list mostly television actor who had hits with two different shows and was huge as a singer overseas surprised his co-workers this weekend. He is doing a project and there was a Super Bowl Squares Pool. Each person who won a quarter got a $25K bonus added on by the actor above and beyond their $10 win. David Hasselhoff/"Knight Rider"/"Baywatch"

Obsession: When this very very unique foreign born A- list model discusses her past relationship with the actor/singer, she does so with a lot of anger. In the past week, she, like much of the gossip world was talking about Armie Hammer and how horribly he treats women. Then came the Marilyn Manson talk. She said her ex was way worse. He would start off by being super attentive and great and then before you knew it, he was horrible and demanding. The model always had to be finding new women to bring home for threesomes or, in many cases she would be forced to watch him have sex. She discovered after their second trip to her home country, that he was just dating her for her fame in her own country where he would use that to find the underage, but legal in that country girls he preferred. The model was just a means to an end.

The boyfriend of the A list "singer" really has no shame. He has been in on it from day one. He doesn't want the money train to stop. Next time the paps see him, ask him about his other girlfriend. The one he lives with most of the time. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' Boyfriend Sam Asghari Calls Her Dad Jamie 'Total Dick')

Now that this A list commercial actor is really set to take it to a next level of fame and career, his people are trying to shove him back in the closet. It is far too late for that. Kevin Miles/"State Farm"

This one named former A list singer/sometime actress recently confirmed she was only allowed to leave this celebrity cult by paying them a $500K exit fee. Brandy Norwood/Scientology ("Brandy Turned Her Back on Scientology" says

Many many years ago, I wrote and revealed that this at the time A- list mostly movie actress had a miscarriage because of her drug and alcohol use. She doesn't really act any longer, but all of you know who she is. In any event, no one was quite sure who the father of the baby was. It turns out it is this married permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and already has one secret family he keeps hidden from the public. Eva Mendes/Denzel Washington ("Out of Time" (2003 film))

I'm not going to say she exactly threw the match. I will say this though. This foreign born A list tennis player had a really miserable week dealing with her ex and his ridiculous demands and she needed to deal with that and not tennis, so she lost. This is someone who could have won the entire tournament. Victoria Azarenka/"Australian Open" (Former champion Victoria Azarenka bemoans 'lack of fresh air' in quarantine as star exits Australian Open)

This foreign born former A+ list athlete turned A list celebrity is married. He also has a mistress he supports who lives in this country and is the celebrity's constant companion when he is in the country for work. David Beckham

This foreign born former A+ list singer who may or may not have a body double, was dumped by her billionaire boyfriend after he caught her cheating again with her now current boyfriend. Avril Lavigne/Phillip Sarofim/Mod Sun (Avril Lavigne and billionaire boyfriend Phillip Sarofim split) (Mod Sun shows off a tattoo of rumored new girlfriend Avril Lavigne's name on the back of his neck... weeks after releasing a new song together)

I don't know the terms of his sobriety. I don't know if just staying off coke is good enough for him, or if he also shouldn't be boozing. I do know the celebrity offspring of an A++ lister has been drinking when over at friend's houses for dinners and parties. He doesn't drink alcohol when out in public. Donald Trump Jr. ('Once I got going it wasn't easy to stop me.' Don Jr. reveals he gave up alcohol because he 'didn't know how to drink in moderation' and feared 'warning signs' from his uncle Fred Trump's death at 42)

As I told you multiple times over the past six or seven months, this former A- list actress was going to end up dead if she stayed with the coke loving rapper. Her life was hell and he was the reason. Now, she has a chance to live her life and get sober. Ashley Benson/G-Eazy (Ashley Benson and G-Eazy’s Relationship Took ‘a Hard Turn for the Worse’ Before She Initiated Split)

This A list celebrity all of you know, and either love or hate with no middle ground was nearly an hour late to get her pap photo taken because she couldn't decide what to wear and if it would look right for "grocery shopping." Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen Makes Grocery Shopping Glam in a Flannel Dress & 6-Inch Cone Heels)

Almost Tragic: Several years ago there was a fight between the then lover (Oliver Martinez) of this permanent A list mostly movie actress (Halle Berry) who is an Oscar winner/nominee and her ex (Gabriel Aubry). It was extremely violent. The then lover was a violent man. It is the reason he had split with the foreign born A list singer (Kylie Minogue). She couldn't handle his violent side. Our actress had a habit of drawing violent men to her side. She likes the possibility of the violence. What she didn't like about her then lover was him taking a bunch of funds from her. She confronted him and he beat her and when she went for his gun he always had in the bedroom, he grabbed it and it went off, missing our actress by about an inch or two. After the gun went off, he left the house and didn't come back for nearly a year. Oliver Martinez/Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry/Kylie Minogue

Caught a glimpse of the email chain discussing the remake of a movie that should never be remade. Apparently they are going to use children in place of little people. The email chain was warning this will be heaven for every casting agent who has bad intentions. There will be thousands and thousands of children being seen. "Wizard of Oz" (New Line Cinema Enlists Nicole Kassell for 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' Remake)

Judging by the valuation of just one part of her company through a new round of financing, it is pretty obvious that the one named foreign born A+ list singer who really doesn't sing any longer, is a billionaire. Because she doesn't care about bragging about it though, the magazine still hasn't come calling. Rihanna/"Fenty"/"Forbes" (Rihanna and LVMH Are Taking a Break)

Another story today about how this now deceased foreign born A+ lister both solo and in a group, was not the nice guy people think, made me remember another. He basically made this A+ list singer/actress cry and shamed her for her suicide attempt and said she should do better the next time. John Lennon/Judy Garland

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the wife (Courtney Sixx) of this rocker (Nikki Sixx) who is having a tough time with her business ("Bouquet Box"). Well, life is about to get really hard on her now. Her husband's ex (Donna D’Errico) is very aware of the trash talking the wife has been doing about the ex and her child. The rocker is also about to learn about the very long affair the wife had with an A list singer (
Lenny Kravitz) who has an actress daughter (Zoë Kravitz). Courtney Sixx/NikkiSixx/"Bouquet Box"/Donna D’Errico/Lenny Kravitz/Zoë Kravitz

(Rockettrolvantasy) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/15/21)

I love when the alliterate former almost A- list actress turned escort makes it seem as if she just learned about a cryptocurrency. Please, she has been getting paid and hiding money that way for years. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan Tweets 'Bitcoin to the Moon'- Celebrities Are Flocking to Crypto in Great Number)

We Have More Fish: One more thing. I think I know the identity of Fishlover. Back in I think 2015 or 2016 I worked in a pet store in Georgia. A friend of mine who worked the registers and would assist in the live animal dept when needed came up to me one day in tears and said that this A+ list mostly movie actor had just flipped out on her. He had come into the store about ten minutes prior and had begun inquiring about fish. He wanted to purchase a plecostomus, which is a type of suckermouth catfish that can grow to 24 inches long depending on species. He said he wanted the biggest one we had. My friend showed him the common plecos we had, which grow to be the largest, but none were more than about six inches long because we receive them all as babies and they're always purchased by customers before they mature. He began demanding one that was at least 20 inches long, and my friend told him that we simply did not have any that size. She suggested he go to any of the small mom and pop type fish stores around the city, as they usually have at least one massive pleco suffering in a way-too-small tank. At that point our actor basically threw a tantrum, whining about how he needed the fish NOW, and as he stormed out he shouted back at her that he would be considering a lawsuit. Needless to say my friend was very upset. Tom Cruise (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #1) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #2) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #3) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #4) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #5) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #6) (CRAZY TIP BLIND ITEM #7)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The studio put together a cavalcade of their biggest stars to take to the annual theater owners and exhibitor’s convention in Las Vegas. All the stars were to ride in the company jet for the day in Las Vegas. All of the stars were to be picked up at roughly the same time and taken to Burbank airport for their departure. One foreign born A list comedic actor who was relatively new to the scene and recently had some big hits for the studio did not come down to his car for 45 minutes after the pickup time - keeping all the other actors waiting on the tarmac. The studio and the other actors were furious.
Jim Carrey

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: Which late grizzled character actor often tipped limo drivers with joints?

This three named permanent A list dual threat actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee has a long and storied past with wrestling. It is because of his past with it, that we learned about the actor's love of masturbating his dogs. Billy Bob Thornton (Billy Bob Thornton: Wrestling Aficionado)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **10**
Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver was anxious. He was scheduled to pick up the iconic New York City actress at LAX. He figured she was going to be a prima donna. He met her at the gate and she was dressed in her black Manhattan best. She was the most down to earth client he had ever met. She sat in the front of the car on the way to her house, and they were laughing and telling stories the entire time.

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **11**
The Singer - A Johnny$ Blind Item: This literate teenage singer (Alex Chilton) with the gravely voice hit the scene with a smash hit song ("The Box Tops" - "The Letter"). Other hits, though not as successful as his first, soon followed, until forcing the fake gravely voice damaged his vocal cords, and he could no longer sing in his signature style. While visiting his friend, who was the youngest member (Dennis Wilson, the middle Wilson brother) of a famous family band ("Beach Boys"), the teenage singer was sodomized by a friend (Charles Manson) of the family band. This rapist friend was later convicted for orchestrating one of the most infamous crimes (The Tate/LaBianca murders) in American history. Teenage singer moves to NYC, and then back to his hometown (Memphis, TN), where he forms a band ("Big Star") that later develops a cult following, and is praised by by rock critics and famous musicians alike. This second band is formed with the help of teenage musician's troubled friend (Chris Bell), who was equally as musically talented as the teenage singer. The second band was bankrolled by a trust-fund kid (John Fry), who owned his own studio ("Ardent Studios"), and created a record label ("Ardent Records") around the second band. After recording their first, seminal album ("#1 Record") (one of which songs later became the theme song ("In the Street") to a popular sitcom ("That '70s Show")), the troubled musician left the group under circumstances that were never fully explained, not even in a tell-all documentary ("Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me") produced decades later. The troubled musician died a few years later in a car accident that has been speculated to have been a suicide. The formerly gravelly-voiced, formerly teenage singer, after struggling for many years, reformed both of his his bands and toured with them both sporadically. He was rescued from a rooftop in New Orleans by a helicopter during the Katrina flooding, only to later die a few years later of a heart attack in a car on his way to the hospital. The obligatory tributes followed, with appearances by famous musicians. Next came the previously-mentioned documentary, which was well-received at film festivals and on streaming movie services. However, although the participants in the documentary, including trust fund kid, had no qualms about mentioning the Troubled Musician's mental illness, drug use, and struggles with his homosexuality, they made no mention of the fact that the teenage singer was bisexual, and certainly didn't mention that the reason the troubled musician left the band was because the teenage singer slept with the trust fund kid, who had an established undercover relationship with the troubled musician by grooming him when the troubled musician was underage. The trust fund kid in more recent years had turned his record label into a Christian music label, and definitely did not want this bit of information public. Before his death, both the Troubled Musician and Trust Fund Kid had gone through Gay Conversion Therapy associated with a evangelistic church. Also not mentioned was the fact that the bass player (Andy Hummel) of the band left the group after the teenage singer stole his girlfriend. Alex Chilton/"The Box Tops" - "The Letter"/Dennis Wilson, actually the middle Wilson brother/"Beach Boys"/Charles Manson/The Tate/LaBianca murders/Memphis, TN/"Big Star"/Chris Bell/John Fry/"Ardent Studios"/"Ardent Records"/"#1 Record"/"In the Street"/"That '70s Show"/"Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me"/Andy Hummel (Big Star's Chris Bell died in a car accident on this day in 1978) (Alex Chilton's life in New Orleans was a mystery, and that's how the Big Star singer wanted it)

It is February, but that hasn't stopped the media company/record label/studio I spoke about in the last week or so, sending out holiday gifts. The gifts are to all the employees who got laid off. The gift itself is fine, but since it is branded with the company's logo, the now former employees will be reminded of their firing for a long time. Warner Brothers (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/01/20)

More and more stories are finally emerging about this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar nominee/winner and does commercials. The actress, who has been a part of at least two franchises, but got her big win/nomination for something else, once went on a book tour. Every gift given to her by a fan on the entirety of the tour, ended up in the trash outside every single night. Anna Kendrick (3 STRIKES! BYEGIRL!)

With all the revelations about the alliterate former A list rock star coming out, there is another one. In 1994, he gave a 13 year old ketamine, hit her, cut her, raped her, then put a cigarette out on her wrist to make sure she always remembered the event. Marilyn Manson ('Game of Thrones' star Esme Bianco claims Marilyn Manson cut her torso with a knife, chased her with axe)

This B- list actress/reality star has been spotted with the rapping Dr. Hey, he is single now and she is single. What neither will share is she is one of several of his mistresses he had while married and she has hinted that one of her children is actually is, but she gets child support from him and also the celebrity who thinks it is his child. Apryl Jones/Dr. Dre (Dr. Dre and Apryl Jones spark dating rumors weeks after his release from hospital)

The permanent A+/A list singer who also likes to act, doesn't get along with a parental unit. Hates them. So, why does our singer pay a monthly sum to a former member of her group not to publish a book. Our singer would tell you it is to protect the parental unit from horrible things about him coming out. Nope. It is to protect our singer because then everyone will know all the secrets she has hidden for so many years. Beyoncé/father Mathew Knowles/"Destiny's Child"

It is really hard to believe that this former A list Disney actor still gets regular work in Hollywood. The actor, who started grooming an actress when she was 4, wasn't even canceled when she came forward a year or so ago and sued him for sending explicit matter to a minor, attempting to commit a lewd act with a minor, and annoying or molesting a minor. He groomed her for nine years. Kyle Massey (Former Disney Star Kyle Massey Sued for Sexual Misconduct with Minor)

Reader Blind: It was no secret that this recently deceased foreign actor (Christopher Plummer) who won every major award was good friends with another actor (William Shatner) from his home country (Canada). This actor is permanent A list largely due to an iconic character ("Captain James T. Kirk") he played on TV and in film ("Star Trek"). They are such good friends that when the A List actor had a family member die he called the now deceased actor to help him clean up the scene before he called the police and emergency services. Christopher Plummer/William Shatner/Canada/"Captain James T. Kirk"/"Star Trek" (A lecherous womaniser who boasted of 'raping' young girls with his eyes: How ironic that the actor replacing shamed Kevin Spacey in new movie has himself faced lurid claims) (Maybe Ridley Scott Should’ve Read This Memoir Before Replacing Spacey With Plummer) (William Shatner & Christopher Plummer’s Friendship: 5 Fast Facts)

Reader Blind: There is a move on to rename a facility ("Margaret Court Arena") in a foreign country (Australia) due to comments made publicly by the person (Margaret Court) (tennis) who it is named after. These comments ("tennis is full of lesbians") are in the form of personal beliefs (vocal homophobia and opposition to same-sex marriage) and have nothing to do with why the building is named for her. The most interesting proposal is to rename the facility after someone (Heather McKay) from the same country who did something completely different (squash). What this person did is not really known/popular in the United States but her record is one of the most amazing of all time. She went twenty years in a row without being bested in what she was doing and at one point triumphed 16 years in a row at the same place. An irony - In her private life, she has definitely been involved in relationships the person whom the facility is named for would disapprove of. "Margaret Court Arena"/Australia/Margaret Court/tennis/Heather McKay/squash (Top Honor for a Tennis Player With Intolerant Views Draws Outrage) (Margaret Court says 'tennis is full of lesbians' as row escalates)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver was parked and waiting on the road leading up to the Hotel Bel Air at 5am. He was waiting to pick up an A list actress to take her to LAX. He noticed a jogger running toward him in the darkness and as the person approached he recognized it was a late A list director who he had seen at many events he had worked. The driver smiled and waved at the director as he ran past. The jogging director was intrigued by the wave, so he circled around and pulled his shorts down to show the driver his bare ass cheeks. The driver often wonders if his Hollywood career would have gone better if he would have taken the offer…

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **10**
Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: What permanent A list actor sometimes tipped limo drivers with joints? Drivers also reported that the actor often smelled of BO. Brad Pitt; Matthew McConaughey; Johnny Depp (Celebrities Who Have a Problem With Personal Hygiene)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **11**
Recovery: This singer actress started her career when she was barely a teen. She has seen it all and all of you know her. This blind is not about those early years, although they are definitely blind worthy. This is about her very long term relationship with a permanent A+ lister every single one of you knows. Throughout much of their relationship, the A+ lister has been married. Our singer/actress has been involved in other relationships too, but has pretty much always stayed available for the A+ lister in case he ever wanted to be with her or left his wife. She wanted to be ready to jump. She was obsessed with him and spent a lot of her time looking into his marriage and seeing if there were levers to pry, to make it split. She was warned off by the wife several times. Our singer/actress wasn't going anywhere. This affair spanned a little over a decade. There came a time where our singer/actress was actively trying to destroy the marriage of the A+ lister and it got to be too much for everyone. Our singer/actress started using drugs. The A+ lister broke it off with her and our singer/actress tried to kill herself and nearly succeeded. Over the past few years, she has struggled with sobriety and working and it has been hit and miss. She gave a long long time to the A+ lister and she is messed up because of it. Brandy Norwood/Jay-Z/Beyoncé (Brandy addresses Beyonce feud rumours: 'To not love and respect greatness would be a disgrace')

119. POPBITCH 02/11
(British blog) Which reality show judge used to like livening up parties by discreetly popping in a remote-controlled love-egg? She'd then hand the controls to her partner, who would give her a little buzz every so often while she chatted with unsuspecting guests.
Amanda Holden/"Britain's Got Talent"

This back in the day A+ list mostly movie actor was the highest paid actor in the world. As he got older, he lost all his money and his estate didn't have enough money to bury him next to his family, so he is now buried in California. Burt Reynolds (Burt Reynolds' remains find home at Hollywood cemetery)

Speaking of broke, you would think this alliterate permanent A list singer would be loaded. Nope. Things are so bad, she is selling off items and trying to get a few extra million from her ex for child support. Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson’s Costumes, Iconic Key Earring Headed to Auction) (Janet Jackson's "Control" Album Soars On Charts After Justin Timberlake Apology)

This national big box electronic chain is about to go under. The celebrity CEO has told friends he would love to buy the chain and also use them as places to sell cars. He thinks it is a natural fit. "Best Buy"/Elon Musk (Best Buy Is Cutting Some Store Workers’ Jobs, Reducing Hours)

Don't believe the hype. This former A/A- list NBA star isn't broke. He just doesn't want any of his creditors thinking he has money. Latrell Sprewell (Latrell Sprewell, Who Made Almost $100M, Starts GoFundMe To Raise $35K For Sick Granddaughter)

The slur directed towards the A/A- list NFL player by the A+ list NFL player was a homophobic slur. Tyrann Mathieu/Tom Brady (Tom Brady’s Super Bowl 2021 trash talk with Tyrann Mathieu will stay secret)

This long time A list celebrity/television personality is getting divorced. I wonder if he will mention the woman who is 40 years his junior who he is sleeping with. Rev. Al Sharpton (Rev. Al Sharpton files for divorce from long-time estranged wife)

Reader Blind: This deceased Oscar winning, Emmy winning A+ in his time actor (William Holden) was known for two other things in the last decades of his life 1.) His chronic alcoholism 2.) His love for the wildlife of another continent. At one point he maintained a sanctuary ("William Holden Wildlife Foundation") for animals in a foreign country (Nanyuki, Kenya). With him was his female companion a much younger actress (Stefanie Powers) who would have greater success later in her career ("Hart to Hart"). At this point, the actress was primarily known for her promiscuity. She slept with many Hollywood executives, directors and other important people in exchange for roles. In fact her ex-husband (Gary Lockwood), who was also an actor, used to pimp her out to further his own career. The actress loved to dress sexy and wear bikinis around the sanctuary. The local men who worked there noticed this and as the actor would be out of it by the early afternoon due to his drinking, one day a group of them approached her and a gangbang ensued. The actress found she loved this sexual experience and later when she was starring in a popular TV show with this bisexual leading man (Robert Wagner) who was her friend, she arranged another. Both her and the bisexual leading man were the objects of attention that evening from many men. William Holden/"William Holden Wildlife Foundation"/Nanyuki, Kenya/Stefanie Powers/"Hart to Hart"/Gary Lockwood/Robert Wagner (Heart to heart, with Mrs Hart! It's 40 years since Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner first starred in the glamorous TV classic. Now 76, Stefanie reveals how their friendship has endured illness, divorce and the sudden deaths of both their partners)

The parental unit of the permanent A list "singer" has been using every delaying tactic possible to not cooperate with those seeking a forensic accounting. Yesterday was the last gasp. By June, we will know how bad everyone has been taking advantage of the singer. Britney Spears/Jamie Spears ("Bessemer Trust") (Britney Spears' Conservatorship: Judge Rules Dad Jamie and Bessemer Trust Will Have Equal Power Over Finances)

A woman has come forward alleging that the lead singer of this band/lengthy hardware store product raped her friend when the friend was 13, and did so after drugging her. Trent Reznor/"Nine Inch Nails" (Trent Reznor: sexual assault story in Marilyn Manson memoir is 'fabrication')

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **10**
This flash in the pan foreign born reality star who used to be a Housewife is getting together with her snake oil selling friend to sell a product guaranteed to rid yourself of the disease the Housewife claims almost took her life, but has never provided proof she ever even had the disease. Her ex thinks she was lying. Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Lyme Disease/David Foster  (Suzanne Somers/Dr. Sponaugle)
("If It Weren’t for My Children, I Wouldn’t Be Here Today": Yolanda Hadid Shares Her Struggle With Lyme Disease) (Sponaugle Wellness Institute Treats Yolanda Hadid For Lyme Disease)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **11**
The Trip: This former A list athlete crashed and burned here in the US. He got new life overseas and made a huge name for himself there. He is beloved there. The thing is though, women who had sex with him while he was there, and they number nearly 100, would not be as kind in their words about him. The former athlete knew he was HIV+ when he had sex with all those women but chose not to tell them because he just didn't care. He didn't use protection with any of them and when one or two tried to confront him, he used the police he had as bodyguards, threaten to haul the women or their families to jail. Stephon Marbury/"Chinese Basketball Association"

Reader Blind: The death of this character actor a number of decades ago always seemed suspicious. Why would he engage in that activity (swimming) when he was wearing a cast for one thing. The actor (Joe Flynn) was in both film and TV primarily in comedies where he usually played a blowhard or other ineffectual manager/boss. His most famous role was in a popular TV series ("McHale's Navy") that also starred an Academy Award winner (Ernest Borgnine). There are two competing theories as to who might be responsible for his death.... Joe Flynn/"McHale's Navy"/Ernest Borgnine
1.) The actor (Joe Flynn) had been blackmailed in the years before his death. He was married and had a family but also liked having sex with men. He frequented a nightclub where other gay TV actors hung out most notably these two camp comic actors (Charles Nelson Reilly ("Match Game")/Paul Lynde ("Hollywood Squares")) who were on two different game shows. However, the blackmail ring which targeted other stars had already been closed down by the cops before his death so their role seems unlikely.
Joe Flynn/Charles Nelson Reilly ("Match Game")/Paul Lynde ("Hollywood Squares")
2.) The actor had led a group of other actors publicly in complaining about certain financial matters. Right before he died, he had said in an interview he had shocking information to share which he never got a chance to. A source had given him info that showed just how deeply involved in Hollywood organized crime was. Several of the major studios at the time were just fronts for money laundering and other illegal activities. Most likely this was the reason the actor was murdered. Joe Flynn/"McHales’ Navy"/Ernest Borgnine (Joe Flynn later career and death) (The Mysterious Death of Actor Joe Flynn at 49 and How Johnny Carson Caught Extortionists in a Daring FBI Plan)

Reader Blind: This foreign musician/songwriter (Elvis Costello) who has been around for a long time and made a lot of music is most famous for his studious look and the fact that music critics love his work. His first marriage (Mary Burgoyne) was when he was very young. He was unfaithful a lot which ended the marriage. His second marriage was to a younger woman who was also a musician (Cait O'Riordan). She cheated on him and eventually left him for another man. Currently, he is married to a singer/musician (Diana Krall) who has quite a successful career of her own. Before the pandemic ,the couple decided to look into swinging to spice up their sex life and were seen visiting several sex clubs in the wife's home country. There is one problem - Condoms are not always effective and the musician/songwriter has a reoccurring condition (herpes) which can be transmitted. His wife also has it which she caught from him. Elvis Costello/Mary Burgoyne/Cait O’Roirdan/Diana Krall/herpes

If this just about next in line wants to have another child, they will need to find a new surrogate as the one they have used previously, no longer wants any part of it. Prince William/Kate Middleton (Rose Hanbury) (Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Reportedly Trying for Baby #4 and Queen Elizabeth Has Been Informed)

The parent company went through the motions of an investigation of this online and on air tabloid. It looks like it was all for show and nothing will happen to any of the executives. "TMZ" (Warner Bros.) (TMZ’s Harvey Levin & Warner Bros Hit With Discrimination & Retaliation Action Over Outlet’s Alleged "Sexist & Misogynistic" Culture)

It would seem the marriage of the rocker who has been in this space several times in the past few weeks is coming to an end. Nikki and Courtney Sixx

It appears the disgraced former A+ list singer is passing out money like candy to his former accusers. He really wants out of jail. R. Kelly (R. Kelly’s pal pleads guilty to trying to bribe a witness)

This former A- list actress who is a not so much a jinx as just someone who brings productions to a halt, is spreading rumors about a former co-star, trying to get them to take the blame for at least one hit show ceasing production. Nikki Reed/"Sleepy Hollow"

Speaking of former A- list actresses and shutting down of productions, this one has been in the news the past few days. She is the one who is leaking the news, as she always does. One thing she forgets about her most recent story is how she was sleeping with one of the producers. Michelle Trachtenberg/"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"/Joss Whedon (Michelle Trachtenberg Says Joss Whedon Was Not Allowed to Be Alone With Her on 'Buffy')

We have always known this three named former A/A- list celebrity escorted, but now it appears she is also trafficking men and women for sex too. Dita Von Teese (How Rich Is Dita Von Teese, And How Does She Make Money?)

The celebrity CEO asked his drug dealer if the dealer sold PCP (angel dust). The dealer said no. Take from that what you will. Elon Musk

The rocker's wife who has been in this space frequently as of late, has no free flowing cash, so if you wanted some flowers delivered today, you need to wait two weeks until the ones she ordered with the money you gave her, are sent to her and she can send your flowers out. Courtney Sixx ("Bouquet Box") ("Bouquet Box") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/15/21)

Considering the one named A list singer/part-time director arranged for the way underage celebrity to have a love scene with the serial assaulting A list actor, are we all that surprised the one named singer and the underage celebrity have sleepovers together. Sia/Maddie Ziegler/Shia Labeouf/"Music" (What the Hell Is Going On in Sia’s ‘Music’?) (Maddie Ziegler: ‘I knew that people were going to love Music or hate it’) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/13/20)

Using a new wig and a new look, this permanent A list female athlete has been hitting up an underground club in this foreign city which is under a hard lockdown right now. Venus Williams/Melbourne, Australia (A Stumble, a Scream and Venus Williams Is Out at Australian Open) (Fans Say Venus Williams' Wig in Her New Workout Video Looks Ugly) (Australian city Melbourne begins 3rd lockdown due to cluster)

This singer is A list only when her A+ list group sings together. Whether they ever do again, is an open question. Anyway, she is having an affair with a married pastor. Michelle Williams/"Destiny’s Child" ('You're an idiot!': Destiny Child's Michelle Williams, 41, unleashes a SCATHING response to a fan who tells her she 'needs to have children')

Speaking of affairs, this A list mostly movie actress/director threatened to kill the last man who broke up with her after he went back to his wife. Angelina Jolie

One of the things not mentioned about this now deceased former A list teen actor is a situation when he was well underage and was living with a former couple who are today A+ listers. Corey Haim/Sarah Jessica Parker/Robert Downey Jr. (Corey Haim: The lost boy)

Of course the fix was in for the alliterate celebrity offspring to move on to the next stage in this reality competition. Claudia Conway/Kellyanne Conway/"American Idol" (Viewers accuse 'American Idol' of exploiting Claudia Conway for ratings: 'Disgusting')

Reader Blind: Internet detectives have done it again. Another life story exposed as a partial fraud. This permanent A++ Grammy winner/Oscar winner does have a slight impairment, he probably couldn't drive a car, but he is nowhere near as impaired as he pretends. the head shaking, all of that is theatre. The result of family members who had seen other artists succeed with this impairment and thought it was a good hook when they saw he had talent as a boy. There are numerous videos and photo's online of him doing what should be impossible things from catching a mike stand to taking pictures to walking unaided in a crowd. Talk to many of his romantic partners and they will definitely tell you he is nowhere near as he appears in public. Stevie Wonder

The permanent A++ list producer/director/writer/mogul is sterile. This isn't news because it's well known that all of his children are the result of adoption or sperm donations. One of his wives left him over the fact he couldn't produce his own offspring. Rather, this blind is about HOW he came to be infertile. When he was younger, he was involved in a serious accident in which he nearly died. He spent over a year recovering, during which time he solidified his career choice. He has always been vague about the nature of his injuries, and with good reason. Some of the most severe injuries were to his private parts. Surgeons managed to save the penis, but the testes were damaged beyond repair. His devastation at losing his chance to have a natural family was one of the reasons he got into film. If he couldn't have kids, he had to leave his legacy in another way. This attitude paid dividends until he started adopting and the quality of his films noticeably began to drop off. George Lucas (The car crash that changed the galaxy)

The foreign born actress who famously slept with a cartel leader for an interview is hooking up with another cartel leader. Kate Del Castillo (Kate del Castillo claims Sean Penn used her as ‘bait’ to meet El Chapo)

Behind the scenes, nothing has changed for the A list singer/bad actor. He is trashing his co-star in an attempt to garner some acting awards for his latest project. Justin Timberlake/"Palmer" (Justin Timberlake apologizes to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson following documentary backlash) (Palmer’s Alisha Wainwright Gushes Over ‘Incredible’ Justin Timberlake After PDA Scandal)

This creator/host of this very very popular competition show has a budget for costumes for the contestants. He makes them bring their own though and keeps the money for himself. RuPaul/"RuPaul's Drag Race" (RuPaul's Tantrum Over an H&M Dress Has Drag Race Fans At Odds)

This permanent A+/A list singer who is a huge diva is having to pay extortion money to her former manager. Mariah Carey/Stella Bulochnikov (Mariah Carey’s ex-manager Stella Bulochnikov is mounting a comeback)

Of course this singing reality star is going to support her celebrity friend. The singing reality star has done way worse with her friend back in the day and would hate for that to come out. Kandi Burruss/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Tameka "Tiny" Harris (‘I’ve Never Personally Seen Her Do Any of That’: Kandi Burruss Addresses Sexual Allegations Against Friends Tiny and T.I.)

Yes, because the paps just happened to randomly show up at the same exact time you (A- list actress/director) decide to move a few boxes from the home of your actor ex to the home of the former boy bander. Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudeikis/Harry Styles (Olivia Wilde moves bags from Jason Sudeikis’ home to Harry Styles’ place)

Apparently it is not just our actor throwing money around in this troubled nation, this very wealthy retired tech CEO is also doing it. He threw so much money around that one of his donations ended up being enough for a politician from the country to buy an escape home north of our border, just in case he needs it.
Sean Penn/Bill Gates/Haiti/Senator Rony Celéstin/Canada (Activist: Investigate Senator’s $4.25 Million Mansion In Canada) (Protests demanding Haiti's president step down turn deadly)

This former B list singer who (Jessicka Addams), as a part of a group ("Jack Off Jill") opened for the alliterate rapist rocker (Marilyn Manson) and got someone (Twiggy Ramirez) fired from the group for raping her, is now herself being accused of raping a 13 year old boy and 14 year old boy after a show where she got them drunk and then raped them. Jessicka Addams/"Jack Off Jill"/Marilyn Manson/Twiggy Ramirez (Jessicka Addams)

Reader Blind: This deceased foreign B list actor (Peter Lawford) had A list associations and an A list marriage but by the end of his life he was a dissolute wreck. The state he was in is perhaps summed up by an injury he received while trying to cure his chronic impotence with electrical shock treatments. He set fire to his testicles leading to 2nd degree burns. Peter Lawford/Patricia Kennedy, a younger sister of John F. Kennedy (The Secret Life of Peter Lawford) (Out Of Luck: The Rise And Fall Of Peter Lawford)

Reader Blind: This foreign entertainment provider has had a difficult relationship so far with this prime asset - A comic and actor more known now for a show not on TV. The latest dispute involves two family members of people who worked on something that is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. These two family members have documents and photographs in their possession that they claim show it never occurred and the whole thing was shot in this film capital. The provider is trying to block their appearance on the show. "Spotify"/Joe Rogan/"The Joe Rogan Experience" Podcast/"Moon Landing" Conspiracy/Hollywood (The Joe Rogan Experience | Podcast on Spotify) (The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory & Joe Rogan | PKA and Danny Mullen) (Joe Rogan on Why he changed his stance on the Moon landing conspiracy)

Reader Blind: When it comes down to having sex with underage girls, and by underage what is meant is not 16 or 17 but 13, 12 even 11, this violently named foreign band ("The Stranglers") was one of the worst offenders. Their heyday was a number of decades ago when they were part of a larger scene. They were slightly unique due to one big instrumental difference. At one point, one of the two singers, the more visible one (Hugh Cornwell), left for a solo career. Both he as a solo artist and a version of the band have been active recently although a founding member (Dave Greenfield died on 3 May 2020 of COVID-19) died not too long ago. They were never A list but had a following in their own country and also had at least one recognizable song (about a heavenly body) ("Always the Sun"). At their peak, they were always trolling for sex with basically children, young girls. One of the members (Jet Black/aka Brian John Duffy) had been a businessman before joining the band and dealt a lot with the crime world. He would arrange young partners for them through his underworld contacts. There is actually a song about about how much they love sex with young girls ("Bring On the Nubiles") on their second album ("No More Heroes") but nobody cared as they assumed it was just another example of the hyperbolic nature of the band's lyrics.
"The Stranglers"/Hugh Cornwell (solo member)/Dave Greenfield (dead member)/"Always the Sun"/Jet Black (business member)/aka Brian John Duffy/"Bring On the Nubiles"/"No More Heroes"

I have written about the offspring of this permanent A+/A list director a few times now. He continues to attract dozens of people each month to his cult. This is going to end horrifically. It is way worse than NXIVM. Sean Stone/Oliver Stone

The problem with bot accounts is that if they are there to hype your product, you get the same responses from them whether you post about your product or your kid. Honestly, I think the wife of the rocker should worry about the bombs that are going off behind the scenes of her marriage. They keep getting louder. Courtney and Nikki Sixx

This east coast Housewife has relatives on the show. She is also being cheated on by her husband with someone much much younger than the Housewife. Melissa Gorga/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Joe Gorga (RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Says She and Husband Joe Gorga ‘Fight So Hard’ for Their Marriage: It Isn’t ‘Easy’)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **10**
This openly gay celebrity sibling has a boyfriend but is hooking up with this closeted NBA player. Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie; Chris Evans’ brother Scott/Zach Volin; (Openly Gay Scott Evans Didn't Come Out Willingly; Dating Status Unveiled)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **11**
The Curse: This sci fi show ("Babylon 5") seems to have created a curse. That is what fans of the show believe. It is not necessarily what those closest to the situation believe. There is one offspring of an actor victim of the "curse" who has an entirely different theory. The offspring thinks there is no "curse." The offspring's theory is that the series creator (J. Michael Straczynski) has been systematically killing off a cast member (Richard Biggs/44/aortic dissection) (Stephen Furst/63/diabetes) (Andreas Katsulas/59/lung cancer) (Jerry Doyle/59/natural causes) (Jeff Conaway/60/drug overdose) every few years. He considers the show to have been his life's work, and as such wants to garner attention for it in the hopes of getting a reboot with a brand new, younger cast and updated special effects. You may have noticed how he releases a lengthy, heartfelt statement almost immediately after a cast member passes (and often is the one to break the news in the first place). He wants to appear to be a "patriarch" of the cast members, when it's actually not that at all. They live in a state of fear. Prior to the death of this actress (Mira Furlan/65/West Nile Virus), the offspring thought perhaps he was singling out only male members of the cast. "Babylon 5"/J. Michael Straczynski/Richard Biggs/Stephen Furst/Andreas Katsulas/Jerry Doyle/Jeff Conaway/Mira Furlan (Is There a 'Babylon 5' Curse? Several Cast Members Have Died Unexpectedly)

This A list mostly movie actor comes from an acting family and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Considering he can't stop the human trafficking in his own family, it is interesting hearing him marketing himself as an expert on the subject. Joaquin Phoenix

A group of extras and one offs from this former hit pay cable show are in the process of discussing a settlement with the showrunners prior to filing a class action lawsuit. The are alleging they were sexually harassed, discriminated against and were forced to agree to film nude and sex scenes prior to being hired. "Game Of Thrones"

As I told you years ago, the offspring of a Housewife came via an affair the husband had. Apparently that is about to be made public.

I think there might actually be a happy ever after for the former reality star all of you know. She really likes the fact she doesn't feel pressured to have sex with her boyfriend. I'm not sure they ever have even tried. Paris Hilton/Carter Reum (Paris Hilton Is Engaged to Boyfriend Carter Reum: 'I'm Excited for Our Next Chapter')

The conversation went something like, "I made you who you are. You will do this for me." The next thing you know the offspring of the permanent A list singer is the face of a company. Lourdes "Lola" Leon/Madonna/"Marc Jacobs" (Madonna's daughter Lourdes announced as the new face of Marc Jacobs)

Judging by the sudden openness to discuss the events that have occurred over the past few years, this former child actress turned singer is about to get into much greater detail about the death of this singer and what she knew before and after. Taylor Momsen/Chris Cornell (‘Gossip Girl’ star Taylor Momsen reveals dark period of substance abuse)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The OJ Trial was on the radio and every client who got into the car wanted to listen to it. One foreign born A list (Ricardo Montalban) mostly television actor got into the car and wanted to listen. He had worked with OJ in movies ("The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!"). The driver and the actor listened to the trial in silence all the way to the actor’s Hollywood Hills home. Finally the driver asked, "What do you think?" "I think he is guilty as hell," said the actor in his iconic accented voice. Ricardo Montalban/"The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!" (The late Ricardo Montalban's 6,679-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills area comes on the market for $20M)

This A- list actress (Anya Taylor-Joy) is not foreign born, but everyone thinks she is (Born: Miami, Florida, U.S./Citizenship: United States, United Kingdom, Argentina). If this was a decade ago, she would have already won an Oscar after sleeping with the disgraced producer. With that not possible, she is doing the next best thing. She is the new muse/mistress for the A+ list director who will get her that Oscar. Anya Taylor-Joy/Harvey Weinstein/David O. Russell (Anya Taylor-Joy Talks 'Emma,' #MeToo, and Maximizing Her Creativity) (Anya Taylor-Joy is a vision in red as she shoots scenes for David O. Russell's untitled film with co-stars Margot Robbie and Rami Malek in Los Angeles)

This A list daytime talk show host, who all of you know even though it is a panel show, is being cheated on by her husband. This is a big one. Meghan McCain/"The View"

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **10**
Speaking of cheating, this A list documentary filmmaker who saw his first marriage crash and burn because of cheating, is doing the same thing in his second. Morgan Spurlock (Sexual misconduct incidents)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **11**
Sucking Her Dry: Back in the day, this female singer (Ashanti) was A list. One named. For a few years, she was everywhere. It felt like she was featured on every song on the radio. In recent years, she has helped supplement her income by yachting and trading on that famous name. The past year has especially been bad for her because she relies on touring to make the rest of her income. She made tens of millions of dollars in her heyday. Where did it go? She gave it all to this former A list rapper (Nelly) who was big at the same time as her. He would always say he was broke or waiting on money or he would pay her back. She bought him multiple homes, one of which he is selling right now to raise money for himself. In public everyone thought they were a couple, and she thought they were too. However, he saw it differently and if he had an opportunity with another woman for a night or a week, he would take it. He knew our singer wouldn't cheat. Over a very short period he managed to get his hands on most of her money and she even took out loans to give him more money. He lived large and she paid for most of it and is continuing to pay for it now. Ashanti/Nelly

While the alliterate permanent A list singer deserves our support in a lot of battles, let us also not forget the time she tried an end around to get control of the estate of her brother and leave his kids in the dust. Janet Jackson/Michael Jackson

Even though the momager will never appear on the Housewives franchise, she is telling producers she is thinking about it, but will not do it if this reality star/former celebrity spouse is given a spot in the reboot of a franchise. Kris Jenner/Larsa Pippen/"Real Housewives of Miami" (Larsa Pippen speaks out AGAIN on the Kardashians... three months after claiming Kanye West 'brainwashed' her ex BFF Kim: 'Some people value men over friends') (Larsa Pippen's Deal For 'Real Housewives Of Miami' May See A Green Light)

One person who is wanting COVID to take its course is the wife of this foreign leader all of you know. She wants a divorce, but agreed to wait until there is some type of normalcy. Another staged photo op like this week though, did not make her happy. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau/Justin Trudeau/Canada (sophiegregoiretrudeau)

The foreign born Rosetta Stone of every worldwide scandal and trafficking operation finally landed a buyer for her house. She took a massive discount off the original price, just so she could leave the country sooner.

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: This character actor's (Richard Deacon) most famous role (Melvin "Mel" Cooley) was as the boss of this still living actor (Dick Van Dyke) in a groundbreaking TV show (The Dick Van Dyke Show). It was the second successful TV show he was in. At the height of his success in the second TV show (first show: (Fred Rutherford) ("Leave It to Beaver"), the actor, who was openly gay in his private life, had to be rushed to the hospital with a foreign object lodged inside of him. He had to have surgery to have it removed. Richard Deacon/Melvin "Mel" Cooley/Dick Van Dyke/"The Dick Van Dyke Show"/first show: Fred Rutherford/"Leave It to Beaver"

That was a pretty decent reward for this foreign born B/B- list actress who would never have got this massive break into the superhero universe without her participation in the showmance for someone else in the universe. Zawe Ashton/"Captain Marvel 2"/Tom Hiddleston/"Avengers" (‘Captain Marvel 2’: Zawe Ashton Tapped To Play Villain In Marvel Sequel) (Tom Hiddleston living with co-star Zawe Ashton in Atlanta after his friends deny they’re dating)

Reader Blind - Probably Written By A Publicist: Wanted to give your readers a behind-the-scenes peek at what production is really like during COVID to offset the Tom Cruise clown show. I'm currently wrapping a shoot. Everyone on set from crew to cast is masked up, getting tested every day and following the protocols to a T. Sure it's not a billion dollar blockbuster, but it is all things speaking an ambitious shoot. And it's with an A-list director who comes from a directing/acting family whose patriarch is is legendary. Like other things they directed over the past ten months, the director has done everything remotely from home. Their setup is tremendously high-tech. As someone used being on set my entire career, I'm amazed at the technology. I can see multiple sets at once, multiple cams, check in on wardrobe and more, all from my phone or laptop. And this is not some one camera set up we're talking about here. This is pretty intricate. On a good day this would involve a lot of moving parts. During Covid times, the ease in which this is happening is nothing short of miraculous. The director has been completely dialed in, communicating with us, the crew and the actors. All remote, of course, but it would not have been any different if they were on set. That's how good it is. And by the way, the director is so incredibly warm and gracious and collaborative. I have never seen someone make actors feel this much at ease and make them feel like the director genuinely cares about them. Considering how badly Tom Cruise acted, maybe that makes this a kindness blind.

Apparently sleeping with as many people as possible has paid off for the celebrity/reality star who is only famous for sleeping with a married A+ lister. Our mistress is in consideration to be a Housewife. If that is the case, she should probably stop yachting with the married guys, before the cameras start rolling. Rachel Uchitel/Tiger Woods/"Real Housewives of New York" (Real Housewives of New York: Rachel Uchitel May Replace Dorinda Medley)

When we first got the origin story of this superhero ("Spider-Man") two decades ago, it was inspired by a real life wrestler (Randy "Macho Man" Savage). So, naturally, the wrestler was invited to be in the movie ("Spider-Man"), playing a wrestler ("Bonesaw McGraw"). In one of the shots, he ended up doing career ending damage to his neck. "Spider-Man"/Randy "Macho Man" Savage/"Spider-Man"/"Bonesaw McGraw"

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **10**
Needing money, the safekeeper (Marcus Allen) of certain items of evidence which have been in hiding for nearly thirty years, wants to sell them. They are items hidden by a very close friend (Robert Kardashian) of the killer. If they were brought out at trial of the former A+ lister (O. J. Simpson), he would have been convicted. The very close friend passed on and left the items with the safekeeper. Marcus Allen/Robert Kardashian/O. J. Simpson (OJ Simpson Case: The Mystery Surrounding the Never-Found Murder Weapon)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **11**
Conflict Of Interest: On the other side of the pond, I am sure there is a very big discussion that is ongoing. This blind is not about the alliterate one (Meghan Markle). It is about the fact that when this Princess (Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum aka Princess Latifa) from a different country (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) was about 15, give or take a few months, she accompanied her father to some horse races. At the horse races, she was introduced to the pedophile prince (Prince Andrew). Surprisingly, this is not about him either. It is actually about the second in line (Prince William) who took the virginity of the Princess. That little nugget has slowly been erased from the internet. It has not been that hard because there were not as many sites then, and not as many outlets reported on it. When they did report on it, it was after the fact when the Princess first tried to run away from home. She did so because she was in love with the second in line. It was also at that time she told her dad about losing her virginity. There is a strong incentive for the second in line and his country to keep this quiet. Not only do they not want the story told again, they also want to keep making that money selling arms. Meghan Markle/Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum aka Princess Latifa/Dubai, United Arab Emirates/Prince Andrew/Prince William (Princess Latifa: 'Hostage' ordeal of Dubai ruler's daughter revealed) (United Nations asks UAE for proof that Princess Latifa is alive)

We take all forms of sexual abuse seriously, but this new face of the #MeToo movement might regret coming forward with her tale. Why? She only told half of the story and the half she left out unfortunately makes her look maniacal. During her relationship with her alleged abuser she was violent and aggressive herself and she doesn’t know IT’S ALL ON TAPE! Her then-lover had secret cameras all around his home and SHE is captured physically and verbally attacking HIM. FKA twigs/Shia LaBeaouf (FKA twigs Sues Shia LaBeouf, Citing ‘Relentless’ Abusive Relationship)

Kneepads ("People") mentions a house that was recently sold by a foreign born former A+ list golfer (Greg Norman). They don't mention the purchaser because they don't know. I do. The funny thing about this estate is they generally stay on the market for months before being bought. Celine Dion took two years to sell her place there. This estate sold in two weeks. That is unheard of. It has space for a 150 foot yacht. The buyer wanted this place, on an island, where you can get on your yacht on a moment's notice and flee into international waters quickly, if you wanted or needed to. The buyer? The recently retired/forced out lingerie guy (Les Wexner) who probably should have asked for a pardon. "People"/Greg Norman/Les Wexner (Golfing Great Greg Norman Finds Buyer for $60 Million Florida Home in Just 2 Weeks — See Inside!) (Golfer Greg Norman has a buyer for his Florida house: the chief of Victoria’s Secret)

The sibling of this foreign born permanent A+ list model had to find a new place to yacht for a few months. She says the new place attracts clients who can afford to pay a ton, but are used to paying nothing, so want to keep it that way. They don't know who the models or reality stars are, so don't want to pay a premium for that. Plus, she said they can be really violent which is not the norm in the usual place. She did say the drugs are amazing though which they don't really have in the regular place. Lottie Moss/Kate Moss/Tulum, Mexico/Dubai (Is Tulum the new Dubai? Dua Lipa and Chloe Sims are among celebrities flocking to the Mexican resort's bars and beaches as influencers' favourite Middle East haunt falls under travel ban)

This YouTube star and his equally as famous relative have been in trouble with the feds. They have been raided by the feds. For some reason, they think if they move far away, that will suddenly stop. It won't. It stops when you stop trafficking women and drugs and weapons. Logan Paul/Jake Paul/Puerto Rico (Logan Paul is moving to Puerto Rico and nobody is more upset about it than the people of Puerto Rico)

In addition to getting plastic surgery and new breasts, the child murderer has finally admitted to killing her child. The documentary filmmakers won't ask her about that though. This is geared towards her side of the story. Casey Anthony (Casey Anthony Is Producing an Authorized Documentary About Her Daughter's Death)

The former child actor (Brock Pierce) turned pedophile supporter/Ponzi fraudster/Presidential candidate is attempting to use his wealth (other people's money that he defrauded them of) to start a city in the not quite a state/not quite a free country (Puerto Rico) to create a tax haven for billionaires while preventing residents from visiting historically (Old San Juan) and spiritually ("Castillo San Felipe del Morro") important sites to them. The government of the area is working with him to make it happen. This is the same destination for those people in #3. Brock Pierce/Puerto Rico/"Old San Juan"/"Castillo San Felipe del Morro" (Cross eyed: Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce buys Puerto Rican ‘monastery’ for $5M) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/24/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/25/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/12/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/27/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/10/20)

This former porn king/reality star who blew up a Housewives franchise turned fugitive has hundreds of young women that he trafficks all over the world. Joe Francis/"Real Housewives of Miami" (Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis boasts he slept with Real Housewife Joanna Krupa AND her sister Marta)

The alliterate one is ticked off she has to be at the same level as the pedophile Prince's kids. It must really tick her off that she has to curtsy to them if her husband isn't with her. Meghan Markle/Prince Andrew/Princess Eugenie & Princess Beatrice (Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Stripped Of Appointments, Patronages As They Officially End Work For Royal Family)

Reader Blind: This former A list actor used to write his infamous girlfriend a check for $5,000 every time they had sex, which was often. The pair would also try to recruit and corrupt young waitresses and other female service workers for threesomes. Charlie Sheen/Heidi Fleiss

This A/A- list actor who stars in one of the Chicago shows, is on a lesbian only dating app and apparently picks up women from the site all the time.

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **10**
This 2020 wannabe A++ lister who had to settle for a consolation prize is splitting with his significant other. This is a huge deal. This will be quite the divorce.

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **11**
Four For Friday - Bad Behavior:
#1 - This A+ list politician wants a new gig right now. Most pundits think it is because he sees an opening for a higher position. Nope. It is because he thinks he is about to finally sell one of his movie scripts and wants to be out here for that and because the conflict of interest rules are different if he does a state gig rather than a federal one. Adam Schiff/California Attorney General (Schiff ponders life beyond the House as focus shifts from Trump)
#2 - This former A list singer/actress was wasted on drugs and beat up men and women at a church.
#3 - This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. While filming a movie south of the border, he would get drunk and then try and have sex with four or five different women and would beat them if he couldn't get erect.
#4 - This A list comedian specifically went and performed for troops in Afghanistan, just so he could participate in Bachi Bazi.

This foreign born former A- list actress tried to have an actress in her home country injured ala Nancy Kerrigan because our actress feels like the new, much younger actress is taking all her roles.

This foreign born B+ list actress just got a huge break portraying this former A list celebrity. She has never been papped before, so when the studio arranged for it to happen, she had no idea what to do. Samara Weaving/Holly Madison/"Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny" (Samara Weaving cast as ex-Playboy Bunny Holly Madison in dark biopic)

Of course right after the big welcome home orgy with the former political appointee/movie finance guy, the host of the party, the disgraced director lands his first job in years. Steven Mnuchin/Brett Ratner/"Milli Vanilli" Biopic (Brett Ratner Lines Up Directing Comeback On Milli Vanilli Biopic With Millennium Launching Sales For EFM) (Time’s Up Condemns Brett Ratner’s Return: ‘There Should Be No Comeback’) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/02/21)

There is going to be a huge art show coming up very soon. Does anyone else find it odd, that more than half of the art is being completed by artists other than the feature artist. They are still signing the name of the artist though.

The cleaning product actor actually has women reaching out to him right now who are willing to give up body parts to him. Crazy. Armie Hammer (Brandi Glanville/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (‘RHOBH’: Brandi Glanville Still Doesn’t Understand Why Her Armie Hammer Tweets Were Problematic)

This A+ list mostly movie actor hasn't accepted any recent offers because he might have to undergo chemo.

This former A list celebrity/reality star/talk show host, who would also sometime act, is cheating on her more famous husband with a co-worker.

Speaking of cheating, this former A- list actress who is much lower than that now and has never reached her franchise level of success, is being cheated on by her husband. It is with a woman who they had threesomes with who was introduced to the couple by their drug dealer.

The Stepchild: I mean if Prince Charles could do it… This husband of a reality TV personality has often been rumored to be a cheater who had a steady side piece. To be honest, I don’t find any of the people on this reality show to be interesting enough to pay attention. Sure it was weird when that baby who fit right in with the rest of the family magically showed up as an adopted child. But like I said, I’m just not that invested. Well, as it turns out, that reality TV show personality has just announced she is quitting the show. It seems that the streets have been talking and the news is coming out that the baby that magically appeared was not adopted from an agency like we were told. Instead, it’s the husband’s love child with another woman. NOW that makes a lot of sense. And the babies just keep coming. I guess the reality TV mom thinks quitting will keep all of this information under wraps. But if I am hearing about it, and I couldn’t even be bothered to pay that much attention, the cat is out of the bag. Oh and didn’t she just have another kid? How many kids does she need to parent badly? Brandi Redmond/"Real Housewives of Dallas"/Bryan Redmond (‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Star Brandi Redmond Announces She’s Leaving the Show After Welcoming Baby No. 4: ‘I Choose Happiness’)

In the past few weeks, I told you about the one named singer/actress who paid her way out of Scientology. She got off for a relatively minor amount because she had not been in for very long. The former A+ list mostly movie actor is having to fork over about ten times that amount for his exit fee. It is something he had been unable to do until a life event finally allowed him to do so. Brandy Norwood/Scientology/John Travolta/sell Maine home after death of wife Kelly Preston (John Travolta Is Selling the Maine Mansion He Shared With Kelly Preston for $5 Million) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/09/21)

This former A- list actress who did have a big hit on television and all of you know, wants to start hosting wellness retreats in her new home. Basically the wellness consists of Ayahuasca and weekend long orgies where she charges big fees. Rose McGowan/"Charmed" (Rose McGowan Reveals She’s Become a Permanent Resident of Mexico: It’s a ‘Really Healing Land’) (What Is Ayahuasca? Experience, Benefits, and Side Effects)

This former one year wonder who got to be a one year wonder multiple times has previously hooked up with this A- list actor. Prior to him, the word was she was legal, albeit barely when she dated this foreign born renovation star. She is now saying, she wasn't really legal when they started.
Audra Mari/"Miss Teen USA" 2011 (1st Runner-Up)/"Miss USA" 2014 (1st Runner-Up)/"Miss World America" 2016 (Winner)/"Miss World" 2016 (Top 11)/Josh Duhamel/Jonathan Scott/"Property Brothers" (Josh Duhamel Packs on PDA with Miss World America's Audra Mari in New Photos!)

Reader Blind - Change Of Identities: It all started decades ago when an A+ singer in an A+ band grew burnt out and tired of his life. He was doing drugs and drinking heavily and not healthy. He knew he needed a change but a very radical one. At the time, he was in a foreign country so he bribed a few people and his death was announced but this was fake. The singer in a phony identity adopted a gypsy lifestyle traveling around the USA. Not long after he befriended a well to do family in a midwestern state. This family had a problem. Despite the prominence and success of many members, one of the current generation was a n'er do well and one day under the pressure of succeeding he committed suicide . The patriarch of the family made a deal with the former singer. Having a loser son who committed suicide was not in the cards so even though the singer was a little older and a couple inches shorter, the patriarch asked him to assume the role of the son which he did. He and the son did have very similar facial features, slightly different accents but similar tones to their voices as well. After this, the singer in the role of the son got interested in a career the son was pursuing in. For a number of years he slogged in partial anonymity until he achieved A+ level success under his new identity. This was not a serious expression of who he was but an identity that hordes of people could relate to. His recent death may expose all of this. Look at the singer's face and who he became and listen to their voices - Granted it has deepened over age. Jim Morrison/"The Doors"/Rush Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh & Jim Morrison are the same person)

There won't be any moving forward on the investigation into the murder of this civil rights leader any time in the near future. For well over two decades, since a 2000 interview, everyone knew this controversial religious leader arranged the murder. No one will do anything until he dies. Then, they will say, he is dead, so the point is moot. Malcolm X/Louis Farrakhan (Who Really Killed Malcolm X?) (Farrakhan Admission On Malcolm X)

Apparently all that kissing butt for the past several years has finally paid off for this Housewife. She has always been desperate to have her own show on the channel and soon will. She is so desperate for attention, much like one of her offspring. Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Amelia Hamlin ('RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna Unleashes Massive DDs With Explicit Caption) (Lisa Rinna Defends Daughter Amelia Hamlin's Lingerie Photos From Troll Who Called Them 'Disgusting')
(Lisa Rinna and family are not getting a reality show on E! despite rumors)

Reader Blind - A Johnny$ Blind: This well-known publicist (Elliot Mintz) to the stars is dying, and he is quite talkative when he is on his painkillers: "Of course it wasn't planned, we had never heard of (famous assassin) (Mark David Chapman). I'm just saying, plans were in place for this (famous widow) (Yoko Ono) to live without (A++ famous musician) (John Lennon) anyway. They BOTH were sick of each other and had each secretly hired divorce lawyers. He blamed her for the lackluster response to his latest release ("Double Fantasy"), she blamed him for, well, everything. (Famous killer) just fixed it so that she could move (boy-toy) (Sam Havadtoy) in that much easier. Elliot Mintz/Mark David Chapman/Yoko Ono/John Lennon/"Double Fantasy"/Sam Havadtoy

This real life wrongfully convicted person (Sam Sheppard) who was one of the inspirations for the tv show ("The Fugitive" (1963 TV series)) and the movie (("The Fugitive") (1993 film)) about him was briefly a professional wrestler, going by the ring name The Killer, and invented one of the most memorable submission holds of all time, the mandible claw. Sam Sheppard/""The Fugitive" (1963 TV series)/"The Fugitive") (1993 film) (Professional wrestling career)

This foreign born permanent A list model who is seemingly always involved with those on the wrong side of the law is being investigated because of her intimate knowledge and also payments she received from this foreign born scammer. Naomi Campbell/Hushpuppi (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/10/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/14/20)

The pump and dump celebrity CEO is just pumping his favorite crypto right now. At a party this weekend he said that if he could get the coin to bitcoin levels, he would be the first trillionaire. He said he wants that on his gravestone. Oh, in other news, he got another woman pregnant. Elon Musk/"Dogecoin" (What Is Dogecoin and Why Is Elon Musk So Interested In It?) (How Elon Musk Lost $30 Billion Overnight As Tesla Stock And Bitcoin Crater)

It took a long time for someone to want to partner with the momager on her new line. In fact, she got the same deal any of us would get. She has to pay upfront. She is under the impression that people her age, know who she is and want to buy her products. Kris Jenner/"Kris Jenner Beauty," "Kris Jenner Skin" and "Kris Jenner Skincare") (Kris Jenner Seems to Have Her Own Beauty Brand On the Way)

The widow has spent nearly seven figures on legal bills and had zero results. No one can figure out where the money is coming from to keep paying that much. Vicky Karayiannis Cornell/Chris Cornell (Vicky Cornell files lawsuit against Soundgarden members over 'ludicrously low' buyout offer)

Until she went to Vancouver to shoot a few weeks ago, this B list actor was hooking up with his former co-star on the almost network show. As soon as she went bye-bye he started hooking up with someone who was on the same almost network. There is buzz that he also hooked up with a different co-star which is how he knew her relationship with yet another co-star was over. Skeet Ulrich/Lucy Hale/"Riverdale"/"The CW" (Lucy Hale photographed kissing Skeet Ulrich)

Should it bother anyone that this former child actor turned pedophile supporter/enabler/participator turned fraudster/political candidate has been trying to set up a way to speak to young kids at various organizations that are housing them for online schools and other activities. Brock Pierce (Brock Pierce wraps renovation on Dwight Howard’s former loft)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The biggest unwritten rule of the limo business is to speak to clients only when spoken to. One Shakespearean actor/limo driver didn’t follow that rule when the vertically challenged A+ director got into his car. The limo driving actor peppered the director with praise for his prior films, offered him several pointers on how he could do better, and produced a headshot to give him. The director instructed the driver to pull over. The director then rolled the partition up and called the limo company and had another car dispatched to the location to rescue him. The driver was told to "gas it up and bring it in" and then fired.

Reader Blind: This taciturn individual (Calvin Coolidge) held an A++ position (30th president of the United States) in the earlier parts of the last century. He came into this position not in the normal way but did earn it on his own (succeeded to the presidency upon the sudden death of Warren G. Harding in 1923, elected in his own right in 1924). As serious and stiff as he was, his wife (Grace Coolidge) was the exact opposite. She was a free spirit and was very sexual having many lovers before her marriage and many lovers during. One of the most famous stories was her being "lost" with a handsome young man who was supposed to watch over her. In fact they had sneaked off into a nature area to make love in the bushes. Calvin Coolidge/Grace Coolidge (Presidential Shenanigans: Calvin and Grace Coolidge and the Secret Service Man)

The child murderer finally admitted she killed her child, but that isn't going to be in the documentary. Instead, the current plan is to trick her dad into hooking up to a lie detector and then having an "expert" come on and say the dad is lying about whether he killed the child. Oh, and they are going to tag him for child molesting his daughter and granddaughter. Casey Anthony/Caylee Anthony/George Anthony (Death of Caylee Anthony) (Casey Anthony Will Reportedly Talk About Her Alleged Childhood Sexual Abuse In New R. Kelly Producer-Helmed Documentary)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **10**
Congrats to the former A+ list celebrity/reality star who has opened up about some of her past during this past year. She is expecting a baby. Hopefully the baby will not suffer the same fate as all of the dogs of years gone by. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton is being called out for saying she's doing IVF so she can have 'twins that are a boy and a girl') (South Park: Paris Hilton's Dog Kills Itself)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **11**
The Competition: This singer (Lauryn Hill) was A+ list in a group ("Fugees") and solo. She then disappeared from recording. Oh, she was still around and performing and things like that, but not recording. Why? Her debut sold 20M records ("The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"). It garnered her a handful of Grammy Awards. Why would she stop recording? This album is on best ever lists. It all comes down to this. There were two singers, both solo acts who went on to release solo records shortly after this record debuted. Both of those singers (A & B) were on the same record label while our A+ lister was on a different one. The label head of A & B had information that would ruin the career and life of the A+ lister. He let it be known he would release it if she released a record within the next five years. The head of the record label wanted no competition out there for his singers. The A+ lister agreed to wait the five years. The thing is, five years passed and she was on to other things and her debut, is still today, her only studio album. Lauryn Hill/"Fugees"/"The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" (Lauryn Hill becomes first female rapper to have a diamond album)

The number one choice to replace this outgoing cable network head/predator enabler has a long history of allegations about them in the workplace too. Allison Gollust/Jeff Zucker/"CNN" (Zucker lieutenant is a top candidate to replace him at CNN’s helm)

This A-/B+ list actress starred on a vampire show. She says she was talked out of suing her bosses for racial discrimination and harassment because no one would hire her again they said. The abuse she took was extensive. Kat Graham/"Vampire Diaries"

In order to make money, the former A- list teen singer is selling himself to men again. Aaron Carter

No surprise that once again, this serial fraudster/Ponzi schemer/former child actor has been found to have engaged in illegal activity with one of the companies he founded. He will have to find another fraud to find enough money to pay the massive fine.

This A- list actress is a good actress. For some reason though, when it comes to this showmance she is having with the athlete, she can't figure out how to do it and is doing an awful job. Shailene Woodley/Aaron Rodgers (Shailene Woodley confirms that she and Aaron Rodgers are engaged)

Reader Blind: This A- genre actor (James Marsters) will freely tell this story at paid-for fan dinners. He has mother issues due to his childhood experiences with a hyper-religious mom. Whilst working on the cult show ("Spike"/"Buffy the Vampire Slayer") that launched him, he had an affair with the show’s much loved maternal figure ("Joyce Summers"/Kristine Sutherland). He also had to fend off the advances of an underage costar ("Dawn Summers"/Michelle Trachtenberg) on a daily basis, ultimately writing a song (Musical Career) about the experience. He reported that the showrunner (Joss Whedon) who’s having a bad year has a coffee-table book at home with pages upon pages of gory images of burn victims. An unhealthy mindset to say the least. James Marsters/"Spike"/"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"/"Joyce Summers"/Kristine Sutherland/"Dawn Summers"/Michelle Trachtenberg/song is "Dangerous"/Joss Whedon

When this A list mostly movie actress adopted a child, the father found out about the actress and wanted a pay day. He got his payday and within 24 hours was dead of an overdose and no money was found on his body.

Speaking of A list mostly movie actresses, this one used to be A+ list and is permanently A list. She takes much fewer roles than she used to. She is the largest investor in a company that uses stem cells to make hand and face cream and she was the money behind the study published last month about using the blood of the young to slow the process of aging. The first study that has shown any clinical benefits.
(QAnon Is Spreading a Bizarre and Dangerous Conspiracy Theory About a Drug Called Adrenochrome)

Reader Blind: The authorities have intercepted correspondence between two people - A young foreign woman (Greta Thunberg) who has been in the news a lot the last few years for speaking her mind on a particular problem and an infamous individual (
Ted Kaczynski aka "The Unabomber") whose time in the public eye was before she was born. The infamous individual wrote something ("Unabomber Manifesto") a long time ago that became public that the young woman agrees with. She has been discussing both theory and implementation with him in the letters. Greta Thunberg/Ted Kaczynski/"Unabomber Manifesto" (Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters)

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **10**
The child murderer told the producers of the documentary that she was not using social media and would continue to stay off it until after the release of the documentary. They don't want anything to interfere with the spin they are putting on the murderer. It is the same way they got Kneepads to write a glowing article about the murderer. The thing is though, out murderer can't help herself and has several pages, and sites and other places where she continues to post. Casey Anthony/"People Magazine" (Casey Anthony Will Reportedly Talk About Her Alleged Childhood Sexual Abuse In New R. Kelly Producer-Helmed Documentary) (Casey Anthony Starts P.I. Firm, Claims She Want to 'Help Other Wrongfully Accused Women': Source)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **11**
Schadenfreude: Except for some light editing, I kept in the tipster's words. Her (Britney Spears) fans always seem to notice the difference. Yet, they can’t quite put their finger on it, they really are quite the instasleuths. Ask her for a sign, she’ll send a message almost immediately and say she’s "totally fine", while wearing color coded "not ok" clothing or color coded emojis. Suddenly, again you see her dance and speak. She seems oddly nervous. She seems to speak, fast, almost, nervously, incessantly? She seems awkward ? What is it? She’s clearly not, herself. That is no secret. But one must ask, "Why would her handlers let her post this bizarre behavior?" She answers at random, and what seems like, fake fan questions from the equivalent of a TeenBeat interview/question format from the past. She is dressed in a way, a bit of a 90"s or well, just bizarre kind of way. It’s almost as if she’s been trapped in some sort of twisted time warp from decades ago. We all know who this is. That is NOT the purpose of this blind. The concern, is, "Is it right to take all of a woman’s rights away simply because she has bipolar/mental disorder?" Many people are able to take lithium, antidepressants, psychotropics and lead a happy, healthy, procreative, and productive life. SHE has/or should certainly have THE best medical mental health staff/ access any human being could ever afford. Yet all she’s cried and yearned for years -is for another "baby". Her eggs are aging. She is acutely aware of this. She has been on a mission and is convinced that her boyfriend (Sam Asghari) has been trying desperately to help her. Though he plays his part so handsomely well, he follows his orders, gets paid handsomely and knows what they know. News of her brief, celebrity pal from the past being PREGNANT, who is not 100% responsible, yet, definitely introduced her to the worst of the worst, most manipulative, evil, drug, con artists, paparazzi's, dark Hollywood world, which thrust her into her (and at least one more) into the most tumultuous and hellacious life ever after. No, she is simply not having it. The pregnant "frenemy" (Paris Hilton) has sent her into overdrive with the already obsessive baby "fever." Unbeknownst to her, every three months for almost a full decade, when she’s not getting her bipolar medication which they have yet to balance, they keep her on "the shot". She is told "the shot" is B-12. It is not. It is THE Shot that keeps her from getting pregnant ever again. Even the father (Kevin Federline) of her children knows about this. (His $upport would be cut significantly if he broke his role, ever again) She doesn’t know. They complete her "B-12" dose with uppers, and she gets suddenly significantly more energetic/ anxious, feisty, fidgety, and becomes that bizarre star we all can’t help but watch and wonder like a sweet, southern, tea/sippin’, shod den fried train wreck. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari/Paris Hilton/Kevin Federline (Britney Spears' Boyfriend Sam Asghari Claims Her Dad Jamie Is 'Trying to Control' Their Relationship)

Blind Item: One Thing I Know For Sure…This ailing reality franchise ("Real Housewives of Orange County") needs a serious makeover if it is to survive past it’s next season. The network is trying to figure out how to handle the fact that they removed a couple of veterans (Tamra Judge/Meghan King Edmonds) of the show and how much the season tanked as a result. It’s mayhem with regard to who if anyone they should bring back but one person (Gretchen Rossi) that seems to have the best shot may be able to stop singing the blues. What they will never do is bring back the Matriarch (Vicki Gunvalson) full time and she will likely never accept the position of friend. But I expect her to be offered it. For some reason production is wanting to bring back one person (Tamra Judge) full time, but there is some opposition to that. Production things this person has some things that are unresolved with a current surviving cast member (Shannon Beador). Personally, I don’t see the point. However, they also have a desire for us to see her in her new career (CBD Company, "VENA Wellness" and/or Real-Estate)? I’m not even sure she is actually working in the new career. Hell maybe that is the point? I dunno. But it is not an easy career to break into especially in that city. Anyway, the one thing I know for sure is that someone (Braunwyn Windham-Burke and/or Kelly Dodd) last season just tried way too hard to bring way too many fake storylines on the show. And she is definitely OUT. It appears that scrolling through Twitter looking for what is trending and making your storyline the top five things…doesn’t play well. So good riddance! Now all we need to know is if one other person (Alexis Bellino or Peggy Sulahian) is thirsty enough to come back. And I think she is. (Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Emily Simpson & Elizabeth Vargas: All FIRED From RHOC!!) (Bravo Responds to Kelly Dodd Claiming She's Returning to 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 16) (Tamra Judge Is Returning to Real Estate and Already Has a New Job: 'Going Back to What I Love') (Tamra and Eddie Judge's CBD Company, VENA Wellness, Is Officially Open for Business)

Usually Disney reserves its matchmaking PR nonsense for in house shows and movies. This time though, sensing there is no excitement for its water reboot, they have the two leads in a fake romance. "Little Mermaid"/Halle Bailey/Jonah Hauer-King (Halle Bailey wishes Jonah happy birthday via her Instagram story) (Disney's The Little Mermaid Remake Has Officially Started Filming)

That college student who was the personal assistant for someone who is in the public eye every day and does countless radio and television spots every day on a variety of networks, says that to prove her loyalty to her boss, she used to have to manually satisfy him every day for the first year. When she hit that one year anniversary, she didn't have to do it any longer. Governor Andrew Cuomo (Cuomo responds after ex-aide says he kissed her, suggested strip poker)

Let me get this straight. This foreign born permanent A list model (Naomi Campbell) who has been to countless parties where underage girls were forced into performing sex acts and has personally recruited many of those girls for that specific purpose, now runs an orphanage ("Children of the Rising Sun"). Yeah, that seems legit. No one is even calling her out on this at all. She knows no one will, and, as a result, those kids will be trafficked to the highest bidders. Naomi Campbell/"Children of the Rising Sun" (Naomi campbell shows her "orphanage") (Naomi Campbell, 50, poses topless in just a pair of pants and a statement headdress as she frolics in the sea for incredible new shoot in Kenya) (Naomi Campbell Visits Her Orphanage in Jamaica)

Our favorite foreign born closeted A- list actor (Sam Heughan/"Outlander") is in the news for supposedly leading on a female celebrity (Monica Aksamit/American saber fencer). I don't think she quite knew that if things progressed, all she was going to be doing was being a beard. Better she got ghosted than go through all of that. Sam Heughan/Monica Aksamit (MUST LISTEN PODCAST: On the Fence with Monica Aksamit/"The King of Gaslighting")

This one named A/A- list actress took a foot out of the closet, but is being held back by teams of guys she has "dated." Those teams want to have a strategy in place or new women on their arms. Zendaya (dated Leo Howard, Adam Irigoyen, Trevor Jackson, Tom Holland, Odell Beckham, Jr. and Jacob Elordi) (Zendaya tells Vanity Fair to make a question gender neutral after being asked what she most likes in a 'man')

This celebrity chef can't do a lot of talking because of a non disclosure agreement, but she has been doing these online improv workshops. Her way around the NDA is to suggest "topics" for the improv group which invariably are about her much higher on the list ex. One "topic" she recently suggested was her surprising her boyfriend at a hotel where he was staying for work, and not being allowed into the hotel until he finished having sex with the woman that was inside the hotel and her being secreted out of the hotel after. Sandra Lee/Andrew Cuomo (what are the odds that within days of this blind, she suffered multiple break in attempts at her home) (Masked intruder tries to break into Sandra Lee’s Malibu home)

Reader Blind: It's true this deceased influential writer (William S. Burroughs) was a terrible human being - From living off his rich family's money while nursing a lifelong drug habit to going abroad for gay sex tourism to neglecting his own son. One common misconception - He did kill someone close to him (Joan Vollmer/wife) but it wasn't an accident. She was psychotic and clingy and would not let him go and he preferred sex with men. His comments on this are in letters to this deceased gay poet (Allen Ginsberg) whom he had sex with occasionally. William S. Burroughs/Joan Vollmer/Allen Ginsberg

Reader Blind: This recently deceased writer (Lawrence Ferlinghetti) was more famous for his business acumen and helping get the word out. The truth is he was always a government intelligence agent starting with his time in the military and then with a three letter agency. He was there to monitor the scene and influence the dialogue. His famous location ("City Lights Bookstore"/San Francisco, CA) was often used as a clandestine meeting place for intelligence agencies. Lawrence Ferlinghetti/"City Lights Bookstore"/San Francisco, CA (Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet and founder of City Lights bookshop, dies aged 101)

You write a blind about a Housewife and their huge secret and within a couple weeks, they say goodbye to the show. It really makes you wonder what kind of explosion is coming in her personal life. Brandi Redmond/"Real Housewives of Dallas" (‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ Star Brandi Redmond Hints She’s Leaving the Show After Welcoming Baby No. 4) (BLIND ITEM 02/17/21) (TAMARA TATTLES BLIND ITEM 02/21/21)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **10**
Mr. X - Old Hollywood: This B list actor (Tom Neal) has been discussed in this space numerous times. He was a convicted murderer who was also caught up with the walking blind item (Barbara Payton) of her day. There has been a new discovery about the actor. He had a sexual relationship with the Black Dahlia. Tom Neal/Barbara Payton/Elizabeth Short (How the Black Dahlia murder sparked a pop culture fascination and affected public perceptions) (The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel: Black Dahlia Connection Explained) (Barbara Payton – what a waste.)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **11**
More lies/embellishments/exaggerations and just really a poor job of marketing from the reality family. That new brand of theirs they like to pretend is made by virgins in Mexico or some type of nonsense when it is actually made by a company that also makes a dozen other brands who don't tell the same lies/embellishments/exaggerations and do a better job of marketing. The Kardashians/Kendall Jenner/"818 Tequila" (and on a side note, several of the family have 805 area code phones and not 818)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **12**
Mr. Fix It: Apparently over the course of the past year, this barely barely celebrity who is married to a foreign born permanent A list dual threat actress has become the go to guy if a celebrity is in a jam. It all started when our married celebrity was being threatened by one of his mistresses that she was going public. That would not have been good for our barely there celebrity. Instead of paying her, he spent some money for a good online investigation company who "found" information about the woman and let it fly all over the internet. A bunch of embarrassing things. There was so much for her to do to fix her own life, she dropped her campaign against our barely there celebrity. He told the story to this foreign born A+/A list superhero who goes way back with the barely there celebrity. They don't live in the same country, but have always chased woman together even as married men. Our A+/A lister couldn't get his mistress to vacate the apartment he rents. He wanted a new mistress to move in. So, our barely there celebrity gets that same online company working again. They randomly and viciously started going after the woman and made her fear for her life to the point she took all of her stuff and left in the middle of the night. The actor never heard a peep from her again.

It is crazy to me that the foreign born alliterate actress/singer continues to move forward with her showmance, despite having multiple pregnancy scares from several different men during the time she was supposedly being exclusive in her showmance. Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Kisses Camila Cabello's Foot in Valentine's Day Instagram Post)

By the end of this year, we will hear more about the beginning of the end as it pertains to this foreign born former A/A- list mostly movie actress (Emma Watson). She was never the greatest actress, and was more of a name, but she realized early on that she had enough in the bank to not have to play the Hollywood game. She got lucky as a tween/teen because the projects ("Harry Potter") she was working on, the higher ups were more interested in molesting the boys than the girls. That one project ("This Is the End") which nearly broke her was with the disgraced actor (James Franco) from an acting family and his frequent partner in crime (Seth Rogen). Along with the actress/serial rapist enabler, they made our foreign born actress miserable and did everything they could to break her and get something on her. They tried drugs and they tried sexual harassment. When she didn't break, she knew her days were numbered in acting. She got very few roles after that and was so scared of another experience like she endured that she welcomed not getting as many offers. Emma Watson/"Harry Potter"/"This Is the End"/James Franco/Seth Rogen (Emma Watson is not retiring from acting, manager says)

A year ago, this A- list mostly television actor (David Boreanaz) who has been lucky twice on huge long running television shows ("Angel", "Bones" and "SEAL Team") got busted cheating on his wife. Unlike when he cheated before with the golfer's (Tiger Woods) mistress (Rachel Uchitel), this one didn't get much attention. Now though, there is a video to go with his cheating and things will be big. David Boreanaz/"Angel", "Bones" and "SEAL Team"/Tiger Woods/Rachel Uchitel (Why my affair with Rachel Uchitel was good for my marriage, by Bones star David Boreanaz)

This former A+ list rock star while he was in the group he founded is writing his autobiography. In it, he is not holding back about the way he treated groupies and other women. He confesses to beating multiple groupies if they didn't do what he wanted in bed.

Speaking of former A+ list rockers only when they are in a group, this former rocker is married to a one hit wonder. He also has the worst plastic surgeon of all time and looks thirty years older than his age.

The reason you never hear this permanent A list singer/actress who really does neither any longer, talk about her ancestry is because of her husband. The fact that he is the offspring of escaped Nazis kind of runs opposite to what she preaches. Bette Midler/Martin von Haselberg (Biography)

Reader Blind: An English Lit professor from a small state college traveled to a large university in another city to attend a symposium on the Beat Generation. One of the original beat poets was speaking there. At a cocktail reception the professor witnessed the famous poet and several other men passing around a photo of a 13 year old naked boy and salivating over it. The professor was disgusted. Apparently, the poet knew the boy and it was not just a random photo. The professor mentioned this to some other academics attending and it was either laughed off or they made excuses for the poet. The professor flew back to where he came from, disillusioned with the beat generation and academia. Allen Ginsberg

Besides all of her overpriced snake oil products that she has convinced herself work, our A/A- list mostly movie actress/Oscar stealer ("Shakespeare In Love") is also firmly convinced that while she may not have invented a certain spa treatment, that she is the one who popularized it. Seriously. She thinks no one in the last 150 years since it was patented ever really got one until our actress. Gwyneth Paltrow/"The Face Mask" (Apparently, Gwyneth Paltrow Started The Face Mask "Trend")

Reader Blind: I was a child actor in the 80s and 90s. I did several feature films, one of which was quite successful, in the early 90s whereas in the 80s I had primarily bit parts in sitcoms. I certainly did the rounds though and saw more than I should have. Despite my pseudonym I am actually a male. I actually happened upon your site a few years back after I decided to google a long deceased costar of mine. I won’t be talking about that costar though. At least not yet. In the 90s I did a movie with this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor. I just want to get it off my chest how much he verbally abused me and our costars and how he sexually harassed one of our female costars off set. He had such a temper and would even have what I can only refer to as blackouts. I left the industry years ago and have no plans to return because believe it or not the actor was the least of my problems.
Christian Bale

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **10**
A surprising number of doctors who administer botox as a great deal of their practice, are getting a lot of PPP money because actresses and such are not getting as much done. One doctor was hit especially hard because he specializes in feet. He injects their feet, not only for the wrinkles of feet, but also it numbs the nerves so they can wear heels for hours on end. His clients include: Reese Witherspoon/Nicole Kidman/Jennifer Aniston/Sofia Vergara
A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner: Reese Witherspoon ("Big Little Lies") (feet)
Her hated co-star: Nicole Kidman ("Big Little Lies") (feet)
Permanent A list actress who is a co-star of our first actress, but not the second: Jennifer Aniston (feet)
This foreign born former A list mostly television actress who doesn't need to act any longer after her decade plus long run on a hit network show: Sofía Vergara ("Modern Family") (feet)

The doctor was used to seeing 20 patients a day at $2-3K per patient. These days he sees maybe 2- 3 patients a day, and many days, there are none.

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **11**
Casting Call: For some reason, I don't think I have ever told this story. I know it is a story this actress (Andrea McArdle) doesn't like being attributed to her. She isn't really to blame, but thinks she is. She is an actress that was cast as the original in a role ("Annie") that all of you know. Everything about her casting was amazing and positive. Granted, even though she was young, she was an industry regular by that time and had powerful friends to protect her. She was too young to realize what often went on behind the scenes. When it came time for there to be a touring version of her role, parents would often come to her and ask her what her experience was like or they would ask her parents. They always said everything was great. This production had roles for lots of young girls. Everything was fine during rehearsals, but when that thing hit the road, the chaperones would disappear after the show each evening, and there was not a girl or a night that went by that wasn't sexually assaulted every single night of that first tour. It was horrific. When the girls began dropping off the tour, and our actress discovered why, she was crushed. For years, she blamed herself for their assaults. Andrea McArdle/"Annie"

As long as nothing is done about this religion and their use of asbestos everywhere, then you will continue having people die of cancer from it like the A- list alliterate musician. Scientology/Chick Corea (Legendary Jazz Keyboardist Chick Corea Dies of 'Rare Form of Cancer' at 79) (Chick Corea Was an Iconic Figure Amongst Scientologists Prior to His Death) (Scientologists exposed to Blue Asbestos for 21 years)

Apparently the manager/producer/band organizer was more angry this past weekend than anyone had seen in a long time. A guy he was paying to have sex with started posting everything to Instagram and the manager/producer thought more had been shown than in reality was shown. He had a couple of his bodyguards beat up the lover before discovering his error. Chris Stokes

Almost a generation ago, you had this way underage A+ list tweener (Melanie Griffith) who was encouraged by her parents to have sex and live with a guy in his twenties (Don Johnson). The tweener has stayed in the A list range ever since. Nearly a decade ago, this, at the time B- list reality star (Kylie Jenner) was way way underage and was encouraged by her family to have sex with a guy in his twenties which she continued to do for many years. Now, she is wildly successful and rich. In the past couple of years, this way underage singer (Billie Eilish), who was B/B- list was encouraged/enabled by her parents to have sex with a man (Brandon Quention Adams) in his twenties and did so for years. She became A+ list. The latter is being glorified/projected to the world as the right relationship to have. It is being celebrated and the whole world can watch it happen when you stream the documentary. Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson/Kylie Jenner/Billie Eilish/Brandon Quention Adams (Who Is Billie Eilish's Ex Brandon Quention Adams?)

This acting family is selling off everything they have and are going to open a commune/compound which I am sure at some point in the future will be raided by law enforcement. Joaquin, Rain, Summer, Jodean Bottom, Liberty Phoenix

The showrunner fired from a reboot of a former children's channel was fired because he refused to play the "ship" game. There are two possible "ship" outcomes and he thinks the fans who focus on that shouldn't be. The powers above want the focus to be on that. Maybe, instead they should focus on why they are rebooting the show in the first place and how it screwed so many people over as tweens/teens and they can't function correctly as adults. Jay Kogen/"Nickelodeon"/"iCarly" ('iCarly' Reboot Co-Showrunner Jay Kogen Exits Paramount+ Series)

This was the original Johnny$ blind.
More info has emerged. "Whatever the dying well-known publicist (Elliot Mintz) to the stars may have been told about the famous widow's (Yoko Ono) culpability in the A++ famous musician's (John Lennon) death, it doesn't square with the investigation that followed. A disgraced former assistant (Frederic Seaman), who has been in legal trouble from the widow before, has let slip that many, if not most, of the people on her staff and in her inner circle assumed she and boy-toy (Sam Havadtoy) were responsible. A recording engineer acquaintance told him a week after the event that many of his friends in the music industry thought she arranged the hit. He had his own suspicions, which were amplified big-time when the cops actually looked into them. One of the detectives investigating the murder interrogated the assistant a few days later, asking very pointed questions about widow's relationship with boy-toy and her pre-mortem plans for divorce, even asking the assistant point-blank if he thought they were involved. From what the assistant and a later associate were able to ascertain, the police didn't believe the famous assassin (Mark David Chapman) was at all as crazy as he's since claimed; (Mental state assessment) his behavior after the event was too rational for that. They felt they were dealing with a hired killer, and that the widow certainly had motivation, in the interest of avoiding a divorce and getting the full inheritance. Among other things, they were stunned at the speed with which the widow managed to probate her husband's will -- the kind that suggested the legal work had been done in advance. Attempts were being made to connect the assassin's previous globe-trotting with similar trips that the widow's associates had undertaken at her direction and on her dime, and to figure out exactly why this regular joe was so flush with cash when arrested. A neighbor even reported that they'd seen the widow interacting with the assassin prior to the murder, which was apparently passed off as innocuous, but the story didn't hold up to scrutiny. However, once the assassin pled guilty and there was no chance of a trial, the files were sealed and put in storage. If they haven't been destroyed by now, it would be very interesting to see what the process of discovery turned up." Elliot Mintz/Yoko Ono/John Lennon/Frederic Seaman/Sam Havadtoy/Mark David Chapman (Yoko Ono reaches new settlement deal with John Lennon’s former assistant) (Mark David Chapman | Murderpedia)

You could read between the lines of the A/A list actor's answer to the complaint. He is going hard after his accuser. He is going to try to justify his abuse by saying she abused him first. His team is leaking stories everywhere which is why no one is going to come down hard on him. They think he is a better long term asset than the accuser. Shia LaBeouf/FKA Twigs (Shia LaBeouf denies ‘each and every allegation’ in FKA Twigs lawsuit)

Reader Blind: The world and media is seemingly surprised and "praying" for him (Tiger Woods). His handlers are scrambling to save what’s left of the last of his reputation (and their bank accounts!) Though they knew the problem would probably show up again, they weren’t ready for this gravy train/cash cow to end now or in this way. He’s known for having mistresses. But we’ll nickname his ultimate favorites, "Amber" and "Vicky" (Ambien and Vicodin). No woman can ever compete with them. His PR team is paying off the officers, EMT/firefighters, hospitals. Donation$, anyone? If this, was.. almost- anyone else in the world, we’d already know the blood test results and levels by now. But, there’s way too much to lose here. Not only that, but his most stable ( /used to be mistress) girlfriend (Erica Herman), is there. By his side. Won’t leave. For the love of him, perhaps. The public kiss was great, but girlfriend needs a ring! Also, his other (some) famous mistresses/girlfriends (Rachel Uchitel), ghosts of the past and present, are calling his phone, his agent, and the hospital, nonstop. So annoying. Everyone is just $oooo concerned, and Girlfriend will not leave his side for one second. Hopefully, if and when he wakes up. She’s hoping (banking on it) that he’ll remember her hold on him. She needs a ring, STAT! And when "they" finally release the results about Amber and Vicky, he will most certainly lose respect and most sponsorships and career. Because even he can’t even "do it" anymore. He’ll be forced into retirement, continuing to pay astonishing amounts of alimony and child support (Elin Nordegren), and will need physical and mental rehabilitation for what may be many years to come. Some whisper and wonder if he’s better off/worth more. Dead? Pray for him for those that prey on him. Tiger Woods/Ambien and Vicodin/Erica Herman/Rachel Uchitel/Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods receives hospital visit from girlfriend Erica Herman) (Tiger Woods' former mistress Rachel Uchitel 'shaken up' by the golf star's crash) (Elin Nordegren Net Worth: Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Has A Massive Fortune)

The alliterate one had final edit approval on an interview which recently aired. She doesn't on the very lengthy one. She wanted the very lengthy one to come out first (because she is in it) so kept trying to delay the first interview by not giving approval. They finally just said they were not waiting any longer and aired it. Meghan Markle/James Corden/Oprah Winfrey (Prince Harry says he left royal life because UK press was 'destroying' his mental health) (Battle of the Sussex sit-downs: Oprah boasts her bombshell interview with Harry and Meghan is 'the best she has ever done' according to best pal Gayle King, hours after the prince's no-holds-barred chat with James Corden)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **10**
It is bad enough the mom is trying to make a buck off junk science. Now, one of the offspring is trying to do the same thing to a much younger, more impressionable crowd. Yolanda Hadid/Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid Gives Rare Glimpse Into Her Lyme Disease Battle) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/29/20)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **11**
Four For Friday - Back In The Day Movie Hate:
#1 - If I gave you this actor's name (Richard Gere) and asked you if he was ever nominated for an Oscar, you would say of course because of this movie or that movie. Nope. It all goes back to the film ("An Officer and a Gentleman") most people think should have got him an Oscar. It won some (Awards and nominations). When the stories got out about what he did to his female lead co-star (Debra Winger), he had no shot and she reminded people over the years, so he never even made a short list. Richard Gere/"An Officer and a Gentleman"/Debra Winger (Richard Gere Is Not the Only Co-Star Debra Winger Famously Feuded With Before Leaving Hollywood)

#2 - This actress (Elizabeth McGovern) who seems to have become even more popular in the last few years ("Downton Abbey"), than she was as a movie actress in the latter part of the 80's. There was a movie ("Sex, Lies, and Videotape") made in the late 80's that was very forward and very sexual and had the early 80's villain (James Spader) in a big role (Steff/"Pretty In Pink"). Anyway, our actress was up for the role that went to a model/actress (Andie MacDowell), but wouldn't sleep with the producer. The other two female leads (Andie MacDowell and Laura San Giacomo) did. Elizabeth McGovern/"Downton Abbey"/"Sex, Lies, and Videotape"/James Spader/Steff/"Pretty In Pink"/Andie MacDowell/Andie Macdowell and Laura San Giancomo
#3 - This early 80's movie ("The Big Chill") is a classic. It starred at least three current A+ listers (Glenn Close/William Hurt/Kevin Kline/Jeff Goldblum and technically Kevin Costner). It was also the first movie where this A list actor (William Hurt) who peaked around that time and is an Oscar winner/nominee is such an a-hole. He hooked up with his co-star (Glenn Close) who I refer to here sometimes as Susan Lucci. When he had too much to drink and couldn't perform he verbally abused her and trashed her and didn't stop doing so, even in public. "The Big Chill"/William Hurt/Glenn Close (When Marlee Matlin Accused William Hurt of Sexual Assault) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/29/20)
#4 - This mid-90's classic movie ("Romeo + Juliet") got off to a rough start. The back story has always been that this current A+/A lister (Natalie Portman) was recast, because she looked too young. Well, she was super young, so yeah. The truth is, she quit because there were too many scenes where she was forced to do love scenes and sex scenes and she was way way underage. Oh, and get this. The A+ list mostly movie actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) who was A+ list then and now, blamed the underage actress and said she wanted him to do the things that were done to her. "Romeo + Juliet"/Natalie Portman/Leonardo DiCaprio

Reader Blind: Many years ago, this foreign A list leader (Pierre Trudeau) had a much younger wife (Margaret Trudeau) who was very much in keeping with the behavior of the day. She was very open sexually and had numerous high profile lovers including an A++ singer (Mick Jagger) of an A++ band ("Rolling Stones") and an A list actor (Warren Beatty) known for his many affairs. The leader tolerated this this as she was visually a nice piece of arm candy. The wife also had sex several times with this leader (Fidel Castro) who was A++ in his day and was immediately recognizable. During one trip to the same part of the world, the couple snuck off to meet with this leader and she indulged herself. This time however she got pregnant. The result is the current leader (Justin Trudeau) of the same country (Canada) as his alleged father but his true father is the A++ leader. You can see it in his facial features. Pierre Trudeau/Margret Trudeau/Mick Jagger/"Rolling Stones"/Warren Beatty/Fidel Castro (Cuba)/Justin Trudeau/Canada (Of Course Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s Dad. Nobody Has ‘Debunked’ Anything) (Margaret Trudeau’s Long, Strange, Canadian Trip)

Reader Blind: In his lifetime, this deceased writer (Harold Robbins) was one of the most successful in the world. His books (primarily paperbacks) sold like hot cakes and some were also made into movies. Awhile back, the wife (Grace Palermo Robbins) he was married to during most of his successful years wrote a memoir ("Cinderella and the Carpetbagger: : My Life as the Wife of the "World's Best-Selling Author," Harold Robbins ") where she told all about their excessive lifestyle - swinging, orgies, and lots of cocaine. At one point she confesses that she blocked out certain periods of their time together as moments were too painful to remember. Here's maybe what she meant - Recent work on a property that was owned by the writer in a city (Palm Springs, California) associated in the old days with celebrity homes has revealed the skeletons of several young women buried both under the house and nearby. Harold Robbins/Grace Palermo Robbins/"Cinderella and the Carpetbagger: : My Life as the Wife of the "World's Best-Selling Author," Harold Robbins "/Palm Springs, California (Grace Robbins, Wife Of Best-Selling Author Harold Robbins, Discusses Husband’s Orgies And ‘Deep Throat’ Lesson) (Desert Dreamers/They came from Hollywood)

This A- list actor/singer (Jared Leto) who is currently making the life of this actress/singer (Lady Gaga) (filming "House of Gucci") even more miserable than she was prior to the events (dog walker shot and dogs stolen) of the week, refused to do an interview with this magazine ("W") unless they included a photo (photographer Juergen Teller) of him in front of the tree which is kind of their trademark. Jared Leto/Lady Gaga/filming "House of Gucci"/dog walker shot and dogs stolen/"W" (Singer-actress comes to Rome to begin filming Gucci movie directed by Ridley Scott) (Lady Gaga’s dog walker shot, gunmen steal two of singer’s French bulldogs: ‘We are all in shock’) (W Magazine Cover Stars, Ranked by How Much Pain They’re In) (Artist Juergen Teller Took These Weirdo Photos of Celebrities for ‘W’ Magazine and the Internet Thinks They’re Very Lazy)

This male makeup influencer admitted this week that he has probably slept with many boys who are underage. He just assumed that if they interacted with him that they were of age. The police knocking on his door next week for his most recent statutory rape will be an eye opener. James Charles (James Charles Denies Grooming 16-Year-Old Boy)

This A/A- list dual threat actor who is currently doing some very hit streaming television is drowning his sorrows with a yachter. He was smart though. The television show pays her because of a unique move he did when the show first started filming. It makes everything look totally legit and I wonder if that will become a trend.
Jason Sudeikis/Ted Lasso/Named a character after her loosely based on her own life (There's Full Blown Insta-Proof That Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazell Are Dating)

The one named foreign born A+ list singer/rapper had even more lipo this past month. He hates to work out, so uses surgery. Drake

This foreign born A- list actress (Emilia Clarke) who got her fame through a hit pay cable show ("Game of Thrones") and then crashed and burned in her first lead movie ("Last Christmas") role, is going all in on trying to replace the A- list actress (Amber Heard) from a superhero movie ("Aquaman 2"). Her team is leaking story after story trying to put enough pressure on the studio (Warner Bros.) to hire our foreign born actress. Emilia Clarke/"Game of Thrones"/"Last Christmas"/Amber Heard/"Aquaman 2"/Warner Bros. (Amber Heard Rumored To Have Been Fired From Aquaman 2 For Contract Breach) (Emilia Clarke to Replace Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman 2?)

This brand new model who no one knew existed a month ago, and only got these past few very very high profile modeling gigs because of who she is, was doing lines of coke at a party this past week. A non socially distanced, non mask wearing kind of party. Several people took videos/pictures, but were stopped from posting anything by her minders.

This unlikely romance caught us by surprise and while their official spin is "opposites attract" – that couldn’t be further from the truth. These two lovebirds are more alike than meets the eye – topping their list of similarities: they’re bisexual! She likes girls AND guys and so does he. They have a unique arrangement – they’re both allowed to make passes at others as long as their indiscretions are with the SAME sex. She’s allowed to sleep with other girls, and he’s allowed to sleep with other men, but they’re not allowed to stray with members of the opposite sex. Odd, yes, but it seems to be a winning formula for them! Shailene Woodley/Aaron Rodgers (Shailene Woodley braves Montreal's freezing temperatures in a black coat on a dog walk... after confirming her engagement to Aaron Rodgers)

The former almost A- list actress (Lindsay Lohan) turned escort is trying to get anyone to shill her jewelry line  ("LL and LB Jewels") for her. So far, the best person she found is someone (Juliet Angus) who used to be on a reality show ("Ladies of London") several years ago starring women who lived across the pond, and most of whom found their husbands through yachting. Lindsay Lohan/Juliet Angus/"Ladies of London" (Lindsay Lohan debuts new jewelry collaboration) (Jill Zarin Went to Lindsay Lohan's Club Opening in Greece, and Ran Into This Bravo Star)

This former A+ list talk show host/reporter/interviewer all of you know, is on her deathbed. Barbara Walters

Reader Blind - Mr. Ambitious: A number of decades ago, an individual we will call Mr. Ambitious (Anthony Lake) worked under this A+ figure (Henry Kissinger) who had a very recognizable and often parodied accent. Mr. Ambitious came from a good family and was well-educated. At the time, America was involved in a conflict abroad (Vietnam War) and the figure had a job wherein he was supposed find a way to end it. Mr. Ambitious was tasked to make contact with a neighbor (Cambodia) to the conflict and see if he could cut off support to the people America was fighting with and find partners to work with. Mr. Ambitious developed a working relationship with an insurgent leader (Pol Pot 27th Prime Minister of Cambodia), a charismatic intellectual former history teacher. Many official photos were taken of the two of them together - shaking hands, eating together, and even once embracing. These were prepped for eventual release when there was success to report. Mr. Ambitious worked hard to build up this leader and his group. In America, people were looking into the A+ figure’s activities so to throw them off Mr. Ambitious pretended to resign but was still very much working. The charismatic former history teacher eventually became a leader and then ensued one of the darkest periods of any country in the last century (Cambodian Campaign). Almost a million people died in a very short period. The name of the ex-history teacher became synonymous with evil. Needless to say, the photos were never released. Forward a couple decades and Mr. Ambitious was once again working for an A+ figure (Bill Clinton). This figure was the first one from this state (Arkansas) to be at this level (President of the United States) and was also known for his activities with the ladies. Mr. Ambitious had a job (National Security Advisor) that did not require approval from anyone else. A few years in, he was offered a job (Director of Central Intelligence) that did require approval which would have been his biggest position yet. However, opponents of Mr. Ambitious made sure the A+ figure saw the photos of him and the ex-history teacher who was even more infamous now as what happened had become more fully known due to books, movies, etc. They threatened to release them to the public and Mr. Ambitious was forced to drop out of contention for the position. None of this stopped Mr. Ambitious however from working for this charitable organization ("UNICEF") some time later. Anthony Lake/Henry Kissinger/"Vietnam War"/Cambodia/Pol Pot 27th Prime Minister of Cambodia/Cambodian Campaign/Bill Clinton/Arkansas/President of the United States/National Security Advisor/Director of Central Intelligence/"UNICEF" (Anthony Lake’s Secretive Mission)

This pay cable host is doing everything possible to stop the release of a recording of a racist rant he went on when the woman he was sleeping with called him out for calling her the n word. Bill Maher

As part of a side deal, the ginger haired one had to agree to not exploit images of family members for any profit ventures or ventures that appeared to be for profit. Prince Harry/Princess Diana

I generally only talk about this celebrity during this time of the year. She told someone last night that she had tried not to eat anything for the past week and chain smoked a pack of smokes a day during that time period too, to make sure we can see that she is still scary skinny. Giuliana Rancic/"Golden Globes Awards" (All the Details on E!'s 2021 Golden Globes Red Carpet and Award Show Coverage)

Our celebrity CEO has a new muse. For the right price she will muse whenever he likes. The B+ list actress who got her start in Disney and also directs porn is a good fit for him. Plus, she likes to party. What could go wrong. Elon Musk/Bella Thorne (Bella Thorne Blasts Public Scrutiny Britney Spears Faced: "No One Gives Disney Kids Enough F***ing Credit")

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