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What does A List mean?

Whilst you were all drinking and eating and having a good time, I was getting my bitch on to the nth degree... whilst simultaneously drinking and eating and having a good time. Yes, I was up to some good old fashioned networking over the holidays and I happened to obtain some of the details of a working agreement between this A-lister and a few media outlets. In return for continued coverage of their ambitious offspring, the A-lister can be featured in articles, photos and interviews etc. as long as the focal point is on the offspring and not them. 'We can use [name omitted] to reel people in,' confides my source, 'but any articles need to be about the kid.' Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford)

She burst onto the scene as a hot young starlet with an even hotter nude scene(s). It was that hot nudity that caused people to take notice and soon saw her career fly into a stratospheric rise with many executives eager to sign the future star to their big movies for big numbers. Would you believe us if we told you that she's actually 5 years older than she claims to be? No one calls her out on it, because no one really knows and those who do have been paid off or dismissed. She is absolutely A-list. Margot Robbie ("The Wolf of Wall Street")

Apparently this barely relevant celebrity who had a big day last week has an elderly bedridden woman living in his home that no one knows about. The guy is creepy. Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor’s widower)

This one named singer who has also been an A- list television actress and a reality star and related to a porn star is paranoid that everyone is out to get her and keep her from recording new music. Songwriters are threatened with late night calls and texts about selling songs to someone other than her. She is always checking up on producers to make sure she is the only client they have. If she thinks you crossed her, she then takes to social media to blast the person. Brandy Norwood/brother Ray J

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee better start being nice. This past weekend she called several fans bi**ches when they asked to take a photo with her. Our actress was drunk and just foul tempered to everyone. Jennifer Lawrence

Apparently at least for once, this floral sounding financial institution of a singer is not in a feud. It is actually a publicity stunt with this shy one named singer. As a favor? I’m not sure our floral singer really needs this kind of PR stunt. Azalea Banks/Lorde

The mother of this southeast reality star is trying to be just as famous as her offspring. One thing that is probably going to stand in her way is being so homophobic and not shy about expressing her views either. Honestly. her reality star offspring’s views are not that much different, but she knows to stay quiet. Mama Joyce/Kandi Burruss ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

This B List mostly television actor is most well known for the very long run on an FX show that ended a few years back. He has had some fiery romances with men and women and political views just as fiery. One of the guys he was recently with did not appreciate the way he was dumped and has been outing the closeted actor everywhere on social media he can and posting clips of sex acts between himself and the actor. Daniel Sunjata ("Rescue Me")

Back in the day, this former A list athlete dated this foreign born A+ list singer when she was rebounding. Now? He is probably B+ list and suffers from depression. He got one woman pregnant last year and a married woman pregnant this year. Matt Kemp (Rihanna after Chris Brown breakup)

Perhaps the most recent extensive plastic surgery done to her face by this former actress/host/celebrity/talk show host/used to get naked for a living celebrity was done because her A- list dual threat husband won’t stop cheating on her. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg

Here it comes. The wave. For the past several years I have been throwing water on every guy this momager tries to plant as a boyfriend to this A list reality star with a side gig. You and I both know who it is. Whether the momager thinks it will ruin the brand if her daughter comes out or if the mom has other reasons, I don’t know. Here is the thing though. For these years I have been throwing water, their side has been quiet. Cricket quiet as the star moves from one girlfriend to the next. Now though, things are different. In the past month, several (at least three that I know of) gossip sites who run blind items have conveniently run blinds about the reality star and her impending coming out and how the whole family could not be happier. It is like blind item kneepads. Where were they years ago? I guess they had not been given their marching orders from the momager. Kendall Jenner

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#10**
It’s amazing how much crazy crap happens each time this Housewife franchise films. Everything is peaceful and quiet and then when the producers show up, suddenly things happen. While filming. There was the staged police call not that long ago and now the trespassing leading to guns being drawn. Funny how it ONLY happens when there are cameras present.
Phaedra Parks/Kenya Moore ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#11**
That closeted NBA player whose past beards include an A+ list castoff and an A list reality star is trolling for a new one but is not having much luck. Apparently he is a world class a-hole to his beards and to the guys he hooks up with too. Chandler Parsons (Memphis Grizzlies) (A+ list castoff: Leonardo DiCaprio/Toni Garrn) (A list reality star: Kendall Jenner) (current beard: Kate Beckinsale)

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#12**
Out of my normal range, but apparently this elderly A+ list royal used a mild cold as a great excuse to stay away from several possible threats against her life that intelligence services said were likely. Apparently this all came to light because one royal family member used the absence to garner himself a bunch of publicity. That has not helped his relationship with his older brother who knows the younger brother uses opportunities like this to line his pockets with questionable income.
Queen Elizabeth/Prince Andrew/Prince Charles

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#13**
At some point, even Kristen Stewart gave up the shell game. It becomes so hard to juggle all your stories and pseudo relationships and everything else for the media and social media and interviews and red carpets that you just say f**k it and come out. This actor needs to do just that. I have written about this actor a couple of times in the past about his closet struggles, but he has taken this to a whole new level. Foreign born. Tall. Good looking. For the most part in his career he has struggled. That is until a few years ago when he got the lead in this pay cable series that shows no signs of ending for the foreseeable future. Suddenly his secret life actually mattered. I have written before about his people scrubbing his social media clean of all those weekend flings with guys. They think he needs to be a virile heterosexual to keep getting these types of roles. Last year around this time, his female co-star got tired of being called his girlfriend because they weren’t. It wasn’t even a bearding thing. His people just picked her and leaked story after story about how they were a couple. She forced our actor to do a joint interview and in that interview declare they were not a couple. Her boyfriend was getting really upset. Meanwhile, our actor spent much of the spring and early summer traveling the world with his boyfriend but he is always referred to as a friend in photos. After this travel spree, the boyfriend was pushed out of the way because too many people were asking too many questions. The boyfriend was asked to scrub his social media which he did. Imagine just scrubbing your entire life because your boyfriend can’t admit who he is and wants you to play along. So, you need a new beard. Who do you pick? Well, if you are the people of our actor, they found someone who needs the publicity to reignite her failed acting career. A former soap actress who thought she was way better than soaps who found out that was not the case. An actress who has a boyfriend. Whether she started dating that boyfriend while she was still married is up for debate. She had a lot of success in soaps. Not so much outside them. Her last best shot was some network show where she had a recurring role before the show was quickly canceled. With a boyfriend on board with the game, our actress started popping up on the actor’s social media. Simultaneously, the couple would get randomly photographed at events and random places. Who was taking these photos? Not fans. Nope. It was producers of the pay cable show and PR people and voila they would show up on message boards for the show. Most of the time she lives with her boyfriend in the US. About once a month or so though she is called to action and will show up somewhere with the actor. Oh, and hey, get "randomly" photographed. She did accompany him to a big award show but stayed at a hotel while he stayed at his home. She flew home the morning after the awards with a nice big payday in her bank account. Her big problem is she can’t stop her boyfriend or her own family from posting things to their own social media. It looks really strange when she is supposed to be in a loving relationship with the actor and her friends and family and the friends and family of her boyfriend post loving photos to social media. The game is crumbling and soon, the masterminds will have to find a new beard. Don’t worry, they are the same masterminds behind the person listed in the first paragraph.

Actor: Sam Heughan
Co-star: Caitriona Balfe
Show: "Outlander"
Dating: Mackenzie Mauzy ("The Bold and The Beautiful") ("Forever")

It's not unheard of for actors and actresses to land some of their most famous roles in unconventional ways. Naomi Watts, for example, earned her most famous role in Mullholland Drive when David Lynch saw her headshot and liked what he saw. Larry Hagman won the part of J.R. Ewing when producers of Dallas saw him in an old movie and liked a certain mannerism of his that fit their vision of the ruthless character. This eternally A-list actress sunk to unusual levels when she flashed the truly A-list director at the end of a read. It took him aback and was completely out of character for the actress and the role, but she was cast by the day's end.
Who is our A-list flasher? Kate Winslet
Who is the director? James Cameron
What is the movie? "Titanic"

17. MR. X 01/04
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Whenever you asked this now deceased A/B-list actress and entertainer who her least favorite costar was, she would say it was this A/B-list actor who was married to one of the original scream queens. On the first of the two films they made together, he confronted her about rumors that she was a lesbian and was having sex with this renowned character actress famous for playing a mother in law on a classic TV show. Our actress wasn’t a lesbian, but had definitely dabbled in having sex with other women, just not the aforementioned character actress who was one of her closest friends. The actress asked her rude costar where he came up with the rumors. He replied that he didn’t make up the rumor, her ex husband did because "she was a lousy lay in the sack". The actress, now furious, yelled back at him "tell *insert ex husband name* I was a lousy lay because he has a tiny prick!" That shut her costar up.

A/B- list actress and entertainer/ex-husband: Debbie Reynolds/Eddie Fisher
A/B list actor/original scream queen: Tony Curtis/Janet Leigh
Films: "The Rat Race" and "Goodbye Charlie"
Renowned character actress/role: Agnes Moorehead ("Bewitched")

This permanent A list mostly movie actor actually has multiple Academy Award wins/nominations despite a lot (lack) of acting talent. He was also paid mid six figures to attend a party over the weekend but is taking a lot of flack for it. He probably should have asked for more. Sylvester Stallone (Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve party)

This foreign born one named A list rapper is his drug dealer’s biggest customer of coke. That is something you can’t lease so Tyga probably can’t afford this much. Our foreign born rapper drops an average of $25,000 a week on cocaine just with this one dealer. Drake

Speaking of cocaine, this foreign born A list singer who is married to an A lister was seen with a woman two weeks ago in his home country. The pair were in a booth at an out of the way dive bar and drinking shots while doing bumps of coke. Oh, and groping each other. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman

Apparently 2017 is the year this closeted foreign born A+ list soccer athlete rolls back some of the flights home to see his lover and instead works on making sponsors happy by showing off his new beard. Endorsement income has been down for the player since the buzz about his sexuality has grown louder. Lots of sponsors in anti-gay countries have pulled deals with him the past two years. He wants that money back. Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodriguez

Another fake relationship falls by the wayside for this former tweener actress turned A- list singer. The issue seems to be she is trying to juggle a guy, her music, her secret female lovers and a return to drugs. The last guy bailed because of the drugs. He can’t be caught near drugs or his career could be over. So, she has moved on. It is a roller coaster. Demi Lovato/Luke Rockhold/Guilherme "Bomba" Vasconcelos

That married out of work talk show host from a singing family is hiding out in her house after the wife of a guy she had sex with discovered the affair. This is causing other problems because our former talk show host is running low on the prescription drugs that she craves. Tamar Braxton ("The Real")

I assume there will be lawsuits filed and this will be made public. This A/A- list mostly television actress from a very long running, very hit network show which is part of the detective show family tree fired the head of her foundation. Apparently there was some problems with shall we say, accounting issues. Mariska Hargitay ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit") ("Joyful Heart Foundation")

Want to know what happens when you talk about the time you had sex with this former A list singer who has been known to get violent? Well, if you are this male rapper you get beaten by the guy’s friends and told to keep your mouth shut. Well, except when having sex with the violent singer who called after the beat down to see if the guy wanted to hook up again. Soulja Boy/Chris Brown

This permanent A/A+ list singer is all alone now after her manager got rid of the last remaining people from the singer’s past. Now, the manager is the only support the singer has and mark my words, will lose everything as the manager slowly makes a fortune. Mariah Carey/Stella Bulochnikov

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/04 **#10**
She might be on a new show from the producer/actor who seems to always have a million projects but it doesn’t mean she is not popping pills like crazy. This former 80’s and 90’s A lister has crashed and burned numerous times. She better get her act together in time to save her offspring. Heather Locklear/enter rehab (Tyler Perry’s "Too Close To Home") (daughter Ava Sambora)

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/04 **#11**
This Star Wars actress has dumped her boyfriend and replaced him with a doppelganger of her gay best friend. Considering the best friend was the impetus for the recent breakup, I wonder what he will think of the new boyfriend. Daisy Ridley (probably Charlie Hamblett)

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/04 **#12**
You can always tell when it is award season and our actress is nominated for something or will be nominated for something. You don’t see her for a year or two and then she pops up in online tabloids on a daily basis. Oh, and as a side note, yes she is paying the pap to take the photos. Not much though. The pap gets good money for her photos because she does only come out every couple of years. Plus, she is a name. A list this year for sure. Oh, and she has a bonus. She lets him know where she will be and he shows up and snaps a couple of photos. She wants to be in front of those voters all the time. She wants to win. She will do anything to win. She will even stay married to her husband who she dislikes more each day. A divorce announcement would crush her chances. It is the wrong kind of publicity during award season. Everything needs to be positive and friendly and if you can throw in a new wedding or a baby or the fact you just found a cure for some disease, that is always looked on favorable by voters. Cheating, divorce or admitting you watch television are all things film voters frown upon. Our actress knows how the game has played and has played it to win before. She knew this role would be a winner and she planned ahead. Way ahead to award season and how she would look. She knew she needed to pull out an extra card or two to have a chance. Some kind of hook. The last time around she hadn’t really needed the hook. This time she does. Anyway, when she found out about her husband cheating and being a general all around a-hole, it put a crimp in her plans. She kicked him out to the guest house. Not hotel stays for him. No rumors. No chance for him to hookup with one of his girlfriends where he could be spotted. He stays in place. The only way he is going to get a check from her in the divorce and to cover many of his financial losses is if he stays put. Oh, except on red carpets where he will act like the perfect accessory to her Oscar dreams. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied ("Jackie")

The marriage may be over, but the drama certainly isn't. This actress wants to drop one last media bombshell on her soon to be ex-husband. 'She hopes it'll disgrace him and damage his career,' confides Betty. 'She thinks he's getting off way too lightly.' I, for one, am looking forward to whatever the vindictive bitch has in store. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

31. POPBITCH 01/05
Which beloved sci-fi actress has a rather odd daily routine which involves manually wanking off her dog to stop it from becoming too aggressive – seven days a week?
(Jacqueline Pearce received lots of filthy fan mail and gladly read it all. If any missives particularly appealed to her, she would visit the sender and indulge him in his fantasy.)

This former A list tweener actor from that Disney thing who has moved on to the grown up world of acting and is B+ is being blackmailed by his former bff/drug dealer for a part in the former tweener’s new project. Get him a part or video slowly is released showing the actor using drugs multiple times. Zac Efron/possibly Ryan Rottman ("The Greatest Showman")

Apparently this former B+ list mostly television actress turned A-/B+ list movie actress is worried her A+ list husband will discover the truth. It turns out that she was not so honest to him about the affair she had with this married A+ list mostly movie actor. She told her husband the pair were just friends. When they all see each other at the Golden Globes this weekend she is afraid her lies will be revealed. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds/Ben Affleck

This alliteration actress told one of her closest friends that she is trying to get pregnant. It seems though her foreign born A+ list celebrity boyfriend is not privy to that information. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

It is getting a little bit sickening/disturbing. The PR people of this closeted actor who was in a book based movie franchise are just relentlessly using some sad news to make their client look straight. Unless you are just a weekly tabloid reader, you know he is gay but they won’t give up trying to get him to A+ list. Taylor Lautner (Billie Lourd)

Speaking of closeted actors, this foreign born A/A+ list mostly movie actor was, as I told you, much less discreet than normal this holiday season back at home. The boyfriend of our married actor is an A list athlete in his sport and our actor is in love. The pairing was just too noticeable when they went out and after decades in the closet, it could all be over. Hugh Jackman (possibly Daniel Conn)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor crashed down to A-/B+ list for well over a decade. The past few years has seen him crawl his way back to A list. To keep the momentum going and to try and land some more Oscar hardware, our actor plans on going full frontal in a movie to be filmed this year. Not just a second or one shot, but multiple scenes of him in his full glory. Kevin Costner

This VS model managed to kill two birds with one stone this holiday season. A week outside the country with a very generous man followed by 36 hours with this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to make it look like they are still a couple. Our actor didn’t give her any money, but did introduce her to three people who definitely will over the course of the next few months. This is quite the change from a few weeks ago when they were on the outs because our actor wanted her to to hook up with a friend of his for free and they split when she refused.
VS model: Nina Agdal
Out of the country: Love magazine’s advent calendar

A+ list actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Friend: Tobey Maguire

Our former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is on the run from a mob guy disguised as a shipping tycoon. Apparently while in his country, they slept together for an agreed upon sum. I guess she didn’t think it was enough so helped herself to a bracelet in his room worth six figures. The thing is, he didn’t know she took it until after. It is why she is hiding out in yet another country. Lindsay Lohan (in Dubai)

This one named rapper/actor/Academy Award winner/nominee dropped $50K on a gift for his trainer this holiday season. That must be some very special training. Common

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/05 **#10**
This Academy Award winning/nominated A list mostly movie actress has bailed on promoting her new movie. Not that she thinks it is bad, because it is good, but because she is trying to not see the guy she has been cheating on her husband with. Julia Roberts/Owen Wilson "Wonder"

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/05 **#11**
Someone wrote into to me and asked about a show that was canceled last year. It had such potential, so why was it canceled so soon they wanted to know. I actually wrote about the show in a different kind of way last year. There were so many moving parts behind the scenes that it had no chance of succeeding despite what it looked like from the outside. It was a network show. Very short lived. it begins with the lead actress. An amazing person and an even better actress. Emmy winner/nominee. Multiple very popular hit shows in different formats. This was going to be her chance to be the star. Not just one of many, but the star. In her haste to be the star, she gave up another Emmy win/nomination. Plain and simple it would have been hers. Because she wanted to be the lead she didn’t look at the fact that her male lead co-star was doing it for the paycheck, just like he does everything else. He is a workaholic. Tell him to be somewhere and he will be there and will show up on time and work hard. The thing is though, he only has one character and one tone to all his roles. That is why, for the most part his greatest successes have been as a voice over guy. Our actress got no say in the casting of that role. While working on the show, he also had five other projects and the producers told him he could do them all. She also got no say in the casting of the guy who preferred to drink rather than act. This caused issues. Then, there were his what seemed like daily doctor appointments. There were two younger characters on the show, one of whom decided she was the biggest star on the show or had been led to believe that by her people so acted like that from day one. Plus, the producers and showrunner hinted she was going to be the focus of the show. All of this combined with another actress who was a bulimic and the whole thing was a disaster from start to finish. Canceling the show was putting it out of its misery.
Show: "Crowded"
Actress: Carrie Preston
Show she left: "The Good Wife"
Co-star: Patrick Warburton
Drinking co-star: Stacy Keach
Actress thinks she’s a star: Miranda Cosgrove
Bulimic actress: (POSSIBLY) Mia Serafino

43. MR. X 01/015 **#1**
The awards aren’t until Sunday, and there’s already drama over who will or won’t be there. This couple (consisting of a closeted actor and his wife/beard) are thinking of boycotting the event because a fellow nominee, this actress/model/celeb spawn, is thinking about bringing as her guests her grandma and no not her mom (sobriety comes first)… but a close friend of her mom’s who is considered public enemy #1 by the couple. It would be no loss if the couple didn’t show up.
Couple: John Travolta, "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story"/Kelly Preston
Fellow nominee: Riley Keough, "The Girlfriend Experience"
Guest: Leah Remini

44. MR. X 01/015 **#2**
With no chance of getting money from this now deceased permanent A+ lister, he is going to try and make a buck off the name by writing a book. There is no one around to sue him for all the lies he will print. Wade Robson/Michael Jackson

A reality duo keeps people guessing — but the fellow secretly knows the real deal. Red hot chemistry is the couple’s drug, but the man knows that a future will never develop. A family inheritance is at stake, and will be yanked away if the man succumbs to the woman’s sweet talk. A patriarch is in charge, and millions will be wasted if the reality stars rehab their romance. The pair will be linked forever, but the woman will never win a ring. A civil relationship is the most she can hope for — a fantasy sobered by the truth. Thomas Ravenel/Kathryn Dennis ("Southern Charm")

They're one of the most speculated about young couples in the media, despite their relative privacy, but the female half of the relationship complains and complains about the male and his fear of commitment. One day he's game for an exclusive relationship and the next day he's not. It drives her crazy, according to my whisperer, but she puts up with it and has done for several years now. 'It's just a shame because she's worth so much more than this.' Rose Leslie/Kit Harrington

If the wife of this former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister is pregnant, it definitely is not his baby. Well, not from sex anyway. Amal and George Clooney

As is her norm, whenever this A+ list singer is asked to do something noble for a cause like refuse to perform or donate her pay, she will refuse. Actually, she won’t even refuse, she just does not respond. If the money is right and the check clears, she will perform for anyone.

This producer of multiple hit shows for the same family of networks spent most of this memorial service comforting an actor close to a family member. Back in the day they would have done so naked while the younger actor was looking for his first acting job. Ryan Murphy/Taylor Lautner/Billie Lourd ("Scream Queens") (Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fisher memorial)

It is award season once again and that can mean only one thing. That semi-annual photo op with the closeted main red carpet host with someone he wants everyone to think is his girlfriend. Our host got tired of finding someone new for summer vacation and award season so just sticks with the same one unless she is publicly involved with another guy. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor

Left out of the story of this foreign born permanent A list model about her out of the country beating was the why. Luckily for you, if you go back in time on the site, you will see the why that she seems to have ignored. Naomi Campbell (Wendy Williams interview)
 (beaten or ordered beaten by Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin)

This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor is recycling stories and changing names again. This time he has substituted the name of his first wife with the name of his second wife when it comes to anxiety attacks. Apparently he thinks people don’t go back in time and look at other interviews. Ryan Reynolds/Scarlett Johansson/Blake Lively

Apparently now that "dad" is gone, this eldest son is the man of the house and sleeps in the same bed as his A list actress "mom." Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt)/Maddox Jolie-Pitt

Never a good idea to do coke while you are pregnant, so if you are this B+ list mostly television actress all of you know who has been to rehab a couple of times and need to show everyone you are on the mend, you just don’t tell people you are pregnant until after you stop doing coke. Problem is that sooner or later people start asking questions about the bump while you are doing bumps. Hayden Panettiere; Kirsten Dunst; Emma Roberts

Not the happiest of dates the other night for this former Disney Tweener and his actress girlfriend. He likes to keep his relationships off social media so he can hook up with women/fans when any woman he is dating is not around. This particular girlfriend though went on her social media to put a stop to that by telling the world they are together. He was not happy. Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#10**
This foreign born celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is an actress. A decent actress. Not good enough to be a nominated actress which is why other nominees at a party last night were snickering behind her back. Everyone knows the rumors about how she got the nomination. No, it was not sleeping with the voters. Lily Collins (Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical - "Rules Don't Apply") (father - Phil Collins) (W Magazine Celebrates the Best Performances Portfolio and the Golden Globes with Audi and Moet & Chandon)

57. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#11**
This A list mostly movie actress who will soon be an Academy Award nominee again was at a party last night and told by one of her people that in no certain terms she needs to get her hair colored. The grey is starting to come out and if anyone sees it, will cost her roles for the next decade. Natalie Portman (can’t color her because she’s pregnant)

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#12**
This foreign born celebrity chef not named Gordon Ramsay but almost as high on the list celebrity wise is having big money problems. Two things. Don’t get women outside your marriage pregnant and you wouldn’t have to pay a fortune to keep them quiet. Oh, and also stop gambling. Jamie Oliver

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/06 **#13**
For several months late last year, this former B+ list director who is considered A list in his movie making genre did what he has done for almost two decades. He makes movies. The thing is though he makes movies starring as many 18 year old people who look 13 as possible. He loves to get them half naked and shoots take after take so he can watch them repeatedly. Everyone knows his history as a child molester but this is his loophole. Find them legal and make them look super young. If some of them are interested in him personally, so much the better. You never have seen someone shoot so many takes of the sex scenes and half naked scenes and so few of the rest of the scenes in his movie. The thing is, in a few months, the movie will be released and probably make enough money where someone will pay him to make another film and keep living out his sex fantasies. Larry Clark ("Marfa Girl 2")

After a long hiatus from the public eye, this closeted Game Of Thrones actor was spotted out with his boyfriend. Kit Harington

I wrote about this foreign born pay cable lead actor last week. Yes, the one from the lesser known pay cable network. Anyway, his fans have started doing a little digging and discovered what I already told them. His new "relationship" is the fakest of fake and now have caught his "girlfriend" recycling pictures she took with her real boyfriend a year ago and trying to pass them off as current.
Actor: Sam Heughan
Show: "Outlander"
Dating: Mackenzie Mauzy ("The Bold and The Beautiful") ("Forever")

Lots of people ask me what happened to this B list mostly television actress who was on a network show based on a movie based on a book. She was a lead. One day she was there and then next she was gone. She quit because her life was made miserable by this former franchise movie actress turned hey I got lucky by being cast on the show. The former franchise actress assumed if she could get rid of the lead, she could stay. She got rid of the lead, but then was fired herself because of what she did.
Show: "Sleepy Hollow"
Actress: Nicole Beharie
Franchise actress: Nikki Reed

This A+ list rapper/mogul had a one on one meeting with this oft troubled former A+ list rapper to see how he was doing. The wife of the oft troubled rapper was there, but not the wife of the A+ list mogul. No way is she going anywhere near that situation. Jay Z/Kanye/Kim Kardashian/Beyoncé

That manager of the permanent A+ lister finally made a misstep and is crawling around on her knees apologizing to her client. No matter what the A+ lister says about her first ex, she still loves him and no one is allowed to talk smack about him except for her. Quickest way to lose your job is to say anything bad about him, let alone publicly. Mariah Carey/Tommy Mottola (Stella Bulochnikov)

This creepy organization has blackmailed their PR person. They pay them practically nothing and don’t realize there are tons of secret recordings the PR person has made. Literally thousands of hours to be released upon the death of the PR person. Monique Yingling ("Scientology")

The kiss butt tabloids love to mention this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor lives with his beard. Nope. She has her own place. He pays for it, but they don’t live together. That would not work for either of them. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

This much hated former A+ list singer turned A-/B+ lister has regularly started taking PCP. He is also one of the few I know who has ever tried to mix it with sizzurp. Wouldn’t be surprised if he kills someone with that combination. Chris Brown

Kardashian GAY storyline: WHO IS SEXUALLY FLUID? EXCLUSIVE. With her ratings declining Kris Jenner has a big surprise up her sleeve – next season will reveal a huge gay storyline. "Kris is a genius and knows that Kanye’s breakdown and Kim being held at gunpoint will bring in the ratings. But she isn’t taking anything for chance and pulling out all the stops to make next season the biggest ever. This includes revealing a gay story line for the first time ever," sources tell Straight Shuter. "The family all knows that this person is sexually fluid and is cool with it. She has boyfriends and girlfriends and no one cares but they have never spoken about it before. Until now." Kendall Jenner

I'm not quite sure what to make of this, but several separate people swear they overheard this B-list actor repeatedly jokingly he'd use his award statue on his girlfriend as a sexual apparatus if he won. Fortunately he didn't win.
Hugh Grant

70. MR. X 01/09 **#1**
GOLDEN GLOBES: What A+ list actor who was supposed to be a presenter showed up but bailed early because he and his longtime friend got wasted the night before and kept on drinking only hours before the ceremony? His PR people didn’t even expect him to show up at all and last minute panicked calls got a fellow A+ lister to fill in.

71. MR. X 01/09 **#2**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Remember my earlier BI about that celeb spawn who was thinking about bringing a controversial friend of her mother’s hoping to spite a fake celeb couple to not show up? Well, the HFPA kow-towed to that shady organization that the fake couple belongs to and told the celeb spawn she couldn’t bring her friend to the Globes. Incensed, she called up her mom and the family friend for any ideas. The family friend suggested a trick she has used in the past: pay the head chef $100 to spit in the couple’s food. Revenge can be a dish best served with a side order of saliva. Riley Keough/Leah Remini/John Travolta and Kelly Preston (Scientology)

GOLDEN GLOBES: JV said that this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family commented twice on her breasts last night and both times used the same nipple tape line. Apparently he used the same line on multiple women last night and forgot he tried it out on JV twice. He stared at her breasts while making the comment too. Casey Affleck

GOLDEN GLOBES: Multiple people last night remarked that this Emmy winning A- list mostly television actor on a very hit cable show looked close to death. He is really young but one person even said it is like looking at a corpse. Rami Malek ("Mr. Robot")

GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born A list dual threat actor not named Benedict regaled his table with multiple stories of himself. The Golden Globe nominee/winner spent a good 15 minutes telling people about where he acquired his cufflinks and showed no interest in anyone other than himself. Tom Hiddleston

GOLDEN GLOBES: From AP – "The coldest hands I have ever felt. We leaned in to hug and she put her hands on my shoulders and I almost screamed they were so cold. They were like ice. I saw other people who had bare shoulders jump when she gave them a hug. I kept watching her during the night to see if she was dipping her hands in ice water because there is no way someone’s hands could stay that cold for that long." (A list Academy Award winning/nominated mostly movie actress) Nicole Kidman
 (Raynaud's phenomenon)

GOLDEN GLOBES: From JV – This A-/B+ list multiple franchise mostly movie actress said she took a three day break from her kids prior to the awards. She knew the family member watching the kids would object to doing so for that long so told the family member she would be back in a couple hours after having a meeting. Our actress just stayed gone. She said this like it was a cool life hack or something. Zoe Saldana/Marco Perego

GOLDEN GLOBES: The lead female actress in this still fairly new hit network show told several people that she is pregnant. She said it as if she was giving them an inside tip. When I asked JV about it though, she said she doubted it because our actress was downing LOTS of wine. At least a bottle all by herself. Kristen Bell ("The Good Place"); Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")

GOLDEN GLOBES: Our first winner tonight for rudest person goes to this foreign born B+ list actress who was a nominee last night. Her driver said she let out a series of F bombs and used another F word to describe him when he let himself get cut off to avoid an accident while trying to pull into the unloading area. The result was they had to circle around one more time and that is when she unleashed the tirade and told him he was sh**ty at his job too. Just an awful entitled human being. Lily Collins

GOLDEN GLOBES: From JV – In our second winner of the night for worst person at the show, this former A list mostly television actor from an iconic show turned director turned B list actor almost got into a fight with a waiter because the waiter didn’t get out of the way fast enough when our actor approached. The actor told the waiter where he should stand to avoid coming near any actors and if he didn’t get out of the way the next time, our actor would get him fired. Well, that upset the waiter and he said something to the actor and then the actor gave the waiter a shove and told him to get back to work. It was then that the actor was pulled away. David Schwimmer

GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born former superhero was not the number one choice for this publicity stunt perpetrated by another foreign born mostly movie actor. He tried to get a recent very tall co-star of the former superhero to participate, but he didn’t want to and was adamant to the point where he was not asked twice. Ryan Reynolds/Andrew Garfield/Vince Vaughn (kiss)

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#10**
GOLDEN GLOBES: The former A+ lister who is part of the movie mentioned in #9 called his significant other a fat f**k last night so, he is still a winner with words. Mel Gibson (his pregnant girlfriend Rosalind Ross)

82. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#11**
GOLDEN GLOBES: From AP – This Golden Globe winner/nominee from last night was trolling for threesome partners for he and his arguably more famous wife. His main focus seemed to be actresses from Game Of Thrones. Maybe they would all re-enact a scene together. Courtney B. Vance/Angela Bassett (Gwendoline Christie, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams)

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#12**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This part-time actress/full-time model with the unusually hard to spell last name was the butt of a lot of jokes last night and probably didn’t know it. People would ask to pose with her and she would give this pursed lip Jennifer Lopez smoky eyed thing every time and no other pose. It became a running joke to see if anyone could just get her to be natural. Emily Ratajkowski

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#13**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born Academy Award winner who was not nominated last night had a makeup person work on his face for three hours prior to the show. Three hours. She said she had to redo it completely twice and that he asked a million questions about the process and the tricks she was using. She said it was exhausting. Eddie Redmayne

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#14**
GOLDEN GLOBES: While other people I had at the show did go near and even interact with this nominated actress last night, both AP and JV both told me they each had run ins with her in the past and that she was trouble and wanted no part of her. JV actually called her a walking curse and then recited a list of names of people who worked with her or hooked up with her who no longer have a career. Evan Rachel Wood

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#15**
GOLDEN GLOBES: She has a handful of Golden Globes wins/nominations, most of which are for the same show, despite being in a show so much better than her iconic show. OK, so different, maybe not better. Anyway, our actress, who is aging, has given up botox and lots of people told me last night she looks a decade older since she stopped. That kind of buzz leads to a drying up of roles. You don’t want Hollywood to think you are old even if you aren’t. Sarah Jessica Parker

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#16**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Several hours prior to the show, a death threat was called in about this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is a Golden Globe/Academy Award winner/nominee for the same movie several years ago but nothing else. The threat was taken seriously enough that she had a minder about 15 feet away for most of the night. She has the craziest stalkers. Anna Kendrick (Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for "Up in the Air")

88. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#17**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born A/A- list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show got a lot of flak for her dress. Maybe next time she won’t bad mouth the design team that has kept her dressed forever. She also picked up a nice paycheck from the company that dressed her last night. Meanwhile, the shunned design team created a gorgeous dress that an appreciative Oscar winner wore. Sofia Vergara

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#18**
GOLDEN GLOBES: She is amazingly kind, but even this B+ list mostly television actress moved from network to cable had a tough time finding nice things to say to AP about our B+ lister’s co-star. There are a lot of people who wanted her gone from the reboot. Instead, they are going to get a year of misery before the troubled show gets canceled. Connie Britton/Hayden Panettiere ("Nashville")

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#19**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Two big movies this year for this foreign born former Golden Globe nominee/winner. (She also got an Oscar nom/win for the same movie). One boom, one bust in her movies. There she sat, quietly at her table, drinking. The quietest drunk you ever did see. Not a peep by the end of the night, but not able to stand on her own two feet either. Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) ("Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and "Inferno")

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#20**
GOLDEN GLOBES: That big speech everyone is talking about is not the only speech delivered by the permanent A+ list mostly movie actress. She saw her former co-star, the very young and impressionable co-star. The one who is still scared of the A+ lister. Our A+ lister took five minutes of her time and told the B+ list actress she could be one of the best actresses in the world, and to give up that other side thing she does which she is pretty good at. Our actress told the younger actress (who is an Academy Award winner/nominee) that she could be mediocre at both or the best ever actress and for her to make the right decision which is to just focus on acting. Meryl Streep/Hailee Steinfeld (singing) ("The Homesman")

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#21**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Both JV and AP took an informal poll of who everyone thought was the worst dressed. They sent me their results without knowing what the other’s result was. With both of them, it wasn’t even close. 95% of those surveyed swore they would never in a million years, even as a bridesmaid, wear the dress of this A list singer. JV wanted to make clear that if the category were expanded beyond guests to red carpet hosts that there would have been a different worst outfit winner. Carrie Underwood

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#22**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born former superhero who was written about earlier had a "date" for the evening. His "date" is a married actress who was his minder last night. A sober coach who fit right in. Andrew Garfield

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#23**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Don’t believe the hype. This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is now A-/B+ list and a celebrity offspring is leaking the stories about her involvement with an A+ list mostly movie actor. Oh, she was dumped by a former superhero who found someone younger. Maybe her former friend will take her back now. At an after party, she tried to latch on to some offspring of an oil billionaire but was rebuffed. Kate Hudson/Brad Pitt/Tobey Maguire

95. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#24**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This B+ list actress who is a celebrity offspring and has been acting forever went on a 10 minute tirade in the bathroom about her A- list actor ex who still gets her more angry than any other person ever. She was ticked off at how close he was seated to her and just got more angry throughout the night. Laura Dern/Billy Bob Thornton

96. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#25**
GOLDEN GLOBES: With the exception of a handful of people, this talk show host was ignored by the celebrities there who only like him enough to go on his show, but not hang out with him away from it. Plus, he was being monitored for his drinking by not only his wife, but also her long long time bff. Jimmy Fallon/Nancy Juvonen/Drew Barrymore

97. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#26**
GOLDEN GLOBES: The debut of brand new breasts for this A- list mostly television actress on a very long running hit network show. Her sham of a husband didn’t seem all that impressed. He was more concerned about swiping right on dating apps all night looking for someone to meet up with after. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#27**
GOLDEN GLOBES: AP says coke is destroying the nose and looks of this A- list mostly television actress from the long running CBS show. She ran into her at an after party and she remembers thinking, "Whoa" when she saw her. Kaley Cuoco

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#28**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This C list celebrity offspring of this now C list actor from an acting family acted like she belonged at this after party because she was a star. Nope. She got her invite because she f**ked an executive at the company in the backseat of his car during lunch two weeks ago. Hailey Baldwin (Stephen)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#29**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Three months ago, this former celebrity turned B+ list actress on a new very hit show would have invited this B- list actress/celebrity offspring to be her +1 at the awards last night. Now, not so much. All the revelations about the married men the offspring has hooked up with has turned the friend off. Also, there is the talk about how she gave the gift that keeps on giving to one married man who then split with his wife of almost 20 years when she contracted it too. Last night, the offspring was a bit of a pariah at an after party. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")/Minka Kelly

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#30**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who used to have a thing for married men is back on the married man bandwagon again. The thing is, she doesn’t know it. At an after party last night, her date and nonstop makeout partner was a man she met before the holidays. She has no idea he is married, but most of the people at the party know who he is and his wife. Sienna Miller

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#31**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This B+ list mostly movie actress set to be in a superhero franchise appears to no longer be with the billionaire. Instead, she was on the arm of a large sweaty gold chain wearing guy who was very generous with his coke but also very generous with his groping down the inside front of the dress of our actress. Amber Heard (Elon Musk)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#32**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress made arrangements to be with a male model that a designer introduced her to so people will stop talking about her affair. The thing is though, her date found an actor he was much more interested in and our actress was left to wander the party solo. Diane Kruger

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#33**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Two different parties – same result. This former child actress turned hit or miss television actress who really has trouble finding steady work despite all of you knowing who she is threw up all the food she scarfed down. Literally she ate everything. Across town, this nominated Golden Globe actress from last night threw up a huge meal she had just eaten at Chateau Marmont. Hilary Duff

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#34**
GOLDEN GLOBES: A very good actress friend of mine who is foreign born and currently on a pay cable show said she laughed so hard last night she peed on herself. Granted, she had been drinking, but she was watching this actress/reality star who is married to an actor, try and use a straw and couldn’t grip the straw with her lips. Part of the problem were the lips and part of the problem was probably being a little drunk. It took a good five minutes before she managed to get the straw to stay in place in her mouth. Lisa Rinna ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#35**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This foreign born Victoria’s Secret model who everyone knows this year at least was passed out drunk on the floor of this very private Golden Globes party. Private, because cameras would have caught some things which would have got a few people fired. Nina Agdal (Jimmy Fallon’s private party)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/09 **#36**
OLD MEETS NEW - GOLDEN GLOBES: A few weeks ago I ran into the daughter of this permanent A+ lister. We talked about what was going on in her world and then I asked her for any old Golden Globe or Academy Award stories her father had told her that I could use. She had a few, but she said the one he talked about the most was one particular year. She says it was special to him because he was nominated. It had been a few years since the last time and even longer since the time before that. She said he didn’t even remember the first two times because he was so wasted. Anyway, he said that one year was the perfect blend of old Hollywood and young Hollywood with a "bunch of pricks in the middle." There were two Academy Award winners yelling at each other. Both are permanent A listers. One is still alive. The deceased one will be permanent A+ list into eternity. They hated each other and would literally shout two tables away about how the other was an awful human being. You had this first time nominee who was probably more famous for a very long running network tv show that came after, doing lines of coke with the nominated offspring of a Hollywood legend. The offspring has often been the subject of where did she go rumors. In the middle were the pricks. All A listers. All thinking they are the biggest of big shots. The prime of their career permanent A listers. One was the celebrity offspring of an A lister. He was fondling women while his wife was there and making plans to f**k another woman the next day. He just acted like his d**k was bigger than everyone. He tried to hit on this winner from that night who had just won an award but her monster breakout classic film of all time was still a few months away from being released. When she turned him down, he called her a b**ch. They spoke one time after. Ever. And that was about a year later. She hates him to this day. Also with his d**k hanging out was another permanent A+ lister also at his prime. The thing is, they both were upstaged by this older than them, but so much more cool permanent A+ lister who didn’t need to take his d**k out for everyone to know he was still the best. Apparently there were some cranky actors who were nominated and thought this was the Oscars instead of a place to get drunk and find women to have sex with while seeing old friends. It was not what it is today.
Year: 1990

A+ lister: Robin Williams (nominated Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama "Dead Poets Society")
Famous for long running network tv show: Laura San Giacomo ("Just Shoot Me") (nominated Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture "Sex, Lies, and Videotape")
Offspring of a Hollywood legend: Bridget Fonda (Peter, Jane and Peter Fonda) (nominated Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture "Scandal")

Celebrity offspring of A lister: Michael Douglas (father Kirk Douglas) (married to Diandra Luker) (nominated Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical "The War of the Roses")
Winner from that night: Julia Roberts (nominated/won Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture "Steel Magnolias") (nominated and won "Pretty Woman" released the following year)
Bunch of pricks: Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Daniel Day-Lewis, Bruce Willis, James Woods, Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Duvall
Cool permanent A lister: Jack Nicholson

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#1**
The manager of this permanent A+ list singer told an employee the other day who questioned one of her ideas about the singer, thinking it might harm her image said that the only thing that matters is getting 20% on everything possible as quickly as possible. Stella Bulochnikov/Mariah Carey

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#2**
This still young one named singer who actually might be as well known for a recurring role she had on a long running sitcom is about to be dropped by her label because she won’t have sex with the guy who replaced the last guy she was having sex with at the label. Tinashe

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#3**
KINDNESS: The former reality star turned actress on a bad show turned actress on a good show so she moves up higher on the list did a really nice thing the other day. In line at Trader Joes, she stepped up and purchased the man’s groceries when his card was declined. Katharine McPhee ("American Idol" "Smash" and "Scorpion")

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#4**
The dirt sometimes comes in dust fragments for this former cable actor turned movie actor turned A- list mostly television actor on a hit cable series. He is also an Emmy winner/nominee. Oh, and openly gay, and apparently also a former escort who now preaches celibacy.
Matt Bomer

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#5**
Back in the day between soap appearances to keep her solvent, this plumped lip reality star would spend her days in various clothing boutiques in the Valley. If you owned a women’s clothing store at that time, you could expect her to pop in and try on 20-25 items before leaving with nothing bought. Oh, sure, every once in a while she would throw the store a bone and buy the cheapest thing in the store, but she just wanted to feel like a big shot and get all the attention. Lisa Rinna

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#6**
If you are taking a break from making money the very public way, but still have bills, you do what this A+ list reality star is about to do. Go back to making your money the way you used to a few years ago. One night at a time. Overseas. Kim Kardashian (Dubai)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#7**
For fans of the couple from that almost network show that is ending, if you want a reunion, you need to hold out hope the actress wife of the actor says yes. So far, she is the one who is holding things up and doesn’t want her husband doing any scenes with his former co-star. Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder/Nikki Reed ("Vampire Diaries")

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#8**
This foreign born permanent A list model not named Kate Moss swept a huge pile of coke off a table because she didn’t think it was good enough quality It was good enough for the ten other people waiting for their turn who paid for it. Naomi Campbell

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **#9**
I was going to title this the worst celebrity dad, but lets face it, in a world of Ryan O’Neals there are lots of horrible celebrity fathers. Instead, because I am sure, someone will pop up in a week or two, I kept it as world’s worst for the week. However, this is pretty bad. This musician is probably permanently A list. I guess. The band is. They don’t play together any longer. They will when one of the stupid f**ks runs out of money because he decided to invest in some get rich quick scheme and only discovers later that he is a ponzi victim and there are no such things as self-fertilizing llamas. He is married for the umpteenth time. He was actually a blind and a reveal in the past year where he committed some other really horrible behavior to a girlfriend, so that he can be an a-hole shouldn’t surprise anyone. That he should be an a-hole to his daughter is way worse. His daughter became pregnant. A teenage pregnancy. He berated her for her entire pregnancy for getting pregnant and showed no sympathy or empathy or provided any kind of support. Meanwhile, his celebrity wife was just as bad because heaven forbid the attention spotlight in her world ever stops glaring at her right in the face. The daughter gave birth. The baby died shortly after being born. What would you expect from her dad? Love? Kindness? Some flowers? Nope. Instead he and the troll wife decided to post a bunch of photos of a baby shower for a friend of the wife they both attended. Posted that all up on social media for the world to see. Talk about a kick in the nuts. So, yes, he is the world’s worst celebrity dad this week.
Father: Nikki Sixx (reveal)
Band: Mötley Crüe
Wife: Courtney Sixx
Daughter: Frankie-Jean Sixx (mother Donna D'Errico)

117. MR. X 01/10 **#1**
MORE GOLDEN GLOBES: This seemingly always happy couple consisting of a B+ list mostly television actor and an A- dual threat actress who made a really bad decision this past fall were arguing up to the last second possible before trying and failing to put on smiles for the red carpet. Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard

118. MR. X 01/10 **#2**
MORE GOLDEN GLOBES: This actress/model who enjoys nothing more than getting naked in her Instagram while looking for "serious" acting roles that will challenge her and don’t require nudity was stoned out of her mind at the show. She kept nodding off during the latter portions of the evening. That 2:30 pm cocktail hour she went crazy in probably didn’t help either. Emily Ratajkowski

119. MR. X 01/10 **#3**
MORE GOLDEN GLOBES: This A- list mostly television actress has been on the same network for her past couple of hits. Her long time husband stayed home, but he was not alone. That production assistant came over to keep him entertained. Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick

120. MR. X 01/10 **#4**
MORE GOLDEN GLOBES: This closeted A- list mostly movie actor had to leave his boyfriend home. Too many cameras and too many questions. He didn’t even bring him to any of the after parties. Our actor did wear a couple of different shades of lipstick which he changed when he left the Golden Globes for the parties. Jeremy Renner

121. MR. X 01/10 **#5**
MORE GOLDEN GLOBES: This main A list red carpet host drove everyone nuts. Not only was his botox keeping his face looking like plastic, he couldn’t decide whether or not to wear socks and kept asking everyone repeatedly whether he should wear them. He would take them off and ask. He would put them on and ask. Biggest pain in the butt. Ryan Seacrest

122. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/10
You might have noticed this A lister do something kind of bizarre and out of character at the Golden Globes. The reason? She's trying to get the guy to do a project with her apparently. I'm unsure how it wins him over, but apparently that's her reasoning. Nicole Kidman/Tom Hiddleston

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#1**
Want to know how poor this RHNJ family is? They got sponsors to pay for the gifts they gave their niece for a birthday party. Joe and Melissa Gorga
(Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#2**
This Disney actor from back in the day who was an adult in this franchise is cheating on his wife who also has ties to the acting world. Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#3**
As is their annual custom, this pair of married A- list co-stars from a hit network show used one of the complimentary suites offered to them for an hour long assignation. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal")

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#4**
Two suicide attempts in the past few weeks from this A-/B+ list reality star from an A+ list reality family gets him a 24/7 sober coach/guard. Rob Kardashian

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#5**
Don’t believe the hype. It was withdrawals that sent this wannabe singer/former porn star to the hospital. Usually the producers of the show will sneak in drugs to keep that from happening. Ray J

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#6**
Just like her mother, this B list mostly television actress seems to be trying very hard to get pregnant by this gay actor, at least according to a pap who had a clear shot into one of the bedrooms. Billie Lourd (Carrie Fisher - mother/Bryan Lourd - father)/Taylor Lautner

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#7**
In the scheme of reality show fakery, it does not really raise the bar, but there have been a dozen actresses and actors hired to be real people in the reality show of this permanent A list singer. "Mariah’s World"

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#8**
To really out the nail in the coffin to a bad January, this A list celebrity/athlete’s boyfriend is not only cheating on her, but also stealing from her. Ronda Rousey/Travis Browne

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#9**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort has track marks on her body to go with all the bruising suffered during the sex games she is forced to play to be able to live her lifestyle. Lindsay Lohan

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#10**
Long time no see for this celebrity offspring of almost permanent A listers. She is back in rehab. I think this must be the 4th or 5th time. Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#11**
#1 When this B- list singer/musician who most of you know and all of you know his last name got divorced, one of the items in the divorce documents said the singer/musician used to get in the shower with his daughter while erect.

#2 – This late night talk show host wants you to know you are poor and takes every chance he can get to tell you how much money he has. It is really kind of embarrassing. I’m shocked he and Goopster are not best friends. Andy Cohen

#3 – This won’t work out well. Our former tweener trying to stay sober hooking up with this interestingly named singer who is known to be one big coke party. She must be really interested in getting some good songs to risk it all. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd

134. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/11
This A-list politician has already landed their next gig as a consultant. It comes with a 7 figure salary and additional benefits. That'll wash away any nightmares of 2016. Hillary Clinton

135. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/12
It is utter bedlam at this A-list network right now. They underwent a controversy recently and although the executives aren't talking, the talent are already in fear for their futures. They're frightened they'll be replaced by more 'whiter' and 'male' alternatives in the near future as the network makes a huge shift. CNN

136. POPBITCH 01/12
(British blog) One of Harley Street's top osteopaths had a rather odd run-in with the wife of which super famous rock star? She decided her treatment would be enhanced if she took off all her clothes, and then intimately frotted (rub one's genitals) the doctor's arm as he tried to examine her.
Trudie Styler/Sting; Penny Lancaster/Rod Stewart

137. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/12
When the 74th annual Golden Globes awards show airs Sunday, see if you can guess which female nominee is high as a kite. The actress in question sees using marijuana as a necessity for the ceremony, according to Dina Browner, pot dealer to stars such as Charlie Hunnam ("Sons of Anarchy"), Whoopi Goldberg and rapper Wiz Khalifa via her West Hollywood, Calif., dispensary Alternative Herbal Health Services (AHHS). "She asked me for indica [a strain of marijuana known for its relaxing properties] because she has social anxiety and gets nervous," Browner told The Post, adding that most celebs prefer the sativa strain for its energizing impact. "If she wins, hopefully the cannabis will keep her calm in front of the cameras." She recalled taking a limo to an awards show with a celebrity customer and her entourage. As the car nosed toward the venue, the actress realized that she had made a terrible mistake — and it had nothing to do with wearing the same dress as Gwyneth Paltrow. When the camera-flashing paparazzi and long red carpet came into view, paranoia coursed through her brain’s amygdala region and the effects of too much marijuana overtook the starlet’s body. "She had eaten a 250 milligram edible and thought it was a 25 — on an empty stomach," Browner said. "She couldn’t bring herself to walk the carpet. Her guests got out and the driver took her around to a back entrance."
Indica actress:
Limo actress:

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#1**
This in the closet A-/B+ list reality star transferred a whole bunch of money to friends and family, but now that he needs some, they are pretending he never gave them any which is wise on their part, but could mean really bad news for the reality star.

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#2**
This foreign born A- list everything is married and in the closet. His former wife, also an actress finally had enough and divorced him. He is a first when it comes to some Academy Award trivia. He also split this year with his long long time actor boyfriend who is a foreign born A- list dual threat actor.

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#3**
With more and more family members cutting him off, this former NFL player is going to the way of Pete Rose to make a few bucks. He is going to have to work for it. The former player wanted a guarantee upfront, but the promoter must have worked with Lindsay Lohan before and knew the player would be a no show. Johnny Manziel

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#4**
Our favorite former tweener turned rehab lover sold professionally done nude photographs of herself to an admirer for $250,000. Selena Gomez

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#5**
It’s war over at this initialed tabloid site and so much more. Apparently the constant kissing of butt and ignoring the truth was too much for some of the top level people and they walked. There will be a big legal fight when they set up their own shop. TMZ (Harvey Levin’s right-hand man Mike Walters quit)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#6**
This pop culture clothing designer who is way more interested in being famous than designing clothes is broke as a joke. It might be the reason she is pulling a series of Bethenny Frankels with possible angel investors. Sophia Amorusos ("Nasty Gal")

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#7**
WHAT AM I MISSING? This could all be nothing, but I can’t really figure the whole thing out. It could be because I am still sick, so thought I would turn it over to you as is and see if you can figure it out. Here is the e-mail tip. The tip doesn’t mention which photo to look at in the link, so they are all here (dated April 15, 2015).
Subject: From the shadowsMessage Body: Amateur heists with sloppy DNA, forfeited earnings, sudden sycophancy. That fish you’re smelling is real. But it’s not just a matter of bookkeeping. Look very, very closely at the edge of the frame. Interesting "placement." Armenia is a small, poor country that depends on another, bigger country to defend a sensitive region. That country’s "minders" would be fired if they weren’t all over a visit like this. When it comes to loans and leverage from abroad, we’ve learned what happens to insolvent narcissists. P.S. Attire to the Christmas show.

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#8**
This married former A- list often naked celebrity turned reality star is one of the latest celebrities making a ton of money being companions to high rollers while they are playing in casinos. Kendra Wilkinson

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#9**
This A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show and a bunch of crossovers is trying to sell such a bunch of fake crap in a recent bunch of interviews. She acts like her marriage was pretty good, when in fact she got cheated on every second of every day but refuses to ever acknowledge it. Sophia Bush ("Chicago P.D." "Chicago Fire" "Chicago Med")/Chad Michael Murray

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#10**
Even a former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A list actor/part-time director is not above calling in a pap and his PR people to get front and center photos to try and make his marriage look sound. Amal and George Clooney

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#11**
This B+ list mostly television actress only gets that high because of her hit cable show. Our actress is in an acting family and is arguably lesser known than her sibling. She is also closeted and having a relationship with another woman on the show. Grace Gummer (mother: Meryl Streep/sister: Mamie Gummer) ("Mr. Robot")

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#12**
This B list mostly television actress with the interesting last name has a brand new superhero show she was promoting at the TCA yesterday. A few hours after the event, our actress had to be carried to her Uber because she was so wasted. Amber Midthunder ("Legion")

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#13**
Over the past several years, a troubling pattern has begun to emerge in film productions. Many straight to On Demand movies are being made in this Eastern European country solely based on the fact their age of consent is 14. Production companies line up these movies back to back and bring in actors who are known for partying harder than most actors. The next thing you know, the actors are filmed having sex with some 14 year old and are asked to lower their fee to SAG scale rather than the amount originally agreed to. If they don’t agree, then they are threatened with the tapes being exposed. The owners of the studios in these countries are generally backed by a foreign power who has been their backer for almost 100 years. If any really prominent actors are caught up in their night, they forward the information to certain divisions within that backing country. This has led to multiple former A list actors suddenly becoming front and center spokespeople for the country. They attest to how amazing it is and in return are given special status and recognition by the government with no one the wiser how it came to be. Actors are not the only prominent people ensnared in this trap. Anyone with a fondness for teen girls who visits one of the countries should know they are going to be recorded with them. It is why a prominent member of the British royal family is such a staunch supporter of a country you wouldn’t think he would like at all. If you are a wealthy businessman doing business with one of these countries, you will be offered one of these 14 year old girls. You think it is legal, which it is, but would the rest of the world see it the same way. Plus, deliberately, other countries in this region raise and lower the age with a great deal of frequency and write the laws so no one understands what they mean except a prosecutor. One actor who was a nobody when he was filming a sequel and got involved with a 14 year old is now an A- list mostly television actor on a hit network show. A 30 second snippet of his all night sex session with a 14 year old was remotely installed to his hard drive last month. He is freaking out and knows his career will be ruined and that newlywed wife of his will be out the door. Another actor caught up in all of this was in one of the biggest movies of all time. You all know him even though he has not done much since. He was also in a millionth sequel to something when he got involved with several 14 year old boys. His significant other would leave for sure and no one would ever hire him again, so he has agreed to do multiple appearances in the backer country and to even appear on several episodes of a soap opera there. This way back in the day A list mostly television actor got caught up with multiple teens when he was shooting one of these sequels and ended up having to sell part of his production company to a silent partner who is controlled by this backer country. The list goes on and on.
Country: Bulgaria
Foreign power: Azerbaijan
Prominent member of the British royal:
Commercial for Bulgaria: Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Adrien Brody, Mel Gibson
A- list mostly television actor on a hit network show/wife:
Actor in a biggest movie/millionth sequel: (The Expendables 1, 2 and 3)
Back in the day A list mostly television actor:

151. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/13
'Fame's a bitch,' AJ Benza used to say on E! Our B-list teen actress swore off dating 'normal' people a year or two ago after she met and dated a normal boy that attended a local high school in Los Angeles. He seemed sweet and kind at first, but after she let him in and they slept together for the first time, the kid bragged about it to the entire school. Our teen actress received several tweets from his school members, informing her of the incident, and she promptly dumped the kid, but not without feeling heartbroken and crying over it to her therapist.

152. ROTOSCOPERS 01/13
This rumor relates to a project brewing at Warner Bros. Pictures. Only this time, it’s not an animated movie. Rather, the studio is currently bouncing around the idea of developing a beloved Hanna-Barbera property as a live-action film. From what I’ve heard, the screenplay is already written and is being bounced around to different directors. Three of the names mentioned as being on the studio’s shortlist are Justin Lin (Fast and Furious movies, Star Trek Beyond), Scott Derrickson (Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange), and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block, co-writer on Adventures of Tintin and Ant-Man). Production discussions are meant to begin at this time, assuming that things have fallen into place. The studio also has a wish list of actors for a ‘high-profile’ male supporting role. Among the actors being looked at (possibly as shoo-ins) are Bradley Cooper, Idris Elba, and Will Smith. Now, for some hints and clues as to what this property is. Yes, it was a TV show that was popular back in the 60’s (really the peak period for Hanna-Barbera). Yes, characters from this property will appear as part of a planned shared universe of animated films based on Hanna-Barbera’s overall library of properties (beginning with S.C.O.O.B. in 2018). No, the live-action film won’t take place within that universe (obviously). The most I can tell you is that the live-action film is being developed on a separate track, with hopes that it will (of course) launch its own film franchise. My last hint, to end the article: the property in question is NOT Scooby-Doo! "Johnny Quest"

153. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 01/13
This reality couple puts on a spicy show — but the wife is worried that her husband is a poser. The duo boasts true love but nosy locals tell a different story. Many believe that the husband is restless and stepping out on his wife. The pair claims that their chemistry is hot, but others see short tempers and constant fighting. The husband’s car has been regularly spotted at another woman’s home into the wee hours. The insecure wife is scared for her marriage and grabs her phone all day to keep her man in check. Fans covet the couple’s displayed relationship — but a cheap secret could expose their facade. Joe and Melissa Gorga ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#1**
His marriage might still be over, but this almost network superhero and his female co-star have considerably cooled since shooting began again after the holidays. Apparently there was some time they were supposed to spend together and didn’t and the place she rented at Whistler. Maybe it was the snow. Everyone is blaming everything on the snow up there. Stephen Amell/Emily Bett Rickards ("Arrow")

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#2**
Yes, the rumors are true. Sort of. This foreign born dual threat A list actor is being replaced as his superhero character by his body double but only for a cameo in another superhero movie. However, it may foretell the way of the future because his body double could be his twin appearance wise. Benedict Cumberbatch/Aaron Laza ("Avengers: Infinity Wars")

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#3**
This B- list celebrity offspring of some very high up on the listers has made a name on his own. OK, well made a name on his own because of his parents. He is making a movie/documentary/artistic thing no one will understand and is trying to include reactions from outrageous things he posts on social media. Jaden Smith (Jada and Will Smith)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#4**
Do you remember a few weeks ago I told you a story about our favorite former tweener turned regular rehab visitor? It involved a photographer buddy of hers who is also her drug dealer. It turns out he is also the drug dealer/photographer for the guy she is hooking up with right now. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd (PROBABLY: Mert Atlas)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#5**
Tabloids are such butt kissers. You have this foreign born actor who is also in a superhero franchise and they give him a platform to tell how his divorce has changed him and how he is an amazing person now and blah blah blah and totally ignore the fact he would still be married if he wasn’t f**king everyone who walked across his path. Oh, and even if you haven’t watched the superhero movie, many of you watched another one of his movies last month. From home. James McAvoy (Professor Charles Xavier "X-Men")

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#6**
KINDNESS: This A list athlete seems to get injured every year but also seems to somehow regain the form that makes her one of the best athletes in the world every year. I’m not saying she has given up her thirst for publicity, but I will say that she spends a few hours a week during her season in different cities going to schools and talking to female students in their own language mind you about how they can achieve anything and doing other empowerment things too. She also hands out tons of free tickets and gear to teen girls to get them to try her sport. Oh, and although she gets her biggest sponsor to pay for the gear, she doesn’t let them give any of their stuff to the kids. She also doesn’t ever have any cameras around other than the cell phone cameras of students. Lindsey Vonn

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#7**
Add another actress at war with this actress who had a major head start in developing a brand and line of products that have made her rich. Sure, a lot of it is greenwashing, but the money is real. This three named actress is the latest to go to war because the OG actress called out the products of our three named actress and said they were awful. Things were not pretty when they crossed paths earlier this week. Jessica Alba ("Honest Company")/Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Foodstirs")

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#8**
Why yes, that was this closeted B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister having sex with another man in a bathroom in a park outside the country who he met on a hookup app. They dropped their swimsuits and 20 minutes later were back out on the beach headed in opposite directions. Scott Eastwood (Clint)/Bondi Beach in Australia

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#9**
What do you do when you have given a million interviews over what seems like decades and no one cares anymore about what you have to say? You do what this A- list thetan level PR master of an actress does and that is toss in a few explosive names and ideas as well as some subjects that everyone wants to hear about from her but never will because she doesn’t know anything about them. But hey, at least she got the spotlight turned in her direction. Nicole Kidman (supports Trump)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#10**
This wealthy actress who is still very young and very wealthy and did I mention she is wealthy who no one really likes earned another disliker last night when she kept dismissing her waiter all night by waving the back of her hand and then making jokes about him needing to audition for acting jobs and was just the rudest, most unkind, ungrateful person ever. I am so glad she was fired from her most high profile gig. Nicola Peltz (father is a billionaire) (fired from "Bates Motel")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#11**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner must love her boyfriend a bunch. She just wrote her second mid five figure check in the past six months to her boyfriend’s ex. Renee Zellweger

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#12**
I can’t figure out if he is taking public digs at his wife or just wants people to know he is employed as an actor, but this B- list actor who is from an acting family and is less successful than a sibling and a parent always takes script pages and runs through them with his celebrity wife while out in public. Every meal in public involves him running through lines and making sure people notice. Evan Ross/Ashlee Simpson/Tracee Ellis Ross/Diana Ross

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#13**
For about the past 20 years, this current A list mostly movie actor has paid several million dollars to a woman he sexually assaulted. That sexual assault led to a pregnancy. She decided to keep the child and signed an agreement to never talk about what happened two decades ago. As far as I know she has never uttered a peep about it. The only times I have heard it mentioned are from a production company which once forwarded payment for a commercial to the woman directly instead of to the agency for the actor and a couple of times from people who prepared the taxes for the actor. Initially those two were told it was a love child and that everyone just wanted it kept a secret. Later, when trying to determine exactly what was owed and when, they both saw a copy of the settlement agreement which included language to the effect that while the actor was not admitting to sexual assault he was willing to make payments blah blah blah. If you are making millions of dollars in payments, it is probably not a shakedown. Apparently the mom of the now young adult has cancer and the cancer is terminal. The problem being faced is that the way the agreement is structured, the payments continue for at least another decade. At the time the agreement was drafted, our actor was a star, but not the huge money maker he is today. He couldn’t afford to make a huge lump sum payment, instead choosing annual payments for about 30 years. There is no mechanism in the agreement to just write one check and be finished. It would require the mother of the child to agree and apparently she is not in condition to do so. The agreement also was written in such a way that her heirs will continue to receive the annual checks should she pass away. My belief is that someone copied and pasted from one agreement to another in the law office that drafted it and didn’t think things through. So, now they are on the hook for the annual payments. Those payments will have to go to the child. Well, young adult now who has NO idea about the payments or who his father is. Currently, the intermediary is the father of the mother who helped negotiate the original agreement. There are no questions about paternity of the child. None. If the child comes forward he has not signed any agreements binding him to the terms his mother agreed to. The actor is already reeling from one scandal in the past couple of years and the last thing he wants is for this to be brought out into the light. Even if he makes an agreement with his child to keep this quiet, the child will know the truth about how they were conceived. Will they want to stay silent? Will they take the money and be quiet? We shall soon find out.

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#1**
This A+ list producer/record executive/former reality star with a name like an initialed city is in big trouble with his employer. It seems as if the A+ lister brought in his personal barber on company time and also allowed another handful of employees to also get their hair cut by the barber. The cuts were not cheap but the executive billed them all to the company on his expense account so was getting reimbursed by the company every couple of weeks for the haircuts of others. L.A. Reid

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#2**
This Academy Award winning actress is spinning quite the yarn about why she dropped out of a play. The thing is, the producers didn’t want her, especially when her list of demands read like a dictionary. Nicole Kidman ("Photograph 51")

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#3**
This closeted former A list tweener singer turned A-/B+ list adult singer was a kid in a candy store this week at a men’s fashion week show. It was the happiest he has looked in a long time. Nick Jonas

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#4**
This remake/reboot of a classic movie taking a turn on television is awful. Even though it is going through the process of being promoted this week, it is not anywhere close to being the way it needs to be. It will be a laughingstock. "Dirty Dancing"

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#1**
This controversial A- list country singer who also considers himself a restaurateur in a really bad food kind of way got recorded last week explaining why all gay people need to be locked in jail. He didn’t use the word gay though. He used a variety of slurs instead. I kind of think he might be in the closet in that American Beauty kind of way. Toby Keith (I Love This Bar in Las Vegas)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#2**
A Facebook thread from this week. "Unfortunately she was unbelievably rude. Of course I wouldn’t allow my daughter to approach her and ask for autograph, selfie, etc. I respect people’s private time. But she and her date were right in our sight of vision and foreign born A+ list singer asked the manager to come and tell us to stop looking at her and taking pictures (nobody was taking pictures – my daughter was texting her friends) because we were making her uncomfortable. It was beyond humiliating! Thanks everyone. I was angry and disgusted last night. My daughter was embarrassed (got tears in her eyes) because the restaurant manager called her out in a very harsh, rude way – and she wasn’t even doing anything – which I promptly explained to the manager. To which he replied "well she and her date feel uncomfortable." Seriously?! I explained to my daughter that she had done absolutely nothing wrong and this is a good lesson in life on how to treat people and that you should never forget where you come from. The singer’s bodyguard was by the door when we left (which we left promptly because of the situation) and you know me – I said "I’m sorry you work for someone like that." He did actually follow us outside and asked what happened. He refused to believe that the singer would do that to a child and that the manager must have just been being rude. I say shame on her and the manager!!" Rihanna

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#3**
The good news is that everyone is going to watch this pay cable show regardless of what happened at one of the biggest press ops of the year. However, perhaps it would be a good idea for the foreign born former A list mostly movie actor to lay off the coke before he does one of these huge press opportunities. Oh, and the press could have said he was wasted, but chose to focus on the show in their articles. Jude Law ("The Pope")

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is really close to an A+ list director comes from an acting family. He also has a substance abuse problem of which we are all aware. Apparently it has reached a new level. While visiting troops in Germany, our actor had a ten minute walk through a mall to a movie theatre and was waving to imaginary people and even bent down like he was talking to a child but there was no child there. Ben Affleck

175. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/16
When a political campaign suffers a loss, the blame game begins and people start pointing fingers at each other. A surprising amount in the Hillary camp point their fingers at this celebrity, citing them as a perfect example of why they lost and deem their participation in the campaign as 'toxic.' Lena Dunham

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#1**
His family will never say so, but this embattled, closeted, super popular religious figure died of complications related to HIV. At my last count he was paying a handful of young men for infecting them with the virus. "Bishop" Eddie Long

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#2**
What do you do if you are a foreign born closeted foreign born about to be A list superhero and you get into a drunken fight with your boyfriend? You go on social media and randomly ask guys if they want to have a drink with you. Dacre Montgomery (The Red Ranger "The Power Rangers")

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#3**
The day this a-hole of a musician stops paying his used to be an actress ex is the day she publishes the most devastatingly tell all of all music tell alls. The musician would be well advised to keep writing checks no matter how much he dislikes her or their child from their marriage. Nikki Sixx/Donna D'Errico/Frankie-Jean Sixx

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#4**
If our former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort thinks conversion will get her more money, she is mistaken. Now, not only will no one marry her, but they won’t even pay to sleep with her. I don’t think she has quite thought things through. Lindsay Lohan (Islam)

180. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/17
There are rumblings that this superhero wants out of his contract, according to the word on the Hollywood street. 'He's not happy with the attention,' whispers one source. 'He's a low key guy.' 'He wants to focus on other work,' differs another. 'He wants to make art, not pulp!' Is this all part of a ploy to receive more money? Or does our actor just want out of the superhero league? We don't know, but the streets are talking. Ben Affleck ("The Dark Knight")

181. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 01/17
There’s unexpected heat in the kitchen between two reality stars! Both are married — but nosy locals say that a flirty display might point to a recipe for disaster. Some believe that the woman envies the man’s cash — and is shopping for a sweet wallet. The man is flattered, and enjoys mixing it up with the puffed-up reality star. The man’s wife is one smart cookie — but has not shut down the half-baked relationship. The woman’s bossy advances could put two marriages at risk, but a delicious cash flow might prove to be irresistible. Buddy Valastro ("Cake Boss") and Melissa Gorga ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#1**
This still way underage C- list celebrity offspring who is probably 3rd or 4th in line in the family when it comes to name recognition has taken her pot use and boozing to new levels. Snorting a little heroin, but not in front of her parents, who even that might be too much for. Willow Smith (Will, Jada and Jaden)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#2**
This smelly food like YouTube star who I wrote about last year raping and sexually assaulting women has the police in his home country looking to arrest him for inciting violence. PewDiePie

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#3**
He made his fortune on the backs of people killed making his money, but this permanent A+ list singer didn’t care and either did this foreign born A+ list singer who always look the other way when the check is big enough. Mariah Carey/Elton John (Russian billionaire Valery Kogan granddaughter’s wedding)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#4**
It looks like the phone of this former Disney actress turned bikini lover was hacked and all those closeted guys she dated are having their nude photos leaked. Future Grindr photos when they finally come out. Bella Thorne

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#5**
Good news if you were worried about the unemployment rate for professional beards. I know I was. This foreign born model who did the bearding thing for a year or two for our favorite A+ list mostly movie actor finally has landed a new bearding gig for this foreign born B list mostly movie actor who has one hell of a franchise. Suki Waterhouse (Bradley Cooper)/Diego Luna (Captain Cassian Andor "Rogue One")

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#6**
Apparently today is going to be in the closet day. This A+ list singer who has a family of wannabe reality stars has a kink. He is into poppers with all of the backup dancers he casting couches. Ozzy Osbourne; Gene Simmons; Rod Stewart

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#7**
This frequent guest to this space over the past few weeks has even more people gunning for him. The A list musician from the now non existent group has had his marriage called into question. Apparently he struck a deal with his now wife to act married for tax reasons and to pay off a huge favor to her for information she is hiding. Nikki Sixx

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#8**
This is a nice little breath of juicy. Our favorite annoying A- list singer is cheating on her drug dealer/boyfriend with this married late night talk show host. Ariana Grande/Jimmy Fallon

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#9**
This A- list model/celebrity offspring had to stop her workout when her nosebleed got out of control at a gym. Might be time to stop the coke. Bella or Gigi Hadid

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#10**
This A+ list mostly movie actor ordered a $5000 bottle of wine. He went off his rocker though until the staff put a sparkler in the opened bottle of wine when they brought it to his table while out of the country. Ben Affleck (in London)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#11**
I know I have talked about our former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort a lot this week, but it just is the gift that keeps on giving, much like if you have unprotected sex with her. Anyway, she pulled several hairs out of the head of this D list celebrity offspring who is hooking up with this bazillionaire. Apparently this former A+ list reality star set the whole thing up in return for a $1 M deal to buy some of her overpriced products. Our escort wanted the guy for herself. Lindsay Lohan/Sofia Richie/Paris Hilton

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#12**
Her A list husband is always the one in danger of going back to rehab, but this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner is the one who needs it now. Keith Urban/Nichole Kidman

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#13**
This rock star is not from LA and had deep ties to his home town and lots and lots of friends in the music scene there. The girl he married also worked as his band’s manager, and was instrumental in getting the band signed. She also worked with a number of other bands and helped them get signed and also kept them from getting completely screwed over by record companies. She was well respected on their home turf for protecting the musicians from there and also for being a pretty decent human being. Anyway, early on, this band was very successful both critically and financially. Right before the band hit it big, the rock star and his wife had a child. This couple were so down to earth that they even remained living in the same small house they had purchased early in their relationship, and planned to raise their child in that environment, as to not lose touch with what was real. Of course, things didn’t go as planned. The rock star started to enjoy his success and the stuff that came with it. He started to become rude, obnoxious and greedy. As is often the case, he changed. His band mates noticed the change and didn’t like it either. This resulted in a lot of fighting in the band- and eventually the band broke up over this difference in values. There was no reason given for the breakup, but anyone who had been paying attention could see what was happening there. It was the classic story of the lead singer who gets a fat head, corrupted values and thinks they no longer need their band or the people who were with them in the lean times anymore. At the same time this happened, the marriage between the singer and his hardworking wife started to unravel. There was cheating and also the singer was away more and more and was not spending any time with the wife or their child. The singer eventually met another woman from a family notorious for being greedy social climbers. People who knew this woman and her family from years ago say that her mother planned for years to marry her off to someone rich and famous and was "training" her from a young age with that goal in mind. (A version of PMK before her time.) The training apparently worked because once this woman had this singer in her cross hairs, she was determined to break up his family and was successful in doing so. No one close to the singer could figure out what he saw in her, though. She was rude, mean, and not
very attractive. Her lack of personal charm also made her appear even uglier and friends around him had funny nicknames for her, one of which was ‘troll’. This woman sealed the deal by getting pregnant very quickly so that a divorce would be initiated by the long suffering wife. While destroying this guy’s marriage wasn’t enough, the new girlfriend also convinced the singer that his estranged wife (who remember was also his manager) had cheated him and his band mates out of millions of dollars. He bought this hook line and sinker and not only was the divorce bitter but other litigation dragged on for years, and the accusations of financial mismanagement by the wife publicly smeared her reputation. The singer tried to drag his former band mates into the litigation fray as well– even though they knew the estranged wife had not done anything deliberately wrong. The ex wife was dragged though court to the point where she was bordering on bankruptcy when things were finally settled. The new girlfriend was just hell bent on dragging the ex wife through the mud. Not long after things were settled legally, the singer and the girlfriend finally got married. One of the attendees of the marriage ceremony also saw the true colors of the bride and expressed concern about her and her family’s shady vibe to people around the singer. Sadly, she died herself under mysterious circumstances later. The singer’s new wife gave birth to several children pretty quickly. She also became involved in management decisions for the singer’s career and finances. Rumor has it that a series of poor decisions were made there including getting the singer to invest a large sum of money into a business run by her family. Bad idea. Meanwhile, the child with the first wife didn’t see the singer very much, because the new wife made sure he was touring and involved in as many moneymaking projects as possible. The singer also showed off the "new" family publicly with no mention of the child back home. Fans noticed. When the former wife was forced to go to court about parenting related issues, the singer chose to litigate her more and even accused her again of stealing his belongings. The ex wife has stayed true to her roots and has not spoken out publicly against the singer, even though she’s been bullied and smeared by him and his new wife for years. She is just trying to raise her child in peace. The irony in all this is that this singer also tries to fund raise for children’s charities. The people around him laugh behind his back at the hypocrisy, considering the situation with the child from the first marriage. The best part in all this is that the current rumor is that he’s met someone else and will be dumping his current wife soon. What is even funnier is that his current wife and her family are so financially shady that the singer has no idea how badly he’s been ripped off. Yet. So its looking like karma is real and the wrongly accused former wife is going to be laughing her ass off when the details about the current wife and her family’s financial shenanigans come to light. It will get ugly too. The current wife and her family will not go quietly and I would not be surprised if she exposes and blames the singer publicly for smearing and wrongly accusing his former wife.
Singer: Chris Cornell
Group: "Soundgarden"
First wife: Susan Silver also managed "Alice In Chains"
Troll wife: Vicky Karayiannis
Family: brother Nicholas Karayiannis (also known as DJ Nick Blast) and the offspring of a renowned New York restaurant executive
Venture: "Black Calavados" restaurant, now closed
Lawsuit with ex-wife: Guitar collection
Charity: Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation "If Only"

195. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/18
1. Which married publicist recently got way too tipsy and was spotted making out with one of her clients?

2. Which two female anchors at the same network publicly talk about their immense mutual admiration but privately despise each other with intense spiteful venom? Rachel Maddow & Greta van Sustern (MSNBC)

3. Which handsome actor likes to kiss women in public but privately has a coterie of boyfriends? Leonardo DiCaprio

4. What divorced Hollywood mogul snuck into a smoking area at a Golden Globes party on the Chateau Marmont patio with a blonde for half an hour, even though he doesn’t smoke?

196. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/18
This A-list musician had to pay out for a termination his underage ghetto girl recently. It's all okay, though, since the mama knows all about their relationship...

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#1**
I love what she is doing. Don’t ever take that lightly. I do have a problem that this former A- list mostly television actress turned reality star is doing all this truth thing but not when it comes to her marriage going down in flames and not talking about it. Leah Remini "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath"

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#2**
No amount of money is going to get this foreign born actor who has been in some of the biggest movies of all time to go back to this foreign television show. He just doesn’t like who this foreign born dual threat A list actor has become. Martin Freeman/Benedict Cumberbatch ("Sherlock")

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#3**
Something very fishy going on with the "pregnancy" of this foreign born singer/celebrity/reality star with the million last names. Lots of "leaks," to keep up the story, but also lots of reality that doesn’t add up. Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini/Liam Payne

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#4**
This married foreign born former world champ is trying to hide a relationship with a pre-op transsexual.

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#5**
This former movie actress turned fired television actress loves to pretend she has a service dog. At a restaurant this week she brought the dog and when she couldn’t provide paperwork was asked to remove the dog. She then left the dog locked up in her car for hours while she partied away. Nikki Reed

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#6**
This A- list actress/writer/producer always talks about showing herself naturally without photoshop. That wasn’t the case with a recent cover shoot when she agreed to a full on airbrushing to within an inch of reality.
Lena Dunham (Nylon)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#7**
Our ginger royal is getting ticked off that his girlfriend is tipping off paps where they are headed when they go out. She is all about the publicity and can’t wait for that new contract negotiation. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle ("Suits")

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#8**
Looks like it could be the end of the road for this foreign born couple consisting of a former A list actor and a B list singer. He blew off her birthday party. Robert Pattinson/FKA Twigs (January 16)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#9**
KINDNESS: This A list NBA player/Olympic Gold medal winner with two first names from a small market team didn’t get to eat any dinner last night because he spent two hours taking photos and signing autographs with people ranging in age from 6-80. He didn’t seem to care that he left with only having taken one or two bites. He was all smiles and laughs. Paul George

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#10**
Out of her mind on drugs, this celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister tried her hand at modeling. The good news is she didn’t take as long to get ready as Mariah Carey and the wasted thing could be incorporated into the shoot. Probably not going to get a second chance though. Paris Jackson

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#11**
It is possible a new world record could be set for most pot consumed by two lead actors in a movie. That they are both A list is a bonus. Every second they are not actually filming they have been taking bong hits and popping edibles. Owen Wilson/Woody Harrelson ("Lost in London")

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#12**
At this point it looks like there was another woman involved, but one thing is for sure, this A list former SI model has been crushed by her long time boyfriend who is an A list athlete. Kate Upton/Justin Verlander

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#13**
I guess if you think about the circumstances, this is not really that far out there or much of a stretch. This A- list mostly movie actor with multiple Academy Award wins/nominations has filmed multiple movies with this B list mostly movie actress who is foreign born but doesn’t seem it. She also has multiple Academy Award nominations/wins. In between films together, the couple spent some time with each other. The thing is, that time they spent together coincided with a couple of things. A new marriage for him and a pregnancy for her. It was not that long after she gave birth that her partner left her for the first time and eventually left her for good not that long after. Why? Well, the father of the baby is our actor who, because he had just got married, decided to stay with his new wife rather than our actress. For a time the actress tried to convince her boyfriend he was the father, but that went out the window
almost immediately. As the child gets older, the resemblance to the actor is pretty striking so someone will probably say something at some point. Maybe. I mean, the wife still has no idea.

210. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/19
When an actor or actress signs up for a movie role, they're usually expected to do as much shameless promotional work as the studio demands. 'It's a mutually beneficial agreement,' says my source in marketing at a major Hollywood studio. 'It's been proven a correlation exists between promotion and box office receipts. Listen, I understand when a talent doesn't want to do everything, but they should be agreeable to most things. Not [name omitted]. That fucker didn't wanna do anything and made it clear in every meeting and every email.'

211. POPBITCH 01/19
(British blog) Which former men’s magazine cover star had a bit of an interest in astronomy and The Sky at Night, so leapt at the chance to meet its elderly presenter, Sir Patrick Moore? The girl in question hit it off so well with the monocled old stargazer that all the talk of Andromeda, Hubble and Orion’s Belt soon led to Sir Patrick unbuckling his own belt – and receiving a relaxing bl*wjob from the young fan.

212. NY DAILY NEWS 01/19
Donald Trump doesn’t need A-listers, anyway. The President-elect reportedly shut down negotiations to get a major rock band to perform at one of the inaugural balls — a group that is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame — after learning they wanted more than $1 million. The future POTUS instructed the committee to keep costs down so that left over money from the Inaugural affair could go to charity. More than $90 million was donated for the Inauguration and most of the acts already signed on are doing it for free or extremely cheap. As of now, Sam Moore and Travis Greene are set as the Liberty Ball and Freedom Ball performers, while 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith will be the acts for the pre-inauguration affair on Jan. 19. Jackie Evancho, 16, is still set to sing the National Anthem for the new president. Jennifer Holliday and the B Street Band have both backed out of events after receiving extreme backlash. Other performers have not been revealed by the committee — likely as to not spark any further controversy.

213. MR. X 01/19
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This closeted permanent A+ list Broadway actor also managed to nab an Oscar nomination and an Emmy Award to go with his Tony Awards. Did I mention his closeted wife to whom he was married for over five decades also had an Oscar nomination and an Emmy win? Alfred Lunt/Lynn Fontanne

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#1**
This momager is so homophobic that she refuses to acknowledge her A list reality daughter with a side gig is gay. She keeps hoping it is a phase and will release story after story of her dating men in hopes they will come true. Kris and Kendall Jenner

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#2**
The years of drug abuse have led to a voice that can no longer sing. This former A list singer is done making music. She has tried to make comebacks but the body won’t allow it any longer. She says her retirement is by choice but it isn’t. Anita Baker

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#3**
For her next round, this former Disney actress promises to release sex videos of her ex-boyfriends with other guys. Bella Thorne

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#4**
This former tweener turned drug user turned adult A-/B+list singer doesn’t make cash like she needs to support her lifestyle so she is in Dubai making ends meet so to speak. Jessie J

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#5**
Trying to avoid being known as a giver to Scientology? If you are this A list couple, you give to a different organization who takes a cut before passing along the remainder to Scientology. I’m not sure giving to the first option is any better PR wise. Will and Jada Smith (Nation of Islam)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#6**
Originally this A+ list singer agreed to do this former A+ list singer turned A- lister turned actress a huge favor during a performance. Now? Not so much. The A+ lister heard what the A- list singer had in mind and ran away quickly. No controversy ever for the A+ lister. Beyoncé/Lady Gaga (Super Bowl half-time performance)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#7**
That Adderall really kicked in last night right when this A- list mostly movie actress gave her speech. It is how she lost the baby weight so quickly too. She will say diet and exercise to keep those possible cover stories coming in, but it was Adderall. Blake Lively ("People’s Choice Awards")

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#8**
Strange, but true. This former A+ list mostly movie actress who has a new movie out now after what seems like years had sex with the ancient boyfriend of this former child actress about a month ago when they met for work. Our former A+ lister was also a child actress. Michelle Williams (in Paris)/Richard Sachs/Ashley Olsen

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#9**
This B list mostly movie actor who is married to someone much higher on the list is doing press for a new movie. You could tell that he is really doing poorly health wise and had trouble making it through the entire slate of interviews set for him. For a guy who has made his fame with his looks and body rather than his not so great acting, this is quite the difference. So young too. Joe Manganiello/Sofía Vergara ("Smurfs: The Lost Village")

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#10**
This foreign born former boy bander has been cheating on his multi-hyphenated celebrity girlfriend. He is back hitting the booze hard again too. Liam Payne/Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#11**
This barely there celebrity was all set to cash in on a nice weekly paycheck to be the girlfriend of this permanent A list "singer." Too bad his girlfriend had to ruin the whole thing. The gig paid $250K a year. I think the "singer" thinks they all stay with her out of love. Britney Spears (Sam Asghari/Femme X MB designer Morgan Osman)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#12**
This foreign born recently deceased celebrity was once a member of an extremely famous A+ family. To say he was socially ambitious is an understatement. He came by it naturally, since his mother was one of the most ruthless social climbers of her generation. After marrying young and giving birth to our celebrity and his sibling, their mother decided her husband was not ambitious or rich enough — and decided to trade him in for someone with much more wealth and social status, which she did. After marrying up, she also had children with the new, very rich husband. Those "new’ children were always the children she presented to the world– while consigning the older children from the first marriage to the sidelines. (She referred to the first set of kids as "the ugly kids".) This celebrity’s father was a bit more caring towards his children but also troubled. He was married multiple times, including a marriage to a woman who was decades younger than he was. Coming from this background really affected our celebrity- and as a result, he developed into an extremely calculating, charming, and ambitious social climber himself. This bit of information about his personality traits are no secret, nor is the fact that he was bisexual. He was certainly not shy about sleeping with whichever women (or men) that could further his ambitions, which eventually took him to the very, very top of the societal food chain. To say our celebrity’s love life was tangled and tragic is an understatement. There are many, many stories about him, but some of the lesser known stories involve the children he fathered out of wedlock. The first child was conceived just before our celebrity married a woman, who was at that time probably one of the most well known women in the world. In fact, this child was born at almost the same time that the wedding took place. What is more sad, is our celebrity would not consent to a paternity test for nearly four decades. The child, (that point now an adult), had heard rumors for years that the man who raised them was not their father biologically. (A DNA test later confirmed this.) What is even more twisted is our celebrity used to regularly visit the child’s family home when they were growing up, and the child did not suspect he was actually their real father until years later. The best part of this story is the circumstance in which this child was supposedly conceived. The pregnancy is said to have been the result of a relationship triangle– a weekend filled with alcohol, poppers and a liaison between our celebrity, a male friend and his compliant wife. The best part is that the male friend (who eventually raised the aforementioned child as their own), was due to play an important role in the wedding of our celebrity– and was forced to cancel at the last minute due to the impending birth of the child. No one is really certain how many lovers (male or female) this celebrity actually had during his lifetime, but what IS known is that he was very popular in gay circles. He was always coy about his links to men, but was not shy about his female conquests, of which there were many. People who knew the celebrity back in the day claim that the real love of his life was a beautiful girl who was from a different race. He was said to be very much in love with this young woman, but she was deemed completely unacceptable by his mother due to her ethnicity and lack of wealth and social standing. Our celebrity dumped this girl shortly before his high profile engagement was announced. She was totally unaware (and devastated to learn) that he had been having a secret relationship with this other very famous woman while seeing her at the same time. Of course, eventually that high profile marriage ended in divorce, but our celebrity’s proclivities did not. He kept a mistress on the side for several decades. It is said that this mistress became depressed after spending the holidays alone one year, and subsequently committed suicide. Our celebrity did eventually get married again, but he was not faithful to the second wife either. That marriage came to an end after it was revealed that he’d fathered yet another child with a different woman on the side. He apparently was never involved with that particular child and never saw them prior to his death. The official cause of this celebrity’s death was given as one illness–but the rumor that has been floating around is that the real underlying cause of death was caused by something else.

Deceased celebrity: Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon
A+ family: Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
Illegitimate child: Polly Fry
Father who raised her: Jeremy Fry
First real love: Jacqui Chan
Mistress who committed suicide: Ann Hills

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#1**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress got dumped by the guy she cheated on her longtime actor boyfriend with. She got dumped even though she agreed to a mostly secret relationship just so he could keep having sex with groupies and co-stars. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus/Joshua Jackson

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#2**
It’s her own fault really. This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee brings out the kids stories and then gets testy when she is asked questions off script about the kids. She has surface answers, but when someone asks a followup like the other day she loses it because her web of lies starts to unravel. Nicole Kidman

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#3**
If you ask anyone on the show, what it is about, they will give you one completely different answer than when you ask them on the record for an interview. No one wants a lawsuit.
"The Arrangement"  (Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Scientology)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#4**
It was paps working for the big bad tabloid on the block that started asking the awful questions. The tabloid just hopes no one finds out. Chrissy Teigen (TMZ - paparazzo refers to John Legend as a monkey)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#5**
I love how the tabloids are willing to identify by name the boyfriend of this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor but still try and sell the whole straight thing. I’m not asking you to out either one of them, but just don’t tell another story you know not to be true. Bradley Cooper/Jason Walsh (Just Jared)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#6**
In a hotel lobby, this barely legal teen was in tears and not wearing many clothes. Apparently she forgot to call this former A list mostly movie actor/Academy Award winner/nominee who is the lesser known actor in the family "Daddy" when they were having sex and he threw her out. She had no way to get back to LA.
Jon Voight (in Washington, D.C. for Donald Trump inauguration)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#7**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family that will always have more money from something other than acting cheated on her boyfriend with one actor she met on set. She took the boyfriend back for a few weeks and then crushed him again when she started hooking up with an actor on a new movie who is one of the best friends of the first actor she hooked up with. Whispers of a threesome with both actors is also being talked about by crew from the latter movie.
Actress: Rooney Mara (her mother's family founded the Pittsburgh Steelers and her father's family founded the New York Giants)
Boyfriend: Charlie McDowell
Actor one: Casey Affleck ("A Ghost Story")
Actor two: Joaquin Phoenix ("Mary Magdalene")

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#8**
This former Nickelodeon actress had to have sex with a producer of this award show to be featured in it. She is not usually the casting couch type. Victoria Justice ("Teen Choice Awards 2016")

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#9**
That manufactured group that is down to 4 has not cut down in their drug use. Anyway, one of the members hooked up with a married guy the other night. They went back to his place, in his marital bed and our singer passed out cold. The next morning, with the wife headed home, he could not get her awake. He finally did and she puked everywhere in the bed and floor. And yes, the guy got busted, and yes, his wife went to a friend’s house that night. Lauren Jauregui/"Fifth Harmony"/People’s Choice Awards

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#10**
No one will pay her quote for a movie any longer. Oh, sure, they will pay it for one of those ensemble acting movies where her role is minor. They pro rate her fee. It works out well. However, her biggest offers now are for half of what she used to command. Her movies are bombs and she is not who she was. So, when she spins you a yarn about why she is doing new things, the truth is she has no choice because she won’t let her ego take a reduced fee for film.
Jennifer Aniston (return to TV)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#11**
The holdout to getting this movie reunion made is the foreign born actress who needs it the most. Her new movie will be huge, but no thanks to her. She was a huge pain as usual and needs to get in the good graces of producers again to get more work. A reunion movie could do that. Instead, she is giving the whole my craft has evolved thing. Emma Watson ("Beauty and the Beast")/J.K. Rowling’s "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#12**
The coke use is strong with this B+ list mostly movie actress starring in a second franchise with the same actor in both.

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#13**
1980’s- If you were a female extra on this hit network show featuring multiple female leads, you could expect one of those female leads to hit on you the entire week until you were willing to spend time in her trailer with her. If you didn’t sleep with her, she would have you thrown off the set. Mindy Cohn ("Facts of Life")

1990’s – This 90210 actor made women he slept with use a penis pump on him. Ian Ziering

2000’s – This actress has not worked since a show went off the air a decade ago. She was in her mid teens and working on two shows simultaneously. She was sexually assaulted on both and walked away from acting. One was a pay cable show.

2010’s – This cable show landed almost two handfuls of Emmy nominations/wins in its fairly short run. The lead actor, who has a new movie about to be released got mad at a recurring guest star because she wouldn’t sleep with him and then had her fired and spread the word around town she is a drug addict (she isn’t) and would ruin any production she was hired for. Since then, she has struggled to find work.

239. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/20
Dr. Phil must've worked his magic. Trump made a lot of enemies over his campaigning, but this former enemy is an enemy no more. 'He's serving as an unofficial adviser,' says the source. 'They've actually grown pretty close.' Mitt Romney

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#1**
That whole bearding thing didn’t last very long for this former model turned commercial actress turned escort/celebrity. She gave him a discount because she thought it would bring her more fame. Nope. At this point she might as well post an ad for as subtle as she is being. Charlotte McKinney/Stephen Dorff

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#2**
I do wonder sometimes just how much this foreign born former celebrity turned actress turned celebrity turned reality star charges for making these international house calls of hers. Pamela Anderson (Canada) (celebrity - "Playboy") (actress - "Baywatch") (reality - "Dancing With the Stars")/visits to Julian Assange

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#3**
This former A list three named actress not named Sarah Michelle Gellar is cheating on her husband. Honestly, it was just a matter of time. She is pretty much at a personal record for the length of this relationship. Jennifer Love Hewitt

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#4**
This foreign born closeted A list athlete everyone knows made a pilgrimage to Barney’s to visit a woman who works there. I have written about her before. She makes the changing room experience of closeted female shoppers a very special experience. You do have to spend a certain amount of money and also give her a very generous tip. Maria Sharapova

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#1**
She never came out, but this former A list rapper has had girlfriends dating back two decades. Surprising even herself though, she fell in love and is marrying a guy and now is telling friends she never really liked women but thought she did. MC Lyte

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#2**
This foreign born long time game show host is married and old. It doesn’t stop him from picking up as many women as possible every chance he gets. He is also not shy about telling women they should stay at home and let men do all the work. Alex Trebeck ("Jeopardy")

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#3**
This substance abusing B+ list mostly television actress on a middling network show from that guy who has several shows on the same family of networks says she was sexually assaulted by this B+ list singer/actor. Totally believe her because the way she described it is how he assaults many women. Emma Roberts/Jared Leto

246. MR. X 01/22
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who was probably the biggest actor on the planet at one point in time lived with another actor. He didn’t even try and hide their relationship but the studios hid it for him by linking him with different women every few weeks and moving them into apartments next door to him or in the same complex. Cary Grant
(PROBABLY Randolph Scott)

247. LAINEY GOSSIP 01/23
There’s all kinds of work to be done before starting on a movie. In addition to preparing for the role, many roles require the actor to get into shape physically. Your first assumption here is to think that means working out. Most of the time. Some of the time it’s about your face. And this is not just the women. Before starting on his upcoming blockbuster, producers were concerned after test shots that he looked too unnatural and puffy. They asked him, rather directly, to have his fillers dissolved. It’s an action movie after all, he can’t be looking dewy and plump like he’s at the spa while he’s doing all those action sequences. In order to speed up the process he first switched over to a detox diet to lean out and then he went back to the doctor to deflate his face. In my opinion he’s really better off for it. So, just in case you didn’t already know, in Hollywood, the actors are doing it and OVER doing it just as much as the actresses. Tom Cruise ("M:I 6 - Mission Impossible")

248. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/23
It's a move David Bowie notably pulled in the 80's and now this A-list singer is looking to try her hand at acting. 'It's something she's dabbled in before,' says the source, 'but it's all she talks about now ever since she's seen Emma Stone's performance in La La Land.' I would expect fireworks from her most faithful at the announcement. Katy Perry

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#1**
Don’t believe the spin. This foreign born A list athlete in his tiny corner of the athletic world had cyber sex with multiple men each day, not just one random guy in seven months. Oh, and just because he is back with his boyfriend doesn’t mean he he has stopped. Tom Daley (Dustin Lance Black)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#2**
The husband of this very very recent controversial singer is undergoing a transition from male to female and hasn’t even told his wife which should show you how close they are.

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#3**
I don’t think anyone expected either of these two female A+ list singers to attend the Women’s March and they didn’t. Record sales are number one in their books. Our favorite rehab singer wasn’t there either because, you know, using was way more important. Taylor Swift/Beyoncé/Selena Gomez

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#4**
The almost network superhero and the co-star you want him to be with continue to be on the rocks. Sharp jagged rocks. Even though his marriage came thisclose to splitting, he and his wife are apparently trying to have another baby and it wouldn’t shock me if something happened to the co-star. Stephen Amell/Emily Bett Rickards ("Arrow")

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#5**
This former franchise actress turned movie bomb maker booked the deal to host this late night show long ago. She thought she would be up for an Oscar and this would be an in front of your face voter moment. Nope. Kristen Stewart ("Certain Women")/hosting SNL on February 4

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#6**
This former A list mostly movie actor from a very hit cable show turned mediocre movie actor has been running nonstop women through his condo in Sundance. Just epic numbers. Jon Hamm

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#7**
This celebrity offspring thought her name would get her an invite to this fashion show in Paris. Nope. The daughter if a permanent A+ lister had to drop $50K on merchandise and use her last name to get an invite to the show. Paris Jackson

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#8**
This former child actress who is a celebrity offspring has had quite the adult career too. Kind of seems right up her alley to be pregnant and no one having any idea who the dad is. Co-star or musician would be my guess. Drew Barrymore (Timothy Olyphant/Fabrizio Moretti)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#9**
This character on an almost network superhero show not named Arrow or Flash has been in the news for who she is dating. Now, she is also shaving a few years off her real age. Reason? The role and the boyfriend have producers interested so, that IMDb age has been cut by a few years. Floriana Lima ("Supergirl")/Casey Affleck

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#10**
Some revenge yesterday at the NFC Championship game for the cast of this troubled franchise who got back at some a-hole members of one of the teams involved who were even bigger a-holes when they filmed a cameo with the cast a few years ago. The good news is it also brought together what has been a very divided cast.
Franchise: "Pitch 3"
Cast: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Chrissie Fit, Ester Dean, and Kelley Jakle
Team they rooted for: Atlanta Falcons

Team that filmed a cameo in "Pitch Perfect 2": Green Bay Packers

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#11**
This A- list mostly television actor with multiple Emmy wins/nominations from a very hit long running network show has become obsessed with as many youth treatments and botox and anything else he can lay his hands on. He saw himself on some commercials he filmed and hated his look since. Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory")
 ("Intel" commercial)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#12**
This pay cable talk show host is being called out for living in a glass house and forgetting about all the women he groped and grabbed over the years and many things he made them do just so they could have a chance at being with him. Bill Maher
(criticized President Trump over his infamous "grab them by the p****" remarks)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#13**
This permanent A list rock star has had a certain public image for years. He doesn’t really try to dispute that image, but it’s not entirely accurate in terms of who he really is as a private individual. The stories about this guy’s excesses are legendary, but there are other stories about him that the average person may not be aware of. In spite of his hedonistic image, our rock star is actually a big romantic and on the scale of things, has had relatively few romantic partners. Most his romances have been serious relationships. During his childhood, he grew up with a very unstable home situation and because of that, always has had a soft heart in spite of his tough guy image. Some people have also characterized this soft spot as being gullible and had trouble escaping bad relationships. This pattern repeated itself and led to drug and alcohol abuse. Early in his career, he met and fell in love with a woman that everyone considered an unlikely pairing. This did not stop our rock star who carried on the relationship in secret for quite some time. Because of schedules and other pressures and all those things publicists say are the demise of relationships, it ended, but our singer still carried a torch for her. Not a flame, because then you would think it was an eternal flame and this was somehow Bangles related. They remained friends. At some point in time, the woman moved on to another relationship. A relationship where she was beaten and abused. When our rock star found out, he helped this woman get out of the situation by purchasing her a house and also helped her and her children financially and remain close to this day. Our rock star did find someone else to love. The bad part for him is that she cheated on him with his business manager. The pain from that situation drove our rock star into a very dangerous period of hard drug use. He was very lonely and volatile during this period and eventually hit rock bottom. He realized he needed to get himself cleaned up before he ended up dead, which he was finally able to do. Shortly after getting clean, he met a new woman and fell in love with her very quickly. She came from a very different background than him– and her family was horrified when they found out who she was dating. Her father and brother were so alarmed that they made arrangements (not to be confused with the television program The Arrangement which wink wink has nothing to do with Tom and Katie) for the rock star to come over to meet them, with the intention of demanding that he stay away from her. These male family members were very protective of the girlfriend because her mother had left the family when she was young and her father and brother had raised her alone after that. So, our rock star agreed to meet with the girlfriend’s male family members and hoped he could show them what a great guy he was. The girlfriend’s brother was a police officer and laid his gun on the kitchen table to make his point. In what seemed like a good idea at the time, booze was combined with weaponry and before you know it, everyone was old friends. All that went out the window when the rock star said he wanted to marry the daughter. The dad, had an idea. The rock star could marry the daughter if one million dollars was deposited into a bank account. Our rock star agreed but told the family the daughter could never learn about it. The money was deposited and the marriage went ahead. Not long after the marriage, the father of the girlfriend was diagnosed with a terminal illness and our rock singer spent a great deal of time and money making sure his final days were comfortable. To this day, the wife still has no idea that she was basically bought.

Rock star: Chris Cornell ("Audioslave" and "Soundgarden")
Unstable home situation: Karen Cornell, his psychic mother
Unlikely pairing: 1st wife Susan Silver and child Lillian Jean
New woman: Vicky Karayiannis (daughter Toni and son Christopher Nicholas)

262. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/24
The Academy Award nominations were announced today and although there were pleasant surprises for some, there were upsets for others. It's nothing unique and new. The vast majority of people who think they're going to be nominated and miss out end up with hurt feelings. Last year was no different. A B-list actress was heartbroken about missing out, but the thing is... She wasn't even in contention. '[name omitted] is just very emotional,' says my perfect source, 'and not getting nominated for yet another year just cemented her opinion that her career was dying.' Kristen Stewart (2016/"Clouds of Sils Maria") (2017/("Certain Women")

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#1**
Apparently we are all just going to ignore the erratic behavior brought on by drug use and excessive partying of this foreign born A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show. I would say she is a big candidate for an overdose unless she gets help.

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#2**
As is the case whenever he goes out of town, this A- list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show who is going to be in a superhero franchise soon has been cheating on his wife. Where he is now he considers particularly fertile ground. It is basically where he found his fame. Jason Momoa (Lisa Bonet) ("Game of Thrones") ("Aquaman") ("Stargate Atlantis" filmed in Canada/"Frontier" filmed in Canada)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#3**
Wine and pregnancy in such quantities don’t really mix. This former child actress turned franchise actress turned television actress should know this. I think though that she hates the situation in which she has found herself and has gone back to drinking. Kirsten Dunst ("Interview With the Vampire") ("Spider-Man") ("Fargo")

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#4**
So many gigs during Fashion Week skipped for this celebrity offspring model because she can’t get her drug use under control. This is going to be a career gone in a flash. Moving on from coke to heroin like her loser boyfriend, probably not the best idea. Paris Jackson

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#5**
As is their custom, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who does have a long long running movie franchise was on a cover of a magazine this month. She says none of the two page "interview" actually came from her mouth. At this point they are a monthly "get people to your movie or tv show"magazine when it comes to cover stories. Kate Beckinsale ("Shape")

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#6**
This closeted celebrity offspring/actor was filmed during one of his hookups with a guy in a park bathroom out of the country. The guy’s friend was in the stall next to them with a cell phone. Blackmailing to follow. Scott Eastwood (in Australia)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#7**
The child of this A list model/part-time reality star wanted a cupcake. The mom said no because the mom was not allowed any during her childhood so the child was not going to be allowed any either. The store clerk said it was an incredibly sad exchange. Heidi Klum

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#8**
I think a divorce announcement would rock the world and their brands so I guess these two foreign born permanent A list celebrities will just continue to lead separate lives. Well, he lives them with other women. She keeps hoping he will come back to her full-time and not just for photo ops. David and Victoria Beckham

271.. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#9**
This B+ list mostly television actress from a long running cable show played too many of her cards too fast and is now having trouble holding on to her foreign born permanent A+ list celebrity boyfriend. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#10**
This foreign born three named model/wannabe actress who has casting couched for the only roles she has managed to snag got into a big bloody fight with this foreign born actress Oscar winner on a movie they worked on together. It turns out the three named actress tried to f**k the director which is a no no in our Oscar winner’s book. Our Oscar winner didn’t sleep with him at the time because she was dating someone but did provide him with plenty of women and there was no way the model/actress was going to be one of them.
Movie: "Mad Max: Fury Road"
Model/wannabe actress: Rosie Huntington Whiteley
Oscar winner: Charlize Theron
Director: George Miller

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#11**
This A- list mostly movie actress from an acting family who is still a teen has not even kissed a guy since she was raped on the set of a movie a few years ago. She is finally ready to speak out about the whole thing. Joey King; Elle Fanning

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#12**
This long running almost network reality show with a new host would often have shooting days four or five times longer than any other season just because of the amount of drugs and partying the new host does even on set. Rita Ora/"America's Next Top Model" (cycle 23) (probably why she wasn’t asked back for another season)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#13**
Lets say you are an athlete in the closet and you want to get to know an athlete who you have heard is also in the closet. How do you broach the subject of hooking up? Apparently there is a new code phrase. Lets play some video games. Most athletes play video games. It is something they do in their down time and is not out of the ordinary. So, what better way to disguise a hookup. The thing is though, it can seem strange to suddenly see a closeted A list NFL player randomly trying to meet up with an athlete from a different sport who is also very successful. They had never met and never spoke to each other. The only things they shared in common are sports and being in the closet. So, a little Tweet asking if they want to come over to play video games has turned into a full blown love affair. The tennis player has been down in the dumps since he split with his doubles partner/lover so this was the perfect fit. Odell Beckham Jr./Jack Sock

276. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/25
We need a mediator, a lawyer and a negotiator. Insiders are predicting salary negotiations for next season of this A list show are going to be out of control with each member of the ensemble possessing a list of demands. 'It'll be a bloodbath,' one insider whispers. 'Fortunately it's no longer my department.' 'There's beef between the cast and everyone else right about now,' whispers someone on the other side, 'because they know what time it is.' "The Walking Dead"

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#1**
Apparently winning an Oscar nomination has not stopped the bizarre behavior of this actress who is out of the country and besides acting entitled has seemed wasted on something pretty much the entire time. Nicole Kidman (Paris Fashion Week)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#2**
This Russian model/actress is in Paris and kept trying to dodge the tongue of the guy who was enjoying her company. She looked happy to be going to the show, but not how she got there. Olga Kurylenko

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#3**
This foreign born A+ list singer fired one of her new assistants because they wouldn’t go pick up her coke. Rihanna

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#4**
She doesn’t work very much any longer, but this B list mostly movie actress you all know lives off her past movies and roles which you all know. She is trying to get pregnant, but the drug situation is not helping. Her boyfriend doesn’t know what she does all day when the kid(s) is/are at school.

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#5**
This foreign born dual threat B+ list actress who also tries her hand at a side gig is cheating as per usual on her celebrity girlfriend. The per usual is how she treats most of her girlfriends. Ruby Rose/Jessica Origliasso

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#6**
Unless they (A list permanent celebrities) want their child to end up a drug addled mess who also gets the gift that keeps on giving from a possible future threesome partner, they should really do their best to talk him out of his current romance. Brooklyn Beckham (David and Victoria)/Sofia Richie (Paris Hilton)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#7**
This long time B+ list mostly movie actress has finally landed a superhero franchise. She also has a new girlfriend that our closeted actress is trying unsuccessfully to keep hidden while on vacation. Jessica Chastain ("Painkiller Jane")

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#8**
This former network actress turned "please give me some made for tv schlock to keep me relevant" had already done a bunch of work to look like her porno/reality star idol. The new work though has left her unrecognizable and even less likely to get new acting work. Naya Rivera
 (Kim Kardashian)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#9**
Biggest celebrity fight of the week? According to a trainer it was this A- list mostly movie actress who railed for 10 minutes against her A+ list actor husband because he didn’t get an Oscar nomination. She had even already arranged for a dress and that he better still get a Vanity Fair party invite. The guy sold his soul the past six months so I’m not sure how much more he could have done. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds ("Dead Pool")

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#10**
This very briefly A list singer who is a celebrity offspring was asked to stop doing bumps of coke with his girlfriend while eating at a restaurant. People were whispering and trying to get photos. Robin Thicke/April Love

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#11**
It is still iffy if this former A+ list mostly television actor turned A+ list train wreck and former A+ list woman beater will get a spot on a reality show. In addition to a seven figure fee, he wants a guarantee they will cast someone who will have sex with him. That might be a tough thing to do. Charlie Sheen

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#12**
Lost in the shuffle the past month or two is this former A+ list celebrity. All of you know her name so I guess she still has A+ list name recognition. Last year it looked like she would continue her 15 minutes and also find a way to keep on bringing in money to her secret slush funds of cash. Now? Not so much? She got into a private war with the man who was her main backer. She lost a couple of her high paying gigs in front of cameras. She also burned a lot of bridges when she chose the side of the man who has now banished her. Money is drying up quickly. She has massive bills on the home front because she pays the bills for countless family members. At least one of those family members is in trouble legally and PR wise and is always needing people paid off for things he has done. There has been quiet talk about marrying off one of her children to a very wealthy man who could restore the fortunes of this now crumbling empire.

A+ list celebrity: Sarah Palin
Main backer: "super PAC" lawyer Dan Backer
Man who banished her: Donald Trump (slammed his Carrier Deal as ‘Crony Capitalism’)
(A Brief Timeline of Palin Family Drama)

289. UK BLIND ITEM 01/25
The celeb, known to millions, paid £18,500 to drug addict Alex Garrigan over the course of six months to keep him quiet. A TV & radio star was blackmailed by a drug addict who threatened to reveal his alleged fetish for being trampled on during cocaine-fuelled sex sessions with male prostitutes, a court heard. The celeb, known to millions, paid £18,500 to Alex Garrigan, 26, over the course of six months to keep him quiet. Garrigan, a dad-of-two, had had a "financial sexual relationship" with the star for three years, a court heard. He would pay between £80 to £100 a session to be "trampled" on by Garrigan, a court was told. The fetish involved him either walking or sitting on the celeb's body. But Garrigan, from London, then threatened to reveal details of the star's "sordid sessions". Prosecutor Paul Fairley told Croydon Crown Court: "The allegations related to cocaine-fuelled sex sessions, debts arising out of those, using rent boys, etc, etc, spending £2,000 a week on these so-called - as it was put - ‘sordid sessions’." In one email Garrigan wrote: "If I ain’t got my f****** money, I’m going to start putting posters up everywhere as well. Is it really worth all this?" The victim went to police who discovered Garrigan, a crack cocaine addict, was also blackmailing a teacher. He was jailed for four-and-a-half years. It comes as a number of celebrities have been targeted by sex tape leaks. A number of high-profile celebrities, including Calum Best and Celebrity runner-up Joel Dommett, have recently had their videos - made with female models over Skype - leaked on porn sites. Now others fear they could be next. The Sun claims a former England footballer, a BBC presenter, a Hollywood actor and a former X Factor star are "panicked" that their own footage could make its way online.
TV  & radio star: Nick Grimshaw
England footballer:
BBC presenter: Graham Norton
Hollywood actor:
X Factor star:

290. POPBITCH 01/26
We’ve heard about international tennis stars shacking up with sheikhs in Dubai before – but it’s never usually for free, and it’s certainly never a male player. So what we’re hearing about one well-known family man can’t really be true. Can it?
Roger Federer; Novak Djokovic

291. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/26
If you don't look good, we don't look good! Apparently that infamous mantra rings true for this A-list actor, who insists on an insanely expensive 'hair team' in every movie contract in the land of Hollywood. Nobody knows why he insists on the secretive glam squad. Speculation ranges from protecting a hair transplant to hiding a receding hairline to keeping a beautiful mistress on the team. Either way, the entire team has a NDA with the star. Ben Affleck

292. MEDIATAKEOUT 01/26 just got some SHOCKING and EXPLOSIVE tea – a very popular actress/singer has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. We spoke with a former friend of the beauty who told us, "[NAME REDACTED] has been suffering from mental illness for some time. Everyone knew, but now that she’s getting older it’s getting worse." The insider, who is worried for the young woman’s health and well-being added, "She was taking medication, but she said that it messed with her ‘creative spirit’ so she stopped. Now she’s spiraling out of control." We’re told that BEHIND THE SCENES the 20-something African-American starlet is OUT OF CONTROL. Sometimes doesn’t even make any sense – if someone doesn’t help her – it will end very badly. Given the very sensitive nature of these claims, we’ve decided to leave this as a BLIND ITEM. Keke Palmer

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#1**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actress is on a hit network show. Apparently, when she gave an interview yesterday she asked that no questions be asked about her two married co-stars. Bellamy Young (Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwin "Scandal")

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#2**
This former One Direction member was spotted on his knees servicing another man orally in a club bathroom the other night. Liam Payne

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#3**
This former child/tween mostly movie actress turned fairly unsuccessful adult actress used all of her muscle power to smile through her plastic surgery while she talked about her new project. Christina Ricci ("Z: The Beginning of Everything")

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#4**
Apparently she is just so casual about it that people assumed she is no longer married. This rhyming A list model who is married has been publicly hooking up with someone other than her husband the past week. Karolina Kurkova (Archie Drury); Coco Rocha (James Conran)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#5**
This former B+ list singer turned actress turned reality star turned actress who everyone seems to know who reads online tabloids, has a new threesome partner for bookings after her long time celebrity/actress bff started working exclusively with one guy. Christina Milian/Karrueche Tran/James Harden

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#6**
From the beginning of the film to now, this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner still does not get along with several of her multiple co-stars. She does seem better about the mess that her marriage has become. Cate Blanchett ("Ocean’s Eight)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#7**
I hope our former tweener turned multiple rehabber adult singer/bad actress was not expecting her boyfriend/hookup partner for tracks to stay faithful. He was definitely hooking up with multiple people at his place in LA the other night. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#8**
I told you this foreign born former A list singer turned stay at home dad turned singer turned publicized divorce to his wife turned singer got engaged to another man. Well, now he is wearing a wedding band, so perhaps the wedding has already happened. Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#9**
This former A++ list mostly movie actor outlived predictions, but even he knows he is on his last legs. He wants one more moment of glory, so, much like Debbie Reynolds is auctioning off all his memorabilia so the world will reflect on his career. Burt Reynolds

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#10**
This B list actor is everywhere. Television, movies and Broadway. Every single child above the age of 3 knows who he is. In a way. Anyway, he is not on the friend’s list with this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is in what will now probably be a never ending franchise that has been going on for 40+ years. Apparently he played a joke on her which she did not find funny. She loathed it and yelled at our actor for a good half hour and even tried to have him fired. She tells everyone how much she despises the guy.
Actor: Josh Gad (Olaf "Frozen")
Actress: Daisy Ridley ("Star Wars")
Current movie: "Murder on the Orient Express"

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#11**
This permanent A list R&B legend apparently kicked her new boyfriend in the balls when he wasn’t expecting it and had not done anything wrong. While he was writing on the ground on pain she said she did it to tell him there would be much worse things that happen to him if he steps out on her. Mary J Blige/Jason Mitchell

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#12**
The PR people of this B list mostly movie actress pulled out all the stops to get her in the Vanity Fair Hollywood issue. The actress was definitely not a first choice or even in the top 20 choices. Dakota Fanning

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#13**
As soon as I typed Dangerous Game I was back in high school reading The Most Dangerous Game. Did you have to read that? Do people still have to read it? Has anyone seen the movie from back in the 30’s? Anyway, this is not about some guy who fell off a boat and is hunted. That being said though, people who have crossed paths with this guy have been killed. Multiple people. So, you have this former A+ list rapper who owes his soul basically at this point to our enforcer who is an A+ lister himself. Barring a miracle, there is no way at this point our former A+ list rapper is ever going to pay off his debt to the enforcer. No chance. I don’t care if he sells 20 million records and goes on tour for the next three years straight, it just won’t happen. Until the day he dies, a large percentage of his income will go to the enforcer. So, much like a prisoner serving life without possibility of parole our former A+ lister has nothing to lose with his game. He is blackmailing the enforcer. Every little secret that could crush his empire, the former A+ lister is threatening to do. He already threw an opening salvo by leaking the real reason the enforcer’s significant other received multiple nominations outside the usual process. The thing is, our former A+ lister also knows who was bumped to make room for the enforcer’s significant other and is also threatening to tell that person. That would be a huge blowup. If done correctly, all of this could be front page stuff. Our former A+ lister wants to renegotiate his deal. If it doesn’t come, you are going to see some jaw dropping things come out. Oh, and our former A+ lister has never shown a tendency to play by the rules. The thing is though, maybe the enforcer arranges a little accident for the former A+ lister. Make it look like a suicide. Would anyone not believe the scenario.
A+ list rapper: Kanye West
A+ enforcer: Jay Z
Enforcer’s significant other: Beyoncé

306. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/27
Finally... This former A-lister has found a good place in their life. After all the drugs and alcohol and legal problems, they're considered to be stable by the people around them. 'This is the best [name omitted] has been for likely a decade,' whispers a friend. 'I pray that it lasts.' As do we all. Lindsay Lohan

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#1**
This permanent A list entertainer has been taking a lot of pills again and is not only paranoid but close to death. She has been giving away items to friends and telling everyone she has just a short time to live. Liza Minnelli
(moved mother Judy Garland’s body to L.A. so she, brother and sister can buried next to her)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#2**
Our favorite former tweener turned drug addict overdosed two nights ago and was rushed to an urgent care facility. How did she react? By partying the next night, although not as hard. Selena Gomez

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#3**
This still underage celebrity offspring of at least one permanent A lister is a model/actress. She is also a coke addict who recently suffered a miscarriage. The dad was over three times her age. Lily-Rose Depp

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#4**
When she is in her sometime group she is A list. Otherwise, she is probably B list at this point. She is also married and closeted. She does have a new girlfriend which makes her a joy to be around right now, but her recent ex has been calling and stalking her and threatening to out her. Kelly Rowland ("Destiny’s Child")

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#5**
It has been a slow process, but this foreign born celebrity chef has managed to isolate his former actress wife and keep her from working while he goes out all the time and cheats constantly. Curtis Stone/Lindsay Price

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#6**
This married former child actress with the new almost television show was making out with her co-star when they were busted in a kitchen of a hotel. They both were bright red but didn’t say anything. Christina Ricci/David Hoflin ("Z: The Beginning of Everything")

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#7**
This former Victoria’s Secret model went off on her husband the other day and left him behind at a playground with all their kids and drove away in their car. The guy had to call an Uber after trying to call her for 30 minutes to come back.

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#8**
This studio boss asked this permanent A lister to set him up with someone for sex because our married studio head wanted to see what type of woman he would end up with. She was completely different than the barely starting or need a career resurgence actresses he normally hooks up with. Harvey Weinstein/Jay-Z

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#9**
After being with her boyfriend for what seems like forever, this celebrity offspring who is a permanent A list mostly movie actress and an Academy Award winner dumped him when he criticized her for being political this late in life. It turns out they are also complete opposites on the political spectrum right now. Jane Fonda/Richard Perry

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#10**
Strangest story of the month. This permanent A list singer won’t eat ice cream. She thinks it is fattening. Sure, she will drink four bottles of wine a day, but when it comes to ice cream she won’t eat it. With one exception. She likes being tied to a chair and forced to eat it. She will do this for hours at a time several times per week. It is a crazy story, but with her, you say to yourself, yeah, I can see that. Mariah Carey

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#11**
With her husband about to leave her for another woman, this reality star didn’t have much choice but to quit if she wanted to save her marriage. Honestly, I don’t think it will last anyway. If it does, it will be some facade thing like that former RHNY star who thought the same thing. Heather (Dr. Terry) Dubrow ("Real Housewives of Orange County")

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#12**
Lyme Disease for celebrities is the new way to pop pills and get away with ever increasing bizarre behavior. Oh, and if things go bad, you can go to some center in the middle of nowhere to get treatment (rehab). This former child actress turned bazillionaire has caught on to the game. Ashley Olsen

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#13**
#1 – This foreign born mostly movie actor who is really all movies because he thinks television and almost television is beneath him put two of his girlfriends in the hospital when he beat them. Another girlfriend never went to the hospital, but did get beaten on a fairly regular basis by the actor. He has never been fired from a movie, but he is never hired again by the same producers. Too many extras showing up black and blue after a night out with our actor. At some point he will kill one of his dates or girlfriends. Go ask anyone who knows him and they will say the same thing. Just a matter of time. Alex Pettyfer (feuded with Channing Tatum on "Magic Mike")

#2 – One of his girlfriends who is a former network actress on a now defunct hit show required two surgeries. One of them was the result of him slamming her face down on the plastic straw she was using to do a line of coke. She was supposed to wait for him. Dianna Agron ("Glee")

#3 – One of his girlfriends who is a current network actress on a fairly hit show also got sent to the hospital when they got into a drug fueled fight. Apparently he was openly hitting on one of her best friends. She yelled at him and he swung back and nearly broke her jaw with the punch. Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens")

#4 – This girlfriend who is a celebrity/actress/model never went to the hospital but had a black and blue back for two months after she walked away from him during a fight. He came up behind her with a wooden chair and smashed it against her back. Riley Keough

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#1**
This former celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned reality star turned celebrity was having sex in the parking lot across the street from Sur this past week and it wasn’t with her husband. Courtney Stodden (13 days later she announced their divorce)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#2**
The boyfriend of this celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister took $50K from her but she says it is just a misunderstanding. Paris Jackson/Michael Snoddy (now ex-boyfriend and now she wants it back)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#3**
Another celebrity offspring. This one saw her modeling career go to hell after her drug use became more important than anything else. Now, the child of two A listers at the time of her birth is back to doing drugs in public. At big events, like the one last night. Ireland Baldwin (Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin)/"Harper's Bazaar's 150th Anniversary event"

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#4**
This A- list celebrity who is a multiple former reality star and the offspring of a permanent A lister told a big event she wouldn’t show up if they also invited her sister. Nicole Richie (Sofia Richie)/"Harper's Bazaar's 150th Anniversary event"

324. MR. X 01/29
This permanent A list entertainer wanted some privacy so leaked the wrong place for a big event in her life. It worked and the paps went in a totally different direction.

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#1**
Hey Tom & Lorenzo, it wasn’t a roll of quarters underneath the jeans of this A- list mostly movie actress who better find a hit soon or she will be doing indie movies until the inevitable point in time she starts doing fan conventions. It was so much bigger than a roll of quarters. Kristen Stewart

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#2**
What this former reality star failed to mention when she threw her former "boss" under the bus is that the former reality star hit on the boyfriend of the former "boss" and wasn’t shy about letting everyone know.

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#3**
This TV criminal on a network superhero show that really does not focus much on the superhero sure does stay thin. Bulimia. I’m guessing a coke probably helps him a lot too. Robin Lord Taylor ("Gotham"/Oswald Cobblepot "The Penguin")

328. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/30
Back up the Brink's truck because the ACLU just got a BIG donation. This A lister has always been fond of liberal causes and she is not afraid of putting her money where her mouth is. She just donated a 7 figure sum to the ACLU and she did it in a clever way to protect her anonymity. "Her attitude," whispers the insider, "is that she's getting older and she has enough money, so why not? She just hopes they won't use the cash to defend Rush!" PS: Donations to ACLU aren't tax deductible. Jane Fonda; Meryl Streep

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#1**
SAG AWARDS: This barely legal teen actress is probably B-. She was in a few movies this most recent year and is in an Oscar nominated film. She burst into tears when she heard the overly skinny red carpet host bad mouthing the dress of the actress. Samantha Isler (co-star Viggo Mortensen nominated "Captain Fantastic")/host: Giuliana Rancic

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#2**
SAG AWARDS: You might think this back in the day A lister was the most wasted at the show. Despite her award winning gif performance, it wasn’t even close. This A- list mostly movie actress who is nominated for an Academy Award this year was wasted on booze and pills and a mess. It continues a few month long streak for her of behavior outside her norms. gif performance: Winona Ryder/Nicole Kidman

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#3**
SAG AWARDS: This A- list dual threat actress gave a highlight worthy speech last night, but maybe her best effort was backstage. She was walking with a PR person. A guy looked down at the cleavage of the PR person on display and asked her if he could motorboat her later. Our actress went off on the guy and had to be held back from hitting him. Taraji P. Henson

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#4**
SAG AWARDS: Dear OITNB actress with a side gig. I get why you wore the very long dress. However, if you are always lifting it up and people see the open sores you were trying to hide, then what is the point of the long dress? Taryn Manning (vocalist for the electronic duo Boomkat, and is also a co-owner of the clothing brand Born Uniqorn)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#5**
SAG AWARDS: AP (Enty’s friend) was talking to someone and behind her she heard a woman say to another person. "See that guy over there? The one standing next to ______________ (actress on an almost television show tons of you watched that won a big award). I ran into him at the gym the other day and he would not stop hitting on me. He said he was single so I gave him my number. I guess he isn’t." No, he isn’t, but was definitely one of the most wealthy people there last night who didn’t make their money from entertainment. Cara Buono ("Stranger Things")/Peter Thum (American entrepreneur and businessperson)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#6**
SAG AWARDS: This B- list mostly television actress who is a celebrity offspring of someone much higher on the list is on a hit pay cable show that was given an extension of its life not that long ago. Anyway, a guy came up to her and said her sex scenes were some of the hottest he has ever seen and would not shut up about it. Our actress interrupted him and asked him his name. She then said nice to meet you and then introduced her dad who was standing next to her. Riley Keough (Elvis Presley)/Danny Keough "The Girlfriend Experience"

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#7**
SAG AWARDS: This Academy Award winning actress tried to get away as fast as she could after presenting an award to an actor she doesn’t like. It was amazing to see someone walk that fast on heels. She said she wanted to vomit at even having to smile at him.
Brie Larson/Casey Affleck

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#8**
SAG AWARDS: This A- list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring. According to AP, she also looks a decade older than she actually is. AP said you could smell the booze and cigarettes coming off her and that the actress looked like someone who had been up for days on end partying. Kate Hudson

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#9**
SAG AWARDS: The boyfriend of this A- list mostly television actress who is on multiple hit shows within the same family of networks is well known for the years of being available to wealthy men looking for fun in West Hollywood. I think he is trying to keep that a secret from the girlfriend but is MUCH more difficult when she brings him to an award show and a dozen older men all have slept with him and want to see if he is up for another round. Ariel Winter/Levi Meaden

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#10**
SAG AWARDS: If you read the Golden Globe blinds, you will remember this foreign born A list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show ticked off her former dress designer so moved on to another designer. Well, that designer lasted exactly one event after she trashed them for getting her on worst dressed lists. She might not seem like it, but she takes every criticism personally. Sofia Vergara

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#11**
SAG AWARDS: This OITNB actress who shares her last name with multiple celebrities from across the spectrum of celebrity said she recently was dumped by a guy 20 minutes after they had sex one last time. She thought everything was perfect. After sex he got up and left and 1 minute after he drove away texted her to say it was over. Jackie Cruz

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#12**
SAG AWARDS: Some of the biggest whispers last night were for this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award nominee/winner. Apparently her husband is the father of a brand new baby to a 19 year old model. Some say the model is a couple of years shy of 19. Salma Hayek (François-Henri Pinault)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#13**
SAG AWARDS: Back in the day, this multiple Emmy nominated actress went from one hit show to the next. Now, she goes from one guest spot to the next with some made for tv movies thrown in the mix. The devastation she has done to her face over the past three or four years will probably keep her from ever getting back above a B. Sharon Lawrence; JoBeth Williams

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#14**
SAG AWARDS: This foreign born B list mostly television actress stars in that crazy pay cable show that was nominated last night. She was also the only person AP saw all night actually doing coke. The actress didn’t even bother to go to the bathroom, but would get out of sight of cameras and have a little bump and then sit back down. Talulah Riley, Angela Sarafyan or Sidse Babett Knudsen ("Westworld")

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#15**
SAG AWARDS: The parents of this tweener actress from a hit almost television show got angry with her when she took any photos that were other than solo on the red carpet. They want her to be her own brand and not trapped in an ensemble. Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things")

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#16**
SAG AWARDS: At an after party last night, this currently skinny A- list mostly movie actor grabbed some woman and pulled her down into his lap. He then did some grinding motions before slapping her ass and telling her to go away. Jonah Hill

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#17**
SAG AWARDS: Waking up on the floor of a stranger’s house at 7am, probably was one of the reasons this B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show missed the awards. She is freaked out about what will happen to her when the show ends. Sarah Hyland

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#18**
SAG AWARDS: There was no way she was going to let her ex grab all the attention. None. This three named actress may or may not marry the guy she brought as her date, but she said she was, "sure as f**k going to tell everyone she is engaged," just like her ex. It is all about the attention. Always has been. Evan Rachel Wood (Jamie Bell)/Zach Villa

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#19**
SAG AWARDS: This 20% reduced all female group was supposed to perform at an after party last night. When one member has a drug overdose though, that kind of goes out the window. "Fifth Harmony" (Dinah Jane Hansen)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#20**
SAG AWARDS: This foreign born former superhero had slipped in his sobriety the past few weeks. Multiple times. Too much time around his ex. For everyone who wants them together, you need two things to happen. Wait a year or two and have his ex stop hooking up with her frequent co-star. Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#21**
SAG AWARDS: I love when this A- list mostly television actor on a hit network comedy was trying to win back his wife in between hooking up with extras and hookers. Anthony Anderson

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#22**
#1 – This talk show host/game show host/do everything else host/comedian is seeing three different strippers right now in two separate cities where he works. His wife has no idea. She thinks the only other woman he sees is their regular threesome partner. Steve Harvey

#2 – This foreign born mostly movie actress is looking to drop her second agency in almost as many months. As her acceleration down the list from A- continues, she blames everyone but herself. No one likes her. She makes outrageous demands and thinks she is worth five times what everyone seems to want to pay her. Kristen Stewart

#3 – This foreign born mostly movie actor really should stop taking so many Viagra every day. I know he wants to keep up with his very young partner, but chances are good the former A list mostly movie actor will die of a stroke if he keeps it up. Antonio Banderas

#4 – If you don’t give this talk show host EVERYTHING she wants, she will be a no show to your event. She won’t tell you though. You will think everything is good and look around and she will be MIA. Wendy Williams

351. THE GOSSIP LIFE 01/31
Tracy Turnblad isn't the only one who can hear the bells. This A list couple, who you'd never expect, are thinking of renewing their vows in an expensive expression of love. He's the bigger star in the equation and although you wouldn't think he'd dare to do such a thing, he's actually the biggest proponent of doing it. 'It's a renewal of everything for them,' claims the insider. 'A new beginning!' David and Victoria Beckham

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#1**
Want to have this skinny, very pale B list mostly movie actress walk out of an interview about one of her rare tv appearances? Ask her if she is playing the mom of her co-star.

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#2**
There are some more questions about the paternity of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress after she was seen in heavy argument with her significant other after a doctor’s appointment. Marion Cotillard/Guillaume Canet

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#3**
In the also, they seem much closer when they have a red carpet together, but not ever seen away from it is this current Oscar nominee and her husband. Not Nicole Kidman. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied

After four decades of hooking up with each other on the side of their relationships, this former A list mostly movie actress and this A list director have decided to just be friends. Diane Keaton/Woody Allen; Sigourney Weaver/Ridley Scott

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#5**
This barely hanging on to A- list mostly movie actress who will probably turn to full time directing soon was asked to leave a charity event for being too wasted.
Kristen Stewart  (Knott's Berry Farm During The Susan G. Komen #ScreamAgainstBreastCancer Initiative)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#6**
How does this alliteration of a talk show host all of you know make her living now? Mostly through television, but also with men who enjoy her company. You know, just to make ends meet. Maria Menounos

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#7**
Most of you know this former B+ list mostly television actress from back in the day. Currently she is in the middle of a divorce to someone you all know and is sleeping with his best friend. Keshia Knight Pulliam ("The Cosby Show")/Ed Hartwell

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#8**
Good for this former A+ list mostly movie actress. One of her kids has had lots of drug and booze issues so now the mom is acting as the 24/7 sober coach to her child. The thing is, she gave up an acting gig or two to do it. Annette Bening

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#9**
This one kind of surprised me, but this multiple Academy Award winner/nominee is hooking up with her married co-star who is also a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. Someone on the set said the actress has posters of the actor she used to hang on her wall as a teen. Maybe that is why. Marisa Tomei/Robert De Niro or Christopher Walken ("The War with Grandpa")

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#10**
He has sucked away much of her fortune. He has beat her and cheated on her and she kept right on being married to him. So, with all of that, I don’t think the husband of this foreign born former A list band member turned mostly reality judge is worried if he is publicly busted for cheating. It is definitely not one of their threesome partners though so maybe that changes things. Stephen Belafonte/Mel B (and six weeks later she filed for divorce)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#11**
This actor is nominated this year for an Academy Award. He is also cheating on his celebrity girlfriend with his just as well known ex who he sees frequently. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes/Rachel McAdams or Emma Stone

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#12**
This very tall model knows she will go broke very quickly if she talks about that A+ list former bff of hers. No one is friends longer than a night or two with the singer without signing their life away to make sure they never utter a word without approval from the singer. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#13**
Why yes, that was 40 dozen roses this assistant ordered yesterday to be delivered today. From – Married A- list network actor to his A- list co-star. The name on the delivery was to her assistant. Both sides, completely on the down low, but still, 480 roses is tough to hide. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn (her 40th birthday)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#14**
Last week I saw that tickets were still on sale for a show from this 80’s Welsh band. They liked to consider themselves punk. I guess they were. Definitely 120 Minutes was their sweet spot but that was not really punk. Anyway, for the last 25 years or so they found a new way to pick up women. They were tired of playing shows and then only seeing the same groupies night after night getting back stage. They didn’t trust their roadies to find attractive women, so they figured out a novel plan. Before they played a show they would have a meet and greet with everyone who was there at a certain time. Someone would keep track of all the woman found attractive and those women would be invited on stage at some point during the show and then shuttled off to backstage after a quick grind. The road manager would then ask if the women were interested in partying with the band backstage and in the bus and their hotel rooms. If the woman said yes, they got a backstage pass. If she said no, she was escorted back out front. The band still does it the same way now. They make it seem more high and mighty than a meet and greet, but it is the same long con they have been running for decades. It looks like they had one top 40 record in the US and shockingly enough they look to have had more success in the US rather than in their home country. They were part of the foundation of my history in music but they still are a bunch of pretentious f**ks to be doing the same thing on tour this year as they did back in the day. Come to think of it, they were pretentious back in the day too. "The Alarm"

Last updated:  November 26, 2023