NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

They didn't hold hands or makeout for anyone, but it was pretty obvious this closeted barely A list mostly movie actor was showing off his boyfriend when they made an appearance together at an event outside the country.

This A+ list mostly movie actor decided to sleep one off at a Pottery Barn this week. Our actor walked over to a couch and passed out there for almost two hours. The staff let him be and when he woke up he didn't say anything but just walked out of the store. Ben Affleck

This barely hanging on to A list mostly movie actress who is also an Academy Award winner recently shot a spread for a magazine. Her people made it very clear that our actress would leave if anyone smoked near her or even if they smelled like smoke. Our actress then spent the entire time in between photos chain smoking. She went through two packs in about three hours. Nicole Kidman

This former A+ list performer (singer) who is now mostly a Vegas and casino fixture is married. Loves declaring what a family man he is. Well, our singer must really want this performer from Thunder Down Under to be in his family because the two men are practically living together and are fixtures at each others shows. Rod Stewart; Donny Osmond

This former A+ list mostly television actor who still enjoys A list name recognition despite his failed television shows and movies since his long running hit, is cheating. He has a girlfriend of two months but a chance encounter with an ex who is a foreign born B list celebrity/actress/model led to a series of hookups and his new girlfriend doesn't have a clue.

This A+ list mostly movie actor was smoking pot and canoodling with a woman under a Malibu beach house the other day who is most definitely not his movie actress significant other. Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie)

According to an escort hired to be part of a threesome this week, this skinny former B+ list mostly movie actress was far more interested in doing line after line of coke than anything sexual. Tara Reid

This B list mostly movie actress recently tried and failed at the whole television series thing. Now, she is back in regular movies and is giving the makeup people a lot of work to do every morning. Apparently our actress has been cutting herself again. Surprising because I thought everything was much better in her life now. Christina Ricci

Kindness: This former A list mostly movie actress has had a turbulent ride through Hollywood and is not even that old, but it feels as if she has been around forever. Her A list name recognition is the only thing that is keeping her in the B range. Her history and personal life have kind of hindered her ability to get parts. Despite all of that, she is practically bankrupting herself because of all the money she gives to two or three different charities and spends almost a thousand hours a year volunteering at them too. Winona Ryder

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/01 **#10**
In the not too distant past this television actor was A list. It can be argued that he was A+. Not a great actor, but his show was a huge hit. Because of the show he landed a couple of easy big movie paychecks for movies that sucked. Money was rolling in for this actor. Millions of dollars a year. At the same time all the money was coming in though he was gambling it all away. He didn't worry though because there would always be another season or another movie paycheck. He just kept gambling and losing and kept chasing that big score at casinos. He was at casinos a lot. Part of his job was to go to casinos so it gave him the perfect excuse to be there. Not that long ago his show ended its run and so did the huge paychecks. He still gets checks but they are much smaller. He has tried his hand at other shows but none of them stuck. No one wants to give him a movie. He actually has to hustle to make a buck now and needs to do it because those tens of millions of dollars are gone and now he only owns his house and is very low on cash. He still hasn't stopped gambling, but he just gambles with much smaller amounts. James Belushi; Kevin James

11. BLIND GOSSIP 05/01 **#1**
This Actor won multiple awards for his craft before his untimely passing. However, his personal life was not as rewarding as his professional life. His relationship with his Significant Other was bad. Really bad. Although they lived very comfortably and wanted for nothing, she was constantly pressuring him about money. She wanted to buy a lavish house that was twice what he knew he could afford. "I’m not Brad Pitt," he would tell her. "I can’t afford a $5 million house." The fighting got so bad that he took projects and trips just to get away from her. The fact that he didn’t bring her along infuriated her even more. He was very generous with his time when it came to working with charities. He would spend time quietly visiting sick kids at a children’s hospital, feeding the homeless, or engaged in other similarly compassionate acts. He wasn’t into PR stunts so the press never knew about most of this. He would also give the charities $10,000 or $20,000 whenever possible. Of course, this was maddening to his S.O., who thought that all of his time and money should be spent on her. Life at home became so stressful that Our Actor jokingly referred to it as a "concentration camp." His child/ren from a previous marriage refused to visit him at the home because the atmosphere was so hostile and they couldn’t take the constant fighting. He took to sleeping at his office rather than going home, and was purchasing a condo so that he would have some place to go when they broke up. Yes, he was planning a permanent split with her. He passed before that could happen. Unfortunately, the S.O. he was planning to boot now controls much of his money. Fortunately, he did make sure that his child/ren will want for nothing. James Gandolfini

12. BLIND GOSSIP 05/01 **2**
This reality star is wearing a ring on her engagement finger. Is she engaged? No. Although you might think of her as one of the more down-to-earth members of her group, she is not. She acts like she is so happy when the people close to her are in the headlines, but it actually eats away at her self-esteem that it’s not her in the headlines. Yes, she is that insecure. That’s why she goes to extremes to compete for attention. She thinks she deserves more publicity. But for what? Is she doing anything or accomplishing anything? No. But she has to get attention somehow! So she is the one who is spreading rumors about herself to make you think that she is being considered for a certain job (she isn’t), or that she may be pregnant (she isn’t), or that she may be engaged (she isn’t). Whatever. Her delusion is likely fueled by all the substances she’s putting in her mouth.
Reality Star: Khloé Kardashian
Certain job: Replace "Chelsea Lately"

13. BLIND GOSSIP 05/01 **#3**
Here is the sad truth about a celeb who passed within the last year. He was an alcoholic. He went to rehab in 2012 and was clean and sober. Then he started dating someone who did not care about his sobriety. They partied together, and he relapsed hard. He showed up for work on a new project before he passed. It was obvious to those around him that he was seriously ill. His eyes were yellow. He looked so bad that his panicked colleagues wanted to take him to the hospital immediately. Not rehab, the hospital. His girlfriend blocked them. "He’s fine!" she insisted. He did not fight her. His colleagues didn’t give up. They started contacting his family members, begging them to intervene. Within a few days, they finally did get him to the hospital. It was too late. He died of liver failure shortly thereafter. The cause of his demise – the one that was reported in the media – was a lie.

14. MR. X 05/02**BLIND ITEMS PART 1**
1) Which former bffs turned supposed enemies, consisting of a former A-list pop diva and an infamous blogger, are possibly back to being friends again? They were seen hugging it out at an NYC lunch date a few weeks ago. Makes you wonder if their "feud" was faked... Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton

2) Which former Disney tweener/boybander has been spotted at a gaggle of WeHo nightspots? Is he finally preparing to come out? Yes, his ultra-religious parents do know about his homosexuality. Joe Jonas

3) Which former A-list EGOT winner once stipulated to an author of a book that they not mention her father's bisexuality or else no interview at all? Liza Minnelli (Vincente Minnelli)

4) Which B/C-list businesswoman and sometime actress recently pulled a gun on a Scientology spy who was taking down her license plate number? Priscilla Presley

15. MR. X 05/02 **BLIND ITEMS PART 2**
5) Which bisexual (but leaning towards men) A-list actor currently doing some non-movie work is worried about his name emerging in the Bryan Singer scandal? Kevin Spacey Netflix "House of Cards"

6) What B-list former tweener laughed off reports that she's become a Scientologist? She told a friend that her mother would disown her if she ever joined the cult. Hilary Duff

7) Which A/B-list actor from a recently ended franchise is working with his people to plan on coming out of the closet after he was outed on a website? Be prepared for an epic fan meltdown once he does come out. Taylor Lautner "Twilight"

8) What foreign born disco diva created quite a scene at the TSA checkpoint at JFK Airport when she told the security guard she wasn't wearing panties or a bra? Grace Jones

9) Which former member of that '90s R&B group has privately told friends that she was kicked out after she refused to accept the sexual advances of their manager, who also happened to be the father of the group's main member? Latavia Roberson/"Destiny’s Child"

16. MR. X 05/02 **BLIND ITEMS PART 3**
10) What friends of that all-around trainwreck are fearing that she might be headed towards another relapse after some really bad news this week? Courtney Love

11) What has been's friends are encouraging her to be the guest of honor at a Comedy Central Roast, thinking that laughter will really be the best medicine? Lindsay Lohan

12) What B-list rockstar spawn sent a package containing dog crap to that B/C-list mostly TV actress currently on a network sitcom after her daughter overheard her calling the spawn's deceased father and ex-husband junkies and drug zombies?
Rockstar spawn: Lisa Marie Presley
B/C actress:
Network Sitcom:
Daughter: Riley Keough
Spawn’s deceased father: Elvis Presley
Spawn’s ex-husband: Michael Jackson

13) Which eccentric R&B songstress said she didn't know about the atrocities committed by that African dictator she performed for a few weeks ago? surrre... Erykah Badu

14) Despite all that shopping, there is buzz that this hip hop couple might skip the Met Gala. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

Kindness: This A- list mostly television comic actress and infrequent big show host gave up her first class seat on an LA to NYC flight and sat back in coach so a woman with a lap child could enjoy the extra room. Our actress chatted in the back and took photos and even bought food for people. Amy Poehler

This former A+ list mostly television actor had a very long running hit show and since then doesn't really act any longer, but still has A list name recognition and has done good work in other areas of movies and television. He is also still a recent newlywed but it hasn't stopped him from cheating with a production assistant on his latest movie. Kelsey Grammer

This former A list mostly television actor comes from an acting family. Our former actor though is unlike many of his acting brethren. Our actor does everything possible to avoid being noticed or recognized in public to the point he would prefer to stay inside and let his family or assistants run all errands. Our actor also prefers being behind the camera now. Fred Savage

This former B+ list former mostly movie actor who has worked since his teen years and made the switch to television when the movies dried up. He is having a lot of success on television and has a fairly new hit show. He also has a significant other. When he recently hooked up with an actress who was guest starring on his show she says that during sex the actor wouldn't stop talking about himself and how lucky she was to be part of his career and his sex life and would not stop talking. It was so strange she felt like there must have been a camera recording it. James Spader "The Blacklist"

This married A list entertainer (singer) got busted last year for shoplifting while in London but hushed it all up. It was only about $50 worth of stuff and she is worth millions. Apparently she does this frequently. Lily Allen

This barely B list mostly anything she can get actress did have a huge role on a huge hit television show but just stumbles from one minor movie role to the next. Anyway, our very attractive slightly aging actress was filming a commercial and wanted a camera moved to a different position and when the director said no, our actress stood there with her arms crossed and a pout on her lips for fifteen minutes until the director agreed to move it. Our actress then smiled and jumped up and down like a 10 year old. Jane Krakowski "30 Rock" "Tropicana Trop50"

These are some of my favorite blinds because, not only do I give you half of the puzzle, it also can bring a mental image to my mind that can provide a lot of laughs. Or groans.

#1 - Tawny Kitean and this former A+ list mostly television actor who has not translated his television success to movies or really any other network shows but has a great little side project going on right now. Jerry Seinfeld "Comedians in Cars"

#2- Gwyneth Paltrow and the same guy from #1. Jerry Seinfeld

#3- Courteney Cox and this former A list musician because of a band he was in. Not Adam Duritz. Not Bruce Springsteen. Richie Sambora

#4- Susan Sarandon and this Academy Award winner/nominee hooked up when they were co-stars. Jack Nicholson "The Witches of Eastwick"

#5 - Chris Noth and this former A list mostly movie actress who still has A list name recognition and has a great imagined hometown line. Winona Ryder "Mr. Deeds" (The town she makes up is Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa)

24. BLIND GOSSIP 05/02
Sometimes actors have to leave projects because of scheduling conflicts. And sometimes they just say that they are leaving a project because of scheduling conflicts. Such is the case with this beautiful actress who is very famous because of one role she did more than twenty years ago. She was just replaced by another actress in a film that had already started shooting. The reason given? "Unforeseen scheduling conflict." Really? She signed a contract, flew to the location, checked into her hotel, showed up on set to work… and then suddenly remembered she needed to be somewhere else? Naw. Not even close! She was totally fired. Basically, the story is that she showed up on set completely fucked up on whatever substance she is putting in her body nowadays. She couldn’t remember her lines and was acting erratically. She was fired and replaced by an actress who currently stars in a TV series.
Actress: Sharon Stone
Film: "American Ultra"
Replacement Actress: Connie Britton
TV Series: "Nashville"

This A+ list mostly movie actress went braless for her daily pap shot but decided after seeing the photos they showed way more than she intended so went and bought a bra and then had the pap take more photos. Reese Witherspoon

This former A list reality star from a former A list reality show that aired on a one letter cable network is getting divorced but is trying to land a tabloid cover that shows her to be a victim in the marriage before she announces it. Nicole Richie

This married A list talk show host was at the White House Correspondent's Dinner last night but he spent the entire day in a hotel room with his mistress. He made his wife stay back home. Matt Lauer

The real story of the band that just announced a bunch of shows being canceled because of illness is that the second biggest member of the group is a strung out mess who needs rehab. The band just can't decide whether to wait him out or hire someone to replace him for a while like they did the other night at that big gig that shouldn't be. "30 Seconds To Mars" Jared Leto’s brother Shannon

This B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show almost at its end as a series thinks she is A+ list. She had her people try and get Chanel to dress her for the Emmy Awards in a few months but Lagerfeld doesn't like her look at all. Her people haven't been able to figure out a way to tell her. I will tell her for you when I reveal it. Lea Michele "Glee"

Why yes, that was this former A list celebrity doing line after line of coke Friday night in Kentucky until about two hours before her call time. Why yes, an entire bottle of Visene was used on her eyes. Tara Lipinski "Fashion Commentator at Kentucky Derby"

This former B list reality star from several reality shows before moving into other projects and then back to television now thinks she would be a great actress. She is pitching a script based on her life and she wants to star in it. There have not been any takers so she wants her boyfriend to finance it. Bethenny Frankel

This A list mostly television actor who is amazingly cool and funny and has a huge franchise spent several hours this week getting a little lipo on his moobs.
Actor: Nathan Fillion
TV: "Castle"
Franchise: "Halo" video games and the voice of "Green Lantern"

This Academy Award winning actor who has done practically nothing since he won except be a pain was hitting on underage women at a bar even after they told him they used fake id's to get inside and were 16 and 17 respectively. He kept wanting to buy them drinks and take them home. Cuba Gooding Jr.

This seemingly goody goody B- list mostly television actress from a hit cable show that has seen other co-stars in this space before is now here too because of her little coke problem. A coke problem brought about because of her boyfriend who has always been a big user. Apparently she is trying to fit in with him and his friends and started using, and can't stop. Shay Mitchell "Pretty Little Liars"/Ryan Silverstein (Drake’s best friend)

This former star NFL quarterback, who may or may not have a job and team this season despite being a huge name as recently as two years ago was spotted at a very high profile event this weekend and was crazy drunk. So drunk that he kept asking women to show him their breasts and kept grabbing women to tell them who he was and how they should hook up with him. Mark Sanchez "Kentucky Derby"

This married A- list performer (singer) is usually on the receiving end of cheating rumors. Over the weekend though, it was she who was doing the making out with a member of her band. Miranda Lambert "Kentucky Derby"

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor with some sobriety issues was eating dinner at a hotel and also got a room where he escape to several times during the meal. Strange. Zac Efron

The marriage of this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is in trouble because of her husband's drug use. People warned her before she married that this was likely.

This B- list actress who was last seen on a very hit almost television show was shaking so bad while at an event where she was featured that the organizers called paramedics just to have them on standby. Taryn Manning "Orange Is the New Black"/25th annual GLAAD Media Awards'

Despite becoming a huge fashion mogul, this former A list performer (singer)/reality star was not invited to the Met Gala this year because Anna Wintour thinks the fashion brand and the normal style of our A lister is beneath the Gala. I disagree. Jessica Simpson

This former A+ list mostly movie actor still was arguably the greatest at one role which has seen many actors. He has a significant other but for the past two weeks has been spotted emerging from the home of this A list mostly movie actress after her kids go to school.

This B+ list celebrity, is an actress of sorts. She says that her career has nosedived since hooking up with this A+ list mostly movie actor because he kept telling all of his friends about what they did and that now she gets calls from them asking for the same thing and lots of places where she used to work no longer want to book her. Dita Von Teese/Russell Crowe

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/05 **#10**
This actress is probably B-. She should maybe be slightly lower based on her body of work, but she has great name recognition which keeps her in that B range. Our actress did not start off in show business as an actress, although her fame certainly preceded her before she began acting. She was A list and then started moving slowly down the ladder as she tried desperately to get a part. She needed a big break. She knew she could make it as an actress, but, because of her past, no one would give her a shot. Well, enter this, at the time, A+ list mostly movie actor who had a thing for our actress. Sure, he was married, but, that never really stopped him when he wanted to be with someone. He controlled casting for the female lead in his new movie and he sampled several actresses before he was informed that our actress wanted the part. She agreed to sleep with him for the part, but because she did have some power she told him that if he backed out, that she would expose him to the world and she would not be bullied into accepting some smaller role. It was the lead or nothing. Our actor agreed and our actress has had quite the acting career since. Vanessa Williams/Arnold Schwarzenegger "Eraser" (first African-American woman crowned Miss America, but a scandal arose when Penthouse magazine bought and published nude photographs of her, she relinquished her crown)

43. RADAR ONLINE 05/05
Sophie Monk Reveals She Saved Mystery Starlet In Near Drug Overdose At Hollywood Daytime Bash. Australian stunner Sophie Monk says she’s "saved two celebrities" in calling an ambulance after drugs got the best of them. The 34-year-old singer-actress, speaking with Australia’s 2Day FM, recanted [sic] the surreal life experience, herself an international star with access to ultra-exclusive shindigs of unparalleled revelry. (She did not, understandably, name the famous faces she saved.) "I was walking through this party and they said, ‘Meet this celebrity’," the beauty recalled to the Show and Tell’s Merrick Watts and Jules Lund. "All of a sudden I was like, ‘She’s had too much’, and she starts convulsing like crazy. All her best friends and everyone left the party. I mean, everyone, within five minutes, left that party thinking they were going to get in trouble. "They stripped her off naked, ran a shower, left her in it and left her in the bathroom naked and everyone left." Monk was not one to run, even in dire circumstances as such. "I said, ‘I’m not leaving," the London-born beauty said. "I found a dressing gown in a closet, covered her, called the ambulance and there was foam coming from her mouth. They had to strap her down — she would have died easy." As the saying goes, however, no good deed goes unpunished — a rule that, apparently, applies tenfold in Tinseltown. "The next day, [the overdosed celebrity] goes, ‘Who was that bitch that called [the ambulance]?’ because she couldn’t remember anything," Monk said, adding that a previous incident occurred on a separate occasion.
Celebrity who OD’d: Mischa Barton at Nicole Richie’s 2007 Memorial Day BBQ

44. BLIND GOSSIP 05/05 **#1**
We know that you dream about what it would be like to spend the night with your favorite foreign-born boy bander! But in case that never happens, we’re going to you exactly what you missed! Not much. Because despite his reputation of having been with lots of women (some famous), this boy bander is actually quite lame in the bedroom. You meet him at a club. Out of all the girls in the room, he chooses you. You go back to his hotel suite with him. He wants to watch you undress… but he doesn’t want you to see him naked. He’ll ask you to turn around while he takes off his pants and slips under the covers. Then you can turn around. He isn’t looking for romance. He’ll tell you that he’s not really into kissing, so there’s no making out. He doesn’t have much to say to you, but he does want you to talk dirty to him and tell him how hot he is. He is small. Perhaps two inches soft, four inches hard. He is uncircumcised. He does wear a condom. It’s just straight sex. Missionary style. Nothing else. It takes him less than five minutes to finish. Then he falls asleep. Niall Horan "One Direction"; Max George "The Wanted"

45. BLIND GOSSIP 05/05 **#2**
This young TV actress is seriously thinking about quitting her role on a prime-time show. She is upset because a member of the cast or crew has been acting inappropriately towards her. She went directly to the producer/s with her complaint, but they have done absolutely nothing to oust the cast/crew member from the set. She is normally quite relaxed and low-key on the set, but these events are causing major anxiety for her. If the producer/s do not get rid of the cast member within the next two weeks, she will announce that she is leaving the show. Are you listening, Producer/s? Sadie Calvano "Mom"; Britt Robertson "Under the Dome"

Met Gala: There was no screaming or yelling because that just isn't allowed, but this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress, who everyone loves, did confront her B+ list mostly movie actor ex and his current celebrity girlfriend and said out loud to both of them that he cheats. All the time. She also called him some names and then walked away. Rachel McAdams/Michael Sheen/Sarah Silverman

Met Gala: Which B+ list talk show hostess (who's had success in more than one medium) turned down an invitation to the Met Gala saying that the guests would scatter like roaches if she ever stepped foot into the place, due to the dirt she's spilled on her show? She'd be pleasantly surprised that there are a quite a few people on the Met Gala guest list who are dying to whisper some gossip her way. Wendy Williams (plus Wendy said that there is no way she’d pay $25,000 per person to attend)

Met Gala: Well, they actually showed up to the Met Gala after all.... but left right after they walked the red carpet. The guy was heard scolding the woman about how she made him a pariah, after fellow celeb guests gave them the cold shoulder. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

Which C-list model girlfriend/beard to that closet case of an A+ list actor has been stepping out with that bisexual A-list model who was recently girlfriend to a B-list mostly movie actress?
A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper
C- list model girlfriend/beard: Suki Waterhouse
A-list model: Cara Delevingne

B- list actress: Michelle Rodriguez

This B- list mostly movie actress has not filmed much of anything in the past year, on television or in the movies. She could easily be a C lister if her side project doesn't get moved to mainstream. One of her issues is bad publicity. The other issue is that this minor player in a huge franchise faces is her pill use which was evident this past week as she was spotted popping pills and chasing it down with booze at a movie screening. Needs rehab and a Kneepads cover to restart her once promising career.

Kindness?: This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress had a big 2013. Huge. Went from a nobody to a somebody and 2014 should be even bigger. She was stopped by a fan on the street and posed for several photos and even did a voice mail recording for them. Several other people then rushed up and wanted photos with the actress. They admitted they had no idea who she was, even when she told them her name. They just knew she must be famous because of the first fan. Instead of being rude about it, our actress still posed for lots of photos while she told them what recent big movie she starred in. Margot Robbie "The Wolf Of Wall Street"

This A list mostly television actor from a very hit network show is beloved by many. He might not be so beloved when you realize he broke up the marriage of his current girlfriend. The two met and she dumped her husband for the actor who knew she was married. Kiefer Sutherland/Jason London's estranged wife Sofia Karstens

This A+ list director/sometime actor spent the lunch hour in his trailer yesterday with a stripper. Apparently he didn't say anything other than the word dance when she came in and thanks when she left an hour later. He never even touched her and had her dance several feet away from him. She thinks he might have fallen asleep at some point. Clint Eastwood

The former girlfriend of this permanent A list rock star who has had some substance issues says that our rock star can only get aroused by looking at very young porn. Not kiddie porn but he likes them in pigtails and braces and looking young. Steven Tyler

55. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/06 **#10**
Although every person in first class knew who he was, this sometime A+ list mostly movie actor, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee insisted that everyone call him Frank. He would only respond to that and when someone would ask him if he was________, he would get angry and say his name was Frank. Crazy. Nicolas Cage

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/06 **#11**
One actor you won't be seeing contributing to GLAAD anytime soon is this almost A+ list mostly movie actor. Reporters know not to ask any questions about his stance on homosexuality because he won't answer the question and will walk out of the interview. He is a big enough star where he gets to decide who interviews him and those people know the rules. He dumped several women before he met his wife because he heard they had threesomes which included other women. He doesn't do that. There are reports that he used to pick fights in bars with guys he suspected of being gay and then beat them. He has literally no tolerance for anyone in his life who might be gay. You will never see him knowingly work with anyone who is gay. He is perhaps the most homophobic person in Hollywood which is saying something because he owes his career to some very gay people and fans who gave him his big break. Mark Wahlberg (underwear ads for Calvin Klein; Annie Leibovitz shot a famous session of Mark Wahlberg in underwear for Vanity Fair's annual Hall of Fame issue)

This aging former A list mostly movie actress who still has A+ list name recognition was turned down by a waiter the other night when she hit on him. Apparently he wouldn't even budge when she offered him money to go out with her. She got up to $2500 before she gave up. Demi Moore

This sometime A list mostly movie actor who has done just about everything in his career except star on Broadway has dropped 20 pounds off his already tiny frame due to his crack habit. How come this didn't work for Rob Ford? Owen Wilson; Elijah Wood

Most of the time a show runner is desperate to get their pilot picked up by a network. This time though, the show runner was hoping it wouldn't be. After working with the B list mostly television comic actress with A list name recognition on the pilot and all the demands and attitude during filming, no one was looking forward to working with our actress again. Now that the series has been picked up, the show runner is looking to find another job. Debra Messing "The Mysteries Of Laura"

This former A+ list mostly movie actress was hammered at a recent event where she was speaking. Probably not the best place or time to be drunk. Julia Roberts (sister’s memorial service)

This C+ list mostly movie actress is more famous for her exploits outside movies. Now, she might become even more famous if the tape of her and another woman with her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend gets sold. The third member of the threesome is selling it.

This married A list mostly movie actor, who probably would be A+ list if he could make a decent movie other than his franchise has been making the most of his time while his wife has been out of town filming. Every night for the past few weeks, the same woman has been spotted at his place and a delivery driver with food comes shortly after. The woman generally leaves his place a little before six in the same clothes she wore the night before. Daniel Craig/Rachel Weisz

This B+ list performer (singer)/reality star was noticeably absent from a photo shoot she was supposed to attend. She can't stand this female A list singer who was also there so our B lister skipped it and really ticked off her sometime employers. Shakira/Gwen Stefani "The Voice"

This B+ list performer (singer) has a B+ list celebrity significant other. She is actually more famous than her boyfriend, but he is the one with a brighter future. Anyway, she thinks he is crazy in love with her, but there are several strippers around town who would disagree with her. Our B+ lister spends lots of time with his strippers and his girlfriend is never mentioned. Jordin Sparks/Jason Derulo (hit single "Talk Dirty")

This actress was A list at her very brief peak. A hit network television show got her to her peak and it is where she gravitated for most of her career. Now, she confines herself to the occasional movie just to keep herself out there. Our actress lives a very lavish lifestyle for someone who only had one big series paycheck that ended well over a decade ago. She was never a big spender, but her accumulated wealth is not primarily from acting. Our actress made her wealth by being arm candy for some very rich and powerful politicians. She would accompany the single candidates to events and often times accompany them after events too. She brought a well known face and someone who could actually talk about issues and she was very expensive. If you wanted her after event services she was even more expensive. She had a great track record though. Rarely did any of the candidates that she work with lose. Even if you were not a candidate, but just wanted her on your arm for a night or a weekend, she was available. Even though she is older now, she still is a name and she still is out there providing her special services. Generally that is what her line item says when she is paid from campaign funds. Special services. Janine Turner "Northern Exposure"

He took off for the desert recently. To relax. And party. Without his girl. And gets high and hooks up with random men online (he likes them super pretty and super jacked), inviting them to his hotel room for a night of drugs and sex. Two problems here. First, he’s a recovering addict and second, when he goes on these tears, he doesn’t use condoms. It’s the kind of reckless behaviour he’s been able to control through much of his success and for many years now. Curiously though, the last time this happened it was also during one of his transformations. Back then though, there was no explosion of social media and everyone taking pictures. Considering that he’s been hooking up with dudes who are on the young side (but totally legal), he’s risking being exposed by someone who’s out to show off and exploit. Bradley Cooper/Suki Waterhouse

This reality TV housewife is a self-made millionaire but is having financial problems. Word is she has only $100,000 left in the bank. This woman lives in a grand house in a grand neighborhood and drives luxury cars. She has kids. She is loved by some, hate by many. Many think she’s a bitch. She can be outgoing and unfettered or a total bitch. This is pretty sad considering this housewife is self-made. Vicki Gunvalson "Real Housewives of Orange County"

68. WINE AND SASS 05/07
This is one for the ages... These two C-listers have been at war for years. One has a household name and a fading star, the other has newer somewhat inconsistent fame, but manages to keep working. A while back, the newer celeb had a bid of a skid-out in the public, and the other C-lister pounced on this with everything she had, hoping to raise her star again through the rival's misfortune. It sort of worked for half a minute because she landed a tentative network gig, but since then everything personally and professionally has been coming undone again. The fading star's recent project came out it was panned heavily and labeled a disaster. Meanwhile, the buzz around the rising star's project has been mostly good and it looks like they will be brokering huge deals in the future. Not one to miss a dig when it's been earned, the rising star put together a reel of the fading star's failures as well as footage of all the great things coming the rising star's way. She included the reel in a large gift basket, and a card that reportedly said, "Thank you so much for everything. Best Wishes." The fading C-lister became irate and burned the entire thing in her fire pit. Except the booze. Of course she kept that.
Fading Star: LeAnn Rimes "LeAnn and Eddie"
Newer Star: Brandi Glanville "Celebrity Apprentice"

FAKE, FRAUD, and FUGAZI are the first words that come to mind, when describing this ‘just married’ KK pair… While she stays in her own spizz, he remains set-up in his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad. That’s where we’re told she once showed up unannounced — only to discover a nekked man in his bed! Don’t believe me.. Ask Riccardo Tisci! Our insider tells us.. he picks all the pieces she’s to wear for their photo-ops. Know why? Because dude really believes he’s a fashion connoisseur. The majority of their pictured meetings are said to be "just for the press". As for the pictorials featuring either of them pushing a baby stroller… There’s said to always be one thing missing: the baby! Don’t believe me.. Ask Bruce! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This former A list quarterback in the NFL is now more known for his off field issues than his playing ability. He is also a fairly recent newlywed. He is going to have a little more scandal headed his way if his wife finds out about him cheating on her.

The boyfriend of this B+ list mostly movie actress who got her B+ list status from one movie has been banned from the hotel where our actress is staying because he wouldn't stop smoking pot in public places in the hotel. Because of the actress they warned the boyfriend multiple times before they were left with no other choice. Lupita Nyong'o

At an event the other night, this spy was part of a group of six that included this A list mostly movie actor and his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend. The spy was appalled at the way the actor treated the actress. When he was talking if she tried to interrupt or say something he would tell her to be quiet because he was talking. When she didn't want to go outside so he could smoke he told her that she had to and she went. It was just one thing after another all night and the actress seemed to be oblivious to the fact that she was being treated like crap. Sean Penn/Charlize Theron "Met Gala"

This A+ list entertainer (singer) spent several thousand dollars on lingerie in the past month at a very high end lingerie store but has never gone in the store. She sends an assistant because apparently our A lister doesn't want to be photographed buying lingerie. Taylor Swift

KINDNESS: This married foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from a huge franchise that is set to have another release soon was walking the streets when he spotted a woman trying to change a flat tire. It was beginning to rain and the actor handed the woman his umbrella and changed the tire himself. The woman had no idea who the guy was until they started talking when she was thanking him and he ended up giving her passes to the premiere of his new movie. James McAvoy "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

This A- list performer (singer) recently went into diabetic shock and was hospitalized for a day. It isn't the first time it has happened, and he is not very diligent in checking his numbers. Bret Michaels (and a few weeks later happened again)

This B list reality star from an A list reality show is being pulled out of school because she is failing. She never attends so is going to be home schooled. Riiiight.
Kylie Jenner

This B- list reality star from a hit cable reality show on a channel that usually shows married women has been admitted to the hospital several times over the past few months for alcohol poisoning. She needs rehab badly but won't go for fear of missing out on filming or appearances. Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi "Shahs of Sunset"

For the past year, this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been seeing another woman. He won't divorce his wife though because he doesn't think people should get divorced. Christian Bale; Clive Owen

79. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **#10**
This former A list performer (singer) who is about to drop to B+ list status has been using drugs like crazy. Not only it is affecting her performances but she also has a lot of money problems because of her abysmal ticket sales for her tour. Not Miley. Lady Gaga

80. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **#11**
Before there was Lindsay Lohan, there was another movie actress who did many of the same things Lindsay has done. Our actress once reached A list, which is something Lindsay probably won't ever do at this point. Our actress had a very quick and bright flame and then crashed and burned because she has no real acting talent. She still enjoys A+ list name recognition, but her acting resume is probably a C+ at this point. Our actress didn't start off quite as young as Lindsay, but made a name for herself beginning in her 20's. Our actress spent a lot of time on the casting couch. Lots. It was the only way she got any roles at all because she is that bad. She lucked into her biggest role and has tried not to have sex for parts any longer. She will have sex for other reasons though or things she wants. She loves things. Like Lindsay, our actress would steal anything not tied down. She was famous for never returning any item of jewelry or clothing that she wore during a photo shoot or on a movie set. It got so bad that when she walked in a huge event she had to buy everything herself because no one would give her anything.. It is still considered to be one of the bigger fashion fails of all time. Like Lindsay, our actress enjoys some drugs. She had to have a nose reconstruction because of all the coke she snorted. She tries to limit herself to pills and booze and pot now. She has a lot of health problems for a woman of her still fairly young age because of her past drug abuse. Sharon Stone

81. BLIND GOSSIP 05/08
This very famous actor’s sexuality has always been the subject of speculation. Well, we have a story today that will provide some insight into his real history! Our actor has dozens of films under his belt, and might currently be described as an action star. At the time these events happened, he was dating an actress who would later become the star of a very successful TV series. The two – who are about the same age – dated throughout their teens and twenties when they were both starting out in Hollywood. He was heavily into drinking and drugs back then, and used to fool around on this actress girlfriend… with both women and men. A lot of them! One of the things that his hookups commented on was that he used to always fret about getting AIDS because he was having unprotected sex with men. Then he would get drunk and high again and throw precaution to the wind and have more unprotected sex with more men. During those years, he also used to worry aloud that he was gay but that he had to have a girlfriend because that’s what other people expected of him. The actor and actress were together for many years, but they eventually broke up and moved on. She married another famous actor. They have children together and live in a large city. Out actor is also a family man now (married with child/ren), and seems to have totally put his former life far behind him. However, it is interesting to note that while he sometimes talks about his history of substance abuse, he still avoids questions about his sexuality. We wonder if his wife has ever detected even a hint of his very prolific gay history during the course of their relationship.
Actor: Robert Downey Jr.
Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker
Actress’ Husband: Matthew Broderick

82. MR. X 05/09 **PART 1**
1) Which A-list actor and recent Oscar nominee's PR people are sending fake stories of an engagement to his girlfriend/beard because his name's about to be added to the list of those affected by the Bryan Singer scandal? Bradley Cooper/Suki Waterhouse

2) What closet case of an A-list actor who got his start on TV has been spending little time with his beard/wife/fellow closet case? He's been keeping quiet about a current scandal too. Will Smith (Willow, 13 in bed with Moises Arias, 20)

3) Which A/B-list actor and former tweener favorite has been dropping more than subtle hints about his gayness lately? Expect him to come out at some point this year, but after the promotion of his latest film.

4) What TV/movie actor's rage issues are due to his nose candy habit? Columbus Short "Scandal"

5) Which foreign born DWTS pro had a second career in his native country before he became famous? He was the kept man to some male drug lords. Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Ukraine)

83. MR. X 05/09 **PART 2**
6) What Oscar winning actress says she's sober, but she's really been drinking herself silly? Time for rehab! Marisa Tomei

7) What star of that '90s teen sitcom was worrying fellow diners in a restaurant when she began having an entire conversation with herself? Somebody's been off their meds... Lark Voohies "Saved By the Bell"

8) Which reality show sibling is courting a possible deal from NutriSystem, saying he'll drop a ton of weight for a price? If they only knew how he gained that weight in the first place *puff puff pass* Rob Kardashian "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

9) Which barely-hanging-on to A-list actor and franchise star lent his private jet to his longtime bff and Svengali even though they haven't spoken to each other in about a year? Hmmm... Tom Cruise/David Miscavige leader of the Church of Scientology (New Scientology Ideal Org in the Heart of Australia’s Harbor City)

10) What former A-list pop diva's right hand gal/drug supplier posted a shocking pic of herself to Instagram which showed the true effects of her crack addiction? Laurieann Gibson Lady Gaga

84. MR. X 05/09 **PART 3**
11) What fashion mogul seems like the textbook example of an ice queen, but in reality she's a bit of a self-deprecating wit? Who would've thunk? Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham

12) Which former B-list pop songstress and reality star is thinking about getting a new pair of boobs to celebrate her newly dropped poundage? Jessica Simpson

13) What late night host/producer's goal to be the #1 name dropper in showbiz is turning some coworkers and friends off? Andy Cohen "Watch What Happens Live"

14) Which former daytime hostess and sometime actress said that the failure of her return to daytime was because she wanted to go back to the earlier, trashy format of her first show? Producers said there was "too much competition" (like there wasn't any back in the late '90s/early 2000s?) Ricki Lake

15) What A-list actor is fooling the press that he and his girlfriend/beard are still together in the most subtle way? They both have moved on from each other. Jake Gyllenhaal/Alyssa Miller

85. RICKI LAKE "Watch What Happens Live" 05/09
During Thursday's (May 8) episode of "Watch What Happens Live," Jason Priestley was playing "Plead the Fifth" and when he was asked a non-"90210" star people would be surprised to learn he hooked up with, Priestley can't really think of anybody. So co-guest Ricki Lake jumps in to save the "Plead the Fifth" round and says, "I lost my virginity to one of the actors on 'Cry-Baby.'" If you haven't seen it -- and you should, because it's awesome -- "Cry-Baby" is a delightful, John Waters-directed musical from 1990 starring Johnny Depp, Traci Lords, Patty Hearst and more. But this revelation by Lake has piqued our curiosity. It's not the first time she's revealed where she lost her virginity, but this is the first time Lake has confirmed it was an actor from the movie and not, say, a crew member or somebody unrelated to "Cry-Baby." Lake wrote in a "WWHL" blog post from several years ago, "I lost my virginity on the set of ['Cry-Baby'] ... I'm not gonna give his name because he went on to have some success. I was definitely not his first, I know that. It was a positive experience, and of course it made the making of the movie so positive for me. Everyone on set knew -- from Johnny Depp on down. They were like: 'Thank God for Ricki! She can go on and do something else now.'" That seems to imply that it's not Johnny Depp -- though of course, Lake could be mentioning his name in that post just to throw people off the scent -- but who do you think it is? After perusing the cast list, it kind of seems like she might be talking about Darren E. Burrows, who played Milton Hackett in the film. He went on to star on "Northern Exposure," which could be considered "went on to have some success."

This A- list/B+ list mostly movie actor, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is really ticking off his co-stars and producers because he won't actually do any press for his upcoming movie. He is limiting himself to three red carpet appearances with no questions and won't even sit through the screenings. He considers himself above doing press. Umm, that is your job. Joaquin Phoenix "The Immigrant"

This A+ list diva/A list entertainer (singer) has a daily diet that consists of 3-4 bottles of wine and champagne beginning at noon each day when she wakes up which she combines with diet pills and prescription pills and three or four bags of chips or french fries. No wonder she has gained 25 pounds the past three months. Mariah Carey

If the rumors about this married A list mostly movie actress are true about her being pregnant, then she probably shouldn't have been sipping vodka out of a water bottle during her most recent national television appearance. Plus, it was so early the sun had not risen yet.

This foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee B+ list mostly movie actor went out on a date with his B list celebrity girlfriend as part of a bet but is still dating her because he says the sex is the best he has ever had. I have to say she doesn't look the type. Michael Fassbender/Naomi Campbell

This sometime A+ list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner. She also has a crazy temper. She berated her assistant the entire time they were standing in line for coffee and while they were waiting to pick it up and then on the walk back to the car because the assistant was five minutes late to work. Not Reese. Sandra Bullock

This former A+ list entertainer (athlete) has A+ list name recognition and probably knows every hooker on the eastern seaboard on a first name basis. He has been spending his free time directing and producing porn videos that are anything but tame. Seriously extreme stuff that he is going to distribute under a new company name. Alex Rodriguez

It is going to be close whether this B- list mostly movie actress can make it through all the press she is scheduled to do and all the cover shoots at the pace she is taking coke. She kicked the habit several years ago after multiple trips to rehab paid by her family. She can't go to rehab. Producers would have a fit. Dakota Johnson "50 Shades of Grey" (daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson/stepfather Antonio Banderas)

This B+ list reality star on an A- list reality show on a network that doesn't have an E! in their name is cheating on his husband. Actually they are both cheating on each other. Fredrik Eklund "Million Dollar Listing New York" (Bravo)

#1 - One of the reasons this foreign born A list mostly movie actor from the franchise that has been going for almost 50 years has such a young wife might be that he apparently is in the top five or ten when it comes to endowment. Maybe even number one when it comes to A listers. Patrick Stewart "Star Trek" franchise turns 50 in 2016

#2- This former A- list entertainer (singer) crashed and burned when she left the group that made her famous. She did so at the advice of another A lister who she stalked for a decade and thought they should be together even though he is gay. Geri Halliwell "Spice Girls"/Geroge Michael

#3- Jean Claude Van Damme used to have sex with this really bad actress/reality star who has been in the tabloids constantly the past month. Tori Spelling

#4 - This A list mogul and part-time reality star once financed a movie starring this late former C+ list mostly movie actress who was more famous for her reality show and what happened after she died. He financed it so he could sleep with her and keep his then wife from finding out. Lots of set visits. Donald Trump (Marla Maples)/Anna Nicole Smith "To the Limit"

95. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09 **#1**
This pretty actress is not too happy about the encounter she had at the Met Ball with a woman her husband used to date. In front of several other people, the woman announced that the guy used to be able to climax only when she stuck her thumb up his ass. Needless to say, the actress did not give the woman a thumbs up for this helpful tip.
Actress: Blake Lively
Husband: Ryan Reynolds
Ex Girlfriend: Charlize Theron

96. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09 **#2**
This celebrity’s husband hasn’t had a real job in years, yet he constantly takes "business" trips to the city where his ex-girlfriend lives. Was his television host wife really that dumb to think that he was there on business? According to him: Yes! He tells friends that although she is famous and makes good money, she actually is "as dumb as a box of hair." The wife finally figured out that he had been cheating on her all along and kicked him to the curb. Sherri Shepherd "The View"/Lamar Sally

97. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09 **#3**
This celebrity couple just got married within the past year. However, the honeymoon appears to be over, as they have already found something to fight about on a daily basis! It’s his ex girlfriend. What’s the problem? Well, he likes to call his ex-girlfriend at the end of the day to recap the day’s events to her and to ask her advice on things. As you can imagine, his wife hates this. However, he says that he was doing this since long before he even met her, and he’s not going to stop being friends with his ex just because they’re now married. Jimmy Kimmel/Molly McNearney/Sarah Silverman

98. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09 **#4**
This singer and her husband own two homes in the same city. One is the big family home, and the other is a smaller home, purchased for use as a guest pad. Although the singer is the one who purchased both properties, she is now livid that her husband now spends most of his time at the smaller home, away from her and their child/ren. He’s not lonely in the second home. His ex girlfriend spends a lot of time there, too. Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

99. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09 **#5**
These two celebrities were in a serious relationship a long time ago. They both married other people, had kids, and moved on with their lives. Or did they? She is now divorced, but he is still married. They’ve been emailing and texting back and forth a lot lately. She claims it is all very innocent… but would both prefer if his wife didn’t know. If it’s all so innocent, what is she worried about? Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner

A few years back today’s blind item was driving on Lankershim Blvd in Studio City, California when he ran into a famous porn star.. the pair exchanged telephone numbers at the scene. Our blind item calls himself a "King" but he’s really a queen. Know why? Because our blind item hooked up with the porn star after talking to her on the phone and when the porn star got to our blind items house, he requested she smashed him in his butt using a strap-on dildo that he pulled out from his dresser draw. After the porn star did what our blind item requested she found out today’s blind item is not a "Baby Boy" … he’s really a baby girl. Tyrese

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#1**
This married B- list mostly television actress who got her start as a model has been having a fling with her co-star. She and her husband barely sleep in the same house any longer. Her show is not going to last long at all. Awful. Brooklyn Decker/Andy Roddick "Friends with Better Lives" cancelled

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#2**
This B- list actress gets really high on the list for someone who does not star in that many movies or television shows. It is just what she does, she does well, and has really high name recognition. She is also not as nice as it seems. If you can do something for her then she will love you for as long as it takes to get it done. Then you are pushed to the side until she needs you again. The persona that she created where she pretends to be sickly sweet is being tested because of the recent demands for her time. She yells frequently and is being a huge diva and has walked out of several interviews when she thought the questions were not what she considered to be good. Good in her mind is people complimenting her the entire time and not asking anything other than in a form where it compliments her. Kristen Chenoweth "The Evolution of a Soprano"

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#3**
This celebrity couple has A list name recognition. You have to give them credit for trying to work things out. They have spent more time split than together during the course of their marriage. He likes to play with other women and she likes to think she can find someone who can make her the biggest _________ on the planet. She is former reality and not much else. Despite their fame they don't have a ton of money. They need their reality show income to make it. The other night they spent an entire dinner arguing with each other or looking at their phones. They went more for the photo op he says than working things out like he wants. It is a mess of a relationship.

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor, who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee and his wife have a very special relationship. She is allowed to keep around the very young man who watches the kids and teaches them to skateboard and also makes sure the wife is taken care of too. Our husband doesn't seem to care. Matthew McConaughey/Camila Alves

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#1**
"Oh my God, she is sooo old. Who invited her to the party?" Miley Cyrus talking about this still very much A list foreign born super model. Kate Moss

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#2**
According to the stylists that did her hair, this former A- list mostly movie actress turned C list mess had the bill sent for the services to someone who is not the person everyone suspected she was sleeping with for money, but to a man who actually has multiple wives and multiple children and is apparently a fan of very bad movies and pale hookers who abuse drugs. She should get along really well in his home country. Lindsay Lohan (probably Prince Jefri of Brunei

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **#3**
What offspring of a former A++ list entertainer (singer) broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn't have sex with him. So, he found someone who would and got a pregnancy scare the first month they were dating.

This Academy Award winner/nominee who is a B list mostly movie actor hooked up with two women recently that he met an hour earlier and they ended up having sex on the front lawn of a house that was walking distance from the party where the two women were working. An hour later they went back to the party and he left and the women went back to work.
Jared Leto

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#1**
This married B- list mostly television actor is desperate for any kind of work at this point after his continued attempts at television show have failed. His marriage might be the next thing to fail considering that while he was out of town he was spotted having dinner and being very cozy with a woman who is definitely not his actress wife. Jerry O'Connell/ Rebecca Romijn (in NYC for a play)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#2**
This former B list mostly television actor who has been on some surprisingly good shows is now a C list waste of space. He also found himself getting the boot from an event this weekend when he insisted on repeatedly pulling out his manhood to see if anyone was interested. Andy Dick

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#3**
This A list entertainer (singer) dumped his girlfriend for the day so he could hook up with the least well known member of this hit ensemble show on a cable network. If he was going for the opposite of his girlfriend it would be this B- list mostly television actress.

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#4**
This former A-list mostly movie actor turned B- list mostly television actor had been clean and sober for a year. His new wife didn't even know he used. His last high profile girlfriend and wife before that knew though. He was never without coke. Now that his latest show has been canceled he started using again and his wife wants out. Christian Slater "Mind Games" (high profile girlfriend: Joanna Kruppa/last wife: Brittany Lopez)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#5**
This former A list rock star turned reality star was spotted furiously digging through his trash cans this week. There he was, out on Benedict Canyon in his pajamas looking for the book which contains thousands of photos of the women he slept with over the years. Apparently his wife threw it away. He got it back though. Gene Simmons

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#6**
A guy walked out on his date with this B list mostly movie actress with the difficult name to pronounce. She was being her usual unpleasant self to the wait staff when they got part of her order wrong. The date apologized for her and our actress started yelling at the date. He got up and walked out and didn't come back. Chloe Sevigny (found these gems)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#7**
This former B list mostly television actress who has been on lots of network shows, but only had one modest hit is trying desperately to hold on to her boyfriend even though he cheats on her regularly. No one can handle being with her very long because of the demands and attention she requires almost 24/7. Super clingy and is constantly texting and calling if you are not by her side. Kristin Chenoweth ("Pushing Daisies")/Dana Brunetti (Producer of "Fifty Shades of Grey"; "Captain Phillips"; "The Social Network"; "House of Cards")

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#8**
Maybe if this married former B+ list entertainer (singer) would stay home more with her kids or even spend more than a few minutes with them a week instead of partying like she is living in Miami in the 80's she wouldn't be spending so much time being sick from all the coke and booze. Lily Allen

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#9**
What friendship between a B-list mostly TV actress and a B-list singer/songwriter with a famous last name dissolved because the actress let her mansion which she bought from the singer go into foreclosure and she was calling the singer at odd hours begging for money?
TV actress: Kirstie Alley
Singer/songwriter: Lisa Marie Presley

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **#10**
KINDNESS: This is not particularly long, but, I thought it was a good enough deed to make it into this position. This A+ list entertainer (singer) has acted before and even done reality, but should really stick to singing. She is rarely on time and does a lot of drugs and booze. One thing she does great though is take care of her employees and their kids. One of the perks our A+ lister does for all of her employees is pay for their kids to go to college. With all the employees she has scattered across three countries, she is currently paying for room and tuition for nine dependents of the employees. The bill is running her close to $250K a year but she says that it is worth it and wants to help as many people as she can. Rihanna

119. BILLY MASTERS 05/12
Could it be that a certain notable actor is worried about becoming known for all the wrong reasons? So say people close to the formerly studious stud who tell me that he's rather concerned that his name could turn up amidst quite a few others? While he's certainly familiar to being part of a lengthy crew (and sporting a notable beard or two), he doesn't necessarily want to be known as part of this particular list. What list, you ask? A list of witnesses in a certain tawdry case which could have tantamount ramifications on his career. Not that he's unfamiliar with getting rammed. He just doesn't want the whole world to know about it.
George Clooney

120. BLIND GOSSIP 05/12
This very famous actor is still young but he has already had a very big career in films. He has been nominated for/won several huge awards. He leads the good life (famous and beautiful girlfriends, lots of money, multiple homes) but is careful to keep his public image clean. He visited a foreign country in the past year or so, accompanied by a small gang of friends (all actors). Even though it was a great trip, some of his friends actually avoided hanging out with him. For example, they would catch a ride from someone else whenever possible so they didn’t have to be in the confined space of a car with him. Why? Apparently he likes to go on these epic cocaine-fueled rants about women/politics/the planet and is quite unbearable to be around. Yes, you read that right. Cocaine-fueled. And, yes, this is the same man who actually claims in interviews that he has never even tried drugs! Leonardo DiCaprio

That six-degrees of separation theory seems to bridge a short gap between this K-squared couple and Leonardo DiCaprio. Just ask Leo’s ex-girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, the model who these newlyweds once shared during a threesome sex session… according to our source. But Misus Kakes may not have gotten the action she signed up for. Know why? We’re told her hubby was directing all his attention South-East, at the time — said to have left his Missus in tears. Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries

Bryan Singer’s lawsuit has brought up the subject of those notorious Hollywood sex /pool parties where older gay men in powerful positions (studio executives, directors, producers, actors, casting people, agents etc) entertain young teenage boys and promise them career help in exchange for sex. Back in the 80’s, when quaaludes were plentiful, these parties flourished. You might be surprised to learn that one of the participants was FEMALE. This extremely popular performer was introduced to the scene by a gay business associate and loved the cute young guys. (Many of whom were straight) She sampled many young men and liked one so much that she brought him on tour and he became a secret part of her life, She was married. When she finally tired of the kid and dumped him he threatened to go public with his sordid drugs and sex story and destroy her squeaky clean image. The gay Hollywood mafia threatened him and he disappeared after sending his career damaging story to a publication that was afraid to publish it. The public has no idea that this lovable singer is not as sweet as she looks. Olivia Newton-John; Dolly Parton

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#1**
This one might be tough to explain. This B list mostly television actress is also an offspring of a celebrity. She also happens to be pregnant, but is trying to keep it quiet until the father can get divorced from his wife. The couple were still living together when he got the actress pregnant.

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#2**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor spent Mother's Day with the mother of his most recent child and not his long suffering B list mostly movie actress wife and their kids. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#3**
This still married B list television and movie actress hooked up with this B+ list mostly movie actress. It isn't the first time they hooked up, but is since the latter hooked up with the former's sometime female model lover.
B list actress: Evan Rachel Wood
B+ list actress: Michelle Rodriguez

Female model lover: Cara Delevingne
At "An Evening with Women"

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#4**
This B list celebrity/sometime actor/sometime reality star who is most famous for something other than acting spent his Mother's Day brunch getting up from the table he shared with his mother to do lines of coke in the bathroom. Now we know how he stays so skinny.

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#5**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor spent most of his Mother's Day afternoon and evening alone in a dive bar on the coast slowly drinking himself to oblivion. He did get a limo home and had an assistant pick up his car yesterday morning. Ben Affleck

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#6**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor who gets some great roles even though he has a name most people don't remember, got a gift from his celebrity wife that he wouldn't stop talking about at the premiere of his new movie. She hired an escort for him for the night. His wife did not join in and was not even there. His wife was at the premiere, and didn't seem all that thrilled he was telling everyone.

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#7**
More than one of the children of this former A+ list mostly movie actress wanted nothing to do with their mother on Mother's Day. The children are still upset at some of the behavior of their mom. Meanwhile, a child that has forgiven the mother has been the recipient of a new home that mom just bought her. Demi Moore
 Rumer Willis got the house (Tallulah didn’t look happy and came without a gift, and Scout didn’t attend at all)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#8**
This B list reality star and host thought she was getting a network show. Nope. She was already burning bridges at her place of employment. The next few months will be tough for her. Chelsea Handler (thought she was going to take over 12:30 spot on CBS)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#9**
This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show was being chased by paps in her car and managed to help her married B+ list mostly movie actor escape before the paps could get a photo of the two together. January Jones/Ethan Hawke

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#10**
This stylist and former reality star is hurting for money. He has been getting samples from designers and then selling them. The designers want the samples back, but our stylist has been blowing them off. Lawsuits are forthcoming. Robert Verdi

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **#11**
#1 - This married former General Hospital actor star is HIV+.

#2- This offspring of a former A+ list mostly movie actress is hiding her drug use and bulimia again. Chloe Lattanzi (and yesterday, one day after I posted this, she admitted it.)

#3- This married former B list mostly television actress who doesn't work much since a scandal hit her family blames her former drug use on this former A list mostly television actor who was her boyfriend and co-star on a hit show back in the day.

#4- An ex-girlfriend of this former A list mostly television actor who had a hit show and some movies and then disappeared says that the actor likes using one of his guns as a sex toy. If the woman complains, she goes home.

Cameron Diaz has dated some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks – and now she admits she’s also had at least one fling with a woman! The 41-year-old beauty made the startling confession during an interview for the Bravo talk show "Watch What Happens Live" while promoting her latest film, "The Other Woman." Asked by host Andy Cohen if she’d ever been with a lady, the smoking hot star dropped a bombshell, say­ing: "Yes, I have been with a lady." Cohen then asked: "More than once?" to which Cameron coyly replied: "You didn’t ask explicitly how I was with a lady, but I have been with a lady." The actress also told a magazine interviewer: "I think that all wom­en have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point. It’s natural to have connectivity and an ap­preciation for the b e a u t y of other women." The Enquirer has learned that the "Bad Teacher" sex­pot has enjoyed the company of at least one openly bisexual actress and has been linked to others. Drew Barrymore

135. BLIND GOSSIP 05/13 **#1**
There was some crazy stuff going on behind the scenes of a television show last year. Two of the cast members had a wild affair. What makes this story such a shocker is two people involved. More on that in a minute. They tried to keep their affair quiet, but as soon as they went out on the road, it became very obvious to everyone around them that they were hooking up. He was always grabbing her ass, and she was always whispering very intimately in his ear and cuddling up to him. She was seen sitting on his lap a couple of times. They would both excuse themselves for the evening at the same time, and she would be caught coming out of his hotel room in the morning. There are several things about this coupling that make it particularly crazy. The first is that they were both seeing other people at the time this happened. He was dating someone else (perhaps more than one woman), and she had a boyfriend. The second thing is their age difference. While some may argue that age should not be a factor in a relationship, he is more than twice her age. The third is that he was her boss. He was the creator and the Executive Producer, he recruited and hired her onto the show, and he was responsible for her paycheck as well as deciding how much air time she received. Now, here is where it gets really interesting: While they were in the middle of this wild, secret, torrid affair… he got one of his other girlfriends pregnant. Whoops! Our girl was furious! He had sworn that he would never get anyone pregnant, and our girl felt used and betrayed… and jealous. They continued to be friendly on camera, but as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, it would get ugly. After multiple fights, she quit the show. He is now a father, and the two of them no longer speak. BONUS CLUE! Around the time she quit her job, our girl attended a party where some more drama occurred. We discussed this in a previous blind item.
Guy: Simon Cowell
Girl: Demi Lovato
TV Show: "X Factor"

136. BLIND GOSSIP 05/13 **#2**
Did you know that the marriage of this music couple started out as a business arrangement? However, after a few years of living together, raising child/ren, and commingling money and careers, the lines got blurred and everything started feeling very personal. You already know that they fight with great passion when the cameras aren’t on them. Well, let’s talk about the biggest topic of those arguments: the women with whom he’s been sleeping! While we can’t name check every girl he’s ever had (because there have been a lot), we can tell you about some of the celebrities who are especially irritating to the Wife, as well as the cause of a great many arguments in their household.
1. This Blonde European Singer has only been in the business a couple of years, but she has been sleeping her way to the top from the beginning. She will do anything to get noticed, including hooking up with reality stars. It’s working for her, too. The Husband is completely enamoured with her, and their affair is ongoing.2. This Foreign-Born Singer was mentored by the Husband. Those mentoring sessions were about more than music. The funny thing is that FBS constantly calls the Wife "Trash" behind her back… and the Wife calls FBS "Trash" behind her back. 3. This Snobby Blonde Actress was besties with Wife for about five minutes. However, she soon moved on to become intimate with the Husband. The Wife now barely tolerates SBA.Although the Wife knows that these women were involved with her Husband – and they fight about them all the time in private – she is very much in control of her image, and would never think of badmouthing any of them in public. But she might do it very subtly in a song.
Husband: Jay-Z
Wife: Beyoncé
Blonde European Singer: Rita Ora
Foreign-Born Singer: Rihanna

Snobby Blonde Actress: (POSSIBLY) Gwyneth Paltrow

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#1**
This B- list mostly movie actor does not do much movie acting right now and has had problems with sobriety. The former franchise actor is drinking again and wasn't even able to make it to the door of the club he was alone at the other night without help from a staff member who got the actor into a cab. Brendan Fraser "The Mummy"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#2**
The good news is this A-/B+ list mostly television actress and sometime host got her show picked up for the fall. The bad news is that her husband has been cheating on her with a woman in his office. Very long lunches over at her place. Jane Krakowski "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"/Robert Godley co-founder of "Psycho Bunny"

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#3**
This Southeast Real Housewife got passed over to one of her suitor's friends last week. Apparently it is part of the couple's deal together if she wants to keep living a life of luxury. Porsha Stewart "Real Housewives of Atlanta"/African Dictator’s Son Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue; Kenya Moore "Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Tonye Cole/Nigerian businessman (oil tycoon)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#4**
This former A list mostly movie actor who only gets work in a franchise now got into an argument with a staffer at a hotel when our actor tried to bring several strippers back into the hotel with him. Apparently it was not so much that he brought them to the hotel, but that the group was causing a scene in the lobby as they showed off their talents to the actor.
Wesley Snipes

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#5**
This former A list television and movie actress is already telling producers that she wants one of her co-stars fired from the show before it starts filming in a few months. This is not going to turn out well.
Katherine Heigl "State of Affairs"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#6**
This Academy Award winner/nominee A list mostly movie actress has loaned almost $1M to her boyfriend. He has also been using his relationship with her to get other loans and investments. Considering he has no job and no business experience, I'm sure this is a huge money maker. Amy Adams/Darren Le Gallo

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#7**
This former A+ list entertainer (singer) does not do as much singing any longer but is still probably A list when she does it. The rest of the time she acts. Movies mostly. She is also a world class complainer. At an event last week where she was a guest she started changing the seating arrangements and said that she would never sit next to certain people and then she told the waiters that she wanted her dessert first and then hated the dessert so had them make it again and then again before finally getting up and walking out. Barbra Streisand
 "USC Shoah Foundation" fundraising gala

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#8**
This almost has been former almost A list mostly movie actress from a franchise, who now counts her blessings when she gets a paid acting gig seems to be proud of the fact that she introduced this now deceased actor to cocaine. It is one of her go to bar stories. Tara Reid/Heath Ledger

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#9**
Apparently the surrogate used by this A list mostly movie actress is out of money and is asking for more money from the actress. If the actress doesn't pay, then she will have some explaining to do to the world because she said she was pregnant and didn't use a surrogate.
Nicole Kidman (Sunday Rose)

(2 weeks after giving birth)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **#10**
Is there a word for a male diva? Does miva sound too much like mulva? Why yes, that is the second Seinfeld reference today. Too much Crackle. I don't know how to describe this A list mostly television actor. Sure, people have called him a lot of things during his career, and he has gone through lots and lots of women in a very public way, but no one has called him a miva. You would think that after his crash and burn from A+ list mostly movie actor to a thank you for the role in a made for tv movie that he would be grateful and treat people he works with well. Not so. When he got a break that rescued him from Lifetime oblivion he responded by treating all the people he worked with like crud and tried to make it clear that the show would fail without him. He was a nice piece to the show, but his head was way bigger than his talent. No one liked him and when the show ended, he was the one cast member who didn't get a going away gift from the crew. That attitude sent him into a second exile until he was given one more chance by another producer who owed the actor a favor from back in the day. The producer put our actor in the middle of a show that was already doing well and our actor immediately took over like he was the star that every viewer came to see even before any of his shows aired. Almost immediately the entire cast and crew were plotting his demise but were thwarted by the producer who owed the favor. Must have been a big favor. With the cast and crew threatening to quit though en masse, the producer finally caved and our actor was shown the door. I bet Tori Spelling could use a new co-star soon.
Rob Lowe
Show that ended: "West Wing"
Middle of show: "Parks and Recreation"

(How Does Rob Lowe Leave Shows? An Analysis)

147. BLIND GOSSIP 05/14
This actor is one of the stars of a popular cable TV drama series. He was recently signing autographs at a pop culture convention. He would spy a pretty young girl walking around or waiting on line and motion for her to come to him. Then he would quiz her about her age and who had accompanied her to the event. "What’s your name? How old are you? Are you 18? Are you here with your boyfriend or your parents? At what hotel are you staying?" While they talked, he would stare at her chest. He is 40ish. The girls he was targeting were in their late teens. That’s pretty bad behavior. If his wife knew, she’d probably kill him. And then she’d kill him again.

Actor: Jon Bernthal
TV Show: "The Walking Dead"
(Wizard World event)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#1**
This A list reality star from an A list reality show went ballistic the other night because the person who was holding her drugs left the club early. The reality star was yelling at a bodyguard to locate the guy because she wanted him and the drugs back before she left the club. Khloé Kardashian

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#2**
This B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and had his best days a couple of decades ago was out shopping at a grocery store the other day and kept lifting his shirt and then rubbing his genitals whenever any attractive woman passed by. He did this a few times before someone notified the management but our actor got out of there quickly without being confronted. Mickey Rourke

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#3**
An ex-girlfriend of this D list celebrity who is engaged to a former B list mostly television actress who never acts any longer but is a kazillionaire from her past acting and current endeavors says that her boyfriend broke up with her because she could no longer deal with his fascination for young girls. It creeped her out and she always had to act and look as young as possible when they were having sex.
D list celebrity: Olivier Sarkozy
B list actress: Mary-Kate Olsen

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#4**
This former A list mostly movie actor is married. He also has kid(s). He likes to pretend he has a happy marriage but he has been hooking up with a model he met through this A+list mostly movie actor. Probably a toss away from the A+ lister. Tobey Maguire/Leonardo DiCaprio (probably one of the reasons Tobey got divorced)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#5**
Kindness: He might not look like your typical pop star, but this foreign born B+ list entertainer (singer) can spend with the likes of them. In a good way. While out the other night for dinner he picked up the tab of the table next to him. It was a couple celebrating their anniversary. He also paid for two bottles of wine for the couple at $1000 a piece. Pretty nice gift. Ed Sheerhan

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#6**
It had the potential to be as good as the scene from Blades Of Glory, but alas, our figure skater never made it out to the ice in front of the public. This very much still underage Olympian was hammered the other night before she was scheduled to perform with other skaters but had to withdraw after she started puking prior to taking the ice. Polina Edmunds "Stars On Ice"

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#7**
The all pill and booze diet is finally starting to take its toll on this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner. During the shooting of her latest film she was a mess and things have steadily become worse as she promotes her latest movie. Nicole Kidman

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#8**
This B list mostly movie actor who was in a huge huge film must be doing a ton of drugs to get his notorious pot friendly movie actress co-star to complain to producers about his behavior. They even made him leave work early twice last week because he was unable to focus or work.

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#9**
#1 - This former multiple late night talk show host has two children. One he acknowledges and one he doesn't because of their race.

#2- I guess this A-/B+ list mostly television actress got what she wanted by sleeping with that married almost network executive. More episodes of her show. Rachel Bilson "Hart Of Dixie"

#3 - The pregnancy of this B list mostly television actress is going to be tough to hide, but she wants to start filming her middling hit show again so producers can't replace her. She is hoping they will write it in.

#4 - This married A+ list mostly movie actor was forced to abandon his car in the strip club parking lot he was visiting because of an oil leak in the streets. I would love to hear the explanation he gave his very conservative wife about why he took a cab home from a business meeting. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner  "The Gentlemen’s Club"

157. BLIND GOSSIP 05/15 **#1**
A young celebrity just became a father for the first time… and we’ll bet you didn’t even know that he was expecting! He is a handsome under-30 actor who became famous after starring on a TV drama… and dating a pretty actress. The baby’s mother is a non-celebrity who lives in the same city as our actor. She gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl last month. Why was there no birth announcement? Why all the secrecy? Could it be because the pregnancy was a total surprise? Or could it be because the mother is not his girlfriend? And just who is the Daddy? That’s one secret we’ll never tell!
Actor: Penn Badgley
Actress he dated: Blake Lively
TV Show: "Gossip Girl"

158. BLIND GOSSIP 05/15 **#2**
Not going. Not going. Not going. Going. Wait. What happened? Why the change of heart? Have you seen any photos of these two famous couples together in the past year? No. How about a photo of just the two women together? No. That’s because the first couple is NOT friends with the second couple! In fact, the female of the first couple goes out of her way to avoid the female of the second couple, because she considers her "trash" (there’s that word again!). "Trash" was really embarrassed when she invited the female of the first couple to participate in an upcoming big event with her and was soundly rejected. She was further embarrassed when the first couple declared that they were not going to go to the event at all. But then… something changed. A member of the second couple agreed to give a member of the first couple total control over his business affairs. Now, all of a sudden, the first couple IS going to the second couple’s event! That’s because their attendance was part of the business transaction. The relationship between these two couples is NOT friendship. It’s all business, baby! This concept also applies to the first couple’s marriage. It’s not about love. It’s about business. Actually, this concept applies to the second couple’s marriage as well! It’s not about love. It’s about business.
First Couple: Beyoncé/Jay-Z
Second Couple: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

Which British heartthrob is having a secret fling with a married man? His aides are desperate to keep the news away from the front pages.
Heartthrob: Harry Styles
Married Man (may or may not be famous): Ben Winston

160. MR. X 05/16 **#1**
1) Which hip-hop power couple's open marriage is about to be revealed by someone who is very close to them? Beyoncé/Jay-Z

2) What movie/TV actress is getting paid handsomely for being the beard of that closeted athlete? Olivia Munn/Aaron Rodgers

3) What Oscar nominated actor who swears he's sober was seen on a 24 hr. coke bender on vacation with his guy pals? Ben Affleck

4) Which former tweener turned pop sexpot accidentally (yeah right) revealed she's bisexual during a concert? No one's surprised. Miley Cyrus

5) What power couple are staying mum on their possible wedding, because they might've secretly gotten hitched a looong time ago? Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

161. MR. X 05/16 **#2**
6) Which ex-wife of that closet case of an A-list actor was threatened with a lawsuit if she outed him in her book? Jennifer Esposito/Bradley Cooper "Jennifer's Way: My Journey with Celiac Disease – What Doctors Don't Tell You and How You Can Learn to Live Again."

7) Which B-list movie/TV actress and all around kook was noticeably intoxicated at the ABC Upfronts event in NYC? Juliette Lewis "Secrets and Lies"

8) What star of that quirky cable hit is becoming such a bitch on wheels that her costars are afraid to be within distance of her? Lena Dunham "Girls"

9) Which A-list action franchise star's bodyguards screamed at onlookers "NO PICTURES PLEASE!" after the actor tried to slip out of "The Abbey" (gay bar) incognito? hint: It's not Hugh Jackman. Tom Cruise

10) Which R&B songstress once cursed out her A/V guy after a lipsync performance went awry? Mariah

162. MR. X 05/16 **#3**
11) Which stage mom from hell is pimping out her two youngest daughters to much older businessmen? Kris Jenner (Kylie and Kendall)

12) Which neo-soul singer who projects a down-to-earth image is one of the most difficult people in showbiz to work for? Jill Scott

13) What Oscar winning actress got a new facelift for the press tour of her latest movie? Jane Fonda

14) Which B-list singer is thinking about releasing her next album only in Asia? It seems that she still has a fanbase there. Avril Lavigne

15) Which multiple Grammy winning singer/songwriter's husband is going to be gone for awhile, leaving her to possibly cheat on him... with women? Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz (attending Harvard Business School)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#1**
He says all the right things about his wife but this former B+ list mostly television actor turned B+ list mostly movie actor who needs a hit to stay in that B+ list movie range has hooked up with two different celebrities over the past month. Jason Bateman; Josh Duhamel

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#2**
Some homeless people have got together and are selling a story that they were used as drug couriers by this foreign born A list entertainer (comedian) who is also a B+ list mostly movie actor and a bunch of other things.

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#3**
KINDNESS: This former A+ list mostly movie actor who doesn't work that much any longer is still young and still has A+ list name recognition. He has a neighbor who is very elderly and doesn't have any family in the state and who apparently, rarely come to visit. Our actor has taken it upon himself to spend time over at his neighbor's house everyday and bring him food and when our actor is out of town he has either his assistant or maid do the same thing. Keanu Reeves

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#4**
At least they are of legal age. This A list talk show host has been telling people that he can get them their own show or a part on a show if they are willing to sleep with him.

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#5**
This foreign born A- list entertainer (singer) keeps getting blown off by his celebrity/actress girlfriend. She swears that she is only going out with other women and uses them as a cover for that very very rich married executive she met on a transatlantic flight. Calvin Harris/Rita Ora (not really relevant any longer)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#6**
This A list diva and C list everything else, except for reality, I will give her a B+ there, yelled at a fan last night after a show taping because the fan said that her mother loved the diva. I would probably have given her an A list rating for reality but, much like her career, the show isn't what it used to be. Apparently our diva still likes to think of herself as being in her 20's and really overreacted to the fan. She even did a finger pointing thing. Jennifer Lopez

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#7**
This former B list reality star from a singing type show on MTV who everyone always seems to love is in a battle with this former hooker turned reality star who is best friends with another hooker turned reality star. Apparently our B lister had a deal in place to be paid $100K for a week with a guy in Cannes. That is until the other celebrity undercut her by $50K. Now our B lister is ticked because this was supposed to get her through the next few months.
Former B list reality star: Aubrey O’Day
MTV show: "Making the Band: 3"
Hooker turned reality star: Brittny Gastineau
Other hooker turned reality star: Kim Kardashian

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#8**
This bordering on A+ list mostly movie actor did IVF for one of his kids because he could never achieve an erection with the baby mama. It definitely makes those rumors about him much more solid. Matthew McConaughey; John Travolta

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#9**
Most of the time you hear about men stalking women or women stalking men, but there is one fantastic story of a celebrity female stalking another celebrity female. It went on for years. It started innocently enough. A former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and probably is still A list just because of her name. She ran into this celebrity who is really well known, A+ list in her own world of the entertainment business. The celebrity immediately developed a crush on the actress and took her out to dinner and began sending expensive gifts to her. The actress was flattered but was not all that interested. The celebrity wouldn't stop though. At one point, the celebrity started flying to LA once or twice a month and would show up on the doorstep of our actress. Probably not the best idea when it comes to this particular actress. Even when our actress made it clear she wasn't interested in any kind of sexual relationship with the celebrity, and at this point not even interested in a friendship with the celebrity, it didn't end. It was only when our actress had her lawyer send the celebrity a letter advising the next step would be a restraining order that the celebrity finally gave in and quit stalking.
A+ actress: Jodie Foster
A+ list in entertainment business: Patricia Cornwall (crime writer)

172. BLIND GOSSIP 05/16
This very famous Oscar-winning star is in serious trouble. You probably know about one issue for which he went to rehab years ago. His publicists did a good job controlling those early reports, so you didn’t know about all the rest of his habits. You also probably thought that he’s been clean ever since. Not even close. There were recent reports that he was once again indulging in one behavior that had been a problem for him the the past. Actually, all of his old habits are back! The drinking, the cocaine, the gambling, the sex. All of it. The biggest problem is that he thinks that he doesn’t have a problem! Indeed, his life looks good from the outside. He is still good-looking, rich, famous, married and working a lot. He thinks that he is smarter than his addiction. He believes that he has a good amount of willpower, and that he can indulge in his vices in a controlled way. However, he can’t. He started doing one thing and it took only five minutes before the floodgates opened wide and he was doing everything. He has a wife who loves him and will stand by him. She couldn’t convince him to get help, though, so she called on a long-time friend of his (a famous actor) to intervene, which he did willingly and quickly. However, so far, our star is still refusing help from all parties.
Star: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
His Friend: Matt Damon

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#1**
This long time gorgeous B list actress who has had more success in television than in movies really wants to jump start her career. Our actress has been married forever but it didn't stop her from having sex for a part she just landed in a new movie she thinks will get her some award buzz. She needs to work on her acting. A director is only so good.
Jessica Alba/Phil Joanou/"The Veil"
Christina Hendricks/Campbell Scott/"A Book of Common Prayer"

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#2**
Billboard Music Awards: This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show probably thinks she is exclusive with her B list celebrity boyfriend. She probably is when it comes to heterosexual relationships but all weekend he was holding hands and sucking face with a guy who seemed pretty close to the celebrity. Lena Dunham ("Girls")/Jack Antonoff

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#3**
Billboard Music Awards: I always like to give an award to the celebrity who does the most coke at an event or after an event and this time the winner was one of the stars of this very popular cable show based on books. Our actress was so into coke that at one point she shoved her boyfriend out of the way when someone was doing lines just so she could get some for herself.

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#4**
Billboard Music Awards: This up and coming entertainer (musician)/former reality star who is brilliant at what she does said that she was supposed to play on an upcoming album from a former A lister (when part of his group a decade ago) but balked when he said that she would have to have sex with him. Apparently when she turned him down he found a porn star turned musician to take her place. Lindsey Stirling/DeVante Swing

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#5**
This B list rapper who has been in trouble with the law before when it comes to beating women is in trouble again after beating a hooker while out of the country on a ship and then throwing her overboard. The crew pulled her out and the police were called but no charges have been filed yet. A$AP Rocky

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#6**
Apparently this offspring of A listers who also tries to act is trying to become as skinny as possible. By using heroin. None of the Willis sisters. Dakota Johnson (Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith); Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger); Dylan Penn (Sean Penn/Robin Wright)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#7**
Proving that just because you win an award doesn't make you a nice person, this A list in her mind do everything yelled at her boyfriend in front of a group of people for 20 minutes last week prior to a show. The guy was bright red and was being treated like a kid. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart "2014 Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards"

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#8**
This A+ list entertainer (singer) started having sex in a restaurant bathroom with a guy she has been seeing for about a week. When she realized people were looking at her through cracks in the door of the stall though she pulled down her skirt and shirt and silently walked out leaving her guy standing there with his pants down when the door opened. Katy Perry

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#9**
This foreign born former B list entertainer (singer) has been in the blinds frequently the past few weeks. She just can't keep it together. Her partying is so out of control that she had sex with a guy while wasted and called her husband during it. Lily Allen

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#10**
This A list entertainer (singer) is looking great and doing great, but not that long ago she was a mess and there is a video being sold which shows her having sex with a guy and getting urinated on. The guy is doing the selling. Ke$ha

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#11**
This publicly closeted B list mostly movie actor, who is only B list because of his current huge franchise almost didn't make it to a photo call on time because his fairly new male lover couldn't find the key to the handcuffs they had been using. When our actor related the story to his co-stars they started laughing so hard that tears came to their eyes and covered by telling the press about a practical joke one of them pulled on set.
B list actor: Josh Hutcherson
Franchise: "Hunger Games"

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **#12**
This foreign born actor seemed destined to be A list just a couple of years ago. He had a huge franchise and was wanted for tons of movies. There seemed to be no way he was not going to reach A list status. Now, not only is he in danger of dropping from B to even lower, but the director of the franchise is on the fence about bringing our actor back because of the sheer volume of drugs he is using and his behavior and attitude. Recently he was out of town and in the back of a limo and doing coke with his equally messed up girlfriend. At one point our actor started screaming at the limo driver because he went over some bumps too quickly and our actor had some coke spill on the floor. He alternates between loving on his girlfriend and berating her. The limo driver said that on a short 20 minute drive he was kissing his girlfriend and he thought they were going to have sex in the back to doing coke and then screaming at the driver and the girlfriend and making her cry to doing more coke and then making out with her the last few minutes of the ride. Would you want a two hundred million dollar movie dependent on this guy showing up for work everyday? On time and sober? Sam Worthington ("Avatar")/Lara Bingle

185. BLIND GOSSIP 05/19 **#1**
This Academy Award-nominated actor was partying on a yacht with a bunch of moneyed male actors. The other men, who are all a bit older than our actor, were having a ball, drinking and laughing and chatting with several topless models that were walking around on deck. However, our actor seemed unsure as to how to engage, so he stood awkwardly off to one side. One of the topless models tried to talk to him… but he could not even look at her! He turned beet red and started sweating. His eyes darted wildly all over the place. He looked like he was in distress. One of the other actors came over to him to assist him. "Relax! You should talk to her," he said, gesturing to the woman. "She likes you!" "But… but…" he stammered. "But what?" "She’s NAKED! I don’t know where to look! I’ve never done this before! I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!"
Actor: Jonah Hill
Films: "Moneyball" and "Wolf of Wall Street"

186. BLIND GOSSIP 05/19 **#2**
American audiences know this actor because his TV show was a big hit in the United States. If they follow his personal life, they also know that he has not been married long. So why was he getting all handsy with a female guest at the BAFTA TV Awards last night? The first time he crossed paths with the guest, he simply commented, "You look so beautiful tonight!" Nothing wrong with a nice compliment, right? About an hour later, he ran into her again. This time he was more persistent. "I was serious about what I said about you looking beautiful," he reiterated. Then he tried to grab her ass. She was serious, too… about smacking his hand away! He eventually walked away, but turned back to give her a little wink before he left. Go back to your wife in the States, bad boy!
Actor: Aaron Paul
TV Show: "Breaking Bad"

After the Beyonce and Jay’s elevator footage leaked, which married male celebrity is terrified that footage exists of him getting serviced by a lady other than his wife, and fears it might soon be leaked? He is instructing his people to make sure surveillance footage from a very posh NYC hotel be destroyed before someone sells it to TMZ! It is not just his wife that he is worried about, it’s that his ‘tiny’ problem is something he doesn’t need the world to see! Wink!

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#1**
This B list mostly television actor has a face almost everyone who watches television knows, but would be hard pressed to think of his name. Well, maybe a nickname. The actor was out the other night and had women swarming him but kept turning them all down because they wouldn't do a threesome. Finally a pair of women came over to him and three minutes later our actor walked out with the women. Chris Noth "Mr. Big"

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#2**
It isn't just C and D listers who are working the yacht circuit in Cannes this year. This Academy Award winner/nominee was the guest of a man from midnight to dawn the other night and apparently was paid in the low six figures for the evening. Hopefully her boyfriend won't find out. The man has previously used the services of Lindsay Lohan but she was only paid $25K. Lindsay needs to win so she can raise her prices. Hilary Swank

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#3**
This C+ list mostly television actress is so jealous when it comes to her A+ list mostly movie actor husband that she calls or texts him almost every ten minutes while he is out of town away from her. She will do this even while he is sleeping to make sure he is sleeping alone. Jenna Dewan-Tatum/Channing Tatum

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#4**
This married former A+ list mostly movie actor who is still, and will probably always be A list was so hammered the other night after a premiere that the woman he picked up at the party says the actor wasn't able to perform and ended up passing out on the bed so she had to ask his assistant in the next room for her fee. Arnold Schwarzenegger

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#5**
This A+ list entertainer (singer) has been photographed most days going to the gym and she does go to the gym, but doesn't even work out. She spends an hour deciding what to wear and changing her hair and make up before a photo op exactly 90 minutes later as she leaves the gym. Taylor Swift

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#6**
This married A list mostly television actor from some past very hit network shows who is promoting a movie told his wife he had a press appearance for his latest movie. Instead though, the actor spent time with a man he met during the film and hadn't seen since shooting wrapped. They apparently have been together for quite some time. Kelsey Grammer

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#7**
The end of the marriage is near for this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. She caught her husband cheating with a model for the umpteenth time and no amount of money is going to help her get over it this time. Salma Hayek

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#8**
This Project Runway winner is stalking a man and had a one night stand with two weeks ago. The winner has shown up to several events where his celebrity hookup has been working and threw a drink at one guy who was hitting on the celebrity.

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#9**
This former A list mostly television actress who was in one hit show a long time ago and now makes her living doing straight to On Demand movies and thinks she is A list is telling friends she is engaged. A month ago she was telling her friends that she was pregnant and couldn't figure out the father. Now she is apparently engaged to whichever one she told is the dad. Mischa Barton (she tries so hard for attention even with her friends. No one ever knows when she is telling the truth about anything any longer. I think it is the drugs.)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#10**
She would have you believe it is a perfect relationship. She envisions it as a perfect relationship. She tells friends it is perfect. You will rarely not see her smiling when discussing her relationship or standing next to her boyfriend. She has always wanted a perfect Disney type relationship and does not want to have to face the world when it collapses. It would have collapsed already if not for her willingness to put up with his behavior. Whether it is the fights where he slams her against the wall if she questions where he was or who he was with. There was the time when he beat her because he suspected she was trying to trap him into having a baby. Apparently he found a full package of pills and yelled at her and started hitting her for not taking them before she showed him that she had been using a different package. She would love to marry him. She thinks it would be perfect. She thinks she can change him. She has changed so much for him. Everything he tells her to do from losing weight to what to eat and what to wear she does in an instant. She puts up with his constant cheating and tells the interviewers about how much she loves him and how perfect everything is. You would think our B list entertainer (singer) would wake up and move on. She won't. She hated being alone and hated that her career tanked after that promising start that gave so many before her a boost. Jordin Sparks ("American Idol" winner)/Jason Derülo

198. BLIND GOSSIP 05/20 **#1**
Following a controversial European ruling, Google has received scores of "right to be forgotten" requests, including a couple of requests from celebrities. The European Court of Justice last week that individuals have the right to redact results on searches of their names. While the original intent was to be able to allow individuals to remove the ability to search on incorrect or out-of-date information, some view it as a way to to block unflattering or undesirable information, even if it is factually correct. One request came from an actor who had an affair with a teenager. He wanted all references to that affair removed from the search engine. Another request was made by the child of a celebrity who has asked for articles about their criminal convictions to be taken down. Google is reportedly working on an automated tool that will allow users to submit "right to be forgotten" requests, and is expecting a flood of demands to be pared from the search engine’s index. One of Google’s persistent fears has been that some will use the legislation to try to redact embarrassing – but legally published – details about themselves.
Actor: Morgan Freeman
Child/Celeb Parent: Cameron Douglas/Michael Douglas

199. BLIND GOSSIP 05/20 **#2**
The lead of this TV series is a well-known actor who has been on more than one series. His attitude is insufferable, and his colleagues are completely fed up with his behavior. Here are just a few reasons why: He tells everyone what to do all the time (e.g. how to frame the shot, how to deliver their lines). He is not the director nor the producer nor the show runner, but he is convinced that he is the smartest and most important person on the set. He hired a coffee cart for the cast and crew. It was supposed to be a nice gesture on his part so that he could provide them with delicious fresh coffee on their breaks. However, the real reason he hired it was because he wanted to bonk the coffee cart girl! When she finally said yes, they would both disappear to his trailer, leaving the coffee cart unmanned, his colleagues decaffeinated, and everyone rolling their eyes. He disrespected the crew by spitting into the tracks of a camera dolly in between takes, and then ordering one of the "runners" to clean up after him. Would like someone spitting on your tools at work? Would you like someone to order you to clean up their spit? BONUS CLUE! Insufferable Actor: The series is filmed outside of the United States but the lead actor is American.
Actor: Jeremy Piven
TV Show: "Mr. Selfridge"

200. WINE AND SASS 05/20
This C-list celebrity and this B-list singer are basically up for the same job, but it's pretty clear that the C-lister is the 'fall back' and the B-list singer is who the network really wants for their project. The C-lister isn't testing well in markets because she's as entertaining as beige paint drying in a beige room on a cloudy day, and her costars can't stand her daily antics. The B-list singer is on the fence about joining the project because she wants to concentrate on music and feels she's done enough in the particular genre of the project, and she's happy to let the C-lister have the gig. The network is heavily courting her and gave her a coveted spot on an upcoming special to show her that they respect her music and really want her for the project. The C-lister thought for sure she would be included in the special. She was openly snubbed by the network and hit the roof when she found out the B-lister got what she felt was her spot on the special. Here's a big fat hint: there is a big music special coming up on one of the big three networks airing in time for Memorial Day and the B-lister is the darling of the show. Not Carrie Underwood.
C- list celebrity:
B- list singer: Kellie Pickler
Event: "ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute To The Troops"

He’s def got a God complex… and he’s got his wifey on the same tip, which could stem from his ginormous ego said to surround his fetish for f***ing other’s dude’s chicks. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Nas. He recently caught a beat-down after blatantly pushing up on the ex-GF of his former business partner. Just ask Solange. His upcoming tour with his "Queen" could be a last joint venture for the couple. Know why? Word is he’s knocked up one Belgium bombshell! Just ask Claudia Scheelen. Jay-Z

202. MR. X BLIND ITEM 05/21
Despite reports that she will be attending, which half of an A++ list music couple declined her invite to that circus of a wedding? Her hubby will definitely be there, with his longtime mistress accompanying him. Beyoncé/Jay-Z (Kim and Kanye’s wedding)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#1**
This high profile fiancee might have some explaining to do to her boyfriend if he finds out about the man she was sleeping with until about a month before her engagement. Right now she is trying to buy his silence. George Clooney's Fiancée Amal Alamuddin

This former B list mostly television actress must be desperately in love with her new boyfriend. He continues to cheat on her and she knows it, but she won't split. The actress, who was on a long running network show was crying on the phone yesterday while talking to her boyfriend and looking for a place to hide and speak in private as she cruised through her hotel lobby. Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives")/Jose "Pepe" Antonio Baston

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#3**
This C list celebrity married to an A list mostly television actor who is trying his hand at some movies right now decided she needed an assistant. A full-time one. This would be in addition to the two nannies she has. She says she needs the assistant to deal with the constant demands for her time. Umm, no one wants her time, she just forces herself on everyone. Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#4**
This B list mostly television actress who is expanding her empire from her network show has been showing more skin lately, not to try and reshape her image, but because her tool of a director boyfriend who she doesn't acknowledge publicly because that would be bad for business has been seeing lots of other women and she wants him to focus on her. Lea Michele/Peter Berg (so she found a male hooker instead)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#5**
In the same week that this soon to be A list mostly movie actor's wife told him she was pregnant, he also discovered that a woman he met while filming his latest movie is also pregnant, and told him the child is his. This has made for some rough times in the actor's house. Jamie Dornan "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#6**
This married B- list mostly television actress crashed and burned on her latest network project this past season and is having trouble finding a new show. So, she is back to sleeping for parts. She has been drinking at events and the more she drinks, the easier it is for some producer to take her back to his place. Majandra Delfino "Friends with Better Lives"; Brooklyn Decker "Friends with Better Lives"; Sarah Michelle Gellar "The Crazy Ones"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#7**
This B list celebrity of the moment who will probably fade away to historical footnote is still making her living by sleeping with older men. You would think they would learn. V. Stiviano (Donald Sterling’s mistress)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actress is really deserving more of a C+ list, but she still has a unique name that people recognize so she gets B- list. She doesn't do much acting because she is the girlfriend of that married guy who wants to rule the world, or his world at least. She told someone the other day that he promised to marry our actress this year. Since no divorce proceedings have been filed, this should be interesting. Alexa Chung/Chris Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#9**
This celebrity was A list. She is not A list any longer, but she is probably going to be a B lister for the next decade or two and will have A list name recognition that long too. She has been on and off drugs for the past couple of decades and the other day she was completely messed up and started talking about some of the time she was closest to death. Times as in plural. One of them I knew about because I was in the vicinity. This was back when she was trying to make it as an actress. I remember it was hot. The kind of hot you can only get in the south at that time of the year. Hot as in you walk out the door and the humidity hits you so hard that you feel like the sweat just instantly pours out of you. My clothes were stuck to me within a few minutes and I remember I was actually glad I was wearing a suit even with the added discomfort. It kept the shirt hidden from view. I was there because one of the producers of the movie had me doing some work for him. He couldn't be there every day and wanted someone there. This was about the same time period that I found that director in Europe that had gone missing with the stripper. Making the time more fun, the A list mostly movie actress who basically got me the Europe job was hanging out on the set of this movie. She wasn't working, but was down there to decide if she wanted to work on a project with the director. That particular morning they were filming in an area of town that at the time had cable car tracks running through the street and older stores on either side. The trailers were parked on a side street. Our celebrity was not at work. Our celebrity was apparently back at her hotel. She was supposedly not interested in coming to work that day. She had been having sex with one of her co-stars and was in love. He was having sex with a bunch of people but our actress didn't discover this until the night before. Apparently she was heart broken and didn't want to work. Someone finally managed to convince her to come out and work, but you could tell by looking at her that it was going to be a really long day. She drank through most of the day and because of the way the street was designed there were no cars or vans to shuttle the actors between the set and the trailers so they had to take golf carts. Our celebrity/actress fell out of one twice that day. She was constantly drinking and could barely function, but somehow when she was in front of the camera she pulled it together and delivered the scene that got her nominated for some awards. Even watching from 25 feet away it was pretty incredible looking at her. At the end of the day she stumbled back into a golf cart and I went out to dinner with my actress friend. A few hours later I got a call asking if I knew where the celebrity was. I had no idea. Apparently the production team was calling everyone because our actress had gone back to her hotel after having her shuttle driver connect her with someone who would sell her drugs. Our celebrity had been off drugs for almost a year at that point. Being a year off drugs and then doing heroin would most likely kill her. It probably would have except that she was with someone while she was doing the drugs. It was someone who worked on the movie and they were shooting up together. Our celebrity went first and almost immediately something had gone wrong. The guy from the crew was scared to call anyone, but finally he knew that losing a job was better than this person dying in front of him. He called 911 and they rushed our celebrity to the hospital. She was in the hospital getting her stomach pumped as the production crew was calling looking for her. When they found out where she was they put a lock down on the hospital which wasn't that tough. No one in the town probably knew who she was anyway. As soon as she was able, they got her out of the hospital and had a nurse watch her for two days in her hotel room before the celebrity decided she would be ok and could work. I blame the actor who was cheating on her for causing it but she still got back together with him for awhile after filming.
Actress: Courtney Love
Movie: "The People vs. Larry Flynt"
Actor: Ed Norton

212. BLIND GOSSIP 05/21
This actor is on a cable TV drama. He is a big, handsome guy who could easily pass for a professional athlete. He has had plenty of acting jobs over the years, but there was a time when he was supplementing his income with other activities. He used to be a gay escort. He had a regular ad in Frontiers, a Los Angeles-based magazine targeting the gay community. There were some rumors a while back that he used to do gay porn. That’s not true, although there is a gay porn star who resembles him. The escort stuff is true, though. BONUS CLUE! Not Joe Manganiello. Think slightly smaller guy and a smaller show. Tyler Hoechlin "Teen Wolf"

213. ALL ABOUT THE TEA 05/21
A reality TV housewife recently attended Bravo’s Upfronts along with a few of her co-stars. We’re told, Bravo execs showered this reality TV housewives’ co-star with a ton of attention which caused the reality TV housewife to FUME! This reality TV housewife loves being the center of attention (don’t they all)? There was a HUGE buzz at the Upfronts about something her costar has planned with the network. The reality TV housewife avoided her costar all night. It seems her costar is being courted by other networks as well and may even move to LA to pursue the opportunities. Any idea who the "reality TV housewife" and her "costar" may be?
Housewife: Nene Leakes
Costar: Kandi Burruss
TV Series: ""The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

214. WINE AND SASS 05/21
These two A+ list celebrities have a pretty long history together after an iconic moment they shared onstage several years ago, and were hoping to recapture some of that magic in a recent photo shoot. All was good to go, but a recent project left the younger A+ lister looking haggard so her team decided she needed to have some work done to her face to freshen her up a bit and look as good as the older A+ lister. Well, the work came out BAD. Like, really bad. So bad the people behind the shoot scrapped the entire concept with the two A+ listers and instead decided on a whole new concept with this A-list singer. The older A+ lister can't stand the replacement, but publicity is always better than being ignored. The other A+ lister's team desperately tried to get her signed back on the photo shoot, but the replacement tested so well they didn't even want her back.
Younger A+ celebrity: Britney Spears
Older A+ celebrity: Madonna
Moment shared onstage: Britney Spears and Madonna kiss at "2003 MTV Video Music Awards"
Recent Project: Las Vegas Residency at Planet Hollywood
Replacement: Katy Perry

He was already posted up in Paris… two weeks before his wife touched down. Just ask his Italian Stallion in Givenchy Fashion. Know why? We’re told the pair of boyzzz were secretly delving into DL doings. Our mystery man claims he’s building a $9 million home in Beverly Hills. We’ve learned that’s a LIE! According to our insider, he and his wifey are moving to Paris "so he’ll be closer to his male lover… and all the fashion designers he worships." He and his beard have been married for about two-weeks. The made for TV Parisian ceremony is revealed to be a profitable venture, with the Boy and his Beard banking on $20M, "from press and media outlets." It’s all going down this Saturday May 24th, with dude’s fake "big brother" Jay Z as best man. Here’s what a source exclusively tells HSK: "It’s a gay bash! Jamie Foxx will be there…. _______’s ex-lover John Legend, will also be in attendance." He really doesn’t have any close friends, he’s a loser — wanting him and ___ to be just like Jay Z and Beyonce. He even bought the exact Benz Truck that Jay and Beyonce have. Oh… they’re even walking around Paris with bandanna’s covering their faces… just like Jay and Beyonce did at Cochella."
Couple: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West
Italian Stallion: Riccardo Tisci

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#1**
This B- list celebrity/host/former reality star loves to tell the world that her marriage is amazing. Well, her new husband thinks otherwise and is already making plans for an exit after a very big event. There were not many nice things about his wife that he shared with a friend the other day. Stacy Keibler

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#2**
This B- list mostly television actress who may or may not be working next season took some naked selfies earlier this week. Definitely not new territory for her but the place she took them could get her into a whole lot of trouble. She thinks they are edgy. Naya Rivera ('celebrity principal' for a school in LA )

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#3**
This B+ list celebrity/actress with a new movie opening soon got dumped by her actor boyfriend for a few days. He was cheating but somehow he convinced her that it was all our B lister's fault because she didn't dress sexy enough or wear makeup or look feminine. So, she has changed her whole appearance for a guy who cheated. Sarah Silverman ("A Million Ways to Die in the West ")/Michael Sheen

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#4**
This B+ list entertainer (singer) is quickly dropping in the list. He was A list for a very brief time. If he doesn't get another hit soon then all he will have his reputation as a ladies man. He likes people, especially one specific person to think he is being chaste and celibate but he has been seeing several different women that he rotates and he is even traveling with one of his hookups now. Robin Thicke (wife - Paula Patton)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#5**
This foreign born barely hanging on to A list mostly movie actor has a new girlfriend. Well, not even new really. It has been two months, but he refuses to let her be seen with him or photographed in public. He doesn't even let her take photos of them together in private for fear somehow they will get out. He just doesn't want the focus to be on his love life instead of his career. The girlfriend is getting really upset because so far she has only been able to tell her parents. Robert Pattinson (Imogen Kerr)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#6**
This A+ list mostly television actress is married. Well, she says she is anyway, but people are suspicious. They might even be more interested to learn that her husband has been spending most of his nights at Eleven and Revolver in West Hollywood where he is always looking for random guys to hook up with for the night. Kerry Washington (Nnamdi Asomugha)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#7**
This A list model turned really bad B list mostly television actress on one of the shows on that almost network is trying to get pregnant using IVF. She has been bulimic for so long she can't get pregnant any other way. Jaime King

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#8**
This former A list mostly television actor who had two big shows back in the day after getting his start on a third big show now doesn't do much besides reality. He was at a bar the other night and said that he is the only guy who has ever had sex with this openly gay former A list actress who recently got married. Willie Aames/Jodie Foster

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#9**
#1 - This foreign born former A+ list entertainer (singer) is really sick again. He needs to come clean about his disease so people can rally around the guy. George Michael

#2- This young One Tree Hill actress was always thought to be Sophia Bush's friend. It turns out she also took a turn with Chad Michael Murray while he was with Sophia.

#3- This B- list television and movie actress who only gets B list because of her famous acting family got the nose of her significant other broken after she got drunk and slapped some guy because he was not paying attention to her. The significant other stepped in and wham. Emma Roberts (Evan Peters)

I recently attended a fashion dinner where I was seated across from the wife of a TV celebrity who’s now a healthy cookbook author. That’s less a blind item than a nearsighted item, but I can report that Cookbook Lady utterly ignored me until our meals arrived. I was the only person at our table to opt for steak over kale, and I also ordered a side of fries. Suddenly, every eye on the table was on me. "You know what I like to do," Cookbook Lady pronounced slowly, apropos of nothing. "My children and I like to take carrots, and radishes, and other yummy veggies, and we fry them up and we eat them just like French fries!" I nodded at this weird judgment-disguised-as-personal-anecdote. Simply nodded, because my mouth was full. A couple of hands reached for my fry plate, until everyone at the table had availed themselves of my side dish. So much for the holier-than-thou attitude.
TV Celebrity: Jerry Seinfeld
His Wife/Cookbook Lady: Jessica

225. BLIND GOSSIP 05/22
There is a really fascinating negotiation going on behind the scenes of this big event. These two celebrities are arguing over attending the event together. He is going, but she really does not want to go… unless she gets paid! She has an entire list of reasons why she does not want to go: She is too busy. She doesn’t like the couple. She doesn’t want to be photographed. She doesn’t want to be videotaped. She doesn’t want to perform (we don’t know what that’s about). She doesn’t know what she would wear. She is still mad at her husband. She is still mad at his mistress. She doesn’t want to travel. She doesn’t want to bring the kid/s. She would rather spend time working. She doesn’t want his business obligations to be her business obligations. Her husband wants her there. He needs her there. That happy family image can only be cultivated if both parties participate. If he goes without her, they will have to make up some bogus excuse. Given the events of the past couple of weeks, no one will buy it. It will simply add fuel to the fire that they are over, which is exactly what he didn’t want anyone to know about before he was ready to tell them. Yes, he’s controlling that way. He is alternating between fighting with her and trying to sweet talk her. Lots of dollar figures getting thrown around. We’re talking millions of dollars. If she does go, it will be because she was paid to do so. As we keep telling you, this is all business.
Husband: Jay-Z
Wife: Beyoncé
Event: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress, who has the talent of a D lister and A+ list name recognition has been trying to bully a woman into giving up the rights to a name so the actress can have it for herself. The actress has also done her best to call in favors to halt the production of a television pilot based on the woman's life. The actress is hoping that if she ties this up in court she can run through the life savings of the other woman and she will cave. Jessica Alba (Honest Toddler)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#2**
These two closeted action stars were spotted holding hands at an out of the country celebrity hotspot. No photos are allowed inside but more than one person saw the two A listers together.

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#3**
This female almost A list entertainer (singer) sometime reality star is being stalked by a woman that has a massive online following. The online woman thinks the two are best friends but the A lister had her attorney send a letter warning of a restraining order if the online woman doesn't stop with the harassment.

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#4**
This foreign born B+ list singer must know that his B list celebrity girlfriend is cheating on him, and that the relationship is over. Why else would he have chatted up that other woman on a really long flight to the point where they hid under a blanket for an hour in First Class before she emerged and hightailed it to the bathroom. Calvin Harris/Rita Ora

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#5**
This mom in an acting family used to sleep for parts with producers for her children. It worked. Most of her kids are stars.

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#6**
Apparently old couples can be reunited. This A- list mostly movie actor was spotted at the gym working out next to his old "friend", the C+ list mostly movie actor he once co-starred with and was inseparable from for years.

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#7**
This married former A list pop singer who now does some acting and some singing gave an interview talking about how she can't have children. She and her husband are adopting. It is going to be a cover story in the next few weeks. Mandy Moore

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#8**
#1 - One big sticking point for this B list mostly movie actor who is only B list because of his name and what happened to him back in the day in his big thing he has going on is that he doesn't want to be deposed because he is afraid someone will ask him about his heroin use which might keep him from reaching his goal. Josh Hartnett (Bryan Singer) "Penny Dreadful"

#2 - This B list mostly television actress who would do anything to be in a movie is on a hit premium cable show. Keeping up her image that she only cares about herself, she was asked to attend a screening of a movie, but said she was too busy. It was a really important favor her co-star asked her for, but she decided that staying at home and Tweeting photos of herself trying on clothes was more important. Emmy Rossum

#3 - Kindness- This former almost A list mostly television actor was on a very long running network hit which was an extension of another long running network show. It has been mostly plays since the show ended for our actor, but he is still an amazingly nice guy. For every show he is in on Broadway he always has ten to fifteen tickets he pays for out of his own pocket for children and teens in drama classes to come to the show. He then meets with each group for an hour after each show. Just a really nice guy. David Hyde Pierce "Frasier"

#4 - When people talk about Jay-Z and his mistresses, they often forget about a mainstay who has been there forever. She is the person he calls when he needs to be discreet and thinking about old times. She is that very short named R&B singer who hasn't had a hit in awhile and doesn't really even act or record any longer. She basically lives off the generosity of Jay-Z and a couple of other guys. She peaked at A-. Mýa

234. BLIND GOSSIP 05/23
This multi-hyphenate has been dating her current boyfriend for more than two years. However, their relationship may not be as solid as she wants you to believe. She was waiting outside of a building late at night for her driver to come around with the car. Her bodyguard was standing next to her. He had his hand on her ass. No, it wasn’t a mistake or an accidental gesture. She was wearing a form-fitting outfit, and her well-defined waist is a good six inches higher than her butt. There could be no mistaking one for the other. His hand was firmly on her ass for a good thirty seconds and she was leaning into him. That’s no accident. Lots of people have speculated whether or not her relationship with her boyfriend is genuine. Is he aware that her bodyguard is guarding certain parts of her body more closely than necessary?
Celebrity: Jennifer Lopez
Current boyfriend: Casper Smart

235. MR. X 05/23 **CANNES Part 1**
1) Which former A-list actor and his beard/wife looked happy on the red carpet for an event this week, but except for a quick photo op they sat at separate tables once inside the event, possibly as a sign of their growing hatred towards each other? John Travolta/Kelly Preston (at AmFar event)

2) What spawn of a singer/songwriter had to be escorted out of the same party because she was *this close* to throwing a drink at the wife from the previous blind? Her mom would've been proud! Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter Riley Keough (at AmFar event)

3) Which A-list model and reality TV personality has been spotted with a different guy every night she's been in Cannes? Heidi Klum

236. MR. X 05/23 **CANNES Part 2**
4) Which has been was seen circling that Oscar winning producer at a party like a vulture? Thankfully he didn't go near her. Lindsay Lohan

5) What same producer skipped the premiere of his latest film, saying he was doing humanitarian work for UNICEF? excuses, excuses, excuses. Harvey Weinstein "Grace of Monaco"

6) What Oscar winning legend was seen wearing a noticeable wig, sparking rumors that she's battling cancer? (She isn't) Sophia Loren

237. MR. X 05/23 **CANNES Part 3**
7) What former A-list tweener who will be headed to B-list by the end of year was spotted bringing back much older hookers to his hotel room? Justin Bieber

8) What recent Oscar winning actress was seen shielding her face as she exited a bar on the Riviera that's a known lesbian hangout? Lupita Nyong'o

9) What A-list actor who premiered his directorial debut at Cannes was overheard complaining to his PR team on the phone about the crappy job the editors did to his film? Ryan Gosling "Lost River"

10) Which '90s sex symbol was seen wandering around the red carpet hours before it was even open to the press and celebs? talk about crazy... Pamela Anderson

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#1**
With the holiday weekend, I'm surprised this B list mostly television actor from a middling cable show which co-stars someone who is way more famous because of his past show than his current one didn't announce a separation from his wife. It would have been the perfect time. He has been hooking up with this sometime B list television and movie actress with the really long name and the even longer reputation. Never let it be said that she doesn't date married guys. I can't believe she convinced someone to leave their wife.
B list actor: Michael Boatman
Cable Show: "Anger Management"
Co-star/Past show: Charlie Sheen "Two and a Half Men"
B list actress: Michelle Trachtenberg (worked together on "Gossip Girl")

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#2**
This very much a minor, who is a sometime actor offspring of A listers managed to buy a bottle of duty free liquor at the airport and then sipped from it the entire flight while sitting in First Class alone. Jaden Smith (in Europe for Kim/Kanye wedding)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#1**
After struggling to find a beard who wouldn't cheat on her and make her look stupid publicly, this foreign born A list entertainer (singer) reality host/judge has just been spending time with her decade long girlfriend. Kylie Minogue

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#2**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress blew off seeing her kid and significant other this weekend so she could hookup with this attached A+ list mostly movie actor. Sienna Miller/Bradley Cooper

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#3**
When this former A list entertainer (singer) turned sometime reality star skipped a recent national appearance because she was "sick" she was really in the midst of a drug binge. Toni Braxton "Watch What Happens Live"

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#4**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor managed to get this foreign born A list entertainer (singer) to his hotel, but when she saw his disfigured peen she hightailed it out the door.

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **#5**
The director of this very very very recent bomb of a movie is being blamed for the result because he wouldn't stop trying to have sex with all the extras on location. I think the bad acting had something to do with it too. I mean they are A listers.
Movie: "Blended"
Director: Frank Coraci
A listers: Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#1**
This A-list mostly movie comedic actor was texting his girlfriend while hitting on other women in a bar overseas this past week. He didn't have any trouble finding someone to take back to his room for a couple of hours. Jonah Hill

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#2**
This B list mostly movie actor has dated some really famous A list actresses. He also says that he is afraid of getting his hair wet so it is a huge production when he actually washes his hair which he only does every few weeks. Jude Law

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#3**
This A list reality star from an A list reality show sent out some assistants to try and score her some coke while she was out of the country. She ended up having to settle for pills instead. Khloé Kardashian

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#4**
These former co-stars from a very hit Fox drama from back in the day hate each other. It turns out that the person with the biggest name recognition on the show was writing a book and asked the ex-wife of her former co-star for details on all the times he cheated so she could include it. The ex-wife said no and told her ex who blasted his former co-star.
Tori Spelling/Nikki Ziering "90210"

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#5**
This B list entertainer (singer) is trying to get people to think she is pregnant, but that just isn't going to happen unless her actor husband goes in for a little procedure. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian (reverse vasectomy)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#6**
This B list entertainer (singer) has been telling women he is hooking up with that he and his celebrity girlfriend are having problems so what he did this weekend is probably going to put a damper on him using that pickup line. Jason Derulo/Jordin Sparks (he let her take a photo of them in bed together. Didn't really slow him down though.)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#7**
This foreign born A list mostly action movie actor got tired of paying his C list mostly movie actress/model girlfriend and the two have split. Jason Statham/Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **#8**
After several years on the job the male assistant/lover of this married A+ list mostly movie actor has moved on to another job and this leaves an opening. So, if you want to get paid to be a beard, now is your chance. Oh, and he likes them in their early 20's. John Travolta

253. BLIND GOSSIP 05/26
When we talk about celebrities who have not yet announced that they are expecting, it is usually because they are not very far along in their pregnancy. That is not the case with this celebrity. She is an attractive actress who primarily does films. She does want to have a baby… but not with the celebrity who she believes is the father. Although there was no formal announcement made, they recently broke up. Their relationship was so contentious that she does not want to have anything to do with him. That includes raising a child that would tie her to him forever. While she will not go so far as to tell friends exactly what happened, they report that she is definitely afraid of him. They don’t know yet whether she will end the pregnancy, or if she will hide away for the rest of the year, have the baby, and give it to someone else to raise. In either case, she will not be consulting with him about it.
Her Ex:

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#1**
This Real Housewife is faking her new relationship because she thinks she can get another season on the show if she has another fake boyfriend. This one she has fully committed and paid and won't flake like the last one. Kenya Moore "Real Housewives of Atlanta" (new boyfriend) (another fake boyfriend: Walter Jackson)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#2**
This A list mostly movie actor likes to have the public think he is still with his mostly movie actress wife, but this holiday weekend he had the kids and his new girlfriend and the wife was all alone. Michael Douglas

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#3**
This Dancing With The Stars pro who never lasts very long might want to worry about why. One of the reasons might be all of the booze and coke she consumed while on vacation this past weekend. Witney Carson or Lindsay Arnold

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#4**
This C list celebrity has been the on again off again girlfriend for this troubled A list entertainer (singer) for what seems like forever. Apparently off again and needing money, our C lister was heard responding to a question about her sometime boyfriend and what she was doing while he was away and she said she hoped to find a guy because she needed to make her bill payments. Chris Brown/Karrueche Tran

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#5**
This sometime A+ list mostly movie actor was hammered when he bet almost $500K during a trip to Vegas last week and lost it all. He also spilled a several thousand dollar bottle of wine all over the table. Not Ben Affleck.
Nicolas Cage

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#6**
This foreign born B+ list entertainer (singer) who could move up to A if she is not a one hit wonder split with her boyfriend because she is seeing someone else. She doesn't want to announce the split though because the guy she is seeing is much older and her boyfriend doesn't know she cheated. Iggy Azalea/Los Angeles Lakers Nick Young

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#7**
This foreign born A+ list celebrity apparently had unprotected sex with a woman he met at a party. While no photos were taken this time around, the woman is still trying to sell her story to the tabloids. Prince Harry

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#8**
You may not have known it, but this former A list mostly television actor who every teen who watched his show had a crush on and had a hit cable show for many years after was sober after a drunken arrest. Our actor is drinking again and heavily and his actress girlfriend is really worried.

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#9**
This B list mostly movie actor who is still waiting to hear if he will be invited back to the big hit sequel has another problem on his hands. The not very nice actor has a sometime girlfriend who is pregnant. Problem is no one knows if it is the actor's baby or their threesome partner's baby. Alex Pettyfer/Marloes Horst "Magic Mike 2"

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#10**
This Qatar Airways flight attendant lost her job after this A- list mostly television actor who did make a movie about one of his characters told her he would talk to her bosses about her spending the night with him if she got in trouble. She did and was fired and the actor never returned her calls.
Jeremy Piven

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#11**
This item is fairly short because there is not a lot to say. She is a B list mostly television actress, who really should be C list but had that long running network show and another show that did pretty well too. Oh, she also has one of the better lines in television history and some serious name recognition. Our actress always had body issues and went through stages in her life where she was bulimic and had a serious battle with laxatives. She continues to be anorexic even though doctors have told her she needs to start eating right to help battle her recent diagnosis of colon cancer.
Actress: Teri Hatcher
Shows: "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" and "Desperate Housewives"
Line: "They're real and they're fabulous"/Seinfeld episode

265. BLIND GOSSIP 05/27
While most of what is published about this family is orchestrated by the head of the family, they probably don’t know that one male member of the family has gone completely rogue and is selling them out behind their backs. He shops the stories around each week, and whoever pays the most, gets it. It’s not that he hates the family. He is just squeezing every dollar he can out of it while the money train is rolling. He has to, because he has created a lifestyle for himself that is completely unsustainable for someone who is unemployed.
Family: Kardashians
Squeal: Scott Disick

266. DAILY MIRROR 05/27
Which married superstar is having an affair with not one but two U.S. models behind his wife’s back? His security team is desperately trying to cover their boss’ tracks.
Model 1:
Model 2:

267. MEDIA TAKEOUT 05/27 just heard the craziest rumor – and we wouldn’t have even given it a second thought – if it wasn’t coming from a very popular celebrity. According to the celeb – there were rumors back in 2008 when Rihanna was first signed to Def Jam – that she was pregnant, allegedly. And the father was allegedly one of the people from the label who we all know. They say that before the rumors of the pregnancy, Rihanna was on the back burner at the label. But Rihanna went back to Barbados for nine months . . . . and when she came back to the states – she was the Def Jam exec’s main project. He made sure to use his celebrity to push Rihanna’s career. Well all that happened 6 years ago, and it could all just be rumors – right?? Well we just saw photos of a 6 year old boy and Rihanna floating on the internets . . . they looked real close. Oh, and that boy looks exactly like that former Def Jam executive.
Very Popular Celebrity: Rihanna
Baby Daddy/Former Def Jam Executive: Jay-Z

268. WINE AND SASS 05/27
This Real Housewife narrowly escaped her own indictment after her much younger side piece turned her in to the Feds. She was allowed her freedom and immunity in exchange for her client list. This list includes hundreds of A-list actor, several A-list athletes, and a shocking revelation about a network executive. So when these names hit the news in a scandal, know they came from her little black book.

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#1**
This former B list mostly television actress with a name confused with another actress and has had a rough year or two since being fired from the hit cable show was kicked out of a restaurant the other night after being caught orally servicing her male companion in a garden about ten feet from other diners. They apparently thought the potted plant would give them privacy. Paz de la Huerta (actress confused with: Paz Vega)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#2**
When this B list mostly television actor who got a second and third chance is working on his cable television show, his girlfriend has been known to engage in a threesome with this other celebrity couple. Our actor tried swapping with the couple once, but said it isn't for him. He has had his own share of threesomes in the past though. There was this one time back on his old show that he hooked up with one of the leads and a friend of hers.
B list actor: Matt LeBlanc
Show: "Episodes"
Girlfriend: Andrea Anders
Celebrity couple:
Old show: "Friends"
Lead and her friend: Jennifer Aniston

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#3**
This Downton Abbey actress went on a few dates with this foreign born almost A list mostly television actor who every woman seems to love. She says they split because he went all Fifty Shades Of Grey on her and she is more of a turn off the lights and close your eyes kind of lover. Benedict Cumberbatch/Laura Carmichael

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#4**
This B list entertainer (singer) didn't have her sober companion with her on a recent trip and spent an entire night locked in her hotel room drinking everything in sight. She wouldn't accept any calls and had her cell phone turned off. Room service just kept delivering booze even when a friend called the hotel and told them not to.

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#5**
This married almost A list mostly movie actor is a really great actor, but not the best husband. He is starting to age and has been in some really great movies. He was spotted with a woman who was not his wife at dinner but got totally freaked out and got up abruptly and walked out of the restaurant leaving the woman there. He never came back. They were seated together for about five minutes when he left.

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#6**
This east coast Housewife should know that her husband has been seeing two different women on a fairly regular basis. I can't believe the wife doesn't know about them. It is not like he is trying too hard to hide. Not Ramona Singer. Not Teresa Giudice. Not Melissa Gorga. Kristen Taekman’s husband Josh "Real Housewives of New York City"

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actor keeps getting parts based on his looks, but with no discernible acting talent. With no franchise to help him any longer and bombs aplenty from his roles, he needs something. Maybe his backup plan is the son of the royal he has been seeing the past month. Kellan Lutz ("Twilight")/Monaco

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#8**
This NBA announcer paid off a guy who is gay and who our NBA announcer thought was hitting on him. So, our NBA announcer punched the guy and called him some not very nice names. Well, no one ever accused the announcer of being gay friendly.

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#9**
This B list mostly movie actress sibling of an almost A list mostly movie actor had a meeting which was a formality prior to being cast in a new movie. She was such a pain to everyone she met that day and acted like a diva that the director told the producers he couldn't work with the actress. The producers decided to hire her anyway and she signed the contract. Before shooting even began everyone decided she had to go and the producers ate her entire $2M salary just because she wasn't worth the hassle. Maggie Gyllenhaal sister of Jake

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#10**
This actress used to be A list. It was a brief run at the top of the list, but her time there imprinted her on the world and she still continues to enjoy A+ list name recognition even though her first movie was about 30 years ago. It is hard to believe it has been that long since she made her entrance. It was that same time period that also saw one of her first co-stars get his start in movies. He is A+ list now. Our actress always had a thing for guys who were bad boys. She was known as someone who wouldn't mind if you wanted to rough her up a little bit and she was supposedly very willing to do whatever any guy wanted. Some say she was abused as a teen which led to this type of relationship. Sometimes the guys got completely out of hand and she suffered her fair share of beatings. One of those beatings kept her unemployed for three months and she lost a major role because of it. Her career never recovered after that miss. To say she has dated some of the more famous figures of all-time would be fair to say. One of those people was enamored with her and spent millions of dollars on her. Well, the movie version of her. Our actress did her best acting when she was with this guy. He flew her all over the world and she still has millions of dollars of jewels he gave her and is living off the money she received during and after the relationship even though it ended almost 20 years ago. The reason he left her was because he found someone even more famous than our actress. She really couldn't believe she was being dumped, at least for someone who was roughly her same age. She would show up at the guy's apartment and his homes around the world and one time was thrown in jail because the guards of his new A+ list celebrity girlfriend viewed her as a threat. She finally backed off after that visit and a nice healthy check from her boyfriend's dad. That is how he usually handled the affairs of his son.
Actress: Daryl Hannah
A+ co-star: Tom Hanks
Movie: "Splash"
Bad beating: Jackson Browne
Lost role: "Pretty Woman"
Dated famous people: Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty, Val Kilmer, John F. Kennedy Jr.
Man enamored with her: Dodi Fayed
New A+ girlfriend: Princess Diana

279. BLIND GOSSIP 05/28
This singer has been dropping hints that she and her celebrity husband are pregnant. She is not. It’s all just for attention. You see, they are actively developing "story lines" to make themselves more interesting and marketable as a couple. The pregnancy story line is one of them. In fact, they believe that this particular story line will be so popular that you can expect to see this same particular publicity tease over and over again for at least the next year! She really does want to be pregnant. We just don’t know how that’s going to happen. It’s not that her husband is avoiding sex. He has been having sex… although not necessarily with her.|
Singer: LeAnn Rimes
Husband: Eddie Cibrian
"Story Lines" for: "LeAnn & Eddie" on VH1

280. MORTON REPORT 05/28
This is a world-renowned movie star who likes to keep personal publicity entirely his way and his reluctance for anything outside the approved parameters extends to other grown-up members of his family. Some newspapers are reluctant to tangle with him, thanks to previous litigation. So imagine how surprised they were when 'his people' suddenly gave the go-ahead for an item concerning a relative. A change of heart? Or did our Mr Movie realise that if the truth got out in some other way, such as social media, people might spot that he is a great deal wealthier than his poor relation who actually needs to make some money?
Movie Star: Robert DeNiro
His Relative: father
The truth about his relative: was gay

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#1**
This former American Idol top two finisher with A list name recognition caused a scene at a show recently when she got up from her seat multiple times to use the bathroom. Finally after intermission she didn't even bother returning to her seat and just shuttled between lobby and restroom waiting for her friends to get out.

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#2**
This female former A list tweener who still makes music, but thankfully isn't trying to act any longer wouldn't take no for an answer when she was making moves on the female model offspring of A listers. Our A lister finally gave up but not before calling the model a whore.
Former A list tweener: Miley Cyrus
Female Model offspring: Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#3**
This foreign born A list model has been accused of smuggling drugs between countries as a courier and it is causing her to be unable to get a work visa to the US.

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#4**
These two Top Chef judges have been hooking up and one of them is married.

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#5**
This A+ list model who also has a reality show was recently on a television show and came out late because she wanted the entire backstage to herself while she got ready. That was the easiest of her demands. Naomi Campbell ("The Face") on "The Graham Norton Show"

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#6**
This B list celebrity/former athlete/reality star says being engaged to a woman is the best way he has discovered so far to pick up guys. Sean Avery/Hilary Rhoda

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#7**
This B list celebrity/reality star/sometime mostly movie actress and all around not very nice person has been trying to get pregnant with her athlete boyfriend but hasn't let him know that. She wants some guaranteed income. Julianne Hough/Brooks Laich (hocker player of the Washington Capitals)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#8**
This B list mostly movie actor has been funneling money like crazy to his wife in order to make it seem like he has none. Our B lister probably doesn't realize that his new wife plans on keeping it all. Terrence Howard

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#9**
This B- list mostly movie actress who is now on a hit almost television show says that when she was at her lowest, her then boyfriend, who used to be an almost A list mostly movie actor before his fall into the deep end because of drugs and booze used to make her turn tricks. Kind of like he does with his current wife and current girlfriend.
Actress: Natasha Lyonne
Show: "Orange Is the New Black"
Boyfriend: Edward Furlong
Wife: Rachael Bella
Girlfriend: Monica Keena

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#10**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: Usually in an Old Hollywood Blind, all of the participants are all deceased. Not so in this case. The main instigator is still very much alive. Back in the day our actress was probably B list. She starred in lots of television and lots of movies, but her best acting was saved for the bedroom. She was at one point in time the highest paid escort in the world. She earned many thousands of dollars each night for her performances and most of the men who really liked her ended up marrying her because they thought she would be less expensive. Maybe so, but it never stopped her from charging others or seeing other men while she was married. When she was at her peak there is not a name in the celebrity world or political world who she did not hook up with. One of her more juicy conquests involved her ex-husband. She cheated on him throughout their marriage and they ended up divorced and he decided to marry someone who looked almost the same, but was much more faithful. The sister of our actress. Well, it turns out that the sister was not that great of an actress and the ex missed his wife and what she did to him in bed so they started a very long affair that didn't stop even when the sister caught them in bed together multiple times. The only reason it did stop is because our actress got married again to one of her better customers.
B list actress: Zsa Zsa Gabor
Ex-husband: George Sanders
Sister: Magda Gabor

291. BLIND GOSSIP 05/29 **#1**
Members of this band are sitting down with their team today to sort through the events of the past few days and to discuss damage control going forward. Here is what they know and what they will be discussing in today’s meeting. Management already knows that the boys use drugs so they were more annoyed by the leak than surprised by the drug use and drug talk. Not surprisingly, the entire band is embarrassed about the incident. However, it is interesting to note that the band member who is taking this all the hardest is not even one of the boys in the video. The leak came from one of the boy’s mobile telephones (specifically, the one who was shooting the video). None of the boys was responsible for the leak. They are not trying to force a more grown-up image on their fans, nor force management to let them change their image, nor sabotage the band’s success. They do not know yet how the video was taken from the phone, or by whom. They believe the data was stolen. The security team is worried about losing their jobs. One of the boys is very upset about the possibility of losing his place on another team. The video that was published was edited. It is actually much longer and contains other damning information about drug use. They are all worried that the rest of it will leak. They are even more worried about two other things on the phone that would be very damaging if leaked. The first is proof of extensive drug and alcohol use and/or abuse by all of the members of the band. The second is proof of an intimate relationship between two of the boys. That is why the other band member is so upset about this. He is one of the boys in the relationship. Yes, it was all on that same phone. No, they do not know who has it now, what they have, or what they are going to do with it.
Band: "One Direction"
Two boys in the video: Louis Tomlinson & Zayn Malik
Boy taking this the hardest: Harry Styles
Boy afraid of losing his place on another team: football team Doncaster Rovers

292. BLIND GOSSIP 05/29 **#2**
This guy is one of the most famous musicians in the world. We always thought he was one of the richest, too. Not necessarily! Finances are a problem for the couple. He is not good at managing his money, and his wife is a huge shopper. A few years ago, she decided to go to Northern Italy to do some shopping. She shopped all day for expensive art and furnishings, and stayed in a luxury hotel at night. Well, she ran out of money. She tried to leave the hotel, but was barred from doing so. You see, in Italy, it is a crime to leave a hotel without settling your bill in full! They told her that she had to pay her bill… or she was going to go to jail! Her credit cards were maxed out, she didn’t have the cash to settle the bill, and she knew that her husband didn’t have the money either. And she really didn’t want to have to face off against the Italian police! In the end, she decided to call one of her husband’s band mates and beg him to lend her the money. Although it was embarrassing for her, it was better than getting arrested and having their true financial situation exposed to the public.
His Band:
His Wife:

Which well-known female TV personality forced her assistant to get 4 colonics a week – with her. The two would get them together in the same room and comment on who had the better ‘release’ – the boss always won. She is a very well-known TV newsy type, who will do anything to stay young. And is literally a pain in the ass, to her assistant?

294. JANET CHARLTON 05/30 **#1**
This bad boy seems to have calmed down since he got serious about his former pornstar girlfriend and he has his friends wondering WHY. What’s so special about HER? We hear she keeps him satisfied by supplying her MALE porn costars for his entertainment. The bad boy pays each guy $5000 per visit so they are highly motivated to make him happy. It’s a family affair – the girlfriend watches while the bad boy fiddles around with the guys! Charlie Sheen/Brett Rossi

295. JANET CHARLTON 05/30 **#2**
This macho actor surprised everyone when he left his successful long running series recently. Although he IS married, he has a little secret. He works out in a predominantly gay West Hollywood gym and doesn’t mind showing off his physique. Other gym members report that he takes loooong showers exposed and aroused, looking desperate for attention. But he doesn’t get much, because of his obvious shortcomings!
Josh Charles "The Good Wife"

296. MR. X 05/30 **#1**
1) Which former A+ list diva's drinking caused an appearance at an awards show to be in jeopardy because her handlers had to literally prop her up on stage after she arrived several hours late? Mariah Carey "World Music Awards"

2) At the same awards show, this A-list former tweener was simulating sex on a bed a la Madonna, which sent the producers scrambling to edit as much as they could? No wonder it's not airing this weekend. Miley Cyrus "World Music Awards"

3) Which almost B-list pop star is not telling her fans the real reason she's canceling shows? She went on a coke bender and she's in no state to perform. Lady Gaga

297. MR. X 05/30 **#2**
4) What ex wife of that NFL icon has agreed to become the mistress to a sheikh? Deion Sanders’ ex-wife, Pilar Sanders

5) Which boyband's squeaky clean image will be kaput once more racy videos are leaked by that former handler who has an axe to grind? "One Direction"

6) What B-list actress wife/beard of an A-lister is worrying friends as her weight plummets? Jada Pinkett Smith (Will Smith)

298. MR. X 05/30 **#3**
7) What two Broadway turned movie/TV stars and longtime bffs had sex together once just for the sake of experimenting? This was before one of them was out of the closet. Lea Michele/Jonathan Groff

8) What pop songstress is considering retirement after her current project ends it run? Britney Spears (Las Vegas)

9) Which media mogul continues to be vague about his sexuality, but he's been seen hitting on guys in gay bars located near his east-coast studio? Tyler Perry

299. MR. X 05/30 **#4**
10) Which EGOT winner bought up her legendary mother's FBI files so they wouldn't be leaked to the press? They allegedly contain info about the mother's ties to far-left political groups with links to the Communist Party. Liza Minnelli (Judy Garland)

11) Which A+ list single named entertainer abhors swearing in his presence, yet in private he swears like a truck driver? Prince

12) Which rapper/reality star has been taking selfies with some of his many groupies who are either half-naked or fully naked? What else is new? T.I.

300. MR. X 05/30 **#5**
13) Which younger member of that reality TV family learned from her older siblings by buying fake Twitter followers? Kylie Jenner

14) What frequently incarcerated adult entertainment honcho is constantly being bailed out of the clink by that gossip website founder? Talk about friends with benefits. Joe Francis/Nik Ritchie or Harvey Levin

15) Which busty brunette tried to buy up all copies of the pornos she did in her pre-fame days, but gave up when a British tabloid leaked a still of one? Kelly Brook

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#1**
This east coast Housewife is convinced her husband is being faithful again. Umm. Yeah, if you believe that two hour "meeting" he had after having dinner with his wife was all business. There probably was a transaction involved though, so maybe you could classify it as business. Ramona and Mario Singer "Real Housewives of New York"

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#2**
This mid-teen B list mostly movie actress got hustled off a red carpet by a handler when a press person asked about her 30 something boyfriend.

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#3**
This B list entertainer (singer) and former reality star and sometime judge still had coke on her nose when she showed up for a radio interview. This may explain her rambling incoherence. Then again, she can be like that a great deal of the time which is why she can't hold down a job other than singing. Demi Lovato

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#4**
This B list entertainer (singer) had a pretty busy past few weeks. To me she is more of a one hit or one album wonder, but she has tons of fans. Hopefully they don't try and sell the autographs she scrawled the other day. Hammered out of her mind, her signature was basically a straight line or crooked line depending on the angle of the photo and pen. I'm surprised she was able to stand, let alone walk.

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#5**
This married B list former Lost actor has been using the gym as his own personal playground. He always works out solo and spends the time finding women who would be open to a quick hookup when they leave the gym.

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#6**
At the same gym as #5, you will also find this A list mostly movie actor. Our very tall actor loves helping women with their weight training. He spots and offers assistance which involves lots of touching. Surprising no one, when his wife goes to the gym with our actor, they use a different location.
Vince Vaughn

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#7**
#1- This foreign born A list entertainer (singer) went off on a fan the other night when the fan thought he was a Jackson. When someone told the fan who the singer was he said he never heard of the guy. Lots of yelling. Needless really, but our singer has got into other fights. Drake

#2 - It took two hours of makeup and another hour to set the lights correctly and another several hours of editing to make this former A- list mostly movie actress turned B- list television actress look "natural" for a new skincare line she is selling. Halle Berry

#3 - This former A list mostly movie actress is still really young considering her very lengthy film career that now has her at B-. She says she can count on her fingers the number of times she has had sex sober. Kirsten Dunst

#4 - This former B list mostly television actor turned crap movies actor turned coke addict turned multiple marriage guy goes to the park a lot. Working on his fitness? Wanting to spend time with his kid(s)? How about hooking up with a nanny of a Victoria's Secret model. Hey the nanny also hooks up with the husband of the model, so I'm wondering when she actually does any child watching.

“He’s a bisexual dude, and he’s also a sex addict.” The beat-down which this all-BLUE-everything Brooklyn MC caught could have been just the tip of the iceberg. Know why? We’re told… his extramarital affairs — with women AND men — have led he and his Missus to divorce! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Dame Dash. Here’s what a source spills: “Dame Dash had Rachel Roy lure ****, with sexual advances at the Met Gala. **** took the bait and got caught by his wife.” His empire is about to crumble, Just ask John McNeilly. Now… Can you guess which BK sellout I’m talking about? Jay-Z

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