NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Well, that didn't last long. This former A list entertainer (singer) who is at a B+ right now did a long stint in rehab but is already boozing it up again in a big way. Chris Brown

This B list mostly movie actor from some of the biggest movies of all-time who has also done some quirky television was hammered at an event the other night while doing press and was being overly aggressive with a couple of the waiters he thought were good looking. Lots of groping and begging them to go to his hotel with him. Elijah Wood ("Lord of the Rings"; "Wilfred")

This A list mogul and B list wannabe singer hooked up with a blast from his past over the weekend. Our A lister who is involved with someone hooked up with this foreign born B list mostly movie actress he had a fling with back in the day. She is also involved with someone but didn't stop her before, so why should it now?

On Sunday night, this former A list reality star who still has A+ name recognition got into a fight with this former B+ list singer turned part-time reality star turned singer again. The two were fighting over who would get to have sex with this A list rapper who probably had four others on standby.
Reality star: Paris Hilton
B+ singer: Christina Milian
Rapper: Lil Wayne

This former Disney tweener was reportedly in tears over the weekend because the executive she was having sex with to get the dream gig on national television she wanted was fired and the current regime doesn't want to hire her.
Adrienne Bailon

This good looking foreign born married A list mostly television actor from a long running network hit is all about making the most of his opportunities away from his wife and the model he met while out of town was his latest opportunity and he took it. Simon Baker "The Mentalist" (Givenchy ad)

This former A list tweener is all about doing as much coke as she can now and she is doing so much she is paranoid. She keeps her assistant on the phone with her the entire night and has been going through consecutive nights without sleeping. When she does sleep, it is during the day and she makes someone stay at her home while she sleeps. Selena Gomez (afraid of stalker)

Camera crews are now in the home of this former B list reality star where she is going to do the same thing another reality star attempted to much noise earlier this year. Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett ("True Tori")

This foreign born former B list mostly movie actress is writing a new book where she claims she was forced to have sex with the friends of this former A list mostly movie actor who is her former boyfriend and an Academy Award winner/nominee.

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/01 **#10**
Lost in the shuffle of the convictions of British broadcast legends on sex abuse charges was the brief trail investigators followed which led them to this former A+ list entertainer (singer). When investigators decided to ask questions about the singer's activities in his own country, they were promptly told by high members of their own government to stop. Back in his home country our singer was constantly in trouble for having sex with girls and boys, but his legend was so great and his face in many aspects was associated with his country that the government chose to cover up his crimes and in some cases even helped pay off the accusers. This was in our singer's later years when he was running out of money because of all the payoffs and bribes and various women he got pregnant through the years. At one point, a leader of the government arranged for some women and men to be with the singer at all times just so he would stop indulging with children. It mostly worked and the men and women were very well compensated, but then of the course, the leader who was paying the escorts has a great deal of wealth and probably gets a big discount on escorts.

11. BLIND GOSSIP 07/01
This famous singer didn’t show up for a recent awards show. She wants you to believe that it was because she just wanted to spend time with her family. No. Her decision to go or not to go was based solely on what a certain star couple was doing. Our singer’s ex was going to be at the show. The star couple had always had our singer’s back when her relationship with her ex was rocky, so the singer decided to follow their lead. If the couple went, our singer would buck up and go, too. If they didn’t, neither would she. It was supposed to be a solidarity thing. The star couple assured our singer several times that they were not going to go to the show. They would forgo the exposure to stand with her. Our singer was both relieved and grateful. However, the couple pulled a sneaky little move. They didn’t show up in person… but they did tape a performance to be shown at the show! So they got the attention and publicity of being there without actually being there. Meanwhile, our girl got nothing. Now she feels betrayed by everyone.
Singer: Rihanna
Ex: Chris Brown
Star Couple: Jay-Z and Beyonce

Which famous fool has been hocking products for years misleading consumers that they will get thin if they use them, however the real secret to her amazing body is laxatives and liposuction at least once a year. She has made millions off her products and if the truth was revealed it would destroy her career? Suzanne Somers

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor has been in this space a few times in the past week. He holds himself out to be this happily married man, but for the second time in a week he was spotted with a woman who is not his wife. He should just get divorced because he is not being very shy about his infidelities and it is going to be ugly.

This B list mostly movie actress needs a new role to stay relevant. Right now she is making indies and has had a problem with a director she used to date. Anyway, another problem she might have is that nose candy issue since she was doing lines at lunch. You know you have issues when you are doing lines in the middle of the day. Kristen Stewart (cut from "Snow White and the Huntsman" sequel because of affair with Rupert Sanders)

This B list celebrity/former model is married and she flew into a city to surprise her husband and caused a scene at his hotel when he wouldn't open the room door. Turns out he had another woman inside. Claudia Schiffer/Matthew Vaughn (producer of "The Fantastic Four" filming now)

This is the juiciest thing I have heard in a couple of weeks. This former A list tweener and this B list celebrity conspired to get the B lister's actor boyfriend drunk and passed out so the former tweener and the girlfriend could hook up.

This long ago C list mostly movie actress turned A list reality star for an A list franchise has been trying to hook up with the ex-husband of a former cast mate to add to her story line for the upcoming season.
Reality star: Camille Grammer
Franchise: "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
Ex-husband: Paul Nassif
Ex-wife: Adrienne Maloof

This B- list mostly movie actress who had a recurring role on a hit television show used to have a different kind of career in the entertainment business. Old habits die hard and she is willing to make ends meet by hooking up with wealthy businessmen as long as the price is right. It is how she can afford to keep doing indies while waiting for her big break. Sasha Grey "Entourage"

The boyfriend of this former B list mostly television actress from a hit network show off the air for a couple of years has been texting and met up with this A list diva who thinks of herself as a singer/actress. Jose "Pepe" Antonio Baston/Eva Longoria "Desperate Housewives"/Jennifer Lopez

Everyone wants to know why this B list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition has not found a new boyfriend yet. She has one, but he is married and she is very good at keeping secrets. Katie Holmes

Why yes, that was a transgendered woman this C list celebrity was talking to at a bar two nights ago. And yes, she met up with him a few hours later. He just can't get enough. Not Hank Baskett. Casper Smart (Jennifer Lopez’s ex-boyfriend)

22. BLIND GOSSIP 07/02
This celebrity couple’s divorce appears to be incredibly civil on the outside. They’ve made lots of statements about how much they still love and respect each other and how co-parenting their child/ren is their first priority, etc. Ha! Behind the scenes, it’s ugly! They had an agreement about child sharing. She broke it. He told her that if she didn’t start giving him more time with the kid/s, he was going to start spilling details about her behavior (promiscuity, gold-digging, lying) to the press. She told him that if he didn’t back off that she was going to start spilling details about his behavior (affairs, substance abuse). Yes, they are the ones who are now leaking things to the press to try to make the other look like a bad person and a bad parent! Pretty people, ugly behavior (not to mention bad role models for the child/ren). Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin; Miranda Kerr/Orlando Bloom

Bubbling is a strange new trend of urinating directly into ones mouth! Yes, you read that right. It is apparently already huge in Australia, and now it is happening in Hollywood with at least one male singer enjoying it. He tells ladies that he is a human water fountain and surprisingly, it works. This guy gets more dates with celebrities than anyone else. When you think of guy singers who would do this, he is the first one that comes to mind! Todd Carney, an Australian Rugby League footballer, apparently decided to give it a shot in the bathroom at a pub., but after THIS (NSFW) PICTURE went viral the team sacked him and dissolved his $3 million contract. John Mayer

This B- list mostly television actress who had a recent awful foray into television so might go back to movies if she can get a job that does not involve her wearing a swim suit again is married. Her husband prefers guys though so it is no wonder she has been seeing a guy who is way more into her. Brooklyn Decker (Andy Roddick) "Friends With Better Lives"/Taylor Kitsch

You would think this B+ list mostly movie actor who used to be an A list tweener would learn. Nope. He just couldn't pass up hanging out with his best friend and celebrating the friend's birthday. The same friend who has been his long time drug dealer and the one who makes sure the tweener is well supplied with drugs and women. Zac Efron/Gianluca Vacchi

This C list celebrity offspring is supposedly in a relationship with another person. That is what the other person is saying and trying to make money off it. Our C lister though has been hooking up with a different person the past few days while at the beach. Ireland Baldwin/Angel Haze

This very recent Academy Award nominee/winner visited a sex club in Europe the other night but got a little too drunk and ended up really hurting one of the models working there while trying out the bondage equipment. Michael Fassbender "Glastonbury"

It is a good thing they don't have drug testing for the show this married B list celebrity is filming right now because you could almost get a contact high from the crack he has been smoking non-stop lately.

This mid-teen girls are not his nieces as this former A list mostly movie actor likes to call them. They don't even speak a word of English for one thing and for another, they do things for the actor that are anything but familial.

This B list talk show host had a falling out with her actress best friend because of an incident with the boyfriend of the actress and a hot tub and some nudity. Chelsea Handler/Jennifer Aniston (Justin Theroux)

This A+list mostly movie actor thinks he is the only one cheating in his relationship with this B list mostly movie actress. She invented new ways to cheat and would drop the actor in a second if she found a better option. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

It probably was not the best idea to have this B list mostly movie actor and his delicate sobriety to star in a film with this B list mostly movie actress big drinker. The two have been partying a lot together. The actor's girlfriend says the actor has stopped coming home at night too. Daniel Radcliffe (Erin Darke)/Marisa Tomei "Trainwreck"

33. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#10**
The very attractive nanny of this A+ list mostly movie actor offspring is on the payroll of the ex. She makes a report every few days to the ex about the child and the actress ex-wife. Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

34. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#11**
The dad of this A list entertainer (singer) lost about $500K on a huge bet he made on the Belmont Stakes. Now his daughter had to cover the loss. It is becoming a habit, but she never says no. Lady Gaga/Joe Germanotta

35. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/03 **#12**
This C+ list celebrity married to an A list musician from an A list 80's band seemed shocked that her new husband cheated on her. Actually she should be shocked she has only caught him the one time since they have been married or while they were dating or while she is doing anything other than being with him. Courtney Bingham /Nikki Sixx

36. POPBITCH 07/03
(British blog)
Which member of the Harry Potter cast was recently overheard referring to one of their fellow former castmates as "that cunt". Rupert Grint (Ron)/Emma Watson (Hermione)

37. BLIND GOSSIP 07/03
Spiral Girl is subsisting on vodka and cocaine at this point. However, she still doesn’t think that her problem is that bad and refuses to go to rehab. Her friends and family try to help, but she turns on them as soon as they mention the word "rehab." Some of them walk away (e.g. the tall pop singer who was her BFF for a while), but some of them have been hanging in there (e.g. the shorter pop singer who used to work with her). However, she may have just burned her last bridge. While Stretch left quietly, Shorty’s departure was noisy. Spiral and Shorty had an epic fight! Here’s what happened: Shorty was genuinely trying to help. She wanted Spiral to go to residential rehab for at least a month. However, Spiral was having none of it. Their discussion quickly turned into a fight. And it wasn’t about one thing. It was about EVERYTHING: Families, drugs, alcohol, food, rehab, abortions, friendship, reputations. They even argued about which of them has the worst boyfriend. Pot. Kettle. Their discussion eventually ended in screaming and tears and both declaring the friendship over. Don’t blame yourself, Shorty. You tried. We will all have to simply wait until Spiral hits bottom. We just hope it’s embarrassing rather than tragic.
Spiral: Selena Gomez
Stretch: Taylor Swift
Shorty: Demi Lovato

38. WINE AND SASS 07/03
This celebrity has a make or break project coming up that everything personally and professionally rides on. It has been a total disaster from minute one, but they don't see it that way and have spared no expense in an already much depleted and continuing to dwindle cash supply, in order to make this doomed project a success in their eyes. The network is doing their obligatory part, which isn't much, and has left the PR for the project up to the celebrity. The celebrity was trying to handle the promotion on their own, but their skillset is really limited to having paparazzi on speed dial for staged photo ops. The celebrity's 'team', if you can call it that, was approached by a shark in the business who is known for scrubbing negativity about celebrities from social media and the internet...for an astronomical cost. They've made lily white saints out of some of the worst celebrities with the biggest scandals. They are very good at what they do, and it's already starting to show results. There's an abundance of new fans hanging on the celebs every word, and several detractors have been silenced with threats of legal action. So expect a lot of manufactured sunshine and lollipops. The celebrity is sparing NO expense with this campaign. You will see their face all over, hear of various celebs suddenly working with them, and it's going to be a blitz of Angelina Jolie proportions. Because if you can't beat em...pummel them. LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian "LeAnn and Eddie"

Which reality star, who says she adores her dog, just sent him to a fat farm? 53 percent of American dogs are now "overweight or obese," the Associated Press reports. And now luxury pet hotels will customize a fitness program for a pudgy dog or cat! She doesn’t think he looks good next to her in pictures anymore and wants him to lose weight to flatter her! What a terrible person!

40. BLIND GOSSIP 07/04
A young actress recently departed an upcoming production. Despite the public statements, her departure was not voluntary. Want to know what really happened? The casting for this upcoming movie was announced. However, the public complained about the producer’s choice for the lead role because of "her look." The producers buckled under the backlash. They publicly continued to support their choice… but quickly started looking for a replacement. All of their secondary choices were already booked, so they went to a performance showcase. They saw a young, unknown actress there who had the basic skills and, more importantly, "looked the part." They pulled her aside and told her that they were offering her the star-making role of a lifetime… but that she only had fifteen minutes to decide! Of course, The Replacement jumped at the chance. As soon as the Replacement agreed, the producers called in the Original Actress for a meeting and told her that she was being fired. She was shocked and disappointed and cried. They told her that if she left quietly, they would pretend that it was her decision and that the movie was on hold. However, if she created a fuss and did not leave quietly, they were going to announce that they were firing her and re-casting the role. She agreed to leave quietly. They found The Replacement on Saturday. On Sunday, The Original Actress publicly announced that she was pulling out of the film because of unspecified "production issues." The producers followed up saying that they were "sad" that The Original Actress had decided to leave, and that the entire project was now on hold. Ha! They were all lying! The Original Actress was fired, there were no production issues, the project is not on hold, they have already hired The Replacement, production is back on schedule, a complete unknown is going to become a star… and it only took screwing over one young actress to make it all happen! Look for an announcement of the re-casting early next week, with the producers pretending that their discovery of The Replacement was a happy accident.
Movie/Role: The Aaliyah biopic "Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number"
Original Actress: Zendaya Coleman
The Replacement (to be announced next week): Tessa Thompson

41. MR. X 07/05 **PART 1**
1) Which former A-list tweener turned leading man stepped out with his sugar daddy for the first time? Zac Efron/Gianluca Vacchi

2) What former child actress who's best remembered for her role on a classic '90s sitcom was caught smoking a blunt with Snoop Dogg at a BET Awards after party? Tatyana Ali "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

3) Which A-list rapper cancelled a gig at a UK music festival because he went on a binge drinking spree and nearly wound up in the hospital because of it? Drake "Wireless Festival"

42. MR. X 07/05 **PART 2**
4) What "singer" uses at least 3 dance doubles for her current gig? Britney Spears

5) What hunky actor who currently appears on an almost-network show and who is one foot out of the closet is getting paid big bucks by some very wealthy men to perform (more or less) at their yacht parties? Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries"

6) Which '60s blonde TV actress who dabbled in film has turned into the real life Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? She's dressing up as the character that made her famous and it's not even Halloween yet. Barbara Eden "I Dream of Jeannie"

43. MR. X 07/05 **PART 3**
7) Which permanent A++ list diva and her actor husband have been living separately for the past few months? Barbra Streisand and James Brolin

8) Which Oscar winning character actress once said in an interview that this now deceased A++ list fellow Oscar winner whom she knew before they were famous had a penchant for dressing up in drag? Rita Moreno/Marlon Brando

9) What tennis player may be pregnant by her coach? Might explain her behavior on the court the other day. Serena Williams/French coach Patrick Mouratoglou

This foreign born B list actress who used to be mostly movies has switched to mostly television, but can't get a show to stick. Apparently she has convinced some guy to pretend to be the father of her child when in reality it is this A list celebrity chef.
Actress: Minnie Driver
Fake Daddy: Scottish television producer, Timothy J Lea
Real Daddy: Gordon Ramsey

Apparently the ex of this A list diva/B list everything else had sex more often with her assistant than the diva. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart

This married bordering on A list mostly movie actor, who is an incredible actor always seems to be the nicest guy in the world when you interview him. He holds a lot of dark secrets inside and the women he has dated are glad they are exes. That sweetness gives way to a lot of violence at certain moments. Even his wife has left him numerous times.

The girlfriend of this former A list tweener was cheated on about four different times over the course of a week, but apparently doesn't care and is willing to do whatever it takes to get a ring. I don't understand this at all. Have some self respect. Blanda Eggenschwiler/Joe Jonas (they have now split)

This aging foreign born A list mostly movie actor was being his usual creepy self at Wimbledon the other day when he hung out in a bar at the site and hit on every college student he could find until one agreed to go home with him. Hugh Grant

This female former A list tweener who is now working on music and movies and is doing drugs almost daily bought a gun this week. This is not going to turn out well. Watch out Justin. Selena Gomez

This former A list singer turned B list reality star turned B list singer who can't quite reach her previous peak has discovered why she shouldn't have dumped her guy for a married guy. She ended up spending yesterday alone while he was with his family. She was telling friends he was going to take her to the Caribbean. Nope. Toni Braxton/Babyface

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner walked out on her husband after finally confronting him about all the women he was seeing. She flew back home and he is going to have to do some serious begging. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied

This actor who also has a famous sibling – overseas and in Australia – is not very nice. Not nice, meaning he isn’t nice to anyone he works with. He may be a good actor, but he is awful to the cast and crew on his many Australian TV shows he has appeared in (and some in the US too). It could be Ego, or it could be the fact that he is a control freak, or he could be a private man who doesn’t want to divulge any secrets. Whatever the case, he isn’t a great person to be around. Some say he has joined a cult. That cult – Scientology.
Jonathan Lapaglia

This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show was yelled at by her husband and brought to tears because she was talking to a guy while wearing her bikini. The husband is incredibly jealous and extremely insecure. Kaley Cuoco/Ryan Sweeting

I don't even know why I bother to make these blind because they are so easy, but this C list rapper was in Vegas with his A list reality star girlfriend. While she was in the bathroom he was groping every waitress he could find and making plans to see them the next day when his girlfriend would be busy. Khloé Kardashian/French Montana

This A+list mostly movie actor thinks he has his actress wife on lock down. Nope. It is not like she has never cheated before to find someone she thought was better. She has been spending lots of time with a certain lawyer from the firm that represents her and no one is billing by the hour. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively

This A list singer who is known for not wearing many clothes has been going to church and says she is going to switch to a Christian singer and is a completely changed woman. So far she has been at it for about a week. Give it another month. Lady Gaga; Mariah Carey

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who gets to stay as A list because of his name spent about $100K setting up his own private porn movie this weekend. He is out of town and hired a group of women to participate with him being the star and had a crew film the whole thing. Mel Gibson

The ex-girlfriend of this barely barely A list mostly movie actor who always gets into trouble has spent several months in the past year in a mental hospital because of what she went through while dating the actor. Karolyn Pho/Shia LaBeouf

With no reality show on the horizon, look for this B- list celebrity/former reality star/former singer to pull out of her wedding. She wants to get paid. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross

"If you thought the sex tape was boring you should have seen her younger sister. It was awful." A+ list singer discussing an A list reality star from an A list reality show. Rihanna/Khloé Kardashian

This back in the day A list mostly television actress on a hit network show turned celebrity turned B list television actress on a hit cable show is cheating on her most recent husband. A divorce is imminent. Valerie Bertinelli ("One Day at a Time") (Jenny Craig commercials) ("Hot in Cleveland")

62. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#10**
This B list mostly television actor from multiple hit shows who has turned one of those roles into a movie role has always cheated on his wife. Even before they got married. He is at it in a big way now though with a 21 year old who just graduated from college. Chris Noth "Law & Order"; "Sex and the City"; "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"; "The Good Wife"

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#11**
Now that this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor from a very hit franchise has had sex with this former A list tweener/gun owner he is willing to go back to this other former A list tweener who has been texting him constantly about trying to work things out. She doesn't know about the gun owner. Liam Hemsworth/Selena Gomez/Miley Cyrus

64. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/06 **#12**
This A+ list singer from an A list group just bought a place in LA and his female celebrity friend has moved in. Guess he doesn't need to live with the ex any longer. Chris Martin "Coldplay"/Alexa Chung
(she still stays there in town which must be awkward at times)

This B list comic actress switches between television and movies and her almost A list actor husband is crazy for her, but she always thinks she can do better and has been cheating with lots of random guys in search of someone else. Anna Faris/Chris Pratt

KINDNESS: I don't know if I have ever heard of this foreign born A list mostly movie actress ever doing something nice for someone, but while she was staying in a NYC hotel last week while doing press for her new movie she had room service send out meals to the five homeless guys who were sitting in front of the hotel panhandling. She sent them meals three times a day the entire four days she was there. Keira Knightley

This former A list singer who has dated lots and lots of A list celebrities and actresses walked into an urgent care center last week. Apparently he was getting candle wax dripped on him and two whole candles landed on him and burned his chest hair. Pretty badly. John Mayer

This former A list mostly movie actor from a hit franchise no longer in existence is probably a B- now after his last big film flopped. He is involved with a UFC fighter who is set to come out of the closet. Kellan Lutz

This married former actor turned reality host turned host was openly making out with another woman and had his hand under her bikini top over the weekend. Nick Cannon
(I thought I revealed this with all his other cheating ones at the time they announced their split, but missed it.)

This A list morning talk show host has been begging producers to not renew the contract of her male co-host. They are not getting along at all. It is crazy behind the scenes and there has been lots of yelling between the pair. Kelly Ripa/Michael Strahan

This current A list model/part-time actress is pregnant, but has no idea which of the two celebrities she sees regularly is the dad. Kate Upton (Maksim Chmerkovskiy or Justin Verlander)

This former A list reality star from a cable franchise who was passed over for the most recent run is finalizing a deal to have a residency at a Nevada brothel. She will be there a week and is calling it research. Farrah Abraham "Teen Mom" (then they signed her up for the show and she bailed on the brothel who threatened to sue her)

This former A list mostly movie actress who is in a new movie now, but is probably in the bottom half of the B range was stopped by a fan who called her by her first name. Bad move. She likes to be referred to as Ms._______. Yep. So, she turned the fan away and told him to come back when he has more manners. She is never nice to fans. This is just one that is recent. Rarely has a fan had a good interaction with this offspring. Ashley Judd "Dolphin Tale 2"

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/07 **#10**
When this former A+ list country singer passes away, it won't just be his girlfriend and his ex-wife who show up with a claim to his estate. Apparently when our singer drank and he famously drank a lot, he also hooked up with guys and one of his steady hookups has a will signed by the singer. Randy Travis

75. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/07 **#11**
One of the more popular shows of all-time had some behind the scenes drama which would not be allowed today. It just wouldn't happen because of the internet and TMZ and at least on television sets, the atmosphere is more business like. On movie sets, all of this still goes on. The show was #1 for lots of years. Sitcom. Really popular. The male star of the show got to be A+ list on television and has never dropped below a B. Not that great of an actor. His movies have for the most part done poorly. On the set of this show he was king though and he made it very clear to any woman who wanted a line on the show was going to have to sleep with him. He really got to like one of his co-stars and demanded more and more from her and when she finally stopped giving in to his sexual demands he had her fired and made it look like she quit. When she did leave, another actress on the show always put up with everything he did but since the show ended they have not spoken. Ever. Not a word because of the way he used her and the things he made her do. He acts like he is progressive but he was and still is a tool. He just doesn't have a platform any longer to be as rude as he once was.
Actor: Bill Cosby
Sitcom: "The Cosby Show"

Co-star: Lisa Bonet
Other Actress: Erika Alexander

76. BLIND GOSSIP 07/07
We recently told you about a floppy-haired singer’s drug use. While Floppy was heavily into coke last year, he has sobered up quite a bit, which is good. We wish that his healthier habits would rub off on his friend Shooter. Shooter is also a singer. He uses cocaine occasionally, has tried acid and ecstasy, pops a pill occasionally, and smokes weed once or twice a week. His biggest problem, though, is his drinking. We’re not just talking about having a couple of beers after work. Shooter is definitely leaning into alcoholic territory here. He has been drinking day and night lately. Shots of hard liquor, beer, mixed drinks. All day, every day. Shooter doesn’t even realize that the alcohol turns him into a jerk. He treats people badly and he does some some really stupid, physically risky things when he is drunk. He’s going to hurt himself one of these days. He thinks it’s funny. It’s not. And if you have ever wondered why his girlfriends come and go, his drinking is one of the big reasons. They hate it.
Floppy: Harry Styles
Shooter: Liam Payne

77. WINE AND SASS 07/07
I'm beginning to see why this A List actor's first marriage didn't last long. This actor has to control every aspect of his new wife's life and she can't even put together an outfit without his approval. She is B List (with C List Talent), but hovering towards A since marrying him and loves the attention she gets being with him. But all this control and pressure is getting to her. He wants to keep her in doors unless he approves it: where's she's going, what she's wearing and how long she will be gone. She spends a large majority of her time in their home and when she does get out, he has her check in with him at all times. Why? Because he is obsessed with how he is perceived by the public. When he goes out to be papped, he spends hours deciding on hair, clothing and his "mood" for the day. He then also has to make sure whatever she wears and her general demeanor matches him. He's not going to be married to someone who is constantly being photographed and the horror he'd feel if she wore something he didn't think was A List type of style. He thinks she will embarrass him if he lets her do her own thing. Spending days shut up in the house, friends are being driven away, every detail of her life controlled...I wouldn't be surprised if she has a nervous breakdown soon. But she won't leave him. She wants that A List recognition too badly. The one friend she has left tried to take her out to dinner last week and her husband couldn't agree on an outfit for her. She would text him photos of what she was wearing and he would take forever to respond. Hours went by so the friend finally gave up and left.
Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Wife: Blake Lively
Ex-wife: Scarlett Johansson

(She has minimal control of her new site & he is obsessed with making her the wifey & get her out of Hollywood. So its a win-win. She gets to be professionally photographed and he has to sign off on all things that are posted under her name **allegedly**)

Which male celebrity, who is known for his work on TV – but has also played Broadway, was recently spotted buying underwear brand Malebasics? The erotic knickers promises to make guys look desirable and sexy, whether the look is kinky and revealing, or tame but with a sensual style. Malebasics touts their underwear’s ability to be seductive and tantalizing. The sexy star is not frightened to enjoy lace, and is becoming much more comfortable telling people about the secret under his pants!!!

Maybe this is what the girlfriends are for. He expects them to look great. And to just…look? A few weeks ago at a Hollywood bar, playboy was partying without his bonafide. He had two of his crew with him. He’d been drinking. Or something. He seemed very …accessible and uninhibited. Once he found his target, he made his approach, with his friends as backup. After spending some time flirting with the dude, a very cute, young gay dude, he made a special request: He asked him if he would be into a three-way situation, but the third participant would be a woman. The woman would be watching as the two of them got down. In his line of work, it’s all about variety. After so many years of anything at any time, he needs as many flavours as possible.
Leonardo DiCaprio/Toni Garrn

This former A list mostly movie actor and this B list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show prefer to do their chasing of women together. This way, both of the married actors have an on hand alibi when their wives get suspicious.

This B list celebrity offspring who has made a name for herself hosting was so wasted out of her mind at a red carpet event she was supposed to host for a Chinese company that they actually had to get a reporter who was covering it for a different employer to fill in. Our offspring needs rehab again. Kelly Osbourne

There is always a reason this foreign born B list singer/part-time actress has sex with someone. This time it was for drugs and cash and promises of a future business endeavor she has wanted for a long time. Rita Ora/Richard Hilfiger (Tommy’s son) (wants a clothing line)

This barely hanging on to A list mostly movie actress got into a huge fight with her B list mostly movie actor boyfriend because she stopped eating to land a new role. When the couple went to dinner and she only ordered a side salad with no dressing the two started fighting and she walked out. Amanda Seyfried/Justin Long

This celebrity offspring yelled at his former A list celebrity wife-to-be when she started to lay out by the pool this weekend in a bikini. He told her that her body was for him only so she covered back up and sat there humiliated because he did it in front of a crowd. Evan Ross/Ashlee Simpson

This hanging on to A list singer when part of a group, but B list when solo is back using again and her husband has no idea. Fergie (The Black Eyed Peas)/Josh Duhamel

This A list celebrity/former A list reality star/does other things is married with kids and got a breast enlargement on her very skinny frame to pose for Playboy. She says she is natural. Ha. Nicole Ritchie

Before this past week it was just coke and booze for this former almost A list mostly movie actress. Now she has started using heroin. It won't be long before she overdoses because she is in love with the drug.

This B list singer who is married to a former A list singer turned part-time actress is cheating on his wife with this indie movie queen who is his ex. Ryan Adams/Mandy Moore/Parker Posey

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/08 **#10**
This former A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is much like an old character he played and spends his days walking and digging through trash cans and then turns in cans for money at the end of each day. Nick Nolte "Down and Out in Beverly Hills"

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/08 **#11**
This actor used to be A list. Actually, if you include his franchise, which is all he really did, he was probably A+ list. Movies. On top of the world. Started spending money and doing drugs like crazy. He blew millions of dollars on women and booze and drugs and ended up having a stroke. A bad one. Drug related. The story has always been that he just didn't want to act any longer. Nope. He couldn't. He couldn't remember lines and he had a speech issue and he had trouble with his physical movements. When he was all set to make a comeback in another installment of his franchise he did physical therapy for almost a year before they started shooting, but it just wasn't quite the same. He looked ok, but his timing was off and he couldn't do the same things he did before. He did get a huge paycheck though. Monstrous and blew a lot of it on drugs again and had another stroke. This time he vowed to never use drugs again and is slowly regaining his old form. He has a new woman in his life who also is his sober coach. Our actor is still really young, so hopefully he can get it all together and be back on top like he used to be. Chris Tucker "Rush Hour 4 (announced) (rumored)"

91. BLIND GOSSIP 07/08 **#1**
It’s always awkward when a celebrity ends a real relationship. They truly dread the press speculation and questions about the breakup. The best way to flip the script? A new relationship! The search started as soon as she broke up with her ex. They needed someone physically big (as she is tall and well-built), age appropriate, good looking, single, masculine and without a gay rumor history. They found him in house. Yes, they are both with the same agency. A perfect match on all counts. It was a six-week plan. If they had put them together too soon after the breakup, it would have looked fake, and then accusations might have started about the new guy being the cause of the breakup. So they gave him a line to use about her in an interview to be published several weeks after the break up, gave her a few weeks to get some distance from her ex, and then announced their coupling. It looks "natural" and the new guy is not blamed for the breakup. It was actually a smart, modern, well-executed plan. Kudos to those who made it happen! So, yes, the relationship is fake, but they are actors, so they will make it look real. Since they are both mature people, the relationship should go very smoothly for the next few months. And, since they are both gorgeous, it will certainly make for some very pretty pictures (dinner date, beach, shopping) in the meantime! Sofia Vergara/Joe Manganiello

92. BLIND GOSSIP 07/08 **#2**
We recently told you about a fake relationship between two mature people that was-planned, well-executed, and will benefit both parties. Now let’s talk about the opposite! This is a fake relationship between two immature people that was poorly planned, poorly executed, and will only benefit one party. This Actor and Actress are both addicts. He has been in rehab three times in the past year alone. She is just a chronic drunk mess, both privately and publicly. We would like to say that they are both currently sober… but we can’t. The Actress has been "partying" for weeks now with her older friends. The Actor quickly became a full participant in all of their debauchery. Their recent PDA is nothing but a bid for attention. These two both loved all the attention they were getting for their photos and videos. If they had just left it at the "fun vacation" stage, it would have been fine. But, like most addicts, they just didn’t know when to stop. So they kept ratcheting up the volume to include a "relationship." Although this is a PR stunt, we have to emphasize that their respective teams were NOT involved in setting this up. Her team knows that she is a wild girl, and they know they can’t control her. However, it’s not really bad news for them. If anything, the relationship makes her look better! The Actor is a bigger star – and he’s a guy – which makes The Actress look less masculine. So she does, in fact, benefit from the relationship. However, his team is hating this! They have been working so hard to sell him as sexually straight and physically clean. They would have never set him up with a much older, sexually-flexible girl with a history of addiction and public messiness! So his team is quietly trying to convince him to extricate himself from this "relationship" within the next few days. However, they have some tough opposition. The Actor is a nice guy, but he is easily led astray, and right now The Actress is totally in charge. She is much older and much stronger and much more manipulative than The Actor. She is benefiting from this relationship, has him convinced that this charade is good for him too, and she is going to keep him in it for as long as possible. If she succeeds, get out the popcorn, because a "relationship" between these two is going to be filled with ever-escalating stunts and drama… and eventual messiness and destruction. Zac Efron/Michelle Rodriguez

93. WINE AND SASS 07/08
This is an old school story, but still relevant today because the two people are still actively working. This A List actor fell HARD for this A List actress. They worked on a film together and it was instant attraction. After being together for a year they were about to get married when all the sudden the wedding was canceled and she was spotted that very same day with his friend. Complete and utter betrayal from both of them. He was head over heels in love with her and for the next few years was barely in functioning capacity. She went on with her life, marrying and divorcing and marrying...pretty much moved on. But, he didn't. He married, but his heart just wasn't in it and it didn't last long. To this day, decades later, he has never recovered from her and can't move on . A lot of alcohol from the start of the day to the end. He has learned to work and live this way. His friends and family are very good at keeping him somewhere safe and out of the public eye when the binges get too out of control. Sometimes he'll slip and you'll catch him completely wasted out somewhere. But that's rarely happens anymore. He can't be seen like that and still continue to get the great work he has. His name slipped down to almost a C for a while and he had to work hard to get back to where he is. Friends of the actor say that it's doubtful he will ever be able to truly move on and he still considers her the love of his life. She had him completely convinced she felt the same way....right up to the wedding. You hear so many people be so critical about people who can't move on from someone, but sometimes your heart just won't let you. He has a great group of people who love and protect him because they understand this. But they also know that she never deserved his love in the first place. They just wish he could be happy and not waste his life as a broken man pining for an ice princess who never loved him. Maybe some day that will happen for him. Kiefer Sutherland/Julia Roberts/Jason Patric

This B list actress who is on OITNB was spotted buying drugs from a guy on the streets of NYC. When you are buying openly like that, it won't be long before you get busted. Taryn Manning (NYC Pride Celebration event)

It is kind of awkward when you are backstage at a fashion show and one of the models comes up to you and asks for a second time with you because they could use some more money and you are with your A+ list mostly movie actress girlfriend. Sean Penn/Charlize Theron (Christian Dior fashion show)

Scotland Yard is investigating this former A list singer/reality star for providing women to various athletes and acting as their madam. The lead witness is a former best friend who was one of the women.

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who will always have A list name recognition and is in an acting family has been shacking up with a woman a quarter of his age while his actress wife lives in their home. Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones

This A list mostly movie actor has always shown a penchant for drinking and violence and the two combined when he beat his girlfriend after she talked back to him at a bar. She refused to press charges when the police came and it was in the Caribbean so a little money exchanged hands and no reports were even filed. He was married to an A list actress not that long ago. Josh Brolin/his one-time assistant Kathryn Boyd (was married to Diane Lane)

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who still is almost A list because of her name was the highest priced escort in Hollywood before getting her big break and her A list husband seems pretty happy. Michelle Pfeiffer ("Scarface")/David E. Kelley

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#7**
When this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actress married to a really rich guy went to her plastic surgeon to talk about a procedure to her face, he refused to do any more work because she had nothing left to alter. She has had ten surgeries to her face over the last two decades. She is now looking for a doctor who will do what she wants.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#8**
This former A list singer turned reality star turned B list singer who cheats and has been cheated on repeatedly turned down this married A list host over the weekend and would have told his wife but she was absent as she always is when he has a chance to score.

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#9**
This former B list mostly television actress who was on a very long running, very hit ABC sitcom with two A listers then and now spends most of her time on her farm growing pot. Laurie Metcalf "Roseanne" (Roseanne Barr and John Goodman)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#10**
This married TBS actor wanted a co-star fired because she wouldn't sleep with him.
John C. McGinley/Alexis Knapp "Ground Floor"
Steve Byrne/Valerie Azlynn "Sullivan & Son"

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#11**
There are just not that many A listers who regularly participate in orgies. This A lister is into orgies and threesomes and swapping. Whatever it takes to keep her drive under control. She is an A lister when you out her with her singing group and she is just about an A lister when it comes to reality show appearances. Throw in the A list name recognition two different ways and she is an A lister. There is not a sexual situation she has not encountered or participated in, but one of her exes really pushed those boundaries. Even married with some kids, has not slowed her down. There is rarely a night that goes by that she is not spending time with people other than her husband. Lots of people. In all kinds of ways and in a lot of different situations. I'm sure there must be hours of video out there of her so if she ever does go bankrupt, she could probably make her fortune back by selling the videos because there would be lots of people wanting to see. Of course this will be revealed. A sex life like this can't be hidden.
A lister: Mel Brown "Scary Spice"
Group: "Spice Girls"
Reality: "The X Factor"; "America's Got Talent"
Ex: Eddie Murphy

Which BFF models are actually lesbian lovers? Don’t be fooled by the high-profile relationship one of these beauties is supposedly in. It’s all a big, mutually beneficial cover up. Saucy!
Model 1: Cara Delevingne
Model 2: Suki Waterhouse
Model 2's Man: Bradley Cooper

106. BLIND GOSSIP 07/09 **#1**
This celebrity couple has not announced their pregnancy yet. Why not? Because she is embarrassed that things didn’t go her way! She promised her Catholic family that she would be announcing her pregnancy and an engagement at the same time. However, despite her best efforts, the baby did not make him more committed to her. Exactly the opposite, in fact. Ouch. Yes, she is mad. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

107. BLIND GOSSIP 07/09 **#2**
This celebrity dropped out of a major event, claiming she was ill. Some are speculating that she is pregnant. Someone who was in the room with her is now telling us that she was actually… drunk! That is shocking given that she professes not to drink at all. Serena Williams at "Wimbledon"

108. BLIND GOSSIP 07/09 **#3**
This television host deal only has one more outstanding issue. New Girl has gotten almost everything she wants… except her old job title. Current Girl doesn’t want to give it up. It’s certainly making for an interesting power struggle behind the scenes!
New Girl: Rosie O’Donnell
Current Girl: Whoopi Goldberg
TV Show: "The View"
Job Title: Moderator

109. WINE AND SASS 07/09
Here's a no-brainer blind for you Flying Monkeys today. She, a B List actress who recently had a change of image personally, needs to turn it around to get the offers to return her way. Unfortunately, your personal business can affect your work in Hollywood. This actress is learning this the hard way. He, a B Actor hovering towards an A but has slid some recently due to erratic behavior, needs to show a stable relationship and revive his image for a few weeks for the very same get the offers to return. They figure that if they combine forces and look like they are together, it will reignite each others name. I can tell you without a doubt that their "hot" kisses and PDA is all acting. They also are drug buddies and go to the same supplier. They think it's a win-win. I think they've burned too many brain cells between them if they can't see how this looks like the most unlikely relationship since Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal. Zac Efron/Michelle Rodriguez
(Zac's team have paired him up with a lady, Sam Miro, initially to watch him and now they really like each other! She keeps him straight and clean. Michelle is still struggling with the loss of her friend, Paul Walker. I hope she can get sober **allegedly**)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#1**
This B list actor who divides his time between movies and television is A+ list when it comes to looks. His actress significant other has given up trying to stop him from cheating but doesn't want him to say they are in an open relationship because she just does want him for herself. She never cheats. Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt; Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston; Liev Schreiber/Naomi Watts

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#2**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly television actress from a very hit cable show who is in this space frequently did something really nice. She was grocery shopping and the woman behind her was with two kids, one of whom was screaming and the woman just decided to abandon her cart at the checkout line and take her child outside. Our actress paid for the woman's groceries and brought them all outside to her.
January Jones "Mad Men"

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#3**
Well that didn't take long. This former A list movie and television actress is causing all kinds of drama and her manager has been banned from the set of the new show of the actress. Katherine Heigl (her Momager) "State of Affairs" (and is it any wonder the show barely limped through one season)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#4**
This married B+ list mostly television actress who is in a new potential hit show has a makeup artist that she uses on set and also in her hotel room at night. Her actor husband doesn't care at all. Zoe McLellan (J.P. Gillain) "NCIS: New Orleans"

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#5**
Apparently the feud between this former A list mostly television actress who has made a living off one huge role and is now trying her hand at another role and this former tweener actress turned whatever-role-she-can-get started when the husband of the former A lister called out the tweeners name during sex. He then confessed he had slept with her.
A list actress: Jennie Garth
Huge role: "90210"
New role: "Mystery Girls"
Husband: Peter Facinelli
Tweener actress: Amanda Bynes or Tiffani Amber Thiessen

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#6**
This B list mostly movie actor who got his start on television has an actress significant other. He has also moved into a hotel because he wants to be single and can't handle the pressure. Justin Theroux/Jennifer Aniston; Joshua Jackson/Diane Kruger

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#7**
This devoted family man who used to be an A+ list mostly movie actor has probably dropped to B+ list. Foreign born. Didn't spend the holiday weekend with his family because he was too busy with his new girlfriend.

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#8**
At least two people got kicked out of the Chateau Marmont yesterday for pulling out their cellphones and trying to get a photo of this B list mostly movie actress who used to be married to an A+ list mostly movie actor. Our actress was passed out at a table in the garden after consuming way too much booze. Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#9**
This Lady Of London isn't acting like a lady. One of the Americans is two timing her significant other with someone she thinks will take better care of her financially. Noelle Reno

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **#10**
This up and coming teen actress who I don't want to call a tweener because she is on non Disney type shows is probably a B- list actress. Mostly television. Had a good run on two critical hit shows and now has a brand new show starting. Well, her former actress mom wants to make sure nothing alters the path she has chosen for her daughter. As soon as the announcement came that our actress got this great new role, her mom got some news from a friend that the star of the show is a Scientologist. Well the mom of our teen happens to be a conservative evangelical protestant Christian who thinks that Scientology is a cult and the work of the Devil. She called the producers and demanded that the lead actress be barred from ever talking to her daughter about Scientology or anything related and if she ever does mom will yank her daughter right out of the show forever. On another show that our teen stars on, her mom was worried about the story lines of the show and wanted to make sure her daughter would not be involved in any of the controversial topics discussed on the show and to have producers agree that her daughter's character was too young to date anyone and will never have a boyfriend on the show. The producers agreed to everything. The producers of all these shows know that she is going to be a huge star and want to keep everyone happy.

120. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#1**
This beautiful young singer/actress installed a couple of plastic domes high on her chest. Why? Because her on-again off-again boyfriend repeatedly told her that "No guy likes itty bitty titties!" Yes, he is very mature. So she got implants. She now looks more like the hookers he tends to favor and he is texting her again, so… mission accomplished? Those implants are not the only things that are too high. Her doctor told her that she could not use cocaine for 72 hours before the surgery. She didn’t abstain the entire time, but she came pretty close. Unfortunately, that only strengthened her belief that she doesn’t need rehab… and she went right back to using. Selena Gomez

121. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#2**
This old TV cast member got the boot in the past year. She said she was leaving the job for other opportunities, but that was a lie, and she has done nothing since then. Oldie really wants her old job back! She wants it back so badly that she is now trying to align and ingratiate herself with someone to whom she used to be very mean…the New Cast Member! Oldie is sending Newbie nice emails and making public statements about her as if the two are the best of friends! Ha! Newbie isn’t fooled one darn bit by Oldie’s sudden support. She worked with Oldie. She hasn’t forgotten that Oldie used to make fun of her behind her back, and that Oldie never once reached out to her when Newbie’s life was in turmoil. So Newbie is not buying her nice act for one second. However, she is rather enjoying the fact that the tides have turned and Oldie is now kissing her butt!
Oldie: Joy Behar
Newbie: Rosie O’Donnell
Show: "The View"

Which TV chef has a full frontal nudie picture of himself floating around? The dirty picture was sent via text message to a lover, but has now made its hands into many more people. The fully nude photo, showing his impressive erect penis does include the guys face! His legal team is doing everything possible to prevent the photos from being made public.
Todd English; Guy Fieri; Bobby Flay; Gordon Ramsey

123. MR. X 07/11 **PART 1**
1) Which NFL newcomer is already worrying his new team's owners after one two many nights of partying? There's more pics of him in some very compromising positions that are especially worrying. Johnny Manzie

2) What celebrity photographer not named Terry smokes some meth right before every photoshoot even though he says he's sober? Tyler Shields

124. MR. X 07/11 **PART 2**
3) Which NFL player who was the talk of the sports world just a few years ago is contemplating about coming out of the closet? Yes, his conservative family knows but he's not as close with them as they want you to believe. Manti Te'o; Tim Tebow; Aaron Rodgers

4) What A-list mostly movie actress who got her start on TV can't have any kids because of those two abortions she had during her first marriage? Jennifer Aniston

125. MR. X 07/11 **PART 3**
5) Which reality star turned talk show host (whose show recently got canned) went on an n-word rampage when she found out that this A/B-list talk show host/actress/musician was booking all the A-listers? She also threw in a homophobic slur, the one which starts with a d and ends with an e, to refer to her rival. Bethenny Frankel/Queen Latifah

6) What A-list reality star has her husband's boyfriend to thank for getting her front row seats at Paris Fashion Week and for getting her younger sister a runway job? And you wonder why the fashion community doesn't take any of them seriously.
Reality star: Kim Kardashian
Husband: Kanye West (boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci)
Sister: Kendall Jenner

126. MR. X 07/11 **PART 4**
7) What B-list country singer had to get a restraining order against her husband's ex-wife because she sent her several death threats via text messages?

8) What B-list actor who is in one of the most anticipated movies of the year got his start as a gay webcam model, occasionally with some guy-guy action? Once his agent found out about his past, it was the bearding route for him.

127. MR. X 07/11 **PART 5**
9) Which B/C-list foreign born mostly television actor best known for his role on an almost network show which ended a while back was seen making out with a guy at London's infamous Heaven nightclub? Ed Weswick "Gossip Girl"

10) What former almost A-list actor whose been in the news lately has privately told some of his friends that he was molested by the former CEO of that company which gave him his start? Might explain a whole lot. Shia LaBeouf

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#1**
A very messy scene at a hotel two nights ago when this B list mostly television actress who does other things since her hit show left the air confronted her boyfriend at his hotel room. She didn't even know he was in town until a friend of the actress spotted him at a hotel bar with another woman. Our actress rushed over and the confrontation was loud and messy. Eva Longoria/Jose Antonio Baston

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#2**
This A list female host of a network reality show hits on her female co-star almost every chance she gets but has been rejected every single time. The boyfriend of the co-host said yes though when he was hit on. Mel B/Heidi Klum/Vito Schnabel

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#3**
This normally very reserved A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee surprised everyone on set yesterday when an actor said he wanted some more makeup on his chest and our actress said she would like some too and lowered her dress revealing her bare breasts and got everyone laughing. Anne Hathaway ("The Intern")

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#4**
This B list mostly television actor on a new hit show and has an A list actress girlfriend looked great yesterday for an interview considering he had been doing lines an hour earlier at an all night party. Justin Theroux

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#5**
This A list magazine editor once fired one of her very flamboyant editors for two days after he was found having sex with someone in her private restroom. Anna Wintour/Andre Leon Talley

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#6**
This is strange even for this married A+list singer/diva. She went into a rage and screamed and yelled for an hour because she apparently put too much perfume on and couldn't decide whether to take another bath or change clothes or just leave it the way it was. This woman seriously needs some help. Mariah Carey

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#7**
This closeted A list just about everything he touches never runs any errands for himself. None. A few weeks ago though he was driving himself which is also rare and stopped at a Starbucks and fell in lust with a guy working there. Our A lister now makes a Starbucks run several times a day just to talk to the guy. Ryan Seacrest

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **#8**
#1 - It isn't like this C list singer/celebrity hasn't slept with her brother-in-law. She just happened to do it before he married our C lister's A+ list sister. Ashlee Simpson/Jessica Simpson; Solange Knowles (Beyoncé)/Jay-Z

#2 - This former A list singer when in a group that had a couple of hits says that every single male member of this acting family has openly hit on her and groped her and made serious advances on her during her marriage to one of the male members of the family. Chynna Phillips ("Wilson Phillips")/Billy Baldwin (Alec, Stephen and Daniel)

#3 - This former A+ list reality star who fancies herself a singer has slept with lots of her sister's boyfriends. Even the most recent one, although her sister doesn't know about that one. Paris Hilton/Nicky (James Rothschild)

#4- This B+ list mostly television actor who got his start in a comedy franchise slept with the sister of his wife. As freaky as his wife can be, I don't think she would be too happy about that revelation. Jason Biggs/Jenny Mollen (sister: Samantha Mollen)

136. BLIND GOSSIP 07/11
This young actor has a big role on a hit prime time television show. He also has the salary to match. So it’s a little surprising that he was caught shoplifting several bottles of brightly colored nail polish from a drugstore last week. He was not arrested, but he was brought into a back office and grilled by the management. He said that the polish wasn’t for him (although he did appear to have traces of old nail polish on his own nails) and that he had done it on a dare. He seemed genuinely remorseful so they eventually let him go with a warning. No, he never played the "Don’t you know who I am?" card. Although he could have. Yes, he is that recognizable.
Actor: Rico Rodriguez
TV Show: "Modern Family"

137. WINE AND SASS 07/11
I actually like these two people together. It's not a conventional relationship, but they have mutual respect for each other and just try to make the best of their situation. A List actor married to a B List actress...but she would be considered A, married to him. They've been married for years and are considered a powerful couple in Hollywood. I can't say I agree with all their choices they make in their personal lives, but as far as their marriage? Whatever floats their boat. Both were bisexual when they got married and over time have decided they prefer their same sex instead of the other. She has a girlfriend and isn't exactly shy from keeping her out of the public eye. Even traveling together. He has guys coming and going, one he kept around for a long time, but that just recently ended. He is a lot more discreet because it's not as common to see guys hanging with other guys as much as it is seeing girls hang together. When they say they are close, they aren't lying. They really are best friends. I don't think their set up hurts anyone and they've decided to keep things the way they are for their family. But I still chuckle when I see posts about how they keep their marriage going and why it's so strong...or seeing him listed as a Lady's Man. He has talent and knows if he was to come out....all that would go away. Marriages aren't always conventional, and if everyone is satisfied with the set up, what's the problem? Will and Jada Smith
(they really are best friends. To each his own, IMO)

This pair of music men are being put on blast for sharing a secret smash affair! One is a singer… the other, a music producer. Their alleged bromance is said to be the reason why our mystery music producer was facing divorce last year. Though the beat-maker and his beard have since reconciled, her first discovery of his switch-hitting — with this white MJ wannabe — is what we’re told led her to seek divorce. According to our insider… not only did their reconciliation allegedly involve her collecting hush hush money, the bearded agreement is said to also include him granting her the green light to keep her Motor City side-man. Dig the Drop: "He paid off his wife because he didn’t want his homosexuality exposed in their divorce. He also allows her to have a dude. He’s from Detroit.. and she secretly flies him out to stay in her Atlanta condominium with her." He’s said to be obsessed with our other blind item. Just ask the Popstar’s beard-bride, JB. Timbaland (wife filed for divorce) & Justin Timberlake (Jessica Biel)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#1**
This A list singer and former A list tweener actress won't go public with her new relationship despite him wanting it because she has also been having sex with her B list mostly movie actor ex which she wants to keep quiet because of the boyfriend. Miley Cyrus/Mike Will/Liam Hemsworth
The guy broke up with Miley Cyrus when he found out she was having sex with Liam Hemsworth and she was still having sex until two days before he went to Australia so look out Patrick.

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#2**
This married Food Network star and so many other things has not slept in the same bed with her husband in well over a year. Giada De Laurentiis (this one slipped through the cracks a few months ago when I was revealing all the other Giada ones)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#3**
This A- list mostly television actor from a very hit HBO show is married, but it hasn't stopped him from having sex with most of the porn star extras hired to appear in the show. Peter Drinklage "Game of Thrones"

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#4**
The ex of this A list diva/actress/singer has been trying to hook up with this newly Emmy nominated actress. He does have a type. transgender actress Laverne Cox ("Orange Is the New Black")/Casper Smart (Jennifer Lopez)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#5**
This B+ list reality star from multiple cable shows. Three I can think of at the time is being cheated on by her significant other. He loves that stripper who is best friends with a family member. Khloé Kardashian/French Montana/Blac Chyna (Kim Kardashian)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#6**
This relationship is just getting more child like. The B+ list mostly movie actress/former tweener had a nude sex scene written into her new movie just to make her ex jealous. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#7**
This A+list singer in a group is still married, to an actress but got his celebrity girlfriend pregnant. Chris Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow)/Alexa Chung

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#8**
These two mostly movie actors are A list. They are filming a new movie and both have significant others who are banned from the set as the two divvy up all the women that want to have sex with the pair.

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#9**
This A list mostly movie actor was trying to show the world he was hooking up with this beloved foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress. She wanted no part of bearding though when he told her he was gay and wanted her help. Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#10**
This A+ list singer doesn't seem like it, but she is basically a functioning alcoholic who loves having her photo taken during the only hours she is not drinking.

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#11**
This east coast Real Housewife wants to leave her husband but would take a huge financial hit if she does and has been telling friends she just is not willing to give up her lifestyle and hopes her husband will change and stop cheating on her. Ramona (Mario) Singer "Real Housewives of New York City"

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#12**
This B list reality star on an A list reality show lost about $250K gambling two weeks ago on credit and doesn't have that much cash and will need to ask his significant other to help him out which she may or may not do. The war will be crazy. Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **#13**
This B list mostly movie actress is filming a sequel to a hit movie and is back drinking and drugging all the time which is making her performance look awful and putting the production over budget dealing with her issues. Brittany Snow "Pitch Perfect 2"; Michelle Rodriguez "Fast & Furious 7"

152. MR. X 07/13 **# 1**
Which A++ list couple are deflecting attention from the lady's drug use finally coming to light? They're feeding the press fake info about their wedding, even though they supposedly eloped years ago. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

153. MR. X 07/13 **# 2**
What multi-dated mogul is showing early signs of Alzheimer's? He's been calling up members of his staff at odd, random hours and screaming at them about items of business completed months ago. Clive Davis; Ted Turner; Berry Gordy; Rupert Murdock; David Geffen

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#1**
This NBA coach isn't even discreet when cheating on his wife now. He picked up a woman at a bar the other night and took her to a corner of a VIP section and did as much as they could there for 20 minutes before he sent her on her way. Jason Kidd

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#2**
This HBO actress made a mess of everything when she showed up wasted to an event and knocked down racks of clothes and stumbled around the place talking about how she is a star. Jemima Kirke "Girls"

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#3**
Consdering her first experience with coke was less than a year ago, this former A list tweener turned awful B list mostly movie actress was snorting lines like a pro at a hotel pool two nights ago. Selena Gomez

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **#4**
This B list celebrity/former actress/former host is in a big hurry to get married so she can stop making appearances to support herself. She wants her soon to be husband to do that. Jenny McCarthy

158. MR. X 07/14 **#1**
What currently pregnant actress is using her baby to win back her ex? He's already moved on from her and is currently playing the field. What he doesn't know is that the actress' longtime boyfriend and one-time fiancé is actually the father of the baby, after the actress had a brief reunion with him. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling/George Augusto

159. MR. X 07/14 **#2**
Which A+ list mostly television actress who's a legend in the medium thanks to two shows which are constantly in reruns might not live to see the rest of the year? She's currently in a coma at an NYC hospital and her family is preparing for the worst. Mary Tyler Moore "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Mary Tyler Moore"

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#1**
This former A list tweener turned B list mostly movie actress was in this space not that long ago about her new movie. Apparently she got the role by sleeping with a director of one of her movies and his wife. Selena Gomez/(PROBABLY) Tim Garrick "Behaving Badly"

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#2**
This former cable reality star from a show that seems to go on forever was hosting a party over the weekend and kept wanting to get naked because she thought it would help things get exciting. The more she drank, the more insistent she became until the reality star/mother was asked to leave her own event. Farrah Abraham

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#3**
This B- list mostly movie actress/part-time singer just can't seem to learn her lesson. This time though, the married guy she is seeing has a wife who is expecting a baby.

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#4**
This B list mostly television actress who has one big role in the past decade to her name, but it is a big show, hooked up with a much younger female than her long time significant other. The coupling occurred when the actress spent some time apart from her significant other. Portia de Rossi (in rehab)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#5**
This A list mostly television actor has been driving his assistants crazy while in Europe scouring the tiny town they were in for coke. The actor finally had to have some delivered by private jet from a city an hour away. Charlie Sheen (Spain)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#6**
The husband of this east coast Real Housewife was recently on vacation with his wife, but still found time to ditch her for a strip club. Not Mario and Ramona or Joe Giudice.
Joe Gorga (wife Melissa "Real Housewives of New Jersey")

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#7**
This foreign born B- list mostly movie actress is being investigated for spending vast sums of money which were supposed to go to her business but ended up in her bank account. Someone really close to her is now bankrupt because of it. Sienna Miller (sister Savannah)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#8**
Now that this A- list mostly television actress is not working as much, she is cheating on her husband with one of the creators of her former show. Alyson Hannigan "How I Met Your Mother"

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **#9**
Part of the problem when you start demanding gifts from your suitor is that sometimes the suitor will end up wanting the gifts back, especially when you start trash talking him in front of his business associates. Such is the case of this reality star from an A list reality cable franchise. She was flaunting all of her gifts that she had received from her suitor and it was an impressive haul. Missing from the haul though was actual cash. Most of the really expensive gifts were still in his name. Sure, there was some jewelry he gave her, but she is not desperate enough to sell it yet. She will be though because she thinks her new boyfriend is going to be able to give her the same life she had with her husband and her suitor, but they are worlds apart in income, despite the profession of her current boyfriend. Anyway, while at a gathering with her suitor, our reality star began complaining about how her new suitor was not man enough because he wasn't also giving her cash and that she should find someone who would also take care of her financially and started hitting on the suitor's friends in front of the suitor himself and made it perfectly clear that she would be willing to start something with one of them or all of them if they would also provide cash to go with the gifts. That was enough for the suitor to start having all the possessions he could, repossessed from our reality star and shutting down lines of credit he opened for her and just making her life even worse than what it was. She also had taken out some loans from people using the name of her suitor, but now will be forced to get money from family or her new boyfriend to make good on those debts.
Reality star: Porsha Williams
Show: "Real Housewives of Atlanta"
Suitor: Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of Equatorial Guinea
Ex-Husband: Kordell Stewart

New boyfriend: Norris Cole of the Miami Heat

169. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14 **#1**
Laverne Cox is an actress on the Netflix television series Orange Is The New Black. She was recently hailed by Time Magazine as "The first transgender person nominated for an Emmy award." Time Magazine is wrong. Cox is simply the first openly transgendered person to have been recognized by the Emmys. From the LATimes: Cox woke up to discover she’d become the first openly transgender woman nominated for an Emmy award. Cox herself makes the distinction "openly trans," as she says she knows of another transgender woman who won an Emmy years ago, but was not out. Angela Morley (born Walter Stott)

170. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14 **#2**
This young actress is one of the stars of a hit television show. She recently sat down for a hearty lunch at a popular restaurant with a couple of friends. They seemed to have a great time chatting and sampling the delicious and healthy food from each other’s plates. Right after the meal was over she excused herself to go to the restroom. Actress, you are a pretty girl… but there is nothing pretty about vomiting up your lunch! Yes, everyone heard you! And did you know that bulimia is really bad for your vocal cords? Lucy Hale "Pretty Little Liars"

171. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14 **#3**
He gets a "girlfriend" and she gets money to pay for her education. It’s a good arrangement and it has worked for both of them for years. You really should put your hate for her on hold, because that girl is one of the most loyal and genuinely caring people he has in his life. He supports her in return. That’s it. They are not engaged. They have never even slept together!

He: Louis Tomlinson
She: Eleanor Calder

Imitating the trend of flower crowns, men have started to wear flower beards, including one well know TV actor! This guy, who is known to let everything hang lose, has not yet worn his flowers in public. But in private he is not seen without them. The new fetish surprised his long-time girlfriend as friend, however, now she loves them but is hoping they don’t show up anywhere else on his sexy body! Who said flowers are feminine? Jon Hamm

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#1**
This B+ list mostly television actress who seems to go from one network show to the next every few years has split from her celebrity husband. The couple, who have been married for a very long time split after she caught him cheating for the umpteenth time. Angie Harmon/Jason Sehorn (This would have been much better to post the day they announced their split and how they have not been a couple in awhile)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#2**
This very rich mogul and sometime reality star not named Donald Trump has a problem with being faithful to his wife. He is very good at covering it up though and when he sees his go to mistress he always pretends to be the third wheel to her and a guy friend he brings along as cover during public outings. Mark Cuban

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner spent most of Sunday at a dive bar. She also spent most of Sunday night at the same bar and showed up on the film set yesterday without going home first and was still drunk and reeked of booze and cigarettes and shooting had to be rearranged so she could sleep it off for most of the day in her trailer. Marisa Tomei "Trainwreck"

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#4**
KINDNESS: This almost A list mostly movie actor is an incredible actor and very easy on the eyes. He is in a new indie type movie with a foreign born actress who seems to always be in period costume. Anyway, our actor was spotted over the weekend with two special needs kids he spends as much time with as possible and who don't have fathers in their lives. He has been in their lives for several years and his commitment to them is amazing. Mark Ruffalo (Keira Knightley "Begin Again")

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#5**
Once again the boyfriend of this former A list tweener singer was relegated to staying at home while his boyfriend took his beard to a function. It was a family thing and the family is definitely not ready for the tweener to come out. They would not approve. Nick Jonas/Olivia Culpo (mother’s birthday)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#6**
It has to be awkward when you are an A+ list singer and your dad is dating one of your backup dancers. Probably not your first guess.

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#7**
This A- list mostly television actor on a hit almost network show lives paycheck to paycheck because he spends all of his money on women and partying and he says he doesn't care because he always finds a new hit to be on. Ian Somerhalder "The Vampire Diaries"

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#8**
This former C list mostly movie actress turned reality star turned celebrity and now back to a reality star was one of the women that this still married, but separated celebrity was sleeping with while he was married to this former A list mostly television actress turned celebrity. Denise Richards/Rick Salomon/Pamela Anderson

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#9**
This foreign born, very good looking almost A list reality star who hosts part of an A list reality franchise is cheating on his actress wife, although she rarely acts any longer. Curtis Stone/Lindsay Price "Top Chef" franchise

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#10**
This B list reality star from an A list network reality show had her boyfriend spend about $50K on her shopping a few weeks ago, but the next night went to an event with another man who took her shopping the following morning to the same exact stores she went to previously with the other guy and the new guy dropped about $35K on the star. Karina Smirnoff "Dancing With the Stars"

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/15 **#11**
It turns out there is another actor who has made himself unwelcome at certain hotels and spas. Much like John Travolta, this actor is also closeted and also enjoys the touch of male masseurs. Our actor is an Academy Award winner and is one of the better actors of the past two decades. He can easily move between movies, and the stage and that almost television thing. Apparently on a recent trip to Santa Barbara he stayed at Bacara which is an extremely nice resort on the beach. After his most recent visit where he succeeded in his quest for relief from a male masseur with the promise of a very large tip he was told by the management that he is not welcome any longer at the hotel. Kevin Spacey

Which Hollywood actress recently hooked up with her co-star before announcing her split from her hubby? No wonder those two were so pally during promo duties for their film!
Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
Costar: Mark Ruffalo or Robert Downey Jr.
Film: "Thanks for Sharing" or "Iron Man 3"
Actress’ Husband (may or may not be famous): Chris Martin

185. BLIND GOSSIP 07/15
Some have been taking this Academy Award-winning Actress to task for playing dress up as a favorite Classic Actress. However, while you were busy paying attention to that, another Creative Performer was actually making quiet inquiries into playing Classic Actress in a film! Creative Performer is not unattractive, but there is just something about her that makes it difficult to picture her as the Classic Actress. Creative has worked with her own hair, makeup and wardrobe people several times over the past few years to see if they could help her physically pass for Classic. We don’t know if they have succeeded. We also don’t know if Creative really has the acting chops required to pull this off. Even if she does, it would still make for some shocking casting and lots of controversy.
Academy Award-winning Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
Classic Actress: Audrey Hepburn
Creative Performer: Lea Michelle

186. WINE AND SASS 07/15
This C List Actor has always been very close to his parents. They have been a huge part of his life even through the rough times. The actor, though, has taken them a little too far and they are taking a stand. They have sat back and tried to support him through his fledgling career, questionable parenting and manipulations long enough. A few months back they sat him down privately and had a talk with him. Seeing in what direction he is going with his family and the person he is allowing to run his career has them very concerned that he won't be able to bounce back. They've told him that they want him to cut the poison out of his family's life and no matter how badly it hurts him financially, take the right measures to claim his life back. If not for him, for the sake of his family. They have let him escape to their home several times in the past and have been apprised of happenings at home that they will no longer ignore. Things have hit a crescendo, recently with his new project and after they previewed it told him in no uncertain terms that they will not be an active participant in his current life. He has assured him that this is only temporary and once this last project is finished, he is going to get out and already has a plan in action. Let's see if he has the balls to actually follow through with it. Eddie Cibrian (LeAnn Rimes "LeAnn & Eddie"

Which famous for being famous person is soooo desperate to get back into the spotlight that she is telling friends she plans to put on a lot of weight, and then lose it, to get the cover of PEOPLE magazine. This celebrity has made a brand out of weight loss, but after her career has disappeared she will do anything to get back into the spotlight. The plans is to disappear for several months and eat as much as she can. Then return and let people attack her, this way she will win back the public’s support. Then she will lose the weight and sell the pictures! EVIL GENIUS!
Bethenny Frankel "Skinny Girl" brand

With a newly released single under his belt, this mystery music man seems to be reliving his 90s heyday. Just ask Ginuwine. But it wasn’t that long ago when sources say our blind item was far from being seen as a star in Jamie Foxx’s eyes! Know why? According to our insider… "he brought an underage girl to Jamie’s house." That’s where our blind item is said to have smashed the girl… reportedly leading Jamie Foxx to ban him from his home. Dig the Drop: "When Jamie found out what he did with the girl in his home, he went berserk and threw him out. He told him, ‘don’t come back’. Our tipster tells us… Jamie later mended his relationship with our mystery man, back when Jamie launched his previous music project. Know why? Jamie was supposedly counting on our blind item for musical production. Tank

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#1**
This former A list singer who still has A list name recognition thanks to his music and past dating life had a pair of binoculars while sitting at a hotel pool in Vegas. He also had an employee of the pool at his side who would go up to women our singer thought was interesting and ask them to spend a few minutes alone with the singer in his cabana. He did this until he found someone willing to go back to his room. John Mayer

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show who used to be a much bigger star on an almost network back in the day thinks she and her actor boyfriend are working through some issues. He is working through them by sleeping with an actress on his show.
Actress: Keri Russell
Former show: "Felicity"
Boyfriend: Matthew Rhys
Show: "The Americans"
Other actress: Annet Mahendru

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#3**
This B list mostly movie actress is clinging to B list fame. She didn't even bother bringing her boyfriend to a recent premiere because she knew the actor/director of the movie would end up wanting to hook up with her like he did when they were filming. Ashley Greene/Zach Braff "Wish I Was Here"

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#4**
This C list mostly television actor who is giving reality a shot was drunk in a hotel bar two nights ago complaining about his celebrity wife and said he dreaded going back to their hotel room. Shortly thereafter she came and dragged him out of the bar and when he started to protest she gave him the meanest look and whispered something into his ear and he got up and left with her. Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes (in NYC)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#5**
Network executives had planned a week on how exactly to be able to discreetly pull this former almost A list mostly movie actress out of an event in front of press because they expected her to show up drunk for the event. To their surprise she was stone cold sober and was the life of the event and the press raved about her and was as charming as the days when she was popular for being something other than a train wreck. Tara Reid "Sharknado 2"

This combined A list acting couple who are probably B+ individually are both foreign born. She focuses primarily on movies and he on television. They have been together forever but have gone through so many issues lately that they flew in their counselor for two quick sessions while they were out of LA together. Diane Kruger/Joshua Jackson in NYC

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#7**
This B list mostly television actress who has a funny nickname on this site thought her actor ex was cheating on her. She just had no idea it was with an A list mostly movie actor. When she found out, she split with her now ex. Ashlee Simpson (Asslee)/Vincent Piazza

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#8**
This A- list mostly movie actress tried to recreate the subway sex scene from Risky Business with her now ex celebrity girlfriend but could never end up having an empty subway car long enough to finish. They even had a guy there to photograph it for them. Michelle Rodriguez/Cara Delevingne

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#9**
This is clueless. The wife of this A list celebrity/talk show host was spotted talking to this B list mostly television actress. The wife couldn't understand why the actress kept wanting to get away from her. It was only later she discovered the actress was the ex of the A lister. Jimmy Fallon/Jordana Brewster

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/16 **#10**
This one is short, but it is super freaky. This A list mostly movie actress who hangs on to A list because of a past and future project in the works is married. Before she got married though she and her now husband were drinking with the sister of the actress. Our A lister then told her now husband that she wanted him to have sex with the sister of the actress. Our actress went to bed and left the two others to have sex. Apparently this is not the first time the actress had her boyfriends do this. Definitely will be revealed.

199. WINE AND SASS 07/16
Allegedly, this C List Actor has cheated on his wife since Day 1.
Allegedly, he was cheating before he even proposed to her.
Allegedly, his wife knows about these women and pays them off with cash and iPads.
Allegedly, he has cheated and she has paid off at least three women in the duration of their marriage one getting around $25,000.
Allegedly, all the woman that she has paid off went to her on twitter beforehand, told her about it and magically weeks later they disappear and no news is made of it.
Allegedly, the C List actor doesn't have to do much work to keep this secret because he WANTS to be caught.
Allegedly, he thinks that getting caught cheating is his ticket out of the marriage.
Allegedly, she will cover this up at all cost because that would make her house of cards crumble and she will look like a fool so she will not kick him out....despite many people advising her to do so.
Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes

"They called themselves brothers but there’s proof that they were lovers." The real reason behind why our this pair of ex-BFF’s ‘ain’t rockin’ no more’ was suspect from the jump. Just ask the ratchet Rican who was at the center of their first televised beef. It now seems that another female Love has led the men to end their relationship — but was their relationship based on brotherly love -or- bromance? According to our tipster, that would be the latter — spilling word that our blind item-bros were spotted, kickin’ it over cocktails, inside of an ATL gay bar. We’re told… that’s where the pair were ‘talking to gay men’. "It was all caught on tape," the source spilled. "The seller of the video is asking for good money to expose them." Dig the Drop: "These guys share the same broads and now there’s footage running around with them in a gay bar cruising men. The tape might not see the light of day. I’m hearing **** is going to buy it." Now… can you guess pair of reality stars I’m talking about? "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Benzino and Stevie J

201. BLIND GOSSIP 07/16
There is a famous singer who was being considered for a bearding arrangement last year with a professional athlete. They really would have been a perfect match. Both are tall, good-looking, clean-cut, and very successful. As she was on tour and traveling, the timing didn’t work out, but they did do a photo op or two together. The funny part of this is that while they were in discussions about the bearding arrangement, the singer would talk about the relationship with her friends as if it could become real. She would say things like,"If we spend enough time together, maybe he could really like me and even fall in love with me!" She was genuinely hopeful that the fantasy could become a reality. Thank goodness that never happened. He is now "dating" a film actress who is very clear about her role and has no delusions about where their relationship is going.
Singer: Taylor Swift
Athlete: Aaron Rodgers
Actress: Olivia Munn

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#1**
The ESPY'S: This A- list celebrity might do some work for the parent company but that doesn't mean that anyone from ESPN actually likes her except for the two or three guys in a position to give her jobs. The rest of the employees can't stand her and were thrilled when she left the network. She was probably the most whispered about person last night. Evil was about the nicest thing anyone said about her. Oh, she does show up for work on time. I guess that is more of a positive. Erin Andrews

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#2**
This B- list mostly television actor always cheated on his wife. She forgave him a couple of times but the most recent episode with a co-star on his new show was too much so she got out of the marriage and is going to make our actor pay for his sins through spousal support. I heard she has screenshots of incriminating texts too. Lots and lots of them. Michael Vartan

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actor, who is an Academy Award winner and has A+ list name recognition was a few hours from getting on a plane the other day when a woman came up to him and said that the actor will be involved in a hunting accident on a trip. Our actor freaked out about this and threatened to pull out of the trip he was scheduled to take, but would lose a lot of money if he did so he made the trip, but I bet he stays inside the whole time.

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#4**
This B+ list mostly movie actor is now just playing his B+ list mostly movie actress girlfriend like a fool. He cheats. He then tells her he needs some space to figure things out between the pair but he is still in love with her. Umm, then why does he find someone new almost every night to have sex with. Someone needs to tell her to run while she can. The guy is one of the biggest jerks despite him trying to be Mr. Funnyman. Jesse Eisenberg/Mia Wasikowska

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#5**
The actress on Pretty Little Liars who never seems to make the tabloids despite being a lead on the show got some bad drugs from a guy she sometimes dates and spent a good portion of the other night sitting in a urgent care center being treated for the reaction her body had. She says she never does drugs, but these were some pretty powerful ones for a first time experience. Shay Mitchell or Sasha Pieterse

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#6**
This still A list mostly television actress who has been content to be an A list television actress for a couple of decades and not worry about movies thinks her boyfriend just wears makeup on stage. She might want to sit down with him and talk about not only how he loves wearing makeup off stage, but also the women's clothes he loves wearing too. It would probably be a game changer in their relationship. Courteney Cox/Johnny McDaid "Snow Patrol"

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#7**
"Basically it is just drugs for sex." This former A list celebrity turned reality star turned host turned reality star talking about her soon to be husband and their relationship. Kelly Brook/David McIntosh

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#8**
This married and good looking, aging, but definitely not old A list mostly movie actor who is foreign born and an Academy Award winner has a serious illness, but refuses to discuss it with anyone. Apparently he is not going to tabloid it and look for covers and is just going to be prim and proper and let everyone guess why his health is suddenly failing.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#9**
This former A list singer who was A list for the time her one hit wonder and album were on the chart has had no luck since with singing and is selling her one last big asset to stay out of bankruptcy. She loves living like she has way more money than she really does. She is foreign born and can barely even get paying gigs any longer despite the hit only being a few years old. Carly Rae Jepsen

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#10**
This east coast Housewife had to spend an entire day in a hotel conference room memorizing a back story about how she created a new line she is selling. She had nothing to do with it or the design but the company wants people to think she did. LuAnn de Lesseps "Real Housewives of New York City" The Countess LuAnn collection

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **#11**
#1 - This A list mostly movie actress who also does a lot of television is married. Her actor husband is cheating on her with a delivery room nurse who was not in the delivery room for the birth of her child, but did meet the husband in the hallway.

#2- This former A- list mostly movie actor who is more famous for who he was married to than his acting talent has only seen one of his children twice since the child was born years ago. Ryan Phillippe (ex: Reese Witherspoon) daughter Kai with Alexis Knapp

#3- This A list mostly movie actress and drug addict for years has been drinking for quite some time and says it has no effect on her sobriety. I wonder what she says about all the pills she pops in an effort to lose a bunch of weight.

213. MR. X 07/18 **#1**
Which former A+ list mostly movie actress who's now a struggling B once vented to her PR people about that celebrity blogger who once posted pics of her daughters dressing? She threatened to "destroy that faggot". She was unsuccessful in shutting down his website, which was her main goal. Demi Moore/Perez Hilton

214. MR. X 07/18 **#2**
What hooker/drug dealer who is in the news lately because of her possible murder of an internet exec may also be connected to the deaths of that Oscar winning actor and that TV star? Alix Catherine Tichelman (Philip Seymour Hoffman) (Cory Monteith)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner recently spent about a week straight with her kids which she says was enough for her so sent them off to be with their celebrity father for the next month while she recovers and focuses on herself. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin; Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#2**
This B+ list celebrity is no longer a virgin at least according to the A list celebrity who hooked up with her earlier this week who was not shy about kissing and telling to anyone who will listen. Olympic track star Lolo Jones/Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#3**
This former A list tweener turned B list mostly movie actress who is in this space way too much for her own good but has very chatty friends thinks she is being super cool by wearing props ala Cruel Intentions to carry her coke. Most of the time she has some piece of jewelry which she uses to hide her stash. Selena Gomez

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#4**
On a recent trip out of the country, this A+ list mostly television actor who does lots of other things well was shocked when his significant other arrived. Our A lister had planned on hooking up with another person who was being recommended by this female A+ list singer but our actor never got the chance because of the surprise visit and was actually mean to his fans when spotted at dinner because his plans had been foiled. Neil Patrick Harris (David Burtka)/Katy Perry (in Montreal)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#5**
The mother to this A list Disney tweener who seems able to switch between Disney shows and regular movies pretty easily has a momager from hell. On a recent flight, the mom handed her daughter two carrots and told her it was all she could eat on the 3 hour flight and to make them last. Meanwhile mom helped herself to about a dozen cookies and was swilling back the wine.

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#6**
This A list celebrity got pregnant because this A+ list mostly movie actor told them they had a future together. After he dumped her when she told him she did get pregnant, she decided to get an abortion. He has not spoken to her since she told him she was pregnant. Miranda Kerr/Leonardo DiCaprio

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#7**
What former almost A list mostly movie actress is taking a cut from the men she introduces to her sister? Lindsay Lohan (Ali)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#8**
Apparently this recent brawl at a party was caused because this former C+ list television actor from a very hit show made a sex tape with this former A list reality star and he wanted her to sign a release so he could sell it. They both have done this kind of thing before. Jeremy Jackson "Baywatch"/Paris Hilton

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **#9**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress is in the world of television now and owes it all to her ex. He is an A list mostly television actor who was surprised when his ex started hitting on him last year. They had grown to the point where they hated each other because he was always cheating on her and they got into some truly awful fights when they were married. Suddenly she was being really nice and one thing led to another and they started having sex again even though he is dating a B list television/movie actress. After a few months of the pick up the kids and have sex routine the former wife said she was hoping to get cast in a part and it just so happened that her ex-husband was on a show run by the guy. So, he made a few phone calls and got her the job. Right after it started filming she dumped her ex.
B+ actress: Téa Leoni
Show: "Madam Secretary"
Ex: David Duchovny
He is dating: Gillian Anderson

224. BLIND GOSSIP 07/18
She will be filing for divorce in the next few weeks. This reality star knew that her husband was of questionable moral character even before they married. However, she was willing to overlook that because she really wanted to have a husband and child/ren. She got what she wanted, but the husband is making her look bad now, so she is now cutting him loose. So why is she still making public proclamations of support for him and their marriage while plotting behind his back? She wants to look like the "innocent" and "good" person when this is all over. Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

225. WINE AND SASS 07/18
This guy really gets under my skin. A List Funny Man and I really like his movies. He isn't acting as much anymore. Married to a C Lister that is a B because of her marriage to him. It's always the funny ones that are so tortured. He has a serious anger issue. Rage. Yelling at the drop of a hat. But in public, you'd never believe it. It's only at home. I have no idea how his wife has stayed with him for so long. He breaks things, throws things and gets in her face and screams at her for literally no reason at all. I've never heard that he gets physically abusive with her, but sometimes words can be just as damaging. His wife says it comes with the territory of being with someone with so much talent. Personally, I don't think his movies are THAT great. I wonder if he learned this behavior from childhood. It would make a lot of sense when you look at his family. Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor

Which very well-known celebrity reporter who has turned himself into a bit of a star, has a very kinky profile and naked pictures on a gay hookup site. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB saw the images – our eyes are burning, showing him totally naked and very excited. It was shockingly thick and around 9 inches. His profile reveals he likes kinky group sex and ‘anything goes.’ He adds that he doesn’t smoke but does do drugs. Additionally, he writes that he is on the "HIV-preventing miracle drug" PrEP, so he doesn’t practice safe sex! GUESS WHO….TRUST ME, YOU KNOW HIM!
Perez Hilton

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#1**
What do you do when you have a cheating A+ list mostly movie actor for a husband? You split until you realize he got you pregnant and now pretend that everything is just peachy. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#2**
This celebrity offspring was not even into her teens by the time she had saved her B- list mostly movie actor from dying twice. She turned him over when he was passed out drunk and puking while on his back.

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#3**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who has been in this space a lot used to be on a network show. She is on vacation and got to meet the woman her boyfriend got pregnant six months ago while our actress was dating him. Eva Longoria/Eduardo Cruz (from Spain, where Eva is on vacation)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#4**
This former A list singer when he was in his 80's hair band before becoming a reality star not only colors the remaining facial and head hair, but also his pubic hair. Bret Michaels

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **#5**
This A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show almost got fired from a previous very hit network show she was on because she wouldn't sleep with her B list mostly television actor co-star. Julie Bowen ("Modern Family")/Rene Auberjonois ("Boston Legal")

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#1**
This B list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show who will probably be a movie star and had his big chance once has come back to his trailer the past few days on set to find this aging former A list singer who is a part-time actress stark naked and smoking. Apparently she thinks they met in a past life and wants to get close to him. Charlie Hunnam/Courtney Love "Sons of Anarchy"

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#2**
This former A list mostly television actress from a hit network show is now a mostly movie actress since her show went off the air. She does have a nice little side gig. Anyway, she got hammered the other night at dinner and threw food at her husband as she screamed at him for treating her bad and apparently cheating, although she was slurring so it was tough to make out. Jessica Alba "Dark Angel" (The Honest Company)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#3**
Despite this former A list "singer" paying a guy $2500 in advance for the night he didn't show up for the event she wanted him to attend. The now reality star was crushed and was crying most of the night. She is still good looking. I don't know why she is paying. Paula Abdul "Celebration of Dance Gala"

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#4**
This no name wife of this B- list mostly tv movie actor who used to be an A lister back in the day when his show was popular is going to be in for a big shock when the woman her husband slept with turns up with something that will bring the marriage to a crashing halt.

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **#5**
OLD HOLLYWOOD: Throughout their careers, these two A++ singers, one male and one female, hated each other and for good reason. Back when they were on the brink of fame in the late 1930s, he tried to hook up with her with disastrous results. After dining and seeing a show at a nightclub, the married crooner parked his car in the local lover's lane and went in for the kill. He was one step close to sexually assaulting her, after he unsnapped the back of her bra and exposed himself to her. She did the only thing she could... slap him so hard that it left a mark on his face. She slammed the car door shut and yelled at him "I'm not going to be one of those cheap floozies you fuck around with! Your wife will love it that you put the move on a black girl!" Apparently the wife did find out and turned a blind eye like with the rest of his dalliances. The diva was still married (with two kids) to her first husband, but was then separated from him after he went on one too many trips to the bar. Flash forward several years later and they're both working at the same movie studio.. and on the same movie: an all-star musical extravaganza which they both sang a few numbers in. When the diva first found out that she was going to co-star in the movie with him, she begged the producer to take her off the film not explaining why. Enter the very good female friend of both singers (who also appeared in the film), another A++ list legend, who told the diva to suck it up and ask if she could shoot around her foe. During the filming of this movie, the diva was scheduled to sing at a charity concert with many of the performers from this film, but when she found out he was going to be on the bill with her, she called up her friend to fill in for her and explained to her why she couldn't go on. When friend #1 died a few decades later, she moved her seat at the memorial service so she wouldn't go near her arch enemy. It also is worth noting that the crooner married another good friend of the diva, an A/B-list actress, and was hammered with phone calls every time he laid a hand on her.
Female A++ singer: Lena Horne
Male A++ singer: Frank Sinatra
All-star muscial extravaganza: "Till the Clouds Roll By"
Very good female friend: Judy Garland
A/B-list actress wife: Ava Gardner

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#1**
This foreign born former A list mostly television actor who rarely gets good roles now and is living off that one good role on that huge network hit back in the day might not be married for long. Apparently our actor is back on drugs and booze in a big way and refuses to go to rehab. His family is discussing an intervention. Hugh Laurie "House"

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#2**
This former A+ list singer has dropped to B and is struggling to get a new record deal even with her A list name recognition. Sleeping with the married head of a label is probably not the best idea for her considering the controversy she is still trying to shake. M.I.A. (giving the finger at Superbowl halftime) (left Roc Nation)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee told her soon to be ex-husband that she wanted the kids this weekend. He agreed, but will be ticked off when he finds out she left them with a nanny so she could hook up with one of her exes instead. Gwyneth Paltrow (Chris Martin)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#4**
It's pretty awkward when you are a B list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show and have been telling your new actress love that she is the one for you and have a woman you slept with the previous weekend come up and ask when they are going to hook up again. Ian Somerhalder ("Vampire Diaries")/Nikki Reed

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#5**
Producers of this big network hit are scrambling right now because one of their underage stars is pregnant. Write her off? Hide it? All being discussed right now.

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#6**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is getting married soon and is being forced to pay for the entire thing herself. Her soon to be husband says he doesn't even have enough money to pay for a tux rental even though he is supposed to have a huge career. Scarlett Johansson/Romain Dauriac (sang Academy Award nominated song)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#7**
The girlfriend of this multiple show reality star/offspring with a famous last name says that as much as possible, her boyfriend gets drunk so he can use that as his excuse why he has trouble performing in the bedroom. Despite dating quite awhile they have only had sex a couple of times because of his issues. Kaitlyn Carter/Brody Jenner

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#8**
This old, former talk show host was on the verge of tears after walking a recent red carpet because no reporter really wanted to talk to him. Regis Philbin "Magic in the Moonlight" premiere

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#9**
This A list designer was overheard the other day discussing how she felt like her daughter was going overboard with eating and was becoming fat. Not a good thing to say. Vera Wang; Donatella Versace; Donna Karan; Victoria Beckham

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#10**
This former B+ list mostly movie actress who was in some very very big movies and had a very A list boyfriend was in a park the other day screaming into a cell phone. A toy cell phone. She did this for about 15 minutes before "hanging up."
Lara Flynn Boyle

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **#11**
This actor used to be a comedian. He is B list now. He has been on a hit network show for what seems like forever. The past year or so though his life has gone downhill really quickly. Over the weekend our actor was at a hospital in NYC with a high risk wristband. There he was in clothes that were ripped and worn. He was looking as if he had not showered in weeks. He asked a passerby for help using a pay phone and couldn't figure it out and told the person he was having mental episodes and suicidal thoughts which is why he had the wristband. He said that he wanted to go home and to leave the hospital. He had no one with him, but was very kind to the person who helped him with the payphone. It was just a very sad sight to see for a guy whose character has meant so much for so long. Richard Belzer "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"

248. BLIND GOSSIP 07/21 **#1**
If business-arrangement couples can sell a "real couple" image to the public, the couple becomes worth more than each celeb would be worth individually. Of course, that value goes up even more if they can take the PR relationship all the way to marriage and children. We have told you MANY times before that this high-profile marriage is just a business arrangement. We have also told you that this business arrangement will wind down after their current project is finished. Well, it’s almost over! They are splitting up everything (properties, money, child/ren) right now, but will be keeping up appearances until the announcement. They are separating this year, with the divorce to follow in about six months. It will be very clean and very fast. In fact, the parties involved are describing the timeline as "Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes fast." Beyoncé/Jay-Z ("On the Run" tour)

249. BLIND GOSSIP 07/21 **#2**
We have told you before that these two pop stars are in a same sex relationship. Well, there has been a shocking development! Pop Star 2 was so afraid that she was about to be outed… that she suddenly married a guy she met only a few weeks ago! Yes, that’s how desperate she is to stay in the closet. Their claims that he was "her secret boyfriend" and that they are each the other’s "soul mates" are completely laughable. The two of them barely know each other. Whatever. At least if her new man ever needs tips on how to be in a bearded marriage, her ex is just a phone call away!
Pop Star 1: Cheryl Cole
Pop Star 2: Kimberley Walsh
Pop Star 2's Ex: Ashley Cole

Which kinky TV news anchor likes to dress up like a puppy, with a leash and collar, chewing on a bone, and barking! He recently shocked a young lady he took home after getting down on all fours and asking her to rub his belly! CAN YOU IMAGINE? As silly as it sounds, puppy play is apparently a VERY big community. There are shops devoted to buying tails and harnesses and veterinarian’s outfit. People at the work suspect something is up, after they caught him walking out of a pet store with 2 full bags of toys. The problem is, he doesn’t have a PET – that is an animal.

This locked up lyricist is said to be using his time in lockup to fulfill a reported homosexual fetish. According to our tipster, "he has sex with the prisoners in the infirmary." This news comes shortly after our blind items recent headlines… following reports of one transvestite inmate crying rape. It’s said to be a bait-and-switch situation. Know why? Our source says.. not only was the alleged smash session "consensual", the tranny was supposedly plotting to "get paid" from the jump. "He’s saying he had consensual sex with the tranny in the shower, but the tranny is screaming rape." Dig the Drop: "The tranny got her people to leak the rape to the media and the prison guards in Fulton County are now under scrutiny and investigation." From what we’re told, dude seems to be keeping consistent with a smashing track record. Know why? We’re told… back when he was serving time in Dekalb County Jail "he was having intimate jailhouse sessions with his cellmate. Ask Young Scooter." During his stints on the outside, he’s said to have relied on Coach K to recruit men for him. Gucci Mane

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#1**
This A list model who has billionaires chasing her has been seeing one very quietly who is Russian. She is trying to keep it a secret for fear it could ruin her career. Miranda Kerr (Australian billionaires: James Packer; David Gyngell)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#2**
This former B list celebrity and one time reality star is selling a reality show featuring her new marriage to her celebrity husband. The big stumbling block is that he has no clue she is doing it but thinks she can convince him once she gets a deal. I think both he and his new employers will say no. Katherine Webb/NFL quarterback AJ McCarron

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#3**
KINDNESS: This former A- list mostly television actress who has for the most part been in series after series that have failed after a season or two has a four unit apartment building that she uses to help families stay together when the women in the family are going through chemo related to breast cancer and have to travel to Los Angeles for treatment. Christina Applegate "Right Action for Women"

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actress threw a huge yelling and screaming fit at a doctor's office over the weekend. She was there to get some top secret botox but one of the employees of the office spilled the details and a gaggle of paps were waiting for her. Our actress will not be using the services of the doctor any longer. Reese Witherspoon

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#5**
This Real Housewife was in Vegas over the weekend and was not shy about making it clear she was available for the night or week or longer for the right price. Kenya Moore "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#6**
Some things never change. The first call this married foreign born former A- list singer makes when he goes to his hometown is to his ex-boyfriend. His wife expects it and knows it, but doesn't like it. Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#7**
This former A list tweener who was a tweener before there was such a term moved on to movies and regular television. She has had a well documented past few years. She told friends recently that she thinks all her troubles started when she was date raped by this rich former reality star she dated for a minute. Amanda Bynes/ Doug Reinhardt

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#8**
This clean cut looking former A list singer who is still B+ and has a huge female fan base has been secretly hooking up with his former month long girlfriend. She also considers herself to be in the music industry although she has no talent except for spreading the gift that keeps on giving. Jesse McCartney/Paris Hilton

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#9**
This former B+ list movie and television actress turned rich celebrity is on hold with her boyfriend because she caught him in bed with a college student still in her teens. He always has liked his women young. Mary-Kate Olsen/Olivier Sarkozy

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#10**
This married former A list singer in a group who writes lots of Christian lyrics was cheating on his wife again last week with a groupie. He told the groupie that as long as they had protected sex it didn't count as cheating. Huh? She went through with it. Scott Stapp

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/22 **#11**
Pretty ingenious of him when you think about it. Steal from people who have a lot of high end things and lots of cash sitting around and knowing that if they do discover the truth, they are not going to press charges. He has stolen hundreds of thousands in jewels and cash and other items and uses it to pay for his lifestyle. Mainly that lifestyle includes drugs, but he sunk a ton of money into some endeavors that didn't pan out and is jealous of the people close to him who have so much more and knows they won't do anything about it. They know who the thief is but are trying to keep it quiet. If it was just him involved it would be easy, but he has been selling it to others for the cash who then sell it again and there are so many people involved that if one of them goes down he will end up going down with the others. There is so much hate right now and so much animosity and there are so many secrets that he has knowledge of and that is their main concern. The other stuff can be replaced or new items bought or more cash earned but it could all come crashing down if they can't reign him in. Rob Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian robbery; Khloe Kardashian robbery; Kanye West robbery

263. BLIND GOSSIP 07/22
The new book Clinton, Inc. by Daniel Halper details many of Bill Clinton’s affairs while in office. One of the stories he tells is about a famous singer. Halper reports that in 1994, during Bill Clinton’s first term in office, Clinton called his close friend David Pryor, then a U.S. Sentor from Arkansas. During the call, Clinton bragged about his latest conquest, a pop icon. Pryor was incredulous that not only would Clinton have the gall to have such a potentially explosive liaison, but that he would actually boast about it! Pryor called the singer’s agent to put a stop to the dangerous relationship. "I don’t tell her what to do," the agent replied. Madonna

264. WINE AND SASS 07/22
This fading celebrity has spent close to $5 million on their 'comeback'. Not cash they had, either. Lines of credit based on the promise that one project would be a success, then another project would work, and then another... when the truth is, out of the $5 million spent, only an 1/8th of that amount has come back. The celeb's marriage is on the rocks, and they know that in order to keep their spouse around, they have to keep the toys shiny and new. The impromptu, sure to be ill fated, third project is only to pay for the spouse's most recent big purchases...and their newest love, the blackjack tables. Get ready to see more reality TV in this celeb's future. Time to capitalize on that trainwreck...if only to keep the lights on and their bed warm. Their own self respect left the building a long time ago. The celeb is barely getting through the day with all of the stress and watching one sure thing go down in a ball of flames each and every day. The second project, coming on the heels of the first doomed adventure, is going to erase any shred of hope the celeb has for ever working in their actual talent again. It's going to be beyond a laughingstock.
LeAnn Rimes
1st Project: LeAnn and Eddie
2nd Project: Remix Album
3rd Project: Christmas Tour/Album

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#1**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who used to be in the top 2 or 3 of A+ is married but has been in this space talking about his much much younger girlfriend who he has now moved in to one of his homes where he is also staying. His wife has been seen crying on the shoulders of lots of her friends over the past few weeks. Michael Douglas (Catherine Zeta-Jones)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#2**
This married NBA Eastern Conference coach has been trying to convince one or more of his girlfriends to move so they can be near him during the upcoming season. Jason Kidd (moving from Brooklyn Nets to Milwaukee Bucks)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#3**
This A list reality host of an A list reality franchise caught her A list mostly movie actor in bed with another woman. Well, not actually in bed. The other woman answered the hotel room door wearing a towel. Padma Lakshmi "Top Chef"/Richard Gere

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#4**
Awkward is when your dad suggests that you should get a breast lift. More awkward is when your dad goes with you to the appointment and takes over the conversation with the doctor about what would look best. Welcome to the life of this A+ list singer.
Britney Spears

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#5**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is B list now and if she keeps making bombs will be lower didn't want a mess while promoting her new movie so played happy wife with her celebrity husband. With her on the road though, he is back to his old ways of cheating and she has been keeping company with a co-star on the film. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#6**
This A list mostly television actor who has moved on from television now to movies and theatre was telling a story two nights ago about how he once had sex with this A list action movie star back in the day when our first actor was still in the closet. The second actor is deep in the closet. Neil Patrick Harris/Vin Diesel

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#7**
This former SNL mainstay is shooting a movie and actually bought pot from a fan who was watching filming while smoking a joint. Bill Hader ("Trainwreck")

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#8**
This former B list mostly television tweener actress from a very very hit show turned movie bomb actress turned whatever kind of work she can get actress had two separate credit cards declined while shopping this week. Even though she should have walked away from her purchase she dug out another card she told the cashier she used for emergencies and paid for the $1000 shoes. Elizabeth Berkley "Saved By the Bell"

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#9**
This B- list mostly television actor on a hit cable show who used to be on a hit network show still has managed to keep his girlfriend from ever hitting the gym with him as he spends about half of the days actually having sex with a woman he met there. Jesse Metcalfe/Cara Santana

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#10**
I don't think it is going to start a rap war or anything but this B list singer with the very interesting look used to be the go to threesome partner for this A list mogul/producer/wannabe singer/reality star and now she hooks up with this A+ list rapper when he wants something "different," than he usually goes for.
B list singer: Janelle Monae
A list mogul/producer/wannabe singer/reality star: P. Diddy
A+ list rapper: Jay-Z

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/23 **#11**
A pap agency was called on Friday, and told they needed to show up at a place on Saturday night, to photograph an A list mostly television actress from a hit network show that would be there with her husband, and that they'd be called again on Saturday with specific time and place to photograph the couple. So they got the call on Saturday telling them where to show up and at what time and that they needed to show up exactly at the right time and place because that is when the pair would actually hold hands. Throughout the day the couple was spotted out but never very close and mostly doing their own thing until the appointed hour. At that point the two started holding hands for a few minutes. Shortly after the finished holding hands one of her people called the pap agency to see if the photo had been taken. If not, they would do it one more time. The pap agency got the photos so the couple went their separate ways and were not seen again together. In fact, the husband left and went out to a club for the rest of the night by himself.  Kerry Washington ("Scandal")/Nnamdi Asomughas (at Disneyland)

276. BLIND GOSSIP 07/23 **#1**
We’ve told you before that this young performer is secretly bisexual. She has never revealed it, though, because she thought it would alienate too many young fans. Well, she is now considering coming out! Right now the debate is whether to make it purposeful or accidental. She is leaning towards being "accidentally" caught with another girl by the paparazzi. Once those first pics are published, she would then coyly string along fans for a while, drag her sometimes boyfriend into it for some extra publicity, whip everyone into a speculative frenzy, and then finally do a magazine cover tell-all. Yes, this is all being planned out based on how much publicity it would bring her. That’s not surprising given that her entire life now is less about work and more about being photographed every day. So, what does her team think of all this? They don’t… because she isn’t telling them! Instead, she is taking her advice from another young female celebrity. This other girl – who is either gay or bisexual – is the one pushing our performer to reveal her bisexuality. She also just happens to want to be the girl with whom our celeb is "caught."
Performer: Selena Gomez
Sometimes Boyfriend: Justin Bieber
The Other Girl: Cara Delevingne

277. BLIND GOSSIP 07/23 **#2**
We know you are all wondering about and speculating about this actress’ behavior. The explanation may surprise you. She was so stressed out over the past six months. Everything was falling apart. Her job, her new venture, her relationship, her friendships, and her relationship with her boss and her colleagues were all in a state of flux. There wasn’t much to be happy about. As every other aspect of her life spiraled completely out of control, her plans for her wedding were the one thing that she still had control over… and the only thing that made her happy during that time. When her fiancé cheated on her with her colleague, she broke up with both of them. The sense of betrayal and loss and grief she felt was overwhelming. The way she coped was to hold on to the one thing that had made her happy: the wedding plans! So she kept going with them. She simply slotted in a new guy. So if you are wondering why she got married, it is NOT because she is on drugs/crazy/seeking publicity/seeking revenge. She was simply coping with her grief by doing the one thing that made her happy: following through on the wedding. It may not make sense to you, but it makes sense to her.
Actress: Naya Rivera
Ex-Fiance: Big Sean
Colleague: Lea Michele

278. LAINEY GOSSIP 07/23
She’s great at giving big smiles, pretending her personality is as sweet as her voice. It depends. If she’s talking to Ellen DeGeneres, well, of course she’s lovely and accommodating. But what if it’s a child in a wheelchair? There was a kid who had a wish. The wish was to meet her favourite star. So they made arrangements for it to happen at an event earlier this year where the star was promoting her show. They set up the wheelchair at the end of the red carpet, everyone had been informed, and then, when it came time for the moment, as soon as they started introducing her to her young fan, she cut off the handler, said, "NO", and then walked away…even though the family had specifically flown there for the opportunity. She has ONE advocate. One. And that’s only because he made her. But since he’s caring less and less about that particular project, when that’s done, she won’t have any supporters left. Because no one can fucking stand her.
Star: Lea Michele
Advocate: Ryan Murphy "Glee"

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#1**
At a recent concert this former A+ list singer who has dropped to A-/B+ threw out a skirt to the fans and a fan in a wheelchair caught it. After the show one of her minions came out and demanded the wheelchair fan give the skirt back. She also won't stop or do a meet and greet for fans unless she gets paid a significant amount of money in cash in advance. Lady Gaga

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#2**
This foreign born C list celebrity who used to be a popular actress in her home country before becoming someone who is available for the right price and who sometimes acts and does reality and has dated a B list musician here in the US is up to her old tricks again and is dating a guy in a relationship simply because he paid her. Unfortunately for him, she wants to get paid more to talk about it.
Celebrity: Sophie Monk
Dating: Shane Warne (dating Emily Scott)
B list musician: Benji Madden

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#3**
This married A list morning talk show host has been hooking up with the daughter of one of his best friends. The wife of our talk show host knows he cheats but is oblivious to this person she thinks of as a daughter.

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#4**
This married former A list mostly television actor known for two great television roles and one of the original stars of one of the longest running shows ever cheated on his wife before they got married and is cheating again, but trying to break it off with a mistress who has been demanding more of his time and wants him to leave his wife which our actor will not do. A heated discussion was held over dinner with her storming out.
Actor: Chris Noth
Television roles: "Sex and the City" and "The Good Wife"
Longest running show: "Law & Order"

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#5**
This married former A list tweener thinks his wife will never leave him. She will if she can still be famous and take his money and her boyfriend with her when she leaves the marriage. Kevin and Danielle Jonas

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#6**
There she was. This foreign born former A list mostly movie actress who is still a B+ lister who everyone loves sitting in a hotel bar drinking for several hours straight all alone and barely even checking her phone. It was a very sad sight and when she staggered out of the bar and up to her room, it was even more depressing.
Rachel McAdams

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#7**
This A list model is being a chatterbox about her friendship with this A+ list singer. Apparently our model likes to spill some good gossip and has started to be less discreet about the stories she is sharing. One of them involves a fling between the singer and one of her bodyguards that led to a six figure payout for the bodyguard. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#8**
Apparently this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor is taking his free meal ticket at a restaurant owned by another A+ list mostly movie actor a little too far. The first A+ lister racked up a $10K dinner bill the other night which was comped, but this has been happening twice a week for the past month and is getting out of hand.
Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#9**
It is really interesting when a network television couple sits next to each other at a big event but neither of their spouses is there. Other family members came, but not the spouses. Makes those real life romance rumblings that much louder. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn "Obama Fundraiser"

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#10**
This B list celebrity couple switched doctors for their new baby after they discovered his ex uses their old doctor and was always talking about them to whoever would listen. Nick and Vanessa Lachey (Jessica Simpson)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **#11**
KINDNESS: This actress is almost A list. She has some qualities I don't really love, but she was in one of my top five favorite movies and will always love her for it and the way she played the role. So, she does have that going for her. She also was really great to some teens she ran into this week while promoting her new movie. She went way above and beyond. She had done some press and was walking out and there were people waiting outside the studio including three teens who were visiting. She posed for photos and signed autographs and it turns out the teens were staying at the same hotel as our actress. Our actress then arranged not only for their hotel room to be paid for by her but also had a spa day brought to their hotel room for the teens and the mom who was accompanying the teens. At the end of the spa day they also each received some new bags that our actress is the face for and bought them dinner at the hotel too. She never talked to them after that first meeting outside the studio, but she really made their trip special and that was a pretty cool thing to do. Kate Hudson

290. BLIND GOSSIP 07/24 **#1**
This male actor has certainly had some memorable film roles. He may have peaked in popularity in the 1980s or 1990s, but he still works constantly (even though he seems to play the same character over and over again). The fact that he is such a character in real life keeps him interesting. Another interesting thing about him is his hair. He may not have the same body that he had twenty years ago, but he has exactly the same hairline! Just don’t get too close. Lots and lots of plugs. It definitely gives him a doll-like appearance. Don’t say that to his face, though, or this action hero will kick your ass. Steven Seagal; Jean-Claude Van Damme

291. BLIND GOSSIP 07/24 **#2**
This pop star claims to really, really love her fans, but she recently screwed over a bunch of them. She was performing in a foreign city. She did a photo op at her hotel the day before so fans knew where she was staying. A small group of them gathered in front of the hotel by 7:00 am and waited for her to appear. She knew that they were there. During the day, her bodyguards would come down periodically and tell the crowd that she was coming down to meet them, and that she would be happy to sign autographs and pose for photos with them. "She’ll be down soon. Just be patient." During each visit, the bodyguard would get on his phone and report to someone else how many fans were there. "There are only 25. Not enough." Apparently, the pop star wanted a bigger crowd! The bodyguard encouraged the waiting fans to call their friends and tweet their location. The pop star even sent down notes and snacks to the fans, telling them that she appreciated them. However, despite their best efforts, the big crowd they wanted just never materialized. Finally, ten hours later, the pop star left the hotel… and simply drove past the fans that had been waiting there all day! There were only 50 of them, and, according to the bodyguard, "That just wasn’t enough." Does this mean that her popularity has peaked?
Lady Gaga (in Canada)

292. LAINEY GOSSIP 07/24
He’s had his problems over the last year. He’s found himself in some sh-tty situations because of it. Why the darkness? It was stress. The stress of feeling that he can’t come out publicly. Lately though…there’s been a turnaround. Career is in good shape. And there’s someone new in his life. What’s she doing for him? They get along well. They both party…HARD. But she’s not his lover, she’s his front. Because when she’s around, he can hook up with men. And she’s happy to cover for him. She’s playing her part so that no one’s looking at what’s really going on – which is that he’s been messing around with a wealthy older man who spoils him…with sex and drugs. So the stress is gone. But not the habits. Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez (Gianluca Vacci)

293. MR. X 07/25 **PART #1**
1) Which east coast Real Housewife and sometime actress is not gaining any friends at her new gig? She ordered that the rest of the dressing rooms be moved miles away from hers. Some angry cast members blew up her iPhone with texts calling her a bitch, etc. NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")  "Zumanity"

2) Which A-list funny lady who divides her time between movies and TV found out soon after dating her new boyfriend that he likes guys as well as girls? She's fine with that, but she's hesitant on telling her kids. Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll

294. MR. X 07/25 **PART #2**
3) Which two mostly TV actors who are supposedly dating are being seen together because they might be playing a couple in an upcoming movie and they're doing this as "research"? Sofia Vergara and Meatball Joe Manganiello

4) What female rapper and sometime reality star's PR team and road crew consists mainly of lesbians? Is she trying to send a message? Nicki Minaj

295. MR. X 07/25 **PART #3**
5) What political power couple were once described as the "new FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt"? Yes, it's that kind of arrangement. Bill and Hillary Clinton

6) Remember that rock star spawn who's writing a roman a clef? Well, she's going to expose one B/C-list actress in particular who she despises. She thinks the actress had a hand in her late son's death. Lisa Marie Presley/Kelly Preston

296. MR. X 07/25 **PART #4**
7) What young actor who is currently on a BBC sitcom thought he could go incognito into the infamous gay nightclub Heaven, but his cover was blown when an overweight female fan screamed his name after spotting him outside the club?

8) Which A-list (for now) actress' is finally letting her cranky side show? Allegedly she's not happy with her latest film's b.o. performance and is venting on anybody and everybody. She's not normally like this. Cameron Diaz (Jason Segel "Sex Tape")

297. MR. X 07/25 **PART #5**
9) What former tweener turned A/B-list mostly movie actor is in negotiations to make his Broadway debut in Hedwig and the Angry Inch after Andrew Rannells' run? Will this be his official coming out statement? Zac Efron

10) Which singer, who is currently the temporary front man for a legendary rock group, was spotted backstage smoking a joint, even though he says he's sober? Adam Lambert "Queen"

298. MR. X 07/25 **PART #6**
11) What late night host and reality show producer pulled a "don't you know who I am?" at a restaurant after they said they had no more open tables? Andy Cohen "Watch What Happens Live"

12) What bisexual supermodel was spotted getting intimate with her new bff, a former tweener turned B-list singer/actress? Cara Delevingne/Selena Gomez

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actress is recently married. She is also in non-stop fight mode with her new husband. It might have something to do with the fact that he thought they conceived the old fashioned way and she didn't tell him until after it was a done deal that she got pregnant in a lab and didn't even use his sperm. Zoe Saldana/Marco Perego

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#2**
This rapper/singer combination recently reunited but it doesn't mean they are getting along. Apparently there was a huge fight when they discovered they were booked on the same flight out of town after a recent show so this female A list rapper/singer played peacemaker and arranged for the pair to sit as far away from each other as possible in first class while she sat in between them to make sure nothing happened on the flight. Chris Brown/Drake/Nicki Minaj

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#3**
This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor was given a second chance by his A+ list mostly movie actress girlfriend who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The second chance was really a third or fourth because he was always cheating. He is doing it again now with a celebrity who seems to make the rounds of B+ list actors from this country. Jennifer Lawrence/Nicholas Hoult/Riley Keough

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#4**
If you want to see a guy absolutely go crazy just have him be this possessive clingy B list celebrity who sometimes performs in a band and then have his A list mostly movie actress girlfriend tell him that she wants to meet up with a couple she enjoys threesomes with. I think she is going to go anyway and just not tell him. I hope he finds out and would love to be there when he does. Benji Madden/Cameron Diaz

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#5**
If this C list mostly movie actress thought her A list mostly television actor was going to start being home more often now that his long running hit show is finally ending its run then she is going to be sad. Our actor is trying desperately to find movies that only film a long way from home so he can keep on having fun with women and not having to deal with his long time girlfriend. Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#6**
One thing missing from the reality show of this B list mostly television actress is the ending of her marriage and the new guy in her life. She really wanted the world to think she has a rock solid marriage. Leah Remini  "It’s All Relative"

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **#7**
This one took some piecing together and the problem for all of you is that two of the three people involved in this are pretty random and not easy people to classify. I debated even bothering with it, but it is such an interesting and convoluted way to cheat on someone and the third person involved is a big name and has supposedly a rock solid marriage that in the end it was too good to pass up. Let's start with the sole female in this blind. She has been an actress for a couple of decades. Very attractive. She has had some hits and misses with the emphasis on misses. A few network series to her credit where she ended up in a few handful of episodes to go with her filling in the gaps with one off guest roles. Movies are there too and it is in one of those movies that she met her future lover. The lover is unique in that at one time he was almost A+ list in movies and he has also been A+ list in television. That kind of cross over doesn't happen often. A multiple Emmy winner he would have won an Academy Award too if not for a really freaky set of circumstances. He is closer to old than aging. Been married forever. For most of the time he has been with our actress he was able to keep things quiet and hidden from his wife and family. Over the past six months though, things have started to happen which has led to holes cracking in his story. So, with the help of his son of all people he found a guy who is bi-sexual and mainly does gay porn. For a nice sum of money which is more than the porn star makes each year our older actor set up the porn star with the actress/mistress and arranged for some news leaks the couple is dating which is harder than it sounds because they are such bit players in the entertainment universe. A few of those news stories made their way into the actor's wife's hands and now she is convinced her long time faithful husband is just that. Problem solved for now.
Actress: Alex Meneses
Actor: Martin Sheen (After years of heavy drinking he suffered a heart attack while filming "Apocalypse Now" and his brother, Joe Estevez stood in for him in a number of long shots and in some of the voice-overs. He did resume shooting. He received an Oscar nomination for Best Actor but he requested that his nomination be withdrawn.)
Son: Charlie Sheen
Gay porn star: Mark Galifiore

306. BLIND GOSSIP 07/25
This girl has made a run at this guy before. He’s not into her, but he will let her hang on for awhile if it brings him publicity. Yes, he likes publicity. He likes it more than he likes her. She is a minor celebrity who wants to be really famous. She is the one crafting this "relationship." It’s her straddling him. It’s her leaking photos (although she pretended that it was someone else and that she was mad about it). It’s her announcing the relationship. What is he doing? Nothing except watching the internet light up with fans talking about him. How long can he keep up the pretense? Well, one of his ex-girlfriends was overheard lamenting that "He is not a very good actor." One thing that we DO know is that he and the straddler do NOT have a contract! So your guess is as good as ours as to how long this relationship will last. Any guesses?
Girl: Paige Reifler
Guy: Harry Styles
His ex girlfriend: Taylor Swift
Amount of time this new "relationship" will last: it’s over already

This X-Rated drop is BEYOND MIND-BLOWING! Read at your own risk. You’ve been warned! Today’s blind item is at the center of some DIRTY & DISGUSTING details just divulged. Our tipster tells us, this boxing icon invited a pair of Sin City working girls to his sky loft suite at the MGM on May 2, 2013. Here’s how it went down according to the NOW SEALED legal documents we were shown:

The girls arrived at the suite around midnight.
He excused his security and ordered the bodyguards to stand outside the door.
A little bit later, there was a knock on the door… a cocaine delivery.
He snorted large lines, stripped naked and started to ‘grab and grope’ the two working ladies…
He walked over to the entertainment center to turn up the music, tucked his penis in between his legs and began to dance.
While dancing, he began to undress the ladies…then bent over in front of the women and spread his cheeks!
He said he was into getting his "ass fucked."
He told one of the ladies to "get the big black dildo from the bag on the table."
He told one the ladies to retrieve hair conditioner and skin lotion from the bathroom so that "it could be used as lube."
Once the lubricant was retrieved, other objects were sought out for anal insertion including: beer bottles, Champagne bottles and proven to most troubling, the cork from the Champagne bottle.
He ordered an 8-ball of cocaine blown into his ass and then he demanded the cork to be inserted into his ass.
The cork got stuck…and for several hours the ladies were trying to remove the cork from his ass.
The ladies wanted to call 911 but he refused medical attention and ordered the ladies to grab the tongs from the ice bucket and     demanded that they fish for the cork.
One of the ladies was able to remove the cork from with her hand.
Oscar de la Hoya

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#1**
It is pretty interesting to me that this C list celebrity mom who gives advice for a living didn't know what to do when her underage daughter started having sex with this former B list mostly movie actor who is less than a decade from eligibility for social security benefits. She would have berated others it happened to but she says in her family it is fine.
Celebrity mom: Dr. Gina
Daughter: Lyda Loudon
Actor: Steven Bauer

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#2**
This aging B- list mostly television actress who is a Golden Globe winner spends most of the money she earns on three or four much younger men who are her constant companions. She loves spending time with them and loves showing them off and doesn't care what people think. Jacqueline Bisset

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#3**
This former A- list mostly movie actress still has A list name recognition but is probably a C+ list actress. Maybe B- when one of her awful projects is released. Anyway, she dumped her long time boyfriend because he wouldn't let her earn some money on the side. He thought it was love. Not so much with her. It took her less than an hour after a year long relationship to find a guy willing to pay to be with her. Tara Reid/Erez Eisen "Sharknado 2"

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#4**
This A- list mostly television actress from a very hit network show hooked up with her ex late this week while they were both on the same city. The fact she was there with another guy is all well and good but he is being used for jealousy and for publicity. Sofia Vergara/Nick Loeb/Joe Manganiello

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#5**
This A list director/writer/names his own price right now spoke to his B list mostly movie actress ex-wife who used to be on a hit network show for the first time since she kicked him out of their house years ago after she caught him having sex with their maid. It was the third maid he had sex with in a six month period of time. She remarried. He hasn't. James Gunn "Guardians of the Galaxy"/Jenna Fischer "The Office"

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#6**
I didn't think that this A- list mostly movie actress and the relationship with her brother could get more creepy but I was wrong. She was in a bikini at a hotel pool this week and she was laying on top of him while he was wearing just his swim suit. Chloë Grace Moretz (has 4 older brothers and is currently at Comic-Con)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#7**
This former A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee was out of his mind on drugs last week and sliced himself with a butcher knife when he was trying to juggle them. Joaquin Phoenix

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#8**
These two co-stars are foreign born. Although no longer co-stars, their pairing on a long running very hit show that seems to last forever was one of the better pairings. The two had a romance off the set that ended when the actress had a miscarriage. After that happened the two never really recovered despite their best efforts as recently as a month ago. Karen Gillan/Matt Smith "Dr. Who"

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#9**
This barely hanging on to A list mostly movie actor was telling his friends that he was wasted out of his mind on pills at a recent court appearance. Shia LaBeouf

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **#10**
This former A list tweener turned B+ list mostly movie actor is even in worse shape than he was previously. He has been introduced to a drug he never used to take and unless he goes to rehab his friends know this drug will end up killing him. Zac Efron

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#1**
This just turned A list singer with the funny name has record executives begging her to begin her next record because her current one is doing so well. The only problem is that the married A list rapper/reality star she traded sex for lyrics last time wants more than just sex, he also wants money this time. Plus, she will have to explain to her boyfriend about the whole thing which she really doesn't want to do. Iggy Azalea (Nick Young)/T.I.

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#2**
The publicist of this A list mostly movie actress with the Academy Award has called in all kinds of favors and our actress has also done some spinning. They are trying to make it look like our actress is trying to save her marriage and that her celebrity soon to be ex keeps ruining it by sleeping with other women. Meanwhile of course our actress has two or three guys she is sleeping with while she looks for new funding. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#3**
Comic-Con: This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who doesn't seem to work much because it gets in the way of his partying managed to convince this B list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show to go back to his hotel room where he tried for a minute but failed to launch and then passed out. Orlando Bloom/Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries")

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#4**
Comic-Con: This B list mostly television actor who has worked steadily for over a decade on different shows has a big A list chance coming soon and his people wanted him to hang out with a bunch of models and Playboy bunnies and he did, but looked so uncomfortable and so awkward and he just does not do well around women despite his acting talent. He should just come out. Ben McKenzie (TV series "Gotham")

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#5**
Comic -Con: This almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show was up to his old tricks again this weekend. Out of his mind drunk there were no breasts he refused to try and grope or butts to grab. There is nothing he loves more than an open bar and groupies. Norman Reedus "Walking Dead"

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#6**
Comic-Con: This former B list tweener actress from a very hit network tweener show has not been in anything in almost a decade but keeps trying to get noticed any way she can. The married actress was practically naked at the last red carpet she hit and at Comic-Con she said she was willing to get naked if it would get her pic in the tabloids. She was all over every guy in the place too.
Maitland Ward "Boy Meets World"
"A Haunted House 2" premiere

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **#7**
Comic-Con: This actor/sometime porn star who has B list name recognition says that he also made a sex tape with Farrah Abraham but that he wouldn't play the pretend boyfriend game so she got James Deen. She still has the video though so he expects her to sell it at some point.
Simon Rex

325. POPBITCH 07/27
Which young TV star and model has set up an escort profile on the deep web – available via the Tor browser? Kendall Jenner

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#1**
This former A- list mostly television actor who will be reprising his role in a movie did his usual thing where he bailed on a workout as soon as he found a woman who would leave with him. It is his favorite way of picking up women now that he is trying to stay out of bars. Jeremy Piven

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#2**
This C list celebrity has chosen money over family and has not seen her son in a very long time. She does talk to him on the phone but doesn't want to give up the money she is making right now being with this A list celebrity. Lauren Silverman/Simon Cowell

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#3**
This southern Real Housewife wants to be paid extra for the clothes she is selling that she supposedly designed and created. Don't expect to see her in any of her designs after tonight. Nene Leakes "Real Housewives of Atlanta" on HSN

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#4**
This A list mostly television actor from a hit network show who bombs when he tries movies hooked up with his A- list actress girlfriend twice while he was still "happily married." The pair have tried to whitewash the whole thing but apparently he bragged to some people about it and she is desperate to keep those people quiet because she doesn't want people to think she is trashy. Ashton Kutcher (Demi Moore)/Mila Kunis

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#5**
Comic-Con: This A list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show got out of the way when his B list mostly movie actress girlfriend went toe to toe screaming and finger pointing at the actor's actress ex-girlfriend and was talking smack about her. Of course that smack came from the actor and wasn't even close to being true. Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries"/Nikki Reed/Nina Dobrev

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#6**
This Teen Mom 2 star better start working on her story because there are photos being shopped of her smoking meth. Jenelle Evans

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#7**
This former A list celebrity/host had her dog saved over the weekend. Apparently the host was too busy talking about herself to realize she had left her dog trapped out in the hot sun for an hour in a carrier with no water and was near death when someone spotted the dog and gave it some water. Our host showed up a little later and grabbed her dog and left. Paris Hilton

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#8**
This former B+ list mostly television actress from a now ended hit from an almost network was hitting on every rich guy she saw this weekend. Our actress has no money and is looking for someone for a quickie marriage. It really reeked of desperation. Kelly Rutherford "Gossip Girl"

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **#9**
This B list mostly movie actor is hiding money from his ex-wife. He has plenty of money but has given it to his new wife to keep the ex from getting her hands on it. I hope he trusts the new wife. She might just walk away with it if he gets out of hand. Terrence Howard

335. LAINEY GOSSIP 07/28
She’s a girl who gets what she wants, sometimes much to our surprise, especially when it comes to romance. But you can’t game your way to a baby. And right now, she really, really wants a baby. She’s young. She’s healthy. She’s resourceful. In her mind, it should have happened by now. But, as of six weeks ago, she wasn’t pregnant. So this is her only conversation. She’s been asking for tips. She’s been asking almost everyone she talks to for tips – how did you get pregnant, what were you eating, what were you drinking, what position, what time of the month, what time of the day, etc, etc, etc… And ordinarily, for people who find themselves in this situation, there’s a lot of sympathy, a lot of goodwill. Because, as Sasha answered earlier this year, no one wants to see someone struggling to start a family. In her case however… Well… She’s not as popular as you might think she is. I mean, maybe among the privileged and the elite, but to those who have to work with her, or for her, she’s not as sweet and perfect as we’ve been led to believe. Everyone’s schedule has to accommodate her schedule. Every schedule has to change at the last minute for her schedule, ironically even if others have children of their own to manage and to look after. One source even said to me, "Why should I have to rearrange my kids’ daycare because she’s ovulating?" On other projects, she’s not great at taking feedback. When someone disagrees with her, she tells them to their face that she’s reconsidering their job status. When it turns out that they were right to begin with, she’s the type to blame them for not being assertive enough. Some of her staff members have joked that it’s an initiation ritual to have her hang up on them. And she’s also really shitty about overtime. If someone’s been working out of their mind to make her unrealistic deadlines, she’ll then question them about how much pay she’s owed to them in return, either suggesting that they’re lying about how hard they worked, or implying that they might not be cut out for it since it took them so long to get it done. Loyalty is starting to become a problem. Because if they’re not loyal, not only will they not stay, they’ll also start talking. They’ve started talking already. Blake Lively

336. BLIND GOSSIP 07/28
You might have thought it was cute for your teen daughter to have a crush on this young singer. However, you might be alarmed to know that he may have set his sights on recruiting her into his new army. At a recent private party, he boasted that since he has millions of followers on Twitter, "I have the power!" "Our fans are stupid. If I tell them to do something, they do it." He said that he has the power to get his fans to buy a certain product or like a certain person or even follow a certain religion. Then he took it a step further, saying that if he wanted to kill [people], he wouldn’t even have to do it myself. He could just get his army of teen girls to do it for him. One of his friends remarked, "That’s really sick," but the singer just laughed it off. Now, this singer is not educated, and he does drink and do coke and smoke a lot of weed, so it may just have been the ignorance and the drugs and alcohol talking. However, given that he has become political lately in his chatter, the context of his remarks are a bit frightening. So, parents, it may be time to rip those posters off the wall and stop paying for those concert tickets. Because you daughter’s choice in idols is a really stupid – and a potentially dangerous – one. Zayn Malik "One Direction"

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#1**
This former A list mostly television actress from two hit network shows does television and movies now and is becoming more and more open with her female lover. At some point she will just come out, but for about a year they have been spotted everywhere together unless a ton of cameras are present and then she brings out the same guy she has dragged out for years. Kate Walsh

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#2**
This C list celebrity who also managed to snag a reality show has a famous last name although someone said she was going back to her maiden name which is ridiculous. Anyway, she is seeing two men almost regularly, neither of whom is her A list celebrity boyfriend/television host who has his own women. Are they waiting for a Kneepads cover to announce they are done or are they just pretending they are still into each other? Nicole Murphy (Eddie)/Michael Strahan

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#3**
One of the reasons this A+list singer was eager to stay with her boyfriend is the cell phone he has that she uses. She is talking to some of her old friends and thinks the conversations are private. Not so. Britney Spears

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#4**
This B- list celebrity offspring from a true A+ list couple no longer together was doing lines under the table with his girlfriend at a recent award show. He seemed fine after a few while the girlfriend was a mess. A big mess. Hopper Jack Penn (Sean Penn/Robin Wright)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#5**
Big fights almost daily between this former A+ list singer and her actor boyfriend over her continued drug use. It is becoming excessive but she thinks she doesn't have a problem and refuses help. She says it is just to help her cope and relax. Lady Gaga/Taylor Kinney

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#6**
The most obscene display of affection in the past few days included one of the regulars in this spot. You know the routine. Foreign born B list singer and part-time actress. One of our favorites was making out with her new boyfriend and openly getting her breasts fondled and viewed by the 20 or so people in the VIP area. She is not shy. Rita Ora/Richard Hilfiger

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#7**
For a couple not seeing each other or dating this B+ list singer and A list rapper were doing a pretty good job of making it look otherwise as the couple were spotted putting back on clothes when someone opened the door to their vehicle too soon after arriving at a club the other night. Christina Milian and Lil Wayne

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#8**
This A list mogul who would really love to be classified on here as an A list singer or rapper or something requiring talent has a camera crew following him for a few months because he wants to release a movie about himself and is ticked off that no one has wanted to do so. His girlfriend is getting ticked off because even though it is a documentary if he doesn't like something she does or says but likes what he did or said, he makes her do it again. Many times. He is directing the film. Diddy and Cassie

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#9**
I guess she is still a B list celebrity. It is her look more than anything that used to keep her in the spotlight, but her act is wearing thin. She thinks she is some kind of royalty though and at a party she hosted she held out her hand when introduced to people and would only smile if they kissed her hand. It was so strange. She even had a mini-throne she was seated in most of the day. Pippa Middleton

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#10**
This B list celebrity offspring/host was a big pain and a big diva this past weekend. She demanded three trailers so she could rotate depending on her mood. She also ordered thousands of dollars of food and drink that she never touched and complained when it started taking up too much space. Kelly Osbourne "Young Hollywood Awards"

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/29 **#11**
This actress has been in this space before. A few times. OK, more than a few, but never really for the reason she finds herself back in place now. At some point in the past decade she got addicted to the fame that came with her franchise movie role. She misses the mobs of fans that followed her because of that role. She misses the constant paps and the traveling all over the world promoting it. She is B list, but in a couple of more years as the role begins to fade she is going to drop. I don't think she is going to find a role that can keep her at B list beyond that. She knows this and is trying her best to find a boyfriend that can keep her in the spotlight. She is also doing anything she can to try and stay in the spotlight. A few years ago she latched on to a rich celebrity whose main claim to fame is that he once dated that awful former A+ list reality star. Since that time when he dumped her for someone he was cheating with she jumped into a rebound relationship that was a disaster. She thought they could become a power couple but all that happened is that she ended up spending a great deal of her money on one failed project after the other. She then started cheating on him with some producers in hopes of landing some higher profile movies. Nothing doing. She could get parts, but nothing that was big box office. Fast forward and she got sucked into the vortex of another reality family and thought the male portion of the family was someone who would make a nice boyfriend and keep her in the spotlight. He kept her around a week or two and then dumped her when he found his next week long project. Now she is growing more desperate and latched on to a B+ list mostly television actor and has been dragging him to places he normally doesn't go just so they can get papped together. When he thinks they are going for a quiet dinner she knows won't get them spotted she makes some calls and cuddles real close while the photos are snapped. She has been causing drama and doing all she can to get their relationship noticed. She adores the tabloid coverage and thinks this could be something to keep her in the public eye and make her more attractive in the eyes of producers. It is all calculated and when this guy dumps her, and he will, she will keep looking until she succeeds in her quest to be the most famous person from that franchise.
Actress: Nikki Reed
Franchise: "Twilight"
Rich celebrity: Paris Kasidokostas Latsis (dated Paris Hilton)
Rebound: Paul McDonald "American Idol"
Reality family: Julianne and Derek Hough
B+ list actor: Ian Somerhalder "Vampire Diaries"

348. MEDIA TAKE OUT 07/29
According to a male model from Los Angeles - a very popular R&B singer/reality star and her VERY OUT OF SHAPE HUSBAND have a secret fetish. You see she likes YOUNG MEN that are built like football players . . . and he does too, because he's a CLOSETED GAY DUDE. So they have an arrangement, they pay YOUNG dudes to have RELATIONS WITH HER, while HUSBAND watches and PLEASURES HIMSELF. So what's the issue? Well the male model tells us that he agreed to ONLY HAVE RELATIONS with the R&B singer - and not her husband. But when he and the diva were getting into it . . . . THE HUSBAND tried to caress his buttocks. The male model now tells us that he's looking into filing a SEXUAL BATTERY claim against dude. Wonder if it'll be on the new season of their show???? Tamar Braxton/Vincent Herbert

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#1**
This B list mostly movie actress is having her part reduced significantly in her new movie because her acting has been really awful. What was supposed to be a fairly major part for the actress trying to be known for more than just a relationship is turning into a tiny role with just a few lines. I don't know where that once promising actress went. Katie Holmes "Woman in Gold"

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#2**
This married A+ list mostly movie actor was trying to keep his indiscretions quiet. Especially the cheating with the co-star on his latest hit movie. It turns out though she bragged about the affair to her boyfriend who dumped her and is now telling people everywhere why he did dump her. This is circling back to the A+ lister like a boomerang.
Ben Affleck "Gone Girl" (PROBABLY Emily Ratajkowski)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#3**
She might have a significant other but it didn't stop this almost A list mostly television actress/singer from spending half the day in the trailer of this almost A list mostly television actor from a very hit cable show. The other half of the day he spent in hers. By the end of the day people were yelling at the pair to get a room. Lea Michele/Charlie Hunnam "Sons of Anarchy"

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#4**
Thinking she was a pap or going to sell his photo or just being his usual jerk self, this barely hanging on to B list mostly movie actor who had one role where he played a jerk. One that was any good or noticeable but thinks he is the biggest star in the world went on a profanity laced tirade against the teen calling her a bitch and other choice words. It was an awful rant against someone who had been a fan. Jesse Eisenberg "The Social Network"

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress has been trying to go cold turkey on her drinking while pregnant, but hasn't been able to go more than a couple of days. Eva Mendes; Scarlett Johansson; Zoe Saldana

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#6**
This singer not named Kanye better learn Kanye's hard lesson soon. This singer is a former A list tweener, who according to his accountant spends on average $250K a week over the past year. On average, his income over the same period has been about $25K a week. Yeah, so he is bleeding money. Justin Bieber

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#7**
This B list mostly movie actress can't do anything about this A+ list mostly movie actor and his friendship with her actor husband, but you will notice she is never in the picture when the two guys hang out. Ever. She hates the A+ lister. Basically she hates everyone except one or two people. Jennifer Garner/Matt Damon/Ben Affleck

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#8**
The significant other of this foreign born still A list singer has been cheating on her every chance he gets. It really shouldn't be surprising since he cheated on his wife with our singer. Adele/Simon Konecki

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#9**
This B- list mostly television actor from a hit show on one of the cable networks that belies its name refuses to film any one on one scenes with one of the leads of the show. He hates her and never fails to take digs at her when he can. They have done group scenes, but no one on one even though they are siblings. He is thisclose to getting kicked off the show.
Jake T. Austin/Maia Mitchell/"The Fosters"

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#10**
She is now a C+ list actress married to a former A list mostly television actor from a still on the air hit network show. It doesn't stop her former co-star who was A- list when the pair hooked up from showing the sex tape they made to all of his friends. She is not a stranger to them.
C+ actress: Rebecca Gayheart
Husband: Eric Dane "Grey’s Anatomy"
Former co-star: Luke Perry "Beverly Hills, 90210"

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/30 **#11**
KINDNESS: Looking back I don't think this actress has ever been a blind. It is crazy to me that someone who has been A list in her television niche for so long has never done anything to get in here. She won't even talk about how awful her former co-star was. Anyway, our actress is here today because it turns out that over her very long career she has raised almost $25M for a charity she loves. Her husband of many years apparently has kept a running tally of every dollar she has ever pledged or matched or had other people pledge. We are talking about actual dollars and not some kind of fundraiser where a bunch of money is raised, but after all the expenses of the party no one gets anything. Her husband, who is a fairly wealthy guy threw our actress a huge party to mark the accomplishment and had a lot of people in attendance who our actress had directly helped by her efforts and they got up and spoke and told their stories and how the actress helped them. Some of these people were helped two decades ago and still remembered where they were and how their lives were changed by the actress. It was a well deserved tribute. Susan Lucci  "Little Flower Children's Services of New York"

360. BLIND GOSSIP 07/30
This actress has starred in more than one television series. Although she was married for several years to someone else in the business, she is gay. No, she didn’t take her ex-husband for a ride. He fully knew about her preferences, and the beardy arrangement benefited them both. She is in a "relationship" with a new guy now. It works for her because this guy doesn’t mind if the actress brings her girlfriend along on their "dates."
Actress: Kate Walsh
Her TV Show/s: "Grey’s Anatomy"; "Private Practice"

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#1**
This B+ list celebrity who is set to be an A lister as soon as she gets back on the air was out to dinner with some friends the other night minus her significant other who was supposed to be home babysitting but was at a club making out with someone. Rosie O’Donnell

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#2**
KINDNESS: This B list mostly movie actress is starting to age, but still has the looks that originally got her parts. A tiny role in a hit movie revitalized her career and she is taking full advantage. She likes people to think she is sober, but isn't and the other night was wasted out of her mind when she bought an entire bar a round of drinks four separate times.

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#3**
This former A- list singer turned B+ lister and part-time reality star gave her toddler to the singer's mother and told her to watch the toddler for a few months because she couldn't be bothered while she is getting her career on track and hooking up with this A lister who surprisingly doesn't like kids all that much. Christina Milian/Lil Wayne

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#4**
This A list singer is being watched by the FBI. Apparently her celebrity husband is giving a great deal of money to several Muslim organizations, some of which are on a terror watch list. The thing is the husband doesn't have as much money as he has been giving so has been using his wife's money. Does she know her money is being used this way? It could be a career crusher. Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#5**
This newly minted talk show host is getting his first real taste of fame and he is loving every second of it. His significant other is getting left behind as he enjoys a world of parties and women he never had with his last job. Seth Meyers

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#6**
Apparently men are not the only customers who enjoy a happy ending. This B+ list mostly television actress who also happens to be an Academy Award winner/nominee has a special place she goes to get massages and the women there provide our actress a special service for which she tips several hundred bucks a visit.

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#7**
A foreign B list singer in a blind not named Rita Ora!! Amazing. I never thought it was possible. The relief that is washing over me now is incredible. I think in the future I'm just going to use Rita Ora's name in the blind because it is just so obvious at this point who she is and how she is identified. Anyway, this one is not about her. It is about someone who had a chance to go to A list and made some missteps when discussing her sexuality and turned off some fans and then tried to correct herself, but she has never really recovered. She says she only likes guys but she only dates women so I'm not sure how that all fits together. Jessie J

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#8**
This foreign born B list mostly movie actress who used to also do something on the side and also did a lot of married people on the side is not being spoken to by this B+ list mostly movie actress who is filming with her. The B+ lister knows that the B lister slept with her now ex-husband while they were married and at least one boyfriend while they were together. The B+ lister is only shooting the movie because she could use a couple of bucks.
B list actress: Sienna Miller
Something on the side: Twenty8Twelve clothing line
B+ list actress: Uma Thurman
Film: "Adam Jones"
Ex-husband: Ethan Hawke
Boyfriend: Arpad Busson or André Balazs

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#9**
Until she became A list this television actress turned movie actress turned talk show host sold a lot of drugs to help pay her bills.

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#10**
You would almost think this was a setup, but apparently the tears looked real as this A list comedian who was an A list mostly television actor on a very hit network show berated his wife about her not picking up her shoes off the floor earlier in the day and our comedian tripping over them. He literally brought her to tears. Jerry Seinfeld

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **#11**
#1 - Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson once had a threesome with this female now A list married singer with A++ list name recognition but who was just starting out when the threesome happened. Pink

#2 - The singer from #1 also hooked up with Kristanna Loken. Pink

#3 - Denise Richards had a steady thing going with this television actor turned pitchman with A list name recognition and looks. She couldn't get him to commit though so went for Charlie Sheen. John Stamos

372. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31
This actress is VERY upset that people aren’t responding well to her newest project! She has been doing a bit of crying this week (just a little) and is complaining to friends about how hard she’s worked and how genuinely baffled she is that everyone doesn’t love her and her project. The good news is that her actor husband – who is usually kind of a jerk – is being quite kind and supportive of her. Perhaps you can help her out and advise her on why she (and her latest project) is not resonating with people? Blake Lively's new lifestyle brand "Preserve " (Ryan Reynolds)

This sleazy reality show participant is pulling the wool over the eyes of his fiancée. Despite all sorts of public proclamations of love, it seems the future groom is still horn-dogging all over town. The majority of the trysts are with business associates who live out of state for much of the year or fans from Twitter or Facebook. It seems that Sirtaj provides an ideal location for a mid-day hookup. Our ladies man is currently freaking out because a major tabloid has been questioning at least one of his lady friends and he is terrified she will spill the beans. It’s also likely that a few ladies will come forward once his show returns to the air. Meanwhile, his poor betrothed has no idea. She busy happily planning a huge wedding which may not ever actually happen. The potential bride has already been through a lot with this guy and doesn’t deserve the blindside headed her way. Especially because she is the one with the money and he is constantly investing in ridiculous multi-level marketing fiascos. Things are about to get very real. (Blind Gossip added: Mike Shouhed of Shahs of Sunset got married over the weekend. Of course Bravo will breathlessly share every moment of their perfect and dreamy relationship on the reality show next season.)
Reality Star: Mike Shouhed
TV Show: "Shahs of Sunset

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