NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This one named north of the border talks a lot of talk but when it comes down to it, she is a bully and only interested in herself and what she can get from anyone who comes into her life. Makes the whole dating the rich narcissist thing understandable when it appeared to go against everything in her life. Grimes (Elon Musk)

Mr. X: This fake feud between the blogger and the A list singer turned actress is into its 18th years and people are bored. Plus, it just gives them an excuse to go after other celebrities/singers using the guise of the feud and blaming it on the other. Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga

This A+ list NBA athlete who is probably saying bye bye to this team after this season has a very very very long term girlfriend. He is also cheating with a groupie who travels to every road game with him. Well, meets him in the city. Kevin Durant

I wish this MTV star would just come out. No one believes his excuses any longer and that guy he imported from West Hollywood has basically moved next door to him. That guy talks and talks. Tyler Baltierra/Catelyn Lowell ("Teen Mom")

This foreign born B+ list actress from a soon to be ending hit pay cable show might want to pay closer attention to her celebrity boyfriend. There is a porn star who says she has unprotected sex with him at least once a week. Sophie Turner ("Game of Thrones")/Joe Jonas

This alliterate bar star and one of her co-stars seemed to be in competition to see who could do the most coke. Scheana Shay/James Kennedy ("Vanderpump Rules") (KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2018)

Actually everyone in the family is worried about the drug use of the celebrity offspring of the permanent A++ lister, but only because they are greedy jerks who want her to create a will so they get her money. Paris Hilton (I think this was meant to be Paris Jackson)

It is pretty funny that this former escort turned actress turned celebrity turned reality star doesn't even share the same bedroom as the guy she calls her husband. Denise Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Aaron Phypers

The ex of this B- list celebrity offspring of a permanent A+/A lister who has a celebrity wife is telling stories. She also has receipts in the name of pictures and video. I always told you she was always going to look out for herself and I think we should be glad she did. I can't afford her asking prices, but I know what she has and it is some really good stuff. Confessional like from the offspring about the parents and the family.

At homes is the much much younger wife and kid(s). On the road is this A/A- list dual threat actor doing something else in entertainment and cheating with even younger women than his wife on an almost daily basis. The thing is the fans are experiencing his kink on level 100 which they are not expecting and he doesn't seem to care. He loves being on the loose. Jeff Goldblum (jazz tour)/Emilie Livingston

As I said long before the video hit confirming it, this sometime annoying A list singer is hooking up with her ex. The thing is though, his now ex-girlfriend still wants him back. This is why you don't change your body for someone. Ariana Grande/Big Sean/Jhené Aiko

This former A- list mostly movie actress doesn't act much any longer. Everyone knows her name, but she is more of a pundit now than an actress. Anyway, she supplements her income by fulfilling some pretty dark fetishes centered around a time in our past for old men who meet her when she pundits.

As part of a court ordered report, there was the revelation that this foreign born A list rapper has had sex with her brother. Nicki Minaj (convicted child rapist Jelani Maraj)

This former A list teen mostly movie actor was off spending some of your hard earned money on a vacation and sent out his wife to troll for threesome partners. I think he envisioned a bunch of barely legal females flying in to service him, but those plans got tossed because he was busted online. Corey Feldman/Courtney Anne Mitchell

Even the biggest online tabloid is now taking money to promote those who yacht and want to be hired as yachters. TMZ

It basically took an act of God for the tabloids to even care this former A list tweener who got upstaged in her own show got engaged. No one even bothered to let them know the couple split. Victoria Justice/Reeve Carney (upstaged by Ariana Grande on "Victorious")

(original post dated November 8, 2018)
Her cooter stinks! This reality personality cares about the sick — so much so — she foregoes her own health! Florence Nightingale may look clean and well-groomed but a former boyfriend claims this reality star has questionable hygiene — specifically, a fish-market stench emanating from her vagina. This man in particular says he enjoys orally pleasing women — but the malodorous female’s unclean smell made him "devitalized" at times. We’re not quite sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good! Name the reality star, the man, and reality show. Ashley Jacobs/Thomas Ravenel ("Southern Charm")

18. SANDRA ROSE 12/03
(original post dated November 27, 2018)
The model girlfriend of a boy band singer is being accused of faking their son's illness in a possible case of Munchausen by proxy. The photo used in this post is a stock photo. The model broke up with the boy band singer about a year after the child was born. She claims the boy has a rare disorder for which he needs surgery. She posts dozens of photos of the child undergoing diagnostic testing in various hospitals. In a social media post on Monday, Nov. 26, the model acknowledged that a case has been filed with Child Protective Services in NYC, though she didn't specify the details of the CPS case. The model is now demanding a meeting with the governor of New York and the mayor of New York City to discuss the case with CPS. She accused the singer of not paying the boy’s medical bills, but his fans accused her of faking the severity of the child's illness for attention. Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) or Munchausen by proxy (MBP) is a psychological disorder characterized by attention-seeking behavior by a caregiver who exaggerates the illness of a person in their care. Sufferers of MBPS are most often women with small children. Caterina Lopez/JJ Hamblett ("Union J")

(original post dated November 30, 2018)
A shattered reality TV marriage has left a husband bruised, broken and harboring secrets. The former TV husband is secretly bi-sexual, and his reality star ex-wife recently outed him as a STD carrier. The ex-wife was the male force in the doomed relationship and she regularly battered her effeminate ex. One time during a fit of rage, this tough chick gave her ex-husband a black eye! The ex-husband is now struggling to find a job, and blames his stint in the reality spotlight for his penniless plight. He’s been forced to move from the coastal good life to a much affordable location — and is leaping backwards from riches-to-rags! Name the reality star, the ex-husband, and the reality show. Kelly and Michael Dodd ("Real Housewives of Orange County")

Go check the phone of this former tweener turned A- list adult singer/bad actress and you will see a flurry of texts from this foreign born former A+ list tweener who was texting like a mad man while his wife was at a fashion show. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin

That streaming service has been taking heat for months about a new series making underage prostitution seem glam and fun. An executive has gone on record calling it "edgy". Whenever the press asks questions, the streaming service doesn’t even try to defend what they’re doing. They just don’t care. "Baby" (Netflix)

It has been a long time since I heard about this former A- list celebrity offspring/singer who is basically a one hit wonder cheating. There he was though this weekend with someone who could not have been old enough to legally drink. Robin Thicke/April Love Geary ("One Love Malibu" benefit concert")

This Housewife is learning the hard way that moving from sugarbaby to girlfriend can be hard, but is even harder for the boyfriend who is still seeing just as many people as he was before he and the Housewife got together. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")/Paul Bernon

The reason this reality family is so upset at the only one who doesn't really work and doesn't appear on the show all that often is because they are also paying his hooker/stripper bill which is nearing $100K each month. Rob Kardashian ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians")

This A- list mostly television actress who is on a long running hit network show for a while longer talks a big game but doesn't put her money where her mouth is but expects her fans to do it for her. She spends more on her nails each month than she did on this fund raising project. Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")/"Gofundme" for her cousin who was killed by a drunk driver

This A+ list mostly movie actor said this very very beyond rich man who is also a celebrity kept making it a point to the actor that the rich man had two escorts waiting for him in the car to service the rich man whenever he needed it. Our actor asked why they were not at the party, and the rich man said something to the effect of they know their place and their place is not here. Brad Pitt/Jeff Bezos (Amazon Studios Holiday Party)

This former A++ list mostly movie actress who still has one of the biggest names on the planet is cheating on her long suffering husband. She is doing so with this former A list singer who is a celebrity offspring. People forget he is an offspring because of his long career and he has a celebrity offspring who is catching him on the list. Julia Roberts (Daniel Moder)/Lenny Kravitz (mother Roxie Roker portrayed Helen Willis on "The Jeffersons")/daughter Zoë Kravitz

When I first wrote that this probable Oscar winning actor this year was not really dating the three named celebrity offspring and that it was all for show, everyone dismissed it and said of course it is real. Well, yesterday, while out with a guy she is actually dating she told an entire table of her friends at lunch that she was asked to do a favor for some PR people who are friends with her dad. So, there you go. Lily-Rose Depp/Timothee Chalamet

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#10**
This former A list singer turned actress is not in a good mood. She says she had to postpone a party she was planning because the Grammy nominations were delayed. She was not being nice about it either. Lady Gaga (not eligible for 2019 Grammys, will have to wait for 2020 Grammys)

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#11**
It is great that this one named A/A- list coke loving singer is speaking out about being inclusive and even made a donation. What she didn't say is that donation was only about 5% of the monster paycheck she took home from the company she is trashing. Halsey ("Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show")

31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#12**
This height challenged former A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is hoping for a career changer with the pay cable television franchise had to play a game of please don't see me at a party this weekend. The actor, who is known to sleep with multiple women each week tries his best to avoid those he has recently dumped. Apparently one was in attendance at the event, so the actor, who has a name that sounds nerdish would stop to talk to someone and then rush away in a hurry of he spotted the recent lover. Stephen Dorff (Flaunt And Baccarat Celebrate Flaunt's 20th Anniversary)/HBO "True Detective 3"

32. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#13**
KINDNESS: With most items at Walmart needing to be paid off and picked up from layaway within the next week, this A- list mostly television actor who probably most of you don't know by name even though he is on a very hit network ensemble show has been driving and flying around California paying off entire store layaway balances. He thinks he is at about $500K so far.

33. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#14**
You know, that permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor was complaining about how much his wife spent which is one reason they got divorced. So, I'm confused why the barely legal teen he is dating was using his credit card like crazy this weekend shopping up a storm. Robert De Niro/Grace Hightower

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/03 **#15**
The A Listers: At the time they started dating she was A list. Mostly television actress on the biggest show on the air. He was a foreign born A list singer. He fell head over heels for her. Prior to meeting her, he had never touched any drugs and barely even drank because he said it affected his very unique voice. She was older than him by several years and he never wanted to disappoint her or risk losing her. To her, he was a play toy. To him, she was the love of his life. So, when she said you should do some coke with me, he did. When she said you should do more, he did. He did it to the point where he couldn't go longer than a few hours without using coke. It cost him multiple high profile, high paying television jobs. It also cost him the actress who got him involved in drugs in the first place. She had what she wanted. A couple of years of fun, some additional fame and a chance at doing some music too. He found a new actress girlfriend but all she did was try to keep him off coke while listening to him ramble on about how the A lister should come back and then the next day how the A lister killed him. He was prophetic and did die and he and his family blame the former A lister to this day for his death.
Victoria Principal/Andy Gibb Victoria Principal ("Dallas")/Andy Gibb (younger brother of the Bee Gees: Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb) (Tai Babilonia)

This fresh out of rehab former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress better watch herself. Yes, it is a relationship for some PR, but the guy is bad news and she needs to protect herself, both physically and emotionally. Selena Gomez
(Noah Centineo)

I will say one thing. This A/A- list rapper who is a serial cheater despite what he might say when the person holding the puppet strings tells him what to say is not usually dumb enough to do something on a balcony. The momager called in every favor to every tabloid on and offline and what she should do is find a guy who won't cheat. Travis Scott (momager Kris Jenner) Kylie Jenner

This former A- list model who also took a turn as the model of the day with Leo doesn't care about anything going on in life except for the yachting gig she is trying to turn into marriage. Erin Heatherton
 (being sued by an ex business partner, but continues to travel the world with her current boyfriend)

The alliterate celebrity who used to be an actress would love nothing more than to come to the States for the rest of her pregnancy. I told you before she was really pushing for a move to Canada and away from everything and she is telling friends there that she is hopeful she can move there. She sees no reason to stay overseas. Meghan Markle

The foreign born former singer turn drug addicted television host doesn't realize her group is a gimmick and people already got the reboot of the gimmick a few years back. No one wants to see them and it has nothing to do with either the non singing one is there or not. Sorry you are so desperate for cash. You should cancel the tour because it is going to look bad with half filled arenas. The thing is though, you don't care as long as you get paid. Mel ("Scary Spice") B blames Victoria ("Posh Spice") Beckham

This former A- list singer turned celebrity/reality star/actress who sounds European is writing a book which will name names about all the men in recording studios who forced her to have sex when she was 15 or 16 and are still big names in the music industry. Christina Milian

When this former A+ list tweener actress/singer, who has grown less popular as she has aged made a song which had a unique title to make it appear as if they were swearing, but not really. Anyway, both our former tweener and the producer wanted the directionally challenged rapper to appear on the song. He agreed as long as he got to sleep with the sister of the producer. Our rapper is on the song, so he got what he wanted. Miley Cyrus/ ("FU")/Afuni/French Montana

For his birthday, the wife of this former A+ list mostly television actor who was A+ list for well over a decade because of that iconic role got him a male stripper/masseuse who umm worked out all the kinks. This wife, unlike his other more famous ex wife embraces the male loving side of the actor. Don Johnson ("Miami Vice")/Kelley Phleger/Melanie Griffith; Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier")/Kayte Walsh/Camille Grammer

That concert event that started out here a few years ago that is basically just a money laundering vehicle has now managed to add another location with the help of the main beneficiaries to the laundering which is a permanent A+/A list couple. 2018 Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100/South Africa/Beyoncé and Jay Z

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#10**
This actress/singer who is probably A- in both and is actually good at both says her recent A- list co-star has been getting a little more handsy during press events when she can't do anything but smile. Hailee Steinfeld/John Cena ("Bumblebee")

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#11**
This makes a little twist which would be interesting to see play out in the script. Apparently in real life, this A- list mostly television actor who played an iconic role in a show and movie based on that show frequently hooked up with the actress from that show who has not done a great deal outside of that role, but is on good terms with everyone. Chris Noth ("Mr. Big")/Kristin Davis ("Charlotte") ("Sex and the City")

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#12**
He might be married, but this one named rapper was making some serious moves to get this foreign born A list singer to hook up with him while his wife was across the country. Offset/Dua Lipa (and not even a day later, Cardi B finally dumped him)

47. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#13**
Apparently professional reality stars were brought in to the upcoming former almost A- list mostly movie actress' new reality show because our actress was wasted half the time and so much stuff that could not be used. Lindsay Lohan ("Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club")

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#14**
Apparently this foreign born old permanent A- list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee was caught up in a child molesting scandal that has rocked his country the past several years. Someone in the government there decided it would be a good idea if the story just finally died and bringing his name into it would make it worse. So, it was decided that no charges would be brought because the known instances of molesting occurred several decades ago.

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/04 **#15**
They Like To Party: It is fairly rare that I write about this reality star. It has probably been years since I have. All of you know who the star is. You may never have watched the show, but I promise all of you know his name. I always knew he liked to party, but there are some stories coming out about him now that are just crazy. Once, his wife was trying to find him. Apparently our reality star was on a 48 hour drug and booze bender with some escorts. Our star passed out and the escorts stole everything they could. All of the drugs were gone as well as all of his cash and a watch the wife gave him. They also took his phone and extorted the reality star to purchase it back. The fights the couple have are legendary and it is all because of the drinking and drugs and all of the women our star hooks up with. The fights were so intense that often production would have to shut down for a few days just because everyone in the family would be angry at each other after one of these bender/fights. It was not just yelling either which really caused havoc with production. Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman/Alice "Beth" Elizabeth Smith ("Dog the Bounty Hunter")

This former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer's initial gut reaction was correct. It was family who took some items not belonging to them. They sold the items for drug money. Miley Cyrus

Two writers on this talk show hosted by an A+ list host asked for a raise. The host fired them and brought in two new writers at scale. Pretty much the way the host treats every writer on the show. Ellen DeGeneres

Don't believe the hype. I'm not saying this former A+ list singer wouldn't do some yachting with billionaires if money was tight, but money isn't tight at all for her. Katy Perry

This former stripper turned model turned celebrity turned yachter turned reality star turned celebrity seems to be upset with the one named multiple father having A- list rapper for a double standard when it comes to how many people each has been with. She is also upset that he slept with her one night and then ghosted her. Blac Chyna/Offset

This former tweener turned A- list singer/multiple rehab attendee doesn't care that she wasn't invited to a life event. She knows it is all crap which is why she stopped following him on social media. She didn't need the constant reminders of the crappery. Don't forget she was all up in this middle of all this when it first started. She knows all. Demi Lovato (Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra wedding)

I don't think they have permanently split, but I do know this MTV star and her former MTV star significant other have each hooked up with someone in the past few weeks. Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Roger Mathews ("Jersey Shore" and "Snooki & JWOWW")

Much to the chagrin of this one season wonder who does have a good side gig, he was not invited to the reunion of this permanent A list athlete and his parents this past week. Jordan Rodgers ("The Bachelorette" and "Engaged with JoJo and Jordan")/Aaron Rodgers (celebrated his birthday with parents)

This extremely rich person is cult leader adjacent. She and her husband are shipping out all of their "household staff," back to their country of origin. I'm sure the parents of the teens will be glad to see them again. Sara Bronfman/Basit Igtet (born in Benghazi, Libya) (NXIVM)

This foreign born permanent A list celebrity is pitching a reality show. Her last one was a disaster. She wants the show though to keep her philandering husband at home more often. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham/David Beckham ("Victoria Beckham: Coming to America")

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#10**
This thirsty socialite turned reality star is hopefully on a break with her boyfriend because he got another woman pregnant. This will probably break our reality star's heart. Tinsley Mortimer/Coupon Cabin CEO Scott Kluth ("Real Housewives of New York City")

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#11**
At an event last night, Orange was not really saying much about the relationship with her husband. It sounded like to everyone who heard the comments that the marriage was over. Jaime King/Kyle Newman (BY FAR Party Hosted by Haim and Maya Rudolph)

61. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#12**
This permanent A++ list singer got into an argument in the grocery store about 35 cents. It lasted about five minutes before the store backed down. I mean she goes there just about every day she is in town, so give her a break. She said the store changed containers to a heavier material so they could charge more for food to go that is sold by the pound. Diana Ross

62. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#13**
This former A list celebrity with a very unique look is nowhere near where she used to be on the list. She used to be A list and now is probably B-/C+ list. Older men still love her though and she makes a ton of money charging by the night. Cassandra "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark" Peterson

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#14**
She has been a mainstay on a pay cable hit show for years. Meanwhile, her husband has been having an affair with another man for the past three years. Claire Danes ("Homeland")/Hugh Dancy

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#15**
Everyone Forgets: Everyone remembers this permanent A list celebrity who did a turn in reality late in life as some type of gregarious larger than life celebrity. He was that, but people forget that he also tried to sell a magazine a few decades ago that sexualized tweens and teens. It didn't last long, but not because there was not demand. It is because people were afraid to carry the magazine in stores because of how it depicted these tweens and teens. People also forget how he anonymously wrote a review in the magazine that made him famous giving a rave review to a book. In that review he said, "Last year, the Puritan press generated a national burst of pious outrage over child pornography, the abuse of minors at the hands of callous X-rated film makers, pimps and worse. Behind the campaign was the notion that children need to be protected from all forms of sexuality until they reach an age when they can fully appreciate the subtle nuances of guilt and shame that make sex such a bummer for many adults." It is also a book that glorifies incest and suggests that babies as young as six months are ready for sex. It also says that incest should be embraced and not rejected in society. That if you start very early with your female children they can grow into "notably erotic young women." Hugh Hefner

65. POPBITCH 12/06
(British blog) The editor of which well-respected fashion magazine is being paid a sneaky side-packet to promote things on her social media, but is being extremely lax with her #spon and #ad hashtags?

Well, the bitch is back and still trying to renegotiate her silence from the slime bucket. I was really hoping she would stay where she came from after this most recent visit, but a Tamara Tattles spy caught these out as soon as she got back at SOL in Mount Pleasant. It seems like an apt name to be trying to squeeze more money out of the slime ball, but it also means Shit Outta Luck to some of us. The conversation was loud enough for the Tamara Tattles spy to hear. I’m told they were arguing over money. She is pissed because she moved out to be on the show and now she isn’t and expects to be paid for her move and troubles. This was right after she came back so maybe she is trying to get expenses to finally move her dumbass where she came from. She was not happy with the offer of a few thousand dollars he offered up and they continued to argue over money. I’m also told that the name of someone he initially wanted to play the part of his girlfriend last season was brought up and he was claiming that he only met her once and she "followed him around." It seems he is still lying about everything with everyone. It’s unclear to me why the person who refused to date him on the show is still being mentioned in contract negotiations. I promised my TT spy I would run this as a blind instead of naming names, so here it is, but there is really only one possible solution to this one. Ashley Jacobs/Thomas Ravenel ("Southern Charm") (LuAnn Otte)

Apparently, this A list singer/wannabe A- list mostly movie actor/frequent talk show guest is meh about trying to save his marriage. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

This former A+ list mostly movie actor is in even worse financial shape than previously imagined. He took out loans using what he thought would be the payment for the next installment of a franchise. When that fell through, the bank forced him to sell property and personal items to pay off the loan. Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Caribbean")

Long time no hear from, but some things never change for this rapper with a love of the letter Z. He is cheating on his singer wife with a college student. Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys

This permanent A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee hired a male escort while out of the country. Apparently he had no idea who she was. Susan Sarandon (in Dubai with The Duchess of York Fergie, former Ladies Of London star Caroline Stanbury actress Madeleine Stowe)

This A- list mostly television actor from a hit network show has reached this high on the list previously with a different hit network show, but on the same network. Apparently he has been doing press with a stripper in tow who entertains him while waiting to do interviews.

Apparently this permanent A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar nominee/winner and an Emmy nominee/winner is spending $250K of her own money to try and get another Oscar nomination/win. Nicole Kidman ("Destroyer" and "Boy Erased")

This permanent A/A- list singer is not really that great of an actual singer despite what she does for a living on and off stage, and that is the reason her boyfriend is giving for excluding her from a musical special he is hosting/coordinating. Blake Shelton ("Elvis All-Star Tribute Special")/Gwen Stefani

The more this Housewife talks about her sobriety, the more you know she is drinking. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City")

This A list mostly television actress is a celebrity offspring. She also stars on a long running hit network show. Apparently, the person who is claimed to be her father, actually isn't. The actual father is a foreign born C lister who has been in the business for well over 50 years. Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit")/Nelson Sardelli

76. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#10**
This A- list actor/singer has been sending naked pics of his foreign born A- list actress ex to her. The thing is though, she didn't know the pictures were being taken of her. The guy is so strange. Jared Leto/Lupita Nyong'o

77. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#11**
If she has been in something that can be nominated, this foreign born A list actress will always get nominated for a Golden Globe. Over the years, she has put in the effort so to speak with the voters. Helen Mirren (14); Nicole Kidman (10); Amy Adams (8); Emily Blunt (6); Charlize Theron (5)

78. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#12**
This former A- list teen actor who really is more singer than actor was on a very hit tween show which skewed older, but that is not the location of what happened to him. He says he was abused on the set of a movie where he worked, but did not receive credit. It was that A+ list director who seems to have a pattern of this.

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#13**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee did something I have never heard her do. She bailed on a couple of press gigs for her new movie because the reviews have been so bad. Natalie Portman ("Vox Lux" - 6.2 on IMDB); Felicity Jones ("On the Basis of Sex" - 5.5 on IMDB)

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#14**
It must be some kind of tradition between them, but once again, this A list mostly movie actor hooked up with his wife in a restroom during the after party of a premiere. They do rotate the city though, so you never know which one it will be. They aren't shy about talking about it either. Armie Hammer/Elizabeth Chambers

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#15**
Twisted: I love when I hear something and I think to myself that is really good. The kind of gossip that is something you can grab. Something solid. This was a popular show not all that long ago. It seems like long ago, but it was a big hit for this almost network. It also had one of the most twisted messed up relationships ever that led to a near death. This actress was probably B+ list coming into the show. This actor reached A- list while on the show but has steadily declined. He is already fairly dark. When you combine him with this actress things escalated quickly. It was not too long before they were doing drugs together. I am not talking about coke. I am talking about heroin. Straight into their veins. Other times they would have this dark brooding sex and would often bring in some teen they would find or their drug dealer would send over. They knew whatever woman they brought wouldn't say anything because they wouldn't want to jeopardize their heroin supply. That was a recipe for some brutal sexual encounters. On set, the two brought a dark energy and people tended to shy away from them. Especially with our actress there was no socializing with any other cast members. She found them to be fake and hypocritical and full of themselves. She always wanted real. She wanted to feel. She wanted to bleed. Well, she almost died. She had a very bad overdose and it was only blind luck that she didn't die. She spent a long time getting better and the whole thing made her realize that she wanted to experience different things, so she walked away and forced the producers hand to get what she wanted. Ed Westwick/Jessica Szohr or Taylor Momsen ("Gossip Girl")

This one named former singer isn't in that yachting headquarters for herself, but for several others she is bringing over for a very large fee which says is for her matchmaking service.

Speaking of yachters this A+ list athlete who has an interesting statistic going on this season has hired a yachter to be his beard. It always happens about this time of the year. Odell Beckham Jr./Tammy Hembrow

Don't believe the hype this now former A list talk show/host is leaking through her people to the media about how she is somehow learning about all this now. She knew. It was the bargain she made with herself for success. Julie Chen/Les Moonves

KINDNESS: Another big Walmart layaway payoff. This time on the opposite side of the country from LA. It was done by this A+ list producer/writer/actor who churns out comedy movies and television shows and is known for doing nice things for others. Tyler Perry

The reason for production delays on the tour of this A- list rapper with the reality star girlfriend is he parties way too hard and is never sober enough to go on stage on time. His crew does the same thing. It is a mess. Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner)

It is the holiday season so this A list couple consisting of an A list actor and his foreign born celebrity wife have to at least seem like they are interested in their children. It is about the only time of year. George and Amal Clooney

This married permanent A+ list athlete is retired now. He sure does have a lot of production meetings. So, why are they always held in that apartment he pays for in Orange County? Kobe Bryant

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has done a lot worse to actresses than of what he is being accused. Back in his prime if you were an actress who wanted a speaking role in his movie chances were good you would miss out on that role unless you slept with him. I have already written about his jungle exploits and the things he did in that country to women. Michael Douglas

Close is a relative term, but this A/A- list mostly movie actress with the huge movie coming out still does share a drug dealer with the celebrity CEO. It is how she keeps tabs on him. Amber Heard ("Aquaman")/Elon Musk

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#10**
And you thought Propecia was just for men. It turns out this A list female singer who has a newsworthy 2018 also takes it. Her hair may be permanently damaged though. Ariana Grande (ponytail)

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#11**
She doesn't want children. I don't care what her publicist's talking points are or what kind of throwaway line she utters, this permanent A list mostly television actress from an iconic show is not having kids. She does however enjoy being on magazine covers and the news it generates. She knows it does. Stop. Jennifer Aniston

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#12**
Hey, I mean she once did perform actual sex during a movie that wasn't porn so I guess it shouldn't shock that she is getting photos taken for some yachting. That A- list career seems a long while back now. Chloë Sevigny ("The Brown Bunny")

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#13**
This former MTV star recently got busted telling three guys they were the father of her unborn baby. First, there was no baby, and second, she picked three guys who know each other. When they confronted her with lawyers, she backed down. Tila Tequila

95. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#14**
Apparently the victim who has spoken out the most about the aww shucks rapist is now doing adult work because it is the only way she can afford to pay for the therapy sessions she attends multiple times each week. Sean Astin (aww shucks blind item)

96. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#15**
Paying For It: This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has a secret. No, not the one where he cheated on his long suffering wife with a large number of women who seemingly decreased in age each year. The wife was finally kicked to the curb for one of them. So, no, not that secret. Instead, he has a much bigger one that happened way back in the day when he was just getting that big break. That one movie people still quote today. On the set for that movie were multiple tweens and young teens. Our actor would invite them out and then over to his new friend's house. The friend is a foreign born former A list mostly movie director who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. There, the two of them would get the tweens and teens wasted and have sex with them before giving them cab fare home. Our A list director was busted for one of those teens. The reason the director was at the home of someone else was because our actor was using the director's house for a little orgy of tweens and teens. Our director felt he would never have been busted if he had been at his own home with the girl surrounded by others her age. Our actor agreed and has been sending money to the director and has paid for almost of all the legal bills for the director over the last four decades. Not Jack Nicholson. Robert De Niro ("Taxi Driver")/Roman Polanski

This foreign born former A list mostly movie actress/singer is near death. Olivia Newton-John

Even though, he is taking a break from his tour, this A list singer/sometime actor is inviting single attractive women through social media to be his guest at upcoming shows. I wonder if his wife knows. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

This former reality star host who got pretty high up the list for such a job, recently dropped her married name. She also dropped a couple of pounds when she forced herself to throw up food she ate for a promotional endorsement. Brooke Burke (David Charvet)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#4**
This former reality star is in the reboot. He is also partying like it is a decade ago too. He looked a little old to be doing lines at a bar. Justin Bobby ("The Hillls: New Beginnings")

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#5**
This b-/C+ list celebrity from a family filled to the brim with them might be getting ready for a life event but he still creeps on the social media all the time of his actress ex. He is hung up on her. Trace Cryus engaged to Taylor Lauren Sanders (Brenda Song dating Macaulay Culkin)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#6**
Who knew that one person could bring down a family that centuries of time and wars could not do. That alliterate former actress is also sending out pages of notes to one of her very good friends to use in a book about the family. She signed all kinds of things, but know they won't do anything but write her a check if she were to get ready to publish some very "dark secrets." Meghan Markle

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#7**
The offspring that this foreign born permanent A++ list singer favors more than any other offspring is in some trouble. Apparently he is being investigated for a date rape. He got someone drunk and then took advantage of her. Sean Lennon

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actress is basically inviting her husband to sleep with other women. She thinks it will be good for her marriage. Yeah, that worked out well in her first one didn't it? Gwyneth Paltrow

Which past-their-prime pop star has such a fragile ego that at the recent Christmas tree lightening the star refused to appear on stage at the same time as Santa fearing the pop star would be upstaged. Arrangements were made for the singer to perform a few of the big hits that still hold up today, but before the big guy in the red suit was allowed onstage, the musical act was whisked off to a private dressing room area where they signed a surprisingly large amount of autographs for middle aged women! Diana Ross (86th Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#1**
This A list singer is doing the same thing she did to her last boyfriend. Things didn't really work out well for him in the end. Ariana Grande (leading on Pete Davidson like she did Mac Miller)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#2**
This foreign born permanent A list celebrity continues to leave his wife at home while he leads a separate life. He is now seeing multiple women and that kind of puts his foreign born celebrity wife with a decision. David Beckham parties with Helena Christensen (Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#3**
This A-/B+ list celebrity is an Academy Award winner/nominee but is best known for reality projects. She has a team of investigators following her ex looking for dirt.

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#4**
This former A list athlete/former reality star is basically acting as a pimp right now for several women. Lamar Odom

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#5**
Some palace intrigue. Apparently sides have been drawn and this next in line is joining forces with the alliterate one we all know to try and get extra time or any time as top of the pile. Prince Charles/Meghan Markle

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#6**
Apparently the word is out and this permanent A list singer who is known for just lip syncing these days, is not selling tickets. She is too cheap when it comes to things like that to buy them up herself and give them out for free, so will be interesting to see what she thinks of playing to half empty places. Mariah Carey

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#7**
What is not mentioned in any of the recent shocking court documents about child support is the number of teens under the age of 18 who are receiving child support from this B+ list rapper/baby maker. Chief Keef

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#8**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who has one of the all time well known franchises in her past called out this alliterate celebrity/actress, who stays famous by paying and sleeping with paps to take her photo everywhere, for openly offering a business card and explaining her services to men at an after party at a film festival. Monica Bellucci ("The Matrix")/Blanca Blanco (2018 Marrakech International Film Festival)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#1**
It was definitely the coke talking when this foreign born singer/writer/producer from the interesting family says that a certain actor may run for President. Not a chance. Mark Ronson (his sister Samantha Ronson used to date Lindsay Lohan)/Bradley Cooper

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#2**
This dual threat A- list actress who is more known for her hit network show rather than her hit movie this year passed on a huge franchise because she isn't in the acting game for a big paycheck. That franchise is getting a lot of no's right now, especially after their big loss earlier this year. Constance Wu ("Fresh Off the Boat") ("Crazy Rich Asians") ("Star Wars")

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#3**
It was less shocking that this permanent A list singer was invited to perform at a wedding than it was for this former A+ list politician to attend also for a paycheck. Who pays a politician to attend a wedding? Beyoncé/Hillary Clinton (Ambani-Piramal wedding)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#4**
Mr. X: Which newly "married" actress and social climber threw a huge tantrum because she overheard that her wedding pics might be knocked off the cover of Kneepads after they were going to put the recently deceased politician on the cover? It was a last minute decision because she threatened to sell the pics to a rival magazine, and Kneepads caved to her demands. Priyanka Chopra (Nick Jonas) People magazine (death of President George H. W. Bush)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#5**
This married former porn star who is the sibling of a former A list singer/actress is talking a good game when it comes to the marriage of these two rappers but has been texting the female rapper to see if she would like to go out for dinner. He would dump his wife in a second for the rapper. Ray J (Princess Love)/"Brandy "Norwood/Offset and Cardi B

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#6**
Instead of worrying about some BS never happened rave type drug use, maybe this momager should have been concerned and still be concerned about the coke use of this A- list reality star. There has never been coke that this person has turned down. Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian/ecstacy) (Khloé Kardashian/coke)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#7**
Just as I predicted, this former A- list tweener turned adult A/A list singer with the drug issues started hooking up with her sober coach. Yeah, the same guy who bills himself as a sober coach but is always a weekend away from partying away when someone else buys the coke. It is also the reason why I think the former tweener will end up dead. Demi Lovato/Henry Levy

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#8**
More and more drugs. This former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer does a wide variety of drugs but always pretends to the media that she is simply a pot person. Not even close. She talks a good game but no one in her family walks that game. Miley Cyrus

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#9**
The front man for the child sex trafficking hoax pushed by a former actor appears to be using the donations to buy heroin. Isaac Kappy

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#10**
This former celebrity turned reality star turned part-time porn star turned reality star turned celebrity is basically flat out telling people she is open to sex for money to help her survive. Courtney Stodden

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#11**
This former A- list mostly movie actress from a popular franchise has seen better days. Even though she had a successful tv movie career, all of them combined didn't make her the same amount she used to get for one theatrical movie. Her yachting career is in decline. She has no way to make any money other than a Hail Mary legal action. It could bankrupt her if she is ordered to pay legal fees to the other side if she loses. Tara Reid (lawsuit against the producers of Sharknado for $100million, amid claims they used images with her likeness without her permission)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#12**
This way underage A- list celebrity won't show up for an appearance unless there is coke going to be provided for her. By the time she reaches legal drinking age, she is going to be out of money. She doesn't make enough appearances to pay for that coke habit she has. Danielle "cash me outside" Bregoli, also known by her stage name Bhad Bhabie

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#13**
It was definitely a pay by the hour thing this past weekend for this B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee all of you know. No woman is going to put up with his crap for free. Cuba Gooding Jr. ("Art Basel" in Miami)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#14**
What happens when you party with drugs and booze until you are practically unconscious during a sex party and wake up in an unknown place. Well, if you are this foreign born singer/reality star you end up nearly dead and in need of dramatic reconstructive surgery. Mel B (2 broken ribs and a SEVERED hand)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#15**
Many people die waiting for transplants. When you have a lot of money though, you can bypass those wait times multiple times. Do things under the table. I'm not sure why this particular celebrity is drawing attention to that fact. Does this celebrity want people to dislike them even more than they do? Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family") (second kidney transplant)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#16**
Method Acting: This actress is A- list. Her new movie is for crap, but she is a great actress. Multiple Academy Award nominations/wins. Her most impressive acting she saves for the public. Our actress is closeted and fully intends to stay that way for the long term. You will not find her ever hooking up or associating or being seen with her open contemporaries. She does not allow a whiff of conversation about her sexuality. The thing is though, over the past several years as she has been on this incredible acting run, she has faced more press and more questions and she realized she needed a beard. She hated the idea really. She enjoys a level of cache and aloofness that keeps most personal life questions at bay. Her PR people said she didn't need to do it for them or the public, but for the studios who were starting to ask
questions and didn't want to have it thrust on them during a big press tour or after they hired her for a big budget movie. So, she relented, but only on one condition. She picked the person and wanted to make sure there was a little chemistry. She had a sex scene in a movie and got to pick the actor for that scene. She also rehearsed with the actor and made sure he was into her and then she sprung the news. Would he be willing to be her boyfriend for six months to a year. He agreed as long as it didn't extend beyond a year. He had to agree to only be seen with her. If he needed sex, he should come to her and she had a friend who would be willing and would be discreet. All planned out. Meanwhile, it gives the studio something to sell too and makes them content at offering her jobs in huge movies.
Actress: Saoirse Ronan
New movie: "Mary Queen of Scots"
Oscar nominations: 2018 Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role "Lady Bird" (2017); 2016 Nominee Oscar Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role "Brooklyn" (2015); 2008 Nominee Oscar Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role "Atonement" (2007)
Beard: Jack Lowden ("Mary Queen of Scots" co-star)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#1**
Considering she has been paying for and financially supporting a child molester/rapist, it shouldn't come as a shock this foreign born A list rapper is dating one. Nicki Minaj (brother Jelani Maraj) (boyfriend Kenneth Petty)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#2**
It is the end of the year so it shouldn't surprise anyone that this A- list reality star and her momager come up with a fake dating/love story to have people talking. Kris and Kendall Jenner (Harry Styles wrote her a love letter)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#3**
This A list singer is not always the nicest person and while she is not taking her meds like now, she can even be downright nasty. Janet Jackson

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#4**
Part of it is actually medical, but part of it is that this A list singer/wannabe A list actor is not coming close to selling out shows. Justin Timberlake

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#5**
I told you why this A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show left her show. Now, because no one did what they told her what they would do, she is leaking to the press what happened. Sophia Bush (assault and abuse on set of "Chicago P. D.")

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#6**
This B+ list musician regularly hit his significant other but then tries to get attention on himself when she does something about it. Nipsey Hussle/Lauren Londo

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#7**
This A-list movie/television actor has enjoyed a very long career. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee for an iconic role you all recognize. A little over 2 decades ago, this actor molested a girl who was barely a teen. He wrote a pretty large check to the victim’s family to avoid criminal charges. Despite this, our actor has continued his career in Hollywood. Nobody in Hollywood had any problem with putting our actor on many productions filled with underage teens and tweens. Molesting a very underage girl didn’t even cause a blip. Edward James Olmos (Jaime Escalante in "Stand and Deliver")

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#8**
Apparently this B+ list mostly television actor with much higher name recognition was too drunk too perform sexually last night and got angry at the woman blaming her.

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#9**
They are trying to be gracious, but this talk show host was not getting her contract renewed, but let her say she was leaving on her own terms. Kathie Lee Gifford leaving "Today"

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#10**
The cast and crew of this long long long running network hit really can't wait until the namesake of the show leaves. Her demands have been growing more out of control and she thinks basically that everyone should bow down to her for keeping them employed for so long. Ellen Pompeo ("Grey’s Anatomy")

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#11**
It is amazing to me that this YouTube star/former television actress who is A+ list in the YouTube world has never had anyone other than me ever call her out for cheating on her long time boyfriend and then leaving him as soon as she found someone more successful.
Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger ( I just realized they actually had married which makes it even worse)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#12**
Dear Reporters,
Next time you see the foreign born former A- list mostly television actress who shut down an entire show forever because of her demands, please ask her why she is staying in a separate bedroom in a suite with her brand new husband. I think everyone would be curious to know the answer.
Love & Bacon,
Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico")/Nick Jonas

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#13**
I think the news this former A list singer wants to get married right after award season is news to the guy she wants to marry. Actually, she just needs things to talk about that make people want to vote for her. Lady Gaga (Christian Carino)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#14**
This former teen bride turned celebrity turned reality start turned porn star turned reality star turned celebrity hooked up with three guys at once this week. She doesn't know it was recorded and one of the guys is trying to sell it. Courtney Stodden

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#15**
Get Ready: As always, this former A- list singer/possible murderer didn't really think things through with her recent actions. Already, her new nemesis has all kinds of stories and recordings and photos that will slowly be leaked to the press. According to someone close to the awful excuse for a human being, he has recordings which could change the possible mentioned earlier to likely. Then of course there are the recordings of her threatening to take another life and the things she said about a family member prior to their reuniting. And after. It is hour after hour of receipts that will have her writing checks to the awful human for the rest of her life. It will also completely sever the relationship with a family member. Apparently there is even a recording where our former singer talks about seducing a former significant other of the family member. Courtney Love (granted restraining order against ex-manager Sam Lutfi) (family member - her daughter with Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#1**
The PR people for this foreign born A list rapper are really trying to make it seem like the rapper's boyfriend is a great guy and he is changed. They give an excuse for one heinous event, but never bring up the murder thing hoping people won't notice. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#2**
Pretty easy recent acting gig because of how much it resembled real life for this A- list mostly television actress who starts in a very hit streaming show. Elisabeth Moss (Brandi Carlile "Party of One" video about lesbian love)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#3**
There is no way on this earth that this A- list rapper would offer up eight figures if he is caught cheating. Not a chance. He knows he would be paying out in a matter of months, if not weeks. Offset to pay Cardi B $10 million for each time he cheats

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#4**
This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who would rather be singing has a celebrity boyfriend who is cheating on her with someone even younger than our actress who really has found it challenging to get acting roles since a hit show went off the air. Lea Michele/Zandy Reich ("Glee")

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#5**
This former tweener turned A- list adult singer is definitely not sober. She needs to go back to rehab right now or she will die. Demi Lovato

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#6**
I guess the holiday season is the time for cheating because this former A+ list host turned celebrity is cheating on the person who the host just got engaged to. Rosie O’Donnell/Elizabeth Rooney

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#7**
Our favorite closeted television actor who is going to have a pretty good award season is not going to be in the closet much longer at this pace. Our actor, since his recent huge popularity has been hooking up with multiple new men each week and for sure one of them will sell him out with pictures or something. Darren Criss ("The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story")

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#8**
This aging A list mostly movie actor is someone you all know to be a terrible person. His many years of horribly abusing his multiple wives and children are legendary. He was nominated for multiple awards, but never won. Back in the day, this actor was cast in the lead role of a film, during which he raped a 14 year old girl. The girl was the director’s daughter. She didn’t want to see her father’s film fall apart in scandal, so she never told anybody. James Caan ("Cinderella Liberty") (Mark Rydell’s daughter Amy Rydell)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#9**
"He was my professor. After being brought on a "field trip" we got to talking and found that we had many of the same interests. We were around each other for a few days, talking lightly and made each other laugh. After the event one night, we were hanging out, talking and he became very forward, I let him know I was with someone and we ended up making out. That seemed fine at the time but he got my number (not from me) and began texting me a ton, being very forward with what he'd like to do with me. I was still in class with him and it felt awkward to sit there and receive such things. But also frazzled and maybe flattered? Anyhow, I end up on another "field trip" at the end of the day he asks me to linger. I wait for him a bit then he has me meet him. I'm not saying I didn't expect anything, but my pants were off before I could blink. Totally consensual but for sure more than I bargained for. The year went on, in class he directly mentioned our field trip and asked if I liked it. At some point he asked me to be his assistant, he gave me a day to respond, and when I did and mentioned that I had gotten engaged the deal was off. Later found out the woman who took my place was explicitly found with him. He's a s**t but a generous one. I'm not naive but in college, you're dumb or something. It made me feel pretty gross inside though after all the allegations came out, I know how good his PR team is and saw how what happened in the other incidents turned out." Disgraced A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. James Franco

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#10**
"Found out why he wasn't calling me back after sleepily browsing your website one night. He was to be back in LA after Paris and another stint of rehab. A week before he had facetimed me, he was smiling, said I looked great, apologized for some things, blew me kisses and said he would be home soon. Knowing instantly that a blind was about him-heart crushed for sure. He's been in and out of rehab since he was a teen, in school I was literally his only friend and he dropped out before we all graduated. I'm still wondering if it's mostly for show, he wants to be famous like everyone else in this town. But him with her means that he's not well. They either met in rehab (his parents have money and his clothing brand mildly successful) or I suspect he was introduced by Kanye's team-PR vibes? He also hangs with C. Love. Honestly, it's made me cry because I expect him to die and I love the boy. Give it three months and notice the lack of any daytime photographs." Celebrity who hangs out/hooks up a lot with the former tweener turned A- list adult singer. Henry Levy (Demi Lovato)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#11**
This former A-/B+ list television actress who is well below that now but still has A list name recognition due to some news events was wasted out of her mind at recent premiere. Rose McGowan

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#12**
It turns out that this A- list mostly television actress from one of those Chicago shows has a gambling problem to the extent where some people she owes money to visited her on the set and cornered her.

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#13**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is doing press for a new movie and more than one report has trickled out that she was drunk at a handful of the interviews. Not tipsy, but drunk. Felicity Jones ("On the Basis of Sex")

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#14**
This record producer and his significant other are doing their best to sell off as many assets as they can and then stash the money overseas. They know there will be a ton of people coming after them trying to collect. They are going to file for bankruptcy too. Birdman/Toni Braxton

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#15**
Didn't See That One Coming: This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress was on a long running hit network show that was always perceived as a bigger hit than it really was. Since her time on the show ended, our actress has had problems finding high paying jobs. Her current gig doesn't pay much at all. Even when she was working, the actress always supplemented her income and was not really all that secretive about it. Anyway, she was having dinner with friends the other night and told them she thought she was hooking up with a killer. The person who overheard the conversation and explanation thought she overstated it. Our actress has been seeing a very wealthy businessman for the past few months. She knows that he was seeing at least one other person in addition to her. She says she wasn't sure who the other person was, but assumed it was someone who also supplemented their income. Well, apparently our actress and her benefactor were supposed to have a date one night and he called her panicked and said he was going to have to cancel. He had never canceled before and he wouldn't offer an explanation as to why he had to cancel. Our actress didn't think much of it. She is always getting blown off by various benefactors, usually when they don't have enough for her fee or they get busted or what have you. Then, the next day she saw a report that a B list celebrity had been found dead. When she what that celebrity did for a living, some things began to click in the mind of our actress and knew that the other woman the benefactor had been seeing was the dead celebrity. Our actress asked her benefactor directly and he changed the subject. Our actress says she asked him over text because she was afraid he might killer too. She did regret not being able to see his face when she asked. Now, is that celebrity death suspicious? Yes. The cause of death is way overdue. But, our actress is still hooking up with the guy so she must think she is OK. Naya Rivera

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#1**
This recent production was stopped because the A list director is back using again. Aaron Sorkin ("Trial of Chicago 7")

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#2**
This east coast Housewife is back doing coke and hooking up with guys for money to support her lifestyle. Danielle Staub ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#3**
This former A- list singer in a group who is probably B- list without it recently tried to commit suicide. Michelle Williams ("Destiny’s Child")

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#4**
This alliterate foreign born A- list mostly movie actress had a bad reaction to the pills she pops and the pills she was prescribed.

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#5**
As I predicted, this former A list tweener turned A-/B+ list adult actress is spending more time with her ex than her boyfriend after a recent life event. Hilary Duff/Mike Comrie/Matthew Koma

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#6**
This A- list mostly movie actor who probably will make it A when his new movie opened got drunk and hit on women right in front of his wife at a party this week. Jason Momoa ("Aquaman")/Lisa Bonet

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#7**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor didn't do what he did in the past for publicity. He did what he did in the past because his wife at the time figured out how to make money off the suffering of others. Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#8**
This B+ list dual threat actress most known for a television role and a reality show role was all over a man last night who is definitely not her significant other. Katharine McPhee/David Foster

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#9**
The alliterate former actress turned A+ list celebrity apparently has a Twitter and Instagram account under a fake name she uses to take shots at people who take shots at her. Meghan Markle

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#10**
I'm not sure why you expected someone who is an admitted child molester to change. This former reality star all of you know and not on MTV was spending time with a young family member and was caught doing what he did before. Nothing will happen to him though. Just like nothing happened before. Josh Duggar

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#11**
This former A+ list reality star turned permanent A list celebrity strictly because of name recognition tried to hit on this foreign born A list DJ/music producer and he turned her down cold. She then said something like I am a DJ too and he just laughed and walked away. Paris Hilton/Calvin Harris

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#12**
This former A+/A list NBA player had conversations with his wife and family about coming out to the public. They have had the conversations in the past, but these most recent ones have him leaning to finally coming forward. Chris Bosh

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#13**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor is finally realizing that having children simply for some PR and that everything will work itself out later is probably not the way to go. George Clooney

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#14**
This former A- list singer/actress when she was a tween/teen is probably B- list now and most of that is because of former fame. She is having an affair with the married CEO of one of the largest companies in the world.

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#15**
He Wanted To Be The Star: I find it ironic that the person he tried to frame for murder is actually the one that helped him become a star. Several decades ago now, there was a fairly popular late night show that was part of a late night lineup on a cable network that kind of faded away. One of the stars of this show was beloved and was set to be on to bigger and better things. The thing is though, one of his co-stars wanted the spotlight all to himself. What to do? Kill your co-star. So, he did. Before he did though, he arranged for his co-star to have an affair with the wife of this A list writer/director. So, when the star was murdered, the police immediately looked to the A list writer/director as the culprit which gave enough time for the murderer to hold a vigil at the crime scene and invited thousands of people to attend. Thousands didn't show up, but enough did to make any hope of ever getting evidence impossible. Later, the A list writer/director helped the murderer land his own show never knowing the truth. "New Wave Theatre"/Peter Ivers/David Jove/Harold Ramis/"The Top"  ("New Wave Theatre")

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#1**
This media corporation is willing to take money from this cult like organization to write stories that are not true as long as it is about members/former members of the cult like organization.

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#2**
It wouldn't shock me at all if this A list reality star encouraged her non med taking significant other to go ahead and trash the serial cheating significant other of the reality star's sibling just because of the jealousy thing of being surpassed financially and popularity wise. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#3**
This convicted child rapist is someone you all know and still works in Hollywood, but has not been the subject of blind items on the site. He has been recently discovered on a couple social media apps grooming underaged boys. Brian Peck

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#4**
I guess things are even more serious between this married reality star from multiple shows who is currently enjoying fame from a reboot of one of them and her very rich boyfriend. It wouldn't shock me at all if she announces an engagement in the next couple of months or a pregnancy or something to be this cut and dry about everything in her life. "Jersey Shore's" Jenni "JWoww" Farley Files Restraining Order Against Ex Roger Mathews

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#5**
It is not so much what this A+ list singer did as who she shared all the information with because of who provided the service for free. Taylor Swift (used face recognition on at concert)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#6**
The significant other of this foreign born one named A/A- list singer could be to blame for her recent troubles. Apparently he confided in one of his mistresses who later got in trouble with the law and gave up the information for going free. Spanish officials file tax evasion charges against Shakira/Gerard Piqué

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#7**
First it was new breasts and now it is lip fillers. Apparently this celebrity offspring is wiling to modify her body in any way possible to make her A- lister happy with her. Basically she is turning into a version of the family member he always wanted to have sex with. Sofia Richie/Scott Disick/Kylie Jenner

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#8**
This married foreign born B/C+ list actress gets into some good projects because of her willingness to casting couch. She also was at an event this week where she was willing to trade sex for coke either alone or she would bring a girlfriend or take whoever home to her husband. Hey, it gets her a lot of parts.

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#9**
Apparently this foreign born A+ list singer/rapper has been sending photos to this former A+ list rapper. The photos are a series of 3-4 that our one named singer took of the wife of the former A+ list rapper in various states of undress. Drake/Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#10**
This foreign born A+ list mogul/reality star is getting ready to trade in the long time girlfriend for someone much younger who he flew in to his vacation spot. He is dividing his time between the pair for now. Simon Cowell/Lauren Silverman

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#11**
This B-/C+ list actress/model only gets that high because of the name recognition. That relationship of hers has been dragging on forever, but her actor significant other wants her to go to rehab before they get married. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Jason Statham

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#12**
The ultimate kneepadding weekly magazine is being paid a monthly fee through a PR company for approximately 10 positive stories per month about this alliterate former actress turned celebrity. Meghan Markle ("People" magazine)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#13**
This three named permanent A- list actress refused to pose at recent on event on the carpet because they had the photographers positioned in a place she didn't think would make her look her best. Sarah Jessica Parker

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#14**
Apparently this married permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor was moderately drunk and got a little too rough and nasty with the person hired for the night to have sex with him. Even though she was 18 and dressed to look about 13, he got violent when he saw she had a tattoo and said no 13 year old would have one. He then shoved her down to the floor and told her to leave.

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#15**
Still Getting Away With It: For the first time in a very long time there has been news in a case. The case has been open for over two decades. It is also why, because of the recent developments, that the mastermind behind it is searching for another country from which he can't be extradited. Apparently our mastermind who is a foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who still gets lots of roles in his home country despite being a horrible pig of a man was confronted by the murder victim shortly after a movie he made. Our actor made a movie that involved many generations so there were a lot of flashbacks of how the lead female looked throughout her childhood and teen years. Apparently our actor raped several of the teens and tweens who were in the movie. One of them confided in the lead actress who is foreign born and probably B+ list but all of you know her. Our actress then in turn spoke to the victim who was very powerful and had very powerful friends and family in the film industry. The victim did tell some people and the next thing you know, she turns up dead. Now, our actor wasn't the actual killer, he just hired the killer and has been gumming up the works in and out of the country for two decades. Things are starting to finally move forward though and our actor is worried which is why he has taken steps to get away quickly if he needs to. He knows there are people who know he was behind it. The thing is though, the authorities want to hear it from the killer himself.
Actor: Gérard Depardieu
Actress: Vanessa Paradis
Movie: "Élisa"

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#1**
He keeps one family basically secret, so I guess it shouldn't be shocking that this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor has a relationship he keeps with a woman and their child together.

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#2**
Apparently the one named foreign born singer with the very rich boyfriend was absent for so long from the public eye not because of rehab, but a sex game gone horribly wrong. The two engage in very intense BDSM activities and she was injured in one of them. Rihanna/Hassan Jameel; Grimes/Elon Musk

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#3**
I'm not really sure that someone who has such a big problem with drugs should really be around a newborn all that much, but this A- list actress all of you know keeps letting him. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#4**
This foreign born former A- list model who still really wants to be an actress is still forced to yacht to make sure she has enough money because she sure isn't getting it from the guy she has been bearding for all these years. With even more fame coming to him, he has kind of blown her off a lot and she doesn't know whether to move on to greener pastures or not. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Jason Statham

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#5**
This one named former A- mostly singer might be best known for featuring on other people's songs, but either way it's been more than ten years she's had a big hit. She is always talking about making a comeback, but she was just seen performing at a corporate holiday party. Ashanti

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#6**
This Teen Mom knows she will end up dead if she ever crosses her former co-star. Jenelle Evans (David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#7**
Want to know why the former A+ list rapper didn't go after the former A+ list tweener in his current Twitter feud? Because she knows every last detail about that A list designer he doesn't speak to any longer. Every.Last. Detail. Our former A+ list tweener would blast that out in a second and his career would end much like the tree in Christmas Vacation. Miley Cyrus/Kanye West/Riccardo Tisci

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#8**
This married A- list mostly television actor every single one of you know from multiple hit shows, but one in particular which all of you know was rebuffed multiple times by a female talk show host this week.

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#1**
This former A- list mostly movie actress who didn't stay that high for long has spent much of the last decade yachting. The thing is though, she is not going to get any new roles and her last role was just a stroke of luck. She is spending some of her remaining money buying publicity in the tabloids and online. It won't work. No one is going to hire her. Tara Reid

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#2**
He talks a good game and he is married, but this A list reality star all of you know has been in this space about his sexual preferences. In the past couple of weeks he has been hooking up with multiple men. His wife probably knows because she just married him for the fame and money. Drew Scott ("Property Brothers")/Linda Phan

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#3**
This foreign born A- list superhero has been out a lot with a woman who is definitely not the one named actress everyone assumes to be his girlfriend. Tom Holland ("Spiderman")/Zendaya

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#4**
This celebrity offspring has had a big drug problem for many years with multiple trips to rehab. The thing is her A/B+ list parents cut her of and since then she has done well and has been clean for for close to a year. Ireland Baldwin

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#5**
This female former A+ list reality star who everyone still dislikes offered $10K to this foreign born female A list singer for sex. The singer turned her down. París Hilton/Dua Lipa

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#6**
This significant other of a rebooted reality star yelled at a waiter at an after party because he got her drink wrong and told him he would only ever be a waiter in life. She really is not a nice person, but her significant other is equally awful, if not worse. Jason Wahler/Ashley Slack ("The Hills: New Beginnings") ("Stephanie Pratt Hosts MeMe London Jewelry Event")

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#7**
This former Teen Mom turned porn star/yachter lied about how much she received for a recent reality show. She got about a third of what she said. Farrah Abraham ("Ex on the Beach"/ex - Simon Saran) ($27,00)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#8**
This three named rapper/actor is probably not doing his friend any favors by bailing on him because he needed a fix. What kind of example is that? Machine Gun Kelly/Pete Davidson

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#1**
This east coast A+ list Housewife has threatened to go nuclear if the network tries to replace her. She will talk and talk and talk and reveal every secret she knows. NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#2**
This streaming service actually was upset over a scene in a recent episode of a brand new hit show to the service. They wanted the underage sex scene with multiple actors portraying underage people to include graphic nudity and sex. They said since the show is not where its family members are that it show prove it by going full out. "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"/Netflix

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#3**
This former A list celebrity who still has a name everyone recognizes despite not being in the public eye for much of the past decade says she has not even gone on a date in the last ten years and says she is asexual. That may be true, but there are men who have enjoyed her company for money. Nadya "Octomom" Suleman

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#4**
An Oscar winner/nominee who I recently wrote about who has a fake boyfriend to try and cover for the fact she prefers women is taking a step out of the closet by wanting to take on a project that will see her having sex with several women. It wouldn't shock me that when that move is set to be released that she comes out. Saoirse Ronan ("Ammonite")

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#5**
The unwillingness of this A list everything in her mind to do any promotion for a new movie other than the very top level stuff has left a bad taste in the mouths of the studio and made them really happy they hired this former A list tween actress who is literally doing everything possible to promote the movie even though she just has a supporting role. Look for her to get a big role in a big movie because of it. Jennifer Lopez/Vanessa Hudgens ("Second Act")

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#6**
The former girlfriend of this B+ list celebrity offspring of an A+/B+ list couple says that she really thought her boyfriend preferred females, but once was invited over to his house and found him having sex with two men. She says that he wanted her to join in, but she took a pass and hasn't spoken to him since. Jaden Smith (Jada Pinkett and Will Smith)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#7**
This former A- list mostly television actress finally caught her foreign born girlfriend cheating once too many times and left. I wrote about cheating incident number 3 or 4 awhile ago, so it probably took a good ten times before she finally bailed. Ashley Benson/Cara Delevingne

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#8**
This one named singer who also loves her coke doesn't want anyone to know the new guy she is dating is that accused rapist who produces music. Halsey/Dr. Luke

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#9**
I predict this marriage will not even last a year. This superhero is a serial cheater who was on again/off again with his now wife all the time because of the cheating. Maybe she has decided she can live with it. Grant Gustin ("The Flash")/LA Thoma

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#10**
Despite all the drunken verbal an physical abuse thrown her way over the years because of all the drugs in his past/present and probably future, this girlfriend has returned to the side of the back in the day A lister who regularly beat his girlfriends and is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Mickey Rourke/Anastassija Makarenko

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#11**
Much earlier this year I told you about the former one year wonder who slept with a producer to land an acting job. It cost her a relationship, but fame is where her heart is. Apparently though, there is some drama right now because she slept with another producer for yet another role and the first producer was under the impression he and the one year wonder were exclusive. So, if you see her suddenly written out of the first gig, now you will know why. Olivia Culpo "Miss Universe 2012" (boyfriend Danny Amendola) ("Paradise City") ("The Swing of Things")

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#12**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor has been in this space multiple times to talk about the horrible way he has treated his family through the years. Now, it appears as if the actor who is now A- list in this country is involved with a woman who might be 18, but could be as young as 15. The thing is though, no one will be able to prove she isn't 18 because no one is ever going to know her name or get a chance to talk to her. She was provided as a "gift," from an oligarch in a neighboring country who also recently threw a party for someone who has been around on here forever and was told the story by the oligarch because she is from the same country as the actor. Jackie Chan

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#13**
This B+ list producer/singer/musician was at a party for one of his musician friends this weekend and said he is pretty much dead broke after spending a ton of money on our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer. He was pretty bitter about it. Andrew Watt/Rita Ora

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#14**
This B+ list mostly television actress is on a fairly hit show and thought she was going to get promoted from recurring to main with its renewal. Apparently not though and she says it is because she refused to sleep with this disgraced A/A- list actor who has said some not kind things about her since.

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#15**
Nursing Home Killer: There he sits, each day with a smile on his face as he worms his way into the lives of the people at a nursing home. Much like in Say Anything, this man gets people who have no relatives, to leave everything to him when they pass while he milks them of their life savings during their final years on earth. So, in the headline, I mentioned killer. The man is a killer. He is a convicted killer in one of the more well known Hollywood murders ever. Apparently the judge was an old family friend so our killer basically got away with murder and barely served any time at all. When he did get out, there was this permanent A list celebrity who made the life of the killer miserable. No matter how many times he changed his name or where he lived, the celebrity would find him and get him fired. The problem is that our celebrity died a couple of decades ago and our killer made one last name change and one last move. No one was there to warn off his employer. No one has been there to stop him from taking advantage of the place he works. For almost twenty years he has been lining his pockets off the wealth of others when he should still be in jail for the murder. John Thomas Sweeney (Dominick Dunne’s daughter Dominique Dunne) (changed his name to John Patrick Maura)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#1**
Don't believe the hype. This A list reality star will not be splitting anytime soon with this former A+ list rapper. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#2**
This foreign born former A+ list singer is probably B+ list now and is only that high because of that name recognition which is to the point you only need to say her first name. Anyway, her husband is cheating on her. Shania Twain/Frederic Thiebaud

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#3**
He may or may not be a former superhero, but this foreign born for now former superhero is dating someone in high school who is the legal age in the country where he is living. Henry Cavill ("Superman") (Hungary - age of consent is 14)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#4**
Speaking of cheating, this A list mostly movie actor who slides often under the radar because of his ability to not be papped can be very funny. That is his thing. He is cheating on his wife and the mistress says he feels guilty but it doesn't stop him from having sex with her a couple times a week.

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actor is barely A list despite being the lead in a great one named movie. He has a huge secret. He has hooked up with this disgraced A list mostly movie actor who got him some of his biggest breaks. Colin Farrell/Kevin Spacey; Sam Worthington/Kevin Spacey

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#6**
That spouse of a reality star from a huge family is back to being an a-hole again and is stealing from fans again. He doesn't care. They think it is for church stuff and not things like his man cave or escorts. Derick Dillard/Jill Duggar

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#7**
Producers just paid more to one man then they did to the entire cast of this network reality love fest. Why? He was going to tell the truth about this closeted reality star. He was going to spill everything.
A male hookup of Colton Underwood Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") (Producer Elan Gale)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#8**
The former spouse of this foreign born A+ list reality star is paid a ton of money each year to basically do no work. It was part of the divorce settlement. The reality star is paying a lot of people to keep his secrets because the empire is vast, but the secrets are deeper. On a recent event with fans, it wasn't the female groupies he found most attractive.

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#9**
This A list female rapper is having her best year ever. It's about to get better. She has an upcoming show that is the most high profile event of her career. That's not the case for her long line of victims. She used to regularly sexually assault strippers and young women who were innocent bystanders. She regularly propositioned women for sex, and would retaliate when they turned her down. She told numerous women she was just trying to party. Sometimes she asked a man to recruit women with her, but they still declined. These women clearly didn't want to party with her. Cardi B (Super Bowl Halftime Show)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#10**
Once a year or so you can always count on this A list east coast reality star to tell us how close she was to death from disasters to accidents to anything in between. She is a living, breathing David Dunn with her ability cheat death. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City") (allergic reaction to fish)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#11**
This EGOT winner is trying to make a deal where his significant other can co-host a big event with him or at least be a big part. John Legend/Chrissy Teigen (hosting "The Oscars")

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#12**
This former naked celebrity turned A- list reality star turned porn star turned A- list reality star on multiple shows wants every guy she is hooking up with to think they are special so is telling some tale that she has no interest in dating. She then is telling the guys that she is doing that to keep their relationship special. She just doesn't want the other guys finding out about each other. Kendra Wilkinson

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#13**
The coke habit is bad right now for this former B+ list mostly television actress who was basically fired from a long running network show which was followed by a crash and burn show. Now, she works, but not very high paying work and the partying is starting to show signs of wear. There are too many others out there exactly like her producers can hire. Naya Rivera (fired from "Glee") (crashed and burned "Devious Maids") (current show "Step Up: High Water")

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#14**
Pretty sure this A- list mostly television actress from a show that went from great to what in the hell are they even talking about or doing in about a season found out her co-star boyfriend is cheating on her. Lili Reinhart/Cole Sprouse ("Riverdale")

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#15**
Don't Help - A Church Blind: It isn't just The Church who has got involved, although their property runs right up to the search area. The Church though doesn't want anyone nosing anywhere near their property so have joined forces with what feels like a half dozen or so shady organizations involved in everything from gold smuggling to sanctions busting. I think one of the more shocking things these groups have done is unite some very strange bedfellows. When you have The Mogul joining forces with that rich conservative family who donates a ton, you know something is going on. The Mogul, along with several other A+ list directors and producers including a permanent A+ list director who has a bunch of sequels in the pipeline and a female A list director and another permanent A list director who did a lot of superhero movies have previously been given access to the top secret area so they can be more realistic with their films in return for positive publicity about the place. As far as I know, they are not into gold smuggling or sanctions busting. What is also interesting is most of this information leaking out is not coming from the Hollywood side. The Church and the others that are shadowy will take care of the situation themselves. Don't be surprised if this recluse of a suspect ends up dead in a way that very much looks like suicide. That said, they probably would be willing to take him out any way they can at this point. They want no more digging.

The Mogul: David Geffen
Rich conservative family: Mercer Family Foundation
Permanent A+ director: James Cameron ("Avatar")
Female A list director: Kathryn Bigelow ("Hurt Locker")
Permanent A list director/superhero movies: Bryan Singer
Recluse of a suspect: Julian Assange

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#1**
This B+ list singer who becomes A list when you say the band's name because everyone knows the name of that band is getting the band back together. Unlike that though, his long time marriage is splitting. Darius Rucker ("Hootie & the Blowfish")

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#2**
Apparently this alliterate A- list reality star all of you know has been hooking up with celebrities on her block at an astonishing pace. Not only has she hooked up with that former A+ lister who does the Instagram show every week, but also the foreign born former A+ list boy bander who seems to be something on the regular for her. Kourtney Kartrashian/John Mayer/Liam Payne

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#3**
As one reporter told me last night, "I would love to bring this up on air but there is no way my boss is going to let me say I saw the celebrity CEO doing lines of coke before his television appearance last night." Elon Musk ("Tesla")

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#4**
A little thing like marriage does not stop this late night talk show host from embarrassing himself in his attempts to try and hook up with this A list singer every chance he gets. Jimmy Fallon/Ariana Grande

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#5**
The B- list celebrity offspring/part time reality star of an A- list reality star got some recent injections done because the guy who pays the bills wanted them done. Is it creepy that the guy who pays the bills is one of the best friends of the stepdad? Brielle Biermann/Kroy Biermann

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#6**
Yes, he is married. However, to his credit, his wife did not tell him the truth about his parental status when they got married so, does it really count? It does look bad though, and the former MTV stars should probably split so he doesn't look bad every time there is a story about him on a dating app. Ryan Edwards/Mackenzie Edwards ("Teen Mom OG")

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#7**
think the crazy thing in this story is that this in the headlines showrunner tries to get people naked on her show who her significant other wants to see naked and then they roleplay it. Frankie Shaw/Zach Strauss ("SMILF")

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#8**
My favorite in this religious reality family tells me that the ex who deserves to go to jail for a long time hasn't been her boyfriend in forever and she is still seeing the older guy who is still technically married and to her knowledge doesn't deserve to go to jail forever. Jana "Duggar"/Caleb Williams

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#9**
Once again this permanent A list singer is out there spinning lies about how this permanent A list holiday song came to fruition. No, she didn't start thinking of it when she was 12 with a little Casio keyboard. Much like all of her hits, she just happened to be the voice to whatever writer wrote it. Just because you have a 50% credit doesn't mean you can ignore the other person and pretend you have 100% credit. Mariah Carey/Walter Afanasieff ("All I Want For Christmas")

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#10**
This foreign born A list rapper has let her pride and some misguided love for a murderer put her fortune on the line. She trashed and lied and defamed a rape victim and that check our rapper is going to write is going to top seven figures so I hope it is worth it. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#11**
That former A- list actor who has been acting since he was a youngster is lining up to permanently take over for this alliterate talk show host who is in bad shape right now. Jerry O’Connell/Wendy Williams

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#12**
So, apparently this C list celebrity who works with a lot of A listers and runs in their circle, made a yachting appointment in the homeland of yachters set up by our directionally challenged rapper/pimp. She didn't get paid what she thought she was worth so stole about $10K from the guy. He got his revenge by telling the police a little secret of hers that has landed her in jail. Zoe Alicia/French Montana (Dubai)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#13**
As I told you really early in the season, this actor was brought back simply for publicity because of who he was dating. After that ended, the actor wasn't really needed at all. They are shutting him out and I think it is a tossup whether he shows back up after the Christmas break. Pete Davidson (Ariana Grande) ("Saturday Night Live")

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#14**
Old Hollywood Harvey Returns - Mr. X Blind Item: It was definitely no accident that killed this alliterate actress/restaurant owner back in the golden age of Hollywood. She was killed by her ex-husband and it was all covered up by Old Hollywood Harvey. This was not the only time OHH covered up a murder by that same ex-husband. An ex-husband by the way who was once married to that celebrity with the gilded A+ list last name who spawned an A+ list celebrity all of you know. The ex-husband also murdered the creator of this classic show from decades ago that has even had a modern day movie reboot. Everyone knows this show. You might never have seen it, but you know it. Anyway, the ex-husband killed this guy with the help of someone who created one of the world's longest running most well known movie franchises which is still very much in existence today. OHH paid off enough people where each of the deaths were ruled "accidental," which is crazy, especially considering the latter death where multiple people saw the guy being killed.

Old Hollywood Harvey: Eddie Mannix
Alliterate actress/restaurant owner: Thelma Todd ("Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe")
Ex-husband: Pat DiCicco
A+ list celebrity: Gloria Vanderbilt
A+ list celebrity spawn: Anderson Cooper
Creator of this classic show: Ted Healy ("Three Stooges")
Created one of the world's longest running most well known movie franchises: Cubby Broccoli ("Bond")

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is not really being discreet about passing out his model of the month to his friends. It usually means it is time for a new model. Leonardo DiCaprio/Camila Morrone

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#2**
With their recent decision to end part of their business, this reality family threw almost an entire company out of work five days before Christmas. They don't care though. It is all about them. Kardashian/Jenner sisters closing subscription apps

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#3**
There has been a lot of talk, but this former A list tweener actress/singer turned A-/B+ list adult actress/failed singer still has no intention of offering her former co-star a spot in the reboot. Hilary Duff ("Lizzie McGuire")
(Lalaine ("Miranda Sanchez")

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#4**
When the public is your ultimate consumer, this former A- list mostly television actor learned that lesson when an offer was pulled after his rant against fans. Looks like he is learning how to lose jobs from his actress wife. Ian Somerhalder ("Vampire Diaries")/Nikki Reed
 (grocery store encounter)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#5**
It is not just booze that is an issue for this west coast Housewife, there is some pill abuse too which she uses to keep herself thin. Shannon Beador ("Real Housewives of Orange County")

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#6**
So, our favorite former A list dual threat actress we all want to see succeed had a reading in front of a casting director just to see if she would be good for a part on an episode of a very established hit television show. Apparently she was not even close to the same actress she was before. It wasn't good. Amanda Bynes

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#7**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is closeted and hasn't been seen on a date with a woman since a divorce has been seeing someone who identifies as a woman and has had hormone therapy and has new breasts but was born a man. Tom Cruise (Laura Prepon/rumor) (Olga Kurylenko/rumor) (Yolanda Pecoraro/fellow Scientologist/rumor) (Cynthia Jorge/just friends) (Katie Holmes/wife)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#8**
This A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show used to be an A list actress from a very hit different network show. She thinks the way she lives her life is completely normal, but her children love being at her ex's house because they get their own rooms and beds and space. It was finally too much for this person she has been seeing for awhile and they ran away as fast as they could, especially when the actress showed the person the engagement ring she had bought for herself. Mayim Bialik ("Blossom") ("The Big Bang Theory")

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#9**
This beard almost didn't take the trip with the A+ list mogul/host. She is tired of faking it and when there is a vacation, the spotlight is on her to make it look real. He threatens to cut off her access to the gigs he gets her which she would definitely not get otherwise and she finally relents. This doesn't sound healthy for anyone. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Terese Taylor

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#10**
Good luck getting any money out of this back in the day A- list celebrity from a family with multiple A+ listers. He makes his living signing autographs and stealing from his niece. Randy Jackson and Janet Jackson sued by former tour manager

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#11**
This A- list dual threat actor has multiple Emmy wins/nominations and will probably get an Oscar nom this year. He is also a heroin addict. Rami Malek ("Bohemian Rhapsody")

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#12**
This A- list celebrity offspring is only that high because of her significant other. From what I have been able to piece together, she is spending on average, between $5-10K every single day on just shopping. That only includes store shopping. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#13**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor is more of an A- list actor/director now and is a celebrity offspring. Anyway, our not so nice actor lived up to his reputation by just going off on a waitress this past week who got his order wrong. The actor had four or five substitutions and one of the things he called her was a f**king idiot. Ben Stiller

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#14**
Has To Be A Health Department Violation: When you get involved with shady people, sometimes shady things happen. Sometimes, you also have to forfeit your share that you were set to receive or you end up dead like the guy who was a partner with our favorite former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort and sometime reality star. Now, our reality star didn't actually put any money into this investment. She doesn't really have any of her own to invest. She generally lives on the largess of others. However, other investors actually did put up real money and often they put it up after spending an evening with our former actress. They expected their money back plus a profit. The business model was good. It was actually pretty great. Charge as much as you want and people will still pay it. Having fun and partying and filling up the coffers of the place. Everyone was happy and then they weren't. About the middle of September, the investment payouts were to be made. One of the investors expecting to be paid confronted the man in charge of the payouts/regular hookup partner of our actress. Instead of getting paid, apparently the man was killed. The next thing you know, in a span of about 8 hours, the entire operation shut down and our money man has skedaddled. No one knows where he is. If she knows, our actress isn't saying anything. The investors have asked her. I'm guessing if that place ever does reopen, it will be with brand new owners and a different name. Lindsay Lohan ("Lohan Beach House")

One of the new cast members on the Atlanta Housewives was reportedly high on cocaine before most of her scenes, according to a member of the shows production team. The "housewife" - who is not an original cast member - was caught by the production staff on multiple occasions powdering her nose before her scenes. The insider explained, "It's sad, but I think she has a problem. She would go do her drugs, and then come out and say crazy stuff on camera." And while some on production were worried about the cast member's drug use - others were delighted by it. The insider explained, "It made for better scenes. When she was high, she would say outrageous stuff, so it was better for us [in production] in a way." Apparently, getting high on cocaine during reality TV filming is not all that odd. The production insider claims that on OTHER Housewives shows - cocaine use is rampant. The insider told MTO News, '[Cast member] did cocaine for her scenes. I don't know if she does it everyday like some of the Housewives on the other shows." Shamari Fears

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#1**
This soon to be A list superhero had to be restrained from a reporter who he overheard telling people how bad the new movie is. It is bad. Like Suicide Squad bad. Jason Momoa ("Aquaman")

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#2**
With a new law passed, this A+ list couple decided to pay a visit to the country to see if there is anything that can save their surrogate farm from being closed. Beyoncé/Jay-Z (India bans commercial surrogacy to stop 'rent a womb' exploitation of vulnerable women)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#3**
This A- list rapper doesn't care about politics. He cares about not ticking off his possible future mother-in-law. The thing is though, it is 50/50 whether he will be able to perform anyway because of his habit to get wasted prior to a show. Travis Scott (Super Bowl Halftime show)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#4**
This A- list mostly movie actor who is higher in another part of the entertainment world threatened to walk out of an interview if the reporter asked another question about the actor's ex. John Cena (Nikki Bella)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#5**
This permanent A list singer is hooked up to a GPS type system through his phone so his celebrity wife can keep track of him wherever he goes. She says it is for safety, but it is really because she is insanely jealous. John Legend/Chrissy Teigen

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#6**
This alliterate talk show host showed up for work against her doctor's advice. She needs rehab and months in therapy and to get a divorce before everything ends up killing her. Wendy Williams (and she did take months) (Wendy Williams apologizes for slurring words, blames painkillers)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#7**
More than once, this former MTV star has aimed a loaded rifle at family members and threatened them. Ryan Edwards/Mackenzie Standifer Edwards ("Teen Mom OG")

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#8**
This former A- list teen actress who was and is really well known despite not acting any longer says that when she starred in a holiday movie she was groped and molested by this B+ list actor who all of you know even though you might not know his name. Taylor Momsen ("How the Grinch Stole Christmas")

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#9**
After yet another event to make money for herself, this newly married foreign born A-/B+ list actress didn't even bother to go back to the hotel with her husband but went out with friends, including a guy she had an affair with years ago. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas
(Ranveer Singh)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#10**
Speaking about not going home, this A- list actor from an acting family where he is not the highest rated hooked up with a walk on to his show and just decided not to go home and have to face the wrath of his wife for coming home so late. David Arquette/Christina McLarty ("Wrestlemania")

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#11**
Ahh, only this married initialed rapper would use a gift giving event at various charities as a pickup opportunity. Any woman he found attractive while delivering presents to their children he would hit on. He was shameless as he gathered phone numbers. T. I.

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#12**
I love how at the high end boutiques, no one says a word when an A- lister does a line of coke while just barely out of sight of anyone. They especially were not going to say something to someone who was the face of the brand for awhile and was picking up something free. Kristen Stewart (Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#13**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener told at least one family member that he is having big second thoughts about his recent marriage. Apparently there is a lot of tension most of the time and that things are best when they don't spend a lot of time with each other during the day. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#14**
Paying The Debt: This former A- list singer from a group back in the day has had a lot of downs in the intervening years. Over the years he has threatened to go public with a secret he shares with this permanent A list singer who isn't even the highest listed in that family. Whenever he threatens to say something, out A lister writes him a check and the guy goes away for a year or so. Not really a big deal to the singer at all. Sometimes other family members have to be paid off, but again, no big deal. Well, it has always been assumed by everyone outside the family and in for that matter that this is the only secret they have to hide. Apparently that is not the case. It turns out that this former A- lister knows that the permanent A lister used to be offered as a reward for family members by the father when the family members did something very noteworthy. Other members of the family were also offered up. Now, our former A- lister is trying to get a huge payday from this. He needs to be very careful, or he will end up dead. No one would blink an eye if he ended up killed because of all the trouble he gets into. He thinks it will be a big payday.
James DeBarge/Janet Jackson(child together)/Joe Jackson

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#1**
This A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family has a new beard. He selected well because she is someone who is willing to do just about anything for money. Jake Gyllenhaal/Jeanne Cadieu

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#2**
Speaking of beards, this A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't need a sugar daddy, but he has a long time boyfriend who is rumored to be worth close to a billion dollars. They were together recently while the tabloids focused on his beard. Bradley Cooper/Aviv "Vivi" Nevo

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#3**
This former tweener turned A- list adult singer/former reality star can say what she likes, but as long as she keeps hanging out with who she is hanging out with, no one will believe she is sober. Demi Lovato/Henry Levy

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#4**
This former A/A- list actress who doesn't even act any longer once told me that when she was still shy of her 18th birthday, men were offering her staggering sums of money to have sex with her just so they could brag about having sex with her while she was underage. She says the day she turned 18, the offers stopped. Phoebe Cates

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#5**
The convicted child molester/child porn producer who is best friends with the foreign born A list mogul/reality host is on social media not even using a fake name and still trolling for anyone underage he can find. Jonathan King/Simon Cowell

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#6**
Even though every non tabloid gossip site has been talking about it for weeks, it wasn't until the last couple of days that the weekly tabloids and their online brethren finally caved in and actually reported the truth about the boyfriend of this foreign born A list rapper. They were tired of everyone calling them out. Apparently one of their fellow companies didn't want to say anything negative about her in case she decided to jump record labels. Ulterior motives always. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth "Zoo" Petty

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#7**
This former porn star who is in a lot of legal trouble has been a long time sex buddy of this former A+ list mostly television actor who comes from an acting family. Katrina "Lynn Pleasant" and "Lynn Passion" Danforth

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#8**
This A list rapper doesn't care about protests and what she should do. If you give her a big enough check and lots of perks, she will perform anywhere for anyone. Throw in the fact it is a huge event, and she will be front and center. Cardi (Super Bowl Halftime Show)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#1**
This former Housewife still makes the vast majority of her income by spending time with other men for money. She is now in a position where that may prove difficult so it will be interesting to see how she managed to maintain her lifestyle. Gretchen Rossi/Slade Smiley ("Real Housewives of Orange County") (pregnant)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#2**
Apparently this former tweener turned A- list adult singer was pregnant when she tried to kill herself and then subsequently had a miscarriage. Demi Lovato

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#3**
This closeted A+ list mostly movie actor now decides which men his beard can sleep with because he wants to make sure there are no men who give away the secret. Umm, they are giving it away and her friends are too. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#4**
If the price is right, this foreign born alliterate actress will sleep with a man. In this case though, she is getting a six figure one night payday to be in a threesome. Ruby Rose

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#5**
They might be new parents, but this A- list acting couple still haven't moved in with each other and show no signs at least on his part of wanting to. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#6**
This foreign born alliterate A- list mostly movie actress who is close to dropping down to B+ list has been hooking up with a man other than her husband. Keira Knightley

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#7**
This A/A- list mostly movie actor who is an acting family with someone who is equal on the list had to be carried out of a bar during the day this past week because he was too wasted to walk. Luke Wilson

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#8**
This former A- list mostly television actor turned mostly voice over guy is someone all of you know. The former A++ list Lothario has been doing his best to hook up with this married A-/B+ list singer/talk show host he has been hanging out with a lot as of late.

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#1**
This B- list reality star makes his money by money laundering and pimping out the female members of his family. Mohamed Hadid; Kroy Biermann

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#2**
This C list celebrity on social media has been getting a big media push on a couple major networks very recently to get his profile moved higher up. This celebrity is not even a teen, but recently appeared in a bar dancing for money, promoted on social media. Desmond "Desmond is Amazing" Napoles

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#3**
This alliterate former A+ list tweener yelled at his actress girlfriend at a restaurant because she dropped and shattered a vial of coke while she was in the bathroom. Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who was on a long running singing network show and since her firing has done little but yachting, has a married VP of production who now shares her bed. Look for her to get a huge role this upcoming pilot season. Naya Rivera ("Glee")

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#5**
This former A/A- list mostly television actor from a very hit network show turned B+ list actor/reality star is cheating on his A- list reality star wife. Harry Hamilin ("L.A. Law")/Lisa Rinna ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#6**
Not very nice of this former A list mostly movie actress from a bloody franchise to yell at her celebrity girlfriend when the girlfriend found her in bed with another woman and blamed the celebrity for not giving her enough sex. Kristen Stewart/Stella Maxwell/Sara Dinkin

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#7**
This A list rapper is in for a world of hurt when video clips of her husband's threesome start making their way to the internet. Oh, and the woman who is pregnant by him starts making her Insta public with pictures and video of the growing baby bump. Cardi B/Offset

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#8**
It wouldn't shock me if this former A+ list mostly television actor from multiple high paying network and cable television shows kills himself in the upcoming weeks. The actress who enabled him by providing children says she is finally going to talk. Charlie Sheen/Heather Locklear

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#9**
Apparently the check the foreign born alliterate model/host was large enough to keep her victim quiet. She got the money from a man she is sleeping with. Asia Argento/Jimmy Bennett

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#10**
What is going to happen when they split, which they will, because she can't help herself from cheating or yachting or just getting bored, is that this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who used to be a superhero will go back to drinking and be a mess for another year while he straightens himself back out. Andrew Garfield ("Spiderman")/Rita Ora

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#11**
The quid pro quo just doesn't stop with this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress now that she ruined that network television show. She traded social media posts for an award which is how her former tweener husband recently was named a winner of an award. Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico")/Nick Jonas ("GQ's Most Stylish Man Of 2018")

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#12**
The foreign born former A+ list boy bander passed out at an event that he shouldn't have been at anyway because of how wasted he was. Usually this is why he just stays home and uses. Zayn Malik ("One Direction")

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#13**
A French photo agency is trying to decide what to do with a photo they acquired from someone who captured it off their home surveillance system. Two male guests attending a party were passionately kissing while outside. The home next door captured it. Apparently one of the guests is this closeted A list mogul/host. Ryan Seacrest

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#14**
Here Comes Santa - KINDNESS: Even though it is Christmas Eve, I really hadn't planned on putting a Kindness item here. Then, when recording a podcast episode with Tricia13 this morning, we started talking about music and groups and it made me think of someone that I haven't thought about in a long time. Back in the day he was A+ list. A singer. He came out of the gate so fast and was everywhere. For several years it felt like every song he sang went to the top of the charts. I'm still surprised he has never won a Grammy. He has won a lot of other awards. He kind of screwed himself over because of the way he fought the music industry. He crashed and burned when he said the things he did and even though he did and can still put out music, every radio station is scared to play him because the record companies don't want him played. If a station does play him, they risk losing out on access to singers on those labels. After the labels basically blacklisted the guy, you would think he would be bitter. I never got that from him at all. A few years ago I was out his way in the late spring. We were going to meet for lunch and he told me to meet him and we could go on his rounds together. I had no idea what he meant, but was game for anything. It turns out that once a month from January to October he spends a week of his time going from shelter to shelter to children's hospitals to Boys & Girls clubs and dropping off all kinds of needed materials that he has either bought or arranged to have donated. He literally spends 60-70 hours during that week driving from place to place bringing them much needed items. He spends the other three weeks a month making calls and getting the stuff donated and going out and buying things himself. I asked him why he skipped it in November and December and he said that is when the rest of the population of the city took over. He said he was needed the rest of the year when people would suddenly forget these services and organizations existed. They don't just need your help in the holidays. He said that he is so grateful to have made as much money as he had so he could do this for everyone in the city he loves. The people I saw that day love him right back. David Lee Roth (didn’t want to be Eddie Van Halen’s friend)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#1**
This part-time reality star who is a celebrity offspring of a frequent reality star/plastic surgery lover re-gifted one of her yachting gifts to mom for Christmas. Brielle Biermann (Kim Zolciak Biermann)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#2**
I think this disgraced former A list dual threat actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was sending a message because he knows from that same show is about to be another person coming forward in the next few days with another story of sexual assault that occurred during the filming of that show. Kevin Spacey ("House of Cards")

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#3**
This media conglomerate being paid to pick sides in the royal contest is probably going to regret it. The thing is though, they keep adding outlets and all of them are not exactly trashing the more famous royal, but rather ignoring her and talking up the alliterate one as much as possible. Meghan Markle (QG) (Vogue) (Allure) (Glamour) (Vanity Fair)/Condé Nast

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#4**
This YouTuber had a bad 2018 and it is going to get a whole lot worse for him and his wannabe career in a different part of the entertainment world if that recording of him going on a racist rant about a member of that other part of the entertainment world goes public. Logan Paul (UFC)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#5**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener has been using friends to try and contact his ex again. His new wife cannot be pleased because some of the friends he is using are her friends first and are sharing the requests with her. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin Bieber

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#6**
This closeted foreign born permanent A list singer could have some problems on the home front. She had promised her long time girlfriend this Christmas she would present her to the world. It hasn't happened so far. Celine Dion

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#7**
This foreign born A-/B+ list actress who ruined a network show got angry at her people yesterday because our actress thought she was going to get multiple poses, but only got one with a pap hired for the event. Picture overload so the prices are almost nothing right now. Priyanka Chopra (dinner with Nick Jonas’ family)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#8**
This reality star from a cable channel that used to show music videos recently proposed but I am confused because there are multiple women who said they have had sex with him since Thanksgiving. Safaree Samuels ("Love & Hip Hop")
(Erica Mena)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#1**
Apparently a recent death of this multiple show reality star was kept quiet much like illness that killed him. Why? So, his family could enroll him in many of those life insurance without exam programs. They assumed rightly that if the news of the illness spread, they would no longer be able to sign him up. Trina Braxton’s ex-husband Gabe Solis ("Braxton Family Values") (pancreatic cancer)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#2**
Apparently this still way underage Disney actress who always is hooking up with men twice her age has now introduced some of them to a very very close family member who makes a very god living spending time with some of them. Skai Jackson (her mother Kiya)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#3**
This A/A- list mostly television actress from a very very long running network show spent part of Christmas with her husband and kids and part of it with her boyfriend. Ellen Pompeo ("Grey’s Anatomy")

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#4**
There is so much effort to get this A list talk show co-host from her long time job that it is a wonder there is any energy left to actually do the show. Kelly Ripa

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#5**
One of the reasons given for this drop off a cliff season performance by this former A list NBA player who a team has certainly being counting on is the medication he is taking for his mental health. It does not seem to be working with what he needs to do athletically. Draymond Green ("The Warriors")

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#6**
This former naked celebrity turned reality star turned host for multiple television shows is basically living off residuals and a line of credit she took out on her home. She can't land a job and blew everything she made over the years always thinking another job was around the corner. The jobs have stopped. Brooke Burke

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#7**
This former A- list singer turned a lot of do everything to make a buck is married. Much much earlier this year he met someone at a big event he was hosting and they have been hooking up ever since. Nick Lachey ("Miss USA")

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#8**
This former B+ list celebrity/brief reality star who all of you know by name is definitely not sober again. She also uses drugs and hooks up with men for money right in front of her offspring.

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#9**
This alliterate offspring is a celebrity but only because she is the offspring of an A++ lister. One of her parents is not nearly as high on the list but an organization is rolling out the red carpet and making them feel like huge VIP's. They see dollar signs and want that offspring bringing in the people her age. Tiffany Trump ("On Christmas Eve, the pair attended a concert hosted by Hillsong, the celebrity church where Justin Bieber is a member")

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#10**
This B list celebrity offspring of an A+/A- list couple has a blood disorder that is rapidly accelerating and will probably kill him at a very early age. As in prior to 30.

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#11**
The kneepaddiest of tabloids has begun their slow leakage of the split of this alliterate reality star and her athlete husband. Just as I told you, the forecast was for an after holiday split announcement. Jessie James/Eric Decker

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#12**
Don't believe the hype. This A/A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family is not getting married any time soon or serious with any woman.

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#13**
Apparently this former A- list singer/reality star/movie actress/mogul is diabetic. Jessica Simpson (Gestational diabetes/Also called: diabetes during pregnancy)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#14**
Dig Deep: I doubt many people really noticed the death of this foreign born B- list singer. She gets that high because of her success in several countries rather than just a worldwide fan base. The thing is though that one person did notice and is investigating it because he thinks he knows who is responsible. The person is this alliterate foreign born A- list mostly movie actor from a big movie franchise. He had spent some time growing up with the singer and also knew her big secret which is that she was closeted. He suspects it was a man she had been seeing who had no idea she was closeted and when he found out, he actually went after the singer's girlfriend and badly beat her. Now, did he then arrange for the death of the singer or did the singer then kill herself out of grief from the beating. That is what our actor is determining. Anca Pop/Sebastian Stan (Final photo of tragic Romanian singer Anca Pop shows her staring out over the same river where she died days later after her car plunged into its waters)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#1**
This disgraced former A- list mostly movie actor has already made a deal with prosecutors that he will serve no jail time for his latest offense. Kevin Spacey

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#2**
This former model who ended up being with that former A+ list rapper which gave her fame turned reality star turned celebrity is hooking up with this permanent A list mostly movie actor and would love to add to his ever growing brood of children. Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa or Kanye West/Eddie Murphy

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#3**
Don't believe the hype. The boyfriend of this foreign born A list rapper has no idea what the Illuminati even is, let alone a member of it.

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#4**
The friends of this B list singer who gets to be A list when this group reunites are telling her to stay far away from any reunion with her now ex-boyfriend. Even the permanent A lister put her two cents in which is something she doesn't usually do. Michelle Williams/Chad Johnson ("Destiny’s Child"/Beyoncé Knowles)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#5**
This former A list tweener actor turned A-/B+ list adult actor is cheating on yet another wife. I really thought this one would last. Mark-Paul Gosselaar/Catriona McGinn

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#6**
This former one season wonder who managed to drag it out a little longer than that before going out in a blaze of controversy is talking engagement. She does realize she is getting paid monthly right? Corinne Olympios ("The Bachelor")

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#7**
This former A list "singer" didn't even call her sister to say Merry Christmas. Apparently being kicked off the payroll from that easy six figure a year job at the company her celebrity sister owns, still stings. Does anyone know about the brother-in-law sex between the "singer" and the celebrity sister's husband? Ashlee Simpson/Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#8**
This A/A- list mostly movie actress decided to not give out any holiday bonuses to her employees or tip her doorman at the home where she stays most of the time with her foreign born A+ list husband. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#9**
This foreign born alliterate A- list dual threat actress but leaning more towards movies at this point makes plenty of money despite her drug use. She just loves hooking up with other women for money though and thinks it is a thrill. So, whenever some super fan has the amount she considers appropriate, she will meet up with them. Ruby Rose

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#10**
It turns out that even if you are an actor and live in a population the size of NYC that your reputation does precede you and this A-/B+ list actor/writer has the word out about him and that he will dump you within an hour after having sex, and that you may be part of a multiple conquest type day. As a result, the word is being spread and he is finding it hard to find women to hook up with. Justin Theroux

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#11**
This A+ list mostly movie actor did have a meeting with this foreign born A+ list reality star/mogul at the mogul's vacation home. The thing is, the meeting consisted of the actor hooking up with one of the many women the mogul keeps on retainer. Mark Wahlberg/Simon Cowell

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#12**
Don't believe the hype. This permanent A- list mostly television actor from an iconic role on an iconic show is not holding up a reboot of the show. There will not be a reboot. No matter how much money is thrown at the group, it is not going to happen. I mean, I guess if they were offered $10M an episode it could happen, but that won't happen. Matthew Perry ("Friends")

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#13**
You would think with all of these different companies this west coast Housewife has that she wouldn't need money as desperately as she does. The thing is though, all the businesses are just for show and actually all lose money because she doesn't really own much of them herself. So, she dumped the guy who was not as rich as she was led to believe and needs to get paid now from her ex. Shannon Beador ("Real Housewives of Orange County")/Scot Matteson/David Beador

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#14**
The Sex Tape: Would it be the highest selling sex tape of all time? I would say yes. It would definitely be worth tens of millions of dollars. Back when it was shot, it would have just been a fraction of that. Now, though? It would be the talk of the world. Shortly after the release of her second record as part of a group, this permanent A list singer was head over heels in love with the guy who took her virginity. Oh sure, there are legends and mythology about all that, but it was just a guy she was crazy about and would do anything for. This was a time when there were cell phones but they weren't recording a sex session. There was nothing hidden or discreet about this recording. There was no motive to sell it. It was just two people experimenting. About six months after that, the couple split because of her busy schedule and the fact her team thought she could do better and wanted to create this legend. They did so and over the next few years there was a solo record and even an appearance in a movie franchise. So, about five or six years after it was originally shot, the boyfriend who made the sex tape with our singer came looking to make a deal so he could sell the tape. Well, that would have brought down the whole empire just as it was beginning, so a deal was struck. A deal which sounds lavish, but looking at it from the perspective of today, is pretty small. He was paid $250K a year for ten years. He surrendered the tape and signed a NDA, and her people kept their side of the bargain. What they didn't count on was this same guy dating the younger sister of the permanent A list singer. They also didn't count on his ability to also talk her into making a sex tape. The next thing they knew he was knocking on the door and wanting to talk a deal for that recording too. A lot less, he was paid a flat $250K one time payment. If he had treated both as an investment, they would be worth ten times what he got paid and it has not been that long since he turned over the rights. I do wonder if they exist. The person who would know is the manager at that time who was fired by the permanent A lister and has had money troubles in the past. Would he ever sell it? I doubt it, but you never know exactly what he would do. He is not exactly pious.

Permanent A list singer: Beyoncé
Manager: father Mathew Knowles
Group: "Destiny’s Child"
Guy: Lyndell Locke
Movie Franchise: "Austin Powers in Goldmember"
Younger sister: Solange Knowles

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#1**
No matter what he says, the new tests will come out dirty for this former A list athlete who only got that high because he is dirty. Jon Jones (former UFC light heavyweight champion)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#2**
This closeted A- list reality star gets "caught" with a bunch of pap pictures of her beard and then posts to social media a picture half undressed to make it seem like the two are related. They are not. At some point, the charade has to end. Kendall Jenner/Ben Simmons (drooling)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#3**
When you are not really married, but are trying to fake it, that becomes tough when you have an actual fight and can't stand each other. This former B+ list actress/reality star/celebrity/naked celebrity/turned reality star is facing that issue now. Denise Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Aaron Phypers

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly movie actor was in a huge, badly acted movie franchise based on a book series. He is using his appearances in those movies to pick up barely legal fans at comic cons. He has a series of these women who all think they are the only one in his life. He has come a long way since when he was touted the next big thing. Peter Facinelli or Kellan Lutz ("Twilight")

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#5**
Our favorite foreign born one hit wonder made the news, but she was going to make a blind item anyway because of what she did with a guy in the same country she made news. Apparently he hired her for the night and they had dinner. He has a helicopter and on the way from the restaurant to his high rise they had sex in his helicopter. They were supposed to spend the night together, but apparently she was disappointing so when the helicopter landed, he got out but had the pilot take her back to her hotel. Iggy Azalea (Rio de Janeiro)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#6**
This A- list mostly television actor who has starred in two huge network hits (one of which has gone on seemingly forever) that have been on different networks couldn't stop a bloody nose at dinner this week and eventually had to leave to get medical attention. Don't do drugs kids. Meanwhile, his "date" for the evening seemed crushed they had to leave the dinner half way through. Johnny Galecki

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#7**
The very tall alliterate A/A- list mostly movie actor has continued seeing a woman who is not his wife. This has been going on for at least six months. Vince Vaughn (Kyla Weber)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#8**
This former actor turned director of a series of movies that all seemingly interconnect, but really don't except for actors is married to a permanent A- list mostly movie actress. He has had a five year relationship with another man and it has been a decade since he had sex with his wife all of you know. Christopher Guest/Jamie Lee Curtis

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#9**
Another canceled show due to drugs for this A list singer who had a noteworthy 2018. It makes you wonder how many shows on the upcoming tour will be canceled. Ariana Grande

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#10**
There was definitely not 100% approval from the family of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor and his recent life event. They think that his significant other has done some things of which they don't approve. Of course, they ignore all the cheating he has done, so... Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#11**
This sports event in the yachting capitol is basically a front for yachting. There are hundreds and hundreds of "employees" of the event who are there doing nothing but trading sex for money under the guise of employment by the event. Dubai World Cup Carnival (Dubai World Cup)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#12**
Reader Blind Item: Think back to the biggest violent Rock Deaths of the last few decades and one will probably stand out. This is NOT that death. But think within a decade or so. Same coast, different style, different music, different weapon. Like the big death, conspiracy theories abounded about possible foul play. Focusing on someone close to The Late Musician. These theories are both convincing and enduring. What they don’t tell you is that this theory is perpetuated and supported online still after all these years by certain family members of The Late Musician. It is very much in their best interest to keep these conspiracies active and growing because it directs attention away from information that might make them look culpable in other, more indirect ways, for his untimely and tragic death. Due to the litigious nature of these people, confidants, biographers and journalists have only been able to hint at the nightmare childhood The Late Musician endured. Not only abuse from a close family member but at the hands of others with the full knowledge and enabling of said family member. He wasn’t the only one who was hurt either. The Late Musician spoke about this often and unambiguously, off the record, shortly before his death. His next record was going to explicitly tell all. The family member contacted him again, repeatedly. It contributed to a slide into paranoia, shame and despair. If friends (or family) of The Late Musician even look like they might make accusations of the #metoo variety the lawyers will quickly put an end to them. The worst part is that they use the profits from his music to do this. People are silenced almost before they can open their mouths. It will , perhaps, come to light one day in the future. I hope so. He was a sweet human being and no one deserves what he went through. Elliott Smith
 (song "Abused")

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#13**
A chair in an office caught the dress of this former A+ list mostly movie actress who still has that name recognition but not the roles anymore to stay there strictly because of acting. Anyway, when the dress was lifted you could see one of the legs was just a black and blue bruised mess which was horrific. It looked like someone had been in a horrible accident. They only caught sight of one of the legs so they were unable to see whether the other leg was equally as bad.

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#14**
Just Like Yesterday: It has been quite some time since this particular person managed to land a spot in this particular space. They have made the outlying blind items, but not this one. Apparently the now ex-boyfriend of this former A+ lister is speaking out about their relationship and says that drugs rule the life of the former A+ lister. She is addicted to a combination of them which she washes down with a great deal of booze. Her money situation is not as liquid as one might think it to be. The ex frequently caught her cheating on him with men who gave her drugs when she didn't have a connection to get them herself. She would ramble incoherently, often for hours during the day and would get angry to the point of yelling and screaming if you didn't respond to her ramblings. When you would explain you couldn't understand her, she would accuse the person of gaslighting them. She has this shell that the outside world sees, but it is very fragile and one little tap and it will crack, exposing her for the mess that she is today.

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#1**
This former A+ list singer turned woman beating A- list singer is being accused of raping a woman at a recent party. She has not gone to the police because she is trying to reach a financial settlement. Chris Brown

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#2**
Even the blogger and the A list singer/A- list actress realize the fake feud thing was something people were not buying and just gave up any pretense of it last night. Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#3**
This former A+ list rapper who is more into acting and trolling on Instagram these days should probably slow his roll against the alliterate A list talk show host because she is not scared to reveal that secret he doesn't want out there. In fact, it wouldn't shock me for her to bring a guy out and interview him about the secret. 50 Cent/Wendy Williams

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#4**
With mom providing them unlimited party favors and women, it is really no shocker these two celebrity offspring don't want to see their dad. It would all be cut off if they did. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt/Maddox and Pax

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#5**
When you spend part of the holidays with your children and your boyfriend and the boyfriend is paying for all of it and you are sleeping with him every night, then the marriage to your husband is over right? I am waiting for this announcement from this east coast reality star. It has been awhile now. Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#6**
They might actually make it to the altar, but there are already cracks in the relationship between the foreign born A+ list former model turned host/mogul. She can be super clingy and he thinks it has been great, but thought it would slow down after he popped the question. It hasn't. It has only grown in proportion. The last guy just lashed out by cheating on her repeatedly so it would end. Heidi Klum/Tom Kaulitz

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#7**
This foreign born still one hit wonder kicked out at least three of the people on her mini-tour from their hotel rooms for talking back to her. They were in the right and she was in the wrong, but she doesn't care. Her life is about to come crashing down anyway. There is big trouble brewing. Iggy Azalea

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#8**
Put him back on a television show and it didn't take long for him to cheat with multiple women. So say goodbye to that long long marriage. I guess the first time around he was far too young and didn't realize what would happen. His wife was crushed. Michael Fishman ("Roseanne" and "The Connors")/Jennifer Briner

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#1**
After at least a year of telling you the same thing, the mainstream media is finally beginning to talk about the fact that this foreign born former A+ list athlete turned permanent A list celebrity is no longer funding his A list celebrity wife's business. This has the business on the verge of shutting down for good. David Beckham/Victoria Beckham

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#2**
It didn't take long for this one named former A- list singer to find someone after breaking up with the mogul wannabe/rapper. She also managed to find someone who wanted to have sex with her. Cassie/Alex Fine/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#3**
Even if he had the cash, which he doesn't, there is no way this former A+ list rapper would have paid what is claimed to have been paid for a recent real estate purchase. Even at the very height of the market, the most any person paid for any unit was way less than the reported amount the rapper paid. Now, people are paying 20-30% less than that. Check in a couple months, and there won't be any record of any purchase by him. It is all just to make him look like he still has a ton of money. Kanye West bought Kim Kardashian $14 million condo in Miami

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#4**
When this A- list rapper with the higher on the list reality star girlfriend writes his own original song or beat it will be his first. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#5**
This former one year wonder has snagged a rich married guy and is not letting go. What started out as a paid arrangement, she is trying to make permanent and is telling him to leave his wife and children. Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012)

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#6**
This former A+ list reality star who is still trying to stay relevant and ALL of you know says she has hooked up with this closeted A- list reality star multiple times over the past several weeks. Paris Hilton/Kendall Jenner

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#7**
The foreign born former superhero turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor was tossed out by our favorite foreign born B+ lister. Andrew Garfield/Rita Ora

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#8**
This former B- list mostly movie actor turned reality star was involved in a marriage all of you know about. Apparently he spends all of his days and nights doing drugs and is a shell of the person he was even a year ago. Doug Hutchison/Courtney Stodden

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#1**
Her choice of place of worship should probably change for this former tweener turned adult A- list singer/bad actress or she will run into her personal buzz saw. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#2**
This foreign born still one hit wonder leased a car for a month for her "boyfriend" using some of her yachting proceeds and wants the world to think she actually bought it. He thinks she bought it. Wait until it is gone next month. Iggy Azalea Got Playboi Carti a Lambo for Christmas

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#3**
The show might have been renewed, but it doesn't mean the A list talk show host can't be replaced. Wendy Williams

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#4**
This barely a celebrity offspring of at least one permanent A lister struck out with some women over the weekend despite a seemingly never ending supply of coke. Rocco Ritchie (Madonna and Guy Ritchie)

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#5**
This late night talk show host who is a closet racist didn't want anyone sharing the spotlight with him who might steal his thunder. He likes the spotlight on him. Sure, he would have a co-host, but one more? Nope. He complained and the extra person was dumped. Andy Cohen ("CNN New Year's Eve with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen")/Leslie Jones

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#6**
This disgraced morning guy keeps putting out feelers with the public, aided by the place who fired him to try and get his old job back. Matt Lauer (NBC)

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#7**
When they ran into each other at a cafe yesterday, this permanent A list singer/diva who isn't what she used to be pretended she didn't know this other permanent A list singer who have each performed the same role on a reality television show. Mariah Carey/Katy Perry (both in Aspen) ("American Idol" judges")

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#8**
This former A list tween actress who stayed that way even up to a decade ago is still A list when it comes to name recognition, but depends on her casting couch skills to keep her current unwatched show on the air was telling people that this former back in the day A+ list co-star used to grope her and watch her undress when she was an early teen and they had their hit show together. Alyssa Milano ("Insatiable") (Tony Danza "Who's the Boss?")

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#9**
She left him because he cheated and she decided he wasn't the guy to get serious with. When he was gone though, she begged him back. Looking back at who she was in a relationship with for years, it is pretty obvious she doesn't make the best decisions when it comes to men. This B- list actress who is somehow also an Emmy nominee/winner is going to suffer some heartbreak with the serial cheating former athlete. Karreuche Tran (Chris Brown)/Victor Cruz

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#10**
This one named singer who was an actress back in the day before becoming an A/A- list singer who all of you know is now dropping like a stone on the list because she is just a drug addled mess who would rather use than work. Fergie

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#11**
This foreign born former A list singer while in a group back in the day still has close to A list name recognition thanks to a now defunct long term relationship. The thing is, he can't give up hooking up with guys and his girlfriend took a permanent walk from him last month. Gavin Rossdale/Sophia Thomalla ("Bush") (Gwen Stefani)

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#12**
They Flaunt It: They have no worries. They have no cares. It doesn't bother them at all that they killed that teenager when she tried to run away after they had their way with her. They are a very wealthy father and son who have been in this space before regarding their assaults on women. The son is a celebrity in his own country to some extent and they have a family member who is an A list celebrity in her country and B/B- list on most of the rest of the English speaking world. They feel like they can do anything when they are at their second home. That the authorities won't do anything to a wealthy family. They are right. They believe, and so far the results bear them out, that when they hired a teen housekeeper from a neighboring country that is a mile or two away and started sexually assaulting her the first day of work that no one would believe her if she reported it. It was when one of them hit hurt and marked her with what would be a huge bruise and she tried to escape that they decided to take no chances. Any inquiries about her whereabouts were quickly put to bed and with no close family members pursuing anything, the investigation was over before it began. Really, there wasn't even an investigation. Life just went on for them. The attitude they can do anything and no one will lift a finger to stop them.

Father and son: David and James Matthews
Family member: Pippa Middleton Matthews
Place: The Matthews family owns the luxury hotel Eden Rock on the Caribbean island of St. Barts

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