NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This A list mostly movie actress has been holed up in a home not her own and is popping pills and any other drug she can get. Her kids have been taken from her and she is in full self-destruct mode and she needs an involuntary hold or she will die in the next few weeks. Catherine Zeta-Jones

This former A list celebrity and sometime B- list movie and television actor had no choice but to accept his current gig. His wife was tired of him cheating on her every time he hit the road so he has to stay home and convince her he is not interested in women other than her any longer.

This A+ list celebrity/singer? got into trouble a few weeks ago for trying to have sex with her boyfriend. That's a no no. It's part of the deal he signs up for. Unlike the previous boyfriend, he needs to make sure he doesn't get caught having sex with others. Britney Spears

This always A list actor/director walked in on his celebrity wife having sex. More than once. She's not very good at hiding things. He didn't seem to really care. Clint Eastwood

1. Which business mogul is off the guest list at George Soros’ house in Southampton because he was once caught having sex with his girlfriend in the open air in Soros’ garden?

2. WHICH female top designer has a husband but is a secret lesbian and has a fling going on with a younger woman.

3. WHICH married Hollywood actor was caught drunkenly making out with a much younger starlet at a recent wedding, even though his wife was also there. The amorous couple had to be separated by friends before his wife managed to see what was going on.

4. WHICH married showbiz couple love to swing and regularly hook up with other famous couples in Los Angeles?

6. BOSSIP 09/02
Which Piff-Puffin’ A-List Pop Singer Is Rumored To Have Spazzed Out After Being Humped & Dumped By A High Profile Rapper? Rihanna/Eminem

Don't look now, but this not-so-closeted A-list actor and jack of all trades stepped out with his director boyfriend on the Venice Film Festival red carpet. Don't expect to see any official announcement that he's bi soon, he's going to hold out for as long as he can. Daniel Radcliffe

This former almost A list mostly movie actress who switched unsuccessfully to television in the past year got cast in a new movie, but backed out when she was unable to convince producers to remove the required topless scene. Our B- list actress recently got her nipples pierced and would have had to remove them for the role which is something she was unwilling to do.

This B+ list director has told his A list celebrity ex that he is too busy with stuff and his own life to see the kids they had together. Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet

This C list celebrity of an almost celebrity couple who split long ago has some daddy issues. She would be the first to admit it because she says her B list celebrity/actor dad wasn't around much when she was growing up. So, when our C lister split recently with her actor boyfriend she turned to the long time B list mostly movie actor friend of her father and hooked up. In times of trouble, she always hooks up with the married actor.

This former almost A list celebrity is now still a B lister. His ex-wife was once an A list celebrity/singer. He says the one thing he misses about her is that she was always open to bringing other guys home that she would have sex with before he would join in. His new girlfriend thinks its weird that he likes guys too. Pete Wentz/Ashee Simpson/Meagan Camper

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#1**This former almost A list television actress from an old school very hit show who is now a B- list mostly movie actress is married, but has not acted like it in the past year. She has at least kept her indiscretions quiet, but this past weekend wasn't hiding anything as she and a guy were in a full on makeout session after getting tipsy at dinner. Guess the kid(s) was/were at home with dad. Katherine Heigl

This former reality star from one of the most popular cable "reality" shows of all time, has managed to make some A list celebrities really ticked off at him over the years. The main reason is that he cheats all the time. The second reason is that he only cares for himself. Another reason is that he misses being famous, so when he had a chance to recently get on a reality show again he convinced his pregnant girlfriend that she should get an abortion and they could do the show together. She finally gave in and did what he wanted. He then dumped his girlfriend for someone more famous and they are making plans for a show.

What former A+ list tweener got hammered this weekend and kept standing up in the middle of a club shouting that he was away from his girlfriend over the weekend and was looking for one or two people to take her place for a few hours. He went crazy with a personal wet t-shirt contest that he made potential sex partners do the "I need to see if they are real by touching them," test. He went back to his beach house with two women that night. His girlfriend is crazy about him too. There were such high hopes for him when he was younger.

This A list reality star from a hit reality show has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and has not stopped. She's just a little more discreet than she used to be and stays in the shadows while others take the fall. Khloé Kardashian

This former A list celebrity and B list television actress from a huge worldwide hit television show has also done reality. Her career seemed over a few years back. She was older and she had gained some weight and didn't have the same body that made her famous. Well, she got back on Adderall and cocaine and lost 25 pounds and is making a comeback. Having sex with random celebrities instead of a no name boyfriend helped a great deal too. Nicole Eggert

This B list actor has been in a mix of movies and television and has a name that confuses everyone with someone else who has starred in a few more things than our actor. Our actor is married, but it still didn't keep him from dropping out of a recent movie when the C+ list actress with almost A list name recognition specifically hired to sleep with him refused to do so. Our actress has made being a designated sex partner special part of her career. She has also caused some wars between actors who wanted her to themselves after filming ended and she had moved on to the next movie.

This foreign born almost A list celebrity/singer disappeared from the public eye after the birth of her most recent child because of severe depression which left her almost paralyzed. She spent several months in a hospital receiving treatment and still can only function in public once or twice a week and spends the rest of time at home. NOT Adele. Lily Allen

This A+ list singer/celebrity has a boyfriend who is an A- list celebrity. He used to date a B- list mostly television actress. She is a well known herpes carrier, but even though the actress got pregnant by our A- list celebrity, he insists to his current girlfriend that he didn't have unprotected sex with the actress. Of course she also doesn't know the actress got pregnant. No one does really because she couldn't decide which guy she was having sex with was the daddy and neither of them ever used protection. Our A+ list singer/celebrity would lose her mind if she knew the truth about all of this. I'm pretty sure she prays after each time she has sex to protect her from herpes. Katy Perry/John Mayer/Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter)

This former A list singer/celebrity started doing heroin and coke again in the past few weeks after his former ex, and current B list actress called him out of the blue. She said she wanted to get back together. He almost killed himself last time, so him agreeing to go to dinner was not the best idea, especially after she has blown him off since. That's why he's back on the drugs.

21. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#10**
In addition to her strange fetishes, this former almost A list mostly movie actress destined to be the next big thing, who is now a still gorgeous C+ lister also has some other issues. She freaked cast members out on her latest movie when she would suddenly start chanting and then would retreat to her trailer and start performing other rituals she says are part of her practice as a Wiccan.

22. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#11**
It wasn't that long ago that this actor had lead roles in movies that were actually shown in the theatres. He had started out on a hit comedy show that has been on long enough that it would be legal to drink if it was a person. Our actor made his mark on that show and made millions of dollars after the show doing movies. That was then though and this is now and our actor has gone through most of his money. He made some bad career decisions and his acting choices have not panned out. Oh, and then there are the drugs and hookers. He loves them. He loves them more than Charlie Sheen, but doesn't have the wallet Charlie does. Our actor realized that he needs money to keep up his hooker and drug lifestyle so he trolls the internet for people who are his fans and who are single and have a job and he has them move to LA if they live in other parts of the country and moves them into his house and starts bleeding them dry of every penny they have. Most of them have become hooked on drugs, but he doesn't care if they are or not, he just wants their money. Last year he moved a woman to LA from England, promising he was going to marry her. She quit her job and moved and he drained her of her life savings. Now, she is back in England and is selling her story to the tabloids. Chris Kattan

23. BLIND GOSSIP 09/03
This celebrity couple swears that they are not looking to sell off their homebase for tens of millions of dollars. The house is not being advertised, and it’s not listed on an MLS (Multiple Listing Service). So, they’re telling the truth, right? Nope. They’re lying! The couple has signed an "Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement", which means that they are, in fact, trying to sell their home. But It’s a "pocket listing". Their agreement states that the property shall not be placed in an MLS, and thus there is no agreement to work cooperatively with other brokers. The reasons for a pocket listing may vary, but typically include sellers with a need for privacy or secrecy. This type of listing is not uncommon for celebrities or people with very expensive homes to sell. So, yes, they are lying about selling off part of their real estate portfolio. We’re not surprised about the couple lying about this. They are lying about a lot of things… including the state of their marriage. Don’t expect any announcements until next year, though! Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

This former football player once headed the west coast’s most successful gangsta rap record label, but we’ve learned he can recite the lyrics from a Blues track quicker than a Tupac anthem. Know why? Because rap isn’t his top choice in music. We’re told our mystery music mogul is a devoted fan of the likes of The Stylistics and ZZ Hill — above any and all gangsta rappers. Now, not only is our blind item revealed to be loving the Blues — he’s said to be livin’ ‘em too. According to our insider, severe depression has led our mystery man to delve deep into hard drugs to mask his pain. That could be fatal, especially considering he’s reported to be a diabetic who’s "lost a lot of weight, and his teeth have turned yellow from the cigars he smokes." Here’s the drop: "David Kenner took all the money — he knew _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ didn’t know anything about the music business." Suge Knight

It looks like another young star is heading for an Amanda-Bynes-style breakdown? She is already walking around her house in wigs and has started talking in a British accent – just like Britney did before she lost her mind. So far, her team of managers and her publicist have been able to keep the breakdown under wraps but are worried that they will not be able to do so for much longer. Thankfully, an assistant runs her Twitter account, so Drake will not be getting any more Bynes-like tweets anytime soon. Rihanna; Emma Roberts; Lady Gaga

26. CELEBZTER 09/03
In the past week, there has been lots of heat about this singer and his flirtatious ways. And questions about how his wife feels. But let’s cut to the chase — she doesn’t care. Their relationship has always been open and they like threesomes. Her, more than him. Because you see, she likes to bed women. Can u guess who is the couple in question? Robin Thicke/Paula Patton

This A list movie director with A list name recognition estimates he has spent $2M over the past two decades helping out this former almost A list actor who is now a B-/C+ with almost A list recognition. The actor has had some issues that needed money to go away and the director helped. There were the gambling debts and the debts to the drug dealers and to the hookers, especially the ones our actor beat. Quentin Tarantino/Michael Madsen

"She (A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy award winner/nominee) once put on a wig and wanted to role play. She dressed as she imagined a hooker would dress and then wanted me to pick her up at the bar in the hotel where we were staying. I went down to the bar and everyone was staring at her because it was obvious who she was and people were laughing and taking photos. I felt bad for her, but she didn't know they were laughing at her, so when I tried to call the whole thing off she started screaming at me in the bar and slapped my face and said she was getting another room. When I tried to go to find out what room she was in later, I found out she had not checked into a room. Later I found out she wanted an excuse to leave the hotel because she was cheating on me with a couple of other guys and promised them she would see them that night. I guess she went from one to the next and I didn't see her for two days." This will be revealed.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Narrator: Luke Wilson
Possible other guys: Aaron Eckhart; Bryan Adams; James Purefoy; Chris Martin

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is still barely an A lister, but might want to think about television, says that she got drunk one night when she was making a movie and hit on her A+ list mostly movie actor co-star. She had heard the rumors he was gay but she decided to see if she could get him to have sex. She tried everything and even offered to service him orally and using other parts of her body but he said no. All he wanted to do was talk. After that night, she tried five or six other times but all he ever wanted to do was talk. To this day she claims he is the only guy to ever turn her down.

Two weeks ago this former A+ list comedian, who is still A list caused a small fire in his very expensive hotel room while he was freebasing. OK, not that small of a fire, but he put it out himself. He then asked the hotel staff to put him in a different room because his smelled bad. He didn't even mention the fire even though it had set off the suppression system in his room. He just wanted to change. They let him. Dave Chappelle

This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit network show that is starting to wind down hates one of her C+ list former co-stars. Why? The former boyfriend of the B+ lister once called out the C listers name during sex. Lea Michele/Cory Monteith/Dianna Agron

This B- list celebrity offspring/C- list any kind of acting she can get thinks she is a huge star because of her last name. Whenever she goes out shopping she always wants things for free and she thinks that stores are giving it to her. They aren't. They just send the bill to her mother who pays it because she wants her daughter to feel important. Rumer Willis

This newlywed couple is already on the rocks. Two main reasons are that the A list (it pains me to say that) celebrity/singer husband has discovered his A list (it pains me to say that) celebrity/singer wife is a pain in the butt and has been spending all of his money and saving hers and she caught him texting and having phone sex with at least two of his exes. It's interesting to me that her friend who I got this from freely admits the wife is a big pain and is not just trashing the husband. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

This now slightly infamous attention seeker from this past week should be very careful about what she says and who she says it too or else everyone will start talking about her crazy coke habit and how she was using a celebrity name to try and score free coke for herself because giving away her body wasn't enough. Lana Scolaro (Robin Thicke butt girl)

This two bit a-hole who calls himself an actor got someone close to him to make out a will so that the a-hole gets all the money he feels like he should have got before. It probably won't be long before someone turns up dead under mysterious circumstances. You're crazy if you don't think it will happen. It will. Ryan O'Neal/Redmund O'Neal/Farrah Fawcett's money

36. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#10**
This former A list mostly movie actor was going to be A+ list for sure. He was headed there when he was busted in a raid and was caught wearing women's lingerie. The police decided to just give him a ticket and not book him. A producer found out about it and the word spread around and our actor barely gets much work now. He went from everything to nothing in under a year. Hayden Christensen

37. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#11**
From the very first day of filming, this A+ list mostly movie actress had one thing on her mind. She was going to cheat on her A+ list mostly movie actor boyfriend. She was tired of his lame excuses about why he couldn't have sex or why he was too busy to spend the weekend or vacation together. She was tired of him telling her that he was going to hang out with friends instead of her. It was just too much and it had been going on too long. Our actress got into a huge fight with him before she left to go film her movie and told him she wanted a man. Our actress had a slight problem though. She wanted someone who could be discreet so she picked an A list married mostly movie actor for her conquest. The guy didn't stand a chance. He has a goody goody reputation, but has cheated so when our actress made her moves and put on the full court press, our actor was toast. It took her about two days to get the actor in bed and everyday she would sleep with our actor she would send an after report to her still boyfriend and pushing all his buttons to make sure he got good and jealous. She didn't leave anything out. It was just graphic text after graphic text. He didn't do anything about it though. He never came to the set to visit and seemed to enjoy her being gone. When our actress got back from filming, that was the end of the relationship with both her co-star and her boyfriend.
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Actor Boyfriend: Jake Gyllenhaal
Married Actor: Paul Rudd
Movie: "How Do You Know"

38. BLIND GOSSIP 09/04
When you have a big ensemble film, the director makes his cuts based on the way the scenes impact the storyline, right? Usually. But not in the case of this hit film! The first actress – who has won many big awards during her long acting career – did not know the director. She put in an amazing performance… but her part was almost entirely cut out of the film. The second performer hadn’t acted in years. However, she is close friends with the director, has a huge ego, and really wants to win an acting award. So she begged the director for the part, then dropped a project upon which many people’s livelihood was dependent to take this role. It was completely selfish on her part. Almost all of her scenes were left intact, even though some weren’t that great and didn’t contribute much to the storyline. So, were these two members of the cast really treated so differently based on their roles? Or was it because of their relationship with the director? Or was it because of their race? People close to the production say it was definitely the latter. Will the second performer acknowledge that? Hell no! She loves to stir up race issues… but only when it benefits her and her enormous ego.
First Actress: Jane Fonda
Second Actress: Oprah Winfrey
Film: "The Butler"
Director: Lee Daniels

This tries to stay closeted A list mostly movie actor was spotted at the US Open trying everything he could to get the phone number of a male tennis player he especially liked. The actor had watched a doubles match the teen foreign born player was in and then tried to talk to the player afterwards. The player stopped to chat, but let it go at that. The actor tried to follow the player into the men's locker room, but was barred. He wants the guy's number and was asking other players who did recognize him for the digits. Kevin Spacey

This B- list mostly television actor from a very hit almost network show which seems like it might be past its prime by now was at a club earlier this week. Nothing blind worthy about that, but in the roped off VIP section he made prospective suitors show their breasts before he would agree to dance with them. Even though it was roped off, the section of the club was still visible to the non-VIP part of the club. Even though they could be seen by lots of people, the actor still had a line of women waiting to have their chance. Maybe this is why his co-star actress girlfriend dumped him. Ian Somerholder "Vampire Diaries"/Nina Dobrev

Negotiations are underway for this C+ list mostly movie actress to get married. Our actress, who has A+ list name recognition didn't want to get married, but her main wallet wants to settle down to ensure his status in the US. He had a suitor in mind, but our actress along with her madam have been working on a dollar figure to see that he marries the actress and not someone else. Lindsay Lohan (apparently things are getting close) PROBABLY: Vikram Chatwal

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was so strung out over the weekend and so close to the edge that she asked her drug dealer to stay with her until the staff came to work in the morning. The drug dealer said he was freaked out and that the actress is covered in bruises and can't stop shaking.

And she wonders why all of her boyfriends run from her. Each night, this A list mostly television actress with A+ list name recognition makes her boyfriend work through a relationship exercise. Every night. After he finishes it, she goes over it with him. Every night. The few nights she has dared leave him to go out, she calls him to discuss it with him on the phone. Jennifer Love Hewitt

This former B list reality star from multiple shows on multiple cable channels has made sure that the day her daughter turns 18 that she will be photographed naked. It will be up to her daughter to decide if she wants to sell the shoot to Playboy, but the mom wanted to make sure the shoot was done on the 18th birthday for maximum bucks. Oh, and this isn't Holly Madison although I'm sure she would love to do something like that. Shauna Sand Lamas

This married lead singer from one of the most popular musical groups of the 90's who seemed to always have a million songs on Top 40 is transitioning from a man to a woman. His celebrity wife seems to be ok with it, but she isn't talking about it, so who knows how she feels. Apparently the singer has a camera crew with him documenting everything.

This A++ list celebrity/and everything else who has one of the most famous faces in celebrity world was so messed up on drugs this weekend that he was running around telling everyone that they had him confused with his "twin brother." The twin brother's name changed periodically over the weekend, but the twin brother also seemed to be way more into men than women. No physical action, but there were a lot of comments and sexual innuendo and a lot of adjusting that he kept doing to himself when he would see an attractive guy. It lasted the entire weekend. Diddy "Burning Man"

This B- list celebrity/sometime reality star has dug her talons into this A list mostly television actor. He is just her backup plan even though he doesn't know it. He thinks it's love and marriage and lots of sex. She is still sleeping with the married head of a production company who is trying to get her new show on the air. If she gets the show, the actor will be history. She doesn't want to share the spotlight unless she has to. She already did that once. Katie Lee/Will Arnett

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/05 **#10**
This race for the chase NASCAR married driver was spotted this past weekend using a friend's motor home for some off the track action. Usually his wife sticks to him like glue, but she was gone for the afternoon and he took full advantage of the situation with a woman who travels with two different teams giving them "recreational assistance" during the week. Kyle Busch

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/05 **#11**
This guy is one of the main guys in Hollywood you want to avoid if you are a woman. He is right up there with Ryan O' Neal in how poorly he treats women. He is an actor and a director and a producer and uses those last two to take advantage of tons of women every year. He would love to get you drunk or passed out so he can take advantage of you. One of his favorite games is to have you passed out and then strip you naked and take photos which he uses against you. He won't force sex on you unless you are sober. One former almost A list mostly movie actress found out the hard way that he is vindictive. She passed out one night and he did the stripping and photos trick and then when she dumped him because she needed rehab, he sent out her photos to everyone he could while she was in rehab and had no idea until she got out what he had done. As an actor he is probably C list, with B+ name recognition. He is B list when it comes to directing and producing and flirted with A list. Very recognizable face from some very big movies. He was married once, but he slept with more women during his marriage than he did with his wife. She says he was having sex with women two to three times each week and they were generally all casting couch victims. He loves sucking them dry. He loves anyone who can help him get ahead and his latest girlfriend is just that. He already has her agreeing to work with him and she has a drinking problem which he loves because its easier to make them feel like crap. He loves doing that. He is in the top ten worst people in Hollywood. Peter Berg

50. BLIND GOSSIP 09/05
She’s beautiful on the outside… and ugly on the inside! This nasty celebrity – who stars on a current TV show – may well be one of the most unlikeable people on the planet. She is so filled with jealousy and rage that the slightest thing can set her off. Are you prettier than she is? Do you make more money than she does? Are you getting more attention than she is? Well, you’d better duck, because you’re going to get something thrown at you (accusations, lies, objects)! Her latest television project is suffering because she is so… insufferable. Two of her co-stars are bailing after only one season with her. That’s all they could take. They are both leaving for the same reason: She is just unbearable to be around. But Nasty won’t let them leave quietly! Nooo! She has to send parting shots after each of them! Nasty is spreading rumors that Quitter 1 had an affair with one of the producers and that Quitter 2 is being let go after making outrageous salary demands. Neither of these rumors are true, but if you leave this celeb, she won’t let you go without trying to damage your reputation in some way. By the way, the two departing cast members are both too classy to even respond to Nasty’s slap in the face.
TV Show: "The Face"
Nasty: Naomi Campbell
Quitter 1: Karolina Kurkova
Quitter 2: Coco Rocha

Another legendary Sports Icon has a child ready to come out of the closet. Will this Icon join Magic Johnson and give his child full support too?
Michael Jordan's daughter Jasmine

It’s an opportunity that’s been withheld from some of the most famous women in the world. It’s considered a major honour – to make the cover, THAT cover, a cover her predecessors had achieved and one that was being offered to her just as she was moving forward with the next stage in her career. It was to be a big deal. The photo shoot happened. Everyone was happy with the pictures. And then, well, she did her thing. She did her thing, for several minutes she did her thing, and the world gasped and they gasped and now those pictures, they might not be on the cover anymore. They’ve told her that they are reconsidering her cover but that she’ll still show up in the pages, just not on the front page. For prestige, this is definitely a setback. But for sales? And notoriety? And general headline-worthiness? There haven’t been any losses. It…just might be a couple of years before they ask her again. Miley Cyrus "Vogue"

This former almost A list mostly movie actor thanks to a huge franchise is now a B- list take anything he can get guy. At a party earlier this week the actor was wasted as usual and fell down a flight of about 25 steps and severely damaging his arm. The thing is, he can't get out of his current gig and didn't want to explain what happened because it's in his contract he can't get drunk so he is wearing a sling unless he is actually on the job so his employers don't find out. Daniel Radcliffe ("The Cripple of Inishmaan" at Noël Coward Theatre in London June - August 2013)

It's only been a few days, but one of the female celebrities on DWTS is threatening to quit unless something is done about this former B- list actress who is a solid C+ lister now. The celebrity who is threatening to quit called the actress the c word because the actress makes the celebrity and others speak to an intermediary and are not allowed to talk directly to the actress. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi/Leah Remini

This married member of hugely popular music group (used to be A list) which has no recent success but still has people who go crazy when they hear the name mentioned has been sleeping around on his oft pregnant wife with this former A list celebrity/singer who is also married and is probably about a B-/C+ now, despite all of her past big hits. Taylor Hanson and Michelle Branch

This former A list mostly television married actor from two very big hit network shows has been relentless in hitting on his neighbor's wife to the point where she is now threatening the actor with a restraining order. Our actor, who has tried to escape the Hollywood life keeps bringing it back to himself with all of his booze and drug fueled antics. Matthew Fox

This former A+ list mostly movie actress is now an aging B- list mostly movie actress who rarely works any longer. She has called in every favor she has and ordered her husband to do the same and our actress even is counting on the support of her A list mostly movie actor co-star who she used to have sex with back in the day and again in this film for kicks. Her goal? Academy Award nomination for her latest movie. It would be a huge shock if she did, so we will see how the favors play out.
Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Husband: David E. Kelley
Co-Star: Robert De Niro
Movie: "The Family"

(Guess it didn't work out for her)

While this A+ list diva and B list everything else has been working non-stop the past few weeks, her boyfriend has been cherry picking guys he runs into at her work place that are gay and says he can help them out if they help him out. Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart

This aging Academy Award winning actress spends a great deal of her remaining fortune on the company of much much younger men. She pays them with gifts and cash and she gets them to act out some of her famous scenes. They guys are barely wearing anything and love scenes involve way more than kissing, but I'm happy for her. She always seemed so cranky though. Faye Dunaway

This male from Below Deck starred in a gay porn to make ends meet the year before filming the show. It's not the openly gay cast member.

This crime drama regular from a very hit network show has moved on, but everyone still thinks he is sexy. Apparently he got a little rough with his wife in bed. Consensual, but she ended up with a breast implant that needed an emergency replacement this week. Christopher Meloni

62. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/06 **#10**
This A+ list mostly move actress swears she is the person who invented Nuru gel and walked out of a party she was getting paid to attend when someone called her out on her claim.

63. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/06 **#11**
#1 - Bruce Willis and this B- list split between television and movies actress while on the set of Charlie's Angels. Demi Moore was shooting while Bruce and this other woman hooked up. Lucy Lui

#2 - Jim Belushi and this B list mostly television actress from a very hit show. She says she was drunk when it happened. She still remembers it though so that is going to cause some nightmares. Courtney Thorne-Smith

#3- Jessica Biel and this incredible singer who I think is A list, but is probably C list but he has A+ list name recognition and crazy hair and has had sex with more famous women than Jessica. Lyle Lovett

#4- Nicole Kidman and the less famous half of this brother acting duo. Even though only one of the brothers has had recent success, we all know who the one with talent is. Luke Wilson; Casey Affleck

#5 - Denise Richards and this always and forever A list comic actor who is about 30 years older than her who got his start on a huge network show and now does movies. I can't imagine that it was very good for either of them. Bill Murray

Which aging actress is soooooo upset that her daughter just landed a part in a Hollywood movie, she is considering having even more plastic surgery to make herself look younger? Instead of being happy for her daughter, the mother is secretly jealous – arguing that the role should have been hers. She believes with the right lighting and a little surgical help that she can still play early 20’s on film. Mommy dearest, it’s time to acknowledge that we all grow older – yes, even YOU! Melanie Griffith/Dakota Johnson "Fifty Shades of Grey"

He’s a known child sex predator who may be left with no choice but to hawk his trio of Grammys. That’s because his "Story" is one of financial turmoil … foreclosure, legal fees, and Hollywood Ex ‘hush hush’ money … which led his Chocolate Factory to fizzle. We’re told that’s why he’s turned to some of his celebrity associates to lend him a buck. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Michael Jordan. This, while our mystery man has stooped to hosting Atlanta parties for "crack head prices" to try an make ends meet … all the while, keeping up a lap of luxury illusion by living in a rented mansion. He’s a dude said to constantly be on edge. Know why? Insiders say his Hollywood Ex is playing her reality TV card to keep him in check … now that she has the stage — and has gained the notoriety — to spill the secret tea she has ALL the ingredients to. "Some say his ex-wife used to recruit young girls for our blind item’s sexual perversions … and was there for him as a shoulder to cry while he was dealing with the demons of his childhood abuse at the hands of his mother’s [then] boyfriend." After our blind item learned about Mary J Blige’s financial crisis, insiders say he sparked a plan to stay relevant and keep cash rolling in. Know how? By reaching out to the Queen of Hip Hop soul. R. Kelly

This A+ list model went out for a late night dinner with this A-/B+ list celebrity/singer who would be A+ list if he didn't always take breaks. Before they went back to his place, the model said her fee is $350K per month or $50K a night and how did our singer want to pay. The singer declined and had a car take home the model. Naomi Campbell & Maxwell

Fashion Week: Which one of the members of this former A list Tweener musical group from Disney was being obnoxious in hitting on the models at a show. It got to the point where he was warned several times and was almost kicked out. He also tried to take photos of the models as they were changing. Joe Jonas

Fashion Week: This foreign born B- list mostly television actress now who found her greatest fame on a very very hit television show before heading back to movies is now on a hit cable show. She also can't leave the bottle alone for the length of a fashion show and went through an entire pint of booze in under 20 minutes. She had the pint in her bag and kept reaching in and sipping and repeated the process for the show. As it ended she finished off the last swallow.
Actress: Emily Mortimer
Hit television show: "The Newsroom"
New cable show: "Doll & Em"

This B+ list mostly movie actor with a very violent temper was at a party last night. When women would come up to him and talk he would give them a quick look and most of the time send them on their way with just a wave of his hand. Two women came up to talk to him and he asked them one question. "Do you want to go have sex?" They said no. A third said yes and he was out the door. Hope he didn't beat her. Terrence Howard

This waiter says he has never run into this problem before. He is a waiter in a great place to eat in Toronto and to make ends meet he does a little gay escort work. Not much, and only for the clientele who can afford to pay him a lot of money. He meets them at his job where he waits tables and if the person is interested in him, they leave him his fee as a tip to the bill. He then meets them that night. Well, this week, he had two A list mostly movie actors who he has been with before show up at the same time to his restaurant and they both gave him huge tips. It was the first time he had ever been asked by two people at the same time and he didn't want to make either one mad but he took the A+ list mostly movie actor because he is a better customer and will tip again at the end of the night while the A list mostly movie actor can be rude, doesn't always shower and never tips again. This was last night so I don't know if he is seeing the cheapskate A lister tonight or not.

This celebrity is probably still a solid B+ with A list name recognition. She was on one of the most famous television shows ever and has also done a lot of reality television. She also has hooked up with some really interesting people, but last night could have been the most interesting. Our do everything celebrity and a B- list actress who is not known for being shy were sitting at the same table as this A list tweener who is a bit of a goody goody. The two table companions decided to have fun with the tweener and started making out and groping each other and inviting the tweener to join them. Throughout the night they kept doing it and the tweener grew more and more uncomfortable before finally fleeing and not returning. This will be revealed.
B+ celebrity: Carmen Electra ("Baywatch")
B- actress: Bai Ling
A list tweener: Victoria Justice

Fashion Week: This former B list mostly movie actress who has turned to television as she has aged is now probably a B-/C+. Everyone still knows her name though especially after what happened to her recently. Anyway, before a show this weekend the press was about to take photos and she was grabbed by a PR rep for the designer and hustled into a side alcove kind of area. Our actress had coke sticking to her dress and also covering a portion of her cheek. They wiped it down and the actress went back out for some glassy eyed photos. Selma Blair

This Twilight actress is becoming a laughingstock in town. She gets a chance to audition for everything and her name is attached to everything because it's known she will sleep with any producer who has any kind of lead role who lets her read for it. There is rarely a night she is not out with a producer or studio executive and then ends up in some hotel. She needs to get some self respect because no one has any for her. Ashley Greene

I think everyone expected this former B list tweener/celebrity/singer with A list name recognition to have matured, but the casual waving of a meth pipe in her hand and the breast constantly falling out of her dress was a bit of a jaw dropper. Jo-Jo

Fashion Week: This A+ list celebrity/rapper brought his A list celebrity girlfriend to tears when he barred her from Fashion Week because he needed to work and have some time with his assistant without the girlfriend making demands on our A+ lister's time. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

This former almost A list television actress who now is more of a reality/talk show kind of person told some friends that a few years ago she dreaded going to parties where she knew this B list mostly movie actress wife of an A+ list mostly movie actor would be because the actress would always hit on our now talk show person all the time. The actress would try and intimidate others in her circle to get them to be with her. If they didn't she could make life rough for them.

This almost A+ list mostly movie actress was talking about donating time and giving to charity and the actress said she leaves all of that to her husband because she doesn't have time and that people should help themselves. She then did add, "Oh wait. I have given to charity. I once took a bag of clothes our maid left behind and donated them. So there."

The last time this B list mostly television actress who seems to keep finding work and being the lead in television show despite no discernible talent was in a sex shop it was to find some things for her "boyfriend." This time though the actress purchased some heavy black leather boots for herself and a whip and a $2500 PVC corset that she ordered specifically for herself. That should be an interesting night. I hope it isn't her just ordering a really expensive Halloween costume because that wouldn't be any fun. Rachel Bilson (Hayden Christensen)

"If you fuck with me I will fuck you right back. If you are married and you tick me off, I will seduce your husband and fuck him. I've done it before and I'll do it again. (Former almost A list mostly television actress from two huge shows who still has A list name recognition). Shannen Doherty

This A list celebrity/former singer and now reality star and possible future singer was being discussed over the weekend by her celebrity ex who doesn't play music but does play something else. He says that when they were dating that they would have sex and after it was over the celebrity would tell him that she forgot to take her pill. She would do this frequently. He was convinced she was trying to get pregnant and if he tried to use a condom she would refuse to have sex with him. Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo

This former A+ list celebrity who also happens to be an Olympic gold medal gymnast told some friends that her soon to be ex-husband who was also an Olympian likes to wear wigs and lingerie and pretend he is a female gymnast who likes to be ordered around.

This closeted former A list mostly television actor from a very hit show that was recently canceled was thought to have contracted the HIV virus from an actor in the porn industry. It turns out though that the actor has been HIV+ for much longer and might be the person who did the transmitting rather than the other way around.

This former A list mostly television actor from a hit television show of epic proportions who is still a B+ list on another hit show, but this time on cable split with his wife because his wife caught him having an affair with his co-star. The thing is his wife doesn't know which co-star it is. He won't say. If she keeps digging she will discover its the married one.

This B-/C+ list mostly television actress has been as high as a B when she was starring on that huge network television monster hit. Since then she has worked here and there and has been on a hit show but it was premium cable so not that many people watched. Anyway she used to travel extensively and with an ex, visited a town in Africa and met with some women there who said there was no school because they could not afford to pay for a teacher. Our actress has been paying the entire salaries for two teachers for five years now and also paid for a new school to be built and computers and internet. She has done it all herself and has not asked for any other help or contributions. Lisa Kudrow

85. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#10**
This openly gay female talk show host caused a scene at a hotel two weeks ago when she refused to pay money to an escort who had shown up at the hotel room of our talk show host who did not find the woman she had hired attractive enough. The escort demanded to be paid and started yelling and the talk show host started yelling and wouldn't back down and called security. HINT: Not Ellen; is a national television talk host. Rosie O’Donnell

86. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#11**
Six months ago this A+ list celebrity was almost killed. It was shortly after she’d gone on a three day bender and was telling people stories she should have kept quiet. The celebrity was back home and while she was sleeping her car blew up. Nobody really discussed it but apparently there was a timer on the car and it went off at a certain time which was supposed to be when the celebrity was in it. She had overslept by several hours. Others have not been so lucky. There was the music producer in Europe who started complaining that some of his tracks had been stolen and the next thing you know he was dead. There was the woman who was telling friends that she had seen an A++ list celebrity with a gun in his hands standing over a body. The woman was found dead a few hours later above a nightclub. There was a woman who knew secrets that no other person knew. She was threatening to write a book about what she knew and a short time later she was dead. The world was distracted by her sketchy death with news that took the world by storm, especially in the way it was delivered. A rapper in jail was supposed to have been killed but ended up giving up a name she had been holding back. That name was soon killed. No one thought the rapper would give up the name so people started paying tribute to the rapper even though she was still alive. Another former A list rapper was framed for a crime because he had threatened to expose a sexual relationship with his then girlfriend and the mastermind behind all of these killings and threats. Has there been another killing in this long line of killings? I don't think anyone will ever find out.
A+ list celebrity almost killed: Rhianna
Music producer in Europe: DJ Medhi
A++ list celebrity with gun: Jay-Z
Woman dead above nightclub:
Woman threatening to write tell-all: Cathy Koreana White (Beyonce pregnancy)
Rapper in jail/name soon killed: Remy Ma
Former A list rapper framed for crime/his girlfriend:

87. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09 **#1**
This very talented actress is the lead on a popular TV show. She got in a bit of rest and relaxation recently at a $5000+/night luxury resort on the California coast. She wasn’t alone. She was with a dark-haired man who looked to be approximately ten years her senior. It wasn’t her father. Or her manager. Or her agent. They shared their accommodations – which included a tub with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean – so it probably wasn’t a business meeting. The two mostly stayed in the entire weekend, but did emerge for at least one meal, sitting closely in the restaurant and whispering and giggling and feeding each other. She’s young and pretty and single, so what’s the problem with a romantic coastal getaway? Well, she is supposed to be in mourning for her lost love. So, she has either moved on incredibly quickly… or her well-publicized former relationship was just a PR stunt to improve ratings for her show. We’ll let you decide which one is true.
Actress: Lea Michele
TV Show: "Glee"
Lost Love: Cory Monteith

88. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09 **#2**
This TV star has been at every New York Fashion Week since she became famous. She always goes to multiple shows and is always photographed in the front row (or she won’t attend). So where is she this year? At home. And it’s not because she is concerned about public criticism. It’s because her celebrity boyfriend told her to stay home… while he goes to Fashion Week solo! She has not turned out to be quite the fashion asset that he thought she would be. In fact, she’s become a liability. So, even though she is known for her fashion sense (good or bad), he told her to stay home and stay out of his way. She cried and cried, but he did not relent. Yes, he appears to be in charge now.
She: Kim Kardashian
He: Kanye West
Her Show: "Keeping up with the Kardashians"

This A list mostly television actor made use of his private jet for some sex. How is that blind? If he is having sex with this former A list mostly movie actress and didn't tell his girlfriend. "It smelled like sex and they were half naked when they had to buckle in for landing."

This former A list mostly movie actress is used to getting her way with guys. Well, she has to pay them, but she is used to getting her way. Our actress thought she was getting along really well with one guy half her age that she met and asked out. He gladly accepted but when she invited him back to her place at the end of the night he said he would have to charge for it or else he wouldn't get excited enough because he wasn't attracted to her. Our actress broke down in tears at the restaurant but ended up paying the guy. He was cheap compared to most of her past guys. Demi Moore

This former almost A list rapper lost all of her teeth. She says it was because of bad dental work. It was really because she can't put down the crack pipe. She used to be really popular and now she keeps selling everything to pay for her crack. Gold records? Sold. Future royalties? Sold. All for crack. She's going to end up back in jail soon. Foxy Brown

This former A list tweener who is still an A list celebrity/singer and a bane to the existence of the world freaked out because his bodyguard lost his cell phone. The cell phone that the bodyguard carries and has videos of our tweener having sex with a few different women. The ones he calls the nasty ones. He thinks any woman who has pre-marital sex is nasty but what would he do without it. Who calls women nasty? Justin Bieber

The people at a private party Sunday night were probably shocked to see this B list mostly television actress from a hit show doing some coke. That in of itself was not the shocking part, it was who she is and what it means. Those were way more than pecks on a cheek she gave some guy too. You know, unless pecks on a cheek includes swallowing each other's tongues now. Lea Michelle

This B-/C+ list celebrity of A+ list offspring was limping badly this week. She had tried to run from her celebrity boyfriend when he was wasted and violent and fell down the stairs. She says he didn't actually hit her..this time. Francesca Eastwood/Tyler Shields; Riley Keough/Alex Pettyfer

Talk about breaking a confidence. These two co-stars were bff. One is a B- list mostly movie actor from some very hit movies and the other is an almost A list mostly movie actress from some very hit movies who has had some very interesting boyfriend choices. Anyway, the two got into a huge fight because the actor hates the new boyfriend of the actress and thinks he is a pig. The actor has been telling everyone his feelings so our actress told everyone she knows that the actor tried to kill himself a few years ago. James Franco/Mila Kunis (Ashton Kutcher)

" I ( A list celebrity/band member who was married to a former A list celebrity) have had a million blow jobs from men and women and by far the best one I ever got was from _________________ (B- list mostly television actress who has A list name recognition and was most recently on a hit almost network series.)"

This former C list celebrity "related" to an A+ list celebrity with A+++ list name recognition makes more money selling information about her clients than she does in the job they come to her for.

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#10**
This former A list Disney tweener apparently lost a testicle. Not, not like he went looking for it and couldn't find it but he got into a fight with a woman he was dating because he was cheating on her and she hit him with a broom handle. It wasn't that hard but got him right where it counted and he had surgery a couple of months ago.

99. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#11**
This actress is still very young. She is legal though and doesn't really have anything to do with her parents. When I think of a child who was corrupted by Hollywood this actress is going to be at the top of my list at least in the past decade. She started acting at a young age and was always around men who were older and she always wanted to make a good impression. She knew she was competing for roles against other girls her age and she wanted to stand out. The thing that made her stand out was she was a good actress so she ended up getting the more indie type roles and she always lost out to the Fanning sisters for the popcorn type roles. She was jealous of the sisters and also wanted more fame for herself. She wanted the big roles so it was easy to be seduced by the men who made her promises of bigger roles. It was nice when they took her shopping and when she got a little older they would take her out to dinner. When it was a private room at dinner they would usually give her booze and a touch or two of coke. She never said no. To anything. When she was still in her mid-teens she was saying yes to lots of things and fell under the spell of one man in particular who took advantage of her always wanting to please and never saying no. He has put her through an emotional and physical roller coaster. He has criticized her weight almost constantly to the point she doesn't really eat but she does drink. He uses her all the time and she doesn't care. She thinks they are in love and he pretends they are while making sure he "manages" her money for her. She doesn't do anything or go anywhere without asking him. By this point she is so wrapped around his finger that he doesn't even bother to go on the road with her to keep her under his control. She wouldn't dare cross him and no matter how many people tell her to run from the guy she won't. Saoirse Ronan/Max Irons

100. BLIND GOSSIP 09/10
Now that his family is complete with wife and child/ren, you would think that this talk show host would have calmed down and settled into family life. Ha! Not even close! While his wife is spending the summer caring for their child/ren, this guy is running around like a stupid drunk frat boy every night until 2 or 3 a.m.! When he has a couple a of drinks in him, he seems to completely forget that he is married. He usually tries to pick up a girl at the bar and talk them into going to a hotel room. He strikes out a lot… but he does succeed occasionally. He has had at least a dozen one-night stands in the past few months. Does his wife know she is married to a drunk and a cheat? Jimmy Fallon

Which celebrity that has made a second career over telling regular folks what they should eat and how they should live their lives, was recently caught eating a McDonald’s burger? Her friendship with an A-list singer has already ended, after the performer found out her friend was, ‘full of shit.’ But now, she is about to lose EVERYTHING – fearing if she is exposed everyone will know – what she has been preaching is not the way she lives! Gwyneth Paltrow/Madonna (exposure in Vanity Fair article)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actress who should be an Academy Award winner/nominee but has had to settle for Golden Globes and BAFTA's is with a very interesting guy. Apparently there are fears he is using our actress for the ability to travel more freely across borders and as a cover for whatever he really does for a living because it's not what he has claimed. He has no family or friends and his background stands up to about 30 seconds of probing before it all falls apart. The name he uses is not real and matches no one with his description. The person she is with didn't exist before the two got together. Does she know? Does she care? Scarlett Johansson/Romain Dauriac

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#2**
What openly gay TV host was furious when a staffer of his spilled the beans that he got engaged to his younger boyfriend, a not-so-closeted athlete on Fire Island during Pride Week? He's doing massive damage control, even telling his boyfriend to beard up with a model for the Fashion Week red carpets and after parties, even though the engaged couple got into a huge fight at one after party. The athlete plans on coming out soon anyway. Andy Cohen/Sean Avery

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#3**
If this former A list tweener and now just a regular A lister keeps hanging out with this former A list celebrity who is now a B list celebrity our A lister is going to find himself in jail. The B lister only likes having sex with underage people. Eventually one of those underage kids is going to make their way to the A lister who also likes them young but much of that is because he is young. Not too young to get charged with statutory rape though. Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#4**
This former A list soap star in both daytime and primetime is a B-/C+ list actor now. He had a long running fling with this former A list mostly television actress. The pair split because they kept arguing and the reason they were arguing is that our actor was seeing their threesome partner on his own. The threesome partner is a C+ list mostly television actress. Jack Wagner/Heather Locklear/Ashley Jones

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#5**
FASHION WEEK: This A list designer was asked if this former A list tween actress and now a C+ list actress with A list name recognition trying to make it in acting again could have a front row seat to the show. The designer said no because the actress is not in much any longer and he only has time for people who are popular. Later that day the designer got a call from his nominal boss/financial backer and yelled at for 15 minutes. The actress is their number one customer and spent several hundred thousand of her own dollars on the designer's fashions last year and called the boss and said she would never do business with the company again. The designer tried to call the actress but she wouldn't take his call. He forgot she is rich without acting. Hilary Duff/Marcus Wainwright "Rag & Bone"

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#6**
This former almost A list mostly movie actor who is known more for his relationships now than his acting likes dating young. He also is not big on responsibilities and has only seen one of his kids once in their life and that was at the birth. He says he sends a check and that's good enough. Considering he has got two other women pregnant and made them get abortions maybe he should think about using a condom. Ryan Phillippe/Alexis Knapp

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actress who has been on a roll lately was talking about her A+ list mostly movie actor ex and said that at least three times she could remember he stopped in the middle of sex. Actual sex not foreplay, but actual sex to take a call from his mother. Our actress also began to think he was calling his mom before the couple had sex and telling her to call during it. His new wife would probably put up with it as she cries herself to sleep every night wondering why she traded in her fame for the marriage. Scarlett Johansson/Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#8**
"Oh, I had sex with her." Everyone turns to look. "Yeah. There was that time after the hard core sex movie that I turned away from guys and the two of us hooked up." B-/C+ list mostly movie actress with B+ name recognition who has a very unusual name discussing her one night fling with this former A list mostly movie actress who deserves to be a C lister and can't find her way out of the closet.

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#9**
This former almost A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is also an ass. A big one. It is one of the reasons why he has moved down to the permanent B range. He rarely works and if he did not have that statue he would probably be a C. No one wants to work with him. For his last movie which was a big budget movie he was asked to do press. He refused. He was then coerced into doing an interview. He was asked about one of his former co-stars who also has a statue. He said how much she was a hack and then stopped himself and said he had forgotten that he had sex with her so she wasn't a hack, just a slut. That was his last interview for the movie. Richard Dreyfuss "RED"

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#10**
Filming had to stop early yesterday because this barely A list by the skin of her chinny chin chin mostly movie actress was so wasted that she couldn't say any of her lines. She had spent the morning smoking pot and and drinking and couldn't walk or talk when she was supposed to film. Kristen Stewart "Clouds of Sils Maria"

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#11**
They have always had one of the more unusual relationships in all of Hollywood. They barely knew each other when they got married and because of certain circumstances they decided to stay together longer than they normally would have. They gave it a shot and it has been a ride. He is an actor. I would say he will probably be a B lister forever. He has that aura about him and he has been around for what seems forever. She is an actress too but will probably be a C lister from now on although she is instantly recognizable when you see her on screen. They both tend to gravitate towards movies but he has never had much luck outside television. He has been very lucky there. Throughout their marriage they had lots of fights. The thing is they never really thought about divorcing even though they spent much of their marriage apart. It was only when his actions got a little out of hand that something needed to be done and even then they delayed and delayed. When he would cheat, which was frequently she often wouldn't be aware or even care. She has been taking medications to deal with some issues she has been dealing with most of her life but didn't share with the actor until after they got married. Her first husband couldn't handle the mood swings and got out. Our actress didn't mind the cheating and when she was on all the right meds with the right dosages the couple had a pretty good thing going. Not a great thing because he always had one or two other constant women in his life including a former co-star. Over the past few years our actress has become progressively worse and has not worked much and when she has worked they have been smaller parts or parts that needed to be reduced or edited because of her situation. She has kid(s) but it's rare that she's allowed to be home alone with them. You won't ever hear the actor say a bad word about her. He will take care of her forever and has always been a willing participant in covering up her condition and she has been a willing participant in covering up his women and extracurricular sex life. Téa Leoni/David Duchovny(his sexual addiction) (Gillian Anderson)

113. BLIND GOSSIP 09/11
You are going to be shocked when you see this former superstar in the next couple of months! Reports from the set of her latest project are that she is amazingly healthy… and fit… and mentally sharp! We can’t even remember the last year that she was all three of those thing at the same time. She is so healthy and fit that the body double and the stunt person that were hired to sub in her for on certain shots have been sitting on the sidelines during the entire shoot! She is doing all her own work, and she is performing like she did during her peak. She is totally in charge on this production. No, she’s not being a bitch. She just knows what she wants, and she has been ordering people around with a confident smile. The crew reports that she shows up prepared and energetic every single day, and that she is genuinely happy, creative, encouraging and quite funny. They are really loving working with her. In fact, she is so sharp and mentally fit that we are pleased to exclusively report that a certain legal arrangement that was designed to protect her is being dissolved soon! She is clearly ready for a professional comeback, and ready to take charge of her own life again. Britney Spears

Becoming a mommy for the first time is supposed to be one of the most exciting life changing moments in a person’s life. However, one celebrity that just had a baby is secretly missing her single days, when the only person she had to worry about, was HERSELF. "For the past few years she has been very selfish. She has had the money and fame to do whatever she wants. If she wants to get a private plane and go to Paris for the weekend – she can. If she wants to go dancing with her friends all night, nothing is stopping her. Now call that has change, she now has someone else she needs to worry about," a friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. Being a new mom changes your life, and unfortunately this young lady didn’t realize that until after the baby was born. "She has hired nanny’s but worry’s that if she is seen out every night the press will say she is a bad mom," adds another pal. "We are all sure all of this will work out fine, she just didn’t know what a big commitment this would be. It isn’t like getting a dog." YIKES!

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#1**
After all the negative press lately about this A- list celebrity/singer who used to be A+ she is getting a little help from a group in society who make their living not always on the right side of the law. Hey, she's family so they watch over her and are being nice and spending large to get positive reviews for her but if you don't agree then you start getting hassled and a few threats are thrown your way. They can make you feel very uncomfortable. Lady Gaga "The Mob"

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#2**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor is having trouble making ends meet. You would think he would have a ton of cash but he has some very big expenses and hasn't been able to get the big movie paychecks he used to because of all the attention focused on him the past couple of years. Most of the money he earns comes from a place very close to him. He speaks, they pay. It's a great way to bring in new people and have them part with their money. John Travolta "Scientology"

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#3**
No matter how much they want people to believe they are dating, this female A list model isn't dating the male A+ list celebrity/band member. The model only likes women. Cara Delevigne/Harry Styles "One Direction"

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#4**
This now divorced B list mostly movie actor who made his fame in a franchise was with a co-star at an awards show about a year before he and his actress wife called it quits. The actor and his female co-star were having sex in a dressing room and the actor pocket dialed his wife during sex. She heard it all. She used the story for an interview in a magazine this month but called the editor and had the section pulled because she didn't want her kids to read it. Peter Facinelli/Jennie Garth/Jaime Alexander (television movie "An Unfinished Affair" and "Nurse Jackie"

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#5**
This former B list actor who is probably a C+ list mostly movie actor with A list name recognition thanks to his former wife is a very sore guy this morning. Tuesday night he hired the services of an escort while in Toronto and then tried to get his money back after doing what people do. He reached for her purse and she beat the crap out of him and when he tried to grab her she sprayed him with mace before calling security. They came running and she said she was going to call the police. The hotel and the actor talked her out of it and the actor ended up giving her a huge tip. David Arquette

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#6**
Fashion Week: This A list model who also does other things has a squeaky clean reputation. She is also married. She wasn't acting married at a show yesterday though when she was pleading with an older man in a suit to give the couple another chance and that she would find more time to spend with him and that she was sorry she had been so busy and that her husband was going out of town and now they could be alone. Coco Rocha

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#7**
This B- list mostly movie actor is an Academy Award winner and multiple nominee. Sometimes you kind of forget that about this guy. Anyway he was at lunch the other day with a woman in her teens or barely out of them which would make her almost a quarter of his age. A producer walked up to the actor and the actor introduced the woman as his niece. The producer then asked the actor how many nieces he had and also mentioned that he had also hired the "niece" a few weeks earlier. Jon Voight

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#8**
Her rich parents cut her off so this former B- list mostly movie actress with a very famous character to her credit is turning tricks while attending an Ivy League university in the town where her most famous character lived.

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#9**
I've decided there is something wrong with this A list actress who divides her time between television and movies and is A list in both. I don't know if it's drugs or meds she takes but she was laughing on the set of her show while telling another person about how she cheats on her actor husband and that he wouldn't mind if he knew. Laughing. She really thought it was no big deal.

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#10**
FASHION WEEK: For the first time in a long time I thought I was not going to get a coke story from Fashion Week. Not to say there wasn't plenty going around but ever since they moved from Bryant Park it's easier to hide while doing coke and having sex. Anyway, this B list celebrity/singer who is known for being overly friendly with guys was at an after party of a show and a guy had some coke and our celebrity wanted some and the guy said only if he could snort some off her. Our singer was wearing a onesie type outfit and unzipped it and stepped out and told the guy to have at it. This was probably in front of ten to fifteen people. She's not shy. I think her celebrity/singer boyfriend knows that though. Rita Ora/Calvin Harris

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#11**
It was not all that long ago that this actress was A list. She had her own movies and her name was above the titles and she had that smile that made everyone smile around her and a voice that is still recognizable. You probably have not thought of her in a few years. Whatever happened to her you might ask? Not even a decade ago she was A list and now she is not even a tumbleweed guesting on a NCIS episode. Nothing. Nada. Vanished. Our actress always has had a big drinking problem. That light hearted laugh covered up for some big drinking issues and also because she was trying to keep her sexuality secret from the public. She always played straight women. Tough, but straight. She was afraid her career would crash and burn if anyone spilled the secret. Sometimes she would have sex with a guy who she knew would tell the tale to tabloids or spread it around to other guys just so she could keep her secret going a little longer. More and more drinking led to bigger problems. Liver damage and then almost killing someone while drunk led her to escaping even more. Since that day she almost killed someone she has basically disappeared from any sort of possible public encounter and definitely nothing in film or television. Lori Petty (hit 14 year old skateboarder while driving drunk)

Is this Supercouple putting on a little show, and are we getting played? Some pictures show their marriage on the rocks, and next they're hand in hand. Publicity helps both their careers right now, so what's the real deal?
Will & Jada Smith; Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

127. BLIND GOSSIP 09/12
Look, if you want to pretend that you are on some amazing spiritual journey, meeting with counselors to heal from the overwhelming grief of losing your fake boyfriend, that’s on you. You are an actor, after all, so we know that you are capable of emoting and bringing attention to yourself. But we both know who you were really canoodling with during your "spiritual retreat". He’s a little old for you, don’t you think? He wasn’t your chauffeur. And he’s definitely not gay. Oh, and having your publicist try to spin the story a couple of weeks later so you can garner more sympathy for yourself is lame. It does a great disservice to people everywhere who suffer tragedy and loss. You’re just lucky we didn’t see that BS story on September 11th until now, or we would have ripped you a new one. Bring on the hate mail! Lea Michele

Lots of celebrity couples are in New York City to enjoy fashion week – where the free swag is flowing. However, one B-list female got to see panties from a ladies collection up close and personal when she returned early to her hotel and found her man wearing ladies panties. ‘She was shocked and is trying to understand what is going on,’ a friend tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB. ‘She isn’t going to leave him but is upset there is a side of his personality that he has been keeping secret. Plus, he stretched them soooooo much, she can no longer wear them!’ I MEAN!

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#1**
This former Tween star who was probably A- list in her world at the time is now finally able to be on her own two feet instead of as the party favor says that she was told by a producer of a highly rated talk show that they didn't want her because they already "had enough color" and were looking for something more "middle America" for their next hire. Adrienne Bailon "The View"

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#2**
This former B- list actress who wasn't one of the name stars from a hit television show on an almost network that got canceled has been struggling to find work. She finally got a paying gig and got trashed out of her mind and started ranting about her former co-star and sometime boyfriend cheating on her. Jessica Szohr/Ed Westwick/Chace Crawford "Gossip Girl"

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#3**
This former C+ list reality star was on a short running show on Bravo. She has been making the rounds at parties in NYC this week hitting on guys who are obviously rich and basically begging them to take her out. Her approach is pretty funny considering her line of work away from television. She might want to think about getting the right dosage on her meds too. Courtney Kerr "Most Eligible Dallas"; Kelly Killoren Bensimon "Real Housewives of New York"

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#4**
This C+ list actress who only gets to be that high up on the list because of her name, is being the biggest pain in the butt on the set of her new show. She has requested that people stand outside her trailer at all times to keep her safe from prying eyes and that her hair and makeup be done inside her trailer rather than with the rest of the cast. The good news is she knows all of her lines for her guest spot. The bad news is that acting hasn't been this bad since CSI let Justin Bieber have a shot at acting. More bad news? Another show has her hired for a story arc this season. Better be prepared for even more diva demands since she will be closer to home.
Actress: Rumer Willis
Show #1: "Hawaii Five-0"
Show #2: "Pretty Little Liars"

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#5**
This B- list actress at one point was headed to B+ or even A. Then she got into drugs which messed up her head and she ended up admitted to a psych ward for a month long stay. If you get her on a good day on set she is amazing. If you get her on a bad day you need to watch out. Some publicists for the show started taking photos of the actress and then took some of her inside her trailer. When she saw that her pill bottles and curious looking pipe were out she went ballistic and took the camera out of the hand of the publicist and jumped up and down on it. She then started screaming about the memory card and broke down in tears right there on the floor of her trailer. Christina Ricci "Lizzie Borden Biopic"; Anne Heche "Saved"

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress goes from one hit show to the next but not in a good way. In the past five years she has been on two hit shows and on a potential third. On the first show she managed to stay for almost the full run of the show even though she was having sex with two married producers just because they were also having sex with other actresses on the show. On her last show she thought she would do the same thing to make sure her place was secure. The married producer she chose was into it, but then the show runner discovered it and a big stink was made and the actress was fired. With another chance she has now moved on from married producers and is tying her fortune to this A list mostly movie actor turned to television who is loving the attention of the young actress.
Actress: Michelle Trachtenberg
Hit Shows: "Gossip Girl" and "Weeds"
Potential: "Mercy"

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#7**
Fashion Week: This almost A list mostly movie actress was telling a story last night that she still couldn't believe but was telling everyone. Our actress was at two events with this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and they probably took one hundred photos together at the two events but the A list actress never said a word to the almost A list actress. Yes, she mouthed words to the almost A lister and made it seem like they were talking but she never uttered a word. Strangest. Thing. Ever.
Almost A list actress: Rooney Mara
A list actress: Nicole Kidman

Event #1: Calvin Klein's Spring/Summer 14 presentation
Event #2: Calvin Klein Collection Party

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#8**
This almost A list mostly television actress who goes from show to show like a treadmill has A list name recognition. She also has had a recurrence of her cancer. She seems pretty hopeful. Maura Tierney; Christina Applegate; Edie Falco

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#9**
This former A list celebrity/singer (#1) from way back in the day and by way back I mean 80's was at an event the other day and telling a promoter why he should hire her instead of her former rival who was also A list (#2). #1 then called #2 a whore who was only famous because she would have sex with anyone to get ahead. Pot calling kettle black. #1 was just much more discreet. Debbie Gibson and Tiffany

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#10**
Since I went back to the 80's for the last one, here is one more. Which one of the following 80's Brat Packers has not had sex with Demi Moore:
Rob Lowe
Anthony Michael Hall
Emilio Estevez
Andrew McCarthy
Judd Nelson
James Spader

James Spader

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#11**
This celebrity annoys me. She always has. There are certain things I admire about her, but I still find her annoying and I hate how she is willing to throw any of her friends under a bus if it makes her look better. The celebrity was most likely going to grow up into a spoiled brat. She had already made good progress on that front until her celebrity parents got a big break which launched their daughter on society. Her fame was short lived because of her massive drug problem. Don't be fooled by anything she says, it was massive. Rehab and overdoses were not unheard of words in her life. At the same time she was using she was also dealing to friends of about the same age. One of her biggest customers was an almost A list mostly television actress. That actress is now making straight to cable movies and trying to stay afloat financially. That actress also got some bad drugs from our celebrity and ended up in the hospital. Oh, and the drugs almost killed the sister of the actress. What did the celebrity do? Stopped talking to the actress and blamed the actress for taking too much. Our celebrity would cozy up to her friends or acquaintances who just got out of rehab and start using in front of them and get the friends hooked again and start selling to them. Nice huh? Yeah. When a celebrity would buy drugs from someone else our celebrity would trash them publicly and make up stories about the person and wouldn't stop until the person started buying from our celebrity. Then she would kiss and make up and act like they were besties. Our celebrity still uses. She pretends she doesn't, but she does. She bought a place where she takes drugs. Not her regular home but a very nice place in a very secure building where she can go for an hour during a night out and then join back up with people before they even miss her. Lately her drug use has really started to pick up and she has been missing events and showing up late and I know if she does go to rehab she will try and sneak in quietly. I wonder if anyone will try and sell her drugs when she gets out.
Celebrity: Kelly Osborne
Throws friends under the bus: "Fashion Police"
Parents big break: MTV "The Osbornes"
A list television actress and sister: Mischa Barton/Hania Barton

140. BLIND GOSSIP 09/13
Hearts are breaking all over the world since this cute young male performer has been seen on a few dates with this pretty girl! We want to explain to his fans (he has a lot more fans than she does) exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. Yes, it’s totally a public relations gig. Each of them gets to be seen with a famous, hot, desirable member of the opposite sex, and the press gets pics of a gorgeous young couple at the peak of their fame. Each of them also has their reputation boosted as a desirable heterosexual celebrity. It works for both of them, the two of them don’t mind hanging out together, and their respective teams are happy with the arrangement. In fact, this relationship is a lot like his famous relationship last year with that very pretty singer. No, we don’t know if he’s become a better actor since then!
Boy: Harry Styles
Girl: Cara Delevingne
Very Pretty Singer: Taylor Swift

Which married couple has been photographed having anal sex in a hot tub? The young couple thought they were in a very private outdoors location when they were being intimate, however, one photographer will very long lenses, managed to capture the passionate moment! Rather than have the images splashed across the cover of all the weekly magazines, the couple themselves bought the images for $500,000 and destroyed them! Which could make this, the most expensive 15 minutes, they have ever had! What would his boy band friends think NOW??

Missy Elliot is said to have gotten a mean dose of this lady lyricist’s insatiable need for NaNa … before telling our blind item to kick rocks. A source reveals, back when our mystery woman was dating Missy, the ‘Supa Dupa Fly’ one once missed a flight … only to return to the Miami condo she bought for our "Baddest B*#@*" blind item to discover her "in bed with two strippers from the Rolex Gentlemen’s club." "Missy whooped her ass, kicked her out of their Yacht Club at Portotino condo … butt naked … and threw all of her s*#@ in the elevator." Today, our blind has a new sponsor — French Montana, who she recently dissed by denying her relationship with him. Know why? Because French Montana’s bank roll is too low to keep our blind item satisfied. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Trina

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#1**
The other night at an event, this B-/C+ list sometime actress and businesswoman only famous for who she once happened to marry, called up her longtime friend, a foreign born reality show judge, to change her seats at the event so as not to be near this former almost A list mostly television actress who hangs out in the same group as our C+ lister. Apparently they don't get along and the C+ lister arranged to arrive to the red carpet an hour early just to avoid the former almost A lister. Apparently, at a completely different event a few months ago, the former almost A lister said some disparaging remarks about the businesswoman's family which included the c-word and they almost came to blows.

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#2**
This mostly television actor/reality guy now was in some of the biggest movies of all-time and also one of the biggest television shows of all-time. Apparently he is now known for going through the brothels of the mostly poor countries he is visiting and demanding he get free sex because of who he is. If he is not satisfied with the performance of one, he keeps getting more and more until he finds one he likes and then takes her with him for a few days, also for free. Dominic Monaghan "Lord of the Rings"/"Lost"/"Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan"

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#3**
So one night a few years ago these two actors got a little drunk. Not a big deal. Both actors are A+ list mostly movie actors. Both are drop dead gorgeous. Both are foreign born. One is closeted with a long time beard. The other though has made it pretty evident that he likes women and has been married to some very beautiful women and engaged to others. Apparently despite his love of women there have been whispers that if you get him drunk enough he will spend a night playing for the same team. That's what happened that night. It was after a movie premiere and the two were alone and one thing led to another.
Closeted: Hugh Jackman
Likes women: Ryan Reynolds
Movie: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#4**
This almost A list mostly movie director broke up with his B+/A- list mostly movie actress girlfriend because he has a thing about going out with as many women as possible and having a girlfriend gets in the way of that. However, he also said he had to break up with her because when they would have sex she was so loud that they had to be in a soundproof room or else people would come banging on hotel room doors or the apartment door and wonder what was going on. Apparently the screams sound like someone is being killed. The director said he found it too embarrassing. Danny Boyle/Rosario Dawson

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#1**
This A+ list mostly television actor really needs to stop messing with the head of his barely celebrity ex. Early last week he invited her over to his place and they ended up having sex. Now she thinks he is in love with her and when she realizes he was just using her again she will be in danger of going back to her old ways. Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#2**
This former A+ list super model who is still A list and has some other projects like television and being annoying and is not named Heidi Klum recently went on vacation. She kept telling her friends she was in love and everything was amazing with her new guy and marriage talk was in the air and blah blah blah. The thing was though he had broken up with her the week before and changed his number just so she would stop bothering him. Tyra Banks

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#3**
If you ask this former B list reality star/"singer"- who now works whenever she can and is trying to get the band back together (and is not on a mission from God) whether she makes any money being an escort, she won't say no. At least she doesn't lie about it. I wonder how much she charges. She still has B+ list name recognition and everyone seems to always like her pics in the Random Photos.

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#1**
This A+ list everything except acting went crazy on her celebrity husband last week. It was the worst she ever was and he bailed out for several days leaving her at home with the kids. She called and texted him 24/7 begging him to come home and promised she would change. He came home but only after spending the time with one of his favorite women on the side. Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#2**
All I ever hear about this couple are good things..until now. This A list mostly movie actress who has been working forever and also willing to take her clothes off forever is festooned with awards for acting. She is also a great mom. Her husband has been fucking the nanny and the couple are splitting because of it. Our actress is the quiet type so I would expect an announcement when everything has been settled. Julianne Moore; Jennifer Connelly

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#3**
This A+ list celebrity/rapper is not a nice guy. When he gets really frustrated he takes out his anger on the male escorts he buys for a few hours. They know a beating is coming but they are prepared to sacrifice a few days of bruising for the monster payments they receive. On Tuesday night though our celebrity went overboard and it is going to take about $100K to get the guy to shut up about it. Diddy; Kanye; 50 Cent

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#4**
This former A list mostly television actor from two hit one hour dramas on two different networks has given up any pretense of being faithful or sober as he moved in with a hooker/stripper and bailed on his wife and kids. Matthew Fox

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#5**
"Your dad hit on me."
"It's just how he is. I wouldn't worry about it."
"Are you going to talk to him?"
"Don't get upset. He just tried to kiss you. Would that be so bad?"
Conversation that a former B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit show had with her boyfriend about his celebrity father. Our actress recently had a show canceled within the past year so is looking for work. It was her first show in quite some time. Just some bad movies in between.

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#6**
This woman is a celebrity. Probably a C+ list celebrity but in Europe she is closer to A-. She is telling people that she had sex with her future sister-in-law who also happens to be a former B list actress turned bad dressed celebrity. The actress is mortified that the European celebrity has no problems sharing the story with everyone. Carla Bruni/Mary-Kate Olsen

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#7**
This celebrity is B- list. She is on television a few hours a week but her fame is nothing like it was a decade ago when she was probably still A list or close to it. She is big on telling everyone how she is very religious and big on talking about her kids and how they are religious and have vowed not to have sex with anyone until they are married. She talks about this constantly. So, when a parent of a girl said that her daughter and the celebrity's son were having sex our celebrity yelled at the woman and hung up the phone. A few minutes later the parent sent a photo of the son and daughter naked that had been on her daughter's phone. Candace Cameron Bure; Patricia Heaton; Kathie Lee Gifford

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#8**
This A list celebrity chef who is always on television somewhere in the world didn't even bother taking his wife to a different room to yell at her the other day and did it right in front of twenty women. Not a good way to get people on your side. The chef apologized and said he was tired. Uh huh. Gordon Ramsay

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#9**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is not named Leo gets awakened by his mom every morning. In person when they are together and by phone when they aren't. His latest girlfriend thinks its creepy and even more creepy that the actor seems to enjoy recapping the events of the previous night with his mom, including any sex that may have happened. Bradley Cooper

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#10**
A few years ago this highly anticipated network show was dropped after just a couple of weeks on the air. The show could have run a full season despite the horrific ratings but the female star of the show refused to have sex with the network person who could have left it alone. When she refused, the show was yanked.
Heather Graham "Emily's Reasons Why Not"

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#11**
In the wake of the blind item I had last week about the killings I got several tips about the one person everyone has expected to be killed for the past three years but somehow is still living. Although he was never an A list celebrity this guy was probably B- and for those of you who read celebrity blogs rather than just the weekly tabloids most of you know who he is. The tabloid only readers? They won't have a clue who the guy is because none of them want to talk about what he has done and they definitely don't want to cross you know who or she will keep posting photos to social media and never come back to the tabloids. Our celebrity has slept with what seems like almost every female recording artist. He is ugly as anything but somehow he managed to sleep with some of the most beautiful recording artists ever such as the A+ list forever one who let him do whatever he wanted as long as he also shared his drugs and a couple of years ago the Top 40 was littered with women he had sex with. Part of it was because of his job and part of it was because of the sheer volume of drugs he had access too. Some he sold but most he snorted. When his money started drying up he started selling more but he was snorting more than his share and his dealers got mad. Really mad. He had to keep selling for them and they started taking his royalties for themselves. The thing they most wanted from him though was information on other artists who had a lot of money. He would share their secrets and would tell them what songs they were going to record. Often those songs would be purchased quickly and used on the record of someone else and leaving the original artist wondering what happened. Ever wonder how that foreign born now almost A list singer got her hit record? What about the other foreign born A list singer with the very very short last name. It's because they knew what were going to be the songs used by all the LA everyone looks and sounds the same singers. At some point, our celebrity revealed some information about some illegal activities that two A++ everything guys were into and our celebrity's dealers found a way to get a huge piece of the action and cost the two A++ guys millions and millions of dollars. That did push our celebrity's death a lot closer than it has been and he has survived two attempts on his life in the past four months only because he was very lucky.
Celebrity: Scott Storch
You-know-who: Britney Spears

A+ list forever one: Lil’ Kim
Foreign born almost A list singer: Rita Ora
Other Foreign born A list singer: Jessie J
Two A++ everything guys: Dre and Snoop
(attempt on Scott Storch)

Today’s blind item is said to be keeping true to being "Damn Cold" … Just ask Weezy. Know why? Because the 40-year-old dirty south Trill rapper isn’t only reported to be cheating on his wife, he’s also said to be secretly trickin’ off on jumpoffs to "smash his ass." "Ask his wife Angela … if dude doesn’t have a birthmark on his left cheek." We’re told whenever the "That’s Gangsta" OG lyricist takes to the road, he gets all his fetish-cheating ducks in line by "sexting pics of his ass" to females. "He makes bullshit promises … like he’ll buy you a car and s*#*." He’s not just a rapper, he’s also the CEO of a sex toy company called ‘Chocolate Kisses.’ Bun B

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#*1*
"He would have me wait in my room and then call me to dinner which was always served to us. I wasn't allowed out of my room during the 30 minutes before food was served. After dinner he would send me back to my room or to check on _________. Thirty minutes later I would be summoned and would sit next to him as he made us watch movie after movie and he would tell me why it was good or bad and what I should do and what movie I should do. After they were finished he would tell me goodnight and I was expected to leave and go back to my room." Former B list mostly movie actress who is now a C+ with A list name recognition in a upcoming interview to be published next month. Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise (check on Suri)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#2**
This B-/C+ list mostly television actor has been on some great television shows. Big hit shows for the networks. After practically getting thrown off one show for his behavior he was kicked to the curb from his last big hit because the lead actress in the show said she always caught him trying to catch her naked and even once caught him with a camera trying to get photos of her naked. Even with all of the trouble he causes, people keep giving him more chances. One of these days they will regret it. Timothy Busfield

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#3**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is known for the number of women he dates and is not named Leo told friends the other night that he has had sex with two of the three acting sisters in the family and says the third is in his sights. He says the first two didn't take him long at all and that he managed to have sex with one of them two hours after he met her. Bradley Cooper/The Olsens

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#4**
This former B+ list mostly television actress who was in the network hit that was great for a year and then crashed and burned spends most of her days on the phone with her boyfriend and the rest of it trying to throw her B list mostly television actress co-star under the bus. The former B+ list actress wants to be the star. She hates the supporting tag in front of her name and thinks "the old bitch" should be the supporting one and that people only watch the show for the former B+ list actress. The two actresses only speak to each other while filming. Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes")/Connie Britton "Nashville"

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#5**
This NASCAR driver with a regular ride and raced every week wants to be the first driver to come out as gay. He is one of the few drivers who never seems to have a girlfriend. He is currently dating a man who works for NASCAR. He did not make The Chase.

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#6**
This B- list celebrity/singer who is now on a network reality talent type singing show that started airing last week and one of the biggest pains to work with in the world got into a fight with her boyfriend and she took some shears and cut all the furs he had bought her since they started dating. When they made up she told him that he needed to replace all the furs she destroyed. Paulina Rubio "X-Factor"

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#7**
This former reality star turned porn star did a Paris Hilton last weekend and had a threesome in a club VIP area in exchange for coke. "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#8**
This B- list mostly movie actress is getting even more rebellious. I didn't think it was possible either. But, apparently she has been actively participating on some message boards and blasting something that she has long supported. The foundation is shaking. "Scientology"

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#9**
Old Hollywood Blind Item: This actress was B list back in the day. Mostly movies. She was kind of like Pamela Anderson. She was famous for being in Playboy and doing some movies, but not much acting talent. The actress also dated a lot of men. She says the worst sex she ever had was with this screen legend. She didn't know at the time he was gay but was wondering why he didn't seem to know what to do and "laid there like a sack of potatoes." Mamie Van Doren and Rock Hudson

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#10**
Sometimes when parents smoke pot with their kids this happens. Isn't that right A list movie star couple? You didn't think it would hurt at all.

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#11**
As method as this A-/B+ list Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actress is about her roles is nothing compared to what she has done the past several months.The actress was at a party about six months ago. It was a bunch of rich people and our actress said she was bored out of her mind and started drinking. One thing led to another and she started doing shots with a guy. They didn't speak the same first language but the guy got the point across that he was going to Africa a few days after the party because he was installing some mini-water purification plants and also stoves that could be used for cooking and just a whole other laundry list of stuff. Our actress got his card and went home. That night she pulled up the website of the NGO the guy worked for and saw the NGO had to cut back to one trip a year to supply communities because their funding had dried up because of sexier other causes. The NGO used to make six trips a year to six different communities. The one trip had been decided by lottery by pulling a community name literally out of a hat. Our actress, who has taken some rightful flak in the past for her choices made sure she looked into this thoroughly and two days later was on a plane to Africa with the guy she had met at the party. A week later she was back at her second home and writing out a big check which paid for two more trips of supplies this past summer with our actress spending three weeks in Africa with no bathroom or showers or internet or phone service. She says she went six days on one of the trips before she even saw someone who had a cell phone and it was a satellite phone. Our actress says she gave $100K which isn't much to her and that she plans on giving $1M to the NGO which would allow them to make one trip a month next year. Hilary Swank (Chechen event)

173. BLIND GOSSIP 09/17
There was an interesting last-minute change to the cast of Dancing With The Stars that very few people know about. One of the cast members was supposed to be a male reality star who is no longer on television on a regular basis. His contract was this close to being signed. However, when his ex found out that he was going to be joining the cast… she started making calls to try to prevent him from being on the show! Why would she do that? To punish him! She feels that his fame came from her hard work. Since he betrayed her, she has succeeded in making sure that he suffers for it, every single day. He has gone from player to pauper since they split. He can’t keep a job, and has been through a half dozen jobs in the past few years, each more menial than the next. She likes the fact that his reputation has suffered and that he has been struggling without her! She wants to make sure that everyone knows that she is the better parent, she is the better breadwinner, and that she is the better person. Keeping him off of TV, and keeping him away from a regular paycheck is just her latest punishment. It was easy for her to start a telephone campaign to keep him off DWTS. It worked, too. At the last minute, another man (a rather unlikely contestant) was substituted in for her ex.
Male Reality Star: Jon Gosselin
His Ex: Kate Gosselin
Male Substitute Contestant: Bill Nye The Science Guy

174. Lawyer dishes on dirty divorce tricks BLIND ITEMS 09/18
Hollywood’s top divorce lawyer Laura Wasser was careful not to give up any secrets about her celebrity clients in her book, "It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way: How To Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself." The rock star who showed up at court four hours late with his disheveled ex-wife-to-be — and explained, "We were shagging in the back of her car" — was a bass player for a minor band, Wasser said, not Slash of Guns N’ Roses. "I couldn’t use the best stories for obvious reasons," Wasser told The Post’s Richard Johnson. "The unnamed people I mention in the book are not recognizable." There’s the wife who sabotaged her husband’s wine collection before she moved out of their marital abode. "At some tremendous effort, she had managed to steam the labels off all of the several hundred bottles . . . rendering the collection worthless in the global wine market," Wasser wrote. That doesn’t sound like Wasser’s clients Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie and Maria Shriver. Another spiteful spouse agreed to let her husband keep their mansion, but stuffed seafood into the curtain rods before she left. When the husband and his new bride couldn’t get rid of the ensuing stench, they put the house on the market and sold it at a huge loss to the only bidder, the ex-wife, who quickly fixed the smelly problem. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Patricia Arquette and Laura Dern would never be so vindictive.
Rock star:
Wine saboteur:
Seafood wife:

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#1**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is still A-/B+ with A++ list name recognition recently was out of the country and picked up a nasty STD. It's not one that goes away quickly. Lucky for him he doesn't have sex with his wife but he never uses protection with those one night stands of his so our actor could soon turn into a one man epidemic. John Travolta

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#2**
What B- list celebrity dad of an A list celebrity keeps going back to his wife after he promises he won't keep seeing other men. The celebrity dad feels that homosexuality can be cured and that he has a disease. His wife thinks the same way. Their celebrity offspring does not. Billy Ray Cyrus

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#3**
This back in the day boy bander who has now come full circle after not finding much success in between with other projects (reality tv) is a good looking guy. He seems nice and definitely has women who want him. Each time he has been married though his wives cheat the second they get a chance. His current wife is no exception and if not for his much larger income she would move on and away from the marriage. His latest wife did cheat while they were dating and seems to go for the dumb but sexy kind of guy. Generally low level C list actors. One was on a recently canceled remake of a hit show. Nick Lachey/Jessica Simpson/Vanessa Minnillo

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#4**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who flirts between the two recently got married. Great looking guy who has been carrying on a multi-year fling with a transsexual who frequently performs at The Box in NYC. The actor's wife knew this going in and doesn't mind.

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#5**
This actress, who used to date the actor in Blind Item #4 is a nice solid B list mostly movie actress. Everyone loves her. Everyone wants to be her. The thing is though guys keep dumping her and now she is freaking out about getting married and having kids and told a first date a few weeks ago that she wanted to get married by Christmas of this year. Considering why all the other men dumped her you really will want to think long and hard about being married to the actress. That amazing smile is just a cover for a lot of things that go on in that head of hers. Cameron Diaz; Rachel McAdams

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#6**
This A list celebrity/singer who is in this space often for her sexual exploits and drug use told friends last night that she had finally achieved one of her long term goals. She had sex with this A list female celebrity/singer/musician not named Katy Perry. This is a semi-closeted singer who has been called the ice queen by our A list celebrity melted her as she put it. Rihanna/Alicia Keys

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#7**
This foreign born B- list split between movie and television actress with almost A list name recognition recently got married. It took less than a month for her new celebrity/athlete husband to cheat on her. Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#8**
This married A+ list actor who is only A because of his franchise was approached by a 10 or 11 year old boy who wanted to ask a question about our actor's franchise role. The actor looked at the parent of the kid and said, "You should tell your son to not bother people," and walked away. The actor had just been standing on a street corner waiting to cross at the light. Not on the phone and not with anyone. Daniel Craig

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#9**
This actress is B list. She was on a hit television show and got fired. She now makes her living appearing in a franchise and not much else. She also has a bit of a temper and a bit of a drinking problem. So, when a guy hit on her the other night she reached into her bag and pulled out what could best be described as something about a foot long that people use to pleasure themselves. She told the guy if he was bigger than what she was holding she would go out with him otherwise he should just walk away. He walked away. Michelle Rodriguez

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#10**
This B- list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee also likes to race cars. Two weeks ago he smoked a joint and did a couple of lines of coke and then raced his car at a race track in excess of 180 m.p.h. Adrien Brody

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#11**
Before this actress (#1) got lucky enough to get on a very hit cable show which is not on AMC she had one other big television role in a show that is still a huge hit. Our actress quit the show because she was being harassed. Not sexually harassed because she was a willing sexual participant but harassed because her sex rival threatened the life of our actress if she didn't back off. So, our actress made a deal with the producers after threatening to take her story public and got paid for a full season of the show even though she wasn't on it any longer. Our actress had hooked up with the star of the show (#2) who is probably a B+ list mostly television actor who has been married forever. The actor was also hooking up with another co-star who is a former B+ list mostly movie actress (#3) and now lives for the paychecks on that show. #3 and #2 started hooking up. #3 did this because even though she is married she wanted to protect her place on the show and figured having sex with the star of the show wouldn't hurt her chances. When #1 came along who was a late addition to the show and also started hooking up with #2, that was too much for #3 to handle and started threatening #1 to back off. She also made #1's life miserable at work and tried to make #1 cry every day. It worked and #1 pleaded with producers to let her quit.

186. BLIND GOSSIP 09/18
There was some drama earlier this week at an L.A. club involving a very cute television star from a very popular show. Our talented actor was at a nightclub, hanging out with some friends, cast mates, and his "girlfriend". We put "girlfriend" in italics for three reasons: First, because we’re not convinced about this actor’s orientation. Second, because his "girlfriend" coincidentally happens to be a writer slash producer slash whatever at the same network on which his show appears, so we don’t know if she is a beard or the real thing. Third, because fans of this show are so rabid that every time we write anything about a cast member from this show, we are deluged with hate mail (Flame away, you geeks!). Anyway, while he was hanging out with his friends, she was in the bathroom doing massive quantities of coke. After a while, she emerged from the Ladies Room, stumbled over to him and started screaming at him about how he doesn’t pay enough attention to her. And we mean screaming! The actor was mortified. However, instead of dealing with her, he tried to get away from her. So she’s screaming, he’s dodging, she’s chasing, and the crowd is laughing. Whenever she couldn’t find him, she would drape herself over other cute boys in the club, flirt with them, and try to get them to pay attention to her. No one was buying her mess. After a while, the actor’s friends had enough and took off. Yes, they left the cute actor alone and miserable with his screaming, clingy, coked-up "girlfriend". When he had finally had enough, he pushed her away from him and disciplined her like a schoolgirl, "You’re wasted! Now just go home and leave me the f*ck alone!" They wound up leaving together a little while later.
Actor: Darren Criss
Tv Show: "Glee"
Girlfriend: Mia Swier

We’ve learned that a Tony Award-winning composer, who received rave reviews for writing a major Broadway hit, didn’t actually do all the work themselves! The musical was actually put together by a ghost writer and no one knows. Tricky, tricky!!

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#1**
This former almost A list movie and television actress has been in rehab back in the day when she had a massive drug problem. The divorced and never remarried actress who still has A list name recognition has been ballooning in size again and her boozing is out of control. Her family has tried to stage interventions but the actress is not having any of it. The actress rarely works any longer because she's too controversial.

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#2**
This A- list morning talk show host who also has other duties on other shows had a woman in his lap the other night in the corner of a bar who was not the celebrity woman he lives with. Could it have been innocent? I guess so if the woman wanted her breast size measured by his hands and as a courtesy she was using her hand inside his pants to check to see if he had a hernia. Michael Strahan/Nicole Murphy (shortly after this incident, they split)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#3**
Despite multiple miscarriages and IVF that didn't work, this former A list celebrity/singer who is now a C list celebrity/singer/actress with A list name recognition refuses to go the surrogate route with her husband because she really wants to be pregnant. The strain on her marriage has been incredible and everyone she knows is shocked the couple have stayed married this long. Mandy Moore; LeAnn Rimes

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#4**
This young, but legal actress who is probably B- and is on that ABC comedy that everyone watches went on a first date with a guy two weekends ago. The guy opens the car door for her and by the time he gets to his side of the car she is already doing a bump of coke. She asks if he wants one and he says no. She starts talking a mile a minute and in the fifteen minute drive to dinner she has three more bumps and during dinner she would bend over at the table and do it. She didn't touch her food at dinner and just texted and did coke and basically ignored the guy. Why did she go out with him in the first place? He says that she asked him to drop her off at a friend's house after the dinner. Crazy. Eden Sher "The Middle"

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#5**
This B list mostly movie actor who has had a nice little run on a cool television show was at a bar the other night when he started hitting on a male customer. The male was straight and called the actor a Hobbit. The actor then punched the guy in the face before running off. Elijah Wood

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#6**
This former tweener actor was on a very hit television show back in the day. As in a decade long run on a network and several seasons as the number one show. He's married but since he hasn't been able to find much acting work he's been taking his failures out on his wife. She has moved back home with her parents after the last beating caused eye damage that needed an operation to be fixed.

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actress has volunteered herself as peace maker between this A+ list celebrity couple and this female B- list celebrity/singer who used to sleep with the male half of the celebrity couple. Our B lister wants some things or is going to start spilling secrets. For some reason the actress decided she could handle the whole thing. I think the actress might be interested in the B lister. It wouldn't shock me. It also doesn't shock me that she gets involved in things she shouldn't.
A list actress: Gwyneth Paltrow
A+ celebrity couple: Beyoncé/Jay-Z
B- list celebrity/singer: Rita Ora

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#8**
This C- list actress says that her former co-star from two decades ago still calls her looking to hook up whenever his wife is out of town. The co-star has A list name recognition but limits himself to reality now after failing to find traction as an actor the past decade. He used to call another co-star who made it almost to A list before dropping back to earth but he said she got too fat for him.
TV Show: "Saved By the Bell"
C- list actress: Elizabeth Berkley
Co-Star: Mario Lopez
Fat Co-Star: Tiffani Thiessen

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#9**
This now married model who is a celebrity more for who she used to date and who she is married to says that she never touched the peen of this A+ list celebrity/rapper despite them going out forever. She would like to make clear though that she has seen it. Amber Rose (Wiz Khalifa)/Kanye West
(Guy who shouldn't be mentioned until at least tomorrow)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#10**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is now an A-/B+ list mostly movie actress has not spoken to this Academy Award winning actress since they filmed a movie together a few years ago. The reason? The Academy Award winner called the other actress a coke whore and that she always would be. Kate Hudson/Anne Hathaway "Bride Wars"

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#11**
An actress is selling her story. Not her life so much, although it will be included but her life on one particular television show and the aftermath it wrought. I have always wanted to use that word. The show was a huge hit when it was on the air. It was in color, but barely. It has also been called cursed. This actress who never really worked again after it aired, is selling publishers on more than just the curse. She is selling them on what happened behind the scenes on the show where she was basically forced to have sex with the lead actors and producers and that the young cast on the show had no choice either and that both the boys and girls on the cast were molested and as they got older forced to have sex. She also claims that the most well known actor on the show who was probably almost A list at the time was not only having sex with his television daughter but also his real life daughter too. The actress says that everyone was complicit and that the studio heads would come over to the soundstage during the day and have their pick of the extras on set that day. Our actress also has interviews with other female television actresses of the day who say their shows were very much the same and that it was no wonder so many of the women hid behind a veil of drugs and booze as they got older and so many died tragic deaths. Kathy Garver "Family Affair"

199. BLIND GOSSIP 09/19
Their breakup was no surprise, but what has happened since is ugly! She is getting revenge! We already told you that this celebrity relationship was over months ago, but that the two had each agreed to help promote each other’s upcoming projects. The relationship was a real one, not a publicist-related setup. There was no written contract, but there was a personal agreement. Very civil and mature, right? Well, she held up her end. He didn’t… and she is furious! Not just because he bailed before her big project debuted, but because he embarrassed her in the process. There was yelling, crying, and swearing on both ends… and then vengeance. Actually, it wasn’t her directly. We found out that it was her male friend, a loyal guy who is quick to defend her in public when others are tearing her down and it wouldn’t be cool for her to do it herself. But she did know about it and approved the plan. First step: Publicly call out her ex on his being an a-hole. Second step: Broadcast his phone number so that her fans could personally tear into him. Third step: Publicly call him out on a sexually-related issue. Fourth step: Threaten to release a sex tape. This is one ugly breakup, my friends, and no one is smiling about how this is playing out!
Couple: Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth
Male Friend: Cheyne Thomas

What world-famous pop Diva ignored a personal request to help raise awareness of ALS? To make matters worse, the request came from a man suffering from this disease who worked directly with the Diva to create her very first fragrance.

This teenage Heartthrob may have a substance abuse problem. I'm hearing whispers about cocaine. He's dropped out of sight, but the press is actively trying to sniff this story out. It's been a rough year for child stars.

202. POPBITCH 09/19
Which movie star is fuming that she gave up an affair to dote upon her ailing husband, only to find that he now wants a divorce after getting better? Catherine Zeta Jones/Michael Douglas

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#1**
I used to feel sorry for this former A list tween actress who now looks for work like every other actress in town. Maybe she should go back to singing. She is pretty good at it. Anyway two nights ago she was out with her girlfriends and her celebrity husband was doing his thing with the waitress he met a few months back. He's being so open about it and the actress does nothing. I know the guy has money but at some point you have to have some self-respect. He has been doing this to the actress for years. Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actor is probably still an A- list mostly movie actor. At the height of his franchise he was A+ but his movies are not that successful and having rabid fans doesn't translate into ticket sales. Our actor has also had issues with drinking and drugs and lots of women that have been made available to him by the same guy that ruined Zac Efron and have also made our actor not always up to form at work. Friends have been trying to do one on one interventions. One A+ list mostly movie actress friend even offered her place for him to stay for a month away from everything.
Former A list actor: Robert Pattinson
A+ list actress: Reese Witherspoon
Same guy who ruined Zac Efron: PROBABLY: Mohammed Al Turki

With Zac
With Robert

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#3**
What's the rule on half-sibling sex? Is it still incest? This former A-/B+ list mostly movie actress had sex with her half-brother about 18 months ago. She was out of her mind on drugs but he was stone cold sober. She wants to include the story in a new book but her publishers are scared of touching it.

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#4**
This former B+ list reality star thought many of the pieces of jewelry she wore to a huge event in her life were gifts from her husband. Turns out he had borrowed them all and our former reality star and now desperate celebrity had to return everything but one tiny piece valued at under $1K. The other $999K worth of stuff went buh bye. Holly Madison (photo)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#5**
This forever A list celebrity/singer better watch out for her oldest child because she is telling friends that her mom doesn't spend more than thirty minutes a day with her kids because after that amount of time they get on her nerves. The mom also has been encouraging her older son to watch gay porn to see if he likes it. She desperately wants him to be gay and asks him every day. Madonna

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#6**
This C+ list mostly television actress who would love to get a lead in a Lifetime movie has caught a little break recently with her new gig. Anyway, she is really more famous for the people she has dated and thought she was going to marry this A+ list mostly movie actor until he dumped her for someone younger. Our actress says that she is shocked he manages to even have sex considering all the steroids he takes that has shriveled him up to nothing and makes him rage at people at least once an hour. Bad breakup, I'm guessing.

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#7**
This former A list mostly movie actor who has fallen to C list mostly movie actor with the name that gets him confused with two other guys was rushed to the hospital for the third time this year. All alcohol poisoning. The guy is a mess, but he still has that possible relationship as a trump card to get some money.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#8**
This actress is a B- list mostly television actress. She is on a show for that almost network. I can't believe the show or the network is still on the air. Anyway she's pregnant and one of her long time on/off friends who used to be an A list mostly television actress and is now a freaky C list find me anything on television to do celebrity/actress/reality star visited our pregnant actress at her house. She started doing lines of coke in front of our pregnant actress and asked if she wanted to do some. The pregnant actress said hell no and asked the other actress to stop. The actress then said she would stop but they should do some shots. The pregnant actress kicked her friend out.
B- list mostly television actress: Jaime King
Show: "Hart of Dixie"
Network: CWTV
Formerly A list television actress: Selma Blair

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#9**
This B list do everything comedy actor who is in a million television shows and movies is quietly gay. He doesn't hide it but hasn't come out publicly either. Apparently he is another name caught up in the HIV+ porn actor madness because he too has used the services of one of the men who tested positive. I don't think our actor's boyfriend knows though.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#10**
This former Real Housewife has volunteered to have sex with the ex of a former Real Housewife any time he wants. The only condition is that while they are having sex he needs to call his ex and put it on speaker. Kelly Bensimon/Jason Hoppy/Bethenny Frankel

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#11**
Did I tell you that the big blind item from yesterday is going to be revealed? I meant to. Anyway, the same holds true for this one too. Time to expose some of these people for what they do to others. This particular actor is an Academy Award winner. Didn't even throw up the /nominee part like I usually do. He is a royal pain to work with and doesn't work as much as an actor of his talent should. He is an even bigger pain to date or live with. I would put him in the top five when it comes to worst tempers of an actor in Hollywood. Of all time. Sure the drinking and drugs have a lot to do with his ranking but he sucks at relationships and has been through multiple marriages and live in girlfriends and they all have one thing in common. He abused every single one of them. Sometimes, as in the case of one of his more notorious relationships he would beat the woman in his life and sometimes it would just be constant verbal abuse. He always wants you to know he is in charge and has no problems humiliating his girlfriend or wife in public if they do something to offend him. He has left people on the sides of roads and without any way to get home. He has laughed when he makes women cry. There is no such thing as gentle sex with this guy. It's rough all the way every single time. He knows he's not a nice guy but he claims to have changed. I think women have just grown smarter and run from him the second he starts acting out and never come back so the whispers about him are more quiet than they used to be. Sean Penn

214. BLIND GOSSIP 09/20
Ah, faux couples. A male and female actor who star together in a television series or a film or film series, and then fake a relationship outside of the project for the publicity. Their fans and "shippers" really want to believe that the relationships are real, give them cute nicknames (e.g."Robsten"), write fan fiction about them, and dream about them getting married and living happily ever after. Then we come in and tell you the truth. This blind item is going to hurt more than most for many reasons: Because this television show is still on the air. Because the show’s fans are very passionate (and a little crazy). Because they want to believe that an on-screen relationship became on off-screen relationship. Because one half of the couple supported the other half when they were going through a personal crisis. And, finally, because half of the couple isn’t here anymore. Yes, she is sad that he is gone. But not "girlfriend" sad. She is "friend" sad. This couple was fake. The two actors were friends and liked each other, but the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship on air was purely imaginary and did not happen off air. Actually, they didn’t even spend a lot of time together when they weren’t working or getting together for photo ops. Her friends are very different from his friends, and her off-screen life was very different from his off-screen life. Vacation photo ops were staged. They each brought their own friends, stayed in separate rooms and simply got together for photos. Remember that "romantic" ski trip they took together? They would take the ski lift up together, and do a photo op on the top of the mountain. He would later show off those photos on a talk show to "prove" that they were a couple. The truth is that after the photos were taken, he would go snowboard and party with his friends and pick up random girls at night. Yes, he was into girls, even if his fake girlfriend was not one of them. In fact, there were a lot of girls in the past few years, although no one special. He never was much for relationships. He preferred to hang with his friends, pick up a girl for a night or two of fun, and keep things very casual. Sometimes you would see his fake girlfriend driving "his" car. Well, he did own a car, but she wasn’t allowed to drive it. The car that she drove wasn’t his car. It was a car that the network leased so it would look like she drove his car. And despite what she says, they were never going to move in together. They were going to fake it. She had her house, and the network leased a nearby apartment for him. They were just going to stage regular photo ops to look like they lived in the same house until they broke up. That’s it. Yes, there was going to be a "breakup". It was going to happen after the show was off the air. The two of them were prepared to go the distance with the fake relationship for as long as the show was in production. Now that he is gone, she can’t admit that they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, or that everything was staged, or that they were never going to move in together or get married. It would make her look really fake and really bad. No, she is now stuck with that lie forever. One last point. It’s about that very public tribute that you’ll see soon. There are many actors with a broader and more critically acclaimed body of work who deserve a public tribute much, much more. However, those actors don’t have the large and young fan base for which the networks live and die. And they don’t have a fake and famous girlfriend in the audience to tearfully clutch a necklace and pretend that she just lost the great love of her life.

Relationship: Lea Michele/Cory Monteith
Show: "Glee"
Tribute: Emmy Awards

Which thin TV personality, who is so obsessed with keeping off the pounds, has turned to laxatives – with a nasty, smelly side effect. "You never want to be up-wind when they are around. The smell that follows them is like a farmyard. It is disgusting. Now they have an assistant constantly spraying fragrances but NOTHING can cover up what is coming out of her bottom!" As embarrassing a problem as this is, it has now been made worse by the fact that a new venture has resulted in her being surrounded by lots of people 5-days a week! PHEW! Jenny McCarthy; Bethenny Frankel

This rap mogul has a fetish that leads him to always have himself surrounded by young boys. But, want many don’t know is this music mogul gets off on smashing other moguls’ women … in hopes that pillow talk will land him some of his industry counterparts’ secrets. His obsession with Jay Z is said to be the reason behind why our mystery man smashed almost all of Jigga’s female artists — and even took part in a slew of threesomes with the Roc-A-Fella Records founder’s secret baby momma, Shenelle Scott. Word is our blind item has been putting lots of energy into trying to smash Hova’s "Good Girl Gone Bad." The problem is she’s said to be more interested in his October artist. Our mystery man’s other "Not a Human Being" artist — who may or may not be related to the mogul — has taken to the studio to blast our blind item’s affair with another Major rap mogul’s ex-Boo, who our blind item recently bought a new Phantom for, so she can keep ridin’ in the Fab Lane. We’re told our blind item is the real reason for her split from actor Djimon Hounsou. She had our mystery man’s name tattooed near her NaNa, but her baby daddy believed it was a tribute to their clothing line.
Bryan Williams known by his stage name Birdman or Baby
"Not a Human Being" artist: Lil Wayne
Major rap mogul and ex-Boo: Richard Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons/Baby Phat

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#1**
"That was one of the worst concerts I've ever been to. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay. No one other than her fans will buy her music... hell it isn't even music, it's noise. A five year old can write better s**t than her." - A+ singer and songwriter about this slowly-slipping from A to B-list eccentric diva. Adele/Lady Gaga

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#2**
Which former A-list Oscar winning actress and singer was arrested when she was a teen for forging a prescription for her actress mother? She told the pharmacist that she was buying the pills for herself and her name was on the prescription, but in fact they were prescribed for her mother. The police took the teen to her mom's house and confiscated the prescription pad. They then let the teen and the mom off with a warning. Liza Minnelli/Judy Garland

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#3**
Which C-list morning show regular and former co-host on that A list talk show had all her staff attempt to get any clips of the morning show host deleted from YouTube that portrayed her in an unflattering light. Yeah, the ones where she was really heavy. So far, most of the clips are still up. Star Jones

220. NY POST/PAGE SIX 09/22
1. Which married and straight entertainer has just reached a huge settlement with a secret male lover who threatened to tell the world about their sexual affair?
Hugh Jackman

2. What top designer is rumored to start every morning with a stiff Bloody Mary that includes "just a whisper" of tomato juice? The daily morning drink leaves the designer wasted by noon.

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#1**
One half of this almost A list country music duo is getting ready for what could be a very bad month. Two Halloweens ago the celebrity/singer dressed in blackface for his costume. He thought it was really funny at the time and should be grateful there are only photos and not audio or video of him saying what he was saying that night about black people that his people are trying to buy as quickly as possible.

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#2**
What B-list rock-star spawn is begging and pleading with producers of the Broadway revival of this Tony and Oscar winning musical to cast her in the lead female role because unlike the almost A-list mostly movie actress they hired, she can sing and dance and pull off a pretty good British accent. Plus, she's friends with the person who made the role famous, so at least she's got some connections.

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#3**
This former A list mostly movie actor who has dropped to B+ because his franchise is gone has been spending time with his personal hooker again. She is the former B-/C+ list mostly movie actress who gave it all up to travel around the world with the middle eastern businessman who uses her and others to make his Hollywood dreams come true. The businessman must have a new movie he wants the actor for. I wonder if he will bring out the drugs too or if the woman will be enough. Robert Pattinson/Michelle Rodriguez/Mohammed Alturki

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#1**
Emmy Awards: "I don't understand why they even have to be here. This is for us. We are professional and they aren't. Why don't they get real jobs?" Heard from this B list actress after she walked the red carpet. She splits her time between her very hit cable show and making bad movies. Also likes drinking and married men. January Jones (reality shows)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#2**
Emmy Awards: This celebrity couple consisting of a winner from last night and his gorgeous movie actress girlfriend emerged from their limo in a cloud of pot smoke yesterday afternoon. On their way to the venue they chain smoked joints and guzzled two bottles of wine and at one point asked the driver to head to a liquor store for refills. The driver complied. The couple bought another bottle of wine which they drank and a pint of vodka for the show. Bobby Cannavale/Rose Byrne

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#3**
Emmy Awards: This almost A list mostly television actress who makes a whole lot of money on her hot show should watch out for her new boyfriend. Our actress has been great to him and has ponied up a lot of cash to make him happy with gifts and other things but he is repaying her kindness by getting as many phone numbers as he can from other women. Last night our actress went to the bathroom and within seconds her boyfriend was hitting on women. The guy is slimy. Kaley Cuoco/Ryan Sweeting

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#4**
Emmy Awards: This C+ list mostly movie actress doesn't get much work any longer as an actress because she's an awful actress. She's clinging to the fame her last boyfriend brought her while she searches for new gigs. At a party last night she was in a corner making out with a guy and let him slide her dress down for a quick feel and she spent the rest of the night trying to get it back in place but was largely unsuccessful and everyone got to see an up close look at her plastic surgeon's work.

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#5**
Emmy Awards: This one technically took place several hours before the awards started. The two stars of this hit network show which starts airing again very soon had a work function at a hotel yesterday around noon. OK, well their bosses would have loved for them to be there but they weren't actually required to be there. That isn't what they told their respective spouses and spent an hour alone together in a room in the hotel they have used before. I wonder how they keep getting the same room? Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn "Scandal"

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#6**
This B- list actress based solely on fame and not talent who should be a C+ list mostly movie actress wanted to have the world look at her over the weekend while she ate dinner with her A+ list celebrity and horrible actor husband. When the manager seated the couple and asked if they wanted privacy, the actress said she didn't want privacy and wanted everyone to look at the couple during dinner and be jealous. Her husband opted for privacy and that's what they got. Apparently dinner then became quiet quiet and hardly a word exchanged between the pair. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#7**
Emmy Awards: "Yeah, I'm sober," said this former B list mostly movie actress who is now thisclose to a comeback thanks to her hit almost television show. The actress said this while drinking shots of Jager. When asked what she was doing she said that she gives herself one day a week to drink or she can't make it. She says she has done this for the past few years and never broken her one day a week of drinking. Natasha Lyonne "Orange Is the New Black"

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#8**
Emmy Awards: This B-/C+ list mostly television actress from a very hit network comedy was at an after party last night and was spotted snorting a white powder. She was asked if it was coke and the actress said that it was Adderall. Probably how she manages to stay under 80 pounds. Her younger actress co-star is trying desperately to lose weight, so helped herself. Julie Bowen/Ariel Winter "Modern Family"

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#9**
This B- list celebrity/actress has come out to everyone except her celebrity parents. Considering how much they hide what's going on in their own lives I don't blame her. Willow Smith

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#10**This former almost A list mostly movie actress is good enough to still be a B lister but she doesn't work much. The foreign born actress who is also a single mom was at a club the other night with two friends. A man came up to her and grabbed her breast. Our actress threw her drink in the guy's face and then kicked him in the genital area so hard that he fell to the ground gagging. Minnie Driver

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#11**
This actress is C list. A good actress but more known for her parents than her acting ability. Oh and her boyfriend. She was known for him too. Our actress ran into this B+ actor from a hit franchise that hit a bit of a bump this year when the latest installment was released. He is taking some of the blame and broached the idea of the actress being his beard. She's all for it. Loves it as a matter of fact.

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#12**
A celebrity chef not named Bobby Flay or Gordon Ramsay and who doesn't do much cooking even on his shows must be trading in his much younger wife for the even much younger production assistant who always finds her way into his hotel room while they are on the road.

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#13**
This mogul is A list. It seems like sometimes you can't escape his name in this town. He built his name by destroying others who got in his way and those people he just didn't like. He's still that way but this is about the woman who he destroyed because of his own personal vendetta that was wholly imagined. The problem he has to this day is he never admits when he is wrong. It's pretty tough to have any one like you or be your friend if you are unwilling to admit you are wrong. This all started a few years ago. At the time this celebrity/singer was A+ list. She was on the top of the charts and the top of the world and was selling millions of records. At her peak she abruptly decided to switch record labels. The label she switched to was owned by our jerk mogul who fired the singer's producer and told her all of her new songs she was recording were awful. They weren't. Shortly after he signed her to his label the two got into an argument because he didn't believe she was tolerant of other people. Time and again she had proven otherwise but now the mogul had it in his mind that she wasn't and leaked false stories to newspapers and magazines that the singer was using slurs against a group of people. Our singer started to sue the mogul but he paid her off and she went away barely to be heard from ever again. Meanwhile, those songs that were so awful? He gave them to the singer who always covered for him and it relaunched her career and gave her a string of number one songs.
David Geffen/Donna Summer/Cher

237. BLIND GOSSIP 09/23 **#1**
This actor was heard discussing his nomination at an after-Emmys gathering.
"Sorry you didn’t win."
"I didn’t?"
"No, not this year."
"But I’ve won before, right?"
"Um… yes. Exactly how much alcohol have you had to drink?"
The actor raised his glass. "All of it."

238. BLIND GOSSIP 09/23 **#2**
Over the weekend, there was a music festival in Las Vegas sponsored by iHeartRADIO. While they were there, two celebrities – both hot, young television stars – hooked up for the night! While that sound like an unusual occurrence for a weekend in Las Vegas, we do have to admit that the pairing surprised us just a little. He is one of the stars of a happy show on network television. She is one of the pretty stars of a popular cable show. The two of them met for drinks at a hotel bar and were all over each other. She was kissing his neck, he was giggling and stroking her back, and the two of them eventually headed upstairs to his hotel room for the night. Darren Criss "Glee"/Lucy Hale "Pretty Little Liars"

Having Diddy and Co. as her neighbors could be detrimental to our 20-year-old pop culture phenomenon’s well being. Know why? Because we’re told with the Combs’ residence being right next door, the bar is now raised … when it comes to her drug enablers. You’ll recall her mother openly supported our mystery lady’s drug use. Now, Kim Porter is said to be not only partaking in drug binges with her … she’s also reported to be showing our blind item the ropes. "Kim’s teaching her how to roll a blunt and eat breakfast off a mirror. They’re always at each others’ places, getting high out of their minds." The person I am talking about today single handily pushed twerkin’ into the mainstream. Miley Cyrus

240. ALLIE IS WIRED 09/23
Remember Cupid, his bow and the bad romance? Click here for a refresher on this blind… The former co-stars hooked up and she fell hard, but he is riding high on a second wind of fame and fangirls. After realizing she wanted a ring, he dumped her to return to his on-again-off-again fling with an underwear model who is more into his reheated status than a deep rooted relationship. The model wants more public PDA with Cupid, but he is adamant that they keep things as quiet as possible. Why? She is well under half his age. His PR team feels his penchant for dating models would not sit well with his growing fanbase.
Related: Cupid’s Bow
He: Bradley Cooper
She: Zoe Saldanda
Model: Suki Waterhouse

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who has the talent of a C lister is at it again. The professed family man who talks repeatedly about how he would never cheat on his wife hit on a waitress while out of town this past week and slipped her his phone number. According to one of her co-workers the waitress met him at his hotel suite for drinks and then a quick two minutes of cigarette breath sex followed by a thanks and show yourself out.

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#2**
This former B list mostly television actor who hasn't done much since his hit almost network show ended its run was at a club this past week with his celebrity girlfriend. Our actor brought out his fake accent. Yes, he has one in real life but he really brings it out when he is hitting on women. Yes, in front of his girlfriend who ran away crying when the drunk actor started sitting women in his lap and asking them if they wanted to play some kind of elf game. No one could quite make out what he was saying but he managed to make out with a few of the women anyway. Ed Westwick/Jessica Szohr

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#3**
This celebrity offspring is C- list maybe. I will give her that since she did a reality show. I know her last name but unless you watched the show you probably don't know her first name. She should probably call herself drunk because she woke up naked in some guy's bed she didn't know for at least the third time I've heard of and she hasn't been friends all that long with the person she told it too. Things are so bad for the offspring that her A list celebrity father is considering an intervention. I know right? From him? You know it must be bad. David Hasselhoff’s daughter Hayley

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#4**
This famously sober B+ list celebrity/reality star/network show and mom isn't as sober as she wants the world to believe. What was just having a drink or two again after several years of sobriety has turned into snorting a variety of drugs. No more heroin for her but she does love hillbilly heroin and is now spending several hundred dollars a day on it. Nicole Richie

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actor doesn't believe in school for his kid(s). He thinks he can teach them all they need to learn in life. The problem is that when he is working for a month straight on a set the kid(s) do nothing but play video games. The only time they learn anything is when he is on a break between films. He doesn't believe in tutors and says that his wife is not smart enough to teach the kid(s). This attitude is probably why a kid from a different mother is so messed up as an adult. Nicolas Cage

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#6**
This Academy Award winner/nominee almost A list mostly movie actress was barred from driving her child home from school last week. When the actress showed up at the classroom she reeked of booze and the teacher said she would call the police if the actress got in her car. The actress argued for a few minutes insisting she was fine but eventually backed down.

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#7**
This A+ list actor who is literally on stage, screen and television at any given moment is about to get a huge shock. He is being set up for a big walk out by his wife. Apparently she has been planning this since they started dating and the next time they get into a fight she is going to walk out and has an entire back story plan that is going to make the actor look like the worst person on earth.

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#8**
This buff A list mostly movie actor who is also a celebrity was sobbing like a baby the other day when his down low boyfriend called it off with the actor.

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#9**
This C+ list actor who divides his time between movies and television has almost A list name recognition. He also knows a thing or eight about drugs which is why his actress daughter should have listened when her dad staged an intervention. The problem is that the boyfriend of the actress doesn't think she has a problem so the actress bailed and isn't talking to the dad right now. Eric & Emma Roberts (Evan Peters)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#10**
Amanda Seyfried no longer speak to one of her former best friends. Why? The former best friend is a B list mostly movie actress with D list talent who accused Amanda of hitting on her actor significant other. Not true. The actor was the aggressor and Amanda got out of there as quickly as possible and told the B lister who is not known for impartiality when it comes to her jerk significant other. He's a tool. Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#11**
What happens when an actress with a lifestyle that she has grown accustomed too and is expected to maintain can no longer do so? You get our A list name recognition actress who is forced to accept any role she can because the money she had grown to love the past few years walked out the door. Her prime days are over as far as making the big bucks goes but she does have that name and there is a certain kind of guy out there that is willing to do anything to be with her. She is running through relationships quicker than Lindsay Lohan gets naked for $100. She doesn't date anyone who isn't rich. Period. You could be the hottest guy on the planet but she isn't dating you. Judging by the looks of the last few you don't have to be a looker. She did that in the marriage and look how that ended. Most of the guys don't mind helping out and spending their own money until the crazy part comes in. She will text you constantly and since she doesn't have a lot to do it can be a lot of texting. Don't even tell her you are not working that day because she will be glued to you and wonder why you don't want to be glued to her and start in with the million of questions designed to see if you are cheating on her and when you plan on marrying her. You might consider marrying her if you can get past the crazy because she is a very sweet person but the constant pill popping seems to have permanently altered that once always kind person to someone who can only be kind for the limited amount of time that she is in between doctor visits or pharmacy stops. Jennie Garth

252. MOUTH TO EARS 09/24
Money isn’t an issue for these two, but infidelity is. This former child star comedian got his start on Nickelodeon. He then turned into a rapper and now an entrepreneur. He’s not only sleeping with his high-note singing wife these days, but his employees too. Their marriage came as a surprise, but this news isn’t at all. His wife had to see it coming…his show is full of younger women closer to his age and they’re all trying to get his attention since he’s the boss. He’s not the Prince Charming she thinks he is, but we doubt we’ll see a divorce. He definitely won’t be leaving her because she’s the perfect trophy wife…she has her own money, own fame, but is slightly clumsy at times. Lets just hope her recent presence on the show puts a stop to his school boy antics. Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#1**
This outwardly conservative foreign born C+ list actress who everyone still knows for one great role has always been the shy and quiet type. Apparently the married actress is not as shy as one would think, at least after she has been drinking. Our actress met this at the time A list mostly television actor who now makes indie movies. He and his best friend and co-star had a threesome with the actress after she got drunk at a party.

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#2**
This married, with kid(s) A list mostly movie actor who seems to make all comedies is so under the radar that he managed to move out from his house and move in his barely in her twenty's actress he has been sleeping with the past 18 months. Paul Rudd; Chris Rock; Adam Sandler

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#3**
This fairly recently married former B list reality star who is now a C list celebrity with almost A list name recognition has been offered out by her husband to people he owes money. Well, it's not like she never fucked for money before. She thinks it's love and that she owes it to her husband. Holly Madison

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#4**
This B- list mostly television actress from a very hit show says she is recovering from an illness and that is why she looks so sickly and near death. Nice try. She blows about a quarter of her weekly paycheck on drugs and she is going downhill fast. Anna Gunn "Breaking Bad"

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#5**
This actor is probably C+. Does mostly movies now. The actor is almost A list when it comes to his face. You all know him and you know his name, you just don't always put the two together. He has been in one of your favorite movies. He is also so closeted that he wants steel around that door. Married. He got beat up by a man last week because he thought the man was gay. Nope. The man took offense and beat our actor badly. The actor told his wife he had been mugged.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#6**
KINDNESS: This B+ list actress has a credit list longer than most. Well over one hundred. Foreign born and on a hit cable show for the past several years. Always gorgeous. She is also one of my favorite people so this is probably a little biased. When one of her kids went to college this year the child told her mom about a student there who was working three jobs because the school had told the student there was a scholarship available but it turns out there wasn't. The student had some financial aid but not enough because the school is pricey. Our actress heard about it and is footing the entire college bill. Not just for the year but the whole four years. Gabrielle Anwar

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#7**
This actress is mostly movies. She did have a nice little cameo arc on a hit television show at one point. Anyway she is B list now but only thanks to a franchise otherwise she is C list with A list name recognition. She also is not that concerned with much that goes on in life other than her. Two days ago she was at an event and someone started talking to her about Kenya and what was going on there. The actress confessed to knowing nothing about it and then asked if there were going to be goody bags at the event before walking off to check. Heather Graham

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#8**
This almost A list celebrity/singer who was A+ list a few years ago was cheating on his celebrity girlfriend this week. The woman he was cheating with says the singer wanted her to take his microphone and put it where it would not fit in most people. Yeah. Oh revealed for sure. John Mayer

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#9**
This foreign born pop singer from north of the border told her girlfriend they would go public after the singer split with her husband. The split was long ago but the pop singer is afraid to come out and her girlfriend finally left her two weeks ago. The girlfriend is also a singer but not as well known outside her own country.

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#10**
This actress was a kindness once. Just goes to show you you can move way back down the blind item list in a hurry to a-hole. She is B list mainly because of her very very unusual last name and she does do some great movies and television shows. She was at the movies this week and asked a manager why there was not a separate entrance for famous people or at least a staff member to keep away regular people. No one had even noticed she was there. Maggie Q

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#11**
This B- list celebrity dad is the father to celebrities. He has been struggling with an issue in his life that has left him confused for almost two decades. Because of his confusion he has lashed out at those closest to him and has been abusive to members of his family. Over the same period of time he has struggled with drugs and booze because the issue hangs over him every day. Our celebrity is married and his wife has been very supportive throughout this process. Former significant others always suspected something but he never shared his issue with anyone until about four years ago. Our celebrity believes he is a woman trapped in a man's body and wants to have gender reassignment surgery. It would end his career because his conservative fan base would largely depart and he is also struggling with his religious beliefs and how it can all work. A very tough time for the past few years. Very dark for him.

264. BLIND GOSSIP 09/25
Beyonce used a baby pillow to fake a baby bump that was being carried by a surrogate. But this celebrity couple has taken the baby bump ploy to a whole new level! We’ve told you about this married couple before. They have a reality show, and they are desperate, desperate, desperate for attention. So now they are faking a pregnancy. That’s right. She’s not pregnant. Their claim that they are going to become parents soon is fake, fake, fake. And we have some new information about how they are continuing this sham! There’s a pillow! And a bad one at that. Yes, they are using a pillow to fake a baby bump… for a baby that will never happen! We found out that there is no surrogate, that they have not been able to arrange for an adoption, and that they are frantic that we have exposed their lie. So how will this end? As of this week, their plan is to fake a miscarriage of their fake baby and then shed some fake tears. Now comes the big question: When will this happen? We found out that it’s going to be a "tragic" second trimester loss. Awww. And here’s a bonus: They are thinking of blaming us for the miscarriage! What?! We would laugh if the whole thing wasn’t so completely pathetic. Will the fake tragedy boost ratings for their reality show? Will it boost sales of the husband’s album? Will it boost ticket sales for his upcoming concert series? That’s what they’re counting on! We’ll know if their plan worked before the end of the year. Kevin and Danielle Jonas

265. POPBITCH 09/26
Every young star needs a fixer in their entourage to score their drugs. In movie circles this usually means a "producer" with a trust fund. There's one international film financier photographed with almost every troubled star and starlet... usually just before they head to rehab. So it's bad news for the team around which once-hot young Brit actor (whose love-life and advertising deals are bigger news than his recent films) as their boy seems to be hanging out more and more with his "ambience technician"?
Young star: Robert Pattinson
Film Financier: Mohammad Al Turki

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#1**
This Hollywood favorite politician has been in the news lately. He can talk to women as much as he wants. He isn't interested in them. If you are that almost A list mostly movie actor who has the box office popcorn flick coming out later this year though then you know how much the politician loves you and both of you should stop hiding it.
Politician: Cory Booker

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#2**
If you are an addict I want you to be sober. If you aren't an addict I don't really care if you use drugs or alcohol as long as you don't hurt anyone. What I really don't like is when you are a former A list mostly movie actor who barely resembles the actor or face he was two decades ago and tells the world he is sober and gives interviews where he says that he is sober and then as he is leaving the interview lights up a joint or hides all the bottles before photos of him are taken. It also shows you why his comeback will never get very far despite the help of his fellow plastic surgery addicted actors of the same age.

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#3**
This former almost A list mostly television actor who barely works as an actor at night any longer is back at screwing with the head of this A list celebrity/reality star again. Our actor hooked up with a waitress this past week and while they were both naked after sex he took a call from our celebrity and said he wasn't doing much and that he couldn't wait to see her later and then he hung up and wanted sex with the waitress again who called him a sleaze and left. He then asked if she had any friends who would be interested. Wilmer Valderama/Demi Lovato

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#4**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who blew through A right down to B+ mostly movie actor who never seems to star in any movies at all any longer or television. He is just in his own world. Part of that world is being suitably numb with booze many days and nights. Our actor was at a restaurant/club the other night and asleep in the booth where he was seated. He came in around the time it opened and had a salad before sleeping the next few hours. He tipped several hundred dollars and the staff kept people from snapping photos. It's not the first time he has slept one off there.

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#5**
This former A list celebrity/singer and now a B-/C+ list celebrity/singer with A list name recognition had been sober for a few months but slipped in a massive way this week and also had sex with three different guys that night. It was an ugly sight. For sure this will be revealed. Courtney Love

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#6**
The closest this A+ list mostly movie actor has come to getting divorced from his actress wife was not when he hooked up with his ex or when he hooked up with that former television actress married to a different A lister now. Nope, the time they came closest to getting divorced was when he fell in love with that heartbreaking actress who is foreign born and had that big huge romantic love affair with that other A list actor.
A+ actor: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner
Ex: Jennifer Lopez
Former TV actress: Blakely Lively (Ryan Reynolds)
Heartbreaking actress: Rachel McAdams
Other A list actor: Ryan Gosling

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#7**
KINDNESS: This guy is an actor. He is also a former A+ list celebrity/singer who is now a B- list mostly television actor who moonlights as an A- list singer/celebrity. Not alone though. Anyway he is really careful about making sure that everyone he meets and greets with has the best time of their life. On a recent cruise our celebrity/actor saw a group of women who were off to the side and didn't seem to be enjoying themselves. He went and got them and then introduced them to his other celebrity friends who treated the women to the night of their lives. Booze and partying and lots of photos. It turns out the women had saved years to come on the trip and they wouldn't stop crying the next day talking about how nice our celebrity and his friends were to them. Donnie Wahlberg

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#8**
Like mom like daughter I guess. This C+ list mostly television actress is the offspring of an Academy Award winner/nominee who cheated on her long term significant other. OK, most of her significant others. Her daughter has not been married that long but cheated on her then boyfriend multiple times with co-stars including a six month fling with a former A+ list mostly television actor who is now A- list on his still very hit cable show. Since then our actress has found a long term romance with an actor from a failing comedy in its second season on a network.
Television actress/husband: Eva Amurri/Kyle Martino
Mother/long term significant other: Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins
Television actor: David Duchovny
Hit cable show: "Californication"
Actor: Ed Weeks "The Mindy Project"

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#9**
This is a hard one. If it wasn't so fascinating I would probably skip it. This actress has been acting a long long time but is still pretty young. She had her big moment on her very hit cable show. It was very popular. She was good in it and then she has just kind of wandered around in circles. Anyway after her big role she got another good role on a great show which is not a US production. On that show she met an actor who is B list for as long as the day is long. They hooked up but not sexually. Well kind of. He loved her feet and every night they would meet in her hotel room and the night would end up with a mess on her feet if you know what I mean.
Actress: Elizabeth Moss
Cable show: "Mad Men"
Actor: David Wenham
Show: "Top of the Lake"

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#10**
This Academy Award winning actress is B list. Seems to be in everything. Got her start in a television franchise. Was eating dinner with a guy she has dated for a few weeks. They had a private room. About thirty minutes after the couple arrived everyone in the room next to theirs could hear the actress yelling out during sex. It turns out a side door to the room was still open. A waiter discreetly closed it but not before about three or four minutes of some very choice words and phrases from our actress. Yes, it will be revealed. Marisa Tomei

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#11**
This Academy Award winning actress who is A list but thinks of her self as A++++++++++++ list and that she is above everyone else in the world says that she has never felt worse as a woman than when she was dating this A list mostly movie actor who is also an Academy Award winner. He treated her like crap and made her feel cheap she said. Gwyneth Paltrow/Ben Affleck

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#12**
I'm always fascinated when I hear about a couple hooking up that is so out of the realm of anything you could have imagined and then to hear about this threesome is something that took a few minutes to process. It happened back in the day although two of the three people involved are A list but back then only one of the three was A list and he just barely. Let me give you the cast of characters in this one. The two women are the same women just a few years apart. Not exactly the same woman because one is way louder than the other. #1 was a B list actress at the time. Now she is probably C+. She knew #2 from some work they had done together on a television show and #2 was starting to make a name for herself. Now she is an A list diva and likes to think of herself as someone who is multi-talented. Well, she was pretty talented back in the day according to #3 who is an A list mostly movie actor now from a huge huge movie franchise who used to be in a huge huge television franchise. #1 and #3 made a movie together and hooked up and a couple of times #2 came along for some threesome fun. #3 is not shy about sharing the story if you ask.
#1: Rosie Perez
#2: Jennifer Lopez
Television show: "In Living Color"
#3: Woody Harrelson
#1 & #3 movie: "White Men Can’t Jump"
Movie franchise: "Hunger Games"
Television franchise: "Cheers"

Is this mystery Lady running a scam? The Lady likes those athletes, and she's gotten ballers, basketball and otherwise, caught up in some potential drama. Not a good look!
Brynn Cameron

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actress split from her A list mostly movie actor husband not that long ago because he broke their rules. Have you noticed she hasn't been spotted with any guys? Yeah that’s because she has been with a woman the past six months that she met at an event last March. The two have been nearly inseparable and our actress is telling friends she is in love. Yeah, but is she going to come out to the world? Catherine Zeta Jones/Michael Douglas

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress who was on a hit show back in the day and is on a middling network show now was forced to spend an entire day with her child the other day and had no clue what to do. She asked several people at a restaurant what kids eat and that she didn't know since she never cooked for him and was never around when he eats. Her nanny quit and the actress couldn't find anyone.

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#3**
This former A list movie and television actor who barely made it to A list in the movies is mostly television now. He is on a fairly hit network show. He is aging. The former sex symbol is now suffering from early Alzheimer's and his scenes have had to be cut and the scenes he does shoot take extra time because of what he is going through. He can't remember more than a few lines at a time and sometimes just starts talking about characters he played years ago while the cameras are rolling. Ryan O’Neal ("Bones"); Ted Danson ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"); Tom Selleck ("Blue Bloods")

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#4**
This former A list reality star and now a C list celebrity who thinks of herself as the Kanye of celebrities and that people will always love her even though they haven't liked her for a decade has been trying to get pregnant. Scary to me too. Apparently she is having all kinds of trouble. She has been pregnant in the past and had miscarriages and she has tried IVF with no luck and has spent about $500K in the past 18 months doing everything she can. I think it might be all the STD's or the drugs that have caused the problem. Paris Hilton

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#5**
This B- list Academy Award winner/nominee was also in a huge franchise that doesn't exist any longer. Apparently the reason he and this B list mostly movie actress split not so long ago is not just because he was cheating because he was even though our lovely actress didn't know, it was because our lovely actress was not enough into kink. Our actor likes it rough and loves to spank and go full handcuffs and rope and is probably why he got along so well with his almost A list mostly movie actress ex. Michael Sheen "Twilight"/Rachel McAdams/Kate Beckinsale

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#6**
This former child and tween actor who had some hit shows in his youth and a meltdown as an adult when he tried to get back in the business has been named a target of a federal investigation into gun smuggling. Apparently our actor has been running guns for a white power group.

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#7**
This A+list rapper/celebrity had to pay $250K to some parents two months ago because he had sex with their daughter. She was just 15 even though he assumed everyone on the yacht was legal age. The police acted as the middlemen.

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#8**
This recently married former almost A list reality star must really want to be back on television. Despite her recent marriage vows she was seen coming out of a hotel suite with a reality television production company head. Holly Madison

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#9**
This game show host says he has had more hookers and strippers than Charlie Sheen and now is paying for it. Apparently his engine doesn't run any longer if you know what I mean. Some kind of infection he picked up and could never shake. It's not the obvious choice.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#10**
This celebrity mother of some very famous offspring has a fleet of escorts she calls upon every night. Not for sex, but just for dinner and someone to talk to. Her offspring only come over when it is going to be on television. Kris Jenner

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#11**
This actor is B- list. Mostly television at this point in his career. He was going to be the next A+ list superstar. He was everywhere. When movies were made when he was younger his name was at the top of every wish list. He was huge. He also got a big head and started trashing his friends and rumor has it is the reason one of his friends died. How? Got him hooked on drugs and never even bothered to send a card to the family. The rest of the family hates him and have spread the word against him whenever they get a chance. They have not had to do much. He has done most of the damage himself. From date raping the 17 year old daughter of a studio executive who is now a studio chief to burning down more than one trailer after leaving his cigarettes burning on furniture or the floor. His most recent celebrity girlfriend who had tons of money ended because he can't stop smoking meth and she was afraid he would get busted while they were dating and she would lose everything. Our actor spends almost all of his days smoking it. He says it gives him a creative energy for his acting but what it really does is make him lose out on roles and blow off the ones he does get. A sad ending to what could have been a great career. Josh Hartnett/Heath Ledger/Amanda Seyfried

He’s said to have a small gang of baby mommas, but we’re told he never really dealt with any major baby momma drama. Thats’ why from this OG music man’s perspective, these ratchet times probably really have changed. Our 72-year-old blind item — who’s sold over 100 million records –is credited for using song to rep the Civil Rights movement. Don’t believe me.. Just ask President Obama, who honored him, last year. Over the course of the time he fought for brothas’ and sistas’ freedom, he did a lot of smashing too. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mavis Staples. Specifically, with four sistas … who he fathered a total of five children with. That would be five of the nine children who call him Dad! "He was married to two of his black baby mommas, one of them for 15-years. His neighbors though his ex-wife was angry … not knowing she was the owner of the house." The man that got away with Trayon Martin’s murder is a travesty to our blind item’s government name. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Bob Dylan

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#1**
This celebrity/singer used to be A++. She has reached that position a couple of times. She is also very secretive about her relationship and I have made it clear how much she likes kink. Too much kink though broke up the relationship previous to the one she is in now. Her boyfriend at the time would go both ways and our singer was ok with that. She wasn't ok with him sleeping with one of her nephews. Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupri

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#2**
This former B+ list mostly television actress with the funny accent and very good looks wasn't looking so good this week. The actress, who has had substance abuse issues in the past claims she is clean and sober but she couldn't stand up straight in the Chateau Marmont lobby and could only manage two or three feet without falling. She would get up each time and insist she was fine and then start heading towards her goal of making it to the bathroom. Someone finally helped her to the bathroom. A short time later she was discovered on the floor in the bathroom asleep.

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#3**
The lead female in this long running USA show but is really unknown outside the show despite her long career apparently had an incredibly hot fling with this recurring actress on the show who was a very big deal back in the day who went from almost A list married mostly movie actress to almost nothing. She's trying to climb the ladder back up from that time when she was the star of a movie but not the show. Maggie Lawson/Kristy Swanson "Pysch"; Gabrielle Anwar/Kristanna Loken "Burn Notice"

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#1**
This former A list rapper who is now a B- list but has A list name recognition had some women on his tour bus. One of the women he was into asked if they could stop so she could let her dog go to the bathroom. The rapper said he would take care of it and took the dog from the woman and then killed the dog and told her now she didn't need to stop.

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#2**
Earlier this week this former B list celebrity and now D list ex was playing golf with some friends and the topic of his A list celebrity ex came up. He said that he should have got an Academy Award for the acting job he did on her and a couple of years and sucking it up has led to a lifetime of never working again. He said the fact they were both blitzed 95% of the time made it much easier to make it through everything. Kevin Federline/Britney Spears

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#3**
This A list mostly television actress who is going to drop from A list soon because her show is kind of in limbo has been doing what she does best. Cheating on her significant other. She really is a piece of work.

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#1**
This B- list mostly television actress who has a history of backstabbing people on the shows where she works is working her same magic once again. Our actress is sleeping with a producer on her middling hit network show and has been telling him that she will stop sleeping with him and offering up her friend too if he doesn't find a way to write out the other co-star of the show. Our B list actress finds her threatening and wants the spotlight all to herself. Our actress worked this same game before and caused a show to go crashing to the ground.
B- television actress: Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes)
Co-star: Clare Bowen (Scarlett O'Connor)
Network show: "Nashville"
Game before: "Heroes" tried to get Milo Ventimiglia fired

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#2**
This war between A list mostly movie actresses who are also Academy Award winners has reached epic proportions. #1 won the award but has way less nominations. She is the one who started the fight and has also threatened to expose #2's infidelities with her leading men. For her part, #2 has threatened to not only expose #1's infidelities but also release recordings of #1 having sex with a co-star when #1 got too loud and everyone could hear them outside #1's trailer. HINT: Things have become even more nasty between the pair since Academy Award nominations were revealed. As they each do interviews leading to the Academy Awards look for something to leak concerning the blind.
#1: Julia Roberts
#2: Meryl Streep
"August: Osage County"

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#3**
This former B list mostly television actor from an acting family who has had some issues in the past apparently got married to a Thai hooker he met at his favorite massage parlor. He tells everyone she was an exchange student but it isn't even close to reality.

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#4**
This former American Idol alum who worked a lot after the show ended says she stopped working consistently when she stopped sleeping with her former boss who is an A list celebrity. Pia Toscano/Jimmy Iovine

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#5**
This former B+ list reality star who crashed and burned before making it back up to B list celebrity and B- list reality judge was offered the chance to host a charity event but turned them down because she wanted $100K to host it. They turned her down and an Academy Award winning actress did it for free. Nicole Richie

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#6**
This A list celebrity/singer tells everyone he is sober. Apparently those beers he was drinking this weekend while passing around joint after joint after his concert must just be part of his recovery program. Keith Urban

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#7**
This A+ list celebrity found out over the weekend that all of the rumors about her A+ list celebrity husband and his cheating ways over the years was true. She had a private detective follow up on some of the accusations that have been made by him. He delivered the news on Saturday. Miranda Lambert/Blake Sheldon

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#8**
This married A list mostly television actor who is foreign born on a hit network show refuses to make the first move on any woman. Yes, I know I said he is married so you would think that's why. Nope. He has just been famous for so long that if a woman wants to be with him they have to do all the work. He will make the phone call to set something up but they need to be able to just tell him a place and a time. If it fits into his schedule he will have sex with them. His wife is lucky isn't she? Simon Baker; Michael J. Fox

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#9**
"If I keep doing reality shows and hosting no one will ever take me seriously as an actress." The crazy thing is that this former B list mostly television actress turned B list celebrity turned B list reality star turned mom was serious when she said it. I think it's sweet she thinks people think of her as an actress. Tori Spelling

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#10**
"Until he comes out, I'm not going to talk to him." A+ list mostly movie actress on why she won't talk to this A list talk show host.
Talk show host: Ryan Seacrest

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#11**
This actress has had some of the worst luck when it comes to guys. She has been with some very big names but they all walk all over her and she doesn't do anything about it. Our actress used to be almost A list. She has been right there a few times but is probably going to be a B forever. Great name recognition. Amazing actress. Terrible taste in guys. One A list actor cheated on her so many times that she wasn't even sure they were actually dating any longer. He said they were but he cheated on her almost every day. The worst was her husband though. This guy was a piece of work. He kept telling her he would change and she would believe him and then she would catch him with someone and he would apologize and he finally told her it was all her fault that he was cheating and that she should go to therapy so he would stop cheating on her. She actually went to therapy and he kept cheating on her anyway and she finally gave up when she realized he was cheating on her with the nanny while she was at therapy.
Actress: Laura Dern
A list actor: Billy Bob Thornton
Husband: Ben Harper

308. BLIND GOSSIP 09/30
If there is one thing that publicists never tire of, it’s a staged photo. Now, we’re not talking about the typical photo of a fake couple on the red carpet, or walking down the street holding hands, or sharing a meal at a public restaurant. No, the best staged photos aren’t taken in public. The best ones replicate private moments, the ones that you aren’t supposed to see! They are meant to tell a secret story, one where the viewer fantasizes about what happens next. A good example of this is a photo of a young male star on the floor, entangled with his girlfriend in a loving and "spontaneous" embrace. Of course, everybody has their clothes on, and their faces are cleverly obscured, but the publicists know that you will figure out who this clandestine couple is based on his tattoo… and what comes next based on their position. Are you buying the hetero image they are trying to give him? Well, you shouldn’t. Because the girl in the photo isn’t the true love of his life. Harry Styles and Paige Reifler

This is a rich and famous man, known around the world. He keeps busy and he keeps his lawyers even busier. This summer he got his team to prevent a media story concerning a talked about woman and a member of his family, then he blocked the publication of pictures of the inside of one of his houses. (And he's not royal!)
Rich Man: Simon Cowell
Talked-about woman: Lauren Silverman
Rich Man’s Family Member: Nicholas Cowell

He beats his wife but she’ll never tell anybody about it. If she did, it’d ruin their image. Because our mystery man’s first album flopped, he’s said to have gotten down on bended knees before landing his Atlantic Records deal. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kevin Liles. He and his Mrs. have since taken over the mainstream market as the new Cosbys. Meanwhile, they’re reported to be leading a secret life of swinging … something Cliff and Claire Huxtable would most def shy away from. His wife loves women more than he does. We’ve learned one of the reasons why he chose to work with the FEDs was because of the gay phone calls investigators have of him, from their wire taps on his line. While our blind item was serving his time, wifey kept the company of female studs, who are reported to have benefited off of the perks of his earnings — on top of smashing his woman. She even allowed them to drive his cars and lay up in his bed. He relayed a ‘Go Get’ dat guap message to his fans — through a recently release recording — but from what we’re told, he may wanna go get some mouthwash! Know why? Sources say because dude’s breath is so bad, his drivers ride with the windows down. Don’t believe me.. Ask Iggy Azalea. T.I./Tiny

311. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 09/30
Inexplicably, he’s been linked to some really hot, pretty famous women, even though he’s not exactly hot and he behaves, at least artistically, like a douchebag. What’s the attraction? Certainly not his sex moves. This won’t solve the mystery either. When it’s time to f-ck, he doesn’t like doing it at home. Which is weird because, well, he’s really weird about germs and touching. And you’d think his house would be cleaner than a hotel, right? So he and whoever he’s about to do it with are at the hotel. They’re about to do it. Only he won’t take his clothes off. Instead, he’ll always keep his underwear on, looping his dick through the boxer hole so as to minimize as much skin-on-skin contact as possible. Maybe that’s why it never lasts? David Spade

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