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What does A List mean?

For a guy who claims to have made himself give up being gay, this political commentator sure has been using Grindr a lot this past week. We can save the coke use for a different blind. Milo Yiannopoulos

There have been a lot of interviews done over the past few years with a photographer that captured the last performance of this A list singer. There was another photographer there that night that has been thrown under the bus by people who want to stick to the establishment story. Those people say to only talk to the photographer who has already been talked to a dozen times because he sticks with the party line. A photographer who captured some photos of people backstage who didn't belong there and only managed to have their photo taken once. Every other time a photographer was near, they managed to move out of the way. When the former actress turned singer offered to post the photo online so people could try and identify the men in the photo, she was threatened. Chris Cornell/Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless: Transforming Pain, Moving Forward)
(Chris Cornell's family settles lawsuit with doctor who 'prescribed 940 doses of anti-anxiety drug lorazepam in the 20 months' before Soundgarden singer's death)

After a blind I wrote and a behind the scenes dig, all of a sudden the disgraced A- list actor is no longer listed as a producer of this upcoming biopic. He was replaced by a family member on IMDb. HOWEVER, he is still a producer and is still getting credit. Everyone else just didn't want to be asked why they were enabling a sexual predator.
James Franco/"Pam And Tommy"

Just because it is a fake relationship, doesn't mean the actress doesn't care. She took it into her own hands when her athlete "boyfriend" took it upon himself to do a Tom Brady Super Bowl celebration impression and get hammered drunk. She got him home and made sure no one got any photos or videos of him in that condition. Shailene Woodley/Aaron Rodgers (Shailene Woodley and Fiance Aaron Rodgers Attend Kentucky Derby With Miles Teller and More: Photo)'

The whole IP thing is really important to this really wealthy former tech guy turned wannabe Emperor of the world. With all of the crops he wants to plant on all the farm land he owns, it is his plan that the only food that will be eaten in the world will come from his crops and his GMO's. If you don't agree to his crops and seeds and food, than you don't eat. Bill Gates

Always shows what is what when the reality star girlfriend pays for the legal bill to send a cease and desist and her foreign born athlete boyfriend can't be bothered because he doesn't care if people talk about him cheating on the reality star. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson (KUWTK: Fans Claim Kardashians Are Trying To Hush Tristan Cheating Rumors)

A few months ago, I wrote about this assistant to this former city A+ lister who had a huge role despite her lack of experience. I also wrote about the harassment she endured. Well, it turns out that mixed in with all the harassment, she learned a lot and wrote it all down. Everything that happened for two years. It is those writings that the feds are using as their playbook. Andrew Cuomo

This alliterate A list country singer continues to be cheated on by her husband. She continues to do nothing about it. Maren Morris

Can I put the two of them together? No, I can't. But, I can put the young blonde Bulgarian drug dealer with the brand new six figure Tesla, together with the actress ex of the celebrity CEO. The same young blonde dealer who was recently busted. She was busted for selling/distributing one of the CEO's favorite drugs.
Amber Heard/Elon Musk/MDMA

The actress turned singer is doing her level best to bring some justice for the dead A list singer. For the first time ever, in a published interview this week, she said what I first revealed to you nearly three years ago. She said her producer, the person who also saw the singer that fateful night, was killed. It would be nice to know if the interviewer has more information they received or just the quote and never asked a follow up question. Taylor Momsen/Chris Cornell (The Pretty Reckless: Transforming Pain, Moving Forward)

Wigmaniac Blind: Over the past few years, people have been wondering why this former 60s and 70s A list folk star has been wearing big Dolly Parton like wigs. They wondered if she was sick with cancer. Nope, turns out she had had surgery on her hand and when she woke up from the anesthesia, her hair had fallen out. It grew back, but not in the way she wanted it to, so she shaved her head and now has a collection of wigs that she wears. Judy Collins

Even the alliterate one's favorite scribe/lap dog, had to cross her, and admit she lied during the interview with the A+ lister so she could play another victim card. He tried to do it gently, so he can keep his access, but hopefully it will be played in a loop on social media for eternity.
Meghan Markle/Omid Scobie/Oprah/The reason Archie didn't get a title

It is sad, but not surprising to see this teenage A list singer already strung out on drugs. Billie Eilish

That streaming deal was already on thin ice as it was. Throw in what happened this week and this showrunner/creator/producer has lost her streaming deal. Janet Mock/"Pose" (Janet Mock admits to infidelity, blasts industry in fiery ‘Pose’ premiere speech)

The company with the most trafficked web sites in the world is feeling heat from regulators and from people trying to kill their executives. This company has a priceless amount of tracking data from almost every person in the world with an internet connection. It is possible you have not visited one of their sites, but someone close to you has and the website hopped on for the ride. They are being offered tens of billions for their information from the big boys in technology. Those big boys though would then be associated with something many of their own sites ban.

Because he essentially made this A list actress (Megan Fox) have sex with him to keep her part ("Transformers"), this A list action director(Michael Bay) couldn't really fire her without being sued. He was eternally grateful she made some really awful comments about him, but they were so awful that the alliterate executive producer (Steven Spielberg) could fire her for cause. The executive producer also tried to cancel the career of the actress and did so for a little bit, but she had a huge admirer in this A+ list director (James Cameron) with those big box office hits ("Titanic"/"Avatar"). He is almost the only one who can go to to toe with the executive producer. Megan Fox/"Transformers"/Michael Bay/Steven Spielberg/James Cameron/"Titanic"/"Avatar" (When Steven Spielberg got Megan Fox fired from Transformers for calling Michael Bay ‘Hitler’)

Not Hooked On Phonics: I debated doing this blind item because it comes from a friend of a friend based on a comment someone made somewhere that someone posted on Instagram. Not generally the kind of source I post about. But, I. Believe. Every. Word. And this should be an easy one to guess. So, as the story goes, this reality show participant (RSP going forward) decided to take a short course in how to do something he/she wanted to do. So RSP went to the training course and made a few very strange demands considering the circumstance. RSP complained about the temperature of the room, when the temperature of the room was very important to what was being taught. Despite the signage about what the topic was, RSP seem dumbfounded. Then, later in the class the participants each had to read a small passage out loud. It was then that everyone realized she could not read the signage or the material. Everyone was very uncomfortable as said RSP could not read the assigned passage aloud. I feel kind of uncomfortable as a reading specialist doing a post about an adult with minimal reading ability. It’s really sad. But again, it’s not shocking news to me. And you will probably all get it right way… yes, even you! But now that I think about it, there is more than one person who could fit this blind item. Perhaps the part to guess is what was the RSP taking a course in? Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" ('RHONY' Star Teresa Giudice Has Been Speaking Italian Since She Was a Child)

After the directionally challenged A-/B+ list rapper/pimp was accused again this weekend of another sexual assault, a story leaked the same thing happened with a member of the A list reality family which is why he is no longer in their good graces. I always thought it was because he wouldn't give them coke for free any longer. French Montana/Kylie Jenner

Remember when I told you about MP Group almost a year ago? One of their main distribution platforms was just taken down, as a result of the couple European customers who got busted. However, those who actually perform the rape, torture, and murder of the children for the videos remain at large in the types of locations in the original blind. They will be nearly impossible to catch, so most of the customers of MP Group will simply migrate to a new platform. (Dark web child abuse image site with 400,000 members taken down in global police sting)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress is not often seen on television screens. She is on one now though and has shown no shame in campaigning for herself to be nominated for an Emmy and wants this pay cable channel to make her the star of their for your consideration season. Kate Winslet/"Mare of Easttown"/"HBO" (How Kate Winslet mastered the near-impossible accent TV fans can’t stop talking about)

Two separate schools had to write checks to women to keep them quiet about being sexually assaulted by this mid round NFL pick taken this past weekend. He was taken by one of the most well known teams in the world. After the second school got tired of covering for him, a booster paid off at least one other woman.

This musician/writer/advice giver/all around entertainer more than once has preached to not cheat on someone you love. So, I guess that means he stopped loving his wife which made it OK to cheat with the A- list actress?

This foreign born barely barely barely there celebrity (Vanessa Valladares) who people only know because of the A- list actor (Zac Efron) has a long and storied history with the Svengali (Mohammed Al Turki) which I wrote about when she was first spotted with the actor. So, of course it makes sense she also was around the actor a couple of years ago too. Any woman, other than this A- list mostly movie actress (Kristen Stewart) in the Svengali's orbit is also in the orbit of the A- list actor. The A- list actress is reserved for very special clients. Vanessa Valladares/Zac Efron/Mohammed Al Turki/Kristen Stewart (There's a Wild Theory That Zac Efron Was Secretly Dating Vanessa Valladares 3 Years Ago)

Speaking of late night television, and the celebrity CEO, this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee is on standby as an emergency replacement who could even come in on the day of and be ready in case the celebrity CEO becomes incapacitated. "Saturday Night Live"/Elon Musk/Tom Hanks or Alec Baldwin (although he has only 1 nomination) (‘SNL’ 5-Timers Club: Most Frequent Hosts, From Alec Baldwin to Will Ferrell)

This foreign born A list singer who really loves the end of the week, should hold firm, because NOTHING is changing to the system. Oh sure, this organization says things are different, but they aren't. They left themselves wiggle room to go change whatever they need to if any category seems "out of alignment" with nominees. The Weeknd/"Grammy Awards" (The Weeknd will still boycott Grammys, despite rule change after his award snub)

Ever since shows began being filmed in front of a studio audience, they have shared a couple things in common. One, is that some person is trying to keep you involved in the taping and the other is that you are told when to clap and given encouragement to be crazy loud when you clap for someone. So, when you see the video making its way around today of the ginger one, they did the same for everyone else too. It was for a television show, in front of a live audience and the audience was told when to clap and to make sure they were loud. Prince Harry

Originally this A- list singer/bad actress wasn't going to change clothes from what she wore to the taped television show, but after several people asked if she was pregnant, she changed clothes. Selena Gomez/"Global Citizen Vax Live: The Concert To Reunite The World" (Selena Gomez Posed With Jennifer Lopez and Wore Two Great Outfits at Vax Live's Concert)

Talk Dirty: This singer was A+ for quite a length of time. He also acted and did a lot of other things that kept him in front of your eyeballs (bad Blepharoplasty) for decades. He was married quite a few times. Many of those marriages ended because of his cheating. They would grow tired of it or he would find someone to replace the previous wife. With his level of fame, he obviously had groupies and would hook up with them, but that wasn't his favorite thing to do. His favorite thing to do was call 976 numbers and 1-900 numbers and talk dirty with the women on the other end of the line. He would have regulars he would call and if he really liked someone, he would fly them to see him or meet them when he was touring their city. It wasn't that often he would actually hook up with them in person, but he loved to have what he called in person dirty talk instead of over the phone. This was a regular thing for him and he was supposedly the person who probably spent the most money ever on 976 and 1-900 numbers. There are no official records, but he alone spent in excess of $1M+. Kenny Rogers (Kenny Rogers and Bad Blepharoplasty and Browlift Surgery)

This actor/director who made a porn film and forced his then actress girlfriend to star in it, is now offering up himself as a yachter for women only. Somehow he thinks women (and women only, no men or men who identify as women allowed) are willing to pay $50K to spend a weekend with him. Are they going to be forced to watch that movie or any of his movies? Vincent Gallo/"The Brown Bunny"/Chloë Sevigny (Vincent Gallo: 'I am available to all women – all women who can afford me, that is')

I guess she is still engaged????, but this former Disney actress traded coke for sex this weekend with a guy who is not her soon to be husband. Bella Thorne/Benjamin Mascolo (Bella Thorne and 2Chainz compare jewelry backstage in Miami)

The opposition party leader in this European country reached out to their best friend and the next thing you know, this former A list athlete didn't have to go to jail for child porn like everyone else in the country would have. Christoph Metzelder (Former Germany defender Christoph Metzelder found guilty of sharing child pornography pictures)

This one named permanent A lister would probably have her kids taken away if she didn't have so much staff helping her. Her pill addiction is out of control. Madonna (Madonna and Boyfriend Attend Her Son's Soccer Match) (Rafe Spall: ‘Madonna came up and started grinding me. A circle formed’)

You haven't heard the other side of the story about what happened with this foreign born one named A+ list rapper/singer. He had been financing the life of this "couple" to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Drake/Jamie Sun & Naomi Sharon (Drake Is Accused of Having an Affair With a Singer & Ending Her Engagement)

This A- list actress has given up on her actor ex. He is drinking again and has to come to her place to see their kids, not that he has done so lately. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Reunite For Son’s Swim Class Amid Reports He Hung Out With J.Lo)

There is a big fight going on right now with the bird company. A few months ago I told you they were going to reinstate the former A++ lister. At that time the wait and see crowd won and there was no reinstatement. Their argument was wait until the first quarter numbers came in. Those numbers were awful. They still want to wait and see, but they are losing votes. "Twitter"/Donald Trump (Trump launches new communications platform months after Twitter, Facebook ban)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: Two times the driver was dispatched to pick up the permanent A+ list rapper (now deceased). The first time it was late at night, after midnight. The driver was to pick the rapper up at a location in Silverlake and go "as directed." Not an easy area to get in and out of with a stretch. The driver arrived at a building he assumed was a recording studio. Three other stretch limos were parked there, all from different companies. The driver waited for an hour for the rapper to come out, and he finally did, but got into one of the other cars and it drove away. The driver was released from the run. Another time, also late at night, he was sent to LAX to pick up the rapper and go "as directed". Once again multiple cars were present from different companies. Once again the rapper went in a different car and the driver was released. The driver thought it was odd, but gets it now, considering what happened to the rapper. Tupac Shakur

Apparently a secret recording device was installed a few weeks ago by a woman who talked her way into the royal pedophile's house. She has since disappeared from the mental hospital in which she was placed. She did a great job of acting. Meanwhile, a relay device stopped working and the two people sent into to replace it got busted and confessed to the recording device. Prince Andrew (Trespass arrests at Prince Andrew's Windsor home)

This NJ Housewife owes more to the IRS than she has made the last three years combined. IT looks like it is lien time. Margaret Josephs

The Threesome: This person is an A list celebrity. You may hate him or love him, but he is A list. His current significant other has some sex stories to be told that would take months to tell and be enough material for dozens of porn shoots, but that is not really germane to the story. It is the ex who is the story here. Way back in the day she was the girlfriend of this A+ list mostly movie actor. People forget that. People don't talk about that. Our celebrity certainly doesn't like to talk about it, or at least didn't while they were together. Why? Well, our A+ list mostly movie actor who, by the way is an Oscar winner/nominee, was in a time period in his life where he was on top of the world. Every woman wanted to sleep with him, so if you did, he made you do things. In this particular case, he kept to his standard threesomes where it would be him and one of his actor buddies. Over the years, while filming a show, the A list celebrity would be reminded about what his then significant other used to do back in the day. Most people reminded him to get a negative reaction or because they thought it was funny. Even to this day he refuses to watch any movie with the actor in it.

Don't believe the rumors to get you to watch the reunion. The Barbie doll southern Housewife who has never had sex with the lights on, is still talking to all the other cast members. She was just at a party with them last week.
Kameron Westcott/"Real Housewives Of Dallas" (Kameron Westcott Shares a Look Inside Her Newly Decorated $7.5M "Dream House")

The alliterate one just writes a check and the next thing you know, the author who was plagiarized, says nothing is amiss. Meghan Markle/Corrinne Averiss/"The Bench" (Meghan Markle gets defended by author after critics accuse the duchess of plagiarizing her work)

That long latest social media post from the permanent A list "singer" was written by a publicist who then had it approved by three people before sending it out. Apparently the biggest argument was how many y'alls to use.
Britney Spears/Commenting about documentaries (Britney Spears criticizes 'hypocritical' documentaries about her life)

On this one of a kind Caribbean island, the prime minister allowed this jewel thief/convicted pedophile to return to his home country instead of serving a jail sentence. The prime minister did this because their head of security was in on the crime. Now, the people on the island want some heads. "Sint Maarten"/Colin Kristensen (One-legged paedo diamond thief on the run to Scotland 'to get fake leg fixed')

This foreign born dual threat A list actor has it in his contract with the superhero universe that he can't have any botox or fillers or any type of surgical procedure that provides the same effect. Apparently he is working very hard to get that changed because he doesn't think he is attractive any longer.
Tom Hiddleston

This late night actor is using again and doesn't seem to care. He thinks he is invincible. Pete Davidson/"SNL" (Pete Davidson doesn't understand 'why people are freaking out' about Elon Musk hosting SNL)

The celebrity wife of this foreign born former A+ list tweener says it has been months since her husband was able to achieve full potence so to speak. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber continues to sport his divisive dreadlocks as he steps out with leggy wife Hailey for date night... amid cultural appropriation row over the hairstyle)

The pedophile/child porn loving/molester who used to moonlight as a reality star before becoming a scam artist/fraudster/thief is talking to the feds about his brother-in-law in an effort to cut a deal. Josh Duggar/Derick Dillard (‘Counting On’ Alum Derick Dillard Says He Thinks He’s Being ‘Censored’ Amid Josh Duggar’s Scandal)

This three named celebrity has been married to some very wealthy men. She is also hiding a bunch of money from the government and is telling friends, the government will never find it. Kimora Lee Simmons/Russell Simmons/ Tim Leissner

This former wannabe A++ lister who really didn't last long, manages to hide his boyfriend because his boyfriend lives a couple houses away. They use neighboring backyards as their path. Corey Booker

Leering: This A list mostly television actor (David Hasselhoff) has got really lucky twice on television with two big hits ("Knight Rider"). The latter hit ("Baywatch") was the huge moneymaker for him, but the first is what this blind is referring to. The actor, along with just about every other guy on the show would show up for "Audition Thursday," which they referred to as T**ty Thursday. Each Thursday, the producers/casting people would see all of the female extras and walk ons they were going to bring in for the following week. Because of the nature of this show, most of the women cast wore very little clothing and the auditions did the same. The woman would get up in front of about fifty guys all staring at her in a bikini before she would be told to jump up and down. They usually wouldn't let her stop until her breasts fell out of the bikini. This would all be filmed of course and the guys would be taking photos. If a woman complained or protested, she wouldn't be hired and she would often be yelled at by the group of guys and be forced to leave the room as they called her all manner of names. By the end of the process, many of the guys would be drunk and there would be groping going on. If a woman had been there before, she knew to go early was the best option. David Hasselhoff/"Knight Rider"/"Baywatch"

This one season wonder is ready to come out. Everyone knows he is gay. This is the crazy part. In his contract, he is not allowed to come out until the middle of next year. I mean, he can, but they might try and sue him and that will make them look ridiculous. Matt James/"The Bachelor" (Former 'Bachelor' Matt James Says He Didn't Have Sex in the Fantasy Suites)

This A- list mostly television actor who stars on a hit almost network show, comes from a family of actors, and has been acting since he was a child, did another one of his a-hole moves. Every day he would hit on this barista and they finally went out and they had sex. He then ignored her when he would go get coffee and then told the manager he was uncomfortable seeing her there every day and tried to get her fired or transferred. Cole Sprouse/"Riverdale" (Who Is Cole Sprouse Dating In 2021, The Riverdale Star Got A New Girl?)

This blink and you will miss her celebrity, was just dumped by this permanent A+ list athlete/woman beater. Oh, she thinks they are still together. She won't be thinking that when he doesn't pay her rent next month. The next thing you know she will be starting another yacht search. He already moved someone into his house. Anna Monroe/Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather 'KICKS OUT his stripper girlfriend Anna Monroe, 29, from his £8million Vegas mansion' to give full focus to upcoming boxing return against YouTuber Logan Paul)

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A list mostly movie actor who has multiple Oscar wins/nominations is using again and it isn't pretty. He needs rehab, but doesn't want to go. Guess we know how he is going to be spending his summer. Chet Hanks/Tom Hanks (Chet Hanks’ Ex-Girlfriend Sues Him for $1 Million Over Alleged Abuse as He Celebrates 'White Boy Summer')

This former bar star/fairly new mother is starting an OnlyFans page because she knows she will never be invited back to the show and thinks it is the easiest way to make a lot of money. Stassi Schroeder/"Vanderpump Rules" ('Vanderpump Rules': Stassi Schroeder's Net Worth Reveals How Much She Lost After Being Fired)

It is really rare for a coming out announcement to take anyone by surprise, or even shock them. This former A+ list mostly movie actor who all of you know and comes from an acting family is set to do just that. I never ever thought he would.

This former A++ lister was listed as a witness in a draft of the joint pretrial statement prepared by the defense in this case that recently got pushed out many months. Would they put him on the list submitted to the court. Yes, they would. Bill Clinton/Ghislaine Maxwell (Judge postpones Ghislaine Maxwell's sex-trafficking trial until the fall in light of new charges)

It is never a good thing when this foreign born former A-/B+ list singer is using. Her current significant other has really only seen her sober. She is using all the time now and destruction will soon spread in all directions. The only good news is her kid()s are not anywhere near her this time. Lily Allen/David Harbour (Lily Allen enjoys a family day out with her daughters Ethel, 9, and Marnie, 8, and husband David Harbour as they go for a leisurely stroll in Manhattan)

Hey, if the old man who was paying all your bills and funding your lifestyle for the years you were living overseas doesn't want to include you when he wishes happy birthday to his grandson, there is probably a reason. The old guy is not really that subtle.
Prince Charles/Meghan Markle

This foreign born A list singer (Leigh Anne Pinnock) in her own country as part of a group ("Little Mix"), 100% knew what she was doing this week. The other band members did too and were waiting to drop that big life event news on the day their sworn enemy (Jesy Nelson) was trying to do publicity for her solo record. Leigh Anne Pinnock/"Little Mix"/Jesy Nelson (Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock Expecting First Baby with Fiancé Andre Gray) (Jesy Nelson doesn’t want to stay pals with Little Mix and won’t work with them again)

The Duo: Back in the day, this duo was unmatched in the prices they could charge. They rarely did actually charge money. More often than not, they just wanted coke or a really expensive gift. They thought straight up cash was tawdry or cheap. This duo consisted of a foreign born A- list actress, who at her peak, everyone knew. All of you know her name, even if you don't know what movies she was in. Her partner in crime was an actress. I use that term loosely. Was she in movies and television? Yes. Did she consider it her career? No. There was not any guy in Hollywood who didn't try and sleep with the two of them together. What I would like to know is whether the A list actress offspring of one of the duo ever participated. Jacqueline Bisset/Marcheline Bertrand/Angelina Jolie (Inside Angelina Jolie's Paris Trip with Godmother Jacqueline Bisset: 'They're Very Close')

The feds have confirmed they are actively trying to arrest this alliterate actor/comedian. The problem they are having is they have no idea where he is so don't want to make an announcement until they capture him. Apparently it makes them look bad when they have a name, but can't find them.

I was kind of hoping the split was because everyone in the family was disgusted he was hanging out with the convicted pedophile. It turns out the rich guy had at least one baby with his girlfriend. There also might be a second from a few years back with another woman. Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein (Melinda Gates reportedly ‘furious’ after she and Bill met with Jeffrey Epstein)

With the exception of one cast member, none of the cast of this Housewife franchise was going to a big event scheduled for this weekend for a cast member. They are now being forced by producers to attend or risk not getting paid.
"Housewives of Potomac"/Karen Huger's vow renewal ceremony

This online/television tabloid had a chance to ask this singer/reality star about the drugging/raping accusations, but chose not to. They let her just plug her big online battle this weekend. TMZ/Tiny Harris/"Verzuz" (Xscape's LaTocha Ready For 'Verzuz' Battle Against SWV)

This west coast Housewife gave millions of dollars to someone to hide for her. Apparently that person ran off with the money. Well, that is the story of the Housewife. I would love for it to be true, but it is probably another lie. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (‘RHOBH’ star Erika Jayne’s Pasadena mansion listed for $13M in bankruptcy sale)

This permanent A list mostly movie director who is an Oscar winner/nominee, is wrong. This movie studio/television company never throws away old film. They just don't keep it close at hand. Much of it is kept in an old salt mine vault. Barry Levinson/"Good Morning, Vietnam" (Barry Levinson reveals that Robin Williams was 'struggling' during making of 'Good Morning, Vietnam')

The celebrity CEO is trying to purchase a company that has technology that can erase your memory or implant new memories that didn't exist. He thinks it will go well with one of his own companies.

The brothers who can't stand each other are getting the band back together. They both need the money. That is the only reason. They still hate each other. Liam and Noel Gallagher/"Oasis" (Noel Gallagher confirms upcoming 25th anniversary Oasis at Knebworth film)

This A list news anchor didn't want this hosting job. With his demands, the crew didn't want him to have the job. Judging by the ratings disaster of his appearance, it seems the public doesn't want him to have this hosting job either. Anderson Cooper/"Jeopardy" (Anderson Cooper’s ‘Jeopardy!’ ratings are the lowest among guest hosts)

This former A-/B+ list actress who has had her ups and downs the past few years has added another horrific tale to bad things that have happened to her. She was gang raped by her drug dealer and his friends.

Four For Friday - Bad Drug Behavior - 90's Edition:
#1 - This actress was a huge part of this tween/teen show, but her career crashed and burned after a really bad movie choice. The cast and crew had to get really creative about where they would stash their drugs because she would take them if she found them. Elizabeth Berkley/"Saved by the Bell"/"Showgirls"
#2 - This horrible actress all of you know, likes to pretend she never did drugs. Please. She did a ton of them and then would get wasted and tell everyone she could end their careers with one phone call. Tori Spelling
#3 - This actually involves two actors who were co-stars in this classic film. One is an A+/A list actor and the other, not so much, but comes from an acting family. The two did cocaine nonstop and were drinking nonstop and it got to the point that they were making every shot unusable. The director made a deal with them and said if they stayed sober during the day, he would pay for their partying at night. A deal was made. Matthew McConaughey/Jason London/"Dazed and Confused"/Richard Linklater
#4 - This former A+ list mostly movie actor took a handful of pills and then crashed a car through half of the set of this very hit movie he made. Johnny Depp/"Cry Baby"

This A- list actress who has a crazy lucrative side gig refused to do an interview with a publication because of how much they promote/lie about the reality family. Unlike the reality family, the actress has made real, documented money and doesn't appreciate the half truths published by the magazine just to get page views. Jessica Alba/"The Honest Company"/"Forbes"/Kardashians (Jessica Alba Is Officially Worth A Small Fortune After The Honest Company Finally Goes Public)

This foreign born A/A- list celebrity couple who used to be A+ list are set to announce they are splitting. The husband's affairs are becoming too public and a divorce announcement is less damaging to the brand than a cheating one. David and Victoria Beckham

Speaking of divorces, this A+ list country singer is headed that way. Not only is he cheating on his wife, but the fights they have are legendary in Nashville circles. They really haven't even been married that long.

The latest spin on the cleaning product actor is that he is going to blame everything that happened on his wife. He was just a normal guy and then the wife changed him into the horrible human being you now see before you. Armie Hammer/Elizabeth Chambers (Armie Hammer seen for first time since March rape allegation)

The alliterate reality star who is related to the pedophile reality star is talking a lot of talk. He is one guy who shouldn't be talking. Glass houses and all that. Derek Dillard/Josh Duggar

This troubled award giving organization is not going anywhere. It is a cash cow for television and the ego driven entertainment community love the party and the award. The streaming company wants their own award show and also wants to seem woke, when in fact, they are the opposite. "Golden Globes/"Netflix" (Golden Globes: Netflix "Stopping Any Activities" with HFPA Unless and Until Further Reforms Are Made)

RIP to the video vixen/actress who had her first sexual experience with a rock star when she was just 14. The star was 26. Tawny Kitaen/Peter Frampton (Tawny Kitaen, ‘80s actress and music video vixen, dead at 59)

Speaking of video vixens, the celebrity wife of this rock star has been spending as much time away from him as possible. He likes the Kanye style life while she prefers to be in Los Angeles where she can get her thirst on and her partying on. Two things she is unable to do with him. Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx/Wyoming (Motley Crue's Sixx Moves to Jackson Hole, Hopes to Help Out)

That secret lunch with her co-star was not supposed to be captured by anyone. The A/A- list dual threat actress should ask his publicist why there was a pap. Kristen Bell/Benjamin Levy Aguilar (Kristen Bell enjoys lunch with her The Woman In The House costar Benjamin Levy Aguilar at Griffith Park in Los Feliz)

Speaking of paps, here is something to remember. When you have this A list mostly movie actor from an acting family and has a blind written about him and his long time "girlfriend," the publicist should arrange to get a shot of the couple together. It makes zero sense to have shots of them in the same city, but not together, if you are trying to make the case they are a couple. Further, you make the pap look like a stalker because only one of the people in the couple is a celebrity. Finally, what really looks bad is the same pap took both photos which meant he was told where to be and when. So, why couldn't you get the "couple" together for a photo? Jake Gyllenhaal/Jeanne Cadieu (Jake Gyllenhaal, 40, makes a rare sighting with his French model girlfriend of three years Jeanne Cadieu, 25, as they hold hands in NYC)

This current A- list mostly television actor who has been A+ list multiple times in his career and is someone all of you know, learned a lesson from #MeToo. He now makes sure the young extras he hits on are over 18. What's a 50+ year age difference, as long as she's legal? Is this why his wife makes a point of regularly visiting the set?

Once or twice a year, this group tries to get publicity for itself by making a breathless announcement they have identified the killer of the famous little girl. Then, nothing happens. The reason nothing happens is because it was a family member that did the killing. "JonBenét Investigations"/JonBenét Ramsey (BREAKING NEWS: New DNA Sample In JonBenét Ramsey Case Targets Potential Killer) ("JonBenét Investigations")

We all know talk show hosts never ask a disparaging question of any of their guests. It happens all the time. Every single day. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that this A+ list mostly movie actor is starting to get some pushback from Kneepads. When he goes on his two big movie press tours, he still won't be asked any tough questions, BUT, there are at least two shows who are not scheduling him. That way they still get access to others, but aren't breaking the unwritten rules. It is a start.

This closeted former A+ list singer has a fetish where he likes to beat up the men he hires for sex.

This A/A- list dual threat actress who bailed on a hit television show for her own personal health, spends a great deal of time trashing this A+/A list mostly movie actress to make sure no married men co-star with her again. Anna Faris/Jennifer Lawrence

Speaking of that A+/A list mostly movie actress, this former A- list mostly television actor says he spent nearly $200K on gifts to the actress and then blew him off and refused to give back any of the gifts. He says she has done it to others too. Aziz Ansari/Jennifer Lawrence

Why Aren’t You Proud? With the sudden (and highly annoying to me) move to "streaming" it’s odd to me that Tamara Tattles sources exclusively revealed that a certain free streaming site has refused to release the numbers of people signing up for the site despite the site being free. It already looks like a dud despite a couple of shows that have not gone up yet. One is done filming and the other is probably never going to happen. And if they do choose to go ahead with it, the streaming channel is just never going to work. They do not understand they have an older audience. Well, they do but they seem to think streaming is the way to get younger viewers. If they are right and I am wrong, shouldn’t we have have some subscription numbers by now? I’m just saying. There is no boasting about the number of subscribers to the free site. People tried to tell the suits that subscription would never work. But, desperate times I guess. "Peacock"

This A list stoner comic actor is straight up lying to interviewers at this point about his relationship with the disgraced A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. The stoner says he doesn't know if he will work with the actor again. They are LITERALLY working together now. If you are a reporter, you can't let these statements go unchallenged. Seth Rogen/James Franco (Seth Rogen says he has no plans to work with James Franco again)

This network talent show isn't even trying to pretend that it is not rigged. They will do anything for ratings at this point. "American Idol" (Why ‘American Idol’ Fans Think Season 19 is ‘Rigged’)

Easter weekend and this woman is in town and bored at her hotel and starts scrolling through Tinder. She finds a match and the guy comes over to her hotel room. Older guy. Shaved bald head. Very very well dressed. Looks exactly like his picture and from when they Face Timed. They hook up and afterwards, the guy pulls out a bag, and inside the bag is another bag. Inside that is a wig. He puts it on. Then she recognizes the man. He is an A+ list designer who usually identifies as gay and has a husband. Tom Ford

This wealthy CEO who loves the limelight always tries to spin the story that his dad never actually killed anyone. Then, please explain to me why the dad likes showing everyone the security footage of him killing the men. Elon and Errol Musk (Everything to Know About Errol Musk, Elon's "Brilliant," "Terrible" Father)

Whether or not she actually makes it in front of the cameras, this plastic surgery denying, alliterate cable reality star who is the offspring of a yachter, is telling friends she is going to be on a show that just ended its latest season. Brielle Biermann/Kim Zolciak-Biermann/"Summer House" (Brielle Biermann denies having plastic surgery) (Don't Be Tardy Ending After 8 Seasons — but Kim Zolciak-Biermann Promises TV Return 'Very Soon')

This studio says they are contractually obligated to spend money on a for your consideration effort for this fired actress. That isn't true. They just want as many awards as possible for the show. Gina Carano/"Mandalorian" (Lucasfilm pushes fired ‘Mandalorian’ star Gina Carano for Emmy nod)

Apparently this alliterate trainer has offered $10K to anyone who is willing to go in front of cameras and admit they are the person alluded to in his fake explanation. Bob Baffert (Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails Drug Test)

This former reality star turned makeup artist who is not a nice person thought she would get hundreds of thousands of dollars unloading every piece of furniture and junk from the house that was purchased in the Midwest. Nope. An auction that is currently taking place has some really dismal bids for the items. Many items don't have any bids at all. Kat Von D (Kat Von D Hosting Estate Sale Featuring Antiques from Her Historic Indiana Mansion)

This former A- list reality star who was everywhere and then let fame get to his head, has been encouraging some of his daughters to start an OnlyFans page and he would manage it for them. Jon Gosselin (Kate and Jon Gosselin’s daughter Mady, 20, shows off her fit figure in rare video after mom ‘moves to North Carolina’)

According to an offspring of the royal pedophile, he hooked up with his former sister-in-law about a year before she became his sister-in-law. Prince Andrew

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **11**
The First Time: Back in the day, the fix really was in. This famed vet was hired by a group of people to make sure a horse turned up dirty. The group hated the owner of the horse. The vet was a visionary when it came to cheating and doping and he was for hire. He was also the person this disgraced former A+ list athlete turned to help him with his cheating. I always thought it fitting that the vet died the same year as the last title. Alex Harthill/"Dancer's Image"/Owner Peter Fuller/Lance Armstrong (When was the last time a Kentucky Derby horse was disqualified for an illegal substance?)

For the past 12-18 months I have been updating you with the saga about the crooked leaders in a country willing to take a bribe from a movie studio and production team to allow them to destroy a bridge. An actual real bridge that people use every day. They brought in the A+ list lead of the film to shine on the leader of the country and he gave permission. Then the people protested. Anyway, the studio found out who the whistleblower is and have been giving that person a hard enough time that they had to file a lawsuit against the studio. Tom Cruise/ Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/02/20)

The only production scheduling issue on this now canceled network show was that the foreign born A- list actor lead with the famous last name, found the show inconvenient to his vacation schedule. I mean, this is a guy who has taken a half dozen vacations all over the world, while also visiting the homes he owns in multiple countries. He quit because he can make way more money doing a movie and not having a commitment to anything. It is the same thing the A list everything in her mind did. "Prodigal Son"/"FOX"/Michael Sheen (The real reason Michael Sheen's show Prodigal Son cancelled – and fans are devastated)

If you don't think this A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't know what is happening behind the scenes, well he does. That is reason number one he made that useless gesture. What he didn't see coming was the stoner comic actor trying to save himself by throwing the A+ lister under the bus by implying he is anti-Semitic. Tom Cruise/Seth Rogen (Seth Rogen Says He "Dodged a Bullet" When Tom Cruise Pitched Him on Scientology)

We might get a bonus video from the disgraced former A list Oscar winner. The awful human being is about to have another accuser bail on a lawsuit, and for once, it isn't because they died. Kevin Spacey (Man who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault has 10 days to identify himself so civil case can proceed, judge rules)

The accusations against the A list celebrity who is either loved or hated with no middle ground were always horrible. Now, they have gone next level. There was someone who went to jail for saying the things this celebrity said. Where is the apology? There won't be one. You can't apologize and play the victim card at the same time. If the situation were reversed she would have millions of followers trashing the other person and crying about how no one loves her. Chrissy Teigen (Courtney Stodden doubts Chrissy Teigen's apology, calls her 'wokeness' a 'broken record')

It has been sold behind the scenes several times over the past five decades, but there is talk that the current owner of this hat wants to try and sell it at auction. That would probably be a bad idea because the family would try and claim it in and then it wouldn't see the light of day ever again or at least for not another 42 years. Jacqueline Kennedy’s pink pillbox hat (Jacqueline Kennedy’s pink hat is a missing piece of history)

Things aren't looking good for the cash grab of this former reality star/athlete. The website she uses for donations just repeats the same ten donors and their amounts in a continuous loop. There are no donations coming in. Caitlyn Jenner (Poll finds little support for Jenner, other Republicans challenging Newsom)

One of the biggest websites in the world which is an aggregator is being paid to run links to articles about the benefits of brain implants. There have been a half dozen stories linked to this month. No thanks. "Drudge Report"

This A+ list mostly movie actress always uses her own pap for photos. She got busted by someone who wasn't and she was ticked. She tried to make sure the photos wouldn't be published. She failed. Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon – Out in Los Angeles 05/10/2021)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **10**
This back in the day A+ list actress who really only got parts because of her looks, says that one time this now deceased A+ list mostly movie actor who was the biggest movie star on the planet, was hopped up on pain pills and held a loaded gun to her head while they had sex. Raquel Welch/Burt Reynolds (Why filming "100 RIFLES" made Raquel Welch HATE BURT REYNOLDS & refuse to do scenes with him again!)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **11**
I'm Using It: There is an actress/comedienne/radio host (Sandra Bernhardt) who used to also write books. She hasn't done so in a very long time. It has been a couple of decades. About five or six years ago, she was thinking of new ways to bring in income and decided she would write another book. In that book, she was going to recount some stories about this permanent A+ list DJ (Howard Stern) who is no longer on his A game. The stories would have included the definitive account of whether his first date with someone special to him (Beth Ostrosky), was in fact, the date bailing on her paying client to have a chance with the DJ. It also would have told some other tales that have all been speculation in the past. She was dissuaded by not only the people of the DJ but also a late night talk show host (Jimmy Kimmel). You know who won't be dissuaded though? That someone special to him who already has a manuscript ready to go whenever the split happens. Sandra Bernhardt/Howard Stern/Beth Ostrosky/Jimmy Kimmel (Sandra Bernhard Talks About Being Ignored By Howard: "The excuse I get is that he’s only on three days a week, and people have a lot to promote. That’s bullshit.")

I knew the A- list singer was back using hard drugs, but didn't know until the last couple of days, what was her drug of choice. It is also a cereal. Demi Lovato/"Special K" (Ketamine)

Want to know how little respect this former A+ list athlete/steroid user/stripper lover/serial cheater had for the A list everything in her mind person? They are out to dinner one night and the former athlete excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Instead of going to the bathroom though, he goes outside and hops in a car with a woman where he proceeds to pleasure himself until completion, while looking at the woman. He gets busted by his significant other but tells her it isn't cheating because he didn't actually touch the other woman. Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez

This disgraced A- list actor is laying low because apparently there are several other underage people who are set to come forward with accusations to make against him. James Franco (Seth Rogen, James Franco and the need for Hollywood men to start standing up)

Previously, this A/A- list actor said he wanted no part of The Club's activities and his ex agreed. Apparently he changed his mind because he is the one who called the paps. Liev Schreiber/Naomi Watts (Liev Schreiber enjoys a family stroll in NYC with his kids and girlfriend as he prepares to reprise role of 'fixer' Ray Donovan in Showtime movie) ("The Club" BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/04/2019)

He isn't actually a chef, but has made a career hosting food shows that always highlight his massive ego. A poor fan this week thought the ego was just for show and asked for a photo. I'm sure the f**k off was not something she expected. (Celebrity Chefs Who Aren't "Chefs" At All)

This pyramid scheme that got their seed money from a slip and fall and tries to sound like that women's yoga clothing store is reaching out to celebrities from their religion to be a spokesperson. Normally they would have no shot, but there are a lot of hard up celebrities who won't mind taking a paycheck from a company screwing over hard working people. "LuLaRoe"/"Lululemon"/"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (LuLaRoe to pay $4.75M to settle pyramid scheme lawsuit)

I have talked about this repeatedly and now you see why he does it. The wealthy farmer donates a ton of money to media foundations and foundations run by media chiefs. So, when a story emerged this week that made him look bad, he reached out and now the story has become he wasn't always the nicest guy and implied that he cheated without saying he did and whatever else muddies the waters to move the story away from the pedophile. Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein (Bill Gates told golf buddies that his marriage was ‘loveless’) (Melinda Gates reportedly sought out divorce lawyers in 2019 when news of Bill Gates's ties to Jeffrey Epstein surfaced. Here's how the two men were connected) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/28/21)

Apparently panic attacks are the new bad drug reactions if you are a one named foreign born singer with a highly paid PR team at your disposal. Grimes (Grimes hospitalized for panic attack after Elon Musk’s ‘SNL’ debut)

This three named actress who is probably A- list and really rose to fame in the past two years, was quite the coke hound at a party this weekend. I'm sure she picked up some pointers on that from her publicity ex. Ana de Armas/Ben Affleck (Ana de Armas shares glam photos and videos from her intimate 33rd birthday party... amid ex Ben Affleck's reunion with Jennifer Lopez)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **10**
Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: It was well above 100F in the San Fernando Valley. Not too pleasant to be wearing a dark suit and driving black Town Car. The driver picked up a costume designer in Burbank and dropped her off at the home of an A list actress in Sherman Oaks. The driver waited with the engine running and AC blasting, trying to stay cool. A few minutes later, the costume designer appeared with the actress. The statuesque movie/television actress had been a star for decades, and still had that sexy, sultry look that drove men crazy on and off the set. She invited the driver to come inside, insisting it was too hot to be outside. She led the driver into a library, "Take a look at the books," the actress said and walked away. A housekeeper appeared with a glass of iced tea on a silver platter. The driver was left alone in the library, and it was quite extensive with all the contemporary favorites and many classics. The driver picked up one book by an A list author and inside was a personal signed note to the actress, from the author. The driver felt a little weird seeing the note, and put the book away. He picked up another by another famous author, and it too was signed with a personal note, and then another, and another. All were signed with personal notes. The driver felt uncomfortable reading the notes, and just sat down with his iced tea. The actress has had her controversies over the years, but was a 100 percent class act in the driver’s mind.

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **11**
The Director: Often in this space, I have written about a permanent A+ list director and his obsession with young children. There is another permanent A+ list director who is an Oscar winner/nominee who is about to be called out by this A- list mostly movie actress who has been acting for decades and is someone all of you know. Way back in the day she did a movie with the director. One movie. She refused to work with him ever again. Our actress was playing a very sexual character. She was underage. When she was auditioning for the role, the director fondled her and groped her and took lots of photos of her undressed. He encouraged her to have sex with her much much older co-star so they could really get into their respective roles. He then would ask her about her sex life and would often have cameras rolling when he did. Martin Scorsese/Jodie Foster/"Taxi Driver/Robert De Niro (Jodie Foster details how 'uncomfortable' it was playing a prostitute aged 12 in Taxi Driver)

The amount of domestic violence in this relationship has increased substantially over the past year. Both this foreign born A lister and his celebrity wife have at times each been the victim and abuser. The verbal abuse on both sides is never ending. Justin and Hailey Bieber

He may be out of power and headed to jail, but this former leader and his actress loving creep sibling have taken a bunch of money from a deposed African leader and hired people to kill every successor since. Nicolas Sarkozy, Former President of France/Olivier Sarkozy, ex-husband of Mary-Kate Olsen (Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced to jail in historic ruling)

This former A+ list singer/musician who is probably still A- list but hasn't had a hit in a long time recently found out about her husband's cheating, but is sticking it out with him because she doesn't want to hear a bunch of stuff about karma. Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz (Alicia Keys’ Controversial Marriage With Swizz Beatz Hides An Inspiring Truth)

Speaking of A list singers, this one is the lead singer of an A list group although he has done a couple solo things and duets with others. Last week he tied up a woman he had been doing coke with and wanted to see if the whole Stevie Nicks coke up the butt thing worked. The woman was having none of it, but he forced her to do it anyway and is threatening to call the police.

One of the stars of this rebooted reality show did one interview about the new season and said afterwards, it is just all lies. She doesn't want to do any more interviews because the show is a lie and she doesn't want to lie to interviewers/reporters just to get people to watch a lie.

Reader Blind: This mostly television actor made a small fortune working on a fairly ridiculous television show in the eighties. Multi millions. He squandered most of it on cocaine, strippers, booze, and motorcycles. He even had a $200,000 fountain brought over from Italy that sat unhooked up and full of weeds in front of his San Fernando Valley home for years. He made daily drunken calls to the former A+ list late night host. The host reluctantly took the calls - it was a motorcycle thing. Bronson Pinchot/"Perfect Strangers"/Jay Leno ("Don't be ridiculous") (Balki's back! Bronson Pinchot has new show)

This podcast/music streaming company is trying to stop a war between three of the hosts they pay a lot of money to. "Spotify"/Joe Budden/Rory Farrell/Jamil "Mal" Clay (Joe Budden Fires Podcast Co-Hosts Rory & Mal Live On-Air)

Another day, another link, this time to an article about a chip implant that allows you to type without using a keyboard. How much money is being spent trying to get people to accept this? "Drudge Report"

This former Bachelorette was banned from a restaurant here for getting drunk and obnoxious and hostile to the servers.

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **10**
This alliterate A-/B+ list actress is hooking up with a married guy. That is definitely one of her specialties. January Jones (January Jones' poolside selfie sends fans into overdrive)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **11**
Industry Plant: Lots of people misinterpret this term. It is essentially, hey lets make it look like this person came out of nowhere, when in reality we, the label or management have spent a ton of money to make this happen. This was going to be the idea behind this one hit wonder one named foreign born singer (Lorde), but her backstory leaked, so everyone from the outset knew she had been groomed from her tween years to become a hit singer/songwriter. Who is the biggest of all time? The biggest current one is this foreign born A list singer (Dua Lipa) who just showed up with a bang and some number one songs. She will tell you she grew up poor and struggled and blah blah blah, when in reality, she has been groomed for a decade. The most famous of all time though is this permanent A list foreign born singer (Rihanna) who has one name. She had a great backstory and everyone in her family was in on it because they wanted in on the fame and money. She supposedly grew up poor and saved all her money and flew to the US and managed to have enough to hang on to until she was discovered and then had a bunch of hit songs. Nope. She was discovered a good six years before she says and was also willing to hook up with a whole bunch of guys to make fame happen. Lorde/Dua Lipa/Rihanna

Remember what I have always said. This A-/B+ list actress is one of the best beards money can buy. She got a brand new gig and couldn't be more excited. She even put a little backstory to the whole thing which totally contradicts everything her "boyfriend" has said in the past about his beliefs. Olivia Munn/John Mulaney (John Mulaney dating Olivia Munn amid Anna Marie Tendler divorce)

Don't believe the headlines. The court appointed attorney for the permanent A list "singer" is not going anywhere. Nothing will happen to him. Samuel Ingham/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Conservatorship Attorney Accused Of Misconduct, #FreeBritney Supporters File Complaints With California State Bar)

This B+ list mostly television actress who starred on two long running shows on completely different networks while also willing to talk trash about the alliterate one she co-starred with, has been ignoring her publicists who are begging her to stay off social media because of her tone deaf posts about the situation going on in the Middle East. Gal Gadot (Gal Gadot Gets Backlash for Comments on Israel-Palestine Violence)

The stoned feline A- list singer needs a nose job because of all the coke she has done the past year. Doja Cat

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who got to be a lead in the second biggest franchise ever is treating his reality star girlfriend like crap. He cheats on her and won't acknowledge her so that way he can cheat more easily. John Boyega/"Star Wars"/Maggie Carrie/"Love & Hip Hop: New York" (John Boyega Might Be Dating a ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star According to These Instagram Clues)

This cabinet member is cheating on their significant other. The side piece has been talking to friends.

After pumping and dumping to make hundreds of millions for himself and using the sale of crypto to make it look like his company made money last quarter, the celebrity CEO wants to send the market crashing. He made his money. He doesn't care about you. He isn't a man of the people. He looks out for himself and whoever is bringing him drugs. That is it. He has always been a con man. Once again, he knows there are no consequences, so he will do and say whatever he wants. Elon Musk/"Dogecoin" (Co-creator of Dogecoin lashes out at ‘self-absorbed grifter’ Elon Musk over bitcoin stand)

The news has been broken. The husband of this embattled CEO is not the father of the soon to be baby. The CEO wants to keep it under wraps. Elizabeth Holmes/"Theranos" (Elizabeth Holmes’ lavish lifestyle looms over Theranos fraud case)

This one blew my mind just a little. It turns out, this B+ list singer/actress/host also did some cheating in her most recent relationship. Jana Kramer

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **10**
The girlfriend of this married foreign born permanent A list celebrity who the entire world knows, is now living with the celebrity. At what point will there be a divorce announcement? David Beckham

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **11**
Four For Friday - 80's Backstage Horrors:
#1 - This foreign born A list legend and his A list legend in most countries girlfriend never wanted anyone to see the girlfriend doing coke because it was not the image she presented to the world. So, a guy with a camera taking photos got beat up by security. I often wonder if the girlfriend knew her boyfriend was also having sex with her sister. Michael Hutchence/Kylie Minogue/Dannii Minogue

#2 - This foreign born A list singer in a group had multiple number one songs. She was beaten and raped after a festival concert and always pointed to that as the reason she was severely ill for the last two decades of her life. Gun-Marie Fredriksson/"Roxette"
#3 - From the same country as #2, this group reached A list status and they were more than a one hit wonder, but just barely. On the tour supporting their biggest hit which all of you know, they would take permanent marker or paint and mark them women they had sex with or humiliated. It took weeks for the marks to come off and they would always leave the marks on the breasts or lower groin so if the women had a significant other, they would know the woman cheated.
#4 - This A list comic actor who started off in late night and is still going strong broke up the marriage of this former A+ list singer in a group and solo by doing coke and having sex with his then wife. Apparently all was forgiven though because the singer and actor remained friends. Dan Aykroyd/Paul Simon/Carrie Fisher

In a series of leaks, the DOJ is trying to prepare everyone for the fact that no more people are going to be charged who are associated with the billionaire pedophile. They have decided even though they helped recruit hundreds of underage victims, that they are victims themselves. Jeffrey Epstein (Dozens of women who 'recruited girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein' say THEY are victims, with at least one claiming compensation from his victim's fund)

This foreign born former A+ list rapper who is a child rapist lover/enabler/supporter is straight up lying about not doing coke. Maybe she meant while pregnant by the child rapist/killer. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty ('Most devastating loss of my life': Nicki Minaj writes about her father's death)

Thizz producer izz broke as a joke. The pandemic hazz hurt hizz business, so he said and did everything he could to make a family allow the release of a record. He made a lot of promisezz which he will keep none of. Swizz Beatz/DMX (Swizz Beatz recalls the final song he worked on with DMX)

When your own husband tells the world you are the the person behind all the attacks on the husband's family after you have claimed innocence and disbelief that it could be you, how does that work at dinner with your husband. I wouldn't want to anger the alliterate one. The next thing you know she will be leaking to the world about secret babies her husband fathered or had terminated before being born in Las Vegas and Calgary. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry: Meghan Markle opened my eyes to unhappiness of royal life)

This spotlight being shone on this non celebrity couple by embracing a horrid celebrity is going to expose the husband of the non celebrity couple. Lacount and Maria Reber/Josh Duggar (Josh Duggar Will Be Released into Custody of 'Close Friends' of the Family, Lacount and Maria Reber) (I could've been a Duggar wife: I grew up in the same church, and the abuse scandal doesn't shock me)

This week I told you about the foreign born permanent A list married celebrity who needs to be divorced. I also told you he was providing women for his celebrity friends. The wife of one of those friends said screw that and is leaving the cheating rat. David Beckham/Paris Fury/Tyson Fury (Tyson Fury's pregnant wife Paris REMOVES her wedding ring and hides hand behind emoji... days after boxer was slathered in sun cream by bikini-clad beauties in Miami)

This A/A- list rapper is struggling financially. It doesn't help that her cheating husband uses a ton of her money to finance the lives of his girlfriends. She won't do anything about it though. She never does. He wants her to earn more because his career is in the toilet. He thinks she should do straight up porn and make millions. Cardi B/Offset

Speaking of cheating, this former Teen Mom knows her significant other is cheating, but is too scared to leave. Jenelle Evans/David Eason

Last updated: May 15, 2021