NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This television talk show host likes to show the world that he has the perfect marriage and life but he rarely sleeps at home at night any longer and has quietly been hooking up with a woman who used to be an employee on the show and now seems to do nothing but wait for our talk show host to visit. Matt Lauer

At a black tie type event this past weekend in LA, this B list mostly television actress who is on hold about her new cable show kept telling anyone who would listen that she was completely naked under her dress. After the tenth time saying this, our attention starved actress was told to prove it and unzipped the front of her dress all the way to the bottom. She was telling the truth.
Actress: Chloe Sevigny
Event: MOCA’s 35th Anniversary Gala (Museum of Contemporary Art)
New Cable Show: "Those Who Killed" originally on A&E, but dropped and moving to Lifetime Movie Network

This former A list mostly movie actor who everyone loves for one specific film role but rarely ever appears in movies any longer has been coming and going to his home only on weekends to see his kids. His A list mostly movie actress wife always seems to travel those weekends. Matthew Broderick ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off ")/Sarah Jessica Parker

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who hangs onto A list strictly because of his name hates his new movie role. The role has him looking well beyond his years and as a result is having to pay for sex which he is loathe to do. Richard Gere

This A list male designer thinks things are different this time around and that his latest barely out of teens male model really loves the designer and not the $25K a month allowance that the designer is paying him each month. Plus the apartment rent.
Calvin Klein

KINDNESS: This actress is B- list. Mostly movies although she got her start on television. Now she does a little of this and a little of that but still has great name recognition because of that past relationship. She arranged for 100 people to fly to Disney World for spring break. They were all families who are homeless that she discovered while doing some volunteer work at a food bank. She wanted to do something special so foot the bill for airfare and admissions and hotel.
B- list actress: Katie Holmes
Start on television: "Dawson’s Creek"
Past relationship: Tom Cruise

In Disney World without Suri

This foreign born former A list mostly movie actress who still has A+ list name recognition had another meltdown when her A list mostly movie actor husband met up with his girlfriend who is about 40 years younger than him. The actor thought that he had an understanding with his wife about it. Apparently not. Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas

This mid-teen Disney tweener who is A list in that world has been talking on the set of her latest movie about how she had a fling with this A+ list mostly movie actor who goes through tons of women. She says that she wanted to compare her teen boyfriend to an older guy.
Disney tweener: Bella Thorne
Latest movie: "Mostly Ghostly 2: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend?"
A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper
Her boyfriend: Tristan Klier

It was supposed to be the movie that cemented them as a couple and move them forward from the roles they had been playing. Instead, it was the end for all practical purposes of their careers. When the movie wrapped they both went their separate ways. When it first started, everything was great. The A list couple were excited to be filming together in the kind of movie they thought would bring them awards and acclaim and vault them into a level of acting they hadn't been able to reach with previous roles. Both members of our couple were A list at the time. Our actress was forever talking about her craft and how she thought she was better than the roles in which she was being cast. This was before the internet and the tabloids didn't really focus on the couple. If they had, they would have seen both of them using drugs on a daily basis. Our actress met a co-star on the set and there were sparks. Here was a man. Someone who was worldly. He was not the star he or force he is today in movies but his intensity was there and she ended up in his bed within days after they first had a scene together on set. Our actor in the couple didn't handle this well and the drug use increased to the point where his performance started to suffer. It took hours to film scenes that should have taken thirty minutes. To get back at our actress he started sleeping with an actress on the set. She was older than our actor but it didn't matter to him. He was trying to make his partner jealous. It didn't work. Meanwhile, the co-star he was having a fling with was falling in love with him and thought they had a future together. She was a mess for a year after filming ended and she found herself dumped. It is amazing to see how one film and what happened on the set derailed the careers of actors who thought they were moving forward and instead never achieved anything close to what they had before filming started.
A list couple: Molly Ringwald/Andrew McCarthy
Movie: "Fresh Horses"
Co-star actor: Viggo Mortensen
Co-star actress: Patti D'Arbanville

10. WINE AND SASS 04/01
Here's today's cast of characters:
A-list aging rocker
B-list television actress who's been quiet since she battled some demons
A-list mostly television actor
B-list mostly television actress, ten years younger than the other actress
After a contentious divorce, and not speaking for several years, this former long time couple of the A-list rocker and the B-list older television actress (she's not old, though!) recently ran into each other at an AA meeting of all places. After the meeting, they hung around and chatted, and now that they're both working on themselves can see that there is still a lot of love there. Where it goes from there? No one knows, but they have been spending a lot of time together as friends, but it doesn't appear to be going anywhere soon. The biggest problem is the younger (but she's not young!) B-list actress. The Rocker feels that she is responsible for getting him where he is today with his sobriety, and considers her his best friend. Occasionally the lines blur and it gets romantic, that's been on and off for a few years, because that's how she likes her relationships, "rent the guy you know for the night, and then he leaves." Besides she has enough on her plate with her nutcase ex husband the A-list mostly television actor. So the Rocker and his ex wife are at a stalemate. She won't go any further with the relationship because she is jealous of the other actress's bond with him, and he won't give her up. The younger actress won't commit to the rocker, because she has had enough crazy men to last a lifetime.
A-list aging rocker: Richie Sambora
B-list television actress who's been quiet since she battled some demons: Heather Locklear
A-list mostly television actor: Charlie Sheen
B-list mostly television actress, ten years younger than the other actress: Denise Richards
Richie and Heather in Hawaii

This former entertainer turned reality star turned wanted to be entertainer turned host is married. It hasn't stopped him from meeting a very busty blonde who kind of looks familiar in a way every afternoon for drinks and canoodling the past week. Nick Lachey

It isn't like this B list mostly television actor has never cheated while married before. He has lots of times. Hell, his current wife was once a mistress so the fact he is having sex with his married co-star from their new this season show shouldn't be a shocker. She should watch out though because he has also called his co-star the dumbest person he has ever met in his life.
B list actor: James Van Der Beek
Wife: Kimberly Brook
Co-star: Brooklyn Decker (Dumb As A Box Of Hair)
Show: "Friends with Better Lives"

This B list reality star/host/host has been known to report threats to herself that she made up because she loves the extra attention and security. Giuliana Rancic

Those weren't regular brownies this B list mostly movie actor and his wife were eating on a recent flight. The actor who used to be on a very hit cable show was wasted by the time the flight ended. Well, considering he ate a half dozen of them it is no surprise.

This C list celebrity with A list name recognition better hope she stays on good terms with her A list ex considering he recently filmed her having sex with another woman and doing lines of coke. Brooke Mueller/Charlie Sheen

This maybe soon to be ex east coast Housewife tried to get $25K for one night of sex this past weekend but settled for $5K. Not Joanna Krupa. Porsha Stewart "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Kindness: This A+ list entertainer (singer) did it again. Unannounced and with no publicity wanted, our entertainer spent five hours at another children's hospital in another city. As much as she gets things thrown her way for bad things she certainly spends a lot of time doing good for others and trying to make sick kids have a better day. Taylor Swift (Hasbro Children’s Hospital/Providence, R.I.)

Old Hollywood: Which A/B-list character actor who specialized in a certain genre for most of his career was also gay? It was kind of an open secret throughout Hollywood, even after he married that foreign-born character actress and lesbian. The same actor said that the best sex he ever had was with one of his early costars, this bisexual A-list foreign born leading man. He said he was hung like a horse.
A/B actor: Vincent Price
Wife: Coral Browne
Bisexual A-list foreign born leading man: Errol Flynn

This up and coming no name actor recently learned a quick way to get ahead in Hollywood. Our up and coming actor was at a seminar for acting which was produced by this A list mostly movie actor who is closeted and an Academy Award winner/nominee. Our actor caught up with the up and comer after the seminar and invited him to coffee. This turned into a play where the A lister made sure to keep his hand firmly planted on the thigh and leg of our up and comer. After the play the A lister told the newbie that a role in a movie could be had if he slept with the A lister. This A lister could probably deliver but our newbie declined. Kevin Spacey

20. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#10**
Our A lister from Blind Item #9 did manage to snag one young actor with his seminars and that foreign born actor now stars on a middling network hit with two women leads. The actor owes his role to the calls made on his behalf by the A lister. Hope it was worth it. Federico Dordei "Two Broke Girls"

21. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/02 **#11**
Altered History-Old Hollywood Blind Item: This permanent A list mostly movie actress created a legend for herself that she maintained throughout her career. When she first began giving interviews her story and background was quite different than what became the story she and her people crafted. She always told about her struggles growing up and how she performed for money as a dancer. She said they were groups of people and it is how she managed to survive and live and put food on her table. That is not exactly how it happened. Our actress actually earned money by sleeping with men and started at the bottom and then worked her way up as a teen to the most powerful person in her country at the time. He ensured her protection. He also ensured her survival.
Marlene Dietrich/Adolf Hitler

22. BLIND GOSSIP 04/02 **#1**
This over-30 Actor has done plenty of films, but he is especially well-known for one part in a recent TV series. He recently asked a "normal" woman out on a date. Initially, the woman couldn’t believe her luck! "He was tall, cute, rich, famous, and seemed really nice. What’s not to like?" The date went pretty normally… until the end. They went back to his house. Everything was going fine until he pulled out – wait for it – a puppet! The Actor then ceased talking in his normal voice altogether and used some sort of weird puppet voice to continue the conversation. According to her, "He went from cute to creepy really fast." When the puppet tried to touch her private parts and proposition her for sex, she bolted. So, what’s it like to date a celebrity? "Creepy." Jason Segel "How I Met Your Mother"

23. BLIND GOSSIP 04/02 **#2**
Lots of magazines and entertainment shows covered the announcement a while back about this TV actress signing with a major music label for her debut album. How exciting for her and the fans of her show! The first single dropped months ago, but if you are waiting for the album to be released, you’ll be waiting a long time, because the label has kicked the singer to the curb! The single was a dud, the record company thinks she’s a non-starter, and they don’t like her changing image. So, they will not be putting up the money to release and promote the album. The company wanted her to be the one to make the announcement that their music partnership was over… but she has been giving them a song and dance for months about why she can’t make the announcement now. So, it’s a standoff. No album, no announcement, and she gets to pretend that she is still a recording artist signed to a major label. Doesn’t she know anyone else in the music industry? Naya Rivera

24. WINE AND SASS 04/02
This Real Housewife (Not Miami or Atlanta, because no one cares) finally got confirmation of her husband's long rumored wandering peen. Once she had the proof, ever the dutiful wife, she packed up his clothes, after shredding them to ribbons, of course. Then had a messenger bring her husband an envelope where he was working. What was in the envelope? I patch of leather she carved out of the seat of his most prized car and a note that she knew, and it was over. Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"; Ramona and Mario Singer "Real Housewives of New York"

This Chicago kid is gearing up for a North West trip to the chapel with his baby momma. But, not only is his future marriage expected to fizzle "in about seven-months" — his ratchet, soon-to-be bride is said to have long had another man on her mind! Our tipster tells us… he has no idea that she’s been creepin’ with her NFL ex! Dig the shocking drop: "They secretly text each other on a regular, and are still madly in love."
Chicago kid: Kanye West (born in Atlanta, but raised in Chicago)
Baby momma: Kim Kardashian
NFL ex: Reggie Bush

He might not get a lot of attention on this blog but when he does, you always respond. He’s a well- respected actor who is friends with a lot of other actors and while he’s known to be sometimes temperamental with studios and executives, his work is always solid. Though he’s enjoyed a couple of high profile relationships, for the last several years, he’s settled down with a civilian. They married and had a child. They said he was happy and committed. That he’s not that guy. So…how come he was all over a flight attendant recently on a flight from LA to NYC? He was hitting on her hard. And kept going behind the curtain to spend time with her. And kept asking for her number. He was supposed to be doing some work on his laptop but he couldn’t help himself – over and over again, hitting up the flight attendant station to try to get in there. Didn’t give a sh-t that the other passengers in first class knew exactly what he was doing. I guess it’s OK then that we talk about the Mile High Club. Even when he’s a cheater. Especially if he’s a cheater. Ed Norton

27. NY MAGAZINE 04/03
This lengthy blind item is from an assistant to a female actress who is called a Hollywood name. Here is a portion of what the assistant had to say and you can read the rest of the blind here. ::I broke up with a very prominent actor boyfriend of hers. She said, "Oh, we're done making a movie together; it's not really going to work; I'm sort of seeing somebody else. Could you just tell him to back off and leave me alone?" And she said this over the phone, over Christmas. She told me, "Accept the date on my behalf. Take the date. Go instead of me." So, that's what I did. You would think sending a text is the worst — no. Sending your assistant to break up with him is the worst. He had no idea it was coming, either, which was sad. Because when I was talking to him on the phone before, he was like, "Great! She said yes! Tell her I'll see her here; I'll order us her favorite wine," and I was just like, "Okay!" Ugh. I felt horrible for him. I was like, "You do not deserve this." That breakup was two weeks into the job. That was my initiation — Oh my God, this is what I'm doing?:: Kate Hudson

Even though this former Baller is desperate for attention, why is he using his Ex. She's been moved on …....with the labor pains to prove it. He already declared he can't be faithful. Shouldn't he just move on, like she did?!!!! Chad Ochocinco Johnson/Evelyn Lozada

29. BLIND GOSSIP 04/03
When it comes to negotiating television contracts with the talent, you should heed the words of Dr. Gregory House: Everybody lies! Want to know who is lying in several sets of negotiations? It’s everybody! Let’s give you a little insiders peek at what is really going on. You’ll see that it’s not all about the money…

Host of a morning show. Old employer: We’re glad he’s gone! Everyone hated him and he’s not that good at his job! Liars! If you wanted him gone, you wouldn’t have offered to double his salary to stay. The negative stuff that you say as he’s walking out the door is just sour grapes.
Josh Elliott/"Good Morning America"

Same host. New employer: He is not being groomed to take over someone else’s slot. Liars! Your current host is slipping and you couldn’t give him the boot because you didn’t have a viable replacement. Snagging the new host – and putting him in a position to make a lateral move in the next couple of years – is the perfect solution. Well done.
Josh Elliott (replace Matt Lauer on "Today")

Host of an entertainment show. Current employer: She is leaving to pursue other opportunities. Everyone here loves her and will miss her. Liars! She is leaving because everyone at the show hates her. The guests didn’t like her either. You were just biding your time until her current contract ran out. You’re glad she’s gone.
Maria Menounos "Extra"

Actress on a national commercial. Current employer: We are thrilled to continue with her as our company spokesperson. Liars! You are phasing her out due to demands to double her salary coupled with waning consumer interest in her somewhat weird character.
"Flo" of the Progressive Insurance ads/Stephanie Courtney

Actress on a youth-oriented series. Current employer: She is not important or valuable enough to deserve a substantial raise, and we are right to pay her only a fraction of what her costar makes. Liars! You are happily exploiting the fact that she is physically and emotionally exhausted after a very long season. You are also privately telling her that she deserves to be penalized for some unfavorable publicity in the past year that embarrassed your network. However, since that publicity did not affect the show’s ratings, your argument is pretty weak. Also, paying equal costars on a show vastly different amounts breeds resentment and affects performances and promotion. Oh, and don’t think you can lure her back into negotiating with you in person. She is holed up far away in a secret location. Smart move on her part. You’ll have to deal with her people.
Actress on a youth-oriented series: Jennette McCurdy
Co-star: Ariana Grande
Show: "Sam & Cat"
Network: Nickelodeon

Unfavorable publicity: scantily-clad selfies

30. WINE AND SASS 04/03
This B-list bad actress with A-list name recognition is so awful on the set of her new movie, the A+ list actor starring alongside her threw his script at the director and stormed off the set during a recent rehearsal. He's very method, and good, and she struggles just to read lines. He's also not known for being the nicest guy, and reduced her to tears in a different rehearsal where he yelled at the director that this is why girls from bad sitcoms shouldn't get movie roles because of who they happened to marry. She's now not eating again, and drifting back into her depression. She's also taking acting classes and working with a coach during all her free time. It hasn't stopped the A-lister's constant criticisms and taunting, though. Blake Lively (Ryan Reynolds)/Harrison Ford "The Age of Adaline"

This B list comic actress who does a little bit of everything has been dating a B+ list mostly movie actor who seems to go through a lot of very attractive women. Our comic actress should be aware that her actor boyfriend has been cheating on her with a female publicist who has been traveling with him as he promotes his latest movie. Sarah Silverman/Michael Sheen ("Masters of Sex" PaleyFest)

This C+ list mostly movie actor with A list name recognition was witness to his daughter's girlfriend breaking up with her. He had no idea his daughter was even gay.

This A list reality star from a network reality show is actually more well known for other things besides being a reality star. He also continues to openly cheat on his wife who he should just divorce but he doesn't want the tabloid headlines and feels like no one will ever call him out on his cheating unless he does divorce her. Blake Shelton

This could be one of the more incestuous type things I have heard in awhile. Father/son duo. The dad is a former A list mostly movie actor. They have been in this spot before for sharing the same girlfriend. Well, that girlfriend is an older woman. The woman has a son. He is dating someone that the father/son duo had sex with last year for a three month period of time. Not Nic Cage. Ryan and Redmond O’Neal

This A list mostly movie actress is married and has been in this space before in the past week. While shooting some photos at a small museum she was kicked out of the museum with the photographer when the pair were caught having sex in a closed off area of the museum.

This B- list mostly movie actress would have received an Academy Award nomination this year if her movie had been released later. Although she is rumored to have an actor boyfriend she is the go to threesome partner for this B+ list mostly television actress who is the star of a very hit cable show. They were even briefly co-stars as a thank you present.

This married former A list mostly television actress who starred on two long running hit shows and now wants a full-time gig still has A+ list name recognition despite her drop to B list status got a nasty surprise the other day. Our actress picked up the phone of her husband and answered and it was a leasing agent calling about the place her husband rented. They needed more information about the woman who was going to be the tenant. Jennifer Love Hewitt

This former A list entertainer (singer) is still in love with this former A list entertainer (singer). She thinks they are back together and a couple and can celebrate her new album and use the publicity to make it sell. She thinks the singer he is helping now is all about work and not the sex that it actually is. Ashanti and Nelly (LaShontae Heckard)

Old Hollywood Blind: In the annals of horrible stage moms, the foreign-born mother to this then almost A-list child and teen star who later made the transition to A+ list leading lady is among the worst. She acted as her pimp, accompanying her from casting couch to casting couch to sleep with men as old as the father of the actress. Two famous A+ list Oscar winning/nominees were among her sex partners.
Foreign-born mother: Maria Stepanovna
A-list actress: Natalie Wood
Famous A+ list Oscar winning/nominees: John Wayne; Kirk Douglas

40. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/03 **#10**
Later this year a film will be released. The original cast included this married B+ list mostly movie actor who has higher name recognition than his ranking would indicate because of some great movie roles and his appearance on a very popular cable show. Our actor dropped out of filming when his wife heard about the affair he had with this C list mostly movie actress who has previously been caught in the middle of love triangles and has no qualms about doing what just feels good for her and loves the headlines it attracts. When the actor dropped out of the movie he had to pay a huge price but was desperate to save his marriage. Sienna Miller is not involved in this.

While this married A list talk show host was out gathering phone numbers of women, his wife was talking to a man. The husband saw this and came over and dragged her into a corner of the room and started yelling at her until she cried. Lovely guy. Matt Lauer

This former A list reality star from long running MTV show/turned C list mostly movie actress/turned anything for a buck celebrity hung out at a grocery store wandering the aisles buying nothing until the pap she called turned up and then walked out into the parking lot trying to act surprised. Audrina Patridge

Old Hollywood Blind: During her brief time in the US, this foreign born entertainer was probably B-list with A-list name recognition. In her native country, she was probably A+ list. She was also the inspiration for one of the most iconic advertising characters ever. When she first came over to the US to start a new phase of her career, she brought something else with her: a cocaine habit. After she came to Hollywood for the first time, her drug dealer came with her. Between takes, she would go to her dealer who was waiting near by her dressing room and she had her daily snorts. The cocaine was definitely a factor in her unexpectedly premature death, because she had an underlying heart condition that even her doctor didn't know about. Carmen Miranda (Chiquita Banana)

This television celebrity chef not named Gordon Ramsay is back at it again. After a six month break of being faithful to his wife he hooked up with an audience member after a cooking demonstration. To get her to leave after he said, "Umm look. I'm going to need you to leave now because I have a tv crew that is going to be here in a few minutes to do an interview." Bobby Flay

This B- list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show has been doing press for the new season of the show. The actress, who has had the second most scenes with this B+ list mostly television actress on the show was asked what her favorite thing about the B+ lister was. In a candid moment she said her favorite time was when she didn't have to see her any longer. Kiernan Shipka "Sally Draper"/January Jones "Betty Draper" ("Mad Men")

This former A+ list entertainer (athlete) who will always be an A list celebrity isn't letting a thing like marriage stop him from having fun with women or at least one in particular. A 19 year old waitress he met at an event he was hosting. Michael Jordan

This celebrity offspring was a very brief B- list reality star before reverting to strictly celebrity. At an event this week she got blitzed and wouldn't stop hitting on the married man who signs her paychecks. It's not the most embarrassing thing her family has done by a long shot.

This still underage tweener who was A list while her show was on the air and had a recent run on a network reality show was crushed when the B list reality star she lost her virginity to dumped her. Well, he didn't so much dump her as she caught him making out with a former B list mostly television actress from a long running hit network show.
A list tweener: Zendaya
Her show: "Shake It Up"
Network Reality show: "Dancing With the Stars"
B list reality star: Val Chmerkovski
B list actress: Danica McKellar
Network show: "Wonder Years"

#1- This former B+ list Disney tweener who is sometimes on this big network hit was dumped by this former A+ list tweener after he discovered she had sex with a black guy. He thought they had just gone out a few times. Demi Lovato "X-Factor"/Joe Jonas/Trey Songz

#2 - Kelsey Grammer once had sex with this B list reality star/celebrity married to a B+ television actor from a hit network show who used to have another gig. Coco/Ice-T ("Law & Order: SVU") (rapper)

#3- This A list entertainer (singer) has a girlfriend. He says that she is his girlfriend. Some people suspect that maybe he is not that into women. Well, this woman also has had sex with a former A+ list tweener who is now just an A list a-hole. Drake/Rihanna/Justin Bieber

#4- This former A list entertainer (singer) who is still A list with others says one thing but actually got dropped by her record label when she stopped having sex with the head of the label. Kelly Rowland

50. WINE AND SASS 04/04
This B-list television actress turned personality is fuming about the promotion her A-list costar got recently. She already resents them because she felt they were forced on her when she was hoping her show would become all about her and would go the direction she wanted it to go in and be the next Oprah, or at least A-list, something she has always worked tirelessly to achieve, but she simply can't get there. When her costar joined, ratings jumped and they became the darling of the show, not her. When she heard of the promotion she was not included in, she was heard screaming, "I gave twenty years of my life to that fucking network! What more do I have to do?" Perhaps be...uh...likeable? Kelly Ripa/Michael Strahan (Michael was given spot on "Good Morning America")

The latest terrible trend in social media is #aftersex selfies, posted to Instagram. And like most trends young Hollywood is right on it. The trend has a distinct air of doth-protest-too-much. And is being criticized as oversharing run amuck. "This troubled young male singer, who is always in trouble with the law, has a private collection of after sex selfies," one insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. "So far they have not been posted on social media. However, it won’t be long before some young star posts them, he takes a picture with every girl he sleeps with. A friend of mine who has slept with a young singer a few months ago confirms that he took a picture of them together just after they had sex. She was hoping he would post it, so she could become famous, but so far, he has kept it private!" EEWWWW, what a strange collection! Justin Bieber

The ratchet pair featured in today’s ‘Who’s Jacky Talking About Segment‘ are proven to have no shame! Know why? She didn’t use any Keys to get into his home, she used a wrecking ball! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Mashonda Tifrere, who refused to be down with the DL agenda of her beat-making baby daddy, during her marriage to him. That’s something his Brand New bride is said to have no problem with. Know why? Insiders say this Girl Is On Fire.. For Females. It’s looking like yet another Hollywood cover-up that goes both way… literally AND figuratively. Dig The Drop on this mystery pair of music-makers: "She wears the pants in the relationship. He is not a happy man." Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz

So much for any type of reality on this reality show. This former B list mostly television actress turned multiple reality show star was being filmed the other day for her new show. Prior to an action performed by the former actress the result was set up with the manager of the store. Tori Spelling/"True Tori" (credit card decline)

This married B+ list celebrity/host who has been in the news a lot the past couple of weeks and frequently cheats on his celebrity wife got into a scuffle with a guy who says that the B+ lister owes him money for drugs that haven't been paid for. Apparently our B+ lister had a line of credit and hasn't been paying. The scuffle didn't look like the matter is finished. Better up that security. Nick Cannon

This B list reality star from multiple cable shows is married. He is A+ list at something else he does. He also needs to do a better job of hiding his hookups from his crazy jealous celebrity wife who would be shocked to discover that her husband has hooked up with a family member of someone the wife considers a great friend.
B list reality star: T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.)
A+ list at something else: rapper
Celebrity wife: Tameka "Tiny" Cottle
Family member of great friend: Diana Ross’ son, Evan

This former A list tweener who doesn't work any longer and is out of money was responsible for the leak of some recent photos that have buzzed around the internet the past few weeks. He was trying to establish a market for completely nude ones he is trying to sell. Joe Jonas/Demi Lovato

This former up and coming actress who approached A list from some truly great roles before retreating into some part-time modeling and another very lucrative side business is being investigated by the IRS for failure to pay taxes on the millions she has earned as one of the highest paid madams in the world.

This A- list entertainer (rapper) was a multiple Grammy nominee this year. He recently flew a woman to Europe for the sole purpose of hooking up with her. When she got there, he didn't like the way she looked so he left her stranded with no return ticket back to the US. Kendrick Lamar

This married C+ list entertainer/actor used to have A list name recognition when he was with this A list mostly movie actress. They split and the reason for their split is what he is doing now. That recent threesome he had in a trailer didn't involve his wife at all. She is probably used to it though because of her past relationships. Eric Benet/Halle Berry/Manuela Testolini Prince’s ex-wife

60. MR. X 04/06
1) Which A-list rapper threw out a groupie at a party last night when they made a joke about a past violent episode involving his latest girlfriend? Drake/Rihanna/Chris Brown

2) What A-list actress/musician/TV host was seen having lunch with that funny lady/TV host? Could this mean she finally might be coming out? Queen Latifah/Ellen DeGeneres

3) What B-list actress, Oscar nominee and all-around kook was seen with some anti-Scientology literature in her tote bag? Hmmm, maybe the rumors about handing over her Twitter to her still-in-the-cult sister are true.. Juliette Lewis sister married to Ethan Suplee

4) Which C-list celeb offspring who recently announced an engagement to a woman might have a new former A-list rapper/reality star sugar daddy on the side? Evan Ross (Ashlee Simpson)/T. I.

5) Which former A-list Oscar winning actor is still shopping around that story that he was going to do a sequel to one of his better known films with that deceased royal? Nobody's really buying it. Kevin Costner/Princess Diana sequel to "The Bodyguard"

6) Which stage mom from hell is stalking that fashion editor after she did a little payola to put her meal ticket on the cover of her magazine? Like she would want to be friends with her anyway. Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s mom)/Anna Wintour "Vogue"

7) What cable late night host is ending her show because she's beefing with her ex-boyfriend who happens to be the network's top honcho? Chelsea Handler

8) What soon-to-be former A-list pop diva keeps her coke in pill capsules? She was seen snorting one at that big awards show last year. Lady Gaga

9) What former A-list action star is contemplating retiring from movies again after his latest flick bombed big time? Arnold Schwarzenegger

10) Which A-list actress and Oscar winner/nominee has been toting around a new man while she's globe-trotting?

11) What almost B-list heartthrob and jerk is still clubbing with his dad despite warnings from his lawyers not to? Robin Thicke (Alan)

That didn't take long. This B+ list mostly movie actor who has A list endowment spent two nights hooking up with this supermodel. When she went by his hotel to surprise him on day three he was with another woman in his hotel room who was unlucky enough to open the door. Yelling and hair pulling ensued before our actor could separate them. Michael Fassbender/Naomi Campbell

This A list everything bought and paid for an escort for his son. The escort was a porn star the son has always liked. The A lister checked her talent test before he would let her spend the night with his son. Sean 'Diddy' Combs’ son Christian 16th birthday

This current A list entertainer (singer) who is generally A list in most of his projects might be newly married to a woman but that was him popping in and out of clubs in West Hollywood looking for a guy for the night. He found one, but only spent about 45 minutes with him in the back of our A lister's chauffeured car. John Legend

This Top 5 NBA player has a fake Twitter account he uses to meet women to hook up with when he is on the road. He told his wife he was done with that kind of thing when they got married. LeBron James

This former A list tweener needs rehab now. The few acting roles she is getting and her slowed down music career are all being pushed out of the way for her coke habit. She was at a party a few night ago and snorted up all the coke she could find. At one point some woman there tried to get a photo of the former tweener doing lines and it turned into a huge ruckus. I love that word. She should go now before her world comes crashing down on her when she is busted. Someone will get a photo soon. Selena Gomez

This still very much a minor has started on a regimen of lip injections. Her A list reality star mom probably arranged it. Kylie Jenner (Chris Jenner is mom) Full photo

Kindness: This former B list tweener who used to be an actress has now switched to singing full-time which her A+ list sister is probably jealous of. Anyway our former B list tweener convinced a sponsor of a gifting lounge to donate $20K worth of clothes to homeless people looking for jobs. Jamie Lynn Spears (performed on the USS Iowa in Los Angeles)  (at ACM "Academy of Country Music" gift lounge in Las Vegas)

This A list entertainer (singer) who also earns a ton of money doing a part-time job looked worn out after his night of partying. He is supposedly sober but kept ordering bottles of booze to his room where he was all alone drinking.

What eccentric actor known for a hit 80's tv show and several big screen character roles, who now dabbles in reality tv, is asking fans to help out a co-star's family who recently suffered an unexpected loss? The actor has plenty of money to spend on his own projects, but is asking fans of his current show to help with funeral costs and rent money. Bronson Pinchot

If there had to be one actor whom everyone hates working with, it'd be this guy. He's A+ list actor/singer on Broadway, B-list in movies/TV mostly in dramatic roles. Multiple Tony wins/nominations. This incident happened during rehearsals for what was considered to be his comeback show. The actor lambasted a cast member that was supposed to help him on with a waistcoat at the end of a scene -- she couldn't get to him because it was the first time they'd worked with the moving set. He stopped and berated her for 5 minutes: "What the fuck is the matter with you?" and "I'm not getting the support that I need" and "I expect you to be here with that damn coat", etc. The female cast member there and stared at him. When he stopped with his tirade, she yelled "Mr. _________, I need to clarify one thing: I'm only PLAYING your maid. Never speak to me that way again or I'll quit." The rest of the cast and crew cheered as she stomped off the stage, while the actor's face turned ashen white with horror. Mandy Patinkin

ACM Awards: Despite taking precautions this up and coming B list singer ended up being on the red carpet at the same time as the married A list singer who has tried to ruin her career after sleeping with the B lister was also on the red carpet. Very awkward moment, but no words exchanged between the singers and the A lister's wife.
B list singer:
Married A list singer:
A lister’s wife:

This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was drinking and telling this weekend while out of town. She says that she keeps giving her B+ list mostly movie actor significant other who is working some television now chances but he keeps cheating on her. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber; Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez

ACM Awards: This nominee in one of the main categories who is making his first blind item appearance was sloppy drunk before the red carpet even started. By the time the show was in full swing he was openly flirting and getting numbers of other women while his wife tried not to cry. Justin Moore

This A list reality star should use triple protection with her new celebrity boyfriend. His last celebrity girlfriend lost a baby because of an STD he gave her. Khloe Kardashian/French Montana/Trina

ACM Awards: This nominated singer had no date with him. When he was asked about it, he made a bunch of excuses, but the young, good looking singer is gay and thinks that coming out will destroy his career as a country singer. Hunter Hayes

This Mad Men actress was at Starbucks this past weekend and spent 10 minutes ordering one item. She literally asked about every drink and food item and said she couldn't decide and took out her phone and called someone and asked what she should get. Apparently she was drunk and looked like a mess. Jessica Pare

This Grammy nominated rapper has another full-time day gig that allows him to earn money when not selling lots of records. He is B list in the music industry and A list in his town with his other gig. He is married and met a woman online. She was a big fan of his and arranged to meet him at a show where he was playing. She says she didn't know he was married. When he told her the hotel where he was staying she showed up and there several members of his entourage with him. He said that if she wanted to stay she needed to have sex with him right then and there in front of everyone. She did. She got pregnant. At first everything was fine and when she told him he said that he wanted to meet her family so she took him to meet her family. Everything was great and then she found out he was married and asked him about it and he dumped her. She ended up getting an abortion and he still tries to hook up with her all the time.

78. BLIND GOSSIP 04/07 **#1**
Weird family fight this weekend. Child cried over coyote snack. Mom the enabler shoved a replacement at her. All better, right? Nope. Everybody was on the phone yelling at each other. Dad criticized Mom for "not allowing [Child] to grow up and learn to deal with responsibility and pain and disappointment like an adult." Mom responsibly sat down with Child to smoke copious amounts of weed together to deal with the pain and disappointment of that criticism.
Mom: Tish Cyrus
Dad: Billy Ray Cyrus
Child: Miley Cyrus
Dog Floyd
New Dog

79. BLIND GOSSIP 04/07 **#2**
You just keep dating the same guy (who drinks and does drugs and treats you badly and fucks other women) over and over again and expecting a different result. Wake up, Pop Star! It’s never going to happen! When you lie down with slime, you wake up with naked photos on the internet. We went through this last year. You and all of your dwarf friends know exactly how they got there. Oh, and yes, your boyfriend is still cheating on you. As recently as a couple of week ago. Still all feroz about protecting him?
Pop Star: Demi Lovato
Slimy boyfriend: Wilmer Valderamma

80. WINE AND SASS 04/07
These two once A-list celebrities and actress and a singer though both claim to be triple threats, both talented, now circling the drain just above D-list with their A-list name recognition had a terrible beef with each other a little over ten years ago because this C-list waste of space mostly television actor was playing them both. The singer clearly one that battle in a song she wrote about the actress. The actress was a joke for the entire summer. And blames that song for her most serious relapse into addiction. The singer is not a saint herself. She has issues of her own she won't resolve, most of them having to do with her father, and numbs herself with drugs and eating disorders, even though through her family connections, she's still doing rather well for herself. Well, recently, the two crossed paths again at an LA bar. The actress threw a drink in the singer's face, and said, "Oh sorry, I must've messed up those $29.99 clothes you wear to stay relevant." And the singer once again, always smarter than people give her credit for, wiped off her face, and said, "At least I didn't trade my self respect and did anal for an ugly Yves Saint Laurent," and had the actress bounced. Not Selena/Demi. Think older. Bonus points if you can name the hit song that humiliated the actress for an entire summer. Triple bonus points if you can name the actor that messed them both up.
Singer: Ashlee Simpson
Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Actor: Wilmer Valderrama
Song: "Boyfriend"

She’s a former video vixen, reported to be depending on the producer of her cancelled show to Set It Off. Sources reveal this Diamond has been using what she’s got to lure her producing-Queen to land her what she wants. And, what she wants is said to be another TV gig — ideally, like the shot-calling ‘on the set’ she landed from her DL lesbian liaison in La Land. Don’t believe me.. Just ask MC Lyte. Dig the drop: "She’s a lesbian for her benefit only. When she was doing that show "All of Us", she was smashing Jada AND Will. She used to play the back but once she busted it wide open for ______, she took over as leading lady. Since the show’s been cancelled.. she’s banking on _____ to secure her a new lane to play." Now, can you guess the female hustler I’m talking about?
Video vixen: Lisa Raye
Producer: Queen Latifah
"Single Ladies"

This B list mostly movie actress who has had a career resurgence owes it all to the fact that she is sleeping with a married studio executive who is so enamored of his muse that he pushed for her to get the role that led to her return to B listerdom. Now, in his new position he is trying to get her the lead on a television show that was shot with a different actress in the pilot. In fact, the pilot is still being shot and the actress everyone knows in the lead is on the chopping block and doesn't even know it.

This seemingly picture perfect marriage between a former A list entertainer (singer) who will probably always be at least B list because of that name recognition thing and her celebrity husband is over. That is what she was telling people this past weekend. The only thing they do together now is exchange kid(s). Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon; Pink/Carey Hart

There is nothing illegal about it, but it seems as if the very young female employee of this A+ list entertainer (singer) is currently earning most of her salary by sleeping with a close family member of the A+ lister. The A+ lister has no idea and would probably be devastated to learn the truth. Taylor Swift (her father)

This foreign born B- list entertainer (singer) has been trying to get a weight loss company to pay her for her recent weight loss. She dropped about 25 pounds and is willing to sign on with any weight loss company that will pay her. The thing is though, the weight loss is all Adderall and coke. She is back to her old ways and is desperate to recapture the fame she walked away from and said she didn't want any longer. Lily Allen

It is probably the least expected ex sex ever but it happened. This B list mostly television actress on a hit cable show was doing press for her new project and was in town at the same time as her B list mostly movie actor ex. His actress girlfriend was out of town promoting her latest project. The two exes ran into each other at a restaurant and one thing led to another.
B list actress:
Hit cable show:
New project:
B list actor ex:
Actress girlfriend/her project:

Judging by recent events, this former B list reality star turned B-/ list mostly movie actress is apparently still holding a grudge against her ex reality co-star. Probably because they woke up in bed one morning to find his then still girlfriend standing over them. He had told the co-star the pair had split. Julianne Hough/Maksim Chmerkovskiy/Kate Upton "Julianne Hough Disses Maks Chmerkovskiy"

KINDNESS: This late night talk show host doesn't get much press but he is incredibly funny. He is also generous. He paid for the conversion of a van for the father of a staffer on his show who was paralyzed. He also paid for the refitting of the house to make it accessible. Nice touch. Craig Ferguson

This former A list entertainer (singer) who had one truly great album and year is having an affair with the school teacher of one of her kids. She is married to a permanent A list entertainer who is about twice her age. Paul Simon/Edie Brickell (youngest son born in 1998)

This former A list mostly movie actress who made a splash in the news this week passed out right on the floor of the hotel bar where she is staying. Her boyfriend wasn't around to help so staffers got her back to her room.
Kirsten Dunst/Garrett Hedlund (sparks debate over support for traditional gender roles)

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **#10**
It all started as a way for this A+ list entertainer (singer) to try and stop her husband from always cheating. They agreed he would stop cheating and she agreed to allow another woman into the bedroom. They picked someone who they both knew and that the husband was mentoring. What the wife didn't find out until later was that her husband had a sexual history with the woman brought in to spice things up. Our A+ lister hit it off with the woman immediately. They went everywhere together and talked and texted all the time. They were inseparable. Our A+ lister had previously never been with a woman but she was more than willing with this woman. She welcomed it and she was also happy because it seemed as if her husband had changed. He was staying faithful and never suspected the past history between the woman and her husband. She also didn't know that her husband was continuing to see the woman away from the threesomes. Because the woman was so involved in their lives, what used to be a once a month thing between the husband and the other woman soon turned into a once a week thing and then almost daily. The other woman was with the husband frequently and would come running whenever he called. Our A+ lister was told by an employee what was happening and when she confronted the other woman the other woman lied and said nothing was happening. Our A+ lister then confronted her husband who admitted what had been going on. Our A+ lister and husband almost split at that point because the husband said he had feelings for the other woman. This was not just a one time thing. For a period of about three months the A+ lister and her husband didn't spend much time together at all. It was only after the husband jettisoned the other woman from his life and set her up with her current love interest that the A+ lister finally was ready to forgive. Beyoncé/Jay-Z/Rita Ora/Calvin Harris

92. BLIND GOSSIP 04/08
This organization is going to have a lot to answer for if this woman’s passing is linked to their practices. In the weeks and months just prior to her demise, she lost an extreme amount of weight, supposedly from a "diet." That was no "diet." That was a "purification" ritual prescribed by the organization. She was told by their leaders that it would cleanse her of the toxins that had built up in her body after years of substance abuse. The purification consisted of excessive exercise (several hours each day), very restricted food intake, vitamins, and long sauna sessions (sweating out the toxins for four or five hours a day). Does that sound healthy to you?
Woman: Peaches Geldof
Organization: Scientology
or Ordo Templi Orientis

93. WINE AND SASS 04/08
This C-List celebrity with A-list tabloid recognition, wants the world to think she's in very high demand, but the fact is, she's just hyping the scraps coming her way. Sure, her pilot was picked up, but she's getting paid peanuts, and it comes with a rigorous filming schedule. Something she's never had to do, and a work ethic isn't exactly her thing. Her rider has been rejected four times, and if she doesn't quit making diva demands, she will be replaced by this much more likeable C-list country singer. Everything is wrapped into this new show. Everything. Her reality show, her recording contract, her touring deal. It all hinges on this one thing. She needs the money and the credit is tapped out. She's quelling her anxiety with pills while her husband continues to bleed her dry and use her for warfare when it comes to his ex.
Tori Spelling/LeAnn Rimes ('True Tori' got a second season, 'LeAnn and Eddie' didn't. 'The Spotlight' went back into preproduction because LeAnn was a nightmare and they want Kellie Pickler and are willing to wait for her, especially with how popular the new judges on The Voice are this season.)

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who also has starred on some very popular television shows is not exactly known for treating women well. He also happens to be having a fling with a mostly television actress who is a couple of years younger than the age of consent and is having a breakout year.

This A list Academy Award winner/nominee actress has previously been married to a man but is about to come out as gay. Hilary Swank; Helen Hunt; Kathy Bates

This B-/C+list mostly movie actress who has held a variety of jobs to try and make a name for herself took her new B- list mostly movie actress friend to dinner. Wouldn't you know they were joined by two very wealthy men. Our multi-tasker gets a nice referral fee when her matches succeed. Money always changes hands with her. She doesn't do anything for free. Julianne Hough/Nikki Reed

This B- list mostly television actress offspring has been fired from shows for being a pain. She also can't get hired because she is a pain. She spends most of her time now having her publicist and her lowly paid assistants try and get free stuff for the actress so she can feature it on her unsuccessful copycat website. She asks for thousands of dollars worth of products each week. Katie Cassidy "Tomboy KC"

"With all the pills she pops all day long, I'm shocked she is even able to stand, let alone film anything." A crew member discussing this B list mostly television actress who has stayed in the spotlight for a very long time based on the success of one show long ago cancelled. Jennie Garth

This former A- list mostly movie actress who still has that A list name recognition from two hit roles but a B- list career since, recently turned down a $25K paycheck because she gave herself a Tarot card reading and decided it wasn't best for her. She has also been known to stay inside if she doesn't like her horoscope. Guess those marriages not working out were ok by the stars though. Melanie Griffith "Working Girl"/"The Bonfire of the Vanities"

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#7**
This married B- list television/movie actress who is known for more than her acting which honestly sucks is ticked off because she slept with an A list director after he promised her a role in a great movie. He ended up giving it to another actress who had never previously acted.
B- list television/movie actress: Brooklyn Decker
Known for: modeling and Andy Roddick’s wife
A list director: Nick Cassavetes
Movie: "The Other Woman"
Actress never previously acted: Kate Upton

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#8**
It should be really interesting how this B- list reality star from a B+ list reality show is going to get married considering she is already married. The pile of money she stands to gain is too large for her not to try to get secretly divorced. Lily Ghalichi "Shahs of Sunset"

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **#9**
There are not many actors worse than this guy. Not in acting talent, but in the truly awful way he treats women. There are some days when I hear for the 20th time about what he has done to some woman I sincerely hope the former A list mostly television actor got the gift that keeps on giving when he cheated on his wife with that former reality star everyone hated. Apparently our actor is cheating on his new girlfriend. That is not shocking. What is shocking is that it took him a few months to actually get around to it. He would probably say they have an open relationship. His idea of an open relationship though is to make his girlfriend watch him have sex with another woman and dump them if they refuse. In the past he has had sex with teens below the age of consent. He has forced women who got pregnant to get abortions by threats and promises. He absolutely destroyed one girlfriend. I'm honestly shocked that she didn't end up on meds because of the way he treated her. She is amazing for being able to fight through what she did. His current girlfriend should just jump ship but she won't because he preys on people who won't leave. A truly horrible guy.
Former A list television actor: Chad Michael Murray
Show: "One Tree Hill"
Wife: Sophia Bush
Former reality star: Paris Hilton
Destroyed girlfriend: Kenzie Dalton first runner-up in the 2005 Miss North Carolina Teen USA (engaged for 7 years)
Current girlfriend: Nicky Whelan "Left Behind" co-star

103. BLIND GOSIP 04/09
A few years before he met and married his famous actress wife, this multi-hyphenate celebrity was engaged to someone else. Although there were theories and vague excuses tossed about as to why that engagement ended so suddenly (Drugs? Alcohol? Infidelity?), the real story was never told. Until today. They dated for more than five years. He was a celebrity on the rise, and she was a regular girl. Lots of ups and downs in their relationship, but she had stuck by him, and he finally proposed (in a very romantic way). They got busy making wedding plans. One day, she went out to run a few wedding errands and go shopping. She got back earlier than expected. She found him in bed. Their bed. In the middle of the afternoon. Fucking someone else. A man. She was beyond shocked. In all the years they had been together, she had never known him to cheat on her with a woman, never mind a man! She cried for days. How could she not have known? How could he not have told her? He begged and pleaded with her to get past it and accept him for who he was and marry him. She had stuck by him for years through multiple stints in rehab but she simply could not get past this. She broke up with him. A few years later, he met and married a famous actress (who was married before). They have a kid/s. Man, does she know that he is bisexual?
Celebrity: Keith Urban
(Eating dinner with girlfriend Laura Sigler at Nashville's Café OneTwoThree, Urban has a man stand outside with a sign reading "Will you marry me?" She accepts, but the pair never makes it to the altar, splitting the following year. )
Actress Wife: Nicole Kidman|
Actress Wife’s Ex-Husband: Tom Cruise

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#1**
This long married permanent A list entertainer (singer) has been through a lot the past two years and it is really causing a big rift in his marriage. The singer has been spotted hanging out with a blonde who is about half his age and judging by all the groping and touching and his lack of wedding ring, perhaps this east coaster should finally call it quits with his wife before he gets openly busted. Jon Bon Jovi (daughter’s heroin overdose and firing Richie Sambora)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#2**
This almost A list mostly movie actor will be A once his franchise starts filming again. In the meantime he is on another project and producers are hoping he can make it through without going to rehab. Since they cast him he has gone steadily downhill and is generally a mess of coke and booze by the end of each day of filming. They are just grateful that he can look kind of rough for the part he is filming. Sam Worthington

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#3**
This B- list mostly television actress who has been in hit movies and television shows and always seems to turn up everywhere before bringing chaos to each production is trading drugs for sex with a celebrity who specializes in that kind of thing and has at least one high profile casualty to his name.
Actress: Michelle Trachtenberg
Celebrity: Kid Cudi

High profile casualty: Amanda Bynes

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#4**
Apparently the source of the hatred between this A list mostly movie actress and her B list mostly television actress co-star stems from an incident where the B lister slept with the then boyfriend of the A lister and when confronted told her to get over it. Yeah, I'm surprised the A lister didn't have the B lister killed off.
A list actress:
B list actress:
A list’s boyfriend:

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actor who was on a hit almost network show forever was married almost as long. His affair during shooting with this C+ list mostly television actress who is known for her name and for one great role in an even better movie that I saw about 100 times back in the day ended his marriage. The relationship with the actress didn't last either and our actor has seemed out of sorts while promoting his latest movie.
Actor: Tom Welling
Show: "Smallville"
Latest movie: "Draft Day"
C+ actress:
Great role:

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#6**
This B- list mostly movie actress is married but has been cheating on her wife with this fairly recent out designer.
Designer: Jenna Lyons (J. Crew)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#7**
This former almost A list mostly movie actor who has seen his career fall almost as fast as his drug use has increased visited his ex on the set of a production she was lucky to get cast in. Needing drug money, the actor stole some money from an unlocked trailer and now his ex is having to use almost her entire pay from the project to pay back the money that was stolen. Edward Furlong/Monica Keena "Manson Girls"

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#8**
This former A list tweener convinced her sometime boyfriend to pay for a private jet just so she wouldn't have to give up her stash of coke. That seems like a really bad business decision given the cost of the two items. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **#9**
This actress is mostly television. She doesn't do much acting any longer although she still identifies herself as one. She has a tough time getting roles because she just isn't that great at it. Her movies have been bombs and if it were not for a lucky casting break which she got by sleeping with the creator of the show, she wouldn't even really be known. Because of that casting break though, she got her dream. There is no craft for her. She is all about being as famous as possible and that means getting her photo taken almost daily. It also means that she tries to befriend people even more famous than her. She likes that attention. She knows the quickest way to get attention is to have a boyfriend and she has gone through a series of them in the past few years. None of them really last that long because she pushes them out in public with her and from day one of any relationship she starts leaking things to tabloids about the couple and loves seeing her quotes on sites and in the weekly tabloids. Whether the guys like it or not she puts them out in public and most of them give up on her and the idea after a week or two. She loves telling tabloids she is serious about a guy and hoping for marriage and her script never varies. Even the tabloids are getting tired of it and that is because she is losing her appeal. The longer she stays away from any new projects, the less interesting she becomes. She is hoping to land that one big relationship or create some type of scandal because she thinks it will buy her a few more years of fame. Eva Longoria

113. BLIND GOSSIP 04/10 **#1**
This top professional athlete screwed up badly and is now desperately trying to cover his tracks! He has always been very active on social media. He passes his time on Twitter and Instagram following and interacting with literally hundreds of women. Then he did something incredibly stupid and illegal. He knows that he is in big trouble. He also knows that his salacious history with women online will come back to haunt him… so he is trying to cover it up! In the past seven days he has unfollowed literally hundreds of women in his accounts! It may help in in the court of public opinion, but it certainly won’t help him in the courtroom! Those electronic footprints last forever, and subpoenas will quickly bring all of his raunchy conduct – including lots of really explicit and vulgar conversations and naked photos – to light. Colin Kaepernick (49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Sexual Assault Investigation)

114. BLIND GOSSIP 04/10 **#2**
If a celebrity dumps their agent or manager or publicist before securing a new one, it’s almost always because something has gone seriously wrong. In the case of this young star, there are so many things going wrong concurrently that it’s hard to single out just one thing. She used to try to hide her bad behavior. Now she is doing everything more openly and defiantly. She swigs vodka and does lines of coke in front of the same people who tried to get her into rehab. She is getting drunk and doing coke every day. She brags about having unprotected sex with her famous boyfriend. She is avoiding her family. She is spending money like crazy. Everyone (including some celebrity friends) who seriously tried to stop her or help her has gotten the boot. Her managers were the absolute last line of defense. Now that they’ve been fired, there is no stopping her or helping her. Now everyone who genuinely cares about her is forced to watch helplessly from the sidelines as she spirals downward. The only people left? Her boyfriend and an assortment of party friends, hangers on, enablers, and users. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber (Selena Gomez Drops Parents As Managers)

115. DAILY MIRROR (U.K.) 04/10
Which two Hollywood divas absolutely loathe each other? During promotion for their recent Oscar-nominated movie, they refused to do press conferences together and insisted on separate flights for their various overseas premieres.
Diva 1: Scarlett Johansson
Diva 2: Amy Adams
Movie: "Her"

Is someone using the law for publicity? Restraining orders are serious business. Unfortunately, they can get some folks a lot of attention too!
"America's Next Top Model: star Eva Marcille/rapper Kevin McCall

Which international pop superstar has been developing a roaring coke habit? At a Hollywood Hills party she was so muntered she couldn't walk in a straight line and fell in the swimming pool. (You won't guess; she's a dark horse...) Katy Perry

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#1**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: For the first half of his career, this actor/director and jack of all trades was A-list, until his ego and personal demons got the better of him, putting him on the B-list until his classic films got reevaluated and his reputation somewhat restored before his passing. He told the executor of his will that he wanted his ashes scattered in a limestone well on the property of his Spanish manor and seal up the well to prevent vandalism. What he privately told his closest friends is that he wanted to be buried in his Midwest hometown beside his mother. The latter motion was done under a veil of secrecy and there he rests in peace. And the well? The actor privately had the uncut film prints of his most famous works lowered into the well with orders not to open the well.. ever. Orson Welles Orson Welles buried

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#2**
After exchanging numbers the night before, this married B list now mostly movie actor yesterday hooked up with this barely hanging onto B list mostly movie actress who has been playing the field a lot lately.

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actor who was losing his A list status until a recent non-movie project vaulted him firmly back into A list kept his male lover at a distance during an event this week but was glued to his side before and after as they arrived and left in the same car. Kevin Spacey Netflix "House of Cards"

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#4**
This former A+ list reality star was spotted kissing and groping this current A list reality star. Besides ticking off his significant other if he was caught, some of her family members would have especially been horrified at his choice of partners.
Former A+ list reality star: Ray J (girlfriend: Princess Love)
A list reality star:
Her family members:

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#5**
This C list celebrity thanks to her A list actor husband recently went under the knife to get breast implants. She thinks Playboy is her next step to achieving fame without riding the coattails of her jerk husband. Hilaria (Alec) Baldwin

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#6**
This B- list mostly movie actress is going to drop to C soon because I just don't like her. She only stays at B because of her name. Nobody likes her. Nobody. I'm not even sure her husband likes her. Anyway, she was trying to get into a building this week and there was a line of people also waiting to get in. Our actress started yelling at them to get out of her way because she is a celebrity. She tried to get security to let her in first but they said she had to wait in line to go through security like everyone else. Jessica Biel

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actor who sometimes has been an A+ lister with his franchise was walking a little funny at his premiere the other night. Apparently he gets enemas twice a week and he went to a place he had never been before because he was in a new city and something bad happened. That's how he put it. "Something bad happened." Johnny Depp "'Transcendence"

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#8**
This foreign born B- list entertainer (singer) sometime actress says that when she is with another woman it is not cheating on her entertainer (singer) boyfriend. Well, she has been the standard in cheating in recent years so the new woman every night she is with will not be considered cheating by me either. Rita Ora/Calvin Harris

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#9**
She wasn't sick. She just had no intentions of being dragged into photo ops by her opportunistic B list celebrity mom. Frances Bean/Courtney Love "Rock Hall Of Fame" induction for Nirvana (Kurt Cobain)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#10**
I'm shocked. This A+ list entertainer (singer) who will always be A list at least in the singing part of her career stayed after an exercise class twenty minutes to take photos with everyone in the class who wanted one with her. She has never done that before. Ever. She always comes in a few minutes late and leaves a few minutes early. Madonna

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **#11**
After a very long absence my accountant friend has returned and these four people all gave to charity. Some gave over $1M and one only gave $100 despite earning millions.

#1 - This former A+ list entertainer (singer) who will always be A list especially by bartenders and people who think they can play piano gave away about $5M last year to schools and programs to benefit music programs. Billy Joel

#2- This A+ list mostly movie actor talks a big game, but when it comes to writing checks he wrote one for $100 to a church garage sale. The actor earned well over $20M last year.

#3 - This former A list tweener is an a-hole and I still don't like him but he did manage to give away a little over $2M last year to charity and he hasn't started classifying hookers as a charity yet. Justin Bieber

#4 - This A- list mostly television actor is on a very hit network show that he has been on a very long time. Made about $10M last year and gave $25K to charity. Jon Cryer

129. MR. X 04/11 **BLIND ITEMS 1 THRU 6**
1) Which "wife" of an A-list Oscar nominated actor drank a whole bottle of champagne at an event a few days ago in front of her husband who's trying to maintain his sobriety? Two flunkies had to physically carry her out of the place.

2) What other leading man from that sci-fi franchise is contemplating in coming out? He's just tired of the bearding. Chris Pine "Star Trek" franchise

3) Which B-list R&B songstress kept her distance at a birthday party last night from the man she still thinks had a hand in her late husband's death? Faith Evans/"The Notorious B.I.G."/Suge Knight (P. Diddy’s son’s 16th birthday)

4) What former A-list diva has been stuck doing casino tours for the last few years after her last arena tour proved to be a compete disaster, burning all of the bridges she had left? Diana Ross

5) What eccentric pop singer is considering dropping her alter ego for good? Nicki Minaj; Lady Gaga

6) What closeted tween idol and current reality show star is already a regular at several WeHo nightspots? One establishment already has a drink named after him. Cody Simpson

130. MR. X 04/11 **BLIND ITEMS 7 THRU 12**
7) Which former panelist on that long running chat show might be returning, after she mended fences with her former boss? Rosie O’Donnell/Barbara Walters "The View"

8) What B-list couple who are against the paparazzi photographing their kids are also ones who regularly call them beforehand to stage some shots? Hypocrites. Kristen Bell/Dax Shepard

9) What '60s blonde bombshell/mostly TV actress has been sleeping with businessmen overseas for a price?

10) What comedy legend was a complete un-PC mess at a recent Q&A session, upsetting fans who dropped some big bucks for some seats? Should we really be shocked? Jerry Lewis (Jerry Lewis Is Still Alive (and Still a Piece of Shit))

11) What A-list triple threat always has people scratching their heads, wondering why such a nice guy like him ended up with a nasty bitch of a wife?

12) Which country music legend recently had horrible looking plastic surgery on her face, which worried her PR team at first because they thought she had a stroke? Dolly Parton

131. BLIND GOSSIP 04/11 **#1**
This TV star has always been a talented and beautiful girl. Her looks stayed consistent over the past few years as she became more famous… until she met him. His idea of female beauty was different, bigger, more extreme. He wanted more of everything! More hair, more body, more makeup. So she got the plastic surgery and a makeover and transformed herself… until she oddly began to resemble another celebrity! Someone who we think looks more like a porn star than an actress. She initially liked all the attention the extreme new look brought her, but now that the relationship is over, she is questioning why she changed her look for him in the first place, and whether or not she should keep it. So she’s asking around for people’s opinions. Keep it or change it? What should stay and what should go? She reads BG every day, so let her know what you think! Try to be nice about it, though. The breakup wasn’t easy on her.
TV Star: Naya Rivera
Her ex: Big Sean
The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

132. BLIND GOSSIP 04/11 **#2**
A delivery company in the Los Angeles area recently attempted a delivery to the home of this famous Hollywood acting couple. The delivery guy was greeted at the front door by young child (under the age of ten). When he asked for the Actor, the child told them, "Daddy doesn’t live at this house anymore. Mommy lives at this house. Daddy lives at the other house." An adult quickly came to the door, pulled the child inside, signed for the package and told the delivery person not to pay any attention to the child. "They don’t know what they’re talking about." Sure sounds to us like they did! We didn’t know that this couple’s relationship was in trouble, so we’ll all just have to wait and see if there is an announcement of a breakup soon!

133. WINE AND SASS 04/11
This C-list reality star, has a project that could make her a crossover star outside of her fanbase, but the minute she stepped on the set, she's been a complete nightmare, with demands, drunken tirades, gunning for certain co-stars, and even hitting on one of the co stars to the point he asked production to keep them apart because she wasn't taking no for an answer, and he was feeling uncomfortable. This C-list celebrity with A-list name recognition, took her aside and let her know that twice as many people were going to see these antics than on her regular project, so it was time to behave. The celeb in question seems to have it stuck on repeat in her head that the only way to get ratings and job security is to bring the crazy. The C-list celebrity was working on collaborating with her on a new fashion project, but once she got told off, she's going to take the deal to someone else. Being a cable darling is one thing, but you start messing with the big daddy network, expect a lot of your quick success to evaporate, and the people waiting for you to fail to swoop in and capitalize on it for their own interests in making you look bad.
Show: "Celebrity Apprentice"
C- list reality star: Brandi Glanville
C- list celebrity: Leeza Gibbons
Gunning for: Kenya Moore; Kate Gosselin
Hitting on: Johnny Damon

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#1**
At least two people saw this former B list mostly movie actress get passed water glasses that had been loaded up with vodka on a very recent long flight. She never ordered anything. Someone else did and then would pass her a glass filled with the booze. Lindsay Lohan at Coachella

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#2**
This A list mostly movie actor left his premiere early to use drugs and ended up getting hammered on booze too. By the time he made an appearance at an after party he could barely stand and left for a threesome with his male B+ list celebrity best friend and a woman they picked up. Doubt he could perform at that point. Johnny Depp/Marilyn Manson

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#3**
The 90's" Back in the day this entertainer ("singer") was A list. She was married to a former A list mostly movie actor but cheated on him with this still really good looking former A list mostly television actor who now makes a ton of money doing commercials. Paula Abdul/Emilio Estevez/John Stamos

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#4**
The 80's: This very recent Academy Award winner/nominee filmed a movie back in the 80's and was accused by his co-star of sexually assaulting her during filming by penetrating her during a sex scene.
Actor: Bruce Dern "Nebraska"
Actress: Maude Adams
Movie: "Tattoo"

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#5**
Ben Affleck once had sex with this former B+ list mostly movie actress while she was married to an A list mostly movie actor. Probably why the two actors can't stand each other. Robin Wright/Sean Penn

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#6**
Prior to hooking up with Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias spent some time with this A list entertainer (singer) who he dumped because of her drug use and love of female strippers. Christina Aguilera

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#7**
This mostly television actress has been as high as A list and as low as C list. In other words, she kind of fluctuates. She got her first big break in a television show because one of her tricks was a producer on the show and he wanted to see our actress on a daily basis. They did until she got married. Eva Longoria

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **#8**
This entertainer (singer) was A list not that long ago. Bad choices, drug use and she was gone. A one album wonder. In the past couple of years she has been in the news for her erratic behavior. Anyway, in the past few months she has been stalking her A list celebrity ex and showing up at his NYC apartment and once got past the doorman and slept in front of his apartment door. Fiona Apple/David Blaine

These are blind items sent in by readers!
1: This B-list actress from a now-defunct, network hit comedy show comes across like her character: Innocent, sweet, adorable...but was a total bitch behind the scenes? She was constantly late, made people (assistants) wait on her hand and foot and acted like everyone was something she found on the bottom of her shoe? She’s worked very little since.
Jenna Fischer

2: This A+-list actress who is known for her "granola" approach to life recently got on the cleanse bandwagon and now no one can be within 3 feet of her. She's gassy and has horrendous breath. Julia Roberts

3. A former A lister actor/director/producer/singer has a tuna commercial in Italy to promote tuna. Kevin Costner's Italian Rio Mare Tuna commercial

4. A famous A lister foreigner singer appears in a commercial in Italy to promote a yogurt stimulating lazy intestines. Shakira’s Italian Activia Commercial

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#1**
This former B+ list mostly movie and television actor is now known for all the drugs he did. He also has had some very famous co-stars and got a huge paycheck by selling the story of an illegitimate child one of his co-stars had. Nick Stahl/Arnold Schwarzenegger

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#2**
If you think Sean Penn is Charlize Theron's worst choice ever in a sexual partner, you probably don't know that she used to hook up with this former B list mostly movie actor from an acting family who is also a world class fuckup but still seems to have the love of his ex-wife. David Arquette

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#3**
This married former A list mostly television actor turned reality star better hope his wife doesn't find out what our actor did. He recently wrote a very large check to settle a sexual assault claim against him. Nothing new for the actor but when he was A list the studios would pay the settlements for him. Alan Thicke "Unusually Thicke"

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#4**
This first super model in years who is a true super model and can rock a runway is cheating on her boyfriend with this married A list entertainer (singer).

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#5**
This A list talk show host has found a new way to not get caught cheating on his wife. He hangs out every night with different groups of people but one of those people is always his early 20's girlfriend. Jimmy Fallon

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#6**
This former A list mostly television actress has no shows currently on the air but still enjoys A list name recognition. She has always had strange relationships. Apparently in a book she is writing she blames it all on this B+ list mostly movie actor turned convicted sex offender who spent time alone with the actress when she was much younger. Jennifer Love Hewitt

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#7**
This former A list mostly movie actress used to have regular threesomes with this female former A list entertainer (singer) and whatever guy they could find. Generally it was the guy who dated them both. Drew Barrymore/Courtney Love/Edward Norton

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#8**
This A list mostly movie and television actress is also an Academy Award winner/nominee. No one has directly asked her about her sexuality. They might now because of her very very young new girlfriend who looks like she is about 16, but is actually a doctor in her late 20's which is still well below half the age of our actress. Kathy Bates

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#9**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor finally settled down because his now actress wife refused to get an abortion when she got pregnant. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **#10**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress is loved by guys she sleeps with marries and works with. Women? Not so much. Our actress has very few female friends and the only one who even comes close gets paid by our actress as an employee. She likes doing her franchise because there are so few women in it. Kate Beckinsale "Underworld"

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#1**
MTV Movie Awards: This married A list entertainer (rapper)/reality star was spotted making out with this still under age model/singer/friend of reality stars. She is doing just fine with her recording career, but he said that he wanted to work with her on her first record. Apparently there is going to be a price. Pia Mia Perez (Kanye West's Protégé)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#2**
MTV Movie Awards: This A list Disney tweener on a hit show for them seemed shocked and definitely overwhelmed when she was backed into a corner by this A+ list mostly movie actor. When someone asked her what he said to her, she said he asked her whether she wanted to join a threesome with him and his actress girlfriend. She said no, and apparently he was really aggressive about it and she looked kind of scared too. Zendaya or Bella Thorne/Jared Leto/Lupita Nyong'o

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#3**
Coachella: This foreign born former B list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition left her baby and her significant other behind and spent 20 minutes having sex with this Academy Award winner. It is apparently something they have done before. You also got the feeling that she was just a number for him that day.
Actress: Sienna Miller (significant other: Tom Sturridge)
Academy Award winner : Jared Leto

Sienna and Jared at Coachella in 2008

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#4**
This B list mostly television actor/comedian from a long running network show hit on about ten different women at a party over the weekend. Try as he might, no woman was willing to go back to his place with him. They were more interested in some other celebrities that were at the party. Our actor lost out to several of these other celebrities and left the party alone.

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#5**
This married B list mostly television actor turned A list talk show host spent the night at the apartment of a waitress he met this weekend while out of town. He told her he couldn't take her back to his hotel room because people would be watching. Steve Harvey (in Akron, OH); Jimmy Fallon

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#6**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: If you're wondering how that feud between those two A++ list Oscar nominated/winning actresses started, it started long before they co-starred in that cult classic of a movie together. Back in the '30s, the elder of the two actresses caught her future arch enemy sleeping with not only her first B-list actor husband, but her second as well.
Older actress: Joan Crawford
Younger actress: Bette Davis
Cult movie: "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"
Husbands: Douglas Fairbanks, Jr./Franchot Tone

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#7**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: Even though this Oscar nominated actress and singer was A-list for a brief period, the impact she had on the film industry as a whole was groundbreaking. Earlier on in her career, when she was a still a struggling B/C-lister, she got married to her childhood sweetheart who only saw it as an opportunity to cheat on her and/or physically abuse her at any possible time. When she became pregnant with their child, he ordered her to get an abortion or else. She refused and he left for quite a while, mostly spending money on booze and hookers. When she started to go into labor, her family members were very slow to call the ambulance and she nearly gave birth on the front lawn. Unfortunately, the child wound up to be mentally disabled and soon after she divorced her husband, she was forced to sign her child over to a group home. Fortunately, she soon found solace in the man who would give her the break she needed.
Actress: Dorothy Dandridge
Impact: first black actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress
Break: "Carmen Jones"
Solace in: Otto Preminger

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#8**
Coachella: This B list celebrity/reality star offspring loves to tell people how she is sober. A weekend of boozing and massive coke use later, I wonder if she will still keep spouting that. Kelly Osbourne

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#9**
This time she has really upset the wrong people. Apparently this former B list mostly movie actress who barely acts and is an awful person who doesn't deserve any more chances got paid $250K for a weekend of sex. She stayed one night and then said she had to leave for work. The man who paid wants his money back. Good luck on getting that. I can't believe anyone would pay her for sex. Lindsay Lohan

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#10**
This B list mostly television actress has been forced to make her living in ways other than acting because her shows and movies keep bombing has been cheating on her husband with this foreign born B- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee she used to hook up with before she got married. He is about twice her age.
Actress: Jessica Alba
Make a living in other way: The Honest Company, a collection of toxin-free household goods, diapers, and body care products
Foreign born actor:

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **#11**
This entertainer (singer) is probably B list. He has an A list name and he has dated and married some of the biggest names on the planet. He is aging. He has done a lot of really awful things in his life, but this one stands out as the biggest bad thing. Back when he was an A list entertainer (singer) he was always having sex with groupies. He especially loved teens. Young teens. High school teens were his favorite. At a concert he ran into a teen. She was maybe 15 at the time. He took an instant liking to her and started seeing her all the time. He would have probably been in his mid 30's at the time. Yeah. A real winner this guy. She soon left home and went on tour with the singer. While on tour, she was about 16 and he started filming their sex. Almost every time. He also started filming her with other men and women and convinced her she had a future in porn. The official line is she started shooting porn when she was legal. She had been making videos for years for him before she hit 18. He made sure he got a piece of the action of her porn career and pressured her to star in as many films as possible because he was making a ton of money off her. Even though he was making money off her and would sleep with her and was controlling her, he had moved on to other women and finding someone else young. No longer the center of his world and unable to get him back and pressured to keep making more porn she killed herself just four years after she started legally making porn.
Entertainer: Gregg Allman
Girlfriend: Shannon Michelle Wilsey (Savannah)

164. BLIND ITEM 04/14 **#1**
We already told you that this girl’s life was in turmoil. Well, here’s another twist you didn’t see coming! Our Girl used to hang out with a Talented Performer who was a little bit older and very ambitious. Now she’s suddenly hanging out with Younger Girls who have no talent. Why the switch? Well, it’s not accidental. It’s because the Younger Girls’ Manager is giving our Girl the full-court press to represent her! Manager found out a month ago that the Girl was considering leaving her current management team and was immediately in her ear about how she would be the perfect replacement. She invited the Girl over to her house, talked to her for hours, and set her up with two of her current clients for outings to let our Girl see what it would be like to be part of her flock. Of course, all three are now suddenly seen absolutely everywhere together! Girl is loving all the publicity she is getting on every outing… and the potential Manager is on the phone with her every day, reinforcing over and over and over again how she is the perfect choice to manage the Girl’s career and her money. We’ll see very soon if her evil plan works.
Girl: Selena Gomez
Talented Performer: Taylor Swift
Younger Girls: Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Potential Manager: Kris Jenner

165. BLIND ITEM 04/14 **#2**
He is so likable on television that it’s hard to imagine this guy is such a shitty, drunk, cheating jerk in real life. You have probably heard about his recent bar adventures. But what you may not know is how often these bar adventures occur: Every. Night. We’re talking about a fortyish married guy with a young baby, going out every night after work, getting drunk off his ass until two or three in the morning, picking up girls who are half his age, and then spending the night with them at their place or a hotel! And here’s the really funny part: The next day he goes back to work and gushes about how much he loves his wife and baby, and prompting the audience to marvel over what a great husband and father he is! If they only knew what he had really been doing last night, they might not think he is such a great guy tonight. Jimmy Fallon

166. BLIND ITEM 04/14 **#3**
Underneath all the grunge and weird outfits and hats and jewelry, this film star is probably still cute. At least he was in his early days. One thing that hasn’t changed from his early days? His consumption of alcohol! Yes, we know that he claimed to have given up drinking last year for the sake of his girlfriend (who is now his fiance), but that didn’t last long. In fact, he is binge drinking more than ever! The fiance is sticking with him for now, but his chronically wasted state is creating a lot of friction between the two. She is telling friends that she does not want to marry and have children with an addict. He is promising to dry out again, but claims that he is too busy working right now to jump back into rehab. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

167. WINE AND SASS 04/14
MTV Movie Awards: This B-list mostly movie actor was completely messed up and trying to score drugs the whole night. At one point, this A-list all movie actor tried to get him to leave an after party because he was openly going up to people and either asking for drugs or cash. The B-lister refused to leave, and wound up hooking up with this C-list celebrity because she had a wad of cash and a purse full of drugs.
B-list actor: Zac Efron
A-list actor: Seth Rogen
C-list celebrity: Rita Ora

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#1**
Not eating combined with her love of Adderall is causing this B- list entertainer (singer) some real problems. She only ranks this high because of her name. If not, for that she would be much much lower on the list. Our entertainer is self-medicating and not taking the medications that her doctor prescribed. Her family would like to see her go to rehab. Alexa Ray Joel

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#2**
This former B list reality star still has that A list name recognition, despite not doing much of anything other than hosting one little show that you probably have never watched. She is recently married but the only person she is having sex with is her former boyfriend. Stacy Keibler "Supermarket Superstar"/Geoff Stults

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#3**
This A- list mostly television actor has been off the radar for a year or so because of his out of country commitments. Now that he is back, he is bringing a new level of a-hole behavior with him. In front of his publicist, he told the woman he is dating to go get naked and wait for him in the bedroom while he met with the publicist. After a few minutes he went into the bedroom and said they had a few minutes while the publicist made some calls. Our actor had sex with the woman and then told her to get dressed and come back in a few hours so he could meet with the publicist. Jeremy Piven

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#4**
This foreign born B list entertainer (singer) who has a reputation for cheating and is not named Rita Ora was telling her friends over the weekend that the female best friend of the singer's most famous boyfriend that she cheated on had been calling her and sexting her. Interesting. It would explain some things.
B list singer: Ellie Goulding
Famous boyfriend: Ed Sheeran
Female best friend: Taylor Swift

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actress who used to be on a hit network show and has since spent her career mainly in blind items while shooting really bad movies is telling friends she is pregnant. Her problem is that she doesn't know if it is her co-star or the producer from her latest movie who got her pregnant.

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#6**
This offspring of an A list mostly television actress from a hit network show has a reputation for not being very friendly with the male escorts he dates for the night. More than once, mom has had to open her checkbook to make all the trouble go away. Sofía Vergara’s son Manolo

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#7**
This former B list mostly television actress who had one good role and has lived off that role for years was recently asked about her child. She couldn't remember her child's birthday, but after one wrong guess did get the year of birth right. Kristin Davis "Sex and the City"/2014 Laurence Olivier Awards

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who is just as good looking as the guy he is replacing in a certain project forgot to zip up after using the facilities at a recent event. Not only does our actor go commando at black tie events, apparently he has nothing to be ashamed of in the endowment department.
Actor: Tom Hiddleston
Replacing: Benedict Cumberbatch

Project: "Crimson Peak"
Black Tie event: 2014 Laurence Olivier Awards

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#9**
70's Hollywood: This still A list mostly television actress got the iconic role that made her A list by sleeping with the wife of a producer. The wife was convinced our actress was in love with her and the wife kept talking up the actress to her husband who finally cast our actress. The actress promptly dropped the wife and began a year long affair with the husband. Sally Field; Suzanne Somers; Jessica Lange; Farrah Fawcett; Cloris Leachman

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#10**
Last week I heard from an old friend that told me that one of his former tabloid favorites was back at it again. And by back at it again, I mean cheating. This time on her husband. When I say tabloid favorite, she was always one of his favorites, but he never was able to publish much about her because she would get a story killed quickly. Usually it is because she was or had been having sex with various reporters or editors at the tabloids. It is how she has managed to play around for a decade and be a serial cheater but get away with it. People just think of our actress for her roles. Academy Award winner/nominee roles. The men in her life will tell you that she is a great actress but an even better cheat. There was the time she was cheating on her actor boyfriend who had a really big week a couple of weeks ago. She cheated on him every day for a year and when he finally figured it out and dumped her she made it seem like he was in the wrong and he got trashed in the tabloids that were loyal to her. It took him a long time to recover from the unjustified beating he took in the press. I mean, this is a woman who was cheating on him and cheating on the guy (B+ list mostly movie actor) she was cheating with. She ended up marrying the B+ list actor but they had to deal with the result of another one of her cheating flings. Oh, she also broke up the marriage of this at the time A list acting couple. Sure, the guy in that couple would cheat with anyone, but his actress wife thought he had changed. One day her actor husband came home from work and said he was leaving his wife for our cheater who was still a teen at the time. As soon as the marriage ended, our cheater found another guy and started dating him.
Tabloid favorite: Jennifer Connelly
Actor boyfriend: Russell Crowe
Big week: "Noah"
Guy (B+ list mostly movie actor): Paul Bettany
Former A list acting couple: Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith

178. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15 **#1**
As you know, we wrote several blind items about how one young actor was being bullied out of his job by two other actors on an ensemble TV show. It was a really ugly situation. Well, we have just learned about a stunning development! There was SO much fan outcry about his departing the show that the producers have been forced to reverse their decision! Bullygate is over… and Our Actor won! Here’s what happened: During several sit-downs with Our Actor, the producers totally reversed course about his leaving! They apologized for trying to push him out, begged him to stay… and gave him a huge bump in pay! He will now be staying through the end of the show’s final season. The writers also asked him for his input on what to do with his character. To keep the peace on set, they all agreed that his character will break up with the character played by the bully actor who wanted him out. That means Our Actor will now get his own story lines that do not involve the bully and that will minimize the time that he has to film with both the nasty people who tried to force him out. This change will have a direct impact across the show. In fact, it throws it into a bit of turmoil. The producers and writers are now scrambling to modify locations, story lines, characters, and everything else! Of course everyone on the show will publicly deny that it has anything to do with Bullygate… but you will know otherwise! Finally, we have to emphasize that although Blind Gossip wrote the blind items, it was really the fans of the show that made this happen. YOU pushed the producers into doing the right thing. Well done, fans! We’re proud of you!
Our Actor: Darren Criss
TV Show: "Glee"
The Bullies: Lea Michelle & Chris Colfer

179. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15 **#2**
This pretty television Actress and her musical Fiancee recently broke up. Lots of rumors and public accusations flying back and forth: Controlling! Flirtatious! Insecure! Jealous! Cheater! Thief! While both sides are spinning publicly, we know that there are two facts that both sides privately acknowledge as being true. The first is that she broke up with him. Yes, we know he said that he is the one who called off the wedding, but that’s not true. She ended it. The second is why she ended it. He cheated on her. Our Actress found a series of text messages on The Fiancee’s phone from a woman with whom he had hooked up on multiple occasions. It wasn’t the first time she caught him cheating, but it was with whom he was cheating that was the final straw. Of course there was a huge fight. She yelled at him for being a liar and a cheat. He yelled right back that he did it because he was tired of her flirting with other guys. He also told Our Actress that she could have a hundred plastic surgeries but she was never going to be as hot as his famous colleague’s celebrity Significant Other (who is The Fiancee’s idea of physical perfection). Ouch. You know the rest. Couples therapy, breakup, accusations, spin. We’ll tell you the wildest part of the story later today. It’s about the girl with whom the Fiancee supposedly cheated. You will be shocked when you learn who it was!
Our Actress: Naya Rivera
Musical Fiancee: Big Sean
His colleague: Kanye West
His colleague’s fiancé: Kim Kardashian

180. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15 **#3**
It is hurtful when your fiancé cheats on you. It is even more hurtful when it’s with someone you know. This pretty television Actress found hookup text messages between her Fiance… and one of her television colleagues! She screamed at The Fiancé about why – of all the people in the world – why would he fuck around with one of her colleagues? The Fiance couldn’t even deny it. The evidence was right there on his phone. Our Actress went absolutely ballistic! She yelled. She swore. She threw his phone at him. She broke a few things. Believing that the sexual encounters may have taken place in her bed, she tore the sheets and blankets and pillows off the bed and threw them out. As you now know, they could not get past the indiscretion, and they broke up. So, who was Hookup Girl? Which of Our Actress’ television colleagues was hooking up with The Fiance? The female half of Bullygate. Allow that to sink in for a moment. Remember when we told you that Our Actress was unhappy that she was being given the bum’s rush off her television show because the Producers said that they didn’t want too many main characters leaving at once? It seemed like a pretty weak reason at the time, didn’t it? Well, it turns out that it wasn’t the entire reason. After her affair with The Fiance, Hookup Actress encouraged Producers to push Our Actress off the show as quickly as possible! That’s why Our Actress was going to be given the boot first! Well, now The Producers aren’t pushing anyone out… and Our Actress is contemplating staying! It’s her choice. Hookup Girl is in agony while she makes it. Things are very, very tense on the set right now. The writers are bracing themselves for more plot changes that will be required if Our Actress stays. What a mess!
Our Actress: Naya Rivera
Her Fiancee: Big Sean
Hookup Girl: Lea Michele
TV Show: "Glee"

181. WINE AND SASS 04/15
This 'actress' with A-list name recognition, circling the D-list drain, was throwing herself at this A-list Academy Award Winner/Nominee. She throws herself at everyone, really, then gets peeled off the club floor eventually, so this isn't news. She's super desperate for a high profile romance or rumored romance to keep her in the headlines that she's ok with making a drunken ass of herself for that one pap pic to make the rounds. Well, at this event, the actress was her usual messed up self, getting passed around and used by a bunch of random guys, and the A-lister tried to go to her aid and get her in a safe place and away from all the chaos, since no one else around her seemed to care about her safety. And of course, as usual she was a belligerent drunk mess to the helping hand, so he does what every A-lister that tries to play Captain Save a Ho does with her... he walked away. She ended the night doing a huge amount of drugs and trying to seek out her formal bitter rival, this B-list former tween star, just to punch her because she knew she was there and was invited to the A-lister's hangout. Unfortunately, when you're messed up, you get people confused and wound up getting punched by the woman she went up to thinking it was the B-lister and bounced from the event altogether.
Actress: Lindsay Lohan
A list Academy Award Winner/Nominee: Jared Leto
B list former tween star: Hilary Duff
Event: Coachella

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#1**
Some reporters tried to ask this foreign born former A list mostly movie actress some questions on a red carpet this week but were unable to understand a word she said. She was talking so softly and mumbling every word and what they could hear and understand had nothing to do with the question they asked. She acted like a zombie. Catherine Zeta-Jones

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who has probably slipped over time to B+ and primarily does television now is aging. He was at the Hustler store with his much younger girlfriend this week and was showing off the bra he was wearing under his shirt that he said his girlfriend made him wear. He has always had a little kink in him. Jeff Goldblum

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#3**
This A list mostly television actor is A list because of his role. It is unique, but he still gets classified as A list. Everyone knows his role. He went off on a waiter at a restaurant this week for getting his order wrong and chewed the guy out while our actor's wife tried to get him to calm down. He then started in on his wife for interrupting him. Kelsey Grammer

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actress who got her start on television and will probably always have A list name recognition got a breast augmentation and lift in preparation for her first topless scene ever. She will probably tell the world she never got any work done. Jennifer Aniston

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#5**
This B list reality star on an A list network reality show has been told she won't be asked back next season unless she drops some weight. I think she looks good. Cheryl Burke "Dancing With the Stars"
(Judging by the amount of weight she has now lost, she must have taken it really seriously)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#6**
This B- list mostly movie actor from an acting family, who did have a chance at starring in a sitcom a couple of years back was a sweaty coke head mess at a party earlier this week. The actor was dripping sweat everywhere and finally went without a shirt as he groped women and called them names if they dared resist or said anything back to him when he groped them. David Arquette

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#7**
This "Beverly Hills Housewife" was busted at a gifting suite this past weekend stuffing thousands of dollars worth of items into bags as fast as she could grab them. A staffer confronted the reality star about it who said that she thought she could have as many of each item as she wanted. She then said she didn't want any of it because it was all crap and dropped the bags on the floor and walked out. Joyce Giraud

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#8**
This former A list entertainer (singer) will probably always have A list name recognition. Despite being linked with some of the biggest names in rock and also a boyfriend who will have drama forever in his life she has started hooking up again with this B list mostly television actress who famously dated one woman, but has been with a string of men since.
Singer: Sheryl Crow
Rock Star Boyfriends: Eric Clapton; Kid Rock
Drama boyfriend: Lance Armstrong
Actress: Anne Heche (dated Ellen DeGeneres)
(they at least know each other)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#9**
This married and aging A+ list mostly movie actor apparently has a college age girlfriend he met two years ago when she worked as a volunteer at a movie festival in NYC. Robert De Niro "Tribeca Film Festival"

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#10**
This actor is A list. He gets to be A list probably for the rest of his life. He had that great run and seemed like he was always in the Academy Award conversation. There was a slight pause in his career before he was really able to crank it back into gear in the past year or two. The reason he had such a pause is because he let all that power he once had go to his head and combined with his looks made him a huge a-hole. Always known as a guy who would sleep with anyone, I'm not even sure why he ever got married again since all he does is cheat. He got bored with just cheating though and started hitting on women married to powerful people. His first big one was the actress wife of this closeted A list mostly movie actor. That indiscretion put him on the list and he was warned about his behavior. It didn't stop him though and he ended up having sex with the wife of a studio head. When word got back to the executive he basically blackballed our actor and our actor had to kiss butt for several years before he was suddenly able to get good films again that made him a star in the first place. Apparently even though he still cheats on his wife all the time he stays away from married women.
A list actor: Kevin Costner
Actress wife/closed actor husband: Kelly Preston/John Travolta "For Love of the Game"
Why Tom Cruise & Kevin Costner Made John Travolta Jealous
A list: Costner, Kevin. Humorless slut who overestimates the level of his own talent. Prone to interfering with production, direction, etc of his films. Cuckolded John Travolta and Cal Ripken, Jr; Ripken punched Costner out for that. Uses hookers. Linked with Halle Berry, Kathy Lee Gifford, Elle Macpherson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kelly Preston, and Mira Sorvino.
Wife of studio head:

192. BLIND GOSSIP 04/16
This actor is best known for his starring role in a hit movie from the 1980s that you and your kids have probably watched many times. He was a teenager back then, and rather cute. Now he is a middle-aged man, acting in bit parts in TV shows and films, picking up on young girls at conventions and autograph signings… and then hunting them down on the Internet! It all starts out innocently enough, where he flatters you and acts coy. But once he knows your name, he will relentlessly stalk you on social media, sending dozens of messages to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, telling you that he knows everything about you, everywhere you go, everything you do, and everyone you know. It’s downright creepy. Sort of like his one big movie. Perhaps he acts this way because his live-in girlfriend fed him after midnight?
Actor: Zach Galligan
His one big movie: "Gremlins"
(goes to lots of conventions)

193. WINE AND SASS 04/16
This west coast Real Housewife is about to have her house of cards blown over right in front of our eyes. We've always known there was something 'off' about her beneath the surface, but now we're going to see how bad it really is. Drunken, cocaine fueled tirades, holes in the matter how healthy and happy she tries to appear on the outside, behind closed doors it's a hot mess. Where's her husband you ask? With his boyfriend most of the time. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" Tamra Barney/Eddie Judge

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#1**
This former reality star turned B- list entertainer (singer) turned actress says that when everyone in the world knew who she was that she and this former A list tweener hooked up and that the tweener told her to split with her long term boyfriend so the tweener and our B lister could be together. She did and then the tweener dumped her and won't return her calls or return some recordings they made together. Carly Rae Jepsen "Call Me Maybe"/Justin Bieber

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#2**
This aging Academy Award winner/nominee who is still an A list mostly movie actor is expecting a child. The problem is that the mom to be is a family member by marriage. Our actor better make sure there are never any money disputes or his career will go up in flames in an instant. Morgan Freeman (Step-Granddaughter)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#3**
There is still some really bad blood between these two former co-stars who are B- list mostly movie actresses on a good day. They have hated each other for years because they each did some stealing of boyfriends. One of the co-stars has a reputation for splitting up people but says that it take two people to make something happen so doesn't really care what people think. The other night, the two former co-stars exchanged words and if the scene had not been so public, there would have been much more that occurred.

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#4**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee says she is still with her long term significant other of over a decade but she has been spending every night with the director of her new movie so she must have a really interesting idea of the word together. Helena Bonham Carter/Tim Burton (probably Kenneth Branagh "Cinderella)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#5**
This B- list mostly movie actress who is really high up on the list for so little work. It is just that the work she has done was received so well. She had a great 2013. Her latest boyfriend is very wealthy and apparently will only have sex with her if she wears a wig so she resembles her most recent character. He tried to get her to wear it in public a few times too because he wants people to know who he is dating.

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#6**
This B+ list entertainer (musician) who is part of an A list group should watch out for his wife. She has funneled millions of dollars out of his accounts into accounts solely in her name. She also doesn't let him talk to anyone without going through her and has taken away his phone and monitors his computer usage. Neal Schon (Michaele Salahi) "Journey"

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#7**
Courtney Love once dragged this former A list entertainer (singer) who everyone had high hopes for and his band's unusual name into a bathroom and told him that she wanted him to have sex with her the same way and same place he had sex with this foreign born A list entertainer(singer) and to talk about it while they had sex. He did it. Michael Hutchence "INXS"/Kylie Minogue; Pete Doherty "Babyshambles"/Amy Winehouse

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#8**
This former A+ list entertainer (athlete) turned mogul/coke fiend has been to rehab a few times, but should probably go again after he spent all weekend cheating on his wife with strippers and doing line after line of coke. Apparently there are photos. That has always been his downfall. Oscar de la Hoya/Golden Boy Promotions

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#9**
I saw the other day that this former B list entertainer (singer) with several number one songs on his resume is trying to make another comeback. I hope that, like his other attempts, it is unsuccessful. I think the way he treats women is despicable and he deserves all the misfortune that has come his way. Although he has beaten most, if not all of the women he has dated, there are two women in particular that most of you would know and he was dating them at the same time. One of them is an A list mostly movie actress. While he was dating her, he would get violent towards her when she would question him about his late night activities that didn't include her. He beat her repeatedly and severely. There were some that were worse than the Rihanna beating. Although he denied cheating on her, he was cheating and got another former B+ list movie and television actress pregnant. That actress was the recipient of numerous beatings too but put up with them because she wanted to try and stick with him for the sake of their child. She gave that up after one especially nasty black eye.

This Music/TV/Film Personality took a couple hits for his new family image. He stood by it, but now separate vacations, a bachelor pad and a side chick might bring his old image back!

204. BLIND GOSSIP 04/17 **#1**
This famous actor introduced his new baby to you last year. So cute and so sweet! Only the baby isn’t really his. It’s a stunt baby. There were lots of rumors about his sexuality swirling in the past year or two. It was a problem because he does action films and the public needs to see him as straight. There simply are no openly gay action actors who land leads as action heroes. So a publicity stunt was crafted. He and his "girlfriend" suddenly had a new baby! It worked, too. Gay rumors about him disappeared practically overnight and he continues to land macho film leads. So, to whom does the baby actually belong? The Actor’s sister! She even moved her family to L.A. so that he can occasionally take Baby out for photo ops. Jeremy Renner

205. BLIND GOSSIP 04/17 **#2**
It is fairly common for young people in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles to do coke. However, you would never figure these two young female celebs as coke buddies! This particular incident occurred in September within the past couple of years at the Chateau Marmont. No cameras allowed and plenty of bodyguards around. It was just the two girls, sitting together at a private table, doing lines for about a half an hour, happy and giggly and carefree. Perhaps it was just a one-time thing. Perhaps not. One of them has since moved to New York to be with her actor beau, so the two of them don’t really hang out together as much as they used to. Who are they? Celeb 1 is a funny actress who now only works in films. Celeb 2 is a taller female singer with a goody goody reputation. Yes, it’s shocking.
Celeb 1: Emma Stone (moves in with Andrew Garfield in NYC)
Celeb 2: Taylor Swift

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#1**
This aging, but still stunning former A lister who was really a one hit movie wonder despite the best efforts of studios to make her a huge movie star has been trying to buy the two original porn films she starred in before she hit it big in Hollywood. She and her B list mostly television actor boyfriend have bought all her other films. Bo Derek "Bolero"/John Corbett

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#2**
This performer turned mogul turned group maker turned whatever it is he does now was at Coachella this weekend and got into an argument with one of his bodyguards. He told the bodyguard the only way he was going to keep his job was to walk around naked for 30 minutes. The bodyguard did it while everyone looked away uncomfortably.
"P. Diddy" Sean Combs

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress and Academy Award winner/nominee who is trying her hand at television won't work with this A list mostly movie director because one of her former boyfriends who everyone knows, had an unpleasant encounter with the director when the boyfriend was just starting out. Halle Berry

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#4**
You would think that after his last disaster of a movie which he headlined, this A- list mostly movie actor would be on his best behavior. Nope. Casting on his latest movie is in progress and our actor is insisting that all the women being considered for the lead need to have dinner with him so he can judge their acting abilities. So far he has slept with several of them but then told the producers they just weren't right for the role. Aaron Eckhart

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#5**
This A list entertainer (rapper) had a falling out with his frequent recording partner who is also A list. Apparently they usually hook up when they get together in the same city, and by hookup I mean that he watches her have sex with another woman. She refused this time though because she says she is trying to remain faithful to her boyfriend. Eminem/Rihanna/Drake (That boyfriend/girlfriend thing didn't last very long again)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#6**
This B list celebrity who does a little bit of everything from acting to reality to hosting to writing books told her B list entertainer boyfriend she couldn't get pregnant and not to worry. Surprise. Apparently he wasn't that thrilled regardless of what he will say in the future. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#7**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: This A+list entertainer (singer) has several children, but her oldest child is the result of an incestuous relationship with her father. Aretha Franklin/Rev. C. L. Franklin (father)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#8**
#1- This former entertainer (athlete) who considers himself an actor now cheats every chance he gets but makes his B- list actress wife work from home on her voice roles because he doesn't trust her not to cheat on him. She puts up with it. She has put up with way worse in other relationships. Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku (As I said earlier I assumed they were married. Close enough after living together for five years)

#2 - This permanent A list mostly movie actor who has been working for 40 years and still looks great, managed to steal this foreign born B- list mostly television actress who was in movies, from her long time A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend. Our permanent A lister dumped her two weeks later for his current significant other.

#3 - Kindness - This former A list mostly movie actress who has battled drugs and everything else her whole life surprised a bunch of kids at a hospital with memorabilia from her greatest role and just gave it all away after signing it. Worth a ton of money and she gave it away. Really nice. Carrie Fisher ("Star Wars")

#4 - This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who everyone thinks is good looking and has dated some of the biggest names in Hollywood apparently can no longer perform in bed because an STD he acquired several years ago. Gerard Butler

214. MR. X 04/18 **PART 1**
1) Which A-list multiple Grammy winner has been dropping hints that she's been hooking up with more girls lately than guys? Sheryl Crowe; Taylor Swift

2) Kindness: What A-list actor and multiple Oscar nominee donates boatloads of cash anonymously to several autism charities, in his son's memory? His "wife" hit the ceiling when she first found out, but she's ok with it now. John Travolta (son Jett was autistic, but Scientology refuses to acknowledge it)

3) Which Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star leaked her own sex tape? Ironic, since it's one of the storylines of the show's upcoming season. Mimi Faust

4) What '70's sitcom star's cancer is in remission, but she bought herself an elaborate gravesite just in case she didn't make it? Valerie Harper

5) What cable TV host sent some of his goons to threaten a journalist who wrote a negative article about a Don Rickles-esque comedian who was the warm-up act for his show? Jon Stewart

215. MR. X 04/18 **PART 2**
6) What country music legend's family still insists that her last husband had a hand in her death? Tammy Wynette

7) Which mostly TV actor's latest wife went into the marriage knowing all about his bisexuality? She found out his first wife left him because she caught him in bed with another man. Kelsey Grammer (first wife: Doreen Alderman)

8) What A-list actor and closet case hit up all the gay bars in Hawaii while shooting one of his upcoming movies? Bradley Cooper/"Untitled Cameron Crowe Project" (filmed in: Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawaii)

9) Which actor and multiple Oscar nominee's friends are convinced that his latest girlfriend/beard may be a man after they heard her deep, deep voice? George Clooney/Amal Alamuddin (a guess since her voice isn’t THAT deep)

10) What B-list actress/model/celeb offspring stayed away from those reality star siblings like the plague at Coachella? She didn't want them to mooch onto her like they have with other celebs. Zoe Kravitz/Kylie and Kendall Jenner

216. MR. X 04/18 **PART 3**
11) Which two stars of that east coast based reality show swear they're not gay, but the openly gay member of the cast would tell you otherwise?
Show: "Million Dollar Listing New York"
Opening gay: Fredrik Eklund
Closeted gay?: Ryan Serhant; Luis D. Ortiz

12) What mostly TV actor who was on that cult '90s sci-fi series and who currently plays a gay character on TV accidentally let it slip out during an interview that he used to be a regular at the infamous Continental Baths back in the day? Hmmm...
TV actor: Scott Bakula
Cult sci-fi series: "Quantum Leap"
Gay character on TV: Lynn "Looking"

13) What former boy bander knows two of his former bandmates are still in the closet but he can't stop blabbing about how gay they are?
Boy band: 'N Sync
Boy bander: Lance Bass
2 still in closet: JC Chasez; Justin Timberlake

14) Which two male costars of that action/sci-fi film hooked up at least once during the international promo tour for their film. Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto "Star Trek Into Darkness"

15) Which Chicago-based rapper who was touted as the next big thing not too long ago is now stuck doing gigs at small nightclubs and bars? Lupe Fiasco; Chief Keef

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#1**
This D list celebrity left his, in her mind A list everything after dinner the other night and was spotted at a corner of The Abbey making out with a guy. Casper Smart/Jennifer Lopez

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#2**
No matter how hard this A- list mostly movie actress tries, her A+ list husband keeps getting drunk and cheating on her. Last week was the most recent time. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#3**
This is a first for this permanent A list entertainer (performer). He has never been in a blind item. He is cheating on his wife with a woman a third of his age. David Foster (husband of Yolanda Foster "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#4**
This B+ list mostly movie actor from a very hit cable show is filming a movie right now. He picked up a woman and asked her if she was into threesomes. When she said no, he told her to leave and he found someone who was not only into them, but also provided a friend. Norman Reedus/"Walking Dead" (filming "Air")

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#5**
This B list celebrity/performer/actress has rumors swirling about her relationship but she has been dating a guy who is most definitely not her husband. Hilary Duff (husband: Mike Comrie)
(she doesn't want to disappoint her fans who want a reconciliation)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress who was on a network comedy this season spent the last two months of filming not speaking to the former A+ list mostly movie actor who was her co-star. Apparently he made a comment about her fake breasts which she insists are real. Sarah Michelle Gellar/Robin Williams "The Crazy Ones"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#1**
"She is super nice and way cheaper than my wife." - D list reality star talking about the woman he was making out with at a club and sitting in his lap who is not his Southeast Real Housewife. Romain Zago/Joanna Krupa "Real Housewives of Miami"

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#2**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actor with the funny first name, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was sporting a huge black eye this weekend that he said was because of an incident involving a woman and a bedpost. Chiwetel Ejiofor

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#3**
This foreign born former A list entertainer (singer) turned reality judge and her husband convinced a woman to leave her husband and move in with the couple because they couldn't get enough of her. Melanie Brown (Scary Spice )/"The X Factor" and "America's Got Talent"

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#4**
This B- list movie and television actress is still gorgeous and still has A list name recognition. She got her first big television break by sleeping with this married to an actress writer/producer/director and has been doing it again to get a role on his new show.

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#5**
This former A list madam was at dinner when this national network morning show co-host got in the madam's face. Apparently back when the madam was running her business, the husband of the co-host was a frequent customer and the co-host blames the madam because she knew he was married.

228. MR. X 04/20 **#1**
Which TV producer is sweating bullets because he's dreading the info about him feeding drugs and booze to that deceased star of one of his shows is about to be revealed? The star was sober before he died until he went to one of Singer's parties when he relapsed. Ryan Murphy "Glee"/Cory Monteith

229. MR. X 04/20 **#2**
What barely hanging on to A-list actor is a frequent guest at Singer's parties? There were pictures taken of him getting orally serviced by a young wannabe. If those pics leak, the actor's career will be kaput. Kevin Spacey

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee met an actress on the set of his latest movie. After having sex with her, he introduced her to his son who is now dating the actress. Nicolas Cage

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#2**
This B- list mostly movie actor has appeared in almost 100 movies. No one knows his name but you would know his face from some of the biggest movies of all-time. He is aging now, and married but it didn't stop him from rekindling an old romance with this married male A list reality star from an A list reality show.
Reality star: Bruce Jenner
Reality show: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#3**
This former A list entertainer (singer) who is a Grammy winner with unusual hair has had a tough time selling albums or even making them. She is out of money and spends most of her time trying to stay off heroin and crack which she has battled since hitting it big with a huge album. Macy Gray

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#4**
How much of a pain is it to work with this A- list mostly television actress from that ensemble network music show? She was told it would be about a 90 minute drive in traffic from her home to a video shoot. Our actress said she was too important to do that and wanted a private jet to take her. Yep. Even though she would end up being in the car for just about as long because of the distance from her home to airport and the airport to video shoot, it is what she wanted. It was only after she learned she would be on the hook for half of the expense that she decided driving wouldn't be so bad. Lea Michele "Glee"

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#5**
Kindness: This always lovely Victoria's Secret model was at an event very recently and brought her daughter. At the event, our model met another woman who was also there with a child about the same age as our model's daughter. They had been abandoned at the event because the mom wouldn't do what the guy who brought her wanted her to do so had left them behind. Our model gave them her hotel suite for two nights and took them shopping and to dinner and arranged for them to get back home which was about two hours away. Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#6**
This dad is ticked off at his A++ list name recognition daughter because she threw him under the bus on national television by telling the audience he drinks. He has been telling the world non-stop for a year that he is sober. this family is a piece of work. They will do anything they can to make a buck including going against family. Michael Lohan/Lindsay Lohan (on her "reality" show)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#7**
This B- list reality star who is married to an A list reality star might soon be going to jail but it didn't stop him from spending 36 straight hours with a college student/stripper in a hotel room before rolling back home around dawn and then spent the holiday like one big happy family. "Juicy Joe" and Teresa Giudice "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#8**
This married B- list mostly television actor who has been looking for another hit show did it again. He got another woman pregnant. Our actor actually has about the same number of kids as Kevin Federline but with way more women. Donald Faison "Scrubs"

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#9**
They used to be the best of friends. They would do everything together. Two acting couples that would meet up once or twice a week for dinner or movies or just drinks. One is an A+ list couple consisting of an A+ list mostly movie actor and his actress wife. The other couple consists of straight B listers. It didn't matter because they got along and you could not get the couples to not hang out, they were that close. At one point, the two couples decided to work on a movie together. The A listers took charge of the project even though it was the idea of the B lister. She had never worked on anything like this or her new capacity so was willing to let them take the lead. Everything was great during filming and the movie became a big hit. Huge. The B listers assumed they were going to get rich and get to work on a bunch of other personal projects. One tiny problem. The A listers had structured everything so they cleaned up and made most of the money to be had. Something like 75%. Our B listers had to settle for about 5% and they were told it should have been way more, but they signed things the A lister told them to sign. Since that time, the couples never speak. Not a word. If they run into each other at a red carpet, it is a grimaced expression and they move on. Apparently this is something the A listers do frequently with other people who have good ideas.

At one point during the filming of the reality series Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan simply stopped filming without any explanation. She now says, "No one knows this. I had a miscarriage for the two weeks that I took off," she said. Lindsay declined to name the father of the baby. "It’s a very long story. I was sick. And mentally that messes with you. And watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment, and I can relate to that girl, which sounds kinda crazy. But I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is really sad, who is helping her?’" "There was a lot going on in my life then. I cried so many times watching it. Because I don’t see it as me – it’s strange. It’s weird." A list of some of Lindsay’s sexual partners was recently leaked, but it is not known if the father of the baby was one of the men on that list.
The Baby Daddy:

The second secret is one about which Lindsay Lohan just dropped a hint on Lindsay. She announced that her AA sponsor is a "very well-known person." The topic came up while Lindsay discussed the list of her sexual partners that recently made the rounds. From People Magazine: Lohan provided additional details about the leaked list of her sexual partners, which she confirmed as genuine on Thursday on Watch What Happens Live. "And you know that list that came out, that was part of my Betty Ford – it’s step No. 5 or step No. 8 – it’s your sexual inventory, and that was in my Betty Ford book, so that was really personal to my sponsor. You write that for your sponsor," she said. "So someone took a photo [of the list], and I’m pretty sure I know who it is, unfortunately, and they’re not a part of my life at all anymore. They might be on the show at some point," she said. She termed the disclosure "really unfortunate and disrespectful." "That’s something sacred to me, that’s something that I trusted with people that were in my life," she said. "That’s not something I’d show anyone, besides my sponsor, who is also a very well-known person. The fact that that happened was not only humiliating, but just mean." Since she is voluntarily putting her personal business (e.g. her sobriety, her miscarriage, her sponsor) out there for a television reality show, it’s open for discussion. And if you have an issue with Lindsay Lohan talking about the identity of her sponsor because it runs counter to the anonymity tenant of AA… then you should talk to Lindsay Lohan.
The Sponsor: Ben Affleck

Lindsay Lohan has yet another secret. She is dating a married man! Lindsay recently did a photo shoot and an interview with KODE, an online fashion magazine. The interviewer says that Lindsay revealed that she has been seeing a married man: "Oh this guy I’m seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me…but he’s married with kids." The same interviewer also says that Lindsay was high on ecstasy the first night of Coachella, that she carried a vodka-filled Evian bottle around with her at the music festival, and that she drank vodka on the rocks during the KODE interview. We are appalled – nay, shocked! – that Lindsay has been lying about her sobriety! JK.
Lindsay’s Rich Married Boyfriend: Domingo Zapata

242. BLIND GOSSIP 04/21 **#4**
This girl is best known from television. She is engaged to someone she often calls a "nice guy" or a "great guy." Although there have been lots of photos of them together, they aren’t as close at home as they are in public. The sleep in separate bedrooms. Why? Well, it isn’t because he snores. It’s because he has a "social" life completely separate from his fiancee. Sometimes he picks up another person for the night. Sometimes he doesn’t come home at all. The actress would rather just not know what he is doing, thus the separate bedrooms. Why does she put up with it? She tells friends that despite his "indiscretions," he is kind to her and good to her kid/s and that’s hard to find. So she isn’t going anywhere.
Courtney Cox and "Snow Patrol" Johnny McDaid; Jenny McCarthy and Donny Wahlberg

243. WINE AND SASS 04/21
This C-list reality star tends to make a living on her feuds. There's always someone to have beef with, and for the most part it's harmless and keeps her employed. Except this time she's going to war with this former B-list mostly movie actress, turned C-list crazy person, and she doesn't quite know who she's dealing with. What's their feud about? This B-list rapper/actor. The actress is still bitter over their break up, and wondered who he had rebounded with so quickly, because while she was trying to win him back he would text her about this new woman being the 'best he ever had.' Of course he was banging the c-list reality star, and she's always been coy about it. During one of their fights, the reality star unloaded every detail about the hook up to the actress, including some not so nice things the rapper had to say. The actress at that point has made it her mission to ruin the reality star. Because she is insane. Sleep with one eye open, girl.
C-list reality star: Brandi Glanville
B-list movie actress: Vivica A. Fox
B-list rapper/actor: 50 Cent

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#1**
This married B list mostly movie actor who has never reached the heights he did with the role that got him his Academy Award win/nomination was out with a woman most definitely not his wife. Apparently she was young enough looking that the waiter asked her for i.d. when she ordered a drink and she did the whole didn't bring her license with her trick. Our actor let her drink his drink while she sat on his lap though. Cuba Gooding, Jr. "Jerry Maguire"/Wife files for separation

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#2**
A 48 hour bender of coke and booze and pot is probably not what this A list reality star from an A list reality show needed in her life. She has always had issues with coke and booze and needs rehab but the show needs her filming to keep the money train rolling. She has been able to cope in the past but her drug use is getting out of hand. I wouldn't be shocked if someone has photos or video of the 48 hours they are going to sell showing her using. Khloé Kardashian "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#3**
This former A list mostly movie actress who was really close to A+ at one point while doing a franchise has slipped to mostly doing indies. Part of the problem is her drinking. She also recently lost her boyfriend who finally threw in the towel after he caught her cheating again following a booze soaked night of partying. Kirsten Dunst ("Spiderman")/Garrett Hedlund (last spotted together 04/07/14)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#4**
This former A list entertainer (singer) is pregnant but she is scared of gaining weight so has still been taking Adderall like candy which is how she finally has managed to get and stay skinny. At least she managed to stop drinking which is how she used to get her only caolories. Christina Aguilera

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#5**
This A list entertainer (singer) turned part-time reality star is on the outs with his girlfriend. She could handle the constant cheating because he usually does it quietly but he hooked up recently with his ex and that was a little too personal for the girlfriend who is taking a self-imposed break from the A lister. Adam Levine/Behati Prinsloo/Anne V (Vyalitsyna)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#6**
The main sticking point in repairing any type of relationship between this A list mostly television actor and his former co-star is an apology from our angry actor for using the N word. The co-star was really hurt and the A lister didn't see what the big deal was about it. Alec Baldwin/Tracy Morgan

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#7**
This B- list mostly television actress is going to drop to a C if she doesn't get some work that doesn't involve Broadway soon. That long running network comedy she was on will only keep her at B list for so long. Over the weekend she yelled at a pap. Not for taking her photo (which she loves) but because he took it from an angle which she felt didn't show off all the plastic surgery she recently had to try and get younger roles. Jane Krakowski "30 Rock"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actor came back to his hotel room late last week to find his now off again girlfriend slicing his expensive luggage into strips. Nothing was left except the wheels and base. Apparently she found out that he shared a video they made a few months ago with some friends. Bradley Cooper/Suki Waterhouse

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#9**
I finally got around to skimming through the book of this former A list mostly television actress who started off as a teen and has kept working right through to her adult years. A long time on a lot of shows. More hits than misses. Our married actress does whatever she can to keep her face in the spotlight and people talking about her. So, I skimmed through her latest offering because I wanted to see if she talked about what made her the most talked about actress in town for a few years. It wasn't in the book. She left it out. Never fear though, I will tell you now. Our actress was known for a few years as the threesome queen. She was in a transition period between teen roles and adult roles and was experimenting not only with drugs, but also with sex. At some point she became the go to person for couples looking for a third. She was the third in a group that included this still A+ list entertainer ("singer"). She was the third in a group that included this B+ list actress who just ended a long run on her second very hit television show. The husband of the B+ list actress probably has no idea how much his wife loved threesomes before they got together and got married. She doesn't do them any longer.
Actress: Melissa Joan Hart
A+ list entertainer: Britney Spears
B+ list actress/TV show: Alyson Hannigan "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "How I Met Your Mother"
(Dated "Manson" drummer Ginger Fish for 7 years)
B+ list husband: Alexis Denisof

253. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22
You already know him as one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. You may or may not know that he is gay. But what you probably don’t know is that he uses his money and his power to maintain a harem of boys. We’ll call him Duffy. He keeps between five and eight boys at a time. All of his boys are over 21. While some men prefer twinks, Duffy prefers studs. Great-looking, hard-bodied young studs. The Duffy Boys are a multi-ethnic bunch. Black, white, hispanic, mixed. All really handsome. If one of them walked past you on the street, you would definitely turn your head. He pays each of the Duffy Boys approximately $5000 a month. He also buys each of them a luxury car of their choice (usually a Mercedes or a BMW). Duffy owns fabulous homes and toys, is a respected power player in films, music, art, politics, and philanthropy, and knows absolutely everyone, so there are lots of other perqs for the Duffy Boys as well… especially if they are trying to make it in Hollywood. We know of at least one famous actor who started out as a Duffy Boy. Duffy calls them in "to work" on a regular basis. "Work" always takes place at his house, where he feels safe. He loves to give oral sex to them, and he likes being a "bottom." But his very favorite thing to do is to call in all the Duffy Boys to work at once… and watch them have group sex with each other. A job as a Duffy Boy only lasts for a couple of years. Since they are over 21 to begin with, it usually only takes two or three years before they start aging out of the Duffy Boy system. If they have done their job well, they are set up with a job in the entertainment industry. They get a generous severance package. They get to keep the luxury car.
Duffy: David Geffen
Famous actor: Keanu Reeves

254. WINE AND SASS 04/22
This B-list movie actress has been working tirelessly to prove the rumors wrong that things are terrible with her D-list television actor husband. They recently took a family vacation so she could have photos posted of their bliss, but at the end of the day, she retreated to one hotel room with the kids, and he retired with their nanny. Just like at home.

255. OMG BLOG!!! 04/23
(British blog)
English gourmet ice cream chef Charlie Harry Francis and his catering business Lick Me, I'm Delicious creates many different flavours of ice cream for various celebrity and high-profile clientele around the globe, but Charlie says the strangest request he's had commissioned was from an "A-List" celeb for a Viagra/Champagne combo! "This was one of the weirder requests we've had; to make Viagra ice cream for a party. It was for one of our A-list celebrity clients and they've made us sign a confidentiality agreement, so we can't say much about it, but I am allowed to say that they were 'very happy with the end result.' Each ball of ice cream is dosed with 25mgs of Viagra and flavoured with bubbly champagne. Lovely." Wow. This sounds like some Wolf Of Wall Street type shit! Sounds like someone's willing to go to special lengths to make sure they don't end up with soft-serve!
Simon Cowell

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#1**
This teenage A list reality star from an A list reality show hooked up with her on again/off again boyfriend at a party. Nothing blind item worthy about that. But, when this former A list tweener joined in, it becomes blind item worthy, especially considering how the tweener's on again/off again tweener girlfriend heard about it for the first time this past week.
Teenage A list reality star: Kylie Jenner
On again/off again boyfriend: Jaden Smith
Former A list tweener: Justin Bieber
Girlfriend: Selena Gomez

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#2**
This A list model who has made a name for herself not just by modeling, but also her life history has friends worried because she has been purging again after a photographer told her she would get more work if she weighed less. This is not advice this model needed to hear. Crystal Renn; Petra Nemcová

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#3**
This former A+ list entertainer (singer) has two female employees that she travels with who were hired solely for their talents in bed. The husband of our singer hired them but his wife is only allowed to be with them when she is traveling outside their home country. Avril Lavigne

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#4**
This actor is A- list. Mostly movies. Been nominated multiple times for an Academy Award. He is married. He has also been holed up in the apartment he owns that is separate from his marital home for the past week while on a massive coke bender with a string of women. He has been off coke for a long time but his actress ex must be worried because she is the one who is telling people about it. Apparently he called her and told her he still loved her.

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#5**
This aging permanent A list entertainer (singer) who is A list as a solo artist and in a group is married but is still having a relationship with the classmate of his granddaughter.

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#6**
This former A list mostly television actress who has not worked in a little while after two back to back successful shows has been cheating on her significant other with the married executive in charge of her latest non acting project. Jennifer Love Hewitt ("L by Hewitt" maternity line for "Pea in a Pod"); Alyssa Milano "Project Runway All Stars"

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#7**
Well, well, well. This B list mostly movie actress who is relying on her A+ list name recognition to stay in the B list range needed a window repaired in the bedroom of her apartment because of a bird strike. Apparently some furniture had to be moved and behind one of the pieces of furniture were several sex toys. I wonder if she used them when she was married to her actor ex. Probably needed to. Katie Holmes

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#8**
This former A list mostly television actress turned director was on vacation a few weeks ago and apparently a staff member at the hotel where our actress was staying asked our actress about the woman she was traveling with because the woman asked the front desk for a key to the room. Our actress went ballistic. All the staffer wanted to know was whether it was ok to give the woman a key, but our actress started screaming about how the hotel was discriminating against gay couples. The staffer didn't care about any of that, and would have asked the same question if it had been a guy asking because our actress was the only name on the room. Maybe our previously married actress thought she was going to get forced out into the open with her sexuality. Helen Hunt in Hawaii

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#9**
This foreign born former A+ list super model who used to be married to an A list rock star way way back in the day took herself off methadone for the first time in a decade and is in really bad shape. I have to give her credit for trying and also for always using her own last name. Rachel Hunter/Rod Stewart

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#10**
This actress is an amazing talent who pretty much got screwed over because of her actor ex. Our actress was headed to the A list. She then got involved with this former B+ list mostly movie actor. He made her life miserable for a decade and because of him she lost a high profile, high paying gig and nearly went bankrupt because no one wanted to hire her for fear of her actor ex showing up or causing drama. She is an Academy Award winner/nominee but has never managed to get back to the heights she once reached and now her ex is back at it again. Apparently over the past year, our actress has received calls and strange visits and her office has received strange packages and all signs point towards the ex. She tried to keep it quiet, but people are starting to talk and she has started to lose work again because of it. No one wants the name of their movie or television show to also include the word stalking.

266. WINE AND SASS 04/23
If ever there were a fight that needed Pay Per View, it's this one. I would seriously spend huge money to see these two sad sacks hiss at each other then start yanking weaves. They're both C-listers, and their lives are pretty interchangeable. One embraces their crappy life and markets the crap out of it, while the other tries to paint a picture of perfect bliss, when their life is probably even worse. Both have projects that are about to highlight their lives, but one is getting a ton of hype and attention for airing all of her crusties, and it is infuriating the other C-lister, because her project is set to debut just as the other C-lister's is going to wrap up, and the deals are all going to the C-lister being honest about her life instead of the C-lister trying to sell a fairy tale. Now the angry C-lister is demanding a week's worth of re-shooting in order to bring some drama to the show. 'Real' drama like her own spouse's philandering and their money problems. Both her spouse and the network refuse, and it's making her completely insane. So much so that she's been a total nightmare on her current project that she needs to pay the bills and she's about to get canned.
C-list #1 (honest): "True Tori"
C-list #2 (liar): LeAnn Rimes "LeAnn and Eddie" (canned from Concert Tour)

267. BLIND GOSSIP 04/23 **#1**
This actress has done both TV and film and has won tons of major awards. She is absolutely riveting every time she is on the screen. She is probably best known for one particular film role for which she won an Academy Award. She was married but is now single. Well, except for her girlfriend. The girlfriend is quite a bit younger than she is, and is much more comfortable about being out. She wants our Actress to come out so that they can be a couple in public. Our Actress was initially horrified at the thought! She has been in Hollywood a long time, and doesn’t want news about her personal life to sink her career. However, after many conversations, she is now warming up to the idea, and has started seeking out advice from a couple of different publicists as to how to do this.
Actress: Kathy Bates
Role/Film for which she won Academy Award: "Misery"

268. BLIND GOSSIP 04/23 **#2**
Why diet and exercise when you can simply pill the weight off? That’s the attitude of this very busy film actress, who is tired of working so hard to maintain a slim figure. She has recently turned to drugs used to treat ADHD to curb her appetite. "It’s so easy!" she marvels to friends. "And I have so much energy!" We’re sure you do.
Emma Stone

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#1**
This C list celebrity by marriage was offered a reality show which she was working desperately to get. The thing is she never told her A list mostly television actor husband about the show and he refused to let her shoot it. Looks like she will be forced to just be his sidekick. The screaming was heard next door to their place. Usually they keep their fights at a much lower volume. Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit ensemble network show that will see her hit C list as fast as it ends has a new boyfriend. She is crazy about him. So was the waiter he dated prior to our actress. Naya Rivera "Glee"

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#3**
This former A list performer (singer) who has dropped to a B+ in the past six months recently did a nude photo shoot that she shot for Playboy. Before it can be published though, she gets to look at the final product and decide. She did it for herself rather than the money or attention. Lady Gaga

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#4**
Publicists were scrambling the other day because this A- list celebrity/former actor looked like he was going to be a no show to a high profile event he was required to attend. When he showed up, our married A lister said he overslept, but he was really in a hotel room with his main west coast girlfriend.
Nick Cannon

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#5**
This former A list mostly movie actor is a B- list Academy Award nominee/winner who has struggled to find work outside one particular franchise. Our actor was at lunch yesterday when the woman he was out with got bumped and had to adjust her wig. Yeah, the woman was a man. Mickey Rourke

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#6**
This former A list reality star of a former A list cable reality show must want to spend the rest of his life paying child support. Apparently he got another one night stand pregnant. Paul (Pauly D) Delvecchio "Jersey Shore"

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#7**
This married one named singer who used to be A list back in the day has been doing press for her new endeavor but it hasn't been going well. Apparently the past few stops she has made to television and radio stations she has been treating everyone but who interviews her, like crap. At one station she made a staffer cry because our singer had asked for a certain kind of water and it wasn't available without going to a store. Jewel "ReThink Housing"

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#8**
This sometime A+ list mostly movie actor is doing press for his latest movie and was asked about sex on screen because he has had some crazy sex scenes. Our actor answered the question and then added that the best sex he ever had was with his one time co-star. They only had sex once and it was in a car and he freaked out because she had cut herself and apparently when she saw it she went from quiet to another kind of person in a second. Kevin Costner/Sean Young

277. THE DAILY MIRROR (U.K.) 04/24
Which washed-up American singer is offering appearances at hipster festivals over the summer for free? The star is so "desperate" to appeal to younger crowds and still seem relevant to a trendy audience that she’s happy to waive her fee.

What's one to do when his hotstreak is catching shade from his ex. It's no laughing matter when the ex tells your new girl she ain't really holdin' nothin' down. Is this about last night?!!!! Kevin Hart/Eniko/ Torrie Hart

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actress who could really be A- because of her network show's longevity was wasted the other night at an event and decided to celebrate that by lifting her dress and flashing numerous times throughout the night even though her long time boyfriend was there. He finally grabbed her by the arm and got her to leave before things really got out of hand. Sofia Vergara "Modern Family"/Tribeca Film Festival

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#2**
A room service waiter got the surprise of his life the other night when this B- list singer/newbie actress answered the door and told our waiter to set up everything in the living room. There in the living room was a half naked woman lounging on the couch and when the waiter wouldn't stop staring, the singer asked the waiter if he would like to join them. He said no. He did get a big tip though. Rita Ora

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#3**
This A+ list entertainer (singer) gave her new bff very specific instructions for their recent get together and the most important was that no guys were allowed. The bff had to leave her boyfriend at home for the two day fun fest. Our A+ lister doesn't like to be or perceived to be a third wheel. If the bff couldn't agree with that, then there would be no meeting. Taylor Swift/Sarah Hyland ("Modern Family")

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly movie actor, who is more well known for his previous relationship and good looks than acting, has started working with a female trainer. His girlfriend doesn't know that the male trainer was replaced or that the actor is sleeping with his new trainer. Hope he is using protection. Ryan Phillippe

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#5**
When this former A list reality star/celebrity who still has A list name recognition got her hair done, she insisted that she be given the service for free. When the owner declined, our former A lister said she has never paid to get her hair done and is not about to start now and walked out. Paris Hilton

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#6**
Our actress used to be A list. You could make a very good argument that she was A+ list at one time. When people were talking female leads for movies she was always in the conversation. That kind of all changed. It wasn't just that she angered almost every person who worked with her, it was that she stopped sleeping with the directors and producers that got her those parts in the first place. When she reached that almost A+ list status she thought she didn't need to do that any longer. She probably would have been right, but, because of the way she treated people, her career dried up quickly. No one was going to just give her a break. There were plenty of others out there who had talent and were a lot easier to work with. She found a husband and he put up with her because he was gone so much of the time. When her career nose dived our actress started popping pills. She got hooked after one of her many surgeries and hasn't stopped since. If you catch her on a day when she is taking the right combination you get a dazed looking person who at least won't yell at you. If you catch her though on a day where she is taking the wrong combination she becomes the biggest pain on the planet and you will wish you stayed in bed that day. She has no friends other than those she pays. Her husband is grateful each day that she is no longer in his life. She keeps trying to resuscitate her career but no one wants to give her a role. No one wants to work with her. So, she keeps filming parts in low budget movies and keeps popping those pills. Sharon Stone; Ashley Judd

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#7**
There is a video making its way around Hollywood that features this married A+ list entertainer (singer) who is way more comfortable playing her favorite instrument than acting. The reading our A lister did for a chance at a part in a movie is considered to be one of the worst auditions ever seen. She is truly awful. Alicia Keys

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actor is aging. He is an Academy Award winner/nominee and has had his greatest success over the past few years. Throughout his career he has always tried to have sex with his female co-stars. At his present age though, none of them are all that interested in him so producers always find some female and give her a line or two in return for sleeping with the actor so he still feels like he is a stud. Bruce Dern ("Nebraska"; "Django Unchained"; "Big Love")

287. MR. X 04/25 **#1**
1) Which C-list actors turned reality stars are faking their marital troubles because they're really in need for some cash? Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott

2) What model/reality TV mainstay promised her staff an expensive catered meal after the latest season of her show wrapped, but she decided to be a cheapskate and order off the McDonald's dollar menu? Heidi Klum; Tyra Banks

3) What A-list rapper might have already moved on from his on-again-off-again girlfriend? That was fast. Drake/Rihanna

4) Which former A-list rapper/reality star has apparently moved his new mistress, a no-name groupie, into the Atlanta mansion he still shares with his wife? T.I.

5) Which A+ list songstress had a staffer write that pro-feminism blog instead of doing it herself? I wonder how much the staffer was paid for it... Beyoncé

288. MR. X 04/25 **#2**
6) OLD HOLLYWOOD What recently deceased character actor used to publicly praise his former boss in public, but badmouthed him in private as much as he could? Might've been because the boss forced him, when he was still barely legal, to have sex with older actresses, most notably with the widowed wife of the VP. Mickey Rooney/Louis B. Mayer/Norma Shearer

7) Which former tweener turned raunchy pop tart is actually in rehab for her drug issues? Miley Cyrus

8) Which B-list mostly TV actress may be in some hot water with that group she's been flirting with for some time now, after she said she's friendly with the LGBT community (which the group is totally against)? She's probably regretting letting her ex-boyfriend suck her back in. Laura Prepon/Scientology/Christopher Masterson

9) What former tweener bitched out that friend of her ex after he blabbed to the tabloids about the ex hooking up with that reality show sibling? Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber/Kylie Jenner

289. MR. X 04/25 **#3**
10) Which Oscar winning actress who is now about to star in a TV drama is worrying cast and crew because of her scarily skinny frame? They're whispering that she's returned to binging and purging her food. Halle Berry "Extant"

11) What soon-to-be B-list pop diva is posting under several online aliases in which she slams herself? *cue cuckoo clock sound effect* Lady Gaga

12) What mogul/powerbroker is about to be the latest name revealed by the accuser in the Bryan Singer scandal? His image might not recover after this.

13) Which Winter Olympian, who didn't compete in this year's games, is preparing to finally come out of the closet? Evan Lysacek; Apolo Ohno

290. BLIND GOSSIP 04/25 **#1**
There has been lots of speculation as to why this singer’s new album has been delayed for the upteenth time. Despite whispers of management quarrels, additional editing, changing marketing strategies, and fear of failure, the real explanation is much simpler than that. It’s her weight. She has been so unhappy with how she looks that she has been balking at the release date! They can stuff her into spandex and Photoshop still photos (yes, recent photos of her were Photoshopped), but she was unhappy about making personal appearances and doing the publicity circuit. She says she’ll be ready in five more pounds. Maybe ten. Mariah Carey

291. BLIND GOSSIP 04/25 **#2**
This Actress is young and talented and pretty. She does mostly films. She went out to lunch with her boyfriend last week. She placed her order… but it was quickly vetoed by her boyfriend. "No. You are not eating that!" he told her. He grabbed the menu out of her hand and placed her order for her. "She’ll have the [whatever] salad and the chicken breast," he said. He handed both menus to the waiter and admonished her again, "That’s what you should be eating!" Now, we don’t know if she had asked him to watch her diet for her, or if he meant well by changing her order, but the wait staff reported that she looked embarrassed and angry. The couple supposedly whispered furiously at each other for several minutes before the food arrived, and then barely spoke to each other for the rest of the meal. Jennifer Lawrence/Nicholas Hoult; Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield

292. WINE AND SASS 04/25
This C-list celebrity couple has this image of bliss in the press they, or really she, like to project onto the world, but they're pretty legendary for their endless sniping at one another. It's usually her squawking at him, but he gets a zinger in every now and then. She wanted some photo ops with him on this trip, but he flatly refused, because these days he doesn't do anything for her that isn't contractually obligated. She had a photog friend ready to go at a restaurant, and when he spotted the camera, shouted that if his face got in any of the frames, they would regret it. His wife, who was a pitcher or four of margaritas in, got so mad that they couldn't get the pics she ended up dumping a plate of tacos in her spouse's lap and leaving with the photographer. They later came back to pick him up, but he was gone already and his phone was turned off. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#1**
This A- list mostly movie actress should probably be B+. She is recently married and a mess. She had a meeting the other morning but stayed out the entire night before drinking with her ex-boyfriend. No, not the A+ lister, but the one before that. They were all over each other at a club the entire night.
Actress: Zoe Saldana
A+ lister: Bradley Cooper
Ex-boyfriend: Keith Britton (dated for 11 years and were engaged)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress left her actor boyfriend at home and spent the night this week with her A- list mostly movie actor co-star. Sex and drinking all night long. The A- lister said he needed the break from what he has been going through lately.
B list actress: Emma Roberts
Actor boyfriend: Evan Peters
A- list co-star: James Franco (tweets to 17 year old)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress got violent with her boyfriend when he cut her off from the coke the other night. She did a couple of lines and he wanted her to stop and she started screaming at him in a club. He just rode the storm out and 20 minutes later she was apologizing and telling him they should get married. Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#4**
This A list reality star from an A list reality show is so messed up on drugs right now that she only gets out of bed for her daily pap photos. She is a mess. Like world class. Khloé Kardashian

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#5**
Probably my favorite blind item of the week. This A list talk show host/married pain in the butt who cheats constantly got shot down by this A list reality star from a very hit cable reality show. He made his usual bonehead moves which work for D listers and she humiliated him and called him a pig. It was pretty amazing.

This A+ list performer (singer) changes clothes multiple times each day, usually in her SUV. She loves to have new looks for the paps. What is strange is that she changes in front of her bodyguards and always changes her bra and panties because she thinks each new outfit also needs new garments. Taylor Swift

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#1**
This B- list mostly movie actress who had her biggest fame in a defining television role has been the opposite of that role, at least for awhile. She told friends over the weekend that she is entering her second year of celibacy and that she is loving it. Kim Cattrall

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#2**
This former A list celebrity/reality star is drinking again. Probably not going to help her pregnancy. Snooki "Jersey Shore"

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#3**
This former B list mostly television actress who was on a hit network show forever was not invited to this very personal event because our actress slept with the celebrity husband of one of the attendees while he was married.
Event: Brian Baumgartner/Celeste Ackelson wedding
Celebrity husband/wife: Warren Lieberstein/Angela Kinsey
B list actress:

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#4**
This former A list mostly movie actress is being cheated on again. She put up with it in her marriage and did some herself, but her boyfriend has been sleeping with the nanny of her child for the past six months and the nanny is pregnant. Uma Thurman (first husband: Ethan Hawke)/Arpad "Arki" Busson

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#5**
This B+ list mostly movie actor from a comedy franchise who has flirted with A list from time to time dodged reporters on a red carpet late last week because he is working with his people to spin his coming out story his way and not be forced out in the Bryan Singer scandal. Sean William Scott ("American Pie")/Tribeca Film Festival

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#6**
This B- list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition recently terminated a pregnancy because she thought the public would hate her if she announced she was pregnant with a guy, who is not her (still) husband.

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#7**
This former A list rocker doesn't let his marriage vows stand in the way of hooking up with his celebrity co-worker several times a week. His very recent wife doesn't seem to mind though and accepts it as part of being married to him. Nikki Sixx/Kerri Kasem ("Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx" and "The Side Show Countdown With Nikki Sixx")

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list entertainer (performer) is going to have a tough time on tour if she can't get her coke habit under control. She is going to some places that practically give it away and her reconstructed nose is in bad enough shape as it is. Avril Lavigne (touring South America)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#9**
This former A+ list mostly movie and television actor who crashed down to his current B- list status is only that high because of his previous work. His next stint might be in prison if the feds find out about the teen he took on a trip with him to Vegas. The teen is just 16. He brought her from Florida. James Franco

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#10**
This B- list mostly movie actress who is currently starring on one of those almost television shows is battling a huge drinking problem. She missed a lot of time on the show because of her drinking. During filming she usually has a flask of gin nearby or even holding it if she can get away with it. It is also affecting her relationships. Our actress if deeply embedded in the closet. She loves her current girlfriend even though she denies to the world that she is in any kind of relationship. The girlfriend can't handle the drinking and the rages and violence that come with it. All of the relationships of our actress, whether they be beards or loves, always end up in a boozy tragic pile and her career which had rebounded is headed for that same pile. The drinking and pills have increased to the point where something needs to be done. Taryn Manning "Orange Is the New Black"

309. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28 **#1**
This Singer is an internationally-known pop star. We’ve talked about her drinking before, so you may be under the impression that that is her only vice. Nope! Today we’re going to talk about her very serious coke habit. To give you an idea as to how much she does, we’ll take you back to one particular night a year or so ago. She attended an awards ceremony, and, afterwards, went to an exclusive, members-only private club. She asked around for some high-quality coke. She met directly with the dealer, and, after sampling his wares, instructed her bodyguard to "Pay him for an eight ball." For those who don’t do drugs, an "eight ball" is an eighth of an ounce or 3.5. grams of cocaine. Depending on the size of the lines you cut, that’s 10-20 lines. It was a lot of coke… but it didn’t last long! She hoovered through that eight ball in less than an hour. Then the party moved from the club to a hotel room. Singer purchased another eight ball! She was still wide awake when the party broke up at 7:00 a.m. Katy Perry

310. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28 **#2**
Whenever this famous film Actor travels to New York, he has a very specific routine. He usually stays at the same classic New York hotel. He usually stays in the same suite each time. He usually goes out to the same restaurants each time. Sometimes he orders in room service. Food is not the only thing he orders in. He also likes to order in models. Several at a time. The hotel staff knows the routine well. A hired car pulls up the front of the hotel, and several young, slim and beautiful models emerge. They are escorted up to his room where they enjoy his company for several hours. When he has had enough, the entire group is quietly escorted out of the hotel and into the waiting car. There’s one additional little detail about these models you should know: They are all male. We’re sure his fiancee really appreciates the fact that she gets to stay in the same suite where he fucks his male model playmates on a regular basis. Good luck with that marriage! George Clooney

311. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28 **#3**
There’s a catfight going on in girl world. It’s a group of girls against one celebrity girl. One minute they are hanging out as friends, and the next minute they are publicly fighting about who is a negative influence on whom. Frankly, all of the girls in this scenario are behaving badly. However, the most eye-rolling part of the fight is when one of their mothers chimes in (through a spokesperson) to declare that her kids don’t drink or do drugs. Ha! The truth is that Mom drinks like a fish, the older kids favor pills (amphetamines and benzos) and the younger ones love weed and coke. Almost everyone in the family is wasted on a regular basis. More than one of them should be in rehab right now.
(Group of Girls)
Mom: Kris Jenner
Older Kids: Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian
Younger Kids: Kylie and Kendall Jenner
One Celebrity Girl: Selena Gomez

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#1**
This former A- list mostly television actress has also been in a lot of movies. She has an unusual name and was married to an A list television actor from two big shows. She hasn't worked in a few years because every time she lands a pilot she screws it all up because she wants final say on casting. She only wants people on her shows that won't get more attention than her. No one wants to work with her. Téa Leoni "Madam Secretary"/David Duchovny ("X-Files"/"Californication")

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#2**
This former A+ list national television talk show host got injured on a recent trip to Vegas. He was playing his usual bondage games with the woman he sees every week and things got a little out of hand and our former host broke his wrist. I would love to know what he told his wife. Jay Leno

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#3**
This former B list mostly movie actress who has been in this space a million times has been banned by a club where she is visiting because she was doing coke openly at the tables. She didn't even bother using a rest room. She was asked to leave with her two male friends and not ever return. Lindsay Lohan

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#4**
This Emmy award winning actor might have won his only big award on television but is a B+ lister thanks to his stellar movie acting resume. Aging now, he has broken up a few marriages by having sex with his leading ladies, but he is in this spot today because he was filming his latest movie out of LA and had a different hooker every night. He also used the hookers to bring him his daily coke supply so he would never be busted buying.

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#5**
It might be a top rated show for CBS, but these two co-stars can't stand each other. Apparently the female and male lead don't get along at all because the female lead thinks she is a much bigger star than she really is and acts like it every second on set with her demands. A couple of hit movies a decade ago don't make you a huge star. Lucy Liu ("Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and 2"; "Charlie’s Angels" and "Full Throttle")/Johnny Lee Miller "Elementary"

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#6**
This A list diva and B- list everything else she does, which, mind you, is a very long list, embarrassed her boyfriend at dinner this weekend. He ordered something and she told him he couldn't have it and ordered him something else. The fact that she did it loudly enough for people several tables away to hear her, left her boyfriend with a sunburned red face. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart (new bright orange car)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#7**
This B- list mostly movie actress, who was and still is a model, although is more well known for her acting quit her church recently when they wouldn't name a new building after her. She didn't contribute any money to it, but thinks because she is the most famous person who attends the church that it would be a good thing for the church to honor her.

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#8**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: For most of his career, this stage/film actor with a famous last name was A++ list, but his longtime battle with the bottle caught up with him and it showed in his performances. He slipped to a B-list character actor with A-list name recognition, often appearing in supporting roles in both big-budget epics and low-budget musical comedies. When he first came out to Hollywood in the mid 1920s, the make-up department went into overdrive because pockmarks dotted his face due to his drinking. They had to use women's makeup to make him look presentable. The actor often joked to his friends that he was one step away to becoming a drag queen. John Barrymore

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#9**
Old Hollywood Blind: She's one of the most recognizable faces of classic Hollywood, but back when she was on the verge of A+ list stardom, she slept with many a producer to get a role. One of these casual encounters resulted in a surprise pregnancy, which she ended up terminating. That might explain why she couldn't have kids. Marilyn Monroe

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#10**
I don't want anyone thinking this is Sofia Vergara so let us get that out of the way right now. Sofia's background is VERY interesting though. Let’s rewind a few years before Sofia burst on to the scene and talk about our actress. She is probably B list right now even though she barely works. She had that great of a career that has stretched a couple of decades. She had a great role and then disappeared and then popped back up into a great role when she was suggested by this A list mostly television actor and coke fiend. Apparently she had been a drug dealer of the actor and the only one he slept with up to that point. She always charged him though. He is used to that kind of thing. Our actress supported herself through high school by selling drugs and when she graduated she decided that the best way to make a lot of money selling drugs was not to school kids, but to actors. She got some extra work and that led to her chance meeting with a producer who got her some small speaking roles in exchange for some sex and some drugs. Those few speaking roles led to her big break. During her entire run on the show she still sold drugs to supplement her income because she thought the show was going to be canceled and that she would be back on the street and have to find new connections. She says she made more selling drugs during the show than she did from the show, which is saying something. On a show she was working on during the big run of the other show, she had a little scare and was forced to quit, despite being very popular because producers were scared of just how much she was selling and that the show would get taken down by bad publicity. Apparently it was shortly after that experience that she finally decided she had enough money and a big enough name to not have to sell any longer. It didn't mean she stopped using though. She was always her biggest customer. Courtney Thorne-Smith; Pamela Anderson; Yasmine Bleeth; Heather Locklear

322. BLIND GOSSIP 04/29
This well-known Actor may have to out himself very soon if he wants to avoid getting entangled in the Bryan Singer investigation. He is one of the many who was caught in the predatory trap set by the power players like Bryan Singer when he was just starting out as an actor. While he definitely benefited from it career-wise, it is important to emphasize that he was a young guy when this happened, and that we do not think that he became a perpetrator himself later on. Our Actor began his career in Hollywood in the 1990s and has worked very steadily ever since. He primarily does comedic films, and is famous for one particular role. His Mom is probably more famous than him. He is certain that his name is going to surface in the investigation, and he is having major anxiety over both the criminal investigation and about being exposed as a gay man. He has dated beautiful women all these years, including a couple of famous actresses. He was even engaged at one point. But he is gay, and he is closeted, and he is worried about how being outed will affect his career. His choices are to do nothing and hope that his name never surfaces in the investigation… or to let others out him and to let his name get dragged through the mud and then try to play defense… or to play offense and out himself and tell his own story before that happens. He is leaning towards the latter right now. We wish him well.
Actor: Sean William Scott
His Most Famous Role: "American Pie" Steve Stifler
Stifler's Mom: Jennifer Coolidge
Dated: Jaime King, January Jones, Deanna Miller
Was engaged: Lindsay Frimodt

323. WINE AND SASS 04/29
This C-list terrible actress is off the wagon big time. It's actually been quietly known for almost a year now, no matter how much she blathers on about how 'sober' she is. She was placed on probation with her current project while she got herself together, but she's an even bigger mess now than she was then. So much so, she's paying a homeless guy $100 a day to clear the bottles of booze out of her house before her sober coach paid for by the network arrives. Doesn't this trick know that boxed wine would make this much less complicated and cheaper? Lindsay Lohan

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#1**
This B list reality star from an A list network reality show is openly gay. She also has a significant other. It seems though that our reality star is sleeping with a male executive of a company about to announce a partnership with our reality star. Jillian Michaels "The Biggest Loser"

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show was at an event yesterday looking like death warmed over. Apparently she had been partying for two straight days including up to a minute before she hit the red carpet. She stayed a few minutes and then bailed even though she was supposed to stay a few hours. Anna Gunn "Breaking Bad"

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who rarely acts any longer despite his young age and A list name recognition was spotted this week getting drunk. Not a good sign for the actor who has quietly been to rehab multiple times. MacCaulay Culkin

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#4**
This A list female director recently bought a house in Colorado just so she could spend her free time smoking pot legally. She says that as much as she loves smoking, she was always worried she would get busted in California and never enjoyed it like she does now. Penny Marshall

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#5**
This former A list performer (singer) who still has A+ list name recognition told producers of a recent awards show that he needed an additional 15 minutes before he could take the stage. Apparently he needed the time to relax. And by relax he meant pleasuring himself. Sound check had run late and it is his pre-show ritual. Axl Rose "Revolver Golden Gods Awards"

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#6**
This A list entertainer (singer) known for the longest songs ever recently asked a woman to umm, urinate on him. Specifically the portion of the body above the neck. Dave Matthews

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#7**
This A+ list mostly movie actor and an Academy Award winner said he once dumped this gorgeous B- list mostly movie actress because the first time he went to her place she rolled out two big nitrous tanks and said she really wanted to have fun. Matt Damon/Eva Mendes

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#8**
This married foreign born former A+ list performer (singer) who is now a B- lister who keeps promising a comeback was at a show about to rehearse and ten roadies were carrying a thousand pound piece of the stage to set it in place. Our singer was standing there and wouldn't move out of the way which caused the roadies to have to slowly shift and walk around her. She just watched them the entire time. Alanis Morissette; Shania Twain; Gloria Estefan

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#9**
Our actor is beloved by millions. Foreign born. B+ list. Mostly movies. As much as he is adored by his female fans, they would probably change their minds if they knew what he put his wife through over the years. He talks a lot of talk about her, and she stands there occasionally next to his side smiling that forced half smile she has perfected. I remember one time he forced her to go to a red carpet event so he would look good the day after she found out he got this A- list mostly movie actress pregnant. She won't leave him. She is too religious and believes in the death til us part vow. He won't leave his wife either. Why should he? He has the world convinced of his good guy role and when he is caught straying he has an explanation which he uses frequently. The wife lets him and keeps her mouth shut. When his wife surprised him on set and found him naked with a foreign born A list mostly movie actress the wife kept her mouth closed because she didn't want to ruin the marriage of the A lister. The wife backed out of the trailer and waited until the actress had gone and on set that day acted as if nothing was wrong.
Actor: Ewan McGregor
A list actress pregnant: Nicole Kidman
Foreign born A list actress: Emily Blunt (John Krasinski)
Movie: "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"

333. BLIND GOSSIP 04/30
This Actor has been working in Hollywood since his teen years. Those early projects are the ones you think of first when you think of him as an actor. They were the kind of films that regularly broke the $100 million mark and made him famous. He had some personal troubles as he entered adulthood, but he still works a lot, mostly on smaller projects. He is… kinky. He has denied taking part in swinger parties in the past, but he was recently seen at such an event… actively looking for a fourth – and a fifth – to join his private party! Guests report that he was extremely thin, wearing some crazy metallic pants, and standing around acting "twitchy." He had a beautiful blonde on one arm and a beautiful brunette on the other. They would check out each woman who walked by. If they found one that they all agreed on, they would ask her to come back to his hotel room. Did he have any takers? Absolutely! There were women there who have probably been dreaming about being with him since they had his poster tacked up on their bedroom wall. Corey Feldman

334. WINE AND SASS 04/30
This once fired Real Housewife was recently rehired to the franchise, not because she actually ever contributed everything, but because she is in possession of a sex tape featuring another Real Housewife turned C-list celebrity, another C-list celebrity of many trades, and this B-list athlete. It's gross, and weird, and if it ever went public it would probably horrify most people. She turned the tape over to the C-list celeb of many trades in order to secure her spot back on the show along with a hefty bonus. Only she completely cut out the other fired and desperate to be rehired Real Housewife who actually gave her the tape in the deal. In exchange for the tape, the rehired Housewife was supposed to also broker a deal for the other cast-off. Only she didn't. Probably not on purpose...she probably got distracted by a shiny object or something. Crazy like a fox, the reject Real Housewife has a copy and is brokering it behind the scenes while they set up a deal for her that's even sweeter than the one the other Housewife got. Expect this incident to reignite a long, bitter feud with a whole new level of viciousness.
Rehired Fired Real Housewife: Kelly Bensimon
Reject Real Housewife: Jill Zarin
Real Housewife turned C list celebrity: Brandi Glanville
C list celebrity of many trades: Andy Cohen "Watch What Happens Live"
B list athlete: Sean Avery

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