NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.


This married A- list singer who moonlights on reality television was groping and making out with a woman in the lobby of a hotel and in the elevator and stumbled down the hallway to his room together while on a recent out of the country tour stop. The woman was definitely not his wife. Adam Levine (in Canada)

This recent cast off from a network reality show should have spent more time focusing on the show. It turns out though she spent most of her time hooking up with a full-time member of the show who is always out to win.
Cast-off: Charlotte McKinney
Show: "Dancing With the Stars"
Full-time member: Derek Hough

The boyfriend of the B list mostly movie actress from an acting family was spotted making out with the male designer who gave him his big break.

This B list celebrity/singer who moonlights as a reality star has a child who was taken to the doctor by her grandmother. Apparently the grandmother caught the girl holding a bottle of sizzurp and was unsure if the child drank some. The mother of the child drinks it constantly and leaves bottles around. Christina Milian

This former NYC Housewife who would love to get back on the show was busted having sex with a man by the man’s wife in the bedroom he shares with his wife. That is going to be one messy divorce. Kelly Bensimon

This foreign born A- list comedian who makes some really bad movies got serviced by a man in a bathroom at a Michelin starred restaurant the other night.

This married A- list mostly movie actress who gets closer to B every day that she waits for her huge franchise to start shooting again was spotted by a pap entering a hotel. No worries. They have a very popular restaurant. The pap followed her inside though and when she was spotted waiting for an elevator she made a quick u-turn, went to the bathroom and then five minutes later walked out and left the hotel. Zoe Saldana

This comedic female actor has had a successful career, starring and appearing in more than 50 films and television shows. However, while she has career success, it has been very difficult for her to manage her personal stress level. A few years ago, she was doing an appearance at a comedy club. Her set did not go well, and she left the stage early. While storming back to her dressing room, she was so distraught that she ripped off her wig… revealing to several shocked onlookers that her real hair was short, thin, brittle hair and had multiple bald patches! It turns out that she was so stressed out that she was consuming only vitamins and a few bites of food from one meal a day. She was so malnourished that she had lost much of her own hair and was forced to wear wigs just to look "normal". Thankfully, she is better now. She has ditched the wig… but still has to wear tons of hair extensions on an everyday basis! Janeane Garofalo

What publicist is refusing to provide any of their celebrities to that perpetually kiss butt tabloid. Apparently they were supposed to put that married reality star/talk show host/some other things on the cover this week and didn’t. To make matters worse they say they were pushed off the cover by someone less famous who does not even appeal to readers of the tabloid.
Magazine: People
Didn’t make the cover: Giuliana Rancic (claims cancer medication is the reason for being so thin)
Did make the cover: Avril Lavigne (Lyme disease)

This quirky American Idol contestant is hiding a former career as a webcam performer. Apparently her custom made videos were a big hit with customers. Joey Cook

You might not know his name, but he is a B- list actor, director, stand up comedian who also manages to find the time to do voices for a network cartoon show. Anyway, he needs to work on his manners. He made a barista cry the other day when he shoved back the coffee and bun he ordered and told her that he wanted them to go. He then berated her for not getting it right and said he didn’t have time to sit around waiting for some minimum wage person to get his order right. Tim Hedecker

No one ever asks how this former A+ list celebrity who for a brief period of time had A++ list name recognition and still has A list name recognition makes her living. Despite not working and not coming from a wealthy background she has money to travel all over the world and not do anything work wise. Well, she does what she has always done. She is the mistress to two very very wealthy men. Lindsay Lohan

This former A list singer who is probably a B+ lister now because of her extended rehab stay was absolutely blitzed the other night after a show. She was probably more wasted than even right before she went to rehab.
Kesha  "Beach Boys" charity event

This A+ list mostly movie actor is involved in what is supposed to be a very committed relationship. I wonder if his actress girlfriend knows about the escort/stripper who was driven to the emergency room by a friend of the actor after she suffered alcohol poisoning. Don’t worry about our actor’s sexual needs though because had several others there to choose from. He really makes the most of their time apart. Sean Penn (in West Hollywood enjoying a boys night out)/Charlize Theron (in France promoting "Dark Places")

The current hookup of this A+ list mostly movie actress was banned from the set because the director of the movie is jealous that he is no longer the current hookup of the actress.
A+ list actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Current hookup: Chris Martin
Movie: "Joy"
Director: David O. Russell

Despite all the attention, this B+ list model/celebrity offspring couldn’t resist the temptation of doing a few lines of coke the other night at an industry party. Gigi Hadid

This married foreign born aging permanent A list band member from this permanent A list group is on tour right now. He might be pushing 70, but he has been sleeping every night with the legal aged friend of one of his grandchildren. Pete Townshend

18. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#10**
That didn’t last long. This about to no longer be an A list mostly television actor from a hit cable show was boozing it up this week. Maybe it was just a one time slip. Jon Hamm "Mad Men"

19. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#11**
Exactly one word was spoken between these former co-workers who are both hosts last night at a premiere. They called each other whore. One is a man and one is a woman. Maria Menounos/Mario Lopez (Los Angeles premiere of "Furious 7")

20. BLIND GOSSIP 04/02 **#1**
This actress recently did some publicity shots for a new project… and then quietly dropped out. The producers did not announce her departure. They simply removed her name from all the call sheets and credits. If asked, they will simply call it a "leave of absence" for "medical reasons." So what’s really going on? The actress herself is physically fine. She is just quietly taking some time off to help her troubled son, who is suffering from a health crisis. She hopes to go back to work once she feels that his situation has stabilized. Rita Wilson in Broadway play "Fish in the Dark" (son Chet Haze’s problems)

21. BLIND GOSSIP 04/02 **#2**
There are a lot of people drawing parallels between a famous comedian’s repeated assaults on women and a recent accusation against a famous producer. However, if you believe that you’ll suddenly see the floodgates open and a line of women coming forward to tell their own stories, you might be disappointed. An insider tells us: [There is a] huge difference between [Comedian] and [Producer]. Comedian is a psychopath. Producer is just a perv, and the women in his case (and yeah there are a lot of women) are gonna react totally differently. Comedian was a celebrity, but did not control or influence a huge chunk of show business. His victims were mainly small players, and even though serious crimes were committed, it took them decades before they came out. Producer runs this fucking town! There might be a couple of no-name women who step forward, but they will not be anybody who is still working in Hollywood. There is no way you are going to hear a peep from any of the big-name actresses who he exchanged favors with. Yeah, I said it: exchanged favors! Sometimes they try to seduce him. Sometimes he tries to seduce them. They weren’t drugged or raped. Of course he took advantage of his position but they all could’ve walked away at any time. Mark my words, you will not see any famous actress talk publicly because they know that their careers are OVER/DONE/DEAD if they challenge the king! Do you really think that [It Girl] or [Academy Girl] or [TV Girl] are going to throw away their careers to get five seconds of recognition that Producer is a perv? Hell no! NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!
Comedian: Bill Cosby
Producer: Harvey Weinstein
It Girl: Jennifer Lawrence
Academy Girl: Gwyneth Paltrow
TV Girl: Blake Lively

22. POPBITCH 04/02
Which of the Spice Girls was causing quite the commotion on Harley Street last week? She and her other half were darting in and out of buildings up and down the street, before they found their intended destination: a fertility clinic.
Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice)/Formula 1 team principal Christian Horner

With things already on the rocks, the wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor wants to have a baby to secure her future, but the A+ lister wants nothing to do with having children. He quietly had a vasectomy to make sure it stays that way. Amal and George Clooney

This A list openly gay celebrity is cheating on her wife with a young blonde intern. The intern looks exactly like a famous ex she had back in the day. Ellen DeGeneres (Portia de Rossi)/Anne Heche

This foreign born B list mostly movie actress has been begged by her friends to dump her B list mostly movie actor boyfriend. The boyfriend who will probably rise to A- list with his next big movie, drinks heavily and gets violent when he does so. The actress says she can handle it and just leaves when he starts to drink too much. Alicia Vikander/Michael Fassbender

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring has always done pot. She also enjoys coke. While she was with her significant other she only used coke at parties. Her celebrity ex has a big drug problem so she tried to limit her use. Since the two have split though, she has been a more frequent user and parties three or four times a week. Her nannies have a better relationship with her kids right now than she does. Kate Hudson/Matthew Bellamy

The ex-wife of this aging A+ list director/permanent A list actor said that her ex hired several men who would say they did manual labor around the house but were hired to have sex with the ex so our A+ lister would not have to. Clint Eastwood/Dina Ruiz Eastwood

Apparently this former A list comic television actor who is still an A list comedian likes his hookers delivered wherever he happens to be. She was given instructions to meet him after a sporting event the other night. He wanted her to meet him by his car and told her where it was parked. He was waiting when she got there. George Lopez

This NCIS actress is involved in a serious relationship but spends her lunch break every day she is on set with a cameraman from the show. Lets just say it is possible for trailers to actually rock during sex. Pauley Perrette

This former Gossip Girl actor likes his partners to wear silk gloves while having sex. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female. Don’t worry though he provides them to his guests. Ed Westwick

This former B list celebrity/reality mainstay is no longer on the show that supported him for so long. He says he was tired of it. The truth is though after his affair with a contestant the show fired him. Maksim Chmerkovskiy "Dancing With the Stars"

32. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#10**
This B list actor turned comic turned host keeps several guns in his dressing room. Everyone is scared he is going to kill himself. Mike Epps

33. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#11**
Two daughters (one just an offspring and one an actress) of rock legends were bent over a table in a corner doing lines of coke and drinking shots. The actress really needs rehab. Tali Lennox (Annie Lennox) and Eve Hewson (Bono) or Lily Collins (Phil Collins) "Chanel Paris-Salzburg Metiers d'Art Collection at Park Avenue Armory"

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#12**
#1 – This back in the day television actress from a very hit network show turned director has stage 4 lung cancer. Penny Marshall "Laverne & Shirley"

#2 – She might look great on the outside, but this foreign born A list model/part-time actress was trying to hook up with women while having a massive herpes breakout. The woman who saw the breakout said she only found out because she turned on the light because she dropped something before they got started. When she saw the breakout got out of there in a hurry. Cara Delevingne

#3 – This very recent celebrity/network reality star blew off two appearances she was supposed to make for the show to fly to Dubai for two nights. Charlotte McKinney "Dancing With the Stars"

#4 – This is a strange one. #1 is a B+ list mostly tv actor on a very hit network show. He is married. He has been known to hook up with his A list co-star. Three weeks ago he was at an event and this B list mostly movie actress was there. She was in Twilight. Every installment. The two of them hooked up that night. I thought she had a boyfriend.

This Teen Mom who has made the most money outside the franchise is passed around by her boyfriend to his friends. She doesn’t seem to mind. Anything for a paycheck she always says. Farrah Abraham

This one named singer from not that far back in the day has had to up the game to get more songs now. She brings in her sister for threesomes. Ashanti/Kenashia

Going back to that A list foreign born movie/television actor and his television female co-star. A reason she is really ticked off at the actor is two days before the actor thrust his now wife on the world, the two co-stars had sex and she thought they were a couple. Benedict Cumberbatch/Louise Brealey "Sherlock"

This A-/ B+ list mostly movie actress from that vampire franchise was offered $500K to appear at a comic convention for four hours and she turned it down. She must really hate the franchise that made her a star. Kristen Stewart "Twilight" (Middle East Film & Comic Con in Dubai)

This very good looking celebrity offspring is trying to enter the world of acting like his permanent A+ list father. Our offspring is in a relationship but hooked up with this B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show who got her start on reality television and is no stranger to ruining relationships.
Celebrity offspring: Scott Eastwood
A+ list father: Clint Eastwood
B+ list actress/show: Katharine McPhee
Both at Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant in MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

This B list mostly television actress who had two back to back network hits which stretched well over a decade is on her third hit now. Things are great career wise but she abandoned her kids when she divorced her husband. She no longer speaks to any of them.

The husband of this foreign born permanent A list model who did a really bad movie back in the day is cheating on his wife with the barely legal celebrity offspring of a reality television star who is on Bravo. Foreign born A list model/Husband: Matthew Vaughn/Claudia Schiffer

I have never seen a supposedly breastfeeding mom smoke so much pot, but that was not tobacco this A- list mostly movie actress was vaping last week at a party with her husband. Every few minutes they would go outside to smoke. Zoe Saldana/Marco Prego (Samsung Galaxy S 6 edge launch party)

The mom of this former A list tweener turned full-time singer on tour almost got into a fight with people at her daughter’s concert last week. The mom was yelling at people and threatening them if they didn’t stand and cheer her daughter. The verbal abuse got so bad the people just walked out of the show. Ariana Grande

This part-time host on that cable channel with a lot of Kardashians is married but certainly didn’t look it this past week when she was caught hooking up with a guy who is an executive for a news network. Catt Sadler (E! News)

This former DWTS professional had her clothing line turned down by all of the home shopping networks because they don’t think she is popular enough to sell the line. She is going to be begging to return to the show. Karina Smirnoff

This B list reality star from multiple cable shows who got her start as a stripper but made her fame getting naked in other ways, has not slept in the same room as her husband in about a year. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

This former NBA star/reality star has a price out on his head. Apparently he double crossed some guys on a drug deal gone bad and they already beat one of the women he hires out as an escort. Lamar Odom

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#10**
Despite having one of the easiest jobs on the planet, this barely a celebrity who is an offspring of a television genius wants a raise. He isn’t happy with the amount of money he makes being a boyfriend and is asking for double. He thinks he has a foolproof plan to sell his story to the tabloids too. Charlie Ebersol (son of Dick Ebersol & Susan Saint James) (boyfriend of Britney Spears)

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/06 **#11**
What do you do when you don’t get a lot of work. Well, not enough work to cover your extremely high expenses? What do you do when an organization you belong to demands that you keep contributing at a higher rate every year? What do you do if you are this B- list mostly television actor who has blown all that network money you got from a huge network hit that had a nice long life? What do you do when the only steady work is in a franchise, but not the high paying variety. What do you do? You and your crooked business manager who was provided by the organization you contribute money to decided to steal $125K from your ex. She only gets a statement once a year so she will never know. Well, she knows now. Hopefully she acted quickly enough to stop you from taking out another $125K this year because you like to pretend you are a big shot in the organization.
Actor: Jason Lee
Ex: Beth Riesgraf
Organization: Scientology
Hugh network hit: "My Name Is Earl"
Franchise: "Alvin & the Chipmunks"

50. MEDIA TAKEOUT 04/06 has been telling you about a REAL POPULAR CELEB who is pregnant, and set to announce her pregnancy any day now. Well we just got a GIANT POT of extra HOT AND SPICY TEA. According to a person is HUBBY's family . . . hubby has a problem with his SPERM, and the two had to go to a FERTILITY clinic to get pregnant the first time. The doctors used some scientific technique to "enhance" the sperm and impregnate wifey. Well we're told that for the SECOND pregnancy, the couple decided to use some DONOR Sperm. You see, the couple wanted their next child to have more "EUROPEAN" features . . . so they requested SPERM from a "light skinned" African American. The couple is apparently REALLY UPSET with all the SLICK COMMENTS that they've been getting about their FIRST CHILD. And they wanted to be sure that their second child didn't have to go through all that mess. CRAZY . . . Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

51. BLIND GOSSIP 04/06/15 **#1**
As soon as this successful franchise actor got engaged, people looked for some sort of reaction from his actress ex-girlfriend. There was none. So some media outlets simply invented reports that she was furious and hurt and insanely jealous. No. While she does regret the loss of their friendship, she is not at all emotionally invested in who he dates or marries. In case you didn’t get the memo, their dating relationship was fake! The two of them haven’t even spoken in ages. She’s moved on and has her own life and a new significant other. There is no anger or jealousy or animosity there. Her only reaction to hearing he had gotten engaged? "That was fast." That’s it.
Actor: Robert Pattinson
Actress: Kristen Stewart
Franchise: "Twilight"
New significant other: FKA Twigs

52. BLIND GOSSIP 04/06 **#2**
They are outwardly nice to each other. But the nastiness and power struggle between these two musicians is like something out of the TV show Empire! Little Player and Big Player worked together for many years. Then, after a fight over rehearsals/drugs/disrepect/loyalty (depending on who you ask), Little left Big. Well, Little eventually ran into some financial trouble. With nowhere else to turn, Little came crawling back to Big for help. Little got very emotional during the phone call, crying and begging Big for work. Big taped the phone call. And, seeing a chance to humiliate Little, played the recording for others. Ouch. A furious Little retaliated with a song dissing Big. Despite that very ugly chapter, the two eventually resolved their personal issues, and Little is now working with Big again. Big recently rewarded Little with a VERY expensive gift that Little is now showing off all over town. The one thing that neither Big nor Little will tell you? Big didn’t plunk down a big pile of cash and actually give Little a gift. It’s leased… and Big can take it back from Little any time. Just another power play by Big.
Big: 50 Cent
Little: Young Buck

1. Which publicly straight actor is secretly a faithful and regular member of the fabulously-named ‘Gay AA in LA’? Bradley Cooper or Zac Efron

2. Which single actor was recently spotted having a threesome make-out session with two wild women wearing leather gloves at a hip NYC nightclub? Jared Leto

3. Which ballers have been spotted in nightclubs down South with women who are not their wives? Dwyane Wade/Chris Bosh

4. Which Manhattan society couple are not telling people they’ve split because of at least one glossy magazine spread focusing on their fabulous family life? Ivanka Trump/Jared Kushner (Vogue)

5. Which parents of a starlet were overheard at a restaurant discussing how they wish she’d no longer work as an escort for a few businessmen famed for their appetite for women and parties?

Maybe the reason this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and her husband are not getting along is because he is sleeping with two different women who work for him. Our former franchise actress has not worked much the past few years to make the marriage work but it is definitely on the decline. Natalie Portman "Thor"

This Victoria’s Secret model who used to be married to an A list mostly movie actor recently set the record for the highest price paid for a weekend in Dubai. She snagged almost $500K for 48 hours. Miranda Kerr/Orlando Bloom

This A- list mostly television actress on a hit network show got her start in movies. The married actress has a severe drug problem which she hides from her husband by only using at work. You have never seen someone enjoy going to work more and shows up three hours before she has to be there and stays hours later than necessary. Anna Faris (Chris Pratt)

This former B list celebrity/part-time reality star is only famous because of his A+ list ex. His prolific sperm is getting him in trouble again because the married celebrity got another woman pregnant. Kevin Federline

This B+ list rapper is in a relationship with this former tweener turned singer but it didn’t stop him from doing lines of coke off a topless woman’s breasts at a club the other night. Big Sean/Ariana Grande

This married mom who was once an A list reality star and is now just a B list celebrity with A+ list name recognition is back on drugs. While out this weekend during the day with her friends, each dressing room visit didn’t even involve changing clothes, but an excuse to do more drugs. Nicole Richie

This NYC Housewife caught her husband literally in bed with someone but still won’t leave the guy. No wonder he cheats on her all the time and brings people back to their place. He has no fear of her leaving. Kristen Taekman (Josh)

This A+ list mostly movie actor spent Easter morning with his family but spent the rest of the day boozing and playing poker at a local casino. He tipped one cocktail waitress $1000 and 20 minutes later her shift ended and he walked out the door too. Ben Affleck

This A list DJ with the last name no one can pronounce who has had several Top 40 hits the past few years not only had a hair transplant but also a penis enlargement which apparently did not go well and had to be corrected. Avicii

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#10**
This B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner finally got out of the horrible marriage she was in to that awful husband. Apparently next month she is getting married to a woman she has been dating since her split.

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **#11**
Production scouts have been tasked with one very important chore. It is going to be the summer and they want to be on the water. The house has to be big enough for the kids and ideally needs to have a boat dock and have a huge back yard. The wish list also includes a trampoline, a pool and hot tub and a minimum of three bedrooms for the employees of the occupants. This will be the first time this couple has publicly lived together. The couple, consisting of an actor and actress have had some ups and downs and as of late there have been more downs than ups. As is his custom he has been having sex with any woman that smiles in his direction. She had a hot and torrid fling with one of the co-stars on her very hit show. One of the reasons they signed on to do this project was to spend this time together. They wanted to see if they were put into an environment where they are forced to live and work together with their kids by their side whether their relationship will flourish or end. They have been talking about doing this for a long time. They have tried living together before but one or both of them was always working or out of the country or had other commitments. Oh, the budget for their rental house is $25K a week so I’m pretty sure they will be able to find something.
Actor: David Duchovny
Actress: Gillian Anderson
Project: "Untitled X-Files Revival" (filming in Vancouver)

Show: "The Fall"
Co-star: Archie Panjabi or Jamie Dornan

Apparently our B list mostly movie actress with the A+ list name recognition is not happy with just one married guy. She is now hooking up with a second married guy who is much older and richer than her main guy. I wonder if it is a thing to make the other guy jealous. Lindsay Lohan

KINDNESS: This A- list mostly television actress on a very hit pay cable show who once starred in a very long running very hit network show spent $100K at a charity auction on a trip for four to Europe. She then gave the trip to a guy who works on her show who couldn’t afford to take his wife on a honeymoon when they got married. They now have two children. Pretty nice gift. Julia Louis Dreyfus "Veep"

This former A list tweener/singer turned failed adult singer turned television actress, almost didn’t do a show the other day because the married host kept hitting on her. Hilary Duff/Mario Lopez
(on "Extra")

This host of a long running HGTV series has a significant other. This reality star on Bravo has a significant other. It has not stopped either of them from having an affair with each other which they always call business appointments. Drew Scott "Propety Brothers"/Jeff Lewis

This married for a minute pint sized B list celebrity who has had a remarkable run since getting lucky on a reality show hooked up with a guy at his house this week while there was a party going on in another part of the home. Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi "Jersey Shore"

This former B list mostly movie actor is probably as famous as he is because of who he was once married to. Our actor does not act very much any longer but makes a ton of money pimping out bottle servers and strippers to men looking for a good time. David Arquette (part owner of the Bootsy Bellows nightclub)

This former Housewife from a city that no longer is in the franchise could not stop her nose from bleeding during a photo shoot but it also didn’t stop her from doing more coke either. Joanna Krupa ("Real Housewives of Miami") (Michael Simon photoshoot)

Why yes, that was that former A list tweener turned fairly successful adult singer at a gay S&M club the other night while out of the country. Nick Jonas (in Germany)

This former A list celebrity/musician turned B list rocker in a band that is ending its run is back on drugs in a huge way. Partying this week while out of the country, his friends are blaming his girlfriend for the bad shape he is in right now. I doubt she forced him. Tommy Lee (Sofia Toufa) "Mötley Crüe"

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#10**
This foreign born A list athlete in a solo sport is going to be in for a shock if she thinks this other A list athlete from a team sport is going to be interested in her. He only likes guys. Caroline Wozniacki (tennis player)/J.J. Watt (Houston Texans of the National Football League)

75. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#11**
Back in October 2012, I wrote a blind item ( about a teen actress who had been escorting for years and was pimped out by her mother. Within about a year after I wrote the blind the actress stopped escorting and refused to be pushed by her mother into doing it any longer. Our actress wanted to make it solely as an actress. Until recently she kept her promise to herself and stopped. That has all changed though. Despite her early success as a tween actress, she now has trouble landing anything bigger than a guest spot on television shows and second or third lead on low budget movies. A man who used to sleep with her frequently for money back in the day started asking her if she would consider escorting again. He started talking to her more and more often and with her bills mounting and no high paying work come in she has started escorting again. It is a much more dangerous game she is playing this time because the people she is sleeping with are all high ranking members of a Mexican cartel. Now that she has involved herself with them, she is probably not going to be able to get out of her situation very easily and may even wind up dead just to avoid her revealing anything she may have picked up. Sammi Hanratty (in Mexico City)

76. BLIND GOSSIP 04/08 **#1**
This huge star had literally better get her act together, because if she doesn’t, she is going to have another flop on her hands! She is headlining a major upcoming project. However, instead of rehearsing or promoting the project, she is spending her time vacationing and partying! Does she expect this project to magically come together and be successful without her showing up and doing the work? Because, despite her big name, this is a business, and without her full involvement and commitment, this project is going to fail. A source within the project tells us that "it’s a total disaster", and that the star "is completely unmanageable." Actually, that’s an ironic word to use, because we don’t think she even has a manager any more! She is adrift and doesn’t even seem to care. It’s no surprise that another significant member of her team just handed in their resignation. Would you bust your chops working for someone if they didn’t even care enough to show up for work themselves? Or would you just move on?
Star: Mariah Carey
Upcoming project: Las Vegas residency
(Her publicist just dropped her as a client)

77. BLIND GOSSIP 04/08 **#2**
This singing couple has dated and broken up a couple of times. They are supposed to be broken up right now. Her publicist has even arranged publicity shots and rumors about her hooking up with a couple of other musicians in the past year. However, the couple isn’t really cooperating with that narrative… and can’t seem to stay away from each other! For example, our spies tell us that they were clearly together on a date in a restaurant in Los Angeles on Saturday night. And the very next day, he told his fans that he was in the mid-West… when the couple was actually taking a romantic stroll along a beautiful beach in Brazil! Perhaps they are looking to collaborate on a remake of The Girl From Ipanema? Probably not.

Male Singer: John Mayer
Female Singer: Katy Perry

BACK IN THE DAY: The first time this now deceased A+ list singer tried to have sex with a woman he was in an area of Studio 54 being watched by two other men who were trying to coach him. The woman he was trying and failing to have sex with was a very wasted former wife of another A+ list singer who is in a permanent A list band.
Deceased A+ list singer: Michael Jackson
A+ list singer/A list band: Mick Jagger "Rolling Stones"
Former wife: Bianca Jagger

OLD HOLLYWOOD: This former A list mostly movie actress who was a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee was a sophomore in high school when she started having sex with a director three times her age.
Actress: Natalie Wood
Director: Nicholas Ray
Movie: "Rebel Without A Cause"

OLD HOLLYWOOD: This studio head/film producer was famous for his daily sex sessions with bit parts actresses from his films, but he also made the women come to a party every Friday after work in a studio building where he would give one of them an award for best fuck of the week and a speaking role in a movie. The party would turn into an orgy with ten or so men and these actresses. Then they would go home to the family for the weekend. Darryl F. Zanuck

BACK IN THE DAY: She might not look like it now, but this former A list singer in a group turned A list solo singer turned actress turned just permanent A lister with celebrity offspring and a meh daughter-in- law had sex more than once in front of 30-40 people. The coke probably helped a lot.
A list singer: Diana Ross
Group: "The Supremes"
Offspring: Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Tracee Ellis Ross, Evan Ross
Daughter-in-law: Ashlee Simpson

THE GARDEN OF ALLAH - OLD HOLLYWOOD: This actor is probably best known for his roles in several early horror movies, but later in his life when any reporter asked about why he left his status as a potential A-list leading man rather abruptly he always replied with an "I don’t want to talk about it" or "next question please". The real facts behind his exit from Hollywood and returning to the worlds of Broadway and summer stock is among the most sordid I’ve ever heard and shows how fast a career begins and ends. Back in the 1930s, there was this hotel called the Garden of Allah owned by actress (and lesbian) Alla Nazimova. Many celebrities stayed there and held wild parties almost every night. Back then, if you were gay or lesbian, this was the place to go to be yourself, without the prying eyes of the studio PR people telling you to act straight and signing cease-and-desist orders so various incidents didn’t wind up in a gossip column. Occasionally, gay and lesbian actors and actresses were picked up by the police for solicitation… which where then squashed by a studio’s PR department for fear of hurting the star and the studio’s image. Some stars, like actor William Haines, defied the studio’s gag order and left Hollywood altogether. Others, like actor Ramon Novarro and actress Lilyan Tashman, kow-towed to the studio’s pressure but as part of the deal got film roles of lesser quality. Our actor was not publicly out of the closet back in the mid ’30s, but everyone knew he was gay. One night, after wrapping a day’s work for a film, he was invited to the Garden of Allah for a "surprise party" for an openly gay A-list director and Oscar winner/nominee. He was told only two instructions: #1: put on a blindfold and never take it off, and #2: strip down to your underwear. So he was taken to the Garden of Allah, where some members of Hollywood’s secret gay, lesbian and bisexual community were holding a party for the director. We’re talking the A++ list here, names you would instantly recognize. The actor was brought in, blindfolded and nearly naked, and told to go on all fours like a dog. Then out came the paddle. His briefs were quickly taken off and some of the male partygoers had their way with him. He wasn’t the only actor naked on all fours: a B-list stage/film actor (not openly gay but struggled with his sexuality and with manic depression for most of his brief career) who was a rising star at his studio in a series of low budget comedies was also being taken advantage of. Photos were taken (and later destroyed) and later used to keep the actors in the closet as a form of blackmail. Well, the second actor didn’t take it so well and he later killed himself. The first actor was told by actor #2’s longtime friend, an A++ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee, to get out of town as soon as possible before the scandal was leaked to the press. He did just that and never looked back.
Actor: David Manners ("Dracula", "The Mummy", "The Death Kiss", "The Black Cat")
A-list director and Oscar winner/nominee: George Cukor
B-list stage/film actor who committed suicide: Ross Alexander
A++ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee: Bette Davis

83. MR. X 04/09 **#1**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Back in her pre-fame days, this A++ list actress who was a modestly successful a movie star (but conquered another medium instead) did anything she could to earn a quick buck between the chorus girl and modeling gigs. Yes, for a brief period she was an escort. She aimed high, hoping to snag a Broadway producer or a millionaire, but she usually landed mobsters. One mobster, who was a member of Al Capone’s gang, eventually became a steady boyfriend for a while. Towards the end of their relationship, he nearly killed her. After a date night, he thought he heard a cop car siren and he sped as fast as he could eventually crashing the car in a ditch. Bear in mind, this was in the doldrums of winter and the weather was below zero. Our future star was left for dead in the ditch, her boyfriend did get minor injuries, until a passerby saw the two of them and rushed to a hospital. She was suffering from hypothermia but managed to pull through. After that night, she abandoned the escorting and the boyfriend for good. Lucille Ball

84. MR. X 04/09 **#2**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What blonde bombshell not named Marilyn had an open marriage with her second husband which had a kinky quirk ? He would let her sleep with other guys but he would insist on watching it all. Jayne Mansfield/Mickey Hargitay

85. MR. X 04/09 **#3**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This triple threat (actress, singer, and dancer) was A+ list for a short period of time and is mainly remembered today for possibly the most reproduced photos of a classic star which was originally intended as an innocent publicity photo for one of her movies. She slipped to B-list for the second half of her career moving into the world of Broadway, Vegas and summer stock, but still retained that A-list name recognition. For most of her years as a star, she was married to an A/B-list musician who was really popular during those same years but was reduced to playing Vegas and the nightclub circuit for the rest of his career. He was also a heavy drinker and heavy gambler (a habit which his wife also picked up), and was basically a deadbeat dad to their kids. Not to mention he could be physically and verbally abuse to his wife. Towards the end of their long marriage, she snapped. He brought home a hooker and the wife shot out the tires of her car with a pistol (which she always had on her just in case).. which he rode home in. The hooker threatened to press charges (I know, stupid idea…), but the incident was hushed up by the wife’s PR people. Betty Grable/Harry James (photo)

86. MR. X 04/09 **#4**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: This A+ list leading man had a little secret when he was appearing in a period picture where he was usually cast as a man in tights (including the movie he’s best remembered for nowadays)… he usually wore a jockstrap which made his already large private parts seem enormous. During the making of one of his later swashbucklers, the costume fitters had to re-sew his tights again and again because the jockstrap kept ripping them. Errol Flynn

87. MR. X 04/09 **#5**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What A/B-list theater actress who dabbled in film but is best known for her raunchy personal life and her campy witticisms once used a drag queen to fill in for her during a later-career stage play when she was too sick to go on? Her explanation?: "Nobody can tell the difference anyway" Tallulah Bankhead

88. MR. X 04/09 **#6**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Which B/C-list actress and socialite who is still alive (I think) has rarely if never talked about her first husband? He pimped her out to rich businessmen in the Middle East for most of the years they were married. Yes, it was going on back in the 1930s and 1940s too! Zsa Zsa Gabor/Burhan Asaf Belge

89. MR. X 04/09 **#7**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What A++ list actress who is best known for starring in a comedy franchise didn’t get her A++ list status overnight. She worked long and hard for a leading lady part, spending several years in the doldrums of B-movies. She also said she avoided the casting coach entirely, although the boss of the first studio she was under contract to bragged otherwise. The actress refuted his claims with "he made a game of chasing me around his office until I threw one of my high heel shoes at him to make him stop. He was so full of shit." Myrna Loy ("The Thin Man")/Jack Warner

90. MR. X 04/09 **#8**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: What A++ list actor and Oscar winner/nominee was at one point dating the actress ex-wife of his longtime friend, another A++ list actor and Oscar winner/nominee a few years after the ex-wife and actor #2 divorced? Her ex husband shrugged it off, always saying that she always had a major crush on his friend anyway. The affair lasted throughout the actress’ next two marriages until actor #1 finally broke it off and married another woman. Let’s just say the actress didn’t take it so well.
A++ list actor #1: Jimmy Stewart
A++ list actor #2: Henry Fonda
Ex-wife: Margaret Sullavan

91. BLIND GOSSIP 04/09 **#1**
First point up for debate in this upcoming celebrity divorce: dates! No, not the kind of dates that are chopped up to make delicious muffins and breads. And no, not the kind of dates that the husband may have gone on while still married to his actress wife. We’re talking about the dates on a calendar. Remember that very famous actor who argued that his marriage to that very famous actress fell just shy of the legally important 10-year mark? He was much richer than his wife and during the divorce proceedings tried to play around with the dates in order to reduce his financial obligations as much as possible. Well, our male celebrity is in exactly the same position as that actor… and the first thing he is gong to do in his divorce proceedings is to play exactly that same card!
Husband: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner

Famous Actor: Tom Cruise
Famous Actress: Nicole Kidman

92. BLIND GOSSIP 04/09 **#2**
There is a story going around that this actress broke up with her actor boyfriend as soon as he went away for a few weeks to handle a personal matter. Not true. They are still together. Actually, not only are they still together, but we doubt that she will EVER leave him! Why not? Because, even though she is terrific actress in her own right, she works very little now and seems to have almost given up on her own career in order to support his. He has the bigger career, he has more money, he gets all the attention, and people only seem to care about seeing a photo of her when she is with him. Even more importantly, she had done nothing about the fact that he has cheated on her many times over the years. She may occasionally get mad at him for being such a jerk… but she loves him and his pet and she’s not going anywhere. In fact, she’s still hoping for a proposal. We don’t know if that makes her incredibly loyal and hopeful… or a complete doormat.
Actress: Jennifer Westfeldt
Actor: Jon Hamm

Personal problem: rehab
His Pet: his penis

93. NY POST/PAGE SIX 04/10
1. What Broadway star picked up a cheap hustler, took him to the Seton Hotel and then had a fight with him in the room over money? The hustler grabbed the star’s pants and fled. The star’s assistant later arrived at the hotel with a new pair of pants. Nathan Lane; Alan Cummings

2. Which mogul got weight-loss surgery because he was informed by one prospective paramour that he was "too fat to fuck?"

3. Which power couple continues to deny a split while rumors swirl that the husband has been involved with another man?

94. POPBITCH 04/10
Which famous British actor likes to follow ladies into the toilets of upmarket restaurants and ask them if they'd mind weeing into his hands?

This former B list mostly television actress with the multiple names who has also done movies and is hated everywhere, has been smack talking this A list Academy Award winning actress because she thinks the A lister is having sex with a female director who our multi-named actress considers to be hers. That is how she put it.
B list actress: Evan Rachel Wood
A list actress:
Director: Patricia Rozema

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is giving the superhero thing another shot after his first bomb into the genre told a fan to fuck off the other day when she asked for a photo. Still, Mr. Nice Guy. The crew hates him on his movie too and not just because his cod piece has been increased four times at his insistence. Ryan Reynolds (first bomb: "Green Lantern") "Deadpool" (I think it was two or three days after this blind that all of a sudden he was Mr. Nice Guy and posing with kids and the Mayor of Vancouver and tried to do a complete 180)

This A list reality (not original) host from an extremely popular cable franchise that will probably be on decades from now, used to pop pills that kept her angry while high. Now she takes pills that make her a much better person when she is high but is gaining weight like crazy, at least for her. She knows it but is addicted to them. Padma Lakshmi/"Top Chef" (joined in season 2)

A maid in a European hotel says she found a bunch of bloody towels in the bathtub of this A+ list mostly movie actor. In the towels was a piece of plastic. The type that usually covers the needle of a syringe. It would really explain his strange behavior as of late. Johnny Depp

This former Queer Eye star has been hooking up with a woman the past few months. He told her he prefers women. I think that would be news to his boyfriend of the past few years.

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#6**
This OITNB star with the interesting first name that kind of rhymes with her last is probably not going to be invited back to any party thrown by this phone manufacturer. Apparently when she found out the A listers had a cocktail and dinner party that occurred before the D listers arrived, she threw a huge fit and smashed her free phone on the ground.
Uzo Aduba

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#7**
This aging permanent A list rocker is boozing again. Just don’t tell his wife or sponsor. Ozzy Osbourne

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#8**
This recent former Bachelor currently in a relationship was hitting on this B-/C+ list singer/actress who if you are under 17 you know and if you are above 17, probably not. That isn’t the point. The former Bachelor was at a swag suite and was all over her. Would not stop. She finally told him she is 16 and he looked her up and down and said, "Well, I’m not going to wait two years for you and moved on to another woman." Juan Pablo (dating Carly Waddell)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#9**
This married A+ list mostly television actor who landed a new show despite his horrible personality because he is a funny actor, must be under some kind of stress because he showed up hammered out of his mind for an 830 a.m. meeting with his management team. Alec Baldwin

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#10**
You can tell she had help with this from someone who actually does have brain cells remaining. Let’s give her a new description. Reality star. Multiple arrests. Fake breasts. Mom. Anyway, she went out of town recently with her hookup. They both had to stay in the country because of multiple arrests. She throws out some statements that make her seem like she is distraught. What she will be is probably pregnant again when she gets back. It is what she wants. Jenelle Evans "Teen Mom"

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#11**
I can’t decide if this is ballsy or desperate. This former A list mostly television actress from that hit ensemble show from back in the day that was rebooted with her, was at a jewelry store with her boyfriend and said he should get her something because she was ready to marry him. He probably has no idea she was having sex two weeks ago with a commercial director who keeps her busy with work. Jennie Garth/"90210" (engagement ring)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#12**
This woman needs help. She needs it badly. She won’t accept any though. If I had her number I would tell her to get help. I do have her e-mail and I did e-mail her. I didn’t get any response. She was A+ list for about 5 minutes. Maybe 10. She quickly dropped to A list and now is probably B-. She will stay there for awhile because of the name. Celebrity. Singer. Reality star is where she got her start. Lots of drug problems. Self esteem problems. The drinking and drugs have really changed who she is. I think she is trying to escape the past when she used to turn tricks to make ends meet. It was all behind her. The pain inside must be significant. Most of her fortune has been wiped out. She smothers any guy she is with and does not have custody of her kid(s). When a guy leaves her she always threatens to kill herself and because she has tried before, they always listen and come back. No guy wants that on her conscience. Eventually though it all becomes too much for the guy and they eventually walk away. Within a day or two she will have a new guy and the cycle begins again. With her most recent boyfriend she did try and kill herself again which kept him around an extra few weeks. He just couldn’t keep up with what was going on with her and left. She already has another guy lined up. Fantasia Barrino (Kendall Taylor)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#1**
This awful celebrity parent to celebrity offspring is cheating on his significant other. I’m pretty sure when she finds out, there will be multiple arrests made and possibly even a murder. They are that combustible together. Michael Lohan (Lindsay and Ali)/Kate Major

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#2**
I’m not sure how stable this person is. She is an A list celebrity with A+ list name recognition worldwide. We are kind of tired of her here, but in the rest of the world where her long running syndicated show still airs, she is really well known. Apparently if you pay her enough she has a package that includes her giving you a tug during dinner because that is what she did earlier this week. This is third guy she has hooked up with in the past ten days. Pamela Anderson

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#3**
Apparently the way to get an ex to start returning your texts and calls again is to send him a video. What kind of video? Well, this offspring of a former A list couple who has made a name for herself this year in a franchise, filmed a little scene with the foreign born A list model who hooks up with every female celebrity on the planet. When the ex saw it, he texted five minutes later.
Actress: Dakota Johnson
Franchise: "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Parents: Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson
Ex: Matthew Hitt
Model: Cara Delevingne

(boat party hosted by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#4**
COACHELLA: This married former A- list mostly television actor from a fairly recent hit cable show that is now over, turned B list mostly movie actor in a rip off franchise, was all over a few female fans while his wife partied solo at a swag event at the venue.
Actor: Aaron Paul
Cable show: "Breaking Bad"
Franchise: "Need for Speed" (rip-off of "Fast and Furious")

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#5**
Friends of this former A list mostly movie actress who still makes a couple of movies each year despite working for four decades. She is a permanent B lister and an Academy Award winner/nominee who has been in some of the biggest movies in history. Apparently she is suffering from early stages of Alzheimer’s. Talia Shire ("Rocky"/"Godfather")

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#6**
KINDNESS: This B+ list singer and his foreign born B+ list celebrity girlfriend who still has A list name recognition worldwide through her past career, pulled two men out of the ocean who just had their boat sink. Our celebrities were the first on the scene. Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#1**
COACHELLA: This former A list singer in a group and briefly solo is going through some type of mid-life crisis or is on something. The married mom treated the event like it was Mardi Gras and was flashing anyone and everyone yesterday. No one else was doing it and it was embarrassing. Fergie

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#2**
This A- list mostly movie actor has his people working overtime. The gay rumors that follow him everywhere are starting to get to him and have really affected his career. People didn’t respond to him when he took over a franchise. The actor is trying to make it seem like he is a ladies man and has a new woman on his arm every night and his PR people send out pictures every day in hopes of a "dating" story. Chris Evans/"Captain America" (originally played by J.D. Salinger’s son Matt)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#3**
Apparently someone finds this former B list mostly television actress who only worked because of her father/turned washed up reality star, attractive because our married mom is hooking up with the president of a company that distributes something for her. Tori Spelling

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#4**
I think when this A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show walks down the street people should chant lap band behind her. She is really making me mad with all of her holier pretentious talk about exercise and how she works out a million hours a day. She does work out a bit, but her weight loss is due to lap band surgery and she spends a ton of time in the office of her plastic surgeon. Lena Dunham "Girls"

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#1**
MTV MOVIE AWARDS: At an after party, this still a teenager who is currently filming a popular franchise based on a best selling book series but is most well known for a Disney movie in which she was the lead was at an after party and was seen shooting something into her arm with two guys.

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#2**
COACHELLA: This former A+ list tweener who still has A+ list name recognition better hope he doesn’t have to give his probation officer a drug sample this week. He took his first hits of acid and was ingesting a bazillion other drugs this weekend.
Justin Bieber  (still on probation for egging)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#3**
MTV MOVIE AWARDS: This X Factor finalist who no one really knows other than that, was using coke during the show. She was with someone else and they were trying to be discreet but kept laughing hysterically every time they did a line.

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#4**
This married Teen Mom who is known as a cheater, did a lot more of that this past weekend when she hooked up with two different guys. The good news is she took a break from the pill popping. Baby steps. Leah Messer-Calvert

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#5**
COACHELLA: This teenage celebrity offspring who has had legal issues in the past because of her substance issues in the past, was the biggest user of coke this weekend among celebrities.

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#6**
COACHELLA: This closeted former A- list mostly movie actor who had one franchise and bombed at a chance for another, spent most of the weekend holed up with his boyfriend who stayed out of the way or cozied up to another man who was brought along as cover. Kellan Lutz ("Twilight") ("The Legend of Hercules")

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#7**
This married permanent A list Academy Award winner is now a dad again. I’m sure his wife will be thrilled to know that his girlfriend just gave birth this past week. Michael Douglas; Denzel Washington

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#8**
This former MTV star who was always hooking up with women on his very popular show, is so broke now that you can be male or female and he will hook up with you if the price is right. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#9**
There she was this weekend. The B list mostly television actress who always seems to find work on hit shows and to keep her name out there, was doing what she does to help her live the lifestyle she loves. Our actress, who has never really made friends with anyone on any set she has ever worked, is probably not doing herself any favors. She is still a big enough name to be invited to every party and swag event and she made the rounds at all of them this past weekend. Besides taking as much swag as she can to sell, the other thing our actress does is take lots of notes and photos. Those big tabloid headlines often come from this actress. She sells information about the people she works with and the celebrities she meets. She also provides a service to very rich men of the cloth who are in marriages but have always wanted to spend some time with someone they have seen on television and is a member of their religion. In any event, our actress takes lots of notes and also takes photos. The photos rarely see the light of day because she would rather not get caught. The photos are retained by the tabloid in case they get sued or if there is a threat of a suit they can display the photo. A couple of times it was necessary to produce the photo and there are some celebrities who thought back and realized who was taking a lot of photos that night. The dots have not been connected but our B lister might want to be more careful because as much trouble as she has right now finding work because of her sneaky work ethic, things will be even more tough once they discover her secret. Apparently she has a plan for that event. It turns out that she has a file on lots of celebrities and is going to trade that information for acting roles. She does not think of it as blackmail but just looking out for number one, herself. Michelle Trachtenberg

126. MR. X 04/13 **#1**
MTV MOVIE AWARDS: He didn’t bring him to the ceremony, but this A-list actor who stars in several franchises, did bring his longtime boyfriend to an unofficial after party in WeHo where they were seen getting very, very intimate. I’m just counting down the days till they make their public debut as a couple. Jeremy Renner "Bourne", "Mission: Impossible", "Avengers"

127. MR. X 04/13 **#2**
MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Same party as BI #1. This A/B-list actor who has seen his career get a needed shot in the arm was seen making out with the director of his upcoming film, who may also be his new boyfriend.
Actor: Zac Efron
Director: Max Joseph
Movie: "We Are Your Friends"

128. MR. X 04/13 **#3**
MTV MOVIE AWARDS: They may seem chummy when they’re on a press tour, but these two co-stars, one an A+ list actress and Oscar winner/nominee and an A-list mostly TV actress, can’t stand each other. TV actress was overheard backstage at the MTV Movie Awards calling her costar a few vulgar names in her native tongue. Reese Witherspoon/Sofia Vergara

129. BLIND GOSSIP 04/13 **#1**
COACHELLA: There was an interesting reunion at Coachella among the cast members of this successful film franchise. While everybody smiled for the cameras, two of them were definitely having very little contact with each other after that. It all goes back to a time when they were still filming together. During an early evening party, these two had wandered off from the group and into a private area. One began to hit on the other in a way that was so aggressive that the second party started yelling ("Get the fuck off me!") and took a swing at the first party. A scuffle ensued. A couple of other people heard the commotion, burst into the room, and extracted the second party from the situation. While the first party was apologetic the next day, the second party never allowed themselves to be left alone with the aggressor again.
Aggressor: Kellan Lutz
Second Party: Robert Pattinson
Film Franchise: "Twilight"

130. BLIND GOSSIP 04/13 **#2**
COACHELLA: This major actor made an appearance at Coachella this weekend. We’ve seen him there before, so his presence was not a big surprise. He may have finally hit an age, though, where his popularity with the young and beautiful set is taking a bit of a dive. While at a private party, our actor pointed out a pretty young girl (who looked like a model) to one of his friends. The friend then approached the girl on the actor’s behalf. Using only the celebrity’s first name, the friend told the young girl, "My friend X over there would like to meet you." The young girl looked over at the scruffy actor, but didn’t seem to realize that he was a big celebrity. "No thanks," she said. The friend seemed genuinely surprised. "Why not?" The girl replied with a shrug, "Because he looks like my Dad." Ouch. Leonardo Dicaprio

131. BLIND GOSSIP 04/13 **#3**
This married celebrity couple recently celebrated a wedding anniversary. They put out a public message about how happy they are together, etc. That’s odd, considering that less than six months ago she was threatening to divorce him because she caught him cheating on her again! He was cheating on her with an actress (not famous). As usual, after several screaming matches, he apologized and said it would never happen again. We don’t think he is very good at keeping his promises, though. By our count, he has had three mistresses during their marriage. And those are just the ones we know about! Maybe they both just love the drama? Jay-Z/Beyoncé

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#1**
COACHELLA: Despite having a really bad STD, this foreign born A list singer hooked up with at least two women over the weekend at Coachella and didn’t use protection with either of them. There could have been lots more, those are just the ones I know about. Justin Bieber

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#2**
COACHELLA: This A+ list mostly movie actor was at Coachella this weekend and had no problems finding women to hook up with despite his lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom. Always looking for a way to spice up his time, our actor found some staffer from the event and told one woman to find three friends for the staffer to sleep with and then our A+ lister would spend a few hours alone with her. Ten minutes later the staffer met the three women and 30 minutes later left for an early lunch to spend some time at the A+ lister’s house with the women.
Leonardo DiCaprio (owns a home in Palm Springs)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#3**
COACHELLA: This former B+ list mostly movie actress turned escort/cable movie queen was jeered by men and women when she started dancing at Coachella with her top off. Apparently she thought she looked sexy, but everyone else told her to put her top back on. Plus, no one else was doing it. She was just doing it for attention. Tara Reid

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#4**
This OITNB actress was so full of drugs that by the end of the weekend she was a bloody mess from all of the times she fell down or slammed into things. She had to have stitches twice because of accidents she had. Taryn Manning

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#5**
COACHELLA: This X Games/Olympic athlete was the joke of Coachella. Not only was he cheating on his girlfriend the entire weekend but he was a diva and was the only guy to have a bodyguard. When this A+ list director/actor saw that the athlete had a bodyguard the A+ lister called him a pussy.
Athlete: Shaun White
Director/actor: Clint Eastwood

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#6**
This A list singer from a group and solo can’t really sing. Well, not live anyway. We all might like her but she can’t sing live worth a crap. Anyway, this is not about that. She is married but is trying to reach a settlement with her soon to be ex. She wants sole custody of the kids which is a big sticking point because he wants more child support to go with the spousal support. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#7**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is big in action films spent the night away from his wife and kids the other night and spent it in a hotel room with a tatted up brunette who looked a lot like, but was not Kat von D. Chris Hemsworth

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#8**
I guess things are not exclusive between this closeted married A list rapper and his boyfriend. The boyfriend was making out on a towel with another guy on the beach this past weekend. Kanye West (in Armenia)/Riccardo Tisci (in Brazil)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#9**
COACHELLA: This former A list tweener who has been a bystander while a family member regains A list status was at Coachella and people were worried about the guy because of all the imaginary bugs he kept trying to get off him for several hours. Joe Jonas (family member Nick Jonas)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#10**
COACHELLA: There was a theft at Coachella of about $1K of coke and everyone knows who took it. This B list mostly television actress from a very hit, very long running network show. Lea Michele "Glee" or "Sarah Hyland "Modern Family"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#11**
It is always about the nanny. It seems like when couples split with young children, the guy is always screwing around with the nanny. This time it is slightly different. Yes, the husband was screwing the nanny, but apparently the nanny is not what she was purported to be. When our A+ list mostly movie actress agreed to hire the young nanny, her husband told our actress the nanny was his cousin. That is not quite the truth. Well, not really at all. The two had been having a long term fling when the husband met the actress. The husband, a man who was struggling financially owed huge debts from various business ventures and some horrible gambling problems saw a meal ticket in the actress and managed to get her down the aisle. Our actress has spent nearly a million dollars helping him out of his financial mess and now she is going to pay him a whole lot more if she goes through with a divorce. apparently there was no prenup.
Actress: Scarlett Johansson
Husband: Romain Dauriac

143. BLIND GOSSIP 04/14 **#1**
Want to know what really happened with that young celebrity who is in big trouble? Well, we are going to share the very interesting backstory with you! Earlier this month, you were told that she was sick with a specific illness. It is the kind of painful illness that sometimes requires emergency surgery and normally takes about 4-6 weeks from which to recover. The sad news and the sad photo were distributed widely and were designed to get you to feel sorry for her. You did feel sorry for her, didn’t you? Well, you got played. It was all a lie. She did not have that illness at all. She did not have emergency surgery. She was actually in the hospital because her drug habit had spiraled out of control. The very next day after the fake illness was announced, her father drove her to a rehab center. She was freaked out by the fact that several other family members were waiting there to do an intervention with her. She denied that she has a problem, said that no one was going to tell her what she could and could not do, and walked out without being admitted. Almost a week later, she finally relented and allowed herself to be checked into a different, more "lenient" facility for treatment. You’re still being played. They don’t want you to know that she is a spoiled child whose money goes straight up her nose. They want you to feel sorry for her. That’s why they made up the fake illness, and that is why they are now using words like "therapy" and trauma" instead of "rehab" and "addict." Given her odd family history, does any of this surprise you?
Daughter: Ireland Baldwin (Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin)
Fake Illness: appendicitis

144. BLIND GOSSIP 04/14 **#2**
One of the stars of a very successful film franchise has a child who may be in trouble. At the recent celebration of their new film’s opening, the actor’s cast mates were lavishing lots of attention and love on his young daughter. That’s great. However, what they don’t know is that after the celebration and the parties were over… the teen went back to an empty house. Her father isn’t there (the parents never married), and her mother – who is drinking again – took off to Hawaii for a vacation without the child. While the house is in a safe neighborhood and the teen has money for food, we’re not sure that her being left alone falls within the guidelines that the parents worked out during their divorce. We suspect that the dad’s extended family and friends would be furious if they knew that the child was essentially fending for herself for prolonged periods of time. While some parents think it is fine for teens to be home by themselves for the day, we are talking about several days here. Would you leave your teen home alone for a week? BG Correction: We originally said that the parents were divorced. They never actually married.
Actor: Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Rain
Film Franchise: "The Fast and the Furious"

145. BLIND GOSSIP 04/14 **#3**
This funny actress has done both TV and films. She probably made several million dollars last year. She is certainly not hurting for money or work. However, back in her younger and less-successful days, she sometimes found herself in the position where she had trouble paying the rent. She has told friends that during those lean years, she was too depressed about money to even bother filling out a tax return, even though the amount she owed was probably fairly small. The IRS wrote her letters for years, but the letters eventually stopped. Now she is worried that she owes the IRS some ridiculous amount of money in back taxes and penalties. Does the IRS stop chasing someone after twenty years?

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#1**
This B- list celebrity who is a former reality star is married. She used to cheat on her now husband before they were married and this weekend hooked up with that same guy. Hope she made it home by curfew. Crystal Hefner (Hugh)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#2**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor got into an argument with his wife at a restaurant this past weekend. Things were so bad that they never finished their meal and left before all of the food arrived. I guess the wife spotted the waitress that our actor was seeing last year and almost destroyed the marriage.

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#3**
This former B list mostly television actress got fired from her one big break which was a long running almost network show. She lost that job because of drugs and lost a friendship to an A+ lister because of it. At Coachella this past weekend she quickly changed back into pants after people at a party spotted open sores all over her legs.
Actress: Jessica Szohr
Show: "Gossip Girl"
A+ lister: Taylor Swift

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#4**
This mid teens actress (famous for a popular family film a few years ago also starring a then A+ tweener turned B list actress/failed singer) is not so talented when it comes to photo-shopping her own bikini pic she posted to Instagram. Next time she might want to make sure that when she bends her waistline she might also want to check the fence posts behind her. Awkward. I worry that she feels the need to make herself look more attractive at such a young age. Joey King ("Ramona and Beezus"/Selena Gomez)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#5**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who was only that high for a very short time because of one iconic scene is now a B- lister. She still has A list name recognition. Anyway, she was knocking back drink after drink on a recent flight. She was wearing a dress that zipped in the front. After each drink she moved the zipper lower and lower until at one point by drink number five she was literally showing the world what they saw in that movie. She passed out that way for about an hour. When the plane started to land she woke up and zipped up. Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct")

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#6**
No one can figure out whether this former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who reprised her role twice for two different shows is engaged or not. Both people in the relationship have been spotted with other people and our actress doesn’t usually wear her engagement ring. Jennie Garth ("Beverly Hills 90201"/"Melrose Place"/"90210")

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#7**
Wanting her own fame, the sister of this former A+ list tweener who hates being reminded of her tweener past but has nothing memorable since, did a Playboy shoot. Apparently she is not really what they are looking for but love the last name and know it will be a big seller. Vanessa Hudgens’ sister Stella

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#8**
Wanting to distance herself from the porn she shot when she was 18, the wife of this foreign born A list movie and television actor changed her age by a year. That way she can say she was a year too young for the film and it is a different person with the same name. Sophie Hunter (Benedict Cumberbatch)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#9**
At a charity event earlier this week, this A-/B+ list mostly television actor from a hit cable show did what he always does. Drinks. The problem is he usually saves his real crazy drunk stunts for private parties and not at such a high profile event. One broken table and a slap to the face by this A list reality host from a hit cable show was just the tip of the iceberg for the night.
Actor: Norman Reedus
Show: "Walking Dead"
A list reality host: Padma Lakshmi
Show: "Top Chef"
Event: "Blossom Ball"

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#10**
There was no breastfeeding or pumping for this former B list mostly television actress. Contrary to what she says for public consumption, her baby was and has been fed formula by a nanny for at least the past three days. Blake Lively

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#11**
#1 – Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor is not as nice as his image would lead you to believe. The married actor who is probably a permanent A+ lister at this point caused so much damage to an actress he was cheating with that she sees a therapist almost daily.

#2 – This B- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was overheard complaining that he wished his son would go ahead and die already so he could collect his inheritance. Ryan O’Neal (Redmond, son with Farrah Fawcett)

#3 – This recent celebrity who is probably B still because of her recent network reality stint, thought she erased all of her old escort pictures from the internet. She hasn’t. Whitney Bischoff (picked by "The Bachelor" Chris Soules)

Remind me to tell you about the bonkers leading lady that is driving the cast and crew of her popular-yet-modestly-rated series mad — so much so that pretty much everyone is dreading going back to work next season. (Sounds like it’s time for my first set visit!) **NOT CBS OR FOX** Debra Messing "The Mysteries of Laura"

158. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15
These two celebrities work together on a reality TV show. They are professional and friendly on-air, but Older Guy avoids Younger Guy as soon as the cameras are off. Although Older Guy may not come across as the most likable person in the world, he is actually a very loyal and faithful person. He’s been with the same woman and has had the same group of friends for many years, and he treats them with great respect. Older guy hates that Younger Guy rode his wife’s coattails to his current level of fame… while constantly dissing her behind her back and cheating on her.

Older guy: Howard Stern
Younger guy: Nick Cannon

Hillary Clinton isn’t just caught in a political scandal over her missing emails from her stint as secretary of state – she’s also terrified of personal revelations about a secret lesbian lifestyle! Now a world-exclusive investigation by The National ENQUIRER reveals that some of the presidential candidate’s famously "deleted" emails are packed full of lesbian references and her lovers’ names. "I don’t think she’s so concerned about emails referring to her as secretly gay," said a Clinton insider. "That’s been out for years – her real fear is that the names of some of her lovers would be made public!" The ENQUIRER learned the list of Hillary’s lesbian lovers includes a beauty in her early 30s who has often traveled with Hillary; a popular TV and movie star; the daughter of a top government official; and a stunning model who got a career boost after allegedly sleeping with Hillary. Hillary made the huge mistake of mixing public and private messages while using her personalized email server – before risking a massive scandal by refusing to make the documents public. "That’s clearly why she went to the extraordinary step of deleting everything," the high-ranking source told The ENQUIRER . Hillary is particularly concerned about intimate emails to longtime aide Huma Abedin – who married U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner in a ceremony that many ridiculed as a political arrangement. Anthony later resigned over extramarital sexting scandals, after porn star Sydney Leathers said that she believed he was in an open marriage. "I think a lot of the time when we were speaking, Huma was probably with Hillary," she charged, at the time. One exchange between the women had Hillary mistakenly responding to political correspondence with an email that seemed to be about decorating. Added the insider: "That makes you wonder if any sensitive information was sent to her romantic partners!" The scandal unraveled in March, when Hillary revealed she deleted over 30,000 emails, insisting the messages were just "things you typically find in inboxes."
Beauty in her early 30s:
Popular TV and Movie Actress: Mary Steenburgen
Daughter of Top Government Official:
Stunning Model:

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#1**
This former A- list mostly movie actress has slipped to B+. Not only did some bad career decision hurt her, but she is having trouble getting gigs after she really screwed up production on her last film because of drug use. It has only become worse and our actress needs rehab but she scuttled an intervention that her on/off B+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend tried to arrange. Amanda Seyfried/Justin Long; Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#2**
This superhero movie star who is A list when in his superhero role and B list in everything else, was scheduled to attend a series of press events while overseas and then a show. He made it to the show but he skipped everything else because he went on a hooker binge. Reports are that in just a few days he hooked up with almost a dozen different women. Henry Cavill/"Clark Kent/Superman"

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#3**
This married former A list singer in a group and solo has been barred from being with her child alone after her drug relapse. The past few weeks have been especially troublesome and the baby daddy insists he be there or at least the nanny if she wants to see their child. Fergie/Josh Duhamel

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#4**
This fairly newly married B- list celebrity was telling people at a party last night that her short lived marriage to this former A list rock star musician who is retiring soon is over because he won’t stop cheating on her. She can handle a little but it is an every night thing lately and sometimes multiple times daily while he is on tour.
Courtney Bingham/Nikki Sixx  (Event: Hollywood Rocks! Presents Jason Derulo Listening Party for "Everything Is 4")

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#5**
At the same party as #4, this C- list celebrity/actress who has been acting since she was a toddler and then popped up on The Voice for a season, got into a fight with this married B list celebrity who never met a camera she didn’t like and is married to a man old enough to be her grandfather. The two were fighting over the host of the party and who would get to go home with him. It was pretty sad to watch, although the guy seemed to be enjoying it.

Actress: Raquel Castro (appeard on "Sesame Street" and "Nick Jr." at age 4) (appeared in first season of "The Voice")
Celebrity: Courtney Stodden (husband: Doug Hutchinson

Event: Hollywood Rocks! Presents Jason Derulo Listening Party for "Everything Is 4"

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#6**
This DWTS pro was at a party last night. I guess they don’t have drug tests on the show because they sure were doing a lot of coke. The dancer says it is the only way to rehearse all day and party all night. It keeps them going. Witney Carson ("Star Magazine's Hollywood Rocks Party")

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#7**
This actor is not a tweener any longer but he made his fame on a tweener show and the band that went with the tweener show. Oh, and he also had a nice run on a network reality show. Anyway, at a party this week everyone was commenting on how much makeup he was wearing. He said it was for the red carpet and he wanted to look good for it but at the party with the cameras long gone he kept retouching his eyeliner and the rest of his makeup.
Actor: James Maslow

Tweener show" "Big Time Rush"
Reality show: "Dancing with the Stars"
Event: Hollywood Rocks! Presents Jason Derulo Listening Party for "Everything Is 4"

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#8**
This NY Giant who makes almost as much money off the field as he does on, has a significant other but it didn’t stop him from doing everything possible to get this Russian Victoria’s Secret model to leave a party with him this week.

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#9**
The doctor to this A+ list reality star has threatened to sue her because of a story line. Our reality star is trying to create drama but by doing so has made up a medical condition which could have only been caused by negligence from her own doctor. The doctor is seeking over $1M from the star or the doctor will sue. Kim Kardashian/ some old placenta' from Kim's pregnancy with daughter North West"

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#10**
This big time money man is buying the rights to a film starring his favorite male love interest. It seems that the male love interest who is a former A list tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor has been rebuffing the advances of the money man. That is not a good thing. The money man is going to buy the movie and then shelve it until the former tweener gets back to having sex with the money man.
Money man: Gianluca Vacchi or Mohammed Al Turki
Actor: Zac Efron

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#11**
Don’t kid yourself if you think the casting couch does not exist. It is alive and well and never going anywhere. That being said, it is rare that the casting couch of today runs to the extreme it did on this film currently being promoted. It stars a foreign born A list mostly movie actor who had a decade run as an A+ lister. He had final casting say on all the women hired to play opposite him. It’s unknown how many women he "auditioned" for the roles, but one of the actresses is speaking out about her experiences in the audition process and the actual filming of the movie. She got a part in the movie. A decent sized one. She is probably a B- list mostly movie actress who has been in some really big movies. She is foreign born and had some high profile relationships with A listers, including at least one co-star. She said it was made clear to her that if she wanted a part she would have to sleep with the star. She did and got a part. She was told it was going to be the lead, but it was about fourth billed. The lead actress role went to an actress who is well known, but not any higher on the list than the other actress. Lets call her BO. BO also slept with our actor. She continued to sleep with him during filming. The actor also made all his other co-stars continue to sleep with him or the next day their scenes would be cut or deleted entirely. Our star was more interested in making a movie that starred him anyway and if you would not cooperate then you would not be in it and some other actress who would have sex would get your lines. It is probably because of this back and forth and additions and deletions that the movie is disjointed. Each day of filming the star would tap one of the actresses and tell her she was up for that night. There was no being coy. There was no dinner or romance. They were expected to show up where our actor was staying and leave when the act was finished.
Film: "The Water Diviner"
Foreign born A list actor: Russell Crowe (also the Director)
Foreign born B- list actress: Isabel Lucas
Relationships: Chris Hemsworth, Adrian Grenier, Jared Leto
Lead actress BO: Olga Kurylenko

171. BLIND GOSSIP 04/16
This singer is showing off a huge new ring. While she has not confirmed her engagement, she has not denied it either. A close friend of hers explains what is going on in her relationship. "[Her Ex] didn’t like the fact that she worked all the time. He kept telling her that she needed to chill and take vacations. [Her New Boyfriend] lets her work as much as she wants to. That is such a different attitude to her that she believes that’s what people in love do." So… are they engaged or not? "When she broke up with [Ex], she told all her friends [about the breakup] a week before it was public. She hasn’t said boo to us about getting engaged to [New Boyfriend]. I think she’s just playing with the whole ring thing. She just loves the attention."
Singer: Nicki Minaj
Her Ex Boyfriend: Safaree Samuels
Her Current Boyfriend: Meek Mill

172. NY POST/PAGE SIX 04/16
1. Which comedy director was gifted a $20,000 watch by a grateful Hollywood studio, but he sent it back saying he’d prefer a more expensive model? Judd Apatow

2. Which member of a fancy New York family showed up at her daughter’s posh private school and vandalized the locker of another student who was alleged to be bullying her baby? But it was caught on camera and the kid got expelled instead for her mommy’s mayhem. Tamara Mellon/Araminta "Minty" Mellon/Nightingale-Bamford School

3. Which fancy fashion designer was once told she was not allowed to use the bathroom at a vendor’s showroom in Asia, so she defecated on the floor? Betsey Johnson; Vivienne Westwood; Vera Wang

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#1**
According to one of the women he sleeps with, this married A list mostly television actor who has been on some of the greatest network and cable shows of all time went straight from her bed to a premiere with his wife who just puts up with the flings. Bryan Cranston ("Finding Neverland" premiere); Kelsey Grammer ("Finding Neverland" premiere)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#2**
At a NYC party this week, this A list diva/singer was the guest of honor. She showed up, but only stayed for five minutes because no celebrities turned out to honor her. The only people there were patrons who had paid a ton of money to meet the singer and were left very disappointed.
Balthazar Getty/Sienna Miller

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is now an A- list mostly television actor will have his franchise reborn soon on the big screen. Anyway, in an interview for a monthly magazine timed to come out when the movie is released he said that he used to date this C list celebrity who is now married to an A+ list mostly television actor. Our franchise actor said they split when he found out she was dating several older actors including himself and was trying to get all of them to marry her. He did not have very nice things to say about her.
Jeff Goldblum/"Independence Day 2"
C list celebrity: Hilaria Thomas
A+ list television actor: Alec Baldwin

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#4**
This former A list singer who has been out of the spotlight long enough now where she needs a hit to get back to A list was almost denied boarding on a flight the other day because she was so wasted. Her slip has turned into a full on collapse in her sobriety. Kesha

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#5**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actor is getting some work, but nothing compared to that fame building franchise where he is still typecast. He has a significant other but at a fashion party last night left her home so he could find some models who remember him from his franchise. He went from model to model until he found one willing to take him back to her hotel. Tom Felton "Harry Potter"/"Burberry "London In Los Angeles" Event"

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#6**
At the same party as #5, there could have been a disaster, but money saved the day. This former B+ list mostly television actor who left the spotlight after a spotlight tabloid affair, wired $25K this week to keep the other person in that affair away from the event. She was planning on flying in and it would have caused a huge scene. Balthazar Getty/Sienna Miller "Burberry "London In Los Angeles" Event"

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#7**
I feel really sorry for this A list mostly television actress who I guess now that her long running show has ended, is a B+ list mostly movie actress. She was cheated on in her marriage and thinks she has a great new guy but he is just using her when it is convenient and has a string of 20 something women that he spends most of his time with.
Actress: Amy Poehler
Show: "Parks and Recreation"
Ex: Will Arnett
New guy: Nick Kroll

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#8**
Very drunk the other night, this former B+ list mostly television actress who is a regular in this space after her almost network hit got cancelled and her middling cable show got canceled was talking about one of her exes. She says the B+ list mostly movie actor and our actress never had sex despite being together for a long time. Apparently no matter how hard she tried and no matter how many props she used it was a no go for them. AnnaLynne McCord ("90210" and "Dallas")/Kellan Lutz

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#9**
This former child star is running through all of her money. She was on two big shows but all that drug use and her ability to rub people the wrong way means she is going to run out of funds soon. Amanda Bynes; Michelle Trachtenberg

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#10**
This Game Of Thrones actress who had a career before the show was smoking meth with her recent co-star before they went into a press conference to promote the movie.

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#11**
#1 – This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner was at a party last night and somehow managed to get a wife away from her husband and go home with him. The wife was actually at the party with the husband and our A- lister is not that attractive. Adrien Brody; Robert De Niro

#2 – This A list national talk show host who is on multiple shows on several networks got dumped by one of the women he was seeing because she kept asking to be invited to events and he actually told her she was "for fucking and not for keeping." Michael Strahan

#3 – This A- list method actor blew off the premiere of his girlfriend’s new movie so he could hook up with a woman he met earlier in the day. He brought her back to the place he shares with his girlfriend. Shia Labeouf/Mia Goth ("The Survivalist")

#4 – It sometimes feels like every woman that this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor has hooked up with over the years works for him or one of his companies. His entire payroll is women who were the other woman. Clint Eastwood

184. BLIND GOSSIP 04/17
Sofia Vergara is not the only celebrity who has been hunting for a surrogate! This well-known over-30 film actress has quietly put out the word to her assistant/s, stylist, and hair and makeup people (and perhaps a few others) that if someone she knows will carry a baby for her, "they will be VERY well compensated." Requirements are they they be under-40, have a healthy lifestyle, and are able to keep a huge secret. The actress feels that if she is actually friends with the person, they will be much more likely to adhere to the actress’ healthy living standards… and much less likely to sell her out!
Jennifer Aniston; Cameron Diaz

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#1**
This actress from OITNB who is probably the biggest star to emerge from the show has been having a torrid affair with this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The thing about their affair is that our A lister has been filming a lot of it and wants to make a documentary about the actress and include all of their sex they have recorded too. Laverne Cox/James Franco

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#2**
Without his actress wife there to stop him, this A- list mostly television actor who will forever and ever have A list name recognition because of his movie career got drunk during a premiere this week and passed out in the theatre. Kevin Bacon (Kyra Sedgwick)  Premiere Of RADiUS' "Adult Beginners"

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#1**
ACM AWARDS: There was definitely no love lost between this A+ list movie actress and this former A+ list singer turned B list part-time reality star/singer. Our singer could clearly be heard calling the actress a bitch after they crossed paths backstage. Reese Witherspoon/Christina Aguilera

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#2**
ACM AWARDS: This newlywed found out the hard way that her A list singing husband has been lying to her about getting a record deal. The wife, a former celebrity ran into the head of the record label that was supposed to be in discussions about her and said he had passed on her a long time ago. Jason Aldean/Brittany Kerr

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#3**
ACM AWARDS: This B+/A- list singer was drunk when he hit the red carpet and his wife was wasted too. By the end of the show she had given up trying to pull up her strapless dress every time it fell down and she showed the world her breasts quite a few times. Jake Owen/Lacy Buchanan

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#4**
After a two year affair with one very secretive woman, this married B+ list foreign born singer with a history of cheating is having his road manager find a new mistress. So far our singer has "interviewed" two women. Apparently the singer is offering a huge monthly sum and both women he interviewed had to sign NDA’s before they even found out who they would be meeting. Michael Bublé

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#5**
This former A list tweener who has turned into a respectable A- list adult singer but is still a terrible actress likes to pretend she is innocent when it comes to her fidelity. Not so much. While her boyfriend has been begging, he would be interested to know that his girlfriend cheated on him a couple of times. She is just more discreet about it. Late nights on the pull out sofa at the recording studio she uses. Miley Cyrus/Patrick Schwarzenegger

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#6**
This Disney star who is still a minor but who is slated to be the next big star with her rebooted show got sick at a recent event after drinking several shots at the encouragement of this model/celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister. Peyton List/Georgia May Jagger
 (2015 Delete Blood Cancer Gala)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#7**
She likes to pretend she is above all that and would never do it, but this newlywed who would love to be a celebrity and not just a wife to an A+ lister had a recent breast enlargement. She didn’t like the way she was looking in her pap photos. Amal (George Clooney)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#8**
This B list singer recently hooked up with this A list quarterback and he might be great on the field but she said he had no idea what he was doing in bed and she knows the sex lasted under 30 seconds because he started and finished during the same commercial on television. Ciara/Russell Wilson

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#9**
This good ole boy who also happens to be an actor, an A+ list one at that, is kind of a tool when it comes to his wife. She used to have a career and was a host and model and a sometime actress. She gets offers for projects but each time she gets one her husband calls someone and the next thing you know the wife is being passed over for someone else. Matthew McConaughey/Camila Alves

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#10**
A few months ago I had a blind item about this celebrity who was completely broke and earned her living having sex with guys. The celebrity is infamous rather than famous. When she recently popped up in the news again after a little absence and said again how broke she is, someone was offended and sent me a link to a password protected website. On the website are six women and two guys. When you click one of the people you are taken to a page. One page. On the page are three photos of each person. One in a swimsuit. One in clothes and one is their mugshot. Also included is a description of their particular crimes and any sentences they served. Four of the women on the site are American. All were accused of murdering someone. What they share in common is they are all young, fairly attractive and are willing to sleep with a man if the price is right. Apparently there are men and women in the world who think it is a big thrill to have sex with someone who has killed. The prices for the two men for one night were $2500 and their calendars were about a quarter full. Both men are bisexual. The price per night of the women ranged from $5000 a night to $25000 a night and all of their calendars were nearly full for the next couple of months. Out of the four American women, two definitely had A list name recognition at the time of their trials. Probably both are still right at that A list name recognition. The other two American women I needed to Google but they were pretty sensational cases. Amanda Knox (claiming she‘s broke); Casey Anthony

197. MR. X 04/20 **#1**
What A++ list iconic diva was banned from visiting the star of an Off Broadway show after several audience members yelled at her to stop texting on her phone? The star of the play called her out on Twitter without mentioning her name, but her PR people shot him a cease and desist letter and he quickly deleted the tweet. Madonna

198. MR. X 04/20 **#2**
What A/B-list actor with A+ list name recognition shocked onlookers at the premiere of his latest film? He’s been hitting the bottle hard and it’s showing. Chris Evans "Avengers: Age of Ultron"; John Travolta "Forger" premiere

199. MR. X 04/20 **#3**
"Consider yourself lucky that you’re working with a genius like me instead of some second-rate nobody" – A-list singer/songwriter and multiple Grammy winner to a veteran session musician during the recording of her upcoming album. Her ego has grown to Jupiter-sized proportions ever since her last album flopped. Alicia Keys

200. MR. X 04/20 **#4**
What A/B-list diva who does reality TV on the side exploded at a reporter at an awards show red carpet last night when he mistook her for Iggy Azalea? Christina Aguilera (ACM Awards)

201. BLIND GOSSIP 04/20 **#1**
We told you last week about a celebrity who lied about why she was in a hospital. Now we have another liar for you! This one is a very famous actor, whose filming on a major franchise was halted when he suffered a serious injury. However, the injury didn’t happen the way it was reported! The truth is that he was not in a moving vehicle at all. He was actually in his mate’s house, he was totally drunk, and he hit something in a fit of anger. Of course, his reps do not want you to know that in real life he is an angry, out-of-control, self-injuring alcoholic. So they fabricated a story that made the accident seem completely innocent and playful. Did the film’s insurers buy the phony story? Did you buy it? Aye, you did, didn’t you?
Actor: Johnny Depp
Franchise: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"
Clues: in rehab?

202. BLIND GOSSIP 04/20 **#2**
We have a new couple alert for you… and it’s a shocker! They are both over 30 and single. That’s where the similarities seem to end. Because he is a hard-core liberal rock star… and she is one of the female hosts of a very conservative news network! They were shopping together about a week ago in the Apple Store in Manhattan. Just friends? Nope! They were trying to be subtle, but they couldn’t outfox our observant shoppers! There was definitely lots of smooching when they thought no one was looking… and one of his hands was firmly grasping her butt during checkout! If you can imagine the shock of seeing Bill O’Reilly kissing Lena Dunham and caressing her butt in the Apple Store, you will start to get a sense of what an odd pairing this is. Will her conservative news network freak out when they find out she is dating him? Will the Democratic National Committee invite him back to perform at one of their functions when they find out he is dating her? And if their relationship works… will Bill O’Reilly consider asking Lena Dunham out on a date? Stay tuned. This one is going to be fascinating!
Rocker: Dave Navarro
New Host: Andrea Tantaros

203. BLIND GOSSIP 04/20 **#3**
This TV actress is having a little laugh over her personal life! She was very upset last year when her big musician beau cheated on her with another girl. They broke up and he immediately moved on to dating that other girl (who is a big celebrity in her own right). Although heartbroken, our actress moved on, too. Now, less than a year later, she is married and expecting a baby! Her cheating ex? Well, he didn’t fare so well. His big celebrity girlfriend just kicked him to the curb… for cheating on her! Our actress is having a good laugh over this one, but will likely avoid calling out Big and Big on social media. Living well is her best revenge. She’s happy.
TV Actress: Naya Rivera
Musician Ex: Big Sean
Celebrity Girlfriend: Ariana Grande

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#1**
This married former A list tennis player and celebrity who had at one point A+ list celebrity status has been hooking up with the assistant of one of his business partners. Apparently the assistant also has a new $100K car courtesy of the tennis player. Andre Agassi

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#2**
This former B- list movie and television actress who achieved her greatest fame on that hit pay cable show from which she was fired, had been clean and sober. She even managed to make it through filming a movie with someone who uses more drugs than her. That all changed when they reunited to promote the movie though and now our actress is so messed up again that she could barely stay upright to take photos of another movie she is promoting.
Actress: Paz La Huerta
Pay cable show: "Empire Boardwalk"
Movie she got messed up on: Columbus Short "The Girl Is in Trouble"
New movie she’s promoting: "Bare"

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#3**
This former A list model/video vixen/part-time actress who still looks great despite getting older, might want to rethink the whole not getting divorced thing because her husband has been cheating almost constantly the past several months. Stephanie Seymour

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#4**
The date of this A+ list mostly movie director who has been in the news recently was asked to cover up when she tried to get into an event with the director this week. Apparently she was not wearing a bra and the top of her dress was see thru. The director gave her a couple of hundred bucks and told her he would call her later that night and sent her on her way. Brett Ratner "Anti-Defamation League dinner"

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#5**
KINDNESS: Regardless of whether I like someone or not, I always recognize if they do something nice or go above and beyond for fans. Last week this B+/A- list reality star from an A list network reality show exited an event to find about 100 fans waiting for him. Despite the very late hour, not only was he nice to every fan he made sure each of the 100+ fans got a photo with him or an autograph or whatever they wanted. It took well over an hour. Derek Hough ""Finding Neverland" Broadway Opening Night"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#6**
This actress/television model would probably be C list if not for an event that occurred regarding her husband. It was splashed all over the news not that long ago. It looks like our C lister has not changed her ways. At a party this week she was all over the married ex of an A+ lister. The ex was giving as good as he was getting. I smell a divorce and a reality show.
C list celebrity: Katie Cleary "Deal or No Deal"
Married ex of an A+ lister: Cris Judd
Event: "3rd Annual Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation Gala"
Her husband and event: Andrew Stern committed suicide

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#7**
This former A+ list singer is now B+ when it comes to singing. At this point his high profile relationships are remembered as much as his hit songs. This week he was at a party and everyone thought he was there to support this C+ list mostly television actress he sometimes hooks up with. Nope. He was there because his sometime male lover was being given an award.
Singer: Josh Groban
Actress: Kat Dennings
Past relationships: January Jones, Katy Perry, Selma Blair, Michelle Trachtenberg

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#8**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress who doesn’t even act any longer (thank goodness) still has A+ list name recognition. Last night she checked into a hotel to spend the night. Apparently she got into a huge fight with her married lover about the state of his divorce. Lindsay Lohan

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#9**
At a party in NYC last night, this former A list comedian turned B list television actor turned guy no one really remembers said his former co-star who was once an A list mostly movie actress and will always be from A+ list celebrity offspring has breast cancer. Not sure why he was sharing it with everyone.

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#10**
This A list plus sized model almost got tossed from a party this week because she started hitting on the back again boyfriend of this very tall B+ list mostly movie actress who had gone to the bathroom. When she came out and found the model a little too close she said something to the model who took a swing at our actress. I don’t know why the actress took this guy back. He is a tool.

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#11**
Within the past few years, this Republican Presidential candidate spent ten days at the annual Bohemian Grove party. While there he was apparently videotaped propositioning a male worker for sex. This male worker arranged for the recording of the politician after the politician was turned down by another male worker. Not only is the proposition recorded but also the exchanging of money and a couple of minutes of footage which leaves no doubt what is going on. All of the footage happened outside under a tree. It is not quite dark so everything is clearly visible. The candidate, who has a very good chance of winning the nomination has been paying the worker several hundred thousand dollars per month to keep the recording secret. I’m actually surprised the guy has not been killed or had an accident. What is going to trip up the candidate is that he is spending campaign money to pay this monthly fee and eventually someone is going to notice.

215. BLIND GOSSIP 04/21 **#1**
This TV actress broke up with this odd guy last year, but his relentlessly crazy behavior is completely stressing her out. However, when you peel back the layers of Odd Guy’s life story, his behavior might actually make sense. Odd Guy’s parents were each married multiple times. His mentally ill mother abandoned him when he was a baby, and he was raised by the nanny. He finally reconciled with his mother many years later, but he lost her again when she murdered her third husband and then killed herself. For some reason, our guy blamed his father for his mother’s unhappiness, and subsequently stopped speaking to his father for years. Odd Guy never had any children. He thinks of our actress as his only real family. The fact that she kept coming back to him after they broke up makes him think that he has a shot at winning her back. He will do anything – ANYTHING – to keep her in his life. If his current crazy actions stress out her and her current beau enough to break up, all the better.
TV Actress: Sofia Vergara
Odd Guy: Nick Loeb
Odd Guy’s Crazy Behavior: Feud over frozen embryos

216. BLIND GOSSIP 04/21 **#2**
When he was forced to stop drinking recently, this famous film actor needed another way to relieve his stress… so he started eating. He has only gained eight or ten pounds, but he is not that big to begin with, so it really shows on camera. He has promised to drop the weight quickly. Until he is completely shipshape, though, wardrobe has to adjust his costumes and the director has to reblock some scenes to hide all his offending body parts. Aarrgh! Dude, you are totally ruining the continuity! Wait. We have an idea! Will someone please call Alec Bladwin and see if he can spare his old 30 Rock mirdle? Johnny Depp

217. WINE & SASS 04/21
We've got some whispers that this possibly up and coming "actor" from an A+ List family is head over heels for this B- List Actress that was created from a hit reality show and now is a fledgling actress in TV. They happened to be at the same place and the same time and he says "sparks flew." For her, on the other hand, it was just a one-time thing. She has never been one for commitment, even when she was married. She goes where she thinks she can get the money or fame...he is gorgeous, but can do nothing for her. He is going to be in for a surprise when he truly starts navigating the A or B List women in the Hollywood circuit that he thinks he should be with. Many women will want to be with him for a night, but unless he can really make a name for himself, they won't stick around. Scott Eastwood/Katharine McPhee

218. VANITY FAIR 04/21
"Modern technology has now progressed to the point where factory-built partners are at least as good as human partners," Mills says later at a downtown bar. "Not everybody wants to be in a relationship, especially an emotionally draining, costly, anxiety-filled one. If a man says, ‘I don’t want to be in a relationship,’ most of the time that’s probably a fucking good decision! And he can order a RealDoll, which will end up being a helluva lot cheaper than the women he was dating! If a man has a hundred or no girlfriends, Real-Dolls are a good option no matter what." A hovering waitress says, "Last call." Mills orders a beer and returns to a pet peeve. "Women have enjoyed sex toys for 50 years, probably 5,000 years, if the truth be known, but men are still stigmatized! We have to correct that! I want to be the Rosa Parks of sex dolls! Men are not going to sit in the back of the bus anymore!" [It] was 2007’s Lars and the Real Girl that put RealDolls on the cultural map, when one of McMullen’s dolls landed a role opposite Ryan Gosling, who played the quirky, socially stunted lead. Lars becomes less reclusive soon after Bianca shows up in a crate. He begins wheelchairing her around to family dinners, a party, and church, much to the delight of the tolerant townsfolk. The company is "fiercely" protective of the privacy of all its customers, not just celebrities, who usually demand a non-disclosure agreement or have a doll purchased through an intermediary. Deep sources there confirm that an actor with "anger-management issues" bought five at once and was seen sunbathing with them on his yacht. Charlie Sheen

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#1**
This openly gay former reality star turned brief A list singer turned B- list celebrity is cheating on his significant other with a closeted B+ list mostly television actor from a very hit alphabet cable show who always professes crushes for women but never actually dates any.

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#2**
This former B list mostly television actress from a recently ended hit network show says she felt like a third wheel and completely dishonest for not saying anything because her B+ list mostly movie actor co-star (with a long time significant other) was and is hooking up with their foreign born B- list mostly movie actress co-star.
Television actress: Aubrey Plaza
Show: "Parks and Recreation"
Actor: Dermot Mulroney
Foreign actress: Eugenia Kuzmina
Movie: "Dirty Grandpa"

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actor who has been A+ list in his career made a public appearance this week and was surrounded by four men who would not let anyone get close to the actor. They wanted no questions asked of the actor and stayed with him every second he was out in the open. John Travolta

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#4**
She didn’t stick with her celebrity first husband when he cheated on her, but this B list television and movie actress keeps forgiving her second husband every time he cheats which is frequently.
Actress: Ali Landry
First husband: Mario Lopez
Current husband: Alejandro Monteverde

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#5**
While attending an event in her honor, this aging foreign born Emmy and Golden Globe winner who was once on a very hit, very long running network show was a big pain. Not only did she demand multiple first class tickets for people who never even came, but she wanted two suites on the same floor of a hotel that was not the event’s hotel. She skipped a press event promoting the honor and tolerated about two minutes of photos before and during the event. Not a fun time for anyone. Jane Seymour ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman")
 "2015 Sarasota Film Festival/Icon of Television Award"

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#6**
There was a time when this comic actor was A list. It could be argued that because he was top billed in a handful of movies he was A+ list. Now he is a B- list actor and spending all his money and destroying his side business because of his meth use. The guy is a mess and there is no longer anything funny about him. Dan Aykroyd (side business: co-founder and part owner of Crystal Head Vodka, the official vodka of The Rolling Stones)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#7**
Never known for being subtle, this former A- list singer who achieved that height thanks to some serious songwriting help, is now a B list singer living off her name. At a party this week, the singer started talking loudly about how she loved having sex with this actor/director and was going into great detail about the when and the where and didn’t even care that his wife was listening. Apparently this happened before marriage, but maybe while dating the wife. Courtney Love/Eli Roth (Lorenza Izzo)/HBO "Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck" Los Angeles Premiere

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#8**
This A- list mostly television actor is on his second hit show back to back. He is the star of the latter and considered himself the star of the former. The former has a movie spinoff and our actor was supposed to be present for a huge press event. When told he would not get any solo press coverage or accolades he decided to skip the event. Jeremy Piven "Entourage"/"Mr. Selfridge"

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#9**
SOAPS: This married Days Of Our Lives actress is hooking up with her love interest on the show in real life. Her love interest is also married. Kristian Alfonso/Daniel Cosgrove

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#10**
OLD SCHOOL SOAPS: Back in the day when Luke and Laura were just being introduced to the world, this cast member on the show had a great two year run. Everyone thought she would stick around forever. She was having a relationship with another actor on the show who would move on to the big time of prime time. He was supposed to take her with him so she quit. Once he started with his prime time show though he dumped her and she burned so many bridges leaving GH she could never go back. Richard Dean Anderson/Susan Pratt

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#11**
#1 – This married A+ list mostly movie actor hooked up in Vegas this week with a foreign born host of a US celebrity program. Channing Tatum (PROBABLY Renee Bargh)"2015 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Presents The Big Picture"

#2 – This former A- list mostly television actress who had multiple chances on network television but only ever hit it big the first time, has also only hit it once big in movies. She has had serious health problems but there she was chain smoking away for almost an hour this week outside an event.
Actress: Christina Applegate
TV show: "Married with Children"
Movies: "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" and "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues"

Event: 2015 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Presents The Big Picture

#3 – This foreign born B+ list celebrity who has been on two hit entertainment shows is having trouble getting full-time hosting work because of the investigation that started last year into allegations she helps launder money from drug profits of her family. Tulisa Contostavlos ("The Xtra Factor"/"The X Factor")

230. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22 **#1**
It is amusing that this TV girl had a such a dramatic reaction to her athlete boyfriend being caught with drugs. She’s always known that he parties. In fact, she has been known to party a time or two herself. Therefore, her cutting him off seems to have more to do with her preserving her squeaky clean reputation than it has to do with being genuinely shocked – shocked! – that he was caught carrying. She’d better be careful about taking slap shots at him, though. There are plenty of people waiting on the sidelines who have witnessed her party habits and who may expose her if she doesn’t back off!
Erin Andrews "Dancing With the Stars"/Jarret Stoll (his drug bust)

231. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22 **#2**
Although the purpose of a bodyguard is to protect you, what if that bodyguard was actually the one putting you in danger? This singer needs to be more careful about who she hires, because one of the bodyguards she frequently uses makes money on the side dealing heroin! Could you imagine if her tour bus was stopped one day, and a search turned up baggies of H? Even if she is not the one using it or dealing it, it’s HER photo that will be splashed across the front pages. Having her name and the word "heroin" in the same sentence would certainly hurt that wholesome reputation of hers. Careful, girl!
Taylor Swift

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#1**
This foreign born A list mostly action movie actor who was A+ list in the US for a decade and is still A+ list in much of the world took his mistress to a very high profile event and left his wife home. He always pretends to be quite the family man but is not even close. Jackie Chan won "Asian Inspiration Award" at 2015 ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#2**
KINDNESS: This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who is taking a spin through network television right now after a very long run on a now defunct long running network hit was at an event yesterday when a woman passed out. The woman had been pushing a stroller. Our actress watched the baby until paramedics arrived and even changed a diaper and rocked the baby back to sleep during all of the commotion. Cobie Smulders (’How I Met Your Mother")/juror for 2015 Tribeca Film Fest

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#3**
This foreign born golfer who was one of the world’s best a few decades ago has had some very high profile relationships while running his lucrative business. He is in another relationship now but just paid off a woman he met and impregnated on a one night stand. Not the first time he has made one of these agreements. Greg Norman

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#4**
It is usually a different cast member on this very hit cable show that is out causing trouble everywhere he goes. At a recent party, the trouble making co-star was quietly getting drunk as usual, but the actor who is the subject of this blind was walking around the party carrying a pair of handcuffs and slapping them against his hand and it seemed to be working as a pickup line/prop because he left with someone about an hour into the party. Norman Reedus/Steven Yeun/"The Walking Dead' Press Conference

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#5**
Apparently the marriage is still going strong between this A- list mostly movie actor with the made up sounding name and his celebrity wife. Our actor had a chance to hit A+ list a couple of years back, but the potential franchise was screwed up beyond recognition. He has another chance in the very near future. Anyway at an event this week, the couple were all over each other and finally took their action to an office that wasn’t being used. They did apologize for the mess they left behind. They had thrown all the papers to the ground from the desk.
Actor: Armie Hammer
Wife: Elizabeth Chambers
Failed franchise: "The Lone Ranger"
New franchise: "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
Event: 2015 Art Of Elysium dinner

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#6**
This former Real Housewife who made a recent special appearance took offense at this Academy Award winner at a party this week. The actor in question who is not known for being pro-women was walking through the party rubbing his genitals. Every couple of minutes he would take a lap around the room and do it. Our former reality star confronted him about it and our actor told her to fuck off.
Kelly Bensimon/Cuba Gooding Jr.  (The After Party For The Tribeca Film Festival World Premiere Of "Maggie")

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#7**
This married foreign born B list singer/songwriter who is a Golden Globe nominee/winner is not your typical singer/songwriter. At a gig this week in the US, the people who saw him backstage were stunned at how well his performance went because he was non-stop drugs and drinking for the four hours leading up to the performance. Wyclef Jean "7th Annual Awards"

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#8**
This foreign born B list mostly television actress who was most recently on a very hit pay cable show that has now ended, found out her husband cheated on her with a co-star from that show. That co-star has no self-morality filter. Kelly Macdonald (Dougie Payne)/Gretchen Mol "Boardwalk Empire" or Anna Paquin (Stephen Moyer)/Evan Rachel Wood "True Blood"

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#9**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who got his start on television and has had a four decade career as an A lister or close to it was a drunken sweaty mess this week at a party and was all over a waitress telling her he could make her a star. You would think he could hold his liquor better. Dan Aykroyd/Waterkeeper Alliance's "Keep It Clean Evening Of Comedy

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#10**
It all started a few years ago. This A list mostly television actor who has been A+ list in television and even A list in movies was out of the country. He traveled down to South America because he wanted two things. Extreme drug use and extreme sex. He got both. Apparently though his notoriously bad temper came out and what was supposed to be rough sex turned into our actor killing a hooker. It happened in a sex club. According to the owner of the club it is not the first time a woman has been killed in the club and it has happened a few times since. Within 24 hours after it happened our actor reached a settlement with the owner of the establishment for his loss of income and to make sure our actor had no issues with the woman’s family or the police. A wire transfer was sent and our actor was allowed to leave the country. He was on his jet within an hour of the money landing in the owner’s account. Fast forward a year. Our actor has forgotten about the incident and apparently everything was handled to the point where our actor starts to breathe easy. At that point he gets some disturbing news. The owner of the club was killed in a drug deal gone bad and now people start getting hazy memories about whether the actor paid and whether the police were called. Everyone wants more money. The last amount was in the very low seven figures. Someone said $2M. At this point the new owner of the club and the alleged family of the victim each are demanding a similar amount to stay quiet. Apparently our actor is on a video recording in the office of the club describing how the death happened and there is also video of the actor and the woman in the room where it happened but the actual death can’t be seen because of the camera angles. The actor has the money to pay, but wonders how long the shakedowns will keep occurring. For the past year there was one payment in the mid-six figures as a sign of good faith and there has been a monthly private jet flight between LAX and the city in question as an attorney for the actor and the club and alleged family negotiate a settlement. Charlie Sheen

242. BLIND GOSSIP 04/23
There is a story out there that this husband is jealous of his actress wife’s career success, and that it is causing problems in their marriage. This is total nonsense… but it is also good public relations work! You’ve heard the expression "The best defense is a good offense." The leaking of this story is intentional offense. You are being set up for the separation announcement and then the divorce announcement. When these two break up (and it is scheduled to happen in the next few months), the "career conflict" excuse is going to be presented as the reason. There is nothing particularly scandalous about it, and it is a plausible excuse that they can sell to the public. So, what is the real reason for the split? It’s simple: time is up for these two! The marriage was a fake, and the contract is up. By the way, although this isn’t exactly a Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes situation, there are some definite similarities. However, the divorce will go much more smoothly for these two.
Kerry Washington/ Nnamdi Asomugha

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#1**
When this Academy Award winning actress was asked this week at a screening where her Academy Award winning husband was, she said he was probably off fucking someone but since they don’t really speak she has no idea.

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#2**
This openly gay B- list mostly movie actress from some very big movie who had her most recent television attempts fail rather quickly has been cheating on her long time partner with a female production assistant from a recent movie. Maria Bello/Clare Munn; Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#3**
This B- list foreign born actress with the unique name and an affinity for period piece movies says that this A- list foreign born actor with A+ list name recognition was trying to do whatever he could to look up the dresses and skirts of women at a party this week. He thought he was being discreet, but several people noticed what he was doing and it was super creepy. Gemma Arterton/Luke Evans "'Audi At The Ballet' At The Royal Opera House"

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#4**
This B+ list mostly television actress has gone from network hit to network hit (two separate networks) and everyone seems to love her. There she was at a party this week though wandering the outskirts of it and did not try to approach anyone. When people would come up to her she would say hi and then extract herself as quickly as possible and then start lapping the crowd again. There was something obviously wrong with her but no one could put a finger on exactly what it was. Jennifer Morrison ("House"/Fox) ("Once Upon A Time"/ABC)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#5**
This B- list mostly television actress from a very hit ensemble pay cable show never misses out on a weekend party at Le Trapeze swingers club with her significant other. She is definitely not shy about experimenting. Zosia Mamet "Girls"

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#6**
This aging permanent A+ list mostly movie actor has been looking very frail the past few weeks. It could be the stress of everything that is going on in his life, but others say he is suffering from some medical treatments for an illness that has worn him down to the point he may have to retire from acting.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#7**
This aging B- list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She is trying to get a foot back into full-time acting after a fairly lengthy absence. She was spotted at dinner the other night with a man known for paying for the services of actresses of a certain age and reputation and our actress might have left without him, but met up with him at his home shortly after dinner. Jennifer Tilly; Sharon Stone

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#8**
KINDNESS: This foreign born actress might be A list if her new show gets picked up for next season. Of course on the almost network things almost always get picked up. She is on multiple shows and has a huge heart for charity. Despite not making as much as others she is donating about a third of the money she receives from her new show to establish a scholarship program back in her home country. Rose McIver (New Zealand) "iZombie"; "Masters of Sex"; "Once Upon a Time"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#9**
#1 – This former A list child actor from television and movies does not do much now but live off his millions. Oh, and get arrested from time to time. Apparently he is armed at all times and carries four to five guns in each of his cars. You know, in case the world ends while he is at the grocery store. Frankie Muniz

#2 – This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit very long running network show says that she never hung out with her now departed co-star outside of work or work functions. He never hung out with anyone except when he had sex a few times with the actress who walked off the show first.
Show: "Grey’s Anatomy"
B+ list actress: Ellen Pompeo
Co-star: Patrick Dempsey
Actress who left first: Katherine Heigl

#3 – Quite the war between these former Disney A list tweeners turned adult actresses. The co-stars have not had much luck in the real world of acting and the brunette who has slightly better luck hates the blonde right now because she says the blonde slept with the boyfriend of the brunette. She is only finding out about it two years after the fact. Everyone else already knew.
Disney show: "High School Musical"
Brunette: Vanessa Hudgens
Blonde: Ashley Tisdale
Boyfriend: Austin Butler

#4 – I wonder if this newly engaged celebrity knows that when she went on the first dates with her B list mostly television actor boyfriend who started off as a rapper/movie star as a youth she was his second or third partner of the day. Hey, at least she is engaged now and he is probably down to one or two other women a week. Erica Mena/Shad 'Bow Wow' Moss

252. BLIND GOSSIP 04/24 **#1**
This TV star was recently talking about how worried she is that her husband might have fathered a child before they married. Ha! There is no way that he fathered a child out of wedlock. Why not? Because he doesn’t even like to have sex with women! We thought that she was saying this because she really wants you to believe her husband is some kind of sex machine who just can’t stop having sex with women many, many times a day. While that is true, it turns out that there was another reason for her fake concern. An insider told us: "She likes to pretend that [another celebrity couple] are her friends, but she deep down thinks that they are her rivals. She was annoyed that [Rival Husband] was getting attention for having a secret child. Whenever [Rival Wife and Rival Husband] get attention for something, she always immediately plans something to try to one up them and draw the attention back to herself! That’s why she’s talking about [her husband] possibly being a secret father. She knows it’s not true, but she just can’t help being competitive." Give me a break…
Wife: Kim Kardashian
Husband: Kanye West
Rival Wife: Beyoncé
Rival Husband: Jay-Z

253. BLIND GOSSIP 04/24 **#2**
This girl with the famous last name was at Coachella. She spotted another girl wearing a floral garland on her head, and immediately decided she had to have it. "Oh my god! I love your garland! Will you sell it to me?" "No." "How about for $50?" "No." "How about for $100?" "No." "Do you know who I am?" "No." Our girl then walked away, muttering one final word. "Bitch." Paris Hilton, Kylie or Kendall Jenner

254. BLIND GOSSIP 04/24 **#3**
Authoritative TV producers operate a bit like Mafia dons. Casting and storylines are closely guarded secrets, to be leaked only at the producer’s discretion… and woe be it to anyone else who even hints publicly about those changes before the producer is ready! The producer can always find a way to make sure their character goes on vacation… or goes into a coma… or gets whacked. This producer was absolutely furious that a certain actor didn’t follow this code. According to the producer, "If he was so damn tired of playing [the same character] and wanted out, he shouldn’t have re-upped his contract!" Instead, he started passive-aggressively whining and leaking storylines and talking about how he wanted to move on. That was an incredibly unprofessional move on his part. Rather than complain about the actor in public, though, the producer got their revenge via the actor’s character. Sometimes snitches get stitches. However, in this case…. WHACK!
TV Show: "Grey’s Anatomy"
Actor: Patrick Dempsey
Producer: Shonda Rhimes

255. BLIND GOSSIP 04/24 **#4**
This very famous NFL player was sitting courtside at an NBA game the other night. After the game, a few fans of the Home Team intercepted him and asked if he would take a photo with them. He said "No," and brushed past them. A few seconds later, several of the stadium’s employees greeted him and asked if he would take a photo with them. He simply said "No," and walked past them as well. A dozen yards later, he was approached by some fans of the Away Team. They also asked if he would take a photo with them. This time, he said "Yes!" and posed happily with his arms around the group. What? That doesn’t make any sense! Why would he be so dismissive of people from his own state – who are likely fans of his football team – but so accommodating and happy about posing with fans from a different state who are likely fans of one of his rivals? Well, the first group consisted of middle-aged people with their kids. The second group consisted of several young, attractive women. The third group consisted of five very good-looking guys in their twenties. No. No. Yes. Final note: No, his "girlfriend" did not accompany him to the game.
Football Player: Aaron Rodgers
His Team: Green Bay Packers

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#1**
This A+ list singer had been expected at an event. A car had been arranged and press had been alerted she would be there, but apparently she still does not want to be seen in public with her celebrity former bff who had this huge honor and had to cover for the absence of someone who would have been there in the past but is more concerned with her image than anything else.
Singer: Taylor Swift
Celebrity: Karlie Kloss
Event: "Karlie Kloss x Frame Denim Meet"

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#2**
Usually it is actresses who take way more than they should from swag suites. But, when it is a new Samsung, then the guys get interested too. Probably too much. This A- list superhero was supposed to get two phones for coming. He took about 25 and when someone said something to him he stared them down and kept piling phones into the bag he brought. Chris Evans ("Avengers: Age of Ultron")

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#3**
This internet star who has slowly moved into the big time has a significant other. He probably doesn’t know about the late night producer she has been hooking up with regularly who has managed to land her so many of these high profile gigs and moved her from internet to television. Grace Heilberg/significant other: Chester See ("The Grace Heilberg Show" on E!)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#1**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: To help you out on these, I will give you the network of the soap. This one is CBS . This actress high tailed it off the soap when she thought she was going to be a movie star. Now that she is out of money and no one wants to hire her, she had to sleep her way back on the show which apparently went well because she is filming again. Kim Matula "The Bold and the Beautiful"  (comes back to "The Bold and Beautiful")

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#2**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: NBC. This very good looking closeted actor who has been on other things besides soaps is married with kid(s)but he hooked up with a guy last night at an after party and they were not shy about being into each other.

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#3**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: NBC. This actress used to be on an NBC soap about a decade ago. The soap ended about six or seven years ago. Now she is a movie of the week specialist. Everyone was whispering behind her back because apparently she shot a few porn movies in the past month to make ends meet but thinks no one recognized her because of a wig. Umm, well she was wrong. Kelli McCarty "Passions"

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#4**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: CBS. This actress has run through the networks on soaps but is currently on CBS. Despite being a very good actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee she is not well liked because she is always talking about how rich she is thanks to a very rich husband. She is like the GOOP of daytime. She would probably hate it known that one of her co-stars shares the bed of her husband on a fairly regular basis. Melissa Claire Egan "The Young and the Restless" and "All My Children"/Matt Katrosar (Account Executive, CBS Interactive: CBS Entertainment)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#5**
DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS: Before the celebration even began for this almost television show, one of the stars who has been on since day 1 was excusing herself every few minutes to go to the bathroom. It only took about an hour for her to run out of coke and was the jumpiest person you ever saw after. "The Bay the Series" Mary Beth Evans, Martha Madison, Jade Harlow, or Lilly Melgar

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#6**
This B list celebrity who is a Vegas mainstay when not doing television specials has always cheated. He strung along his most recent fiance for years while cheating on her. She is staying quiet right now even though the celebrity secretly married a woman he got pregnant while cheating on his long suffering fiance.
Vegas mainstay: Criss Angel
Long suffering fiance: Sandra Gonzalez

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actor from the franchise that has one remaining installment, got into a huge fight with an older man who helped shape the actor’s career. A lot of that was done in the bedroom. It seems our actor feels he no longer needs the man and would prefer a guy his own age and to be open about it too. Josh Hutcherson "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2"

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#8**
Apparently this tabloid has their super padded kneepads out for this one because they bit hook line and sinker for the story that this B+ list mostly movie actor has completed a sobriety milestone.
Zac Efron/"People"

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#9**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress turned expatriate had three of her teeth replaced this weekend. Well, probably veneers. She says she fell down. Maybe. Chances are better though that her "likes it rough" boyfriend did the damage. Lindsay Lohan

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#10**
This former almost A+ list mostly movie actress who is probably an A-/B+ lister at this point says she caught an STD not from her cheating former significant other but a reality star she spent a weekend with. Kate Hudson/Matthew Bellamy/Derek Hough

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#11**
Over the weekend this B list celebrity who has a reputation almost as bad as Bill Cosby when it comes to his behavior towards women was at it again. There he was, weaving through swarms of young women at a convention. When one would catch his eye he would stop and ask to photograph her. He would then pass out his card and if the teen/young woman knew who he was he would write his cell phone number on the card along with a code which was the same as the number of the photo he had just taken. If the woman was still in her teens he would actually take down their phone number too. Two of the teens said he was looking for comic inspired nude shoots and that he was not paying anything but that if they tested well and were good to him during the shoot that he could make sure they received national attention. The guy is a perv and will be called out again. Everyone who runs into the guy needs to call him out.
Terry Richardson

270. BILLY MASTERS 04/27 **#1**
Could it be that a certain pop stud has been exploring his less-than-angelic side? While he couldn't indulge in same-sex crushes during his previous incarnation, he's far less miserable now that he can show up at gay clubs and call it "research" (we hear he likes his research rough). It's one thing to cavort with male strippers overseas, but it's pretty foolish to do so stateside - even at a private home. Happily, his galpal ain't the jealous type. In fact, her only complaint is she'd really like to be able to wear high heels again. Be careful what you wish for....

Nick Jonas/Olivia Culpo
his song "Jealous"
"…his less-than-angelic side?" song last year with Angel Haze
"he can show up at gay clubs and call it research." plays a gay boxer on a tv show "Kingdom"

271. BILLY MASTERS 04/27 **#2**
Could it be that a god-like guy more known for being seen and not heard is trading in tepid big screem success for small screen obscurity? That's the word from the set of his latest venture, which is far from hitting target. He doesn't seem concerned that the experiment could be a bust - and what a bust it is. He was too busy partying at Coachella, clearly feeling no pain while inappropriately grabbing bouncing balls - both high and low. When he made the moves on his former co-star, enough was enough and his beau/manager got him home fast.

God-like guy: Kellan Lutz ("The Legend of Hercules" and "The Immortals")
Fox announces new reality show "Bullseye" hosted by Kellan Lutz
The co-star with whom he tried a bit too hard for: Robert Pattinson

272. BLIND GOSSIP 04/27 **#1**
She is one of the most famous models in the world… but what the heck did she do to her face?! The fact that she is now over 40 has not diminished her beauty at all. Yet she still felt compelled to get some work done recently. Not a full face lift. Just cheek implants. Too high. Too sharp. So sharp that you could grate cheese on those things. Very Jada Pinkett Smithish. Say "Cheese!" Tyra Banks

273. BLIND GOSSIP 04/27 **#2**
This young actress has a thing for gay male celebrities. She really believes that her presence makes them appear more straight. She will beard for anyone. Dating them is one thing. But marrying them? Doesn’t she realize that people will catch on if pretty much every man she "dates" or "marries" is the subject of gay rumors? She moves fast, too. At the rate she is going, we would not be surprised if she is on her third marriage by the time she is 30!
Actress: Nikki Reed
Male Celebs She Has Dated or Married: Victor Rasuk, DJ Qualls, Ryan Phillippe, Pavel Priluchnyy, Robert Pattinson, Paris Kasidokostas Latsis, Paul McDonald, Derek Hough, Ian Somerhalder

274. BLIND GOSSIP 04/27 **#3**
This famous athlete recently got out of rehab. We found out that although he was quietly tucked away in a facility in an East Coast state… he wasn’t completely alone! While he was there, he became very friendly with a professional model who was also being treated in the same facility. No one knows that she was in rehab. She is not a public figure in the same way as a Cara Delevigne or a Kendall Jenner, so it’s not like she is followed around on the streets or is constantly the source of tabloid fodder. However, if you work in the modeling industry, you would definitely know her, as she is one of the top 50 models in the world right now. The athlete’s girlfriend might be seeing red if she knew how friendly the two had gotten in the time that he was being treated. Given his girlfriend’s predilection for partying, though, it might not be a bad idea for the athlete to dump her in favor of someone who is also committed to being sober!

Athlete: Johnny Manziel (girlfriend: Colleen Crowley)
Sport/Team: Cleveland Browns

Olivia’s been Gladiating with a veritable skeleton crew on Scandal this season, but reinforcements are coming. TVLine has learned that Liv in the near-ish future will finally get down to the business of filling one of the two vacant positions left by the dearly departed Harrison and now-White House press secretary Abby. And in a twist, I hear the new hire will be a familiar face to Scandal watchers — i.e. it’s a character Liv has previously crossed paths with (a guest star not a series regular). Who’s the familiar face that’s about to get the coveted gig?
Guest star: Cornelius Smith Jr.
Character: Marcus Walker
Episodes: "The Lawn Chair" (When Clarence Parker's son was shot and killed in Washington, Marcus was one of the first people on the crime scene. He refused to help Olivi Pope, but he was there to support Clarence (his friend).) and "I'm Just a Bill" (Marcus called Olivia Pope, when he tried to save the Mayor Wife's life. OPA arrived at the scene with Marcus covered in blood and the Mayor's Wife dead on the bed.)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#1**
Publicists were scrambling all weekend and yesterday to try and get any stars of note to the party of this former A+ list celebrity/reality star who still is not well liked. Anyone who has ever received a credit for anything was given the opportunity to come but it was sparse. Apparently everyone had better things to do and still can’t stand the former star. Paris Hilton/"DuJour Magazine cover"

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress on a hit cable show for just a bit longer, was at an event this week and told a couple of people that she was trying to leave an organization that has had a grip on her for so long. She says she never goes home for fear of them trying to talk to her. Elizabeth Moss/"Mad Men" (Scientology)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#3**
This former B list mostly television actress who has not worked much since her very hit almost network show went off the air says she is so poor because of her legal issues she hits as many events in a week as she can because it is how she can afford to eat. Plus she sells the gifts she gets and is also her entertainment. Kelly Rutherford/"Gossip Girl" (child custody legal problems)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#4**
I guess we should be grateful she didn’t attempt the rarely successful "the top of my dress fell down", but this actress still screamed for attention. She was B list when her recently ended hit network ensemble show aired. Now though she is scrambling to do more than just be a red carpet mainstay. At an event this week, our married and pregnant actress wore a see through dress with no bra. No big deal except she kept pointing it out every five minutes and how embarrassed she was. To everyone. Naya Rivera "Glee" (The Creative Coalition 2015 Benefit Dinner in Washington, D.C.)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#5**
This A list rapper would like you to forget about some legal indiscretions of her youth. There were a few, but she says they were minor. A former member of a group she was in before going solo has a new DVD being released and in the preview says that things were much more serious and much more violent than she lets on. He and our A list rapper would run around with guns and rob everything they could to get money. Nicki Minaj

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#6**
This B+/A- list mostly television actress from a very hit pay cable show loves to talk about how she is in the perfect relationship and is so good at spinning she should work for Soul Cycle. Two days before she was out supporting her significant other she was in the bed of a different guy. Always spinning. Lena Dunham ("Girls")/Jack Antonoff

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#7**
These two B list hip hop stars had a hit song together not that long ago. That friendliness has come and gone. Apparently the two have had a war of words while their entourage have had a war involving much stronger weapons than words. Why? Apparently they fought over the affections of this foreign born singer/model who is a current one hit wonder. Yes, they both have many other women they sleep with and get pregnant, but this is someone they both wanted. Shots have been fired.

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#8**
KINDNESS: This foreign born B+/A- list mostly television actress who has been on one hit show after the other for almost two decades stuck up for a woman who was being bullied last night. Our actress got in the face of this foreign born celebrity offspring/failed reality star/substance abuser who was being rude to someone. She is always rude to people and then plays the victim card really well. Our actress interfered and got the offspring to back down and apologize. Not much choice when shamed in front of ten or so people. Kelly Osbourne/Jill Hennessy "AAFA American Image Awards"

284. MR. X 04/28 **#1**
Which A-list pop songstress said she was in South America this past weekend to accept an award but in reality was there to entertain some businessmen who paid top dollar to sleep with her?

285. MR. X 04/28 **#2**
What former A-list pop diva who will be B-list soon if she doesn’t have another hit on the charts shocked concertgoers at a recent show appearing completely unrecognizable? It’s a combination of coke bloat, overeating and that she’s running through stylists every month because she’s become such a nightmare to work for. Lady Gaga

286. MR. X 04/28 **#3**
One person who won’t be at the Dancing with the Stars anniversary special tonight said no thanks at the last minute when she found out two former contestants she dislikes very much were to be there as well. She really needs to get her head out of her ass and come back to reality.

287. MR. X 04/28 **#4**
1. What foreign A/B-list actress and Oscar winner/nominee’s husband has a mistress who recently gave birth to his baby? Yes, the wife does know about them and is doing her hardest to dole out hush money before the mistress blabs to a tabloid. Carey Mulligan/Marcus Mumford

2. Which A++ list rapper/mogul had to be restrained by his bodyguards after he threatened a reporter who asked him about his latest business venture’s so-so success? The reporter was probably planted by a rival music mogul, who is working on a similar venture with a much bigger company. Jay-Z ("Tidal") Dr. Dre ("Apple")

3. Easy Easy: Don’t believe the story that this A++ list actor is telling the press. He went on a drinking binge which ended with him completely passed out in the middle of his bedroom after colliding with the door. Brad Pitt

288. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28
They are both superstars in the music industry who frequently dominate the music charts. But we were a bit shocked to hear who dominates whom in bed! Since the husband is a strong businessman as well as a musician, you would think that he would be in charge when they are humping. That’s not necessarily the case. The wife told a former colleague that she frequently takes control: "He lets me be the boss in bed. He likes it when I take charge and hold him down. He also likes to be tied up. He likes to be humiliated." He must be crazy in love to let her treat him like that!
Husband: Jay-Z
Wife: Beyoncé

289. LAINEY GOSSIP 04/28
She has a new assistant who works hard, who’s very capable, who is also very attractive. After an event recently, the celebrity left with a gift bag. Inside the bag was a new fragrance. She gave the fragrance to her assistant. The assistant started wearing it as her signature scent. Over the next few days, everyone started commenting on how good she smelled. A couple weeks later, the celebrity asks her assistant to GIVE BACK the cologne. And she starts wearing it instead.

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#1**
The husband of this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is asking for millions of dollars in their so far quiet divorce. Apparently he is in possession of some very intimate videos that will get "stolen" and released if she does not cooperate. Julia Roberts/Danny Moder (just put her $30 million Hawaii home up for sale)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#2**
One of the very young conquests of this closeted A list actor who made his fame in movies but now stars in almost television says that the actor does poppers constantly and always keeps a handful in his pockets. Kevin Spacey "House of Cards"

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#3**
This broke as a joke model/musician needed some cash so he hooked up with his A- list celebrity offspring actress ex. He says that for the $50K she gave him he will stay with her a few weeks. The woman he calls his actual girlfriend at least in Twitter direct messages doesn’t mind though because they have fun with the money.
Joke: Matthew Hitt
Actress: Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#4**
This A- list action mostly movie actor had a morning show appearance and arrived at the show in full makeup. Even though it was his only television appearance of the day he never removed the makeup and throughout the day could be seen touching it up as he made several promotional stops for his new blockbuster movie. Jeremy Renner/"Marvel's Avenger: Age of Ulton"  ("Good Morning America")

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#5**
While on vacation with her long time boyfriend, this talk show host/part-time reality star sent some naked photos of herself she took on the vacation to her sometime reality fling to help him through some tough times he is going through the past couple of weeks.
Talk show/reality star: Maria Menounos (Keven Undergaro) (On vacation in Greece)
Reality fling: Derek Hough "Dancing With the Stars" (broken toe on his right foot and sprains and bone bruising to his left ankle)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#6**
This happy go lucky A list foreign born singer who has been the victim of cheating by a celebrity ex, spent Coachella doing as much cheating as possible even though his girlfriend was around. Our singer used every excuse to get time away for 30 minutes here or an hour there and had sex with 5 or 6 women in 48 hours while his girlfriend was none the wiser. Or so he thought.

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#7**
For the past several weeks this A list mostly movie actress who would be A+ list if she could carry a movie on her own and her former bff who is a celebrity/comedienne/talk show host, have been in the same city but have not hung out or spoken to each other. Apparently the A lister blames the bff for getting her boyfriend using drugs again.
Actress: Jennifer Aniston (in NYC)
Boyfriend: Justin Theroux
BFF: Chelsea Handler (NYC for "Late Night with Seth Meyers")

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#8**
For the second time in as many months, this former A list tweener actress who got her start on television before making millions in every kind of product she could sell and now makes tens of millions of dollars every year in a side business, had what she refers to as a cleanse. Basically it means she goes on a five day drug bender and does not emerge from her house until all the drugs are gone. She used to do this once a year. She is now doing it once a month. Mary-Kate Olsen

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#9**
The husband of this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned television actress got busted by the husband of the woman he was having sex with the other night. Now our former A+ lister is writing a check to keep the man quiet. Paying because our A+ lister does not want to be embarrassed in public.
A+ list actress: Halle Berry
Husband: Olivier Martinez

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#10**
This former A list mostly television actor from that long running network show. You know, the one with, yeah, that one. Anyway, our actor was at an event last night and would not stop hitting on an actress who was clearly a minor. Our actor didn’t care. He doesn’t care about much any longer. Matthew Perry "Ride" - Los Angeles Premiere

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#11**
He likes to pretend he is this innocent aww shucks kind of guy. He works more than Ryan Seacrest which is saying something. He is also a huge cheater. A list. Has had a long time significant other. Our A lister goes out of town a lot. That is his prime cheating time. He has a list of four or five women that he flies in to various cities who know how to keep a secret. He also has a steady list of one night stands which are found by a reality movie actor. I think that might be the first time I have used that term before. The reality movie actor is no stranger to cheating. He cheats all the time and even broke up an A list celebrity marriage. Anyway, our A lister likes the world to think he is some straight shooter but that is so far from reality. From his very first public relationship to his most recent he has cheated in every single one of them.
A lister: Matt Damon
Reality movie star: Bam Margera (Raab Himself appeared on "Viva La Bam" says he’s Matt Damon’s nephew)
Matt and Bam appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Episode #4.319 (September 20, 2006)
A list celebrity marriage: Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey
First public relationship: Minnie Driver (dated Winona Driver, Penelope Cruz, Claire Danes, Eva Mendes, Rhona Mitra (actress), Odessa Whitmire (personal assistant to Billy Bob Thornton and, later, Ben Affleck)

301. BLIND GOSSIP 04/29
It’s always fascinating when celebrities dramatically change their bodies. Whether it’s beefing up for a macho role, or slimming down for health, it’s amazing when it happens so quickly and so publicly. Well, maybe not so amazing! Maybe one of these body changers had a little help in the form of an illegal substance to achieve his amazing new body. And maybe that substance caught up to him and left him with health problems. And maybe those health problems are now causing him to bow out of some work commitments. And maybe he won’t even need to stay out of the public eye for long to kick the substance. Get well soon, New Body Guy! Sam Smith (weight loss)  (cancels Australian tour and Logies 2015 appearance)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#1**
While out of the country this openly gay former A+ list singer who has been singing since he was a teen mixed with a little acting, stiffed an escort he hired to come to his hotel room. Apparently they agreed to a certain price but when the act was finished our singer had some of his bodyguards come into the room to show the escort out before the escort got paid. Ricky Martin (Sydney, Australia)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#2**
This could get complicated. For those of you who want a certain couple reunited, it would probably be best if the male part of that couple was not hooking up with both of his female co-stars on his new network show. The good news is he apparently does prefer the brunette to the blonde. So, maybe this summer another brunette can capture his attention.
Couple: David Ducovny/Gillian Anderson
Male’s new show: "Aquarius"
Co-stars: Claire Holt (blonde)/Emma Dumont (brunette)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#3**
At a party this week, this married to a celebrity/reality star B list singer/musician who has not had a hit with his group in a long time but still performs with the group and makes some money judging, hooked up with a party goer who is the daughter of a record executive.
B list singer/musician: Joel Madden
Celebrity/reality star: Nicole Richie
Group: Good Charlotte/The Madden Brothers
Judging: "The Voice Australia"

Nicole Richie meets with divorce attorney

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#4**
In a new book she is writing, this ex-wife to multiple celebrities who has also done reality television and hosting says that an actor ex she never married had her seduce his son so he would have someone close to his son at all times.

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#5**
These former co-stars who were in the movie, but not the original together, spent six hours in a strip club. The guy, who was married to a future potential EGOT winner at the time was asking for drugs while the female co-star got hammered and began dancing on a small side stage. Sounds like a very interesting night.
Movie: : "Rent"
Female star: Rosario Dawson (not in Broadway production)
Male star: Taye Diggs (was in Broadway production)
Potential EGOT winner: Idina Menzel (Tony and Grammy winner)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#6**
Let me start by saying the book publishing world is really coming to an end when they give this out of work actress money to write a book. In what will hopefully be foreshadowing of the success of the book, the actress ho has hits on pay cable and misses in everything else, was hammered at a book reading/discussion and good luck reading any kind of signatures she managed to scrawl. Chloe Sevigny (only success was "Big Love" on HBO)
 "Chloe Sevigny"

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#7**
This former plus sized model turned regular model showed this week how she lost all her weight. At a movie screening party she was snorting something. Hard to tell if it was coke or Adderall in the dimmed theatre lights but she sure did a ton of it. Crystal Renn/screening of "Saint Laurent" (anorexic, the plus size, now thin again)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#8**
This former Real Housewife who is trying to get a new reality show with her husband doesn’t even live in her Housewife city any longer. She says they are too poor and actually get welfare and other benefits to survive.
Alex McCord "Real Housewives of New York City" (currently living in Australia)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#9**
This not very nice B+/A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show sent a half naked photo to the boyfriend of her co-star. She said she did it just to "fuck with his mind." She did it because she does not like to see her co-star happy.
Show: "2 Broke Girls"
Not nice actress: Kat Dennings
Co-star: Beth Behrs
Boyfriend: Michael Gladis

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#10**
#1 – This old studio mogul just set up a trust fund for a 2 year old. Apparently our really old A++ list mogul fathered a child with the daughter of one of his maids. Sumner Redstone

#2- This B+ list mostly television actress who had a really bad television season last year can’t get more movie work, not only because everyone hates her who works with her (especially from that long running hit show based on a movie) but because she loves the nose candy almost as much as hating people. Sarah Michelle Gellar (last year: "The Crazy Ones" with Robin Williams) (show based on a movie: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

#3 – This female pop star who is maybe dating a foreign born A list model/wannabe actress, was at an event this week and had bruises all over her legs from injections. Maybe pants would have been a better idea. St. Vincent/Cara Delevingne

312. MR. X 04/30
What hip-hop power couple aren’t joining that controversial cult as has been reported lately? In fact, the wife’s relative who recently wed an ex member from that sect had him "exorcised of his demons" by a Baptist priest. Hallelujah!
Hip-hop power couple: Beyoncé and Jay-Z
Cult: Scientology
Link: Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles married actor Richard Lawson a Scientologist)

313. BLIND GOSSIP 04/30
This pretty actress is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. She owns more than one home, but there is one house in particular that she loves. Not likes. Loves. Loves the house, loves the area. So why is she now selling it? Because she needs to liquidate some of her assets for her upcoming divorce! Given the circumstances under which she snagged her husband, we’ll bet his first wife will be laughing a huge, uproarious laugh over this one.
Actress: Julia Roberts
Husband: Danny Moder

(home in Hawaii)
Why His First Wife Is Laughing: When Danny Moder asked his wife, Vera, for a divorce so that he could marry Julia, Vera kept dragging her heels, hoping he'd reconsider. So Julia went around town wearing a t-shirt that read, "A Low Vera"

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