NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. MR. X 02/01 **#1**
What "couple", consisting of an A-list actor and his C-list actress wife, were all smiles at a red carpet event last night but in truth they haven’t seen each other in several months? Things allegedly came to a head when the guy ordered a screener copy of that documentary where he’s not painted in a good light, which pissed off the wife. Guess those rumors about him distancing from the documentary’s subject are true. John Travolta/Kelly Preston "2015 G'day USA Gala" (Scientology/HBO documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief")

2. MR. X 02/01 **#2**
What A++ list rap mogul bought a private suite for a Super Bowl party so he could make up for lost time with his main mistress? Jay-Z

This Real Housewife couple claim they are cutting back on spending. The truth is they have no money to spend. Their entire income is from the show or appearances. No one will hire the husband any longer and creditors garnish the majority of their income because he has so many loans in default. Joe and Melissa Gorga "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

The girlfriend of this former A+ list tweener turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor is trying so hard to stay in the spotlight and to show they are a couple that she is using photos weeks old and claiming they are happening right then. She was recently busted doing it Zac Efron/Sami Miro

This A+ list diva/singer who doesn’t sing as well as she used to was at a resort out of the country this past week. Yes, it was her that kept walking around her pool while only wearing a bikini bottom. Yes, hundreds of people were able to watch. She would do this for five minutes and then go inside and then like a clock show up an hour later and do it all over again. Mariah Carey in Jamaica

This former B list model turned celebrity turned wannabe reality star is technically still married. If she lands a new client for her manager she also gets a percentage of all the commissions. Well, she thinks she will. So, she is out there having sex with celebrities and athletes to get them to sign and she won’t end up with anything. Amber Rose

This former A+ list tweener/singer is having a good past six months. His "girlfriend" though is getting tired of the pretending because she has lost some good gigs and had to turn down dates. Meanwhile, the former tweener is seeing the same guy he has been seeing for a year and there are other guys waiting if this one falls through the cracks. Nick Jonas "Miss Universe" Olivia Culpo

This female celebrity trainer has always offered extra services to her male clients. It is how she found her last relationship. She must be running low on cash though because this past week she was not even trying to be discreet or even pretending there were fitness packages as she likes to call them. She was just talking straight up sex for money. Tracy Anderson (feuding with Gwyneth Paltrow over gym business)

SUPER BOWL: This former Real Housewife hooked up with a current NFL player. She said she needed a real man. I guess her significant other she supports is just not doing it for her any longer. Gretchen Rossi "Real Housewives of Orange Country" (Slade Smiley)/Colin Kaepatrick "San Francisco 49’ers"

SUPER BOWL: This permanent A list singer from a band that is permanently A list has never really performed on his own. At a party this week he told this probable one hit wonder with the strange name and the big 2014 hit featuring her that he could make her career huge. He kept saying it all night and was being really attentive but when she would not put out for him he said he didn’t think she had superstar quality any longer. Steven Tyler ("Aerosmith")/Charlie XCX (Rolling Stone party on Super Bowl eve)

SUPER BOWL: This potential future EGOT winner who has been in this space a lot recently threatened to fire her agent because no one could get her any promotional work for the Super Bowl. She was stuck doing meaningless things for $1000 which she gets every day she is home. Kristin Chenoweth (rival Idina Menzel sang National Anthem at Super Bowl)/Broadway’s "The Twentieth Century" and Kristin Chenoweth will return to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma this August to conduct her second annual Kristin Chenoweth Master Class for young singers

This B list celebrity who is on a certain reality show sometimes showing off his immense wealth had scouts in Miami to see who was there for yacht season. Apparently his new girlfriend should worry because he had his eye on this blonde who used to be on the same cable network but was on a very unsuccessful show. Mohamed Hadid (ex-husband of Yolanda Foster) "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Shiva Safai (Bravo network)
(possibly Maria Lankina "Miami Social")

This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show got into a huge fight with her husband over the weekend. She threw a punch. The only reason police were not called is because friends were there and intervened. Kaley Cuoco/Ryan Sweeting

It was not that long ago that this B list celebrity with the very unique look had men paying her to be their date. To be seen with her. Now, she still has men who pay to be with her, but for the red carpet events, she is doing the paying to get young men to be seen with her.

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#10**
SUPER BOWL: This former B+ list mostly movie actor from a hit franchise got a chance to be the star of his own franchise but it bombed. The very good looking actor was at a party and everyone was barefoot. Our actor took his shoes and socks off and had painted toe nails. He looked embarrassed and tried to cover up the red nail polish by saying a girlfriend had done it. Kellan Lutz ("Twilight") ("The Legend of Hercules")

16. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#11**
#1 – This C list offspring of a former President is cheating on her husband. She was always kind of crazy.

#2 – This former B+ list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show is cheating on her husband with a director. The husband is cheating too which makes me wonder why they are together. Leighton Meester ("Gossip Girl")/Adam Brody

#3 – This married boy bander who has been a boy bander since he was a boy loves going on tour for groupies because unlike his brother he can get over people. Nick Carter "Backstreet Boys" (brother Aaron Carter can’t get over Hilary Duff)

17. BLIND GOSSIP 02/02 **#1**
A variety of celebrities of all ages and nationalities was in attendance at a recent birthday party. Everyone seemed to be getting along fine, but there was an interesting dynamic occurring between one girl and a group of models. She was fine talking to the models herself, but if any of them got near our girl’s boyfriend, our girl would casually swoop in and appear right by his side. She has heard the stories of how the models like to steal your boyfriend from right underneath your nose – while pretending that they are your friend – and our girl was having none of that!
Harry Styles 21st birthday party
Our Girl: Jennifer Lawrence
Her Boyfriend: Chris Martin
[Optional] The Models: Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Alexa Chung, Gigi Hadid, Shlomit Malka

18. BLIND GOSSIP 02/02 **#2**
There were plenty of celebrities there to witness the Patriot’s Super Bowl win, including this TV personality and her celebrity husband. While they made the rounds of hospitality suites, she seemed to have her mind focused on something other than football and food. Each time she was introduced to someone – especially older men – she quickly looked up them up on her cell phone to see… their net worth! If she found one of particular wealth, she made sure to circle back to them and engage in a little extra flirting and take a photo with them. We don’t know why she was doing this. Perhaps she is looking for financing for a new project? Or perhaps she is looking for a rich sugar daddy?
Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg

19. BLIND GOSSIP 02/02 **#3**
These two famous celebrity couples hung out recently. They look all friendly and cozy… but they’re really not. The female from the first couple can’t stand the female from the second couple! However, their husbands are in the same business, so for the sake of her husband’s career, she has been playing nice in public. The main reason she doesn’t like the second female? Although the first female works in a vanity-oriented industry, she says, "I’ve never met anyone so ridiculously obsessed with themselves and the way they look to other people. She can never relax and just enjoy anything. It’s just really weird and uncomfortable to be around."
First Couple: Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber
Second Couple: George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

Which Super Bowl hunk, who has played at a SUPER BOWL before was caught having a little too much fun at this years event. The big boy was spotted dancing in just his tight underwear in the hallway of his hotel after clearly enjoying a little too much to drink. He was with two much younger women and was happy to show off his rear end! The guy has just started appearing on TV and hopes that it will be his next career, which could happen – if he keeps his PANTS on! Rob Gronkowski "Gronk" (tight end for the New England Patriots)

21. RADAR ONLINE 02/02
As attorneys for Jeffrey Epstein‘s alleged victims continue to work for a resolution in their case against the U.S. government, has learned that they’re desperately trying to get a well-known Hollywood actress to add her voice to the chorus of complaints. But sources close to the star tell Radar she refuses to speak out more, since going public with her claims has already caused her drama! The actress, best known for a long-running daytime TV role, described Epstein as a "monster" who left her with serious emotional and psychological scars in an exclusive interview with Radar last week. She was a teenager when she was introduced to Britain’s Prince Andrew through Epstein, according to two sources. Her testimony could help verify details of Epstein teen sex victim Virginia Roberts‘ claim that she was forced to have sex with Andrew, a source tells Radar. Prince Andrew has publicly denied the claim. But so far, "She is adamant about not speaking about this anymore," her representative told Radar Friday. "It has already caused her problems." Radar did not name her at her request and because she was underage at the time of the alleged sex abuse, but the actress believes people who want to silence her will publicly identify her if she talks again, a source says. The actress is considered a key witness in the legal fight by Roberts and three other women to get Epstein’s sweetheart plea deal voided. "She knows a lot of the people" involved in the alleged human trafficking ring, a source close to the case told Radar. Her testimony could carry additional weight since she has not sought money or publicity, the source says. She was just 13 and an aspiring actress-singer when Epstein found her at a Palm Beach, Florida, summer camp he sponsored in 1993, she told Radar. "I went to a music and arts camp. My understanding was that he was a giant benefactor to a lot of different arts programs, which is awful," she said. "And as an adult now, I see it was probably a brilliant way to be a predator. He gives lots of money to schooling and arts programs and then is invited to campuses." When he learned her father had died months before, Epstein asked for her mom’s number, saying he’d like to meet her, she said. The mother and daughter were soon invited to his Palm Beach mansion for tea. "He made my mother feel like ‘Oh, he wants to me a mentor,’ and I didn’t have a father around and this would be such a nice person for my daughter to be around. That’s how it started," she claimed. "It’s really sort of preying on young girls coming from pseudo
broken homes." Epstein began supporting the girl’s struggling family financially, two sources tell Radar. Roberts said in a sworn statement filed in federal court last week that she witnessed this actress participate in orgies. Her name was blacked out from the affidavit, but Radar confirmed her identity. "Sometimes as many as 10 underage girls would participate in a single orgy with them," Roberts swore. "I personally observed dozens of these orgies. The orgies happened on Epstein’s island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, in New Mexico, Palm Beach, and many other places. Most of the girls did not speak English." The woman, now a successful Hollywood actress, claims she was under Epstein’s depraved influence until she turned 19, when she says she "realized that none of this was ever ok." Epstein later plead guilty to two relatively minor underage sex convictions, after which the woman says she was relieved. "You feel happy, but you also feel guilty because you think maybe I should have said something sooner," she told Radar. "I did not know there were all these girls. When you’re being abused you think you’re alone in it." Although she tried to distance herself from Epstein when she moved to Hollywood and landed a role on a major television show at age 20, he tried to "keep in contact with me and severely guilt me into feeling bad and ungrateful that I would not answer his phone calls," she said. "You’re made to feel like you’ve done something wrong." The actress hopes to remain anonymous and keep the abuse in her past, although that may be difficult with a judge now considering unsealing more of the secret testimony and evidence in the sensational case. Nadia Bjorlin "Days of our Lives"

Two production assistants are being kept in a hotel in isolation because they discovered who is going to win a certain celebrity game show. There were only supposed to be three people who knew, but one of those people left their phone out and e-mail open and now executives are trying to find out if anyone else knows. The multiple named one wins. So, I guess people do know.

While this former A list tweener turned really bad B- list mostly movie actress has been out of town, her boyfriend has been having sex with the former tweener’s sister. Vanessa Hudgens (Stella)/Austin Butler ("Gigi" on Broadway)

This A+ list mogul/reality star who really wants to be a rapper won’t speak out publicly against this new show, but is making sure behind the scenes that people know he is against it. A lot of his financing comes from people who consider the show to be hateful and want to make it clear they won’t provide money for any projects to people who support it. P. Diddy/"Empire" (forbids son from appearing on the show)

This former A- list mostly television actress from that long running network hit show has a new project coming out. She says everything is fine with her boyfriend, but it isn’t. She is so tired of moving from one boyfriend to the next so she just puts up with whatever he does and swallows her pride. Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives")/ sitcom "Telenovela"/boyfriend: Jose Antonio Baston

This former west coast Housewife who would do anything to get back on the show and has tried anything and done everyone busted four of her teeth when she was drunk and fell down. Her mouth looks nothing like it used to. I guess the drinking thing never changes. Taylor Armstrong "Real Housewives of Orange County"

The whole town is buzzing about this A+ list celebrity who has A+ list name recognition worldwide. He is married but was drunk and making out with this random 20 something year old the other night. There must have been 20 people who saw it. Jaw dropping stuff to see him do that in public. David Beckham "Super Bowl" or Harry Styles's birthday party

The wife is more famous than the husband. He was an actor on a long running show, but everyone knows her. She is a long time host/celebrity who is gorgeous. Anyway, the husband went to the home of a woman who teaches one of his children to consult on a project she was thinking of having done. He has gone over there for several other consultations. Yeah, apparently they take place in the bed. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

This currently out of work B- list mostly television actress who went from almost network to cable for her two most recent shows picked up $2500 for promoting a food product. She put it in her mouth but didn’t swallow. I’m not sure she ever eats.
AnnaLynne McCord  ("Pop Chips")

Just because there was some offspring present doesn’t mean this A list talk show host didn’t cheat on his wife this past weekend. If anything, he was even more crazy than normal. Matt Lauer "Super Bowl" (took his son)

31. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/03 **#10**
This is not the typical blind item that is found here. It is a little darker and a little more disturbing and the characters are not as well known. Well, one of them is well known. A list rapper. Been around for awhile. He likes to think the name he uses is his name, but it isn’t. That is the beef. He knows it and he wants it for himself. The only way he can keep the name for himself though is to have the original name owner dead. He has tried. Multiple times. Nothing overt. Wrong place at wrong time shootings. The mugging with beating that would hopefully kill him but didn’t. Meanwhile, the original name holder used to throw some serious shade at our rapper but has really been holding back lately and let some of his former employees and street friends do the talking for him. As a result, the rapper rarely visits the city any longer unless he has ten people around him at all times. He has moved his operations to the complete opposite side of the country. Both of them would like nothing more than to see the other dead. Rick Ross/Freeway Ricky Ross

32. BLIND GOSSIP 02/03 **#1**
This cable channel – which has moved away from its original programming angle – just started filming a new reality series that will premiere in the fall. It will feature a nice teen couple going through life’s challenges. They should have done a background check before signing them to contract. Because we found out that they are not teens… and that they both used to work as porn stars! It will be interesting to see if the Cable Channel tries to bury this information when they find out… or works it into the plot line!
"Save My Teen Marriage" MTV (orginally was about music)

33. BLIND GOSSIP 02/03 **#2**
This former TV star doesn’t have a TV show any more, but she still shows up everywhere and does anything she can for a little press. Fake boyfriends, new pets, and revealing selfies are just some of the devices she uses to get people to talk about her. It’s like she’s addicted to the attention. She also may be addicted to cocaine. During Art Basel in Miami in December, she partied hard in South Beach. She was spotted doing lines in one club in the VIP section, and in a different club in the bathroom. "She’s turned into a major cokehead again," commented one witness. "She was so wasted that she didn’t even try to hide it." Farrah Abraham "Teen Mom"/Fake boyfriend/New Pets

She’s an actress whose time has come, the performance of her career. Except… no one seems to be all that happy for her, and certainly not those who’ve worked with her, especially the actor who worked with her on this particular film. He keeps telling people that she’s that good because she’s actually that horrible – cold, mean, unforgiving, not generous. Which is why you hardly ever saw them promoting together. It was evident on the press circuit initially too… but the excuse then, or the one people kept giving her, was hormones. She was a bitch about her interview camera angles. She was constantly unpleasant, impatient, and dismissive. And this, apparently, is her natural state.
Actress: Rosamund Pike (recent pregnancy)
Actor: Ben Affleck
Film: "Gone Girl"

Which sexy straight hunk that has just split wife his wife after many years has already found a new lover – a man! The couple had lived separate lives for years. And were even involved in the children’s lives but separately. Now the split, which came as a shock with everyone, has left friends asking WHY? Now we know. The sexy hunk, with great hair, has a boyfriend!
Hunk : Patrick Dempsey
Wife : Jillian Fink
Clue : Great hair – Mac Dreamy from "Grey’s Anatomy"

This B list mostly television actress from a long running hit cable show might want to watch out for her boyfriend. She thinks he is perfect and he certainly appears to be in public. Apparently though a couple of his employees are talking to the feds about some money laundering practices that are not very legal and where the money is going is even worse.

This national entertainment show was supposed to have an on set look see and interview with this A+ list mostly movie star while shooting his latest franchise installment. Not any longer. The interview was pulled after one of the reporters asked another A lister about a certain documentary. Two days later, no more interview. Tom Cruise "Entertainment Tonight" ("Mission: Impossible 5") (Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief)

This not so nice A list model who will never walk a runway actually gets me on her side for this one. Apparently she says she had to work hard to not vomit while out with this A+ list reality star the other night and that she has never met anyone more horrid or into themselves. Chrissy Teigen/Kim Kardashian "Arizona Waffle House after attending the DirecTV party"

This foreign born B+ list tweener singer was out with his B list celebrity girlfriend the other night but neither seemed all that interested in the other. He was collecting phone numbers from women and men as is his reputation while the girlfriend who is a model chain smoked cigarettes and took selfies with various people. "One Direction" Liam Payne/Sophia Smith (Harry Styles 21st birthday party)

I suppose this actor is A list because he probably won’t make a movie where he is not the lead. Oh, he will do a cameo, but he likes to be the lead. Funny guy. Never really play serious. Married. Probably sweats a lot during sex because of his size. The woman he picked up at an event last week didn’t talk about sweating but did say that he smelled and didn’t last very long when they had sex. Will Ferrell at Super Bowl

This B+ list celebrity/reality star could be called A-. Married. She has gone through a crazy year. She managed to make some money because of it though. She is all about the money from the time she first stripped to the first time she had sex for an allowance. She was posing with products the other day and asked for cash. Someone would give her $500 or $1000 and she would take a photo with a new product. Kendra Wilkinson (sex for allowance when she lived with Hugh Hefner) at Sundance

This A- list mostly television actress who will soon be looking for work and having more trouble finding it than her hated co-star from their soon to be ending network show should check the browsing history of her computer when she gets home. Her boyfriend has been making some bucks on webcam sites showing off to men and women for money. Lea Michele/Matthew Paetz (hated co-star - Dianna Agron) "Glee"

It is a good thing that there is no drug testing for steroids or HGH on movie sets or for production physicals because this former A+ list actor would be busted in a second. The actor, who will never, because of his own circumstances, reach A+ list again has a network of suppliers and some doctors that write him unneeded prescriptions. Mel Gibson

Back in the day, not that long ago actually, this celebrity was A list in her part of the entertainment world. Maybe even A+. It is because of her and what she did that her legacy still lives on and women still make a living doing what she created/originated. There are even television shows about what she did and to find new people to do what she did. The downhill fall started with the drugs. Lots of drugs. Booze too. The drugs caused her performance to suffer and she ended up in rehab a few times. She would come out and be clean for a bit and she has such loyal dedicated fans that they always forgave her and then she would get wasted again. Eventually her employer tired of her antics and she moved down the list of employers until no one would hire her any longer. She turned to selling photos of herself naked for magazines and then would do shows for her fans where she would strip for money and that turned into webcam shows and now as the drugs and booze are still in her life she now meets with her former fans and has sex with them or even strangers for money. A long way down to the bottom for someone who was at the very top. Tammy Lynn Sytch "Sunny" (3 months after this blind she got a porn offer)

45. MR. X 02/04 **#1**
Well, it looks like that former A-list pop diva might not be bringing her rumored date to the Grammys after all. He won’t be able to make it because of a prior TV commitment which might take up the rest of the month. Instead, she’s bringing her frequent duet partner as her date. His (younger) wife isn’t too keen on him being out too long because his health hasn’t been 100% lately. Lady Gaga (Taylor Kinney)/Tony Bennett

46. MR. X 02/04 **#2**
What B-list female rapper who hasn’t had a hit in years is bragging about her new hubby but she still prefers women? Whatever works, I guess… Eve/Maximillion Cooper

47. BLIND GOSSIP 02/04 **#1**
The Super Bowl has barely finished and there is already chatter about who next year’s main performer will be. We found out that there are already talks being held, and that there are three factors that are standing in one singer’s way. The first is that the Super Bowl gig requires months and months of preparation. Our singer is on tour this year. The second is that the producers want someone with broad audience appeal. One of the criticisms they received about Katy Perry was that the Super Bowl audience was not the same as her fan base. Our singer’s fan base has those same challenges. The third is that while Katy Perry’s fan base skews young, she had several big "anthem" songs which lent themselves well to sporting events (Roar, Firework). Our singer does not currently have any song like that. Our singer is impatient. She wants the gig NOW. However, we don’t know how she will manage the schedule, so that alone may force her to wait until 2017. In the meantime, though, look for her to broaden her fan base and come out with at least one big anthem in the next year that includes lyrics of power/victory/winning/teamwork/whatever. "We need a one or two songs that will totally cross gender and age lines. Definitely pop/rock with a heavy beat and a compelling hook. Something that everybody at a football game or a bar or a frat party will all feel good shouting." Guess it probably won’t include the word "boyfriend." Taylor Swift

48. BLIND GOSSIP 02/04 **#2**
She is being touted as a new "It" Girl, but this pretty model isn’t making many fans among casting agents. Her name and image started getting bounced around late last year after she landed a high-profile gig (that you probably saw recently), so a couple of casting agents brought her in to see if her acting skills were good enough for small roles in their projects. "It was kind of shocking," said one. "She could barely read." "Dumb as a bag of hammers," pronounced the other. "Her agent should advise her to never speak again." She didn’t land either job. Guess she’ll be sticking with modeling for now. Gigi Hadid (Yolanda Foster’s daughter) or Kendall Jenner

Which movie star is now on a new hit TV show, but no one warned the costume department what a big star he is! Wink. "The costume department has had to have a special meeting to discuss the huge problem. Nothing in the private area fits and they are having to gets tailors to let out a few seams to help. At first it was a joke but now it has become serous. His bulge is proving to be distracting and needs to be fixed." Someone needs to call Jon Hamm for advice! Taylor Kitsch "True Detective"

50. POPBITCH 02/05
Which castmember of "Into The Woods" was crowned Most Hated by crew on the movie set? (If they can't manage to charm an American production crew, it doesn't bode well for the next step in their career.)
James Corden (taking over Craig Ferguson’s place on "The Late Late Show")

This A list talk show host got married not that long ago. No newlywed phase for them as he was great and then he got a career break and it has been one non stop cheating train for him since. It seems like he has had sex with every female under the age of 25 who has ever come near the show. Seth Meyers

I’m not even sure this former reality star turned a different reality star turned host turned reality star is a size anything but she freaks out about gaining even a pound. She made her trainer meet her at the gym at 3am after our reality star said she gained a pound. Five hours later she left the gym. For one pound. Bethenny Frankel

Their co-parenting scheme is so good and so smooth that no tabloid has yet caught on to the fact that this A list couple who consists of an actor and a celebrity are not together any longer. He does not see anyone else, but there are whispers that she has been seeing a couple of guys. Fergie/Josh Duhamel

There was a quiet celebration when this A list reality star/part-time model made her debut in that Middle Eastern escort magazine although she was ticked off that someone very close to her tried to hog the spotlight by also being in it. Speaking of ticked off, the bff of one of the people above was ticked off that she was not asked to be in it. If you are in it you can ask double what anyone else outside the magazine can get. Oh, and make no mistake, everyone in the magazine is for sale.
A list reality star/part-time model: Kendall Jenner
Someone very close to her: Kim Kardashian
Bff: Gigi Hadid or Selena Gomez

This A- list mostly movie actress may or may not be married. What she is though is not being truthful. She says she lost pregnancy weight by breast feeding. Yeah, some of it. The rest she lost with two to three times a day workouts and a waist trainer while nannies watched the baby. Mila Kunis

This B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been married a couple of times, one of which was to an a-hole A list mostly movie actor. Apparently while doing something not movie related she found a woman she is finally comfortable going public with which I think is great. Diane Lane (Off-Broadway show)

This B+ list celebrity offspring/part-time host who is foreign born would not stop talking smack about this A+ list singer last weekend. The singer thinks they are friends, but honestly, Diplo said kinder things about the A+ lister than this B+ lister did. Kelly Osbourne/Katy Perry

This escort turned girlfriend of a foreign born A- list mostly television actor earned a huge paycheck last year by blackmailing an A list movie director after the pair had sex a few times. It seems that the director is married and our escort always carries a camera.

This B- list mostly television actor has been around forever. He has been on at least three hugely successful television shows. None of them on a network though. Mostly almost network stuff. Legendary almost network stuff. He had a great decade run there and then even got a recurring on a network hit. Then, our married actor got into drugs a bit and the next thing you know he was going to more fan conventions. Oh yeah, the shows he was on are big on the fan convention scene. Since he got hooked on the drugs, he gets guest spots from people who owe him a favor or don’t know his current status. Recently he was at a fan convention and some 20 something female was all over him. So, he did what he always does and took her back to his room. Here is how crazy he is. She was traveling with her mom and somehow he convinced the mom to stand out in the hallway and wait for her daughter to be finished having sex with an almost has been actor who is married with kid(s). Nice. James Marsters ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") ("Angel") ("Smallville") ("Hawaii Five-0")

1. Which New York power player hired a professional escort to keep him company during a South Beach getaway? But even the lady of the evening found him so lewd, she returned the money and couldn’t go through with it. Donald Trump "Miss Universe Pageant"

2. Which wealthy scion had to explain himself to the board of the swanky East Hampton Golf Club after he was caught stealing handfuls of toiletries in a duffel bag? His dad had to write a big check to stop him from being expelled. Conrad Hilton III

3. Which 1980s rock star was recently seen getting into an embarrassing physical altercation with his or her significant other on a plane?

4. What famous girlfriend has a habit of answering the door to her lavish home stark naked when workers ring the bell? V Stiviano

61. BLIND GOSSIP 02/05
We’ve told you before that this female singer willingly got back together with her ex, even though she knew he was using her to save his own reputation. Well, since he was already using her for one thing, he pushed to use her for another. He asked to be included on her recent big project. When that didn’t happen, he blamed her… and then immediately punished her by sleeping with someone else.
Female Singer: Katy Perry
Her Ex: John Mayer
Her Big Project: "Super Bowl" halftime show

62. MR. X 02/06 **#1**
Easy Easy: What actress and Oscar winner/nominee who hasn’t done much acting lately has pissed off that hip-hop couple’s PR people because she’s selling stories to all of the magazines claiming that she was behind their possible move to the west coast? They’re not settling there permanently, by the way. Gwyneth Paltrow/Jay-Z and Beyoncé (story)

63. MR. X 02/06 **#2**
What closeted boybander’s new beard is (surprise surprise) also a client of his agent, and she all of a sudden landed a deal with that lingerie maker because of it? The agent is raking in the dough because of this deal. Harry Styles/Nadine Leopold

64. MR. X 02/06 **#3**
"I didn’t want to be sitting there for a couple of hours after I presented, I’d be bored out of my mind clapping and cheering like a zombie. Besides, most of the people there would probably run towards the nearest exit if they saw me." – A/B-list talk show hostess explaining why she dropped out of presenting at the Grammys this year. She completely underestimates how most of those A-listers who she fears will avoid her want so badly to be a guest on her show. One of those people, an A++ list songstress she managed to book as a guest just in time for May Sweeps. Wendy Williams/Diana Ross

65. MR. X 02/06 **#4**
"Absolutely not!" – permanent A++ list legend and EGOT winner on whether or not she’s considering that kooky former A-list singer to co-star with her in that long-gestating movie musical she’s been planning. She has privately met with that B-list actress/singer on a soon-to-be-ending almost network show to discuss the movie, and she’s completely set on her for co-starring duties.
EGOT winner: Barbra Streisand
Movie Musical: "Gypsy"
Kooky A-list singer: Lady Gaga
B-list actress/singer: Lea Michele "Glee"

This B list mostly television actress from that very hit cable show that will end soon made a terrible decision. Well, she has made a lot of them, but she let a birthday call from an old flame turn into hooking up with the married old flame who is also an A list celebrity/host in his own right. January Jones ("Mad Men")/Bobby Flay (and then a few weeks later, the divorce announcement. Although there was the hookup at the food festival and the assistant. If he was in a band he would have hooked up with Giada.)

One former Housewife and one current Housewife from different cities almost came to blows the other night at dinner. Neither knew the other was going to be there and both of them took turns walking past the table of the other saying nasty things. The current Housewife was drunk as per usual and was ready to fight right then and there. Joanna Krupa ("Real Housewives of Miami")/Brandi Glanville ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

This reality star turned mogul turned host turned reality star who does not make as much money as a mogul as she would lead you to believe, set a great example for her very young child the other day as she went on a huge f bomb laced tirade in front of a group of people all while holding her kid. The mom didn’t even seem phased. Bethenny Frankel

This former A+ list model who is still A list despite the amount of time she has been a model, is a bunch of other things now. It would be a slash line of jobs and positions. Apparently she also needs to worry about her boy toy who is sleeping with one of the contestants on a show she produces. Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel "Project Runway"

This B list mostly movie actress might be engaged to that B list mostly television actor on a hit almost network show but she is still hooking up regularly with that married actor who was on the hugely successful cable show that is no longer. Now he walks around red carpets while he films some really bad movies.
B list actress: Nikki Reed
B list actor/show: Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries"
Married actor/show: Aaron Paul "Breaking Bad"

This British music mogul/reality star has cut down the women in his life down to his baby mama and this 2014 pop star who trashed the band he helped create. Simon Cowell/Lauren Silverman/Charlie XCX (says ‘One Direction" music is shit)

Last year, this Academy Award winner/nominee paraded her boyfriend wherever she went. The two of them were inseparable as she did the Academy Award press gauntlet. They seemed happy, but underneath were secrets. The first secret is that the boyfriend had actually stalked the actress and knew where she would be at certain places and times and managed to show up and the next thing you know after a few of these meetings they started dating. As they continued to date, she began to see the dark side of him. The same dark side that she should fear right now and that another A list mostly movie actor felt for some time. See, prior to stalking our actress, the boyfriend did the same thing with the same setup to the A lister. He would show up to the same exercise classes and bike rides and befriended the actor. It then turned into a Cable Guy situation and our actor had to break things off. He tried but the stalker kept showing up until finally the actor got the police involved. Our stalker is currently trying to win his girlfriend back by harassing her agent and management team and still showing up unannounced whenever he learns where she will be. Lupita Nyong'o/K'naan/Jake Gyllenhaal

Which famous TV host, that loves the press, has been arranging private underwear parties at hotels around NYC for him and a few of his gays friends? A well-known gay club promoter puts the events together and makes sure he get 10-15 young sexy studs wearing just underwear to provide the entertainment? The poor young kids always think this will lead to a big break and get them a TV job – however, it only leads to a very different sort of position! Andy Cohen "Watch What Happens Live"

74. BLIND GOSSIP 02/06
This athlete was an important player in a very big game recently. Want to hear about the little game he’s playing off the field? He currently has three girlfriends. The first is an "internet model" who is approximately ten years his senior. The second is an "aspiring model" who, when asked to list her skills, includes the ability to parallel park. The third is a nurse at a pediatric hospital. He is certainly free to date whomever he wishes. However, there is a bit of a disconnect between how he holds himself up to be such an honest, godly man in public, and how much he lies in private. He has told each of the three that they are the only one, and lies to them constantly about what he is doing so that they don’t know that he is really with one of the others. For example, he told Nurse that she should not come to a big game recently because he really needed to stay focused on his performance. However, he flew in Internet Model to stay in his hotel that weekend! And he just told Nurse and Internet that he has to go out of town to do some promotional work… but he is really taking Fitness with him on vacation! Yes, Bible Boy is running quite the little shell game. Since he loves scripture, we have modified a bible verse for him to consider: Proverbs 28:18 – Whoever walks in integrity will be delivered, but he who is crooked in his ways will suddenly fall, because a text message or voice mail is bound to be intercepted.
Bible Boy: Russell Wilson
Team: Seattle Seahawks

I didn’t know this porn star still had it in her to get ahead of the curve, but she is trying. Throw out a few PR bombs so when the stories about her involved in coke fueled gang bangs for cash come out she can say she told everyone there would be lies. Thing is, a couple of the people involved have some cell phone videos. Jenna Jameson

This former reality star turned Academy Award winner has a significant other but they are never seen together any longer. The other night in LA she was all over that married record mogul turned reality star turned cheater. The two have been an item for a long time but I have never seen them canoodling in public to that extent. Jennifer Hudson/David Foster

This former A list singer turned reality star turned other things turned reality star turned back to her other things who still has A+ list name recognition was at a party the other night. While there she ran into this very drunk former Playmate. The Playmate proceeded to tell everyone about the time our A lister had sex with two guys in front of a group of people at the Playboy Mansion. Our A lister fled as quickly as possible. Jessica Simpson/PROBABLY: Kristina Shannon (both at Chateau Marmont)

This creator of a very popular television show that is an overseas import has a close friendship with this A+ list mostly movie actor. No, not the one who stops by from time to time but someone very unexpected. Why? It turns out that our creator has provided a couple of different men to the closeted actor during his stay in the country. Very discreet men who the creator hand picks for the actor. Julian Fellowes/"Downton Abbey"/George Clooney or Graham Norton/"Graham Norton Show"/Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise

Yes, that was the actor who portrays one of the big superheroes with the pants to his tux down around his feet as he had sex with this model/escort he brought as his date to an event outside the country. It was a huge event, but apparently he only came to say he had sex there because he left shortly after. Without his date. Henry Cavill ("Superman") "Bafta Gala Dinner"

This A list comedian who is having a pretty good last 12 months in acting too is tiny in stature, and apparently that includes everywhere so he never leaves home without some added padding. He prefers to avoid the sock thing and instead uses a fairly large sex toy to give him the size he wants people to think he has. Kevin Hart

This A- list musician swore to his girlfriend that he was only cheating with groupies and other random people she wouldn’t know. So, his girlfriend, a former A list mostly movie actress took him back. A week later she caught him with this B list singer. He swore it was just work. He is still trying to win back the actress after that incident so being spotted in public with the singer is going to hurt his chances. Probably going to hurt the female singer’s chances with her boyfriend too. Matt Bellamy/Kate Hudson/Lana Del Rey (Francesco Carrozzini) (story)

GRAMMY’S: Our favorite foreign born B list singer/part-time actress has not been doing much press for her new movie, but she would not stop talking about it last night at an after party even while she was bent over doing lines of coke. You would think she was the star, although to hear her tell it, she had sex with enough people working on the movie to make her own. Rita Ora "Fifty Shades of Grey"

BAFTA’S: No one could quite figure out why this barely hanging on to B list mostly television actress from a fading network show was at the event. After the event it all became clear as she continued her new role as arm candy to married studio heads. She went from this totally normal person, who was actually a little conservative to dumping the boyfriend and doing what she does now. Dianna Agron "Glee"

GRAMMY’S: This B- list celebrity was an A lister probably for one night at least in her entertainment career. Anyway, she says that her boyfriend, a former A list tweener is probably going to break up with her this week for awhile because he has no idea she spent about $50K on his credit card preparing for the show. Of course most of that was a piece of jewelry she bought herself because it is tough to keep pretending. Olivia Culpo/Nick Jonas

GRAMMY’S: This current B list mostly television actress went back to her roots last night at the Grammy Awards. She also brought along her friend who seems to be the person that collects phone numbers from married executives who would like to have lunch or dinner with the actress. She can’t be seen talking to them any longer because of her past so she has this woman come with her who does all the dirty work and also got yelled at a few weeks ago by an angry wife when she was pulling the same duty. Katharine McPhee

GRAMMY’S: This A+ list singer hooked up with this A+ list everything during the week. Apparently it had been some time and things got a little rough and our female A+ list singer has a large cigar burn on her leg which forced her to cover up at the show and after and her original designer to get very angry. Rihanna/Jay-Z

BAFTA’S: These two actresses continued their long running feud. Usually they have more separation space when they are at the same event. This time though, since the space was small and they were both up for awards it was inevitable they would cross paths. It wasn’t as bad as the Vanity Fair cover shoot, but it was bad. It turns out that the A list mostly movie actress used to have sex with the now husband of the A+ list mostly movie actress. Since the A lister was in a relationship when she was having sex with the now husband, our A+ lister is convinced she will have no problems doing it again. Oh, and the fact that she texts and calls the now husband once or twice a month just to say hi probably also has something to do with it. Amy Adams/Reese Witherspoon

GRAMMY’S: This foreign born singer not named Rita Ora or Lily Allen says she has a boyfriend, but she was making moves on Meghan Trainor all night long. Our foreign born singer says she is not into women any longer, but, this was something else. Jessie J

At the Director’s Guild Awards, this married A+ list mostly movie actor was showing photos from his recent trip and everyone saw the one of the guy totally naked on the hotel balcony. Our A+ lister dropped the phone and was trying to delete the photo as he was picking up the phone. George Clooney

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#10**
GRAMMY’S: This actually occurred at a pre-Grammy Awards party. This B list celebrity/producer/host might have said the right things about this B+ list actress/comedienne/host, but it does not mean any of the things said were true. They blew each other off all night and the B+ lister said some not very nice things. Melissa Rivers/Kathy Griffin

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **#11**
At the Clive Davis party, the strangest pairing off happened. This ancient Academy Award winner/nominee was sucking face with this former A list one named singer who has dropped to B- list since her peak which was not that long ago. Jon Voight/Ashanti

92. MR. X 02/09
1) "That bitch has some motherfucking nerve to get up and walk out during MY performance!" – permanent A++ list icon on her arch rival being AWOL during her number. If you asked any of the other celebs in attendance last night, they were glad she left too. Madonna/Lady Gaga

2) What one-named singer who won big last night won because that slimy sect he belongs to made a backhanded deal with the Grammy board of directors? The sect is doing as much damage control as they can, because that documentary is proving to be a crippling blow. Beck (Scientology/HBO documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief")

3) What permanent A++ list songstress left the Grammys alone and in a rage after she saw one of her hubby’s mistresses trying to talk to her child backstage? Beyoncé/Rihanna/Blue Ivy

4) Which two former tweeners had a confrontation backstage after former tweener #1 overheard former tweener #2 imitating her singing? Their PR people had to break it up before it got physical. #1: Arianna Grande/#2: Miley Cyrus

5) At an afterparty, this openly gay reality star won the record of most phone numbers collected in a night. Among his victims: that A-list closeted boybander, that openly gay athlete and that B-list star of a soon-to-be-ending almost network show.
Gay reality star: Frankie Grande
A-list closeted boybander: Nick Jonas
Openly gay athlete: Robbie Rogers
B-list star: Darren Criss

93. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09 **#1**
GRAMMYS: While you debate the winners and losers from last night’s Grammys, we have a private rant to tell you about. This very famous musician – who was part of last night’s telecast – was furious about one of the winners, and vented after the show. "There’s no way he should have won! That was the biggest crime of the night, and no one noticed but me. That’s not art. That’s a felony! They shouldn’t be giving him trophies. They should be slapping cuffs on him. Fat white guy steals – steals! – other people’s work and gets rewarded for it, I’m done. I’m DONE!" Kanye West/Sam Smith

94. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09 **#2**
GRAMMYS: It was his wife’s night, so it would have been nice for this singer to just lay low and play the totally supportive husband for a few hours. Nope. He was spotted at an after-party collecting women’s phone numbers. The women weren’t industry players. They were the attractive dates of industry players. He might have felt a little guilty, though, because right before he would ask them for their number, he would swivel his neck around to see if his wife or anyone else was watching. We wouldn’t judge if we knew that this couple had an open marriage… but they don’t. Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton

95. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09 **#3**
GRAMMYS: This very popular singer – who was at the Grammys last night – was actively trying to smooth over some rough relationships in the after-party scene. However, we found out that she isn’t doing it simply to be the nicer or bigger person. She and her friends read Sun Tzu and The 48 Laws of Power a couple of months ago. Since then, she has been pulling her former "enemies" and the friends of her enemies over to her side in the hopes of building an army of collaborators and supporters. The top person on her list? Another popular female singer with whom she has an icy relationship. She is working some common contacts to gain some insight into how to privately get through to her. She knows that a collaboration between them would shock everyone and would likely be a huge success given their respective fan bases. There is nothing our singer does that isn’t strategic.
Power Girl: Taylor Swift
("enemies" and friends of her enemies): Diplo (Katy Perry’s former boyfriend who dissed Taylor)
Other Female Singer: Katy Perry

96. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09 **#4**
BAFTAS: This major actor has had a lot of plastic surgery over the years. It’s good work, but it does take some time to settle in and look natural. People at the BAFTAs could not stop talking about his newest face. One of the male nominees was asked if he had had a chance to talk to Major Actor, and he replied, "Well, I would have spoken to him, but I don’t know if he could have answered me back. His mouth looks like he’s busy squirreling away nuts for the winter, doesn’t it?" He then added that he was "Just kidding." Frankly, we think his description was rather accurate.
Major Actor: Tom Cruise
Nominee: Ethan Hawke or Michael Keaton

97. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09 **#5**
BAFTAS: At the BAFTA Awards, this nominated actor was asked casually (not in a formal interview) about the speech he would make if he won in his category. "Oh, I didn’t prepare anything," he said matter-of-factly. "I haven’t won a major award in years. I’d be lucky to win a Teen Choice Award." As he walked away, he sighed to a companion, "Is the season over yet? I don’t think I can take much more disappointment." Ed Norton

Someone is leaving a daytime TV show. The reasons given for this exit were totally true. But there’s something else going on here, too. See, the person who’s leaving is telling friends that one of her co-stars is on opiates and as a result, loses her train of thought a lot. The person we’re discussing has little tolerance for that sort of thing, and finds it irritating, so she’s taking the train right out of there! Rosie O'Donnell/Whoopi Goldberg "The View"

Well, he cheated before they got married. Heck, he cheated with her when he was still married to someone else so it shouldn’t come as a shock that this B list celebrity is cheating on his B+ list mostly movie actress wife. She had to expect it, but you would think he would make it a year first. Six months? Dwayne Wade/Gabrielle Union

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#2**
Look for this A list host of a very popular cable franchise, although she only does one version to debut a new boyfriend. Well, boyfriend, but old enough to be her grandfather and our host is not all that young. He has been paying her enough that she has spent several weekends in a row with him away from her home. Apparently this week they are meeting with lawyers to put pen to paper on how much she will be paid. Padma Lakshmi "Top Chef" (she’s been in Miami)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#3**
It is going to be a lot harder for this former A list tweener turned B list mostly television actress to cheat on her husband now that her day job is no longer. She will figure out a way. She always does. Just like she figures out ways to get magazine covers she does not deserve. Melissa Joan Hart ("Melissa & Joey" canceled)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#4**
This former B list tweener who was never a tweener when she had her own tweener show is trying her hand at music and acting and nothing is sticking. She really wanted to be part of a music charity project but no one was interested until she agreed to pose half naked for it. I still don’t think they know who she is even though every tweener does. Victoria Justice "2015 MusiCares Person Of The Year Gala honoring Bob Dylan"

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#5**
At an after party for the GRAMMYs, this former A list singer who is foreign born and still has A+ list name recognition despite no hits in decades said he once had sex with a dog. Everyone assumed he was joking, but he was dead serious. Apparently the dog did the driving so to speak. Tom Jones (supposedly has a huge penis)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#6**
Arguably the most famous of this A+ list group not named One Direction has a girlfriend who he probably should run from as quickly as possible considering she and Jesse James used to hook up and explore the whole white power thing together. Might even be some videos of it. Definitely videos of her trashing other people. Not very pop like. Max George ("The Wanted"/(Carrie Baker (former "Miss Oklahoma")
(they really went downhill in a hurry didn’t they)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#7**
This fading quickly model turned B- list mostly television actress on a show that no one watches on an almost network is out every night partying and leaving her kid(s) with nannies and her husband out with his girlfriends. Great marriage. Jaime King ("Hart of Dixie")/Kyle Newman (she was recently at Grammys with Taylor Swift)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#8**
This former A list singer who was a two hit wonder at best sent his girlfriend home the other day so he could talk about his kids with his ex who actually stayed A list. The two ended up having ex sex according to the nanny who walked in on them. Seal/Heidi Klum

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#9**
It must be really tough to be the girlfriend and future wife of this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor when you still live with your long term boyfriend. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#10**
A very very infrequent co-star of this former A++ list mostly television actor says that one of her co-stars on the show regularly slept with the A++ lister and told him who would be good candidates to sleep with in the future.

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **#11**
Several people have spoken to this burgeoning A list model who is a celebrity offspring. She has an assistant/friend in her life. It is eerily reminiscent of the whole Selena situation. This assistant is the model’s biggest fan and gets paid a little bit in free swag but most of the time pays her way to be near the model and then acts as an assistant for free. Everyone who sees the assistant can tell that she is totally in love with the model. The model doesn’t see it. The model doesn’t see how angry the assistant gets when the model is with other friends and especially angry when the model is with her boyfriend. He is actually the one who might get killed. When any of this is brought to the attention of the model she just deflects and says everyone is crazy. The thing is she likes having someone who will basically do anything she says and never complain. The model has made crazy demands during the middle of the night and the assistant has gone out and done them and never complains. This is all going to explode in one very messy situation and it won’t take much to trigger it. Gigi Hadid (back with Cody Simpson)

110. BLIND GOSSIP 02/10
The management team of this band is working overtime to try to cover for two of its band members. They fed a story to the media about how each band member was flying separately into a foreign country to meet up for their tour. That was a lie. Actually, two of the band members were holed up in Los Angeles together for several weeks prior to the tour and flew in together. Yes, they are a couple. Yes, they are both men. A photo taken of the two of them at the baggage carousel in the arrival city was quickly quashed, and the men were immediately set up for photo ops with attractive female companions in the arrival country.
Band: "One Direction"
Two Men: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#1**
This former A+ list singer turned way too young to be doing her Rod Stewart impression A- lister ordered her security to do a better job of keeping fans away from her. So, now they carry mini batons which they conceal in their hands and if a fan’s hand comes reaching for the singer they use the mini baton to swat away the hand. She really loves her fans doesn’t she? Lady Gaga

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#2**
One heck of a Valentine’s Day gift for this married former A list singer who is probably A- right now because she has been out of the game for a bit. Her husband was making use of the couch in an empty studio late last week with an an up and coming singer who he has been managing and sleeping with simultaneously. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock (talent manager)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#3**
The crew on this show are talking about someone. Not the foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who is one of the stars. Nope, they are talking about a family member of his who keeps other women away from him and then the family member latches on to the actor like she is his girlfriend. Creepy. Colin Farrell (sister Claudine Farrell) "True Detective"

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#4**
I don’t know what set it off and I don’t know what history could have caused the reaction, but this A- list comedienne who is a B list actress too got into a screaming match with that celebrity offspring turned actress who has that huge movie opening this week. They were both staying at the same hotel and crossed paths in the lobby and witnesses say they started screaming at each other before the offspring caught an elevator going up. Sarah Silverman and Dakota Johnson "Bowery Hotel"

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#5**
This offspring of an A list couple at the time and one of whom is still A list, if not A+ list broke up with her girlfriend when she discovered the girlfriend not only had hundreds of photos and videos of the offspring naked while sleeping but also had charged $25K to various credit cards and even tried to open an account using the name of the offspring. Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger)/Angel Haze

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#6**
A singer with an unusual name who nobody really knew before she started dating that foreign born A list mostly movie actor who really really needs a hit, is telling friends she is pregnant. Get ready for some serious hate to be headed her way if it is true. His fans will not approve. FKA Twiggs/Robert Pattinson

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#7**
This former B list mostly television actress has been in a series of hit network shows but never as the star. She finally has her chance to be the star. The last time people talked about her this much was when she was married to the A+ lister. Oh, one bad part about the role. She had to go the casting couch route and her current relationship is over because of it. I think she would rather have the part than the relationship. Jennifer Esposito (ex - Bradley Cooper/current - Louis Dowler) "Mistresses"

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#8**
The wife of this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner is going to be ticked off when she finds out he gave his kids from another relationship a huge trust fund and has not done anything like that for their kids. He has been trying to keep it a secret but one of the kids is spending money on everything and the wife is going to find out. Kevin Costner

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#9**
This celebrity offspring has made a name for herself as a host after being a reality star back in the day. Maybe she saw herself on camera this past week and hated what she saw, but this week she has been a non-stop snorting Adderall fiend. Multiple reports of her this week snorting it means she must be doing it like crazy. Kelly Osbourne

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/11 **#10**
#1 – This former A list mostly movie actress who is going to get a chance in another blockbuster after some misses and not much work since her franchise ended, talks a lot about feminism. Probably most people would be shocked to know she stripped and gave a lapdance for her ex and a couple of teammates but badmouthed some classmates who supported themselves doing it for a living.
Actress: Emma Watson
Franchise: "Harry Potter"
Ex: Oxford University rugby player Matthew Janney
Blockbuster: "Beauty and the Beast"

#2 – Our favorite A+ list mostly movie actor was slumped over drunk and passed out at a gaming table this week. He had a bottle blonde sitting next to him who looked to be barely old enough to be there. Ben Affleck

#3- This former A list mostly television actor when he was a teen has never been able to shake that role. Most of his money is gone now. He stays out of the spotlight but drugs have taken a toll on the guy everyone knew from that show. Everyone. Frankie Muniz "Malcolm in the Middle"

121. MR. X 02/11 **#1**
What D-list celeb is helping out his A-list ex on her upcoming big project so it was natural that they appeared a bit out of sorts when they were spotted together the other night? No they aren’t getting back together (they’re still good friends), although the D-lister hasn’t given up on selling stories to the tabloids saying that they are. Casper Smart/Jennifer Lopez

122. MR. X 02/11 **#2**
What B-list singer/celeb spawn has privately had conversations over the phone with the director of that documentary about that slimy sect that the singer left a long time ago? She told him that she’ll use her connections and he’ll do anything she can to ensure that the documentary gets a proper TV airing in in Europe? Lisa Marie Presley/Alex Gibney (Scientology/HBO documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief")

123. BLIND GOSSIP 02/11 **#1**
This famous pop star had a very successful world tour last year. However, traveling around the world does not necessarily mean that she is worldly or mature! Staff at one concert venue told us that our performer acted like a "disrespectful little bitch" during her visit. In the backstage area, there are framed photos on the walls of all the artists who have performed at the venue over the years. Our singer ran around writing offensive notes on each photo. For example, on a photo of Aerosmith, she wrote "Fucking cunt" across Steven Tyler’s face. No, we don’t know what kind of beef she has with Steven Tyler. Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry

124. BLIND GOSSIP 02/11 **#2**
This famous chef is constantly on TV, appearing on multiple shows in which he has starred or guested, including several reality competition shows. He’s not just cooking up delicious food. He’s cooking up a delicious secret. He is married with child/ren. He is also gay. He is very happy with his new boyfriend (non-famous), who is handsome and approximately the same age as our chef. Yes, his wife knows. Bobby Flay; Tom Coliccho; Joe Bastianach; Mario Batali; Curtis Stone; Anthony Bourdain; Guy Fieri

125. BLIND GOSSIP 02/11 **#3**
Lots of explanations and lies and excuses as to why this actress looks so different. Different hair, different makeup, Botox, fillers, etc. Frankly, you can actually do any one of those things (within reason) and still not change your unique, signature look. But when you change too many things at once, people notice. Want to know what she really had done? Well, she did have surgery, but not as much as people think! She did not change her nose or her chin or her jaw or her neck or get cheek implants or a forehead lift. She had lower blepharoplasty to get rid of the bags under her eyes. She also had a very small amount of injectables. Seriously. That’s it. She would have gotten away with it, too, and simply looked "refreshed" if she hadn’t changed her overall styling so drastically. She thought the change in hair and makeup would be a distraction, but it actually had the opposite effect and brought too much attention to everything. Harsh lesson to learn, and she’s kicking herself now. She’ll look more like her old self when she goes back to traditional hair and smudgy makeup for her next major outing. Uma Thurman

Which young, hung, pop star who lives in a glass house loves to walk around naked and flash his neighbors? When he’s a home he never keeps his pants on, and although he lives in a fancy community his neighbors can see him. The little guy is surprisingly well bless, but even so the community wishes he would put it away! Justin Bieber

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#1**
This former B list mostly movie actress who was never a good actress and thankfully does not look like she wants to act for awhile despite her A+ list name recognition has been visiting the doctor a great deal recently. She is usually accompanied by her girlfriend/lover rather than her husband. Jessica Biel

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#2**
She keeps telling her very few friends that her married lover is going to leave his wife. Our B- list mostly movie actress who is lucky to get work at this point despite her A++ list name recognition is constantly traveling back and forth across the country just to spend an hour with the guy. She is burning through a ton of money because she refuses to fly anything but First Class, but she does not make first class money any longer. Well, she never did really, her former other half did. Katie Holmes

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#3**
This B- list mostly television actress had her very own show even though she is really young. Legal, but young. It was a spin off thing and since it ended she has not been getting the kind of work she thought she would or that she spent for when times were good. She has already committed to spending some time on a yacht this summer which will apparently pay her more per week than she earned per season on her show. Victoria Justice "Victorious" spin off from "iCarly"

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#4**
This married former A list singer in a group turned B- lister solo is having a mid-life crisis. Not only is she trying to hang out with some college kids she met, but she is also using drugs again. Just pot so far, but this is a woman who should never have touched any drug ever again. Ever. Fergie "The Black Eyed Peas"

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#5**
This C list former reality star who is bff with an A+ list reality star could make a lot more money for herself but she refuses to sleep with any men of color. Well, she will sleep with Middle Eastern guys. The A+ lister keeps trying to set her up, but the C lister won’t accept any customers who are black. Brittny Gastineau/Kim Kardashian

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#6**
This Academy Award winner/nominee who is considered the muse of one of the most famous directors ever was doing a recent press thing for her most recent movie with her A+ list mostly movie actor co-star and she asked him how his husband was. The actor said, "You mean my wife?" At that point our actress caught on and gave a wink but then could be heard asking our actor about Jack and if they were still sleeping together. Sigourney Weaver (Ridley Scott)/Hugh Jackman "Chappie"

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#7**
This B- list reality star who only gets to be a reality star because she married into fame is so thirsty for fame that she auditioned for a commercial that was supposed to be a mom/child kind of thing and when she didn’t get it said she would dump the kid and find another if she could get the job. Never of course considering that after two minutes, no one wanted to work with her and had nothing to do with the kid. Danielle Jonas (Kevin)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#8**
This B list mostly television actress is known for one great role on a hit cable show. She was at a party this week with an a-hole of an Academy Award winner/nominee who was joined by two "models," The models didn’t know who the actress was and asked if she was getting paid by the hour. Our actress totally kept her cool and did one of her famous fake smiles and walked away. January Jones "Mad Men"/James Franco

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#9**
It would have made an excellent photo for Random Photos. This former A+ list singer turned A- lister with A+ list name recognition on one side of a table backstage at a concert. Across from her was this singer turned actress who seems to be back to singing now despite her success at acting. In between them some lines of coke. They were sharing stories as they alternated doing lines. The singer turned actress using was a first that I have heard of, but she definitely knew what she was doing. Lady Gaga/Jennifer Hudson "Stevie Wonder: Songs In the Key of Life – An All-Star Grammy Salute"

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#10**
This mom of a former A list singer turned reality star turned wannabe girlfriend of the rapper who won’t have anything to do with her had bags of free swag she collected from gifting suites last weekend under the pretense that it was all for her daughter. More like all for eBay. First thing Monday morning it was all online being sold. Christina Milian’s mother Carmen (Lil Wayne)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/12 **#11**
#1 – This former A list celebrity turned reality star turned danger to herself and others was selling herself and making porn tapes up until two days before the birth of her baby. Tila Tequila

#2 – Despite what it looks like, this former tweener turned singer who has been annoying in both roles has been leaving her boyfriend behind from things more often because she thinks she is too big of a star now and he is holding her back. Miley Cyrus

#3 – This former B+ list mostly movie actress who used to always get naked in movies then disappeared before help from a franchise resurrected her career was spotted having sex in a helicopter this past week. It was on the ground but she was bouncing up and down with her chest fully pressed against the front glass and a group of airport workers was dropped off in front of the copter while she was going at it and everyone got a great look. Heather Graham "The Hangover"

138. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 02/12 **#1**
Gay Hollywood has long known that this young actress is gay, even though she was forced to pretend to be dating her co-star – they broke up the minute they stopped working together – but now she is coming out of the closet. Since her public split from a male actor she has kept her love life private, but recent has been spotted with "close friend" on holiday together. So far the actress has avoided addressing the claims directly, but that is about to change! Kristen Stewart (Robert Pattinson)

139. NAUGHTY GOSSIP 02/12 **#2**
NBC News suspended Brian Williams, the most-watched evening-news anchor in the U.S., from his duties as chief anchor and managing editor of "NBC Nightly News" for six months without pay in the wake of a scandal over misleading statements he made about his time covering the Iraq War in 2003. And now another scandal involving a well know TV host is about to break! "Pictures are circulating of this fool doing drugs. He has been a high functioning coke addict for years but now they have proof," a source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. "Before Brian this might have been embarrassing and sent him to rehab, but now he could lose his entire career." The worst thing – a close friend is the one trying to sell the images!
Jimmy Fallon

Real Housewives of Miami veteran Joanna Krupa has slapped Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville with a lawsuit, after Glanville allegedly accused Krupa of having smelly private parts, but in fact it’s a different HOUSEWIFE that has a hygiene problem. "All the ladies can smell it. Even the crew have complained about the smell," a top source tells NAUGHTY GOSSIP. "She has been told about the problem and the fact that she needs to wear knickers many, many times." This lady is known for her love of younger man, and partying! – But these days the smell is making everyone run for the hills! Sonja Morgan "Real Housewives of New York City"

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#1**
This Teen Mom is blackmailing her significant other. He stays and pretends they are the happy couple or if he leaves, she will release the videos of him doing drugs, and start telling the world how he is into guys and she has videos of that too. Janelle Evans/Nathan Griffith

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#2**
This might be a little low. Two hosts fighting. Apparently one of the hosts who is not as famous and not as good, but weighs more said about the other host, "Well, at least I can get pregnant." She then went on to question whether the other host even has sex or if her significant other gets his fill away from home. Giuliana Rancic/Maria Menounos

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#3**
This B- list celebrity is famous for infamy. She has been in and out of A list and at this point might even be down to C+. You might not remember her name, but you know her story. What you don’t know is that she is marrying her drug dealer because she can’t afford the amount of drugs she takes each day. Amanda Knox

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#4**
This married B list east coast mostly movie actress, but will take television or a play or whatever else you can give the former A+ list model/actress, said that before she found her current lover that her best friend was her vibrator and that her husband had not had sex with her in almost two years. Brooke Shields

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#5**
This A list reality star from that long running A list cable reality show better watch out. Her ex, who is not officially an ex tested positive for HIV during a recent physical. Considering how much unprotected sex he has, he probably left a dozen people with it too. Khloé Kardashian/Lamar Odom

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#6**
FASHION WEEK: This A- list singer who has a string of hits ditched her sober companion and was spotted doing shots with some models she met backstage. There was also coke around, but the model couldn’t be sure that our singer did any, but the other three models with her did. Kesha

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress who landed a really good role is married to an A+ lister. Our B lister did some press this week and was absolutely blitzed for her first interview of the day. It is a good thing she was sitting for the interview because the standing and walking thing was not working for her. Portia de Rossi (Ellen Ellen DeGeneres) "Scandal"

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#8**
You can decide which one really happened. Two people were in the room who heard the same story. Two people who give me tips frequently. One swears she heard that this baby daddy was actually in the bed of another woman when he got the call that his B+ list offspring/actress baby mama was going into labor. The other woman heard it as the baby daddy was in the bed of another woman the day before and what if he had been at the time he got the call. Either way, not a relationship that is long lasting. Liv Tyler/Dave Gardner

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **#9**
#1 – She might be engaged but this B- list mostly movie actress who used to be in a franchise had sex with the owner of that company she was doing a red carpet for. They spent 30 minutes in his hotel room during the party. Nikki Reed "Twilight"/Ian Somerhalder ("Catdance Film Festival")

#2 – This Real Housewife is running a scam which involves getting old people to leave her everything they own. She has them leave the property to a friend of hers who then gives it to the Real Housewife. Four people so far. Vicki Gunvalson "Real Housewives of Orange County" (a financial planner); Phaedra Parks "Real Housewives of Atlanta" (lawyer and funeral director)

#3 – This host, who must be in a great mood now and back to loving her job, spent most of the night at a charity event the other night talking to different people outside while she smoked one joint after the other. She does share. Whoopi Goldberg "The View"

#4- It was not a very fun moment for the person who asked this A- list model about the A+ list singer she used to be bff with. The model got into the face of the other person and was out of control. It was a simple question out of curiosity and the model was way out of line. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift  "2015 amfAR New York Gala"

150. BLIND GOSSIP 02/13 **#1**
Our first boyband has a dating formula for keeping fans happy. The girlfriends can be real or fake, but they either have to be wholesome or successful in their own right so as not to threaten fans. This singer from a second boyband isn’t subscribing to that tried and true formula, and it’s causing problems! His new girl has covered a LOT of celebrity dating territory in the past two years. There were reality stars and famous actors and media moguls among others. It’s impossible to know which relationships were organic and which were beardy, which were genuine and which were paid. Then there is the rest of her controversial history (lying about who she worked for, who pays her, racist behavior). This messiness is not endearing her to the fans. And when you start interfering with the happiness of the fans, management is bound to intervene. They are encouraging him to break up with her.
First Band: "One Direction"
Second Band: "5 Seconds of Summer"
Boyband Singer: Ashton Irwin
Girl: Bryana Holly (Playmate from Orange County)
dated: Leonardo DiCaprio; Brody Jenner; billionaire James Packer

151. BLIND GOSSIP 02/13 **#2**
There was a lot of competition for an upcoming big interview, and we know the fascinating reason why this very famous media darling did not get the big "get"! Media Darling was the original choice to conduct the interview. A tentative agreement was reached, and everyone immediately jumped into production mode. But then, something happened, and a different interviewer was selected. What happened? Well, the theme of the interview is about being honest about all things concerning sexual identity. The subject thought that Media Darling could guide their discussion in a thoughtful and honest way… until he found out that she herself is gay and deeply closeted! He was shocked. He thought about it for a couple of days, and finally decided that when it came to selecting the right person to help him reveal his plan to lead a more honest and genuine life, he simply could not choose a celebrity who was still manipulating and lying to the public herself. He dumped her and selected a new interviewer.
Subject: Bruce Jenner’s gender transition
Media Darling: Oprah Winfrey

152. WINE & SASS 02/13
The male part of this A List couple pretty much kept the family together for his entire marriage. His significant other was an absolute nightmare to be married to. He patiently waited until a certain milestone in his family came to pass and then made his exit. He was surprised at how amicable the split was and took it as her agreement that the marriage was over. Oh no. She thought once she got out and began publicly being seen with much younger men and appearing to move on, he'd come running back. He didn't and is now privately seeing someone else. When she found out about it, she hit the roof. She isn't the most healthy person mentally and has major visions of grandeur about herself. For the sake of his family he tried his best to take care of her and make sure things appeared healthy. In reality, he couldn't wait to get out. He has no interest in going back into that mess. Everything his attorneys send her goes unanswered and she refuses to even discuss any settlements in separation or the divorce. If he tries to bring up the subject, she puts a stop to it by telling him these kinds of conversations will trigger her "relapse" and he knows there is no relapse because she never stopped to begin with. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. When his attorneys contacted her asking why she didn't show up to the scheduled meeting they had with her and her attorneys she replied, "There's no meeting to hold because this marriage isn't over." and hung up. She called him and told him once he's finished getting his "jollies" off with this new piece they can talk about their reconciliation. He's beginning to see that maybe this isn't so amicable after all. Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow; Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#1**
The husband of this Atlanta Housewife is cheating with two different women. Both waitresses that used to work for him. Peter Bailey/Cynthia Bailey

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#2**
This foreign born recent Grammy winner with a great 2014 has not had many sexual partners but one of the very few he had gave him an STD that is not going to go away. Ever. Sam Smith (herpes)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#3**
While his A-/B+ list mostly movie actress wife stepped away from the cashier for a second to take a phone call, the cashier gave the husband the total price and was waiting for the husband to pay. The husband looked around and mumbled that his wife would pay. That is generally how it goes. His wife gives him just $50 a week. Zoe Saldana (Marco Perego)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#4**
Apparently this foreign born B list mostly movie actress gets along so well with this married A+ list mostly movie actor is that she saved him while filming together when he was with another guy and she sacrificed a fairly new boyfriend to say that the lover was her lover and not that of the A+ actor and her boyfriend dumped her.
Actress: Margot Robbie
Actor: Will Smith
Movie: "Focus"
Other guy: Tom Ackerley
New boyfriend: Alexander Skarsgard

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **#5**
This NFL athlete is blaming his poor performance last season on his B list celebrity wife who had people watching him to make sure he didn’t cheat on her. In their prenup she only gets really paid if he cheats. He always has, so she had people following him this season and he didn’t cheat and had a terrible year. He thinks a divorce might be worth it at this point because he doesn’t want to lose the salary owed to him. Jay Cutler ("Chicago Bears")/Kristin Cavallari

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#1**
So, you have a boyfriend that is going through financial problems and having to hide money in various shell companies. You just found out you are pregnant. Your income is not going to get you through. You get a call from an old friend who used to help you make connections that a foreign born A list actor is looking for some company and you would be perfect. You see your chance. You seduce him the first night so the pregnancy story will work. A month later you tell him you are pregnant. He now is not only giving you money which you funnel to your boyfriend, but the actor even marries you because he is a standup guy who won’t leave his pregnant girlfriend single. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#2**
This married A- list mostly television actor from several popular shows over his career loves playing golf. Apparently he also loves hitting on women who are not his wife and even collecting phone numbers for when they can get together in not such a public place. Well, it is not like the marriage was doing great anyway. (Answer can be found in my Twitter feed so I don’t know how much easier I can make it) Josh Duhamel/Fergie

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#3**
This foreign born A list model/host/mogul is being cheated on. Her boyfriend was all over some 20 something Russian model, and by all over, I mean the top of her dress was down and the two were full on making out at a club in front of everyone. Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#4**
Apparently this former A+ list tweener turned do nothing all day but hang out and take photos for Instagram has a bit of a submissive side because this permanent A list model only dates guys younger than her if they like to be abused. Maybe he wanted to try it for one night. Pricey night because out model usually is in the six figure range for one night. Justin Bieber/Naomi Campbell

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#5**
When this B list mostly movie actress with limited talent and not much work any longer thank goodness gives birth, her celebrity husband might be there, but the woman she spends almost every night with will definitely be there. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#6**
This A list mostly movie comic actor who is height challenged tried all night to get his significant other to leave. He finally started having her drink double and triple drinks until she passed out and he sent her home all because he wanted to have sex with this random woman he met earlier in the night. Kevin Hart

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#7**
This B list celebrity who was a celebrity turned host turned actress turned host turned a bunch of other things is sucking her celebrity husband dry of money as fast he brings it in. He thinks she is shopping but she is actually funneling cash to her accounts. She might smile a lot but she is cold hearted when it comes to money. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#1**
SNL: This former almost headliner from the show who moved on to movies and controversy too was treated like a pariah at the show. He should have been a much bigger part given his past, but wasn’t. They could not not invite him but he was treated like he wasn’t. Everyone kept making jokes about his wife and her implants and other medical jokes. Rob Schneider/Patricia Azarcoya Arce (one of America's most vocal anti-vaccine advocates)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#2**
SNL: For those of you hoping for an off screen romance between this very popular network show on screen couple, it appears things have hit a snag. The actress, who is married went to the show without her husband. She always does things like that. At the after party she was spotted making out with a guy, but it was not the married co-star from her show that everyone wants. Kerry Washington (Tony Goldwyn "Scandal")/Nnamdi Asomugha

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#3**
This Academy Award winning/nominated actress has had a huge career. Massive. Long running. Almost as long as SNL itself. Back in the day she used to have sex with Lorne Michaels. Apparently he can still be jealous because when she started canoodling with this former A list singer who has seen better days career wise, Lorne tried to put a stop to it. It didn’t work though and the couple left soon after. Candice Bergen/Michael Bolton

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#4**
SNL: Apparently some feuds never end. These two permanent A list mostly movie actors hated each other when they were on the show and still hate each other. The one who seems to still have a movie career blames the other actor for a lot of things, including the death of John Belushi by getting him hooked on pills to go with John’s coke habit. Bill Murray hates Chevy Chase

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#5**
The first order from this probable Presidential candidate who loves to eat, to one of his new celebrity staffer/backer was to discreetly bring over to the house some of his stripper friends. Just make sure none of them had any coke or anything illegal. Chris Christie

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#6**
They might be proclaiming they are not dating but that definitely was this B- list mostly television actress who is not working since her most recent show got canceled, after her last show got canceled, in the back parking lot getting hot and heavy in this former athlete turned actor turned serial dater’s car. AnnaLynne McCord ("90210" and "Dallas")/Rick Fox

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#7**
SNL: It was quiet and discreet but this Academy Award winning actor was asked to leave the after party due to his roaming hands and the complaints of several women. Cuba Gooding Jr.

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#8**
It is how he met his ex-wife so it shouldn’t surprise him that his B list celebrity daughter has set her price for this summer. She is a one week minimum person and her rate is $500K for the week. At her age, she won’t have any trouble getting it. The PR spin about her boyfriend and their "break" during the summer will also give her some extra attention.
Father: Mohamed Hadid
Ex-wife: Yolanda Foster
Daughter: Gigi Hadid
Boyfriend: Cody Simpson

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#9**
This just about permanent A list mostly television actress from several long running network and cable shows walked in on her celebrity boyfriend. What was supposed to be a surprise at his place turned into a horrible surprise when she saw him in bed with another woman.
Courteney Cox/Johnny McDaid  (crying in public)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#10**
SNL: This former cast member dropped the most f bombs during the after party and was trying to be everyone’s best friend even though no one can stand her. Even though people were avoiding her she would keep coming up to them or dragging them to meet someone and she was just a complete pain all night long. It might be her personality, her beliefs, or that she is just way way off at this point in her life. Victoria Jackson  (red carpet interview)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **#11**
OLD SNL: Back in the day, this person was the most beloved person on the show. Every female cast member wanted to be her and every male cast member wanted to sleep with her. I had not thought about her in a long long time and last night her name popped up on the screen and I remember the first time I heard about her. She was an original employee of the show. From day one. I was having lunch with an actor who was for a brief moment in time A list. He had a string of great movies but there came a point in his life where something else happened. Life got in the way and he decided there were more important things in life then just making movies. That something else was the subject of a few minutes of our conversation at lunch and I asked him what that something else really loved about SNL and the first words that came to his mouth was the name of this woman who is the subject of our blind. From day one of the show, every single person who came into contact with her loved her. John Belushi would crash on her couch. She was the person you went to when Lorne was yelling at you. She was the one who could make everyone smile after three straight 24 hour coke furled days of working. She had a long running love affair with a couple of the male cast members but no one could get her to commit long term because she knew once they left the show they would leave her and she would still be there. She was an in the moment type person. The actor said he met her several times and even then when he saw her she had a way of capturing a room better than any actress or cast member or anyone else almost that he had ever met. Apparently she had a fling with this guy who was part of an A list foursome group that had no problems converting to three. That messed her up for a bit and she actually went to go work on a television show that spawned a permanent A lister in her first role and someone else on the show who will always be one of my buddies even if she did not have as big of a career. The show didn’t last long and she went back to SNL and has kept coming back when they needed her. I actually saw her a couple of years ago at some brunch and she is still stunning and still can capture a room and even though there was a party going on I think for her child’s birthday or college graduation or something, she was the center of attention. I guess that is why she got a bit of screen time last night when so many others did not.
Female cast member: Edie Baskin (official photographer)
A list musician from foursome group: "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young" Neil Young  (she did the titles for his 1982 "Neil Young in Berlin" video)
Television show: "Square Pegs"
Permanent A lister: Sarah Jessica Parker
Enty’s friend: Jami Gertz

176. BLIND GOSSIP 02/16 **#1**
At the Saturday Night Live after party, two former cast members – one male and one female – were catching up with each other. "You look healthy. What’s your secret?" "I just got out of rehab." "Again?" Cast Members:

177. BLIND GOSSIP 02/16 **#2**
Two Saturday Night Alumni were discussing some of the musical guests they had worked with over the years when one mentioned that he and a certain very famous singer kept the party going after her appearance on SNL. "Are you saying that you two hooked up?!" "Yes, back in 19_ or 19__." "You’re kidding." "No, and it wasn’t just once either. I think it was five or six times. She thought I was charming." "Holy shit! I would NEVER have put you two together!" Neither would we. This is the most unlikely pairing of a comedian and a singer that you could imagine!
SNL Alumni:

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#1**
This original Teen Mom gets paid $10K a week by her boyfriend. The fact that he is married with kids does not seem to bother her at all. I can’t believe someone is willing to pay to be with her. Then again, I can’t believe anyone is willing to be with Lindsay Lohan. Farrah Abraham

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#2**
This aging Academy Award winning actor also had pretty good luck as a producer in that department was trying to hook up his actress wife with the offspring of an Academy Award winning movie actor who some guys really don’t like because of who he is married to. We all wanted her for ourselves.
Actor: Michael Douglas
Wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Kevin Kline (Owen)/Phoebe Cates or Tom Hanks (Chet)/Rita Wilson

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#3**
This former A list singer turned reality star left her significant other/baby daddy at their hotel so she could hook up with a female dancer she met earlier in the day. Apparently she flew the dancer back home to LA too. Christina Aguilera

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#4**
FASHION WEEK: This celebrity offspring who thinks she is hot shit because she co-hosts a talk show type thingy was absolutely rude the other day at a show because staffers did not seat her first. "Fuck those other people. I am in the front row and need to be seated. They can wait." Kelly Osbourne

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#5**
This still married Atlanta Housewife is bribing a bank executive she had sex with to give her a loan or she will tell his wife about their affair. Phaedra Parks

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress now who used to be movies and at one point in time had a franchise that is about to undergo what seems like its 35th reboot, has been told by producers of her new show that she needs to lose some weight. She drank a ton over the holidays and is bloated, and producers have not liked what they have seen. This is never a good thing to tell this actress because she will go way overboard with purging and pills and coke. Rebecca Romijn ("X-Men")/"The Librarians"

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#7**
This A+ list mostly movie actress had a week long fling with this foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who was in that franchise. The actress is not ashamed of it, but has kept it secret because her daughter still has a huge crush on the actor and it would kill her to know mom slept with the guy. Reese Witherspoon/Robert Pattinson

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#8**
This barely A list mostly movie actress who will probably drop to a B before her franchise starts filming again has 6 different 24 hour nannies and spends most nights in her guest house so she doesn’t have to deal with her new kid(s). Zoe Saldana "Star Trek 3" or "Avatar 2"

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#9**
This former A list mostly television actor who went from soaps to prime time to I’m not doing anything but every woman on this planet has loved me for two decades was on an international flight and struck up a little thing with a flight attendant and he went down to the crew rest area below the passenger seating and the two went at it for a good hour before he returned to his seat and she returned to work. John Stamos

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#10**
FASHION WEEK: This former Bachelor contestant said it had been awhile since she wore her wedding ring. Apparently she only wears it for the cameras. Kind of like she is only married for the cameras too. Catherine Giudici (Sean Lowe)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **#11**
It is not often that someone manages to leave their hometown and then comes back a huge star and stays. Usually they come home for a week or two and then head off. Not in this case. This is an unusual case. Our star was never more than a celebrity. Not an actress or singer or anything that required actual talent. Despite all that she became an A list celebrity. For a minute or two she was a reality star. A quick couple of shows and then when the flame was bright called it a day and headed back home. She still has a name but just stays in the shadows counting her money and drinking her booze. Why did she go home? To be with her family? That is what the story for consumption is. The real story is more complicated. There was the excessive drug use followed by the embarrassing situation where she was living with two guys at once and they were not all just roommates. There was the partying. There was also the incident with the producer of another show who went a little too far on a date and sexually assaulted our celebrity. All of these things combined to leave her shaken and bruised and so she went home. At home she does not do much. A string of boyfriends that has gone through most of the single population of men in the town. So, most night she sits at home and drinks and then goes out and drinks and then comes home and drinks some more, often with a friend or two in tow or a new pickup or an old flame. This is how she has been for a year or two and right now it looks like she is going to be this way for a very long time.
Celebrity: Bristol Palin
Reality shows: "Sarah Palin’s Alaska", "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp", "Dancing With the Stars", "Celebrity Wife Swap"
Lived with Kyle Massey (and his brother) after "Dancing With the Stars"

189. BLIND GOSSIP 02/17 **#1**
This actress – who was practically an icon in the 1990s – is a mess after her latest breakup. It’s not just due to her insecurity about being alone. Her husband was responsible for supplying the drugs in the relationship. With him gone, her supply is irregular and it is completely stressing her out. Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

190. BLIND GOSSIP 02/17 **#2**
At the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary celebration, this comedian approached an actress who is starring in a popular movie. The conversation started out innocently enough but soon turned into a discussion about the unusual sexual habits of various people in the room. The actress mumbled an excuse and tried to walk away from him. He continued to follow her for a couple of minutes, asking, "What’s the matter? You can [do this] on film for millions of people to watch, but you can’t hold a simple one-on-one conversation about real people doing it? The hypocrisy! The hypocrisy!"
Actress: Dakota Johnson
Comedian: Jim Carrey

191. BLIND GOSSIP 02/17 **#3**
Here’s what one classic female singer had to say about two younger singers. "You can tell who is going to be successful in the long run by what they do as soon as their last album stops selling. The smart ones like Adele and Faith Hill and Barbra Streisand and Taylor Swift and Celine Dion keep their clothes on and keep working on their craft and their musicianship. But [Singer 1] and [Singer 2] seem to be done being musicians, because all they’re doing now is stripping off their clothes and acting stupid and making headlines with their personal lives. That doesn’t take talent. I don’t think that either of them are going to be any relevant part of the music scene in a couple of years." Who do you think Classic Singer was talking about?
Classic Female Singer: Debbie Harry
Dumb Young Singer 1: Miley Cyrus
Dumb Young Singer 2: Rihanna

192. WINE & SASS 02/17 **#1**
For anyone who watched the 40th Year of Saturday Night Live Special last night, you'll get a kick out of these. There were some surprise appearances on the show. Not because they didn't belong there, but because no one really thought they'd come. One A List celeb in particular RSVP'd at the very last minute with a huge list of demands. One thing known about Saturday Night Live is they don't bend over backwards to cater to anyone. The celeb's demands were denied and the celeb had their people tell SNL that they wouldn't show. This was fine with them, as you can tell from the show...they had more than enough star power. This person showed up anyway and was placed next to someone they can't stand. The photos captured their displeasure, but even more hilarity is that they put them together on purpose since #1 on the list of demands was a list of people they didn't want to be near. This person was #2 on the list...the first one wasn't there. They actually relocated a person who was sitting there just to place the high-maintenance celeb there. The event managers had some great laughs when the person the celeb didn't want to sit next to then tried to hang around them the entire after-party. The celeb couldn't say anything, if they did, their image would take a hit. One SNL Alum showed up and everyone was honestly shocked. He didn't stay long and didn't interact with many people there. Everyone knows this person has had nothing to do with Saturday Night Live since they left but no one, except SNL insiders, know the real reasons why. Two things happened to make pretty much the entire cast and crew hate him when he was a cast member. First thing was he hooked up with the wife of one of the crew members....and he was not at all shy about talking about it so the word traveled quickly and things came to a head. The crew member quit and he had no cares to give. Lorne had a talk with him and explained that he didn't want that kind of behavior happening on his show. He then retorted that he does what he pleases. This did not go over well with Lorne or the rest of the cast. About two years later after rehearsal one night he pulled out some photos of himself engaging in some seriously messed up sexual "situations." We are talking things that on a scale of 1 to 10 on the freak-o-meter would register at 20. All the crew have always been relaxed and can talk about pretty much anything, but this was something not even they would talk about and seeing it wasn't kosher. Everyone also found the insanity and overboard nasty content of the photos hilarious and had pretty good laughs at our alum's expense. This enraged our alum since in his mind, he was the sole reason SNL was still on the air. His ego was so overblown that he couldn't understand why any of them wouldn't want to see what he has going on. SNL and him "parted ways" quickly after this and most of the cast and the whole company never missed opportunities to take digs at him. You see it for years after he left the show. Small hints of shade that never go by name or appearance but skits, comics and just random interview comments in general all point to him and his off the chart fetishes. The material they got from him lasted years and he knows what's in reference to him every time. The fact that Lorne allowed it still enrages him today. The cast always has a closed mouth policy to anyone who is on SNL and has from the very beginning...but that doesn't exclude you from private hits in their sketches. This alum went down in history as being one of the most epic members of material on SNL. Ten years after his exit, skits were still being written about his boastings. Sometime's you really can't make this stuff up!
A list celeb/seated next to: Taylor Swift/Sarah Palin
SNL alum: Eddie Murphy (Eddie's run-ins with transvestites)

193. WINE & SASS 02/17 **#2**
You would think with so many Divas taking up residency in Las Vegas, there would be more hissing and scratching about things like money, wardrobe and backup dancers, but this A-list diva is worrying about other things. Like who's going to sing her songs behind the curtain. It's no secret her voice has over the years. She desperately tried to get her voice repaired in Europe a while back that helped another A-list diva get the voice she lost back, but the treatment didn't work, so now she's desperate. People aren't going to pay top dollar to see her of all people lip sync. Especially since another diva in residence had embarrassing isolated tracks of her performances leaked, and the other diva in residence is going to deliberately leak tracks when she begins her stint just to show people she is the real deal and what you want to spend your money on. So there's going to be someone singing behind the curtain. This C-list great singer who couldn't get traction in the music industry, sometimes dabbling in TV and Movies, is the front runner for the job. The diva once threw her a ton of shade, but the C-lister is enough of a superfan to keep her mouth shut for the big paycheck and guaranteed record deal. Not Britney Spears.
Diva: Mariah Carey
Diva who lost her voice: Shania Twain
Embarrassed Diva: Britney Spears
Other future Diva in residence: Jennifer Lopez
C list singer: Leona Lewis

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#1**
This aging permanent A list singer who loves the spotlight but is scared to leave the band for anything other than non-musical projects has become more creepy as he gets older. He went up to a woman at a gym who was working out and started rubbing himself against her because he told her he wanted her sweat to mingle with his and they should go to his room upstairs and do some more mingling of sweat. She left the gym while he waited for another woman to come. Steven Tyler "Aerosmith"

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#2**
Yes, that was the B+/A- list mostly television actor from that very hit cable show who was at Mardi Gras this week. Throwing beads and yelling to see breasts, he would stop every few minutes to puke all over the street before starting his chant again. The guy is going to kill himself with his drinking. Norman Reedus "Walking Dead"

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#3**
This New York Housewife was supposed to do a photo shoot with her whole family this weekend but her significant other was off having sex with his new side piece instead. Kristin and Josh Taekman

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#4**
This oft troubled B- list mostly television actor who blew a very good thing on that very hit network show is in trouble again after the parents of a 15 year old went to their local police this week to tell them their daughter is pregnant and the only person she has had sex with her whole life was our actor when he was in town. Columbus Short "Scandal" or Gary Dourdan "CSI"

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#5**
At dinner the other night, this amazing actress who stars in her own television show but is having a big year in movies. Well, one in particular, said that her A list actor ex-husband never called her by her name the entire time they were together and called her a comic book name instead. She also was tied up at least once a week so he could rescue her. She laughed about it hard. Patricia Arquette/Nicolas Cage
(PROBABLY called her Lois Lane)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/18 **#6**
I love this actor. Well, I love his work. No one actually loves him as a person, except for himself. He loves himself. He thinks the whole world should bow down to him because he loves himself that much. He thinks he is the biggest star in the world and believes that he is the best actor in the world when he is actually lucky to find work. The guy turned down a $10M paycheck for a sequel because he thought he was too good for it. What did he do instead? Nothing because no one wants to work with him. He has been in some of the most iconic movies of all-time. Yes, iconic. Some of them were small parts, but he has been in them. He has been the lead in a few of them too. It was not that long ago that his actress girlfriend finally managed to free herself from him. It was not that she broke free, but rather he thought he could do better and forced the actress to leave after damaging her for almost a decade. They were not married but they might as well have been. When she went into the relationship she was about A list. A certain genre for sure, but she could get leads in others besides the genre. He was close to A+ list when they started dating. Immediately he controlled her and told her what she could do and what she couldn’t. She saw her career nose dive because she could never work in something bigger than what he was working in and his career started to go down so he pushed her down even faster and further. Forget going out. She was in the house or with him. No exceptions. She went from a vibrant sexy woman to a shell who was scared of her own shadow. To see her now and starting to live again is amazing. She will never be the same after a decade of verbal abuse and threats and just making her feel like she was worthless. He would do it in private and in public. In public he would do it with that quirky little smile and make it seem like she was an idiot or a klutz and then really take it out on her at home. She was terrified of him and terrified of leaving and he had her convinced that she was ugly and that is why she was not getting parts. The thing is when he broke up with her because he liked some 18 year old she begged to stay and begged to be with him. That is how much he brainwashed her. John Cusack/Neve Campbell "Hot Tub Time Machine"

200. MR. X 02/18 **#1**
What two closeted A-list actors and frequent Oscar nominees took turns giving a (non-famous) male escort bjs in a bathroom stall at the SNL 40th Anniversary after party? The escort got paid handsomely for his duties, and was made to sign a non-disclosure agreement by the actors’ PR people the day after so he wouldn’t blab. Good luck with that. Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio

201. MR. X 02/18 **#2**
FASHION WEEK: Which A-list reality star and parent from hell was turned away at a fashion show where her meal tickets were attending? The security guy who did the envious duties never heard such a big f-bomb rant in his life from the parent. More proof that her brood is turning against her, I guess. Kris Jenner/Kendall Jenner "Diane Von Furstenberg fashion show"

202. MR. X 02/18 **#3**
What B-list mostly TV actor who will probably drop to C-list if he doesn’t get another high profile role was whooping it up at Carnival in Brazil this past weekend? He also was spotted kissing a post-op transsexual "model" Chase Crawford "Gossip Girl"

203. MR. X 02/18 **#4**
FASHION WEEK: What B-list reality star and fashionista shocked attendees at some of the fashion shows she sat front row at, because her rib cage was literally poking out from under her dress? No wonder she was wearing so many coats indoors. It’s not who you think. Rachel Zoe

204. MR. X 02/18 **#5**
What best friend of that former A-list pop diva might not be friends for much longer because she’s reportedly shopping around a tell-all about her famous pal?
Rihanna/Melissa Forde; Mariah Carey/Da Brat; Lady Gaga/Tara Savelo

205. BLIND GOSSIP 02/18
As soon as we read blurbs from these two celebrities saying opposite things about a certain film, we knew you would want to hear this story! They are both athletes. One male, one female. Both very famous. Both very religious and very vocal about it. They really want you to believe that he was faithful to his wife and that she is chaste and pure, and will be happy to throw in a few bible verses to help convince you of that. Here’s the part you will find fascinating. These two celebrities have hooked up multiple times… WITH EACH OTHER! Yes, that’s right. These two preachy little liars have been fucking like rabbits every chance they get over the past couple of years! Is there a bible verse to describe THAT? PS: Don’t know sports? Ask a sports fan. They’ll get it!
Male Athlete: Russell Wilson
Female Athlete: Lolo Hope (boycott "Fifty Shades of Grey" because God would not approve)

Which REAL HOUSEWIFE OF NYC was not happy when she wasn’t given front row seats at a fashion week and she left the tents. Yes, she dropped that ‘do you know who I am,’ line, before the PR people asked her to leave. The problem was that they knew exactly who she was and didn’t want any of those trashy ladies at the show! Bethenny Frankel

207. WINE & SASS 02/18
This D-list mostly television actor is a known douchelord. He's been working lately, and it's driving his C-list celebrity wife, with A-list name recognition bonkers. She likes him home where she can watch him, and monitor his behavior. Not that he ever behaves. Being crazy like a fox, he had it mandated that his wife be banned from the set of his latest project and told her it was the production's rule. No significant others allowed on set. This of course drove her crazy. Then the actor started dropping hints about how hot his co-star (a B-lister in her niche, but universally unknown) was and that was enough to send the wife into overdrive. She spent an entire weekend he was away in a stupor of pills and booze, assembling a dossier on the costar and calling every stylist she knew asking them to help her recreate the look. One stylist was genuinely concerned about the behavior and called the actor only to have him laugh and say something like, "Daddy needs a boat," and hung up. Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes/Chelsea Kane "Baby Daddy"

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#1**
They might not be actually having sex (yeah, I don’t believe that either), but this underage reality star from that A list reality show was on her knees under a table in a private dining room when a waiter walked in without knocking as they usually do. Not that it matters but she was also hammered on booze the older boyfriend bought for her and was not supposed to share. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor to go with some statutory rape. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#2**
This former B list model turned part-time reality star who is famous for who she dated and who she married and who she is maybe dating now was overheard yelling at her "manager" that she wanted more money next time to sleep with a guy and asked how come she could not land some guy who owns a yacht and instead was with some guy who canned fish.  Amber Rose
(at Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#3**
The boyfriend of this B list mostly television actress on that long running hit ABC show says he is not sure he is going to keep dating the actress. They had sex for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he said that she scared him with how rough she wanted it and that she wanted to be hurt during it. He thought it was maybe a one time thing because she had been drinking but that the other day when she was sober it was even worse. Sarah Hyland "Modern Family"/Dominic Sherwood

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#4**
I don’t think he would ever leave her because he likes the fame too much but this husband of NJ Housewife is having sex almost daily with a woman he met at the gym. The woman is starting to talk to more and more people about it. Joe (Teresa)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#5**
This former A- list mostly television actress from that hit almost network show back in the day is also remembered for an outfit she once wore on the red carpet back in the day. Anyway, she is married but she had no problems the other night with making out with this high on coke former B list mostly television actor who has not done much since his very hit almost network show went off the air a few years ago. Ed Westwick "Gossip Girl"("Pieces of Heaven" Art Auction)Rose McGowan "Charmed" (red carpet photo)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#6**
When this former A list singer turned reality star turned publicly humiliated dumpee of an A lister had a chance to make some money the other night she sent her kid home with some guy she met an hour earlier. She never called to check to see if they made it home ok. They did and she was lucky the guy is really nice. He is also a talker. A big talker. Christina Milian (dumped by Lil Wayne)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#7**
The director of this movie being shot right now threatens to quit every day. He has two A list mostly movie actresses who are in his ear and trailer every day talking about their lines and how they want more and the way they want to be lit and it goes on and on. One of the A listers also has her husband bugging the guy and the foreign born A lister followed him into the bathroom in his trailer to keep complaining.
Director: Billy Ray
Movie: "The Secret in Their Eyes"
Foreign born A lister: Nicole Kidman (not born, but raised in Australia)
A lister: Julia Roberts (husband - Danny Moder)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#8**
This A list mostly television actress who has her own show finally decided to call it quits with her crush/sometime boyfriend who is also an actor because he kept having sex with as many women as he could and never actually had sex with the A lister even though she has made it clear for years she wants to. Mindy Kaling/B.J. Novak

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#9**
This A list designer left four front row tickets for this A+ list singer who was supposed to be coming to see her supposed bff. The singer was a no show and the bff looks even more desperate by pretending they are still friends. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift "Michael Kors" show

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#10**
This former tweener who was never a tweener but had her own tweener show and is now trying to move into the regular world of acting has a boyfriend. They have been dating for awhile but she told him she wants them to wait until marriage. Meanwhile she is having sex with the guy who lives next door every other night or two.
Victoria Justice

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/19 **#11**
#1- This Academy Award winning/nominated actress is foreign born. She swore she would never cheat after what happened to her but she has cheated. After not cheating for almost a year she is having sex with this musician. Oh, did I tell you he is the boyfriend of one of her best friends.

#2 – This B list mostly television actress has a boyfriend who used to be married. He has kids and was in that big franchise. While out with friends, she said the guy, who everyone thinks is good looking lasts about 30 seconds in bed if he can even get it up. Jaimie Alexander/Peter Facinelli (Jennie Garth) "Twilight"

#3 – This C list celebrity offspring of A listers had a 24 hour watch over her until last month. For three months her family had someone with her at all times because they thought she might kill herself. Tallulah Belle Willis (Bruce Willis/Demi Moore)

219. BLIND GOSSIP 02/19 **#1**
When un-PhotoShopped images of a celebrity hit the media, you have to wonder who released them and why. Well, in the case of this famous singer, the images were leaked by two people. The first is someone who used to be close to the singer but is not anymore. The other is one of the singer’s enemies. The two of them have been quietly hanging out together lately and talking about how they they have a lot in common because they were both screwed over by the singer and/or her husband at some point. Chipping away at the singer’s thin veneer of perfection by leaking those photos gave them a great deal of satisfaction. And they did such a good job in covering their tracks that someone completely unrelated will likely be blamed for the leak. Beyoncé

220. BLIND GOSSIP 02/19 **#2**
This leading man is having marriage troubles. Although he has been a working actor for years, his latest high-profile role has definitely changed him. "Practically overnight he went from being a nice guy in a solid marriage to being an asshole who thinks he’s god’s gift to women. She was really happy when he initially got the role but now she is crying all the time because he is treating her like shit." Jamie Dornan/Amelia Warner "Fifty Shades of Grey"

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#1**
This NBA A lister is suffering from complications related to HIV. He has been trying to keep it secret, but has been struggling all season because of a new drug cocktail regime he is on that is not working as well for him. Chris Bosh "Miami Heat"

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#2**
I have to check to see if they have been married a year, but my suggestion is that this A- list model not leave her A+ list celebrity husband back at home alone in LA when she goes out of town because he was all over a woman who looked exactly like his ex. He took her to a friend’s place for a few hours and then went back to the home he shares with his wife. Adam Levine/Behati Prinsloo (PROBABLY Nina Agdal or Anne Vyalitsyna) "New York Fashion Week"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#3**
I didn’t think I could dislike this guy any more than I did, but I was wrong. This still married A list celebrity/host/former actor was with some women at a club. This was in a club. Not a hotel room or home, but in a club and threw some money down on the ground and told the women it was theirs for the taking if they opened a champagne bottle inside their va jay jay. One of the women did it and then our A lister made her crawl over to him to get the money on the floor. Nick Cannon

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#4**
There is no one more happy about current events than this B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit pay cable show. She is involved in a very long term relationship but wanted to break it off because she is sleeping with the head of a cable company but had not figured out how to do it. She started slowly this week though breaking it off with her long term boyfriend. He is going to be crushed. Allison Williams "Girls"/Ricky Van Veen (Brian Williams suspension)/HBO CEO Richard Plepler

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#5**
This A list mostly television actor who is also an offspring and only seems to work on one show had to be dragged from a pool in Vegas this weekend at a villa where he was staying on some hotel grounds. The actor either passed out and rolled in or was passing out and fell in. No one is sure, but it took four people to get him out. He really needs to slow down on the drinking. Kiefer Sutherland

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#6**
Let me see if I can keep up with all of this. B list mostly television actress who is only that high because she is on a hit network show that is ending. Oh, she also does some hosting. She is married. She has phone sex with her celebrity ex who would be castrated if his A list celebrity girlfriend discovered it. Oh, and our B list actress/host is also sleeping with the guy who got her the job she is about to get full-time. Now, about that husband of hers?
B list television actress: Naya Rivera
Husband: Ryan Dorsey
Show: "Glee"
Hosting: "The View"
Celebrity ex: Big Sean
A list celebrity girlfriend: Arianna Grande

Job: "Devious Maids"

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress who is lucky to find work and only gets it because of her now defunct marriage which gives her that A+ list name recognition is being a diva. A guest starring role where all the cast and crew drive themselves to work but our actress has to have a car pick her up and drop her off. The only person on set who does this. Katie Holmes "Ray Donovan"

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actress who keeps hoping for a sequel to the movie that was supposed to be a franchise, was at a party the other night and said during the filming of the movie she had a threesome with the foreign born A list star of it and his girlfriend at the time. Our actress said her boyfriend still has no clue and that it was just a one night thing.
B- list actress: Lily Collins
Boyfriend: Matt Easton
Movie: "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones"
A list star/girlfriend: Jonathan Rhys Meyers/Victoria Keon-Cohen

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **#9**
It happened three or four decades ago now. There he was the almost A list movie star. He had a television show under his belt. He was a very good friend of this permanent A list celebrity but not the best friend of him. That title belonged to someone else (lets call him DF) and our actor befriended him. They would spend almost every evening together and pick up women. Lots of women. They rarely even dressed because there were so many women to choose from. Sometimes though the woman you wanted didn’t want to be with you. DF though showed our actor how it could be done. You see, DF was a doctor and would write out prescriptions for himself and others. He showed our actor what worked best for what type of person and under what situations. They would practice on women all the time to see if they would pass out or become more willing or if the dose did nothing. In the meantime they would continue to have sex with every woman they saw. One day they decided to put their theories into practice and from that day forward, both of them were hooked on the system. They didn’t have to be nice. They didn’t have to care. They didn’t have to worry if the woman didn’t want them, they just would hand her a pill and back in the day there were tons of pills. They would wait a few minutes and then drag her stumbling to a bedroom where she would pass out or be close to it and they would each take a turn. For years they did this until DF’s own addictions became too much, but he did leave our actor a present. Hundreds and hundreds of their special pills.
A list movie star: Bill Cosby
Television show: "The Cosby Show"
A list celebrity: Hugh Hefner
DF: Dr. Mark Saginor "Dr. Feelgood"

Dr. Saginor’s daughter Jennifer’s book "My Playboy youth: sex, drugs, guns"

230. MR. X 02/20 **#1**
Since he missed out on being her date to the Grammys, this blogger and friend of that former A-list pop singer will be her date to an even bigger event: the Oscars. They’re soon going to announce that they’re no longer (fake) feuding, and he’s dropped hints on Twitter. Her fans are catching onto the two’s scheme and they’re not happy. Perez Hilton/Lady Gaga

231. MR. X 02/20 **#2**
Which reality show mom from hell is using the people on her payroll to get back at that B-list celebrity for revealing a not-so-secret truth about one of her meal tickets? She’s also enlisted the help of the B-lister’s ex.
Reality show mom from hell: Kris Jenner
B list celebrity: Amber Rose
Truth about meal ticket: Kylie Jenner having sex with Tyga or Khloé Kardashian’s father is O. J. Simpson
Ex: Wiz Khalifa

232. BLIND GOSSIP 02/20 **#1**
This Oscar nominee was approached by several designers who wanted to dress her for Sunday’s Academy Awards. She selected one, but after the fittings were done, she told the designer that if she was asked on the red carpet "Who are you wearing?" that she would decline to answer. The designer was furious! The designer said that the very reason designers spend so much time and money dressing nominees is so that their work is seen and acknowledged… and that if the actress didn’t want to credit them for their work, she should go and find a different dress! This all happened in the past few days, so we’ll be watching on Sunday to see if she wears the same dress, whether or not she acknowledges the designer, or whether she got a different designer to jump in at the last minute!

233. BLIND GOSSIP 02/20 **#2**
This fashion icon was front and center at New York Fashion Week. So it was a little shocking to hear that a couple of fashion designers were fantasizing about what it would be like stop kowtowing to her. One said that he would like to block her from his show altogether and then later pretend it was an oversight. Another thought it would be better to give her access at the last minute, and then show her to her seat in the second or third row to humiliate her. The first designer liked that idea better and added that they should pour soda on the seat first to make it sticky. "While they both may still fear her a little, neither has the same respect for her that they did a few years ago and they want to see her taken down a few pegs. For the way she’s been ruining the industry lately, she deserves it."
Icon: Anna Wintour
[Optional] Designers: Alexander Wang, Zac Posen, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, or Calvin Klein
[Optional] How Icon has been ruining the industry: putting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Vogue Cover

234. BLIND GOSSIP 02/20 **#3**
These two young celebrities swear that they are just friends and have never had sex. They are trying to get everyone around them to tell the same story because someone could go to jail if they didn’t. They may have a hard time shutting everyone up, though, because there are literally dozens of people who know the truth, and everyone is fighting about what story everyone should tell and who is to blame for this mess. Just know that any story they tell publicly will be a lie. What is the truth? Well, he has bragged repeatedly to his friends that he "hits that every day"… and she has admitted to her friends that she lost her virginity to him! Kylie Jenner/Tyga

235. MR. X 02/20 **#3**
Since he missed out on being her date to the Grammys, this blogger and friend of that former A-list pop singer will be her date to an even bigger event: the Oscars. They’re soon going to announce that they’re no longer (fake) feuding, and he’s dropped hints on Twitter. Her fans are catching onto the two’s scheme and they’re not happy. Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#1**
This actress used to be A list. She was kind of like the Sarah Silverman of her decade, but Sarah has always been nicer. Our former A lister was on some of the greatest television shows of all-time. I am particularly fond of an old pay cable comedy show on which she had a recurring character. The next thing you know she is the lead in movies. She couldn’t handle it though. Stress almost killed her. Even today the stress from that time has led her to have problems such as hair loss. Not just a few hairs, but she is almost bald and has to wear wigs. Janeane Garofalo "The Larry Sanders Show"; "Felicity"; "The West Wing"; "24"; "Criminal Minds"

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#2**
This former B list mostly movie actress turned B list television actress turned please help me get work has been around since she was a teen. A fairly new mom she freaked out about her weight gain and at Fashion Week was hoovering up coke like there was no tomorrow. She had an eating disorder before that landed her in therapy and she says she wants to be that thin again. Yeah, that looked really normal. Her large fake breasts on an 85 pound body. Christina Ricci "Marc Jacobs" fashion show

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#3**
The celebrity/host wife of this A list athlete is headed for a divorce. With him staying at home for the next several months she won’t be able to see the guy she has been cheating with and has wanted to end the marriage for some time anyway. La La Anthony (husband Carmelo had knee surgery and will be out for the season)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#4**
She was doing really well, but this Teen Mom is back on drugs again in a big way and has been seeing one of her exes, who she always gets back with when she starts heavy drugs. Focus on the H in heavy. Jenelle Evans/Kieffer Delp (heroin)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **#5**
This B list celebrity with the unique look who seemingly travels the world dancing, maybe, but definitely showing off her look started talking to this B+ list model with a very good month. The celebrity was talking to the model about the model’s celebrity boyfriend. It seems that the B list celebrity used to have sex with the model’s boyfriend and wanted her to know the behaviors she had corrected and some things they could do to improve their sex life.
Celebrity: Dita Von Teese
B+ list model: Hannah Davis
Celebrity boyfriend: Derek Jeter

241. MR. X 02/21 **#1**
You’ll probably see this couple, consisting of an A-list actor and a B-list actress, on the Oscars red carpet this Sunday, all smiles for the TV cameras and bragging about how good their marriage is. At some point this year, they’re going to announce that they’ve "consciously uncoupled", instead of officially announcing their separation. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan Tatum

241. MR. X 02/21 **#2**
What current Oscar nominee is being indecisive on who to bring as a date to the ceremonies? On the one hand, his girlfriend/beard desperately needs a paycheck. On the other hand, he’s always been more comfortable bringing that person who’s been to more red carpets with him than his girlfriend. Bradley Cooper (Suki Waterhouse)/bringing his mother

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#1**
This A list celebrity/athlete who has more gold around his neck than most rappers actually had sex with a woman, then went and proposed to his girlfriend. While she went out to celebrate with friends after she said yes, he hooked up with the other woman again. Michael Phelps/Nicole Johnson

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#2**
When the A+ list singer can’t get stories to stick about her dating guys, then it is time to let the bff throw out a few stories that she is having boyfriend issues. Someday they both will be honest and I think the bff will be the first to break. Rihanna/Melissa Forde

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#3**
This B- list really attractive franchise actress from the franchise that is approaching ten parts was talking about a family member the other night. She says that the family member’s celebrity husband has no idea that the family member used to sleep with this waste of space guy married to a B+ list mostly movie actress with no talent who has A+ list name recognition. The waste of space guy was the best friend of the celebrity husband.
B- list actress: Jordan Brewster
Franchise: "The Fast and the Furious"
Family member/husband: Isabella Brewster/Baron Davis
Waste of space guy/movie actress: Cash Warren/Jessica Alba

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#4**
When we last saw this B list mostly television actress from that hit network show that is ending this season in this space she was being paid as arm candy for a married executive. Apparently she likes this kind of work because this week she has been the paid arm candy for the in the closet B list mostly movie actor who is the least memorable from that franchise that is still continuing. He needed someone for parties. I bet she will want the premiere of the next installment of the franchise as part of the deal. Dianna Agron "Glee"/Josh Hutcherson "Hunger Games"

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#5**
This A list singer solo and as part of a group is taking a break from her husband. They have been fighting for much of the past year because he didn’t want any more children and thinks she tricked him. He wants his career back and thinks she is holding him back. They have had some close calls to divorcing in the past including both seeing lawyers but this is worse than that. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#6**
This B- list mostly television actress from two shows that are no linger on the air and a regular in this space says that she was out babysitting her actor ex-boyfriend’s kid and the kid got sick so they had to come home early and she found the ex in bed with a random woman. Annalynne Mcord "90210" and "Dallas"/Dominic Purcell

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#7**
What NBA coach not named Jason Kidd got busted cheating on his wife when his girlfriend sent naked photos to what was supposed to be a private e-mail but the coach had left the e-mail window open. A day later there was a divorce announcement. Derek Fisher "New York Knicks" (Candace Fisher)

http://249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **#8**
You have never seen a guy move so quickly. The head guy at that big search engine company who isn’t married any longer was trying to make moves on a variety of early 20 something women last night but kept getting cornered by this former A list singer turned part-time actress and still possible murder suspect in my mind. She was talking ideas one second and promising to fuck him better than any other woman the next and was relentless. Courtney Love  Eric Schmidt (Google)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#1**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Despite spending four hours together in the same room last Friday and Saturday and Sunday and this Friday and Sunday, this former A+ list mostly movie actor never said a word and just ignored this B list mostly television actor/Golden Globe winner on a network show. Apparently the A+ lister thinks the B lister is beneath him and won’t bother with him.
A+ list actor: Eddie Murphy
B list actor/Golden Globe winner: Andy Samberg "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
Events: "SNL 40th Anniversary"/"2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards"/"2015 Academy Awards"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#2**
This child actor turned A list director who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is usually a really nice guy but he refuses to pay up on a promise he made to some of the most underprivileged people in the world just because a film he made didn’t make any money. Apparently though, things are getting serious because he has hired bodyguards to keep him safe from some of their relatives.
Director: Ron Howard

"A Good Lie" - Budget: $20,000,000 (estimated)
Gross: $2,716,989 (USA) (2 January 2015)

Promise: "Foundation for Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan"

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#3**
ACADEMY AWARDS: She might still be well under age, but this B list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee was shaming those around her at a party last night when they stopped doing coke after one line. She kept going for line after line and said it was how she lost all her baby fat. Hailee Steinfeld "True Grit"

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#4**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A- list mostly movie actress who presented last night was drunk. Apparently she must get really crazy horny when drunk because she didn’t have actual sex with her husband but apparently she used her hand in a corner by one of the bathrooms and my spy was one of five or six who were close enough to see. Hey, good for them because they have been having marriage issues. Reese Witherspoon/Jim Toth

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#5**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A+ list mostly movie actor was a presenter last night and right before he went out on stage got into an argument with a woman who called the actor a cheater for what he was doing that night. My spy didn’t know who the woman was. Maybe a production assistant on the show. My spy also didn’t see what the actor was doing that was cheating but this woman was in his face and was ticked. Our actor did not say much because this was going on up until 20 seconds before he went on stage. Ben Affleck (Jennifer Lopez was sitting in front row)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#6**
ACADEMY AWARDS: The much younger wife of this older Academy Award winner spent five hours getting ready in a hotel room. The first two hours were with her lover then the hair and makeup team came in. She is the queen of finding excuses to not be with her husband. Robert Duvall (Luciana)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#7**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This former A list tweener singer/actress turned bad movie actress turned back to decent A- list singer shared some of her drug stash with this supposedly sober host who never really is. The pair also managed to make this other former tweener from her own tweener show that exists no longer cry. They would not stop talking trash to her and about her.
Singer/actress: Miley Cyrus
Host: Kelly Osbourne
Former tweener: Victoria Justice
"2015 Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party"

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#8**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This A-/B+ list mostly television actor is known for one particularly iconic role from a long running hit network comedy show. He is also known for not being the most faithful guy to his wife but he was out of control with the hitting on this network reality star turned singer turned actress turned reality star. She is like Sienna Miller except Sienna can actually act and do other things besides be a home wrecker. Oh, and our actor was at the party with his wife.
Eric McCormack "Will & Grace" or Kelsey Grammer "Fraiser"
Reality star/singer/actress: Julianne Hough "Dancing With the Stars"
"2015 Elton John AIDS Foundation Viewing Party"

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#9**
ACADEMY AWARDS: This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee and presenter yesterday is being accused of lightening her skin. She is. Apparently the company behind her biggest endorsement deal asked her if she would and she agreed. Lupita Nyong’o/Lancôme

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#10**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Last night Elton John asked this B+ list mostly television actress who would be in the A range if not for that garbage show she recently starred on, how come she has not come out yet. Our actress stammered and paused and stammered some more and then said thanks for inviting her. She really should come out. That fake marriage thing she did was awful. Kate Walsh "Bad Judge"

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **#11**
ACADEMY AWARDS: Probably my favorite text of the night. It is a two parter and the second part came much later in the night.
"I don’t look like her. What, do you think I am a whore like her?"
"You better stay away from me you whore. I know you fucked my man."
"It isn’t like you weren’t fucking your boss."
The first quote and the final quote are from this foreign born B list model who did some acting this year in a big hit movie which she casting couched her way into. Oh, and she has an A+ list celebrity/athlete ex. She was being confused with Emily Ratahowever you spell her name by some guest. The middle quote is from this former lead singer in a girl group turned reality judge when the two crossed paths during the night.
Foreign born B list model: Irina Shayk ("Hercules")/Cristiano Ronaldo
Singer: Nicole Scherzinger (The X Factor U.K. boss Simon Cowell)/Lewis Hamilton

261. MR. X 02/23 **#1**
ACADEMY AWARDS: So she ended up not bringing her friend, but this A-list diva did have a run in with one of that couple her friend hates. Right before the ceremony started, the wife asked an usher if she could talk to the diva, presumably about the friend. The usher returned with a message: "Ms. *insert last name of diva here* cannot or will not speak with you right now." The wife ran over to the diva’s seating area and flipped her the bird. The diva responded with a double barrel salute. Stay classy you two.
A-list diva: Jennifer Lopez
Friend: Leah Remini
Wife in couple: Kelly Preston (John Travolta’s wife)

262. MR. X 02/23 **#2**
ACADEMY AWARDS: One of the major nominees last night decided to bring his girlfriend/beard after all, but after the ceremony they went to various after parties separately. She reportedly got her paycheck, $50,000. Bradley Cooper/Suki Waterhouse

263. MR. X 02/23 **#3**
ACADEMY AWARDS: What former A-list songstress who went solo to the ceremony and the after parties crashed, after one too many drinks, on the hotel room couch of that blogger who she’s apparently mended ties with? She needs rehab soon. Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton

264. MR. X 02/23 **#4**
ACADEMY AWARDS: These two ladies, one a B-list mostly movie actress and Oscar winner/nominee who’s been on TV a lot lately the other a former A-list rocker and all around trainwreck, went into one of the bathrooms and emerged a lot more energized. Gee, I wonder what caused that? *snorts* Strange thing is, they both say they’re sober. Minnie Driver/Courtney Love "Vanity Fair Oscar Party"

265. MR. X 02/23 **#5**
ACADEMY AWARDS: What C-list sibling of that A++ list singer bombarded her sister’s husband with threatening text messages while at another after party? If the husband hasn’t gotten a restraining order, he should seriously think about it. Solange Knowles/Beyoncé/Jay-Z

FROM LAST NIGHT: C+ list mostly movie French actress. At the Chanel party Saturday night she kept talking about her new boyfriend who also happens to be a co-star. He is a foreign born A- list mostly movie actor known for portraying a vampire. Probably news to his stick girlfriend.
French actress: Stacy Martin
Actor: Robert Pattinson "Twilight"
Movie: "The Childhood of a Leader"
Girlfriend: FKA twigs

(I can’t figure out if they just hooked up or if she wanted some buzz for herself)

FROM LAST NIGHT: This A- list mostly movie actress who will be A- list at least for a few more weeks is an offspring. She has a sobriety problem and on Saturday night was spotted making out with a big time coke dealer/fake movie producer guy. Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey"

FROM LAST NIGHT: This openly gay/married A- list mostly television actor from a hit cable show turned B+ list mostly movie actor was at a party Saturday night and was groping/making out with this closeted MTV actor from one of their hit shows. Matt Bomer "White Collar"/Tyler Hoechlin "Teen Wolf" at "2015 Gold Meets Golden Event"

FROM LAST NIGHT - ACADEMY AWARDS: This A- list mostly television actress who I predicted in the Tweet would win gold last night was picked up by her driver an hour early with her guest. The two of them wanted to buy some pot. The driver ended up selling it to them and then smoked with them in an abandoned Chick Fil A parking lot before dropping them off at the show. Patricia Arquette

FROM LAST NIGHT: Despite the new boob job this A- list celebrity wife got and her presence at an event Saturday night with her A- list singer husband he was all over and managed to get the phone number of this former Twilight actress/virginity taker.
Twilight actress/virginity taker: Ashley Greene (Joe Jonas)

**SUPER BLIND ITEM 02/23/15**

FROM LAST NIGHT: This B list mostly movie actor who is really good looking was not nominated but his co-star was and that co-star won. Anyway, our B lister brought as his date someone who sometimes charges by the hour. He got ditched by her halfway through the show when she locked on to someone more famous. Miles Teller (J.K. Simmons won Best Supporting Actor for "Whiplash"

272. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23 **#1**
This actress had a hairy encounter with an actor she knows who got a little grabby while greeting her at The Oscars. She kept her cool in the moment, although she did comment to someone (her publicist?) afterward, "Did you see that? Girl is just trying WAY too hard." She was not genuinely upset by it, though. She just thought it odd.
Actress: Scarlett Johansson
Actor: John Travolta
[Optional] Trying way too hard to what? That he’s not gay!

273. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23 **#2**
This actress and her man were certainly putting on a show of affection during the televised portion of The Oscars! He was caressing her on the red carpet, had his hand in her lap during the telecast, and had his arm around her at the post-parties. So sweet. And so fake. This is only who she pretends to be when the cameras are watching. Because in the non-televised moments before The Oscars… she was with her girlfriend! That’s who she took to the pre-parties. That’s who she was affectionately stroking underneath the table. She thinks that she would lose her fan base and industry support if she admitted that she was gay. And she really wants to win an Oscar more than she wants you to know the truth! Oprah Winfrey/Stedman Graham/Gayle King

274. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23 **#3**
Lots of musical performances at last night’s Oscars, some better than others. There was one performance that took a lot of people by surprise, as the singer was performing in a style and costume atypical for her. We thought she was incredible… but not everyone was similarly impressed! This talented actor (who was not a nominee last night) was complaining about her performance at an after-party. He complained that her voice wasn’t good and that she was given more time to perform because she was white. "When you give a black woman who is a great singer two minutes to sing, but you give a white woman who is a shitty singer ten minutes to sing, that’s racist!" He thought that the time should have been used to do an entire medley of songs from a movie that HE thought should have been more honored to make up for how racist the whole ceremony was. Yes, he seemed to have had a drink or two in him when he started his tirade.
Singer: Lady Gaga
Actor: Terrance Howard

275. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23 **#4**
We heard lots of speculation that this Oscar nominee was going to be heading to rehab right after the awards season was over. Hate to disappoint the gossips, but she isn’t going anywhere! In fact, she has really cleaned up her act this year. While she has not completely given up alcohol, she is being very cautious as to when and where and with whom and how much she drinks. Given who her closest friends are – and how wild they can get when they party – this is actually more of a challenge than you might think! However, she is actually a fairly disciplined person, and her sweetheart image is very important to her, so she is really putting in the effort and is doing well so far. Good for her. Reese Witherspoon

276. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23 **#5**
Among the Oscar presenters, there was an actress who was drawing a bit of attention – and concern – backstage. She seemed unsteady on her feet, and was wavering back and forth, talking quietly to herself. "I don’t think she was drunk, but she was definitely out of it. Maybe she had taken a pill to relax? We all kept looking at each other, wondering if she was going to make it out onto the stage in one piece without falling down." Well, she did manage to pull herself together for her presentation, so no real harm done. We don’t think she has a history of any kind of substance abuse, so this behavior certainly seems out of character for her!
Nicole Kidman; Jennifer Aniston

277. WINE & SASS 02/24
This A-lister was crazy high on E and booze at their most recent public appearance. So many things wrong in this celebrity's life that have been kept quiet over the last couple of decades. The world will gasp when they head to rehab and completely own who they are once and for all, when the door gets blown off the truth behind the lies in the next couple of months, when a new documentary is released. Only you won't, because you read about it here, first. Not Bruce Jenner. John Travola "2015 Academy Awards"

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#1**
This best selling author who has an ego that continues to grow daily by leaps and bounds is getting even worse than she used to be and people are starting to talk. There was already the secret payout a movie studio had to make to keep a writer from suing for assault. Something to do with a chair being tossed at the writer and cutting her face. During filming of a movie based on one of her books she demanded that roses be replaced in her trailer every four hours. She would go into hysterical screaming rages if food was not cooked right or if someone did not get out of her way fast enough. No one who has ever met her wants to be with her any longer than they have to. EL James "Fifty Shades of Grey"

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#2**
The fake marriage crowd will probably be happy with this one, but another group won’t be. Apparently that married A list mostly television actress from that hit network show you all love was kissing and hugging and being very intimate at a dinner with this B list comic actor who is height challenged and not all that great looking but has women lining up to go out with him. Oh, and he also sits on his legs while he eats. Kerry Washington/David Spade

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#3**
It is war behind the scenes at this cable network. Apparently the B- list former talk show host/reality star was working behind the scenes yesterday to try and get an A list current multiple talk show host/reality star fired for some comments she made. The B- lister might have a shot because of all the people she has slept with, but she has no talent so she won’t be helping herself in all this.
B- list former talk show host/reality star: Kelly Osbourne (demands that Giuliana Rancic apologizes)
Maria Menounos
A list talk show host/reality star: Giuliana Rancic
Remark: About Zendaya "Spurred on by the singer's choice to wear dreadlocks to the awards ceremony. "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil," Rancic snipped, drawing chuckles from her co-hosts. "Or weed. Maybe weed?"

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#4**
This married A list mostly television actor who started off as an A list mostly movie actor and then faded away into supporting roles before getting back his mojo on television is married to a much younger woman. We already know how proud he is of her but the person seated next to him and behind him and in front of him at the Academy Awards and whoever else asked got to see naked photos of his wife on the actor’s phone. He loves showing her off. Jeff Goldblum

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#5**
This A list mostly television actor who has played the same role for quite some time on that long running network hospital show got busted by his wife with some college student which is why she finally left him. Apparently the student was a family friend. Anyway, the wife has pictures and video of the actor cheating multiple times and the college student left him when her parents found out and that she might have to testify if the case ever goes to trial. Meanwhile, the actor seems to be in a daze like his life has ended and wants people to feel sorry for him. Nope. Patrick Dempsey "Grey’s Anatomy"

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#6**
This former A list singer who is struggling to stay relevant as a solo performer thinks she is getting away with using drugs while her husband is at work and that he somehow doesn’t know what’s going on. He knows. He just doesn’t know what to do about it except not leave their child home alone with her during the day. Fergie/Josh Duhamel

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#7**
Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. This horrible excuse for a father who happens to be a celebrity in his own right in a vomit inducing kind of way, is cheating on his significant other with a tabloid writer. No domestic violence arrests yet. Michael Lohan

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#8**
She went home with them. She woke up naked. She woke up in a bed alone. She was definitely hammered. She (former A list tweener turned really crap actress who thinks she can still sing) was willing to have sex with the model/celebrity/actress she went home with while the model’s actor boyfriend watched, but our former tweener doesn’t know because the couple was gone when she woke up and she actually doesn’t have their phone number. This is the story she told her friend. AP (Enty’s friend) saw her at the party and says she was shit faced and hanging out with the couple described but not in a sexual. or flirty kind of way. So, she was no help and JR Enty‘s friend), who was also there won’t tell me anything unless I promise to not use a really good blind about her female companion for the event.
A list tweener: Selena Gomez
Model/celebrity/actress: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Boyfriend: Jason Statham

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#9**
With her alleged former A+ list tweener turned B list singer boyfriend out of the country, this C+ list celebrity was doing her best to find a replacement. It was an arrangement anyway. Nick Jonas/Olivia Culpo

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **#10**
This reality couple who keep trying to stay relevant and on the air were only posing with products at swag lounges that would give them money. It didn’t matter if it was $200, they just wanted money unless it was something they could easily resell. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

288. BLIND GOSSIP 02/24
Actor Stephen Amell – who is most famous for his role on Arrow – recently wrote his own blind item about his encounter with a famous young celebrity. "Had breakfast on Tuesday in Los Angeles with my wife and daughter. In the midst of marveling at how she’s able to eat pancakes intended for fully grown humans while weighing less than 25 pounds… An incredibly famous young woman came in with her sort of (not really) famous boyfriend. I immediately tensed because I consider this person – as the father of a young girl – to be nothing short of an emotional terrorist. My wife senses this and asks me what’s wrong. I respond that we need to leave immediately for fear my kid and this overly sexualized velociraptor make eye contact even for the briefest of instances. I was dead serious. This is what it’s like to have a daughter." Miley Cyrus/Patrick Schwarzenegger

This west coast housewife is winging her hungover ass back to the west coast today (Feb. 18). I received an email from a Tamara Tattles Spy around 1 a.m. saying that she was being carried out of Industry (a gay bar in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood) in NYC. Apparently, the random gay man who has been living with her in her house with her children also travels with her and assisted in getting her back to her hotel room. There was no mention of her um, moon cycle this time. Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Which happily married actor with a kid accidentally visited a gay bathhouse just before the Oscars! When he was spotted by a gay makeup artist who had once done his makeup touch ups at a TV show, he protested that it was a big mistake. "I have back problems and wants to relax," he said! He was at the Oscars as he was NOMINATED!!!!!!! Ed Norton nominated for "Birdman"

291. MEDIA TAKE OUT 02/24 had a VERRRY interesting discussion - with a Hollywood insider, whose GOOD FRIEND is one of the writers for an EXTREMELY POPULAR TV SHOW. Here's what they told us: I always thought that the Hollywood gay casting couch was fake, but it is real. I saw it with my own eyes. My good friend is a writer for [POPULAR SHOW] and when we were developing the project, they were looking at a bunch of [well know] actors. It came down to two names - Wesley Snipes and [POPULAR ACTOR]. I think most people thought that Wesley would get the role, because it fit him better. [The OPENLY GAY PRODUCER] was leaning towards Wesley too. But [POPULAR ACTOR] really wanted the part. He and [OPELY GAY PRODUER] spent the weekend together in Malibu. I guess he gave up his butt to [PRODUCER] cause when [PRODUCER] came back, he said he made his decision and he was going to give the role to [POPULAR ACTOR] and not Wesley Snipes. I hope [POPULAR ACTOR] is really happy with the role, cause he paid for it with his butt. WOOOOOOW . . dudes is outchea giving up their LUSCIOUS booty cheeks for a part. AMAZING!! Terrence Howard "Empire"

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#1**
This married former B list mostly television actress from that hit almost network show who has turned into a singer and part-time actress is on the road and this not the life for her. She looks rough and she has terrible stage fright and the worst part is, she still has people come out to see her for who she is and she has the nasty habit of blowing off fans who have waited to see her after each of her shows. She never says hi, let alone taking photos or signing autographs. Not how you make it in the music industry. Leighton Meester "Gossip Girl" (apparently this was all because she was going through horrible morning sickness, but had not announced she was pregnant)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#2**
All I can say is that the significant other of this B list mostly television actress turned hopeful talk show host should definitely ask for a DNA test. Considering how much she likes the spotlight he might be able to convince her to do Maury. Naya Rivera ("Glee"/"The View")/Ryan Dorsey (she’s pregnant)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#3**
This Academy Award winning actress mysteriously ditched her boyfriend that was only there for a quick minute of press for her latest movie that no one ever saw before. Then he was gone? Apparently she has now decided to become a sex symbol. She recently got breast implants which caused the director of her most recent film to go nuts because they still had re-shoots to film and she is a totally different person during interviews too. I feel like she comes up with a new persona every few months. It is kind of creepy. Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Falchuk

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#4**
I have lost track of how many marriages this former A+ list mostly movie actor with an Academy Award has broken up. While he was married he broke up plenty. He broke up a couple of his own along the way. He would much rather be with married women and he is in the process of destroying yet another. Jon Voight

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#5**
This B+ list mostly television actress who is the star of a new network show makes it sound like her relationship with her actor ex is jovial and light. Hardly. She texts and calls the guy twenty times a day and if he does not reply fast enough she starts asking him who he is having sex with and goes through a list of women he cheated on her with. Téa Leoni/David Duchovny

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#6**
It must be true love. This B+ list mostly television actor who is on everyone’s favorite network show and used to be married to the wife of a current A+ lister before she cheated on our B+ lister for some other guy she dumped and cheated on as soon as she met the A+ lister, hates doing anything remotely celebrity like, but his publicist, who he is having sex with, begged him to do some product placement pap photo type shots and he agreed. He hated every second of it.
B+ list actor: Scott Foley
"Premier Protein" shakes
Show: "Scandal"
Ex-wife: Jennifer Garner
Other guy: Michael Vartan
A+ lister: Ben Affleck

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#7**
This B list mostly at this point whatever anyone will give her actress with the A+ list name recognition delayed filming earlier this week on a show she was given a guest spot on as a favor. Reason? Her married boyfriend came for a visit and the trailer was rocking so no one wanted to go knocking. The good news is she stopped being so mean to everyone at least for the afternoon. Katie Holmes ("Ray Donovan")

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#8**
That NASCAR driver who is A list at least for this week was told by his wife that she was a virgin when they met. She told the same thing to other NASCAR drivers she hooked up with too but only this guy was willing to marry her. Joey Logano/Brittany Baca "2015 Daytona 500" winner

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#9**
She was doing so well, but the past few weeks, this A+ list singer was back doing drugs. She was gone from it so long that she overdosed earlier this week. It looks like some more rehab. She always does it in home and then has a sober coach who she calls her stylist. Demi Lovato (hospitalized)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/25 **#10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who used to try and make serious movies before giving in to regular comedy films in the family tree of this comic actor, was wasted the other day at a fashion show to the point she had to take off her heels because she was facing serious injury after the third fall. Salma Hayek (Adam Sandler’s "Grown Ups" and "Grown Ups 2")

302. BLIND GOSSIP 02/25 **#1**
During a tour a couple of years ago, the members of this band routinely picked out young girls from the audience and had members of their security team approach them and ask them to come back to the band’s hotel. Age was no barrier in the screening process. On one such occasion, one of the band members picked out a pretty young girl who was at the concert with her mother. Security approached them and told them that Singer wanted to invite the girl to a private "meet and greet" at their hotel. The girl and her mom were thrilled with the private invitation and immediately agreed to participate! When they arrived at the hotel, the security guard asked the mother to wait outside and brought the girl into a hotel room. He told her that before she met Singer, "You have to do one thing first." He handed her a razor and said, "Singer likes his girls clean shaven." The girl freaked out and ran back outside to her mother. What did her mom do? Well, she told her to get back in there and do whatever she had to do to get more concert tickets, autographs, etc.! The girl was only 13 years old. The girl’s mother later tried to sell the story to several magazines. However, given that the girl and the Singer were both so young, nobody wanted to touch a story with such an underage messiness factor. BONUS CLUE: The Singer is currently engaged to another celebrity.
Band: "One Direction"
Singer: Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards

303. BLIND GOSSIP 02/25 **#2**
"She has zero talent but she thinks that she should be the star of the show." Almost every single member of the cast of Awful’s TV show has received tons of attention in the past year… except for Awful. This really bothered her. So when one of her co-stars made a controversial comment, she jumped on the chance to inject herself into the controversy. She expressed outrage and threatened to quit. Is her outrage real? "Everybody here just rolled their eyes because we’ve all heard her use racist language before!" Is she going to quit the show? "No way. Where else is she going to go? She is just an entitled brat with no talent and everybody knows it. All she’s doing is stirring up shit in the hopes of getting [her costar] fired because she thinks that would make her a bigger star. Yeah, she really is that awful."
Awful: Kelly Osbourne
TV Show: "Fashion Police"

304. BLIND GOSSIP 02/25 **#3**
You know this somewhat quirky over-30 actress from both film and TV. She has a lot of credits to her name and has been nominated for/won some big awards. Our actress was staying in a hotel in a major city with her boyfriend and her dog. She asked the concierge to get her a dog walker. The dog walker arrived and knocked on the door of the hotel room. The actress’ boyfriend answered the door. He wasn’t wearing anything. Then the actress walked up and joined him. She was also completely nude! These two naked people then casually asked the young female dog walker if she wanted to come inside and hang out with them for awhile. The room smelled like pot, and the dog walker didn’t know if she was being invited to get high with them… or participate in a threesome… or something else! Whatever the reason, she was extremely uncomfortable and muttered something about a schedule. The couple stood there, naked, trying to convince her to stay. After a few awkward minutes, they finally relented and handed her the dog, telling her that if she changed her mind, they would still be there when she got back. When the dog walker did return to the hotel, she decided that she did not want to risk a second awkward encounter with the couple, so she simply handed off the dog to the concierge in the lobby… and practically ran out of the building!
Patricia Arquette

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#1**
This former A list athlete/celebrity who really did not live up to the A list athlete part as much if you look at his success rate uses a family member to pick up women for him so he can maintain his puritanical image. If the woman is capable of being quiet and good to go, she is introduced to the celebrity. Tim Tebow

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#2**
The wife of this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee told one of her friends that our actor spends a great deal of time preparing for his next role and wears women’s clothes everywhere. Of course what she left out is that he has been doing this for much longer than the past few months. It has been going on for years. She doesn’t seem to mind, but at least this way she can talk about it a little. Hannah Bagshawe/Eddie Redmayne "Danish Girl" (movie about a transgender artist)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#3**
On the outside they might seem like a very happy go lucky, loving couple, but that illusion was shattered on a recent flight. The A- list mostly television actress from the long running hit network show argued with her B list mostly movie actor boyfriend for the entirety of a three hour flight. The actor, kept balling his hands up into fists as the actress just kept whisper yelling at him. When he would try and say something she would keep on doing it. It was really bad. The flight attendants were scared to come near them. Sofia Vergara "Modern Family"/Joe Manganiello "Magic Mike"

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#4**
This B- list multiple reality star from both network and cable might say the right things about his celebrity wife, but if they were to do what he is always asking her, his life would be turned upside down. Those three women he constantly juggles while alone would be impossible with the wife there. Bill Rancic "The Apprentice", "Giuliana & Bill", "America Now"/Giuliana Rancic (move to his hometown of Chicago)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#5**
This B+ list singer who seems more interested in reality television at the moment was all over this married A list rapper/reality star. He wasn’t interested though because no one likes the kind of drama she brings. Instead he set his sights on this older actress turned celebrity turned reality star turned wannabe singer. They hooked up before he went home to his wife. She probably will get some producing time from him out of the deal. Christina Milian/T.I./Tia Mowry Hardrict (Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Focus" - After Party)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#6**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor is making a living off franchises right now. The biggest one ever and another one that has an installment very soon. He says that while filming the biggest one ever he had to have sex with one of the older male leads who is openly gay. Our younger actor said it was expected of all the gay men on the set. A kind of ritual that kept the older actor supplied with young men for nearly a decade.
B list actor: Luke Evans
Franchises: ("Lord of the Rings"/"The Hobbit") ("Fast & Furious")
Older gay male lead: Ian McKellen

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#7**
This actress is probably just B- list, but she has been on three network hits and the thing is, they have been on three different networks. Her latest effort is that big alphabet one. Anyway, she told a story the other night that she almost died on her first big network hit when this actor turned celebrity turned crazy celebrity locked her in a closet on a Friday night because he was angry she wouldn’t sleep with him. She was there until Saturday afternoon when by chance, some work needed to be done on the set and one of the items needed was in that closet. If not for that she would have been in the closet for another 9 days because the show was off for the week after that Friday.

B- list actress: Connie Britton
First network show: "Spin City"
Crazy actor: Charlie Sheen
"Friday Night Lights" - NBC
"American Horror Story" - FX
"Nashville" - (big alphabet one ABC)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#8**
KINDNESS: After partying all night on Academy Award night, this actress who no one has heard of but starred in that long shooting film flew across the country without any sleep. On the plane she met a woman who was suffering from the flu and traveling with an infant. Our actress held the infant for much of the five hour flight just so the mom with the flu could try and get some rest. Small, but touching. Lorelei Linklater "Boyhood"

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#9**
Apparently there are some gentlemen in Las Vegas who are getting annoyed with this former celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity. They are paying her large sums of money for what they think is going to be dinner and a few hours together after and she is giving them 30 minutes in a bar with drinks before saying she has to leave. Holly Madison

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/26 **#10**
This married, very tall, A list mostly movie comic actor might not be married much longer if he continues to sleep with as many women as possible on the press tour for his new movie. Vince Vaughn "Unfinished Business"

315. POPBITCH 02/26
Who started the ridiculous rumour that's been going around MTV this week that Nicole Scherzinger is actually a very convincing ladyboy?
Rob Dyrdek/"Ridiculousness"

316. BLIND GOSSIP 02/26 **#1**
There were plenty of stars gathered in London for the BRIT Awards… but not everyone was getting along! This performer has a lot of model friends. However, just because you have a large group of friends doesn’t mean that all your friends automatically like each other. Whenever Model 1 was out of range, Model 2 would take subtle swipes at her. Nothing overt. Just lots of little comments. "Doesn’t it look like [Model 1’s] measurements have changed since last year?" "I don’t know why [designer] signed her. She doesn’t really fit their brand." "I wouldn’t leave my bag unattended around her if I were you." BONUS CLUE: The Performer is a singer.
Performer: Taylor Swift
Model 1: Cara Delevingne
Model 2: Karlie Kloss

317. BLIND GOSSIP 02/26 **#2**
This young actress has been working steadily since she was a schoolgirl. You have certainly seen her on television. However, she hasn’t achieved quite the level of success she thinks she deserves, and she is getting a little impatient. She has begun asking about the ramifications of "leaking" some sexy photos of herself. Would it help people see her as a sexy, mature adult? Would she have to take off all her clothes? If she claims the photos were stolen or her computer was hacked, would it gain her sympathy and make people feel protective of her? We don’t know if she will go through with it, but if she does, you will know that she planned it out very carefully ahead of time! Miranda Cosgrove; Victoria Justice; Debby Ryan

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#1**
The cast and crew are of this Disney mainstay all thrilled they are getting a new show and that the star of the original show won’t be coming along. They hate her. Really hate her. One thing they might not know though is that the star’s female lover is going to be a big player production wise in the spin-off so look for frequent guest spots. Debby Ryan/ "Jessie"

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#2**
Apparently massive amounts of coke made this foreign born close to one hit wonder with the crazy last name want to have sex with lots of different guys at a BRIT after party. The thing is she would start the process and then go find more coke and then pick up with another guy. Not to be outdone though, this multiple hit guy had his first man on man experience with the openly gay guy with the big 2014. It is good to see this kind of debauchery. The music world has got a little to saccharine the past few years. Charlie XCX/Ed Sheeran/Sam Smith

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#3**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who was in role after role is now mostly television. She alternates between good and bad shows although none of them ever last. She did one with that comic/part-time actor that is one of my all-time favorites. Anyway, our actress was incredibly drunk the other night after dinner but started slapping anyone who tried to take her keys away from her. The valet people tried to stop her but she got in her car and drove about 20 feet before passing out. They got her out of the drivers seat and put her in the passenger seat and one of her friends who had been in a different car drove her home. Minnie Drivers ("The Riches") Eddie Izzard

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#4**
This former A+ list mostly television actor from multiple hit network shows on multiple networks is probably B+ now but with permanent A+ list name recognition. Was A+ list in movies for awhile too. Married, but cheating and not too shy about showing her off either. Took her out to dinner. Quiet place, but still public. Ted Danson; Don Johnson; Rob Lowe

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#5**
Apparently this former A+ list singer who has turned to Rod Stewart tricks despite being 40 years his junior is very worried about what is going to be released over the next few months by a very scorned woman. Apparently there are audio recordings of sex between the singer and her actor boyfriend while the boyfriend was living with someone else. The recordings have the singer trash talking the actor’s girlfriend. Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney/(PROBABLY) Brittany Sackett

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#6**
There is no one more happy than this foreign born actor that his A+ list actress wife is back at work. She is an Academy Award winner and was home all the time which kept him from cheating as much. Olivier Martinez/Halle Berry

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actress who only ever seems to star in that car franchise had been pretty good lately in being sober and nice. All of that changed this week. She was just angry rude to waiters and staff at a restaurant and being loud and drinking and swearing and people around her left their meals half eaten to escape. It was painful to watch and her dining companions never tried to get her to calm down. You can’t. I have seen it. The management let her stay, but ended up having to pay for about ten meals of people who left. Michelle Rodriguez "Fast & Furious" franchise

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#8**
This A list actor is A list in movies and television and even commercials. Nasty temper. He has been away from his wife for about a week now and he couldn’t be happier. It isn’t about the cheating for him. I mean he probably would, but apparently it means he can eat whatever he wants without his wife yelling at him or having him go on another cleanse. He’s probably packed on 15 pounds in the ten days he has been gone. Alec Baldwin in Chicago

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#9**
KINDNESS: So, there was this actress. B list. Hit almost television show. Used to be on a hit network show. Our actress has a new hair color. Makes her look much different. Two tables away at lunch from a group of four women in town for a convention. They are talking about celebrities they want to see and go through a list but all get excited when they mention the name of our actress. There is no way they can see her. Our actress arranges to have their bill paid and on the back of their bill signs her name and something about how they made her day better. The waiter couldn’t see the whole thing. Laura Prepon " That '70s Show"; "Orange Is the New Black"

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **#10**
This statutory rapist rapper picked up two strippers the other night and one said they had unprotected sex. I’m sure his underage girlfriend will be thrilled to hear it. Tyga/Kylie Jenner

328. WINE & SASS 02/27
This A-Lister has had a lot of experience with being betrayed and stepped all over in her past relationships. Because of that, she has a hard time letting go of this A-List musician who has serious issues with alcohol and cheating. Her family thought she had wisened up and left him, but she only made it look that way to everyone. In reality she was still with him and was recently spotted with him publicly. After two very public humiliations from A List men and other personal issues, she pretty much thinks he's the best she'll ever get and is one of those who can't be alone. After witnessing one of his drunken and abusive tirades, her family fears he will become physical...if he hasn't already. Her family is hoping to make her understand that she isn't just putting herself in harm's way. There is someone else to consider who could also be thrown into the mess. He has no intention of letting her go, but also no intention of stopping his cheating and substance abuse. Unfortunately, she doesn't think she deserves any better. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#1**
The car that this A- list mostly television actor who is frequently drunk and stars in that very hit cable show bought for the editor of a magazine is paying big dividends for the actor. He gets models any time he wants them from the magazine. They already know he is going to want to have sloppy drunken sex with them. Norman Reedus ("Walking Dead")/"Flaunt"

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#2**
This married former A+ list celebrity who was one of the most famous faces on the planet now struggles to get work as an actress. Fewer roles each year. She is having an affair with the lawyer she once hired to divorce her husband who was cheating on her. She never filed for divorce, but kept the relationship with the lawyer. Pamela Anderson/Fred Silberberg

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#3**
This married actress is foreign born. She is currently starring in two huge television shows. Big ones. Oh, and she is an Emmy nominee/winner. Anyway, she is having a torrid affair with the A- lead actress on one of the shows in which she appears. Way fewer episodes in that show, but still just as popular. First time blind item appearance for her, but definitely not for the A- lister.
Married actress: Archie Panjabi
A- lister: Gillian Anderson
Emmy nominated for "The Good Wife"Other show: "The Fall"

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#4**
What was a relationship that was so close that this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wore her director fling’s short to the airport the morning after a night of sex, has turned to jealousy because she is sleeping with other people and she wants nothing to do with him sexually any longer. Jennifer Lawrence/David O. Russell

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#5**
This actress turned director is cheating on her wife with a female production assistant she met on the set. Makes a nice change from the extras she usually sleeps with and then dumps after a day or two.
Jodie Foster "Money Monster"

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **#6**
The foreign born husband of this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and recent presenter spends most of his nights at West Hollywood watering holes looking for quick hookups before he goes home to his wife. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban


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