NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This foreign born B list athlete/celebrity/model and frequent dumpee of other celebrities was getting paid a lot of money to meet people the other day. Our celebrity was getting paid almost $50K for an hour of meet and greet but refused to take photos with fans and after the first ten fans came by refused to even pose for any more photos by herself. She said she didn't feel comfortable and would need to be paid more. She was the biggest pain in the world. Maria Sharapova "Pinkberry Sugarpova Toppings"

This A+ list mostly movie actor is having sex with one of the nannies of this A list mostly movie actress. Both are Academy Award winners/nominees. It figures he would be having sex with the nanny since he was the one who arranged to hire her. He was trying to be helpful. Sean Penn/Charlize Theron

This A list everything who is what Sean Combs wishes he could be got into an argument with this A list mostly movie actor. It turns out that about a year ago our A list everything had sex with the daughter of the A list actor but didn't know it was the actor's daughter until the next morning when she told him. Jay-Z/Eddie Murphy

This B list mostly television actress who has been on a hit show forever has given up trying to slow down the cheating of her husband. She has admitted defeat and only asks that he not do it right in front of her. Good luck with that considering he was across the room from her at a party getting numbers and even was making out with one. He is such a tool. Ellen Pompei "Grey’s Anatomy"

This boozing former A list tweener who is still an A list celebrity/singer thought it would be love and unicorns when she hooked up with this A list band member last week. She flew halfway around the world and after spending a few hours with him he wanted no part of her. He said she is shallow and wanted to go out so they could be seen together and started making plans for the next few months together. It was too much for him. Selena Gomez/Niall Horan "One Direction"

This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress from a now departed hit network show thought she struck pay dirt with her new guy. He likes her but he LOVES the porn star who looks just like our actress. Our actress should be careful because he is going condom free with a porn star and then doing the same with our actress.
Jamie Pressley  (Jesse Jane)

The husband of this A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show that everyone loves and is obsessed with got a ticket for drug possession last week. He gave a fake name so when that comes to light he will be looking at additional charges. This is not going to make our actress look good at all. Kerry Washington; Julianna Margulies; Alyson Hannigan; Kaley Cuoco

This former A list mostly movie/television actress is being cheated on by her husband. The husband says he has never been treated better than he is being treated by his girlfriend. I'm not sure why this couple even sticks together because of all the issues they have had in the past two years. 90% of the time they hate each other and then 10% of the time it is love and mushy. Katherine Heigl

This A+ list mostly television actor who would drop down to a B if you threw him in some movies is on a hot cable show. He also has a girlfriend who is more like a wife. That was him the other night with a multitude of women all sitting on his lap seeing if the legends are true. The good news for his girlfriend is that out of the ten women who gave his lap a try he only took home two. It's like winning the bronze. You made the podium. Jon Hamm "Mad Men"

This former A list mostly television actress who is now a B- list mostly movie actress who would be in the C range if not for her name recognition was complaining about her sex life the other night. Even though she is married she is discovering that when you marry a guy who likes guys more than women that kind of thing is probably going to happen. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

This A list model with the cool name that kind of sounds like a really expensive hotel in Paris broke up with her boyfriend recently because she has been hooking up with her A list celebrity ex who has been cheating on his girlfriend to do it. I guess he better stop the wedding plans.
A list model: Anne Vyalitsyna
Boyfriend: New York Mets player Matt Harvey
A list celebrity ex: Adam Levine
His girlfriend: Behati Prinsloo

This B+ list mostly movie actress would be a C- lister if not for her A+ list name recognition is not someone I would think of using drugs but she is hooked on pills something fierce and they are not just Valium we are talking about here. Apparently over the past month or two she has been incoherent at time and looks as if she has aged twenty years. Jessica Biel; Jennifer Aniston

Academy Awards Party: This still young former almost A+ list mostly movie actress who is in danger of dropping to a C lister despite her A list name recognition had to be carried from a party last night because she was so drunk. That was the second time this weekend and during the night her long term boyfriend begged her to stop drinking. She said fuck you. Kirsten Dunst/Garrett Hedlund

Academy Awards Party: This B list mostly movie actress, who is a multiple Golden Globe Award nominee and Emmy nominated too is married. It didn't stop her from making out with this producer last night at a party where those things don't usually happen. She had been hitting on another producer until his wife showed back up.

Academy Award Parties: This B list celebrity/sometime model offspring of A+ list actor parents was using coke last night at a party and was doing so in the vicinity of this A+ list celebrity who freaked out that the two could be captured in the same photo. There are reports that the B lister was also doing coke with her mimosas earlier in the day but hurried away when she was spotted.
B list celebrity: Ireland Baldwin
A+ list actor parents: Alex Baldwin/Kim Basinger
A+ list celebrity: PROBABLY: Taylor Swift

Academy Award Parties: Spy: It must have sucked when you found out he was cheating on you. Woman cheated on by her husband and A list mostly movie actress: I still think that the photos I found on his phone with him in bed naked with her will end up on the internet. He's obsessed with her even though she won't have anything to do with him. Liberty Ross/Rupert Sanders/Kristen Stewart

Academy Award Parties: This former A list mostly television actor from a very hit almost network show who is now a B- lister got into an argument with this A list everything actor. Apparently the A lister set up the closeted B- lister with a guy and the B- lister picked up the guy at the date's house. They had sex at the house but never went on the date. The B- lister said he forgot something in his car and never came back.
B- lister: Chace Crawford
Very hit show: "Gossip Girl"
A list actor: Kevin Spacey

Academy Award Parties: My female spy at this party was hit on by this very attractive B- list mostly television actress who is on a very hit network show. The slightly tipsy actress made it very clear that she found my spy attractive and wouldn't stop touching her and asking about her breasts. My spy had no idea who the actress was and thought she was a random woman. It was only after she saw the actress being hugged by lots of different people that she asked. This actress never discusses her personal life and has never really been seen with a boyfriend or girlfriend. When my spy asked about her, the first few answers were the name of the character the woman plays on the show and her role rather than her real name. Bellamy Young/Mellie on "Scandal"

Academy Award Parties: This C+ list mostly movie actress/celebrity/model who is doing a little reality television with an A list celebrity/super model was standing alone watching a television screen when a waiter came up behind her and put his arms around her. Our actress turned around and was prepared to smile but had a look of horror on her face. Apparently the waiter and the C+ lister hooked up at the same party two years prior and had sex at her apartment but he was on a network show. When she saw he was a waiter now she told him to stay away from her. The waiter had all sorts of details about our C+ lister and he wasn't shy about spilling.
C+ list mostly movie actress/celebrity/model: Lydia Hearst
A list celebrity/super model: Naomi Campbell
Show: "The Face"

Academy Award Parties: This B- list mostly television actress is only that high because she is on a hit network show. As soon as the show ends she will drop like a stone on the list. She won't be getting invited back to this party next year after she treated the wait staff like crap and was rude to everyone who was not a celebrity she recognized. For someone who will be lucky to be working in acting in a couple of years she was the biggest a-hole anyone could remember at this party ever. One of the guys she treated like crap used to be a lover of the married host and is young and Latin and she assumed he was a waiter. The former lover of the permanent A lister went and complained to the A lister and that will be the end of her at the parties.
B- list actress:
A lister: Madonna

Academy Award Parties: This B list mostly television actress from a famous family stars on a very hit cable show. In the bathroom last night she opened her clutch and the metal wouldn't open so it took a lot of force. When it did open fifty pills flew across the floor and our actress was on hands and knees scrambling to pick them all up. In her first visit to the bathroom she spent some time purging the food she ate earlier.
B list actress: Emma Roberts (Evan Peters)
Famous family: Eric Roberts/father; Julia Roberts/aunt
Very hit cable show: "American Horror Story"

22. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#10**
This former almost A list mostly television actress who also did movies and has been working since she was an A list tweener is taking a break from acting. She is not taking a break from botox. The thing is because of her circumstances she had to have a friend inject her with the botox instead of going to a doctor. It doesn't look bad. Amanda Bynes

23. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#11**
Academy Award Parties: This married very drunk B- list NCIS actor was being flirted with and he told her to cut the crap and shut up unless she wanted to fuck him. She said she would so the very drunk actor left with her in his car.

24. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/03 **#12**
The screaming and fighting and the women he would take to his apartment instead of coming home have ended it. That and the big secret she withheld from him because she says she was scared for her life. She always ends up with these guys who she is scared of and who treat her poorly and she gives back. She isn't afraid to punch and scratch and throw things. She is an Academy Award winning actress and it is fitting that she was telling people last night the marriage is over. He has cheated from day one and told her she would have to put up with it. Because he was honest about the other women she thought it was refreshing and let it go because she didn't think he meant it. He did though and cheated almost every day he had free time. This was a horrible idea from the beginning and she even talked to one of his exes who said the guy was a horrible person.
Actress: Halle Berry
Guy: Olivier Martinez
Big secret: She used donor eggs
Ex: Kylie Minogue

25. BLIND GOSSIP 03/03 **#1*
Right after this Actor stumbled over a Singer, his publicist was heard on the phone, "No, he’s not drunk! No, he’s not on drugs! No, he’s not having a stroke!" Are you sure? Anyway, a few minutes later, the publicist was trying to find out which after-parties The Singer was going to attend so that they could arrange a photo op of The Actor and The Singer together. Because photos fix everything, right? No, we don’t know if they ever got the photo. Our advice to The Actor about the faux pas? Just… let it go. Frankly, we think it is ridiculous to expect a professional actor to memorize an entire sentence. That is far too great a burden to place on any one man. Brave Actor, you are phenomenal and perfect just as you are! We here at Blonde Warship salute you!
Actor: John Travolta
Singer: Idina Menzel
Screws up her name

26. BLIND GOSSIP 03/03 **#2*
During the Oscars, every limousine in the Los Angeles area is busy. One limo driver had a situation with his passenger last night, though, and had to call into his company to figure out what to do. The passenger was a well-known actress, her significant other, and a couple of unknown guests. The driver reported that the pickup and the ride went fine, and that the passengers appeared to be enjoying themselves. After he dropped them off, though, he had found that they had left a little something behind. It was a small plastic baggie of cocaine. The driver immediately called back to the limo company in a panic. Should they call the passenger and tell her that she left something in the car? Should he throw it away so he wouldn’t get arrested if he got pulled over or if the car got searched for some reason? Should he leave it there and pretend not to know anything? They decided he should simply hold on to the package until the end of the night and put it back on seat exactly where he had found it. The actress spotted it immediately when she got back into the car. She picked it up and excitedly yelled "Holy shit! Here it is!" She always has been rather energetic. Jennifer Lawrence/Nicholas Hoult; Kristin Chenoweth/Dana Brunetti

27. BLIND GOSSIP 03/03 **#3*
This very famous Actor was absent from The Oscars last night. While you don’t have to go to the ceremony if you are not personally nominated, stars typically show up to support their film/costar/director if one of them happens to get nominated. For example, even though Jennifer Garner did not get nominated herself, she was there to support Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey and Dallas Buyers Club. It’s professional courtesy. Our Actor was invited to the ceremony… but was a no show. At one of the after-parties, someone asked his Costar where the Actor was. The Costar said, "Being selfish as usual. Me, me, me. It’s all about [Actor]. If he isn’t the center of attention, there’s just no point (in showing)." The Costar usually has a pretty healthy sense of humor, but in this case, they definitely didn’t sound like they were kidding!
Actor: George Clooney
Costar: Sandra Bullock

28. BLIND GOSSIP 03/03 **#4*
This Actress was one of the Oscar nominees. While she put on a brave and happy face when someone else won the Oscar for her category, she was caught crying in the bathroom later on. Nothing loud or overly dramatic. Just private little sobs of disappointment. When another woman (who appeared to know the actress) quietly tried to give her a "You shouldn’t be upset because it’s such an honor just to be nominated" pep talk, The Actress claimed that she was not upset because she lost to [Oscar Winner]. She was upset because she was afraid that it was her "one big chance" and asked "What if I’m never nominated for anything ever again?" The woman gave her a big hug and assured her that she would be. We think she’s right.
Actress: Sally Hawkins "Blue Jasmine" or June Squibb "Nebraska"
Oscar Winner: Lupita Nyong’o

29. BLIND GOSSIP 03/03 **#5*
Lots of celebrities attended Oscar parties yesterday. Oscar winners and nominees prefer the big parties like the the Vanity Fair Party or The Governors Ball, while music types gravitate more towards the Elton John Party or the Madonna Party. Among the party guests yesterday was a well-known Reality Star. While some of the lesser celebrities were happy to meet her and get their photo taken with her, some of the bigger celebrities gave her a wide berth. Two of them were a Singer and an Actress – who are friendly in real life – who were chatting on one side of the room with a few other people. Someone representing the Reality Star came up to them and said, "[Reality Star] would like you to come over and take a photo with her in ten minutes." The Singer and The Actress both politely declined, saying that they were in the middle of something. After the rep walked away, though, The Singer and The Actress burst out laughing over the invitation! The Singer told the group, "Come over to her in ten minutes? Oh my god, she thinks she’s the star of this event!" The Actress shook her head and said, "The day that I purposefully walk across a room to take a photo with [Reality Star] is the day my career is over."
Reality Star: Kim Kardashian
Singer: Lady Gaga
Actress: Jane Fonda

Singer: Taylor Swift
Actress: Jaime King

Which celebrity who admitted that being part of The Oscars made her very nervous, got so worried that she needed a private bathroom backstage that she used over and over and over again! After she left the private bathroom, "you could literally smell her fear," one close source tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB! Clue: She didn’t win! June Squibb

31. MOUTH TO EARS 03/03
Birthday turn up for this basketball player. This baller was spotted out in Houston over the weekend on his worst behavior. Enough of no love for him! When you gets no love from your estranged wife what else can a man do??? Bring in the groupies!!! It was a weekend of pill popping and taking down, an alleged, 3 different broads. The thirst for attention was real with this man’s instagram over the weekend, giving himself birthday shout outs, while his soon to be ex wife gave no mention of the special day. Sounds like shade to us. Do you know who we are talking about? Daniel "Boobie" Gibson/Keyshia Cole

He’s powerful force in the music business, widely regarded as "a shrewd businessman." But… during this music mogul’s sexual endeavors, that "shrewd" character is one he’s said to shelf. That’s because insiders reveal he’s "very submissive" in the bedroom. Over the past 14-years, our blind item may have been playing patient to his bromancing doctor, but insiders say he’s been partaking in secret smash sessions with younger men "for decades." According to our industry insider, "after artists sign a label deal with his company, he celebrates the moment by giving them fellatio." We’re told the said ritual isn’t reserved just for his recording artists. Know why? Sources say the music moguls — who he’s granted labels under his company’s umbrella — who’ve proven successful with winning numbers, also get the same celebratory ‘professional’ treatment. Just ask L.A. Reid and Puffy! Our mystery man is a two times a beard-bridegroom who came out for the first time, early last year. Now, can you guess which ‘Soundtrack’ maker I’m talking about? Clive Davis

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who got his fame from television back in the day is probably still an A lister because of his name recognition. This weekend he was eating dinner and told the waiter he would be right back. He grabbed his girlfriend and found the valet and got the keys to his car and had sex with his celebrity girlfriend in the backseat in the parking area and then the pair walked back into dinner and finished their meal.

This B list mostly movie actor has recently dabbled in some quality television but his most recent starring role in television came to an abrupt end. He was in an Oscar nominated film this past year that was shut out of some big categories despite the names in the films. His wife was telling one of her friends the other night that she is getting worried about his needs sexually because he likes her to punish him and she is feeling more and more uncomfortable about what he wants her to do. It was tough to listen to everything because she has a thick accent. Dermot Mulroney/Tharita Cutulle (Italian) "August: Osage County"

This A- list mostly television actor who is on a huge hit cable show has been in this spot before for his drunken behavior. Apparently now he is also doing coke and booze together and a woman says they went back to his hotel and the actor kept doing lines of coke and doing shots and was a sweaty mess when he finally got around to wanting sex. She says it wasn't worth it and left. Norman Reedus "The Walking Dead"

This former B list reality star who had her own show once after starring on another for the same network was at a party over the weekend when she says that this married A list celebrity who is married to an A+ list celebrity started hitting on her. When our former reality star said she was engaged he said it didn't matter because he was married and they could help each other out. She declined.
B list reality star:
A list celebrity:
A+ list celebrity wife:

This former A list reality star who is still an A list celebrity with A+ list name recognition despite not doing much of anything except hitting red carpets since her last show was canceled passed out in the gift shop of a hotel during an event this weekend after asking the gift shop if they sold cigarettes. Because the gift shop is so small people had to step over her to exit so hotel personnel could help her. She was able to get up on her own. Apparently she had not eaten in a few days to make sure she could fit into her dress. Nicole Ritchie/Madonna’s Oscar Party & QVC Pre-Oscar Party

At this after party on Sunday these two Oscar winners alternated between making out and two really intense arguments. Apparently he wanted to leave and she couldn't because of what was happening but when he said who he was going to meet she left with him, or more accurately five steps behind him as he yelled in the phone for the driver to come get them.
Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

Left Academy Awards party called "Fame & Philanthropy" to benefit Charlize Theron's "Africa Outreach Project"

To attend Madonna’s Oscar party

It is confusing whether one or both of these halves of an acting couple checked into rehab. They both showed up, but I haven't been able to determine if they both checked in. I guess they do everything together. Emma Roberts/Evan Peters

This A+ list mostly movie actor made a secret phone call last week to this A+ list mostly movie actress and told her he would appreciate it if she skipped a certain Oscar party. It was bad enough that he was going to have to listen to his wife complain about her during the show but could she please just skip the party after. Apparently our A list actress was going to go out of spite but is just too nice.
Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock/Blake Lively

The crazy thing about this one is she was serious, even though whoever told her this was not. I don't think. Who knows because that party is messed up. Anyway this B list celebrity with F list breasts who only has a future in porn said she wanted to leave so this woman told her to leave. Our celebrity said that she would but that she was supposed to orally service the host before she could leave and wanted to get it over with. B list celebrity w/F list breasts
Courtney Stodden POSSIBLE HOST: Norby Walters

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#10**
Two weeks ago this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner got a breast enlargement. This is her second in four months. She is now about three sizes larger than she has ever been. Does her new guy want them larger? Her husband? Does she think it will help her get roles? Gwyneth Paltrow

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#11**
This current Real Housewife in a city that might not get another season is divorcing her husband. Well, he is divorcing her. Anyway, that is not the point since they haven't announced the divorce. The point of all this is that she has been seen over at one of her old customer's homes. He was a very big customer. He met his second wife at the same place. He is an actor.
Real Housewife: Joanna Krupa "Real Housewives of Miami"
Actor: Charlie Sheen
Second wife: Denise Richards

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#12**
This actress could potentially still win an EGOT. She is young enough. She has had the chances. She has portions of it and been nominated for three of the four. She is a very interesting story. Part of the problem for me when discussing her is that I don't really like her. I have met her several times and have plenty of friends who have worked with her through the years and the vast majority of them are not particularly keen on working with her again. She is a great actress and a great talent. She is just really difficult and demanding and maybe it stems from her personal life. I know there have been times she has come to sets and been bruised and bloodied and always blames it on some strange accident or incident. It is usually because of the guys she dates. She lets herself get walked over. The only time she ever stands up to anyone is at work. In her personal life she would never say anything negative about any guy she was dating and does whatever they want. She tends to date guys who are less wealthy than her and she gives them money and gifts. She isn't rich rich but she does well but you would never know it because guys are always sucking her dry and she makes excuses for them. She is always making excuses for others and never thinks anything is wrong with any guy she is with. She lets them treat her like crap and it can be really disturbing to watch and then the next day she will be on a set and treat a production assistant the same way she was treated by a guy the night before.

This former Oscar winner and now just a permanent B list mostly movie actor hit on multiple women over the weekend with the line that he was looking for someone to be his date to the Oscars. All they had to do was spend some time with him in his hotel room. At least two or three women took him up on his offer but he didn't even go to the show. He told them all after the time spent in the hotel room that he would get back to them. Adrien Brody

This B list mostly television actress has done a few movies but is known for her hit cable show that doesn't really seem to fit with the name of the network. She recently did a paid appearance and handed the money to a guy/dealer that was trailing her the entire time and told him it was all she could give him right now and would give him the rest later. He then left. Ashley Benson
"Pretty little Liars" ABC "Family" Channel

This A list rap star/celebrity who has slowed down his work recently didn't slow down his present giving though. He gave this married former A+ list rapper/celebrity who has dropped to a B- list after so much time in jail $50K in cash and three hookers for a birthday present. The hookers made quite the sight at dinner the other night. Management at the restaurant had to move everyone to a private room because of the way the women were dressed.
A list rap star/celebrity: Lil Wayne
Former A+ list rapper/celebrity: Ja Rule

Never one for hard drugs this A+ list pop singer/celebrity has been pill popping and boozing and binge eating for the past week and it has taken a team of makeup and stylists to get her presentable each day. At this point she is like a robot because she has taken so many pills and she had to buy new clothes off the rack for a quick tour because she gained 10 pounds in a week. Mariah Carey

This B- list mostly television actress who hopes her show is renewed for a second season is ticked off because she had a six month fling with her married co-star and he told her he was going to leave his wife for the actress. He hasn't and he won't. There were some whispers during the filming of the show that she even got pregnant by her co-star but she isn't pregnant now.
B- list actress: Minka Kelly
Married co-star: Karl Urban or Michael Ealy
Show: "Almost Human"

There are not too many shows on NBC that do well. This one is a performer for the network and has an actress who is on this season after casting couching her way onto the show by bedding the star who has a significant other. She must have been really good or got some dirt because he threatened to walk from the show if she wasn't cast.

This unemployed "journalist" has really played his cards right. Not only will he be pulling in massive dollars for the next couple of decades because of his A list mostly movie actress/Golden Globe winner/nominee girlfriend but he also got his name added to the title of two of her houses. A monthly allowance is one thing but she added his name to multi-million dollar homes. Romain Dauriac/Scarlett Johansson

This former A list mostly television actor who has permanent A list name recognition despite not being the star of anything non-reality related in a very long time drinks about two liters of vodka a day all measured out into 16 ounce water bottles which he drinks from all day. Apparently at this point his liver is in horrible shape and is going to need a transplant. David Hasselhoff

This newly married Bachelor was making out with a woman this weekend who was definitely not his wife. It's ok though because it isn't like his wife has any interest in being faithful either. Sean Lowe/Catherine Giudici (Catherine Giudici Confesses Wedding Night Sex With Sean Lowe Was "Quick")

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#10**
A birthday party is probably not the best time for this former B list tweener who makes her living on tweener shows when not making news to tell this former A list tweener and birthday celebrant who wants to get into real television and movies that the B lister had sex with the A lister's boyfriend and found him wanting and told everyone how bad he is in bed.
B list tweener: Victoria Justice
Former A list tweener: Jennette McCurdy
A lister's boyfriend: Pierson Fode

55. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#11**
This B list reality star from an A list network reality show has been hospitalized twice while taking a product but continues to keep taking it because they pay her a lot of money to endorse it and she needs the money. Karina Smirnoff‘s "Karina's Ketone"

56. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#12**
Kindness: This foreign born B list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is loved by lots of women. Lots. Very attractive guy. He is also very generous. He was flying this past week and noticed a bunch of military people waiting to board his flight. He asked about first class seats for the personnel and our actor bought the four available first class seats and gave up the two he had. For the rest of the personnel that didn't fly first class he bought them unlimited drinks and bought them all food before they got on the plane. His total bill for everything was about $20K but the memories he provided for the troops will last a lifetime. Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave"

57. BLIND GOSSIP 03/05
Somehow she got this idea planted in her head that she was going to be this Actor’s date to the Oscars. So, approximately a month ago, she told all of her friends that she was going, and planned out her dress and hair and makeup. Who did he take as his date? Not her! She cried (not in front of him, but to her girlfriends) when she found out. While she did show up at the same parties, good luck finding a photo of them together as a couple. Yes, he can be kind of distant that way. And it seems that the more distant he is, the more she goes running after him! When are his girlfriends going to learn? They are all interchangeable and replaceable arm candy. Toni Garrn/Leonardo DiCaprio

Which Hollywood A-lister’s latest partner is a very, very expensive hooker?
Hollywood A-lister: Michael Fassbender
Partner: Madalina Ghenea

This B- list mostly movie actress who really needs to step up the work production if she doesn't want to drop to C+ has a big name and a big smile. She also was wasted at some gifting suites this weekend and broke several ceramic art pieces at one display that were worth about $50K. The company wants the actress to pay for the damage.

This B list mostly movie actress probably should drop to a C+ lister but that whole Academy Award nominee/winner thing is keeping her artificially high. Oh, and that name. She tries to stay under the radar in all of her relationships but this one especially so because she has a squeaky clean reputation and doesn't want to be known as a home wrecker even though the almost A list mostly movie actor in question has let it be known that he cheats and his wife should expect it. Our actress is in love. The actor not so much and says that he likes them younger even though the actress can play young. She was just a box he wanted to check off.
B list actress:
A list actor:

This A list supermodel who is technically still married flew to Australia to hook up with the guy she cheated with throughout most of her marriage. It was a surprise visit and of course she caught him with several other women at his estate. No one was wearing clothes. The model says she would have forgiven him if he sent the other women home right then but he told the model to leave instead. That was probably a long flight back home. She already found someone else though. Not as rich, but someone nicer.
A list supermodel: Miranda Kerr
Ex: Orlando Bloom
Australian guy: billionaire James Packer

New guy: Charlie Goldsmith

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor made some arrangements and the next thing you know the aging one was spending some alone time with this former A+ list tweener who has hopefully given up on acting and is sticking to music. The tweener said she took one for the team. Not sure what team that is but she also wouldn't get any more roles if she didn't. Apparently our actor was only interested in using the exit ramp so to speak.
A+ actor: Bill Murray
Former A+ list tweener: Selena Gomez

This Academy Award winner/nominee from this year is the most likely to go to jail. Her boyfriend is about to be indicted and our actress is apparently "a person of interest." Lupita Nyong’o/Somali rapper K’Naan

This almost A list mostly movie actor had a great year. He also finished in the top 10 of People's sexiest man alive. Oh, and he has three women who are all expecting babies with him right now. The guy gets around. Idris Elba

This A list model/celebrity/girlfriend of celebrities ordered some french fries at a restaurant yesterday and a close family member told the model that ordering them fries was fine but that there was no way she was going to let the model eat any of them and that the model was putting on a few pounds. "There is a difference between curves and fat." Kate Upton

This A list diva who does a little bit of everything and none of it very well does seem to have her boyfriend right where she wants him. Photos for the paps looking happy and then she always sends him on his way in a separate car from the one she is in. Apparently she has also been spending a lot of alone time with a producer on that television show she works on. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart "American Idol" (This would have been way more interesting if I revealed it right after they split. I hate when one slips through the cracks)

Apparently there is a video taken by a guy who is friends with this former reality star who comes from a family that only does reality shows. The video is of a very young, definitely under age member of the same family that is similar to one that many people saw. The only difference is the other one has the family member wearing nothing but heels.
Former reality star: Brody Jenner
Reality family: Kardashians
Member of family: Kendall or Kylie Jenner

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#10**
That engagement ring this former tweener actress and now just A list celebrity is wearing is stolen. It belonged to a woman who was very rich and didn't have all her faculties. Mary-Kate Olsen/Olivier Sarkozy

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#11**
This former B list celebrity who has used up her fifteen minutes is in desperate straits for money. She is showing up at any party she can get into and trying to convince guys she is a catch. When they hear her name though they always go running. It is going to be tough for her to do more than charge by the hour. Oksana Grigorieva (Mel Gibson’s baby mama)  (denied from Oscar Vanity Fair party)

70. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#12**
This former A list mostly television actress who is still an actress but is more well known for how many times a person can get married prior to the age of 30 got into a huge knock down drag out fight with this former B list mostly television actress who was on one three or four season show before heading to the "I will take any kind of work I can get" pile of actors. The reason they were fighting? They both wanted this married B list actor from a franchise. Yeah, well neither of the women is known for being very smart. One is kind of cagey though.
Former A list actress:
Former B list actress/show:
Married B list actor/franchise:

71. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#13**
Most of the time when a show is at its peak is not when it is canceled. This show was at its peak and viewership was at a high and it could have run for many more years. The cast all wanted it to run for more years, but the network pulled the plug. They were scared of the show. There were too many instances where the network had to put out a fire that would have ruined the image of the show. There were too many drugs on the set and too much sex and the network didn't want a scandal. They just wanted the show to stop filming and to get rid of it as fast as possible. Of course, in their haste they left behind two cast members who were going to turn out just as bad. While the show was being filmed, guest stars would show up high or know they could get great drugs even though the cast was so young. There are episodes that cast members don't even remember shooting because they were so wasted. The sex was everywhere and the problem for the network was the age of the cast. Some were above 18 and some were below 18 and parents were always calling and screaming and executives feared everyday there would be some type of statutory rape claim or some lawsuit filed by a parent or extra on the show. Everyday the show aired the network felt like they were rolling dice. You had to knock before opening a closed door because inevitably someone would be doing drugs or having sex. No wonder the cast kept wanting to shoot the show. One of the bigger drug users and sexually active cast member was given her own show, or close to her own show. She had producers fooled into thinking she was an innocent cast member and they paired her up with someone who spouted bible verses and producers thought went to church multiple times each week. "Victorious"

These two Winners should be on top of the world. But, they don't seem to be able to get along with each other. You both just made history. Best Director (Steve McQueen) and Best Adapted Screenplay (John Ridley) "12 years a Slave"

73. BLIND GOSSIP 03/06
This TV girl went to a restaurant in Los Angeles. It’s not a fancy restaurant. More like an upscale cafeteria. The food is good, though, which was probably the draw for our celeb. It was the middle of the afternoon, just past the lunch rush hour. She was NOT steady on her feet. She was acting very… drunk. Yes, in the middle of the day. She was swaying back and forth, talking a little too loudly and adamantly on her phone, and motioned for her assistant to go to the counter to get some food for her. TV girl then decided to sit down at one of the tables… except she was so drunk that completely missed the chair! She realized her error too late and fell hard, taking a table down with her! She was flat on her back, motionless, with the overturned chair, the table and the items that were already on the table all strewn about her. Several patrons and staff rushed over to help her up. TV Girl was out of it but her eyes were open. "Are you OK? Are you hurt?" they asked. TV Girl just kept saying, "What happened? What happened?" They pulled her to her feet… and then TV Girl turned on them! "Leave me alone!" she demanded, pushing them aside and stumbling outside to continue her phone call. TV Girl didn’t thank anyone for helping her up. She didn’t apologize for what happened. She didn’t help them pick up the mess she had made. Instead, she just left her assistant behind to do her apologizing and to clean up her drunken mess for her. BONUS CLUE! TV Girl may not be adept at standing or sitting… but she is very good at kneeling.

74. POPBITCH 03/06
Which A-list Brit actor is having a secret affair with a married woman? Hacks are wondering if they will try to make a go of it or if he is just stringing her along. Robert Pattinson/Caitlin Cronenberg

This good looking B+ list mostly movie actor who also stars in television has been busted cheating on his actress wife so it is not shocking that his B- list mostly movie actress girlfriend also caught him cheating. With a friend of hers. Our actress has been trying to keep a low profile while she decides what to do about the situation. Meanwhile her actor boyfriend has still been having sex with the friend.
B+ list actor: Peter Facinelli
Actress wife: Jennie Garth
B- list girlfriend: Jaimie Alexander

This frequent guest to this section of the site is a B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show. Her dalliances with drugs and booze have been well documented here but even she has reached a new low. Our actress has been having sex with a doctor for the past couple of months in exchange for prescriptions. She has never looked worse.
B list actress: Heather Locklear (Dr. Marc Mani)
Show: "Franklin & Bash"

This A list mostly movie comedic actor is married. When he showed up at a restaurant the other night in a city where he is filming with a woman who is not his wife and who was dressed like the stripper she is, our actor wanted a private room or out of the area corner booth. When the actor was given a spot next to the bar and was recognized in the first 15 seconds after sitting down he just walked out of the restaurant and left leaving the woman behind. She chased after him a few minutes later. Vince Vaughn "Term Life" filming in Atlanta

This extremely talented actress who has been nominated/won a Golden Globe and an Emmy and was in an Oscar nominated film this year has been celibate for the past five years and says she is afraid to have sex because it might ruin the great professional streak she is on that she says is because of the celibacy. Sarah Paulson

This B- list mostly television actress is on a very hit network show. She also has some other solo gigs that pay nicely. One problem in her perfect world. Her sister invites the boyfriend of the actress over while the actress is at work. Yeah, the two are having sex and then the boyfriend comes over at night like nothing happened. Naya Rivera (Nickayla)/Big Sean

This current west coast Housewife says she has sex with someone other than her husband at least once every two weeks to "keep her centered." Carlton Gebbia "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (her female nanny)

This A list mostly movie actor who is A list only because of a recent indie film and should be B+ is telling everyone close to him that he is leaving his wife for his B list actress co-star. That went from just sex to something a whole lot more interesting really fast.
A list actor: Ethan Hawke
Recent indie film: "The Purge"
B list actress co-star: January Jones
Movie: "Good Kill"
His wife fears he’ll cheat with January Jones

This B list reality star from an A list network reality show is dating a celebrity someone who won't be legal for awhile. He doesn't seem to care though and her parents don't either. The guy is almost twice her age. Just strange.
B list star: Maksim Chmerkovskiy (34)
A list network reality show: "Dancing With the Stars"
Celebrity someone: Zendaya (17)

This former A list mostly television actress has come a long way down from her peak. She was on two hit television shows that were both long running and now she just stays inside smoking meth waiting for a phone call from her agent to get parts which don't exist for her right now. She was really upset at what happened recently for some of her co-stars.
Former A list actress: Shannen Doherty
Two high shows: "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charmed"
Co-stars Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth in ABC Family sitcom "Mystery Girls"

84. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#10**
Neither of the participants in this blind item have previously appeared in this space. Kind of surprising for both actually. The actress in this blind is C+ list based on what you have seen her in but she has had a very B list career. The last couple of years have been very good to her. One of her issues has always been that she is always willing to sell stories about her co-stars and isn't shy about them knowing so she ends up not working very long at each job. She doesn't really care though because she has a mentor/protector who not only provides employment to our actress on a frequent basis but is also the only person he trusts to bring in for threesomes when he is with another woman. He famously broke up with an A list actress because she didn't like his threesome fixture. The A lister was up for it just not with this particular actress. Our mentor is an actor. A bit of everything actually. A list in everything he does and A+ list in lots of others. He literally does it all in the entertainment business. Although his mentee doesn't live with him she does come over to his place almost everyday and if he is not involved with another woman usually sleeps with him. Heck, even if he is involved with another woman the pair will still have sex on the nights he is not with his current fling. Flings are what they all turn out to be because no one can put up with the other woman. The one who will pop in at 4 am and have a conversation with the mentor while the girlfriend of the week is naked and trying to sleep on the other side of the bed. It is a crazy relationship but the two wouldn't have it any other way.
C+ list actress: Jennifer Tilly
Mentor/protector/actor: Seth MacFarlane
A list actress: Charlize Theron
Current fling:

85. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07
We almost fell off our chairs when we heard this one, because the guy it involves is pretty much the last person you would expect to be involved in something like this. He is a rarity in Hollywood for several reasons. He moves among various roles (actor/director/producer) with ease and has worked in both television and film. In fact, he is associated with some of the best-known TV shows and films ever. He has been with the same woman for a long time. He is an affable, happy guy, and is both well-liked and well-respected in the industry. His house is located in a prestigious Los Angeles neighborhood that is a favorite of many celebrities. The house looks normal from the outside… but there is a secret in the basement. It’s a sex dungeon. Whips, harnesses, chains, video cameras, the works. We don’t know how long it’s been there – or how recently he has used it – but if he likes you, he will show it to you. Bonus clue: He is not the only famous member of his family in the business. Ron Howard

He’s a singer, said to possess DNA which proves he was fathered by MJ. This, after reports of the "positive" test results made headlines. Here’s the problem… not only does a tipster tells us the press play "was staged", they say it’s the King of Pop’s Pops who may be the true biological daddy of Miki Howard’s 31-year-old son. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Flo Anthony. Know why? According to our source.. Joe Jackson didn’t only once serve as the "Love Under New Management" songstress’ manager, "he was smashing her too." Here’s the drop: "Miki was pregnant with Joe’s baby but she went home and told Augie Johnson, from the group Side Effect, ‘You’re the baby daddy." Ike Turner once told me, "Miki will do anything for rent money and crack cocaine." Our industry insider now confirms Ike’s revelation, "Miki Howard used to smash older men in the record business." Brandon Howard

This B list mostly movie actress who is only a B because of a certain franchise is about to get canned from her latest movie. Apparently she is truly awful in the movie so far and has no chemistry with the co-star and the director wants to know again why she was cast. Hint. It rhymes with Fasting Bouch. Apparently there is still a chance to save it but she needs to go now.
Actress: Ashley Greene
Franchise: "Twlight"
Movie: "The Shangri-La Suite" (plays Priscilla Presley)
Co-star: Ron Livingston (plays Elvis Presley)

This A+ list celebrity/singer not named Rihanna is about to have a serious PR problem. Apparently there is a phone recording of her booking agent turning down $250K for a 30 minute show for a charity which is what Beyonce was offered and who is doing it for free. The booking agent can be heard saying that he just got off the phone with the A+ lister and that she won't play for less than $2M. He then used a bunch of derogatory terms for the mentally challenged people that the show is for and said they cost extra.

This former B+ list mostly television actress was berated in front of her friends for twenty minutes because the actress had gone out and used the dog walker to walk the dog when her husband had specifically instructed her to walk the dog. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

This former A+ list celebrity/singer who is now an A- lister because of his name learned the same thing that this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee learned. There is an exercise company that specializes in providing women on both coasts to fulfill certain fetishes and all that is required is that you get photographed in a class or leaving a class or wearing the t-shirt.
A- list celebrity/singer: John Mayer
A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper

Exercise Company: SoulCycle

This A+ list rapper/celebrity/everything had a long talk with the husband of this A list singer/celebrity with the great voice. Our A+ lister told the guy that cheating was fine but he was being too wild and crazy about it and people were talking and he was making his wife look bad which the A+ lister doesn't want. So, the A+ lister hooked up the husband with someone who will be very discreet and will always be available.
A+ list rapper/celebrity/everything: Jay-Z
A list singer/celebrity with great voice: Alicia Keys
Husband: Swizz Beatz
Connection: Song "Empire State of Mind"

This very well known, very married, B- list mostly movie actor is set to start a new film and is already having sex with this barely in her teens B- list mostly movie actress who looks like she is in her 20's except when she is seen in her most famous film role.
B- list actor:
B- list actress:
Her most famous film role:

This actress is the definition of B list. Great actress who does television and movies and does them both frequently and well. She is on a network show right now and is in a new movie. The one thing she doesn't do is eat and when she had to change for several press events for her new movie people got a glimpse at her frame. One big bone and someone literally gasped when they saw her bare upper body. No one is sure how she is alive. Allison Janey "Mom" and "Mr. Peabody & Sherman"

This great looking foreign born married A list mostly television actor never met a woman he wouldn't cheat on his wife with and does so multiple times each week yet has never been caught. Apparently the women all are hoping for a repeat performance so keep quiet. Simon Baker

This amazing and gorgeous foreign born A list pop singer in her own country and probably a B- lister here got really tired of the incessant flirting by this former A list tweener who now just tries to shock the world on a daily basis with her antics. So, our foreign born singer called the former tweener's bluff at a party prior to the Grammy Awards and the former tweener backed down in about two seconds. Our foreign pop singer told the former tweener to come back when she was ready for a woman and not just image games.
A list pop singer: Jessie J
A list: Miley Cyrus

This B list mostly movie actress who is only B because of her A+ list name recognition had to send a car and driver to pick up her child from school the other day. Our actress was too hammered at noon to go out in public. She hadn't realized it was a day kids got out early and teachers had to call and remind the actress when the child was the last to be picked up. Kate Hudson; Katie Holmes

This A+ list mostly movie actor was buying wigs and lingerie last week and lots of makeup. None of it was for his B- list mostly movie actress fame loving girlfriend. Nope. These were all for the actor. His girlfriend is more open to this kind of thing then his ex. Plus, now he doesn't have to pay someone. Well upfront anyway. Usually.
A+ list mostly movie actor: Johnny Depp
B- list mostly movie actress fame loving girlfriend: Amber Heard

This B list celebrity with A+ name recognition offered up his girlfriend to some investors if they would go into business with him. The girlfriend, drunk as hell walked out of an adjoining room naked and told the guys she was available. The men declined and left right after. Not to be rude, but she was drunk and looked like she hadn't slept in weeks or even showered. Rob Kardashian "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

This serial cheater who got her start on that once huge reality show insists she is still married. She might be, but he is talking about getting married to his male co-star in a new, not in NYC stage production he is working on.
Serial cheater: Katherine McPhee
Reality Show: "American Idol"
Husband: Nick Cokas

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#6**
This former A+ list celebrity/"singer"/reality star/frequent drinker who was married to someone that makes you say,"I totally forgot about that," was set up by a very good friend (former A list celebrity) with two male dancers who work for the former A lister. The former A lister makes connections and as a present for the former A+ lister gave her two guys for the weekend for free. Our former A+ lister loved every second of it. Usually she has to pay.
Former A+ list celebrity/"singer"/reality star/frequent drinker: Paula Abdul
Former husband: Emilio Estevez
Good friend (former A list celebrity): Nigel Lythgoe "So You Think You Can Dance" or Randy Jackson "America's Best Dance Crew"

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#7**
This married former A list reality star who now works 24/7 just to stay a relevant C list celebrity has been having sex with so many guys to get financing for her new show that the only time she sees her kid(s) is when there is a photo op.
Married former A list reality star: Holly Madison
New show: Bourbon Burlesque

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#8**
This D list celebrity offspring of a former A++ list celebrity/singer is not even legal but is supplementing her income by selling drugs to the kids at her school. Apparently she is not very nice at all and has some people who will hurt you that work for her. How does this happen?

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#9**
This foreign born A+ list celebrity/singer whether he is with the band or not got this 30 something year old pregnant. She is keeping the baby. I guess she will be able to quit her day job which was some type of 15 minute celebrity thing in her country.

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#1**
"I know I'm going to have both of you, I just can't decide which to have first." - Aging foreign born former A list mostly television actress from a long running hit show who has some recent roles as a very sexy older woman and is a recent divorcee yesterday at lunch in a restaurant with two men half her age. Jane Seymour

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#2**
I know this B list mostly television actress on a middling hit network show is always prattling on about her celebrity boyfriend but he has been seen a lot in the past few weeks with a model from his home country and I don't think he is ready to settle down yet. Maybe she lets him? He is not really being shy about it either.
B list actress: Hayden Panettiere (and then suddenly she gets pregnant)
Network show: "Nashville"
Celebrity boyfriend: Wladimir Klitschko

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#3**
At a party in the past few weeks this NFL athlete who is a frequent pro bowler and a Super Bowl winner ended up having sex with this A list reality star from an A list reality family. The thing is his girlfriend is an A list designer who is supposedly best friends with the woman her boyfriend hooked up with. Awkward. I guess they weren't filming that day.
NFL athlete: Dwight Freeney
A list reality star: Khloe Kardashian
A list reality family: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"
A list designer: Rachel Roy

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#4**
This former A list tweener who had her own show and has been a tweener fixture for close to a decade is having trouble finding any kind of work now. She isn't a very good actress but her bigger issue is that no one likes her and she always thought she was too good for anyone on her shows so never hung out or networked with anyone. When she calls them now trying to be friendly it sounds just as insincere as it is. Victoria Justice

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#5**
This B+ list world athlete who is probably C- list in this country is cheating on his A list singer/celebrity girlfriend with a teen hooker. She is legal, but only 18 or 19. He had someone else earlier in the year but she kept asking for more money. He thinks they should do it for free, but realizes he needs to pay for discretion.
B+ list world athlete: Gerard Piqué
A list singer/celebrity girlfriend: Shakira

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actor was talking to himself on a red carpet this weekend. He is a strange one so that is not unexpected. What is unexpected is he was talking to himself in Spanish. Yeah, he doesn't speak Spanish so just kept repeating a couple of words. He did it while posing for photos and freaked out his co-stars from the movie. The guy needs help.
A+ actor: Bill Murray
Movie: "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#7**
That loan I talked about early last week or the week before that had not been paid back and was causing big issues between two A list rap heavyweights was settled really quietly late last week. They even did a nice little press release about how what was once all the A lister's stuff is now jointly owned with the A+ lister. So, the debt is cleared but our A lister is still going broke in a hurry. Apparently he spent $5M on his passion project with his assistant and lost every single penny of it. In one year.
A lister: Kanye West
A+ lister: Jay-Z
Passion project/partner: Donda/Riccardo Tisci

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#8**
This foreign born former B+ list mostly movie actor owes all his fame to a franchise. He has been trying to stay relevant but has no luck in finding movies and is dropping to a C. He cheated on his girlfriend after she moved across the globe for him because he had a chance to hook up with a B+ lister with a possible career and he wants to hold onto her and her fame for his own use.

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#9**
This A list rapper took photos the other night of this B+ list rapper and sent them to the B+ list rapper's B+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show's cell phone. Apparently the A lister thinks he can get the actress for himself if he shows that the B+ lister was cheating with some naked women.
A list rapper: Rick Ross
B+ list rapper: Big Sean
B+ list actress girlfriend: Naya Rivera
Hit Network show: "Glee"

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#10**
I talk a lot of smack about this actress. A lot of her issues stem from a boyfriend she had when she was first hitting it big. She is on the fringes of A listerdom. I normally call her a B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show, but she has had her chances at A list. The roles have been there, but she has not got the results. She definitely has A list name recognition. Back in the day before she was a beard she dated this, at the time A list mostly television actor who was on a very hit network show. The actor thought really highly of himself and still thinks the mirror is his best friend. Yes, he says all the right things now but just does that because his current A list mostly movie actress makes him. He is still an a-hole and always will be. Back in the day he was especially a-holey and would make our B lister do all kinds of things and just treated her like a piece of meat. He would have sex with other women and tell our actress about it and he would leave abruptly during a meal and go have sex with a woman who texted him and he did this all the time and he dared our actress to leave him. He found her weakness and he exploited it and pounced on it and treated her like the worst piece of garbage. He did this again to other women which is why it always amazes me when he makes statements like he did last week. He is such a fucking tool and, yes, women need to stand up for themselves more, but he would find women who had low self-esteem or other issues. Those are the women he wanted. Those are the women he loved to toy with and he still does. He just does it in other ways now.
A list television actress: January Jones
Hit cable show: "Mad Men"
A list television actor: Ashton Kutcher
Hit network show: "That 70’s Show"
Current A list movie actress: Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher's Opinion on One-Night Stands

114. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 03/10
It’s hard to stay up. Every time he’s gone up, he’s always come back down. It was thought that that was only because he was young. And now, with children and a devoted wife, he was supposed to be able to hold it together. So far, sure, but just barely. There were signs before Christmas but during the holidays, he injured his back on a ski trip. This was not widely disclosed and kept out of the press. Painkillers were prescribed. The big movie was pushed back. Cocktails were consumed in combination at events. No one remembers he actually went to rehab several years ago. Still, so far, he’s functioning. And things are great with his wife. She really tries to take care of him but she’s not always with him. When he’s out on his own, it gets messy. There have been times lately where he’s been so drunk, he’s the dude passed out on the couch when everyone else has gone home. Either that or he’s the dude who’s all over the tall, attractive model type at the Oscar party that his wife decided to skip. Oh yeah, that happened. It keeps happening. They were talking nose to nose. He gave her the full charm. A "later on" was definitely implied, while everyone around him just shrugged. Because it’s not the first time and it’s not the last time and it’s the secret they’re all expected to keep. Not because he doesn’t love the mother of his children, because he does, he really, really does. But between the pills and the alcohol, he’s losing control of that side of himself that’s been held in check for too long. Ben Affleck (party after Vanity Fair party)

115. BLIND GOSSIP 03/10 **#1**
Yes, this singer sometimes goes to the gym. But he didn’t go from being a skinny kid from a family of skinny people to having an overly pumped, overly cut torso because he leads a clean, healthy lifestyle and works out intensely. No, that credit goes to… anabolic steroids! He has tried several different types and brands, and he occasionally engages in something called "stacking" (different combinations of steroids taken in on cycles and off cycles), but we hear that his favorites are Andro (androstenedione) and Winny (winstrol). So if you are wondering why he is so pumped, why he has cycles of acne, and why he is sometimes so manic, depressed, narcissist, paranoid, or overly aggressive, wonder no more! He’s not just a brat. He’s on ‘roids. Justin Bieber

116. BLIND GOSSIP 03/10 **#2**
The Oscars may be over, but there is one celeb who just can’t seem to get over being passed over! She thought she was a shoe-in for a nomination. She thought she was a shoe-in for a win. However, the Oscar voters simply passed her by. Most professional actresses would shrug it off. After all, a professional actress can expect to play fifty or more roles over her career, and understands that you need to have a "You win some, you lose some" attitude when it comes to nominations for major awards. However, this woman put her ego in front of everything to take this role. She completely neglected her primary career (which was not going well), thinking that it would be her crowning achievement. Instead she is coming to the realization that she is no longer the queen of anything. Her selfishness absolutely infuriated those who depend on her, and cost her millions of dollars and the respect of the people who work for her. She is now throwing herself back into her primary career, but she is incredibly depressed that she is not winning in any area of her life right now. Does Prozac come in the large economy size? Oprah Winfrey "The Butler"

This R&B singer doesn’t exactly hide the many Confessions he needs to make. The one we’re talking about takes us back to the time when X marked his spot. The situation is said to have directed our blind item in showing his beard NO TLC… telling her, it’s My Way or the highway. That’s what’s been revealed as the reason behind his 2003 break-up from one female Scrub. We’re told the Burn began back in 2001, when one Hype Williams protege made our blind item Wanna put the Toronto director on. Our tipster tells us the cold truth of the boy-BFF’s relationship forced her to feel the Chill-y… and, there went his baby. Here’s the drop: "Those two dudes were all caught up in each other… and she got super jealous because they were inseparable." Today, he’s got major baby momma drama. His former X-man has since Twerkt it for Bussa Buss, and headed his Worst Behavior with Drizzy. Usher

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#1**
This A list Academy Award winner yelled at the escort he hired for the night because she was smoking a cigarette outside and not in the car waiting for him. She got spotted by lots of people who know his actress girlfriend. Well, it isn't like it was unexpected when he went out of town. Sean Penn/Charlize Theron

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#2**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who crashed and burned with his own movie this year after a supporting role in a franchise looked like a kid in a candy store this past weekend. He literally had a smile on his face the entire time because he got to spend time with pre-op transsexuals. Literally his favorite and there were ten or so in a group that never left his side. This will be revealed.
B+ actor: Kellan Lutz
Franchise: "Twilight"
His own movie: "The Legend of Hercules"

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#3**
This B+ list mostly television actress has been on a hit network show forever. Literally it feels like it has swallowed an hour at the network for a decade. She is married and has been trying to get pregnant but is having issues because she takes a hair growth drug that women don't usually take and she can't get pregnant while taking it. Her hair is so thin because of years of bulimia. Ellen Pompeo "Grey’s Anatomy"

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#4**
All that cash that this A list R&B singer used to keep around his homes has all been taken by his now ex-girlfriend. She has been lugging around suitcases filled with cash. One of her friends says it is well over $1M she accumulated. Karrueche Tran/Chris Brown

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#5**
This former A list mostly movie actress from some of the biggest movies of all-time, who has rarely worked as of late says she doesn't want to work or go on dates because of what happened about a year ago when she went on a date. Her friend says the actress was sexually assaulted and hasn't been the same since.

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#6**
This B- list mostly movie actress who has been in this space for her attitude and general bad manners is at it again. Last night at dinner, she and her equally useless husband were seated next to a couple that had two kids with them. Our actress saw the kids and refused to sit next to them because she hates kids in restaurants. When told there were no other tables the actress grabbed her husband's arm and said they were leaving.

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#7**
That didn't take long. One appearance together and they hate each other again. A- list mostly movie actress and this B- list mostly whatever she can get actress who co-star in a movie together. They have a long history of hating each other and the whole make nice thing didn't last long at all.

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#8**
This former celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity turned host was with her husband shopping for rings yesterday and told her husband that she wouldn't feel comfortable wearing something that costs less than six figures because people would whisper. This guy has no idea what he is in for. Stacy Keibler/Jared Pobre

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#9**
This brand new reality star on a hit network reality show is fast becoming a favorite at The Abbey (bar in West Hollywood). Has his own special drink and has a certain guy there that used to hook up with Adam Lambert. I wonder if the girlfriend of the new reality star has any idea what he is up to. I'm guessing she does. Cody Simpson "Dancing With the Stars"/Gigi Hadid (Yolanda Foster "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and Mohamed Hadidi’s daughter)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#10**
This permanent A list singer spent last night having sex with this foreign born C+ list mostly movie actress with almost A list name recognition who I have a soft spot in my heart for. She says that he brings his own toys for women to use on him. She also said for an old guy he was pretty good.

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#11**
In honor of me getting to see Lindsay Lohan screw up for hours on end while filming a television show I thought we would play the game of who has she had sex with that you don't know about. All of them are surprising.
#1- Academy Award winner/multiple nominee. Married. Has been in a relationship both times he had sex with her. Once he was even married. Ben Affleck
#2 - Talk show host. She had a threesome with him and his girlfriend at the time who was a B lister then and didn't have the bad plastic surgery yet. Tara Reid & Carson Daly

#3 At the time he was an A list mostly television actor and she had a threesome with the A lister and the A lister's co-star who was her boyfriend at the time.
A lister: Ashton Kutcher
Co-star/boyfriend: Wilmer Valderrama
Show: "That 70’s Show"

#4 - Was visiting the set of the actress in #2 and ended up having sex with (a) the ex-boyfriend of the B+ list mostly movie actress with A+ name recognition and on a separate day the "star" of the movie who is actually on a pretty decent almost television show.
Movie: "American Reunion"
Ex-boyfriend of B+ movie actress: Chris Klein/Katie Holmes
Star of movie: Jason Biggs
Television show: "Orange Is the New Black"

129. NY POST/PAGE SIX 03/11
WHICH Hollywood actor is carrying on a secret affair with a New York woman who flies to LA for intimate rendezvous?

130. BILLY MASTERS 03/12
Could it be that a certain virginal young man was anything but prior to his highly publicized wedding? So say two people who swear they can prove it. Turns out he enjoyed being chased far more than being chaste just months before being catapulted into our collective consciousness. When these former paramours came to light, they threatened to topple what was a tenuous grasp on fame to begin with. Far more damaging than his dalliances is the fact that one of these whistle-blowers is another guy! Sean Lowe "The Bachelor"

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#1**
This celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is a one time reality star. She is also the biggest crack head around but is not something that really shocks her family. The thing is she can barely function because she would rather smoke crack than eat and is killing herself. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#2**
Yes, that was this one hit wonder permanent a-hole who was inside the VIP bathroom at this club the other night. Oh, and yes that was a woman who was with him and yes he did say they had to hurry and that she would have to meet him later and couldn't leave with him. Apparently he was in a big hurry because he finished in under a minute and didn't even tip the guy waiting outside the door who was there to keep everyone out. Always tip. Especially if you are married. People talk. Robin Thicke

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#3**
This former B+ list actress from a very hit long running network show that is not on the air any longer was dumped by her fairly new boyfriend because she kept telling him they should get married. They have been dating about two months and she wanted to go ring shopping with him after the second date. He is really rich and our actress has been using every trick she can but he likes having sex with a star, and doesn't want to marry one. Eva Longoria/Jose Antonio Baston (they have been on again and off again just since this blind was written)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#4**
This former A list mostly television actor who once also climbed to A- in the movies still has A list name recognition. He also is on a really long running show but gets lost on cable. He was not shy about the booze or the groping of random women the other night but kept getting away with it because of his smile. The married actor convinced a woman about half his age and half in the bag to leave with him later in the night. He probably fondled three or four sets of breasts and lots of butt grabbing the other night. Never got slapped. Timothy Olyphant "Justified"

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#5**
This former reality star who was in multiple reality shows and even got to star in a movie still thinks she is important. She was shooting an ad campaign and it was a simple photo shoot. She stayed in her trailer and had layers of people between the photographer and her and only came out when everyone was ready and made other demands when she saw the way things were set up and was just a pain for everyone to be around. She barely gets any work and she does her best to screw it up.
Audrina Patridge

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#6**
This former almost A list mostly movie actor who was in some of the biggest movies of all-time and now is in a cool little cable show that is ending its run was at a big event this weekend and was spotted trying to get back in his hotel room wearing nothing but chaps. Yeah, you could see everything. Apparently he got into a disagreement with a guy he has been seeing.
Actor: Elijah Wood
Movies: "Lord of the Rings" franchise
Cable Show: "Wilfred"
In Austin, Texas at SXSW for movie "Open Window"...thus the chaps

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#7**
Apparently this recent Academy Award winner has been using a pick up line on women that includes what he would like to do to them with his award. It has worked more than once. Jared Leto

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#8**
This former star of an old FOX tween drama who is now a B lister got into a big fight with another no name actress on the set of her show which is somehow still on the air. The no namer lost her extensions in the fight and her job. The two won't talk about what set off the fight but there was actual blood spilled on both sides.
Star: Rachel Bilson
Show: "Hart of Dixie"

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#9**
This former east coast Housewife was grinding her teeth and bouncing around at an event the other day. It was a book reading and the entire audience was still except for the former Housewife who was so messed up that all anyone could do was stare at her. Danielle Staub "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#10**
This is not as long and detailed as a usual blind in this spot but I heard it last night and wanted to share it with you in this space because I thought it was worthy of the 10:10 slot. So, there is a new show that is filming for a network. They have shot a few episodes. It has a former A list mostly television actor in it who is married and has seen his fandom disappear as he ages. Now, he moves from project to project. His co-star is relatively unknown despite being in some fairly big television projects and a great filmography. Anyway, there must have been some instant chemistry because the two married co-stars had finished rehearsing a scene and went back to a trailer and their mics were live and everyone heard them starting to have sex and an assistant to the actor rushed to the trailer and warned him and the actor could be heard freaking out. It was apparently laugh until you cry funny except of course for the spouses who don't know.
Former A list television actor: James Van Der Beek
Co-Star: Majandra Delfino
Show: "Friends with Better Lives"

141. BLIND GOSSIP 03/12 **#1**
Some fans of this TV series are saying that they will never get rid of this actress who plays one of the original cast members. Wrong! She’s gone. And we know exactly when and how and why they are writing her off! When? After an upcoming milestone episode. How? She is going to ride off happily into the sunset with a smart dumb blonde. Yes, the writers coupled the two of them together as parting gift to viewers. Why is this departure happening so suddenly? Well, it has to do with the actions of one of her idiotic cast members. We’ll tell you all about it next week. Yes, our actress is annoyed, but she will play it cool in public. She’s smart that way. She might return for an occasional guest appearance but she will definitely NOT be a regular cast member next season. It’s just as well. There is so much discord among the remaining cast members she is probably better off leaving sooner rather than later.
TV Show: "Glee"
Actress: Naya Riviera (Santana)
Smart Dumb Blonde: Heather Morris (Brittany)

142. BLIND GOSSIP 03/12 **#2**
We know that fans have been waiting and hoping that one or more members of this music group would come out of the closet. Well, we have some news for you! NO ONE in the group is coming out this year. Absolutely NO ONE! We know that this is bound to disappoint many of you who have this idea in your head about how to live life. You keep hoping for that storybook ending where everyone will be honest about who they really are and who they really love. Well, it’s not going to happen with this group. At least not this year. Here is what you can expect: The straight one who is in a real committed relationship with a woman will continue to behave naturally. The one who is already in a bearded relationship with a woman will stay in that bearded relationship this entire year. They get along fine and will continue to make it work. The one who plays the field with multiple beards will continue doing that this year. They are all locked into their contracts. No one is outing themselves or anyone else. Coming out as gay would violate that contract and result in their being fired. They are young but not stupid. They get paid a lot of money to do something they love. They will continue to put on an act for the sake of financially securing their futures… even if all of them are not good actors.
Group: "One Direction"
The one who is in a real committed relationship: Zayn Malik/Perrie Edwards ("Little Mix")
The one who is already in a bearded relationship: Louis Tomlinson (Eleanor Calder)
The one who plays the field with multiple beards: Harry Styles (Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner)

143. BLIND GOSSIP 03/12 **#3**
Sure, there are lots of big names on this Actress’ list of conquests. But what about the names that are scribbled out? We know who they are and there definitely appears to be a pattern with them! Here are a few: A famous Director who has been known to hook up with actresses. He had a significant other at the time of their affair. A big-name Producer who has financed more than one award-winning film. He had a significant other at the time of their affair. A good-looking Actor 1 whose films have won major awards. He had a significant other at the time of their affair. A good-looking Actor 2 who is best known for his starring role in a popular film series. He had a significant other at the time of their affair.
Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Director: Brett Radner (Serena Williams)
Producer: Harvey Weinstein (Georgina Chapman)
Actor 1: Leonardo DiCaprio (Bar Refaeli)
Actor 2: Robert Pattinson ("Twilight")/Kristen Stewart

144. BLIND GOSSIP 03/12 **#4**
This celebrity inherited the looks gene from one celebrity parent and the lying gene from the other celebrity parent. Her latest whopper is about her weight, claiming that her trim figure is the result of healthy eating and exercise and a naturally fast metabolism. Ha! Not even close. Her life is one long party. Always has been. She doesn’t have the discipline to pursue an education or a career, never mind a healthy diet or a physical fitness regime. So how did she go from thick to thin? It’s all about the drugs. There is more than one that she likes… but she will always love cocaine.
Celebrity: Tallulah Willis
Parents: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#1**
This A list singer/celebrity who happens to be married to an A list mostly movie actress was certainly not letting his wedding vows get in the way of having a good time. Wearing a hat and sunglasses the singer had a woman on his lap at a party not in either of the cities where he lives. Several big men kept people from doing anything more than getting a glimpse. The woman in his lap was Asian and kept losing the top half of her dress.
A list singer/celebrity: Chris Martin ("Coldplay")
A list actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
Cities where he lives: London and Los Angeles

Coldplay played at SXSW

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#2**
This B+ list celebrity/sometime actress/with A list name recognition had to stop on the way to an event she was hosting to buy a new blouse. Apparently the one she was wearing had drops of blood from her nose on it so she stopped to buy a new top and changed in the limo. She arrived to the event with tissue still stuffed up her nose to stem the bleeding and took it out only at the last possible second. Chelsea Handler/"Live Talks Los Angeles"

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#3**
Apparently this former celebrity turned reality star turned side piece turned reality star was having sex with her ex. Frequently. Several times a week. Her ex that doesn't make much money. She would also have sex with the rich guy, but not so often. Then she found out she was pregnant and it was rich guy all the time. Chances are really good that rich guy is not the father even though he thinks it is because he thought our celebrity was being faithful. Yikes.
Celebrity: Stacy Kiebler
Side piece to: George Clooney
Ex: Geoff Stults
Rich guy: Jared Pobre

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#4**
A married SI swimsuit model from the edition this year spent an hour yelling at a food delivery guy because he brought her the wrong order. An hour. At a guy who barely spoke English and wasn't the guy who packed the meal in the first place. Apparently the model was also drunk and went off on a tangent about the family of the guy. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat people, especially those who make a living in the service industry. Chrissy Teigen or Lily Aldridge

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#5**
This B+ list rapper who is more known for his hard to type name rather than his music sent his gorgeous celebrity offspring home the other night so he could hook up with some stripper he met at a party. According to the stripper the rapper was texting his girlfriend while he was being serviced. Well, at least he likes to keep in touch. A$AP Rocky/Chanel Iman

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#6**
Old Hollywood Blind: Throughout most of his career, this A-list leading man and pretty boy kept his sexuality a secret from the public. Throughout Hollywood, it was widely known that he was gay. His longtime partner since they were high schoolers was an heir to two of the richest families in the country. The actor got his longtime boyfriend a job as a film editor at the studio which the actor did most of his work for. When the boyfriend died a few years ago, he put his collection of explicit love letters in a bank vault, with orders never to be opened.
Tyrone Power and J. Watson Webb Jr.

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#7**
Old Hollywood Blind: This A-list actor who got his start on Broadway died an unexpected death, presumably from a heart condition he had since birth. That's only partly true. He had a major nose candy habit which further quickened his demise. Sometimes he would share the coke with that troubled actress/biopic subject whom he co-starred with frequently on and off screen.
John Garfield and Frances Farmer

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#8**
Kindness: You probably wouldn't know it, but this A+ list celebrity/"singer" spends at least one day every two weeks at the Children's Hospital here in LA and spends hours each time she goes. No media photos ever. She does it because she wants to help and to give the kids hope. I'm pretty impressed. The parents love her as much as the kids. Britney Spears

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#9**
This Disney star is almost A list in her tweener world and is going to be huge and is on one of their hit shows, was telling actors that were hitting on her the other night that she is 21. Sometimes she said 18. She never said she is about three years below that and was dressed like it either. Peyton List "Jessie" ("Muppets Most Wanted" premiere)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#10**
She is not dead, or at least don't think she is dead. I think people would say something if she died although she has disappeared from the face of the earth and no one is saying much of anything right now. She is a C list celebrity but is A list in her own little corner of the celebrity world. Her boyfriend is a permanent A lister and has been cheating on her almost everyday for the past month which also adds fuel to the fire. They used to be inseparable. Now they are not only separated but he is having his way with groupies and celebrities and other people taller than him. There are reports she had a breakdown because he was cheating on her. She canceled a huge event she was working on and has retreated into a hospital to get help although some people say she is hiding out at her home with medical professionals. You would think people would be talking by now but just the whispers getting louder. I think when her boyfriend gets back home the whispering will be much louder.
C list celebrity: L'wren Scott (committed suicide)
(cancelled London Fashion Week event)

Boyfriend: Mick Jagger (on tour in China)

155. BLIND GOSSIP 03/13 **#1**
Lots of celebs fly first class, but not all act in a first-class manner when they fly. Perhaps they should take a lesson from these two celebs, a married couple who are both well-known actors. We’ll let someone who was on their flight tell the story.

**They were both sitting with [their child/ren] in Economy class. A lot of people kept asking both of them for pictures, and they were very gracious to everyone who asked, even those who were a little rude about getting their pictures. For example, at one point, [Actor] went into the lavatory, and when he came out a passenger snapped a picture with the flash directly in his face without asking, but he gave her a kind smile and then walked back to his seat. The whole family was incredibly kind to the flight crew throughout the whole flight, and at one point one of the flight attendants wasn’t sure where she had seen him before, so he modestly told her that she might have seen him in [his current TV series], to which she replied no, it was something else. She then remembered she recognized him from [a science fiction film]. This made both him and [Actress] laugh, him saying something along the lines of that being one of his lesser-remembered movies and he was impressed that was the one she had connected to him. Throughout the flight they were all quiet for the most part, but were very polite (please and thank yous from everyone, including their kids, when asking for their beverages, etc). All in all the entire family was very polite and very gracious to the other passengers and to the flight crew. Nice to meet celebrities who aren’t pretentious and stuck up!**
BONUS CLUE 1: Happy Housewife
BONUS CLUE 2: They have both won Emmys and have both been nominated for Oscars.

Actor Husband: William H. Macy
Emmy win: "Door to Door" (2002)/Oscar nomination: "Fargo" (1996)
His current TV series: "Shameless"
Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman
Emmy win: "Desperate Housewives" (2004)/Oscar nomination: "Transamerica" (2005)

156. BLIND GOSSIP 03/13 **#2**
The marriage of these two gorgeous celebrities is over! They will have you believe that it’s because they couldn’t make their busy schedules work and that they drifted apart. Ha! Want to know the real reason? Of course you do! It’s not her. It’s him. Yes, she is difficult, and they both have tempers, but there was a bigger issue: he is a chronic cheater. She actually thought that when they settled down that he would settle down. Nope! He kept right on cheating at pretty much the same pace that he always had! He really isn’t too selective, either: actresses, singers, models, household staff. It’s that last one really hurt the wife the most. The wife may be a great beauty and a talented actress, but her beauty and talent couldn’t hold this marriage together or make him faithful. She is the one who left him, and we believe that she will be the one to file for divorce. When? Perhaps even before their child hits a milestone birthday. There’s one final twist to all this which will surprise you. She has a male confident with whom she has been sharing much of this turmoil: one of her exes! Given that her split from him a few years back was nasty and contentious, it’s odd that he is the one upon whom she is leaning during the end of this marriage.
Husband: Oliver Martinez
Wife: Halle Berry
Wife’s Ex: Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez split: report

Charges are flying fast and furious, but we're a ways away from a trial. Will the former famous flames of the accused be forced by the press or even the courts to reveal all about their past relationships with him? Hmmmmmmmmmm!
Darren Sharper (accused of being serial rapist)
Former flames: Gabrielle Union; Dollicia Bryan; Dominica Westling

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#1**
This former celebrity turned B list mostly television actor turned kind of reality star again has been sharing a bed with one of his television (rather than reality) show co-stars. I guess this means his fling with the B+ list celebrity/comedienne is over?
Actor: Donnie Wahlberg
Show: "Blue Bloods"
Reality show: "Wahlburgers"
B+ list celebrity/comedienne: Jenny McCarthy

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#2**
This former A- list celebrity/singer/offspring who is probably a C lister now despite her A list name recognition is trying to make another one of her comebacks. She was at rehearsal the other day and the oft troubled singer was drunk and couldn't remember any of the words to her songs and refused to use a teleprompter so she basically hummed for an hour. Lisa Marie Presley (Whole Foods Rooftop during SXSW week)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#3**
This C list mostly movie actress who is only as high as C list because of who she is married to, loves the spotlight. She always has. She went from one celebrity to the next until she found an actor who married her. Anyway, they have a child together and nannies. Lots of nannies. When our actress spotted a pap the other day she went over to the nanny who was carrying the baby and yanked the baby out of the nanny's arms and then posed for photos with the baby. When the pap left the baby went right back to the nanny.
Actress: Jenna Dewan
Husband: Channing Tatum
Dated: Shane West; Justin Timberlake

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#5**
Apparently this guy is a serial cheater because he is willing to give up some serious money by cheating on his wife. This guy used to be an A list celebrity/reality star who was married to a very lovely woman. That was the second or third marriage. Busted for cheating with his wives and girlfriends he supposedly has cleaned up his act. He is just being more sneaky about it because of the huge wallet that is available to him now which he uses against the person who is giving him the wallet.
A list celebrity/reality star: Jesse James
Ex-wife: Sandra Bullock
Current wife: Alexis DeJoria, professional drag racer and daughter of John Paul DeJoria, American billionaire businessman and philanthropist best known as a co-founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and The Patron Spirits Company

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#6**
Old Hollywood Blind: On the set of one of her better known movies, this then A-list funny lady invited her male costar, an Oscar winning character actor, to her dressing room to put the rumors to rest that she was really a man. Right as she shut the door, off came her top and out came her breasts.
Funny lady: Mae West
Male Co-star: Victor McLaglen (won Oscar for "The Informer")
Movie: "Klondike Annie"

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#7**
Old Hollywood Blind: This former child star, who was then teetering towards B-list with A-list name recognition after several years of being A+++ list, had to deal with one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, after he invited her to his studio office to discuss the movie that would prove to be a sort-of comeback. He then exposed himself to her and she ran out of the room crying. Fortunately, another actress who was to appear in the same film was waiting in the next room for her daily session with the producer whom she would later marry.
Former child star: Shirley Temple
Producer: David O. Selznick
Other actress: Jennifer Jones
Movie: "Since You Went Away"

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#8**
This B list half of a B+ list group has A list name recognition. He also has a big problem after he got his peen pierced. A serious infection that is keeping him from having any kind of sex and has been that way for well over six months. Apparently it is worse than any photo you could Google about penile infections.

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#9**
This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show hasn't been seen with her boyfriend in a bit. He has been recovering from the glass she threw at his head which gave him a nasty gash and required stitches. He still loves her though. Emma Roberts/Evan Peters "American Horror Story" (they appeared at Oscar Vanity after party - they appeared again on 03/09/14, it appears that the right side of his head might be shaved)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#10**
#1 - Two weeks later and not a peep about this A list mostly movie actress being in rehab. I wonder if she will make it the whole 30 days without anyone noticing. Angelina Jolie (not sure when the Entertainment Weekly interview was done)

#2 - This C list mostly television actress on a long running hit network show is in a position to move to B and then A in a matter of months. She is petrified that someone is going to discover she is gay. Literally shakes about it.
Actress: Shailene Woodley
TV show: The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family)
Position: star of "Divergent" and upcoming "Insurgent" and "Allegiant"

#3 - This B- list mostly television actress from a hit network ensemble show took two days off from filming last week to have a procedure. Yep, the one you think I'm saying. The producer who got her pregnant said his wife would never understand. Lea Michele "Glee"

#4 - AP saw coke mom at a party last week and coke mom was back to her old coke snorting tricks. Did you know she doesn't have custody of her kid(s). That is a good thing. Debra Messing

This popular Real Housewife seems to have a lot of people fooled. While everything looks pretty much perfect from the outside, behind closed doors there’s a shady past full of lies and secrets, leading to her own family not speaking to her. This diva is estranged from both of her parents and a brother. She will not reveal exactly why her own family hasn’t spoken to her in years, but the estrangement certainly raises questions among some of her friends… especially since this Real Housewife keeps her past so tightly sealed.
Housewife: Lisa Vanderpump
TV Show: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

168. WINE AND SASS 03/14
This C-list couple with A-list tabloid name recognition have a gloriously dysfunctional relationship. She's a hot mess of problems, he's a turd with a wandering peen, and they're broke. He was supposed to be on this season's 'Dancing With The Stars' which would have dovetailed nicely into their next project, and provided some much needed income. He had the contract ready to go, but she 86'ed it because not only would her new project not allow her to keep a watchful eye on him, but he has a steamy history with this B-list member of the cast, and they had started texting again.
Couple: Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott
Her new project: "Mystery Girls"
He left rehab to sign the deal. Can't confirm the cast member because two were named

She may have Oscar to call her own, but publicists are said to be left scrambling to find this Señorita a male counterpart… so they can keep her facade, and their jobs! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Brad Pitt. It’s a Hollywood hunt that led one Dallas Buyers Club member to spark some of Tinseltown’s top publicists into scratching their heads. A tipster tell us… that’s why they’ve taken it back to a Northern rap star for the cover-up… Dig the Drop: "First, he’s married and all of a sudden he’s divorced? Who do they have on this smoke and mirrors mess?" Lupita Nyong'o/Somali-Canadian rapper K'Naan

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#1**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor who will drop quickly if he keeps making movies just for paychecks with questionable actors was sitting in the bar at the Beverly Wilshire and got so drunk that he had to stagger over to one of the chairs in the bar. It didn't stop him from making out with two different women he kept buying drinks for who both tried to sit on his lap in the small chair. Ben Affleck

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#2**
Things are so bad with this former B list mostly television actress who used to be on a hit cable show that she is missing time from a job she finally landed to fly around the country to guys who will pay her thousands of dollars for sex. Yeah, because meth smoking actresses who only stop long enough to pop pills are worth it. Apparently to some guys they are. Paz de la Huerta (filming "Only the Lonely")

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#3**
This B list mostly television actress (#1) is a really good actress. She is also married. She is also known as an actress who will do anything for publicity including befriending a B- list (#2) mostly movie actress who is going through a huge event in her life right now. Our publicity hungry actress is working overtime on wooing #2 and wants to be known as her first public lover. Evan Rachel Wood/Ellen Page

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#4**
This A list band made a recent surprise appearance. The supposedly sober singer of the band was anything but. Hopefully they are not planning on touring soon because he won't live through it. Billie Joe Armstrong/"Green Day"

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#5**
Of all the annals of showbiz stage moms, this one may be the worst (yes, it even outdoes anything Dina Lohan or the mom I don't like to name concocted). This mom of an almost A-list singer and TV star who has one of the most rabid tween fanbases of any singer actually encouraged her daughter to sleep with that skeevy producer to get the part she's been playing for a while. Ariana Grande "Sam & Cat"/Dan Schneider - executive producer

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#6**
Which B-list movie and TV actor whose almost network show ended recently talked his female PR person to pose as his date for the day to fool the paparazzi. He's not really dating anybody now, just been having some random male hookups in WeHo. He may come out this year because he has sworn off any women since his last female relationship ended in a drug fueled mess.
Actor: Ed Westwick
Last female relationship: Jessica Szohr
Show: "Gossip Girl"

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#7**
This Victoria's Secret model with the alliteration for a name and a significant other, set what I think is the personal record for most money paid for companionship. She recently spent a week in the Caribbean with a billionaire who paid her $5M for the week. Almost $1M a day. Apparently she wasn't shy about doing her best in earning that money at least according to one of the crew on the yacht they were staying. Karolina Kurkova; Alessandra Ambrosio; Marisa Miller

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#8**
This married B- list mostly movie actress who was in that franchise that spawned so many B and C list actors is waiting to get the most publicity to announce her divorce. She wants a magazine cover. Meanwhile she might have her hand forced because her husband has been spotted with someone he has been "mentoring." That is the new buzz word in town for casting couch. Nikki Reed ("Twilight" series)/Paul McDonald "American Idol"

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#9**
This former A list stylist turned designer and sometime reality television star is broke. She needs a television show or a high paying client quickly because that second mortgage on her home needs to be paid soon or the bank will be foreclosing. Rachel Zoe

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#1**
This married former A+ list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner who still thinks of himself as the biggest star on the planet is actually an A again after a drop to B. The aging actor hired a hooker for the night but kept her less than 30 minutes. Our actor chose to leave his socks and his makeup on during the 30 minute session. I didn't know he wore makeup. Nicolas Cage

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#2**
This former A+ list entertainer(singer) is desperately clinging onto A list by any trick she can rather than focusing on her music. Meanwhile her actor boyfriend is telling friends that the singer might like to shock in public but in private she is the most boring person he has ever had sex with. Maybe he will use that as an excuse for the wandering eye. Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney "Chicago Fire"

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#3**
This still young pregnant reality star from a very popular cable reality show was doing shots yesterday. The person who saw that also saw a bong out but didn't see the reality star actually using it but others were making heavy use of it while the reality star was at the same table. Jenelle Evans "Teen Mom"

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#4**
Which B-list mostly TV comic actress who has never matched the success of her first big hit has said some viciously anti-gay things in the past but is actually sleeping with a woman on the side? Yes, her husband does know about it.
Actress: Patricia Heaton
Big hit: "Everybody Loves Raymond"
Current show: "The Middle"

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#5**
Despite all the eyes watching her, this A list tweener/singer hasn't stopped using coke in public places. She is going to crash hard from the lofty position she got herself to this year. Her show is at a tipping point right now. A coke bust will see the show go bye and a long time before she gets another. Ariana Grande

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#6**
This A+ list everything except movies drank three bottles of champagne in about 90 minutes while waiting to appear on the big premiere of a show. Drunk out of her mind. Mariah Carey "Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon"

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#7**
Kindness: This foreign born B list mostly television actor is best known for an internationally famous long term role that is bigger than the actors who play it. Anyway, our actor has been filming a movie in a very small town and has made it a point to spend every second possible that he is not working interacting with the people of the town. He could seriously run for mayor at this point. There is not just one specific act of kindness but he just makes himself available for photos and autographs and talking about acting and the show he was on and the movie and has never denied a request by anyone in town.
Actor: David Tennant
Role: "Dr. Who"
Filming: "Gracepoint" (January 28, 2014 to May 2014)
Town: Greater Victoria British Columbia (Oak Bay & Sidney)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#8**
This B list mostly movie actress who has the talent of a D lister and A+ name recognition went off on a pap yesterday because he was supposed to wait until she fixed her hair and makeup. She said she wasn't going to call him anymore and use someone else. Jessica Alba

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#1**
On Saturday night this former B list reality star who is apparently shooting another version of the show that thrust her into our world was almost kicked out of her hotel when she started screaming at a guy for not paying her what they agreed to. You would think with all that money coming in she could stop charging by the hour. Farrah Abraham "Teen Mom"

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#2**
This B- list mostly movie actress who will make sure your movie bombs if you cast her in it was trying to convince her married B list mostly movie actress friend that the actress should date other guys. Yes, while married. I really wouldn't expect anything less from the woman who wants to be George Clooney's girlfriend on a two year deal. Julianne Hough/Nikki Reed

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#3**
The blushing bride was very recently introduced to two women who have had sex with her husband in the past three months. She has no idea and they were lost in a sea of other well wishers. Nikki Sixx/Courtney Bingham (wedding guests)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#4**
This foreign born C+ list mostly movie actor who is a B on the name recognition scale and an A on the a-hole list got a nanny pregnant. Since our actor is married to an actress with a violent temper he should probably keep this quiet. Olivier Martinez/Halle Berry

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#5**
Apparently this B list celebrity who has appeared on two reality shows would like everyone to know when she had sex. At an event over the weekend, the future porn star kept telling people she had sex in the car on the way to the event. Literally everyone she talked to she said the same thing. She kept trying to get the guy to stand with her and be close to her but he looked like he was a long way away from being associated with her. Courtney Stodden

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#6**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: This A-list triple threat (actress, singer, dancer) and Oscar winner who made her best films with another A-list triple threat repeatedly claimed in her memoirs that she never touched a drop of alcohol because of her religious views. Ask anyone who worked with her and they would tell you she could drink anybody under the table. Her drinking only got worse after her mother/manager died and she decided to go to the Mayo Clinic to detox. Ginger Rogers "Kitty Foyle" (Fred Astaire) (Christian Scientist)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#7**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: This A/B-list comedic actor best known for his endless TV specials loved to cheat on his long-suffering wife (whom he always said he was happily married to). One of his more notable conquests was before he ventured to Hollywood. He appeared in a Broadway musical with that legendary dancer/chanteuse and was caught in the act several times by his wife who turned a blind eye while visiting backstage. Bob Hope/Josephine Baker"Ziegfeld Follies of 1936"

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#8**
This B+ list mostly movie actress is doing some press for her latest role. Traveling with her is a sober coach. That one will be tough to explain if anyone bothers asking who the guy is. No one will though because reporters are just so happy to meet her. She is pretty amazing. Emma Stone

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#9**
This C list mostly movie actress told some friends at a party Friday night that this married former A list mostly television actor from a long running network show back in the day spent their entire time filming last year having sex in his trailer. Maybe that is why the movie was so bad.

197. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 03/17
He recently had to pause on work obligations citing health reasons. But this superstar didn’t seem all that sick. That’s because the health reasons were related to his wife. She’s been keeping a surprisingly low profile the last few months. Which is unusual because, well, the wife is rather pap-friendly. The immediate speculation was pregnancy and bump-hiding. But there was no bump when she showed up at a major event so it definitely wasn’t pregnancy. Apparently there’s a painkiller addiction going on. And that’s the reason he couldn’t make it that time. She had an episode and it was serious enough that he had to bail on work and help her out. Not a side of him we see very often – you know, putting her before him. Something she must have enjoyed, though probably for the wrong reasons. Still, she seems to be getting off on his attention. And that’s worrying for those around her too. She’s addicted to the pills and also addicted to his care. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake (cancelled Madison Square Garden concert)

198. BLIND GOSSIP 03/17 **#1**
This actor is over 50, so it may not surprise you that he needs some "help" getting in shape for roles where he can’t hide his body. In his case, the "help" comes in a little bottle, requires a needle, and is certainly not FDA-approved to help vain actors get buff. So if you are wowed by the paparazzi shots of him, and are impressed by his physique in his upcoming ensemble film, know that it isn’t really about diet and gym time. He had some serious chemical help in getting that body. Could this also explain his quick temper?
Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Upcoming Film: "Sabotage"

199. BLIND GOSSIP 03/17 **#2**
This actor is smart and funny and has been in a couple of the biggest movies of all time. He is not married and finds it easy to pick up women. After a night of drinking in a bar and flirting with several women, he went home with one of them. They got into bed… and he promptly lost control of his bowels. No, it wasn’t on purpose. He scooped up his clothes and ran out of there, thoroughly embarrassed, without consummating the relationship, and without offering to help clean up the mess.

200. WINE AND SASS 03/17 **#1**
This D-list reality star with a stupid name is trying to rehab their past image in the press. Once a 'bad girl', now she wants the world to believe that she's settled down, older and wiser, and not that person she was back then. Unfortunately, she crashed a production party where this B-list award winning mostly television actor and his company were celebrating their show getting the green light for the project. She had heard about the project at her 'day job' and had been hot on the actor's tail for the role she thought was meant for her. Did she hand him a headshot? Act professionally? Nope. She offered him head alright...right there in the bathroom for the part. He raised his eyebrows and walked away, joining his wife at the reception. I guess old habits do die hard.

D-list celebrity: Scheana Marie (famous for sleeping with Brandi Glanville’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, while Brandi was pregnant)
Show: "Vanderpump Rules"
B-list actor: Mark Consuelos
(Allegedly, we're terrified of Kelly Ripa)

201. WINE AND SASS 03/17 **#2**
This Real Housewife is a hot mess. Nothing new to report there. She's under a huge amount of stress again legally and professionally, and has turned to self medicating the wrong way. The ones she's about to engage in an epic legal battle with know this, and are doing everything they can to get in her head and torpedo her, not to mention they have one of their personal paps tailing her hoping for that one glorious 'getting carried out of da club' shot that will not only kill her career, but her legal battle as well. This C-list retired athlete has taken the Real Housewife under his wing and is trying to coach her through this bad time, and luckily was there to chase off this photog when she was getting carried out of the back entrance of a restaurant recently. It's about to get really dirty, and really ugly. Brandi Glanville/Drew Carter

He’s the original Ice Cream man… proven to have No Limit when it comes to kickin’ his baby momma when she’s down. Just ask C-Murder, who disowned our blind item as his brother. This Miller man may have a reported $200M in the bank, but his ex-wife — and mother of his ICDC-repp’in son — recently revealed she’s on welfare! This, after insiders say he kicked her to the curb over a drug addiction, rather than "showin’ her some tough love by forcing her to go to rehab." Sources say this ‘Good Side, Bad Side’ dude’s priorities led him to give $75K of his guap to a random "to get her off the pole." Don’t believe me.. Just ask White Chocolate. Wait… there’s more!!! We’re told he also "bought Lexus trucks and Mercedes Benz whips" for a line-up of his other favorite strippers! It’s a situation his troubled ex-wife was hipped to after Uncle Sam sparked a beef with him, back in 2004. That’s when the Feds informed the Sista of his infidelities. Now, one of the very women he was cheating with isn’t only his live-in Filipina… she’s also the mother of his Nickelodeon star daughter, Cymphonique. He’s a dad said to have convinced his now 24-year-old son to "drop out of UCLA… to make more money as a rapper." Today, his son’s name remains missing from this music mogul’s new roster of young rappers. Master P

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#1**
This former almost A list mostly movie actor who got all of his fame from that franchise had a long time friend who also babysits. When he wanted to get together with his boyfriend she would call our actor and tell him where she was watching kids and he would meet his boyfriend at the house after the kids would go to sleep and he could be alone with his boyfriend. This was their only dating for two years. Taylor Lautner "Twilight"

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#2**
I think this former A list mostly movie actress who never really acts any longer despite her Academy Award nomination/win has some big issues. Her A list mostly movie actor husband got a woman pregnant and she had a baby last month and our actress still forgave him and he promised he has changed. Melanie Griffith/Antonio Banderas (guess she finally gave up trying to save it)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#3**
This C+ list mostly television actress offspring was really loud while having sex in that famous West Hollywood nightclub over the weekend. She had quite the crowd outside the door when she finished and had about ten people give her applause for her performance. Rumer Willis

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#4**
As careful as she has been with her word choice while doing lots of press for an upcoming movie, this soon to be A list mostly movie actress has let it slip a few times that she prefers women to men. The PR team have managed to correct the pronoun and gender usage with reporters so far. Shailene Woodley "Divergent" series

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#5**
This A list entertainer (athlete) who did not have a great Olympics ditched his long time girlfriend when this television hostess started flirting with him. She is on a very long running musical show and once dated an A list mostly movie actor. The two went back to her hotel room since his had his girlfriend in it.
A list entertainer (athlete): Shaun White
Television hostess: Christina Millian
Musical show: "The Voice" Social Media Correspondent
A list actor: Jamie Foxx

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#6**
This former B list mostly television actor who was on a very hit network show does not have many gigs that involve showing his face. Always a bit of a playboy, this actor is living with a woman he met a few months ago while out of town. His on/off again B list entertainer (singer) girlfriend thinks he is living with a guy. She has never been allowed to visit.
Actor: Wilmer Valderrama
Show: "That 70’s Show"
B list girlfriend: Demi Lovato
Gigs not involving his face, just his voice: "Handy Manny"; "The Cleveland Show"; "The Condor"; "Scarface: The World Is Yours"; "Shorty McShorts' Shorts"; "Robot Chicken"; "Higglytown Heroes"

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#7**
The costume people on the set of a movie starring this barely hanging onto A list mostly movie actress are buzzing. Apparently our actress has been gaining some weight since shooting started. Enough where they are all asking if she is pregnant because of where she is gaining the weight. No one has had the nerve to ask her and the tabloid world would go crazy if she is because the guessing of the father would be intense. Unlike anything seen before intense. Kristen Stewart

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#8**
This A list model turned television star turned producer turned a little bit of everything sent her boyfriend to a hotel the last two months of their relationship whenever she would have sex with her new boyfriend. The old boyfriend kept thinking he had a chance so stuck it out until he was forced out. Our A lister didn't want to have to be the one to break it off.
A lister: Heidi Klum
Old boyfriend: bodyguard Martin Kristen
New boyfriend: Vito Schnabel

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#9**
That former Real Housewife wants you to think she is dating that much much younger guy. Well, they might be dating but he has a boyfriend and she knows it. She just wants to get back on the show. Adrienne Maloof "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/24-year-old Anheuser-Busch heir, Jacob Busch

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#10**
Despite all the booze and coke and pot and pills and late nights and every other form of destructive behavior you can think of, this A+ list entertainer (singer) is pregnant. That could possibly explain why she has decided to pretend she is domestic for now. Rihanna

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#11**
This actor is B list. Mostly movies although he has dabbled with some television. His is the face that women love and combine that with the movie roles he has played and women melt. They love the guy. His wife loved him too. She didn't know at first because he was good at hiding it. At some point in that marriage he gave up though and decided he wanted to be more free. No more marriage. He is giving her everything she wants. He is on a roll with guys right now. After so many years of hiding he is filming in a town right now and in front of the public he still flirts and pretends to love women but he has been going through almost the entire population of gay men in town. Josh Lucas "Boychoir" Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

214. BLIND GOSSIP 03/18 **#1**
In conjunction with a local radio station contest, this very popular singer invited some fans to attend sound check and do a meet and greet with her before one of her concerts. She sang a couple of songs for the group and then sat on the edge of the stage and held a Q&A. There were a couple of the usual questions about what inspired her music. Then it got ugly. One rude participant started firing questions at her about the way the singer and one of her exes broke up. "He says you cheated on him! How could you hurt him like that? He couldn’t eat or sleep because of you! You ruined his life!" Our singer kept her composure. She didn’t yell or burst into tears or walk off the stage. She waited for the fan to stop hurling insults and accusations and then responded very simply and quietly, "Oh, honey, I think his life was ruined before I ever met him. Next question, please?" Ariana Grande/Jai Brooks

215. BLIND GOSSIP 03/18 **#2**
Since this famous young performer is frequently in the headlines about both her personal and her professional life, you probably think that you know everything about her. You don’t. She wants to be seen as this sexy girl that drives men wild. She still gets lots of publicity thanks to that one very famous boyfriend (who is also in the entertainment industry), and the fact that he intensely and publicly desired her is all she wants you to know about her love life. Are you ready for the truth? Half of her intimate encounters… are with women! She is not just experimenting. She is definitely bisexual. And she really should stop sleeping with her female employees, because those girls love to talk! BONUS CLUE: No, It’s Not Miley Cyrus!
Her: Selena Gomez
Famous Boyfriend: Justin Bieber
(her choreographer, Charity Lynne Baroni)

216. WINE AND SASS 03/18
This C-list bad actress famous by marriage to this A-list mostly movie actor, took a break to have the baby he wanted, and she did it, and now she's ready to return to what she wanted in the first place, fame. Since she's an absolutely horrible actress, the only way that's going to happen is by surfing the casting couch. She's had a reputation for it in the past, but now it's no holds barred, she'll do ANYTHING for that role that makes her a star so she can leave her boring husband and family behind and live the life she wanted in the first place. Jenna Dewan/Channing Tatum

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#1**
No makeup, hair pulled into a ponytail and she was wearing a baseball cap but that was definitely this A list entertainer (athlete)/celebrity who had an Asian woman from the same career field sitting on her lap and making out with her. Maybe she has finally decided to be honest with herself after a failed string of celebrity boyfriends. I'm not sure that the people at home will forgive her though. Maria Sharapova (Russian)/Li Na

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#2**
There is nothing quite like a drunk person trying to get some lines of coke ready. This B list mostly television actress from an acting family and a very hit cable show did just that the other day. Oh, and to make things even more fun she did it while in a store dressing room with friends. They all tried to squeeze into one dressing room and the manager finally asked them to leave. Our actress flipped the manager off and said something along the lines of this coke costs more than you make in a week. They then left. Emma Roberts (daughter of Eric Roberts/niece of Julia Roberts) "American Horror Story: Coven"

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#3**
This A- list mostly movie actress who did not have as good of a 2013 as she did a 2012 despite a new love interest that is much more puppy dog like than her last big love told a group of fans outside a restaurant the other night to fuck off. She said they should get a life and stop interfering with hers. Yeah, our actress was drunk but she has been losing her temper a lot lately. My guess is drugs. There was something that happened to her while filming a movie not that long ago, but I haven't heard all the details.
Actress: Amanda Seyfried
Boyfriend: Justin Long
Last big love: Ryan Phillippe
Movie: "Lovelace"

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#4**
This former A list entertainer (singer) who had his time back in the day has spent the rest of his life since either being arrested or on reality television. He should have been paying more attention to his kids. Anyway he tried to punch this diminutive permanent A list entertainer (singer) over the weekend before being pulled away by security. Apparently our old and ragged former A lister was promised he could sing a song during the set and it never happened. He got very angry.
Former A list entertainer: Bobby Brown
Permanent A list entertainer: Prince

Hollywood Palladium

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#5**
This former B- list mostly television actress from a now defunct almost network hit was hired to an ad campaign. It was a very simple photo shoot but our actress was having a tough time coping. She hadn't used in about a day and was shaking and sweating and could not sit still long enough for even basic makeup. The whole thing was a mess from start to finish and they finally just put her in front of the camera and after 15 minutes the photographer said he had something he could work with because the actress was just a mess.
Shenae Grimes-Beech
Show: "90210"
Ad: Ambassador For Annabelle Cosmetics

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#6**
World's Worst Celebrity Airplane Passenger Voting Is In: This B list mostly movie actress who was thrust upon the world as a television action star and has gone downhill ever since has been voted by flight attendants at one airline as the rudest celebrity. Do you know how tough it is to win the Alec Baldwin award, especially if you are not a drinking celebrity? Our actress sends her kids and nannies to coach and settles into first class where she acts like she is in charge of the world and no one does anything right. Flight after flight our actress gets the award for most rude while her husband rushes after her apologizing to those who stand in her way. Jessica Alba

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#7**
This foreign born former B list mostly television actor turned luckiest man alive with who he managed to marry is cheating on his B list celebrity wife. I think it might be the money problems he hasn't told her about that is causing him to act out and destroy his once perfect life.

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#8**
This former A list mostly television actress who has struck gold twice with series and is now a solid B+ lister is in marriage counseling to deal with her cheating issues. Claire Danes; Keri Russell; Alyssa Milano

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#9**
One minute she was standing and the next minute she was on the ground. This former B list reality star from an A list cable reality show that thankfully ended its run awhile ago still makes a living as a celebrity. She is a failed actress and reality star but one hell of a drinker. A waiter says that our celebrity was starting in on her fourth bottle of wine when she suddenly stood up from the table and then crashed to the ground. Until that point she had been fine during the two hour dinner. Her boyfriend helped her up. He had to use her credit card to pay. Nice. Audrina Patridge "The Hills"

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#10**
There are not that many guys who would do what this man did but he has stuck it out so hopefully good things will happen to him. He is married. His wife is an entertainer. She used to be almost A list. Foreign born. Can be a bit controversial at times. She has been in this space before for her drug use. Oh, and her drinking problem. She has had some issues in the past and had gone a long way in getting on the right track. All that has gone out the window now but that is not what this blind is about. It turns out that even though she was dating her husband she was also having sex with another guy. Maybe two other guys although if he was around it was probably just a weekend thing. Anyway, our entertainer found herself in the family way. Her now husband was convinced it was his child. After the child was born there were some questions but he was patient and decided to wait to see how the child looked as the child aged. Yeah, things were pretty obvious at one point so he confronted his wife who agreed it might be the child of someone else. A DNA test was performed and it is not the husband's child but he did adopt the child with the blessing of the real dad who was grateful because he was married when he got the entertainer pregnant. He subsequently has ended his marriage because of other infidelities.

227. BLIND GOSSIP 03/19 **#1**
There are some celebrities that like to see themselves in the press every day. Too bad that doesn’t mean that they are sharing what is really going on behind the scenes. This guy is from a famous family. Lots of money and lots of publicity on a daily basis. In case you are wondering what he is doing far away on the other side of the country, away from his family and the cameras and the spotlight, we have your answer. He is in rehab. Has been since last summer. Started out as an inpatient, has now transitioned to outpatient, living very close to the facility. He is being treated for a serious eating disorder and severe depression. His family doesn’t want you to know how far he has gone in harming himself, so for now that are pretending that if he just ate a couple of salads and did a little jogging, he will be all fixed. And while his famous family is not there with him, he does have company in the form of his secret family. A woman and her young son. His young son. Yes, he’s a father. The boy is approximately the same age as – and looks similar to – his sister’s son. Why is the family keeping these major events quiet? Because they are holding them in reserve as two more television show story lines for the family to exploit for financial gain if their ratings continue to drop. Rob Kardashian

228. BLIND GOSSIP 03/19 **#2**
This celebrity just loves to play the victim in her relationship. She has always been wonderful, faithful wife who just wanted to start a family and was shocked – shocked! – to discover that her athlete husband was a serious drug user and a cheater. Poor thing. Or… is she? Actually, she’s not such a victim here. She wasn’t shocked at all. She knew all about his drug use and his cheating before they married! She knew what he used, and how much he used, and how often he used it, and that he was cheating… and got married anyhow! Why? Because her mother told her that it would be fine. She told her daughter that a rich, dumb, black man makes the perfect match and that the drugs and infidelity would just make it that much easier to get out of the marriage later on. Get in, get the money, get out a few million richer… and let him look like the bad guy! Khloé Kardashian/Lamar Odom

229. BLIND GOSSIP 03/19 **#3**
We’ve already told you what a mess this musical girl has become. Just wanted to add another messy incident to the pile! She was at a private party in the Los Angeles area a week or so ago. She was drinking heavily. Although there were several celebrities there, she spent much of her time hanging on this one cute musician. And we mean literally hanging on him, as if she was too drunk to stand on her own. She kept babbling about how they should get matching music-themed tattoos, walking around the party telling everyone else that it was definitely happening, and asking for referrals for a tattoo artist so they could get it done right away. Wonder how his model fiance would feel about that?
Musical Girl: Katy Perry
Cute Musician: Adam Levine
Model Fiance: Behati Prinsloo

230. BLIND GOSSIP 03/19 **#4**
John Mayer bought several Rolex watches from a dealer he met through Charlie Sheen. He didn’t know that the watches were fake, but as soon as he found out, he sued the dealer. However, there is another celebrity walking around with a Rolex on his arm… and he knows it’s fake! This black actor has a big name, lives in a nice house, and drives a nice car, but when it comes to his clothing and his jewelry… fake! He owns several watches – including Rolex watches – that are knock offs. He wants them to look real, though, so he takes them to a jeweler to have them engraved on the back and to have the bands custom-sized. He also buys relatively inexpensive suits (under $1000) and has designer labels sewn into them. Whenever he takes off his suit jacket, he makes sure to place it in a way so that others can see the label and be impressed. We don’t know if he is having money problems… but we do know that he is definitely putting up a front when it comes to his wardrobe!

231. WINE AND SASS 03/19
This C-list celebrity with A-list tabloid name recognition, has been having popularity issues. She was given a huge deal on a network series because of a desperate favor called in by this A-list mostly movie actor the celebrity in question had an underage relationship with a couple of decades ago, and threatened to go public with the gory details. Now that the contract is signed, the diva demands have begun, and she is a complete nightmare while this gig is in the planning stages. She wants this, she wants that, she wants guest spots for her friends and family to promote them, and she's acting like the star of the show, when really she's just a cast member like everyone else. The network asked all of the cast to work with an image expert while the show is being developed, and she walked out of the first meeting. No one tells her what to do. She immediately got on the phone and told the A-lister he needed to do whatever it took to get them off her back, and what she wanted on the show or else she's spilling the tea and his wife and kids will not like it. Not Brandi Glanville.
C-list celebrity: Katharine McPhee
A-list actor:
Show: "Scorpion"

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#1**
I feel so sorry for this actress. She is B+ list. Mostly movies. She has A list name recognition because of that special name. She doesn't work as much as she did when she was younger. She is still very young though and in her first real big adult relationship and she is getting played. The guy she is dating is older. Our actress pays for everything because he is unemployed. A writer. Meanwhile he is also sleeping with his neighbor down the hall and she used to be the woman who lived with him rather than a neighbor. Then he landed this actress fish and is not letting her off his hook. Dakota Fanning/Jamie Strachan

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor had to actually get down on his knees and beg his girlfriend to come back to him. He also had to start giving her more money and apparently they might even get married too because she left him for several weeks. The actor has never found anyone who is willing to put up with all of his kinks like this woman and he is desperate to keep her. She knows this and deserves every bit of what the actor is paying her. I don't know how she does it. Eddie Murphy/Paige Butcher

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is used to getting what she wants all the time. Not known for diva behavior or anything, she is very nice all of the time. While enrolling her child in pre-school she was told that her first choice was not available. Why? The actress had decided to not work with a certain director. That director's wife is the admissions director for the school. Huh. Funny thing. The actress signed on to do a movie with the director a few weeks later. Amy Adams

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#4**
This B- list mostly television actress is on a hit cable show. She was staying at a hotel with some of her co-stars and met two men who were staying in the nicest suite in the hotel. 18 hours and three missed press events later our actress emerged from the suite. She told one of her co-stars there had been vast quantities of drugs and bottles of champagne and that she doesn't remember much else. Well, that sounds like there is probably going to be a video or some interesting photos that turn up on the internet soon.

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#5**
This married former A list movie actress used to also be A list in television. Now she isn't A list in anything except some charity work. She is also not going to be married because her husband left her for another woman that he calls normal. He doesn't care what our actress says about the marriage because he just wanted out. Our actress will try and make it so she looks like a victim so that people might start liking her. Not going to happen. Katherine Heigl

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#6**
This former A list entertainer (singer) is now forced to do other work to stay relevant in the celebrity world. He has done everything from reality to hosting. No acting though which is a good thing. His latest project has not been good for his marriage and the distance thing has been an issue. They both have come to realize they are not right for each other and have been working on dividing everything from money to child care. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman; Nick and Vanessa Lachey

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#7**
She is talking. The former B+ list mostly movie actress who got one big starring role and then was relegated to smaller roles because she had to be there to satisfy the whims of the man. Well, she is tired of him and tired of everything and she is talking. She knows absolutely everything. More than anyone else knows. When they make this a movie, and they will, I wonder if she will be alive to watch it.
Actress: Katie Holmes
Big Role: "Batman Begins"
Him: Tom Cruise and Scientology

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#8**
This A list in her mind everything but actually a B list in everything but diva-ness has been having a few meetings with this former A+ list entertainer (athlete) who has a girlfriend but is looking to change to someone more media friendly. The entertainer has had some difficulties and wants to keep himself in the news. She is more than willing. She does like to alternate and it is his type's turn. Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#9**
This former B list reality star from an A list network reality show might be married but her ex-boyfriend says he still sees her almost every day and they still have sex almost every time they see each other. This is going to catch up to her in a very bad way.
Reality star: Stacy Keibler
Reality show: "Dancing With the Stars"
Husband: Jared Pobre
Ex-boyfriend: Geoff Stults

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#10**
This A list tweener missed a week of work on her show. It was not planned and the show had to be rewritten. She says she had other commitments. If those commitments included a week long bender, then yes, it was another commitment. Ariana Grande "Sam & Cat"

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#11**
This almost A list mostly movie actor is doing lots of press for his new film. It should catapult him to A list, but it is a shaky way to be an A lister. Anyway, in the background you may have noticed a very familiar looking woman. Maybe you thought to yourself she is a PR person, either for the actor or for the studio. Nope. She is a very plain looking, nondescript looking woman because she hides her features to some extent by using wigs and also wearing baggy clothing. One day she might be a blonde and the next day a brunette, but she is always there. The face never changes, but the accouterments do. She is known as The Assistant. Seriously, just like that with the caps and everything. She gets paid a lot of money to do one thing and that is to make the person she is working for happy. They are always big box office movies. These are movies that cost a ton of money to make and need a lot of press and a lot of commitments from the star. The Assistant is paid by the studio and she is not cheap. She costs about $25K a day and has a minimum fee of 30 days. She is generally hired when the guy, and it is always guys she works with is single and been known to get in trouble with drugs and booze or has a problem with getting caught up with too many women, or not showing up to places on time. The Assistant keeps him on schedule. Very little or no drinking. She keeps him away from other women and clubs. She gets him to the right place at the right time in the right clothes. She is his mealtime companion and his bedtime companion. She never leaves his side the entire time. She makes herself look different each day so the actor doesn't have to answer questions about a girlfriend. She never looks the same two days in a row. Often she can go a week without looking remotely the same. Some people say she used to work for the FBI or the CIA with the way she can change her appearance but others say she is just an actress who could change her look but wasn't a very good actress on screen. Chris Evans "Captain America"

243. BLIND GOSSIP 03/20
A journalist recently made a passionate plea for the industry to embrace her "friend," who is a controversial Hollywood figure. The article got a lot of attention within the entertainment industry. However, the journalist somehow forgot to mention one very important fact: her "friend" is actually her boss! He secretly founded, funded, and owns the company for which the journalist works. When you are being paid to run a puff piece on your boss, shouldn’t that be disclosed?
Journalist: Allison Hope Weiner
"Friend": Mel Gibson

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#1**
This B list mostly television actress who at one point was headed for A list everything is on a hit cable show and a new boyfriend but never sees her kid(s). The reason? The new boyfriend thinks they get in the way and he doesn't like interacting with the ex because the ex is a guy who scares the boyfriend. Probably because the ex actually has a real job.
Actress: Keri Russell
Boyfriend: Matthew Rhys
Husband: Shane Deary (carpenter)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#2**
This B list reality star who has been in more than one reality show has a B list reality star wife. The husband thinks everything is locked down tight with the one or two women he cheats on his wife with, with all types of agreements. The thing is though, one of those women has been sending the wife little anonymous notes that only someone who could have seen the husband naked would know. It would crush her perfect little world if this comes out. Giuliana and Bill Rancic

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#3**
This B list mostly television actress who was on a very hit long running show has stayed B list for a long time. This past week she was getting paid to eat and after every few takes she would go to the bathroom and purge. It was a shoot for a food company and our actress had to put the food in her mouth for the shoot and swallow so she could say her lines. She hated that she had to eat the food so took care of it every few minutes.

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#4**
This living legend and permanent A list actress/singer got out of a nasty coke possession arrest when the officer let her destroy the vial with the coke. Our actress has been causing a little scene while drunk and the policeman asked her if she had been taking any drugs and our legend pulled out the vial. The policeman made her put shoe to vial and then told her to get on her way. Liza Minnelli

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#5**
This B list entertainer (athlete) with a more famous wife has been told by his employers that certain family members will not be allowed to visit him at his work place unless some requirements are met first. Apparently a visit from those family members could potentially be harmful to his fellow employees and their families.
Entertainer/Athlete: Jay Cutler "Chicago Bears"
Wife: Kristin Cavallari
Family member: son Camden
Reason: not vaccinated

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#6**
This DWTS pro has been ignoring her own partner quite a bit because she has been trying to hook up with this A list tweener on the show. She thinks it will bring her a whole new fan base. Her problem is that he is already having sex with his current partner.
DWTS pro: Karina Smirnoff
Her partner: Sean Avery
A list tweener: Cody Simpson
Current partner: Witney Carson

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#7**
While this foreign born A list mostly movie actress has been all over the world promoting her new movie, her new husband has been seeing not only his ex but also the couple's nanny. This should be an interesting discussion when our actress returns home.
Actress: Kate Winslet
Husband: Ned Rocknroll
Ex: Eliza Pearson, daughter of Viscount Cowdray
Movie: "Divergent"

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#8**
#1- Ben Affleck spent about five minutes in this movie but it didn't keep him from making a bet with this A list mostly movie actor that he could hook up with the only female lead in the movie in the two days he spent filming. The bet was Ben had to hook up during filming and not after. Ben managed to do it by the end of the first day. Matt Damon/Shannon Elizabeth "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"

#2 - Jamie Kennedy and this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still an A list mostly movie actress and cringes if you ask her about their weekend fling.

#3 - Ryan Reynolds and this former A list mostly movie actress who was just hitting her peak at the time. Since then she has dropped to B list but still has A list name recognition.

#4- Catherine Zeta Jones and this former A+ list mostly comic movie actor who was just getting started on the television show that would make him famous and several others not named SNL. They met at a party and she says he lasted for what seemed like a week straight. Jim Carrey "In Living Color"

This Main Lady can't escape the side chick drama..... even on social media. I'm sure she wants to say move get out da way! Ludacris’ girlfriend Eudoxie

253. BLIND GOSSIP 03/21 **#1**
This Actress was recently on the East coast shooting the pilot for a new television show in which she plays the lead character. The town in which she was filming has a bit of a crime problem, so the producers hired several local police officers to ensure her safety. During a break in filming one day, the Actress sat down and was playing with her phone. A couple of the police officers approached her and asked if she would mind taking a photo with them. The Actress looked up at them, waived her hand dismissively for them to get away from her, and said, "No. I’m good." Then she went back to looking at her phone. The officers were stunned by her rudeness. Perhaps all those award nominations have swelled her head and she just can’t help but be rude? Viola Davis "How to Get Away with Murder" (filmed in Philadelphia, PA)

254. BLIND GOSSIP 03/21 **#2**
Rumors are flying about this young performer being pregnant… with twins! No. She is definitely NOT pregnant right now. She did have at least one pregnancy scare in the past, but none this year. However, just because she isn’t pregnant right now by her famous boyfriend doesn’t mean they should be so careless and dumb. Why do we call them careless and dumb? Because they are having sex; she is not consistent with her birth control; he always insists on riding bareback; and he did get another girl pregnant last year. That’s why. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

255. WINE AND SASS 03/21
This once A-list child star, now C-list celebrity clinging to the few gigs she has left has started shopping around a tell all memoir. Only unlike her rival's best seller, she's going to name names and provide pictures. The problem? She was underage for most of her encounters, REALLY underage for this encounter with this B list musician/actor, and he isn't the only one. There's probably about 15 high profile guys she slept with between the ages of 14-17, all in their 20's at the time. Coming out with this should destroy a lot of families and lives. She doesn't care. She wants that best seller, and her name in every tabloid for months.
A-list child star: LeAnn Rimes
Rival’s best seller: Brandi Glanville "Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders"
B list musician/actor:

He may be one of the first Bad Boy’s who was openly told to ‘Take That’. Know why? We’re told this Harlem Shaker "is more feminine that his twin sister, Stase." According to our tipster… his DL doings — possibly inside the ‘players’ room 112 — could be the reason behind his swift decision to call off his divorce from his longtime wifey, who’s said to know all about his reported DL "fetish for transgender’s". He could be like the apple that doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree. That’s because our insider says… his biological father "is a transgender, living with another man, in Jacksonville, Florida." Ma$e

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#1**
This former A list model who also did a stint on reality television and is very tall was seen and heard screaming into her phone yesterday at paps that she wanted them to come take her photo with her child. Simultaneously she was yelling at her nanny to make sure that her kid's clothes stayed clean for the photo. When the paps said they couldn't make it, she packed everything up and presumably went where they could get a shot. Molly Sims

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#2**
Which former A list R&B entertainer (singer) who is now a solid B and known as one of the biggest divas in showbiz is afraid that her crack addiction might be revealed during a possible court case? Mary J. Blige; Anita Baker; Lauryn Hill

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#3**
What celebrity DJ is facing some possible backlash when he accidentally revealed to a magazine that he's a Scientologist? At least one of the major music fests are considering dropping him from the lineup. Skrillex

260. WINE AND SASS 03/22
This A-list award winning actor/director is off the wagon again. Whenever this happens, it's always sex and booze for a few months at a time, then he goes home and dries out, then you see pap pics of him being super dad for a few weeks. The last time he went off the rails, he hooked up with this B-list bad actress, who is now married to this B-list mostly movie actor. The A-lister's wife, another B-list mostly movie actress, doesn't usually care about these periods of time when her husband goes on these benders, but when it involves this actress, she goes bananas because the actress isn't exactly discreet, and would love nothing more than to wreck both her homes and end up with him forever.
A-list actor/director: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
B-list bad actress: Blake Lively
B-list actor/husband: Ryan Reynolds

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#1**
This former B list reality star who managed to move from one rich husband to the next multiple times had a stack of hundred dollar bills at a party recently and asked which strippers were going to take care of her orally. Two stepped up and they got paid a whole lot of money. Divorce pays I guess. Kimora Simmons

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#2**
This daughter of more famous than usual west coast Real Housewives parents had to be carried back to the suite she was sharing with her parents by security after she was found passed out in the corner of a bar in the hotel. The front of her dress was covered in puke. Alexia Umansky/Kyle Richards (mother)/Mauricio Umansky (father) in Las Vegas

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#3**
Chris Martin once had sex with which east coast Real Housewife? Oh, and she still calls and tries to hook up. Joanna Krupa

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#4**
This former A list reality star and still B list celeb got married not that long ago. People were shocked she got married but figured there were very practical reasons for her husband to do so. Even though she seems to earn all the income she gives him just about every penny. How does he repay her? By having sex with a couple of dancers from a strip club that he frequently attends. Holly Madison/Pasquale Rotella (she won’t have to testify against him)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#5**
This still in her teens B list reality star from an A list reality show had sex with this old enough to be her father perv photographer who can't stop bragging about it. Kendall Jenner/Terry Richardson

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#6**
One of the ways this former A list tweener and now A list prick gets his long time girlfriend to always come running back to him is all of the sex tapes he has of her doing almost everything with not just the boyfriend but others too including several Disney tweener females. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#7**
This network that has a really short name is deathly afraid of saying anything negative about this B list mostly television actor who once had a cable show and is now making a movie about it. They refuse to say anything bad about him. One person says it is because they are afraid of being sued and another says it is because he knows a lot of secrets about someone very famous who works for the network.
Network: E!
B list actor: Jeremy Piven
Famous person: Ryan Seacrest

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#8**
This barely A list mostly movie actor who bailed on the franchise that really put him at that A list bring had sex with his co-star from the last installment he did of that movie and his fresh faced A list co-star from a recent movie. Despite all of that he still found time to have sex with his wife and that is all she cares about. She is ok with the cheating on set. The key words being on set.
A list actor/wife: Christian Bale/Sibi Blazic
Franchise: "Batman"
Last installment/co-star: "The Dark Knight Rises"/Anne Hathaway
Recent movie/A list co-star: Jennifer Lawrence "American Hustle"
A list actor/wife: Tobey Maguire/Jennifer Meyer
Franchise: "Spider-Man"
Last installment/co-star: "Spider-Man 3"/Kirsten Dunst
Recent movie/A list co-star: "The Great Gatsby" Carey Mulligan
A list actor/wife: Matt Damon/Luciana Barroso
Franchise: "The Bourne Identity"
Last installment/co-star: "The Bourne Ultimatum"/Julia Stiles
Recent movie/A list co-star: Scarlett Johansson/"We Bought a Zoo"

269. TV GUIDE 03/24
A leading lady on a beloved, long-running network show will discover that she’s pregnant in the season finale. Need another hint? The show in question is featured elsewhere in this column. BLIND GOSSIP Note: Show mentioned in the column include: Orphan Black, Psych, The Good Wife, SVU, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Chicago Fire, Mistresses, Royal Pains, Switched at Birth, Nashville and Parks and Recreation; How I Met Your Mother.
TV Show:

270. NY POST/PAGE SIX 03/24
1. WHICH sex-crazed media bigwig has a hush-hush open marriage, but recently stunned his wife by moving a girlfriend into their sprawling home.

2. WHICH Hollywood power player can no longer participate in sexual activity, but gets his kicks by watching his young partner get it on with other lovers?

3. WHAT top Hollywood executive had be rushed to the hospital by his younger girlfriend when their sexual escapades resulted in a fractured member?

271. WINE AND SASS 03/24
This former A-list mostly movie actress now maybe B-list, has several frozen embryos because she and her much younger A-list mostly television actor husband had hoped to start a family of their own. Only that never happened, and when they divorced, the issue of what to do with the embryos never came up. Well now the actress is ready to blow the lid off the actor's new found happiness since she's been super miserable since the split. She's been consulting IVF clinics trying to have a pregnancy started with his baby. This won't happen, because she won't be able to give up her drugs long enough to cooperate with Dr.'s orders, but the actor is heading to court to have an injunction placed on the embryos to prevent the possibility of the actress hijacking his new life. Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher (Mila Kunis is pregnant)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#1**
The permanent B list mostly movie actress who often occupies this spot because of her drinking is never shy about who she is drinking with and never drinks alone so you can be sure that she was quick to point out to anyone who would listen that the other night she had drinks with this former B list mostly movie actress who is enjoying a one season run on a show that thankfully for everyone involves no acting.
Permanent B list actress: Marisa Tomei
Former B list actress: Lindsay Lohan
Show: "Lindsay"
(This was more relevant at the time because Lindsay was still pretending she was sober)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#2**
I think this is the first time this married B list mostly television actor who has never matched his early television success with any movie or television project he has done since including his most recent network effort has not let his failures slow down his cheating ways. Always a guy who never misses the chance to be with someone he was spotted recently with a castoff from the Gerard Butler collection half naked in his lap in the bar at a restaurant. The woman, a "reporter" always seems to get the best stories. I wonder how she does it. Tim Allen; Josh Holloway; James Van Der Beek

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#3**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress who was headed to A+ listerdom not all that long ago was in a franchise and a really powerful movie all at the same time. Now, she is lucky to find work. She supports her boyfriend financially and our actress is running into hard times so talked to her ex who, is still married to her after all these years and he agreed to loan our actress some money but also wanted sex so the two have been hooking up when she is out of town on "business".
Former almost A list actress: Mena Suvari
Boyfriend: tattoo artist Salvador Sanchez
Franchise movie: "American Pie" 1999
Powerful movie: "American Beauty" 1999
However, I think she is divorced. Not second marriage, he asked for alimony
Her first marriage was cinematographer Robert Brinkmann

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#4**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: When this A++ list actress and multiple Oscar winner arrived the US to appear in her first film outside of her home country, Hollywood execs were startled at how controlling and abusive her husband was. At a party to celebrate her new contract, her husband barked orders at her like a military general and his wife obediently followed his orders, robot-like. There was that time she arrived at the studio with her face black and blue from a night of beatings. The couple's daughter saw everything and was threatened with violence by her father if she told anyone. The actress found solace in the arms of several men including the married mogul who brought her to Hollywood, the A++ Oscar winning married actor/co-star who would soon ditch her for the love of his life and that future Oscar winning actor/co-star who was then almost A-list. It was no big surprise in Hollywood when she finally got the guts to leave her husband for that foreign born director, although some of the conservative power players in Tinseltown made it their mission to bring her down and at first they succeeded but the actress proved them wrong in a big way.
Actress: Ingrid Bergman
Husband: Petter Aron Lindström (dentist, later to become a neurosurgeon) (In Life Magazine, the "doctor regards himself as the undisputed head of the family, an idea that Ingrid accepts cheerfully.")
Daughter: Friedel Pia Lindström
Married Mogul: David O. Selznick
A++ Oscar actor: Spencer Tracy [left her for love of his life Katharine Hepburn]
Almost A list/future Oscar winner/co-star: Gregory Peck
Foreign born director: Roberto Rosselini (Hollywood tried to black-ball her)
Conservative Power Players: Hedda Hopper, William Randolph Hearst and Louella Parsons
How she proved them wrong: won the Oscar for 'Anastasia ['56]

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#5**
He doesn't like kids. He isn't good with kids. He doesn't want any kids. He spent an entire weekend drinking booze and hiding from her kids. Chances are good then that when this A list model turned reality host turned whatever else she does finally gets bored with the sex then the guy will be gone. Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#6**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: Back in her heyday, this comedic actress was A-list and then suddenly quit at the top of her game, mainly because her married lover (one of the richest men in America the time) and financial backer butted too many heads with Hollywood's movie moguls. The following incident happened when the star was at the height of her popularity. One day, her lover decided that their living situation should be taken one step further. He and his mistress went to Tijuana to get a divorce from his long suffering wife and get hitched right there on the spot. The actress didn't know it at the time but she was also pregnant with his child. The wife didn't take the news of their divorce so well, she became a virtual recluse. Amazingly, this never leaked to the press for obvious reasons.
Marion Davies and William Randolf Hearst
Their daughter , Patricia, was raised as Marion Davies' niece
(When after 7 years Penny Singleton left the radio sitcom "Blondie" in the mid-1940s, Lake replaced her as the voice of Blondie Bumstead for the remaining five years of the show, opposite her real-life husband Arthur Lake, who played Blondie's spouse, Dagwood)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#7**
This former A list model has never recovered from her pregnancy acne. The scarring on her face has kept her from getting any modeling work and she has spent thousands of dollars trying to fix it but even laser peels have failed to do the job.

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#8**
This bracket bust of a team had an early exit. A very early exit. I wonder if it has anything to do with their star player staying out late the night before the game with his soon to be signed agent and the agent's female friends who spent some alone time with the future NBA pick. The drinking probably didn't help. Apparently the missed curfew violation was overlooked too. Jabari Parker "Duke University"

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#9**
Back in the day this A+ list mostly movie actor was a regular user of heroin. He would hole up in hotel rooms with whoever was his girlfriend of the month and party himself nearly to death. One of the women he dated for about six months said that more than once she would come home after being at a shoot or on a set and find him motionless and think he was dead. Our actor's saving grace is that he never combines anything when he is doing heroin. He would always abstain from using pills or other drugs although he would drink. When he would mix drinking with heroin he would become violent which seems hard to fathom but things would get destroyed. Not people, but things. Angry would be an understatement how he was when he was on it. There was a really long absence from the drug but he recently became involved with a woman who has used it in the past, but only in pill form. Our actor, never being a fan of pills tried the pills a few times and it has brought back the urge and in the past few months he has been on two and three day benders inside various hotel suites with his girlfriend. His already thin frame has been reduced. His infrequent showers are even more spaced out. Our actor is the same as he used to be. Only one person who knew him back in the day has also seen him now and apparently the violence has been reduced dramatically when he uses. The reason though is he is combining other drugs and now there is a worry that his new girlfriend is encouraging the behavior because she thinks it gives them a better high.
Actor: Johnny Depp
Current girlfriend: Amber Heard

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#1**
This married former A list entertainer (singer) turned reality star was hammered at a restaurant the other night and did his best Robin Thicke impression when any woman who wanted to take their photo with him had to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas but then when they actually wanted a photo after he would tell them no. Nick Lachey

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#2**
What C-list mostly television actor who is married to a publicity hungry entertainer/celebrity is sparking rumors that he might be back on the weed and/or pills? He was spotting at an event for his children, looking 30 pounds heavier. Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#3**
Which A+ list entertainer (singer) is wary about making a certain television appearance because she overheard a family member of her husband saying that the host and the singer's husband used to hook up with each other back in the day. Just one of many for him.
A+ list entertainer:
Television appearance:
Singer’s husband:

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#4**
This former girlfriend of an A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee says that she was made to watch the actor get serviced by other men.

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#5**
Photos of texts are being offered for sale which show this former almost A list mostly television actress (with C- list talent) has several different doctors who prescribe her a variety of pills she takes each day. I bet her new B list mostly television actress co-star would love for her to share. Tori Spelling/Jennie Garth

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#6**
This A list television producer who everyone rightfully hates has another little secret. He has a foot fetish that makes Quentin Tarantino's look tame. Apparently the producer has hours of footage of the feet of all the women that have been on his shows or auditioned for them. A couple of the tweens that had sex with him say that many times all they needed to do was let him use their feet so to speak and he would be satisfied. Dan Schneider

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress from one of the biggest cable shows on television is lucky to be alive. Apparently she and some friends have been using some land in the hills east of Malibu to try and make their own meth and had a small explosion last week. No one was inside the storage shed they were using but a couple of people were injured trying to push the shed into a pond it was near and then putting out the flames.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#8**
This A+ list mostly movie actress usually has her assistant call a pap agency to snap the photo of our actress. The assistant is on vacation so our actress made the call herself and whispered the entire time like it was a state secret. She then called the pap three more times to confirm everything and where they would meet. Apparently it was hilarious but the pap didn't want to laugh while on the phone for fear of losing the daily job. Reese Witherspoon

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#9**
The Sci Fi Convention: This actor is probably B-/C+. I would lean towards the C+ range except he has been in so many things and also is Emmy nominated for his acting that for now he stays at a B-. His most recent series was canceled by a network after a half-season run and his series have generally been one and done after a year. Good shows, just no audiences. Anyway, our married with children actor had himself quite the convention. One of the runners caught him smoking pot at the smoking spot. He had also been drinking quite a bit. Later in the day there was a party for the convention staff & talent. Our actor showed up with a woman on his arms and the two of them proceeded to make out quite heavily. People decided to go swimming so a few went to the locker rooms to change. Our actor was in the locker room making out with this woman. The woman later that night was bragging that she had sex with him after spending an hour in his hotel room with him. Something to be really proud of there. The actor ended the night passed out drunk in a lawn chair at the pool.

290. WINE AND SASS 03/25
This C-list television actress is off the wagon again in a big way and has been for a while now. She's on her very last chance with her current project, and got that last chance begging for it after they wanted to ax her midway through the season. She went back to treatment, and had everyone fooled she was sober again. Until recently when she saw this A-list actor at a restaurant. He's known as one of the nicest, kindest guys in the business, but she abused him so terribly when they worked together in the past, and tried so hard to make trouble for him when he went to producers with the truth about her problems, he has been very vocal that she's a con, and she blames him for not being able to work very much. Upon seeing him, she launched into a drunken tirade that would blow your wig back, which isn't unusual, she screams at everyone. The bad thing was, a producer, the one who helped her keep her job was there watching the whole thing go down. Expect to see her character written out when the new season starts.
C-list actress: Emma Roberts
Current Project: "American Horror Story"
A-list actor: Dwayne Johnson "Empire State"

291. BLIND GOSSIP 03/25
This Actor on a current prime-time television series hates one of his male Costars. So what did he do about it? He plotted to get him kicked off the show! We told you about this situation in an earlier blind item. The Actor met with the show’s producers to tell them that Costar was the reason that the show’s ratings had declined and that they should replace him with someone else! Well, the Costar read the blind item, found out that this event really happened… and all hell broke loose on the set! Costar confronted Actor. During the day. On the set. With everyone in the cast and crew watching! It was an all-out screaming match! Actor told Costar: You are ruining the show! You aren’t good-looking or talented enough to be anyone’s love interest! You’re naive to think that people on the show are really friends with each other and that we don’t talk behind each other’s backs! Costar screamed right back: I thought we were friends! I can’t believe that you betrayed me like this! I can’t believe that you would mess with my career! Everybody got dragged into the producer’s offices over the next couple of days for multiple meetings. People were crying and yelling. A decision was made. Costar is OUT! He wasn’t fired, per se, but he was strongly encouraged to leave. He will finish out this season, but that’s it. He will not come back at all next season. Not even for guest appearances. Producers will spin his departure as a combination of plot modifications/he’s pursuing other interests/we all love him and wish him well, etc. But you’ll know the truth. He was pushed out by a nasty coworker. By the way, there were also two actresses and another actor also involved in this mess. Do you love every colleague with whom you have ever worked with? Of course not! But if you are smart and professional, you do your job to the best of your ability and you try to get along. And if you are immature and nasty, you try to get them fired. You already know that Actor 1 campaigned to get his Costar kicked off their television show. These sorts of things don’t happen in a vacuum, though. Other colleagues got mired in this mess, and we want to tell you how they were involved or affected. Actress 1 is close friends with Actor 1, and was a his co-conspirator in this mess. She complained and made fun of Costar behind his back, and played wing man to Actor 1 in meetings with the producers to get Costar fired. While Actress 1 didn’t take the lead in getting Costar canned, she certainly is guilty of supporting the Actor’s nasty conduct, and deserves much of the blame for what happened. We’ve got news for you, Actress 1 (and we know you are reading this!): Your colleagues at work are not at all happy with the chaos that you have created. They think you have a lot of nerve criticizing Costar for not being honest about who he is and for staging relationships for the publicity. Pot, kettle. One more thing, Actress 1: We wonder if you would be such good friends with Actor 1 if you knew that he used to constantly talk behind your back? You should really confront him and ask him about the very nasty nickname he had for you the first couple of years you worked together. The producers of this television show allowed the tail to wag the dog, and the results were both predictable and ugly. Actor 1 and Actress 1 didn’t just screw over their Costar. They also messed with another cast member’s paychecks! Actress 2 got caught in the crossfire. She was going to be transitioning off the show eventually. However, the producers decided that they could not have two popular characters leave so close together. So they had to get rid of Actress 2 immediately. We already told you how this is going to happen on the show. Actress 2 was furious about being given the bum’s rush! She was counting on those steady paychecks. She does know that Actor 1 and Actress 1 were responsible for this and is really pissed off at them. However, Actress 2 is more mature than her colleagues so don’t expect to hear any public anger from her (or her man) about how she was screwed over in this. The final cast member that was directly impacted is Actor 2. He was the guy that Actor 1 and Actress pitched to the producers to replace Costar and become Actor 1's boyfriend on the show. According to Actor 1, "Costar isn’t good-looking or talented enough to play (my character’s) boyfriend. I deserve to have someone better looking and more talented." Yes, Actor 1 really said that. Actor 2 wasn’t a regular on the show, but he did have some story arcs, and became off-screen friends with Actor 1 and Actress 1. He was initially amenable to taking the job, but – when all the drama and craziness started going down – he bowed out, citing other work commitments. That was smart of him. How and when are they going to write Costar out of the series? The short answer is… nobody knows! The writers can’t figure out how to take out his character without leaving too many plot holes. The latest idea is to let his character move to the big city (as originally planned) for just a couple of episodes, and then get rid of him. No, we don’t think that they will kill him off. After all, this is comedy, not Game of Thrones (although we love the idea of a "Red Audition" episode)! So, to summarize, here is what we know TODAY (but keep in mind that things are changing on a daily basis): Actress 2 is out in the next couple of episodes but will occasionally make guest appearances; Actor 2 is out as a series regular; Costar is out (as soon as they can figure out a departure story that works) and will not be making any return appearances once he’s gone; the cast and crew are upset; and the plot is a big stinking mess… all thanks to the evil plotting of Actor 1 and his wing man Actress 1! Of course, everyone could kiss and make up and be happy tomorrow. But we doubt it.
Actor 1: Chris Colfer "Kurt Hummel"
Actor 2: Adam Lambert "Elliott 'Starchild' Gilbert"
Costar: Darren Criss "Blaine Anderson"
Actress 1: Lea Michele "Rachel Berry"
Actress 2: Naya Rivera "Santana Lopez"/(her man: Big Sean)
TV Show: "Glee"

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress is still a minor. Her "boyfriend" introduced her to another man who is well over twice her age. The "boyfriend" was paid for this transaction. It turns out he did something similar with a few of his former "girlfriends." He uses his profession which doesn't make him much money as a way to meet women who would be open to the possibility.

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#2**
This A+ list mostly movie actor had a meeting this week. During the meeting a woman waited alone at another table until our might as well be married actor to an A+ list mostly movie actress finished. She then got up and the he put his arm around her before they went back up to the room they had come from before he had his meeting. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#3**
This B- list mostly movie actress is still married. She and her celebrity husband have definitely hit a rough patch. Part of the reason might be the fling she is having with her publicist. The two are inseparable. Paula Patton

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#4**
This DWTS pro made an advertising agency go through three different production assistants until he found one who was attractive to him and would also flirt with him during the one hour shoot. The one he chose did turn him down after when he suggested they go to his hotel for a quickie because he didn't have time to take her to dinner. Maksim Chmerkovskiy

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#5**
"Fine. Then you can just go wait back in the trailer and your sister will be a star."- B- list mostly television actress with A list name recognition who was shooting a commercial with some of her kids. Apparently one of the kids was upset about something and crying so she was banned from the shoot by her mom while another kid got to stay. Denise Richards

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#6**
This C+ list actress turned to acting after a career as an A list entertainer (athlete). She and her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend are having issues. Might have something to do with the fact he cheats on her every week and is not shy about sharing photos and movies she made for him with his friends. Gina Carano/Henry Cavill
(they split)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#7**
This B list mostly television actor who always talks about his family values and doesn't take roles that compromise his values was at a strip club in Tijuana this weekend. I wonder what his wife thinks about that. Neal McDonough; Ricky Schroder

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#8**
Our actor has been around forever. He has been in tons of shows and some movies too. He has waited and waited for his big break and he finally got it. He also got a wife to go with that big break. His wife is an actress. She has been in a string of highly forgettable movies and each of those movies she secured via the casting couch. None of you have heard of her even though she has been in almost twenty movies. She is also a favorite of directors and producers as last minute arm candy for a red carpet and they know they will get lucky at the end of the night. When our actor finally got cast for his big break he happened to go to a party that night and was telling everyone his good fortune. Our actress was there and heard his story and the next thing you know there was a whirlwind romance and within two weeks they got married. She has even managed to land a recurring role in his big break. Funny how that happened. Her biggest role. Our actor has no idea about the reputation of the actress except there were some unexplained late night visits from people to her apartment while they were dating. She has since got a new phone number and moved in with our actor. Neither of these people have been in a blind before.

300. BLIND GOSSIP 03/26 **#1**
This TV show is debating whether or not to ask a certain young actress back for next season. She has a famous name, but her behavior on the set last season was… challenging. A fellow cast/crew member described her to us this way: "This girl is a drunk, crying, egotistical, over-emotional, prima donna mess." Producers are delaying her offer while they consider their other options. The fact that other members of the cast (including her boyfriend) have already been asked back for next season is supposedly extremely embarrassing for her.
Actress: Emma Roberts (boyfriend: Evan Peters)
TV Show: "American Horror Story"

301. BLIND GOSSIP 03/26 **#2**
This Actress wants you to think that she is down to earth, but she is not. She was at JFK International Airport, waiting for an flight from New York to London, when she had a meltdown over the boarding procedure. She was at the front of the line, but the airline was boarding people with special needs and people with small children first. Our Actress began yelling at the ticket attendant. This isn’t an exact quote, but pretty close: "But you should have let ME board first! I’m in first class! I need to be let on the airplane first! I can’t board with the rest of these people! It’s too chaotic with small children and people in wheelchairs! I have a first class ticket! Do you understand what that means? That means that I get everything FIRST! I eat first, I drink first, and I board first! That’s what first class means!" BONUS CLUE! If flying irritates her, perhaps she should consider taking a nice long cruise. Kate Winslet (clue: "Titanic")

He’s a Young Gangsta claiming to be Re’ed Up and Compton-bred, but his Left ain’t meeting his Right. Know why? This Jackson is being revealed as a Paramount, Cali kid, who caught a Blood beat-down by bonafide Piru Hittas. We’re told that’s while dude was delivering ‘My Hitta’!!! He landed his first set of shine from doin’ the ‘Jerk’ dance… all up in his skinny jeans. But he’ll have you believe he’s earned solid street cred from serving time for robbery. Know why? That’s the tale he used to fuel his recently televised pub job. Just ask Arsenio. This mugshot man is said to be crossing LA’s code of the streets… by throwin’ up twisted and misrepp’ed set signs. Just ask Jeezy. Now, can you guess the name of the Phony Thug I’m talking about? YG

303. WINE AND SASS 03/27
This B-list mostly movie actor, and one time teen idol, has been struggling for a while with a hardcore drug problem. He's been getting into 'street trouble' recently, but it isn't drug related. He's been prostituting himself to men in order to pay for them, since his fortune has run out. Zac Efron

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#1**
This always B list in my indie loving heart mostly movie actress who has had trouble getting and keeping gigs in the past few years was so wasted at dinner the other night that she fell asleep at her table and couldn't even form words and could barely even make sounds. Parker Posey

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#2**
Which '60s It Girl and Rat Pack favorite has become a shell of her former self? She's back on the coke again which might explain her rail thin figure. Joey Heatherton

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#3**
Which funk legend is now residing at an LA nursing home after his daughter (who rescued him from homelessness) said she saw him hitting on his caretaker? Sly Stone

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#4**
Which barely-hanging-onto A-list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is in hiding because of a botched face-lift? Tom Cruise (where is he?)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#5**
Which B-list actress and future wife of this entertainer (athlete) was laughing and joking about his ex wife being in the psych ward? Thankfully, her fiancé didn't find it funny. Gabrielle Union/Dwayne Wade (ex-wife: Siohvaughn Funches)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#6**
While hanging out with his baby mama and his harem, this A list everything guy managed to find time to have sex with a pap. Our A lister said he just wanted to do his part for good relations. Simon Cowell

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#7**
Sweat was dripping from this former A list tweener yesterday and was high as a kite as she talked to people about doing what is right. One almost A list mostly movie actor who saw the former tweener said she had enough drugs in her system to start her own pharmacy. Selena Gomez/Orlando Bloom

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#8**
With his girlfriend finally scoring an acting gig and out of town to boot, this A list mostly television actor has been non-stop women and booze and fun and isn't planning on stopping. The great thing for him is he has press all over the country and world to see so he is turning it into one big blowout. I'm sure his long suffering girlfriend is thrilled.
A list actor: Jon Hamm
Press for "Mad Men"
Girlfriend: Jennifer Westfeldt
Acting gig: Off-Broadway play "The Library"

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#9**
I was doing some research on a film from back in the day that has come up a few times in the past week. It has come up because the star of the film has some other projects she is plugging now and a lot of the old stories about the movie are resurfacing. There will be a blind about that movie next week. While doing the research though, I saw one of my favorites in the cast list and clicked on her name to see what she is up to now. When I clicked, I had to blink a couple of times because I thought to myself that couldn't be right. She would never do that. It turns out she would. She is an actress who has literally been around forever, but never looks old. She is considered a mostly television actress and had a nice long run on a hit cable television show that ended not that long ago. She is known though for something much more important in history. I consider her to be the first "it girl." The first time that term may have been used. That is a big honor. Anyway, she has a secret that she only shared with a few people who got drunk with her back in the day in the club that will never be duplicated. She says she had sex with one of the most infamous people in history. She had so many details that no one left an encounter with her doubting her story. As far as I know she has not mentioned it to anyone in decades and my source from that club who was there every night and is still friends with her today says she never mentions it. She is afraid of the damage it might cause her career now. So, that is what makes what she is doing now, so damn interesting.
Patti D'Arbanville and Charles Manson "Manson Girls"

313. BLIND GOSSIP 03/27
This male celebrity screwed up and his celebrity wife kicked him to the curb. He has made public statements about wanting her back and claims that he is doing everything possible to be a good and faithful husband. Ha! Not even close! Cheater has a secret girlfriend! Let’s talk about her. She is a college student, which makes her a lot younger than Cheater. Tall girl with long, blonde hair. College Girl is attending school in the United States but is originally from another country. She is not famous. The couple was set up by a mutual Friend. He has the same profession as Cheater, but is not quite as famous as him. Friend is from the same country as College Girl. Cheater and College Girl have been quietly and carefully dating for several months now. He is rich, so he flies her out to stay with him wherever he goes. So the next time you hear Cheater talking so sincerely about how hard he is working to get his wife back… know that he is shedding those crocodile tears right before hopping back into bed with his girlfriend, College Girl! BONUS: (No It’s Not) Robin Thicke and Paula Patton!
Cheater: Lamar Odom
Wife: Khloe Kardashian
College Girl (not famous):
Friend who set them up: Pau Gasol (Spain)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress who is a C by her recent body of work but has that A+ name recognition keeping her artificially inflated was told by a director that she was too heavy to play a recent role. That wine diet is probably hurting her. Our actress really wants the role and has started working out four hours a day to try and burn off the extra twenty pounds she has gained. I think she looks great. Reese Witherspoon

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#2**
This married to a celebrity B- list mostly movie actress who is hanging onto her B listerdom by the faint threads of her once popular franchise was definitely not dining with her husband the other night. Our ringless actress was holding hands across the table with her male friend until she moved next to him and used other body parts to show him how much she was enjoying their time together. Nikki Reed/"Twilight" (This is when she was still married to Paul McDonald. I missed it the first time through when finding all the guys she hooked up with while married)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress is out promoting her huge new movie and has ditched her sober companion a couple of times. Considering she left rehab after just a couple of weeks to do press, executives should be worried about her, but they just want the movie to do well so are just trying to keep her boozing and drugging manageable where she is happy and rehab can wait. Emma Stone "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#4**
This A list couple which, if taken separately would not add up to A list took a private flight that lasted well over seven hours. According to a flight attendant on the flight, the couple spoke briefly a few times. They had to walk to the other person because they kept separated by the entire space of the passenger cabin. "It was like a couple of friends taking a flight together and not a couple that was intimate with each other." Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#5**
This soon to be only a reality star after her current gig expires was stopped at a restaurant this week by a man and before he said anything our lucky to be working celebrity said she doesn't take photos with fans or sign autographs. Extremely rude. The man then told her he was one of her bosses at her new endeavor and she suddenly turned on the smile and tried to pretend she had not been the meanest person on the planet seconds earlier.
Reality star: Maria Menounos
Reality show: "Chasing Maria Menounos" on Oxygen
Current gig expiring: "Extra"

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#6**
This B+ list mostly television actress who would love to be in movies like her A list husband, has a new project. She already demanded two extra trailers. One for her female friend and one for her hair and makeup team because she doesn't like other people to see her get ready and they need to spread out.
B+ list actress: Jada Pinkett Smith
A list husband: Will Smith
New Project: "Gotham"

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#7**
The money/sponsorship/begging train has begun for this B- list reality star who used to be, well, a reality star and before that was some type of entertainer and she got to keep most of her clothes on. Anyway, she has been hitting up tabloids and companies because she wants to get paid for wedding shower/baby shower/baby photos/baby moon/push present and anything else she can think of. She is bombarding everyone with what she considers to be the biggest payday of her life and wants $1M in cash and gifts over the course of the next year. Stacy Kiebler

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#8**
This married B-/C+ list celebrity with A list name recognition told her entertainer husband she would be willing to fulfill his fantasy for his birthday but was not expecting or very happy about having to take care of three of his friends. She felt forced. Pamela Anderson/Rick Solomon (birthday: January 24)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#9**
This permanent A list entertainer (singer) is on his own right now after his band told him they were done for good. Apparently our singer, while wasted, sitting at a restaurant he owns, started talking about all the times his band mates cheated on their spouses.
Entertainer: Richie Sambora
Band: "Bon Jovi"

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#10**
For the past few months things have been getting worse. What was always a volatile relationship has turned more violent than volatile. Family members have tried to help this C list reality star offspring of this former A+ list entertainer (singer). From people I have spoken to who have been inside the home of our C lister, things are bad. There are drugs everywhere. There is cash everywhere. It is like watching Scarface. The significant other of our C lister thinks he is the next Scarface. The thing is he sucks at business. He just uses the money of our C lister to make it seem like he is making millions of dollars. Instead he is spending every cent she gets in the second it comes in and has made her sign all types of documents which have basically cost her most of her future income for the next few years. When he doesn't keep her drugged up he beats her. He has all kinds of recordings of her doing anything he can think of just to keep her in line. He says he will release it all if she tries to leave him. She is scared of him and loves him at the same time. When he is wasted the beatings can be rough and there have been shots fired more than once. Everyone knows he is going to end up killing her one night. She will try and leave and he won't like that and will shoot her and kill her. The family hopes she can escape, but she has no place to go that she would accept help from. In September of last year I revealed it to be Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. As I told you yesterday, police are investigating Nick in the death of Bobbi. Today, TMZ and Gawker have jumped on board and reported what I told you yesterday and the death was only a matter of time.
Bobbi Kristina Brown (parents Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown)
Husband: Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon Brandishes His Guns on Twitter
Pat Houston wins restraining order against Bobbi Kristina Brown's husband

324. BLIND GOSSIP 03/28
She was the sweet and pretty star of very popular ensemble TV series, so it isn’t surprising that a major company tapped her to represent their brand a year or so ago. They shot a TV commercial. Simple enough. No stunts. Just walking and talking. However, reports from the set are that this actress made this simple commercial shoot an absolute disaster! As soon as she arrived on set, the actress immediately excused herself to go to the bathroom. After a while, a crew member went in to check on her. She found the actress snorting up line after line of cocaine! The actress came back to set so amped up that she had trouble sitting still for hair and makeup. They began the shoot, but she was so jittery and jiggly that they had to do take after take. Everyone in the cast and crew was getting annoyed and frustrated. The actress excused herself to the bathroom once more. Another half hour passed. Another crew member was dispatched to retrieve her. To their horror, they found that the actress had passed out in the bathroom! She was slumped up against the wall, eyes closed, head to one side. She must have taken some sort of sedative to counteract the coke, because she would not respond to the crew member’s attempts to wake her. They called for the actress’ agent, who finally succeeded in waking her up, picking her up, and physically dragging her back onto the set. The actress – once all coked up and wired – could now barely stand or speak! She babbled incoherently, screwed up every line, fell over twice, and could barely keep her eyes open. In order to get usable footage for the finished commercial, the company had to manipulate the footage. They spliced her head from when she was coked out (in order to get audible speech) onto her body from when she was sedated but not jittery and jiggly. The finished product looks good, but the cast and crew from that commercial shoot never want to work with her again.
Ashley Benson "Pretty Little Liars" "Intel Ultrabook"

Lucy Hale "Pretty Little Liars" "Bing"
Selena Gomez "Wizards of Waverly" "K-Mart"

Back when Vivica A. Fox called him her man, she obviously had no problem with who he really prefers to smash. Know why? We’re told, "he’s down with the Boys Club." Don’t believe me.. Ask Allen Payne. If he didn’t ‘Take That’ Bad Boy-backing, he may not have made it to the level of pulling a Black Hollywood takeover — Ask Luda. We’re told.. this Plush person keeps his name relevant "because that blogger stays on his payroll"… Ask Sandra Rose. He’s a grown azz man who calls another dude his BFF. Now, can you guess the ATL entertainment promoter I’m talking about? Omar "Slim" White ("slimofplushblue")

There’s more than meets the eye to this actor’s sudden and unexpected sobriety. He never had a reputation as a partier, and when he recently announced he’d given up drinking, questions arose. Why did he quit? The inside story is that our seemingly straight leading man was in the habit of getting liquored up and cruising Craigslist for twinky young guys. One of these playful hustlers caused a loud incident in which police were almost called. He paid the kid to keep quiet and that close call is the reason he stopped drinking. Liam Neeson

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#1**
This former A list mostly movie actor who will always be A list to people of a certain generation seems to be getting crankier with age. As usual the other night, the 80's and 90's actor was being bought drinks from men and women alike but rarely said thank you unless they were an attractive woman topping out in the mid 20's. He would push his sunglasses up and ask if they wanted to have sex. Val Kilmer

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#2**
They might be on vacation together and in the same suite, but that doesn't mean the couple is having sex or staying in the same bedroom. This A+ list entertainer ("singer") is sleeping solo or with her kids. No one else. No alone time with her boyfriend behind a closed door either. Britney Spears

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#3**
When you miss your wife's birthday because you were partying with another woman, I don't care what you say or do after, you know the whole thing is a sham. Kind of like when Will and Jada talk about their sex life. Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon (her birthday is the 27th, but I can’t find anything about her gift from Nick until the 28th)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#4**
This A+ list entertainer (singer) has been offered booze and weed in the past week multiple times and said no. There is a not a drug or a drink she won't ingest so that whole pregnancy thing is looking a lot more likely. Rihanna

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#5**
Kindness: This A+ list entertainer (singer) has been on a kindness roll this week. Apparently she baked well over 1,000 cookies completely on her own with no professional help. None. She did them all in one night and even threw out batches she didn't think were right. She then presented them in tins with 20 each to 50 different crew members with a note thanking them. Taylor Swift

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#6**
It turns out that Justin Bieber is not the only person who can use a private jet as their own personal hot box. This A+ list mostly movie actor and multiple Academy Award winner/nominee did the same thing on a very long distance international flight with many of his friends. Leonardo DiCaprio

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#1**
This almost A list mostly movie actress, who was a little higher before a bad recent movie decision has been cheating on her B+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend every chance she gets. She even makes the boyfriend watch her place and other things while she is out of town cheating on him. Amanda Seyfried "Lovelace"/Justin Long

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#2**
This flash in the pan, true definition of fifteen minute fame who has an A+ list recognizable face from his character acting work has been spotted cruising around in places where children congregate. No one has actually caught him doing anything other than staring but parents who have seen him said it is really creepy. This will be revealed.

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#3**
Kid's Choice Awards: This former A list tweener and now a B list mostly movie actress who isn't very good was wasted out of her mind last night at the Kid's Choice Awards. There was talk of her not being allowed to go on stage but thought it would just cause more drama then letting her go on. Selena Gomez

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#4**
Kid's Choice Awards: At last night's Kid Choice Awards, this actress from a hit network ensemble show was all over this brand new A list mostly movie actor who you could call A+. Even though he had his girlfriend with him he just left his kids with the girlfriend and spent the night flirting with the network actress. Phone numbers and lots of kisses were exchanged at the end of the night. Lea Michele/Kevin Hart (girlfriend and kids)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#5**
This B-/C+ list mostly movie actress who is more known for her interesting name and celebrity work rather than acting waited for an hour for her husband to show up. She kept making excuses. He finally showed up and just wanted to leave. She made him stay. She probably would have been a whole lot less kind if she knew that he was spending time casting his latest movie. In a hotel suite. With an actress who might replace the wife who he says is getting annoying. Milla Jovovich/Paul W.S. Anderson "Resident Evil 6"

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#6**
Kid's Choice Awards: This B list reality star from an A list network reality show and her current male co-star were making out everywhere much to the chagrin of his fans who think he can do better. One spy said that despite all the people it was pretty touch and go whether the couple would just have sex backstage. You definitely felt like you needed to tip at the end of the night after watching them.
Reality star: Peta Murgatroyd
Current male co-star: James Maslow
Reality Show: "Dancing With the Stars"

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#7**
Kid's Choice Awards: This foreign born B+ list entertainer (singer) got into a huge fight with his still in her teen C+ list celebrity/sometime reality star girlfriend because a bunch of teens kept coming up to her wanting photos and also wanting her to autograph recent naked photos of herself which she was happy to do. Cody Simpson/Gigi Hadid

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#8**
Kid's Choice Awards: This mid-teen tweener from a Disney show, who has been in this spot before was at her worst behavior again last night. She refused to talk to fans or pose for photos and was the biggest pain in the butt the entire night to almost everyone. She is going to have a tough time finding work when her show ends. G. Hannelius "Dog with a Blog"

Time will reveal the problems this Ol' School Artist is having with the family. He has 13 children, but his latest babymomma is a having an affair with one of his older kids. Can he wake up from this dream?!!!!!! El Debarge his baby momma Monica Peyton is sleeping with his 20 year old son Sabastian McKissack

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#1**
Last week, this C list celebrity offspring of a former A+ list mostly movie actor was asked about the woman who was with him. He said that his dad paid for her for the week to be with the offspring. Interesting gift. Patrick/Arnold Schwarzenegger

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#2**
This B list everything who literally has done just about everything may want to rethink casting that B- list mostly movie actress who has also done everything and everyone in town. The actress hooked up with the husband of the B lister.
B list: Drew Barrymore
Movie: "How To Be Single"
B- list actress:

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#3**
There was just more than air kisses and hugs between this starting to age former A+ list mostly movie actress and this still young B list mostly movie actress headed to A. The pair met and had drinks and then were spotted in a Vegas club doing a whole lot more than just talking. The younger actress was definitely in take charge mode.
A+ actress: Angelina Jolie
B list actress: Shailene Woodley
Venue: CinemaCon

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#4**
This B- list celebrity who once had a big annual honor in a certain augmented corner of the celebrity world is dating a former reality star from that ABC show that mints a million of them. She says that at least in this relationship she has sex which she didn't have for the two year relationship she had with this A list everything entertainment mogul/host.
B- list celebrity: hockey pro Brooks Laich
Annual honor: nominated for Sports Illustrated "Sportsman of the Year 2010"
Former reality star: Julianne Hough
ABC show: "Dancing With the Stars"
A list everything entertainment mogul/host: Ryan Seacrest

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#5**
This A list diva and B or C list everything else earned a very cool $250K for two hours of one on one time with a very wealthy man while she was out of the country this past week. She also received a custom made Bentley just for her. Jennifer Lopez in Dubai

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#6**
This barely hanging onto A list mostly movie actress had to switch hotel rooms after she and her husband got into a huge fight. The actress and her new husband were both drunk and an entire cabinet of dishes was destroyed during the fight. As in it was toppled to the ground. The actress is currently filming a movie. Her husband left town.

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#7**
This B list entertainer (singer) had his new celebrity girlfriend trolling through groupies trying to find a third for their threesome. He is just going full bore now that he is getting divorced. Jason Aldean/Brittany Kerr

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#8**
Before heading home to her kid(s), this former B list entertainer (singer) was doing lines of coke like a champ at a big event where she was trying to fit in but was not succeeding. The open coke use was probably part of the problem.

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#9**
I can think of some really bad stage moms and dads. Some of them have done some truly awful things. This stage mom is not the absolute worst I have seen, but she comes close. The fact that her daughter is an A list mostly movie actress is probably still not enough for her. This is how she got her daughter to the A list. The mom started off way back in the day getting her daughter ready for her career in movies by putting her daughter on Adderall and the pill. She wanted her daughter skinny and she wanted her daughter to not get pregnant. The mom would network and meet producers and directors and casting agents and the ones she felt worthy would introduce her daughter to. She expected her daughter to have sex with the men and women she brought home to her daughter or to the home of the individual. The mom would wait outside because her daughter wasn't old enough to drive. The mom would make the daughter watch porn to show her how to please men and women. The mom is proud that her daughter has slept with all these people and doesn't care how her daughter made it to the top. The daughter has never fought back against her mom or her dad. They are the only people she truly trusts. She also couldn't escape them even if she wanted to because they are always nearby. Not Leo DiCaprio mom close by, but they are there. When their daughter got the role that changed her life they were right there. Apparently there have been some fights. The daughter prefers women over men but the parents think it will ruin her career if she announces that. They helped their daughter find her current girlfriend who has also been a quiet behind the scenes lover of some other actresses. The problem is there are no guys and her fans only want her to be with one guy and that isn't happening. People have started to talk about the woman that is always there with our actress and eventually the pieces will all tumble together.
A list actress: Kristen Stewart
Role that changed her life: "Twilight"
Current girlfriend: Alicia Cargille
Fans want her to be with: Robert Pattinson
Lainey blind item

351. BLIND GOSSIP 03/31 **#1**
They were both still married when they started secretly seeing each other in 2013. Since then, they have each separated from their spouses. Those breakups were widely reported in the press. The spotlight on their personal lives apparently isn’t stopping them from moving forward with their own relationship! In fact, we have two stunning developments to report. The first: They are moving in together! Yes, already. His house. Why the rush? That’s the second stunning development: She is three and a half months pregnant with his baby! Wait until her husband finds out! BONUS CLUE! The song "Summertime" contains two clues about the expectant parents.
Him: Brad Falchuk
His Ex: Suzanne Falchuk
Her: Gwyneth Paltrow
Her Ex: Chris Martin

Him: James Packer
His Ex: Erica Packer
Her: Miranda Kerr
Her Ex: Orlando Bloom

352. BLIND GOSSIP 03/31 **#2**
This megastar actor was MIA for a couple of months, which is an eternity in the celebrity world. Where was he? Working? Nope. He was getting his face done! For the second time. Or is it the third time? The actor is working on multiple sequels to his past hit films, so multiple face sequels make sense. Once again, it’s good work. But it IS work. His new boyish haircut covers the plastic surgery scars that haven’t quite healed. Until they do… it’s shaggy time! Tom Cruise

353. WINE AND SASS 03/31
It's been a rough weekend for this C-list celebrity. First, their significant other/spouse was gone and really no where to be found when the celebrity was trying to convince the world that they were blissfully happy and together. Right now they're going through one of their phases of not speaking to each other after a headline made the news the spouse specifically planted to set the celebrity off. The celebrity immediately blamed the spouse's ex for causing the rift between him, and has once again set their sights on a complete public tear down. The celebrity had been waiting to do this in court, but now feels like there's nothing like the court of public opinion to do the dirty work. Especially since the celebrity's new projects are going to go head to head with the ex's. They'll do anything to win that battle at this point. Anything.
C-list celebrity: LeAnn Rimes
Significant other/spouse: Eddie Cibrian
Spouse’s ex: Brandi Glanville
Headline: LeAnn Rimes rants about Brandi Glanville not telling Eddie Cibrian of their son's hospitalization

354. MOUTH TO EARS 03/31
FORMER BBW BIPOLAR WAYS REVEALED!!! While putting on a front for Instagram… This former Basketball Wife has a personal life that is beyond insane. She use to pride herself on being a princess, now she reps for the hood. Her former best friend, turned rival, has cashed in on her vajayjay….again. So where does this leave this almost 40 year old, divorced self??? Can you guess who we re talking about?

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