NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

What this former NBA blind item may not want you to know about is his secret fetish for tranny’s. Don’t believe me.. Just ask his ex-beard, Vanessa Williams. Why else do you think dude made his way onto the set of Latifah’s successful VH1 series? A source tells us our mystery man prefers "young, light-skinned transgender girls". Don’t believe me.. Ask his former Roxbury Apartment Los Angeles neighbor Chris Mill. Here’s what a former Ago Restaurant bartender reveals: "He used to bring his transgender chics here all the time to wine and dine." The mystery man in question was born in Toronto, Canada – to a Bahamian father and Italian mother. He is said to have a penchant for getting high on cocaine in powder and rock form. Rick Fox

This former A list franchise actor is a B- without his franchise. It would not shock me to see this foreign born actor down to a C or even a D in a few years. But, he does have a backup career. For the past year or so, you can find our actor dressed in drag with some of his friends and performing at shows. Apparently he is pretty good at it. Hayden Christensen

This B- list reality couple solved one problem with their reality show. The husband has stopped cheating because he is afraid he will be recognized which didn't ever really happen before the show. Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett (guess he decided to start again)

This foreign born female former very recent DWTS contestant was involved with one of the male professionals. No big deal there. What is a big deal is that he dumped her once he found out she had a three week fling with one of the female pro dancers. Katherine Jenkins/Derek Hough

This former Tween actress and now just a very rich celebrity has been so freaked out about an upcoming possible marriage to her boyfriend that she has started taking almost a box of laxatives a day to control her already tiny weight. Not a Disney or Nick star. Mary Kate Olsen

This A list celebrity/singer and former reality star managed to kick his heroin habit without going to rehab. One of the reasons he had got hooked again is now out of his life and he said that when that person left, he had no problems stopping. His family, who hated that person is glad they are gone. Steven Tyler

This boyfriend of an A list celebrity is using some of the money he is getting paid by the celebrity to pay for escorts. The guy is an idiot to be risking the millions he could make by sticking with the celebrity. Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Casper Smart

This actor has always been known as a womanizer. He is still B list, but that is fading quickly because he just cannot get the kind of role that made him famous. Although our actor made his initial fame in movies, it was a hit cable show that really boosted his level of fame. Back in the day, our actor was still a womanizer, but did not have much luck when it came to actually getting women to go to bed with him. There was one time where our actor raped a woman at a party. The girl complained to her parents who complained to the school our actor attended. At that point, it was discussed involving the police, but our actor's very rich family got involved and negotiated a deal with the girl's parents. They gave them a large sum of money and agreed to pay for her schooling. Just like that our actor was free to move on and pretend nothing had happened. The girl was not given a say in the proceedings and her parents told her that she should just move on and forget it. Apparently though the experience has scarred her beyond belief and has had years of therapy and also had a big substance abuse problem all the while watching her rapist become more and more famous. Jeremy Piven

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner is usually asleep by 8 pm. That is the latest she can make it because of the amount of sleeping pills she takes in a day. Yeah, she has several doctors on call who write the prescriptions for her.

This former A list comedian with erratic behavior got in one of his usual knockdown drag out fights with his wife. They started throwing things at each other and a big mug hit one of their children in the head and knocked him out requiring a trip to the hospital. Ben Stiller; Dave Chappelle; Tracy Morgan

What former B list mostly movie actress who is now a shell of her former self and just a laughing stock has had one of her "friends" contact this A+ list mostly movie actor. Why? Back in the day, this now married and also then married actor had three or four sex sessions with the actress when she was 15 and 16. She thinks maybe he would want to help her financially instead of something leaking to the press about their relationship which will be "remembered" during one of her therapy sessions.
B list mostly movie actress: Lindsay Lohan
A+ list actor: Robert Downey Jr.

This A list celebrity has jumped back in the dating pool after his recent breakup with a C+ list mostly movie actress. His publicist has made sure all the tabloids know that the celebrity is back in the dating pool and will also let them know where and when he will be taking each of his dates so they can be sure to photograph him with the next woman he can convince to be a beard. Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough

This A list celebrity has claimed that she was a virgin when she got married to, what was at the time a B list celebrity. Well, now, a former roommate is coming forward and selling a story about how he was her first and how she was not the only person in the house he had sex with, but the only female.
A list celebrity: Jessica Simpson
B list celebrity: Nick Lachey
Former roommate: Lane Garrison
Other person had sex with: Joe Simpson

This still A list, but aging athlete ran into his ex-girlfriend a few weeks ago. They had a fling before he dumped her for a B list actress who he was dating at the time also. Oh, and also dating another B list actress with no acting talent. Anyhoo, he ran into his ex who is a celebrity and she started talking about her marriage problems and the next thing you know he kicks his chef out for the night and orders in some food and she ends up spending the night. Hubby was at home with the kid(s).
Athlete: Derek Jeter
Ex-girlfriend: Adriana Lima

B list actress: Jessica Alba
Other B list actress: Jessica Biel

Back in the day this actress had a career. I make it sound like it was a long time ago, but it really was not that long ago. She probably thinks it has been forever since she was popular and loved and talked about constantly in the news. She was a big thing. Not ever A list, but a very solid B+ lister. Mostly television, but she dabbles in movies. Actually, right about now she would be willing to dabble in whatever you gave her. At just about the height of her fame, which was within the last decade she was involved in several high profile relationships. Very high profile. She loved the attention. When she got dumped in one of the relationships she vowed to never put her heart on the line again. The thing is that in that previous relationship she had developed somewhat of a reputation for wanting publicity and no one really wanted to date her. She found someone eventually. Problem was that he was married. It didn't bother our actress. She was all for it. She had the guy wrapped around her finger or so she thought. During the relationship our actress got pregnant. She told her boyfriend who confessed all to his wife because he wanted her to know. It was at that point, that she made a very strange decision. The wife had dumped the husband so he was free to be with our actress and our actress was thrilled and everything was going great, but she wanted a career and not a family so without even telling her boyfriend, she had an abortion. She thought he would be thrilled that they could just focus on each other and make their art together and she could be his muse. He was devastated and dumped her and since then, the word is out on her and she has barely managed to work since. HINT: Even though our actress is now with someone else she still e-mails the other guy every single day. She sends photos of herself naked and when she finds out his phone number she calls and texts him constantly until he gets it changed. He would get a restraining order against her but promised his ex he would keep what happened quiet and the actress uses that to her advantage and bothers him all the time. It would not shock me if she had a wall of pictures of him in her home. She still barely works. He has seen to that. Rose McGowan & Robert Rodriguez

16. BLIND GOSSIP 04/02
Guess which celebrity’s "friend" is driving around Los Angeles today in a brand new $500k car? A week ago, the "friend" claimed that a celebrity family was lying about the existence of a sex tape… because he had seen it. Just a few short hours later, he changed his tune and proclaimed that there is not – and never was – a sex tape. Huh. That’s odd. What made him do that? And is it simply an extraordinary coincidence that just a few, short days after this uproar, the "friend" drove out of a Mercedes showroom in a new car with a price sticker of a cool half million dollars? We wonder what kinds of cars the other players in this saga will be driving in a few weeks.
Celebrity: Joe Jonas
Celebrity Family: Jonas family
Friend (not famous): Blanca Eggenschwiler

17. MOUTH TO EARS 04/02
Maybe this is why he can’t lose weight ……………………. This Hollywood family loves the spotlight! The only thing about that is you always have to look good, and that can’t happen if you are overweight. This family is rather sad when you look at them from the inside. Instead of addressing the son’s drug addiction, they are bullying him into losing weight . But how can he lose weight if his drug of choice packs on the pounds. Instead of worrying about his pregnant sisters he should check into rehab, ASAP. Rob Kardashian

It is not just Jon Hamm that is having trouble packing everything he has into the super tight period pants on the set of Mad Men. Another actor is equally as well endowed as Jon but always wears tight underwear –on and off the set – so few people know he has also been blessed/cursed with the same big problem as Jon. Surprisingly, this cast member is much shorter in height than Hamm, which only makes what Mother Nature gave him even more impressive! Robert Morse

This B- list mostly television actor is on one of the biggest pay cable shows. It was not always the case. Back in the day before getting famous he made what he thought was a destroyed tape of himself pleasuring himself. Turns out there were copies made and now are being shopped to a gay porn site. Alexander Skarsgard

This married A list mostly movie actress has been reluctant to do a follow up to her one true hit role. Her reluctance is nothing compared to the wife of the B- list actor who is her frequent co-star. The wife knows about the long term affair the couple had back in the day and our actress has been making more and more contact with the actor lately which has the wife very worried. Sarah Jessica Parker/Chris Noth "Sex and the City"

This almost A list mostly television actor is back on television on a show. How long remains to be seen, but the other day he was telling a story about why he is such good friends with this former almost A list celebrity. It turns out one night he was going to commit suicide and she called him and stayed with him on the phone for 12 hours straight. He said that no one else has ever been so willing to help him and he credits her with saving his life. Matthew Perry/Jennifer Capriati

One of my favorite things is when I get a copy of sample chapters of proposed manuscripts of tell all books. One I saw this week has me hoping and praying that the book gets published. This actress, who is probably now a C lister was on a hit television show back in the day that has been remade. Back when she was on the show she was probably B list but with A list name recognition thanks to her time in the tabloids. She used to love sleeping with married guys. She would have boyfriends, but she loved married guys. In the manuscript she claims that she slept with the creator of her one hit show. That must have been one heck of a morning the next day on the set.

This former almost A list mostly television actress still manages to work on television but has dropped to a C lister with a need for fame and attention that is unprecedented. She also has a thing for other women. She loves to invite women over to her house for what she says will be a threesome with her husband but he is always absent and our actress just wants the women to herself.

This C list celebrity offspring was asked the other day about three scars on her body. She says they are burn marks from when her A list celebrity mother burned her with a crack pipe. Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina

This actress has had troubles with substance abuse in the past, but she has done a remarkable job of hiding just how bad her past drug issues were. At the tender age of 13 she was doing lines of coke like a true pro. At one point, she was doing so much coke at a movie that she had to be removed. I'm guessing her A list co-stars were probably shocked. It was a very famous role for her. Over the next five years she entered rehab three times and none of those times has ever been reported. This was back before there was much internet gossip although, the internet did exist. Also during those five years while she was not even legal she began a string of one night stands with band members from various bands she loved. She would meet them at parties and events and then travel to meet them in various cities and made sure they knew just how much she loved them. When she could not get the band member she wanted, she had no issues with just finding any random guy to spend the night with in exchange for either a room or for drugs. As she had got older, she has been even more careful about protecting herself and her habit. Sure, there have been a few reports, but nothing to match her level of actual drug and alcohol use. There have been slips and stumbles, but for the most part she has cleaned up her act. Not Drew Barrymore. Kirsten Dunst

26. BLIND GOSSIP 04/03
Imagine a world where people think you are a nice guy. A world where your family loves you, where you are young and handsome and somewhat talented, where you travel the world and have millions of dollars and millions of fans. Boy, that’s a really nice world, isn’t it? You probably go to sleep at night dreaming of girls and waffles and money. Now imagine that you wake up tomorrow, and your entire world is in shambles, ruined, turned upside down! What will you do? Why, you will say that you had absolutely no idea that this was going to happen, of course! You will say that you are shocked and appalled! You will say that you need everyone to rally around you, support you in your time of need, and cheer you on as you rise from the ashes! Yes, those are the things that you will do. That is the world that someone will be waking up in tomorrow. Except that you now know that he will be lying and faking it. Just like his partner. Joe Jonas

27. CELEBTZER 04/03
Eeek! This is just gross! It is hard to know how to describe this guy. "Famewhore" might be appropriate given that he seizes every opportunity to steal the spotlight away from his equally attention-grabbing family. We know that booze and drugs have been on the menu in the past. We just didn’t know that hidden cameras and secret tapes of him and his gal pals doing the deed were too. You’ve heard the expression "Making a mountain out of a molehill"? Well, this dude has both. He has a mole that gives aways his identity when you can’t see his face in the tapes because it is strategically placed in his nether regions (read: balls). And he has mountains and mountains of these sex tapes ready to "leak" to the media if the attention on him starts waning. Double yuck! Rob Kardashian

Which parent of a child star – that is now all grown up, is so desperate for the spotlight to shine on them for once that they have met with several ghost writers to do a tell-all book? Always wanting to be in show business they pushed their baby from an early age to make her parents dreams come true. Once fame finally arrived her dad made himself the center of everything, demanding no-one talk directly to the talent, but rather go through him. However, as the spotlight started to shine less bright and the talent moved on with her life, she left her dad feeling like he was pushed aside! Now he thinks it’s his time to shine – and the way to do that is to sell out his poor kid!

This former A list mostly movie actress was up to her old tricks again the other night. Without her celebrity boyfriend anywhere near her, our now C list actress spent the whole night hitting on a married man she was introduced to. He made it perfectly clear he was married and she made it perfectly clear she did not care as she gave him her number and told him to call. He wouldn't give her his number. Very wise choice as she would call it hundreds of times each day if she was interested.

This A list celebrity/singer has always been sexually edgy despite what she wants the world to think. She was at a party over the weekend and said that her favorite thing to do is find a gay guy and convince him to have sex with her. Her last boyfriend loved that game because he would always join in. Katy Perry/John Mayer

This A+ list movie actor has been joining his wife every week at a therapist's office. A sex therapist. Rumor has it that he is a little quick at the trigger and not just temper wise. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively

This former A+ list mostly movie actress and usually just a director now has been taking meetings with lots of female talent and tells them all that she has the perfect role for them. Casting couch in full effect. Our director has a special fondness for Disney tweeners. Jodie Foster

This former A list mostly movie actress is raising lots of money for a cause that is important to her. She needs millions and so far all of the calls she has made have been to the women who she slept with to get early movie roles. You know, before she also got a husband and famous.

This A+ list mostly movie actor was almost involved in the biggest scandal of the past decade. He was partying with his daughter's best friend. The daughter was asleep and the actor and the friend were playing strip pool with lines of coke on the table. At one point, the actor challenged the girl to do as many lines as she could. She did and went into convulsions a short tome later. One of the actor's security guards got her stabilized and then, then the family doctor was called.

There have been a lot of strange couplings in Hollywood, but this one is right there at the top of the list. As so often happens in Hollywood, these two met on the set of a movie. A very big movie. Although our actress was still a relative newbie to acting she had made her mark in a couple of great films, including two of my all-time favorites which is why I still have a crush on her even after hearing about this story. Even though she was a newbie, she probably had B list name recognition because of her name. Our actor was way older than her. Over twice her age. Married. A+ lister then and now. From the day he walked on the set, our actress was into him. He fed her the same line he fed every woman on every set he has ever been on. His marriage was in trouble and his wife didn't understand him. I think she understood him just fine and was not exactly silent when it came to her own affairs. She also likes the younger guys too. Our actress had never been hit on or given the full press this A+ actor was giving her. He was sending flowers and gifts and would not stop calling her and visiting her trailer. That was where they had sex the first time. Over the next 100 times they had sex, the only time it was ever in a bed was when they were in a trailer on set. She believed him when he said he liked it sexy and in strange places, preferably in the dead of night. The truth was that he didn't want his wife or the paps to catch them so they did it in cars and outside and on the beach and in fields and everywhere else they could that was away from the public eye. When filming ended, he broke it off with her and apparently she cried for almost six months.
Actress: Liv Tyler (Steven Tyler’s daughter)
Actor/wife: Bruce Willis/Demi Moore
Movie: "Armageddon"

Is this Reality Star going to have the rug pulled out from under her. Her "haters" are ready to put out the list of her all her romantic conquests!

37. POPBITCH 04/04
Which gossip-column friendly celebrity has such unusual taste in men she's had both Simon Cowell and Marc Anthony?
Carmen Electra

This almost A list mostly television actor who is having a career rebirth after a brief, but smoking hot career in movies and then nothing for a long time had a celebration last week because he made the last payment owed to the teen girl he had sex with when she was three years short of being legal. He was almost three times her age when it happened.

This married with children A list female director not named Jodie Foster has a thing for young blonde women. Look for the semi-famous actress at the time who has a few lines in her movies. The blonde changes, but where they spend their nights never does. Our director's hotel which is why she rarely films movies in LA. Sofia Coppola

This former B list mostly television actor who is now probably a C is married to an A lister at least when it comes to name recognition but C when it comes to acting talent. They spent much of a recent trip letting their fingers do the dialing as they arranged for threesomes every night they were out of the country. One of the nights was a guy. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox (trip to Brazil)

This almost A list mostly television actress has stayed pretty busy on television for the past two decades. I feel like she has been on television almost every night of those 20 years. She and her co-star boyfriend broke up recently. He confessed he had a thing for wearing women's clothes. She freaked out because her ex loved doing that too and she just wants someone who wants to wear men's clothes. Courtney Cox/Josh Hopkins/David Arquette

"It had been so long since I had sex with a guy who showered, didn't reek of smoke and booze and who could actually get it up that all I have been able to do since that day is smile." Foreign born C list actress/model telling her friend about her A++ list mostly movie actor ex. Vanessa Paradis/Johnny Depp

After almost a decade together, this A++ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee got his actress wife to finally break up with her long time girlfriend. He convinced her that with all the cameras everywhere all the time that it was just a matter of time before she was caught and that it would ruin what everyone thinks is the perfect marriage. He never seems worried about those things when it is about him. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

Have you ever wondered about how this couple came to be? He needed a boost to his career. She already had a huge career, but was afraid it was all going to come crashing down at any second if someone found out her secret. She loves women. Adores them. Made the mistake of telling some people early in her career and the next thing you know, she is having to give away her songs instead of selling them and not getting to keep the best ones for herself. What to do about it? Well, she came up with a grand plan that has worked really well for her. Find a notorious womanizer who she falls for even though he is with someone else. She told herself that would really make it look like she likes guys. She was totally willing to put up with some bad publicity because in her world, the alternative was going to be way worse. The guy, a celebrity himself thought it was a good idea. He liked the idea of doing something in secret and his new girlfriend and soon to be wife told him he could spend some time with women she found for him or even join in with one or two of her girlfriends. This made him happy and he has also seen a huge bump in his status and money earning ability and has no issues at all with how things have turned out. Meanwhile, the people who were forcing her to pay for their silence have lost a lot of leverage because of what the world perceives as a very normal and loving heterosexual household. Alicia Keys/Swizz Beatz

This Magic Michigan man didn’t seem to let his 1991 HIV positive diagnosis stop him from sharing himself with his fans. That’s because insiders reveal the not-so-on-point former point guard didn’t only later go on to swapping spit, at LA’s former Savannah Club, with female strangers, he also reportedly requested Roxy Club groupies to "suck his Johnson" — before telling them to finish his boys off too, so he could watch. Don’t believe me.. Ask his ’80s homeboy, Marshall. Most recently, the son of this sports icon came out of the closet — and many are saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Insiders reveal dude’s wife may also play for both teams. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chaka Khan. Our blind item was the first Negro mascot of a company — long before Jay Z and Puffy signed up for that same roll. Our mystery man is known best for pretending to be a big black businessman. In reality, he’s said to be doing nothing more than painting an illusion in order to trick Afro Americans into believing in the American dream. Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr.

This A+ list actress has probably the scariest pickup line of all time. When she met her first husband, she walked up to him and showed him that she had craved his name in her arm and said, "Do you like this? I made it for you?" You would think that would be a once in a lifetime thing, but she did the same thing to her next boyfriend too with the same carving the name and giving him the line. Oh, and did it while she was still with her husband. This will be revealed. Angelina Jolie/ Jonny Lee Miller/Timothy Hutton

This A list singer is an a-hole of monumental proportions. I can't stand the guy. I used to think he and his celebrity wife were cool but now, he is just basically daring tabloids to expose his cheating ways. All the tabloids know he is cheating and has cheated. They even know with whom. They have multiple women with names but every step of the way he has been ahead of them. He either pays off the women or tells the women that because they have a new life now why would they want to ruin that by bringing up the past. It is coming. The way you treated the women and threatened them is going to come out. So, keep on laughing about it. I owe it to everyone to reveal who this is if he is not exposed by July 4th. Blake Shelton

48. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **# 1**
This A list singer/celebrity made her assistant sleep on the floor outside our singer's hotel room when the assistant was unable to score some pot after a recent out of the country performance. Our singer screamed. "This is mother f**king ___________. A five year old could score pot here." Rhianna (Vancouver)

49. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/07 **# 2**
After a recent event, this former almost A list mostly television actress from a very hit Tweener type show who threw everything away with her spoiled behavior and drug use had some woman on woman fun with this former almost A list mostly movie actress from a very large franchise who has less chance of getting into a movie now than Lindsay Lohan. Ten years ago this would have been front page tabloid stuff, but now it must have been like watching an episode of Surreal Life which they both would probably kill to get on. Mischa Barton/Tara Reid

As the swatting epidemic continues, the list of victim keeps getting longer and longer – Russell Brand, Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher, Diddy, The Kardashians, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Selena Gomez are now all part of the club. So which reality star CANNOT understand why she is NOT on the list? "She thinks she’s bigger than half of the stars that have been targeted. She actually thinks it’s a sign that you have made it in Hollywood if you get swatted," one friend tells Naughty But Nice Rob. And while it is true her home is bigger than many of the stars on the dubious list, having law enforcement swarm your house isn’t something any real celebrity would want – unless of course, reality TV cameras were following them around too. I mean – the nerve of those swatters!

This former C list actress/reality star and one time replacement has finally called it quits with her boyfriend. For years she has been the other woman to his boyfriends and just can't handle it anymore.

This foreign born, very good looking B list mostly movie actor has been in trouble with the law and goes through women like Paris Hilton goes through dogs. He has even been in trouble for the way he treats his women. One of his more recent girlfriends got a big beating after she got drunk and made fun of the fact that he can never ever come to attention so to speak. She lost two teeth for her remarks.

This almost A list mostly movie actor was getting some sympathy because his A list model significant other had been cheating on him. It turns out that he is not above doing some cheating on his own, and talk about looking for the opposite. The woman he cheated with was a plus plus size model. Orlando Bloom/Miranda Kerr

This A list mostly television actress has hundreds of hours of recorded phone sex calls that she has had with various boyfriends. The boyfriend before her current one says instead of dropping names of guys she knows or has gone out with she loves to bring out a recording of phone sex calls and play it for her current guy.
Jennifer Love Hewitt

This foreign born almost A list mostly movie actress who seems like she has made a career of playing anyone from the 18th and 19th century was walking a red carpet in the last few weeks and lasted about 30 seconds before she had to head off to the bathroom for some coke. She has always enjoyed coke, but she is out of control. She spent way more time in the bathroom than she did at the actual event. I'm surprised she has any teeth left after all the grinding she does. Keira Knightley/Helena Bonham Carter

This B list mostly television actress has had some big television roles and a big boyfriend or two. Her current boyfriend has her coke use way up. It is bad enough that he has a habit so bad that the B- list mostly movie actor can barely get work, but now he has her hooked so bad they spent most of the last week just snorting up piles of coke and never leaving his house.

This couple has been together forever. When they got married, everyone thought it was the perfect match. It kind of is. He enjoys being out of the spotlight now, despite his sometime forays into acting which got him to the B+ list mostly movie range. She supports him now. She, being a B+ actress who divides her time between movies and television. In return for supporting him, he lets her do what she pleases and what she pleases is lots of women. That is her thing and always has been. You send her a script with a love scene with another woman and she will be on board as quick as she can make a phone call. Does she bring home some of the women? Absolutely. Not often, but enough to keep him from straying too much. Every once in awhile she will throw him a bone and there is no doubt he is the father of their children. Sarah Michelle Geller/Freddie Prinze Jr.

58. DAILY MIRROR (U.K.) 04/08
Which pop star can’t decide if he likes boys or girls? Publicly, he loves the ladies, but my spies keep spotting him getting VERY friendly with guys after he’s had a few drinks. Harry Styles, from One Direction

What this former Mr. Material Girl may not want you to know about are his 2005 cocaine binges with some of rap’s most notable faces. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Petey Pablo and Suge Knight. That’s while this actor’s second time around chic, Robin Wright, would reportedly come downstairs for a Salmon dish — exclaiming, "80-calories, gotta keep my weight down!" That’s before girlfriend would make a U-turn back to her room. Just ask Bobby Cooper. Here’s the drop: "Petey used to bring Spinderella over to the house all the time. All Petey and dude would do is sniff blow! Dude would then run upstairs to see Robin — only to come back down to sniff more coke." Sean Penn

This former B list celebrity/singer/reality star who is now just hanging on to fame with the help of her sister and paps with nothing better to do spent four hours in rehab last month. Went through processing. Went through the assessment When it came time to stay though she ran out of the place and has not been back since. So, now she gets babysat by family members. Ashlee Simpson

Not only did this former B list television actress from a hit show recently lose a baby, but the now D lister with B list name recognition is reportedly upset that she is so poor that she cannot even afford to pay for some Adderall to lose the weight she gained while pregnant. She has come a long way down the ladder. Paz De La Huerta "Boardwalk Empire"

This outspoken, openly gay designer is holding a grudge against this A+ list mostly movie actor and has been outing him to anyone who will listen. The designer and the actor got into a huge fight last month and the designer has never been one to shy away from getting revenge.

Bumps and bruises are a regular part of this A+ list celebrity/diva. They come as a result of her drinking. She recently broke her wrist after a particularly nasty fall while drunk, but refuses to wear a cast full-time. She doesn't want anyone on her show to ask about the injury because she sucks at lying. Good at fooling herself, but sucks at lying. Mariah Carey

I'm trying to imagine this threesome and how exactly it went down. It is fairly common knowledge that this C list mostly television actress who was on a very hit almost network show before she got fired was up for anything and had some one on one encounters with another actress from the same show who quit or got fired depending on who you ask. They considered themselves wild and rebels so would hook up now and again. Anyway, the C lister apparently got a text from the most famous actress on the show wanting to meet up for dinner. Funny considering they had not spoken in well over a year and the star had no use for the C lister before. It turns out though that our star's A list mostly movie actor husband saw an episode with the C lister and would not stop talking about her and ordered his wife to make it happen. Hence the dinner and the very very awkward invitation. One week later it went down, but mostly between the C lister and the A lister. The wife was pushed to the side.
Show: "Gossip Girl"
C list actress: Jessica Szohr
Other actress: Taylor Momsen
Most famous actress: Blake Lively
A list husband: Ryan Reynolds

This D list celebrity from a very celebrity family made it perfectly clear to her brother-in-law that she would fuck him in return for a career boost. He definitely could make that happen.
D list celebrity: Solange Knowles
Brother-in-law: Jay-Z

Always seemingly mild mannered and sweet, this A+ list mostly movie actress can be just like her carefully crafted Hollywood public image. But, if you cross her or displease her in anyway, be prepared for some serious vindictiveness coming your way. The best way to deal with our actress is just let her have at you and get it over with. For the most part she is a short term yeller who then smiles and changes the subject and is ready to be friends again. Sure, she can carry a grudge as her actor ex-husband found out. There was not a day in the last two years of their marriage that she did not belittle him or remind him of the pecking order of the house and the fights were legendary. Screaming and throwing things. He just sat back and took it because she could have made things much worse for him and told the world about his cheating but didn't in order to protect the family. One boyfriend found out the hard way that you don't cancel weekend plans with the actress at the last minute. She got him to stop by and handed him five trash bags filled with his shredded clothes. That sweet smile of hers hides the mouth of a sailor and if you get her drinking? Forget about it. She will call anyone out. The reason she likes her current guy so much is that he stood up to her. They first met when she was drunk and out with friends. She likes a guy to be a guy and it makes you wonder why she dated one guy for so long.
Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Marriage: Ryan Phillippe
Current Guy: Jim Toth
Other guy: Jake Gyllenhaal

67. BLIND GOSSIP 04/09
These two young female celebrities have been frenemies for the past few years. One day they are best of friends, hanging out and laughing together… and the next day they are ready to absolutely scratch each other’s eyes out! They have been on good terms lately, so their friends were stunned when a very recent text exchange between the two quickly turned ugly. Here is a condensed version of that conversation as relayed by friends from both sides:
A: i hear you have a new song coming out
B: yeah it drops soon. (teasing) wanna make a bet my song will do better than yours in the first week?
A: haha. you say that like you think anyone actually cares about your music
B: my fans do
A: the only reason you even have fans is because you dated [Boy]
B: well the only reason you’re famous is because of your bullshit rehab story
A: well at least i’m not a whore
B: well at least i’m not a coke whore
A: why don’t you go over to [Boy's] house so the paps can get a few more pics of you?
B: why don’t you go back to rehab before you OD?
Not surprisingly, the two haven’t spoken in over a week now.
Girl A: Demi Lovato
Girl B: Selena Gomez
Boy: Justin Bieber

68. BOSSIP 04/09 **#1**
Two weeks ago we posted a story about T.I.’s blonde-haired becky artist Iggy Azalea having sleep-overs at Kanye West’s home in Los Angeles. Bossip sources have revealed to us that it is NOT Kanye who Iggy has been getting up-close and personal with, but one of his G.O.O.D. Music brethren. Who do you think is giving Iggy The G.O.O.D wood?? Big Sean (despite his shorter stature, it is rumored that his "Big" nickname has nothing to do with his height)

69. BOSSIP 04/09 **#2**
Looks like love is in the air for one of the ladies from "Love & Hip-Hop NY!" BOSSIP sources tell us that a romance is heating up between WWE and Japan Pro wrestling champ "MVP," also known as Antonio Banks, also known as Montel Vontavious Porter also known as Hassan Amin Assad. The lady in question was pretty unlucky in love during her debut season on reality TV, but our sources say this new relationship is a real spiritual match. After watching homegirl catch fade on TV it should be refreshing to see her catch feelings instead. Raqi Thunda/Montel Vontavious Porter

70. JEZEBEL 04/10
"Between you and me," writes Cat Marnell in the book proposal which netted her a $500,000 advance from Simon & Schuster, "half the time I feel very little remorse. AND I have a massive ego, if I really think about it." In her proposal, which was leaked to us, Marnell details her life so far. In case you haven’t been keeping up with New York, the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Page Six, or any of the other media outlets that enjoy a good young-woman-in-peril story, Cat Marnell is an ex-Lucky staffer, an health editor, an ex-Vice columnist, and a self-described glamorous drug addict… The proposal is also stuffed with blind items. A particularly compelling one is regarding "the son of one of the most famous living Democrats," who was an acquaintance of Marnell’s from the period after she left prep school and was finishing high school in D.C. Allow Marnell to explain: "I sat with the politician’s son in a parked Oldsmobile crushing beers and taking mushrooms with him and my boyfriend on dark secluded streets with the Secret Service parked behind us, watching, watching." Later, at her 18th birthday party: "The son of the famous unnameable politician was there too; the secret service camped outside out hotel suite door. We binged on every drug and no one cared; no one got in any trouble."
Politician: Al Gore
Politician’s Son: Al Gore III

This aging former A list celebrity and former A list singer (calling it singing is a stretch) and former A list reality star is now a just someone who would like another chance. Talking to waiters the way she did last week though is not going to help. When the waiter came to her table to ask if she would like anything to drink she turned to the waiter and said, "I will say this once. I don't talk directly to waiters. No offense. Just talk to my assistant please. Thanks." She always seemed so sweet on television. Kooky but sweet. Paula Abdul

This former A list Tweener and still a solid B list celebrity/reality star slipped when she found out about her sometime ex and her sister. What will happen when she finds out her sister got pregnant by the sometime ex?
A list Tweener: Demi Lovato
Sister: Dallas Lovato
Ex: Wilmer Valderrama

This B- list actor who is really only famous because of the hit television show he is on has been known as an a-hole for most of his career. A spectacular one. A look in the mirror and ignore everyone else around me and how come that woman is not naked yet because I talked to her for two whole minutes kind of guy. Yeah, well it gets worse. He hit on a woman last week at a club and for some reason she agreed to take him back to her place. They get inside and he sees a picture of a couple and she says they are her parents. Her dad is African-American. Our actor walks away and says he is not having sex with any product of the N word. Yeah, he did. Not the first time he has been accused of being racist though.

This B- list actress treading really close to the C line unless she gets more work after her hit show ended its run is having problems on the home front. Specifically, she had to call 911 last week because her mom overdosed on a combination of pills and booze.

This mid-teen B list mostly movie actress has been visiting her A+ list chain smoking future co-star almost everyday. They are not having sex yet, but he has been reading lines with her and doing them too

I'm not sure why this A list comedian and wannabe A list actor has not told his fans about his recent slip. So, he slipped. So he has made a career about telling people how sober he is? Mistakes happen. Own up to it. Russell Brand

This actor has always been known as one who cheats. He manages to keep a lot of it undercover, but just like the character he is most famous for, her certainly loves women in his life. He has been married for sometime now and his wife has grown to accept he will cheat. He did so before they were married and has not stopped just because they are married. I guess the actor would still be considered B list because he gets a lot of work. He really has been typecast into two unique television characters. After getting his name thrown out as a cheater, our actor has tried a new approach. He dates young. Very young. He prefers college, but as long as they are 18 (usually) he will date high school. He can intimidate them not to tell and not to sell. That is his favorite phrase. No telling and no selling. He buys them stupid $200 gifts and loves it because they are usually so busy with school or living at home that they have trouble doing anything with him more than once or twice a week. They are so happy to be with him and so flattered that they find nothing wrong with spending their limited time in a hotel room where he might buy them room service, but never lets them drink. He does not want one of them to go home drunk and have them spill the beans. He is scrupulous about safe sex because again, an unplanned pregnancy would expose him for the leech he is. Not only does he wear condoms, but he also passes out morning after pills like they are candy. Chris Noth "Sex and the City" and "The Good Wife"

78. BLIND GOSSIP 04/10
This celebrity is pretending that she was surprised by her pregnancy. She talks about how it was a happy accident and how she didn’t even think she could get pregnant at her age! Oh, please! Is anyone buying her story? Well, other than the tabloids, we mean. She actually went through many months of fertility treatments with her SO by her side and did in vitro to make this pregnancy happen, so we don’t think that exactly classifies it as an accident! She is just worried that she lost some fans after some recent parenting issues cast an unfavorable light on her family, and believes that being a "Miracle Mommy" will soften them up and bring them back.
Celebrity: Halle Berry
Significant Other: Olivier Martinez

79. POPBITCH 04/10
(U.K. blog) Which newspaper had the rights to a book exposing Michael Jackson's lifestyle back in the mid 90s but threats from his record label scared them off publishing?

This B list mostly movie actress from a very famous family was approached by a fan for an autograph earlier this week. I can't believe she actually has fans, but maybe someone confused her with someone else. Anyway, the actress refused to sign anything and refused to pose for any photos and told the fan, "You should consider yourself lucky that I even stopped to listen to what you had to say." Emma Roberts

This former almost A list mostly movie actress who has a little bit of crazy in her had a very famous boyfriend back in the day. He was not A list at the time but is now. Back then he was just a really good looking guy with a love of heroin. So much so that the actress says that he got her hooked. He managed to quit but she still has to take methadone several times a week and has refused to talk to the actor for years.
Former almost A list actress: Juliette Lewis
Famous boyfriend: Brad Pitt; Johnny Depp

This A list reality star/host/just about everything had to apply a lot more makeup around her neck area for her television appearance this week. Hickeys and some bruising because she loves it when her boyfriend chokes her during sex. There was a little more bruising than normal. Guess it got out of hand. Heidi Klum

This B list foreign mostly television actor in his home country is probably a C- lister here despite his great role on one of the hittest cable shows out there right now. When our actor got his start he had a huge hit in his own country and then crashed and burned until his US hit now on the air. Why did he crash and burn? Apparently he decided he wanted to remain faithful to his wife and turned down lots of great roles because it would have involved casting couch time. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau "Game of Thrones"

This A list mostly movie actress who is really about to drop to a B and would have along time ago if not for her name and her ongoing divorce has big issues. One of the many doctors she uses for prescriptions just got busted for writing fake prescriptions. Our actress uses that doctor with another six or seven doctors and has a total of 20 prescriptions which sees her taking in excess of 50 pills everyday. No wonder she barely emerges from her house. It is also no wonder anyone wants to hire her anymore. I bet she does not even care about getting clean anymore. She is a very good candidate for an overdose because she mixes booze with them all the time. They would be talking about this death for a good solid year. Demi Moore

This B list mostly any kind of work she can get actress has entered the dating pool again after an extremely high profile relationship ended and apparently freaked out when she had sex with her boyfriend for the first time. Like really freaked out. The guy has not called her back. Katie Holmes

This A list celebrity has been married for quite some time. Does he enjoy being married? You would not enjoy being married to the woman he is married to, but he sucks it up for the sake of the kids and because he just is not a confrontational guy. Back in the day he would confront and she would scream and yell and tell him that he was nothing like her ex who she still talks about ALL the time. Of course when she was with her ex she was talking about the ex before that. Our celebrity solves most of the issues by maintaining separate residences. They have enough of them to make it happen and even in the same city which makes it nice when dealing with the kids. He also has had a series of girlfriends. He started off with a foreign born A list celebrity in her own country who had a brief fling with A list down here in the States. Now, she is more of a name of a one hit wonder. When the wife found out about her, he made a very sneaky move. He went and purposely started an affair with a B list mostly movie actress. He even got busted by the media and there was hell to pay at home, but it also took the pressure off his foreign born lover who he continues to see. She is free to see other guys, but rarely does and instead moves from house to house of the celebrity. No one has ever seemed to find it strange that the two are always in the same city.
A list celebrity: Chris Martin
Wife: Gwyneth Paltrow
First ex: Brad Pitt
Second ex: Ben Affleck
Foreign A list celebrity: Natalie Imbruglia (A list celebrity: Lenny Kravitz)
B list actress: Kate Bosworth

87. BLIND GOSSIP 04/11
For years, she was primarily known as a singer, but the title of reality show judge brought her even more recognition. All of those performance experiences should add up to someone who understands how to behave during a combination interview and photo shoot. Not in this case! All of the crew people were very excited to meet her, but their excitement quickly wore off when she proved impossible to work with. She was rude and dismissive to the makeup artist, the hair stylist, the fashion stylist, the photographer, and everyone else who was trying to make her look good. She hated absolutely everyone and everything, and her barrage of criticism never stopped. "This makeup is all wrong!"; "These clothes are all wrong!"; "My hair is all wrong!"; "Change the music!"; "Don’t you people know what you’re doing?" She gave everyone dirty looks, and pretended not to hear them when they talked to her and tried to offer her options. They wound up getting very few photos they could actually use. She wound up delaying the shoot by three hours with her "divaness." She hated everyone and everything. That’s fine, because she made at least a dozen new enemies during the shoot, and now they hate her right back! But here’s the strange part: When it came time for the interview… her personality changed completely! She cracked open a few bottles of wine and ran around smiling and giggling and offering everyone a drink. She was toasted by the time the interview began, and she and the writer drank wine and laughed together, and she came across as just the nicest person ever! The rest of the crew watched the 180-degree change in her behavior with surprise and shock. So horrible to the crew, but so nice to the interviewer. Such a bitch before the alcohol, so friendly after a few drinks. They don’t know whether she is calculating or psychotic or what… but what they do know is that they never want to work with her again! No, It’s Not: Mariah Carey. Nicole Scherzinger

Jay-Z and Beyonce get plenty of shade thrown at them, but now an Actress has joined their critics. Does she really want you to know about the super couple spend their money............ or how her career is going? Stacey Dash

This former almost A list mostly movie actor is now a C lister. Rarely gets work and lives off the money he got from his ex, he still has a big name. Big enough that when he does cheat on his girlfriend, he goes for his favorite angle. He tells women that he can get them in his new movie if they will sleep with him. I bet that B- list mostly movie actress who fell for it recently wishes she had not. Ryan Phillipe/Ashley Greene

This openly gay, B list mostly television foreign born actor who is in some really good stuff was on a flight this week with a man who was definitely not his partner. Seated next to each other, our actor made very good use of a blanket as his friend helped him out so to speak. The poor cleaners who had to pick up that blanket after the flight. John Barrowman

This actress is making a comeback. A big comeback. You would think that since she was out of the game for four or five years it might be tough for her to get any kind of roles again, let alone the starring roles she had when she was on the verge of being an A lister. Marriage and then kids and now getting juicy roles in a matter of months? All thanks to her A++ list mostly movie actor ex. She knows things. Very big things. She knows the one secret he can never let out. None of his other exes know it. So, when the actress called to say hi and ask whether he would be able to help her get some auditions, he not only got her auditions but a movie role in a day.
Robin Wright/Sean Penn
Rebecca De Mornay/Tom Cruise

This fairly recent foreign born contestant on this fairly popular network reality show was involved in something that is probably a first for the show. Not only did she hook up with several of the male contestants on the show, but also the sister of one of the men. The sister is a C+ list actress with no acting talent but a B+ name.

This current DWTS contestant has to be prodded to talk about his girlfriend and to remember to smile when he sees her in the audience. For her part, his girlfriend has just about given up on the relationship and is hoping that when the show ends, that her boyfriend will stop being a fame whore and will start being what he promised. Yeah, if I was here, I would just give up now. The guy is out of control. Sean Lowe

This foreign born former almost A list celebrity/singer who is a nice solid B-/C+ was considered to be a beard for this A list mostly movie actor. She was turned down though when she admitted that if anyone asked her, she would admit to them that she had been with women before. The beard wanted no part of anyone being that open and honest. Joss Stone/Tom Cruise

This actress is vengeful. She is vindictive. You don't ever want to cross her, make her jealous or turn your back on her. Talk about holding a grudge. The actress always tries to be Miss Smile USA for the cameras and has a sunny disposition that she brings out like a Florida orange. The thing is, she is more like one of those small tin cans of nasty tasting orange juice rather than fresh squeezed. She is B list all the way. You name something and she has done it. Television/movies/theatre. She has tired it all and made enemies wherever she goes. I remember this one time she took a couple of days off from a Broadway show because she had a chance to make some bucks doing something else and her understudy came in and was amazing. Everyone said the understudy should replace the actress. When our actress came back to work and heard the things, she called the director's wife and said the understudy was sleeping with the director. Not true, but the understudy left the show within a day or two. Try and get more lines from our actress in a show and you are taking your life into your own hands. She never dates anyone. Ever. The guys she drags to any event are carefully chosen by her for their good looks and closeted homosexuality. She has no time for anything other than the advancement of her career. Oh, there was this time on a television show that another actress who is C list, but who everyone probably knows, tried to bad mouth our actress. Our actress, knowing the bad mouther had a drug problem and was fighting to stay sober left coke in the trailer. Three days later, the bad mouther was in rehab and our actress given a bigger part in the show. It is crazy what this actress will do to achieve her goal. The thing is no one is quite sure what her goal is. She has no friends and no one is close to her. Crazy fame? Awards? No one is sure. No one ever works with her twice either.

96. BLIND GOSSIP 04/12
We had such high hopes for this pretty, multi-talented young performer. Despite her success at an early age, she seemed to be a bit more mature than her peers, and it looked like she was going to be able to resist the pressures that commonly take down many young stars. Unfortunately, she has recently started engaging in one of those activities that feels good while she’s doing it, but quickly becomes an addiction. It started when two of her costars on a recent project provided her with a little taste to help her get through their grueling promotions schedule. It kept her up and alert for the promotional tour… but she couldn’t stop doing it once the tour ended. Now she’s doing it every day. While she hasn’t started behaving badly in public yet, we think it’s just a matter of time.
Performer: Selena Gomez
Project: "Spring Breakers"
Two costars: Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Benson

This NBA legend is reported to have a freaky fetish for group sex with hookers. That’s according to a Windy City prostitute, who says she and two other hookers began their evening with our mystery man, dining at Chi-Town’s Gibson Steakhouse, back in 2003. This before the working girl says the entourage accompanied the basketball great back to his Omni Hotel suite, for his steamy sex session dessert. Our insider says our blind item uses the Omni Hotel as both his playground and business office. During his playtime, our insider reveals this former Bull likes to stand-up and hold girls upside to perform cunnilingus on them. Here’s what our insider had to say about today’s mystery man: "It was me, an Asian girl and a black girl and he fucked us all. He likes group sex and he’s a wild man in bed. It was a crazy foursome. The Asian chic was cool but the black chic was ghetto. You would think he’s happy with all the money and fame that he has — But he’s really a depressed man who likes to sit and drink Corona’s by himself." Michael Jordan

Which super healthy, fitness and diet fanatic has been trying to convert the cast of her new film into an organic, whole grain bunch of men? Bringing ‘special treats’ on a recent trip that were glutton free, she hoped that the guys would see the benefits both physically and emotionally to eat ‘right.’ Not to offend her, cast members pretended to devour the tasteless snacks until her back was turned and then would spit out the dry food and pretend it was delicious. Insiders say they are doing a better acting job off camera than they did on, as she has no idea her lifestyle program has not been embraced as much as she thinks it has! Gwyneth Paltrow " Iron Man 3"

This A+ list foreign born celebrity has been spending a great deal of time away from his A+ list foreign born celebrity wife and family. Paps and tabloids are starting to notice that this B list celebrity/"it girl"/fashion designer/everything has been jetting in at the same time as the wife leaves. For the past two months it has been like clockwork. Lets hope his new fling is not as loud and vocal about their fling as his past one. That almost brought the whole house down.
A+ celebrity and wife: David and Victoria Beckham
B list celebrity: Alexa Chung
Past fling: Katherine Jenkins

100. MOUTH TO EARS 04/13
We knew she was a Aries and all … This celebrity competition judge hates her fellow host so much she can’t even function. A witness recently went to the show and watched as the judge went to great lengths to get attention at every turn. It was the judge’s birthday, but she kept making people refer to it as her anniversary, wth? Not only was she directly rude to fans but she wore the same color as her nemesis on PURPOSE. As the show progressed they went on a commercial break, on the break when she received a visitor she ask that a picture not be taken in the direction of the other judge to prevent her from being in the background. WHOA! We used to think this lady was a regal talent but now she looks like a old bitter hag and this is not a FANTASY…
Judge: Mariah Carey
Nemesis: Nicki Minaj

101. BILLY MASTERS 04/15
Could it be that a certain bearded lady with a skin condition is looking for a new sponsor? So say people close to the alleged triple threat. After her last liaison got her no closer to superstardom, she's set her sites on someone who helped women with even less talent get ahead - no head required. Since they've already established a professional relationship, it seems like a match made in heaven....especially if it's a package deal. If that doesn't work out, she's still got options - like marrying one (or several) of Mitt Romney's sons. Is that so wrong?
Lady: Julianne Hough
Skin Condition: Proactiv commercial
Last liaison: Ryan Seacrest
Set her sites on: Tom Cruise
Professional relationship: "Rock of Ages" movie
Mitt Romney connection: Mormon

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#1**
This B-/C+ list mostly television actress with an interesting name heard about the plight of a girl that was diagnosed with cancer and then had her heart fail. The girl is hooked up to machine called a VAD. Her family had to sell their home in order to find and afford an apartment in the city where their daughter is now located. By chance, the parents ran into our actress and she found them an apartment within walking distance of the hospital and has offered to cover their costs. Maggie Q

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress from an entertainment family who has been on a long running hit network show got all of her fellow cast members together and they combined to use all of their frequent flyer miles and credit card points to give five families a trip to Disneyworld, including airfare and hotel. The families all had returning veterans who had been injured during combat. Rashida Jones

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#3**
This C+ list mostly television actor from a very hit network show has had some troubles in the past. Not always a good guy, and can never seem to find any work other than the show he is on. Anyway, a few years back our actor had an accidental experience with a she-male. He could have stopped, but chose to keep going. Since then, he has generally gone out with women but there is this one little Thai at a massage parlor who fulfills our actor's need for more of what he had before. Mark Saling "Glee"

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#4**
This always A list supermodel has very few female friends left in the industry. Oh sure they will pose with her if it is for some event or a get together, but she has come on to so many of them and in a very aggressive manner over the years that they just have grown tired of her. Our supermodel was supposed to have loved her new venture because it gave her untapped women to choose from who did not know her reputation. Naomi Campbell "The Face"

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress missed a very big thing in the past week because she just could not stop using long enough to make it to the event. It was her first time with the substance and apparently it hooked her really well. Jennifer Lawrence "MTV Movie Awards"

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#6**
This could be the strangest closeted gay men pickup ever. A D list celebrity who has an A list celebrity girlfriend and this former ex of an A list mostly movie actress. They said they had just got together to discuss some modeling and choreography, but they have been doing it every time the two are in town together.
D list celebrity: Casper Smart
A list girlfriend: Jennifer Lopez
A list movie actress:

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **#7**
This mostly movie actor used to be A list. A nice solid A lister and it went to his head. Back in the day when he was at the top of his game, he would travel to countries and have his way with many women who were under the age of 18. No one really said anything and it was before the internet and no one wanted to say no to the guy because he was making big bucks for everyone and no one wanted him to go to a new studio. So, if one of the teens was roughed up a bit, some money would change hands. Our actor is one who will rough up a woman he is with if they do not take everything he says seriously. The thing is, it is impossible to take him seriously so people start laughing and then the teens would get hit or punched or kicked. For a long time, our actor hit a dry spell and had to resort to paying for his kink. He liked this because they were better actors so they could stifle the laughter they felt inside. Lately though, our actor is back up to his old tricks and has been visiting India and Bangladesh and has been hiring some very young teens to satisfy him. The problem he has is there is no studio buying him out of trouble anymore so he tries to find teens he can actually purchase and no one really cares how bad of a shape they are returned in, because the fee has already been paid. Steven Seagal

108. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15 #1
These two hot, young celebrities (one male, one female) were both invited to a private party at Coachella. They wound up hitting it off, and – after consuming some liquid courage – crept away to spend some very intimate private time together. We wonder if one revealed to the other that they are currently being treated for an STD before she got down on her knees.
Ashley Benson/Tyler Blackburn "Pretty Little Liars"

109. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15 **#2**
This very famous actor was at a private party at Coachella this weekend. He has made many popular movies, and has been nominated for multiple awards. However, fans who were initially excited to meet him soon had a rather nasty reality check, and they weren’t loving it. He was he totally rude to anyone who wanted to take a photo with him, waving them away dismissively with his hand and turning his back on them. He also behaved like quite the diva when it came to getting what he wanted. While people were lined up in an orderly fashion to get food and drinks, our guy had no problem pushing his way to the front of the line, elbowing people and ordering them to "Step aside! Step aside!" so that he could get his refreshments before them. But the worst thing of all was… the smell! My god, the smell! One girl described it this way: "He’s pretty cute, so as he was walking towards me, I was really excited! But as he got closer, the smell that was coming off of him was worse than any homeless person I’ve ever encountered! I couldn’t talk to him for more than ten seconds without excusing myself to get away from him and his body odor. Every time he walked anywhere near me for the rest of the party, I could smell him coming before I could see him coming. Doesn’t he bathe? Hasn’t he ever heard of deodorant?"
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Party: "McDonalds New Premium McWrap Pool Party"

This moon-walking man may have his baby sister to thank for hooking him up with a spot where he could find some peace. The retreat – where our mystery man is said to have gone for privacy – is reported to be the home of Interscope Records music exec John McClain. Today’s blind item was a real dude, who’s high-pitched voice was one he’s said to have reserved only for the public. Sources say when he was amongst those who really knew him, our blind item spoke with his naturally deep-talking voice. He’s far from being the timid character he often portrayed for the cameras. Just ask John, who sources say was no stranger to our blind item’s cussing and pot-smoking. Don’t believe me.. Ask Nona Gaye. This legendary’s singer’s marijuana use may explain why one of his favorite things was coconut ice cream. Michael Jackson/Janet

111. POPBITCH 04/15
(British blog)
Which brawny British actor loves the ladies so much that at a party he took a charming young model to bed and then left her sleeping there so he could go back downstairs and try (unsuccessfully) to chat up Lisa B?

Which brawny British actor (while shooting one of his more 'emotional' roles) asked the production to buy him hookers?
Idris Elba/Nelson Mandela/"Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom"

Which brawny British actor's real vice is carbs? His people sweep his hotel room/parties/film sets for cakes and bread? Tom Hardy

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#1**
This former A list mostly movie actor has a bit of a secret. He has spent the past couple of weeks spending every moment he can with his B+ mostly movie actress ex. Apparently the ex does not want to make this a full-time thing, but caught up with her ex when she was worried about him. The next thing you know they were having some ex sex and it seems to have pulled the former A lister out of his A list funk. Oh, I liked that last sentence. The reason this is blind is because our B list actress has a current almost A list mostly television actor boyfriend. Not that he doesn't cheat.
A list actor: Macaulay Culkin
B+ actress ex: Mila Kunis
A list boyfriend: Ashton Kutcher

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#2**
This is why this B list celebrity/reality star with A list name recognition needs to never talk to her sometime ex/sometimes a little something freakier. She hangs on every word he says and when he said she looked heavy that was it. Adderall purchased and now being snorted and ingested. Really dangerous considering what else our B lister is doing right now. Snooki "breast feeding"

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#3**
This former model turned A list mostly television actress turned B list mostly television actress who is now a C lister with great looks despite her age is rotating between twin 19 year old brothers. She is more than three times their age. Cybill Shepherd

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#4**
Waitress - And what would you like for lunch? B list reality star who is very skinny - I would like one piece of steamed broccoli. Nothing on it. One piece. Lightly steamed. Waitress - So, one whole broccoli? Soon to be probably ex reality star - No, just one piece. One stem. Rachel Zoe

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#5**
This former B list mostly television actress and now a professional multiple reality star has been hitting gifting booths hard. Really hard. And now she is selling them under one of her kid's names. Guess her side business has not been going so well. Heard she was a no show to one after a guy wired her the money in advance. Pamela Anderson

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#6**
This show was on the air a good five seasons. Middling hit. Comedy. Network. The actress who played the co-lead and love interest made about $2M during the run of the show. A couple of years later? Gone. Living in a studio downtown now that is paid for by her parents. She had a bit of a drug issue. Liza Snyder "Yes, Dear"

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **#7**
I thought for today, that for the big item that I would do a kindness. It is not really that big, but I think it shows someone in a light that we all need right now. There is an actress out there who is the definition of B list. Never really the full out star of anything, she is the second billed who always seems to make a splash. She is gorgeous. She is a great actress who can move between drama and comedy with ease. She is mostly television and works a lot. She has had the good fortune to be on one very hit show and also another which has never really been a hit, but been on the air awhile. Our actress does a little bit of everything. Need her at a charity event? She is there. No matter how big or small, she is there. Need to use her name to raise money for a good cause but are afraid she will charge a lot or demand a lot. Nope. She is always willing to do so for free. She spends far more time doing charity work than she even does having free time. Between her work schedule and her charity efforts, she does not really have time for anything else but she likes it that way. She believes in her community. She is at food banks and donating to them. She has the wardrobe people donate all the stuff they can to clothing drives. She helps out at homeless centers and community centers. I could list thing after thing that this actress does that would make us all feel ashamed. She does it all and never says no. She never asks for anything in return. She knows she makes a very very good living and knows that she has the ability to help by using her name or just being there as much as she can. She has sacrificed a personal life because she feels helping is more important. Alison Brie "Community"/"Mad Men"

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#1**
This previous blind item honoree and former B list mostly movie actress/model has had some substance issues in the past and continues to have them in the present. Unable to pay for her drug use, she has made several sex tapes with several men who have paid her way through drugs in the past few months. This is nothing new as she has a collection of naked photos that her exes have been known to show to others around town. Estella Warren

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#2**
This A+ list mostly movie actress had a very short fling with this B list mostly television actor from an A+ list television show. The reason it was so short was she told him that she can't have kids the natural way. Her new A list celebrity boyfriend has no problems with that and even likes she that she is very kinky in bed.

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#3**
This B- list mostly television actress is having to quietly walk away from her medical claim against a studio. She had been loud and brassy about it, but when she found out they were going to require a drug test and look at her medical history, she decided it was not that important after all. Jennifer Espositio "Blue Bloods"; Rosie Perez "Law & Order: SVU"

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#4**
"I'm not going to lie. I love being on television every week and having everyone think I'm amazing. I'm going to miss it and don't want to miss it and I will fuck you as much as you want to be on your show." B- (barely barely, oh, maybe a C, but definitely has that B+ name recognition going) now mostly television actress talking this past weekend to the creator of this fairly hit network sitcom. AnnaLynne McCord

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#5**
You know you have no money at all and are relying on your A list celebrity girlfriend when you can't even cough up the dough for McDonald's or Starbucks or even a magazine. The girlfriend finally felt so sorry for her boyfriend that she gave him a credit card in his name so he could feel like he is contributing. He literally has zero income since he lost his job in a very weird way.

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#6**
This really close, if not there A list mostly movie comedic actor has got such a big head now that he even lost a friendship over it. A friendship to an A+ list mostly movie actor who let him have the keys to one of his houses. Our almost A lister threw party after party there and the house was trashed and valuable pieces of art were broken and the almost A lister told the A+ lister he would write him a check and it was no big deal, but the A+ lister told him that it was not about the money, it is about respecting another person's property, especially when entrusted to you.
A list comedic actor: Jonah Hill
A+ list actor: Brad Pitt’s home in New Orleans while Jonah was filming
"21 Jump Street"

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **#7**
This actress is not someone you think of everyday. She is a really good actress and has had some life changing parts and some shows that were created by A list people but did not get off the ground. She has also not got a lot of parts because people know when they hire her that they are in for a lot of fainting spells and gasps every time she has to remove any of her clothing. Our actress is C list, but, if not for one slight hiccup with a huge franchise she would probably be a nice solid B and at least being considered for more parts as a lead. Because of her issues, our actress is rarely considered for a lead role and has to really work and make as many connections as possible just to get a good role in a good movie. Our actress has a very serious eating disorder. She rarely eats and when she does, often purges. When she plays roles she has to be able to wear long sleeves and long pants because of how skeletal she can look. Bones everywhere. Her one saving grace for roles is that for some reason her face looks very full despite the rest of her. Indie producers love her talent and are willing to take the risk on her, but big time producers are not. When she was on one show which did not last very long, she fainted at least once a day while being under the hot lights and without food for days. She has a boyfriend. They have been together for a long time and he has tried to get her help, but so far she has refused. He says that she eats just enough to stay alive and nothing more and that he thinks her eating disorder stems from being sexually assaulted as a child.
Actress: Rachelle Lefevre
Boyfriend: Jamie Thomas King "The Tudors"
Fainted on "Off the Map" or "A Gifted Man"
Franchise: "Twilight"

126. MEDIA TAKEOUT 04/17
We just got word from a PRETTY reliable snitch – that two nights ago a popular superstar had what is being described as a DRUG OVERDOSE. And that she is recovering in the hospital as we speak. We’re not naming names, cause our snitch is only 90% certain that it was a drug overdose. But no one OTHER THAN MEDICAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS has been close to this person since the alleged incident. Rihanna

127. BLIND GOSSIP 04/17
Soul musician Allen Stone performed at Coachella last weekend. His music tends to be more on the mellow side, so the crowd at his concert was generally respectful and attentive. One young celebrity apparently didn’t get the memo. While Allen was performing, she was screaming "Wooooo!" at the top of her lungs and pumping her fists in the air. That’s not all. This concert was during daylight hours, and our girl was dressed in a loose-fitting crop top without anything underneath. She would occasionally yell for the singer’s attention… and then lift up her top to flash him. "Wooooo!" Those around her said that few people paid attention to her antics, perhaps because she was acting like just another random wasted bohemian girl at Coachella. And perhaps because everyone has already seen her naked?
Vanessa Hughens; Tallulah Willis

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#1**
This former B list reality star and now C list mostly movie actress with B+ name recognition has told friends that she considers the month of April to be a time for her where she is going to date and have sex with as many men as possible for getting back to the business of finding a very wealthy husband. I really think she loves being a pro beard as long as the money and opportunities are good. Julianne Hough

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#2**
Because people already think of her as one of their most hated celebrities, this b- list mostly movie actress is reluctant to announce her divorce. She has been holding off because she thinks people will blame her. It is not her fault (all on him) and she has done a lot of good things, it is just people remember the bad and not her charity work or being a great mom. Katherine Heigl

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#3**
That must have been quite the party. This former almost A list movie actor who is now a C who rarely works has been hanging out with his actress "girlfriend." She threw him a party that involved two male strippers and two other special friends who are RARELY photographed with the actor. Cell phones were banned at the club for the party, but it was one big orgy. Only men though. The "girlfriend" just stood in a corner and watched. Must have been an interesting few hours. Hayden Christensen/Rachel Bilson

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#4**
This A list singer got her hands on some acid that was not her normal fare a few weeks ago. As a result, she can't remember the words to about half her songs and now needs a teleprompter on stage to help remind her. Rihanna

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#5**
This almost A list mostly movie actress who does not deserve to be that high, but somehow keeps getting leads anyway, is so paranoid about any tabloid finding out about her personal life that she has her house swept for recording devices every other day and her friends must turn over their phones when they walk into her home. Kristen Stewart (gay)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#6**
This former A list female tweener must have been a huge fan of FFF, because she went up to this A+ list rapper and said I will show you mine if you show me yours. He was all for it so she stripped up top and he stripped down bottom and apparently she stared for a good five minutes and said she had never seen anything like it. No word on what happened after, but this part happened in front of a crowd of five or six people. Miley Cyrus/Snoop Dogg

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **#7**
Back in the day, this barely hanging on to B list by a thread mostly movie actress was not the same person she is today. Back then she wanted to be a huge star. She still does, but has given up realistic hope of it because of what has gone on in her life the past few years. When she was younger she was the drug queen of LA. She plays the high and mighty and pious role now, but back when she was at her peak professionally she was the go to person for party drugs and for being the party girl. Pot and coke were her two favorites. Coke introduced her to several of her more famous boyfriends. She couldn't get enough and they couldn't get enough of her. Don't get me wrong. She is a very good actress and at one point she had a guy many thought would never get married, down on one knee with a huge ring. She turned him down. Repeatedly. She was not interested in settling down. Only fun. She had it all the time and thought nothing of snorting line after line off men's or women's bodies. She would work all day and spend her money and others on drugs. Then one night, something bad happened and her advisers told her if she really wanted to continue on the path of being a star she needed to at least marry someone. Try to stop taking so many drugs and being the party girl everyone wants to take home. She managed to get married to a guy in a matter of months and followed the advice of her advisers, but had no idea about her now husband. She was told he was available and he was looking to get married for his own career and a match was made. One that would change both their lives forever.
Actress: Kelly Preston
Famous boyfriends: George Clooney; Charlie Sheen
Guy down on one knee: Charlie Sheen "Although they never married, Charlie Sheen presented Kelly with a 2.5 karat pink diamond engagement ring when he proposed to her in 1989."
Event: Accidentally shot herself
Husband: John Travolta

135. BLIND GOSSIP 04/18
It looks like this professional athlete crossed the wrong ex-employee. While the athlete claims that he and the ex-employee were simply "close friends" – and has been denying that they had a sexual relationship with the employee – the employee is not supporting the athlete’s version of events. The male employee is now telling anyone who will listen, "He loved me like a brother, but he fucked me like a wife." He says he has plenty of photos and text messages to back up his side of the story. He says that he is speaking out because he wants the truth to be out there… but also admits that he would also like to star in a reality show.
Athlete: Kerry Rhodes
Ex-Employee (not famous): Russell "Hollywood" Simpson

Which A-list leading man who has been paying a lot of attention to his hair recently – would be better off focusing on his nasty breath? "It is almost impossible not to notice the nasty smell coming out of his mouth. It smells like something died in it," one movie insider tells Naughty But Nice Rob. What is amazing is the handsome celebrity has just been spotted kissing his sexy young girlfriend, who clearly has to know – or smell -the problem! It’s like he spend a night out partying with his friends – that’s the smell when he opens his mouth. Bradley Cooper

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#1**
This former A+ list baseball player who is still an A+ in fan's minds in this baseball mecca recently paid off the 25th woman in the past fifteen years who claimed they got genital herpes from the player. There are two B-/C+ mostly movie actresses with A list name recognition in the list who got herpes, but only one was paid off.
Baseball player: Derek Jeter
Actresses: Jessica Alba; Jessica Biel; Minka Kelly; Jordana Brewster; Vanessa Lachey
Jeter Herpes Tree

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#2**
There is a cell phone video that more and more people are starting to see. From what I have seen, it is tough to make out whether it is this reality star/actress offspring of this former A list singer. The reality star/actress is being called by name and it looks like her, but she is turned to the side as someone helps her inject heroin into her arm for the first time. Bobbi Kristina Brown (Whitney Houston)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#3**
This female A list Academy Award winner/nominee is said to have had an intense discussion with her manager and agent about coming out during the press rounds she is going to make for her latest movie. Sandra Bullock; Queen Latifah; Charlize Theron; Diane Keaton

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#4**
This A list female mostly movie actress says she is best friends with her fairly new husband. This is probably true considering that they don't do much else since he has a boyfriend. She loves how he keeps the boyfriend quiet and she gets to be out of the dating pool which she hated. Anne Hathaway

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actress mom has not spoken to any of her kids in almost six months. She is wrapped up too much in her own world of staying high as much as possible and her kids are the furthest thing from her mind. Demi Moore

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#6**
I feel like today should be celebrity offspring day. I'm not sure how they all ended up in one day. Anyway, this offspring of C list celebrities with a much more famous last name than their list status would indicate has been married to at the time an A list mostly television actress. He ran out of money after their divorce and had been supporting himself primarily as a gay escort. After a decade or so of doing it though, he is hoping that the daughter of a multi-millionaire will be a ticket out of it and that she does not find out about his past or some of the STD's he carries.
Offspring: Ashley Hamilton
Parents: George Hamilton/Alana Stewart
Ex-wife: Shannen Doherty

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **#7**
This actress is A list. I would say until a few years ago she was A+ list. Mostly movies. Now, as she gets a little older, she might even be close to dropping down to the B's. It is not that she won't always be the top lead in whatever movie she stars in, because she will be. She is not a big fan of being a supporting actress, but maybe that is something she needs to look into. Our actress has kind of faded from the spotlight that she was basked in for years. Although she has been around a long time, her experience does not really reflect her age. She is not a big fan of discussing her personal life so she has been very good about hiding her growing substance abuse issues. Normally this would be quick blind perhaps, but with this actress any abuse is scary. First it was a glass of wine and then a bottle. Just once a week she said. Soon it was just once a week that she was not getting drunk. People who came into contact with her were shocked she was drinking and watching her get drunk before their eyes. They always thought she had stopped. Nope. Wine became pot because she told people that pot was not a real drug and it was about the same as wine, but with less calories. Of course since she usually ingested hers in brownies, I'm not sure about the calorie thing. This was not an overnight process. This was a years long process. Well, one day she was with some friends and buzzed on wine and pot and she did something she vowed she would never do and that was a line of coke. One became two which became staying up for three days straight doing coke like she never had before. She thought she could handle it. She couldn't. There was a very very silent trip to rehab and for 30 days she was gone. Since then, she has been less about work and more about life and as much as she would be celebrated for becoming sober again, she just won't talk about it. Drew Barrymore

Which celebrity is only relieved that an upcoming event in her life will NOT be televised – not because she thinks she has anything to hide from the public – but because she will NOT make a dollar from the broadcast? (that would get millions of viewers if Broadcast) She knows how profitable distribution rights are from TV and DVDs, and does not want to give a second of her private life away for free. If an arrangement could be made where she would participate in the royalty pool, then having the event televised would not be such a big problem? After all, her manager is a big believer that all publicity – is good publicity. Kim Kardashian (divorce)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#1**
This A list director recently hired an old foe because he wanted to accomplish something he had not done previously. Sleep with her. He really thinks he can this time. Michael Bay/Megan Fox "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **#2**
This A list comedic actor who has had a run of good luck in the past two years has really started to get his drink back on. I have talked about him before and his drinking issues, but this might be the ultimate. At a party after a premiere, our actor got so drunk that he peed himself while talking to a group of people. He suddenly stopped talking and looked down and everyone else's eyes followed and there was no doubt what he was doing. He then went and found a table to fall asleep under. Jason Segel

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#1**
This B-/C+ list mostly movie actress from a franchise has lost out on several roles because she refuses to crash diet. Producers have offered her roles provided she drop a ton of weight and say they can arrange for her to get some Adderall or speed, but our actress refuses it and says they can hire her like she is or she will continue to lose weight the old-fashioned way. Bryce Dallas Howard

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **#2**
This B list mostly television actress who always manages to stay in the public eye despite having no success in a decade is gorgeous and actually a decent actress. She has also been involved in a relationship with an actor for much of the past decade. To show you how messed up this whole thing is, she told someone about six months ago that the pair have yet to still have sex. Does this come as a surprise? Is she waiting to see if she can turn him? Rachel Bilson/Hayden Christensen

Which celebrity couple, which now has a little baby, got caught a few years ago making whoopee in a hot tub in Mexico. At the time, the pictures quickly disappeared off the market and the then-new couple sat down for an awkward "at photo" cover with a magazine. Now, the images are popping up again and the male part of the pair is doing everything in his power to make sure no one gets to see them. "They have a baby so we know they do it," says one person who has seen the images. "It’s not the sex part that he is upset about, it’s the fact that he must have just got out of a very cold shower." HOWLING!! Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo

150. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22
DETAILS: According to plastic surgeons, the new trend in facial plastic surgery for men is to move away from more feminine features (like those seen on actor Leonardo DiCaprio) and towards more masculine features (like those seen on actor Jon Hamm). In discussing this trend, a plastic surgeon from UCLA spilled some personal details about one famous actor who was unhappy about his look and opted for plastic surgery.

Today’s blind item is said to have been suffering from severe back pains for years, but that’s not because of the heavy breasts he once carried for Wanda. Sources say our mystery actor’s ailment led him to became a slave to those back pains, leading our blind item to have recently gone under the knife to fix the problem. Though the surgery may have cured his back pain, sources say it may have come at another physically-related cost. Know why? Because we’re told doctors have advised dude to stay away from the gym during his recovery. That could be a problem, being that insiders reveal our mystery man was once heavily reliant on steroids to maintain pumped muscles for the cameras. Now, his Living Color may involve quickly losing that athletic shape. Jamie Foxx

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#1**
This B list celebrity/former singer/mom who has been doing better as of late, got hammered all weekend long this past weekend and ended up clumsily hitting on men and women until she found some guy who did the dirty with her in a port-a-pottie. Good times. Ashlee Simpson; Courtney Love

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#2**
Over the weekend this female A+ list singer arranged for about ten female escorts and strippers to come to her house and they partied all Friday night long. Pot, booze and any other drug was on offer. Each woman who came got paid $2500 for the night and our singer did a lot of bumping and grinding but not much else. Apparently she could barely focus during the night and would stumble around a lot and then pass out in a chair for 20 or 30 minutes before managing to stand up and stumble somewhere else. Rihanna

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#3**
This former almost A list mostly television actor has been taking a break. He had to. His addictions were out of control and he needed to not work. After taking a very long break from work, he is starting a new project and returning to new habits. He never deleted the phone numbers of his dealers. They were happy to hear from one of their very best customers this past week. Lets just hope his wife does not join in this time. Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#4**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor is a perv of epic proportions. I think everyone of us knows that. This might be pushing the edge of perviness though. Is it proper protocol to fondle and grope your girlfriend's breasts and slide your hand under her dress outside the bathroom and then take her hand and go back to the table where her parents are seated? Arnold Schwarzenegger/Heather Milligan

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#5**
"I don't even know why I'm here (Coachella). There is no one here who can afford my rates and it is so fucking hot I don't even feel like drinking." An hour later I guess she (former B list mostly movie actress who is now a C lister who is clinging onto fame) decided drinking would be ok because she was already hammered and was doing lines of coke off an iPad. Tara Reid

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#6**
This newfound B list celebrity/reality star was all set to hang out with 100 kids and give them some pointers in their chosen sport. Kids and parents were all looking forward to it. Our celebrity decided to party instead and got wasted and slept with a random woman he met and missed his flight and blew off the kids and families. Ryan Lochte

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **#7**
One of my longstanding favorite people to hear more about is this former B list Tweener from an A list hit tweener show. She has been in this spot several times because of her less than normal relationship with a much older guy. So far, the only confirmation of the drug use and near statutory rape by her boyfriend of our Tweener has come from people who are sources or friends of friends. Now though, her parents have decided to get involved in an attempt to try and rescue their daughter from the clutches of her drug abusing boyfriend before he completely takes her down. Both parents have started small but are going to tell the world about how their daughter first started having sex with the 30 something producer of her show when she was just 17 and how she was even younger when he started hitting on her. They just know about the 17. It could have been much earlier. As their daughter slides more and more into addiction and losing all of her hard earned money to this loser of a boyfriend, everyone close to her is doing their best to try and save her from a doomed future if she continues to stay on the same path. I wish her parents would start talking about what else they saw happen on that show. I think it would blow the lid on everything. Jennette McCurdy

There are a lot of whispers about which team this Baller plays for. He's explained away some strange pictures with his guy friends. Now, he's going overboard putting out pictures with girlfriends. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! Kerry Rhodes

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#1**
This B+ list mostly movie actor from a franchise has spent the past two weeks camped out at this B list mostly television actress' home. Even when the actress is not there or out of town the actor has been staying there. I wonder if he is ever going to find a place of his own. He had previously been residing at this former A list tweener's home. They have not officially broken up because Kneepads is doing a four stage breakup process in four consecutive issues. Liam Hemsworth/January Jones/ Miley Cyrus

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#2**
Two more singers are coming forward to tabloids who say this A list country singer said he could get them a record deal if they would sleep with him. Both did and he did not do anything for them at all. Meanwhile, the singer who does have a record deal that he had an affair with is scared out of her mind that she is going to get dropped and somehow come out looking like a horrible person in all of this. Blake Shelton (PROBABLY Cassedee Pope/was on Blake’s team for 2012 season of "The Voice") or Kacey Musgraves)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#3**
It is one thing if you are paying some guy to basically be a boyfriend. One thing that makes it really obvious that this A list celebrity has a paid boyfriend is that he does not work on the weekends. Monday through Friday he is right there, but weekends are his time off. Britney Spears 

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#4**
This foreign born B-/C+ list mostly television actress from a very hit show was supposed to be written out of a show after just a few episodes. She realized this and started sleeping with the married head writer/creator and the next thing you know she has been on for years. Jessica Pare "Megan: Mad Men"

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#5**
This foreign born C+ list mostly movie actress split from her husband after a screen test with this A list (used to be A+) mostly movie actor. She knew she wanted to be able to go for it when they started filming. Yes, he is married, but, the actress says it is worth a shot. She says her marriage was crap anyway. Gemma Arterton and Ben Affleck "Runner, Runner"

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#6**
Between all of her family members being on her payroll, it is shocking that this B list mostly movie actress has any money at all to her name. Not only does all of her immediate family work for the teen actress, but relatives she does not even know work for her. Supposedly. Something they are figments of mom's imagination. Mom has a little nose candy problem. So, does her daughter, but daughter doesn't know mom does and that mom got herself arrested last month because of her little habit.

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **#7**
This celebrity is B list at this point. Maybe B+. She used to be A+ list and was beloved all over the world. At some point I think she got to be a little too full of herself and fans started to catch on that she is not the happy go lucky, super friendly person she pretends to be. First, although she likes the world to think that she is crazy in love with her A-/B+ list celebrity husband, the fact is she berates him constantly and never says anything kind to him except if she is being interviewed. He hates doing anything with her, but because he is more popular she hounds him until he does everything with her. She is on him all the time which explains why he has stopped cheating on her which used to happen regularly for years and years. She is still incredibly jealous and if she had her way would probably handcuff him to her. Our celebrity likes everyone to think that she does not even touch alcohol, but she is the first one in line for booze or a line of coke. She is on her second or third nose, depending on how you count and they are all due to coke. She loves coke. She says it is the easiest way to stay thin. She dislikes her kids and only likes seeing them when they can be used as props. She loves her nannies though. She also likes sleeping late and has not met one of her kid's teachers in years. She does not see the point. Her husband takes up a lot of the slack and is involved with the kids. He does not leave, because he does not think it is right until the kids get older. He is biding his time though. Counting down the days. He wants to be free. Everyone wants to be free after they spend any amount of time with this celebrity. Catherine Zeta Jones/Michael Douglas; Faith Hill/Tim McGraw

Which big time star is freaking out because she has lost her IPhone? She isn’t worried about someone finding compromising pictures, or revealing celebrities phone numbers and email addresses, she doesn’t even care that you will see her naughty texts – what is terrifying her is that if the phone falls into the wrong hands, the rest of her cast mates will realize it is her who has been leaking nasty information on all her co-stars to the press. For a long time the ladies knew that they had a leak on the set but always assumed it was a member of the crew or one of the hair and makeup people. They have NO IDEA it was one of the cast member who is behind all the leaks!

168. BLIND GOSSIP 04/24 **1**
Earlier this year, we told you about a young actress who had become hysterical on the set of her TV show. Well, she is no longer hysterical. But her Mom sure is! Mom is absolutely freaking out over her daughter’s odd relationship with a much older guy that the daughter met at work when she was just a teenager. Although the actress publicly denies that she is in a relationship with him, she is. He has totally taken over her life, cutting out her family in the process. Mom tells friends that she is terrified that the older guy has "turned her into a foul-mouthed tramp" and is "leading her down a very bad path". The girl is drinking, swearing, doing drugs, and engaging in lots of sexual activity… basically the total opposite of her TV image. There were also rumors of physical abuse, which scared Mom most of all. Mom is so frightened and furious and frustrated that that she was planning on launching a Twitter account this week dedicated to disclosing and taking down the relationship. Lots of yelling between the daughter and the Mom ensued ("You are going to ruin my career!" "I’m trying to save you!"). Network executives – knowing that the public disclosure of the scandal would hurt the actress, her tweeny show, and their entire network – intervened, and Mom has now backed down. Too bad, because the daughter basically now has permission to go back to and ruin her life.
Related: Hysterical Actress Threatens To Quit Show
Daughter: Jennette McCurdy
Show: "Sam & Cat"
Network: Nickelodeon

169. BLIND GOSSIP 04/24 **#2**
You know how celebrities "accidentally" post things on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, and then pretend they are really embarrassed by it? And you know how celebrities are always claiming they got "hacked" when a racy pic gets released? Well, here are two celebs that we know are liars. The first one "accidentally" posted something online and then immediately deleted it. But not before everyone saw it. That was intentional, people! It always creates more of a buzz to let fans speculate about things than to just state it outright. Clever boy! Guess the booze and the drugs haven’t completely destroyed his brain cells. Yet. And tomorrow you’ll be talking about a second celebrity who will claim that they were "hacked". This one will be more interesting, though, because the participant isn’t wearing any clothes. But, again, it’s all a publicity stunt set up by the celebrity themselves. Of course, they will claim innocence and outrage. They always do.
First Celeb: Justin Bieber (Selena Gomez)
Second Celeb:

170. BLIND GOSSIP 04/24 **#3**
Hello? I’d like to order up a sibling, please! Guess who’s having a baby? It’s a superstar couple that everyone loves to hate! Before you start getting all excited about a pregnancy, let’s get one thing straight: She is definitely NOT going to be giving birth to this one! She has been trying to get pregnant for the past year or so, but it’s just not happening. Plus, publicity was a nightmare with the last baby. She was completely stressed out about baby bumps and weight and photos and clothes and rumors, and she really doesn’t want to go through that again! So, they are phoning it in via surrogate. If the surrogate can hold the pregnancy (things look good so far), the birth will happen at the end of this year. Bring on the unusual names! Beyonce and Jay-Z

171. ELLE 04/24
Comedian Tig Nataro, who has three films coming out this year, is one of Sarah Silverman’s favorite collaborators. She recently sat down with a reporter from Elle Magazine to talk about her life over the past year. During the interview, she revealed an interesting bit of information about her personal life. From Elle Magazine: s Notaro was telling me this, she was playing with a loose, pink-faced platinum Rolex on her wrist. When I complimented her watch, Notaro’s reserved countenance cracked open for the first time in our conversation—she became visibly excited and a little flustered. As it turned out, the watch belongs to an actress Notaro has had a crush on for years, whom she started dating just as her life was shifting from terrible to incredible. "Tomorrow is her birthday, so I thought about getting this fixed," Notaro said. "I’m not a religious person; I’m not even, like, a spiritual person. But it felt like she was placed in my life, and it carried me through." BTW, although we don’t know exactly which model of Rolex watch Tig was wearing, the Rolex Datejust 26mm President Platinum Diamond Ladies Watch retails for $52,000. Yes, $52,000.

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#1**
This C list reality star from a show that is no longer in existence, but still goes on in other ways hooked up with his B list mostly movie actor from a huge franchise. She taped their hookup without permission and after they had sex tried to get him to sign a release. Considering he has been in the news enough lately, he said no and had his lawyer send her a letter the day after. Farrah Abraham/Liam Hemsworth

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#2**
For the past five days this former B list actress who divided her time between movies and television fairly equally has been stalking a Columbia University student. They hooked up last Thursday night and since he left her place she has followed him pretty much non-stop or camped out in front of his place. She freaked him out when she claimed they were soul mates after they had known each other for three hours which also included the time for sex in that three hours.

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#3**
This former B- list mostly movie actress who was at that peak for about a year before dropping back down to her permanent C list celebrity status has been hanging out with old freinds again. And by old friends I mean she was hanging out with guys who got her in a lot of trouble in the past, namely a B list celebrity who has his own issues. Whenever the two hang out, our female celebrity, who happens to also be a mom starts doing coke again and thinks she can always stop. She can, but it takes her a few months. In the mean time she looks like a train wreck which is not good for her career considering it consists of mainly posing for photos. Denise Richards/Richie Sambora

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#4**
A role, but not really a role. The B- list mostly movie actor knows he is not that great of an actor. He wants the role, so even though it is not the role, he was willing to fuck for the chance and he did. He still is. He is not letting that guy out of his sight. Alex Pettyfer "Fifty Shades of Grey"

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#5**
This former A list tweener said that she would never have sex with a black man. Lately though, she has been getting hit on a lot by this unfortunately A list singer and she is starting to change her mind. She did say that although she has not been with a black man before, she was with an African American female teen from a Disney show. Miley Cyrus/Chris Brown/Raven Simone

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#6**
This B+ mostly television actress on a hit cable show is writing a show which features nothing but her. It would be a dream episode and she would be the only one who speaks. No one else. The rest of the actors on the show would also be blurry. She thinks it is perfect. Just another reason why the cast and crew really dislike her. Lena Dunham "Girls"

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **#7**
They might have the most crazy relationship that exists in the celebrity world. They have been together forever despite their fairly young ages. He is an actor. Used to be B list mostly television, but now that his almost network hit show is off the air, he is slowly dropping down to a C. Good looking guy. His girlfriend does a little bit of everything but no matter what never really rises to above a C list. Oh, except for name recognition. She has a name that can get her to A list name recognition in a hurry. The couple have the most bizarre sex life ever. First of all, they have an open relationship and have no qualms about bringing people back to their place even while the other is there. Sometimes they are all in one bedroom and sometimes they just bring the other person back and do what they need to do. One guy who said he had sex with the celebrity said they were in the middle of it and the actor walked in and started watching and the celebrity started talking to him during it and the next thing you know the actor was taking care of himself while he watched. The guy who was picked up had no idea this was going to go on. The couple is also famous for their fights. Dents and scratches are all over their walls from their fights. They love to throw things and have hit each other with objects and have been covered in blood, but they have never called the police. One couple who went to their house saw the couple get into a fight. The couple thought they were going to kill each other. Instead, after 30 minutes of brutal screaming and fighting, the actor and his girlfriend excused themselves and went and had sex for 15 minutes and then came back out like nothing had happened. Zoe Kravitz/Penn Badgley

Which "sweet" talking talk show host is becoming so tough on her celebrity guests that the word is getting out – amongst celebrities – that they should stay away from the show until the hosts mood brightens. One celebrity guest was so surprised when she was asked, "Why are you self centered? Everything is always about you. Why are you always saying rude things about the way celebrities dress on the red carpet? – that after the taping, the ambushed star and her publicist causes such a scene that the entire line of questioning was edited out of the final show that aired. The host has also shocked her studio audience when talking to the staff in a manner very different from how the person they think they know would speak!

Host: Katie Couric
Show: "Katie"
Guest: Joan Rivers

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#1**
This female C list reality star, maybe a D is not upset about what happened to her as much as she is upset that the guy who did the doing had promised her way more money than he actually gave her. She knows what she was signing up for, and in fact, has had similar arrangements, she just is upset about the amount she was getting paid. Shauna Sand

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#2**
This former A list tweener and now just a general all around a-hole was hanging out with his friend and surrounded by a group of women who are fans. Well, were fans probably. Our former Tweener kept grabbing himself and asking who wanted some of him and for the women to not be shy. His friend also did the same thing and our tweener kept offering the both of them. When none of the women took them up on their offer he referred to them all as lesbian bitches. Justin Bieber

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#3**
This B-/C+ list actress says she was bored when she decided to fuck around with her B-/C+ list actor co-star. She kept flirting with him non-stop despite the fact that she had a boyfriend and he reciprocated even though he has a girlfriend. One thing led to another and now the actress is pregnant and has no idea if it is her boyfriend's or the co-star of her fairly hit cable show.
B-/C+ actress:
B-/C+ co-star:
Cable show:

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#4**
This former almost A list reality star from a very hit reality show is now just trying to stay in the news as best she can. Her boyfriend won't marry her and has no desire to marry her and repeatedly tells her this. He is a B list celebrity who feels like he was trapped because of what the reality star told him and what actually happened. She loves telling the world about their perfect relationship, but he can't stand her. Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler (that she was on birth control)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#5**
This former almost A list female reality star from a fairly hit cable show is so poor right now that she and her husband have to live together because they can't afford to get divorced. He also stays home during the day to take care of the house since they can't afford a nanny or maid any longer. Kendra Wilkinson/Hank Baskett

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#6**
This former almost A list "singer" and sometime reality star is no longer able to see her child/ren without being supervised. Apparently being alone with the child/ren would be dangerous because of her continued drug use.

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **#7**
In one of the only times I can remember seeing in celebrity land, there were four people all having affairs and all four ended up with people they wanted to be with. I was going to originally make this about the foreign born Academy Award winning/nominee B list actress who has a very interesting story to tell. Despite all of her roles and her fame, she will be the first to tell you that she is ready for the world to end tomorrow and has a stockpile of goods and an underground bunker that cost millions. Everyone thinks she is cheap or frugal, but what she does is stockpile gold for the end of times. Anyway, that is who I was going to talk about, but I thought I would talk about how the actress was with someone at the time she started sleeping with her current boyfriend who was married to a B list Academy Award winner/nominee actress who was also still married when she started sleeping with her current boyfriend the B list mostly television actor. All four of them were cheating yet all four were happy about it. The girlfriend of the B list mostly television actor was upset, but everyone else was great with it and the amazing thing is the two couples are still together.

187. BLIND GOSSIP 04/25
This story involves three celebrities in an awkward encounter. Earlier this week, Celeb 1 was sitting in a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Hollywood, drinking his morning coffee and working on his computer. Celeb 1 is a long-haired standup actor/comedian who is known simply by his last name. He’s done a bunch of films and has done many guest roles on TV shows. At another table was Celeb 2, an actor/comedian who has done many films and TV, and who has had a couple of standup specials on The Comedy Channel. You may know him best as the comedian who got booed on stage when he toured with a very famous actor who had a meltdown a couple of years ago. In walked Celeb 3, an actor/comedian who peaked in popularity when he starred in a number of films in the 90’s. He is certainly the best known of the three comedians. Celeb 3 went over to sit with Celeb 2. On the way over, he waved and called out to Celeb 1: "Hey Bro!" Well, Celeb 1 is no fan of Celeb 3. Last year, Celeb 3 had spread false rumors about Celeb 1 being a drug dealer, and Celeb 1 lost a bunch of gigs a a result. Celeb 1 went ballistic. "Hey fuck you, you fucking assholel! You tried to get me banned from The Comedy Store, and you told people that I’m a drug dealer! Fuck you! I lost work because of your lies! You took food out my kid’s mouths! Don’t you fucking ‘Hey, Bro’ me! I’m not your fucking Bro! Don’t you dare talk to me! Don’t you even fucking look at me!" Celeb 3 was stunned but had no comeback. He looked down uncomfortably at the floor, mumbled something to Celeb 2, and walked away. Celeb 1 couldn’t help but throw one last taunt at him: "Yeah, you’d better run, you fucking weasel! Why don’t you run back to Mommy? She’s the only reason you’re still working in this town!" Half the patrons in the coffee shop were stunned by the encounter, while the other half giggled over having witnessed a great verbal smackdown.
Celeb 1: David "Burger" Burger
Celeb 2: Kirk Fox
Meltdown Actor: Charlie Sheen
Celeb 3: Pauly Shore
Celeb 3's Mommy: Mitzi Shore (founded The Comedy Store)

Which female TV personality fired her make-up artist after 11 years because she chose to stay home with her sick son instead of going to work on the day of a big breaking news story? The makeup artist explained that her son was sick and couldn’t work, but found a replacement. This was not a good enough answer for the difficult journalist – so she fired her. After which she closed down the makeup room for four days to audition new makeup artists, before selecting a temporary replacement that had been working with a different talent – who was away from work for an extended period. Now, that anchor has returned, the search has started again! But be warned artists – this news magazine host, isn’t easy – and if you have children, do not apply!

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#1**
This former A list mostly movie actor who achieved such results only thanks to a franchise and has since been demoted to B-, and maybe even C+ has had a tough time getting work. He has been booked for a few things in the past year but has been such a drunken mess that no one wants to work with him any longer. When you can't remember your lines, show up to work late and throw up over your co-workers, then you don't get hired. HINT: It's not Shia. This actor solely owes any fame he has to the franchise role. He was in nothing before it. Hayden Christensen

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#2**
This recent reunion between celebrities was because the lesser known, female, in the couple begged and pleaded and made a secret financial deal for the male member of the couple to show up and be photographed with her. The male member has been telling friends that if he was a talking man there are a lot of things he could and would say and that it is getting harder to keep everything inside. Oh, please tell. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#3**
This set of two married couples is A list and they always used to do everything together. It was always a strange pairing of couples, but it seemed to work for them. Over the past year though, there have only been two occasions and on both, the wife of the lesser known celebrity male was not there. Reason? She told her husband that she has a thing for the more well known celebrity male. There have even been rumors the pair hooked up. Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin and Jay-Z/Beyoncé

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#4**
This former A+ list celebrity/sometime B- list actress is still A list in the mind of many but it is all based on her past and her legend. She has been a mess for sometime and because of that, quietly sold off most of the rights to almost everything she has ever done. She blew through all that money and now can only get money by performing which is always a very shaky proposition. Liza Minelli

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#5**
This controversial former almost A list mostly television actress who has had a dry run after a very long run on a very hit show was out at dinner the other night and started yelling at her husband right there in front of everyone. She had a bit to drink and was calling him a loser and piece of shit. When he tried to get her to go outside or to keep quiet it just made her even more loud. Katherine Heigl

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#6**
This B list mostly television actress from an acting family recently spent 30 days in a mental institution She has spent time in them previously, but not for this long. There are rumors she has had some very drastic procedures performed on her because she has long complained of hearing voices in her head.

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **#7**
This celebrity is fast approaching A list status. He is a tweener. A tweener who pops up every now and again in pap photos and usually has an equally famous female tweener on his arm. There was one special tweener he had his eyes on for awhile and they had some supervised dating. The female is fast approaching A list status herself but in an entirely different profession. The supervised dating led to unsupervised dating which led to a pregnancy scare which led to one last chance at supervised dating. The couple, being tweeners still found ways to be alone and the relationship was becoming more and more serious. The parents of the female started freaking out, but not quite as much as when their perfectly crafted daughter was caught up in a little bit of a drug scandal which would have rocked the family to the core. Going through their daughter's phone, they found photos of her boyfriend doing lines of coke and a bunch of lines waiting to be snorted. The daughter insisted she did not do any drugs. The parents made her take a drug test but no one knows what the results were. Meanwhile they told the male tweener to stay very far away and if he didn't, they would see the photos were published. They wouldn't have done it though because it would have sent their future money earner down with him. Cody Simpson & Kylie Jenner

The questionably queer signs may have been there from the very beginning of our blind item’s spinning career. Know why? Because this Bronx B-Boy made his first big break after banging beats (and possibly other things too) at Studio 54. That’s where this half Italian-half Black Kid could have met the reported "flaming Queen" who’s said to have once had keys to his Trenton, New Jersey crib. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the party girl who was there, chillin’ with our blind item back in 2002, when "a gay dude used a key to open the front door and walk in". Here’s the drop: "Dave was like, ‘Oh that’s just one of my friends. I let him stay here for a couple of days’. I was like, ‘A couple of days? And he got a key…a flaming Queen?’ Wait…there’s more!!! Our party girl says while she was at the crib, she overheard our mystery DJ arguing with Puffy over the phone. According to our source, the beef stemmed from Puffy owing our blind item $30K for a show he did. Here’s that drop: "Instead of sending the money Puffy sent Dave flowers, apologizing for the delay. Dave asked me what I thought about the flowers. I said, ‘he probably knows that a gay guy has keys to yo’ house!’ Now, we’re curious what kind of Track this blind item was really a Master of. Can you guess who I’m talking about? Kid Capri

I thought your advice helps? This Counselor is finding her words of wisdom can backfire, even making people turn against the messenger. Iyanla Vanzant

Which theatrical pop star who has been taking time off to heal from a physical inquiry has also been battling an addiction problem – and checked into a rehab center. One witness says the person was almost unrecognizable without all the costumes, wigs and makeup. But was serious about getting help. In the past this person has admitted using drugs and drinking, but didn’t want the fact that they went to get treatment to be announced, so they did it undercover while the public and press were focusing on a different medical issue. Lady Gaga

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#1**
The bearding just became too much for this celebrity. You would have a tough time guessing her name, but she recently split with her gorgeous B list mostly movie actor "boyfriend," because he has pretty much given up on even pretending they are in a relationship and she didn't want to be dating him when he officially comes out. Considering what he has been doing the past two weeks, it should not be long before he does. Jake Gyllenhaal/Emily DiDonato

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **#2**
This barely B list mostly movie actress from a huge franchise and a huge tv show has fallen off the wagon in a big way. Non-stop drinking has got her back to her old ways which include screaming at people all the time and passing out wherever there happens to be solid ground. Michelle Rodriguez

Which beautiful celebrity who has always been known for her gorgeous looks, although maybe never more than as she has grown older, has a dirty little beauty secrets that she never talks about. She is always happy to pass on advice about diet and exercise, however the one beauty tip this star doesn’t want the public to know about is that she has been getting colonics for years. She has "pooped" years away, without saying a word. Only her closest friends and family know about her real tip for staying thin and getting great looking skin – and of course those that have seen her exiting a certain "spa" on Spring Street in New York. A place that is not unknown to many celebrities included one that popped a tube into the bottom of someone who once declared they were the – "king of the world"
Beautiful celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow
"King of the World": Leonardo DiCaprio

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#1**
For the past three days, this married B list celebrity/athlete has been spending time with two different strippers/possible escorts while in his hotel. His almost A list celebrity wife had originally planned on going on the trip, but had a work commitment that she thought was more important. Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#2**
If you are a fan of almost network hits, that means you are probably a fan of this B- list mostly television actress. Someone should probably warn her that the C list actress/celebrity she thinks is her friend has already slept with the B lister's actor boyfriend. This was not a one time thing either. HINT: Apparently the B lister did find out about it when her short time boyfriend spilled the news to her. He knows everything about what the C list actress/celebrity does. And yes, he has watched the C lister in action too.
B- list actress: Nina Dobrev
Short term boyfriend: Derek Hough
C list actress: Julianna Hough
Actor boyfriend: Ian Somerhalder
Show: "Vampire Diaries"

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **#3**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy award winner/nominee has just fallen off the abyss. She went from mostly straight and narrow to party animal in what seems like a week. For the first time in forever, our actress saw a friend who she used to see almost every day and has been blowing off for the past six months. Because she had promised the friend she would help with something she finally saw the friend this week. Our actress spent the entire time drinking complimentary champagne in between trips to a bathroom to do lines. When the bathroom was busy, our actress found a corner of the room and pretended to look through her purse while bending over and doing lines. Jennifer Lawrence

This CNBC program – surrounding certain Americans’ criminal practices of one of the seven deadly sins – may be well into its sixth year on the network, but it’s reported to soon be coming to an end. Know why? Because reports reveal poor ratings are leading to the docu-series’ demise. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Stacy Keach. This is bad news!!! Know why? Because we’re talking about one of our favorite shows! Does ratchet reality TV’s reigning spot continue to knock conscious programming out the way? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Mona Scott Young. "American Greed"

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#1**
There are a lot of good stories coming out of the Boston Marathon tragedy and someone who is not necessarily known for being a really kind person has contributed to the kindness coming out of the tragic events. He is A+ list for sure. In fact, some would say that this celebrity was the most A+ a celebrity could ever be. Anyway, three people he only knows slightly all were running in the Boston Marathon. One of the people, who he knew the best is on her 7th surgery and is still in critical condition. Her sister lost her leg and her husband suffered 3rd degree burns because of the explosion. The celebrity has offered to not only pay their medical bills but to fly them home on his private jet and take care of them once they get back home until they all are at full health. Michael Jordan

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#2**
This former B list celebrity and now about a C lister from a hit show that is no longer, is finding out the hard way why you don't take steroids to get pumped up. Well, the other hard way is that he really can't get hard with his significant other which has caused him to go violent on her in the past which is also why you should not do steroids. Ronnie and Sammi "Jersey Shore"

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#3**
This A list acting couple might not be ready to actually declare they are getting divorced, but their visitation schedule is in effect and the B list actress has been spotted with her girlfriend while the A list mostly movie actor has been trying to stay quiet with his extracurricular activities. Will and Jada Smith

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#4**
It turns out this former B list celebrity pair have more in common than what was originally thought. One is a former B list celebrity turned nobody and the other is a former B list celebrity turned find me some way to stay in front of the camera however it can be arranged and while you are at it, find me a young guy to be with in it. It turns out that the two discovered this week they have both slept with the same guy. Neither knew until the press found out about one of the two having sex with the man.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#5**
This A list mostly movie actor was up to his old ways this past weekend. Not only was he back on the bottle after a year long dry spell, but he also took two women home and he had vowed to never combine the two again. Last time he did, he ended up with a baby. Owen Wilson

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#6**
For the first time that I can remember, this former almost A list mostly television actress who has had some roles in some great movies but is best remembered for a hit show or two she was on showed up to an event with her girlfriend on her arm. Well, not on her arm, but with her which is a first. She didn't talk about it and they didn't kiss, but there was some hand holding and a lot of affection. Good for her. I hope she comes out. (hint: She has been married. A tenuous connection to one of the stars of Entourage.)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **#7**
For a six month period a few years back, this A list mostly movie actor who has come dangerously close to dropping to B list almost killed himself by his actions. The actor, foreign born and a big star all over the world found himself at a party where he met a C list celebrity. 90 minutes after meeting her, they were in bed together, and that included 45 minutes for traffic. Six months later he was a shell of the man he was before he began seeing her. With his dating of the celebrity, our actor spent night after night awake having sex with the celebrity. This led to drinking which is never good for this particular actor. This led to more serious substance issues to keep him awake during filming, when he showed up. The movie he was working on at the time had to change its schedule numerous times because the actor would not show up, or if he did would be hung over and exhausted and none of that includes the times he was too busy having sex with his celebrity on set to be bothered to come out until he was finished. He has said the sex was like nothing he ever had before. She did things he did not think were possible and would often show up with one or two women in tow to try and make it even crazier for him. A couple of times he suspected she was also with other guys despite all the time they were spending together. That, coupled with the fact his agent said people were talking about not giving him the role he wanted for his next movie because of his actions on the one he was working on, eventually caused him to dump her, but she had a surprise left up her sleeve which he would discover later. Benicio Del Toro/Kimberly Stewart

213. BLIND GOSSIP 04/29
Many people think that this celebrity is gay. Let us set you straight on this. He is not gay. He is actually bisexual. Sort of. Yes, it’s complicated. In public, he only dates beautiful women. Although he is nice to them, spends time with them, and spends money on them, he rarely has sex with them. And then there are only two rules: He can see any man he wants on the side, but she is allowed to date only him. And, after the relationship is over, she had better keep quiet. He has sex with both men and women, but it’s not frequent or intense or especially satisfying, and it’s never as part of a long-term, committed relationship. The women he dates aren’t even sure of their role. They are not sure if they are his beard, his pal, his prop, or his real girlfriend. His exes all describe him the same way. "He is not totally gay, but we only had sex a couple of times. It’s not even like he is bisexual. It’s more like he is asexual." Even more interesting is the way that two past girlfriends described what it was like having sex with him. One said he was "bunny fast." Another described it as "like being poked with an annoying rubber pencil." With ringing endorsements like that, why do women date him or stay with him? He’s good looking. And famous. And very rich. And very connected. Too bad that last trait hasn’t helped too many of them progress further in the industry. So, in conclusion, he is either gay or straight or bisexual or asexual. The women he dates are either his beards, his pals, his props, or his real girlfriends. That clears things right up, doesn’t it? Leonardo DiCaprio; George Clooney; Bradley Cooper; Ryan Seacrest

214. ALLIE IS WIRED 04/30
This A-lister who was recently in the tabs for letting her true colors show once had a flight attendant fired for getting too friendly with her now ex-husband? Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillipe

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#1**
This almost A list mostly movie actress is getting married soon. Very soon. Invited to her wedding is a guy she has been seeing on and off over the years, including while she has been with her soon to be husband. Keira Knightley/James Righton

This A list couple is recently married. He (B list celebrity who can be A list when with others) has been in this spot before for beating his B list mostly movie actress wife. The couple is in therapy together. She is living in a guest house and hotels. She has taken off her wedding ring and only sees him on their way to and from therapy and sometimes at his events. Sometimes. When he really begs. I think he might wear a hairpiece, but have never been able to confirm it. Carey Mulligan/Marcus Mumford

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#3**
This A+ list celebrity who really could not have enough ++ after his name to show how ++ he is, has had a steady stream of female visitors since his celebrity wife has become busy with her latest project. He loves this time and says he has learned to enjoy it. One of his visitors is a B list celebrity who seems to be seeing him much more frequently than in the past.
A+ list celebrity: Jay-Z
Celebrity wife: Beyoncé
B list celebrity: Adrienne Bailon

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#4**
This A list mostly movie actress had to come clean with producers who wanted to shoot some half naked shots of the actress for her latest movie. The shots were supposed to be last week, but had to be postponed because her entire back and upper thighs are covered in bruises from her very rough boyfriend. All consensual. All will be revealed too. Scarlett Johansson

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#5**
This former B list reality star/singer wannabe freaked out her latest guy by always calling him daddy and had photos in frames of her dad everywhere around her place. Well over 20 by his count. Brooke Hogan/Cowboys center Phil Costa

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#6**
This former B list mostly movie actress who is now off the deep end has been leading on her former female co-star into thinking the two are going to hookup. Our actress has no such thoughts in mind, but loves playing the game. Amanda Bynes

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **#7**
This actress used to be A list. Maybe even A+ list. An Academy Award winner/nominee. Everyone always thinks it was one thing that brought her down to B- list, but it really wasn't. Although she has talked about some things in her past, she has never discussed what really brought her down. About a decade ago now she was confronted by her past. She had forgotten part of her life and only when she went through therapy did it come out. As a pre-teen she had been molested by a close family friend. A neighbor who would watch her after school. She says that for almost an entire year, she was subject to his advances with no one there to protect her and he had her alone everyday after school for several hours. After she discovered her past, she was unable to work. She was unable to cope. Drugs, especially prescription ones became her life. She numbed herself for years and watched her star slowly fade. She had no interest in guys and when she would date, it was because her friends forced her too. She has not been with a guy in many years and says she can't stomach the idea of being with anyone after what she remembered. Her career is starting to resurrect itself and she has spent time in mental institutions over the years. She has slowly weaned herself off all drugs and says she is starting to actually feel alive again. Still nowhere in sight she says though is any relationship with any guy other than being friends. Winona Ryder

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