NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This mogul/wannabe singer is facing a cash flow problem for the first time in his career. Someone is willing to help, but our mogul is going to have to go out of country and do some things to earn it which will probably never make him want to go back. Sean (P. Diddy) Combs (Dubai)

Don't believe the hype. This A list singer is going to be under the watchful thumb of her team for a long time. They love the money train and if they let up, the money train will disappear. Britney Spears

Again, don't believe the hype. This A- list mostly movie actress is not giving up the spotlight any time in the future. Oh, sure she might go to rehab and disappear from town for a month, but she loves the attention of being an actress and wants to be the biggest actress in the world.
Amber Heard/quitting acting

The most interesting quote of the week probably belongs to this A+/A list singer. It was about her own personal experience and just bizarre considering how she lives her life. Taylor Swif/Hayley Kiyoko ("It’s her right to call out anyone who has double standards about gay vs straight love interests.")

I guess I'm not shocked that this foreign born permanent A- list model who has always had a very interesting sex life is hooking up with a relative. Liz Hurley/nephew Miles Hurley

This A+ list television producer who is known for one monster iconic hit network show all of you know refuses to hire anyone on camera he knows is openly gay. He was ticked when he found out after the fact about one person. Lorne Michael ("Saturday Night Live") (Kate McKinnon)

A Reader Blind Item: A couple of decades ago, a movie crew was in my Western city to film a crime drama with the city's name in it. The cast was full of some of my favorite actors. It starred this foreign-born, mostly movie, then A/A- leading actor who seems to have transitioned from good guy roles to mostly playing the villain as he did in that long-time franchise. Since they were primarily night filming, the leading actor had time to explore the city with his family. One afternoon, he came into my midtown hotspot restaurant with his wife and children and some of the crew. He was very soft-spoken, shy and kind to all of us. He seemed just like a regular dad except he was quite dreamy. Another film actor who you all know, A- comic actor from his iconic role in the way-back then franchise came in a different night and closed out the bar. He sat at the bar drinking, flirting and telling great stories about his famous franchise, and stayed past closing. It got to be 4am and there he sat. No one knew what to do with him because we all loved him. He was so drunk, he was throwing up on himself; vomit was bubbling out of his mouth and onto his shirt, and he didn't even notice. Kids, this is how rock stars die, don't try this at home! He went from being the coolest guy in the place to the weirdest. The bartenders swore they had not over-served him and we suspected he was mixing drugs with alcohol so we didn't want him to get arrested. One of the cocktail waitresses took him home with her. All of us were grossed out and she was a pariah from then on. Looking back, she probably saved his life. I kept expecting to read about his death but he's still with us.

A Reader Blind Item: About a decade ago I was going to cosmetology school in Santa Barbara. For the first 8 weeks of schooling we worked on doll heads and each other to learn the basics of hair, skin, and nail treatments. On the 9th week we were sent to complete a list of basic tasks on the public that chooses to sign a waiver and risk their physical appearance for our education. Now I knew this particular Tuesday we were going to have a special guest come in for a haircut. This guest we will call Dreamboat (DB for short), which you will agree with me is a fitting name once you find out who he is). DB started off in films where he was obviously cast for his beautiful face. He is most know for a movie series that has more sequels than any non super-hero chain I They go dirt biking and race motorcycles together. I think he came in as a favor to our fellow student (FS) to make him look good with the ladies. On this day, only I knew he was coming in, and it would be the first time anyone in my class saw him at the school as FS had mentioned it to be in case I wanted to assist. My mind got whirling and ended up working out a much for fun plan. When DB arrived at the school I had FS bring him back to the shampoo bowl and put a warm towel over his face. I then went and got one of my fellow classmates (the sweetest girl who had mentioned a few weeks earlier how she thought he was cute) and asked her if she wanted to do a "men’s wash" on a walk in. I lead my friend over to the FS and have him lead her over to DB and am watching from a distance. As this was her first time washing a stranger’s hair she is accidentally spraying him in the ear, his face, and giving him a bit of a shower all over. When she goes to grab a towel to dry him off his face towel falls off and she screams/faints at the same time. DB was a great sport and hugged her and laughed and told her she was going to do great in life and how much he enjoyed what just happened. DB passed away a few years ago. So young and in an ironic way. Now, whenever I see his movies or hear his name I smile and remember what a truly great and normal person he was. Paul Walker ("The Fast and the Furious")

A Reader Blind Item: The guitarist of a rock band known as being the "cool guys" of the industry shed this facade when a blog printed a harmless joke he made about their frontman during an answer in an interview. Even though the interviewer printed everything exactly as the guitarist said, the guitarist called the interviewer after the article was published and told him he would beat the shit out of him if he ever saw him in person. Apparently their frontman is not as nice as everyone thinks, and the guitarist was afraid for his job.

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/01 **#10**
This alliterate B-/C+ list actress who is married to someone higher on the list has been hooking up with the pap who gets her photos out to potential customers on an almost daily basis. Brooke Burns (Gavin O'Connor); Blanca Blanco (dating but not married to Brian Quintana)

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/01 **#11**
This A-/B+ list comic actor who is usually found on television says he exaggerated a life condition in order to get paid as he put it. He says he deserves an Oscar for what he pulled off. Tracy Morgan (Walmart accident)

The PR team is out in full force for this A- list mostly movie actress. She has already been accused of home wrecking once in her career and she has never really got back to where she was pre-cheating. So, bring in the team to make it seem as if her significant other was doing the only cheating and not the actress herself who was doing a ton of cheating. All the stories focus on the significant other to try and make the actress look like a victim. Jenna Dewan Channing/Tatum Channing

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee went six weeks without even contacting her young children. This is not the first time. She likes to pretend they don't exist and seems to only show up when she is forced to by circumstances. Charlize Theron

This A list acting couple could just get a divorce and be done with it. The thing is though, they both have said why. They do their own thing now and are discreet enough, they are rarely busted. Plus, since they are both exploring with members of the same sex, the marriage gives them valuable cover. Will and Jada Pinkette Smith

This foreign born permanent A list model who rarely models any longer has also done some cameo acting. Apparently she and her celebrity husband are close to divorcing because she found out about a second child he had with someone other than herself about two years ago. Elle Macpherson/Jeff Soffer; Claudia Schiffer/Matthew Vaughn

This A- list mostly television actress from a long running hit network comedy is being cheated on yet again by the guy she was set to marry. She catches him, but she never splits with him and this will be another short lived marriage as a result. Kaley Cuoco/Karl Cook

He talks a good game, but this former A+ list tweener spent a good portion of yesterday in an orgy with multiple women. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

This former A list singer turned actress turned singer turned reality star turned celebrity was doing lines at an Easter party yesterday, but did get in the spirit of the holiday by storing her coke in a mini gold egg. Jessica Simpson

Murder Of The Century - A Reader Blind Item: Take the time machine back to Los Angeles,1994, to a Spanish style 1930’s apartment building near the Farmer’s Market. I was a young producer working in the television business, a recent transplant from NY, who found themselves surrounded by celebrities on all sides. In the building to the right of me was a A+ list singer/actress who is in the news a lot lately because of her relationship with a former A+ list athlete. She was then a dancer on a TV show, and would later become a rising star due to her portrayal of a deceased Latino pop sensation. She was then living with her high school sweetheart, and had a cocker spaniel who forced my cat into a amazing Ninja routine one day when he was out on the back patio. The dog left the cat alone from then on! In the apartment above her, at least for a while, was this former A+ list child star turned romcom actress, who currently is divorced and has her own production company. At the time she drove a vintage Toyota LandCruiser with the license plate "FlowerChild’ [the word flower was a mod daisy symbol] and once almost ran me off the road, yelling "Hey watch it, lady" even though I was barely into my 30’s. A well-muscled, long-haired male heart throb celebrity who was famous for being famous and appearing on the covers of romance novels, also lived on the block, and I saw him in his Rolls Royce with the top down, quite often. In the building to the left of me lived a handsome sometime soap actor and B cult movie star. He was the son of an actress who was nominated for an Academy Award back in the day, and allegedly married to one of the most notable figures in Hollywood history, a recluse and billionaire. This neighbor was adorable and a friendly guy. I’d see him outside practicing his golf swing, or driving away in his Mustang and always wave hello. The Monday night in question was a warm Monday night of June 13th. I had gotten home early from work, about 6:00 pm. As I went into the kitchen to make myself dinner, I opened the windows adjacent to the building next door and noticed that their windows were open too. Bits of conversation, the sound of a muffled tv, music coming from a radio drifted up into my place as I sat eating dinner. One particular conversation got louder and louder. It was impossible to ignore. One male voice was strident, panicked sounding, at the very least agitated and insistent. I immediately dropped my fork and froze. It sounded very scary. I heard him say "I know he killed her, but he told me he didn’t do it. He said "I didn’t DO IT, I DIDN’T DO IT" his voice rising in intensity, his speech rapid and filled with fear. "But the cops said they KNOW he killed her and that HIS BLOOD IS THERE." I got in my car and came here the minute I could." There was then an exchange I couldn’t hear, but the other man’s tone was reassuring and calm, obviously trying to talk his friend down. It didn’t work. The freaked out guy got very frustrated and screamed out "YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND—HE WILL KILL ME." WOW—This was more than I had anticipated dealing with on a warm summer, early in the week night. The conversation was bone chilling, unmistakably real, the person speaking’s fear so pronounced that I had a visceral reaction. My hands shaking, my first thought was to call the police but I was so freaked out and afraid, I called my boyfriend at the time instead and told him I had just heard someone in the apartment next to us talking about a murder. He laughed and said "Don’t worry. Handsome B cult movie star must be rehearsing his lines for the soap that he’s on. I’m sure that’s all you heard." I swore to him that there was NO WAY that the conversation I heard was someone running lines. It was too disjointed, too real, too spontaneous to be scripted. He finally convinced me to calm down and I went to bed that night thinking "[Next door neighbor] is a better actor than I thought." I forgot about what I overheard until many months later—early winter 1995. Boyfriend and I had just come home from dinner with friends, and we turned on the TV just in time to see the beginning the ABC news magazine show 20/20 teasing an upcoming Barbara Walters insider scoop of the night of one of the most infamous murders of all time, featuring none other than our next door handsome B movie actor neighbor, who it turns out, had been good friends with the murder victim, and the shaggy-haired tenant of the former football player turned acquitted killer’s. He recounted that his friend, who was declared a hostile witness by the prosecution for his evasiveness on the stand, had come directly to his apartment the day after the bodies were found, where he recounted his conversation with the acquitted killer, who he was afraid may come after him for his knowledge of what went on that fateful evening. I HAD BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG—I HAD heard about a real murder first hand, directly from one of the most recognizable and well-known witnesses of all time, frazzled beyond belief by the events of the night before, and the efforts of his good friend to calm him down. As a post script, we also later remembered that the morning of the murders my boyfriend’s father had teed off right before the alleged killer at a tony LA Country Club, and that the two parties had traded balls and insults, laughing along the way. Little did he know that later that night his golf companions ex-wife would be found brutally murdered at this sport legend’s own hand. Odd how sometimes in life there is a confluence of incidents that puts you, a nobody, somewhere in the middle of a big event. That’s my own brush with one of the biggest news stories of this century. I have a few other stories to tell and they’re juicy, but I will have to think about how to recount them without revealing myself.

A+ list singer/actress/former A+ list athlete: Jennifer Lopez/Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez
A+ list child star turned romcom actress: Drew Barrymore
Long-haired male heart throb celebrity: Fabio
Soap actor and B cult movie star: Grant Cramer (Terry Moore) (Howard Hughes)
Acquitted killer: O. J. Simpson
Well-known witness: Kato Kaelin

Gross Negligence - Mr. Hedge: This pedophile committed horrible, multiple criminal acts upon a child at a relatively young age, over a period of years. The details of how the whole sickening story played out were simply almost too incredible to believe. This led to the case attracting national attention. Sadly, the system completely failed his victim, as the abuse should have been stopped much, much earlier. Despite all of the foregoing, this pedophile somehow only spent a handful of years in prison. He was a registered sex offender. Just a short couple of years after his release, he moved to Hollywood, where he also registered as a sex offender with authorities in his new state of residence. Incredibly, this pedophile began working in casting in Hollywood, often with children. He found himself a great deal of work over the next several years, even casting work for a couple films you would all know. Several years ago, this pedophile was working on a fairly big-budget film. This film touted an A-list director. This director first made it big in television, and later moved into film. Just a couple years earlier, this director’s career was launched into the big-leagues, when he directed an important film, for one of Hollywood’s most storied franchises. Everyone who employed the pedophile claimed to have been fooled by an alias. The A-list director claims that once he was informed of this pedophile being employed casting children on his film - that he took immediate action and notified the authorities. However, the pedophile didn’t really use an alias to fool the studio and director, as they had claimed. The pedophile was charged with having used an alias, which is a criminal act for any registered sex offender. When the case went to court, the judge ruled that every Hollywood employer of this pedophile knew his full and legal name. The pedophile walked out of court free. So everyone in Hollywood either never bothered to Google the guy, or knew and didn’t care.

Pedophile: Jason James Murphy
"Alias": Jason James
A-List Director: J. J. Abrams
Film: "Super 8"

21. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#10**
Gallows Humor - Mr. Hedge: If you thought that A-list CEO I keep talking about is on the level, see what he was up to this weekend. Hubris to the point of insanity. Hey, if laughing at the hangman while getting marched to the corporate gallows is your thing, go for it. I'm sure his investors weren't laughing. Elon Musk ("Tesla")

22. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#11**
Apparently at least one man is set to come forward to describe a sexual assault at the hands of this A- list mostly movie actor who is doing television right now. The A- list actor is mostly closeted when it comes to his hookups with men, although he has never outright denied being with men. The thing about this particular assault is it was recorded by the actor. It s unknown if the recording still exists, but it was recorded. James Franco (The Deuce")

23. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#12**
This B list celebrity is going to get busted smoking meth and his entire carefully constructed world is going to come crashing down and he won't see that rich princess ever again. Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks/Chloe Green

24. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#13**
A Reader Blind Item: I have lived in Asia for several years, practically grew up here. Through work in the publicity sector and contacts in the hospitality industry, I have had several encounters with celebrities, some nice, some not so nice, and some a bit odd. (Although no one will ever be as nice as a now-deceased UK singer (George Michael), who took the time to meet and chat with my family when he went to perform in one particular country that was just opening up to the world.) One incident in a neighboring place involves a famous supermodel (Linda Evangelista). She had flown into one of the Asian dragons to grace the cover of the new local edition of one of the world's biggest fashion magazines. She was originally denied entry into the country because her passport did not have six months left on it. She then threw a huge fit in the immigration line, screaming at the airline rep as well as the customs officer, then went way off to the corner to sulk and smoke. Because of the way she was dressed, most people thought she was just another one of these F-list, newbie models just getting their start that they fly in for catalog work. Her childish fit (which admittedly was worthy of even the bitchiest supermodels) and smoking was widely reported, although her handlers denied everything. The Canadian embassy then came to her rescue and she was let in. What many people don't know is that it got worse during the press conference for her cover shoot. The press conference took place at a hotel that was built where a shantytown once stood, and ties into several other celebrities in this blind. The magazine had originally planned to have her wear something by a local designer. She refused, and instead insisted on wearing something she had brought by a classic American designer whose initials are not CK or MK. She spent much of the press conference snapping at both local and foreign reporters, telling them to leave if they didn't have any interesting questions to ask her. In a place where face is so important, to say she angered and embarrassed her local hosts is an understatement. A few years later, a European band ("Ace of Base") came into town to promote their third, and just about final, album at the same hotel the supermodel held her press conference. They had had some pretty big international hits and were often compared to another quartet ("ABBA") from their same country who hit it big in the 70s. The visiting group had managed to squeeze out one last hit before disappearing. I knew someone who was covering their press event so I managed to attend that and then hang out with the band afterwards in a VIP space off to the side after the event. This was the same hotel (Michael Jackson) where a pop king had stayed a few years earlier, and had spontaneously invited an Indian couple and their child up to his room for photos with their child, photos that the couple would try to shop around to the press (not for any scandalous reason, but just to brag that they met the guy). There was nothing special about the photos, except that the singer looked hideous in them--his face was literally falling off. This was at the same time the singer was facing some serious allegations, and his family came out to defend his innocence, staying at another five-star hotel across town. Despite the accusations and accompany stress, he performed two knock-out, perfect shows. Back to the European group, they were incredibly nice, more than happy to sign autographs, and seemed genuinely interested in anyone who talked to them, even though it was obvious their days on top of the charts were about over. Their bags didn't arrive in time and they were literally wearing the clothes they flew in on. One odd thing, however, is that one of the members never showed up. In fact, you can see on their album art, that she sort of fades in the background. They really didn't seem to want to talk about her, saying she was afraid of flying, and kind of leaving it at that. This was in the same room, by the way, that a few years later a Disney star turned singer would channel the supermodel and have a huge fit where nothing was right while trying to rehearse for her press conference. The hotel ("Park Hyatt Tokyo") where all these singer events took place would become famous in its own right several years later, when it became a filming location for what was a current big actress star's (Scarlett Johansson) first big bomb ("Lost in Translation"). A couple years or so after the European band's visit, a Latino heartthrob (Ricky Martin) who is enjoying resurgent fame in a TV role stayed at a different hotel ("Grand Hotel in Taipei") across town. This hotel is rumored to be haunted as it was build over an old graveyard. His first concert in this city, he enlisted a local (Hong Kong born, but North American raised) Asian superstar singer (Coco Lee), who mostly sings in Mandarin and whose English-language debut flopped, to sing a duet with him. She would brag about being a virgin and loving her adopted country (not everyone thinks it is a country) but everyone knew she was not a virgin and everyone knew she would rather live somewhere else. As for the heartthrob, in addition to spending a lot of time at the hotel gym's sauna, he ordered up both male and female escorts. Although it was not clear at the time, we now know which escort was meant to throw the scent off the trail, and which one he enjoyed. George Michael/Linda Evangelista/Ace of Base/ABBA/Michael Jackson/Scarlett Johansson/Ricky Martin/Grand Hotel in Taipei/Coco Lee (Park Hyatt Tokyo - The Hotel From 'Lost In Translation') (Is the Grand Hyatt Taipei haunted?)

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#14**
It is a good thing SI swimsuit models don't have to pass a drug test, because this model would have no chance. She was barely able to stand at an event this weekend from whatever she was on. Someone said she had been going like that for a couple days straight.

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#15**
Despite just getting her start with this particular company, this A list alliterate celebrity/athlete is known all over the world. She made it part of her deal that she doesn't have to ever work with any people of color. Ronda Rousey ("WWE")

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#16**
The 12 Year Old: It has been said before that this B+ list celebrity offspring lost her virginity when she was in her early teens to an actor in his 20's back in the day. That was always bad enough, especially considering it was her mother who initiated that "romance" to get herself a part. However, it gets worse. Apparently from the time this B+ list offspring ALL of you know reached the age of 5 or 6 she had been molested by several permanent A+ list actors and directors. She was passed around between these men so her mother could keep getting roles and keeping her fame. When our offspring turned 12, the mom decided to raise the stakes and auctioned off the virginity of her daughter. It was won by this permanent A+++ list mostly movie actor who sweated his way through two or three minutes of sex with the tween. It was not that far into the future that he paid for the services of the offspring again with another female tween who ALL of you also know. Apparently he made them do things with other men while he directed the action and distributed the drugs. He especially kept the two teens well fed and high on drugs during the entire 12 hour ordeal where they each were forced to be with multiple men and women including the father of one of the young women.
B+ list celebrity offspring: Tatum O’Neal/Ryan O'Neal, Joanna Moore
A+++ actor: Marlon Brando
Female tween: Melanie Griffith/Ryan O’Neal

One is an A- list mostly movie actress from a former franchise all of you know. The other actress is A-/B+, but who all of you know. The picture has been cropped to hide some identifying information on the jacket. There were two shots of tequila behind them and an arm around the waist. Silverlake in February. Amber Heard is not one of them. Kristen Stewart/Chloe Moretz (both cropped and uncropped photos)

This A-/B+ list comic/actor likes to pretend he is super liberal, but he is still one of the more racist people you will meet and the language and slurs he used to describe someone he recently worked with while backstage a few feet from her would horrify almost anyone. Michael Rapaport/Kenya Moore ("Watch What Happens Live")

She might have been crying in a video, but this married former A- list reality star/part-time porn star/former stripper was laughing like crazy when she was talking to the guy she has been regularly seeing for the past six months. They were on face time on the phone when he was at a Starbucks and there was nothing but a bunch of I love you's and what she was going to do with him in bed the next day. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

This foreign born still one hit wonder is trying to get the world ready for several photos and videos that are going to be released of her with multiple men, including one where she is half naked with multiple men while she performs sex acts with them. Iggy Azalea

The girlfriend of this permanent A+ list athlete has been prank calling and texting the former girlfriend of her current boyfriend and threatening her with being beaten up by some cartel members. Apparently the current girlfriend is taking her drug connections a little too far and is way too jealous. Tiger Woods/current girlfriend Erica Herman/former girlfriend Kristin Smith

Not much the girlfriend of this permanent A list singer could tell an offspring of the singer about relationships considering the girlfriend is paid a certain amount each month to remain with the singer. Lionel Richie/Lisa Parigi (Sofia Richie)

This former A- list tweener turned A- list adult actress singer is in fact hooking up with the married leader of a group she belongs to, but they are both currently doing their best to hide it, especially since the leader's wife has no idea. Selena Gomez/Brian Houston ("Hillsong Church")

A Reader Blind Item: You might recall a few years ago, as the Supreme Court prepared to make its historic decision on gay marriage, a quartet of ungrateful whiners, who had grown up with gay parents, wrote briefs and were flaunted by anti-marriage equality advocates who did not want gay marriage to be the law of the land. One of the people in the quartet, a bona fide nutjob, founded a sham children's rights group with an important-sounding name. All members of this quartet joined this international institute, and several other members from around the world, basically a laundry list of anti-gay activists, joined the group as members of its various councils. While the group tried to bill itself as non-partisan, educational, and secular, the institute's job was basically to harass and spread lies about gay parents using junk science. Aforementioned nutjob would eventually be fired from his cushy professor job for trying to force his students to attend the group's first meeting, and is now slowly sinking into irrelevance. Another crackpot from the group, who had several pseudonyms and an anti-trans flair, seems to have disappeared completely. So why did the group mysteriously shut down after about two years? Why did many of the group's most prolific writers and speakers freeze their social media accounts at about the same time the group disappeared? And why do those who were on the group's councils or published articles defending the nutjob when he lost his teaching position want to erase any association with the group or the nutjob, and refuse to talk about it? What happened was one of the group's more fame-hungry members (who seems to be the only one still friends with the nutjob) went on several high-profile trips to two island nations that were mulling gay marriage, in an attempt to sway the politics there. American tax-exempt entities are forbidden from trying to influence foreign campaigns and elections, and the penalties can be steep. This bigot would also get banned from one of the countries for illegally taking part in a political rally. While she started her own group that basically does the same thing as the group that disappeared, she, like many other members of the former group, keep their association with the quietly shuttered institution off their bios and refuse to talk about it.

This foreign born A list comedian who has had mixed results acting has never shied away from speaking about his goal to have sex with every woman in the world. Well, not too many years ago, that also included a pair of 16 year old young women who he tried to convince to have a threesome with him in a public bathroom. One refused, so she remained outside while he had sex with the other teen in the bathroom. Steve Coogan; Russell Brand

37. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#10**
The Naughty Dancing Boy: This story is about yet another dancing boy (which as Enty said really was a go to thing back in the day). Many of you, at least those born before that most notorious of decades, will know him. Unsurprisingly, he was and is an actor/comic, and once appeared on the original version of a recently rebooted series (that's been in the news this past week), but he is still known today for his leading (or near/co-leading) part on a successful earlier series. He got that part while still in grade school, and the episode of interest here is from the first season. (Our actor was ten years old at the time.) After the taping of the previous episode, a production assistant came backstage and handed the cast their next scripts. And since our actor had finished his homework already, he began reading through it. The episode was about one of these family or high school events you may have gone to, or will. But in lieu of the "firm hand" of the show's co-star, the kids start to get "out of hand." For reasons unclear to our actor even today, his "acting up" includes performing a similar dance in a similar state of undress to the (barely clinging to A list status?) actor/church member. Our actor immediately felt uncomfortable about performing this scene, and told one of the producers - who was usually sympathetic to his concerns. In this case though he was told he had to perform the part as written. He shot back that he wouldn't do it unless he got to keep his pants on, and the producer said, "young man, you're out of line." It was then that the actor threw the script in a nearby garbage can, and stomped on it, ensuring it was covered in coffee and food scraps. "Big mistake," the producer said, and walked off. Soon after, a cast member took him aside - apparently it was the sister (why is it always the sister or in this case "sister?") - and told him he was going to be flogged on his bare backside (by the co-star) for being proud and willful, but that if he went through with it (the scene, I mean) the punishment would be less. She even showed him the paddle. It was exactly the kind they used in boarding schools of the co-star's home country. It had his character name burned into it. A couple years later, while appearing on air with the permanent A+ or A++ list celebrity - it was a episode about young actors - he was asked if there was ever a scene he didn't want to do. You can imagine what he said. You may even remember it. What, of course, he couldn't say was the rest. The threat of corporal punishment was still there, and the network saw to it - in part by way of his character - that he had a mischievous reputation. As in: if he ever talked you shouldn't always believe what he says (you should; also: he's actually one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet). But because Hollywood liked to live dangerously back then, they even teased viewers with an episode about the actor getting spanked by the co-star (who by the way was never married). As I begin to hear from other former dancing boys, it's becoming clear to me that not only must there have been (and maybe still is) some kind of systemic aspect to it - a network or networks, a ring or rings - but also that physical and verbal abuse often seem to have been used in conjunction with the other kind.

Actor: Brice Beckham
Series: "Mr. Belvedere"
Series re-boot: "Rosanne" ("Lunch Box Customer")
Dance: Dancing to Tom Cruise song on "Risky Business"
"firm hand" of the show's co-star: Christopher Hewett (he injured his testicles when "He fell backwards riding in a convertible in the Hollywood Christmas Parade," Stein said, causing trauma to his genitalia.
Sister: Ilene Graff


(Do you remember that church mentioned in the one about the forthcoming feature, "the Little Drummer Boy?" This is that church.) The church had a retreat/compound in the far north of this one state. The geography is important, not because the state is in the western half of the country's interior (although it is), but because this part has long been associated with a certain type of politics and beliefs that's been basically back in the news under a new name. Some members of one of those groups were also members of the church. Who else was a visitor to the compound? Apparently this now "retired" politician from the same state. He had one near-scandal involving a minor, which blew over, but the more recent allegations were the ones that sunk him. In this case though the VIP guest was a doctor, there not in case anyone got sick or injured, but to give a presentation. It was about the dancing boys of Afghanistan. The former church member claims that the man, of Afghan origin himself, and a supporter of restoring the country's monarchy, had come to America after the fall of the royal family, and ensuing chaos. His goal? To establish the dancing boy culture in Hollywood. He'd I guess been so successful over the previous decade he'd moved on in part to other circles - Washington, Wall Street, and various well off churches, to name a few - where he'd give seminars about the dancing boys. These were the pre-internet times, of course, so this kind of knowledge was limited to mostly academics, but his fees were often in the seven figures - something no college professor could charge. The reason was his talent. Over the years, Svengali like, he'd apparently groomed dozens and maybe hundreds of boys. And he had connections to the networks he'd trained. In other words, you didn't necessarily need to risk grooming them yourselves. For the right price, you could simply buy them. Larry ("Wide Stance") Craig/doctor Khaled Hosseini

38. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#11**
This former headed to A list or higher mostly movie actress made a horrible decision. Now, she is probably B+ list. She is married and cheating on her husband which is probably not the best decision either. She used to be in everything. Now? Not so much. Yes, there is that franchise, and the next installment better kill it at the box office because it is her last chance.

Actress: Amanda Seyfried
Husband: Thomas Sadoski
Horrible decision: "Lovelace"
Franchise: "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again"

39. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#12**
The former stripper turned escort turned reality star turned escort/celebrity has managed to lose all but one of her endorsement deals over the past six weeks. All those millions she bragged about before, is down to one that pays about $50K a year. Blac Chyna

40. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#13**
This A- list mostly television actress has a fairly hit cable show. She was informed in no uncertain terms that if she didn't get her drinking under control she would not be invited back for this season. She did and things are all good. The same order was apparently not given to her co-star who has spent much of the past month in a drunken, pot filled haze of partying. Hilary Duff/Nico Tortorella ("Younger")

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#14**
Don't believe the hype. This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has this writer/actor firmly in the friend zone. She has seen the way he treats women he dates/marries and she wants no part of it. Emma Stone/Justin Theroux

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#15**
Heroin chic is not just a term for this foreign born model/wannabe actress/former pro beard. She is a mess right now with all of her heroin use. Suki Waterhouse

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#16**
Separate Lives: The whole living together thing was never going to work out between this A list couple. They tried it for a bit, but our A+ list actor likes to have his own space. His wife likes her own space too. They have. umm, how shall I put it, varied interests. Sometimes their interests align, and other times they don't. Our actor prefers a late night lifestyle with people coming in and out each night for a variety of activities. His wife prefers to be alone or just have someone over for dinner, who may or may not stay the night. In any event, the lights go out early. Another complication is the offspring. She finds them distracting. He finds them as a block to the kind of life he wants to live. Solution? He bought a compound next to his own where they shall live for now, completely on the other side of the country from their mother. He hired a staff of a dozen to watch them. They will still be available for photo ops when mom pays the home a visit. You know, to make it look like everything is completely normal. There is nothing remotely close to normal when it comes to this couple. George Clooney/Amal Clooney

In a story that many women will find familiar, Kaley Cuoco, one of the stars of the long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory, once met a great guy. It was love at first sight, at least for a little while. He was hot. (A jawline that could carve stone!) He was funny. (His jokes cracked everyone up.) He was famous. (Like, really famous.) He was just an all-around stellar dude. It was all so perfect that Cuoco thought she could see her future with him, including their little babies and those growing-old-together parts. Everything was falling into place . . . until the check arrived after their first dinner date. It was then that she discovered his dirty little secret: He was cheap. So exactly how does one get over a dating a stingy tipper? Can the subject be broached? According to Cuoco, dealing with the situation successfully has to do with devising post-dinner gratuity tactics. Or sometimes, it’s simply better not to go out. But would that be sustainable for the rest of our lives? In other words: Is it possible to truly love someone 100 percent if they are only leaving 8 percent on the check? And who, exactly, was the superstar guy? Here, in the latest episode of Sad Hot Girls, watch Cuoco recall her cringeworthy experience with the cheap boyfriend.

Once again, if you are female and sign with the management company of this permanent A list singer, she better not see you as a threat. She signs acts she considers a threat and then makes sure your career ends in a dumpster fire. This duo recently saw that in action first hand. Beyoncé ("Chloe X Halle")

There is a recording of this B+ list rapper having sex with two women, neither of whom are pregnant with his baby unlike two other women. Still though, this A- list rapper who is also pregnant with his baby blames the other women and not the male rapper. Offset/Cardi B

This one named A/A- list singer was joined by her a-hole boyfriend in using a homophobic slur against a drunk guy in West Hollywood. The a-hole boyfriend also said he wanted to beat up the guy to teach the homophobic slur a lesson and that others should do the same thing. Halsey/G-Easy

This celebrity offspring needs to be careful. She is going to get busted with one of her yachting customers and have to explain why she is cheating on her singer boyfriend even though the boyfriend thing is a business deal. I actually thought they canceled the deal when she did get busted about six weeks back, but the press called her meeting a business meeting. Complicit. Tabloids just want access and ignore everything that falls outside their narrative of that person they have established. Hailey Baldwin/Shawn Mendes (Lets not forget that just four months ago we were also supposed to be buying into the Hailey/Shawn thing)

This talk show host better be careful. The matriarch of the family had her coke and yachting days way back in the day and she knows a man very well who used to have the same type relationship with the talk show host. The onslaught would be messy if the matriarch sent out her press minions to get the story out.

I'm not sure why you have to lie about why someone is having surgery, but this old celebrity on the other side of the pond has bladder cancer and not whatever other ailment people are spinning. Prince Phillip

Speaking of cancer, this rock and roll icon who doesn't sing or write or play an instrument, but is the subject of numerous songs and controls a musical empire is battling terminal cancer. She is amazing and I hope she somehow pulls through. Olivia Harrison (George’s second wife) ("Love Comes to Everyone", "Your Love is Forever", "Soft Touch", "Dark Sweet Lady" and "Blow Away")

A very close colleague of the deceased rock star is rumored to be going public soon with some revelations that are going to be very unpleasant for the widow and her family if they get out. This person doesn't care about non disclosure stuff, so batten down the hatches. The widow has also hired more people to do their trolling and are playing both sides of the troll war to really increase the war of words. The trolls are being fed information about others and then releasing it while the masterminds sit back and watch it all play out. Chris Cornell’ widow Vicky Karayiannis

This former Teen Mom star said, "If any n word show up on my property, I will shoot first and ask questions later. They don't need to be here." Jenelle Evans

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#10**
Apparently this A list everything in her mind was allowed to pretend she was letting her network show come to a natural end rather than the cancellation it was facing. She threatened to walk from her other show on the network if they didn't let her do it her way. What is interesting is that she went to one of the A list executive producers all of you know who has a long history with the parent company and asked for his support to go out the way she wanted. He refused.
Actress: Jennifer Lopez
Show: "Shades of Blue"
Producer: Ryan Seacrest
Other show: "World of Dance"

55. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#11**
Apparently even when you are pretty high on the list at a network television on air job, you are willing to casting couch to get even higher. That is the case at least with this network personality who thinks she has the chance to get the highest ranking on air job at this network. Megyn Kelly (Lestor Holt’s job)

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#12**
At a very public, very big school event, this married former almost A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family all of you know was doing lines of coke and drinking whiskey out of a flask. David Arquette (The Los Angeles Lakers Game)

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#13**
This foreign born former reality star who is a mini mogul in her home country was dating a guy but found a richer guy so dumped the first guy but didn't tell him. She sweet talks her soon to be husband into loaning her $350K and yet, just the other day was caught leaving a hotel suite in the middle of the night after she met the man who was staying in said suite.
Joanna Krupa (the good news is she got her happily ever after)

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#14**
For purposes of child support, the father of this baby and the mother of this baby have agreed in writing he is not responsible for any support ever for the child. In the agreement, the father did not give up any of his parental or custodial rights, but agrees the baby should live with the actress mother for now. The parents also have to mutually agree to reveal who the father of the baby is. The dad just can't say, "Hey, I'm the dad." The mom can't say. "Hey, he is the dad." Both have to agree in writing prior to any reveal. Mindy Kaling/B.J. Novak

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#15**
You know what you never hear about and that totally got swept under a rug was the five seconds and if you blinked it was taken care of with a piece of paper of the sexual assault claim of this woman against this B+ list mostly movie actor who starred in one of those romantic comedies that makes every man feel inadequate. The actor gets confused with a lot of other actors who share the same name.

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/04 **#16**
Seven - A Reader Blind Item: This is not about gossip - at least not to me. This is about clearing up something for the record re the death of a foreign-born screen actress many years ago. We'll call her, 'Seven'. At the time I would hang out now and then at a house in the Hollywood Hills. There was partying going on there but I wouldn't describe it along the lines of weirdness, debauchery, and whatever else, in other accounts I've read of parties in Hollywood. It was basically a place that had people coming and going and most of it in a long weekend spanning from Thursday-Friday to Monday. Most of the people there were under 30 and the owner was maybe 40 or a couple of years older. One day I met someone at the house who said he lived up the road with Seven. We'll call him, 'Ray' (but don't bother trying to figure out who he is since he wasn't a celebrity and never became one). One thing led to another in the conversation and he said that Seven was looking for some help with the house in cleaning, fixing, etc., and in exchange I could stay there. In the conversation I had mentioned that I was looking for a place to stay before he even mentioned Seven's situation. A few days after I went to meet Seven and she agreed as to my staying there. I mentioned I knew a friend, "Don", who could help since he knew something about carpentry, etc., but that he wouldn't be staying at the house. I think she eventually worked out something with him money-wise, can't remember for sure, but I know that something was worked out relationship-wise. For the next month or so we'd do some minor work but I realized that she was going to need more help when it came to such things as the pool which looked like the Black Lagoon and some masonry features. In the meantime we had some of our friends visit and she didn't mind since mostly it was young men and she seemed to enjoy the company. A few days before the month was up she told me and Ray that we had to leave. No real explanation was given for it but I suspect it may have had to something to do with Don telling me earlier that he did not want to be with her anymore. As to the specifics of that, I'm not sure but I think it may have been her perpetual state of wine and pills. In general, she didn't exhibit any erratic behavior or mood swings, actually, she maintained a continuous keel even if it was a somewhat sedate sleepwalking. Of course, how that translates to a more intimate setting as that with Don, it may have been a different story. When given the notice from Seven about leaving I asked her for a couple of days to get my things in order. She said okay. I'd see her in that time but the talk was perfunctory at best and she mostly kept to herself in her bedroom. On the morning when I was going to leave, a friend of mine, 'Clark', came by since he was going to give me a ride to my new place. He was a Vietnam veteran whom I had also met at the aforementioned house where lots of people came through. While we were talking in the kitchen over some coffee, Ray came rushing down the stairs saying that Seven wasn't responding to his knock on her bedroom door and then when he went in and called out to her in bed she didn't answer. He was very nervous. I walked up the stairs and went into her bedroom. I called out her name but nothing. I nudged her a few times, still nothing. Then I noticed that part of her back was exposed and there was a line of red at the bottom as she laid at her side. The blood had settled. I stood back and just looked at her, everything seemed suspended. At that moment Clark walked into the bedroom, looked at her and then just grabbed her arm and pulled back. Rigor mortis had set in. He said, "She's dead". Ray was standing out in the hallway and when he heard Clark he just ran down the stairs voicing disbelief. I just stood there looking at her body, thinking how could this be. On her night tables there were those large bottles of wine that look like jugs with small handles and various prescription pill containers. There were more bottles throughout the bedroom. I walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I sat at the dining room table. I think it was Clark who called the police, Ray wasn't in a state to do anything. Soon enough, two officers showed up and Clark walked with them upstairs and explained to them what was what. More officers showed up. After a few minutes, one of the first officers who had gone upstairs came over to me and asked if I knew what had happened, if there were some events or whatever before the fact. I just looked at him said no, that I was talking to her last night and there was no indication for anything like this. The officer could see that I was still in a suspended state trying to make sense of it for myself. He nodded his head and told me to wait there. A half-hour or so later the detectives showed up. I think there were three of them, two sat with Ray, Clark, and me in a little, den room while the other one stood in the background by the doorway. They asked us questions about our stay there, how we came to know Seven, and so on. We gave them as thorough an account as possible and they, like the gray-suited, seasoned Los Angeles Police Detectives they were, no doubt scanned all our responses and behavior to their satisfaction. They took all the information, driver's license, social security number, where we were moving to, etc. As the detectives were leaving I could hear one of them asking the first officer who arrived on the scene (the one who talked to me in the dining room) if there was evidence of any foul play. The officer said no. The detective shook his head in affirmation then left. The officer came over and told us we were free to go. In past years I've come across brief articles and even a little website devoted to Seven. The website not so much but some of the articles of course got into the 'conspiracy' nonsense about what happened. They related how there was blood on the pillow where her head rested, how there were bruises on her body thus leading to the implication that there was foul play. If there had been any of that then the detectives would have certainly asked us questions about it and the autopsy even more cause for suspicion. Besides, the authorities already knew about Seven from previous, minor incidents. The fact is that the only 'conspiracy' is what Seven allowed herself to be caught up in re 'Hollywood' and its machinations. When I first met Seven and for those brief days I would have conversations with her with moments when she let her guard down, would seem more alive and even with a slight laugh or two about something. I could see the young woman, the young girl, her odyssey from Europe to Hollywood, and her brief dance with fame. But then I could also see the toll it had taken and how her only marriage ended in a divorce from an American actor also had its effect. As she got older then the calls and Hollywood friends became less. In some of those conversations I felt an undercurrent that there could possibly be a relationship between us by some of the things she said but left hanging. Being a young, straight male, I thought about it and the fact that she was more than twice my age didn't concern me at all. In her manner she had an attractive, European sensibility which was quite charming in itself. But there was something there, something unspoken and in the background that simply said for me to step back and just let things stay as they are. And that's what I did. So, to those who saw a conspiracy, including a member of her family who expressed as such, I am here to say that there was nothing. What there was is the unfortunate death of a woman who in other circumstances would have probably gone on to live a good life, possibly a family of her own, and who knows, maybe a longer career as an actress. She certainly had the classiness and charisma for it, but time and space - for all of us - can often be a chancy thing. And even if in the briefest sense, I wanted to state what happened in reality and not the luridness that some are predisposed to. Seven deserves far better than that. I wish her Spirit well and much Love. As for all the others: I would see Don now and then but he would never get into details about the time with Seven and I didn't solicit them. A few years later Don moved out of state and I never saw him again. About 8 or so years ago I found out he had passed away. Ray was not in the best mental state when all of that happened. I felt sorry for him and invited him to stay with me at my mother's house. My mother got to know him and cared for him. She revealed later on that in conversations with him she saw a young man that was trying to come to terms with his sexuality and all that it entailed by his fear of letting others now. He stayed for around two weeks then moved in with some friends. He called by phone a few times to let us know how he was doing but eventually the calls stopped. Never heard from him again. He was really a nice guy. I hope he found his way to a better place wherever. Clark, I knew for a couple of more years until we had a falling out. A woman came between us. Classic story so the readers can fill in the details to their preference. Last time I saw him was decades ago at the Bodhi Tree bookstore. He just looked at me from the other side of a square counter they had at the time. I was wearing dark shades and pretended that I didn't notice him. The woman? Lived with her for 3 years or so then she went back to NYC. Interesting gal, she had been married to a big-time producer back then. As for the people at the house I mentioned earlier, the owner and his girlfriend at the time passed away and all the rest of them, except for a very good friend I've known through all these years, have gone on never to be heard of again. The only person I've heard of (not on a personal basis) is a girl who was very young at the time and is now a Life Coach in LA. Whatever the situations and circumstances, at this time in my life the best is to wish them all well. We've all had to manage life in one way or the other. Gia Scala (Gia Scala Profile)

61. POPBITCH 04/05
(British blog)
Staff at which London TV production company are surprised that one huge transatlantic star hasn't yet been caught up in the #MeToo campaign? Women who worked on the TV series they produced with him tell horror tales of his relentlessly aggressive workplace flirting.

I'm not sure why they would lie about this, but this on the rebound former A list comic says she doesn't talk to this one named legend any longer. Not true. They are still best friends and talk all the time. Kathy Griffin/Cher

Don't believe the hype. Just as I told you a few weeks ago, this A list reality star made two big stars sign on the dotted line with her company. Now, the last person who did that, almost died and saw their career tank, so, not sure how good of an idea this is. Kris Jenner (Kanye West and Travis Scott) (Lamar Odom)

Another weekly tabloid, another lie to the public. As I have said before, I don't want anyone outed, so the tabloids shouldn't do that. However, when they know someone is in the closet and they let PR people tell them to print that this A/A- list mostly movie actor with a couple of franchises is dating a woman and that it looks like love and a whole bunch of other nonsense, they are just lying which makes everything else they say look suspect. Chris Pine/Annabelle Wallis

The PR team of this almost A+ list mostly movie actor is working overtime. It is almost as if they know that he cheated and was going to look bad so they wanted to counteract it. Lets make sure we get pap photos of him looking like the best dad in the world. Lets release a bunch of stories about how he tried to save the marriage making it seem as if his wife was the one who didn't. Hell, lets also be the ones to write the statement. So much spinning. Channing Tatum (Jenna Dewan Tatum)

This permanent A list singer who has had a long career as a singer/actor has less than a year to live according to doctors. Apparently he is trying to make it to one last Christmas so is doing everything the doctors say to ensure that happens.

Considering how hard her parents were looking for, chances are good that the teen that this A-/B+ list actor/singer took into a trailer at an event this week was probably underage. She had her shirt up and bra off when she was located with the actor/singer. She left with her family and nothing was said by anyone about what happened. Jared Leto

This A- list actor who all of you know from multiple sources of entertainment who has a long running network hit has been pressing producers to hire a co-star who is younger and into him because he is tired of having to work for sex outside his marriage and wants something convenient. Ice-T ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit")

Faux Pas - A Reader Blind: A recent blind reminded me of this celebrity encounter I had when I was young. My family had the opportunity to attend a huge international sporting event in Kentucky. This was the inaugural competition there so this would have been 4 decades ago. To make an even bigger splash for both the present and international viewing audience, this foreign-born A+ married celebrity opened and attended each day of competition. We had the opportunity to greet and visit with the celebrity which was a big deal. We also got a chance to witness two behaviors for which he is famous. At a reception, our celebrity compared a young lady's incredibly long hair that was woven into a heavy braid to a horse's tail, and not favorably. I cannot remember exactly how he said it, but I know he told her to cut her hair. When he said it, there were gasps of embarrassment in the crowd, which were quickly suppressed. The celebrity didn't seem to notice. I remember that the girl, probably 17 or 18 turned bright red. I felt terrible for her to be insulted so personally and publicly. On this trip, the celebrity was accompanied everywhere by an assistant, never farther away than a few feet, who was a younger, smartly dressed and attractive woman. I myself was too young to notice anything, but my mother, God bless her, remarked to us afterward that she had sharpened butcher knife if our dad ever tried flying around the world with his coochie-coo. I remember this because she cracked herself up. She witnessed the glances, hand brushes and lingering arms around the waist. On this trip, the celebrity made a much bigger faux pas that caused the print media in his home country and ours to go into overdrive criticizing him, but as we all know, the wife doesn't seem to mind. Prince Phillip/"The Kentucky Derby" Prince Phillip ("The Kentucky Derby") (1981: "Everybody was saying we must have more leisure. Now they are complaining they are unemployed." During the 1981 recession.)

Reader Blind Item: Back a few years ago, during a break in tour dates, this permanent A list rocker paid a visit to a third-world Asian country for a week-long motorcycle trip. Upon arrival, he stopped by the local pharmacy to pick up some very specific antibiotics before proceeding to one of the large, fish-bowl massage parlors with dozens of girls behind the glass. Once there, they closed up shop for the day so he could have the place all to himself, and he then proceeded to perform oral sex on all of the by one.

71. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#10**
This foreign born still one hit wonder thinks she has been blackballed, but it is for good reason. She can't keep a secret and enjoys selling her secrets. She also enjoys selling music and lyrics she doesn't own. Iggy Azalea

72. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#11**
This openly bisexual celebrity offspring tried to recently sell herself to an openly gay singer. The singer said no. Ireland Baldwin/Hayley Kiyoko

73. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#12**
This married former naked model turned reality star turned celebrity is apparently pregnant by her new lover. That should be an interesting timeline she tries to create. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#13**
This A- list reality star/lover of teens/frequent drunk is running a Ponzi scheme. Scott Disick

75. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#14**
This pint sized reality star was wasted on Ambien and booze on a recent red carpet. She was really funny. She must have just made the perfect combination of the two. It has gone really bad for her in the past. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

76. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#15**
Well, well, well. The long time "boyfriend" of our favorite former Disney actress turned future porn star is hooking up with a married foreign born celebrity. Interesting. Bella Thorne/Gregg Sulkin

77. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#16**
They Knew: When the phone rang earlier this week, it was someone I hadn't spoken to in nearly a decade. Back when I first started writing the blog, I met this guy one night at The Improv. He was there watching some potential client who he thought sucked two minutes into the act. He told me as much even though we hadn't spoken before that moment. I laughed and told him I was headed to the front of the place because the drinks came faster and stronger when you were at the bar. He followed along. When he told me his name, I recognized the name and knew he had represented some really big names. The thing is though, he represented them when they were all child/teen actors who blew him off as they got older. He had a knack for signing kids and that is how he made most of his money as a manager. He supplemented by trying to find comics who could play the older brother/sister in some of these kid sitcoms. Someone unknown, but funny is how he put it. The guy is a straight shooter. No one has ever accused him of anything other than being greedy and trying to sign the most clients possible. He told me that especially at the age he was signing these kids, most would give up or their parents would give up. Most would only be cute for a bit and when the cute was gone, most likely was the career. He worked hard for everyone, but needed a lot of kids to make it work. He told me about this show where he once brought in the entire cast all by himself. One of the members of the cast he did not bring in was someone who is now an A lister. Probably permanent to be honest with you. The reason he didn't being her in was because her parents seemed liked they were more interested in selling her off to older men. They just assumed, even though she had not even reached 10 that he would want to spend some time "alone" with her. Umm, no he wouldn't. Right then he walked out. That night and he I spoke, that is where he left it. We never spoke about the subject again in the few times we ran into each other since then. Like I said though, that last time we ran into each other or spoke was about a decade ago. I was somehow on his e-mail list where he scouted for talent and talked about opportunities or parties and successes. It was kind of like a Christmas letter, I got once a month. When we spoke this week, he said he had a premonition he was going to die and was trying to say goodbye to everyone just in case. He mentioned something about that permanent A lister because of a photo that was making the rounds and we talked about what had preceded that and then he told me again about the parents but then he went on. He said when that show ended, it kind of looked like the career might end and all that easy money that had been flowing the way of the parents. The parents wanted the easy money to continue, so basically pimped out their kid to any producer or casting director who would give her a shot. This went on for years until the A lister did get the break. The parents didn't care about the cost to their kid, they were lining their wallets and when someone else close to them had the chance, they talked themselves into doing it all over again. They knew exactly who did what to whom and they didn't care because it was money that they cared about it. Oh, and yes, the mom in the family offered herself up to the producers and casting directors who didn't want to molest a child.

"Mickey Mouse Club"/Britney Spears/James and Lynne Spears/sister Jamie Lynn (Kenzo ad)

This foreign born A list athlete wants out of his contract and the ability to keep all the money he makes for himself when it comes to his next fight. He certainly accomplished that and more with what he did this week. Conor McGregor (bus attack at Barclays Center)

This B- list mostly television actress/sometime model discovered one thing this week when she suddenly had to return home after an abrupt change in plans. Her husband is definitely cheating on her. She won't leave him though. Ever. Ashley Graham/Justin Ervin

This current MTV star with multiple children from multiple fathers is trying to conceive right now with yet another man who has yet to impregnate her. Kailyn Lowry ("Teen Mom 2")

This foreign born A list reality host/mogul has been looking for a replacement for one woman in his life and apparently he has found it with his former co-star turned B+ list singer/Oscar winner/nominee. The pair has been hooking up the past several weeks. Simon Cowell (Lauren Silverman)/Rita Ora (Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song : "Grateful" co-written with Diane Warren)

This former A- list mostly television actress from a loooooong running network hit has finally landed another show but is trying to figure out a way to return to the show she left. The roles have not been as plentiful as she was led to believe they would be by her agent. Sandra Oh ("Grey’s Anatomy")

This foreign born A+/A list singer fired all of the security that has been guarding her for years and replaced them with men from her boyfriend's security detail which he pays for. Rihanna/billionaire businessman Hassan Jameel

This A list talk show host who hosts a show based on something he last did full time decades ago has basically been stalking this foreign born A list lingerie model to try and get her on the show. Well, that's what he is telling her management. The host, who has a significant other wants her to be his next significant other. Steve Harvey (returning as permanent host "Showtime At the Apollo")

A Reader Blind Item: I just came across a recent interview with a member of an iconic group (we’ll call him "D") which reminded me of a memorable situation I once found myself in. Everyone has always seemed to think of this guy as the epitome of cool, and he’s admired by many men of a certain age group. When I was a teenager in the 80s, I hung around with some much cooler, older people, who lived in a decent sized east coast city. Many of these people were in bands or friends with people in bands, so they were familiar with touring bands from all over, mostly on the club level and punk rock in nature. As time went on, a handful of these bands went on to be wildly successful. This story involves one such trio. My friend K knew these guys and asked me if I wanted to go see the trio in another east coast city, about an hour away, where they were scheduled to play a large venue. I said ok and we drove out there. I was almost 17 and had a junky car. This was long before cell phones, so we just hung around outside the venue before the concert until we ran into someone he knew. This guy, I’ll call "C" (who actually went on to be a fairly well known artist) asked me if I would help him find a girl who would be willing to be a part of the "stage show". I obliged, and we had a very rough time finding a girl who was old enough (around 18+), not with her parents, and not attached to a boyfriend. Basically, she had to be willing to let go of her inhibitions, in front of thousands of people. Finally, we found a girl who looked to be college aged, dressed scantily, and seemed up for anything. C quickly gave her the spiel and she agreed to be a part of the show. C then invited us all back to the hotel to hang out with the group. So, there I was hanging out with two of the three members of this group in the hotel room, post soundcheck, at around 5pm. When I entered the room, the nicest guy in the group (who was wearing a hipster cowboy hat before they were hip), I’ll call him "B" (who is sadly now deceased), greeted me with "Howdy, dude!" and tipped his hat my way, which I thought was very sweet, given that I’m female. I’m sure I blushed. Sitting by the window was their traveling photographer friend "R" (also a pretty famous artist and character) who was studying his slides of the band. Other people in the room were deep in conversation. I was trying to act like I belonged, even though I felt awkward and didn’t really know anyone, and had no one to talk to. The girl C found for the show was no longer in the hotel room and I didn’t know where she went. There were some other girls in the room too and I didn’t know her anyway, so I wasn’t really thinking about it too much. One guy from the group, I’ll call him "H", grabbed the phone in the room and dragged it out into the hall and closed the door. The cord was really long. Someone said he was on the phone with his at the time A+ movie actress girlfriend, "S", whom everyone knows and loved back then (she doesn’t work as much as she used to but at that time, she was a superstar). A few minutes later, band member three, "D" came bursting into the room. He was very sweaty in a panic. He looked at me and the two other girls sitting on the bed and yelled "HEY! I need one of you girls to get me ready. I’ve got this chick in the next room waiting, so who’s going to help me out? Huh? I need one of you to get me ready! NOW! WELL?". I sheepishly looked around for help and said "not me" and the other girls said some version of the same and he promptly said "then what the fuck are you doing here? get THE FUCK OUT!" and ran and opened the door and pushed us out. I had no idea I was going to be required to be a "fluffer", so I left, feeling awful about the whole experience. As I walked out, I saw A sitting on the floor down the hall, still on the phone, looking distraught.

Group: "Beastie Boys"
B (Nice band member): Adam "MCA" Yauch
H (Band member on phone): Adam "Ad-Rock" or "King Ad-Rock" Horovitz
S (A+ list GF on phone): Molly Ringwald
D (Band member needing fluffer): Michael "Mike D" Diamond
Friend C: Cey Adams
Friend R: Ricky Powell

This former A+/A list singer was bragging to friends the other day that he killed someone once when he was overseas and that the police told him not to worry about it because the woman was a hooker. Of course he also had to pay a huge bribe. Chris Brown

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#10**
A Reader Blind: This blind is about the biggest story in London that was never reported. In the 90s I worked in a restaurant that was located on the 15th floor of building off Oxford Street in London. It had great views of the city with wall to wall windows. Half the building was a hotel and the other floors were occupied by the BBC. Due to the location of these offices we often served big and minor celebs in the restaurant. I once made John Cleese and Michael Palin laugh (it doesn’t get much better than that). I also once snapped at ‘Chelle and Sharon from Eastenders because they dared to try and order a drink when I was frazzled and having a minor panic attack. I shared a lift with Ewan Mcgregor (unfortunately he didn’t hit on me) and put up with a grumpy ‘ol Dell boy! This blind though doesn’t evolve from the mouths of celebs, but from the mouths of BBC news editors and journalists who were having a posh lunch and chat as an end of year celebration. There were about 15 of them and of course about 90% men. I’m Australian and one of them asked me in a deliberately condescending tone, "So, which part of the antipodes are you from?". Yes, they were those kind of fellows. As lunch was served and wine topped up, the conversation turned to deciding what was the biggest story that they had never reported. As the conversation continued, I made sure to stay close to the table and eavesdrop. Wouldn’t you? They tossed around a few ideas and then they all decided on one story that they all knew about, but never reported or even whispered in the press. According to the journos and editors one of the most famous marriages in history ended because the fiery wife actually walked in on her A list husband in bed with one of his male friends. So why was this never reported? . They all really liked the A list man who was sprung playing sword fights with his able seaman. (they were quite indifferent about the wife, who has never really been accepted in the upper echelons of British society). They respected him too much personally to reveal the truth. Are you surprised? Prince Andrew, Duke of York/Sarah, Duchess of York

88. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#11**
Cut out the middleman is apparently the route this B list mostly television actress from a hit almost television show is taking with her new boyfriend who has been her drug dealer for the past year or so. The thing is though, he is the best friend of her ex, so that must be a little awkward. Natalia Dyer ("Stranger Things")/Charlie Heaton

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#12**
This foreign born A+ (when it comes to action movies) list actor has given his ex a fast approaching deadline where he will reveal the couple has split. It has been almost six months and he is tiring of seeing his name still connected to hers. For her part, she has been trying to do the pap thing every day to get work, but has mostly got middling offers for modeling and nothing for acting. Jason Statham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#13**
Looking more like a hostage rather than his loving wife, this former A list teen actor is about to get dumped by another wife. All of this is not what she signed up for and she discovered that not only has he been lying to the world, but also to her. Earlier this week she started asking around about divorce lawyers. The problem is though her husband is basically monitoring her 24/7 and she is going to have to Katie Holmes this thing to get out. Corey Feldman/Courtney Anne Mitchell

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#14**
This east coast Housewife is addicted to pills. She can barely function and needs help. Someone should do an intervention. This is not a drinking thing or a fun thing. She is in really bad shape. Sonja Morgan; Dorinda Medley

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#15**
This supposedly pious A+ list mostly movie actor hired multiple hookers while he was out of the country this week. This was in addition to the female PR rep sent by the studio from the country he was visiting. Chris Pratt (São Paulo, Brazil)

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#16**
Twisted F**k: Everyone loves this actor. If you ask someone if they like him, they will say yes. He started out on television as a teen on a hit network show and has had some decent movie roles over the years. He is a lead, but one of those quiet leads who straddles the line between indie and box office getting those quiet box office movies. Generally the movies he leads are your movies that look like they are going to have some Oscar noms but always fall a little short. You all know him. Name to face? It is a tough one, but you all know the face. He is married. The thing is though, he is the guy who always leaves his wife at home even if he has a premiere. He got married to have people stop asking questions about his private life. This story happened about a year ago and the actor paid a settlement and the victim signed a NDA, but is willing to speak here. Apparently our actor, even though he lives in town got a hotel room. He then found our victim on Grindr. Our actor is HIV+. Our actor didn't tell the victim that though. Our actor told the victim he liked rough sex and offered the victim $1000 for rough sex. The victim agreed and before he knew it he was tied up and being used. Our actor didn't use any protection and beat and basically raped the victim multiple times while the victim was restrained. At the end of it, the actor released the victim and actually gave him $1500 instead of the $1000 but had him sign an NDA. The NDA also included a provision that forbid the guy for suing if he caught any kind of STD from the actor. Fast forward about six months and the victim discovered he is now HIV+. The only person he had unprotected sex with was the actor. When he tried to reach out to the actor he was shut down by his legal team and a pair of security people who visited the studio apartment of the victim. He was reminded of the NDA. When he threatened to go to the media, a repeat visit from the security guards and another letter from an attorney who threatened to sue the victim even though the victim was HIV+. Our victim got a lawyer. The lawyer managed to get $20K from the actor but that was it. He did also find out, the actor has done this to other men before. At least three other men that the lawyer discovered. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This permanent A list rapper is trying to convince people he no longer cheats on his wife. If you are convinced, you are wrong. Jay Z (David Letterman interview)

This former A- list mostly television actress who is really only known for one role that she got to perform a couple of times just can't shake the pills. She is going to be another Heather Locklear. The only difference is she is less violent and doesn't drive when on them. That could change though with no one watching her. Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor "Beverly Hills, 90210")

This B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A+++ list celebrity is going to be heartbroken when she discovers that her girlfriend is cheating on her. Paris Jackson/Cara Delevingne

An author that is working on a book about the future royal couple found two more men who said the at the time bit player on a network show was strictly pay for play. Meghan Markle ("Deal or No Deal ")

This former NBA player turned reality star was smoking crack with a 16 year old girl who he called his girlfriend. Lamar Odom

This former A list athlete was married when she was hooking up with this NBC executive. Might be why she is getting divorced.

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#7**
This foreign born A list reality star who appears on multiple shows got busted by his now ex-girlfriend having webcam sex with another man. Apparently he saved the session and she saw it on his computer. Jonathan Scott (Canadian) ("Property Brothers")/Jacinta Kuznetsov

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee recently suffered a miscarriage fairly well along into her pregnancy. Reports were she was almost 5 months pregnant.

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#1**
This foreign born former A+ list singer needs to update her excuses. Lyme disease is so five years ago. Just confess that you got plastic surgery and it messed up your singing. Shania Twain

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#2**
The producers of this long running reality show didn't even think this pitch from the momager sounded realistic so they rejected it. What did she do? Promised an interview to a gossip website if they ran it so they did. It is a ridiculous story. Kris Jenner (pregnant at 62)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#3**
Why yes, that was a very drunk, very wasted on LSD and mushrooms B list celebrity offspring who will never reach the level of their parentage orally servicing this former A list singer/future killer. Why is it a blind? It was being filmed. Paris Jackson/Chris Brown

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#4**
They have only been dating less than two months from what I understand but apparently this former A- list reality star from a family of reality stars already got his new girlfriend pregnant. Rob Kardashian/Safaree Samuels

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#5**
Considering she has also now hooked up with a married man, this A- list mostly television alliterate actress made up with her former bff. She used to shame the former bff for always hooking up with married men. Mandy Moore/Minka Kelly (Jesse Williams)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#6**
This model/former A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a long running cable show now defunct has been to certain cities. It is just she was being paid to be inside so didn't get out much. Shay Mitchell ("Pretty Little Liars") (fake photos from China)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#7**
The significant other of this A+ list designer has a serious meth problem which is going to be a big issue down the road if this relationship continues. Marc Jacobs/Charly Defrancesco

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#8**
This A+ list royal groped two female celebrities multiple times during his visit with them this week. Afterwards they both said they hated it, but didn't know what to tell him because they were so shocked he was doing it to them. Prince Charles (Bindi and Terri Irwin/"Royal Tour of Australia")

110. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/09
1. I’ve been told that a real housewife is planning on going down the route of ‘Will she? Won’t she?’ in regards to signing up for another series of her franchise show. Well… a source close to the housewife in question tells The Gossip Life that the whole thing is just a ploy for publicity and drama, and that she’s actually already signed up for another year. ‘She’s one of the biggest stars,’ says the source, ‘so the fans will definitely be invested in her potentially quitting. I think she likes the mentions.’ Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

2. Another real housewife has been pushing for a return to her hit show and has been befriending members of the cast in order to garner "inside" support. Jill Zarin ("Real Housewives of New York City")

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#1**
The wife of this former A list teen mostly movie actor has been complaining that not only is all the money running out, but what little is left is being spent on drugs and not being shared with her. Corey Feldman/Courtney Anne Mitchell

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#2**
If you ever thought this A list reality duo had enough money to never yacht again, you would be wrong. They won't go halfway around the world any longer, but will meet in a third country and if the price is right, are happy to spend some time with the right man or men. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jennifer "JWoww" Farley (London)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#3**
Over the past decade, I have been telling you about this A list mostly movie actor and his penchant for guys. The closeted actor, who loves action movies even feuded with another actor because the other actor is so homophobic. Anyway, our closeted actor kind of got thrown straight out into the open by a former employee. Vin Diesel/Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#4**
This A- list mostly television actress from a very long running hit network show was doing her best to not let on that the guy spending time with her and her kids and some friends was the married guy she split from her husband to be with. No affection at all, but there he was in a very very public spot with her and the family. Julie Bowen ("Modern Family")

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#5**
Don't believe the hype. This awful season of a reboot will plow its way through to a conclusion, but there is no chance it will be brought back for a second season. It has been a clusterf**k from top to bottom and things will probably only get worse as the season progresses. "American Idol"

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#6**
What should have been a happy time this week for this A list rapper brought more misery as her boyfriend hooked up with two people, just by my count. Think about how many didn't even bother to share what they knew. Cardi B/Offset

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#7**
One of the doctors who prescribes handfuls of prescriptions to the widow under several names recently got busted. Now, the widow is worried she might be busted but is still out there doctor shopping. Vicky Karayiannis (Chris Cornell)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is permanently A list at this point has put her foot down and is not going to let her daughter near the drug addicted foreign born former boy bander alone or unsupervised. She reads the gossip pages and she knows what's up. She has lived through the same type scenario in her own past and won't let it happen to her daughter. Reese Witherspoon (Ava Phillippe/Zayn Malik) (Ryan Phillippe)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#9**
It looks like this B- list celebrity offspring of foreign born permanent A- listers saw that picture of his now former girlfriend. He has moved on. Brooklyn Beckham (Lexi Wood)/Chloe Moretz (Kristen Stewart)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#10**
An escort says she was hired by one foreign born A list celebrity for an hour. Instead, she was confronted by a half dozen men and they wouldn't let her leave until they all raped her and then didn't pay her. She went to the police. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#11**
This former stripper, I can't even remember the order, but all of you know it. She can't afford to have her child support payments reduced so is going to start releasing some very damaging personal things about a family until they give in. Blac Chyna ("The Kardashians")

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#12**
This former assistant turned reality star turned multiple reality star for a certain cable channel is trying to sell another show based on an upcoming wedding. She can fake date her way through anything if it will give her a ten episode order. Bethenny Frankel (production assistant on the set of "Saved by the Bell") (dated Meghan Markles’ ex-husband)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#13**
This long time A list mostly television actor from several long running hit shows apparently didn't think his super young girlfriend was young enough. He is cheating on her with an 18 year old. David Duchovny

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#14**
Fading Superstar - A Reader Blind Item: Here's a blind about an action star from Old Hollywood, or to be exact - 70's Hollywood. The real truth of this actor's mysterious demise at a young age is mostly buried due to the ridiculous lies told about the Actors life, and mysterious death. I know this for fact as I'm working on a film about it. It's a fascinating tragedy detailing the demise of a fascinating superstar. I'm sure everyone will guess who, but doubt they know the real story. There is a mythical "Christlike" aura spread about this actor. The Biopic film on the actors life twenty years ago was pure BS. There was some truth, and he was dynamic and talented, but the real truth and utter darkness has been sanitized. This is a story about the relentless pursuit of fame, tremendous talent, and a dangerous man, who was most dangerous to himself. Kick it back to early seventies. Bronson and McQueen were on the scene and Clint's meteoric rise was just jettisoning into mainstream awareness, but there was one star who was totally unknown to the public who was about to emerge in the biggest Action Smash of the summer. Everyone knows what became of this actor and his name today is legendary, but what most people do not know is what transpired behind the scenes while this actor was pursuing his dream of becoming the #1 Action Star in the world. Like Clint, this actor emerged out of International films and became a big box office success. The Actor was a physical fitness fanatic. He believed the mind can subjugate anything, including physical pain. He pushed his body relentlessly and was determined towards achieving his Hollywood goals. The actor was a fascinating human being and was faced with tremendous setbacks, including one leg shorter than the other, Cryptorchidism, having ideas for projects stolen, and flat out racism. Some friends he left behind adored him, Some feared him. All told stories of a violent temper that could explode on a dime. He didn't like to be touched - ever. Do not ever lay a hand on him. There was an inner anger deep inside this philosophical dark athletic genius on the level of a Nureyev, or a Jordan. A deceased Oscar Winning Writer tells a story of the Action Star telling him, 'if you cannot hug a man, "you'll never be able to beat him in a street fight." "You must love him to destroy him, but if you must destroy him, thank him first for allowing you to wreak havoc upon his soul." Without a doubt this actor was a very capable full fledged fighter, although never fought professionally. Most described the actor as loyal and giving. Dynamic and impatient. Explosive and hot tempered. Renegade and Innovator. Insecure and cocky, while pursuing is dreams. Years of frustration and rejection fueled the actors anger. He was determined to show the world his art, his culture, and the action films audiences were currently being fed, were weak and banal. After years of frustration and setbacks, and eventually great success in International films, Hollywood finally came calling, but the Actor was already living his life like a spiraling tornado of violence, not only inflicted on himself, but on others. After suffering a severe physical injury (self inflicted) the Actor took to Cortisone shots for pain management. This use of steroids added another layer of rage to the Actor's deep seeded anger. He broke out in acne and began sweating profusely. His hot temper flared. Coupled with the enormous strain and violence he placed on himself, and pressures to succeed, The Actor took to ingesting Nepalese hashish to calm down. To manage tremendous physical pain the Cortisone shots continued. Shot after shot. More sweating. The anger heightened, with no idea of the side affects of Cortisone, The Actor became highly concerned prompting him to remove his sweat glands. Both Apocrine glands under each armpit were removed. Even though the Actor was married, accompanying him to the overseas procedure was his new found mistress. As the Actor moved into production on his first Hollywood film his weight fluctuated due to non-use and use of Cortisone, diuretics, and odd meals consisting of cows blood smoothies. He had physical outbursts at home. Physical altercations with many on and off set, including on the Hollywood Movie he was filming and even at his own home. He was becoming paranoid to the point of purchasing
a gun, smuggled to him overseas in a jar of protein powder. The Actor was a picture of health, and his physique was part of his dynamic package, but under the surface was another story. With the pressures of a grueling film schedule, all contingent on his success and dreams, an explosive outburst and pulling a knife on an International director. The physcial abuse he inflicted on himself continued. Regular Cortisone shots, relentless and insane physical fitness routines, such as elctro-shock apparatuses to stimulate 100 push ups while resting, low body weight, diuretics, hash, minimal eating, fasting, and pushing his body to the exhaustive point of telling his wife "not sure how much longer I can keep this up," all led to a collapse on his mistress's bed, never to wake up. Many mysteries surround the actors death, but there is only one person to blame. Today, when you watch the legendary film, the opening scene, filmed some eight weeks before his death, a severe physical change is kicking in. Gaunt face and skin, low body weight, and you can almost see, death closing in...
Actor: Bruce Lee (Cryptorchidism) (removed his sweat glands)
Action Smash of the summer: "The Way of the Dragon"
Hollywood Movie he was filming: "Enter the Dragon"
Physical injury (self inflicted): "Good Mornings"
International director he pulled a knife on: Lo Wei ("The Big Boss")
Wife: Linda Lee Cadwell
New found mistress: Betty Ting Pei

Emily Blunt has revealed she forced her husband to fire a rival actress in order to make way for her appearance in the film. Appearing on the first episode of the new season of the UK’s "The Graham Norton Show," Blunt, who stars in the horror film "A Quiet Place," said she initially wasn’t interested in starring in the film and suggested a friend of hers to take the role instead. Blunt would not name the actress but described her as a "good friend." The movie was directed and co-written by husband John Krasinski. "We had just had our second child (Violet) and I was about to do Mary Poppins and so I was in a sort of general feeling of joy, I didn’t know if I wanted to go towards the darkness of the pitch that he’d given me," she said. With Krasinski by her side, she said she "mentioned a friend of mine" and suggested he "should call so and so." Krasinksi replied: "So and so was so good." Despite his call to the actress, Blunt said that as soon as she read the script for the film she approached her husband and said: "You need to call her and fire her." Blunt said she was still friends with the actress "until the movie comes out." "You didn’t send her a script admittedly, she wasn’t hired," Blunt defended. The "Mary Poppins" remake, entitled "Mary Poppins Returns," will take place in 1930s London and sees the magical nanny returning to visit the now grown Michael and Jane Banks and help them "rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives." Blunt will be joined by her "Into The Woods" co-star Meryl Streep as well as Colin Firth, Hamilton’s Lin Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw. Dick Van Dyke will also make a featured appearance. The "Mary Poppins" sequel is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2018. Anne Hathaway

126. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/10
They say that when you head down the plastic surgery road, you should know when to stop and be careful of ever crossing that line into freakville. Apparently the famous family of this A lister had an intervention over her "excessive" plastic surgery, a source tells me. It was a messy affair and the world famous star is apparently in deep denial about her butchered face causing deep chasms between her and the fam.

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#1**
This A list reality star from the reality family all of you know has nothing to do with her new project other than lending her name. The producer of the show couldn't get it sold until he said he was partnering with the reality star and her social media followers. Khloé Kardashian ("Twisted Sisters")

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#2**
This married couple who are also multiple reality show participants for the same cable network went on a racist filled rant the other day before people they thought would keep it to themselves. Not only did they use the N word repeatedly but also brought up a bunch of stereotypes and said if any of their kids brought home someone who was not white, they would disown them. Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Kroy)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#3**
This A list athlete sexually assaulted a waitress at a restaurant by grabbing hear breasts without permission. Apparently though, our athlete couldn't remember doing this when police asked him about a recent confrontation and why it happened. Conor McGregor

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#4**
That married former state politician turned federal official in the news I wrote about in the last couple weeks about cheating on his wife is trying to get the woman to sign a NDA. Thing is though, he has nothing to offer her money wise because she has way more money than him. The split was nasty and she wants revenge. Scott Pruitt

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#5**
This former reality star and celebrity who has probably been in the A- list range as both is probably B- listish now. She and her soon to be ex husband were both cheating on each other although neither knew the other was cheating. So, maybe divorce was the right thing to do. Brooke Burke-Charvet/David Charvet

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#6**
Producers of this residency had always assumed their new star attraction could sing. Sure, they knew she would need backing vocals, but when she showed up for rehearsals, they freaked at just how awful this A list singer sounds and how she is going to have to lip sync everything other than talking to the audience. Gwen Stefani

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#7**
Once again, this A- list singer is screwing over her fans. This time she is postponing shows at the last minute even though thousands of fans had bought non refundable airline tickets and took time off work to see her. Plus, she didn't have the gumption to tell them herself and left it up to journalists to break the news. Demi Lovato

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#8**
Mr. X: They're on much, much better terms now but once upon a time the parents of this A+ singer and that TV talk show hostess weren't so chummy. The host, in her previous hosting medium, had insinuated on air that the singer had an abortion while she was still underage and that she had flings with that pervy R&B singer and that one named producer/singer/rapper. The parents eventually found out about this and directly called the host threatening to sue and have her blackballed. No such lawsuit was ever filed but as a consequence the singer never appeared on her old show... however there's been whispers that the singer and her husband are open to appearing on the host's TV show. You know, since she is on their payroll now.

A+ singer/husband: Beyoncé (Tina and Matthew Knowles) (Jay Z)
TV talk show hostess: Wendy Williams
Pervy R&B singer: R. Kelly
One named producer/singer/rapper: Timbaland

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#9**
This foreign born A- list dual threat actor who has been in and out of the closet a bunch in his life made his public debut with his boyfriend. It might be the first time he has ever been out of the closet on a red carpet. Luke Evans

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#10**
Speaking of closeted, this A list mostly movie actor with at least one movie franchise, is already on the rocks with his new beard. For being a loving couple, things looked and sounded horrible between the pair at a dinner party. It was a disaster. Look for that split announcement soon and a tabloid story about how he just can't find the right woman. Chris Pine/Annabelle Wallis

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#11**
This disgraced director with dozens of sexual assault cases against him is paying off lesser known actresses to not only drop their claims but to be character witnesses for him in return for payment. Disgusting. Brett Ratner

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#12**
This former A+ list reality star who is still hated is trying anything to get out of her upcoming nuptials so wants to reboot her old reality show to postpone the wedding for at least a year. Paris Hilton (Chris Zylka)/Nicole Richie ("The Simple Life")

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#13**
This Teen Mom star is doing his best to get his significant other to do the dumping because he doesn't want to look like the bad guy in the relationship. He already is, and is responsible for what happens after if they split. Tyler and Catelyn Baltierra

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#14**
The public girlfriend of this A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't understand why the actor wants to live a block away from his ex. She doesn't want to be that close. Their relationship is hanging on by a thread. I think she also knows about the private girlfriend or at least a hunch. Ben Affleck (Jennifer Garner)/Lindsay Shookus

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#15**
She is still technically married, but this A- list mostly television actress who stars on a very hit network show is being cheated on by her boyfriend. Anna Faris/ Michael Barrett

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#16**
Another Victim: In the past, I have written a few times about my friendship with this former A- list mostly movie actress. This is not really about her, but someone very close to her. My friend has so many personal demons it is tough to keep track of them on a daily basis. One of those demons is this person close to her. I believe he is responsible for the death of someone else I knew who was trying to get her head right when he screwed her over for the second time. My friend and this actress were filming a movie back in the day when the person close to my friend raped this actress when she was an early teen. He repeatedly raped her for a month, almost every day and forced her to do more and more degrading things and used his power to threaten her with getting her kicked off the movie and also threatened that he would spread rumors about her unless she gave into his demands. That was just about the end of her acting career. Oh, sure, she tried for a couple years more, but she was a shell of a human. About a decade later there was a reunion of the people on the movie and she did show up for an interview. The person close to my friend was there too and this time he not only raped the actress again, but also threatened to kill her. He also injected her with heroin before raping her even though she told him she was trying to get clean. In fact, she had been clean for almost a year after staying in rehab for six months. He tied her to the bed and shot her up. He then raped her for 12 hours straight. She then never could stop using in an effort to rid herself of the demons he caused and ended up dying at a very young age.

Former A- list mostly movie actress: Thora Birch
Person close to her/rapist: her father Jack Birch; her parents, who have been her business managers throughout her acting career, are former adult film actors; both appeared in the film Deep Throat.
Actress: Ashleigh Aston Moore
Movie: "Now and Then"

143. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/11
She’s one of the hottest comedic actresses in the world right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s playing by Hollywood’s rules and listening to agents and producers for career advise. Our comedic actress, who’s also a comedian, has been making all of her decisions recently herself, actively ignoring anyone in the industry, no matter how close the relationship is. ‘I got this far making my own decisions,’ she’s reported as drunkenly telling a friend on a girl’s night out. ‘I was the one who went after [breakout project], not anybody else. I listened to them for years and look where it got me.’ ‘None of the top agents bother with her because they know she don’t wanna listen,’ the friend then tells me. ‘One motherf***er told her that even Barbra Streisand shuts her mouth and listens sometimes. She’s ain’t got time for it.’ People tell me that it’s a frustrating experience working with the comedic actress because she does tend to want to trust her own intuition, but credit where credit is due, she’s making bank and becoming certified A list thanks to that attitude. Who is our funny girl? Tiffany Haddish; Kristen Wiig

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#1**
Mr. Hedge: Looks like that convicted pedophile photographer I keep talking about is back selling pictures online. Somehow the sites allow this to take place. They claim if it's not nudity, then it's not illegal. Even though it's clearly exploitative and oriented towards pedophiles. This creep has been around forever. Bob Villard

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#2**
Acting wise she is probably B+ list-ish. It is hard though because she has A+ list name recognition which she wouldn't have if not for that marriage. Anyway, she is filming a new project and things are not going well with her acting. Scenes are being rewritten just to give her less time on screen. Katie Holmes (Untitled FBI/Fox Project)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#3**
This former A list mostly television actor from a long running network show who is about to have another shot at network television refused to give a part to someone who thought he was a good friend. They are former co-stars and one is kind of down on his luck acting wise but the former A lister said a part was a no go. Noah Wyle ("ER") (Anthony Edwards) ("Red Line")

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#4**
When this celebrity offspring/wannabe model pulled out a vial of coke at an industry party this week, her celebrity table mate freaked out and told her to put it away. Apparently she didn't want anyone to think she would ever do that and being seen in a photo with it might lead people to the wrong conclusion. Hailey Baldwin/Ashley Graham ("International Center Of Photography's 34th annual Infinity Awards")

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#5**
Apparently the day before the red carpet and the night of the red carpet was the first time this couple actually spoke in person in months. Things had not been going well for them at all consisting of two foreign born actors. One, an A list mostly movie actor and the other a B+ list mostly movie actress. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz (Opportunity Network’s Night of Opportunity Gala at Cipriani Wall Street in New York)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#6**
This really getting close to overnight success A list mostly movie actress was doing shots and some bumps of coke prior to a recent talk show appearance. Tiffany Haddish ("Late Night with Seth Meyers")

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#7**
This very intelligent, alliterate A list model is working overtime to sell a relationship to the public that no one is really buying. Karlie Kloss/Josh Kushner

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#8**
Mr. X - An Old Hollywood Harvey Blind: ___________ was Old Hollywood Harvey's right hand. She picked out young MGM starlets for Harvey to assault. She was also the assistant to this permanent A++ list mostly movie actress, and took advantage of her sexually when the A++ lister was under the influence of uppers and downers. The assistant also arranged for this A+ list actress/pinup to secretly have a back alley abortion after the actress/pinup became pregnant with Harvey's baby, which he didn't know about till much later. The assistant told Harvey a false story so he wouldn't fire her, that the baby's father was actually closeted heartthrob ______________, whom the actress/pinup was being linked to at the time. The assistant also played this game when the A++ lister was pregnant with _________'s baby, she told Harvey that the closeted heartthrob was again the father. When the closeted heartthrob's longtime boyfriend ___________ was relayed this info by the confused heartthrob he tried to confront Harvey and the assistant but was turned away at the studio's front gates by Harvey's instruction. The assistant also befriended this A- list mostly movie actress when she was at the start of her relationship with this permanent A++ list singer/actor, and sure enough the A- lister was a victim of Harvey as well. The singer/actor threatened to kill Harvey after the A- lister told him, but Harvey eventually had the actor/singer fired from the studio (and for a short time had him blackballed) even though had just made two hit movies (1)___________________ and (2) ____________________.

Harvey - Eddie Mannix
Right Hand/Judy Garland's assistant - Betty Asher
A+ list actress/pinup - Lana Turner
Closeted Heartthrob - Tyrone Power
Judy Garland pregnant with - Joseph L Mankiewcz's baby
Long time boyfriend of Tyrone Power - Watson Webb
A- List mostly movie actress - Ava Gardner
A++ list singer/actor - Frank Sinatra
Take Me Out To The Ballgame and On The Town

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#9**
This pint sized reality star is looking into getting in the same business this former naked celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity is in. They have been hanging out and the former naked celeb has been introducing her to the guys who do the hiring. The job does not really go well with a marriage as we discovered, so this would be the final nail for the pint sized one's marriage. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (Jionni LaValle)/Kendra Wilkinson

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#10**
The greenlight for this reality show went straight to red when the female star of it stopped hooking up with the producer. He canceled the whole project. The show was a spinoff of a reality show that took the whole family from nobodies to C- listers. Savannah Chrisley ("Chrisley Knows Best") ("According To Chrisley")

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#11**
This former A+ list mostly television actress who also writes and produces had to change her phone number because of the volume of texts and calls she was getting from this former almost A- list mostly movie actress who feels she has been wronged (she hasn't) by the former A+ lister. Tina Fey/Lindsay Lohan (Broadway musical "Mean Girls")

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#12**
Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of trying to keep a bearding relationship going when neither really wants to see the other. So, we have our closeted foreign born A/A- list mostly television actor from that hit pay cable show. He is on the other side of the pond and it is supposed to look like his beard is with him. First, they got busted when his PR people said they were together for Easter, but someone posted it without first looking that our actor was really sick and at home in bed in a country far away from the supposed Easter destination where his beard was also supposed to be. She wasn't. In fact, she is here in the US, despite the steady stream of landscape pictures from the other side of the pond which never ever feature her in the photos or him or them together. Just give it up. It gives good, solid bearding a bad name. Alexander Skarsgård/Alexa Chung

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#13**
This foreign born with a twist recent Olympic athlete is cheating on his boyfriend. Gus Kenworthy (Matt Wilkas) or Adam Rippon (Jussi-Pekka Kajaala)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#14**
Being covered up, or at least trying to cover it up was the discovery on set of this now shut down show. There were multiple cameras in each trailer, dressing room, wardrobe and hair and makeup. Literally hundreds of cameras in any place where there was any chance of nudity. The show, a tween type show, had hundreds of tweens cycled through the seasons. It is unknown how many thousands of images and recordings exist. The executives at the network are trying to keep all of this quiet because they would be potentially facing hundreds of lawsuits from anyone who was a victim. This all came out after the show runner was fired. Dan Schneider ("Game Shakers")

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#15**
The guy just got done talking about how he and his A+ list wife are working through things that happened in the past yet he hooked up with someone after a recent birthday party. Jay Z (Beyoncé) (Blue Ivy’s birthday party)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#16**
Catch And Release - A Mr. Hedge Blind Item: This serial pedophile was a child acting manager in Hollywood. For almost 2 decades, he took advantage of the system, and its victims, in sickening fashion. A small minority of his many crimes against children are described below. Authorities caught him red-handed on multiple occasions with child porn. Each time, this pedophile would give up a bigger fish in the network, and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This acting manager once targeted a victim with married parents, who had very recently moved out to Hollywood, in their child’s pursuit of an acting career. This vile man began having an affair with the mother, abused the young boy, and made child porn as well. Somehow, the prosecutors chose only to pursue charges for the child porn, but not the abuse. After a ridiculously short jail sentence, this pedophile took revenge. He obtained copies of many different child porn videos he had produced featuring this particular victim, which he somehow had managed to hide from authorities. He released the videos to pedophile areas on the dark internet, and sent copies to his victim’s agents, casting directors, friends, and even family members. This completely crushed even the faintest of hopes for his victim to resume some sense of a normal life, and pursue an acting career. Several years ago, this disgusting creature was charged with committing more horrible crimes against additional children, which included making child porn and torture videos. Finally, he was put in jail for what should be the rest of his natural life. Christopher Miller

A Republican Congressman has let loose and expressed his true feelings about President Donald Trump to Erick Erickson, a far right wing pundit. Erickson is a former Fox News contributor and was the editor of RedState. He will not identify the GOP lawmaker who is from a "very Republican" district for obvious reasons, writing the Congressman "is happy to be quoted, so long as I don’t name him." "If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf**ker," the unnamed Republican Congressman we’ll call "Rep. X," supposedly said to Erickson. Erickson says Rep. X continued his rant, saying, "dammit he’s taking us all down with him. We are well and truly f**ked in November. Kevin [McCarthy] is already circling like a green fly circling sh*t trying to take Paul’s [Ryan] job because nobody thinks he’s sticking around for Nancy [Pelosi]. She’s going to f**k up the cafeteria again too. [Lord’s name in vain], at least I’ll probably lose too and won’t have to put up with that sh*t." (Speaker Ryan announced today he is retiring at the end of his term.) "It’s like Forrest Gump won the presidency, but an evil, really f*cking stupid Forrest Gump. He can’t help himself. He’s just a f**king idiot who thinks he’s winning when people are b*tching about him. He really does see the world as ratings and attention. I hate Forrest Gump." The House Judiciary Committee "just might pull the trigger if the President fires Mueller," Rep. X supposedly said. "The sh*t will hit the fan if that happens and I’d vote to impeach him myself. Most of us would, I think. Hell, all the Democrats would and you only need a majority in the House. If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf**ker. Take him out with us and let Mike [Pence] take over. At least then we could sleep well at night." Rep. X calls Vice President Pence "competent." "I say a lot of shit on TV defending him, even over this," Rep. X tells Erickson. Erickson describes the Congressman as someone who defends Trump on Fox News and in public but obviously has a different personal opinion. The media and Democrats on Capitol Hill often say many Republican lawmakers oppose Trump in private, but won’t in public. (There are several words for that.) "But honestly, I wish the motherf*cker would just go away. We’re going to lose the House, lose the Senate, and lose a bunch of states because of him. All his supporters will blame us for what we have or have not done, but he hasn’t led. He wakes up in the morning, sh*ts all over Twitter, sh*ts all over us, sh*ts all over his staff, then hits golf balls. F*ck him. Of course, I can’t say that in public or I’d get run out of town." Of course.
Peter T. King (U.S. Representative for New York's 2nd congressional district)

161. POPBITCH 04/12
He has a successful new show in the West End, but the advice to cute young actors in which theatre director's casts is always the same? Don't get left alone with him – and never, ever go to the toilet if he's within earshot.

162. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/12
Dennis Quaid insisted that movies often have a cocaine allocation cleverly hidden in the budget and while various sources over the years have insisted that isn’t as common as it was once in the 80’s, one source has recently touched base with me to insist that this upcoming movie, highly anticipated and highly budgeted, definitely had a secret allocation. She won’t tell me what the "code name" is for the white powder, but she is telling me the budget was at least 6 figures and it might even be broaching 7. I guess when you look at the cast, it does become rather obvious. Let’s just hope nobody goes overboard and ends up dead. So, tell me, Gossipers: What is our movie? PS: We’re reintroduced hints in our blind items upon popular demand, so.
Movie: "Deadpool 2"
Cast: T.J. Miller, Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Terry Crews

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#1**
This former A list reality star really wants to make a comeback. To do so though, she is going to have to kick those pills she got addicted to while staying at her most recent residence. Lately, she has been making up any excuse to see a doctor to get some. Abby Miller ("Dance Moms")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#2**
This former tweener turned adult singer is headed for a quick rehab stay. Right now it is hush hush because she doesn't want to admit she slipped. Hey, at least she is doing something about it and knowing her, that crazy excuse she gave will go out the window, but it might take a while before she does reveal it. Demi Lovato (check out the glass she’s holding)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#3**
Mr. Hedge - The Sleeping Bag CEO: This A-list CEO talks about sleeping on the factory floor. He believes it represents a form of boasting about his work ethic, and devotion to his company. The reality is that a megalomaniac has built himself a massive empire, full of lies - and he can feel the foundation buckling underneath him now. Dig beneath the financial people I referred to a couple weeks ago, you will see that almost every other key executive has fled his company in recent months. His head of sales. Many key leaders in technology and manufacturing. The sleeping bag story is a desperate act, by a desperate man. The play is in its final stages. Our CEO can feel the walls closing in on him. See that network interview he did very recently. He clearly appears very uncomfortable, and for very good reasons. Elon Musk (Tesla)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#4**
This drama playing out on a Bravo show has been carefully edited to just imply that someone on the show makes their living yachting. No need to imply it, she has been doing it for at least a decade and is pretty open about it when away from television cameras. Marlo Hampton ("The Real Housewives of Atlanta")

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#5**
This A+ list mostly movie actor has been spending more and more time with his not public girlfriend. She traveled with him recently to a family vacation even though they only got to spend one evening together. She also was with him on set while he worked. I love the tabloid stories that have him deciding between his ex and his public girlfriend when the third option is the one he seems most in to. Ben Affleck/Lindsay Shookus/Christine Ouzounian (nanny)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#6**
This former tweener actress who moved far far away from the spotlight in the years since her show ended is married and pious but still hooks up with her pastor every few weeks.

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#7**
This auto tune loving former A- list singer loves having threesomes with his wife and without and will cheat on his wife every chance he gets, but has threatened to kill her if she ever cheats on him. T-Pain/Amber Najm

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#8**
This disgraced former A list dual threat actor is being investigated for a crime outside the country. Here is where things get really interesting. Apparently one of the victims was assaulted a few years ago when he was a drama student which totally fits the m.o. of our disgraced actor. The thing is though, the A+ list celebrity who calls herself the girlfriend of the victim wants him to not cooperate with investigators because it might make her look bad. Kevin Spacey/Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#9**
This foreign born A list dual threat actor who I'm hoping is the next James Bond probably wishes he picked a different restaurant to eat at this week with his girlfriend. You know, considering one of the women he cheated on his girlfriend with was working at the restaurant. She wasn't the server for our actor, but she did make sure to walk past his table a dozen times. She says the actor looked like he was going to die each time she walked by. Idris Elba (Sabrina Dhowre (Soho House White City launch party))

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#10**
This back in the day A+ list mostly movie actor has turned into a nice steady A- list television actor with great name recognition. Some hits and misses on television and some hits and misses last night when he was trolling for hookup partners when his wife wasn't looking. Rob Lowe (Sheryl Berkoff)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#11**
I love that this directionally challenged rapper can get a huge gathering of celebrities to come to a launch of what is basically a way for him to launder money. French Montana ("boohooMAN" launch party)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#12**
This foreign born superhero went to a BDSM club in Asia where he let himself be tied up and beaten by two women who worked there. Now, that is an interesting press tour. Tom Holland

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#13**
This A list mostly television actress who stars on a very hit network show for just a wee bit longer says she is having the time of her life right now. It could be because she has spent barely any time with her "husband" and a lot of time with this A/A- list mostly television actor. Lots and lots of time, especially in the past month. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal")

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#14**
This very recent former Real World star can be found a couple nights a week at a hotel bar in Vegas where she propositions men to spend time with her for an hour or the night. Ashley Brooke Mitchell ("The Real World: Ex-Plosion")

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#15**
This looooooong time A list reality star all of you know has been raiding the trust funds of her kids to maintain her standard of living. Luann de Lesseps

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#16**
They Don't Exist: This A or A+ list CEO has been making the rounds of TV and other media in recent weeks, calling out his younger counterpart for questionable data practices. I don't know if it's ironic exactly, though it does sound funny coming from the head of a major company with a long and well known history of labor abuses in a certain very populous country. What's less well known is that our CEO was a driving force behind the offshoring of so much production. The public reason is money, which is always a factor, but as CDAN readers know there is often a private, and even in some cases secret reason. You see, when the CEO is in country, he likes to visit barely legal nationals of a certain sex. Or rather, they say they are, and we all hope they're that, at least. This country famously keeps tabs on all births, but out in the countryside especially they're not always recorded. Sometimes the family had paid a bribe to avoid violating the national policy, and sometimes it's just bureaucratic incompetence. In any event there's no record of how old they are, or even that they exist. And just as the industrial revolution brought the rural masses to cities in the nineteenth century West, this country's cities have been thronged by migrants looking for work in recent decades. Some of them find it, including at places like the one where this CEO's products are made, but it is often low paying. The toil is miserable, and more than a few have killed themselves. Others find that they can make much more money providing services to wealthy foreigners - especially those with a singular preference for young men of this particular ethnicity, and even nation of origin. In the CEO's community, there's a term for it.
A list CEO: Tim Cook ("Apple, Inc.")
Younger counterpart: Mark Zuckerberg
Populous country: China (2 children per family)

179. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/13
They’re both members of a famous family and were both big names in their fields in Hollywood, but the days haven’t been too kind to either of them and although I wouldn’t call either of them outsiders just yet, they’re not nearly as relevant or as famous as they were during the good old days. One of the big names, the director / producer type, attempted to put together a comeback package and asked the actor to lend their name and talent to the film, but, despite the conversation(s) going well and the script apparently being decent, the actor declined and it’s caused a family feud. Actor is gender-neutral in this blind.

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#1**
Athlete Investor - Mr. Hedge: This athlete investor, about whom I've written previously - is off to a very rough start, early in his inaugural season. His team looks even worse on the field than most people expected, and that's really saying something. Attendance has plummeted - cut in half, even when adjusted for changes made to how it gets publicly reported. In fact, they have already set their stadium's "record" for the fewest number of fans buying tickets to a single game, on 3 separate occasions. As someone who saw the deal terms from the inside, the financial projections forecast both cost cutting AND a revenue increase in year 1. The entire financial plan, which justified the massive price tag his investor group paid for the team - relied upon that trend to continue in future years. The way things are going, his investors will see most of their investment value evaporated - through taking on additional debt to fund operations, in about 3-4 years. Derek Jeter (Miami "Marlins")

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#2**
Apparently the rehab thing didn't work for this foreign born A list rapper. She is still hooked on drugs, and if anything is worse than when she went. Nicki Minaj

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#3**
This married old permanent A list mostly movie actor with multiple Oscar nominations/wins was at a party hitting on a woman probably a quarter his age and told her he just wanted to watch her dress and undress. Robert De Niro

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#4**
This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a now defunct long running hit network show is now about the same listing in the movies. However, there is a group of women, led by this permanent A list actress who wants to see her blackballed because the A lister thinks the A-/B+ lister is a home wrecker and ruined the marriage of the A lister. Umm, it was your serial cheating husband who did that. Jennifer Aniston/Aubrey Plaza/Justin Theroux

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#5**
This foreign raised permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is filming a project right now with a couple of A/A+ listers and had it stipulated in her contract that she was to be provided the largest house while filming on location. Nicole Kidman (Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep) ("Big Little Lies")

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#6**
Lots of pairs of co-stars being sent out to do press for a movie that will need no press to open huge. The studio didn't even try to send out this former "couple" out who are co-stars in the movie because they knew one would refuse to go or not show up. Chris Evans/Elizabeth Olsen ("Avengers: Infinity War")

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#7**
It has been quite some time since this foreign born permanent A list model popped up on the gossip screen. She was a staple for the first several years of the site. While out of her own country, and not anywhere on this continent, the model cheated on her long time boyfriend when she chose to do some yachting with a very very wealthy man. Kate Moss (Count Nikolai Von Bismarck) (Santiago, Chile)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#8**
The entire cast and crew want her fired, but she won't be because she is sleeping with the director of this little project she has going on while taking a break from her television series. She is convinced she has already won the award for best acting in this genre and treats everyone like it and reminds them everyday she is "slumming" while doing the project and she doesn't need it while they all do. Maybe all the botox and fillers she has been getting as of late are messing with her mind. Katharine McPhee ("Scorpion") ("Waitress" on Broadway/Director: Diane Paulus)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#9**
Despite hooking up for much of the first season of their almost television show which probably was the final straw in the marriage of this former A/A+ list mostly movie actress the co-stars didn't hook up at all when they filmed the second season which probably saved the marriage of the male A-/B+ list co-star. Drew Barrymore (Will Kopelman)/Timothy Olyphant (Alexis Knief) ("Santa Clarita Diet")

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#10**
This B list celebrity who was probably an A- list celebrity/reality star at her peak is getting divorced because her B-/C+ list husband got a 2nd grade teacher pregnant. Brooke Burke-Charvet/David Charvet

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#11**
I have written about this alliterate actress quite a lot in the past few months as she took a publicity stunt and attempts to make a career out of it. Primarily she is just yachting. However, in addition to the pap she is hooking up with for pictures, the pap is also trying to set up the men she is yachting with by blackmailing them if they are married. Nice little racket they have going on here. Blanca Blanco (wore red dress to 2018 Golden Globes)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#12**
This A list comic actress recently found out that her significant other was in a relationship while entering a relationship with the actress. This has caused a lot of friction and also some possible career damage to the actress because of the steps she took when discovering it. Amy Schumer (dropped power publicist and manager Carrie Byalick) when she found out the pair used to date

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#13**
It appears that this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who was recently featured in a picture on the site is set to make a big announcement which would allow me to reveal the people in the picture. Chloe Moretz and Kristen Stewart (2018 GLAAD Media Awards)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#14**
This former A/A- list mostly movie actress who has had a movie franchise and a tv movie franchise is actually regularly eating after her doctor told her she would die within a year. She either had to start eating or giving up booze/drugs so our actress started eating. Tara Reid ("American Pie" and "Sharknado")

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#15**
Interesting that the boyfriend of this permanent A list "singer" has not been around as much since all this family drama started and things have been going back and forth. He may have also instigated her bid for freedom. It wouldn't shock me to see him permanently out of the picture with a large check in his hand. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#16**
The Trafficking Train: A lot of moving parts here that involve not just sex trafficking, but also drug trafficking and an obscure piece of geography that makes it all possible. A couple of decades ago, this foreign born actress was the hottest actress in her country. She wanted to be known. She pushed the boundary of what was socially acceptable in that country and eventually paid the price when the public wanted her to reign it in a bit and she refused. The last movie she made, she was kicked off when she wouldn't sleep with the director. That all changed when a mafia leader in the country went to the home of the director with three other men and raped the director's significant other at the time while making the director watch. The next day, the actress was back on the film, but it was her last. That mafia leader became the husband of the actress and they moved to the Middle East to, you guessed it, Dubai. There they started trafficking in men to be exploited in the construction industry and in women to supply maids and housekeepers for private homes. Those women were often sexually assaulted by their employers and also abused and even in some cases murdered. Other women were trafficked to the country solely for use as sex workers for the men working in the construction industry. The pair never got into any trouble for any of the human trafficking, but did get in some hot water for drugs. They had paid enough in bribes over the years though, that a potential death sentence just led them to having their visas revoked and they were kicked out of the country. The couple then found themselves in an African country. Kenya to be exact. There they continued their human and sex trafficking business and added Kenyan women to the growing list of people they were shipping all over the world. What brought them down again was their thirst for more money and drug trafficking. They just couldn't stop and they were busted. In order to get a lighter sentence, they sold some people higher up in the food chain to authorities and also dropped a lot of high powered names around the world who were the recipients of these women for their "household staff." A shocking number of them went through Canada to the US by a fluke of geography that allows a piece of what should be mainland Canada to actually be located in the US. The border there is porous or non existent and once across, the trafficked women can be moved easily to another state. The way it worked was the women would be flown from India to Canada where they didn't need a visa or were able to easily get one and then walked across the border to the US where they were then put on a boat for an hour to a more easily accessible US location. The couple estimates they shipped 500-600 women that way that were basically sex slaves to their employers. Over the past few years, some of those employers have been exposed when their "employees" have managed to escape.
Actress: Mamta Kulkarni
Husband: Vikram Goswami
Movie/director: "Kabhie Tum Kabhie Hum"/Roop Dutta Naik
Fluke of geography: Point Roberts

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#1**
Apparently her goal for the desert hell known as Coachella is to have sex with this celebrity offspring of foreign born permanent A listers. Who is she? The probable future sex tape making part-time reality star offspring of an escort turned multiple reality show star. Brielle Biermann/Brooklyn Beckham

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#2**
Also in the desert trying to make some bucks in ways other than singing are this directionally challenged rapper and this female foreign born still one hit wonder who our rapper introduces to people looking to how shall we say, have fun. French Montana/Iggy Azalea

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#3**
I'm not sure how this alliterate former C- list celebrity afforded the weekend at Coachella. That being said, she wanted a place to show off the new super sized breasts and is hoping to land a record executive or someone who can get her some product placement money. I think she might end up doing porn with that former Teen Mom. Phoebe Price/Farrah Abraham

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#4**
At a party in the desert, a lot of people were shocked at just how frail and elderly this non elderly permanent A list west coast rapper looked. He probably looked three decades older than his actual age. Snoop Dogg

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#5**
In a recent interview, this A list reality star with a side gig gave a completely false explanation as to a body modification she has. Everyone who knows her or her situation knows the real meaning behind it. Kendall Jenner (lip tattoo)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#6**
Two former members of this group waited by the phones for a week or two, but never got the call. Apparently they were told this weekend's reunion of this group would include most of the former members, but it looks like the only reunion will be with the people who you would expect to be there. The permanent A lister got the hopes up and then crushed them.
Group: "Destiny’s Child"
Former members not included: LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett (Apparently when I wrote this early Saturday morning, the media still didn't believe a reunion was going to happen because they had been told it wasn't going to happen. They didn't actually listen to the dozens of people who were leaking from the rehearsals, etc.)

Former members included: Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams
A lister: Beyoncé

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#7**
It might be the first time I have seen this happen to this alliterate permanent A list Victoria's Secret model. While in the desert, she got turned down by a guy who said he was looking for someone younger. I'm pretty sure the desert heat was affecting his brain. Alessandra Ambrosio

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#8**
This always too thin fashion designer/celebrity says she and her husband are taking a break right now. Rachel Zoe/Rodger Berman

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#9**
A Reader Blind: One closeted half of one of the best bands ever was having an affair, rivaling that of Shakespeare, with his long dead bandmate. The two first met prostituting when they were around 15 as they were incredibly poor. When that backfired, one suggested mugging dudes in back alleys but the more violently perceived one couldn’t do it, so they started an empire. Despite the fact they were estranged for the late halves of their lives, they often booked rooms in hotels under different names and their public feud was just for show, much like most of their lives. As well as this they ghostwrote some of the most famous songs ever for each other, and called each other regularly. Their relationship in its day, though not public was an open secret, especially to their rock buddies who admired the couple greatly. The wife of the deceased member of this couple has no idea and would probably scream if she found out. The wife of the other knew about it, supported it and just wanted her husband
to be happy even if that meant abandoning the kids. During their reign, they threw bricks at each-others windows, tried to fight each-others girlfriends, publicly screamed about how much they missed each other at parties, spiralled into depression, took copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, and were planning to ‘reunite’ and get a old man farm together before one half’s unfortunate death. The alive one, who is considered a bit lame, still loves his other half immensely and plans to release a tell-all once the banshee dies as he wants to preserve their relationship and finally tell the truth about the ordeal. Truly a sad story indeed. John Lennon (Yoko Ono)/Paul McCartney (Linda McCartney) ("The Beatles")

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#10**
This former A+ list tweener is spending his time in the desert alternating between LSD, mushrooms and Ayahuasca. Justin Bieber

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#11**
Apparently this foreign born initialed singer spent much of the night last night and early morning hours in the desert at her rental on a drunken lizard killing spree which as described as horrific and terrifying. Charli XCX

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#12**
KINDNESS: This still a teenager for a few more months has spent much of her life wandering from one Disney show/movie to the next and has millions upon millions of followers on social media. She is in the desert this weekend and had hundreds of sponsors send her passes and tickets and swag bags and she has been giving them all away to anyone who asks. She literally gave away dozens of full weekend passes and wristbands into VIP areas and tickets to after parties. She has been a walking love fest to everyone. The thing is I think she is planning to repeat it all next weekend. Madison Pettis

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#1**
This foreign born permanent A list singer is in the desert this weekend for some fun. Missing was her boyfriend. Present was a woman who apparently had inserted a remote control vibrator that our singer triggered everywhere the couple went. Rihanna

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#2**
A Reader Blind Item: Back in the day, there was a famous feud that sometimes spilled out into public view - on tv, in the courts, and on the pages of certain magazines - between two men, both now deceased. They were on opposite ends of one spectrum, and while it may come as a shock to some the same end of a different spectrum. I say a shock to some, but practically everyone suspected it of this person (who we'll call BO, for the series) at one time or another, on one legendary occasion possibly "200,000,000 Americans." He was mistaken for something else in childhood pictures, and was reprimanded as a young officer (he was not career military, you understand) for a stunt worthy of a certain formerly disgraced (times change) English author. By the time it escalated into a legal battle - there had already been years of shouting matches and near altercations - the two had amassed impressive files on each other. The longtime Hollywood procurer for the other (who we'll call JW, for the debut) denies on record that any of his interests there were underage, but what of course about the time he spent abroad, in southern Europe and later in Asia? The sworn statements provided to that legacy detective agency tell a different story. This person went to his grave fearful about the release of these statements and related pictures. The relatives may have been scorned, and left out of the will, but they were still telling the truth. So, why then did BO drop the suit at the eleventh hour, fearful of what he might be asked under oath? It might be because of what JW's team, which included a purported former KGB spy, had found out about BO's own interest: barely legal hustlers, often rough trade. He'd hire them whenever he was visiting his many politician friends in DC. He called them his "habit." For him, the revelation would have been enough to end his career, and bring down his empire. It's a shame that the movie left so much of this story out. I wonder how much the shelved one was going to say.
BO: William F Buckley
JW: Gore Vidal
Movie: "The Best of Enemies"

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#3**
This barely closeted former B+ list mostly television actor on a now defunct singing ensemble show is about to come out with his barely closeted actor boyfriend. The former is trying to get a tabloid cover for the announcement.

Kevin McHale ("Glee") (and it took him less than a week from this blind) Austin McKenzie (Broadway Revival of "Spring Awakening")

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#4**
This very prompt A- list rapper was really into the foreign born still one hit wonder yesterday in the desert. That is until he said they should go back to his house and she asked for money. He said he doesn't ever pay and walked away. ASAP Rocky/ Iggy Azalea

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#5**
No one could even figure out why this foreign born former A+ list singer was at a party in the desert. She crashed it. No one was going to kick her out, but it was the most random thing ever. Apparently she wanted selfies with everyone there who is famous now. Trying to appeal to a younger audience? Trying to find a producer who will do what her ex did and let her take the credit for what he did? Shania Twain

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#6**
This one year wonder doesn't even have the lock on a reality show for herself any longer that caused the split of her long term relationship. Apparently the producer found a different person to sleep with who looks more likely to get her own show. Olivia Culpo ("Miss Universe 2012")/Danny Amendola

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#7**
I always give her credit for trying. This former tween show actress who was way older than a tweener when she headlined it is out in the desert and making the rounds at every party and talking to as many people as she can. She was also out with fans taking selfies with anyone who asked. She did voice mail recordings and signed autographs. She is trying her best to land a gig other than product placement. Victoria Justice

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#8**
Our favorite closeted actor is in the desert and enjoying all that hit show Emmy type buzz by feasting on a variety of guys and pushed the beard to the background. He didn't think anyone recognized him coming out of that villa at the Hyatt in Indian Wells making out with another guy. Darren Criss (Andrew Cunanan "American Crime Story") (Mia Swier)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#9**
Why yes that was the always broke A- list rapper reuniting with his A list reality star ex while in the desert together. No sex but they were all over each other for a good solid hour. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#10**
This no stranger to coke A- list rapper was in the desert looking like a Miami Vice reject and got kicked out of a swag party for doing coke. G-Eazy

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#11**
Apparently once dating a person of color is the reason this B list model/celebrity offspring says that she is allowed to use the N word. Ummm. No. Bella Hadid

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#12**
This former A+ list rapper turned basically one step away from being a hermited Howard Hughes is mixing his meds again and trying to play with doses and when he does that just becomes a zombie. Eminem

220. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/16
He’s an A list name in sports right now and one of the most talked about athletes in the world, but the talk hasn’t been so much about his skill in the game recently and more and more about his shady personal life. Why so many baby mamas? Why so many kids? Why such shady circumstances? Our source, who has played ball with the athlete first hand, claims that he has a big time "impregnation fetish" and loves the idea of filling women with his seed. I’m not expecting women and men to be united in their condemnation, but I think the consensus of people would agree that this wouldn’t be a big problem if he was taking care of his kids and unfortunately I’m being told he isn’t… Dwight Howard (Never married, Howard is the father of five children, by five different women, living in three states.)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#1**
ACM AWARDS: This A list country singer in an A list country group said she had only eaten one meal in the past week. She purged that meal. Hillary Scott ("Lady Antebellum")

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#2**
ACM AWARDS: This A-/B+ list singer started off in another entertainment format. He is closeted, but was making out with another guy at an after party last night. Chase Rice (contestant on "Survivor: Nicaragua")

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#3**
ACM AWARDS: This former A list singer in a former A list group is supposed to be sober, but was boozing it like crazy at an after party last night.

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#4**
ACM AWARDS: Once again, it looks like this on fire right now A- list singer is going to get hurt by her significant other. How is it that he only wants to work with women and no men? The only phone numbers he was collecting last night while getting hammered at an after party were those of young women. Kelsea Ballerini/Morgan Evans; Maren Morris/Ryan Hurd

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#5**
ACM AWARDS: This A/A- list country singer is married. He has multiple Platinum and Gold selling singles and he has won at least one ACM Award. He has faded the past couple years but is still A- list. Despite his wife being around last night, he kept groping women and when busted would say he was drunk or pushed or thought they were someone else. Toby Keith/Tricia Lucus

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#6**
ACM AWARDS: This A list celebrity who probably didn't have the kind of past few months that she wanted was hitting on a married record producer and knows he is married and didn't care. Lindsey Vonn

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#7**
ACM AWARDS: This foreign born A list singer is clearly back on drugs again and he looks awful in person. He looks gaunt and pasty and really could use some help. Keith Urban

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#8**
ACM AWARDS: This former A list singer/actress who is trying desperately to regain that status says she is tired of her very wealthy husband cheating all the time and they have been talking divorce. Eve

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#9**
This B- list celebrity who only gets that high because of who he "dated" and because his name is easy to remember was in the desert this weekend and hooked up with that closeted foreign born former A+ list boy bander. Casper Smart (Jennifer Lopez)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#10**
Apparently that attacker in the not too distant past had magical powers because the attacker managed to somehow open an admittedly locked car door before the attack. Huh. Or, you know what? Maybe there was no attack. Corey Feldman

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#11**
The Lookalike - A Reader Blind Item: Back in the day, this band was one of the most popular acts touring America. They were a traveling party and their fans worshipped them. Some of their fanbase was very young. Too young to legally consent to certain activities. And tragically, an adult male on the fringe of the rock scene in one part of the USA who looked a great deal like one of this band's lineup took cruel advantage of a few kids and their star struck naiveté, convincing them he actually was a star in this group. He lured them to motels and did very illegal things to these kids. Stories started floating around about what was happening. The manager knew he had a huge problem on his hands. This musician was no boy scout, as he loved to party and loved his drugs. But he wasn't a child abuser. The manager soon talked with a leader within a certain very notorious subculture (these guys DO NOT like being referred to as a 'gang'). The members of this subculture were greatly offended anyone would abuse their friend's celebrity in such an evil way. The two commiserated over how the musician's reputation could suffer enormously if he was thought by police and the public of committing the crimes that his lookalike had. They needed a plan. The very scary if he wasn't your friend leader assured the manager he'd take care of it soon. And he did, with some other very scary friends of his. The lookalike conman predator soon disappeared. Did he get a stern warning to leave town permanently? Was he beaten into a bloody pulp and maimed? Killed?! Not exactly sure (the scary guys tend to not talk about these matters publicly), but he wasn't out impersonating and raping anyone on that scene anymore. Can't imagine anybody, even law enforcement, if he was on their radar back then, are too concerned about his general welfare after he did these things that made him such dangerous enemies." "The Grateful Dead"/"The Hell’s Angels"

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#12**
I think in the next year or so, we are going to wonder why no one did anything to help this former tweener turned adult actress/singer as she killed herself with booze and drugs. The thing is though, she has had several interventions and multiple trips to rehab. The only thing I haven't seen tried is a 24/7 sober coach. She needs it. Probably the worst weekend I have seen her have in two years. Selena Gomez

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#13**
Lost in the salaciousness in the rest of the story, people need to be talking about the $10K a day this former A+ list athlete is spending on coke and hookers a day. John Cena

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#14**
Out in the desert this weekend, this still not old enough to drive B- list mostly television actress who is the offspring of an A- list celebrity couple ran very quickly away when asked if she wanted to partake in some coke. Hopefully she will continue to run the opposite direction.

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#15**
"Aren't you like 50? Why are you here?" Question asked in the desert this weekend to this former A- list singer in a manufactured group turned reality judge mainstay, who really had no answer and just walked away and shortly thereafter out of the party. Nicole Scherzinger

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#16**
Why yes, that was the former one-fifth turned one-quarter of a group that no longer probably exists passed out in the desert dirt at a house party. Face down and topless. Lauren Jauregui ("Fifth Harmony")

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#17**
How creepy is it to have the pseudo celebrity dad who is married to a permanent A lister always wanting to meet the young male friends of his kids. There he was doing it again this weekend. Rande Crawford/Cindy Crawford

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#18**
The Photographer - Mr. Hedge: This serial pedophile was a Hollywood photographer for decades. He has not been discussed in any previous blinds. He hails from a state in the Midwest, so let’s call him M. M’s father was a locally famous media personality. His father always defended M’s innocence publicly, and used his connections to help get M out of trouble on a number of occasions. Almost 4 decades ago, M was charged with soliciting a minor for sex, and got off with a warning. About 3 decades ago, M was arrested for abusing a young teen boy he photographed, as well as child porn. Through a plea deal, M only spent a couple months in jail. Despite M’s conviction and order to stay away from children, he went straight to Hollywood. M became friends with another serial pedophile who has been discussed here before, NS. For many years, through NS, and eventually others, M would make frequent trips to Hollywood to both photograph and physically molest young boys. NS was one of many pedophile managers of child actors who provided introductions on M’s behalf. M would then sell photographs on the internet. He even had his own website, by his own name. He used the typical style - shirtless/barefoot young boys at a downward angle, over which pedophiles are known to fetishize. M would sometimes do close-up shots, featuring the bare armpits of pre-pubescent boys, which is another common pedophile fetish. M would also sell the child porn he produced through his Hollywood connections. About a decade ago, M was finally busted for child porn once again. A raid of his Midwest home turned up many, many images and videos. As a repeat offender, it looked like M was headed to jail for a long time. Incredibly, M managed a plea deal, with the help of his prominent father’s local connections. Over 20 child porn charges were dropped, in exchange for a guilty plea to 1 single count. This plea deal put M in jail for only a couple years. During this relatively brief jail stint, it was discovered that his web site was still in operation, selling the same barely-legal young boy photographs as always. A friend stepped in to run the website while M was in jail, and he claimed it was due to demand by fans. Believe it or not, there was yet another pedophile with the same first and last name, who was convicted of molesting a young boy for years in CA – as his piano teacher.

M: Robert C. Lamb
M’s Father/job: Bill Lamb (once the most popular radio disc jockey in Flint, Michigan)
NS: Marty Weiss
M’s friend who ran website while in jail: Brad Miller
Other pedophile with different middle name: Robert Bruce Lamb

239. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/17
They seem to be happy and loved up, but more and more of her friends are telling me that they’re disturbed. ‘He’s a bit of a ponce,’ says one source of the A/B list star’s partner. ‘He doesn’t have a job. He doesn’t have any money. She spends thousands and thousands on him a week. He can’t even buy dinner.’ ‘He had no interest until he found out who she was,’ another says. One of her friends tells me specifically that ever since the falling in love stage, the star buys him "an insane amount" of designer clothes that, the friend jokes, are worth the same as a small bar of gold. Ollie Jackson/Maisie Williams

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#1**
Don't believe the hype. There is no way that the foreign born still one hit wonder would ever go out with the always broke A- list rapper more than one time. He can't afford her prices. Plus, he is hooking up with his ex just to get a little cash infusion of his own. Iggy Azalea/Tyga/Kylie Jenner

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#2**
Apparently the fight may go to lawyers after an epic screaming match. This foreign born A list celebrity who used to fancy herself a singer back in the day thought she was doing something good for charity and she was. The only problem is that this foreign born A/A- list celebrity wanted all the money from the project to go to the people it was highlighting and not charity. Victoria Beckham ("Posh Spice") (Red Nose Day USA t-shirt with a iconic Spice Girls photo)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#3**
At a recent comic con, this permanent A+ list celebrity/writer/creator was basically signing an X in lieu of his name and also disappointing hundreds of fans by leaving early or not able to make it to his assigned time at all. The thing is though, his handlers are trying to make as much cash from him as they can before he passes so keep trotting him out to these events. Stan Lee

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#4**
Show Me The Cash - Mr. Hedge: A couple months ago, a certain streaming service told its investors not to worry about the mountains of cash it was blowing through. A couple billion last year was going even higher this year - but they could always make that change in the future. Just trust them. At the time, I told you this was a lie. Sure enough, the streaming service changed their tune last night, and said they planned to burn through cash for several years to come. But don't worry, all is good - just lend them more money. So if a business charged a price for something its customers loved - but really needed to charge 25% more just to cover its cash costs, and 40% more just to earn a decent cash profit - what kind of "business" would that be? Would that "business" have anywhere near the number of customers they currently enjoy? Netflix

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#5**
Last week I told you about that foreign born permanent A list model and how she went on a drug and booze binge for the ages after staying out of the limelight for quite some time. Apparently she thought she was having a heart attack during that binge and was rushed to the hospital. Now, she says she is going to go sober. I give that about a week or two tops. Kate Moss

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#6**
This A- list mostly movie actress all of you know definitely has two sides. There was the side that spent a week in the middle of hell on earth doing good for people and then the four days after she spent making $300K for hooking up with a guy in that Middle Eastern country specializing in that type of thing. Amber Heard (Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan supporting the humanitarian organization Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)!)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#7**
When looking at this recent massive burglary of an A lister, I would look to the person who reported the crime. There is some cash insecurity in her life. Grace Miguel (Usher)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#8**
This A list comic/actor took a huge check without telling anyone he took the huge check from a corporate behemoth to advocate for them in a recent public relations disaster. Kevin Hart ("Starbucks")

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#9**
This former A+ list reality star ALL of you know spent some of her time in the desert this past weekend trying to find a woman to hook up with her married father. I know. Guess what? It only took her asking five or six women before she found a taker.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#10**
This Stranger Things actor really needs to lay off the coke. Two bloody nose incidents at one party this past week. Charlie Heaton

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#11**
I have written about this in the past few weeks, but apparently since I wrote it, this A list couple has not been with their kids in person, and it isn't like at least one of them couldn't. I feel like they are props they wish they could give back. George and Amal Clooney

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#12**
This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a now defunct very hit network show learned very quickly that the writer/actor all of you know will cheat in a second. She thought he wanted something serious and went by his place the next day and he was with another woman. Naked. He didn't even bother covering up. Justin Theroux/Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation")

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#13**
Everyone is so obsessed with what this foreign born former A- list model turned B list actress and photos she takes with a family member but totally ignore that she is sleeping with a more distant family member. Liz Hurley/son Damien (nephew Miles Hurley)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#14**
Apparently the most recent overdose was the final straw in the relationship between this foreign born former A+ list boy bander turned drug addict and one of his team. Zayn Malik

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#15**
Kill The Killers: Someone had to do it. The first time was a couple decades ago. The female teens being brought over from the Middle East under the guise of a school being run by the husband of someone in this country extremely wealthy. He had ties back to his home country. There was always violence in the country. It just seemed to only happen to parents and siblings of people who had a very attractive female in the family. There was an agreement in place with the sons of the rulers of this country. They got first shot and then the teen was shipped to a cult here in the US. Often, those teens once they had been here for some time needed to be disposed of for one reason or another. So, that task was at one point in the purview of one of the closest women to the throne so to speak. She would given them something in their tea at night and the teen would never wake up. Well, after doing this a half dozen times, the woman wanted to leave the cult. That was not going to happen and she was killed. Oh, they made it sound like a suicide and no one really paid too much attention to the story and they got away with it. Well, she needed to be replaced with someone else who could do the dirty work and they found such a person. The thing is though, after about a dozen years doing it, she too was wanting to exit the cult. Nope. She was killed a couple years ago and the body cremated before her death was even reported to the authorities. As more details start to emerge with people in the cult looking to cut deals, I think we are going to hear about things that are far worse and way more graphic than we are possibly expecting.

Husband of someone in this country extremely wealthy: Basit Igtet (Sara Bronfman, daughter of the billionaire philanthropist and former Seagram chairman, Edgar Bronfman Sr.)
Home country: Benghazi, Libya
Guise of a school: involved in supporting a school in Cambodia to assist in the non-proliferation of child prostitution
Sons of the rulers of this country: Muammar Gaddafi (Muhammad, Saif al-Islam, Al-Saadi, Mutassim, Hannibal, Saif al-Arab, Khamis and Milad (Adopted)
Cult here in the US: Keith Raniere ("NXIVM")

Suicide helpers: Gina Hutchinson/Pamela Cafritz

255. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/18
One of the biggest footballers in the UK has made a big decision, a source exclusively tells us. The transfer window in England hasn’t opened just yet, but that doesn’t mean an A list footballer isn’t already planning on making a high profile move. ‘He’s selling his mansion,’ says the source about the unsettled player. ‘It’s a quiet one to a friend, so the papers won’t clock on and be able to create drama before the season is over.’ The footballer is allegedly planning on forcing a move through if his team’s hierarchy say no and has already united his agent and his publicist in their efforts to find a good contract at another club. Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has a franchise and a higher on the list ex. He really should ask for a DNA test because last I checked, the mother of his baby was in the arms of another guy late last summer. Nicholas Hoult (Jennifer Lawrence)/Bryana Holly

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#2**
Unless there is some quick settlement, you are going to see this permanent A+/A list singer being embarrassed on a fairly regular basis. There will be stories leaked or court filings. I told you a long time ago this former relationship was going to get ugly and end up in the courts. Mariah Carey/Stella Bulochnikov

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#3**
This serial cheater is doing what he does best. Cheating on his wife. The A list comic actor hooked up with several different women while recently on tour. Kevin Hart

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#4**
This former A- list reality star who has been running a crazy investment scheme needs to keep one of those investors from pulling out or the whole house of cards will collapse. So, our reality star has been reaching out to the disgraced celebrity and even taking his side. Scott Disick (Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloé Kardashian)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#5**
If the show can get a long enough break and tape some shows in advance, the plan is to try and get this A list talk show host into rehab. He just can't control his drinking. Jimmy Fallon

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#6**
One wouldn't think that if you are an A list celebrity (close to permanent) in his corner of the entertainment world and your wife is an A list model that you would cheat. You would be wrong. He found someone younger. Justin Verlander (Kate Upton); Adam Levine (Behati Prinsloo)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#7**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is a part of a long long running franchise at least for one more installment didn't like the event her people had booked her for. So, she did what I would do and decided to make the most of it by getting hammered and everyone left loving her. Naomie Harris (Eve Moneypenny "Bond 25") (Marriot International Loyalty Programme Launch Party)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#8**
The show was bad. The show took a lot of heat from outside groups. Despite those things going against it, this network show from just a few years back was going to get a full season order. The network didn't want to upset the star who was working on a new project after being on some really successful shows and felt if they could make it through one season, they could fire the showrunner and get a fresh start. The problem of the show was the showrunner. The guy was hitting on every woman in the place. He would yell and be abusive to everyone. He had a number of personalities that would suddenly appear and disappear and some days the cast and crew were truly scared to be there. It all grew to be too much and the show was canceled.

Show: G.C.B. ("Good Christian Bitches")
Star: Kristin Chenoweth, Marisol Nichols, Jennifer Aspen or Leslie Bibb
Showrunner: Robert Harling

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#9**
Apparently this married foreign born A/A- list singer who is bigger around the holidays than the rest of the year was cheating on his wife. I mean that is so common for him it doesn't even need to be a blind item. Here is the crazy part. One of the women he was hooking up with actually had no idea he was married OR a celebrity. She just thought he was some random dude and didn't know anything until she saw him on an award show. And yes, they are from the same country, and yes, he used his real name when talking to her. Michael Bublé ("JUNO Awards") (Canada)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#10**
Interesting. This former A list celebrity/syndicated actress turned celebrity/reality star/part-time escort says she has been interviewed by four different governments about her involvement with this foreign born A list infamous celebrity and why she always visited the same restaurant before visiting him and the same clothing store after visiting with him. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#11**
Kind of telling that this foreign born permanent A list celebrity couple were in the same city for several days after not being in the same city for a month-ish and neither bothered to spend time with the other. David and Victoria Beckham

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#12**
Apparently that really rich/knows everyone/has recordings which is how he got away with the stuff that he did teen trafficker/pimp/island owner recently got served with a search warrant. Jeffrey Epstein

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#13**
Some of that newfound fame appears to be going to the head of this reality star on a very very hit reboot of which he is not an original member. He is cheating on his long time significant other with just about anyone he runs into at clubs while out promoting the show. Karamo Brown ("Queer Eye")

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#14**
It is kind of amazing that this C list celebrity is trying to sell photos of this B+ list celebrity offspring using heroin while still dating him.

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#15**
Considering how loud she was during sex at a party this past weekend in the desert, I think we can all safely assume that this B list celebrity offspring/model of someone who might be lower on the list than her now is not in fact doing anything with that foreign born A list singer. Hailey Baldwin (Shawn Mendes)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#16**
Big Evil - Mr. Hedge: About a decade ago, an international criminal ring sourced a great deal of money to fund an investment. This investment has paid off spectacularly for them. They found a remote corner of an impoverished Asian country, and set up a destination where ultra-wealthy clients could indulge in all sorts of illegal evil. The owners provide all of these things for their clients. They even gave the government a piece of the action. Child prostitutes, check. Drugs of any kind, check. Other "goods", which are in specific demand in that part of the world, are openly available in relatively large quantities. Pictures have even popped up very recently. As a side to all of this, the group also trafficks in endangered animals including bears, tigers and elephants.

International Criminal ring: The Zhao Wei crime network
Investment: Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone
Destination: "Kings Romans Casino"
Endangered animals/"other goods" and harvested organs

Which Royal Family Member Is Secretly Gay – EXCLUSIVE. Insiders tell Straight Shuter that while the whole world has been focusing on Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, another Royal has been keeping a big secret – he is gay. "Within certain circles in London it is widely known that this member of the family is gay. The public has never been told and there are no plans for him ever to officially come out," sources tell Straight Shuter. "The fact he was once married and has children has enabled him to keep his private life private, so far." Prince Andrew, Duke of York

273. POPBITCH 04/19
Which supermodel has started to interest HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) for more than just her looks? Someone has apparently noticed she's been asking for her appearances at corporate events to be paid only in cash. Naomi Campbell

An hour-long drama series listed as a "safe bet" on our 2018 Renewal Scorecard is on the verge of getting downgraded to "could go either way" — and the potential status change is not the result of any kind of ratings downturn. Rather, it’s due to an increasingly untenable "personnel problem," per a source. Turns out one of the series’ leads has become impossible to work with, and his massively disruptive behavioral issues are causing the network/studio to rethink bringing the series back. Clayne Crawford ("Lethal Weapon")

275. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/19
Two of the biggest shows in the western world (Although I hear one is big in Asia) exist on the same network and what does that mean exactly? It should mean unity and team spirit, but in the world of television it means fierce competition and the network had to have an intervention with the showrunners to stop tension from getting too out of control. ‘[Show A] just feel that their success has allowed [Show B] to have so much creative freedom and such a high budget and they don’t appreciate it or show gratitude.’ "Game of Thrones"/"Westworld"

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#1**
Considering how much meth this alliterate former A list singer is smoking each day, his next concert appearance should be one to watch. He is a mess. Marilyn Manson

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#2**
Don't believe the hype. This A+/A list mostly movie actress has been sick lately because she has been trying to kick heroin. Apparently she kicked it for a week and went through withdrawal only to do some and almost overdose before repeating the process of withdrawal. Angelina Jolie

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#3**
This Teen Mom/former Teen Mom recently got beaten by her significant other when he caught her talking to a guy at a grocery store. Jenelle Evans/David Eason

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#4**
I have previously written about his unusual tastes in movies, but apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has a collection of movies featuring Japanese women being tortured and raped and rumors that one is also a snuff film. The reason it is a rumor is that the woman appears close to death in the movie and you see a man come from off screen with a samurai sword and raises it at her. As he swings it down, the film stops. Nicholas Cage

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#5**
Apparently he was nervous for his recent television appearance so this A list musician in a permanent A list band went overboard in the botox and fillers in his face and it showed. I'm not sure why he got lip fillers too. Kind of a crazy look for him. Richie Sambora

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#6**
In a classic case of they only write what a publicist tells them to write, Kneepads went all in on the new boyfriend story of this alliterate actress and totally skipped the part where he has been married for 20 years with kids and moved out to move in with the actress after hooking up with her in secret for a few weeks. Paula Patton/Zach Quittman

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#7**
This B+ list mostly movie actress who has had some movies and television appearances since her last foray into more than one season of television ended was recently at a big event. She was kind of a host of it. Anyway, she kept lowering the top of her already revealing dress and kept asking people if her breasts looked to be the same size. She must have asked a half dozen people back stage. It was so odd, but everyone said she didn't appear to be drunk or on any pills. Keke Palmer

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#8**
A Reader Blind Item: In 2016, there was an incident which made international news - a big name celebrity fell afoul of a criminal group. While the story itself was reported, what didn't ultimately get revealed was that these criminals were working for a very dangerous organization. To be honest, the celebrity was just lucky that things didn't go more badly for them. The incident was interestingly timed to coincide with the expected release of information by a prominent media organization that ultimately never materialized when everyone expected it to. Had this information gotten out, it would have caused significant shock globally and embarrassed authorities in the country. So instead of allowing the truth to get out, there was a cover up. Police intentionally allowed conflicting statements to be made, protocols were broken, fake camera footage was distributed to the media, reports where experts asked inconvenient questions were scrubbed from tabloids, witnesses were sent abroad and not allowed to return. A few outlets, hungry for a scoop, put out enough information that a few individuals began to ask questions. But with friendly news organizations running cover, the truth has remained hidden. Which in a way is unfortunate because this celebrity might have actually gotten a lot more public sympathy for what they went through.
Celebrity: Kim Kardashian
Incident: Paris robbery (intended to be a kidnapping)
Organization tied to criminals: ISIS
Media outlet releasing information: Wikileaks (10th anniversary celebration) - the kidnapping would have distracted from any "October surprise" which many were speculating would be released as part of the event.

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#9**
Mr. X: The rumors are growing louder that this B-list singer and celeb spawn and several members of her family will appear on the upcoming season of the docu-series of her friend, that A/B-list mostly TV actress. The fact that the singer and her family have been over at the home of actress quite a few times lately makes you wonder. Not only that, but security vans were parked outside the house in case spies from that sect that they were once a part of tried snooping around. If this is true, the ratings will go through the roof. Lisa Marie Presley/Leah Remini ("Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath")

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#10**
Maybe this former A list teen movie star could have done without the $2200 bottle of wine when he went out to dinner the other night. Corey Feldman

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#11**
Back in the day, maybe 20 years ago or so when she was first starting out, this permanent A list mostly movie actress who really doesn't act much any longer hooked up with this foreign born permanent A++ list singer. I just think it is amusing given the recent tabloid buzz. Kate Hudson/Steven Tyler

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#12**
Our favorite closeted A list reality star with a side gig has been seeing someone for the past two months. They met at retreat in Ojai. Kendall Jenner

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#13**
This A- list writer/part-time actress was the life of the after party at a recent premiere. She also showed off talents from one of her back in the day jobs which kind of was a big shocker to see right there in front of a group of people. Diablo Cody ("Tully" premiere) (full-time feminist stripper)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#14**
It might be a little revenge in this move, but apparently the former A+ list reality star everyone still doesn't really like is going to take over the spot where her former employee's retail store is set to close because no one shops there. Paris Hilton (Kardashian’s "Dash" boutiques)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#15**
Even though this A+/A list mostly movie actor is seeing lots of other women, he is trying to keep his soon to be divorced ex from seeing anyone and is always doing drop bys. It is all kinds of messed up. Channing Tatum

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#16**
This B-/C+ list reality star from multiple shows in the same network family was at an event today and absolutely no other celebrities knew who she was. By the third time trying to explain it, she just gave up and introduced herself by name. Corinne Olympios ("The Bachelor", "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise") (WE Day California To Celebrate Young People Changing The World)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#17**
This married former A list reality star who is in a reality family with tentacles even reaching overseas has been earning a living by hooking up with men that her husband finds for her. Jenni "JWoww" Farley (Roger Mathews) ("Jersey Shore"); ("Geordie Shore")

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **18**
Oh, this is so good and so typically small town Hollywood. Guess who, when she was back doing pay for play on that game show hooked up with this now disgraced A list mostly movie director. Yeah, so no big deal about that and apparently she was willing to hook up with him for free. Not for free though, was this partner of the disgraced director who now has a national stage. Yep. There is no way she is telling her future husband about those though right? For sure not the latter. Meghan Markle ("Deal or No Deal")/Brett Ratner/Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#19**
The Expert - A Reader Blind Item: This man was no joke. He'd killed many times, both in a foreign nation during a war and on the streets in his own country. He got into a business after his military years that allowed him to become very wealthy. An illegal business. With the help of a tactical genius the expert met after the war when fleeing his hometown, he and their powerful new business associates located near the equator managed to bring in incredible amounts of cocaine to power millions of Americans during their partying throughout the late seventies and into the go go eighties. There were several other enterprising people who'd quickly made fortunes in the USA through this competitive business, but the presence and know how of their genius gave the expert and his crew the advantage over all of the rest. Air, land, sea, their genius outsmarted the government every step of the way when it came to smuggling. And anyone they needed to bribe, usually local authorities, they had no trouble bribing with big bucks. The expert met lots of people, some famous and some not so well known. Some he liked, some he couldn't stand. One he did not like was a movie star, among the hottest of the 1970s A listers. This still living actor assumed he was entitled to free blow wherever he went back then because of a role he played that established him as very cool among wannabe mob guys and real gangsters alike. This actor hoovered up a large amount of nose candy in record time when they met and demanded more immediately, not sharing it with any of the others there that day. The expert didn't enjoy his company during their meeting and basically told him off in no uncertain terms when asked for his number to later stay in touch. A group
he socialized with after he became very rich were a legendary bunch of pros in another field, this one a legal business, but one that also had short career spans for most. They were at the top of their game in the late 1970s, destroying their competition and setting new standards for toughness. Some of them came to his home one night around a very important point in their careers and were impatient for the party favors to get doled out. Because the expert liked them a lot, he didn't treat them like the mob icon actor. Due to the source of his wealth, he never had trouble providing high quality party favors for his guests. He partied with lots of people in this field. After that year's big success soon afterwards, he was there with them again, partying in a hotel this time and enjoying the post-victory glow. Life was sweet for the expert. He had many women, but only one was truly the love of his life. They had a very volatile relationship. He cheated, she cheated. They fought. A lot. She wanted to get into acting. Already a stunning woman who made a career in modelling, she seemed like a natural for the big screen. And there was a trip out west to see if they could get her career off on the right foot. He met some people who worked in TV and movies, people easily impressed by guys from the other side of the tracks that seemed like they knew what they were talking about. He certainly had enough money to invest in productions if he wanted to. He saw how their so called experts advised them about how deals allegedly went down. Their scripted scenes often involved large amounts of product and money being openly exchanged in public places and in broad daylight by clueless fools who didn't resemble the dangerous, no nonsense men the expert dealt with all the time. He told the TV and movie people that their advisors were full of crap. Nobody for real dealt their product that way. It was TV BS. The lady of the expert eventually got a small role in a film, this one starring an A list 1970s star. One barely alive and not well liked by CDAN writers and readers alike. I think you'll all know who he is. His career was starting to run out of gas by this point. A new generation of young stars who weren't so cocky were about to emerge and this aging man was still acting like he was the king of the world. The poster for the film was a rather silly idea, based upon a plot device that you might not get away with today. The lady of the expert was on this poster with the A lister, but you saw something one didn't normally see in mainstream ads. It was mostly about her body and the fading box office power of the star. That was the high point of her acting career. She had a couple of other screen appearances. One in a tossed together sequel, another much later on as herself in a truly great film. The expert dealt with people who valued family above almost everything else. Even third cousins and in-laws were treated like royalty. And those often tenuous connections allowed another American who had a big mouth far more power than he should have ever possessed. This man married to a relative of the powerful people near the equator eventually got in very big trouble and then ratted out the expert, the genius, and basically everyone else he could when he got busted. He was the proverbial weak link in the chain that destroyed their whole empire. A guy who redefined WITSEC, way beyond Henry Hill in his overall impact. The expert and the rat are both dead now. The genius is alive, now back in trouble of a different kind, but out of that particular business which made him cool to many that revere Scarface nowadays. Someone should portray the expert in a biopic one day. And someone else should portray the genius as well. Someone who isn't a 21st century version of the widely despised former A list CDAN staple. He deserves better than that.
The expert: Jon Roberts ("Cocaine Cowboy")
The genius: Mickey Munday
Cokehead star: Al Pacino
Pros in another field: "Pittsburgh Steelers"
Lady of the expert: Toni Mooney
CDAN despised star: Ryan O’Neal ("So Fine")
Rat: Max Mermelstein

295. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/20
He’s a legendary actor and has the Academy Award attention to prove it, but you might have to prepare yourself for seeing less of him. A source tells me the A list actor is planning on quietly retiring from appearing on screen and possibly staying in the industry via producing and potentially directing. ‘He wants to dedicate his time to stopping his kids from going haywire,’ jokes the source, who admits that the actor has been falling down the relevance ladder for sometime and knows it. ‘The physical demands have taken a toll and he’s not made of iron." Robert Downey Jr.

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#1**
He checked for cameras, but that same person who has been following him for the past several months stayed for many hours in the room of this serial cheating celebrity. He isn't going to stop. Tristan Thompson

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#2**
She didn't want to use a Groupon because that would make news. So, this A+ list singer simply told this agency she would use a different ticketing system next time around if they didn't drop their fees. Voila. 10% discount to the show without using a Groupon. Taylor Swift

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#3**
In the desert last weekend, the celebrity girlfriend of this permanent A list mogul/wannabe singer was forced to watch as he judged yet another one of his favorite male strip shows that involved each of them giving him a lap dance. He then gave $2500 to the winner out of his pocket. Cassie Ventura/Sean "P Diddy" Combs

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#4**
This manager/reality star is estranged from his celebrity wife. Chances of reconciling are pretty slim when she finds out he got some teenage ingenue pregnant. Vince Herbert (Tamar Braxton)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#5**
It wouldn't shock me if this alliterate actress I wrote about yesterday blames all her recent actions on drugs or meds or something of the like. There is something really off about her right now. Paula Patton

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#6**
It didn't take long for this former entertainer turned the affordable movie alternative to his former counterpart to start hooking up with another woman after a recent split. You know, they seem really chummy so this has probably been going on for awhile. John Cena (apparently this woman is still hanging around too) (cheaper version of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#7**
Apparently the married foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and cheats on his wife all the time and is constantly harassing other women has chosen to take the side of the child molesting director. Shocker. Javier Bardem (Woody Allen)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#8**
The Dancing Boy: For the twenty years (this past January) since the overdose, I've suffered from nightly insomnia (which is a shame since coming up I was a talented sleeper). Lately I've been waking up around 4 or 5am, wanting to tell things. Here is one, a thing of things. You see: I share something in common with the subject, at least, of a recent very popular blind. No, I don't mean that we grew up in the same place, although we did. This person revealed this thing, and really I should say other thing, about a half-decade ago, I think. The reason you don't want to is what happened next. The sibling, who in kid times I once counted as a friend, reacted that way. Even more sadly, that most important of older women did too. And then what happened next, which won't, I hope, be happening now. In a grim coincidence, I grew up on the same block as a woman - then nearing old age - whose fictional likeness was already one of the more famous grand-daughter characters (of course, and sadly, that's not all she was). I like to refer to the writer of this one - one of the best of all time - who deserved the award for it. And much as in this other person's case, the two additional types of conduct toward me were also present, and persistent. In one case, when I was eight, the door was flung open on a Sunday morning - refer to the original blind for my state of dress - and I was thrown across the room and against the wall because I wasn't ready to go. Where as one happened in secret, and this one in private, the third one happened basically in public. Lots of people, including friends, will have stories. And I won't hesitate to mention that mine was to me as much I imagine as this other person's, also a booster - someone who believed in you and what you could do. That's the part that makes it all so messed up. By "what happened next" I mean I hope I won't be forced to do/say what happened next. For the connection to the grand-daughter refer to experience of the mother.
Dancing Boy: Ken Hempel
Subject: Amanda Bynes
Woman: Shirley Temple (the communist plot to abduct Shirley Temple)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#9**
In lieu of a donation that she typically gives to the "life coach"/"guru"/scam artist that this foreign born former reality star gave a ton of money to while married she offered up a friend of one of her offspring for sex. Yolanda (Foster) Hadid (Bella or Gigi)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#10**
This former A/A- list mostly television actress turned train wreck is back home and boozing and mixing pills as much as before. Heather Locklear

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#11**
While the cameras were focused on her, our favorite wine buying, drug taking former tweener turned adult actress/singer signed autographs and took pics with fans. As soon as the cameras stopped, so did our actress/singer. Selena Gomez ("2018 WE Day California")

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#12**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actress who has two big hits in her acting career has not even read the book she is out promoting right now. It kind of makes those Q& A awkward. Lauren Graham ("In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It") ("Gilmore Girls" and "Parenthood")

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#13**
Falling down while drunk seems to be a common thing as of late. This permanent A list dual threat actress most known for an iconic television role is the latest victim. Jennifer Aniston

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#14**
This three named A-/B+ list mostly movie actress recently lost a couple of offers that should have come her way. She was told she needed to lose 20 pounds. Jennifer Love Hewitt; Sarah Michelle Gellar

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#15**
This A- list mostly television actor who stars on a long running hit network comedy was noticeably missing from some recent press for the show. He doesn't care and is just gliding through the last season or so of the show and knows no one is going to fire him. He just doesn't care. Ed O'Neill ("Modern Family")

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#16**
This permanent A list mostly movie actress who has multiple Academy Award nominations/wins has been having sex with a 16 year old who bagged her groceries a couple months ago. I'm not going to go look up her age, but a good solid guess is that she is around 4 times his age. Susan Sarandon

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#17**
Continuing his trend of being the biggest a-hole to people who can do him no good is this winter athlete turned reality star. Wow he was awful to people at a recent event this week. Adam Rippon ("2018 Best-Of-The-Best Awards Gala")

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#18**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who is the celebrity offspring of two celebrities loves being on an out of the country press tour. You have never seen a guy so happy to be with guys while back home he has to be always pretending to be straight. Patrick Schwarzenegger (Japan premiere of his "Midnight Sun") (Abby Champion)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#19**
A Reader Blind: Hello fellow readers! Don’t bother to guess who I am, as I’ve primarily lurked throughout the years I’ve been reading this blog. I’d like to share a celebrity encounter from my youth that was the first of many celebrity encounters, but was definitely the most memorable. My mother, as a single parent, did fairly well for herself and as such, I was able to travel to many places as a child. Most times, we drove, but this particular trip was only my second time flying out of the country. She was able to again allow me to join her and a fellow coworker to spend a week visiting a beautiful tropical country. We stayed in a pretty fancy hotel down the road from the Sandals that our tour guide assured us celebrities like Eddie Murphy would visit on their vacations. Even though this hotel was some distance down the road from the Sandals, we still shared the same beautiful blue-watered sandy beach as them, so I crossed my fingers on meeting any. Early in our stay – I believe the first or second full day, my mother & I started to head toward the beach. I should probably describe this a bit. The hotel was on a steep hill next to the beach and there were stairs leading down to said beach. And halfway between the beach and the hotel on this steep hill was one of those outdoor bars that so pretty common in tropical countries like this one. So my mother and I are exploring the hotel on a beautiful clear day and decide to check out the beach. As such , to get to the beach , we have to pass this bar. And since it was her first time in this country as well, she decided we should check out this bar. So we’re sitting in this bar and enjoying the view of the water and beach. Since my chair is facing the stairs, I’m in a prime position to see anyone who passes by, and this spot does not disappoint. Within about 10-15min of us taking our seats, in walks this at the time A/A- list comedic mostly movie actor. Right now, in 2018, I doubt anyone would remember this guy, but at that particular time, he was on top of the world and it’s doubtful there would have been an American kid (or kid from this particular country) who wouldn’t recognize him. And the bulk of his fame came from his breakout role in a major Disney film partially set in the country that many people still remember today. In fact, it was heavily referenced at that major event earlier this year. The star of the film was clearly meant to be an actor that didn’t really seem to get very far. In fact this actor, who I’ll call, "T," has probably worked through the years, but would only truly be remembered for this particular film and another B film that also starred this D-list, but probably permanent B/C-list in his own demographic, mostly movie actor/director/producer. Also in this film was a C/D-list mostly tv actor, "A," who despite still resurfacing on television every few years, is probably most remembered for co-starring on a network tv series that came a few years after this film, and legendary comic/actor, "M," who while great, was still outshone by the breakout actor that I’ll now call, "H." Back to the story. Me, being a kid, immediately went wide-eyed and asked my mom if I was indeed seeing H. My mother, however, has never shared my enthusiasm for the entertainment industry, so she wasn’t sure (despite having seen the film with me the year prior). I slowly approached H and asked if that’s who he was, and he confirmed that he was. I started gushing to him how much I loved his role in the major film as well as the film itself. He ended up chatting with my mom & I for about an hour or so and then said he had to leave. Before he did, he agreed to take a picture with me. I still have that picture somewhere in my belongings. That evening, the hotel had one of its nightly parties that offered the chance to play icebreaker games. During this, the announcer gleefully announced that H (who seemed to be seen as something as a national figure for being in the film) was in the house. As soon as he said this you could see a figure jump up and sprint into the night. And I thought that was that. He was gone and I’d never see him again. The next morning, my mom and I went to enjoy the breakfast buffet in the courtyard, when who should I see already dining, but H. I asked him if I could join him for breakfast and he permitted. We again had a nice chat for some time that morning before he once more stated he had to go. I thanked him for his time and he left. That was that last time I saw him in person. He was in a few more Disney movies and sort of faded after that. The last thing I remember him in was that forgotten network series from the now-disgraced entertainer, and even though I forgot the details of what exactly happened, I never forgot that experience of an international star taking the time to talk to a 9 or 10yr old fan not once, but twice.
The country: Jamaica
The film: "Cool Runnings"
H: Doug E. Doug
T: Leon Robinson
A: Malik Yuba
M: John Candy

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#1**
This A-/B+ list rapper/convicted child sex offender must have to stay away from teens right? How come there he was at a mall stalking a Forever 21 store and hitting on teens who couldn't even be old enough to drive. 6ix9ine

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#2**
Apparently this online tabloid/television show staged a photo late this week involving a former Disney star to try and get a few clicks. Maybe they should have gone for someone higher on the list. TMZ/Orlando Brown’s realease from jail

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#3**
Apparently this actress/singer missed being in this space the past few months because she is in it now for the second time in a week. The actress, who was most recently seen in one of the few bombs of the A+ list show runner who dominates a certain family of networks has made it clear to this underage sex having/STD giving former A list singer that she is willing to hook up with him and live with him if he can help get her singing career headed in the right direction.
Actress/singer: Keke Palmer
Bomb: "Scream Queens"
Underage sex having/STD giving former A list singer: R. Kelly

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#4**
Maybe it was not the best idea to have a blowout fight and then sit front row at a nationally televised basketball game? Just a thought to this athletic couple. Aaron Rodgers/Danica Patrick

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#5**
A new lawsuit is set to be filed in the upcoming two weeks. I guess it is almost a revised lawsuit. Anyway, it goes after this permanent A list mostly movie actor and his group. Apparently there is a blue dress type twist in this lawsuit so to speak. The victim has a pair of pants with the A list actor's semen on it which was preserved. So, this should be interesting to watch when that announcement is publicly made. Kevin Spacey ("The Kevin Spacey Foundation")

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#6**
A Reader Blind Item: A few years ago, I was working on a movie, a low budget horror movie. don't bother looking it up -- it never finished filming, let alone got released, and any reference to it has been scrubbed away. My friends were making it, and I was there just to help, P.A.-ing and stuff like that. Unfortunately, my friend, the lead actor/producer (don't bother looking him up; he's not famous) got a huge ego and started taking control of the project, abusing two of the actresses (two C-list scream queens who work consistently on direct to VOD type stuff; one has actually directed three of her own films so far) with the help of another actress, ex-Playboy model (not centerfold or cover) turned C list scream queen. None of these people are really famous. The one person who was, however, was a B movie legend we had for two days. This legend, who we will call, DR, began his career in earnest three decades ago. He got a couple parts in sequels to horror franchises from back in the day, with two different characters that had similar deformities. He disappeared into a bit player wilderness for a while before being rediscovered by a A-/B+ list director who was briefly A- list in another type of entertainment. The director cast him in another franchise, the one that made him the B movie legend he is today. DR worked a couple times with the director before calling it quits, and he told us why. Now DR is genuinely nice guy -- a complete gentleman. He told us why he stopped working with the director and why it took so long for the director to make another film in the franchise that made his name. The director was an abusive jerk. Manipulation, verbal abuse, bullying -- you name it, he did it to almost anyone within earshot. The director pushed away everyone except his wife and FX man. He was one of the biggest, meanest jerks DR said he met. Maybe the director has calmed down, or maybe DR is smart to not let a good money thing go, but he's reunited with the director for a new film. Hopefully, the director has gotten better. But if you ever watch whatever the director made, or consume his prior artistic output, do so knowing he was probably an abusive a******e to whomever he was collaborating with at the time of making it.
DR: Bill Moseley
A-/B+ list director who was briefly A- list: Rob Zombie
Wife and FX man: Sheri Moon Zombie/Wayne Toth

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#7**
This one is a lot to condense about the A list mostly television actor who went from one hit network show to the next and his wannabe celebrity wife. Yes, I have written about them several times. Apparently the wife pitched herself, badly as it turns out to a daytime talk show using recent appearances on other shows to justify her appearance on this other show. They passed. They did however extend an offer to the best friend of the wife to discuss a subject. Now, unbeknownst to the best friend, the wife went to the producers of the show and threw the best friend under the bus in order to try and land the gig. She was unsuccessful and burned any and all remaining bridges to that show. Oh, and wholly unrelated to the wife or best friend, the producers of the show fired all the interns two weeks earlier than they were supposed to because one of the interns was leaking to a tabloid. Not the intern who gave up all this though. Now, as for the husband? Apparently he instructed all cast and crew there would be no phones allowed at the wrap party. No pictures. No record of anything that happened at that event. Interestingly enough, the wife was not invited, but someone else instead.
A list mostly television actor: Michael Weatherly
Shows: "NCIS" and "Bull"
Wife: Dr. Bojana Jankovic
Daytime talk show/other shows: "NBC Today Show" and "Rachael Ray Show"
Best friend of wife: Dr. Melina Jampolis "Kelly and Ryan")
Who was invited: Cote de Pablo

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#8**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Coming into the light this past week is that this long dead permanent A list mostly movie actor who was an Academy Award winner was a card carrying member of the KKK while in college. Fredric March (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#9**
It has been a slow process of getting photos taken and released that show this A/A- list disgraced actor from an acting family in the best light possible. Notice, they all have been either designed to show he is still working or that he is in a loving relationship with one person who obviously trusts him. No big stories or attempts at covers, just a slooow release of stories designed to shape their own narrative. It is much smarter than the Louis CK strategy of trying to release a story about he would make a comeback which was met with a thud.  James Franco (Isabel Pakzad)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#10**
Reader Blind: This is entirely random and on the d/l, but since it involves that most public of public figures I thought I'd share. Can you imagine how strange and surreal it would be to wake up in the morning and find yourself the subject of one of his 3am hate tweets (Donald Trump)? This just happened to someone I know (though haven't seen in a while). In her capacity as one of the most high profile of these, she has in the current era become a lightning rod for both sides. Not a week goes by when that Philadelphia-based blogger doesn't diss her - men, in particular, are basically obsessed with this person (in a sort of analogous way to that A++ list female politician (Hillary Clinton). Of course, because it's him who is hating on her, DK (Maggie Haberman) has a sympathetic front page post. This all switches from day to day, basically. Anyhow, back in the day (are the 90s back in the day yet?), she and I were in a fiction writing class with a certain out gay novelist (Allan Gurganus (Sarah Lawrence College)) who didn't much like teaching, and was known to the young men of the class for sometimes sleeping with them, and his voluminous porn collection. I wrote this story about being a barely legal hustler in San Francisco called "the Tenderloin's Edge." It wasn't very good (largely because it wanted to be told for what it was - a true rather than fictional story). But she was the only person in the class who got what I was trying to do, and asked me questions about the experience behind it afterward. That's how we got to know each other. It's funny because she was practically a magician when it came to making people feel comfortable about answering questions/sharing. She'd go on to make a living doing hating on her, DK has a sympathetic front page post. This all switches from day to day, that. And she was right: I should write it in her preferred medium, non-fiction. I'm trying to get on that long running radio show ("This American Life") - the one with the themed episodes on the not-for-profit stations ("NPR") - to tell this story. Maggie Haberman/Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton/Allan Gurganus/"This American Life"/"NPR"

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#11**
She is a real model and not just some Instagram celebrity offspring model. She is the offspring of a foreign born permanent A++ lister. She also, despite not great name recognition got her own fashion line. Why? An investment in the designer's company from the A++ lister. Georgia May Jagger (Mick Jagger) (Georgia May Jagger x Morgan capsule collection)

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#12**
This B- list mostly television actor probably had his biggest break for this almost television hit. Now, he is headed to cable for what will be a hit show. Anyway, he has been out promoting it this week and is method which apparently includes during press. The guy he is portraying was a big boozer so that is how the actor is playing it which has led to some interesting press. Alex Rich (Young Pablo Picasso/"Genius")

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#13**
I'm not a fan of this A/A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost television show, but she doesn't deserve all the weight gain comments she has been receiving from the studio and publicists and critics. Drew Barrymore ("Santa Clarita Diet"); Candace Cameron Bure ("Fuller House")

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#14**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress has always been a good actress but for the past year seems to have also been more online tabloid fodder than actress. Her people are spinning a departure from a recent movie as a scheduling conflict, but it was a firing. I kind of feel like she needs a reset. Diane Kruger ("After the Wedding")

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#15**
Interesting, and will probably kill them, but this former acting duo who still have a member of the family doing some acting have been known to have a cigarette smoke off. One day or one week contests to see who can smoke the most and eat the least. Sounds like a crowd pleaser. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Elizabeth Olsen)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#1**
Reader Blind - Mr. Photo: This A-/B+ list actor/singer who has arguably equally successful in both has gone quiet lately. A few years ago while at an EDM Electronic Dance Music) festival in Los Angeles I took his picture backstage while a French DJ whose name is very hard to spell was playing. Our actor/singer didn’t seem to be enjoying the music at all so I found it weird he was there, by himself. Fast forward to the present and after doing a photoshoot with an underage model she tells me he asked her and her friend to join him at his place. They refused. Now I know what he was really looking for at that show. Jared Leto/Tchami

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#2**
Reader Blind - Mr. Photo: If this recent Instagram famous recent Harper Bazaar cover tween wasn’t gorgeous she’d never have gotten that opportunity to guest perform at a desert festival these last two weeks. She says she’s transitioning into singing but that may be a mistake. All of her other model friends are secretly jealous. Sonia Ben Ammar

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#3**
Steven Weintraub/Chris Pratt (NRA)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#4**
This alliterate actress is just one more person who has called out the lack of actual song writing talent this still basically one hit wonder singer/celebrity offspring has and why he has to rely on ghostwriters or ripping off songs for just about everything. Paula Patton/Robin Thicke

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#5**
Apparently we are all supposed to be sheep and continue to believe the no work done mantra from this permanent A list mostly television actress who has done movies including one based off a television show. She can barely move her face from the work done. Sarah Jessica Parker ("Sex and the City")

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#6**
Apparently despite all the talk and the things she wants you to buy, this permanent A list mostly movie actress said the things she recently said about her relationship because she found someone who wants sex even less than she does. Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Falchuk

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#7**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor is married to a woman and in love with a man he met on the set of his most recent movie. They have been inseparable. He actually lives in a guest house of the actor. John Travolta

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#8**
In the desert this weekend, this model is accusing this alliterate former A list singer of sexually assaulting her when she was drunk. Marilyn Manson

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#9**
Once again the "love story" that was crafted by the momager for her reality star daughter crashed and burned so be on the lookout for a new "love." It would be best to stay away from that one named DJ they are discussing because he has some really damaging audio/video out there that will make anyone near him toxic if they ever get released. Kris Jenner/Kendall Jenner (Blake Griffin)/Diplo

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#10**
This foreign born C list celebrity was probably A-/B+ list as a celebrity back when I first started writing. She was in the desert this weekend and was asked more than once if she had a child performing or was she chaperoning someone. She was so out of place and no one knew who she was. It was sad. Lady Victoria Hervey

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#11**
It looks like this B+ list actress all of you know has not really changed her dating style. She went on a first date with a guy about two weeks ago and they met at a restaurant. She reached into her purse while they were sitting at the bar waiting for their table. She pulled out a knife and said something like we can use this the fun way or the not fun way, your choice. Ummm. Anne Heche

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#12**
This frequent cable channel guest went back to his wife. That in turn led this celebrity offspring turned reality star turned celebrity to go back to her husband. That is not going to last. Jason Chaffetz/Bristol Palin

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#13**
What this person does every day to bring love and light to the world is amazing. She seemingly works for a million charitable organizations. She has no idea that her A- list country singer husband is cheating on her. She deserves so much better. Thomas Rhett/Lauren Akins

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#14**
It is really going to freak out a lot of people when this actor who has been extremely vocal about the underage sex/molesting issue is called out for his sexting and online chats with a 16 year old. Ashton Kutcher

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#15**
Apparently you can tell who has final cut on this cable reality show that takes place in the South. That whole breakup was spun to make the guy look like he was the victim when he was cheating on his significant other with every promotional model in town. "Southern Charm" (Shep Rose/Bella Clark)

345. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/23
Comedy fans. Sit down. We have some tee for you. They are one of the biggest names in comedy and were known for selling out arenas all around the United States of America, but things have taken a change for the worse. Someone close to the A list comedian has leaked a few things to us regarding their ticket sales for recent/upcoming gigs and although they’re not exactly bad, they’re not nearly as good as they used to be and the days of selling out nearly every arena is long gone. ‘Nobody has had the heart to tell [name omitted],’ says the sneaky source, ‘but someone will have to get real and have a discussion will have to be had at some point about lowering ticket prices.’ Martin Lawrence

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor is still technically married. He was doing his best this weekend at a very public event to not let anyone see the woman he brought along on the trip. The hair is lighter and she is much younger, but kind of looks like the soon to be ex. Channing Tatum (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) (Honda Indy Grand Prix)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#2**
Apparently this foreign born former A+ list performer who was retired was out one night and saw this guy all over a very young teen. Our former performer didn't know it was a child bride situation. He interfered in the pawing and abuse. The next night our performer was dead. Avicii (in Oman)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#3**
It looks like these foreign born television co-stars who are fairly close to each other on the list have no plans to ever be co-stars in the future despite what fans might want. They can't get along enough to spend five minutes together so there is no way they can do another season of their very hit show despite the short length of seasons for television shows in this country. Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman ("Sherlock")

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#4**
This weekly tabloid is doing its part at behest of publicists to try and revive the career of this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. They got out their kneepads big time to try and get him forgiven. James Franco ("PEOPLE")

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#5**
This barely old enough to drive foreign born actress is probably B+ list. No Disney for her. She is on a fairly hit almost television show as the star. Apparently she had an abortion after one of the producers of the show got her pregnant. She really didn't want to get an abortion but the married producer talked her into it and said she would be fired from the show if she didn't. Sadie Sink (Max/"Stranger Things")

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#6**
Apparently when she was here in the US for a brief amount of time, this former A-/B+ list mostly television actress all of you know had one of her friends fly in to deliver some party supplies which she had not been able to do for almost six months. Our former actress had one hell of a night. Meghan Markle (in Chicago for application for a U.K. visa)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#7**
One of the children in this big reality family has been forced to undergo almost a year of gay conversion therapy after he came out to his family. They are now trying to find him a wife. John David Duggar

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#8**
This barely legal former mid-teen performer on a now defunct talent show had a middling hit a few years back. Now she is hooking up with guys for money and made a porn. The thing is though, the producers of the porn have no idea who she is and the publicity they could get. Google is your friend.

"Stranger Things Have Happened" - A Himmmm Blind Item 04/23

(NOTE: be WARNED: A very long true story. TL/DR if you don't like long reads, but you may skip it if you don't enjoy these. Or save/bookmark it for later. It is in 10 parts for your convenience. Possibly NSFW language too. This is NOT part of our four-part Crazy Days/Nights Blinds/Stories. That fourth and last installment will be published as soon as SOMEONE gets off his arse and sends it, possibly via rickshaw messenger. This was going to originally be our first – but it's been difficult to finish due to emotional reasons. It was written WITH the help and love of one of the people in the story and her words and blessing. Consider it a "bonus" to our series. Please check our Twitter if you desire. We post added items there too. We humbly thank you all so very much.)

I got this phone call just this year. It went like this. She said: "Jeez what balls on these guys. These pricks have the gall to ask me to endorse their half-assed remake plans. Worse, they want me to get YOU to come advise on it. Can you imagine that?" I replied: "Yes, I can. Nothing they do shocks me. Tell them to give us and Cissy, all three of us - script approval and final cut. Hell, tell them we'll buy them out NOT to make it.", I said. That was what I told her. Right before the overwhelming tidal flood of memories began to pull me down. I had to call her back, and four hours later we'd relived the entire ordeal again. In tears, in laughs…together again. The HER in this case? A dynamic woman whom I once dated, and is my best friend's sister. We'll call her "Nin", which is her nickname. She's a C list actress/celebrity offspring, who was mostly in a few direct-to-video/cable-style action movies and has also been a businesswoman. She's the daughter of a former permanent A++list (action) mostly movie actor. She's also the sister of a former A-list (action) mostly movie actor too. We will call him "Buddy" and he's not just her brother; but also my best friend/buddy for over 20 years. Our families were always very close. She and I have known each other since childhood, and we even dated in the early 90's. She called me on this day to fume and spit nails about an idiotic studio that wants to remake a legendary iconic movie (which is very personal for us both). Worse, they want us and others to endorse it. No chance in hell. The Cissy person to whom we referred was a former development executive back in the day, who worked for this foreign born, former A-list action director (who is still trying to get back up the ladder). Since I had a lot of business with that director, I knew Cissy well, and introduced her to set up Buddy on a date. They wound up engaged later. She and Nin became like sisters, and Nin called her Cissy (like "Sissy" but with odd spelling and all). She was a beautiful, brilliant, and tough young lady bound for big-shot future success as a producer in Hollywood. Back then, many nights were spent hanging out, drinking, or sneaking into $1 midnight movies. Carefree and careless. We were pals and delinquent products of "showbiz" childhoods (from our parents - not us). Just basically American kids rolling headlong into the bright big future where the world was our oyster. All we cared about? Music, movies, fun, convertible tops down, and more extra butter on our popcorn. Pretty please. Buddy was my best friend, like my big brother, and my partner in crime going back to our childhoods in the 70s and 80s. He was a few years older than me, but it never mattered. When you're a kid even a few years age difference can be a huge canyon. For us? Never. We were like twins. We used to watch movies and shows when we were growing up – imitating what we saw. Dukes of Hazzard, Stripes, SWAT, A-Team, and the original Batman. Our favorite movie of all times? The Cannonball Run. Of course. We loved pro wrestling. We would beat…the…hell, out of each other. Like boys do. Like brothers do, playing ball in the yard. His mom always spanked our butts harder than my mom. So we spent a lot of time at MY parents place getting into trouble. We'd ALWAYS get caught, but Buddy would win Mom over with that little glint in his eyes and his charming little-boy grin. Our saying was always: "stranger things have happened". Every time our Moms would yell at us, or threaten us with grounding for life or shipping us to military school – we'd say in unison: "stranger things have happened". Then we'd run. We learned to be fast.

We were inseparable every Summer, like a bad dream coming back – we'd terrorize our snotty neighbors. From bottle rockets and potato guns, to water balloons dropped off the fire escapes on studio lots – we were pirates and soldiers. Sneaking into windows at night, playing cops and robbers. Sneaking cigarettes or sips of beer. We were like those boys in The Sandlot; or Goonies; or the two boys in Big. Like family. His Dad was gone, so my Dad was like a Dad to us both. It was great. As we got older, we'd go to concerts, out on double dates, and dream our teenage plans together. We'd play ball and drag race. Bullies stood no chance, and he saved my butt many times. Bullies might make a crack at me, and Buddy would fly in to defend and protect me. In exchange? I'd take him backstage to concerts, on studio sets, and to meet stars. I'd do his book reports and he'd teach me how to talk to girls. I idolized him like a big brother – and he'd always ask me to explain things to him that he didn't understand. We were inseparable and every school break was a new adventure for us. We made plans as we got older, to grow up and go into business together. He was super smart and wanted to be a huge superstar. We planned to start our own studio, and we both loved video games and computers. I taught him how to use my state-of-the-art Tandy 1000. (Don't judge, it was hot back then!). The only thing greater was our love of comics. When I took Buddy to England and we met Alan Moore – we could see the future. But there was always a third wheel; an extra element to our brotherhood. He had this pesky kid sister always tagging along. She and I were almost the same age, but she was kind of a quiet, shy, nerdy girl. I was always old/mature for my age as a kid. The product of growing up at studios, locations, concerts, and offices. She was very sensitive and sweet, and always wanted Buddy's approval. They called her Nin. Buddy always was hitting on MY big sister, and he knew their flirting drove me mad. So I used to pretend that his little sister was going to be my wife someday just to anger him. One day when we were kids, she came strutting into the den in dress-up play clothes dressed like a little bride. I pretended to be a groom. She had flowers and asked if I would be HER wife?? After the laughter explosions, I kissed her chubby sweet little cheeks and told her "I DO". She yelled "YIPEEE!" and danced around in her mom's oversize clunky heels. When their mom ran in – Nin told her, and their mom laughed too. She snapped a Kodak photo of us in our pretend wedding clothes; said it was fine with her, though we'd have to wait at least 10 more years. Buddy stopped laughing. "Stranger things have happened", I said. He gut punched me, I burped in his face, and we began wrestling again. And so it went, year after year for two best buddies. A few years passed, and shy Nin started to grow out of her shell, and her cute baby fat stage, into a beautiful, brilliant young woman tougher than any boy. I also noticed a beautiful artistic soul growing in her. When I found out she was stood up from her school dance (probably because Buddy threatened the boy); I waited until Buddy was asleep on the sofa, and I went to her room and wiped her tears. I convinced her that the idiot boy must've had diarrhea or something, and crapped his pants. It's the ONLY explanation for not showing. She giggled through her tears at my stupidity – but it was working. I told her I had an idea. She missed her dance? I'd give it back to her. She still had her makeup on and hair looking so pretty, so why waste it? She didn't believe me when I told her how pretty she was. Everybody else was asleep, so we snuck out her window onto the roof. I took her little boom box radio and put in a mix-tape I'd given to her earlier of pop songs. I turned it on softly at her window, we turned off the lights, and with a blanket we crawled onto the shingles to re-create her school dance. I told her I'd be honored to be her date, if she'd have me - and as "Time After Time" by Cindy Lauper played, I sang to her as we danced, just like a real dance. She sobbed into my shoulder – as we tenderly swayed with each other. I wiped her cheeks and she smiled. I saw the warmth in those big, dark eyes. She held me tight and I kissed her for the first time – which turned out to be the first real kiss for both of us. Something so gentle, so peaceful and true in that dance of ours. With Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic", our dancing slowed more. We lay on the shingles – side by side - talking and holding each other like it was what we'd meant to do forever. Possibly…it was. Like neither of us wanted to let go or that moment would slip away from us. Such a precious, innocent, yet passionate moment of teenage truth there between us. Still innocent and sweet. I told her I'd always be hers anytime; she said she felt "safe and not alone anymore". She fell asleep laying her head on my chest – her last words were telling me she loved the sound of "feeling my heart" in her ears to the music. I looked up at the stars that gentle Spring night, knowing we were not alone. I gave a wink upwards to a certain star, and The Cars song "Drive" softly serenaded us to sleep under that canopy. I've rarely known a more pure, honest, and peaceful moment than that. Years later she told me it was better than any school dance and she'd had a crush on me since we were little kids. I shared her feelings. It was almost awkward, as she was almost like a sister to me. She was the sister of my best friend – which is dangerous, especially when he can beat your ass. Then again? She could beat mine and his asses together by her 17th birthday, so there's that. She dated boys on and off, but every time we'd see each other we'd both feel something. But we both knew not to act on it. We'd whisper lyrics to "Into The Mystic" to each other, winking and laughing – to the confusion of others. Our secret dance – our perfect kiss. We were patient. She dated others; as did I. But some things you cannot deny or hide.

Around that time Buddy let some of his wild streak take over, and we both got in trouble for "borrowing" an un-used hearse and cruising Hollywood one night. He ended up sent off to school in Boston, then New York. By my college years, Buddy was supposed to come with me to England again for a big concert. But his acting career had started to take shape and landed a role in a television movie. After getting his butt in trouble for his partying and slacking, he'd gotten more into physical training. He also turned to acting seriously, supported by his mom and MY parents as well. My Dad got him his first agent and helped set up a multi-film studio pact. But all his acting, and my summer job working at a family production company – meant we couldn't team up yet. We talked every few days, and were looking for a new project we could do together. Something I could cut my teeth on in Producing-Directing-
Writing; and he could star in. I had discovered a very dark, underground comic through an old pal of mine who was an art school kid back east. I loved this dark comic, and went to a friend of mine to help me find the author. Barely out of my teens I wound up the proud owner of the movie rights, which I partnered with a producer and sold to an indie film outfit. Oddly, they could not get a single director to attach to this movie. I resisted calling in favors or getting family involved. I stubbornly wanted to make it on my own. Finally, I suggested a guy who had been directing music videos/commercials at a company my family co-owned where I was working. This former A list, mostly movie director, (who today is trying to make a comeback after a big absence) was a genius and saw the potential right away. He was THE Director we wanted; and allowed my friend to audition. What we had was a nice, little, indie film. I had sold all my interests in it but stuck around and helped do script punch-ups and dialogue doctoring for the screenplay. I was sort of an all-purpose Executive Producer for everything. The day Buddy got the call that he'd won the part, he called Nin at her Southern college to tell her. Afterwards, I snuck upstairs to call her back. She was auditioning for small movies herself, and I was helping her on the sly. I begged her to fly out for the week, but always the smart one – she stayed at school to work and study her scripts (or her part-time off-again college boyfriend). So that left Buddy and I to throw a celebration to blow out all the stops. We invited EVERYBODY, and they all showed up. My parents' house looked like Jake's house after that party scene in Sixteen Candles. Pizza on the turntable, foam oozing from the vents. When Dad came home early from his golfing trip, he lovingly pulled me by my hair - from beneath a blanket made of empty beer cans laying on top of me on the couch. Buddy raised up from beneath the coffee table – smiling big, with bloodshot eyes. Dad said: "Whatever it was I hope it was worth you two now having to join the Army since I'm kicking you BOTH out." Buddy and I looked at each other a brief, solemn second. Then, as if on cue, we BOTH said – deadpan: "Stranger things have happened". Then with that same charisma, and a glint in his eye; he gave a big shit-eating grin. Ferris Bueller couldn't have done it better. Dad was so pissed off - but with gallows humor, could not help but laugh. We promised to clean up and repair everything – which we did. But I don't doubt that if Buddy's charismatic charm had not saved the day? I'd now have the most illustrious career as a latrine-cleaner in the history of the Army's Alaskan Command. After the partying was done, we went full-on into making our way as young bucks on this movie. It takes a LONG time to get a movie project from development to production. We stayed at it day and night. Buddy made some smaller movies, and I worked other projects; but we always kept this one chugging ahead. The team, especially the director, really pulled in an amazing group of the most incredible talent who'd not yet broken out to the big time. After work on the script, I focused on the soundtrack. Working with the director, and Buddy too – we all wanted an epic soundtrack of rock songs to match the powerful visuals. I immediately went to London, and recruited this foreign-born, former A list singer of a very dark rock band. When you get a legendary "Goth-father" to agree to do original tracks for this type of film? You're holding magic. I told that musician the dark comic was inspired by his music, and music of groups like Joy Division. He loved the comic, and he and I worked tirelessly to build the music whenever he was sober enough. I helped write the words for the song, and came up with a haunting backing piano track. He took it to a perfectly new level. Buddy was working his ass off training and practicing his lines. We'd run lines on the phone at 4am London time – though he never knew his sister was beside me in bed instead of at college in New Orleans. She was on college break and, well…love makes you do stupidly dangerous stuff. She was getting her own roles now in small movies, and I was so proud of her. I knew she could be an epic female action star on her own. But Buddy began having doubts about his own abilities on the film. I was getting calls from Cissy, who was by now his fiance, asking me to please return home to L.A. to help him. She was very worried and we were still only in pre-production. She said he felt so pressured to make a huge hit – that he was heading for a breakdown. After Nin snuck back to school in New Orleans, I caught the first plane home.

Home was Los Angeles, and the studio sound stages the production was going to shoot on were a nightmare. It was all too sunny and distracting. Nothing was working, the vibe of the original dark comic was gone. It was like "Gidget goes Mall Goth", and was all wrong. That night, hungover and jetlagged, I met Buddy and we went to the Director's house – then we three drove to the Producer's house. After hours of debating and discussing, we had two choices: put it into turnaround and he'd sell it to recoup expenses; or find another studio lot to shoot on. But where could we at this late date? And within our micro-budget? A few short calls later, we had another studio. In another state. If there was one thing that this new place could be - it was going to be dark and depressing – for me anyway. Because as a child, it was the last time and place I'd spent time with a legend, playing on the beach with this deceased permanent A+ actress when I was only a child. She was the sweetest, most beautiful woman I'd ever known. Nothing like the memory of a dead Icon you loved to darken your mood. When I told Buddy about my childhood story, he wept. Then he reminded me that our movie was about overcoming those tragic memories. Of rebirth, after death. Those were his exact words to me that night. "Don't you see man?? This is the UNIVERSE talking to US?? Just US! It's perfect! We can burn all that darkness away and make it rise from the DEAD like the story does!". His exact words that night, with his emphatic smile. Even today, all this time later…it makes the hairs on my arms stand up. The studios in Wilmington, North Carolina were a rebuilt warehouse folly built by Dino DeLaurentiis in a dream to have his own kingdom. He chose that location due to a relative of mine who hailed from that state, who relocated to Italy and became close to Dino. When my relative brought Dino to the coast of NC to scout and vacation, he fell in love. But Dino the skinflint skimped on everything, and the studio had nearly fallen down around itself in those days. Carolco Pictures was the main tenant, with all their big 80s action films trying to shoot on the cheap. The upshot? They gave a twenty-something first-time volunteer producer the keys and said to pay them when we could. Pretty good deal for an entire studio lot, facilities, and a cooperative city government. I was so proud of myself – the hubris of youth. I had pulled off a coup, and without using my family to do it for me. When my Dad found out he was impressed, and inflated my ego even more. I'd never felt stronger, or prouder of myself. Unfortunately, a very sad family situation occurred for me just before Christmas. It was huge, and really put a dark cloud over everything in my life. They say bad things – bad luck – and even tragedies, come in threes. I never believed it until I realized the truth in that old superstition much later. But by New Years it was only a bump in the road for me. The Production Designer and Art Department had already built a lot of parts of the sets in California; so I paid to have those shipped to Wilmington. We were using real, practical effects and stunts in those days. One of the stuntmen was a good friend of Buddy, who trained at the same fighting school. They even looked alike from a distance. With an amazing crew from California mixed with awesome local NC crew – an entire world was created very rapidly. In just one month – I flew from Raleigh NC airport to London Heathrow four different times to keep working on the soundtrack. I had to make quick flights to L.A. to deal with my family drama, and lawyers in New York. But I had an amazing Music Supervisor and faith they would nail it. It would be epic for our audience, for MTV – which were people our own age. Running back and forth was killing me, and coupled with my family situation; zipping between California, New York, London, and Carolina… I was about to have a breakdown. Thankfully, Nin kept me going. Always reminding me in her optimistic way that our sunrise was right around the corner. Our paradise was ours – just hold on and make it through. The call came at 9pm one March night: "Please get your ass back down here". It was Buddy. He said things were falling apart and we weren't far from wrapping principal photography. Due to our low budget and dragging schedule, some of the more veteran crew had to depart for bigger paying gigs elsewhere. Certain other crew were drinking and doing drugs, and too much partying with nearby college girls. A lot of young ladies showing up for "day work" promised the night before by gaffers, gofers, and grifters. The Director was getting hell from the producers who had a deadline for a sales festival to pre-sell foreign territory rights for the picture. Thus, the producers were reluctant to crack a whip on some crew members for fear of them walking off so close to the end. I jacked a ride on a private jet and flew straight down there. I was met by Cissy at the airport, who was heading out for a quick trip – and she was in tears. She told me everything, and that it was falling apart with the finish line in sight. We only had a week or two left to shoot and then wrap post production. I promised her that I would not let this movie fail. I would not let my best friend end up in a flop in his big breakout movie. She smiled, hugged me, and said she'd be back tomorrow but only now could she leave without regret. "I know it'll all be fine, since you're here – you're the only one he can count on to save him", she said. I promised her I would. It was the most horrific promise I'd ever unintentionally break in my life.

Buddy was about to come unglued. Many in crew and cast were in disarray. I got with the Director and the Unit Production Manager and heard them vent, rail, explode, and rage. Even the craft services and boom operator were about to walk out. They all vented spleens at me. The two Producers on a conference call with us went apeshit. They said if I wanted to open some checkbooks, (call in my "Step-Daddy" they mockingly said) – or do a negative pickup outright? They'd be happy to. But they then revealed a secret which changed everything – and would have unforeseen consequences for us all. The producers said that the film was already behind schedule, and they'd leveraged it to the max. They had already signed contracts with distributors; and like a shell game they were bluffing to buy more time. They could only afford to shoot one more week – but had TWO more weeks worth of shots to get! HOLY HELL. The only hope they had was selling it to a single big distributor – like Paramount, and blow out these multiple smaller contracts. These were veterans who were scared, and would be ruined if distributors backed out or we missed the film market deadline. The older producer said I'd earned a rep as a whiz kid who could "out-think" problems and make things happen. I took the challenge; bearing in mind that sink or swim I'd still not benefit from the movie. But my buddy and our plans were on the line – and I'd NEVER let him down. That night, Buddy and I did what any professional would do in a crisis. We got very drunk. We grabbed some rum and went out to Wrightsville Beach, NC. We sat there at 3am drinking, smoking, and talking as we dared the sun to come up. Trying to brainstorm our way out of this problem others had put us in. A little over a week left to shoot with two weeks worth of shots to do. Our dreams were about to tank. So we drank. We staggered to a darkened, small pier; and made our way down the beach near a motel called Breakers (or Sands or something beachy). We sat in the sand, talking about tasting success so close while so young. He broke his allegedly monk-like diet and we indulged in cheeseburgers and Marlboro Lights. We talked about his wedding plans…and possibly my own. He said he knew I'd been with Nin. Their Mom ratted us out. Buddy said I should help Nin with her blossoming acting career, and protect her since he was too busy. He said he trusted me but told me (with a laugh) that I'd have to marry her – make an honest woman of her. I told him: "Stranger things have happened". He slapped me. What neither of us knew at that time – was that his kid sister, my secret girlfriend whom I dearly loved – had our love growing inside of her at that exact moment. She'd not told me yet, wanting to wait until the upcoming wedding/birthday trip we had in a couple of weeks. Buddy and I sat on the dark beach and laughed, cursed, cried, yelled at the moon, and even nearly drowned in the waves. We both felt better, and got a ride back to his place. Just in time to shower, clean up, and make it to the big production meeting that morning. I think I had an idea how to save this movie the same way he and I always lived life: to "turn it up to 11".

I managed to impress upon the Director and department heads that we were at the edge of greatness. Rally the troops. We had to instill in the entire team a sense of pride – that we were ALL going to make history, and a film they can build their careers on. ANYTHING it took. We HAD to make them SACRIFICE and be willing to spill blood, sweat and tears. If we have to shoot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in multiple shifts – we will. The Director assembled everyone, and announced that no more off-duty antics. He mentioned Oscars, and sequels. Loyalty and sacrifice. He repeated word for word all I told him, and they were starting to get the spirit. He showed everyone the rough footage and shots. All put to the music I'd brought back from London, like a long-form music video. I looked around the room and saw people with tears in their eyes, shocked at the genius they saw on screen. Hardly believing what they'd been doing on this little picture was so amazing. Afterwards, the entire cast and crew agreed to give it everything they had. They'd work day into night. No more partying. Everyone agreed to give everything they had to get it done. Buddy hugged me and said: "YOU did it MAN! WOW! They feel it now. See? It's the universe leading us again to something BIGGER than ourselves!", and he erupted with his raucous laugh. I looked at him with sharp eyes, and he got serious. Right then we both said, together: "Stranger things have HAPPENED!" and both burst out laughing again. Just like little kids once more. One guy on the crew was a very close friend of Buddy, and to me. He was a rock for Buddy, and was a stuntman, double, and amateur therapist. He eventually became an A list Director in his own right many years after this film, but back then was just a crew guy trying his best. I told him that no matter what – do NOT let Buddy get an injury. Double and triple check every rigging, every harness, every line. Then check them again. A single injury could delay us even a week and derail the entire movie. This guy loved Buddy like a brother too. When you're running crews with huge stunt shots and flaming sets on double shifts? Exhausted and cross-eyed? Things easily get overlooked. The only thing worse than a drunk crew is an exhausted crew. Buddy and I hugged goodbye as I headed to the car. It was a beautiful early Spring day on the coast of North Carolina, that Tuesday March 30th. Shooting would resume tonight, after a long day's worth of stunt shots; but I had to zip back to New York for meetings tomorrow. With a little over a week left in Principal Photography, we'd get a month of post production. I knew that I could get friends at Paramount to swallow our movie as a big MTV-targeted action film. Perfect plan. Buddy blessed it too, and told me to bring Nin to the set with Cissy, when I return. "May as well get you two out in the open, you little punk. But at least we can pair you two up in OUR wedding now." We both laughed exhausted laughs. Since Nin and I were Maid of Honor and Best Man for their planned wedding, it was great. We were all going to Mexico in two weeks for the ceremony. The wedding was two days from Nin's birthday. Since it was planned after the film's big wrap? It'll be total timely ecstasy – a perfect kickoff to all our perfect lives all intersecting at the exact same time. NOTHING could stop us, after all, even the universe itself was on our side. I wish I didn't know now…what I didn't know then.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 31st. Just after midnight of a new day. I was coming off the late flight at Kennedy Airport in New York, half asleep and lost in thought. An out-of-breath man in a suit and a sweaty uniformed cop were on the jetway. They asked for me by name. They showed badges, and told me to follow. They'd run straight through the terminal to meet my plane. I was confused – thinking someone planted drugs in my bag or something. They ushered me down the ramp and down to a private office. The detective said: "I'm sorry to have to tell you this Son…there's been a shooting. In North Carolina, on a movie set – an actor, your friend, was shot." HUH?? WAIT - WHAT?? This is some mistake fellas. Or maybe a crew member was hurt, but not Buddy. I started thinking some insane fan had run onto the set shooting people. Or a jealous lover or someone in the crew. What do you mean? Then he told me again – slowly. I sat down. He said the details were scarce – it had happened while I was airborne, just now – but during a scene something happened on set, and shot Buddy by accident. The cop didn't know anything more, if the gun had been replaced with a real one, or what. Just that Buddy was rushed to the hospital down there, even as we were now speaking. I didn't breathe for a full minute. I just couldn't comprehend it. I called Nin. I called Cissy. I called their Mom. All busy lines, the only cellular brick phone was in the production office of the UPM. No answer. I called my family, who already were on it and were getting details straight from the hospital now on another line. I called everyone on set and in production, and finally got some answers. They were all in a state of shock. I spoke to the Director on the phone while I sat there in the customs office at JFK. He'd contacted my family, who contacted NYPD. He said I needed to be there right now. He said Nin knew, and was trying to get flights for her Mom and herself there. I'd take care of that for them, begging and bribing pals in the business for their private jets. I had relatives already on the way to meet me at JFK, and within minutes they had a jet ready for me and my same suitcase in my hand. Within an hour of the shooting, I was back en route to North Carolina – to a local airport there. What followed next was all like a blur of an acid fever dream; a nightmare; a carny ride from hell. Late that night/early morning, I got to the hospital and a nurse scrubbed and dressed me like a doctor. Buddy was still technically alive as he was in between surgeries in an ICU recovery unit. I could not really accept it in my mind. I stood frozen in the doorway…staring. Stunned. I couldn't hear the words coming from the doctor's mouth. Lips moved, I heard nothing. Buddy looked like he was playing a prank on me – ready to wake up. I couldn't comprehend it. Tubes, wires, machines everywhere. I was in total shock, holding his hand – staring at tubes pumping blood out of his abdomen. Seeing him alive, but not alive. So much blood. It was everywhere, but I just stared hypnotized as the blood pumped through that clear tube. Like I was seeing my brother's life pumped out of him somehow. His hand was so cold and limp. I squeezed it, talking to him – hoping he could hear something. Anything. Everything. The tubes pumped, the hoses blew air, and the monitors beeped. This couldn't be my brother; my hero…my best friend. Our entire lives flashed through my mind. I felt so lifeless, so helpless there. I couldn't protect my friend who protected me so many times. I was powerless to help him and wanted to do something – to call someone, solve the problem, fix the crisis. But I could not. All I could do was cry and tell him: "I am so sorry. I am so sorry…so sorry." Every word that came out of my mouth was in a cry, and like a dam suddenly exploding - the tears would not stop. I begged him not to leave me – not to leave us. Please. We had to have you to make everything right. I told him – begged him – that I would make it all right again. Just please give me one more chance? We still had so much we had to do. I told him I LOVED Nin, and that I WILL marry her. And that Cissy was going to have their beautiful babies someday. That we'd all live next door to each other, and we'd have cook-outs and go to our kids' ballgames. Our kids would grow up together just like we did – wrestling, playing music, dropping water balloons on us. "You CAN'T GO!" I yelled, cried, and begged. "God, please…just stay – just don't leave me. We were gonna take over and make the business our way. Make new movies. New music, and do it ourselves. We were going to take over the world. Together...PLEASE don't…I'm sorry I let you down…I need you. We need you. Please don't leave me alone…" It was the last thing I got to say to him - my best friend – my brother. The last thing that I got to say while his heart was still beating in that bed. The ICU Nurses and Doctors came in to take him out of that ICU/recovery room to try another operation. Then another. Five more hours in and out of it. They were some of the best, most relentless, heroic medical pros on earth. They kept trying everything they could to save him. They never gave up on my friend. They fought harder than anyone could've asked. I was sitting there, in that cold empty room, alone. Just after mid-day. I had just given my blood a second time (as a perfect/clean donor); and was staring at the red on my cotton swab. My blood. His blood. Staring at the blood. Staring silently into space. I heard her calling my name. It was Cissy. Her eyes so swollen, tear-streaked red down her face. Like she'd been tortured. Dressed in her scrubs gown, she couldn't speak – just her mouth open and closing. I just grabbed and hugged her and we collapsed. On that couch, holding each other as if the world was sucking us away in a tidal wave. We shook and cried, and she kept beating hysterically on me yelling in rage. Buddy had fought – as he always did – and given it everything he could. The bullet had cut his spinal cord, after penetrating through the stomach into his back. All from one single ten-foot shot. He fought like the warrior he was. He fought like I begged him to. But in the end, it was too big for even him to overcome. After six hours of surgeries, liters and liters of blood transfusions – Cissy told me: he was now gone forever. Gone…forever. Forever.

I saw the clock - it was just past 1pm that Wednesday afternoon. He'd slipped away gently…quietly. With almost a smile of peace on his face. With my own blood pumping through his heart. My blood pumping through his veins, beating those last beats of life through his body…was my own blood mixed with his. Brothers…til the very end. All I could say to Cissy, over and over was: "I let you down…I wasn't there." She never felt that towards me, but it was how I felt. Like, If I'd stayed there to see to every detail. If I'd not supported pushing the team so hard. If I'd offered to get investors to buy it and go slower. I would have given every fucking worthless dollar my family and friends and companies ever had, just to have him back. If I'd just swallowed my pride and asked my people for the money to buy the film outright, to buy us more time to shoot slower. Not to push it to "eleven" like some cocky kid. Then maybe he'd still be here. If I'd never brought the film to this studio…to this state. Now he was gone, just like I'd last played with that legendary iconic actress on those same sands in my childhood; those same beaches…now I'd lost Buddy too. It was my fault, somehow. I was cursed. It had to be. I couldn't shake the guilt…that heavy weight…that all I'd done had led up to this. I spent that tragic night with a shocked, inconsolable Nin. We holed up away from the world in a place on the beach. Sealed off in shock and hurt. Anger. Guilt. Fear and burden. Even losing my own family member months before hadn't hurt like this. Replaying every single word, each second of our lives together. Nin stared for hours at the darkness and the moon out across the balcony. The winds blowing us, holding and rocking each other like babies. Hearing the waves, seeing the moon glow off the water. Up until that moment I'd never in my life considered suicide as an alternative to anything. But then – and there, I knew how low a human could go. I knew how deep the hurt could reach into your breath and choke the life from you. All I could rationally think was that he was gone, and I wanted to be with him. Nin knew it too. I didn't want to be left alone to endure this life without him. Neither of us did. We held each other tighter – as if we were afraid the other would slip away if we let go. We very well might have slipped away had we let go. We gripped each other until we passed out, holding and rocking each other on that balcony all night. We woke sometime the next day on that balcony, covered in the other's tears. No more wedding; no more birthday party. No more plans or futures for all of us together. It was too much to feel at once. Another entire day and night, we never left that place except to go to the ocean and back. We yelled. We cried like inconsolable children. We loved and hated, and embraced. We raged and screamed – until we had no tears left in either one of us. Our voices gone hoarse; our eyes sunken hollow. We loved and we hurt. We tried to bury our hurt beneath our love. It would be the last time we'd hold each other like that. Tragic pain can strangle even the deepest love, until it's all you see and think of. We became a constant reminder to each other of all we'd lost – and all that would never be. A trauma and tragedy so overpowering that it even physically effects the human body. Our love growing inside her body would never survive the trauma of that week. One more soul gone. One more unfulfilled dream snuffed from our lives; stolen away from us again.

Every day and minute thereafter was like crawling through molasses. Time dragged on. I can barely remember much of those days even now. Later on, I was sent papers to appear or give affidavits in over 10 legal actions; cross actions; or related filings. My attorneys worked to quash and expunge my name and the names of my interests from every single action. In the end I was never named nor targeted as a party in anything. I never testified for or against anyone. The conspiracy theories and tabloids were brutal and disgusting. Truth is – it WAS a tragic accident. Nothing would bring Buddy back, no matter who got blamed or how much I blamed myself. I supported Nin, Cissy, and the family in every way possible. And they did the same for me, never blaming me but only thanking me for they knew my loss as I did theirs. Every time I read or heard anything about Buddy or the film? Was like ripping scabs open and poisoning me anew. Until their Mom said she wanted me to see to it that movie was finished properly, for him. To make it BOTH our legacies. To do it for her, would be as close as she could get to having him back. It was the least I could do – I fed off my pain and used it as fuel. A very long night alone I spent out on that same beach Buddy and I had last been. By myself, spent talking and asking for guidance and strength. Would he have let it all go? Would he have faded away or would my big brother have dug in his heels and fought even harder? I heard my answer in the ocean. Much time passed and many assumed the film would never be finished. Through months of work with the Director and other script doctors, we were able to pull it together. The Director, plus Cissy, Nin, and all of us agreed with his Mom that it must be finished for his sake. I made sure their wishes were carried out, going so far as threatening insurance companies. Paramount pulled out not wanting to touch the circus surrounding it. I cut a deal bringing in people to sign with a brotherly duo who were distributors (now disgraced) who agreed to buy it. I personally got the soundtrack finished to complete the rock theme-song in time for release. I literally sat in the mixing chair helping that "Goth-father" to finish in the studio. Our miraculous Musical Supervisor and I went to other friends in the music business to recruit them to pitch in – and not a single one ever said "no". Even the reluctant UK band which inspired the original comic agreed to let us use their older stuff. At last we finished everything. It was a complete masterwork worthy of Buddy's legacy. A year later after the accident, the movie finally came out. It was released to massive success, and even the soundtrack was a hit. It was a year that re-defined my life. In my early 20s in this industry and I was already baptized by a horrible trial by fire. Somehow, we all survived it.

After years, Cissy finally moved on. She found a great man to support her and heal her heart, and she started a great family away from the business. Too painful to stay. She deserves her happiness, as Buddy would've wanted. Nin found strength and peace in her own budding movie career, as a way to stay connected to what Buddy would've wanted for her. She will never get over losing her hero, her brother. But she's learned to put it where it belongs and move ahead. I'm so in awe of her beauty, her brilliance, genius, and the love she shares with everyone. She had a good run in a few films and shows, but decided she'd rather live life than act it. With her amazing Mom, she's become a genius businesswoman and their foundation has helped tons of worthy people. She is her father's and her brother's keeper – and a great woman whom I will love forever. As she does me. Those things we lost in one split-second shot – our futures altered forever – we've accepted as part of a greater plan. We have to. Our love for each other remains, just differently. She and I still talk and see each other now and then. We share things deeper than any man and wife will ever share – a cord connecting us through Buddy's spirit that will carry us into eternity. Whenever that time comes. But just not yet. No remake of that movie will ever touch the deep root of passion, humanity, and raw burning soul that burns through that film. My buddy – my brother – is alive and breathing in every frame of that film. Some things are best left as they are, and remain too sacred to desecrate for pure financial greed. Is that selfish of me? Perhaps. But I earned the right to say it. I endured a crashing, forceful amputation of half my soul and nearly my own life for that film. Every night I see a star, and every time I see the waves break on the beach at night, I know Buddy is there with me. Like the character he played in the film, he's right beside me. Alive and re-born to continue watching over me; protecting me; and leading me from beyond his grave. I feel him in the wind, and hear his raucous laugh echo in the darkness. If he were alive today? He'd be right here as one of us Himmmms I can promise you that. Many, many times he's been there to help me through tough times; nightmares neverending; and tragic times which I've since learned to handle as part of life. That fragile dynamic which is our life. Yours and mine…all of our lives. Even tonight as my friend Nin and I hover over this keyboard typing, I can still see Buddy right next to me. Alive and running around the den in here. All I have to do is look at a certain dark-haired, sparkplug, little boy running around my own house as he does now and then. Those wavy long dark locks and that Cheshire-cat grin that says "oops! Sorry!"…and laughs his little-self right out of trouble. That little boy is a living, breathing, offspring in my own family. He is the same little boy who has my blood in his veins – my blood pumping through his own heart – and he carries the same name of my deceased buddy. As a tribute in honor of my buddy, friend, and "brother". And sometimes, when nobody else is around, I see a little glint in that little boy's mischievous eye. Then and there – I feel my brother has come back, almost winking at me again. Like the universe is talking to me through him. Like he HAS been reborn in some way, to get another chance and to laugh with me again. Because, after all…"stranger things have happened".
Movie: "The Crow"
Buddy: Brandon Lee (died March 31, 1993 (aged 28) in Wilmington, North Carolina, U.S. of an accidental shooting on set of "The Crow"
Nin: Shannon Lee
Father: Bruce Lee
Mother: retired martial art teacher Linda Lee Cadwell
Grandmother: Cantonese opera singer Lee Hoi-Chuen
College: Tulane University in New Orleans
Cissy: Eliza "Lisa" Hutton
Former A list, mostly movie director, (who today is trying to make a comeback after a big absence: Alex Proyas
Foreign-born, former A list singer of a very dark rock band: Robert Smith ("The Cure")
Deceased permanent A+ actress when I was only a child. She was the sweetest, most beautiful woman I'd ever known: Natalie Wood
Stuntmen was a good friend of Buddy: Jeff Imada
Stuntman, double, and amateur therapist. He eventually became an A list Director in his own right many years after this film: Chad Stahelski
Brotherly duo who were distributors (now disgraced): Bob and Harvey Weinstein ("Miramax")
Foundation: Bruce Lee Foundation

354. PEREZ HILTON 04/24
Chatter from Hollywood insiders is that a former boybander who has been very vocal about his anxiety recently suffered a non-fatal drug overdose. At least that's what's coming from the camp of someone he split with professionally this year. Zayn Malik (manager Sarah Stennett)

355. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/24
This network is one of the biggest in the world, but there’s worrying up top regarding the future of the company and their relevance to the public. Their biggest hit is ending/has ended and nothing else currently airing really comes close. It would be better if they had some potential worldwide successes on the upcoming slate, but insiders tell me that they’re not confident with any of the new shows.

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#1**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who has dabbled in reality television designed to get her sober is back boozing it again after a long period of sobriety. This probably won't turn out well. Bai Ling ("Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew")

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#2**
As a favor, this accused rapist asked his co-star/boss to allow an actor to remain on the show to keep recruiting for that "church," and the co-star/boss agreed.
Rapist: Danny Masterson
Co-star/boss: Ashton Kutcher
Show: "The Church"
Actor/"church": Ethan Suplee

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#3**
This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor might be house hunting with someone, but it doesn't mean they are going to start living together any time soon, despite what they want the world to think, they never have. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#4**
Old Hollywood: Every person has a picture in their mind how this former A list mostly movie actress must have been the best mom ever while living what some saw as a fairy tale. Nope. She regularly beat her kids and was known for abandoning them for months on end to live her own life. Grace Kelly

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#5**
This very old A+ list legend is being sued. The thing is though, his handlers are in on the lawsuit so they can get a piece of any settlement the legend has to pay. They want every cent they can get their hands on before he dies and their control slips away. Stan Lee

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#6**
Mr. X - Easy Easy: Even though they always deny it, this royal used the same surrogate she did with her other kids. The surrogate will be a very wealthy woman, she gets paid upwards in the millions to pop out those babies. Kate Middleton

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#7**
They had a dinner date and everything was fine, but this record setting rapper was left at home alone last night when her significant other went to hook up with another woman he is seeing. Cardi B/Offset

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#8**
Sneak Preview - Dancing Boy Update: Here's a sneak preview to a coming submission. It involves an audition for a movie that helped to bring down the production company of a famous foreign-born A list producer, as well as a small sea of young, blond/blue eyed boys trying out, and a consultant with certain interests (them/that). (This movie would go on to be remade, as part of a hugely successful franchise beginning actually with the sequel. The latter won the trifecta of major awards. All were based on novels.) It will also involve...llamas. For a time during this particular decade, one very legendary and eccentric entertainer traveled everywhere with them - including this studio backlot. (A certain person concerned frees the llamas from the trailer, and the entertainer shows up, but is not angry. He invites this young person back to his house to see that the llamas are treated humanely.) More famously, the presence of the animals in the studio helped to scuttle a collaboration between this entertainer and another permanent A lister. He thought it was gross, and if you've ever lived near them you know how badly they can smell. Just imagine having to be with them in a small, enclosed space. We're going to be trying to get a certain song - part of the collaboration released almost a half-decade ago - for the end of the forthcoming DB short. As in: so this is life... I wonder if the lawyers for the estate actually read scripts before they license material. I guess we'll find out. You might say that the consultant in this story is a 1/2 + the title of the movie (which was remade under the actual novel title, involving a mythic beast).

Boy Audition for: Manhunter (1986)/Red Dragon (2002)
Foreign producer: Dino de Laurentis (his co. DEG folded 1989)
Trilogy of novels: Thomas Harris' Hannibal series ("Manhunter", "Hannibal" and "Red Dragon"
Entertainer/permanent A lister: Freddy Mercury/Michael Jackson
Certain song: "There Must Be More To Life Than This"

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#9**
This still very young three named ingenue is doing her best to ruin her youthful appearance by using botox and fillers. I don't know what was going on with her last night. Lana Del Rey (35th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#10**
Apparently everything was great the first weekend, but this previous weekend, this permanent A+ list singer was introduced to the significant other of a band member and he said something which made out singer not want him there. That turned into an epic meltdown battle and I think that band member is going to be replaced like so many others before her. Beyoncé (Coachella)

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#11**
Don't believe the hype. This foreign born A+ list singer is not dating that one named singer. He is just trying to get her name out there to sell more records since she is signed to his label. Drake/Raye

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#12**
Apparently this former A+ list singer sells live sex shows and live sex acts of the underage females he controls. They have rooms inside his house and are forced to webcam for hours each day. R. Kelly

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#13**
Earlier this month, or very late last month I told you about this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who passed on a big book based franchise and has been floundering since and the woman he was seeing while filming a movie. Apparently things have become serious between the two and he dropped the girlfriend from the drug dealing family. She knows lots and lots of things about him so, he should be prepared for a lot of leaks. She was not pleased. Charlie Hunnam ("Fifty Shades of Grey") (filming "Triple Frontier" in Hawaii)/Morgana McNelis

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#14**
Apparently this now deceased former A list teen actor was a subject in a never completed documentary about the movie business and specifically starting off as a teen. There is about two hours of footage with the actor and according to the producer who is trying to bring the project back to life, the actor says some not kind things about a presumed actor friend. Corey Haim/Corey Feldman

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#15**
This A+/A list mostly movie actress who is a part of the comic book franchise is looking a little worse for wear as she has been indulging in her love of coke. Scarlett Johansson

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#16**
Their PR people would like you to think this A+ list mostly movie actor is dating this A- list mostly movie actress who started on television, but he has a type and she isn't it. He likes blondes. He likes them submissive and he likes them young. Chris Pratt/Evangeline Lilly ("Lost")

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#17**
This A- list mostly television actress has a good thing going with the new season of her hit pay cable show. Hooking up with this foreign born actress/model would be a terrible move, but that appears to be what is going on. Evan Rachel Wood ("Westworld")/Ruby Rose

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#18**
This foreign born A list singer can't get his addictions under control and his actress wife will leave him if he continues along this path. She has always been single minded in her focus and would leave in an instant if he makes her veer from that path. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#19**
Want Some Money?: This actress was probably never higher than B- list. I am probably being generous with that listing. The only reason I am even putting her that high up is that she did have a nice recurring role on a hit show during one season of its run. Our actress started off young. Very young. She probably couldn't have been more than 8 or 9 when she worked with this former A+ list mostly movie actor. He was someone she would turn to as she moved into her teens and started using drugs and was always in need of money. When she was about 16 or 17, she started using and it wasn't long before she made a call to him asking for money. He was happy to help. No questions asked. After a half dozen times asking though, he changed the script on her. If she wanted money she had to have sex with him. She was so addicted to drugs she willingly went along with it. Instead of trying to get her help, the Oscar winning actor just used her to fulfill his own twisted fantasies. When she was about 18, it was not just him that she was being forced to service. Our actor would ask if she needed money which was code for he had someone who wanted to sleep with her. She would always say yes, and actually began landing parts again because many of these men were producer and directors. None of the movies were memorable or ever really saw the light of day, but she did get some work. She thought she was going to make a comeback and even went to rehab. The thing is though, our actor liked her hooked and desperate and got her to start using again and servicing his friends. Our actress finally broke free of his clutches and went back to her hometown but she couldn't kick the drugs and was seeing guys for money and drugs right up to her death.

Actress: Skye McCole Bartusiak (died July 19, 2014 (aged 21)
A+ list movie actor: Mel Gibson
Movie: "The Patriot" when she was 8

Which Newly Single celeb Has A Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Room? EXCLUSIVE. Which recently split TV star has a secret ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sex room in their New York home? "It is a secret room. You press a little button to gain entry. It’s sort of an open secret in New York that this person likes rough sex, however , fans would be shocked to know that chains and whips are hanging up just down the hallway from the living room full of loving family photos!" OUCH! Justin Theroux ("The Leftovers")

376. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/25
Things are about to get real over at this hit reality show as a firing spree is about to be underway, a source warns me. ‘I expect maybe two, four top, to survive, but the rest will be gone,’ the source adds. ‘It’s time for a change-up and boy, they are changing things up.’ "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#1**
Desperate for more attention and pushing the edge more and more to maintain it, there have been ongoing talks about releasing a new sex tape. The A+ list reality star feels she is losing the fame game to others and wants to grab the leadership back. Kim Kardashian

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#2**
Mr. Hedge: This streaming service finally raised some of the cash they needed very recently. Their stock has been taking a beating. because the money cost them alot more than their investors expected - just as predicted. The service grabbed all the cash they could, for now. They had to borrow at junk bond rates, for the first time. Problem is, the cash was only about enough to fund about 6-8 months of their projected cash burn this year. The cost of borrowing even more money would be quite prohibitive. So what happens to their stock price the next time they need cash, and where do they get it from? Netflix

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#3**
This former tweener actress/singer turned daytime staple is having issues with her marriage. She thinks it is all about the money, but her husband, once a cheater, always a cheater has been talking to a few women online. Adrienne Bailon ("The Real")/Israel Houghton

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#4**
Mr. Hedge: This artist married to a celebrity with many lucrative side gigs revved up his social media presence very recently. It is all a ploy to get side deals himself. A desperate A-list CEO signed up almost immediately as this artist's first customer. Kanye West ("I really love my Tesla. I'm in the future. Thank you Elon.")/Elon Musk

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#5**
The producers of this new pay cable show have been accused of getting actors to make them child porn. It has become so bad that self tape places here in town are refusing the business of anyone who is taping auditions for the show, even if the actors remain clothed. Of course if they do remain clothed the producers won't hire them. "The Chi"/Showtime

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#6**
Mr. Hedge: This athlete investor has been grilled on a high-profile pay cable show. If you want to watch him squirm in the interview chair, get your popcorn ready. Derek Jeter ("HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel")

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#7**
This almost television show probably could have continued for another season, but the two leads can't stand each other and the male lead has the biggest ego around despite how he tries to come across in real life. It is a shame because with the news this week, there is going to be a demand for this type of show. Aaron Paul/Hugh Dancy ("The Path")

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#8**
This pay cable show is a big hit, but behind the scenes, it is one of the worst places to work and unless you are one of the stars, you never want to go back. Unless things have changed, the producers are just playing roulette at this point as to when they will get sued for hostile work environments. The producers tried to go in after scenes, sometimes a week later to try and get actors to sign nudity riders and releases in an attempt to cover themselves. There was that scene filmed in an actual mausoleum where the people in charge had to be warned against trying to make the actors touch each other's genitals, especially without barriers. Several crypts were damaged because the actors were painted head to toe, sweating profusely and given no breaks. They ended up leaning against the crypts and the paint would smear on the crypts. Oh, and don't forget the lit torches that were held and lit for hours which caused temperatures to soar even higher and caused multiple people to pass out from
the heat. Oh, and don't forget the guys who kept wandering on set and pleasuring themselves in the corners to the scenes they were watching. Several high level crew quit that day because of the conditions. "Westworld"

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#9**
So, my friend Helen was reading the October 1952 issue of Family Circle and wants to try and figure out who the author mentioned above could possibly be. Alexander Woollcott ("Alexander Woollcott and Harpo Marx: A Love Story")

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#10**
The former husband of a current east coast Housewife is still barely hanging on to celebrity status. He should be worried about those guys he calls his business partners and what they will do to him when they find out he stole their investment. I don't think this will end up in a court of law. Cynthia Bailey ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/Peter Thomas; Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City")/Tom D’Agostino

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#11**
At this big event last night, this former A+ list singer was wasted, but everyone loved it. She used to be a horrible drunk, and she probably shouldn't be drinking, but she also seemed really happy for the first time in a long time.

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#12**
At the same party last night, this A list everything in her mind who at this point is probably permanent A list everything in her own mind had no idea who this athlete turned reality star was which was probably a good thing. He needed a little balloon bursting. Jennifer Lopez/Adam Rippon ("Dancing With the Stars")
 ("2018 Time 100 Gala")

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#13**
This alliterate reality star from that bar show has been hooking up with a man who has three wives. Stassi Schroeder or Scheana Marie (Shay) ("Vanderpump Rules")

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#14**
This A+ list mostly movie actor talks a big game about being pious and wholesome but there was that time in his 20's when he got a 14 year old pregnant and then paid a guy to take her to go get an abortion. Chris Pratt

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#15**
In probably one of the worst decisions that this B/B- list mostly television actress from a hit almost television show could have made was taking her actor boyfriend back after the crap he has put her through. She is blinded and is going to end up dead. Natalia Dyer/Charlie Heaton ("Stranger Things")

392. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#16**
This A-/B+ list dual threat actress is filming a Netflix movie right now with actresses on about her same level. Everyone is worried about how little our actress is eating, but does seem to enjoy her wine in the afternoons, so she is getting some calories.

393. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#17**
This east coast Housewife is basically just reaching out to all the men who previously hooked up for one night stands with this other east coast Housewife and saying she will give them the same rate. Porsha Williams/Marlo Hampton ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

394. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#18**
Apparently this closeted wannabe reality star with the very famous friends is paranoid about getting busted with a guy even though the entire world knows he loves guys. So, our wannabe reality star has stopped hooking up with men in person and only has phone sex now. Jonathan Cheban

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#19**
It Was Almost Someone Else: Back in about 2002-2003 this hopefully will never again get out of jail child molester/rapist was probably at peak earning power. One of the people who attended his classes and was enamored by him was the foreign born offspring of a former leader who still makes a name for himself today. Now, unlike many others from her country, this offspring for the most part managed to stay in the shadows with her relationship to the molester. Another person who was a frequent guest at the seminars then but has never previously been mentioned was this former A+ list mostly movie actress who got her start on a very famous television show way back in the day. All of you still know this actress although she rarely works any longer. Anyway, she and her significant other had been trying for years to get a bunch of regulations lifted so they could expand a vacation house they owned. Enter the child molester who introduced the actress to the offspring. Problem solved. Our actress was so happy about the connection that she started bringing her own offspring to see some of the seminars. Our child molester made a bold move to hook up with the offspring of the actress. Now, at the time, the offspring had a significant other but did hook up with the molester and did so frequently. While they were in the midst of this hookup, a news report broke based on some leaked documents which made our child molester and his seminars look really bad. It happened at just the worst time. Our actress was going to be a public face of the seminars and the offspring was going to leave her significant other and be with the child molester full time. When that news story broke though almost two decades ago, the actress was spooked and bolted and took her offspring with her. If not for that news story, we could be looking at someone completely different as the top female of the group.

Child molester/rapist: Keith Raniere ("Executive Success Programs"/"Nxivm"
Foreign born offspring of a former leader: Ana Cristina Fox, daughter of the Mexican ex-president Vincente Fox
Former A+ list mostly movie actress/significant other: Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell
Offspring of the actress: Kate Hudson (Chris Robinson)

396. POPBITCH 04/26
(British blog)
Which celebrity TV foodie has been trying to lose a little bit of weight recently? Not because they're particularly interested in healthy eating, but because they've become very self-conscious that they aren't getting the action they once were at swinging parties? (Hand on heart, we promise this isn't another James Martin story...)
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

397. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/26
This show host is known for talking, but don’t expect her to talk much about this. Viewers have noticed that something seems up with the A lister and they should soon have the answer to their questions. ‘She is getting a divorce!’ a source says exclusively to me. ‘They’ve been trying to save their marriage for the last year, but it just isn’t working out and she’s ready to throw in the towel.’ Apparently some big money will be exchanging hands in the settlement. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter

398. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#1**
This former A+ list singer was supposedly just worth a tiny fraction of what everyone thought. The thing is though, the current wife drained the coffers during the last year or two to make sure she got her share even if other heirs got nothing. Glen Campbell/ Kimberly "Kim" Woolle

399. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#2**
This married former A+ list rapper would normally turn to his secret designer lover when things were like this to make everything all better. He thought his protege felt the same way, but was turned down full stop, and now you have this. Kanye West/Riccardo Tisci

400. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#3**
No matter how many apologies are given, this A- list mostly television actor from a hit network show and the studio are facing almost a dozen possible lawsuits because of his past behavior. Clayne Crawford ("Lethal Weapon")

401. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#4**
A Reader Blind Item: Taking a page from that permanent A++ celebrity who is always in the news, and likes to talk in superlatives even when they don't apply, this studio chief as well as a major actor just talked up a project that in the current environment probably shouldn't be made. Apparently there have been talks behind the scenes about publicly embracing the A++er, because maybe if you're just that outrageous you can steamroll all the inevitable criticism. And given the back and forth phone calls with that former editor and adviser, don't be surprised to see a campaign of disinformation against both the movie's box office competitors and its detractors.

402. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#5**
This A list singer who started off on a reality show and is probably a permanent A list singer says she only likes hooking up with guys in relationships or in marriages because the sex is better and they tend to be more loyal to her. Miranda Lambert (dating married musician Evan Felker)

403. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#6**
There is no favor this tabloid/television show creator won't do to stick his head further up this momager's butt. Harvey Levin (TMZ)/Kris Jenner

404. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#7**
Apparently this former A list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show turned A- list actor on a fairly hit network show had to pay his wife so much money in their divorce because she knew about his involvement in a group that is making a lot of noise right now. Tom Welling ("Smallville"/The WB) ("Lucifer"/FOX)/Jamie White (Kristin Kreuk was in attendance of wedding)

405. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#8**
The Roommate - A Dancing Boy Blind: Back before the one candidate for yesterday's #14 blind started going by his actual name, he was a regular at one of the franchises of a certain major city club mogul. He hosted frequent drug and booze fueled parties attended by the group which included the one person, along with his boyfriend, who would commit a notorious murder. (Said person is now out of jail, and because FSF was apparently quite wrong about that second acts quote, he has a bigger and madder fan base than ever.) Who did he like to invite? Barely legals of both sexes. I know because my first year college roommate attended one and maybe more than one of these (can't remember). Said roommate, sadly now deceased, also dealt on campus, and while the source was very likely another person at a higher level mentioned in this blind (and long suspected by the feds), the intermediary was someone who got famous in a way no one wants to: he was the victim of the notorious murder. (They were both also seeing that VJ known for drug guzzling and boi chasing, which caused business conflicts.) My roommate had actually started visiting the city (from his small upstate hometown) the year before, largely because his childhood best friend was going to school nearby. (She was actually a child cello prodigy, and would years later go on to internet fame at the big video site. The summer before he and I started college - he chose to go where she went so they could be close again - she was living with a certain older orange-haired 80s synth diva in the city. She has a story too about probably the most famous cellist at the time, who was also her teen times teacher, but I'll leave that for her, if she wants to. He's foreign born, and his name is in three parts.) Sadly, my roommate was recruited in the aforementioned scene (you can imagine why some rich, famous, and powerful men visited these spaces, even if it was officially to keep their profile up, and hang with the kids), and more sadly, his experiences led to him to move beyond party drugs. By our second or third year, his addiction was well advanced, and he spent most of his time with other addicts. I became a kind of replacement for him to the old friend. For a good while there, we spent hours of every day together (she's the nicest person), listening to music, playing music, and talking about everything but him. He and his troubles were always the elephant in the room. Who else had been trafficked as a minor, according to him? The victim of that famous murder. You can imagine what they both knew, and the names they could name. By the early years of the next decade, the roommate had finally gotten clean, and was working with other addicts, and writing a popular blog among survivors and people in recovery. It came as a shock to many when he was found dead, of an apparent accidental overdose, in 2004. As you can imagine, there are unresolved questions about both the murder and the overdose. There's a third death too, which I'll get to in a follow up.

Major city club mogul: Peter Gatien ("The Limelight")
Group: "Club Kids" (Michael Alig/Robert D. "Freeze" Riggs)
Victim of the notorious murder: Andre "Angel" Melendez

Famous cellist: Yo-Yo Ma

406. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#9**
This gay porn star/frequent big budget movie set visitor who has been bought and paid off by that disgraced director has not been silent about his hookup with this closeted foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor. Bryan Singer/Eddie Redmayne

407. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#10**
As I told you when she got married, this foreign born A list model/part-time actress was going to get crushed when she discovered her husband would not stop cheating just because they got married. The only thing it would do would be to make it more inconvenient to have to hide it. He is not even hiding it any longer. Emily Ratajkowski/Sebastian Bear-McClard

408. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#11**
A Reader Blind: Be prepared to start hearing about "trouble in the marriage" of this A list athlete and his wife in the next year. After his huge scandal over two decades ago their marriage became contractual. He needed to keep his marriage intact to keep his BIG sponsor at the time. She gets paid to stay married to him and when she has a baby, gets a 10 million bonus on top of the millions she gets to stay married. She has accomplished this every time the contract is renewed and she gets her bonus. She made sure that before she had the third baby, the first contract expired and they renewed it promising her another 10 million because she had two babies during the first contract and got screwed. She thought she was going to get 10 million for each baby but didn't put the right wording in the contract so he didn't pay up for baby #2...hence the reason for the spread out years between the second and the third birth. Contracts are once again about to expire and every time this happens, she sends out rumors to news sites that the marriage is in crisis so he gets the message it's time to renew. It was worth it to him to pay up and even though she was young...she was clearly no fool. The last few years they've tried to make a go of it since he quit his day job and be an actual family but tensions have started with the expiration date looming. Will the date pass and they not renew but stay together and continue to try to make the marriage work? Will he send the contract over for renewal or will he not renew and he or she decide the marriage is over? Kobe and Vanessa Bryant (Natalia Diamante born in 2003; Gianna Maria-Onore born in 2006; Bianka Bella born 2016)

409. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#12**
This one named singer wants to make a biopic of her life. The real stuff, or the stuff she makes up for interviews? Halsey

410. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#13**
Don't believe the hype. This out of work talk show host/anchor has PR people who are floating trial balloons just like all the other PR teams of disgraced entertainment figures. No one is going to let the guy back on the air any time soon. Charlie Rose

411. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#14**
Could someone please tell this permanent A list mostly movie actor that when you use botox etc, you look puffy and strange and people notice right away. He thinks they don't because he is surrounded by people who only say how wonderful he is and how it makes him look a decade younger. Tom Cruise

412. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#15**
This married multiple reality show star is probably A- list. She cannot have her cash flow slowed down or stopped because she will go broke. She is way too leveraged and this recent scandal is threatening her delicate balancing act. My guess is she ends up in bankruptcy. Kim Zolciak-Biermann ("Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "Don’t Be Tardy") (claims Racism 'Wasn't Real')

413. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#16**
Apparently this A- list designer who probably won't be running a line for much longer will not knowingly sell any pieces to women of color. Things are about to come down hard on the designer because it is about to become public knowledge. Georgina Chapman (Marchesa)

414. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#17**
This foreign born A list singer told some friends in a group chat this week that she was hit on by a model she is vacationing with. Apparently it came as quite the shock. Ellie Goulding/Karlie Kloss

415. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#18**
It is pretty interesting that this former A/A- list mostly television actress who started off as a tweener and was going great until she wasn't didn't follow through on her comments from last month. You know, the ones where there were fake accounts pretending to be her. That big one on Twitter is still there. No one received anything. I think those accounts are her way of speaking her truth. Amanda Bynes

416. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#19**
The Girl - A Reader Blind Item: This girl (Samantha Geimer) was only around thirteen at the time. And here was M (Elizabeth Adams (madam)), a madam her mother's age, selling her very young body for money. The madam knew damn well she was this tender age and that's why she wanted her as a star attraction in her business. Certain clients of hers paid a lot for a girl nobody in their right mind thought was anywhere near adult. There were young women around who were eighteen and older and may have looked a lot younger. But some rich clients wanted the real taboo thing. M would get caught in her career by an LAPD vice detective who'd also nabbed most of her primary competitors over the years. The madams had clients in common also. They could be controlling over their girls, but if a man had enough money then he was free to be a patron of whoever he chose. Madam Alex is now recognized as the most successful and organized and connected of these pre-Heidi Fleiss women who ran LA's sex market. Unlike Heidi in later years, who often acted like a rock star, the old school madams usually kept their mouths shut and their profiles low, knowing silence was an advantage. The clients with such highly illegal interests did not want their tastes broadcast for the entire world to know about. Like paying for sex with a child. The girl knew a few famous people in her life. Her boyfriend had a rock star for a dad, R (Dennis Wilson). And R's girlfriend at the time was a rock star herself. F (Christine McVie), the female rock star, found out that R had been with the girl many times. Not as a client, but yet another much older male who'd abused this kid and would soon throw her away. It wasn't the first time he pulled something like this. Or the last. And F didn't get angry with her, she was very concerned about how this affected the girl. After all, R was well over thirty. F had tried to protect the girl, hiding drugs from her and R's son in the house so that they couldn't get at them. Not all adults took such precautions. The girl's teenaged boyfriend discovered what was going on between her and his dad and was terribly upset. R could have any adult woman he wanted and here he was acting like a person with no boundaries at all. F told the girl in a heart to heart conversation that she was in too deep, that when she was the same age she played child's games, not taken crazy risks like the girl was now into. And even one of R's ex-wives soon told the girl the same thing. R eventually stopped being in the girl's life and later on got involved with someone else very young directly connected to S (Mike Love), his bandmate ("The Beach Boys") he was often at odds with. R's life ended a few years later, although how he made it past 27, when so many rock stars before and since had died, was some kind of a fluke. He was one of the wildest in his drug based lifestyle. And he had scum around him. Awful people. A celebrity said once if those people had tried to enter S's life in the same way it would never have happened and that Y (Sharon Tate), a rising young star who died tragically, would still be alive today. Samantha Geimer/Madam Alex/Dennis Wilson/Christine McVie/Mike Love/Sharon Tate (Beach Boy Dennis Wilson Married the Illegitimate Daughter of Cousin and Band Member Mike Love) (Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson Had a Brief and Bizarre Friendship)

417. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/27
I guess the old routine of locking your bedroom door and screaming into a pillow doesn’t work for this stressed A list writer-producer anymore. The A lister is on the top of their game and is considered to be one of the best in the industry, but with several successful television projects under their cap and a demand for more, they’re just struggling to cope. ‘[Name omitted] adored the job for so many years,’ a source confides, ‘but with kid[s], work feuds and mounting pressure, I think they’re falling out of love. [Name omitted] keeps joking that he understands why Dave Chapelle quit and ran away all those years ago.’ ‘[Name omitted] needs to scale back,’ the source continues. ‘Everyone is telling them.’ The source didn’t use the word breakdown at any point, but that’s what I was getting. Ryan Murphy

418. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#1**
I wrote about this foreign born A list singer last week. Things have taken a turn for the worse this week. He never eats and only focuses on using as much as possible. He is basically a walking skeleton right now and needs some professional help. Zayn Malik

419. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#2**
This A+ list mostly movie actor was supposed to make the rounds pitching a new television show idea but was too wasted each time to take any of the meetings. It didn't matter though because the show got picked up anyway. Enablers. Johnny Depp ("Muscle Shoals")

420. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#3**
This one named pretty much former singer always seems like she has it in for her one named ex. Apparently though, it is because she is still crazy about him and this is one way she can reach out and get attention from him. Her husband must love that. Ciara (Russell Wilson)//Future

421. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#4**
This aging A/A- list mostly television actress with three names recently said some really racist things about a person who helps clean her house. It was pretty shocking.

422. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#5**
Reader Blind Item: That former talk show host is back in the news today. As you may have heard, he's been planning his comeback, and shopping around an idea for a new show. What you've probably not heard yet is that the guests would include not just that other, more famous former talk show host, and the comedian with the unreleased movie, but also the two disgraced but still working octogenarian directors. Apparently no one is unredeemable in his mind. (I'm thinking that the actual time to his comeback can probably be measured in minutes associated with that frequent guest to his show.)

Former talk show host: Charlie Rose
More famous talk show host: Matt Lauer
Comedian: Louis CK
Octogenarian directors: Woody Allen/Roman Polanski

423. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#6**
The Sequel - Reader Blind Item: Someone else is making the rounds, but in a much more sympathetic way. It has to do what happened back in the 70s, when she was sixteen. The other person in this story is someone you all know. He's had two careers, the first in Hollywood, and the second in something equally high profile. It's almost funny that he has over the past year or two been publicly criticizing that permanent A++ celebrity because he was basically the first iteration of this person - just not at a national level. He got this second job by appealing to anger with the status quo, and pushed a similar set of priorities his first two years at the new job. If these were movies, the current one might be a sequel. What else do these two have in common? Just before getting hired to the second job, there were agreements signed - money was exchanged in return for something else. Much like the more recent case, the woman in the previous one wants out. In light of the recent movement, she wants to tell her story, and has been contacting all the major media outlets through her attorney. It's unclear if she'll go through with it - people were not always sympathetic when she told them in the past - but if she does that famous line of his might finally apply to him, and his career. Arnold Schwarzenegger ("I'll be back")

424. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#7**
It is pretty crazy that this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is producing a movie about behavior that he has exhibited but just not been busted for. Yet. Brad Pitt (Harvey Weinstein movie)

425. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#8**
Direct To Video - A Reader Blind Item: This C-list slasher producer and director, let's call him LP, had a few trashy straight-to-VHS horror films in the 1990s and early 2000s. Today, LP runs an online horror film studio that's a cover for dark fetishes involving young and often under aged actors. These movies, mostly short vignettes, are poorly acted, written and directed, but always seem to involve one of the following fetish topics for his perverted audience: the removal of shoes or socks to expose barefeet, feet being tickled, bondage, shirtless chests, and most disturbingly, actors being choked with hands or mouth gags. Trailers of the films can be found on Youtube, with many perverted Youtube commenters leaving disturbing comments about the young and sometimes under aged actors. The films are sold online through a common direct-to-customer marketplace. The plots don't make any sense at all. It's all about catering to a bunch of sickos. To keep up the cover, LP attempts to give his 'studio' some degree of respectability, such as submitting his films to a horror film fest in the pacific north west. The fest is the film festival equivalent of a diploma mill: pay a fee, get an 'award' and a small write up a on a blog. It's incredible no one has caught him in his perverted B.S, particularly the parents of young and impressionable actors, some as young as 9, who are looking to build up their resume.

426. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#9**
Apparently this disgraced producer has passed the $500K mark in what he has spent on sex in the past six months. Often he is seeing three or four different women a day. Harvey Weinstein

427. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#10**
Is it really giving money to charity if you run the charity? Apparently this former A++ list celebrity who everyone in the world knows, promised to donate a significant chunk of dirty money to charity but it went to the celebrity's own charity. Seems kind of shady. Hillary Clinton ("Clinton Foundation")

428. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#11**
This former A list mostly movie actor is probably still A- list and he is definitely still closeted. Apparently he and his loooooooong time boyfriend split and our actor has a brand new love. Jeremy Renner/Kristoffer Winters

429. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#12**
This permanent A++ list legend who will be a legend for hundreds of years was not above using the mob to make sure his employees didn't ever think about striking or joining a union. More than one employee was beaten or had a mysterious accident. Walt Disney

430. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#13**
This hopefully off the air forever reality star by marriage can't seem to come to terms with his homosexuality. I have written about his past interactions with gay men and how it often didn't go well. My fear is that he will once again turn to violence. Kanye West

431. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#14**
This A- list reality star finally went a little too far when he set up his girlfriend with a guy she had explicitly said no to. The A- lister's empire is crumbling and if he can't win back his what now looks like ex, things will just get worse for him. Scott Disick/Sofia Richie

432. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#15**
This A+ list mostly movie actress has been on a run of bad luck so she ran back to the guy who can help with all that. The thing is though, he has been burned by her twice now. Third time a charm? Jennifer Lawrence/David O Russell

433. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#16**
This married foreign born permanent A list celebrity is out of the country. What is interesting is that instead of the offer of local escorts, our celebrity brought that woman he has been seeing for well over two years now. Bono (G7 in Toronto, Canada)

434. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#17**
This foreign born A+/A list singer was on a no booze mandate this time around at her favorite salon. Her last visit resulted in her passing out in the chair from drinking too much and the salon closing until our singer could be awakened from her drunken slumber. Adele

435. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#18**
Predator High - Old Hollywood - Traditional: If you were a director or producer or studio head back in the day, you had easy access to a swarm of underage actors and actresses who were pressured to engage in sexual activity or not get cast for any more roles. Back even prior to the studio system, someone had the idea that it would be a whole lot easier to find teen actors and actresses if they were all in the same place. Back then, you often needed someone at a moment's notice. You could make a call and the person would be sent over. It was not that long after it opened, that you could also send for someone even if you didn't have a part. If the teen didn't do what they were told, they were sent home and not allowed to return. It also meant they would never be cast for anything else. If you were a teen, for many years, this was one of the few places you could be from and get cast. One of the actresses that knew all this first hand was this permanent A list mostly movie actress who was a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. One of the first movies that made her famous when she was a teen came as a result of having sex with this permanent A++ list mostly movie actor who was almost four decades older than the actress. He recommended her to his bff the director and she got the job. This former flash in the pan A list actress who all of you know for one role got that job when she was a teen because two of her classmates said no to sex with the producers and she said yes. She was many years from being legal. This former A list mostly television actress blames her time there and being the sex toy for a bunch of degenerate directors and producers for her life long drug problems. This former A- list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring. Even though she didn't get her first film role until she was legal, she was "auditioning" for several years prior to that and apparently her parental unit went on a rampage at a studio when she found out the offspring had been with three men at once and didn't get cast in the role.

Predator High: "Hollywood Professional School"
Permanent A list actress: Lana Turner
Permanent A++ list mostly movie actor: John Barrymore (Mervyn LeRoy ("They Won't Forget)

Former flash in the pan A list actress: Quinn Cummings
Former A list mostly television actress: Mackenzie Phillips
Former A- list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring: Melanie Griffith (Tippi Hedren)

436. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#1**
It looks like it is rehab time once again for this back in the day A list singer with the catchy name. She was bizarre back then when I would run into her, but now, it is a booze and pills thing and it is going to cost her a lot of work. Word gets around and promoters won't book her. Chaka Khan

437. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#2**
This A++ list CEO is trying to walk a fine line right now. He does not want to upset some of his biggest investors so he blocks people reporting anything bad those investors do while at the same time passing the blame of blocking on algorithms. Mark Zuckerberg

438. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#3**
This one named former singer who was briefly A/A- list back in the day thinks she has found the one after years of shuttling between record producers. She thinks a celebrity is in love with her. I think he is in love with the idea of hooking up with someone he used to have the hots for when he was a kid, but he also has the hots for various Instagram models. Ashanti/James Harden

439. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#4**
It is interesting to me that this former A-/B+ list mostly television actress turned reality star/host/take any job would rather continue to remain in the situation she finds herself just because she would be embarrassed to have the general public talk about her if she leaves. As the movie says, Get Out. Tamera Mowry-Housley ("The Real")

440. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#5**
This foreign born A list dual threat actor's character is not going anywhere until the actor finishes making all the movies he is getting paid for. Tom Hiddleston (Loki/"The Avengers")

441. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#6**
He got a nickname and fame from his very brief time in the political spotlight. At a party last night, the married celeb was telling women that his marriage is over and that he was wearing a ring just so reporters wouldn't ask. Anthony Scaramucci ("The Mooch") (Former White House Communications Director) ("White House Correspondents' Association (WHCA) dinner")

442. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#7**
Apparently the reader blind yesterday entitled direct to video brought out the news that this A list direct to video type director/producer/writer/master of one specific genre has been ducking (not an auto correct. I really did want to use the word ducking) some very serious people the past few years after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from them including the greatest of all time in direct to video. He tells them their movies only made X when they really made Y. He should watch out for his life at this point too.

443. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#8**
Pretty interesting goings on at the multiple condos in Florida that trace back their origins to that permanent A list musician/singer. Multiple Instagram models installed there with a family member acting as a supervisor???. All kinds of businesses registered to the condos which are being occupied by women who seem to all have contact information in their Instagram bios. They also appear to be having visa issues. This is one big hornet's nest, that if opened, could bring everything into the open. Oh, you know who else is linked to at least one of the models installed in the condo? Yep, the "publicist" who was previously involved with the musician. Chris Cornell /Vicky Karayiannis

444. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#9**
Showing you that civilization is nearing an end, this guy is everywhere on one certain cable network. He is in the desert this weekend and if you believe him to be a misogynistic a-hole, then you would have been proved correct. He told one woman to come back when she was drunk and blow him. He told another to take off her bikini top to prove her "t*ts" were real. Even the celebrities tried to avoid him. No one wants to be seen with him. Guy Fieri (2018 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival)

445. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#10**
This B/B- list mostly movie actor/celebrity offspring is in the desert this weekend and was making out with a guy in a pool late last night/early this morning. His "girlfriend" was nowhere to be seen. Patrick Schwarzenegger (2018 Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival)

446. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#11**
I'm not sure what pills he was popping, but this former tween singer turned adult singer turned tweener rebooter was having a really good time in the desert last night. He has had some substance abuse issues in the past, but last night looked to be just about having as much fun as possible without going overboard. Tune into tonight though to see if anything changes. Joe Jonas

447. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#12**
Nothing like watching a couple members of a one hit wonder band from back in the day that sounds a little like a hit band today trembling as they hit that meth pipe in the desert at 10 in the morning. Georgia Satellites ("Keep Your Hands to Yourself")

448. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#13**
Probably the most excited, fun to be around, floating on air person in the desert yesterday was this foreign born singer you have probably never heard of but who made some history this week. She isn't old enough to drink yet, but everyone she came into contact with was thrilled for her success. Jade Bird   ("Lottery")

449. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#14**
"Bring us another Diet Sprite, won't you honey. Thanks." Repeated about two dozen times over the course of the afternoon yesterday in the desert. Turns out "Diet Sprite" is code for Diet Sprite and vodka on the rocks for this permanent A list alliterate singer. Tanya Tucker

450. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#1**
Night At The Theatre - A Reader Blind Item: Here's one from memory lane: This story begins with a specific date and time: the night of October 15, 1993. The setting is a theater in mid-town Manhattan - one with an educational name. On this night, the procurer for the foreign-born headlining act had to do double duty. Normally tasked with rounding up barely legal fans of one sex for the after party, he was now tasked with finding barely legal fans of both sexes. The reason was the front man for the second opening act. This band had recently been signed to a major label bearing the founder's name. The singer had been on tv performing someone else's song at an awards show, and one or two of their songs were getting airplay. In his mind, he was already a big star, and deserved this service too, so it was added as a secret rider. The trouble the procurer was having was that the billing was a mismatch. The headlining act played a kind of music beloved by kids in black, and this other band was more influenced by earlier, classic ones - including that one with the most generic name. More or less everyone in attendance was there to see the main act, and basically no one had heard yet of this other band - including the young people he was trying to lure backstage. They all wanted to meet the other singer. And they just weren't his type. He ended up having to call in a favor to a talent agent he knew, who supplied him with roughly a dozen barely legal models and actresses to play the part of screaming fans. Apparently they succeeded, because even when the young women couldn't name a single song by the band he just thought they were drunk, or something. But the singer was right about something. Over the next year, the band would become A list, selling out much larger venues than the headlining act would ever play. There's one song though that never made the cut off the debut album, which also has the album's title. In the song the singer predicts his own downfall, basically declaring himself a martyr for his conduct. Within a few years, the main collaborator for the other singer would leave the band. It was in part the proverbial creative differences, but also because of what he accused the singer of being. If this blind was about a show for the follow-up record, you might - because of its ambition, and echoes of those beloved/hated often double-record outings in the 70s - have called it a Night at the Opera. Extra points for getting the words to the second singer's song/confession. It was recorded at a later date.

Theater: The Academy
Foreign-born headlining act: Brett Anderson ("Suede")
Front man for the second opening act: Adam Duritz ("Counting Crows")

451. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#2**
Apparently this very close relative of a deceased foreign born A list celebrity went to do some investigating. Within 24 hours of arriving, he was brought into a police station and told to leave the country or he would be charged with drug possession. When he asked what drugs, he was told the drugs that will be "found" in your hotel room. Avicii (Oman)

452. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#3**
This former long running network show is in reboot talks. Quiet ones. Very quiet. Apparently this back in the day A+/A list mostly movie actor turned serial A- list mostly television actor is not very well liked by his former co-stars and don't want him pressuring everyone for his role back. Rob Lowe ("West Wing")

453. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#4**
This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor almost wasn't allowed a very important meeting with a world leader because our actor was so baked. Just reeked of pot. Orlando Bloom

454. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#5**
This upcoming documentary on a permanent A+ list singer is just a money grab which directs blame away from the people who produced it to such an extent that nothing in the documentary is believable. Estate approved Whitney Houston documentary

455. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#6**
Ever wonder why some viral celebrities are featured on this online tabloid and some are not who appear more popular. Well, this online tabloid promotes those who can be directed to a record label owned by the same corporate umbrella and the owner of the tabloid takes a taste of what they earn. TMZ/Harvey Levin/Time Warner

456. TAMARA TATTLES 04/30 **#1**
This reality show couple has been seen together on screen less and less on recent seasons. Months ago I began hearing that the terms of their relationship had been renegotiated. At that time the situation became even more "you do your thing, I’ll do mine" but they were still co-habitating. The latest word is that she has a very pretty apartment of her own now. If they plan to officially divorce, I predict we have seen the last of them on the reality show. It could get messy. Or they may just continue staying legally married but living single. That said, she seems to be really pissed off by the competition. Erika Jayne ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Thomas Girardi

457. TAMARA TATTLES 04/30 **#2**
This reality show couple is no longer a couple at all although feelings lingered on both sides for quite a while. Things did not end amicably but are better now. There was a reason for their breakup that was not discussed on the show and never will be. She seems to be moving on currently to someone who it appears might cause the exact reason for her last break up to happen again. It is starting to appear that she may be auditioning men for the role of boyfriend/future husband to convince us all of something. None of the people in this blind seem to be living their authentic self. Naomi Olindo/Craig Conover ("Southern Charm")

458. THE GOSSIP LIFE 04/30
What happens when you have a bad script that needs work and you’re under pressure to start filming already? You delay and delay until you can’t delay anymore. And that’s exactly what’s been happening, I’ve been told, with this upcoming movie that is anticipated by some and dreaded by others. I guess development hell has a new member. I hope they have an extra bed and fiery martinis. "Bond 25"

459. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#1**
Nothing like turning a date from the desert a couple weeks ago into a yachting situation that involves this celebrity offspring and one of her kind of celebrity offspring best friends. Hailey Baldwin/Bella Hadid

460. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#2**
This past weekend represents the closest anyone has come to actually outing this former A+ list raper/wannabe actor. This is probably the reason that two weekends ago his team was really trying to spin the tale about how much he loved women, especially a woman they wanted seen as his girlfriend. 50 cent (Vivica A. Fox)

461. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#3**
He has kids with nannies and other household help, but heaven help you if you are one of his kids and gay. He will disown you in a second. You can do the most outrageous things to anyone as long as it is heterosexual sex, but if you are this foreign born permanent A list action star, you are done in his mind if you are gay. Jackie Chan (daughter Etta Ng)

462. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#4**
Apparently this former A+ list rapper is not going to be around to promote some new music. His significant other wants him in rehab by the weekend. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

463. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#5**
Everyone assumes this disgraced former A+ list singer is off social media because of the way he is stalking his ex. Nope. He is off social media to make it harder to get it noticed how he beat a woman two weeks ago within an inch of her life. Chris Brown
(Karrueche Tran)

464. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#6**
Showing you just how desperate this woman is to marry this aging former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee, she is just ignoring the two women she caught him in bed with six weeks ago. Al Pacino/Lucila Sola

465. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#7**
This celebrity offspring of a permanent A list mostly movie actor still is in the dark that his dad hooked up with his significant other. Weston Cage Coppola/Nicolas Cage/Hila Aronian

466. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#8**
Reader Blind Item: This C/D list horror actor could have been higher listed, maybe even an A, in his genre. He had taken on the role of a legendary villain in a very hit remake (and its sequel) of a film considered a cinema all-timer-- regardless of genre. You know why he isn't? Its not just the fact he publicly mocked the death of the actor who originated his role, or that he direct messaged aghast fans on social media. Its what he did to women and the content of those messages. He routinely attempted to grope and molest women on the convention circuit. And those messages? He attacked people with threats of violence and rape, homophobia and goading people to suicide (I was one of those people.) He is not a good man, and no one wants to work with him in a genre that actually favors decent people (regardless of what some people think.)

Actor: Andrew Bryniarski
Original Actor: Gunnar Hansen
Role: Thomas Hewitt (Leatherface)
Movie: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

467. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#9**
Despite the numerous girlfriends he has, including one he is supposed to be marrying, this A- list rapper couldn't resist hooking up with this celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ list celebrity. Offset (Cardi B)/Sasha Obama

468. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#10**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie director is getting the press to spread an idea he has to be able to see and interact with thousands of underage teens each year. He can't wait. Steven Spielberg (mandatory high school Holocaust education)

469. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#11**
He basically killed her by his actions, but sure, go ahead Mr. foreign born permanent A++ list celebrity and make it seem like you are some grieving hero when it comes to the death of your ex. Mick Jagger/L' Wren Scott

470. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#12**
A cash bribe matched by a record label got this always in trouble/being arrested/being convicted rapper out of a jam that could have seen him serving jail time for years. That witness went away in a hurry when that paper bag filled with cash showed up. The police then had to say bye bye to the case. Rick Ross

471. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#13**
This permanent A list singer has been shelling out cash to every person he has had sex with over the past two years to get them to sign NDA's. He doesn't want anyone left in this world who can legally talk about sex with the singer. He is hoping it destroys the remaining cases against him. Usher

472. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#14**
Don't believe the hype. There is no way this former A- list singer turned pretty rich celebrity who does nothing most days is going to give up her partying ways to have another baby. Jessica Simpson

473. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#15**
This former A-/B+ list tween actress is going to be changing her tune. Look for this actress all of you know to say that she lost her virginity to this permanent A list mostly television actor who raped her when she was on his very hit show. Keshia Knight Pulliam/Bill Cosby ("The Cosby Show")

474. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#16**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This former A list Disney actress was spotted at an after party making out with her much much older married agent. Dove Cameron

475. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#17**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: Last time we saw this former A list singer/A- list actress she was talking about how her marriage was on the rocks. Last night, the ring was off and apparently after an after party she headed off to that former lover of hers who is a chain smoking permanent A list mostly movie actor. That relationship was toxic. Eve (Maximillion Cooper)/Sean Penn

476. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#18**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This former tween actress/singer turned celebrity says everything is great at home with her serial cheating husband, but it isn't has been documented, plus after blowing through all of his money, he has now blown through most of hers. They are basically living paycheck to paycheck right now and she needs to get out while she can.

477. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#19**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: A conversation no one thought they would probably be having with this former A+ list tweener back in the day turned former A- list singer turned infomercial mainstay is one she had with another woman. The former superstar talked about how she uses a line of beauty products she shills for as sex aids. Yep. Marie Osmond

478. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#20**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: Proving once again that this former almost A- list mostly movie actress who has also done a lot of television and a lot of headline making in her career has not lost her fight, she got into a screaming match with a publicist. Our actress made it very clear to the publicist that the actress considered her the source of a story that lost our actress a movie franchise that began about a decade ago.

479. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#21**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This A list celebrity who hosts what seems like dozens of shows on the same cable network that all look the same was at an after party. She dumped her date to hit on this very early 20 something who was on a long running Disney show and has a band. Giada De Laurentiis

480. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#22**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This married talk show host said the award show was family time, but the after parties were his time and sent the family home so he could party alone and mingle. Mario Lopez

481. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#23**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: As part of his deal with this television network, this old, permanent A+ list talk show host they provide him with an escort several times each week. The network was tired of his scandals so wanted someone who could stay quiet. Plus, it gives them leverage, although everyone knows he is a perv so I'm not sure what kind of real leverage it gives them. Larry King

482. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#24**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This part-time Bold & The Beautiful actress was being hit on hard by this actor from another soap who was written out for bad behavior on set. He was doing the hitting on while at the party with his significant other. In fact, some of it, right n front of her. Jennifer Gareis

483. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#25**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: This host/producer told a 20 year old server last night that 20 was far too old for the host/producer. That pretty much jibes with his whole 18th birthday program where our host/producer has an assistant who seems to only search out teens on Instagram about to turn 18 who live in LA or willing to come to LA and want to visit the set of the show on their birthday in hopes they will have sex with the host/producer. Considering the assistant makes it pretty clear what the deal is in advance so the host/producer doesn't get angry at the assistant, then you basically have someone who is paid to troll for underage teens. Yes, they do wait until 18 for actual sex, but still.

484. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#26**
They Tried: A couple of decades ago, a few producers tried to blackball two actors they thought should never work in Hollywood again. For the most part, their efforts as far as television goes, worked. The producers created a middling network show that probably should have kept running for a few more seasons. Instead, the show was abruptly halted and everyone sent on their way. The reason was the network was told by the producers that two of the actors, including the lead were raping a teen boy almost every day of the filming. The producers found out about it ten days before the show was shut down. One of the actors involved had a pretty decent career going and to the outside world, it was a shock that he basically never worked again until the raped actor couldn't speak up about what happened. I always found that interesting. No work and then the raped teen couldn't speak any longer and it was almost as if the blackball lifted. Because of his connections, the other blackball worked for television for the most part, but he just moved over to movies to continue his career which was based almost primarily upon others in his family putting forth good words and just constantly mentioning him to try and get work. All of you know him, and it probably isn't for his acting resume.

Show: "Young Riders"
Lead actor: Ty Miller
Actor with family connections: Stephen Baldwin
Rape victim: Christopher Pettiet

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