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What does A List mean?

George Clooney admitted once on the Howard Stern Show that when he first listened to Howard Stern, he was so outraged that he sent a letter of complaint to Howard's radio station requesting they kick him off the air. Years later he became a fan and regretted it. This actress has a similar little tale. She's only C list now, but at one point of her career you would've thought she was heading for the A list park. It was during this period of time that she appeared as a guest on a small town radio show, promoting one of her independent flicks. The interviewer, irreverent and fresh out of college, did his best to be edgy without crossing a line. Apparently he crossed a line, according to the actress, who found fault with his 'smooth talk' and sent a letter of complaint to the radio station with the stamp of her agent. The shock jock was shocked when he was promptly fired by the station manager. Our actress has a history of writing similar letters about similar interviewers.

2. MR. X 02/01 **#1**
Apparently there was some confusion with my sources about the new resting place of that deceased permanent A+ list entertainer which was chosen by her eldest kid, a former A-list entertainer who has A+ name recognition. The originally announced cemetery is where she and her spawn will be buried and boy does the new resting spot look nice. But that’s not all. Not only will the deceased performer’s parents eventually be relocated to the pavilion, but the fathers of her children will be also. Judy Garland/Liza Minnelli (parents:Ethel Marion (née Milne, 1893–1953) and Francis Avent "Frank" Gumm; sister and brother, and their father: Lorna Luft , Joey Luft, Sidney Luft and Liza’s father: Vincente Minnelli)

3. MR. X 02/01 **#2**
This A list celebrity/business owner who is known for his wide varieties of businesses is apparently closeted but does a really good job of hiding it. It almost came out when his most recent actress "girlfriend" threatened to tell everyone. I wonder how much it took for her to walk away happy.

4. MR. X 02/01 **#3**
This back in the day A list singer went from a boy band to a band he created. Then, he decided to try his hand at management and that went to crap. He tried to go back to the boy band but they hated him and accused him of stealing from them. Micheal Bivins ("New Edition", "Bell Biv Devoe", managed "Boys 2 Men", "Another Bad Creation", "MC Brains", and "702")

5. MR. X 02/01 **#4**
Apparently the marriage of this daytime talk show host on the third of three with this take on a show title is in trouble. Opposite sides of the political spectrum and he cheats on her when he is out of town. Kelly Ripa ("Live! with Regis and Kelly", "Live! with Kelly and Michael" and "Live! with Kelly")/Mark Consuelos (stars in TV show "Pitch" filmed in California)

There might not even be a friendship at this point, let alone that fake romance they tried to shove down our throats. Well, not yours. Or mine. We all knew it was fake. Anyway, one person this A lister in her mind cannot stand is this A list rapper. If she is friends with the guy from the north, our A lister in her mind will stay far away.
A lister in her mind: Jennifer Lopez
Fake romance: Drake
A list rapper: Nicki Minaj

The third installment of a franchise might never get released theatrically next year. If the second installment of the franchise does any worse than the already horrible predictions, it will be a straight to On Demand release. One of the stars of the movie says he already got paid so don’t expect him to do any promotion next year and very little this year. Jamie Dornan ("Fifty Shades Darker")

It is not all about taxes for this celebrity billionaire. Apparently he would also like to get the government to not call this creepy organization a cult any longer in this country. Being labeled a cult by the government has really hurt business in this country. James Packer/Scientology/Israel

This A list NFL athlete who does not play for NYG or GB finally found someone to beard for him. I feel for the guy because he made several missteps. He should have just gone with a pro. He has an amateur right now and apparently thinks this whole thing is real and they are saving themselves for marriage. J. J. Watt

This A+ list singer gave money to a PAC last year. Apparently the PAC got hacked and now the singer is terrified people will find out who she supported for President and that she gave $100K to the PAC. Carrie Underwood; Taylor Swift

This B+ list mostly television actress who has a superhero character that moves between shows is a celebrity offspring. She won’t give any money to her celebrity parent because of all the money he stole from her when she was younger. Katie Cassidy (one of the reasons he left her out of his will)
(David Cassidy files for bankruptcy)

The wife of this foreign born A list dual (not for long) threat actor has one story about how she met her husband. She always forgets the part about her doing lines of coke when they were first introduced. Jamie Dornan/Amelia Warner

I hate to do two athlete beard blinds in the same day. Seriously though, this foreign born athlete will not give up. He is relentless with the amount of celebrity names he tries to pretend he is dating. What he should do is go on bended knee back to the singer and offer her a raise and say he is sorry. He is so desperate now that he is throwing out the name of this barely relevant celebrity offspring. Lewis Hamilton (Nicole Scherzinger)/Sofia Richie

#1 – This A list foreign born author has an OBE and a new book coming out. She is also being openly cheated on by her lover. He knows she won’t dump him. J. K. Rowling

#2 – The married American singer of this foreign band is known around where he lives as the guy who hooks up with the barely coherent drunk and barely legal woman that make their way through the bar where he hangs out. Marcus Mumford/"Mumford & Sons" (Carey Mulligan)

#3 – Why yes, this B+ list mostly television actress from a middling network show owned by the guy who owns multiple shows in the same family of networks was wasted out of her mind during a recent talk show appearance. She needs help. Keke Palmer ("Scream Queens")

This B list actor is slowly becoming one of the hottest tickets in town again. Several choice directors want him for their projects and after a few years on the sidelines, he may be in line for a true McConaissance of his own. Val Kilmer (twitter account)

This Los Angeles born B list mostly television actress has gone the way of Madonna and the Goopster. How? While promoting her new show she has started using a British accent. She says it is because she just absorbs languages and accents. Uh huh. Most people say it is because she is annoying and thinks she is better than everyone. Kate Bosworth

Our favorite B+ list mostly television actress who loves drugs and stars in one of a family of shows from this creator has an elephant figurine she keeps in her bag at all times. That is where she keeps a little bag of coke and pills to keep her going while out. Emma Roberts ("Scream Queens")

Work has been scarce for this celebrity offspring turned B list actress who has a unique moniker on this site. Heck, if not for her name and past work she might even be a B- lister now. Apparently she made a few enemies in the film and television world and she has to do some penance. She got one tiny gig in the past 18 months.
Minka Kelly

This former A- list mostly movie actress made the bad decision we all knew would be a bad decision when she was announced in the role is back up to her old tricks. Hooking up with a married co-star. She always always hooks up with her co-star on movies. Now though, it is a little bit awkward. Jennifer Lawrence/Javier Bardem ("Mother" produced and directed by her current boyfriend Darren Aronofsky)

A bottle and a half of wine at lunch for this B+ list mostly television actress best known for her former network show which was a hit most of the years it aired. Now, she is on a middling show for the same network. At least our actress was talked out of driving even though she originally planned on it. Lea Michele ("Glee" & "Scream Queens")

While his pregnant girlfriend waited at a restaurant for this A- list network reality host to meet for dinner, he was hooking up with a fan he met earlier in the day. He actually told the fan he had to leave to meet his girlfriend. After they had sex of course. Nick Cannon/Brittany Bell

The A-/B+ list lead actor in this new network show all of you love is back to his old tricks. Finding high school girls who want to have sex with him. It is the same thing he did back when he first became famous. Milo Ventimiglia ("This Is Us") ("Gilmore Girls")

That B+ list mostly movie actor who was supposed to get a role he didn’t but everyone knows about now has always had a substance abuse problem. Where does he purchase his drugs? From this former almost network actress who was fired from a reboot before the show went off the air. She is also really tight with the girlfriend of the actor who used to be in the made up modeling world while trying to get into the yachting life. Miles Teller ("La La Land")/Jessica Szohr ("Gossip Girl")/Keleigh Sperry

She can’t land an acting job because of her drug use, but this B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show that is ending did manage to find a way to cover her meth scars and get paid for it. Ashley Benson ("Pretty Little Liars")/supporting "Differin Gel", a prescription-strength OTC retinoid acne treatment)

25. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#10**
I guess the good news for this part-time actress/singer who is a celebrity offspring of just about permanent A listers is that the extensive plastic surgery she has done the past six months is being performed by her mom’s surgeon who is amazing. The thing is, our offspring is not showing restraint so she is starting to look unnatural. Rumer Willis (Demi Moore/Bruce Willis)

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#11**
The sometime reality star daughter of a multiple show reality star is being paid much more by men than even her mother earned. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Brielle Biermann; Evelyn Lozada/Shaniece Hairston

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#12**
So, this male former network reality star is headed out on tour this summer. Interestingly enough, his male former co-star on the reality show has been making noises about following the co-star out on tour to make a documentary. It certainly would allow the two to have a lot of quiet time together away from the crowds and finally once and for all get together like everyone wants. Kris Allen/Adam Lambert ("American Idol" season 8); Derek Hough ("Dancing With the Stars") ("Move Live" tour)/Ryan Seacrest

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#13**
This singer is A list. Pretty close to A+ list. Country music. For the past several years, there have been some disturbing stories about him and the way he treats female fans who want to have sex with him. Our singer is married, but that has never kept him faithful. Oh, sure he will spin yarns about being faithful and never strays but it is just a complete bunch of crap. Apparently from the time the hotel room or bedroom door on the bus closes, the women who agree to be with him live several hours of hell. They usually emerge beaten and bruised and have been shown his collection of guns to make sure they don’t say anything to anyone. When the woman is on the bus, our singer will usually push her out the door and yell to everyone on board that they are now free to enjoy her. No one actually has sex with her, but that walk through the guys is often a horrible and basically just 90 feet of sexual assault. Last year, after a woman was forced to walk the bus gauntlet while naked and carrying her clothes and purse with her, she decided to file a lawsuit against the singer. In the letter from her attorney to the attorney for the singer, it highlighted the beating she suffered at the hands of the singer during sex and then listed 14 separate sexual assaults she suffered during the walk down the aisle of the bus. Our singer thought she was bluffing about filing a lawsuit and basically ignored repeated letters from the lawyer. Then, after about six months, the proposed lawsuit was mailed over along with declarations from six other women who had suffered through the bus walk after rough sex with the singer. They were also all prepared to sue. Last month, the singer wrote a check for $1M to each of the women. His wife still has no idea. Toby Keith

After an overwhelmingly negative experience on his last big production, this formerly A list director has no interest in directing motion pictures again. 'He's adamant about staying away right now,' says a staff member. 'He's not opposed to directing as a practise, but he is opposed to taking a project like that again.' I guess he's saying 'A hui hou' to that part of his life. Cameron Crowe ("Aloha")

This rat is spilling her friend’s secrets to the press, and the friend never saw it coming! Their longtime reality friendship looked like a genuine fit, but for one side, it was all for show. The relationship has shifted and The Rat is now wasting no time cutting the other where it hurts. Their reality image is now scarred, but The Rat only cares about herself, and would sell anyone out for the spotlight. All loyalty has been crossed out, their friendship proven a plastic reality. Tamra Judge/Heather Dubrow’s departure/"Real Housewives of Orange County"

It has been almost a year, but this married foreign born permanent A list celebrity only works out at a gym when one specific woman is there. If she is not there he does not show up. David Beckham

He would like you to believe he was hurt playing some sport or some other cool reason, but the fact is this A- list mogul wannabe rapper fell down some stairs while high on LSD. Sean "P Diddy" Combs

The problem with this former child actress turned adult actress with a long gap of trouble in between is she is really bad at hiding relationships. She needs to be better so her married co-star does not get busted about their affair. Drew Barrymore/Timothy Olyphant ("Santa Clarita Diet")

This A- list mostly television actor from a hit network show is married. He rarely includes his husband with him when there are other celebrities around. Our actor likes the spotlight for himself. Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory")/Todd Spiewak

This A- list pay cable actor is burying himself even more deeply in the closet. He doesn’t even want to see a trickle of light because he knows he won’t land that long running franchise if there is even a hint of homosexuality wafting over him. Sam Heughan ("Outlander")/James Bond franchise

Everyone stopped and took photos with fans the other day from this fairy tale show. Most cast stayed 15-20 minutes. This alliteration actress told fans she was too busy but then hung around the entire time waiting for her significant other to finish being nice. Ginnifer Goodwin/Josh Dallas ("Once Upon a Time") ("ZOOTOPIA" Screenwriters Jared Bush And Phil Johnston Celebration)

This former Disney actress is spending money faster than she can earn it. She thought her spinoff Disney show would last forever. Nope. So, now she is going yachting and will make more in three weeks this summer than she has for her entire career combined. Kelli Berglund ("Lab Rats" spin-off "Lab Rats: Elite Force")

After what happened last time this permanent A list country singer went on tour, there was no way his singer wife was going to let him go out on the road alone again. The marriage is hanging by a thread no matter what you might be shown by them in public. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill

This blind would actually be a good one for the big blind of the day. But, I wanted to get it out before Monday because it is really juicy. So, this former A list mostly movie actor who royally screwed up one franchise but still has another one where he is tied for second banana with two other actors is running a brothel out of his house. Despite all of the gay/bisexual rumors, our actor certainly has a reputation for loving strippers and other women who make their living in sexual ways. Now, he has taken his love for those women and his need for money and combined them. They are based out of his house and Hollywood men come over and enjoy the women and some time in the guest house. The actor’s long time significant other/bff takes care of enforcement and money. Jeremy Renner ("Bourne" franchise/"M:I 6 - Mission Impossible" (Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames)

40. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#10**
This former A- list mostly television actor from a long running now defunct pay cable show is trying like crazy to resurrect his career. He wants another job so he is the one who leaked a recent NSFW of himself. The thing is, no one really cared. It doesn’t change the fact he can’t act. Adrian Grenier ("Entourage")

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#11**
This Bravo reality star who likens himself to another celebrity is closeted. Well, to fans, but not to the people in West Hollywood or the multiple guys he slept with who a pseudo relative introduced to him over the years who paid for his services. James Kennedy ("Vanderpump Rules") ("White Kanye") (George Michael, his godfather)

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#12**
#1 – This CBS network comedy actor who, despite his young age has been acting forever was banned from three more places this past week. He is an obnoxious drunk and clubs and restaurants are tired of him being a disruption. At a pre-SAG party last week, he trashed an entire swag booth because they would only give him one product and not two. Johnny Galecki ("The Big Bang Theory")

#2 – The only reason this closeted NFL athlete would marry his beard is to take couples vacations with his long time boyfriend. Maybe that is the plan. Two gay guys both married to their beards. If it is good enough for that A list mostly movie actor and his celebrity best friend, then why not everyone huh? Aaron Rodgers/Olivia Munn (George Clooney and Rande Gerber)

#3 – Interesting. Very very interesting. That quick as you can rapper spent a fortune traipsing through Europe. He makes a decent living, but apparently this A list reality star with a side gig financed the whole thing. Maybe to repay the favor that he is always being linked to her when we all know that will never happen. Kendall Jenner/A$AP Rocky

#4 – This band is royal sounding. They also paid a boat load of celebrities to come to their recent concert in Los Angeles. Their buzz has been lacking in recent years and they thought this would give the band a much needed boost. They paid the wrong celebrities to be there. Everyone in the music business is just laughing at them.  "Kings of Leon" (Kendall Jenner, Harry Styles, Kate Hudson, Julianne Hough and fiancé Brooks Laich, Chace Crawford, Lady Gaga and Miranda Kerr)

This Academy Award winning actor got kicked out of a party for trying to offer this foreign born A+ list singer not named Rihanna a hit from his crack pipe. Cuba Gooding Jr./Adele (Harry Style’s birthday party)

After a very brief attempt at being together for the sake of the baby, I fully expect this multi hyphenated foreign born celebrity to play the woe is me card. The single mom thing is something she can really work to her favor. I am so hoping she gets married again in that brief reunion just to add another last name to her growing list. Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini

The good news is this celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister appears to have finally pushed her boyfriend out the door for good. I say for good, but when you are as messed up as she is on drugs and the way her self esteem is shot, she might take him back. The bad news is that since he has been gone she has started using stronger stuff. Never a good thing. Paris Jackson/Michael Snoddy

Part of the problem in the marriage between this foreign born A list franchise actor and his part-time actress wife is the amount of steroids he takes to keep his body pumped. The temper and lack of sex drive has been a big strain. Chris Hemsworth ("Thor")/Elsa Pataky

After dress rehearsal, this wasted former A- list mostly movie actress knew she was going to lose the battle of attention. She resorted to drastic measures but it still wasn’t enough. Don’t ever tell yourself she doesn’t care about publicity. She is more thirsty than most reality stars. Kristen Stewart revealed she was gay on SNL/dropped F bomb/Melissa McCarthy upstaged her

There is a leak through the boyfriend of a family member. Drunk at a party this week he was telling everyone about the ex-wife hooking up with the married now permanent A+ lister. Why would the ex agree to it? That settlement money is from ages ago. She has a certain lifestyle.
A+ lister: Donald Trump
Ex-wife: Marla Maples
Family member (boyfriend): Tiffany Trump/Ross Mechanic

This former A+ list football player (name recognition wise) who has thankfully stopped playing football is closeted. His fans wouldn’t think so but you and I know he is. He is trying to convince this Olympian to hook him up with a barely legal teammate because he thinks it will make him look like a ladies man. It will make him look super creepy.
Football player: Tim Tebow

Olympian: Aly Raisman

Teammate: Simone Biles

Two Olympian blinds in a row? This time the Olympian, who is a multiple medal winner is closeted. The door is wide wide open, but he hasn’t stepped out yet. He just kind of pokes his head out from time to time. He hooked up with this openly gay B list actor who was once on a hit network show now ended who would love to pull the Olympian out of the closet and go public.
Danell Leyva (gymnast)/Colton Haynes ("Teen Wolf")

Our favorite troubled B+ list mostly television actress from a middling network show threw up everywhere after chugging a bottle of vodka at an event. Keke Palmer

This former very popular Real Housewife who probably will be back soon because of her lack of income opportunities was hitting on possible investors for some new design line while at the Super Bowl. Just straight up asked for checks right when she met them. NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta" (and here she is coming back to RH)

The coke use is getting so bad for this A- list singer who not many people like because she tries hard to be that way that she is dangerously thin. Combine that with performing and an aversion to keeping food in her body and things are bad right now. Ariana Grande

Tabloids have decided to go the serious kneepad route while describing the relationship of this married couple. A terrible actress with a lucrative side job and her husband are having big issues but the tabloids just whistle and look the other way. Jessica Alba/Cash Warren

These Oscar nominees/winners/co-stars shared a hotel room together this week while out of town. They have the strangest relationship. Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling ("Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival")

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has multiple Academy Award nominations. He is also a big cheater. At this point, he has gone so far off the cheating end that you hope his actress girlfriend has run away for good. Our actor nearly missed a flight because he was hooking up with a woman and found another on his flight to go to his hotel with him when he landed. Michael Fassbender (Alicia Vikander)

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor got into another fight with a different baby mama and has stopped giving her any money and even kicked her out of her home. She is living with friends now. Hugh Grant/Tinglan Hong or Anna Eberstein

If this former boy bander turned adult singer with a current hit song ever gives up heroin he is probably going to do a lot more physical damage to his celebrity girlfriend than he is capable of now. She has taken a beating or two but told friends she deserved it. Huh? Zayn Malik/Gigi Hadid

Interesting. Apparently this tabloid Goliath took some orders from their parent company to help throw a movie under a bus. A little revenge against a producer. This is going to end up costing the parent company and its tabloid a ton of money. "A Dog’s Purpose"/TMZ

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/06 **#10**
A lot of panic with our creepy AF tween shows producer/molester who thinks today’s news is going to somehow bring to light that he is the father of the at the time teenager’s baby. Dan Schneider (Jamie Spears’ daughter’s ATV accident)

61. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/06 **#11**
I think it has just been within the past couple of months that I wrote about the behavior of this actor. Mostly movie. Was in that eating franchise. Has not done much since. When last we wrote about the B lister he was out of control with his drinking. It actually has become worse. Now he isn’t showering or changing clothes much. When the whole town starts talking about your problem and the way you were at a very public event this past week, it is tough to get work. cc: Lindsay Lohan Josh Hutcherson

62. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/06 **#12**
Huh. Amazing how that one year beard contract ended right on time. Now, the foreign born former A list singer/reality star everywhere in the world but North America (even though we all know her) can be single for a couple of years "hurting." Her ex though has already found a new beard. It kind of makes the whole last "relationship" look fake because of how fast he has moved on. Kylie Minogue/Joshua Sasse

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/06 **#13**
I guess she could be considered a permanent A list celebrity in some circles. Back in the day, she was notable mostly for her relationships with some very famous men of the era and not for any particular talent of her own. She appeared on the scene as a teenager and her charming personality and unique looks were successful in getting a lot of doors opened. She was hungry for notoriety and worked the scene hard. She finally succeeded in pushing her way into the inner circle of the A+ group of young people at that time. She wasted no time getting involved with the most famous guy in the group and introduced him to drugs and lifestyle choices that were really bad. (And eventually contributed to his demise years later.) In spite of her cute appearance and beguiling personality, she was a ruthless control freak and schemer who wanted fame and fortune for herself. She eventually got tired of this first man when he got too strung out on drugs and started having legal and financial problems. She coldly dumped him and decided to zero in on another man in the circle who also became very famous in his niche as a musician. Her pursuit of this man was not an easy task. He hated to be tied down and had many relationships with other women. He would disappear on her for weeks or months at a time and was never faithful to her, ever. In spite of that, she would not give up and after a couple of years, manipulated him into marrying her. She claimed to be pregnant and talked him into marrying her so that their child would be "legitimate" on paper. Of course, there was no baby. Although this guy was extremely talented, he was not very savvy and the quickie marriage was a bad idea, for many reasons, but mainly because there was no prenup. After marrying her and realizing he had been duped, he of course reverted back to his old habits. This went on for a few years until the musician had a terrible accident that almost killed him. The wife ran to his side immediately and took over caring for him while he was recovering. During this time, the musician became addicted to medications for pain and was often in a drugged stupor. When his friends and colleagues expressed concern to the wife that he was over medicating, they were told to mind their own business. During that time, the wife was also able to get the musician to sign legal documents guaranteeing her a bigger piece of his financial pie. Several of his close friends knew what had happened, but could not intervene, just because this wife was ruthless and isolated the musician while he was recovering from his injuries. The friends had also long since come to realize that underneath the charming exterior lived a very ruthless and dark individual and they just did not want to tangle with her. The musician did recover finally, but his health was never the same again. He also resumed his old ways with other women and really did not live with his "wife" on a regular basis ever again. The musician later died fairly young from complications relating to the previous accident. What makes this story interesting is that there was also another woman who this musician was involved with for years. Because of where they lived, this woman was legally recognized as the musician’s common law wife. (We’ll call her Wife #2.) The situation with Wife #2 was well known to those close to the musician. Unlike Wife #1, Wife #2 was very well liked by everyone in the musician’s family and inner circle of friends and colleagues. Unbeknownst to Wife #1, the musician also had a child with Wife #2. Wife #2 knew about the Wife #1 situation, but was not concerned about it because the musician had not lived with her for years and she was not interested in fame. She knew her relationship with the musician was very solid, which towards the end of the musician’s life, it really was. Wife #1, of course, went ballistic when she found out about this other family after the musician’s death. This is because she realized that she was not going to inherit the bulk of the musician’s estate as she had expected to. Wife #1 was also enraged that their mutual friends had helped hide the other family from her for years. As you can imagine, a huge probate fight erupted over the estate of the musician and it dragged on for quite a while. Wife #1 demanded a DNA test on the child and also tried to have the common law marriage between Wife #2 and the musician declared invalid. It was ugly but amazingly the public really didn’t know much about it because a savvy Judge closed the proceedings and sealed all the documents. Friends and colleagues of the deceased musician gave testimony and affidavits expressing concern about the legal paperwork that the musician signed for Wife #1 while recovering from his accident years earlier, and also testified that the musician considered Wife #2 his true wife. Wife #1 was enraged and made several extremely ugly scenes in and out of court. The Judge finally ruled that the estate would have to be split up between Wife #1 and Wife #2 and the child of the musician. So in the end, Wife #1 only got 1/3 of the estate, and the Judge threw out the legal documents the musician signed for Wife #1 because he determined that they had been signed while the musician had been incapacitated medically. Wife #1 threatened to appeal but ultimately took the money and ran. She has since gone on to publicly present herself as the grieving widow of this musician, much to the disgust of the people who know the real story. She constantly inserts herself into situations and events involving his friends and former colleagues, almost like an unwanted and annoying stalker. For a while, these friends and colleagues tried to be civil to her, but as time has gone on, have become intolerant to her charade. The last straw came recently when she forced herself into a project one of the dead musician’s friends was working on. In some film footage of the project, the friends of the musician can barely hide their contempt for this woman. Wife #1 has also been lobbying for a documentary film to be made about her life and relationship with the musician, and is trying to sell herself and the project as culturally important. The real problem is that she is almost out of money, so there are also rumors of a tell all book in the works as well. In contrast, wife #2 and her child have chosen to live away from the spotlight. But that may not be the case for long– Wife #1 is about to get a big surprise from Wife #2. It turns out that Wife #2 is getting married again soon and Wife #1 is going to lose her mind when she finds out about it. Turns out that Wife #2 is engaged to marry one of the dead musician’s best friends, who is now even richer and more famous than he was. Wife #1 has attempted to ensnare this man on and off for years. She is so delusional that she does not realize how much he detests her. She is going to go crazy when she finds out about this marriage.

A lot of concerns about the mental health of this once A list personality all of a sudden. "She considers the last few years to be the worst of her life," says the source, "and it's been taking a real toll on her over the last couple of months." Hopefully this doesn't change her view on life, but the source believes that it will. Rosie O'Donnell

65. OOHGAWD 02/07
This ex-couple just can’t get along for the sake of their child. At this point, the lines are beyond blurred. It seems like one day the wife woke up and decided it was over, but no one knew why. This couple seemed so in love, despite the husband’s chronic cheating and drug use. Don’t get us wrong, the wife was on drugs too. However, once she decided to get clean, she left. But why do we care about them now? Well, as soon as the ex-husband decided to move on with his new girlfriend, the ex-wife was out for blood! The wife is now involving the family courts, the police, and her ex’s own family. It’s gotten got so bad that the ex-husband’s family did not allow her to attend the funeral of his recently deceased father. Paula Patton/Robin Thicke (April Love) (Alan Thicke)

66. TMZ 02/07
Beyonce’s forging full steam ahead with plans to play Coachella, even with her 2 buns in the oven. Sources involved in pulling off Coachella tell us Bey has no intention of canceling, and has already booked 2 other big artists to join her onstage. She’s made housing arrangements out in the desert for her guest stars, and we’re told both knew well in advance that Beyonce’s preggo. One of the performers is from the Roc Nation roster. The other is from a different label, but still close to Bey. Our sources say the guests have blocked off their schedules for the gig and there’s no going back now. It’s still unclear how she’ll handle the performance, since she’ll likely be in her third trimester by April. Beyhive might not love it, but there’s always the seated option. Shakira/Lady Gaga

This multitalented A lister owns an archaic telephone with a very audible switchhook solely so he can angrily slam down the phone on people after his mad tirades. 'It makes everything so much more pointed,' a former staffer alleges. Mel Gibson

The insecurity was strong with this B- list celebrity offspring of permanent A listers. Forced to show off herself in a swimsuit to the world, starvation and buckets of Adderall for almost a week at a time over the course of two months. Alexa Ray Joel (Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley)/posed along with Christie and half-sister Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook for "Sports Illustrated"

I don’t think she will be invited to many family events after what happened this past week. Unbeknownst (can’t believe I finally got to use this word) to our B+ list mostly movie actress from an acting family, her possible future sister-in-law was hanging out at the home of the boyfriend of our actor. Considering that our actress used to sleep with the husband of the possible future sister-in-law while the husband was still married, proved awkward. Awkward in the sense there were threats of physical violence.
B+ list actress: Rooney Mara

Possible future sister-in-law: Summer Phoenix
Boyfriend: Joaquin Phoenix
Husband of possible future sister-in-law: Casey Affleck

In about a month (after award season), there will be no more "random" pap shots of this model with her A list mogul boyfriend. Lucky for her, she knows how the game is played so may be back for summer vacation. Oh, you know what would be great. If our closeted mogul double vacationed with the celebrity offspring and her closeted actor boyfriend. It would be one super bearding fiesta. Shayna Taylor/Ryan Seacrest and Billie Lourd/Taylor Lautner

Not exactly a Hammbone situation, but this permanent A list singer was overseas with his band. A little squat from our singer and hello ripped jeans. Hello again for going commando. Hello again for getting several double takes at the larger than average size. He blushed though. I’m not sure he has ever blushed in his life. Oh yeah, well maybe when he watches that music video from back in the day with you know who.
Bruce Springsteen/Courteney Cox

You would think that someone who gets nominated for almost a dozen Grammy Awards would win at least one, even by accident. Anyway, this A list rapper who is a celebrity offspring has the perfect formula (he thought) for never getting busted cheating. He has women all over the country. About a dozen, When he is in town he goes to see them. They never go out in public where they can be photographed and ruin his game. None of the other women knew about any others. They all thought they were the only one. Then, he made a mistake and got involved with a stalker who has started exposing his secrets to the world. Nas (father - Olu Dara)

Dear Closeted Actors/Celebrities Under 30,
All of you are being trolled. Yes, including you Mr. New Guy/celebrity offspring who did the whole tweener network thing. I know you think the former tweener actress turned wannabe/will probably be a porn star before being the next Lindsay Lohan is doing you a favor by hanging out with you in public. She isn’t. She goes through your phone with a purpose. Pictures and contacts. She will return later in your career for a payoff.
Love & Bacon,
Nat Wolff (parents - Polly Draper and Michael Wolff)/Bella Thorne

Complicated. Foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress all of you know. Honestly, she really only has that franchise going for her. Hooking up with her ex ex from time to time. I also told you about the boyfriend that was making her happy. Yikes. She is going to be devastated. He is super thirsty. He is posting photos of them to message boards. He is not posting the photos of himself with that dadager he used to service for money last year. Kate Beckinsale ("Underworld")/Michael Sheen

This troubled celebrity offspring has been hooking up on the regular with his soon to be ex step mother. It’s ok though because his dad used to hook up with the son’s girlfriend all the time. Weston Coppola Cage/Alice Kim/Nicolas Cage

This behind the scenes political boss turned talking head turned going to make some money any way I can even though I could have worked at the White House was at the Super Bowl and enjoyed the services of an escort two nights in a row. Same woman. Guess he liked it.

77. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **#10**
The ex of this permanent A list singer/musician is writing this love story basically in a book form to his memory. Their relationship was filled with cheating and violence so I’m not sure what world she is living in. Mayte/Prince

78. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **#11**
This A- list DJ/producer is so racist he refuses to play clubs where he knows there will be more than a handful of people of color. Don’t even think about trying to have a person of color show up at a meet and greet. Skrillex

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **#12**
This foreign born celebrity mom staged an intervention for her actress/model underage daughter but her A list dad said she could do what she wanted so the intervention was a disaster. Lily-Rose Depp/Vanessa Paradis/Johnny Depp

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/07 **#13**
#1 – On the red carpet, this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar nominee/winner was smiling, but his cranky old self came out when he was mainly ignored at an event honoring his success in film this year. Just a nasty guy. Mel Gibson
(89th Annual Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon)

#2 – It took all of about 12 hours for this foreign born B- list singer to call the paps and arrange for them to catch her at dinner with the actor she calls her boyfriend when needed. She knew the press would be drooling to get pics. FKA Twigs/Robert Pattinson (who is now hooking up with Katy Perry, when she is not hooking up/having Skype sex with that random Danish guy she met while she was over there and when Robert is not hooking up with Mia W however you spell the rest of her last name.)

#3 – I’m not sure what our favorite drug addled former tweener turned singer expected. She trash talks her supposed best friends by calling them leeches behind their backs. So, of course they blew her off to hang out (and pick up a few bucks) with this celebrity offspring and her male friends. Selena Gomez (Hailey Baldwin attended wedding of Justin Bieber's bestie, photographer Joe Termini wedding in Hawaii)

This C list reality star likes to build up a tab with various stores in the LA area before dashing. His innocent reality star ex got hit with a bill when she went into a store recently. She adamantly refused to pay for him and was promptly asked to leave after an argument with the manager. Scott Disick/Kourtney Kardashian

Apparently things are even worse than I thought between this foreign born permanent A list celebrity couple. The wife met with a divorce lawyer Monday afternoon for almost two hours. This would be a front page divorce as big as Brangelina. David and Victoria Beckham

Do you think this A list mogul knows his foreign born A list celebrity girlfriend was hooking up with guys right and left before they started hooking up? I think she might be Mariah Careying him. If there is another guy, she seems to be hiding him well. Evan Spiegel/Miranda Kerr

This foreign born dual threat A- list actor came down with what I call press flu this week. It means he decided to call in sick so as to not promote his new movie at one of the European stops. Just sat in his room and drank. Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades Darker"

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor and the same on the list foreign born mostly movie actress are promoting a new movie. They also can’t wait to stop smiling for the cameras, because they dislike each other that much. Rosamund Pike/David Oyelowo ("A United Kingdom")

This A- list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee is furious she got blindsided by this A- list mostly movie actor. She doesn’t like him and was doing her best to avoid him like every other woman at an event, but he caught her unaware. She doesn’t want people to think she likes him. Viola Davis/Casey Affleck (although I thought it was Octavia Spencer at "Oscars 2017: Annual Nominees Luncheon Class Photo")

Our favorite closeted former B+ list mostly television actor acted like he was the biggest star in the world when he guest starred on a show this week instead of the grateful to actually get a job on television again. Darren Criss (Music Meister on "The Flash" and "Supergirl")

Love how this Teen Mom is trying to go on the offensive against her ex about what happened in that pregnancy. So far he has kept one thing secret but that could change very quickly. At this point, the fans of the show know so he might as well just let the world know what happened and why.
Kailyn Lowry/Javi Marroquin (questions regarding "miscarriage")

This Bachelor winner was not recognized by the guy she hooked up with until the morning after when he came up to her while she was with some friends. Apparently he had Googled her overnight. Hope her boyfriend doesn’t find out. Or, maybe he has. Lauren Bushnell/Ben Higgins (and shortly after, they announced their split)

Aww, can you tell this foreign born dual threat A-/B+ list closeted actor who is in a franchise misses all the attention. He is not allowed to say anything negative or suffer the consequences, so he has made up an entire story just to get a cover of a magazine. Well, we knew he was thirsty. If you see him, tell him to say hi to his boyfriend from all of us. Tom Hiddleston/GQ Magazine (breakup with Taylor Swift)

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#10**
It is only a matter of weeks before this family member of an A+ list mostly movie actor who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee turns 18. She has already committed to doing a porn the day she turns 18. She knows her family connection will guarantee a huge amount of publicity. A massive amount. Lily-Rose Depp

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#11**
This A-/B+ list alliteration actress is so full of crap. I hate hate hate when actresses tell an interviewer they don’t worry about what they eat or they are naturally thin. F**k that. Especially this particular actress on a hit almost television show. She eats about once a week and chews Nicorette when she is not chain smoking. That is how she stays thin. So, yeah, I guess technically if you never eat there is no need for a diet or exercise. Michelle Monaghan ("The Path")

93. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#12**
I hope the jewelry this former A+ list NBA player gave his wife is fake because when he finds out she is still hooking up with someone and leaves again, she is going to hang on to that jewelry. Scottie and Larsa Pippen

94. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **#13**
This singer is foreign born and had a really bright future. She took the world by storm with her debut record and everyone thought she was going to be the next big thing. The problem is that shortly after that record was released, she had to help her family. Our singer grew up being raped and molested by her family and her neighbors. Much of her family was. She finally had enough and escaped the situation. After her first record she went back to her family and tried to get some of her siblings to escape from that life. A couple took her up on it but the rest stayed. Fast forward a few years and our singer, who has been silent for years after that hit record rolls out another one. Not as big of a success, but she still has promise. Almost immediately after that record was released she discovered that one of her sisters had been raped by the father of this A- list mostly movie actor. The sister became pregnant and when she delivered the baby, the actor wrote a check and forced the sister to sign away all the rights. For several years that baby was subjected to a horrible existence. The father of the actor died and the baby, now a toddler was brought to the US where the life is not as bad right now. It will be though when the baby gets older and is passed around much like her mom and aunts.

Three's apparently not company for this guy... This B lister that's mostly seen on television is known in certain LA communities and circles for loving a threesome. It's unknown if he has a wife/girlfriend/partner, but if he does, then she must either be okay or unaware of his common proclivity. I just hope she doesn't check his collar and notice TWO shades of foreign lipstick. Donald Glover

96. POPBITCH 02/09
(British blog) Which transatlantic TV star lost out on a big part after he was caught being rather indiscreet with two pr*stitutes? (Still, his loss was Richard Armitage’s gain…) Hugh Bonneville (was in "The Monuments Men" with Matt Damon and George Clooney/"Ocean’s Eight" starring Matt Damon and produced by George Clooney)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and is going to be in a franchise after being in a different franchise not that long ago told a bunch of fans to f**k off when they asked for her autograph or photo. And she wonders why she is not more well liked. Charlize Theron

This A list NFL athlete has been getting a barrage of texts from a couple of phone numbers that are advising him to get a DNA test for the baby he is having with his celebrity wife. Russell Wilson/Ciara

Our favorite former tweener turned drug addict had a seizure the other day. The first she has ever had in her life. She needs a powerful force to make her see she needs more rehab. Selena Gomez

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#4**
It is definitely a double standard. Oh sure, if you ask them, they will tell you her offers are less than what they were before because her movies are not really doing that well. What really bothers them though is the amount of sex she has, but not with them. Them being the male studio bosses and producers and the actress being an openly gay A-/B+ list actress. Kristen Stewart

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#5**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress you all know for reasons that are not the best is at it again. The married heir to a cosmetics company is her latest boyfriend. Well, when he can get time away from work and his wife and kids. Sienna Miller

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#6**
On the red carpet the other night, this current Academy Award nominee who is an A- list mostly movie actress was loudly complaining to everyone she wished she wore gloves because her hands looked old. If you were a reporter and said she looked beautiful, she stopped to talk to you. If you failed to mention it or worse, agreed she needed gloves she blew right by you. Nicole Kidman

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#7**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family and his celebrity girlfriend had an orgy at their house. Hey, whatever, that is fine, but at least one of her family members also was there. Strange. Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#8**
Is there something there? Is it a conspiracy theory? All I know is this former A+ list celebrity/former syndicated actress turned reality star always visits an intermediary country between the US and the country where this A list celebrity boyfriend is who is getting more frequent visits from her now. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#9**
This foreign born A+ list soccer player who is closeted offered a $250K bribe to keep his lover out of jail. It is probably going to take almost $1M to accomplish it. Cristiano Ronaldo/Badr Hari

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has been laundering money for this A+ list mostly movie actor and his shady friends. Tom Hardy/Leonardo DiCaprio

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#11**
Everyone thinks she was born in the US, but nope. She is a B+ list dual threat actress who is willing to get naked fairly frequently. She is also hooking up with this B+ list mostly television actor from a pay cable show on the same channel as the actress. She thinks it is serious. He thinks it is something until he finds the next woman. Not exactly a faithful guy as his long time actress significant other discovered on a frequent basis. Malin Akerman ("Billions"/Showtime)/Liev Schreiber ("Ray Donovan"/Showtime)
 (Naomi Watts) (Esquire Celebrates March Cover Star James Corden and the Mavericks of Hollywood Presented by Hugo Boss)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#12**
By my count it took about four hours from the time she left town for this former tweener turned B+ list singer to cheat on his actress girlfriend and take a couple of bumps of coke after being sober a few months. Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#13**
This deceased permanent A + list celebrity is a legend. The problem is that legend and truth have become a bit mixed up over the years. Anyway, if you’re a person of a certain age, then you are well aware of who she is. Our celebrity, who I’ll call Mrs. K, was an extremely likable and dynamic individual despite how she was sometimes portrayed publicly. Even though she was unlucky in love, she was a real survivor. At a very unexpected time in her life, she found herself caught up in a serious relationship with one of the most famous celebrities in the world. (We’ll call him Mr. K) From almost the moment they met, Mr. K was totally obsessed with Mrs. K. and would not let her out of his sight. Mrs. K thought this would be a passing fancy but it wasn’t. This
man attached himself to Mrs. K and was totally devoted to her until his death. But that is not what makes this story interesting. What makes it interesting is that there was another woman involved in this situation too. This woman was also very much in love with Mr. K and became enraged when he fell in love with Mrs. K. (We’ll call the enraged woman Mrs. C.) Mrs. C’s scorned-woman rage was epic. She was wildly jealous and vowed revenge on Mrs. K. and was pretty successful at smearing Mrs. K’s reputation. Mrs. K was no pushover though. She had a trusted employee who had family ties to the world of voodoo and would confide her anguish about the smear campaign to this employee. The employee was totally loyal to Mrs. K and decided to contact her family members in the islands about what was happening to Mrs. K. A relative of the employee, with ties to the spiritual underworld there, offered to do a ritual in order to stop Mrs. C’s revenge campaign. The ritual was done– and outwardly was just meant to protect Mrs. K from future attacks on her reputation. But what Mrs. K didn’t know was that the servant also secretly had a curse placed on Mrs. C. and those around her. This may seem like stuff from an old carnival fortune teller, but this was serious stuff back then and still is now. Over the years, family members of the employee (now dead) have whispered about this ritual and it’s power. They believe that the ritual is still in play and has continued to cause illness, tragedy, and scandal in Mrs. C’s circle even to this day.
Mrs. K: Jacqueline Kennedy
Mr. K: Aristotle Onassis
Mrs. C: Maria Callas

110. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/10
Sources inform me an intervention is planned for this social media sensation/teen actress in the near future. Drug usage, alcohol abuse and erratic/promiscuous behaviour are all cited as concerns by friends and family, as well as the involvement of negative influences. Ariel Winter

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#1**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress you all know has been turning down big roles to make her actor husband you all know happy. He wants her to stay home with their kids. Meanwhile he films movies all over the world so he can cheat in peace. Isla Fisher/Sacha Baron Cohen

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#2**
This foreign born B+ list model with the Japanese restaurant sounding name who used to be a pro beard thought she had another gig. Turns out that A+ lister she used to beard for put her head in a place where her fee is outrageously high, so she lost her new gig almost as soon as it began. Suki Waterhouse/Bradley Cooper

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#3**
This B- list mostly take whatever someone will give him actor from an acting family bounced a check recently to a charity while trying to look like a big shot. Stephen Baldwin (First Annual Black & White Panda Ball)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#4**
With no access to much cash because the allowance her manager placed her on and her cheating A- list celebrity boyfriend out of town, our former tweener turned addict has started smoking crack. Should be interesting to watch. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#5**
This foreign born permanent A list model got stabbed last week in her arm during a fight with a "boyfriend." She hit him with a lamp before the stabbing when she found out he was seeing someone else later that night after she left. Kate Moss (Nikolai Von Bismarck)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#6**
I think our openly gay former franchise actress thinks she has her model girlfriend locked down. Nope. The model will always seek out more fame and fortune when she can, and that celebrity offspring she hooks up with has a ton more money and will give our model only slightly less publicity. Kristen Stewart/Stella Maxwell/Lily Rose Depp

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#7**
We already know this A list mostly movie actor got his wife pregnant without sex. Now there is some talk that it might not have even been his sperm used. George and Amal Clooney

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#8**
Want to be killed off this NBC soap? Ask for a raise and tell the producers you are too good for daytime television. This actor will be back and begging for his job back. "Days of Our Lives"

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#9**
This model/wannabe actress who has only casting couched her way to parts is apparently pregnant. I wonder what producer or director is the dad. It sure isn’t her actor boyfriend. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Jason Statham

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#10**
With his popularity waning because he is not on television each week, this A list mogul is threatening to pull his production deal with the parent company unless he gets back on the air now. Thirsty f**ker. Always likes you to think he prefers being behind the scenes. Nope. His ego is HUUUUUUGE. So, now the company is going to overpay for a worn out franchise from a different network. Ryan Seacrest ("American Idol" on NBC)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#11**
This foreign born A list rapper is not only a publicity freak and a nightly bareback stripper lover, but also racist. Drake (asked Muslim fan to remove hijabs)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#12**
Now that her pay cable show has wrapped, we will call this actress B list. Mostly movie. Celebrity offspring and anorexic. Apparently she fainted while doing press for her new movie because she had not eaten in a couple of days. Allison Williams ("Girls") ("Get Out")

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#13**
This closeted A list NFL player who does not play QB got rolled by a guy he met a couple of nights earlier at a club. Our player thought he could trust the guy. He thought wrong. Odell Beckham Jr.

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#14**
#1 – During the day this closeted foreign born A list athlete in his corner of the sports world has been hanging out with this way too young celebrity offspring he wants people to think he is dating. At night he has been hitting Grindr hard while holding down a table at The Abbey. Lewis Hamilton/Sofia Richie

#2 – This former Disney star turned addict is selling himself to men for drugs. Orlando Brown

#3 – On the guest list for this huge charity event was that A list acting couple who loves publicity. Last year when the A+ lister in the couple was promoting a movie he was there. This year he stiffed the organization and didn’t even write a check because he was not the star. His ex was. "19th Annual amfAR New York Gala"/Scarlett Johansson; 18th Annual amfAR New York Gala/Ryan Reynolds ("Deadpool") and Blake Lively

#4 – A child of this now deceased permanent A list mostly movie actress/icon is stealing money from a charity established in the name of the deceased actress. Audrey Hepburn’s son Sean Ferrer ("Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund")

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#1**
Apparently now that this big news is out there providing cover, this A list mostly movie actor can go out solo with his long time lover with no need to invite along the wives. George Clooney/Rande Gerber

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#2**
This celebrity offspring is the youngest and least well known of a gaggle of celebrities in her family not named Willis. Under age by a mile, this foreign born singer was holding the hair back of our celebrity offspring while she did line after line of coke. Noah Cyrus/Labrinth (2017 Billboard Power 100)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#3**
The only reason this C+ list celebrity of a foreign born permanent A list singer/actress got cast in a new movie is she was willing to have real sex and not simulated sex. Sounds like porn to me. She says it is an art film. Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton John)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#4**
It was a charity event so the fact this A list model who got her start in SI was so rude to every person was not lost on the organizers. Before the event she demanded a hotel suite for two days even though she lives ten minutes from the venue. Kate Upton
 (Tom Petty’s 2017 MusiCares Person of the Year award)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#1**
Her monthly income is not keeping up with her spending on drug use. This actress who was almost an A list television actress back in the day on that hit network show before crashing and burning her way through over a decade is thisclose to being homeless. For now, she will sleep on couches at friend’s homes. She says it is temporary. Only if she gets help, or we will be putting RIP after her name soon. Mischa Barton ("The O.C.")

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#2**
This actress has a franchise. A long running one. Back in the day she was the teen/20 something who was cast in every romcom. Now, she is finally getting a chance again to be a star. She has a really good, unusually formatted almost television show. I hope the director of the show doesn’t find out she is cheating on him. The director thinks it is forever love. Julia Stiles ("The Bourne Identity")

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#3**
Every Saturday before the Grammy Awards, this street becomes one traffic headache mess. Our A+ list rapper/mogul hosts a party in a house on a narrow road that can’t quite have two lanes of traffic going while everyone is heading into this party. This year was a little different though. Our married rapper had a bedroom set aside in the back of the house where he would take women and have a 10-15 minute chat with them. Funny how one of those women was hanging out with him at dinner last night. She sure did keep dropping her napkin in his lap a lot too. Clumsy person she is. Jay Z

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actress who has multiple Academy Award nominations says she is really screwed up because of the sexual relationship she had with a teacher that stretched all the way through high school. She found out later when he was arrested for having sex with other students that he had been sleeping with several of her friends at the same time.

133. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/12
By Louisa Pisani
Private-jet jaunts. Dom Pérignon on demand. The chance to rub (bony) shoulders with the A-list. Who wouldn’t want to be a celebrity assistant? The answer, it seems, is anyone who values their sanity or self-respect. Last week, a job description was leaked detailing the requirements that actor Rob Lowe has for a lackey. The successful applicant must "never assume anything" and, for a salary of $70,000 a year (which is pretty decent in celebrity-assistant world), duties include informing "estate staff if [Lowe] wants a Jacuzzi turned on or a massage ordered," and scheduling a haircut before every single taping of Lowe’s CBS drama "Code Black." The Internet scoffed — but when it comes to the demands placed on Hollywood helpers, Lowe’s requests are on the more reasonable side. A former aide to a big-name fashion model told The Post, "I was expected to do everything for [my boss]. She thought nothing of calling me at 3 a.m. — I was given two phones so I would never be unreachable — to ask me to come over and let her dog out to pee." But that wasn’t the only task that made it such a "bum" job. "One day she [sent me] some photos of her hemorrhoids," the former assistant said. "She wanted me to find a [doctor] to remove them. I’ll never un-see those images." Another erstwhile aide was at the mercy of her musician boss’ mercurial temperament. "He’d call a designer boutique and order the entire season’s collection without even seeing it — he could blow one million dollars in just a few minutes," she recalled. Then regret would set in. "He’d wear a few pieces, then send me to the store with everything — even the things he’d worn — to get his money back. It was excruciatingly embarrassing, especially when a sales clerk found a very obvious stain on a $700 shirt." Some assistants, however, fight back. In 2012, Lady Gaga was embroiled in a legal battle with her former employee Jennifer O’Neill, who claimed that the singer owed her roughly $390,000 for more than 7,000 hours of overtime. During her 13-month stint as the singer’s helper, O’Neill said, she was expected to be on call 24/7, wake the star up, and even make sure she had a towel waiting after a shower. At the time of the case, The Post reported that O’Neill claimed she was "required" to sleep in Gaga’s bed "because [the star] didn’t sleep alone." Gaga dismissed her former Girl Friday as a "f**king hood rat," but settled the case out of court. Last year, Holliann Hartman filed for a restraining order against her boss Taryn Manning, alleging that the "Orange Is the New Black" actress had put her in a headlock, head-butted her, whipped her with a wet towel and sprayed Windex in her face. (The order was denied due to jurisdictional filing issues.) Christian Bale is another star who’s unlikely to win Employer of the Year. His ex-assistant Harrison Cheung claimed in a 2012 book that "If Christian was away filming on location, I would take care of his five pets, along with stray possums in the backyard . . . I would do anything from sniffing Christian’s armpits for B.O. right before he hit the red carpet to making emergency sock-runs if Christian was all out of clean ones." Prospective gofers should give up dreams of sharing in their employers’ rich perks, according to one woman who used to assist a famous actress. She recalled how "my boyfriend dumped me because he got sick of the fact [that] I always had to drop everything for her." Having displayed such loyalty, "I naively believed that, given the amount of amazing stuff my boss got sent, she’d spread the love a little. "She would send me to gifting suites to collect all the swag on offer .?.?. I was in charge of organizing storage units full of candles, pens, body creams and things that she never had any intention of using." The final straw was when the millionaire actress instructed her to sell some of the designer freebies on eBay. "She wanted me to list the shoes and clothes via my personal account, and I was told to pay her in cash when the auctions ended," she said. "When I pointed out that some of the shoes were actually my size, she told me I could make her a ‘reasonable offer’ to buy them. "I’d worked so many 80-hour weeks, survived on 4 hours’ sleep a night, cleaned up after her incontinent dog. But this was the wake-up call I needed to leave."
Big-name fashion model: Naomi Campbell
Musician boss: Elton John; Kanye West
Famous actress: Jennifer Aniston; Reese Witherspoon

134. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/13
"I'm European! You Americans are so prudish. It's normal back home!" This B list actress explaining away her affairs with married men like it's all a game. Sienna Miller

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#1**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This A-/B+ list country singer who had a big 2016 and will now even have a bigger 2017 might want to check the phone of her significant other scooping up phone numbers all night. Says it is for work but he only got phone numbers from women. Maren Morris/Ryan Hurd; Kelsea Ballerini/Morgan Evans

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#2**
GRAMMY AWARDS: I wonder if this foreign born A- list celebrity/host would go back in time and decide to go home Saturday night after a pre-party rather than have one fight after another with his wife on Sunday while he was being trailed by a reporter writing a story. James Corden/Julia Carey

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#3**
GRAMMY AWARDS: The publicist for this former tweener who was nominated last night must have been hitting the open bar hard yesterday afternoon because she could barely stand while leading her charge down the red carpet. When they got to the end of the gauntlet the publicist was sent home. Just wasted. Demi Lovato

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#4**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This suddenly solo foreign born singer who used to be in a group got dumped by her date for the show and for life about an hour before departure for the show. Our singer was crushed. Just in a daze. Camila Cabello/Machine Gun Kelly

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#5**
GRAMMY AWARDS: The wife of this still young permanent A list country singer was overheard discussing the cancer treatment that lies ahead for her husband. Faith Hill/Tim McGraw

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#6**
GRAMMY AWARDS: No shame for this B list mostly television actress who could now use a new acting gig. She came on the arm of this married record executive. The guy still lives at home with his wife. Last I heard he had been cheating on his wife with this one named singer. That, he tried to hide. This though, he was just throwing the wife under the bus and our actress was doing the driving. Kat Graham; Lea Michele

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#7**
GRAMMY AWARDS: No coke use was seen during the actual show, but this hanging on to A+ list singer certainly indulged like crazy after the show and has dropped almost 20 pounds from her already slim body because of her increase in coke use. She used to always seem like she was in control. Not any longer. Katy Perry

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#8**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Joining the singer in #7 in coke use after the show was this multiple Dove Award winner/nominee who is bff with the singer in #7. Lauren Daigle

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#9**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister was so proud of herself yesterday for sticking to mushrooms that she told everyone she encountered. Paris Jackson

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#10**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Apparently one of the hosts covering the event for this music magazine live took a pot brownie before the coverage began. They had no idea it was a pot brownie. They had never eaten one before. Every time the coverage would shift to someone else, our host was violently ill.

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#11**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Apparently the hookup partner of this rapper/mogul has been identified. A singer who is a few months shy of being legal. Jay Z/Sophie Beem (17)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#12**
GRAMMY AWARDS: It sounds like three names but is just one. This B- list singer had a deal to wear a certain designer but when they found out she was black they refused because they are the most racist mf’ers I have heard of some time. They said something about people of color not being able to afford their clothes. So, our singer went to Gucci who hooked her up in a second. Santigold

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#13**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This group was nominated for a Grammy, but lets be honest, their time to shine was over a decade ago. Their public face still thinks the band is A++ list and treats women like it. At a party last night he got rejected from woman after woman. He finally managed to hook up with a woman who remembered the band and also thought they were still relevant. She was drunk, so maybe that is why she thought they were still good. "blink-182"/Travis Baker

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#14**
GRAMMY AWARDS: That was a really long absence between Grammy nominations for this one named singer who is also a former reality star. The most common greeting to her last night was some form of, "Holy F**k." Lets just say she has had some work done and it maybe didn’t turn out quite the way she wanted. Mya

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#15**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A list singer was showing some texts to people at an after party last night. The texts were from this A+ list singer who thought he was being too chummy with this foreign born A+ list singer who is one of the few who don’t bow down in a chance to join the squad. Ed Sheeran/Taylor Swift/Rihanna

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#16**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Trying to stop a PR storm from raining down upon him, this one named DJ tried to shift the talk away from his racist rants and have the tabloids focus on something else. The tabloids fell for it hook line and sinker and unless you read online sites like this or others you will never know what an awful human he is. Diplo

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#17**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Not invited, but not taking no for an answer, this on again Real Housewife crashed a Grammy after party in honor of someone else and made it all about her. NeNe Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#18**
GRAMMY AWARDS: That dress everyone is talking about was paid for by that crazy cult. Yep, she is a member and brings them up in ever conversation and interview. A bunch of free publicity for the cult and making sure that tax exemption stays in place.
Joy Villa (Scientology) ("Make America Great Again/Trump" dress)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#19**
GRAMMY AWARDS: This could have turned out very badly. This Grammy winner from last night was talking to a voter and asked who he voted for in Album Of The Year. Apparently he did not know to whom he was speaking and said A Sailor’s Guide To Earth. That took the questioner so off guard that she started laughing. She had been ready to go off on the guy and in what can only be described as a tribute to Michael K, walked away and said that is some crazy Benjamin Buttons s**t. Solange/Sturgill Simpson (thinking he would say "Adele")

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#20**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Our favorite former tweener turned addict was humiliated at an after arty because the guy her singer boyfriend hooked up with earlier in the week was there and even gave the singer a long kiss on the lips right in front of everyone. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#21**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Back in the corner of the garden patio at Chateau Marmont was this former Disney actress turned future porn star who flirted and flirted until all the coke was gone. Then, she gathered her purse and said adieu. No, seriously, she said adieu. Bella Thorne

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#22**
GRAMMY AWARDS: Pretty sure this singer is going to be a one hit wonder. I hope he is because his song annoys me. Not as much as he annoys certain other people though. The Grammy nominee from this year was popping pills left and right and made everyone he came into contact with last night uncomfortable. Not a good way to find new people to work with. Mike Posner ("I Took a Pill in Ibiza")

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#23**
#1 – Always struggling with an eating disorder, the wife of this foreign born A- list mostly move actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is really struggling with bulimia right now. Hannah Bagshawe/Eddie Redmayne

#2 – This foreign born A- list dual threat actor had to pay his wife to go with him last night. His studio would have been out of their mind if he had showed up to the BAFTAs without his wife. Things have not been going well for the couple at all. This is a whole new level of not going well. Jamie Dornan/Amelia Warner

#3 – In case you shippers are curious, yes, there was a meeting between the former superhero and the Academy Award winner/nominee the night before the awards. It maybe could have gone somewhere but our actor got drunk which leads to things no one wants to see, let alone the actress. Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone

#4 – She is a B list foreign born mostly movie actress. Not old enough to drink in the States but is already using botox. No one understands why. Sophie Turner

158. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/14
Watch out, Richard Pryor! This B lister best known for his family friendly show wants to undergo a reinvention to an edgy, harder style, according to my source. He's got the talent and the ambition for it, but my source questions his temperament. Nick Cannon

I’ll never reveal names, but I just suffered through watching one of the most unpleasant and unprofessional interviews I’ve seen for one of my projects. By turns confrontational, mean-spirited, dismissive, and all-around unpleasant, this "person" managed to waste everyone’s time and money and as a result will barely figure into the project due to their half-assed answers and shitty attitude. What a complete disaster. I feel sorry for the crew that had to film this individual but I can’t help but feel relieved that I didn’t have to be there in person to deal with it. I would have shut the interview down after the first ten minutes and just called it a day. Wow, this is a serious bummer. Here is his film company’s Facebook page so maybe there are some clues.

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#1**
At a Fashion Week show this week, this former stylist turned reality star turned failed designer would hold out her hand when introduced to someone and expected her hand to be kissed. She acted like she was the Queen or something. It was ridiculous. Rachel Zoe

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#2**
This now out of work B+ list mostly television actress who can still be seen on a hit pay cable show was a drunken mess at a Fashion Week show. Sweet drunk. Very very friendly reminding men she is single. Jemima Kirke ("Girls") (announced divorce)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#3**
At a party over the weekend, this foreign born still one hit wonder told guys if they wanted to take her home they would have to show her how much they wanted her. Apparently that meant making it rain by putting a large wad of cash in her hand. Iggy Azalea

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#4**
Apparently he still doesn’t have any money of his own, but this B list rapper did manage to have his reality star girlfriend drop $100K on a new necklace for himself. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#5**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who also directs is doing his best to get out of making the next installment of a franchise. He will make it if forced but would love for them to say they found a replacement. He is miserable. Ben Affleck ("Batman")

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#6**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a long running hit pay cable show told a guy at Fashion Week that she was taking a break from her long time significant other. The next day though she was out with him. Interesting. Rose Leslie/Kit Harington

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#7**
This loser of a former boyfriend to a Teen Mom says he has recordings of himself and the Teen Mom having phone sex while she was pregnant with another man’s baby.

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress does have a long dormant franchise. She also freaked out when a reporter asked her about this cable actor she had been/is dating. When a fan of the actor asked the same question a few minutes later, the actress lost her s**t and told everyone to leave her alone. Diane Kruger ("National Treasure")/Norman Reedus

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#9**
This A- list mostly movie actor with the A++ list sounding name should really be careful who he hangs out with. That guy you were hanging out with the other night has got at least five or six celebrities hooked on drugs he sells them and only one of those celebs (former Disney A+ lister) has a chance of making it back. Michael B. Jordan/Zac Efron

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#10**
The fake feud thing really needs to go away. The one between the blogger and the A- list singer/part-time actress is the fakiest of fakes. I mean the blogger set her up with the guy she has been seeing for a bit and they even share the same agent. Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#11**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor is hoping his franchise will give his career a boost. If not, there is always the drug trade which he seems to be embracing with relish. Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales")

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#12**
I’m not sure getting hammered at a pre Grammy brunch the day before the show is the best idea when you are trying to convince people you are sober. The former tweener was nominated for the first time.
Demi Lovato (Somehow, other than me, no one wrote anything at that time even though she was getting wasted all the time)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#13**
This foreign born permanent A list celebrity is also the offspring of permanent A list celebrities. We’ll call him Mr. H. Because of his family ties, his career trajectory is pretty much a slam dunk. The problem is that the Mr. H is only in the position he’s in because of his family connections. He is not very talented in his niche and his public likability factor is not that great either. It also doesn’t help that Mr. H also suffers from frequent foot-in-mouth-disease and likes to mouth off about stuff in public that he shouldn’t. Mr. H’s personal life also has a history of being messy, and a good portion of the mess has been public. You’d have to be living on Mars not to know about it. Anyway, there are several situations involving Mr. H that are not known publicly. These scandals, if made public, would make the prior stuff involving our celebrity look like a day at Disneyland. Mr. H is very nervous right now because of a recent event that may unearth one of these secrets. If one of these particular situations were to become public knowledge, it would cause big problems for Mr. H and his career path going forward. Not only could it totally derail those career plans, but also could do some serious damage in his personal life. But, before we get to that, we need to take a trip in the Wayback Machine for a little history on this guy. As I already wrote, he has some character issues. He’s self centered and at heart, weak and ineffectual. This is mostly due to his upbringing. Mr. H also has a monster ego and sense of righteousness- and a nasty streak a mile wide if he’s challenged. It’s his way or the highway. He’s also had a history of making bad decisions about women, mostly because he vacillates between being weak and then alpha aggressive. Big time Mommy issues. No one can reign this guy in, not even his family members. One of his worst choices was to get involved with a particular woman when he was younger. He moved on from that eventually, but that particular woman lurked in the background of his life for a long time, causing a lot of collateral damage later. Mr. H has also had a number of public relationships that did not work out. He eventually did get married- for the wrong reasons- and the marriage was a total disaster that played itself out in the public eye. What made it worse was that Mr. H cheated– a lot. Not only did he cheat publicly, but had other not-publicly known liaisons, including an affair with the hired help. Those around him were horrified about his bad judgment and a good deal of time and energy had to be spent doing damage control around his public image. This stuff had all the makings of an epic rubbish fire. Now, back to the present day. Mr. H is on pins and needles because of a potentially emerging scandal which would dredge up all the old stories of his past. The scenario he is worried about involves a young woman who we’ll call Miss E. Miss E is a B list celebrity in her own little circle. She and her family have been close to Mr. H and his family for years. What the public doesn’t know is that Mr. H had a long term affair with Miss E, starting from when she was barely out of her teens. Miss E harbored fantasies for years about marrying Mr. H. He, of course, strung her along with false promises about where the relationship was going (which was nowhere). The affair went on for a long time before she realized she was just being strung along. The problem is that Mr. H could be so charming at times that she just could not say no to him, even though she knew she’d never be anything more than a hookup. Despite her attempts to break free from him, Miss E always went back when he called. One reason was low self esteem. The other was the money he would send her way. Several of her friends know about the couple. They also know that something that happened recently between the pair has the potential to expose their relationship which would make front page news and ruin Mr. H for all time.

Mr. H: Charles, Prince of Wales
Woman in background: Camilla Parker Bowles
Marriage: Diana Spencer
Hired help: Nanny - Tiggy
Miss E: Tara Palmer Tomkinson (died)

173. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/15
Rumour has it that this A list wrestler is set to propose to his girlfriend LIVE at an upcoming wrestling show. In front of thousands. As millions watch from home. I can't see why anybody would want to do that, but power to him! I also hear that she's going to be 'in' on it ahead of time. John Cena/Nikki Bella ("WrestleMania 33")

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#1**
At Fashion Week, this former pop star turned actress on a hit network show had some serious shade thrown at her by a Disney actress who told the now actress to stop hitting on the boyfriend of the Disney actress and to find someone her own age. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")/Peyton List

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#2**
As one sister/celebrity offspring becomes clean and sober, the other sister has gone past the point of no return and needs help. Not a Willis. Sofia and Nicole Richie

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#3**
This foreign born former reality star/singer has seen a career resurgence after spending much of the winter having sex regularly with her mogul ex boss. She is even in line to land a very high paying network reality gig. Nicole Scherzinger (Simon Cowell)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#4**
This used to be a C+ list actress back in the day talks smack about her siblings all of the time. The reason? She is thirsty and wants her A- list actress sister all to herself for those red carpet appearances. Robyn Lively/Blake Lively

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#5**
He may or may not play in the NFL again next year, but this former A- list player still knows how to cheat like a pro. He was hitting on anyone at NYFW who even gave him a hint that they were interested. I’m sure his long suffering girlfriend loves that. Victor Cruz/Elaina Watley

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#6**
This foreign born permanent A+ list celebrity is releasing a single for the charity she sponsors. I’m not sure anyone expected/expects this. Who knew she could even sing? Kate Middleton

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#7**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor is married. He is cheating on his wife with a co-star from his hit pay cable show. Not as hit as his last show. Damian Lewis ("Billions") ("Homeland")/Malin Akerman

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#8**
This actress turned reality star is also a momager and blasted one of her children for not taking modeling seriously because the teen decided to eat a meal within 24 hours of an upcoming modeling gig. Lisa Rinna ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Delilah Belle

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#9**
Studio bosses are getting worried. No, of course they know their movie is going to make money hand over fist, but they are worried this foreign born former franchise actress might say something that would slow that money flow. A new group of several hundred people just discovered what I have been telling you for a year. The actress thinks she is A++ list and expects people to act like it. All those movie roles not offered or offered to someone else because of her being a diva. Normally our actress would be out in front of every media outlet right now but she is only being given a fraction of what she should be handling because of the fear reporters will trash her and the movie if she pulls more diva stunts. Emma Watson ("Beauty and the Beast")/Walt Disney Studios

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#10**
This former A+ list reality star who everyone still hates likes to pretend she is doing good by donating things to charity. Yes, she is donating but it is stuff she got for free. It is not like she is donating things she paid for. Oh, but it won’t stop her from taking the tax deduction. Paris Hilton

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#11**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner and a very very quiet last two years or so might have a long time girlfriend but he was wining and dining and all over another woman at lunch yesterday. Adrien Brody/Lara Lieto

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#12**
This foreign born C+ list mostly movie actress is forced to watch her celebrity offspring boyfriend with an A+ name have sex with other women or he threatens to dump her. Considering he did once when she walked out, she now just puts up with it. Brooklyn Beckham/Sonia Ben Ammar

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#13**
#1 – A bystander had to intervene in an argument this weekend between this A+ list mostly movie actor and the foreign born model/actress he calls his girlfriend. Apparently our actor was incensed that she was taking too long getting out of the car and over to the beach to meet a pap for some shots. Apparently things got nasty and the bystander stepped in. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

#2 – This A-/B+ list mostly television actress is on a very hit ABC comedy. She is thisclose to walking from the show. Not because she thinks she is a huge star, but because she is being sexually harassed by one of the producers and no one will do anything about it.

#3 – This barely can drink Disney actress had sex with the hot mugshot guy this week. I believe he is still married. Jeremy Meeks

187. POPBITCH 02/16
Which boyband star appears to have taken all the recent Trainspotting nostalgia a bit far and gone and got himself a bit of a taste for smack? He’s on the posh stuff, so he’ll probably be fine, but it’s no little thing…
Zayn Malik

188. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/16
I love what I was just told. These A list actresses have decided that instead of complaining about sexism in Hollywood in interviews and tweets that they're going to band together and proactively work on making a difference. They're planning to start a production company that promotes females of all ages, ethnicity and sizes in movie and television projects. They don't want to be too preachy and think they're already walking a line between sanctimonious and empowering, but they're doing a pretty good job so far. Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley

189. MR. X 02/16
This foreign born A list singer who is a multiple Latin Grammy winner and won’t ever go on tour with that initialed singer again is set to come out of the closet.
J Balvin (Becky G)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#1**
Our favorite former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort had sex with the leader of this country where she spends a great deal of time in exchange for a passport from that country. No money exchanged hands. Probably been a very long time since that happened. Linday Lohan  (PROBALY: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#2**
This celebrity offspring who does not have the last name Baldwin or Roberts was a wasted mess of drugs at a recent press event. She has done the rehab thing before but her superstar parents refuse to acknowledge anything is wrong. Tallulah Willis (Harper's BAZAAR's 150 Most Fashionable Women)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#3**
This one named singer who still has A list name recognition but doesn’t sing much anymore split with her boyfriend for awhile because she told him she had not been drinking. She then puked all over him while he was in bed sleeping. Kesha/Brad Ashenfelter

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#4**
This A+ list singer has made it a point to not communicate with our favorite former tweener turned drug addled singer/actress. Even while in the same city it has been crickets. Our former tweener has made it even worse by talking smack about the singer and is in danger of violating a NDA. Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#5**
KINDNESS: This former B+ list mostly movie actress who can’t make a good movie to save her life still has A+ list name recognition thanks to that marriage and the aftermath of the divorce. She managed to get a group of ten kids celebrating a birthday at a NYFW show from the back row to the first two rows. It would have been all front row but some editor of a magazine refused and threw a hissy fit that our actress would even ask. Katie Holmes (and it was not Anna Wintour. I’m not sure who would even bother to ask her)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#6**
This network fairy tale princess doesn’t let her husband out of her sight when either of them is filming. Apparently he has told her why his first marriage broke up. Ginnifer Goodwin/Josh Dallas ("Once Upon a Time")

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#7**
This A list host/mogul is scheduled to get hair plugs because he is freaking out about his thinning hair. Ryan Seacrest

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#8**
This frequent full frontal actor who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee did some business with an international company while on a press tour for his movie. As part of the deal, he got a ton of money and also several women on call 24/7 to fulfill his sexual needs. Michael Fassbender (Tokyo, Japan)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#9**
The only way this former A list reality star who spent all her money is going to get pregnant is through IVF. She isn’t having sex with her significant other. Oh, they might try every year or so, but, pregnancy is not happening the old fashioned way. Hey, maybe a set of twins or octuplets could get them back in the full-time reality game. Heidi and Spencer Pratt

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#10**
I love how this guy from One Direction has decided to cover up his closetedness by pretending to be dating multiple women at once. It kind of reminds me of Corey Feldman a few years ago when he would walk around with multiple women to make it seem like he was still a star.

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#11**
Commando again for this former cable actor turned movie actor who seems to make most of his money doing commercials. At one such commercial, things got out of hand after a makeup woman finished doing what she needed to be doing. As she backed away, the whole crew had a glimpse of the beast in full. Beneath the pants of course. The problem was that before filming, everyone had to wait for the tent to go down so to speak. Jon Hamm (filming "Libby and Malcolm")

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#12**
Need to go back in the day for this one. Not too far back. The last few years of last century. You know at the beginning of Social Network when everyone is sitting around in college dorm rooms coming up with Facebook and the whole thing is kind of murky about who did what. Well, this is kind of like that, but not as murky. He probably didn’t need to do it. He refers to a writer/director. He had some talent. Has some talent. The thing is though, he probably won’t get a chance to do what he wants to do with that talent. For almost a decade we have been hearing about his new projects and he is working on some things and it is going to blow people away and he is working with some exciting people and everyone just needs to stay tuned. You know what all that sounds like? Every one hit wonder and every person who has ever finished in the top 10 of American Idol when some intrepid reporter in their home town newspaper treks down to the basement of their parent’s house to find out what they are doing now. Everything started off fine. He did a couple of good things. He met another guy at school and they started talking about a project they should do when they got out of school. It turns out the other guy had a script. A really good script. Amazing actually. The guy let the subject of our blind read it and see if he had any notes for the script he could make over the Christmas holiday. The guy went back to visit his family out of the country. Four days later he was killed in a car wreck. Our writer/director could have given it to the family when everything was sent home. He didn’t. In fact, he even went so far as to erase every bit of the script from the desktop of the other guy. The family never knew. Still doesn’t as far as I know. Our writer/director shopped the script around. He knew it was good. He made a whole lot of demands, but he got them because the script was so good. He thought he was on top of the world. It took a little while but the world grew to love the movie. The problem for our writer/director is that he was supposed to be this hugely talented writer/director but at least as far as the writing thing goes, he really was just average. On the hard drive of the dead person’s desktop there had been another script. Not as polished. It had never really been edited. It was literally a 300 page script. It was all he had though. People were clamoring for something so he turned it into the studio and they said cut it down. He cut and he cut but the thing was still 220 pages, maybe a little more. His problem was he didn’t know what to cut because he had no feel for the script. It didn’t come from him. Oh, he was taking full credit for it. The studio was to blame to. They threw money at him and got what they deserved. A massive bomb. A huge bust. If left in the hands of the original writer, it probably could have been something special. It has its moments. The problem is our guy didn’t know how to write the moments. Hollywood was basically done with him at that point. Fast forward a few years and he gets out of movie jail. I mean, he did do that thing (which he didn’t really do) so maybe there is still untapped genius. Nope. His writing still sucked which no one could understand because of the first thing he did and even the second thing had good writing in the first draft. It was the revisions that sucked. So, our guy made a blah movie that faded when the writing went from adaptation to original. He does have some directing talent. His problem is that his ego has him convinced he can replicate the first success if only given the chance. So, far he has struck out. Miss after miss. Nothing ever gets beyond an option. His writing is not good. IF he decided to just focus on directing, he could make a few bucks, but he won’t. He is still trying to chase that one hit wonder but if the one hit is not yours to begin with, then what are you really chasing?

Writer/director: Richard Kelly (University of Southern California/USC School of Cinema-Television )
Script: "Donnie Darko"
Second script: "Southland Tales"

That thing: "S. Darko"
Out of movie jail: "The Box"

202. LAINEY GOSSIP 02/17
Here’s a scenario to consider: Let’s say you’re dating a guy and you’re super into each other, and you’ve been staying with him, and he’s really serious about you, the most serious he’s been about anyone. He lives in the same complex with someone he’s very close to. And the person he’s close to has a partner too. You and she don’t know each other well. But since you’ve been staying there, you run into each other one day. And you tell her you’re going shopping and where. She says she’s going shopping too and leaves in the car. You head out on foot. Turns out, she went shopping exactly where you went shopping. And she knew that’s where you were going. But she didn’t offer you a ride. Is that weird? Maybe it’s not that weird. But considering who they are, it IS super gossipy. Meghan Markle (visiting Kensington Palace)/Kate Middleton

203. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/17
I struck up a semi-friendship with this B list actress back about 5 years ago when I worked for a tabloid. I interviewed her and her publicist praised me afterwards for the smoothness of the interview, which they whispered was a rarity with the client and English papers. The actress asked me to email her the piece directly, so she could check it over before publishing and that helped begin a regular email correspondence (see: gossiping girls) over several months in which she'd drop me a story 'unintentionally' every now and then. Although none of the stories were ever usable, the actress's almost obsessive dislike for a former long term co-star almost always crept out.
Who is our gossiper? Leighton Meester
Who is the co star? Blake Lively

204. MR. X 02/17
Everyone knows this permanent A- list television actor/personality/host is the father of the child he denies. He even knows it. Our actor just doesn’t want to be shaken down for money he doesn’t think he should pay. He has a point. William Shatner

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#1**
At a fashion show this week, this A+ list singer said that her foreign born actor boyfriend sent her a video of him having sex with another woman that he meant to sent to the woman. Apparently the video was taken a few weeks ago. Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom (and ten days later, announced their split)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#2**
This almost permanent A list pint sized singer/rapper showed that she not only whitens her face but also most of her body even when she is going to not show off any skin. Lil’ Kim

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#3**
This celebrity offspring turned B- list mostly television actress has no idea that her now former pay cable co-star hooked up with the offspring’s then boyfriend and now husband a few months before the pair married. Maybe that is why the now former co-star recently got divorced to her own husband.
Show: "Girls"
Celebrity offspring: Allison Williams/Ricky Van Veen
Co-star: Jemima Kirke/Michael Mosberg

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#4**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who got screwed when her one word music industry pay cable show got canceled after one season was spotted doing lines of coke in a NYC deli bathroom. At 7am. Juno Temple ("Vinyl")/in NYC for Fashion Week

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#5**
AP said she overheard this B- list mostly movie actress who is surprisingly well known because of the people she has dated making plans to hook up with a guy and quoted him a price of $5000 for two hours. All of this was arranged at a NYFW show. Emily Ratajkowski (Michael Kors Collection Fall 2017 Runway Show)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#6**
The drinking of this Teen Mom is out of control. Combine that with some pills she was prescribed and her already notorious temper and she is a walking train wreck. She has also gained about 20 pounds and recently screamed at a fan who wrongfully pointed it out to her. Not Amber. Farrah Abraham

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#7**
This married former A+ list mostly movie actress who never acts any longer is hooking up with an Uber driver she used a few months ago. He also supplies her pot. Cameron Diaz

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#8**
This A- list television couple from a hit network show are certainly taking their relationship to the next level. At least publicly. They certainly don’t do the same thing when talking about their respective spouses. Mariska Hargitay/Christopher Meloni ("Law & Order: SVU")

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#9**
This permanent A list living legend/host has gone from bad to worse in her health and needs almost 24/7 care from a staff of people. There had been talk of a lifetime tribute to her on her longtime network in a time slot she held on to for decades. Apparently she was unable to participate though so it was out on hold. Barbara Walters (Pre-Oscar Specials on ABC)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#10**
One week of sobriety for this former A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who all of you know despite her fall down to B- list take whatever someone will give her. She was on the verge of losing custody of her child. She seems good but she has seemed good in the past. Selma Blair

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#11**
Radio station hoists are banding together to keep our favorite B+ list mostly television actress from that middling show off their airwaves. It turns out there is a widespread belief she lied about something very serious in order to promote something and now, she is getting banned. Keke Palmer ("Scream Queens") (book - "I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice") (allegations of privacy invasion against Trey Songz)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#12**
#1 – This celebrity offspring screwed herself by trying treatments recommended by her religious leaders rather than medical professionals. Bijou Phillips (kidney disease) (Scientology)

#2 – This A- list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show is closeted. We have been over this before, so no new news there. However, one of the times I wrote about a lover he was spending time with. That lover pretty much confirmed the story in a very public way. This should get very interesting the next few weeks. Sam Heughan ("Outlander")

#3 – The biggest trick in the bag for London based PR pros right now is buying a program that clicks on articles favorable to clients so the articles remain front and center on the newspaper websites that use clicks as a measure of popularity. The program also generates slightly positive comments about the subject which never get censored or flagged by the comment filter at the newspaper.

#4 – The shoe that dropped on this musician is just one of many to follow as the entire music industry will soon be awash in dozens of child porn cases involving 12-16 year old girls that have become a plague the past decade. Lisa Marie Presley‘s estranged husband Michael Lockwood

Today’s blind item is the quintessential American icon — rich, famous … and no stranger to scandal. Here’s the thing: Though this NBA legend recently anticipated the next three to five years of steps needed to rebuild the Lakers, he may not have foreseen the near future could involve daddy’s little girl goin’ out like a porn star! "The next big sex tape’s bout to drop … and his daughter’s in it!" ~HSK Source. Word str8 from the streets is spillin’ talk of an E-rated sex tape starring none other than our Hall of Famer’s only daughter! The tipster tells us the XXX footage was recorded back in 2014 with an iPhone during a 10:36 AM morning smash session. Word! "All three of his kids be sex addicts like him." ~HSK Source. Now, it seems that set of 16 games he said he was ordered by the Lakers’ Dr. to coach might not be the "worst time in [his] life" after all. Can you guess the retired NBA point guard we’re talking about? Magic Johnson (Elisa)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#1**
This foreign born long time network reality star asked for a paternity test. I think that says a lot right there about where his relationship is headed. Maksim Chmerkovskiy/Peta Murgatroyd

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#2**
That married A list director with a very unique style of dressing has a very tiny assistant who accompanies him everywhere. Everywhere. Well, except when he is back home with his wife. Kevin Smith; Spike Lee; Paul Feig

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#3**
This B list actress is working a ton. All of you know her. She definitely has one of the more unique roles seen in movie history. She has had some big hits in television and some really bad misses. She had to be escorted out of a party this past week because she was drunk and kept getting into arguments with people she feels have wronged her in the past. Chloe Sevigny ("The Brown Bunny") ("Big Love"; "American Horror Story)/"Evening At The Talk House"

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#4**
The long spiral down to the bottom of the entertainment ladder is within sight for this former A list tweener star from a singing family. The drugs and booze combined with being a closeted homophobic racist are just finishing off his career which had a chance to be great. Aaron Carter

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#1**
This former Disney actress turned future porn star is yachting with her threesome partner. I would check for hidden cameras. Bella Thorne

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#2**
They are a real couple but the PR team of this B list mostly movie actress who is starring in a movie reboot of that old syndicated show is in overtime. Whenever and wherever the actress goes with her athlete boyfriend from an athlete family, there are always paps. Neither is big enough for a pap follow and she is barely big enough to really even be noticed by a pap. The athlete is on board. The actress is spending about $10K a month to get this kind of PR push. Her boyfriend doesn’t have that kind of cash, so it is all on her. Alexandra Daddario ("Baywatch")/Ben Verlander

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#3**
That guy I revealed earlier today is trying to force the big star of one of his shows out the door. He wants more air time and the spotlight shining firmly on him. If there is another epic fallout with a host, especially this one, I don’t think he recovers. Michael Strahan/Robin Roberts ("Good Morning America")

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#4**
This married one hit wonder is performing on a cruise this week. He hooked up with this country singer who is the Sienna Miller of country music. Kacey Musgraves (someone on the Cayamo cruise)

(Full Article) "I remember doing a movie with an Academy Award-winner," he said with a glint in his eye, politely not naming names. "I specifically had a clause in my contract that said I had to make a million more dollars than him because he doesn’t put [people] in seats — I do. It’s knowing who you are and what you’re doing."
Kevin Spacey ("The Negotiator") (won Oscar in 1996 for "Usual Suspects"); Colin Firth ("Kingsman: The Secret Service") (won Oscar in 2011 for "A Single Man"); Christoph Waltz ("The Legend of Tarzan") (won Oscars in 2010 for "Inglourious Basterds" and 2013 for "Django Unchained")

Which A-LIST celebrity, whom was not only a huge supporter of HILLARY CLINTON’S and also actively campaigned for her, is a secret TRRUMP supporter. This actress has a huge gay following and has been critical of Trump, but secretly she is a huge fan. She has a "Make America Great Again" red hat and even voted for him to be President. She is getting ready to come out of the closet and reveal her true feelings, but her PR team are begging her NOT to say anything because of a big TV project that is in the works!

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#1**
Apparently this A list mostly movie actress with A+++ list name recognition used some of her time out of the spotlight to do some really extensive work to her face. I have to say it looks good. It is almost like she hasn’t starved herself and done drugs for decades. Angelina Jolie

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#2**
This one named singer from an entertainment family who has also done acting and reality is back on drugs and showing up late or not at all for everything. She really doesn’t care about fans or press. She only cares about herself. Brandy Norwood

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#3**
This one named a-hole of a speaker who is foreign born and did I mention he is an a-hole was openly doing coke before a television appearance late last week. Probably makes him even more of an a-hole than he already he is. Want to make sure I mentioned that he is an a-hole. Milo Yiannopoulos

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#4**
He treats women like crap and does a crazy amount of drugs so this new relationship this former A++ list reality star is in should be interesting to watch. Chris Zylka ("Leftovers")/Paris Hilton

232. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/21
After Sam published his bite sized review of Big Little Lies on Monday, I received a text from an old friend that did some pre-production work on the show. He insists that during the casting process an A list actress called to see if HBO were interested in her for a part, even suggesting she could play one of the already cast roles 'if Nicole or Reese just wanna produce.' Ultimately, the decision wasn't down to HBO and the A list actress was turned down. 'She must've forgot that Nicole and Reese can't stand her,' laughs the source. Gwyneth Paltrow (Reese Witherspoon) (Nicole Kidman)

233. MR. X 02/21 **#1**
This one named actress/tweener/former one hit network reality wonder is trying to record an album. It is awful. As it stands right now it is never going to be released. Our singer was given full creative control and that has led to a ton of money being spent for a really bad product. Zendaya

234. MR. X 02/21 **#2**
This end of the week appropriator is not just a coke guy. Apparently he has a serious heroin problem. That is not good for his current girlfriend. The Weeknd/Selena Gomez

235. MR. X 02/21 **#3**
The mom of this A- list singer who is mean to every one was bragging about her daughter buying her AMA win. That is not something you want to say too loudly or they won’t let you buy any others. Ariana Grande
(2016 "Artist of the Year")

236. MR. X 02/21 **#4**
This multiple Grammy winner/nominee who once dated someone we ALL know doesn’t just have suicidal urges. He has tried multiple times to kill himself but is now getting some really good help. Eminem (Mariah Carey)

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#1**
Very quietly this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is taking a break from being married to this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. Penélope Cruz/Javier Bardem

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#2**
This family member by marriage of this very large reality family is a drug addict. The family must know. I guess they will pray it out of him. Jill (Duggar) Dillard’s husband Derick

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#3**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor has a very very big movie opening. He was wasted doing a press interview. Too bad they didn’t know he trashed his hotel room an hour earlier. Dan Stevens ("Beauty and the Beast")

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#4**
To try and keep it a secret, this B+ list actor/writer who is married to a permanent A lister has someone come to their home to color his hair. The problem is he gets it colored to the point it looks cartoonish so everyone knows. Justin Theroux (Jennifer Aniston)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#5**
After making some really bad personal decisions the past year, this A- list foreign born dual threat actress who does have her franchise starting again soon has taken to calling paps when she is out just to get her photo taken more often and in settings she wants rather than picked out of a crowd doing things she maybe shouldn’t have been doing. Diane Kruger ("National Treasure")

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#6**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor gave up his franchise. He has also been losing a lot of weight that he attributes to not playing a superhero any longer. It is actually a fairly serious illness. Hugh Jackman ("Wolverine") (skin cancer)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#7**
This former model turned commercial actress turned will take what she can get has booked herself yachting for the entire summer. It took about an hour this weekend and she will make a ton of money. Charlotte McKinney ("Carl's Jr.'s All Natural Burger")

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#8**
It is pretty telling over the past week or two how one celebrity offspring daughter has been shunned in favor of this other celebrity offspring daughter by the famous parent. Christie Brinkley (favored daughter: Sailor Brinkley Cook) (shunned daughter: Alexa Ray Joel)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#9**
This beloved B list actress is an offspring of celebrities. The thing is most of us forget that part of her because she is such an incredible actress on her own and one of the most amazing people ever. Apparently she is thinking of adopting and is not shy about telling anyone who will listen why she does not have kids. When I have heard her discuss it, she generally leaves out the name of the second guy because she likes people to forget she dated such a tool. Anyway, back in the day she was dating this A lister and got pregnant. The thing is he was in a really bad space drug wise and she was still a teenager so she didn’t think it was the right time. Personally, and this is solely my opinion and she has never directly told me that I think if she could have a do over she might have changed her mind. She would never in a million years though change her mind about when she got pregnant while dating this at the time B+ list television actor. All of you know him. He was just getting out of a marriage where he cheated every day and he was cheating on our actress every day and he still cheats on every person he is with every day.
Actress: Martha Plimpton
Parents: Keith Carradine/Shelley Plimpton
A lister actor: River Phoenix
Second guy: Jon Patrick Walker

246. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/22
The agent of this A list actress has alerted studios that she's now available to work and consider offers again. 'She's taken some time off,' says a source close to the agent, 'but now she's back.' 'Clearly something about her personal life has changed,' whispers another. Cameron Diaz

247. MR. X 02/22
This pay cable host is taking credit for the destruction of this speaker/writer and says it goes back weeks ago. A lot of people have been calling BS on that and now have set their sights on taking him down next. Bill Maher/Milo Yannoupoulis

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#1**
This former singer in a briefly A- list group who has become a reality fixture overseas managed to get paid a ridiculous sum to make a commercial overseas. Part of the deal was sleeping with the owner. Nicole Scherzinger (yogurt company Muller)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#2**
Apparently this one named rapper who used to be involved with a one named singer has a ton of videos he made with the wife of a former athlete. Yep, Ray J style videos. He is already showing them to friends. It won’t be long before the world sees them. Future (Ciara)/Larsa (Scottie Pippen)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#3**
This washed up former B- list actor who is now the lesser known actor in this acting family not named Dillon is still hooking up with his long time celebrity girlfriend turned married host many of you know. This has been a decade long thing.

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#4**
This closeted PR person who is thirsty to be a celebrity in his own right ditched the woman he calls his girlfriend to have sex with a guy last week. Jonathan Cheban

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#5**
Apparently this recent Academy Award winner/nominee is in danger of joining the 27 Club because things are that bad with her drug issues. Jennifer Lawrence; Brie Larson; Emma Watson

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#6**
The former girlfriend of the former Disney tweener turned B+ list adult actor is using an out of the way naked photoshoot to see if she can get enough publicity to land a bearding gig. Her last one with a former tweener fell through. Sami Miro (’s in-house wardrobe stylist)/Zac Efron/Nick Jonas

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#7**
This recent one hit wonder keeps a loaded gun next to him and with the way he is struggling with depression, suicide is definitely something his friends discuss and are trying to get him help. Mike Posner

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#8**
Apparently this multiple Academy Award winning/nominated actress is willing to let some sexual assaults not influence her choice of lover. Or, that is he is seeing someone else. Michelle Williams/Casey Affleck

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#9**
This former one hit wonder who hit it big at a young age still doesn’t have that second hit but does still have her substance abuse issues which are making this comeback even more unlikely. JoJo

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#10**
This B list actress used to have a franchise back in the day. She also has had some chances in television that crashed and burned. Anyway, she has been popping pills like crazy which, considering that one series that is supposed to air has been sitting on a shelf at a cable channel that airs everything might not be a bad idea. Mena Suvari ("American Pie") ("American Woman"/sitcom on TV Land, based on the life of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#11**
I was shocked to see this B list mostly movie actress turned mostly television actress from a hit almost network show turned part-time director out this week. I pretty much assumed she and her boyfriend stayed inside 24/7 watching movies and shooting up heroin.

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#12**
#1 – This former A list cable actor who rightfully passed on a move franchise is cheating on his significant other with his recent co-star. It is probably why his significant other has tried to be with him 24/7.
Actor/girlfriend: Charlie Hunnam/Morgana McNelis
Cable show: "Sons of Anarchy"
Co-star: Sienna Miller ("The Lost City of Z")

#2 – This one named singer who has had a bad last couple of years punched her assistant and had to write a very big check to keep the assistant from talking. Fergie; Kesha

#3 – This villain on a superhero show without much use for the superhero is having special clothes made for him because he just refuses to gain any weight or stop his destructive behaviors. Great acting will only get him so far. Producers are talking about replacing him. Robin Lorde Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot (The Penquin)/"Gotham")

Which OSCAR nominated actor has been getting TWO colonics a day to get skinny for the award show? The actor isn’t as young as he used to be and has been packing on the pounds. But after another male celebrity friend told him about colonics, he has become obsessed. He has been bragging that his insides are so clean that only water comes out now when he gets the procedure done. Hollywoods dirty little secret is that a lot of celebs do this before hitting the red carpet. But twice a day, 5 days a week – seems like a little much! Denzel Washington

261. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/23
This important player on Game of Thrones received a shorter shooting schedule than usual due to a personal life situation, according to my source. '[name omitted] requested it. They granted it. It was such a short time filming that it'll possibly reflect in the character's screen time. We've never had anyone ask for a shorter schedule due to a vague 'personal issue.'

262. POPBITCH 02/23
Which Game of Thrones cast members have let fame go to their heads so far that they demanded 500 grand each for a two-day advertising shoot this month? Unsurprisingly, the brand decided to pass and recast.

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#1**
This B list mostly television actress was probably A- when her hit network show was still on the air. Since her wedding she has probably spent $200K on fertility treatments and IVF to try to get pregnant.

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#2**
This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor is in a hit pay cable show. He is also an Emmy nominee/winner. He has always done coke from time to time but his from time to time has caused his wife to need it almost every day.

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#3**
Things are on the rocks between this former Disney actress turned multiple Academy Award wins/nominations and her husband. Apparently she has been seeing someone very very quietly. Anne Hathaway/Adam Shulman ("The Princess Diaries")

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#4**
Surreal sight to see this foreign born A- list dual threat actor (although I will soon be dropping it to just mostly movie with a franchise) flirting up a storm with models at a fashion show to make it seem like he was into them and going back to his hotel room and his long time male lover. Tom Hiddleston ("Gucci" show)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#5**
This still technically married still very young former celebrity turned reality star turned porn star has made a half dozen porn movies in the past two months. She wants a seven figure deal for the movies. Courtney Stodden

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#6**
This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor was obviously trying to meet up with someone earlier this week but was thwarted by paps who are on to his game. The loving partner thing only works if it is a two way street. Our actor finally gave up and headed back to his car and drove away. Ryan Gosling

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#7**
Looks like this NBA star who loves to pretend he loves women while in the closet is about to get outed by that Disney actress who seems to make it her life work to force people out of the closet. Chandler Parsons/Bella Thorne

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#8**
For a brief second, this group with a date in their name posted a video of this younger sibling of our former almost A- list actress turned escort doing lines of coke off the naked chest of the lead singer of the band. "The 1975" (Matthew Healy/Ali Lohan)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#9**
Want to see misery? Look into the eyes of this former franchise actor turned fairly frequent Netflix movie guy who is closeted and just can’t seem to shake his actress celebrity offspring beard. Taylor Lautner/Billie Lourd

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#10**
Trouble in paradise between this A list movie director and his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. I don’t think he quite knew how bad her pill addiction was when they started hooking up. Darren Aronofsky/Jennifer Lawrence

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#11**
Really interesting that this A-/B+ list almost television actress from a very hit almost television show has been hanging out with her supposed ex-boyfriend way more than the guy she is supposed to marry. This story gets even more crazy if you go back a dozen years. Basically traded in one family member for another. Laura Prepon ("Orange Is the New Black")/Christopher Masterson’s half brother Jordan Masterson/Ben Foster

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#12**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress is a celebrity offspring. Lately she has had her friends who are throwing charity bashes invite her to parties where there are very wealthy single men who have RSVP’s and has herself sat at their tables. Beats a dating app I guess. Kate Hudson

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#13**
Back in the day this actress was A+ list. She accomplished all of this while being in her teens. Yes, it was that period of time where the biggest movie stars in the world all seemed to be in their teens or early 20’s. All of you know her. Every single last one of you. For years and years there is no way she would have let herself do television. She was far too good for that. Then, when you run out of money and your fame only gets you so many gigs, you start to change your mind. Always brutal to work with, she actually was sort of humble in that long running cable show where she starred for a number of seasons. After the success of that show though, she became difficult again and very demanding. If she was not going to be in the main cast, she wanted a lot of money to be a guest or a recurring. Her demands could be quite extensive too. So, along came this show. An almost network show that really wanted her to be part of the main cast or so they said. She heard from people behind the scenes that they wanted her name and a few others to try and get some people to watch but more importantly try and get it to season 2 and season 3. Meanwhile, her old cable network was calling with a new show where she actually would be the lead. How to get out of the almost network show where they were lying about her status until she signed and get on the show she really wanted? Our actress started listing out a whole slew of demands for the almost network show. Page after page. Revision after revision. She also wanted to be listed fairly high in the credits and wanted the fact she was going to be in it advertised. Here was her reasoning. What if her new show bombed? She wanted to be able to come back to the almost network show and them be backed into a corner and not able to swap her out with some other actress. It is quite the genius move.
Actress: Molly Ringwald
Cable show: "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (The Family Channel)
Almost network show: "Riverdale" (The CW)
New show: "Raising Expectations" (The Family Channel)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#1**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress who has all but disappeared since hooking up with this foreign born A+ list actor had a dress made for the Oscars. If she came though, then our actor couldn’t hook up with who he wanted so she is being forced to stay at home. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#2**
This celebrity offspring B+ list now mostly movie actress is married but she is hooking up with the director of her new movie. Allison Williams/Jordan Peele ("Get Out")

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#3**
This foreign born one named singer/rapper/actor (from back in the day) had unprotected sex with each of the five strippers he had in his hotel room the other night while out of the country. Drake (in London)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#4**
I’m not so sure why this former reality star turned B+ list singer keeps picking these kind of guys. And by these kind, I mean guys who constantly cheat on her. I think she thinks she can make them change, Much like her last boyfriends though, this one is no different. The still kind of one hit wonder has been cheating on our B+ lister nonstop. Jordin Sparks/Sage the Gemini

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#5**
Lots of fighting going on between this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and his back in the day A- list actress wife. Apparently she got offered quite the part and he told her to turn it down or they would break up. I guess he is insecure. I’m not sure. She did end up turning it down and the project turned out to be a huge hit which is even making things worse between them. Kevin Kline/Phoebe Cates

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#6**
This foreign born A- list world treasure of an actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee hooked up way back in the day with this famous monarch who was married to a permanent A list actress. Helen Mirren/Prince Rainier/Grace Kelley

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#7**
Apparently the only member of his family who has met his husband is his eldest daughter. No one else in the family is really even sure what the status of this foreign born B list singer is. He is trying to keep things hush hush in the US.

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#8**
This B/B- list mostly television actress is hiding her Adderall use from her A list mostly movie actor husband. I’m not sure how he has failed to miss the weight loss and hair loss over the past six months. Anna Faris/Chris Pratt

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#9**
This B list cable reality star from that Hills show in a bar says she is dating a guy and she is definitely hooking up with him but her new boyfriend who she is crazy about is a married executive. A married guy is right in her wheelhouse. Scheana Shay ("Vanderpump Rules"/restaurant "SUR" owned by Lisa Vanderpump "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Robert Valletta (Amber Valletta’s brother)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#10**
This still world class swimmer has no chance of passing a drug test for the next few weeks.

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#11**
You can spin it or call it whatever you want, but there was no way on earth this A-/B+ list mostly television actress wanted to work with this B+ list mostly television actress any longer. No one does. The thing is though, the younger one tested better so if anyone was going to leave, it was going to be the older actress.
Show: "Nashville"

A-/B+ list actress: Connie Britton (character Rayna Jaymes died)
B+ list actress: Hayden Panettiere

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#12**
You remember that one hit wonder British singer who keeps swearing up and down that this time his new album will be a success? Yeah, the same guy who said he wrote the song about every famous person he ever wanted to hook up with. Yeah, well he has been drunk dialing his most famous model ex several times a week for the past six months. I doubt his significant other knows.

British singer: James Blunt
Significant other: Sofia Wellesley (granddaughter of the Duke of Wellington)
Famous model ex: Petra Nemcova

New album: "The Afterlove"

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#13**
#1 – The people of this B+ list mostly movie actor who isn’t doing much since his franchise ended are blaming his A/A+ list actress co-star from that franchise for his current substance abuse issues and that she got him hooked. Josh Hutcherson/Jennifer Lawrence ("Hunger Games")

#2 – Trying for a spinoff reality show, this married reality star who everyone assumes is in the closet is trying to set his daughter up simply to make more money. He must know about the guy he is trying to set her up with though right? Todd Christely/Savannah ("Christley Knows Best")/NBA player Chandler Parsons

#3 – This former Disney actress is now on the cover of a magazine which is just basically one big ad for yachting season. I actually thought she already made her deal but being on the cover can double or triple your fee. Dove Cameron ("Galore")

#4 – Probably not the best way to keep your girlfriend happy. This former tweener turned B+ list group member yelled at his girlfriend during dinner. Not that whisper kind of yelling but full on yelling at his foreign born actress girlfriend. I think he wants to be single. He likes that much better. Joe Jonas\Sophie Turner

289. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/24
To partner with our other Game of Thrones blind item last night, this other important cast member, who is now deceased on the show, asked for time off to shoot a movie once and the producers turned around and told them they'd have all the time off in the world next year because they were being killed off. Natalie Dormer

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#1**
This foreign born former long time A+ list singer keeps talking about her deeply personal new record. I’m sure all the writers that sold her the songs for it don’t really care what she says since the checks cleared but she didn’t have anything to do with it. Shania Twain

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#2**
It is not a love story that sent our favorite singing drug addict halfway around the world. She was protecting her turf so to speak. Her boyfriend has sex with anything that walks when she is not around and one of the women stuck around for two consecutive nights, so our singer dropped everything including a paid engagement to salvage her relationship and next record. Selena Gomez/The Weeknd

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#3**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who everyone 50 years from now will still all know is cheating on his wife with someone a third of his age who works for PR for some shady holistic healing company. Harrison Ford (AndreaG. - Holistic Life Coaching); Robert De Niro (The Holistic Works)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#4**
Smiles for the cameras that his foreign born actress date called for to show the world they are a loving couple. In the limo though it was a whole other story and our B+ list cable actor from that hit show was beyond ticked off. Pretty tough to keep two high profile relationships going when cameras are trained at one. Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead")/Melissa McBride

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#1**
Nothing like getting a free $5000 watch for being a beard for the night earlier this week to this foreign born pay cable actor on a very hit show for this particular pay cable network.
Sam Heughan ("Outlander")/MacKenzie Mauzy ("The Weinstein Company and Piaget’s Oscar Weekend Kick-Off Party")

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#2**
It will take a lot to get this foreign born A- list model to attend tonight’s Oscars with this A+ list mostly movie actor. She wants to be free to mingle at the VF party to line up some contacts for summer yachting season. Nina Agdal/Leonardo DiCaprio

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#3**
It is a good thing this former NFL star turned celebrity turned professional party guy didn’t have his mandatory drug test today because it would have been a big F. Johnny Manziel

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#4**
This foreign born B+ list actress is hoping like crazy her network show gets renewed for another season. It is on the edge. Anyway, she went to a screening of her new film recently and ended up having sex in the restroom instead of watching it. Well, she did watch some. Just not about 30 minutes of it. Priyanka Chopra ("Baywatch")/("Quantico")

298. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/27
One source talking to this A list couple at the Academy Awards came away stunned. 'They had the exact same mannerisms,' he laughs. 'I was speaking to a friend afterwards and they noticed too.' 'It was like talking to twins from the Shining,' says the friend. 'Creepy.' It must be like talking to two robots! Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

299. MR. X 02/27 **#1**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Apparently this celebrity mom with more famous siblings and more famous kids gets her news from tabloids. She embarrassed herself last night by complimenting this A- list mostly movie actress with A+++ list name recognition on her non-existent pregnancy. Kathy Hilton/Jennifer Aniston

300. MR. X 02/27 **#2**
ACADEMY AWARDS: His sexuality has always been a mystery, but this seemingly straight actor who was a nominee left an after party not with the costar who he has allegedly been hooking up with, but with a Filipino pre-op transsexual. I wonder if his girlfriend/mother of his children knows? (She does…) Ryan Gosling (Emma Stone) (Eva Mendes)

301. MR. X 02/27 **#3**
ACADEMY AWARDS: What past Oscar winner, who probably identifies as pansexual at this point, was overheard bragging at the Vanity Fair party that he’s sleeping with the head of the fashion house he’s currently the spokesperson for? Jared Leto/Alessandro Michele (Gucci)

302. MR. X 02/27 **#4**
ACADEMY AWARDS: He didn’t bring his longtime boyfriend/possible husband to the Oscars, but they did attend several after parties together and were getting rather intimate. My source told me that they might make their debut as a couple at WeHo Pride in June, but don’t get your hopes up. Jeremy Renner

303. MR. X 02/27 **#5**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Easy Easy: Why she isn’t in rehab right now is anyone’s guess. This barely hanging on to A-list singer who is now a cartoon version of herself had to be carried out of the Vanity Fair party by two bodyguards. Yes folks, she was that wasted. Mariah Carey

304. MR. X 02/27 **#6**
ACADEMY AWARDS: A few eyebrows were raised last night with how close these two foreign born Oscar nominated/winning actors were with each other. Both have always been assumed to be straight, but there sure were a lot of extra hugs and hands on backs and arms every time they ran into each other. Dev Patel/Andrew Garfield

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#1**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress was actually going to be blocked from attending because of some remarks she made about some producers of the show. The only thing that allowed her to still attend was the pull of the network honchos since she is on the same network. Priyanka Chopra ("Quantico"); Minnie Driver ("Speechless")

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#2**
ACADEMY AWARDS: It was good to see this A list movie superhero decide to bring someone other than the swag model he hired for an event the night before the Oscars. Apparently he has a thing for paying swag models to hook up with him. Chris Evans

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#3**
ACADEMY AWARDS: When is ignoring someone more than just ignoring? Well, if you are this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee it is because you have fended off the advances of this married A list singer/actor more than once. Emma Stone/Justin Timberlake

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#4**
ACADEMY AWARDS: According to the driver it took about 35 minutes to get from the home of this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee to the drop off area. In that time, the actor drank most of the 12 bottles of beer he brought into the car with him. He told his wife when they arrived that it was going to be the fastest red carpet in history unless he found a bathroom first. Jeff Bridges

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#5**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This red carpet host from a broadcast you probably didn’t watch unless you were watching online is an actress. After interviewing this actor nominee she kissed him on the cheek and slipped a piece of paper in his pocket with her phone number and e-mail.

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#6**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This Director nominee/winner from last night and his significant other ran into a seat filler and had an awkward conversation about how the significant other failed to forward a fee the seat filler had earned for sleeping with a producer. Apparently she was the carrot to get the producer to agree to work with our director. Mel Gibson (Rosalind Ross)/a producer of "Hacksaw Ridge"

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#7**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Apparently when you party the night before the show until past dawn the day of the show and then pass out, you start to run behind schedule which is why this A- list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring looked so unkempt. No hair washed. Reeking of booze and smoke and just not having any fun on the red carpet. Dakota Johnson

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#8**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This foreign born, permanent A list singer was happy to share with everyone yesterday that he was high AF on mushrooms. He was overheard at one point asking why the red carpet was now colored diamonds. Sting

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#9**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This B+ list actress who is a celebrity offspring was so coked up and antsy she could only talk to every fourth or fifth person who wanted to interview her. The first 30 minutes she was on the carpet she looked as if she would jump out of her skin. Emma Roberts

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#10**
ACADEMY AWARDS: There was an interview between a cable news channel reporter and this foreign born nominee from last night that was one of the most awkward. Our actor was talking about his film and called his director one of the best men he has ever known. The interviewer said, "Wait. We are talking about the same person right? ________________?" And the actor said of course. and the interviewer just said thanks for your time. Andrew Garfield/Mel Gibson ("Hacksaw Ridge")

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#11**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This former Oscar winner said she had one piece of toast and a granola bar to eat over the past three days. She was not trying to starve herself to fit in her dress but said during award season she had become physically ill because she didn’t want people to think she likes this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. The way things work, they had been brought together multiple times this season and photographed together and she was in really rough shape last night. Brie Larson/Casey Affleck

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#12**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This B- list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition deserves an apology from me. I had no idea she could act as well as she did last night. Almost immediately after arriving on the red carpet her husband informed her the night was about him and to follow his lead and then gave big smirks to the guys with him while he nodded his head. For about three seconds her face had this defeated look and her mouth was going to open to say something, but she shook her head and put on a smile. You could watch her put that smile on and walk to the first stop on the carpet for photos. It was embarrassing and humiliating but for that brief pause she acted like nothing happened. If one had not seen it happen, you would never know it did. So, acting has improved a bunch for her.
Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake  (wait until the end of the video)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#13**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A- list dual threat actor is known more for his hit network show that has some new life this season than his movie career which has been up and down. At an after party last night he made his wife pull down the top of her dress to show some other guys her breasts. Always classy, our actor. Terrence Howard ("Empire")/Mira Pak

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#14**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This foreign born B list model was A- maybe back in the day. She is not that old, but for modeling is getting less work. She is more well known for a busted relationship that is still talked about a few years later. Last night, everyone at an after party could not stop commenting how she only has one look. The procedure done to her face has frozen it in one expression which is a kind of grimaced smile. It does not look good and she is not even 40, so totally not necessary to be doing this. Liberty Ross (ex-husband Rupert Sanders had an affair with Kristen Stewart will filming "Snow White and the Huntsman")

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#15**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This B list actor is married. He is an acting family although you would be pretty hard pressed to come up with something other people in the family have done. Anyway, for some reason, he was hosting an after show solo. Usually, his wife is with him for everything. Well, now I know why. He was hitting on every single woman during the couple of hours he was hanging around set waiting for the after show to air. Anthony Anderson ("Post-Oscar Show") (born into the business)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#16**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This ABC network comedy actor bailed on the last 30 minutes of his commitment to a show because he met two women while working the crowd there to see the stars arriving. They both wanted to hook up with him but had to catch a flight back to their country at 1am or something, so our actor said see ya to the shoot.
Troy Gentile (Barry Goldberg on "The Goldbergs")

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#17**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This actor is probably A+ list in his corner of the entertainment world. As for you hearing of him? B+ list name recognition. The guy is talented and loaded and been on a hit network show for-ever. Last night at the biggest after party he was being a total creeper. Hitting on lots of women with really strange and inappropriate lines. He was giving people shivers with what he was saying but, this being Hollywood still managed to find some woman half his age to go home with him. Hank Azaria/"The Simpsons"

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#18**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A- list dual threat actress is an Emmy and Oscar winner/nominee. She is currently on a hit network show. When this A list singer/actor tried to talk to her at an after party, she told him to f**k off. She is not a fan of him and this goes back a long time. Viola Davis ("How to Get Away with Murder") (POSSBILY: Jared Leto/co-starred in "Suicide Squad")

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#19**
ACADEMY AWARDS: We get it. You are pregnant. You, being a not very friendly foreign born A-/B+ list model/wannabe actress. Was it necessary for you to tell every single last person who didn’t mention it to you first that you are pregnant. The thirst of this person cannot be quenched. I want a DNA test after the birth. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Jason Statham)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#20**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A list former tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer is in the closet. Until last night, I don’t think anyone knew what kind of type he had. Apparently it is men that are over twice his age. In the brief moments they took to be with each other looked sweet. They didn’t arrive or leave together, but you could tell they are a couple. Nick Jonas

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#21**
ACADEMY AWARDS: One of the first couples to show up at the biggest after party was this A- list network actress and her B/B+ list actor husband. You got the sense they just wanted to get the night out of the way. Something expected, but nothing they really wanted to do. He especially looked miserable. Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#22**
ACADEMY AWARDS: There was quite the buzz last night with people talking about this foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor moving out of his long time marital home and into the home of an assistant. The feeling was that after he finishes up the promotion for his last superhero movie that an announcement will be made. This is a very very long marriage. Hugh Jackman/Deborra-Lee Furness ("Logan")

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **23**
ACADEMY AWARDS: (KINDNESS) This foreign born actress is a former model who really got a break in her acting career fairly quickly. She stars in a pay cable show and last night worked the crowd to contribute to her favorite charity and walked out with about $25K while at the same time promoting her show and consoling one of her best friends. Caitriona Balfe ("Outlander")
(Sam Heughan’s hopes for playing James Bond are dashed because Daniel Craig will probably continue role) ("World Child Cancer")

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#24**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Way back this morning I wrote about the coked up celebrity offspring. At the biggest after party last night, her actor boyfriend was her on the red carpet times 100. Just sweating through his tux and some paranoia and just a mess. Emma Roberts

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#25**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This former A- list mostly television actor has mostly missed in his television shows since his one hit. It wasn’t even that big of a hit, but people will eternally love it. Now, he is on an almost television show. Anyway, last night at the big after party he was quietly drunk and kept asking models and model types if they were lingerie models. Apparently he only wanted to try and take home a lingerie model. The slurring horrible moves did not work well. I’m still wondering why his ex married him.

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#26**
ACADEMY AWARDS: You want to know who the nicest actress was last night at an after party? It was someone who has taken a lot of grief from me the past six-nine months. A celebrity offspring. A-/B+ list mostly movie actress. Foreign born. Just incredibly nice and friendly to everyone. Genuinely humble and you could tell she was just happy to be there. Lily Collins

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#1**
This A+ list athlete in her sport who all of you know because of her sport and who she has dated is trying to find an actor to hang out with for publicity to cover the fact she is dating the married head of her biggest sponsor so his wife does not get suspicious. Lindsey Vonn (Under Armour, Head, Red Bull, Oakley or Rolex)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#2**
Both of the leads in this soon to be #1 movie for a month or so are refusing to interact with fans at screenings around the world. Oh, sure they will do two minutes for the cameras, but they are supposed to do 20-30. They are so into themselves. Emma Watson/Dan Stevens ("Beauty and the Beast")

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#3**
Some whispers have turned into buzzing for this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor with a superhero franchise. Turns out he has been using heroin the past few months and it is really starting to show. Henry Cavill ("Superman")

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#4**
No matter how hard they try, this real life and fiction television couple are really struggling to stay together and seem to be doing so, simply for the show. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas ("Once Upon a Time"); Keri Russell/Matthew Rhys ("The Americans"); Morena Baccarin/Benjamin McKenzie ("Gotham")

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#5**
This current network female reality star for a few more weeks apparently has a girlfriend she is keeping hidden. Raven Gates or Vanessa Grimaldi ("The Bachelor")

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#6**
The eggs are hers, but there is talk that the sperm donor is someone else other than this A lister for this A list couple’s impending parenthood. George and Amal Clooney

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#7**
Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor who is almost up there as far as directing goes is trying to simplify his life which is why he has been giving up roles and basically walked away from a television production. Rehab is a strong possibility but he can’t do it with a ton of projects to juggle. Ben Affleck

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#8**
This former A- list mostly movie actress turned B lister who stays that high because you all know it loves nothing more than to take a flask of booze out at Starbucks and use that as her cream. She has big problems. Kirsten Dunst

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#9**
This foreign born B+ list singer with an alliteration initial is freaking out because her long term female lover from back in the day who used to abuse our singer on a frequent basis is trying to work her way back into our singer’s life. Jessie J

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#10**
How can this former A list teen star get closer to his now dead idol? Well, he was turned down by the offspring so, instead he got a really bad nose job. Corey Feldman (Michael Jackson/Paris Jackson

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#11**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor with a side job who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee is trying to reach a settlement with a young teen he impregnated in Europe late last year. Apparently she just turned 15, but when they had sex she was 14. Jared Leto

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#12**
This B+ list mostly television actress who went from a long running still on the air network show to her own show to another of her own shows is closeted and apparently recently broke up with her longtime girlfriend. She was not shy about hitting on women last night at an event though. Kate Walsh ("Grey’s Anatomy", "Private Practice" and "Bad Judge") (Roundabout Theatre Company's 2017 Spring Gala)

343. MEDIATAKEOUT 02/28 just heard a story that HURT OUR HEART – and it’s about one of the GREATS from hip hop. We’re talking an "A" level rapper from the 2000s era. According to a TOP SNITCH, one of our favorite rappers (and probably yours too) is hooked on HEROIN. An insider from the rapper’s label told, "[Rapper] is hooked on heroin. He’s on it constantly. It’s gotten so bad that the veins on his arm collapsed." How did it happen that one of hip hop’s GREATS is now a HEROIN addict? The insider explained, "People don’t understand that ‘lean’ really is just watered down heroin that you drink. After a while you get a tolerance for lean and you need something stronger, like heroin." And the rapper was KNOWN for carrying lean around in his cup. The insider added, "He’s overdosed a bunch of times [which are] seizures. If he doesn’t get into rehab now he’s going to die." Prayers go out to dude. Lil Wayne

344. THE GOSSIP LIFE 02/28
This once A list comedian is plotting their television comeback. 'They miss the daily grind of it,' says the source. Jon Stewart

Last updated:  November 26, 2023