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1. MEDIATAKEOUT 01/01 just got some very EXPLOSIVE tea to start out 2015 . . . according to two SEPARATE individuals . . . a popular actor and a once-very-popular rapper appear to be having are having SECRET GAY AFFAIR. Actually, we can't even call it an affair - cause the two men are now "LIVING TOGETHER" . . . One snitch told, "Them two men are in love . . . it's the craziest thing I ever seen. They go everywhere together - sometimes even holding hands. When I saw them two GROWN MEN holding hands I nearly FELL OUT." What's strange is that the rapper has a very "family man" image to him.'s snitch explained, "I think it started off as a bromance - but you don't move your bromance into your home. . . . Besides, they go out a lot without [Rappers] wife . . . to romantic dinners and shit." Now we don't have any HARD EVIDENCE that these two are having GAY RELATIONS . . . but sounds like at least Mr. Rapper needs to go back to CHURCH and get DELIVERT!!! Will Smith/Duane Martin

This TV guy and his wife recently attended a party. While he is usually the center of attention for his willingness to dispense doctorly advice, the guests were instead focused on his wife. Her face looked different, as if she had recently received Botox and facial fillers. One of the guests commented on how pretty and youthful she looked. While the wife declined to name the exact procedures that had changed her face, she freely shared the motivation behind her beauty procedures with the group: "I have to do everything possible to keep up my looks… because all the ladies who meet [my husband] want to suck his dick!" Dr. Phil (Robin)

This B list mostly television actress who just ended a hit pay cable show really dropped the ball recently when it came to her bearded relationship. She had a little talk though with this A- list reality star from an A list franchise who is tired of guys wanting to actually have sex with her even when they are 100 but would love the attention and money so look for there to be a switch of women in the next two months. Sooner if things don’t work out well professionally for the male.
B list actress: Olivia Munn
Cable Show: "The Newsroom"
Bearded relationship: Aaron Rodgers
Dropped the ball: Discussed sex life on "Watch What Happens Live"
A- list reality star: Padma Lakshmi
A list franchise: "Top Chef"

Old guy: Henry Kissinger

This B- list reality star/celebrity who is much more known for her two exes is starting to age and was losing the battle for men the other night in Vegas so she decided to take it up a notch and started dancing topless until men started paying attention to her. I’m sure her kids must be proud. Shanna Moakler (Travis Barker and Oscar De La Hoya)

This A+ list diva took two hours to get ready to get her photo taken in ski attire and then when she finally did get her photo taken she passed over her kids to others and she went back inside. The diva needs rehab. Badly. Mariah Carey

The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor who has been in this space for her horrid behavior towards others is apparently gunning for some fame of her own. She is tired of everyone else having a show and wants some attention so she has been calling the paps and then "accidentally" losing her bikini top just as they arrive. I guess that is the only way she expects to be noticed. Rhea Durham /Mark Whalberg

His assistants and makeup people call it chapstick. He calls it moisturizer. No one is allowed to call it lipstick but that is what it is and this A list everything except for talk show host (which ended horribly) and actor is always applying it to his lips. It used to be just on camera but now he thinks it gives him such great color he wears it all the time and goes through two tubes of it a day. Ryan Seacrest

The people working for this foreign born A- list mostly television actor who everyone thinks is gorgeous have been working overtime to find and delete images of his girlfriend from various escort and "modeling" sites where her services were offered to very wealthy men. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter (now his wife)

These two former A list reality stars who everyone hated are so broke they commuted hundreds of miles each day to make it appear they were playing and partying with the rich and famous. Nope. Staying in a basement and then driving several hours to get their photos taken each day. Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt

Paris Hilton had to pony up some dough after her a-hole celebrity guest (who did have one of the better phrases in gossip history to describe someone) got wasted and pulled a television off a wall and then smashed it on the ground because he didn’t like what it was showing. Brandon Davis

This A list talk show host/former actor always treats his wife like crap, but lately it has been getting worse. He insisted she get paid for her appearance at a party with him but he didn’t tell her she was getting paid and pocketed her money too. A check had been made out to her, but he had them change it to his name. Mario Lopez

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#10**
This A list mostly movie actress who has been caught up in some controversy the past two weeks is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She also bailed on an event for her movie because she thought it would be sending a horrible impression to be there while another guest was there who has a very public criminal record.
Actress: Amy Adams
Controversy: "Today" show appearance cancelled
Movie: "Big Eyes"
Event: private screening of "Big Eyes" in Gstaad, Switzerland
Guest: Roman Polanski

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#11**
This celebrity sibling who probably has the best business in her family of music entertainers (of which she is not one) asked for $25K to attend a charity event. Does anyone do anything for free? All they wanted her to do was show up. Nothing else. Charlotte Ronson (Samantha Ronson, Mark Ronson)

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#12**
This B+ list reality star from that A list reality family is already trying to find a new owner for a pet she was given a few days ago. She decided after the fact she didn’t want it.
Kylie Jenner  (greyhound dog)

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/03 **#13**
This A+ list singer had a vacation planned with her bff for this upcoming week. Not going to happen. Apparently they do not even text or call or communicate any longer and there are some very crushed feelings on the part of the bff. The singer is being very very cold about the whole situation and says nothing comes before the brand. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

This B list reality star from an A list network reality show had sex with at least three different women the past few days and none of them was the A-/B+ list mostly movie actress he is supposedly dating. Derek Hough/Kate Hudson

This A list musician from a permanent A+ list group is married. He went through customs with his girlfriend but as soon as they picked up their bags they went separate directions and didn’t meet up again until he had already checked into his hotel.

This B+ list reality star from an A list reality show wants to set the record for youngest to legally appear in porn and is going to record a sex tape beginning at one minute after midnight on her 18th birthday. Kylie Jenner

This current NYC Housewife who thinks it is a definite step backwards checked out of her hotel two days early this past week when her nemesis checked in. Not because they would have argued but the nemesis has hooked up with the current Housewife’s boyfriend numerous times and he always talks about her.

Bethenny Frankel (Miami)/Michael "Mac" Cerussi III
Kelly Bensimon (Miami)

This pregnant B list celebrity with A list name recognition who is only B list again because she has been in the tabloids lately has been popping pills. She says they are prenatal vitamins. Yeah, that is why she sent an assistant out in the middle of the night to meet a guy at an apartment complex to buy them. Ashlee Simpson

This former B+ list mostly television actress who has not done squat since her long running hit network show went off the air got hammered at Disneyland to the point where she was asked to leave the park. Politely because she did used to be employed by the company. Teri Hatcher "Desperate Housewives"

This celebrity in his own country who is nothing here but a face to go with his A list celebrity girlfriend/former tweener/current very rich person is such a tool that he sent his daughter out to meet his drug dealer because he was too wasted. Olivier Sarkozy/Mary Kate Olsen

KINDNESS: I don’t know if this is a kindness. It would not be with any other celebrity but this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner is not noted for her hospitality. Her husband? Great guy. Her? Not so much. There she was skiing though and she met some people on a gondola that got stuck for about ten minutes and she actually invited them back to her house and fed them dinner and had a party for them. Totally unlike her.
Nicole Kidman

This A- list mostly television actress who is only that high because of her hit pay cable show is worried about her future. She talks a big game about being average looking but has hired a trainer with whom she now works out four hours a day. She had a little procedure done to her face and when she gets to the weight she wants is telling friends she is going to get a breast lift and small enlargement. Never figured her for going Hollywood. Lena Dunham "Girls"

This one name former almost A list singer who has just not been able to capture her former fame is being undercut by this singer turned prisoner turned actress who is also making a living as a madam. All the men who were using the services of our former A lister now call the madam and gives them a huge discount if they say they usually sleep with the former A lister. Ashanti/Foxy Brown

This second lead Disney actress who wants her own show now that her long running hit is ending is trying to convince the network that she is much more innocent than she really is. She better hope the photos of her little vacation where she spent a lot of time topless and drunk and lots of white powder covering her face don’t spread all over the internet or she will be filming Showgirls 2. Peyton List "Jessie"

This married B list mostly television actor from a network show that is soon to end was not with his wife when he was hitting on guys the other night. She did make some solo appearances at the pool though during the day. Matthew Morrison ("Glee")/Renee Puente

This married A+ list mostly movie actor was without his wife at an event this weekend and made the most of it. One of the staff at the event who was his escort ended up back in his hotel room where they had sex. He told her to be discreet. She is selling the story so I don’t know how discreet that is. Brad Pitt "Palm Springs Film Festival"

The former girlfriend of this A- list mostly movie actor who has been acting since he was a kid says that more than once his mom walked in on them having sex and the actor wouldn’t ask her to leave. The mom would also give sex tips to the girlfriend about how she could make her son happier in bed. Shia LaBeouf

This B- list mostly television actress/reality star/part of an acting family is married. All the members of her acting family are exactly the same on the list. Anyway, the husband of the actress was given a surprise from his wife and part of the surprise involved his girlfriend who didn’t know he was married and his wife is still clueless. Apparently the husband looked like he was going to die of a heart attack when he saw his girlfriend. Tamera Mowry (Adam Housley) or Tia Mowry (Cory Hardrict)

Bad performances are not going to be the only issue for this B+ list celebrity if the world catches on to her fling with the foreign born married celebrity who she has performed with. That squeaky clean image will be gone in an instant. Idina Menzel (bad performance on New Year's Eve)/Michael Buble

This B list mostly television actress who doesn’t really act any longer but does things behind the camera and still enjoys A list name recognition from her long running now defunct show broke bread the other night with a man who is one of the world’s most wanted criminals. Murder, drug trafficking and much more but she didn’t see anything wrong with it. Eva Longoria in Cartagena, Colombia

This former B+ list mostly movie actress turned cable franchise movie actress hates the criticism she gets for her skinny self so she has started adding weight via photoshop before posting her photos. Tara Reid

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/05 **#10**
This Sports Illustrated cover model was partying New Year’s Eve when she threw a drink in a woman’s face and accused her of stealing a bottle of champagne from the model’s table. It turns out a friend of the model had the bottle. Did the model apologize? Nope. She said the woman was probably a bitch anyway and deserved it for something. Our model is a horrible drunk. Chrissy Teigen

One of the most important things ever learned while interning at a radio station was how to bluff my way to free tickets and backstage passes to concerts. When you are a college student and don’t have unlimited funds, it is a night of fun and complimentary booze and food courtesy of the singer’s rider. The down side though is inviting a couple of people to go with you and having the person who was supposed to put your name on the list not do so and then you look like an a-hole. Hey, it happened more than once. One of my favorite tricks was to call up the PR person or manager and tell the person I was a reporter or writer for a made up satellite radio network. There are tons of conglomerates and it is pretty rare to have anyone check up on you because they all want free publicity for their client. Well, one of my crushes from a few years earlier was in town and although I already had tickets, I wanted to meet her so needed a plan to get backstage passes. The reporter thing would be good except that I really didn’t want to interview her. Most of the time you didn’t actually have to. You were just a name on a list and once inside you would just melt in with all of the other people. Sometimes though the rep was waiting for you or left word to let them know when you showed up and you would have to interview them. I could do it if I had to, it was just never my first choice. My crush had been an A+ lister for a year or two before her pop music career went crashing into an abyss from which it has never recovered. She does still sing. Acts some. If you are of a certain age or have a love for her style of pop she has A+ list name recognition. Anyway, I made some calls and a few days later I was put on the list. I was pretty excited to meet her. Excited, but not in a hey I saw The Smiths play live kind of excitement. Yes, I name dropped The Smiths and yes that is me involved in a huge brawl in a Morrissey Live video you can buy anywhere. That is a story for another day though. The night before the show to see my crush I got a call from one of my best friends ever who used to get name dropped on the site back in the early days but has since made it very clear she doesn’t want to be name dropped any longer and will probably text me then e-mail me and then call me repeatedly after she reads this not realizing of course that it is a blind and that I am not actually name dropping her or mentioning she was also briefly A+ list in a one hit wonder kind of way, but has a unique look that she still adheres to and also does a little bit of everything to stay in the public eye. All of you would know her. I think she hates that back in the day we used to double date and I frequently remind her of some of her poorer dating choices. Where was I? Oh yeah. So she calls and says she is going to be in town and wants to hang out and I tell her about the show the next night and she invites herself because of course she knows the crush and they have not seen each other in ages and blah blah blah. This is not going to work out well for me at all. I don’t have a choice though. I can either tell her yes or she will make her own calls and be there anyway.

I tell her yes. I think we should give her a name because this might start to get confusing. Normally I give some initials that give a clue to the identity of the person and I want to do that here, but also want her to be really curious why I picked them. I actually think I gave her initials way back in the day, but I am now bestowing the initials GG to her. As for the crush, let’s call her SH. So, the night before the show I was out with some friends and as I am apt to do I started drinking. I then continued drinking and then drank some more. At some point in the evening we are sitting in the bar of a restaurant where you are right in the middle of all the diners and not pushed off to the side. I look over and seated at the table is SH. Yep. Right there eating dinner with a guy. I can’t tell if it is a date or not but they do seem to be getting along well and I don’t recognize him so I’m guessing he is not her manager or agent or someone from her record label. I’m not sure she even had a record label at that point. I think about going up to her and saying something, but I hold back. There was something inside me that told me not to go and also the barstools are pretty high there and I was pretty sure I was only going to be able to get down once from them. I was crushed though. I slept in really late the next day and GG showed up around noon. I had forgotten to call her the night before to tell her I didn’t feel like going any longer after what I had seen. So, of course she shows up and is so fucking perky and ready to go. I swear she wakes up every single day like it is the last day ever and is incredibly happy and very sunshiney which is nice sometimes but after an all night bender and watching your crush and possible future date eating dinner with a guy, the perkiness can only be cured with one method. Drinking. GG doesn’t drink that much so it is always fun to see the look on her face when I start drinking cocktails at noon. I actually only had the one and it made me feel much better. She had come over so early because she wanted to go to lunch so we went but I told her that I didn’t want to go that night which was met with deaf ears. When GG makes plans, they are rock solid and never change and she expects the same. Other people may call and cancel or back out, but she never has. I remember way back in the day in high school when some guy tried to stand her up and she went to his house and told him off in front of his parents. I had been hoping she would just want to hang out and not necessarily go to the show but she had told a couple of people she would be there which meant of course she was going to be there. It was one of those nights where you have the lowest of expectations because you don’t even want to be there. My idea that night was just to get through the night and try to have as much fun as I could. My original plan had been to show up around sound check time and get what I needed to get and then head out and eat some dinner and then come back about an hour before show time to hit the backstage bar. When you show up at sound check time the pace is slower. If there are issues with your name being on the list it is easier to get them solved and not be embarrassed when the show is about to start and you are with your friends and get denied. The same kind of thing used to work for me when I was underage and wanted to get into clubs. There was one club that opened at 4pm to get the after work crowd and my friends and I would show up around that time and get our hand stamped without any fuss or muss or any checking of identification. We would then go home and get ready and not smudge that stamp. Around 10pm we would go back to the club which by now would have a line of people waiting to get in and guys at the door with flashlights checking every i.d. and we would show the stamp on our hands and walk right by.

My new plan though was just show up a little bit prior to the show. I knew there would not be any issues getting where I wanted to be because I didn’t really care that much. I know it seems stupid but when you have a crush and you think there is a chance, no matter how small, and then you see that chance go out the window then it stings a little bit. It stings a little more when you are forced to go confront that reality when you would rather just stay home and quietly get drunk. So, GG and I show up about 30 minutes before the show was supposed to start and meet up with her friends and everything was fine getting in. Oh, let me stop for a second because I have to mention something about one of her friends. She is actually a singer too and is probably C list now and reached a peak of A for one album. One. Anyway, she (let’s refer to her as (NB) used to be really nice back in the day but she is one of those people who when they became famous totally changed. I knew her before and after and the after was awful. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how she even became worse when she got married to a permanent A lister. OK, so we are at the venue and we make our way backstage and there is SH and she sees GG and NB and air kisses and hugs are exchanged and then GG introduces me. SH looks at me for a long second and then repeats my name and then shakes her head. She then asks if I am the same person who set it up so I could interview her and I sheepishly say yes. She then takes a finger and starts yelling at me that she was at the venue super early and in makeup just so she could look presentable for the interview and waited and waited for over an hour for me to show up and she just went on and on for a good five minutes. She totally let me have it. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw GG tearing up because she was trying not to laugh. When GG saw me looking at her though she lost it which caused SH to lose it. It turns out that earlier in the day the two had spoken to each other and hatched this little plan. I guess it served me right, but hey, my crush had still been out to dinner with a guy the night before. NB looked totally lost with everything. I’m not sure why GG even invited her but they had been bff back before they both hit it big and GG is and was loyal. Friends for life. One thing that did change after that little performance was that I was more relaxed and I got Punk’d by a crush. Not as great as dating her or more, but at least it was something. So, to celebrate, I did what I do best. Drink. I got the side eye from GG when I started talking about doing shots so I kept the possible embarrassment factor to a minimum for her. One thing the booze did do though was get me to take some chances I normally would have passed on. I don’t always have the best game, but the booze gave me a boost and after the show when there were several of us sitting around talking I did manage to ask SH out because she seemed to like me. Of course it also could have been my bacon cologne she found so fascinating. In any event, she did say yes and we spent a good portion of the rest of the evening hanging out and went out a few times before she found some guy and fell in love and got married. Hey, no regrets. I had a great night that night. Some things are meant to last forever like my friendship with GG and some are meant to last a few minutes or days or weeks like my time with SH. I have seen her a couple of times since and we are nice to each other but there has never been a hint of a spark since. She is not with the guy she married any longer, but still there is nothing. There was that one night though.
Crush: Liz Phair
Best friend: Lisa Loeb
NB: Edie Brickell (Paul Simon)

36. BLIND GOSSIP 01/05 **#1**
It’s difficult for celebrities to find people to trust, so some either surround themselves with staff and party friends, or forgo friendships altogether. This female singer has done an admirable job of building up a group of loyal female friends. That’s why it is interesting that she is making some "friendship adjustments" for the new year. If your being around her stirs up controversy – or if you are embroiled in a controversy of your own that has nothing to do with her – you are going to get a bit of the cold shoulder this year. Now, she won’t cut you out entirely, because that would create its own controversy. Instead, you are going to find yourself downgraded from "BFF" to "F". You are not going to get mentioned as much by her on social media; and you’re not going to spend as much time with her at public events; and you’re not going to be photographed as much with her. Basically, you either reflect her clean reputation and make her look good… or she’s going to give you some space. It’s not punishment. It’s self-preservation.
Celebrity: Taylor Swift
Friend/s who will be given some space: Selena Gomez
[Optional] Why: whined about Justin Bieber at Taylor’s birthday party; her friendship with Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner; mosque scandal

37. BLIND GOSSIP 01/05 **#2**
This actress’s fiancee cheated on her and they broke up. He then started openly dating one of the "other women." Now he is going through some drama with this "other woman." The cause of their relationship trouble? He is cheating. Again! Our actress? She is deriving just the tiniest bit of satisfaction from seeing her ex and the "other woman" scramble to deny the allegations that he is a cheater and to pretend that their relationship is just fine. She knows the truth. The leopard hasn’t changed his spots. He’s just as big a liar as ever. BONUS CLUE: All three of the celebrities in this story are under 30.
Actress: Naya Rivera
Her Ex: Big Sean
The Other Woman: Ariana Grande

Which sexy bad boy rapper, who always seems to find himself in trouble, was caught on New Years Eve with his pants down with another man in a hotel bathroom? The ladies man has been linked to several female celebrities and has even been the cause of drama making moves on ladies with boyfriends, but word is, it’s all an act! What he really likes is the company of hot men! Drake at Marquee in Las Vegas (Lira Galore/Houston Rockets player Pat Beverley); (Rihanna/Chris Brown); Nicki Minaj; Amber Rose; Tyra Banks; Rashida Jones; Zoë Kravitz; Keshia Chanté; Teyana Taylor; Shanell Woodgett; Chandra Davis; Cyn Santana; Giada De Laurentiis

The family of this A- list mostly movie comic actor staged an intervention because his drug and booze use is out of control and they think he is going to kill himself if he doesn’t get help. Even though he is young, his health has been steadily declining this year and he gained about 50 pounds. Jonah Hill

The wife of this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who may win an Oscar this year says they still have not consummated their marriage. Well, they never had sex while they were dating so, I’m not sure what she expected. Eddie Redmayne

This still barely hanging on to A list foreign born singer found out over the holidays that her cheating significant other got another woman pregnant. Maybe our singer will finally have some material for a new record instead of buying songs that include her getting a songwriting credit because she has been having writer’s block. Adele

This former A list mostly television actor who has also starred in movies is old. He is also trying to spin a story to make himself look better by telling friends that he discovered his actress wife was having an affair with the at the time A+ list mostly movie actor who broke up their marriage once before. Robert Wagner/Natalie Wood/Warren Beatty

This B- list celebrity/talk show host/part-time actor with one of the most quoted lines in movie history is being investigated for having sex with minors he found on the internet. He claims it was for research and that he never actually had sex with them. Ben Stein Ferris "Bueller's Day Off"

I’m not sure how this B list singer from a celebrity family who has had a career for decades and has pretty much been tabloid fodder the entire time is even alive, let alone function with the amount of OxyContin she takes everyday. She must have four or five doctors she sees each week. I’m not sure how she finds the time to sing. Toni Braxton

This celebrity mom who has multiple celebrity offspring is married but she has been hooking up with a guy who helps manage the career of one of her offspring. Sonya Norwood (Brandy and Ray J)

The "boyfriend" of this A+ list "singer" better be careful. He was heard bragging about the $25K bonus he got for Christmas for doing such a good job of being a boyfriend. Britney Spears/Charlie Ebersol

47. MR. X 01/06 **#1**
What B-list singer/celeb spawn’s feud with that B/C-list actress and "wife" to a former A-list actor stems from an incident back in the day when she caught the actress in bed with her first husband doing the horizontal mambo? The singer physically dragged the actress out of the bed and beat the snot out of her. Needless to say, her marriage was never the same and the beating was kept out of the tabloids. Lisa Marie Presley (Danny Keough)/Kelly Preston

48. MR. X 01/06 **#2**
What A-list actor is a big fan of the open marriage idea and recently got back with his longtime boyfriend (also an actor) even though? Don’t worry, his "wife" has her girlfriend on the side too. Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Michael Pitt/Tasha McCauley

49. MR. X 01/06 **#3**
What former A+ list songstress purposely didn’t lose any of the baby weight because she’s been in talks to be the new celeb face of Weight Watchers? Kelly Clarkson

50. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06 **#1**
This famous film actor is a good-looking guy, but he has always been self-conscious about his nose and chin. Plastic surgery helped a bit, but he still gets anxious about profile shots. At a recent photo shoot, his anxiety was relieved when the editor assured him that they could Photoshop him to perfection. And they did. Straight nose, more chin. It is so refined that it almost doesn’t even look like him… but he loves it. It’s the profile he always wanted! Bradley Cooper/W magazine (and his baby nipples)

51. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06 **#2**
Remember when that famous actress and that reality show guy were spotted together and everyone wondered if they were dating? Well, they’re not any more. It was pretty much over almost before it began. However, the relationship is still friendly. In fact, he is helping her with her limited role on a television series. But please keep talking about them as if they are dating. They both like that you think that there is some sort of romance there. She likes the mystery and attention that comes from being seen with different men… and he is simply happy to be associated with any celebrity, any time!
Actress: Kate Hudson "Glee"
Reality Show Guy: Derek Hough

Danielle Staub had a sex tape – BUT NOW get ready for a new sex tape from a different Real Housewife! "She is in debt and owe’s over $100,000. She thinks the tape would pay that off," a close friend tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. "She hopes it will make her a bigger star and earn her lots of money at the same time." Sources say that producers are aware of the tape that was made in the last 12 months. Naughty Gossip saw a few screen grabs from the video and can reveal that it is NASTY! Porsha Williams "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

This now part-time NYC Housewife told a few fans who spotted her that she was far too busy to take a photo with them and that if she took one photo then there would be a mob. Umm, there were about 20 people within 100 yards and most of them probably didn’t know or didn’t care. So, what was so important for the Housewife? Nothing. She went and sat in a car for 20 minutes waiting for a family member who apologized to the fans. Ramona Singer "storming out" of the La Guardia baggage claim to an idling car while her daughter patiently waited for their luggage

This former A list singer who has the amazing voice, but has an attitude to match. Oh, and legal problems too wants her daughter to get pregnant because our singer wished she started earlier. Her daughter is not even 18 yet. The mom already picked out the potential father who is a celebrity offspring.
Singer: Lauryn Hill
Daughter: Selah (her dad is Rohan Marley)
Potential father: PROBABLY: Raiden - Grace Miguel's son/Usher’s step-son

This A list rapper who works hard and has a ton of kids has been showing a special collection of films in his home theatre. Apparently the B list singer turned reality star was filmed every single time she had sex with the rapper because she was desperate to keep him and he shows the collection to everyone who comes over. There are hours of footage. Lil Wayne and Christina Milian

This married Teen Mom not named Leah has been taking pregnancy tests every day the past week and if she is pregnant it is not with her husband. Kailyn Lowry

This married actress used to be A+ and on a hit network show for almost a decade. She is hit or miss on shows since and is having an affair with a guy who is pushing 80. Lisa Kudrow

This former B list mostly television actor who was on that long running almost network hit before it ended has a girlfriend. It didn’t stop him from having a booty call with his older B list movie actress co-star. He made her come to a premiere party and they hooked up at the party before she went back home to her kids.

Actor: Penn Badgley
Show: "Gossip Girl"
Actress: Uma Thurman
Show together: "The Slap"

Premiere party: "Girls" Season 4

This still a minor who is on an A list reality show got her nipples pierced so she could identify which naked photos of her are taken prior to her 18th birthday. Kylie Jenner (and two weeks after this blind she posted a selfie showing them (through her clothes) for the first time)

KINDNESS: This B list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show is a blind item regular. This time though she did something super nice. She was walking into an event the other night and saw a man in a wheelchair. He was in his late 20’s maybe and was a veteran who got wounded. He didn’t know who our actress was but she stopped to say hello and he started talking about a show on the network that he really loved and was hoping to meet someone from the show. Our actress said she would see what she could do and found the creator of the show and brought him over and the next thing you know the guy is being wheeled in and getting to meet some of the cast from the show and then he tells the story of what happened to him and the entire section of the room starts crying.
Actress: Emmy Rossum
Show: "Shameless"
Show he loved and who he wanted to meet: Don Cheadle/"House of Lies"

These two co-stars from a very hit cable show used to always have sex in real life even though the A list actor has a long long time girlfriend. Everything was going great until the B+ list actress thought they should get married and started doing a little stalking which she still does. It made the final two seasons of the show much more difficult. "Mad Men" Jon Hamm (Jennifer Westfeldt)/January Jones

62. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/07 **#10**
Back in the day this current B list mostly movie actor who is having a very good year acting wise who was A+ list hooked up with this current A- list mostly television actress who was A+ list back then. They were kind of a strange pairing that never quite fit. The crazy thing is he is now sleeping with the former nanny of the daughter of the actress. Michael Keaton/Courteney Cox

63. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07 **#1**
This pretty film actress has been the subject of a lot of controversy in Hollywood over the past few years, much of centered around her confusing love life. Want to know what’s really going on? We’ll clarify things for you! She is not gay, and she is not straight. She is bisexual. Always has been. Her former relationship with her male costar? Fake (Created by publicists). Her former relationship with her male director? Real (He pursued her). Her current relationship with her female roommate? Real (She’s in love and she’s happy).
Actress: Kristen Stewart
[Optional] Costar, Director, Roommate: Robert Pattinson/Rupert Sanders/Alicia Cargile

64. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07 **#2**
They are both actors, but he is the more successful of the two. The last few months have been pretty bad. It’s not her. It’s him. That easy-going, nice guy persona of his goes straight out the window when the liquor goes down his throat. He gets mean when he drinks. Not physically abusive. Just lots of nasty comments. She may love him… but she wouldn’t put up with his nastiness! So, after asking him several times to get help, she finally told him that she was walking away. He’s the big star and she walked away from him. That made him look bad, so the first thing his team did was to get him help for his drinking, right? Wrong! The first thing they did was to spin it as if SHE was the problem! They had to blame the grown man’s problems on someone, and she was an easy target. Well, the girl is young, but she’s definitely not dumb. She told him that she wasn’t going to put up with him blaming her for his problem, and that she wasn’t going to be with him again until he was sober. He refused to go to rehab, but he did hire a full-time monitor to sit on him. Now that he hasn’t had a drink for a couple of weeks, his publicists are busy spinning again. He’s fine! And the couple is fine! All is well! Nothing to see here! We have to give this girl a lot of credit for doling out the tough love. She came back – just as she said she would – but she is now being very cautious. Just because he has sobered up for five minutes doesn’t mean that all is forgiven and everything is back on track. She will play nice in public (after all, she is an actress), but just know that she is being very wary about fully committing to a long-term relationship with him. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

65. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07 **#3**
During a recent photo shoot, a young male celebrity attempted to hit on a female model who was also on set. According to a crew member, he kept licking his lips and asking her if she wanted to party with him. She wasn’t having any of it! She told him, "Look, I don’t party. I am married. I am a mother. And I am old enough to be YOUR mother." While not all of those statements are true, it shut him down quickly enough, and she was able to finish the shoot without further harassment.
Male Celebrity: Justin Bieber
[Optional] Model (may or may not be famous): Lara Stone married to David Walliams
Calvin Klein ad

Which A-list actor recently shaved EVERYTHING to pose naked on the cover of a magazine. Not only did he remove the hair that we can see – on his chest. He also removed all the hair from his private area! This actor apparently doesn’t do anything half-assed! KINKY! Bradley Cooper

Before this teen landed the one hit wonder skeezy pop star she had a brief fling with this foreign born married A list mostly movie actor who broke things off when he found out his wife was expecting a baby.
Teen: April Love Geary

Skeezy pop: Robin Thicke
Actor: Ryan Reynolds (Blake Lively)

This sometime A+ list mostly movie actor only gets that list when he makes one of his franchise movies. Anyway, he told his gorgeous wife that her breasts were starting to sag and she needed to lose the baby weight faster or he would move on. Seriously? The guy is an a-hole. Instead of leaving she started working out more and had work done to her breasts. Matt Damon/Luciana Barroso; Christian Bale/Sibi Blazic

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor set to shoot into A listerdom had a concierge at his hotel calling around to jewelry stores to find a copy of his wedding band which he had taken off as per usual when he is out. It got lost and he was in a panic to get it replaced before his wife saw any pap photos of him. They managed to find one. Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades of Grey"

This B+ list mostly movie actor who started off on television has been the lead in at least four movies (one franchise) in recent years, is married but ran up a tab of almost $100K with one escort agency. He was being threatened with injury if he didn’t pay so he tipped off the police anonymously about the escorts just so he would not have to pay. Jason Bateman; Steve Carell; Woody Harrelson

The husband of this multiple Academy Award nominated actress who could get another this year name drops his wife to get women to sleep with him. Crazy. Julianne Moore "Still Alice"/Bart Freundlich

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: This B list mostly television actress who is actually on two hits for the same company in totally different genres is underage. It didn’t stop this married B list musician with almost A list name recognition from having sex with her in the back of his limo. When she got out of the limo she had forgotten to button what she was wearing and everyone got a good look. He ignored her for the rest of the night. Ariel Winter "Modern Family" and "Sofia the First" (Disney)

This married A+ list mostly movie comic actor is back on the booze and also back into threesomes which he did at his hotel the other night while his wife was home with the kid(s). Vince Vaughn

There is a manuscript being floated around which is an unauthorized biography of a current leader of a very powerful country that is not the US. In it, a supermodel relates a story about the leader which put her in the hospital. The supermodel who gave the interview to the author is a permanent A lister. The author is using her name while his agent sells the manuscript but it is still up in the air whether she will allow her name to actually be published because she fears for her life. Our model was dating a very wealthy man. Incredibly wealthy. That is her norm. Her boyfriend’s wealth relies a great deal on the ruler of the country. At some point the boyfriend made the ruler angry and the ruler decided the only way to make amends was by offering up the model for one night. The boyfriend explained the situation and for a fee of $2M the model agreed to spend a few hours with the ruler. The model says that she was treated very well at dinner and that her host was relaxed and interesting and she began to relax. After dinner he led her to a bedroom followed by two security men who stayed outside the bedroom. As soon as the model and ruler entered he locked the door and turned to the model and punched her in the stomach. When she bent over from the force of the blow he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bed. He pushed her over the bed and grabbed one of her arms and twisted it behind her which caused her shoulder to separate and for her to almost pass out. The ruler then raped her and sodomized her. The entire time in the bedroom from start to finish was under 30 minutes. When he finished, he unlocked the door and walked out and told the security men to take care of the model. She said she was carried to the car that brought her and she was dumped in the backseat and the car took her to the home of her boyfriend who had a doctor attend to her. The boyfriend and the model broke up the next day. Naomi Campbell/President of Russia Vladimir Putin (wealthy man: Vladimir Doronin)

MR. X 01/08 **#1**
What ex of that A-list diva is planting stories in the tabloids about the two of them getting back together? They’ve both moved on (but remain good friends), but he’s doing this just to stay relevant. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart

76. MR. X 01/08 **#2**
Which curvy reality star was hiding a stash of coke in that fanny pack, no doubt sharing some with her on-again-off again boyfriend? Khloé Kardashian/French Montana

77. MR. X 01/08 **#3**
What A-list actor who stars in several franchises and is an Oscar winner/nominee is contemplating on bringing his longtime boyfriend/possible husband as his date to this year’s Academy Awards despite his PR people telling him no way? Jeremy Renner

78. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#1**
This TV celebrity’s less-famous sister recently did a quick tally of the number of hours the celebrity typically spends on her looks (clothes, hair, makeup, and beauty treatments) in a week. Then she tallied up the number of hours the celebrity typically spends interacting with her child/ren in a week. It turns out that for every one hour with her child/ren, the celebrity spends approximately 5 1/2 hours on her looks. The celebrity did not find this little game amusing! Expect to see some sort of publicity about how much "quality time" she spends with her child/ren in the next couple of months. Kourtney Kardashian/Kim Kardashian West

79. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08 **#2**
This female presenter at last night’s People’s Choice Awards was annoyed that she didn’t get as much attention on stage as much as she thought she should. There were other people on stage with her, and she kept getting blocked by them. "What was the point of my being out there?" she fumed after she came off stage. "They [the audience] couldn’t even see me!" One of the stage hands shrugged and said, "You’re bigger than them. You could have just shoved them out of your way!" That didn’t make her feel any better. Kaley Cuoco/Kevin Hart/Josh Gad

Which A-list newly single female was such a drunken mess at her friend’s celebrity wedding that she was spotted actually hitting on the groom. "Her split is not a friendly as she makes out. And she is lonely and had a few too many to drink. No harm was done but everyone at the wedding was talking about it," adds our source! Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin (Cameron Diaz/Benji Madden)

It didn’t take long for there to be friction on the set of this latest installment of a long running franchise. Our A list married foreign born actor is married but he told producers he wanted the other male lead fired because the female lead was getting too close to him and our A list actor likes to have the leads for himself.
Actor: Daniel Craig
Movie: "Spectre" (James Bond)
Other male lead: Ralph Fiennes
Female lead: Monica Bellucci

This B- list actress is mostly movies, but has done television, including reality and has been in and out of favor because of her erratic behavior. To maintain her lifestyle she has a little game where she sleeps with married men and then threatens them with exposure if they don’t pay up. Tara Reid

This B list mostly movie actress who had a nice run on a hit television show and also has participated in more than one movie franchise had a fling with this now divorcing A list writer after they met during a casting session.
Actress: Maggie Grace
Television show: "Lost"
Franchise movies: "Twilight" and "Taken"
Writer: Nicholas Sparks
Movie: "The Choice"

This A list mostly movie actor who used to be A+ and needs a hit to stay at A still has A+ list name recognition. That new girlfriend he will be showing off is actually an Asian hooker he met on a recent trip there. Richard Gere

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor from two huge movie franchises had an incident earlier this week when police and paramedics came to his foreign hotel because the girl he was partying with overdosed. She lived, but it has been full on bribing to keep it out of the press. Orlando Bloom ("Pirates of the Caribbean") ("Lord of the Rings")

I suppose she is still an actress but the work is scattered. She has been in several network shows and has done reality too. She is going to sell a weight loss program but it was all surgery. That is why she is so confident she will never gain the weight back. Kirstie Alley "Jenny Craig"

Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress says she has a boyfriend but what does she tell the married NY area NBA player she is having sex with too? Rita Ora

The bodyguards of this A+ list singer have quite the collection of videos of the dancers and backup dancers naked and in the shower and dressing rooms because the area is wired for hidden sound and video to make sure no one is bad mouthing or going to reveal anything about the boss. Britney Spears

#1 – This religious family who loves cable and babies is about to take a big hit because a son-in-law had sex several times with his sister-in-law during the holiday season. A tabloid knows. The family is trying to make a deal. The Duggers

#2 – This one is sick and twisted in a very interesting way. This B- list mostly television actress from that hit network show that is ending is married but hooked up with her celebrity ex while his A list singer girlfriend was out of town. Our actress left behind an intimate piece of clothing with a sticky note in it that said, "Hi ________. Now he has cheated on you too." Naya Rivera "Glee"/Big Sean/Ariana Grande

#3 – This former A- list mostly movie actress who has been in the news and photos a lot this week has always says she never officially married a guy. Well, she is sure trying hard to prove they are married now since he had an investment take off to the tune of about $100M. She says she is entitled to a portion of it. Tara Reid/Michael Lillelund or Zack Kehayov

#4 – The foreign born A list model/part-time actress was finished with half the stash of coke bought before these two reality siblings could even roll up a bill to snort some. Those models are fast. Cara Delevingne/Kendall Jenner/Khloé Kardashian

90. MR. X 01/09
What east coast Real Housewife who had a career before she became a reality star pulled the ‘don’t you know who I am’ card while at a department store after buying tons of designer duds. The cashier responded with "Yes I know damn well who you are, you don’t have to be such a bitch though."
Kandi Burruss "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

91. BLIND GOSSIP 01/09
You haven’t seen or heard anything about this playboy singer dating anyone for many, many months, have you? Not a peep. Then – within days of being accused of being party to the breakup of a female celebrity’s marriage – he is suddenly on the front page romancing a famous ex-girlfriend! This is no coincidence! It is a very calculated P.R. attempt to distance himself from the divorce proceedings. It is kind of sad, though, that his famous ex is playing along. We wonder: Does she even realize that she is being used?
Singer: John Mayer
Female Celebrity: Giada De Laurentiis
Singer’s Famous Ex: Katy Perry

Anderson Cooper did it, and now another TV anchor is getting ready to say…"I am gay!" The handsome newsman has already hired a publicist specializing in helping gay celebrities tell the true. Insiders say he has the full support of his network and all the staffers at his top rated broadcast! Congrats!
Shepard Smith (FOX News); David Muir (ABC News)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is a permanent A lister even though he stepped away from acting for a period of time spent some of the holidays with his college aged daughter and her friends. He has spent several nights since then with one of those friends and his girlfriend is getting pushed out. Arnold Schwarzenegger

This Academy Award winner/nominee A list mostly movie actress has been in the news a lot the past few weeks but everyone is still unsure what happened. One thing not unsure is that she is cheating on her long time significant other but wants to wait until awards season finishes before announcing it.

This B list singer/celebrity/reality star/reality judge ticked off a lot of models the other day when she swooped in on an event where models meet yacht owners to make financial plans for the summer. The B lister, who likes to pretend she has a boyfriend was getting all the attention and got first pick by the richest owner represented at the event. Nicole Scherzinger

This C list celebrity who is shockingly wealthy and seems to show up on multiple shows on that cable reality channel met his current girlfriend when he was the high bidder for her at a party where she took on four guys at once. Our C lister’s daughter was at that party this year.
Celebrity: Mohamed Hadid (ex-husband of Yolanda Foster)
Bravo TV shows: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"; "Shahs of Sunset"; "Vanderpump Rules"; "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles"
Girlfriend: Shiva Safai
Daughter: Gigi or Bella Hadid

This B- list mostly movie actress says that since her split from her celebrity husband, her soon to be ex father-in-law has been making it clear he would be open to discreetly hooking up with her. Paula Patton/Robin Thicke/Alan Thicke

This A+ list "singer" might have a boyfriend but she has been having sex with one of her bodyguards for well over a year. Britney Spears

This marriage just got a whole lot happier. Apparently this former A+ list mostly television actor from multiple hit network shows and lots of other hit and miss efforts and his wife found someone who can make them both happy. An ex co-worker of hers she used to sleep with who also enjoys men. The co-worker quit his job to come live with the couple. Kelsey Grammer/Kayte Walsh (formerly a British flight attendant)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actress who was on two hit shows for the same network before bombing spectacularly on a new network better watch out for her ex-husband. That agreement they signed where he agreed to stay shut about her sexual preferences is not really working because he is talking a lot and word is starting to spread. Kate Walsh ("Grey’s Anatomy") ("Private Practice") ("Bad Judge")

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#1**
GOLDEN GLOBES: On Twitter last night I posted this as it happened. A driver who just dropped off this A list model & her A list celeb husband. Called her the biggest bitch he ever drove. Chrissy Teigen/John Legend or Behati Prinsloo/Adam Levine

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#2**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Also from Twitter last night. This A- list mostly movie actor who is a nominee had to be begged to give interview to Carson Daly. Something about Kirsten Dunst. Jake Gyllenhaal

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#3**
GOLDEN GLOBES from AP (friend of Entertainment Lawyer): The couple closest to divorcing and who did not get along all night and let everyone at their table know it was this couple consisting of an A+ list mostly movie actor and his celebrity wife who used to be a reality star. She was ticked off at him all night and AP thinks they will split in 2015. Matthew McConaughey/Camila Alves (host of "Shear Genius")

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#4**
GOLDEN GLOBES from AP (friend of Entertainment Lawyer): AP spent some time with this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who everyone seems to love. He rarely spent any time speaking to the women he brought with him. He got cranky at his publicist who would stop by every few minutes to tell him to straighten his tie or put on his jacket . He said that this former A+ list mostly television actress turned A list mostly movie actress and a nominee last night was really cold to him after he could not think of anything she was in. He says that he has maybe seen one or two of her movies but apparently she expected him to have seen them all. Charming guy but did too much waiting for people to come to him and didn’t seem all that interested in getting up and going to others. Benedict Cumberbatch/Jennifer Aniston

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#5**
GOLDEN GLOBES from AP (friend of Entertainment Lawyer): Speaking of the actress from #4, AP says that she was wasted but trying to hide it which is not something our actress usually does. AP thinks she was doing something else besides just drinking and that she probably took a pill or two and out of the 20-30 times AP has hung out with this actress this was the worst she has been and AP said lots of other people noticed it too. Jennifer Aniston

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#6**
GOLDEN GLOBES from AP (friend of Entertainment Lawyer): The biggest 180 of the night belonged to this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who has been in a huge franchise and is a great actress but is more known for her style. At the beginning of the night she was probably going to be a kindness because she and her actor boyfriend switched tables briefly to allow someone to sit at theirs who was in a wheelchair. They moved back a short time later when another spot was found for the person in the wheelchair, but it was still prime area they were leaving for the second tier. AP saw her again later in the night and our actress was drunk and just angry and being rude to just about everyone. AP says things were tense with her boyfriend but she thought it had more to do with the drinking and behavior of the actress. Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#7**
GOLDEN GLOBES from AP (friend of Entertainment Lawyer): AP made about ten trips to the bathroom to see if she could catch anyone doing anything. She told me going in that drugs in the bathroom at the Golden Globes was so five years ago. Her words. Apparently the ghost of Whitney Houston makes you not want to do drugs in the place any longer. She still thought she might see that OITNB actress who is always causing trouble doing some and made a point of following her inside whenever the actress went. It was on one of those trips when she did see someone emerge from one of the stalls putting away her vial and then checking to see if she had any powder left. AP had no idea who the actress was at first and followed her to a table but the table was not all from one show. The actress is foreign born and is currently on a pay television show that does pretty well after spending some time on an almost network.

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#8**
GOLDEN GLOBES from JV (friend of Entertainment Lawyer): There was some serious tension at this after party. Apparently this female A+ list singer wanted a chance to be with this former tweener turned bad actress but never could close the deal. Now someone has to try and make the former tweener jealous. Our A+ lister made move after move on this female foreign born probable one hit wonder. Oh, and as sugary and sweet as our A+ lister might seem, she can be very cold and is always in charge in bed. Always.

A+ list singer: Taylor Swift
Former tweener: Selena Gomez
Probably one hit wonder: Lorde

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#9**
GOLDEN GLOBES from JV (friend of Entertainment Lawyer): JV was a little busier than she normally is and did not get a chance to see as much as she thought she was going to. Anyway, she was walking through a party and this guy started talking to her and was hitting on her hard. She looked down at his ring finger and there was one there and then his wife came up and told JV she needed to stop hitting on her husband or she wouldn’t work any more in the town. Yeah, the actress wife who used to be an A lister and now is just a pain might have different ideas about the order of things in Hollywood in a few weeks.

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#10**
GOLDEN GLOBES: The model turned video vixen turned actress was huddled in a corner with this A+ list mostly movie actor while his actress wife was in the bathroom. This was something that was definitely going to be continued and apparently during the bathroom visit the actor got the number of the model and they texted each other all night while at the same party. Emily Ratajkowski (Robin Thicke video)/Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#11**
GOLDEN GLOBES: This married model turned B list mostly television actress on an almost network show got her job by having sex with this studio head. Apparently she thinks her part is being written off because she was all over the studio head at a party last night. It was embarrassing. He was loving it. At one point my spy swears that he actually forced her head into his lap but she said something and he backed off. Harvey Weinstein (the actress says she was assaulted that night and isn't ready to tell her story, so I told her she could remain anonymous) POSSIBLY: Jamie King ("Hart of Dixie")

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **#12**
#1 – This former C list mostly television actor from a long running series no one admits to watching turned reality star and minor celebrity was suffering from heroin withdrawals and would have done anything to get out of the situation he was in. Apparently he was so bad that as soon as he got out of the situation someone from the network bought him something to hold him over until he could get where he was going. Jeremy Jackson "Baywatch" (ejected from "Big Brother U.K.")

#2 – This A list action star was not supposed to be at a pre-Golden Globes event but showed up anyway to the surprise of his A list mostly movie actress recent co-star. She likes to know when one of her lovers is going to be around her boyfriend. She was sweating while photographers took photos. I thought she was a better actress. Henry Cavill/Amy Adams "Man of Steel"

#3- This foreign born mostly television actress had a nice little couple year run on a television show and has almost A list name recognition. She definitely has a certain type. Married one of them. Anyway there she was in an argument at a Golden Globes after party with this foreign born B list celebrity who everyone knows has sex for money. Why were they arguing? Apparently the actress often acts as a middleman of sorts because of her connections to a corner of the entertainment world. The actress it appears did not turn over the fee that our celebrity earned earlier this weekend and was ticked off.
Celebrity: Rita Ora

113. MR. X 01/12 **#1**
GOLDEN GLOBES: What A-list diva pulled aside that B-list mostly movie actress during a commercial break telling her that she should talk to her friend who recently departed that slimy organization the B-lister also left not too long ago? Jennifer Lopez/Katie Holmes/Leah Remini (organization: Scientology)

114. MR. X 01/12 **#2**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Remember that A-list franchise actor who is waiting to trot out his boyfriend/possible husband at the Oscars? Well, there was a sighting of the couple at the Globes. The actor was spotted getting into a limo to go to an after party and his boyfriend was there waiting for him in the limo, where they briefly kissed before the limo sped off to avoid the encroaching paparazzi. Jeremy Renner/Kristoffer Winters

115. MR. X 01/12 **#3**
GOLDEN GLOBES: Easy Easy: Which red carpet host barely ate anything during her hosting duties, but when someone offered her a bag of cookies, she wolfed it down and immediately ran to the nearest bathroom to purge it up. She needs serious help. Giuliana Rancic

116. MR. X 01/12 **#4**
GOLDEN GLOBES: What actor on a hit premium cable show that’s on its way to cult status was more sweaty than usual last night? Maybe it’s because he snorted some coke before he came to the Globes. Kit Harington "Game of Thrones" (although there were wide spread complaints that the studio was very warm)

117. BLIND ITEM 01/12 **#1**
Although our big star did not take home a Golden Globe herself last night, someone else from her project did, which made her happy. When that happened, did she turn to her handsome significant other to share that moment of happiness? No! Although he was sitting right next to her, she quickly looked toward and smiled at someone who was sitting on the upper level… her girlfriend! Someone who sat at the next table was talking about this at an after-party and remarked that our star is "The biggest hypocrite in the industry… always lecturing everybody about how important it is to be authentic… when everyone in the room knows she’s a lesbian!" Yes, everyone in the room knows that, but the folks at home don’t! Oprah Winfrey/ Steadman Graham/Gayle King ("Selma")

118. BLIND ITEM 01/12 **#2**
This talented actress’ male significant other was with her at the Golden Globes, but not with her at the pre-parties. One person asked where he was, and she said, "Oh, he’s home sick in bed." According to a colleague of hers, the truth is that he is just sick of her. He did agree to go with her to the show but that was it. Supposedly they broke up weeks ago, and he doesn’t want to spend any more time with her than he absolutely has to. She is still hopeful that they will work things out.
Actress: Robin Wright
[Optional] Significant Other: Ben Foster

119. BLIND ITEM 01/12 **#3**
This music star was at last night’s Golden Globe Awards. Here’s a weird story we heard about him yesterday from an industry insider. During his last tour, he performed at a large venue. His rider was even more demanding than most artists. He insisted that everything backstage had to be painted or draped in a certain color, and that all personnel had to wear that same color. When one of the staff wore a shirt of the wrong shade, that person was ordered to go change his shirt or be dismissed. The rider also specified that none of the venue’s staff were allowed to leave until the artist himself left the premises. However, instead of leaving after his performance, the artist demanded a taped copy of the entire evening’s performances. He then holed up in his dressing room watching the tape for several hours. Over one hundred hungry and tired staff members were held captive at the venue until after 2:00 a.m. while this artist sat in his dressing room, by himself, watching himself for hours! Prince (purple)

120. BLIND ITEM 01/12 **#4**
This actress is under 30. Her biggest project ever will be released this year. So you would think that she would be bursting with enthusiasm at being included in the first major awards show of the season. Not even close! Drippy Girl just sort of dragged herself, bored and annoyed, through the red carpet thing and the presenter thing and the pre-party thing and the after-party thing at The Golden Globes. She even turned down interviews and photo ops (which certainly doesn’t endear her to the very people who can choose to highlight her projects or not). What’s her problem? A publicist (not hers) summed it up for us: "She just doesn’t have any personality when she’s sober." Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey"

121. BLIND ITEM 01/12 **#5**
At a Golden Globes party, this young star – whose photos make a lot of magazine covers – seemed to be doing better than usual. She was eating heartily and she wasn’t drinking. Hey, that’s progress! She was trying very hard to be serious and mature and make a good impression on all those big Hollywood players. However, just when we thought she had cleaned up her act… it turned into a bumpy night. She just couldn’t seem to resist those little bumps of white powder. So close to well-behaved! BONUS CLUE: No, it’s not Selena Gomez!
Cara Delevingne; Miley Cyrus (pre-Oscar party); Lea Michele

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#1**
This B list actress who switches between television and movies and has three names is not on the nice list of at least one parent. He was given an award for his acting and told organizers that he would walk if the intro mentioned his daughter. Ira David Wood (Evan Rachel Wood) UNCSA ALUMNUS TO RECEIVE STATE’S HIGHEST CIVILIAN HONOR

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#2**
This former B list everything who seemed to be in every tabloid five years ago was a singer/reality star and dates some very famous people. He is also known for the size of his peen. That appears to be his go to move as he was at a party over the weekend and kept taking it out for the world to see. Yes, it was a beach party, but it got old and tired very quickly. Cisco Adler

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#3**
Apparently the much younger co-star he was having an affair with, led to the demise of the marriage of this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee.
Gary Oldman/PROBABLY Abbie Cornish ("RoboCop")

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#4**
It took this A- list mostly television actor on a very hit cable show longer to get a room for the night then it did to find a woman willing to go to his room after meeting her in the lobby bar. The actor left his long time significant other at home. Jon Hamm (Jennifer Westfeldt)/"Mad Men"

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#5**
Lots of tension at the table when this foreign born A list mostly movie actress got into an argument with her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend when he ordered some shots. He had already had two bottles of wine to himself. For once in his life the actor backed down when the actress threatened to leave. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#6**
GOLDEN GLOBES AFTER PARTY: This former A++ list celebrity who still enjoys A++ list name recognition despite mainly being long removed from the spotlight was spotted making out with a man who has a great deal of money and is foreign born and also is her financial backer. He is also married. Nothing new for her.
Monica Lewinsky  (HBO party)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner and set a record doing so and has not done much since, was at a party over the weekend and being his usual obnoxious self. He kept striking out with women and the word bitch was said more than once when they turned down his advances. Adrien Brody "The Pianist" (Academy Award for Best Actor, making him, at 29, the youngest actor ever to win the award)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#8**
This foreign born A list model who is also an actress now was at a party this past weekend and saw this B+ list action movie star and said that she has never been with a man but would make an exception for him. He found out and kept talking to her about threesomes. He did the same thing with this A list television actress ex.
Model: Cara Delevingne
Actor: Henry Cavill
Ex: Kaley Cuoco

BAFTA tea party

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#9**
Let me see if I got this right. The foreign born A list mostly movie actress used to sell herself when she was first starting out and still hangs out with this never higher than B- list mostly movie actress who until her first marriage sold herself. What do they have in common? The B- lister used to charge the A list boyfriend of the A lister and the A lister has sex with him for free.
A list foreign actress: Charlize Theron
B- list actress: Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen)
A list’s boyfriend: Sean Penn

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **#10**
#1- This A list country singer is not only back on the booze but he is even drinking publicly which he has not done in a decade. His A list actress wife is ticked. She will be more ticked if she finds out about that hopeful he met who now has a lot more hope after a Tuesday night together. Keith Urban ("American Idol")

#2 – After another man of color got rejected by this openly gay talk show host he said, "the only color that guy likes is bronzer. Oh, and green." Yeah, our talk show host is not one for anything but lily white. Andy Cohen "Watch What Happens Live"

#3- This B- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show ditched his B+ list actress girlfriend who is a celebrity offspring. Apparently our actor wanted a taste of the wild side. A New Orleans strip bar featuring transgenders and taking one home is definitely a taste of the wild side. Evan Peters (Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts) "American Horror Story: Freak Show" (filmed in New Orleans)

132. BLIND GOSSIP 01/13
This entertainer has been around forever, but it’s always hard to guess her age because she works so hard to keep herself contemporary. She also likes having a younger man around to make her look cool. However, don’t be fooled by the newest youngster on her arm. He’s just there to promote an upcoming project of hers. Expect to see her in full tease mode over the next few weeks, though, with coy denials that they are dating… and photos that hint at the opposite. He’ll disappear after the promotional work is done. And yes, she is old enough to be his mother. Does that make her seem more young and sexy and desirable… or is it kind of gross?
Entertainer: Jennifer Lopez
Youngster/ Project: Ryan Guzman "The Boy Next Door"

133. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 01/13 **#1**
Two A-list ladies were spotted at the Golden Globes leaving the men’s bathroom together. They were giggling and looked out of it, as they headed back to their seats. One source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP that the line was so long for the ladies’ room that they realized there was no way they’d get back to their seats before the end of the commercial break if they waited on the women’s line, so went into the men’s room. But surprisingly, they didn’t just want to pee! WOW! Reese Witherspoon/Kate Hudson

134. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 01/13 **#2**
Which A list star is having sex with soooo many different super models that he is telling friends he’s worried that his penis is going to fall off! He is constantly surrounded by beautiful woman and literally has them throwing themselves at him. It is impossible for him to say ‘no.’ Good to be the KING! Leonardo DiCaprio

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actress and yet another bff may be done forever. Apparently the bff told the actress she was smoking too much pot and then even took a shot at people who smoke pot. Our A list actress who is an Academy Award winner is a frequent pot smoker, but apparently never gets the munchies.
Gwyneth Paltrow/Tracy Anderson  (yoga instructor to the stars)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#2**
This former A list tweener turned B list mostly movie actor was the message giver from his drug and escort supplier to a foreign born former B list reality host turned celebrity who has very high name recognition thanks to a relationship. The celebrity got into a sticky situation with the drug/escort supplier when she was in Europe recently and has been trying to evade him.
A list actor: Zac Efron
Drug supplier: Leon Starino Anderson
Foreign born reality host/celebrity: Camila Alves (hosted the Bravo network's third season of its reality television show "Shear Genius") (while in Madrid)
Relationship: Matthew McConaughey

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#3**
This former A list model is making her very first appearance in a blind. She is married to a sometime actor who is more known for something else in the movie business. She thought she was having a discreet affair but it is not as discreet as she would like because the guy can’t stop talking about her. Molly Sims/Scott Stuber; Jill Goodacre/Harry Connick Jr.; Christy Turlington/Ed Burns; Patti Hansen/Keith Richards

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#4**
This foreign born B list musician who is married to a foreign born A list model bought coke for the model’s daughter because he didn’t want her getting it from a source he didn’t trust. The daughter is way under 18. Jamie Hince "The Kills"/Kate Moss/Lila Grace Moss Hack (born 2002)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#5**
This married foreign born B list singer is barely B list. Only her name keeps her there. Her career has seen better days. Apparently the ex-boyfriend she was seeing has been dumped in favor of that rich guy who dates everyone. Yes, our singer is still married but he has not left her. She is going to leave him though if she can get the rich guy to commit.
Singer: Lily Allen (husband: Sam Cooper)
Rich guy: Andre Balazc (dated Uma Thurman, Naomi Campbell, Renee Zellweger, Chelsea Handler

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#6**
This B list musician who is an A list celebrity thanks to a tabloid friendly past relationship is on tour with his band and he loves it because he is tired of the baby mama but doesn’t want to dump her until it looks better for him. Pete Wentz ("Fall Out Boy")/Meagan Camper

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#7**
This B- list mostly television actress is out of work again. Two shows she managed to land and both gone before she could make a ton on them. The most recent was on cable. Anyway, she says that she was dumped by her foreign actor boyfriend and that he did so while having sex with another woman or at least in bed with her. She was definitely with him because the phone was on speaker. Annalynne McCord ("90201" and "Dallas")/Dominic Purcell

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#8**
It was incredibly awkward to watch this B- list actress on a hit streaming show trying to hit on guys at a Golden Globes after party. It is not that she can’t flirt with guys or even go out with them, but her people told her to find a boyfriend or a guy to get her photo taken with and she was so not good at pretending. I’m surprised she is decent at acting because no one was buying her performance Sunday night. Taryn Manning "Orange Is the New Black"

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **#9**
This B- list mostly movie actress who is waiting patiently for her star making movie to come out next month declined three fashion interviews during the Golden Globes. She just walked away. She didn’t interact with anyone during the show and skipped the after parties. Apparently her sobriety battle is a losing one again. Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey"

144. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 01/14 **#1**
Which Real Housewife might soon be joining Teresa in jail if she doesn’t get her house in order? Like Teresa, she has been borrowing huge amounts of money to look rich on the show, where in reality she is broke. If she doesn’t find a way to pay back everything soon, she will be in big, big trouble!
Kim Zolciak Biermann "Real Housewives of Atlanta"; Jacqueline Laurita "Real Housewives of New Jersey"; Melissa Gorga "Real Housewives of New Jersey"; Phaedra Parks "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

145. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 01/14 **#2**
Which young celebrity is so worried that someone will get a picture of his privates that he has his security empty public bathrooms before he enters. He recently flashed a lot of his talent and is worried that the public will find out that he is not as big as he wants you to think he is! WINK! Justin Bieber

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#1**
This sibling of a former A+ list reality star is struggling with her business even after multiple cash infusions from her ex. She still hopes he is not her ex but this week she went home with a man twice her age who is known for giving money to enterprises of women in return for sex. Nicky Hilton (Paris)/James Rothschild

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is now a B and an Academy Award winner/nominee was in a hotel and went to the restaurant after swimming in the pool. He showed up just wearing a Speedo and demanded to be seated. When management told him to put on a shirt, he put on a tight half shirt tank top type thing. He did not make much effort during the meal to keeping his junk inside the Speedo. Mickey Rourke

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#3**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor was out of the closet then back in. He has appeared in several of the biggest movies in box office history including one from last year. A few years ago he made a very short cell phone sex tape with a man that is making its way around several gay themed websites. Luke Evans

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#4**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress has been making the most of the time away from her husband. Not much for marriage vows anyway, our actress has been hooking up with an old flame who is an A list celebrity who probably wishes he was an A list rapper. Hey, he is a mogul though. Sienna Miller (promoting "American Sniper" and rehearsal for upcoming Broadway appearance in "Cabaret"/P. Diddy

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#5**
This B list mostly television actress is married. She also seems to get acting jobs even though she does not have much talent. She has a protector in that A list closeted gay actor and she keeps his secrets and he gets her work. Anyway, one person she will not be getting work from is this A+ list creator showrunner. Our actress dismissed the showrunner as some assistant or unknown actress and treated her like that until she found out who the showrunner was and then started kissing her butt like she was a drink in the desert. Rebecca Romijn/Hugh Jackman/Shonda Rhimes

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#6**
This married former B list mostly television actress who used to be on that very hit almost network show that has been off the air for a couple of seasons now has been dating other guys and her actor husband never stopped dating other people, wants to get divorced but doesn’t want the short marriage headlines. Leighton Meester ("Gossip Girl")/Adam Brody

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#7**
At a recent reunion of this long running network hit, one of the leads in the NBC show who has done movies and television and was married to a television actress at the peak of her career got into a fight with another star on the show. The two hated each other the entire run of the show because of some racist comments made by the lead to the other actor.
TV show: "West Wing"
Lead: Bradley Whitford
Ex-wife: Jane Kaczmarek
Other star: Dulé Hill

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#8**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit streaming show has branched out into movies and she did so in a big way. Not so much with the bomb that is just now being released, but with her two male co-stars. One of them is a B lister who has had his troubles recently with some drugs and legal issues. She hooked up with the actor and his girlfriend but the girlfriend has no idea that the pair were also hooking up on the side. She also hooked up with her other male lead. No wonder the movie sucks. Everyone was all worn out from the sex.
Actress: Kate Mara
Streaming show: "House of Cards"
B list actor/girlfriend: Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth
Other male lead: Jai Courtney
Movie: "Man Down"

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/15 **#9**
At an after party at a film festival in the southeast, things got crazy. It was also random. You had this current B list mostly movie actor who is headed to A list as long as he can stay sober. He had a really good 2014 and 2015 is promising to even be better for this actor with the Vegas like name. He was drinking all day long and by the time night rolled around our actor was incoherent and kept rambling and pacing the suite where the party was being held. Joining him that night was this always hard partying B list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show who has never met a party he couldn’t get drunk and find a groupie to have sex with for the night. Also there was this current B list mostly television actress from a very hit almost network show. At the party our B list cable actor would not stop hitting on the actress and she was having none of it. She did agree to keep going in the bathroom with the actor and their noses got a very big workout. As the actor made one last pass he went too far and the actress left the party so the actor found a groupie and brought her to the bedroom of the suite but he was completely unable to perform and the groupie told everyone at the party about it while the actor was passed out on the bed.

B list movie actor: Miles Teller ("Divergent" films; "Fantastic Four" films; "Whiplash" (nomated for a 2015 Oscar)
B list television actor/show: Norman Reedus "The Walking Dead"
B list television actress/show: Nina Dobrev "The Vampire Diaries"

Film Festival: 2013 Savannah Film Festival

155. MR. X 01/15 **#1**
What former A-list songstress is bringing that guy whom she was (fake) feuding with as her date to the Grammys? Her fans are gonna be in meltdown mode. Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton

156. MR. X 01/15 **#2**
Which A/B-list talk show host literally scored front row seats at the Grammys (where she’ll also be presenting an award), where she’ll be sitting next to that hip-hop power couple? Guess her recent comments about them are water under the bridge. Wendy Williams/Beyoncé/Jay-Z

157. MR. X 01/15 **#3**
What feuding pop singers are playing a game of musical chairs with their seating arrangements at the Grammys? When their PR people initially found out that they were to be seated close to each other, the singers were livid. Taylor Swift/Katy Perry

What celebrity just faked a pregnancy story to sell it to a weekly magazine and she was never pregnant? She just wanted the money and fooled them. Now the check has been cashed she plans to say that she lost the baby – watch, her make money again selling that fake story too! LeAnn Rimes

159. BLIND GOSSIP 01/15
We don’t want this little story to rock your faith in marriage. But it just might. In comparison to many rock stars whose lives have descended down the slippery slope of drugs and alcohol and unabated decadence over time, this singer has a relatively good name. He is one of the world’s best-selling musical artists AND he is a family man in a long-term marriage. Nice, right? Hold on, though. Everything is not what it seems! He has an arrangement with his wife. While he is on tour, they have an open relationship. However, he is only allowed to sleep with a very specific type of partner who has been screened and hired through an agency. The type of partner he sleeps with? Transsexuals! Jon Bon Jovi
Faith in Marriage…"Keep the Faith"
Relatively Good Name…"You Give Love a Bad Name"
Slippery Slope…Album "Slippery When Wet"
Hold on, though..."We’ve gotta hold on to what we’ve got" from "Livin’ on a Prayer"

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#1**
Apparently this former A+ list supermodel is finally willing to show public forgiveness of her cheating husband and his out of wedlock baby because she was all over him at an event this week. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Claudia Schiffer/Matthew Vaughn (father of January Jones’ baby)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress who has most recently starred in a hit cable show was at a talk show this week and our actress, who is supposedly involved in a relationship with a celebrity for at least until this weekend, was telling one of the hosts that was hitting on her that she would love to go out with him and wasn’t seeing anyone. Olivia Munn (Aaron Rodgers)/Michael Strahan
("Late Night With Seth Meyers")

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#3**
This married B list mostly television actress from a hit network show in its last days apparently wore a cheerleader costume from her show when she hooked up with this executive while she was trying to secure a spot on a show looking to revamp its lineup. I think her husband might be kicked out very soon. Naya Rivera (and then she got pregnant) ("The View")

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#4**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who was recently in a very hit pay cable show says that he goes out of his way to not be photographed near or with women because his actress girlfriend is jealous to the point where she has an assistant looking through pap photos of the actor to make sure he is not cheating on the actress. To be fair, she has been cheated on a lot in the past. Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#5**
This foreign born mostly movie actor is A-. He is married with kid(s) but he has not seen his wife and kids for quite some time. The couple is on a break because of his cheating. This is the guy who once had sex with his brother’s girlfriend.

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#6**
This former A list mostly television actor who has been living off his 80’s fame and money from his hot shows was doing a commercial for a company and was asked to smile. He has had so much work done to his face that all he could manage was a grimace, so they changed some of the copy in the ad. David Hasselhoff

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#7**
This B+ list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show used some very nasty words to talk about this former B list talk show host turned reality star and our actress said she was going to text the reality star’s boyfriend to tell him about the reality star cheating on him with the guy she says is just a friend.
B+ list actress: Nina Dobrev (dated Derek)
Show: "The Vampire Diaries"
B list host/reality star/actress: Maria Menounos (partnered with Derek on "Dancing With the Stars")
Guy she cheated with: Derek Hough

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#8**
This foreign born B list celebrity has A list name recognition. She has been a spokesperson. She has been a speaker. She is most well known for who she married and some tabloid photos. Even though she has split from her claim to fame, she is always his biggest fan because he knows secrets about her and the things she did to earn money after their split. Fergie/Prince Andrew (sex scandal)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#9**
KINDNESS: This B list Academy Award winning actress has been the subject of lots of negative blinds, but I just found out about something that she has done that is very positive. Apparently she wanted to volunteer more and last year she made it her resolution to volunteer at a school at least once a week. A year later and she averaged three times a week of helping out at the school by reading or cleaning or filling in as a librarian when they needed help. All told, she volunteered for almost 1000 hours in 2014 and this year her goal is to find three more people to each do the same thing. Marisa Tomei (as a result of filming movie "Spare Parts")

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#10**
This multiple Academy Award nominated actress is doing a turn on television and has never been more popular. With all of the attention though has come a need to appear younger and much thinner than she ever was on film. Our actress already had liposuction during a two week break from filming and has been popping Adderall like crazy. She has dropped 25 pounds off her already small frame since the season began. Viola Davis (nominated for "Doubt" and "The Help") "How to Get Away with Murder"

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/16 **#11**
Back in the day when I was just getting started and helping out at film festivals and making connections and going to law school I ran into Johnny Grant. I had no idea who he was when I looked at him, but knew the name when I heard it. For those of you who don’t know who Johnny was, he was the honorary Mayor Of Hollywood until his death in 2008. He started out in radio though and when he heard I had worked with some bands and radio stations we tossed some names around and found a few we both knew or worked with. We made plans to meet for lunch one day when we were both back in LA. I didn’t know if he was serious, but he was the one who did the calling and we met a couple of days later for our first of many lunches. Generally we only had lunch. There were only a handful of times we even saw each other at night and that is when we would cross paths or one of us would spot the other in the Roosevelt Hotel bar. One day at lunch he asked what I was doing the next night because he had something in mind that he thought I would enjoy. We met at The Roosevelt. It was easier for him because that is where he lived. He met everyone there. We sat down in the lobby and had a drink while we waited for the guest to arrive. A short time later I heard a loud voice yell out, "Why the fuck are you here in the lobby drinking like you own the place? I told you to meet me out front" Johnny was laughing, but I didn’t until I turned around and saw this permanent A list singer/actor. Permanent A list in both (Lets call him OE). I had never seen him anywhere other than from an audience, but here he was in the flesh and it was a reddened/tan jowly kind of flesh. It was hard to describe but it was as if the perception of the man and reality were exactly the same. You could tell he was gruff and impatient just from looking at him and didn’t even need the way he greeted Johnny when he walked in to know it. When Johnny introduced me the handshake was firm but then he said, "Johnny told me you like old Hollywood kind of things. Tonight you are going to feel like Scrooge because you are going to see the fucking past and present of Hollywood." I asked him about the future and he told me, "I’m not going to be alive much fucking longer so I’m only worried about me right now and waking up every day." He then turned to Johnny and said, "Grab a few of those bottles from behind the bar and lets get out of here." Johnny turned and asked the bar tender for a couple of bottles. You weren’t supposed to take them out of the bar, but no one was going to tell Johnny no, and they sure weren’t going to turn down the guy who told Johnny to get them. Before Johnny could even get the bottles OE was walking through the side door by the bar and was seated in a limo before we could make it down the stairs. When Johnny opened the door, there was someone waiting with OE and I knew this was going to be one hell of a night.

When the door to the limo opened, I could only see a pair of legs. It was not until I bent over to climb in that I saw the legs belonged to another permanent A lister who did just as much in as many different forms of media as OG. Lets call this guy, RP. When I think back to that night which was awhile ago, I always remember the smell of cigarette smoke. It was like a cloud that made everything hazy and surreal. Looking back now I also remember there was no music playing which now I find really strange. I didn’t think much of it back then because I was so caught up in the moment. Usually when I hung out with Johnny it was during the day and he would tell me a story or two about the old days in radio or Hollywood or he would tell me which stars showed up wasted to their Walk Of Fame presentations. One of his favorite Walk Of Fame stories was about this former A+ list mostly movie actor who had a wife and offspring who were also A list or close. The actor was drunk and running late and had a girlfriend with him even though his wife was waiting patiently for the ceremony to start. The actor introduced his girlfriend to his wife as the wife of an executive. That was all good until about three weeks later our actor and his wife were at a party and the executive the actor had name dropped was at the party with his real wife. The wife of our A+ lister then accused the executive of cheating and what about the woman she had met two weeks earlier. Anyway, back to the limo. By the time I sat down I had been handed a drink. There was not any choice about what I was having or how it was going to be served. It was whiskey with one ice cube. One. Never two. Never none. Always one. So, I don’t forget later, there was a place we went to that night. I didn’t know about the one ice cube thing at the time. I know I got a drink with one ice cube in it, but it wasn’t until later that I saw what a tyrant OE could be. A waiter brought him a whiskey, but it was on the rocks and OE went after the waiter like he was an idiot and made it very clear that only one ice cube should be used. When OE went to the bathroom later at that place, RP apologized for OE to everyone at the table and to the waiter and said he actually preferred his drinks to be on the rocks, but it was just better to have one ice cube than to have to listen to crap all night from OE about it. So, back to the limo and RP hands me a drink and I’m trying to sit and get used to the smoky haze and handle a drink at the same time. We only traveled for about five or ten minutes at the most and I remember not even touching my drink. I was taking it all in. Johnny was reminiscing with OE and RP about the first time they worked together and name dropped just about everyone in Old Hollywood. This was ten minutes of just back and forth. There was never a pause. They never stopped talking or even take a breath. When we pulled up to where we were eating, I looked out and I remember smiling. I thought I was doing it internally, because, it just all fit. OE saw me though and said, something about me smiling and don’t waste the whiskey, so I drank it all in one shot while he looked at me. When I finished he just nodded, and said, "Come on." I have spent a lot of time with a lot of famous people. I have never seen someone walk through a crowd or work a line of people at a valet stand like OE. The guy was part politician, part wizard. I don’t remember any paps, but that was not unusual. It was a different time. They would be there on the way out though. I had been to this restaurant many times and I still frequent it once a month or so. I hate the offshoot that former employee started. Hate it and think it is pretentious and more akin to a hotel lobby with its ambiance. People stand at the bar and stare at celebrities walking in like they are bird watchers trying for a big year. The place I go to and was at so many years ago is so different. There is no pretension. Everyone is on top of each other. Everyone feels like a family. We got a booth. A round booth. It was in a corner. Johnny held me back because OE goes first. He slid around the booth until he was in the middle. He lit a cigarette and put his arms on the back of the booth and just took it all in. Then we were allowed to sit. Waiters rushed up and were respectful but OE was a regular and the guys working his table were all known to him. He joked with them and teased them and you could see a little of the bullying. Drink orders were taken. I could have ordered anything but I just said I will have what OE is having. It could not have been more than a minute after the waiters left that the first of many people stopped by the table. It was also one of the most beautiful women on the planet at the time.

The actress that walked up to the table was at her peak. She was getting nominated and winning the big awards and was on a nice long streak of great roles and she was stunning. At the time she could play comedies, romantic comedies and of course would long be remembered as the smoking hot actress in one of the biggest movies of all time. That role seemed long ago when I saw her, but she was a presence in that room. One hundred or so diners in that room and I don’t think anyone was talking to each other, or if they were, they were doing so while looking over at her. This was a movie star. She might not be a movie star now, but she is still B+ list and I saw her a few months ago from across the room and she still could command a room when she wanted. At some point that night a few months ago, we crossed paths and as we always do when we meet said what OE first said to her when he saw her that night (Lets call her NQ). I expected OE to have a huge grin on his face. I mean this actress was coming to him. Instead, he looked like he was ticked off. The first words out of his mouth were. "Where the fuck have you been?" No hello, or good to see you. No pleasantries whatsoever. It was just straight to what he was thinking with no filter. There was no offer for her to sit or any other courtesy shown. Watching NQ and OE stare at each other, it looked as if neither was going to blink. NQ said that she only found out the night before that OE had been looking for her. OE then said he left word with a guy we will call PI and that PI had been trying all over the place to find NQ. PI was and is an actor. He is actually still on a hit network show but in a minor recurring role. He had his run a couple of decades ago and was about five years removed from the end of a long running hit show. The thing is our actor also had another side business and apparently as a result of that side business and connections he had, met OE. They had a long shared history together and that history apparently included NQ. Our actress was not always an actress and sometimes had to make ends meet. Now, even though she was arguably the biggest actress in the world at that time, OE wanted her to earn some money to help out a friend of his. Lets take a break for a second. All of this banter between NQ and OE was filled with half sentences and things that did not make a lot of sense to someone who was put right in the middle of this. Later Johnny filled in some of the blanks. Some. There were a ton of blanks he didn’t ever fill, and he kept a lot of secrets. He told me several hundred, but he kept several thousand to himself. One of the blanks that he answered was that NQ actually married a guy just to have an excuse to avoid OE’s requests. Even though OE was an a-hole who would cheat on his own wife in a second, he would never force NQ to cheat on her husband. Now that NQ had split with her husband though, the past year or so had been one excuse after the other. She tried to work as much as possible just to avoid even having to see OE. Bringing in PI though notched everything up a level. She knew it was serious which is why she showed up. That last little bit I got directly from NQ. I had not seen her since that night until we ran into each other in of all places at a grocery store. Ice cream aisle. I closed one of the glass doors and there she was. She remembered that night and I reminded her of what OE had said to her when he saw her and since then, we use that line. Being the inquisitive person I am, I started asking her some questions, and she also filled in some blanks. Obviously she didn’t know me, so her answers were somewhat guarded, but she was still talking to me while my hand nearly froze from holding that ice cream so long. Over time we talked more and because of that grocery store meet she actually got me a client or two. Now, back to the restaurant. NQ agreed to meet whoever OE wanted her to meet, but only for a drink. I found out later they did meet for a drink, but she refused to do anything more with him and OE decided it was fine and found someone else for the guy. NQ said her goodbyes and turned around and headed straight for the door. All dressed up and alone and every guy watched her walk out of the place. I had a lot of questions for OE, but Johnny told me to not ask any for a few hours and to be very careful if I chose to do so. I ended up not asking him very much at all that night except things that I knew he would answer because they were all about his successes. Later that year though I saw him and had drinks with him the same weekend I wrote about a long time ago with some members of the original 90210 cast. He was much more forthcoming then. He seemed different too, maybe because he didn’t have to do anything but talk to me, and not be the center of attention at a restaurant in Hollywood. That conversation is for another day though. Shortly after NQ left, plates of food started appearing. No one had ordered anything, but no one was supposed to. Everyone ate what OE ate and he always ate the same thing so the food just started coming out. There were lots of plates and lots of waiters so I stood up to give them more room and while I was up thought I would take a quick lap around the place. Take it all in. I could not have been gone for more than two minutes but when I got back there was another guy sitting in my seat and talking to OE. There was no room for me, so I just stood there looking like a fool. I think OE kind of liked that.

The guy who was sitting in my seat got up after just a few minutes. I learned that I shouldn’t take it personally and even OE lost his spot a few times during the night when he would get up and wander. He would not actually lower himself to the point where he would make a point to go visit someone at another table, but if he were walking to or from the restroom and someone called him over that he liked or found interesting or could help him he would go slightly out of his way to shake their hand or say a few words. No lingering though. This was OE’s version of make everyone come to your office. I noticed that RP didn’t have that issue. He was happy to go with other people and seemed to get a big thrill of being the big shot at a table which he definitely was when seated with almost anyone other than OE. It was when he was seated with others that he smoked. Most of the time when he lit up near OE, he would get a look. OE smoked, but for some reason RP was shamed for doing so. The most fun OE seemed to have all night other than when some teenage girls asked him for his autograph and weren’t doing it for their parents was when this at the time B+ list mostly television actor and hiatus movie actor came by to say hello. OE actually got up and came out and gave the actor a hug. The actor, who we will call LM, was all smiles and laughs but then OE had to go and ruin it by asking LM to do a little comedy bit and LM said it wasn’t really the time and place and the two went back and forth and it became really awkward until Johnny intervened and told OE that one of the waitresses wanted to show OE something. Apparently there was no waitress who wanted to show OE anything, but I didn’t know that until later. It was code for OE and one of his many escorts or side pieces to head up to a room that was next door to the restaurant. A little attic space that is now a club was the place OE would take women for 30 minutes when he was in town. At the time there was a side door and he never had to go out front or in the back and no one ever knew what he was doing. Apparently it was supposed to happen later in the night, but Johnny decided it would be best to mention it right then so OE could save some face and there would be less of a chance for things to be said that could not be taken back. As it was, I don’t think OE and LM ever really got along after that incident. OE carried a lot of money, but I never saw him pay for anything. He would tip people all the time, but never actually pay for anything. I’m not sure how he handled the whole escort thing. From what Johnny told me, there were others who would pay for him, and the women he slept with who were not escorts were all hoping for a favor or were paying off a debt. I think I went into the limo that night hoping for lots of stories and learning more about what happened in Old Hollywood. I got stories, but they seemed to be the same stories the same group of people had been telling for years and although they were excited about the stories, it involved people that were only specific to them and not all that exciting. What that night did give me was something that a lot of people never get the chance to do. I got to spend a night with some legends and see them in a mostly unguarded way and that is something I will never forget. When I did see OE a few months later, he continued to be unguarded. Because I had been introduced by a friend he assumed I wouldn’t go talking to the press or write a book about the guy. He was right. I kept my mouth quiet. I would tell bits and pieces to friends, but it was not like any of it was revolutionary or demanding to be told. A few months later when we spoke, some of that began to change.

OE: Frank Sinatra
RP: Merv Griffin
A+ drunk Walk of Fame Actor side story: William Holden
Wife of drunk actor: Brenda Marshall
Girlfriend of Drunk actor: Stefanie Powers
Restaurant: Dan Tana’s
(offshoot: Craig’s – owned by Dan Tana’s former long-time maitre d’)
NQ: Michelle Pfeiffer ("Scarface") (married to Peter Horton)
LM: Dean Martin

PI: POSSIBLY: Robert Wagner ("NCIS") ("Hart To Hart")

171. BLIND GOSSIP 01/16
This female celebrity was thrilled to announce her engagement last year. However, the wedding is now off. She gave back the ring to her ex… but she is still seen wearing the ring. Wait. How is that possible? Well, she got a question or two about why she wasn’t wearing the ring, decided that she wasn’t quite ready to answer that question… and had a copy made! The stone in the fake ring is a cubic zirconia. She’s been wearing it on and off for the past few weeks in the hopes that people will get so used to seeing her NOT wearing the ring that they will stop asking her questions. Yes, she’s tapering you off until she is ready to announce the break up.
Celebrity: Nicky Hilton
[Optional] Her Ex-Fiance: James Rothschild

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#1**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was not thrilled that her husband stole her spotlight the other night. They had a heated argument the entire night after it happened and he kept begging for forgiveness. Emily Blunt/John Krasinski "Critics Choice Awards"

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#2**
So, this no name kind of celebrity beats his A list celebrity/reality star wife and SHE is the one who buys a $100K present to keep him happy and say she is sorry. That is all kinds of messed up. Mel B/Stephen Belafonte

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#3**
This former A list mostly movie actress who once starred in a big franchise has had big problems getting much work the past few years. She has been reduced to indies. She refuses to read for any indie parts. They have to give her the job without a reading. The last time she was forced to read she showed up drunk and the producers have been whispering. Kirsten Dunst

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#4**
This A list model/mom/reality star has been dropping weight like crazy to the point of being skeletal. Too much partying and there sure was a lot of coke use while she was on a recent vacation. She is trying to keep up with her boyfriend. Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actor from an acting family is still A list when his show is running. Most tweeners know a different part of his acting family. Anyway, our actor had a game he was playing the other night. When someone would buy him a drink he would pay for the dinner of the person and everyone at their table. Lots of people must have wanted to watch this guy drink because almost the whole restaurant got a free meal.
Kiefer Sutherland

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **#6**
This former B list mostly movie actor who now has other projects and even does some producing of a popular daytime show hired multiple nannies for his kid(s) because he has no intention of being home at night and then spends all day sleeping it off.
David Arquette (daytime show "Celebrity Name Game")

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#1**
This B- list celebrity/musician/reality star who was probably A list for a few years told his friends that he has videos of his C list celebrity wife who used to be B+ snorting coke while children are present and that she only has sex with guys who also provide her coke or money. Travis Barker/Shanna Moakler (divorced but still live together)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#2**
This NYC Housewife and kind of Housewife share a lover and have shared in the same bed too. Sonja Morgan/Harry Dubin

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#3**
In a very strange coupling, this married very good looking A list mostly television actor from a long running hit network show hooked up with this married A list singer who has been A+ list in the past. The two frequent the same coffee shop in their neighborhood. The next thing you know, the two were hooking up at her place when her husband was out of town.

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#4**
This A list celebrity who has had a career as a celebrity much longer than her career as an actress or reality star still is very good looking. While out of the country earning a paycheck for a company she earned almost triple the amount of the check by sleeping with the businessman who arranged for her paycheck.
Carmen Electra "Vitamin Water"

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **#5**
This B list mostly movie actress has completely taken over the life of this A+ list mostly movie actor and never lets him out of the house by himself. She has brought in people loyal to her and is basically in control of all his finances and decision making. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp

183. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19
When a celebrity does the dating/engaged/married thing in a very short period of time, you have to wonder why they rushed into things. Well, a guest at this celebrity’s wedding gave us their theory. They believe that the bride is pregnant! They found it very odd that the normally social-drinking bride completely abstained from alcohol before, during, and after her wedding. When we asked if was possible that she avoided the alcohol simply because she wanted to be completely alert for the event, the guest said, "Yes, it’s possible… but highly unlikely! I can’t ever remember a party where [the celebrity] DIDN’T drink! They also provided one other fact that supported their pregnancy theory. "When someone else came right out and asked her if she was pregnant, she didn’t deny it. She simply dodged the question and started talking about something else." Does abstinence and a non-denial equal a pregnancy? Cameron Diaz

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#1**
This B list celebrity got into a huge fight with her A list actor husband last night at dinner. He even called her a whore in earshot of other diners. Apparently he didn’t appreciate her most recent efforts to get publicity for herself. Hilaria/Alec Baldwin

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#2**
This former Real Housewife, who is desperate to return has seen her earnings take a nose dive. She is taking every gig she can get and is now exchanging appearance fees for sex. I’m sure her kid(s) would love this but she never sees them anyway because she is trying to revive her career. Danielle Staub "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#3**
Everyone wants the drug dealer. Look for prescriptions under the maiden name of the wife.
Camille Cosby (Bill)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#4**
I hope this former network reality star from that long running dating show who recently cheated on her fiance has a good PR team because she is thinking about already showing off the guy she cheated with. Bad bad move. Andi Dorfman "The Bachelorette"

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#5**
The guy is a jerk, but it is the second time I have heard it. The ex-boyfriend of this EGOT hopeful who does literally a little bit of everything including fundraisers apparently talks non-stop about herself and her projects even while having sex and asks questions about what she should do. She just never stops talking. Ever. Dana Brunetti/Kristin Chenoweth

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#6**
This B list celebrity who has been with an A lister and an A list wannabe and a married celeb/reality star while they were both married got a new tattoo over the weekend and paid the guy by letting him take naked photos of her. Classy.
Celebrity: Amber Rose
A list wannabe: French Montana
Married celeb/reality star: Nick Cannon

A lister: Chris Brown

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#7**
This A- list celebrity who has done acting/reality/performing and hosting was yelling at her boyfriend the other day when he wanted to do something and she wanted to do something different. She told him when he made as much as her that they could do what he wanted. Kathy Griffin

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **#8**
Two companies that passed on this recent Golden Globe winner who is a B list mostly television actress because she was not "right," which was code for wrong race have suddenly decided she is perfect. She told them both to fuck off and is sticking with the companies that liked her a month ago. Gina Rodriguez "Jane the Virgin"

192. MR. X 01/19 **#1**
What overseas reality show’s dramatic fights and feuds are 100% staged? When the cameras aren’t rolling, the participants get along fine. The producers encourage the fake fighting when the cameras turn because it equals more ratings. All of these episodes aren’t live like they say it is, it’s all pre taped and edited. Give these people an Emmy! "Big Brother UK"

193. MR. X 01/19 **#2**
What "couple", consisting of an A-list mostly movie actor and Oscar winner/nominee and a B-list actress, have both moved on to other people but their PR people are making them save face by arranging several photo-op events which they’ll spin as date nights? Did I mention they’re getting paid for this?
Bradley Cooper/Suki Waterhouse (upcoming Oscars)
Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (movie "Mortdecai" coming out)
Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes

194. MR. X 01/19 **#3**
Sober my ass. What B-list reality star from an A-list show was not drinking water at the club all night, but vodka placed in water bottles? Scott Disick

195. MR. X 01/19 **#4**
What A-list reality star’s pursuit of being friends with that A++ list couple is becoming one step away from stalker behavior? After couple #1 had dinner at a restaurant, the reality star and her significant other had dinner at the same restaurant at the same table couple #1 sat at. Then she had her PR people make it look like the two couples had dinner together, which they didn’t. Let’s just say her hubby wasn’t happy during the whole ordeal. Pathetic. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/Beyoncé/Jay-Z

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#1**
This C list celeb offspring of an A list rapper/mogul is way under age, but is selling herself to some very wealthy people. She doesn’t really need the money, but her boyfriend/pimp is happy to keep her mid five figure fees. Master P’s teenage daughter Itali Miller

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#2**
This B- list mostly television actor is openly gay and has been hitting the bathhouses of Vancouver hard. No problem there. Apparently though he is leaving a big STD trail behind him because he refuses to use protection and uses his celebrity to charm the guys into it. Wentworth Miller "The Flash"

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#3**
This millionaire known for spending money on celebrities for sex is in Miami. He had two very different people on his have sex with list for this past weekend. One is well known and photographs herself constantly. A former B list model and now a wannabe reality star. The other was an A list mostly television actress from two very long running shows, one was network, the other almost network. Apparently she was his growing up crush.

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#4**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor has a wife who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. He also left her at home while he was doing press for his new movie. A couple of drinks at a hotel bar with this B- list mostly movie actress with the A++ list name recognition due to a former marriage and the two were in her hotel room. I guess she got back at her married boyfriend for standing her up last week.
Foreign actor: Paul Bettany ("Mortdecai") in Berlin
Wife: Jennifer Connelly
B- list actress: Katie Holmes (Berlin Fashion Week)
Former marriage: Tom Cruise

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#5**
There is nothing this B list mostly movie actress would love to do more than to go out in public with her new child and get her photos taken everyday. One tiny problem. The agreement she signed provides for a great deal of support from her actor baby daddy, but it also limits how many interviews she can give or what she can do with the child in front of cameras. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#6**
This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is foreign born. Her A list mostly movie actress former bff used to talk about how she seduced this current A list mostly movie actor before she got married to her current husband. Well, our Academy Award winner/nominee and the A list mostly movie actor hooked up this weekend while out of town together. Both have significant others.
Foreign actress: Naomi Watts
A list bbf: Nicole Kidman
Current husband: Keith Urban
A list actor she hooked up with: Chris Hemsworth|
"China’s 15th Huading Awards in Macao"

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit network show that is ending soon is filming a movie with a permanent A list mostly movie actor. Our actress, who has a long time significant other was hammered out of her mind and kept trying to get the married permanent A lister to hook up with her and was making a fool of herself by using the names of his movies as sexual metaphors.
Actress: Aubrey Plaza (Jeff Baena)
Show: "Parks and Recreation"
A list actor: Robert De Niro
Movie: "Dirty Grandpa"

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#8**
The daughter of this Real Housewife is the most popular student at her college. Not only has she sent out naked photos of herself to a ton of people but she is the one who will do anything with anyone when she gets drunk. There are at least three videos of her with men and women having sex. Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery "Real Housewives of New York City"

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#9**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who used to be A+ and finally may have found a woman he won’t cheat on during their relationship has a daughter who has been trying to meet him and who our actor is trying to avoid. He knows about the daughter but doesn’t want anything to do with her.
Antonio Banderas/Nicole Kimpel (34 year old investment banker)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#10**
This B- list mostly television actress who is an offspring and on a hit almost network show didn’t mind getting trashed this weekend. It got her more publicity than she has received in quite some time and now she hopes that burst will get her signed to additional seasons of the show.
Katie Cassidy (daughter of David Cassidy)/"Arrow" (twitter war with Erin Andrews and Chrissy Teigen)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/20 **#11**
All of these people starred on a cult hit network show together.
SHOW: "Lost"
#1- This married A- list mostly movie actor has never had the success in movies that he had in the show. He likes to portray himself as the consummate family man but he is the first one in line for coke and half naked women. He says he is sober. Matthew Fox

#2 – This A- list mostly television actor is going through a string of women that have been getting progressively younger. He really loved the 18 year old he was seeing for a bit but her parents were freaking out because he is well over twice her age.

#3 – This former it guy dumped his girlfriend when he became more famous than her and when they ran into each other at a party a few weeks ago pretended he didn’t even know who she was when he was trying to talk game with some other woman. Hello, they dated forever. He is such a tool. Dominic Monaghan/Evangeline Lilly

207. BLIND GOSSIP 01/20
This singer really wants a boyfriend. Even a fake boyfriend will do! She has asked her publicist to help her find a guy. The only problem is… her publicist isn’t having any luck! For many male celebrities, it’s all about being seen with someone who has a very specific "look." While our singer is hot right now, she just doesn’t have that look, so her publicist is coming up empty handed.

208. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 01/20
After being demoted, this muy caliente reality housewife became so desperate for fame that she begged her way on to a popular dating show. Miss Sunshine worked hard to promote the episode… until she was told that her footage was too boring and might not be aired. Ouch! That had to have hurt! She is so eager for a comeback that she has been contacting and trying to hang out with any past or present Bravo personality from any city. We wish this housewife would stop burying her head in the sand and face reality that her career is washed up.
Reality Housewife: Marysol Patton
Reality Show: "Real Housewives of Miami"
Dating Show: "Millionaire Matchmaker"

Which A-LIST has signed up to get a boob job after recently getting criticism that she was "saggy" at a major red carpet event? Having survived Hollywood for over a decade without getting a boob job, this TV and film star thinks its time to get a little help. She was spotted leaving a plastic surgeons office last week, which specializes in natural, fake breasts! TOO BAD! Jennifer Aniston "Critics Choice Movie Awards"

210. LAINEY GOSSIP 01/21
Serious actor with a more serious actor friend, even though their friendship isn’t as public as some of the others. No pictures, but still, their names will appear together on party reports, and it’s always the kind of parties that feature douchebags leering at young models. They’ve come together again on a new project, working away on location. While on location, away from the media, away from the paparazzi, one influences the other. Which would be fine, because that’s his lifestyle, famously it’s his lifestyle, but his friend happens to be married. And it’s not his wife he’s taking back to his hotel room every night. The side piece works at the casino and that’s probably not a good place to be around for someone with his history. You just replace one addiction with the other. This isn’t the first time we’ve run into some out of bounds play with him though. All of us were wondering if he’d paused on his long term relationship a couple of years ago with another co-star. That ended up fading, he got married, and now…well… now he has a temporary waiting in bed for him until he gets to go home. Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hardy (wife - Charlotte Riley/co-star - Noomi Rapace) "The Revenant"

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#1**
This former A+ list celebrity/reality star is just a celebrity now. She wants to be a mogul and does have lots of interests. She also has the pervy story of the day. She used to have sex for drugs with one of her dealers and now is having sex with his son who she once babysat. Paris Hilton (33) dating Jordan Barrett (18)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#2**
This executive at a tabloid publishing group had a family member who was bankrupted because of this reality star with her own cable show and has made it their mission to not let the star earn any more money. It seems to be working.

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#3**
This B- list mostly movie actress who is waiting for her big movie to open says she would trade her fame for privacy. Umm, then why do you call three or four pap agencies every time you go somewhere and change clothes multiple times each day for different shots. She is addicted to fame. Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey"

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#4**
Someone is going to catch on to the scam being perpetrated by this former solo reality star turned Real Housewife. The west coaster has photos taken of her that says she is at a company that has paid her, but she never goes to any of the places she is paid to promote. Sounds like false advertising. When the Super Bowl MVP says he is going to Disneyland, he has to go. Lisa Rinna "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#5**
For a sober man, this A+ list mostly movie actor sure was blitzed the other night in a roped off section of the hotel lobby bar. Why wouldn’t the guy drink in his room? He loves to be seen. Bradley Cooper

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#6**
The good news is this B- list mostly movie actor with the name that sounds like a country singer has not cheated on his wife. The last time he cheated on her was a few days after she told him she was pregnant. So, he has gone cold turkey for a bit now. Chad Michael Murray

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#7**
This A list action movie star who does not do much other than that role and workout is also a home wrecker. Well, the wife helped too. She is an actress who had her best days on a tweener show. I am too lazy to look up when she got married but it could not have been very long ago. Henry Cavil ("Superman")

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#8**
This C list mostly movie actress who has a full slate of movies in 2015 after her former career where she was probably A list. A+ list if she would have gone all the way. Anyway, she was banned from the premiere of her latest movie along with a long time B list mostly movie actor who has had two great television roles and a movie spinoff. The two caused a lot of drama by hooking up and an explosive fight when the actor’s girlfriend found out about it.

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#9**
This A- list mostly movie actor already had one assistant become his girlfriend. I guess the production assistant he is hooking up with on his latest project wants to push the girlfriend out of the picture since it has already happened once. Josh Brolin "Hail, Caesar!"

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#10**
This former A+ list singer who will probably be a permanent A lister because of his catalog and history has a new tv gig this year, but told producers he knows nothing about new music so they are going to do a night of songs either from him or his era. Lionel Richie coach on "The Voice"

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/21 **#11**
Four celebrities, two relationships destroyed and a family torn apart. It sounds like it could be a movie of the week or at least a plot line on a soap. The thing is though it happened all in the past few weeks. Well, the aftermath anyway. The actual deed happened over the holidays. Four celebrities.
#1- Female. Probably the least known, at least nationally of all four. She is also the one who can blow all of this right out of the water and make heads explode.
#2- Male. Boyfriend of #1. B- lister nationally as a celebrity. Almost A list locally, but the city does not have a whole lot of celebrity so that does not take much.
#3 – Female. Probably the best known of all four of the celebrities. You might have been able to call her an A- list celebrity/reality star within the past year. Some people who watch the show would go A+ with her.
#4 – Male. Probably the second least known of all four. Only known for being the boyfriend of #3. I’m not sure if he is going to try and make it on his own as a celebrity. Probably not.
#2 and #4 know each other very well. All four know each other, but #2 and #4 have a special connection.
#2 and #3 slept together.
#4 found out first. He split with #3.
#1 found out from #2 when #1 kept pressing him why #3 and #4 split.
#1 has now left #2.
No one wants it to get out, but if #1 needs the money she will let it out for the right price.
#1: Kacie McDonnell (former Fox 29 traffic reporter)
#2: Aaron Murray (Kansas City Chiefs QB) (brother)
#3: Andi Dorfman ("The Bachelorette")
#4: Josh Murray (brother)

Which Real Housewife, who thinks she is now a TV expert, is meeting off camera with the cast members she likes to teach them how to play and win the game. She tells them that it is no longer a reality show, it’s a competition and they need to know the rules to win. She insisting they all practice lines before they tape and has planned out several ‘tricks’ to steal attention in scenes! YIKES! Nene Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#1**
This A list national television talk show host was like a kid in a candy store when two companies provided him with women to show him around their new collections. One of the women was all business and was soon sent on her way. The other was willing to do anything and the company made a big sale. Michael Strahan

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#2**
Private investigators hired by the attorneys of his soon to be ex-wife are following this foreign born B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. They want to see the woman he is dating and find out if they were dating while the couple was still married. Gary Oldman

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#3**
This B- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show has made it into movies and his most recent role has led to a string of women all wanting to have sex with him. What he doesn’t tell them or anyone is he prefers men. Dylan O’Brien; Joe Manganiello; Alexander Skarsgård; Charlie Hunnam

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner talks nice about her husband to the press, but privately they have been fighting non-stop because she wants him to get a job or at least pretend he is trying to find a job. Anne Hathaway/Adam Shulman

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#5**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee has had a career resurgence the past year or so. Our actor told his wife he had meetings the other day, but what the meeting consisted of was a stripper. The actor wanted to feel young. After a couple of hours with the stripper he joined his wife like nothing happened for a red carpet event. Kevin Costner; Ethan Hawke; Robert Duvall

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#6**
A month ago this A list mostly television actress was telling her friends that she was looking for a new guy and didn’t see her relationship with her boyfriend going anywhere. She even had a blind date set up. One little thing changes the whole thing. She is apparently miserable. Zooey Deschanel/Jacob Pechenik (she’s pregnant)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#7**
The husband of this celebrity chef is looking for a man who charges by the hour and was featured on a hit pay cable show. It turns out the celebrity chef ran a tab with the guy while married. Giada De Laurentis/someone from "Gigolos" her husband Todd Thompson (now fighting over division of assets)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#8**
Flu can be used for rehab or in this case to recover from some extensive plastic surgery. Apparently the A- list reality star is keeping quiet until the show featuring the surgery is about to air. Kris Jenner

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#9**
This A list reality star from multiple reality shows is married and likes everyone to think she is loyal but she was all over a guy this week while out to dinner. Our reality star was drunk and gave up her phone number really easily. Kendra Wilkinson

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#10**
This B- list mostly television actress used to be all movies. Her last few attempts at television have not gone well, although one of them is still on the air, just not with her. Anyway, Child Protective Service is investigating her after her child was found outside the home by a neighbor and our actress was inside apparently inebriated. Selma Blair/"Anger Management"

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/22 **#11**
#1 – That was fast. This A- list mostly movie actress who is in a relationship with a former assistant has been talking to a surrogate agency and also has gone to the doctor with her girlfriend to talk about IVF. Apparently our actress has no desire to be pregnant at all. Kristen Stewart/Alicia Cargile

#2- This A+ list singer is about to be really embarrassed. Her husband, an A+ list rapper is talked about in some e-mails which detail a threesome where he was involved and his wife was not with him. The descriptions are pretty graphic. Beyoncé/Jay-Z

#3- This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner was on a vacation and would only eat at restaurants that offered her a private bathroom for her personal use during the entire time she was there. Gwyneth Paltrow (which would explain her comment on "Ellen" today that while on vacation her daughter said they were going to brunch, but didn't want her to come along)

234. POPBITCH 01/22
Which self-important celeb has been drawing a bit too much inspiration from The Wire? Paranoid that she might be being tracked or hacked, she has been demanding that her PAs keep her supplied with a steady stream of 'burners' – sketchily acquired phones she can dump without hassle.
Kim Kardashian

235. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 01/22 **#1**
Which young troubled star has everyone worried because she is drinking – A LOT – again. She has been in and out of rehab countless times, but still cannot get her life together. Now she is in big trouble again and lying about all her heath troubles. She is always making up excuses and blaming others. This isn’t going to end well, a close source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. Lindsay Lohan

236. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 01/22 **#2**
According to a top MAKEUP ARTIST, one aging DIVA is now insisting on doing her own makeup, so no one will know she has gone under the knife. She is known to have an army of makeup artist but no more! She isn’t letting anyone close to her face!
Mariah Carey; Jennifer Lopez

237. MR. X 01/23 **#1**
What "couple" consisting of a closeted athlete and a B-list mostly movie actress are literally being paid every time she talks about him or they (rarely) step out together in public? The panic started when his ex-boyfriend started making catty remarks about them on Twitter again. Aaron Rodgers/Olivia Munn/Kevin Lanflisi

238. MR. X 01/23 **#2*
What closeted almost A-list actor who appeared in two massive hit movies last year had his ex "girlfriend" reappear out of nowhere after his PR people started to get worried after he was spotted with a (non-famous) guy who is apparently his boyfriend. The "girlfriend" had to be pulled away from her new sugar daddy, that foreign born businessman recently linked to a supermodel. Ansel Elgort ("Divergent" and "The Fault in Our Stars")/Violetta Komyshan

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#1**
This A list rapper/reality star is married but everyone knows he cheats. He just does not usually do it as obviously as he did the other night. He got sloppy drunk which may be the reason he was all over that minor celebrity for everyone in public to see. T.I.

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#2**
This former A list tweener has been seeing a woman for the past several months. She is getting really upset that the tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor is shying away from publicity for the couple and takes her to out of the way places where only the occasional fan spots them. She signed up for this thing for publicity for herself and does not feel like she is getting what was agreed to. Zac Efron and Sami Miro

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#3**
This single former Real Housewife who might be coming back has been sleeping with two different editors in return for them buying her pap shots on a regular basis. She wants to stay in the public eye. Kelly Bensimon "Real Housewives of New York City"

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#4**
This celebrity offspring of an A+ list couple was in bad shape before but is in desperate need of rehab now with his new girlfriend partying with him non-stop. Patrick Schwarzenegger/Miley Cyrus (If he had stopped drinking sooner he might not have cheated)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#5**
This openly gay celebrity/talk show host/reality star might seem sweet and lovable but escorts he has hired paint an entirely different picture and say that no one ever visits him twice. Andy Cohen "Watch What Happens Live"

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#6**
This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network comedy has an actor significant other but she spends much of her day in her trailer facetiming her ex boyfriend on a phone that her assistant brings to the set each day just for that purpose. Sofía Vergara (Joe Manganiello)/Nick Loeb

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#7**
This former A list performer and now A-list celebrity/performer/reality star dodged the police while in town. They wanted to question her about incidents that took place when she was in town last but she is trying her hardest to avoid it. Mel B (she had just been beaten by her husband)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#8**
This married, non-foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner has been popping pills like crazy and there is talk she is going to spend some time on "vacation," which is code for a mental health facility. Her husband is pushing for it but mainly so he can be with his girlfriends more easily. Nicole Kidman (born in Hawaii, but raised in Australia)/Keith Urban

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/23 **#9**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: She was almost A-list for most of her all-too-brief movie career, but this beautiful actress achieved her greatest fame long after she retired from showbiz, after some movies she made overseas were rediscovered by critics and film buffs and declared some of the greatest of all time. This incident happened before she decided to step in front of a movie camera. She started out as a legitimate dancer then she landed a spot in two of the biggest revues on Broadway as a scantily dressed showgirl. Between shows, she earned extra money on the side prostituting herself to wealthy men. One of those wealthy men was an A++ list actor/comedian/jack of all trades, possibly the biggest actor in movies at that time. Louise Brooks/Charlie Chaplan

248. WINE AND SASS 01/23
This A Lister walked in on her A+ List guy right in the middle of him cheating on her. He thought she was out of town and hired some "entertainment" for the night. She was, but caught wind of what was going on because he was spotted at a "roach" hotel in the town they live in. Strange indeed. She walked in and announced, "Ok, this is your Free-Bee. Considering everything you have done and are doing for my family I can look the other way this time. Next time, you won't be so lucky. I expect you in my car in 5 minutes." Threw his pants at him and walked out. I have no idea why she thinks he'd stop since that certainly wasn't the first time he's cheated on her and he cheated throughout every relationship he's ever been in. Good luck with that. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn (adopting her son)

249. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/23
1. Which current female Oscar nominee was approached by "Boyhood" star Patricia Arquette in the loo at the Golden Globes — and when Arquette gushed over the actress’ performance, the testy thespian had no idea who Arquette was and no interest in her admiration? Felicity Jones or Rosamund Pike (both British)

2. What pop star keeps getting plastic surgery to keep a straying boyfriend, prompting pals to call her "pathetic and insecure"? Lady Gaga

250. MOUTH TO EAR 01/25
After rapping about dropping mollies in ladies drinks and them not knowing, we were already looking at this guy kind of crazy. He went from sitting Front Row to a single man and we never knew why; but now we understand. This label boss likes to put hands on the ladies, and not in a good way. Love hurts we know, but his last few relationships ended after he allegedly decided to beat on the women. Perhaps he used police tactics to assault his ladies, being that his former job was in the law enforcement industry. He may have recently shed a few pounds, but beating a women that are weaker and smaller than you is never a good move.

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#1**
This foreign born celebrity chef not named Gordon Ramsay who also has television shows and restaurants, but is maybe even in better shape than Gordon went through a series of waitresses from a now closed restaurant of his and two of them claim they are pregnant with his babies. Robert Irvine

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#2**
This A list mostly television actress on a very hit network show was all smiles the other night at a party. Without her husband and telling people they were moving on seemed liberating for her. The whole sham marriage thing has been dragging her down for awhile. Kerry Washington "Scandal"/Nnamdi Asomugha

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/24 **#3**
This supposedly back together husband of a Teen Mom 2 star had webcam sex the other night with a woman who is not the one he was sexting with a few weeks ago. Leah Messer’s husband Jeremy Calvert (this was the tattoo model. His previous one was Brittany.)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#1**
This married former A list model turned really bad actress who still ends up getting work because of her looks got caught up in all kinds of lies the other night. She was confused for this B+ list mostly television actress from a hit cable show and even signed an autograph as the actress. The fan then asked about the wedding ring and our model turned actress started talking about a secret marriage and the fan shouldn’t tell. Crazy.
Model: Brooklyn Decker "30th Annual Artios Awards" (makes me like Brooklyn a whole lot more than I used to)
Actress: January Jones "Mad Men"

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#2**
This A- list mostly movie actress who got her start in late night has been celibate the past six months after catching her celebrity boyfriend cheating for the umpteenth time. Kristen Wigg/Fabrizio Moretti

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#3**
For the first time in a year, this former A list mostly television actress turned B list mostly movie actress who is very talented is thinking about divorcing her A+ list mostly movie actor husband. Things had been going well, but she received some disturbing news from a former co-star that has her rethinking her marriage. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck/Victor Garber

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#4**
This B list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring has gained almost 15 pounds in the past month and the studio that is releasing her latest movie is freaking out because she has to do publicity for the movie and think she will turn people off. She looks good. Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey" Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#5**
The father/child bonding time between this married former A+ list mostly television actor who still has A+ list name recognition thanks to tons of reruns and working here and there was not really bonding between parent and offspring but parent and the waiter he tries to see as much as possible. Kelsey Grammer

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/25 **#6**
This male married Golden Globe nominee/winner from this year broke up the last relationship of this married Golden Globe nominee/winner also from this year by sleeping with her then boyfriend. Eddie Redmayne/Keira Knightley/Rupert Friend

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#1**
SAG AWARDS: This foreign born B list mostly movie actor now who made his fame on a very hit pay cable show was supposed to be at the SAG Awards and showing off his new foreign born B- list mostly movie actress girlfriend. Their PR teams worked it all out, but our actress backed out as the beard after her boyfriend got upset at the first carefully arranged PR leaks so the whole thing was called off. Alexander Skarsgard/Margot Robbie

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#2**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who has never had much luck in movies and her last television show crashed and burned quickly after her first monster hit needs work very badly. She is fast running out of cash thanks to some bad investment decisions she was talked into be her soon to be publicly announced ex. She has been hitting the promo circuit hard and signing up for whatever movies producers will cast her in. Kate Walsh ("Bad Judge")/Chris Case

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#3**
SAG AWARDS: This foreign born B list mostly television actress from a very hit show might have been shut out last night in the nominations, but she is making sure that she gets revenge on the cast mates who were. She secretly renegotiated her contract to make sure she is always the highest paid actress on the show. Last night one of the producers of the show let it slip out and the rest of the cast was bombarding the producer who had to change seats.
Show: "Downton Abbey"
B list actress: Michelle Dockery: nominated 2010 Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series Screen Actors Guild; nominated 2012 Critics Choice Television Awards; nominated 2012, 2013, 2014 - NO WINS
Primetime Emmy Awards; nominated 2014 Golden Globes Awards
Joanne Froggatt: WON 2015 Golden Globes Awards; nominated 2012 and 2014 Primetime Emmy Awardds ; WON British Independent Film Awards
Maggie Smith: (for "Downton Abbey") WON 2013 Golden Globes Awards; 2012 nominated Golden Globes Awards; nominated 2013 and 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards; WON 2011 and 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards; nominated 2012 BAFTA Awards; WON 2015 and nominated 2012 Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series Screen Actors Guild

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#4**
SAG AWARDS: Quite the little pot circle last night in a loading dock. An A+ list mostly movie actor and his co-star from a movie that kept winning last year. Also joining them and hanging all over the co-star was this foreign born B- list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show who has been named a best dressed from last night. Not approving was this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and the most secret of cigarette smokers and was sneaking one quick puff. Literally one puff.
A+ list actor: Matthew McConaughey
Co-star: Jared Leto
Movie: "Dallas Buyers Club"
B- list actress: Emilia Clarke
A+ list actress: Reese Witherspoon

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#5**
SAG AWARDS: Everyone from this network very hit comedy was teasing this co-star on the show who used to be the biggest star among them. Apparently she had her very first one night stand ever a few nights ago and would not stop talking about it. Mayim Bialik ("Blossom") ("The Big Bang Theory")

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#6**
SAG AWARDS: Besides talking about her awful performance, people were also talking about the nose job this B list television host had recently. She thinks it will help her get work. Actually being a better host would probably be a better plan. Maria Menounos "E!'s Live From the Red Carpet at the 2015 SAG Awards"

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#7**
SAG AWARDS: The award for the most vile looking hands had to go to this B list mostly television actress who is in that hit almost television thing. Nicotine and burn marks on the tips of her fingers. Everyone kept expecting her to take out a meth pipe right there in front of everyone. Taryn Manning

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#8**
This foreign born A list singer who has not had a followup to her monster hit was letting herself be introduced to a bunch of guys the other night because she is looking for someone new. I guess the cheating boyfriend proved to be too much. Adele

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#9**
SAG AWARDS: This B+ list mostly television actress who was a nominee/winner last night, but not for her mostly genre fainted twice. Her corset was too tight but she could not be convinced to take it off. Patricia Arquette

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#10**
SAG AWARDS: This B+ list mostly movie actor is being nominated left and right this awards season for a role. It has also been a new woman almost every night for the married actor. The guy is a tool. Always has been and always will be. Ethan Hawke "Boyhood"

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#11**
This C+ list celebrity has had a nice run as the girlfriend to this back on top again former A list tweener. While working this past week though she did say it was nice to actually be hit on by guys who wanted to actually sleep with her. Olivia Culpo/Nick Jonas "63rd annual Miss Universe pageant"

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/26 **#12**
SAG AWARDS: (from AP a friend of Entertainment Lawyer) During the Golden Globes, AP heard this for the first time but was in no position to ask anyone about it. Over the past few weeks it stuck with her and she did some quiet asking of some people on the project where she works if they knew anything or heard anything about it before. No luck. She then happened to ask someone she ran into at the grocery store that she knew worked on the show in question. An afternoon of Starbucks together and AP found out something big. Huge. When she went to the SAG Awards last night she asked the victim in question about what she had heard and the victim did a double take and then said she could not talk about it and ran away and that was it. It is a hit network show. The victim is underage. Apparently another actress on the show who is probably B+ list compared to the B list of the minor although the minor makes more money total when combined with other projects does not actually participate in the casting couch process any longer. Oh, she did, and then one day someone asked her about her co-star and now when our B+ lister wants a part and someone suggests the casting couch, she offers up her co-star and has landed roles and lots and lots of extra cash. The two appear to be friends but apparently the B+ lister is in complete control and the B lister is so messed up in the head that she refuses to say no and worships the B+ lister and has never said anything to anyone. The only reason any of this has got out is because some wife of one of the men who was with the minor found some text messages on his phone about it a few nights before the Golden Globes and then was talking about it there which is how AP heard about it.
Show: "Modern Family"
B list minor: Ariel Winter (voice work for "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" "Phineas and Ferb" "Sofia the First"
B+ list actress: Sarah Hyland

272. BLIND GOSSIP 01/26 **#1**
This actress – a presenter at last night’s SAG Awards – was in the ladies room with a friend during a commercial break. She had apparently just found out that another presenter had made some catty remarks about her dress, and both women were quietly fuming. The friend said, "I can’t believe [other presenter] called your dress ugly! And I can’t believe she thought she could talk shit about you and that you wouldn’t hear about it!" Our actress responded, "Fuck her. She’s disgusting. Plus she has a lot of nerve calling anything ugly. She’s the ugliest woman that I’ve ever seen!" They looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, burst out laughing, and then exited the bathroom.
Our Actress: Lorelei Linklater "Boyhood"
The Ugliest Woman: Laverne Cox "Orange Is the New Black"

273. BLIND GOSSIP 01/26 **#2**
The SAG Awards is a scripted and rehearsed show. There is teleprompter for presenters in case they get nervous or forget their lines, but there was one certain presenter who wasn’t reading what was on the teleprompter. While everyone backstage smiled politely at the presenter as she exited, the chatter immediately started as soon as she was out of earshot. "What the hell was that?" "Asshole!" "Who does she think she is? Who the fuck does that?" "Oh my god. Is there any moment in the world that isn’t all about her?" Julia Roberts

274. BLIND GOSSIP 01/26 **#3**
This television host is feeling very happy this morning. Is it because she did such a great job interviewing celebrities at the SAG Awards? No, it’s because her network is very busy cleaning up her replacement’s mess today. Our host is privately gloating over the fact that her bosses finally realize that she is not easily replaceable. Goodbye Replacement! Hello raise!

TV Host: Giuliana Rancic
Her Replacement: Maria Menounos

Everyone is buzzing that this international star (who is 6 months pregnant) is still TOO THIN! An insider says, "People close to her are very concerned" and add it’s as if she hasn’t even popped at the 6 month mark" The pressure she is getting to look great and wearing fashionable cloths is overwhelming – but she really needs to start eating soon – her herself and her baby! Keira Knightley

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#1**
This B list reality star from a hit cable show that already reached its A+ list peak and is on the decline is married. He is also very conservative. In what was supposed to be a multi-hour work dinner while out of town our reality star kept looking at his watch and bailed after 30 minutes and went to his limo. Inside was a woman who was definitely not his wife. Josh Duggar

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#2**
This A+ list reality star from that A list reality show is going out of the country. Apparently she is going to have a procedure performed by someone other than her regular plastic surgeon. The reality star wants to make her nipples larger so they are always visible even while wearing latex or leather. Always keeping it classy. Kim Kardashian (apparently she loves it)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#3**
I hope this former A list tweener actress/singer turned failed singer and now supporting actress on a television show has truly given up on the reconciling with her husband thing because there is a waitress who graduated from high school last May who is telling everyone that the pair is getting married. She is flashing some serious bling, but so far his gifts have been limited to a diamond bracelet and necklace. Hilary Duff ("Younger")/Mike Comrie (two weeks later was hitting on another waitress, this time at Mastros acting like an a-hole)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#4**
This A- list mostly movie actor has had a troubled past few years. He has been on the verge of dropping down to B, but his off the screen exploits have kept him in the news and higher on the list. The former tween actor, not named Zac Efron was at a bar the other night and kept asking people why they lived and what kept them wanting to live. He scared a lot of people and was deep in the bottle which he swore he was not doing any longer. Shia LaBeouf

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#5**
A runway model was talked out of filing a police report against this A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is known for her franchise and not much else. Apparently our actress got drunk and forced the model down on to a bed at a party and started ripping off her clothes before the model’s screams got the attention of other people at the party. Michelle Rodriguez (Paris Fashion Week)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#6**
There is a book being shopped right now that talks about this newly married celebrity wife and how she can convincingly play a man right down to the voice. She purposely eats very little so that her breasts stay as small as possible and has always attracted men who are not able to be with men in public but want the experience. I guess she hit the jackpot. Amal/George Clooney

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#7**
This openly gay B+ list mostly movie actress who used to be A+ list and is an Academy Award winner/nominee is cheating on her wife. Our actress met the Latina housekeeper while at the home of this former A+ list mostly movie actor. Jodie Foster (Alexandra Hedison)/Mel Gibson

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#8**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is married and very free sexually has two bodyguards traveling with him right now because he has received some threats from the husband of a woman he was sleeping with a few months ago. The woman told the husband who she had been seeing. Ewan McGregor

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#9**
This foreign born A- list one hit wonder so far singer is using an alias on Grindr. I can see that, but he is using the photos of someone of another race. What happens is that men meet him expecting one person and end up walking out. The guy is a bit off. Sam Smith

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/27 **#10**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This actress was A list at the peak of her fame. She was a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. Some of my all-time favorite Hollywood stories are about her. This studio owner who is more famous for what he did outside the studios used to sleep with her regularly. When he would try and pass her off to his friends though she would always refuse so he would put her in bad movies or keep her from not working. There was one particular incident where he wanted her to have sex with another woman and she refused so he told her she couldn’t do a lead role she really wanted and made her do a tiny tiny part in a movie. He thought it would make her furious. It did, but she ended up getting nominated/winning an Academy Award. She would often wear a hat while having sex because she didn’t want men to be turned off by her face which she always hated. The story for which she is most well known involved her sleeping with her husband’s son when he was still in elementary school and then later in life marrying him.
Actress: Gloria Grahame
Studio owner: Howard Hughes
Movie: Best Actress in a Supporting Role "The Bad and the Beautiful"

Grahame's fourth and final marriage was to actor Anthony "Tony" Ray, the son of her second husband Nicholas Ray and his first wife Jean Evans and her former stepson

286. MR. X 01/27
What openly gay UK-based talk show host was overheard saying to some friends at a party that three members of that boy band are "definitely gay" and one in particular was a "vicious little viper" backstage to him when the band appeared on his show not too long ago. He knows they won’t be out of the closet anytime soon, because their female fans would lose their shit if they did. Graham Norton/"One Direction"

287. BLIND GOSSIP 01/27 **#1**
This past weekend, a female reality star traveled to New York City. While out at a bar with some friends, a drunk patron recognized her and started taunting her, saying, "You think you’re a somebody just because you’re from a TV show!" The reality star tried to ignore the patron at first. That didn’t last long. After a while, she started yelling back, calling the patron "inferior" and telling her, "You look like some sad little dyke wannabe!" Uh oh. The patron lunged for her, everyone’s friends jumped in, drinks were thrown, punches were thrown… and then everyone was thrown out of the bar! No serious injuries and no arrests. Some of the other choice taunts that were thrown by the reality star included, "You probably work on the New Jersey Turnpike!" and "My outfit costs more than your whole life!" Nene Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta" (in NYC to appear on "Good Morning America")

288. BLIND GOSSIP 01/27 **#2**
This actress talks about aging gracefully… but her actions in private show her doing exactly the opposite of that! However, in private, she has recently had facial injections, scheduled some plastic surgery, and purchased skimpy clothing that would make girls who are twenty years younger than her blush. However, in public, she is dressing more conservatively and speaking more seriously. So what’s going on? Well, she was told that if she talks about wanting to age, people will automatically see her as more relatable and will be more likely to accept her as a "serious" actress. THAT is what she really wants. All of this is just a little P.R. show she’s putting on to land more serious roles. Jennifer Aniston

289. WINE AND SASS 01/27
#1. This A List singer and A List actor are in fact together despite them being two people you'd never pair with the other. The interesting part is how in all the articles you read about them, it's stated several times how they are two single people having fun together. But, they have been together under the radar for much longer. Years on and off longer while both had significant others. It's never been serious but they make a concentrated effort to see each other when in the vicinity. Both of their teams want to make this happen for real as in getting serious. They've been leaking info like crazy hoping it will push them together. So far, nothing has changed either way, they are status-quo. Meet secretly about three times a month for a night and go on about their business. Rihanna/Leonardo DiCaprio

#2. Over the holidays this A List Actress spent it plotting to get her children's father into a predicament where he was photographed with her looking like they were back together. All while saying publicly how much she supports and loves whatever choices he makes in his new relationships. He made sure he was at least 3 feet from her at all times while they spent time with the kids together. He thinks, despite her arguments about it, that these group activities are confusing to the kids. He's also still very much with his new young A List actress. He has set an amount of time until he introduces her to his children, but it will happen very soon. They are a lot more serious than anyone lets on. This is the beauty of private planes along friends and family who don't talk. Everything single thing you hear about any of them is from his ex. He's letting her run her mouth as much as she wants. He also knows she has 2 if not 3 boyfriends on the side that she's had for years. She doesn't know he's aware of it, but if she makes trouble when it's time for his children to meet his new partner in that it's not good for the can be sure he's going to bring all that up. Her years of cheating wasn't so great for her children either. I think she should just call it a day and go with the typical passive-aggressive Ex Revenge that all normal angry exes do. Someone send her our video for helpful hints. She can have "The Help" perform these basic tips and call it a day already. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin/Jennifer Lawrence

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#1**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who got his fame from a long running television show might say all the right things about his B list actress girlfriend but while promoting his latest movie spent his nights away from home gathering phone numbers from women and trying to get one back to his hotel room. Jason Sudeikis ("SNL")/Olivia Wilde (Sundance Festival)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#2**
This A+ list mostly movie actress got rebuffed by her A+ list celebrity/performer when she tried to get him to help her with her music. He said no for years to someone much closer. So, our actress has been playing hot and heavy with this A list singer in hopes he will help. She is not shy about doing what it takes to get what she wants.
A+ celebrity/performer: Chris Martin
Someone much closer: Gwyneth Paltrow
A+ list actress: Jennifer Lawrence
A list singer: Harry Styles

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28/15 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee keeps taking digs at the boyfriend of this A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a hit cable show when he keeps mentioning their love scenes from a recent movie. He never wants to stop talking about it because he hates the boyfriend and wouldn’t mind having the actress again, but hates the boyfriend more.
A list actor: James Franco
A-/B+ list actress: Emma Roberts
Movie: "I Am Michael"
Cable show: "American Horror Story"
Boyfriend: Evan Peters

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#4**
This B- list mostly television actress from a hit network show that is ending its run gave up her boyfriend and the reason was there for all the world to see this past week. There she was hanging on to the arm of the married studio executive for dear life. It was really sad.
Dianna Agron ("Glee")/(ex-boyfriend: Thomas Cocquerel)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#5**
This foreign born, very good looking A list mostly movie actor who used to be A+ list became paranoid in the past year about eating out in restaurants. He thinks all wait staff or cooks are doing something to his food so he only eats food that has been prepared for him and sealed by his assistant. If he does go out to eat he brings bottled water or his food and dumps it out on a plate.
Pierce Brosnan

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#6**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who relies on his past hits and still good looks to make up for the not so great track record over the past decade has finally been convinced to stop stalking the A+ list foreign born actress he has been following for years. A couple of late night visits from her current actor boyfriend made him stop. Keanu Reeves/Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#7**
This B list rapper who has started acting and is doing less hitting of women was at Sundance this week at a party and kept asking all the women if they were Mormon. Apparently he really wanted to have sex with a Mormon and no one else would do. Strange, but he is not exactly known for being normal. A$AP Rocky

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#8**
This married B- list mostly television actress has never been in a blind before. Everyone knows her face and could tell you a show or movie she has been in and reminds lots of people of an old late night favorite. She recently hooked up with a former co-star when they found themselves out of town together.

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#9**
This A list mostly movie actor had a long run on a hit network television show while making movies. He said at a party recently that he has no recollection of even doing a famous character he did the voice work on because he was so wasted during filming. Jason Segel "How I Met Your Mother"/Vector "Despicable Me"

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#10**
This foreign born B- list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show that will soon have its last season threw a huge diva fit this week when the blizzard postponed a cover shoot for a magazine. She was so diva that the magazine decided to go with someone else. Jessica Paré "Mad Men" (currently pregnant)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#11**
This potential future EGOT winner has been eating Ramen the past few days because she could not find a guy to take her to dinner and she can’t cook. Apparently she will not dine alone and all of her friends were busy too.
Kristin Cheonoweth (stuck in NYC during blizzard)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/28 **#12**
THE OSCAR WINNER: In a few weeks, the Oscar winner will be announced for this category. Some people are saying the fix is in and it is all about money. There is a huge flick opening not that long from now and instead of spending all their money on advertising the film the right way, this studio is trying something different. There have always been campaigns that take out ads and of course, some not so quiet arm twisting to get people to vote a certain way. This time though, there is a ton of money being tossed around and favors being returned. One of Hollywood’s top publicists has not been hired to promote the category by the studio that made the nominated movie where the category resides. Nope, he is being paid by a studio that has an upcoming movie starring the nominated person. He also has had a long time sexual relationship with the nominee. The movie and performance are not that great, but there is so much money at stake for the studio who financed the upcoming movie that they have paid out almost $1M so far with another $1M-2M earmarked just so they can throw Oscar winner in the advertising for the new movie. No expense has been spared including a relationship that everyone laughs at behind the scenes. This is not about that actor that everyone thinks is gorgeous and has his own conspiracy.
Actor: Bradley Cooper
Movie nominated for: "American Sniper"
Upcoming movie: "Serena"
Relationship: Suki Waterhouse
Other actor: Benedict Cumberbatch

302. BLIND GOSSIP 01/28 **#1**
This girl practically lives to have every aspect of her life, every outfit, every vacation, and every fake date splashed across the internet. And, since she is a publicity hound, even crises are seen as opportunities for more publicity. That’s what’s going on right now. In the face of a minor mishap, she is publicly pretending that she is strong and nonplussed… while simultaneously having her team leak rumors about how she is actually so distressed and frightened that she may leave social media. Both of those messages were crafted by her team. The former reinforces her image with fans, while the second creates more drama. Oh, you are so sneaky, Splash Girl! And your PR team is worth every penny you pay them! Of course, Splash Girl will never, ever give up social media. And, if she really wanted to resolve the crisis, she could simply regularly change the passwords on her accounts to something that doesn’t include her cat’s name or a meaningful date. But she wouldn’t get any publicity for that, now, would she? Taylor Swift (Instagram hacked)

303. BLIND GOSSIP 01/28 **#2**
This cute actor has had steady roles on several different TV shows. Younger viewers might recognize him from one of those cable dramas catering to their age group. While he says he has a girlfriend, our actor seems to be living two lives, as demonstrated in a very explicit exchange he had with another male actor during a private Facebook chat. The chat starts out friendly and casual, with the two men talking about being actors. Then it progresses to a discussion about doing sex scenes on cameras, and the difference between playing straight characters and playing gay characters. Our actor confesses that he finds other male actors "hot." He admits that while filming one scene of a well-known TV show (which required him to be physically close to another actor), he was so turned on that he accidentally ejaculated on the other actor’s leg! Our actor then admits that he is actually gay in real life. He asks, "Do you mind if I touch myself?" Before you know it, the two actors were jerking off and climaxing online! We don’t know if he was sober when he engaged in this chat, and we don’t know if his "girlfriend" knows about his true orientation, but we now know that this actor is gay… and that he certainly isn’t shy about having online sex!
Any of his TV Shows:

304. LAINEY GOSSIP 01/28
Many of us noticed during the Golden Globes that Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are not only awesome ladies on their own, but they’re especially awesome together. Longtime friends and sometimes collaborators, they’re like the proto-version of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Well they’re at Sundance this week, where Tomlin is promoting Grandma, and they appeared together at the Women In Film brunch, an event so popular people were turned away like it was one of the A-list movie premieres. Sundance has been emphasizing female filmmakers this year in partnership with Women In Film, and Monday’s brunch with Tomlin and Fonda was not the only standing-room-only event. But of course, the allure is not just a chance to address the depressing gender gap in the film industry, it’s also the chance to see The Lily and Jane Road Show, which is fast becoming one of my favorite things. Can they host the Golden Globes now that Tina and Amy are through? They would give even less f*cks than Amy and Tina did. It would be amazing. Their brunch repartee was full of one-liners like "…I liked playing somebody that caused a certain generation of men to have their first erection," (Fonda), and "I thought you absolutely lose integrity [with fame], and I have," (Tomlin). If that doesn’t at least make you smile, you’re dead inside. This is what it’s going to take, though. It’s going to take famous female faces getting out in front of media and the public and talking up diversity and women in film. Fonda emphasized the importance of ladies helping ladies by stressing the importance of fostering friendships with other women in the industry. This is SO IMPORTANT. There’s a certain female director, very successful, who wants nothing to do with supporting other women following in her wake for fear of upsetting "the boys" who (barely) tolerate her presence at their table. (Look through the list of attendees at events like this and think about whose very obvious name is never included and you’ll find her.) It’s going to take a community effort to begin fixing the gender imbalance in Hollywood, and it starts with acknowledging that there IS a female filmmaker community in the first place.
Kathryn Bigelow

305. POPBITCH 01/29
Which Brit actor has a penis so big that after sex he has to lie down for at least ten minutes so the blood from his manhood can recirculate round his body? If he stands up too quickly he's liable to faint. Spooky, eh? Idris Elba; Kit Harington (in upcoming movie "Spooks: The Greater Good"; Patrick Stewart; Rupert Penry Jones

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#1**
It was like old times the other day on this hit almost network show because this former couple spent some time together hashing out some things left unsaid and the next thing you know there was some ex sex going on and the rest of the day seemed like the way it used to be on set. Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries"

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#2**
It wasn’t his granddaughter even though the waitress asked if it was. Nope. This former A list mostly television actor who is getting a second chance via this hit cable show was with a woman who was not his wife, and definitely not his granddaughter. Young enough to be though. Our actor is loving this fresh new attention headed his way. Harry Hamlin "Mad Men"

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actress who is on a hit almost television show said she would never be with a cheater again. She already went back once though to her actor boyfriend who cheats and he has not really stopped. She just doesn’t know any other way though. The guy makes it pretty tough on her. Robin Wright/Ben Foster

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#4**
This B+ list reality star turned model says she did not sleep with her sister’s boyfriend. She did say that the still married single sister of hers did though.
Reality star/model: Kendall Jenner
Sister: Kourtney Kardashian
Boyfriend: Scott Disick
Married single sister: Khloé Kardashian (Lamar Odom)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#5**
This B+ list mostly movie actor is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. While out with his wife the other night, our actor got hammered and tripped and exposed his Spanx. Everyone laughed at him. The guy was so embarrassed.

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#6**
This is a new drug for this still A list mostly movie actor who was A+ list not that long ago. I guess he is trying to relive his hotel trashing youth, but he has started smoking meth and crack which he never did before. He is a mess. Johnny Depp

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#7**
I never thought it would happen. I thought she would beard for him forever. Apparently his people thought it might be great for his image to move on to other women so he could get more covers. They do know our foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor is gay right? Jason Statham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#8**
This B list network reality star went out with this former A list singer who he thought would be much dirtier than she turned out to be. He doesn’t know that she is pretty normal and kind of shy unless she is whacked out on drugs.

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#9**
This A list mostly movie director who is not above making a cameo or two is not much for intimacy. According to a woman who went out with him for two months late last year they went on dates and had sex and lots of other things and he only kissed her on the lips once. Quentin Tarantino/Vanessa Ferlito

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#10**
This television doctor is married but he has been seeing this production assistant from one of his shows. He is crazy head over heels to the point where he might actually leave his wife. It’s what he tells the girlfriend for sure. Dr. Sanjay Gupta; Dr. Drew Pinsky

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/29 **#11**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly movie actress who is only B list from past work and her name, thankfully does not act much any longer. She is married to an A lister. Our actress, who has A+ list name recognition was taking a class with some other women and it was a five night thing. One of the women in the class went by herself. Every night. On the third night, our actress asked her about it and they got to talking. The woman’s boyfriend is overseas serving in the military and because the couple is not married he has to wait for regular leave and can’t come see the woman, who is pregnant even if she has the baby. Our actress made some calls to people she knew and nothing could change that, but they all did say that the policy would be different if the couple were to get married. So, our actress flew the woman to the country where her boyfriend is serving. Private. No commercial because they would not let the woman fly. Our actress paid for every last thing and the couple got married. The actress flew the woman back home and has her staying at her house until she gives birth and then is going to fly the new husband back to the US so he can spend more time with his new wife and baby and not taking all of his vacation flying. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

317. BLIND GOSSIP 01/29
You may be wondering what is going on with this young performer. Years of crazy and destructive behavior have suddenly come to a screeching halt. Want to hear what’s really happening? There was a come-to-Jesus meeting a few weeks ago. There were five main topics addressed in the meeting. 1. Although he still has plenty of money, there is more cash going out than coming in. 2. There are people in the music industry he wants to work with who are refusing to work with him. 3. He wants to be a movie star but can’t get anything except voice work. 4. There is some sort of legal issue (we don’t know what it is) looming on the horizon. 5. The only way to tackle all of these issues simultaneously is by completely overhauling his image in a very short period of time. He very reluctantly agreed to do it. The result: The 2015 Makeover Tour! Conservative looks, dress and behavior, and feigned humility and cooperation to convince you that he is a good person who is easy to work with. He and his team have a list of words to use regularly to promote his new image (kind, soft, loving, caring, accountable, responsible, god, faith, blessed, generous, giving, charity, mom, son, family) and they are choosing their venues carefully. "The new image is completely fake and he knows it! That’s why he looks so miserable and uncomfortable. He doesn’t believe anything that he is saying but he knows he has to say it. He’s like the thief who knows he has to carry around a bible and claim that he’s found god in order to con the parole board into letting him out of jail. His team is actually rehearsing with him and making him say stuff over and over again so he sounds believable." Does he? Justin Bieber

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress has already spoken to a lawyer. She wants power of attorney over the A list mostly movie actor she calls her boyfriend. The lawyer said it would be much easier if they were married. Look out for the quickie wedding and then watch out because the actor will never be the same. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp (and voila, the quickie wedding and the mess that our actor has become since it happened)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#2**
Most of his therapy appointments are legit, but this former A+ list mostly television actor who went on to movies before back to television where he has stayed, has one weekly appointment 30 minutes in length. He calls it therapy to his wife and maybe even believes it, but it is a rub and tug, plain and simple. Ted Danson; Tim Allen

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee doesn’t know it, but the person in her life she thinks she can trust the most is selling stories about the actress to the tabloids. It is the same reason that person got shunned by Hollywood for several years by another A lister.

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#4**
SUPERBOWL: A hooker working this week at the Super Bowl said she had a client who is an A list broadcaster/part-time actor and he never removed his cowboy hat. Or boots.
Terry Bradshaw

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress had to kick her girlfriend out of the house they share this week for a couple of nights. Our actress came back from a trip out of town early and found the girlfriend with another woman who had previously stolen things from the actress when they hooked up before. Kristen Stewart

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#6**
KINDNESS: If you have been reading the site since the beginning of time, there is one B-/C+ list actress that I swore I would never be nice to on the site after she humiliated a reader who was writing a piece on a movie the no named talent less hack was starring in. See, there I go again. I will be nice because she was. There were two women stuck in their car who had driven off the side of the road and apparently hundreds of cars had passed and not seen them. Our actress was a passenger and saw them. She wasn’t sure she had seen anything, but made the driver of her van turn around because of something she said that made the hairs on her neck tingle. The car had been covered so only a bit could be seen from the road. The two women were fine when they were pulled out of the car by a rescue crew. Olivia Thirlby

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#7**
This A- list mostly television actor only gets that high because of his very hit network show. The actor was asked to leave a Vegas club the other night because he would not stop snorting coke in public. He took two women with him when he left who were each about a foot taller than the actor. Johnny Galecki

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#8**
SUPERBOWL: Guess OITNB doesn’t pay that well because an actress from the show has gone to a hotel with a different guy each night this week. As the big game approaches, her price has gone higher. Taryn Manning

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#9**
This model turned actress should divorce her husband quickly because she is going to look foolish when that bartender from The Abbey sells the photos of her naked husband that the bartender took while they were in bed together. The husband had passed out. Molly Sims; Brooklyn Decker; Jaime King

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#10**
This former A+ list tweener keeps saying he is going to make a comeback, but considering how much time he spends doing drugs each day, there is not much time left to do anything else. Aaron Carter

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/30 **#11**
#1- This former A_ list mostly movie actor who still is A list and has A+ list name recognition asked this still gorgeous B+ list mostly movie actress/former co-star if she would lie to the media and admit they had an affair. He thinks it would make him look good.

#2- This A list model/mogul has never seemed or acted racist in the past but she said she didn’t want any women of color modeling her new line because it would hurt sales. Heidi Klum (launched in Australia)

#3 – This A-/closer to B+ list singer who needs a good 2015 to keep people remembering her early 2014 success lost her baby recently via miscarriage but didn’t tell her boyfriend because he thinks she is on the pill. Iggy Azalea; Arianna Grande

#4 – This foreign born former A+ list model did more than just kiss the cheek of this A list celebrity when they ran into each other earlier this week for a show. The married celebrity blushed, especially hard when the model recounted in detail one weekend the two spent together before he got married. She was thorough. Kate Moss/Noel Gallagher

Which young singer is obsessed with MALE KEGEL’S so that he can last longer in bed? "He has thrown away his cock rings and penis pumps and instead is doing kegel exercises to help improve his stamina," a source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. He is currently trying to clean up his image, and doesn’t want anyone to know that he is seeing a professional "dating coach" for ejaculation advisor. Kegel exercises control your pubococcygeus muscles, so you can control ejaculation and prolong ejaculation. It also helps you so you don’t pee in your pants – or his new underwear! WINK BOOM! Justin Bieber

330. WINE AND SASS 01/30
This C-list mostly television actress who started out mostly movies, is back with her A-list hot mess ex...again. That's not news, everyone knew that would happen. She is literally the only one on the planet who can keep him alive. Since returning to his life, he's been drama free, healthy and doing some of his best work ever. Everyone is thriving and happy. Of course the other shoe is going to drop soon. There are a couple of money hungry exes on the loose and they have huge axes to grind. These two hate the C-lister and blame her for everything wrong in their lives, like not having a drug addled ATM buying them the pretty things. And there's no way this A-lister is going to behave when temptation is being waved in his face. But this C-lister knows what's up. The A-lister thinks he has a whole band of new buddies to hang with, when really they're paid babysitters who report to the C-lister and keep the A-lister on the straight and narrow. She made him sign control of everything over to her. Even if he goes off the rails again, it will take a lot to get his freedom back. Especially since one of the bunny boilers showed up at her kids' school strung out and caused a scene. You can mess with her ex all you want, he's a boomerang, but you mess with her kids? It's on. Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen (Brooke Mueller and Brett Rossi)

331. BLIND GOSSIP 01/30 **#1**
This singer has a big performance coming up very soon, so we thought we would tell you a quick story that demonstrates how her fun on-stage personality doesn’t really match up to her control-freak backstage personality. When she was on tour in the last year or so, her concert rider included a table of fairly healthy foods (fruits and vegetables, chips and salsa, juices) for her dressing room. At one venue, she heard that some food had been brought into a separate room for the crew. Well, our singer stormed into the catering room, saw the table laden with things like fried chicken, salads, soda, cookies, and chips… and went ballistic! She yelled at everyone, demanding they get rid of everything. She screamed, "If I can’t have it, NOBODY can have it!" and started throwing away entire platters of food. Since she was their boss, no one said a word. They just stood there, hungry, watching the out-of-control diva dump their dinner into the garbage… and then walk away triumphantly. Katy Perry (Super Bowl half-timer performance)

332. BLIND GOSSIP 01/30 **#2**
As you watch the Super Bowl this weekend, we want you to think about a man who is one of the most famous American athletes of the past two decades. You may have heard some whispers about him over the years, but we are going to tell you the whole story. A couple of years after he was drafted, he fell for a sports reporter who had covered him since the beginning of his professional career. The two started out as friends and eventually embarked on a relationship that lasted for several years. One reason they never made their relationship public is because they were both in other relationships. The sportscaster was living with someone else at the time and the athlete was publicly dating some beautiful and famous women. The other reason they didn’t make their relationship public is because the sportscaster is a man. Yes, our superstar athlete is gay. Always has been. The female celebrities he dated (including a very famous actress) and the wife he eventually married and divorced were all beards to dispel the gay rumors. While he publicly denies that he is gay, he has been involved with many men over the years. The relationship with the sportscaster was the longest one that we know about. Our athlete only had one live-in boyfriend that we know about, a young male college student who moved out after two years when the gay rumors started up again. While our athlete doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, he sees plenty of men. He loves throwing boys-only parties (which supposedly get pretty wild), and, since he is a rich, handsome, affable former professional athlete, he pretty much has his pick of any boy he wants. Whenever those pesky rumors surface, he can always find a pretty female who is thrilled to be seen on his very celebrated arm. Why doesn’t he come out? Well, he has watched with great interest the reception that other gay professional athletes have gotten, and, in his opinion, it’s not worth it. He has plenty of money, but he knows that his many endorsement deals would likely dry up as soon as he came out. He is worried about the backlash from former teammates and from fans that idolized him and hung posters of him on their wall. He believes his legacy would suffer. Not a sports fan? Send this post to your favorite sports nut (via one of the social media buttons below) and ask them who they think it is. And if you think that our athlete’s worries are unfounded, try this at your Super Bowl party this weekend: Ask the straight man sitting next to you who he thinks are the greatest professional athletes of the last twenty years. Pick any of the names, state that the athlete is gay, and watch his reaction. That’s why this superstar athlete isn’t coming out anytime soon.
Troy Aikman "Dallas Cowboys"

333. MR. X 01/31 **#1**
What iconic actor/entertainer who recently came out of the closet recently admitted to a close friend that he got with his now ex-wife mainly because they both wanted kids? Other than that, they never had sex. Joel Grey/Jo Wilder (Jennifer Grey, James Katz)

334. MR. X 01/31 **#2**
What right-wing loon who claims he’s that dead teen star {and that he faked his death) recently had an encounter with the late actor’s brother which left the latter yelling to his PR people over the phone to get a restraining order? Mark Dice/River Phoenix/Joaquin Phoenix

335. MR. X 01/31 **#3**
Remember that overseas reality show creating fake drama to boost up ratings? Well, now the producers are resorting to phantom Twitter users making death threats to the show’s participants. There have been whispers that two of those participants will finally spill about the show’s fake-ness once they get back to the US. "Big Brother/UK" (Perez Hilton) (Jeremy Jackson)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor who was recently seen in that movie that a government didn’t like says he will only return for a sequel to a different movie he shot a couple of years ago if this A list former tweener has sex with him. Apparently she rebuffed him last time and it really makes him mad. James Franco ("The Interview")/Selena Gomez ("Spring Breakers")

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/31 **#2**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who stars in a huge franchise, but is instantly forgettable in and out of it is thinking about quitting Hollywood and moving overseas so he can live life the way he wants without publicists telling him how he should act and who he should be with to be a proper movie star. Josh Hutcherson "The Hunger Games"

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