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1. POPBITCH 03/01
(British blog) If what we heard about the dressing room activity on an old ITV light entertainment show is true, then we are very much looking forward to whichever series of The Crown will deal with the early 90s. But which member of the Royal family ended up being back there? And what on earth was all that banging noise about?
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

‘Trust me,’ the source expands. ‘If you saw this actress in the street, you would probably do a runner ’cause she’s such a nut. And I was dealing with nonstop emails from her.’ A friend that worked at a popular industry trade told me recently that a former B – maybe A – list actress had been banned several times from commenting on his site. ‘She would post under these weird usernames, but use emails that referenced her real name,’ I’m told. ‘It was really obvious it was her and her opinions on what was happening in the industry were ace, but the arguments with other commenters were too frequent.’ Sean Young ("Blade RUNNER") ("ACE Ventura")

This married Governor is best friends with a married college basketball coach. That friendship extends to using the same escort service.

This foreign born still one hit wonder slept with a director in order to get him to finance her latest music video. Iggy Azalea ("Savior"/directed by Colin Tilley)

This closeted A+ list singer has a new crush and wants this female foreign born A- list singer to go on tour with her in hopes something could happen between the two. Taylor Swift/Camila Cabello

This B+ list dual threat actress focuses on bad movies. Even though she is B+ list she has A+ list name recognition. She was married to an A+ lister too. That married man she has been seeing on and off for years is finally getting a divorce because his wife got sick of his lies. Look for her to push away whatever she had going on the side with this A+ list mostly movie actor and fully embrace being with the now technically married man. Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise) (Jamie Foxx)

This A- list mostly movie actress who usually exclusively focuses on comedies got her start in television. She wants to be in a new superhero movie, but part of any deal is she only has to do very very limited press. She just has severe issues doing things like that or meeting the public. Kristen Wiig ("Wonder Woman 2")

Unlike the men she yachted with when she wasn't legal, this A- list reality star did not actually have sex with this offspring until she was legal. She thinks they are exclusive except for his occasional drunken forays. He though, is planning on making his ex pregnant. The ex wants that but has not told her current boyfriend either. The ex has experience with the half sibling thing and doesn't want it for her own kids. Sofia Richie/Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian/Younes Bendjima

Apparently more drinking and a hookup with a guitar player led to the split of this A list country singer and her long time boyfriend. Miranda Lambert/Anderson East

This former MTV star has been threatening his ex by sending her pictures of himself with assault rifles and guns and that she will get what she deserves. There is a video she says he sent but doesn't have any more where he has an assault rifle strapped to his body while he smokes meth and then goes on a rant against her. Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason/Olivia Leedham

"I should have killed you when I had the chance," were the only words left on a voicemail yesterday to this A- list actress. It sounded like someone distorted the voice using a computer program or autotune. Hmmm, wonder who would have access to an autotune she knows. She did turn it over to the FBI. Evan Rachel Woods
 (POSSIBLY) Marilyn Manson

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#10**
It is a great defense and one of the reasons this former A- list mostly television actress is so front and center right now. You could never get away with this defense at any other time so she is playing it extra hard. The audience is not a jury because she can't get up on the stand and say what she is saying now. But, she is hoping for media pressure to get the case dropped. She knows she screwed up and realizes this is a golden chance she wouldn't have received otherwise. Rose McGowan (claims Harvey Weinstein set her up)

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#11**
This A list legend is speaking the truth about her recent payments for acting. She gets scale and nothing more. However, one thing she is not being completely open about is that she has increased her nightly fee for what makes her a legend by close to 50% because of the acting which her agents cite when booking her. Mary J. Blige (divorce filings)

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#12**
This A- list dual threat actor who has a hit cable show and been involved in a huge movie franchise came out this week. I would love to know any woman he has dated since his early days in high school. I certainly have never seen him on a date with a woman. Lee Pace ("Halt and Catch Fire"; "The Hobbit"; "Guardians of the Galaxy")

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#13**
It was a touching sentiment, and I'm sure that her pay over the years for acting as a beard played some part in the well wishes, but she didn't do this A lister any favors in the heterosexual department because the sentiment sounded like something you would write in the yearbook of your friend rather than a person you have supposedly been hooking up with for years. Shayna Taylor (Ryan Seacrest)

16. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#14**
This former A+ list tweener who got her start in an acting/singing capacity likes to think she is the one in control of her acting offers. I mean she is in the sense she can choose between the awful movies she is offered, but no one is offering her anything with a studio behind it. She makes it seem like offers are pouring in for her acting skills. They aren't. The only offers she gets are from producers trying to make a little money by throwing her in their movie. If someone offered her a real part or a television show, she would quit this stuff she is spewing and take the job faster than you could say Mandy Moore. Miley Cyrus

17. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#15**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who does the superhero thing is contemplating a big reboot. The problem is his wife wants him to retire from acting because she thinks his filming and constant cheating when he films is going to end their marriage. Chris Hemsworth/Elsa Pataky ("Men in Black")

18. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#16**
Awww Shucks Rapist: If I asked you your first thoughts about this A- list mostly movie actor all of you know, you would say he is a great guy and happily married forever by any standards and not just Hollywood. You would love his movies and recognize he has been in some of the biggest movies of all time and in some of your favorite movies. Now, what if I told you, he was a serial rapist who used his power to force himself on women. Not just one woman, but many women. What if I told you, his long time good friend who is supposedly a leader of the #TimesUp movement not only knows about the women but is someone who would introduce women to the actor specifically because they wanted to meet our rapist. The good friend often times had sex with the women as a condition to him introducing them to the actor. He looked for women who were open to being submissive. Our A- list actor is aggressive and preferred if the encounter was consensual but is not going to let a no stand in his way. That aww shucks image he feels is always going to be his best defense. He thinks the women he hooks up with on the side are trash and treats them that way. He says they are disposable. So, next time you watch one of his movies or think what a great guy he is because he seems like the happy family man, think about what I have written here.
Sean Astin

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly cut out one of her famous friends from her inner circle because she was convinced [name omitted] was leaking personal information to the media. ‘It’s common with non-famous friends and family, but a famous friend? Unbelievable.’ Chelsea Handler

20. MR. X 03/02 **#1**
This A list talk show host is saying one thing publicly about this mogul's behavior, but behind the scenes she is already making plans to throw him under the bus if anything else comes out. Kelly Ripa/Ryan Seacrest

21. MR. X 03/02 **#2**
Brotherly love? Well, not really. More of a brotherly alibi. One celebrity brother makes sure a photo of him kissing a woman gets leaked to the tabloids. Meanwhile though, the woman is actually hooking up with the other celebrity brother but he has an actress girlfriend who is already suspicious. Nice alibi. Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner (POSSIBLY Annalisa Azaredo)

22. MR. X 03/02 **#3**
This A+ list mostly movie actress is trying to make it a triumvirate of outings she has attempted in the past week. This time it was an A list host/producer she was trying to out while giving an interview. Her entire press tour for her new movie is her trying to get media outlets to run with an outing rather than her movie. Ryan Seacrest (not sure if she will talk to Ryan Seacrest on Oscars red carpet); Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss (why aren't they friends anymore)

23. MR. X 03/02 **#4**
In horrible plastic surgery news, this former A list mostly movie actor who is an acting family debuted a heavily botoxed face this week. Dennis Quaid

24. MR. X 03/02 **#5**
Despite what he says, this talk show host not named Jimmy Fallon is a big time boozer and also has been known to mix them with pills. He just usually confines his abuse to his home so no one but his closest friends know the truth. James Corden

25. MR. X 03/02 **#6**
This A++ list celebrity has moved on from diet pills back in the day to a stronger substance now because of tolerance issues. He doesn't do it for diet, but to stay awake for long periods of time. Donald Trump

This A+ list mostly movie actor signed on for a what will be a very controversial movie for the very large paycheck and because he wants to have sex with this married foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress who he thinks will want to when she meets him. Ummm. Brad Pitt/Margot Robbie ("Once Upon A Time In Hollywood") (Charles Manson/Sharon Tate murders)

This might as well be married former A+ list athlete all of you know no matter where you live in this world hooked up with this C list celebrity and has been trying to see her more but she has been blowing him off because of his relationship status. Lance Armstrong (Anna Hansen)/Mia Khalifa

Apparently this A- list singer who used to be a tweener singer/actress can't stand to be around a certain figure in her life because of what her boyfriend made him do with the figure sexually. She says now that whenever they are around each other, the figure always wants a repeat performance so to speak and doesn't stop talking about it. Demi Lovato/Wilmer Valderrama (Danny Masterson)

She won't tell you this, but this former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned part-time porn star hooked up with her new boyfriend for the first time way more than a year ago. You do the math. Now she is trying to get pregnant with him even though they have only been back together a few weeks. Blac Chyna/YBN Almighty Jay

Apparently this B/B+ list mostly television actress/author has no idea her co-star was hooking up with the husband of the actress. The actress knows of another woman but not the co-star. Gabrielle Union/Dwyane Wade ("Being Mary Jane")

More money for them to share is the feeling of the remaining members of this group. The one member not performing was the one who wanted the most money and is the least talented, so they think it is a win win. "Spice Girls" (Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham)

This foreign born B+ list actor got his actress girlfriend hooked on coke. Because of his coke issues, they barely have any time for each other. Now he has his sister hooked on coke and had her orally service a guy so he could get some free coke. Charlie Heaton/Natalia Dyer ("Stranger Things") (Levi Heaton)

This washed up has been who was an awful actor to begin with married someone of his caliber acting wise. He has been cheating with multiple women while his wife has been popping pills supplied by a fading to B-/C+ list celebrity who said she was sober but apparently was lying.
Awful actor: Dean McDermott
Spouse: Tori Spelling
B/C+ list celebrity: Corrine Olympois

The long time female lover of this closeted foreign born permanent A list singer has left the singer because the singer won't come out. Now, the singer is trying to stage a hetero relationship. That is going to be very difficult when the press discovers his long line of boyfriends going back at least a decade. Celine Dion

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/02 **#10**
The Evil Twin: Were you a runaway teen in the late 60's and early 70's? Did you make your way to LA to try and make your fame and fortune. If you were a male teen during those times and were suitably young and suitably attractive, a female, who was also very young might come up to you and offer to buy you a meal. If you accepted, you were then fed a meal and the conversation would inevitably turn to movies and acting and the dreams of the runaway. If he seemed desperate enough for a part, our young female would give him a card and tell him to call a very good friend of hers. The very good friend was this permanent A list mostly movie actor who was past his peak on the list, but still had A+ list name recognition, much like he still enjoys to this day. Of course the young man would call. I say man, but we are talking about teens here. Anywhere from 14-16 was the sweetspot in ages that the female was told to look for. She was that same age about then. She took over the job in about 1970. Prior to that time, the job had been handled by an actress. The actress was foreign born and almost A- list. She had a very secret life including a secret marriage and a very big secret drug problem. The actor blackmailed her for many years and would force her to participate in his fetishes and find young teens for him. If she refused, the actor would have told the world about her marriage or the drugs, either of which would have ruined her career. After her suicide, the actor turned to her "adoptive daughter," who was really herself a runaway who lived with the actress and her husband and was basically their sex slave. She later had a recurring role on this long running 70's-80's television drama because she was hooking up with the at the time A+ list star of the show. Anyway, usually within hours of handing over a card, the teen boy would call the number and be told to make his way to an address in the canyons. The gate would be open to a house. In the driveway of the house would be a Rolls Royce. At the wheel of the car would be the stunt double of the permanent A list actor. Invariably the boy would ask if the driver was the actor and the driver would respond that he was the actor's evil twin. He would then tell the boy to get in the backseat. There, in the backseat would be the actor. Once the boy was in, the car would be locked and the driver would start driving. The speed of the car would pick up and the molesting would begin as soon as the car turned on to Mulholland. The boy would be forced to orally service the actor and would often be raped as well. There was no chance for the boy to escape because the car was locked. Even if he managed to get the door open, jumping would mean certain death. There was also the gun that the driver carried should the boy try and fight off the attempt. After the rape, the boy would usually be left on the side of the road, often not wearing anything other than a shirt. Apparently this went on several times a week for years.
Actress was foreign born and almost A- list: Inger Stevens
Suicide: April 30, 1970 (25 sleeping pills and a quantity of ammonia)
A list mostly movie actor: Charlton Heston (starred together in "The Buccaneer" in 1958)
Home and Rolls Royce: Cold Water Canyon (Rolls Royce)
Stunt double: Joe Canutt
Secret marriage: black actor Ike Jones
"adoptive daughter"/70's-80's television drama/A+ list star of the show:

Dancing Boy Update: There is going to be a dancing boy short too - pretty much as it's told in the blind (albeit in a style that apes/riffs on 40s noir: voiceover, montages, double exposures - that sort of thing). We've got in mind and are reaching out to particular actor to do the v/o (dancing boy as adult), or at least direct it. He is a former kid actor turned primarily voice actor most known for a certain role in a movie (written) by the late icon of coming of age flicks. He wasn't in one of those, but it's still one of my favorites (of the icon, I mean). The character he played and I share a first name.

Dancing Boy’s first name: Kenny
Former kid actor turned primarily voice actor: Taliesin Jaffe
For a certain role in a movie (written) by the late icon of coming of age flicks: "Mr. Mom" (Kenny Butler) written by John Hughes

This A+ list singer is being accused of using a homophobic slur against an autograph seeker. She even told him that he could turn straight if he tried.

This one named singer was wasted out of her mind last night backstage at an event. She also was trying to convince everyone that the half her age guy she had attached to her hip when not sucking face with him was interested in her for something other than her dwindling money pile. Fergie (Demi Lovato "Tell Me You Love Me" World Tour - Los Angeles)

At the same event last night mentioned in #3, this married former A++ list athlete was collecting phone numbers of women. Seems as if he hasn't really changed. Kobe Bryant (Demi Lovato "Tell Me You Love Me" World Tour - Los Angeles)

This closeted foreign born A/A- list actor who has had way more success on the small screen rather than the big screen has managed to make sure his foreign born B-/C+ list actor boyfriend got roles in each of those movies so they could spend time together. This may also be why our actor has not been in a rush to find a new beard. Alexander Skarsgård/Osy Ikhile ("The Legend of Tarzan"; "The Kill Team")

This B+ list comic/actress has been in the news a lot over the past year or two but not many projects. Until she starts listening to other people and ignoring the advice that has got her in this position, no one is going to hire her for anything. Why would they want to deal with it when there are so many other options that are not going to cause possible headaches. Mo'Nique (advice from her husband Sidney Hicks)

This momager went on an article planting spree this week to try and convince the world that this B list rapper is the perfect mate for the A list reality star with a very lucrative side gig. Oh, and something doesn't count as a gift from someone else if you pay for it and pick it out yourself and the other person doesn't even know you are doing it. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott ($1.4 Ferrari "push present")

This B+ list actress is still not old enough to vote, but she is a series regular on two shows and for the past year has been secretly hooking up with a producer in his 30's. They used to be super careful but as that 18th birthday gets closer, they have been more and more public about the relationship. What the actress might not want to know is that the producer tried to force himself on a teenager even younger than our actress. The producer was then sued and quickly settled out of court before his current employer discovered it. Yara Shahidi (Zoey Johnson "Grown-ish" and "Black-ish")

This newly married foreign born A list model orally serviced this foreign born, very rich A+ list celebrity/mogul last night in his car after a party. Emily Ratajkowski/Elon Musk (pre-Oscar WME party)

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#10**
I never thought I would be saying this, but this foreign born permanent A++ list singer needs rehab again. He is abusing pills that he started taking after an injury two years ago. At some point in the last year he started taking more and more. I don't think he wants anyone to know he messed up again. Elton John

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#11**
Think about if you would stick around with someone if they did this to you. Dinner this week. Permanent A list musician and A- list mostly television actress who has a new gig across the country beginning soon which would take her away from the musician. So, what does he do? Hits on the waitress in front of the actress and gets the phone number of the waitress and her social media. Says he can get her some work singing and they should go out to dinner the next night. Such a tool. David Foster/Katharine McPhee

47. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#12**
This B+ list offspring thinks of himself as a huge star. The only reason he gets B+ list is because of his name. He loves to talk about how no one will talk to him anymore because he is competition to them. The reason they don't talk to him is he is annoying and is always asking to work with them and talks a very big game but doesn't actually follow through. They all think he is spoiled. Jaden Smith (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith)

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#13**
This former A- list mostly television actress who is probably B- on the acting list right now but is currently a solid A list as far as name recognition goes because of the way she has been in the news the past six months is not helping her narrative any when she is in public and crazy wasted. Rose McGowan

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#14**
This foreign born former A- list mostly movie actress is a solid A list in her home country and has been for well over two decades. Back in the day she made a movie with this long time A- list dual threat actor who specializes in comedies. I'm not sure he has ever done anything other than a comedy. Anyway, he had casting approval and wanted to have sex with the actress so he cast her. The thing is, once the movie started filming, she started hooking up with a different actor on the film. Our A- list actor then referred to her as a w***e for the rest of the filming. He also called her a lot of other names and since he was one of the writers too, added in a sex scene during filming and some other love scenes too, most of which ended up on the cutting room floor. Sophie Marceau (French)/David Spade ("Lost & Found")

This recently evicted former A+ list singer who should be on a sex offender register has been known to wave money in the face of women who are desperate to make ends meet, especially single moms working multiple jobs. He tells them he will give them the money in his hand if they have sex with him. They do and he just leaves without paying them anything. The guy is an awful human being. R. Kelly

This agency head is scared he has not crossed all his t's and dotted all his i's and that a woman will come forward and expose him or one of his underlings for their previous behavior. He has a team of a dozen people who randomly listen in on phone conversations of all employees and monitor e-mails. Of course none of his clients know he is doing this and would probably take a walk from the agency if they did know. Jim Toth/Creative Artists Agency (Reese Witherspoon’s husband)

We have always known this former A+ list rapper is an a-hole. The way he treats his kids and mothers of those kids should have shown that. He cares about nothing but himself and this week added a bunch of new haters to his long list of haters for his comments about a rival. There is no one who will want to work with our former A+ list rapper now. 50 Cent on his comments about Rick Ross

This A+ list mostly movie actor wasn't told by his best friend, but he was told by this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress who is a former and future co-star that he still had coke under his nose. Our actor managed to wipe it away before the cameras could get a photo or see his former A list actor best friend laughing away. Leonardo DiCaprio/Margot Robbie/Lukas Haas

At a party this weekend, this showrunner who has generally focused his attention to one family of networks before recently making a switch spent a good five minutes ranting about a woman he refers to as a "b**ch," and that he hopes will die soon. Yeah, nice guy. Ryan Murphy (FX to Netflix) (Olivia de Havilland, 101, suit over her portrayal by Catherine Zeta-Jones in last year’s docudrama "Feud: Bette and Joan")

Yes, that was a low six figure "donation," by this A list mogul all of you know that led to an organization changing its mind about a decision involving someone close to the mogul.

This permanent A list rapper and his equally accomplished wife will be throwing an Oscar bash. If they threw it last year, it certainly would have included this disgraced producer as a distinguished guest or even guest of honor. People seem to forget the rapper and producer had a production deal together and that the rapper often supplied the producer with women, some of whom, the rapper had also been with in the past. Jay Z/Beyoncé/Harvey Weinstein ("Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story")

This foreign born A+ list actress on her own country was murdered by her husband. He has a much much younger girlfriend he wants to marry. Sridevi (Boney Kapoor)

Kept Man: Many of you will be watching the Academy Awards tonight. One person who won't be watching is a former A list celebrity in his corner of the entertainment world. He is dead. He was murdered. Back in the day when he was at his peak looks and popularity, he still didn't make as much money as someone would in mainstream entertainment. He did however have a long time benefactor who paid the bills and gave our celebrity an allowance each month that was considerable. The benefactor was the mogul who seems to pop up so often in these stories with the violent endings. At this point in his life, our celebrity was not doing very well financially and was all set to tell his tales. It was going to be a book. As part of the process of the book writing, word got back to our mogul. He offered some money to the celebrity to drop the whole idea, but the money was a pittance compared to the advances that publishers had been offering. Within two weeks of the mogul hearing about the book deal, our celebrity was dead. Billy Herrington (gay adult film actor)/David Geffen

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#10**
The D list celebrity sister of this former A+ list athlete turned reality star says that more than once she has had threesomes with her brother and women he has picked up at bars. Megan and Ryan Lochte

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#11**
This closeted NBA star finally found a beard who is perfectly happy pretending to be his girlfriend for that nice big monthly check. She has never been more in demand as a model and owes it all to being a beard. Chandler Parsons/Cassie Amato

61. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#12**
This foreign born A list model/wannabe actress might be the girlfriend of this A+ list mostly movie actor but it didn't stop her from hooking up with a different A+ list mostly movie actor yesterday afternoon. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper/Sean Penn or Brad Pitt

62. TAMARA TATTLES 03/05 **#1**
This currently filming show is having a rough filming season. When you are on a reality show that keeps getting picked up, you start to think the gravy train will never end. At some point, this one or that one decides they don’t have to film with anyone they don’t want to. They start to feel like they don’t have to get out of bed in the morning to make a TV show. Everyone is very sweaty. There is one who is being an adult and is tired of most of the rest of them. The rest can’t be bothered to follow the production schedule. Things have been shaken up a bit, but storylines are scarce. Most of the cast has a very inflated ego and feel like filming should revolve around them rather than showing up to shoots in a timely manner. They don’t seem to take into account the cost of a production team showing up while they are still in bed. Sleeping on camera is not interesting. Especially when it is most of them. Corporate headquarters is fully invested of keeping this show around. This group needs to get serious about the show or they will lose it. Once you quit your job to be on a reality show… What do you do when it ends? I don’t think this group wants to find out. Somebody needs to actually acquire a baby, or get married, go to rehab or get arrested. Drinking and arguing and sleeping around is not really a storyline forever. This show has lost the essence of what the show was supposed to be about. The good news is that that one hold out is back on the payroll.

Show: "Real Housewives of Orange County"
Adult: Vicki Gunvalson (the only one with a real job) (sweaty: Cut Fitness owner)
Hold out: (Gretchen Rossi)

63. TAMARA TATTLES 03/05 **#2**
This reality show participant on a show that is filming now has adopted a child. They are trying to keep the news under wraps but the streets are talking. The baby was adopted at three weeks. It is six weeks old now. Despite being adopted, the baby boy bears a very strong resemblance to his adopted family. Brandi Redmond ("Real Housewives of Dallas")

Tradition was broken last night at the Academy Awards when Casey Affleck declined to present the Best Actress category and was replaced by the female duo of Oscar-winners, Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster. One A list actor was furious about change, lamenting Hollywood and the Academy for pressuring Casey to stand down and trying to present a "feminist agenda". ‘Now they’re all fucking feminist heros,’ a source quotes the actor as saying. ‘They were the fucking people that knew about that bastard [Weinstein] and still supported him.’ Gary Oldman

OSCARS: This A- list mostly television comic actress who has a streaming show and had a recent public split was hammered out of her mind at an after party and was doing her best to shove her tongue down the throat of this former A+ list mostly television actor from a now defunct cable program. He also likes to go commando a lot. Sarah Silverman (Michael Sheen)/Jon Hamm

OSCARS: This aging Academy Award winner who has a franchise was at an after party with a woman who was about a quarter his age. Apparently she was talking to someone age appropriate. He grabbed her arm and started yelling at her that she "belonged" to him for the night. Jon Voight ("Ray Donovan")

OSCARS: The male subject of #1 was seen really trying hard to land a job from this showrunner who signed that new expensive deal. Our actor was introduced by an actress staple of the showrunner's family. Jon Hamm/Ryan Murphy/Lea Michele

OSCARS: This selfie loving A- list model tried to get naked for an official type photo from an after party and they were having none of it. When she later tried to do a topless selfie thing at the same party, they warned her they would be kicking her out if she tried again. Emily Ratajkowski (2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones)

OSCARS - Himmmm: Was kind of hoping to see this one erupt into an epic cat fight. The most shocking bad comment and most epic mic drop of the night both occurred in the same confrontation. Before the ceremony even began. This (aging permanent A list actress who used to be mostly movies and is now mostly almost television) was relishing the spotlight and happy to speak her thoughts, without a filter, regardless of how inappropriate those thoughts were. When (this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who had a very big box office year) walked over to pay respects and introduce herself, the older actress was so sweet to her. When the younger actress walked away, the legend turned to an assistant and judgmentally sneered: "That's her? That's the one they made such a fuss about? I guess we know how SHE got HER starring roles. At least when I started we had to have talent. Guess she's a member of the right 'tribe', or rode the right 'members'." She said it a bit louder than she thought, because this (foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee) was very close behind her. She stepped right up to the older legend and said (while smiling): "She got her roles by being a hard working actress, not by riding her family's coattails or riding some French director. Why don't you get your ass back in your coffin before sunrise, you racist bitch." Then she pivoted, and walked off without a word. Wow, and WOW.
Aging permanent A list actress: Jane Fonda
Foreign born A list actress: Gal Gadot (Israeli)
Foreign born A/A- list actress: Salma Hayek

OSCARS: This foreign born A list DJ was seen at an after party huddled with this closeted A list reality star with a side gig. He has played the game before and she is always up for a distraction for the press. Calvin Harris (Taylor Swift)/Kendall Jenner

OSCARS: This B/B- list mostly television actor at an after party who is only that high because of the ensemble show he is on right now was minus his higher on the list wife last night at the party. Apparently he took that as a sign he could hit on other women. He was very subtle and made sure to tell the women they needed to keep everything hush hush. He also was telling the women that his marriage is on the rocks. There was a model there who fell for his story and he invited her to come visit him on set. Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa) ("Riverdale")  (Kelly Rohrbach) (2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones)

OSCARS: This A- list mostly movie actor with a vowel to begin his first and last name kicked his girlfriend out of the area at an after party where he was standing to get his picture taken by the press. He said to her that she should know better. Real treasure this guy. Ansel Elgort

OSCARS: JV swears to me that she walked past this talk show host twice to tell him that he was an a-hole and that even after she did that, a wrangler tried to get her to go on camera with him. She told them they didn't want any part of that. Ryan Seacrest

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#10**
OSCARS - Himmmm: This (former back in the day A+ list mostly movie actress) sneered while looking at (this A list celebrity/athlete): "What is SHE doing here? Are they stooping that low now? This is supposed to be for elite professionals in our craft." The lady beside her (A-/B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family who is also an Oscar nominee/winner) looked as if she wanted to crawl under something and hide. When I complimented her on her dress and her 'date' for the night, she said with a very sheepish grimace: "You're welcome to take my place if you want". Don't think it was her idea for the PR reunion.

A+ list mostly movie actress: Ashley Judd
A-/B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family: Mira Sorvino
A list celebrity/athlete: Lindsey Vonn

75. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#11**
OSCARS: This B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister was wasted when she arrived solo at an after party. She thought she was attending with the celebrity she has been seeing, but that celebrity is already hooking up with other women. Our offspring is constantly just used and thrown away like trash and one of these days something is going to snap inside her. Paris Jackson (Cara Delevingne)

76. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#12**
OSCARS: The handlers for this A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost television show had a list of topics that could not be asked by press on the red carpet that was so long that most press just chose to not have her stop at all. Elisabeth Moss ("The Handmaid's Tale")

77. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#13**
OSCARS: At this after party, this former A list mostly movie actress who has stumbled and bumbled her way through one horrible television show after the other for the past decade or so who is going through a crushing divorce broke down several times. There is a lot of love for her and last night people took turns lifting up her spirits. It was a great thing to see. Alicia Silverstone

78. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#14**
OSCARS: When this permanent A+ list mostly movie actress was asked a #YouKnew type question, the actress said, "We're done here," and walked off. Meryl Streep

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#15**
OSCARS - Himmmm: There's a hidden-away service entrance door off to the side of the theater, and many attendees use it to sneak out and grab a smoke or take a break from the stuffy ceremony. This (A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee) was out there when I walked out, smoking something that wasn't tobacco. "Glaucoma's getting' worse" he said with a grin. While we were relaxing, discussing new ways to split the atom, this (A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee) came outside with a total jerk in tow. I didn't know his name, but he was not her date. He was an aspiring horrible comic was my guess. He's trying to make jokes, and I can see the actress getting uncomfortable and the blazing actor getting a real sarcastic look on his face. The horrible comic kept reaching to pull the actress' top open, and she'd smack his hand telling him to stop. Seriously. I seriously told him that was not nice, and he should knock it off. He laughed and said she didn't mind, and she crossed her arms looking embarrassed. The idiot then says: "Somebody should slip Kimmel a note to alert all the women that Harvey just arrived and he's holding auditions backstage on a couch". Ha-fu@%king-ha. The guy then pulls out a vial of white powder and does a bump right there on his hand, much to the actress' horror. He says: "That Lupi-tiya Oblongo. Or Loop My Dongo, or whatever…she's fine. If you could Face-filter her about 50 shades lighter to Halle Berry's color she'd be smoking hot! Fifty shades of Laid!". I saw the chilled-out actor start to get upset now. The actress stalks off down the walkway away from him. "I think she's gorgeous like she is", I said. Mr. Idiot says: "I'd still do her, don't get me wrong, give her some hot slow-jam lovin'." Yeah, a regular Barry White romantic. After more of this, the chilled-out actor motions for me to re-enter with him, turns to the actress and says: "You okay? You wanna go back with us?'. She declined. The actor turns to the idiot and says: "You're not funny man. You're a total asswipe and the reason so many women have to put up with all this sh!t. That sh&t you're saying is as bad as the crap the writers wrote for this show tonight." The idiot just stared with a stupid grin on his face. Walking back inside, I asked who that jackass was. "Can't remember his name, but he's a writer for tonight's show." I laughed, thinking he was kidding. He wasn't. I don't think he'll have to worry about writing for next year's show. When we returned, both the actor and I stopped in the foyer and messaged the top production officials of the show to express our disgust.
A- list mostly movie actor Oscar winner/nominee: Woody Harrelson or Matthew McConaughey
A list mostly movie actress Oscar winner/nominee: Emma Stone

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#16**
OSCARS: This A-/B+ list closeted mostly television actor who has had a good month or two on television as of late and probably will get an Emmy nomination for it told a story last night which he made a blind. He says he hooks up with a closeted Under Secretary each time he goes to Washington D.C. Darren Criss (Andrew Cunanan "American Crime Story")

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#17**
OSCARS: This recent A list athlete was being an a-hole to just about everyone he came into contact with. I think this recent fame is going to his head. Adam Rippon

82. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#18**
OSCARS: A frequent companion to the person in #17 is someone just about equally as famous. She was passed out drunk at an after party. It only took about two drinks to get her wasted. Mirai Nagasu

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#19**
OSCARS: This B+ list dual threat actress almost got into a fight with another actress over who was going to mark a milestone on the red carpet. Our B+ lister said she took a lesser pay raise for a new movie just to have the honor. She ended up with the prize so to speak. Taraji P. Henson ("Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?")/Ryan Seacrest)/Tiffany Haddish

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#20**
OSCARS - Himmmm: This (A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) approached this (married A list mostly movie director) during the ceremony, backstage. She seemed a little "off", but was very pleasant. Without any small talk, she was almost hovering over him, gently stroking his arm. She said she really wants to work with him, and would be MORE THAN HAPPY to meet with him anytime…anywhere, to discuss it. She's just such a big fan of his work she said, and knows that "working under (him)" would be a experience for them both. "I'm fearless in my acting, and there is NOTHING I won't try. Nothing", she said softly. After clearing his throat, the director said that his next project was very similar to one she's already done and so she'd likely not want to repeat it. (Which is total b.s. but thought it would deter her). Contrary, she said. "I could do that in my sleep. You're welcome to watch me sleep if you want." She laughed, and asked him to please call or message her – not her agent. He said he'd think about it, excused himself quickly, and tried not to explode laughing. She's subtle. Real subtle.
Guillermo del Toro (8:14 P.M. wins "Best Achievement in Directing "The Shape of Water") (next movie "Nightmare Alley" - A corrupt con-man teams up with a female psychiatrist to trick people into giving them money. A remake of the 1947 film.); Jennifer Lawrence (8:30 P.M. presents "Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role"/Frances McDormand "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#21**
OSCARS: Apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actress was supposed to have a date last night to an after party. The former Oscar winner told people she and her date had sex earlier in the day and everything was good so she had no idea why he didn't want to go to the party. Later, when asked more about it she did concede they got into a little argument about whether to eat or not prior to going out and that she may have thrown a plate at him. Halle Berry

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#22**
OSCARS: This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who only gets that high because of very recent success was really upset yesterday that her new A- list actor boyfriend refused to attend the awards with her. He isn't ready to go public. Eiza Gonzalez ("Baby Driver")/Josh Duhamel

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#23**
OSCARS: This permanent A lister was doing great at the awards, but the comic actor was doing a lot less great after the show. He didn't even go into one after party because the entire time he was at that venue he stood outside and smoked meth. Dave Chappelle

88. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#24**
OSCARS: Everyone who witnessed this felt so bad for this recent A list mostly movie actress who seems to be everywhere. She met this permanent A list mostly movie actor who she considers one of her idols. The aging actor who had his time in the movie spotlight decades ago had no idea who the actress was when she told him that he is one of her idols. He just nodded in a way that indicated he didn't know who she was and had no idea why she was even backstage. Gal Gadot presented for ("Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling: Darkest Hour")/Warren Beatty presented for ("Best Picture: "The Shape of Water")

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#25**
OSCARS - Himmmm: All during the ceremony, there were technical difficulties throughout the entire theatre. Before the presentation of all the big award categories, for exactly 15 minutes, all cell and internet service inside the auditorium would shut off. BLIP! Just like a disconnected phone or web router at your house. After the presentation? Service would resume. This continued all night long, and drove many of the attendees insane. Turns out that _____________________ did NOT want to leave anything to chance, and have a repeat of last year's screw-ups for big awards. So he hired a very special technology company to be on hand, working in the control room with him. They'd been there the entire week before the event, doing work as one of a trillion technical staff for video, computers, etc. But all night long, during the ceremony, at least 15 minutes before the winners in major categories were announced, the Producer would turn to his guy in the control room, who would then signal a technician. And 'Bob's yer Uncle' – service went off. Then on. Then off, and on. Nobody wanted to complain to the Academy, and make it seem like they weren't paying attention to the show. At least it worked – no award errors THIS year. Michael De Luca

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#26**
OSCARS: Multiple people said that this permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner looked not well. She said she was recovering from the flu, but others were whispering that she has something much more serious. She seemed to be in a lot of pain. Sandra Bullock

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#27**
OSCARS: Lots and lots of whispers and buzz about the continued public absences of this foreign born A list mostly action movie actor and his supposed significant other who is a foreign born A- list model/wannabe actress. There she was again last night, completely alone. She insists that everything is fine, but it isn't. Jason Statham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#28**
OSCARS: This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress/spokesperson all of you know was really tipsy last night. She does not let go in public very much at all. She did though, and then shared a creeper story about a soon to be former in-law that confirms every single theory of the guy ever. Jennifer Garner (Casey Affleck)

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#29**
OSCARS: This foreign born A+ list singer tried to bring in a dozen people to this after party. After 20 minutes of trying, he had to settle for three being allowed in with him. The remaining nine all jammed inside one SUV and hotboxed the hell out of it until the A+ lister returned. Drake (2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones)

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#30**
OSCARS - Himmmm: Three ladies, including (#1 A list dual threat actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) and (A- list dual threat actress who is an offspring and had a great television year) were standing in the foyer, talking very quietly. About that time, this (foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress) walks by, says a quick "hello", and walks away as she…cuts a very obvious fart. Yep, ripped one and kept on walking like she didn't notice. The stunned ladies didn't know what to say, or ignore it or what. Then #1 pipes up and says: "Why hold it in when you can share it with a friend?". All three of the ladies burst out laughing like kids. They quickly returned to the auditorium – but through a different entrance to avoid the jet-wash.

2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones

#1 A list dual threat actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee: Allison Janney
A- list dual threat actress who is an offspring and had a great television year: Zoe Kravitz or Laura Dern
Foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress: Salma Hayek

95. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#31**
OSCARS: This A list mogul made his barely a celebrity wife go to a party with him last night even though she found out earlier this week he has been having an affair. This has happened to her before in a different marriage. Jimmy Iovine/Liberty Ross (Rupert Sanders’ affair with Kristen Stewart)

96. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#32**
OSCARS: After wading through all the reports and tips, it appears the female coke champion from last night was this foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who was around last night for a nominated movie of which she was a part. She is also the kind of person who was rude to everyone unless she thought you were higher on the list or could do her a favor.

97. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#33**
OSCARS: The winner on the men'd side for most coke use went to this actor who has won the award many times. He is A- list and has been a part of multiple franchises. He was nice enough to share though with not only his girlfriend, but anyone who asked. Miles Teller/Keleigh Sperry (award for most "coke user")

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#34**
OSCARS: One of the more rude comments someone overheard last night was directed towards this groundbreaking female talent who broke a barrier. She was upset at losing and some old cranky guy said she needed to wait her turn and get in line. Rachel Morrison (Best Achievement in Cinematography "Mudbound")

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#35**
OSCARS - Himmmm: At an after party, this (A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) was trying to remain composed while talking to (this former A list mostly movie actress who is from an entertainment family) who was pawing and clawing all over him. In front of his wife. This actress thought it was 1998 again, and was making very cringe-worthy remarks to us both. He rolled his eyes about her so many times, I thought he was having seizures. The wife finally walked off. When the actress was laughing and reminiscing about a crazy drunken thing we three did one night many years ago (and got in big trouble over), she said: "You guys want to re-live a fond memory tonight?". The actor smiled, turned to her and said: "I'd love to – but I'm married and besides…he and I are gonna come out of the closet any day now". He grabbed my hand romantically and led me off. I looked back at the actress standing there frozen, mouth open, looking like she'd seen a ghost. We ALMOST made it through the doors before we heaved in laughter. (For the record? We're not. Not that there's anything wrong with that whatsoever. We just didn't want to re-live ANYTHING with her. Ever). Ashley Judd/Matthew McConaughey

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#36**
OSCARS: This A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show who is an Emmy winner won the award for strangest behavior last night, At an after party he was convinced people were following him. He accused multiple people of recording conversations. He acted as if someone was going to kidnap him any second. The paranoia level was on super high. Donald Glover ("Atlanta")

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#37**
OSCARS: Apparently this foreign born B- list celebrity wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor gained 10 pounds between her final fitting and yesterday. The designer had to remove a seam and then sew the celebrity/host into the dress. Camila Alves/Matthew McConaughey

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#38**
OSCARS - KINDNESS: Yes, she was tipsy, and quite possibly headed to drunk, but this former A list 80's star who works a lot behind the cameras now wrote a check for $2500 to a student filmmaker she met yesterday at a party to help with her tuition. Lea Thompson

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#39**
OSCARS: This A+/A list mostly television actress probably deserves A+ list for the length of the hit network show on which she stars, but there are so many people on it, that she is probably an A. Anyway, she and her a-hole of a husband got into a screaming match just inside the door of an after party after faking it down the red carpet. Apparently when they got to the carpet, a model her husband cheated on our actress was there and gave the husband a hug right in front of our actress wife. Ellen Pompeo ("Grey’s Anatomy")/Chris Ivery

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#40**
OSCARS - Himmmm: It's been many, many years since we'd all been together at once, and we were all very close more than 20 years ago. It began as I was standing and talking with this (permanent A list mostly movie actress) after the ceremony, and it brought back a lot of memories. I could fill 100 blogs with those stories! Families, laughs, wild and good times. A short while later this (A+ list mostly movie actor) joined us too. Which led us to talking about being on a movie set in the 1990's of (a movie based on a book); and the director of it and things we've heard about him. They too had heard the same awful things, especially about the director and this (former A-/B+ list mostly movie actor). The actress told me something has always haunted her about that young actor, and the director, and another adult actor. Then the actress floored me with what she said. Back then she was interviewed by investigators over 20 years ago about the director and this adult actor, (disgraced former A list mostly movie actor), concerning abuse of local boys. It was allegedly covered up by this (A list author). It was about something the director and adult actor did while casting local boys back during the making of that one movie we were all (unfortunately) a part of back then. She said she didn't see anything happen by the director, but may have seen something she wasn't supposed to concerning the actor. She said the writer was being investigated then for accusations of using his considerable local legal "pull" in the locations of that film to shut down an investigation. She was asked about it, and answered truthfully, but the entire case disappeared. Which explains the writer's desire to move to another state not long after. My actor friend said he too had been contacted by investigators back then about the director, but had forgotten all about it until now. The thought made all three of us sick. We agreed to reunite in a few months when our schedules allow, and try to find out what happened to those investigations, the boys, and if the writer did indeed shut down those cases to protect the director (whose movies were a big revenue stream which made the writer very wealthy). We want to do this, not for a movie or television show, but for the memory of that dead young actor. This will not be the end of it I assure you.

Movie based on a book: "A Time To Kill"
A list author/desire to move to another state not long after: John Grisham (Oxford, Mississippi, and a home near Charlottesville, Virginia)
Permanent A list mostly movie actress: Sandra Bullock
A+ list mostly movie actor: Matthew McConaughey
Director (whose movies were a big revenue stream which made the writer very wealthy): Joel Schumacher ("The Client")
Disgraced former A list mostly movie actor: Kevin Spacey

Dead former A-/B+ list mostly movie actor: Brad Renfro ("The Client" written by John Grisham and directed by Joel Schumacher)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#41**
OSCARS - MR. X: This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor with the higher on the list wife was boozing again last night at a party. Never a good thing for him. His wife was understandably ticked, but didn't say a word in front of anyone. Joe Manganiello/Sofia Vergara

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#42**
OSCARS - MR. X: The world's worst dadager crashed an A list Oscar viewing party and then bid on a charity item which he doesn't have the money to pay for. Joe Jackson (26th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards Viewing Party)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#43**
OSCARS - MR. X: This A- list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee talks a good game about #Time'sUp but she partied last night with one of the biggest enablers on the planet. She knows it but doesn't care. Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence/Judd Apatow (James Franco)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#44**
OSCARS - MR. X: This A list actor/theatre star was miffed last night that he was asked by this A- list actress to pose for photos. Hey, she is the one who took a break from looking for a new bearding contract to take the photo. Lin-Manuel Miranda/Olivia Munn

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#45**
OSCARS - Himmmm - KINDNESS: My companion for the evening just witnessed the most glorious act of kindness I've seen or heard since one at the Golden Globes. She had to wipe the tears away to tell me what she witnessed when she came from the rest rooms. This (foreign born permanent A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) walked into the lobby near the end of the ceremony. While waiting for someone, he recognized a young man he'd seen running around the ceremony inside all night, and called him over. The actor asked him who he was, but the young man said he's not supposed to fraternize with the attendees. The actor waved his hand, "Hell with all that. Who are you? I've seen you running all over all night. You're an employee?", the actor asked. The young man nervously said he was working a temp job as a seat filler tonight; that he is a scholarship student at UCLA film school; and originally from a small town in Alabama…but is honestly finding it too hard to break in to the movies as a hopeful director without knowing "the right people". The actor pulled out his glasses, put them on, and took an envelope from his coat pocket. He removed two small cards (which he tucked back into his coat), and handed the envelope to the young man. The confused student looked through the contents. Inside was a stack of VIP passes to the Governor's Ball; the Vanity Fair after party; and a dozen other tickets and free vouchers for swag. The actor told the speechless student: "If they give you any shit? Tell them you're my grandson and they'll have to answer to me." The student was dumbstruck, and kept thanking the actor over and over. The actor just smiled and waved his hand in the air, saying: "Here's some advice: remember, keep your ears open and mouth closed. Learn all you can. Don't be shy and go make some new contacts. Believe in yourself, and always be respectful to everyone no matter what they look like or where they're from. Then when your time comes to be invited to one of these fancy things? You do a favor to someone else who deserves it. Good luck, son." The actor's date had emerged from the restroom, and they strolled arm-in-arm out of the exits. The smiling student wiped the tears from his eyes and whispered "Thank you" to the old man. My companion stepped over, handed the young man a producer's business card, and told him to contact the number when he has a demo reel to share. The appreciative student floated back into the auditorium. Christopher Plummer (wife Elaine Taylor)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#46**
OSCARS - MR. X: This A+ list mostly movie actress and this A+/A list mostly movie actress were supposed to go to an after party together. They didn't because the higher ranked actress was being a royal pain and the two were about to have a real fight which would have been ugly. Sometimes the higher ranked actress just pushes things way too far with her words and actions. Jennifer Lawrence/Emma Stone

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#47**
OSCARS - MR. X: One of the biggest parties by fame anyway, was also one of the smallest in number. Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress thought she would have no problems getting in. She was wrong. The singer/actress was denied at the door and told it was courtesy of this permanent A list singer who was kind of hosting it with her husband. Rita Ora/Beyoncé/Jay Z

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#48**
Oscars - The Last Dance - A Himmmm Blind: There I was tonight at the big after party. This was the big after party that most of the older crowd went to, and was very formal. They even had a real big band playing low music and formal waiters. Where the winners and youngsters would drop by, before running off to the wilder, louder parties raging all night. My date was out doing her thing, and I was sitting there by myself at a semi-empty table, pretty exhausted, just having a drink and trying to relax a minute. The jazz music was playing, lights were fairly dim there, and just sort of staring into space, thinking. The bow tie was very untied by now. I heard a voice, and saw a pretty young lady asking if she could bother me a moment. She said someone would like to meet me. Sure, why not? She walked around the divider and emerged escorting a beautiful, classy, and elegant older lady. I knew her from the moment she smiled that this was the star of two of arguably the best movies ever made. Oh, that smile. Some things never fade with age. I arose, and she spoke softly – but with that voice still clear. She apologized for intruding, but she'd heard from someone else that I was here. Did I know her? Of course. Could she join me? Of course. The young lady helped her to the chair, and we sat there – those beautiful eyes, sparkling and powerful – still stunning. She said she knew some relatives of mine, and just wanted to thank me for the help they gave to her in her early career. She recalled my great-grandmother's pasta and that she otherwise may have starved as a struggling actress on Broadway in the "old days". She remembered meeting me when I was a child. So precocious, such a head of hair. I told her at least I was still precocious. She asked if I recalled dancing with her at an Independence Day party 25 years ago? I did indeed and was amazed she could remember me or that party. I was a young lad of around 20 back then and recall drinking all the wine myself. She said our dancing back then made her feel young again, the way she did when she danced with this (permanent A+ list mostly movie actor), nicknamed "C". Wow. She told me she thought she made Liz Taylor jealous that night, because I danced with her more than I did Liz. I laughed, and told her I thought the world of them both. I complimented her on all of her films, and her entire life of grace, elegance, and beauty. Such a subtle power in her performances, like a velvet chainsaw. She and I talked for a long, long, time. About this (permanent A+ list mostly movie director), and about (permanent A++ list mostly movie actor), and about (foreign born permanent A+ list director). Like a conversation we'd returned to from decades before, just so at ease. The more we talked, laughed, and remembered...the more I noticed she'd hold my hand longer. She'd rest her head on my shoulder periodically, and touch my arm. She said how badly she missed those days of her youth, of feeling as if there's nothing she couldn't do if she desired. If she could only go back 60 years, or even 30. She told me she'd give "all these flirty-skirty girls here" a run for their money. I believed her. "And why do they all seem hypnotized by their phones? Looking down all the time? It must be hell on their posture", she said. I agreed. I noticed her young escort would peek around over at us, checking on her. I didn't want to end this special moment with this most legendary of all ladies on this night, but I didn't want to keep her from obligations or rest. I told her that we should get together soon, and have lunch. She said she'd like that. She said she was sorry, didn't want to impose, but…well, could we dance again? Just one more time? To do a favor for a silly old woman? I told her it would be MY honor, pleasure, and a favor to ME. She smiled warmly back at me. It took a while, but we gently, slowly, strolled our way to the dance floor there at the party, strung up with dim white lights. The big band music was playing slow jazz numbers, and I motioned for a waiter. I handed him two very large bills, and told him to keep one and give the other to the band leader to play a special song – IF he knows that tune. Any big band musician should know it. The waiter did so, and I escorted this beautiful legend to the middle of the floor. Thankfully, it was not early in the party so I wasn't worried about photographers. Most of the big current celebs had already scattered. Even so – this party had an unwritten rule most attendees adhered to about selfies, photos, and privacy. People began to step back, giving us room. Some smiled warmly, and others politely began to back off the floor. Then behold, the band earned their money. The song - Glenn Miller's famous Moonlight Serenade – started playing, and her entire face lit up. "I KNOW this SONG!" she said with a brilliant smile as if she'd just won an Oscar. I had hoped she would recall, for it is what we danced to years ago. She leaned into me, and I held her gently. We began to dance, as she rested her cheek on my chest. There was no one alive I'd rather been dancing with at that moment, to that song, in that place. I looked down at her, and she looked up at me…smiling with her eyes. Not a patronizing smile, but with something behind those flawless eyes that I could not quite recognize. Something far younger than her current years. She was not there with me in 2018. She was in another place, another time, with someone else. I held her, moved with her, and even spun her slowly as she laughed like a young girl. She could still move, and her movements flowed seamlessly like anyone who had been trained to dance. I didn't want this dance to end, and wish I'd tipped the band to play all night. I had forgotten the crowd. When the song ended, I noticed people had left us alone to dance; and were all standing around the dance floor. A loud wave of clapping and cheers erupted. She held her hand over her mouth in embarrassment, almost blushing, and hid her face and her wide smile. Everyone in that party felt the same as I – to witness a legend still in full bloom. The band played on, others filled the floor to dance, and I held her arm. She stood tall and I leaned down and she whispered to me, very softly, the words I can still here at this moment: "Thank you, so much (C)." Wow. She had called me by this legendary man's name. I wasn't about to correct her, and didn't know how she meant it - or to whom she meant it. I am no C, but even if for a moment it allowed her to be reminded of a dance she shared with him? It was I who was flattered. Her young lady escort came over to help us, and I thanked my elegant friend for such a magical moment. I kissed her on the cheek, and she mine. I held her stare for a very long time, as it melted into a new smile. "Thank you for…for everything", she said. "You will keep in touch now won't you?", I teased. Her only reply, "We'll meet again my dear, we will meet again." Something inside of me felt sure we would – in this life, or the next. With that, she and her lovely escorts shuffled out towards the doors. I just sat back down, marveling at such a precious, powerful, and beautiful moment I'd just had. A global beauty, an amazing actress, and a warm person. This will forever be the night – and likely the last time – when I shared a special dance with (permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner). In this go-round, anyway.

Actress: Eva Marie Saint ("Governors Ball")
Movies: On the Waterfront" and "North by Northwest"
"C": Cary Grant
Permanent A+ list mostly movie director: Alfred Hitchcock
Permanent A++ list mostly movie actor: Marlon Brando
Foreign born permanent A+ list director: Elia Kazan

113. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/06
He has the famous last name, but he’s considered to be the screw-up of the family and causes a lot of conflict between other members. Do you want to know his big secret? He’s as gay as the day is long and apparently that is the root of his evil. Conrad Hughes Hilton

114. MR. X 03/06
This former tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer is such a hypocrite when it comes to bullying. She likes to call out others, but forgets her very recent flipping off of fans and assaulting them. Oh, and that tantrum she threw because a celebrity showed up who she didn't like. Demi Lovato

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#1**
Apparently things are not going well for this foreign born A- list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show and the woman he calls his girlfriend. She refused to be photographed with him at an Oscar party this weekend and went off on a stylist who took a picture of the two of them in the same room. I think her real significant other has been giving her a hard time. Sam Heughan ("Outlander")/Mackenzie Mauzy

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#2**
I don't know if it is because she is not filming anything consistently right now, but this B+ list mostly television actress who would rather be a singer just keeps messing with her face when it comes to fillers and injections. I am honestly shocked that with the work she has done that she has never got a nose job. Maybe she is worried about the Jennifer Grey effect. Lea Michele

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#3**
This closeted A+ list mostly movie actor went to an Oscar after party solo. He then got this very young Oscar nominee/winner wasted and hit on him like crazy but to no avail. Bradley Cooper/Timothée Chalamet ("Call Me by Your Name") (Madonna’s Oscar after party)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#4**
This A- list reality star already has the creep factor going with his current girlfriend and when they started dating. There have been others not as famous as her that were even a little younger. Now? He has been using his connections to his ex to try to get this mid-teen female to start hanging out with him. The mid-teen female is a B+ list mostly television actress on a hit almost television show. Scott Disick/Sofia Richie/Kourtney Kardashian/Millie Bobby Brown

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#5**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor who has multiple franchises and is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been married for quite some time. It was not that long ago that his wife would try to find women to bring home for threesomes, but her face became to well known, so the couple permanently hired a woman who comes over once a week. Matt Damon/Luciana Barroso

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#6**
The story being told about what happened to this A list YouTube star is leaving out the detail that the star groped a woman without her consent which led to everything else that happened after.

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#7**
She wasn't supposed to get the part, but this foreign born singer more known for her crazy name and ex boyfriend got it when she hooked up with the A- list director who then said he would walk if she wasn't cast. FKATwigs (Robert Pattinson)/Spike Jonze (Apple’s HomePod)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#8**
This A- list mostly television actor who stars on a hit show is from an acting family. His now ex is telling me she ran for her life from the actor after he got drunk and started beating her while they were out of the country. She was only wearing a bikini when she ran out of the house he had rented. She had to have family send her money to buy clothes and then had to get to the US Embassy in the country to get a new passport. She got treatment at a hospital locally there. She says he had always been rough, but that when he got drunk that night, he became a totally different person. This happened really recently.

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#9**
Disturbing, but not surprising. Apparently this permanent A+ list singer manually stimulated the then boyfriend of her daughter. It was some kind of fantasy the singer had. Apparently, she and the boyfriend are very good friends and he has made a name for himself in his own right. Apparently she also reminded him of it the other night in front of a group of people who also found it disturbing. Madonna/Lourdes Leon/Timothée Chalamet ("Call Me by Your Name") (Madonna’s Oscar after party)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#10**
There are many reasons being floated for the push of the massively major action adventure fantasy movie from That movie company. One that is not being discussed is closer to the truth. Yes it was moved because of the foul mouthed movie and the solitary hero movie. Yes, it avoids the problems with the fans and online spoilers but those haven't bothered That movie company before. Three of its actors have fires that can't be held off forever. Two are set to leave after this movie. The third still has movies on his contract. Push the movie and contain the fires. Then let all three out at the same time and hope the third one is lost in the noise over one and two. It has worked before. One was even in on the promotion of the pushing of the date!

Massively major action adventure fantasy: "Avengers: Infinity War" (Robert Downey Jr.)
Foul mouthed movie: "Deadpool 2"
Solitary hero movie: "Rampage"
Two actors set to leave after movie: Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans
Actor with movies on his contract: Chris Hemsworth

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#11**
In the past, I wrote about this permanent A list couple and the surrogate factory they own. Despite the millions they have made from show business, they make much more money owning this factory. Now, they have a new business. Women who don't want to carry babies, but still want to make money sell their uterus. The clients so far are very wealthy Europeans and Russians who either are too old to have babies or have some other fertility problem. Our permanent A list couples charge ten times what they do for a surrogacy, however, the "donor," rarely makes more than $500-1000 for the surgery and there is no followup care after they are discharged from the hospital. Beyoncé/Jay Z (uterus transplant)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#12**
It didn't take long for this A-/B+ list writer/actor to move on from his marriage. At a party out of the country, multiple models said he hit on them and tried to convince them to hook up. He also hit on this barely legal A- list mostly movie actress from an acting family who called him disgusting. Justin Therous/Jennifer Aniston
 (PROBABLY Chloë Grace Moretz (Louis Vuitton: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2018/2019)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#13**
A director of some episodes of this pay cable show that needs to be 100% drama free according to the cable network that airs it has been trading sex for small roles on the show. The show barely survived one scandal and it won't survive another. "Westworld" (the actors were asked to sign a consent form that would make them shoot "genital-to-genital" sex scenes as well as simulated oral sex)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#14**
The least discussed member of this political family is trying to pitch a reality show which would be half travel/half life of the rich and famous offsprings. I'm guessing this means no more school then? Tiffany Trump

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#15**
Harikari: So, if you were born in the 70s, grew up in LA or thereabouts, and liked indie or at least "indie" rock, there was one area band that you went to see less maybe for the music (although you liked that too) as for what might happen during the show. This band never got the traction of say the Chili Peppers and Janes Addiction, but its frontman went on to national stardom for a certain type of reality tv - a type very much connected to What Might Happen. One of the times the band performed they were playing at a certain historic So Cal theater (spelled "re") that was almost destroyed by a recent and record-breaking fire (within two blocks). I didn't know it at the time but someone was recording the show, or at least parts of it - including their probably most known song (the one about the rocker turned booze baron). It ended up on YouTube, and is there to this day (near the top of the search list for the song). When you find the video, you'll notice first his shaved head. Early on in the show, the singer announced that his girlfriend had just dumped him (you can probably guess why), and for that (which is to say some) reason he had crudely lopped off his hair. The set, or at least the part of it they got through, went well enough, but in between songs the singer grew increasingly agitated, drinking beer and gin and snorting something he'd fetch from his pocket. Just after they finished that song came the meltdown, a tantrum about the band, the girlfriend, and women in general. He was slurring his words, and when challenged by one of the bandmates threw a bottle of beer at him. The band left the stage and the crowd was alone with him, the audience and the singer. The crowd was then treated to a roughly ten minute monologue about his troubles, much of it some combination of self-pitying and incomprehensible. At the end he pulled a knife from his rear pocket - a switchblade, in fact - and threatened then and there to end his life, Harikari style. That's when the lights came on and two men who looked like orderlies rushed onstage and dragged him away. There is a theory about the video given the size of camcorders back in the day, it's hard to imagine anyone being able to smuggle even one of the smaller hi8 ones into a show. The theory is the singer gave one of his fans advance approval for filming the show, already planning to kill himself at the end. He would have become famous in death to an extent he wasn't yet in life. Ironically, it's his troubles, and getting over them, that made him that kind of famous. According to a witness at the show, after the orderlies took him away, a certain doctor came out to address the audience about the singer, and drug abuse in general. He was going to get the help he needed, he said, and a couple of women threw alt radio station swag into the audience. He encouraged the young people in the audience to seek help if they had been abused, or were self-medicating, or self-harming. The singer had been a semi-regular caller to the doctor's then radio show, often obviously drunk and on drugs. There was one particular episode in which a neo-Egyptian sex temple leader was the guest, and he called in to angrily denounce the leader, who had sex with thousands of women without protection. Now, of course, the singer was right, but he was obviously not coherent. This is how the singer and the doctor got to know each other, as host, and caller. Bob Forrest (Dr. Drew Pinsky's trusty sidekick from VH-1's "Celebrity Rehab")

130. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/07
Be careful who you talk about in public in Los Angeles. Executives were reportedly overheard complaining about the salary of this A lister. ‘I thought we stopped paying people that much outright,’ complained one. ‘It should have been half upfront and the rest based on box office,’ responded another. It was nothing but an incredibly angry rant aimed – for the most part – at the studio.

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#1**
An interesting piece of news was dropped during the Oscars. That disgraced A- list director and his entire network of shady friends must really be sweating that announcement, about some devastating information to be exposed in the next couple months. "A big free interview on Hollywood abuse and Bryan Singer's network will be coming from #AnOpenSecret in the next couple months."

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#2**
This foreign born A list celebrity who one can argue is more infamous than famous likes to listen in when this foreign born former A- list syndicated actress/celebrity has phone sex with either one of her current boyfriends or even her most famous ex. Julian Assange/Pamela Anderson (French professional footballer Adil Rami; Robbie Williams; Tommy Lee)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#3**
This B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister says her celebrity boyfriend who may now be an ex because of his obsession with young teens wets the bed at least once or twice a week because he gets so drunk he can't get up to go the bathroom. Sofia Richie/Scott Disick

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#4**
This A+ list mogul/host/a-hole would like you to think things are all nice and cozy with the woman he calls his girlfriend. Ummm, I'm pretty sure that was a different guy she was making out with every time anyone saw them in public while on vacation together. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#5**
This foreign born former flash in the pan A- list singer who is probably B- because of his name assured his girlfriend he never got married to a guy and that the rumor he is bisexual is wrong and he just experimented back in the day. Ummm, the guy you are seeing regularly is not the same guy you supposedly married, but there are lots of guys who have hooked up with you the past few months. Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani)/Sophia Thomalia (Marilyn)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#6**
This former A list singer who has never quite been able to recover his status despite still selling a ton of records and playing all over the world beat a woman so badly a few weeks ago that he paid her $100K to stay in his house until she healed because he knew it would be the end of his career this time if it got out. During the time she was healing, he convinced her it was a one time thing and apparently they are still together. Chris Brown

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#7**
Right now, this foreign born B-/C+ list multiple reality show participant who is married to a very wealthy foreign born multiple reality show participant is just embarrassing herself by staying in the relationship. Her significant other has been all over town with different women and checking in to various hotels with them for after lunch soirees. Kym Johnson/Robert Herjavek

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#8**
This former B+ list child actress says she has been in therapy ever since a hit network show ended over a decade ago. She says that this multiple A- list mostly television actress who is about to get another probable hit network show would molest her. Often, she would be joined by her husband when molesting the young actress. The former child actress still does act, but fairly rarely.

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#9**
This very recent A list rapper has been partying way too hard and she is in danger of dying, not just from her partying but the way she is always threatening people with violence. One of these days, someone is going to call her out and it won't be pretty. Cardi B

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#10**
This A- list mostly movie actor had a franchise that has now ended. In the last couple of years, he filmed a movie in Italy. He spent most of his down time driving down the highways having sex with multiple Nigerian women trafficked to the country for this purpose. He bragged about how he would find three or four a night every night during filming. Ralph Fiennes ("The Bigger Splash" (2015) ("Harry Potter")

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#11**
It has been a few years, but this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and had a much better year in television than movies is cheating on her husband with a trainer. What is it with her and her trainers. Nicole Kidman or Reese Witherspoon

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#12**
This permanent A list singer/diva had a recent photo shoot airbrushed to within a centimeter of reality. She picked the pictures used and kept sending them back to be retouched more. Never in the history of the magazine have they retouched photos more than these. Mariah Carey ("V Magazine")

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#13**
This alliterate C list take anything she can get actress is probably as thirsty as Phoebe Price was back in the day. You know, that desert level thirst. She is married to an actor who had a decent run back in the day. You would never know she is married when she is working a room though. She would dump her husband in a second if the right guy came along. She is spending thousands of dollars she doesn't have each month on paps and clothes and PR to get into parties. Brooke Burke-Charvet/David Charvet

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#14**
This now disgraced former A list mostly television actor who has had some good runs here and abroad was drunk and ranting this past week about one of the women who spoke out against him. He said if she had been there right now, he would make sure she never worked again because of how much he would hurt her. Jeremy Piven

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#15**
KINDNESS: This A+ list mostly movie actress picked up the tab for an entire restaurant this week while she was out of town. When she was paying her bill, she told the manager to charge everyone that was eating right then on her card.
Reese Witherspoon

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#16**
DB: Busted In LA - A Different Dancing Boy: Surprise! The "db" of this story refers not to the dancing boy, but another one - for him there is a song. This story does involve not the college but does involve the school, and back even further in the day. The president is at this time not yet disgraced, let alone former, and the land war in SE Asia rages on - albeit in its later stages; Americans are seeking escapist entertainment, especially on TV. One show is about a mixed family, another about a musical family. We're talking now about the latter. But I'm getting ahead of myself. How I heard the story is as follows: one day, after school I was shopping for music at the local indie record store. I happened to be wearing my school uniform at the time, and one of the guys who worked there, sort of the town hippie (or one of them - he now owns the place), laughed and said he used to go to that school. As we were leaving I mentioned this to my friend, who told me this story... Initially, the school had not been a k-12 day school with elite aspirations, but associated with the Church of Christian Science. Among its students at the time, in addition to said town hippie, was a member of the show's cast - not the recently deceased one, but the one with the troubled adulthood. Apparently those troubles began earlier. This is where the story becomes uncharacteristic for the context, and time. It's an odd point of note, but even while homosexuality remains unmentionable in some religious communities, and countries, there's sometimes a surprising tolerance for trans people. Just think of Iran, where same sex relations are punishable by death, but sex reassignment surgery is paid for by the state. Apparently among this group of Christian Scientists it was like that. There was even one trans girl among the tween students. She was allowed to wear a skirt to school, and there was a fund taken up for her hormones, and surgery. What no one knew at the time or expected was that the actor had both a budding interest in and hostility toward this person, and others like her. And one day after PE, he cornered her. It's unclear exactly what happened - the two were the only witnesses - but by the end of it she'd been beaten and robbed (presumably for drug money). That's when our friend the hippie and his kid brother showed up. Seeing the state of her, they roughed the actor up, and left him on the playground. By then a crowd had formed around them, cheering them on (the actor had a few hangers on, but no real friends). Of course, things being what they are, both the hippie and his brother were promptly expelled from the school. And of the actor and the trans girl, only one of them got appropriate medical attention. I guess they make exceptions for famous people. Within a few years ownership of the school changed hands, and this history was more or less lost. Apparently, how the Christian Scientists lost ownership of the school is that several children (who were students there) - a boy with asthma, a girl with diabetes, and another boy with cancer - all died from lack of proper medical care. There was purportedly an infirmary on the site, which had no nurse, medications, or medical equipment - just prayer books and religious tracts. It was demolished when the new owners (I guess there had been a lawsuit by an ex-church parent) discovered a child-sized coffin in the storage room. The kids are said to have been buried in one of the surrounding canyons.
School: Montclair College Preparatory School
Show: "The Partridge Family"
Not the recently deceased one: David Cassidy
One with the troubled adulthood: Danny Bonaduce (On March 31, 1991, arrested in Phoenix for beating and robbing Darius Barney, a transvestite prostitute)

Lovato has little tolerance for fakeness of any kind. "The people that aren’t willing to chill with you at home are the type of people that just want to be seen with you," she says. "When Ariana Grande and I hang out, it’s super chill. One time I went over to her place. She had never heard of the Charles Manson murders." As both tweeted later, they hiked to his Cielo Drive house and rang the bell. "We were spooking ourselves out!" She’s close with Iggy Azalea, too, and when I mention that the internet seems to have turned on Azalea, Lovato rises to her defense. "She’s super low-key; she doesn’t drink or party. She has struggled a lot," says Lovato. "'No money, no family, 16 in the middle of Miami.' That lyric explains a lot of her story. She’s very outspoken, and sometimes it can turn people off. But that’s one of the reasons I love her. She’s not the type of person who lies to you." Lovato’s tolerance for artifice reached its breaking point at the 2016 Met Gala in New York, the annual celeb-packed, black-tie fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, presided over by Vogue’s Anna Wintour. "I had a terrible experience," says Lovato, her voice rising in pitch for the only time during our conversation. "This one celebrity was a complete bitch and was miserable to be around. It was very cliquey. I remember being so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink." She texted her manager, then went straight to a 10 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. "I changed my clothes, but I still had my diamonds on -- millions of dollars of diamonds on in an AA meeting. And I related more to the homeless people in that meeting who struggled with the same struggles that I deal with than the people at the Met Gala -- fake and sucking the fashion industry’s dick." Glamazon, Lovato knows, isn't her brand anyway. On tour, she says, "I might pop up in the opening [number] one day and be in Fabletics. Because that’s what I want to wear. I’m loving myself -- not for what I look like, but for who I am." Nicki Minaj

148. POPBITCH 03/08
(British blog)
Which veteran film and TV actor is known in the industry as 'Two Fingers'? Whenever he was required to lift up his leading lady in one particular scene, that's what he kept trying to slip inside her.

149. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/08**
We seem to be on a nepotism kid spree at the moment, but this blind item came in and I can’t help but bite. Apparently this fairly high-profile kid with the famous last name has had his allowance taken away after several 5 figure fashion sprees that maxed out his credit cards. Maybe he thought dressing like a model would be a career boast? Gabriel Day-Lewis; Brooklyn Beckham

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#1**
This foreign born former A list singer who hasn't had a hit in a very long time and if you believe conspiracy theories, may be a replacement for the original has a new boyfriend. He won't last long though because she never goes too far from that flash in the pan singer/reality star who also supplies her drugs, but only when she is with him. Avril Lavigne/Ryan Cabrera
(died and was replaced by a clone)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#2**
This diminutive A+/A list mostly movie actor is the front runner to portray the lead in a new superhero movie. The thing is though, the script calls for the superhero to be killed. The actor wants no part of that and says if he is playing the role, that part of the script needs to be changed. Tom Cruise "Green Lantern"

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#3**
This one season wonder will no doubt cheat on his significant other. I think we all know that. Did we also know that his significant other has a burner phone she uses to talk to her "ex." Arie Luyendyk Jr. ("The Bachelor")/Lauren Burnham
 (POSSIBLY: professional hockey player named Christopher Crane)

A lot of disagreements that have become much more heated. This permanent A++ lister says her thoughts on the editing of a new movie were ignored which is why the movie is getting such horrible reviews. She has lessened the number of appearances she is going to make for the new movie because of the disagreements. Oprah Winfrey ("A Wrinkle in Time")

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#5**
This is the craziest love triangle type thing I have seen in awhile. You have this A- list singer who is a pretty bad actress being basically stalked by the head of this organization who wants her for himself even though he is married. He is doing everything he can to drive a wedge between the singer/actress and her current significant other without causing damage between the friendship of the two men. This is all going to cause a relapse for our singer/actress. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber/Carl Lentz (Hillsong Church)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#6**
Despite having a significant other, this foreign born A list host/mogul is not only boozing it at record levels but is also hooking up with one of his celebrity exes while he is in town. Simon Cowell/Terri Seymour or Carmen Electra

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#7**
This streaming behemoth says they are a supporter of women's rights on International Women's Day. It doesn't really seem like it with what is going on in this European country right now. Several productions of shows and movies have been shut down for the day by women striking on those shows and movies. All have done so without a hitch. All shows except one. Can you guess who owns that show? The giant streamer. Producers on that show have threatened any woman who goes on strike with being fired. The women backed down and are working. Spain/Netflix/Paquita Salas

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#8**
One Movie: There is one movie that kind of ties a lot of things together. It was a movie that didn't make a lot of money. Honestly, it didn't make squat. It was probably one of the worst performing movies of that year. It made less than a $1M. It led to at least three deaths that I can think of off the top of my head. One of the deaths involved the star of the movie. He wouldn't die until later in life, but at the time he made the movie he was probably 16, and it was this type of thing that made him who he was and ultimately killed him. He got the job by having sex with the male producer of the movie. He was more than a producer of the movie, he was the owner of the company making the movie. People always forget that he was a movie big shot at that time. They all just think of him as a record executive and forget the whole movie thing. That movie thing introduced him to many hundreds of young teens. Not only did he have sex with the 16 year old lead, but also his 17 year old girlfriend/co-star. That was all part of the deal. It was an actress, not this one, that was breaking up his marriage before he was killed. An actress who was also underage. An actress who was lusted after by one of his killers.
Movie: "Watchers"
Death #1 - 16 year old star of the movie: Corey Haim
Death # 2 - Male producer: Jose Menendez
17 year old girlfriend/co-star: Lala Sloatman
Underage actress breaking up marriage:
Lusted after by one of his killers: Erik or Lyle Menendez
Death #3: Kitty Menendez

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#9**
There are guns involved. There are drugs involved. There are kids involved. I know this has been reality couple all of you know want another shot and they have done this kind of fakery in the past, but this time something really bad could happen in their pursuit of a new show. Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott; Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#10**
This B list celebrity/part-time porn star is hiding a whole lot of income in a legal proceeding. She just doesn't want people to know that she yachts for most of her income. Courtney Stodden

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#11**
Not only has the drinking increased exponentially for this permanent A- list musician, he is also back using heroin. His significant other is not doing much to try to stop him, because last time she did, she got beaten. Tommy Lee

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#12**
This foreign born A+ list basketball player is HIV+. It should have easily remained a secret, but events where he plays may bring his case out into the public. "Milwaukee Bucks" (foreign born players: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Thon Maker, Matthew Dellavedova, Mirza Teletovic) (HIV, syphilis cluster discovered in Milwaukee)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#13**
For months, this foreign born B- list celebrity refused to renew her bearding deal with this foreign born A- list actor. She was so over it. Then, when her fame started sliding and our actor started getting hotter, she wanted to be a part of it. He was an a-hole about letting her come back, but it isn't like he had a bunch of people signing up. He has more quirks than the subject in #14. Alexander Skarsgård/Alexa Chung

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#14**
Considering the comments he has made in the past, it is kind of shocking this foreign born A+ list athlete in his corner of the sports world has let people see him dressed as a woman. Lewis Hamilton

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#15**
The suckitude of the tabloids and even monthly magazines digital presence really knows no bounds. They throw on the biggest kneepads whenever this momager tells them to. The ridiculous engagement story is the latest example. When they all run the same stories with the same quotes and/or talking points, they look like mindless sycophants. Then, when they do run something newsworthy or important, no one believes them. Kris Jenner (Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#16**
He Dated The Dancing Boy: I've been a regular reader of CDAN for years so I'm used to wild and crazy stories, but I have to say it goes to a whole new level of strange when you make one of your daily visits to the site, and there's a blind about someone from your own past. Followed by others... You see, I was the dancing boy's mid 90s boyfriend. I have a story that I think may be of interest to some of your readers. Back in high school, my older brother was an aspiring a&r guy and sometime road manager for various bands. It was then that I learned what you might call the Epstein effect, by which I mean Brian not Jeffrey. This is the rule which states that while the band might not be gay someone with the management often is. So, if you're a fan boy/autograph collector like me, and liked to get backstage for that reason, it was better to make contact with them, rather than the band. It's how I got in to meet everyone from Aerosmith to a now recently deceased permanent A list musician/bandleader who had come up from the swamps. The latter show was where I met the dancing boy. I was in college in Nevada at the time, and visiting the Bay Area just to see this long running benefit concert where the musician was performing. ***** was there as a fan too but also because he had known the musician's daughter and her boyfriend from college. At the moment we first made eye contact backstage though he was talking to the daughter of another permanent A lister, this one a foreign born but English speaking comedian, who had appeared as his screen offspring in a certain movie/comedy in the 80s. She was also a friend of the musician's daughter. I guess they had all met in college. In fact, he was asking her if this rumor from a couple years back was true. The story was that her dad had come to visit her on campus, and had gone to the right room number of the wrong dorm. It happened to be the room for the son of a disgraced 80s Wall Street financier/ inspiration for the famous movie villain, who was I guess known to regularly cavort with the campus rapists. Her dad knocked on the door, and the young man said "come in." Apparently he was expecting it to be a girl he had invited over to expose himself to, as the son was lying naked on the bed, masturbating. Upon seeing the young man's "tiny hands," and understanding he was up to no good, the comedian purportedly/mockingly said "I'm terribly sorry," and left. The daughter laughed out loud, which I took to be a confirmation. Anyhow, sensing an in, I asked her for an autograph. "Sure sweetie," she said, pinching my cheek. I handed her my autograph book, and ***** whispered something in her ear. For a second I thought they might be dating, but then read what she wrote. It was an autograph with a postscript, which said, my friend ***** thinks you're cute. I'm thinking to myself what is this the 8th grade, and we're passing notes to each other? But I played along. I wrote that I liked him below it, and handed the book to her. She read it and handed it to him, which made him blush. I never got to meet the daughter of the musician, as she had I guess already left with her boyfriend for an after hours shooting club frequented by Bay Area rappers, athletes, and Silicon Valley execs. One of the members was that legendary CEO. He had apparently started carrying after being robbed at gunpoint with his former business partner. The daughter herself had started carrying after an attempt was made on the life of her father, and the family. In their case it was an arsonist. They barely made it out of the house, which was quickly engulfed in flames. That crime remains unsolved. And yeah, there's a song about it. One thing I will say about the dad is that the recent revelations about not only the cause of death, but the origin/timeline of the problem, are very probably true. With respect to the latter, often these are bs stories put out by the family or lawyers to conceal a decades-long addiction. But in his case I can tell you from what I saw he was stone cold sober back then, refusing even the champagne and weed being offered to him by the press and hangers on backstage. And everyone going back there was screened for track marks on their arms, because he didn't want that around. After exchanging pleasantries - wasn't that a great show, where were we from and what were we doing now - he asked me if I wanted to go to a party in the City. I said sure. He drove an Austin Healey 100-4. I once read that this car back in the day used to be called "the widow maker." Apparently there was a small epidemic of speed-related traffic deaths, most of them involving young men. And by the way he was driving I was afraid we might become latter day casualties. I asked him if it was really necessary. He said we'd be late otherwise. I told him I didn't want to become a martyr for punctuality. He said they wouldn't let us in if we were late. I said I didn't care. Finally, he slowed down. The party, it turned out, was at this Mission District club and bar which officially closed at the designated time, 2am, but unofficially re-opened as an after hours venue for local and visiting celebs and their guests. The doors stayed open for just fifteen minutes. That was the case not only because they continued serving booze after closing time, but what else was on the menu, namely the stuff of that famous 80s rap tune they didn't let you play at jr. high dances. The A or A+ list and then still alive area rapper was rumored to be one of the stakeholders. ***** was on the guest list because his old friend and then current housemate was dating the singer of a certain influential but never very successful SF emo act, the one with the hard candy name. We got in with less than a minute to spare.

Recently deceased permanent A list musician/bandleader: Tom Petty (cause of death - prescription pain medication, and that the autopsy had found a number of drugs in his system: fentanyl, oxycodone, acetylfentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl (all opioids, two illegal fentanyl analogs); temazepam and alprazolam (both sedatives); and citalopram (an antidepressant)) (daughter Adria)
Bay Area long running benefit concert: "Bridge School Benefit"
Daughter of another permanent A lister, foreign born but English speaking comedian/his screen offspring in a certain movie/comedy in the 80s: John Cleese (daughter Cynthia Cleese/"A Fish Called Wanda")
Son of a disgraced 80s Wall Street financier/ inspiration for the famous movie villain: Ivan Boesky (Gordon Gekko "Wall Street")
Legendary CEO robbed at gunpoint with his former business partner: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak
Very successful SF emo act: "Jawbreaker"
House fire/song: "I Won't Back Down"
Famous 80s rap tune: "White Lines" (cocaine) (Grandmaster Melle Mel)

166. SANDRA ROSE 03/09
A Hollywood power couple shocked fans by announcing they are separating, but friends say the couple is still very much together. The divorce announcement was made because the R&B crooner’s career took a nosedive after he was sued for allegedly transmitting herpes. Friends say the singer is desperate to save his career which took a hit after he admitted in court papers that he slept with his Atlanta accuser. His wife is standing by his side, and she agreed to the divorce announcement since previously leaked news reports failed to garner any press. On the same day as the divorce announcement, the singer "liked" an Instagram post by his wife that mentioned "past failures" and "new opportunity". Usher/Grace Miguel

167. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/09
This former teen icon is reportedly carrying a baby and that has her family worried BIG TIME. They aren’t sure about her relationship partner and don’t know if she’s still in the right place emotionally and mentally, especially after a damaging incident a few years ago. Amanda Byrnes

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#1**
Apparently one of the conditions for this foreign born A+ list celebrity to return to the fold so to speak is that she wanted the leader of the movement who is a foreign born A- list celebrity to submit to drug tests. The A- lister refused so the A+ lister walked. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham/Mel B "Scary Spice" ("Spice Girls")

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#2**
This foreign born world's worst actor/part-time reality star is married but it didn't stop him from getting another woman he is seeing pregnant. This should work out well. Dean McDermott (Tori Spelling)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#3**
Club Fed - Mr. Hedge: This A-list CEO just had a key person leave his company very abruptly. Very key person. No mention of a successor or transition period. This is almost unheard of, for that particular position, at such a large publicly traded company. The very-recently departed employee held the position closest to some alleged financial wrongdoing. If he has talked to the Feds - it will all unravel very quickly for this A-list CEO. Then again, almost every key department head underneath our CEO has jumped in just the last few months, like rats off a sinking ship. This CEO and his actress ex-girlfriend were spotted at the same pre-Oscar party. Both the CEO and his ex took a clear friend as their date, yet avoided the other like the plague the entire time. Elon Musk ("Tesla")/Amber Heard

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#4**
This judge was so awful that the show almost had to be redone. The judge? This A-/B+ list writer/actress who had some time off between projects. Apparently it was a mess. Lena Dunham ("RuPaul’s Drag Race")

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#5**
This A list singer might have got hitched while overseas but it probably comes as news to the guy she has been hooking up with on and off in the same city for almost six months. I guess that guy just didn't have the quality of drugs our singer has grown used to and that the person she may have married does. Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#6**
This one named A list rapper cheated on his B+ list girlfriend. They broke up but she has no idea about the cheating or it would have been way more messy. Common/Angela Rye

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#7**
The drug use is crazy right now for this back in the day former A list mostly television actress who appeared on two network hits simultaneously until she gave it all up for a nude scene in a movie. Lisa Bonet ("The Cosby Show" 1984-1991) ("A Different World" 1987-1989)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#8**
Details, Details - Mr. Hedge: I planned to be finished talking about a certain almost TV network, then noticed that some readers wanted to know details behind the almost-TV network’s shady accounting. So here you go. The almost-TV network takes 4 years to depreciate 90% of the production cost of their original content. This is not a tightly-kept secret. Their top executives will answer the question, if an investor bothers to ask them - or digs through many long, boring financial filings. Think about how a newly released box-office film gets depreciated, which is about that quickly - at the end of the box-office and peak on-demand runs. That always happens within a few months for a typical film, for a massive blockbuster – a year at most. Sure, the almost-TV network does have their films available for streaming, so the loss of value doesn’t happen quite as quickly, as it would for a movie theater film. But it doesn’t take 4 years either. Not even close. Is watching a 3 year old film worth the same to a subscriber as a 3 month old film? Of course not. Think about that big recently released sci-fi film which cost them $100 million. The one critics hate, and most people think is a lousy film. This applies to the almost-TV network’s entire film program, which represents the majority of their content spending. That is how the almost-TV network can burn through mountains of cash, yet claim they are reporting a profit to their investors. The almost-TV network told investors back in January that they could throttle back on the record $3-4 billion of cash they told everyone they would use in 2018. As predicted, they are already changing their tune. Just last week at an investor conference, the management admitted that 2018 might not be their "peak burn year" for cash. Not surprising, considering all the big multi-year commitments the almost-TV network has been making lately. The good news is that this almost-TV network is basically burning through $30-40 per year of cash, per U.S. subscriber. This means they’re not charging subscribers anywhere what they need to charge, in order to cover all this spending. So enjoy all the lousy, over-budget films, for as long as the almost-TV network can keep borrowing more money to finance them. Their new film launching this week was set in a foreign country, with a completely improbable plot. The studio was glad to offload this heap of garbage to anyone who would finance production - after their first 2 choices for both lead actor & director all bailed. Initially a recently married, foreign-born, full frontal loving actor was set to play the lead. Several years ago, a former girlfriend accused this actor of horrible physical abuse. When he bailed, a foreign born A- list mostly movie actor was tapped. Finally, they ended up with a disgusting B+ list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, and is equally as famous for another entertainment profession. This is the same guy one with a long list of underage teen hookups.

Almost network: Netflix
Big recently released sci-fi film: "Mute"
New film: "The Outsider"
Disgusting B+ list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee: Jared Leto
Foreign-born, full frontal loving actor/director: Michael Fassbender/Daniel Espinosa
Foreign born A- list mostly movie actor/Director: Tom Hardy/Takashi Miike

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#9**
This closeted, foreign born, married A list multiple reality show star probably didn't let his newlywed wife know about his hookup with a guy he met online last week. Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers") (partner, not wife: Jacinta Kuznetsov)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#10**
Continuing her long standing tradition of being rude to fans, this former tweener turned A- list singer not named Selena (who isn't all that great to her fans either) was at an event this week and refused to take photos with any fan who asked. These are the same fans she claims to love and wants to purchase her music. Demi Lovato

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#11**
This former A list mostly television actor who thought he was too good for the network show that is still airing without him even though he thought it would die without him needs rehab for his drinking. Patrick Dempsey ("Grey’s Anatomy")

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#12**
After demanding a ridiculous raise that she had no chance of landing and threatening to walk if she didn't get it, this foreign born singer/reality host ended up taking a 10% salary cut just to be able to stay on the show. Mel B ("America’s Got Talent")

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#13**
I'm pretty sure her otherwise amazingly excellent plastic surgeon went a little overboard because this former A+ list mostly movie actress who will probably have A list name recognition forever even if she continues to keep herself from the acting world couldn't blink. It seems as if she only blinks once every five or six minutes and it is the most bizarre thing to see. Demi Moore

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#14**
This former reality star turned A- list singer turned B+ list actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee dumped the guy she was seeing while married and is now seeing a married man who is also hooking up with a foreign born A- list singer who has a vowel to begin her first name. Jennifer Hudson (David Otunga)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#15**
This former A list "singer"/former reality star from a celebrity family has not been able to sell any of her reality show pitches and can't get any acting work either. It is not even so much what happened so long ago, it is the way she was on her last big show where she got fired. No one wants to deal with that again even if she has changed. She has. Someone should hire her because she is pretty miserable. Ashlee Simpson ("Melrose Place")

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#16**
Justice For A Friend: This is from a friend of mine who wanted to get a little justice for someone. So, because he can tell it best, I only did a little light editing. My old friend and long time collaborator #1 is a multiple Grammy winning producer in Nashville. He wanted to get into working on music for films and television. His first and to my knowledge only gig like this (because of his horrible experience) was to be the music producer and supervisor (of original music) for #2 (an upcoming reboot). Early on the process went great. He was very excited. Probably more excited than I had ever heard him. He was in regular contact with #3 (A+ list mostly movie actor), who during this part of the experience was very excited about the direction he was taking the music for the project. #1 enlisted many of his top tier friends and collaborators to write songs for the film. He even brought in an older gentleman, a songwriting legend from
days gone by named #4. #1 hand picked one of his unsung songs from the 70’s to be a song featured in the movie. A beautiful song. #4 had lost his only son years back and had basically sold all his guitars and, in his sadness, had stepped out of music almost all together. #1 had been a new friend who had given #4 some hope and a new, pure start. Anyways as time drew near for #1 to go to LA to begin tracking for the soundtrack, things seemed brighter and brighter. It seemed as if the music for this film was going to be top notch and really authentic. #1 brought the band he uses to LA to record these songs that he’d curated for the album and this is where he met #5 (A/A- list singer). From the moment it began, #5 was unstable. Apparently she was claiming sobriety but gave off the vibe of someone who was still on the sauce and more. Anyways, she’s there in the studio with #1 and his band who have worked for months to make this a reality. Now mind you, #3 has been on board with #1’s vision from day one and has been excited for where it is all going. The minute they get in the studio #5 immediately is telling #1 that "nobody buys records with live drums on them" and is, at every turn, attempting to undermine #1’s role in all of this. #1 is a sensitive guy. He’s also not one to fight. So often when battled, he will just take a step back. But in this case he wanted to stand by his vision which everyone from the studio to #3 had been on board with. #5 also had her boyfriend there. I won’t name him because he is someone that I consider a friend, but we aren’t really that close. Fair weather friend at times I believe. But our families are tied together closely so I won’t name him here but I’m sure you can figure it out. Anyways, at every turn, she would turn to him and, despite his previous stances, he would always defer to her. #3 also did the same thing when face-to-face with her ire. She would speak to the engineers and #1’s assembled band and assistant like slaves. Really rude type s**t. And if someone wasn’t paying attention, she would drop something and bend over (in the short dress she was wearing) revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. This would happen multiple times throughout the day and evening. Then any time someone would disagree with her and agree with #1, she would burst into aggressive tears and claim misogyny, "that the world only listens to men and women don’t have a voice". Needless to say, nothing ever came of the session and #1 went home frustrated and disappointed. Once #1 returned to Nashville he had calls with the movie studio and #3 and they agreed to let #1 cut the songs in Nashville with placeholder vocals in place. It is important to mention as well that #1 had arranged for the great players who he uses a lot to be in the film. All that paperwork had been done and it was the plan. He cut some tracks and they were fantastic, including the #4 track. He sent them all to the studio and they, as well as #3 again loved it. What happened next? #5 told the studio she was out unless her boyfriend and his band were in the film instead of #1’s band. Once they agreed to that, she and her boyfriend went and recorded all the songs over (including the #4 song). She once again played the "it’s my way or the highway card on this". #1 was quietly excommunicated from the project and her tracks and her man’s band was used. The real kicker? Her and her man took writing credit on poor old #4’s song. There is a positive note to the original LA story. After the session was over and #5 and everyone but #1 and the band were gone, #6 (permanent A lister who has been in one A+ list group and one A++ list group), who had been next door recording, walked in with two giant bottles of whiskey and said "sounds like you guys need some relief" and poured them all drinks and took them all driving in his ultra fast Tesla. I gained some respect for him that day. But lost all from #5.
#1 - Multiple Grammy winning producer in Nashville: Dave Cobb
#2 - An upcoming reboot: "A Star Is Born"
#3 - A+ list mostly movie actor: Bradley Cooper
#4 - Older gentleman, a songwriting legend from days gone: Billy Joe Shaver (son Eddy Shaver)
#5 - A/A- list singer/boyfriend: Lady Gaga/Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real (not sure if a boyfriend, but probably sleeping with him)
#6 -Permanent A lister who has been in one A+ list group and one A++ list group: Dave Grohl ("Nirvana" and "Foo Fighters")

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#1**
The world's worst ever television actress but not movies, because first of all no one sane would ever hire her for a movie, and second, we have to reserve that movie spot for Cara Delevingne was popping pills from a prescription bottle while also swigging wine. Does not sound like a good combination. She needs help but everyone just seems obsessed with getting her a new reality show. Tori Spelling

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#2**
This B list celebrity/singer/reality star with the catchy nickname is barely a teen. She is not even in her mid teens yet but is hooking up with a music producer in his 30's and another guy in his 20's with the consent of her parents. Danielle Bregoli ("Cash Me Ousside")

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#3**
Speaking of pills, this pregnant MTV star is self medicating with pills she acquires from dubious sources. Her doctors have no idea. Amber Portwood ("Teen Mom")

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#4**
Scatter Like The Wind - Mr. Hedge: The disgraced A list Director has recently fled to the Middle East. The Producer has recently fled to Europe. The Agent has recently fled to Mexico. Some of the Director's low level underlings remain in the country, for now, trying to tie up loose ends, and hide potential evidence.
A list Director: Bryan Singer
The Producer: Gary Goddard
The Agent: Tyler Grasham

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#5**
This closeted NFL player loves when people think he is with women. He lives for it so people never ask him about the gay rumors and hookups. What he was not expecting was a video that showed coke and weed and the havoc that is going to bring. Odell Beckham Jr.

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#6**
You know, one of these days the A+ list singer and her PR team are going to get this thing right. Everyone knows the A+ list singer doesn't go anywhere without a wall of armed security. So, when pictures emerge of her from five feet away showing her in some kind of way she imagines a relationship to be from what she has seen in the movies, everyone knows they are staged. I will give her credit for not doing the piggyback move that she tried for three consecutive relationships. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#7**
At this point, this witness will do or say anything to get out of the jam he is in. What kind of jam? How about the largest collection of child porn the world has ever seen. This foreign national is one of the richest members of the richest families of the world. For dozens of years he filmed boys as young as 3 having sex with grown men. There were thousands of these boys who worked as slaves during the day and then would be forced to have sex with grown men. All filmed. That slavery practice has ended, but the boys are still imported from other countries and still raped and it is all still filmed. The FBI found out about it and now are using its existence to get him to say whatever they want him to say. Apparently these people are so rich they have their own "cloud" which is highly encrypted where all these videos are stored. George Nader, top adviser to the United Arab Emirates, was arrested in 1985 on child pornography charges, is cooperating with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#8**
A little known story from the past of this foreign born permanent A list rocker. The rocker has been married forever. Even so, he has had his affairs. Despite his high and mighty image he keeps numerous mistresses scattered around the world for his travels and tours. One of those women was this former A list mostly movie actress from back in the day. She had trouble getting roles for awhile after she got in some trouble and our rocker paid her bills for a couple years while also hooking up with her whenever possible. She is back on her feet now and had one of the more memorable gifs of the past couple years. Bono/Winona Ryder

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#9**
This foreign born former A list model turned B+ list actress who is really just a celebrity right now is trying to ignore that a family member is also a drug dealer. A violent one. Elizabeth Hurley (nephew Miles Hurley stabbed)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#10**
I don't know how long this new network show is going to last. A mid-season replacement but the two co-stars dislike each other and were not even trying to hide the dislike at a press event this week. Rosie Perez/Josh Radnor ("Rise")

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#11**
This one named singer who doesn't really seem to sing any longer used to be A/A- list. Now she mainly shops and snorts heroin. She has passed out in multiple store dressing rooms over the past month. Her celebrity husband must know, but he hasn't, as far as I know tried to get her into rehab. Ciara (Russell Wilson)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#12**
This A list athlete says this married talk show host would not stop hitting on her this past week when she visited his show. It was nonstop. Lindsey Vonn/Mario Lopez

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#1**
This former B- list mostly movie actor is doing what he did before. He has found a not legal teen to "romance." The broke actor is already trying to broker deals to get her to sleep with men for money. Doug Hutchison

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#2**
Counting down to the next woman that comes forward on this A list almost television show. There are several who said the streaming company ignored their claims or dismissed them because the show is such a hit show for the company. "Stranger Things" on Netflix

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#3**
Not that long ago this former member of an A+ list singing group who was a flash in the pan solo artist herself got to be the host of a reality show. She was awful. Apparently everything took 20 takes and it remained that way for the entire season. I just think it was something not in her comfort zone. Since then however, after being fired after that season no one wants to hire her for anything big. She will be a judge or something overseas, but no hosting. Fergie ("The Four: Battle for Stardom")

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#4**
This A list NBA player does realize that he has been promoting the song of the woman he calls his girlfriend and that the woman he calls his girlfriend is sleeping with the person she sings with on the song right? Ben Simmons/Tinashe/Offset

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#5**
Speaking of NBA players, no matter how much this A++ list NBA player asked, there was no way on this earth that this permanent A+ list couple were going to show up at a recent party. Not with that reality star family there en masse either with visible or hidden cameras. Lebron James/Beyoncé and Jay Z (birthday party for Tristan Thompson) (Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#6**
By my count, this A list rapper almost died last week. This weekend he had a seizure. Maybe get off the drugs. Rick Ross

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#7**
Considering how this A- list mostly movie actress has been cheating on her girlfriend as of late, it doesn't surprise me at all that her girlfriend is returning the favor so to speak. The girlfriend has usually confined her cheating to men though, rather than women. So, this is probably the end. Kristen Stewart/Stella Maxwell (kissing Bella Hadid)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#8**
It is pretty interesting that this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who has been busted for hitting on underage women and harassing others made the movie he did not that long ago. It turns out the subject of that movie has a lot in common with the actor. The subject of the movie traveled the country with the woman he called his wife and they would find teenage boys after their lecture and ply the boys with booze and weed and then have threesomes with the teen boys. Eventually, the police started taking note of their activities so they now hole up on the west coast and even changed their last name.

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#9**
This A-/B+ list model from a modeling/celebrity/reality star family spends all day going back and forth between her apartment and an ATM and meeting her drug dealer in between. Gigi Hadid

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#10**
The B list celebrity offspring of this foreign born permanent A++ lister said that she once had a group of friends spend the night when she was in high school. She said she never did it again and never invited any of her friends over again because her father hit on every single one of the teens and ended up having sex with one of them that night in the house, while the significant other of the A++ lister was out to dinner with her own friends. The offspring says her friend was probably 16 or maybe 17. They have not spoken since that night which was years ago. Prince Andrew, Duke of York (Sarah Ferguson agreed to share custody of their two daughters, and the Duchess continued to live at the Duke's home, Sunninghill Park, until 2004)/Princess Beatrice of York (born 1988) or Princess Eugenie of York (born 1990)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#11**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actress who will get A- list if her new almost network show does well. It probably won't though if those ratings stick. Anyway, she needs it to do well because she has been losing movies left and right. Our actress who is still on the young side of 30 is being told she looks much older and producers are moving her towards mom roles already. Mom of tweens. Lucy Hale ("Life Sentence")

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#12**
It shocks me that no reporter ever has asked this former A- list mostly television actress from a show which was turned into a movie where her child is. The child was adopted with much fanfare but has not lived with the actress for years and years. The actress passed the child off to other relatives of the actress. Kristen Davis ("Sex and the City")

Once Bethenny Frankel made her fortune pimping Skinny Girl Margaritas everyone else on reality TV started saying, "I can do that!" And the next thing you know there are multiple people trying and mostly failing to sell wine. Slapping your name on a fancy label and serving it at your parties doesn’t make a successful wine brand. You can sell a few bottles to a few of your devoted fans on your website, but if you are really making wine you have to get it in to the major liquor stores. This has been an issue for this reality participant before. All four people have descended on a major liquor store chain in Dallas before fighting to keep their wine in the major stores. I don’t recall how that all worked out in the end, but similar issues keep recurring. The most recent one happened in Fort Lauderdale when the foursome insisted on pitching a sommelier from a major restaurant group desperate to get their wine into the high-end restaurants. According to Tamara Tattles exclusive sources, the sommelier turned them down because the wine just isn’t very good. There is a high-end version of the same category of wine that is a best seller in Fort Lauderdale and the clientele will pick it every time. Especially since from the perspective of a wine expert, the wine is overpriced for what it is. The source also explained that most wine makers have deep enough pockets that they expect to not make a dime selling their wine for a decade or so. This foursome can’t wait that long and need to sell a lot of wine very quickly. Our source says They aren’t used to being told no and didn’t handle it very well. They seem to have a lot of cash tied up in the wine business that it isn’t turning a profit and probably never will. And contrary to the image they falsely present, the desperately need the money for other pressing issues. Yet, they continue to make risky investments in another risky business that also takes years to get out of the red. In the wine business, it’s who you know, and they don’t know anyone. I predict public fall even greater than their public displays of excess. Bonus points if you can name the wine that is the more expensive best seller.

Reality star: Lisa Vanderpump
Foursome: Lisa Vanderpump, Ken Vanderpump, Pandora Vanderpump and Jason Sabo
Product: "LVP Sangria" ($12.99) and "Vanderpump Rose" ($19.99) vs "Whispering Angel Rose" ($19.47)
Risky business: New restaurant "Tom Tom"

209. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/12
You might have noticed that award season was a little different this year. Instead of the focus on the films, shows and the performances, the centre of attention was firmly on the #MeToo movement, industry sexism and female empowerment. Hollywood might be combating sexism, but it definitely isn’t stopping calculation any time soon. I’m told many public relations firms and entertainment industry agents were said to admire the way Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon handled the situation and felt that the way they delivered their award speeches was the perfect balance of graceful and meaningful without ever falling into preachy or entitled territory. Apparently nominated clients were instructed to "follow Nicole and Reese’s lead" and the vast majority listened with the exception of this one A list actress, who may or may not have won the big one.
Frances McDormand

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#1**
iHeartRadio Awards: This A- list alliteration rapper if you use his real name was at an after party with his singer girlfriend. The rapper, right in front of his girlfriend put his hand right on the butt of this B list celebrity offspring/wannabe model. When the offspring/wannabe model saw who did it she was fine with it. Apparently the girlfriend was not though and walked away leaving the rapper and the offspring to get to know each other better. Gerald Gillum (G-Eazy)/Halsey/Hailey Baldwin

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#2**
iHeartRadio Awards: This A- list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show was at an after party and would take whatever food was offered by servers but immediately just place it down without touching anything. She likes people to think she is eating, but she eats just enough to stay alive. Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#3**
iHeartRadio Awards: Kind of embarrassing for this closeted A list singer who seems to be on almost every song on the radio right now to be called out by a guy at an after party. The guy said something along the lines of, "I know you." The singer then said thanks for being a fan or something like that. The guy then said, "No. I know you. You are the guy who was getting tag teamed by (and then he named two first names) on that house boat party a few weeks ago in front of everyone." The singer, in front of several people who might not have known before that conversation he is closeted, went pale before excusing himself. Charlie Puth

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#4**
iHeartRadio Awards: This A-/B+ list almost network actress from a very popular show was not even being shy about what she wanted when she was talking to a record producer at an after party. She says she charges $20K an hour which has to be paid upfront. That is probably close to how much she earns per episode of the show too. Madelaine Petsch ("Riverdale")

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#5**
iHeartRadio Awards: This foreign born A list DJ/writer/producer was barely functional at an after party. Everyone assumes it is a relapse of heroin which has seen him secretly in rehab before. DJ Khaled

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#6**
iHeartRadio Awards: More than a couple people asked why this B- list mostly movie actress who only gets that high because of that franchise she did years ago how she even got invited. She has nothing booked and barely scrapes by as an "influencer." In her defense, she is much nicer than she used to be when she was doing a lot of drugs. Ashley Greene ("Twilight")

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#7**
iHeartRadio Awards: Where are the parents? I know that one of your kids makes a lot of money so you are more interested in them, BUT, what about your way underage kid that thinks she is 25 when she is really a decade younger than that. No one supervising her when she starts smoking pot with five or six guys at a party and then does some drinking with them. Guys who are in their late 20's to early 30's. The guy she started making out with while the others watched. The guy she made plans to see today. There is no way on this earth that someone that young should be allowed to do any of what she did last night without at least some adult supervision. Mackenzie Ziegler (13)/Maddie Ziegler ("Dance Moms")

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#8**
The Mogul And Two Of His Toys - Mr. Hedge: A few years ago, a certain aging A+ list Mogul allegedly traveled a considerable distance, to meet up with a far younger man he had been dating. The young man was a college athlete, in a very high-profile sport. The Mogul was allegedly caught with this young man in a very embarrassing situation, at a very inappropriate time, in a less than private place. This college is located in a very conservative part of the country, and it caused quite a scandal. The whole thing went downhill for both parties pretty soon afterwards. It was revealed that the Mogul met this young man while he was barely legal, on a website for that sort of thing. I use the term "allegedly", because recently, it appears as though the Mogul has been somewhat successful at getting the 1st part of the story changed, from what was reported at the time - to cover his exposure. The 2nd part of the story went through the court system on a couple occasions, which meant that part could not be controlled so easily. Almost 2 decades ago, the Mogul invested as a minority partner in a certain entertainment company, which was basically a front to get underage boys drugged and raped. 3 young men sued the main operators of this entertainment company for being drugged and raped while underage. They won a court judgement, but sadly got next to nothing, as the company operators had fled the country. About a year before he fled the country, the Head Criminal at this company got into a legal dispute with the Mogul. Court documents revealed 1 of those 3 young men was an aspiring Actor, who left the entertainment company - to go and stay at the Mogul’s house. Around the same time, this Actor was given a small part in a film, made by a certain A- list Director. The part, as constructed, didn’t really fit in that particular film's story - but nobody cared. Of course, our Actor never had a credit in anything else, before or since. Our Actor never included the Mogul or the Director in any legal action. After this all happened, the Actor changed his name and basically disappeared. Once, in recent years, he briefly reappeared to help the Director defend a lawsuit he was facing.

Mogul: David Geffen
Company: DEN (Digital Entertainment Network)
Head Criminal: Marc Collins-Rector
Actor: Alexander Burton (John Allerdyce/Pyro "X-Men")
Director: Bryan Singer

College student: Jamie Kuntz (North Dakota State College of Science)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#9**
Our favorite former Disney actress turned B/B+ list mostly movie actress turned future porn star needs rehab. She is in really bad shape. Bella Thorne

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#10**
It's shocking to me how many people believe this B list actor/wannabe singer/former boytoy to his former boss and the A- list director think he is dating this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress. She is totally on board for it because she needs a boost of publicity to make her marketable again. Chord Overstreet (Ryan Murphy)/Emma Watson

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#11**
This former C list celebrity/reality star/killer makes his living now pimping out his girlfriends. Nick Gordon

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#12**
This boy bander/actor is still way under age. He says this B+ list actress on a show which he appeared on when he was even younger than he is now would have sex with him each time he was on the show. Brady Tutton ("Boy Band")/Chelsey Crisp ("Fresh Off the Boat")

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#13**
This foreign born former A list singer in a group turned frequent reality judge went ballistic on one of her housekeepers the other day because the housekeeper complained about one of the singer's children making fun of the accent of the housekeeper. The singer was having none of it and yelled at the housekeeper about respecting your employers and then fired her. Mel B

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#14**
This former A list mostly television actor all of you know who has had some middling network success but nothing like his biggest generational hit is struggling financially. No one is hiring him and he took some big loans in anticipation of a syndication deal that never materialized.

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#15**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is on a 3 or 4 day booze and pot bender right now. He made no sense at a panel he was on and skipped two others because he would even look more foolish. Matthew McConaughey ("2018 SXSW Film Festival")

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#16**
Guess The Athlete - Double Dose
#1: Guess the athlete time again. Real sport. Big sport. World stage level sport. One of the dirtiest sports out there. Has been for some time and still is today. If you do not cheat, you simply have no chance to win in this sport. And if you do not cheat, that means you simply do not WANT to win in this sport!! Well, not always it seems.... Our athlete today is one of the most genetically gifted athletes walking the Earth today. Our athlete was not expected to get this far in their sport. But they are approaching their prime and they are just getting better. They are not a household name, but two years from now, they will be. Our athlete is both feared and respected by their opponents. Feared because their career is starting to approach the phase of going from chasing records, to setting records. Possibly some very, very big ones. Records their teammates and opponents have no chance to beat. And respected because they are one of the rare athletes who are respected by most of their peers and teammates for starting to become the best in the sport... all the while doing it cleanly. Being a good athlete, though, does not make you a household name. But doing so with an incredibly charming, yet humble personality, and great looks does. This athlete hit the genetic lottery there too. Some of you may have heard of this athlete or may be able to figure out who this athlete is. Two years from now you will all know this athlete. And your children will too. They will want to BE this athlete.

#2: One of the all time greats is how this athlete is described. This athlete is retired, but alive. The sport is one of the biggest sports in certain parts of the world, if not the biggest. And within this sport, our athlete is a big name. Not the biggest, but still big. Strangely though, unlike other athletes mentioned, this athlete wasn’t very gifted in the genetics department. Even on paper, there wasn’t anything, any metric that would even be considered average within their sport. Certainly no drugs were used to get ahead. This athlete looked more like a high school science teacher than an athlete at their peak. Today, they would more closely resemble a truck driver if you saw them in person. So how exactly did they dominate their sport for so long? We’ll answer that in a second. This sport has been a breeding ground for cheating since its inception. Heck, Arguably the BIGGEST case of cheating in sports EVER happened within this sport. But as the sport grew and the ways to cheat were discovered, rules were made. Lots of rules. There was one rule that was made a long, long time ago about a very specific ways to cheat. There was a specific incident that lead to this rule change. This rule was made before anyone reading this was even born. This rule is heavily enforced to this day. Yet our athlete broke this rule every day in their career and not until their later career did anyone even suspect anything. Athletes in this sport today ask the athlete how they did it and how they never got caught. The athlete will simply just coyly wink and slyly say "there’s no cheating in this sport, haven’t you heard?". Pete Rose (gambled on baseball games while he played for and managed the Reds; the charges of wrongdoing included claims that he bet on his own team) ("Chicago Blacksox") or Gary Maddux (Cliff Floyd accuses Greg Maddux throwing spitball) (Carl Mays spitball killed player Ray Chapman)

This reality show participant (RSP) just returned home on a cross-country flight with a couple of travel companions. After enjoying a few cocktails, RSP had a problem. You see, RSP is claustrophobic and refuses to use an airplane bathroom. We’re sure RSP probably thought of peeing in cup in RSP’s first class seat, but that plan didn’t seem feasible with all the attention. Whatever would RSP do? When RSP could not hold it anymore, RSP went into the bathroom and emptied the bladder while one of RSP’s travel companions guarded the open door. This seems to be a new low in RSP’s travel companion’s list of duties. Kim Zolciak Biermann (husband Kroy)

227. POPBITCH 03/13
(British blog)
#MeToo has been the talk of awards season this year – but which unwanted dick pic sender is a hot favourite to walk away with a prize at tonight's Press Awards?

BY Debra Birnbaum
The final season of "Game of Thrones" will not disappoint, promise HBO executives who recounted being at the table read for the last few episodes. "It was a really powerful moment in our lives and our careers," said Francesca Orsi, HBO SVP of drama, who took part in a panel titled "The Best of HBO" at the INTV Conference in Israel. "None of the cast had received the scripts prior, and one by one they started falling down to their deaths." In discussing "Game of Thrones" during the session, Orsi said that at the table read of the final six scripts ("a dream opportunity," she said), everyone stood up and applauded for 15 to 20 minutes. "It was amazing," she said of the episodes, which will air in 2019. "By the very end, everyone looked down and looked up and tears were in their eyes." The network execs revealed they hope to continue the magic with the potential spinoffs, which Orsi promised will live up to the original. "It feels like corporate malfeasance to not continue it," said Orsi. "That’s why it spawned three, four, five spinoffs," adding that "we’re going big."

229. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/13
Summer is only a few months away and that means the box office is gearing up to take money in like it’s going out of fashion. A source informs me that I shouldn’t expect this BIG NAME movie to make any money, however, saying that it’s "a certified bomb at this point" and we should witness the people behind the movie trying to mitigate the damage in the near future. "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#1**
At some point, the feds are going to take notice of this one named rapper/producer/reality star. He recently flew out of state with a 16 year old female who he has been trying to pass off as 18.

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#2**
This A- list comedian/sometime actress/sometime host/frequent drinker always forgets to tell people that it was a drunken make out session with the significant other of her best friend that caused a fallout. Chelsea Handler/Jennifer Aniston (Justin Theroux)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#3**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a permanent chain smoker and an Academy Award winner/nominee not only had an epic amount of coke, but also a young actress that this A- list mostly movie actress was in lust with, so she went home with them both. Sean Penn/Amber Heard

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#4**
I used to think it was just drugs, but it is so much more for this former A+ list tweener. He told his celebrity girlfriend she was going to Hell if she stopped sleeping with who he told her to sleep with. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress who had a great television year went on a rant after a dog snapped at her on set. The actress said the dog nearly bit her face off when the dog was a good five feet from her when it happened. She was freaked out and refused to work the rest of the day. Nicole Kidman (filming movie: "The Goldfinch"/Popper, Maltese puppy)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#6**
This alliterate former singer turned television actress was telling friends that things are on the rocks with the guy she is supposed to marry. Mandy Moore/Taylor Goldsmith

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#7**
They are trying to ignore it, but there were several times already where this A list singer showed up wasted to a reality gig. Katy Perry ("American Idol")

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#8**
This B- list celebrity all of you know, but probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about is more famous for the guys she dates and what she chooses to wear in public rather than much of anything else. Yes, there was the briefest of brief reality shows but she is all about the pap pics and controversy to stay in the spotlight. Apparently she took some bath salts this week and literally destroyed her house with a baseball bat. There was a female friend of hers who was there when it started to happen and scooped up the child of the celebrity and ran from the house as quickly as possible. Apparently the celebrity started chasing them out of the house and smashed two front windows with the bat before going back inside and doing more damage. Some guys who work for one of her exes were called and they managed to get in the house and wrestle her to the ground and put plastic ties on her wrists while listening to her scream at them for hours until she finally passed out. Tila Tequila; Amber Rose; Blac Chyna

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#9**
Over on Free Gay Chat Now there is a person claiming to be a B lister on Nick who is wrapping up a long run on a hit television show there. If this actor is who he says he is, then he has a nice upcoming project on an outlet that has been spreading cash like crazy. He says he is openly gay in life, but has not publicly come out. Hmmm. Sounds more like someone catfishing. Because of his confusing answer to whether he is out or not, I won't give out his user name, but I bet someone will post it in the comments. Real or catfish? Tony Cavalero (Dewey Finn "School of Rock") (Ozzy Osbourne in Netflix’s Mötley Crüe Biopic "The Dirt"); Jack Griffo (Max Thunderman "The Thundermans") ("Alexa & Katie")

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee tried to charge the tug on his rub and tug. He should know better. You can charge the massage, but you always have to pay cash to the woman doing the sex act. Ralph Fiennes

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#11**
The night always sounds amazing and he prizes being bid on are phenomenal. The problem for the charity is that well over half of the people bidding, never pay up. They like to look important and rich and that they can afford to bid $1M on something. The thing is though, they never usually write a check or if they do, it bounces. The charity, run by an A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't seem to care though because he likes the buzz of being the host. "Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation"

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#12**
Our favorite drinking cable actor and his never ending love life has a new installment. So, he goes to film his reality show out of the country. His foreign born actress girlfriend was only a few hours behind him. Apparently though that few hours allowed him to escape to a different city to actually film. The next day he arrived back from filming and met up with that co-star he hooks up with on the sly. Where was the girlfriend? She hung out in a hotel lobby for 12 hours waiting for him to show. He didn't show back up to the hotel at all that night and spent the night where? It is looking like with his co-star. They traveled to another city together while the girlfriend went home alone. Norman Reedus ("Ride with Norman Reedus")/Diane Kruger/Melissa McBride (Walker Stalker Con Europe: London)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#13**
This club in the Southwest has become the latest business to think more about their bottom line than the fact they are paying a convicted child porn creator to perform. The convicted child porn creator who is being investigated for other child porn related crimes is a B list rapper. 6ix9ine (Summit Rooftop Lounge)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#14**
He is doing everything he can and selling off everything he can to pay for medical treatment, but he is also putting his affairs in order. Too much damage to that body over the years and this former A+ list mostly television actor who had a run as an A lister in movies before that is dying. His doctors don't think he can live beyond a year. I think it is going to be a lot less. I hope before he passes though that he sits down and lets himself be interviewed for 20-30 hours just to get all his stories and truths and everything out so we aren't left with a million questions. Charlie Sheen

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#15**
The only growing apart this celebrity couple did was that one is trying to get sober and one isn't. Calling it anything else is just wrong. The celebrity couple consists of a former A list boy bander and his B list celebrity girlfriend. Zayn Malik/Gigi Hadid

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#16**
The Club - Old Hollywood: The Club actually has a name, but if I gave you the name of the club, this would be much easier to solve. Part of the fun with this is discovering the club and everything it has done and everything it owns. Many members of the club donate their entire estate to the club. This can include all their personal films and photos from sets. There are diaries and scripts. They are a treasure trove of many of the early days of Hollywood right through and including the studio years and on in to the 70's. The club has faded over time. No longer active as a social club, it is just a person or two keeping alive the memory of what was one of the building blocks for the acting profession we see today. Without this club, the business of acting would be completely different. Now, the name of the club is all well and good, but what the club received about five or six years ago in an estate has finally been unearthed. With just a couple volunteers and not much time to work on this stuff each week, it can take months or even years to go through everything left by an actor or actress to the club. Such is the case with this estate. It was massive in size in the sense of the artifacts. Included in the artifacts were many reels of film from the early 40's. Volunteers assumed they were home movies or something similar. Until very recently, they were pushed to the side as other items were easier to mark and catalog. Sitting through all that film and figuring out the who and what and where and when was going to take forever. The artifacts were from an agent who also produced theatre. He produced two of the biggest Broadway musicals of the time and at least one of them all of you know and have seen it, but probably not on stage. He did some great television and award winning movies. He also liked to get married. A lot. He also produced some children from those marriages who basically seemed to have been involved with a who's who of Hollywood and a book has been made about just how crazy this entire family dynamic was and who was involved and the offspring. Anyway, our agent/producer fell in love with a married woman. That married woman was known by everyone in society at the time. One of her divorces occurred because she hooked up with that permanent A list crooner that so many other women hooked up with too. She was the muse of several permanent A list authors, including one of the most famous authors of all time. It was that relationship that produced these films. They were apparently shot on a Caribbean island. They featured the author and the socialite having sex. Yes, basically X rated films of two very important people, including arguably one of the top ten authors in the history of the US. The films also feature them as a couple with much much younger women. The films are old and it is tough to make out ages. This was decades ago with no thought to preservation. So, the club faces a quandary. They have hours of footage of one of the most famous people in the history of the country, but 95% of the film is him having sex with a socialite or with other teens and the socialite.

The Club:
Agent/Producer: Leland Hayward (wives Inez "Lola" Gibbs, Margaret Sullavan, Slim Hawks and Pamela Harriman)
Clients: Fred Astaire, James Stewart, Ernest Hemingway, Boris Karloff, Judy Garland, Ginger Rogers, as well as the two former husbands of wife Margaret Sullavan, Henry Fonda and William Wyler, Greta Garbo and Katharine Hepburn
Broadway productions: "Gypsy", "The Sound of Music", "Mister Roberts", "South Pacific"
Who’s Who author: Marriage to stage and screen actress Margaret Sullavan, formerly married to Henry Fonda, in 1936. They had three children: Brooke, born July 5, 1937, who was married to actor Dennis Hopper from 1961–69; Bridget (1939–1960), who committed suicide by overdose in October 1960, less than a year after her mother's death by overdose; and William, born 1941, who committed suicide
March 20, 2008, by shooting himself in the heart. The family's dysfunctional life was recounted in daughter Brooke's 1977 memoir, "Haywire"
Socialite: Nancy "Slim" Keith, Lady Keith
A list crooner: Frank Sinatra
Author: Ernest Hemingway

246. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/14
She was warning about him before they got together, but did she listen? No, she didn’t. Several sources tell me that this hot relationship ended because the female part issued an ultimatum to the male part, telling him to get off drugs or he’ll lose her and he’ll lose her for good. He agreed… at first, but it didn’t last long before he was puffing away and chasing his demons. To her credit and to the surprise of many people around her, she made good on her promise and has left. For how long, though? We’ll be watching. Gigi Hadid/Zayn Malik

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#1**
A night of partying does not a relationship make, but this former tweener turned adult singer who is seemingly a blind once every couple weeks is still trying to find the right guy. A guy who doesn't care she likes women more than men and a guy who also has great drugs. Oh, and he has to be a celebrity who will get her picture in the tabloids a lot. She found the right guy in this foreign born singer except he rarely goes out which means not very many tabloid photos and just a bunch of leaked stories. Demi Lovato/Zayn Malik

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#2**
At least two tabloids have been offered screenshots and texts and even some sexts between this one year reality wonder and at least one of his exes that were sent long after he picked someone. So far the price has been too high, but with rejection comes the lowering of the price, so it won't be long. Arie Luyendyk Jr. ("The Bachelor")/Lauren Burnham (list of his ex’s)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#3**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has been in some of the biggest films of all time. He has had some great runs on quality television shows and can even do comedy. I'm shocked he doesn't have even more awards than he has. Anyway, it appears the woman he has been seeing regularly since he and his actress wife split is a woman he hired one night as an escort and one night became two and now they are pretty happy with each other. Martin Freeman

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#4**
Don't believe the hype. The only man this A+ list mostly movie actress is hooking up with is that married U.N. higher up. Now, if an actress came her way, she would be very open to it because she gets bored with the nannies. Angelina Jolie/Garrett Hedlund

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#5**
I'm not going to use her usual identifier because this is a little more how shall we say, intriguing. This former child actress turned middling adult actress who doesn't act very much any longer but still has good name recognition wanted to marry a guy. She got a passport in that country and did everything possible to show she was serious about the relationship. He decided to marry someone else and they were within weeks of doing just that. Well, apparently our actress has been trying for a while to break them up. Planting stories about him or her to create a wedge. Well, now it looks like there is a permanent split with no chance ever they will reunite or speak again. The reasons for that are very suspicious. It does make one wonder. Lindsay Lohan (Turkish socialite and business heir Mina Basaran/Murat Gezer)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#6**
This one named actress/singer went on a rampage directed at her management team that they did not land her the part that felt destined to play. The thing is though, she was never on the radar of the producers and wasn't who they were looking for anyway. Brandy/Gabrielle Dennis playing Whitney Houston in "The Bobby Brown Story"

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#7**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Now, she pretty much just confines her acting to one role in a franchise which pays her a ridiculous sum of money for not doing much. She has a side gig. She also does a lot of day drinking. This week at a business meeting she had done some day drinking and did some more drinking at the business meeting and she was messy by the end. Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts "Iron Man")/"GOOP"

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#8**
Athlete Investor - Mr. Hedge: This recently retired former A+ list athlete is off to a very shaky start at his new big venture. The whole thing is going to be an epic disaster. He set the whole thing up to be a heads-I-win-big and tails-I-break-even scenario for himself. As someone who has seen the inner workings of the deal - his investors will see most of their money gone, within just a few years. Our athlete has far less of his own financial skin in the game, than what the public has been led to believe. Athlete/Team: Derek Jeter ("Miami Marlins")

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#9**
This former child/tween/teen actress turned reality star turned celebrity needs rehab again. At this point, she really should commit to a good six months there to try and get better once and for all. Kim Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#10**
Apparently this former A list rockstar spoke to this B+ list singer on the phone right after a soundcheck on that last afternoon of his life. The singer says she accidentally recorded the 20 minute phone call because she had been taking videos at the time of the call. She only noticed about three weeks ago and she says it answers some questions, but also opens up a bunch more. Chris Cornell/Taylor Momsen (What's interesting to me is he could have probably spoken to her in person that afternoon rather than on the phone. Why did he do that?)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#11**
A little tension this week at a party when our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress ran into this A+ list reality star. Apparently the reality star blames the singer/actress for getting a family member hooked on drugs and made that clear at the event. Rita Ora/Kim Kardashian (brother Rob Kardashian) (Lorraine Schwartz launches The Eye Bangle a new addition to her signature Against Evil Eye Collection)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#12**
It is all coming together now for me. I could never understand why this foreign born Victoria' Secret model was hooking up with the permanent A list old songwriter/producer every month or so. I assumed she was hard up for cash. She might be, but it turns out she is hooking up with the old guy in return for him helping out with the career of her boyfriend. Apparently he is actually helping too and not just having sex with her.

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#13**
This A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family made short work of an interview when the first question was about someone in his acting family. The actor got up and walked out. Dave Franco (James Franco) ("6 Balloons" Premiere - 2018 SXSW Conference and Festivals)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#14**
The arguments between these two permanent A list mostly movie actresses who are each Oscar winners/nominees got so bad, that the script had to be slightly changed so the two wouldn't have to work on as many scenes together. Cher/Meryl Streep ("Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again")

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#15**
This offspring of a foreign born A list celebrity is banned from a ride sharing app after yelling at a driver about trying to talk to the offspring. Basically it was an entitled, privileged I am better than you thing and you just need to stay quiet and drive. It apparently was crazy.

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#16**
P's Friends: There is a behind the scenes power player in Hollywood, who was on a blind earlier this year. Let’s stick with calling him P. P once represented a former A– list teen star who you all know, during the early years of his career. However, there is no reason to think this former 80’s star is one of P’s victims. While he has been in the news a great deal lately for reasons other than his acting, our former star does return to the big screen soon. About a month from now, he stars in a small-budget crime thriller, as a vicious, cross-dressing vampire. Back in the day, a little over 3 decades ago, one of P’s close work friends happened to be a notorious child-molesting photographer, who also dabbled in child pornography. Let’s call this photographer B. Around this time, another of P’s close work friends was another long-time serial pedophile. He was called NS in a prior blind, and you all know him. NS was an acting manager. P, B, and NS all had clients in common, through referrals from one to the other. Their businesses at the time were not in competition with one another – but rather complimentary. It was not unusual for P, B, NS, and a couple clients to all hang out in the same place together. Back in the late 70s, B was first brought to the attention of the LAPD. It wasn’t until about a decade later that he was finally caught in a nationwide child porn sting, along with several others. B fought the charges, and escaped on a technicality during the appeals process. Despite this, B was welcomed right back to Hollywood. B began branching out as talent manager and coach. B managed a certain young actor, starting when he was barely a teen. This young actor had big promise, and quickly began getting a lot of work. Unfortunately, this young actor quickly spiraled down the path of substance abuse, and died of a drug overdose before he turned 25. B was accused of child porn a little over a decade and a half ago, but he struck a plea deal. B pled to a misdemeanor, and got probation. A few years later, one of B’s clients went to the police. He was barely a teen at the time, and got B convicted for molesting him. B finally served a few years in jail. What did P know about his friends, and when did he know it? How long did he remain friends with them?

P: Jeff Ballard
Former Star: Corey Feldman
Film Coming Soon: Queeny "Nash Corbin"

B: Bob Villard
Deceased Actor: Christopher Pettiet
NS: Marty Weiss

Jennifer Lopez was asked to go topless at an audition for one of her first movies. The 48-year-old Latin singer, who has appeared films including; Out of Sight, Monster-in-Law, Maid in Manhattan and The Wedding Planner, as well as enjoying a successful music career. And with the Time’s Up campaign against sexual harassment the talk of the entertainment industry at the moment, Jennifer paused to reflect on her own experiences. "I haven’t been abused in the way some women have. But have I been told by a director to take off my shirt and show my boobs? Yes, I have. But did I do it? No, I did not," she shared in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar U.S. "When I did speak up, I was terrified. I remember my heart beating out of my chest, thinking, ‘What did I do? This man is hiring me!’ It was one of my first movies. But in my mind I knew the behaviour wasn’t right. It could have gone either way for me." "But I think ultimately the Bronx (where Jennifer was born) in me was like, ‘Nah, we’re not having it,’" she smiled, crediting her New York upbringing for giving her the strength to say no. The Jenny from the Block hitmaker also delivered a powerful speech in support of the Time’s Up movement in Puerto Rico earlier this year, and is pleased she now possesses a confidence in herself that wasn’t there early in her career. "When I was younger I spent a lot of time being half happy and half not happy," admitted Jennifer, who released her debut album On the 6 in 1999. "(Now) I know who I am and what I want. I also know my strengths and weaknesses. It took me a long time to get to a point where I could say something nice about myself. I’m glad I can do that now."
Joseph Ruben ("Money Train")

264. POPBITCH 03/15
(British blog)
Which reality TV star is using daddy's money to stop tabloids running stories about their fairly unsubtle coke habit? Threats of a high court injunction have already been tabled, but their willingness to take selfies with 'fans' outside the very bogs that they'd just been hoofing gak in might blow a hole in their case...
Millie Mackintosh (drug use)

265. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/15
Apparently a member of this ensemble cast has gained credible information that their co-star was a popular and known escort in Europe before their casting on the show. ‘It may come out on the show,’ a source warns me, ‘but the network might not air it because of lawsuits.’ Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules")

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#1**
I think what caught everyone surprised by this very recent A list rapper's big news is that until at least a month ago she was partying really hard still and even did a night of drinking shots until she passed out. Cari B

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#2**
This MTV star was in town yesterday and her significant other is now going to have to find a different place to get the special drugs he can only get here. Why? Well, he found out his significant other hooked up with the dealer a few times and tried to start a fight with the dealer who promptly pulled out a gun along with several of his associates. So, for now, no more drugs. Jenelle Evans/David Eason ("Teen Mom 2") (LAX)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#3**
No one is telling the real story. The real story is that this former child actor/rapper made a pass on this A list rapper when he thought the other rapper was into guys. Nope. Bow Wow/Future (punched by Nigerian rapper, Cheeks Bossman

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#4**
This former B- list celebrity/reality star is now more known for all the trouble he gets in. He keeps promising his significant other they will get a reality show and make money and be famous which is why she stays despite being threatened with the end of her life. Nick Gordon/Laura Leal

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and taking flack for her last movie is trying to make sure this former A list mostly television actor turned movie/commercial/television/no underwear wearing actor doesn't get the lead opposite her because she thinks the movie will bomb. She is convinced he is bad luck when it comes to movies. Natalie Portman/Jon Hamm ("Pale Blue Dot")

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#6**
He is supposed to stay home alone or just hang out with family when he is not with this A+ list singer for precisely the reason that I am writing this. He hooked up with a guy in the past two weeks who he met on Grindr. One misstep and the carefully laid plans of the A+ lister would go out the window. Joe Alywn/Taylor Swift

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#7**
This A- list reality star with a side gig says she is dating this A list athlete. Hmmmm. First of all he is hooking up with his ex on a regular basis and there is a woman in a new town where he is living he sees several times a week, but yes, please continue to tell us you are dating him so your story seems more believable. Kendall Jenner/Blake Griffin

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#8**
Back in the day this actor was probably B+ list at his peak. He comes from an acting family. He made some money in the past decade working on movies overseas. They are usually more willing to deal with his substance abuse issues and he still does good work and is a big draw overseas. In a "stan" country not that long ago, our actor was wasted and was with an escort when he ended up beating her to the point she was in a coma. The production company, wanting to protect their investment got him out of the country and then did a week of filming in the neighboring country. It was not until the film was finished that they spoke to police and told them their version of events while making sure the actor stayed out of the country. The woman is out of her coma but is apparently permanently disabled because of the attack. Michael Madsen ("Diamond Cartel") filmed in Kazakhstan

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#9**
This one named B- list DJ has been accused by multiple underage women of rape and sexual assault. It doesn't seem to matter to that monster booking agency and another they partner with for an annual tour. They are leaving the DJ on the bill. Money means more to them than anything else. Datsik

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#10**
Apparently that foreign born A- list mostly movie actress reads the site. Just a few short hours after my last blind about her relationship she posted a video aimed at that cable actor boyfriend of hers. She also started deleting and blocking anyone on her social media who mentioned the name of his co-star/sometime hookup. As for our actor? He spent that day and the next posting selfies with his co-star/sometime hookup. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus (Melinda McBride) in Scotland

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#11**
This daytime talk show host better get back to work quickly because producers have noticed audience reaction and the higher ratings with her replacement. Wendy Williams/Jerry 'Connell

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#12**
This wife beater, abuser, former A lister at least is honest that his relationship with his girlfriend is based on money and how much he pays her to be with him. I guess she is young enough to kick his ass if he tries to hit her. Maybe he should try to apologize to his offspring for beating their mother. Don McLean/Paris Dylan/Patrisha McLean

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#13**
This A+ list singer is freaking out that she cast a gay porn star in a recent music video. Taylor Swift/Kevin Falk

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#14**
Apparently, that new organ is not working so well for that A-/B+ lister because of the abuse it has taken and she may actually need a replacement for the replacement. How about just changing your life rather than getting ones that other people would love to have and cherish. Selena Gomez

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#15**
This foreign born A+ list athlete in his corner of the athletic world has already been hitting on male models and telling them about his new fashion gig. This gig is going to get him in some serious trouble. Lewis Hamilton (Tommy Hilfiger)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#16**
Just Stand Up - Mr. Hedge: This company saw their stock tank after causing a mighty controversy. The company somehow didn't screen out an advertisement, which made fun of a very high profile domestic violence incident involving a major celebrity. The celebrity was understandably enraged upon learning of this - and responded by urging a boycott of the company. Others have piled on as well. Was this simply an unlucky accident for this company? Alternatively, was the cash-guzzling, thirsty company simply desperate for more revenues, and purposefully lax on its advertising content filters? Rihanna ("Snapchat" Domestic Abuse Ad)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#17**
The Showrunner From Hell: This showrunner/creator had one big hit but it allowed him to create some pilots and at least one middling hit. At least one death I attribute to him. He cast her when she had just turned 13 or 14. She talked about him when she was using drugs but never when she was sober. She says that when he walked in for the casting for the soon to be hit network show that he asked her if she wanted the part. She said yes. He then told her lots of other girls wanted the part. He then coerced her into undressing saying that all the other girls had and she didn't have to but she wouldn't get the job. This ended up with her being sexually assaulted by him. She says he did so over 100 times during the run of the show. She talked about how he took her with him when he was casting a show that didn't even last a season. One person cast in the show was a woman in her early 20's who has her own slate of horror stories about things that have happened to her. Anyway, she was told if she wanted the job she had to sleep with the then 14 year old girl while our showrunner watched. She did it. She was so disgusted by that and what happened to her a couple years later when she was a guest star on a very hit network show and raped by at the time an A list mostly television actor who in the past year has been accused of it again and a guest star on another very hit network show and raped by at the time an A- list mostly television actor on the show who has also been accused of similar behavior by other women that she left the business. Going back to our teen, she then became the "older woman" so to speak when the showrunner took her along on the casting for a middling network show. The showrunner made our teen have sex with a girl who was maybe seven or eight at the time. Our teen doesn't know if the showrunner ever had sex with the girl and she isn't talking or hasn't yet. She left the business right after appearing on a show which was created solely for the purpose of casting as many children as possible in one show for adults to molest and that they did for years. That is another blind though. As for our teen? She got pregnant by the showrunner and was fired for it. She was never allowed to reveal to her child who his real dad was.

Actress: Dana Plato
Showrunner: Bernie Kukoff
Hit network show: "Diff'rent Strokes"
Show that didn’t last a season: "Detective School"
Woman in her 20‘s: Melinda Naud
Guest star on hit network show/A list actor: "Dukes of Hazzard"/Tom Wopat
Guest star on hit network show/A- list actor: "Happy Days"/Scott Baio
Horror story: Paternity suit against Wayne Rogers ("Mash") who died before dna could be taken
Seven year old: Heidi Zeigler (born 1979)
Show created for casting children: "Just the Ten of Us"

283. MEDIA TAKEOUT 03/16 just got a bit of tea that’s JUICY . . . But also very heartbreaking. There have been rumors going around that a popular entertainer is PREGNANT – but the entertainer is REFUSING to confirm it. Well, we just spoke to one of her GFs who told us, "[Entertainer] doesn’t want to say anything, because she’s not sure she’s keeping it." The insider added, "[Her boyfriend] wants her to kill the baby. He thinks its bad for her career and his. But she’s trying to get him to change his mind." Could this be Cardi B? We have no idea who it is, but many are speculating that the "Bodak Yellow" star is expecting and could even be as far along as 6 months. She claims that she "just gained some weight." There were also rumors of Rihanna possibly being pregnant following her performance at the Grammy’s. Rihanna was noticeably rounder and was much slower on her feet than usual. Rihanna suffered from fluctuating weight, so some are just attributing it to that… but, a pregnancy wouldn’t be far-fetched. She’s been in a loving relationship with her billionaire bf for some time now. Nicki Minaj is also rumored to be pregnant with Nas’ baby. But we doubt this rumor could be about her. She’s been out of the limelight for some months now. A few more won’t hurt her. Who do you think it is? Cardi B/Offset

There is more to it than just being Team one person or another after a split. There is also the fact that this C list celebrity has also hooked up with the now ex of our favorite former tweener turned adult singer/actress/drug addict. That was the final straw in the friendship for the actress/singer. Petra Collins (dating Justin Theroux)/Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#2**
This former A+ list politician who is running again for yet another position he has not held before is trying like crazy to keep his name out of the fact that he is now at least partly responsible for the two largest toy chains in the US to go under and this time around 33K jobs. Mitt Romney (U.S. Senate Utah) ("Toys ‘R’ Us" and "KB Toys")

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#3**
This foreign born athlete is hopeful that the new freedom that this foreign former boy bander is showing sexually will allow them to finally step out as a couple together. Xavier Dolan/Harry Styles

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#4**
This foreign born initialed last name A-/B+ list singer/songwriter says she is not apologizing for using the N word and will say it when she wants. Charli XCX

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#5**
This former Disney actress turned future porn star walked out of a recent movie premiere to share some lines of coke with this foreign born former A+ list tweener. Bella Thorne/Justin Bieber

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#6**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor with a franchise he was stripped of has probably dropped to B list now. He was always a jerk when he was at his peak and now that he is being given a second chance he is still being a jerk. He is just more aggressive about it now towards women and no one likes working with him on his new show. Brendan Fraser ("The Mummy") ("Trust")

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#7**
This A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show based on the life of its creator says she was recently ghosted after three dates by a guy she is now convinced was a reporter just trying to get some stories out of her.

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#8**
This director used to work with this A list mostly movie actress all the time. They even had a secret sexual relationship she tried to keep super quiet even though he wanted the world to know. When she dumped him for someone else he was crushed and vowed to never work with her again even though some of her biggest successes were in his movies. Apparently the whole relationship has taken a strange turn and he is stalking her I guess you could say, although it is not a physical stalking. He sent her a short film that included shots of her and also a body double he used in other scenes and he was in it and the whole thing was just a very creepy vibe that has her really freaked out. Uma Thurman/Quentin Tarantino; Jennifer Lawrence/David O. Russell

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#9**
Porn Star Death #1: This just about permanent A- list mostly television actor/former host who is known by all of you and was everywhere back in the day is aging. He got a 20 year old porn star pregnant and told her he would marry her if she got an abortion. She did and he dumped her. Shortly thereafter, she killed herself. Olivia Nova

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#10**
Porn Star Death #2: Speaking of porn stars, which I have been doing a lot of the past week or so to try and figure out if any of the five recent deaths are connected, we have the answer to one of the deaths in #9. The answer to a second porn star death is that one of the doctors prescribing her pills was also sleeping with her and very jealous. When she went away to rehab and got clean, she had no use for him and met someone in rehab she was falling in love with. When she got out of rehab, he showed up at her door the first day with a bottle of pills and some wine. He also had a big stack of cash. She had not been able to work for some time and needed the money. He said he would give it to her if he she had some wine with him. She agreed and then she mixed some pills with it. He stayed with her for three days. He finally had to leave to go to work and she escaped to rehab. Apparently she took the bottle of pills with her and one night took them all and died. Olivia Lua

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#11**
The Cult's Money Man - Mr. Hedge: Most of his success comes from a brilliant move about a decade or so ago. No other way to describe it. He was comfortably wealthy back then. Then he made one of the all-time smartest investment moves anyone has ever made in that industry. He was part of the cult back then, and donated like everyone else. As his investment began to bear fruit, his giving to the cult grew tremendously. As of a few years ago, he was the largest donor to the cult, by far. His giving was in its own category. Around that time, a certain website, known for its very detailed research about the cult, wrote some very unflattering things about our money man and some adoptions. Our money man was not a big figure to the general public, but he was now beginning to appear prominently whenever anyone searched for a story about the cult. The cult got involved with the big search engine to help fix that part. In very recent years, his giving to the cult multiplied once again. He also made a very large real estate purchase, which has raised questions. In recent months, rumors have swirled that our Money Man may be in the process of leaving the cult. He may have even left already. This coincides with what appears to be a big change in very close personal relationship, but nothing is official yet. The cult is doing everything they can to make sure he is happy and keeps giving. They are really sweating this one out. If this whale stays with the cult, he has the potential to take the entire cult's financials to a whole new level, on a permanent basis. Bob Duggan (Pretoria Ideal Org) (Diamond Maximus with Honors for $42 million donation)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#12**
This peeking his head out of the closet one named permanent A list singer met up with a guy he had met online at the West Hollywood Target. Apparently they connected because they walked over to The Zone spa and had sex. Usher

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#13**
I am convinced this foreign born B list mostly television actor from a hit almost television show doesn't care whether his actress girlfriend lives or dies. She has been unconscious a couple of times in the past four days from partying too hard with him and he just keeps pushing and pushing. Charlie Heaton/Natalia Dyer ("Stranger Things")

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#14**
Why yes, that was this more than two named A- list actor/host all of you know from multiple hit television shows and even a movie franchise cuddling up to a person at a dinner that was most definitely not his significant other. Neil Patrick Harris (David Burtka)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#15**
The quiet brother in this acting family was at it again. The A/A- list mostly movie actor who all of you know dropped $50K last weekend at a strip club in NYC. He spent the vast majority of it on one dancer. Luke Wilson

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#16**
Turned Out: This actress was still a couple years from being legal when she moved out of her home. She was probably a B-/C+ list mostly television actress at her peak. She regularly appeared on a long running network hit. When she began to get noticed by people on the streets, one man took a very big interest. He was well over a decade older than her but started wining her and dining her and the next thing you know she was moving out of her house and moving in with him. She would go to work during the day and at night she would have to have sex with as many as five or six guys a night, all of whom wanted to have sex with the underage actress who they saw on television every week. Her "boyfriend" was charging each man at least $1000 and they would just cycle in and out all night. This went on for months and months. The "boyfriend" was making nearly $100K a month just off the actress and he wanted more. He convinced her to find other actresses she would meet on auditions and soon enough she was joined by a rotating cast of mid teen actresses, one of whom would become a regular in several Disney shows. As for our actress? She was killed by a competitor of her "boyfriend" who wanted her for his own business. Tara Correa McMullen ("Judging Amy")

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#1**
This A list mostly television actor is the star of a very hit network show after starring on another long running network show for the same network. One of his co-stars is probably wondering if she is going to be back next season after leaking news of the actor's impending divorce to the titular head of the show's fan club. Michael Weatherly ("Bull", "NCIS")/Geneva Carr/Bojana Jankovic

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#2**
This former A list reality star who went from ensemble show to her own show and even a movie or two says she now has 24/7 armed security roaming her yard because she fears her ex is going to try and kill her. Audrina Patridge (Corey Bohan)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#3**
This C list celebrity has two goals. The first is to marry this permanent A list rock star and the second is to make sure he overdoses on the heroin he uses, preferably on their wedding night. She wants his money but is tired of the beatings and the drugs. Brittany Furlan/Tommy Lee

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#4**
This B+ list rapper cheating on his B list celebrity in her corner of the internet wife and getting another woman pregnant was the reason they are getting divorced. Logic/Jessica Andrea

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#5**
While out of the country, this former B- list mostly television actor turned stay at home celebrity and guarded by his wife day and night he was hitting hard on this former A list mostly television actress who was last spotted on multiple failing shows. Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes/Rachel Bilson ("Take Two" filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#6**
This married A+ list reality star hooked up with this married convicted child molester for old times sake when she had a quick weekend visit at his beach house out of the country. Kim Kardashian/Joe Francis (Mexico)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#7**
This tone deaf foreign born A+ list singer doesn't care about any of the women or men who have been subject to the violence of this former A+ list singer because he thinks the singer is cool and a lot of fun. Ed Sheeran/Chris Brown

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#8**
After decades of sobriety, this former A list mostly movie actor from just one franchise is back on the booze in a big way and probably needs rehab. The back from the ashes actor has been enjoying his resurgent fame a little too much. Mark Hamill ("Star Wars")

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#1**
This B list mostly television actor from a hit cable show recently got married. He is openly bisexual, but his new bride is closeted when it comes to that even though she has a long time girlfriend. Nico Tortorella ("Younger")/Bethany Meyers

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#2**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie director is rebooting an old Broadway hit for the movies. The star of the Broadway revival that led to the new movie thought he had a chance at the role, but the director is totally blowing him off for his own favorites and only gave the actor an audition to make himself look good in case anyone asked. Steven Spielberg ("West Side Story")/Matthew Hydzik

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#3**
This very intelligent A list model didn't exactly put those rumors to rest about what happened between the model and the A+ list singer. With a chance to set the record straight on the record with a non tabloid type of publication, she kept those NDA'd lips very much sealed. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#4**
I'm not sure how many ways this guy can try to seek to get a payout from the estate of this permanent A++ list singer, but he is trying a new tact to get a payday from a reality show company or a publisher. He just looks more desperate. O. J. Simpson/Michael Jackson

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#5**
With as many medications as she is taking, and the types of medications that have been prescribed, people are hopeful that the rumors this A list singer who has had a rough year is pregnant, are just that, rumors. Ariana Grande

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#6**
This person has been a horrible person for about 20 years. Recently this horrible person received a couple high-profile image makeovers, which made no mention of their past. This site told you about a month ago, that this horrible person would not succeed at this endeavor. Many seeds had already been planted. About a week ago, it happened - in a very big, very public way. Brock Pierce (John Oliver profile - child star/cryptocurrency cowboy pimp)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#7**
Shocking to say the least, but that medical facility in the African country the church used for their drug trials is trying to totally change their image and presenting to the world they are this wonderful place full of sunshine and light and beloved by celebrities instead of the death machine they have been. Mama Hope and Global Citizen (Uganda)/French Montana, P Diddy and The Weeknd

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#8**
This A list reality star with a very lucrative side gig has about a dozen full-time staff to help take care of her offspring. This doesn't even include all the relatives available to help. Our star just wants to get back to traveling and partying. Kylie Jenner

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#9**
Going back to that earlier blind. This public embarrassment went much larger than just the person. You can watch it. Lots of people did. You will laugh while watching it. Brock Pierce

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#10**
One thing that has changed for this original permanent A list clothing/music/television mogul is that since all the charges brought against him he has to spend about double per day what he used to to get a woman to spend time with him. Russell Simmons

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#11**
I find it crazy that these two rappers are fighting through social media. The two rappers most likely to sexually assault a 13 year old yet they somehow don't get along. I do notice that when they fight, they never mention how much the other likes underage teens. I guess they don't want to draw attention to it. The Game/6ix9ine

This former A+ list NFL player who you probably know even if you don't watch football is married. He is also hooking up with this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Apparently they met about a month ago and connected and this is an odd pairing. Peyton Manning/Charlize Theron (Daytona 500)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#13**
Going back to those earlier two blinds, this person in question just got fired from his company as a result of this very funny exposure. Brock Pierce ("", the firm developing blockchain platform EOS)

321. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/19
Worried about the critical and commercial reception for his next movie, this A list filmmaker has already lined up his next movie and is instead focusing on the development on that over the editing of the previous. ‘If it bombs, he’ll be distracted by principal photography of the new movie,’ the source tells me. Steven Spielberg ("Ready Player One") (next project "West Side Story")

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#1**
This now aging A+ list athlete in his corner of the entertainment world is making a money grab. He is going to announce a big event and ask to be paid a guarantee upfront. He will then bail on the event before it occurs, but keep the money. Floyd Mayweather (applied for UFC license)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#2**
As I told you months and months ago, this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was going to bomb with a big box office movie. Sure enough, it happened and now the studio doesn't want to make a sequel, at least with her. Alicia Vikander ("Tomb Raider")

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#3**
This A list alliterate rapper had sex with some woman backstage at a concert this weekend and told her she was awful at oral and pushed her out into a crowded hallway while she was still naked. Rick Ross

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#4**
This former A+ list athlete who recently retired to enjoy the life of celebrity/part-time reality star/frequent strip club patron is developing a line of custom collectible bats to commemorate his home runs. For whatever reason, his A list girlfriend is the money behind the venture, although it is technically billed as a joint venture. The original artwork for the collectibles is very on-brand - uses a former team's color scheme, very masculine. The artwork his girlfriend wants used is very off-brand - feminine colors with lots of pastels and much too feminine for this type of item. Looks more like what you would see used for a line of cosmetics or skin care. Our former athlete's people want to go with the original artwork because they know it makes more sense with the theme for sports collectibles. The girlfriend is pushing hard for her vision. Since she is the real money behind the venture, she's got big sway. The boyfriend is stuck in the middle. Will be interesting to see if money beats out good business sense in this venture. Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#5**
She is barely drinking age, but this part-time reality star who is probably a B- list celebrity is being set up by her mom with a 60 something man who is extremely wealthy. Creepy right? Well, how about that the 60 something man is the past sugar daddy of the mom. Crazy creepy. Brielle Biermann/Kim Zolciak-Biermann ("Big Poppa", Lee Najjar)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#6**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor, as part of his rider, required the hotel bar where he was staying to be open 24/7 for his convenience. So, after last call, it was all his for the night and he had it to himself and a few dozen of his friends and people he met during the day. Apparently, he drank through the most expensive stuff first costing the movie production to the tune of $20K just the first night. Ben Affleck ("Triple Frontier")

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#7**
This former almost A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee saw her career fall off a cliff when she split with a guy who had the ability to take some professional revenge. She was out of the country this week for business and has a boyfriend, but it didn't stop her from having "dinner" with a guy for almost six figures. Hilary Swank (Liberatum Mexico Festival 2018: Gala Dinner & Liberatum Cultural Honour Awards Hosted By Pablo Ganguli)/John Campisi, Film Agent at Creative Artists Agency

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#8**
This foreign born A list singer married to an A lister not only nearly overdosed this weekend while out of town and away from his wife, the woman he hooked up with, did overdose and had to be rushed to the hospital. His manager told authorities she had been staying with him and not the singer and that he had no idea she even took drugs. He says that he woke up and was going to have sex with her and she was non responsive so he called the police. What really happened is the manager was worried about the singer and used a key to go in the singer's room. After ten minutes of yelling and shaking, the singer finally responded, but the naked woman did not. The manager got the singer off to the manager's room and then called 911. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman ("RodeoHouston")

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#9**
This B+ list mostly movie actor had a very big award season this past year. It is also the first time many of you heard of the closeted actor. That was him in a VIP bathroom at a recent sporting event getting busted with another guy because security saw both of them go in to the bathroom designed for one. Timothee Chalamet (nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role "Call Me by Your Name") (New York Knicks Vs Philadelphia 76ers game at Madison Square Garden)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#10**
Long before she became a network reality star/seller of products/infomercial queen, she was an assistant at a talent agency. Not just any assistant. She was in close proximity to the head of one of the largest agencies in the world. That head of the agency bragged about having underage sex with a minor. Group sex. Lori Greiner/Ari Emanuel

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#11**
This B+ list mostly television actress/former pro beard had an interesting gig. Her job last week at an event was to try and get this A- list mostly television actress/reality star to talk about that group she used to belong to. The conversation was supposed to be recorded and then the group was going to edit it in such a way to make the actress look bad. Apparently the B+ lister bailed on doing it though. It creeped her out. Olivia Munn/Leah Remini (2018 A+E Upfront) (Scientology)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#12**
Not only is this former A- list mostly movie actress who seemingly made a career from one movie three decades ago cheating on her permanent A list significant other, she took out yet another huge life insurance policy on him naming herself the beneficiary. Daryl Hannah ("Blade Runner" or "Splash")/Neil Young

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#13**
While all his other co-stars are just hooking up with random women (yes, including that former cable actor who supposedly has a significant other), this A+/A list mostly movie actor has just been drinking to the point where he might have to pull out of the project. Ben Affleck (Charlie Hunnam/Morgana McNelis) ("Triple Frontier" in Hawaii)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#14**
While out of the country, this A- list singer/bad actress is recruiting teen girls to go on "missions" to Asia and the Middle East. Because the teens all look up to her, of course they are going to do it. Things are going to be so bad in the next couple years when this all comes out. Selena Gomez in Australia ("Hillsong" Church)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#15**
This B- list celebrity offspring who is only that high because of her parental units and what happened to her when she was younger is in full on relapse mode. Goodness she was sloppy over the weekend. She is drinking and drugging again. Someone needs to help her fast. Ireland Baldwin (Kim Basinger/Alec Baldwin) (Alec’s threatening voicemail calling her "thoughtless little pig")

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#16**
Guess The Athlete: Let’s change the pace of our guess the athlete today. Our athlete today is relatively new to their sport. Although not considered a big money sport yet, it is a growing sport. Unlike some sports discussed, this is a world wide sport. Although rare, some members of this sport do attain household name status. Big name status. Now, why would this be considered noteworthy, you ask? This sport is arguably THE single dirtiest sport out there. Has been for a long time. The use of chemicals in this sport is years ahead of any other sport out there. Athletes from other sports often consult with trainers from this sport to gain a "competitive edge". Our athlete today is still a year or so away from their peak. Yet this athlete recently started to jump into the upper echelon of their sport. This athlete made jaws drop at a competition recently due to the degree of which they dominated. The only thing keeping this athlete from becoming the face of their sport is questionable issues and events that are ongoing in their personal life. Issues that make the officials of the athletic governing board nervous. Once those issues are resolved, this athlete is on track for household name status in the manner much like others in this sport. And our athlete today knows that. You may not know this athlete now. But I am highly confident you will be seeing a lot of this athlete in the future. For better, or for worse.

338. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/20
Apparently audio exists of this fairly disliked A list actress slamming down drinks and ranting angrily at an industry event. Several actresses, believed friends and secret enemies, are targeted during the wild rant, which would be sure to create about a billion TMZ and Daily Mail articles and possibly mean war between the actress and her so called friends. No idea if the audio has been snapped up by the actress or a member of her team, but it wasn’t available for purchase when we enquired. Gwyneth Paltrow ("Sun Valley Film Festival Vision Award")

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#1**
Considering they never even had sex, I thought it was pretty nice of this former A- list actress to even say anything nice about her sex life with this former A+ list rapper. He has issues performing because of certain idiosyncrasies he has. Vivica A. Fox/50 Cent

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#2**
Everyone is talking about a recent surprise performance. Well, it all happened because the closeted surprise performer went on a couple dates back in the day with the person having the show, who just so happens to be our favorite closeted former network actor who is going to get an Emmy nomination. JC Chasez/Darren Criss

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#3**
This permanent A+ list director is looking to cast children in an upcoming huge movie even though there have never been any children in any version of the basis for that movie at any time. Steven Spielberg ("West Side Story")

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#4**
This former tweener turned A- list singer/part-time actress recently had a miscarriage right before 12 weeks. I'm not sure who the dad was, and from what I understand she had at least two possibilities. Selena Gomez/Carl Lentz, Justin Bieber or Scooter Braun

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#5**
This permanent A list rocker was really out of it at a recent dinner. He was talking to himself and kept getting up and down while at the table. He would pace around in a circle before he would finally agree to sit back down and then repeat the process three or four minutes later. It was driving the diners closest to him and his significant other, nuts. Steven Tyler

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#6**
This foreign born A+/A list singer in his own country who does a lot of reality there is in the stable of this mogul. You know what that means of course. As he did with his biggest stars ever, if you are gay, you stay closeted and our mogul will find you a beard. He turned to the US for a beard for this singer/reality star. Simon Cowell/Olly Murs/Britanny Allyn

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#7**
I hadn't heard of him going before, but it looks like this permanent A list mogul/wannabe rapper who really wants to make his own music and not have to glom onto others because they feel obligated attended that sex retreat in Arizona to "get his mind right." Sean "Diddy" Combs

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#8**
This multiple Grammy Award winner/nominee has won a lot of other awards too. He is permanent A list in his corner of the singing world. He has a side gig. It is a gig where he is introduced to teens and young men who come to him looking for answers. Instead of those answers, they are often molested and even raped by the A lister. He passes around these teens and young men to others in his group who are even more violent and twisted. This has been going on for decades but the pressure put on the teens and young men to say and do nothing is immense. I only know a couple of men who have spoken up and they have either been shut down by legal threats or their voices were lost in an abyss and never made a dent. That is about to change. I think within the next few weeks, this will all start coming to light. Donnie McClurkin (gospel singer and minister)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#9**
This A list mostly movie actor had a big year movie wise and a pretty cult like meme following. On the set of his new movie he is cheating on his wife. He is also cheating on his wife off the set. Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker (Scarlett Johansson "Untitled Noah Baumbach Project")

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#10**
One of the lead actors of this new movie which is a sequel to a movie that didn't do that well and the sequel is going to do worse didn't even bother to show up for a Q&A about the movie. Why? He wants as far away from the bomb as he can. He let the other lead, a foreign born A- list mostly movie actor handle the duties solo.
Movie: "Pacific Rim Uprising"
Actor who didn’t show: Scott Eastwood
Actor who did show: John Boyega

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#11**
At this point, this B+ list celebrity offspring from an offspring family of wannabe models should just move in with her drug dealer. She is hanging out with him 24/7, whether at work or home. Bella Hadid

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#12**
Back in the day when this permanent A list mostly movie actress who has been married to a permanent A list mostly movie actor with very little acting ability and a former A list mostly television actor with very little acting ability was married to the former she was going to cheat. With who? This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The first husband was away making a movie and our actress was going to hook up with the still quite young actor. Apparently he couldn't stand to attention and our actress laughed at him. They have not spoken since.

A list mostly movie actress: Demi Moore
Permanent A list mostly movie actor with very little acting ability: Bruce Willis
Former A list mostly television actor with very little acting ability: Ashton Kutcher
Permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee: Leonardo DiCaprio

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#13**
This foreign born A list model at least on her Instagram probably is unaware that her brand new significant other secretly recorded them having sex on at least one occasion. Probably going to hold that over her during any divorce negotiations. Emily Ratajkowski/Sebastian Bear-McClard

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#14**
This foreign born former model turned A- list actress who stars in a hit almost television show was denied service the other day at a restaurant because she had so many open sores on her body. They told her to cover up and she could come back. Ruby Rose

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#15**
Apparently this former A- list reality star tried to force a threesome with his girlfriend and this foreign born B+ list model/part-time actress from a celebrity family. The foreign born celebrity was having none of it. Scott Disick/Sofia Richie/Lottie Moss (Kate’s sister)

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#16**
Killer Comedian - Old Hollywood: I suppose as time passes, the name of this actor becomes less known, but in the all time history of movies he is a permanent A lister. If you are too young, you might not know his name, but if you read any history of movies book, he will be at the top for what he did film making wise. He was foreign born. Lets call him MG. He had his greatest success working with a co-star. The same co-star. Another star of many of these same films was an actress who was probably A- list. Lets call her BG She was a staple of the films. She also was having sex with our permanent A list actor. He always made her have sex to keep the role. Even if they were each married, he would still make her. This is where it gets interesting. BG was having an affair with a married man which began while she was still married. This married man, we will call SC. He discovered that BG was hooking up with MG and there was a big fight. So, BG went over to the home of MG. Apparently MG was about to get married to a woman he would end up marrying more than once. But, as it happened, MG hadn't told BG that he was getting married. MG had been telling BG he wanted to marry BG. At that point, in the middle of the night, BG said that in the morning she was going to tell everything to the soon to be wife of MG. BG then drove off and went to the home of SC. She tried to get in but he wouldn't let her. An hour or so later, MG showed up and sneaked in through a side door of the garage and strangled BG to death with a pair of tights. He then turned on the engine of the car and walked out. Now, what is interesting is that even though everyone suspected BG had been killed, everyone assumed it was the scorned wife of SC that did it. Nope. Now you know who it was.

MG: Stan Laurel (married Virginia Ruth Rogers twice)
Co-star: Oliver Hardy
BG: Thelma Todd
SC: Roland West (Jewel Carmen)

355. THE GOSSIP LIFE 03/21
This retired baseball player might be a living legend, but that doesn’t mean he’ll play ball when it comes to autographs and selfies. Several sources have told me over the years that [name omitted] is one of the most difficult celebrities to get a signature from and is known to reject selfie requests from kids and fans alike. People have speculated that he’s a gigantic asshole since his rise to fame, but it’s always nice to have confirmation.

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#1**
This twenty something A-List actor/singer has been dating his more famous for her last name girlfriend for over a year. Although most people assume that the A-Lister’s girlfriend is his beard, they are in a real relationship... but that doesn’t mean he is completely straight. The couple has been hiring gay porn actors to have threesomes with for the past few months. It turns out the A-Lister finally found a girl that loves watching him with another guy and joining in on the fun, the A-Lister also loves all of the attention. Zac Efron/Alexandra Daddario

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#2**
No matter how often I write about them here or the rest of the world shares on social media, it seems this former tweener turned A- list singer/former reality judge just can't start treating her fans with anything but contempt. I just wrote about her two weeks ago treating a fan like crap and now she is treating dozens and dozens at a time like crap all while raking in huge amounts of money for it and then going on social media and telling her fans that if it is not good enough for them that she treats you like crap for your hard earned money that she will just stop meeting them all together. She won't though because she wants that money. Demi Lovato

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#3**
This foreign born really rich guy who had an obsession with a permanent A list singer is doing the equivalent of the mobster who walked the streets of NYC in a bathrobe every day. The rich guy is trying to escape some very serious charges that were leveled against him, but would prefer to just wear his bathrobe around young models and release a press statement than walk the street each day to make his point. James Packer (Mariah Carey)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#4**
This one named A- list rapper is doing his best to convince the world he wasn't cheating on his wife. Even his wife believes him. Uh huh. Good luck with that. This will all work out until the woman you are seeing and were seeing gets dumped by you and then starts telling everyone the timeline of your dating. A timeline which she is already telling her friends. So, when you do show up in public with her and tell everyone you just met and didn't start dating until after your split, you better hope she signs an NDA or your wife will be even more heartbroken. Logic/Jessica Andrea

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#5**
Probably the greatest child star of the past generation or two, he made it all the way to A+ list as a child. He saved a lot of his money, which is a good thing. He can't really get work at acting any longer, mainly because of his constant struggle with drugs and his penchant for being drunk every day by the early afternoon because he says it keeps him from using harder drugs if he is drunk or passed out from drinking. Macaulay Culkin

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#6**
This barely legal rapper was talked into dropping almost $25K on his former stripper turned reality star turned escort turned celebrity girlfriend. At the same time, she was sexting a guy she was going to see the next day. Blac Chyna/YBN Almighty Jay

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#7**
This permanent A list singer who no longer actually sings or really does much dancing at all on stage despite how she used to move, is in a new ad campaign. The problem is, even they didn't really know what to do with those new lips of hers that are all sorts of wonky. Britney Spears ("Kenzo")

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#8**
This management company finally dropped this DJ after being publicly shamed for repping him in the light of rape claims. HOWEVER, much like the case of Louis CK, this management company was made aware of multiple rape claims against the DJ five months ago but did not drop their client because the claims were not made public. Instead, they treated the claims like a shakedown. The victims only wanted an apology and nothing else but the management company ignored their requests. Considering the events that have gone on now, this is going to look really bad if any of these women sue the DJ. I would really like to see this flash in the pan A list singer who took a stand for women well over a decade ago with her anthem leave the agency because of this, but she probably won't. Datsik (Deckstar & Circle Talent Agency)

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#9**
This A- list mostly television actor gets that high because his television show is doing well. Even though his career has been for the most part, middling, all of you know him. A famous marriage will do that to you. Anyway, he is blowing his sobriety by partying this week with a group of escorts he is rotating between while out of the country. Ryan Phillippe (Reese Witherspoon) ("Shooter") in Cabo, Mexico

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#10**
This still a teenager, A- list mostly movie actress found out her 50' something year old boyfriend is married when she was introduced to his wife this week. Joey King (at SXSW); Elle Fanning (The Hollywood Reporter And Jimmy Choo Power Stylists Dinner)

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#11**
This still technically married former A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is dipping her toe in the yachting waters. Not full on yachting, but she did agree to meet up with a guy to discuss it. It is not like she hasn't done this before. Back in her single days, she did it a lot. I guess that divorce payout is not going to be that high. Jennifer Garner; Rebecca Gayheart (Eric Dane)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#12**
When those pictures of this married former naked celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity turned reality star come out, showing her with a man not her husband doing things a married woman does not usually do with another man while married, she will be ready. The tabloids are already slow walking the soon to be split announcement. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#13**
While in town this week, this normally out of town A list mostly television actor from a loooooooong running hit show was sent a companion for the week from that church that seems to specialize in it. His many donations to the church, even though there is no location where he lives most of the year are apparently appreciated. I'm sure the actor's wife probably would not be on the same page.

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#14**
This permanent A+ list west coast rapper is married. He also is supporting another woman who is the mother of three children of the rapper. Snoop Dogg; Dr. Dre; Ice Cube

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#15**
This foreign born A list singer was always going to perform despite what he said or the 30 minute rant about the wrong flowers in his dressing room. He just made himself look like an idiot with his diva act. Sam Smith

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#16**
Baby Oil: Whenever I think of baby oil and naked bodies, it is generally in a comic sense like in the movies Caddyshack or Van Wilder. Yes, I have watched Van Wilder. No, I am not ashamed. Yes, I have watched the sequel, and no, I am not ashamed. Anyway, I recently learned that there is a club for all the people that have been paid to be with this former/not going to work again/going to stay in hiding for a long time A list director. They call themselves the baby oil club. One person who was in the club was paid by the director to be with him beginning when he was 16. He was promised roles in movies and given a little bit each month to be with the director. The teen said he knew when the director was going to demand sex because the director would reach for a bottle of a never ending supply of baby oil and insist the boy get them both completely oiled from head to toe. The teen said baby oil and coke don't mix by the way and that by the end of the night there was always a fine layer of coke stuck to the bodies because of the baby oil. He remembers one time the director was filming what turned out to be an awful version of that classic superhero. It was the installment with the disgraced actor in it. Anyway, the disgraced actor also was into the baby oil game but used it to inflict as much pain as possible on to whatever barely legal teen he was with that night. The actor would find whatever was within reach and try to insert it into places it was not meant to be inserted. He would yell and scream at any guy who tried to get away and berate him by reminding him who was paying. He was a truly awful human being. For years, this teen who stayed with the director until a year or so after turning 18 was promised parts. He got one part in all those years. A tiny little part in a pseudo sea creature sounding movie where he played a male escort.

Director: Bryan Singer
Movie: "Superman Returns"
Disgraced actor: Kevin Spacey
Baby oil victim: Nicolas Walier
Tiny part in movie: waiter in "Valkyrie"

372. POPBITCH 03/22
(British blog) Which high-ranking record exec dropped his wallet in front of a waitress at the BRITs last month so that he could make an ever-so fresh "WHILE YOU'RE DOWN THERE, LUV!" joke when she bent over to pick it up for him? And all while wearing his white rose #MeToo badge...

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#1**
And so it begins. Honestly, I am surprised it took this long for the tabloids to try and put this former tabloid cover couple back together. Don't believe the hype though, the two A listers are not hooking up or meeting up, but it wouldn't shock me if the one who is a master of publicity isn't having her people leak that they are. Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#2**
This foreign born permanent A list singer is closeted. Her long time girlfriend was left shattered when the singer showed off some young guy she was supposedly dating and let the world think she was dating. Apparently they talked it out though because the girlfriend has been with the singer at several recent doctor appointments and they look closer than ever. Celine Dion

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#3**
At this point, the network really doesn't have any choice but to play things out and hope they get better. They can't cancel the show because they will look like idiots and they can't fire the host they think is responsible because they owe him a ton of money and can't be sure he is 100% of the problem. The show's ratings are in the tank and at this point, it won't be back next year or forever. "ABC"/"American Idol"/Ryan Seacrest

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#4**
It wasn't that she was a diva. Honestly, she acted like she couldn't believe her career had come down to her spending time holding up products for photos. This former Disney actress who is probably a B list actress rolled her eyes the whole time and was talking out loud to her people there that was this really all they could get her work wise. They kept saying it is a lot of money for just a few minutes. The company is using the photos, but there could not possibly be even one where she is not smirking or rolling her eyes. Ashley Tisdale

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#5**
If you ever wonder how this flash in the pan former B+ list singer manages to stay in the limelight despite not doing anything of note in almost a decade, it is because he is paid a tremendous amount of money each year to stay quiet about activities of this dadager with whom he used to be close and also to facilitate meetings between the dadager and people the singer thinks would be a good fit for the dadager. He also facilitates other transactions of a different nature for those closest to him. So, despite his total lack of success or even a blip of anything, he is actually in high demand for events. Ryan Cabrera (Joe Simpson)

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#6**
This actress I guarantee you have never heard of is foreign born. Interestingly enough she is from the same country as an actress many of you know from bad publicity but probably have never seen anything she has been in unless you have Googled simply out of curiosity. None of you said, "OMG, a new _____________ movie is coming out. I cannot wait." Anyway, it turns out the pair used to team up on threesomes with very rich men and this first actress I mentioned is about to speak out about it and it is some juicy stuff that will put A listers from outside the movie business under a very harsh spotlight.

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#7**
Earlier I told you about an actress who hates doing product placement photos. Well, quite the opposite for this former A list athlete in her corner of the entertainment world. She has always been about commercials and ads because being in front of the camera artificially inflated her career success. Anyway, two weeks ago, while taking time out from her fake relationship, she hung out in a studio with different sets designed to look like different rooms in a house. For six hours she changed clothes and rooms and took pictures with one product after the next just piling up cash. Danica Patrick (Aaron Rodgers)

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#8**
This former A+ list mostly television actor is probably A/A- list right now. Middling almost television show. At a recent big annual event, there was a party and our married actor continued to show why he is such a tool. At the insistence of a permanent A list entertainment legend/mogul, our actor made out with one stripper while another orally serviced him all the while surrounded by other guys clapping and cheering. Ashton Kutcher/Guy Oseary (Sound Ventures Presents 'The Party' with a DJ Set by Snoop Dogg and a Solo Performance by St. Vincent)

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#9**
This foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actor has a title in his home country. He shared a story last night about an incident that happened to him many years ago. He was doing a play and the stage manager walked in on the actor having sex with a co-star. The co-star was bent over with coke all over his back. Our actor looked at the stage manager and said either join in or get out. The stage manager got out. Sir Ian McKellen

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#10**
Apparently this A list mostly movie actor who is a superhero is not concerned about what his now ex who also used to be an ex is going to spill about his crazy sex life and living arrangements. Even as much as she wanted to be with him, the actress just couldn't handle it any longer. She is a talker though so I hope she didn't sign anything. Chris Evans/Jenny Slate

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#11**
This A- list mostly movie actress has been seeing another guy for a year. Yes, I know she is technically still married, but that has been done and gone, despite what her actor husband does to try and keep it together. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#12**
This B+ list mostly television actor on a very hit, very long running network show has a girlfriend, but it didn't stop him from hooking up with this A- list male reality star who is having a very big television year.

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#13**
This A-/B+ list foreign born mostly television actress has a new network show. She wasn't sure if she would get another great part after she turned down this married A- list mostly television actor who stars on this hit pay cable show. Shaunette Renée Wilson ("The Resident")/Damian Lewis ("Billions")

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#14**
This A- list celebrity offspring is acting free and loose, but he is about to have to pay a massive chunk of his fortune away and has no prospects for earning more money on the horizon. Charlie Sheen (lawsuit with National Enquirer)

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#15**
This former A- list mostly movie actor who all of you know despite the fact he has not worked in years tried to get the tabloids to do what they do and write a story about him. They were up for it until he said that he wanted to look good and his acting brother to look bad. The tabloids think the brother is a bigger star so won't cross him. Randy and Dennis Quaid

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#16**
Night Of Horrors: He was there not as an actor that night. He was there as a producer. There was the Academy Awards. All of you know him. Everyone knew him then and this was back in the day. He comes from an acting family. Depending on the generation in which you lived, it is arguable who was the biggest star in the family. What the family members have in common is a history of serial abuse. That particular Oscar year, our producer/actor got some drugs from Dr. Feelgood at the Playboy Mansion. About 40 minutes before the show he ran into a female seat filler who was headed inside. He stopped her and chatted her up and offered a drink to her. She accepted. That was a really bad decision on her part. Apparently our producer/actor also drugged this at the time A- list mostly movie actress who was a nominee that year. During the show, our producer/actor kept tabs on the seat filler. When she started staggering, our actor jumped in to help her out. She says she woke up in the electric company parking lot with her dress around her waist. She had been raped by our producer/actor. Meanwhile, our A- list nominated actress was also in trouble. She was about to pass out even though her award was about to be announced. If she had won that year, she would never have made it to the stage. After the end of the show, our producer/actor made sure to take special care of the actress because she seemed out of it. She says that between the end of the show and the dinner, our producer/actor raped her. She has never gone out with a man since. Michael Douglas ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest")/Carol Kane ("Hester Street")

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#1**
This C list actor/celebrity many of you know. You might not know his name, but you would know him as the soon to be ex of this A-/B+ list singer/actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He likes to make it look like he is trying to find work, but he just does it for show. He wants the big payday from the ex which is fine and all because that's the way life works, but it isn't like he couldn't make a ton on his own with his background and it is just sad to watch. David Otunga (Harvard Law School law degree)/Jennifer Hudson

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#2**
This B/B- list rapper/producer has been going through some rough times as of late. He has been suffering from depression and can't stop taking PCP. This is not a good combination. He needs some professional help, but no one can find him. He is going to end up killing himself or others unless he gets help. Kevin McCall (broke & hungry) (shot in the foot)

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#3**
This one named A- list producer/rapper who is out of the country spent a night this week in a country where the age of consent is 15. He spent a ton of money to keep as many 15 year olds coming to him as possible. The guy makes me sick. He will probably end up moving there. The Game (Slovenia)

392. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#4**
This A list director is trying to throw his A list ex under the bus because he blames her drinking for their most recent movie together being a bomb. He thinks it was all her fault. Darren Aronofsky/Jennifer Lawrence ("Mother")

Apparently there is video of this one named singer/actress/reality star doing drugs and talking about how she only has sex with guys for money. It is not a good look. This is what happens when you start throwing shade at relatives who have access to the recordings. Brandy/Ray J (his wife Princess Love)

394. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#6**
This A-/B+ list actress singer who all of you know is on vacation right now. It was supposed to be with her boyfriend but he bailed once his wife found out about the affair he was having with the actress/singer. Our actress/singer had no idea. She has the worst radar when it comes to picking guys. Lea Michele

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#7**
So, this for right now A list rapper is sticking with her guy because she loves him and she is pregnant with his baby. Yes, she is sticking with him even though his ex is going to have his baby any day now and another ex is set to have a baby with him in the next month and he has I believe three other children with three other women. But yeah, this time is love. Cardi B/Offset

396. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#8**
You know what? Missing from that self fellating article that this artist wrote about himself where he basically said he is a victim and misunderstood and that critics suck is that he is an awful human being. Well, let me tell you a different set of facts. You had a child star doing what was really her first transition to being an actress as a career. She had always been on the edge and figured this was a good place to start. My feeling about this film in relation to her is that it changed how she saw acting and Hollywood and has affected her for two decades. At the beginning she was this loving person who was full of life and after the film was over, she was 180 from that. He treated her like crap. He verbally abused her. He threatened her everyday to fire her if she ate any food. He would scream at her because she wouldn't sleep with him. Even after the movie ended, he would call her and scream at her. When he was editing the movie he would call and yell at her and tell her to lose more weight. I feel like he scarred her for life. Vincent Gallo/Christina Ricci ("Buffalo 66")

397. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#9**
This permanent A+ list singer has picked up a huge paycheck while throwing some subtle shade at this foreign born A list singer who once slept with the A+ list singer's husband. Beyoncé and Rihanna or Rita Ora

398. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#10**
This former tweener actress who had her own show now is so desperate she has lowered her appearance fee to $2500 and still can barely get booked. She spends more on clothes and makeup and hair than she is earning for each booking. Victoria Justice

399. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#11**
Missing from a recent red carpet she was supposed to attend was this pint sized reality star. Her marriage is on the rocks and any time apart will bring it to a quick end. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

400. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#12**
There has been a director sighting. In Hawaii working with one of his old bosses/handlers who has been comforting the director with college students from the university where he "mentors" some of them. Apparently he only mentors young gay men. Bryan Singer (Chris Lee)

401. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#13**
This new this season network show features two married leads who are also married to each other on the show. If this show goes longer than another season, they will end up becoming a public real life couple. Right now, it is just behind the scenes. Jenna Fischer/Oliver Hudson ("Splitting Up Together")

402. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#14**
This former B list mostly television actress with an alliteration for her name told her ex she was unable to get pregnant, so this should all be very interesting the next year. Meghan Markle (Trevor Engelson)

403. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#15**
This married former A++ list politician that everyone on earth knows is having an affair with a staffer of his who used to be a production assistant on a morning news show. The woman, does not actually appear to do any work, but is listed as a staffer. Bill Clinton

404. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#16**
The Jacuzzi: There were all kinds of areas for couples to get together in this club, but there was one certain Jacuzzi that was the sole domain of this permanent A list actor/singer/entertainer. He would go to Studio 54 for a few hours and find some women to hook up with and to score some coke. If they wanted some of that coke, they would have to leave the club with him and go to a sex club. They would then be taken to his special Jacuzzi. He wouldn't allow them to talk to other men. They all had to stay in the Jacuzzi with him. He would make the women get naked and have sex with each other while he watched. If he didn't think they were trying, or just out for his coke, he would kick them out of the tub, naked and have them escorted by security out of the area. He wouldn't let them retrieve their clothes. More than one of those women was raped or sexually assaulted on her way out of the sex club. He didn't care. He would keep the women with him for hours and hours as he became more and more drunk and more and more demanding. He loved humiliating them and night after night he would do the same thing with a different group of women. This went on for almost a year straight. Whenever someone says that he was a great guy, I remember how bad he treated all these women and how many had to take a cab in the middle of a NYC winter wearing nothing but a robe because they didn't like the way they had been treated. Sammy Davis Jr. ("Plato’s Retreat")

Ashanti revealed her own sexual harassment experience in the music business. The singer opened up about her own #MeToo experience during SiriusXM's "Conversations with Maria Menounos" radio show where she revealed what a producer once tried to make her do. "I've come across a situation where there was a certain producer that, you know, he had his little crush or whatever, but it wasn't anything new, you know?" she said. "And once I said 'no,' all of a sudden the track became $45K." "It's funny because he said something like, 'Well just take a shower with me and let me do this,'" she recalled. Ashanti, now 37, said that lucky for her she had "scary" big brothers who approached the producer and got their sister an apology. "The way that apology came in, I actually got three records for free!" she said. "And I got two of them mixed and mastered for free also." The "Happy" singer said some women aren't so lucky and that is why the #MeToo movement is important, so that no more women have to feel pressured into doing anything just to make it. "I'm blessed because I have that," she told Menounos, adding of harassment in the business, "It happen it does and it's unfortunate." Ashanti was discovered when she was just a teenager and went on to be signed by Murder Inc. Records in 2001 — at age 20. She was the first woman to occupy two simultaneous spots on the Billboard Hot 100.

I'm three minutes into a rehearsal on the first day of my episode of The Vampire Diaries when I notice an actor is missing. I immediately know something is wrong. Rehearsals simply don't go on without actors, and this one in particular is never late, never unprepared. I stand quietly for a moment considering my next move. I'm the writer and on-set producer of this episode, so I know it's up to me to discreetly pull the director aside to carefully try and correct this mistake. I want to tell him straight out: "You forgot to include an actor in this scene. And he has to be here." But I'm a low-level writer. I don't have the experience or guts to be so direct. Instead, I look at my script, bite my lip and walk a tightrope with every word I choose: "Can we include all the actors in the scene as scripted please? Maybe you have different plans I'm not familiar with, but I worry the plot won't make sense without him. ..." The director's face turns crimson with rage, his eyes dart around the room, quickly assessing how he can use the private space I've put us in to his advantage. I immediately assume I've made some career-ending mistake, and I try to buy it back by apologizing. But he stares me down, spit forming in the corners of his mouth as he screams: "If I wanted to talk to a nagging cunt, I'd go home to my wife." My arms instantly go numb; my feet feel nailed to the floor as that sentence hangs between us. Then he smiles, gently brushing his hand down my cheek and pinching it. Hard. He walks away, cool and collected as he asks his assistant to invite the missing actor to set. "Anything for our Finchie," he laughs. And I laugh back. I laugh for every damn day of that shoot. Laugh through his lewd jokes about actresses' bodies and lingering hugs and clammy hands on the back of my neck, giving me massages I never want but allow anyway. I laugh and allow it because I don't want the reputation of being "that girl," because surely other people have it much worse so I should be able to handle this, because maybe just maybe my plaintive smiles give him permission, because somewhere along the way I internalized the misguided notion that this is "the price you pay" — because of a million reasons that all boil down to: I worked my ass off to get this job. I don't want to lose it. So I keep my mouth shut. After the very last shot of my episode, I walk off the soundstages, out of earshot, and scream bloody murder into the dark Atlanta sky. Just as I'm done shaking and shouting and allowing myself to feel all the rage I denied myself for two weeks straight, I bump into my boss, Julie Plec. Over the course of my first season, Julie has become more than the showrunner, she's my mentor, my friend. But in that moment, she's the last person I want to see. I try to smile and hurry off to my rental car, but she can tell I'm shaken. She asks how the episode went. "He was ... not nice. He said some ... not nice things to me. As a woman. But, hey, we got it done. I think we got what we needed." I try to soften it, make it seem like I handled it all. I assume she'll be proud of me. Instead, she starts yelling. She tells me I was wrong. Wrong to assume that my job is to just suck it up and pretend it's fine. Wrong not to tell her on day one. In that moment, I understand she's not yelling at me. She is not shaming me. She is clear. And unwavering. And wants to be sure I hear every damn word when she says: "It is not your job to take abuse or accept unacceptable behavior because you're young and a woman. That is not your job." There is no judgment or blame in her voice, only strength and certainty. And it's because of that strength and certainty I hear her, I believe her. I nod, thank her perfunctorily. And then I walk away. When my hands put my keys in the ignition, I notice they aren't shaking anymore. There is nothing unique about the harassment itself that I endured. The ever-growing fierce choir that's risen up in the last few months has made it clear: No woman in any industry is immune from sexual harassment and abuse. The long line of #MeToo's that follow every allegation has become so ubiquitous, we're now engaged in a dangerous pattern: A woman accuses a powerful man of harassment or abuse. We feign surprise. And then we sit and wait for the chorus of "MeToo's" to say that man harmed them, too, thereby validating her story. What was unique was that I was listened to the first time. Believed the first time. And, therefore, there was no "next time" for me at this director's hands. A month after my episode of The Vampire Diaries wraps, Julie emails to invite me back for the next season. At the end she writes: "I promise never to put you in the same room with [that director] ever again." She never did. She didn't know a fraction of the abuse he handed me. She didn't know he called me a cunt on more than one occasion — or about his hand on my thigh while telling me how much better a writer I'd be if I had more "life experience." She didn't need to know it all. Because what I did say was enough. One time was enough. One story was enough. One woman is enough. [Editor's note: Finch did not lodge a formal complaint at the time of the incident. The director, whom she declined to name, did not work on The Vampire Diaries again.]

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