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Dear A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig,
I have told you in detail about how your rapper boyfriend cheats on you and how he does it. A new low though might be when he invited one of those women to the party you threw for him. You shouldn't let him do that to you.
Love & Bacon,
Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner Throws Epic Birthday Party for Travis Scott — and Buys Him a Lamborghini)

The PR team leaked what was obviously misinformation to the big online tabloid. They are fully on board with publishing it though because they are not on the side of the permanent A list "singer." They like making it look like she is doing something illegal or questionable even if she isn't. It gets clicks and it helps those who can help them.
Britney Spears/TMZ/Britney was not driving while on a cellphone. The car was parked, but made to look like she was driving.

I told you this week that if the money went bye bye that so would this bar reality star. It probably wasn't all the money, but maybe she found out how much he really has. Oh, or maybe she took the better offer from the rapper since he has been a contestant prior to this for her affection. You just know he would post that picture. Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules")/Randall Emmett/50 Cent ('I'm sorry fofty': 50 Cent's hilarious row with groveling fiance of Vanderpump Rules star Lala ENDS with the producer paying him back $1M loan after the rapper relentlessly mocked him on Instagram) (Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Deletes Photos of Fiance Randall Emmett from Instagram, Reacts to Feud With 50 Cent)

The last PR suggested "relationship" for this foreign born former A list boy bander when the foreign born model got really upset at the insinuation. It was hurting her business. Now, the PR people have come up with something even more impossible. A model who would only date outside her own gender if there was a massive amount of money involved. Liam Payne ("One Direction")/Naomi Campbell/Stella Maxwell (Liam Payne spotted dining with Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell in Berlin... weeks after 'split' from supermodel Naomi Campbell) (Kristen Stewart looks happy as picks up girlfriend Stella Maxwell in Amsterdam during a break from filming Charlie’s Angels reboot)

Apparently the significant other of this foreign born A list model/host in her own country read a few too many Natalie Wood death articles/books and decided to make sure there were no witnesses. The police won't look any further into it though. Jorge Sestini/Caroline Bittencourt (Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt's family denies she died after trying to save dogs from drowning)

Pretty crazy that this foreign born permanent A++ list singer from a permanent A++ list group would call attention to the affair he was having at the same time his ex killed herself by posting a tribute to her. Mick Jagger/L'Wren Scott (ballerina Melanie Hamrick) (Mick Jagger slammed for birthday tribute to late girlfriend L'Wren Scott: She would 'be alive today if you hadn't broken her heart')

This B+ list mostly television actor who won't work for a long time thinks this vindicates him. Nope. Reality is there was a contract and it would cost a whole lot more to go to court after canceling it than just paying it. Jussie Smollett ("Empire") (Empire Renewed for Season 6, Has 'No Plans' for Jussie Smollett's Character to Return to Show)

This foreign born former A+ list singer back in the day now does some judging and also appearing on reality shows, including here in the States. He also has a reputation for promising men money to sleep with them when he picks them up on online dating apps, but never actually pays any of them. Boy George ("The Voice Australia"/"Celebrity Apprentice"/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Boy George Interviews Jamie Hannah, His New Pop Prodigy) (The Voice Australia: Judge Boy George on how his flamboyance finally paid off) (Boy George comes second in The New Celebrity Apprentice final) (So, How Did Boy George Become Dorit Kemsley's Houseguest Anyways?)

The spy didn't know if the female was a reporter or model, but did know that the married former A+ list athlete turned management was exploring the fame's throat with his tongue. Derek Jeter (chief executive officer and part owner of the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball) (Behind the scenes of Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational golf tournament)

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/01 **#10**
Apparently the money and job opportunities were too good to pass up for this B+ list model. She gave up some decent yachting gigs to get back together with this A list singer/woman beater. I guess she forgot she was once on the receiving end of one of those beatings. Chris Brown/Indyamarie (Chris Brown and model Indyamarie are dating) (Indya Marie Claims Chris Brown Beat Up 'Planes' Singer Jeremih?)

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/01 **#11**
The lookalike ex of this always broke one named rapper has caught the eye of Janet Jackson's ex. Apparently caught it to the point where she landed multiple modeling jobs she wasn't even up for and thousands of dollars in gifts every day. Tyga/Demi Rose/Wissam Al Mana (Demi Rose PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Bikini-clad beauty shows off her sizzling physique in nude two-piece as she smoulders during racy photoshoot in Tunisia)

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/01 **#12**
I really had no idea that this alliterate B list mostly television actor waiting for a reboot of his only hit was still pretending to date a woman. I think everyone in town pretty much assumed he gave that up after they saw him with guy number five or six each week. Maybe that is why he went public with the end of his "romance." Chace Crawford/Rebecca Rittenhouse ("Gossip Girl") (Chace Crawford: A ‘Gossip Girl’ reunion could be like ‘Friends’) (Chace Crawford reveals he has split from girlfriend of three years Rebecca Rittenhouse as he admits 'I've been dating around')

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/01 **#13**
Everyone on this streaming show that kind of was the first hit streaming show used to all get along. Now, as things wind up, they all do their own thing and all have "people" and can't even fit their self-importance through the door. "Orange Is the New Black" ('OITNB' Star Taylor Schilling Admits It's 'Time' for Netflix Series to End)

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/01 **#14**
Distinguished Visitors: The disgraced producer has a card up his sleeve. Yes, I know, those are huge sleeves. He has some information he wants to trade. He hasn't played it yet, but it is a story he has told before, but didn't name names. When he has told it before he says he went with some people and met some people and although a little more specific, it wasn't much more than that. Now though, that his future is a little more precarious, more details are coming out about the story he wants to share. He says that he was a frequent visitor to this Southeast Asian country and he had several movies he either backed or distributed that were made there. Back when he first started going there he ran into a guy who he thought was a government worker, but was a lot of fun and always had great coke and great women. A couple of years go by and they meet up again for a week of debauchery and our producer discovers that the guy is no ordinary government worker but has the power to do whatever he wants in the country and no one will question him. The producer sees the advantage to this with all kinds of costs and benefits and other more sordid things too. Our government worker is willing to trade whatever but wants to sleep with several Hollywood actresses he has always crushed on. Our disgraced producer provided some low level B and C listers but our government worker wanted someone special. He actually wanted two different people and our producer came through. One is a former A+ list mostly movie actress who had her own reasons for wanting the man on her good side. The other was a foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and after she did the deed got herself a passport from the country and a 400% increase in salary for her next movie. Our disgraced producer got tax credits and favors. What kind of favors. Well, apparently a lot of those pesky trafficking laws didn't apply to this government worker and there were all kinds of sex parties. There sure were a lot more government officials deciding to have conferences in the country after word got around they would be safe. There were more movies being filmed and travel specials. The producer kept track through his government friend who did what and with whom they did it. He has names and all of the dirt and if he needs to, he will collect. That government worker is even more in a place to help now.

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: "Look at my weight loss program. And it's vegan too." A list rapper as she did lines of coke while getting ready. Cardi B (Cardi B Thanks Offset for 'Loving My Crazy Ass' After Billboard Music Awards Wins) (Cardi B Feasts on Vegan Food at Coachella)

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: This barely there married celebrity is a manager, but when he was hitting on some bottle servers a couple of nights ago, he kept telling them he could make them a big star and that he represented a lot more people than he does. He didn't name drop his wife although one of the women asked about her and then our manager got out of there quickly. Brandon Blackstock/Kelly Clarkson (What Kelly Clarkson And Brandon Blackstock's Body Language Says About Their Relationship)

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: This A list singer who is seemingly everywhere and has worked with everyone in his short career is still barely old enough to drink. With a smile on his face, he was complaining about the energy in the arena during rehearsals and asked aloud if they could get someone to cleanse the room. Khalid (Khalid Gives Low-Key Performance of "Talk" and "Better" During Billboard Music Awards)

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: The married lawyer/agent who has been hooking up with this A- list singer/judge/actress/former reality star was nowhere to be seen at the BBMA. She would have loved him there, but he hasn't told anyone he is getting a divorce yet which would have been awkward around the people who love his wife. Jennifer Hudson (represented by Creative Artists Agency)/Jim Toth (talent agent for Creative Artists Agency) (Reese Witherspoon)

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: The wife of one half of an list duo got angry at him at an after party because she thought he was flirting too much. She said something to the effect of that days of him having women do lines off his d**k were over. Florida Georgia Line (Brittney Marie Cole, Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line, and Hayley Stommel attend the 2019 Billboard Music Awards)

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: Seeing the lead singer of an A list group, who was at the show for different reasons made me think of that core group member who had to leave the group after the coke party with maybe not quite so legal females. He hasn't had much of a career at all since.

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: Try to find one person last night who enjoyed their encounter with the foreign born A- list actress. Some people said it felt like she wanted her ring kissed. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra’s 2019 Billboard Music Awards jewelry worth over $250K)

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: This multiple network reality show star who also has been an actress and a singer although not very well in either was in very rare form last night and was drinking some wine and telling tales about the mogul she once "dated." It was mostly about his full body waxing protocols and need for a half dozen showers per day. Julianne Hough/Ryan Seacrest (Julianne Hough Reacts to Being Pelted In the Neck by Paula Abdul at the Billboard Music Awards) (Julianne Hough opens up on Ryan Seacrest relationship: ‘There was nothing right’)

BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: This multiple cable reality show star who likes to pretend her clothing line makes a ton of money when it is really just a name and something for her to discuss was trying to get a high roller from Hong Kong to spend some time with her.

24. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/02 **#10**
BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: Apparently this former A- list singer who is initialed didn't know members of that foreign born A+ list group are gay. She started repeating it over and over as she spoke to one of them and kept getting louder about it. Was just so embarrassing for all involved. Becky G/BTS (Becky G Hangs With BTS, CNCO Rock Out to Khalid & More Epic Latin Moments at the 2019 BBMAs)

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/02 **#11**
BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: This network entertainment reporter, but not for one of the magazine type shows, was discussing how she has hooked up with several A+ list celebrities to land exclusive interviews.

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/02 **#12**
BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: This Disney on camera actress turned Disney voice over actress who also does movies said that this A+ list YouTube star kept trying to touch her all night even after she kept telling him to stop. Sabrina Carpenter (Sabrina Carpenter Gives Off Disco Ball Vibes at Billboard Music Awards 2019!)

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/02 **#13**
BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS: There rumors a couple of years ago that this former B+ list singer who has changed her stage name several times was sleeping with her married manager. Judging by last night, I don't know about that, but she definitely has something going on with one of his family members who is also married.

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/02 **#14**
Apparently at least two candidates for President on the Democratic side have determined that buying the votes of certain, not in public office superdelegates is not a crime. The thing is though, if they hide the payment, then it is a crime. It will be interesting to see who suddenly becomes a "consultant." New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, Joe Biden, California Sen. Kamala Harris (Democratic Candidates Are Preparing For A Contested Convention — By Courting Superdelegates)

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/02 **#15**
My Turn: "My turn." That was all anyone heard that night. Hell, it was all anyone heard that week. My turn was the catch phrase of at that time an A- list-ish actor. Television. He was a comic actor. I guess he still act now but is just more well known as one of the world's biggest celebrity trainwrecks. That week he was hosting an event and when there was coke to be had here he was with his, "My turn." When there were multiple naked women in a trailer used by this never seen again group, suddenly there would be our actor screaming, "My turn." When he felt someone had too many lines, he would shout it out. When people were telling a story, there he would be saying it. It was so annoying. I had never seen anything like it. It was my first time being at the event. I was there because of this one hit wonder that I had been working with. Their song is still played today and is still catchy for not being very upbeat at all. I always found the song kind of depressing, but hey, it was a paycheck. This was supposed to be the year of the competing foreign born A+ list singers at that time, one of whom is permanently such. It turned out to be though this orgy like week with the aforementioned never to be seen again group living life as stars like they were never going to have another chance. It turns out they were right. They had coke and women and all kinds of drugs. They even managed to drag women away from the still today permanent A+ list rapper. He had my favorite song that year. Probably still my favorite song by him. I wonder if this former A list country singer remembers the pawing and hitting on she got from a still today permanent A+ list singer in the same genre. She might have been old enough to drive. Maybe.

Event: 1998 Billboard Music Awards
A- list-ish actor. Television. He was a comic actor: Andy Dick
Never seen again group: Next
One hit wonder: Marcy Playground
Foreign born A+ list singers: Celine Dion; Shania Twain; Natalie Imbruglia
Permanent A+ list rapper: Jay Z (Vol. 2–Hard Knock Life)
Former A list country singer: LeAnn Rimes (16 years old)
Permanent A+ list singer: Garth Brooks

When is a comedy special more than just a run-of-the-mill comedy special? When the headliner of said comedy special breaks a major piece of news (in the form of a personal declaration) during said comedy special. Yep, if the buzz circulating around Hollywood is to be believed, that’s the provocative twist at the center of a forthcoming, tightly-guarded — and potentially groundbreaking — standalone TV event starring a very notable stand-up comic/TV star. As if that wasn’t a dramatic enough hook for a comedy offering, an insider tells me that among the folks who will be first to learn of this development are members of the entertainer’s own family (although it’s unknown if they would be present/participating in the special). It’s also unclear if the rumored TV special is of the traditional stand-up variety or something more hybrid-y. But as one insider tells me, if this event comes together — and it’s looking like it will — it will have lotsa folks talking.

Although the kitchen staple name of this former A list group from back in the day makes it sound as if there are just two members, there were actually three. In that big reunion tour headlined by the band with the New Edition connection, though there will only be two members. The third was fired so the other two don't have to share the money from the tour. "Salt-N-Pepa"/Spinderella (DJ Spinderella Claims She Was Kicked Off Salt-N-Pepa Tour After Receiving 'Termination' Email)

This is the first time I can remember that this A+/A list mostly movie actor stunk up a movie this badly. Apparently his mind was elsewhere and it showed. Right now it is so bad, it might never see the light of day. Editors have been trying to salvage something usable from it for months. Brad Pitt ("Ad Astra") (Brad Pitt’s ‘Ad Astra’ Disappears From May 24 Release)

The A- list mostly television comic actress who has definitely had some very big hits in television can say what she likes, but her current face is the result of the work of plastic surgeons and not trips to the day spa. Debra Messing (Debra Messing Denies Plastic Surgery as Fans Question Her New Look: 'Getting Tons of Facials')

After an event this week in NYC, this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress was led from the event by a man she gave a kiss to on the lips as a way of a greeting and then held his arm as they left. This man is not the supposed celebrity boyfriend trying to become a way higher on the list celebrity who claims she is head over heels for him. Rosario Dawson/New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker (Rosario Dawson’s Self-Care Routine Includes Meditation, Face Masks, and Cory Booker)

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who keeps doing that singing franchise was spotted with a man in Europe who is known for yachting with fairly high on the list actresses. Never models. He only is interested and wants to be seen with people he has seen on television or movies. Brittany Snow ("Pitch Perfect")

Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress was wasted out of her mind on coke during a performance earlier this week. Rita Ora (Rita Ora puts on a very leggy display in a velvet thigh slit skirt and semi-sheer sequined top as she takes to the stage in Milan during her Phoenix world tour)

This lesser known actor from an acting family refused to let his foreign born A- list model take any photos with men at big event this week. Dylan Sprouse (brother Cole Sprouse "Riverdale")/Barbara Palvin (Dylan Sprouse Supports Girlfriend Barbara Palvin at VS Event!)

It is not so much that the members of this alliterate misspelled 90's band have made up with each other as much as they both really would like the money to be gained from touring. One of the members thinks she can do a two fer and really rack up the bucks. "Shakespears Sister"/Siobhan Fahey ("Bananarama") (Shakespears Sister to reunite)

She is out, but this former A- list mostly movie actress turned B+ lister is under a ton of pressure to start dating a man. Her agent and manager think it is the only way to salvage her career. Shailene Woodley (Shailene Woodley Says 'Dating’s Hard' and 'Love Is Scary' But She Loves 'Sex')

40. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/03 **#10**
This A list mostly movie actor/superhero/frequent poster to social media spent nearly $100K on his sex dungeon. Chris Evans (Chris Evans thanks fans for touching Twitter tributes)

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/03 **#11**
The awww shucks rapist got his accuser to suddenly go radio silent by sending her photos and ads she had placed on escort and porn sites looking for work. Sean Astin (Sexual Assault Victim of Sean Astin Speaks Out) (Blind Item)

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/03 **#12**
This B-/C+ list actress used to be higher on the list. Then, several years ago she got into professional bearding. At one point she bearded for a former A+ list tweener who is now married. She has also bearded for athletes and others. Now, she is being asked by this foreign born A+/A list singer to not only beard, but to actually marry him so he can try and shake off all these rumors about himself. That still won't work. Camilla Belle (Joe Jonas) (Tim Tebow) (Shawn Mendes) (Whatever Happened to Camilla Belle’s Acting Career?) (Meet Joe Jonas' New Girlfriend Camilla Belle) (Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' SURPRISE quickie wedding in Vegas was just to 'make it legal' in US ... the pair will tie the knot again in a larger ceremony in France) (Tim Tebow and Camilla Belle Promise to Save Each Other for Marriage, Report Says)

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/03 **#13**
This recent Bachelor winner is trying to pitch a show which would involve her traveling the world alone discovering new places to visit. So, that wedding is not going to happen then? Shocker. Cassie Randolph (Colton Underwood Reveals Why He Doesn’t Feel ‘Pressure’ To Propose To Cassie Randolph)

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/03 **#14**
Dealing To Herself: This actress was probably known by most of you several years ago. She has dropped further down the list since her long running network show ended. Since then, it has mostly been misses for her career. Yes, she has a recurring on a show, but the budget is so small, she is not making enough to even cover a quarter of her monthly expenses. Long identified in this space as a yachter, that hasn't changed, but it still wasn't enough money to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted. She is getting a little older so the guys interested in her are generally in their 60's even though she is in her early 30's. Her rate has taken a nosedive. Most of those
guys want someone to marry, but then she will be forced to give up acting because a lot of these men don't live anywhere close to LA or NYC. . Plus, they want to show off their trophy and not have her work. Anyway, our actress has long had a coke problem which has only managed to make her money problems worse. So, what to do. Well, our actress has turned to dealing coke to people she meets each day. Whether she is doing a photo shoot or hitting a red carpet or meeting a customer, she is always selling. The thing is, she sells her product for double or triple what you would normally pay on the street. One reason is she knows the people she is dealing to can afford it and want convenience. The other is because she is such a heavy user herself that to make up for shortfall of cash she snorts herself, she has to charge everyone else an inflated price. She is kind of known for being the fashion show dealer of choice. If there is a show somewhere in the country with models that can pay, she will be there dealing her wares. Her problem is then the models will invite her to party with them and she will end up using a lot of her own stash and then have to make up the difference. With as much as she sells, at the price point she sells it, she should be making two to three times more than she ever made at her acting peak, but that habit of hers just doesn't let her do more than make enough money to barely cover her bills. Naya Rivera ("Glee") ("Step Up: High Water") (Naya Rivera flaunts her cleavage in plunging black dress as designer Betsey Johnson does the splits weeks after heart surgery at Women's Guild Cedar-Sinai Gala)

This former singer/talk show host still does reality and pretends people still want to attend her concerts just can't kick the drug habit. She only thinks about herself. Tamar Braxton ("The Real") (‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss Going On Tour)

The things the boyfriend did to this former A/A- list mostly television actress is nothing compared to what she has endured her entire life from men, including those closest to her. Hayden Panettiere (Brian Hickerson) (Hayden Panettiere's Boyfriend Brian Hickerson Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge) (Is a Secret Celebrity Tattletale Actually Robert Downey Jr.?) (Blind Item)

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor with multiple Academy Award wins/nominations is married, but spent some time last weekend with a 20 something year old he met while his wife was working.Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks supports wife Rita Wilson as she performs at Stagecoach country music festival)

This permanent A list mostly television actor who portrayed an iconic character for decades is playing favorites with who he wants to invite back for the reboot. Kelsey Grammer ("Fraiser") (Kelsey Grammer Fuels ‘Frasier’ Reboot Rumors After Being Spotted Carrying a Script in London) ('Frasier' actress Bebe Neuwirth says she hasn’t been approached about a reboot: ‘I don’t know anything’)

This former A+ list mostly television actor who had a hit and miss movie and television career since, with way more misses than hits is someone all of you know. He has run through a ton of money. He is living off an annuity at this point and could use a cash infusion. Everyone is afraid to give him a job though because of the pattern of addiction. Chris Kattan (Chris Kattan Claims He Broke His Neck During ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch)

This teen actor who is legal and who has millions of fans and followers on social media has been looking for a breakout adult role to shed that Disney type image she has. Apparently it is going to be in a movie which is based on a book. It will be the second movie from this series of books and involves multiple sex and nude scenes. Her fans don't know yet and everyone is unsure what the reaction will be. Bailee Madison ("Another Girl" sequel novella to "Undiscovered Gyrl") ("Ask Me Anything")

This A-/B+ list dual threat actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was in the Caribbean doing what he does best. Hitting on every woman in the place while drinking. He also skipped out on his bill.
Cuba Gooding Jr.

Once a year like clockwork we are treated to this one time B-/C+ list celebrity who is only relevant as a celebrity once a year and only on his own initiative. One of these years he should go ahead and talk about his living situation with his significant other. He won't though because he thinks it will take from the story all of you know. Larry Birkhead ("Kentucky Derby") (Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn Birkhead, 12, is the spitting image of her mother as she wears late model's hat to the Kentucky Derby) (Federal judge blasts Rita Cosby's book on Anna Nicole Smith for gay sex video claim)

Mr. X: Which comedienne/host/actress completely ignored the cable news anchor backstage before and after they presented an award at an LGBT focused gala the other night? The funny lady thinks the anchor betrayed a fellow comedienne (and a long time friend of hers) during a tough point in the latter's life. Samantha Bee/Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin (30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards) (Samantha Bee attends the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards) (Anderson Cooper speaks onstage during the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards) (Kathy Griffin defends Samantha Bee with long Twitter account of her own tangle with Trump)

As I have been telling you for months, this disgraced director hasn't suffered any punishment at all for his lewd behavior. Not only was his company continuing to make money behind the scenes, but he is also moving forward with a huge payday for himself as a director.
Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour 4")

Apparently this one named north of the border singer thinks track mark like bruising is what everyone wants to see when she goes out with the celebrity CEO. I do wonder if he has the same type bruising. Grimes/Elon Musk (Big spender! Billionaire Elon Musk takes girlfriend Grimes on date-night in Malibu just hours after announcing plan to buy $25m of Tesla stock)

As I told you a few weeks ago, the media covering the Palace have now confirmed that the alliterate one and her royal companion are indeed looking for a house in Los Angeles. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Reportedly Eyeing a Home in Los Angeles)

The return last night would never have been possible during the reign of this actress/writer/producer who starred on the same show forever. She made/makes you choose sides as to whether you were against the actor or with the actor. If you were/are with him, you were/are shunned by her. Adam Sandler ("Saturday Night Live")/Tina Fey (Adam Sandler on ‘SNL’: 3 Sketches You Have to See) (Tina Fey - "SNL")

This comedian/actor who should still be in a situation where he should be begging for forgiveness has apparently hired a full time escort to fulfill his fetishes. Louis C.K.

Everyone in the tabloid world is just swallowing the whole waited an appropriate time after leaving his wife story that this celebrity offspring of two celebrities is spinning. A little digging will show this whole relationship was going on while he was still living with his wife. Katherine Schwarzenegger/Chris Pratt (Why Katherine Schwarzenegger Was Endgame for Chris Pratt)

When this disgraced producer was given an award by an A+ list royal, he spent that evening forcing this foreign born alliterate A- list mostly movie actress to have sex with him. Harry Weinstein (Queen Elizabeth II "The Commander of the British Empire")/Asia Argento (Queen bestows honor on Miramax’s Weinstein) (Calls for Harvey Weinstein to be stripped of his CBE over revelations that he sexually harassed female employees and movie stars) (‘In 1997, I was raped by Harvey Weinstein here’: Asia Argento gives powerful speech at Cannes)

Much like if Jennifer Aniston cradled her stomach, this A list singer/sometime actress knows if she does something specific, she can trigger an avalanche of articles and social media posts about whether she is dating a former co-star. Lady Gaga (Bradley Cooper) (Lady Gaga Is ‘Pregnant’ With New Album)

Sometimes a really big check is written and everyone knows there is a settlement. So, even though no one admits anything, whoever pays is usually in the wrong. What if, as part of your payment though, you get someone to say they were in the wrong. That would be a nice way to settle a suit involving a hit show on a streaming service. "Stranger Things" (Plaintiff Charles Kessler) (‘Stranger Things’ Plagiarism Suit Withdrawn By Plaintiff Just Before Trial)

DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This now former talk show host who got her start in reality television is moving on from her husband now that the show is over. She thought it would be a distraction while her talk show was running. Kellie Pickler (Kyle Jacobs) (Kellie Pickler attends the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards) (Kellie Pickler's Talk Show 'Pickler & Ben' Is Getting Cancelled and Fans Are Devastated)

DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This still young CBS daytime actress was the winner for most drug use in one night. The spy said it looked like she was snorting Adderall though rather than coke. Lexie Stevenson (Mattie Ashby on "The Young and the Restless") (Lexie Stevenson attends CBS Daytime Emmy Awards After Party)

DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This nominated actor went overboard in the botox and on the spray tan for the event. He waited too long to do it all and it showed. Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos on "General Hospital") (Maurice Benard Wins Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series)

DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This NBC nominated actress is involved with a guy who is nearing three times her age. Victoria Konefal or Olivia Rose Keegan ("Days of Our Lives") (Victoria Konefal and Olivia Rose Keegan attend the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards) (Victoria Konefal and Olivia Rose Keegan meet Jon Voight at "27th Annual Movieguide Awards Gala")

So, it turns out the married producer that the former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort/reality star was hooking up with during the reality show she filmed several years ago and wouldn't discuss on the show is the one who has been in the news as of late with his more recent reality star girlfriend. The only question is whether the vehicle from before was given to the escort or if it was another mistress. Randall Emmett (ex-wife Ambyr Childers) (Lindsay Lohan "Lindsay") (Lala Kent "Vanderpump Rules") (Lauren from Utah)(Range Rover) (Lala Kent Slams Boyfriend Randall’s Ex-Wife Ambyr Childers In Shocking Post! Then Claims Phone Was Stolen, See Her Deleted Post) (Lindsay Lohan Reveals Her Latest Bombshell Confession) (Lala Kent Explains Why Boyfriend Randall Emmett Does Not Appear On ‘Vanderpump Rules’) (Randall was a sugar daddy before he dated Lala Kent)

Apparently one of the reasons this still young foreign born former A/A- list mostly movie actor from some of the biggest movies of all time can't get much more than straight to video type movie work is his inability to pass a physical required for larger budget movies. Tom Felton ("Harry Potter") (Both Tom Felton and Natalia Tena appeared in the YouTube original series Origin, a series which is now available to watch for free)

I don't know why anyone would be shocked about the goings on at the YouTuber's party. He and his brother have been featured in this space multiple times for things they have done to women. Jake and Logan Paul (YouTuber Jake Paul Hosts Party Where Multiple Guests Were Allegedly 'Drugged,' a Mother Claims)

70. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/06 **#10**
This A+ list mostly movie actor wanted nothing to do with the event thrown every week by the former A+ list rapper. The studio made him do it though for press for his new movie. Brad Pitt/Kanye West service (Brad Pitt and Lil Nas X attends Kanye’s Sunday Service) (Kanye West ‘wants to reunite Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at his church service’)

71. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/06 **#11**
A blind item for a specific reader. Yes, at the reunion for this classic film, it did indeed look as if the former A- list actress turned B-/C+ lister was in fact, wearing a wig.

72. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/06 **#12**
The comic actress who used to date a superhero a couple of times is self medicating and is not doing a good job of it at all. Jenny Slate/Chris Evans (Chris Evans: 'Ex Jenny Slate thought I was a mindless bro')

73. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/06 **#13**
This former A- list singer/reality star who comes from an entertainment family keeps trying to mount a comeback. I wonder if she knows her celebrity husband is the one doing his best to thwart her efforts. He likes to be the star. Ashlee Simpson (Evan Ross) (The Second Coming of Ashlee Simpson)

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/06 **#14**
Lost Forever: There is a group of victims who were not victims of Jeffrey Epstein, but were victims of another sex predator. What they share in common with the victims of Epstein though, is an inability to speak about their own experiences at the hands of the predator. From the time of the predator's arrest, they have been trying to speak, but have been shut down by federal law enforcement and threatened with deportation if they speak. You see, the victims of this former A+ list celebrity in his corner of the entertainment world were children of primarily undocumented workers. These workers performed the tasks necessary to keeping the resort where the A+ lister performed open and clean. They thought he was being nice when he would invite their children to shows. They would be his guest while their parents toiled for minimum wage or sometimes even less. What happened though was rape and sexual assault of the children all filmed and shared with like minded child pornographers all over the world. So, why keep quiet about it? Why would the feds care about keeping that part quiet? Well, our A+ lister had financial backers. There were hugely expensive servers and encrypted cloud resources that were beyond what the A+ lister could do or had knowledge about. Much like with Epstein, you had the rich and powerful who would be exposed. Several of the rich and powerful are some of the largest political donors to campaigns for almost every office on the state and federal level. It would hurt the pocketbooks of politicians to have those people in jail or compromised. So, you keep everyone quiet and ignore what happened in person and focus on what happened everywhere else. The bad guy goes to jail and everyone was supposed to be satisfied with it. The thing is though, lots were not and wanted more justice and also money and to give their statements. Nope. Threatened with deportation, they all have stayed quiet and they are expected to stay quiet about it forever. Jan Rouven Fuechtener ("Tropicana") (Ex-Vegas headliner faints at 20-year sentence in porn case)

MET GALA: This A-/B+ list actor/singer yelled at a photographer who thought the actor/singer was one of the hosts of Queer Eye. Jared Leto (Jared Leto Carried His Own Severed Head To The Met Gala)

MET GALA: This former A-/B+ list actress who was last known for a one named hit pay cable show was doing her best to hook up with this B+ list rapper/producer. The only problem is he was like glue to his higher on the list wife who is tired of him cheating. Jemima Kirke ("Girls")/Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys (Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke Twin in Fetish Looks at Met Gala) (Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Couple Up at Met Gala 2019!)

MET GALA: There was not much coke that this foreign born party couple didn't miss last night at an after party. The foreign born permanent A list model along with her actress/singer sidekick had it well in hand. Kate Moss/Rita Ora (Kate Moss shows off her supermodel figure in a vibrant minidress while best pal Rita Ora dons elaborate headpiece at Met Gala afterparty)

MET GALA: The sunglassed one hated the outfit of the wife of the foreign born dual threat A/A list actor. She thought it looked like a prom dress from Sixteen Candles. Anna Wintour/Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbath (Met Gala 2019: Benedict Cumberbatch opts for a white three-piece suit and fedora as he joins his glamorous wife Sophie Hunter on the pink carpet)

MET GALA: At an after party, this foreign born initialed last name singer was a bit wasted. Maybe more than a bit and she got into an argument with this foreign born A- list model/really really horrible actress. Apparently the singer was accusing the model of using several of the singer's friends for sex and then dumping them. Oh, and had sex with them while she continues to date the actress. Charli XCX/Cara Delevingne/Ashley Benson (Cara Delevingne wields a baton as she joins stunning girlfriend Ashley Benson and slip-clad Zoe Kravitz in leading the stars at Gucci Met Gala after-party) (Met Gala 2019: Charli XCX turns heads in a thigh-high split ruffled neon yellow dress as she takes to the pink carpet)

MET GALA: As she was headed into an after party, this foreign born A- listish actress kept being asked about the nuptials of her inlaws. She was ticked. She kept trying to change the subject to what she was wearing or projects she is working on. She really hated when a reporter suggested the more inexpensive wedding option was the way to go. Priyanka Chopra (Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner) (Priyanka Chopra commands attention in sequined silver minidress and sheer leggings as she joins a very dapper Nick Jonas at star-studded Met Gala after-party) (Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Get Married in Surprise Vegas Ceremony After Billboard Music Awards)

MET GALA: I am going to go ahead and assume something was heard wrong, but the spy is adamant. The spy was a waiter last night at one of the clubs used for an after party. He is straight. This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress kept hitting on him and suggesting they should hook up later. The waiter was down for that. The actress then said she had a male family member who might want to join. The waiter took a pass. Chloë Grace Moretz/Trevor Duke Moretz (Chloe Moretz Shimmers in Black & Silver at Met Gala 2019) (Chloe Moretz showcases her natural beauty with make-up free appearance as she touches down at Newark airport alongside her brother) (Chloë Grace Moretz tells of her brothers' struggles with coming out)

MET GALA: Apparently no matter the theme, the twins wear whatever they want and don't really care. They are allowed to get away with it. This former A+ list mostly movie actress was essentially wearing the same thing as the twins and was called out for it. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen/Demi Moore (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Black Met Gala Gowns Are Very Mary-Kate and Ashley) (Demi Moore defies the Met Gala's camp theme in simply elegant black Yves Saint Laurent gown)

MET GALA: I'm not sure where the long time boyfriend of the foreign born closeted former A+ list boy bander was last night. That being said, our boy bander was having lots of fun with lots of different guys. Harry Styles ("One Direction") (Lacrosse player Xander Ritz) or (Nick Grimshaw) (Harry Styles claps along to Cher, drops the F-bomb and displays his dance moves as he enjoys a VERY raucous night at the Met Gala) (#HarryStyles and his new BFF Xander Ritz Hung out in the Latter’s Hometown Since Sunday) (Nick Grimshaw speaks out over Harry Styles relationship rumours)

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/07 **#10**
MET GALA: Speaking of closeted, this A- list reality star told people at an after party she had not eaten in almost a week. It showed. I'm not sure how she is alive right now. Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner showcases her statuesque figure in bright orange feathered Versace gown for the Met Gala in NYC)

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/07 **#11**
MET GALA: This former A list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring of a former A+ lister skipped the event again. She has never forgiven that designer who dressed her for so long. Kate Hudson (Stella McCartney) (Kate Hudson Totally Forgives Stella McCartney for Landing Her on All Those Worst-Dressed Lists)

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/07 **#12**
MET GALA: The vast majority of attendees to the Met Gala monetized their appearance. From makeup to hair products to how they got ready to accessories, everything was sold at a price. The attendees would then tell their followers how to get the products. The powers that be have always given preference to advertisers who advertise in the magazine for a year or longer, often with multiple pages. For a fraction of that, advertisers just throw some money at an attendee and get a lot more eyeballs. Plus the makeup artists and everyone else also get paid by advertising every product they are using on the attendee and then also giving a link to purchase. So, because of that kind of monetization, you have the stylist people paying the attendee to work on them rather than getting a fee for doing the work. Next year it wouldn't shock me if a guest or two had advertising on what they choose to wear, much like NASCAR. GCOE crew talks Met Gala, NASCAR Awards Banquet theme

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/07 **#13**
MET GALA: It has to be awkward if you are this A- list mostly television actress from a jumped the shark almost network show hitting a red carpet with your co-star boyfriend who has been hooking up with someone else but you are deciding what to do. Lili Reinhart/Cole Sprouse ("Riverdale") (Riverdale's Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Went All Out for Met Gala 2019)

88. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/07 **#14**
Blame It On The Drugs: Back in the day during that golden age of gossip a little over a decade ago, there are lots of stories that have yet to be told. One of the reasons is that something salacious was happening almost every night and it takes time to go through all of them. Another factor is that just because you hear it from a shady wannabe music producer more than once doesn't necessarily make it true. The particular "producer" is known for lots of tales, some of which are epic and some of which are obviously hallucinations. I was never sure about one of the stories even though I heard it numerous times. One of the participants was unlikely to remember and another probably wasn't going to talk about it. So, how could one ever prove it was real. Well, enter a foreign born actress who once hooked up with the "producer" more than once. She has had the same email address for as long as I have known her which is well over a decade. When she was going through some documents for her CPA at tax time, it involved her going through her email to see if she could figure out where she had been on a couple of dates. She kind of got lost and started going back into time. Eventually she got to about December 2006. She thought I would be interested in the series of emails she had with the "producer" about that time. The producer had horrific spelling but had attached photos that were super grainy and super 2006, but were definitely this permanent A list "singer" half undressed on a hotel room bed with an actress who at the time was A- list on a very hit network show who the "producer" had been hooking up with. Now, the producer's email said things like you should have been here and bragging about having sex with both of them. The thing is though in 2006, that A- list actress would have been underage in several states, including California. There is no question he did hook up with every woman in this blind, but the question remains whether his claimed threesome happened too. My guess would be yes, although the actress dumped him a week later. The "singer" was on and off with him depending on her need for drugs and his ability to supply them.

"Producer": Scott Storch (Scott Storch raked in hip-hop millions and then snorted his way to ruin)
Foreign born actress:
Permanent A list "singer": Britney Spears (Britney Recording With Scott Storch in Miami?)
A- list actress: Hayden Panettiere (17 years old in 2006) (California Age of Consent Laws -18) (A Young Hayden Panettiere Singing Britney Spears Will Instantly Make You Nostalgic) (Hayden Panettiere & Jamie Lynn Spears Hit A Hollywood Party)
Show: "Heroes"

A few months ago, I wrote about a C list way underage internet celebrity getting a big media push. He just landed his first major deal. "Desmond is Amazing" (Converse shoes) (Converse Launches 'LGBTQ+' Shoe Line Featuring Child Drag Queen) (Sashay Away? Ohio Legislature Moves to Ban Child Drag Shows)

For the third time in as many days, once in public and twice to media, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress forgot/changed certain parts of the back story she established with the former A+ list tweener who has rebooted to his tweener days. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra Shares 'How I Met Your Father' Instagram Post)

Maybe this registered child sex offender will get out of jail again in the next decade or maybe he won't. One thing is certain though. He is communicating with lots of different women so permanently destroying your body with images and tributes of him isn't going to get you any closer to being with him. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend proves imprisoned millionaire rapper still has her heart as she debuts HUGE tattoo of his FACE inked upon her upper chest - and gets roasted online for it)

Congratulations to this university for belatedly withdrawing an award. They should never have offered it up in the first place. It is not like they didn't know the permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group regularly beat his wife. They just thought no one would notice. People noticed and they revoked the award. UCLA/Don McLean (Don McLean calls UCLA students 'morons' for offering, then rescinding achievement award)

As I have been telling you since he got arrested, the first person who would visit this foreign born celebrity was indeed the foreign born former A list syndicated actress turned celebrity all of you know. Julian Assange/Pamela Anderson (Pamela Anderson visits Julian Assange in prison wrapped in shawl covered in ‘free speech’ rant)

This former tweener actress turned adult A- list singer/bad actress is still in touch with the much older man she was most recently involved with in Europe. He won't come here for fear of a media circus, but look for her to travel internationally very soon and meet up with him. Selena Gomez/Andrea Iervolino (Selena Gomez steps out with Italian film producer Andrea Iervolino... after fashion designer called her 'ugly')

Finally something I agree with this family about. They have tried multiple interventions with the celebrity offspring of the permanent A++ lister to get her away from her boyfriend. They think she will end up dead from drugs if she stays with him. Paris Jackson (Leave me alone! Paris Jackson feuding with family over "bad influence" boyfriend)

This A list mostly movie actor cheated on his actress wife and is now cheating on his singer girlfriend. Hey, she was cheating on him too at one point. Channing Tatum(Jenna Dewan)Jessie J (Channing Tatum Posted a Naked Photo to Instagram After Losing a Bet to Jessie J)

After refusing to ever get his long time girlfriend pregnant, this foreign born B list reality star who is beyond wealthy and has celebrity offspring got a random woman pregnant. Mohamed Hadid/Shiva Safai ('We're both so happy': Mohamed Hadid's fiancée gushed about their 'effortless' relationship in an interview published on the SAME day his three-year affair with a Polish model was exposed)

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **#10**
I don't think anyone would be shocked to know that this Housewife has probably performed dozens of happy ending massages for her clients. Denise Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Denise Richards Reveals She ‘Encouraged’ Husband Aaron Phypers To Get A ‘Happy Ending’ Massage)

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **#11**
They can believe what they want and talk to everyone, but there will be zero advertisers for any show that puts the initialed one on the air. Zero. Jenelle Evans/David "UBT" (Uncle Bad Touch) Eason ("Teen Mom 2") ("Marriage Boot Camp") (Jenelle Evans, David Eason tapped for "Marriage Boot Camp")

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **#12**
This is the second time at least that this permanent A list celebrity has requested his coming out be removed from an interview. One was on television and one was in a magazine.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **#13**
The alliterate actress is spending nearly as much on PR and magazine articles lauding her than she is on attorneys to actually defend her. Lori Loughlin (Lori Loughlin Is Feeling 'More and More Confident' She Will Escape Jail: Source)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **#14**
Blitzed: I debated writing this blind, not because it isn't worthy of the spot, but because I'm not sure how many people will actually be able to guess who it is. He is foreign born. In his home country he fronted a band which was definitely A list there. In the US, they never really rose above B- list maybe. They could fill venues with 2,000 seats or so in the US while they were filling arenas back home. The subject of our blind has never shied away from the fact he spent a lot of his early earnings on coke to the point where the only reason he works today is trying to recoup the nearly $1M he spent on coke over his career. Back at the height of their fame, the band was touring here in the US and made a stop in LA. This must have been well over a decade ago now. Our singer was blitzed on coke. There was a woman at the show who maybe was about 18 or so and flashed her breasts at the singer. He immediately sent someone to bring her backstage for after the show. Also at the concert was a female who was probably in the 14-16 year old range. She had some backstage passes she won from a radio show contest. She attended the show with her parents, but she was the only one who went backstage. So, after the show the singer is doing lines and meets the 14-16 year old and thinks she is the one who flashed her breasts. The person who did flash her breasts was hooking up with the road manager. The singer starts telling the young teen to show him her breasts again and when she refuses, he starts hitting her and calling her a tease for flashing him earlier and not following through now. She tried to explain and he kept getting more aggressive and then forced her to her knees and proceeded to orally rape her. Someone walked in at that point and pushed the singer off the girl who ran out of the room crying. This was not a dressing room or anything. It was a fairly open backstage area. Our singer was so wasted he still had no idea what had happened and who was who. A member of the radio station was there and he got into a fight with the road manager who had finished having sex with the 18 year old and explained what happened. Then the police were called. The parents showed up backstage and it looked like the singer was going to be arrested but the parents didn't want anyone to know what happened to their daughter and thought she might have to testify so they decided not to press any charges.

103. POPBITCH 05/09
(British blog)
Which serious journalist has an equally serious kink: pissing in their pants, peeling them off, then popping them into their mouth before getting shagged?

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#1**
This A-list YouTube gamer with the made up sounding last name repeatedly slept with other women, despite being married. Not only did he cheat on his wife, but also solicited child porn from many underage fans. Jared "ProJared" Knabenbauer (YouTuber ProJared accused of soliciting sexually explicit photos from underage fans)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#2**
This former one year wonder/professional beard subtly made it clear to some married celebrities that they need to send a little more money her way each month if they want their secret to remain a secret. Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe in 2012) (Olivia Culpo blasts married celebs who messaged her after Danny Amendola split)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#3**
This reality show which digs deep into the D list for its cast is telegraphing its casting announcement to see if the public takes the opportunity to contact advertisers looking for a boycott. "Marriage Boot Camp" (Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans and David Eason (Jenelle Evans won't appear on Marriage Boot Camp until husband David Eason is 'evaluated by a psychologist' after he killed family dog)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#4**
That big last name that is A+ list throughout the world is the financial backing behind the big bust yesterday. Don't forget that big reveal a couple of years ago about the last name and what they previously did. It isn't like they are not willing and capable.
Getty/Bel Air gun seizure Mansion at center of massive gun seizure is linked to Getty family (Blind Item Reveal)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#5**
This one named always broke rapper played his favorite game. He takes a new potential girlfriend shopping but actually only buys one thing. He has stores set aside numerous things to pick up the next day. He then hooks up with the woman and sometimes sees her again, but those items will never be picked up. At this point, stores just say they will set it aside but never do. Tyga (Tyga Spotted Out With Another Kylie Jenner Look-Alike More Than 2 Years After Split)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#6**
Does this foreign born A- list actress not realize that her brother-in-law and the owner of the wedding venue already told the actual story of how the wedding came to be at that location? What is this nonsense in interviews she is spewing about the brother-in-law coming up with the idea an hour before it happened. She is so desperate to make the story about herself that she doesn't even care about the facts.  Priyanka Chopra (Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ wedding/Sophie‘s parents) (Priyanka Chopra spills Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas' Las Vegas wedding secrets: 'It was epic') (Sophie Turner's Mom's Quote About Her Las Vegas Wedding To Joe Jonas Is Surprising)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#7**
Later this month, the never good to have him as your manager is headed for a hearing. A lengthy hearing with lots of publicity. He is hoping for some interviews prior to it where he will not be discussing the subject of the hearing, but instead his former client, and long time possible murder suspect. He knows it will get lots of attention and that is what he wants. Perhaps he is looking for a settlement from her. Sam Lufti/Courtney Love (A woman alleges she received threatening phone calls and text messages from Courtney Love and her former business manager for not helping them in their efforts to retrieve a guitar)/Britney Spears (Judge Urges Attorneys in Courtney Love Suit to Resolve Service Issues) (Britney Spears makes Starbucks run after being granted a restraining order against former manager Sam Lutfi)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#8**
A coroner has given a private investigator 90 days to convince her a recent celebrity death was a murder. The coroner was expected to close the case, but left it open because the coroner was intrigued by what the detective has discovered. Not convinced, but intrigued enough to leave it open for a short time. Keith Flint ("The Prodigy") (Coroner Says Death of The Prodigy’s Keith Flint Cannot Be Called a Suicide)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#9**
Exactly as I told you when it happened, the police in this country are looking at murder in the death of this model who died in a Natalie Wood kind of way. Caroline Bittencourt/Brazil (Husband of the Model Who Drowned After Supposedly Trying to Save Dogs Set to be Charged: Police)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#10**
These two actresses who co-star on a network superhero show are at the point where they actively hate each other. Look for one of them to end up leaving the show. There is just too much tension and drama between them right now and they are asking people to take sides.
Chloe Bennet/Natalia Cordova/"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#11**
This B/B- list actress has done the Disney thing and is on a hit pay cable show. She also likes to remind me that she has been in two big Disney movie franchises. Last night she had nothing good to say about that family of YouTubers who fat shamed her and wondered aloud how she even got acting roles. Sammi Hanratty ("The Suite Life on Deck") ("Shameless") ("Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" and "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause") (Jake and Logan Paul) (Sammi Hanratty arrives as Fashion Nova Presents: Party With Cardi at Hollywood Palladium) (Jake Paul and Logan Paul are seen as Fashion Nova Presents: Party With Cardi at Hollywood Palladium) (Logan Paul....what the actual fuck?? Absolutely disgusting.)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#12**
I guess at this point, the wealthy offspring of an even wealthier dad just doesn't care that her B-/C+ list celebrity spends her money while traveling all over the world without her and will cheat on her with anyone. Last night was no exception. At one store yesterday he spent $15K of her money. Then cheated on her last night. Great relationship. Chloe Green/Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks (Jeremy Meeks puts on a chirpy display with a friend in Beverly Hills... after girlfriend Chloe Green is seen WITHOUT her 'engagement' ring)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#13**
The heart attack threatening producer just lost his highest paying gig. That house of cards just got more shaky. Lets watch that wedding turn into an Elvis elopement to save some money. Randall Emmett/Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules") ("Power" cancelled) (Lauren from Utah)

(Power is out after Fofty feud: 50 Cent and Randall Emmett's TV show set to end after season six following THAT outrageous showdown) (50 Cent Mocks Lala Kent’s Fiancé For ‘Faking’ Heart Attack To Get Out Of Paying Him $1 Million)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#14**
Tales From The Road: It has been awhile since I shared some on the road stories from traveling or being around bands. Plus, these are not the usual suspects in blinds.

#1 - This celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ (maybe A++) lister had a really successful band of his own. Then he got not one, but two girlfriends of band members pregnant and the band broke up and no one wanted to work with him for a long time. Jakob Dylan ("Wallflowers") (father Bob Dylan)

#2 - This 90's band that was popular for not only its own songs but a hit remake of a former hit song broke up because the lead singer of the band had a massive ego from the success and refused to be in the same vehicle or place or bus or whatever with anyone else from the band. He also demanded first access of any groupie and paid a bounty to roadies of $500 a night to who could find the best looking groupie for him to sleep with that night. Fred Durst ("Limp Bizkit") (George Michael’s "Faith")

#3 - This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and someone who has been in many blinds, whether long or like this, said she was saved from a rape by this one hit wonder who does reality now, only because he ended up getting sick and had to go puke. She took that chance to run. Years later when she was famous he tried to hit on her and she could tell he had no idea she was the same person from the bus. Renee Zellweger/Vanilla Ice ("Ice Ice Baby") ("The Vanilla Ice Project") (Texas connection) (Renee Zellweger: Early life and career beginnings) (Vanilla Ice: Early life)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#1**
Once again, this A list NFL player who is not a QB is telling the world he is straight, when the truth is the complete opposite. Odell Beckham Jr. (New York Giants felt Odell Beckham Jr. was 'problem' during his entire tenure with team, Landon Collins says)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#2**
What do you do if you are this A list mostly movie actor who has a rebooted franchise and a famous name? Well, you meet a foreign born A-/B+ list model/yachter at the Met Gala and then take out some cash and spend a night with her. Michael B. Jordan/Victoria's Secret model Cindy Bruna (Michael B. Jordan Just Spent Four Hours Wining And Dining This Congolese Model)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#3**
The permanent A++ list director likes to get principled when it is convenient for him, but obviously not for others that come into his orbit. Steven Spielberg (Michael Weatherly "Bull") (Steven Spielberg Parts Ways With Bull After Eliza Dushku Sexual-Harassment Reports)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#4**
This might be the first time I have seen any music video or film by this artist offspring of a permanent A+ lister that didn't include an orgasmic tribute to guns. She has a fetish towards guns and violence that borders on sexual. Her most recent work is bereft of it, probably just because of the subject. Adria Petty (Tom Petty) (Watch the Warm Music Video for Tom Petty’s ‘For Real,’ Directed by His Daughter, Adria Petty)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#5**
I warned you this would happen. Not only are the tabloids ignoring the obvious and treating the public like fools by suggesting/implying/hinting/saying it straight out that this A- list reality star and the foreign born former boy bander are dating, now they are dragging into it this athlete who is "jealous." Stop the madness. Kendall Jenner/Harry Styles/Ben Simmons (Ben Simmons Confused By Kendall Jenner Reuniting With Ex Harry Styles at Met Gala)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#6**
This A-/B+ list actor is moving behind the camera for the first time and cast an actress simply to try and convert her to his religion. Ben Foster/Kristen Stewart (Scientology) (Kristen Stewart to Star in Ben Foster’s Directorial Debut)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#7**
It was nice of this trade to finally acknowledge that this foreign A++ list film festival has evolved into just an elaborate cover for yachting. If they had wanted to be helpful though, they could have called out all the producers/directors/buyers/actors who fuel that business. "Cannes Film Festival" (The Hollywood Reporter) (Sex Trafficking Mars the Mystique of Cannes Film Festival: "This Crime Is Significantly Underreported")

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#8**
This foreign born permanent A+ list model who is known more for her temper and yachting the past decade than modeling took that really big check to say nice things about this conglomerate designer in their PR storm. Naomi Campbell (Gucci’s "Blackface" Sweater controversy) (Naomi Campbell Responds to Gucci's 'Blackface' Sweater Controversy)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#9**
If you think you have seen hyping your own company by the celebrity CEO, you have not seen anything yet. The 90 day nine figure potential payday down the road for this CEO has him trying to find any reporter who will do his bidding. Of course the celebrity CEO throws in women and drugs, so might have a little more loyalty. Our nine figure CEO already has bot armies in place to try and stop the negatives he knows will be rightfully coming. He has the greed bug. Elon Musk/Dara Khosrowshahi (he gets paid $100M if he can keep the market valuation of the company above $120B for 90 days) (Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi takes up Elon Musk’s challenge on flying cars vs. tunnels)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#10**
It isn't Groot that is being tattooed on members of this new celebrity cult religion that A & B listers are dying to be a part of. It is a man shaped sculpture of woven twigs. It is their Wicker Man. A three named actress is a member. Three cast members from a Freeform show are members. There is a show on Hulu which it would be tough to not find a member. Kanye West (6 Reasons Why Kanye West’s New Cult — I Mean Church — Is Cause For Pause) (The World Famous Tony Williams recently did an interview on Instagram live while getting a new tattoo)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#11**
Things probably wouldn't be so chummy for this eldest offspring if she knew she was being cut out of the money from this permanent A++ list singer/musician by his latest significant other. Alexa Ray/Billy Joel/Alexis Roderick (Billy Joel Joined by Wife & Kids Backstage as He Celebrates 70th Birthday at Madison Square Garden)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#12**
That former troubled athlete/entertainer turned entertainer was using coke last night at a party. I guess she is not as clean and sober as she likes to pretend. Paige (WWE) (Paige Says Wrestlers Can't Afford to Get Complacent After Jumping From NXT to WWE's Main Roster) (This is where the nightmare began for WWE star Paige)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#13**
This East Coast Housewife hasn't been getting any sales at her new inflated price with a personalized video company so she is making fake accounts and making videos for those people who are not real. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City"/$275.00) (Book personalized video shoutouts from your favorite people)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#14**
Lost To History - Old Hollywood: Lost was how she put it. Lost as a person and lost to history. Her career in film no one would ever see again because of tragedy that cost hundreds if not thousands of careers to be lost to history. Lost to history as one of the creators of a part of one of film's greatest trilogies. Her story was set to be told. She wanted it told. She wrote a manuscript. Apparently the manuscript still exists in a library at that northern California castle. The manuscript was initially discarded as the ravings of someone who had lost her mind. In it though, she also talks about the early days of Hollywood and in great detail discusses one of the greatest directors of all time. I mean everyone knows his name even though you might not have known he was a director. Permanent A++ list. Also, the center of every dispute she had. He stole many of her ideas but only managed to have to admit it once. After that time, he had her blacklisted. So, she wrote down everything he had ever done to anyone. She wrote about the rapes and assaults. She wrote about his drug use and his part in arranging violence and even killings of those he considered rivals. The list of misdeeds is extensive. The original editors thought she was discussing Jesus or God, but she was using it as symbolism in regards to some of his greatest known works of the time. Several people in the last decade have read the manuscript and it is a masterpiece. The problem is no one knows how to sell it or market it. So, it stays there with all of its glorious gossip waiting to be seen. Valeska Suratt/Cecil B. DeMille/William Randolph Hearst Castle (Silent Wierdness)
(Valeska Suratt Decline)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#1**
Mr. X: The contract, which was extended through award season has finally ended. When there are children involved, it makes things a little harder, but the A+ list mostly movie actor and foreign born A-/B+ list model/wannabe actress/yachter are probably thrilled to finally be finished with each other. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Why Bradley Cooper did not attend the Met Gala with Irina Shayk)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#2**
Mr. X: Speaking of people involved with the A+ lister from #1, this A list singer/probably not going to get a better acting gig ever doesn't have a stabling influence around her right now and is back to pills and booze and other party favors in even higher quantities than a year ago. Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga Cusses out Orlando Tech Convention Audience, Later Strips Down in Poolside Snap)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#3**
Serial Killer Blind: Which actress was this serial killer
dating back in 2015? His name is Nicholas Brent Gibson. There are a total of eight Emmy Awards in the photo.

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#4**
This latest time might have been a hack, but what about all the other times this celebrity offspring/model has used the N word? Mind control? Hacks? Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid’s Twitter Hacked With Racist & Anti-Semitic Messages)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#5**
The online tabloid took a couple more shots at the permanent A list "singer." She walked into court with heels. She got a huge blister. She removed them for the walk out because no one could find her emergency air of flip flops for just this scenario. Acting like it was some kind of mental issue was wrong and they knew better. Britney Spears/TMZ (Britney Spears Leaves Court Barefoot After Court Showdown with Parents)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#6**
She can try and walk it back all she wants, but the A- list mostly television actress who was having trouble getting any kind of work before landing the show is not exactly going to be loved by cast and crew when filming starts again on the show. Constance Wu ("Fresh Off the Boat") ("Crazy Rich Asians") (Constance Wu Clarifies Fresh Off the Boat Renewal Tweets: "I Was Temporarily Upset")

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#7**
I would expect another breakdown/police encounter/possible arrest any time within the next week for this tween actor turned teen actor turned A- list adult mostly movie actor all of you know. Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf Strips Down To His Underwear & Shows Off His Buff Tattooed Chest In L.A.)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#8**
This foreign born A+/A list singer has his people scrambling behind the scenes to keep this foreign born former A- list singer/reality judge who is a lover of last names. They are doing their best to keep her from saying anything about a new song that was released or suing. She will get a huge check to stay silent. Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber/Cheryl Cole (Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Accused Of ‘Copying’ Cheryl By Fans: ‘Girl You Should Sue’)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#1**
This a few more months in his teens B+ list rapper already has four or five children from four or five mothers. He also has been actively trying to get two 16 year old Instagram/singing stars with many millions of followers pregnant too. Kentrell DeSean Gaulden (YoungBoy Never Broke Again aka NBA YoungBoy) (four sons with three mothers) (NBA YoungBoy & Bodyguard Arrested After Fatal Road Rage Shooting At Trump Hotel) (YoungBoy Never Broke Again Refers to 6ix9ine's Baby Mama as 'Stupid Lyin' Ass Hoe' Over Her Recent Comments) (The burning question: This rapper confirmed to have herpes)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#2**
This former A list NFL star who is a serial cheater spent part of this weekend cheating on his B list celebrity/lower on the list as an actress girlfriend. She should be used to it not only from him but for the serial singing cheater/beater she previously dated. Karrueche Tran/Victor Cruz/Chris Brown (Karrueche’s full bikini pics have arrived + prove Victor Cruz is still winning even in retirement) (Victor Cruz busted by fiancee for cheating, sends group message to all side chicks) (Karrueche Trans judge grants 5 year restraining order against Chris Brown)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#3**
I'm guessing we are maybe a month away from this former get naked actress turned celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity turned reality star outing her A list ex. Camille Grammer/Kelsey Grammer (‘RHOBH’: Camille Grammer Claims She & Ex-Husband Kelsey Enjoyed ‘Sexy, Kinky Play’)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#4**
Is anyone going to be surprised if the alliterate former actress turned A list celebrity starts selling waist trainer tea on her Instagram? I see her probably going the GOOP affiliate route though. Meghan Markle (Women's Waist Trainer Corset with Slimming Detox Tea Kit)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#5**
I'm not sure this former Teen Mom could be any more obvious about wanting to come back to the franchise. Farrah Abraham (Farrah Abraham models T-shirt plugging Paramount ...a year after settling suit with its parent company)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#6**
In what might be one of the dumbest moves ever, this A+ list mostly movie actor hooked up with his A+/A list actress ex. Apparently she wanted to clear the air and they had lunch. Neutral ground at a restaurant she rented out which is usually closed at lunch. After they ate, the two hooked up in the private room. When I say dumbest moves ever, I am referring to each of them. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie Looks Happy, Confident In Sexy Ensemble Amid Brad Pitt Reconciliation)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#7**
This foreign born A- list singer who once hooked up with an A- list actress long enough to get her pregnant is being investigated for having a threesome with two female teens who say he got them drunk/drugged them and they didn't consent to the sex he had with them and they had with each other. He says they just didn't want their boyfriends to find out. Matt Bellamy/Kate Hudson

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#8**
This permanent A+ list singer had her ex embezzle a ton of money from her. Our singer goes on tour to make up for it and also has sponsored her life so she can be as frugal as possible. She promotes a car service who drives her everywhere for free. A meal service who sends her every meal for free. A chef service who prepares it. A housekeeping service who cleans her place. The list is endless. Mary J. Blige (Martin "Kendu" Isaacs) (EXCLUSIVE: Mary J. Blige files divorce docs revealing she earns $326,000 a month but owes Uncle Sam $6.5 million and has two homes listed as 'unrentable' - after she was ordered to pay $30,000 in spousal support) (Mary J. Blige claims ex-husband Kendu Issacs blew $420G of her money on new girlfriend)

148. The Himmmm 05/13
It'll be interesting to see this week if this ex-A-list, 90's-era, TV heartthrob-douchenozzle actor is arrested. Seems he tried to be cool & defraud two tech investors out of their money (why they'd trust him is beyond me). I guess his wife's work is scant or maybe....her "side gig" must be getting risky. (Or he's just dumb). The tech guys caught on; got mad & hired bad guys to set the actor up in an illegal deal (+they got the proof). So this week...the actor will either do a payback or perp walk. (If he hasn't spent the millions yet). Yes, this WILL be revealed. Either on the news (when he's arrested for either the fraud or the set up job)...or- if the actor pays up/stays free- we'll still reveal it here. Guess those syndication bucks aren't flowing. Maybe he can become a DJ. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox/("BH90210") (Megan Fox Files to Dismiss Divorce from Husband Brian Austin Green After Reconciliation) (Fox reveals first promo, premiere date for 90210 revival BH90210) (Cannes: Andy Garcia, Emory Cohen, Megan Fox, Lucy Hale to Star in 'Big Gold Brick' (Exclusive)) (Fashion Flashback Friday! Behold: David Silver, The Original Society Kid DJ of Beverly Hills)

149. BILLY MASTERS 05/13
Could it be that a certain semi-star is spiraling out of control? So say people close to the actress who claim she has as much in common with the name of her last megahit as she does with a Jeffrey Osborne song. While all her success should thrill her, she's dangerously close to the borderline and possibly requires medical intervention. Some are concerned for her well-being, while those in her clan have a blasé attitude. You only have one life to live. Lady Gaga ("A Star is Born") ("Shallow") ("I Really Don't Need No Light")

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#1**
The wannabe momager of this singer went house shopping this weekend looking for a place because she thinks she is going to come into some money very soon. Britney Spears’ mother Lynne Spears (Britney Spears Appears Alongside Mother at Conservatorship Hearing as Media Requested to Leave Court)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#2**
The publicity people of the A list singer/sometime actress are the ones leaking that the recent split of the A+ list actor had to do with his feelings for the singer. They just can't stop trying to put them together. Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper has dreamed up a reunion with 'Star Is Born' co-star Lady Gaga) (Lady Gaga and Irina Shayk avoid Met Gala run in months after alleged Bradley Cooper feud)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#3**
Too busy using drugs to make it to this life event was the celebrity offspring of this permanent A++ lister. Paris Jackson (brother Prince’s college graduation) (Michael Jackson's Son Prince Graduates from College)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#4**
Last week while his wife was out for most of the night, this foreign born former A+ list tweener hooked up with a brunette with one of our former tweener's friends acting as an intermediary. Wanted someone who looks like his ex I guess. Hailey Baldwin (Met Gala)/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (Hailey Baldwin walks Met Gala carpet in a thong dress sans Justin Bieber)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#5**
While filming overseas, this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has made not just fans in this country mad with his lies about why he can't take photos with them, but also ticking off his much more famous co-stars who think he is being awful. Apparently that guy who is by his side every second of the day and night is really nice though. Timothee Chalamet (filming "Dune" in Budapest, Hungary) (Dune movie: every actor in the sci-fi reboot) (Blind Item Reveal #1) (Blind Item Reveal #2)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#6**
This singer all of you know says a certain network talent show is fixed to the point where the judges know the winners weeks in advance. "American Idol" (Reasons why American Idol might be fake)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#7**
Whenever this permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor has to hit the road to promote something, he tried out raising kids stories, but by the third or fourth interview he is done with it because he doesn't spend enough time with his kids to actually have any stories. George Clooney (George Clooney Reveals That His Kids Are Pranksters Just Like Him)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#8**
This permanent A list model who also does reality television and acting is hooking up with a married man a couple of decades older than our model. The married man left his wife of forty years to be with the model. Tyra Banks (Tyra Banks is now 'BanX') (Tyra Banks Lists Two Homes in Pacific Palisades)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#9**
In addition to the monetary issues between the A+/A list mostly movie actor and his celebrity partner I mentioned in the past few weeks, apparently this foreign born former A+ list boy bander has also been a wedge between the famous partners too. George Clooney/Rande Gerber/Harry Styles (Harry Styles arrived in Toronto before heading off to cottage country with the Gerber-Crawford family)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#10**
Two studio executives made a bet. The bet was who could get a movie greenlit with the worst possible casting choices. Box office poison type stuff. The first studio executive managed to get what he thought would be a sure fire winner for the bet. This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is a racist, sexist woman beater starring in a Christmas movie. Had to be a winner right? Not so fast. The other executive said hold my beer and she managed to get a movie to yes with that same former A+ lister and a younger version of the former A+ lister without the religious issues but with much more racist and substance abuse issues. This is what the movie system has turned into.
Studio executive #1: Mel Gibson ("Fatman") (Mel Gibson Suits Up To Play Santa Claus In Action Comedy ‘Fatman’)
Studio executive #2: Mel Gibson/Shia La Beouf ("Rothchild") (Shia LaBeouf and Mel Gibson to Star in Black Comedy ‘Rothchild’)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#11**
This former A list singer in a group and solo turned reality judge turned accused rapist makes women who want to hook up with him be topless at all times so they can't hide any recording devices. CeeLo Green (Cee Lo Green at DJ Fly Guy Birthday Celebration at Shh Lounge)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#12**
This A list voice over comic actor who is B list when not doing voices hired two escorts in the spring/summer yachting capitol of the world.

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#13**
She is one of the biggest social media stars on the planet but is having to finance most of her own media projects that involve television or streaming because no one wants to hire her. She has way too many demands and wants way too high of a salary for what she delivers outside social media. Everything she has done outside social media has been a bomb. Miranda Sings ("Haters Back Off") (Miranda Sings Needs To Stop Harming The Disabled Community) (Miranda Sings Receives MAJOR Backlash over "No Hugs" Policy!)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#14**
The Hapless Movie - A Back In The Day Blind: Nothing real scandalous here, but maybe you sleuths will have a bit of fun guessing this one. Having said that, the consequences of this movie did do some damage to at least one career. Let’s go back a little while shall we, we have a director who I’d consider permanent A list (academy award winner/nominee) but would probably not be on many peoples usual suspect list. He had just released his latest movie. At the time of the movie’s release he had already been around for a long time and directed some much acclaimed movies that were in the running for the top award. One movie in particular is still a beloved classic with a terrific ensemble cast and it essentially put the director on the map. Not to mention his involvement in those movies that you all know and know well. Anyway, our director had fallen off the radar for a number of years until he jumped at the opportunity to direct this movie which was based on a book. He still had a bit of clout in the industry and his production company managed to secure the rights to this novel and get a pretty big budget from a major studio. Perhaps this could be his comeback into the mainstream after a long absence. Along the way a permanent A+ list writer got involved in the project and partnered with the director to bring the story to the big screen. After watching the movie it’s boggles the mind wondering what they actually saw in the material. It was hardly the kind of material that both the director and the writer had much, if anything, to do with in the past. All things aside, shooting of the movie got under way with a number of good actors signing on for rolls, probably just to work under the A list director with a script written by the A+ list writer, based on a novel by an acclaimed author, how could they go wrong? They all did their best with the script and direction they were given but playing it serious was arguably not the way to go about the material. The director was treating the movie like he would have normally done in the past and it just didn’t weave together this time round. The permanent A+ list actor (academy award winner/nominee) played against type in the movie and even he couldn’t save it or bring it any credibility, but hey, he was still responsible for delivering the best line so I guess that counts for something. The B+ actor who was on a recently axed almost network show seemed to recognize the silliness of what they were doing, but he made his scenes count and chewed through the scenery like no tomorrow. His scenes were some of the more "intentionally" humorous ones and at least he seemed to enjoy himself filming them. Eventually the movie was released and quickly became a laughing stock. I doubt that anyone in the audience was prepared for how ludicrous this film would be. It was jaw dropping how bad it was considering the caliber of the people involved. You’d be forgiven for not expecting this type of movie to come from the A list director. Looking at the credits there a number of award winning cast and crew members across the board and somehow they caught up in the net. It’s not like they did a bad job, far from it, the film is actually pretty well made on a technical level, but the story and plot make no sense what so ever. For those who have seen the movie I’m sure they would only remember the one aspect that when spoken out loud, would either deter people, or encourage them to watch it just to see how ridiculous it plays out. And this is coming from a movie that has one ridiculous and awkward scene after another. Suffice to say the movie was a bomb, and it wasn’t hard to see why. It quickly fell into obscurity and was forgotten. The timing of its release was probably not going to do it any favors either, considering a major world event had just taken place that everyone knew was a bad idea, but was powerless to stop from happening. This movie channeled a few things that were going on at the time. Surprisingly it doesn’t appear on many "worst of all time lists" which maybe a good thing for the multiple A list talent involved. As for the director, well, he will probably always be A list considering his track record & prior achievements, but even he admitted that this film screwed his career a bunch. He had other projects that he wanted to work on but because this movie was a disaster he never got the chance to do them. It was another decade before he got a chance to direct again and he went back to his comfort zone, albeit without any major studio backing this time. That film also bombed and after that he didn’t have anything to go on, at least until not until he got another chance to be involved in the movies that made his name.

Movie: "Dreamcatcher" (plot)
CAST: Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis, Timothy Olyphant; Tom Sizemore, Donnie Wahlberg
Director: Lawrence Kasdan
  1999 Mumford
  1995 French Kiss
  1994 Wyatt Earp (1 Oscar nomination)
  1991 Grand Canyon (1 Oscar nomination)
  1990 I Love You to Death
  1988 The Accidental Tourist (won 1 Oscar)
  1985 Silverado (2 Oscar nominations)

  1983 The Big Chill (3 Oscar nominations)
  1981 Body Heat
A+ list screenwriter: William Goldman
  1996 Da Vinci
  1994 Maverick
  1992 Chaplin
  1990 Misery
  1987 The Princess Bride
  1986 Heat
  1976 A Bridge Too Far

  1976 Marathon Man
  1976 All the President's Men
  1975 The Stepford Wives
  1975 The Great Waldo Pepper
  1973 Papillon
  1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Acclaimed author: Stephen King
Beloved classic: "The Big Chill"
Permanent A+ list actor: Morgan Freeman

Line: Colonel Curtis: The men call the red stuff "Ripley", after the broad in the Alien movies.
The B+ actor who was on a recently axed almost network show: Timothy Olyphant ("Santa Clarita Diet")
Movie that bombed: "Darling Companion"
Major world event: Iraq war started on March 20, 2003; "Dreamcatcher" opened on March 21, 2003

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#1**
Apparently the members of The Club have a new assignment and the foreign born actress did her assignment over the weekend. It sure did get a lot of blowback. It will be interesting to see how the other members fulfill theirs knowing what will likely come their way. Naomi Watts (Naomi Watts' Mother's Day post with duct tape gags on kids divides social media) ("What a Pretty Girl". Naomi Watts' Son Is More And More Often Spotted Wearing Dresses) (The Club)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#2**
For a few minutes people at a restaurant in NYC were confused. There was a barely legal teen calling this Oscar winning permanent A list mostly movie actor grandfather and then made out with him. It turns out that is just what he likes to be called by his new girlfriend.
Robert De Niro

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#3**
This long long long time reality star who has gone through at least a half dozen formats. Her latest has to hide her long time boyfriend, because obviously that wouldn't fit in with the scenario she is trying to sell. Kate Gosselin (Kate Gosselin looks for love in new dating series 'Kate Plus Date')

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#4**
The B+ list actress who is in a big fake relationship would probably only get "engaged," if there was a People cover involved. Why go through with the charade without maximum publicity. Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker (Rosario Dawson Wears Diamond Ring Just 2 Months After Confirming Romance With Cory Booker)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#5**
I'm not sure things could get more rocky in the marriage of this B+ list long time television actress an her A- list actor husband. All of you know the couple and so many more who didn't, do now. Felicity Huffman/William H. Macy (Felicity Huffman, In Tears, Pleads Guilty In College Bribery Scandal)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#6**
Pretty sure the first time this couple ever attempted to kiss each other was on the BAFTA red carpet. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looked like they needed a room in comparison to this couple. But yeah, keep on selling that passionate marriage to us foreign born A list dual threat actor. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter (BAFTAs TV 2019: Emotional Benedict Cumberbatch thanks his 'rock' Sophie Hunter as he scoops Best Actor... after packing on the PDA on the red carpet)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#7**
A Blind Item Quiz

#1 - The name of the man arrested while traveling with the foreign born A- list actor with substance abuse issues. Greek Coca Cola heir Alki David/Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Coca Cola bottling heir and his fellow billionaire business partner are arrested in St Kitts after landing on a private jet with actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers and '5,000 cannabis plants worth $1.3MILLION' on board - which they insist is legal)

#2 - The name of the formerly Instagram/barely there celebrity ex/sometime reality star ex of the man arrested in #1. Jennifer Stano

#3 - Who the woman in #2 left the man in #1 for. Danielle, who is a dog groomer

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#8**
Apparently this former back in the day B list actress who has a unique name and voice has always been known as someone who has been into the occult. She was last seen by most of you in a hit pay cable show and she has another show which is going to do very well. Anyway, several men who have dated her says she likes to collect their semen and keep it in vials. Fairuza Balk ("Ray Donovan") ("Paradise City") (Important news bulletin of the day: The Craft's Fairuza Balk is not, in fact, a witch)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#9**
The permanent A list "singer" just found out her boyfriend gets paid to be her boyfriend. Britney Spears (Sam Asghari) (Britney Spears' Relationship With Boyfriend Sam ‘Strained’ By Conservatorship Crisis)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#10**
The alliterate talk show host wants you to believe one thing, but she sits at home most nights alone with no one to talk to. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams says she’s dating ‘pretty often,’ has a ‘parade of men’)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#11**
I wonder how this suddenly a celebrity because a royal has fallen for his line of crap explained the guy that lives with him. I'm guessing "roommate." Princess Martha Louise of Norway/Durek Verrett (Princess Martha Louise of Norway, 47, takes to Instagram to announce she's found love with an LA-based shaman and 'spiritual hacker' who believes he can reverse aging - two years after her divorce)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#12**
She used to have two great simultaneous television jobs. Now, she is going to have zero. The soon to be former A- list actress/singer does still have her Adderall habit though. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family" and "Sofia the First") (Ariel Winter Will Fight Her Body Shamers: 'There's Nothing Bitchy About Standing Up for Yourself')

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#13**
The actress girlfriend of this Academy Award winner who is in an acting family and not even the most famous in the family has been barred from meeting anyone in the family because she has not signed an NDA. Floriana Lima/Casey Affleck (Ben Affleck)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#14**
Recruiting Time: The person I spoke to compared it to college football recruiting, but with even large financial repercussions. As we speak, there is a group of tweens, teens, young adults and in some cases their parents gathering at a convention of sorts. It is small by convention standards. Probably all told there are less than 500 people attending or working it. Financially though, it is one of the largest. Consumer decisions through next Christmas are being made there right now and your fate is in the hands of the impressionable groups I just mentioned. They are all YouTube stars. Kids that have been taken out of school by their parents to make a gazillion dollars for the parents. I guess it wouldn't shock you that when parents are involved, the companies trying to get their products to be used and in front of the kids of the parents, it is the parents that are bribed. At this convention there are any number of vices that can be used as a sweetener. Drugs? Women? Readily available. Cash in briefcases to avoid paying taxes? Right there for the taking. Just have your kid display the products because they will set the tone for what every other kid in the world wants to purchase. There are six figures in those briefcases plus more legit money on the back end. Old enough to be traveling without a parent? Yeah, the women and drugs are going to be sent to your suite and they will stay as long as needed to make sure you do whatever it takes to get those products being opened and displayed in front of millions of eyes every single day. The swag bags put the Oscars to shame in their value. For parents there are watches and private jet rides. For kids there are meet and greet with any of their heroes or vacations. The list is endless. This group of people do this every other month or so. It is full on debauchery disguised as marketing. Licensing Expo 2019/Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas (What is Licensing? But really though - what is it?)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#1**
Very interesting that Kneepads took the side of a non celebrity in a divorce. Even more rare is they interviewed her. They must know something extra bad about the A- list mostly television actor from the long long long running network television show. Aryn Drake-Lee/Jesse Williams (People magazine) (Jesse Williams' Ex Aryn Drake-Lee Gets Real About Motherhood Amid Divorce: 'It’s Ok for the Children to See Me Crying’)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#2**
When you are trying to make the case you are still together, it is much better for the C list felon celebrity to not use a picture that is months old of he and his girlfriend. Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks/Chloe Green (Jeremy Meeks insists he's 'still very much in love' with heiress 'fiancée' Chloe Green - and shares a picture to prove it - after cosying up to model Andreea Sasu at Cannes Film Festival)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#3**
The former A+ list reality star/celebrity who people still don't really like, all but admitted that she arranged, designed and paid for her most recent engagement ring on her own. She also continues to tell everyone where it was purchased to keep her end of the deal with the company. Paris Hilton (Wait, Paris Hilton’s Giant Engagement Ring Was Free?)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#4**
This way underage B-list YouTube celebrity is not famous for a musical or artistic talent. Very recently, she has rocketed to A-list in her corner of the internet. This was due to media exposure of some of her racist and hateful comments. What most people don’t know about is the other, much older male A-/B+ list social media / YouTube celebrity in his corner of the internet, who has been in personal contact with this previously described underage girl, who is barely a teen. He is a pedophile, draws cartoons which should be considered child porn, and has even drawn these sorts of sick cartoons based on this girl. He has also drawn pornography involving his mother. Soph/Shädbase (Potty-mouthed 14-year-old anti-PC comedian with nearly 1million YouTube followers vows to keep making her videos after coming under fire for donning a hijab and mocking Muslims) (GRAPHICShädbase

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#5**
And just like that, this former tweener turned A- list adult singer/bad actress has reunited with the guy she fell in love with last year. Selena Gomez/Andrea Iervolino (Selena Gomez wows in a white bustier and daring slit skirt combo as she leads the glamour with co-stars Tilda Swinton and Chloë Sevigny at the premiere of their new movie at the Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony) (Selena Gomez's Birthday Party Sparked Rumours She Has A New Boyfriend)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#6**
Even though they know that last year's sabotage will be nothing compared to this season's, the alphabet network can't really do anything about the actress because her contract is huge. They would have to pay it and then find someone else and the whole thing would just be a mess. Pleasant faces for the press though. Ellen Pompeo ("Grey’s Anatomy"/ABC) (Grey's Anatomy Renewed for Two More Seasons at ABC as Ellen Pompeo Extends Contract Until 2021)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#7**
This former late night actress has always said she would never return to television. The pressure and stage fright she gets is multiplied with that much work. So, it is kind of shocking she agreed to a new show. Kristen Wiig ("SNL") ("Bless the Harts") (First Look: FOX’s New Animated Series "Bless the Harts") (The Influence of Anxiety: Kristen Wiig, SNL, and Self-Consciousness)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#8**
The A list everything in her mind is tired of trailing her boyfriend everywhere he goes. Each time she doesn't though, he starts talking to other women or making plans to meet other women. It is exhausting for our A lister. Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez (Jennifer Lopez took fiance Alex Rodriguez to a strip club so she could interview dancers for her film Hustlers... and he didn't mind one bit)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#9**
This former A- lit mostly television actress has some hits and misses. Her biggest hit might be the long running pay cable show that ended several years ago. She is trying to do the movie thing in Cannes right now and spent the night on a yacht with its owner last night. Chloë Sevigny ("Big Love") (Chloë Sevigny on Opening Cannes)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#10**
This long time celebrity owned restaurant in town has the usual when it comes to actresses who also serve as waitresses. One thing that is not usual is the actress who does commercials and did a a cameo of sorts in a recent highly rated/reviewed docuseries but not much else in her career, sells information about every one of her celebrity guests and is also known to tip off unsavory characters who are owed money by any of her patrons. She also springs all kinds of honey traps. The restaurant is starting to lose a lot of business and can't figure out why. Ask this waitress. Robert De Niro ("Nobu"); Wolfgang Puck ("Spago")

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#11**
This former A+ list reality star who has spun off a show multiple ways before rebooting the original is having a cash flow crisis because her boyfriend lives off her income and he costs a lot. Audrina Patridge (Matt Chase) ("The Hills"; "Audrina"; "The Hills: New Beginnings") (Audrina Patridge Is Dating West Hollywood Bar Owner Matt Chase: 'He Seems Smitten,' Source Says)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#12**
A family business? For long time readers who are fans of this reality show, I have told you in the past that many of the females who are in and out or girlfriends/dates for an episode or two have a west coast yachting past. They are discovered by one of the stars of the show and recruited not for the show, but for wealthy friends. As a side product to that, some end up on the show for a minute or an episode or a season. A guiding hand and a task master who used to act as a go between back in the day is a family member of the star. It was more subtle, but even a very recent almost marriage was the result of one of those introductions made by the family member. "Southern Charm"/Whitney Sudler-Smith/Patricia Altschul/Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs (Southern Alarm: A Comprehensive Guide to Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs' Complicated History) (Southern Charm’s Landon Clements Reveals Thoughts on Ashley Jacobs’ Behavior, Addresses Their Relationship and Escort Rumors, Plus How She Dealt With "Hurtful" Backlash and Feud With Kathryn)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#13**
Everyone always uses initials to describe this reality show that has been around forever. Anyway, one of the contestants this season is known for stealing from her clients while they are sleeping. Often times she is the one who slips something to them to get to sleep. On the show this season, she has used both of those talents more than once. ANTM ("America’s Next Top Model") (Contestants)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#14**
Counseling: Two of the favorites of the foreign born former A+ list tweener turned adult are married. They pretend to be living a pious life but I have a running total of at least a dozen actresses/celebrities/regular people who gave their social media/contact information on a visitor card and instead of being sought out by some type of visitor coordinator, they were approached by these married men. At least three of these women have boyfriends. Their boyfriends attended with them and also filled out information cards. All of the boyfriends were contacted by a visitor coordinator. Every single one of the women was contacted by one of these married men and in the case of two of the women, they were contacted by three married men all of whom recommended meeting for coffee or drinks or dinner to discuss their spiritual growth. One actress who is on a fairly hit ABC comedy says she was contacted at least a dozen times by one of these married men and always made every conversation about sex. When the actress said she is celibate, the married man says it isn't healthy to be celibate and that she should come in for immediate counseling. This model/actress who has been a professional beard all of you would have known a decade ago even though she has never done much acting or modeling wise does have a boyfriend now. It didn't stop one of the married guys from always making sure he was seated next to her and never missed an opportunity to touch her thigh while seated next to her or to give her extra long hugs or to ask her out. One actress who none of you will know says she joined a singles group but the leader of the singles group was one of the married men and would take turns doing activities with the single women. Those who would sleep with him would end up with expensive bags or shoes. He made several moves on our actress but when she said she wasn't interested and asked about his wife, he said that maybe she wasn't a right fit with the group.

Group: Hillsong or Church Home
Foreign born former A+ list: Justin Bieber (11 Facts About Hillsong, Justin Bieber's Fave Church) (Justin Bieber's pastor is bringing church to 'the palm of your hand') (Why I left Hillsong, Justin Bieber’s beloved evangelical church)
Favorites: Hillsong: Carl Lentz; Rich Wilkerson; Church Home: Judah Smith
Actress who is on a fairly hit ABC comedy: Yara Shahidi ("Black-ish")
Model/actress who has been a professional beard: Camilla Belle (dated Joe Jonas and Tim Tebow)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#1**
This A+ list news anchor was wearing lifts at least a couple of inches high for his cable network's upfront.
Anderson Cooper

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#2**
How creepy is it that this foreign born three named underage actress had a personal fitting of her clothes while in the presence of the foreign born A+ list rapper/singer who has been creeping on her for well over a year. Millie Bobby Brown/Drake (Millie Bobby Brown supports BFF Drake’s fashion line)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#3**
The barely there celebrity offspring of two former A listers has now made close to a dozen private porn videos with paying customers. It is only a matter of time before one leaks out to the public. Ava Sambora (Heather Locklear/Richie Sambora) (Heather Locklear 'Has Been to Rehab More than 20 Times,' Source Says) (Ava Sambora ‘Would Love to Follow’ in Mother Heather Locklear’s Footsteps, Star in ‘Dynasty’ Reboot)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#4**
It looks as if this celebrity offspring who might have her parents go to jail might also get the nightclub she visited shut down. Our offspring was sharing where she was and what she was doing at the alliterate nightclub. Only one problem. The club is 21+ and our offspring is not. Investigators want to know if she used a fake i.d or the bouncers just let her in violating the terms of their liquor license. Olivia Jade Giannulli (Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli) ("Bootsy Bellows") (Olivia Jade Goes Clubbing While the Case Against Her Parents Continues) (Olivia Jade's high school counselor could be called to testify against her fashion-designer father for 'storming into her office and yelling when she questioned the girl's coxswain skills')

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#5**
Part of the deal with the powers that be they will require to get the children back of this former cable star is that both parties submit to random drug tests. Who thinks they will pass? I don't. Jenelle Evans/David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason ("Teen Mom 2") (Jenelle Evans and David Eason Appear in Court Over Custody of Children Amid CPS Investigation)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#6**
This foreign born A- list actress/singer is A list in her own country. In this country she is probably B- list. She managed to snag a huge A list type role by sleeping with the married director of the project. Naomi Scott ("Aladdin")/Guy Ritchie (wife/Jacqui Ainsley) (Will Smith jokes around with Guy Ritchie as he attends an Aladdin photocall with Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud in London)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#7**
This is all making things awkward between the frosted tip having, got away with sexual harassment, mogul and his on air buddy who pretends they are best friends. That on air buddy plugs the reality shows from this reality family almost every week on the former's show. Ryan Seacrest/Kelly Ripa (Ryan Seacrest was accused of sexual misconduct. Hollywood shrugged) (Kelly Ripa Reveals the Reality Show That Disgusts Her)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#8**
Despite all the talk to the contrary, this comic/actor/host/fired host is really splitting with his long time wife. They might delay it a couple of months to try and prove critics wrong, but the critics aren't wrong. Steve Harvey (Marjorie Elaine Harvey) (Steve Harvey's Wife Marjorie Speaks the Truth About What’s Going on in Their Marriage) ('Little Big Shots': What Will Steve Harvey Do Now That He's Fired and His Show 'Steve' is Cancelled?)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#9**
Just as I told you, the fix is in. It is really tough to have a transparent process when all the documents are under seal. It is all going to plan for the disgraced producer. Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein Trial Documents to Remain Sealed)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#10**
This former A list dual threat actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is now disgraced is planning on leaking the name of his accuser. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey accuser can remain anonymous in sex battery case, judge rules)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#11**
The wannabe momager suddenly has a ton of cash burning a hole in her pocket thanks to recent statements she made supporting her ex and his vision going forward. Lynne Spears/Britney Spears/Jamie Spears (Britney Spears's mom Lynne shops in Southern California after insisting daughter is doing 'wonderfully' amid conservatorship battle)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#12**
This A- list mostly movie actress who is in a long running court fight with an ex, met up with a former mistress of the actor who lives where the actress is visiting. Apparently this former mistress has proof of some of the bad behaviors of the ex. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp (Amber Heard and Alessandra Ambrosio command attention in daring slashed gowns as they lead the glamour at the star-studded premiere of Les Misérables at Cannes Film Festival)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#13**
She already makes more than every other Housewife when it comes to her television work, but if she decides to return, she wants to be the highest paid Housewife for just that show and wants the network to leak that to the press for them to print. Lisa Vanderpump ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")(Lisa Vanderpump quitting Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills causes fan fury: Six possible RHOBH replacements)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#14**
The Courtesan: I am trying to think of someone less likely to be courtesan, but am having trouble bringing anyone to mind. There was the former A- list network actress from a long running hit show about a northern state that was shocking. She also kept to very familiar circles and was seen as someone you needed in your corner or on your arm or in your bed if you wanted to succeed in politics. The one I am talking about right now was once A list. A celebrity. She did reality once or twice and the results were pretty horrific. Plus, she was so horrific to other cast and crew that she was essentially barred from any sort of US television landscape. She is foreign born, and became famous worldwide for someone she married rather than anything she did on her own. She has had some attempts at television in her home country and other celebrity making endeavors, but much like here, no one wanted to work with her. Over the past several years, she has been seen in private clubs and gambling rooms on the arm of much older men who are all very wealthy. She provides a service. She can be discreet and she made her fortune by servicing a much older man and making him feel special. She translated that into tens of millions of dollars. Right now, she is looking for the same type payoff, but she is having trouble getting men to divorce their current spouses. They are happy with paying our celebrity a retainer of the equivalent of $100K per year to make herself available whenever they need her. She has about a dozen men on the payroll and does what she wants and travels in the circles she wants and continues to treat those she considers beneath her like crap. Oh, before I forget, there was a judge she slept with for a month to get a favorable ruling for her in an important case.

Former A- list network actress from a long running hit show about a northern state: Janine Turner ("Northern Exposure") (Activism and advocacy) (Janine Turner's Wild Ride from Baldwin's Girl to GOP Darling)

206. POPBITCH 05/17
First it was Prince Harry. Then it was Paul Hollywood. Now who is the latest person having a panic that there might be some old pictures of him dressed as a high-ranking Nazi at a party in the early noughties which could resurface and torpedo his new career prospects?

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#1**
This former really bad A- list actress turned really bad A- list reality star turned really bad money managing celebrity thinks she has inherited some kind of television making magic. She also hates the latest addition to her new show and is willing to crash and burn the whole thing if she doesn't get her way. Good luck ever getting another green light on any show. Tori Spelling ("BH90210")/husband Dean McDermott (Is Tori Spelling’s Husband Dean McDermott Joining the ‘BH90210’ Cast? She Says …)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#2**
This married celebrity billionaire who owns a huge fashion house forces his ex to hook up with him several times a year if she wants extra child support. François-Henri Pinault (wife Salma Hayek)/Linda Evangelista (Child support case)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#3**
This network has long shown it only cares about making money and doesn't really care about #MeToo. Even though a star was given a ton of money in a wrongful termination complaint they still will do everything to defend the serial cheating married star of this show because advertisers love it. CBS/Michael Weatherly/"Bull"/Eliza Dushku (CBS defends 'Bull' renewal after Michael Weatherly harassment controversy) (Eliza Dushku Slams CBS, Michael Weatherly for Alleged Harassment and Retaliation on ‘Bull’)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#4**
According to several clients, this B-/C+ list celebrity continued seeing men for money even after she started dating this permanent A list celebrity/mogul who would become her husband.

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#5**
This kind of former WWE star is basically living with a producer to land acting roles. I think she thinks she is more famous than she actually is and the producer is just using her for sex.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#6**
This recent one season wonder winner told one of her best friends that she and her "boyfriend" have still not had sex and are waiting until the right time. Cassie Randolph/Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") (Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Aren’t Rushing an Engagement — But He Knows What Kind of Ring She Wants!)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#7**
This three named former A list celebrity has been earning money as of late by being a threesome partner. Her specialty is doing strip teases and then inviting the female in the relationship to join in with her and the male. Dita Von Teese (Dita Von Teese wows in an elegant plunging navy dress with dramatic netting as she attends the Rocketman premiere at Cannes Film Festival)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#8**
This foreign born A+ list model in Europe and practically unknown here is seen as the heir apparent to the foreign born permanent A+ list model/mogul. In any event, the heir apparent and our favorite foreign born actress/singer got into a near brawl over who was going to accompany a Russian oligarch back to his yacht yesterday.
Foreign born A+ list model:
Foreign born permanent A+ list model/mogul: Heidi Klum
Favorite foreign born actress/singer: Rita Ora
(Rita Ora looks sensational as she teases her washboard abs in a plunging semi-sheer lilac dress and cape for Magnum party in Cannes)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#9**
The former stripper turned reality star turned celebrity who fakes a lot of things, is apparently out of money which is why her lawyer is bailing on her. Blac Chyna (Lisa Bloom) (Attorney Lisa Bloom drops Blac Chyna as a client amid Kardashian-Jenner lawsuit)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#10**
Recently, a few less-than-reputable outlets took their marching orders from a publicist and printed rebuttals to an article about trouble in paradise involving our favorite dual threat foreign born actor and his so called wife. Try as one might, though the referenced article was nowhere to be found. Apparently they had jumped the gun which just made them look like idiots. Days later the referenced article finally dropped online with an outright declaration of trouble in paradise. While this is causing a tempest online, our actor showed up in the south of France living it up without his so called wife. Is the internet's boyfriend making a comeback? Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter (Benedict Cumberbatch Divorce Rumors: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Actor and Sophie Turner’s Marriage Reportedly Hit a Rough Patch; Couple Splitting?) (Benedict Cumberbatch’s Busy Career Hurting His Marriage?) (Internet boyfriend Benedict Cumberbatch literally fought off a bunch of muggers) (How the Internet Picks Its Boyfriends)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#11**
This former A- list mostly television actress from two now defunct hit network shows is doing partner swapping on a fairly frequent basis. Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes") ("Nashville") (Hayden Panettiere and Boyfriend Brian Hickerson Hold Hands 2 Weeks After His Domestic Violence Arrest)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#12**
Don't believe the hype. This foreign born former two franchise actor is on a short list but his team tried to force the studio into giving him the job with their PR push yesterday. The foreign born actor who has a current box office bomb is still the odds on favorite. Robert Pattinson ("Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and "Twilight")/Nicholas Hoult ("Tolkien") ("Batman") (Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult Are in the Running to Play Batman in New Film)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#13**
Well the A-/B+ list mostly movie actor hasn't beaten his model girlfriend yet but has cheated on her. Alex Pettyfer/Toni Garrn (Leonardo DiCaprio's ex Toni Garrn flashes a ring on her wedding finger as she holds hands with Alex Pettyfer... after being romantically linked for months)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#14**
You Need To Pray: I have had blinds about some of the individuals in today's big blind. The blinds all talked about how they used their celebrity to do what they wanted to female parishioners in their church where they grew up. Until I spoke to this A-/B+ list female singer though, I had no idea just how bad ll of this was. Our singer started recording when she was about 13. She was signed by a management company that also represented the celebrities from this church. The person who signed her was a good two decades older than her at the time. He was in his early 30's and she is 13 or 14. She was told it would be best for her career if she started attending this church and could develop "friendships" with the other singers so they would be able to work better together. So, she started attending. She was also told that she needed to pick one of the guys who were probably 18 or 19 at the time to be in a relationship with because it would be better for her image. So, she picked one and was told she needed to start having sex with him too because she didn't want to rock the boat or disturb the good working relationship everyone had. So, she started a relationship with this singer who at the time was close to A list. He would always cheat on her with other women and she finally moved on from him and started dating the singer's brother. Well, apparently the man who signed her didn't give his permission for this and the only way she could get his permission was to have sex with him. So, she had sex with this 30 something year old guy and was told from then on she would always have to when he asked. He asked a lot. She was told the only way all of this would stop was if she got pregnant because then no one would want her. So, she tried all the time to get pregnant and did so while still a teen. They did leave her alone. They also dropped her as a client and she had to rebuild without them. It has been a long road and she has dozens of stories to tell about all the guys in the record industry who used her and others and who continue to try and use her including her on again off again A- list boyfriend who is always leaving her for some new singer or someone more famous and then comes back for a week or two before moving on again.

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#1**
The widow is doing everything in her power to keep the truth from being told. One of those ways is by trying to shut down a family member who is just trying to look out for the interest they were promised. Depositions in this case would open a can of worms which could never be closed.
Vicky Cornell/Susan Silver/Divorce agreements

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#2**
Last month I wrote about a missing will. A will everyone associated with a case knows exists. Apparently the attorney who prepared it has been unable to find it. I previously advised you of that fact. There is hope though. After the will was signed, it was scanned into the system of the law firm. The only issue is they have since changed cloud companies which were hosting the files. Slowly, files that were lost in the merge are being discovered, and it is only a matter of time before the will is also located.
A list rocker: Chris Cornell
Ex of the rocker: Susan Silver
Offspring: daughter Lillian Jean
Family member: Vicky Karayiannis
(Original blind item)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#3**
You know when Kneepads gets involved, things are serious. The thing is, it is not so much that people close to this A- list-ish actress are worried about her safety. They are worried she is not generating enough cash any longer on which they are dependent. Hayden Panettiere (Hayden Panettiere's Loved Ones Are 'More Worried Than Ever' About Her Relationship: Source)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#4**
Certain members of a family are using go betweens, including A list celebrities, message boards and other family members to get me to stop my campaign to bring truth to the situation involving a dead rocker. That kind of effort won't work because it just makes me want to search even more for the truth. Francis Bean Cobain/Josh Brolin/Brad Pitt (Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Emotionally Breaks Silence On Chris Cornell) (Chris Cornell Video Months Before Death Surfaces Before A Brad Pitt-Produced Documentary)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#5**
This disgraced permanent A+/A list mostly movie director wanted this former A+ list tweener turned singer/upcoming actress in an episode of a big almost television show to put in a good word for him with someone. She refused because of that unnecessary sex scene he made her film for a different almost television show. Miley Cyrus/Woody Allen ("Crisis in Six Scenes") ("Black Mirror") (Miley Cyrus is trapped in Woody Allen’s Amazon disaster "Crisis in Six Scenes") ('Black Mirror' drops trailer with Miley Cyrus, sets Netflix premiere date)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#6**
Interesting to see the alliterate former actress turned A+ list celebrity complaining about treatment she has received from others when she complained to producers to get two actresses fired because she thought they were getting too many lines at her expense. Meghan Markle ("Suits"/Gina Torres/Christina Cole) (Son of the Princess of the United Kingdom! Baby Archie's birth certificate confirms that he was born at private Portland Hospital after overdue Meghan's home birth dream was dashed) (Suits Returns This March, Says Goodbye to Two Beloved Characters and Confirms Season 8)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#7**
Unable to get her to sing or dance, the people of this permanent A list "singer" made a recent post seem current and hopeful. Britney Spears (Britney Spears fans claim singer posted ‘old’ video as new update) (Britney Spears 'desperate' for iPhone amid continued conservatorship battle: report)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **#8**
In an interview with an offshoot of huge name in magazines, this closeted A- list reality star came up with a new reason why her "romances" always fail. Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner on modelling, coming from a ‘name’ and keeping her relationship private)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#1**
Mr. X: The soon to be ex husband of the alliterate talk show host is feeding made up stories to several media outlets, including one particular YouTuber, that he is getting back together with his soon to be ex wife. I don't know what fantasy world he's living in, but if your ex travels around with a security guard everywhere she goes because she's afraid of getting hurt by you... yeah she really wants you back. Just look at her demeanor these last few weeks on her show, she's living her best life now that she's s single lady. He should be more concerned about the Feds investigating him and his mistress for money laundering and using his now defunct charity to give gifts to the mistress. Kevin Hunter/Wendy Williams/Tasha K (Don’t cry for her! Wendy Williams is single and ready to mingle) (Wendy SECRETLY SAVING her Marriage) (Wendy Williams Dissolves The Hunter Foundation, Organization She Started With Estranged Husband Kevin Hunter)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#2**
By my count, this A- list model who really only got to be a model because she is a celebrity offspring of some barely there celebrities is still fairly young. Unlike a sibling, this family member has embraced multiple surgeries and procedures and doesn't seem to want to stop. A decade from now, there probably won't be anything real left in or on her. Bella Hadid (Yolanda Hadid/Mohamed Hadid/Gigi Hadid) (Bella Hadid sizzles in Grecian-inspired scarlet gown while Amber Heard wows in leather thigh-high boots as they lead the stars at the Pain and Glory premiere during Cannes Film Festival)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#3**
Because of a lack of any new attention being directed her way and because people have moved on from the former A- list actress who had the news filled 2018 she decided to try and insert herself into the network actress and her situation. I think our former A- list actress thought that 2019 would be filled with job offers and people still wanting to speak with her. Not so much. Rose McGowan/Constance Wu ("Fresh Off the Boat") (Rose McGowan defends Constance Wu and says she cried when 'Charmed' was renewed) (The real reason Constance Wu blew up over 'Fresh Off the Boat' renewal: report)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#4**
This former A- list actress from a much beloved teen type cable show is not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about her recent run in with international law enforcement. They wanted to know about the guy she has made multiple trips to the country to see who does not enjoy a squeaky clean reputation in his own country and is not allowed to travel to many other countries. Holland Roden ("Teen Wolf")/Brazil (Teen Wolf's Holland Roden finally 'granted entry into Brazil' after being 'aggressively' detained by authorities)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#5**
This former A list rapper who spent a lot of time in prison is just not cutting it any longer as a performer. Too many years of drugs have ruined her talent. So, then she falls back to her favorite way to make money which is threatening to expose at least one permanent A+ list rapper for what he did to her when she was way underage. He is getting tired of it. Is 2019, the year she ends up dead? Foxy Brown/Jay Z (Foxy Brown Booed Off Stage During NYC Performance) (Foxy Brown Claims Jay Z "Took Her Virginity, Gave Her Gonorrhea, and Has A Sex Tape With Jamie Foxx!")

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#6**
Dear former girlfriend of the rapper who is pretty much only famous because of who he once dated,
You got a tattoo on your face to make this guy happy and last night he hooked up with two different women. Run away from him now. Lil Xan (Noah Cyrus)/Annie Smith (He told her if she loved him, she would also get a face tattoo. She did.) (Lil Xan Spotted With DJ Diablo Following Suicide Scare)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#7**
This former A- list reality star who has been on multiple reality shows is still way underage. The police are investigating reports that she is being offered for sale to various older men. Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo/13 years old) (Here's Where Honey Boo Boo Is Reportedly Living While Mama June Gambles With Boyfriend Geno)

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#8**
Don't believe the hype. This designer sounding like rapper who spent a significant amount of time in jail says he wants to give a great show which is why he is canceling dates. Umm, then why hasn't he canceled dates here in the US? Hmmm. How come you just can't be real and say the other country barred you from entering the country because of your criminal record? Gucci Mane (Gucci Mane postpones Candian tour... I Wanna Do Better!!!)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#1**
Always entertaining when someone like this A+/A list rapper wins multiple songwriting awards despite never having written a song. Cardi B (Cardi B leads nominations for BET Awards 2019)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor/director is throwing names out for a new project he is involved in so people will go after them for being involved with him while he privately goes after the people he really wants. Mel Gibson/"The Wild Bunch" (Mel Gibson Courting Michael Fassbender, Jamie Foxx & ‘GOT’s Peter Dinklage For ‘The Wild Bunch’ Remake At Warner Bros)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#3**
Maybe this latest episode will finally convince the foreign born former A/-A list singer turned reality judge to quit drugs once and for all. Mel B (Mel B 'fears she is totally blind after being rushed to hospital with sight loss in her right eye'... just days before the Spice Girls reunion tour kicks off)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#4**
Apparently this is day four or five of being awake on the latest meth binge of this former MTV reality star turned possible future convict. David (Uncle Bad Touch) Eason ("Teen Mom 2") (Jenelle Evans’ husband David came to court w/gun on the dash... Or So It Seems)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#5**
With all of her commitments to work finished, people are worried that this foreign born A- list mostly television actress last seen in a huge pay cable show will increase her already high level of daily alcohol intake. Sophie Turner (Sansa/"Game of Thrones") ('It was the worst day of our lives' Sophie Turner, 23, reveals she and Joe Jonas, 29, secretly SPLIT just before their wedding after 'getting cold feet')

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#6**
Look for the permanent A list "singer" to be out and about all the time over the next few weeks to show she is not being held captive. The thing is though, each excursion is heavily regulated and monitored and will end in a second if anything out of the ordinary occurs. Britney Spears (since this was written, she has been spotted out and about five times in nine days)
(Britney Spears Caught Shopping With Boyfriend Sam Asghari in New Photos)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#7**
This A- list mostly television actress from a long running very hit network comedy has also enjoyed lots of success in movies. Her latest boyfriend has been hooking up with her long time assistant.

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#8**
This very outspoken A/A- list mostly movie actress who has multiple Academy Award wins/nominations always likes to call out horrid behavior by others. Apparently though, she is fine though with the behavior of her foreign born A- list co-star even though his own family hates him for that behavior. Jessica Chastain/Michael Fassbender ("X-Men Dark Phoenix") (Jessica Chastain, Sophie Turner & Michael Fassbender sun it up at Paris photocall for "X-Men Dark Phoenix") (‘X-Men’ Star Jessica Chastain Blasts ‘Game Of Thrones’: ‘Rape Is Not A Tool’) (Ex model girlfriend of stony actor Michael Fassbender claimed he threw her over a chair, breaking her nose, and dragged her with his car, explosive documents reveal) (Why Are We Ignoring That Michael Fassbender Was Accused Of Abuse?) ('But These Allegations Could Ruin a Man's Career!' Right. Here's a List of Men Accused of Assault Whose Careers Turned Out Just Fine)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#9**
Worried about the book coming from the former female lover of the permanent A+ list singer is the relative of the singer. I previously told you how it is going to expose the horrors inflicted by the relative. So, the relative announces a bunch of new records and a tour that will probably never happen. Distract, distract. Robyn Crawford/Whitney Houston/manager and sister-in-law, Pat Houston (The greatest love of all: Whitney Houston's lesbian lover Robyn Crawford will open up about their relationship for the first time in new memoir) ("No One Wins:" Whitney Houston’s Sister-in-Law on Exposing the Family’s Darkest Secret) (Whitney Houston Estate Plans Hologram Tour, Album, Musical)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#10**
More superhero show drama. This A- list actress on an almost network superhero show was ticked off she was only offered a recurring role, so she got herself another gig which forced the superhero show to make her full time. To do that though, they had to cut a fan favorite who has superhero all throughout her family down to a recurring.
Show: "The Flash"

A list actress: Danielle Panabaker ('The Flash's Danielle Panabaker Says Goodbye to 'Arrow') (The Flash: Danielle Panabaker on Creating the Show's Future in Her Directorial Debut)
Other gig: "Sky High" sequel (Danielle Panabaker Has Some Ideas For a 'Sky High' Sequel)
Fan favorite: Jessica Parker Kennedy (Nora West-Allen/XS: Barry and Iris' speedster daughter from the future) (The Flash Just Said Goodbye to Its Most Adorable Character in the Season 5 Finale)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#11**
The reality family doesn't sit for depositions so a check will be written soon to that former stripper who has them on the ropes. The Kardashians/Blac Chyna (Kardashians Ordered To Sit For Depositions In Never-Ending Reality TV Legal Battle With Blac Chyna!)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#12**
Apparently the two main actresses on that third times a charm reboot of a television show have been doing their best to get tabloids to bite that their old nemesis is still trying to ruin things. The two actresses still can't get over the fact that they were forced to add their nemesis to the show. They want her gone. Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth ("BH90210")/Shannen Doherty (Shannen Doherty slams reports of 'BH90210' drama: I refuse to be the 'villain')

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#13**
A few enterprising leaders, including a former actress, of this former cult have started an escort service using some of the still brainwashed former members. Nicki Clyne, "Cally Henderson Tyrol" on TV series "Battlestar Galactica"/NXIVM (Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#14**
Not Going To Last: A brand new show is headed to a network. It is a comedy. The network is hopeful it is going to fit right into its existing comedy lineup. The thing is though, there are already whispers that things could be uncomfortable on set. The lead actor, who most of you know was able to keep his multiple affairs back in the day out of the news. His then wife agreed to stay quiet about the affairs. Since then, he broke up a marriage when he had a fling with a co-star. He has a long time girlfriend who was also married when they started hooking up and he has cheated on her with at least one of his new co-stars. This could all get very messy.

Show: "Perfect Harmony"
Lead actor: Bradley Whitford
Ex-wife: Jane Kaczmarek (Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek File for Divorce)
Girlfriend/ex-husband: Amy Landecker/Jackson Lynch ('Transparent' Stars Find Love (With Each Other)
New co-star: Anna Camp ("Perfect Harmony") (Perfect Harmony Trailer: Bradley Whitford and Anna Camp Hit the High Notes!)

After making an appearance at the John Wick 3: Parabellum premier last night, and debuting a fresh cut, actress Halle Berry appears on The Late Show With James Corden to play a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" with fellow actress Anjelica Huston. The game, created by the writers on Cordon's show, involves deciding whether to answer a personal question (spilling your guts), or skipping the question, and opting instead to take a bite from an array of nasty sounding, looking, smelling... just plain nasty - concoctions (filling your guts). Cordon seemed excited as he revealed the spread, which included things like beetle nachos, flaming hot-cheeto smothies, 1000 year-old devilled eggs, and "Halle's favorite": the turkey testicle. All's fun and games until Huston asks Berry - much to the amusement of Cordon and the crowd - "Who is one actor you'd never work with again?" Halle laughs as she replies "Oh God!" before going on to say how there are two people on the list. "Are they both famous?" asks Cordon. "One used to be," replies Berry before saying, "But not so much, he went to jail." "One is SUPER DUPER famous though," says Berry, "so I'm going to eat the ball." She proceeds to take a bite out of the turkey testicle, taking it like a true trooper, whilst looking directly at the camera. "He must be super famous!" jokes Cordon, the only other clue Berry gives is that he is "not too tall." Any guesses on who it could be?
"he went to jail": Wesley Snipes (Wesley Snipes named as Halle Berry abuser) ("Jungle Fever")
"not too tall": Robert Downey Jr. ("Gothika") (Halle Berry hasn't forgiven Robert Downey Jr. for broken arm) or Kevin Hart ("Kevin Hart: What Now?")

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#1**
This permanent A++ list celebrity says the victims are mistaken and that this self-help guru was probably just misunderstood. Oprah/Tony Robbins (Leaked Records Reveal Tony Robbins Berated Abuse Victims, And Former Followers Accuse Him Of Sexual Advances)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#2**
After her significant other said she could lose a couple of pounds, which is ridiculous, this A- list mostly movie actress from an acting family all of you know has been starving herself over the past several weeks. Elle Fanning (Max Minghella) (Elle Fanning fainted in Cannes because her dress was too tight) (Elle Fanning sports a chic black coat while on a romantic walk through the city with beau Max Minghella before riding the subway in New York) ("Simply Max Minghella")

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#3**
With all of the new legal fronts being fought, this A- list mostly movie actress who is trying to keep her own movie franchise has received another large amount from the celebrity CEO to help pay for her defense. Amber Heard (Johnny Depp)/Elon Musk (Johnny Depp says Amber Heard painted fake bruises on her face to ‘fabricate’ domestic violence claims) (Johnny Depp says ex Amber Heard had affair with Elon Musk)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#4**
That foreign born special friend who was one of the causes of a big riff between two long time friends/partners is firmly in the camp of the permanent A list model and her family. If people get the impression he is dating one of their offspring, then that is all the better. Harry Styles (George Clooney and Rande Gerber)/Cindy Crawford/Kaia Gerber (Harry Styles and Kaia Gerber PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Singer is joined by the teen model as the longtime family friends frolic on the beach in Malibu)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#5**
Several fixers and yachters are finally speaking out about how the alliterate former actress was bouncing from wealthy man to the next hoping for one to stick. She didn't care who they were as long as they were wealthy. Well, she managed to exceed her won expectations. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle asked British TV host to set her up with 'famous' English men before dating Prince Harry: report)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#6**
This barely there celebrity offspring of a very much in trouble alliterate actress only wants to return to the place she left voluntarily because someone pitched a show starring her which would follow along with her, but only if she is allowed to return to the place she never wanted to be in the first place. Olivia Jade Mossimo (Lori Loughlin) (Olivia Jade wants to go back to USC amid Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli's college admissions scandal: report) (A Note to Olivia Jade’s Dad, Who Spent $500,000 So She Didn't Have To Attend My School)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#7**
I bet these various singers who are participating in the weekly service have no idea the founder records all their efforts and is talking about selling a live album but taking all the proceeds for himself.
Kanye West  (Church of Kanye) (Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla $ign, Teyana Taylor DMX) (Sia) (What the Hell Happened: Kanye’s Coachella Sunday Service — Or, the Apotheosis of Yeezus?) (Surprise! A Dressed-Down Sia Performs At Kanye West’s Sunday Service — Watch!) (Yeezus! Kanye West Ready To Become Ordained Minister After Welcoming Baby Psalm) (Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Making Money on Religion?)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#8**
Apparently back in the day, this permanent A list mostly movie actor all of you know made his actress wife all of you know have her tubes tied so she could never have any other children. It was supposed to give a special aura to the child they had together. Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri Cruise (Suri Cruise Begging for Reunion With Tom Cruise? 13-Year-Old Reportedly Wants to See Dad But ‘Mission Impossible’ Actor Refused)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#9**
A distributor might end up buying the finished film of this disgraced former A list director. The thing is though, no matter how much PR you buy, you will never get the stars of the movie to do any press for it whatsoever. Woody Allen ("Rainy Day In New York") (Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Hall and Griffin Newman) (Amazon Studios Has Returned Woody Allen’s Movie. Will Any U.S. Distributor Release It?) (3 Actors In Woody Allen’s New Film Are Donating Their Pay To Anti-Abuse Charities)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#10**
As I have told you before, this former A list mostly movie actress from a now defunct franchise who is probably A-/B+ list at this point hooks up with her model ex all the time. I think that model ex also wanted to make sure people firmly knew she wanted no part of what the former boy bander was trying to sell to the public. Kristen Stewart/Stella Maxwell/Liam Payne (Kristen Stewart Reunites With Ex Stella Maxwell in LA) (Liam Payne spotted dining with Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell in Berlin... weeks after 'split' from supermodel Naomi Campbell)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#11**
The foreign born former A+ lust tweener has a list of producers who he bugs every day to see if they will call his ex for him so they can record a track together. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (Hailey Baldwin Catches Justin Bieber Texting Selena Gomez, Flips the Eff Out!)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#12**
The dance card so to speak of this B+ list mostly movie actress with a long long running franchise has been full the past few days. She has been welcomed back by many of her former customers who says she is the best threesome partner of all time. Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez is a wonder in all white as she strolls around Cannes with BFF Mohammed Al Turki)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#13**
Here is a question. If this permanent A list mostly movie actor is so serious or involved with his model girlfriend, why on earth did the model girlfriend spend several hours alone in the hotel room of this former A list mostly comic movie actor? Leonardo DiCaprio/Camila Morrone/Chris Tucker (Leonardo DiCaprio plays Instagram boyfriend for 21-year-old Camila Morrone) (Camila Morrone attends the Vanity Fair and Chopard Party celebrating the Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc) (Chris Tucker attends the Vanity Fair and Chopard Party celebrating the 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#14**
The Missing Child: Sporadically over the last decade I have written about several celebrity couples and several actresses on their own who adopted children during the Angelina Jolie led everyone has to adopt to look cool phase in Hollywood. There was the couple who returned their baby and another who tried to return their baby. There have been several who turned the raising of the child or children to relatives because they just couldn't be bothered after that initial publicity blitz they craved. The thing is though, there was an actress back then who adopted a child and after being everywhere with the child, the child suddenly disappeared. Where did the child go? They adopted the child through an organization that only existed long enough to serve the celebrity craze. The child came from New Orleans. That is all that anyone remembers. Child Protective Services has never investigated because the agency never told them about it and paperwork was scarce coming from New Orleans after Katrina, if there was any paperwork at all. There was definitely a market where babies or toddler who had parents with drug issues were straight up bought and paperwork could be manufactured at a later date. The demand was high. An adopted baby was a status symbol and a baby of color was even more desirable. When couples gave the babies back, they never went back to the homes or centers where they were found. They were just forwarded on to another couple or family and lost to their past. One actress who starred on a very hit network show that aired for a long time and was a police type show adopted a toddler. The toddler had some issues because they had been born addicted to drugs. Our actress couldn't handle the toddler but did make sure she got publicity for adoption. Within a year after adopting the toddler though, he was gone. Vanished. No sightings, no relatives, no nothing. When friends asked, the toddler was at a friend's house or family or at a sitter. Eventually, they all stopped asking, but there has never been a resolution. A filmmaker is trying to locate all these children without paperwork. This child though, is someone that no one is discussing. Is the former child who would now be a teen alive? The actress pretends to not even know she adopted a child back in the day and says it was just for the cameras. No one is buying that. Where is the child?

267. HOWARD STERN Guest Wouldn't Accept His Apology 05/22
With the release of his new book, "Howard Stern Comes Again," the radio host has been very forthcoming when it comes to regrets from the shock-jock interview style of his earlier days. But not everybody has been as receptive when it comes to his apologies. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Howard Stern explained that one of his guests -- who will remain nameless -- didn't want to hear it. "I don't want to say who, out of respect to that person. Listen, it's not like I'm an alcoholic who made calls to everybody in my life. But I did call certain people. Most were very gracious and said, 'I'm glad you made this call,'" he explained. "And this one person — I don't think they were wrong — said to me, 'You know what? You caused me a lot of pain and grief. I don't know that I can really get over this.'" His response: "I'm not looking for you to get over it. I'm not looking for anything other than letting you know I was a dick and I'm a fan of yours. And I'm sorry I caused you so much grief."
George Michael

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#1**
It was a newsworthy gift for sure from this A- list rapper/singer to this former A list singer. The thing is though, the record label paid for it along with the company that delivered it in exchange for the publicity they knew would occur. Lil Nas X/Billy Ray Cyrus (Lil Nas X gave his BFF Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati because their song is a hit)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#2**
This A list director spent an evening with this foreign born director/rapist where they each screened the other's new film and sucked up to each other. The former then praised the latter publicly which is not going to help things press wise. Quentin Tarantino ("Once Upon A Time In Hollywood")/Roman Polanski ("An Officer and a Spy") (Quentin Tarantino Praises Polanski, Refutes Notion That Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate Role Was Limited: ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Cannes Conference)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#3**
This one named singer who has a new middling record out right now has received a longer span of attention for a recent announcement than the length of the seminar she is set to attend. Her publicists made it seem as if this was so much more than what it is. Ciara (Harvard Business School 3 day $10K seminar) (Chip and Joanna Gaines, Ciara & Other Stars Complete Harvard Business Course) (Ciara Is Headed to Harvard! 'Level Up' Singer Set to Attend the Ivy League's Business School) (Ciara Slammed For Boasting ‘I Got Accepted Into Harvard’ After Enrolling In A 3 Day $10K Seminar)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#4**
The Russian spy who seemingly just gets more deeply embedded in Hollywood each day dreaming of being a star is being trashed once again by her mother-in-law who calls her a serial abuser of the mother-in-law's former convict son. Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos/Kate Papadopoulos/George Papadopoulos ("The Surreal Life of George Papadopoulos") (George Papadopoulos’s Own Family Reported His Accused-Kremlin Agent Wife to ICE)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#5**
The casting agent is a Scientologist, so this live action spin on a classic cartoon is going to be filled with loyal members. "Tom and Jerry" (Chloe Grace Moretz Set to Star in TOM AND JERRY Live-Action Animated Hybrid Movie); "Masters of the Universe" (Live-Action MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Casts Its He-Man with Noah Centineo); "Scooby-Doo" (Everything We Know (So Far) About The Upcoming Animated Scooby-Doo Movie)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#6**
That foreign born former A+ list MMA athlete/accused rapist is now bff with the self help guru/accused sexual assaulter. Nice pairing. Conor McGregor/Tony Robbins (Conor McGregor gives Tony Robbins detailed account of UFC 229 melee)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#7**
That domestic violence incident from a couple years ago is something this A list singer and her celebrity husband still can't overcome. The marriage is more rocky than ever. Carrie Underwood/Mike Fisher (Overworked Carrie Underwood Snubs Husband In Fav) (Carrie Underwood Selling Home Where She Had 'Freak Accident' that Resulted in Over 40 Stitches)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#8**
When this A-/B+ list actress has been giving interviews as of late, she has left off the portion where she is always hooking up with a porn actress. Our actress is married and not the highest listed in the family. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith) (Jada Pinkett Smith: ‘I had an unhealthy relationship to porn’)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#9**
As I have said before, all a family court judge needs to do to keep this former reality couple at bay is to have them submit to random drug tests. They will fail every single time. Jenelle Evans and David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason ("Teen Mom 2") (Jenelle Evans & David Eason leave court without kids... After Tense Custody Hearing)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#10**
Apparently this southern former reality star who no longer has a show blames one of the producers of said show for our reality star being a former reality star. So, there are several recordings in the former reality star's possession which show the producer engaged in multiple illicit activities, including with some current and former members of the cast. Our former reality star wants to cause some trouble. Releasing the recordings would definitely do that.
Thomas Ravenal ("Southern Charm")

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#11**
This foreign born barely more than a one hit wonder didn't even get any upfront money for her new non singing project. She had to sleep with one of the founders of the company to land the deal and it only pays her money if there are huge sales. She will make more from the yachting she is adding to this trip than any actual sales from the product.
Iggy Azalea (some skeptical people would think the leak of some barely nudes were designed to bring attention to this new product launch just days before the leak happened) (Diesel 'Spirit of the Brave' Perfume Launch Party) (Top of the crops! Iggy Azalea debuts quirky new rainbow-coloured bob and micro fringe as she attends fragrance launch in Paris)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#12**
Somehow this foreign born A list celebrity chef managed to make millions of dollars from his company while all his investors lost tens of millions. Jamie Oliver (Jamie Oliver restaurant chain collapse costs 1,000 jobs)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#13**
A new eyelash line brought to you by an A- list celebrity is nothing more than a money laundering vehicle for the people behind the line. Our celebrity gets a big fee for being the face of the line and probably has no idea that the company will show losses of tens of millions of dollars for the foreseeable future. Jordyn Woods (Eylure) (Jordyn Woods' $8 Lashes Will Convince You To Finally Try Falsies) (Jordyn Woods: out of Kylie Jenner’s home, into her own new house)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#14**
This law and order Governor from a large state uses a staffer to buy marijuana which is completely illegal in the state.

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#15**
The Peeper: In the past I have written about this former A+ list singer of a band. They were everywhere for several years before crashing and burning do to his oversized ego, drug addiction and propensity for hitting on the girlfriends of his bandmates, all while married. I have written about how he got kicked out of school for similar behavior. Well, I was hanging out with some guys from a group that opened for this band for several months on tour and they said the singer would hit on their girlfriends too and his favorite way was when the group was on stage performing. He would corner a girlfriend and say that if that girlfriend didn't have sex with the singer he would kick the band off the tour. They said they talked to several other groups who gave the same story. Also, our singer would hang out in the women's bathroom backstage waiting for groupies or attractive women to come in and hit on them or offer to share drugs with them if they sexually serviced him. It is no wonder that no one ever wants to work with him again. Scott Stapp ("Creed") (Lee University in Tennessee) (Legal and personal troubles)

283. POPBITCH 05/23
(British blog)
A TV crew from which ITV (British free-to-air television channel) newsroom turned up on the doorstep of a local bigwig businessman in order to put some pressing questions to him about his expenses – only to find the door being opened by their own boss, rather awkwardly dressed in just her dressing gown?

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#1**
This A list talk show host just signed a new lucrative deal. The thing is though, the deal allows for guest hosts up to half the time. Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen DeGeneres renews her talk show for 3 more years)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#2**
This A list lawyer is doing his best to dodge a lawsuit directed against him by two people who were in the news a lot this past winter. He also has that whole being caught up in the wave of that porn star lawyer's troubles. Mark Geragos (Jussie Smollett’s lawyer)/Nigerian body builders Abimbola "Abel" Osundairo and Olabinjo "Ola" Osundairo/Michael Avenatti (Stormy Daniels) (Bodybuilding brothers say Jussie Smollett’s lawyers are ducking them) (Did Michael Avenatti Steal Stormy’s Book Advance?)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#3**
This one named singer who really doesn't seem to sing much longer got offered mid seven figures up front to reunite with her mogul ex just because he can't find someone who he trusts to reveal all his fetishes and quirks. Cassie/Sean (P. Diddy) Combs (she declined) (Cassie posts vicious message amid P. Diddy split on instagram story)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#4**
This A- list rapper has a huge hit on his hands even though he wasn't prepared for it to be a hit yet. All seems rosy on the outside, but his ex just renewed an order for another three years because she still fears for her life. He has not been able to see the child/ren he has with her because of it. It is also why he got fired off that hit network show that has one season left.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#5**
In the past, while the show was still airing, this foreign born A- list mostly television actress never even uttered a peep about her relationship/affair with her oft taken/now married co-star. Since the end of the show though, she has been pretty open in discussing their relationship. That has to be awkward for his now wife. Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington (Rose Leslie) ("Game of Thrones") (Why Emilia Clarke Is Sick and Tired of Talking About Game of Thrones Nude Scenes)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#6**
As I have been telling you for months, it was only a matter of time before this former reality star was granted his release, probably for years while his case is decided. His reality star wife was hoping for a clean break. Now it is going to be super messy and presumably televised. Joe Giudice/Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") (Teresa Giudice's Husband Joe Granted Approval to Stay in USA Amid Deportation Battle)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#7**
The only reason this foreign born singer went back to a certain hair color prior to an upcoming tour is because she was paid a ton of money to do it by a company that sell hair products. Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell ("Spice Girls’) (‘Ginger Spice’ Geri Halliwell finally has red hair again)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#8**
This reality family is doing their best to get this foreign born former A+ list boy bander to film some episodes of the show but he wants no part of how they will try and make him look no matter what they say. If the family wants ratings all they have to do is let the one star tell her truth. "The Kardashians"/Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Kendall Jenner (Ben Simmons & Kendall Jenner Breakup: Latest on Harry Styles Adds Drama) (Kendall Jenner addresses gay rumors in Vogue interview: 'I'm not like all my other sisters')

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#9**
The CBS Embellishing Reporter (This is from FTVLIve): Sources tell FTVLIve that the CBS brass is looking into claims that the Correspondent has been playing a bit loose with the facts. We also reported that the Correspondent has also been called into HR for the way he has treated the crews working with him on the story.

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#10**
Apparently once every month or two photo ops is all this marriage has come to. The foreign born A list mostly movie actor looks as if he is going to stay closeted, but is spending less and less time with his long time wife. Hugh Jackman/Deborra-Lee Furness (Cute! Hugh Jackman Spends ‘Day Off’ With Wife of 23 Years Deborra-Lee Furness)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is continuing his cheat on his A list girlfriend tour. While out of the country, our actor enjoyed a liaison with a fan who also yachts. Orlando Bloom/Katy Perry (Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom put on a very dapper display in suits and shades as they bring their bromance to the And We Go Green premiere at Cannes Film Festival) (Katy Perry Reveals Long Platinum Hair Underneath Her American Idol Wig)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#12**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner was in a hotel this past week and ordered a dozen strippers/hookers. Apparently he passed out before any could arrive so there was this parade of them all entering the lobby of the hotel going to his suite and knocking on his door. This went on for a good 90 minutes. Nicolas Cage

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#13**
You are probably not going to get either of these, but I wanted to tell you about a new scam. There is this actor/writer/producer who makes a steady living making a few crap movies each year. He is far into middle age. He likes the casting couch and since the whole #MeToo movement has changed his approach. He has a couple of actresses, one of whom is his latest barely old enough to drink protege who goes to screenings and events and hits red carpets and finds out if someone is willing to hit a casting couch to get a part. If they are, the actress introduces them to the actor/writer/producer who then knows he found someone who is willing. His movies are always filled with no name actresses, all of whom have slept with him.

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#14**
The Truce: I mean it isn't like the WWI Christmas Day truce, but I think if you went up to random people and asked if these two people would ever get along, you would laugh until you started crying. These two people are complete opposites on the political spectrum. One is way way over on the left and one is way way over on the right. There is one thing that brings them together. One. It is what makes them very unlikely bedfellows. Not that they would get into bed together. I mean, I don't think that would happen. Yeah, that would be the blind of the century if that ever transpired. I previously have discussed one of the people in this pairing. He is an A list California politician who has some moments caught on camera that he would really like to not have come out. Most of these moments involve drug use and some sexual situations that are worthy of a 70's porn film director with a vivid imagination and multiple people at his disposal. Over the past year, this politician has been forced to discuss the situation with someone which then caused the other person to join in the crusade. He has his own reasons for not wanting the recordings to be made public. Although, they would like to own the recordings, this unlikely pair would be perfectly happy to have them destroyed too. The problem they have faced from the onset is that money is not going to be a factor. The person in possession of the recordings is wealthier than both of the parties by a lot. I mean it isn't even close. So, while it lasts, this secret alliance is one for the books and something no one would ever conceive occurring. Gavin Newsom/Kimberly Guilfoyle/Donald Trump Jr./Billy Getty (BLIND ITEM REVEAL)
Left: Gavin Newsom (Governor of California) (ex-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle)
Right: Donald Trump Jr. (dating Kimberly Guilfoyle)
Owner of recordings: Billy Getty (blind item reveal)
(Gavin Newsom muses on Kimberly Guilfoyle dating Donald Trump Jr.)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#1**
The foreign born A- list actor with the hit streaming show and soon to be hit movie just won't come out of the closet for fear of missing out on James Bond. At this point, is there anyone who doesn't know though? Richard Madden ("Bodyguard") ("Rocketman") (Richard Madden keeps low-key as he enjoys some well-earned down time in NYC after promoting Rocketman in Cannes and London) (Rumored boyfriends Richard Madden & Brandon Flynn go out for dinner)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#2**
This A list comic movie actor is making amends for his past actions but still refuses to admit he was wrong for a movie filled with rape jokes which he thinks are still funny and people took the wrong way. Seth Rogen ("Observe and Report") (Seth Rogen Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#3**
This A/A- list director allows their much younger A- list spouse to hook up with fans or whomever else the spouse wants to make sure the spouse never wants a divorce. Sam Taylor-Johnson/Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Sam Taylor-Johnson, 52, and husband Aaron, 28, rock coordinating looks as they step out hand-in-hand in New York City)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#4**
This former one-fifth who has been fairly quiet this year is about to hit it big because it has been determined by the two program directors of the biggest conglomerates in the country that they want her to hit it big. She will be everywhere the latter half of 2019. This may or not be because she slept with one of the program directors and continues to do so. Ally Brooke ("Fifth Harmony") ("Spotify" and "iHeart") (She’s Back! Ally Brooke Unleashes New Single, "Lips Don’t Lie") (The Top 10 Streaming Music Services By Number Of Users)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#5**
Considering they were together last night, I am pretty sure the boyfriend of this former A- list actress is probably going to jail. They are co-dependent and she won't say or do anything about it. Brian Hickerson/Hayden Panettiere (Hayden Panettiere’s beau Brian Hickerson ordered to stay 100 yards away from her)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#6**
Just to give yet another big middle finger to his accusers, this disgraced producer is actually making millions from his civil settlement with his accusers. The way the deal is structured means money in his pocket. Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein 'to settle with accusers for $44m')

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#7**
The thing is that this foreign born permanent A list singer did speak up about prices of her new fashion line which is why they are lower than the company wanted. They were going to charge nearly double what is out there now and are not happy about the current prices. Rihanna ("Fenty") (Rihanna Debuts First Look at LVMH Fenty Fashion Brand)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#8**
The A- list reality star has once again hooked up with the foreign singer ex of the A - list mostly movie actress. Kendall Jenner/Soko (Kristen Stewart) (Kendall Jenner Has Girls' Night Out in Cannes Amid Breakup From Ben Simmons) (Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Soko, and More Boogie With Revolve at Coachella)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#9**
FROM REDDIT: From an escort who says an actor pays her to watch his show with him after they have sex. This one is more sad than funny, but I think there's some humor to it. This client is a pretty famous comedic actor. He's on a pretty popular show and there's a good chance you've seen him, or at least heard of him. Think "Tina Fey when she was on 30 Rock" or "Jack Black at any point in the last 20 years" kind of famous. A lot of people would recognize him, and they generally think he's funny. He's also pretty cute; a girl I went to high school with had such a big celebrity crush on him that she changed her last name on Facebook to his last name for, like, three years. (I've signed an NDA and I will not share his name or any other identifying details). Turns out he likes to watch the show that he's on after we have sex. Okay, fine, great, not a big deal. It's a decent show. He even gives me the email and password for the streaming service that it's on so we can watch it on my TV while we're still in bed cuddling (clients fuckin' love cuddling, man. They fuckin' love it). He laughs at every single joke that any character on the show makes, except for his own. When I ask him about this, he looks me dead in the eyes and says "I don't think I'm funny". (To be clear, he is specifically known for being funny). But getting to watch TV with clients for an hour or two is pretty fun. And as someone who's working on a Master's degree in Social Work, getting to learn about the weird fucked-up psyches of the rich and famous is weirdly fun as well.

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#10**
This A-/B+ list-ish singer/actress never stops talking about her personal life and her husband has had enough because people remind him of it on a daily basis because she seemingly brings it up on a daily basis. Every time she brings it up, people are reminded he was the bad guy because she reminds people every single time that he was the bad guy.
Jana Kramer/Mike Caussin (and did it again this week) (Jana Kramer Is Grateful She Didn't Take the 'Easy Way Out' After Husband Mike Caussin's Infidelities)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#11**
If you believe there was only that one time the Housewife was drinking and she just happened to get caught that one time, then I don't know what to say. I have been telling you for months there has been drinking and in a few months will probably be out of control. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City") (Luann de Lesseps Was 'Going to Straighten Everything Out' Before Admitting She Violated Probation)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#12**
After the horrific bomb of a movie that was just released, it is interesting that the A list actress with the Oscar win/nomination isn't getting any blame, but just her foreign born co-star who is suddenly not on anyone's casting list. Anne Hathaway/Rebel Wilson ("The Hustle") (Review: 'The Hustle,' Starring Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson, Isn't Dirty Or Rotten Enough) (Rotten Tomatoes Score - 15%)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#13**
The friend of the royal who arranged the original yachting meet with the alliterate actress is someone the actress does not want associating with the royal. However, that friend has accompanied the royal on a trip out of the country and a long time former girlfriend of the royal flew into that same country. Meeting? Tom Inskip/Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry leaves Meghan Markle, Archie behind for charity polo match in Rome) (Prince Harry’s ‘exiled’ friend Tom Inskip could be royal baby Archie’s godfather)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#14**
The Gossip Got Her: It is kind of ironic that gossip is what ruined her career. Not gossip about her, although there was plenty, but gossip she would sell. All told, she probably made nearly $1M during her long career selling gossip. She did it all at $500-1000 a pop year after year. She was on a lot of hit shows and whenever she was on one of the shows, suddenly there would be story after story about her co-stars. The only people who give her any kind of work now are people who have been friends with her for a long time and are in a position to give her work. The last straw for most showrunners/producers was her brief gig on a very popular pay cable show. There had never been any gossip about the show in its entire run. Then, in its second to last year, our actress came on board and there was just story after story and people on set were reading things about other people on the set. It was a family of sorts that was torn apart. The show which was supposed to go on for several more seasons suddenly just limped through a final season. The actress was not a part of that last season. She was essentially poison after that. Now her once big career is reduced to one off episodes or doing things on her own. You all know her. Michelle Trachtenberg ("Weeds") (It is about time that we acknowledge "The Michelle Tractenberg Effect") (television shows/appeared on "Weeds" season 5 of 6 seasons)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#1**
This celebrity offspring who is also a stepdaughter to a celebrity she hates is going to do a 180. It has nothing to do with a change of heart in feelings. No, it is a little something more complicated. The stepmother has asked her celebrity husband to do a final favor for her. Something that is illegal in many states. The celebrity husband doesn't have the stomach to do it, but his daughter does and will gladly do it when the time is right. When the stepdaughter pays a visit, you know the time has come. Lyssa Rae Chapman more commonly known as "Baby Lyssa"/Beth Chapman/Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman ("Dog the Bounty Hunter")/Assisted Suicide ("You’re Not Off the Hook, Lyssa!" Beth Chapman Stands Up to Her Stepdaughter in Painful Family Feud– As Fans Fear For Her Cancer Recovery)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#2**
This recently departed network reality star is selling off assets like crazy. Prelude to a divorce? He has always been a serial cheater. Adam Levine (Behati Prinsloo) ("The Voice") (Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo are selling again) (Adam Levine’s Surprise Exit From The Voice Sparks Rumors)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#3**
When the alliterate talk show host discovered and closed down more bank accounts her ex was using to siphon money he went on a PR rampage. The tabloids are certainly buying what he is selling even if most of it isn't true. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter (Wendy Williams Net Worth Revealed As She Prepares To Divorce)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#4**
Even with the help of her mother, this A-/B+ list actress is barely getting any work and the work she is getting is not that great. This is why so many people turned down the franchise role she took. It was a career killer. Melanie Griffith/Dakota Johnson ("Fifty Shades of Grey") (20 Stars Who Turned Down Roles in 'Fifty Shades of Grey')

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#5**
So, you have a chance to see your children and won't have another chance for days, but the call of the drug wins out and you bail. Good times. Jenelle Eason/David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason ("Teen Mom 2") (Jenelle Evans: I Miss My Kids So Bad, Just Not Bad Enough to Leave David!) (Blind Item Reveal)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#6**
This celebrity doctor is looking for a big consulting fee from the side opposed to the permanent A list singer's current situation. Dr. Drew Pinsky/Britney Spears (Dr. Drew: Britney’s been in good hands...but maybe time for a change)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#7**
When you have everyone who matters on your payroll, and you hear about someone poaching in on your territory, then if you are this directionally challenged rapper you give the guy up to the police and make them look good. French Montana/Sosamann (Rapper Sosamann arrested for 'human trafficking' two women following prostitution sting in Los Angeles)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#8**
Don't believe the hype. The late night talk show host with the love of drinking and women isn't losing his job. He is the favorite son of the boss. Jimmy Fallon/Lorne Michaels (Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' Gig In Danger As Stephen Colbert Beats Him In Ratings)

It’s All About The Spin: A certain reality show participant (RSP) is about to explain her demotion for the next season. Expect her to sell an article to a large site with an exclusive interview about work/life balance. She’s not thrilled about her demotion and is going to make it seem like she needed more "me time." And time with her man. It should hit the stands very soon. Unlike the rest of you, I’m kind of rooting for her. And yes, I know you all think she has done bad things. I just like happy endings. Vicki Gunvalson ("Real Housewives of Orange County") (Vicki Gunvalson: Dropped From the Real Housewives of Orange County?) (Vicki Gunvalson Celebrates Engagement at 'Beautiful' Bash Thrown by Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador) (Kelly Dodd Fired? RHOC Star Crashed Vicki Gunvalson's Engagement Party and Fought with Everyone)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#1**
This former reality star on a show that stars the opposite sex has been passing out his new girlfriend to seal his shady business deals.

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#2**
This foreign born A/A- list singer who is more known almost for reality shows thinks that because things are in motion, nothing will bring it to a stop. If she keeps trashing her band mates watch how quickly they walk. It is watching someone have a breakdown right in front of you. Mel "Scary Spice" B ("Spice Girls") (Mel B slams fellow Spice Girls Geri Horner and Victoria Beckham, talks Eddie Murphy split and Zac Efron hookup)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#3**
This alliterate former A- list celebrity can say what she wants about her 180 degree turn but she still makes porn and hooks up with guys for money. Jenna Jameson (Jenna Jameson Says She Won't Put Her Daughter Batel, 2, in Preschool: 'I Trust No One')

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#4**
Look for this A- list celebrity who was probably C list until the big cheating scandal hit to remain overseas almost all of the time. Her main "business interests" are over there and many of those people are barred from entering the US. Jordyn Woods (Jordyn Woods Off To London After Kylie Jenner Said She "F*cked Up")

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#5**
This A list director had his significant other with him at one point on his trip outside the country. She was nowhere though when he hooked up with a waitress in a back room at a bar during the middle of the afternoon. Quentin Tarantino (Daniella Pick) (Quentin Tarantino's wife Daniella Pick, 35, stuns in a champagne hued ballgown with dramatic train as she cosies up to director, 56, at the Cannes closing ceremony) (Quentin Tarantino Smokes a Cigar Days After 'Snapping' at Cannes)

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#6**
You don't ever get to ask questions of this A+ list singer that are not approved in advance. It is why the interviews with her are rare and boring. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Shuts Down Interview Question About 'Settling Down': Men Aren't 'Asked That Question')

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#7**
The alliterate former actress is supposedly renovating the place she is going to call her permanent home. The thing is though, she has, except for things that are going to be made public, been staying at a different residence. The residence is a rental that she gets for free, but, like many of her other scams involves her getting reimbursed for what the rental would cost if she was actually paying. Meghan Markle ("Frogmore Cottage") (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle forced to move out of their Cotswold home) (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor) (Meghan and Harry's new home 'much better' than place near Kate and William) (Want to Live Near Prince Harry, Meghan, and Archie? Here's Your Chance)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#8**
This former model/stripper/reality star not named Blac Chyna is already trying to nail down terms for child support and her child has not even been born yet. Even though she is currently together with the father of the child, she still wants money every month for child support. Amber Rose (Def Jam record executive Alexzander ‘A.E’ Edwards) (Amber Rose hides her baby bump beneath Juice Wrld T-shirt as the model leaves LA nail spa)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#1**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is a member of The Club has an actor boyfriend. She says she can only stay with him if he also becomes a member of The Club. Look for him to have his photo taken doing the initiation rite sometime before the end of June. Naomi Watts/Billy Crudup (Naomi Watts bundles up in checked coat and jeans on intimate date night with Billy Crudup in New York) ("What a Pretty Girl". Naomi Watts' Son Is More And More Often Spotted Wearing Dresses) (THE CLUB)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#2**
Mr. X - Old Hollywood: This foreign born Oscar nominated director is set to make a movie about Old Hollywood. The thing is though, even though the movie will discuss the permanent A+ list studio boss' relationship with one of the subjects, the rest will just be fiction disguised as fact. Michael Radford/"Sweethearts"/Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy/Louis B. Mayer (Michael Radford to direct "Sweethearts" biopic about Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy) (Previous blind item)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#3**
The long time A list closeted A list athlete is going to try the permanent beard route. I guess he thinks he needs to for endorsements. JJ Watt/Kealia Ohai (Houston Texans Star JJ Watt Is Engaged to Kealia Ohai: 'I'm the Luckiest Man in the World')

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#4**
One of the people living with the permanent A list "singer" is acting as an intermediary for messages coming to the singer. Further, there is someone else who sends messages via various spray painted walls in the area that our singer reads on an almost daily basis. Britney Spears/Sam Lutfi (PICTURED: Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi seen for the first time since being ordered to stay away from pop star... after inciting fans with #FreeBritney movement)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#5**
The manager can say whatever he wants about the reasons the foreign born singer killed herself, but he knows the real reason. She was never allowed to say no to sex and was always being threatened with the release of the sex tapes if she said no. Anca Pop (Final photo of tragic Romanian singer Anca Pop shows her staring out over the same river where she died days later after her car plunged into its waters)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#6**
This foreign born reality star from that very exploitative show has been doing her best to find a guy to marry her or to get pregnant and get the guy to marry her so she can stay in the US. Larissa Dos Santos ("90 Day Fiancé") (90 Day Fiance's Larissa Dos Santos Lima fires back at ex Colt Johnson's mom over deportation claims: 'I will not accept defamation of any kind')

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#7**
The former child actor turned tween actor turned A- list adult actor/addict/racist shot some undercover behind the scenes video of the weekly thing the former A+ lister does. Shia LaBeouf (attend Kanye West Sunday Service) (Shia LaBeouf bundles up in a dark green coat as he attends Kanye West's celeb-beloved Sunday Service)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#8**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is probably permanently A- list even if she doesn't really act decided to party this week for the first time in a long time and nearly had to be hospitalized because of some coke that had been cut with something that caused several others at her home to also get sick. Cameron Diaz; Demi Moore

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#1**
Seeing the demand from the reunions of boy bands, this band that spawned a lot of different acts is also going to reunite. The problem is that one of them will probably ruin it for the entire group. In the past he has always been the weakest link while also demanding the most money.
"New Edition"/Bobby Brown

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#2**
This southeast Housewife caught her significant other cheating but wants to save the public announcement of it for a story line. Privately she is already talking to one of her past wealthy suitors. Porsha Williams ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (Did 'RHOA' Star Porsha Williams Break Up With Her Fiancé Dennis McKinley?)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#3**
This alliterate foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor wants an outrageous amount of money to appear in character for a film that is not entirely his own. The studio doesn't want to pay it, so have found an alternative that no one is really looking forward to. Ryan Reynolds/"Spider-Man 3"/Tom Hardy ("Venom") (Rumor: Sony Desperately Wants Venom to Appear in Third ‘Spider-Man’)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#4**
The story goes that this B+ list celebrity offspring found text messages on her husband's phone. Her husband, a foreign born A- list singer supposedly had messages from his A- list ex on his phone. Not exactly. He is always trying to text her, but is blocked. He uses her name in his phone though for someone he is cheating on his wife with. Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (End Is Near? Hailey ‘Explodes’ After Finding Selena Texts On Hubby Justin’s Phone)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#5**
The main reason the serial cheating producer doesn't want to appear on the bar reality show is because of all the other women that would also come forward saying they hooked up with him. Randall Emmett (Lala Kent) ("Vanderpump Rules") (‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Thinks It’s ‘Unfair’ That Lala Kent Refuses To Film Her Love Life)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#6**
The foreign born still really close to a one hit wonder was sending out emails and texts to producers and songwriters that this would be a great time to work with her because of the publicity she is generating and they should take advantage of it. Iggy Azalea (topless photos leaked) (Iggy Azalea Says She's "Disturbed" By Men's Reactions To Topless Photos Leaking On Social Media)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#7**
This A+ list HGTV star is about to have one of the guys she cheated on her husband with a few years ago tell his story to a tabloid for a nice little check. Christina El Moussa ("Flip or Flop")

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family hooked up with a woman, but that woman has now been having a months long relationship with the A- list significant other of the actor.

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#9**
Don't believe the hype. There is no way on this earth that this drinking Housewife would ever be fired from the show. If stealing from her kids didn't get her fired, a little drinking isn't. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City") (and two days after this blond, the producers admitted as such)
(Luann de Lesseps "RHONY" producers give her a pass after probations violation)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#10**
This A- list mostly movie actress all of you know who will probably never match the success she had in a franchise has stepped up her smoking crack game. She does it almost daily now. Kristen Stewart ("Twilight") (Kristen Stewart no longer has any eyebrows)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee is having a field day cheating on his actress wife while promoting a new movie. It is flagrant enough where I wonder if they have split but not announced it yet. Michael Fassbender ("X-Men Dark Phoenix") (at least they have big action movie bombs in common)
(Alicia Vikander "Tomb Raider") (Fassbender and McAvoy enjoying the X-Men experience!)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#12**
The barely legal teen daughter of a permanent A list rapper/former actor shot a porn video because her dad wouldn't give her money for a new pair of shoes.

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#13**
Comedian's Kink: This comedian is not just a comedian. He is an actor too. Also does voices. Foreign born. Several movie franchises. A hit television show in which he starred is in his past too. Married. He is probably A-/B+ list. A former adult dancer was telling about some of her past clients and said this celebrity was for sure in the most strange behavior of anyone she had encountered, celebrity or otherwise. Six or seven years ago this comic actor visited her club. She didn't recognize him at first because his hair was gray and he looked older than he did on the show he was most known for. He made eye contact with her while she was performing and wouldn't break it. It wasn't normal ogling. She said it felt more like a predator stalking his prey. Then one of the other dancers told her who he was. Being a fan, she went over to him and they talked for a while. She mentioned wanting to be an illustrator and he said his child liked drawing too, and he showed her toddler sketches of monsters on his phone. Bragging about his child made him seem less creepy to her. After she got off for the night, they went back to her apartment and he orally serviced her. She was going to reciprocate when he asked her if she had a dildo. She grabbed a dildo and lube thinking he was going to use it on her. Instead he used it on himself and had her watch. He asked her to verbally abuse him because he gets off on humiliation. After he was done, he put the dirty dildo in his mouth and sucked on it while making her shout more insults at him as he masturbated with his other hand. She said she never was able to watch anything else he has done since because of the images stuck in her head. Jemaine Clement ("Flight of the Conchords")

A Desperate Father: If you are wondering why a man would go to such lengths to air another man’s dirty laundry, it’s because he has children. The town predator is allegedly sleeping with the mother of his children. Sources say he is desperate to keep the predator away from his children. He is fighting back by posting signs. He also passed out over 500 handbills alerting the community to the predator my sources say. Good for him. Why do women keep on sleeping with this sweaty whore? Thomas Ravenel ("Southern Charm") (Banner hanging from home on Charleston’s Battery blasts Thomas Ravenel)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#1**
Ask yourself this. If the permanent A list "singer" has no unsupervised access to a smart phone or laptop how would she post her own videos? Britney Spears (Britney Spears Responds to Claims That She Doesn't Post Her Own Instagrams with a Fashion Show)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#2**
The alliterate former Housewife is plotting a return to the show by making herself available for her long absent ex who already has a place on the show when he is available. Phaedra Parks ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/imprisoned ex-husband Apollo Nida (Phaedra Parks’ ex Apollo Nida getting out of prison sooner than expected)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#3**
This former A list comic actor from late night and the movies revealed some truths about himself and others but left off the really horrific things he was involved in that made him look bad. Chris Kattan ("Saturday Night Live") (Chris Kattan alleges Lorne Michaels pressured him to have sex with Amy Heckerling to save "Roxbury") (Chris Kattan: My sex life destroyed friendship with Will Ferrell)

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#4**
Of course this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee hired a private investigator to trail his recent ex. He is fully prepared to confront her in court with how she earns her money. The thing is, she doesn't care if people know, so that will backfire. Nicolas Cage (Erika Koike) (EXCLUSIVE: ‘Nic could have come and talked to me, not publicly humiliate me. We’re not going to reconcile.’ Nicolas Cage’s estranged fourth wife speaks out for the first time as she is seen locking lips with hunky new man)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#5**
The A list singer self medicates to the point of incapacity and then finally gets with a real doctor and follows their advice for a couple of weeks before repeating the cycle again. I told you before there would be several cancellations because of this. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande 'Beyond Devastated' After Postponing Florida Concerts Due to Tomato Allergy)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#6**
The alliterate former singer turned actress is being called insensitive for celebrating and throwing a party while people continue to die around her. Mandy Moore (climbing Mt. Everest) (Mandy Moore Made it to Mt. Everest Base Camp as the Mountain’s Death Toll Rises)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#7**
This A list mogul/wannabe rapper had a partner in closeted crime as they hunted for men to hook up with at a recent party spot. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Jermaine Dupri (Diddy drinks from a bottle of VODKA as he parties with pal Jermaine Dupri on VERY raucous night out in rammed Miami club)

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is arguably the biggest star on the planet right now has a squeaky clean reputation and has paid off any woman in the past who has a story to tell about any one of his numerous affairs. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson claims controversial 'snowflake generation' interview never happened)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#9**
Which A list director would - at the height of this person's fame as such - select for pretty, young female production assistants, berate them in front of the cast and crew for some supposed wrongdoing, then tell them they could make it up to the director later, in private? Notice what I didn't specify.

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#10**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor is trying to do anything to get people talking about him, including making up fake death threats. The next step is he wants a dozen security people with him at all time so people can see how he is braving red carpets despite the threats. George Clooney (George Clooney Reveals Security Threats to Twins As Amal Takes ISIS to Court)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#11**
This old permanent A list comic actor is married to someone about half his age. His mistress is about half his wife's age. Kelsey Grammer (64)/Kayte Walsh (38); Steve Martin (73)/Anne Stringfield (47)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#12**
This A- list mostly television actor who has been acting since he was a tween is set to drop way down the list when his hit show goes off the air. Even though he is still young, he had a mild drug related stroke while having sex with an ex. Johnny Galecki ("The Big Bang Theory")/Kaley Cuoco (The real reason Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki split)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#13**
This A list politician who is running for President is a long long shot to get the party nomination. What the candidate is trying to hide is their cancer diagnosis. Totally treatable but trying to keep it all a secret.

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#14**
The former girlfriend of this A list HGTV star says they had sex a handful of times in a years long relationship. He just needs to come out. Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers")/Jacinta Kuznetsov (Jonathan Scott Reveals He’ll Adopt Children If He Doesn’t Find the Right Partner)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#15**
New Light: While doing press for a new movie, this permanent A list mostly movie actor sat down for what is probably his longest interview ever. What was going to just be a long piece in a monthly magazine may turn out to be a book or a limited series. The actor finally opened up about his past and laid out a series of points as to why he thinks one of his exes was killed. He also told the reporter, who wouldn't share the final answer (saving it for article/book/show??), who he suspects murdered his ex. The thing is though, the reporter did say it is not the guess you would expect. I guess I would expect the alliterate drug using horrible person/singer. Was it the former girlfriend who was suddenly the girlfriend right after the death. That same girlfriend who was bff with the actress significant other of the alliterate drug using horrible person/singer. If you believe the story of the alliterate drug using horrible person/singer, why would the ex come back? Did someone ask her to come back? Did someone tell her to come back. Someone who knew what a likely result would be.
Keanu Reeves/Jennifer Syme/Marilyn Manson/Amanda de Cadenet/Rose McGowan (Keanu Reeves: ‘Grief and loss are things that don’t ever go away’) (Jennifer Syme - Lost on Mulholland Drive) (Amanda de Cadenet Was Attracted to Keanu Reeves Before They Were BFFs) (Amanda de Cadenet/Rose McGowan Girlfriends)

365. POPBITCH 05/30
(British blog)
Which comedian with a squeaky-clean reputation has a porn collection that's anything but? Backstage on tour he was heard gleefully chatting to a theatre technician about a shit-eating video that his mate had brought back for him from Amsterdam.

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#1**
This former A- list mostly television actor who still works a lot but in a different capacity than his defunct hit network show all of you know landed a serious girlfriend. What he doesn't know is that she is a yachter and actually had a long time client who used to be a superhero.
Wilmer Valderama/Amanda Pacheco

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#2**
Apparently when your relationship is based on a drunken affair, things have a way of not working out. It wouldn't be the first and probably won't be the last drunken affair that this former reality star turned A list singer is involved in. Miranda Lambert/Brendan McLoughlin (Miranda Lambert's rep says divorce rumors are 'completely made-up')

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#3**
This alliterate actor who stars on a hit network show has long been someone women want to avoid. This B+ list celebrity all of you know found that out when he offered her a role on a show other than his own in exchange for sex. He did live up to his end of the bargain though. Anthony Anderson ("Black-ish")/Jordyn Woods ("Grown-ish") (Jordyn Woods Just Landed Her First Acting Gig and It's Gonna Be Huge)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#4**
This former A+ list singer turned A-/B+ list singer is really revising her reason for exiting the network reality show she was on for a few seasons. She did not quit. She was fired and the crew has been grateful ever since. Christina Aguilera ("The Voice") ('I'm in fun mode now': Christina Aguilera goes back to her Dirrty roots as she talks new Vegas residency and why she's glad she left The Voice)

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#5**
The alliterate actress keeps paying her PR people to feed Kneepads stories. I'm not sure why. Does she think the jury members in her trial are Kneepads readers? Lori Loughlin (Lori Loughlin Is Not Working as She 'Waits Around for the Next Court Date') (Lori Loughlin Doesn't Believe She'll Be Found Guilty in College Scam)

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#6**
This former A list mostly television actress from multiple hit network shows is a shell of her former self. Apparently she is also forced to watch her boyfriend have sex with other women which then triggers her and starts another episode of bad behavior. Heather Locklear/Chris Heisser (Heather Locklear is 'out of rehab' and spending time with her boyfriend Chris Heisser... after another attempt at treatment for substance abuse)

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#7**
This A list mostly television actor is getting a lot of help from the media when describing his past relationship with a woman that ended very badly. Apparently now she was a friend or someone he just met or a bunch of other things rather than the truth. Ashton Kutcher (Kristy Swanson victim of "Hollywood Ripper") (Ashton Kutcher Thought Date's Blood Marks Were Red Wine Stains in Alleged 'Hollywood Ripper' Trial)

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#8**
That barely legal singer is being "mentored" by this foreign born permanent A list singer while his celebrity wife is traveling the world. Billie Eilish/Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin (Justin Bieber Tells Billie Eilish She Has a 'Long and Bright Future' as She Finally Meets Him)

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#9**
This streaming service is taking these For Your Consideration parties to the next level with their VIP after party invites given to male voters. The after parties are filled with booze and women. Netflix (Netflix Will Open Their "For Your Consideration" Interactive Programming Showcase To the Public This Year)

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#10**
One half of this very educated Instagram famous duo who are at the top of the entitled/pretentious bus has been the coke and sex buddy of this married foreign born A list mostly movie director all of you know. Olivia Jade Giannulli or Isabella Rose Giannulli

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#11**
The alliterate one of this singing trio was wasted out of his mind for an interview he gave yesterday. Joe Jonas ("Jonas Brothers") (Miley Cyrus stuns Jonas Brothers with question about their purity rings)

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#12**
This former A list mostly movie actress who will never be the biggest on the list in her family knows full well that the guest house in the back is used by this foreign born permanent A list celebrity when he wants to hookup with women who are not his wife. Liv Tyler/David Gardner/David Beckham (Victoria Beckham) (David Beckham’s wingman David Gardner and his Hollywood star fiancee Liv Tyler, 41, splash out on ten-bedroom £8.5million mansion)

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#13**
Apparently the A+ list singer and the alliterate model are texting each other dozens of times a day. Very interesting. Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss (Karlie Kloss Confirmed Her Taylor Swift Friendship Is Still Definitely Alive With a Sharp Answer)

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#14**
78 RPM: The relationship track for this swimsuit model is dizzying. She first popped up on my blind item radar almost exactly a half dozen years ago. There she was in a reveal and all having to do with an A+ list mostly movie actor who had at that time yet to win an Oscar. Her strategy was bold even then. It was all about publicity and getting ahead and nothing was going to stop her. She was into acting then. That didn't really work so she switched her focus to music. That she decided was her path to stardom. She modeled herself off the network reality star who did acting and singing but ended up just doing judging. She thought dating an A list mostly movie actor from an acting family might be the way to go, but his way never really usually goes that way. Then, when he couldn't help her career she bounced over to an actor/musician with big Hollywood connections. She called him her soulmate. The thing is though when he didn't advance her career, she was gone. This time she moved straight to music, but also made sure to keep that celebrity thing going with the offspring of a permanent A++ lister. She called him her soulmate, but again, things didn't work out quite as planned. No career help. The thing is though, the A++ lister actually gave her a break, but she didn't call him her soulmate. So, moving on she thought she had found the one. I mean this guy was a solo artist and a member of an A list group. Hey guess what? He was her soulmate. This time she even got married. The thing is though, there was no helping her career so she crashed and burned out of that marriage to someone who she is calling her soulmate and he actually looks like he might be helping her career. She does finally have music out. One song, but hey it is a start. I would have named the song Soulmate, but she chose a different name.
Swimsuit model: Alyssa Miller
A+ mostly movie actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (Blind Item Reveal)
A list from acting family: Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal can't keep smile off his face as he and Alyssa Miller are spotted together for first time since reconciliation in February)

Following Career Of: Julianne Hough
Actor/musician with Hollywood connections: Mark Wystrach (Soul Mates: Alyssa Miller and Mark Wystrach)
Celebrity off-spring: Lukas Nelson (son of Willie) (Lukas Nelson: Sooner or Later, It All Gets Real) (Willie Nelson "My Tears Fall")
Solo artist and member of a group: Cam Avery ("Arctic Monkeys") (Happy 30th birthday to my HUSBAND @cameronavery thank you for marrying me so close to your… )

New soulmate to finally help release one of her songs: Korey Dane

Filming Interrupted: This show still hasn’t started filming despite the new schedule. The suits, the really stupid suits want more "natural footage," Really? Like the popup shop? Please how far is production willing to go for this talentless bitch? Whose vagina is she licking? The network is in a frenzy. They want something about the end of a tour. They want more about things that people are actually doing. Babies for example. Things they think are real. It’s chaos and things have yet to be filmed. And NBCu has threatened to stop all filming in this state. Wouldn’t that jar your grandmothers preserves as we say down here. If NBCu pulls out over hideous abortion laws, I might actually forgive them for all the misogyny. But that will never happen, will it? Allegedly, so the streets say. Looks like filming will not start until June. Nene Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (OPEN POST: #RHOA Nene Leakes Says "Bye Forever"… (IS THIS THE END?) (Major studios rethink film and TV work in Georgia and other states over anti-abortion laws)

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#1**
You can tell that the permanent A list "singer" had been taking notes back in the day when we used to talk all the time and I would tell her all about the permanent A list alliterate singer and the secret child. Britney Spears/Janet Jackson ('I was lied to and set up.' Britney Spears writes in never-before-seen letter how she was silenced and threatened by her team at the height of her troubles which saw her put on psychiatric hold and her sons taken away) (DeBarge's Mama Claims to Have Receipts of Janet Jackson's Secret Daughter)

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#2**
The reality family is going to do it. They are actually going to cast the former athlete turned world class drug addict back on the show. Maybe they will talk about why there was never a baby and if it had something to do with the fact that one of the stars refused to have unprotected sex with the former athlete. "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"/Lamar Odom/Khloé Kardashian (Lamar Odom reveals that Khloe Kardashian beat up a hooker during his drug-filled orgy days)

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#3**
As I told you several weeks ago, don't believe the hype the PR people of the foreign born former franchise actor spread where he was already offered a superhero role. I told you it was not a done deal and now the studio is publicly saying they are still deciding between him and the other foreign born actor who had been number one prior to the disaster of a bomb of a movie he stars in that was just released. Robert Pattinson ("Twilight")/Nicholas Hoult ("Tolkien") ("The Batman") (Robert Pattinson Is Officially ‘The Batman’) (The Batman: Warners reportedly made deals with both Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult)

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#4**
This reality star who is probably known to all of you and has been on several reality shows over the past decade is strung out and offering herself up to men for money on several message boards. The boards are all white supremacist leaning. Tila Tequila (What happened to Tila Tequila? What is she doing in 2019?) (I would like to release a gospel album)

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#5**
This permanent A+ list singer is slowly gaining all that surgically removed weight and is blaming others for gaining the weight. She says they are substituting what she perceives to be low calorie wine with higher calorie wine and fired at least one person. Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey Weight Gain? Singer Photographed Looking ‘Bloated’ After 49th Birthday)

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#6**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer was barely coherent yesterday while interacting with people. He looked as if he was going to pass out any second. Justin Bieber (Hailey Baldwin wears $10K denim jumpsuit to get juice with Justin Bieber)

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#7**
It turns out, the child of the actress without a public father uses the last name of the actor we all assume to be the father of the child. Mindy Kaling/B. J. Novak (Mindy Kaling Likes When We Think She’s Dating B.J. Novak)

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#8**
This foreign born A- list actress who is a very good actress and has been nominated/won for her acting says her A-/B+ list co-star has not shown up for filming of a movie sober even one day. He has been fired from lots of things for his drinking. He and the substance abusing offspring are probably not the best match as a couple because of it. Garrett Hedlund/Emma Roberts (Smoking! Kirsten Dunst's boyfriend Garrett Hedlund gives it some blue steel in new shoot as he opens up about his 'tough' rural childhood) (John Michael McDonagh calls Garret Hedlund ''a bit of a prick'' during recent Q&A) (‘Castle Rock’: Paul Sparks To Star In Season 2 Of Hulu Series In Recasting) (Emma Roberts Ends Engagement With Evan Peters and Moves On With Garrett Hedlund)

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#9**
Twice in the past several months, this alliterate actress all of you know met up in the most hush hush of ways with her ex so he could spend time with his child. January Jones (Matthew Vaughn, Jason Sudeikis, Michael Fassbender, Bobby Flay, Xander Berkeley) (Top 5 Prime Suspects for January Jones' Baby Daddy)

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#10**
The essentially banned from this country because of his underage sex exploits here A list royal has already made plans to ask for the ban to be lifted when he meets one on one next week with the person that can make that happen. Prince Andrew/Donald Trump’s visit to England (Prince Andrew's teenage accuser doubles down on sexual assault claims, warns he may face prosecution) (Queen Elizabeth set to fete Trump, as she has so many other US presidents)

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#11**
The foreign born former A list syndicated actress turned A list celebrity has an encryption key that was given to her by the foreign born infamous celebrity. It will only work upon his death. I'm not sure I would want to be the one who had that key. I wonder if he disappeared for several days and couldn't contact anyone if that would trigger it too. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange (Pamela Anderson Visits Julian Assange in Prison: "He's Isolated, Vilified")

392. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#12**
This female A list rapper is being accused of or at least knowledge of witness intimidation. Cardi B (Cardi B To Face Grand Jury In Strip Club Assault Case)

393. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#13**
A Favor Declined - House On St. Charles: When you are dealing with Hollywood, it seems that many of the ideas they have for scripts are not very original. It is the same thing all of the time. This is not always the case and three decades ago a movie was made which showed the premise of how the government could use people who worked in the movies to make things look real when they weren't. The idea wasn't just a thought plucked out of the air, it was happening. It has been shown in the movies several times since, usually based on real life incidents. This is not about that though. The owners of the House On St. Charles saw a benefit to having someone who had experience in movies, and specifically in production design make things look real or to set things up in a way to make things seem like something they were not. So, with a ton of money in their pocket, they went out and found one of the very best that has been. An offer was made and from time to time this A list production designer would help out with projects. He knew what he was doing, but didn't know what was being done with what he was doing. That was his version anyway. Over the years, he managed to steer a lot of high profile celebrities to the people who owned the house. They, in turn made further introductions. It was a huge network and the owners always were looking for every advantage they could get. At some point, this A+ list mostly movie actor was introduced by our designer to someone involved with ownership. That apparently led to many adventures in the house and elsewhere where the A+ lister was filmed doing things which would cause great damage to his career. In fact, it was at this time that the A+ lister pulled back. The A+ lister discovered the recordings when he was asked for some special favors. Our actor completed those tasks but wanted out. He contacted the designer who had been the source of the introduction and asked for help. The designer agreed to help and had a meeting with some of the decision makers. He got angry and huffed and puffed and said he didn't sign up for the kind of thing that the actor had to do favor wise. Our designer threatened to go public. He was killed that same night.
A list production designer: J. Michael Riva (Filmography)
Three decades ago movie: "F/X" (plot)
A+ list mostly movie actor: Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio, the Malaysian Money Scandal and His "Unusual" Foundation)

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