NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

While his celebrity wife was on the east coast, this A- list celebrity/reality star was holed up in a hotel suite with one of his west coast girlfriends. She was waiting in the lobby of the hotel when he arrived and they got into an argument because she had been waiting and was upset that he had not made arrangements to have her go to the room before he got there. Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey

This former A list mostly movie actor has spent the past decade sliding to a B- list trying to get television work actor. His attempts at successful series have not gone well. Now he is facing the dilemma of his wife's past as an escort come out because she also made private videos with some of her clients. Christian Slater

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who gets almost no work now doing anything has been sticking with her celebrity significant other despite his massive drinking problem and prolific cheating. She just can't handle going through another public split. Meg Ryan/John Mellencamp
( She finally managed to split with him)

This A list celebrity couple who are B- list when taken separately are married. The husband, who is the less famous of the pair despite having a career based on something other than reality says the couple have not had sex in the past year and are only affectionate when cameras are near. Joel Madden/Nicole Richie

This former A+ list reality star who still has A+ list name recognition despite her drop in celebrity over the past few years just picked up a huge paycheck. The checks would stop coming if her hosts heard all the derogatory things she said about them while visiting the country. Paris Hilton

This Backstreet Boy has been cheating on his significant other. Of course he says it is an open relationship. The significant other would not give the same answer though. Nick Carter or AJ McLean

This B list couple with A list class have been married for quite some time now. People just don't know it because they have never announced it publicly. The problem is they have been having some issues and the first anyone might hear of their marriage is if the movie actress and her television actor husband divorce. Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson
(their summer was really rocky, but they seemed to have fixed it)

This former A list tweener who is now a B-/C+list mostly movie actress who has A+ list name recognition recently discovered that her actor boyfriend likes guys too. Our actress is having a tough time deciding whether she wants to be in that kind of relationship. A split is probably imminent. Vanessa Hudgens/Austin Butler

This A list celebrity/reality star/mogul/just about everything else too is trying to make a deal to have his child(ren) 100% of the time by buying out his baby mama. He is getting tired of her complaining about his other woman, but wants to see his kid(s) so is making the deal. She might actually go for it. Simon Cowell

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/02 **#10**
The husband of this A list mostly movie actress had to have the lower portion of his ear lobe reattached last week after his wife yanked on the earring in his ear during a fight. One of these two is going to end up seriously hurt or dead if they keep fighting like this. Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/02 **#11**
Do you want to know how you can go from an A list mostly movie actress who everyone calls the next big thing and has directors lining up to work with you and then have it all gone in an instant? And when I mean all gone, I mean it was all gone. There is no more working for her at all. No straight to on demand. No guest spot in television. She went from everything to nothing because she ticked off the wrong people. There was no one that was left unscathed. Our actress hit her box office peak in one of the biggest movies of all time. It was also the beginning of the end and she wasn't invited back for the sequel. She was that toxic. She slept with directors and producers of both sexes and then she would talk bad about them to the next person she slept with. She was a pain to work with on every set she ever stepped foot on and was always late and usually half in the bag. She had really large weight fluctuations and whenever anyone would cross her about any of her issues she would pull out her phone and call one of the people she was sleeping with and threaten them if they didn't do something about the person giving her grief. It was as if the entire world banded together to keep her out of any other movies and no one has ever gone back on it. There was one brief attempt by our actress to mount a comeback in a film about a half decade ago after a five year absence, but the movie was bought by a company specifically so it would never see the light of day. Linda Fiorentino "Men in Black"

12. BLIND GOSSIP 06/02
If you are a female who has passed your peak in the acting profession, there is always the world’s oldest profession to help you pay your bills. If you were at the Cannes film festival without a film to promote, and you spent all your time partying on a boat, chances are you that you were getting paid to party. They call it "yacht rent." Name three actresses at Cannes who were there to make "yacht rent." Bonus points if you can name an actor who was also there to make "yacht rent." Yes, boys do it too!
Actress 1: Lindsay Lohan
Actress 2: Tara Reid
Actress 3: Pamela Anderson
Actor 1: Kellan Lutz

This former B list mostly television actress from a now canceled almost network big hit has been trying out the dating world. The actress who has been on again and off again with her former co-star has been set up on some blind dates. Two of the last three blind dates have seen the guys walk out on her. One was just during coffee. The other was during dinner. That guy did pay the bill though as he walked out. Kelly Rutherford (Matthew Settle) "Gossip Girl"

This almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit pay cable show and has dabbled in some really great movies had tons of fans waiting when he arrived at his hotel for a press event. The actor pushed through the fans telling them he didn't have time and then proceeded to sit in the bar for the next hour watching television and drinking. Peter Dinklage "Game of Thrones"

This C+ list mostly movie actress who used to be A list and still has A++ list name recognition skipped a charity event because the organizers wouldn't pay her. They were willing to fly her in for the event and pay for her hotel, but the actress wanted them to pay for an entourage of five, a private jet, hotel for three nights and pay her $50K. Everyone who did attend, did so for free and most didn't even ask for their flights to be paid. Lindsay Lohan AIDS charity event "Life Ball in Vienna, Austria" (Bill Clinton, Courtney Love, Kesha, Marcia Cross, Jean Paul Gaultier and David LaChapelle did show up)

This married former B list mostly television actress has stayed off the screen for the most part since her hit show ended. She is a very quiet person who tries to stay out of the limelight. This past weekend though she was alone and out of town and partied like she was 20 and even hooked up with a woman she met at a club. Marcia Cross "Desperate Housewives" ("Life Ball in Vienna, Austria")

This B list actress does just about everything. Apparently she also just got a breast enlargement because she says when her actor husband left her it devastated her and she thinks new breasts will make her feel better about herself. Idina Menzel (Taye Diggs)

This C list celebrity didn't take long to get over his A list television actress ex. The C lister had sex in full view of his friends with someone he picked up earlier in the day. Nick Loeb (Sofia Vergara)

This former Bachelorette now is a $25K a night escort. Courtney Robertson (technically not a Bachelorette, but the winner of "The Bachelor")

Casper Smart is not the only boytoy spending time on webcam sites. The boyfriend of this A- list celebrity/reality star probably already would have been busted, but as famous as his girlfriend is, no one really knows the boyfriend. Nicole Polizzi "Snooki" (Jionni LaValle)

This C+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family was filming a movie yesterday and there were lots of women watching the filming. Our actor kept screaming at the women to show their tits and would not shut up. When one woman complained he called her fat and useless and he was being a total tool. Daniel Baldwin (filming "Perception" and "Clean Sweep")

22. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#10**
This A- list mostly television actor might be with his former actress co-star but it hasn't stopped him from having phone sex with his actress ex-wife. David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson ("X-Files")/Téa Leoni

23. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/03 **#11**
#1 - B list mostly television actress with an A+ list with A++ list name recognition celebrity significant other. Our actress has been hiding her anorexia from her significant other who almost broke up with the actress before because of it. Portia de Rossi/Ellen Degeneres

#2- By my count, this B list mostly movie actress from an acting family has broken up marriage number three. Of course she has been on the receiving end a few times too. Kate Hudson

#3- This old, married A+ list entertainer (singer) must have stocked up on Viagra because in the short amount of time he has been in LA he has been with lots of 20 something year old women working on a show with him.

#4 - This A list rapper/producer/mogul celebrated his recent big score by dropping $200K on a car for his boyfriend. Dr. Dre

Ooooh shit! We just spoke to a celebrity. They told us your fave’s husband likes to put hands on her and her family members are trying to protect her. We’re gonna leave this as a blind item… but they say your fave’s husband has anger management problems, and he puts hands on his wife, both before and after they got married. They said that wife thought that the violence would stop when they had a child, but it didn’t. They also say that your fave’s family members are upset and doing whatever they can to get her away from him. This tidbit came from a celebrity who we all know . . . and who knows your fave!
Fave: Beyoncé
Fave’s Husband: Jay-Z
Celebrity who knows Fave:

25. BLIND GOSSIP 06/03
This is about two very successful singers. One is slightly more famous than the other. While music is their primary occupation, they both like to dabble in other areas of the entertainment industry as well. You may know that they have been friends for a long time and have even worked together professionally. What you probably don’t know is that their relationship goes beyond being friends or colleagues. They have actually been a couple for some time now! This is not just a fling. They are in a committed relationship. They are even excited about having a family together, complete with kids, and are seriously moving in that direction. Additionally, while they do own separate houses, they actually spend most of their time together in a property they own together in a major city. Why are they keeping this relationship a secret? Because they are both female singers! Any time you see one of them is in a public relationship with a man, it is purely for publicity purposes. They have both been attached to male celebrities. Their fake relationships play out in public and generally provide good press for both of them. Any drama is strictly for the headlines. Don’t expect either of these girls to come out any time soon. They each know who they are, and they know that they are committed to each other, but they just aren’t ready to risk both of their careers at once.
Singer 1: Taylor Swift
Singer 2: Colbie Caillat or Ellie Goulding

Just because this B+ list reality star from an A list network reality show is serious about someone doesn't mean he isn't willing to hook up with his model/part-time actress ex-girlfriend which he recently did. Maksim Chmerkovskiy "Dancing with the Stars" (Meryl Davis)/Kate Upton

Apparently this former A list entertainer (singer) who is now a B lister is back into guys. After some very very high profile public romances with women, our singer was spotted making out with a guy at dinner the other night. John Mayer

This foreign born B list singer/sometime actress texted a friend that she had sex with this former A list tweener just because she wanted to see what it was like. I'm sure her boyfriend will be thrilled by that. Rita Ora (Calvin Harris)/Justin Bieber

She sure does love her singers. This married female celebrity chef hooked up with this A list singer after his show the other night. She was in town and he was in town for the night and that was them going into his suite about 3am. Giada De Laurentiis

This male A list celebrity who dabbles in reality television creeped out this female A list reality star from an A list reality show and family. The man showed up unannounced at the hotel room door of the female around midnight and wanted to make sure she was comfortable. He didn't call first but did bring gifts.
Donald Trump/Kendall Jenner

This B- list mostly television actress who is probably still more well known for her past career is trying to have another baby so she has actually been eating. She hates eating and has literally been seen crying while she eats but her doctor told her she needed to put on weight. Tori Spelling

This A list mostly movie actress brought her kids to school an hour late because our actress couldn't decide what to wear for her daily school run/pap shoot. Sarah Jessica Parker

This former A list mostly movie actor who rarely changes clothes has been making his neighbors angry because he has been shooting every squirrel that comes through his backyard. Shia LaBeouf

This former A+list country singer and his back in the day B list actress wife might be aging but they have the hottest swinger parties in all of Nashville. Clint Black and Lisa Hartman

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#10**
This aging former A+ list mostly television actress who was one of the most iconic figures in television history for her role now provides companionship to men of her age who want a night with their former fantasy. No matter how much you pay though she won't dress up in the outfit that made her famous. Barbara Eden "I Dream Of Jeannie"; Catherine Bach "The Dukes Of Hazzard"

36. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/04 **#11**
This is probably a new one. I can't remember a son acting as his father's pimp before. Not so much a pimp really, but more of a facilitator. The dad is a talk show host. A- list. Married. Needs to be discreet. Very discreet. That is where the son comes in. Dad not only has his son find the women and make sure everything checks out beforehand, but also provides his place for his dad to use for the hookups. It is a whole lot easier to be discreet if you are not checking into hotels or trying to bring them back to your place. Nope, just use your son's place. The son is always out and always looking for himself so at the same time he finds women who are willing to spend some time with his dad and also sign an agreement that they won't speak about it. For his part the dad takes care of his son's bills and makes sure the women are compensated, but through his son rather than from the dad directly. How many times have father and son hooked up with the same woman? More than once. Robin Thicke/Alan Thicke "Unusually Thicke"

37. BLIND GOSSIP 06/04
Before she became successful, this funny and famous female used to engage in some very questionable behaviors. Let’s talk about it! First of all, she spent much of her twenties high completely wasted on a combination of cocaine and ecstasy and alcohol. There was rarely a day that went by when she was not high or drunk or stoned. Secondly, her coke habit left her chronically broke. Although she was working a "normal" job before she was famous, she was always borrowing money from friends and coworkers to pay the rent. Even after she made it, she never paid most of them back. Thirdly, she would steal things from other people’s homes at house parties. She would take pills, jewelry, and anything else she could use to get high or peddle for a quick buck. Finally, whenever she got high, she would want to make out… but only with women! No men. Ever. She has been in relationships with several famous men since then, so it’s interesting to note that she chose differently when she was high. Do her famous friends know about her questionable past? And has she engaged in any of these same behaviors with them lately?
She: Chelsea Handler
Famous Exes: Dave Salmoni; David Alan Grier; Ted Harbert; 50 Cent; André Balazs
Famous Friends: Jennifer Aniston; Reese Witherspoon; Sandra Bullock; Gwyneth Paltrow; Leah Remini; Jenny McCarthy; Charlize Theron; Katie Couric; Robin Wright

This pair of NBA point guards have exchanged a lot more than just a balls on the court! We’re talking about sword-fighting… duo prostitutes AND duo professionals! AND it’s caught on tape… a sex tape reportedly being shopped right now! The starring players are… one 21-year-old Brooklyn Net… and one 23-year-old Orlando Magic. They’re in a hotel room with two hookers having sex. At one point, one of the prostitutes is performing fellatio for both ________ and ________… at the same damn time! Now… can you guess which two NBA point guards star in the sex tape? Marquise Teague "Brooklyn Nets"/Doron Lamb "Orlando Magic"

For years I’ve been saying that she is such a bitch. Like, terrifying. And humourless, unless you’re famous. But on a red carpet? If she’s sneering at you? There’s venom. Behind that cool, tall beauty, she’s vicious. Now, maybe I understand why. Turns out she likes her cocaine. She’s much smarter about it than, say, people who end up under LA bridges with sketchy explanations, or child stars who rage down the Pacific Coast Highway chasing down their enemies. How does she keep winning awards and protecting her reputation? How has she kept the sh-t off of her? Because beyond her love life, there has never, ever been any gossip about her indulgences, beyond the occasional fruit, especially now that she has someone else to look after. One explanation (on top of her discretion): Customer Loyalty. Same dealer for a decade. He supplies only to very exclusive clientele and is selective about his regular customers. She’s a regular customer. It’s more than occasional bump. Never mind the boyfriend, that might be her most steady relationship.
She: Charlize Theron
Person who ended up under a bridge: Zac Efron
Person who raged down the PCH: Lindsay Lohan
Her Boyfriend: Sean Penn

40. POPBITCH 06/05
(British blog) Which celebrity wedding was nearly delayed after two of the high profile guests went missing? Luckily the lovely ladies were found with half an hour to spare, clinched in a threesome with a random male guest. By the bride's father. (Whose eyes, no doubt, went a little poppy...) The same wedding had a private jet arrive fully stocked with gak for the society guests.
Bride and Groom: Poppy Delevingne and James Cook
Two Female Guests: Princes Beatrice, Sienna Miller, Georgia May Jagger, Suki Waterhouse, Alexa Chung, or Cara Delevingne
Bride’s Father: Charles Delevingne

This morning talk show host who seems like he does a million things was being very cuddly at dinner with a woman who is not his long time significant other. Very cuddly. Same side of table cuddly. Michael Strahan

This foreign born forever A list model learned what the rest of us in the US learned long ago. Stay as far away from this C list mostly movie actress. Our model had to have security keep the C lister away from her because the C lister wouldn't stop pestering the model about taking a photo and then our C lister said she had a fashion line that was coming out and wanted the A list to model for the line. The C lister just kept getting more persistent and crazy and finally security had to be called. Kate Moss/Lindsay Lohan

This B-/C+ list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show has a very famous actress girlfriend. He also has an anger problem. He confronted a staff member at the front desk at the hotel where he is staying and demanded the return of the pot that had been in his room. The cleaning staff had seen it and called a manager who had disposed of it. The manager was brought out to talk to the actor and the actor only calmed down when the manager suggested they could call the police to sort it all out. Evan Peters (girlfriend: Emma Roberts) on vacation in Hawaii

Apparently neither reality star "author" of the book they are currently selling has actually read their own book. One was asked a question about a portion of the book and was lost for words about what the person was talking about. The person had to show them in the book the pages they were referring too. Kendall and Kylie Jenner "Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia"

This B list mostly movie actress from an acting family is struggling to stay sober right now and needs to be at her best so she has been attending five or six AA meetings daily. Her family has offered to pay for a sober coach but she doesn't want them to draw attention to her so has refused. Dakota Johnson (Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith)

This B list mostly movie actress had a fight at lunch the other day with her almost A list actor husband because she wants to do Playboy and he is saying no. Chris Hemsworth/Elsa Pataky

This A list singer might be a newlywed but it hasn't stopped them from cheating right before the wedding and shortly after. Things never end well for this singer. Melissa Etheridge

For someone apparently in love, this B list talk show host/sometime actress sure does talk badly a lot about her soon to be husband. Jenny McCarthy/Donnie Wahlberg

This former Gossip Girl actress is balding and has started wearing hats and hoodies as much as possible to try and hide the missing sections of hair.
Leighton Meester

50. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#10**
This A list mostly television actress from a hit Fox show took her first ever topless selfie and sent it to her boyfriend. She was so freaked out that after she sent it she rushed over to his place and made him delete it while she watched. Zooey Deschanel

51. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/05 **#11**
KINDNESS: This actress is foreign born. Really close to A list. She is a fairly good actress but it barely compares to the clothes she is always wearing. Our actress has had the same housekeeper for years. She has always matched the salary of her housekeeper every year with a bonus equivalent to the housekeeper's salary, but also paid for all the legal fees to get the relatives of the housekeeper to the States. She found all the relatives jobs and bought a house where they all live. Our actress says she would do the same for her own family and she considers the housekeeper family. Diane Kruger

From the outside, this reality couple looks like the perfect pair. She is hot, he is successful, and their life includes a beautiful family, a beautiful home, designer duds, and lavish parties. The inside story is a little different. She is busy juggling a job, kids, charity work, and the TV show. He is juggling, too. He’s juggling the balls of several handsome young boy toys! Yes, his wife knows. They have an arrangement. He can have as many boy toys as he wants… as long as she can spend as much money as she wants. She isn’t buying a new house… but she is adding to her designer shoe collection.
Mauricio Umansky/Kyle Richards "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
Jay Cutler/Kristin Cavallari/"The Fabulist"

53. BLIND GOSSIP 06/05
Here are two fun (or not so fun) facts about one of your favorite music artists of all time! You already know that he is married. However, that commitment apparently ends as soon as he hits the road. He makes sure he has a new hooker arranged for every stop on the tour. They all sign non-disclosures. You don’t want to stand too close to him. Why not? He stinks! Someone who traveled with him describes it as "The worst body odor in the world." The weird thing is that he actually prides himself on his own stench! He thinks that other people should want to be near him and smell his pungent scent.

This former A list entertainer (singer) has been a busy guy this week. Also popular with both sexes. One night this week our singer left a bar on a the ground floor and made his way to a bathroom on the top floor of a hotel to have sex. Twice. One woman and one guy. John Mayer

This former A list mostly television actress who has trouble finding work since her hit almost network show went off the air almost a decade ago but still has A list name recognition, was a little drunk the other night. That might explain why she was pressing this former A+ list entertainer (singer) to come out of the closet. The guy looked embarrassed and walked away. Rose McGowan ("Charmed") Hosted 'Gay-In' Cocktail Party

This very recent celebrity with the interesting name knows she will soon fade away so she spent two days this week making two separate sex videos with two different men that she is going to sell and hopefully extend her infamous 15 minutes. V. Stiviano (Donald Sterling’s girlfriend)

This C list lesser known sister of this huge entertainment family hates her more well known A list sister. The C lister thinks her career was ruined by the more famous sister. She also thinks the more famous sister threw her under the bus when it came to their even more famous brother. That is the reason the C lister had to hustle and scheme to make money and never got the monthly stipend everyone else received. LaToya, Janet and Michael Jackson

This B list television and movie actress is still technically married. She has had a bad couple of weeks but thought she might have snagged a B list very good looking former co-star to give her some fresh publicity. She has played this game though before with one of his closest friends. It didn't stop our B lister from having sex with the co-star, but he did tell her it was a one time thing. After.
B list actress: Evan Rachel Wood (sued for $30 Million by Producers of "10 Things I Hate About You Sequel") (divorce from Jamie Bell)
B list actor: Joe Manganiello ("True Blood" co-star)

Maui Film Festival

This A list mostly movie actor is a tool so it should not surprise anyone he left his girlfriend home to attend a premiere and after party where he proceeded to collect phone numbers but threw most of them away except for the one who agreed to sleep with him that same night. Jonah Hill "22 Jump Street" premiere

The married A list friend of the actor in #6 also felt free to make use of the throngs of women available to him that night. Channing Tatum

There is an actress who had one line to read in a movie. She now has several pages of scenes all because she is having sex with the B list mostly movie actress who name dropped her boyfriend to the producers. The funny thing is the boyfriend would be ticked off if he knew his girlfriend was cheating again so it was probably not the best decision. Amber Heard/Johnny Depp

This B- list mostly movie actress is usually the one doing the cheating. This time around though it is her significant other who is doing the cheating. The crazy thing is he is cheating with one of her friends who also happens to be dating the B lister's co-star.
B-list actress: Sienna Miller
Significant other: Tom Sturridge
Her friend: Suki Waterhouse
B- lister’s co-star: Bradley Cooper

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/06 **#10**
This actor is A list. Foreign born. Multiple Academy Award winner/nominee. After many years of searching he finally found the perfect partner. Back in the day our actor discovered his love of S&M. His first wife had no interest in it at all and our actor soon found himself in sex clubs and paying escorts to fulfill his fantasies. At the time he began his journey he had to keep everything quiet for fear of ruining his career. Not so much because of the affairs but because of his kink. When the internet started launching dating sites, our actor was an investor in one of the first S&M sites. In return for his investment (which has paid off to the tune of millions of dollars) he was given special access to the site and the personal information of all the members. Our actor would pick and choose from those he found interesting and would use one of his many profiles on the site to engage the person in conversation and see what would happen. It is the place where he met his current wife. Our actor did find one actress who he had a long affair with while he was married. She was A list at the time and drop dead gorgeous. She is probably a C list now, but she still has A list name recognition. She enjoyed all the role playing with our actor, but he found her to be too Hollywood and to into herself to be with her permanently.
Actor: Kenneth Branagh
First wife: Emma Thompson
Affair: Helena Bonham-Carter

The much younger wife of this permanent A list singer has been doing more than just exercising with her trainer. You would think she would be in top shape considering they see each other four to five times a week. Paul McCartney/Nancy Shevell; Ronnie Wood/Sally Humphreys; Rod Stewart/Penny Lancaster

Temptation was too hard to resist for this B+ list reality star from an A list network reality show. He hooked up with two different women after an event while his girlfriend stayed back home. Maksim "Dancing With the Stars"

This A list entertainer (singer) has spent several hundred thousand dollars shooting his reality star wife for a nude pictorial. It was going to be for Playboy but now there is just going to be a one off magazine for the entire shoot.
Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

A night out with the guys. A few hours with an escort in the hotel and then back home to the baby mama for this A list mogul. Simon Cowell

This married B- list celebrity went solo to a party this past week where she was the threesome partner for this troubled A list entertainer (singer) and his girlfriend. Chris Brown/Karrueche Tran

This B list television host/little bit of everything guy has not let his wife join in any photo ops or product placement ad shoots because he thinks she is trying to become famous and he wants her at home and out of the spotlight. He says the spotlight is for him and there should only be one star in the house. Mario Lopez

I guess the former B list mostly television actress from a hit show long gone from an almost network was serious when she told her A list mostly movie actor husband that he couldn't talk to the A+ list mostly movie actress again. I guess it is the one favor she got in the marriage. Blake Lively ("Gossip Girl")/Ryan Reynolds/Sandra Bullock

This other sister is well on her way to a sex tape too. Well, if you count cell phone videos that her boyfriend has taken. The problem is he loves sharing them with people so she better act fast if she wants to make money. Khloé Kardashian/French Montana

#1 - This very good looking A list television talking head/sometime author/always controversial loves talking about family values but has been sleeping with a married CEO for the past few months. Ann Coulter

#2 - Halle Berry said the most boring sex she ever had was with this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is also an Academy Award winner. Kevin Costner

#3 - This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner once bet his girlfriend and lost. The girlfriend at the time was a B- list mostly movie actor. A lot worse has happened to her over the years and her marriage is pretty strange too. George Clooney/Kelly Preston (John Travolta)

73. BLIND GOSSIP 06/09 **#1**
If you are an actress in Hollywood who is nominated for an Academy Award, designers usually fall all over themselves trying to dress you for awards season. That was not the case with this actress. Melissa McCarthy is one of the funniest and most talented professionals working today. She has won The Emmy and The Screen Actor’s Guild Award for her work. When she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 2012 for her role in Bridesmaids, she contacted five or six top designers to make her a red carpet gown. They all turned her down. She refused to name the snobby designers who gave her the brush-off. Let’s guess who they are! Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel; Versace; Armani; Gucci; Badgley Mischka; Oscar De la Renta; Marc Jacobs; Dolce & Gabbana; Dior; Vera Wang; Michael Korrs; Balenciaga

74. BLIND GOSSIP 06/09 **#2**
When you catch two celebrities engaging in PDA in a public place, you have to wonder whether they wanted to be caught. In the case of these two celebrities, the answer is… Absolutely! In fact, in the case of this actress and this athlete, you should expect a lot more of it. You are in for a long summer photo series of two famous and good-looking people attending movie premieres together… lounging by the pool… lunching at outdoor cafes… taking romantic walks on the beach… walking the dog… and meeting each other’s families. Those pics sell, people! Even if it is all fake. You heard us. Fake! All for PR purposes. What does she get out of it? She has a film that is being released in the next few weeks. Then she gets to be half of a photogenic celebrity couple for the rest of the summer. What does he get out of it? A "girlfriend." Enough said.
Actress: Olivia Munn
Athlete: Aaron Rodgers

75. BLIND GOSSIP 06/09 **#3**
The Tony Awards, which honor Broadway performances, are notoriously "gay friendly." Men thank their husbands, same-sex couples hold hands, and Neil Patrick Harris tongue-kisses everyone. One famous and talented actor thought it would be the perfect venue at which to acknowledge that he is gay, and floated the idea to his team. Not surprisingly, they rejected the idea. He thought about doing it anyhow. He had a line ready which would have made his preferences clear. At the last minute, however, he got cold feet and stuck to the script.

76. DAILY MIRROR 06/09
Which young pop star has been caught by her boyfriend cheating with an A-list celebrity’s best friend?
Pop Star: Rita Ora
Boyfriend: Calvin Harris
A-list Celebrity: Justin Bieber
Their Best Friend (may or may not be famous): Khali Amir Sharieff

This captain of Confessions is said to be turning the other cheek… away from the Sterling-like statements made by the exposed bigot who he bumped and brought to the table. We’re told our mystery man is busy "rallying together his industry associates" to join him in supporting the kid. It’s all said to be over our blind item’s fear that the caught-on-tape pop star/racist could turn to a whistle blower… and spill dude’s secrets! Back in 2010, he allegedly pulled an insurance scam… over the Christmas holidays, when he blamed bandits from breaking into his SUV before fleeing with $50K in furs and a $1M in jewels. Usher (Justin Bieber) (scam)

This former B list mostly television actor from two very hit shows and who also moonlighted as a singer doesn't have sex with his much younger girlfriend any longer. She tells friends that she always has to orally service the actor and that is it. He also tells her during the act how lucky she is and that he could find anyone to replace her at any time. David Hasselhoff/Hayley Roberts

You would think this C+ list mostly television actress offspring would just announce her split publicly instead of taking the chance that someone is going to catch her making out with random guys and hooking up with a fair number back at her place too. I can't imagine her actor boyfriend is on board with it all. Katie Cassidy/Jason Garrison

Long time no hear anything about this B- list television actress. She is on a hit network show after a run on another hit network show that ended badly for her. She actually is making more money now in gifts and cash from a UAE businessman who also happens to have more than one wife. Jennifer Esposito "Blue Bloods"/"Taxi Brooklyn"

This B list Academy Award winner was asked to leave a bar recently because he wouldn't stop groping women. Mickey Rourke

This A list mostly television actor who had a very hit show and who had a pretty nice hit movie this year is married but during a booze filled night in the past week was all over a 20 something blonde who was wearing a dress so short she couldn't sit. He was going to have a tough time getting rid of all the lipstick all over his face and neck she left. Bryan Cranston "Breaking Bad"/"Godzilla"

This Glee actress with an unusual name who usually stays out of the spotlight passed out drunk in a bar over the weekend and took an hour long nap on a couch in the VIP section. Jenna Ushkowitz

This former B list mostly movie actor makes a living as an actor but picks up a few bucks from his ex every month too. Anyway, our actor sent his girlfriend to the spa for a few hours so he could chat up a woman he met at the beach and then went to her hotel room for some room service. Ryan Phillippe (Reese Witherspoon)

This C list celebrity of a B list mostly movie actress who does a lot of other things besides acting was asked out by a black man but the offspring said no and said that her parents would kill her if she went out with a black guy. Well, I never did like the actress and apparently the guy didn't take no for an answer and the pair did go out eventually.

This married A list NBA star is getting cheated on by his celebrity wife/reality star. The guy she is sleeping with can make her a star and that is all she wants in life. Oh, and her husband's money. La La and Carmelo Anthony

87. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#10**
This A list mostly television actress from a hit network show had a very quick argument with her husband on a long plane ride and for almost four hours didn't speak to each other. The A lister did have a lot of drinks though. Kaley Cuoco "Big Bang Theory"/Ryan Sweeting

88. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/10 **#11**
#1 - A photo is for sale showing the husband of this A+ list mostly television actress from a hit network show making out with another man. It will be interesting to see if our actress ignores the photo or tries to buy it. Kaley Cuoco "Big Band Theory"/Ryan Sweeting
(this might be the most boring blind item ever)

#2 - This former A list couple Skyped for an hour last week and made plans to hang out this week. In public. Together. There will be other people there, but apparently the hatchet has been buried. They both have moved on, but do like hanging out and also love fucking with the press. Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart; Jennifer Lopez/P. Diddy

89. BLIND GOSSIP 06/10 #1
Actress and singer Jenette McCurdy stars on the Nickelodeon TV show Sam & Cat. She just wrote a lengthy post about a "fake friend" and why she was dropping the friendship.
From Jenettte McCurdy’s Twitter account and TwitLonger:
I actually wrote something about the topic of fake friends a while back but it was never published! Here it is, my dear…
"Letting Go of Someone
The title of this article sounds like I’m writing about coping with the death of a loved one. Rest assured, it won’t be that morbid. Sorry I’m bad at naming things…This article is about knowing when to let go of a bad "friendship." There seem to be a lot of articles floating around the web right now that provide tips for ditching this ambiguous "trouble friend", so I wanted to provide my take on the matter, with a very personal example. I had this "friend". We had fun together in the first few months of our friendship. We ate at cool restaurants that she wanted to eat at, went to fun amusement parks and rode the rides she wanted to ride, and had sleepovers every couple of weeks where we would watch movies she wanted to watch. I enjoyed her company because she was fun and energetic, but I had some reservations about how much I could trust her because she seemed to be a leech for drama and gossip. I decided the good outweighed the bad, so I continued hanging out with her for a few months until our friendship slowly fizzled out. Fast forward to a year or so later and we were back on the map as friends. Not those first tier friends who tell each other everything and who would jump in front of a bus for each other, but solid second tier friends I would say. I’m not even sure how we fell back into being friends. It just sort of… happened. Before I know it, we were back to hanging out… doing exactly what this girl wanted to do. I felt like every time I hung out with her I was in quicksand. Being around her took my identity because everything in her world became just that… "Her world". It was really starting to bug me. I took a step back and was met with questions from her end: "Why aren’t we better friends?" "What happened to our friendship?" "Where did you go?" "Did I do something wrong?" Well, (insert name here), here are the answers to your questions… We aren’t better friends because being friends with you takes the "better" out of me. In fact, I might possibly be the worst version of myself when I’m around you. As for what happened to our friendship, it faded once through happenstance and it is happening this time through my stance. I’m standing up for myself. I’m not playing your games, letting you manipulate me, and succumbing to your twisted perception of reality. Where did I go? As far away from you as I can get. You won’t be hearing from me anymore because sweetheart, being a friend to you was doing so much more for you than it was doing for me. You sucked the life right out of me, and I want my life back. Did you do something wrong? Yes and no. I’m not sure whether you intentionally did something wrong or not, because I have always been a little unclear on what exactly your intentions are. But you did do something wrong in the way you did not treat me right. You disrespected me, disregarded me, and made me feel small by having to always make yourself seem so big. So for these sincere reasons, I am officially dropping you as a friend. If I see you, I won’t turn the other way and run (even though I want to). Instead, I’ll just smile and end the conversation as quickly as possible, because no offense, but I don’t want any of you rubbing off on me. Actually, that’s pretty offensive. Oh well."
Friend: Ariana Grande

90. BLIND GOSSIP 06/10 #2
This famous actor is over 65 years old, but he is still very sexually active… with three caveats. First, he isn’t doing this all on his own. He gets help from a bottle of blue pills. Yes, that’s the only way he can get the flag to stand at attention at this point. Second, he has become absolutely obsessed with having more than one woman in his bed at a time. He claims that one woman at a time just doesn’t satisfy him anymore. The women he recruits are almost always professionals, bought and paid for by the hour. Third, these romps never take place in his own home. Always in a hotel. Does his significant know about this? Or does she know and look the other way?
Actor: Clint Eastwood
Significant Other: Erica Tomlinson

It is possible we may lose two A list singers to AIDS before the year is out. I have told you about one in this space before, and now another one is fighting for his life despite his assurances that his recent illness was minor. George Michael (this is when he was in really bad shape. Even more so than back in 2012. The other singer is still with us too, but not in the best shape either.) (other singer POSSIBLY: Morrissey)

This OITNB star is going crazy promoting the latest season of the show because she is having to not use as much during the day to appear somewhat coherent during interviews. She is definitely making up for it at night and going extra hard to the point where she might have some trouble filming next season. Taryn Manning

Last week this B list reality star from an A list reality show took some photos of a blonde he picked up in a bar. The photos were of the blonde naked. His significant other discovered the photos and she kicked him out. Scott Disick "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

This B list mostly movie actress has a girlfriend but she was nowhere in sight as our B lister hooked up the other night with this former B list mostly movie actress who is stunning and alternates between men and women. Ellen Page/Evan Rachel Wood

This almost A list celebrity couple may or may not be married, but they are publicly still a couple even if they have never spilled about marriage. Consisting of a B list mostly television actor and a B list mostly movie actress, the actor had a female guest at his hotel who stayed overnight this week. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger

Trying to keep it out of the news for the next month is going to be really hard for this A list foreign born model who is pregnant with the baby of her long time A list athlete boyfriend who already has at least one child. Irina Shayk/Cristiano Ronaldo

This married A list Academy Award winner/nominee has been doing something she has never done before that I have heard. She has been cheating on her husband. The actress met someone on the set of her new movie and she and her husband are having big problems. Nicole Kidman; Reese Witherspoon; Julianne Moore

Miranda Kerr's billionaire boyfriend hooked up with this A list Academy Award winning actress last week. The actress is still technically married although no one would confuse her with Miranda. Gwyneth Paltrow/James Packer

This former A list entertainer (singer) who still has B- list name recognition because of her unusual name was a one hit wonder, except for the drugs, she still hits that a lot. Anyway, she supports herself by sleeping with her A list celebrity ex-boyfriend who is frequently on television and is getting married soon, but has no plans to stop exchanging sex for money. He thinks they are helping each other out. Fiona Apple/David Blaine

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#10**
This former A+list mostly television actor from a very hit network show now does a strange television show and even stranger movies and is probably down to a B list. It would be lower but anyone who remembers his show will always consider him A list so it averages out. A few months ago he ran into a former (twice very brief) co-star and ended up sleeping with the daughter of the co-star. Kyle MacLachlan "Twin Peaks" "Believe" or "Portlandia"

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#11**
This permanent A list singer brought his new fling with him when he went to the next city on his tour. He told her that he wanted a threesome with his foreign born B- list mostly movie actress/former reality star who is his sometime hookup. The new fling balked. The actress didn't and found someone in about 20 minutes. I guess that is why she gets flown around the world and also is the one who hooked up with our singer just prior to... Mick Jagger/Bai Ling (new fling: Melanie Hamrick)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/11 **#12**
Back in the day when this blind occurred our actor was probably B+ list and mostly movies. Now, he is probably close to A+ list on television and A- in the movies. A++ name recognition. People tend to forget that the married actor previously went through a string of women. A very long string. Much like his personality now, he was not very nice to women he dated, but one example of his behavior really shows you what an a-hole he is and could be. He was dating an actress. Mostly movie. Academy Award winner/nominee. Despite her acclaim she has never really been above a B list. Her name gives her more of a boost than her acting resume. It is a name filled with acting and represents all the things wrong with Hollywood too. Our actress was divorced and out of rehab and sober and doing pretty well. As well as could be expected. She was a few months sober when she ran into our actor. Literally. They recognized each other and chatted each other up and a few hours later were in bed together. Our actor offered the actress a drink and she declined. She explained her sobriety and our actor said he wanted her to succeed. All words. He was always drinking around her and they would attend parties where there was a lot of coke use and if she said anything or complained he would tell her to leave, but he was staying. There were many times he told her one drink wouldn't hurt or that one line wasn't going to push her over the edge. It was just relentless pressure because he didn't want people to think he was dating someone damaged. She finally caved and went on a bender for six months. Our actor found someone else within a week or two of her losing her sobriety and dumped our actress. He dumped the next actress almost as badly, but that is a blind for another day. Alec Baldwin/Tatum O'Neal (Nicole Seidel)

103. BLIND GOSSIP 06/11 **#1**
Cast mates of ensemble TV shows are normally very supportive of each other in public. If someone has a baby, wins an award, or does a charity project, the other cast mates will offer their congratulations and support. That’s not the case here. There’s a lot of tension among the ensemble cast of this popular television show right now. One of the actresses has been working on a non-acting project outside of the show. When the project was recently released, the reaction she got from her cast mates was… crickets. Where are all the congratulatory tweets? Could they be jealous of our ambitious actress? The actress is pretending that their lack of support is not bothering her. She is simply ignoring it and interacting with those who do support her, namely other entertainment types who share her interests. Looks like she has a whole new group of friends!
Actress: Lucy Hale
TV Show: Pretty Little Liars
New Project: "Road Between" CD
New Friends: Demi Lovato, Kylie and Kendall Jenner & Joel Crouse

104. BLIND GOSSIP 06/11 **#2**
This professional athlete has been bragging that his girlfriend is beautiful "both inside and out." Now you can get to know her inside and out, too… because she just made a porn film behind his back! Note that this is not a private film that she can deny or claim to be shocked about. This is a calculated move on her part. Nice timing, too, as his season is about to start. It should bring her lots of publicity… and him and his team lots of embarrassment. Are you ready for some scandal?

Athlete: Derek Wolfe
Team: Denver Broncos
Girlfriend: Kristy Althaus

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#1**
This former B list mostly television actress from a now ended hit almost network show was moving from table to table at an event this week looking for a guy who would meet her price. As the night wore on her price continued to drop but did find a guy willing to meet up with her that night for a few hours. Michelle Trachtenberg "Pathway to the Cure Benefit"

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#2**
This A list mostly movie actress, who is an Academy Award winner spent 45 minutes on a recent flight having the nanny of her kids change the kids into different outfits for what would look best for a five second pap opportunity. Nicole Kidman

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress has not been working very much the past year but has been cheating on her boyfriend with a man who is married to another A list mostly movie actress.

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#4**
This B+ funnyman mostly movie actor is seriously involved with another woman but it hasn't stopped him from telling women on the set of his new movie that he is available. So far the only thing he has managed to accomplish is having the women on set realize what a tool he is.

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#5**
One of the more frequent subjects of blind items has been absent in this space for awhile. Our B- list mostly movie actress who is headed to C list soon if she can't get another big role like the one that propelled her to B, thinks she is in love with a guy she knows really well. She does, but he hasn't let her in on his big secret. He much prefers men and she told a friend the other day that the couple have sex so infrequently that she can't remember the last time and thinks it is her fault. Vanessa Hudgens/Austin Butler; Ashley Greene/Paul Khoury

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#6**
Well, she is not really known for her discretion and the guy she was talking about is a pig, but still, this seems like a bit too much information at a very inappropriate time. Our actress is B list. Used to be on a hit network show and has A list name recognition despite not doing anything since it went off the air a couple of years ago. She was at an event that a married former A+ list mostly movie actor was also attending. Our actress told a group of people, "He used to f**k me so good. I didn't care that we were both cheating." It happened many years ago, but she told the story in ear shot of the actor's wife. Not the one he cheated on our actress with.
Teri Hatcher "Desperate Housewives"/Dennis Quaid (42nd Annual Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament & Family Fun Day)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#7**
This A- list mostly movie actor who only rates that high because of his looks went to three different events the other night. At each event he became more and more sweaty and disheveled and was so coked up by the third party that organizers asked him to leave. Gerard Butler; Channing Tatum; Robert Pattinson

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#8**
This HGTV star from one of their more popular shows insists he is straight. Well, actually what he always says is that he dates lots of women but can't ever find the right one. Just come out already. Jonathan Silver Scott "Property Brothers"

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#9**
This B list mostly television actress hates her new life. Her significant other has dragged her away from the limelight and all she wants is to go back to being on a great show. Her last attempt bombed and he hasn't let her really do anything since. Blake Lively ("Gossip Girl"/"Savages")/Ryan Reynolds

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#10**
This married former A list franchise mostly movie actor stiffed a waitress with no tip on a $2500 tab. She wouldn't sleep with him and he took it personally. Nicolas Cage (in Vegas)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/12 **#11**
#1- This old A list married mostly movie actor owns a modeling agency just so he can get first pick of the models.

#2- The actor from #1 also managed to have sex with this B- list mostly television actress when she co-starred with him in a movie. She has a thing for married guys and isn't named Sienna.

#3 - Matthew McConaughey called this former A list mostly movie actress from a famous family the worst girlfriend ever and is grateful he doesn't have to speak to her any longer. Ashley Judd

Gina Rodriguez, the lady that broke that Jennifer Lopez’s ex-boyfriend had been sexting with a transsexual model, tells us that she is working on another big cheating scandal with a different celebrity and a different transsexual model. "All I can say is it involves a reality star, a sports star and a transsexual model," she teased. Gina, whom the New York Times called Gina Rodriguez, a former porn actress, who helps D-Listers with their image, jokes that pretty soon, she’ll have so many that she will be starting the transsexual celebrity tour.
Reality Star: Kendra Wilkinson
Sports Star: Hank Baskett

117. BLIND GOSSIP 06/12
This multi-hyphenate’s PR team is more entertaining than she is! They have been working so hard to keep their star from being embarrassed this week that they are just throwing tons of hilarious fictional poop against the wall hoping that something – anything! – will stick. "They actually broke up earlier this year." No. They were never really dating at all. That "earlier this year" comment was just an attempt to distance her from her fake boyfriend’s scandal. "She will not be performing due to production issues." No. There were no production issues. She just wanted to avoid being seen in public for a while. When the uproar about her cancellation became too loud, those mysterious production issues suddenly evaporated. "She is dating a minor celebrity. It’s a new relationship." The only accurate part of that statement is "new." So new, in fact, that this fake relationship just happened this week! Here’s what happened: She needed a big distraction from the scandal. They could absolutely not admit that she is involved with her bodyguard, because that would result in its own scandal. Their solution: a new celebrity love interest! However, they had four big challenges. 1. They had to find someone really fast. 2. They had to find someone with whom she had some contact in the past year or two (to create a plausible back story). 3. He had to be famous, unattached, scandal-free, and unquestionably straight. 4. He had to be available for the next few months and be willing to latch himself to her in the middle of a scandal. They went through dozens of candidates in the past few days, but the pickings were very slim. They had to settle, so they got who they got. That’s who she will now be fake dating for the next few months. So, is everyone talking about her new relationship? Yes, they are! Mission accomplished! Kudos to her PR team. Seriously. They really earned their money this week… and provided us with great entertainment along the way!
Star: Jennifer Lopez
New Love Interest: Maksim Chmerkovskiy

118. WINE AND SASS 06/12
This couple is A-List all the way. I actually like them together. On paper they are quite the perfect family....I stress on paper. The reality is, unfortunately, quite different. He was a playboy before they were married and she like, we all, thought she reformed him. But, she found out very quickly after their marriage that wasn't the case. Blatant cheating with costars and set workers, disappearing for days enjoying his favorite past time and when he is home, he is totally checked out. The public hears rumors of affairs and we see him away from home, but then a few days later there's a post of them all together looking the happy family and we all assume everything is roses. It's not. It hasn't been pretty much their entire marriage. No matter how many children they have, no matter how perfect she tries to be, it's not going to fix their marriage. Everything is coming to a head now and he is spiraling out of control. Not much she can do to stop it. The fortunate (or unfortunate) thing is that a family friend has watched all this unfold and been her shoulder to cry on all these years. The family friend knows her husband won't change and knows its only a matter of time before the wife has enough and finally leaves. My own opinion is she won't leave until he publicly humiliates her in a way she can't fix with photos and PR. The family friend has fallen for her. If this marriage implodes and he makes his move....and she accepts him?? The gossip/entertainment world will blow a gasket. Broken marriages, destroyed friendships and betrayal on all levels. Many will say the husband deserves what he gets....but will they say the same about the family friend's wife?? I don't think so. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner/Matt Damon

119. MR. X 06/13 **#1**
1) Which A-list actor and closet case and his B/C-list actress wife/beard refused for the first time to do their kooky sect's marriage counseling sessions, saying that they're one step closer to a divorce? She has privately told her family that she wants a quick divorce, but her husband is thinking otherwise. Also expect to see them in public together in the next few months putting on a happy front despite them officially splitting. John Travolta/Kelly Preston or Will and Jada Smith (Scientology)

2) Which hip-hop power couple's lid of privacy may be blown wide open by the ex-husband of one of the guy's mistresses? He's already sold quite a few stories to the tabloids. Beyoncé/Jay-Z and Damon Dash/Rachel Roy

120. MR. X 06/13 **#2**
3) Which Grammy winning rappers who are on a reunion tour are barely speaking to each other? Outkast

4) Which reality show mom from hell showed her true colors when she went on an Instagram rant against her new son-in-law, despite what her PR people are saying? Kris Jenner/Kanye West (she says it was hacked)

121. MR. X 06/13 **#3**
5) Which A-list singer/actress/comedienne hates being in elevators with other people, so she has her PR team usually call whatever hotel she's staying at to clear out the elevators? Bette Midler

6) This A-list foreign born reality star from that long running competition show shocked some of his female fans when one of them caught him making out with a guy in a club recently. One female clubgoer ran out of the venue in tears after the bisexual hunk brushed her off. Maksim Chmerkovskiy "Dancing With the Stars"

122. MR. X 06/13 **#4**
7) Which B-list character actor who recently co-starred on a cancelled sitcom is slowly trying to distance himself from that kooky sect which he was born and raised in, seeing that it might help his career? I wonder if the rest of his family knows.. Giovanni Ribisi "Dads" (Scientology)

8) What hot-at-the-moment female rapper has been known to be racist towards Asians and Latinos, as past Twitter rants have revealed? Iggy Azalea

123. MR. X 06/13 **#5**
9) Old Hollywood: Which A+ list leading lady who easily transitioned from movies to TV once screamed at an interviewer "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!" after he asked her if she was lesbian? She did swing both ways, according to friends and costars. Barbara Stanwyck (Boze Hadleigh)

10) Old Hollywood: Which A/B-list actress and sex symbol was part African-American, which she didn't tell any of her husbands and lovers? Ava Gardner

11) Old Hollywood: Which almost A-list actor who is more famous nowadays for his premature death literally stalked out this A++ list Oscar winning/nominated actor so he could say he slept with him? The latter actor didn't have any good things to say about it, however.
A-list actor: James Dean
A++ list actor: Marlon Brando

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actor got his role in this very hit movie by sleeping with one of the male producers. After saying some unkind things to the producer in the past year, the actor is having a very hard time getting cast for the sequel. Alex Pettyfer "Magic Mike XXL" (feud with Channing Tatum)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#2**
This A list actor who is looking for movie work after his long running network show ended has never been nice but he spent an entire dinner telling those around him how he really didn't care for this now retired talk show host. The former talk show host could hear every word because he was just two tables away.
A list actor: Alec Baldwin
Former talk show host: Regis Philbin

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#3**
This Game Of Thrones actress who is a big part of the show has a video she made with a boyfriend which shows her completely tied up and involved in all type of S&M activity. She also frequents a S&M club in London on a regular basis. Natalie Dormer "Margaery Tyrell"

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#4**
This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor from some of the greatest movies ever has kind of disappeared over the past few years. He was previously married for only a few months because he caught his actress wife cheating on him. Our actor had the actress banned from acting for almost a decade after the incident. Actually banned. Not blacklisted.

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#5**
Before she was anything, this former A list singer turned B list mostly movie actress was this A list Academy Award winner's favorite escort. She got her start because of who he knew. A marriage to her boyfriend would be her biggest payday.

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#6**
This A list singer/musician who has had two different jobs in two different A+ list groups is married and his wife just found out that our A lister has two children with a woman who has been on the road with him several times over the years. Paul McCartney "Beatles" and "Wings"; Dave Grohl "Nirvana" and "Foo Fighters"

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/13 **#7**
#1 - This married Academy Award nominee/winner actress was A+ list back in the day and part of a famous family. Now, she makes commercials and is pretty whiny about everything. What she wants you to believe is that she is straight and narrow. What she won't tell you is that she got so wasted on LSD one night during the filming of a movie that she took on four guys at once. She was legendary. Julia Roberts

#2 - The reason this former A list mostly television actress looks so good despite her age is that her former A+ list mostly movie actor ex beat her so badly and so often that she found the best plastic surgeon money could buy. Loni Anderson/Burt Reynolds

#3 - This former A list supermodel who is now a caricature of herself has her significant other so cuckolded that she brings home guys all the time even when her significant other is home. Janice Dickinson

#4 - The mom of this former A list Disney tweener who is still immensely popular went on an N word rant for the ages last week. Her kids are more quiet about their beliefs, but don't expect to ever see them with people of color. Ever. Susan Duff (Hilary and Haylie’s mother)

131. BLIND GOSSIP 06/13
In the past few years, this talented actor has been getting more and more high-profile roles and hanging out with more and more high-profile stars. He is not a very tall or traditionally handsome guy and is still a little shy and awkward in new situations. Well, one of his new friends – an actor who is one of Hollywood’s biggest partying bachelors – saw that as an opportunity to have a little fun with him. The bachelor and our actor were at a party together. The bachelor quietly engaged a very big and burly black guy to simply stand a few feet away from the actor, arms folded, and stare at him in a menacing manner. Then the big guy moved one step at a time toward our actor, essentially backing him into a corner. Our actor began freaking out! He set down his drink and held his palms out to try to stop the man from advancing and begged for mercy. "Ummm…. I-I-I don’t want any trouble. Look, I don’t know what I did, but I’m sorry, OK? I’m sorry! I don’t want to die! Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!" The big man broke first. "Relax, man! I’m just fucking with you." Our actor bolted from the scene, leaving the bachelor and his friends doubled over with laughter.
Actor: Jonah Hill
Bachelor: Leonardo DiCaprio

132. WINE AND SASS 06/13
Oh to be a fly on the wall when this went down. This Extreme Douchelord has been actively trying to get his wife back. Publicly he seems like he is truly wanting this marriage to work and trying to convince her to come back to him. Privately on the other hand, he is partying it up Orgy-Style with his pervy and whore-bag dad. Yes. You heard that right...they have always partied together and hooked up with the same girls. First it was the son living vicariously off the dads fame and dad helping him score. Then the roles reversed and the son takes dad along to his parties and gets girls to go for the dad. The first time I heard about this was three years ago and I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Once one is done with a girl, the other takes a turn. This was all done behind his wife's back. Needless to say, I can't look at either of these guys without completely grossing out. The Extreme Douchelord Son went out and got shitfaced...he then decided to pay his wife who he is separated from a visit. She didn't answer the door. She was busy with company. When I say busy, I mean getting busy. Now when they were together, her hooking up with someone wasn't a big deal. It was always a woman and someone they shared together. This time it was with a man. She was enjoying herself so thoroughly that he could hear everything from outside the window. He ran down the street, called his crew to come get him and he cried like a baby for days. I can't bring myself to have even an ounce of sympathy for him, though. While she always hooked up with a women with him only, he did not follow that rule. This is what happens when you blur the lines of what is cheating and what isn't. What's Good for the Goose and all that. Robin Thicke/Alan Thicke/Paula Patton

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#1**
The wife of this former A+ list mostly television actor who has not done much successfully as of late plays the dutiful wife despite the fact her husband cheats on her with a string of women that she knows about. Hugh Laurie "House"; Jerry Seinfeld "Seinfeld"; Matthew Fox "Lost"

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#2**
Negotiations in the pre-nup are not going well for this A+ list mostly movie actor. His girlfriend wants a minimum of $20M to marry the actor because that is how much she claims she will give up in earnings to marry the actor. George Clooney/Amal Alamuddin

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#3**
The sibling of this former A list tweener who has struggled to stay relevant since her hit show went off the air is not content to sit in her sister's shadow any longer and has filmed a porn which she thinks will make her a fortune. The thing is, she is probably right. Jamie Lynn Spears

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#4**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actor had to not only pay for a $5K designer dress but also the damage done to some furniture in a dressing room after he had sex with his girlfriend in the dressing room while she was wearing the dress.

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#5**
This former A list mostly television actress who just shows up on a lot of red carpets these days and tries her hand behind the scenes better cut short her bathroom visits while out with her boyfriend because he cleans up on phone numbers for women. Eva Longoria/Jose Antonio Baston

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#6**
Not wanting to talk about the cheating while filming makes it really tough to shoot a reality show when both of the participants have been fighting non-stop about his cheating when the cameras are turned off. Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick "Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons"

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#7**
The significant other of this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show has been sexting his ex-girlfriend who he never has really stopped talking to. Kaley Cuoco "Big Bang Theory"/Ryan Sweeting

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#8**
The A list movie actor ex of the actress in #7 has been having sex with a cocktail waitress he met in a casino while shooting his new movie and his actress girlfriend would not be pleased. Henry Cavill "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"/Gina Carano

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/14 **#9**
This B list celebrity and sometime B list actress with A+ list name recognition can't get her drinking under control and is headed for another divorce.

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#1**
This B+ list mostly movie actor who has made the switch to television and taken all the women who love him because of a role with him has been hooking up with a woman who has a celebrity significant other. Our B+ list actor has lots of demons and having an affair is way down the list.

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#2**
This C list celebrity/model must think the beating and cheating is worth it with her A list singer boyfriend because while they were split or he was in jail or rehab she couldn't get hired for anything. Now, she is getting $2500 an appearance. Karrueche Tran/Chris Brown

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#3**
This former B list mostly television actor from a long running network favorite long off the air who now makes his money and fame in some fairly awful made for television stuff is married but hasn't stopped him from hitting on the women who have been flocking to him since his new role gave him a boost. It shouldn't be surprising considering how much he cheated on another wife. Ian Ziering ("90210") ("Sharknado")

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#4**
This former A list singer is now a hang on any way he can to B- list. The name is the only thing saving him from obscurity. You would think with all the talking about women he does that he would have a girlfriend or date someone. Nope. All guys all the time and is loving his new tour where he finds a new guy a night. John Mayer; Usher; JC Chasez

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#5**
This former A+ list tweener has given up even trying to pretend he is straight. He tried the whole beard thing for awhile, but he wasn't very good at explaining it and never knew how much to pay. Taylor Lautner; Joe Jonas

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#6**
This A+ list mostly movie actor has had a tough time shaking the infection he picked up overseas while staying with a hooker for a few days. He never passed it to his wife, but he had to confess what happened because for a time he was really sick and he still hasn't recovered.

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#7**
Chances are very high that a brand new pregnancy announcement might turn to tragedy when the expectant father realizes the baby is not his. All he has to do is check the math. Kate Major (Michael Lohan)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#8**
This former SCTV star and movie actor blew off some kids who recognized him from one of his more popular movies. When they wanted to get their photo taken with him he told them he didn't take photos with fans, but when he saw the mother of one of the kids he said he would make an exception for her and winked before walking away. Rick Moranis "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" or "Ghostbusters"

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/15 **#9**
Viggo Mortensen said he only had sex with this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner one time because she was so skinny and bony that it was painful. He compared it to having sex with a brick wall. Gwyneth Paltrow

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#1**
This B list celebrity has been on television hosting, but is more well known for what he did before he got his short term hosting gig. That earned him some time in A listerdom and not in a good way. He was cheating then and he is cheating now. Even though he has someone fairly new, he just can't stop cheating.

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actor from a franchise that no longer exists, is still hovering in that A-/B+ list range. He is also secretly dating someone to keep it all out of the press. She thinks she is the only one and for now is content to keep things quiet. Another reason he might be keeping it quiet though is because he has also been hooking up with this A+ list singer who he hooked up with about a year ago for the first time. They have reconnected in a big way. Robert Pattinson/Katy Perry

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#3**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show looked amazing the other day at a charity event, but was so wasted that she was asked to leave. During the event she was stumbling a lot and kept causing scenes and also kept popping pill after pill. At one point she broke a heel but it took her 15 minutes to notice that she was walking around on just one.

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#4**
This brand new male reality star who is in a relationship with a very long term multiple cable reality show star has been cheating on his girlfriend with a woman he met at a club a few weeks ago. At this point his girlfriend has no clue, but knowing her, when she does the fireworks will be crazy. Carl Crawford/Evelyn Lozada (probably why they hate each other now)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#5**
This former east coast Real Housewife is sleeping with the husband of a current east coast Real Housewife. Kelly Bensimon/Mario Singer (Ramona’s husband) "Real Housewives of New York"

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#6**
The wife of this aging former A list mostly movie director turned part-time actor was heard complaining about her husband while shopping over the weekend. It turns out that even though he is aging, his proclivity towards beating women has not stopped.

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#7**
This former A list musician when is part of his former group has been cheating on his long time girlfriend with another woman, but what he doesn't know is that the woman he has been cheating with is still seeing her current boyfriend too.
Musician: Richie Sambora
Long time girlfriend: Nikki Lund, his business partner in the Nikki Rich fashion line
Other woman: Orianthi Panagaris, guitarist

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#8**
Another fight in this marriage led this B list celebrity with A list name recognition to keep the kids away from the B list celebrity father on Father's Day. Tori and Dean

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#9**
This former soft porn actress turned failed sitcom star is running out of funds and has taken to making private sex videos with men who used to love watching her get naked in the 80's. Tawny Kitaen; Sybil Danning

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#10**
This multiple Emmy Award nominee/winner is a foreign born actress who is actually more well known for her movies and reached a peak of about B list. In the US she is now a C, but in Europe she is closer to A. Her current boyfriend treats her like crap, but she doesn't care because his checks are large. Plus, she has been treated like crap by men her whole life and her only rule is that the men in her life can't treat her kids like crap.

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/16 **#11**
#1 - One of the transgendered women caught up in the Casper Smart situation also had a fling with this A list mostly movie actor with a past history of transgendered women. The only difference is our actor has a big wallet and non disclosure agreements ready to be signed. Eddie Murphy

#2 - This A list celebrity with A+ list name recognition who used to be a B list actress before hitting it big with another endeavor has been having issues with the man she is supposed to marry. He cheats a lot. The marriage may be off. It is definitely on hold. Mary Kate Olsen (fashion designer)/Olivier Sarkozy

#3 - This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner likes to come across as chaste and religious, but she and this foreign born B list mostly movie actor who has never been known for keeping it in his pants had a threesome with the B lister's ex, who is also a B list mostly movie actress who has never been sexually shy about anything.

162. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16 **#1**
This singer is one of the coolest musicians around. He comes from a successful family, has made plenty of money on his own, has won at least one Grammy Award, and has been in relationships with several famous women. He’s got it all. Good looks. Fame. Awards. Beautiful women. Money. Soap. A washing machine. So why is his personal hygiene so bad? According to a clerk who waited on him in a retail store in Los Angeles: "You could smell him from ten feet away. He smelled like a homeless person. He was wearing these filthy leather pants that he must have been wearing for days. The worst was that you could see his crack from the back… and it was all dirty and crusty!" Again, this is a Grammy Award winner who is rich and famous! How does he justify smelling this bad?
Singer: Lenny Kravitz
Women: Naomi Campbell, Lisa Bonet, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Adriana Lima, Nicole Kidman

163. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16 **#2**
We are working on a fascinating story right now that involves FOUR famous people. Two of them are an engaged couple… and two of them are the mistresses of the engaged man! This bride-to-be is going to flip out when she finds out what her fiance has been doing… and who he has been doing it with! Much more tomorrow! ADDENDUM: This relationship started out with the best of intentions. Two good-looking and successful people – both at the top of their game – fell in love and got engaged. Of course there was the obligatory giant diamond ring (which he helped to design), the open displays of admiration for each other, and declarations of happiness all around when the engagement was announced. Sweet, right? Oh, hell no! He was so used to women flocking to him that he just couldn’t seem to settle into only having one woman. In the past six months alone, he has cheated on her at least twice… and both of the women that we know about are famous! Mistress 1 is probably the most famous person in this story. She was working on a project with Fiance, and there were some whispers that the two of them had gotten close. Our Bride-to-be initially dismissed the rumors as gossip, but later found out that the rumors were all true. Bride was furious… but her Fiance managed to convince her that it was nothing more than a few casual hookups and that it was totally over. Groom-to-be and Mistress 2 worked on a project together a few years ago. Nothing happened then, but as soon as Groom got engaged, Mistress 2 was suddenly all over him! This was no one-night stand either. It was an honest-to-goodness full-blown affair. Bride has no clue about Mistress 2, and you know that there is zero chance that Groom will voluntarily tell her about it. So we will.
BONUS CLUE: Mistress 1 is single. Mistress 2 is married. This affair may have broken up M2's marriage.
BONUS CLUE: One woman was pregnant while these affairs were occurring!
Bride-to-be: Ciara
Groom-to-be: Future
Mistress 1: Rihanna
Mistress 2: Keyshia

164. MOUTH TO EARS 06/16
She wonders why she has never been wife’d. This Basketball Wives Los Angeles star has always stood out from the rest. For one, she isn’t and never has been a wife. She isn’t even dating a basketball player. But the way things are going…she may never get a ring. Word is this BBWLA star is creeping on her NFL baller with a hip hop artist. Can you guys who we are talking about?

BBWLA: Draya Michele
Baller: Orlando Scandrick
Artist: Drake

"All her ex-lovers are under gag orders. When they leave her, they leave with next to nothing." She’d have you believe she’s still a grounded chic from the block, but insiders say she’s really a cold and calculated ‘wear the pants’ kinda female. Just ask her former dancer-turned-boy toy — whose fetish for TS prostitutes is said have long been something this Puerto Rican pop star’s been hip to. In fact, our blind item may have been behind door number one of his recent tranny sex scandal! That’s because the info is said to have been "strategically leaked to trash his credibility and save her azz." Here’s what an insider exclusively tells HSK: "She’s been plotting to dump him for the past year. Now, if he tries to tell her secrets no one will believe him now." She was recently booed in Brasil. Jennifer Lopez

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#1**
This former B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show no longer on the air has been making some side cash by hooking up with guys, but might have gone a little too far when she invited some B list actress friends along for one of her trips. They had no idea they were expected to perform for pay because our former B lister kept all the money she was paid in advance for the fees of the other actresses. Jessica Szhor "Gossip Girl" (Nina Dobrev, Emma Miller, Eli Mizrahi)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#2**
This A list singer generally turns a blind eye to the infidelities of her celebrity husband but now he has got someone pregnant and our A lister is having to scramble to make sure everything is kept quiet. She is footing the bill for the other woman's medical bills and future child support and other cash, but wants to keep everything quiet because she doesn't want to have it be public knowledge her husband cheated. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian; Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock; Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#3**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor had the availability of one of the nicest suites in Cannes for his use, but for the past two nights beach goers found him sleeping in a sleeping bag on the beach. Keanu Reeves

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#4**
This A list foreign born mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has always made a huge deal about how she would never get plastic surgery. Well, she had a consultation and next week is set to get a breast lift and a tummy tuck. Kate Winslet   "Plastic surgery and breast implants are fine for people who want that, if it makes them feel better about who they are. But, it makes these people, actors especially, fantasy figures for a fantasy world. Acting is about being real being honest."

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#5**
After three months of not being able to do more than text and e-mail this married A list mostly movie actress got to hook up with her long time other man for an entire weekend. She had a few appearances to make, but other than that, they spent the entire time in his hotel room. Not hers. Never hers.

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#6**
When this B list celebrity is not having sex with his groupies he is doing his best to get his A list reality star girlfriend pregnant. He wants to ride the money train. She thinks it is love and is doing her best to get pregnant too. French Montana/Khloe Kardashian

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#7**
This foreign born B+ list singer would probably announce she has split from her boyfriend but her new "mature" boyfriend would rather she keep it quiet. First, he is way older than the singer and second, she has no idea he is still married. Iggy Azalea/ Nick Young (basketball player)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#8**
This Atlanta Housewife who is married hooked up with someone from her past this weekend.

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#9**
This B list mostly movie actress who just became legal got into a screaming fight with the photographer who slept with her when she was a minor because she wanted to pose with another photographer. She did and slept with him too.
Actress: Abigail Breslin (turned 18 in April)
1st photographer: Tyler Shields
2nd photographer: Unknown photographer

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#10**
This former NBC A lister from a hit show that is no longer on the air was considered a ladies man on the show. This month he is finally planning on coming out. Good for him.

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **#11**
This sometime A list mostly movie actor from an acting family is suffering depression. You can often find him in a strip club in his hometown in the middle of the day drinking his cares away while he piles on the pounds and he stays there for hours and hours. Alone. Luke Wilson

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/17 **12**
This B list mostly movie actor is B list simply because of his name and because of his look. He has been in some very big movies. He doesn't really work enough to be categorized as B list but everyone knows who he is. He has had his ups and downs and had some bad press after an incident a few years ago. Right now though our actor is trapped in a relationship with a woman who abuses him both verbally and physically but our actor can't seem to escape. Apparently he is in love with the woman and while she drains his bank accounts and forces him to take jobs to support them, she cheats on him constantly and when he is in town, she treats him horribly. All of his friends have told him to leave. He has shared his story with several people and all have been willing to help him, but he just keeps going back to her. His friends fear that something awful will happen to him and that he will finally just give up.

Which celebrity who is getting married, better check her fiancée phone, as the dirty devil has been sexting with a young lady in The Hamptons! It’s not naked pictures like Anthony Weiner, but the texts are certainly more than just flirting. Plus, he has been dropping the stars name all over town to make sure he gets the best tables in restaurants – for him and his bit on the side! GROSS! Katie Couric/John Molner

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#1**
This B list singer/part-time tweener actress threw a fit yesterday when she decided that the suite at her hotel was not large enough. She told concert promoters she wouldn't play unless they upgraded her to a three bedroom suite. She was staying alone. The promoters upgraded her. Ariana Grande "MuchMusic Video Awards"

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#2**
This Academy Award winning/nominee actress and this former B list cable television actor from a hit show teamed up to create something memorable in the back of a limo yesterday at an event. They were drinking and then went out front to her limo and crawled in the back seat for twenty minutes before he went back inside and she went home. They just met for the first time last night. The driver stood on the sidewalk waiting.

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#3**
This B+ list mostly movie actress is discovering why the B list mostly movie actor she is with never stays with anyone for long. The absences have grown more frequent and the fighting increased. He likes to make the women he is with feel like they are doing something wrong when it is him who is always doing something wrong.

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#4**
This very recent actor/actress split should have the actress focused also on someone very close to her. That long time assistant was a constant bed partner with the soon to be ex-husband. Melanie Griffith/Antonio Banderas

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#5**
This B list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and got his start on television in an iconic role to those who watched it, blew off a bunch of meetings the other day to entertain a series of women in his hotel room. One after the other. Maybe he should be there for those close to him instead. Jared Leto (Cannes Lion Awards) (Jordan Catalano "My So-Called Life") (brother arrested for DUI)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#6**
This A- list singer has been known to have her fans purchase coke for her and other drugs so she never has to actually pay for it herself. Most of the time the fans who buy it for her just get a quick thanks. Lots of times they just have to pass it over to a bodyguard and they never get to say anything to their idol. Lady Gaga

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#7**
This B- list mostly television actress had a long run on a hit cable show and was looking great, but her Adderall addiction is getting out of hand to the point it seems her new breasts weigh more than the rest of her. She is also famous for being awake all night and calling people at 3am wanting to talk. Anna Gunn "Breaking Bad"

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#8**
This former plus sized model who is no longer plus sized is having an affair with this married foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner. Crystal Renn

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#9**
This former B list mostly movie actress is now the least well known of her acting family. She is probably the least liked too. While walking out of a store the other day, our actress was asked to pose for a photo and the actress said, "Fuck off," and kept walking. Nice. Rosanna Arquette

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#10**
This well preserved B list mostly movie actress who is a huge fan of plastic surgery and been married to some very powerful people in the business and entertainment world went down memory lane with an ex who is probably the oddest person she could pick. Or him. He is a washed up B- list mostly movie actor in a relationship and formerly in a very long term marriage to an actress. Ellen Barkin/David Arquette

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#11**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor is trying to kill a book that is written by an actress. The actress claims in her book that the actor regularly had sex with her when she was just 13 and 14 and that another current A list mostly movie actress was also the same age when the actor had sex with her too. Jack Nicholson/Tatum O’Neal/Drew Barrymore

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/18 **#12**
#1 - This married former almost A list mostly movie actor used to be a guy who women loved. Then he went in to hiding and only his actress wife ever seems to emerge. She does play his favorite game of change the diaper though. Yep. He does. Lest you think he is old, he is really young still. Freddie Prinze Jr.

#2 - Matthew Perry used to hook up with the wife in #1. Called her clinical and the biggest bitch he ever dated. Sarah Michelle Gellar

#3 - This former A list tweener turned bad television movie actress and now just a full-time singer with problems was the biggest buyer of all the remaining best selling sizzurp before it was taken off the shelves. Now she has all kinds of people offering her tons of money for her supply. She is keeping it for herself. Selena Gomez; Miley Cyrus

191. BLIND GOSSIP 06/18
This young celebrity couple has been engaged for a while, but you haven’t heard anything about their wedding plans lately, have you? That’s because they act like everything is great… but their relationship is actually in horrible shape! Why? She can’t stop drinking! Will she go to rehab? Nope. In the meantime, the drunk fights, the endless drama, and the anxiety the whole situation produces are really starting to get to him. He is relieved to be spending time apart from her. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters

This beloved mogul/media darling has suddenly gone on the low-low because of what we're hearing to be early onset dementia. People are going into overdrive to cover this up with all kinds of stories. Too bad. If the public was made more aware of how close this illness hits home it could bring some much needed attention to this back breaker and the care needed ... But to each their own! Oprah Winfrey

193. FLOW 93.5 06/18
A singer planned to dump their significant other. After they did it, they spread cheating rumors so no one would trust the S.O. Who is it?
Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart

The past of this peach-gone-sour has caught up with her! A source spills word that this almost-a-Housewife was once "pulling tricks for her pimp Rasheed ‘Ralo’ Wonder." We’re told… one of her sponsors put up $450K for her Flatlined music venture. The monies are said to be funds which Ralo squandered "for his publishing scams." Just ask Nikko Smith. Dig the drop: "She started out as a singer. She used to trade sexual favors for rich white men. Ralo set those up so she could get one of them to give her a [record] deal." I recently saw nude pictures of our blind item, reported to be images that were uses to by her pimp… to send to his clients "for a good time." I’m working on a deal to release the pics to you. Porsha Williams

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#1**
This A- list singer is secretly engaged, and is hoping to get secretly married. What she probably doesn't know is that her boyfriend has a secret too, and it is the woman he met while our singer was out of town for an extended period. The two continue to hook up whenever the singer is busy. Lady Gaga

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#2**
In a new twist to spending money in ridiculous ways, this foreign born B list singer/part-time actress paid her girlfriend $5000 to take a not that attractive guy they just met in a club back to their hotel room for sex. The woman did it. Rita Ora

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#3**
This aging permanent A list entertainer is quietly making changes to his trust and will and his family is probably going to be surprised at who ends up with control of his estate. Our A lister is not doing well and probably does not have longer than a year to live.

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#4**
This still very much a minor, who is an A- list mostly movie actress chain smokes which her fans have begun to suspect. She also drinks and has been known to get drunk and then take naked photos and send them to her boyfriend, which would be a crime. The fact that he photographs her naked is also a crime. When they have sex it is a crime in some states. Chloë Grace Moretz

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#5**
A sober companion had to be flown to Europe to help this former A list mostly movie actress who had a crazy bender filled with booze and pills that almost killed her. Melanie Griffith (in Italy)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#6**
This foreign born former A list mostly movie actor is about to be outed as the actor who has been sued in the past for knowingly spreading an STD. This will be a heart breaker for many.

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#7**
This C list actress offspring of former A listers is on heroin and it is something her actress mom beat but never discusses. Ever. Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith/Don Johnson)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#8**
It is pretty interesting that all of the sleepovers this A+ list singer has always end up with selfies taken in various stages of undress with her female friends. How come those never see the light of day? I also think our singer might be hiding a very big secret. Taylor Swift (a lesbian)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#9**
This B- list celebrity who only ranks that high because she is the offspring of an A list dad and B list mom just found out that the person she thought loved her for love actually loves her for her family money. While our celebrity was out of town her significant other hooked up with several other people. Ireland Baldwin (Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger (at airport)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#10**
This former A list mostly movie actor turned B list take what he can get actor from an acting family brought a hooker to dinner. No one knew though until one of the dinner companions asked the woman what she did for a living and she replied that she did our actor. Just like that. English was not her first language but she made it clear she was in it for the money and left everyone at the table looking around to find a different place to sit.
Matt Dillon

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/19 **#11**
This A lister is one of the bigger homophobes in the business. He is foreign born. Has been as high as A+ list, but has hovered at A for the past decade. Academy Award winner/nominee. Always likes to come across as very macho and hetero and has been married but prefers women he can use for a night or two and then throw away. The thing is he is big on leaking that he does that because he thinks it makes him look like a stud. If you do it to him though, then he thinks the woman is trash and he will do what he can to damage her reputation. When he meets a man who is gay, he is often nice to him at the beginning to try and get the guy to respond and then he will have the guy fired or humiliate him or think of some way to abuse the guy. Often this is done after he has been serviced by the guy. If you ask his friends they will all tell you how much he our actor gay bashes and that he would never play gay and would never "allow" his kids to become gay. Straight out of the middle ages and one of these days he is going to go too far in abusing one of these men and they will get back at him.

206. BLIND GOSSIP 06/19
We’ve talked before about this floppy-haired singer’s substance abuse. He isn’t a big drinker or pot smoker, but his cocaine use was absolutely off the charts last year! It was especially bad during the late fall and early winter. He was doing coke almost daily… and in huge quantities. Even he knew he was a mess! Well, we have some good news! While he hasn’t stopped using cocaine completely, he has significantly tapered off. Some weeks he doesn’t use at all. He is a lot more clearheaded, a lot healthier, and a lot happier with both his work and his life now. That’s the whole story. Harry Styles

207. DAILY MIRROR 06/19
Which rock star offspring likes to get high on wacky baccy and snog boys who aren’t her boyfriend? This former wild child still likes to go cray crazy, but behind closed doors at her raucous house parties. Tsk, what would the old man say?
Rock Star:
Her Boyfriend (may or may not be famous):

208. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 06/19
Two women at different stages of their career, both were recently promoting books, both behaved like assholes. She was the young blush of her time, muse to an icon, dream girl to a generation. So it wasn’t a surprise when over 200 people showed up to a book signing. Here’s what *should* happen at a book signing: you stay and sign books. Many best selling authors stay as long as they can, for hours, making sure they have a personal interaction with each and every reader, often posing for photos. Even Gwyneth Paltrow understands this. Sometimes it’s impossible. Like JK Rowling often has 3 or 4 thousand people showing up so what she’ll do is she’ll sign hundreds of boxes in advance and on the day of, she’ll commit to a couple of hours, sometimes more, to hang out with as many of her fans as possible. But this woman? When this woman saw that 200 people were waiting for her, she scowled. Then exhaled, loudly. "I have to sign for all of them?" Well, um, as many as you can…? "But I have dinner reservations." She signed for just 20 people. Then made her reservation while the others were left out, cold. And what about Miss All Kinds Of Sweet and Sad? She fronts like an angel, like she could never possibly throw attitude ever, but we’ve all heard the stories from the set – how she rages around like she lives exclusively on the top tier and everyone else is her chorus. At several signings in multiple cities, the behaviour was the same. Upon arrival, she barked orders to her staff and bookstore staff about what exactly she would tolerate: hustle people through the line, cut them off when they want to talk, push them through as quickly as possible, and "spare me from all of their f-cking sob stories". In other words, these people are beneath me but you lowlifes are going to take the fall because even though they mean nothing, I still want them to love me and give me their money. And so, with a fake smile on her face, giving the performance of her life, she’d greet her public kindly, while her people practically threw her fans up towards the signing table, several at a time, tossing them together like abused animals, crunching them close, a speed meet-and-greet on crack. How fast was it really? At one stop she got through 250 people in half an hour. This, apparently was too slow for her so she gave sh-t to her handlers and at the next stop, what an accomplishment – 350 people in just over 20 minutes. 20 minutes! 350 people! Can you imagine how that must have moved? How they would have been treated? And then she was out. While fans were still coming in with their wristbands, bewildered that it was over already. Who? "When you blush, what colour are your cheeks?"
Miss Dream Girl/20 People: Molly Ringwald
Miss All Kinds Of Sweet and Sad/350 People: Lea Michele

209. MR. X 06/20 **#1**
1) What star of an upcoming movie musical is about to formally announce that he's gay? He's denied it in the past, even saying he had a (non-existent) girlfriend. He even had to endure painful conversion therapy after he told his conservative Catholic parents, which obviously didn't work. Vincent Piazza "Jersey Boys"

2) What newly single diva cackled at a reporter's question about a tabloid printing the rumor that she's dating that soon-to-be-former A-list actor? She said he's not her type, as she made a limp-wristed hand gesture. Maybe she knows something we don't? Katy Perry/Robert Pattinson

3) Which A+ list actor who's always been vague on his sexuality recently paid off a Russian tabloid after they interviewed a barely legal rentboy who blabbed about their one-night stand? Kevin Spacey (Russia connection)

210. MR. X 06/20 **#2**
4) Which B-list former tweener was spotted holding hands with his longtime boyfriend, also an actor, for the first time at an event a few days ago? Taylor Lautner

5) What music industry trade publication is now #1 at sucking up to the stars? They've accepted payola cash from that eccentric songstress and that hip-hop power couple to write good articles about them, while trashing a diva who's benefited from their past help.
Publication: "Rolling Stone"
Eccentric songstress: Lady Gaga
Hip-hop power couple: Beyoncé/Jay-Z
Diva: Madonna or Mariah

6) Which B-list spawn of a legendary rocker is putting the finishing touches on her memoirs, which she crafted as a novel with real-life people's names changed? She's also going to expose that kooky cult she and her family have since left. Lisa Marie Presley (Scientology)

211. MR. X 06/20 **#3**
7) Which soccer superstar has been injured, but he's still found time to cheat on his model fiance with one of his favorite hookers... who happens to be transgender? Cristiano Ronaldo/Irina Shayk

8) What foreign-born music show hostess is telling anyone who will listen that she was originally cast for the Aaliyah biopic, even though she can't dance or sing? Nobody's buying it. Keshia Chante

212. MR. X 06/20 **#4**
9) What legendary Broadway composer is reeling after the company producing the film version of one of his better known works cut out any sexual innuendo because it's a "family friendly" movie? He's putting on a brave face though, despite this setback. Stephen Sondheim "Into the Woods"

10) What closeted rapper's boyfriend got the sister of his wife a new modeling job? Kanye West/Riccardo Tisci "Kendall Jenner models in Givenchy Fall-Winter 2015 campaign"

213. MR. X 06/20 **#5**
11) Old Hollywood: Which foreign-born Olympian turned Hollywood girl next door initially worried studio execs when she was signed to a long-term contract because she and her family were close associates to several high ranking Nazis, including Hitler himself? Sonja Henie

12) Old Hollywood: Which A++ list Oscar winning/nominated actor who was a struggling B for the first half of the 1930s cheated on his first wife with her best friend, an A/B-list Oscar winning actress who had the public image of a goody two shoes? John Wayne/first wife: Josephine Saenz/Loretta Young

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#1**
This B list rapper/some time reality star was hitting on this A list in her mind everything. When the A lister pointed out the B lister is married he says his wife doesn't mind. T.I./Jennifer Lopez

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#2**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now a C list waste of space has spent about $50000 in the past four days shopping at Harrods and she was not using her own credit card. The guy she is seeing must be a complete idiot. She must do something no other person on earth will do for the guy. Lindsay Lohan

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#3**
This aging, but still attractive designer managed to convince a guy about a third of her age to go home with her for the night, but it did cost her $1000. Is she still married? I need to look that up.
Vera Wang

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#4**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress now, who had a nice run on a great cable show was cold as ice to this B list mostly movie actress who only gets that high because of her name and recognition and not talent. Our foreign born actress hates the other actress because the other actress, who is married once tried to sleep with the former significant other of our foreign born actress while they were together.
Foreign born B list actress: Rose Byrne
Cable show: "Damages"
B list actress:
Foreign born significant other: Brendan Cowell

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#5**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress was asked to write a book. She declined though when they wanted her to name names. The name they wanted in print was the foreign born B list mostly movie actor who got her pregnant while she was still married. Kate Winslet/Jude Law; Nicole Kidman/Ewan McGregor

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#6**
This A list mostly television actor from a very hit network show was at a party this weekend and was asked about his craziest sex and he said it was with this daughter of a politician while her sister was in the next room and guards outside the house. Ashton Kutcher/Jenna Bush

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/20 **#7**
For those of you who have been reading a long time, you probably remember the blinds about Vixen. For those of you who never read about her, you can click on the label at the bottom and relive the blinds. Vixen, has popped up now and again, but not for many years. A few weeks ago we crossed paths and had a few hours to catch up and see what has been happening in her life. She is a completely different person from the time I first met her. She is healthy and fun and vibrant and I am really proud of her for all the positive changes she has made in her life. As we sat and talked and relived the past, she told me a story about something that happened to her a long time ago and that she says is the reason she spiraled on a path that almost cost her life. Back in the day she was just starting out as an actress. She was also a model and was in her teens when she first ran into this actor who was A+ list at the time. This guy was everywhere. He wasn't really a movie star, and has rarely been in movies, but he was the king of television. He has a long and stories Hollywood past that would have crushed him if he was acting like that in the age of TMZ and paps everywhere. They met when she read for a part. She says that producers would forward him the tapes of women who read so he could pick and choose who he could ask out or eliminate right away as not suitable, which meant he couldn't see himself having sex with the woman or he knew she would be off limits. Vixen was young. Below the age of consent, but that didn't stop our actor from inviting her to dinner and wining her and dining her and putting on the full court press. She had no chance really and the pair started having sex. He was married at the time but always seemed to have time for Vixen. When she balked at his request for a threesome he told her that she needed a little coke and that everything would be good. She had her first line then and has been battling coke addiction since. He turned her life into a drug and sex fueled party and would tell her which roles to take and which not to take. He would pass her around to his friends and threaten her if she didn't cooperate. He had her find other women who were in their teens and bring them to parties and then would have sex with them. If he liked them better than Vixen he would send her on her way for a few weeks or months until he decided he wanted her again. Vixen was getting good roles and got one great role and that led to her biggest amount of fame. Apparently our actor got jealous and wanted her for himself again so cast her on his new show and took up right where they left off. She had kicked coke but he got her hooked again and it was even worse for her that time and she went off the deep end and got in trouble with the law and finally was at rock bottom and tried to kill herself. The people in her life who were close to her got her some help and she fled Hollywood. They convinced her, rightfully so that her life was much more important than being famous or being used by some has been Hollywood A lister.
Vixen: Yasmine Bleeth
Actor: Don Johnson (wife: Melanie Griffith)
Great role: "Baywatch"
New show: "Nash Bridges"

Which A-list, who is engaged, has a deal with his new fiancé that allows him to still see his special gentleman friend, even after they get married? The arrangement works for both parties. She gets to marry a superstar and enjoy all that comes with it – fame and fortune, and he gets to remain in the closet and still enjoy the company of men! This couple is more like best friends, than husband and wife!!!
Actor: George Clooney
Fiancee: Amal Alamuddin
Boyfriend: Randy Gerber

222. BLIND GOSSIP 06/20
This actress is pregnant. No, she hasn’t announced it yet. Her pregnancy is a bit surprising, though, because we didn’t think that her significant other was enthusiastic about expanding their family. Her personal life aside, though, we are curious about why she is keeping it a secret from her employer. Aren’t they entitled to know one of their main characters is about to undergo a significant body change? Wouldn’t that affect little things like character and the plot? Perhaps she is hoping that she can just double Spanx her way through it for the next few months. Or perhaps she is just hoping that nobody will notice when her belly pops. Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting

He’s said to have long been know to "secretly tape" his smash sessions. Don’t believe me… Just ask Teyana Taylor’s moms, Nikki. And we’re told… one famous shower-hanger wasn’t immune to our blind item’s reported fetish for taping on the down-low! Dig the Drop: "He knew he could talk her into signing off on the release of their sex tape." I’m told he has another sex tape that’s "about to be released." This one’s said to star him smashing a well-known celebrity’s wife!

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actor/sometime director took the opportunity of his B list actress wife attending an event the other night to hook up with the much younger blonde that used to be his assistant before his wife put a stop to it because she suspected something. I guess she was right. Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#2**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress once slept with the significant other of her best friend who also is a foreign born actress, albeit slightly lower down the list. It is also why they are now former best friends. Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts (Liev Schreiber)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#3**
This B+list mostly television actress would be A list if her network show performed better passed out the other day because she had not eaten in two days. Apparently she overheard some guy she likes saying that the actress was too heavy for his taste and she has been starving herself. Kat Dennings "2 Broke Girls"

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#4**
This B list celebrity who is only that high because of her name and her family has never had sex with her boyfriend of many years. The whole relationship is just for attention. LaToya Jackson

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actor is old, but apparently his sex drive isn't. He is still married, but has a girlfriend and when his girlfriend couldn't make it to an event out of town he found another woman for the night. Clint Eastwood

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#6**
This A list reality star has cut herself off from the booze and drugs the past week and it is because she is late and thinks she is pregnant. I guess miracles do happen. Khloé Kardashian

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#7**
The onset romance between these two B listers on a hit cable show has fizzled and now she is trying to win back her husband and her reputation. Keri Russell/Matthew Rhys

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#8**
This B list foreign born movie actor says his new girlfriend is open to fulfilling all his fantasies involving strange objects being inserted into him. The last actress girlfriend that did that he left his wife for.
Jude Law

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#9**
This A list mostly movie actor who generally stars in comedic roles would not shut up during a screening because he was doing line after line of coke. Jonah Hill "22 Jump Street"

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#10**
This B+ list mostly television actress from a hit premium cable show was totally into a guy the other night an event until she found out he is a bartender and not the executive she thought he was and then ignored him the rest of the night and looked for someone else to latch onto. Emmy Rossum

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#11**
This former A list mostly television actress who is now just an A list celebrity was instructed by her husband on a lengthy flight to find a flight attendant they could bring home when they landed. She succeeded. Pamela Anderson/Rick Solomon (Italy flight)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#12**
This A list reality star who smart people dislike complained during an entire flight about how flying private was so much better than first class and it was only because her jet was grounded that she was slumming. She is getting worse than The Goopster. Kris Jenner

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/21 **#13**
This B- list celebrity and sometime actress/model who has dated some very big names in Hollywood is the latest woman to be lured by that Middle Eastern businessman who pays big big bucks to spend the night with the women he sees on LA red carpets. Carmen Electra

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#1**
This foreign born B list singer was late to the stage yesterday because she already found a new producer and songwriter who she was having sex with. She will do anything for tracks. Rita Ora (Summertime Ball)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#2**
This former A list tweener is starting to open up more about his sexuality or is just willing to take more chances because he has been spotted at the same West Hollywood bath house the last two days. Not a very nice one either. Taylor Lautner; Joe Jonas; Zach Efron

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#3**
KINDNESS: This B+ list mostly television actress from a hit cable show who I don't like very much and never seems to do anything nice except for herself, watched a woman have her car towed because she was parked illegally. The woman had a toddler with her and the woman said she had no money to get the car out of being towed so our actress drove her and the toddler to the impound lot and paid the fees to have the car released. January Jones

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#4**
Apparently this B list entertainer (singer) is not pregnant the old-fashioned way because she and her significant other have never even had sex. Kelly Rowland

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#5**
This former A list tweener is dating a music producer but doesn't want anyone to know because she feels like she would not get as much tabloid coverage as she does now because her fans are hoping for a fairy tale. Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#6**
The people of this A list diva and everything else in her mind are threatening her ex with a restraining order because he won't stop calling and texting everyone around her. He wants more money. Casper Smart/Jennifer Lopez

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#7**
Two nights ago this B list reality star from an A list reality show spent the night with a blonde who looks nothing like his significant other. Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian) "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#8**
Apparently this former B list mostly television actress with the long name was not content with sleeping with one married guy in the past month because she made it very clear to this married B- list celebrity that she would be open to sleeping with him. Michelle Trachtenberg

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#9**
For the past month this former A list "singer" and reality star has been sober. She thought she was pregnant so went cold turkey and has stayed clean even when she found out she was not expecting. Ashlee Simpson

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#10**
This former A list reality star from multiple reality shows, one of which was a massive hit has run through all her money and is now draining her boyfriend's money as she keeps spending money on projects and shopping.

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#11**
This A list mostly movie actress who recently "starred" in one of the biggest movies ever was a big pain at an event where she was paid to attend. No one liked her and she was rude and dismissive to people and the company is never having her back. Kristen Bell "Frozen" (American Express Epic EveryDay Getaway with Soul Cycle)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#12**
This corporate beverage giant only sends money and food to countries where the country will also allow it to send in its products that are not good for anyone.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/22 **#13**
This A+list mostly movie actor picked up an STD last time he was out of the country so the only sex he gets now is with women who are not his wife. Mark Wahlberg "Transformers: Age of Extinction" (Hong Kong, China)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#1**
This married former A list mostly television actor has slipped to B, but not in looks. He finally got a night out alone and he made the most of it by hooking up with one of the women hired to work the event as a model. Eric Dane

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#2**
This married A list mostly movie actress is being cheated on by her celebrity in his corner of the entertainment world husband. Those long hours he is working are not really work. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied (artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet); Reese Witherspoon/Jim Toth (talent agent and co-head of motion picture talent at the Creative Artists Agency)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#3**
The B list mostly movie actress of this A+ list mostly movie actor husband went out to dinner twice this weekend and didn't wear her wedding ring either time. She always wears it. Always. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#4**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress with the husky voice and not much of a career left other than schlock movies was wasted out of her mind this weekend and took two guys back to her room, but only after inspecting the "goods" of several other guys before making her decision. Ellen Barkin

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#5**
This B list celebrity/sometime television personality/former reality star has a new boyfriend. He is her former drug dealer. This should turn out well. He also sold drugs to other family members. Kelly Osborne

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#6**
Kindness: This A+list entertainer (singer) felt so bad for the pap crush and the security she had with her at a crowded lunch place yesterday that she bought the entire restaurant lunch. Taylor Swift

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#7**
This former OC Housewife has no money and is living appearance to appearance and finding them harder to get with less money. Look for her to dump her money grubbing boyfriend soon to find someone with money. Gretchen Rossi/Slade Smiley "Real Housewives of Orange County"

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#8**
This C list celebrity has been kicked out of his house by his wife and is now living full-time with this former A+ list reality star who just won't go away, no matter how much we want her to.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#9**
This former A+ list mostly television actor from a very very hit network show rarely acts any longer and prefers to be behind the camera. He has a big temper as this foreign born B list mostly movie actress, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee found out. He beat her to the point where she needed surgery to repair her hearing. The incident happened in her home country and she was responsible for hushing it up.

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/23 **#10**
#1 - Brooke Shields had sex with this foreign born almost A+ list mostly movie actor back in the day before either of them married. He is single now. Liam Neeson

#2 - Sinead O'Connor hooked up with the actor in #1 too. Liam Neeson

#3 - Mark Wahlberg hooked up with this A list mostly movie actress, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee but dumped her after a couple of weeks because she would complain all the time unless she was smoking pot. Gwyneth Paltrow

#4 - Johnny Depp was in a relationship, but it didn't stop him from having sex with this now married B- list mostly television actress who got her start in some movies that made her famous. Apparently this happened during the week of her 18th birthday. Christina Ricci

260. BLIND GOSSIP 06/23
This actress is sweet and pretty on the outside… but obnoxious and ugly on the inside! She was on vacation a few years ago at a tropical resort. At the time, she had already starred in several films (none of which were huge hits), but had not yet been nominated for/won any major awards. This posh resort has seen its share of movie stars, rock stars, business moguls, and royalty. However, our actress goes down in history as "The Most Obnoxious Guest Ever." Here ‘s why: Although the resort’s private beach club was only open to members and guests, she constantly referred to them as "the public," as in "I want the public cleared from the beach club before I enter!" The path to the beach club runs through a golf course. She demanded that the golf course be closed down during the time she would be walking between the hotel and the beach club. She demanded that parts of the hotel’s main walkways be barricaded off so no one but she and her entourage could pass through. There were several restaurants on the property. She demanded that whatever restaurant she chose for her meal be closed to other members and guests. She demanded that a server and a server assistant to be available to her 24 hours a day throughout the duration of her stay. Employees were not allowed to speak to her or look at her directly. She never smiled or thanked anyone during her entire stay. She also did not tip anyone for anything. Perhaps this monstrous attitude explains why she is actually the prefect match to her current boyfriend? Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

261. WINE AND SASS 06/23
The female part of this duo is paranoid that it will get out that she was seeing him before the official break up of her last "relationship." She thinks she manages her reputation with an iron fist...but in reality does a very bad job of it. When it comes to her personal life, she just won't listen to her team. The male part of this duo was telling his model ex girlfriend that he wanted her back and they were hooking back up on the down low. He told his new piece that he wanted to keep things quiet for her situation and came off as so noble when it was actually the opposite. Will this girl EVER learn??? Jennifer Lopez/Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Kate Upton)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#1**
This former B list reality star from a singing group who also loves her bikinis almost got kicked off a cruise ship because she and her boyfriend were having sex in a kiddie pool late one night where anyone could see, and did. Aubrey O’Day

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#2**
This B list musician who has almost A list name recognition from a B list band has a girlfriend but she has been preoccupied with other things lately so our B lister has been hooking up with one of his former male exes. Benji Madden/Cameron Diaz (overseas for promotion of "Sex Tape")

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#3**
In what is probably the best celebrity parental decision in quite some time, this A list model refused to let her daughter go to a party with Kylie Jenner or have any contact with her. Cindy Crawford

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#4**
This former A list mostly movie actress has a lot of demons in her closet and she has apparently been cutting herself and self harming on the set of her new movie. Lots of long sleeves in her wardrobe now. Demi Moore (filming "Wild Oats"); Renee Zellweger (filming "The Whole Truth"); Winona Ryder (filming "Experimenter")

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#5**
This B list mostly movie actress who is that high only because of her name and not talent got into an argument because she tried to go into a mosque in shorts and a t-shirt and didn't know why she couldn't. Jessica Alba (Turkey)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#6**
The married couple most likely to end in divorce after a brief marriage is this B list talk show host from a national daytime show. Big fights with her spouse on an almost daily basis since they got married. Sara Gilbert ("The Talk")/Linda Perry

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#7**
This B list actor has been cheating on his A- list singer girlfriend and she has been desperate to keep him so has been trying to get pregnant so he will marry her and not leave her for the other woman. Taylor Kinney/Lady Gaga

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#8**
This way under age 18 celebrity who is the offspring of celebrities and in a family of celebrities got an abortion after getting pregnant by a guy twice her age.

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#9**
This former A list mostly television actress who hangs on to fame because of her success at past multiple shows was doing a product placement pap shot and had to eat some of the product. She immediately threw it all up and had to change and refused to even touch the stuff, let alone eat it, but did take a picture with it. But, hey she got paid and if you ask her about them, she will probably claim to love them.

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#10**
The first person to compliment this former A list mostly movie actress and still a solid B+ lister on her new breasts? Her dad. He raves about them to friends too.

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/24 **#11**
This former A list tweener and still B+/A- list celebrity/singer has been on a journey the past few years. It has been ridiculously tough, but she has managed to pull through. Part of what tortured her was that she has always hidden her sexuality. At first she wanted the world to believe she was heterosexual because she knew that anything other than that would ruin her career as a tweener which would lead to less opportunities later. She had several boyfriends and made sure they all would say nothing but that she was straight after their time together. One boyfriend has lasted longer than all the others and she never really seems to care that he cheats and it is because he is one of the few that know her secret. There have been leaks here and there, but she has never responded to them and stayed mum about any rumors regarding her sexuality. Over the past few months though she and her people have been quietly working behind the scenes with publicists and tabloids and even a book publisher to come out to the world and she thinks it is the last step needed to be completely healed and totally free. Demi Lovato

273. BLIND GOSSIP 06/24 **#1**
This very famous TV star was at the theater the other night with an attractive blonde. They were holding hands and leaning in to one another and whispering and giggling together. Before kissing, he glanced around nervously to see if anyone was watching. Why should he care if anyone saw him kissing an attractive blonde? Because the woman was definitely NOT his wife! This is a guy who LOVES to use his wife and child/ren for interviews and photo ops and pretend that he is such a devoted family man! The truth is that he spends very little time with them. Late at night he is much more likely to be out with another woman than home in bed with his wife. Either he has an open marriage… or he is simply a chronic cheater.
BONUS CLUE: His first child is going to celebrate a milestone birthday this summer.
BONUS CLUE: The theater was thousands of miles away from New York City.
TV Star: Jimmy Fallon
TV Show: "The Late Night"

274. BLIND GOSSIP 06/24 **#2**
Guess which TV star is getting fired? Our source says, "We wanted someone outspoken and controversial… but she just turned out to be someone ignorant with a big mouth." Most importantly, the show’s fans just don’t like her. Of course, no one will say she was fired. Everyone will simply say that she chose not to renew her contract because she wanted to take advantage of other opportunities, blah blah blah.
TV Star: Jenny McCarthy
TV Show: "The View"

275. WINE AND SASS 06/24
This forever A List actress is having a hard time coming to the realization that she is past her prime for many leading roles she is interested in. In her day, she was everywhere and pretty much had her pick of any movie ...or any man. Always had smiles and sweet demeanor for her adoring public, but in Hollywood she was known to be extremely difficult to work with. People cringed when she came on set and she rarely spoke to anyone "beneath" her. That didn't keep her from getting work because it was a guarantee hit if she was in it. I've seen firsthand what she reduces a man to once she's decided she's through with him...and I mean they don't ever recover. She could chew them up and spit them out like no one I've ever seen. We've seen hints of how she was with men, but most times they never talked about it when it was over. Now she's married with a family, but that doesn't stop her from going after men she wants. She's convinced her husband that its not healthy to have their kids in the public eye and him being the lesser celebrity, he stays home with the kids when she travels for work. Of course she is right, it's not healthy...but she has ulterior motives of keeping her husband home. When she needs good publicity, she corrals the kids and husband out to get some good photos. Recently she had to do this for damage control in regards to what she calls a "Family Scandal" because everything is about her, while others would say its a Family Tragedy! When she's out of town on her own she puts the moves on waiters, valets, hotel name it. She just needs to feel young again. aren't as receptive as she thinks they should be. Some literally run out of her room in a panic because she is so forward. She's not the young star she used to be and her aggressive approach turns many guys off. This approach might work for men her in her age range, but the barely 20 year olds she wants don't like an older lady shouting at them what she wants them to do to her. Its the same in her movie career. Sure she still gets some good roles, but she still wants those young leading lady roles as well and gets extremely angry when she is passed over. In reality she has many years of good roles ahead of her, but in the age group she is currently in, not 20-something Rom-Coms. When she gets turned down for these roles she has a fit. Directors are getting tired of her tirades when she isn't selected...there's many more gorgeous actresses out there and more talented than she is. If she doesn't just accept that her acting roles are changing, she might get ignored completely. Julia Roberts ("Family Scandal" half sister committed suicide)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#1**
This married former very brief A list reality star who is now a B- lust entertainer (singer) only by his past achievements is back to his old tricks of messing with the head of this A- list entertainer (singer) who has always wanted the B lister. The A lister gave up on the B lister when the B lister would never come out as gay and fully explore their relationship. Recently the A lister broke down and started talking and sexting again with the B lister.
A lister: Adam Lambert
B lister: Kris Allen

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#2**
This B list mostly movie actor knew his C- list celebrity/reality star? was married when they started hooking up well over a year ago. Don't believe the time lines being sent out by publicists or vague statements about friendship. It was full on cheating. Adrian Grenier/Katie Cleary (her husband committed suicide)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#3**
This married former NBA all star and future hall of famer who played for a lot of teams before doing something else in the game was definitely not making out with his wife the other night. It was a woman who looks nothing like her at all. Jason Kidd (head coach of the Brooklyn Nets)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#4**
This A- list entertainer (singer) who has been in the news a lot lately caught her now ex actually in bed with someone which is why they split. Lana Del Rey

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#5**
Apparently this former A list tweener who now just seems to pose for paps on a daily basis has split from his girlfriend. Well, hopefully it is a split considering he was shuttling models into his hotel room for two days straight. Joe Jonas

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#6**
This married to a celebrity A list model has been having a six month long affair with the A list mogul who seems to run through models on a weekly basis. Christy Turlington (Ed Burns) or Adriana Lima (Marko Jaric) or Chrissy Teigen (John Legend)/Russell Simmons

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#7**
Apparently this former B list mostly television actress turned reality star is not quite as innocent as she would lead you to believe. She too has been seeing someone on and off for a few years when she flies to Florida for business. Tori Spelling (Tori Collections sold on HSN/St. Petersburg, FL)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#8**
This married foreign born B list singer had to have her assistant rush over to a hotel with new clothes for the singer to wear before she could go home to her husband. The singer had her dress torn off her by her lover of the night. Lily Allen

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#9**
For the first time that I can remember, this A list daytime star showed off her girlfriend in public. At the Daytime Emmy's no less. Our actress has been so deep in the closet for decades. Diedre Hall "Days Of Our Lives"/Jane Elliott "General Hospital"; Michelle Stafford "Young & Restless" "General Hospital"

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#10**
This old school B list mostly movie actor once hit on his actress daughter-in-law during the very brief time she was his daughter-in-law. He might have had better luck if his wife had not been around. George Hamilton (not married but had girlfriend and another child)/Ashley/Shannen Doherty

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/25 **#11**
#1 - This former A+ list rapper who is probably down to A-/B+ at this point because he is focusing on other things got really violent with a guy he picked up the other night when he thought the guy was stealing from our rapper. Our rapper did give the guy an extra few thousand above the guy's fee after beating him. Turns out the rapper had just misplaced the item in question. 50 Cent

#2 - This mom and former supermodel who does nothing now spends most of her days locked up in her NYC apartment doing drugs while the nannies take care of the child she gets a lot of money for. Linda Evangelista (father of child: billionaire Frenchman François-Henri Pinault, husband of actress Salma Hayek)

#3 - The assistants of this A+ list mostly movie actor had to move quickly to get rid of the woman and her things out of the actor's hotel room before his wife rushed to town to visit the actor. Harrison Ford/Calista Flockhart (flew to London after he was injured)

287. BLIND GOSSIP 06/25
In an effort to prove what a good mother she is, this celebrity recently did a photo op of her carefully and lovingly transporting her baby using a travel system (a combination car seat carrier and stroller). Here’s the problem: THERE WAS NO BABY! She faked the entire thing. The car seat was empty and simply covered up with a blanket to LOOK like there was a baby inside! The whole scenario was just a public relations move to make her seem like an involved, caring mother. Did it work? Kim Kardashian

288. WINE AND SASS 06/25
This "actress" is famous for her very bad choices in in, they are always married or in a relationship. I'd say she's a C lister, but with close to an A name. She appears to have settled down and started a family and getting herself on the right track. But now she's wrecking her OWN home. A few weeks ago she hooked up with an A list actor/musician while her boyfriend watched their child at home. I'm sure she thinks the A lister will catapult her back to the spotlight if she dumps her man for him. But there's a reason why he chose to hook up with her. He doesn't want any ties and was just looking for a one-time thing. He's not involved with anyone, but he'd definitely not be interested in a relationship with someone who is famous for breaking up relationships and not as famous as him. He's just having fun. After they hooked up and a few of her texts and calls were ignored, she went to his hotel to see why he hasn't answered her attempts to contact him. She saw him walking into the same back building elevator with another actress who is close to A list and married. Looks like she was beaten at her own game.
Actress: Sienna Miller
Boyfriend: Tom Sturridge
A list actor/musician: Jared Leto
Other actress:
I can't officially say who the married A list actress is but here's a hint: She's English & just had a BIG announcement!!

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#1**
When this former and future A list mostly movie actress, who is a solid B lister until her franchise starts shooting again announces her split from her fairly new husband she is going to be in for a shock because he has lots of video of her drunk and screaming and hitting and threatening him which he is going to use to get a huge settlement. Zoe Saldana "Avatar 2, 3 & 4"

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#2**
This A+ list movie director and this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner can't stand each other. Seated next to each other at different tables the other night, neither spoke to the other but were stuck because there were no other tables left. The A list actor just got quietly drunk before going on a rant outside the restaurant when he left about the director.
Steven Spielberg/Al Pacino

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has split with her long time significant other. He was tired of her always putting him down about his career aspirations and said she didn't help him enough. All that is left is to figure out how much child support he gets. Amy Adams/Darren Le Gallo; Julia Roberts/Danny Moder

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#4**
This former A list mostly movie actor who I still can't believe was ever A list and has since turned into a child star gone awry likes to surround himself with lots of women he buys for the night. Several of those women say that the actor loves to dress up in their clothes and likes to be called a woman's name when they are at his house. Corey Feldman

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#5**
This former A+ list entertainer (singer) when she was part of this group and now probably just a B list foreign born celebrity has always dated lots of men publicly, but has always kept her female lovers a secret. Cheryl Cole

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#6**
This A+ list director is trying to protect his ego after learning his ex-wife is expecting a baby with her long time girlfriend. The director doesn't want anyone to know he was married to a lesbian so has been begging his ex-wife to tell the world she has a boyfriend.

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#7**
This aging former A list mostly television actor was a long time cheater on all the women in his life and he has had lots. Married for quite some time and his golden A list years behind him, he likes to think of himself as a studied actor and probably would walk around in a scarf looking all actor-ish if his actress wife would let him. His acting isn't that great as his recent reality show experience shows. He is also seeing a much younger waitress he met and hangs out at the apartment she shares with three other women. Alan Thicke "Celebrity Wife Swap"

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#8**
This B list mostly television actress from a middling cable show used to be an A list tweener and A list actress on her own show. Apparently her favorite place to have sex back in the days of her show was in the bed in her bedroom on the show. Melissa Joan Hart "Melissa & Joey" "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#9**
Kindness: This always in my mind A list entertainer (singer) but more like a B lister usually finds himself played on country radio stations, but he doesn't really fit anywhere. Linked with lots of famous actresses, this singer left a tip of $5K last week so his waitress would be able to buy a car to replace the one that broke down and had her walking several miles to work each day and her neighbors picking up her kids from school. Lyle Lovett

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **10**
Usually it is guys you hear about working their way through all the extras and one episode actresses, but this time it is this former B list mostly movie actress turned B list actress on an almost television show who has hooked up with 20-30 women during the short run of the show. She says it is like being a kid in a candy store. Taylor Schilling "Orange Is The New Black"

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/26 **#11**
Sometimes it is hard to believe these two, not only dated, but also lived together and were supposed to get married. The final straw in their torrid relationship happened one night and encapsulated their relationship. She was underage when they first started dating and moved in together. He was a bright and upcoming star destined for A+ list. She is a B lister who did hit A list at one point when the roles she chose perfectly matched her acting style. They were always fighting and always making up and doing both at full volume. They shared lots of drugs together, but our actor stayed away from heroin which our actress loved. The drug scared the actor and the night they split for good showed him why. They had fought all day and then made up that night and after having sex, the actor went to sleep while the actress went and injected herself with heroin. The actor woke up to find his girlfriend standing over him and she was covered in blood. Apparently something had gone wrong when she was injecting the needle and there was blood all over her body. He said it was like looking at a murder victim. He wanted to call 911, but she just told him to take her to the hospital so he put a robe on her and drove her while she was slumped against the car door. He said the car stank of blood and there were streaks on her face and clumps of it in her hair. He thought he would have a bunch of questions to answer at the hospital and wanted to make sure no one thought he beat her or stabbed her, but no one ever asked him anything. They took a look at her and admitted her and he went to see her the next day and they both knew right there that the relationship couldn't continue. Juliette Lewis/Brad Pitt (was ten years his junior, and was 16 years old, when they started dating)

300. BLIND GOSSIP 06/26 **#1**
This famous and prolific Director is responsible for several of the biggest movies of all time. Want to hear an interesting casting story about one of them? One of his first big hits was Film 1. He cast Actress 1 in a human role, and the movie went on to become a huge hit. When the time came to cast Film 2 (not related to Film 1), Director told Actress 1 that he wanted her for this role as well. He told her that he wanted to mentor her and help her become a huge star, and that Film 2 was going be the movie that would make that happen. Actress 1 was absolutely thrilled that this esteemed and successful director wanted to nurture her career! She thanked him and gladly accepted the role. A day or two later – prior to her signing the contract – the director phoned her at home and asked her to meet with him to discuss some details. When she arrived at his office, he asked Actress 1 if she was still excited about becoming a big star. "Yes!" she replied. "Good. Now get down on your knees and give me a blow job." The stunned actress refused. The Director threw a fit. He threatened her. He told her that if she didn’t comply that he was going to give the lead role to someone else and that he would make sure that she never became a big star. She still refused. The Director kept his promise. He replaced Actress 1 with Actress 2. Film 2 went on to become a blockbuster. Actress 1 went on to a successful career as a working actress… but she never became a big star.
Film 1:
Actress 1:
Film 2:
Actress 2:

301. BLIND GOSSIP 06/26 **#2**
This superstar film actor hired an assistant a while back. The assistant was young, male, and openly gay. There are several reasons why this was an interesting choice. The most notable is the fact that the actor has had to constantly fight rumors throughout his career that he is gay. The assistant found it awkward to work with the actor, too. Why? Because the actor was absolutely fascinated with the assistant’s gay lifestyle! It was impossible for them to have a conversation without the actor quizzing the assistant about it: What exactly do you do? What’s it like? How does it work? How does it feel? The assistant didn’t know if the actor was straight or in the closet, nosy or just curious. He just knew that it was awkward. He didn’t stay with the actor for long. When he finally gave notice, the actor hugged him and cried. Kind of sweet… but kind of odd, too.

302. WINE AND SASS 06/26
You will be reading stories about the reasons this couple divorced in the next few days. Many will be wondering why these stories are coming out now when they haven't been together for a while. First, the reasons reported about the collapse of this marriage are completely false. Second, the reason false stories are being released is to hide the REAL reason and confuse the public. The husband knew his wife cheated, but he is now finding out just how much she cheated from people who are friends with both of them. Everyone was tight lipped about the whole thing for a long time. Then someone caved and talked. That started the avalanche of the others filling him in as well. He is learning that their marriage was a total lie. She isn't sure what he's going to do so she is leaking lies via "sources" to beat him to the punch in case him or the friends decide to talk to the media. What's so sad is he had no intention of sharing what he found out with the public because he didn't want negative attention about his child's mom out there and he didn't want his child to find out some day. But now that she is spreading these lies to the public, it wouldn't surprise me if he do you protect someone who isn't protecting you? Orlando Bloom/Miranda Kerr (he has a drinking problem) (His lawyers shut her up pretty quickly & they are on friendly enough terms now. He's moved on, she...not so much)

303. MR. X 06/27 **PART 1**
1) Which B-list actor from a sci-fi franchise stepped out with his boyfriend for the first time during some off-time from checking out some fashion shows overseas? Chris Pine

2) What mother of a recently deceased legend of a singer still isn't 100% comfortable with the rumors resurfacing involving her daughter's bisexuality? Cissy Houston (Whitney)

3) Which same deceased singer briefly bearded for that A-list mostly movie actor and comedian? Eddie Murphy

304. MR. X 06/27 **PART 2**
4) Which male Glee star and closet case was seen getting plastered at a WeHo gay bar after a full day's filming of episodes? Matthew Morrison

5) Which A++ list songstress used a baby doll to stand-in for her kid on more than one occasion? Beyoncé

6) Which TV personality is a habitual user of the n-word around the office, which might explain his penchant for posting stories with a racist edge to them?

305. MR. X 06/27 **PART 3**
7) What former A-list reality star was seen taking hits of ecstasy/molly at the Electric Daisy Carnival, even though she has repeatedly said she's sober? Should we even believe a thing that comes out of her mouth? Paris Hilton

8) What talk radio icon once had such a bad case of food poisoning that he crapped in his pants while on air? Howard Stern

9) What former A-list singer and kook had a long screaming match on the phone with her longtime assistant/hatchet woman accusing her of sabotaging her friendships? Lady Gaga

306. MR. X 06/27 **PART 4**
10) What big-busted reality star wasn't surprised when she heard that her husband was cheating behind her back... with another guy? Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

11) What R&B heartthrob best known nowadays for his offstage exploits says he's drug free, but how do you explain his weight gain? *puff puff pass* Chris Brown

12) Which has been actress's new overseas acting gig is being called into question because she's been clubbing on days which she says she's been rehearsing? Lindsay Lohan "Speed the Plow"

307. MR. X 06/27 **PART 5**
13) Which movie/TV actress who has a film opening soon was seen moving far away from her new "boyfriend" after they posed for some staged paparazzi photos? Olivia Munn/Aaron Rodgers "Deliver Us From Evil"

308. MR. X 06/27 **PART 6**
14) Old Hollywood: Which A-list former child actress once caught one of her boyfriends, who was then an almost A-list actor soon to become an A++ Oscar winner/nominee, doing the horizontal mambo with a future EGOT winner? Natalie Wood/Warren Beatty/Liza Minelli

15) Old Hollywood: Which A++ list actress and one of the all-time great beauties of Hollywood ran to the bathroom shortly before winning her Best Actress Oscar and threw up what little she ate of her meal? Audrey Hepburn

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#1**
The withdrawal symptoms have got so bad for this former A list entertainer (singer) who is now at a permanent B lister because of his name recognition that when he walks off a flight he has someone waiting for him who immediately hands him some drugs so the singer can use either in the airport restroom or the limo waiting right outside. Axl Rose

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#2**
This barely A list mostly movie actor was having lunch with his boyfriend when he spotted paps outside. He wasn't doing anything with his boyfriend, but ditched him at the place and made sure the paps didn't get a photo of them together. It would ruin his carefully constructed story that he has played out. I really don't know why he doesn't come out. It is not like anyone thinks he is straight and he will still get action movies to star in. Jeremy Renner

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#3**
This D list celebrity says that this former boyfriend of an A lister has been trying to move in with the D lister because he thinks they can get a reality show together and he is out of money.
D list celebrity:
Former boyfriend: Casper Smart

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#4**
This B list mostly movie actress clings to that listing by her botoxed body and name recognition. You would think she would be more progressive, but when an actress came out as lesbian, our B lister cut her from her life. Meg Ryan/Rosie O'Donnell

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/27 **#5**
#1 - This former A list mostly television actor from a very hit show made a few bad movies, but saw his career drop like a rock after he got wasted on coke and booze and raped the daughter of a studio executive.

#2 - This former A list mostly movie actress who once made a really bad decision about her looks also damaged the looks of another actress when she punched the actress in the face and broke her eye socket. Our A lister was wasted on a variety of pills and coke and booze when she caught the victim in bed with her now A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend. Jennifer Grey/Winona Ryder/Johnny Depp

#3 - This former front man of a permanent A list band that seems to come and go just like him in the band had a threesome on his wedding night. The problem is neither of the women were his wife. He blames some bad drugs he took at the reception. Scott Weiland "Stone Temple Pilots"

#4 - This former A list mostly movie actress who doesn't work any longer but made sure her kids all do and are doing very well in the business got drunk on the set of her last big movie and slapped this actress/singer. The two have never spoken to each other since. Goldie Hawn/Bette Midler (last "big" movie "The First Wives Club")

314. WINE AND SASS 06/27
This celebrity couple's nanny hates this couple with the force of a thousand suns. The C list with unfortunately A list name recognition couple, are always all smiles when they parade the kids around and look very hands on. But behind closed doors? Dad takes off and leaves the kids with the nanny while his wife drinks herself into a stupor. The kids are good kids, but given their home situation, they can get out of control. A situation came up where one child was playing too rough with the other child and the nanny was having a hard time getting things under control and felt like the parents needed to be aware of the situation. Dad was nowhere to be found, as usual, so she went hunting for the wife. She found her half lit trying to find her husband by calling everyone she knew. The nanny tried several times to get her attention to tell her of the incident but to no avail. Finally she stepped in front of the wife and kept her from walking out of the room by blocking her way and began telling her that the child told the nanny that they were going to scratch her eyes out and she was concerned. The nanny felt that the child was reenacting or repeating a behavior they had heard from someone else. The wife shoved her out of the way, said "I'd like to scratch your eyes out too." And walked off getting back to the important job of searching for her husband. I guess we now know where the child heard it from. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

Which TV anchor, with great hair and a love of make-up which is a little too orange, plans to come out of the closet soon. He is out to his friends and family but has kept his personal life out of his professional life. However, after recent events the handsome chap will be out and proud very soon! Shepard Smith (FOX News)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#1**
This A list reality host from an A list reality show that is actually about something finally had sex with this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner. Two days later he dumped her. Well, his assistant did the dumping. Not a wise move considering how much of a grudge our reality star can carry and the damage she can inflict.
Padma Lakshmi/Richard Gere

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#2**
This foreign born B list actress who seems to wander back and forth between television and movies and is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been having a fling with this married foreign born former A list mostly movie actor who had the lead in a huge franchise.
Actress: Minnie Driver

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#3**
When this A list entertainer (athlete) was on a break with his girlfriend she slept with a guy who contracted herpes from the woman. Now the guy is threatening to sue our athlete because he is the one who gave the disease to the girlfriend. The suit has no chance of success, but would be embarrassing for the athlete so is in talks to cough up some cash.

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#4**
Everyone always assumed it was this member of this former A list band that was gay. He is, but is too afraid to come out. Meanwhile, his band mate's ex-girlfriend is telling her friends that in order for the couple to have sex he always insisted they watch gay porn because he thought it would turn her on more. Uh huh.

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#5**
This former B list celebrity turned reality star turned reality host is not even living with her husband any longer. That was really fast. It didn't take him long to figure out her game and there is a nasty battle ahead. Stacy Keibler

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#6**
It was no secret to this A list mostly movie actress that her significant other used to date men. She knew that going into the relationship. She freaked and made some drastic changes to her appearance when she saw a photo of his most recent ex before her though and noticed the guy looked almost exactly like our actress. Anne Hathaway

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#7**
This A list director might have a wife who has forgiven him for cheating, but she probably wouldn't if she knew he has sex whenever possible with this B list mostly movie actress with A++ list name recognition. Matthew Vaughn (suspected father of January Jones’ baby)/Sienna Miller

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#8**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor is being honored with a big award this fall, but wants to make sure that it does not turn into a roast. Just a tribute. The guy hates when people make fun of him and he has threatened to not show up if he hears it will be a roast. Robert DeNiro (Friar's Club)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#9**
Talk about stalkerish. This B list actress who literally does a little bit of everything was dating a married executive. Well, not exactly dating. He was having sex with her and then broke it off when she started talking about marriage. She shows up at his office all the time though. Kristin Chenoweth

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#10**
This actor sure hasn't given up partying despite what it has done to his marriage and relationships with his family members. He is probably A list. Mostly television but some big movie roles and one of his A list former co-stars is also a supplier of a place to stay and a steady supply of booze and young women.

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#11**
This one night stand of this foreign born B list singer didn't seem thrilled that her one night with him was spent with him searching for his next one night stand right in front of her. She still left with him though. Calvin Harris

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#12**
This married normally reclusive A+ list television host was all smiles when he was spotted getting very friendly with a woman about a quarter of our A listers age at a private club. Oh, and he is foreign born if that helps. Alex Trebek

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/28 **#13**
This former A list singer turned B list who might end up C list in the next year is going to be in for a shock when he finds out his still wife is pregnant by another guy. Robin Thicke/Paula Patton

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#1**
This B- list celebrity has dated and married some famous people, but she is getting tired of being cheated on by her celebrity husband so she hooked up with this former A list tweener who is nothing like any other guy she has been with. Amber Rose (Wiz Khalifa)/Justin Bieber

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#2**
This married former A list tweener turned reality star would probably be less than thrilled to know his wife hooked up with his brother in a one night stand before he dumped her. She then moved on to the other brother she is married to. Kevin Jonas (Danielle)/Joe Jonas

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#3**
This long time foreign born A list model broke up with the celebrity she was dating before her husband because of the way the celebrity acted towards her daughter. Kate Moss/Pete Doherty

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#4**
This married B list celebrity/former actor was getting paid to host a party, but kept disappearing from the party to meet up with various women in a private cabana. He would make them undress and if he liked what he saw he gave them his phone number for later that night. Nick Cannon "iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party 2014"

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#5**
This married A list entertainer (singer)/ sometime really bad actor is such a jerk that the only people he can get to do anything with him are people he pays. Justin Timberlake

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#6**
This married B list celebrity couple is on the rocks after each has caught the other cheating. He is a B list celebrity/singer/host and she is a celebrity trying to make a buck and stay famous. Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#7**
This B- list mostly movie actress said that she and her former A list mostly movie actor boyfriend who has been in the news a lot this week had a drug and booze filled orgy with a ton of people last weekend and feels they were both given some bad drugs. Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth
(back together again)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#8**
Friends from his side say this A list entertainer (rapper) and his A list reality star wife have not had sex in almost a year. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#9**
This RH-ATL Housewife refused to come out of her dressing room until she was brought better champagne than had been left for her use. NeNe Leakes

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#10**
This married A list mostly television actor from a hit network show was furiously texting his married A list co-star while ignoring calls from his wife that she was making to his assistant. This was just prior to an interview the actor gave. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn "Scandal"

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#11**
This permanent A list entertainer (singer) was in the next room the first time her daughter had sex. She wanted to be there in case her daughter had any questions.

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#12**
KINDNESS: This B list actor does a little bit of everything and lots of women love the married actor. He has also done some network reality. He and his wife managed to raise almost $1M for a children's charity by working almost non-stop the phones for six months. Gilles Marini "Dancing With the Stars"

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/29 **#13**
This married B list mostly television actor who has not had a hit in over a decade uses his kids to help him get phone numbers from other women. He loves taking his kids out alone.

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#1**
This married foreign born aging rocker used to be A+ list. The only thing keeping him A list right now is his name which is a big one. Lots of celebrity offspring. I think he is getting anxious for a new wife because he has been testing out new models on a pretty regular basis the past few months. Phil Collins; Rod Stewart

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#2**
The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor is traveling with him as he does press because on the first part of his press trip he cheated. Again. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan-Tatum "22 Jump Street"

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#3**
This former B list mostly movie actress turned B list mostly television actress who can't seem to stay on the air for a variety of reasons is not the type you would think has a sex tape, but she does and it is apparently for sale. No buyers though because it is super boring and uninspired. Selma Blair

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#4**
This former B list mostly television actress who has not done much since her hit almost network show went off the air was at a party over the weekend and passed her kid off to someone for an hour so she could flirt and hookup with a guy she met at the party.

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#5**
This B list mostly television actor on a new premium cable show probably hasn't told his actress girlfriend with A list name recognition about the times he has sex with models with his celebrity friend. Justin Theroux (Jennifer Aniston)/Terry Richardson

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#6**
This A list singer did his best to avoid this former A list tweener at an event over the weekend and definitely didn't want to be photographed with the former tweener no matter how hard the tweener tried. A falling out between the pair is an understatement.
Usher/Justin Bieber

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#7**
This former A+ list athlete and now a television host picked up a stripper in front of his girlfriend and gave his girlfriend the choice of joining them or waiting for him back at their hotel. She went back to the hotel. Shaq

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#8**
The pregnancy of this B list mostly television actress was done via IVF. No actual sex with her boyfriend took place in the making of the baby. Rachel Bilson/Hayden Christensen

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#9**
Chris Brown had sex with a woman not his girlfriend last night. She is in the BET Awards photos. He definitely has a type.

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#10**
This back in the day foreign born former A list mostly movie actress who has gone from one end of the fame spectrum to the other in her career and the guys she dated was dating a very wealthy man. I say was, because our sobriety challenged actress was with him when he died. A short time after he changed his will to include her. Heart attack is the actual cause of death that was released this week, but his family has lots of questions.
Brigitte Nielsen

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/30 **#11**
#1 - This former A list singer who is a B lister with a fake name must have a lot of charm because according to his television actress ex he is about two inches. Max. Marilyn Manson (PROBABLY: Evan Rachel Wood or Rose McGowan)

#2 - This former A list singer who started off with a big bang and clings to that first album's fame with a death grip vise took a vacation with her husband to try and save their marriage after he caught her cheating. It is a frequent occurrence. Alanis Morissette; Avril Lavigne

#3 - This married B list mostly television actress who acts and does voices cut in front of someone the other day in line and when the person objected, our actress went off on a four letter tirade and brought up the fact she is a celebrity and makes more money than the other person and that she would stand where she wanted. I'm sure her daughter was proud. Sarah Michelle Gellar

She’s a singer who recently caught a case of the six-year itch. Know why? Our mystery lady bounced from Roc Nation, last week… after she saw her career was headed nowhere with Mr. Carter. According to an insider, that’s because she may not have given up what Clyde wanted. Dig the Drop: "He promised her she’d blow up big time only after she took care of his sexual fetishes." Now, she’s said to be "damn near broke…and is an independent artist who’s willing to f-ck for tracks." Bridget Kelly

354. BLIND GOSSIP 06/30 **#1**
We’ve talked before about how some celebrities plan out publicity stunts in the hopes of keeping you interested in their lives… and keeping themselves in the headlines. Well, here’s a new one for you! This manager of multiple celebrities is talking to several of the girls they manage to see if they can get one of them to do some acting in real life. The manager wants one of the girls to publicly pretend that she is bisexual! Simply posing for paparazzi shots would look too obvious, so they would need to be sneakier about it. The girl would be matched up with another young female celebrity (actress, model, or celebrity offspring) to be secretly filmed/photographed intimately kissing each other. Depending on the age of the girls, there may also be partial nudity. The story line would include the girl coming of age and exploring her sexuality, her confusion over what she is and who she wants to date, and how her friends and family react to the events. So far, all of the candidates (who are heterosexual as far as we know) are balking. However, the manager has a long history of persuading clients to pull off all kinds of publicity stunts to keep them in the headlines, so we wouldn’t be at all surprised if this one happens. BONUS CLUE: Not Ireland Baldwin.
Manager: Kris Jenner
Candidates: Kylie and Kendall Jenner

355. BLIND GOSSIP 06/30 **#2**
We can’t answer the question as to why this actor is usually such a jerk. However, we can answer the question about why he has been particularly out of control lately. His ego. He came of age as a star. With a recent film opening came the harsh reality that his star has fallen and that he is replaceable. His friends say that he "goes back and forth between depression and lots of crazy activity that eventually turns into a drinking session." Unfortunately, "He just isn’t capable of having a drink or two to relax." They say that he has actually been rampaging for the past two or three weeks, drinking and swearing and arguing, and that it isn’t just a coincidence that this all happened while the film was opening. "He said that ‘they’ are going to be sorry" that they replaced him because he is "still the biggest f*cking star on the planet" and that the fans "are with me on this." He also claims that when the film flops the producers "are going to come crawling back to me" because "you can’t replace dynamite with geriatric." No, it doesn’t make much sense, but, then again… neither does he.
Actor: Shia LaBeouf
Film: "Transformers: Age of Extinction" (being replaced by Mark Wahlberg)

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