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Things are really confusing when it comes to the personal life of this A/A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. The tabloids say he is dating one person while seemingly he might have been the sperm donor to a woman who lives in the same apartment building as our actor. The unit she lives in is owned by the same trust that owns our actor's unit. She recently gave birth. Given our actor's interesting past when it comes to relationships with women, this is all very interesting. Jake Gyllenhaal (This apartment building in NYC is jokingly referred to as "the celebrity dorm") (Looking Back on Jake Gyllenhaal's Stacked Dating History on the Anniversary of His Infamous Maple Latte Date With Taylor Swift) (Jake Gyllenhaal Grabs Breakfast With Rumored Girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu)

Mr. X - Old Hollywood: This Grammy Hall Of Famer who was one of the biggest radio stars ever also has a memorable last name. She was in love with a convict and as we are discovering now, a communist sympathizer which people in Hollywood knew about but tried to keep quiet because they loved working with her. Fanny Brice ("Grammy Hall of Fame 1999)
(Nicky Arnstein convicted of swindling, and the following year he entered Sing Sing to serve out his term)

The one named former A list singer solo and in a group who is struggling for success right now needs to get some steady income each month which is one reason she did that legal thing this week. Fergie (filed for divorce from Josh Duhamel) (Fergie Files for Divorce From Josh Duhamel Almost 2 Years After Separation)

Yeah, I think we all believe that a pap just happened to be outside a state prison hoping some celebrity would come along so they could snap their picture. Oh, and that the subject would be perfectly framed the entire time. Kim Kardashian (convicted killer, Kevin Cooper) (Kim Kardashian visits inmate on death row at San Quentin State Prison) ('It makes me feel sick to my stomach': Victim's mother voices anger at Kim Kardashian for trying to get her son's murderer set free from a California prison)

This married, squeaky clean A+ list NBA player got another woman pregnant around the time of All-Star Game.
Stephen Curry

That back and forth texting between the A+ list singer and the alliterate model has something to do with a project for this month they would do together. Fingers crossed. Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss (Pride Month) (Pride Month 2019 marks the Stonewall 50th Anniversary: The LGBTO community is a vital part of American History)

This foreign born A list mostly television actress from a very very long running network comedy hit received $75K to wear a pair of jeans for a day. Sofía Vergara ("Modern Family") (Sofia Vergara dons her $26 Walmart jeans... ahead of her Maui trip with husband Joe Manganiello)

After not having any guys within a decade or two of her age wanting to be with her, our former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is now setting her sights on men three or four decades older than her age. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan embraces her trademark freckles as she enjoys a boat ride... after clash with Paris Hilton)

Fake News? This rising star Reality Show Participant (RSP) has had a busy few days of drama on the Internet. All sorts of accusations are flying around about her man. It got to the point where production reached out to her to see what was going on. She said it was all fake news and refused to discuss the subject at all. Production is skeptical. This is the sort of "real stuff" that the suits want to address on the upcoming season. If they can ever get around to filming the show. This is the biggest shit show from production we’ve ever seen. Delayed filming. Multiple crew members quitting the show. This RSP in denial. It’s all a very hot mess. Who is this blind item about? Porsha Williams ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (‘Bullsh-t’: Porsha Williams’ Fiancé Speaks Out Amid Nasty Break-Up Rumors)

Who knew that it would be a reporter from this A+ list newspaper all of you know who would be the first to just straight out ask about the sexuality of this A- list actor. He is not saying anything though until the Bond thing is known one way or the other. Richard Madden ("The New York Times") (It’s Going Great for Richard Madden. That’s What Worries Him)

This A- list alliterate reality star is about two years late to the hang out with my barely legal fans at a school thing trend. My guess is that he lost a bunch of weight using whatever mumbo jumbo she is selling and this was a reward and an ad. Khloé Kardashian (attended Hoover High School in Glendale, California prom with student Narbeh) (Khloé Kardashian Attended a High School Prom of Her Own Free Will)

Everything was fine with just the illness excuse. She could easily have gone the PTSD route. But, when this A list singer gives a specific reason, she is inviting every person with an internet connection to post photos of her online asking the question why not this time? Ariana Grande (allergy to tomatoes) (At least she didn't pick fish. That one has already been taken)
(Ariana Grande's Tomato Allergy Explained: Expert Says 'You Can Develop Allergies at Any Age') (Ariana Grande Returned to the Stage and Turned Self-Care Into a Party at the AAA)

The reason this foreign born former A+ list rapper and her best friend are not on speaking terms is because during a recent huge life event, the best friend found out the rapper has slept with the significant other of the best friend. Nicki Minaj (Rashidah Ali ("Love & Hip Hop: New York") (Love & Hip Hop: New York's Rah Ali Loses Baby Girl After Premature Birth at Five Months Pregnant) (Nicki Minaj & Rah Ali No Longer Following Each Other On Social Media, Sparking Feud Rumors)

The recently retired tight end is cheating on his girlfriend again but she is not going to split with him over it. Again. Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski (Camille Kostek) (A Rundown of Rob Gronkowski's Romance With Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Camille Kostek)

You are in the same city outside the country as your husband who you have not seen in weeks, but you can't find the time for each other? Such is the case for this foreign born A-/B+ list actress and her singing husband all of you know.
Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas

This former socialite turned celebrity turned reality star on a show you all know even if you don't watch it started talking about marriage to a guy before the drinks had even been delivered to their table. Tinsley Mortimer ("Real Housewives of New York City") (Is Tinsley Having A Baby? ‘Real Housewives Of New York City’ Reveals Her Struggle)

At least one photo a day is the new mandate set by the people in charge of the A list "singer's" life. Britney Spears (Britney Spears bikes with boyfriend Sam Asghari: ‘I’m so blessed’)

Could it be that a certain star of stage and screen (both large and small) is having his privates made public by a perturbed ex-paramour? So say people who have seen the photos circulating and recognize the fastidious fella by, of all things, his feet! And you know they say about large feet.

This alliterate foreign born B list NBA player was really smart by not signing a waiver to show his face in a reality show. Producers don't like blurring out faces so he will significantly cut his screen time because of it. Tristan Thompson ( Khloé Kardashian) ("Keeping Up with the Kardashians") (Khloe Kardashian Reacts After Tristan Thompson's Face Is Blurred Out by 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians')

With no one wanting to have sex with the foreign born mogul/host in exchange for a job, this former A- list singer/frequent sex partner of the mogul has been asked back on a show run by the mogul. She will jump at it. Nicole Scherzinger (Simon Cowell ("X Factor") (EX FACTOR Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger will return as X Factor judges for a third time)

Because she didn't look or act stable, the permanent A list "singer" was not allowed to post photos attending a recent life event. Britney Spears (Son Preston’s 8th grade graduation) (Britney Spears Attends Son Preston's Eighth Grade Graduation: 'She Was Very Happy')

This disgraced actor who used to be A list and an Oscar winner/nominee is about to get charges dropped in one of his cases. Prosecutors previously had been prepared to make sure he served no jail time until their plot was discovered. Now, the judge is leaning towards dismissing the whole thing. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey Wants Assault Case Dropped Over Erased Evidence; Trial Set For Fall 2019)

This celebrity/creator of sex tapes apparently has another one which he hopes never sees the light of day. It is with a male rapper. R. Kelly (R. Kelly's Ex-Employee Tells Grand Jury There are More Child Sex Tapes)

He doesn't have to publicly ask, this rapper knows his B+ list former Disney actress ex girlfriend cheated on him. He cheated on her too but forgot to bring up that part while appearing on a radio show. Bella Thorne/Mod Sun (Mod Sun Hits Back at Bella Thorne 'P---y' Slam, Questions Her Fidelity In New Interview)

This former A list mostly movie actress who comes from an acting family has slept with the sister of her celebrity boyfriend. Rooney Mara/Rain Phoenix/Joaquin Phoenix (Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix March with Dead Animals After Sparking Engagement Rumors)

The mystery man with the checkbook has not shown up yet, so it is uncertain how much longer the former actress turned escort will be allowed to record. The owner of the studio has better options for a sex in exchange for recording time than the former actress. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan says she’s ‘hard at work’ recording new music)

Things are going from bad to worse in the marriage of these foreign born former co-stars. Not saying I blame her after what her serial cheating actor husband has put her through fidelity and addiction wise, but this actress was definitely into a singer from a band she met this weekend. Kit Harington/Rose Leslie ("Game of Thrones") ("All Points East Festival") (Rose Leslie giggles with her friends as she lets her hair down at UK music festival amid husband Kit Harington's rehab battle) (All Points East lineup for Sunday June 2)

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#10**
Apparently there are multiple federal and international law enforcement agencies investigating the wannabe celebrity boyfriend of a singer/reality star from a singing/reality star family. Tamar Braxton/David Adefeso (Tamar Braxton Argues With Fan Over Boyfriend David Adefeso)

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#11**
This foreign born former A+ list rapper is facing a class action lawsuit because of the money she scammed from nearly 100K people that hasn't been refunded. She doesn't have that kind of money to refund them, so she might as well go on tour. Nicki Minaj/ticket bundles

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#12**
This still underage A-/B+ list Disney actress is being pimped out by a family member for cash.

31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#13**
I love how the foreign born A-/B+ list actress likes to invent things she discussed with the alliterate former actress to make them look like they were talking about important world affairs rather than comparing yachting and casting couch stories. Priyanka Chopra/Meghan Markle (Priyanka Chopra ends Meghan Markle ‘feud’ rumours by visiting baby Archie and gifting him Tiffany jewels)

32. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#14**
The Yukon: It is that time of the year. The time of the year when celebrities and some wealthy people, but mostly celebrities who like to hunt do so in the middle of nowhere. The owner of a huge swath of land in northern Canada has a celebrity obsession. The owner also likes to hunt and does their best to attract celebrities. The main way is by paying them to come. The owner also promises them an opportunity at hunting animals that are out of season and that they would never have the time to hunt for with their schedules. This A list country singer who also does a little reality has been there several times. This A+ list mostly movie actor who does a lot of action movies has also been there. All of it is kept fairly hush hush. The thing is though this owner has a private jet and when you see it in Vancouver, chances are good it is picking up a celebrity who uses the city as an excuse for acting or singing before heading up to the Yukon for a night or two. There are some wealthy people who the owner allows to hunt, but for the most part the owner just has a thing for celebrities. Did I mention that the owner can also arrange companionship? Yeah. There is a married B list actor from a hit almost network show who doesn't even hunt but wanted to make sure his celebrity wife didn't catch him cheating. So, he went up to this lodge for a couple of days and the owner even paid for all of it. This former A list athlete turned A list multiple show host has been a half dozen times and even though he has a girlfriend, the owner always makes sure there is someone for the athlete to have fun with after hunting. This long long time A/A- list mostly movie actor all of you know who has been acting since he was a teen has been going to this lodge for at least two decades. He has a family filled with celebrities. It is not just male celebrities. This former A list mostly television actress who really only succeeded with one television show in her career but made the fame last is someone all of you know. Her former co-star has been in the news a lot. Our actress used to go once a year but since marrying her husband, he has his own illegal place in a different country for them to go hunting.
A list country singer: Blake Shelton (8 Pictures of Blake Shelton Hunting)
A+ list mostly movie actor: Chris Pratt (Did Actor Chris Pratt Say He Likes Hunting Because He Enjoys Killing Animals?)
Married B list actor from a hit almost network show/celebrity wife: Mark Consuelos ("Riverdale")/Kelly Ripa
Former A list athlete turned A list multiple show host: Michael Strahan (Gotta Like Mike)
Long long time A/A- list mostly movie: Kurt Russell (‘Of course I have guns. And I shoot them. This is no time to lay down your weapons': Kurt Russell on self-protection, kicking Elvis and not marrying Goldie)

Former A list mostly television actress: Eva Longoria-Parker (Hunting is a family thing for me, and it's a Texas thing. We have a lot of land in Texas that's been in our family for 12 generations.) (husband José Bastón, President of International Television and Contents, Director of Grupo Televisa, S.A.B., the Mexican multimedia mass media company since 2001)
Former co-star:

I guess this A list royal we all love had no say in the guest list for that recent big dinner. That banished royal was there but without her wedding ring. Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)/Rose Hanbury (Duchess Kate’s ‘Rural Rival’ Rose Hanbury Attends Trump State Dinner)

The soon to be ex of the alliterate talk show host has been currying favor with all the talk show hosts. There is going to be no one left to sit down with when the talk show host releases a book later this year. Kevin Hunter/Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Looked Like a Boss On Stage at Summer Jam During Divorce Drama)

That choreographer of the permanent A list "singer" is telling friends it is her instead of the singer in a video or two. Britney Spears

Considering this foreign born former A+ list tweener has severe performance anxiety, it could be a very long time before he ever has kids with the celebrity offspring. She talks with her friends about it a lot. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin (Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Already Have Secret Baby Names Planned)

This went from nice guy to jerk B+ list actor could barely land any other work when he left this long running hit cable show. Unable to marry royalty, he needed something more than a barely there recurring character to make ends meet, so he is crawling back to the show that made him famous. See how he treats fans though. Will he still be awful like his former co-star or has he learned his lesson. Patrick J Adams/Suits (notice he only agreed to come back when his current show got canceled) (Sneaky Pete Canceled by Amazon After Three Seasons)

(‘Suits’: Patrick J. Adams To Return For Final Season; Creator Aaron Korsh Provides Details & What About Meghan Markle)

This former A+ list singer who has crashed and burned her career down to A-/B+ list had a steamy couple hookups with this former tweener turned adult A- list singer who has spent a ton of time in rehab. No guys were invited. Christina Aguilera/Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Supports Christina Aguilera in Las Vegas)

Since leaving this franchised to hell cable reality show, one of the original cast members of a season is still yachting her way through life. Better than fighting with Bethenny. Kelly Bensimon ("Real Housewives of New York City") (Kelly Bensimon Claims Bethenny Frankel 'Didn’t Care' About Pregnancy Issues on RHONY Scary Island)

This A- list comic actor who does a lot of voice over roles in addition to his standup routine has no idea his recent wife is cheating with multiple men who she gives lavish gifts to.

Instead of giving advice, it would have been great for this long time reality star from a large family to discuss the reasons they had to flee a country so suddenly and are never allowed to return without facing jail time. Jill Duggar Dillard/Derick Dillard (After Friend’s Horrific Murder, Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Move Back To The US) ('Have sex often!' Jill Duggar shares her marriage advice, including having intercourse 3 or 4 times a week, rubbing lotion on while he watches, and NEVER masturbating)

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#10**
This back in the day A- list mostly movie actress who went through a substance abuse period of time before landing that hit almost television show that is mercifully ending was doing lines of coke before an event last night where she was one of the featured attractions. Natasha Lyonne ("Orange Is the New Black") (Universal Television's "Russian Doll" FYC panel at UCB Sunset Theater) (Natasha Lyonne on Why ‘Now is the Time for Women to Band Together on Every Level’)

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#11**
Speaking of drugs, this former B+ list mostly television actor from a long running network show all of you remember has been job insecure since the show ended. His drug use has been a big part of not getting work. People heard how he was on set. He finally landed a decent role in what will be a pretty big movie. Last night though, he was wasted out of his mind at a premiere. Chord Overstreet ("Glee") ("The American Horror Story") ("The Swing of Things") (Alexandra Shipp & Chord Overstreet Support Jonas Brothers at 'Chasing Happiness' Premiere)

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#12**
There is a new network show set to start airing in a couple of weeks. One of the actresses on the show said one of the big name females behind the scenes is just as bad as any casting couch producer. The actress says she only gets to keep her role as long as she keeps sleeping with one of the network executives in charge of the show. The behind the scenes female is someone all of you know. "Grand Hotel"/Eva Longoria ("Grand Hotel"/ABC) (Eva Longoria talks "Grand Hotel")

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#13**
This closeted celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister was spotted having a heart to heart with his long time lover. Apparently the family of the offspring want him to get married to the girlfriend he has been "dating" for quite some time. As open as they are publicly about equality and love is love, apparently that does not apply to their own child. Patrick Schwarzenegger/Abby Champion (Patrick Schwarzenegger Meets Up With a Friend For Coffee) (Patrick Schwarzenegger's girlfriend Abby Champion shows off her lithe frame in series of saucy ensembles as she sizzles in swimwear shoot)

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#14**
The Door: He doesn't go there as much as he did in the past. He still owns it through one of his companies, but the building in downtown is primarily inhabited just by squatters and drug users who have no idea that the owner is also one of them and was a frequent guest. The building is an old office building. Five stories. In one of the corners of the third floor is a locked door. Steel. No one is getting in there except for the owner. It is his personal sanctuary when he is there shooting up with the regulars. It is a place he can escape and enjoy his high without fear of something happening to him. That fear is real. Prior to buying the building, our actor would be with the masses and was repeatedly robbed or beaten up while wasted. He bought the building because he envisioned it as a place where users could go and feel safe. For a long time he even had a security guard there to make sure people could do their thing without being bothered. Our actor is a former A+ lister although he has not been that high in decades. Technically he is probably no higher than C list on the acting side of things, but I promise that every single one of you knows who he is. His new girlfriend is really trying to stay close to him and act as a sober coach. Since she has been in his life, the trips to the building are a once every other month thing. There is no longer a security guard and the place has turned into a dump. Our actor, once known for paying for everyone's fix multiple times a day is a forgotten figure with people being replaced by other people and so on. The one thing that remains though is that door. Impenetrable to the most concerted efforts. It is waiting there for the actor to return, although his actress girlfriend hopes he never does. Macaulay Culkin (Brenda Song) (The heartbreak that drove Macaulay Culkin to 'heroin and painkillers') (Macaulay Culkin Says He’s ‘Gonna Make Some Babies’ With Girlfriend Brenda Song)

Swan Song: When you ask your masters for permission to "speak about a charity" and use that experience to put out propaganda, to support you, and besmirch your masters you wind up in deep swan shit. Especially when you have made NUMEROUS negative comments about the community you pretend to represent. Most recently you accused your female colleague of "tucking" in a derogatory manner. The people in the community that often pays your bread and butter are appalled that you pretend to be their savior on TV. You treat all of your employees horrifically. And your primary organization is headed for a great fall. You and your husband are the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker of two particular communities. No one can give them enough facts to break the spell. You’re scheisters, lining your own pockets. But those closest to you (briefly) always see through you. So do your masters. You fucked up greatly today. Soon all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put you together again. You better get it together. Take it from me. Things took a turn while I was distracted. You better sit on the wall and hold on for dear life, or you will be down to maybe one producer credit, no camera time. Period. And that won’t stop the FEDS. Allegedly. Lisa and Ken Vanderpump ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Lisa Vanderpump apologizes for transphobic joke aimed at Erika Girardi) (Does Trademark Dispute Lisa Rinna’s Claim that Lisa Vanderpump Orchestrated RHOBH’s PuppyGate to Set Up Spinoff? Plus Vanderpump Addresses Bethenny Frankel’s ‘Upsetting’ Comment) (Furious Lisa Vanderpump Threatens To Move 'VPR' To New Network After Quitting 'RHOBH') (Lisa Vanderpump skipping the ‘RHOBH’ reunion)

This director is probably B/B+ list. Indie guy. Probably won't know him unless you follow that scene, but he's at the biggest point of his career thus far. Earlier this year he made a film starring that A- list dual threat actress you all know who belongs to that "religion." He also worked in a capacity on his most mainstream effort recently, featuring that most iconic of children's characters. Anyway, while his career his going swimmingly, he doesn't know his wife is cheating on him with a much younger college student. Alex Ross Perry/Elisabeth Moss (Scientology)/"Her Smell"/screenplay for "Christopher Robin"/Anna Bak-Kvapil

The most famous member of this A list band you wish wasn't A list is as famous for his music as who was once married to (former A- list singer who isn't even the most famous person in her family, or even current step-family, and who dropped down the list thanks to an infamous event.) Back when his band was having its first tastes of fame, he used to openly fat-shame and mock overweight fans who got invited backstage in front of them, and tell opening acts not to sleep with them. Ironic, considering he would often use so much of the venues's food budget there was no food left for the opening acts.
A list band/member: Pete Wentz ("Fall Out Boy") (Pete Wentz Jokingly Calls Self An Asshole, No One Laughs)
A- list singer: Ashlee Simpson (sister Jessica Simpson/husband Evan Ross/mother-in-law Diana Ross/sister-in-law Tracee Ross) (Ashlee Simpson felt 'hated' by the world after 2004 'SNL' lip sync moment)

No one is calling the celebrity offspring of the A++ lister a druggie because of her pot use. She knows that but is hiding behind the pot. You don't overdose on pot. Paris Jackson (Paris Jackson Defends Her Medical Marijuana Use After Being Slammed as 'Druggie' on Twitter)

A critic of this former A+ list tweener turned A- list singer/sometime actress hit the nail on the head and repeated much of the same things several producers did about the recent EP released by the singer/sometime actress. Apparently though, the singer/sometime actress hates any criticism. Make a better product. Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus calls out reviewer who called her new album 'hot mess express')

It doesn't surprise me this alliterate actress is working with the child molester director. She will work with anyone and also has her own shady past. The surprise is that Academy Award winner. He should get hammered every second of every interview and explain his position. If any reporter lets him off the hook, they are being complicit. Gina Gershon/Woody Allen/Christoph Waltz ("WASP2019") (Woody Allen Sets New Feature With Christoph Waltz, Gina Gershon)

Speaking of reporters asking difficult questions, that is the reason this foreign born alliterate A- list mostly television actor isn't returning for the final season of his hit pay cable show. He doesn't want to discuss what happened with that former co-star. Joshua Jackson ("The Affair") Ruth Wilson (Joshua Jackson Isn’t Going Back to The Affair, Either) (The Affair: Ruth Wilson Says There’s a "Much Bigger Story" About Her Sudden Exit)

Just as I told you, this former castmate on a Housewives franchise is returning and the alliterate former Housewife is going to force her way back on the show by being present in his life all of the time. Apollo Nida/Phaedra Parks ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (Former RHOA Star Apollo Nida Released from Prison, Heads to Halfway House)

With the brilliant PR person missing from the scene, the A+ list singer allowed herself to be photographed and say nice things about the alliterate former A list singer who has been accused of rape and serial abuse as well as domestic violence. Oh, and don't forget his "fantasy" of killing the three named actress. Taylor Swift/Marilyn Manson/Evan Rachel Wood (There's No Bad Blood Between Taylor Swift and Marilyn Manson as Proof From This Photo) (Marilyn Manson accused of sexual harassment and racist remarks) (Why Is Nobody Talking About Marilyn Manson's 'Fantasy' of Killing Evan Rachel Wood?)

Apparently there is a company that offers tours to the yachting capitol of the Middle East which includes a mandatory event for female travelers on a yacht. These tours are being hyped up by Instagram influencers who get a cut for every female traveler they get signed up. Dubai

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#10**
She can say what she wants publicly, but behind the scenes, this A- list mostly movie actress who had an iconic role on an iconic television show wants no part of a reunion and is the main person blocking any reunion. Jennifer Aniston ("Friends") (Jennifer Aniston now says she's up for a 'Friends' reunion)

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#11**
This A- list singer who got his start in reality television has a boyfriend. He told an escort last night though that mutual masturbation isn't cheating. What would the boyfriend say? Adam Lambert/Javi Costa Polo (Adam Lambert shops like a rock star) ('Luv U': Adam Lambert Confirms Relationship with New Model Boyfriend Javi Costa Polo)

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#12**
This boy band has been around for a number of years now with almost no success. They have everything going for them and one of the best teams in the world behind them. Why haven't they disbanded? It is a way to launder money for some of the executives behind the group with all of their own companies billing them for work or services that don't exist.

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#13**
This permanent A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner says he once had a one night stand with one of his co-stars who is also permanently A- list and an Academy Award winner. He says that after the one night stand he didn't want a second night and our actress confronted him about it and said she was going to put a hex on him. The actor, who is highly superstitious didn't believe her though. Then, for the next seven months he couldn't get an erection. He reached out to the actress and apologized and the next day could perform again. Ask the actress about it and she doesn't say there was no hex.
Billy Bob Thornton/Halle Berry

61. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#14**
The Collections: I had a very brief almost in passing conversation with this former A-/B+ list actress who at one time everyone in the country knew. She has been acting since she was a teen and has a brand new show which has ads everywhere. She was on her way to an interview and was about to get into a car when we spotted each other. Quick hug and asked her if she knew anything new about one of her former co-stars turned producer and his plans or one of her other former co-stars and his plans. She said to go ask a mutual friend about well worn and to use those exact words. With that, she was gone. So, I reached out to this mutual friend who I hadn't known had a connection to either of the former co-stars of the actress. The mutual friend didn't, but had a roommate who was hired on a fairly frequent basis by the more well known former co-star to meet at hotel suites or production offices where she would engage in various activities designed to arouse someone with a foot fetish until that person reached completion so to speak. Invariably, many of these were filmed, but not showing any faces. She asked about them and it turns out that this actor turned producer said he had a collection of hundreds of scenes including many actresses who worked for him and that he had joined forces with this A list director who had a similar collection to work on editing them together into a three hour video.
Robin Givens/Dan Schneider/Quentin Tarantino (‘Ambitions’ Trailer & Premiere Date For Robin Givens-Led Drama From Will Packer) (Former co-star turned producer: Brian Robbins/"Head of the Class" Named President Of Nickelodeon) (Quentin Tarantino Has A Foot Fetish)

62. POPBITCH 06/06
(British blog)
Which big-time pop star caused a non-famous friend to fall behind on rent because they took so long to pay back the grand their mate kindly stumped up to cover the cost of the star's cocaine order one night?

This A-/B+ list actor who once got fired from a movie franchise impregnated a woman, not his wife who will probably stay with him anyway. Terrence Howard (Miranda Pak) (Empire's Terrence Howard Under Criminal Investigation for Tax Evasion: Report) (The real reason Terrence Howard was fired from Iron Man 2)

No tabloids are talking about the real story which is this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is the latest person to fill the long running franchise had a woman taking care of him while he was injured who wasn't his wife. The two were everywhere in public. Why am I the only one saying anything? The tabloids know. Do they fear not going to the premiere? Daniel Craig (Rachel Weisz) ("Bond 25") (‘Bond 25’ Suspends Shooting After Daniel Craig Injury)

This former B- list singer from a manufactured boy band is now probably D list. He is celebrity offspring of someone who pales in comparison to other members of the family. He is trying to defend a family member in the public eye while forgetting to mention he molested a different family member. Taj Jackson/"3T"/father Tito Jackson/Blanket (Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket Keeps Taking Major Steps Into The Public Eye With New YouTube Series) (Nephew: Michael Jackson was my 'support system' when molested) (FEARS FIEND TARGETED FAMILY Identity of ‘complete stranger’ who sexually assaulted Michael Jackson’s teen daughter Paris is ‘known by the family’)

This former tweener turned A- list adult singer/bad actress is planning on defending the Canadian sounding last letter from recent attacks. Yes, she slept with him, and yes, she was with someone at the time, but said she never felt pressured. This is going to be an interesting battle with people taking sides. Is it because the accused didn't want to work with the former Disney actress? Selena Gomez/Zedd/Hilary Duff (Selena Gomez Got a Tweet From an Ex) (Matthew Koma slams ex-collaborator Zedd as ‘toxic’ and ‘abusive’)

The still barely can drive rapper/celebrity who is probably A- list-ish thought she was pregnant from that nearly 30 year old she is dating. So, everyone thinking that is not out of the question. Danielle Bregoli ("Bhad "cash me outside, how 'bout dat" Bhabie") (Danielle Bregoli hospitalized for severe stomach pain)

How often had the A+ list singer and her date spoken to the former franchise actor turned superhero and his date before they double dated? Never. Thank goodness for PR people. Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn/Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse (Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Double Date With Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse)

Considering I was there for every second of it, this foreign born multiple reality star with multiple cable shows for a cable channel was only there helping the generally drunk B- list former reality star turned celebrity and didn't do anything to hurt her. Lisa Vanderpump/Brandi Glanville ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Brandi Glanville Says Lisa Vanderpump 'Is My Own Personal Devil': 'She Tried to Ruin My Life!')

The one year wonder/sometime beard turned yachter is hooking up with a married executive for $500K per year. Olivia Culpo ("Miss Universe in 2012") (Olivia Culpo Shares Hilarious ‘Rude’ Interruption While Posing In Sexy Dress)

Considering the last two or three times a waiter has talked to me after this celebrity offspring/sometime reality star has been in a restaurant, I don't think she has conquered those eating issues. One order was a glass of ice water with lemon. One was a coffee and another some tea with an ice water and lemon. All the while everyone around her was eating. Amelia Hamlin (Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin) ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") ('I was not in a good place': Amelia Hamlin says she lashed out at her father Harry because of her 'fear of food' amid anorexia battle)

72. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#10**
They all like to pretend he is banned, but the former A- list reality star turned shadow puppet who likes trolling for women on social media has a finsta account he uses and all of the family uses to talk to him. Rob Kardashian (Rob Kardashian is NOT Back on Instagram, Despite Push for New Followers) (Rob Kardashian’s Instagram is now run by mom Kris Jenner)

73. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#11**
This A list mostly movie actress is married, but she has been spending most nights with a guy who is not her actor husband. He is out of town.

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#12**
This former A+ list singer has a passport issued by a Middle Eastern country. Will he try and use it? He wants to use it this weekend to Canada and then beyond. R. Kelly (‘Everything is against him’: Singer R. Kelly pleads not guilty to 11 more sex-related charges)

75. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#13**
The married really bad actress who comes from an A list Hollywood family is hooking up with her co-star. They hooked up back in the day, so this is not much of a stretch. Tori Spelling/Ivan Sergei ("BH90210") ("Mother May I Sleep With Danger?") (Tori Spelling announces Ivan Sergei has been cast as her Beverly Hills, 90210 husband with hilarious throwback photo)

76. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#14**
Short But Sweet: One of the ex-husbands of this former A- list singer who really hasn't done much since the person who wrote all her songs died says that the singer is responsible for the death of her A+ list husband because she wanted his life insurance and his estate and he was going to divorce her because of her affair with an A list celebrity and another guy. She paid a guy to help while she was out of town with an alibi. This has nothing to do with Courtney Love, but is generally in the same time frame. Todd Russaw/Faith Evans/Notorious B.I.G./Tupac Shakur (1994–2001: Faith, Keep The Faith, Biggie, motherhood and marriage) (Nick Broomfield directed "Biggie and Tupac" and "Kurt & Courtney")

This one named A list singer solo and in a group is trying to trade an interview with a magazine for a higher ranking in their list so she is ahead of the foreign born one named A list singer. Not going to happen. Simple math on record sales would show the latter has far more money than the former and didn't have to split any of the record sales either. Rihanna/Beyoncé (Beyoncé
placed 4th behind Madonna and Celine Dion) (has to split with husband Jay Z) (Forbes magazine) (Rihanna is the world's richest female musician, Forbes reports) (Rihanna Celebrates Forbes Honor on Vacay with Billionaire BF Hassan Jameel)

As I told you would happen, the former employee of the permanent A list singer had a ton of embarrassing things to reveal about the singer. What has come out now is the least embarrassing. It gets way worse from here. Mariah Carey/former assistant Lianna Shakhnazaryan (Mariah Carey's Former Assistant Reveals Singer Has Fake Booty)

Mom and grandmother are still out of the cult, so there is hope that this B+ list actress/model has just been testing the waters again and not fully back in. She has been heavily recruited by a member of that family which also includes an accused serial rapist. (Scientology) Riley Keough/Lisa Marie Prelsey/Priscilla Presley/Alanna Masterson (brother Danny Masterson) (Lisa Marie Presley: Why Elvis' Daughter Is Shunned by Church of Scientology) (Alanna Masterson, Scientology celebrity) (Despite ‘Overwhelming’ Evidence Against Actor Danny Masterson, Rape Case Has Stalled)

As is her custom, this B+ list actress who is the celebrity offspring of some much bigger names than herself for a couple generations is paying for everything when it comes to her boyfriend. Hey, at least this time the boyfriend isn't closeted. Billie Lourd (grandmother - Debbie Reynolds/mother - Carrie Fisher)/Austen Rydell/Taylor Lautner (Austen Rydell - actor??) (‘Star Wars’ Star Billie Lourd Looks Carefree AF During Mexican Getaway With Boyfriend) (Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner Break Up After 8 Months of Dating)

This former A- list mostly television actor who comes from an acting family was supposed to marry his new girlfriend, but he can't afford to get divorced without a major cash infusion or a loan he probably wouldn't be able to repay.
Kevin Dillon (Judge orders Kevin Dillon to pay ex-wife $1 million in divorce)

I guess she thinks people are ready for her to make money off her murdering her child. So, she might as well throw into the movie how she makes her living now with guys who want to be with a killer. Casey Anthony (Casey Anthony is Making a "Racy and Explicit" Movie About Her Life: 'She's Going to Tell Everything')

Right now, the unwritten rule is you have to be an Academy Award winner/nominee to join the club. That box can be checked. Generally at least one of your offspring has to be a minor. An exception is being made to that because it is so close. Plus, the club likes high profile members and you get several with this family. Willow Smith (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith/brother Jaden) (Jada Pinkett Smith reveals daughter Willow is ‘curious’ about ‘this whole polyamory thing’) (THE CLUB)

#1: Naomi Watts (Liev Schreiber) ("What a Pretty Girl". Naomi Watts' Son Is More And More Often Spotted Wearing Dresses)
#2: Sandra Bullock
#3: Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron says 7 year old son is now a girl)
#4: Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Daughter Shiloh is Changing Gender)
#5: Scarlett Johoansson

The mogul/host is reaching his breaking point. He wants to settle a case involving the reality family but they have been reluctant. Apparently for the first time I can remember, he is having some not so kind feelings toward them for dragging him in to all of this. Ryan Seacrest/The Kardashians (court battle with Blac Chyna) (Ryan Seacrest Refuses To Turn Over Emails, Texts In Court Battle With Blac Chyna)

The tabloids are all reporting on the new girlfriend, but have their collective heads buried in the sand when it comes to the fact that the A list actor from an acting family did what he always does. Cheats. He cheated on his long time girlfriend who thought they were going to get engaged. Dennis Quaid  (Laura Savoie/Santa Auzina) (Dennis Quaid, 65, Is Dating Laura Savoie, 26, After Split From Longtime GF Santa Auzina)

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#10**
If you have a title and are royally adjacent to some of the biggest names does that prevent you from yachting? Not if you are this niece of a permanent A++ lister who is willing to be a life event yachter to ensure she doesn't have to work for a living. Lady Kitty Spencer (Princess Diana’s niece) (Lady Kitty Spencer stuns in a black jumpsuit and rocks a VERY large diamond ring on her engagement finger at charity ball - after going public with 60-year-old fashion tycoon)

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#11**
It would be a really bad idea for this facing jail time celebrity to get caught cheating on his wife right now. He could have got away with it a few months ago, but not now. It would be a media storm. So, he might want to tell the "legal assistant" he met with, to be a touch more discreet. Mossimo Giannulli/Lori Loughlin (Lori Loughlin's fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli checks himself into luxury hotel amid college admissions scandal)

88. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#12**
When you get that monster hit song that catapults you to A+ list even for awhile, you dump the hookups with guys and pretend you have a girlfriend that no one has ever seen you with before. Just be you. It is Pride month. Everyone loves you. Lil Nas X ("Old Town Road") (and 23 days later, he did just that)
(Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' Tops Billboard Hot 100 for Ninth Week, the Most This Year, & DaBaby's 'Suge' Hits Top 10) (‘Old Town Road’ Singer Lil Nas X Bio: Relationships, Songs, Net Worth, Real Name, & Wiki-facts!)

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#13**
Instead of traveling all over the world trying to land another PR relationship, maybe the foreign born former boy bander should focus on seeing his child. Liam Payne/Duckie Thot/child with Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini (Liam Payne Appears To Be Dating Model Duckie Thot After Rumored Naomi Campbell Fling!) (Cheryl 'really happy' with Liam Payne relationship)

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#14**
It Still Exists - Old Hollywood: Not too long ago, a studio changed hands. A long established studio with a library dating back to the studio system years of Old Hollywood. Several archivists were brought in to see if anything could be found that was uncatalogued and to make sure everything was cataloged correctly. Sporadically they found new films or different versions of films. They found some interesting clips taken from behind the scenes of several movies shot by an A+ list director that are actually being turned into a documentary. One of the most interesting finds was of a movie that people knew existed at one point, but was always assumed to have been destroyed. It starred a permanent A list mostly movie actress who was almost as well known after her death as she was during her death. All of you know who she is. She has always been at the top of the list of Old Hollywood scandals. My favorite is the dumping of the secret husband because she was not allowed to be married and be an actress at that time. Prior to her hitting it big while she was with her secret husband, the actress was introduced to some friends of the husband. Her husband was also in the entertainment industry, but in a different capacity. He had run into some guys who were producing a movie and thought our actress would be wonderful for it. The husband talked her into it and our actress made what today would be soft porn, but back then was something which would get her immediately fired from the studio and never get a chance to work for another. This was especially true when her main rival, who was having sex with the studio head would love to see the actress out the door. Anyway, the studio did find out about the movie. How? The producers made it specifically thinking the actress would be a big star and held on to it until she was A list. They threatened to release it unless the studio coughed up some money. About $1M in today's dollars. The studio paid the ransom and supposedly the film was destroyed. The archivists found it though. Like I said, it is tame by today's standards and the thought is they might try to release the movie to a classic cable channel.
Studio: MGM
A+ list director:
Permanent A list mostly movie actress: Joan Crawford
Movie: "Velvet Lips" (Fact-Checking Feud: Joan Crawford’s Rumored "Stag Film" and Her Sellout Brother)
Secret husband/entertainment industry: James Welton (saxophone player) (Feud: Ranking the Many Scandalous Affairs of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis)
Studio head: Irving Thalberg, MGM’s head of production

Notice that the alliterate A- list mostly television actress who has been in this space multiple times didn't say a former co-star caused an injury. The actress showed a picture after previously making a statement, but wanted to make sure the two items were not joined. Interesting. Pauley Perette/Mark Harmon ("NCIS") (Pauley Perette claims NCIS co-star Mark Harmon ATTACKED her, tells fans she is 'terrified' of the actor and shares photos of a crew member who was 'mauled by his dog' in bombshell tweets)

If they could both stay sober for a minute, then the female foreign born former A+ list rapper and the dropping from A list female rapper could see that what their team has proposed in them going on tour together is about the only thing that makes sense to try and fill a venue. Neither are doing it on their own any longer. Nicki Minaj/Cardi B (Nicki Nicki Minaj Fans Are Posting ‘Missing’ Signs In Response To Her Recent Social Media Hiatus) (Cardi B's Career Is Flopping - Sells Tickets For $5 & Cancels Dates!!)

This southern reality star is living well above her means. Now, everyone is wondering aloud if she is like many other females in the cast, past and present and is supplementing her income via yachting. Kathryn Dennis ("Southern Charm") (Take a Tour of Kathryn Dennis’ $6,600-a-Month Charleston Rental Home)

The whole season of this show that more people read about than actually watch is hosted by an actress. The whole season is designed as a slow walk to coming out. Jada Pinkett Smith ("Red Table Talk") (Jada Pinkett Smith Says There Have Been 'Betrayals of the Heart' in Her Marriage to Will Smith)

The judge in the case of the disgraced actor is fully on board with pressuring the victim with one ruling after the other. Who wants to bet the latest ruling which is going to be a huge invasion of privacy gets those charges dropped. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey’s attorney claims assault accuser deleted evidence that could exonerate the actor) (The rise and fall of Kevin Spacey: A timeline of sexual assault allegations)

The PR team of the singer/sometime actress just won't stop. The larger tabloids are not biting any longer at the hooking up with the A+ list actor thing, but other websites are and it just won't stop. Well, he does do fake romances, so maybe her team will get their wish. It would be a disaster. He likes wallflowers who show up when and where they are supposed to be, wearing as little as possible and then get photographed with him before he sends them on their way because they want the check and the fame. I think a more likely answer would be the return of his previous foreign born model ex or her sister. Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk/Suki Waterhouse (currently dating Robert Pattinson)/Imogen ("Immy") Waterhouse (Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's Potential Split Has "Nothing to Do" With Lady Gaga) (Lady Gaga Knew Bradley Cooper’s Relationship With Irina Was ‘Struggling’ For A While) (Immy Waterhouse keeps it casual at London press night)

If her hope for the future is to get married and have a family, then this socialite turned reality star should probably stay away from the host who is just having as many first dates as he can. If she thought her last relationship was filled with infidelities, this one probably wouldn't be much better. Tinsley Mortimer/Billy Bush ("Real Housewives of New York City")/Billy Bush (Is RHONY’s Tinsley Mortimer Dating Billy Bush After Reuniting With Ex-Boyfriend Scott Kluth?)

The celebrity who has had serious legal issues in the past was involved in a scene that did involve gun fire. If police can put him with or associated with the people using them, he is going to jail for a long long time. Lil Xan (Lil Xan Pulls Gun on Man Taunting Him About Tupac 'Boring' Remark)

One half of this former A+ list foreign duo everyone wishes would stop feuding and finally get back together again, is back on drugs again. That itself, is probably going to delay things. There had been hope a few months ago from someone mutually and equally close to the duo. Liam Gallagher/Noel Gallagher ("Oasis") (Liam Gallagher Says Noel Kept Him From Using Oasis Songs in New Documentary)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was out shopping with some people very close to him when he asked a woman working at the store whether she would entertain an offer of $2000 to orally service him in a changing room. She declined. Nicolas Cage (shopping with 3rd wife) (Nicolas Cage, 55, Reunites With His 3rd Wife Just Days After Divorcing His 4th)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#3**
As soon as the Thursday night numbers were in for this box office disaster, this A+ list director texted this former A+ list mostly movie actress and said the only thing that could get her back on track after this many disasters was another Oscar. He wanted to know if she had changed her mind about getting back together for a few nights and he would cast her again in a role sure to do that. She is thinking about it.
David O Russell/Jennifer Lawrence ('Dark Phoenix' has the worst X-Men opening ever, loses to 'The Secret Life of Pets 2')

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#4**
Dear Permanent Sunglasses Wearer,
How come you didn't fact check that claim by the foreign born former A+ list tweener turned adult mess about his sex claim. I can think of three women off the top of my head who would disagree with his claim, including the one who was presumably next to him during the interview.
Love & Bacon,
Anna Wintour ("Vogue")/Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin (Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Reveal They Remained Celibate Until Marriage in Vogue Interview)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#5**
While the celebrity offspring who just got married might be pregnant, the wedding date was not moved up. This is the date in the books for months. Chris Pratt/Katherine Schwarzenegger (Chris Pratt Marries Katherine Schwarzenegger in Private Ceremony)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#6**
This one named former A list singer was hoping she could make more yachting than her low paying gig from this weekend. Unfortunately she had no takers. Ashanti (Ashanti And Meagan Good Pop Up At Play It Out Music Festival In Antigua and Barbuda)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#7**
In an attempt to keep the drama high for next season, look for this former friend turned west coast Housewife who got fired from the show to make a comeback. Will she set a new record for wine drinking? Who wants another sister? Brandi Glanville ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Kyle Richards’ sister Kathy Hilton (the other sister is the alcoholic Kim Richards) (Brandi Glanville Says She and Denise Richards Are "Kindred Spirits") (Brandi Glanville Is Excited Lisa Vanderpump’s Friends Are Finally "Calling Her on Her Sh—") (Kyle Richards' Sister Kathy Hilton Is In Talks To Replace Lisa Vanderpump On 'RHOBH')

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/09 **#8**
The foreign born former A list syndicated actress is on the hunt for a lot of funds and a lot of influence to help out the infamous celebrity. The thing is though, she wants millions, which is going to be really tough to get from celebrities she barely knows. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange/Kim Kardashian (Pamela Anderson Thinks Kim Kardashian Should Help Julian Assange)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#1**
Guess we are back at the point where this foreign born A- list singer should address his drug problem again. Maybe he rushed back to the music too soon or is thinking about that public wedding date again. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Teases That New Music Is Coming) (Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Are Planning Second Wedding Around the First Anniversary of Courthouse Ceremony: Source)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#2**
Everyone at the Tony Awards last night was asking why that award-winner was so roundly snubbed by their own writer. The winner's spouse didn't care, they were just too thrilled to finally get their own moment in the spotlight. Guess they've finally been forgiven for being kicked out of the Oliviers for trying to gatecrash the VIP area.
Bertie Carvel, James Graham, and Sally Scott

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#3**
The former one year wonder has found herself another football player. This time, a much younger one who is a running back. To accomplish that, she cheated on the one named Canadian alphabet guy. Olivia Culpo ("Miss Universe in 2012")/Christian McCaffrey/Zedd (Christian McCaffrey, Olivia Culpo Are Exchanging Instagram Likes) (Olivia Culpo and Zedd 'spotted cuddling and dancing together' during night of partying at Coachella)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#4**
This 30 something Instagram celeb/YouTube guy/woman beater who used to be part of the always getting into trouble YouTube brothers outfit is with an underage teen who could barely drive when they started dating. Her mom pushes it for her "career". When she tried to break it off our celebrity raped and beat her and her mom manipulated them back together. Mom emotionally abuses daughter, even with her appearance, etc. Daughter had gotten away and was staying with friends, but mom coerced her back home and now they are threatening the family that was helping the victim by threatening to manufacture allegations that the son of the helper sexually assaulted our victim. I am trying to get a couple of audio recordings the victim made of phone calls with her mom. Ray Diaz/Jake Paul ("Team 10")  (audio) ('Lopez' star Ray Diaz accused of domestic violence by a second woman) (age) (Jake Paul’s Team 10 YouTube empire might be imploding)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#5**
The paps are editing the photos of the A list "singer" just to get a reaction out of her. It means more clicks for the tabloids they sell to. So far, it is working. Britney Spears (Britney Spears accuses paparazzi of Photoshopping her bikini photos to make her look overweight)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#6**
The reason the alliterate model even started dating the guy she married, is because it was a rebound from cheating. The same thing happened during marriage too. Another split. Shaniana Shaik/DJ Ruckus/Tyson Beckford (It’s over for DJ Ruckus and Shanina Shaik) (Tyson Beckford and DJ Ruckus brawl over Shanina Shaik)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#7**
In the next movie this permanent A list mostly movie actor/sometime director directs, look for the alliterate former actress to make an appearance. More than a cameo, less than a supporting role. She has argued her husband and brother-in-law were in a movie, so she should also be able to. George Clooney/Meghan Markle/Prince Harry and Prince William (George Clooney Says He and Amal "Have Dinners" with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) (Princes William and Harry were cut from 'The Last Jedi')

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actor while he is a superhero likes to have sex with women while wearing his superhero mask. Chris Evans ("Captain America") (Why does Captain America wear a mask?)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#9**
This A- list actor who is an Oscar nominee/winner and in acting family has his people calling in all kinds of favors to make sure his name is not brought up with the never ending lawsuit/fight between an actor and actress. I mean, if you think about it, he was brought up as a reason for the big fight. He is kind of crucial to the whole thing, but Kneepads and others, except for the original filing are giving him a break. As in, none of their readers will know about the elevator ride. James Franco/Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (Amber Heard says Johnny Depp repeatedly yelled 'James Franco' at her before passing out in jet bathroom) (Amber Heard sneaking James Franco in her apartment day after alleged assault)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#10**
Directing racist comments at your girlfriend is probably not the best way to keep her around. The former child actor turned oft troubled adult actor has discovered that for himself. Shia LeBeouf (FKA twigs )(Shia LaBeouf opts for comfort in slogan tee and cream denim shorts as he stocks up on groceries amid claims he's split from FKA twigs)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#11**
Looking back at #10, she would love to take advantage of some upcoming publicity and has been texting her foreign born actor ex in hopes of getting back together. That would be a mess. FKA Twigs/Robert Pattinson ("The Batman") (Robert Pattinson Is Officially ‘The Batman’) (Suki Waterhouse Seems ‘Very Happy and In Love’ With Boyfriend Robert Pattinson)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#12**
This barely there celebrity who is married to a former one season wonder who keeps trying to get another 15 minutes said that the girl code is what kept him from landing a recent job which would have been a big step up. The guy is such a tool. I'm still not sure why his wife married him. Oh, yeah, equally as thirsty. Kevin Manno (career)/Ali Fedotowsky ("The Bachelor" season 6) (career) (Ali Fedotowsky and her husband haven't slept in the same bed since baby No. 2) (Ali Fedotowsky-Manno and Husband Are 'Back in Bed Together' After Baby But It's 'Not the Same')

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#13**
The only countries this foreign born A-/B+ list actress will be joining her husband in are those where they have national television appearances and she can be a part of. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Would Gladly Leave the Spotlight and Live on a Farm)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#14**
Thoughts Out Loud: THIS is what I have been upset about for the past 6 months. This is what really got to me. I’ve never felt more betrayed by anyone in my entire life and I will never forgive them and I will never forgive myself. I’m jumping back into so many things, I don’t have a "plan" per se, just getting back to what I was doing before I was rudely interrupted, that I was actually approached first last year to revive "All That", I asked them if they could please wait a year until I was out of my c-ship, they said absolutely but instead went to behind my back and that’s what actually put me over the edge. I’ve never felt more betrayed in my entire life by anyone in the world. That will come out soon though. Instead, Viacom
approached Kenan Thompson and asked HIM to run the show instead. I had to hear about it in the press. They screwed me out of a $2million dollar project & lied to me. I’m hoping a movement similar to #FreeBritney will spark some concern with my situation. I have not received a dime from my parents in 5 months which is highly illegal because it is court ordered. My mother Lynn Organ tried to fight my early release and tried to fight with my doctors to get my discharge annulled. Most of my income comes from a beautiful house that I purchased in 2011, I just do not have direct access to MY own money and it’s starting to take a toll on me again. My mother is getting ready to have my c-ship extended FAR BEYOND 2020 and she is going to use my recent stay at the facility the main reason for the extension. My mother refuses to give me funds for school or daily necessities but had no issue buying a new home in Leander TX with MY money. I literally just have one semester to finish and I will officially be a FIDM graduate. This is absolutely insane and something needs to happen. MOST things aren’t always as they appear. I cannot afford anymore negative PR but I have no other choice. It’s been extremely hard to move on and move forward with the limited resources that are being made available to me. I cannot even afford the school supplies that I desperately need for my last semester. My mother wants nothing more than to see me fail and I’m scared that she might succeed, permanently. I’m just VERY upset with what Viacom did to me. I was literally PRAYING for that job with Viacom. I’ve never prayed so much in my entire life. I just wanted them to wait a year until my conservatorship was over and was free, and I feel I would have looked MY BEST EVER considering the amount of work I would have put into myself and into my talent and craft, + countless hours in the gym, etc especially knowing that I could have been the face & name of a show that I helped become a hit success. I literally thought that Viacom would have waited & gave me that opportunity, I was skeptical but they assured me that they would wait, but instead I had to hear about it in the press, like most things. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. But hey, time is money I guess and they wanted to rush something that should have definitely not been rushed. I'm not even sure if Kenan Thompson is aware of what they did to me and what we had planned, but I met with last year and there are photos of me leaving one of our meetings with them Viacom. THIS was the actual reason for everything. This was what caused me to just sort of give up and felt that I may have needed professional help. It sounded SO ridiculous when people were told that it was "the stress from my "Paper" photoshoot." Huh? WHAT STRESS? I loved the "Paper" shoot so much, and it was shot over the summer, I just don’t understand TA! WRITER: Amanda Bynes (Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell on returning to their All That roots: 'It gives me chills') (Kenan Thompson producing 'All That' reboot on Nickelodeon with new cast) (The suburban house that Amanda Bynes left behind) (Lynn Organ/mother Blind Item Reveal) (Kel Mitchell Has ‘Hope’ Amanda Bynes Will Return for Nickelodeon’s ‘All That’ Reboot: She Would Be ‘Great’) (Amanda Bynes picks up coffee before heading to a business meeting as she plots her return to Hollywood) (Break the Internet: Amanda, Please) (Amanda Bynes Checks Into Mental Health Facility After Stress-Related Incident) (Amanda Bynes Shares Rare Photo Of Herself To Celebrate Graduation)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#1**
Mr. X: What soon to be ex husband of that talk show host and his mistress are still peddling fake info to that YouTube gossip blogger that he and his soon to be ex wife are getting back together? It's becoming obvious that battle lines have been drawn, the talk show host is using that three lettered website as her PR arm. The ex husband did reveal to that YouTuber that the host did hire a guy to pose as her boyfriend. There's been reports that the ex husband has been selling off his personal belongings to pay for a attorney to prepare for the soon to be approaching legal trouble. Kevin Hunter (Sharina Hudson)/Wendy Williams/Tasha K (unWinewithTashaK)/TMZ (Wendy Cries over FAKE Breakup with Husband & Hires Fake Boyfriend to PROVE She's MOVED ON) (Wendy Williams Meets New Guy in L.A., Taking Him With Her To NYC)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#2**
This one named political commentator is telling people he is about to lose his home if they don't lend him money. If you say no to him, then expect a verbal barrage online. Milo (Yiannopoulos) (Milo Yiannopoulos’s collapse shows that no-platforming can work)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#3**
Reader Blind Item: People love to hate on this band, although they must be doing something right, as they've been widely successful for over 2 decades now. We were working their third album when a call came in from the lead singer. A scathing article about them had just been published by a top rock critic. Our front man was completely gutted. Did America really hate them? I tried to explain how we build you up to tear you down, and that nobody listens to rock critics anyway. I spent about 20 minutes trying to cheer him up. I hope I helped a bit. Like I said, people love to hate them, but they were never anything but kind, charming, and professional when I worked with them, if a little self deprecating. They even made it a point to meet everyone at the label when they came in. I worked with "baby" bands who were total assholes, so I'll always have a soft spot for them. "Nickelback"/Chad Kroeger (Avril Lavigne’s ex-husband) (How Nickelback became the most hated band in the music industry) (Chad Kroeger: The real reason you don't hear from him anymore)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#4**
This one named singer has been trying for years to find a guy for herself. She always ends up second or third or fourth and then repeatedly cheated on. Now, she is with a woman who has also cheated on her. Ashanti (Ashanti dating history) (Meghan Trainor, Paula Abdul & More Stars Celebrate LA Pride 2019)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#5**
Things are looking up for those who want the permanent A list "singer" to be able to retire to her home state and not have to work for others any longer. Britney Spears (Britney Spears’ dad reportedly files to register pop star’s conservatorship in Louisiana)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#6**
If you believe the hype, these two former bff are still bff and follow each other as finsta friends. I'm not sure I believe it considering there are things they could have done privately to keep their friendship alive that have burned bridges that are tough to rebuild. Of course, it could have been the momager who made that happen. Kylie Jenner/Jordyn Woods/Kris Jenner (Here We Go: Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods Are Finally Friends Again)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#7**
I told you about this daughter of an A lister who made a sex tape because her father would not buy her the shoes she wanted. Now, that same daughter filmed herself with two guys and sent it to her father telling him all this was his fault.

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#8**
It looks like tabloids reporting after the fact again have confirmed what I have told you for months. The A+ list mostly movie actor did indeed beg the foreign born model to stay with him during award season. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper 'was emotionally absent from Irina Shayk' while filming A Star Is Born)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#9**
Why yes, that was the assistant of the A+ list mostly movie actor finding a hookup for his closeted boss on Grindr last night. Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper has guys’ night out after Irina Shayk breakup)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#10**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar nominee/winner owns a distillery as part of a LLC he established about a decade or so ago. The liquor produced by the distillery is not doing well against one of the most established names in that type of liquor which distributes all over the world and to the country next door. Our actor had several of his employees go to work for the well established rival and randomly put poison in the barrels of liquor. They did so and now people are dying. He is hoping the liquor company will have its reputation ruined and he can swoop in. (California man died at a Dominican Republic resort after drinking from hotel minibar just weeks before three more Americans died at a luxury property on the other side of the island) (More Stories Coming Out of US Tourist Deaths at Dominican Republic Resorts) (Tourist death count at Dominican Republic resorts rises)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#11**
Hey, it is the PR people of the singer and the singer herself who spread the rumors she was involved with the A+ list mostly movie actor, so don't get angry at your fans when they ask you about the relationship you said was happening. Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper (GOING GAGA Lady Gaga launches F-word rant at fans after they heckle her over Bradley Cooper – just days after his split with Irina Shayk)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#12**
The alliterate host is so unsure of herself that she is paying a guy to be with her. Isn't that basically what she was doing with her husband? Wendy Williams (EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams, 54, has found love with a 27-year-old fashion designer who served over two years in prison for robbery with a dangerous weapon)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#13**
This foreign born A list mostly movie director who is an Oscar winner/nominee got a way underage teen pregnant (barely legal in her country) when he last visited her country. Apparently she is due to give birth in the next couple of weeks. He has sent money to the family, but says the baby is not his and that he used a condom.
Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu (Filmography)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#14**
She Almost Quit: Before she became the A lister she is today, this mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee started off mostly in television. She was not old enough to drive at the time she started what she calls the worst time of her life. She loved acting and wanted to take it to the next step. At that time, there was a network that had a lot of shows involving tweens and teens. I have written about some of the horrific behavior on at least one of those shows. I knew our actress guest starred on that show and asked her if she remembered being on it. I didn't expect the answer I received. She said the network had this casting gauntlet if you were her age. A lot of men got to look at you and inspect you like meat. If you got cast, you were told to not upset any of the stars. This was especially true on the first show she appeared on. There was one of the teen stars she was supposed to go on a date with on the show. She said they rotated the dates on the show so each teen got to "date" someone for a week. In her case, she was forced to endure two or three dozen versions of slow dance scenes and kisses where she was groped and manhandled by the teen while he kept trying to get her to go back to his trailer. She didn't, but she was violated. Take after take while he got to do what he wanted to her. She was wearing clothing, but his hands were everywhere. Then, they filmed in front of a live studio audience and what had been a three minute sequence turned out to be about 30 seconds which made her realize she had just been meat. The next season she was cast on the show I was telling you about. She said that was horrific and just as I described. Again, she was cast as a "date," and the same scenario played out again, only this time they decided she shouldn't be wearing a bra beneath her clothes because it didn't look right through the camera lens. So, she was subjected to hours of groping and kissing while they got the sequence just right. After that she almost quit acting. She got cast in a show as a regular and thought she wouldn't be subjected to harassment, but it was even worse because there were dozens of men and teens always hitting on her. Thankfully the show got canceled and she said she has had lots of pigs and bad situations since, but nothing where the assaults were so orchestrated with the help of the producers and directors.

A lister: Hilary Swank
Network: Nickelodeon
First show: "Evening Shade"
Teen star: Jay R. Ferguson (Aimee Thompson (Hilary Swank) (1991–1992) Taylor's girlfriend)
Second show: "Growing Pains" (portrays Sasha Serotsky in Growing Pains) (Growing Pains W/ Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Swank)
Third show: "Camp Wilder"

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#1**
It isn't like it would be a royal wedding or something similar. This politician thinks getting married would give him a huge popular boost. Nope, not so much. Plus, that payment is going to have to be super high for her to willingly take on that extra layer. Corey Booker/Rosario Dawson ('You never know what might happen': Cory Booker hints to RuPaul that he could propose to Rosario Dawson by 2020 - as the actress smiles sheepishly in the audience)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#2**
Kind of a hypocritical statement/excuse from the alliterate reality star considering the same thing could be thrown back at her by any of the women that participated in cheating with all of her significant others, especially that last incident when the people involved knew the alliterate one was done with the relationship, but pretended otherwise for ratings. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson/Jordan Craig (Khloé Kardashian Says Tristan Thompson Insisted He Was Broken Up with Ex Before They Dated)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#3**
This former naked celebrity turned host turned actress turned celebrity turned host all of you know has always been controversial. Wait until you see the crap she is going to try and sell to make money. If you thought The Goopster has some strange or controversial things to sell, you haven't seen anything like this at all. This is going to be a mess. Jenny McCarthy ("Generation Rescue") (Jenny McCarthy's Controversial Autism Charity Seems to Be Rebranding Away from Autism)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#4**
Mark Harris (columnist and former executive editor Entertainment Weekly) Blind Item: The worst interview I ever did was with a new SNL cast member desperate to come up with a signature catchphrase. We sat alone in his empty apartment--he hadn't unboxed anything--and he tried them on me and waited for me to laugh. I still get cold sweats remembering. It never ran. (SNL's Best Catchphrases)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#5**
Mark Harris (columnist and former executive editor Entertainment Weekly) Blind Item: Second worst interview: Someone who was doing so much coke in a Gulfstream trailer that it was blowing around and I thought it would go in me, which I did not want. (I was already paranoid and high-strung without coke. Adding coke would have been very bad.) Matthew McConaughy (Inside Matthew McConaughey’s Home in Malibu)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#6**
Reader Blind: A call came in on one of the dead lines; I don't even know why this number was still on the phone. When I answered, I immediately knew the voice, she didn't have to announce herself. She was, is, and will always be, a hot mess. She was stranded at an airport across country because she missed her flight and wanted us to re-book her. The problem? She wasn't even on our label, not even a sister label. I had no idea what to do because it was so surreal answering the phone and hearing that voice. I kind of panicked and put her on speaker. My floor gathered around to hear her rambling, which was, for her, somewhat coherent. Eventually, word spread and basically the entire office was gathered around the phone listening to her plight. We finally found someone at her own label to take over the call. Again, we don't know how she got that number, why she couldn't just get on another flight herself, etc. I don't know why I was so shook, but I was kind of scared. Maybe for good reason... Courtney Love

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#7**
Insanely expensive yacht, helicopter rides, but no tagging the sponsor for the foreign born B list actress and her friends. Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries") (Nina Dobrev Is Living Her Best Life With Her Friends And She Has Photos to Prove It)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#8**
You know who loves secret elevator videos? This online tabloid. You know who loves trashing this A- list mostly movie actress? This online tabloid. So, how come no story? Who owns the tabloid? Ultimately a company that also makes movies. Which company produced and distributed his last big movie? You guessed it. The actual production company is one owned by the conglomerate while the conglomerate took care of distribution. That Kneepaddy weekly is also ultimately owned by the same company. The result? No stories. Think this happens frequently with other stars? Yep. TMZ|WarnerBros/Amber Heard & James Franco/Johnny Depp ("Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald") (James Franco in the elevator with Amber Heard on May 22, 2016. Backpack, cap...) (Warner Bros. Reportedly Worried Johnny Depp Drama Will Hurt Fantastic Beasts 3)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#9**
This foreign born A- list and dropping actress visited her former co-star at rehab. The co-star's wife has not. Kit Harington/Emilia Clarke/Rose Leslie (Rose Leslie Is All Smiles In London While Kit Harington Continues Treatment In Connecticut) (I saw Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie today walking together in London. Could not be happier about this #celebspotting)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#10**
This former A+ list tweener actress/singer only apologized for her past actions at this point in time because sales suck for her new project and she thinks this might help. Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus blames 'privilege' in apology for past comments about hip-hop: 'My words became a divider')

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#11**
The alliterate former actress is taking cash bids to be her guest at an upcoming sporting event. She loves these kinds of events. No pretending to care about some random charity. Meghan Markle ("Wimbledon") (Meghan Markle to make next public appearance at Wimbledon: report)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#12**
This former celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned really bad singer sleeps with a guy who then arranges interviews for her. Courtney Stodden (Courtney Stodden says she doesn’t regret marrying Doug Hutchison at age 16: ‘We both really love each other’)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#13**
As I told you a long time ago and was finally confirmed in court, the two wealthy sisters have been footing the legal bill for the leader of the cult. Apparently they blame the former actress for his downfall and not the serial rapist/child molester. Sara and Claire Bronfman/Keith Raniere "NXIVM"/Allison Mack (Billionaire Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman has paid $14.3 MILLION into trust fund to defend sex cult 'grand master' Keith Raniere and fellow Nxivm members) (Allison Mack Not Expected To Testify Against NXIVM Cult Leader Keith Raniere) (Nude photos of underage ‘sex slave’ shocks jurors in NXIVM case)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#14**
No Help: Considering what it is for and who it is for and the history of the same issue in the family, you would think that the treatment would be paid for. Everyone knows it is something the deceased A lister would have wanted and would have insisted on paying for. Without him around now though, the purse strings are in someone else's hand and a big flat no was the answer to the treatment being paid for by that holder. Shameful. Chris Cornell’s eldest child, Lily Cornell Silver (Chris Cornell's daughter takes leave from college to address 'mental and emotional health,' points finger at people 'gossiping about me')

149. MTO NEWS 06/12
MTO News just got wind of a blockbuster story that's scheduled to break any day now. According to multiple sources, the African boyfriend of a popular reality star is hiding the fact that he's got a wife back in Africa. The reality star lady has been parading around everywhere with her bae all over with her. And she has no idea that her man is hiding a WHOLE WIFE on her. But the sh*t is about to hit the fan too. MTO News spoke with one of the reality star's family members - who tells us that they just found out about the African boyfriend is hiding a secret life. And the reality star's family members are planning on confronting her about her African bae very soon!! So what could the African boyfriend be up to? Well according to one person, they believe that he is trying to get the reality star to marry him also - and be his second wife. You see, in the part of Africa where he's from, polygamous marriages are recognized. Tamar Braxton/David Adefeso (Did Tamar Braxton’s new bae love away her mental and emotional issues?) (Polygamy in Nigeria)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#1**
The industry rag did its typical knee pad service for the Mogul, by leading their story about the A list director with his attorney’s statement. Deadline/David Geffen/Bryan Singer (Bryan Singer Agrees to Pay $150,000 to End Rape Accuser's Lawsuit) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#2**
The authors of the major hit piece on the A list director are finally dishing the dirt on the incompetence and possible corruption, which held back publication of their massive hit piece, that ended the career of the A list director. Maximillian Potter and Alex French "Esquire"/Bryan Singer (Esquire Writer Criticizes Hearst Execs’ ‘Journalistic Experience’) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#3**
A piano was just dropped on top of the pile of the massive rubble totally burying the career of an A list director. Roman Polanski (directed "The Pianist") (Academy Defends Decision to Expel Roman Polanski)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#4**
This female former B list tweener turned A- list adult singer who has been in and out of rehab is hooking up with a female backup dancer from her very first tour. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato switched to energy drink and water after rehab)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#5**
The foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer has one of his people carry his meth pipe for him. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber rocks an E.T. shirt with Drew Barrymore image as he says he was joking about challenging Tom Cruise to a fight: 'I'm pretty sure he would whoop my a**')

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#6**
This B- list actor all of you know from an acting family is married. He hooked up with this seemingly always sick B/B- list married actress who was married to an A+ list mostly movie actor. David Arquette/Jennifer Esposito (filmed "Mob Town" together) (Saban Films Buys ‘Mob Town’ With David Arquette) (Actress Jennifer Esposito Was Sent To A Psych Ward After Doctors Misdiagnosed Her Celiac Disease) (Something That Happened: The History of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito's Shockingly Short Marriage)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#7**
This B+ list actress is being disingenuous about her recent activities this week. In the past she has stated she would not vaccinate her own child. She just wasn't expecting the huge blow back and didn't talk to her team ahead of time. Jessica Biel (After critics say Jessica Biel ‘wants to bring measles back,’ actress defends lobbying against vaccination bill)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#8**
This married foreign born A list mostly movie actor from an acting family is promoting a new movie and in the country. He hooked up with this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has lots of misses scattered among her television hits. She actually started her career in entertainment doing something else in front of the camera. Chris Hemsworth/Olivia Munn (Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon's Bromance Still Strong at Men in Black: International Premiere in NYC) (Olivia Munn co-host of "Attack of the Show" on G4 network) (Olivia Munn’s television career)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#9**
This late night host is not only stealing jokes from comics they see around town, but is also stealing bits from YouTube stars.

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#10**
The producers of this hit almost network hit have told one of the lead actresses they need to lose weight or be replaced. In another show, this would be unlikely, but in this show, anything seemingly can happen. Lili Reinhart ("Riverdale") (Lili Reinhart on Unrealistic Body Standards and 'Trying to Navigate My Fluctuating Weight')

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#11**
This actor is probably A- list. Lead roles and supporting. All of you know him. Never going to be A+ list. Oscar nominee/winner. Cheating on his wife with a webcam actress he met online.

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#12**
This foreign born A- list and dropping mostly television actress from a now-defunct cable tv show who paid for exposure and talked about her medical condition is currently in the states working the casting couch for new roles as no studio is willing to distribute her latest films because of all the films she did before which bombed painfully. Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones") ("Game Of Thrones" Fans Have Raised More Than $130K For Emilia Clarke's Brain Injury Charity) (Filmography)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#13**
The Greatest Celebrity Sex Tape Of All Time: I have been digging into some A listers and their yachting pasts and apparently there is a sex tape that was shot. Whether or not it still exists is dependent on the owner keeping it. I'm guessing he has. It involves this foreign born A list mostly television actress he was financially supporting at the time while she was starting out. The benefactor is in the tape as is this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who was also in need of financial assistance at the time. The two actresses were very good friends and a night of drinking led to this sex tape involving the three of them. Would be the best selling sex tape of all time bar none. The trouble is, the owner has no need of any money for this lifetime or several others, so it will take a miracle for it to ever see the light of day. Carlos Slim/Sofia Vergara/Penelope Cruz

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#1**
Mr. X: What B-list actress/model/celeb spawn has been officially warned about rejoining that cult again by her PR people and that mouse company who want her for the lead role in yet another live action remake of an animated classic? She blew them away with her audition for the part a few years ago, and she also desperately wants to hang on to this role which will rocket her up to A-list. The mouse company already has another person in line for the part if she falls back into the cults clutches. Someone who has been trying to distance herself from her previous work with the mouse company, and will do another project for them in a heartbeat if the paycheck is good.

Actress: Riley Keough (Lisa Marie Presley/Priscilla Presley)
Cult: Scientology
Live action remake: The Little Mermaid
Previous audition: 'Snow White and the Huntsman" eying Riley Keough, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, for lead
Mouse company: Disney
Distanced actress: Bella Zendaya (Zendaya Says Her Reported Casting in The Little Mermaid Is Still "Just a Rumor")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#2**
Mr. X: Speaking of celeb spawns, this permanent A-list entertainer and EGOT is also being sought out by the producers of the same film remake from the previous BI to play the villain. She technically won't literally appear on camera, because the character will be CGI'd. She hasn't committed to it yet, having not starred in a movie in close to 30 years, but her team is worried about her stamina and if she's up to even go into the studio to record her lines. Yes, she did travel back to the city where she lived for decades for an event, but it was a last minute appearance because she confirmed and cancelled so many times. Her team is thinking she may do the same thing with this possible comeback role. Liza Minnelli (Evil Queen) (Liza Minnelli, 73, makes rare outing with actor George Hamilton in Los Angeles)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#3**
The husband of this west coast Housewife is having big memory issues and needs someone to be with him for any type of public event to help keep him tethered and focused or else things would look much worse. Ken Todd/Lisa Vanderpump ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Rare moment: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump tells husband Ken Todd he was wrong for screaming at Kyle Richards)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#4**
I think this former A list "singer" turned reality judge believes the plane accident happened and that is why she got hooked on pain pills. The thing is, just because she believes it happened doesn't mean it really did, but it is a great story she can continue to use on talk shows. Paula Abdul (Paula Abdul Keeps Talking About Surviving a Plane Crash for Which No Record Exists)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#5**
As I said many times when the employee was fired by the permanent A lister, this kind of leaking would occur. A couple of weeks ago, I said the leaks would become more scandalous each time going forward, and sure enough, that is exactly what has happened. Mariah Carey (EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer who called her 'pussycat', sending him skimpy bikini shots while yachting with fiancé James Packer, as diva is filmed grinding on her now-boyfriend MONTHS before calling it quits with billionaire)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#6**
Will this teen actress turned adult A list singer say anything about her best friend's Tweets or try and make excuses for them? My guess is she will ignore them and hope they go away. Ariana Grande (Best Friend's racist Tweets) (Ariana Grande’s Best Friend Courtney Chipolone Exposed By Fans For Being A Racist)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#7**
This married permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee is thisclose to finally coming out. Will Smith

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#8**
It is kind of like evil whispering in the ears of others how they can be rich and powerful and in control, but just need to do his bidding. Evil knew what was asked would be reported and people would talk about the questions that were asked rather than the master plan which would ultimately make evil rich and destroy the celebrity. Even if he is defeated this time, he has caused havoc, and he will be back. My question is did a certain family member reach out first, but make it seem like he didn't? Wanting some of those riches that have eluded him even though he is so close to the throne so to speak. Former manager Sam Lufti/Britney Spears (brother Bryan Spears) (Before father Jamie gained conservatorship over Britney in 2008, Bryan was paid $200,000 for "services rendered.") (Britney Spears granted five-year restraining order against Sam Lutfi)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#9**
At least this former A+ list NBA player waited until this singer was out of her teens to take his pursuit of her public. Oh, and I'm sure the woman he was seeing as recently as last weekend is thrilled too that he waited. Blake Griffin/Madison Beer (20)/Justine Skye (Madison Beer catches the eye in a white bra and cropped cream blazer as she heads to dinner with Kendall Jenner's ex Blake Griffin at Craig's) (Kardashian Karma? Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Blake Griffin shoots his shot at Travis Scott’s ex Justine Skye)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#10**
The alliterate former actress turned escort thinks she can get that singing career back on track. Her way of doing it? She thinks she should be the opening act for this A+ list singer when the A+ lister goes on tour. Lindsay Lohan/Taylor Swift (No One Can Handle Lindsay Lohan Stanning Taylor Swift on Instagram Live)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#11**
This foreign born A list rapper should just swear off getting her plastic surgery done in the same country where people are dying from hotel booze. Maybe she wouldn't have as many issues. Cardi B (Dominican Republic) (Cardi B swears off plastic surgery after sharing shocking photo of medical complications) (Woman, 51, dies during plastic surgery at a clinic in the Dominican Republic which Cardi B 'once considered using before a gut feeling made her back out')

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#12**
Even as she is yelling at fans, this A list singer/actress told some friends that she is trying to have a public relationship with this A+ list actor. He wants no part of it. Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper (Lady Gaga launches F-word rant at fans after they heckle her over Bradley Cooper – just days after his split with Irina Shayk) (Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Reportedly Have a "Huge and Overwhelming Connection")

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#13**
Apparently the alliterate former actress turned A+ list celebrity was drunk or at least heavily buzzed during a recent very public appearance. Her alcohol intake was severely restricted for nearly a year so she has been indulging. Looks like she over indulged. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle appears to be corrected by Prince Harry in viral Trooping the Colour video)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#14**
The Walls Are Closing In: I know they thought they got away with it. When they threw that long time A list celebrity in his country under the bus after his death with planned leaks and a parade of victims, they raised a toast with a bottle of wine that cost $25K while they watched child porn they had filmed and collected. Most of it they had filmed. One is a foreign born permanent A list musician who has briefly touched the third rail of child porn but got away with his lame excuse because of his fame. The other, a foreign born permanent A list socialite type who has been in this space before because of his banishment from multiple countries for similar offenses. Not so much child porn. Authorities and law enforcement wouldn't call it that because of the international incident it would create. It is what it is of course. Tweens and teens being forced into sex acts with the men while they were filmed. The men obscured either with mask or not shown at all. Their voices altered. Our socialite type would buy the tweens and teens while the dead celebrity and the musician used their fame to attract underage groupies who then would be put through ten minutes to ten hours of sex and filming in as many situations as possible, all the while being filmed. Usually with the celebrities, it was unknown filming. With our socialite type, the victims all knew they were being filmed and what would happen if they protested. Now, with some recent court filings, some of the socialite type's actions are coming to light and he will make sure to take down as many as possible if needed. He knows because of his stature he is safe. This would not be true for any of the others.

Closing in on: Jeffrey Epstein (Feds Are Asking Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims About Sex-Trafficking Crimes)
Dead A list celebrity: Jimmy Savile (Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal)
Foreign born permanent A list musician: Pete Townshend ("The Who") (When Pete Townshend Was Arrested on Child Porn Charges)
Foreign born permanent A list socialite type: Prince Andrew (Jeffrey Epstein: inside the decade of scandal entangling Prince Andrew)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#1**
This former A-/B+ list actress faked a serious illness in high school, so people from her past have been skeptical about her latest serious illness. When a person from her past randomly ran into the actress performing an activity which she implies is impossible and then posted the photo of it to Facebook, the actress freaked out. She is making bank off this illness, and persuaded her back in the day friend to remove it before anyone noticed. Oh, people noticed.
Selma Blair

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#2**
With the revelations of serial abuse and forced abortions at the hands of this A list mogul/wannabe rapper, hopefully the one named singer who doesn't really sing any longer will finally be able to feel free to tell what happened to her hair back in the day because of the same mogul. I have written about what happened, but it would be nice if she could really show the world what kind of guy he is. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Casandra "Cassie" Ventura (Diddy's Ex Says He Allegedly Beat Her, Made Her Get 2 Abortions) (shaved head)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#3**
Remember the mom I wrote about earlier this week who is trying to keep her daughter from reporting a rape at the hands of a YouTube celebrity simply because the mom wanted the daughter to be with the YouTube celebrity even though the daughter was way under age and the celebrity was in his 30's? The daughter is trying to escape to Europe this time instead of a nearby friend. Ray Diaz ('Lopez' star Ray Diaz accused of domestic violence by a second woman) (previous blind item)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#4**
Apparently, not only are there naked photos of the celebrity daughter of this A list comedian/host/talk show host but also photos and videos of her having sex with multiple men. I guess that is maybe why the family is trying to find her a rich husband overseas before all of the photos leak. Lori Harvey (Steve Harvey’s step-daughter) (Act Like A Man, Sis! Black Twitter Applauds Lori Harvey For Playing The Field)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#5**
As I predicted, this foreign born Victoria's Secret model who has been hanging out with the actress again, did a little favor for her backer by having a threesome with an oligarch with the recently dismissed foreign born model who had signed up for it prior to her contract ending. Stella Maxwell (Kristen Stewart)/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper) (Irina Shayk And Stella Maxwell Hold Hands In Florence Following Bradley Cooper Split)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#6**
Do you suppose the A+ list singer wanted to make a joint announcement with the alliterate tall model and is now debating whether she will go it alone. Taylor Swift (Karlie Kloss) (surprise appearance at "Stonewall Inn") (See Taylor Swift’s Surprise Performance at New York’s Stonewall Inn) (Memories of That Night at the Stonewall Inn, From Those Who Were There)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#7**
This celebrity offspring of a barely there actor who will never be the biggest in the family or even the second biggest told friends that she went out on a couple of secret dates with this A+ list mostly movie actor before the former tweener called wanting to get married. She said she then stopped talking to the A+ lister and he went and got married. She said she is kicking herself now. Hailey Baldwin (Stephen Baldwin)/Chris Pratt (Katherine Schwarzenegger)/Justin Bieber (How Justin Bieber and Chris Pratt’s Favorite Church is Taking Over the World) (Hillsong Church) (Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger's Romantic Wedding Photo Album: See All the Pics!)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#8**
He has shown in the past he has no qualms about throwing women in his life under the bus. He has done it with the permanent A list "singer" and the permanent A list singer and he will do it to his wife too if he needs to keep his career going. Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears/Janet Jackson/Jessica Biel (Anti-Vaxx Controversy) (I'll Never Forgive Justin Timberlake for How He Treated Britney Spears) (Justin Timberlake threw Janet Jackson under the bus to launch his solo career) (Justin Timberlake Is Standing by Jessica Biel After Her Anti-Vaxx Controversy)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#1**
This three named foreign born A- list model/wannabe actress is trying a new tactic when it comes to getting her foreign born actor boyfriend to propose. She has several of the tabloids referring to them as married, which she hopes will spring him into action. The last time she tried to trick him into it, he didn't speak to her for a month. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Jason Statham (Rosie's 'beach body secret'? A bread and pasta lunch! M&S model, 32, has a carb-heavy meal before slipping into a skimpy bikini to soak up the sun on Italian getaway)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#2**
As I told you a few weeks ago when the world would not stop talking about the celebrity offspring from two generations being pregnant, I said, that would be awkward considering the foreign born A/A- list singer was cheating on her. Now, it appears they have split. Dakota Johnson/Chris Martin (Baby Or Not? Dakota Johnson & Chris Martin Allegedly Split Over Family Planning Fight/She wasn't ready to conceive after he had two kids with Gwyneth, source claims)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#3**
The alliterate former actress turned A list celebrity has taken to posting on social media in the third person. Apparently it has started to seep into her DM conversations to and she refers to herself in the third person and is becoming annoying because in private, she does it to make herself seem more important. Meghan Markle (Rihanna has 'forged secret friendship with Meghan Markle after shock move to London') (Prince Philip ‘advised Prince Harry not to wed Meghan Markle as ‘one doesn’t marry’ actresses’)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#4**
It is just open season for this permanent A list mostly movie actress and her "adoption" scheme. Lots of young kids, tweens and teens are being shipped all over the world to wealthy men and families from this impoverished country. The parents to these kids are either gone or desperate for the money a sale brings. Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie stresses need to grant citizenship children of Venezuelan refugees born in Colombia) (Angelina Jolie Is Involved With Child Traffickers)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#5**
A celebrity CEO with a huge social media following steals memes without crediting the artist. When the CEO was called out for doing this, he joked about his theft, and said that he purposely refuses to credit the artists. Elon Musk (Elon Musk under fire for posting an artist's work without credit)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#6**
Just as I have been saying, this permanent A list singer/wishes he could act full time instead is taking steps to throw the wife under the bus. Look for some stories from a family member of his doing the dirty work so it doesn't look like it is coming directly from the singer. Justin Timberlake (Jessica Biel)/his mother Lynn (Bomar) Harless (Anti-Vaxx Controversy)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#7**
An alarm system that uses what the company refers to as sensors, actually has hidden cameras inside them. An employee of that company is trying to sell celebrity sex tapes lifted from those cameras. Tesla (Tesla launches new ‘Enhanced Anti-theft’ sensor as aftermarket product)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#8**
It turns out it is not just rehab that is not being paid for which would have been for by the permanent A list rock star. At least another dozen expenses he either was paying or arranged to pay have been canceled or challenged because a luxury lifestyle comes before helping family. It would sicken the rockstar. It is why the marriage was headed to divorce. Well, that and he found someone he loved who is kind. Lily Cornell Silver (Chris Cornell) (Chris Cornell's Estate Locked in Dispute Over Daughter's College Tuition) (Chris Cornell's daughter takes leave from college to address 'mental and emotional health,' points finger at people 'gossiping about me')

193. BILLY MASTERS 07/17
Could it be that a network star is itching to come out? So say people in the know who tell me that the campy, coy cutie planned to say he's family once he left a certain professional obligation behind. Since that has been delayed about a year, he's biding his time. What hasn't changed are plans for Halloween 2019 in West Hollywood, which will be a very big night for him and his buddies. After all, he'll be out...and legal. Nolan Gould ("Modern Family") (Nolan Gould is a gay or he has love relationship in his life? Let’s know about his personal life!!!)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#1**
This foreign born singer who loves the end of the week was spotted hooking up with a local porn star when he visited a European country. The Weeknd (Stockholm) (The Weeknd hangs on for dear life while hitting the rides at an amusement park in Stockholm... after mysteriously deleting his Instagram)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#2**
This foreign born A- list-ish actress and her A- list-ish celebrity husband are still newlyweds but decided to get separate hotel rooms yet again while visiting NYC. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra puts her best fashion foot forward as she steps out with Nick and Joe Jonas in New York City)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#3**
A Birdie Blind Item: It wasn't just the bit player, or the nude auditions - it was the young star himself. Actors complained to their agents about what they saw on set, and understood to be happening off set (this comes from one of them directly), but nothing was done about it. You all know who the director is. Brad Renfro/Bryan Singer ("How Hollywood Failed Brad Renfro") ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#4**
He just couldn't help himself. Every chance he gets, this permanent A list musician from a permanent A list group takes a dig at his foreign born former actress wife. This is probably why his kids don't really like him. Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe)/Pamela Anderson (Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee brags about wife Brittany Furlan's '100 percent natural body') (Tommy Lee's Tumultuous Family Life: A Look at His Rocky History With Pamela Anderson) (Tommy Lee 'Knocked Out Cold' in Altercation with Son Stemming from Rocker's Tweets About Ex Pam Anderson)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#5**
This foreign born A list singer in her own country who is substantially less here has a pretty big gig. To get through it, she has been abusing the hell out of drugs. That finally led to a big cancellation. Jess Glynne (2019 Isle of Wight Festival) (Isle of Wight festival bans Jess Glynne for life after last-minute cancellation) ("Most Influential People Under 30" by Forbes Magazine in 2019)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#6**
This foreign born alliterate A- list celebrity in her own country who is way less here has been acting as a "manager" for a female family member. Basically our celebrity collects the money in advance and then hands over the very young family member. Asia Argento (daughter Anna Lou Castoldi) (Anna Lou Castoldi, who is the daughter of Morgan and Asia Argento?) (Asia Argento: "Morgan lost his house? It’s just his fault")

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#7**
Whether or not she actually followed through with it is one thing, but she did say it. This former infamous A list celebrity told a friend she was going to have sex with her significant other while outside the country and he wanted him to call her by the name that made her infamous. Amanda Knox (Foxy Knoxy) (Piers Morgan Tells Amanda Knox To Respect Meredith Kercher's Family & 'Shut Up') (Amanda Knox "traumatized" by media firestorm surrounding her return to Italy) (Why Was Amanda Knox Called Foxy Knoxy? The Name Took Over Headlines)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#8**
There is a long line of clients this A- list model has collected for her significant other through her connections. Did he cheat all of them or just one? Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber (George Clooney "Casamigos") (20 Little-Known Things About Cindy Crawford And Rande Gerber's Marriage)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#9**
This one named A list rapper/singer who has a lot of awards talks a good game about settling down, but his last two serious girlfriends left him because of his cheating. Common (Common tells Jada Pinkett Smith on 'Red Table Talk' that he wants to get married)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#10**
This foreign born reality star from that exploitative show about foreign born spouses has been telling people she gets to stay in the country. That is not 100% yet which is why she is still trying to find a guy to marry. Larissa Dos Santos ("90 Day Fiance") ('90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Says She Won't Be Deported)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#11**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has no idea whether her ex actually has poisoned people BUT is very familiar with his complaints toward the company he thinks is monopolizing the rum business.

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#12**
I suppose the good news is this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is that he didn't do the inspections himself, but he was present. In the room each year when he had a doctor verify his daughters were all still virgins. Sylvester Stallone (Sophia, 22, Sistine, 20 and Scarlett, 17) (Sylvester Stallone’s Daughters Joke They’ll Be ‘Forever Single’ After He Tells Guys That He’s ‘Watching’ Them)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#13**
This former A- list actor from way back in the day who was probably B- when he died is not the highest by a long shot in his acting family. There is a permanent A lister in it who is still alive. Anyway, when our actor thought a female friend of his daughter was going to turn him in for raping her, he tried to get her to overdose on drugs. She was an addict and he bought her a huge amount of heroin hooping it would kill her. It did give her brain damage to the point she still needs hospice care. David Carradine (John Carradine (father)/Keith Carradine (paternal half-brother)/Robert Carradine (paternal half-brother)/Ever Carradine (niece)/Martha Plimpton (niece) (David Carradine Book Reveals Incest, Murder Suspicions); Jerry Van Dyke (Dick Van Dyke) ) (Jerry Van Dyke’s Porn Star Daughter Who Committed Suicide Haunted Him To His Grave)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#14**
Mr. X: Which late night talk show host, despite what he’s saying on social media, hasn’t reached out to his supposed friend (that cable news anchor) after the death of the latter’s parent? I wonder how the interaction between them will be in the next leg of their joint public appearance tour in the next few months? Andy Cohen/Anderson Cooper (death of his mother Gloris Vanderbilt) (Andy Cohen Pays Tribute to Late Gloria Vanderbilt and Her 'Wicked Sense of Humor') (AC2 LIVE: AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH ANDERSON COOPER & ANDY COHEN)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#15**
Real Life: The work she was getting was minimal. Yes, she was landing movies, but they were smaller parts and they were not high paying. People assumed she was rich because of her past fame that rocketed her to A list. That was more than a decade gone at that point and she needed to make money. She landed a movie where she played a stripper. She has always been candid about how she researched the role of stripping but she leaves out a lot. She leaves out the fact that while she was in these clubs, she started meeting men who remembered her glory days. One thing led to another and for the entire run of the film and for a couple years later, she had a group of a half dozen men she met doing research who slept with her for money and not only kept her afloat financially, but one of them died and left her several million dollars in his will. She used that money to finance trips to places other wealthy men might congregate who remembered her and managed to be in three other wills. She also used her connections to land one of the named icons in history who also got her accepted into certain circles after he was gone. She also got two paintings when he died which are worth several million dollars. Now, she has married, which she hadn't done before, but she knows the value of her current marriage and what she gets when he dies. She has already cut his children out of the royalty part or any publishing rights. All they get is some cash. She wants the legacy stuff. Daryl Hannah ("Dancing at the Blue Iguana") (Filmography) (Neil Young confirms marriage to Daryl Hannah)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#1**
The custody thing might end up being split 50/50 legally, but the foreign born model is likely to have custody about 90% of the time because of the father's "schedule." Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper Visits Ex Irina Shayk at New York City Apartment)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#2**
Considering the attempts made to sexually assault her child, you would think the former A- list reality star from multiple reality shows would dump her loser boyfriend. You would think, but then again, she let one of her other daughters be sexually abused for years. Mama June (June Shannon)/Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson/boyfriend Geno/daughter Anna (Honey Boo Boo Won't Move Back in With Mama June Until Geno's Gone) (Mama June's boyfriend molested her daughter and forced 3-year-old sister to watch)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#3**
The model turned reality star turned celebrity who has had some very rich husbands has not paid any of her suppliers for her new clothing line but expects them to keep on delivering product. This is all just a big scam. Kimora Lee Simmons ("Baby Phat") (Bringing sexy back! Kimora Lee Simmons relaunches Baby Phat)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#4**
The disgraced producer is trying to make a tactical move to delay his trial longer. The idea is to keep delaying to see if it falls apart under its own weight or any settlements he can pay to make it go away. Harvey Weinstein (Has Harvey Weinstein’s Legal Team Fallen Apart (Again)?)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#5**
The Groupons are out in force now for this A list everything in her mind concerts. People told her in advance it would be a tough sell, but she thought she could sell shows out. No one is all that excited to see her. Even at 75% off, tickets are a tough sell. Jennifer Lopez (Uh Oh, J.Lo! Jennifer Lopez's 'It's My Party' Tour Tanking In Ticket Sales)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#6**
This A- list mostly television actress had a guest list to an award show that numbered in the dozens. They were all there to spread the word and pass out literature to anyone who wanted it. Elisabeth Moss/Scientology (The MTV Movie & TV Awards) (Elisabeth Moss Wore A Dress Full Of Symbolism To The MTV Movie & TV Awards)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#7**
Apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wasn't invited to spend Father's Day with his son. Probably because of all the girlfriends of the son the father has hooked up with. He considers it a challenge and is not above throwing thousands of dollars their way. Nicolas Cage/Weston Cage (Nicolas Cage celebrates Father's Day with third ex-wife Alice Kim and son Kal-El in Los Angeles) (Don't Call Me Cage! Nicolas' Son Weston Wants To Legally Change His Name Coppola)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#8**
Somehow this foreign born A list celebrity chef/reality star has managed to make even more money from his demise while everyone else licks serious wounds for the losses he incurred. Wait until they take a look at his books. The real ones. Jamie Oliver (Naked chef Jamie Oliver gets C4 TRIBUTE show as 1,000 of his staff lose jobs due to restaurant empire collapsing)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#9**
This A- list mostly television actress who stars on a very hit long running network comedy has also been A- list in movies. Apparently she is hanging on by a thread these days with pressure and stress and all the calls for comment which is one of the reasons she pulled her podcast. Anna Faris ("Mom") (Ex-husband Chris Pratt marriage to Katherine Schwarzenegger) ("Unqualified" (podcast)) (Anna Faris Thrilled Chris Pratt Has ‘Found Happiness’ In Marrying Katherine: She ‘Loves’ Them Both Together)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#10**
This former A- list mostly television actor from a now defunct long running very very hit cable drama has probably slipped to B list. All of you know his wife. You know, the one he is openly cheating on with a publicist while he promotes his new show. Vincent Kartheiser ("Mad Men")/Alexis Bledel ("Gilmore Girls") ("Das Boot") (Hulu’s Das Boot miniseries is well-acted and well-crafted… but needs more boot)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#11**
This back in the day Real World star from a season between 20-23 has always skirted around and through the yachting world, but appears to have fully embraced it and is selling a sex tape she made of various sexual encounters with wealthy men around the world.

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#12**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is probably known in every corner of the world promised a group that he was going to give them a $2M check at their huge event yesterday. Nope. It kind of goes with his normal charity giving. A lot of talk, but no actual check writing.
Leonardo DiCaprio

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#13**
Think this celebrity CEO has thin skin? You would be right. If you own one of his products and complain, he can make your life miserable through all those little back doors. Speaking of back doors, apparently that is why he turns to the A- list actress. The one named singer doesn't enjoy that activity. Elon Musk/Amber Heard/Grimes (Big Baby Elon Musk Has Threatened To Quit Twitter Because Someone Asked Him To Credit An Artist)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#14**
Part Of Darkness: I think it goes without saying that in Hollywood, life and art are interchangeable with one another, especially when you consider Quentin Tarantino’s latest effort. Although, I think even he would have a hard time concocting a story such as this one. The main subject of this blind is someone we will refer to as BK. Back in the day, BK got a part in a movie, a movie that was quite a big deal when it came out. He was bought onto the film by a former A list director thanks to a particular skill he had. The A list director felt that having him on set would lend more authenticity to a certain scene and it’s fair to say that he was right on the money. The scene, while not overtly explicit made a lot of people very uncomfortable when the movie came out and I think to this day it still does. Fast forward a few years after the movie’s release and BK had gotten into a lot of trouble. The trouble came when he met a person who we’ll call MC. Both BK and MC had a lot of things in common and hit it off pretty well, MC was actually known in a certain corner of the entertainment world and this impressed BK. They also shared a love of drugs and booze. On the night they met they both kicked things along by doing all sorts of drugs and drinking heavily into the early morning. Eventually, they ended up back at MC’s apartment and continued to drink and party some more before BK ended up having sex with MC. Later on, MC made it clear to BK that they didn’t have a future together and that he should just go home. Now BK had a lot of personal issues, mostly bought on by alcohol and drug use. Being in the condition that he was in & hearing that from MC caused him to fly into a rage. So right then and there he brutally bashed and stabbed MC to death before fleeing the apartment and going into hiding. A week or so had passed after the killing and BK continued drinking very heavily. During this time MC’s body had been found by the police and the story was in the media. BK decided that it would be a good idea to contact someone known to MC and recompense for his latest sin, albeit with the privilege of anonymity. What BK didn’t know was that someone else would eventually give him up, someone who wasn’t known to the police or the person BK contacted. In turn, BK was identified as MC’s killer and promptly arrested. When police found him in his apartment he was drunk out of his mind and incoherent, but still protesting his innocence. He would spend the next two decades in prison for the murder of MC but early in his sentence, he got an unexpected visit from an old friend, the A list director. At the time, the director was going through a few troubles of his own and was coming off a massive bomb. He was working on a new movie and wanted to speak with BK regarding the content of the script. They got talking and eventually the conversation turned to MC, BK admitted that he did, in fact, kill MC in cold blood despite his pleas to the contrary. Not only did he confess to that murder, but he went into detail about several other ones, some that dated back to the time they worked together on the movie. These murders were well known and the director has never really spoken at length about what BK told him, but sources say that he knows a lot more than he is letting on. As for BK, he was eventually released from prison, but he has since vanished and no one really knows what happened to him afterward. When you consider the movie that he was in, he wouldn’t be the only one to meet a mysterious fate.

BK: Paul Bateson (Paul Bateson: The Real-Life Killer Who Appeared in The Exorcist)
MC: film critic Addison Verrill
Movie: "The Exorcist" ("The Exorcist" deadly "curse" explored 45 years on)
Director: William Friedkin
Particular skill: radiographer
Massive bomb: "Sorcerer"
New movie: "Cruising"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#1**
It is always fun when the former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort does yachting on an actual yacht. She is being forced to go older and to also do more threesomes to keep people interested. It wouldn't shock me to see her married sometime within the next year. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan claims her Mykonos beach club is just moving... after it was reported her resort closed and her reality series wasn't renewed)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#2**
He might be out now, but they are still using his script and this three named actress agreed to star in the movie knowing it was his script and knowing everything he was accused of. Max Landis/Chloë Grace Moretz ("Shadow in the Cloud") (Max Landis Accused By Multiple Women Of Sexual Abuse) (Chloë Grace Moretz film enters production without Max Landis)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#3**
This A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who is an Oscar winner/nominee could have had someone come to his location. Instead, he actually went out and went to a rub and tug. Ben Affleck (Why Is Ben Affleck in Such a Hurry With His Computer?)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#4**
This A-/B+ list model who is a celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities and is in a family of models destroyed one of her veins from using so much. That is going to take a lot of makeup to conceal during a shoot. Bella or Gigi Hadid (Yolanda, Mohamed and Anwar Hadid) (Inside Bella and Gigi Hadid's Big Night in Florence With Irina Shayk and Virgil Abloh)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#5**
Trouble in paradise between the foreign born former A list boy bander and that athlete he has been on and off with forever. Apparently the athlete is looking into surrogacy or adoption for a child and wants the former boy bander to be a part of it all. Lots of tension between the two about their future. Harry Styles/Xander Ritz (GORGEOUS Xander Ritz) (harry styles and xander ritz)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#6**
This former reality star/always letter closer was in the same town as her reality star rival this past weekend. The letter closer already hooked up with the rival's significant other and this weekend landed a wealthy man they were both after. Sincerely Ward ("WAGS Atlanta")/Porsha Williams ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (Dennis McKinley )(RHOA star Porsha Williams hits the pool in Florida with baby Pilar... but fiancé Dennis McKinley is nowhere to be seen amid cheating rumors) (SINCERELYWARD Model/Actress/Personality/Entrepreneur)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#7**
Turns out the "leak" about the result of this game show was actually done by the studio who distributes it because they wanted spectacular ratings. They got it. Biggest numbers in over a decade which wouldn't have happened without the leak. "Jeopardy!" (end of James Holzhauer’s winning streak) (Jeopardy! to Take 'Appropriate' Action Against Source of Holzhauer Video Leak)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#8**
That creator of at least one huge cable hit and in charge of another has an almost television show he is working on now. He is also about to get sued by an actress after they could not reach an agreement about his sexual harassment.

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#9**
This foreign born closeted A+ list athlete in his corner of the sports world is usually more discreet about his love of men. At a Fashion Week event in Paris though, he was throwing all that out the window as he hit on one of the male models. Lewis Hamilton (Maluma & Lewis Hamilton Buddy Up at Off-White Paris Fashion Show!)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#10**
This former A- list mostly television actor has three names and is married. He is known as a serial cheater and he was hitting on women this week at an event. He told them he had a part they would be perfect for. Chad Michael Murray (Private Screening Of "Max Winslow And The House Of Secrets")

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#11**
This celebrity offspring is probably A-/B+ list. Her reality star boyfriend all of you know got hammered drunk and cheated on her with a random woman he met at a bar. Sofia Richie/Scott Disick

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#12**
This aging former A list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring and an Oscar winner/nominee has been acting for many many decades. She also needs rehab. Not the first time. Melanie Griffith

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#13**
This former A- list mostly television actress who starred on a long running network dramedy has been in the news within the past month talking about something other than acting. Apparently there is also a sex tape she made about a decade ago that is making the rounds. Marcia Cross ("Desperate Housewives") (anal cancer caught from her husband’s throat cancer) (Marcia Cross reveals the HPV strain that caused her anal cancer also gave her husband throat cancer)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#14**
Mutual Support Society - Kindness: It started out at a ski resort at least a decade ago, if not longer. Our actor, who is a comic actor and hovers between A and A- depending on how often he is working was at a party at a resort. He was doing what he did then which is party a lot. A whole lot. As in passed out. As in woke up the next morning on the floor at the party. On the couch above him was a woman who was wide awake and doing lines of coke. He said something about it being a little early and she said it was better than a cup of coffee. They both hung out and talked and exchanged phone numbers. After they left, they didn't talk again. It was probably six weeks or so before our actor got a phone call. A hospital was going through the woman's phone looking for people who knew her because she had overdosed and someone had dropped her off at the emergency room entrance. Our actor was the first person who answered the phone. He barely remembered who she was but said he would go to the hospital and help them find someone who knew her better or a family member. Our actor went to the emergency room and went through her phone until he found a cousin who knew someone who would come stay with the woman. The person arrived and our actor went back home. A few days later, the woman called the actor and thanked him for what he had done and invited him to lunch to thank him. Our actor met up with the woman and over the course of the afternoon got absolutely blitzed to the point of incapacity. The woman led our actor to her car and managed to get him inside. She didn't know where he lived so took him to her place and let him sleep it off. The next day, they both decided to go to a meeting. They did this every week for years and years. Even when they slipped, they still went. They were the first call each other made when they had slipped or in a bad spot. It was probably five or six years before the woman even knew our actor was a pretty big star. She didn't have a television and rarely went to the movies. It was when she was laid up in a hospital and saw a marathon of a show he was in that she finally saw how famous he was. Our actor has had some really big missteps, but the woman was there for him. She nearly died multiple times and he was there for her. Always pushing each other to be sober, but never judging. Apparently, earlier this year, the woman died of an overdose. Our actor, always the supporter, paid for the funeral and started a scholarship in her name and also created a foundation to help people pay for rehab who couldn't otherwise afford to.
Jason Segel

237. POPBITCH 06/20
(British blog)
Which high profile celebrity might want to be a little more discreet about their Sunday morning drinking habit? It's not a great look to be the first one sinking pints at your London local as they open the doors. Even less so if you're trying to show the world that you're back on the straight and narrow...

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#1**
That very very recent Oscar winner/nominee is trying to carry water for that latest installment of a franchise he is filming. The thing is though, when he says that the script is amazing or words to that effect, everyone knows he is lying because no other person in the movie has read the script because it is still a work in progress. Rami Malek ("Bond 25") (Rami Malek Calls Out Bond 25 Set Rumors as ‘Something That Was Fabricated’)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#2**
If you want to see someone who is in really bad shape and could maybe use a "wellness retreat," look no further than this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Arguably, he still might not be the biggest name in the family. Oh, and this isn't James Franco. Nicolas Cage (Nicolas Cage arrives in Cyprus)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#3**
I think the reps for the permanent A list "singer" are just surprised they got busted doing exactly what they got accused of doing. This is going to be an epic battle, with three sides fighting it out. Three? Yes, three. There is going to be a latecomer to the party. An outside relative so to speak. Britney Spears (father/Jamie Spears; mother/Lynn Spears; latecomer/brother Bryan Spears, cousin Alli Sims, personal assistant Felicia Culotta or ex-husband Kevin Federline)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#4**
The reason the career of this sometime A list singer faltered as a solo artist is not because of some crazy reason the former manager thought of out of the blue, it is because he did no PR at all for any of her records because he got way more money from the family member, and the family member didn't want him working too hard for the other singer. Kelly Rowland/Matthew Knowles/Beyoncé (Mathew Knowles Says Beyoncé's Career Benefited and Kelly Rowland's Suffered from Skin Tone Bias)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#5**
The late night host no one likes, especially his employees, is leaking stories that he may quit. Please, he just wants a raise. He could never make this kind of money doing anything else and he knows it. James Corden (James Corden may quit The Late Late Show in 2020)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#6**
The reason this A list comic/actor wants to keep his social media information private is because he knows it will leak and everyone will find out just often he did/does cheat on his wife. Kevin Hart (Kevin Hart Allegedly Refuses To Hand Over Social Media Info In $7M Lawsuit)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#7**
Most of the time, the Russian spy who is married to the convict is willing to linger and argue with her family member. This time though, the spy wanted out in a hurry. The reason? That person the family member referred to as a lover is the guy who ended up nearly dead in a very public way. Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos/George Papadopoulos/George's mother Kate Papadopoulos/Joseph Mifsud

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#8**
He isn't going to leave his wife, but this former B list celebrity from a family that has a former A lister does want a cash infusion. He knows what will make that cash pile grow in a hurry is a sex tape with the former bff of the reality star. The reality star who is only relevant because of a sex tape the former B lister once made. The former bff is thinking about it. It would be an easy $1M or more. Ray J (wife/Princess Love) (sister/Brandy Norwood) (Jordyn Woods bbf Kylie Jenner) (sex tape/Kim Kardsashian) (Jordyn Woods Hangs Out with Kim Kardashian's Ex Ray J as Cheating Scandal Unfolds on KUWTK)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#9**
The alliterate former actress turned A list celebrity has agreed to an acting role in a movie provided the compensation is high enough. She wants about 20 times what her salary used to be on her show. Meghan Markle ("Suits")

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#10**
Tears for the camera because it is expected from the east coast Housewife. In reality though, she is living the single life and her new guy and has nothing but dislike for her husband. Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") (Teresa Giudice Explains How Joe's Deportation Would Change Her Family Forever)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#11**
It's great that this acting couple found the time to troll a tabloid about a divorce report. How about answering why you continue to be friends and hang out and try to get work for the actor/rapist. If the tabloids put that on the cover every week, would you respond? Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis (Danny Masterson) (Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Make Jokes About Their Relationship Ending) (Ashton Kutcher blasted by Danny Masterson rape accuser for remaining silent on allegations)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#12**
This foreign born serial cheating A- list mostly movie actor was meeting up with a woman who is not his significant other who he started hooking up with while he was married. Anyway, the actor saw a pap and scattered away from the woman. He then spent ten minutes texting someone before jumping in a cab. Ewan McGregor (Ewan McGregor looks dapper in green as he spends the day shopping in NYC)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#13**
The A+ list mostly movie actor is being a tool. He wants a custody agreement to include that the model is not allowed to use a nanny for more than two hours a day, but he would not be subject to the same requirement. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Irina Shayk Takes Control of Custody with Daughter Following Split from Bradley Cooper)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#14**
Do It Here: This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and is known by just about everyone in the world has a secret. He likes dangerous sex games and likes unwilling participants. A benefactor who is richer than rich makes it happen. The two share that same fetish. It doesn't matter what sex the unwilling participant is, they just like to watch the unwillingness. The thing is though, our benefactor keeps things as safe for himself as he can by always engaging in these activities in international waters. He also makes sure to record all the other A listers who engage in the behavior in case one of them ever decides to turn on him, or if he needs a favor. For several years, the participants were supplied by a very wealthy foreign businessman who was also in a position to remain unscathed while collecting the participants. When that man was arrested though, the participants dried up. Apparently they have found a new person though who is in the ruling family of a Middle Eastern country. It is the same person who shielded the serial child pornographer/pedophile for so long who has been arrested yet again.
A list actor: Tom Hanks (See Every A-Lister Who's Partied on David Geffen's Luxury Yacht)
Benefactor: David Geffen

Very wealthy foreign businessman: Pippa Middleton’s father-in-law David Matthews ("Eden Rock Hotel" in St. Barths) (Pippa Middleton’s father-in-law ‘still under investigation over rape of teen girl 14 months after arrest’) (Inside Eden Rock St Barths, the ultra-luxury resort owned by Pippa Middleton's in-laws)
New person: George Aref Nader (born in Lebanon) (George Nader will stay in jail until detention hearing Friday in Virginia)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#1**
Just as I predicted, the PR people of this foreign born closeted A list singer are spreading rumors he is dating this alliterate singer. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes’ and Camila Cabello’s Fans Are Convinced They’re Dating Because of Their New Video)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#2**
Don't believe the hype. The foreign born former A+ list tweener is not going to get into the ring with the permanent A list mostly movie actor. First of all, the former tweener wouldn't be able to pass the drug test, and it is so off brand for the movie star that he wouldn't consider it. Justin Bieber/Tom Cruise (Justin Bieber 'agrees to UFC fight with Tom Cruise during secret phone call'... after saying challenge was a joke)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#3**
Apparently this former MTV cable star is spending her own money to launch a new product line. The thing is, there are zero companies so far who want to distribute it for fear of the public coming down on them. If this product launch is not successful, which it won't be, it will practically bankrupt the former star. Jenelle Evans ("Teen Mom 2") (Jenelle Evans Spotted In Washington, D.C., For Makeup Line Meetings Amidst Custody Battle)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#4**
The foreign born A- list mostly television actor who made his fame in that now defunct pay cable show was spotted without his wedding ring. He and his wife have both dabbled outside the marriage, but he has dabbled on a much more frequent basis. Kit Harington ("Game of Thrones")/Rose Leslie (Kit Harington enjoys a stroll in London as actor is seen for the first time since stint at Connecticut wellness facility over 'stress and alcohol' issues)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#5**
Meth is back on the table for this former A list mostly television actor all of you know and has struggled with addiction for decades. Matthew Perry (Matthew Perry Has the Best Response to His "Long Dirty Fingernails" Diss)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#6**
This A- list Victoria's Secret model says she was threatened with death by a cartel member she was sleeping with for money when she refused to have a threesome with him. So she gave in.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#7**
Of course this late night host is going to support the reality star. The amount of dirt she has on him is shocking. Andy Cohen/Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York") (Andy Cohen thinks Bethenny Frankel’s explosive ‘RHONY’ rant ‘made sense’)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#8**
Do you think the foreign born former A+ list rapper knows her boyfriend hooked up with a woman he met on the music video he shot with the rapper. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj Features Boyfriend in New Music Video ‘Megatron’)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#9**
This one hit wonder in the US is foreign born. He goes by one name as an artist. He also was an investor and user in a high end escort service run by a fugitive.

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#10**
This sometime reality star who is best friends with the reality family and is mostly famous for who she married and then the disastrous end to that marriage has been trying to convince a still married NBA player to donate his sperm to her. Larsa Pippen/Scottie Pippen/Kim Kardashian (Kendall Jenner, Larsa Pippen & More Stars Brightening Up Summer In Neon Dresses) (Everything You'd Ever Want to Know About Kim Kardashian's Best Friend Larsa Pippen)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#11**
This older permanent A list mostly movie actor who has two huge franchises under his belt and one he bailed on early on to the demise of it hooks up with a woman who is not his wife, twice a week at a commercial airport hangar. They use the bedroom of a private jet. Harrison Ford ("Star Wars") ("Indiana Jones") (Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy's "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger") (Harrison Ford Is Pretty Fucking Far From The Best Pilot In The Galaxy)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#12**
This foreign born former A list mostly movie actress who will never natch her fame level when she was a teen in that long running franchise has always been the prim and proper one, so it was fun to see her doing some lines of coke at a party last week. Emma Watson ("Harry Potter") (Emma Watson, Meryl Streep and More Channel 'Little Women' in Film's First Look)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#13**
The A list mostly movie actor from an acting family has always been closeted. It didn't stop him from making a move on his most recent actor A- list co-star who is passing for now. Jake Gyllenhaal/Tom Holland ("Spider-Man: Far from Home") (Jake Gyllenhaal Is Obsessed with Tom Holland as Spider-Man)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#14**
What About The Others?: The whole narrative sounds pleasant and the whole experience in the photo shoot was a win/win for all involved. The thing is though, we already know the documented history of one of the band members who thought the shoot was a great idea. He is also one of the few band members who was there to watch the shoot. He is the only band member who still has every single photo from that shoot plus videos. He is also the only band member who knows what happened to the other tweens who auditioned for the shoot and then didn't get the gig after their one on one meeting with the band member. They don't have any good recollections of the process. You can trot out the two stars and they can say it was all rainbows and unicorns even though they are not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. What about the barely a teen who got pregnant by the musician? What happened to her? This was his idea and his vision and was the epicenter of all his fantasies. The fact he was an A list musician in an A list group made it all happen.

Band: Led Zeppelin (Facebook Reverses Ban on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Houses of the Holy’ Cover Art)
Album: "Houses of the Holy" (Mystery of the iconic Led Zeppelin album cover and its golden-haired children)
Pedophile: Jimmy Page (Jimmy Page: Whole Lotta Pedophile)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#1**
The former Disney actress has been taking the events of the past week really hard and is back to using at 2017 levels. Bella Thorne (nude photos hacked) (Bella Thorne and Whoopi Goldberg’s fight over nude photos is bigger than both of them) (Bella Thorne says she taught herself how to read and count)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#2**
There is a group of four boys who are trying to sell their story. They say that when they were between the ages of 13-15 that this former A list rapper would tell them to steal money from their parents and then would come over and strip for them and then have sex with them.

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#3**
The foreign born former A list rapper was speaking the truth about what she witnessed. Her reason for revealing it is that the former A list tweener has been hell bent on having program directors stop playing the rapper's music.
Nicki Minaj witnessing Miley Cyrus orally servicing Mike Will in a recording studio (Nicki Minaj: I Saw Miley Cyrus S*ck Mike Will's D*CK In Studio!!) (Nicki Minaj Calls Miley Cyrus a 'Perdue Chicken' After Singer References Feud with Cardi B)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#4**
Whether it is because of the deaths or not, the rum of this A list actor is picking up orders left and right, and not just from the neighboring country. Apparently the word has spread and hotels on several island countries have started buying the rum for fear there guests will also be killed if they don't.

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#5**
A financially struggling studio run by horrible people is trying to keep a remake alive. This particular film project got a lot of attention a few months ago, for all the wrong reasons. Millennium Films/"Red Sonja"/Bryan Singer (Jill Soloway Replaces Bryan Singer as ‘Red Sonja’ Director) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#6**
I hadn't thought about this place in quite some time until a good friend asked about it, but the storefront opened by the former stripper turned celebrity turned escort turned reality star turned celebrity turned reality star with a quick sex tape thrown in there too, is still open. It is still a nice little tax shelter/money dodge for the former boyfriend who opened it for her.

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#7**
It appears as if this former A+ list tweener actor turned A-/B+ list adult actor who has been the subject of a few podcast episodes is starting to warm to the possibilities of talking about his underage years and those parties he attended. He is not talking specific people yet, but is talking about his attendance. Zac Efron (Zac Efron describes ‘the best orgasm ever’) (LipGloss gets stalked) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#8**
Still waiting for a certain someone/second in charge/ who worked on the canceled show with the now disgraced writer/producer/showrunner/offspring and knew everything that was going on in the show is going to speak up or try and slither away into a new job. Max Landis ("Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency") (Max Landis Accused of Sexual & Emotional Abuse By 8 Women) ('Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency' Canceled at BBC America)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#1**
Apparently one of the models this A++ list NBA player was seen out with recently is pregnant. Should be a nice revelation for the NBA player's wife. Stephen Curry/Ayesha (Steph Curry defends Ayesha Curry again after controversy: 'People are going to try to take stuff out of context')

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#2**
This dying foreign born former A list singer/actress recently set up a trust to only distribute a tiny amount of money each year to her offspring for fear of blowing it all and a drug overdose if the offspring had access to all of it at once. Olivia Newton-John/Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton-John's daughter pays emotional tribute to the star) (That's the lot that I want! Olivia Newton-John auctions off iconic costumes from Grease for cancer centre - with her famous skin-tight leather outfit set to reach £160,000)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#3**
This foreign born former A list rapper is hoping her significant other will be able to travel internationally with her if they get married. He won't. So, he will continue to cheat on her whenever she tours overseas. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj Says She's About to Marry Her 'Soulmate')

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#4**
This former reality star is trying to stay in the news by tagging along with the death scare. The thing is though, she stayed in an unaffected resort. She got her name out there though, which is what she wanted. Melissa Rycroft ("Dancing With the Stars" and "The Bachelor") ('Bachelor' star Melissa Rycroft recovering after Dominican Republic trip)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#5**
A recent article about this former teen celebrity turned reality star turned porn star talked about the sex tape the celebrity made but also mentioned a tape where she was performing oral sex on a man. That tape has never been released because she was under 18 when it was filmed. Not many people even know of its existence, so it was interesting to see it pop up in an article as something that had been released. Courtney Stodden (Report: Bidding war sparked by Courtney Stodden sex tape)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#6**
Not so long ago this A+ list athlete in her corner of the sports world became a brief A list reality star. She dated someone from that show and it was hot and heavy. She wanted to get married and have a family and he said he did too. She suspected it was so he could continue sleeping with her. So, one day she told him she was pregnant even though she wasn't and he freaked out and started getting angry with her about how it wasn't right and blah blah blah, so she dumped him after she said she wasn't really pregnant. Meryl Davis (American ice dancer)/Maksim Chmerkovskiy ("Dancing with the Stars") ('DWTS' Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Love Story Explained in 7 Easy Steps) (Olympic skating champ and 'Dancing with the Stars' winner Meryl Davis marries her coach's son)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#7**
A lame excuse, but something that will save her grief down the road for this celebrity offspring/wannabe model who is married and wanted to start her own cosmetics line. She wouldn't have sold enough. Hailey Baldwin Bieber (trademark application rejected - Justin Bieber had filed for a "Bieber Beauty" trademark back in 2003) (Hailey Bieber's Request to Trademark "Bieber Beauty" Was Reportedly Rejected)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#8**
As I suspected she would, this A list mostly movie actress acquired another of her special visas she is able to get because of her unique position to bring in two teens from a foreign country for some of her offspring to have sex with for a few weeks before she ships them back or off to friends. Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie: What We Owe Refugees)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#1**
This pretty recent NFL star quarterback has a life event coming up. Perhaps he shouldn't be cheating on his significant other. Cam Newton ("Carolina Panthers")/Kia Proctor (expecting fourth child) (Cam Newton and girlfriend Kia Proctor expecting fourth child) (Cam Newton tried to pay a fellow airline passenger $1,500 to get more legroom. He failed.)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#2**
What was supposed to be a prayerful weekend turned out to be the foreign born former A+ list tweener bailing early and flying home, leaving the wife to fend for herself while he partied. She did send some hierarchy to babysit him while she globetrotted. Now she is in her hometown talking to lawyers. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (VOUS Conference 2019) (Justin Bieber shares pastor’s message on overcoming fear) (Last Friday night, Hailey Bieber was seen having dinner at Komodo Opens a New Window. in Miami with three friends. She was there following day one of Vous Conference, the church her & husband Justin Bieber attend.)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#3**
I thought everyone knew that the foreign born permanent A list singer loved her coke. Apparently this is news. I'm not sure why. She really isn't shy about using. Rihanna (i could watch Rihanna being drunk and happy all day.)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#4**
Apparently the woman who is purportedly the girlfriend of this multiple network reality star from a reality star family is spending evenings on yachts rather than with the boyfriend. Derek Hough/Hayley Erbert (Derek Hough struggles to wipe away his smile as he holidays with bikini-clad girlfriend Hayley Erbert in France)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#5**
This foreign born alliterate NBA player is talking to an attorney about whether he can collect child support from his ex. That would be bold. Tristan Thompson/ Khloé Kardashian (Khloe Kardashian reveals ex Tristan Thompson 'threatened to kill himself' over Jordyn affair as Kris Jenner claims Woods was like a 'second daughter') (More Baby Mama Drama: Tristan Thompson Ordered To Pay $40K A Month To Ex For Son Prince)

The barely there/wannabe celebrity sibling of a former MTV star met her current boyfriend when he met her on a sugar daddy site. Apparently he pays her an allowance. "SeekingArrangement"

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#7**
Several weeks ago, I told you about the role this family member was going to play when the time came near for a permanent life event. This is one of the reasons, the subject came back to where the family member lives before the permanent life event. The family member is alluding to it in social media. Beth "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman (Beth Chapman’s "Anxious" Daughter Bonnie Gives Update on Beth’s Condition With Cryptic Photo)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#8**
This multiple hit network comedy A list actor who spanned decades in TWO roles on two different networks is married but has a 19 year old he spends $10K a week on. He has no idea she has a boyfriend and is just faking with the actor. Ted Danson ("Cheers" NBC/"Becker" CBS); Ed O'Neill ("Married... with Children" FOX/"Modern Family" ABC)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#9**
Don't use PED (performance-enhancing drug) kids or you too can be a huge star sent down to the minors when they don't test you early like they did in other years. Mike Foltynewicz ("Atlanta Braves") (First-place Braves demote Mike Foltynewicz one year after breakout All-Star season)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#10**
This alliterate former actress turned escort begged for weeks to get an invite to a bachelorette party featuring the former reality star turned B+/B list actress. The escort things it would be great for her singing career. Katharine McPhee/Lindsay Lohan (Katharine McPhee Parties On A Boat In Mykonos Ahead Of Her Wedding To David Foster. "Honey this is how you throw a party in Mykonos bitch," she captioned the three photos (clearly channeling the Mykonos queen, Lindsay Lohan)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#11**
This mogul/wannabe rapper tried to get the foreign born permanent A list singer to work with him. She wants no part of any of that. Apparently things were strange when she hid out there back in the day after that famous photo. Public places are fine, but no working together where they might end up alone. Sean (P. Diddy) Combs/Rihanna (photo) (Rihanna and Chris Brown hiding out at Sean (Diddy) Combs' Star Island mansion, say reports)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#12**
This foreign born closeted A/A- list mostly movie actor who does have a superhero character was out of the country for a big event but left his male "publicist," behind because he wants to take a break. Maybe time for another fake heterosexual relationship? Tom Hiddleston ("Loki")/Luke Windsor (Shanghai: Tom Hiddleston, BAFTA Launch China Talent Initiative) (Tom Hiddleston is thankful for Luke Windsor, his 'friend, publicist and nanny’) (Dated Who)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#13**
Doing the beard thing seems odd for this entertainer/reality star/athlete considering her whole story line was about wanting to get married and having kids, hence the big split. Nikki Bella/Artem Chigvintsev ("Dancing with the Stars") (Nikki Bella and Artem Chingvintzev pack on the PDA in LA... days after WWE star reveals she has a brain cyst) (John Cena and Nikki Bella clashed over having kids)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#14**
There And Gone: At first, the whole thing seemed accidental. Coincidental. Yes, it was a death. A possible murder? It didn't look like it at the time. It looked like an accident. Yes, it was a victim who had a lot of information about an A list actor. Some information she had shared, but the vast majority she had not. Victims came to her all the time to share their stories. She was the point person. Originally the suspect was very cooperative with police. No issues at all. He provided a driver's license and answered questions. What no one is saying is that no followup interview has ever been done. The license was a real name, but someone who died decades ago. The address was not where the suspect lived. No one has been able to find the person to speak to them. They just vanished. Does that change the working theory of accident to something more? No one even knows who to charge or who to investigate. No fingerprints. Literally nothing. They played it perfectly. Kevin Spacey accuser Linda Culkin (Report: Kevin Spacey Accuser Linda Culkin Dead After Being Struck By Car) (Woman killed by car in Quincy served time for death threats)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#1**
Considering this foreign born former A- list actress has been tending to the needs of this infamous celebrity for years, I'm not sure how she can play the victim when she accuses her on and off again boyfriend of cheating on her.
Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange/Adil Rami (as to the abuse claims, for those she can be the victim) (Pamela Anderson's ex Adil Rami denies cheating with the mother of his twins as he hits back at claims he's a 'lying monster who scammed her for two years')

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#2**
What does it say when this former A/A- list mostly television actor gets you a six figure gift for your "anniversary" and your supposed husband just gets you a card? I guess you need to ask the former A/A- list mostly television actress that directly. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn (married Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24, 2013 )(Is Kerry Washington’s Baller Hubby Nnamdi Gay?)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#3**
Amazing how the foreign born barely more than a one hit wonder has forgotten about the "leaker" of photos and is just continuing on with her life as if nothing had happened. It looks like she finally made a deal with a producer too. She has so many deals with so many people that she won't make any money with her record unless it sells millions of copies. Iggy Azalea (Iggy Azalea Reveals 'In My Defense' Album Release Date & Blood-Stained Album Artwork)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#4**
Apparently if the A+ lister decides to come out, she can in no way mention the alliterate model who likes her new life. Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss (Joshua Kushner) (Meaningful or just marketing? Taylor Swift's pride themed song sparks debate) (Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner Had a Chic, Western-Themed Second Wedding)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#5**
This foreign born singer was A list back in the day for her first record. Then, she was ticked off that her secret was revealed. That secret being she didn't write any of her hits even though she had claimed she wrote them all. That led to a falling out with the people who did which is why she has never had a hit since. Probably also the reason people think she was replaced with a body double. Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne Books First North American Tour in Five Years) (Avril Lavigne: Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong) (Avril Lavigne: songwriter retracts songwriting claims) (Why fans think Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a clone named Melissa)

Kindness: This former A+ list tweener actor turned A-/B+ list adult actor is someone all of you know and a podcast subject. He recently paid for the entire bridal shower of the best friend of someone he is dating. Zac Efron

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#7**
This former A list tweener/singer turned A-/B+ list adult actress who desperately still wants to be a singer hooked up again with her ex. She does that because whenever she does, he tends to buy her something really expensive. Apparently this time he bought her a new car. The current significant other is clueless. Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie/Matthew Koma (Hilary Duff's Fiancé Apologizes With a Pleasure Toy & We Can't Unsee It) (Hilary Duff Just Sang for the First Time in Years — and It's a Huge 'Lizzie McGuire' Throwback)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#8**
It would probably have been nice for the foreign born A list singer to tell her long time boyfriend they were over rather than start hooking up with this serial cheating celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities with celebrity siblings more famous than the offspring too. Dua Lipa (Isaac Carew)/Anwar Hadid (parents Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid) (sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid) (Dua Lipa ‘Dating’ Gigi & Bella Hadid’s Brother Anwar After Splitting From Isaac Carew)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#9**
I know we like to think of the early rise of the journalist turned writer/director as unique, but it wasn't. Who am I talking about? The famed publisher, of course. He had a longstanding practice of hiring high school-aged teens of one sex rather than the other. He liked to invite them back to his lavish apartment where they'd be given booze and drugs, then required to partake of a certain game. You can imagine what happened next. Cameron Crowe (Allman Brothers Band interview as his first cover story for Rolling Stone when he was 16)/Jann Wenner (co-founder and publisher of the popular culture magazine "Rolling Stone") (Gregg Allman, Cameron Crowe, and ‘Almost Famous’: The Story Behind the Story) (The Lust in the Heart of Rolling Stone: The editor Jann Wenner has been accused of trading work for sex) (Jann Wenner, 'Rolling Stone,' And The Decline Of Rock 'N' Roll)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#10**
Considering how many women have accused him of sexual assault/inappropriate behavior/coercion, this A-/B+ list actress from an acting family might not enjoy answering questions about this A list actor from an acting family, but SHE is the one who decided not to fire him after all the accusations became public. She has never given an answer as to why she decided to keep him employed. She just sidesteps questions about his behavior and shames people for asking them. Maggie Gyllenhaal/James Franco ("The Deuce") (Maggie Gyllenhaal Says Questions About James Franco Annoy Her: 'I Have Nothing To Do With It')

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#11**
This celebrity offspring is probably an A- list actress in her own right and has eclipsed her parental unit on the list. Anyway, she acts as a go between for this very wealthy foreign businessman who has a celebrity offspring of his own and young actresses who will be willing to sleep with the businessman. In return, the celebrity offspring gets to use the businessman's private jet whenever she wants.

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#12**
This foreign born online celebrity/professional gambler was trying to blackmail this oligarch who also has slept with the celebrity Russian spy/wannabe actress. Anyway, the celebrity/gambler knew about the oligarch and a recent threesome with two current members of that British reality show that will make its debut here in the States soon. Apparently the celebrity/gambler was going to tell the wife of the oligarch who she used to go to school with. A couple hours later, the celebrity/gambler was dead. Liliya Novikova/Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos/"Love Island" (Russia’s ‘sexiest’ poker star, 26, electrocuted while ‘using her hairdryer in the bathroom’) (Simona Mangiante-Papadopoulos is misleading the public about her background) (How Will the American Love Island Compare to the British Version? Season 4 Favorites Weigh in) (Meet the cast of Love Island 2019) (The 25 richest Russian oligarchs on the 'Putin list' that the US just released)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#13**
Apparently a frequent guest at the frequent parties of the disgraced director and his mentor and all of those other a-holes found an old camera of his and it is filled with nearly a thousand images from several of those parties. Images that have never been seen before. There are also new victims and predators to be identified in the pictures. He is building a website right now to host all of the photos and let people figure out who everyone is that he can't remember. Bryan Singer/David Geffen (Inside Bryan Singer’s Wild ("wild"? try sad, buzzfeed) Hollywood World) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#14**
I have always called this show exploitative. Now, it is enabling/complicit in underage human trafficking. The producers know that one of the female stars of the show was not even quite 17, when she started dating the guy twice her age who got her into the country to marry her. Yes, she was legal when she finally moved to the country, but they just bury their head in the sand when it comes to the fuzzy math in the relationship, all for the sake of a show. Fernanda Flores/Jonathan Rivera ("90 Day Fiancé"/TLC) (’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Jonathan Started Dating Fernanda When She Was Just 17 Years Old)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#15**
This former political staffer who is probably A list when it comes to name recognition still hasn't got divorced and is sleeping with at least one CEO in return for a very highly paid board position. Huma Abedin/husband Anthony Weiner/(vice chair of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign for President of the United States and deputy chief of staff to Clinton, who was U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013) ("Vital Voices Global Partnership")

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#16**
Lets Try It - Old Hollywood: This permanent A list actor was A list on television and even sold tons of records even though his contribution to the records was minimal despite what he might actually have said. He has actually been in a blind a long time ago for one of his main interests. A researcher going through his library though discovered some personal correspondence which alludes to something that happened long ago though that is much more sinister. Our actor believed in life after death. He also believed someone could be resurrected. He wanted that for himself, but wanted to see how it would work and if it would be possible. So, our actor who was probably the most well known television actor in the world at one point in his career set up a ceremony at his home where he followed the instructions in a book. The person he sacrificed was the daughter of his long long time housekeeper who the actor had also had a long running sexual relationship with. It is unknown whether the daughter of the housekeeper was also his daughter. Despite following all of the instructions, the girl could not be brought back to life. When the housekeeper discovered what had happened and the experiment, she was hysterical and tried to call the police. Even if the police had come, it is doubtful they would have done anything to the actor considering just how powerful he was and the favors he could call in. Instead of allowing the housekeeper/long time lover to call though, our actor decided to kill her too. He then called the police and told them the mother/daughter deaths were a murder suicide and that is what went down in the official records. A five minute investigation would have shown it all to be ridiculous but everyone wanted to meet the actor and just hang around him. Jackie Gleason (Music) (University of Miami Libraries: The Jackie Gleason Collection - includes Celebrities, Cryptids and Lost Worlds, Death, Dreams, Ghosts, Mediums and Telepathy, Oddities, Psychology, Spiritualism, The Supernatural, UFOs and Extraterrestrials) (Away He Goes, or Does He? The Strange Jackie Gleason Caper) (Jackie Gleason’s Miami Beach Party House is Perpetually on the Market)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#1**
This reality show couple who recently became a current reality show couple again are trying to sell their idea for a MLM (Multi-level marketing) venture. The thing is though, it is most likely a Ponzi rather than a MLM. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt ("The Hills: New Beginnings") (Crystal Empire) (Are Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Our New Wellness Icons?) ("Pratt Daddy" ELITE LEVEL CRYSTAL COLLECTIONS)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#2**
I'm not even sure why the foreign born not quite a one hit wonder even called a guy her boyfriend. She was hooking up with anyone she could to get the record done and I'm guessing the "boyfriend" was working like crazy on it. Once it finished, he was no longer necessary. Iggy Azalea/Guy Sebastian (Iggy Azalea Returns To Social Media By Dissing Singer Guy Sebastian)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor is probably A/A- now with the big name recognition still. He has been hitting on an A list singer who is much much younger than him and offering her the best drugs if she wants to party with him. If you ever agree to go out with this guy, NEVER accept his drugs. They are going to be something that is nothing near what he says it is. Jim Carrey/Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande Shows Off Jim Carrey Inspired Tattoo)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#4**
This A/A- list rapper always cheats on his wife. I think he actually cheated on her the day before and after they got married. Ever since she almost divorced him, he has been more discreet until this week. The fact he was so brazen about it makes me wonder if she is pregnant again. He knows she wouldn't leave if that was the case. Offset/Cardi B (Offset’s Being ‘So Supportive’ Amid Cardi B’s Court Case: How He’s Helping To ‘Calm Her Down’) (Cardi B: 'F*ck You Mean? I Ain’t Going to Jail, I Got a Daughter!')

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#5**
This A- list actor/writer who is probably going to drop to B+ list soon is someone all of you know. He recently threw a swapping party but he didn't bring anyone to swap with and made a rule that he got first choice of the women that were in attendance. Justin Theroux (Screen Actors Celebrate Pride. Yachtswomen Are Proud, Too.) (Justin Theroux’s Cousin Gave an Update on His Divorce from Jennifer Aniston)

This former A+ list child actor who was pretty much done acting by his tween/teen years all of you know hasn't gone back to shooting up heroin but is definitely snorting it again. Macaulay Culkin (Fans Are Rallying for Macaulay Culkin to Play Joker in The Batman)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#7**
This former A- list television actress from back in the day on a hit network show is probably B list now and that is only because of a new show she is on. For quite some time she had stopped using coke in favor of crack because she didn't have much money left. The coke is back though. She thinks it is classier. Mischa Barton ("The Hills: New Beginnings") (Rehab Alum Mischa Hid Boozing From ‘Hills’ Cameras, Spencer Claims) (Single For Summer! Mischa Barton Splits From Aussie Heir Boyfriend James Abercrombie)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#8**
This former A list singer who makes movies now too in addition to the A+ list band duties is making a movie about the House On St. Charles. For now. He says he found listening devices in his house and there are people parked in front of his house 24/7. He is being followed and is pretty sure someone tried to run him over too.

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#9**
There are more than a half dozen past and present heads of state, including at least two Presidents and dozens of CEO's who donate millions each year to political campaigns who want to make sure that South Florida case never sees the light of day. They want those donations to mean something. The pressure is intense. Don't be shocked if the judge rules the way they want that the judge ends up on an Appeals Court as a promotion. Jeffrey Epstein (former U.S. Attorney for Miami Alexander Acosta/now serves in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet as secretary of labor) (Jeffrey Epstein’s Unusually Light Plea Deal Must Stand, Justice Department Says)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#10**
Apparently the not related by blood family member never showed any interest in seeing this former multiple reality star B-/C+ lister in a bikini or topless which she does frequently too. This is what led to the revelation that is making news today. Brody Jenner/Kourtney Kardashian (Spencer Pratt Blames Brody Jenner’s Wife For Ruining His Relationship With The Kardashians) (Kourtney Kardashian's Newest Topless Photo Is Totally Flawless)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#11**
This streaming service is having discussions about streaming live porn to make up for the huge loss of viewers they know is coming in the next two years with the loss of two of their biggest programs. Netflix (Marvel’s ‘The Punisher,’ ‘Jessica Jones’ Canceled at Netflix) (Inside ‘The Netflix of Porn’: How Bree Mills Is Shaking Up the Adult Industry)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#12**
The still young, foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress opened her checkbook to her significant other who has raided the hell out of it. The actress just doesn't know it yet. Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones")/Reuben Selby (Maisie Williams PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: GoT star joins her boyfriend Reuben Selby and his family for a lavish Seychelles getaway in a £3,500-a-night villa complete with a private butler)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#13**
Reader Blind Item - Kindness: I received a heart wrenching email from a teenage fan whose friend had just passed away suddenly in a car accident. The fan said his friends favorite song was the HUGE melancholy love song this foreign based permanent A list band had, and could they please play it at their concert the following night? We forwarded the email to the band, and not only did they play the song (which, well they would've anyway, let's be honest) but they dedicated it to the teen who passed away and had all of his friends and family backstage to meet the band after the show. Metallica (Metallica sing tribute to crash victim fan Chris) ("Nothing Else Matters" lyrics) (Metallica - Nothing Else Matters [Official Music Video])

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#14**
Cause Vs Effect: This singer is permanently A list. Long before she was a singer though, she was an actress. An actress who was young. She started off as a tween. She doesn't like to talk about those years. The only thing she will ever say is she acted and what shows she was on. Ask her what happened behind the scenes though and she won't say a word. I would argue that many of her choices to remain private and distant about her personal life stems from the time on those sets. Two in particular stand out because they shared an executive producer. This is a producer I have written about before who repeatedly sexually assaulted a star of one of the shows. He got her hooked on drugs so she would let him do things to her or have other people join in. She was a zombie. What I haven't written about before is the long term molesting of the permanent A list singer which went on for almost five years. What had been this bubbly lively personality became so shy and withdrawn that it always took multiple takes for her scenes because she was so quiet and so fearful for what would happen after the scenes were shot. Because she had such a controlling monster as a parent, I wonder if she just accepted this controlling monster as her boss. Janet Jackson/Dana Plato ("Diff'rent Strokes") Norman Lear (Tandem Productions, Inc.)

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#1**
Apparently while she has been free on bail, this former A-/B+ list actress has been engaging in behavior which is going to end up in more charges for her. Heather Locklear (Mötley Crüe flick drives Heather Locklear back to the bottle)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#2**
With the delay of the release of the next installment of the female fronted superhero movie, the bearding arrangement of one of its A- list stars is continuing until its release. They are both so ready to move on. Chris Pine ("Wonder Woman 1984")/Annabell Wallis (Why Wonder Woman 1984 might not release the trailer until later this year?) (Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis are a stylish couple as they grab coffee together in New York City)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#3**
As much as the alliterate talk show host wants a fresh start, if she moves out to LA, most of her staff and crew would be out of a job and she doesn't want that to happen. Wendy Williams (Is The Wendy Williams Show Moving To L.A.?)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#4**
This foreign born A- list-ish actress who has a big new project coming out gave a woe is me interview about how she feels taken advantage of in her career. Ummm, you are the one, along with the married men you were involved with that broke up multiple marriages and came thisclose to breaking up another. You flaunted that one everywhere throughout the world for people to see. Oh, and you also spent a lot of time with the disgraced producer who got you a bunch of roles. So, where is the taking advantage of you? Sienna Miller ("American Woman")/Jude Law/Balthazar Getty/Harvey Weinstein (Sienna Miller: ‘I Do Feel I’ve Been, for Much of My Life, Underestimated’) (Review: Sienna Miller makes ‘American Woman’ her own) (Sienna Miller Discusses Her Daniel Craig-Jude Law Love Triangle) (Sienna Miller affair made marriage 'stronger,' says Balthazar Getty) (Sienna Miller stands ‘in absolute solidarity’ with Harvey Weinstein accusers)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#5**
This Housewife is about to learn a hard lesson that what you can say about someone on a reality show where everyone signs up to be dragged and shamed is not the same as the real world. Calling out a celebrity for being on drugs when the Housewife had no clue at all, is going to end up as a lawsuit. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York)/Sunny Hostin ("The View") ('View' co-host Sunny Hostin slams Bethenny Frankel for accusing her of 'taking some drugs')

This former A list mostly movie actor has multiple Oscar wins/nominations. He also has been one of the most difficult to work with actors of all time which is why he has trouble getting work. It is rich that he called out an actor/former co-star for being difficult to work with. It is true, but still, he should look in the mirror first. Richard Dreyfuss/Bill Murray ("What About Bob?") (Richard Dreyfuss Claims 'Irish Drunken Bully' Bill Murray Threw an Ashtray at Him on 1991 Movie)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#7**
This alliterate reality star who doesn't have many original body parts remaining talks a lot about cheating but is hooking up with a married man who still lives with his wife. Khloé Kardashian (Khloé Kardashian Fans Are Calling Her Out for Looking Legit Unrecognizable in Another Pic) (Khloé Kardashian Sobs Over Jordyn Woods Cheating Scandal as Kim Claims 'Tristan Admitted It')

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#8**
Apparently when investigators looked more closely at holes inside the former MTV star's house, they discovered some of them were from bullets. Most of the remaining holes were from what looks like a fist. Jenelle Evans/David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason ("Teen Mom 2") (Former 'Teen Mom 2' Star, Jenelle Evans Is Back to Toying Fans with a Picture of an Ultrasound Amid Custody Battle)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#9**
The woman with the very tough title to pronounce is getting divorced. Apparently she is still seeing the royal. Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley/Prince William (Has Kate Middleton Confronted Prince William About the Rose Hanbury Affair?) (Kate Middleton’s ex best friend Rose Hanbury spotted without wedding ring months after being ‘phased out’ of royal circle)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#10**
Not the greatest look for this trying to make a name for herself celebrity who has only really made headlines in the past couple months when you bail on a huge event for your brand new line of clothes. Jordyn Woods (‘I work hard’: Jordyn Woods responds to Khloe Kardashian cheating drama as she launches new Boohoo range)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress is leaving the franchise that made her a star. The thing is, when she first started out in it, she was almost fired because of her excessive partying. She realized it was a once in a lifetime gig and pretty much has been sober since. Daisy Ridley ("Star Wars") ('I wish I'd done it sooner': Daisy Ridley admits turning to therapy to cope with Star Wars fame... as she reflects on her long battle with anxiety)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#12**
The seemingly weak hearted producer was supposed to be traveling with his lender/rapper to promote the show they worked on together. He bailed, which didn't surprise very many people. Randall Emmett/50 Cent/"Power" (50 Cent does 180 turn and says and ‘Power’ won’t be cancelled after all) ('Power' Fourth Season Exhibition/Barcelona Spain) (50 Cent Mocks Lala Kent’s Fiancé For ‘Faking’ Heart Attack To Get Out Of Paying Him $1 Million) (EP Randall Emmett Pays 50 Back After Rapper Bullies Him On Instagram) (Five People Have Owed 50 Cent Over $1.8 Million So Far This Year)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#13**
This permanent A list actress who had an iconic role in television and movies is using a shell company to hide the fact she is paying slave wages to the people who make her fashion line. Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw "Sex and the City") (Fashion Industry) (Sarah Jessica Parker finds her sole mate at Nordstrom) (SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Bridal Collaboration with GILT Is Finally Here!)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#14**
Not Just One: Much like rock stars hooking up with way underage teens, we also seem to give a pass to celebrities we like. Lets not forget three big names that Wilmer Valderrama hooked up with were all underage (Mandy 16, Lindsay 17, Demi 17) when he did so. Oh, and that Joel Madden was closer to 30 than 20 when he took the virginity of a barely old enough to drive Hilary Duff. Oh, and don't forget the nearly 40 year old Jerry Seinfeld hooking up with the underage high school senior. So, it shouldn't come as a shock that we have given a pass to this former A- list mostly movie actor who was in his mid 30's when he was dating someone barely old enough to drive. The thing is though, she wasn't the only one. As he was introduced to her friends, he would invite them to his home after school, usually paying for a driver to pick them up and drop them back off so no one would see him with them. These teens ranged in age from 13-17 and he always thought that losing their virginity to him was the best thing that could happen to them. That they needed a real man to show them the ropes. He must have committed several dozen statutory rapes, not including his permanent underage girlfriend. Even when this comes to light, and it will, no one will say anything. It will all just be chalked up to celebrities being celebrities and people will probably agree with his awful misguided theory. Paul Walker (When Are We Going to Address How Paul Walker Had Relationships With Underage Girls?)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#1**
This A list singer/sometime reality star is supposed to get married. I bet she doesn't know about the pregnancy scare her soon to be husband had with another woman. Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom (Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom to Wed by the End of the Year: 'It Will Be a Fun Celebration')

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#2**
That recent gift bought by the A list-ish rapper and her husband that supposedly cost six figures actually was fake and cost about 1% of what the PR people leaked. Offset/Cardi B ($100,000 necklace for daughter Kulter) Cardi B Buys Daughter Kulture a $100,000 Necklace Ahead of Her 1st Birthday)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#3**
This A list singer/wannabe actress quietly put a duet back on some song services that she had publicly pulled while trying for positive PR. Lady Gaga/R. Kelly (Lady Gaga speaks out on R. Kelly and plans to remove song collaboration from iTunes)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#4**
This gun sounding reality star from that show I hate should probably know his new girlfriend is already in a long term relationship and is just using him to see if she can get on television too. Colton Underwood/Cassie Randolph ("The Bachelor") (The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Look So in Love on Bermuda Vacation)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#5**
While he usually goes for older high school teens, this foreign born former superhero is the one who had final say on casting the way underage foreign born A-/B+ list actress because he wanted to get to know her. Uh huh. Henry Cavill/Millie Bobby Brown ("Enola Holmes") (Henry Cavill Joins Millie Bobby Brown in Legendary's 'Enola Holmes')

This permanent A list mostly movie actor sent out a cease and desist to the foreign born former A+ list tweener to stop using the actor's name in the singer's PR stunt. Since then, the whole thing has gone away. Tom Cruise/Justin Bieber UFC fight (The UFC will tarnish its name forever if it goes ahead with the Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise farce)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#7**
This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actress in her own country is probably B+ list here. As part of her punishment, she was forced to drop a guy she was with for quite some time and is now the girlfriend of a high ranking government official. Apparently she is expected to also get pregnant. Fan Bingbing (Li Chen) (Chinese Star Fan Bingbing Calls Off Engagement After Tax Scandal)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#8**
This A list reality star was nowhere near death, but that wouldn't make for good television. Go ask the doctor if she would have died and see what he says. A lot different answer. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York") (RHONY: Bethenny Frankel Says She Felt Dennis Shields 'Pulling' Her During Near-Death Experience) ('Real Housewives of New York's' Bethenny Frankel Clarifies Her Food Allergy)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#9**
By my count, there are at least four A listers who contributed to the serial woman beating A lister's record. This is in addition to the two other A listers who made a music video with him. They say they care about women, but this doesn't really show it. They also know that the media is too scared to ever ask them about it because all those reporters just want backstage passes and to feel cool rather than holding their feet to the fire and making them justify their actions. Chris Brown ("Indigo" album track listing) (Chris Brown’s "Indigo" album slammed by those who remember his abusive past) (Kendall Jenner under fire for working with Chris Brown)

1. Foreign born former A+ list tweener (Justin Bieber)
2. Foreign born former A list female rapper (Nicki Minaj)
3. Foreign born A+ list singer/rapper (Drake)
4. Former A+ list rapper who makes a lot of kids and a lot of music. (Lil Wayne)
5. A/A- list reality star from a reality family. (Kendall Jenner)
6. Foreign born A+ list singer (Ed Sheeran)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#10**
Apparently Bani (celebrity sex broker) met with a man this week who recently had dinner with a very wealthy businessman who owns one of the world's landmark buildings as well as one of the world's landmark hotels. When the son of the businessman died, the father received all the possessions. Included in them are a series of 24 pictures with the negatives of this foreign born permanent A++ list celebrity nude and partially nude. Mohamed Al-Fayed/Dodi/Princess Diana ("Harrods") ("Hôtel Ritz Paris") (Dodi Al-Fayed’s death) (Death of Diana, Princess of Wales) (Diana's boyfriend Dodi's London flat left UNTOUCHED 20 years after his death)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#11**
The main sticking point for this permanent A list mostly movie actress signing on for a role in a Marvel movie is she wants to be paid more than anyone has for a marvel movie. Her only concession is that it can be the most per minute of screen time than anyone. She is pretty adamant about it which, considering what I think her financial situation is right now, is a pretty bold move. Angelina Jolie ("The Eternals") (Angelina Jolie’s Superhero Movie Role In Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ Was ‘Highly Influenced’ By Her 6 Kids)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#12**
This barely legal social media star who actually got nominated for an award from the slime channel was wasted out of her mind at an event this week. Apparently she was like a zombie. Emma Chamberlain (18) (Louis Vuitton X Opening Cocktail) (Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards "Favorite Social Star") (The Dolan Twins Are Following in Emma Chamberlain's Fashion Footsteps)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#13**
This former A/A- list teen actress who had her own show has nothing booked no matter how hard she tries. She spent a weekend with a producer who said he would cast her but then he didn't. She has tried red carpets and promo modeling, but nothing is working. Her only hope is something that has been in the can for a long time and is only now seeing the light of day. I feel like her former boss is somehow behind her shunning. Because she wouldn't play his game. Miranda Cosgrove ("iCarly")/Dan Schneider (IMDB) (Dan Schneider can’t leave Nickelodeon quietly: "Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy, two actors who found fame on Schneider’s shows, boycotted that year’s Teen Choice Awards at which the producer was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award") (Miranda Cosgrove/Dan Schneider shows) (Dan Schneider Scandal: Actresses Reportedly Meeting With Lawyers)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#14**
Bring Her In: Back in the 90's, this actress was probably A- list. A couple of nice television runs. Not as the star of the show, but as a good solid second billed person. On the show that brought her fame was also the show where she got the reputation as the barely legal (and lets be honest, she was doing it before she was legal too while on the show) actress who loved doing threesomes. She was publicly in the closet, but loved men and women and was up for anything. It was that up for anything that kept her employed when the vast majority of tween/teen actors now going into their 20's struggled to find employment. In fact, the star of the show that made her famous suffered from that for a couple of decades. Right after her show ended, she had lots of offers. They all came with the wink wink knowledge that she was there to have fun with the star of the project during the shoot or the producer before she landed the job. This went on for a good decade through another successful television run and then she was done. At that point, she wanted to get her life back and be who she wanted to be with rather than feel like she was having to be with someone for work. She has done a couple things in the decade since, but for the most part has just been living her life, including coming out. Jenna von Oÿ ("Blossom"; "Pepper Ann"; "The Parkers"; "What's with Andy?") (separated from her husband and now engaged to a woman named Kaleigh Barthaelemy) (Many Surprised By What This Curvaceous "The Parkers" Actress Is Doing Now) (The real reason you don't hear from Jenna von Oy anymore)

Sad And Lonely: While one media whore was prancing down the aisle in two thousand dollar Jimmy Choos she bought in Paris, another Jimmy was back at his luxury apartment all alone. Sulking by the pool in a cabana by himself. My spy says he was quite out of sorts and not his usual self. No one was there with him. Meanwhile, the biggest douche bag from another show on the other coast was seated at table six next to a woman, her husband and the dog. Even the couple who flew the other couple out is not at that table. But Yeremiah Bell is. WHY? Larry Birkhead is. Why? Hockey Player Grant Fuhr and is wife are. Do these people not have any real friends? Meanwhile, one poor guy was left off the list. Life isn’t fair. I’m kind of worried about the guy. Where is the girlfriend? On the other hand, his apartment is insanely pretty. Who has a pool with private cabanas to sulk in away from the sun? When I saw the photos I was sent I really thought he was sad on a luxury vacation in Tulum or somewhere. James Kennedy (Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright ("Vanderpump Rules") wedding/James Kennedy (girlfriend Raquel Leviss)/("Table 6" - Fellow Kentuckians Yeremiah Bell, Larry Birkhead, Grant and Lisa Fuhr, Daniel Gillum, Shep Rose ("Southern Charm"), Lisa Vanderpump, Ken and Giggy ("Vanderpump Rules") (Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Get Married! See Their Wedding Pics and Find Out Who Attended, Plus Their Unique Wedding Cake) (Brittany Cartwright Buys Wedding Shoes in Paris) (Will "Vanderpump Rules" star James Kennedy attend Kentucky ceremony?) (James Kennedy Thinks He And Raquel Leviss Will Be The Next To Get Married On Vanderpump Rules)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#1**
Of course this permanent A list mostly movie actor sticks up for someone accused of sexual assault. It isn't the first time. I mean just look at the family member or even the mirror. Ben Affleck/Noah Levine, the founder of Refuge Recovery/brother Casey Affleck (Ben Affleck staunchly defends founder of addiction recovery center accused of sexual misconduct: 'I don't know what I would have done without him') (Casey Affleck Just Addressed #MeToo and the Harassment Allegations Against Him. Here's What to Know About the Controversy)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#2**
After trashing/ignoring/appropriating an entire culture and then forgetting about them when it wasn't convenient any longer, this former A+ list tweener actress says it was all a misunderstanding and is trying to win them back. Miley Cyrus (Hip-Hop & Rap) (Miley Cyrus Apologizes Again For Problematic Comments On Hip-Hop & Rap)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#3**
This former Housewife who now has her own show has no money. She is rolling the dice trying to get a big raise. The thing is though, now the show is more likely to be canceled which will really put her in a bad financial position. My guess is she will then move across the country to her husband's home state and downsize and try and sell a reality show about that. Kim Zolciak-Biermann ("Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "Don’t Be Tardy")/Kroy Biermann (Montana) (Kim Zolciak & daughter Brielle Biermann get huge raised for "Don’t Be Tardy" reality show on Bravo)

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#4**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee pulled a knife out on a recent date and said she wanted to tie him up.

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#5**
It wasn't a no show type of thing, it was a no invite type of thing from this B+ list actress who is nowhere close to being the highest on the list in the family towards the A list dual threat actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. No one wanted her there. Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman wedding (Meryl Streep) ("Big Little" wedding guest list...The Monterey 5 Are Here!!!)

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#6**
The alliterate actress in legal trouble wants to change her plea. If she wants no jail time, that would mean throwing her spouse under the bus. Will she be able to go through it. Lori Loughlin (Mossimo Giannulli) (Lori Loughlin reportedly second-guessing her decision to plead not guilty)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#7**
Wait until the fans find out about the biggest foreign born group in the world right now and their involvement in the drugs and hookers scandal and how the group is not only involved, but also profiting from it. "BTS" (How success of K-pop bands like BTS hide dark side of industry steeped in sex scandals, ‘slave’ contracts and suicides) (Former "Big Bang" member Seungri Has Been Forwarded To Prosecution On 7 Criminal Charges)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#8**
Just as I told you a few weeks ago and already revealed, this former A-/B+ list actor from an acting family where he never was the biggest doesn't have enough money to get divorced, let alone, get married. The girlfriend he was supposed to marry is starting to realize it too and their relationship is on the rocks. Kevin Dillon ('Entourage' Star Kevin Dillon Claims He Has to Sell Malibu Home to Pay Off Ex-Wife)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#1**
The former A+ list NBA athlete who is the serial cheater to his actress wife has been hanging out with one of the biggest arms sales people in the world. Interesting choice. Carmelo Anthony (La La Anthony) (La La Anthony celebrates 36th birthday after Carmelo yacht drama)

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#2**
This former child rapper/actor is renting himself out to wealthy men.

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#3**
The alliterate former actress sent out invitations to only A+ list celebrities, including dozens she has never met before, in hopes of luring them to that life event she is hosting. Meghan Markle’s son Archie’s christening (Archie's Christening Date Revealed! Here's When We'll See Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Son)

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#4**
This multiple reality star all of you know with multiple children who were also on the shows is picking up men at a hotel she frequently visits and charging by the hour to support her addictions and her boyfriend. Honey Boo Boo’s mother June "Mama June" Shannon (Honey Boo Boo Reportedly Blocks Mama June Shannon’s Access To Her Money Amid Drug Arrest, Gambling Tailspin)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#5**
In addition to being abusers of women, this pair of YouTube stars are also transphobic and freaked out when one of the women they drugged to rape was transgendered. Since then, they want nothing to do with anyone they suspect of being transgendered. Logan and Jake Paul (Transgender women kicked out of Jake Paul’s Team 10 house for "not being real girls")

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#6**
This foreign born permanent A list model who even acted once upon a time is signing on to do an anti-vaxx documentary for her boyfriend. Elle MacPherson (Andrew Wakefield) (Supermodel Mistake? Elle Macpherson Shows Support For Anti-Vaxxer Boyfriend)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#7**
This permanent A list dual threat actor who comes from a family that includes an additional permanent A list actor used to go find homeless teens with this former back in the day A- list actor who never got above C after his run. They would have sex and do drugs with the teens. I don't think it is a shocker they both ended up HIV+. Charlie Sheen/C. Thomas Howell (Charlie Sheen Explains Why He Won’t Appear On ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ With Ex-Wife Denise Richards)

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#8**
I'm not sure what this permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner expected. The way she interacts with her husband is going to give him a billion opportunities to cheat just like her ex and of course her current husband is cheating. Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Falchuk/Chris Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow’s Intimacy Coach Explains Why Living Apart From Your Partner is a Good Thing)

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