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1. POPBITCH 04/01
(British blog)
Staff at which fashion label have found their faces becoming billboards for their employer? They're all under strict instruction to only wear Covid masks that prominently feature the label's branding. (All except for the boss, that is, who prefers to go maskless.)

This foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor burned every last bridge this past week to his role in the long long long running franchise. He is getting paid twice as much for one quarter the work in a different role thanks to the streaming money laundering service. Daniel Craig/"James Bond"/"Netflix"/"Knives Out 2" and "Knives Out 3" (Netflix Spent Almost Half a Billion Dollars on Two Knives Out Sequels Starring Daniel Craig)

For years, I have been telling you the permanent A list "singer" is not in charge of any of her social media. None. She can't post what they don't let her. Finally, the mainstream media is just figuring all of that out. Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ ex-makeup artist claims she’s not controlling social media)

This A- list actress in an entertainment family where A- list doesn't get you to the top, knows she is about to be busted in a same sex affair she had a few years ago and is trying to mitigate the noise.

To show the world that everything is OK between them, this A list singer/bad actor wants to do a song or two with the alliterate permanent A list singer. She said no. Actually it was much stronger than that. She wants no part of him. Now, his manager is shading her which is why she said no in the first place. Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson/Johnny Wright (Justin Timberlake's former manager Johnny Wright tells Janet Jackson to forgive the star over their 2004 now-infamous Super Bowl performance)

This barely legal Disney actress who is not named Bella Thorne, has been extorting married men she has slept with. She was making a lot more money before she was legal though.

He had a prescription. Was it a real doctor? Yes, in the sense they can prescribe medicine. Did the doctor actually meet with the patient? Nope. The lawyers for this permanent A+ list athlete are taking great pains to remind them of another ongoing athlete case which is ensuring no leakers. Tiger Woods/Kobe Bryant crash scene photos (The cause of Tiger Woods' crash has been determined but details yet to be released publicly) (Vanessa Bryant Names Sheriff's Deputies Who Allegedly Shared Photos of the Kobe Bryant Crash Scene)

This person (Marina Abramovic) is the face of the poster for Satanism. She has been doing it for decades and profits greatly from it. With her last money making project sidelined because of the pandemic and the one before that killed by public outrage (although she did get paid half), she has now commandeered a compound off the coast of Africa where the elite from Europe are gathering for "lessons." Marina Abramovic/Nairobi, Kenya, Lamu Island (specifically, its Shela village) (The coronavirus-free Kenyan island attracting socialites, Marina Abramovic, and Dominic West (post–Lily James hoo-ha))

Talk about something escaping from a lab, look no further than north of the border (Canada). The company ("Apotex") of that killed couple (Barry and Honey Sherman) had tested a drug ("Ferriprox™"/"Deferiprone") on a small sample size and discovered it was likely to lead to permanent brain damage, so they stopped. That drug appears to have been slightly modified and is on the loose in the country as it spreads. Canada/"Apotex"/Barry and Honey Sherman/"Ferriprox™"/"Deferiprone" (Court documents reveal more details about 2017 homicides of Barry and Honey Sherman) (Deferiprone Industry Poised for Trends, Growth, Challenges and Forecast 2021-2026| Apotex,Cipla) (Thalassaemia major: the murky story of deferiprone) (Canadian Scientists Honored for Role in Breakthrough Drug) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/23/18)

Reader Blind: Just starting out, the now permanent A+ actor made inroads into the business, via the Laurel Canyon/Sunset Strip crowd in the late 60’s/early seventies by dealing pot. He was known as the man to see for the best weed. It helped him land that iconic small part in the counterculture independent film that ultimately catapulted him into stardom. Harrison Ford/"American Graffiti"

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood - Kindness: Aside from charitable endeavors, these two actors have two other things in common – 1.) They both played immediately recognizable characters ("Thurston Howell III") and ("Captain Jonas Grumby (The Skipper") on that very famous ensemble sitcom ("Gilligan's Island") with the theme song everyone knows 2.) They both died in the same year. Actor #1 (Jim Backus) was a noted comedic and serious actor (Filmography) who specialized in playing characters of a certain income level. He was equally famous for voicing a popular cartoon character ("Mr. Magoo"). In his spare time, he served on a number of boards of philanthropic organizations. In particular, literacy became a passion of his and he worked on a number of projects to bring books to underprivileged inner city kids. He and his wife left all their money to charity as well. Actor #2 (Alan Hale Jr.) was in primarily adventure movies (Filmography) prior to the sitcom role. His father was also an actor. He was active in raising funds for those afflicted with the disease that also killed him. Towards the ends of his life, he performed in children’s wards for the terminally ill dressed as the character from the sitcom. He did this even as he was very ill and dying. "Thurston Howell III"/"Captain Jonas Grumby (The Skipper")/"Gilligan’s Island"/Jim Backus/"Mr. Magoo"/Alan Hale Jr.

The Drawings: Way back in the day prior to this movie studio becoming much more than just a studio, they had a lot of artists. The artists needed training. The male artists kept pushing they wanted to draw live nude females. Eventually permission was given, and it became a free for all zone of debauchery. Even though the head of the studio had initially said no to the requests, most afternoons he would be there watching and staring and then afterwards go wash his hands for a solid 30 minutes. When it became known how much the pay was for modeling and how it could lead to other jobs at the studio, the person in charge, other than the studio head, he had to put some type of filters on the whole thing. It was decided you could not be older than 23. It was preferred for you to be blonde, but the occasional brunette was fine. They had to be willing to go for "cocktails" after the modeling session with whatever artist won the random drawing that day. If they did those things, then they could come back for more modeling and eventually get a full time job at the studio. Were there ever models underage? Of course. They had to learn how to draw young women too right? The head of the studio was there for that too. "Disney"/Walt Disney (Animation’s Early Days: Artists, Hucksters, Talking Mice and Pigs)

The one named A list singer who also directs, is working overtime to make it look like her relationship with her protégé is legit. It even includes setting her up in a fake relationship. Sia/Maddie Ziegler/Eddie Benjamin (Maddie Ziegler supports boyfriend Eddie Benjamin as they arrive at the release party for his debut EP Emotional in West Hollywood)

This cable channel didn't know the extent of how this star was a fraud, but they knew her lifestyle was above and beyond her documented income. They just didn't want to know. That is different than saying nothing showed up in a background report. "Bravo"/Jen Shah/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" ('Real Housewives' star Jen Shah's legal drama explained)

Will a county supervisor end up dead? I doubt it, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if the secretive Northern California men's group makes her life a little miserable for the next few months for publicly calling them out on their past and present behaviors. Sonoma County Board of Supervisors - District 5 - Lynda Hopkins/"Bohemian Grove" (Open Letter to Members & Guests of the Bohemian Grove)

Is it leaving a hit show? This hit streaming show is losing one of its stars. Could he have stayed longer? Probably, but the story on which it is based had him pretty much gone. So, no I don't think this qualifies as leaving and if they can figure out a way to write him in, I think this A- list actor will be back. Regé-Jean Page/"Bridgerton" (‘Bridgerton’ Breakout Regé-Jean Page Will Not Appear in Season 2)

This former college tech company is facing a class action suit from advertisers. They are supposedly getting millions of impressions on their ads, but zero customers. Why? A bot farm in China is their impressions. "Facebook" (Facebook Analytics Will Shut Down On June 30 – Here’s Why That Is (And Isn’t) A Big Deal)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver was assigned to drive the East Coast Rapper for two days and take him to appointments around LA, etc. The driver and rapper talked freely and seemed like old friends when driving alone together. When associates of the rapper got into the car it was a different story. The rapper verbally abused the driver. "Why are you driving so slow, get on this bitch!" the rapper barked. "I’m a little gun shy, I just got into a bad accident last week (mentioned before here)," the driver said. "Get on this motherfu*kin’ horse and ride," the rapper demanded. The driver punched it and was driving well above the speed limit on Burton Way, past the Beverly Hills Police Station. Years later, the driver heard the rapper met an untimely death. The driver shed no tears. The Notorious B.I.G.

I have been telling you since day one of the relationship between this A list actor with the famous name and a celebrity offspring that he was seeing other people and that continues to be. If the offspring knows and is fine with it or doesn't know, is the question. The other women have been and continue to happen though. Michael B. Jordan/Lori Harvey (Michael B. Jordan Responds To Allegations His Relationship With Lori Harvey Is Fake)

The drug dealer's (Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán) wife (Emma Coronel Aispuro) certainly knew of, but I'm not sure if she knew the Midwest CEO/drug lord (Marty Tibbitts CEO of "Clementine Live Answering Service") who was killed. Because of his connections in certain industries, the question is whether the celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) knew him and how close they were. Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán/Emma Coronel Aispuro/Marty Tibbitts CEO of "Clementine Live Answering Service"/Elon Musk (Michigan CEO Led Double Life as Drug Lord With Plans for a Cocaine Submarine, Feds Say)

Reader Blind: In the years after this classic sitcom ("Bewitched") with a supernatural theme went off the air, the female main character (Elizabeth Montgomery - "Samantha Stephens"), the actress who played her mother (Agnes Moorehead - "Endora"), and the actor (Dick Sargent) who played the main character's husband ("Darrin Stephens") for the second half of the series run all died of cancer. The actor (Dick York) who played the female main character's husband during the first half of the series was sick already with different ailments (Emphysema) but got worse once he joined the show and eventually had to quit. Then there's the crew - many of them developed cancer and other serious illnesses. Too many to be a coincidence. The answer is a very obvious one - the quickly built house on a back lot that served as the main set for the series was filled with asbestos. Relatives of the crew members have over the years received some hush money payments in return for keeping quiet. Some might ask why didn't the very out there camp comedic actor (Paul Lynde/"Uncle Arthur") and/or the authoritative British character actor (Maurice Evans/Samantha Stephens' father, "Maurice") get sick? Go back and watch the show. Their characters were recurring and they were not in every episode and therefore not required to be on set as much. "Bewitched"/Elizabeth Montgomery - "Samantha Stephens"/Agnes Moorehead - "Endora"/Dick Sargent/"Darrin Stephens"/Dick York/Paul Lynde - "Uncle Arthur"/Maurice Evans - Samantha Stephens' father, "Maurice"

Reader Blind - Kindness: This late actor (Ross Martin) was everywhere on TV in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. (TV and filmography) The role he is most famous for is as a sidekick ("Artemus Gordon") to the hero ("James West") on this offbeat variation of a specific genre of action show ("The Wild Wild West") that had an awful film reboot (1999 - "Wild Wild West") three decades later. He also did voice over work for cartoons and directed episodes of TV shows. He did a lot of charity in his spare time specifically for two causes. He was a major mover for the Boys Club and Girls Club devoting his time, money, and fundraising ability. He was even more involved with an institution that helped children afflicted with a certain condition that he was introduced to while researching a movie role. He started a celebrity sporting event for charity and a lot of the money raised went to the institution. Ross Martin/"Artemus Gordon"/"James West"/"The Wild Wild West"/1999 - "Wild Wild West"

Four For Friday - "Paranoia" - An Intercerebellar Blind Item: This foreign-born A+ list director (#1/James Cameron) didn’t just move to that small island nation (#2/New Zealand) because another A+ list foreign born director (#3/Peter Jackson) has some of the world’s most state of the art facilities ("Weta Workshop") there. He also believes the world is going to end within his lifetime, and this island nation is the most likely place to survive relatively unscathed. It’s also why he moved his substantial fleet of yachts there. Basically, he believes another virus (#4) is going to appear before the end of the decade. A far worse one. If the island nation falls, he believes he can survive at sea. This director also has a history of believing almost every doomsday scenario that has been put forward in the last 40 years, so take from that what you will. (Hollywood Mythmaker Buys a Real-Life Pandora)
#1 - James Cameron
#2 - New Zealand
#3 - Peter Jackson/"Weta Workshop"
#4 -

After being the face of keep yourself inside for a year and then filming PSA's for the same thing and shilling for a pharma company so you would get vaccinated, this A+ list mostly movie actor still hasn't got vaccinated. Interesting. Tom Hanks (Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have not received COVID-19 vaccine)

Even though this late night actress is a hardcore celebrity cult member, and gives a ton of money to them and believes in every thing they do whether it is forced abortions, child labor, children separated from their families, and a variety of other things that she throws her dollars towards. How come then she deleted her social media presence just when people/fans/reporters wanted to start asking questions. Oh, I get it. You love it until you have to publicly defend all their abhorrent positions. I can't wait until you are forced by circumstances to go in front of the press for the show and every single one of them asks a question about where your money goes. I bet you don't even show up. Chloe Fineman/"Saturday Night Live"/Scientology (SNL produced the best parody of Scientology ever — and then hired a Scientologist)

Reader Blind: One of the most surprising aspects of this big scandal from a few years ago is how this deceased mostly TV actor was kept out of it. He and the A++ disgraced criminal celebrity were co-headliners many years ago and it was he who taught the celebrity a thing or two like how to mix drinks as his own victims could attest to. Robert Culp/Bill Cosby/"I Spy" (Culp & Cosby: A special bond)

Reader Blind - Kindness: This deceased foreign musician (Joe Strummer) was primarily known for his time as part of an A+ group ("The Clash") whose body of work is still very well thought of. He also did some solo work and some acting. There is a foundation ("The Joe Strummer Foundation") established in his name that has helped countless musicians around the world especially in the third world. In his lifetime, he was one of the first musicians to talk about climate change setting up his own organization and even demanded a change in the way his music was physically produced. Those who knew him recall he constantly helped those who needed it especially refugees shelling out a lot of his own money to private groups to help with resettlement. When he died, he had surprisingly little money despite big success at certain points in his career. That is a testament to the generosity of this individual. Joe Strummer/"The Clash"/"The Joe Strummer Foundation"

The two A+ list sisters (in their corner of the entertainment world) who made their fame on social media on a very specific app have a lot of explaining to do. They know that an underage friend of theirs was sexually assaulted at a party hosted in their own home. They further know they employ the person who committed the assault and pay him a lot of money every month. They haven't ceased working with him. They are going to go down in a ball of flames along with the guy. They should step up now and be upfront and honest and discuss it. Charli and Dixie D’Amelio/"TikTok" (Bizarre conspiracy theories plaguing TikTok stars Charli & Dixie D’Amelio – from parental abuse to death hoaxes)

Reader Blind: Perhaps now that the A++ figure's family member is in the news again, it will finally come out that the relationship he had with the ex of another close family member started before that close family member died not after.
Hunter Biden

Reader Blind: Many many years ago there were two men of note in a foreign country. One (A. A. Milne) primarily became famous for creating an iconic group of characters especially a character ("Christopher Robin") modeled after his son and another not real character ("Winnie-the-Pooh") which was compared in recent years to a current world leader (China President Xi Jinping). The other man (Aleister Crowley) was an infamous figure known for all manner of dark teachings and scandalous behavior. His writing and life were later influential on an A+ musician (Jimmy Page). These two men had two things in common 1.) They both did clandestine intelligence work for the government of their country (England) 2.) They both belonged to a secret dark arts group ("Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn") of wealthy influential men which has existed for several centuries. One of the things this group enjoyed was sex with children. The creator had a clean reputation but he kept a boy imprisoned for sexual purposes in the basement of the groups' headquarters. When the boy died due to rough treatment, the creator had his body preserved and kept in a glass case. The infamous figure thought this was hilarious and liked to show it to visitors to the groups' headquarters. A. A. Milne/"Christopher Robin"/"Winnie-the-Pooh"/China President Xi Jinping/Aleister Crowley/Jimmy Page/England/"Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" (China bans Winnie the Pooh film after comparisons to President Xi) (What Jimmy Page said about living at the haunted Aleister Crowley house)

Reader Blind: This late musician (John Entwistle) is still considered perhaps the greatest of all time on his specific instrument (bass guitar). He was part of this A++++ band ("The Who") up until his death and also made solo albums. One of the bands earliest singles ("Pictures of Lily") features a solo by him which is not common for this instrument (french horn). In keeping with his dark sense of humor, among his personal papers after his death was found a series of correspondence between himself and well known criminals (serial killers, bank robbers etc.). In the early days, this musician was sometimes helped in the writing of these letters by this even more famous bandmate (Keith Moon) also deceased who was famous for his practical jokes and out of control behavior. John Entwistle/bass guitar/"The Who"/"Pictures of Lily"/french horn/Keith Moon

Kate Winslet is opening up about a stigma in Hollywood that can create obstacles for gay actors. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, the Academy Award winner said she knows 'at least four' closeted actors who fear for their career if they come out. "I cannot tell you the number of young actors I know — some well known, some starting out — who are terrified their sexuality will be revealed and that it will stand in the way of their being cast in straight roles," she said. "Now that's f***ed up." "I'm telling you," she continued. "A well-known actor has just got an American agent and the agent said, 'I understand you are bisexual. I wouldn't publicise that.' I can think of at least four actors absolutely hiding their sexuality. It's painful. Because they fear being found out. And that's what they say. 'I don't want to be found out.'" Winslet also noted that the stigma applies to "men more than anything." "It's bad news," she added, "Hollywood has to drop that dated crap of, 'Can he play straight because, apparently, he's gay?' " "That should be almost illegal," she said. "You would not believe how widespread it is. And it can't just be distilled to the question about gay actors playing gay parts. Because actors, in some cases, are choosing not to come out for personal reasons. And it's nobody's business. Perhaps privacy. Perhaps conditioning and shame." "We could have had a conversation about how I feel about playing a lesbian and possibly taking that role from somebody," Winslet said. "But I'm done with not being honest about what my real opinions are, and I know the part was never offered to anybody else. In taking this part I had an opportunity to bring an LGBTQ story into living rooms." As for what's necessary to bring about change, Winslet said, it will take "more people to speak the way I am." "I don't intend to browbeat or take on Hollywood. We're just talking about young actors who might be considering joining this profession, and finding a way to make it more open," she said. "For there to be less judgment, discrimination and homophobia."
Leonardo DiCaprio/Bradley Cooper/Jake Gyllenhaal/Zac Efron/Tom Cruise/Taron Egerton/Will Smith/Timothée Chalamet

After less than two weeks, this B+ list actor knew he had to run as fast as possible from this singer/actress. Unfortunately her current husband hasn't made that same realization which is just making his life miserable. He doesn't realize his wife parches her thirst by trashing him. Johnathon Schaech/Jana Kramer/Mike Caussin (Johnathon Schaech Says He 'Had to Explain' Photo From His 12-Day Marriage to Jana Kramer to His Son) (How Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin's Marriage Grew Stronger When Their Faith Got Deeper)

You mean the relationship between the serial cheating half of this A/A- list duo and the yachter who prefers athletes, but during COVID changed things up, didn't last? I am shocked. Drew Taggart/"The Chainsmokers"/Chantel Jeffries (The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart and Chantel Jeffries Split After a Year of Dating: They 'Remain Friends')

At first, I thought to myself that this foreign born dual threat A list actor was just screwing with the world at large. Then, I realized, he wouldn't be able to do that with the newspaper that was interviewing him. They take themselves as seriously as the actor wants us to take his thoughts and opinions. Did he make a statement or did they add that in as an aside during this very very very lengthy interview? The result is we are back down to two kids. Benedict Cumberbatch/"Independent" (Benedict Cumberbatch: ‘Joe Biden? I’m going to plead with the guy to shut Guantanamo’)

Reader Blind: Decades ago, this A-/B+ Golden Globe/Razzie nominated actress (Lorraine Bracco) was once married to this permanent A list actor (Harvey Keitel). Together they had a daughter. After their divorce the actress was dating a B list actor (Edward James Olmos) who got caught inappropriately touching a 13 year old friend of the daughter (Sexual assault accusations). This happened while they were all out of the country on location (Mexico) where the actress was shooting a film ("Medicine Man"), starring another permanent A list actor (Sean Connery). The B list actor went through a bit of a dry spell with work, but later seemed to have been forgiven or his deeds forgotten. The actress settled out of court with the family of the inappropriately touched friend for a low 6 figures, which the mother used to open a store in NYC which has since closed. Despite all of this the actress still married the B List actor a few years after this incident. They are no longer married. Lorraine Bracco/Harvey Keitel/Edward James Olmos/Mexico/"Medicine Man"/Sean Connery (Scenes From a Bad Movie Marriage)

This three named A- list mostly movie actress has her people selling herself as the reincarnation of this A- list actress everyone loved and who tragically died under bizarre circumstances. They are even trying to get some reboots of her movies made, for the three named actress.

The alliterate one has spent the past two weeks offering to host fundraisers for politicians in exchange for their public support for her appointment as a Senator, should the vacancy occur.

This three named singer is actually paying her married lover to not break up with her.

This A- list bad actress has gained 10-15 pounds since the start of filming her new limited series. She was also told that naked photos that the perv director took of her and passed around, helped land her the job. Selena Gomez/"Only Murders in the Building"/Harmony Korine/"Spring Breakers" (Only Murders In The Building: Everything We Know About The Hulu Series) (Selena Gomez Says She's Come To Terms With 'Bipolar' Diagnosis) (Harmony Korine on Selena Gomez and the Girls)

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee made sure that this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee wasn't going to out him. Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet Says She Knows 'at Least 4' Actors 'Hiding Their Sexuality' Due to 'Homophobia' in Hollywood)

I find it very interesting that all of the women went to jail, but the man who flew them in for his friends didn't go to jail. Considering he is one of the sons of the ruler, he could probably spring them pretty easily. Dubai, United Arab Emirates/Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (The 40 women arrested for posing naked on a Dubai balcony are all models in their teens and 20s from ex-Soviet states who are each facing six months in prison and £1,000 fines)

There is crazy money being thrown around right now to try and dissuade news organizations from broadcasting a preliminary hearing next month in a criminal case. They know it is going to look horrible for this former A- lister and don't want the world watching. They will be. Danny Masterson/Scientology (‘That ’70s Show’ actor Danny Masterson ordered to court May 18 to hear testimony in L.A. rape case)

She isn't even sober or close to it, but this A- list singer is signing a long term deal with a rehab facility that will pay her for endorsements and her personal referrals. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato has alcohol, weed in moderation: What experts think of 'California Sober' approach)

This foreign born 1.5 hit wonder is now publicly trolling for customers and also showed what her bottom line figure is for one night of fun. At this point they should just make yachting legal and start collecting some taxes because we all know she isn't going to report that $15K she just earned. Iggy Azalea (Iggy Azalea Exposes X-Rated DMs From Desperate Admirers)

Something I didn't discover until last week is that two former co-stars from a long running network drama actually own a NYC apartment together through a shell company in which they each own 50%. Interesting. Mariska Hargitay/Chris Meloni/"Law & Order: SVU" (Partners For Life: Inside Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni's Enduring Bond)

Now that this former A- list singer has been killed, it looks like this A+ list producer/label head all of you know, has got away with another sexual assault and destruction of a career. Quindon Tarver/Chris Stokes/"B2K" member Raz-B (Who was Quindon Tarver? 'Romeo + Juliet' singer who toured with Brandy dies at 38 in car crash in Dallas) (Raz-B’s Sexual Abuse Claims Against Chris Stokes & Marques Houston Resurface)

Reader Blind - Kindness: This actually sounded like it was written by a publicist. But, they got one of their own last name answers wrong which a publicist would never do and I asked a friend about the warehouse. It was a house of sweaty horrors. Two friends of mine participated in a movie ("Whip It") filmed in Detroit around 2008. The movie was directed by the talk show host (Drew Barrymore). During the movie this late night funny person (Jimmy Fallon) had a small part, but they were the real star of the show in how they treated the extras. You see they were filming in a Detroit warehouse in August. With no A/C and these extras were sweltering in face paint and wigs. The late night funny person entertained them between takes, signed hundreds of autographs, took dozens of photos. They could've retreated to their air conditioned trailer, but they were a class act every minute of the day. "Whip It"/Drew Barrymore/Jimmy Fallon

Oh, how the tides have turned. The singing brother in the fake marriage essentially told his siblings he was done again with the group thing because they were holding him back and he was about to drop what was going to be the biggest album of his career. Flop. Flop. Flop. Record label says, drop, drop, drop. They spent a ton of money marketing the album and are going to lose millions. Now, the brother says he was misunderstood and wants to do the group thing again. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra/"Spaceman" (Nick Jonas’ Falsetto Rises But His Spirit Is Adrift in ‘Spaceman’: Album Review) (Why Blake Shelton Thinks Nick Jonas Is A 'Horrible Coach' On The Voice) (Ariana Grande joins ‘The Voice’ as a coach, replacing Nick Jonas)

This foreign born A+ list singer gave the middle finger to all of her songwriters. She said she will find new writers who will continue to give her songwriting credits for songs she didn't write. That might work if the new songs are hits, but if they aren't, then you have burned every bridge and will never get another song and will be a "former." Dua Lipa (Songwriters for Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa ask stars to stop taking credit for songs they didn’t write)

The High Priest: They wanted someone who had an in with the entertainment community. Lets not forget that the original founders of this organization (Bohemian Club) were artists and entertainers. Had they been pushed aside for politics and the elite? Yes, but they liked to pretend they still cared. In the 60's, they decided they needed someone to be in charge of all the ceremonies. Someone who actually had experience with religion. They turned to one of the board members (Roy Disney). This particular board member was not as famous as his younger sibling (Walt Disney), but controlled all the money in the company ("The Walt Disney Company") he and his sibling ran. All of you know this company. I would venture to say that every man woman and child on Earth has heard of this company. For years, this company had lots of cash flow issues. It wasn't until the late 60's and early 70's after this deal was made that the company never really worried about cash again. To supplement their cash position, the company was always making porn for the mafia and using their worldwide distribution network to move it. An interesting side note is that all of the legwork the company did in the very very early 1940's in South and Central America with various governments is that the mob partners of the company used those connections and networks to develop drug smuggling routes. Anyway, our organization reached out to the sibling and wondered if he knew anyone. Of course if he did, the person would be hired and given a very nice home right in the Opus 1 area (Napa Valley/"Silverado Vineyards Winery") which is was about as exclusive as it could get. Of course the sibling knew someone. He foisted upon the group his son-in-law (Ron W. Miller) who stayed the high priest until his death. This deal also gave rise to the television agreements that finally got this company in the black. "Bohemian Club"/Roy Disney/Walt Disney/"The Walt Disney Company"/Napa Valley "Silverado Vineyards Winery"/Ron W. Miller (List of Bohemian Club members) (Disney's Secret Porn URL?) (Disney World and Its Tangled Web With CIA Ops) (How the CIA Helped Disney Conquer Florida)

This A+/A list singer/soon to be judge is cheating on her significant other so I am really iffy on the whole wedding thing she is planning. Ariana Grande/"The Voice"/Dalton Gomez

With a new temporary hosting gig for the permanent A list athlete airing now, it was inevitable his actress girlfriend would wax poetic about their fake relationship. Aaron Rodgers/"Jeopardy"/Shailene Woodley (Aaron Rodgers has a crazy plan: QB explains how he could host 'Jeopardy!' full-time while still playing in NFL) (Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Pack On PDA During Easter Disney World Trip)

For years until he quit the music industry under pressure, I was telling you about this flowering fish DJ/producer and his obsession with underage girls and child porn. What I didn't know until the court filing this week was that his management team was also heavily involved in at least enabling it all to happen, for fear of losing their meal ticket. Bassnectar (Bassnectar Sued for Alleged Sexual Abuse of Minors, Child Pornography, Human Trafficking)

Speaking of flowering, the flowering financial institution went on a truth rant this week. The way she was targeting the celebrity CEO lets us know the stock and other financial considerations she received for silence on certain matters of which she is aware, must have been fully realized by her. You will also notice that she kept her rant to items which were not included in the settlement agreement. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Azealia Banks and Ryder Ripps' NFT sex tape is being resold for over $260 million by the anonymous RultonFyder)

There are some trade reports out today which highlight the battle between this alliterate foreign born A list actress (Gal Gadot) and the awful writer/director/producer/all around a-hole (Joss Whedon). What none of the trades digs deep on is how the actress walked away the winner in her battles. Well, it is because the director (Patty Jenkins) of her big solo movies ("Wonder Woman") knew all about the mistress (Charlotte Kirk) of the studio head (Kevin Tsujihara/"Warner Bros" CEO) and used it to her full advantage. It didn't save the studio head in the end, but it gave our actress and her director a big win when they needed it. Gal Gadot/Joss Whedon/Patty Jenkins/"Wonder Woman"/Charlotte Kirk/Kevin Tsujihara/"Warner Bros" CEO (Joss Whedon Reportedly Threatened to Harm Gal Gadot’s Career During ‘Justice League’ Clash) (Embroiled in Multiple Hollywood Sex Scandals, Charlotte Kirk Breaks Her Silence)

The Golden Ratio - Reader Blind Item: Back in the mid-2000s, this disgraced A list director would hold parties that each had about a dozen hot, young twinks in attendance, all hungry for fame and looking to make it in Hollywood. After everyone was sufficiently lubricated (in more ways than one), he would announce it was time for everyone to measure up, meaning we got our erections measured -- girth and length. The one who came the closest to what the director called the 'golden ratio' then had to top the director. We never knew exactly what that ratio was. He made it very clear that any discussion of these parties would result in 'the end of your career.' We all took that to mean we'd get blacklisted, but one young guy with loose lips in West Hollywood did meet an untimely demise and was found naked & beaten in the Santa Ynez Mountains. We never knew if this was related, but it worked. I only feel safe telling you this now because I think he no longer has any real power. And yes, I did win the contest twice. Bryan Singer

This alliterate offspring (Brooklyn Beckham) of foreign born A listers (Victoria and David Beckham) who made their fame in different areas of the entertainment world, just got a tattoo of his insanely wealthy girlfriend (Nicola Peltz). Apparently he is also one of the spotlighted people who messaged the foreign born 1.5 hit wonder (Iggy Azalea). Unlike some of the others she shared, his was actually recent. The guy (Travis Scott) who wants to lick her butthole actually was quite some time ago, and may have been back far enough where he was still with the mother of his child. The mother who is a reality star (Kylie Jenner) with the lucrative side gig and a sister (Khloé Kardashian) who is scared out of her mind someone will see her without filters and threaten to bring the entire legal system of the world down on anyone who shares such photos. Brooklyn Beckham/Victoria and David Beckham/Nicola Peltz/Iggy Azalea/Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner/Khloé Kardashian (Kardashian team working hard to remove unwanted Khloé photo)

Speaking of out of their mind reality stars, this recently arrested Housewife has totally blown off the advice of her attorney. He told her to stop filming. She said no. He said the feds will use every big of footage that is shot and use it against her. She didn't care. He said to live modestly. She went and rented a house she can't even afford without using her ill gotten gains. She thinks she will get a slap on the wrist like the famous moms in the college admissions scandal. They didn't steal from others. She really is living in a whole other world. I suspect her attorney will quit in the next few weeks. Jen Shah/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" (Bravo will continue to film Jen Shah’s legal drama after fraud arrest)

This NBA player who made headlines last year with his very very public affair, is about to have some news drop from his ex that could see him suspended. The ex wants money. Malik Beasley/Larsa Pippen/Montana Yao (Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley Split After 4 Months: 'Distance Played a Role,' Says Source)

I love that this foreign born A+/A list singer in her country is speaking out about awful record deals and awful management. Lets not forget though about her being super sketchy about keeping a timeline so the world didn't find out she was sleeping with the underage boy bander. Rebecca Ferguson/Zayn Malik/"One Direction" ('Enough is enough': Rebecca Ferguson demands parliamentary inquiry and overhaul of music industry - as Jedward call out the business and Simon Cowell in Twitter tirade)

Permanent Solution: When this foreign born former A list mostly movie actor (Antonio Banderas) started an affair with this A- list actress (Melanie Griffith) who is a celebrity (Tippi Hedren) offspring, he thought it would be a movie ("Two Much") set fling. Both were married, and our actor, who is an Emmy and Oscar winner/nominee thought this would be no different. Our actress, who is an Oscar winner/nominee was unhappy in her marriage to a serial philandering actor (Don Johnson) and wanted a change. She wasn't going to dump her husband unless it was a sure thing. When she asked her co-star about their future, he was very vague. The actress was having none of that. She made sure the wife (Ana Leza) of her co-star knew there was an affair. Whether it was an audio recording or video recording, no one is saying, but it was one of the two, mailed via snail mail. When the actor found out, he was furious, but our actress did the trick he liked so much and they ended up together for a long time until he cheated on her with someone he met on a set. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith/Tippi Hedren/"Two Much"/Don Johnson/Ana Leza

The professional mistress who is trying to land a reality show and a rich husband, got on a talk show. It is what she wanted. Why did she get on the talk show? Why is she famous? For the athlete and the actor she had affairs with. You don't get to go on a talk show and not talk about them. You don't get to complain about it when that is the reason you are there. Rachel Uchitel/"Wendy Williams"/Tiger Woods/David Boreanaz (Rachel Uchitel reveals she was 'uncomfortable' being asked about her Tiger Woods affair during 'rough' Wendy Williams interview)

The team behind the cleaning product actor are about to sue his biggest accuser who is also a victim. Apparently they planted some information which she then used to make an accusation which isn't true. Now, they are going to sue her for that in a bid to completely discredit everything else she said. Armie Hammer (The Hammer's House of Horror: Actor Armie Hammer stands accused of sexual depravity... but then he is heir to a millionaire dynasty of hellraisers who revelled in perversion, drugs and violence. And his father kept a 7ft 'sex throne', writes TOM LEONARD)

It is because of things like turning the tragic overdose of the former A list rapper/A- list actor your story instead of his and this constant thirst, that people really don't like you all that much. So, it should not come as a surprise to the former tweener turned A- list adult singer that your record sales suck and even the A+ lister you nabbed for a single couldn't help you. DMX/Demi Lovato/Ariana Grande (Demi Lovato Says DMX's OD Scared Her, Feels 'Survivor's Guilt') (Demi Lovato on How New Musical Collaboration with 'Really Good' Friend Ariana Grande Happened)

This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who was a star in one of the biggest franchises of all time, should be very careful. That C list reality star hookup of his who he thinks he is being extra careful with and won't get spotted, is actually documenting their time together and will sell it in a second to keep her 15 minutes going. Documenting EVERYTHING. John Boyega/"Star Wars"/Maggie Carrie/"Love & Hip Hop: New York" (John Boyega Might Be Dating a ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star According to These Instagram Clues)

The French sounding rude actor/frequent meme is not dating this actress offspring of someone much higher on the list. It is the same as every other person he has "dated" over the past couple of years. Timothée Chalamet/Lily-Rose Depp/Johnny Depp/Lourdes Leon/Eiza González (Timothee Chalamet & Lily-Rose Depp Both Spotted in New York Amid Speculation They're Back Together)

This southern reality star is not doing her custody battle any favors by hooking up with one of the higher ups in a Miami drug cartel while also using his product. She will be lucky to not end up dead. Kathryn Dennis/"Southern Charm" (Kathryn Dennis shows off her body in first bikini shoot)

This cybersecurity firm is the "person" behind a hack of some very private information from a variety of wealthy sex workers. They only chose the popular/wealthy ones and are trying to sell them really expensive software so the leaks don't happen again. "OnlyFans" (OnlyFans is 'hacked': Explicit photos of hundreds of performers, including Bella Thorne are 'leaked online by cybercriminals')

The head (Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) of this government (Saudi Arabia) ordered the very public killing of a journalist (Jamal Khashoggi), so, it shouldn't come as a shock that he is ticked off about a very expensive purchase (Leonardo da Vinci’s "Salvator Mundi") he made where he feels ripped off. The middleman (Yves Bouvier) who is embroiled in several lawsuits throughout the world about art ad money laundering is first on the hit list, but that Russian oligarch/sports team owner ("AS Monaco FC")/world famous island ("Skorpios") owner (Dmitry Rybolovlev) who is the previous owner of what was purchased is also on the hit list. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman/Saudi Arabia/Jamal Khashoggi/"Salvator Mundi"/Yves Bouvier/Dmitry Rybolovlev (Saudi Crown Prince Is Held Responsible for Khashoggi Killing in U.S. Report) (The Saudi Crown Prince Refused to Lend the ‘Salvator Mundi’ to the Louvre Because the Museum Disputed Its Authenticity, a New Film Says) (An Art Historian Just Minted an NFT of Salvator Mundi Holding a Fistful of Bills—and He’s Hoping to Sell It for $450 Million) (Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev Vows to Turn Skorpios Into a "Greek Island Paradise") (Sotheby’s and Yves Bouvier Hit Back Against ‘Salvator Mundi’ Seller Rybolovlev in Ongoing International Feud)

This A+ list celebrity to anyone under the age of 10 says that this one name singer used to always hit on the celebrity when the celebrity was in her tween/early teen years. Sia/"Jojo" Siwa

I am sure all of you figured this out by now, but there is no way on any plane/dimension/Bizarro world that this A list reality star is a billionaire. I think it is also quite funny that the announcement was made the day the family needed a talking point that was 180 from the nightmare that has consumed them since the weekend. Kim Kardashian/Khloé Kardashian unfiltered bikini photo (Kim Kardashian is officially a billionaire) (Kardashian team working hard to remove unwanted Khloé photo)

The Movie Career That Wasn't: Most directors and producers love to find someone with bottomless wealth who fancies themselves a Hollywood producer. They especially love it if the person with the money is not all that bright and also doesn't really care if they make a return on their investment. All of these rolled up into person is hard to find. Once you land one of these people, you don't let them go. That is why it is still shocking to me to this day that one of these hidden gems only did the movie thing once. The first movie out for this hidden gem was an Oscar winner for Best Picture. He gave out the money for the movie with no questions asked. You would think people would be lining up to take his money. After that first movie, there were some, but they were essentially con men pretending they had a movie. The real movie people stayed away from the guy who had billions to throw around. Why? On the set of the Oscar winning movie, our financier, was giving away bags of coke to anyone who wanted them and was partying day and night with the cast and crew. The director finally had enough and threw him off the set. There was so much buzz about that set, that no one really wanted to take his money again. All of you know who this person is, and it isn't a drug dealer. Dodi Fayed/"Chariots of Fire" (I threw Dodi Fayed off Chariots of Fire set for trying to give the cast cocaine)

Here is what you have to know. The alliterate one didn't care that her best friend is quite probably a racist and she doesn't care that her company deals with a company that supports/enables/profits from genocide. She only cares about the person in the mirror.

Dear "The Bachelor" Producers,
If you want your closeted stars on your show to fund true love, than let them be open and free. It is bad enough that we have had years of the closeted jerk (Tyler Cameron) try and find real love with women, but now you are doing it again (setting up a beard) with the guy (Matt James) that has a long term sexual relationship with a different male contestant from the show. Please stop.
Love & Bacon,
"The Bachelor"/Tyler Cameron/Matt James

This club likes to think that no celebrity gossip ever emerges from their hallowed walls and they catch everyone who does. You keep thinking that. That makes things much easier for me. See, they always think the spies are the employees or junior members. The thing is, the spies are the people they would never dream of kicking out because their names are who bring in the new members. "San Vicente Bungalows" (Private club kicks out member over Justin Bieber leak)

I told you many months ago that this former A/A- list actress was gunning for the job of the former VJ. She is really going hard for that job or any other with the cable channels throwing out ridiculous amounts of money. Right now she is getting paid by an overseas based channel. Stacey Dash/Kennedy (Former Fox News commentator Stacey Dash disavows network, distances herself from Trump)

Yes, the entire world should know about the awful producer. The thing is though if you go back to the studio hack from several years ago, it was all there. In his own words he said what a scum of a human he was. Everyone already knew this, but much like other Hollywood stories it takes someone to actually write it down before it makes the person the pariah they should have been prior to publication. Scott Rudin ("Everyone Just Knows He's an Absolute Monster": Scott Rudin's Ex-Staffers Speak Out on Abusive Behavior)

This permanent A+ list politician wanted that bill passed in his home state because he has a terminal illness. He knows it and knows there is no way he will finish his current term. The crazy thing is that people from both sides of the aisle know, but aren't saying anything about it. Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC backs Lisa Murkowski, setting up clash with pro-Trump candidate)

This former A+ list athlete who is a truly awful human being is spending a ton of money to victim shame someone that could bring a family member down. Lance Armstrong/son Luke Armstrong (Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong's son, 21, is arrested for 'sexually assaulting a drunk 16-year-old girl at his dad's house after a party in 2018')

With the dozens of employees the family has, you would think one of them could write an original statement rather than copy/pasting one they found on the internet. Khloé Kardashian (Khloé Kardashian photo shows how they’re peddling an unhealthy lie to women)

I love how this foreign born former A+ list boy bander who is not the drug addict with a child, implies that he is this super kind of father figure to his kid, when he rarely spends any time with the child, but kind of uses the child as an interview prop. Liam Payne/"One Direction" (Liam Payne spills the beans on fatherhood expectations)

This foreign born alliterate actor all of you know is cheating on his actress wife.

The Story That Won't Be Told: They are not allowed to say it. They are afraid to say it. They know they could end up dead if they say it. It is incredible to watch the linguistic gymnastic going on in a trial where a couple, but not all of the players know the real story but can't actually say anything. In the past, I have written and spoken about parts of this, but watching the trial play out is something else. You need to go back in time almost five years. There is a meeting between the ruler/killer (Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) and the now dead billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein). Right after that meeting the ruler/killer had a meeting with the wealthy guy/book seller (Jeff Bezos). The dead pedophile made much of his living off blackmail and extortion and doing dirty work for people and governments. He also did a ton of middleman stuff between countries and arms dealers. The ruler/killer was one of his biggest clients and someone you didn't cross. At some point after the ruler/killer met with the book seller, the pedophile was told to get dirt on him. The pedophile and the book seller didn't always cross paths but the pedophile knew enough people that did. Once every few months, the book seller's phone would be cloned. Not only did the pedophile know what was going on, but the ruler/killer did too. They always wanted leverage. That is their thing. That has always been their thing in New Orleans too. Anyway, after a few years of doing this, the pedophile hits pay dirt. Literal pay dirt. The ruler/killer is ecstatic. At some point, either the ruler/killer or the pedophile overplayed their hand. The pedophile met with the ruler/killer overseas and when he returned was arrested, jailed and killed. The ruler/killer was not about to speak, but the pedophile would have. Now, in the present day no one can decide who was the source of the information. At least two of the parties know, but they can't say anything. One of the parties has no idea and is flailing around trying to somehow walk away with money and probably wondering how all of this happened. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman/Jeffrey Epstein/Jeff Bezos

In a book she is writing, this former A+ list super model who has a cameo once a year on our television screens says she made more money being the girlfriend of this long time A list entertainer than she did modeling. Claudia Schiffer/"Love Actually"/David Copperfield

This foreign born former A list syndicated actress who doesn't do much any longer, once recorded herself having sex with this A+ list mostly movie actor who also often directs and has really bad taste in tattoos. The actor wouldn't let her leak it/sell it. I do wonder if she still has a copy of it. Pamela Anderson/Ben Affleck (Rumors about me? Calista Flockhart, Pam Anderson, and Matt Damon. That's who I'm dating.)

This former almost A- list actress turned escort got dumped again and took it really hard because she thought it was going to end in marriage for sure. Apparently she broke into the guy's house and confronted him while he was sleeping. It also probably came as a shock to the woman who was also sleeping in the bed. "Why is this woman here? Wait, haven't I seen you in? Lindsay Lohan

This long long long time coming sequel to a movie that was a massive hit and even had a massive soundtrack is really bad. There needs to be some more shooting and the script needs some reworking. The thing is, the star of it doesn't have time to do any work on it for a few months, so this could take quite some time before we see the finished product. "Top Gun: Maverick"/Tom Cruise (‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ Among Latest Paramount Delays)

Speaking of awful, this long time legend/game show host is rolling over in his grave knowing this horrible actor is going to be playing him. Chuck Barris/"Gong Show"/"Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" (Justin Timberlake At Center Of Apple Auction Win; He’ll Play ‘Gong Show’ Host/CIA Assassin Chuck Barris In Hourlong Series Project)

Every few years I ask this A list mostly television actress if her opinion has changed about the worst actor she has ever worked with. It never does. It has been 25 years and to this day, she insists that she hates this A+ list mostly movie actor just as much now as she did while they were filming. Swoosie Kurtz, Sela Ward or Patricia Kalember/George Clooney/"Sisters"

Even though the public has not heard the accusations against this comedian yet, they are circulating, which is why you are seeing appearances from this comedian disappearing from podcasts and streaming services. Thomas Middleditch (Cloak & Dagger misconduct claims include Thomas Middleditch/L.A. Goth nightclub known for rituals and secrecy has closed amid sexual misconduct claims)

This very wealthy individual (Michael Burry) who was actually played by an A+ list mostly movie actor (Christian Bale) in a movie ("The Big Short") (based on the 2010 book The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis) centered around the individual, has shut down all his social media. He says the end of the world is near because of the inflation that is about to sweep the world. He also says that you should move to a place that has its own water supply and to do it now. Michael Burry/Christian Bale/"The Big Short" ('Big Short' investor Michael Burry deletes his Twitter profile after warning of market bubbles for months)

This east coast Husband got someone other than his wife, pregnant. Evan Goldschneider/Jackie Goldschneider/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Teresa Giudice Claims A Cast Member Told Her Rumor About Evan Goldschneider Cheating On Jackie Goldschneider); Joe Gorga/Melissa Gorga/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Is Joe Gorga jealous of Melissa Gorga? 'RHONJ' fans say 'he wants her to stay home barefoot and pregnant')

This foreign born former A+/A list singer (Avril Lavigne) said hello at dinner to this one named foreign born permanent A+ list singer (Rihanna). The permanent A+ lister thought the other singer was a fan, and had no clue she was a fellow singer. It was awkward. She did know who the singer's boyfriend (Mod Sun) was though and gave him a hug. Avril Lavigne/Rihanna/Mod Sun (Avril Lavigne opts for a typically grungy all black ensemble as she heads for dinner with boyfriend Mod Sun at Nobu in Malibu) (Rihanna Wore a Slinky Slip Dress with a Pair of Statement Boots)

Four For Friday - Strange Hookups:
#1 - This female permanent A+ list singer once hooked up with the lead female from this 80's mega hit referenced earlier today. Madonna/Kelly McGillis/"Top Gun" (Kelly McGillis and Madonna were bedpartners for some time according to the book 'Sing Out')

#2 - This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee once cheated on his wife with this A list mostly movie actress who sometimes directs and is an Oscar winner/nominee. He says she almost killed him. Antonio Banderas/Angelina Jolie/"Original Sin" (Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie flounder and flail in the dreary ‘Original Sin’)
#3 - This A list dual threat actor who will grope you if you take a picture with him, slept at one point in time over the years with the four female leads of this iconic cable show. Jon Hamm/"Mad Men"/January Jones/Elisabeth Moss/Christina Hendricks/Jessica Paré
#4 - This alliterate actress has been in the news as of late. She was a flash in the pan A- lister. At the peak of her fame, she slept with the royal leader of this tiny tiny coastal country and was rewarded with the biggest piece of jewelry she owns. Sharon Stone/Prince Albert of Monaco (Sharon Stone gets a kiss from Prince Albert II of Monaco)

An empty, unlabeled pill bottle was found in the backseat of the permanent A+ list athlete's car. He wasn't tested for drugs. But they want us to believe nobody was paid off. The car our athlete was driving entered a steep downhill stretch of road, and then gained speed. But they want us to believe he didn't pass out at the wheel, just at the moment he would have tapped the brake, at the beginning of the downhill descent. Tiger Woods

This actress is probably A- list. She might have dropped to B+ list, but all of you know her and she is not named Katie Holmes. Anyway, back in the day at her peak, she was hooking up with this one named A+ lister before she was swayed by this A list singer and the A list athlete boyfriend of the singer. (Cameron! Kate! Madonna! Alex Rodriguez's Dating History)

Other than the obvious ones, this celebrity is probably the biggest to make it from the briefcase show. She is also being interviewed for the tell all book about the alliterate one and has lots of great sugardaddy stories to share.

The alliterate one has scheduled a camera crew to be with her all next week while her husband is out of town. Get ready for the false labor stories.

Speaking of Scientologists, this best known one co-starred with this actress in one of his earlier films. It is also one of his best known roles. Anyway, his co-star was once sued by her father after she labeled him a bigamist. Tom Cruise/Rebecca De Mornay/"Risky Business"/Wally George (Wally George)

I don't think it would come as a shock to anyone that the serial cheating, sexually harassing, nursing home killer has a best friend who is the serial cheating, sexually harassing, bullying producer that has been in the news the past week. Andrew Cuomo/Scott Rudin

So far, this foreign born A+/A list comic actor has been way off on the side as his frequent co-star/best friend/A- list disgraced actor from an acting family has been slammed in the media and by actresses for the past few years. That is about to change. The foreign born comic actor is complicit and enabled a lot of the behavior of the disgraced actor. He thought a lot of the actions were funny. Don't forget, this is the actor who got a pass after saying rape could be funny. Seth Rogen/James Franco

This A list actress all of you know is the offspring of at least one Academy Award winner. Back in the day, when she was 16/17, she lost her virginity to her co-star who was 15 years her senior and has worked as a steady B lister for many many decades.

There has been some recent buzz that this former A+ list mostly movie actress who doesn't really act any longer is going to testify in the case involving the actor accused of being a serial rapist. Apparently she has things to say. Well, I mean she was involved in the religion until her franchise starring husband bought her out of it. Demi Moore/Danny Masteron/Scientology/Bruce Willis/"Die Hard"

This A list producer/wannabe rapper is having money problems. All those years of exploiting everyone on his roster and he doesn't have much left to show for it. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (What is Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ net worth?)

It is a mad scramble for this foreign born A/A- list actor and his career. His people know there is stuff coming out about him in the next couple weeks that could be career ending. So, they made him go public with this new woman in his life who is a plant. Throw a whole bunch of positive PR out there and hope it can cancel the bad. Henry Cavill/Natalie Viscuso (Henry Cavill Goes Instagram Official with 'Beautiful and Brilliant' Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso)

As I have been telling you for years and was confirmed yesterday, the A list "singer" isn't the one behind her social media. Britney Spears

Going back to my alliance blind item, it is pretty telling that, at least according to the two cousins, they were the first people the ginger haired one reached out to after news of the family death. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice/Prince Harry/Prince Phillip (Prince Harry Called Cousins Princess Beatrice and Eugenie on Friday to Talk About Coming Home)

Reader Blind: Around 15 years ago, I partied with a guy[3] and his girlfriend[2]. She was a professional assistant to an American singer[1] who was part of a group in the 1970s, and went solo in the 1980s. As highly-strung as she was, a bottle of red wine seemed to calm her down. She was beautiful – unlike her life coach boyfriend, who seemed to be perhaps two decades older than her – and she enjoyed the attention she was getting from someone new (me). She was rather more touchy-feely than he was comfortable with. Her boyfriend wasn't such a pleasant host, especially with how I was clearly mentally undressing her, and tensions were raised when she was fawning over how wonderful this singer was to work for, has beautiful complexion considering his age, and how she has travelled the world with him, and seen everything, and so on. Boyfriend decides this is the best time to reveal "Of course, you should know he is gay." Cue girlfriend flying into a rage fit, screaming that "We agreed we wouldn't say anything!" and words to that effect. I left shortly afterwards.

This B list actress with A+ list name recognition isn't allowed to get married or it voids her massive payout. The thing is though, she might have just secretly done just that. Katie Holmes

This married foreign born A- list actor who this past year starred in one of the worst movies in a long long time, is really getting serious with his mistress. Jamie Dornan/"Wild Mountain Thyme"

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