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guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This A list reality star spent two hours on a conference call yesterday with the same lawyer who handled her previous divorce. All totaled, there were six people on the call all discussing steps to be taken and how they can be implemented on short notice. The writing is on the wall with her celebrity husband. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress sure does believe in keeping some family members employed. One of her relatives is acting as her "manager," and makes all her appointments and collects the cash. Lindsay Lohan (brother Dakota)

Apparently even though this initialed A- list rapper/reality star is cheating on his wife for the millionth time, he knows she won't leave him because she signed a post nup for a flat amount of money which won't let her keep living the way she does now. T.I./Tiny Harris

This A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show is not only paying for everything in her relationship with her celebrity boyfriend but is also getting cheated on. Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")/Wells Adams ("The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise")

O think even the most loyal of tabloids have given up trying to create girlfriends for this closeted former A+ list boy bander turned A- list solo singer. Now, the most they do are just pretend the boyfriends don't exist by not mentioning them even when they are out together. Harry Styles ("One Direction")

This former A+ list singer turned reality judge reduced to not selling out her tiny casino tour is making fans angry by increasing merch prices at each stop to try and make up for the lack of ticket sales. Christina Aguilera (overcharging for plus-size tour merchandise)

The PR team of this foreign born A- list mostly television actress continues to work the tabloids like a glove. Calculated leaks to make it look like her wedding is still going on, but no actual details or quotes. Please, if something like this was really happening, they would be breathless to give out details. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas

This barely legal A- list mostly television actress who gets that high based on the new show, rather than much she has done the past year or two recently went on social media to hit on this actor. In private, he messaged her and they made plans to meet. Her crush turned into a nightmare as he sexually assaulted her after she kept saying no. Kiernan Shipka ("Mad Men" and "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina")/Noah Centineo ("The Fosters")

Back in the day they would hook up from time to time, but now this former A+ list tweener actress turned B list adult actress has come to the conclusion her sister sleeps with the actor boyfriend of the actress more than the actress does. Vanessa Hudgens (Stella Hudgens)/Austin Butler

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#10**
So far the studio bosses haven't heard and it isn't like the people of this A- list mostly movie actor are going to run to them and tell secrets. They do not want the actor to lose this monster role in a long awaited sequel. Apparently our actor shoved a drag queen and called him several homophobic slurs because he thought the drag queen got to close to him at a club where the drag queen was performing with others. Our actor had been brought there by his girlfriend. After the incident he grabbed her by the arm and said they were leaving. She said she didn't want to go and he told her to f**k off and make her own way home. Miles Teller ("Top Gun: Maverick")/Keleigh Sperry

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#11**
She can say what she wants to her current boyfriend, but this A+/A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee still sexts and sends pics to her foreign born A- list mostly movie actor ex. So, when she says things are platonic, they are not. Jennifer Lawrence (Nicholas Hoult "The Favourite" premiere)

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#12**
This married foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was the threesome partner for this acting couple who knows their way around a threesome. An actor who is B+ and his B list actress girlfriend who comes from acting royalty.
Married foreign born A-/B+ list actress:
Couple: Evan Peters/Emma Roberts

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#13**
This A list everything in her mind had her people make sure everything was superlatives. Record breaking, highest grossing, biggest attendance, but there were no qualifiers given. They made up things and knew the tabloids would print them and they were right. Jennifer Lopez (Las Vegas Residency)

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#14**
This former A+ list model turned A- list actress turned more celebrity/model than actress says she heard her daughter once having sex because her daughter pocket dialed her. Our actress said she wanted to hang up, but just kept listening. Andie MacDowell (Margaret Qualley (23) or Rainey Qualley (28))

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#15**
You know that writer/actor/serial cheater/never saw a woman he didn't want to have sex with even while he was married to the actress all of you know? Yeah, that guy. Apparently one of his very good friends has been known to break a law or two and that friend was along for the ride so to speak this weekend with the writer/actor. There was a very large burglary that occurred there this weekend. You don't think? I mean it is what the friend specializes in. Justin Theroux (in Paris) (former wife Jennifer Aniston) (Princess Ameera Al-Taweel and Khalifa bin Butti al-Muhairi of Saudia Arabia wedding in Paris)

16. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/01 **#16**
The Dancing Boys of Hollywood, Part 1 - A Dancing Boy Blind Item: This, friends, is the title of the very dancing boy project. It is a ten minute documentary short, being shot in secret, and to be included at the opening of the first dancing boy stage play, "The Dancing Boy of Hollywood: An American Tragedy." It concerns how the practice of child sex trafficking, originating in Afghanistan, was brought to Hollywood in the 1970s - I've finally gotten the inside story. Just now though I want to talk about another dancing boy. Early this morning I wrote him an apology. The last time we saw each other in person - the summer of 1992 - I sat pale and silent, staring through the windshield of my parked car as he told me his own story of abuse. I said nothing afterward either, just nodded. I wanted him to know, after all these years, that I understood - that I remembered it all. He is the subject of the second dancing boy feature, "The Little Drummer Boy." For years after the events that will be depicted in the film, he was a priest. Not anymore. In fact, before too long he will playing himself in the saga. He's kept a low profile in adulthood - I'll discuss more about what he did coming up later - but was photographed in 2014 by a reporter for a major urban tabloid, the one with a numerically named gossip site. It was for a party in conjunction with a literal horse race. His first name, albeit not his stage name, is the same as a saint.
Here is the letter:
Hi *******,
My apologies for addressing you by your stage name, but sometimes it's easier to talk about things this way. I wanted to let you know that all those years ago when I sat, stone-faced, as you told me your story, it wasn't indifference - it was horror. I was literally unable to unlock my jaw, and speak even a word. It was the pain of my own experience, and my absolute sympathy for you. I heard you - every word of it. How will you know? I will recount it, not word for word, but every detail for sure. It happened when you were twelve, you said, and touring parts of the country over summer break with a musical theater group - you even got to spend five days in Ireland. I remember it being church-related, not the Catholic Church, but the other church that many in the community attended simultaneously. It was an ultra-orthodox, breakaway Catholic church that rejected the reforms of Vatican II. You were there that day to rehearse your role as a singing altar boy, but after flubbing a line, cursed under your breath. The priest at the piano stopped then and there, and pointed at the door. You knew what meant: confession. The other boys watched silently as you left the room, and walked down the hall, stopping at the lockers where you and your fellow players stored their street clothes. You opened yours and unzipped your backpack, taking out a flask of whiskey. You drank until it was gone. By the time you got to the booth you felt seasick, you said, and half-incoherent. You barely remember what you said, only that you confessed not just to the swearing but to the drinking and the feelings you were starting to have for one of your classmates. Unexpectedly, the priest came out afterward, and invited you back to his office. He had a smile on his face. Once there, you made small talk - about family and school, the musical, your travels. He had been to Ireland once, as a young priest. Everything is green, he said. Then he picked up the phone and made a call. It was to one of his fellow priests, and for some reason he was speaking in Spanish. (He wasn't himself Latino, but had learned the language to serve the growing Latino community. You weren't yet in junior high, and didn't understand a word of it.) A short time later, two priests arrived, and one of them instructed you to get on your knees and put your hands above your head. You stood up and went for the door, but one of the priests stepped in front of it, and pointed a stun gun at you. You put your hands up, but he shocked you anyhow. You remembered the stinging sensation over all your body, and how you couldn't stay standing. You fell to the floor, where they cuffed your wrists and ankles. One of them helped you up, and told you you were being remanded into their custody. It was a diversionary program, they said, meant to keep troubled kids from ending up in juvenile hall. (You had heard rumors of it, you said, but no one spoke of what happened there.) Hobbled by the restraints, they walked you down the hall, then down a flight of stairs. An armed security guard stood in front of a locked door beneath the church complex. "Intake?" he said. "Yes," one of the priests replied. He unlocked the steel door and you were led down another hall and into a small room, the door locked behind you. One of the priests removed your handcuffs and leg irons and ordered you to undress to your briefs. You did as you were told, remembering the cold of the room, and wanting nothing more than to be home, in bed, asleep. Another priest quipped that they were out of jumpsuits. "What a shame," the first said. "It looks like he'll have to perform this way." With that, the third priest opened an interior door, which led onto a stage, the curtain drawn; there was a single microphone, and a separate curtain-enclosed space. You were pushed out onto the stage and the door shut behind you. The first notes of one of your numbers started. Then, the curtain opened. Two dozen men, maybe more you said, and many of them prominent members of the church and community, were seated in the audience. Some of them cheered when they saw you. You stood there, stone-faced, and pale with terror. But you knew, somehow, that you were supposed to perform. And on cue, you sang the song - beginning to end. When it was over, the men cheered and whistled, and one of the priests - all three by now had entered the space through the audience door - stepped up on stage, and thanked the men for attending. Then, he said, it was time for the main attraction. With that, he opened the interior curtain to reveal an apparatus, imported from Singapore, he said, and used in judicial canings there. A security guard came forward and gripped your wrist, so hard it hurt. He led you toward it, where your waist was pressed against a horizontal bar, and your upper body forced over it. Your wrists were restrained to a separate, lower bar, and your ankles to another one. The priest was handed a cane and the men cheered. He pulled down your briefs to you ankles and they cheered again. And then it began, so many times you said you stopped counting. By the end of it you had blacked out - from drink, from fear, from pain - and all you remember next is waking up in a small cell in a regulation blue jumpsuit and new white briefs.You laid there, your bottom stinging, for what you thought must have been several hours, watching by a moving, closed circuit camera. Your eyes followed it from time to time. Finally, your cell door opened, and in came your favorite priest from the parish - he had been your mentor since you were eight. He could always make you laugh, you said. He was apologetic too, saying he didn't approve of this kind of discipline. He brought you a sandwich, along with candy and soda. You ate it all eagerly (you had missed breakfast that day). "When do I get to leave here?" you asked. "That isn't up to me," he said, gently strumming your hair, "but I might be able to put in a good word for you." With that, he began to touch you, first through your jumpsuit, then after undressing you to your underwear, that way too. Before it was all over, he had inserted his finger into you as he did it. And that was the end: of not just your time in church custody, but your childhood itself. You told no one, not parents, friends, or even the therapist they sent you to when you started acting out. It wasn't a private hell - it was a secret one. And I'm so sorry - that I couldn't be there for you then, couldn't have stopped it from happening. I'm so sorry that you, like me, became one of them: a dancing boy of Hollywood. Be well, and good to yourself ******* ******* *****.
***** ********

(original post 09/26/18)
Let’s call it a time jump on steroids. A popular drama series is looking to shake things up creatively by jumping ahead in time by upwards of two decades. A source cautions that the ambitious idea — which would likely find several of the show’s cast members quadrupling their time in the makeup chair in order to authentically morph into their now-older characters — is still in the planning stages and a number of stars (both literal and figurative) would have to align in order to pull off such a narrative gamble. It’s also unclear how much of the season — and how many of the storylines — would take place in the new, futuristic setting. One likely possibility would find the show toggling between eras (taking a page from This Is Us, Outlander and Westworld’s play books) throughout the season. Now for the clues: The series in question is slated to return with its new season sometime in 2019. And it does not air on one of the Big 5 broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox or The CW). It is a cable/streaming entity. It’s not The Crown. "The Affair"

This MTV star who did double duty between the long running competition show and the show hosted by the former almost A- list mostly movie actress says her "boss" on the show was always trying to pimp her out and didn't understand why she didn't want to be with guys for money. Kailah Casillas ("Real World: Go Big or Go Home"; "The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars"; "The Challenge")/Lindsay Lohan ("Lohan Beach House" in Greece)

This foreign born alliterate model is not trying to get on the reality show back in her home country, but is sleeping with a producer who casts the show in Spain. Asia Argento (Italy)

This alliterate director sent out a casting notice for hundreds of children for a reboot of a classic when no kids are necessary for the movie. Steven Spielberg ("West Side Story")

This disgraced comedian who should stay in his corner paid several dozen people to watch a recent set just so he could try and convince other places to let him play. Louis C. K.

Don't believe the hype this A list politician is trying to spread. Everyone knows he prefers men but that doesn't play on the stage he wants the next couple of years. Corey Booker (trying to keep relationship with Chanda Gibson, executive director of the Council of Urban Professionals, a secret)

This A list show runner is lying when he says he doesn't remember saying a ton of inappropriate remarks. OK, maybe the former cable king doesn't remember, but every other person involved or within ear shot remembers.
Matthew Weiner (accusations of workplace misconduct by former "Mad Men" writer Kater Gordon)

Interesting that this male former teacher to the celebrity offspring of an A++ lister quit his job and moved to be the private tutor to the offspring which puts him in daily contact with the married woman he was supposedly having an affair with for much of the past several years. Melania Trump (son Barron)

"Where is the coke bi**es," is what this Bravo bar reality star said at the premiere after party for this sure to be a big hit movie. She has always been so classy. Scheana Shay ("Vanderpump Rules")

You know what every award season needs? A good showmance. This award season we have a celebrity offspring of an A lister and the guy she will be calling her boyfriend for the next 4+ months who is an A- list mostly movie actor and will be nominated for all the big awards this year. Timothée Chalmet/Lily Rose Depp ("Beautiful Boy")

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#10**
One of the enablers of the disgraced director who is basically his heir apparent and knew everything the disgraced director was doing is hosting a political fundraiser. Sounds sketchy. Simon Kinberg (Bryan Singer "X-Men")

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#11**
That foreign born anonymous stick handler has already got her new A- list mostly movie actor boyfriend to cough up $100K which she says is for an experimental art project. Yeah. The project is her bank account. FKA twigs/Shia LaBeouf

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#12**
I fear that this B-/C+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A list a-hole is going to crash and burn in her sobriety when she finds out the guy she is madly in love with is expecting a baby with a woman he hooked up with two months ago. Ireland Baldwin/Corey Harper

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#13**
This foreign born A list superhero is talking total lies. He likes to pretend he is some type of common guy when, in reality he got rid of any of his old friends from school and anyone who is a regular person gets the cold shoulder. This is of course unless you are an 18-21 year old who will sleep with him despite him being married. Chris Hemsworth

31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#14**
Considering the four bodyguards surrounding the former A- list syndicated actress turned celebrity were all Russian, I guess we know it is not them trying to kill her or her soon to be reunited boyfriend. Pamela Anderson (Chanel: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2019)/Julian Assange

32. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#15**
The story is very touching and some of it might even be true, but there is no way this former A+ list rapper can write a seven figure check and not have it bounce. Kanye "Ye" West (wrote $1 million dollar check to Kim Kardashian to turn down a fashion deal)

33. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/02 **#16**
Just Relax: Over the past two years, this foreign born former A- list singer in his own country who was much lower here despite his name recognition has been responsible for the deaths of at least five women. These women would all be alive if they had not met him. He would meet them online or dating apps. He would get to know them and date them and sleep with them, which is scary enough when it comes to him. He would tell them he wanted to move on to the next step with them, but to do that, they had to share in his lifestyle. He wanted them to use heroin with him. Most said no and he broke up with them then and there. The ones who did stay are for the most part dead. There are two women who used it with him once or twice and then got away as quickly as they could. Our singer gets them hooked and makes them do more and more to earn their fixes. When he gets bored, he gives them a little too much and they fade off to nothingness. How does he get away with it all? This is a guy who years ago sold himself to so many powerful men and knows all their secrets. Their world of privilege would come crashing down. So, the deaths are noted as accidental overdoses. They just all seem to have happened with our singer presiding over them. Pete Doherty

Which skinny reality star has been telling friends that she looks in great shape and has lost several pounds because she is no longer drinking – but in reality, her new body is thanks to getting steroid shots? Another lady on the show has been getting the shots for years, which explains why she can fall over drunk and still look great. Now she has introduced her pal to the process and she is already obsessed. But she needs to be careful – she has already grown muscles and is now shaving in places she didn’t before! Bethenny Frankel (grief diet)/Luann de Lesseps ("The Real Housewives of New York City")

This one named new release for the weekend already sucks, so the efforts of a group of people to discredit it, is probably not necessary. That being said, they are being encouraged in their course of action by this former A+ list singer turned A- list singer/actress. Lady Gaga Fans Accused of Writing Fake ‘Venom’ Reviews to Support ‘A Star Is Born'

It wouldn't shock me at all to see the significant other of this former A+ list athlete turned reality star turned celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity be kicked to the curb because she has been telling tales out of school of the nature of her relationship with the former A lister. Sophia Hutchins/Caitlyn Jenner

That underage loving one named producer/rapper/reality star knows all of his settlements with the underage teens he sexually assaulted are going to be revealed if he complies with certain requests. There are a lot. The Game

Apparently if you date rape an A-/B+ list mostly television actress, you get to land yourself a new role in a pretty big upcoming movie. Noah Centineo ("Charlie’s Angel" reboot)/Kiernan Shipka

This A list singer wants to be a part of a charity concert paying tribute to her ex. So far, none of the organizers want her to be a part. Right now at least, they are not fans of the singer and also feel she would make everything about her, rather than her ex. Ariana Grande/Mac Miller

The producers of this network reality show wanted someone gone because they were tired of actually having to be nice and accommodating. So, they made up a reason and said buh bye. Jerks. "Dancing With the Stars" (voting glitch)/blind contestant Danelle Umstead eliminated

Ahh, you knew it wouldn't be long before this former tween actress from back in the day turned reality star turned host would cheat on her husband. With who, you ask? The very old head of the company that is in overall charge of her most current gig. Alyssa Milano ("Insatiable")

A few weeks ago, I told you this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actress in her own country was fine. The B/B- list actress here was going to have to pay penance with a new sponsor. Meanwhile, her old sponsor is now dead or at least headed that way because of his massive theft from people higher than him on the government ladder. Fan Bingbing (China) (Faces Huge Fines in Tax Evasion)
 (Australian brand "Swisse Vitamins) (director Feng Xiaogang)

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor has a big new movie opening. The thing is though, he is loyal to the disgraced director who "gave" him his first break and has been skipping press and red carpets to support the director. Wrong move buddy. Ben Hardy/Bryan Singer (his first break "X-Men: Apocalypse") ("Bohemian Rhapsody")

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#10**
Apparently this A list athlete found out that his "teammate" was trying to make the girlfriend of the A lister one of his conquests. The guy just can't keep his hands off wives and girlfriends of other athletes. Dustin Johnson/Brooks Koepka/Paulina Gretzky

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#11**
This former escort turned celebrity turned actress turned reality star turned celebrity turned reality star spent 20 minutes at a restaurant yesterday yelling at a pap to hurry up for a photo op. It was so awkward as people just stared at her. Denise Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#12**
We are getting really close to the I am gay defense for this foreign born permanent A+ list athlete who is much less known here in North America. I think he would be willing to out himself. He has spoken about it before. Cristiano Ronaldo

47. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#13**
The tabloids are locking down multiple women who say they have had an affair with this married former B+ list athlete/reality star. This would be a crazy divorce. Eric Decker/Jessie James

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#14**
Already having a few beers just to help him relax is what he says. This A+ list actor has not come close to rock bottom and probably never will. Ben Affleck

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#15**
This former B+ list mostly television actress could really use a reboot of that almost network hit which would never get at least one star back on it. She was at a recent party and is accused of stealing about $25K worth of jewels from the host. Mischa Barton ("The O.C.") ("The Hills" reboot) (not returning Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari)

50. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/03 **#16**
Prolific: More details are coming in about the exit of this foreign born A- list mostly television actor from a very hit show. There was lots of buzz, but never any real concrete answers. It turns out there are answers now, but they are coming from disparate sources. One of the sources is actually a co-star. Probably equal to or higher than the subject of our blind. He has been drunkenly telling people that our married A- lister got a woman pregnant. A woman that our drunk also hooked up with. The woman told the drunk when she was wondering what to do. Now, at about the same time, word got back to the set that a woman was pregnant by our A- lister. At first, everyone thought it was the same woman who told the drunk. It turns out though, it is an entirely different woman. That's right, our married actor got two different women pregnant at the same time. No wonder he is leaving the show. He has to get out of town before any other pregnant women show up. His marriage is hanging by a thread. What isn't clear at this time is if both of the women are keeping their respective babies.
Foreign born A-list actor: Andrew Lincoln
Show: "The Walking Dead"
Drunk Co-star: Norman Reedus

Nicki Minaj has emotionally shared some of her past experiences with domestic violence. The rapper posted two clips Tuesday on social media from her forthcoming "Queen" documentary. In one she talks about being a little girl and throwing out her arms to protect her mother after her father's alleged abuse. "Maybe some people would describe me as abrasive or bitchy or whatever because I vowed from that age no man would ever abuse me, call me out my name or treat me like that," Minaj said as she became emotional. "Then all of a sudden that was my life." In another clip, the 35-year-old rapper spoke about how an abusive relationship as an adult made her feel and affected her ability to make music. "Who was I going to inspire when I had nothing in me to give?" she said. "I let one human being make me so low that I didn't even remember who I was. I was scared to get in the studio. I didn't believe in myself." Minaj did not name the man from that relationship. Relocating to Miami helped her, she said, and after "catching a vibe" she eventually returned to New York, where she recorded songs such as "Coco Chanel" and "Good Form" that are featured on her "Queen" album released in August. Minaj has not announced a release date for her "Queen" documentary. CNN has reached out to the rapper's reps for additional comment. Safaree Samuels (couldn’t inspire as judge on "American Idol")

52. POPBITCH 10/04
(British blog)
Which #MeToo disaster-in-waiting once ended a one night stand by asking the woman who was getting ready to leave his house if she'd mind staying for an extra ten minutes so "I can piss on your face?"
Joseph or Ralph Fiennes

A network executive recently got into some very hot water for apparently outing this foreign born A list mostly movie actor. Vincent "Vinnie" Favale (Hugh Jackman)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor is trying to rehabilitate his image. Instead of apologizing for everything he still insists he doesn't take drugs and never has hit a woman. Stop the lying. Johnny Depp

This A list mostly television actress who has had middling success in movies just doesn't know when to let things go. Once again, the actress from an iconic role is throwing a former co-star under the bus and blaming her for a reboot failure. In reality it is the A lister who is the hangup because of her money and diva demands. Sarah Jessica Parker (Still Can’t Imagine Sex and the City 3 Without Kim Cattrall)

Just because she landed a gig in a format she swore she would never do years ago because she needs the money, doesn't mean she has kicked her drug habit. This former A- list mostly television actress just has a cheaper habit than she used to. It is more of a pills stolen from parties kind of habit now. Mischa Barton ("The Hills") (Fearne Cotton’s Fearne And…)

It didn't take long for our favorite alliterate model to unfollow the actor that this A+ list singer calls her boyfriend. By my count the follow fest lasted all of a month. Karlie Kloss/Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift

As part of a deal to keep things out of the public eye, this former A- list dual threat actor from an acting family walked away from a network show that has been nothing but problems for the network since it started. If not for the decent ratings, it would have been gone a long time ago. It has been plagued by men harassing women. Damon Wayans Jr. ("Lethal Weapon")

This A/A- list mostly television actress who seemingly stars in every show made by this showrunner went straight to a televised event from the bed of her much much younger lover who her significant other knows nothing about. Sarah Paulson (Ryan Murphy "American Horror Story")/Holland Taylor

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who dominated a genre for several years back in the day is on again/off again with his wife because of his numerous sexual assaults of her over the years. She is not the only one. A laundry list of leading ladies will tell you no woman ever wanted to work with him more than once. Steven Seagal/Erdenetuya Batsukh

Don't believe the hype. There is no way on this earth that this B list celebrity offspring is going to sign any kind of agreement giving up the nine figures she thinks she is on her way to collecting in the inevitable divorce to come. Would you? Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber (post nuptial agreement)

62. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/04 **#10**
Two things. This network anchor wants to not only keep her job or get the top job at the network, but is also fighting to keep out the supposedly returning fallen one. Where does she get her information to get what she wants on both fronts? All the deep digs her former bosses did on all higher up on air talent at other networks. They know everything about everyone on air, including their own. An executive at her former employer has been sharing the goods on her current or future co-workers. Megyn Kelly/Matt Lauer ("Fox News")

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/04 **#11**
Ruh oh. Looks like this now former MTV star has learned he is not the father of the baby his significant other is carrying. With all of his issues though, he has managed to stay quiet about his other child that is the secret no one talks about, but everyone kind of knows. It would never happen now, but back then, things were different and a drunken hookup later, lips are sealed. Mackenzie Standifer ("Teen Mom 2")/Ryan Edwards (father of Maci Bookout’s first child)

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/04 **#12**
This former west coast Housewife "f**ked her son's teacher to get him an A for the year." She said she would do it every year if need be. Brandi Glanville ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

65. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/04 **#13**
Any conversation with this former A list reality star who took that long ago reality show appearance and turned it into a fairly steady celebrity/reality career inevitably turns to a trashing of his replacements in the reboot of the show. He has nothing nice to say ever. Carson Kressley ("Queer Eye")

66. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/04 **#14**
He didn't wait to see her naked until she was legal, but at least this married A- list mostly television actor waited until she was legal to have sex with the actress who plays his daughter. Anthony Anderson/ Yara Shahidi ("Black-ish")

67. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/04 **#15**
Interesting. Apparently the model who is hooking up with the A+ list drunk used to hook up with this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family until the model got into a run in with the celebrity girlfriend of the actor. Shauna Sextion/Ben Affleck/Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/04 **#16**
He Killed Her: Apparently, he confessed. He got drunk and confessed. He did so to the sister of the woman he killed who he was also sleeping with. He says he killed her because she was going to leave him and take the kids. So, since she already had issues with drugs, he just gave her a little more while she was already passed out and she never woke up. Apparently the sister is not the first person he confessed to. He also confessed to a celebrity ex-girlfriend who is an ex-girlfriend because he told her. She thought she was the only one sleeping with him while he was married, but he was also sleeping with his wife and his sister-in-law. At this point, the whole family knows, and has known for almost two years that he did it. That he killed this celebrity. So far though, the family is willing to sweep it under the rug for the sake of the kids. They had already come to terms with the death and even though he was the one who added the extra to kill her, they have convinced themselves she would have ended up dead anyway. There is so much drug death in that family.
Killer: Thomas Cohen
Woman he killed: Peaches Geldof

Sister: Tigerlily or Pixie Geldof
Celebrity ex-girlfriend: Daisy Lowe

Our favorite celebrity CEO is being pressured by both of his ex wives to go to rehab. Things are out of control. There were even whispers of people talking a 5150 hold. Elon Musk ("Tesla")/Talulah Riley and Justine Musk

Perhaps this foreign born A list athlete should focus on his fight instead of cheating on his significant other to the point he is tardy to work commitments. Conor McGregor (UFC 229 press conference)

Multiple police reports were filed, against a low level operator, who is part of a big network of very evil people. This is only the beginning of a very bad month for many extremely sick and powerful people. You all know all of the players, and you all know who has been working to bring them down. "Scientology"/Leah Remini

This A- list mostly movie actress who also does commercials all of you know wants her divorce finalized so she can finally show off her long time boyfriend. Apparently he has proposed and she said yes. Jennifer Garner

Dancing Boy: Much like a certain foreign airline, I stand by my interview with the former child actress. It all took place on a recent, secret trip to Hollywood - at the McDonalds on La Cienega (we were both in disguise). I transcribed the whole thing - we argued over the McNuggets, and discussed catering on the set of that one movie back in the day (table scraps, basically) - on the back of a kid's placemat in crayon. Will post on twitter soon...

She had called the paps to all be at a location at a certain time. The paps were all in place, but our celebrity offspring could nothing to get her foreign born former A+ list tweener significant other to wake from his drug induced state. It took nearly an hour of shaking him before he was able to emerge from the vehicle. Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber

Don't believe the hype. This west coast Housewife is being told to choose from some ready to go designs and is not developing or designing anything of her own, no matter how much she wants you to believe it. Shannon Beador ("The Real Housewives of Orange County")

This B+ list actress really deserves to be about a C lister at this point. I mean, she really does absolutely nothing. At this point she is surviving on that massive divorce settlement. She does have A+ list name recognition. Apparently as part of that settlement she is not allowed to talk about her ex or anything tangentially related to him. That would make for a boring interview. Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise)

Usually this former A- list mostly television actress who got lucky twice with television shows keeps her crazy sexual escapades mostly private. She was so wasted though at a recent club that she kept trying to do get a threesome going in the VIP area of the club. No one was going for it including her boyfriend. He might be gone soon though because apparently, she is spending Halloween in Dubai. $$$. Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes" and "Nashville")/Brian Hickerson

78. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#10**
I don't have information from every single appearance she makes on television, but for the past five that I know about, this foreign born A list reality host was incredibly nice to every person she encountered and even took photos with people (which she never does). A 180 degree turn. It seems genuine too, and not something her PR team said she needed to do because everyone really disliked coming into contact with her. Padma Lakshmi ("Top Chef")

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#11**
#10 has someone making a positive turn in their fan interaction. On the opposite side is this alliterate former A list singer/wannabe actor who started dating a single mom a few months ago. He terrorized her. He threatened to call child protective services on her if she didn't do certain sexual things. She said he would spit on her and talk about what an awful mom she is and that her kid would probably end up in jail. He was just awful. A family member finally intervened and blocked the singer from seeing the woman any longer.

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#12**
If their split is permanent, this would be a pretty quick divorce for the former A/A- list network reality star/wannabe actress who is really not all that good at acting. Apparently she and her celebrity husband have been fighting a lot as of late and have been frequently sleeping in separate houses. Julianne Hough/Brooks Laich

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#13**
Who gets the award for the most coke use outside a courthouse? This cable reality star. Just no shame in her game at all. It was like Saturday night in the club out there for her. Jenni "JWoww" Farley (sentencing of "Jersey Shore" castmate "The Situation")

82. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#14**
This former A list comic who finds his girlfriends from high school senior photos, has been making his girlfriend find other barely legal teens for him to hook up with while she watches. Dane Cook

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#15**
This foreign born former A list mostly movie actor is probably A-/B+ list now because there has been no followup to that franchise of his, is already getting treatment for thinning hair. The actor everyone thinks is super hot is going to end up with Nicolas Cage hair which is why he is starting now. Theo James (The "Divergent" series " Ascendant")

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#16**
Our favorite former Disney actress turned meh adult actress/future porn star should be more careful about her Bluetooth, especially when she is DJ'ing and her phone calls go right through to the speakers and everyone hears her place her drug orders and delivery instructions. She didn't seem to care, but the dealers risking jail might. Bella Thorne (her sister Dani is a DJ)

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/05 **#17**
Pimping: An actor who has fallen from some pretty big heights is this foreign born former A- list mostly movie actor. He got that high on the list, thanks to a franchise when he was younger. Since then, he has made bad choice after bad choice. If you run into him on the street, he is generally a nice guy if you want a photo. The people he isn't nice to are his employees. Oh, he has employees. They are women who he finds on the street where he buys his drugs. They tell him that he looks familiar. He throws out one or two lines from his movies and then buys them some drugs. He then convinces them to start turning tricks for him. This is where he changes in an instant. They assume he is going to be the same happy go lucky guy when they work for him. Nope. Beatings are frequent, especially if they don't bring home enough money. He also sexually assaults them, usually using objects he finds around the house. There have been several of his employees who have required hospitalization, but they don't say anything. He is an evil person hiding behind that failed movie star facade.

This late night show has that 70 something year old singer on standby because they are worried the musical performer won't be able to perform. The drug use this week has been extraordinary.
Show: "Saturday Night Live"
Standby singer: Paul Simon or Paul McCartney
Musical performer this week: Travis Scott

It isn't like anyone will do anything because no one wants to make the A+ list singer mad or embarrassed. Everyone does a little bribing, but usually the recipient of the bribe does not brag to the world about the wonderful bribe being given and why they are receiving it. Taylor Swift (bribing the Grammy committee with free VIP tickets to her reputation Stadium Tour)

This former naked celebrity turned wannabe reality star is cheating on her athlete turned reality star turned celebrity husband. She thinks the guy she is cheating with is single, but he isn't. Kayla Rae Reid/Ryan Lochte

This former A list athlete turned reality start which ruined his career turned drug user has always said he has a ton of money left from his carer. So, why was he trying to borrow six figures from his reality star ex last month. Lamar Odom/Khloé Kardashian

Our favorite former Teen Mom turned porn star tried to get the alliterate red head thrown out of a club last night. Instead, the red head chased the former Teen Mom out to the Teen Mom's car and laid into her for the attempted kicking out. It looked like it would escalate, but the former Teen Mom just stayed put until the scene calmed down. Farrah Abraham/Phoebe Price

This A list country singer with the eponymous band had a good thing going, but got blinded by the much younger woman showing interest so he bailed on the marriage. It isn't like this was the first time he cheated, but was the first time it got serious. Zac Brown

It is going to be really interesting to see if the celebrity CEO shows up to claim the two seats set aside for him tonight at the big UFC fight. I would just keep a camera on him the whole night. My guess is he won't want to leave the coke for long, so will show up two minutes before the big fight and then bail right after. I'm waiting for him to get so messed up he forgets he is Tweeting from his mom's account. Elon Musk (He didn't show, but is still Tweeting from mom's account.)

This former A- list actor turned C lister with A list name recognition turned A- lister who blew a big chance and the show with his drug addiction still has A list name recognition. He also screwed himself over because there is a record of him talking about drugs and failing drug tests and three other times he was involved in domestic violence or violence against women. I'm not sure why he decided to choose a route where all this would be brought to light. Columbus Short ("Scandal")

Dear Reporters,
Please ask the big winner last night about a flight from LA to NYC and what he did to the drink of a woman seated next to him. Then ask him about the sexual assault of that women in an airport bathroom when they landed. Just see what he says and get him on record.
Love & Bacon,

If you think it was a decision he made on his own, you would be wrong. This former A+ list rapper got shut down by his wife. I don't think he knew she had the passwords. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian shutting down social media (I think we learned this week, just how easy those passwords were)

A Birdie Blind Item: In from the big media grapevine... This one concerns not him but one of his fellow alums - they have a lot in common, just not the allegations. You see: the alum has a story of his own. While serving in this one capacity in high school, one of the men was frequently so drunk that he mistook the boy for a girl. On one occasion, in an elevator of the famous building, he touched the boy's chest. "You're late," he said, "but I like that." Another time, weeks later, he saw the boy waiting for a ride home. He pulled to the curb. "You need a ride, honey?" "No sir," the boy replied. Smart on his part. It was never a good idea to get into a car with this one. Neil Gorsuch (Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States) (attended Georgetown Preparatory School, the same as Brett Kavanaugh) (while in high school he served as a United States Senate Page in the early 1980s where Ted Kennedy served as a Senator)

This former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity organized a big event. She raised a lot of money from sponsors for said event. She then pocketed all the money for herself which led to a string of people and vendors canceling when she asked them to do the event for free or would pay them after which she meant as never. Amber Rose ("Slut Walk")

Don't believe the hype. That wasn't this one named street artist hanging out in the back of an auction. It was a double. Well, not really a double because if it was a double, then it would have to look like this foreign born three named actor. So, more of a stand in really. Banksy ("I secretly built a shredder into a painting")

Look what happens when you don't tell your people to stand down on all those deaths related to a family I talked about on that podcast and that house down south. The next thing you know, you are dead. I bet the second in command closes the investigations down in a hurry. Journalist Jamal Khashoggi ‘killed inside Saudi consulate’ ("St. Charles House of Horrors")

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/07 **#7**
Old Hollywood: Considered the Yoko One of Hollywood, the wife of this Oscar winning actor who knew he would win, but didn't enjoy the win so to speak cut the actor off from all friends and family. She also had him cut out all previous children from his life and estate and even had him stop paying child support. Peter Finch (won Oscar in 1977 for "Network" and died in 1977) wife Eletha Barrett

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/07 **#8**
Why yes, that was this former MTV star out of town this weekend being pawed by an old man and his son. She was all in though for that money and the chance to be seen after the deed was done on television during a big event previously mentioned today. Farrah Abraham (UFC 229 fight)

102. THE GOSSIP LIFE 10/08
We’re hearing that the fan backlash has gotten to this media company and apparently a controversial decision that was made months ago about this A list show has now been reversed. Expect the fans to rejoice. HBO’s "Game of Thrones" prequel

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#1**
A key individual was deliberately not invited to a statue revealing. This was done in retaliation for what has been perceived as that individual's lack of public facing support for the widow. However, this snub was noticed by another individual who helped to smuggle this person into the event anyway, much to the irritation of the widow and her family. Chris Cornell Commemorated With Statue In Seattle/Vicky Karayiannis/brother Peter Cornell smuggled in by "Soundgarden" band member Ben Shepherd

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#2**
Don't believe the hype. The only dating app this foreign born former boy bander is on is Grindr. Yes, he does use the picture of one of his best friends from school. Harry Styles ("One Direction")

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#3**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is fairly good at keeping a straight face but during a recent presser for his new movie, the actor almost lost it when his singer co-star started going off about some crap story that made no sense whatsoever. She just expects people to fall for whatever she is spewing. Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#4**
This A- list comic actress is making a huge deal about a recent event where she spent time with law enforcement. The thing is though, the actress is ignoring the fact the whole thing from booking to release took five minutes and she was the one who insisted on being arrested in the first place. The police asked her multiple times if she was sure she wanted to be arrested. It was the opposite of anything stressful, so don't let her tell you otherwise. Amy Schumer (arrested in Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh protests)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#5**
As I told you before, this east coast Housewife was just doing her version of Lea/Cory when she was shedding crocodile tears for her now former boyfriend. Nothing like some good sympathy from the masses even though the relationship was already done. I guarantee if you ask when she started seeing her new guy, it was way more than two months ago. Ask him. Not her. Bethenny Frankel ("The Real Housewives of New York City") (deceased boyfriend Dennis Shields)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#6**
This A- list rapper is pretty much only a dad now in the relationship with his ex. Sure, they hang out, but he has at least three other serious girlfriends he rotates through, one of whom is pregnant. That A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig is pretty much an afterthought when it comes to being a girlfriend. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#7**
This former A+ list tweener is back in town for a bit again and is already hanging out with his LA based drug dealer and some of the same group that had multiple arrests the last time they all hung out as a group. Justin Bieber

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **#8**
This foreign born still one hit wonder might be able to sleep with guys for tracks or her monthly bills, but no guy was going to take on the task of helping her finance a tour which would have been a huge monetary loss. No promotion company was willing to take it on which is why she needed some outside help. Iggy Azalea

111. THE GOSSIP LIFE 10/09
Prepare for this to be big news. I’m hearing of HUGE conflicts regarding this upcoming A list movie. Apparently there are so many agendas at play that the creatives involved are clashing over portrayals of characters and situations etc. "It’s common for a biopic," says a source, "but not to this level." Another source tells me that one A list talent involved is a big part of the difficulty, claiming that [name omitted] is attempting to create a whitewashed version of events because of their personal ties to one of the people depicted. "Vice" (movie about Dick Cheney)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#1**
This married late night host is back to his old tricks of drinking and hitting in college students in dive bars. I'm sure his wife is thrilled. Jimmy Fallon

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#2**
This cable reality star all of you know is leading up to the days of his wedding by hooking up with as many women as possible. He says he will stop when he gets married. Doubtful. He always has an excuse why he should cheat. Jax Taylor/Brittany Cartwright ("Vanderpump Rules")

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#3**
I'm not sure why this foreign born one named A+ list singer/rapper just doesn't call the tour quits at this point and head to rehab. At this point what he is doing each night is embarrassing and the constant leaving fans in the lurch is just not nice. Drake

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#4**
This former A+ list athlete in his corner of the sports world has a PR team that spends like crazy. They also make sure they drive the narrative and have everyone try and pretend what a horrible guy he is to an ex who has no money for PR or fighting back. He uses money as a weapon against her and it is awful.
Lance Armstrong or Jose Canseco

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#5**
If you ever wanted to hook up with a foreign born former A- list network reality star from multiple seasons of the show, now is your chance. She is on a sugar daddy site and making deals right and left. Karina Smirnoff ("Dancing With the Stars")

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#6**
I found one thing I agree on with this former A- list mostly television actress. That Hollywood fund which makes bad guys feel good about themselves and does absolutely nothing for anyone except pay a bunch of money for salaries and parties is a waste and a sham. The amount they give out is probably 5% of what they take in. Rose McGowan/"Times Up"

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#7**
This former B list celebrity turned reality star turned part-time porn star is broke. Her booze and drug habit is so out of control that whatever she makes from sleeping with men for money just goes straight to drugs. Courtney Stodden

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#8**
This alliterate for naked celebrity turned C+ list celebrity is telling friends she and her A+ list actor boyfriend are trying to get her pregnant. Pretty sure that would be news to the actor who already dumped his most recent public ex because she wanted a family, not to mention the multiple women he has made take the morning after pill while married. He used to keep a supple on hand and would give one to a woman every morning and watch her take it. Shauna Sexton (although they split today)/Ben Affleck (ex" Lindsay Shookus)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#9**
It is really interesting that the guy who arranged the initial pay for play date between this foreign born permanent A+ lister and his now wife is no longer welcome in the home by the wife. Guilt by association? Maybe she is afraid he will talk about the others?
Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (PROBABLY Tom Inskip)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#10**
This oft wasted A/A- list rapper has taken his quest to drive that reality star significant other out of his love life for good to a whole new level. Apparently he has been hooking up with not just one woman at a time but multiple. He has group sex sessions where he makes the women strip naked before entering his bedroom. He then makes them all wear matching men's white t shirts (he has a box of brand new ones next to his bed). Someone please explain that fetish to me if you please. The two women I spoke to were two of the five who had group sex with him one night. One of those that I spoke to, then met up with him several times after and he was always trying to organize more threesomes/ foursomes. That reality star calls sometimes during sex and he just rolls his eyes and turns the phone over. He apparently has a huge bed with different levels which seems designed for group sex - 4 to 5 people could sleep in it comfortably. He makes the women hand over their phones and clothes to one of his "minions" before entering his bedroom which is locked with a passcode. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#11**
After two weeks of nice reports from a set where this A list actress/writer is working on a new project, I thought perhaps she had changed. Nope. While enjoying a very very expensive free perks complete with private jet flight, our writer/actress from multiple hit network shows complained about everything, including the size of the private jet and how few security this conglomerate assigned her for her free trip. "National Mean Girls Day", Tina Fey renamed New York's W. 52nd Street into W. Fetch Street

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#12**
They tried to reunite and be the happy couple they once were, but this foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actor says things are just not the same with his wife any longer. They basically live separate lives and she is once again, seeing someone on the side. Colin Firth and wife Livia Giuggioli publicly accused her ex-lover of stalking her

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#13**
Apparently the celebrity CEO said yes to an invitation featuring the former A+ list rapper and the CEO's former temporary roommate. I can't imagine the three of them in the same room together. Elon Musk/Kanye West/Azealia Banks

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#14**
This married B+ list celebrity/reality star has been doing a lot more solo things since all the cheating buzz surrounding her celebrity husband. They used to do every event together, and now she handles the vast majority, alone. Jessie James Decker/Eric Decker

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#15**
That a-hole former A list athlete in his corner of the sport world turned multiple network reality star guy made a deal with his soon to be bride. He will marry her and she has to accept there will be other women. She thinks she can change him. Nope. Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Dutch-born American auto racing driver and son of two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Arie Luyendyk) ("The Bachelorette" and "The Bachelor")/Lauren Burnham

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/09 **#16**
Rule Change: It was not that long ago that this record label owner was the procurer of underage females for the stars on his label and others he was close to who would pay him. The one named owner would send one of his big acts to play a high school for free. It was always under the guise of some scholarship program or stay in school stuff. He would send in his people during the show and collect names, phone numbers and social media information. Then, people in his office would start communicating with them to see who would be interested in hooking up with one of the stars on the label. He literally had hundreds of names of females ranging in age from 12-18. They would be given tickets and a ride to the concert or party in a limo with some crap tale to tell their family about being a contest winner. So, at any given party there would be a dozen or so underage females. Well, with the dynamics of business changing and lawsuits aplenty, the individual artists started taking matters into their own hands. It is why there are so many cases of them being called out for it on social media. Oh, nothing happens to them legally for doing it. There have been hardly any consequences at all for the nearly hundred cases of an underage female being raped by a singer/musician/rapper that I have tracked over the past year. Almost zero is the percentage who speak up. Still though, it only takes one or two to bring everyone down. Maybe. One person who is concerned is the one named owner and his A- list celebrity significant other who has taken it upon herself to make a new rule that she will be the point person for requests for underage females. She considers herself a matchmaker. I consider her to be sick. She has gone from A+ list and respected to someone who sells herself and others just to keep her lifestyle. Birdman ("Cash Money Records")/Drake/Toni Braxton

128. THE GOSSIP LIFE 10/10
Don’t expect any new music from this A list singer in the future. She has no interest in recording a new album after her latest one tanked and failed to meet expectations. "She blames the fans for not appreciating good music," says the source, Cranky Catherine. "I kinda think it was more on the album sucking." I guess that it’s a mercy then. Duffy

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#1**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: Like sands through the hourglass, one thing that remains consistent is this foreign born A- list alliterate singer who is making up for some lost time in her coke use. She was on double secret probation after being busted multiple times on tour by her host. Last night, she was full on coke all night long. Not even a bloody nose slowed her down. Camila Cabello (Taylor Swift)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#2**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: An interesting story being shared last night by this west coast Housewife. Apparently, despite the jinx effect, she was going to get a second season. Then, her ostensible boss intervened and called in some favors and the show went bye bye. The boss wanted her all for himself. Kyle Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Alicia Silverstone (jinx)/American Woman/Andy Cohen

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#3**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: Asking anyone to keep them straight is hard. One half of this duo had a date with him. Next to him. Apparently this ex of the foreign born former A+ list tweener started hitting on our a-hole singer right in front of the date. When the date started to complain, our singer said something along the line of, "Do you see who is standing in front of us. If I have the chance to f**k her tonight, I will take my chances with our relationship." So, yeah. Alex Pall ("The Chainsmokers")/Chantel Jeffries (ex-Justin Bieber)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#4**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This still really young female duo were chain smoking blunts and talking smack about the person who is supposed to be their idol at least according to the PR releases issued by their supposed idol. "Chloe x Halle" (Chloe and Halle Bailey)/Beyoncé

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#5**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: I am kind of surprised this former A list "singer" showed up last night. She was kind of forced to because of the family situation, but she was not happy about being there. Finding out her husband has been cheating on her with his television co-star did not make for the warmest of evenings. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross ("Star")

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#6**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This winning rapper has decided to start a feud she thinks she can win with the singer I like to refer to as a kind of mall pharmacy. They can't stand each other already and yes, that was a little get out of the way shove from the winning rapper which landed square in the chest of the other singer. Cardi B/Bebe Rexha ("Rexall" drug store)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#7**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This A list singer/rapper who had a really good last 12 months or so was so wasted he could barely function. It might explain why he didn't even attempt to lip sync. Sipping lean in the lineup on the red carpet and throughout the hour before the show started probably had something to do with it. Oh, and drinking it in the show too. Post Malone

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#8**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show of many seasons has had some movie success. She also went off on a reporter on the red carpet she had just passed. Apparently that reporter, who did not interview the actress, was doing a worst dressed list and after watching the actress walk by declared out loud, the actress was at the top of that list. A nice little tongue lashing followed about how those types of things didn't matter. Cobie Smulders

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#9**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This foreign born A list singer kept subconsciously touching his nether regions all night. Just constantly rubbing it from the outside which no one could recall him doing before. Sitting there during the show and rubbing. Another spy mentioned the same thing hours later at an after party. Just wouldn't stop. It was really awkward to watch and even more awkward to be in a conversation with him. Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio)
(Photo #1) (Photo #2) (Photo #3) (Photo #4)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#10**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This former A+ list tweener actress who definitely has taken a big slip in the listing since that very hit show on which she starred, ended, said she wanted to land a huge role in a movie. So, for the first time ever she willingly hit the casting couch. She said that back in the day she was regularly groped by a boss to stay on the tweener show, but that she was not a willing participant. Laura Marano ("Austin & Ally")

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#11**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: One of the strangest stories people were talking about and that our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer confirmed was that all this past weekend she spent a lot of time texting and talking on the phone to that former A- list reality star ex of hers. Yes, she openly cheated on him and mocked him, but they were both acting like it never happened, at least via phone. Rita Ora/ Rob Kardashian

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#12**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This one named singer who used to be part of a much bigger group was so whacked out on something last night that she was siting at an after party pulling out her hair extensions and not even caring she was ripping out her own hair in the process. Normani ("Fifth Harmony")

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#13**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: I don't know why this one named singer dated this rapper in the first place or why she even took him back. At a party last night, he literally took out his manhood and showed it to a waitress and said that is what she should be snacking on. Literally out of the blue. No context or previous discussion. Is that his go to pickup line for the service industry? Halsey/G-Eazy

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#14**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This not even old enough to drive singer from a manufactured group which also delved into television was slipped some kind of drug by someone and had to be chaperoned for a good hour until her parents could come pick her up. Lexi Drew (former member of the group "L2M")

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#15**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This foreign born A list musician who is usually behind the scenes in movie and television was apparently still really down about things in her life right now. Last night was the first time anyone remembers her talking about the affair with the disgraced A list director/producer which led to the breakup of her marriage. Her husband caught her with the director who dumped her two days later.

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#16**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: The publicist for this A- list mostly movie actress was at a party last night and was mockingly explaining how she had set up weekly stories with the tabloids for the next three months to roll out the romance between the actress and the guy she has been seeing forever. It won't be talked about like that but they are old friends and reunited and he was her rock during tough times and it led to more than friendship and now they are engaged. They already are engaged, but this is the process set forth for the tabloids who will just print away and do what they are told. Jennifer Garner

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#17**
That former actor is no longer accusing a celebrity couple these days. The former actor was making it up all along, and got scared by a letter from the celebrity couple’s attorney. Isaac Kappy (Seth Green/Clare Grant)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#18**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: This foreign born former reality star/celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister was knee deep in coke at a party last night. The always judgy celebrity thinks it is fine for her but will say how others shouldn't do it. Kelly Osbourne

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/10 **#19**
AMERCIAN MUSIC AWARDS: The Sponsor: So, last night something happened which really disturbed one of my spies to the point they said they just need to get out of the music business. It is just so toxic right now. I don't think people realize that #MeToo or #TimesUp never even really set foot in the music industry. Yes, there is the Dr. Luke/Kesha situation, but that is it. Even that is far from settled with people taking sides about what really happened. For the most part, things have become worse, not better over the years. The abuse of power by producers and A&R people is crazy. They hold so many cards and if you want in the game, you are going to play by their rules. They know it and take advantage of it. You want to play a club or get your single played at a club or on the radio? Those in power take advantage. All of this extends to almost the A list level. There are too many people waiting to take your place and singers are easily interchangeable. Last night, this barely able to drive singer who has a huge following, but not a big music presence yet, was confronted by two men. One was in his 30's and the other probably in his 40's, although could have been a little older. The one in his 30's is part of her music world and she was kissing him and flirting and he had his hands all over her body and under her dress. Then, the guy in his 40's shows up and starts yelling at the singer and the guy and takes a shove at the guy. Apparently this guy is the one who has been paying the bills for the singer while she transitions from one career to the next. Apparently he even paid for her dress and he gets so angry he tries to rip the dress off the singer to take it back with him and return it. Things get crazy heated. Finally, this singer just tells the 30 something guy she needs to go and leaves the party with the older guy who has his arm kind of around her neck and he is telling her she has a lot of making up to do to him and they can get started in the car. My spy said they almost threw up. It was so sick and there were no signs of any parental supervision or anyone watching out for her and my spy said the sad thing is the singer might never even have a hit or a career, and will be bouncing between men like that hoping for a hit and that hey can deliver. Loren Gray (16 years old) (YouTube personality)

148. THE GOSSIP LIFE 10/11
What happens when you star in a big movie but you can’t take a lot of the projects you’re being offered because you’re signed up for a television show that you’re lukewarm on? Well, you call your agent and demand that they get you off, of course! That’s exactly what this fairly sudden A lister has done and their agent is working overtime to try and get them written off. Maybe a nice bribe of some cash in an envelope or a fancy trip will work. Constance Wu ("Crazy Rich Asians"/"Fresh Off the Boat"); Tiffany Haddish ("Girls Trip"/"The Last O.G.")

Which real housewife gets such preferential treatment that internally she is referred to as, ‘the Putin" of Bravo. Other talent on the network joke that this reality star seems to have so much power over boss Andy Cohen, that she must have a secret Russian dossier with all the skinny on him and a pee tape with male hookers. She always gets a better edit than the other cast members and is even rumored to be involved in cast and firing decisions. Andy might think he is running the show but deep down everyone inside Bravo knows that this "Putin," is the real boss! Bethenny Frankel ("The Real Housewives of New York City")

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#1**
This disgraced actor from an acting family who is trying desperately to make a comeback and is thankfully being thwarted had an outfit he wanted his maid to wear. She said no because it wasn't appropriate. He fired her. James Franco

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#2**
Apparently everyone is afraid or reluctant or whatever to say what I will say and that is the former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress tried to kill herself again. This is the second time in just about as many months. Selena Gomez (seeking treatment at an East Coast psychiatric facility)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#3**
This couple is like the Will and Jada Pinkett Smith of this decade. The A/A- list actress and her lower on the list husband are always reminding each other of the their wonderful/hot/sexy/amazing/you should have it better/fun marriage. What they don't tell you about are the knockdown drag out fights and the half dozen times they have lived apart during their marriage. Sofía Vergara/Joe Manganiello

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#4**
This openly gay singer/songwriter/actress who sounds foreign born, but really isn't has already been cheated on several times by the foreign born alliterate actress with the upcoming huge gig. The couple have only been going out a few weeks, but our alliterate actress says there are too many women headed her way to be tied down, regardless of what she told her girlfriend. St. Vincent/Ruby Rose ("Batwoman")

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#5**
There are those out there that think the celebrity CEO is cool because he sits around and smokes pot and does plenty of other partying with plenty of other substances. Then, there are investors in a company other than the one he falsely shills for who hate it because his partying loses them huge contracts which are needed to keep the company solvent. Elon Musk (Tesla, Inc.)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is becoming even more insufferable than usual because of the success of his latest movie. The foreign born model he calls his girlfriend is tired of being paraded like a piece of meat and his suggestions she get as close to naked as Emily Ratajkowski. She is this close to leaving this charade of a relationship. Bradley Cooper ("A Star Is Born")/Irina Shayk

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#7**
Well, it didn't take long for this foreign born initialed singer to leak out some news about her love life. She thinks it will keep this A+ list mostly move actor in her orbit longer. She thinks she is kinky enough to hold his interest. Not really. This is a very very short term thing and she will be talking about schedules and distances before long. Jessie J/Tatum Channing

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#8**
This former A- list actress turned B- list actress turned A+ list actress turned permanent still young A- list actress who really doesn't act very much any longer but who all of you know hit her head while drunk and passed out. That is where one of her children found her.

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#9**
This back in the day one named A list singer not only got used by her latest celebrity boyfriend but is in dire financial straits. She wasted a ton of time and money and potential gigs to travel to see him. Meanwhile, he is paying multiple women thousands of dollars a month to be on standby by for him whenever he wants a hookup. Ashanti/James Harden ("Houston Rockets")

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#10**
She only uses one name, but it is a tough one to pronounce unless you have heard it before. She is A- list. She also recently gave a speech about being who you are and not trying to change to please others and blah blah blah. What she didn't say was anything about her lap band surgery and her breast lift and enlargement and some work done to her face. But yeah, keep telling people you did it all on your own through diet and exercise. Sza (pronounced Sizza)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#11**
This former Bachelorette says she has not had sex with her husband in well over a year.

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#12**
Apparently it is cool to take a break from worshiping God to hit the restroom with your meth pipe. That is if you are this A list singer all of you know. Justin Bieber

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#13**
This foreign born A+ list author always wanted to meet her childhood crush, so she hired him. Her crush apparently can do no wrong and it doesn't matter that he is a drug addicted woman beater. Now, all the others in his situation she would condemn, but not this A list actor. Nope. J. K. Rowling/Johnny Depp ("Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald")

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#14**
This openly gay female actress is probably A-/B+ list. It kind of depends on if you watched her shows or not. Anyway, she has a new show and is telling women she can get them roles if they will sleep with her. She puts that last part a little more graphically than I did. Raven-Symoné ("Raven's Home"); Sara Gilbert ("The Connors")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#15**
Publicist/boyfriend always two steps from this closeted foreign born A- list dual threat actor as they made their way through an event in London last night. Tom Hiddleston (Luke Windsor) ("Happy Birthday, Harold" Charity Gala Celebrating Harold Pinter)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **#16**
One Week: This actress was a toddler when she was signed to a one year contract on this daytime powerhouse. She barely lasted a week. Because there were other young siblings in the family, the mother of our toddler spent most of the day chasing them around the set which left her daughter alone and unprotected. For five days she was subject to molesting and groping by this long time A list daytime actor. He pretended he was taking care of her, but all he did was abuse her. The mom confronted producers after seeing bruises on the toddler in places that do not normally bruise. The producers then confronted the actor who denied it. The thing is though, there were always rumors about him with a set of twins that had previously
played the same character as our toddler. The mom took her toddler that day and had a lawyer draft a letter. The network paid out slightly over $1M to keep it all quiet. The thing is though, the actor was left on the show to finish out that contract. They didn't have the balls to fire him. The character the toddler played is still going strong. Our toddler actress never worked again.

166. THE GOSSIP LIFE 10/12
I’m hearing constantly today about growing pressure from underlings in this company. Apparently the underlings are furious about the company ties to Saudi Arabia and want them severed or else. It seems like the people in charge may have a full blown corporate revolt on their hands soon. "WWE"

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#1**
You would think the significant other of this former A+ list tweener would want to see him get help. Not really. She basically just bailed and is letting him do his own thing. Not really sticking by his side through all things thick and thin. Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#2**
He might have been busted on a bus, but this former A- list musician was nothing but poor. He once played for a former A+ list singer on a regular basis. He wasn't rich from that though. He was rich from selling child porn to all kinds of road managers and singers and musicians. Our former musician hit the road and sell pictures and videos to everyone in the industry. No one asked him about it though. They arrested him for child porn, but have not once asked him who his customers are. It is almost like they don't want to know. Eric Franklin Rosser (associated with John Mellencamp)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#3**
If I had to spend all day with criminal defense lawyers, I too, would probably get sloshed in a bar. That is what our celebrity CEO was doing last night. Surprise trip to the city to meet with them about criminally defending him against accounting fraud charges. Elon Musk

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#4**
If this A- list alliterate singer is pregnant she really needs to cut back on the coke. That can't be good for any possible baby. Camila Cabello

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#5**
Mr. X: This record label caved into harassment from the team of this former A+ list singer turned actress, which at that point included a certain blogger. This former A+ list singer turned reality star turned A-/B+ list singer is trying to blame everyone else but herself for her album flopping. Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton/Christina Aguilera

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#6**
This former A list singer turned seller of clothing and frequent poster to social media shares an ob/gyn with the current significant other of an ex. The former singer has referred dozens of new patients to the celebrity doctor, so when our former singer was scheduled to be in the office at the same time as her ex's significant other, she made the doctor's office cancel the appointment of her ex's wife. Jessica Simpson/Vanessa Minnillo Lachey

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#7**
This former contestant on that sprawling network reality show knows what's up with the current one season wonder of the incarnation. Having been his "girlfriend," she knows she had no chance to get his interest. She is barred from talking any specifics, but she will make it clear to you she is on the same page as me. Tia Booth ("The Bachelor") ("The Bachelorette") ("Bachelor in Paradise")/Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor")

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#8**
The Interview - A Dancing Boy Blind: Here's one to lighten the mood in advance of the next Dancing Boys of Hollywood blind items: We interrupt "The Dancing Boys of Hollywood" blind item series to bring you a very special interview. It took place on a recent, secret trip to Los Angeles, and is of a former child actress - the same one recently "interviewed" by a foreign firm. Unlike theirs, you may just get to hear the full interview, which was transcribed and recorded (should one or the other get into the wrong hands). You see: I was recently contacted by a producer for this one podcasting network about developing a dancing boy series. (This is the network founded by the former longtime producer of a certain longstanding national radio program - the one devoted to storytelling.) Here's an excerpt:
DB: I'm here today at Felix Trattoria for a discussion, over lunch with (this one actress).

**: Everyone, it's the McDonalds on La Cienega.
DB: It's the NICE McDonalds on La Cienega.
**: We're eating freaking happy meals people.
DB: I didn't have the budget for adult food. Also, I'm on a diet.
**: Is that why you ate all your McNuggets and then helped yourself to half of mine?
DB: I know, but, McNuggets.
**: Can we please just get this over with?
DB: Okay, since we're on the subject of food, do you remember what they served you on the set of that one extremely big movie in the 80s?
**: I don't know, the usual - sandwiches, sushi. I think there was Chinese once.

DB: So, table scraps, basically.
**: Wait, what are you doing?
DB: Interviewing you?
**: That isn't what I said.
DB: Maybe not exactly.
**: Maybe not at all.
DB: Okay, but this is way better. It's all like: they treated you like trained animals. Here kids, have some table scraps. Then the men watched as you ate them off the floor.
** (MAD!): Give me that crayon.
(Struggle for crayon ensues. A woman interrupts.)
Woman: Are you (this one actress)?
**: I am.

Woman: Could I trouble you for an autograph. My daughter is a big fan.
**: Of course. What's her name?
Woman: Hailey.
**: That's a nice name.
DB: Do you want mine too?
Woman: Who the hell are you?
DB: I'm the dancing boy.
Woman: Never heard of him.
(Thanks exchanged, woman walks off. ** goes back to glaring at me.)
DB: So what did the space alien like to eat?
**: The space alien was a puppet dancing boy.
DB: Did you ever get to meet the real space alien it was based on?
**: This interview is so over.

DB: Can I get a ride to the bus station?
** (without looking back): No.

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#9**
Interesting dilemma for the closeted A+ list mostly movie actor. It is going to be a big award season for him. It is obvious he didn't renew the beard contract because of the PR dumping going on about his "relationship." Does he go solo? Does he go the mom route? Does he go for the my co-star and I are in love route so vote for us both. Bradley Cooper ("A Star Is Born)/Irina Shayk/Lady Gaga

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#10**
It was doomed from the start. It was doomed before it began. Neither person wanted to do the episode of the show. Both of them were basically forced to do it by their respective teams. The probable permanent A list talk show host and the permanent A list comic. They hate each other. They only talked when forced. There will never be a second episode. They may never speak again forever. Jerry Seinfeld/Ellen/Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#11**
I can't believe this foreign born former A-/B+ list celebrity/reality star/mother of celebrity accepted an award from an organization knowing full well she has been using their name in vain to siphon money from people. Yolanda Hadid Foster ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Global Lyme Alliance Gala)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#12**
Why yes, that was this A- list mostly movie actress who was in danger of dropping to B+ list before landing the role she is filming, in a sex dungeon on Tuesday night. Yes, that was her taking a turn or twenty using a whip on a naked bound woman. Kristen Stewart ("Charlie's Angels") (in Amsterdam)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#13**
So, this former reality star who only got to be a reality star because of who he married recently lost his position as a youth pastor/minister at his church. Apparently his counseling sessions involved a lot of touching and sexual themes. Everywhere this guy goes he gets kicked out or asked to leave. Not anyone on MTV because I know you all wanted to guess UBT. Does he even attend church? Derick Dillard/Jill Duggar

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#14**
The manager of several A listers has enlisted the help of multiple attorneys in LA to keep them from representing one of his client's spouse should there be a divorce. To that end, there is a strategy being discussed where there is an annulment which would likely be contested. There won't be any high profile lawyers left in town who are not conflicted. Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **#15**
Changing Room: Last week I got a chance to reminisce with someone from my past. She was an A list singer. Not a one hit wonder, but probably a one album wonder for sure. Hey, it is what it is and she has made a comfortable living off that album ever since. When she launched her career, there was a very unique way of doing so that had never been previously done but has been copied many times since. Basically it was go to your buyers. Go to your audience. It worked really well for record sales, but has kept this singer basically out of changing rooms since those days. Why? Because every single day she was forced into one by the person who groomed her from a very early age. Tween years. Each day he would tell her she needed to thank him for making her dreams coming true and making her a star. She knows exactly how many days the tour was and how many times she was forced to thank him and is permanently damaged by what he did to her. Her parents trusted him and their trust was misplaced. He still sends her emails reminding her that she owes her career to him and she should never forget it. She doesn't. Tiffany (Darwish) ("The Beautiful You: Celebrating The Good Life Shopping Mall Tour '87")/George Tobin

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#1**
Don't believe the hype. That isn't coke the always crying one was using. Think more overdose friendly. Justin Bieber

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor recently dropped $25K for a hummer. Yep. Probably the most expensive one since Kneepads dropped $500K for some Brangelina baby pictures. Anyway, he wanted to see what the fuss was about so paid that much to this former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort. Now she thinks he is going to get her a part. Lindsay Lohan

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#3**
Royal Insider: For those who say she isn't with child because she is scheduled to go on a Pacific tour, the rumor is that she isn't going. The buzz I'm hearing is that only the male royal is going. The reason is because there is a risk of Zika virus infection in that part of the world in pregnant women. If she's indeed pregnant they'll have to announce it as the reason she's not doing the tour. Lots of money and time have been spent on logistics and planning on this tour to include them both, so if she pulls out it's going to result in a lot of wasted money. Apparently they were specifically asked not to try to get preggo before this tour... it'll be interesting to see how this shakes out. If she goes then it's just rumor and nothing else... Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#4**
This plus sized A+ list model recently had lap band surgery. Ashley Graham

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#5**
This A list K-pop star who is A list outside Korea too has cancer or some form of it. I am never sure when I hear the name of the disease. Anyway, he has very little time left to live. G-Dragon

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#6**
Please see the several other blind items I have written about the former A list singer/sometime movie actress/former jail inmate and her concert absentee/tardy record. She doesn't care about the fans. At all. She wants the check and if she feels like it she will show up and if she doesn't, then she won't. She already got paid most of her money before she even left the comfort of her home months ago. Lauryn Hill

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#7**
This former reality star turned Oscar winner is gunning for a permanent guest co-host spot which is why she was kissing the ass of her former co-star/kind of boss earlier this week. He eats that stuff up for breakfast. If you want to work for him or with him, you have to be a top 1%er when it comes to ass kissing. That is why no one in his team ever said a peep when he should have been disgraced. Jennifer Hudson/Ryan Seacrest

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **#8**
What do you do when faced with a half empty arena that is going to require a really long drive from your comfy house and a second box of wine? If you are this former A+ list singer, you cancel the show. She has fallen so far so fast. That cuckolded ex of hers has really got his revenge. Christina Aguilera

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#1**
This former A+ list comic/A- list actress/turned host basically called out this A+ list mostly movie actress by everything but her name accusing her of sleeping with that disgraced producer and others to make sure she won some hardware. Whoopi Goldberg/Harvey Weinstein/Jennifer Lawrence

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#2**
One of the biggest creators of tween porn in the world was one of the guests at this very big foreign event over the weekend. He is a supplier to the person who invited him and has also been offered up a very very very close relative of the invitation sender when he had a debt to pay back when the relative was about 16 or 17.
Event: Wedding of Princess Eugenie
Inviter: Prince Andrew
Very, very, very close relative: Princess Beatrice

Guest: Tarek Kaituni (Libyan gun smuggler)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#3**
Another event, another solo night for this A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner. I know she doesn't want to get a divorce for traditional reasons, but she goes everywhere alone and he entertains women at the place where he stays at least once or twice a week. It is strange. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied (Variety's Power Of Women)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#4**
The emergency standby for last week got his own shot this weekend. It will be his last. Apparently, the powers that be have said he can be an emergency standby but nothing more than that from now on. It was quite the run. Pretty sure he has more guest appearances than anyone. Paul Simon ("Saturday Night Live")

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#5**
At this point, promoters are being a little shy about booking this A list singer. When that starts, it can turn into a wave. Too many cancellations they know are drug related. No one wants to take a chance on paying her huge fee and then her canceling at the last minute. Ariana Grande

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#6**
That teen, who was topless in the dressing room of this foreign born A+ list singer/rapper last night was nowhere in the ballpark of being legal. Drake

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#7**
This A- list comic mostly movie actress who had a huge 2017/2018 hooked up with a married man she met at a charity event this week. She was introduced to the man by this permanent A list rapper who said he would consider it a special favor if she would. Tiffany Haddish/Jay Z (City of Hope Spirit Of Life Gala 2018)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **#8**
Speaking of hooking people up, this former Housewife is pimping out her daughter on a fairly regular basis and taking a huge cut. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Brielle Biermann ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#1**
This foreign born A list athlete took three strippers back to his hotel room last night. He just doesn't care about his significant other at all. Apparently he went to a club and started passing out hundred dollar bills until he found three who would hook up with him. Conor McGregor/Dee Devlin

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#2**
This B+ list actress who sounds more like an adverb raided a go fund me set up by fans for a former television show pilot. This is how she continues to live large while waiting for the payouts of various projects she is now attached to. Busy Phillips ("Sackett Sisters")

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#3**
A production crew has been hired to film a wedding next month out of the country between an A- list celebrity and an A- list actress. Doesn't mean they will ever consummate their marriage. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#4**
This former A- list mostly television actress from back in the day who is doing reality now, split with a boyfriend a few months ago after she put some of his clothes through a paper shredder before the shredder broke. She then put a bunch in an oven to set them on fire. Why? He said she was crazy. She said I will show you crazy. Mischa Barton

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#5**
That foreign Scientology offshoot that has taken hold in the US because of a bunch of shiny young celebs is about to take a very big hit to its reputation. Hillsong Church

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#6**
Apparently this pint sized reality star was supposed to announce her own marriage split at the same time as her long time bff but chickened out. Jenni "JWoww" Farley (Roger Mathews)/Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (Jionni LaValle) ("Jersey Shore")

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#7**
This three named married actress had her female lover move in with her. I bet if you ask her though, she will say her sex life with her husband is amazing. Uh huh. Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#8**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: On the d/l right now but guess who messaged me privately on twitter to express interest in my acting-related overture? I suppose you already know but a certain former child actor whose abuser still enjoys a successful career in making horror movies. Also, and on the forever d/l, I first wrote him at like 5am, and promptly fell back asleep, during which time I had a dream of sorts (yes, *that* kind). Victor Salva

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#9**
The cat is out of the bag. The disgraced A-list Director is already trying to get out in front of the bombshell about to drop on him and his crew this month. They have the goods on them all. Between the article and the videotaped interview with a former close associate, it’s some very horrible stuff. Bryan Singer ("Esquire" magazine)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#10**
The yelling and swearing and the all around a-holery from this permanent A list dual threat actor was something to behold. With his new show in the gutter, the all around jerk blamed everyone for the show's lousy ratings but himself. He thinks he is perfect and that it is always the fault of someone else if something in which he is involved does not succeed. Alec Baldwin (talk show debuts as Sunday's lowest-rated program)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#11**
Apparently this alliterate B-/C+ list actress is making more than I thought from her yachting. She recently paid this online tabloid $2500 to feature her in an article. The tabloid is used worldwide for potential yachting suitors which is why some of the most obscure celebrities are in the tabloid, mostly in various stages of undress and establishing their celebrity pedigree by listing who they have slept with or what movie/television show they can be seen in. Blanca Blanco (Daily Mail)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#12**
It is probably not going to help all the gay rumors about this closeted B- list wannabe reality star with the horrible botox if he allows himself to be basically given a handjob at dinner by another guy. Jonathan Cheban

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#13**
Apparently the lure of constant threesomes was enough to get this B list celebrity in his corner of the entertainment world to leave his wife for the A- list mostly movie actress who will just dump him after a few months. Amber Heard (designer Kristopher Brock (wife - Laura Vassar)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#14**
It is not that often you hear about this A list singer/writer/producer cheating on his wife. He did this weekend though with a groupie at a concert. Dave Grohl ("Foo Fighters")/Jordyn Blum; Pharrell Williams/Helen Lasichanh

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#15**
This A- list celebrity was talking with some other women this weekend at an event. The topic turned to sex with your partner. At first, the A- list celebrity said something to the effect that she and her A list actor husband had only had sex once or twice this year. When people looked at her, the celebrity tried to clarify and said this month. Uh huh. Amal Clooney (George) (Pennsylvania Conference for Women 2018)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#16**
I always thought it would be some government that would come to kill this tiny cog with the long last name. Turns out though, it will probably be his wife. He just has no idea who she really is. He got so good with wires, but he has never suspected his wife records almost every conversation they have or he has with everyone. Yes, even the conversations he had as part of his deal. I wonder if he will catch the one big mistake she made that is now going public and should cause him to really watch his back. George Papadopoulos/Simona Mangiante

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#17**
The Roundup: Fearful of what this former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress is revealing in counseling sessions, this very secretive organization is going over its records. They first are apparently trying to find every person this singer/bad actress recruited and shipping them off to the home office so to speak. There are dozens who no longer belong who are being tracked down and being forced to sign NDA's. There are also several who were handed out as favors to top men in the organization and left. At least two of those are in hiding because the men they left threatened to kill them if they ever did leave. The other thing the organization is doing is getting a record of every bad thing our actress has done that was revealed by her to them and also by her friends and former boyfriend. They are prepared to start leaking that stuff like crazy if necessary. It wouldn't end her career, but it could push her over the edge mentally because of her fragile state. Selena Gomez/Hillsong Church/Justin Bieber

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#1**
This foreign born one named B+ list singer bailed on rehab early. She is even in worse shape than she was previously. She is going to end up dying of an overdose while with that A list celebrity who will somehow try and make it all about him. Grimes/Elon Musk (visited Pumpkin Patch with his 5 sons)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#2**
Maybe this foreign born one named A+ list singer/rapper should have told the whole story about his split with a fellow foreign born A+ lister. How she caught him more than once with another woman and his fascination for watching porn involving women wearing pigtails. Drake/Rihanna

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#3**
I think the person most upset about this former A- list mostly movie actress being back on the drugs/booze combo is the guy who paid for her services. Our actress doesn't offer refunds even if she is the one at fault. I want to know who are the guys paying for her. Yes, she used to be in movies, but have they looked at a picture of her in the past decade. Tara Reid claims flight attendant wanted to put her 'emotional support' dog in overhead bin

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **#4**
This A list reality star was given $400K in cash for her quick visit with a head of state. It was the main reason she got out of there so quickly. She didn't want anything to happen to it or her. Kim Kardashian (Yoweri Museveni President of Uganda)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#5**
This former Housewife either returns gifts for the money if she can or sells them online if she can't. She especially likes gift cards people send her so she can just pocket those without any extra work on her part. Pregnant Kenya Moore ("The Real Housewives of Atlanta)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#6**
Of course this network is going to protect one of its own. They do the same thing season after season. It is one of the reasons every season features someone from that show of theirs. Joe Amabile (14th season of "The Bachelorette") ("Dancing With the Stars")

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#7**
Dancing Boy Blind Item: So, coming up, we're going to start doing intro reels for the dancing boy players (3 minutes each, probably, to be on a dancing boy youtube channel). I'll tell you about the Daniel Light one shortly (he's estranged from his father, Rusty Jacobs, and living on the streets of NYC, where he's visited/bullied by his older brother - writing this part for the younger sibling, named after a firearm, in a movie about a family of geniuses; the story ends with Daniel concluding I'm a "sell out," and boarding a bus to LA, armed). Here though is the one about the first quite possible kid actor (per the m/o of the saga these parts will go predominately to small timers). His first name is the same as a young actor turned adult actor who replaced a now-disgraced actor on a long running TV series (the one with a fractional name). His last name is the same as a now retired former child actor/80s teen idol turned adult actor (of mostly tv/family fare) who I've mentioned as (hopefully) a dancing boy player himself. You'll find this child actor on google images, the 7th row down, end of column. His introduction takes place in an Arizona trailer park - he's there with his secret mother. Who might she, hopefully, be? Well, she's of course a former child actress herself, and has a memoir coming out. As the bad guys are descending on the place, she's forced to reveal that the boy's secret dad - who he'd been told was a hero/martyr - is actually a washed up deadbeat/drunk. Fortunately, the boy, previously unbeknownst to him, has a secret uncle - the actress's real life brother. He shows up in a nick of time. Ashton Schroeder (Ashton Kutcher/Charlie Sheen/"Two and a Half Men"/Ricky Schroder

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#8**
Why yes, that was this former A- list syndicated actress turned permanent A list celebrity celebrating a return to normalcy for her long time on again off again boyfriend by face timing him while she was shopping. Apparently they have been doing so for hours at a time since his return from the darkness. Pamela Anderson (Julian Assange to regain internet access at embassy base)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#9**
Now, this is an unusual pairing. This closeted former A- list mostly movie actor who crashed and burned and has been abandoned by his former abusers/protectors and this mostly closeted C list celebrity all of you know but only because of his A list everything ex. Apparently the two met last week and even went to an event together. Taylor Lautner/Casper Smart (Jennifer Lopez) ("Nights Of The Jack Halloween Activation Launch Party")

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#10**
She doesn't wear a ring. She never talks about her husband. She never really goes anywhere with her husband. It might be the shammiest of sham marriages this side of Kerry Washington. I am talking about this former A-/A- list singer/reality star who only gets back to the A list singing thing when she is with the permanent A list group. I suppose she could have another solo hit, but that seems a like a long shot. Kelly Rowland ("Destiny's Child")

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#11**
This A- list mostly television actor went from one hit network show to another fairly hit network show in back to back seasons. Kind of. Anyway, he is cheating on his wife/former co-star with a new co-star. Josh Dallas ("Once Upon A Time"/Ginnifer Goodwin) ("Manifest"/Melissa Roxburgh or Athena Karkanis)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#12**
This singer/actress/reality star who is probably in the B+ list range who all of you know let herself be groped the other night at a magazine party in exchange for some coke. Vanessa Hudgens (25th Annual ELLE Women In Hollywood Celebration)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#13**
That frosted tip/Ryan Seacrest copying A- list rapper is just the biggest jerk to his singer girlfriend. I don't understand why she stays. Is it because of the coke? I really don't get how many times she will have to catch him cheating before she permanently leaves. G-Eazy/Halsey (and a few days later they split)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#14**
Equal on the list to his A- list mostly movie actor brother, this actor recently bought a strip club. I know it was a dream of his, but I am not sure that it just won't turn into his own private lap dance house or something. Luke Wilson (Owen Wilson); Casey Affleck (Ben Affleck)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/16 **#15**
Two Worlds: There is an interesting dynamic going on in the music world right now. Sick and disgusting, but interesting in how it divides. Apparently if you are a follower of this one named permanent A list singer, and by a follower, I mean attend his parties, work with his producers and guest talent, then that means you are more of a lover of underage boys. This whole group is dedicated to finding young male talent and then "developing" them. Yes, that A list singer was one of them. He, in turn has brought them several others. The other group, led by this foreign born one named permanent A list singer generally tends to attract followers who like finding and "developing" underage females. They like to model themselves after R. Kelly and his "development" of Aaliyah. They are all about getting these teens under their control both sexually and musically. They even informally call their group LMK after the song Let Me Know which featured R. Kelly and Aaliyah. You will often see it written on their shoes to let people know they are a member of that group.
One named permanent A list singer: Usher (Justin Bieber)
Foreign born one named permanent A list singer: Drake

230 . THE GOSSIP LIFE 10/17
Which momma’s-boy celebrity is so close with his mother that it’s hurting his sex life – because he has large framed pictures of his mom all over his bedroom. This gay star has had his mother appear on his show several times and isn’t shy about admitting that he adores her, but more than one late night visitor to his NYC bachelor pad confessed to STRAIGHT SHUTER that getting naked and fooling around is very difficult with momma watching. "Her eyes are watching everything. Everywhere you go it feels like she is following you. I get it, he loves his mom and his mom loves him, but that doesn’t mean momma needs to be watching what happens when her baby takes off his pants"
Ronan Farrow (Mia Farrow); Anderson Cooper (Gloria Vanderbilt)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#1**
Drugs not dogs. Oh, I like that saying;. Perhaps the former A- list mostly movie actress should adopt it. Tara Reid (claims flight attendant wanted to put her 'emotional support' dog in overhead bin)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#2**
This A/A- list mostly television actor just returned to television after a little bit of an absence. He had been on a loooooong running network television show where he had a feud with his co-star for many years. Apparently there is already a feud with a female co-star. He is having none of it and wants her fired. Nathan Fillion ("Castle"/Stana Katic) ("The Rookie")

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#3**
The man who used to approve those huge paydays is gone now so this permanent A+ list athlete in his corner of the sports world is going to have to get used to a new pay structure which will be dramatically less. The days of him sending over strippers and women are done. Paul Allen/Damian Lillard/"Portland Trail Blazers"; Dennis Hof

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#4**
This former A- list mostly television actor who got fired from a very hit network show is back using drugs again and keeps telling people he is being followed by people because of he has been saying about the media. Columbus Short ("Scandal") (claims Kim Kardashian controlling Kanye West with witchcraft)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#5**
The star of the night almost ended up dead last night after yet another seizure. The multiple kid having, sex tape having, sizzurp loving rapper was the star of the award show, but suffered a massive seizure at a party. Lil Wayne (BET Hip Hop Awards 2018 Weekend)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#6**
Getting arrested is probably the only thing that will get this foreign born former A/A- list singer to go to rehab. Nothing else will except maybe for violating the order of a judge which she continues to do, but seemingly without repercussion. Mel B (accused of hitting male model)

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#7**
He is already canceling events because he just wants to stay at home and use drugs. It will be interesting if this actor/comic shows up for any type of work this week. Pete Davidson ("Saturday Night Live")

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#8**
Our celebrity CEO has been drunk/drug dialing his actress ex. Apparently he saw pictures of her with her new boyfriend and said he could buy and sell that guy all day long and needs to come back to our CEO. When the actress asked about the girlfriend of the CEO, he called the girlfriend a not so kind word and also said she was useless. Nice. Elon Musk/Amber Heard (designer Kristopher Brock)/Grimes

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#9**
Apparently this former tween/teen/adult actor turned reality star turned not much of anything thinks he is an offshoot of Scientology or something. Not sure why else he would have teams of two trailing/camped out in front of the house 24/7 of his former co-star. This is really starting to get creepy. Scott Baio/Nicole Eggert

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#10**
It was last month or so that I told you about this closeted MTV star and the man he hooked up with out here while visiting. Apparently that man has flown out to see that MTV star several times since they met. Does the wife know?

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#11**
She seems like a big movie star because of that franchise she had. The thing is though, if her new movie is a bomb, this A- list mostly movie actress/celebrity offspring is going to start getting shut out of the good roles. Dakota Johnson ("Suspiria")

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#12**
I wouldn't worry about this one named A-/B+ list singer. She got a huge payday several years ago when she left and then came back. She was probably also tired of coming in second to guys and tired of having to pretend the half limp drugged out tool was giving her pleasure. Ashanti/James Harden; Cassie/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#13**
Apparently this aging permanent A list musician/frequent reality star/frequent husband had a procedure several years ago to make sure he doesn't have more kids. This will probably come as a shock to his actress significant other who wants children. David Foster/Katharine McPhee

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#14**
She might be the smartest person on television. For sure, probably one who is A- list. One show where she is the lead is ending, but she already latched on to a new one where she says she really dislikes going to work with all the drama/on again/off again relationship between her co-stars. Katherine McNamara ("Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments") ("Arrow"/Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/17 **#15**
Above 16? He Isn't Interested: Many female teenagers and former teenagers are coming forward to share their experiences with this A list Vegas guy who had a run at national prominence a few years back. He has been in this space before for his boorish behavior towards women in general, but now he has made a return appearance. Apparently he has a standard m.o. when it comes to hitting on very underage teens. He likes to separate the intended target from the rest of her friends. Once he gets them alone, he shows them a few tricks of the trade so to speak and then either makes a move right there or will invite them to his dressing room/hotel or wherever he thinks is the best place to assault the teen. He doesn't care where he is, he will find that underage teen and do his best to get them to come with him. It could be backstage at a venue or at a dinner where he spots her and makes a move. Criss Angel

The launch of our 2019 May Sweeps Scorecard is six months away, but we already have a spot earmarked for the subject of our latest Blind Item. An original cast member on a long-running drama on one of the Big 5 networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW) is leaving his/her series at the end of the current season. And, by all accounts, the exit is an extremely amicable one. The actor/actress in question — a fan favorite by any measure — is leaving of his/her own accord. And they’ve given the Powers That Be at said hour-long series plenty of notice so that they can craft an appropriate exit for the character. But to reveal the identity of the performer with one-and-a-half-feet out the door would risk spoiling the storyline, so for now we’re giving this piece of news the Blind Item treatment.

To recap:
• Drama series
• ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC or The CW
• Original cast member leaving at end of season

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#1**
Because the former A+ list rapper is working with him on a regular basis, this online tabloid has decided to forgive the rapping child molester for everything he has done and decided he is the perfect person. Kanye West/Tekashi69

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#2**
This A list raper had to rush her kid to the emergency room because the rapper left some coke out which the child touched with their hand and brought to their face.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#3**
This former A+ list tweener wants to visit his ex but his current significant other doesn't want him to and is barring him from seeing her. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#4**
It figures that this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and cheats on his wife every chance he gets would come out as a big supporter of the child molesting director. Javier Bardem (Penélope Cruz)/Woody Allen

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#5**
This A- list celebrity who is an offspring of barely there celebrities is just skin and bones thanks to that heroin habit she picked up from her celebrity ex. She does only snort rather than inject. Gigi Hadid/Zayn Malik

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#6**
Apparently the father of the bride had a bachelor party and do so with a couple people from the in-laws so to speak of the most famous outsider. They have a history of sexual assault so fit right in with the father of the bride and the 16 year old Eastern European females who were the main entertainment at the party. The father of the bride bragged he got them visas right after he saw them online. Prince Andrew/Pippa Middleton's father-in-law

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#7**
This A list singer is already spending the night with someone new, less than a week after her breakup. She never lets that other side of the bed get empty for long. Ariana Grande (Pete Davidson)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#8**
This sometimes/part-time reality star who is in a relationship with the verbally and physically abusive multiple reality show MTV star blames their problems on the show. I blame them on steroids and coke and both of their anger management issues. Jen Harley/Ronnie Ortiz-Magro ("Jersey Shore")

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#9**
They took him to the special room last night. Half meditation/half spa like room inside a special section of the building reserved for celebrities and big donors. The former A+ list tweener was attended by probably one, but sometimes two women. His wife was not allowed in the room. He was seen going in the room and then coming out after about an hour. Justin Bieber/Hillsong Church/Hailey Baldwin

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#10**
This guy is going all OJ on us now. Going to find the real killer huh? Yeah, look in the mirror buddy. Everyone knows you killed your sister. JonBenét Ramsey’s brother Burke Ramsey

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#11**
Apparently this foreign born A- list mostly television actress says she and the celebrity she calls her boyfriend are waiting until they are married to consummate their relationship. Someone was asking her what the sex was like which is when she gave this answer. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#12**
There are at least three former employees of this now former reality star from multiple reality shows for the same channel who reached settlement agreements with the star because he sexually harassed them. No one from the television channel knew until recently. Jeff Lewis ("Flipping Out", "Property Envy" and "Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis) (Bravo)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#13**
It looks like the news is starting to spread that this alliterate former actress who is far more famous now than she ever would have been from acting had to use IVF to get pregnant. I told you from the very beginning that she had always told her exes she didn't even think she could get pregnant. Apparently with the help of science she could. Meghan Markle

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#14**
A former "co-worker" of this married celebrity said that back in the day before the celebrity got married to a permanent A lister, she would often steal the clients of "co-workers" if she thought they were rich and wanted to get married. Victoria Sledvelt/Melania Trump

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **#15**
146 Complaints: "Want to know the record for most complaints against one person?" That was the question posed to me by this studio employee while we were talking about Me Too and sexual harassment claims. Of course I wanted to know. The employee, who is definitely in a position to know gave me the name. How many I asked. The response was 146 complaints. Those are only the ones where people actually came forward and complained. There were probably hundreds more. This show was out of control. The thing is that the entire main cast were all in on it. Tons of the crew were too. They felt like it was part of the theme of the show and it was authentic if they did it. The show was a big cable hit for many years. It ended a couple of years back. So, the person with all the complaints was on the show sometimes. He was on it more often than he was credited. He didn't really care about being on the show. He liked what he did behind the scenes on the show. His best friend in life was the big boss of the show. Probably how he got to stay on the show long after he should have been fired. One of the ways he would make a ton of money and garner a lot of complaints was to hire porn stars to come to the set. He would pay them $50-60 to stand around in lingerie. Sometimes they would be in shots and sometimes they would just be milling around. Then, during breaks, they would hook up with the cast and crew and our subject would get a cut of whatever the porn stars earned. Another way he would generate a lot of complaints would be to bring women who were recently incarcerated or in rehab to the set. He would bring a half dozen at a time and these were women who really needed that pay you got being an extra. The only way they would get the gig though is if they blew this guy or one of the other cast or crew that wanted to be serviced. They needed the money and would do it. As the show went on, he was given more and power to the point he was doing almost all of the background casting which just increased his power and the things he did. He came up with a name for the women he used and abused. He called them crow eaters. After nearing the 150 complaint mark, he was finally fired from the show. So, yeah, when you think things are being cleaned up? They aren't. Jim Veneziano/Kurt Sutter/"Sons Of Anarchy"

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#1**
This online tabloid is the reason a stalker got so close to this A- list reality star. They kept posting pics of the star's home. Kendall Jenner (TMZ)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#2**
This former A+ list writer who has not done much since her hit books recently made some very racist statements. Considering her past actions, when it came to casting in the movies, I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. J.K. Rowling

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#3**
This former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress/future porn star tried to spin an interview away from her meth use. Bella Thorne

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#4**
I think this one named rapper/producer/reality star will go to jail rather than turn over items which will show his sex assault settlements because it would maybe cause some of the teens to rethink criminal prosecution. The Game

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#5**
It doesn't surprise me at all there is a sex tape recording of this celebrity offspring of the former A list mostly television actress from multiple hit network shows. The way the child was raised and the lack of any kind of boundaries or parenting is shocking. Ava Elizabeth Sambora (Heather Locklear/Richie Sambora)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#6**
The well underage A-/B+ list rapper/social media star is now hooking up with a guy in his 40's. Parents think it is fine. Danielle Bregoli ("cash me outside, how 'bout dah?") (Bhad Bhabie) (15 years old)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#7**
This foreign born barely hanging on to A- list mostly movie actress talks a big game but that was her on a double date with the former women flashing boss/sex assaulter/convicted sex offender and his significant other. Emma Watson/Brendan Wallace

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#8**
This former A- list mostly television actress with the impossible last name to spell has been on multiple hit network shows. This week, she pulled one of her old tricks and got wasted on coke and booze and did a partner swapping situation with strangers she picked up with her boyfriend. Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#9**
An entire alphabet soup of Feds have been paying much more attention recently to our celebrity CEO and his company. There is a certain, very expensive option, which his company was hoping to customers, for a few extra thousand dollars. The problem was that this option didn't really exist, and never really would. Very recently, the Feds quietly reached out to the company, and told them to end this charade or else. The company just abruptly stopped offering this non-existent option, and may owe consumers hundreds of millions of dollars. Elon Musk "Tesla" ('full self-driving' feature)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#10**
She can call it what she wants, but the truth is this just about permanent A list foreign born celebrity who used to have a different title back in the day is in rehab. Victoria Beckham ("Posh Spice") (Villa Stéphanie | Spa & Medical Care in Baden-Baden)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor all of you know from multiple franchises used a ton of makeup at a big event last night to try and hide the effects of his heroin use. Robert Pattinson or Orlando Bloom (amfAR Los Angeles 2018)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#12**
This closeted married foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor got his boyfriend hired on to his latest project in a do nothing job that pays a lot and allows the two to spend a lot of time together. Hugh Jackman/Michael Ryan

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#13**
There is something about that city for this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee that makes her do coke there. Maybe thinking about the ex? Anyway, she was at it last night in that city during dinner after an event. Emma Stone (London premiere of "The Favourite")/dated Londoner Andrew Garfield)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#14**
This B+ list mostly television actress is the celebrity offspring of two A listers. Our offspring is hooking up with a married man about the age of her dad. Rumer Willis (amfAR Los Angeles 2018)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#15**
Hoping that drink that looked a whole lot like vodka and soda last night was just the soda because this A+/A list singer is pregnant. Katy Perry (amfAR Los Angeles 2018)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **#16**
The Con: Oh, well you look at the deal this A- list mostly television actress from two very hit shows airing simultaneously has managed to achieve. Not only has she managed to get a sibling hired by the network show she is on, she is using that credit to steal money from even more parents. You see, the sibling runs a "workshop" for young actors. It is a scam. It preys on parents who want to get their kids in the business. They use the name of our actress and her big hits to get people to pay money. That money is for "workshops," but never amounts to anything that was promised or implied to the parents about the success their kids will have. There is an organization that alerts parents to scams like this and has tried to warn people about the sibling scam. One specific organization that has been at the forefront of stopping them has been trashed everywhere online by a bot farm which was retained by the sibling and her partner. At the same time, the bot farm generates comments and articles on fake websites that praise the "workshops." It is really distressing that the awful showrunner of the network hit is allowing this to go on with what looks like his approval.
A- list actress: Ariel Winter
Shows: "Modern Family" and "Sofia the First"
Sibling: Shanelle Workman (sister)
"Workshop": "Gray Studios"
Organization: A Minor Consideration

(Winter Make a Movie Camps are almost here!!! Sign up today! Can you believe its Pumpkin Spice Latte Season already!!?) (A Minor Consideration is a non-profit foundation created to provide guidance and support for young performers, past, present and future)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#1**
This former singer/host/reality star is getting paid by the month by her foreign born boyfriend. Probably a good thing because the money of her ex is mostly a mirage. Christina Milian/M. Pokora/The-Dream

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#2**
Ahh, she already got a taste of what her new life will be. Having some people over and doing some drugs. When you think it is time for some one on one time with your man, he says to join him with the other man he has picked up for the evening. You go in the bedroom and watch as neither shows any interest in you. I wonder if she will last very long with the A list producer/wannabe rapper. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Jocelyn Chew

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#3**
This B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister has been pulling the strings in a relationship with someone she still sleeps with and the drug addled celebrity offspring of this permanent A++ lister. It is a money grab and the drug addled offspring has no idea. Paris Jackson/drummer Gabriel Glenn

It is interesting that the members of this poor man's version of BTS were willing to talk about being beaten, but none were willing to talk about two of the members that were violently raped by male record label bosses. The rapes were so horrific that the members had to be hospitalized for almost a month. Teenage K-pop boy band "The East Light"/Lee Seok-cheo and Lee Seung-hyun/Kim Chang-hwan -- the chairman of Media Line Entertainment

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#5**
This former A- list mostly movie actor from back in the day is more well known for who he married/divorced than his acting career. Because of drugs he blew a really decent hit show which could have kept going. Whatever he turns over in an ongoing case will not be all that once existed. He is hoping he can hide a bunch of them.
Actor: Ryan Phillippe
Ex: Reese Witherspoon
Show: "Shooter"
Case: assault of Elsie Hewitt

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#6**
Usually this foreign born oft last named celebrity tries to stay away from drugs or at least use them a lot less in between boyfriends. She likes to have someone committed before she shows them the real her. Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#7**
Unless they are just doing amazing, this money laundering streaming service is going to get rid of every property they can from a certain company. Netflix/Marvel

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **#8**
Apparently the only reason this soon to be reality star got married to an on again/off again reality star/celebrity offspring/not a nice guy/dumb as a box of rocks was because she was promised a reality show if she did. She got it right after. Brody Jenner/Kaitlynn Carter ("The Hills" reboot)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#1**
This A list singer might be grieving but it didn't stop her from yelling at her assistant and calling her a "stupid b***h" for getting her order wrong at Starbucks. Looks like she is back to her old ways. Ariana Grande

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#2**
A very recent picture of a former actor turned politico has many of his supporters asking questions.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#3**
Hey, I will give this former A- list actress turned B lister only because of name recognition. She came up with a great way to get some news and tabloid covers to make the world sympathetic for something which is basically just the after effects of decades long drug abuse. Selma Blair reveals she has multiple sclerosis

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#4**
This alliterate A- list mostly television actress who most of you know from something else is on a hit network show and is cheating on her significant other. If he finds out, they will split. Not the first time. Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama reunite for "Halloween Horror Nights"/Taylor Goldsmith

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#5**
This former B+ list mostly television actor from a long long long running network show is not telling the whole truth about the incident that got him into the news. Missing from the story is the sex he had with the other person after hooking up on a dating app. Max Ehrich ("Young and the Restless") (prominent real estate agent who allegedly became obsessed with him pulled a gun on him )

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#6**
She is not stupid. Well, she is for letting herself get recorded in the first place. She knows she needs the gig she has. She knows it pays her a ton of money. She knows what would happen if the recordings of her are released. She would be out of that job so fast it would make her head spin. It is not so much the drug videos or the sex tape, but the racist and homophobic rants that would bring the MTV star down. It is why she puts up with what she does and why she lets her significant other do what he does to the people who cannot protect themselves. Protective services have been called often by people like me and others but nothing ever seems to happen. Jenelle Evans ("Teen Mom 2")/David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#7**
These now dead parents sold off their daughter to pay huge debts they owed. The problem is they had offered to sell her to someone else first and accepted the money. Missing Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **#8**
I love when this former A- list mostly movie actress is recognized for the work she does outside of acting. The actress, who recently got involved in a project with television's version of The Cooler, is not as well known for being someone who the rich and powerful call when they want to interact with her as a Dominatrix. She has kind of taken over the role once held by another actress who gave it all up, including acting when she married one of her rich clients. Previous Dominatrix: Leelee Sobieski/fashion designer Adam Kimmel, the son of American real estate developer Martin Kimmel and grandson of American boat racer and designer Donald Aronow

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#1**
The apple does not fall far from the sibling tree as this sister to a foreign born A+ list celebrity also used a surrogate for her recent birth. Pippa Middleton Matthews

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#2**
This one named singer who used to be part of a group wants you to believe the huge money she is charging for a meet and greet is going to charity. It isn't. When asked for a form to prove it to the IRS, they balk and say it is "their intention" for it to go to charity. Normani ("Fifth Harmony")

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#3**
Our favorite celebrity CEO is trying to distract again. There is no tunnel. There will be no service ready to go on the day he says. There is no one even working on it. Drive by the place it is supposed to happen and there is nothing going on. Nada. Elon Musk

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#4**
That very short former A list record producer/label owner who was involved with the permanent A lister for a long time refuses to be honest with the public. No one is buying tickets to that tour he organized. Should have done the casino route. Jermaine Dupri (Janet Jackson)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#5**
Apparently the new girlfriend really couldn't handle being just an observer of the former A list producer/wanna be rapper when it came time to spending time with men. Now she is on the outs. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Jocelyn Chew

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#6**
This alliterate celebrity offspring/sometime reality star broke the heart of her celebrity parent when she decided to give up sleeping with guys for money and look for true love. Brielle Biermann (Kim Zolciak)/Slade Osborne

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#7**
This east coast Housewife is trying to make people believe she cares about her husband but she really doesn't. Other than a couple brief hits for cameras, she has not spoken to her husband in months. Teresa Giudice ("The Real Housewives of New Jersey")/Joe

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#8**
It looks like that this alliterate B/B- list actor who was most recently seen on that now defunct network ensemble show is going to be caught up in the latest disgraced director's bad news. Good. That actor has been skating by despite the fact he is one of the procurers of the young men to be casting couched and organizes all of the "meet and greets" for executives. That fake marriage really annoys me too. Matthew Morrison ("Glee")/Bryan Singer/Renee Puente

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#9**
This permanent A+ list rapper from the west coast rarely has sex with his wife any longer. When they do, she insists he wear a condom because of his history of STD's. He never wears one with the multiple women he sleeps with each week. Snoop Dogg (Shante Broadus)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#10**
This foreign born one named A list singer who is probably permanently A list should check in with her A+ list significant other. While she is on tour he has been seeing a barely legal escort who sometimes brings her sister along for the fun. Shakira/Gerard Piqué

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#11**
Strippers in exchange for visitation time is what this barely a celebrity mom to a stripper/porn star/reality star/escort offered up to the father of her grandchild. Blac Chyna’s mom begs Rob Kardashian to let her see her granddaughter

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#12**
This sports organization lost a ton of money over the weekend when this permanent A list "singer" failed to draw even 1,000 people to a show that was forecast to have at least 15K. It was depressing. Britney Spears (Circuit of America for Formula One Grand Prix in Austin)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#13**
This alliterate A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is suffering from the early stages of Parkinson's.

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#14**
What do you when you are with your girlfriend and are confronted by a stripper you hooked up with a few weeks earlier? You put on happy faces and get out of there quickly. What is interesting to me is the stripper was there with a guy she was out with that night. What is the excuse she gives to get up and confront the former A list athlete and his celebrity girlfriend. Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez (in such a rush leaving Beverly Hills dinner they have their bodyguard sign the bill)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#15**
It is all fluff pieces from the tabloids about the alliterate former actress turned world celebrity. Never once do they write about the huge list of demands she has for every appearance, and look out if those demands are not met. No one behind the scenes who has encountered her on this trip has really anything nice to say about her. The person in front of the camera is not the same as the one when it is turned off. Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **#16**
The End Of A Brand: For years and years, this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor has worked hard on his public brand. He wants you to believe he is a happy, always in a good mood, loving husband and doting father. Yes, there have always been those who talk about him being closeted, but the checkout line gossip readers see none of that. They just see covers of magazines reinforcing his good looks and the message his people have been spewing out to the masses. They see him in box office hits and always willing to go on a show to promote his latest movie however they want him to do it. He can seemingly do it all. Those days though are coming to an end. He knows they are. He knows his brand is about to be torn to shreds. There are too many reporters circling his disgraced director friend. Those reporters have not only heard the stories of what the director made young men do to get parts in movies, but also our actor. As he has grown to A+ list, he has used that power to coerce young men into sleeping with him in exchange for work on whatever project he is on. Often there will be a half dozen men working on one of his movies that got there because they had sex with out actor. Our actor has been at the same parties as the disgraced director. His circle of friends is the same. Our actor is just much better at selling that image you see on the cover of tabloids. His image has always been the antithesis of what he is really like when it comes to his abuse of power. He likes to say it is all in good fun. Is it good fun though when you give them an ultimatum? Sex or you don't get the job. He doesn't care if they say no. He will find someone who says yes. Meanwhile, he will tell his producer friend and his director friend and all his other friends in the same circle that the guy who said no, should probably think about waiting tables for a living and not acting. But yeah our actor is a real role model huh. Hugh Jackman/Bryan Singer chats about discovering Hugh Jackman and their tight bond ever since

Breakups are hard. Especially when you are in a relationship with a minor celebrity for years and suddenly they dump you after several years and business partners and run off and marry a random new guy. And you’ve been his guy for years and he never would quite pull the trigger. The person at the center of this blind is not doing well. He was all over Weho this weekend asking for hookups to buy coke, or meth, either one would do. It’s sad really. I was sent a photo and he still looks great. He still has money and guys who show interest. But it’s clear, he still not over the one that got away. I’m sad to report this story. I hope he pulls himself together. I really like him. Colton Thorn/Josh Flagg/Bobby Boyd ("Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles")

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#1**
Those forced award season bearding contracts are the worst. This one was officially sealed this week between this young probable award winner and the celebrity offspring. Timothée Chalamet/ Lily-Rose Depp

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#2**
One of many pro athletes in this house got kicked out of the house yesterday when it was revealed he slept with a man. Apparently that destroys the brand. LiAngelo Ball

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#3**
The only reason this alliterate former actress wanted to come to the US was to do a solo coke and booze thing. With that not possible, she is rescheduling. Meghan Markle

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#4**
Apparently a woman posted photos on her private Instagram account of herself in bed with a sleeping alliterate NBA player. Perhaps at some point this A- list reality star will stop wanting to look like an idiot for keeping him around. Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#5**
This A list singer really doesn't want to go on the road because she just wants to stay at home and self medicate. She is being forced to which is going to turn out badly for everyone involved. Ariana Grande

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#6**
Because of her religious beliefs, this A-/B+ list mostly television actress all of you know from a family of stars puts up with her husband cheating on her. Candace Cameron-Bure/Valeri Bure

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#7**
When you believe someone will literally kill you and your family if you leave, then it kind of makes you stay even if you don't want to. Not much of a life for the MTV star. Jenelle Evans/David "Uncle Bad Touch" Eason ("Teen Mom 2")

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#8**
Whenever this Housewife heads south to the beach, she is trolling for investment money from men. It is how she has always financed her life. Bethenny Frankel ("The Real Housewives of New York City") in Miami

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#9**
This three named A/A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show is finally set to come out because she wants to announce her engagement. Tracee Ellis Ross ("Black-ish")

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#10**
This A-/B+ list singer/actress who is generally seen in projects of a certain showrunner was hitting the coke hard last night after an award show. Lea Michele (Ryan Murphy) (2018 InStyle Awards With Fiji)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#11**
There is a lot of buzz about the book being written by this permanent A list dual threat actress who will always be remembered for her iconic television role. Apparently the book is the most vanilla book ever. Kind of like her acting. Jennifer Aniston

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#12**
This former yachter/model is still on shaky ground with the A list producer/wannabe rapper. Her best friend who is also a D list celebrity/yachter is trying to get her to jump ship so to speak and join her in the Caribbean next month for $50K a week to meet up with four men. Jocelyn Chew/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Chantel Jeffries

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#13**
That Russian speaking wife who may or not be plotting the death of her husband sure is trying hard to convince everyone she isn't Russian. Pretty interesting considering yet another person spoke in Russian to her. He spoke a phrase in Russian and she answered it in Russian and then got out of there quickly. Hmmm. Simona Mangiante/George Papadopoulos

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#14**
After crashing and burning an entire network show to the ground with her behind the scenes thirst maneuvers, this former A-/B+ list actress who was in a huge franchise cannot get work. None. It has been almost three years and she is just now getting some solo red carpet invitations. She ruined her career in glorious fashion. Nikki Reed ("Sleepy Hollow") ("Twilight")

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/23 **#15**
She Couldn't Leave: I am pretty sure he wanted her to quit. He would have sacrificed the film that had already been shot and started over at a huge financial cost because he wanted her gone so much. It was always a bad idea from the beginning that this A list director was directing his significant other. They were not getting along prior to shooting this movie and things were even worse during filming. Unlike the director, the actress significant other needed the paycheck from the movie. She had been on hold for so long waiting for the movie to begin filming that she had not worked in a long time. The director was getting paid about 20 times what the actress was earning. Our director liked an actress on the set. He would hit on her in front of his significant other. He then began having sex with her and would call his significant other during sex or after sex. He was doing anything to make her quit. If she quit, she didn't get paid. Her contract specifically said she had to make it to her final day of filming. He made her life miserable. He would yell at her every day and make her cry. He would tell her secrets she had shared with him out loud to cast and crew. He berated her every chance she got. She stuck with it though. She stuck it through to the end and got herself a new guy and an Academy Award win/nomination for the film where she had been abused.
A list director: Darren Aronofsky
Significant other: Natalie Portman
Movie: "Black Swan"
Actress on the set: Mila Kunis
New guy: Benjamin Millepied

Which TV legend who has just returned with a new Netflix show is so nasty that he has been banned from at least one morning show. The song and dance man has the image of being a super nice guy that you would want to have a beer with, but in reality, he is the meanest man on TV who has been known to bring experience, seasoned producers to tears. On one recent shoot, focusing on giving back to a family that had lost everything, he was so obnoxious that even the one-air talent had to step in to help. Now the bosses have decided he will never be booked on their show again! Tony Danza ("The Good Cop")

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#1**
This A+ list show runner just made a big charitable donation, and put the word out that he wanted the maximum press coverage possible. The show runner had originally planned to make this donation a couple years in the future. Once he learned of the upcoming bad press about one of his good friends - the show runner moved up the timeline. Savvy insurance policy, in case any questions come his way. Ryan Murphy (Children's Hospital Los Angeles)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#2**
This movie studio went so far as to throw around some "junkets" to a couple of their favorite trades to see if they could come out of the gate with stellar reviews about this new biopic being released. Not even with that money being thrown around could they get anything close to a positive review for the new movie about a singer. "Bohemian Rhapsody"

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#3**
One of the reasons these usually barely dressed models are unhappy about the reality star joining in is because the reality star is known for really hitting on them hard to the point where they wonder if they have to give in to keep their gig. Kendall Jenner (Victoria Secret Fashion Show)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#4**
This former A+ list rapper used to have a big feud going with this other former A+ list rapper married to a reality star. The one they agree on is they love hanging out with the child molesting rapper because of all the fallout that seems to be everywhere. Kanye West/50 Cent/6ix9nine

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#5**
This production company and network are about to write big checks to extricate themselves from a legal drama. The reality star at the center of it vows to keep fighting. That won't last long. Jeff Lewis ("Bravo") ("Flipping Out" filming daughter's surrogate giving birth)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#6**
Thankfully this one named A/A- list singer finally saw the light and broke up with this A list rapper who wouldn't stop cheating on her. He spent the past few nights partying with his coke and sizzurp. Halsey/G-Eazy

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#7**
The women selected for this annual reality event were assured prior to the season they would not have to marry the star. They are all basically competing to be the star of the permanent spinoff of the show. Even the producers know what is up with the star. Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") ("The Bachelorette")

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#8**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener accidentally set fire to his shirt while lighting his meth pipe. Justin Bieber

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#9**
This former athlete/reality star is not really even making an effort any longer with his celebrity wife. She wants to hang around to the bitter end, but that doesn't look like it will be too long down the road unless something drastically changes. Eric Decker/Jessie James Decker

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#10**
This married A-/B+ list actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been hooking up with another woman for a couple of months. I don't know if the husband of our actress knows. He does now though. Jessica Chastain/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#11**
There might be work involved, but this soon to be divorced reality star from a show all of you know is meeting up with her very wealthy boyfriend out of the camera's eye. You know, because it wouldn't look good to be seen with a married man, especially after what she said about her husband cheating on her. Jennifer Lynn "Jenni" "JWoww" Farley/Roger Mathews ("Jersey Shore")

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#12**
Apparently the child killer all of you know is marrying one of her customers because he got her pregnant. Casey Anthony

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#13**
This YouTube star has managed to talk her significant other out of almost $2M for "investments," in just the past year. Crazy. Gigi Gorgeous/Nats Getty

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#14**
I know our Academy Award winning actress wants to keep the marriage going for very personal reasons, but her husband has started taking women out in public now. How long are you going to put yourself through this? Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/24 **#15**
Short And To The Point: This massive media conglomerate owns a pay cable channel. They are going to regret hiring this once B+ list mostly movie actor for his first role in years. He has been partnering with a photographer in LA to shoot child porn. So, maybe cast someone else other than the person with the history of doing exactly what he is doing now. Jeffrey Jones ("Deadwood" movie)

342. POPBITCH 10/25
(British blog) Now that her baby's all grown up, which famous yummy mummy is free to date again? (Obviously by "free" we mean "available". The dates themselves actually retail at about £1.2m per evening.)
Elizabeth Hurley

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#1**
A tip I received which has obviously been sent by this closeted reality star bff of an A list reality star. He is bedding women all over Hollywood. I hooked up with him at the Drake concert, and he got together with me & a friend on Weds night. I thought he was gay, but there's no way. Total pussy hound. Jonathan Cheban (bbf Kim Kardashian)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#2**
This A list singer was averaging nearly 300 texts a day from her now ex boyfriend after they split. So, she got a new phone number. Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson (pretty funny that two days after this his PR team said he got a new phone.)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#3**
This former A- list mostly television actor quit his job because he thought he was going to be a huge movie star. He might be, but it isn't going to be from his new role which he thought was a sure Oscar winner. Rami Malek ("Mr. Robot") ("Bohemian Rhapsody")

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#4**
This always roided up reality star who has never met a girlfriend who he didn't want to abuse wants you to think his current girlfriend is abusive. She kind of is, but the damage to his face came from another guy after the reality star tried to hit on the guy's girlfriend. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Jen Harley ("Jersey Shore")

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#5**
This former A+ list singer just needs to go to rehab. This is getting ridiculous. People are spending a lot of money to see you and just because you are a drunk (No Bethenny half truths here) with low ticket sales doesn't mean you can just cancel shows willy nilly. Christina Aguilera

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#6**
This disgraced television host thinks current events at his former network are going to be the catalyst to allow him to return. The powers that be do want him back. Matt Lauer ("Megyn Kelly Today" is reportedly ending)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#7**
This alliterate former reality star from a cable franchise that generally features the opposite sex is several years behind on child support but somehow has managed to stay out of jail. He is driving on a suspended license though. No one from Teen Mom. Slade Smiley (Gretchen Rossi’s partner) ("The Real Housewives of Orange County")

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#8**
Apparently the unprecedented amount of security at the after party of the premiere of this one named movie is because one of the co-stars had received death threats from her now actor ex. He is definitely not the most stable person in the world. Mia Goth ("Suspiria") (Shia LaBeouf)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#9**
It is quite possibly the only time this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has stayed friends with her male co-star after filming has wrapped. In fact, the married actress has taken the like to a whole new level as she and the foreign born A- list mostly movie actor have been hooking up almost every night together while promoting their movie. Rosamund Pike/Jamie Dornan ("A Private War")

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#10**
What do you do when two of your employees are about to go to the police to tell them about your funny business? You know, the relationship between this wife of an infamous foreign born A+ list celebrity and the A- list celebrity wife embroiled in politics with a perv for a maybe ex. You have them killed and their bodies dumped. Emma Coronel Aispuro (Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán)/Huma Abedin (Anthony Weiner) (Bodies of 2 Women Bound Together with Duct Tape Found Washed Up on the Rocks of the Hudson River)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#11**
Ricki Lake Blind Item: Ricki recently said she lost her virginity at the age of 20 on the set of Cry Baby, but not to Johnny Depp. Here are the clues she gave. "Not to Johnny Depp," she replied. "Another actor, a really handsome actor. He was very kind to me, and I was very large. I was very happy to get it over with 'cause I was almost 21." "He was really sweet," she added. "My first time was really a good one." Darren E. Burrows (Ed Chigliak in the television series "Northern Exposure")

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#12**
It has been far too long since I had a good coke at a fashion show blind and even longer since I had a sex at a fashion show blind. This week I got both of them from the same person. I can barely contain my excitement. The celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister was the coke user and one of the people having sex. Paris Jackson

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#13**
In case you were curious, that former reality star who left the show a long time ago but is in the news in a big way this week left her husband for a married pastor. Good times. I have been hanging on to that one awhile waiting to see if she would get famous enough again to where you would be able to guess her. Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright/Jake Mapp ("Party Down South") (arrested for 'punching' her mother-in-law after 'leaving her husband')

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#14**
Is it not a violation of his probation or whatever that the child molesting rapper has to stay away from children? When you make a video with several girls who have not even reached puberty, that should be crossing a line. Oh, and maybe the A++ list mostly movie actor who started off in entertainment doing something else should back off on the giving a thumbs up to the video. Think of your kids. Would you let them hang out with him? Tekashi69

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **#15**
The Down Low: There has been a lot of talk about Drake and his love of underage teens. This one about someone else is a show stopper. There is a singer out there right now who is foreign born. Despite her having nearly ten million followers on social media, many of you have never heard of her. She lives in the States and lives down the street from her mentor and the person she owes her career to. Our singer is old enough to drive, but not legal. Her mentor is a permanent A lister. All of you know who he is. Every last one of you. Yes, even most of the people at the grocery store. He and the teen singer have one thing in common that is unique in their place in the singing world. Anyway, the permanent A lister has been having sex with the teen for at least a year, if not longer. At least one of her parents knows, and is OK with it.

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#1**
This A+ list athlete who wants to retire, can't. He needs at least one more big night because of the tens of millions of dollars he has wasted. The thing is though, with that power player gone, he is having trouble getting the payday he always assumed he would get.
Floyd Mayweather/Les Moonves

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#2**
This former naked celebrity turned host turned reality star turned actress turned host has a group of women in LA that she kind of preaches to about her beliefs. Now, one of those women is about to lose custody of her child because of those beliefs. Jenny McCarthy (anti-vaxxer)/Candace Cotton (baby mama of Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Kenley Jansen)

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#3**
This foreign born permanent A list model had made it clear that she would walk away from her marriage if the money situation didn't improve. The thing is though, he never got to sell much stock and Uncle Sam and his careless spending took away much of his fortune. Just like Mr. Hedge warned, the guy should have made the change back a long time ago. Now, he is losing everything. Miranda Kerr/Evan Spiegel ("Snapchat")

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#4**
This foreign born C list celebrity offspring who has hooked up with our own brand of C/D list celebrity offspring with a relationship with kids ruined because of it knows far too well about what her parental unit has been up to. I mean, she is the one who found women her age who would be willing to do the craziest things with the parental unit for money. It has basically been her job for years. Chloe Green/Jeremy "hot felon" Meeks/Sir Philip Green

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#5**
The money laundering streaming network just lost $40M it won't get back because of the awful movie it gave a green light to starring the disgraced actor pedophile. It just gave him a chance to be paid to fulfill his sexual fetishes. Netflix/"Gore"/Kevin Spacey

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#6**
This former reality star band member turned celebrity turned reality star really shouldn't give interviews while wasted on coke and booze. Just saying. Aubrey O'Day

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#7**
Considering the amount of coke these two parents do, I don't think either one of them should have custody of their kid. This reality star relationship is right up there with Michael Lohan and Kate Major on the level of dysfunction. The only difference is when the parents take swings at one another, they still don't call the police. How long before something happens to the child? Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Jen Harley ("Jersey Shore")

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#8**
This alliterate A list athlete turned entertainer has some big yachting gigs lined up overseas that she needs to maintain her lifestyle. The payouts are way more than she will get for her work trip to the same region. She is desperate to have that cover for what she is doing on the side. Ronda Rousey (WWE Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia)

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#9**
This former A- list singer in a group and solo was supposed to double date with her former band mate and the band mate's husband. The thing is though, her husband was hooking up with another man at the time. Kelly Rowland ("Destiny’s Child")/Tim Weatherspoon

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#10**
Yeah, because the last time she was on a judging show it really turned out well. One of the nails in the coffin of the original version of the show. But, yeah go ahead and hire the permanent A lister and see what that does to your show and every employee working there. Mariah Carey ("American Idol") ("The Voice")

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#11**
Apparently there are honorariums or gifts to charity made when a member of this family speaks at an event. However, this alliterate former actress is instead, asking for the money directly so she can give it to several charities herself. Ummm. British Monarchy/Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#12**
Dear three named B+ list actress who is an Emmy nominee/winner,
Just wanted to let you know that your cheating foreign born actor boyfriend who you know is a cheater because you were cheating with him is now cheating on you. Have a nice weekend.
Love & Bacon,
Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Ewan McGregor

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#13**
Speaking of cheating, apparently this almost permanent A list singer who started off on television is just giving up when it comes to reigning in her cheating husband. I think she just accepts it at this point and probably just doesn't want him to get publicly caught. He sees a couple different women each week. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#14**
This still very young foreign born A- list mostly television actress from a very hit pay cable show is having trouble getting new jobs. To get her most recent job, she actually had to hit the casting couch. Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones")

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **#15**
Kissing The Ring: Back in the day, this actor was getting close to A+ list. All of you know him. He played a character almost everyone knows. He had his chances at being a lead in some big movies and did OK. The thing is though, he forget where he came from and didn't pay enough respect or do what he was supposed to do in finding new talent. Our actor was recruited by the disgraced director and the A+ list producer. He was one of their party boys back in the day who made them very happy so he got the roles and kept getting them. Over time though, he became less grateful for their help and less willing to find them new "talent" so to speak. He thought he could keep working just based on his name. Nope. Once you get into bed with these guys, literally and figuratively, you have to play by their rules. That means you go to certain events and you bring a handful of new young male talent for everyone to enjoy. When he stopped doing this, his career went in the tank. Oh sure, he got to keep his place in a couple franchises, but they are not big roles. Being the lead of big movies was reduced to being the lead in movies with $1M budgets. Apparently he finally saw the light and brought the powers that be a series of fresh young men eager to please. The next thing you know he gets a job out of the blue in a medium he doesn't really ever work and got a huge amount of money for doing so. Now, he is about to line up a deal to headline a movie again. James Marsden ("X-Men")/Bryan Singer/Ryan Murphy/"Westworld"; Seann William Scott ("American Pie")/Bryan Singer/"Lethal Weapon"

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#1**
This barely there celebrity is a celebrity offspring of someone all of you know and your parents know. He is getting divorced and trying to get big money. He is probably going to get outed if he goes after the money in a trial. He cheated a lot with men. Brandon Jenner (Caitlyn "Bruce" Jenner, Linda Thompson)/Leah Felder (daughter of former "Eagles" guitarist Don Felder)

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#2**
I really think this A list producer wannabe rapper/screwer over of manufactured groups is really scared about the lack of NDA with that long time girlfriend and what exactly she will say. I would worry more about the one you saw for a month who knows way more than she should because you trusted her. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Cassie/Jocelyn Chew

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#3**
That long long long marriage by any standard, let alone Halloween is so long that it might even make it through the former actress learning that her A- list mostly television actor husband from one of those initialed CBS shows got a 20 year old who works on the show, pregnant. Mark Harmon/Pam Dawber ("NCIS")

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#4**
The last straw for Disney was when this A+/A list mostly movie actor got wasted drunk in Club 33 and then got into a scrap with two security guards as he tried to make his way to a very nearby ride that has a lot to do with him. Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Caribbean")

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#5**
This A+ list mostly movie actress has a big problem on her hands. How does she get her kid off heroin when she can't get off it herself? Angelina Jolie/Maddox

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#6**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee every single last one of you know and your parents know and your grandparents know is HIV+ after an unprotected encounter with a male European porn star. John Travolta

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#7**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee that all of you know and your parents know and your grandparents know doesn't even bother trying to have sex any longer with any of those models you always see him with. His impotence issues are extensive at this point and he would just rather not even go through the effort. So, no more five hours of fruitless tugging ladies. Leonardo DiCaprio

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **#8**
This A- list reality star had a big problem with booze and coke back in the early days of the show. She is self medicating to an extreme at this point, but this family doesn't do rehab, so it will be interesting to watch what happens. Khloé Kardashian

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#1**
The theme of a Halloween party this weekend was that if you are gay, you should come dressed as someone perceived more gay than you. This closeted A list everything participated as did this closeted foreign born former boy bander. "Casamigos Halloween Party" Ryan Seacrest (dressed as Karl Lagerfeld); Harry Styles (dressed as Elton John)

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#2**
This three named almost network co-star has always been the go to threesome partner for her co-star and wife. That might have changed now that the three named co-star confirmed her new same sex relationship and will probably announce her engagement soon too. Emily Bett Rickards (Aisha Tyler)/Stephen Amell (Cassandra Jean Amell) ("Arrow")

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#3**
Word is the judge in the child molesting rapper case had a change of heart after what happened over the weekend. Looks like the rapper is going to get jail time after all. Judge Felicia Mennin/Tekashi 6ix9ine

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#4**
More problems for this women abusing MTV cable star not named UBT. Apparently he was all coked and boozed out this weekend and groped and grabbed a waitress at a restaurant when his girlfriend was in the restroom. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Jen Harley ("Jersey Shore")

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#5**
This former back in the day hated A+ list reality star was sucking face with a guy at a party who is definitely not the guy she is supposed to marry. Paris Hilton (Casamigos Halloween Party)

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#6**
Apparently this geographically challenged rapper has added a very profitable side business to his pimping of women. He now does the same for men and that business far outpaces the other. Plus, it has gained him access to some powerful men who are making new legit deals with him. French Montana

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#7**
This foreign born former A- list mostly television actress from a now defunct almost network show basically is just a sugar baby now for executives. Her indie paydays are tiny in comparison. Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries")

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **#8**
The biggest customer for the directionally challenged rapper in his new endeavor is the A+ list mogul, so the men must be young. French Montana (PROBABLY: David Geffen

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#1**
This former A+ list rapper got into another of his famous feuds with random celebrities. Hey, at least it was not one of his kids again. This time it is with a back in the day A list singer/duet partner who basically outed the former A+ lister. 50 Cent purchased 200 tickets to Ja Rule concert so front rows would be empty (50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson)

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#2**
This back in the day A- list singer probably would have made it to A+ list but she chose to get into a huge feud with this A+ list celebrity couple who made it their mission to make sure the singer had her singing career stall where it was. Our singer can't even get a club to sell out any longer. She should probably stick to her ghost writing career which is pretty solid. Keri Hilson/Beyoncé/Jay Z

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#3**
They might have been co-stars on a long running hit almost network television show back in the day that was based on a movie, but they still don't really like each other. They posed together at a party for a photo, but that was it. It was painful to watch the whole process. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Michelle Trachtenberg ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

392. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#4**
This former A list tweener turned adult mess from an entertainment family is already cheating on his new girlfriend with another guy. Aaron Carter (Lina Valentina)

393. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#5**
This A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show at least for one more season is self-medicating which is really causing her to act erratically as of late. Ellen Pompeo ("Grey’s Anatomy")

394. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#6**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who every single last one of you knows is married to a much younger woman. He has been for awhile. He is cheating on her with someone even younger. Jeff Goldblum/Emilie Livingston (31 years); Bruce Willis/Emma Heming (23 years); Richard Gere/Alejandra Silva (34 years); William Shatner/Elizabeth Joyce Anderson (27 years); Kevin Costner/Christine Baumgartner (19 years)

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#7**
At this point, the foreign born A- list mostly television actress is going to have to go through the wedding to the former tweener celebrity. She has a half dozen sponsors and is making a ton of money from the wedding. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas

396. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#8**
This permanent A list fighter has several women in his life who are pregnant at the same time, but he will only ever acknowledge one. Conor McGregor(Dee Devlin)

397. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#9**
I know he is closeted to the outside world, but this A- list mostly television actor from a non superhero show on that almost network is out to his friends and he was being openly affectionate with his boyfriend this weekend in front of others. K.J. Apa ("Riverdale")

398. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#10**
Considering she got with her current significant other when he was in a relationship, it shouldn't shock this A- list alliterate athlete/entertainer that he is now cheating on her. Ronda Rousey/Travis Browne

399. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#11**
This weekend marked the annual appearance of the woman this A list mostly movie actor from an acting family keeps on standby when he needs the tabloids to think he is dating someone. Jake Gyllenhaal/Greta Caruso

400. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#12**
This foreign born three named actor is probably A- list. He just dumped his sober coach which is probably not the best move. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

401. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#13**
The costume was half in jest, but half serious for this foreign born B+ list celebrity of a couple A listers. She was wasted and has been for a good solid week. Rehab again. No one will notice her absence anyway. Kelly Osbourne ("American Horror Story's" Myrtle Snow)

402. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#14**
There is little to no chance this permanent A list singer will ever cancel a deal that makes her gob tons of money just because fans don't approve where the money is coming from. She just doesn't care. Beyoncé (sportswear line "Ivy Park" sold at "Topshop" owned by Sir Philip Green accused of sexual harassment, bullying and racial abuse)

403. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **#15**
Mischief Not Managed: A no show to a very big event bearing his name this past week. Apparently things have hit a very rough patch between this A+/A list mostly movie actor and his significant other. Apparently though, it has nothing to do with the very young member of the waitstaff he met at a different party and spent two nights with instead of going to his big event. The reason for the rough patch is because the wife was supposed to take care of some issues that happened on another continent that has been plaguing our actor for several years. The family of the 16 year old that was nearly killed falling off a cliff while fleeing from our actor is making more noise. The money has yet to be settled because the 16 year old is going to need medical help for life. What was supposed to be hush hush and done, is still out there. It nearly came out two years ago when I first wrote about it. George Clooney (Casamigos Halloween Party); Amal Clooney

Zoe Kravitz is the first to admit she had a leg up thanks to her parents. But she also says she’s worked really hard. "There was a whole period from 21 to 25 when I’d audition for tons of stuff, and I wouldn’t get hardly any of it," she says. "There’s kind of a group of girls that they go to, and I was not on that list." "She didn’t want help," says her dad. "I did nothing except get her an agent — after that, it’s down to your work. Somebody may be interested for five minutes: ‘Oh, it’s the daughter of....’ But nobody cares who your mom or dad is if you can’t do the job." It wasn’t always easy for a young woman of color, even second-generation Hollywood royalty. Kravitz says filmmakers often told her they wanted "a more girl-next-door look" or someone "more all-American." ("I was born in America," she says.) Last year she was Skyping with some directors about a movie that featured couples of various races, and they said they liked her for the woman married to the black guy. "I was like, ‘OK — but I could play any of the women,’ " she says. " ‘Black people don’t have to be married to other black people.’ A lot of times it’s just white people not understanding why what they say is offensive." She wishes more films and shows would talk about race. "I tried to get a little more of that put into Big Little Lies" — a show with Friends-worthy numbers of black people. "It didn’t work out," she says. "But I wish they’d had Reese’s character say, ‘His hot black wife.’ That’s real! But people are scared to go there. If we’re making art and trying to dissect the human condition, let’s really do that." She also says she’s been sexually harassed on set. "I won’t name names, because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life," she says. "But I definitely worked with a director who made me very uncomfortable. I was young — maybe 19 or 20 — and we were on location, staying at the same hotel. And it was full-on: ‘Can I come inside your room?’ Just totally inappropriate. And then he’d do things like come to the makeup trailer and touch my hair. Or say, ‘Let me see your costume — turn around?’ It’s just never OK for someone to do that. Especially when they’re in a position of power." (movies made during that age) "No Reservations"; "The Brave One"; "Assassination of a High School President"; "Birds of America"

405. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee broke all the rules of this massive Halloween party by bringing and using coke. He knew no one would kick him out and he was right. Leonardo DiCaprio

406. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#2**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee went through an interview of carefully planned tough questions with even more carefully planned explanations. I don't know why he and his actress wife are still afraid to have their dirty laundry aired when everyone already knows most of it. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

407. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#3**
This former A- list child/tween/sometime adult actress all of you know has hooked up with her legally aged stepdaughter.

408. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#4**
This Sister Wives star is being pressured to come out by her girlfriend. Meri Brown

409. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#5**
I don't think the former one year wonder is all that chapped by her on again off again celebrity boyfriend hooking up with another woman. As I said earlier this year, it all happened because she hit a casting couch. She is still hooking up with that same producer. Olivia Culpo/Danny Amendola/Bianca Peters

410. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#6**
This A list musician/songwriter from an list band that really should be two words and has had a string of hits for over a decade desperately needs rehab. He keeled over at a charity event this past weekend.

411. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#7**
Things are still not great for this former tweener star turned A- list singer/bad actress. The original plan was for her to make a return to public life last week. Apparently there were some things to still be worked out and some serious health issues as well a very serious mental health issues. Selena Gomez

412. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#8**
This A- list celebrity offspring actress who has a new movie that very very recently opened knows about the mutual masturbation sex tape her ex has been showing everyone and is resigned to the fact that one of the friends he shared it with is going to post it online. Dakota Johnson ("Suspiria")/Matthew Hitt

413. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#9**
All that partying with the A+/A list actor got out of control and the foreign born A-/B+ list singer got hooked and wants to do nothing but party, so the work had to go bye bye. After this debacle it is going to be really hard to get promoters to want to book her again. Channing Tatum/Jessie J

414. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#10**
This former celebrity turned A list reality star turned mogul who lost half her business when she got married is being abused by her husband on a regular basis but refuses to leave him because everyone will say I told you so. Kat Von D/Rafael Reyes

415. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#11**
Interesting that the A- list mostly television actress from the now defunct hit network show said "I," rather than "We," when describing how many children she has, and especially in the context of the statement when it would have made much more sense to say we. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha

416. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#12**
The thing about this former stripper turned model turned reality star turned escort all of you know is that when she lands a new guy, she ships her offspring straight over to the dad. It could be for a day or two weeks. She always focuses 100% on the client/boyfriend to the detriment of the offspring. Amber Rose/Alexander Edwards (Sebastian Taylor Thomaz - father Wiz Khalifa)

417. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#13**
After two pregnancy scares in the past few months, this foreign born A+ lister not named Ryan Reynolds got a vasectomy. It would have been strange optics to see him with two different women pregnant and his supposed significant other pushing around a stroller. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes

418. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#14**
This foreign born A- list dual threat actress is an Emmy winner/nominee. At the premiere for her latest movie she was covered almost head to toe. Apparently when she does that it means the sex games she plays with her husband got a little out of hand. Rosamund Pike/Robie Uniacke ("A Private War")

419. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/30 **#15**
She Doesn't Know: I call it she doesn't know, because as far as I know she has never mentioned it to anyone. I think it has been kept a secret from her for her entire life. There are a few others that know, including someone who is in the same line of work. Apparently about a year prior to her birth, the mother of the subject of our blind who is a former A- list mostly television actress went on a mission with the founder of an organization and his wife as well as several other women. The founder of the organization had an idea that this mission would lead to eternal protection from the organization. He had also been convinced that the person who could give this protection was a dictator of a country. The organization was establishing itself just a few miles from the shore of the country of the dictator. The idea of the mission was to offer women to the leader and the top officials who would then become pregnant and continue to carry the legacy of the leader and his top officials. The idea went extremely well and the next year there was a return to the country where all of the new babies were shown off to the leader and and the top officials. One of the women who had given birth to a child from the leader decided to stay with the leader. Another woman who had a baby by the leader chose to remain in her current situation and the child was raised believing something that was not true biologically speaking at least.

Which super hunky action start with rock hard abs is having so much trouble getting excited stiff where it counts that he has been taking a few little blue pills to help. He is a famous Hollywood Romeo, but the word around his Beverly Hill’s conquests is he is more impressive on the big screen than in the bedroom. However, the silver lining to the embarrassing problem is that his personal short comings only add to the respect you have to have for his acting skills. In the movies you would be forgiven for thinking this stud has the stamina of 300 men! Gerard Butler ("300")

There are so many people doing stupid things right now related to an upcoming hearing I can’t stand it. Dolphins are jumping through hoops hoping to get back on the show at Sea World. There are actual fools photoshopping things on social media that disparage people who are sexual assault victims. IN A COURT CASE WHERE IPS HAVE BEEN SUBPOENAED! Even the hooker knows #TimesUp and has bailed. This is not going to go well. And custody issues are already in play. Stupid is as stupid does. Landon Clements defends "Southern Charm" Thomas Ravenel

422. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#1**
I told you earlier in the week that this A- list mostly television actor from that hit almost network show that doesn't have a superhero is out to everyone but the general public. It looks like that is about to change. KJ Apa ("Riverdale")

423. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#2**
This permanent almost A+ list mostly movie actor who all of you know and all of your parents and grandparents know cheated on his wife with a college student who was interning at his production company. It kind of belies that everyone loves him kind of vibe he tries to give off.

424. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#3**
This disgraced director who makes movies really quickly and probably set a record of the number of women who can be harassed in a lifetime is still doing it. He says he is casting a movie. The casting process involves him sleeping with any woman who auditions and is up for it. There is no movie. James Toback; Brett Ratner

425. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#4**
Now that this celebrity offspring who is B listish on her own is legal, look for her to finally show off the person she has been dating the past three years. Willow Smith (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith)

426. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#5**
The eldest daughter has always been the favorite of this momager. Now though, it looks like the youngest is because the youngest makes the most money and is the most popular and pretty much zero controversies. Kim Kardashian/Kris Jenner/Kylie Jenner ($250K Red Ferrari for Her 63rd Birthday)

427. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#6**
This B+ list mostly television actor is on a patriotic sounding cable network show. He also is hooking up with an underage recurring character on the show.

428. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#7**
It looks like this celebrity offspring of a former B- list celebrity found out her husband's people were discussing annulment with her husband. So far he has been kind of wishy washy in his defense of her. Hailey Baldwin/Justin Bieber

429. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#8**
This foreign born A+ list rapper/singer is headed for a massive fall. Unlike others in his profession who seem to be able to hook up with underage boys and girls without impunity, his misdeeds are going to get a huge spotlight. Drake

430. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#9**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress had to be talked into staying on her current film. She felt betrayed by the foreign born A- list mostly movie actor from multiple franchises who told her one thing about the pair, but did something completely the opposite. Mia Wasikowska/Robert Pattinson ("The Devil All the Time")

431. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#10**
This former model turned actress who is the celebrity offspring of celebrity offspring of celebrity offspring tried to kill herself a few weeks ago with pills. Dree Hemingway/Mariel Hemingway/Jack Hemingway/Ernest Hemingway (sex tape to leak)

432. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#11**
This former A+/A list mostly television actor also took a run at some very bad acting in meh movies has another show now which has had its share of controversies. All of you know this actor and his wife that he is cheating on with an actress he met on the show. Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis ("The Ranch") (Danny Masterson rape allegations)

433. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#12**
While filming a movie north of the border this past summer, this married former A list mostly movie actress who is probably A- list on a good day had a fling with this married actor who thinks very highly of himself. He also has cheated on his wife many times and she always takes him back. Did I mention he thinks a lot of himself and once quit a hit television show. Amanda Seyfried (Thomas Sadoski)/Patrick Dempsey (Jillian Fink) (Producer of "The Art of Racing in the Rain")

434. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#13**
The husband of this Housewife was not allowed to film because his employer knew he was having an affair with a co-worker and didn't want that to possibly come out and draw more attention to the affair. Gina and Matthew Kirschenheiter ("The Real Housewives of Orange County")

435. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#14**
This still not legal teen actress had not worked in awhile until recently. When she was a tween she worked a lot, including in multiple installments of a huge franchise. She needs an intervention when it comes to her eating disorder. Mackenzie Foy (17 years old) (Renesmee on "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2") ("The Nutcracker and the Four Realms")

436. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/31 **#15**
It Was Murder: Halloween seems like a fitting day to talk about this Hollywood murder. It didn't actually happen in Hollywood. It happened a long way from Hollywood in fact, on a movie set. This long time A list dual threat actor was probably B+ list at the time. His offspring probably reached the same level of fame at their peak. The offspring has shinier hardware nominations for their efforts. Anyway, our actor told the person in charge on the set that he knew not only about the financial exploitation of all the young children, tweens and teens on the set, but also the sexual exploitation. This was back in the day in a faraway place before there were smart phone or social media. Do you know how much child porn was filmed during this movie? Hundreds and hundreds of hours which is still floating through Hollywood. They used the same cameras from the filming of the movie. Our actor wanted to put a stop to it and was killed for his efforts. Some of the exploitation was revealed in an investigation, but that was just the tip. It was enough to get people to move on to other things. Vic Morrow (Jennifer Jason Leigh) ("Twilight Zone: The Movie"/filmed in California but the scene involved a helicopter bombing the Vietnam village Morrow was to save the children from. Director John Landis telling the helicopter pilot "Get lower! Lower! Get over!")

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