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1. POPBITCH 11/01
Which Instagram influencer makes people who work for her sign an NDA forcing them to promise not to reveal anything about her use of botox – something that none of her staff had even picked up on until she put it in the NDA?

This closeted former A list mostly movie actor is probably B+ list now. He doesn't usually like to display new beards, but he is now because he is worried about that Bryan Singer Esquire article. Taylor Lautner/Taylor Dome

This ridiculous looking whiny A-/B+ list rapper who once dated a celebrity offspring would have you believe he is just super tired and not a full blown drug addict incapable of performing any kind of show. Lil Xan (Noah Cyrus) (and a few days after this blind item, he admitted he was)

For once, this foreign born B list singer isn't canceling shows because of drugs. Instead, she canceled a couple of shows because the ticket sales were less than 100 people in each venue. No one is all that interested in seeing her. It has been kind of embarrassing. Lily Allen

This controversial YouTube star who is in a family of YouTube stars is being accused of sexual assault by an actress. Logan Paul/Chloe Bennet

The sudden 180 from this former A+ list rapper probably has something to do with his biggest commercial partner threatening to drop him for low sales. Kanye West ("Adidas")

The rehab need is strong with this former child actress turned adult actress with two decent hits to her credit and the impossible last name. She is a mess and I wonder who is watching her child while does the mess thing. Hayden Panettiere

This now former MTV star is not allowed to purchase guns as a condition of his release from jail. I guess he would claim he is just using ones that his wife has purchased. Ryan Edwards/Mackenzie Standifer ("Teen Mom OG")

This former A- list celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned drug addict who basically charges by the hour has been recruiting other teens and very young women for the guy she calls her boyfriend who wants to start an escort service. Courtney Stodden/Chris Sheng

Amber Heard Blind Item: "By the way, I was asked if I wanted to have a date with another actor who also valued their private life (closeted). And that was 2007. Can you believe it?" Austin Nichols

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/01 **#10**
The married closeted A+ list mostly movie actor I wrote about last week which shocked many of you has been rapidly losing weight over the past few weeks because he is so worried about having his name called out in the big hit piece arriving soon. Hugh Jackman (Bryan Singer "Esquire" article)

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/01 **#11**
This A- list dual threat comic actor who did hit movies and a hit television show at the same time broke up with his girlfriend/sober coach. Last time that happened he went on a huge bender. Jason Segel

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/01 **#12**
This A+ list singer has basically been in mourning since that big life event of her former lover. Taylor Swift (Karlie Kloss/Joshua Kushner wedding)

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/01 **#13**
This married A- list mostly television actor on a show that was given a second chance is cheating on his wife with a new recurring cast member. I bet his wife isn't so happy now that the show got picked up. Tim Allen/Molly McCook ("Last Man Standing")

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/01 **#14**
It wasn't pot that this A- list mostly television actress from a hit television show shared with her barely old enough to drive stepson. That was coke. She is crazy.

16. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/01 **#15**
Ski School: Back when he was at his A+ list peak and everyone wanted to be him and dress like him, this actor who has produced celebrity offspring would head each winter to his house in Aspen. There, he would sign up for beginning ski classes. Often, the classes would be filled with tweens and teens just learning to ski. Our actor could ski very well, but would take these classes each day because every day there was usually one teen groupie he would end up taking back to his house and raping. None of them were the age of consent. He would flirt with them all morning and his house was at the bottom of a green run used by instructors. He would offer to show them his house and they would go and then he would rape them. He did the same thing every single morning. The only thing that made him stop was when he got married. It was also him doing this that caused the relationship he had been in, disintegrate. She was up for a lot of crazy things, but not that.
Actor: Don Johnson (Aspen house)
Dress like him: "Miami Vice"
Celebrity offspring: Dakota Johnson
Wife: Kelley Phleger
Previous relationship: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe who played his daughter on "Nash Bridges"

This alliterate former A- list mostly television actor from a now defunct network hit ensemble show hosted his annual meet the new boys in town Halloween party for his "friends." It is nothing but a meat market and the disgraced director who is about to get more disgraced was very pleased with his efforts. Matthew Morrison ("Glee")/Bryan Singer

Negotiations are already under way for one of these models that everyone knows to "fall head over heels in love," with this north of the border A+ list singer. By the time the show airs, his people want full tabloid cover coverage of the new romance. Shawn Mendes ("Victoria Secret" model)
 (The live runway show takes place on November 8, but airs Sunday, December 2 on ABC at 10 p.m.)

Apparently the actor that Amber Heard was asked to fake a relationship with was the long time boyfriend of this A list mostly movie actor who comes from an acting family. They were inseparable for many years. Austin Nichols (Jake Gyllenhaal)

The celebrity CEO planned a couple news items very recently, in order to distract from an important financial filing this morning. Elon Musk

This initialed rapper/reality star is not only being sued for a scam money making venture, but the feds are also looking into it which could send him back to jail. T.I. (cryptocurrency)

She walked away from the show under a cloud of I am better than everyone and all of you need to suck it. She took someone with her when she left and ruined their acting career and then never spoke to that person or helped them. Now though, apparently she is going back to the show she once mocked. Interesting times. Katherine Heigl ("Grey’s Anatomy")/T.R. Knight

This closeted A- list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show is trying to keep himself deep deep in the closet to have a chance to be cast as the next star of this decades long movie franchise. They would never hire someone who is openly gay. Sam Heughan ("Outlander") ("Bond")

The Impostor - A Dancing Boy Blind: I want to begin by stating that the penultimate dancing boy blind item, "The Dancing Boys of Hollywood, Part I" was the work of an impostor - someone clearly skilled in apeing my style, clearly unfamiliar with the real life experience of the subject concerned, and clearly aware of what I am actually working on. There is a backstory here, I believe: for years, beginning as a teen, I had the feeling of being shadowed. I didn't like to walk alone? I didn't like to drive alone. But, time after time, I'd circle back around the block, and only find what I had passed. I'd turn off main roads, and no one would follow. Everyone, including my shrink, dismissed it as a phantasm. But once, at eighteen, while leaving a summer job early and off schedule - I had just quit in anger - I walked out of the local mall into the harsh afternoon light. Employee parking was far removed. I stopped to light a cigarette, on the way, and felt the familiar emotion: someone was watching me. This time, when I looked around, there really was someone. He was behind the wheel of a black, late model BMW 7 series, maybe 50 feet away. He had blond hair, like me, and wore glasses, as I did. If I had to guess he was the same age, give or take a year. When he saw me looking at him, he started the car, and drove off. I thought only of this reoccurring dream, that started with the feeling of being followed: that I was not alone in that womb. Coming on Monday: the *real* Dancing Boys of Hollywood.

This player is A+ list based on his work for multiple movie franchises. He is not an actor or director, which has allowed him to generally escape scrutiny, despite his many misdeeds. He has been a close friend of the disgraced A-list director for a very, very long time. Back in the day, he was one of the closest and most regular wingmen in the A-list director’s party scene. With all of his success, in recent years he no longer needs the director’s help to find plenty of young boys, and use the lure of sex for work in Hollywood. Tom DeSanto (Bryan Singer)

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#10**
This three named permanent A/A- list actress always insists she has never had any work done, but last week she got two more procedures done which makes her total somewhere near two dozen. Sarah Jessica Parker

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#11**
This A+ list showrunner airs most of his shows on a cable channel now, but he had a network hit. On that network hit, he wrote a role specifically for an 18 year old male who slept with him. Ryan Murphy ("American Horror Story" and "Glee") (Chris Colfer)

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#12**
A pap raced a fan into the brush yesterday when this former A+ list tweener threw an empty pill bottle after swallowing what was left inside. The fan wouldn't let the pap near the bottle. Really would have been nice of the fan just to let the pap take a photo of the bottle. Justin Bieber

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#13**
This foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is hooking up with her best friend's husband.

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#14**
That seemingly always in the news K-pop trainee has video she is holding for ransom. What is the video? Her doing lines of coke with several A+ list K-pop stars. So far, she is not saying anything to clue them in to the secret tape she made having sex with one of them. A second ransom perhaps. Han Seo Hee

31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/02 **#15**
Cold Case Reopened: It took almost two decades to get another lead, but recently there wasa big one. Almost two decades ago the FBI was closing in on this permanent A list showrunner. Why? The showrunner was big into child porn and was known for using his studio sets after hours to film child porn. Parents would bring their children for auditions and be forced to wait in a staging area by the entrance of the studio. Meanwhile, the children would be transported to the stage where the showrunner recorded his show and then two to three hours of filming would begin. There was no cloud back then and the files were really too large for computers. Copies were made and distributed to those who had purchased the items and the originals were all kept for two years and then destroyed. The originals were kept at all times with the showrunner in his briefcase. When he was abruptly killed, those originals were gone and the case against him. No one was talking. For almost two decades no one has talked because all the records and originals were gone with him. Without proof, they were all in the clear. No one even knew who was on the sets when the child porn was recorded. Until now. One of the victims is in the television industry and she was working on a set and recognized one of the photographers because of a very unique tattoo. She remembers seeing it back then, and had an instant flashback when she saw it on a set last month. She notified the FBI who confronted the man and he has been talking a lot. They won't get all of the people involved, but they will get some. The showrunner was careful that only fake names were used while working and they tried to hide themselves as much as possible. No one even knows who the original buyers were either because those records went up in flames too. Finally, though, some justice.

MTO News just got wind of an explosive rumor. Word on the curb is that a popular NBA player is getting his ducks in a row, and preparing to divorce his actress wife. The divorce announcement is expected sometime before the current NBA season is over. The couple is seen, among many in the NBA as "couples goals." But behind closed doors, they're definitely NOT as happy as you'd imagine. A person close to the couple told MTO News, "He's basically checked out of the marriage. Don't believe the pictures [you see] - he's gone." So what is it that's causing the couple to split? One insider explains, "I think that [guy] is going through some type of mid-life crisis. He wants some young thot. But he'll never find a woman like [his wife] ever." When the news breaks, a lot of people are going to be shocked. We never thought this union would ever end. Dwyane Wade/Gabrielle Union

That A list rapper finally pushed it too far and overdosed. I doubt she is breastfeeding, but that would be awful if she is. Cardi B

She found someone rich who likes to be cuckolded and he found someone super young so this celebrity/reality couple most of you knows at least one of are splitting. Not anyone in the Bachelor franchise. That was simply they didn't want to be with each other any longer and enjoyed their breaks more than their time together. Larsa and Scottie Pippen

This former MTV star turned reality star got a yachting gig that pays way more than a gig she is dropping out of. You would be surprised at how much guys are willing to pay her. Farrah Abraham Pulls Out of Celebrity Boxing Match

Almost a dozen women are banding together to talk about how they were treated on a show that was canceled long ago but was hosted by someone who is an A+ list host now. It is like a #MeToo dictionary of things that happened to them on that show. Jimmy Kimmel ("The Man Show")

One always forgets she is foreign born and I hardly ever use the designation with this A- list mostly movie actress who started on a hit television show. It turns out she is finally seeing the side of her actor husband all of you know (and you all know her too) and their marriage is going down in flames. Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher

This foreign born possible body double is spinning a yarn for the press about her new album. It was all written by ghostwriters, even the story she is telling about the origins of the writing. Avril Lavigne

This oft troubled celebrity offspring of a permanent A listr who is also a celebrity offspring is using again. This will be ugly. Cameron Douglas/Michael Douglas/Kirk Douglas

Apparently there was not any name this A- list reality star didn't call his celebrity girlfriend last night while he was in a drunken rage. Usually she can escape and go somewhere but she was trapped in a hotel room in a foreign country. Apparently she locked herself in one of the bathrooms until he woke up in the morning and apologized. Scott Disick/Sofia Richie (in Australia)

As if it ain’t enough one of them Love and Hip Hop fools is in jail after getting arrested twice in two days for abusing her middle school daughter, the word on Mama Joyce’s streets say things are pretty bad somewhere else. Look, we really don’t need Bobby and Whitney part two here. So please take your drama to the west coast or someplace else. Oh and the neighbors would like for me to ask you to keep your plethora of dogs locked up and not let them run free their very nice neighborhood where the children want to play. Tommie Lee (‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’)/Cardi B and Offset

There is still a slight, but noticeable droop to the side of this former tweener turned A- list singer's mouth because of her overdose. A waitress who served her this weekend said she tried not to stare, but wanted to make sure. Demi Lovato

I hope it is worth it. A crew member got fired for hooking up with this former back in the day reality star in cable and network turned really bad movie actress turned celebrity turned curb crier turned reality star.
Audrina Patridge

I think it was pretty hard to not expect that at least one of the very many people invited to this party would not comment on this closeted A- list reality star all of you know making out with a woman most of the night. Kendall Jenner (23rd birthday party)

The latest contract has expired for this model and her business arrangement with the A+ list mostly movie actor. Usually when he makes a model his "girlfriend," her booking fees skyrocket, but hers did not and the agency that paid the actor is not happy about it. They think he kind of blew this one off and only posed with her a few times. They want their money back or him to step up the effort. Camila Morrone/Leonardo DiCaprio

I know she (former A/A- list mostly television actress with the long name) has hooked up with family members of guys she has dated in the past and did that whole summer of yachting where the guy who was paying her/providing her coke forced her into some situations with multiple people, but my guess is she didn't hook up with her boyfriend's dad, but she definitely would have flirted with him to the point he might have thought they were going to and made a move and got beat up by the boyfriend. Hayden Panettiere (Brian Hickerson/father David)

This A- list singer/actor was up to his usual tricks. Of course he hit on the only two people who were underage at an event this weekend. Jared Leto (2018 LACMA Art + Film Gala)

Wasted out of her mind on pills is how I would describe the B list celebrity offspring of the permanent A++ lister. No one ever calls her out on it because they know if you hang out with her she always picks up the tab. Always. No matter how much it is, she grabs the check. This is not just meals. I am talking about shopping and trips too. So, they enable her. Paris Jackson

This permanent A/A- list dual threat actor who is also a permanent A+ list a-hole needs rehab. He is going to blame it on prescription meds, but it is coke and booze. Alec Baldwin charged with assault after allegedly punching man in face over parking dispute

It is probably appropriate that your married former A- list mostly television actress who is staying at your apartment leaves you a ticket for her opening night on Broadway. Right Mr. married former A- list mostly television actor co-star of hers. Tony Goldwyn/Kerry Washington ("Scandal")

Not only did this group give this foreign born former A+ list rapper a bunch of awards, they also gave her $250K to come collect them. Nicki Minaj (MTV EMAs 2018 - Bilbao Spain)

At the same event as #2, this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort showed up. Apparently she flew commercial because her current customer barred her from using the private jet. Some kind of thing about Interpol and drug smuggling. Lindsay Lohan (MTV EMAs 2018 - Bilbao Spain)

This permanent A list "singer" got in big trouble for positing unauthorized video which shows she still is a person who needs help mentally. Her handlers were furious and then deleted the video. Britney Spears

This sometimes A- list actress who is married to a permanent A list actor loves to talk about their marriage and sex life. In a recent interview, she chose to ignore the other couple that was a huge part of their sex life for nearly a decade until that couple split over money issues they attribute to the acting couple. Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith/Tisha Campbell/Duane Martin

As part of its deal with the disgraced child molesting/ pedophile director, this movie studio HAS to spend at least $500K to promote him as Best Director for a recently released movie. He could be convicted of child rape and they would still have to do it. They signed this agreement knowing his past. Bryan Singer/20th Century Fox ("Bohemian Rhapsody")

The reality family is already talking to tabloids and is going to have a big cover on Kneepads to announce the split of this A- lister in their family from the guy who cheats a lot. This is so them. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson

Got a message this past week from someone who I had not heard from in many many years. She found some old pictures from over a decade and asked me if I remembered the party. The party where this former A+ list reality star who is a celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister took turns with an actress talked about early today doing coke and making other women do coke and doing sexual things for the reality star and former actress. Kelly Osbourne/Lindsay Lohan

A former actor got himself banned off social media a few weeks ago, when he went completely off the rails. Very recently, he returned to social media under a new alias. Given that his writing was the same, and he immediately went around threatening the same people, he didn’t fool anybody. Isaac Kappy

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#10**
I don't think things are going to last between the B list mostly television actress/reality judge and her new boyfriend. That was an epic fight last night between the pair. They do not mesh at all. Jenna Dewan/Steve Kazee

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#11**
This foreign born former A list celebrity in her country who has never really been higher than B- list here even with her sex tape and naked photoshoots literally spent her entire multi million dollar fortune on drugs. Just gone. Katie Price

61. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#12**
This former A- list mostly movie actress who has seen her career crash and burn because studios thinks she is too outspoken about her beliefs has been caving into the pressure to not rock the boat. So, she didn't bring her girlfriend to an award show this weekend. Shailene Woodley (Annual Hollywood Film Awards)

62. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#13**
This A- list mostly television actor who is an Emmy winner/nominee and stars on a very hit network show was all coked up at the same award show mentioned in #12.

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#14**
This married closeted A- list mostly television actress all of you know who is not really that great of an actress has split with her long long long term girlfriend after they fought over a recent business failure/possible embezzlement situation. Jessica Biel/Estee Stanley (Au Fudge)

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/05 **#15**
Dancing Boy Foreword
The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.
The houses are all gone under the sea.
The dancers are all done under the hill.
TS Eliot, "East Coker," The Four Quartets

Foreword: I'll make this short, not least because it is just after 5am on the third Saturday of duck hunting season, and I have better things to do. The dancing boy called me last night, you see, to write a foreword for the expanded version of his forthcoming docu-drama, "The Dancing Boys of Hollywood," knowing full well I wouldn't have time to properly consider his request, or even read the script. So, I'm giving him what he deserves, just now, which is very little. But none of it surprises me. I first met him close to 40 years ago during the production of a holiday pageant wherein he played the little drummer boy. It was, by his own telling, his first and last good childhood experience with show biz. Even then, at 7, he was lazy, showy, and overly-sensitive to criticism. Also, he was late, always, always late. Still, I agreed to say something polite about his story, not least because much of it is true. First, he asked politely, which usually helps. Second, he showed me his current draft of "The Dancing Boy: A Hollywood Story." It appears he'll be playing a fictionalized version of myself, his mentor, a brash, outspoken Hollywood conservative and writer who is also one of the good guys. Third, and this part is really a shot in the dark. The dancing boy and I share a love of booze, drugs, women, and fast cars – okay two or three of those things. And every time he gives me a script to read I scribble the words "rat trap" (ie p.o.s.) on the title page, the sort of hot rod so hastily assembled at the last minute, and so jury-rigged together, it was going to take the full grace of God for it to even make it to the street race, let alone win. But I keep going back to my one caveat. Back when I got started, it was all rat traps. The picture was either going to succeed and make a fortune, or crash the studio. And if the wind is just right, and the angels on his side, maybe, just maybe, his Hollywood dreams will only have been delayed, not denied.
J*** M*****
2 November, 2018

She might very well fall in love with the guy, but the man this former tweener turned A- list adult singer is hanging out with is also her sober coach. The thing is though, he apparently slips a lot. Is that what you want in a sober coach. Demi Lovato

You have never seen someone so happy as when this foreign born celebrity managed to extricate herself from a bearding deal with this foreign born A- list mostly television actor. Why on earth she is being sucked back in, I have no idea. Alexa Chung/Alexander Skarsgård

With the permanent A list mostly movie actor out of the franchise, this foreign born alliterate A- list mostly movie actress who doesn't have much going for her other than the franchise has been pulling the tail of her employer to try and get a raise under the impression they need her. They don't and she is close to being fired also. Keira Knightley ("Pirates of the Caribbean") (Johnny Depp)

This former A list mostly television actor from back in the day is playing super victim again when he is the one at fault. He is the one who has alienated his children. He is the one who begs and pleads for money from fans all of the time. He is the one who has been to jail for not supporting his ex. He is also the one who might be arrested on national television live and in color if he keeps screwing over the ex who raised the kids and who the kids 100% support. John Schneider

The new head guy in charge at this molesting factory wants to greenlight a reboot of a show that was a breeding ground for bad behavior and led to the scarring of multiple children throughout the years. Brian Robbins, President of Nickelodeon ("All That")

This former A+ list mostly movie actress has not been paying her massive legal bills. She did offer to sleep with one of her lawyers though in return for a discount. Angelina Jolie

This A list rapper is having to pay three or four times as much for beats an raps she used to have to pay. No one likes working for her and they are making her pay. She wants to stay relevant and doesn't write her own stuff so is having to pay. Cardi B

The relationship of this foreign born former A+ list boy bander has cracked with this former band mates because of his drug use and the way he has treated them because of it. He likes to make it seem like it is just a difference of opinions and not that he is an addict who is annoying to be near when he is high or wanting to get high. Zayn Malik (says he didn’t make friends while in One Direction)

Unless he shows a complete 180 in his sobriety and gets clean, this late night actor all of you know will not be back on the show after the Christmas break. Pete Davidson "SNL"

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#10**
Apparently the brand and her thirst for fame and more air time trumped being a good parent or at least making an effort to even pretend you care. This former A+ list reality star is a horrible human being. Kate Gosselin (ex-husband Jon Gosselin files for custody of son Collin)

75. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#11**
This foreign born former A-/B+ list model back in the day is more known for some tabloid drama in her life that she had no part in bringing but definitely got the spotlight thrown right on her. Anyway, she is married now to a permanent A lister in his part of the entertainment industry. He yelled at his wife for a good five to ten minutes the other day because she was talking to a valet who was Latino. Our A list has tons of racist bones in his body and this rant at his wife was Donald Sterling-esque. Liberty Ross (ex-husband Rupert Sanders’ affair with Kristen Stewart)/Jimmy Iovine

76. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#12**
I have to say this Housewife is a much better actress than I would have believed. She had me thinking she cared for her husband and wasn't with another guy she has been seeing for well over a year now. Teresa Giudice/Joe ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

77. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#13**
It has been a year since this former A- list mostly television actress turned out of control substance abuser has landed any kind of job. Her job prospects are not looking good either. She was already difficult to the point her most recent co-star quit. Thrown into the mix all the things in her life and no one will hire her. She is spending money like crazy and at this rate, it won't last her more than another year. Mischa Barton ("The Hills" reboot)

78. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#14**
People are guessing it is Millie Bobby Brown. Although, her parents are complete jerks, I am doubtful this is her.

Reddit Blind Item: Edit - Location: United States of America, California
I am a minor in the entertainment industry. While certainly not a J Law or Swift, I am in the public eye. I still live with my family. Recently (I don't want to say how recent), I've found success, and am now making more money than my parents combined. This doesn't sit well with them. They aren't poor but also aren't rich, I would consider us an "Upper Middle Class" family not counting my income. As time has gone on and I've found more success and as such made more money, they have become increasingly My father created my bank accounts when I was young. He's my parent so I never saw any reason to not trust him, until now. Five days ago my father closed my accounts and transferred all of my money to himself. I told him that was illegal but he said he's my legal guardian and has the right to decide if I'm mature enough to handle my own money or not. He told me my recent purchase of a new three thousand dollar TV (which was for the family living room) was proof I wasn't capable of being responsible with that amount of money, and so he was going to watch over it for me until I was of age. My mother is, if not complicit, in denial. She refuses to talk with me about it and tells me I don't know what I'm talking about. Since my father took the money, he's been getting a lot of nice things, including a very expensive new watch, a new couch set for his space, and as of this morning a new, fairly expensive car, and I know he didn't have enough on his own for any of those. I don't know about the watch or car but I found a copy o I know the best course of action is to get the police involved but there are two problems with that. For one, while not critical, having this known to the public would do a lot more harm. I know that may seem ridiculous but if at all possible I want to keep this from getting out there, which is why I'm on Reddit anonymously. Grasping at straws, I The problem that's a lot more pressing, is that anyone who could side with me won't. We have a family lawyer who I've been acquainted with and have the contact information for, but they're a family friend with my parents and I've never personally needed their services so I can't see them helping me against my parents. Especially considering I now have nothing to pay them with. I do have a manager, and they were the first person I called. We met at their office four days ago and without actually saying it, they told me in painfully clear terms that if I wanted any more of a career I would accept that my father has only my best interests at heart, and would drop it. I am NOT accusing my manager of anything to be clear here, but there's no denying they h The only person helping me is my close friend who's my age, but all they can do is help me think up a solution. It was their suggestion to come here though, because we have no idea what There's another major hitch, that being while i should have more money coming in next week, it would have been transferred straight to my bank account. Seeing as that doesn't exist anymore I have no idea if I'll even be able to get any of that money. I tried asking my manager about this but was given a "don't Am I screwed?

Final Edit: About to go into meeting, and am changing accounts as described there. That's now the account I'll check for replies to pms about advice being given and such, and will update from if I'm able. Once again thank you everybody!

Edit: Thank you everyone for the advice and kind words in some pms :) I reached out to an adult I met while working who would have no reason to not help, simply asked if they knew a lawyer would I could use. They set me up with a lunchtime meeting today with their lawyer! I suppose that was the obvious thing to do but I guess I was too overwhelmed to realize. Will be showing them this thread and all of the suggestions here to get their opinion, though I personally read everything in the links shared with me and it sounds like I'm going to be alright. I'll be replying to specific comments once I post this update but don't have time for all of them, so overall - thank you so much! Depending on the case and circumstances if things can settle privately I'll try to provide an update down the road :)

2nd Edit: Should add because I've seen a few comments and pms about this, my mother was aware of the TV before I bought it and had no issue with it. She was at the store with me when I first saw it and talked to the sales person about it. I know this isn't very important, but just to say I did consult a parent before purchasing and thought it over for a few days. I don't know if that matters when arguing over his claim it was proof of my immaturity or not, or if any of that matters because he still stole my money, but there's that.

I didn't know what flair to use, if the one I chose is wrong my apologies, I will change it. Also sorry for the novel. I'm sorry for this being so long, I've rewritten this three times now trying to avoid adding certain details but they're just unavoidable. So, third time's the charm.

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/06 **#15**
Money Talks: I think maybe once or twice a year, I start a blind off by saying something to the point of my jaw dropped when I heard it. It doesn't happen often at all. The thing is though, I guess it really shouldn't have shocked me. Games in sports have been frequently fixed and if there is enough money involved, why couldn't something else be fixed. You would never have thought the entire McDonald's Monopoly game could be fixed for a decade, but it was. Too many security protocols in place. There are never too many if there is a lot of money to be made. For a long time, bookmakers have taken bets on the results of certain award shows. One of the first few years there was online betting for a certain award show is when this all happened. It caught the online bookmakers by surprise when they finally realized what was going on. Instead of taking the bet off the board though, they quickly lowered the odds as fast as they could without giving away the fact they knew there was inside information somewhere. What they also did was make the favorite a longer shot which the general public then started betting because everyone knew it was going to win. Boy were they wrong. Apparently to fix the result in this race actually only took the bribing of two people. That is it. The amount of money they were supposed to have been given is $500K each. They each received their upfront money of $250K, but nobody knows if they got the second half of the payment. Also, it isn't like they could go complain to someone if they didn't. When the betting line opened for this particular award, the favorite was almost even money. That is pretty rare for this award. The second favorite was basically a long shot and opened in some places at 15/1 but most had it about 10/1. The people fixing this particular award were smart. Throughout the month of betting they did small bets. They did a lot of small bets, but nothing that would trigger any alarms. They managed to bet about $500K at this higher odds without ever betting more than $100 at a time. Meanwhile, so many people were betting on the favorite that neither line budged. Then, with three days left before the award, the fixers bet another $500K almost at once spread across the numerous sites that had wagers on the award. Alarms went off on all these sites and the decision they made was to dramatically lower the odds on this particular nominee while raising the odds on the favorite. The public had no idea what was going on They saw the nominee they knew was going to win suddenly looking way more attractive and they poured money into it. It was never going to be enough to cover the losses if the fixed nominee won, but it would certainly help. Sure enough, the night of the show, everyone at home and at the show all had their jaw drop when this nominee won. The payouts totaled about $12.5M. "Crash" winning Oscar for Best Picture over "Brokeback Mountain" 2006

The PR and legal team have been in overdrive as of late trying to scrub the internet of any reference to this foreign born A- list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable television show being gay. Apparently the closeted actor with the not very good at it beard thinks he could be a movie star, so the people are getting rid of it all. Sam Heughan/Amy Shiels ("Bond") (crummy past beard Mackenzie Mauzy)

This foreign born permanent A list celebrity could actually use the money she would have made to prop up her failing other business, but got too greedy. She wanted double what everyone else is making because she thought she was the most famous, and needed. Now, she will get nothing. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham/"Spice Girls" reunion

Apparently this B-/C+ list celebrity of a B- list celebrity offspring is having unprotected sex with the one named herpes king who happens to be a permanent A list singer. Does she not have Google? Shaniece Hairston/Evelyn Lozada/Usher

It would not shock me at all to see this foreign born A list rapper have to cancel her tour or at least a lot of dates because of the half empty arenas she will face along the way. Nicki Minaj (UK tour in tatters after failing to sell out a single show)

I don't know what happened to the professor, but on the arm of this permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor the other night at an event was an Instagram model who charges by the hour. Brad Pitt

Speaking of Instagram models, this married former A+ list dual threat actor is back on television again starring in his own show and is cheating on his wife with a model who slide into his DM's. Alec Baldwin

This closeted network reality star would have to take a mountain of Viagra to be able to perform with one of his co-stars, but the producers want one of the women to say they hooked up with him because they think it would be good for the ratings. Colton Underwoood ("The Bachelor")

This foreign born former A+ list tweener is debating whether to reveal that his former mentor who he used to call a dad also molested by the former tweener turned singer. Actually it was more than just molesting. And yeah, he should because that guy is in a position to do a lot more damage to people. Justin Bieber/Usher/Puff Daddy

The television jinx is doing her best to hide some money so she doesn't have to pay as much. Alicia Silverstone

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/07 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is still dating this A list celebrity but he went into a hotel suite paid for by a company with a woman last night about midnight. Orlando Bloom/Katy Perry (SeriousFun Children's Network London Gala)

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/07 **#11**
I really thought this couple had a shot to stay married. He is a former A- list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show who sucked in the movies and is back on television. On the set of his new show he has been hooking up with several different women. His wife will be crushed if she finds out. Aaron Paul/Lauren Parsekian ("Breaking Bad") ("Are You Sleeping")

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/07 **#12**
This very tall alliterate A list model got booted off a recent modeling gig. That is the first time I know of that has happened to her. I wonder if someone stans her ex. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/07 **#13**
They can't force her, but this former tweener turned A- list adult singer is refusing to provide daily urine tests to an organization that does require them from most of their residents who are their not of their free will. I wonder if this is something we need to be worried about. Demi Lovato

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/07 **#14**
This is a much more serious situation than what Lindsay Lohan did when she tried to kidnap those kids. This alliterate former A list celebrity who has dropped down to C and only stays that high because of the catchy name has been trying to buy children online. Seriously. Yes, she has been reported, but I wonder if she won't get someone to agree. Tila Tequila (in custody war over child neglect)

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/07 **#15**
A Web Installment: Apparently the widow doesn't care what she has to say or who she has to say it about. She is willing to spill all if needed. There are a few reasons for this. First, whatever she does say, she is also going to say in the book/documentary. She wants to do that to set her own timeline and her own story and make it look like anything, but what we all know to be the reality. Apparently she also knows that the other side in the litigation has in the past done a whole lot of what they are being accused of. There is no way that this person wants that revealed, and the A listers they did it for. It is a very long list. Therefore, the widow thinks it will cause the person to write a very big check as quickly as possible and that she thinks the celebrity recipients will contribute to the large amount to keep their names out of it. I think the celebrities won't really care all that much, or not enough to write the size checks she wants. She might be stuck with just what she can get from the person who did the distributing which won't be a ton unless she sticks it out for at least a year or longer. Vicky Karayiannis (suing a Beverly Hills doctor, alleging he over-prescribed drugs to the grunge rock singer Chris Cornell)

Which superstar performer which her own production company could only get funding and distribution for her pet project, thinking it could nab her an academy award, by agreeing to go topless in a sex scene in the new film? After she did the scene however, she changed her mind and cut it out of the film. The distributors then refused to release the film, and it sat on the shelf for years before finally being given a straight-to-video release years later. She was totally embarrassed, thinking straight-to-video was completely beneath her as she was too big a star!
Jennifer Lopez ("Bordertown")

This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee sounds kind of foolish these days when she tries to spin a yarn about talking to some of her children. She doesn't, and everyone knows it, but she always is out there just trying to come up with some kind of statement that at least makes it seem like she does. Nicole Kidman (adopted children with Tom Cruise on the "Today" show)

As I told you before, this former A list cheater/athlete nonstop cheated on his last significant other so, it shouldn't come as a shock he was constantly cheating on his new celebrity significant other. I told you about the first three or four, but she stuck it out. Now that he got one pregnant, she finally looks ready to leave. Alex Rodriguez (Anne Wojcicki)/Jennifer Lopez

This former member of a reality tv manufactured girl group says that she once almost had sex with this permanent A list mogul but she kind of freaked out when he wanted to watch male gay porn to get aroused. Aubrey O'Day ("Danity Kane")/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

This former A+ list mostly movie actress that almost every human on the planet knows is robbing from an organization she runs just to keep up her lifestyle. Angelina Jolie (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#5**
This former A+ list singer who now spends his time smoking pot and playing with a jam band has an army of social media bots/workers he hires when he is trying to start a rumor or get something out to the world. It is what he did with a celebrity offspring and is what he is doing again with a one word singer in an attempt to make his fantasy reality. She is not loving it. John Mayer/Halsey

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#6**
That former nanny who made the news for all of five or ten minutes with news of her multiple hookups with married men is in demand for all kinds of A list men and that is how she makes her living. She even hooks up with an actor best friend of one she got publicly busted with. Christine Ouzounian (Ben Affleck/Matt Damon)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#7**
Apparently the A+ list reality star is using a surrogate again. This time she is having another boy. You know, I wonder if her husband even knows. Apparently the initialed network knows but is waiting for permission to tell the world. Kim Kardashian (and she announced it yesterday, including that the baby is a boy)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#8**
I have said it repeatedly the past month or two that this former A+ list singer is a drunk and if you hire her you do so at your own risk. Finally, people are starting to catch on and she is going to find a lot of doors closed until she goes to rehab. Christina Aguilera; Lauryn Hill

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#9**
I love there are other people jumping in on the exposing the yachting past of the alliterate actress turned A+ list celebrity. One recent addition also exposes the long time boyfriend of this closeted foreign born A list mostly movie actor. Megan Markle/Eddie Redmayne

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#10**
Kindness: Apparently at least once a week or so, this foreign born A- list dual threat actor who does have a franchise goes around London to various places homeless sleeping outside and passes out 100 pound notes and prepaid phone cards for cellphones. There are several hundred he knows by name and many have his phone number in case of an emergency. Tom Hiddleston

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#11**
This married foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor pulled one of his old tricks this week while out of the country filming. He hired an escort who didn't speak English. In the past he said he does this so he doesn't have to do any talking to them at all. Chris Hemsworth ("Dhaka") (filming in India)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#12**
Another parent being taken away from their child forever because of the religion of this A-/B+ list mostly television actress on a hit almost network show. Definitely makes me want to stop watching it. Taron Lexton/Marisol Nichols ("Riverdale") (although both are Scientologists)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#13**
Pretty funny to watch two old guys last night competing in their attempts to hit on the college student aged bartender at a big musical event last night. One was a foreign born one named former A+ list singer who usually only dates wealthy women and the other was the former cable actor who is always going commando. The bartender didn't look pleased at all with either of their efforts. "Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration Live At The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion" (Seal and Jon Hamm)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#14**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is spinning a yarn about yet another delay to this massive movie undertaking. The thing is, there is something physically wrong with him and he is undergoing treatment. Tom Cruise 'delays filming of Top Gun sequel so he can learn to fly fighter jets to make stunts as realistic as possible'

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **#15**
The Ring: No, it is not about the horror movie, but rather something that seems to be much more common than it used to be. Back in the day Heidi Fleiss was a madam to a bunch of women who catered to the stars and was one of the few who did so. Now, it seems no matter where I turn there is someone who is acting as a "coordinator," or "facilitator," as they like to be called. They also use the term when describing the exchange of sex for money. You already knew about the directionally challenged rapper and how he has been increasing the size of his business, by now including men and the former reality star who has done so in the past year or two but seemingly is more focused on coordinating for herself rather than others. There is the former reality star with celebrity offspring who coordinates for several international women, including finding women for her ex. There is the alliterate actor who was doing a lot of facilitating for the group surrounding the disgraced director, but he was growing nervous about the net closing in which is why they passed a lot of that to the rapper. Now, there is a former actress who comes from an acting family that includes at least one A lister. She uses the A lister's name to get very young, barely legal aspiring actresses and singers to come on board. She has about a dozen who she coordinates for. In return she gets a large cut of almost 50%. The women though are given chances to act and sing by using the connections the family has.

Directionally challenged rapper: French Montana
Former reality star: Farrah Abraham
Former reality star with celebrity offspring: Yolanda Johanna Jacoba van den Herik Hadid Foster Hadid ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Bella, Anwar and Gigi Hadid)/Mohamed Hadid
Alliterate actor: Matthew Morrison
Disgraced director: Bryan Singer
Former actress who comes from an acting family that includes at least one A lister:

Spend a day with Ezra Miller at his 95-acre Vermont farm and you will surmise that the star with two franchises in motion does not really exist. Instead, "Ezra Miller" is just a glitch in a Mandela Effect-simulated reality that the 26-year-old is happy to explain over a spliff. It's difficult to square the man who tills the land here (blueberries, turkey tail, something called chaga) with the one pulling down seven-figure paydays as Credence Barebone in Warner Bros.' Fantastic Beasts franchise and as the titular superhero in DC Comics' 2020 Flash stand-alone movie. But Miller operates not at all like a typical rising Hollywood star: He has zero personal social media presence (his band, Sons of an Illustrious Father, is on Instagram and Facebook) and never even flirted with the idea of moving to L.A. (he bought this property in Vermont, in an area he loved from his childhood summers, in 2017). Barefoot with chipped nail polish and wearing a unicorn costume ("Unicorns are real, did you know that?"), he would rather talk about the ravages of fossil fuels ("fucking dinosaur juice that we keep burning into the heavens") and the "polyamorous" community of friends and spiritual advisers milling about the farm on this brisk day, marijuana smoke wafting, than how he landed that DC tentpole role: "I auditioned," he deadpans. He does have something to say about stardom. "If you watch the world, the cults of celebrity and the fanatics of celebrities, that's what governs the world now," Miller explains between deep tokes. "So, you're a politician or you're whoever, you're just a celebrity with a fan club, like me. You know? And we're all probably mentally ill. I watch television or the news and I'm like, 'Oh, it's my people. Were all mentally ill together. Cool.'" The path from New Jersey kid to counterculture nonconformist who happens to be one of the most in-demand actors under 30 started in the manicured suburb of Wyckoff, home of the Jonas Brothers. "Rev Kev, the reverend, is their father," says Miller. "He had a billboard that I would drive past in the morning that said stuff like 'God answers kneemail.' Get it? Like email?" When he was a teen, Miller moved with his book publisher father and dance instructor mother to Hoboken (his two sisters had already moved out) and began taking the PATH train into Manhattan for auditions. The late theater director Elizabeth Swados cast him in a revival of her Broadway hit Runaways, which was staged at Joe's Pub for charity. "This guy came backstage and gave me his card, and was like, 'You wanna work in film,'" he says. The guy, "a creepy reptile manager, who shall remain unnamed," led Miller to director Antonio Campos, who gave him the lead role in Afterschool, a dark drama about a prep schooler who captures the drug overdose of two girls on video. "That was a great film experience because of how fucked up it was and like a psychotic filmmaking process with young kids," he says with a laugh. "And then I was just hooked to film." Next came his breakout in Lynne Ramsay's We Need to Talk About Kevin, with Miller playing the titular deranged high school student who murders several classmates with a crossbow (he offers to bring out the actual crossbow, which he keeps on the property). A year later, Miller landed opposite Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a more traditional coming-of-age story that put him on the top of studio wish lists. Flash and Beasts' Credence somehow penetrated his Hollywood disaffection (they "resonate with my soul"). But he hopes to make more films with Ramsay, "the greatest director alive," whose treatment by the film's financier and producer after her firing from 2015 Western Jane Got a Gun enrages him. "Powerful men, they don't know how bad they want to submit to a woman, a feminine power, but they should. I advise they do it immediately because they're fuckin' up the world." This bleeds into Miller's own #MeToo moment, which he has never shared, with an unnamed director and producer. "They gave me wine and I was underaged," he recalls. "They were like, 'Hey, want to be in our movie about gay revolution?' And I was like, 'No, you guys are monsters.'" He's on a roll now. "It's a great fuckin' age of being like, 'You know what? That shit's unacceptable,' And it's amazing for a lot of us to watch. 'Cause, like, we all knew it was unacceptable when we fucking survived it. That's what Hollywood is. I thought we all knew we were sex workers." Hollywood's warped hierarchy brings out Miller's intensity, but not nearly as much as the subject of climate change. In fact, that line of conversation brings the actor to tears. "Gaia, we don't understand her. We don't understand how powerful she is. We don't respect her rights," he says, shaking. "I'm just an emotional person. I just feel things differently. Yes, I'm crying already in the interview." Often cited as the first non-hetero film superhero (Ian McKellan's X Man Magneto was a villain), Miller has long identified as queer. "Yeah, absolutely. Which is to say, I don't identify. Like, fuck that," he says. "Queer just means no, I don't do that. I don't identify as a man. I don't identify as a woman. I barely identify as a human."
"Milk"/Gus Van Sant

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#1**
The child molesting rapper raped a 14 year old the other day and police didn't even take a report, so someone took matters into their own hands. Tekashi 6ix9ine

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#2**
I'm not sure what this Housewife expected would happen when her husband found out about the drugs and past escorting she lied about. Sure, she can be upset he didn't pay her what he told her he would pay her each month they were married, but she didn't get anything written down. Danielle Staub ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#3**
This foreign born A list reality host thought she was rekindling her old romance with someone who has been in her life for a long time and will be forever. He is cheating on her though with someone half her age. Padma Lakshmi ("Top Chef")/Adam Dell (father of her daughter)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#4**
I haven't seen this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor doing coke in well over a decade. He is much more a pot guy. There he was though, this past Tuesday night doing lines of coke with some friends.

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#5**
I'm not sure this A- list disgraced mostly movie actor from an acting family could have found anyone younger and still be legal than who he was with last night. As in she turned 18 this week. Where was his regular girlfriend? James Franco (Isabel Pakzad)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#6**
Someone who would definitely know from her side, says this foreign born A list singer did ask this underage actress for "sexy pictures." Drake/Millie Bobby Brown

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#7**
This alliterate A list mostly movie comic actress will always say to do things naturally, but she had surgery to achieve her dramatic transformation. Melissa McCarthy

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#8**
This you can't believe he is a former A+ list mostly television actor who also made bad movies, but he is. At least no one watches his new show relatively speaking. Anyway, he hooked up with someone other than his wife at a big party the other night. He is such a tool. Tim Allen ("Last Man Standing"); Ashton Kutcher ("The Ranch")

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#9**
Mr X Blind Item: This former A- list mostly movie actress who is still well known, but never got back to that level got wasted the other night and challenged this A- list dual threat actress. The thing is though, the handlers of the former A- lister will never let it happen which kind of blows one of her statements right out of the water. Juliette Lewis/Jada Pinkett Smith ("Red Table Talk")

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#10**
Yes, this former A list politician is hiding money from an ex, but he also lost a bunch of money in a get rich quick scheme and has been borrowing to maintain his current lifestyle. Rudy Giuliani

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#11**
Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress does not actually have a boyfriend, so she is right about that, but the other things she says about having sex are not true. There was the very rich guy last week who parted with a good chunk of change. Rita Ora

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#12**
In addition to all that long term drug use affecting her looks, it is apparently our favorite foreign born singer/reality host/last name lover got a lot of work done to her face too. Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#13**
This permanent A- list singer is foreign born. It is his time of the year right now. Anyway, that fidelity thing with his wife took a big shot when he hooked up with a groupie while out of the country. He used to always cheat, but life events have made him more faithful. Michael Buble (Milan, Italy) (son Noah’s battle with cancer)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#14**
Kindness: He is still mostly an a-hole, but this B+ list writer/actor/philanderer/player all of you know from his last significant other agreed to donate $50K to help find new homes for all the greyhounds in Florida that now need new homes. Apparently he also has about 100 people ready to adopt one. Justin Theroux

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **#15**
Like Father Like Son: Back in the day there was a franchise. They didn't really call them franchises back then, they would just roll off a bunch of sequels until people stopped buying tickets. I'm actually a little surprised with the lack of creativity in Hollywood that no one has tried to revive this particular franchise. Maybe it is because of what happened during the final installment. Our actor was a huge star. He had already won an Academy Award. He is a celebrity offspring of someone arguably more famous. Anyway, our actor was filming this movie and was drinking as he often did at that time. He went down to the bar in his hotel which was known for local women who had regular jobs but would supplement it by meeting with men staying at the hotel. Our actor picked up a woman and brought her upstairs to the room. He then had very violent sex with her and she ended up having a seizure while he was choking her and she died. Well, our actor freaked out, but apparently during the filming he had been paying so many bribes that he knew all he would probably have to do is pay a bribe. He actually ended up getting the police to help him get rid of the body in the hotel room. They did whatever they do in that situation and he never heard of it again. The crazy thing is, he used to be proud of this story and told it regularly. He stopped telling it about twenty years ago but it was one of his favorite go to tales of being an actor and having adventures. Michael Douglas (Kirk Douglas) (won Oscar for Best Picture "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" 1976) ("Romancing the Stone" and "Jewel of the Nile" in 1985)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#1**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor had a hit franchise before bailing for a new role. The subject of that new role talked our actor into publicly coming out. Taron Egerton ("Kingsman") (Elton John "Rocketman")

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#2**
Old Hollywood: This alliterate permanent A list mostly movie actress would cruise high schools for teens to sleep with in front of her permanent A list athlete husband. Marilyn Monroe/Joe DiMaggio

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#3**
Apparently this A- list mostly movie actor who I wrote about last month being horrible and awful to this A- list mostly television actress from a new hit show is not a one off. He is awful to all women he sees on a one on one basis. Noah Centineo/Kiernan Shipka

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#4**
Sections of the UK government are selling children into sexual slavery and even making it easier for the slave masters to know what the child/tween/teen has done sexually in the past. I find it interesting that this foreign born permanent A+ list singer has started a company so he too can get in on the bidding. Vulnerable children treated ‘like cattle’ in care home system

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#5**
This manager to an almost exclusively gay actor clientele who he forces to stay in the closet is also set to be exposed in the Bryan Singer expose in Esquire for his behavior with the clients, many of whom you know. Kevin Huvane; Eric Podwall

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#6**
Apparently the diva behavior on a recent trip was nothing compared to the verbally abusive thrashing the employee took on that trip when things were not perfect. The employee threatened to sue because of how bad the abuse was which would have become public. The employee instead was given a check and an apology by the in laws of the former actress turned abuser. Meghan Markle (loses third aid in six months)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#7**
Now, it appears that even for the biggest of big red carpet events, this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner can't even get her husband to attend with her. Natalie Portman (AFI FEST 2018 Presented By Audi)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **#8**
It turns out the child molesting rapper was not the intended victim of the shooting. Nope. It was the one who got out of there the quickest. The former A+ list rapper. Sent by the permanent A+ list rapper as a message perhaps. Tekashi69/Kanye West/Jay Z

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#1**
This former A_ list singer wasn't denied because she is an awful singer it is because she was wasted out of her mind when she tried to hijack the set of a local singer. Christina Aguilera (New Orleans, LA)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#2**
Sounds like an interesting concept for a religion. This C list celebrity of a permanent A lister can trade in for a new girlfriend whenever he wants courtesy of the religion. Anything to keep the permanent A lister happy. Connor Cruise/"Scientology"/Tom Cruise

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#3**
This former A- list mostly television actor had to reveal the news he did this week because someone was trying to extort him. It was news to his wife too. Michael C. Hall/Morgan Macgregor ("not all the way heterosexual"/sexually fluid)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#4**
When you have to settle a dozen potential lawsuits, you have to sell everything you own, and such is the case for this one named permanent A list singer. Usher sells West Hollywood home at a huge loss

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#5**
In addition to getting wasted prior to a show this weekend which caused a massive delay for him to sober up, this A- list rapper known for being with that reality star is also hooking up with the boyfriend of the stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned yachter/turned wannabe actress turned yachter who loves guys who do it with other guys. Travis Scott (Raleigh, N.C.)/Kylie Jenner/Amber Rose/Def Jam Records exec Alexander 'AE' Edwards

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#6**
This permanent A++ list director wanted one of his stars of his upcoming eighteen sequels to lose a couple of pounds. Now, the actress who stars in multiple franchises looks like she is dying of starvation. James Cameron ("Avatar") Zoe Saldana ("Star Trek"; Guardians of the Galaxy"; "Avengers")

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#7**
The A- list singer thought a company gave him some gifts to pass along to people in his wedding party. Nope. His soon to be so called wife made a six figure deal for the gifts and she pocketed the money. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (scooters from @Limebike)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **#8**
Lost in all the drinking is that this permanent A list mostly movie actor also has lost millions gambling over the past few years. Ben Affleck

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#1**
It is going to be really interesting when this permanent A list singer gets a check for the insurance damages and it is addressed to his actress wife who had the property changed into her name alone a couple years ago. Neil Young/Daryl Hannah (lost his home in California wildfires for the second time)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#2**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This A- list celebrity/athlete/performer wasn't wearing the engagement ring she recently received from the businessman she has been seeing for quite some time. Nikki Bella

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#3**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This about to be divorced A- list reality star from multiple reality shows was already wasted before she hit the red carpet. What she did after with the coke just took things to another level. Jenni "JWoww" Farley ("Jersey Shore")

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#4**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: Our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer was engaging in the same behavior as #3 before being whisked off her feet by a married record executive she has been on and off with for five or six years. Rita Ora

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#5**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: Judging by an overheard conversation about the activities of the husband of this A list red carpet host, there is not going to be a marriage much longer. Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic (E!)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#6**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: KINDNESS: Prior to the show, this B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit almost network show not about superheroes agreed to auction her dress and get a whole bunch of other memorabilia together for a high school fundraiser for a student who was paralyzed by a drunk driver. Camila Mendes ("Riverdale")

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#7**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This alliterate A-/B+ list comic actress/host was being shunned by a lot of people for her support of the disgraced A list comic actor/comedian. Sarah Silverman/Louis C.K. (used to masturbate in front of her with consent)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/12 **#8**
PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This foreign born B list dual threat actor most known for his recently canceled cable show is under investigation for sex with a minor under the age of thirteen. Michael Vartan (Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, France) ("The Arrangement")

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#1**
Just like I told you, this former MTV star had a gig that would leave her pay for that staged athletic event in the dust. She also managed to bring along a pap to sell some pics and make even more money. Farrah Abraham

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#2**
This former A list teen movie actor didn't voluntarily shut down an account trying to raise money from fans. A parent of an underage teen complained about what the actor was saying to his daughter through the messaging function on the site that got it shut down. Corey Feldman (Carl Brecht)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#3**
There was a great deal of fighting within this reality family about who should be given an award when it was offered by the organization who pretends they are legit. The momager's decision went in the face of one of the family so they didn't bother attending.
Family: Kardashian/Jenner
Award: People’s Choice Awards
Reality show of 2018: "Keeping up with the Kardashians"
Reality TV star of 2018: Khloe Kardashian, "Keeping Up with the Kardashian
Momager: Kris Jenner

Who didn’t attend: Kylie Jenner

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#4**
This Black Panther actress was one of its stars. She is afraid to go to rehab because she fears missing out on roles. She is trying to beat her addiction without going. Letitia Wright

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#5**
This alliterate former A+ list athlete who was known worldwide for a certain quirk for awhile finally won back a sex tape she made a few days after her 18th birthday. I wouldn't be shocked if she ends up trying to release it herself for the money. McKayla Maroney ("McKayla is not impressed")

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#6**
This adverb actress who is really hot right now by doing something else comes of as super nice and warm to fans. Nope. She is going to treat you like crap unless there is a camera recording her. Busy Philipps

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#7**
Seeing how this former talk show host/other host managed to gain so much power and the jobs she wanted, this current talk show host is hooking up with the married current head of a network. They spent the night together again after that recent award show. She also wants to be his next wife. Julie Chen/Les Moonves; Jeannie Mai ("The Real") ("People’s Choice Awards")

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#8**
This permanent A list host who also has done a little talk show thingy and who all of you know is married. He also likes to get dominated by a professional at least once a week. His wife would freak out if she finds out. Apparently he had a substitute Domme for a few weeks while his regular was ill and the substitute loves to talk about it.

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#9**
Back in September I wrote about this A-/B+ list mostly television actress with the fancy name from the soon to end hit cable show who told people about a two hour conversation she had with someone who didn't exist. Over the weekend, she did the same thing, but was talking to herself and posted it on social media. Portia Doubleday ("Mr. Robot")

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#10**
The alliterate reality star who is best known for the bar show supposedly has a boyfriend, but I want to know what she was doing alone in the back of a car outside a restaurant with the actor who was on a reboot of a hit network show that basically bombed and the lead of a spinoff of a hit network show that basically bombed. He will be making the award show rounds for a move this year. Scheana Shay ("Vanderpump Rules") (boyfriend - Adam Spott)/Ryan Eggold ("90210" and "The Blacklist: Redemption")

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#11**
It could just be coincidence, but the last three or four times I have seen this A-/B+ list mostly television actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee from a very hit streaming show she has been wasted out of her mind. There had been some buzz her husband has been cheating on her. Anyway, people are talking because it has been an out of control wasted.

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#12**
Kindness: This foreign born A- list mostly television actress who is the lead on a fairly hit cable show that keeps getting renewed as fast as they can finish a season is paying for college for the children of one of her neighbors who is a single parent and can't work because she is taking care of a special needs child who is her nephew. The nephew's parents had their parental rights removed because of drug abuse and physical abuse. Alycia Debnam-Carey ("Fear the Walking Dead")

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#13**
This celebrity offspring YouTuber of a celebrity YouTuber has been seeking treatment this year for her eating disorder.

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#14**
After bragging about how much money she had even though she doesn't have much above the table income, she is going to have to go to court. The frequent yachter who used to be a stripper and reality star and yachter and sex tape poster is probably going to plead poverty in upcoming court filings which flies in the face of what she wants people to believe. Farrah Abraham (dropped out of boxing match)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/13 **#15**
The Recording Studio: Back in the day, when this property was first acquired, the permanent A++ list celebrity who acquired it decided he was going to build an underground recording studio because he thought the sound would be completely different than a normal studio. Sounds kind of crafty to me and he never really struck me as someone who considered the whole thing a craft. Anyway, the hole was dug about 300-400 yards fro the main house. The interior was built out, but the recording studio was never completed. It was basically just a 1,000 square foot unfinished basement all by itself. About three weeks ago over dinner with his actress girlfriend, this former A+ list tween actor told her some of the stories he heard about what happened down in that recording studio. Our actor never went down there and when he asked about it, the permanent A++ lister said it wasn't a place for him, our actor to go. The things relayed to the girlfriend were so disturbing that she actually called the police to ask if they could investigate it. She is still waiting for a call back and doesn't know if anything is being done. "Neverland"/Michael Jackson/Macaulay Culkin (Brenda Song)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#1**
This former A list mostly movie actress all of you know is hooked on some serious drugs. It is interesting to note that she hasn't let the group she loves so much, allow her to help. Juliette Lewis (Scientology) ("Can't you save us Britney Spears? Can we be saved? Is Satan controlling the universe?')

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#2**
For the past few weeks, the "husband," of this A- list actress who recently ended a run on a hit network show has been threatening to release a bunch of information about her she wouldn't want made public. As a result, our actress has dropped a bunch of weight off her already thin frame. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#3**
That A-list writer/producer/close friend of the disgraced A-list director I wrote about earlier this month got his career launched by the director. About 2 decades ago, he was working as an underling for the director on a film. He was the one who actually gave the orders to the underage boys to get naked despite what he told or showed the parents of the boys. Tom DeSanto ("Apt Pupil"/Bryan Singer)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#4**
It won't be long before this foreign born permanent A list model is out the door of her marriage. She thought she was getting wealth beyond belief, but now, she might end up being a witness in a criminal trial. Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel ("Snapchat")

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#5**
This A list rapper might not be for long and she might not have that new television gig much longer if she keeps promoting it while being wasted on coke and other substances. Cardi B ("Rhythm + Flow")

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#6**
Simple math will tell you, that even if you believe her claims, this Housewife has had several slips since she went to rehab earlier this summer. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City")

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#7**
So far, every casino has given a big no to a residency for this foreign born former A+ list boy bander in his own country who never reached higher than maybe B list here. His wife was higher on the list than he ever reached. Robbie Williams

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#8**
This celebrity offspring is not really a celebrity other than the fact she might get papped with more famous members of her family. She says that her A/A- list dad actually got kicked out of the house and divorced, not because of his cheating which was frequent, but because he was sleeping with one of the daughter's underage friends. David Hasselhoff (Taylor Ann Hasselhoff/16 years old when her parents divorced)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#9**
That closeted bar star is really feeling the pressure to come out from a guy who is extorting the reality star. Apparently there is a sex tape showing the two men having sex. Jax Taylor or James Kennedy ("Vanderpump Rules")

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#10**
This former A+ list mostly television actor who was everywhere for a good four or five years and does something else now, cheated on his long time girlfriend with a variety of strippers so she finally left. Drew Carey/Playboy model-turned-sex therapist fiancee Amie Harwick

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#11**
For the past 72 hours, this former A+ list mostly movie actor/possible conspirator to commit murder had someone watching him every moment whether asleep or not. The people rotated to make sure someone was always there. It was all paid for by the studio who wanted no hiccups in the premiere of his new movie. Johnny Depp"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"
 (disappearance of Anthony Fox - business partner in "The Viper Room")

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#12**
Why yes, this closeted foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee has hooked up with his male co-star. Eddie Redmayne/Ezra Miller ("Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald")

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#13**
To celebrate her recent engagement, this former A+ list mostly movie actress who was the biggest actress on the planet but has no Oscar noms or wins got herself some new breasts. Meg Ryan/John Mellencamp

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#14**
Speaking of work getting done. This permanent A list mostly movie actress who was once the biggest actress on the planet and does have Oscar noms/wins recently had extensive work done to her face which is incredible and makes her look a decade younger. Sandra Bullock

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **#15**
Bad Band Behavior: During Anniversary Month, I like to bring out some of my personal stories and some of my favorites are bad band behavior stories. There is nothing I haven't seen. Usually I tell you about the bad behavior of bands you would kind of expect. Today though, gather round as I tell you about the bad behavior of this permanent A list Christian singer. The guy has Grammy wins and Dove wins and has sold millions of records. He also used to run this little scam while out on tour. He would, as part of his promotion for a show in a city arrange to play a little show around noon at a big church in town. It was always around noon or even a little earlier. He did this because he knew the crowd would feature a majority of women. Sometimes, depending on the town, there would be a ratio of 80/20. After playing a few songs and doing some speaking, there would often be a little reception. It was there he would find a woman or two who he would then invite to sound check with him. They would leave straight from the church. His theory was that whoever said yes right away without thinking about it at all, he would end up having sex with between sound check and the show. He was almost always right. He called it spiritual counseling. His wife believed he was actually spending time praying and reflecting before his show, so would never call or disturb him during those few hours. So, the devout Christian singer who had millions of followers usually did this three or four times a week. He once told someone that he thinks he also has about twenty children out there that are probably his, but have no idea. You see, our singer believed that unprotected sex was the only way he could achieve glory so to speak and therefore, he has got a whole bunch of kids who look just like him which is why he never went to the same church twice. The next time back in town, he would pick another church and if there was not another one of equal size, he would just skip the promotion for that town. Steven Curtis Chapman; Michael W. Smith; Chris Tomlin

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#1**
This former A list athlete in a sport that does not always seem athletic, has made up a full backstory to how she and her closeted permanent A list athlete met and their current relationship. Danica Patrick/Aaron Rodgers

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#2**
It might have seemed funny, but this permanent A list host really meant what she said about this A list mogul/host. She knows he wants to do the gig solo and have all the limelight himself. She knows he is always talking to the producers about making that happen. Kelly Ripa/Ryan Seacrest

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#3**
This A list country singer who did really well last night is working on a new record that is entirely not country because she wants more fame and money and thinks pop is the best way to do it. Kasey Musgraves (CMA Album of the Year)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#4**
This A+ list singer wanted to know which one of her friends was leaking stories about her. So, she said something crazy about several things. The story was leaked, and the only one who knew that story was the foreign born former A+ list boy bander turned stay at home drug addict. So, since then the A+ lister has banished him from her life. Taylor Swift/Zayn Malik (she "was traveling around in a suitcase" during the summer of 2017)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#5**
The celebrity CEO has some tolerance built up to the drugs he takes, but that can't be said for a family member who was wasted out of their mind on live television. Elon Musk (brother Kimbal trolled Fox News "Plant a Seed Day")

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#6**
There are always focus groups and such. There has always been talks every season, but apparently the talks are quite serious that this particular city will be removed from the Housewives map. Something that would not have been possible even two years ago. "Real Housewives of Atlanta" or "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#7**
Everyone is talking about the fight, but nobody is talking about the reason for the fight. It is because the foreign born still one hit wonder is losing out on guys to the way underage rapper. Iggy Azalea and Danielle "Cash me outside" Bregoli

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#8**
Apparently this permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor owes some debts for having an organization overseas fix some things for the actor. The actor has refused to pay them after initially agreeing, which is why they did the work. They will be paid. If not, they will keep trying to scare him and I don't think they would mind if he ended up dead. They don't care about his fame. They did a very dangerous job, and wish to be paid back. The actor is putting his family in danger just because he couldn't control himself when he was with that teenager. George Clooney

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#9**
This former A+ list singer turned B lister with a reality show got secretly married to this producer/mogul because of certain criminal charges that are headed his way very soon. She knows all about everything so they wanted to legally protect each other. Toni Braxton/Birdman

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#10**
CMA: This former one year wonder was at an after party on the arm of a man who last I checked a couple of weeks ago was still married and living at home with his wife and kids. Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#11**
CMA: This A- list singer who sounds an awful lot like a prescription you pick up in a mall was coke champ last night at a party, but not the overall champ. Bebe Rexha

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#12**
CMA: He is probably B-/C+ on the list, but his wife is A list right now. The guy was antsy at a party last night and kept begging his wife they should leave as he kept a death grip on that meth pipe. The person who relayed this to me said they were shocked the glass didn't shatter in his hand the way he was holding it. Morgan Evans/Maren Morris

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#13**
CMA: This A-/B+ list singer many of you might know from something else is not doing a very good job of hiding the fact she is hooking up with a married singer from another act on her tour. The wife of the singer definitely was asking some very pointed questions last night to her husband.

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#14**
This barely legal B+ list singer celebrity offspring of people higher on the list likes people to think she only smokes pot. Nope. She will take whatever is offered. Her only limit is heroin. Noah Cyrus

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **#15**
State Protection: There are so many angles at play that I wonder if anyone is really 100% in the know and feels as if they can trust the others. Many years ago, this international society woman decided to gather together her A list friends and ask which of them would be interested in being a companion to the global elite. I am sure many of you know the result of those meetings and who chose to accept. Time have changed and now most of her work is done online on a well protected website behind a wall that almost no one can breach. The thing is though, in order to keep it protected, our socialite entrusted this very small country, which is not really even a country. They keep the site safe, but it has also allowed them to see all of her "members," and all of the "connections" they make. Obviously, this very tiny country loves having this information at its disposal. However, they also know the reason they were chosen is because many of the leaders within the country have availed themselves of the special services of the socialite. She has organized the ships that carry hundreds of refugees from the top of a continent to the very near shoreline of this European country. Most of the refugees would be returned when they reached this point. Not these though. These are children which are under the special protection of the very tiny country. When they reach the very tiny country, they are passed around like party favors to various locations throughout the world, all with shiny new passports. Our socialite is well paid for her work in this process. This tiny country has an interest in keeping the information about who received what far from any viewing eye which is another reason they protect the system. It is those recipients who have blocked and wedged and impeded and done anything they can to stop their activities being brought to light which is what had been happening here in the States. In recent days, our socialite was publicly spotted with the leader of the tiny country. Photos were taken, smiles were exchanged. Apparently one of our socialite's actresses in her stable has the ear of the head of an organization of countries in Europe. The leader of this group is married but has always been a fan of this B+ list mostly movie actress who had a franchise not that long ago. Meanwhile, one of the actors in her stable has the ear of this married, but closeted European leader who was in the news a great deal this week. Apparently there will be enough pressure placed by these leaders to keep the smuggling lanes open and business as usual for all involved.

196. POPBITCH 11/15
(British blog)
Which celebrity is getting his fetish gear sent to his local coffee shop so that his wife won't be left alone in the house with his packages?

One of the greatest hip hop artists ever has a serious addiction to opioids. And it is so serious that one of his friends reached out to MTO News, and told us that they believe he will be dead in weeks. Opiod addiction is a huge problem in America, and it's creeping more and more into the Black community - especially in hip hop. And one of the culture's greatest rappers is hopelessly addicted to lean - again. His friend told MTO News: [Rapper] is a complete junkie. He drinks lean all day like it's water. Seriously, I don't think he even gets high anymore, he just drinks it to stop himself from withdrawing. He wasn't this bad for years, but he released his new album, and has been doing a bunch of shows and he's back on the syrup. I know he's been on it for a while, but his is different. He's drinking way too much. He's going to die and he is such a beautiful person. Please put this out, so that [someone] can help him. Hopefully he'll get himself together soon. Lil Wayne

Which famous TV reporter who interviews all the stars on the red carpets and at junkets is so upset about losing his hair that he has instructed his camera team about which angles they can film him and the ones that he doesn’t like. This host of a national entertainment show has also been experimenting with wigs and even spray-on hair to cover his growing bald patch, but all it has done is draw attention to the problem. It was suggested that he shave his head and go the full Matt Lauer, be so far this idea has been rejected. Although his camera team joke that they are good, but they are not magicians! Carson Daly

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#1**
his disgraced reality star from a huge family is still married. He also sees a stripper he met once a week at her place. Hey, at least she is legal. Josh Duggar

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#2**
This married permanent A list mostly movie actor had to leave his side piece back home last night while our actor attended an award ceremony.

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#3**
This celebrity offspring is doing everything she can to find out if her foreign born former A+ list tweener is trying to secretly meet up with his A- list singer ex. She even tried to put a GPS tracker on his phone and said it was in case he got kidnapped. Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#4**
I'm not even sure why this one named A- list DJ went to a certain event last night. The guy is racist and he kept saying racist things to his date about the people at the event. Diplo (The 19th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#5**
It looks like this J-Lo ex is finally set to come out after he was spotted getting very affectionate in public with his long time gay porn actor boyfriend. Casper Smart

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#6**
Now that this life event is in the rear view mirror, I fully expect this former A list tweener singer/actress turned A-/B+ list adult to split with her significant other. Hilary Duff (birth of a daughter)/Matthew Koma

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#7**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who has a new installment of a franchise out likes to pretend he would have walked away if only he had known this permanent A list mostly movie actor was going to be cast. He did find out in advance and chose to stay. Ezra Miller/Johnny Depp ("Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald")

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#8**
Mr. X: Which recently deceased legend was promising her fans right up until the end that she would update her autobiography after her first book was accused of glossing over a lot of things? Turns out, she already had updated her memoirs, thanks to her ghostwriter/co-author who has done so for many other icons in the music biz. She let him put his name on the book and use her manuscript as a guide. The reason she didn't put her name on the cover is because her family and longtime friends would have been very upset at some of the details in the book, particularly involving the legend's father and his circle of friends. Aretha Franklin

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#9**
This no namer pseudo celeb has things going pretty well for himself right now so I'm not sure why he would be cheating on the permanent A list singer/diva/wine drinker. Bryan Tanaka/Mariah Carey

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#10**
This one named former A list singer had a big crash due to her drinking and some other major issues in her life. She says she got sober, but she is a long way from that right now.

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#11**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is trying to stop his actress ex-wife from writing a book about his violent abuse of her. Josh Brolin/Diane Lane; Johnny Depp/Amber Heard; Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Esposito

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#12**
It really hasn't been the most civil separation/divorce ever. It started out OK between this permanent A list mostly movie actor and his B+ list mostly movie actress wife. Things changed when she found out he had been hiding a child for seven years. It only came up when they were exchanging financial information and he had to show his expenses and the child support was listed. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner; Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#13**
Why yes, that was the former A+ list singer who has always been kind of sexually fluid making out at a party with the foreign born A+ list singer who is so deep in the closet you would need a spotlight just to see a shadow. John Mayer/Shawn Mendes (Billboard’s Live Music Summit and Awards!)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#14**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee all of you know passed out in a dressing room and didn't finish his commitments he had agreed to regarding a celebration which he was being paid to attend. Cuba Gooding Jr.

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#15**
The Vixen Says Hello: Out of the blue she called. Even though she had changed her phone number, as soon as I heard her say hello, I knew who it was. Her voice is etched in my memory. Too many late night calls when she was in trouble and needed something. Too many late night calls where she was wasted and needed a ride or just to talk. She had been watching the news coverage of the Malibu fires and told me that Surfer Boy's house was one of the ones that was destroyed. We got to talking about the days when all of that happened. So much has changed in her life the past decade or so. She is a completely different person and considers that a different life. She is making tentative steps to mount a comeback, but I don't really give it much of a chance. I think she likes who she is right now better than making movies or television again. While we are on the phone talking about Malibu she told me a story that happened when she was at her peak. She was set to audition for this network show that was pretty much a hit and had been on the for a few years by the time they brought her on board. Apparently the last "her" was kicked off because the married lead actor was tired of hooking up with "her," so they needed a new one. So, Vixen thought the audition was going to be at a studio or up north where they had production offices. Nope. She had to go to the rental house in Malibu where the actor was staying. He was A list. Previously he had been A+ list. All of you know him. She walked in and he was the only one there and said something to the effect of if you want the part you have to have sex with me. If you don't, then bye. She needed the part. It was a main role on a network hit. So, she had sex with him. She had to have sex with him the entire season. When the season wrapped she got her contract picked up. The actor told her he was picking it up because she had been just what he needed but that she needed to bring a whole new game for the next season. During the summer, he never called or met her. Then, like clockwork, the first day the cast got back together for a table read of the first episode he told her to come to his place right after and the sex picked up again right where they had left off. When her second season on the show ended, she was fired. They were hiring a new "her," because she had started to become boring and predictable in bed. She said she had hit casting couches before, but this was just a time where she really felt like a piece of trash to be thrown away. She tried to warn off the next "her," but that "her," did the same thing for the season she was on the show too.

Vixen: Yasmine Bleth
(Blind item #1) (Blind item #2) (Blind item #3)
Network show: "Nash Bridges"
Actor: Don Johnson
First "her": Annette O'Toole
Third "her": Wendy Moniz

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#1**
My favorite foreign born former A- list mostly movie actress/frequent red carpet flasher turned B-/C+ list actress/reality star is back boozing again. Never a good sign. Bai Ling

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#2**
Lost in the tribute to this foreign born A+ list DJ is that a woman who was with him the night he confronted the man with the child bride is that she was killed in a hotel room six weeks ago. Avicii

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#3**
It didn't take the first time, so now this A list reality star and her A- list reality star ex will have to have sex again this month to try and get her pregnant and who really cares about the girlfriend of the A- lister. Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick/Sofia Richie

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#4**
The recent subject of a deep dive who used to be an A- list dual threat actress is going out a lot more than she has in years even if it is just hanging out with people after an AA meeting. She is not necessarily engaging with them, but is at least saying yes when they ask if she wants to go out. Amanda Bynes

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#5**
This foreign born A-/B+ list singer with the initialed name just got off tour with an A+ lister and is probably going to invite the wrath of lawyers if she keeps whispering the dirty laundry of the singer while out and about around town. Charli XCX/Taylor Swift

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee walked in to her house to see women's clothes all over the floor. She didn't actually catch her husband in bed with the woman. They were in the shower. Reese Witherspoon/Jim Toth

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#7**
This A+/A list female country singer hooked up with her A+/A list male country singer ex in the past couple of weeks which the girlfriend of the male ex is completely unaware. Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#8**
This subject of a deep dive who is a former A/A- list mostly television actress with multiple network hits is blowing through her money on coke and hookers for threesomes. Hayden Panettiere

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#1**
The convicted child molesting rapper is about to have multiple felony rape charges brought against him for what he has done to at least two women over the past several months. I hope he never sees the light of day. Tekashi 6ix9ine

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#2**
It has been nearly three decades since this promising B list mostly television actor died of AIDS. He never got to see the project that would have given him his big break. He contracted the disease because of that manager/industry protected pedophile who passed around the actor and many others. Somehow that manager is still alive and is still being protected by the industry/union to which he belongs because they don't want to admit culpability or be forced to pay if sued. Merritt Butrick/Marty Weiss

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#3**
Buried way way way down in the story of this deceased A- list mostly movie actor is the admission he had nothing to do with the actor's death even though the headline implies otherwise. The permanent A list mostly movie actor is trying to shift the blame he has received as of late for the death so his team is working hard to make it seem like the dead actor is 100% to blame when no one believes that. River Phoenix/Johnny Depp

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#4**
Apparently this disgraced A list mostly movie actor was asked to leave a SE Asian country after engaging in sexual activities with a minor. It was actually several. Kevin Spacey

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#5**
Usually by now, the scary low demand ticket sales begin to rise for this permanent A list "singer." It isn't happening though. The casino will make sure not to have her look bad and will make sure every show is sold out, but they won't do it again for another run so this might be it for the residency. Britney Spears

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#6**
This alliterate A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show got her fame from something other than acting. Not sure why she doesn't announce her split with her boyfriend considering he is now hooking up with someone else. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")/Dawes musician Taylor Goldsmith

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#7**
The mother of this foreign born A list rapper has enabled a relative by procuring young women for him to molest.

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **#8**
This former A list mostly movie actor turned A list mostly television actor is known by all and is permanently A list. He also cheated on his wife this week while out of the country because he says it helps keep his body in tune. Rob Lowe (filming his British cop drama "Wild Bill" in England)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#1**
One person not sweating the feds investigation into some rappers is this directionally challenged one. He knows that the people he works with have paid off the right people so he never has to panic about anything. French Montana

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#2**
This foreign born former Housewife didn't do the actual sexing up of the permanent A list musician/mogul, but did arrange for one of her friends/employees to service the married musician. She promised discretion, but really didn't do a good job of it.

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#3**
This A list singing duo who work with a lot of others too, took a big chance by using coke at a recent performance. The owner of that establishment has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to coke and would have kicked them out no matter who they are. "Florida Georgia Line" (53rd Academy of Country Music Awards/MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#4**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who actually has a small role in a franchise will probably get an Oscar nomination this year. She is also hooking up with a married producer from that same film. Elizabeth Debicki ("Widows") ("Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3")

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#5**
This closeted foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor has been bringing out his wife more in the last month than he has in the 18 months before that. He knows he might be on the chopping block with the magazine article and wants to get a bunch of positive publicity to offset whatever damage it causes. Hugh Jackman/Deborra-lee Furness (Esquire magazine)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#6**
This former A/A- list mostly television actress who loves to sing can't get work. Apparently she made the wrong people mad and was already basically blacklisted by her former boss after she said some things when he wouldn't hire her for a big series. Lea Michele/Ryan Murphy ("Glee") ("American Horror Story")

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#7**
The supposed girlfriend of this B list celebrity offspring/actor of someone really high up the list was yachting this weekend even though the boyfriend was in town. You would think he would just pay her to be his beard, but she says she thinks she can find a husband yachting so he comes with her on the trips to give them both cover. Patrick Schwarzenegger/Abby Champion

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#8**
Now that one rapist is off the street, the next step is to get this celebrity serial rapist off the street. I have written about him about before and he hasn't slowed down at all. The thing is that now he has the support of the foreign born A+ list singer/rapper/former actor who also supported Tekashi and also enjoys underage women. Our serial rapist is also being given support by the former A+ list rapper who also supported Tekashi and thinks of the serial rapist as a best friend and protege. Women everywhere have complained and called him out by name when it comes to rape, but the people mentioned above tell women he is OK and then they end up getting raped too.
Celebrity serial rapist: Ian Connor
Foreign born A+ list singer/rapper/former actor: Drake
Former A+ list rapper: Kanye West

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#9**
Contrary to some tabloid reports, I think the only way this permanent A list singer who started off doing something else in entertainment would divorce her husband is if he got another woman pregnant. She has come to terms with the constant cheating and just asks that he not embarrass her by flaunting the affairs in public. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#10**
The confrontational stance taken by this former tweener turned A- list adult singer shows me she is not quite right yet after her near death experience and I'm not convinced she is clean. Demi Lovato

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#11**
Apparently the closeted but is he really closeted spouse of a Housewife unwittingly allowed himself to be recorded pleasuring a man. It is a 40 second video and for about 7 or 8 seconds of the video there is a very clear shot of the face of the spouse. It was taken at least two years ago, but is just surfacing now because someone managed to pull it off their phone which had been dead for almost the same amount of time. Michael Darby (Ashley) ("Real Housewives of the Potomac")

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#12**
Showing that she is always up for a party, this A- list celebrity offspring of an Academy Award winner did some lines of coke at an after party last night. Lily Collins (Phil Collins - Best Music, Original Song - "Tarzan" (1999) for the song "You'll Be In My Heart") (Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' 10th Annual Governors Awards)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#13**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor ALL of you know who blew one great shot at some serious television money slapped a woman who turned him down this weekend. He still thinks he is the greatest gift ever to women, but only those very young are interested in him and he is just not a nice guy. Ryan Phillippe ("Shooter") (1st Annual Celebrity Beach Soccer Presented By GACP Sports & Sports Illustrated)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#14**
You know when you have a good friend who knows what you want to know about someone. Just a definitive answer about the foreign born C- list actor with the A+ list connections. That actress friend sent me, in response to my inquiry whether she thought he would hit on her was "lolololololololololololololololol." Oh, and he was very hesitant to even discuss the A+ list connection. Emma Stone/Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#15**
First Time: This A- list mostly movie actor is definitely headed to an Oscar nomination this year and at this point is likely looking at a win. A few years back, our actor was making a movie. It was one of his bigger first breaks. Even though the movie didn't do great and no one liked it, the actor says it will always be memorable for him. Why? Apparently he had sex with his first man and his first woman and it happened at the same time. The man was this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family and the woman was this A- list mostly movie actress. For weeks, the pair had been teasing and seducing the young actor and it finally came to a head one night when they gave him a couple of pills and some booze and told him to relax. The actor was legal at the time and said it was surreal. He also said that as much as he might have enjoyed that first night, that he probably would not have done what he had done if not for the pills and booze. When the actress and actor came back for seconds to speak a couple of nights later, he told them no. They didn't talk to him the rest of the shoot. Timothee Chalamet ("Beautiful Boy")/Amber Heard and James Franco ("The Adderall Diaries")

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#1**
This A- list rapper/author/composer is posting photos to his social media of clearly underage girls in sexual positions. Lil B

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#2**
I don't know why this foreign born alliterate A- list dual threat actress would be surprised at being accused of harassment. When one sends hundreds of texts a day and makes a couple dozen phone calls, that sounds a lot like harassment. The thing is though, it is really starting to make producers and studio nervous about the interviews our actress is going to have to undertake as part of her new role. Ruby Rose ("Batwoman") (ex-girlfriend "The Veronicas" singer Jessica Origliasso)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly television actor from multiple hit network shows also was pretty close to an A+ list mostly movie actor. He has been coming down hard on this former A list mostly television actress from multiple hit network shows. Apparently she has been talking about that history between the pair and the awful thing they did and he wants it shut down. I don't think he would mind if she actually killed herself. I also think he has been encouraging it. Charlie Sheen/Heather Locklear (molested her daughter Ava Sambora) (placed on psychiatric hold)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#4**
The drug use is getting out of control for this alliterate former boy bander turned A- list adult singer. Joe Jonas

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#5**
The lead actress of this very popular cable show wanted out because of some bad blood between her and a co-star she has accused of harassment. So, kind of out of nowhere, the show was canceled by the cable channel despite its huge following online and in viewers. Katherine McNamara ("Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments"/Freeform)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#6**
This mostly closeted A- list three named actress says that another three named actress who is not in the closet was super aggressive with the mostly closeted actress and wouldn't take no for an answer and only stopped when the A- lister started yelling. Chloë Grace Moretz/Evan Rachel Wood

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#7**
The only way things are going to get better in that MTV marriage is when the husband comes out and just embraces who he is. The hiding thing is just ripping everything apart. Tyler Baltierra/Catelyn Lowell ("Teen Mom")

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#8**
Over the last couple months, what seems like the last remaining insider in the NXIVM scandal has basically shut down communication with everyone including me. What were fairly frequent emails has turned into infrequent screeds and links to positive thinking news articles and message boards. Then, two nights ago, that changed when the insider was ticked off. Lies, lies lies was the subject line and for two paragraphs, the insider described multiple times that the former almost network actress forced women to have sex with her and then would hold them while the leader had sex with the woman. Other times, the leader would force our actress to have sex with another woman in front of him and would give instructions. If the instructions were not carried out, the actress would make the other woman do as she was told. On multiple occasions, the other woman was the celebrity offspring of this actress. In addition, our insider said that if the actress thought someone was not doing a good enough job of pleasing her or the leader she would subject the woman to hours of instruction which was confinement and isolation and denial of food until they became more compliant. If there was a woman that the leader really wanted to have sex with but was not being compliant, the actress would force feed her drugs, often addictive drugs to get them hooked. If the addiction would get out of control, the subject would be put an isolation and forced to go cold turkey for days. This cycle would often play out multiple times.

Insider: Sara Bronfman
Former almost network actress: Allison Mack ("Smallville")
Celebrity offspring of this actress: India Oxenberg (Catherine Oxenberg)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#9**
This always a jerk A- list mostly movie actor was doing the rounds at Sirius while promoting his latest project. He refused to be interviewed by one female reporter though because apparently she had refused to sleep with him a few years ago when he was promoting a different interview so he thought she would have it out for him this time around. Jesse Eisenberg ("Sway in the Morning")

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#10**
How long has it been since you heard this former almost A- list mostly movie actress walking out of a store with something that doesn't belong to her. It used to be an everyday thing back in the day. Apparently it happened this weekend, but she says it is all a misunderstanding and that the owners didn't call the police. She just forgot to take out a pair of earrings she tried on before walking out of the store. Lindsay Lohan (in NYC)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#11**
Dating for this former A+ list mostly movie comic actor who got his start on television is hitting up a private, members only website and ordering a woman to come to his place for a few hours. Jim Carrey

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#12**
The foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee does realize she is dating a serial cheater disguised as an actor right? I mean, he will literally hit on any woman who shows the slightest interest in him. I hope she doesn't think he can be faithful for longer than a few days at a time. Naomi Watts/Billy Crudup

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#13**
I wrote about this a couple days ago, but nobody has guessed both people correctly yet. This is about an evil man and one of his victims. Many of you were introduced to this evil man by a certain film. He has destroyed far more lives than is generally known. About 4 decades ago, he set up managing child actors in another state. One of many child actors whom this evil man groomed, raped, and passed around to his friends in the entertainment business died before the age of 30, about 3 decades ago. In the years before his death, this actor worked steadily, in mostly television bit parts. Merritt Butrick/Michael Harrah

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#14**
This foreign born permanent A list athlete said an attempt was made on her life after she refused to travel to a country and spend some time with the leader of that country. The people in charge then said it would be her family next time and they wouldn't miss, so our athlete ended up going to the country and sleeping with the leader.

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#1**
This alliterate talk show host needs rehab. The holiday break would be perfect but she wants to spend time with her family. Therefore, we are probably looking at a substitute host situation again. Wendy Williams

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#2**
The master of theft, hiding money and tax evasion can now add insurance scam artist to her resume. The former A+/A lister has been reading about all the other celebrities being "robbed," and how the insurance company usually just pays. The thing is though, they have also been looking to make an example of someone because of all the recent payouts. Toni Braxton (5 million dollar engagement ring missing from lost baggage)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#3**
I don't know who the father of the baby is, but it sure isn't this former A- list tweener turned slow moving train wreck of an adult. Aaron Carter (Lina Valentina)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#4**
Our celebrity CEO gets more manic every day. He also loves pressing his thumb down on those who cross him. The latest example is a whistle blower for an entity within one of his companies. He has doxxed the person and reported them to CPS while also trying to have their professional license revoked and private detectives stalking the parent 24/7. He really is a terrible person. Elon Musk (Anna Watson, a physician assistant who worked at Tesla’s medical clinic for three weeks in August)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#5**
That foreign born fighting A list athlete is always cheating on his significant other. One of those other women got pregnant and the athlete is trying to block her/remove her from social media so no one discovers it. Connor McGregor (Dee Devlin)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#6**
He paid her the first time he had sex with her. He broke up with his long time girlfriend to be with her and is continuing to pay her, this time by the month. Now, they are headed to a guy who says he "owns her rights," and our A list rapper is going to buy her out permanently. This is a classic example of someone hitting the big time by yachting. Post Malone (Biz Markie)
 (broke up with Ashlen Diaz)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#7**
The convicted child molester has been telling people in jail that he has a plan in place to skip out of the country if he is granted bail. His country of choice is Cuba. He says his plan is to play a show in Miami and and be on a plane and out of the country before anyone can catch him. Tekashi 6ix9ine

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#8**
The expected life span for this bar reality star is just a few months because of the sheer volume of drugs he is taking and because heroin is just playing Russian Roulette at this point. He buys his drugs from the same pool of drugs in West Hollywood that has killed a ton of people as of late. James Kennedy ("Vanderpump Rules")

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#9**
There was testimony about to be given in a very very high profile trial that would not only have brought down one leader of a country, but also would shake some very big branches in the current and former governments of this country. We are talking eight figure payments here. Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán (Mexico)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a very hit show which is ending has had a disastrous movie career when she has been given the chance to be a lead. She did land a boyfriend. The thing is though, she didn't tell her long time boyfriend about the new one. When he did find out, they split. Natalie Dormer ("Game of Thrones")/Anthony Byrne

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#11**
Kneepads did a kiss butt piece on the A- list star of this biopic and has one ready to go for the director too. Money talks and also the head of the ultimate parent organization is best friends with the protector of the director. "Bohemian Rhapsody"/Rami Malek/Bryan Singer/David Geffen

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#12**
Apparently this very underage actress did send the foreign born A+ lister revealing photos of herself. Not naked, but really close. Millie Bobbi Brown/Drake

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#13**
This alliterate A-/B+ list comic actress has a favorite game. She likes to get wasted to the point of passing out and then lets the going commando actor have his way with her. The thing is though, he drinks right along with her, so nothing ever happens. Sarah Silverman/Jon Hamm

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#14**
They had sex in her dressing room on the opening night of her play, but apparently could never be alone long enough to have sex in his dressing room the opening night of his play. Good thing they have the apartment to go back to. If anyone believes it is a coincidence they both have plays at the same time in the same city rather than doing a movie or television show or what have you, then I don't know what to tell you. This A- list actor and actress know exactly what they are doing and to keep that romance alive even after the demise of their daily excuse for being together. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#1**
This former tweener turned A- list adult singer is in an ongoing feud with this former A+ list tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer. Apparently, despite their long time friendship she has been calling out his fake relationship because she knows the truth. He then started arguing what she does, is exactly the same and things have not been the same since. Demi Lovato (Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#2**
A little awkward when this foreign born three named A- list actor ran into a homeless person the actor had previously used drugs with earlier this year. The homeless person was shocked to see the actor because he thought the actor was homeless too. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (helping out with a homeless shelter in Skid Row, Los Angeles)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#3**
I thought it was going to happen. I thought for sure this former one season wonder from the franchise filled with one season wonders was finally going to spill the news about his much much more famous relative. That news, which I have written about here is at the center of the family drama. The vast majority of the family thinks the behavior of the more famous one is sinful. Jordan Rodgers (winner on season 12 of "The Bachelorette")/Aaron Rodgers (homosexuality)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#4**
This is a reality show I don't talk about much. It, or a version of it has been tucked away on cable for well over a decade. There was recently a big departure and it is because one of the stars is having an affair. She thinks it will be easier to continue if her face is not plastered on television every week. Jenni Pulos ("Flipping Out")

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#5**
I know they want some ratings but what is the point of having a televised wedding between this A list reality star with a lucrative side gig and her never ending cheating boyfriend. It will end in divorce. Eventually one of the handful of women he sleeps with each week will break an NDA or get pregnant. The whole thing will come down like a house of cards which of course would make yet another season of the show. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians")

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#6**
An incoming married freshman Congressman spent the past five nights with this B-/C+ list alliterate porn star who he flew to Washington D.C. Apparently she is his favorite porn star and he wanted to celebrate getting elected. He left her this morning to return home for Thanksgiving. He originally told her she wanted to spend he holiday with her, but he bailed on her this morning so she is sitting in the hotel room he paid for through tomorrow and charging several thousand dollars of food and booze to his room.

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#7**
Even the weekly tabloids are getting in on the yachting advertisements. The yachters or their handlers are paying upwards of $10,000 to get bikini photos in daily photos published by the tabloids. Getting into the print version of the magazine is not something they are really interested in because the customers don't usually have a way to buy them anyway. Daily Mail (Madison Beer; Abby Champion; Alexandra Cane; Chloe Lewis; Kiki Morris; Ashley James; Tammy Hembrow; Helen Skelton)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#8**
Mr. X: Which singer/actress who might get nominated for an Oscar next year for pulling off the comeback of 2018 was overheard screaming and crying to her agent/lover over the phone for not getting her the role of one of her idols on an upcoming TV miniseries? It got really nasty and she hung up on him. She really wants that EGOT. Lady Gaga ("A Star Is Born") (Amy Winehouse)

Just when you thought this reality show person could not be any more vile, she one ups herself. We all hated the way she treated her husband on the first season and of course the misogyny channel renewed the season and is filming now. She dumped her husband for daring to have health issues. She never seems to bother to follow through with her "career plans" she needed time to study for and instead she is opening a store for the next season. She got a quickie divorce from her husband last month because the whole "in sickness and in health" vow meant nothing to her. Apparently, "forsaking all others" didn’t mean a thing to her either because not only is she pregnant, a wedding by Bravo next month will be the season finale. And for this she threw away her career?! She’s just plumb awful. Reagan Charleston (Jeff) ("Southern Charm New Orleans")

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#1**
This married to the wrong person foreign born A- list actor who is on a soon to be ending hit pay cable show got a little too close to a yachter and now she is trying to blackmail him. Kit Harrington ("Game of Thrones")/Rose Leslie
(Russian model Olga Vlasov)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#2**
If you go on the show of this A+ list talk show host, she will call and ask for special PR favors when needed. It is part of the deal you make when you agree to go on the show. No one who could ever be a possible detractor or in conflict with one of her positions is allowed to be a guest. Ellen DeGeneres

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#3**
Once again, this three named actress continues to amaze with her ability to make her own demands look like it is someone else causing all the issues in getting a third installment of a movie made. Does anyone really think that trashed actress is indispensable to a third film? You don't think they could find a niece or something and write the other person out? It is all about the money demands of the three named actress. Sarah Jessica Parker/Kim Cattrall ("Sex and the City 3")

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#4**
This married closeted A+ list mostly movie actor is just recycling the same answer he has been giving for years about his sexuality. When one of the young men he coerced into having sex decides to speak, I wonder what his answer will be. Hugh Jackman

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#5**
I don't know what the record label or anyone else who gave money to this project expected. The A- list serially cheating always wasted rapper with the reality star girlfriend was unable to do a good job of directing a music video. Huh, who would have thunk it. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner (Kodak Black’s "Zeze" Video)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#6**
Don't believe the hype. These two royals are anything but bff. The alliterate one doesn't even want to try any longer to get along because the foreign one knows what’s up and has been whispering in the ear of the husband of the alliterate one. So, the move out. Meghan Markle/Kate Middleton/Prince Harry

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#7**
This permanent A list country singer with a seemingly permanent side gig is cheating on his long time celebrity girlfriend with a staffer of a television show. Blake Shelton ("The Voice")/Gwen Stefani

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#8**
A little revisionist history. This original actress yachter turned royal actually did want to continue acting after marriage but her husband wouldn't allow it. He knew she would cheat on him because she was not happy in the life she was being forced to live. Grace Kelly (Princess of Monaco)/Prince Rainier III

Which celebrity who has lost a massive amount of weight is now trying to buy up all the old pictures of themselves to destroy them and pretend they never existed. The amount of effort and surgeries that this media personality has gone through to get a new, improved body have been exhausting. Now this person wants to erase their past, even though inside this celeb will always be a fat person!
Deborah Norville

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#1**
This foreign born A+/A list rapper needs some funding for a new music video or two and doesn't want to pay her half. So, she is doing a little yachting out of the country that will pay for the videos and more. Nicki Minaj

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#2**
The wheels move slowly in the weekly tabloid world. The times, they are changing for this alliterate former actress turned A+ list celebrity. They are sending out trial balloons through some of their outlets that are challenging the official timeline of when she split with one guy and started dating her current husband. Within the next few months they will accuse her of cheating. Will they ever accuse her of getting paid to date her current husband? They probably won't go that far. Meghan Markle
 (POSSIBLY: Cory Vitiello)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#3**
Out of the public eye, this minor celebrity with the spy/possible killer? wife is afraid what will happen to him. My guess is he will be fine, but that the time he is away will be used for planning on how to remove him permanently. Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán/Emma Coronel Aispuro

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#4**
The former one year wonder turned hopeful reality star after her casting couch debut is taking her favorite threesome partner/actress and spending time with men other than the significant other of the actress. Olivia Culpo ("Miss Universe 2012")/Cara Santana (Jesse Metcalfe)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#5**
Always interesting when a celebrity offspring in a family of offspring ALL of you know including your grandparents if you go by last name anyway, is calling out the foreign born former A+ list tweener for his love of 14 and 15 year old girls and how he tried to get the offspring to join in with him for the sex. It wouldn't shock me if the offspring has receipts too. If you read the site, then you know I wrote about the same thing about five years ago, but the former tweener would have them come to wherever he was living. No one will do anything about it.
Conrad Hilton/Justin Bieber

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#6**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who has lost some shine over the past year or so, also directs. She was in her element this week with the married cabinet member she sees every time she flies to this country. Angelina Jolie (London)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#7**
This troubled celebrity offspring who has been used and abused since her early teens because of her hands off parents who lived their own lives recently had another abortion. Apparently it is her third or fourth. Willow Smith (Jada Pinkett and Will Smith) ("cutting" herself at 9 years old)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#8**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor may never be able to fully recover from taking that book turned franchise. He certainly hates that he was a part of it. Anyway, he is hooking up with someone other than his wife and told the mistress he wants a fresh start in everything. Jamie Dornan ("Fifty Shades of Grey")

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#1**
This B- list host/reality star was always being busted cheating but his partner kept forgiving him. He shouldn't have because the host dumped him for someone younger. Matthew Ross

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#2**
This closeted permanent A list mostly movie actor tried to hit on this foreign born closeted permanent A list athlete from a corner of the sports world but the athlete was having none of it because he feared they would be caught. Will Smith/Lewis Hamilton

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#3**
This permanent A list mostly movie actress didn't want to do another installment of a hit show but was persuaded after a big time effort. Apparently the experience was even worse the second time around, so I am not sure what it would take to ever get a third installment. Reese Witherspoon ("Big Little Lies")

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#4**
Apparently an executive was fired from this very very very large company for making sure this former commercial model turned reality star/yachter was hired. Yes, there had been a casting couch. No, he wasn't fired for the casting couch action but because no one knew who the actress was after being told a big star was headlining the event. Charlotte Mckinney

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#5**
These parents started off well with making sure that their A-/B+ list offspring stayed away from possible predators, but they have really started to slack off and the offspring has been seen at dinners and at parties with men double and triple her age. Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#6**
Apparently this married A/A- list mostly movie actor ALL of you know used the stem of a wine bottle with a fan he was hooking up with in a hotel he met at an event. The stem broke and they had to rush to an emergency room.

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#7**
A few months ago, prior to the release of this movie I told you about a fake relationship between two co-stars in this biopic. Apparently the actress in this wants out as her real boyfriend is getting upset and she even started posting photos of the two together. Our actor's people though are really pressing hard to keep the showmance going throw award season. Rami Malek ("Bohemian Rhapsody")/Lucy Boynton

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#8**
This former A- list mostly television actress from a hit movie franchise and multiple hit network television shows did a recent endorsement kind of shoot but was dying laughing. She was supposed to find things on a store shelf and then randomly be photographed with them. The thing is though, the store didn't like any of the items so went to a different store and bought items for the shoot. Alyson Hannigan

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#9**
Almost a year ago, I told you about the foreign born one named singer who roamed around the A list for a bit hooking up with the then attached music producer. She denied it and said it just wasn't true. Well, if it wasn't true then why does the former A- list writer/actress still hate the one named singer. Yeah, thought so. Lorde/Jack Antonoff/Lena Dunham

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#10**
After reading the interview with this foreign born A list singer, I think he came across as a guy who wants to come out of the closet, but doesn't know how because his team wants him to do one thing and his heart is telling him another. He just is not good with beards and doesn't know what to do so it all looks fake. His team needs to realize that. Shawn Mendes

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#11**
Almost too obscure to make it into the blinds, but this former B- list reality star who was on an ensemble show featuring the former yachter turned stay at home apologist for her skeevy rich serial cheating boyfriend who has a celebrity offspring decided to take back her serial cheating husband. I'm not sure why she did, but she should know he is still cheating on her.
Former B- list reality star: Shawna Craig (Lorenzo Lamas)
Former yachter: Shiva Safai ("Second Wives Club")
Boyfriend: Mohamed Hadid (affair with Polish model Justyna Monde)
Celebrity offspring: Bella, Gigi and Anwar

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#12**
This permanent A list singer who had his best days a few decades ago still fronts the band that made him famous. He says he was intentionally poisoned by someone posing as a caterer who left immediately after administering it in some food. Axl Rose ("Guns N’ Roses") (concert in Dubai)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#13**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor is married. Apparently his wedding vows did not keep him from having a one night stand with a co-star while doing press outside the country. Jamie Dornan ("Robin Hood" New York Screening)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#14**
This A list singer who used to do some acting as a tween/teen might not knowingly be milking a life event for press coverage, but her manager sure is and sends out pitches every day to tabloids and magazines and reporters trying to tie the two together. Ariana Grande (death of Mac Miller)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#15**
Government Cooperation: Many decades ago there was a famous UFO author/researcher/filmmaker who also remarkably enough also was the creator of a long lasting children's show that is still referenced today. He wrote it and wrote the music and was quite the polar opposite from his UFO passion. Apparently someone in the government was a fan of the show and when he realized what the creator's main passion was decided to help him out. He gave the creator access to all of the government UFO files and film footage in order to film a documentary. At some point, a higher up found out what was going on but decided it would cause more of a stink to stop everything, so they let it proceed - with one caveat. The film footage the government was going to allow him to use and which he had seen was not going to
be allowed in the movie. It basically killed any chance the documentary would be a success because the whole premise of it was leading up to the footage which apparently was jaw dropping. Fast forward a decade and the creator reconnects with a movie producer. This producer has done some things, but is mainly known for being the sibling of a permanent A++ list director who at the time was an A+ list director but still fairly new to the business. The UFO guy and the A+ list director had worked on a film together a few years earlier where our UFO guy told some tales, but the director really didn't believe it all. Anyway, the UFO guy and the producer reconnect and start working on a movie that was so cheap it shared a set with a movie that featured the exact same plot line with different actors filmed a few years earlier. The thing is though, the UFO guy told the producer the same stories he had told the director a few years earlier. This time though, he dropped a bombshell. He had made a copy of the film the government gave him to use. He had taken a film camera and secretly filmed the scene when it was showing on a screen from a projector manned by a military officer. Our UFO guys shows the footage to the producer who then gets her sibling to view it. The director decides he is going to use the footage in a new movie he is set to make. The government finds out about the footage and cuts a deal with the director. They will give him access to things he can use in all his films whether it is money or technology or ideas the government is working on. He can see the prototypes and incorporate them into his movies. It is why he has always focused on science and the future and aliens and the paranormal in addition to family fare. Apparently as part of the deal, he does have a copy of that footage. A clear copy.
UFO author/researcher: Robert Emenegger
Movie producer: Anne Speilberg
A++ list director: Steven Spielberg

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#1**
Don't believe the hype. Just like all of the other items in that vault, the collection of sex tapes featuring this now deceased permanent A list celebrity are still around and not going anywhere. Hugh Hefner (dumped casket of sex tapes into the sea)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#2**
This A- list mostly movie comic actress put out the word she would be in the yachting capitol and thought she might get a nibble or some interest. She got none. She went into the whole thing thinking she might nab a boyfriend or husband, but no one was interested. Tiffany Haddish (in Abu Dhabi)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#3**
This former MTV star has gun targets that are actually pictures of black men. Jenelle Evans husband David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason ("Teen Mom 2")

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#4**
This foreign born former A- list singer turned mainly reality judge/coke abuser seems to be revising her past. She thinks an old relationship was a fairy tale gone wrong. She threatened to kill her permanent A list ex multiple times and when she got pregnant had said before she feared for her own life. Mel B (Eddie Murphy "great love" of her life)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#5**
With the money going out way more than the money coming in, this A/A- list rapper needs every penny of income she can find so doesn't like people bad mouthing her decision to try and make money the same way as Instagram models. Cardi B (detox tea)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#6**
This foreign born former A- list singer turned permanent A- list celebrity is convinced her permanent A list celebrity husband is cheating on her. He is, but she can't seem to catch him and is desperately trying. It is one of the reasons she didn't accept a recent gig. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham/David Beckham/"Spice Girls" tour

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#7**
This foreign born three named actress who is an A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee who has stopped taking her meds. When she does that, things spiral out of control in a hurry. Her family confronted her this weekend and she threatened them before taking off. Catherine Zeta Jones

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#8**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is going through some rough patches the past few years attended an out of country bachelor party where none of the strippers or "entertainment" was anywhere near legal age here in the US.
Johnny Depp  ("Pogues" singer Shane MacGowan married Victoria Mary Clarke in Copenhagen, Denmark)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#9**
It is not so much the fact that this A- list actress who was on a now defunct long running network television show did the whole fake date thing with her husband, it is that he told a friend that he was being paid to be there and had no idea he would be even going until her PR people called him and said he needed to be there. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#10**
I'm sure the significant other of the man this former stripper turned naked celebrity turned multiple reality star turned now celebrity again after a show cancellation is falling in love with would be shocked to know she is being cheated on. Amber Rose/Alexander Edwards

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#11**
This celebrity offspring is one of the least known members of this family, but does have the best name. Anyway, he has been carrying a gun with him and his ex knows and has been taking precautions.

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#12**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor is still A+ list right now and is still paying this foreign born reality star from a very popular UK show a monthly retainer to fly here to the States whenever he wants to be with her. Lately she has been staying at his place in LA almost full-time. Brad Pitt/Carolyn Fleming ("Ladies of London")

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#13**
She didn't know it, but after losing a bet, this former A list superhero who doesn't act any longer let two friends watch him have sex with his girlfriend. She thought they were recording it, but it was actually live. Tobey Maguire/Tatiana Dieteman

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#14**
Apparently this former A list mostly movie actress from a franchise who has dropped to A-/B+ list got into a knockdown drag out fight with her significant other and our actress bruised the significant other to the point they had to take off work for a week. Kristen Stewart (filming "Charlie’s Angels")/Stella Maxwell

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#15**
Money Money Money: Along the Gulf Coast in all the little beach towns there are hundreds upon hundreds of pseudo big box stores that sell all kinds of beachwear and beach items to the general public. Are they needed? Sure. Are there about 30-40 times too many for what is necessary? Yes. The thing is though, there are purportedly three different companies that run these stores. The truth is there is only one shell company that runs them all. A shell company that uses these companies to launder money. There is so much product in each of these stores and only a fraction of it is ever sold because there are far too many of them for the number of consumers. They don't care though and keep building more and more because they are money laundering machines. So, you might be asking, why do I care? Well, because one of the founders of it is a very famous manager of talent that all of you know. That manager has one very big client and one lesser known client all of you know who are very very close to the manager. Both of those clients launder their money through this front. As this became more known, more celebrities wanted in on it which necessitated building more and more of these stores to the point there is almost no room to put them in the towns any longer so now they are building them "in anticipation of people moving there." So, yeah, they are building them where no one even lives. Porn companies wanted in on it so the manager brought them in on it, especially because he is an investor in at least two dozen porn companies which his two most famous clients know nothing about. Apparently things have become a little dicey over the past few months because some drug money has moved their way in and they would like to take over the nearly thousand stores but don't want to pay a fair rate and are making threats against the manager and the talent. Benny Medina (Jennifer Lopez) ("Surf Style")

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#1**
This married permanent A list singer who hasn't had a hit in decades doesn't seem the type but he is definitely exploring all of the various offerings on board the mogul's yacht. Paul McCartney (David Geffen’s yacht "Rising Sun")

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#2**
Apparently this three named actress and us have differing ideas of what is a beautiful script. I don't think many of us think the idea of a step mom and her underage teen step son having sex or implying it, sounds all that beautiful. Perhaps it is best the on again/off again sequel isn't getting made. Sarah Jessica Parker ("Sex and the City 3"
(Miranda’s son Brady would get caught masturbating early on in the film, and then later, the 14-year-old child was going to send Samantha dick pics.)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#3**
This three named actor who will always be associated with an A+ list creation of his was featured in an article for a monthly magazine. The reporter wanted to call it Ego Ego Ego but the editor and powers that be killed that idea and made it a puff piece rather than what it started out as. Lin Manuel Miranda ("Hamilton")
(Vanity Fair)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#4**
What is not mentioned in the real estate listing but an inspection found before a buyer backed out during escrow is that this house and property has nearly 1,000 cameras installed by its previous owner. It also has several rooms which have reinforced doors which are being touted as part of a panic room type thing. Nope. They are meant to keep people in rather than keeping people out. Hugh Hefner "Playboy Mansion"; Michael Jackson "Neverland Ranch"

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#5**
After the backlash this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor received for supporting this sexual assaulter who is a co-star, there is no way the sexual assaulter will be in a third installment of a superhero movie. The studio will eat the contract. Ryan Reynolds ("Deadpool 3")/T. J. Miller

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#6**
This A- list mostly television actor has proven time and time again that if you hire him, you will regret it. Producers keep doing it anyway and then seem shocked when they are on the receiving end of an almost daily berating about things they could be doing better. The actor will scream at anyone and is miserable to work with. George Eads ("MacGyver")

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#7**
This former Housewife may indeed return. However, she thinks the show needs her more than they actually do. She wants a raise from the last time she is on. If the producers do take her back, it will be at half the salary she previously made. She won't take that. She needs it desperately but won't take it. Kenya Moore ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#8**
Apparently the rash of cancellations of A list singers is stemming from that fact the uppers they take to get through a tour have been contaminated with something that is giving them awful infections in their throat and lungs. One thing it has shown is who is getting their questionably legal drugs from the same source. Elton John; Cody Johnson; Caleb Followill ("Kings of Leon"); Justin Timberlake; Stevie Nicks; Lily Allen; Kylie Minogue; Sam Smith

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#9**
Apparently this former A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show turned not getting a lot of roles turned A- lister again with another hit show which is ending soon is being groomed to take over the leadership of that cult you all know. Laura Prepon ("That '70s Show") ("Orange Is the New Black") (Scientology)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#10**
Our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer not only got a dress for free to wear, she got them to pay her $25K to wear it. She can wear whatever she wants to wear, but my question is who is financing all of this? There is no consistent income stream from sales of the line because of all the negative publicity. It was not exactly making huge bucks before and had to be subsidized. Maybe they think this award season is their last shot. Rita Ora (Harvey Weinstein’s wife Georgia Chapman line "Marchesa")

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#11**
OK, this royalty took the whole play for pay to a whole new level not even Meghan Markle could imagine. Not only did he drop about $4M in cash and gifts in the less than two years he dated his now wife, he also gave her family $5M as a wedding gift. Considering his first wife lives in fear for her life, good luck with that marriage. Malaysia's King Muhammad V of Kelantan/"Miss Moscow in 2015" Oksana Voevodina

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#12**
This soon to be A+ list mostly movie actor/superhero is married, but it hasn't stopped that Instagram model from tagging along with him on his press tour. Jason Momoa (Lisa Bonet) ("Aquaman") (Amanda Clapham; Arielle Free; Tallia Storm)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#13**
Usually this one named closeted permanent A list singer goes to a hotel when he is going to hook up with another guy. He feels like he can control the situation more. Apparently though, he found a guy he likes and took the chance a couple of nights ago and invited him to his house in LA. Hopefully there was lots of protection involved. Usher

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#14**
I really thought she was clean. Turns out she is using meth again in a big way. I am speaking of this former tween actress from back in the day to not a whole lot until her old show was rebooted. Usually when she starts up with meth again she either gets pregnant or married. Jodie Sweetin ("Full House" and "Fuller House")

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#15**
The Settlement: Was she a big named actress? No, but she never really had a chance to hit it big. She was starting out and she landed a huge part right out of the gate. Not big, but in a very big movie. That is the kind of credit that looks great when you are going into castings. At the time she was beginning her acting career, she also was dating this permanent A list musician/songwriter. Even back then, which is a couple decades ago he was still permanent A list. He has been in and out of the news the past year or so. Our permanent A lister has always had a temper and has always exhibited behavior that is violent when drunk, and specifically towards women. In other words, this is not a guy you want to date or be with. The thing is though, when you are who he is and are in the permanent A list group he was in and out of, women don't see or hear that. They should. It was more difficult to hear about it back then because of a lack of social media and what not. Anyway, our actress was dating him and he had too much to drink at a party. He shouldn't have been walking, let alone driving. Our actress was in the passenger seat when our singer totaled the car. The actress nearly died at the scene and then again at the hospital. She was permanently disfigured from the accident. Our actor never faced any charges. None of this ever made the news. The actress never worked again and, in return for a very very large settlement is not allowed to discuss the events of the night or her relationship with the singer/songwriter/musician. He is also not allowed to discuss it, but I really wish a reporter would at least give it a shot. He ruined the life of someone and has never had to answer for it. Lindsey Buckingham/Cheri Caspari (Angel in "Pretty Woman")

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#1**
This former A list mostly television actor who walked away from a hit show which is still on the air several years later is cheating on his long suffering wife again. Hopefully this one doesn't kill herself like an earlier mistress did. Patrick Dempsey ("Grey’s Anatomy")/Jillian Fink

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#2**
She is fading into irrelevance as she continues on the yachting circuit, but this controversial one season wonder from that family of network of shows did manage to turn her one season stint into multiple seasons. She is also lying about being all natural. Corinne Olympios ("The Bachelor")

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#3**
You know how Jada Pinkett Smith used to never end an interview without talking about her wonderful sex life with Will and how we never believed it. This foreign born closeted A+ list mostly movie actor is doing the same thing when talking about his wife. Hugh Jackman/Deborra-Lee Furness

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#4**
Because murder has no statute of limitations, police have reopened an investigation into these murders from over two decades ago. Every single one of you and your parents and grandparents knows about these murders. Apparently there was an accomplice. O. J. Simpson

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#5**
What would have been unthinkable a few years ago is being talked about at this cable network. The end of the show that has seemingly gone on forever starring people that seem to go on forever. AMC "The Walking Dead"

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#6**
This former A/A- list mostly television actress who had a run on a couple of hit network shows is selling off everything she owns because no one will hire her and her get rich quick schemes have burned through most of her cash. If she wasn't so controversial, maybe the former reality star could get a job. Kirstie Alley

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#7**
This foreign born A- mostly movie comic actress was convinced a recent outing with her similarly listed husband was a precursor to a divorce announcement. She knows about the long time mistress. Isla Fisher/Sacha Baron Cohen

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#8**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor is married to someone higher on the list. He has a collection of child porn that he thought he was sharing with a fellow collector, but turned out to be someone who has told the FBI, who are now investigating.

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#9**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor was on a now defunct long running cable show and is now in a reboot of a city kind of show. Anyway, he is in danger of being fired because he won't stop trying to sign up people for the cult he belongs to. Tyler Blackburn ("Pretty Little Liars") ("Roswell, New Mexico") (Scientology)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#10**
After so many starts and stops because of her past substance abuse issues and networks saying it was not the right time, this former A list "singer"/reality star got another shot at a reality show and bombed. Her actor/offspring husband has his own thing going so doesn't really care, but the wife is crushed. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross ("Ashlee + Evan")

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#11**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee spent his Thanksgiving Eve doing lines of coke at a club. Jared Leto

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#12**
Ahhh, it has been awhile since I trashed this Ryan Seacrest wannabe/serial cheater. Once again, he decided that his wife was trying to get too much fame of her own so he made her stay out of several endorsement photos which she was asked to do with him. Such a tool. Mario Lopez/Courtney Laine Mazza

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#13**
This foreign born A list singer apparently got too rough with a male escort he hired for the evening. The thing is, he compounded his trouble by threatening him if he tried to tell anyone or violate the NDA he signed. It was not until our singer's friend stepped in that things calmed and some money exchanged hands and the escort went on his way. Sam Smith

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#14**
If you are in the Baltimore, MD area and are thinking about signing up your child with a talent agency, there is one out there you might want to skip. That is of course, you don't mind seeing a picture of your child next to a picture of an escort who is also an "actress." Yes, see this agency got the bright idea they could hide their escorts in plain sight with this little gimmick and be seemingly legit. Their big downfall is they didn't change the name from when they went from the escort agency to the talent agency. They just initialized the former name. Plus, they didn't change the phone number or the address. E.C.E Talent Agency

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#15**
Kidnapped: Earlier this month, I had a chance to sit down with a retired road manager to a permanent foreign based A++ list group which seemingly will never end touring despite what have seemed like endless proclamations that this one will be the last and then next one is the last. Whatever. If you can sell out stadiums, then keep on keeping on. We talked a lot and I got many many blinds to last for years, but one that I was most interested in asking him, he did confirm. I had always heard rumors, but I wondered what happened after. So, there were two women who were best friends who came to a show by this group. They were already one of the biggest groups on the planet. This is many decades ago. The two women told the band they had each just dumped their boyfriends to go on this trip to see the band who were playing in a European country. The two women were from a differing European country. Anyway, the women hooked up with a couple different band members and the next morning they set out to do some sightseeing before they went back to their country and their lives and jobs. The thing is though, the band members wanted them to stay and wouldn't let them leave. The first day it was kind of funny and the women agreed. By the second day it had grown troublesome and then finally at day four or five, they were basically forced to stay and had someone watching them 24/7. They were kept away from phones which would have been the only way to communicate. They had their passports taken. They basically became forced sex slaves for this band and whoever the band decided the women should sleep with. This went on for almost two months. When the band finished their European tour they were headed home for a break before heading out on the next leg. What to do with the two women? Apparently one of the road managers was made responsible for them and he took them to his house where he kept them for about three days. One night when he was trying to have a threesome with them, they ganged up on him and got away. Naked. When I asked this (different) road manager about the aftermath he said the band fired the road manager which is how he got hired but that no one ever heard from the two women. No police came. No one knows what happened to them. Not one peep ever. I said that I found that kind of odd. He agreed and he thinks the band fired him not for letting them go, but maybe that he disposed of them in a permanent way and that the threesome and escaping story is just a story. "The Rolling Stones"

Which engaged star who has made a big fuss over getting engaged is getting wedding cold feet and doesn’t know how to stop this fast train the singer is on? After a fast whirlwind romance and engagement, this young singer has realized that things are moving way too fast and has reached out to family members who are also in the business to get advice. This wedding should never happen, and if it does, it isn’t going to last! Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#1**
I don't think that accusing the person who bearded for you as a favor really likes to be accused of cheating but that is what this A list reality star from multiple shows on the same cable channel is doing. He better be careful or she might take him to court and that whole charade will end. Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers")/Jacinta Kuznetsov (engaged to Will Allen, co-owner of Montreal’s popular Burgundy Lion and Bishop & Bagg pubs)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#2**
Even though it will only last long enough for her to find someone who can help her career, I do worry for the health of this former A- list superhero because our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer loves to party. Our former superhero needs to stay as far away from that as possible although drunk dialing the A list ex would maybe spark something. Rita Ora/Andrew Garfield

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#3**
With as wasted as she was, I don't think it was lost on any one in attendance that this A-/B+ celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister might pull a River Phoenix. Paris Jackson at the Viper Room

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#4**
There is actually some question as to whether this former network reality star turned a different network reality star got secretly married to his network reality star girlfriend. In any event, they are still together which probably makes things awkward when he is cheating on her with a contestant on his new show. Derek Hough ("Dancing with the Stars" and "World of Dance")/Hayley Erbert ("Dancing with the Stars")

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#5**
Speaking of married and cheating, this B list mostly television actress is alliterate and still lives off the money she was paid by this married man to keep their affair quiet when she was his nanny. Hey, she also got a television show out of it too. Beth Behrs ("2 Broke Girls")/Les Moonves (CBS)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#6**
Apparently the alliterate royal is going full on diva and lucky for us complains to her friends that she doesn't get enough respect and that she only wants to go to the fun events. She is convinced everyone of the staff hates her. They probably do. It wouldn't shock me if they end up moving to a different country for a couple of years. She is going to ask. She would love to live in Canada for a few years. Meghan Markle

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#7**
Our favorite CEO has barely visited his factory lately. He was there on the holiday itself, because his kids were with their mother. His manic behavior, drug use, and BS talking have been even higher than usual for the past week or so. Like always, there is a reason for this. A major network TV show that you ALL know is scheduled to focus a very unflattering light in his direction. When I watch his interview, I am already wondering if the makeup artists will be able to cover up his obvious coke bloat. Elon Musk ("60 Minutes")

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#8**
It is interesting that this A list rapper is going to perform where she is in a couple of months considering how many secret videos her husband has of him having sex with a variety of women. Cardi B/Offset (AVN (Adult Video News) Awards/"Oscars of porn")

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#9**
Probably a B+ list actor. Dual threat, but you mainly see him on television. At this point in his long career, he mainly is doing voice work for shows. If you saw him, you would know him, but probably wouldn't know his name. He has some A+ listers who consider him to be their best friend. He also is getting a reputation around town as someone who drinks and then gropes and gets away with it because of who his friends are. Richard Kind/George Clooney (voice characters)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#10**
I wonder if these two A listers (A & B) would still be best friends if A knew that B had sex with A's stepdaughter. Robert Deniro (Drena De Niro) Al Pacino; Matt Damon (Alexia Barroso) Ben Affleck

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#11**
For once it wasn't Pete Davidson who was a wasted SNL cast member. This long time star on the show could barely talk because he was so wasted during an interview. They couldn't even air it because it was so bad. Kenan Thompson

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#12**
This former naked celebrity turned host turned actress turned celebrity turned host and her A- list dual threat celebrity/actor husband are on the outs. Jenny McCarthy/Donny Wahlberg

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#13**
This magician tried to stiff two Russian escorts in a hotel outside the country. Then their pimp made a visit. A gun was produced. Our magician paid, plus interest for the trouble. David Blaine (Claridge's Zodiac Party Hosted By Diane von Furstenberg & Edward Enninful To Celebrate The Claridge's Christmas Tree 2018 in London)

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#14**
This Academy Award winning/nominated director who will do some award season damage this year too is already cheating on his fairly new wife. Quentin Tarantino/Daniela Pick ("Once Upon a Time in America"); Damien Chazelle/Olivia Hamilton ("First Man")

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#15**
Bad Band Behavior: So, every so often I like to do a Bad Band Behavior post and as usual, these are ones I have personally witnessed.

#1 - This foreign born one named singer who should have stayed with that band we all love and hate him for leaving as well as for many other things once got angry at a venue manager and urinated all over his dressing room. It was an astonishing amount of urine and he got it everywhere. There is nothing that could probably have been saved furniture wise. Morrissey ("The Smiths")

#2 - This brotherly duo who are still celebrities but, unlike two other groups that burst on the scene at the same time are not making music people want to listen to, used to have a game they played on tour. Breast Bingo. They had faceless pictures of all kinds of breasts on these poster sized bingo cards. They then would get fans to flash or let the band/crew members take photos. Whoever got matching breasts would then make a mark. The vote to allow the match had to be a majority. Sometimes the games would last one night and sometimes they would take a week. Benji and Joel Madden ("Good Charlotte")

#3 - The lead singer of this ska group which should have been two words even though they made it one and was the inspiration for probably the most famous ska band of all time which all of you know, used to carry a huge, thick, heavy wood walking stick/cane thing. One time a fan got up on stage and he took that walking stick/cane thing and jut started wailing on the guy for no reason. Just beating the crap out of him. I think people were so in shock that it took a good 30 seconds of blows before someone jumped in and stopped him. Angelo Carmen Christopher Moore ("Fishbone")/"No Doubt"

#4 - This one named former A list heavy metal band who had their prime in the 90's were an actual metal band. Nothing that said hair metal. They were closer to death metal. Long before NXIVM did the branding thing, these guys were doing it. If they had sex with a groupie they would always want to brand her so other bands would know she had already been with someone from this band. They had a fairly successful rate. About half of the women said yes. "Slayer"

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