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guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

She was a regular girl who met a very famous pop star a few years ago at a casual dining restaurant in Miami a few years ago. Their two tables hit it off, and – long story short – she wound up spending the night at his hotel room. She found out that she was pregnant soon after. She had a steady boyfriend at the time and the couple assumed that the boyfriend was the father. When the DNA tests came back, though, they discovered that he was not biologically related to the child. Since then, the baby has grown into a happy, healthy child… who looks exactly like the pop star in his childhood pictures! The mom has been hesitant to contact the pop star (who doesn’t even know that she became pregnant around the same time that they had their one night stand) because she is very worried that it will become a big international scandal if she does. The mom and child live quietly in Europe now, so that may provide them a little insulation against an onslaught of media attention. Since celebrities have babies out of wedlock all the time, you might be wondering why this story would command such attention. Simple: At the time of conception, the pop star was only in his mid-teens! Justin Bieber

These former B list mostly movie actresses and now desperate to work, hate each other because they compete for the same men. Neither one of them can make a living without generous financial support from certain guys and there is a very limited pool of men who want washed up alcoholic, drug abusing actresses well past their prime. Lindsay Lohan/Tara Reid

It has been a long time since there was a multiple choice in one of the blind items. I think I have done it previously, but honestly, don't remember when. When the Tony Awards were announced, one of the names below went ballistic when they found out they had not been nominated. The person yelled at their agent and then manager and then someone very close to them and said some of the most vile things you could ever imagine. I knew they had a temper, but not like this. Katie Holmes; Jessica Chastain; Alec Baldwin; Jim Parsons; Bette Midler; Scarlett Johansson. I know you are all thinking Alec Baldwin so you can eliminate him, because, although he might have gone crazy, he is not the one I know about for this. Jessica Chastain

This former B- list mostly television actress who converted to a reality star before doing, well, not really much of anything except being famous is trying a new venture. One slight problem is that she has no money for the venture so she is trading sex for the capital. She thought she had a partner for the venture but he backed out when he found out what she really wanted because he did not want to be associated with her in the venture because he does not think she will succeed. So, she found someone else. She is proving she will do just about anything and anyone to make this venture happen. Pamela Anderson
(former NHL player Geoff Courtnall proposed $50-million, 83-unit residential project called Arcadia at Oyster Bay)

This controversial former reality star who had a very high profile relationship claims he is sober. Apparently his definition of sober does not match the rest of the world's definition of sober. Unless of course booze is allowed in his definition. Lots of it lately. Jesse James

This A list mostly television actor is rich and has a drug problem. He is also inventive. Apparently instead of sending people to buy drugs for him, he now has a group of people who actually make the stuff just for him and has a direct pipeline. This would also explain his not too distant out of the country trip he took to a known drug country. Charlie Sheen

According to a European model/escort who is trying to sell her story and two photos to tabloids, she was completely naked and had just had sex with this A list former Tweener when he was Skyping with his on again/off again celebrity girlfriend. The model was standing in front of the laptop so she could not be seen by the webcam and has photos. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

This actress is B- list. I'm really stretching it there. The only reason she gets that high of a grade is because of one role on a hit show. Current role, but she has not done much before, but one can expect she will do more after the role ends which should be in another season or two at the very most. I spoke to one of her friends the other day and they said she has always been very open and honest, at least with her friends that she has no problems with getting roles via the casting couch and says if she can get them that way and beat out someone else and get to the top faster, then why shouldn't she do it? She says there is no reason for her to go to 20 auditions in a week and spend 60 hours a week driving to and from them and waiting if she can go spend an hour having sex and get a role she would have got after four or five weeks of driving to and from auditions. She also has no problem with nudity and said that for her big break she not only agreed to nudity but also has the casting couch to thank for the role which ultimately got her the role that is starting to make her a star which she says she did not have to have sex with anyone for, but was very willing. No wonder she gets along so great with her female B list co-star. Jessica Pare/January Jones

In the corner office and the boardroom, women are ‘leaning in.’ But there’s one place where they’re still wracked with anxiety and shame. A look at the lengths we go to avoid getting caught in the stall. A woman will go to great lengths to never get caught doing it, especially at work. A popular national morning TV show host in her 40s—who, like most others interviewed in this story, asked to remain nameless to avoid embarrassment—said that she walks 10 minutes to another section of her midtown office building to do it, and still then only does it when no one in the hallway sees her en route. For some, there’s no solution to be found except to simply wait it out. "My whole life was ruined because there was not a private bathroom in my dressing room at The View," Rosie O’Donnell wrote in Celebrity Detox. "Now I could not go poop until I got home."
Host: Sherri Shepherd
Show: "The View"

10. EVIL BEET/Catherine St. Ives 05/01
Now here’s some of my own gossip that may or may not be about a certain recently divorced older actress’ daughter. If you don’t feel like reading my anecdote then you can roll your eyes, stop reading, and carry on with your damn life. Back when I worked in retail, I would often encounter celebs. I would stand behind the register or help them shop (read: "Hi, welcome to _____" and/or "May I help you with anything?" I mostly didn’t ask people if I could help them with anything because I hate people and don’t like helping them. Which is why I found a different job after a year.) So yeah, it was all very glamorous. One day, a really cute, really attractive man came into the store and asked me to help him. He explained that his girlfriend’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to give her a small gift every day for 12 days leading up to her bday. He was an actor. Minor roles. I thought his idea was really cute, so I helped him, and he decided he would buy her 12 little glass animals. He spent a while lining up these glass animals on the counter, really taking his time to make sure he picked the right ones. It was really endearing. He called his girlfriend to get some sort of hint about what animals she liked. Because he was so close to me, I could hear her over the phone. She was very curt with him and the conversation lasted a few seconds. I pretended I was oblivious. He pretended he wasn’t super embarrassed. I felt badly for him. I found out later that he was dating a certain celeb spawn. They broke up not long after this. I don’t know them, I don’t know their relationship, I don’t know if she was in the middle of something super important when he called or if he upset her earlier, I don’t know. I just know he was really cute and I felt really bad for him. Take this (alleged) encounter for what you will.
Actor: Micah Alberti
Recently divorced actress: Demi Moore
Actress’ daughter: Rumer Willis

Did this Couple fake problems to stay in the spotlight? Are these two so desperate to keep their names on everyone's lips that would defy reality and pretend to break up? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Porsha and Kordell Stewart

This former almost A list mostly television actress has a new man. She loves being able to get prescriptions written without having to doctor shop. What she has to do in return is way better than what she was having to do before. Heather Locklear

This B- list mostly television actress from a couple of hit shows made a little video on her cell phone of one of her co-stars naked. No big deal in that show because everyone it seems is naked all the time. The problem is that the video was taken in a hotel room and then her husband saw it. Ruh oh.

This B-/C+ list mostly television actor from a very hit show is probably going to end up in jail within the next year. He is leaving a trail of women behind him who claim to have been sexually assaulted by the actor. He shuts them up with cash and some he has threatened, but the numbers grow everyday. He never has just a normal relationship. He loves the power and loves the violence. He has been confronted before and exposed here before for his past behavior which he had said he had put behind him. Mark Salling ("Glee") (and within a year, one of those women turned him in for child porn and another accused him of rape)

For the first time in his reality career, this B list reality star from a long running hit show was turned down. He always hits on his co-stars. It is his rule. He always does it. I can't remember when he has been turned down. Sometimes he will take a run through all the co-stars, but there has never been a season when he has not succeeded. This season he put all his eggs in one basket. He then kept hitting and hitting and trying and trying and finally the co-star admitted that she is gay. Has not ever told anyone, but felt she could tell our reality star.

This A list foreign born mostly movie actor is having to wear a corset in his latest movie because he has gained 20 pounds in the past few months. He refuses to lose the weight so costume designers had to build him his very own corset. Russell Crowe

This B list reality star is having serious withdrawal symptoms because she does not have a connection to a drug dealer. She always got it through he soon to be ex. Jenelle Evans "Teen Mom"

A few years ago, no one had heard of this B-/C+ list actress. Many people still haven't despite the fact that she has been in almost every form of media over the past few years, including a network television show. If she was more talented, she would have a shot at an EGOT because she has done them all. There was a big scandal that she escaped a few years ago and that is because the A-/B+ list mostly television actor she had an affair with threw another one of his partners under the bus and not our actress who he had co-starred with. He saw no reason to involve her because he already could expose someone who had previously been exposed. The result was though that he has held it over the head of this actress and whenever she is in LA, which is not that often, he gives her a call and they hook up. He has threatened to expose her if she does not show up and says that his reputation is so bad that it would not matter to him if the press finds out, but he knows she likes to be perceived as squeaky clean.
B-/C+ list actress: Megan Hilty
Television actor: David Boreanaz
Threw under the bus: Rachel Uchitel

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/02
1. Which NYC businessman is turning a blind eye to his wife’s affair because he secretly likes the fact she is sleeping with a very famous TV star?

2. Which smarmy journalist has been caught red- handed slagging off her rivals and some prominent New Yorkers on her work e-mail, making her public enemy No. 1? Payback can be a bitch.

We don't mean to be a spoilsport (what are we saying, we love being that!), but we have on good authority to believe that there will be a finale death in at least one of these four shows. And by good authority, we mean someone on the cast told us. Here are the shows to speculate over: Hawaii Five-0 and Grey's Anatomy.

21. BLIND GOSSIP 05/03
So there’s a rumor going around that they are planning a wedding. We have just two words to describe this: Holy. Shit. You know that every event in this family’s life is plotted and planned and choreographed and filmed and packaged and sold, right? There is absolutely nothing spontaneous about any major life event. To even think that the family would not plan and capitalize on the engagement process is ridiculous. After all, engagements are all about romance and rings and proposals and announcements and parties and publicity and endorsements! The family has absolutely no interest in skipping over that major life event and going straight to a wedding with no gifts and no press and no camera crews and no hoopla. We found out that someone has gone way off the reservation, and the family is frantic! There are lots of negotiations and contract renegotiations and arguments and attempts at manipulation and blackmail going on right now. The family’s attempts to contain and control the source are actually backfiring on them. It’s quite the mess, and if all the parties can’t start playing nice together, this fake marriage is going to be an even bigger fiasco than the last one.
Couple: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West
Family: Kardashians

Long before this New York rapper got rich, and didn’t die trying, a broken heart is suspected to have pushed him to the brink of madness. That’s because sources say our seemingly sentimental mystery man had no shame when he once carried a bouquet of roses, screaming for his ex-girlfriend "Janelle", through NYC’s Baisley Projects. That’s before we’re told our blind item later ran into Janelle and her new man "Doobie", at a Queens Boulevard car wash. Here’s the drop: "Janelle was with Doobie in his older Ranger Rover when he pulled up beside them in a brand new white Benz. He goes, ‘Oh, what up! Ya’ll look good together. What? Ya’ll don’t like the new shit?" Long after Doobie’s death in a tragic car crash, did our blind item run into Janelle, comparing her to the pair of kicks he always wanted but never had? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Tony Yayo! 50 Cent

This former A list celebrity/singer who probably would have faded away to much less than C list if not for a previous relationship and certain level of craziness has stopped having sex. It has been several months. She quit booze drugs and sex all at the same time. She has slipped once or twice on each, but for the most part has kept to it and as a result she says has gained 40 pounds and is heavier than she has ever been in her life. She looks healthy at last. Courtney Love

This B list reality star spends hours everyday in the gym now, but in reality that is just for show. She has to make it look like she lost weight to make money from a new program she is going to be selling, but hates working out so she is taking a variety of Adderall like drugs to make the pounds drop away. Oh, and not eating for days at a time. Khloe Kardashian

It is not just former Tweeners who let their friends take photos of them smoking pot. A current Disney Tweener who is A list in that world and very pap friendly has been busted smoking pot and, unlike the other grown up Tweeners, this could ruin her career if the photos get out. Cell phone quality, but very very obvious. No deniable cigarettes. It is a bong.

This former B-/C+ list mostly television actress is out of money and can't find a job because she is really hard to work with. So, how does she earn a few bucks? She has been calling and e-mailing her A+ list mostly movie ex and telling him he will release photos of herself bruised and bloody from one of their encounters if he does not give her some money on a monthly basis or get her a high paying gig. He has blown her off so far and says that the only bloody photos are when she got so drunk or was drugged out that she fell down and did the damage to herself. Jennifer Esposito/Bradley Cooper

This former A lister if you define A list as the number of times you get in a tabloid for bad behavior and arrests, but more known for her rapping and interesting name has a new profession. Well, not so new. She used to hook before she got famous and her ex now has her on his string again. She is his biggest earner from a select clientele. She is open to anything as long as at the end of the day she gets her fix. I can't believe with her bad luck that she has not been arrested for it yet. Foxy Brown

It is like Remington Steele or Moonlighting, but in a sitcom. These two stars of a hit network comedy can't stand each other. They always are competing for more lines and the male half of the show is really upset at the special treatment his female co-star gets because of her burgeoning career. He would love to see the couple get divorced on the show so he could have it all to himself. He actually said he would love to see her character leave the show in other ways, but they are not very sitcom friendly so would settle for the divorce. Billy Gardell/Melissa McCarthy "Mike & Molly"

I have said about ten words to this actress and all I can say is that she gave me a fake smile and quickly decided the wall over my head looked far more interesting. Normal reaction, but everyone else I know who has spent any time with her, finds her to be the most impersonal, cold and not too bright person they have met. People are astonished she is an actress. Foreign born. Probably a B- lister, but only because of an upcoming role, and not because of her past which would probably place her in the C list category. Mostly movies. There is no way she could do television because she really has the wrong expressions and timing for television. No one can understand how she got any of her roles. She has hit the casting couch before but apparently she was just as uninteresting in bed as she was in the role she won for her casting couch audition. Jessica Biel is a better actress, but people hear her name and for some reason I guess they think with that name and that body she is going to be great. SNL had thought about using her at the end of this season because she is promoting a movie but saw an audition tape of hers where she was supposed to be doing improv and couldn't do anything. The only thing she can do is memorize lines. I'm sure she is probably a lovely person inside, but it does not come across on the outside. She dates no one, male or female, although people say she prefers the company of women and that she is uncomfortable playing a sexualized female lead which is what she usually ends up playing. She gave a speech once at an event and was supposed to interact as part of it with other people. She couldn't. She had to keep looking at the teleprompter and it turned into the most awkward few minutes people had ever seen. She really does have a great name though. Alice Eve " Star Trek Into Darkness"

No one wants to work with Hollywood’s most difficult mother. She now has a reputation among child care agencies for being the most unpopular celebrity nanny employer and many now only send to her the nannies on their staff who specialize in dealing with mega bitch moms. She is surprisingly less organized than you would think, often requesting services with no lead time and expecting to be offered priority treatment. When the nanny arrives, she often won’t speak to the person directly, communicating via her assistant, and often implying that the person isn’t attractive enough, and because of this, may or may not sell her out. Because only ugly people compromise confidentiality, I guess? She confiscates cell phones. She also demands to go through the nanny’s private messages. After a dinner party once, when she and her friends were particularly mouthy, backstabbing several prominent actors and actresses, she demanded to search the nanny who had stayed late -- without prior notice -- so as to make sure she wasn’t bugged and threatened legal action for no reason. Speaking of working hours, she has been known to require extra time but isn’t willing to pay for it, rationalizing her request by blaming the person for an imaginary offensive -- like missing diapers or a bent branch/stem in the garden. I.E. "I notice that the whatever bush over there looks a little trampled. You weren’t careful enough. You are staying an extra two hours." She is known to be verbally abusive and impatient. She once watched a nanny pick up spilled baby food all over the floor while tapping her hand on the counter and criticizing the person’s physique and intellect as the reason for why it was taking so long. Many nannies in LA, hearing horror stories from their peers, have turned potential work placements with her because they don’t want to bother with the drama. Not Jennifer Garner. Reese Witherspoon

They have spent about 24 hours together total, and most of those were spent doing a photoshoot together. This celebrity couple wants the world to think they are together. I'm not really sure why though considering the more celebrity of the couple has been seeing multiple women and if he gets caught with them it will be the end of the road. She is doing it for the paycheck and to try and repair her image which is also tarnished. She had really really wanted to be the woman to marry this religious icon/athlete, but came on too strong in her quest to be his "first." Well, public first anyway. Tiger Woods/Lindsey Vonn/Tim Tebow

This former A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and still has A list name recognition, despite not working very much the past few years has been trying to get her life together. One of the things she has really worked on is trying to stay sober. She went to rehab so many times early in her career that Lindsay has nothing on her. She has slipped over the years and slipped again, but always managed to pull it together enough so she did not have to go to rehab. When I say always, I am excluding of course the six month period where she did drugs with her daughter, but that is another story. Anyway, she is doing better and one of the things that has gone on with her getting better is that she no longer needs her A list actor husband. If you had asked her a year ago, she would have said she needed him which is why she stayed. She says she is more healthy and is finally ready to move on from him. MelanieGriffith /Dakota Johnson/Antonio Banderas

This B+ list mostly television actress ran away from a group of fans who started asking questions and wanting to take photos of the sometimes controversial actress on a hit show. She smiled awkwardly and refused to answer any questions about anything, even her kid when they were put to her. She just wanted to get away. Never seen a more awkward celebrity in public. January Jones

This almost A list mostly movie actress who deserves to be about a C and would be if not for a franchise was wasted out of her mind and people swore they were getting a contact high just being next to her. Kristen Stewart

Met Gala: "At least no one will talk about how skinny I am. This dress makes me look bigger than Kim Kardashian. I am never wearing this designer again." B-/C+ list actress from a big franchise and not much else.

Met Gala: This A list reality star/host/judge entertained people last night with a very detailed, very graphic description of how she performed oral sex on her boyfriend in a limo last week and how she had to change outfits when she got to the event because she had, umm had a Monica Lewinsky experience happen during it. Heidi Klum

Met Gala: This married B list mostly television actress spent most of the night crying and texting her other man/co-star. Fight? Trouble? Drama? Blake Lively/Penn Badgley

38. BLIND GOSSIP 05/06
The 1% love to date each other. Actors, singers, dancers, directors, business people, and athletes, all play musical partners with each other. There is a case of one couple, though, that is about to get ugly, and one will certainly want revenge on the other. She is a top film actress. He is a businessman with a penchant for photography. He has always been a bit obsessed with using the human body in his work. He is especially into women’s breasts. Given that she is known for her voluptuous figure, it is not surprising that he found her attractive. Actually, almost everyone finds her attractive. Young, blonde, busty, nice, talented. What’s not to like? While they were together, he took photos of her. Lots of photos. Now, we’re not talking about photos of her riding the Staten Island Ferry. We’re talking about nude photos of her in various seductive poses. What happened to those photos when they broke up late last year? He kept them. And they are now making the rounds of the New York business community. His justification: "They’re art!" She would likely disagree. While they might have been "art" when he was taking them, as soon as he started showing them around, they became "porn". She is going to throw a fit when she finds out.
Actress: Scarlett Johansson
Businessman: Nate Naylor

39. ALLIE IS WIRED 05/06
This rom-com queen’s personal life is anything but funny. Her wedding plans have been derailed after a miscarriage lead her into a depression. She appears to have bounced back, but now her fiance is having second about starting a family…with her. Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux

She’s an R&B Diva notoriously known for once stabbing her alleged abusive ex-hubby. But what most people may not know is this 31-year-old mother of six is reported to be sharing her home with both Michael Ford AND Rahmat Morton! Don’t believe me.. Ask Monifah Carter. We’re told the bizarre living situation goes down like this: While our blind item and current husband, Michael Ford, are on the road – her ex-hubby holds the fort down and keeps watch on the kids. Know why? Because sources say she’s a "boss bitch" who has "an open relationship with Michael", who we’re also told will soon be told to kicks rocks! That’s because insiders reveal once she’s financially secure, our mystery lady has plans to rekindle an exclusive relationship with the "love of her life", Rahmat Morton. Here’s the drop: "She thought Rahmat was cheating on her, but he wasn’t. Rahmat was a D-Boy, he was out on the streets getting money for his wife and two kids. She stabbed Rahmat because she thought he was involved in a relationship with another woman, but she was wrong. She and Rahmat love each other, but they can’t live together alone because Rahmat can’t hustle anymore. So, she’s running with Michael because he can afford to pay their bills. It’s funny how Michael had a problem with Monifah being a lesbian, yet he’s cool being in three-way relationship." Keke Wyatt

Britain’s recent horseburger scandal — when some supermarkets were caught out selling horsemeat disguised as beef — reminded me of an old story told to me by a UK gossip columnist, now sadly deceased. It concerns a world-famous woman who liked to protect her image. The late diarist had the temerity to suggest that she had tucked into a horse dish in a country where horsemeat is frequently to be found on menus. The woman’s lawyers sued the paper for traducing her character. Rather than put up a fight and try to prove that on a particular day our famous woman was really eating horseflesh, the paper capitulated and paid her £50,000 ‘damages’ in an out of court settlement. That was in the 1980s. This was not the first or the last time the famous woman resorted to such tactics over stories that were not actually libelous but were difficult to prove. A nice little tax-free earner!
Princess Diana

This former almost A list mostly movie actor who is barely a C+ now says his life is finally back on track after a long absence. He got paid a tremendous amount of money to stay quiet and had people around him constantly to remind him to stay quiet, but now that has all changed and he finally found someone he can date and be with and has been for almost a year now and he has not had to explain why people are following him or how he has enough money to not have to work.

Apparently the next hour this former B list reality star spends alone with her child other than a photo shoot will be the first hour she has spent alone with her child since the day after her child was born. Holly Madison

This C list reality star who was probably an A list reality star for about the run of her show wanted to be on the show again and even split with her boyfriend to do it. She has tried and tried to get another show on national television and has had no luck. In order to stay in front of everyone she started dating some cable guy with hopes she could get a show with him, but has her eye out for any other guy who can get her a show too.
Reality star: Ali Fedotowsky

Show: "Bachelorette"
Boyfriend: Roberto Martinez
Cable Guy: Kevin Manno, and he's the host of "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" (Lifetime)

This former A list celebrity who has dropped down somewhat, owes her new career which is totally different from the way she became a celebrity to the fact her celebrity husband beats and cheats as she likes to say. He would beat her or be out cheating and she would escape to the kitchen where she found out she was pretty good and because of her situation had a whole lot of practice.

Met Gala: This B-/C+ list actress/former reality star found some guy worth millions about 5 minutes into the party and then literally held on to him the entire night and told someone she had to go to the bathroom so bad but was afraid he would find someone else or leave if she went to the bathroom. She held it and held on to him and left with him at the end of the night. Julianne Hough

Met Gala: This B- list mostly television actress from several hit shows told this almost A list mostly movie actress that the A lister's husband had hit on her a month previously and only found out he was married after they had made out. The B- lister kept apologizing all night.
B- actress:
A list actress/husband:

I remember the first time I ran into this then A list celebrity. I was expecting her to be this very innocent, kind of goofy and very beautiful person. This is how she wanted the public to see her and it was how she had me see her. 20 minutes later when I saw her but she did not see me, I saw her drinking a shot and yelling at her manager using language I can't even begin to describe. It was a long way from the virginal teen beginning she had and how she was portrayed to everyone. It was not long after this, that she announced something which was a huge negative for her. HUGE. Could have ruined her career. Might have, except for all the favors she called in. I was shocked her career did not nose dive and remember asking someone about it who told me at the time that she had fucked 20 huge reporters and music producers and record executives and television producers over the years while she was married while at the same time giving that same goofy smile and aww shucks kind of mentality. One of the record producers said she knew how to do things that blew his mind but he was not sure it was because she was really that good or that he had expected her to be like the image she portrayed so that made it more exciting. When her career looked like it would nose dive she called in all the favors and puff pieces were written about her and she was given jobs other than her main profession and acting jobs and her label didn't drop her and she churned out a hit record. She also managed to convince another guy she had been cheating with to leave his wife so that way she could look all happy and innocent again.

Met Gala: This former almost A list mostly movie actress who is now hanging on to B by a thread said she got a breast lift and slight augmentation to a B cup because she hated seeing her breasts on screen in her last movie. Kirsten Dunst

50. BLIND GOSSIP 05/07
This sexy actor has been married to his beautiful actress wife for several years. Last year, a month or two after one of his movies opened, he and a group of his friends (including another well-known actor he’s been known to wrestle around with) visited a bar in New York City. Our actor pointed out a couple of girls to one of his friends, and the friend approached the girls with a proposition. "Do you recognize my friend over there? He picked you out. He wants to know if you two will have a threesome with him." The girls immediately recognized the actor, but were not impressed. "First of all, we’re sisters, so that’s really gross. Secondly, isn’t he married?" The friend went back to the actor, and they conferred for a minute or two before the friend returned. "Yes, but he doesn’t understand why that would be a problem." At that moment, some other women in the bar recognized the actor, and began to create a scene. As the actor and his friends scrambled to quickly leave the bar, the actor had these departing words for the sisters: "Your loss!" His wife is very pregnant right now. We wonder if she knows that her husband is unfaithful. And into threesomes. And into picking up strangers in bars.
Married Actor: Channing Tatum
Wife: Jenna Dewan-Tatum
Mark Ruffalo (he is playing a wrestler in Foxcatcher and Channing plays his brother)

After nearly a decade together, this married B list actress who deserves to be a D, but has A list name recognition has split with her long time girlfriend. The girlfriend just could not handle the actress being married. The actress has already moved on and found someone younger and who also loves dogs. HINT: The girlfriend has been repeatedly spotted with this almost A list mostly movie actress who has always had very public relationships with guys, including some disastrous ones, at least publicity wise. PROBABLY: Jessica Biel (ex-girlfriend now dating Kristen Stewart)

At a party last night, this B- list mostly movie actress who is in this space repeatedly, told a friend that she had missed her period and fears she might be pregnant from a one night stand with this former B list mostly movie actor who has been known to impregnate. Our actress then went and sat on the lap of this B list athlete and canoodled him before leaving with him later. Ashley Greene/Ryan Phillippe/Mark Sanchez

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is about to take a break was on the receiving end of attention from a SI Swimsuit model not named Kate Upton. The model, who was wearing a top that was kept closed by one simple button at the bottom told the actor that she had worn the top just for him and invited him to reach inside and see if he liked what she had to offer. He took her up on the touching, but that was about it and moved on with his friends like what had happened was a normal occurrence. Alyssa Miller/Leonardo DiCaprio "Gatsby" premiere

This now B list mostly movie actor who seems like he is about to hit A list status cheated on his A list mostly move actress girlfriend which is why they broke up. It did not stop him from trying to get her in a threesome though with his current celebrity girlfriend. Nicholas Hoult/Jennifer Lawrence/Riley Keough

This former A list tweener and now a B list celebrity would have never passed a drug test at a recent event which was about substance abuse. Zac Efron

This B-/C+ list actress who is mostly movies, but has not done really anything in a long time other than Broadway has several offers for movies, but would all require nudity. She is on the fence, but it would be the largest single movie paycheck she has ever received and is really desperate for the attention it would bring. Katie Holmes

In the world of movie making there is certainly a lot of on set romances that fade away to nothing after all is said and done. One actress has had two on set romances and when they were over never heard from her co-stars again. One, in which the now A+ list mostly movie co-star was married was especially painful because he had told the then B+ list mostly movie actress and now a lucky to be asked to make a movie C lister that he was going to leave his wife. There was a lot of random sex going on in the movie and our actress was not immune to the goings on, and neither was the actor. Our actress had seen our actor hooking up with a variety of extras and people with small roles, but big breasts and it was only when the actor told our actress that he just wanted her and none of the others that she gave in. After they had hooked up, she thought that was the end of it and then he started talking about leaving his wife and our actress responded and they spent three months of filming together. When it ended though, he never spoke to her again and she never tried to talk to him again. He said he would call and didn't. She says that she was crushed for about six months and when the time came to do press the only way she could get through it and say nice things about the actor was to do a bunch of coke. She did voluminous amounts at that period and needed reconstructive surgery to her nose.

58. BLIND GOSSIP 05/08 **#1**
ome gossip magazines were reporting that this celebrity couple is obviously in love because they spent so much time together during his recent trip to Los Angeles. Ha! Every time they go out, it’s publicity related. Except for one recent event. When they went out for her birthday – not alone, but with a group of people (because he doesn’t like being alone with her) – they celebrated at a restaurant. He is the one who chose the restaurant. Why did he choose that particular restaurant? Because he is looking to get into the bar/restaurant business! The restaurant he chose is one owned by one of the people he is working with to make this happen. He did his photo op at the table. Then, while the rest of the party was sinking their teeth into cake, he was in a back room with the owner sinking his teeth into the restaurant’s business operations and finances! That’s right, for once, a night out with her wasn’t strictly about publicity. It was about business. Although he is tied to her for now, this guy isn’t about to let her rob him of opportunities to move forward with his life. As soon as you hear that he has invested in a bar/restaurant – or that he is opening up his own – the answer to this blind item will become obvious to you.
Birthday Girl: Kristen Stewart
Guy: Robert Pattinson
Bar/Restaurant: Harvard & Stone

59. BLIND GOSSIP 05/08 **#2**
Dating and breaking up, dating and breaking up, dating. Since this young celebrity couple has gone back and forth so many times, they must really love each other, right? Not exactly. For her, it’s strictly a business arrangement. Her team encouraged the last split because he was screwing up his life, and, consequently, her reputation. Why date someone if they are going to make you look bad by association? But then, two things happened. He stopped being as big of an ass… and she had an album she needed to promote. So, she went back to him. Don’t think of it as a permanent arrangement, however. Her team will reevaluate the relationship a few weeks after her album comes out. If the album does not sell well, they will ask her to hang on a little longer for the publicity, especially since he is the subject of at least one song on the album. They absolutely want her to milk that connection for all it’s worth. If the album does sell well, she won’t need him, and she will break up with him again within a couple of months after the album comes out. Does he realize this? No. There is no contract this time around, and he actually believes that that they’re in love.
Girl: Selena Gomez
Boy: Justin Bieber

This celebrity-owned French painting, done by Fernand Leger, was auctioned off in New York City. According to Billboard, the painting had an estimated value of about $5 – $7 million. The painting, named "Three Women at the Red Table", sold for $7.2 million!!!! This celebrity bought the piece of artwork for $3.2 million in 1990. Billboard reports that proceeds from this auction go to the Ray of Light Foundation, which "supports girls’ education in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries." This mystery superstar was quoted saying, "trade something valuable for something invaluable." So nice to see celebrities giving back to the world! Madonna

This former athlete and now a strange celebrity wanted to make sure his new celebrity television chef pal got the most out of the strippers at a club. The athlete stood over the strippers while they were giving lap dances to the chef and made sure they were doing a good job and even placed them in what he thought were better positions. He was perfectly serious about all of this too. Dennis Rodman

This former almost A list celebrity and former reality star had a massive three day bender last week. She partied almost non-stop and the only thing she has to show for it besides more nose damage is a 45 minute romp in bed with this married A list celebrity/reality star/just about everything else. He said that she is not his usual type, but he was feeling the need for something different that day. Ashlee Simpson/Mario Lopez

It has been awhile since this A list mostly television actor cheated on his spouse. Maybe that is why he was all over every guy he saw last weekend at a party while his husband was back at home. Matt Bomer

What not as famous C list celebrity/sometime actress sister spent a lot of time chatting with Crystal Hefner last week about posing for Playboy. Nothing really blind item worthy about our celebrity talking to Crystal, it was what our celebrity's brother-in-law said that caused heads to turn. "I think you look great naked." He said this in front of his former A list Tweener wife. Haylie Duff/Mike Comrie (Hilary Duff)

This celebrity couple consisting of a B- list mostly movie actor and a B- list mostly television actress are having a little issue. It seems as if she did not tell the whole truth about her STD past and he must not read the tabloids, so didn't know she has the herp. They have been having unprotected sex and our actor freaked out. She says she thought she told him before. Minka Kelly/Chris Evans

This former almost A list mostly television actress got paid $25,000 to show up at an event. She was supposed to stay two hours and stayed for about 2 minutes and on her way out grabbed four bottles of liquor. Teri Hatcher

The title kind of reminds me of one of those very slim romance novels. All that is missing is a half naked Fabio on the cover holding a woman tightly. I remember reading one time about an author who had written thousands of those books. She was a very rich woman. Do people still write those kinds of books? Are they less guilty to read if you do so on your Kindle? Anyway, this is kind of like one of those romance novels, except this actually happened and because it is Hollywood, there are a few other twists and I won't be referring to any body parts as a hard sheath. This actress is probably B list now. She used to be A list, but owes it to one special role. Mostly movies. Very attractive, but very awkward. Our actress was a virgin until she was 18. Never really even did much more than a quick kiss to any guy before that. That all changed in one night. Our actress went out one night and met a man. A man more than twice her age. A man who dates several women each week. It took about two hours before the man had her back at his place and where she spent the night. And got in a lot of trouble from her parents. They then nearly hit the roof when they found out who her "boyfriend" was. They refused to let her see him. I know, I know, but even at 18, she listened, or they thought she did. It turns out though, our actress is a very good actress and had no problems making up reasons to go out and would go see her boyfriend. When that became harder she started dating a guy she knew her parents would love. The guy was gay, but with a few dollars in his pocket and the occasional spotting in public by the paps to show her parents in the tabloids she was able to continue seeing her boyfriend. This went on for several years. Breakups when he would cheat, and her canceling events and not taking work to try and get closer to him at all times. They finally split not that long ago. She had enough of his cheating and there is no way he was ever going to commit to her. Emma Watson

68. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09
She really, really wants you to believe that their relationship is so strong that the couple is making all their decisions together. Ha! Not even close! He has totally gone off the reservation and is now making decisions without her… while she is scrambling to keep up and pretend that these are her decisions too! This far-away house is not going to be her permanent residence too. Los Angeles is her home. She may travel or stay somewhere for a few months, but she will never really leave LA. Her fame is contingent upon her being followed by the paparazzi, so to think that she would seriously move to a place where they are so restricted is illogical. It is also an incredibly clever move on his part. He will buy a house, and let her stay there occasionally so that she can pretend that she is a sophisticated, international star. But he knows that she can’t stand being out of the spotlight long, and will high-tail it back to LA every chance she gets. On the other hand, he will stay there frequently. That way he can be far away from her… and closer to his boyfriend.
She: Kim Kardashian
He: Kanye West
Where he is buying a house: Paris
His Boyfriend: Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy designer

Today’s blind item is a 40-year-old retired NBA All Star who used to date Tyra Banks — but their relationship fell apart because of his promiscuous ways. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tracee Ellis Ross. His Webb of smashing sessions isn’t necessarily reserved just for the ladies. Know why? Because sources say his one-time BFF, Nas, is known to have joined our mystery man in an all out smash session with Nia Long and Tracee Ellis Ross! That’s when we’re told Nia and Tracee got pissed over our blind item and Nas being more into each other than the ladies! Don’t believe me.. Ask Kelis. Here’s the drop: "Nia Long wanted to try and settle dude down, when he played for the Golden State Warriors. So she paid a security guard to keep an eye on him. The security guard reported back to Nia, saying dude was getting a lot of late night male visitors. When he was a Washington Wizard, he solicited sex from both call girls and transgender working girls." He married a beard back in 2009, but our middle-aged blind item is yet to have fathered any kids. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Chris Webber

Many wondered about the marriage of this reality Couple. Now everybody's over buzzing about these two, so was it just for show? With no publicity, is the marriage over? Porsha and Kordell Stewart "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

This aging, yet still A list rocker, tried to hit on a woman almost four times younger than him this week. She is a celebrity in her own right, in her own world, and finally slapped the rocker after he kept putting his arms around her and then groped her breasts.

This out of work former A list host of a top rated network reality show shows why you should never burn bridges. She always thought way too highly of herself and treated everyone she worked with like crap. She lost two extremely high profile gigs because no one liked her and she thought she could not be replaced. She has not worked in almost two years and is begging people to give her another chance. Producers want no part of her. None. Samantha Harris ("Entertainment Tonight" and "Dancing with the Stars"

This former almost A list mostly movie actor who does not really do anything now because his franchise has ended and his career has been a flop post-franchise has been seeing someone new. What started out as an hourly relationship has turned into our actor buying his new man a condo and trying to visit a few times a week without getting caught. I don't know why he won't come out already. He would clear up about 10 blind items if he did. Hayden Christensen

This former almost A list mostly television actor who now makes a really good living just being himself tried and failed to have bathroom sex with his girlfriend this week. Apparently our actor had a little too much to drink and kept slamming himself and then his girlfriend into the stall because he could not keep her upright. Finally, after she suffered a gash to the back of her head, he called it off. David Hasselhoff

This B list mostly movie actress knew her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend was having trouble staying sober. She is attracted to guys with sobriety issues. I don't know why, but she has been that way for a decade or longer. She also should have known that when she did her usual pills or drank in front of him, that it might be the wrong thing to do. She didn't seem to care though. Maybe karma is getting her back though because a trip to rehab would not be too bad for her at this time. She is looking rough. Michelle Williams/Jason Segel

This B-/C+ list very good looking actor has not worked as much lately and can't afford his beard any longer. It is not so much that he would pay her to be with him, but would take her on trips and shopping and to red carpets and it was getting too expensive. Plus, on their last trip out of the country she hit it off with a guy who gives scuba lessons and wants to try a relationship with him. So, no more couple. Kellan Lutz/Sharni Vinson

This would be the shocker of the shocker of the year. In the past, this A++ list celebrity has had affairs. He has had enough money to keep most of them quiet and there has never really been photographic evidence to back up the claims of at least four women who have had sex with the married celebrity. The four we know of anyway. One of the more stalkerish of the four does have photos of the celebrity, but does not have any with him and the ones of him solo or not naked or anything scandalous. It is obvious a cell phone camera took the photos, but not obvious who took them or in what situation. If you ever ask her (B list celebrity in her own country; D lister here) she will be happy to show them to you. Another of the women actually got pregnant by the celebrity and was the closest to bringing down the empire. A massive check took care of it and it was such a huge check that the missus had to get involved in paying it. They have made up for the check since and the woman has not lifted a finger or worked a day since she got the check. No one knows if she lost the baby on her own or another way. Each of those two women claim there have been hookers, but the hookers will sell away, and our celebrity cannot pretend everything away again, so he has a new person who has not only signed an agreement to stay quiet, but also works for the same company, so he has valid excuses to see her at home and away from home. Even though she has these agreements signed, there are rumors that someone is trying to sell photos of the pair and that the photos could have only come from her or from him. Maybe this is why he has not been spending time with his wife lately, but has found time to spend with the kids.
A++ celebrity:
B list foreign celebrity:
Pregnant celebrity:

78. BLIND GOSSIP #1 05/10
Back in the eighties and nineties, this famous actor was living a fairly "out" life in a Los Angeles beach community. He had a series of boyfriends, and was just starting to get noticed in Hollywood. Once he had his first hit film, though, everything changed. He got rid of his boyfriend… and started chasing women. The boyfriend was terribly hurt, and they had a big fight over the actor "selling out" his true sexuality and living a lie so that he could be a success in Hollywood. The actor went on to a very successful career. He has appeared in at least 20 or 30 films since the 1990s, and he has worked with one certain director several times. The actor also starred as the lead in a television series that ended a successful run a couple of years ago. While we don’t know if he has any male companions on the side, he now lives a completely straight life in public. He has been engaged or married a couple of times, and even has a child or two. You will probably be surprised to find out that he "used to be" gay. We know that we were.
Actor: Jason Lee
Director: Kevin Smith
Breakout role: Mallrats (’95)
Hit TV show: My Name is Earl (ended in ’09)

79. BLIND GOSSIP 05/10 **#2**
This one is about an actor doing a good deed… but it might rub some of you the wrong way. There is an old movie theater in a little town in California that was on the verge of shutting down. It’s the kind of theater that still showed films on reel-to-reel equipment. The townspeople worked hard to raise the money needed to get it upgraded to run digital films so that it wouldn’t go out of business, but they fell short of their goal. At the last minute, a well-known television and film actor swept in and generously contributed a bunch of money. It was enough money to put the town over its goal to save the old theater. Huzzah! The theater was saved and the townspeople hailed him as a hero! Nice guy, right? Maybe. Maybe not. At the same time he was doing this, he was going around begging for money for a project that would directly benefit… him. He claimed that he couldn’t afford to finance the project himself, and that he needed the public’s help. While some people gladly contributed, others (including some of his peers) thought that it was completely inappropriate for him to beg for money from common folks when he is a rich and famous actor who could easily have put up the money himself (or raised it from industry insiders). If someone rich and famous can’t or won’t fund their own project, is it appropriate for them to be funding someone else’s project at the same time? Is this actor a hero for saving the old theater… or just a greedy actor taking money from the public and then shuffling it around to make himself look good? Zach Braff

Don't believe the denials, this former B- list reality star turned porn star says she is not going to make any more pornos, but the two women she has booked for an all female threesome would dispute that. "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham

Thisclose to A list in both movies and television, this actor has a big temper. Not for the first time, and certainly, not for the last he yelled at his wife. Before they got married he would yell at her in front of friends and family and strangers to let her know what she was doing wrong or how she had displeased him. Lately he has been doing better, or at least trying to keep his yelling to a minimum and at home. For the past week though he has been on her every chance he gets telling her he knows she is focusing on exploiting his name for her gain and that she needs to stay at home and take care of him and not be traveling all over the place using his good name. Alec Baldwin

This A+ list female singer fulfilled one of her lifelong dreams. She had sex in the dressing room of this all-time A++ list rocker this past weekend. Not with the rocker, just in the dressing room. The problem is she could not find her panties after the incident and performed on stage and she says the first five rows had no problems confirming the fact she was not wearing anything under her skirt. Katy Perry (Mick Jagger’s dressing room)

This C list celebrity who once was kind of on a reality show is someone you would think you would never have heard of, but it turns out she has almost A list name recognition. She also shares something in common with Lindsay Lohan besides a drug habit. Two things they share in common actually other than a drug habit. Two guys. One for drugs, the other for cash. What does she do in return? Lets just say she is not shy about anything and is way more accommodating than Lindsay.
Brooke Mueller "The World According to Paris"
Cash guy: Charlie Sheen

This former B list Tweener split with her celebrity boyfriend after he ended up getting another person pregnant, while our Tweener was going through a miscarriage. Brenda Song/Trace Cyrus

One year ago this A list mostly movie actress had never tried drugs. Now she needs rehab in the worst possible way. Not only has her drug habit got out of control, but she has burned bridges with every member of her family who she used to be super close to.

It must be hard when you are surrounded by lots and lots of star wattage in your life. When you are more famous for being offspring rather than for anything you do on your own. When the father figures in your life continually abandon you or are never there for you. When your real father repeatedly talks about what he thinks is acceptable behavior and a homosexual relationship is never acceptable in his mind. Sure, if a couple of women want to have sex in front of him, that is ok and he has made that perfectly clear, but there will be no same sex relationships. How then to express what you are thinking or feeling? No other parent to talk to, because she won't remember. Your siblings will listen, but they have their own lives and they don't understand. It's hard to be a celebrity when all you have done is be born. You have not asked or sought for or tried to be a celebrity, but there they are with cameras. Always. Never alone. Never can be who you are because it would disappoint dad. That crush you have had for the past two years. So close to telling her how you really feel. You should tell her and not just tell the few people closest in your life because, they obviously told me. Soon, they will tell others and you won't be able to control your story, it will be played out for you. I think you will be surprised at how much everyone will support you, including your family. Tallulah Willis (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore)

This A list reality star was ticked off, but not as much as one of her family members when this A list celebrity could not get the A list reality star a job doing what the A list celebrity did this past weekend.
A list reality star: Kim Kardashian
Family member: Kris Jenner
A list celebrity: Kanye West
"Anchorman: The Legend Continues" filming

89. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/13
1. Which outwardly happily married TV star "has a very dark personal side" and indulges in raunchy affairs at work?

2. Which recently nominated Oscar director loudly groused in a high-level meeting about being frustrated with his Hollywood agency by yelling: "They should be called Caan’t! Caan’t, Caan’t, Caan’ttttttt!"?
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Movie: "Flight"
Agency: CAA

3. Which scandal-hit politician was spotted chatting up a woman at the JW Marriott Essex House where the lady was overheard replying, "I’m a Christian . . . my parents would disown me, but I’d never do anything like that anyway?" New York's former Congressman Anthony Weiner

4. Which reporter is juggling multiple lovers including her competitor at a rival news organization, plus a top political flack?

Braids beat plastic surgery: Okay, that's a stretch, but one celebrity hairstylist whispered to me that a famous diva (can't say who) gets tiny braids behind each ear, which he pulls tightly back and ties together under the rest of her hair. The reason: It smooths the skin on her jaw and neck. Clever or crazy? I can't decide.

Which New York based publicist, who has built an entire business around one A-list client, has been using her star client for years to barter publicity for all her other clients? But now, after years of denying access to her one movie star unless you interview her dentists, fashion and D-list beauty clients, the publicist is finding out that her A-list client does not have the power that she once did. "For over 10 years we have had to have these D-list people on our show because they have the same publicist as one certain movie star and it has been made clear if you don’t take one you do not get the other," one Executive Producer tells Naughty But Nice Rob. "But now, her A-list client does not have the power she once had. Her last several movies have been a disaster and now we have a new American sweetheart." Ouch!
Publicist: Mary Engleman
Her America’s Sweetheart Client: Julia Roberts
Disaster films: Mirror Mirror, Larry Crowne, Charlie Wilson's War, Duplicity
New America’s Sweetheart: Jennifer Lawrence

92. BLIND GOSSIP 05/14
This high-earning TV star gives the appearance of being kind and generous. For her staff, though, her generosity is making their lives miserable. The star publicly professes to love animals, and has plenty of pets at home. What isn’t publicized, however, is how some of those pets rotate through her home. She rescues an adorable puppy, realizes that she has too many animals, and then seeks to give away one her older pets to a staff member. If they say "No," she harangues them until one of them agrees to take the animal into their home. The pressure doesn’t stop there. She then tries to dictate to them which pet food they need to buy and which pet supplies they should use. And, as if that’s not enough, she is also constantly pressuring staff to give up animal products (e.g. meat) that she thinks they shouldn’t be eating or using. Over time, her staff has grown bitter and resentful of her actions. They feel that she has inappropriately crossed the line from employer to controller. Many of the employees don’t have the time, money, or space to adopt any more of her animals, and many of them enjoy eating meat. They are annoyed that they are the ones who have to pay the price for her "kindness" and her "generosity." However, they fear that if they don’t play along and live their lives according to her rules, that she will find an excuse to fire them.
Star: Ellen DeGeneres
Show: "Ellen DeGeneres"

Our mystery man was spotted throwing-up in a trash can, after his May 5th Vegas performance at the Mayweather’s fight. Know why? Because sources say the rapper was "high out of his mind" from sippin’ on sizzurp. Don’t believe me.. Ask Meek Mill. This news disputes all of our blind item’s statements claiming he’s following doctors’ strict orders. Insiders reveal the truth is he’s a drug addict who refuses to take the medicine aimed at keeping him from seizures. Just ask his enabler Birdman. Here’s what an insider tells HSK: "If he keeps up getting high, he’s going to die young. Dude has a lot of unreleased recordings. So if he checks out early, his record company is going to get richer than they already are." Lil Wayne

This always will be A list legend/singer is trying to keep a lid on the fact that unless her experimental treatment succeeds, she will only have a few months left to live. Aretha Franklin

This A list mostly movie actress is convinced she can sell out a national tour of her singing. Songs. Is she a good singer? Yes. No one actually likes her though and I think she would have a hard time getting anyone to pay money to see her. She is working on setting it up though with just a few cities to start. Gwyneth Paltrow

When this celebrity is seen, it is usually on Bravo. Known more for his money than anything else, he has lots of connections to lots of people on Bravo shows. Now he has another. The married celebrity has been seeing a D lister who is at least a DD for several months.

Usually when this A+ list mostly movie actor is on set making a movie he will hook up with someone from the movie. It is one of the ways he passes the time while his wife and kids are at home. He does it on the down low and everyone on his movies pretty much owes their job to the actor so things do not get out very much about what goes on. In one of his most recently filmed movies though, he met someone who looks just like his wife did many years ago when they met and she is much younger and did something that our actor did not think was possible. He fell for her. Hard. It probably didn't hurt that she was not wearing much the entire time she was on set. They were from the same area and had a lot of the same interests and it just happened. Usually at the end of filming he writes a nice check and tells the woman goodbye, but with this woman he added her to the company payroll and she has been working full-time for our actor ever since. It is only a matter of time before our publicity shy actor has to do something about the situation. Too many people are starting to whisper about it and talk about it.

What was supposed to be a great business arrangement went sour really quickly because of some demands this A++ list producer made on this current A++ list celebrity. The story of their involvement went to press and then they had to deny it because she had no problem with the money he was going to pay her for the summer and no problem with the amount of time they were going to spend together, but when he said that he would only go through with everything if they had unprotected sex, she said no. Wouldn't budge. He wouldn't budge. She has moved on and already found someone else. Diddy/Kate Upton

This former almost A list tweener from back before there was a term known as tweener has moved on to other things. Probably a B- list actor combined with some reality stuff. He wanted to see if he still had the looks everyone loved. When he found out this current B list celebrity who is quickly running through her 15 minutes had a huge crush on our actor when he was little, it took him about two hours to seduce her. Her boyfriend found out though and the next thing you know she was headed home to try and make things right.

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#1**
Last year, this former B list reality star and now just a D list celebrity with an interesting name made a small fortune spending her summer in Europe hooking up with guys who knew her name and her reputation. She loves telling people she was over there for work and when people ask what kind of work she says design. Last night someone called her out on it in front of a few other people and the reality star turned hooker fled the party in about five seconds.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actress who has been trying to make a comeback from her C list status won't be working with her recent director or co-star anytime soon. At a recent event for their new film, the actress refused to talk to either of them, despite it being a Q&A session. After the Q&A session she also refused to talk to any of the attendees even though they were all industry professionals. She said she was far too busy. Probably trying to figure out another way to get back with her long ago ex.
Actress: Winona Ryder
Movie: "The Iceman"
Director: Ariel Vromen
Co-star: Michael Shannon
Ex: Johnny Depp

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#3**
Apparently there is going to be a paternity test. Provided the paternity test shows he is the father, which he is not convinced of yet because of some information a private detective discovered, this A+ list celebrity will execute an agreement to provide for the child, when he can see the child, and under what conditions, the child may be shown in public. Simon Cowell/Laura Silverman (she is about 3 or 4 weeks further along than reports have indicated. Apparently it has to do with her getting her $4M in the pre-nup.)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#4**
This B list mostly television actress from a hit cable show says all the right things about how much she loves her husband and keeps everything sexy, but they have not had sex in a year and are barely hanging on by a thread. Christina Hendricks

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#5**
This A list folksy style singer broke up with his girlfriend not that long ago because she would never smoke pot with him and he felt they should do everything together as a couple. Jason Mraz

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#6**
This B list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition spent two weeks in rehab in order to get clean, thinking it would help her get back together with her A list mostly movie actor boyfriend. No luck so far. He is just not interested in her.

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **#7**
This Academy Award winner/nominee is almost A list. He has been almost A list forever. He is a very good actor which is how he convinces people that he is straight. He even has women he has gone on dates with convinced he is straight. The fact that he enjoys watching gay porn while he has sex usually clues them in to the fact he is at least bi, if not gay. He has had several boyfriends over the years and is much more close to them than any women. The women in his life tend to be there for a week or two, which is usually long enough for the tabloids to say he is dating and then there is never a second story. It is always one and done and he does it once or twice a year. He says it makes people think he is a ladies man, when in fact, he loves to dress up like a lady. It is one of his favorite things to do. You can always tell when he has been doing it and going out in public rather than just at home because it is the only time he usually has no facial hair. Jake Gyllenhaal; Jamie Foxx

107. BLIND GOSSIP 05/15
This married couple has a fascinating dilemma on their hands! They tried to get pregnant. After a miscarriage, they went the surrogate route. The surrogate produced a happy, healthy baby. The couple decided that they wanted another child. Logically, they decided to hire a surrogate again. The surrogate got pregnant… but so did the wife! The couple is totally shocked! Both pregnancies are still very early on, and there is no guarantee that both women will carry to term, so there will be no announcements for a while. But they are already talking about the possibilities. If both women can successfully carry to term, will they keep both children? Admit to a surrogate? Pretend that the wife gave birth to twins? If only the surrogate carries successfully to term, will they admit to the surrogate? Pretend that the wife gave birth? It certainly is an interesting dilemma!
Husband: Jay-Z
Wife: Beyonce
What they will do: Say they had twins

108. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 05/15 #1
Another reality star is on the edge of filing for bankruptcy after living well beyond their means for a few years. Claiming that expenses from being on the show have pushed them into serous debt, they had no money to buy food! Unable to hold down a regular job since becoming famous, the show did not painted them in not the most flattering light, the only income that has come into the household for some time is from being on reality TV, and now even that is not enough to pay the bills. Other cast members that know about the problems have shown little sympathy. One cast member that is now a multimillionaire, and is currently hiring a lot of staff for a new project, doesn’t even return their calls anymore. If they knew what they do now – they would never have signed up to do the show in the first place!
Alex McCord/Simon Van Kempen "Real Housewives of New York" friend: Bethenny Frankel

109. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 05/15 #2
Which celebrity couple, whom recently had an ugly split, is not being totally honest? The two of them have agreed to pretend to be "at war" with each other to add a little drama, and a lot of attention to the otherwise dull story. "They are both genius when it comes to PR. They know a seemingly ugly divorce will get both of them a lot of attention, which they both love, plus, it will make them both a lot more money in the long run," one friend of the couple’s explains. "The two of them still live together and have dinner together most nights, however, whenever they are in public they pretend they have no contact with the other person," adds another pal. "These two have both worked out how to make a lot of money from being famous and have no plans to stop now. After they officially get divorced they will both be laughing all the way to the bank – together." The joke is on us! Ozzy and Sharon Osborne; Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy

110. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 05/15
And for Claire who has a bum knee -- I’m sorry about what happened and while I can’t make up a story to get you through your horrible week, I can tell you that there’s a girl who’s pregnant and even though she says she says that her steady is the father, she’s really not sure it’s not one of her co-stars, who sleeps with almost all their colleagues and with whom she used to bootycall on the regular. Depends on what the mouth looks like when the baby comes. Does that help a little? Heather Morris/Chord Overstreet "Glee"

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#1**
I thought they were best friends, but this almost A list celebrity has thrown her B list mostly movie actress under the bus. The actress has been under the bus before. Pretty much with everyone if they are married. The celebrity is telling friends that she has photos and proof of the actress doing drugs while she was pregnant.

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#2**
Whenever you think of a Dancing With The Stars blind, you always think it is going to be some married celebrity having sex with one of the pros. Not this time. It seems as if one of the celebrities discovered the sexuality secret of the other celebrity mentioned here not too long ago and the pair have hooked up. More than once. The celebrity's husband also joined in. Now, I'm not saying this same married celebrity has not hooked up with a pro, but that is not what this blind is about.

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress says that she wants to get divorced, but does not want to be the bad person so has tried to set up her celebrity husband and get him to cheat with women she has hired. The problem is her husband is so dumb that he believes his wife actually loves him. Gwyneth Paltrow

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#4**
This B list mostly television actress with A list name recognition from a very hit cable show is set to announce her divorce when she is hidden away filming the next season of her show. She does not want to answer any questions which would seem to mean there is a third person involved. Keri Russell (Obviously the whole burglar alarm thing ruined her plans)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#5**
This A list celebrity is trying his hardest to make it seem like he is really in a relationship with this C+ list celebrity. Lots of photos now of them in the same place. Family time, the works. What the photos don't show is the barely out of her teens waitress on his yacht that he shares his cabin with every night. Tiger Woods/Lindsey Vonn

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#6**
This recently rehabbed C list mostly television actor was spotted drinking some beers with friends this week. Corey Monteith

(since that initial blind, I have received numerous reports of Cory not being sober, but there is a limit to how many blinds you can do on one subject/topic. Things got especially out of hand when Lea Michele was in Mexico on vacation last week. There is a recent blind about the couple.)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **#7**
Charming as hell when he is sober and lusted after by many, this foreign born B- list mostly television actor has women throwing themselves at his feet all the time. He prefers finding women though who will not be intimidated by him when he has had a few drinks and decides to get a little rough. OK, very rough. Super rough. Have to be prepared to go to the hospital rough. He says it is all part of who he is and does not apologize for it. Most people would say it was a beating, he says it is part of sex, but it is not always part of sex with him, it is part of who he is when he drinks. He says if he tells people in advance what they can expect, then it is not wrong and they come fully aware into the situation. He is adamant about that and has had no problems finding women who go along with it for awhile. His problem is though that as he has been with the woman a certain amount of time he needs to get more and more rough and there comes a time when they can't handle him or it or his drinking. Last night he ended up going home with this former A list mostly television actress who is now kind of a mess in her own right. This could be big trouble. Sean Bean
Heather Locklear

SPORTS Illustrated model. Living with a beau in a high-class apartment. He’s had enough. Hot bachelor, he’s now less hot. He wants it over. He wants her out. But she’s comfy. Not moving. Not clearing out her bathroom or her desk. He complains to his mama he can’t get rid of her. Mama’s savvy. Also practical. Also rich. Also of the Latin que sera sera mentality. Billionaire mama tells baby boy: "So? So leave her there. What’s the problem? I’ll buy you another apartment." Julie Henderson/Alejandro Santo Domingo/Beatrice Dávila Rocha; Cintia Dicker/Ricardo Mansur/Patricia Rollo

Which former boybander, who likes to trash his former father-in-law, better be careful about upsetting his former wife? After he recently bashed his ex-in-law, his ex-wife has told friends she’ll come to her dad’s defense–telling pals that her ex-man may have a big mouth, but he has a small penis! Nick Lachey/Jessica Simpson

This Actress is riding high off her sci-fi film but is still catching royal criticism for an upcoming music role. Zoe Saldana (Nina Simone movie)

121. ALLIE IS WIRED 05/16
Can you guess which star of a major film franchise gave 4 crew members, 1 flight attendant and 2 fellow cast members (from different films) gonorrhea?

The woman dubbed ‘The World’s Smartest Escort’ could be getting ready to publish what some say is the ultimate book of Johns. That’s because we’re getting word Cristina Warthen’s soon-to-be released tell-all is set to expose the likes of leading Hollywood directors; a group of the NBA’s top players; and today’s blind item. He’s a top political figure notoriously known for once telling the media "I never had sexual relations with that woman." Now, as sources reveal because this exposed cheater — who once received "a presidential" at his then-headquarters — could be listed in Warthen’s Black Book, our mystery man’s wife may soon be forced out the closet. Bill and Hillary Clinton

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#1**
This almost A list mostly television actor is not really A list, but his name recognition is so high that it seems he should be A list. Anyway, he is making an appearance next weekend and he was not all that interested in the money they offered. Nope. What he wanted included were five women who will do whatever he wants for the entire weekend without him having to pay for them. Charlie Sheen

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#2**
"I love hanging out with ___________ (A list celebrity/athlete who everyone in the world knows) because when he is around I get some great pussy. Really classy stuff, unlike what I usually get from my groupies. He and I have shared a lot over the years." B+ list singer with A list name recognition talking about how he can't wait to see the A list celebrity this weekend. Tiger Woods/Kid Rock

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#3**
This B-/C+ mostly television actress from a hit premium cable show was announced as a presenter for this award show. After she was announced she asked for $50,000 to show up at the show. She thought she could get it because they had announced her. She was wrong. The producers told her they would have her replacement by the next day. Our actress backed down. Emmy Rossum "Shameless"/Billboard Awards

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#4**
This B list male celebrity if you like that kind of performance, and a D if you don't had a visit recently. Well, actually our celebrity and his live in B list celebrity with A list name recognition had a visitor. It turns out that one of the people that the B/D list celebrity had been cheating with has got herself in the family way. It will be very interesting to see if our celebrity couple are seen together at a big event this weekend where he is expected to attend.

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#5**
This B list Academy award winner/nominee mostly movie actress fainted at Cannes, not once or twice, but four times in the span of 24 hours. She says it is because of the traveling and the heat. The real reason is she eats once a week, maybe twice, and has been battling an eating disorder and lately has been losing that battle. Carey Mulligan

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#6**
The FBI is investigating this former almost A list reality star about some business activities she has been involved in for the past two years. This is what you get for hanging around shady people. Holly Madison

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **#7**
This A list mostly movie actor has been in this space before. He has a well documented temper and well documented fetishes that I have highlighted in this space before and in certain cases, revealed. What were some mild, twisted sexual games he used to play, are turning into some dangerous acts where someone could get killed. His ex-girlfriend has started to talk about how the actor had transformed in the few years she had known him. He started off as a nice guy and then as his drinking and drugging got worse, it started to affect his brain. She said that it affected him even on the days when he did not drink or do drugs and that she often feared for her life and would hide at friend's houses because she literally was scared. Now his rages have turned sexual and she said that he sent her videos of what he has been doing with his current actress girlfriend and how there is blood everywhere in one of the videos and that they have gone on trips to other countries and she thinks they have hired women in those countries who are willing to participate in his sex fantasies. She says that he used to share them with her, but she always refused to be a part of anything more than just being with him. It was because of his sex addictions and needs that they broke up.
Actor: Shia LaBeouf
Former girlfriend: Karolyn Pho
Current girlfriend: Mia Goth

Which celebrity who was once a model adores herself sooooo much that she just sent her none celebrity best friend a birthday gift – a frame photograph of herself? "She is the most self-absorbed celebrity ever. She thinks it’s very sweet and very thoughtful personalized gift. She even had the nerve to tell me where in my tiny apartment it should hang – right above my bed," the friend told Naughty But Nice Rob. No longer modeling, this star is now a reality TV star and responsible for finding and mentoring new talent. Lets hope she teaches the new top stars a different lesson in gift giving!

Former Model: Tyra Banks
TV Show: America’s Next Top Model

131. BLIND GOSSIP 05/17
This is a fascinating story if you have been following two big celebrity stories over the past few days. There is a network that is rarely the first to break news about celebrity events, because they always wait for official confirmation from celebs and their publicists before saying anything. Today, however, something unusual happened. They "broke" an unconfirmed story (Yes, yes, we know they didn’t really break it because the story already broke days ago, but they are the first television network to talk about publicly as if it’s a fact, so whatever). Why would they do that? Why would this network break with protocol and risk the ire of top celebs and their publicist by running such a big announcement without any kind of confirmation? We know why! It’s because of the OTHER story that was in the gossip columns yesterday and today. You know… the one about a certain gay musician? The producer of multiple shows on that same network doesn’t want anyone messing with a ridiculous illusion that he has created that is now his biggest cash cow. Anything that has the potential to spoil that illusion must be suppressed! Pay no attention to that gay musician in the corner! So, meetings were held to decide how to get the gay musician story out of the headlines. The staff fished for ideas and beat each other with sticks (OK, not really, but they did discuss it). How could they get the public to stop talking about the gay musician? First, they blocked the story from their own properties. So, while the gay musician chatter dominated every other gossip site and broadcast for the past 24 hours, this particular network’s shows and websites didn’t mention a peep about it. Just pretended it never happened. But nature and media abhor a vacuum. They had to fill that vacuum with something. So they prematurely broke the unconfirmed story about another big celebrity! Distraction complete! Now, the celebrities who are the subjects of story #2 are furious! But the network doesn’t care. They’ll fix that relationship later. As long as they saved the cash cow revenues by burying story #1, well, that’s all that matters for today! This network really wants you to believe that they are the leader in entertainment news. They’re not. They are, however, the leader in entertainment news manipulation.
Network: E!
Story #1 Gay Musician: Kanye West
Story #2 unconfirmed rumor: Beyonce Pregnancy
Producer: Ryan Seacrest

132. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 05/17
She hates the paps, and she’s been burned by the paps. So now she’s dealing with the paps and is working exclusively with one agency, agreeing to give them photos on a regular basis. The agreement started several months ago when she approached one agency in exchange for information on a paparazzo working for another agency. She wanted names, plates, any details available, presumably in hopes of either legal retribution, if possible, and illegal retribution, if necessary. Very gangster. The only problem with making this kind of arrangement is that you have to deliver. And if you don’t deliver as often as the paps want, and on the kind of photos that are lucrative, they’ll take what they can get, show up when they’re not supposed to, and that compromises the control she was attempting to secure in the first place. Very Faustian. Kristen Stewart (photos of her and Rupert Sanders)

133. POPBITCH 05/18
Which Welsh legend was once spotted ending an argument with a wine bar proprietor by screeching "At least I takes it up the front door!"
Shirley Bassey

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#1**
This former B- list mostly television actress who does not do much of anything right now except shadow her significant other recently told the world she does not drink. She made it sound like she has never had a drink. Well, maybe she should have said that prior to her current relationship she used to drink and get wasted and pass out all the time and was a mess every non working night. Then, she learned her current man hates drinking so she pretended to have never had anything to drink. Blake lively/Ryan Reynolds

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#2**
What former A list tweener and now a pretentious brat made his on again/off again girlfriend wait outside his room yesterday for 20 minutes while he smoked a joint and got serviced by a woman his friend had found for him. Our former tweener then kicked the groupie out one door and invited in his sometime girlfriend. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#3**
This A list celebrity/athlete has been taking high blood pressure medication and apparently it is making him impotent which is leading to more drinking which has led to a 15 pound weight gain and a gut. Combined with his baldness and he looks nothing like he did before everything began. Tiger Woods

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#4**
This Academy Award winner/nominee actress who is a nice solid B lister has finally broke it off from her longtime partner who also happens to be a B list actor. One too many times she has caught him with other women. He was good for about a year, but slipped with a production assistant. Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#5**
This B- list mostly television actress who has been known to date for publicity made it very clear to several musicians at the Billboard Awards last night that she is available to anyone who is interested. It was kind of awkward how she was acting and just so blatant about it. Jenny McCarthy

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#6**
You would think that when people have been married less than a year they would be having sex all the time. Not so if you are this A list mostly movie actress Academy award winner/nominee, who according to her hairstylist has yet to consummate her marriage and only got married because she was tired of being asked out. Anne Hathaway

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **#7**
This actress at one point was on the cusp of A list. Has kid(s). Not married right now. Not in a relationship right now. Not really working right now. All she really tries to do is spend all of her time helping others. In the past year, despite not even really bringing home any paychecks, she has given over $1M to various programs in the city where she lives. She also got her famous family member involved in charity work and through his skill and talent, managed to raise $2M in the past six months for charities in both of the cities where they live. The two have started a foundation which they hope will raise $10M a year and for which our actress is seriously considering quitting acting to work on full-time. Liv Tyler (Todd Rundgren)

Which past his prime rapper was selected to host an award show and planned to make such a grand entrance that it involved flying with a jetpack? However, the only person the network could find who had a license to use the machinery was white. When the celebrity found out he went crazy, fortunately, a helmet, gloved, and a lot of make-up saved the day! Everyone, including the rapper with a very health ego, still think’s he can fly!

The rapper with an identity crisis: Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy/Sean Combs
Show: 2005 MTV Awards

He may be a platinum-selling rapper, but that doesn’t mean our blind item gets to cash-in right away. Know why? Because sources say — as per his record deal with his original label — five other people collect before our mystery man does! That could be why our blind item is said to be rejoicing over his recently reported reconciliation with one of his boys. You may remember our blind item’s ties to The Weeknd previously hit Bottom…now they’re here, at a place where our mystery man can have all access to his Cash Money. Now, he’s said to be planning to use his over-The-Weeknd beef as a publicity stunt at Toronto’s "OVA Festival," in August. "Some nobody started feelin’ himself/A couple somebodies started killin’ themself/A couple albums dropped, those are still on the shelf/I bet them shits would have popped if I was willin’ to help" ~5AM in Toronto. Here’s what a source tells HSK: "Dude was heartbroken with his BFF after The Weeknd didn’t sign to his record label. So, with an angry spirit, he rushed to the studio to record a pair of diss tracks. He was emotionally hurt." I’m told since our blind item reunited with "The Weeknd," he’s as happy as a pig playing in shit. Don’t believe me.. Ask Larmar. Now, can you guess which bitch-made rapper I’m talking about? Drake

143. BLIND GOSSIP 05/21
Riccardo Tisci is the Givenchy fashion designer who dressed both Beyonce Knowles and Kim Kardashian for the 2013 Met Ball in New York. As you may recall, Tisci’s creations for the pair were unique and memorable. Beyonce wore "Going Down In Flames" while Kim wore "Nana’s Sofa". But we digress. This blind item has nothing to do with fashion… and everything to do with Riccardo Tisci’s sex life! In a 2011 interview with Vogue Homme, Tisci was asked to reveal his "best" sexual experience. He said: "I’ve had quite a few, but the one that immediately springs to mind was with someone well-known. I’d never imagined something could happen between me and this guy. It’s still the hottest weekend I’ve ever had. Nobody knows for sure if he’s straight or gay; it’s a complete mystery. Still, I was drawn to him, his way of talking and thinking, the way he smokes, walks, dresses. I admire his work as an artist. That weekend together, the intimacy between us, has only made him even more attractive to me." Man Who Is Well-Known: Kanye West

Which talk show host, who is coming to the end of her career, didn’t recognize her own daughter when she came to visit her mother in her studio’s audience. The show was producing a special-themed mothers and daughters show and executives thought it would be nice to surprise the host with her own daughter. However, after years of a troubled relationship and spending a lot of time apart, she picked the wrong young lady in the crowd when she was told her daughter had come to surprise her. Luckily, the show was taped and the embarrassing incident was edited out – now it is just alive in the staff’s memory who witnesses the TV lady being unable to recognize her own baby! OUCH. Barbara Walters

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#1**
This former almost A list foreign born singer is now a C+ lister. If you hear her name, you would know it even though she has dropped so quickly. Everyone thought she was going to be long lasting and she has been in the news as of late. Anyway, at a private party this week, she was paid a tremendous amount of money to perform and not just singing. She was required to perform some adult activities with the man who paid her. Joss Stone (2 men convicted of conspiracy to murder)/Len Blavatnik

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#2**
This must be really messy behind the scenes. This network drama/fantasy is a big hit. Two of the stars are very public about their relationship. What is not so public is that during their relationship, the male in this couple had a week long fling with another co-star on the show. His girlfriend found out and read the riot act to the other woman, not her boyfriend. Apparently did not even get mad at her boyfriend. Of course considering she was a long time other woman, this might make sense. "Once Upon a Time" Ginnifer Goodwin (affair with Tom Hanks)/Josh Dallas/Lana Parrilla

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#3**
This actress is B- and mostly movies. Some good roles. A couple of great roles. Loves publicity. Had her stylist, alter her dress for Cannes just enough so that she too could get some of the wardrobe malfunction press that has been going on this week. Her expression when it was "discovered" and pointed out to her was embarrassing. Everyone could tell she had planned it. Rosario Dawson

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#4**
This A list director picked up a woman at an after party last night and took her home to his place. Seriously? After what you claimed you went through the last time, you did that. Todd Phillips "The Hangover" Wins 10-Year Restraining Order

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#5**
This B list mostly television actress who only stays B list because of her last name and because of her boyfriend is on a middling network show. She was asked to do a charity event but turned them down when they would not send a private jet for her. The jet would have cost more than the event was set to raise. Lea Michele

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#6**
This former B list celebrity and sometime reality star who is now probably a C- list celebrity has been known to turn tricks with her kids in the house, and use drugs too.  HINT: She has not had the best month of November. The good news is any publicity is good publicity in her situation.
Jenna Jameson

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#7**
The more I get to know of things that this almost A list mostly movie actress from a huge, no longer in existence franchise, the less I like of her. She has had experiences with the same sex several times. Many times. She has no issues with it and moves from one sex to the other seamlessly. Does not mean she is sexual, she just has no problems having sex with men or women. Anyway, one of her co-stars shares something with her that many of her other franchise co-stars did not. Yes, that is a clue. Her co-star is also an actress. Probably B- list; mostly movies, but with as high of a name recognition as our almost A lister. Several years ago, our B lister confided to our almost A lister that that B lister prefers women, or at least she thought she did. She had been on dates with boys but it had primarily been just hand holding and kissing and she felt nothing for them. Her female friends though were another story. She lusted after them, but because of her age and the way she had always marketed herself, she did not think it wise to get involved or even experiment with women until she met our almost A lister. The two began an affair that has lasted a few years. Only when the almost A lister wants it though, which is only when she needs something from the B lister or needs some attention or just wants to fuck with the B lister's head. Our almost A lister is good at that. That is a monthly occurrence. The B lister is in love with our almost A lister and our almost A lister takes advantage of that. A lot. Mostly just by using the B lister or getting her involved in sick jokes and pranks. One of the jokes was so bad that our B lister lost out on a very very good part that ended up getting another person an Academy Award nomination for the role. Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **#8**
It is not a woman he is just dating. This almost A list evenly split television and movie actor has a full-time sober coach. He just wanted her to be hot. One thing has led to another and they are an item. Jason Segel

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#1**
It is going to be interesting to see what happens now with these two C list reality stars from a hit show now that it has ended. She is and was single, but he is not. The two have had an affair for the past few months. Will it continue? Will he go back to his longtime love? Karina Smirnoff/Jacoby Jones "Dancing With the Stars"

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#2**
This former almost A list singer, who is really and will always just be a one hit wonder no matter what he says, saw a lingerie spread featuring his ex recently and started calling everyone he knew to get her phone number again. He eventually got it and asked her out. The whole time he kept telling his girlfriend that it was for business because it would make people want to buy his new record if people thought they had got back together. James Blunt/Petra Nemcova

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#3**
This actress had a chance to make it big. She was on one of the best shows on television. She had a great part. Then she started taking drugs and boozing at all hours and lost the show. Fired. Now she is a C lister who will work for anyone doing anything. The problem is that she can't stop using and sleeping around. She has had two miscarriages in the past five months and is now pregnant again. And drinking. Paz de la Huerta "Boardwalk Empire"

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#4**
This former A list mostly movie actress pretty much just lives on her past fame and her A list name recognition. She also knows how to stay in the tabloids. This week she found someone to replace her toyboy, at least for the week. She is paying $5K a night for his company. Went away from the ethnic look she has been experiencing and went with someone Nordic looking. Demi Moore

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress should watch out. Rumor has it from one of her nannies that the boyfriend of the actress has been yelling at the child of the actress on a regular basis and has got into arguments with the actress about how she raises her child. He thinks the child needs more hands on discipline. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#6**
According to the girlfriend of this former A+ list mostly movie actor and now just a solid B list Academy Award winner/nominee, the actor was the first person in the world to see these. Even before a certain someone you would be expected to see them first. Photo though, not in person.
B list actor: Billy Bob Thornton
Angelina Jolie’s new breast (Brad Pitt)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#7**
This actor is probably C list. He goes from B+ list to C list depending on whether he is on a television show at the time. Yeah, not many movies for him and he has had some really bad luck with television shows after his one big hit. That one got him to the B list. It also got him on television all the time, including all those reruns that are on every time I turn on the television. When he goes out, women come up to him and want to talk. He likes to visit college campuses though to find the women he likes. According to one girl who dated him for about six months she said the first thing he asked her was how old she was. She said 19. He said that was fine but when she hit 20, she was going to be out the door. She didn't believe him, but it was true. Happy 20th birthday. Then bye. he only dates teens. He prefers them dumb with large breasts. He has convinced several of them to drop out of school and spend a year with him traveling all over. They all think they will be the one to keep him forever, but he dumps them after a year or so. I don't even know what they see in the guy. He is not good looking. He is goofy and has a violent temper. Another one of the teens he dated said that when he would have a bad day he would punch walls and tv sets. He would yell at her and threaten to beat her. He never actually would touch her, but she still would be scared. HINT: Since his last show ended not that long ago he has been touring and this fall has been out of control with boozing and is getting more aggressive in his approach to women. He has a tenuous connection to Gene Hackman.
Brad Garrett

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **#8**
At an event this week, this B- list mostly movie actress who made her fame in television and movies was asked about who she is dating. She said to every reporter on the red carpet that she was looking for the right guy and going on lots of dates. The thing is that at the end of the red carpet, was her assistant/girlfriend. Our actress has not dated a guy in almost a decade. Michelle Rodriguez

161. BLIND GOSSIP 05/22
These two talented young performers would like you to think that they met after they became part of the same show. Not true! They actually met – and dated – a couple of years before that. Why not just admit that they knew and dated each other in the past? Well, because their current project demands that they be perceived as young and hot and available. If people knew that they had dated, it would spoil the illusion. Besides, their management doesn’t want anyone to know that they are gay. That’s right. These performers are the same gender! And they are still very, very attracted to each other. It’s too bad management won’t let them live their lives openly and honestly, because they make one really cute couple!
Performer 1:
Performer 2:

Which (in)famous dad of a trouble prone Hollywood actress had a pearl inserted in into his man parts as a teenager? But unlike Demi Moore’s yoga-teaching boy toy Will Hanigan, who had the pearl inserted due to a farming tradition, boasting it’d give girls extra stimulation in the bedroom, this C-List celebrity did not follow such a tradition. "He boasts that he and his pals did it when they were in the early teens," reveals a source.

Actress: Tatum O’Neal
Dad: Ryan O’Neal

This Oscar Winner may be losing her man because he is not happy with her weight loss. Mo'Nique

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#1**
This A list rapper said it was worth it to him because he always wanted to have sex with this former A list reality star/celebrity and now just an annoying name. Plus, if he makes a few bucks, then it will be a win/win. It is never a win/win when you have sex with her. Ever. Paris Hilton/Lil Wayne

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#2**
This Teen Mom dad has hooked up with his ex. His current girlfriend who is expecting a baby with him, would probably not be thrilled to hear that. Chelsea and Adam

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#3**
This B- list mostly movie actress went to rehab three times in her teens and no one knew even though she was working full-time. No wonder she had to go to rehab with a dad like that. She has been sober for two years now.

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#4**
This former B list mostly television actress who is now just a B list celebrity got paid $250K to host a club opening. Yeah, that seems like a lot of money until you realize she had to spend two hours at the club and four nights with the owner of the club. She also managed to make even more money by selling some photos of herself to a pap agency while on the trip. She is a multi-tasker. Carmen Electra in Dubai

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#5**
This B- list mostly television actress from a very hit show based on a book who would be C list if not for the show has threatened to quit the show if a special guest star is allowed to appear on more than one episode. The special guest star is a C list celebrity with A list name recognition and the two can't stand each other. As in would beat each other if left alone for too long.
B- list actress: Ashley Benson
Special guest star: Rumer Willis
Show: Pretty Little Liars
Both dated Chord Overstreet

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#6**
This A list mostly movie actor is set to debut his new "girlfriend" just in time for Father's Day and photos of them with his family. Jeremy Renner

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#7**
This actor was A list. He is still close. If he got another great role, it would shoot him back to A list. Made his fame on television. Great role. Great show. Now, he is mostly movies. I think it would be unexpected to see him on television. Married. Been married before that too. Been with many women who are very brave. Our actor has a temper. Has a temper with everyone. Even if you are paying him he has a temper. He is always living on the edge. He is always one second from blowing up on you. He tends to find his wives by having affairs with the women he is considering. With the women he is having an affair with, he is kind and generous. Always lots of gifts. Cheap gifts though. For a multi-millionaire he spends very little on romantic gestures. He will buy you dinner and get you some grocery store flowers, and will do it everyday, but you are not getting more than that. He hits, but not in a bruising kind of way. He prefers slapping your face. He is a terrorizer rather than a beater. You would think he would have trouble keeping women, but he has to fight them off. They all want to be with him and they want him to be mean. They want him to be rough. It is the strangest thing. One of his friends told me that women expect him to be violent with them and would be disappointed if he was a sweet guy. Lucky for them he is violent.

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **#8**
This almost A list celebrity has been wearing more and more clothes despite the heat and despite her pregnancy, because she has not been able to have any of her regular procedures done while she has been pregnant. Apparently she is dying for some botox and hates the way she looks without it. Kim Kardashian

The British press has a great knack at spotting irregular behaviour in Hollywood stars and this story concerns a very big name indeed. These days he seems like Mr. Sensible but go back over a decade and when this mega-star was in England, the word soon got around that he did a disappearing act during evenings in clubs or parties and reappeared in high form… with a runny nose. So our very clever journalists got round the thorny problem of possible legal action by making veiled hints about drug abuse by merely suggesting that the star ‘seemed to have a very bad cold’ or ‘made frequent trips to the toilet’. And it’s not Brad Pitt! Ed Norton; Hugh Grant

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#1**
This A+ list rapper has banned this former B list celebrity from ever working with anyone he does business with after she opened her mouth and said some nasty things about the A+ lister. A lot were true, but, she is going to find it very difficult to make a buck now. Jay-Z/Foxy Brown

(Jay-Z a tranny chaser, her virginity, robbery, sex tape and STD’s)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#2**
This former B list mostly movie actor who is more known for his relationships, including a very high profile past one than he is for his acting has been getting really good at the one night stands with actresses. He does this even though he has a long time girlfriend. His latest conquest was with a soccer mom he met at one of his kid's games. He even left early so he could go home with her before her other kids got home. Then he went back to the place he shares with his girlfriend. Ryan Phillipe

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#3**
This almost A list mostly movie actress from one of the year's biggest hits is telling friends she has finally split from her celebrity husband. Well, finally, but they have not been married that long. Before her more recent trip she caught him again with another woman and instead of apologizing, he threatened to beat her. Yeah, nice guy. She says she threw the wedding ring on the floor and walked out. Carey Mulligan/Marcus Mumford

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#4**
This A+ list celebrity/singer says he will not be seeing this certain reality star any time soon and will not be present for a very important life event. He also has instructed those around him to not mention her name. Kanye West (birth of Kim Kardashian’s baby)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#5**
This C+ list mostly movie actor who really only has one great role to his career thinks he is a big shot. He is recognized for the movie, but not as much as he was when it came out a few years ago. He was hitting on a woman the other night and when she blew him off and didn't recognize him, he threw his drink in her face and told her to Google him and then come back when she was ready. Jesse Eisenberg 

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#6**
This almost A list mostly movie actress likes everyone to think her life is very perfect and very nuclear. It is not that great, but she is a great actress. The thing she loves doing though is once a week she will do a few lines of coke just because she feels like she never can party or go out and always has to be the perfect mom and wife.

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#7**
This B- list celebrity is barely B-. I am being generous and I think it is only because of who she is with that she moves up from the dreaded C list to B-. Does a little of this and a little of that and stays in the spotlight just enough where everyone kind of knows her name. You would be hard pressed to name something she has been in except for her relationship. She does have something unique going for her though. She says she is straight and no one has ever questioned that. She is with a guy now and has always publicly been with guys. The thing is she has been with four women at least in her life and is the only person I know who has been with the following combination of tabloid train wrecks.
B- list celebrity:
A+ list singer/celebrity:
Former almost A list mostly movie actress who is lucky if you consider her a C+:
Former A list reality star turned joke:
Former C- list celebrity now turned C+ list celebrity wife married to an A list mostly movie actor:

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **#8**
This former B list mostly television actress who has been in this space a lot and is now just a C- list actress with a name trying to make it in the world, has been trying to sell producers on a reality show for her. Yes, how the high and mighty have fallen. She is pregnant and since her boyfriend dumped her, she is going to raise the child on her own. I wonder if she will stop boozing now that she is pregnant. Mischa Barton

Destroyed By Disney – or – Injured From Falling Down The Fox Hole? It’s been about five-years since this former Disney child actor’s reported disappearance led to his shocking ‘I needed to be alone’ revelation. Now, new information about this blind item presents a disturbing upbringing which may have misguided this mystery man to his said current drug-addicted state. In insider reveals because our blind item’s now lesbian mother was once a groupie, he doesn’t know the exact identity of his biological dad. Those could be the grounds for why sources say he was later turned out by Jamie Foxx, who’s reported to also be his God Father. That really could be "That’s So Raven" for this former Raven Simone fellow cast-mate. Know why? Because sources say the former Cosby kid — which our blind item came up next to — was also turned out, but by Lindsay Lohan. Today, this former ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ cast member is reported to be using his insider information to his benefit — as sources reveal our blind item sells stories to gossip media "so he can get money to buy drugs". He’s been arrested three times over one DUI case. Now, can you guess which former child actor I’m talking about? Orlando Brown

182. MOUTH TO EAR 05/25
She may like some spice but she likes it posh ……… This former girl group member is into more than just dancing. Aside from being the only African American member in her group from the UK , she is the most attractive. If her looks could kill she would be an automatic hand gun. When she found love in a man people were surprised with her choice, especially because she had just birthed a child by a mega star. With her dominate personality people where shocked with her husbands feminine presence. But once we learned that they were into threesomes and he was the seeker it all made sense. Apparently her husband goes out and finds the women that they entertain. On any given night at her house you can find her with a strap-on, her husband willingly taking it, and a third party who is watching in shock. We guess if you wanna be her lover, you gotta her with her husband …………
Girl group member: Melanie Brown "Scary Spice"
Mega star: Eddie Murphy
Husband: Stephen Belafonte

There has been talk of this celebrity couple trying to work things out. She is really close to A list. Definitely A list name recognition. He used to be B list, but you really have to be a certain age to know him as more than her husband. She wanted to work it out for the kids. He just kept wanting to get his freak on, and she has finally found someone she is interested in, so the divorce is coming. She is going to have to pay a lot. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

This B- list mostly television actress is not even waiting to find a new guy in her life. The actress, from a very hit show is going to do IVF and a sperm donor because she is so desperate to have more children now that her youngest has weaned. Mayim Bialik

185. MOUTH TO EAR 05/27
If only she took notes from all the relationship movies she has played in!!! You would think she was going to be able to decipher this bomb, but boy were we wrong. Not only is this actress divorced but she lost her husband to the same rat race she joined to find her new love. But the groupies are not her biggest problem right now, it is HER MOUTH. Sources are buzzing that this women is starting to FEEL herself now that her beau is "talking" serious. And we stress" talking" serious because he is still smashing random Latina’s in the city he currently plays for. While she is partying and working in Vegas he is playing in the Finals and scoring big points after the game.

Athlete: Dwyane Wade
His Team: Miami Heat
Actress: Gabrielle Union
Actress’ Ex Husband: Chris Howard

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#1**
This couple was at Cannes together for several days. She is an A list mostly movie actress. He is a celebrity. They not only slept in separate rooms, they slept in separate hotel rooms, and not even on the same floor. That is a very strange marriage. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#2**
He had told her they were finished. This A+ list mostly movie actor had finally split for good from this C list celebrity and former reality star. Then she texted a photo of herself in Cannes sitting in this A+ list mostly movie star's lap to her former guy. The next thing you know she was being whisked to his side to have dinner and spend the night. She wants another contract. George Clooney/Stacey Keibler/Leonardo DiCaprio

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#3**
Just because he has switched countries, does not mean he has lost his sleazy ways. This former B+ list mostly television actor who made his fame on a very hit cable show has always been sleazy. This one might take the cake though. He was out to dinner with his girlfriend of the week when he spotted this resurgent B-/C+ list mostly movie actress who still looks great and has a new hit movie. Our actor went over to her table where she was dining with another woman and sat himself down without being invited and started hitting on our actress who could see his date at the other table. Our actress got up and went and sat down next to the girlfriend and told her to run from the actor very quickly and never look back. Jeremy Piven/Heather Graham

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#4**
This guy has really not given up pretending he is straight for the cameras. He is an actor. He was B list mostly television when his hit show for an almost network was on the air. Now though, he is probably a C lister. Everyone has told him to come out. It is not a secret with his family or friends, so it is only him who is continuing the charade. He hangs out with a woman he calls his girlfriend, but she is really seeing one of his other friends he brings around and another of those friends is his boyfriend. In public though, it is all smiles for the happy male/female "couple." Chace Crawford and Rachel Goulding

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#5**
This former A list mostly movie actress is in a drug fueled world right now and refuses to do anything about it. She spends most of the day unconscious and has refused help from family members. She has binges of pills and then will switch to coke and meth and other drugs and then takes one day off a week to be photographed by the paps and she thinks she has them convinced she is fine. She is so close to death and does not even know it. Demi Moore

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#6**
This actress is probably A list in her country and C+ in this country. She has starred in some really big films here in the States, but is probably more well known for her name. Anyway, this weekend she was on a red carpet and absolutely wasted. Everyone in the press knew she was drunk and when she got inside the venue, she took off her dress, took two steps in only her panties and then passed out. Someone found a towel and they carried her to a car out the back door.

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#7**
This couple has split again for the umpteenth time. He wants to be married and have a bunch of kids. His B- list celebrity half from multiple reality shows thinks she has a future in television and also wants to do Playboy. He does not think Playboy is the place the mother of his child should be seen. She also would like him to get a job. Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#8**
This former B list mostly television actor has now been clean for almost six months. That is the longest he has been clean in years. His wife had been clean, but now has been using for almost the entire six months our actor has been clean. His wife, an actress, who does not do much also needs rehab but is afraid her husband will leave her if she admits she has been using. Like he can't tell. Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **#9**
A first impression is a lasting impression apparently because the parents of this almost A list mostly movie actress who got her start on television have met their daughter's boyfriend and can't stand the guy. I guess he ran into them way back in the day and he didn't know who they were and treated them like crap because that is how he treats everyone. They didn't appreciate it and he tried to apologize when he found out who they were, but the next few years they would see him being his usual jerk self and treating people poorly and not being nice to anyone. He would be high sometimes when they saw him or have a bunch of women with him or one time there was a naked woman on his arm when they walked by his trailer. So, when their daughter told them she was dating the A list mostly television now actor, they were not thrilled and refuse to see him or talk to him. They can't stand the idea of him. Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher

Which celebrity, who started off as a singer before she became super famous, is now selling her Beverly Hills home, which includes a beautiful fishpond. However after becoming very friendly with her two large fish, Romeo and Juliet, she is insisting on taking them with her to her new house. What she doesn’t realize is that ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ are actually ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’ number five and six – the one’s before them passed away and no one told her! "She once noticed that Juliet looked a little different but assumed she was just growing older. When in fact she was a totally different fish. In fact the fish were replaced so often, without her knowing, that she now thinks fish change their markings as they grow older," one security guard told Naughty But Nice Rob!

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#1**
This B- list reality star on a hit reality show found videos of her significant other having sex with two other women at the same time. First time she has seen video, but there have been lots of other times he has cheated. She doesn't care though. She is not all that into sex, and is all for it. She would prefer there not be videos of it. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#2**
This almost A list mostly television actress from a hit network show has been panicking a lot lately. Although she has been on the show and famous for quite some time, she has never been followed by paps or had them stake out her home before. Now everyone wants that million dollar affair photo of her with her co-star. The couple has not managed to see each other out of the public eye in well over six weeks because they are always following her. The last time they saw each other was a two hour hookup at the Four Seasons. HINT: Apparently her unemployed significant other is spending her money in buckets. She has even more people following her now because her male co-star has moved out of his home. Something is about to break.

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#3**
This B list mostly television actor who has dabbled in movies, but made his fame and continues to make his name on huge television shows spent some time on vacation with his wife. You know, the significant other he has cheated on constantly before and during their marriage/partnership (Some people say they are married). So, why should vacation be any different. He spent time with her in the pool or ocean during the day and then would go have a drink for a couple of hours every night at a local strip club. Spent a great deal of time in the back room of the club. Chris Noth

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#4**
This former C list celebrity turned wife is ticked off that she is not getting to enjoy the fruits of celebrity pregnancy. No cover stories or paid for baby showers. The only thing she has managed to do is have a pap come by everyday and take photos of her which sometimes show up in magazines. A few weeks ago she went into full tantrum mode when she saw a tabloid devote four pages to a pregnancy of a person she thinks is beneath her.
C list celebrity: Hilaria Baldwin
Person beneath her: Jenna Dewan Tatum

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#5**
This underage C list reality star was found in her driveway slumped over drunk in the driver's seat of her car. Police never saw her. Would love to see the security camera video from that arrival. Kendall Jenner

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#6**
No one is even sure why this celebrity couple bothered to attend an event together. The couple who consist of an A list celebrity female and a much lesser listed male have been in this spot before because of their marriage issues. Nothing has changed, but the wife insisted that the couple attend a party together to keep up the facade of a happy home despite the fact that the couple did not spend one second talking to each other at the party unless absolutely necessary and stayed as far apart as possible at all times. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#7**
"I would love to have another marriage where it is just about friendship and not always having to try and fend off a horny man. Sex is completely overrated. I have done my greatest acting when coming up with excuses." A list mostly movie actress talking to her makeup artist last week. Nicole Kidman

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **#8**
Back in the day, this almost A lister mostly television actor was a real ladies man. Of course, that is when he was doing lots of movies and had his own hair. Oh, you didn't know he didn't have his own hair anymore? When he was an A list mostly movie actor he did, but not anymore. When he was a ladies man he would have sex with a different woman every night, but I guess he did not find his true match until he met his wife. A more sexual freak, he had never known. In the club world at the time she was legendary. There were bands who would come to LA simply hoping they would even get to talk to her, let alone have sex with her. She was always a music person which is why everyone was kind of surprised when she started dating an actor. That was never her thing. Our actor confessed that he enjoyed some sexual kink and over the years the kink has turned even more into the dark side, but when that got them in a tiny bit of trouble with a house of ill repute in Switzerland, they started keeping everything in house. Our actor loves to wear women's lingerie and wigs and on the set of his show has been spotted wearing thongs. Don't bend over without a belt. It turns out that he also loves to be humiliated by his wife and a few years ago when they were being more open about the couples in their life, one couple saw our actor being led around by a leash in the house and also forced to drink out of a bowl. He was also not allowed to join in, but just had to watch his wife when they would swap. Rob and Sheryl Lowe

204. BOSSIP 05/28
A certain very married NBA baller might have some serious explaining to do. Not only is this woman claiming to have been romantically involved with him, but she’s also alleging to have been bustin’ it open in the bedroom behind closed doors with him for a while. This potential dirty-dog candidate is a well known athlete who plays for one of the most high-profile NBA franchises in the league, and these allegations really couldn’t have come at a worse time for he and his family, especially since the jump-off who’s itching to put him on blizzy blast even says she has proof of their affair including text messages of their freaky conversations. If this thicky-thick groupie is telling the truth, this coupled up baller should probably start spending less time with his single, schlong slaingin’ teammates and start learning how to keep his high-paid peen in his pants before he loses it all. Can you guess who he is? Hint: Nope….it’s not Kobe…. Carmelo Anthony/New York Knicks

205. BLIND GOSSIP 05/28
This celebrity is going to be popping the question to his girlfriend soon! Her friends say that she has no idea that the proposal is coming and that she will be totally shocked. Will his camp be as excited about it as her camp? Probably not. They think he is too young; that the couple needs to slow things down; that he needs to be sure that she loves him for him and not just for his fame; etc. But even if they voice those concerns with him, they will never say those things in public. They are very concerned about his public image and will pretend to be happy for everyone involved. At least the ring will be genuine… and genuinely gorgeous! He was recently looking at a beautiful cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from a famous Hollywood jeweler whose gems are frequently featured on the red carpet. If that is the ring he selects, she will be one lucky lady! He will be proposing while they are on vacation. Will she accept? Well, her friends say that she really loves him and will definitely say yes.
He: Justin Bieber
She: Selena Gomez

206. EVIL BEET 05/28
Which mega performer has to have major poop privacy? After playing a huge venue, she made an unscheduled stop into the media room, with 2 handlers. The room was still filled with writers and bloggers when one handler asked the other if he "had to go that bad". He shook his head and gestured it was the pop princess who needed to use the restroom. They then made it clear that everyone needed to clear out NOW and not come back, as this wasn’t going to be a quick bathroom stop. There were many other bathrooms nearby but this one was the furthest away from any prying ears…or noses, which I guess made it the only one in the world for this girl. I know we all want privacy and don’t want to be disturbed while in the bathroom, but to kick everyone out when there are plenty of other options? Seems kinda rude. Rihanna

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#1**
This New Jersey RH husband has a stripper he loves. He pays for her apartment and car and even got her a job. Since your first guess will be Joe, I will say it isn't him. Albert Manzo

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#2**
This former A list tweener who is now just a world class a-hole was told by a very very very close and immediate family member that he needed to go to rehab. He has not spoken to her since. He says they are close, but they are not. Justin Bieber (mother)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#3**
This A+ list celebrity is giving her C+ list mostly television actress friend another chance even if producers and casting directors are not. The pair used to always get along and then there were some drug issues with the actress friend. OK, a lot of drug issues and as part of their reunion, they have been hanging out, but the actress gets her purse searched by a bodyguard before the pair hang out. No connection to any drugs for our celebrity. Taylor Swift/Jessica Szohr

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#4**
This C list reality star and wannabe porn star has a new guy in her life. He replaces the one that moved out of her mom's house. This guy actually has his own place, but somehow I guess they will make it work. Her husband is totally on board. He just asks to watch sometimes. Courtney Stodden

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress tells her significant other that she is taking their child to mommy and me classes or play dates. What she does is pass the child off to the nanny and then waits in the parking lot or in front of the play date house smoking one joint after the other.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#6**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress was saved from dying from an overdose two weeks ago when her maid heard her choking on her own vomit during the middle of the night. Demi Moore

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#7**
This almost A list celebrity/singer should not believe her significant other when he says that he will behave at his bachelor party. Every night he is away from her it is his bachelor party. Was before he met her too. With all of his relationships. Kelly Clarkson

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#8**
This former almost A list movie and television actress who does mostly movies now has been wanting more kids. Her husband is not on board and did not really want the kids they have now. He is also tired of all the animals and her other causes and just wants to be single again. Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **#9**
This is one of the most amazing coincidences ever. Either that or this woman just has something that closeted lesbians love. For the longest time ever, this woman was the lover of this C+ list mostly movie actress with A list name recognition. They had a huge falling out last year. The lover was not invited to a wedding and feelings were hurt and then there was the fact that our actress wanted someone younger and there was always fighting about the dogs and how they should be raised. It just went on and on. So, the two split and lo and behold, where does the woman end up but on the arm of this almost A list mostly movie actress who has always preferred women to men, but needs the men to keep her career going, or so she thinks. She is probably right. She is one person who would probably not be accepted if she came out. I'm not even sure she could get away with coming out as bi. I will say that our actress looks very happy and apparently the woman has already moved in with our actress. Only guest house for now.
C+ actress: Jessica Biel
A list actress: Kristen Stewart

216. BLIND GOSSIP 05/29
This famous actress spends sooo much money and time to look "perfect" on the outside. Too bad all the plastic surgery and hair and makeup and clothes are just covering up a complete mess! She recently skipped an event that celebrated a milestone of one of her family members. Every other member of her family was there except her. Why didn’t she show up? Was she invited? Yes. Was she working? No. Was she suddenly taken ill? No. She didn’t show up because was totally wasted. Alcohol AND drugs. It’s now a daily occurrence. A friend described it this way: "Half the time, she’s not even present when she is physically in the same room with you. It’s like being with a ghost. She’s there… but she’s not there. She is like a shell of her former self. She looks all pretty and pulled together on the outside, but there is nothing on the inside. She used to be so lively and fun and talented. Now she is just… nothing." Her family is completely exasperated and doesn’t even know what to do with her anymore. Because she is an adult and is only responsible for herself and isn’t hurting anyone, they can’t force her to do anything. They have to wait until she ODs or gets caught driving drunk. Demi Moore (missed daughter Scout’s college graduation)

217. ALLIE IS WIRED 05/29
This celeb was on track to be A list, but settled for B/C+ list when his career fizzled after he nabbed a breakout role in a huge franchise. His wife is gorgeous and they have a kid together, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing anything and anyone he can to further his career.
Actor: Brandon Routh
Breakout role: Superman/Clark Kent
Franchise film: "Superman"
Wife: Courtney Ford

Whenever a celebrity checks into a hotel or has mail sent to their home, they use a fake name. Usually something fun, something that makes them laugh. Elton John is rumored to go by Sir Dick Huntington. Jessica Simpson uses Bridget Bardot, while Oprah often picks the same name as baby Jesus’ mother and virgin, Mary. It’s an exciting moment in a celebrity’s life when they are too famous to use their own name. So you can imagine the disappointment when one young singer was carefully selecting a pseudonym, only to be told by her father, "baby, you don’t need a fake name. Who’s going to want to call you?" Ouch! Carly Rae Jepson

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor spent the morning having sex with a waitress he picked up in the hotel restaurant and then spent the afternoon having sex with this resurgent B- list mostly movie actress who is his co-star. She was clueless about his activities earlier in the day. Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actor had his big run a decade or two ago. Still a B lister and still works a lot, just not with that A list billing any longer. He has always dated very very young, but this is kind of sick even for him. He paid his girlfriend a lot of money to put braces on her teeth. She didn't need them, but he liked the way they made her look. James Woods

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#3**
Apparently there is a video making the rounds of this former almost A list mostly movie actress who has had a very bad year. Not even an actress anymore. Anyway, the video was made when she had Skype sex with a C list rap star who she had the hots for. He was recording the whole thing and there are about 30 minutes of the former actress going solo and also dancing and smoking pot. Demi Moore/Ricky J

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#4**
This C list mostly television actor who is lucky to get any work but has A list name recognition had a very very quiet relationship with a production assistant on his new show. They only hooked up when his wife was out of town which was not very often as she stuck by his side like glue. The production assistant has been telling people about their time together and is looking to sell the story. She has texts and some photos. James Van Der Beek "Friends with Better Lives"

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#5**
This Teen Mom is messaging some of her male followers and offering to spend the night with them for a certain amount of money. She is asking anywhere from $2500-5000 for the night. It is NOT Farrah Abraham. Jenelle Evans

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#6**
This former almost A list singer/rapper and now still a solid B is having some special surgery. He is getting an implant put in his peen. Yep. He says he has always wanted to be bigger and he has had some impotence issues in the past. 50 Cent

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **#7**
This actress is an upstart. She is probably a C lister, who, with any luck will probably be a B lister by the end of the year and studios think she has a chance to be A list by this time next year as film roles are dropping into place for her constantly. The thing is, she did not get her fame as an actress, but as something else. A writer mostly. The problem is that her co-writer found out about her cheating on him and broke up with her. He had always said he did all the writing and just gave her credits because they were together. It sounds like it now because since they split all she does is act. No more writing. She keeps saying she is working on something, but that is trying to find a new writer who would like to "co-write" with her. Brit Marling

226. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/30
1. Which late theater person had a past that was about to catch up with him? It’s a poignant moment at the Tony Awards when Broadway takes note of its own who died this past year, drawing applause and perhaps tears, as well. But if the Tony crowd knew the full story, they’d hold the cheers — he drank himself to death just before he was about to be questioned by the police for stalking and harassing an ex.

2. WHICH athlete has fooled the world with an uber-squeaky-clean image but in reality "[bleeped] everybody in college?"

Which now-out-of-the-closet male TV star was once so concerned about the press revealing his sexual orientation that he fired his publicist after Time Out New York did a page on him at his favorite restaurant with the headline "******, Doesn’t Just Like The Sun. He Loves A Big Piece Of Meat!" It was almost impossible to get the closeted and always suntanned star any press, because the one question everyone wanted to ask he wouldn’t answer. So what could be more perfect than a food feature, nothing – until the fool picked a steak house! You can only imagine his face when he rushed to the newsstand at 6:00 am to buy 12 copies of the magazine to mail to his family and he saw that headline! Bye bye publicist – but hello to not living a lie. He is now out and proud, and still enjoying, ‘a big piece of meat!’
Celebrity: Sam Champion
Publicist he fired: Rob Shuter

We hear that a very taken Miami Heat player is having an affair with someone who lives in the King Cole condo in North Beach. Says our spy, "He's there around midnight after every home game." Our spy isn't exaggerating. According to security, this player has repeatedly shown up at midnight and after asking for a particular woman's apartment. The thing is, that woman is not his significant other. Girlfriend shouldn't be too shocked considering that not too long ago she was the one with whom her beloved baller was sneaking around.
Athlete: Dwyane Wade
His Team: Miami Heat
Actress: Gabrielle Union

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#1**
This C+ list does any work she can find actress, but is currently doing movies has A list name recognition. She is also being the biggest diva that ever divad on the set of her new movie. She only got the job because of her name, not her acting talent. The actress makes so many demands that she has to have two people by her side constantly who can make it all happen. The budget on the movie is not that big and because of her need to have two people on call at all times is bringing the movie over budget. Jessica Biel "Nailed"; Katie Holmes "Mania Days"

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#2**
I'm not sure what this former B list mostly movie actress who is now a C and got her fame from a very important role does all day, but she is not spending time with her child. She has been in this space before and according to a friend of the nanny who watches her 24/7, our actress has not spent time alone with her child in almost a year. Kate Hudson

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#3**
This former almost A list mostly movie actress with no acting talent is a B- or maybe even a C+ now despite her A list name recognition. She loves everyone thinking she is very successful with her endeavors but it is all an illusion. She is quickly going through every penny she has ever earned in an effort to make things right. It would help if her husband had not drained much of her cash a few years ago with a get rich quick scheme. Jessica Alba

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#4**
This former B list mostly television actress from a hit show for an almost network has gone through four personal assistants in the past six months. One of those who quit says there is nothing to do all day because the actress does nothing except read fashion magazines all day and has a hair and makeup person come everyday, but the actress never goes out. She loves talking smack about the assistants in front of the hair person and acts like she is the biggest thing to ever walk the earth. Blake Lively

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#5**
This A list plus size model had her first lesbian experience not that long ago and filmed it on her cell phone. Also took lots of photos. If you see her in a bar and get her drunk enough she will be happy to show it all to you. And describe it. It is kind of like bar porn. Tocarra Jones

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#6**
This A list celebrity had two flight attendants on his recent private jet flight who do a whole lot more than serve beverages. They are the personal staff of the bazillionaire who owns the plane. I'm guessing he is going to keep this secret from his A list celebrity wife who is way too busy in her own world to probably even notice.
A list celebrity: David Beckham
Bazillionaire: Bolivian billionaire Marcelo Claure
A list celebrity wife: Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#7**
This A list mostly television actor has been paying his current girlfriend $300K a month to sleep with him every month for almost the past year. A subscription to Playboy would be way cheaper. She is trying to get him to marry her, but he says that paying this amount every month is way less expensive than getting married and then divorced. Charlie Sheen

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#8**
This A list mostly movie actor has not been spotted with his wife as much as they used to be. It turns out she got wind of a little fling he had on the set of his last movie. Not with a woman, but with his male B list actor co-star. She thinks it is strange and can't seem to get over it. He says he prefers women, but got caught up in the movie. Matt Damon/Cheyenne Jackson "Behind the Candelabra"; Matthew McConaughey/Jared Leto"Dallas Buyers Club"

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#9**
This woman is a celebrity and an actress and a reality star. Not exactly going for an EGOT, but she does have lots of name recognition. She also is very rich. She is probably a B-/C+ list actress who gets work, but it is on television shows you have never heard of. She would LOVE to be taken seriously as an actress, but she is just not good enough and refuses to take classes. She says she does not need them. She has been in some movies and as I said has done the reality thing. She knows a lot of very famous people. Mostly aging a little bit. She could get guys way younger, but she likes men who have been divorced a few times and are in their late 40's or early 50's and who are very rich with a little bad boy in them. She sees guys three times a week. Not the same guy. She has six guys she sees. Three one week, and three the next week. She does not care if they have a girlfriend, they just can't be married. They all come over to her place and I am shocked there has not been pap shots of them coming and going. She never goes to their place. Ever. She is also the one who decides when they come over and will call them that day to tell them to come over or lose their spot in the rotation. Denise Richards

Did this Diva pull a fast one? A slap heard around the world is probably worth millions in tickets! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Beyonce

239. BLIND GOSSIP 05/31
We didn’t even know that this beautiful actress was particularly religious. But it seems that she has been spending an awful lot of time repenting for something lately! For the past couple of weeks, she has been going to church regularly. Nearly every day, in fact. And she’s not just going and praying. She is going into the confessional box… and staying there for long periods of time. While most confessions take only a couple of minutes, our girl has been practically camping out in the box! On one recent occasion, according to witnesses, she spent almost thirty minutes inside the box, and emerged visibly distraught and teary-eyed, clutching a fistful of tissues. There are so many sins that she could be repenting for, we can’t even begin to guess which one she is talking about! But, if we had to bet on one, we would go with her weakness for married men. January Jones; Kristen Stewart

Can you Say her Name? She’s said to be a popular jump-off among a circle of female celebrities. We’re talking about La La Anthony and Gabrielle Union. Don’t believe me.. Ask Alicia Keys. This singer will tell you "There are a lot of boys, but few men" – to curb questions of why she doesn’t have a man in her life. Her ex-boyfriend knows the answer to that question, all too well. Just ask Roy Williams, who sources say once showed up at our mystery lady’s recording session only to find a leading female tennis player finger-popping our blind item. Through her song ‘Dirty Laundry’, our blind would have you believe that she was battered by a man — but that ‘man’ could really be a female with a strap-on. Don’t believe me.. Ask Serena Williams. We all know Simon Cowell is a openly gay man who sponsors the LGBT entertainers on his bullshit scouting for talent television shows. That could be why Cowell hired today’s blind item to be an X Factor judge. Kelly Rowland

241. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 05/31
After a series of sh-tty relationships, she thought she’d finally found the one. He says the right things, he wants to be with her all the time, he isn’t embarrassed to be seen with her. And he’s not motivated to do much other than to be with her. Life is not particularly challenging for either of them...but every man needs his down time. Or, in his case, his down down time. What does he do with his down, down time? Not sure...exactly. But you can smell it. You can always smell it from his office. So there’s one blend for when he needs to relax and then something else when he needs a hit of excitement. Which might explain why there are small mirrors on his desk with powdery white residue. Do they do it together? Surely not now, in her condition. But maybe later for a shortcut to skinny. Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson

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