NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

The talentless daughter of a famous person, like most of them, is trying her hand at modelling. She's taking it very seriously and her aim is to become a Victoria's Secret Angel at next year's show. 'She's read all the coverage and watched all the shows,' whispers my source. 'She wants this badly. I wonder if Daddy and Mommy can buy it for her. Sofia Richie

2. MR. X 12/01 **#1**
I’ve never heard any stories about this former A-list singer and songwriter getting furiously angry but that all changed a few nights ago. It was at the Hollywood Christmas Parade of all places. My source saw her go off on a producer telling him how that shady cult sponsoring the parade was very homophobic. It was later found out that she donated her paycheck to the LGBT charity she founded. Cyndi Lauper
(Scientology: Of note was a new entrant, a 30 foot long spaceship from the planet Psychlo with characters from Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard—this summer’s #1 book and audiobook. The story’s two heroes Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, performed by Aaron Groben, who commented, "I enjoy portraying a warrior such as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, especially in an epic setting such as Battlefield Earth. And riding a
spaceship down a red carpet on Hollywood Blvd is definitely an epic way to celebrate Christmas!" And Chrissie, performed by Lauren Compton, who stated, "It was my first time ever being in a parade and I couldn’t have had a better first time experience than riding on the Battlefield Earth float." Terl, the alien security chief from the planet Psychlo, didn’t speak English and was only heard repeating over and over that Man was an endangered species (which coincidentally is the opening line to the book, Battlefield Earth.) ("True Colors Fund")

3. MR. X 12/01 **#2**
I may be a bit premature on this, but that mouse studio has found the front runner to play the lead role in the next live action remake of one of their animated classics. The B-list actress, model and celeb spawn will probably zoom up to A-list with this movie. And the singing? Don’t worry about that, her famous parent with the famous last name will help out with that. "The Little Mermaid"

4. MR. X 12/01 **#3**
She isn’t technically bearding for him because she can’t lose her athlete meal ticket who pays much more, but this reality judge is definitely trying to make it known this reality star prefers women when he really doesn’t. Nicole Scherzinger (Grigor Dimitrov)/Matt Terry ("The X Factor")

This superhero should probably check the bag of his celebrity girlfriend. Apparently she has an illegal pharmacy she carries with her at all times of which he is not aware. Could be trouble for him if she is busted. Chris Evans ("Captain America")/Jenny Slate

OLD HOLLYWOOD: Arguably the greatest western movie making actor of the silent movie era, this actor was deeply closeted. The studios forced him to marry an actress but after three months split with her and told the studios basically to take a hike. His only concession to them was that he didn’t finalize the divorce for years so it looked as if they were married longer. William Hart/Winifred Westover

If there was a time for a celebrity to go on Maury, I think this foreign born professional beard would be an ideal candidate. The guys who pay by the day aren’t going to be coughing up any money. I think because she came in after the fact in her last job, she vowed to do it differently this time around. Irina Shayk (pregnant)/Bradley Cooper

This permanent A list singer/A+ list diva is now using the Taylor Swift guide to relationships. Well, her manager is at least. Two hours to take a series of photos to send out to the media that somehow are supposed to convey love as seen through the eyes of a bad Nicholas Sparks movie. Mariah Carey

For those of you original shippers from almost two decades ago, it is not a love/hate thing going on between the stars of the show. It is simply a ploy to get some more money. That being said, I don’t want you all to think the couple is seeing each other exclusively or anything like that. They both see other people. They both have frequent co-star things. Gillian Anderson/David Duchovny ("The X-Files")

I’m not sure it is possible for this late night talk show host to kiss any more butt than he managed to do this week to land the job he covets. I think the person making the decision is loving the groveling. Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live")/Kelly Ripa (new co-host of "Live With Kelly")

This celebrity offspring who is probably a C list celebrity but has A+ list last name recognition is doing coke again. Things didn’t turn out so well the last time. Conrad Hilton

Apparently this model turned wannabe reality star turned wannabe actress turned recent part-time reality star who has A list name recognition among tabloid readers is pregnant and deciding what to do about the baby. Amber Rose

A couple of months ago I told you this A- list cable reality star who has appeared in multiple shows for the same channel was cheating on her husband. She was doing it quietly then, but is doing it a little more loudly now. She has a certain lifestyle she needs to maintain and he is not going to be the one going forward. Kim Zolciak/Kroy Biermann

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/01 **#10**
#1 – This A list momager just took out a very very very huge life insurance policy on one of her clients you might not have known was a client. The premiums are astronomical. She told her family member about that policy, but not the ones she took out on certain other family members. Their payout is triple if there is accidental death, which despite the name includes murder. Kris Jenner/Kanye West

#2 – This less famous sibling is just as good of an actor and much much better at hiding infidelity. Now that his marriage is over, apparently many of the other women he saw during the marriage are starting to come forward because he promised he was going to be with them and not the person he ultimately picked. Casey Affleck/Floriana Lima

#3 – This A list action star with multiple franchises had a roomful of male escorts he chose from while out of the country promoting his new movie. Vin Diesel ("xXx: Return Of Xander Cage")

This inquisitive reality TV wife believes that her marriage is solid, but she is actually losing the game of love. Her husband is embroiled in a full blown affair, swinging between devoted family man and shady adulterer. The wife is clueless to what’s going on, and chalks up her husband’s distance to a busy work schedule. The husband’s mistress lives in a different city, allowing the cheater to slide by without being discovered. The side chick is besties with a former reality west coaster who is keeping her secret safe. The mistress hits the road with the husband’s crew, all directed to keep the year-long romance out of the nosy wife’s radar. The husband is stretched in two directions, but manages to balance the relationships without getting caught. A recent shift at home might cramp his style, but this double-dealer has no intention of ending his fun. Name the reality show and reality couple. Meghan King Edmonds ("Real Housewives of Orange County")/Jim Edmonds

Single White Female may be in line for a remake and we already have the basis. This highly unique character was definitely A-list in his field in his day and although he was near the top of that game, he was infatuated with modelling his public persona on his idol, the radio personality Howard Stern. 'It was a creepy obsession,' whispers my source who was once close to Howard. 'Howard was freaked out by it. He found out [name omitted] was even frequenting the same establishments as him.' Dennis Rodman

17. POPBITCH 12/02
Which Canadian artist has earned himself the nickname "Stone Roses"? Not because he's got a new found love of baggy flares, but because it only took until his second album to enter the cocaine period of his career...
The Weeknd

Don’t believe the rumors. This A list singer is not pregnant. That background of hers makes her want to do everything by the book. Katy Perry

This former Northeast Housewife still has not left her cheating husband and he just keeps on cheating. This time with someone barely legal. Kristen and Josh Taekman ("Real Housewives of New York City")

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee basically shamed her friends into spending thousands of dollars each the other night on her side project. I bet there are going to be a whole lot of returns. Gwyneth Paltrow (GOOP pop-up shop opening)

The guy who washed the car of this former Disney actor turned A/A- list mostly movie actor said he assumed the owner of the car was a drug dealer and not an actor because there was so much product in his car. It was only when he pointed it out to someone else at work that he learned the owner was our actor. Shia LaBeouf

This very tall movie funnyman not named Vince Vaughn is cheating on his long long time wife. This split will make some noise. Will Ferrell/Viveca Paulin

KINDNESS: This soon to be A list mostly movie actress after spending the past few years relegated to A- list status has a new movie coming out which always makes me cynical about kindness items. Turns out though, she does the same thing every year, movie or not. She walks into a community center by her home and drops off a check for $100K. She has been doing it for almost a decade. Natalie Portman ("Jackie")

I don’t know if he has given up being closeted for the holidays or what, but this A- list mostly movie actor who lost one franchise but is hanging on in another was out with his boyfriend and they were being affectionate earlier this week. Jeremy Renner (holding onto: "Avengers") (lost: "Bourne 6" and "Mission: Impossible")

Instead of going to the studio for hair and makeup, this A list reality host somehow got it written into her contract that when appearing on any program owned by the media conglomerate that they have to come to her home, even if it is 3 a.m. Padma Lakshmi ("Top Chef")

This permanent A list singer who has been in this space frequently as of late pulled off a very tricky maneuver yesterday. She managed to wiggle and writhe her way out of her panties while seated at a table. She said they were bothering her so she took them off and then just left them sitting on the table. When an assistant came over to remove them, our singer told her to leave them there for the world to see. Mariah Carey

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/02 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner and in a current release lies even when he doesn’t have to. He is so concerned with having the perfect PR image that he makes up lies to fit the image has created. Eddie Redmayne (riding London Tube)

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/02 **#11**
It wasn’t a cold that was causing this aging one named singer to keep rubbing her nose. She has been pretty good about keeping the partying quiet. This was a change from that. Madonna

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/02 **#12**
This closeted A list athlete with A+ list name recognition in his sport got rebuffed again in an attempt to find a beard. Apparently this actress turned him down because he would want her to go to strip clubs with him because he wants the world to see them in a certain way. He should have known better. Odell Beckham Jr./Zendaya

30. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/02 **#13**
Many times in shipperdom, the two people wanted together never happens. As much as fans might want it or write fan fic about it, the relationship they want, never seems to materialize. This is why you should stick with Jingle All The Way fan fic. It never lets you down. Anyway, not withstanding what I wrote a sentence ago, sometimes an onscreen couple does hook up in real life too. He had always had his eyes on her. Even when he had girlfriends, even when he was married. She was spoken for when they were working together and after, and to him she was like a forbidden fruit. Plus their fans would practically hail him as a hero if he did ‘get’ her. You can blame their on-screen chemistry for the fans who believe they belong together forever even when they were in relationships with other people. They did eventually get together. Don’t let him fool you, though. He loves himself more than he loved her. His image was more important to him than her. He used her several times: to drum up publicity for his company and panels and podcasts, to appease their fanbase, to name a few. Even against her wishes to keep things private. Things started going south when he started ditching her for people he barely knew. Party here, party there, game here, movie there. She, on the other hand, was always there for him. One time she flew cross-country to support one of his endeavors but he left her alone in her suite to go out with his friends. Did not even bother to invite her. She was livid. But that did not stop him. He did it over and over and had the nerve to dump her. Worse? He expected her to wait in case he decided to take her back. After a very depressing few months for both of them he started trying to win her back. She had her walls up this time. She would do things that were good for both of them, but did them for herself and not for him. He started to go off the rails in his public comments about people and fans and started getting the kind of publicity that takes you down and doesn’t let you get back up. Apparently the catalyst was her not taking him back as he assumed she would. Things have gone from bad to worse for them personally and now professionally he is trying to convince the fans that she is an awful person. That the reason they are not together is because of how horrible she is. That he is somehow Mr. Perfect and that she should be lucky to be with him. He throws her under the bus every chance he gets while sleeping with as many of his fans as possible. The fans all want the show to continue either in a series format or a movie. He has been telling them it is going to happen. He encourages that kind of talk so people continue to fawn over him. When the series or movie fails to materialize, he is going to blame her to really drive a stake into her at least from a fandom perspective.

Actor: Zachary Levi
Company: "The Nerd Machine"
Actress: Yvonne Strahovski
Show: "Chuck"

The biggest talk about this former tweener turned adult bad actress/decent adult singer is not so much her rehab, but everyone wondering if her coke use would destroy what everyone considers to have been one of the best nose jobs ever done in a city filled with them. Selena Gomez

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who has turned into an A lister who also directs is becoming the person he swore he would never be. He is a nonstop publicity seeking actor who can’t stop promoting himself and his side projects which does not leave much time for movie promotion. Sean Penn

Not happy with the pay or the billing, this B+ list singer/rapper had someone pose as our B+ lister at a show. Just lip synched all the songs. Jeremih

This late night talk show host is bad mouthing his former friend, an actress/stand up comedienne. He thinks she is trash. He has tried to ban her from every show on the family of networks where he works. Andy Cohen/Chelsea Handler

Their remarriage would last about a month. Last time they (permanent A listers) tried to rekindle their romance a couple of years ago, she was left devastated when she found out he was still having sex with multiple women each week. Sean Penn/Madonna

This still a teen A-/B+ list mostly movie actress already has one fake relationship under her belt. Well, the other party didn’t know it was fake. Anyway, our actress doesn’t want any Olsen type photos coming out of her grandfathered age lover so is thinking about being the beard for this foreign born A- list singer. Chloë Grace Moretz (fake: Brooklyn Beckham)/Shawn Mendes

This Academy Award winning actor was wasted out of his mind at an award show. He kept going up to women and asking if they wanted to be grabbed by the pu**y. No one took him up on his offer. He was at his worse. Cuba Gooding Jr.

Producers from this Bravo franchise have been trying to get publicists to send their clients to where cast are filming so they can get various celebrities on film and then use their appearance to boost the very low ratings of the show. "Real Housewives of New York City"

Our A-list actor may be known for their antics and histrionics, but none of that was apparent on the set of their highly anticipated movie. '[name omitted] was on best behaviour,' says the source. 'This is the first high profile job they've had in a couple of years and they don't wanna mess it up.' Russell Crowe ("The Mummy")

Which Real Housewife Is Addicted To Laxatives? This long-time cast member is addicted with her weight and being skinny and is also addicted to laxatives. She takes so many each day that she is constantly pooping her pants and always running to the bathroom. At first the other ladies thought she had a coke problem, but in reality it is a laxatives problem. She literally is FULL OF SH** Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was stoned out of his mind at a premiere this weekend. His A+ list co-star was not amused. Matthew McConaughey/Reese Witherspoon ("Sing")

The director of this charity is known for finding young (generally in their late teens) actresses and seducing them to his cause. Oh, and he also has sex with them. He basically ruined almost a decade in the career of one actress who was A- list at the time and now is doing the same to a foreign born actress who is a B lister.

Filming is wrapping soon and these two Oscar winners still haven’t spoken to each other outside of their acting roles. A couple of scenes had to be rewritten just to keep them away from each other. Cate Blanchette/Anne Hathaway ("Ocean’s Eight")

This foreign born one shot wonder actress/part-time model is telling friends she is pregnant. One group she has not told is her family who will probably disown her for getting pregnant out of wedlock. No one from Eastern Europe. Freida Pinto ("Slumdog Millionaire")

This diva Real Housewife who no one really likes spent two hours having makeup and hair done for a ten second pap walk this past weekend. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")

She won’t replace her celebrity boyfriend until she has a new drug supply, but that doesn’t mean this A- list singer known to be annoying isn’t willing to continue yachting. It is one of her favorite money making activities and much more lucrative than the gig she performed in the same town. She always says yes to this town, no matter how obscure the performance or how low the pay. Ariana Grande (Miami Beach)

To say this former A+ list singer who is permanently A list and permanently has A+ list name recognition was out of it this weekend would be an understatement. Her people knew she would be forced to interact more than normal and they did something wrong because she was all over the place. Manic almost. Britney Spears

This A- list singer/part-time actress is trying to get some PR for her new music and tour and is leaking that she is buying Sharon Tate memorabilia. Umm. She thinks it makes her sound edgy and cool. Lady Gaga

Award season is 50/50 for this host/producer/mogul and whether he needs a beard. Usually he confines himself to the summer. This year though he had a special favor so, in return, she gets to be his "girlfriend" through award season and all the after parties. After their last run together, she had a massive boost in her income. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor

50. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#10**
You know, there will be a day that comes soon when readers of tabloids and viewers of entertainment news will wonder why the media outlets continue to drive a story that someone is straight when they know they aren’t. Give you an example, there is someone at this grammatically excitable network that had sex every day for months with this B+ list mostly movie actor who used to be in a franchise. In West Hollywood, it was as open as any other same sex relationship. However, even though the people at the network knew about it and behind the scenes loved them as a couple, the network is always on board with telling the world about his new girlfriend. You don’t have to out someone, but why do you keep telling such blatant lies.
Network: E!/Ryan Seacrest
B+ list actor: Taylor Lautner ("Twilight")
Lie: Relationship with "Scream Queens" co-star Billie Lourd

51. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#11**
Do you know how tough it is to get kicked out of a charity gig when you are a celebrity? Well, this, for a few months longer teenage B+ list movie actress was about to find out. Probably the worst behaved celebrity at an event this year. Someone from her team needs to step in now and get this taken care of. Chloë Grace Moretz (The Trevor Project’s 2016 TrevorLIVE LA event)

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#12**
This foreign born mostly television actor broke rule #1 in Hollywood. He walked away from a hit show. I mean, they barely filmed a couple of months a year and he still walked away from it. Anyway, he has his own show now. He told the producers that any women hired for roles must be young and hot. The only size they are allowed to have is in their breasts. The guy is such a tool. Dan Stevens ("Downton Abbey") ("Legion")

53. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/05 **#13**
All of you know this actress. Most, if not all of you have watched something she has appeared in. If she walked up to you today, you would recognize her and probably know her name too. Why then, with all of that going for her, has she only worked once or twice in the past five years? Here’s the thing, everyone is always willing to give her a chance. When producers hear her rate, they bring her in quickly. It is not that often you get to hire someone so inexpensively who has been in hit television and movies. It is only when they bring her in, they realize why she is so cheap. She is eclectic. She is always interested in making sure she stands out from everyone else. She wants the light to shine on her. She has some shyness issues to go with some anger issues to go with some rejection issues. They all spill out all over the place everywhere at once. A few years ago, she was on a show as a main cast member. It was the first time in a long time someone gave her a shot in television. She can’t do the weekly grind. Sometimes producers have been willing to roll the dice on a movie because, if she can pull it off, she is still worth it. It is getting through that process that is awful. On a movie though, there is hope. On the television show, there was none. It was not awful. It was not great. It was one of those non offensive shows that pass the time in the background of your home and if everyone makes nice can last long enough on television to make everyone rich. From day one though, our B list actress had script notes and wanted to talk to the network minders. Each day became worse. The directors for each episode all wanted to quit television after working with her. Everyone talked about killing her off or finding a replacement., but the audience always loves her. She is their friend. It just got to be too much and one day, the network actually canceled the show along with a few others. The others actually got sacrificed just so it wouldn’t like they were singling out this show and have her raise a fuss. Minnie Driver ("About A Boy"/NBC cancelled on May 8, 2015 along with "A to Z", "Allegiance", "Bad Judge", "State of Affairs", "Constantine", "Marry Me", "One Big Happy")

54. SERIAL SCOOP 12/06
In the world of daytime soap operas, the drama isn't always in front of the camera. And sometimes it's so juicy the names can't be revealed, at least not yet. Below are some recent items that insiders are talking about, when they think no one is listening.

1. This performer who didn't take the hint that he/she needed acting lessons, is out the door once his/her contract expires in the next couple of months. Vivian Jovanni ("Days Of Our Lives"/Ciara)

2. This performer is currently in the middle of a major frontburner story. However, if his/her attitude doesn't improve, he/she will be without a job soon. Thorsten Kaye ("The Bold and the Beautiful")

3. This performer desperately wants back on his/her old show. Although it seems possible now based on recent story, it's not going to happen for him/her. People have long memories. Michael Muhaney ("The Young and the Restless"/Adam Newman/Adam Wilson)

4. This performer turned down a recent invitation to return to his/her show for a guest appearance. He/she didn't like that the projected story didn't revolve around his/her character. Alison Sweeney ("Days of Our Lives"/Sami Brady/wedding of John and Marlena)

A studio is hoping for big things next summer from this movie reboot of a television classic. What they want stopped right now is the bubbling to the surface open warfare between some of the stars of the movie who all seem to have it in for each other and could make the press tour a complete shambles. "Baywatch"

The first few days of filming have been intense. This married, foreign born mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and her foreign born A- list dual threat actor have been very touchy feely. He is always up for fun, whether he has a girlfriend or not and she doesn’t seem to be holding back either. Lots of sparks. Kate Winslet/Idris Elba ("The Mountain Between Us")

This beloved actress from that back in the day television show has had a rough few years on and off drugs. The actress, who is B+ list and an Academy Award winner/nominee has been sober for a few weeks now and at a party this weekend was doing amazing. Hopefully, she can stay clean throughout 2017 because a lot of people would love to offer her roles, but are afraid of her past issues. Michelle Williams ("Dawson’s Creek")

And that lasted about a week, maybe two. This former tweener turned bad actress/adult singer is back using again. Selena Gomez

This network reality star is changing shows this year. He should work on being nice. At an event with one of the stars of that new network show that gets hashtagged and watched by everyone, he didn’t know who she was and was kind of rude. OK, a lot rude. Then, someone explained to him who she was and he was suddenly all smiles and apologies and tried to blow it off by saying he has crazy fans. Derek Hough ("Nashville")/Chrissy Metz ("This Is Us")/holiday bash Brooks Brothers threw with St Jude's Children's Research Hospital

This closeted female A list reality star with a side gig had a fling this past weekend with a female song writer who none of you would get. Well, you would if I gave you the songs. Much, much older than our reality star. Kendall Jenner/Kim Gordon (Art Basel in Miami)

Apparently last week, this getting to be permanent A list one named singer had an interesting cocktail hour with this foreign born A+ list celebrity who is A+ list everywhere in the world. She chain smoked joints and had wine and he sipped on a few straight whiskeys. Sunset and a beach and about 40 security staff who kept their distance. Rihanna/Prince Harry

This A-/B+ list mostly television actor has a long running show ending. At an event this weekend, he and his actress wife got into an argument because he was spending far too much time with this foreign born model with an alliteration for a name.
Ian Somerhalder/Nikki Reed/Karolina Kurkova  (2016 Ian Somerhalder Foundation Benefit Gala)

This foreign born A list model with the very hard name to spell was doing lines in front of several elementary school age children. She told the person with her that the kids had no idea what it was so it was fine. Doutzen Kroes

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#10**
Honestly, you would think she would be color blind, but she isn’t. This foreign born former model turned reality star turned kind of a momager definitely favors one high earning offspring over another of her high earning offspring. Apparently it all comes down to the less liked daughter dating a guy the mom considered to be too dark skinned which is kind of surprising given the history of the mom. Yolanda Hadid (Gigi Hadid/Bella Hadid/"The Weeknd")

65. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#11**
This former late night actress is not a fan of this current late night actress. The former thinks that she is losing lots of parts to the latter which is true. If the former would start being friendly to people, she might have a better shot at landing roles. No one wants to work with her while everyone loves loves working with the latter. Kristen Wiig/Kate McKinnon

66. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#12**
This celebrity offspring is only even a celebrity because of dad. Honestly, he was pretty low on the list and she is lower. They both survive by that last name. She used to have it made financially. A little modeling work and a guy who took care of her in exchange for sex. He has moved on which has forced her to try and find more modeling work and also she has to see multiple guys to make up the difference. Not helping is that she is strung out. Hailey Baldwin (Stephen Baldwin)

67. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/06 **#13**
#1 – If they watch it, this cable show on a patriotic sounding channel is probably in everyone’s top 5 tv show. The lead actor in the show is on a rampage right now. Apparently he takes crazy psychotic drugs to help him with his character but they also make him over the top violent and shaking for much of the time. He has to take a ton of depressants before he can do any interview. He is a scary guy. Rami Malek ("Mr. Robot")

#2 – Two superhero shows on the same almost television channel for this married actor. He is pretty hot and heavy with the lead actress from the show that led to the second. Mike Colter/Krysten Ritter ("Jessica Jones", "Luke Cage" and "The Defenders")

#3 – Multiple seasons now of this cable show. The foreign born actor lead of the show had some fame in his own country with a show, but this role is his breakout here. He plays an a-hole on his show and it is not much of a stretch for him to pull off. The cast and crew are grateful the seasons are so short. No one likes the guy. In fact, they all kind of actively hate him. Dominic West ("The Wire") ("The Affair")

We've heard of goldfinger. We've even heard of goldmember. We haven't, however, heard of a random room in a mansion that's decorated with nothing but gilded furniture, ornaments and paintings. Apparently this A-list enigma has a room in his home just like that. 'He calls it his 'awards room,' says my witness. 'He only shows it to select people. His awards are on little golden pillows, surrounded by gold. I didn't know someone could make so much success look so tacky.' Donald Trump

This comes from a source that once shared a hotel with this maybe A-list actress. He alleges that although they were fairly far apart in location, he could still hear the beautiful, filthy bitch whenever she was getting freaky with it. 'It sounded like she was being murdered,' he says. 'It's a miracle that no one called 911.' Angelina Jolie

This reality mom claims that her divorce crucified her family — but secretly knows that she is to blame. She testifies that she loves her babies — but her own signature reveals the truth. Legal documents spelled out an ultimatum. She had to choose between a priceless blessing and a reality career. Fame came in first, so she crossed out her own flesh and blood. Her ex-husband could publicly nail her for her sin but chooses to keep the peace. The star forgives herself with distractions and soulful tears but the pain she has caused others cuts deep. Her weighty choice has been legally etched in stone — her better reflection sacrificed for TV fame. Tamra Judge ("Real Housewives of Orange County")/Simon Barney

What do you do when you have no money coming in and your family refuses to give you any more? If you are this dad of an A+ list singer, you announce an auction to sell a bunch of videos of her. Matthew Knowles/Beyoncé

The plan for this B list drunken celebrity to get cut off and go to jail for not paying a bill was thwarted when a family member stepped in at the last minute and offered up her own credit card via the phone. The former athlete needs help, and this would have sent him to jail, but some in the family don’t want to be that extreme. Johnny Manziel

Apparently no amount of time is going to help the relationship between this foreign born A+ list singer and this stateside born A+ list singer. They just don’t like each other at all and this week there was some serious trolling done by the foreign born singer of the other singer. Rihanna/Beyoncé

Just because he hasn’t been arrested, don’t rule out the husband in this recent worldwide case. People are starting to talk. A lot. Keith Papini (wife Sherri kidnapped)

It is a shame. This former A list fruit named singer is back on drugs and it is even worse than last time. She just has never got her life back on track since her sudden fame. Fiona Apple

This spin off network reality show couple couldn’t stop cheating on each other so it is probably a good thing they called it quits before things moved too far along. Ben Higgins/Lauren Bushnell ("The Bachelor") ("Happily Ever After")

While this foreign born A- list singer who sometimes climbs back up to A list was out of the country, her A- list celebrity significant other was spending some time with a very expensive escort. Shakira/Gerard Piqué

This foreign born former A list "singer" from a group is still A list. She has been getting procedures done to her face to try and make her look younger but they just are making her look abnormal. She is always scared her A+ list husband is going to leave her. Victoria "Posh" Beckham/David

If this foreign born A list celebrity couple want their son to never be the same, they will agree to him being signed by this manager. It would be the worst decision ever. David and Victoria Beckham’s son Cruz/Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#10**
It is a war of words and competing leaked stories from the PR team of this foreign born A- list model who wants to act and the PR team of this A+ list mostly movie actor. They each are trying to get their own angle out there. I don’t care what angle you want, someone still needs to go on Maury. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper

81. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#11**
Apparently this A list designer and this hanging on to A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee are in a big battle. The two have been friends for decades but the actress wore someone else to a very important event and the two have not spoken since.

82. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#12**
Expect a PR blitz like no other in a couple of weeks when this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor gets an honor. The PR blitz though will be from and focused on his wife. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively (Hollywood Walk of Fame star)

83. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/07 **#13**
A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to reminisce with someone I hadn’t seen in five or six years. The last time we hung out was the year she won a Grammy. I doubt any of you will guess who she is. Unless you listen to a lot of CCM, you probably have no idea who she is. Let us call her BL. BL got into the industry in her late teens. Right around her 18th birthday. BL has always been very religious and had the "look" most desired in the CCM industry. Blonde, with pale skin who every guy wanted to have sex with, but who the guy’s significant other would not find threatening. She got her first job in a band because of those looks. Oh, sure she could play an instrument, but the band needed someone female and she fit the model. Some CCM labels have their models more defined. In addition to being blonde with pale skin, your measurements have to be within certain parameters. They don’t want the women to be too sexy. Anyway, BL was on tour with the band that hired her and they opened for this A list singer who was A list back in the day when this happened and is A list now. Back in the day it was A list everywhere and now is probably A list in her world. Let us call her ES. It was the first or second week, BL had been on tour and she had run into the husband of ES. He was also a singer. He began flirting with BL all the time. It was incessant. Just heavy heavy flirting and BL was really uncomfortable with it. First, she had led a very sheltered home schooled kind of life and she had just turned 18 and was on the road and this guy who she knew from his records was flirting with her. Plus, he was married and married to ES, who BL had worshiped for years. BL confided in the leader of the group who she was playing for and he told her he would take care of it. The next thing you know, BL is being called to the suite of ES and ES yells at her for trying to steal the husband of ES. BL is crying and insisting she did no such thing. I mean, BL is totally unprepared for this type of situation. The berating goes on for almost an hour. During this she says that the opening band could get kicked off the tour because of the actions of BL. Finally, ES says she will pray about her decision and will call BL when she decides. About an hour later, BL is called and told to go back to ES’ suite. When she arrives, ES said that after praying about it, she decided that BL and the band could stay, but BL was going to have to prove herself. Again, BL is in way over her head here. ES says the flirting is causing a lot of tension and that ES’s husband has not been able to focus and blames BL. In order to get all that out of the way, it would probably be a good idea for BL and ES; husband to have sex. ES will watch to make sure everything goes OK. Now, at this point, BL is saving herself for marriage and has no idea what to do. When she hesitated though, ES told her she didn’t have to have sex but that BL and the band would be kicked off the tour. BL ended up having sex with the husband of ES and had to have sex with him every night of the tour while ES watched. BL was also coerced into doing some coke and booze and was told her parents and her church would be told of all of it if she ever said anything. BL has never spoken to ES since the end of that tour. Apparently, there are thousands of women out there that have similar stories to BL. She runs into them all the time. Primarily they are hired as backup singers during summers between school years. The focus is always on women from college. No younger and no older.
BL: Laura Story (Best Contemporary Christian Music Song ("Blessings")
ES: Amy Grant (husband Gary Chapman) (hit song: "El Shaddai")
Band/Opening act: "Silers Bald"

We may have the reserve Rock on our hands. This B-list television actor is a HUGE fan of professional wrestling and although he likes his acting, he's always wanted to try wrestling on a full time basis. 'I don't think it'll ever happen,' says the source, 'but it's something he talks constantly about.' Freddie Prinze Jr.

85. POPBITCH 12/08
(British blog)
Which on-again/off-again couple keep breaking up because she (a popstar) is trying to save herself for marriage; whereas he (a model) is a little less bothered about that? The diet of dry-humping will be giving him some royally blue balls. Ellie Goulding/Dougie Poynter

Forcing her to have her PR people put out a statement has just made things worse between these two A+ list singers. It has not been this bad between them since back in the day when one of the singers was still hooking up with the husband of the other. Rihanna/Beyoncé (Jay Z)

This former red swimsuited actress has had done so much work to her entire body, that unless she introduces herself first, no one can recognize her. Probably one of the more dramatic changes I can remember. Traci Bingham (Jordan Tate "Baywatch")

That foreign born DJ who used to be involved in whatever you want to call it with an A+ list singer is one of three finalists for possible father to this foreign born singer/actress/reality host’s baby. Calvin Harris (Taylor Swift)/Cheryl Ann Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez-Versini

He is a superhero. She is a superhero. They usually appear together when appearing as superheroes. Everyone always assumes she has at least an Oscar nom if not a win, but she doesn’t. Anyway, they hooked up on set a few times on their last film and it messed up their friendship to the point where they don’t speak. I don’t think her husband knows. Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America)/Scarlett Johansson (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow) ("Captain America: Civil War")

This idiot of an actor on a new CBS show thought he was sending a DM when he ordered some drugs from his dealer. Nope. It was out in the open for several minutes before he realized his mistake and deleted it. Christopher Mintz-Plasse ("The Great Indoors")

This former singer in a group where no one except her sang, says she gets almost physically ill when she has to have sex with her boss because of the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke. Nicole Scherzinger/Simon Cowell ("The X Factor")

This now struggling A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who probably wishes his hit cable show was still on the air is back on the bottle in a big way. Jon Hamm ("Mad Men")

In what should have been a fun event yesterday for this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee turned into her leaving early. Apparently there were a lot of cold shoulders and even some quiet hisses and boos directed her way for what she has said the past few months. Susan Sarandon ("The Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Breakfast") (anti Hillary Clinton)

This aging permanent A list rock star who is not a new dad keeps involving himself with people who cause him to relapse. Even though it is the middle of December, two people told me they are not sure if he lives beyond the end of the year unless he gets some help. Steven Tyler (engaged to 28 year old Aimee Preston)

95. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#10**
This mostly in the closet newly minted Grammy nominee got dumped by her girlfriend because the girlfriend couldn’t handle the mood swings and the self medicating. Solange Knowles

96. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#11**
Let me see if i got this straight. This foreign born former A list singer (for a hot minute) turned B- list singer/A list celebrity went from a marriage to having sex with every woman that walked by him to about to propose to a man all in the space of about a year. Gavin Rossdale

97. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#12**
Having to make a buck somehow but not wanting to go on a lengthy tour, this former A+ list singer had a high paying gig this past week. The genius of it on her part is that she got her "yachting" fee paid as part of her singing performance out of the country so it all looks like a normal business transaction. Her significant other is totally on board because he doesn’t want the money train to ever stop. Lately it has been sputtering though. A lot. Christina Aguilera (in Russia)

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **#13**
In the wreckage that has been the new fall television season, one show didn’t last very long at all. If you know the history of the lad actress it is really not that big of a shock. She had a surefire hit also canceled in fairly quick order. She is working her way out of one of the biggest, farthest reaching franchises and it is all about drugs. Not the traditional drugs you might find on set. No coke or meth or pills or pot. Nope. Our actress, who is foreign born, goes for the natural type of drugs. She prefers hallucinogenic drugs. Traditional. Herbal. Natural. The thing is, the ones she uses almost every person who knows about them refuses to use them because of what they can do to you. Our actress has been known to be up for four or five days straight after taking some of them. During those four or five days she would often film and have no idea what she filmed or even that she was filming until she saw it afterwards. Sometimes it would work out fine but other times it looked like her body was possessed. People were afraid to go near her or talk to her. It could be very frightening. When she would come off these drugs she would often take something to keep her down and this would cause her to sleep for a day or two and miss call times and not show up at all for work. She says they are a part of her life and her being. Well, as of right now, she is going to have a lot of time to enjoy them because no one is hiring.
Actress: Hayley Atwell (her father is a shaman)
Fall season TV show: "Conviction"
Sure fire hit: "Agent Carter"
Franchise: Peggy Carter/"The Avengers"

Get a therapist in here! The set for this A-list sequel will be an absolute mess, according to my source. He's even claiming that the production may invest in an on-set 'resolution counsellor' to resolve any conflict between the ensemble. 'It's going to be a huge clash of egos,' he whispers. 'The ensemble barely survived the previous movie.' "Pitch Perfect 3"

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#1**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor banished to the island of misfit actors thinks all has been forgiven. The thing is though, he is just as much of an a-hole as he was before. Maybe even worse. He is treating people like crap and gone back to his entitled being a jerk ways. Mel Gibson

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#2**
This B- list mostly television actress is really worried about all the women her A list husband sleeps with. She talks a good game to the media about a happy marriage, but it is classic overcompensation. Jenna Dewan Tatum (Channing)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#3**
This former A list mostly television actress has had a few middling shows since her hit went of the air. She would love to reboot the show again because she misses that level of fame. A sticking point is she wants to be paid almost double what everyone else will make. Debra Messing ("Will & Grace")

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#4**
The PR won out over the health as this A+ list rapper had a doctor on standby as he decided to be seen trying to act normally. The meds he is taking are about double the strength that Britney Spears originally took when she was getting her self together. Kanye West

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#5**
This one named former A+ list named singer is self-medicating and washing it all down with beer. Probably not a good thing for her sobriety or her comeback. Kesha

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#6**
In what continues to be one of the stranger celebrity relationships, this B+ list mostly television actress who is on a network show after getting her start in reality says she is ready for marriage. She told her co-star she has stopped hooking up with other guys and expects him to buy her a ring for Christmas. Katharine McPhee/Elyes Gabel ("Scorpion")

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#7**
This former tween actress turned adult actress turned talk show host turned actress that came full circle is about to get her own talk show. It is hush hush for a few months but will be something directed right at her base. Candace Cameron Bure
(leaving "The View")/Christian faith

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#8**
Pretty much shows the order of things when this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor chose to not have his significant other at a very big profile event but his co-star/girlfriend instead. Ryan Gosling (Eva Mendes)/Emma Stone (Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Hand And Footprint Ceremony) (SF Film Society Presents SF Honors: "La La Land")

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#9**
Despite having no role in the production, this C+ list actress who is an offspring of A listers made sure she was in photos with every star of the production and had her team send out those photos to the tabloids. Since those photos were sent in first, she is everywhere. Rumer Willis ("Hairspray Live" After Party)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#10**
The producers of this soon ending formerly very hit cable reality show used the show like their own personal ATM. Lots of fake companies were set up which were fronts for the producers to send checks to themselves. Millions of dollars over the course of the show. "Duck Dynasty"

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#11**
This closeted former A list singer in a group who does a pretty poor job of the solo thing left her beard husband at home this week for an event and hooked up with a woman she had met the previous night. Kelly Rowland

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#12**
At this point it is not even an alternating weekend thing. This former A list singer has not seen her child in well over a month. Fergie

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **#13**
#1 – This permanent A list comic got hooked on drugs thanks to his girlfriend. Yes, the same one he cheated on his wife with. Our comic looks awful. Chris Rock/Megalyn Echikunwoke

#2 – This closeted A list NFL player who does not play QB never travels without the one special guy in his life. They do a great job of keeping things on the down low. J. J. Watt; Odell Beckham Jr.

#3 – Much like a certain tabloid, this branded cable channel has a strict number of people of color who can appear in any of their made for cable movies. Ideally they prefer zero, but there is a max of two and approval must be granted for any people of color to be in the promo photo of the movie. Hallmark Channel

#4 – More time apart for this foreign born permanent A list celebrity couple. The husband has definitely been drifting away. Victoria and David Beckham

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#1**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort really has no further down the ladder she can go to debase herself for money. She literally will do it all but the people that pay celebrities for that kind of thing want someone younger, more famous and more dependable. As a result, she gets paid a fraction what other celebrities get paid and she is required to do way more. Lindsay Lohan

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#2**
This permanent A list singer has made a lot of industry people and fans mad at her in the past week for saying she is better than every other performer in recent times simply because she lived longer. Madonna

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#3**
This A- list singer is just done with singing. Well, for her label anyway. She wants to sing the songs she wants to sing and not what they tell her. She is willing to walk away and call it something else. Meghan Trainor

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **#4**
She might be wearing her wedding ring but this A- list mostly movie actress who is also a really good director has been practically living with another guy for months. Elizabeth Banks (Max Handelman)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#1**
This foreign born A list singer/songwriter left her husband for the woman she was hooking up with during the marriage. Sia (Erik Anders Lang)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#2**
This alliteration actress who is A- list and an Academy Award winner/nominee is on the rocks with her husband. It went from great to horrible seemingly overnight. Keira Knightley; Amy Adams

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#3**
It didn’t take long for this southern reality star who is not a Housewife or Married To Medicine to start using again. She was crazy wasted this weekend. Kathryn Dennis ("Southern Charm")

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/11 **#4**
While the rest of her co-stars are thrilled that this B-/C+ list mostly movie actress is getting raves and racking up countless nominations for her role, she does have a detractor. One of her co-stars was in that franchise which is 20 days from not being called that any longer. This particular co-star says the only reason there have been all these accolades is because our franchise actress did all the heavy lifting. The jealousy and dislike is palpable.
Actress: Lily Gladstone
Awards: Gotham Independent Film Awards for Breakthrough Actor; Independent Spirit Awards for Best Supporting Female; Los Angeles Film Critics Association Best Supporting Actress
Co-star: Kristen Stewart
Franchise: "Twilight"
Movie: "Certain Women"

121. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/12
It was one of the biggest shows of all time, but you wouldn't think it when it comes to petty cash. One of the lead A-list leads requested their credit was changed in the opening sequence, so it could included her marital surname. The show agreed and since it was in the midst of the season, they billed the actress 15k. 'She was stunned,' whispers the source, 'but she paid the bill.' Pamela Anderson (Lee) ("Baywatch") (1992 - 1995 "Pamela Denise Anderson") (1995 - 1997 "Pamela Lee")

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#1**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: This couple could barely stop arguing enough to pose for photos on the red carpet. The actress, an A lister who is an Academy Award winner/nominee also looked perturbed her husband was stoned. Amy Adams/Darren Le Gallo

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#2**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: This former actress turned singer who also acts and is pretty good when she does and pretty good at singing too couldn’t stop rubbing her nose the entire night. She sure bent over a lot during the night too. Hailee Steinfeld

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#3**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: The frostiest relationship between two co-stars were this pair from that very very hit new network show. A lot of forced smiles when forced to take photos together. On set, their relationship is reportedly bitter. Considering what happened last night, bitter seems like an understatement. Milo Ventimiglia/Sterling K. Brown ("This Is Us")

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#4**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: This A- list mostly television actress who wouldn’t know a movie role does have her hit network show to console her. Very long running. This last week she combined some botox and fillers with a spray tan and chain smoking and it was not a good look for her. Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory")

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#5**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: Don’t get me wrong, this A-/B+ list mostly television actress is a very good actress. The thing is though, she lets you know and was telling everyone about how her work on her almost television show set for a new season soon was derailed by the acting abilities of her co-stars. She gave the producers notes about how the cast could improve relative to her performance and blah blah blah all night. Michelle Monaghan ("The Path")

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#6**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: I almost feel sorry for this A-/B+ list mostly television actress who only gets that high because of the length of time her show has been on the air. She has slowly seen the world look at other actresses her age and she doesn’t get the attention any longer. She is no longer the new face. The good news is she didn’t go for any of her attention grabbing tricks. I think she is maturing. Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#7**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: This A-/B+ list mostly television actor is on a very talked about pay cable show. Apparently that was good enough status for him to meet up later with this former Disney actress who likes to model bikinis in public and goes from one publicity relationship to the next. James Marsden ("Westworld")/Bella Thorne

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#8**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: As much as the co-stars from one show disliked each other on the red carpet, the chemistry between these two frequent movie co-stars was red hot. I know it is messy and complicated but what they are doing is just making it worse. Emma Stone/Ryan Gosling

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#9**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: This struggling to stay in the B range actress was ticked off last night when all the talk was about her celebrity/actor husband and his work and none of hers. I give her one more award show this season and if it happens again, she will blow off all except Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#10**
CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: You know who you never see drunk in public? This former A+ list television actor turned A+ list movie actor turned a long road to nowhere before climbing back up to A list. Last night he was hammered. Lit up. He is always in control. He is Golden Globe nominated but I bet his actress wife will make sure it doesn’t happen again. She is even more in control than he is. Ryan Reynolds (Blake Lively)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#11**
This former A+ list tweener turned adult singer better be careful when he is playing around with all of the guns he bought. He gets drunk or wasted and loads his guns up. There have been some shot walls and doors but so far, there has been no one standing in the line of fire when he screws around with them. Justin Bieber

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#12**
It must be kind of embarrassing for this singer to have to be monitored when with her child(ren). It must be especially so when it is a public event. The monitor is also a nanny, so that is a good cover story explaining her presence. Fergie

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/12 **#13**
Hopefully the movie will be something special because the destruction in its wake is epic. Right at the start of 2016, this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee took on a project with this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. The two subjects of our blind also share another trait in the acting world. Anyway, the two had shared a spark when they worked together previously, but nothing happened. At the time they first worked together, he was married and she was in a long term relationship. When they reunited early this year, their relationship situations were identical, but this time they took the friendship into something way more. The next thing you know, even before they started filming the movie they are full on having sex whenever they get a chance. Hotel rooms under fake names. She is bringing him to family owned properties across the country. They are doing this while juggling relationships. He didn’t do a very good job and his wife busted him and kicked him out. That was a wake up call to the actress who called it quits on the relationship. Fast forward a few months when they start filming and the two start hooking up again. This time though, she gets busted and ends up calling it off with her boyfriend. So, this means our two subjects are free to be with each other. Right? Well, the actor didn’t see it that way and for the first time in forever he is single. He is also way more famous than the last time he was single. He has sex with everyone which makes the actress feel worthless. He is coming to the set with lipstick and hickeys on his body. After filming wrapped he did find someone he called his girlfriend but he cheats. A lot. He cheated as recently as last night on her.
Actor: Casey Affleck
Actress: Rooney Mara
Shared trait: both have siblings for actors
Previous movie: "Ain't Them Bodies Saints"
Current movie: "A Ghost Story"
Actor’s girlfriend: Floriana Lima

135. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/13
Gather round, Gossipers, for I have something to tell you. Do you remember that big, shocking romance of 2016 that didn't make it to the end of the year? Well, it was all fake! One of the A-list participants actually already had a girlfriend, according to my source, and the girlfriend wasn't happy at her man partaking in a showmance when they were supposed to be together. 'She was tipping off the Sun and the Daily Mail about their relationship,' whispers the source. 'Fortunately his PR team already had a agreement with the Sun and the Daily Mail, and they let his publicist know about the girlfriend's conspiring. It caused a huge argument between the publicity teams and the showmance soon ended, so the girlfriend got what she wanted in the end.' Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston

136. MR. X 12/13
A new book being written is going to show just how much this deceased A+ list comedienne really disliked this current late night talk show host. It was the reason she stopped working with him. He likes to pretend they were bff, but that is not true. Joan Rivers/Andy Cohen

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actor was on a very hit network show as recently as last year. Now, the ratings on the show are tanking and his after show career is headed down too. His label, once high on him, now thinks our actor is high all the time and thinks he has nothing new to offer and that his drug use has become a liability. They just want to walk away. Jussie Smollett ("Empire")

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#2**
The vast majority of the people attending the Dubai Film Festival were there solely for the festival. One woman who was not though, is this foreign born reality star/host/model. Apparently the very trashy reality show she is on in the UK is very popular with the guys who pay and the women on the show are in high demand. Oh, and also this foreign born actress who had one role that is a bit of a jinx on your future career plans. Ashley James ("Made in Chelsea")/Olga Kurykenko ("Bond" girl)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#3**
Don’t believe the rumors. This former superhero who is now about to be formerly married is still hooking up with the for now very close actress friend of the soon to be ex. There is a lot of noise out there while they try to keep things quiet until the divorce is final. Tobey Maguire (Jennifer Meyer)/Kate Hudson

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#4**
This foreign born celebrity chef looked at one point like he might try and overtake Gordon. Nope. Now, even though he has expanded his presence on television to multiple shows, the audience still doesn’t really like him; the women in his life hate him; and the restaurants he is always announcing are going to open, fail to do so because no one wants to do business with him. Robert Irvine; Jamie Oliver

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#5**
This blogger decided to get back at a permanent A list celebrity by saying something awful and untrue about him. It turns out the celebrity once had sex with the blogger’s wife before they were married and the blogger just found out about it. Nik Richie (Shayne Lamasz) (reported that Hugh Hefner had died)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#6**
Speaking of yachting, that was quite the collection gathered together recently on a yacht just off the coast of the US. The people who own the yacht are not allowed inside the territorial waters of the US. They are allowed however, to pay about $250K per night for the group of models/celebrities which was all arranged by a close family member of one of the celebrities. He has several friends who are not allowed in the country.
Close family member: Mohamed Hadid or Yolanda Hadid
Yachters: Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Elsa Hosk (and other VS models)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#7**
A frequent director of this FOX show is thisclose to having his life explode into big headlines. He is trying to scramble while not letting producers or the network know what happened.

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#8**
When the mother of this A+ lister talks to a woman involved with her son, it usually is followed by the woman leaving the relationship with the A+ lister. In this case, I think it was a threat given, rather than a dismissal. Bradley Cooper (Gloria Campano)/Irina Shayk

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#9**
With her career faltering and album sales not doing well, this former A+ list singer has reached out to the one named aging permanent A list singer to try and make amends. If the career was doing well, there is no way she would do this. Lady GaGa/Madonna

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#10**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is one of the stars of a franchise that is huge was doing lines of coke in a church this week.

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#11**
This foreign born former B- list athlete who is probably most famous for who he married and now divorcing than his athletic career is being crazy again. Apparently he has been doing a crazy amount of drugs and basically living with a soon to be divorced reality star from a Bravo show airing right now. Mike Comrie/Hilary Duff/Scheana Marie ("Vanderpump Rules")

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#12**
Short and sweet, but super juicy. This foreign born permanent A lister spread a ton of cash around and bought a family member a pretty big nomination. I say a ton of cash, but I guess in the scheme of things and what the nomination could mean, it might not seem like it. There were ten stacks of $50K given to ten people who then passed around enough to get the votes and kept the rest for themselves. Lily Collins (Phil Collins) (Golden Globe nomination for "Rules Don’t Apply")

149. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/14
Keep this quiet, Gossipers, because even his wife doesn't know. I always have a hard time with blind items about affairs. I've got no problem with publishing a blind about an affair when the wife knows or the relationship is long over, but blind items about active affairs when one of the partner is still unaware rub me the wrong way. I think it dates back to last year when I published a blind about an affair and a 'friend' of the wife's emailed us about it. Then, of course, Sam or Scott remind me that I'm a shameless gossip hound and if I wanted to have dignity and self-respect, I wouldn't have entered the journalism arena to begin with. Our actor is television A-list on one of the hottest shows on the screen. People like him. He's considered a good actor and something of a family man. He's stepping out on his non famous wife with a famous woman (who even we don't know the identity of). His wife has no idea and my source swears that she's so trusting of her other half that it's likely she never will.

150. MR. X 12/14 **#1**
What foreign born outrageous conservative pundit is being offered some big bucks to be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother? If the price is right, my source told me, he’d do it in a heartbeat. Milo Yiannopoulos

151. MR. X 12/14 **#2**
After her crazy behind the scenes behavior at a recent award show, this B+ list mostly television actress on a FOX show who used to be in a hit show on one of the kid networks needs rehab. Now. Before the holidays. Keke Palmer ("Scream Queens"/"True Jackson, VP")

152. MR. X 12/14 **#3**
Don’t believe the stories coming out the mouth of this momager/mom of a reality star not named Kris Jenner. It is coke and booze that landed her in her current situation and nothing else. Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna’s mother)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#1**
This B+ list singer has an A list last name. Since the peak of his career he has moved into acting where he joins an ex and another family member. He is also closeted with a long long term boyfriend. Robin Thicke "Real Husbands of Hollywood"

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#2**
If this now secluded A list reality star ever wanted to be friends with the couple her husband owes millions of dollars to, that time has now passed. Our reality star has come down on the side of the worst enemy of this A+ list singer who also slept with the husband of the A+ lister.
A list reality star/husband: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West
Couple: Beyoncé/Jay Z
Worst enemy: Rachel Roy ("Takeover Day" on Kim’s website)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#3**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a hit network show loves to tell everyone how much he loves women and is straight. He can talk and talk all he wants, but all the guys he has hooked up with in Miami tell a completely different story. Shemar Moore

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is on vacation. He took an actor buddy and a woman whose only job is to be there in case the A+ lister needs to make it look like he has a girlfriend. Leonardo DiCaprio/Lukas Haas

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#5**
It took long enough, but I think this former A list tweener turned B+ list adult singer has finally found the perfect beard. She is a barely there celebrity who has done the same thing before for other actors and celebrities. Nick Jonas

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#6**
This former A-/B+ list mostly television actor who played the same role in a movie met a woman at an event this week and took her to his limo for some oral sex before heading back to the event and leaving with a different woman. Jeremy Piven

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#7**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actress who has worked for the same boss for nearly a decade is hooking up with this director who always puts himself in his own films. She and the director always hook up even when in relationships with other people. Lea Michele/Peter Berg

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#8**
This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was so wasted he passed out against a door leading to an interview room filled with three reporters and a cameraman. Our actor was doing press for his new movie and literally had to be dragged by his feet to a bedroom in the suite. Michael Fassbender

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#9**
"Holy f**k," were the first two words out of the mouth of this designer when he saw this A-/B+ list model/celebrity offspring the other day. The drugs use is bad. When she uses, she doesn’t eat. For the past week she has been using like crazy so has lost ten pounds off her tiny frame. She looks awful. Bella Hadid

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **#10**
#1 – The parents of this B- list child actress only let her eat a third of the calories a day she should be eating. They are trying to permanently change her metabolism. What they are doing is giving her an eating disorder and slowly killing her.

#2 – This is coming from her side and not his, but this foreign born A-/B+ list network actress says she ended up making out with this married foreign born permanent A lister. She says he had a lot of lines and is definitely charming but she is shocked they made out. She also says he never asked her for her contact information and didn’t offer his information.

#3 – Kindness – This A-/B+ list pay cable actor from a long running show not on HBO was in a hurry while Christmas shopping and had about ten people in front of him. So, he went to each one and offered to pay for all their stuff if they would let him go in front. Well, each person of course said yes. The actor went to the front and told the two cashiers what he was doing and who he was doing it for. He paid for his items and left his credit card info and was out the door in five minutes instead of twenty. It did cost him $4000 though. William H. Macy

163. SANDRA ROSE 12/15
A popular R&B singer is planning to come out of the closet soon, but his handlers worry that coming out now would destroy his career. His handlers note that other young black singers courageously came out of the closet, only to see their careers sink like the Titanic. But the singer says he is a mature adult and he is tired of hiding his truth. He knows that the music industry is particularly harsh to young black men who are openly gay, especially former boy band singers. There are more closeted black men in the entertainment industry than heterosexual. But most of them cower in their closets — hiding behind their wives or girlfriends, because they’re afraid of losing their straight female fan base. Lloyd ("N-Toon"); Omarion ("B2K")

164. JEZEBEL 12/15
What it means to be a woman is on many American women’s minds right now, since our current presidential election is playing out like a gender studies course simulation. Even Chelsea Handler is not immune, and she used an episode of her show Chelsea to explore some of the issues women think about. Her guests definitely narrow the exploration of what constitutes women’s issues. While there’s plenty of valid criticism for how the gender pay gap isn’t going to be closed by rich white actresses, an anecdote Hilary Swank tells about how she was paid earlier in her career is still fairly shocking. She explains that she only made $3,000 for her Academy Award-winning performance in Boys Don’t Cry, which didn’t even qualify her for health insurance. After her second Oscar win, she was offered a part across from a male lead who had recently become "hot," but had no critical acclaim. He was paid $10 million and she was offered $500,000. After she turned down the role, the part was given to an upcoming actress who was paid only $50,000.
Movie: "The Departed"
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Actress: Vera Farmiga

165. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/15
We're getting to award season and that means high visibility for our nominated actors and actresses. One A-list actress in particular is feeling the pressure. She's scheduled a series of non-invasive surgeries over the next couple of months and is determined to be looking her very best come Oscar night. Nicole Kidman

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#1**
This A-/B+ mostly movie actress from an acting family has been silently enduring a very subtle but ever growing transformation. She has always had issues with her birth assigned gender, but due to her very conservative background and, later in her life, her acting career, she had to keep this undercover and had tried many times throughout her life to conform to being a girl (she even used to be very feminine during a good period). It was a certain role (which by the way she contended hard for) in which she could explore a more gender-fluid appearance and demeanor, that she had the chance to experiment with a more authentic self. Ever since then, she’s been struggling to keep the glamourous and lady-like appeal demanded from her. However, due to a tremendous emotional turmoil, related and unrelated to her intimate problem, the past months have been hell on earth to her. She drifted away from close people, made some other bad choices, and even made a public appearance a few months ago covered with fresh scars on her arm. She’s very depressed and lonely but has no one she feels she could reach out to and tell the truth.

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#2**
This former actress turned comedienne turned reality star turned comedienne turned host turned comedienne says she is being black balled by this A list talk show host. Kathy Griffin/Ellen DeGeneres

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#3**
According to this B+ list mostly movie actress, her soon to be ex husband who is an A lister tries to have phone sex with her and also wants to have sex with her. Because she keeps tuning him down, he refuses to do what he previously agreed to do. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#4**
This former A+ list singer turned A- lister who wants to act is so desperate to sell albums and make some noise, she is willing to sit for an interview with a guy who despises her and thinks she is trash. Lady Gaga/Piers Morgan

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#5**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor spread around several million dollars from himself and a studio and someone from his acting family which keeps everyone quiet about what he did to a certain group of women. He also spent a ton of money to tabloids to get the story shut down as much as possible. Casey Affleck (sexual harassment of women on Joaquin Phoenix documentary staff)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#6**
Not being shared in the story of the divorce between these two reality stars from a very popular cable show is the time he held a gun to his wife’s head and had her beg for her life and their children. Christina and Tarek El Moussa ("Flip or Flop")

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#7**
This B+ list network reality star has been trying to save her relationship. Apparently she has been crisscrossing the country after her boyfriend discovered she was doing a casting couch thing. Julianne Hough

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#8**
This openly gay, former B+list actor on a now defunct hit network show is cheating on his boyfriend with an actor in his new stage production. David Hyde Pierce ("Hello, Dolly!")

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#9**
The boozing is getting out of control for this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition who won’t ever be able to shake that franchise. When you are pulling Jimmy Fallon’s you need rehab. Desperately. Kristen Stewart ("Twilight")

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#10**
This B- list one named singer who was briefly A list back in the day has been trying to get publicity using the name of someone who is permanently A list. It made me think of a time about four years ago, or maybe 5 when the B- lister wanted to make a comeback and she ended up having sex with the father of the permanent A lister because she thought he could/would help her career. Nope. He just was in it for the sex. Ashanti/Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s father)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#11**
This foreign born model/actress/beard has been flashing a ring which looks a lot like an engagement ring. Nope. She got it earlier this year from a man she hooked up with in Miami. Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **#12**
It took me a little bit of time to finally put this all together, and if you watch this particular home shopping channel, then you will probably find this very fascinating. If you don’t, well, it sounds like something that would happen on any random movie set, but these things just don’t usually happen in the world of home shopping. There was a favorite on this channel. Every person who watched the network loved her. The thing is, she was hooking up with one of the top 3 people at the company. At some point he decided to trade her in for someone younger. Well, no one said he is a nice guy. The thing is though, he didn’t tell her he was looking for someone new. It didn’t take him long to find another host on the network. This host was just starting out and was supposed to get the horrible shifts. Those late night, overnight, no one wants shifts. Instead of having to do those shifts for a year or two though, she only had to do them for a couple of weeks. Why? She started having sex with the boss. The next thing you know, those overnight shifts were being filled by the long time popular host. It was at that point she realized the guy was sleeping with the new host. It took her all of two weeks before she decided to quit, but not before she played hardball with the network about what was going on. Apparently she had some very good dirt and could prove why she was being sent to overnights. She got a very large check and then quietly said goodbye to the network. Meanwhile, the boss was never fired and he is still hooking up with the newer host. Until someone else comes along.
Albany Irving (Elise Ivy)

178. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/16
Hillary Clinton might not be the only one facing a big upset. Award season is underway and the experts have predicted the likely winners and nominees. One movie is on many lists as a potential nominee for Best Picture, but isn't considered a potential winner. A large group of Academy Award voters are of the opinion that it will win as way of an apology. "Hacksaw Ridge" (Mel Gibson)

179. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 12/16
Living in the spotlight has this reality star crying foul. She loves dishing it out, but can’t take the heat. She boozes heavily, spilling her jabber all over social media — but comes unglued when fans and blogs slap her back. She runs to network execs — squawking about being the butt of secrets exposed. She swears that a bruised ego doesn’t hurt, but her tattling protests reveal the truth. She vows that her happiness is over the moon — but craves fan affirmation to beat down the grey areas of doubt. Network voices placate her anxiety, renewing her hope for positive feedback. Her groove is a setup for misery…but she just can’t help herself. Shannon Beador ("Real Housewives of Orange County")

180. MR. X 12/16 **#1**
What annoying social climber of a late night host tried to get this comedienne blackballed, with the help of an ancient gossip columnist who I will call Miss Haversham, after they blabbed to the comedienne’s former network about how she obtained that gig she was fired from? The fact that he also duped the producer and several writers of the gig to believe his lies makes this even more despicable. He is vile.
Late night host: Andy Cohen
Comedienne: Kathy Griffin
Miss Haversham: Liz Smith or Cindy Adams
Former network: E!

181. MR. X 12/16 **#2**
This A list rapper who yells and name drops himself a lot in songs didn’t want a lot of potential secrets about himself being exposed so offered up some information in a separate matter to keep the big secrets, secret. Kanye West (visit with Donald Trump)

182. MR. X 12/16 **#3**
This reality family is ticked off that a former member of the family is going to make money without them. It is their own fault though. They didn’t think he had money making opportunities left, so they terminated all their contracts and agreements with him.
Lamar Odom  (a reality show after his rehab)

183. MR. X 12/16 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly television actress from back in the day on a very hit, very long running iconic network show is unrecognizable. Since she stopped appearing on television she has grown addicted to plastic surgery, and the results have been mixed, to say the least. Loretta Swift ("M*A*S*H")

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#1**
This foreign born B+ list dual threat actress has a franchise that is starting again after being dormant for quite some time. I think the lead actor finally got a handle on his hair plug issue. Anyway, she wants to go public with her relationship with the A-/B+ list cable tv actor. He is cool with that but is also seeing someone from his show which he won’t give up. Our actress would end up looking like she broke up another relationship which is not what she needs right now. Diane Kruger ("National Treasure")/Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead")

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#2**
This foreign born billionaire looks like he will have to cough up at least $5M to his permanent A list former girlfriend. He had her cancel a gig that would have made him look bad. She was going to get paid $5M and he told her he would give her that amount if she canceled. She did.  James Packer/Mariah Carey
(Macau scandal)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#3**
Why yes, that was this married former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner sharing the same hotel room as her foreign born co-star while on their promotional trip. Nicole Kidman/Dev Patel ("Lion")

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#4**
Apparently this foreign born former Twilight actor turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor is scared of his girlfriend to the point where he is afraid what will happen if he tries to break up with her. Robert Patterson/FKA Twigs

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#5**
Whenever this A- list mostly movie actor starts piling on the pounds you know an epic cocaine bender is right around the corner. Also, any women who says no to him will be treated to a variety of slurs. Jonah Hill

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#6**
This A- list rapper is threatening to kill himself because his foreign born A list rapper girlfriend split with him. Meek Mill/Nicki Minaj

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#7**
The horrible orange tan was all that people were noticing this week at an event where this A-/B+ list mostly television actress from her second network show in this family was the main attraction. Lea Michele ("Glee") and "Scream Queens")

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#8**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor doesn’t do action movies any longer. Apparently he is very ill and has lost a ton of weight. There are some who say he is HIV+ and has had some illnesses related to that. Jean-Claude Van Damme; Val Kilmer

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **#9**
I have heard of some strange clothing fetishes in my day, but this one is right up there. It involves an A list singer. I know she didn’t do it during her marriage, but since her marriage ended, it has been one of her mainstays. Maybe it is her reaction to not having a very good marriage. If she is at home, she will only have sex after wearing a wedding dress. OK, she will also have sex while wearing the wedding dress. This is a wedding dress she bought at some point but did not wear to her wedding. The dress is worn out. She will leave it on for an entire weekend if she is with someone just because she does not want to bother with taking it on and off every time they have sex. It apparently reeks of pot and cigarette smoke. There are food stains and other kind of stains. Not going to take an ultraviolet light to that thing if you know what I am saying. Sometimes she seems so normal and then you hear about things like this and some other strange things she does in her life and you start to wonder just how normal she really is. Katy Perry

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#1**
There is definitely going to be a late night shakeup. One of the alternatives being discussed is having this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee step up and be a host. CBS late night situation/Anna Kendrick

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#2**
Our favorite closeted former B+ list mostly television actor from a now defunct hit network show went on a drunken rant about one of his former co-stars. Apparently he thinks he has more talent and she does not deserve the accolades coming her way (she does) for the same type of performance arena in which he is currently starring. Darren Criss (""Hedwig and the Angry Inch")/Amber Riley ("Dreamgirls")

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#3**
So, let me get this straight. The photographer you have been secretly sleeping with for much of 2016 is also your trigger. So, you (former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress) go get "sober," and then decide the best course of action is to have him move into your place, because yeah, that should work out fine. Selena Gomez

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **#4**
What wasn’t said about the recent television appearance of this permanent A list singer is that a shoot scheduled for one hour took four because the singer was so wasted. Mariah Carey (Carpool Karaoke "The Late Late Show with James Corden")

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#1**
Judging by how aggressive she is in going after this Academy Award winning/nominated late actor’s money after death that does not belong to her, his last few years must have been awful. Omarosa Maingault/Michael Clark Duncan; Robin Williams/Susan Schneider Williams

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#2**
One of the children of this now deceased permanent A+ list mostly television comic actress couldn’t wait for their mother to die to start making money off her. They were so greedy that they took fractions of what it would have been worth if they held on to it for a few years. Lucille Ball

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#3**
Maybe next time this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner will allow her nannies to enter the first class/VIP lounge. The other passengers would probably appreciate it instead of watching the children of the actress throw food around the room and knocking over plates and tables. Our actress was on the phone trying to arrange a pap walk when she landed. Oh, and she should be careful because the big fat check she gets from one airline will be in danger if they find out she was using/prefers the lounge of another airline. Nicole Kidman ("Etihad" airline)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/18 **#4**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who all of you know had a hooker on standby all week behind the scenes of this show. Whenever he had a break he would hook up with her. Casey Affleck (hosting "Saturday Night Live")

201. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/19
Who doesn't love Christmas? It's time to overeat and under exercise, as well as catch up with distant loved ones and spend time with close by ones. We hear that this A-list couple won't be doing any of that this Christmas. 'They're both working and will be apart,' whispers the gossiper with a wink. 'How convenient for them.'
Amal and George Clooney (producer of "Ocean’s 8")

202. MR. X 12/19
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Despite giving some of the best performances of her career, the executives at this network hated this permanent A lister who has a permanent A list offspring. The network executives hated her and when a project turned out to not be the ratings bonanza they thought it would be, made her life miserable. They cut her budget and had writers create more and more skits that made her look awful. They reveled in destroying her. Judy Garland (CBS/"The Judy Garland Show")

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#1**
There is a huge behind the scenes battle going on right now about a movie that this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress you all know, is filming. Her people want her to stay on the film or to be able to spin why she leaves if she does. The producers just want her gone. Her behavior is out of control and she is bringing the film down with her.

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#2**
Our favorite foreign born A list dual threat actor had quite the big hit. Despite the fact he is married, there are several people out there who have made it clear, they would like to be involved with the actor. His wife has been leaking stories to tabloids about how happy the couple is and how she is set to do something she didn’t do at the time of marriage, just to show the world how close they are. Sophie Hunter (Benedict Cumberbatch) (change her last name)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#3**
When you are a crap businessman and have a lifestyle that does not support the income you make, then, you start stealing from your employees and dipping your hands in business money that is not yours. This A- list celebrity/host is a hard worker and makes several million bucks a year, but it still isn’t enough so, now lots of others he stole from are getting ticked. Andy Cohen; Nick Cannon

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#4**
By my count, this reality family has shown off 14 new animals they have acquired over the years. Once the initial luster fades and enough photos have been taken, they tell an employee to find a new owner. They then put the animal out of their mind and move on to the next photo op.
Kardashian/Jenner family  (pets)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#5**
Not exactly the best time for a staged pap shot, but this former B+ list mostly movie actress never gets to go out in public with the foreign born A+ list actor everyone calls her boyfriend. So, yeah, she knew where she would be and when with him and had someone there to take photos. They don’t even live together any longer. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#6**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener turned into an A/A- list singer as an adult is shaking in his boots right now. He knows he is heavily involved in the life of a guy who got busted big time for massive quantities of drugs. That guy will be spilling names. A lot of the names you know, but they won’t care being named. Our former A+ lister will though. It could destroy him. Justin Bieber

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#7**
This B+ list reality star/celebrity who has been in the reality life with a bazillion other siblings says gay people are not normal and should be medically treated. Jessa Duggar

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#8**
Despite her being basically an A list mostly television actress in her own right, who has been A list a lot longer than her husband, our actress is very insecure. That new present she received from her husband was because he was cheating. She doesn’t know that yet though. If she finds out, she will lose her s**t. Anna Faris/Chris Pratt

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#9**
Umm, this is just getting weird. This former Disney actress who loves a good bikini in front of some paps is at it again. Three consecutive "relationships" for publicity, all with guys who prefer guys, but choose not to come out of the closet. Since she always has a pap with her or a phone call away, the guy get publicity and she keeps thing fresh by dating a new guy every few months. Of course, the tabloids dutifully report it like it is all real. Bella Thorne/Charlie Puth

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#10**
It turns out it is possible for this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to dislike a co-star more than the tall actor she made a movie with that you probably watch. That current Academy Award winning/nominated co-star she is doing press with right now continues to make her scream on almost daily basis. There was the excessive pot use and his failure to shower all that often, to his constant use of the word darlin’ when speaking to her or about her to others.
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Actor: Matthew McConaughey
Movie: "Sing"
Former tall co-star: Vince Vaughn ("Four Christmases")

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#11**
Apparently this permanent A list mostly movie actor who does have multiple Academy Award wins/nominations has not had sex with his wife in years. All the steroids over the years has caused him to not be able to perform. Sylvester Stallone

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#12**
Over the years I have given this A list mostly movie actress a lot of grief in the blinds. She has had some very poor relationship choices and, despite her fondness for some illicit drugs, she is an actress who should have an Academy Award or at least a nomination. The good news is she has a franchise so, she has that going for her for the next half decade. Our actress is married. This past weekend, and old friend of mine ran into the actress at an event out of the country. My friend and the actress share some past directors and also have a connection with where our actress was this past weekend. They had a nice chat and then my friend wandered through the party and got involved in a conversation with a few other people. Apparently the subject when she walked up was that everyone was shocked the A lister even attended the party. For much of the past week, the A lister has been working almost 24/7 at a center where several hundred refugees have been living until they can get settled. She shares no common language with them but has made it a personal mission to take care of each of the families. She is working with the government of the country to pay for apartments for the families to stay and to get people she knows in the industry to hire as many of the working age people. Plus, she has personally hired a dozen of them, even though she is struggling to find work for them to do. She has reached out to other businesses and convinced many of them to hire one or two each. Everyone at the party loved that she was doing it for no reward other than the thanks of the people she was helping. Scarlett Johansson
 (on USO tour in Afghanistan)

by Oli Coleman
A dominatrix has revealed how Hollywood insiders get their kinky kicks without getting caught. "Mistress Scarlett," aka Jenny Nordbak, tells Page Six that dozens of members of LA’s creative class — from household-name musicians to famous screenwriters and even A-list actors — have hired her to whip, beat and bind them, and play out their fantasies. Nordbak, who’s hung up her spikes and will publish a memoir, "The Scarlett Letters," in April, says, "When you’re at the more exclusive private fetish play parties, that’s [when] you start to see more [famous people], and I did see more celebrities in that sphere." But braver "submissives" — including "a mega-famous actor," whom "most women, and I’m sure a few men, have fantasized about kissing" — ventured to her dungeon. Of that star, whose "magnificent" unmentionables almost made her break character, Nordbak dishes that he paid her to yank on strings attached to a certain private piercing. Another client was a Hollywood screenwriter. "He just had these super-elaborate, over-the-top, detailed scenes that he would want to play out … that was fun because you don’t usually get that amount of imagination," said Nordbak. "He’s like, ‘I am the maharaja!’ and he’s in full costume; like a whole production." The USC grad added that "particularly with celebrities, they’re surrounded by ‘yes’ men and everyone is so in awe of them, and they don’t hear ‘no’ very often. So I think they’re so used to being the one with the power that surrendering that power to someone else is really exhilarating."

216. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/20
Everyone in this former A-list popstar's team is trying to keep her under control for the next couple of months. She's just gotten in a new relationship and she's already talking about marriage. Knowing her personality, they're scared that she'll disappear one day and reemerge married without a pre-nup. Mariah Carey/Bryan Tanaka; Britney Spears/Sam Asghari

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#1**
Apparently, one of the conditions for this A list reality star from that reality family to help her broke boyfriend financially is that she now has power of attorney over everything in his life and makes all his financial decisions for him. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#2**
Those sex tape rumblings you have heard are correct. What is being spun though, is not entirely the whole truth. The gender classification of the other person is being kept quiet. Kanye West

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#3**
This A- list singer who had another big hit this past year, albeit with someone else this time around just wants to quit music and make babies with her boyfriend. She is tired of being in the limelight and just wants out. Meghan Trainor

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#4**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is also an Academy Award winner gained about 35 pounds since he shot the movie he is promoting now and the studio is not pleased. Denzel Washington ("Fences")

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#5**
This former A+ list singer is still A- list. She is also married. She also spent the last four days holed up in a hotel room out of the country with her female lover. The only time our singer emerged was for a work commitment that brought her to the country. Alicia Keys (in Germany)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#6**
When you spend more time buying gifts for all the women you slept with in the past year rather than your wife, it is perhaps time for this foreign born A list mostly movie actor still technically in a franchise for now to split with his actress wife. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz ("James Bond")

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#7**
The celebrity offspring of this permanent A+ lister recently had sex with a pseudo relative while watching a movie in which the relative starred. Paris Jackson (Michael Jackson)/Macaulay Culkin ("Home Alone")

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#8**
This married A/A+ list mostly movie actor was out with his wife this past weekend at a show and, while she was busy with their child(ren), hit on several women in the show and took home more than a couple of phone numbers. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan Tatum ("The Nutcracker")

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#9**
Her marriage is an open marriage, his was not. Their relationship was hot and heavy during the entire time they filmed their long running hit network show. His wife finally had enough, so he walked away from a hit show and the work is not as good as that show. His wife likes it more though. The actress is still working on the same long running hit network show and has found another guy who has taken the place of the actor. Christopher Meloni/Mariska Hargitay/Danny Pino ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"); Claire Danes/Damian Lewis/Alexander Fehling ("Homeland")

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#10**
It is hard to believe someone can be a B list celebrity, but who all of you know. You do though, and she is. She was probably A list at one point. I don’t see her ever climbing back up the ladder, but all of you will still remember her for her look. At a party the other night, she said that, "Her relationships with men are not the type to lead to permanence." She also said she has very few real friends, and fully expects to die alone, and probably won’t be discovered until days after her death. She is not going to die any time soon, but it certainly brought the party down a notch or a hundred. Dita Von Teese
(MOCA's Leadership Circle and Members' Opening for "Rick Owens: Furniture")

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#11**
She has been in some of the most beloved shows of all time. You probably don’t always remember she was on them, even though she was a regular, but she was on them. Until a couple of years ago, she went from one middling hit to the next. Now, with just a sporadic pay cable paycheck, she wants regular work. Movies don’t want her and she is feeling old even though she is not out of her 30’s. The work she did might have been going overboard. The surgeons did a good job, but now she just looks like every other late 30’s actress trying to look young and not who she was.

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#12**
This still a teen A-/B+ list mostly movie actress is about to be fired from a movie during its first week of production. If they let her continue, they risk her drug use ruining the movie. Chloë Grace Moretz ("Suspiria")

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **#13**
KINDNESS: Even I have a tough time keeping track of the deeds of this oft failed A-/B+ list mostly television actor. The good news is he sometimes gets put in fairly bad movies too. You all know him though, and you all love him. Married, but his celebrity wife does not really share the same level of enthusiasm for helping others as he does. She is more of a write a check when the Girl Scout manages to find a way through the gate and up to their front door kind of person. Our actor though, he helps. He helps everyone all of the time. Those times our actor does land a new show, our actor starts sharing his paycheck with the organizations he supports. He also immediately gets the craft services people on board to donating all the day’s leftovers to another list of organization he supports. There is not a day that goes by on set that he is not having people sign scripts or one sheets or anything else he can think of so the organizations can have silent auctions. One movie he did, our actor managed to obtain signatures on over 1500 items of people much more famous than he. All those items brought in slightly over $1M. When his show inevitably gets canceled, our actor switches to volunteer mode. His goal is always eight hours a day. Every single day. He rotates the organizations so each gets him about every ten days. Back in the day he used to work seven days a week, but now he has cut back to five. On his longest running show, before he got married and had a family, he would work a a 12 hour day on set and then go volunteer another 5 or 6 hours. I’m not saying our actor is perfect. He has had his foibles, but the things he does at home and away from home long canceled out the couple of misdeeds. Josh Duhamel

230. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/21
This C-list teen actress dropped her boyfriend because she felt that her star is on the rise and thought the single life would be a better fit for her at the time. Bella Thorne/Tyler Posey

Which super mean Real Housewife is livid that she DID NOT get invited to Andy Cohen’s amazing holiday party on Saturday night and is now trashing him around town. The party was at his super fancy new duple and including ABC newsman David Muir and Kelly Ripa but ZERO housewives. Most of the ladies understand that the boss doesn’t want to invite them and party with his staff, but this one lady thinks that she is FRIENDS with Andy and cannot understand why she wasn’t invited. She loves hanging out with stars and certainly knows a thing or two about drinks! She is upset and TRASHING him to whoever will listen! BUT SHE NEEDS TO BE CAREFUL! WHEN HE READS THIS………. Bethenny Frankel

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#1**
This foreign born B+/A- lister’s new family member is already affecting her next movie in a franchise. You see, her spouse has voiced great dislike for a particularly committed co-star, going as far as supervising his then-girlfriend-now-wife on set of a recent successful but critically slammed movie. Apparently all of her upcoming projects are being produced by her husband’s company, including the previously mentioned franchise movie/spin off where the hated co-star should be starring too… but won’t.

B+/A- lister: Margot Robbie
Family member: Tom Ackerley/husband
Co-star: Jared Leto
Slammed movie: "Suicide Squad"
Upcoming project: "Gotham City Sirens"

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#2**
Despite making a decent living as an A-/B+ list mostly movie actress, this actress also makes as much money as possible selling posts on her Instagram page, the proceeds of which, she keeps from her agent, but not her manager.

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#3**
The fans of this foreign born former boy bander turned solo singer should know he is never going to perform in their country. The drug laws are too strict and his addiction is so bad, there is no way he will ever sing there. His record company thinks he is fine. Uh huh. Zayn Malik (Japan)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#4**
Things were going well for this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress and her athlete husband. Then, she had to go on a press tour for a new movie and now her husband is back to his old ways which involves hooking up with women from the past and present. Gabrielle Union/Dwyane Wade

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#5**
This former tweener singer turned adult singer with drug issues was doing Ayahuasca (a tropical vine native to the Amazon region, noted for its hallucinogenic properties) all weekend. Apparently she says it doesn’t count as a real drug. Demi Lovato

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#6**
This permanent A list model/former reality host/talk show host is being abused by her significant other. Tyra Banks/Erik Asla

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#7**
Dear former A-/B+ list singer/celebrity/reality star/famous sibling,
Most people don’t do lines of coke in their gym while working out. Just sayin’.
Love & Bacon,
Ashlee Simpson

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#8**
While doing press for a new project she has done completely on her own, this celebrity wife of an A+ lister was repeatedly asked about her husband and not her own project. She was OK with a question or two, but lost her temper and walked of the set of one show when all the questions were about him. Camila Alves/Matthew McConaughey (lifestyle expert for Target)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#9**
Our favorite annoying former tweener actress turned singer had a procedure done to her eyes so they would look more smoky and less wide eyed innocent. I just think she wanted the procedure done so it would be harder to see the whites of her eyes or tell if her pupils are dilated. Ariana Grande

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#10**
This foreign born attention seeking A+ list mostly movie actor trashed his most recent director at an event. Apparently the director was getting more credit than the actor which is a big no no. He shares the spotlight with no one.
Ryan Reynolds (PROBABLY: Tim Miller "(Deadpool 2")

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#11**
This so deep in the closet that you would need to send in a search team to find him B list take what he can get actor who is the offspring of a permanent A+ lister in two movie fields loves trotting out names of women he is dating. Last month there was a name of one actress and this month it is another. Sometimes there are photos of a date, but more often than not it is just a story floated by his PR team. Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood actor/director)/Hilary Duff/mystery brunette/girlfriend died 2 years ago in car crash

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#12**
Do you care? Probably not. However, it is a war. The vast majority of photocalls for movies in LA are done in one hotel. This high end hotel makes a ton of money renting out the conference rooms, suites and food and beverages for the army that descends multiple times each week for these sessions. Now though, a different hotel decided it wanted in on the bidding. It’s main claim to fame has been the flagship LA restaurant of this foreign born celebrity chef who spends a ton of time on television. The hotel is offering 70% discounts compared to the hotel that currently has the monopoly and studios and networks are taking notice. The thing is though, the actors and actresses prefer the hotel chain that currently has the monopoly and don’t care about costs.
Current hotel: Hotel Bel-Air (Wolfgang Puck)
Challenging hotel: Beverly Wilshire; The Peninsula Beverly Hills

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#13**
KINDNESS: It may look like this B+ list mostly television actress on multiple shows beneath the same corporate umbrella just takes selfies all day and shops for herself. Well, she does take a lot of selfies, and does a lot of shopping. What you may have missed in all her shopping is that she has spent on average about $2500 a day for the past four weeks filling up every donate a toy collection area she has seen. No matter how big the box or barrel or collection area, our actress fills it. If it is emptied out and she happens past it again, she will fill it up again. It is a challenge at this point to find as many drop off locations in LA she can find and just keep filling them up. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family", "Jake and the Never Land Pirates", "Sofia the First")/ABC/Disney

245. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/22
This is one of the most embarrassing plastic surgery situations I've been told about. This C/B-list television actress has been trying to increase Botox appointments lately and actually got TURNED DOWN by the doctor. 'He even felt she was having it done too regularly,' whispers a source close to the doc. 'Everyone knows she's his client, so he thought if she started looking freakish that it would damage his reputation. He fully expects her to go with someone else now.'

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#1**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor is drinking himself to death faster than an illness can kill him. The old actor has gone back to his partying ways of 30-40 years ago. Jack Nicholson

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#2**
It is always the ones you think won’t do it, who do it. This former opp singer turned actress who has a very hit network show right now did a staged pap photo for a company and got paid mid five figures for 15 minutes of work. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us")

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#3**
This foreign born former/still sometime member of an A list group mainly does reality now. Anyway, in a step outside her normal comfort zone, she got an acting gig. It didn’t take our married former singer long to start hooking up with an actress from the gig. Mel B ("Scary Spice")/Broadway "Chicago"

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#4**
This network reality star from a very long running network show has a colorist sent to his house because he doesn’t want anyone to know he colors his hair and has the grey removed. Mark Ballas ("Dancing With the Stars")

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#5**
This former celebrity turned B+ list mostly television actress now struggles to find work acting. She is one person I would not expect to cheat on her spouse. I would be wrong. Given her past, I thought that would be a no go area for her.

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#6**
This very tall, very young model with the A+ list former bff pitched a reality show she said could land the former bff. So far that has not happened and producers are seeing their money go down the drain in the most boring reality show pilot of all time. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#7**
This foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who has prodigious sperm has a girlfriend ready to bolt. She can’t handle the parental demands the actor requires when it comes to his children. Hugh Grant/Anna Elisabet Eberstein

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#8**
It didn’t take long for this former B list mostly movie actor turned mostly behind the scenes guy you all know because of a former wife, to go back to strippers and coke on a nightly basis. His current wife must be thrilled. David Arquette

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#9**
This A+ list mostly movie actor feels like he has been getting the shaft but is trying to not go low. That may change though with what his ex is now saying publicly. Our actor has the ability to destroy his ex with photos and videos, not to mention some e-mails that could land her in jail. Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#10**
This one named singer with an interesting choice of hairstyle for several years has new music ready to be released. Just one problem. It is really really good. So, what is the problem? Her mogul/wannabe rapper boyfriend won’t be able to keep her under his thumb if it takes off, so he is blocking the release. Cassie/Sean "P Diddy" Combs

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#11**
This former Disney child actor turned A- list mostly movie actor was supposed to visit his wife on a film set but blew her off to spend time with the woman who had his baby that no one, not even his wife knows about. Shia LaBeouf (in Australia)/Mia Goth (filming "Suspiria" in Italy)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#12**
You don’t even have to scrape up $1000 to get this former reality star from multiple shows who started off her career by getting naked to appear at an event. She is doing anything she can to make money. She has run out of things to sell off and her soon to be husband told her to just try to find a real job. Nope. So, if you have a dry cleaner and feel like she would make your grand opening special, than offer her a couple of bills and she will show up.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **#13**
KINDNESS: He has been a kindness before. Way back in the day. He is foreign born and an A list singer/reality star. He seems like he would get along with everyone in the world and probably would, but he doesn’t have many friends. He pretty much stays out of the public eye, or would except for work. His wife does pressure him to do things with/for her but also pressures him to get out in public and be seen. She knows publicity. One place where he really draws the line though is charity work. His is funding school music programs. If a school needs new instruments, he is your guy. He also has reached deals with school districts where he pays the salary of a teacher who will travel between three or four schools a few times per week. There is a strong possibility that at this point he has contributed, by himself, more money and donated more instruments than the entire history of the Save The Music Foundation. I mean, it is just him. No paperwork. No costs. He goes to a music store in a city where he is touring and writes a check and then the instruments are delivered to a needy school. Pretty remarkable. Nick Lachey

259. THE GOSSIP LIFE 12/23
This A-list television actor spent last Christmas off his ass on booze. It was such a rampage that he booked himself into a short rehab stint in the aftermath. This year he's hoping to just 'get through' without a 'hiccup.' We doubt it somewhat. Kiefer Sutherland

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#1**
This former A list singer who also was an A- list mostly television actress needs professional mental help, but won’t get it. She thinks she is fine despite the fact that she has multiple episodes a month where she attacks people for no reason. Brandy Norwood

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#2**
A group of A list entertainers who have been around forever have been told they need to perform at a high profile event. They have no choice. Should, they attempt to back out or claim they are sick, they will be fired. "Radio City Rockettes"/Donald Trump inauguration

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#3**
This former A list singer turned B list casino circuit singer blasted her actor husband when he tried to order something expensive at a restaurant. She said that when he gets a job and starts paying for something he can order what he wants. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#4**
This former A list tweener singer is a solo A-/B+ lister as an adult. He is also closeted but this A+ list everything in her mind singer/actress is seriously considering being a beard for him. She thinks it will make her look good and she is all about that. Nick Jonas/Jennifer Lopez

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#5**
This married permanent A list model has been having a little fling with this A- list athlete most of you have probably not heard of.

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#6**
This former Jersey Shore star is dead broke but doesn’t want his barely relevant celebrity/reality star girlfriend to know it. Ronnie Magro/Malika Haqq (Khloé Kardashian’s BFF)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#7**
Despite meeting her a half dozen times including a dinner for just six people, this permanent A list singer had no clue who this foreign born permanent A list model was when they ran into each other on vacation this week. Mariah Carey/Heidi Klum (in Aspen)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#8**
This openly gay B+ list dual threat actor is being cheated on by his significant other. Zachary Quinto/Miles McMillan

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#9**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress has been offered roles for the past three years but she has turned them all down. The reason? Well, our married actress thinks if she works, she will use drugs again and it is just not worth it to her. Some work she did a few years ago is being released soon and she is afraid that offers will start coming in again. Rebecca Gayheart ("Grey Lady")

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#10**
This A-/B+ list mostly television actress is currently on a hit almost television show. She has had success on pay cable and network, but not so much in movies. Anyway, she is out of the country on vacation and hooking up with a foreign born married A list mostly movie actor who has been having some marital issues. This won’t help. Michelle Monaghan ("The Path")/Chris Pratt (in Australia)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#11**
This B+ list mostly television actress/celebrity offspring was doing lines of coke on her knees in a Barney’s changing room. Kate Mara

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#12**
Back in the day, this actress was B+. Now, even though most of you know her name, but maybe not her work, she is straight to On Demand and a television movie kind of actress. Three names if that helps. Losing her hair because of the recent purging she has been doing. Rachael Leigh Cook

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **#13**
KINDNESS: I’m not sure this actress is even working right now. Hang on, let me check. OK, she has a recurring role on a network show that must stay on the air through some kind of black magic because it is about as interesting as lukewarm diner food. Anyway, the crazy thing is that most of you know who she is even though she is a B- lister at best. I’m only giving her something that high because of her past work and her ability to stay in the tabloids. In a good way. Photos and red carpets, not cocaine and partying. Our actress has always been outspoken about things/causes she believes in. Many of the hours she puts in, she does not publicize. One of those is a rape crisis hotline. Not only does she provide a great deal of funding to keep it operational, but she also takes calls almost 24/7. To lower costs and to make more people available, calls are routed to various volunteers and except for when she is actually working, our actress makes herself available to take calls. One week earlier this year, our actress took well over 100 calls from different women. Our actress also spends a great deal of time fundraising to help victims of human trafficking, whether it be for the sex trade or something else. I honestly think she would love to be A list just so she could help everyone else more because of the attention and dollars that A list status could direct towards these causes. AnnaLynne McCord ("The Night Shift")

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#1**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee gets his legs waxed monthly. He loves to dress up when his wife is not home. He tells her he waxes his legs because of allergies. Matthew McConaughey

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#2**
The non-acting siblings of this married A-/B+ list mostly movie actress are desperate to land a reality show and don’t care how much they have to name drop their famous sibling and even more famous sibling-in-law. Blake Lively’s (Ryan Reynolds) siblings Eric, Robyn, Lori and/or Jason

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#3**
This up and coming "band" is nominated for a handful of Grammy Awards this year. Everyone is worried the lead singer will commit suicide before the awards because he is that depressed and not allowed to take meds. Tyler Joseph ("Twenty One Pilots") (possibly Christian Scientist)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **#4**
The boyfriend of this B- list singer/B list mostly movie actress who has a franchise/celebrity offspring had to send out for a wire cutter at the hotel where the couple were staying. Apparently during a sex game he zip tied his girlfriend to the bed but neither brought anything to cut them off. When room service gave him a hard time about just needing a steak knife, he called down to the front desk to get a wire cutter. Zoë Kravitz

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#1**
Don’t feel too sorry for this one named singer in a relationship with the sometime one named wannabe rapper/mogul. She got tired of being thrown to the side at holidays and actually has a new guy in her life. That mogul is going to be shocked to see her say buh bye in 2017. Oh, and with a nice chunk of change too. Cassie/Diddy

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#2**
This closeted foreign born married A list mostly movie actor who finally said goodbye to his part of a franchise after what seems like decades spent part of the holidays out of the country with his long time boyfriend.

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#3**
This foreign born B list model who also does hosting and even some reality in her country is not really known to all of you. However, you all know one of her celebrity parents. For the past two months she has been making her living by being a mistress to the head of a grocery store chain in the UK. Daisy Lowe(Pearl Lowe/Gavin Rossdale)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/25 **#4**
This RH franchise is getting a little desperate to find ratings generators. Recently they staged a publicity stunt just so they could have the police come to a house and try and get something dramatic on film. It was just all way over the top. Sheree Whitfield (housewarming party); Kenya Moore (boyfriend destroying her home); Phaedra Parks (bomb threat)

281. LAINEY GOSSIP 12/26
"teeny tiny birthday blind" You see her from time to time with a "new boyfriend" but it never sticks. It never sticks because she’s actually had a girlfriend for 2 years and everything else is just a cover. They’re saying she’s getting more and more adamant about coming out though. It’s just a matter of doing it at the right time, you know, maximum coverage, maximum career boost. Kendall Jenner

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#1**
Pretty tough to get a gig on a network reality show when your highlight reel is you ticking off every other person on a panel in your last reality show. This foreign born A list rapper thinks people are discriminating against her. Nope. They just don’t want the s**t show that happened the last time she got that kind of job. Nicki Minaj ("American Idol")/("The Voice")

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#2**
This 90’s singer from a 90’s A list group you have all heard of despite their lack of hits in the two decades since, has some body issues and has basically destroyed his face at this point.
John Rzeznik/Goo Goo Dolls

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#3**
That video/photo holiday calendar type thing has been a gold mine when it comes to getting new business for the participants. Most are yachters and now it looks like they are doing good work for charity and making appointments for the next few months with prospective clients. "LOVE" Advent calendar

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who has completely struck out with every show since her network hit went off the air years ago still has A list name recognition. She also has an A list drinking problem, or at least did the other day at a pool outside the country when she decided to take a nap while on the cement deck next to the pool. Eva Longoria

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#5**
When they took a three day "break" about two months ago, this B list NBA athlete got yet another woman pregnant. Unlike the last time, I don’t think his A+ list reality star girlfriend knows about this one. Tristan Thompson (Jordan Craig)/Khloé Kardashian

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#6**
This closeted A-/B+ list mostly movie actor should have received an Oscar nod last year for his role in a franchise. Anyway, one of his male lovers is throwing him under the bus and then going back and forth. Michael B. Jordan ("Creed")

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#7**
KINDNESS: Our rehab loving former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress showed a lot of love this weekend. She spent several hours at a children’s hospital on Christmas Eve in her hometown and it was definitely appreciated by the patients and parents. Hopefully 2017 will be a good year for our singer. Selena Gomez

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#8**
This foreign born B list celebrity/celebrity offspring/host/reality star dropped N bombs repeatedly the other night while drinking. It was repulsive. Kelly Osbourne

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#9**
This former A- list mostly television actor on a now defunct very hit cable show is in the dark again about his girlfriend. There is a new book being released with lots of contradictions to the stories she has always told him about her past. Charlie Hunnam ("Sons of Anarchy")/Morgana McNelis

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#10**
This C+ list celebrity offspring who more than half of you would know of a foreign born permanent A lister picked drugs over a family visit this Christmas.

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/26 **#11**
#1 – This once a year A list singer says this time of year is when he can hook up with three or four different women a day without any effort at all. He does so many public appearances this time of year and just picks and chooses at each event to be with someone for an hour or two before moving on to the next event. Josh Groban

#2 – This A+ list everything in her mind has four paid assistants. I guess she didn’t learn her lesson from the last time she came thisclose to bankruptcy. Jennifer Lopez

#3- This former A+ list celebrity/reality star who everyone disliked says she now only does coke on Christmas and her birthday. Paris Hilton

293. MR. X 12/27
When tributes pour in for this recently deceased A lister, don’t listen to the ones from his old label. They screwed him over by diverting funds from his records to those of a singer, the head of the label was sleeping with leaving our A lister precious little promotional money. George Michael (SONY) (Tommy Mottola married to Mariah Carey)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#1**
This VS model called it quits with this A+ list mostly movie actor when he wanted her to have sex with one of his actor friends. No pay, no play with her. Our actor was upset to say the least. Leonardo DiCaprio/Nina Agdal/Tobey Maguire

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#2**
I have never done a complete tally, but most of the time PR leaks about dating, generally come from either the female in a couple or the guy who wants a beard. In this case, it is neither. This foreign born one named rapper loves having his name attached to women who would never date him. It makes people forget that he takes home a different stripper each night and goes without a condom. Quite the catch. Drake (Jennifer Lopez) (Taylor Swift)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#3**
You know that movie that had about seven parts or something like that and made billions of dollars? Yeah, the one they filmed all in a certain country. One actor on the set was kind of outed by one of the leads. Anyway, the kind of outed actor had a long loving relationship with his closeted star. They recently split after a few years together. Lee Pace/Richard Armitage ("The Hobbit")

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#4**
This B list mostly television actor had a huge break as a lead in a hugely popular cable show from a former made for tv kind of cable network. Anyway, he got busted getting orally serviced by a homeless man while volunteering last week.

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#5**
Our favorite former Disney actress who loves to beard as much as she loves to wear bikinis bailed on volunteering this past weekend when she learned she would not be the biggest name celebrity there. Bella Thorne

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#6**
Each year that passes brings his meal tickets closer to 18 when he won’t get any more meals or tickets and has made zero plans on how to live once he is forced to earn his own living. Maybe this C list celebrity with prolific sperm could try rapping again. Kevin Federline (his and Britney’s 2 children)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#7**
KINDNESS: This A- list singer/songwriter/do a little bit of everything had a very good 2016. He even got played by a PR pro. Anyway, our singer decided to stand out in front of a recent gig and personally hand out tickets to the first 100 people who came up to him and recognized him. No cameras or publicity. He just thought it would be fun. Charlie Puth

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#8**
This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor, who is super shady and controlling when it comes to using publicity for his own purposes, yelled at a guy last Friday who tried to take a picture with our actor after the actor bought a Christmas tree from the guy’s stand. Apparently that PR machine only goes in one direction. Ryan Reynolds

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#9**
Another Christmas, another year of separation of this family not because this family member is in the closet, but because this family member is gay. There is no tolerance for this A list athlete from his family. Aaron Rodgers

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#10**
It has been a couple of months without any structure in the life of this B+ list mostly television actress from a now ended filming hit cable show on the strangely named channel. Our actress, who will soon start dropping down the list after the series stops airing needs structure. She is partying like crazy and looks a decade older. She doesn’t have enough money to quit acting for good. The longer she goes without a job, the harder it will be to land another one. Ashley Benson ("Pretty Little Liars" on "Freeform")

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#11**
This permanent A list mostly movie comic actor has at the least, a handful of children. He is proud of the fact he has never changed one diaper. Eddie Murphy

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **#12**
#1- While filming this Christmas movie, this lead actor or his best friend or his other best friend, both of whom are involved in this movie and generally most movies since childhood would arrange for a stripper to knock on the trailer door of this A+ list mostly movie actress asking for directions to the trailer of one of the three. They would never tell the stripper who was going to answer the door. Invariably when the door would answer and it would be the A+ lister, the stripper would spend 5-10 minutes trying to talk to her.
Actor: Vince Vaughn
Best friend: Jon Favreau
Other best friend: Peter Billingsley
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Movie: "Four Christmases"

#2 – This A-/B+ list actor filmed a movie that takes place right after Christmas. He didn’t get along with an A-/B+ list actress he had most of his scenes with. They had close scenes. He didn’t shower the entire time they filmed together just to try and make her angry. Ashton Kutcher/Lea Michele ("New Year’s Eve")

#3 – With the exception of one cast member, the majority of this holiday classic smoked pot nonstop during the entire filming. Not including the kids in the movie of course. The one holdout? It kind of seems fitting given her character, but this A/A- list mostly television actress abstained. "Family Stone" (Sarah Jessica Parker)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#1**
It turns out there is not just one woman this rapper/reality star got pregnant while married, but two. Both are due to give birth this upcoming year. It makes sense why the rapper’s celebrity/reality star wife would file for divorce. T.I./Tiny

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#2**
This former multiple reality star who got a couple of acting gigs thinks that makes her an A+ lister. The demands she levied on producers of this game show were more than anyone could ever remember. When she wouldn’t back down, they fired her as quickly as they could. NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/"To Tell the Truth"

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#3**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor just made things worse with a non-denial denial of some outing comments recently written about him. He ticked off a lot of other men he has hooked up with who now plan to openly talk. They found his comments insulting. Michael B. Jordan

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#4**
This former A- list NFL player has multiple e-mail accounts he is working to try and make it seem like a naked video he made for another man was actually for a woman. He even was willing to pretend he was a woman having an affair just to keep his sexuality in the closet. Kordell Stewart

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#5**
If her former co-star would give the greenlight, this A list mostly television actress on a very long running, very hit network show would walk away from what’s left of her hollowness of a marriage. She just won’t do it unless he is on board too. Mariska Hargitay/Chris Meloni ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit")

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#6**
This family can’t find a disease they can’t or won’t exploit. Don’t believe the most recent disease announcement from this barely a celebrity offspring who is an A-/B+ list model. Starving herself and drugs are the causes of her weight loss. Gigi Hadid (Hashimoto’s disease)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#7**
The budding friendship between this B- list celebrity who is a celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister and this B list mostly television actress who was fired from a soon to be ended cable hit is all based on drugs. The actress found out the offspring loves certain drugs and makes sure she always has some available. It is about the only way the actress can keep any friends. Sofia Richie (Lionel)/Nicola Peltz ("Bates Motel")

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#8**
The prescription pills she is taking are causing this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to not eat. As a result her weight has dropped to scary skinny levels. Keira Knightley (possible medication to calm nerves due to stalker)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#9**
Apparently when a woman answered the phone of this former A list athlete turned permanent A list coach at 3 in the morning, that was the end of this very high profile relationship. Phil Jackson (New York Knicks President) and Jeanie Buss (Lakers’ president and co-owner)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#10**
This kneepadding website who has bigger kneepads than the original namesake, is trying to use the death of this actress to promote a heterosexual relationship that doesn’t exist. My guess is that it is being pushed by the people of this actor rather than his actress beard. Billie Lourd (Carrie Fisher’s daughter)/Taylor Lautner (Just Jared)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#11**
Everything seems to be falling apart for these two families. One family consisting of a former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister is headed for divorce. Meanwhile, his closest friend is being accused of being improper with an underage family member. George Clooney (Amal)/Rande Gerber

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#12**
This foreign born model has been relegated to a guest bedroom while her closeted A+ list actor "boyfriend" has the master bedroom with his male lover. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **#13**
#1 – This back in the day holiday movie that everyone watches had a massive coverup. After much of the movie had been shot, one of the lead actors beat his girlfriend nearly to death. The producers of the former #1 movie paid her six figures to not file a police report. Later women in his life probably wish she had gone through with the report. John Heard ("Home Alone") (Melissa Leo)

#2 – This A-/B+ list mostly television actor is most known for a role he played in multiple media formats. The actress he kept calling a lesbian for refusing his advances is actually still in the closet. At the time of the holiday movie in which they both starred, she was just starting out and he pressured her beyond belief. Now, she is his equal, and once was probably a bit higher. She makes it a mission to talk about him and his actions all the time. Jeremy Piven/Bridget Moynahan ("Serendipity")

#3 – This actor is in multiple holiday movies. The one which is not a franchise though was not a good production experience. He had a relapse of coke and was doing it like crazy while having sex with every extra and walk on possible. The film is a disjointed mess because of his actions. Tim Allen ("Christmas with the Kranks")

319. MR. X 12/29
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This foreign born A list writer probably didn’t deserve the A list tag. There were lots of other people who hated her. Our writer was a registered communist but was allowed to keep working as long as she named names of Hollywood writers who were communists. She named names just to name names whether it was true or not. Every name she named was blackballed. Ayn Rand

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#1**
What started out as a threat has taken on a life of its own. This network reality star who would rather be an actress but no one will hire her or a singer but no one bought her records or doing anything other than judging a network reality show threatened to quit. The producers said fine and said they were looking into bringing in this one named singer/dancer to replace her. She backed down and the producers were never going to land the guy anyway because their entire budget for judges for a season is what he would have wanted for one episode. Julianne Hough ("Dancing With the Stars")/Usher

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#2**
They were co-stars on a quickly put out of its misery television show. He is a B list mostly television actor who had a run on that almost network hit. He needed a beard and she agreed. They thought it would be great for the show. The show is long gone, but the actress, who has nothing in the pipeline except a tiny recurring role on an almost show that is on its last legs is literally holding on to this situation by any means necessary. A couple more weeks before he breaks it off.
Actor: Chase Crawford ("Gossip Girl")
Actress: Rebecca Rittenhouse ("The Mindy Project")
Show: "Blood & Oil"

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#3**
What is not being talked about by anyone in any tribute is how this amazing B+ list mostly movie actress from a family of families when it comes to acting has been using a lot on and off the past six months and was warned something like this would happen unless she stopped. Carrie Fisher

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#4**
This C list celebrity wanted to sell the rights to the funeral of his actress/celebrity wife. He had no takers though. Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt/Zsa Zsa Gábor

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#5**
This Teen Mom dad who is not an original dad got someone pregnant other than the Teen Mom who made him famous. The Teen Mom that made him famous has no idea but it will definitely preclude them ever getting back together. Javi Marroquin/Kailyn Lawry

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#6**
This former movie franchise actress can’t get hired since she was basically fired from this network show because she thought she was the star instead of a recurring for the season. Now, the married actress is trying to convince her actor husband to do a reality show which would also ruin what is left of his career. He is already facing the loss of his weekly paycheck from his long running show ending. Nikki Reed ("Sleepy Hollow")/Ian Somerhalder ("The Vampire Diaries")

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#7**
Something is about to go down because this lesser known celebrity sibling has been spending some money the past couple of weeks to have paps take her photo. At the gym this week she spent almost an hour pacing after getting ready because the pap was late. Ashlee Simpson (Jessica)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#8**
This A- list mostly television actor from a hit network show shares a love for hookers like his best friend who used to have his own show on the same network. The pair often go to strip clubs and compete to see who can get a stripper to go home with them for less money. George Lopez/Anthony Anderson

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#9**
This wannabe actress who is an A- list almost television star on her eponymous show has sent tens of thousands of dollars in gifts to this pro athlete in an attempt to get him to ask her out.

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#10**
These two actresses, the first an A-/B+ mostly movie actress from an acting family and the second, an A-/B+ foreign born mostly movie actress, can’t stand each other, especially after the second one got a huge, once in a lifetime role both of them were fighting for. It’s not the first time they are considered for the same role, though, and they have shared the same co-stars in several films. They throw each other under the bus whenever they have the chance. They are real competitors. Rooney Mara/Felicity Jones ("Rogue One: A Star Wars Story")

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#11**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress makes up fake errands for her celebrity husband to run every day just to get him out of the house. Our actress would run the errands but then her husband would insist on going.
Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden

In Touch has exclusively learned that one cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be forced to come clean about her addiction issues on the newest season. A source tells In Touch that the troubled cast member (either Eileen Davidson, 57, Erika Girardi, 45, Dorit Kemsley, 40, Kyle Richards, 47, Lisa Rinna, 53, Eden Sassoon, 43, or Lisa Vanderpump, 56) is confronted on-camera by her co-stars, who believe the reality star may be abusing Xanax. "There will be major fireworks surrounding her issue," says the source, "and the other Housewives will try to help her deal with this." The constant fighting between the women this season may have only made things harder for the RHOBH star in question, suspects the source: "People pop Xanax when they’re stressed out. And let’s face it, there has never been a shortage of drama when it comes to the ladies of Beverly Hills." Eileen Davidson (recent deaths in the family: eldest brother, John "Jack" Davidson, father-in-law, Dick Van Patten, her sister, Connie, Connie’s daughter, Brooke and her mother Charlotte Davidson)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#1**
The boss of this tabloid/television show/media empire might as well be on the payroll of this creepy organization with all the promotion and defending of the group they do without bothering to check out the real facts. They just print what they are told. Their sister tabloid does the same kind of thing with statements from PR people. Harvey Levin/TMZ/Scientology/People

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#2**
Our favorite former Disney actress got told off by her closest family member for the latest stunt by our actress. The drug use has spiraled out of control and her new companion is not going to turn that around. Things will just get worse. Bella Thorne/Keke Palmer

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#3**
The family of this movie (not almost network) superhero are not really loving his actress girlfriend. The reason is they can do the timeline in their head just like everyone else and things look bad. They prefer his ex. You know, his ex is not all that great either and has done some of her own timeline reconstruction in the past too. Chris Evans ("Captain America")/Jenny Slate (husband - Dean Fleischer-Camp)/Elizabeth Olsen

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#4**
This former A list singer was so excited to be working and partying and having an excuse to leave her family even during the holidays that she volunteered to pay her own way for two days if she could fly out early.

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#5**
Apparently for the past two days, federal investigators have interviewed this foreign born A- list model/wannabe actress who we all know for her service to this A+ list mostly movie actor. Irina Shayk (Russian connections)/Bradley Cooper

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#6**
Things continue to not be good for this B+ list mostly television actress who is working on a low episode count pay cable show and her marriage. Her husband’s career is in even worse shape and apparently after the holidays there will be some sort of announcement. Nikki Reed ("The Sunday Horse")/Ian Somerhalder (Nina Dobrev returns as Elena Gilbert in "The Vampire Diaries")

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#7**
This former child actress turned bazillionaire with A list name recognition got hammered the other night while out of the country. She then went on a 20 minute rant for everyone to hear about the time that one of her designer friends got used by this late night talk show host who had happened to dine in the restaurant earlier in the evening. Ashley Olsen/Andy Cohen (in St. Barts)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#8**
This A+ list foreign born one named singer got into a verbal altercation with a pap the other day that left the singer in tears. Adele

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#9**
This permanent A+ list athlete wasn’t ready to announce her engagement. She had to though because this foreign born A list athlete and his PR people kept trying to leak stories that he was with her to get himself some publicity. Serena Williams (engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian)/Lewis Hamilton

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#10**
There may be more to the recent departure of this singer from a manufactured group than has been released. It was about last year at this time that I wrote about a relationship between two of the members of the group ( They were forced to keep it quiet because at the time, one of the members was bearding for a foreign born singer. Over the past year, the two band members had some definite ups and downs. The band’s management and label had a very friendly management deal. One of the members of the group had a fling with one of her childhood friends. It was all too much to keep the relationship going and one of the members left not only to heal her broken heart but also to make a lot more money.

Group: Fifth Harmony
Singer that left: Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes)
Other band member: Lauren Jauregui (openly bisexual)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#11**
This B- list mostly television actress is on a very hit almost network show. There was a gathering of some of the other people from different shows on the almost network. Our actress was quick to leave because of some racial comments she made about one ethnic group and how she was going to keep taking their jobs. Floriana Lima ("Supergirl") ("Being Latinx Is Not About Color")

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **#12**
This foreign born dual threat A- list actress is really trying to change the whole cheating narrative. Studios don’t want to hire her because she has such negative numbers right now. There is even talk about booting her from her franchise. Diane Kruger (cheated on Joshua Jackson) (dating Norman Reedus) ("National Treasure")

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **#13**
It was a chance thing. A coincidence. Are those two, the same thing? I think of chance being more magical than a coincidence. The magical does not necessarily have to be good however. Anyway, I had not seen this actor in about a decade at this point. Then, one Friday night we literally ran into each other in a Vegas hotel lobby. Hugs were exchanged and then he showed me that he is in massively better shape than me and proceeded to remind me of it for the next three hours. The smiles and hugs were genuine. We might not go looking for each other, but when we see each other we have that bond that can only be shared with a few other people from our past. It was back in the day. He was a friend of a friend. It was midnight and we were on the grounds of a miniature golf course. The golf course was the site of a weekly contest. A handful of us would get together and drink beer and play golf for $20 a hole. That was a ton of money to me at the time. It was a ton of money to everyone who played except for the guy who brought the future actor. The guy who brought the actor was a friend of mine. Not a great friend, but a friend. He was always willing to gamble at anytime and anyplace. In the years since, I don’t know what happened to him and the actor doesn’t either. They lost touch years ago after the person that introduced us asked for money one too many times. Anyway, there we were. Playing for more money than any of us wanted to play for. We did so because it made everyone treat it more seriously. We had fun, but everyone wanted to win. I usually ended up breaking even. I never won. Once or twice I ended up losing $40 or $60. After we played, someone had the key to inside the building and we would drink more and play video games for free. It was the third or fourth time the actor played that summer with us that a group of guys in a big pickup truck pulled into the parking lot. Confederate flag flying, they would have been more at home at a KKK rally. Did I mention our future actor is African American? And the friend that introduced us. There were two other guys besides myself who were also there and white. We had all been walking out to our cars when the group pulled in and started doing donuts in the parking lot which kept us from getting to our cars. Even if we could have managed to get to them, there was no way we could have driven off. They stopped doing donuts and when they got out of the truck, there were 7 or 8 of them. I knew we were out numbered. Two of them had some tire chains. This whole scene was so unreal. Surreal? This stuff happened in movies, and not in a parking lot of a batting cage/golf course/video arcade place. It turns out this was not a random thing. The guy who introduced me to the future actor had won some bets from the guys and they were not good losers. They told me and the other two white guys we could leave. Nope. It doesn’t work that way. None of us were going to leave our friends. I was just wondering how badly I was going to be beaten. Tire chains would probably leave a mark. I remember that I wanted one of the guys who didn’t have a tire chain. I think we all did. When the guys from the truck came charging, the guys with the tire chains were left alone because we all went after the others. I fully expected to get a tire chain in the back or back of the head. It didn’t happen. About five minutes into this melee, a police car pulled into the parking lot and turned on its lights and sirens. The first thing the policeman saw were the guys holding the tire chains. He told them to put them down and to get down on their knees. He called for backup. There were no partners in cars at that time. Before his backup got there, he pretty much had the whole story. No one was going to get in trouble for the fight. There was barely any blood, and even if there had been, no one was going to get in trouble unless the chains had been used. The guy who introduced me to our actor did have a warrant out for his arrest though and ended up going to jail. This posed a problem for the future A+ list mostly movie actor because the guy was his ride and he lived about an hour away from where we were. No worries. I took him back to my place. Even though he only lived an hour away, that world an hour away was integrated in name only. I guess that is why the bond never goes away. As much as he thought we might be friends, I don’t think he expected me or the other guys to not only stick up for him but to fight for him. Then, to invite him to spend the night and what actually turned out to be three nights. After that encounter in the parking lot, one thing that did happen is that the late night use of the facilities was off limits. No more gambling or free video games. Our actor, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, I didn’t see for several years afterwards. It was a one night thing we had planned on a Halloween night. After that, it was probably six years before we saw each other again. That night was just because of some mutual friends of his that he worked with on a television show and some mutual friends of me. The person in the middle was an actress and a movie premiere. It would not be until Vegas that we would see each other again and like he said, we definitely had a party. You can read about it tomorrow.

In the lobby, our actor friend asked why I was in town. I told him I had some tickets to a show later that night. He then informed me he was playing in that same show and was sure he could get me better tickets, including to an auction that was happening earlier. When I asked him about the auction he said that even he could barely afford the prices that would be seen. It was a charity gig. The auction items were truly one of a kind celebrity type things and true to his word, most of them started the bidding in the $100K range. During the day we had lunch together and got caught up before he went to a sound check. He told me to stop by because there was someone special who was going to be there he knew I loved. Sure enough, when I dropped by, there was an old friend there. She had just released her first record about a year or so earlier and was within days of releasing her second record. I had seen her the week before in LA and she never told me she was doing this show. She said it literally came up the day before when someone else dropped out. Her first record went double platinum. Let me check that. Yes, it did. Good memory. Honestly though I couldn’t remember the sales of the second record and had to look it up. Barely platinum. She has over a double handful of Grammy wins/nominations and one heck of a name. One thing that sticks out at me about that night is she was introduced to a permanent A+ list musician who loved her work and almost a decade later they worked together based solely on their mutual admiration from that night. Did I tell you that she enjoys making sure everyone has enough to drink? Yeah, she got that party started for me that night. By the time the auction started I had to go to slow down mode or I would be passed out by the show. The show itself was one of a kind. It literally had every combination of performer, singer and comic you could imagine. After the show, I went backstage and the first person I saw was someone I had not seen in a long time. A guy well over 7 feet tall who I had a history with when he was much younger. Now, he was passing out shots and telling me to drink. For about two hours after the show, this backstage area had everyone and no one wanted to leave. It was this combination like I said of some very special people and they were enjoying being with each other. I think they were afraid if one left, the spell would be broken. The guy who was kind of leading the charge and keeping everyone together was the one guy who was not drinking anything but bottled water. He was a permanent A+ list comedian/actor/Academy Award winner/nominee. Just one story after the other and each one was more dirty than the last. There was nothing even close to PG about his material, it was closer to NC-17. My actor friend played his straight man for much of it when not sitting at a piano with this foreign born permanent A+ list singer/musician singing song after song. The two played for another foreign born permanent A+ list singer who sang some of his classics before giving way to a Canadian singer who was just making a name for himself and is now an A- lister. A+ list at cheating. One interesting dynamic was the comic actor I mentioned who was best friends with another foreign born permanent A+ list musician who was there. Apparently they even flew together to the show and hung out all the time. A very strange combination. For two hours it was just one big fun sing along party. If it had been recorded it would have been the highest rated variety show ever to air. Guaranteed. Instead, there are a couple of photos and maybe someone took a quick 30 second video here and there, and the rest is lost to memories. When the party started to break up, my actor friend and I and my singing friend all went to dinner together. Just the three of us. That night generally is in my top five celebrity nights of all time.

Event: The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation's 7th "Grand Slam for Children" – September 2002
Friend: Jamie Foxx
Old Female Friend (recording artist): India.Arie
A+ Legend she met/recorded together a decade later: Carlos Santana (those two recorded "While My Guitar Gently Weeps in 2012)
Guy well over 7 feet tall: Shaquille O'Neal
Permanent A+ List Comedian/Actor leading show: Robin Williams
Foreign Born A+ singer/Musician at piano: Elton John
Other Foreign Born A+ singer: Rod Stewart
Canadian "Cheater" just getting started: Michael Buble
Other Foreign Born A+ Musician (friend of Williams): David Foster

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#1**
The buzzing is getting louder about this oldest reality sister from an A+ list reality show being racist. Apparently someone from her university has an audio recording of her from back in the day at school which is being suppressed for now but is horrific. Kourtney Kardashian ( Southern Methodist University or University of Arizona)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#2**
Interesting choice of party companions the other night for this A+ list athlete from an A+ list team (looked at objectively from someone who dislikes the team) and this B+ list mostly movie actor. They were both hanging out with a guy very well known for pimping out young male celebs to much older wealthy men for sex. Rob Gronkowki (New England Patriots)/Ansel Elgort (Jonathan Ceban or David Grutman)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#3**
It’s a music video and not real life. If it was real life would there have been several women on standby to service him orally before, during and after the shoot? Do you really think she would be ok with that? Drake/Jennifer Lopez

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **#4**
Studios are ticked off at this A list mostly movie actress and her recent comments. She has been going about 25% on promoting movies and has been taking advice from a director that studios hate. Oh, plus she is ticking off fans. One studio head already crossed her off a list for the lead in a box office flick that she had been "circling."

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