NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

There have been a lot of break ups lately, and we hear that there is another one coming! This celebrity is very beautiful – and has been famous for over 20 years now – but her taste in men has always been questionable. Her spouse is not exactly a model husband. She has primary responsibility for earning the money and raising their child/ren and keeping the family together… while he does little except cheat on her! He was cheating on her while they were dating, and kept cheating right through their marriage. In retrospect, it was pretty naïve of her to think that he would change once they got married. One additional interesting aspect of this split is her long-time friendship with a very famous actor. The actor has become friends – no, make that very good friends – with her husband, so it will be interesting to see which half of the couple he will support after the split.
Wife: Cindy Crawford
Husband: RandE Gerber
Actor Friend: George Clooney

This celebrity is still considered a Tweener I guess. No one outside the Tweener age really likes him even if he is getting outside that age. Anyway, his people have been calling all kinds of attention to themselves in the past week as they try and get some Adderall for their boss. Apparently they had enough to last for their current needs, but someone thought they were being raided and flushed hundreds of pills down the toilet. The boss wants his Adderall. It is his current drug of choice, despite what the media discusses. Justin Bieber

It is not so much that this keeps saying he is getting married A++ list mostly movie actor buys pot. I think most of us would be shocked if he didn't smoke pot. After seeing some of the things he has done, lately, I certainly hope he was on pot. The very very interesting thing is that when our A++ lister has gone to buy pot from his dispensary, he has had, for the last two or three times with him a barely out of her teens blonde and they are all over each other. Brad Pitt

This almost A list celebrity chef with her own show was spotted making out and then bringing back to her hotel room a woman who is most definitely not her girlfriend. She did talk to her girlfriend on the phone though while her pickup for the night was sitting in her lap. Anne Burrell "Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell"

This actress is almost A list and is mostly movies. This other actress is B+ list, but a far better actress and knows it and is not afraid to let it be known. She does mostly movies. Both of our actresses nearly came to blows last night when the B list actress started talking about crap movies and how Hollywood has gone to crap for making such movies and rattled off two that starred the almost A lister and several others that starred the almost A lister's boyfriend. Words were exchanged and the almost A lister had to be physically restrained from punching the B lister. Apparently the two have been hating each other for a long time, but being in close proximity for press has made it even worse.
Almost A list actress/boyfriend: Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher
B+ list actress: Michelle Williams
Movies: "Ted"; "Friends With Benefits"

This B list actress who does movies and television and other things including theatre didn't believe any of the stories about her C list celebrity boyfriend being gay. After three months together he still had not progressed beyond kissing her though and she finally called it quits. He is telling friends that she couldn't handle him and his needs. Kristin Chenoweth/Jake Pavelka

This almost A list mostly movie actress has been talking smack about her ex-husband. Lots of smack. Her ex-husband is an A list mostly movie actor who just got married again. Our actress has been really experimenting with her sexuality lately with some of her more recent lovers. Anyway, she says that her ex-husband was the most boring lover she has ever had. Ever. Once she got over his good looks, she got tired of the five minutes spent in missionary and her complete lack of any kind of satisfaction for her. Scarlett Johansson/Ryan Reynolds

If you have ever wondered how this C+ list mostly movie, but will take whatever you give her actress found her latest helper it is because his son used to be her PR/bag man. Want a story or interview with the actress? You paid her bag man in cash and he would then pass it along to our actress after taking his cut.
C+ list actress: Lindsay Lohan
Helper: Mark Heller
His son: Michael Heller

Over the past year, this A list reality star/celebrity has been hit with tons of stories about the breakup of her marriage. It is way worse than anyone thought. Her management team thinks they know everything, but they have no clue. None. That is because our celebrity keeps everything to herself. She doesn't trust anyone and this is why she has got away with having her own fling on the side. Why hasn't she cared about her husband straying? Because she can't call the kettle black. She just ignores it all and lets her management team fight for her. She has been hooking up with this B- list celebrity who is not really a poster boy for fidelity in his own right. The two met through mutual friends and have been almost inseparable. Between her husband at work and her promotional duties and her lover's ability to go anywhere at anytime, they have spent a ton of time together. Plus, they can even do public things together because they have a very good excuse. They see each other and spend more time together than she does with her husband. At this point she is biding her time to make sure her lover is only loving her and then she plans to spring the news on her management team and leave her husband. Of course she will say it is because of his faults and will make sure none of hers are revealed. Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom (this was before any of his affairs or her rumored affairs hit)

These Kids are getting a little older and a little more out of control. Kids with their own money sometimes don't want to listen to family. The Relatives are trying, but the Kids are branching out. The Family fears maybe too much, too soon. Michael Jackson’s children Prince Michael and Paris

11. POPBITCH 03/02
(British blog) Who is 'bitchforu18'? The celebrity who was prowling around Gaydar chatrooms on Monday, posting such delightful messages as:
bitchforu18: I'm drunk willing
bitchforu18: im an actor
bitchforu18: well know

This reality star is B list. His girlfriend is B+ list. He is a jerk. I hate them both. They were in a store the other day and decided to buy something that cost $42. Apparently they made millions of dollars last year and they decided to ask if they could have a discount. Not in a nice way either. With cameras rolling the guy asked, "Can we get a fucking discount?" The owner said no. Bless you. I would have kicked them out. Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick

It turns out this newly minted C-/D+ list celebrity for all the wrong reasons has way more things on film then anyone suspected. If you had drugs, she would do anything for them. Still will. She has been getting paid for sex long before she was ever legal. Melissa King/Miss Teen Delaware

Apparently they have to be seen to be believed, but they do exist. There have long been rumors that this foreign born A+ list celebrity/athlete/model plays for both teams. At one point there were photos of our celebrity making out with another man which were bought by our celebrity and some of his endorsement partners. Those are gone forever, but from the same party another group of photos has emerged which show him shirtless and with a man in his lap that he is making out with. Cristiano Ronaldo

This former almost A list actor who now does mostly movies, but got all of his fame and chances at headlining movies from a television show is set to come out. He has always stayed in the closet because he was afraid it would harm his chances of getting leads in romantic comedies, but no one is hiring him anyway. You wouldn't think it by looking at him, but people who have seen his peen say it is the largest they have ever seen. One of his former co-stars who is now an almost A list movie actress once saw it and said she could not believe it was real and thought the prop guys had done some Boogie Nights magic.

A new memoir is being passed around town. It is written by this former almost A list actress from back in the day who did not do too badly in the awards department. Anyway, she has already been down this road before, so to make a buck she is having to share more family secrets. How about that a family member used to have to buy drugs for not only his dad, but also his mom and the son and the mom would do them together. Later, the son and the dad would do them together, but the new news is that the mom would do coke and meth with her son. Tatum O'Neal

She is not at the coke mom stage yet, but this former C list celebrity who is the offspring of an A list celebrity used to do more coke than Steven Tyler. She got clean at a very important part of her life, but now is back doing coke. More and more everyday. Glad she has a nanny. Kimberly Stewart

A whole lotta bitches have jumped ship on this blind item. Know why? Because our mystery man once admitted, "I’ll hit a woman first, before I’d hit a man." Don’t believe me.. Just ask his ex-wife, Michelle – who may agree his acting pimp role is yet to have left him. Long before he landed his success on the silver screen, our blind item once hustled his flow by picking up Coco’s baggage carrier, Marc Giveand, upon the ‘Ice Loves Coco’ cast members’ first 1995 landing at LAX. It’s a task we’re told our blind item met, under the strict order of his "Scrubs" cousin, Donald Faison. Despite his riches, insiders say our blind item is a filthy man. It’s a rep he generating after once following Colin Farrell’s lead to not shower for an entire month, in order to gain further Hollywood success. Now, it’s only fitting that we call Colin "Itchy", and our blind item "Scratchy", as the duo discover a Dead Man Down… Terrence Howard

This just about A list married reality star was hanging out with a family member who is also a reality star the other day. They were attending a function at a hotel and had another person walk into the hotel ahead of them and advised the employees that they should not speak to or attempt to speak to the reality stars. If possible, they should also try not to directly look at the reality stars. When you think about how these people got their fame, this behavior is mind boggling. Meanwhile, an A+ list mostly movie actress who I love was also there and talking to everyone and taking photos and laughing and having a great time. She also came alone.
Just about A list married reality star: Khloe Kardashian Odom
Family member: Kris Jenner

A+ actress: Charlize Theron

Another bad behavior blind. This time the offender is a B- list mostly television actress who is only B- because of one show. Otherwise? You would not even know her name and if her show on that almost network crashes, so will her career. So, you would think someone in a precarious position such as that would be nicer to friends and family and co-workers. Nope. Co-workers on the set of her show say they have never met a bigger diva and makes sure that everyone waits for her on set so she can make a grand entrance. Every time. For every scene. Fans who want photos? Only if someone from the press is watching, otherwise she is "far too busy." Says it just like that too. Who talks like that? The next thing you know she will be doing a fake British accent. Whoops. Too late. Started doing it in the past few weeks. Nina Dobrev

This former almost A list mostly movie actress because of a few great roles in some of the biggest films ever spent the night at a hotel with her boyfriend prior to taking a flight last week. When the boyfriend went to bed early, our now C list actress who has always had drinking issues in the past hooked up with a bartender in the bar right after closing. And when I say hooked up, I don't mean canoodling, I mean full on sex, right there in the bar. She then went up to her hotel room. Kirsten Dunst

This former B- list mostly television actress who gave it up for a different kind of celebrity fame has spent the past three weeks in rehab. Those occasional tweets you have been seeing are from her people. Twice since Christmas our celebrity has been found passed out from too much heroin. Taylor Momsen

This B+ list celebrity is on countless television shows. He has also cheated on his wife countless times. When they went on vacation together he thought he picked a place where he would not run into any of his former mistresses. Wow he picked wrong. Not one, but two different women embarrassed the celebrity in front of his wife. She knows he cheated but he swears that he is through with it. Bobby Flay

This former A list mostly movie actor has not been doing as much lately. A high profile divorce and a lack of enthusiasm about some of his pitches for new movies have left him in a funk. Of course, that funk does not extend to him taking time off from having orgies with three of his favorite guys and also making his female significant other also be there. He likes to watch her with others. He has given up on having sex with her. His marriage taught him to just be honest with his partner at the beginning. Eddie Murphy

This celebrity has always been one of my favorite people. Take away one really bad boyfriend decision and the rest is golden. Despite reaching at one point, almost superstar status, this celebrity has now settled down to a comfortable C+ where she can be a celebrity and an actress and still enjoy solid A- name recognition without the pressure that goes with it. Every time she tries to do something or start working more, the same demons come back to haunt her. Our celebrity has had several complete breakdowns requiring hospitalization, but she is very good at keeping her private life private. She has had some miscarriages with her husband that have even brought more pain and the doctors think her medications might be interfering with her attempts at getting pregnant. The problem is that when she stops taking her medications everything gets crazy for her and she goes through depression so bad that she is almost catatonic for days on end and then yells and screams at people for the next week. You would never know it by looking at her and how kind she is to everyone while on meds, but when she is off them, she is unrecognizable. Mandy Moore

26. THE PEOPLE (U.K.) 03/04
One half of a high profile celeb couple is deeply concerned his partner is gradually losing the plot after a series of rows. Elton John/David Furnish

27. DAILY MIRROR (U.K.) 03/04
This star swore blind that reality TV was "beneath them". Fast forward a year, they’re starring on a reality show. Whoops.
Whoopi Goldberg "Choccywoccydoodah"

28. MOUTH TO EARS 03/04
If she could only find love in a quiet place ………….This pop star and her boyfriend are on the rise and back in love . Only if it could be peaceful. Neighbors are saying that these two love birds get high and sing to each other in the driveway, fight and even have small parties with friends. So why is that a problem? Well because it is between the hours of 12 and 5 am on weekdays. We are told that the Palisades residents are so fed up they have left notes on the love birds cars and even rang the bell. As of now, nothing has happened; but let’s hope the next step isn’t the police. Rihanna/Chris Brown

She finally slipped and said something. After two years this former almost A list mostly movie actress and now probably a C+ finally admitted to someone that she has been sleeping with this married A+++ list celebrity with A+++ name recognition and would be a HUGE scandal. Gina Gershon and Bill Clinton

This A list mostly movie actress has decided to take a little self-imposed break from her husband. The reason? She caught him with his hands all over a model's breasts two weeks ago. The model was topless. Oh, and they were kissing too. And a little groping. Way past canoodling.

I really don't know how he does it. This A list actor divides his time between television and movies. Somehow over the weekend he managed to hookup with this B list celebrity who is drop dead gorgeous. Our actor? Not so much? Kind of looks like a doll that was left behind by some kid at a store and no one ever bothered to call to pick it up. She hooked up with him even though she says she has a boyfriend although the boyfriend really has not been the same since she admitted she had to have sex with a guy to get her most recent high profile job.

This A list mostly television actress on a very hit show needs some help for her drinking. Fast. She got so drunk this weekend that she passed out in a parking lot and had to be lifted by two guys who held her like that until a cab could pick her up. Oh, and this was at 3pm. Sofia Vergara

This almost A list celebrity has been telling everyone how happy she is with her boyfriend and how she hopes they will get married. She thinks he is the most incredible guy ever. He is a really nice guy and his last two boyfriends thought so too.

This former almost A list singer who never gets along with anyone is currently being investigated for laundering money for a cartel. Apparently when she travels to different countries, she is bringing large sums of money with her and then passes it along to another member of the cartel who entered the country on the same flights as our singer. HINT: She was recently on a reality show that has ended. PROBABLY: Paulina Rubio "X-Factor"

Talk about heart broken. For the past several years, this former almost A list mostly television actress who has an A+ look recognition but is probably a B- list when it comes to fame has been the mistress of a Hollywood legend A+ actor. I wrote briefly about them a year or so ago and how she was in a relationship that was fake and that she was really getting tired of the false promises our actor had been making but didn't know what to do because she loved him. He said that he would leave his wife even though that would rock the tabloids for a year. She believed him. Last month he dumped her. After canceling plans for three straight weeks he dumped her. She found out he has someone new in his life. Now she is stuck with what she calls a wasted three years and a relationship with a guy who loves her and she can't stand so she is going to have to break up with him and people will ask her about the breakup and she doesn't care. She wanted her married A+ lister. There have been reports that she is talking about spilling the whole thing but then thinks she will have her reputation ruined because he is so squeaky clean and she will be the one who looks bad when it should be equal blame. Tom Hanks/Ginnifer Goodwin

36. BLIND GOSSIP 03/05 **#1**
NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is talking smack about her castmates. And how is she doing that? On Twitter, in the form of blind items! She is specifically talking about four of her castmates in these Tweets:
*Game time! Guess The Housewives of RHOA! There’s 1 that always has something negative 2 say abt me?
*Guess the RHOA that claims they gave me something 4 my LA house? I hav the cancelled check. I don’t accept gifts
*There’s a Housewife of Atlanta that has a past she doesn’t want anyone 2 know abt. Guess who?
*Guess the RHOA that’s always asking about food & don’t need nothing 2 eat? LOL
1. Housewives who speaks negatively: Kandi (she said on WWHL Kandi never has anything positive to say)
2. Housewife who gives gifts: Kenya (she claimed that she gave NeNe her dining room table)
3. Housewife with a past: Phaedra Parks
4. Housewife who doesn’t eat: Kandi

37. BLIND GOSSIP 03/05 **#2**
This funny guy has been the star of a couple of television shows and has also done some film work. He is currently the front man on a show that broadcasts on a major network and is a solid performer in its timeslot. While he is not married, he is definitely heterosexual. He is quite active in the bedroom. And in the dungeon. That’s right, we said the dungeon! You see, our funny guy loves a good dominatrix. He has a few different ones that he hires, and every dom in the business wants him as a regular because he is such a great client. Why? "He has a healthy sexual appetite, he likes it a little rough, he never haggles over the price, and he is a very good tipper!" David Spade; Tim Allen

38. NY POST/PAGE SIX 03/05
1. Which politician, despite his serious and dour demeanor, is "dynamite in the sack," according to an ex-lover? John Boehner

2. Which wife of an A-lister refused to leave an LA party until her Breathalyzer reading fell below illegal levels?

3. Which rich recovering drug addict sparked a panic after briefly disappearing in LA over Oscar weekend?

4. What blogger has publicists fuming over the thousands of dollars worth of free goods being swept up at gifting lounges? Lainey; Perez Hilton

5. Which top model is earning mega-bucks being flown round the world on a foreign billionaire’s private jet?

6. Which socialite and photographer are collaborating on more than just a business project? His hand was seen disappearing into her designer clothes at a Midtown hotel.

Two months ago this A list tweener tried coke for the first time. He can't get enough and because he can't get his hands on the amount of money he needs to support his growing habit he has been trading some of his possessions to his dealer. He can always get more of those, just has a hard time getting actual cash without a reason because of who controls it. Justin Bieber

This C list celebrity is still trying to make a deal for naming rights to her baby. Still no takers. They think she will just call the baby another name in public and will be denied having it repeated enough. Also, they are worried that her fame will be fleeting and that they will not get enough value. Holly Madison

This B list celebrity/reality star had replaced her heroin addiction with anorexia and had been sober for a few years. Now though? She has her addiction back and is still suffering from anorexia. She is refusing help though and thinks everything is fine. You know, because passing out several times each day is normal. Nicole Richie

This former A list mostly movie actress and still a good solid B+ has been stalking her celebrity ex for the past few months. Obsessively. Things have got so bad that her friends did an intervention with her and took her cell phone away and took her out of the country too. Cameron Diaz/A Rod

This C list reality star who is being groomed to be A list spent two hours at a Scientology center with her new friend. If she became a Scientologist, they would love that. With a capital LOVE. Kylie Jenner/Jaden Smith

This A list mostly movie actor stopped cheating for about four months. Apparently that was long enough and he told someone the other night that he has needs and if his wife can't meet them everyday then he will make sure he finds someone everyday she does not. Mark Wahlberg

When you get asked out by someone who is charming and who has been seen almost your whole life as a star, you feel flattered and say yes. This woman dated this A+ list mostly movie actor for a month. She called it the worst month of her life and is trying to warn the actor's latest girlfriend about the actor. He started off as charming. Kind and sweet, he would send flowers and call her and send cars for her when they would go out. On the second date she stayed at his place and he locked the door to the bedroom even though they were the only ones home. The lock was with a key. When she asked what would happen if she needed to go somewhere or get some food during the night from the kitchen he replied, that "She would be fine and that she didn't need to go anywhere." The next morning he insisted she stay for breakfast even though she had to go to work. He yelled at her and said that he was making her breakfast and she needed to stay until he finished. It took him three hours and she was not able to leave until noon. He insisted that she take several baths or showers everyday but would not take any himself. They went out to eat one night and he introduced her to one of his male friends. When she said more than just hello, he grabbed her arm and pushed her over to the restroom and whispered that he would hurt her if she disrespected him again in front of his friends. That she should shut up and never speak unless asked a question. He then smiled and said they should have a nice night and when they got in the limo home he slapped her before making her service him. He then had the driver stop at her place and told her to get out. A real class guy. Surprised she lasted a month. Mel Gibson

This B-/C+ list celebrity with A list name recognition left a half of a cow in front of this A+ list mostly movie actor's hotel door. She also nailed a note to the door. The note said, "You are dead meat." Apparently she thought they had something exclusive. He didn't.

This one is freaky and disturbing. C+ list reality star who thinks she is A list. Married. She has been filming sex tapes with two different men that will accidentally get lost and then show up and she is hoping she will get the same publicity as that other person we won't like to talk about. You know, sex tapes and an affair. Is it really an affair though if the actor husband is doing the camera holding? Courtney Stodden/Doug Hutchison

This Academy Award winner/nominee B list mostly movie actress ran into a co-star (A- list mostly movie actress) from a movie they were both in several years ago. Our Academy Award winner asked the actress out to dinner and she accepted. They went out and the Academy Award winner made lots of moves on the other actress which were repeatedly rebuffed. Not to be deterred though, a new car showed up at the home of the actress the next day in hopes of having her advances accepted. Still no luck, but the actress did keep the car.

This C- list celebrity/actress who would be a D if she was not married to her A list mostly movie actor husband complains that her husband does not let her spend enough money to do the kind of shopping she likes to do. So, she has started selling stories about her husband to the tabloids.

This A+ list celebrity/producer/fake rapper loves women, but he likes them to get freaky with him. One of his regulars was with her girlfriend in an adult toy shop and she kept saying no to her friend and then finally said, "___________ likes them to be like a foot long. I honestly don't know how it fits in his ass." P Diddy

This former B list mostly movie actress was set to hit it big a few years back. She stumbled and then righted herself with some more movies but now appears to have become even more worse off than she was previously. When you see the woman coming out of the Starbucks bathroom who just used their sink as a shower like she does everyday, you will probably say, "You were so good in_______ (HUGE box office hit). What happened?"

It is probably the greatest escort service ever devised and this B- list celebrity was in charge of it. Our celebrity had been escorting herself but was tired of it and wanted to make more money and also wanted to be a star. That was always her number one goal. It is why she gave discounts to people who could give her a break. One of those men who gave her a discount suggested a way she could achieve both her goals. So, our celebrity found some escorts who also wanted to be stars and put them together. They traveled the world and everywhere they went the women would spend a night or two with a very very high paying client while at the same time they became stars, or at least the madam did. She took a huge cut of everything and when one of the team got engaged or started doing drugs or didn't want to be an escort anymore, she was replaced. For years this went on until there were too many people who knew and things were getting complicated so our celebrity shut the whole thing down despite it being immensely profitable. HINT: Singing group. The celebrity in charge met her on again off again boyfriend because of it. He was one of the first customers when she was still seeing people. Robin Antin "The Pussycat Dolls"

53. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07 **#1**
Is this young franchise actress racist or just insensitive and controlling? A small group of people was gathered for a private party. When a song by a popular black artist (now deceased) came on, the actress went on a rant. "OMG! Seriously? Seriously?! What the fuck is this? I don’t want to listen to this disgusting ghetto music! Change it now!" The room went silent as the rest of the guests stared at her – and at each other – shocked that she would say such a thing. The song was changed, per her demand, and the actress went back to drinking and partying. She may be pretty, but she was also pretty controlling and pretty tone-deaf to the mix of people in the room.
Kristen Stewart/Tupac

54. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07 **#2**
While this actor currently has the starring role on a TV show, he is not just a TV star. He has had many several successful hit projects in different areas of the entertainment business, likely because every demographic group just seems to find him so darn appealing! He is probably considered a real "man’s man" to most men; he reminds women of their own husbands; and even kids like him. He’s not big or tough or mean, but he is just totally relatable as a father and a husband and friend, which attracts the widest possible audiences to his projects. It is this perception of him as a "man’s man" that will make this news especially surprising. Although he has been married and has a child/ren, our "man’s man" is either bisexual or gay. Very specifically, he bought a condo in a large city for himself and his boyfriend. The boyfriend is very cute and is quite a bit younger than the star. They were reportedly very sweet and affectionate with each other while shopping for their little love nest. The star already has one or more homes in other cities. This condo is where the boyfriend lives full-time and where the star stays whenever he is in town. BTW, this is NOT The Twinkie Guy from He’s Really Into Twinkies... although both The Twinkie Guy and Man’s Man are in the same decade of life. Tim Allen

55. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07 **#3**
Actor and part-time psychologist Jada Pinkett Smith dishes out "words of wisdom" via an "open letter" to "A Friend" about blended families. The letter – which appears on her Facebook page – is really a public smack down.

"A letter to a friend: Blended families are NEVER easy, but here’s why I don’t have a lot of sympathy for your situation because… we CHOOSE them. When I married Will, I knew Trey was part of the package…Period! If I didn’t want that…I needed to marry someone else. Then I learned if I am going to love Trey…I had to learn to love the most important person in the world to him…his mother. And the two of us may not have always LIKED each other… but we have learned to LOVE each other. I can’t support any actions that keep a man from his children of a previous marriage. These are the situations that separate the women from the girls. Your behavior is that of an insecure child who needs to recognize her own weaknesses that MUST be strengthened to take on the task at hand. We can’t say we love our man and then come in between him and his children. THAT’S selfishness…NOT love. WOMAN UP… I’ve been there…I know. My blended family made me a giant… Taught me so much about love, commitment and it has been the biggest ego death to date. It’s time you let your blended family make you the giant you truly are. J"

Here’s the interesting part: We hear that the "Friend" is actually another well-known female celebrity! Yikes! This trend of celebrities publicly airing the dirty laundry of other celebrities (cough… Shia LaBoeuf… cough… LeAnn Rimes) has been an interesting side effect of social media. It’s also fascinating to us that Jada feels that it’s appropriate to berate the celebrity and lecture her publicly. Frankly, Jada is the last person who should be giving the smack down to other celebrities about how they conduct themselves and run their families. Because Jada sure wouldn’t like it if her personal life was suddenly exposed in an "open letter". After all, could you imagine if Jada’s penchant for "open" things was detailed in an "open letter" by The Friend? That would be awesome.
The Friend: Jennifer Lopez
The Friend’s Ex Husband: Marc Anthony

This former A list female tweener and still B list celebrity/reality star used to be best friends with this C+ mostly movie actress. Our female tweener then decided to have sex with the boyfriend of the actress and called the actress during it to tell her. Yes, she was wasted out of her mind, but, because of that she has no female tweener friends.
Former A list female tweener: Demi Lovato
C+ mostly movie actress: Camilla Belle
Boyfriend: Joe Jonas

This almost A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and not named Catherine Zeta Jones spent two weeks at a mental health facility within the past 12 months and it was not for a movie role. Renée Zellweger

This B- list mostly movie actress who is now doing television is so hooked on drugs that she does them on set of her show. You would think that would get her fired, but she does all kinds of pills and other drugs with the full knowledge of the producers who feel it is better for her to be doing it at work then home alone. Selma Blair

This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has always tried dating guys while an actress. In her previous career though, before anyone knew who she really was, it was all women, all the time. Don't even bother guessing Jodie Foster. Charlize Theron

This former B- list mostly movie actress who is now a C+ had a fling with this A list politician after he thanked her for her support. Stacey Dash (PROBABLY: Paul Ryan)

This A list singer and B list mostly movie actor is always traveling with friends. Well, at least he calls them friends. The thing is he is paying them all to be there with him. No one actually likes him all that much despite how he comes across to the public. Justin Timberlake

This actress is just about A list. Academy Award winner/nominee. I would put her at A list, but she does not work as much as an A lister would. If she chose to work non-stop she would be A list, but when you do one movie a year or maybe two, it is tough to be called A list as a female. Until not that long ago, no one really knew much about our actress. She never really appeared on any tabloid screens and then one day she went from nothing to headlines blaring. She had broken up one of those perfect relationships between a couple consisting at the time of a B list actor and actress. Obviously not on her own. The guy played an equal part. That awkward first moment when the mistress meets the girlfriend lasted about 30 seconds before the girlfriend suspected something was up. Soon thereafter the girlfriend was given her walking papers and the mistress became the girlfriend. It was not even three months later that she found herself being romanced by this A+ list mostly movie actor and cheating on her actor boyfriend with the A lister. Well, at the same time she was cheating on her actor boyfriend with the A lister she also started seeing her old boyfriend. This is the boyfriend she cheated on with the actor she was now cheating on with the A lister. So, yeah, you counted right. She was juggling three guys and they all thought she was being exclusive with all of them. She did this while filming movies and traveling all over the world. Until the last couple of years, this was always her pattern. Cheat and find and cheat and find and sometimes add in a guy from the past too.

63. BLIND GOSSIP 03/08 **#1**
Everybody is lying about the casting change on this TV show! Here is the inside story: One of the stars of a TV show leaked some personal info to the press about a famous actor. Bad move. The actor’s friend, an industry powerhouse who works with the star, was shocked when they found out that the star was the leaker. They couldn’t believe that the star would be so indiscreet and so disloyal! So Powerhouse promptly fired the star. OK, well not exactly fired. But Powerhouse told Star that their contract "will not be renewed." In television, that’s basically the same thing as being fired (minus all the legal fuss). Because the show doesn’t want a big controversy about cast member changes (which has happened before), everyone is pretending that it was Star’s decision to leave the show, and that Powerhouse is very sad about it. Ha! Those are both lies. Star would never have left such a cushy job voluntarily! However, they made an unforgivable mistake by crossing the Powerhouse and being disloyal, and they are now paying the ultimate price for it. Live by the big mouth, die by the big mouth.

TV Show star: Joy Behar
Powerhouse: Barbara Walters
TV Show: The View

Actor: Frank Langella (had shingles that Barbara caught chicken pox from)

64. BLIND GOSSIP 03/08 **#2**
Both parties in this PR "romance" are such attention-mongers that we were a little surprised to hear that one of them actually wants out. He knows that it is his own fault, but he is regretting the fact that he ever allowed himself to get into this mess in the first place. He thought it would just be lots of publicity shots and magazine covers and a pretend engagement and that it would boost his profile. Ha! Instead, he got stuck in a pit of relentless attention-seeking that is deeper and more soul-sucking than he could have ever imagined. And, ironically, instead of helping him, the publicity is actually hurting his reputation! However, he has a contract to fulfill, and they are not going to let him make a run for it. All he has to do is look at her ex to know that she is not going to let anyone make her look bad without a huge legal fight. That’s what the future holds for him if he can’t get out soon.
Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

This popular Comedian has been with his babymomma a long time. Even bragging about that on TV. But lately, the Comedian has been seen out with a lady he's definitely not just making laugh. Marlon Wayans

A certain pure beverage is said to be bridging our Bad Boy of a blind item to Mark Wahlberg. That’s because sources say, as our mystery man fills in as the face of the bottled water brand, Marky Mark remains behind the scenes of its promotion — reported to be generate a generous percentage from his involvement. That’s while our blind item is said to be striving to keep himself in the spotlight over the project, while keeping him close to a Hollywood heavyweight actor. This news comes as our mystery man’s music television channel is expected to miss yet another planned launch date. Know why? Because this Bad Boy is said to refuse paying those set of his employees in a timely manner. Don’t believe me.. Ask Andre Harrell. P Diddy

This B- list mostly movie actor has spent the past 48 hours in one big orgy of women and booze. From the moment he landed, he has not spoken to his B+ list celebrity girlfriend and has just been on a rampage. He also has been telling everyone that it feels so good to be free and that he never thought he would escape. Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus

68. BOSSIP 03/09
No wonder this angry bird has been squawking so loud– she’s got a chick to feed! It looks like the "Love & Hip-Hop" family is only getting bigger, because one of the big-mouthed broads on the show has a new baby on the way. Here’s a hint about who it is: Homegirl has worked with/been with more than a few rappers and isn’t afraid to kiss and tell. She’s also not afraid to make a friend into a frenemy. But who knows, maybe those hormones are what have made her so hostile! Think you know who it is? Winter Ramos

This B list mostly movie actress and sometime model thought she had her B list celebrity boyfriend all to herself. He is older and high profile so she thought she would know if he was cheating if he wanted to. Well, she has been dropping the ball. Even though they have worked together almost all of the past year, she never noticed that he and his assistant were having a little fling. Well, not just a little fling. It has been going on since he was married and cheating with our actress.

This actress is B-. She is hoping her show is a big enough hit to get renewed for next year. She was on a previous hit show that crashed and burned in a hurry. She used to be best friends with this wannabe actress who is a celebrity offspring. They were never apart and then our B list actress kept stealing all of her friend's boyfriends. Would just have sex with them and dump them just so the wannabe would have nothing. She also tried to be best friends with the mom of the wannabe and they became best friends over their love of pills. Nothing like Adderall to bring together two people. The friendship ended though when the actress had sex with the mom's husband. He has sex with everyone though.
B- actress: Hayden Panettiere
Current show: "Nashville"
Previous show: "Heroes"
Celebrity offspring: Rumer Willis
Mom of the wannabe: Demi Moore
Mom’s husband: Ashton Kutcher

This Academy Award winner/nominee who gets to be a permanent B lister because of the award but is probably a C lister has lost so much respect for his wife that he openly hits on women in bars and clubs and asks women for their numbers as soon as they show any interest in him at all. I don't understand why she sticks with him. He rarely works anymore and is probably not a joy at anytime. Cuba Gooding Jr.

This B- list mostly television actress who is fading to a C very quickly had a bunch of projects lined up that did not involve the television show she was on for so long. As she has been trying to finalize the projects, she has been getting asked a lot if she is pregnant. Why? She has gained 20 pounds since her show went off the air and producers are trying to find replacements for her. Eva Longoria

It is not as bad as The Director's Wife because this actress is not married, but she has proven herself willing over the past two years to sleep with absolutely anyone to get a part and she chooses well. She has gone from one hit to the next, all with no apparent acting talent, or at least not any more than the other people auditioning. What she does have is a willingness to sleep with anyone for the role and a name to make sure her phone calls are taken. I guess that is one way to get ahead. Oh, she is B- now I guess. A little higher when it comes to name recognition. Olivia Munn

This A list mostly movie actress with A+ name recognition has no idea what happened to her dog. She used the dog for publicity purposes and to make her look like she was sympathetic and then let some friends take care of it and they gave it to someone else and now the actress has no idea. A reporter wanted to do a story and the actress has been scrambling trying to find the "dog she loves." Jessica Chastain

The cameras never showed it. This C+ list mostly television actress/reality star is also the producer of her show and gets final cut. While the world thinks she is this perfectly happily married woman, the truth is that she was having an affair through the entire series and her lover was always around but she always had him edited out. The husband is a sucker because he thinks what they showed is real. Dina and Clint Eastwood "Mrs. Eastwood & Company"

This former A+ list mostly movie actress is still always going to be an A even if she does not work any longer. She might not be able to work any longer if she keeps sucking down the meth. She weighs barely 100 pounds and has burned the tips of her fingers so much that she does not even feel the pain anymore. She might end up dead. If you see her in person she is shaking and trembling and is in truly awful condition. Faye Dunaway

Forget about movies with a bunch of A listers in them. If you want some really crazy things going on, your best bet is to hire a bunch of C+ listers who used to be almost A because they have money and have fallen so there is usually a reason. There was a movie in the past few years that fit this bill. It did not do that well, but I'm not sure what you expect when you hire this group of people. There was the former almost A lister from mostly movies who has fallen to C, but still has one of the best voices ever. And great eyes. I used to have a thing for her. Now though it seems she spent most of the movie high as a kite. Friendly, but high. One former big drug user was really well behaved. Still can't act, but he was well behaved. The true disaster on the set was this former A lister. Yep, he was A list and is now doing some tiny no budget movie. Bitter about it too. He was a complete a-hole. He had a mustache that he refused to shave. He changed lines without telling the director and the director and the actor nearly came to blows several times. He was constantly showing up on set drunk and crew members discovered a crack pipe and crack in a car that he was the only one allowed to drive.
Movie: "Endure"
Former A list actress: Joey Lauren Adams
Former big drug user: Tom Arnold
Former A list actor: Judd Nelson

78. BLIND GOSSIP 03/11
We’ve talked several times about how this very famous couple was assembled in a publicist’s office. We may have also mentioned that the relationship would end after the DVD was released. Well, the break up is coming, and we have more precise information for you on the timing! It will definitely happen before the end of August 2013. Why August? Well, when the contract was originally written several years ago, the exact dates of the film’s release and the DVD release were not known. While they approximated that the entire promotional campaign would be finished by the end of Spring 2013, the production company padded in three additional months to the "personal relationship" contract just to be sure. The contract ends in August of 2013. The film and DVD are already out, and the promotion is essentially done, so the break up (which will be very amicable) will happen any time between now and August with the consent of both parties. Will you see still them together from now until the breakup? Yes, but rarely. The genuine friendship that the actor and actress once shared peaked a long time ago – and has been going downhill over the past few months – so they are now spending as little time together as humanly possible. They are done. We have a fascinating update on the termination of this faux couple! We told you that their professional obligations have been basically fulfilled, and that the contract could be terminated early if both parties agreed. Well, we’ve just learned that one half of the couple is pitching an absolute fit about terminating early, and is refusing to let the other party out of the contract! Although she is the one who violated the terms of the contract and screwed up the friendship, the female half of the couple doesn’t want to let her partner off the hook any sooner than she absolutely has to. She continues to call and text and email him relentlessly, trying to get together with him, determined to keep the charade going, even though he doesn’t even want to see her! Why is she doing this? For several reasons:

One: She knows that she is the one who screwed up the friendship by screwing around with someone else. She keeps hoping that if she hangs on and hangs around long enough that he will forgive her and they can go back to being close friends.Two: She doesn’t have many other close friends in her life. When they were a "couple", they spent all their time together and he was her closest friend. She refuses to accept the fact that since she humiliated him he doesn’t really want to be friends with her any more.

Three: She knows that he is a nice guy and a true professional, and that – no matter how badly she has behaved – he won’t stoop so low as to publicly berate her, embarrass her, or disclose the terms of the contract. She is counting on that to give her the opportunity to work her way back into his life.

Four: She knows that the fame that she experienced during the height of their coupledom will dissipate quickly once she is "single". You know all that complaining she does about the fame and attention? Well, the truth is that she loves it, and she is scared that once it is gone that she will never get it back!

Five: The contract runs through August. Legally, he is on the hook until then. It takes only one person to enforce the contract, but it takes two to terminate it.

So, if she wants to, she could legally tie him to her for the next few months, force him to make appearances with her, and prevent him from publicly dating anyone else! Now, everyone in this scenario – except her – thinks that she is being incredibly immature and selfish. He just wants to move on with his life, but he can’t until she releases him. So, she is determined, he is annoyed, and the production company reps and the publicists and the attorneys are all meeting this week to try to work out a compromise. We say, "Let him go, Girl!" He helped you achieve fame and fortune and popularity, and, in return, you screwed him over. Hanging on to the relationship tooth and nail just because you legally can now just makes you look sad and desperate. Let him go. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

79. DAILY MIRROR (U.K.) 03/11
Which successful female pop star seems to have more bedpost notches than record sales? Naughty girl! Rita Ora

He may have fronted the face of one ‘American Gangster’ — but he’s really a very married Hollywood heavyweight brother, who’s said to have recently supported a ‘keeping faithful’ promise to his wife of almost three-decades. Sources say it’s a promise which led our blind item to not only dump 41-year-old actress Sanaa Lathan, but also force his fellatio-loving freak of a publicist, Marvet Britto, to get to steppin’. This news comes after insiders revealed Britto was previously smashing our blind item, often granting other women the green light to do the same in her presence. Don’t believe me.. Ask Marvet Britto’s ex-bodyguard/chauffeur, Tony. He’s a man who once extended the King of Pop an invitation to his home, where the pair reportedly visited over his wife’s homemade chicken dinner. Denzel Washington

This couple is B- list reality. Without her husband, the female half of this equation would be bottoming out at the low end of the C to D range. She also knows her husband will never leave her no matter how bad she treats him and she treats him awful. She knows a big secret that would ruin any hope of a future career for himself. She has also had sex with three of the crew members who film her show. Apparently she tells her husband about it after. Cuckold. Coco/Ice T; Kevin and Danielle Jonas

This former A list tweener has been doing drugs almost every night. Hey, tweeners do that, even ones who say they are sober. She thinks she does not have a problem. She also thinks that cussing out her boss won't have any effect on her contract renewal. She says she will just fuck him like she did before. So, that is how she got the job. Interesting. Demi Lovato/Simon Cowell "X-Factor"

This B- list mostly movie actress who would be a C lister if not for her A list name recognition is taking a pass on doing some press for her movie because she suspected her C+ list mostly television actor boyfriend has been cheating on her and yelled at the actress she felt was responsible. Well, there was also a punch or two thrown and some yanking at extensions. So, she is attending to "personal issues" while the rest of the stars do some work. Vanessa Hudgens "Spring Breakers"/Austin Butler "The Carrie Diaries"

If this B list reality star is shopping at a sex shop, it is not for her and her man. They are not together like that anymore no matter what it looks like on the outside. Too many parties. Too many other women. She is scared to have sex with him, but wants to stay famous. If she was shopping for sex toys, it was either for herself or you know, that other guy in her life. Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom

This A+ list model has been telling friends that her A+ list mostly movie actor ex calls her almost everyday and has been sending thousands of dollars worth of presents to her everyday trying to convince her to take him back. She has done that before and he kept on cheating. She feels like she wasted years and years on a nothing guy. She says that she sells his stuff and gives away the money or just gives away the stuff he sends her. She also says that he gave her an STD or two. Not lifetime ones though. Bar Refaeli /Leonardo DiCaprio

Surprisingly, it was not his not being sober that caused this couple to breakup. The reason this C list reality star (B+ name recognition) called it quits with this D list celebrity with B+ name recognition called it quits was she didn't get the job she thought she might with her last ditch effort at publicity. Plus, after a few months he was wondering why they still had not had sex. Adrienne Maloof and Sean Stewart

It is always the quiet ones that should scare you. This actress is B+ list. Maybe A- in a good year. Mostly movies. She has been having some work done on her place. Nothing unusual about that. According to one of the workers at her place, the actress sits on her couch while they are there. She does not have on the television. She does not read a book. She just sits there with her eyes open and does this for the two or three hours they are there each day. If they have a question, she responds instantly, but other than that she sits motionless. When her phone chimes with a text or e-mail is the only time she moves quickly. She always gets a smile and checks and then 99% of the time she goes back to the same motionless pose. One of the workers also said that he made a wrong turn when he came out of a guest bathroom and ended up in a guest room. It was not her own bedroom. There was nothing on the walls, but on the floor laid out as if someone was wearing them were the clothes of a man. As in six or seven different outfits complete with tops and bottoms and underwear and socks. They were not new so he did not think they were part of a fashion thing she was doing. Everyone was too scared to ask her about it though.

This A+ list mostly movie actress decided to try and show she is just like the rest of us. She wanted to appear more human and likable so took mass transit. Showing this was all for our perception of her she kept trying to get people to film her and her husband and then upload it to YouTube so the message would get out that she is nice. No one took her up on her offer. Anne Hathaway

This could go down as one of the stranger hookups of all time. They are both good looking, but just two totally different people. It is not really blind worthy except for the fact that some people believe the A list mostly movie actor with A+ name recognition is still with his cheating girlfriend. So, technically if that were true, then he cheated on her with this B list celebrity/reality star with her own show from time to time and a ton of money from an ex. I'm trying to picture in my mind how this went down. She probably killed him. She likes to bring out the paddles. Robert Pattinson/Kimora Simmons (both in Australia)

This former B list mostly television actress who held on to her fame way longer than she should have thanks to a very hit network show has been writing a book. Well, she is having people write her a book. The sample chapter she is having prospective writers write, is about the time she dated this A list celebrity/reality star/everything else. She describes when she tried to initiate sex and he told her he had never been naked in front of a woman with the lights on. I would not be surprised if it was the first time he was with a woman. I don't know if the act was consummated. She does not have them writing that part. Teri Hatcher/Ryan Seacrest

This female, married, B- list celebrity/reality star is having an affair with this other B- list celebrity/reality star. The thing is he does this every six months or so and moves on. She thinks it could be love.

This celebrity is B+ list. Name recognition is probably A. You probably would not recognize her on the street if you saw her. Well, you might, but she would be the one that twice in the past week has ended up passed out drunk in the street. Not in front of her house either. We are talking about once at the base of a bus stop sign and two nights later in front of a bench. Apparently she could not make it on to the actual bench. This will be revealed. Ke$ha

This B list celebrity couple who only achieve such a lofty place together. Separately they are C listers barely hanging on to his past fame. Married. Kid/s. She thought they were going to be together forever. He thinks she is trying to grab any speck of fame she can and wants someone who will just be quiet and do what she is told and she promised fame was not what she wanted. Fights that have caused him to live with family members recently. Screaming. She puts a happy face on everything and I did not realize she was that good of an actress. I can't believe the police have not been called to their house, the fights are that bad. They both hate bad publicity though, so maybe they realize what would happen if the police were called. Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo

Back in the days of the studio system and favorable coverage from every news outlet, a high profile actress disappearing for a few months to give birth was not all that uncommon. Also helping is that there were not the paps you see today. An actress could wait a few months before disappearing and no one would know. Today though, it is much harder. Jamie Lynn Spears tried to get away with having a baby and not letting anyone know just because of the circumstances. I wonder if she has told her soon to be husband the truth about everything. Anyway, that is a story from the past. A great one but several years old. Now, to the present. This actress is not A list. She is a nice solid B lister from a very hit show with the tween crowd. Not a Disney person so you can take away those guesses. Not even a Disney show. The actress was dating a D list celebrity with a famous connection. At the same time she got drunk one night and had sex with that famous connection. Complicating matters further is that about a week after that happened she had sex with an A- list mostly movie actor. Three guys. One positive pregnancy test. Oh, and filming still ongoing on her show. What to do? It would have been one thing if she knew who the father was. She was honest with all three guys. Well two of them. The famous connection told her to fuck off. Her boyfriend broke up with her and the A- list mostly movie actor did not think it was a big deal. He is still in her life. The other two? Not so much. So, with no idea of who the dad is, the pregnancy news could not get out. This was not going to look good for anyone and the whole don't want to name the baby daddy thing was not going to work. So, the show filmed around it and most people who work on the show had no idea. She then filmed some scenes for another project and then disappeared for two months to have the baby. She had the baby and the baby stays with her cousin. As soon as the baby was born she lost all her weight in a hurry and then had to film something else before starting her television show again. It felt like during this entire time she was always going out and being seen, but that was part of the plan. She let herself be photographed a lot before and after she left and people never realized she was not there for those two months.
Actress: Ashley Benson
TV show: "Pretty Little Liars"
D list celebrity: Ryan Good
Famous connection: Justin Bieber

A- actor: James Franco

She’s a mega-star who started young and seemed to not be affected by the child star curse. Seemed to be. But eventually, that shit will find you, even on a delay. It’s the mother. Though the parents were previously thought to be harmless... the mother now appears to be going full Dina Lohan. The mother has been hitting her up for cash for a while now, the better part of a year. To support her own projects, resurrect her own failed dreams, and her new relationship -- so essentially she’s bankrolling her ma’s midlife crisis. The daughter can afford it, certainly, and if it was just the money, it wouldn’t be getting out, but now she’s being asked by her mother to leverage her own fame and influence for industry contacts and connections. Since she can’t get a meeting on her own, she’s been namechecking her daughter to get in the door, and when that doesn’t work, she’s been pressuring her daughter to step in on her behalf, jeopardising her daughter’s reputation. No matter how hot you are, you don’t want to be known as the girl with That Mother. It’s becoming a concern for the daughter’s management team, as they worry that her ma’s increasingly aggressive famewhoring will undo their own moves in advancing the young star’s career. As you can imagine, it’s a delicate, uncomfortable situation. She is loyal and protective to and of her family. But she cannot deny that her mother may be compromising her professionally and is torn about whether or not to indulge her mother’s demands or look out for herself instead. She’s stressed, and while that doesn’t excuse her mistakes, it does provide some insight about some of her behaviour. By the way, her boyfriend has been very supportive through all of this, certainly her most reliable source of strength. Kristen Stewart

96. BLIND GOSSIP 03/13 **#1**
Here comes the intervention! A little late, but late is better than never. This young performer has been out of control for the better part of a year now. Drugs and alcohol and bad influences have all caught up with him and led to a myriad of personal and professional problems. In the next two weeks, his parent/s, another relative, a childhood friend, an older male star, and (surprisingly) his ex-girlfriend, will be doing a group sit-down with him over a recent series of fuck-ups, all of which are a direct result of the star’s bad behavior. So far, no members of his management team plan on participating. Definitely not included in this group are his new friends, who are believed to be contributing to the problem. What took so long? Resistance on everyone’s part to stop the money machine and/or permanently label the young star (as a druggie or alcoholic). They know that once he is pulled from center stage that he may not regain his reputation or momentum. Young girls are a fickle audience, and there is a strong possibility that they will move on quickly if this star is out of the spotlight. The group will try to convince him to take some time off and go to rehab. However, they are prepared for the fact that he is young and arrogant and thinks he knows best… and will consequently refuse. And he may do that. He is at the age of majority, and they cannot force him to anything he doesn’t want to do. So they have a residential facility ready, but are also prepared to offer a non-residential option that will allow him to continue to meet his work obligations. In any case, this will all happen within the next two weeks. If he suddenly disappears for a "vacation" or for some medical problem, he is in rehab. If he continues in the public eye but seems more lucid, he is doing the non-residential treatment (but don’t expect him to talk about it). If everything stays the same, that means that he has refused treatment and will continue his downward spiral. We’ll know soon enough. Justin Bieber

97. BLIND GOSSIP 03/13 **#2**
This famous unmarried couple has asked a famous married couple with whom they are friendly for a very interesting referral. Given the woman’s medical condition, you would think that they would be asking for a referral to a doctor. You would be wrong. They were actually asking for a referral for a special effects expert! It seems that they want to buy one or more prosthetic devices to make the first female either look pregnant… or to look more pregnant than she is. So, that leaves us with several possibilities: The first couple was never pregnant but they are looking to fake it; or they are pregnant and are looking to make the bump look bigger; or they were pregnant but aren’t any more and are looking to stall the announcement of a miscarriage. Whichever the case, they are clearly looking to fake or exaggerate a condition to gain public support. Given how the first female’s penchant for attention, no one should be surprised about this.
Unmarried First Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Married Second Couple: Beyonce and Jay-Z

98. BLIND GOSSIP 03/13 **#3**
Here is an interesting peek behind the scenes of an international music tour. This famous performer is getting on everyone else’s nerves because he isn’t taking the tour seriously. He is drinking on stage, doing drugs off stage, and basically treating the whole tour as one long party. Why is he being so unprofessional? The group points to one person: his girlfriend. The other members of the group have absolutely had it with this girl! She stays in the fancy hotels and flies on the private jet, and eats every meal with her boyfriend (often without the rest of the group), all paid for by the group. She makes sure that she is with her boyfriend every minute that he is not on stage. Actually, for several shows, she was literally on stage, sitting on one of the speakers so that the whole audience could watch her watching her boyfriend! It was really odd, and members of the audience were asking each other, "Why is she on stage? Is she part of the band now?" No, but she thinks she is! The other members of the band and his manager have tried talking to him about how she is using him and using the band to make herself famous, and about how she is a bad influence on him, but he is in denial about all of it. None of this may sink in until he gets back home and realizes that he doesn’t have a record deal. And even then, he may be too drunk or high to care.
Performer: Joe Jonas
Group: The Jonas Brothers
Girlfriend (Not famous, but thinks she is): Blanda Eggenschwiler

This former almost A list singer and B list mostly television actress who had a run of very bad luck must think she is a huge star still. Yesterday as she walked up to an empty theatre to tape a special there were ten fans on the sidewalk waiting for her. I guess that is a lot of fans. Actually they were there to see someone who came a few minutes later, but hey, if this person walks in front of you, you will ask for a photo or an autograph. Despite the fact there was nothing going on and the singer was almost 30 minutes early she told the people outside that she had no time for them. "I have no time for you." No mention of being sorry. Did not even bother to look at them. She did look good though. The big star who arrived shortly thereafter stopped to talk to everyone and took photos with everyone and even talked to them all for 2 or 3 minutes each.
Actress #1: Brandy Norwood
Actress #2: Snoop Lion nee Snoop Dogg

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#2**
I think this former almost A list movie/television actor who is now a B+ on television would have much better luck hiding his cheating if he actually picked up women who are more intelligent. This would save the embarrassment of one of them he had picked up for the night forgetting what room number he was in and making a scene at the lobby and saying this was her chance to have him alone and to herself before her friend got there and she had to share. Apparently her roots looked atrocious. They wanted me to say that. I don't have hair so don't know what that means.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#3**
This actor is B- list. Very hit television show, but he is just a piece. A very lucky piece. Has a bit of a drinking problem. Combine that with a Napoleon complex and he can get out of hand. Usually when he is at a bar and about to get in or pick a fight with someone he gets recognized and the other person backs off. Our actor takes that as a victory and keeps talking smack as he walks away and goes back to whatever woman he says is lucky enough to be with him that night. Two weeks ago as he was walking back to the woman, the guy he had confronted tapped him on the shoulder. Our actor turned and got punched and went down for the count. Knocked out. It took a few minutes before someone even went to help the guy up. His act is tiring. Scott Caan

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#4**
This just about A list mostly movie actress who got her fame on television for one specific role fired a nanny earlier this week because the nanny was watching a television show that our actress found offensive and started screaming about how much she hated it and that no one was allowed to watch the show in her house and then proceeded to fire the nanny while spittle was flying out of her mouth. The show is a middling almost network hit. Sarah Jessica Parker "The Carrie Diaries"

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#5**
This A list celebrity/singer got the shock of her life two days ago. Well, it was a shock. Maybe not the shock of her life, but it was good. A buzz maybe? More than a 9 volt to the tongue though. A radio host was interviewing the singer and said he would love to talk to her husband and they should call him. Backed into the corner, and unable to think of an excuse, our singer agreed and when the husband answered and she said hello, he said, "How come you have not called or texted in three days?" Then she said she was on a radio show. The management was kind enough to delete the first part when it aired for broadcast later in the day. So, at least for now, her secret is safe from the public. She loves the married image, just not being married. Carrie Underwood

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#6**
Even couples that everyone loves and who seem like they will last forever have their issues. This couple is a combined B list. I think the fact that they work together and live together and spend 24/7 together is taking a toll. At least on him. Both actors, he has had more success lately and relished the chance to get out on the road for a week without his girlfriend who is usually attached at the hip. He took an unidentified blonde who has been with him every stop. Friends? I suppose but the one time they were seen together she was sitting in his lap and kissing him. She could have thought he was Santa I suppose. Bridgit Mendler/Shane Harper "Good Luck Charlie"

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#7**
This former B+ list mostly television actress still has A list name recognition. That does not mean she is going to recognize you though. In the past year, this still very young actress has gone from primarily hiding in the shadows to being forced front and center because of the actions of her husband. Although, not her husband for long. Is it already over? Too lazy to check, but it is not that relevant to the blind. Let’s just say they split. He moved on and she moved on. But not really. Her life has become a blur of booze and pills. I don't expect it, but if you told me one day that this actress died of an overdose I would not be shocked. I like to think she knows when to cut it off. I do know that her most recent relationship was over almost as soon as it began because she was talking to the guy about getting married two hours after they met. She proposed to him the day after she slept with him the first time which was on their first date. He stuck around a bit to get some publicity and to see if she was just kidding that first day, but it got worse. The more pills and more booze the more she would bug him about a ring and where they would get married. She even talked about kids which should freak anyone out and lets us all be grateful that she has a love of nannies. She thinks she is fine, but would give Kim Richards a run for the I don't understand a word you are mumbling award.

106. BLIND GOSSIP 03/14
This TV Star used to think that he was oh-so-critical to the success of this TV show. They couldn’t possibly succeed without him! He demanded top dollar, slept with practically every female who wanted to be part of the show, and flexed his power by telling producers to fire anyone who he didn’t think was up to his standards. When people started blaming him for the bad decisions that led to his show’s decline, he initially asked producers to lie and say that he was not been responsible for the changes. In fact, tell everyone that he fought against them! Yes… that’s it… that’s the story! He really wanted his colleague to stay! And he even offered to step down to make that possible! He is a hero, not the villain! And…and…and…Oh, please! According to staff at the show, this entire story is pure bullshit. They were trying to save their star, they couldn’t, and now the whole thing is such a mess, they only have one option left: They are going to throw TV Star himself under the bus! Yes, karma has come full circle, and he is getting the boot. Although he does have a contract that runs through next year, producers are now getting their ducks in a row to push him out. They will be offering him money to walk away before his contract expires. While the buyout will be very expensive, it would be even more expensive to let him stay and watch ratings continue to decline. So they are going to bite the bullet, and pay him the big bucks to go away sooner rather than later. They don’t have a story yet to go with his departure (Illness? Family? Other opportunities?), but we’re sure they will come up with some baloney excuse. Oh… one final thing. He doesn’t know that this is happening yet. They will be meeting with him tomorrow. Yes, you know before he does.
TV Guy: Matt Lauer
TV Show: "Today"

This Hip Hop Couple are going through it. Scandalous talk is coming between them. Can they weather the storm? T.I and Tiny

She may be a "rider", and he may be a "roller" — but this self-noted "Bonnie & Clyde" couple could be failing to live the tight union they portray to the public eye. That’s because insiders say this husband and wife team live in separate homes. Don’t believe me? Just ask the Russians, who recently uncovered just that. But, some critics suspect the pair’s on-paper declarations could be aimed at snubbing Uncle Sam. According to those hacked documents, she lives the lap of luxury on the entire 18th floor of a Miami condo complex — while her 45-year-old rap mogul husband balls-out from a Big Apple spread. While she’s soaking up the sun down south, NYC is where he could be strictly sticking to "cruising down the Westside Highway" with his 33-year-old former NFL’er Johnson, who sources say our blind item remains linked to. This while insiders say the head honcho "Fella" is using Justin Timberlake to stay relevant — during a shared cross-country tour aimed at capturing the youth fan base. Following the tour, sources say he has plans to push one skirt-wearing rapper out the way with the release of a new album.
Wife: Beyonce
Husband: Jay-Z
NFL’er: Larry Johnson
Skirt-wearing rapper: Kanye West

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#1**
This almost A list mostly movie actor from a nice franchise who has A+ name recognition was asked if he would like some company from ladies while he was in town. The actor said that he would skip it because he assumed they would all be Asian and he does not like to have sex with anyone unless they are white. HINT: His brother feels the same way. PROBABLY: Liam Hemsworth (brother Chris)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#2**
This actor was getting close to A list. Mostly movies and some very very big roles. High profile ones and popcorn type movies. Some of the movies bombed and lost a ton of money, but our actor does not seem worried that he does not get cast as much. He still has an unusual name which helps him get recognized and he is the actor you turn to for all of your recreational drug needs, including connections to doctors who are very pro-prescription. He runs a kickback thing with them and makes a ton of money. Our actor probably makes $1M a year from all of his illicit activities. Shia LaBeouf

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#3**
This actor is B- list. Honestly he should be C list, but he has such a well known face and voice that you have to put him in the B list range. Huge career lasting for decades. Always the second banana, but very popular. Did I say he was aging? Over 60. He insists his latest girlfriend is 18, but she was telling people at dinner the other night she needed to get home and study or her parents would kill her. I'm thinking high school student. He plays big in high schools. Colleges too. James Woods

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#4**
Even though this former Tweener who is now a B list actress has cheated on her boyfriends in the past and had sex during those times, apparently she is a straight up turn off the lights, missionary person who says she just does it because her boyfriends want to do it and not because she thinks it is all that fun. She says, "I would rather just have my life be like Grease, where we kiss and hug." Selena Gomez

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#5**
This show is gold for one network but the two co-stars hate each other. A lot. As in, if they have to do something together, they will, but otherwise they don't speak. Both are very likable individually, but one is the perceived star and acts accordingly and the other does not like her for it and has called her out on it. The actress who is the less perceived star is probably going to be replaced because they have deemed her easy to find anywhere while the other co-star would be impossible to replace with the same kind of talent.

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#6**
This nobody has hit the lottery. He actually could be making for or asking for a whole lot more money than he is currently getting paid to be the boyfriend of this A list celebrity. She loves having a boyfriend and the only way she is going to meet someone who does not work for her is if someone arranges it. A few introductory meetings and a coffee and then dates paid unknowingly by her. He gets paid $1000 a week which is twice as much as he was making at his last job. He is not supposed to have sex with her, but no one says no to her without a fight so it probably has happened or will. Does this make him a gigolo? Britney Spears/David Lucado

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#7**
This film was huge when it was filmed. Not so much for the amount of money it made, which was not a ton, but it was one of the first films to ever have actual sex and not simulated sex. The director thought it would be a great idea. Now though, much of the cast has died to very strange or unknown circumstances. There is the B list actor in his own country, who died. He comes from a very well known family. I can't make this too easy. Along with him dying of very strange circumstances, his co-star who he had sex with during the movie and who had her husband leave her shortly after the making of the film died from unknown causes. These are not old people who died. They were young. There are reports that several other members of the cast also are suffering from some of the same ailments, including two who have been in the hospital for months and that crew members from the set have died and that it is all being hushed up because of some of the names involved and who paid for the financing and who is responsible for the virus which is killing them all.
Movie: "Pola X"
B list actor (in his own country): Guillaume Depardieu (Gérard’s son)
Co-star: Yekaterina Golubeva

116. BLIND GOSSIP 03/15
This Blind Gossip story is too big for just one post, so we will be sharing bits and pieces of it with you over the next couple of weeks. He thought he was so lucky. Big career, lots of money, big name, lots of pretty girls (famous and not) practically throwing themselves at him. Well, Lucky Guy’s luck is about to run out! Because his latest girlfriend has a little surprise for him. It is something that will tie him to her forever. It is not something that he wanted or expected. And chances are he will find it more shocking than charming. So will you.
Lucky Guy/Unlucky Guy: Joe Jonas
Girlfriend: Blanda Eggenschwiler
The Surprise: Nude Photos and A Kinky Sex Tape

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#1**
This former B list comedic actor from a very hit television show has been reduced to a shell of a D lister slowly going through his big movie paychecks as he spends it all on hookers and coke. HINT: Was on SNL. Has been married.
 Chris Kattan

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#2**
This A list musical group has probably split for good. It is not just one female diva's demands that have driven the group apart, it is also the fact that the other diva in the group, a man, has tried to have sex with the female diva's husband on numerous occasions. He has already had sex with everyone else in the band, including the female and kept saying he wanted to bring everyone into his circle.

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#1**
This C list celebrity who is the offspring of A list actor/actress couple used to be considered the goody goody of the family. Not anymore. Whether it is being found passed out on the bathroom floor of a bar after drinking too much and fucking a random stranger in that same room earlier, or her massive spending on drugs which her mom enables by transferring thousands of dollars to her every month, this offspring needs rehab. The thing is, mom and dad are wrapped up in their own worlds. They need to wake up because the daughter is going to die. HINT: She has been in the news the past couple of weeks after generally not being in it at all.  Tallulah Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) (they finally got her to rehab)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#2**
This former A list Tweener and now just a B celebrity who is everywhere, but does not do much to deserve her A list name recognition was hanging out last week with this B- list celebrity/reality star and her C list celebrity boyfriend. Some smoking of some pot. Well, a lot of pot. The next thing you know it is threesome city. I love how she pretends to be the victim in her current relationship when she is the one who started it all in the first place. She just didn't get publicly caught.
Former A list tweener: Miley Cyrus (current relationship: Liam Hemsworth)
B- list celebrity/reality star: Kat Von D
C list celebrity boyfriend: Deadmau5

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#3**
This celebrity is A+ list. Not many who really get higher on that list. She seems like she is waiting for the day they decide to remake Grease and she gets cast as Sandy. She has seriously thought of financing the movie herself to get her dream. This is how she lives her life and her friends would be so sick of it all except for the fact that the celebrity gives massive presents to her friends. Things that cost $100K are routine birthday presents. One friend though said what she wanted instead of a present was for the celebrity to get drunk. The celebrity likes to think she is cool, even if stuck in a time warp and thirty minutes and five shots later was drunk as hell and funny for thirty minutes and then spent the next three hours hunched over a toilet and spent the night on the bathroom floor. Her friends loved her for it though. Taylor Swift

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#4**
This one is from a few years ago. At the time, this actress was probably still B list. In the handful of years since, she has dropped down to D list in the acting department, but she still has A list name recognition and a list of millionaires who all want to have sex with her. I'm not sure why. Anyway, she was getting paid to be at an event and got absolutely wasted. Hammered. She said she was fine though and decided everyone should go to the pool. She made everyone get naked and then she tried to break into a pen holding dolphins which guests could play with during the day. Somehow she got in and instead of being nice, the dolphins started smacking her and pushing her and she almost drowned. The thing is she had been such a horrible person all night and to the people at the event who were paying her a lot of money, that everyone did nothing to help her until she finally got her head slammed against a cage door and sunk beneath the water. They took her out and the hotel doctor checked her out. The hotel did charge her $25K for what she did to the dolphin enclosure. Tara Reid
( I think the sequel to Sharknado should be Dolphinado so they can get back at her for this)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#5**
This A list celebrity/rapper/mogul and sometime reality star is not a huge drinker. At clubs he will drink and he orders a ton of booze, but he is not like Jay-Z who will actually get hammered. There are times though that our celebrity does. If you are a 18-22 year old gay male interested in older men and lots of presents, this is your chance. Our celebrity uses his drinking as an excuse to take a night off from being a ladies man. He heads to a club and finds some willing guys and then for the rest of the night they drive around in a party bus while our celebrity enjoys getting wild with the guys with no one to see and is passing out money and presents and booze and seemingly at his happiest. When the party is over he drops them back off at the club and then pretends it all never happened. Just blames it on the booze. P. Diddy

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#6**
This A list mostly movie actor spent the better part of two years drunk and on pills. He said it was research. It was in a way, but it was also an excuse for him to tune out his significant other and his child(ren) and the responsibilities which he has always hated. If it was up to him he would just live like his hero and people would come to him and pay their respects. When he was wasted for two years he actually told people that and they were fortunate to get to spend time with him and that they were seeing a living legend. Yeah, kind of like the Goopster except she rarely drinks, showers more and doesn't shoot off guns in the middle of houses. Johnny Depp (Hunter S. Thompson)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#7**
When this former A list movie and television actor who is now still a B with A+ name recognition gets drunk, he also gets naked. It does not matter where he is. He knows this and his family knows it. Party and gets drunk? Clothes are coming off. At home entertaining on Christmas and gets drunk? Clothes off. Not just down to underwear, but everything. Naked. A big round mound of jiggling naked flesh. And can be grabby. He gets away with it though because he is funny while he is doing it. Still though, after years of practice, he confines his drunkenness to private places. Danny Devito

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#8**
This former A list celebrity and now a still newsworthy B- list celebrity/reality star blames blackout drinking on the following things: Two tattoos she hates; a marriage; several STD's (one of which still requires condom use which is why her most recent boyfriend broke up with her); her first lesbian relationship which she tries to keep quiet (she finds that her fan base of guys does not like her choice of women, so she keeps women she is with completely out of the public eye and just dates men publicly); and her biggest love who took her home one night when she was passed out and she didn't really leave his house for almost a year. Now that might be kidnapping.
Celebrity/reality star:  
Recent boyfriend:
Lesbian relationship:
Biggest love:

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#1**
This former A list Tweener was busted by a teacher in the restroom of a school that the Tweener was visiting for a literacy event. The Tweener was set to read to the kids, but the teacher asked the Tweener to leave after she was caught doing lines of coke in the bathroom at the elementary school that kids were using. HINT: She does a lot of these types of events and literacy events and needs to go to rehab again.
PROBABLY: Demi Lovato

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#2**
This A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee has a new male lover. As his custom though, the actor refuses to ever admit that he is gay and instead, this weekend ate several times by himself at places while not even allowing his new lover to order room service. Instead, the actor would bring him back coffee and wraps from Starbucks. Our actor is apparently one of the cruelest guys around when it comes to his partners. Violently so. HINT: Our actor is currently out of the country and made that known this week.
Kevin Spacey (in London)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#3**
This A list celebrity feels he got mistreated by the press in a recent relationship with another A list celebrity. So, he is getting back at her by selling stories about her and their romance to a tabloid who is going to call him a friend of the celebrity. The stories are supposed to be really really good in a very embarrassing kind of way. Harry Styles/Taylor Swift

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#4**
This former B list mix of television and movies actress who is now an A list head case has been stalking this C list celebrity for weeks. The crazy wigs and makeup and other disguises are her attempt to follow the celebrity 24/7. She even bought a place next to his place just so she could spy on him more. When she shows up at the place next to his she comes in character. She honestly thinks he has no idea. The guy says that when he sees the actress he has a tough time not laughing like crazy. Apparently they had sex a few months ago and she models herself after Rose on Two And A Half Men.
Actress: Amanda Bynes
C list celebrity:

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#5**
This A list mostly television actor has a movie coming out. Well, it was coming out, but there needs to be some reshoots and our actor refuses to do it and has said that he won't do any press for the movie either because he feels like everyone on the crew disrespected him. Well, if he was not such a crap actor they would not have laughed at him every time he tried to do a scene. Ashton Kutcher (and now you know why it sucked)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#6**
This B- list mostly movie actor who got his big fame from a hit cable show was confronted by a woman he has been dating a month who told him she was pregnant and that he needed to start providing for her. Our actor asked her to take a pregnancy test, which she did. Positive. Our actor then told her she is fucked, because it is not his child and handed her his own paper which shows that he is sterile and unable to make babies. She has tried this game with other actors before and gets a huge paycheck and then takes care of the pregnancy.

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#7**
It was not that long ago that this almost A list mostly television actor was still trying to make it look like he dated women. He liked the impression that he was a ladies man and he got that impression by dating woman after woman. He dated so many women because there was never any third date love if you get my drift. He would just date them until he could not hide it anymore and then move on. Meanwhile, women all over the world would follow each of these changes and hope they would be next. He finally has settled down. Of course the person he settled down with has never actually even pretended to date a guy and everyone was fairly certain she would just come out. She is a B list actress. Mostly movies. I think I am being generous in giving her a B. She might be closer to a C. The couple claims they fell in love and can't be separated from each other. Well, she has a girlfriend so there must be some separation sometime. He is not currently seeing any guys and is extremely hesitant to ever do so except when he is out of the country and in very controlled circumstances. I'm not sure why they decided to go this route. It is confusing, especially on her part because she was so close to coming out. Publicity? That could be. Her old girlfriend knew a lot about publicity.
A list actor: Alexander Skarsgard
B list actress: Ellen Page

Her old girlfriend: Clea DuVall

134. BLIND GOSSIP 03/18
People are sad over this attractive couple’s split. Let’s clarify a few things about their relationship. First of all, they were never a real couple. However, they really were friends with one another. Secondly, the arrangement worked so well over time, that they actually thought about making it more permanent. Thirdly, they broke up very suddenly, but it was not because of a conflict between the man and the woman. The real conflict was between the man and the woman’s brother. That’s right! The guy didn’t really break up with her. He was actually breaking up with her brother! She was just a casualty of the fallout. Why did they break up? One guy heard that the other betrayed him (we don’t know if it was true or not). The breakup followed very quickly after that. It was very sudden and very ugly. Finally, all three in this relationship are adults and are professionals in the industry, so we think that there is a zero out of ten chance that any details of their relationship or their breakup will ever be made public.
Guy: Ryan Seacrest
Gal: Julianne Hough
Gal’s Brother: Derek Hough

135. DAILY MIRROR (U.K.) 03/18
Which American star bagged a new boyfriend just after a break-up… by paying him to be seen with her? Lucky guy.
American star: Britney Spears
Boyfriend: David Lucado

This Lil lyricist may be just 140-pounds, but an insider says it took a total of six people to hold him down during a recent medical scare. We’re told it happened after the rapper was rushed to the eighth floor of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. That’s where a nurse says our blind item was "shaking violently, screaming, urinating and vomiting" before being placed in a medically-induced coma — over doctors’ fear he might swallow his tongue. Sources say a concoction of codeine, prescription medications, and potent chemicals – like anti-freeze – are what led his stomach to be pumped three times. We’re told he was released from ICU around 6PM, Friday. Here’s what an insider revealed: "His blood work tested positive for several different things." Lil Wayne

137. BOSSIP 03/18
This basketball star has been caught with his shorts down on more than one occasion, but when his wife finally filed "them papers" he seemed to get his act together. However it seems the reformed cheat has rebounded back into his bad habits. The baller was spotted in a Southern city dining out with a statuesque Spanish woman while in town for an away game. Word on the streets is the baller went to some length to recruit his plaything, flying her in rather than consort with local talent. Kobe Bryant

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#1**
This American League West player is on a new team this season. All-Star caliber for sure but he is going to need to reduce his partying. The first night in town he found a strip club and has been juggling two dancers who don't know about each other. Every night he goes out with one of them and brings them back to his hotel. Not sure what he will do if his wife decides to visit. Josh Hamilton

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#2**
This B- list mostly movie actress from some of the biggest hits of all-time, who also happens to be married, did not seem to let that stop her when she ran into a now C list mostly television actor who can't find work after his hit series. She was openly hitting on the actor and told him that her ring was just for show and could not stop yammering about how much she loved his work. Yes, he was on a hit show, but it required no acting talent at all. She would not leave his side the entire event. It was embarrassing how hard she was hitting on this guy. Nikki Reed ("Twilight" series)/Adrian Grenier "Entourage"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#3**
This C list celebrity reality offspring has been introducing himself to girls by telling them who he is and who he is related to and if they would like to get with him, they also need to be comfortable being shared with a couple of his friends too. He is a winner. I have also heard that to see his peen you need a microscope. Brody Jenner

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#4**
Drinking and more drinking and yet even some more drinking. Not only has this former B list actress gone from hit television shows to begging for work and wandering the streets because of her drinking, but all those black and blue marks and injuries she says are the result of accidents are all because of her drinking. The concussion she got a few weeks ago when she slammed into the edge of a wall full speed is just one example. Erin Moran

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#5**
This still married A list mostly movie actor used an escort two nights ago. He stiffed her. He convinced her he would pay her after and then told her to get out when he was finished. She started screaming at him and he called hotel security to have her tossed out. Josh Brolin

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#6**
This immensely popular good ole boy show has a cast who all seem to be raging heterosexuals. Not so for one of the cast members who, despite having a gorgeous wife, also has a man he sees on the side when he travels to various industry conventions.

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#7**
He had her parents fooled. That is what she remembers most about when the man convinced her parents to be her manager. With her, his big selling point was that she was going to be a star. She always wanted to be a star. From the time she was 5 she remembered practicing in front of a mirror and could imagine everyone in the world wanting to watch her sing. She started off young and was a huge star. Just like she wanted. Foreign born. What she didn't want was what she got when her manager would travel with her on the road. He had a wife and her parents assumed that the couple would watch over their daughter as she traveled the world. She said the first time was when she was 12 or 13 and she had really just started to develop. She would have costume fittings and her manager would be there watching as she tried on different outfits. He would make her change in front of him and his wife said nothing. Usually when they traveled on the road, the couple shared a suite with their protege and she would have a room to herself. Beginning at 13 though, the manager started getting into bed with her. At first they would just talk and he would sleep. He didn't touch her. Then he started making her sleep naked and would hold her. By the time she was 14 they were having sex every night. She never told her parents because he had her convinced her career would end. When she was 15 she got pregnant for the first time. That was quietly taken care of and that is also when she started drinking. She still has issues with her drinking and still has issues with the men in her life. She doesn't really trust any of them. She has always been cheated on and for years assumed it was her fault. Through therapy she has realized it was not her fault. When she finally managed to break free of her manager, her career did slide. From A list down to B or C list, but she has always had A list name recognition. Charlotte Church

145. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 03/20
We were all a little sad, I think, when it was confirmed that they’d broken up. No one sadder than him. But she left him because of his drinking. It was excessive, and with the experience of her last relationship, she saw the signs and opted for self-preservation. In addition to his relationship with alcohol though, he also had an unconventional relationship with sex. Think...Michael Fassbender in Shame. Along those lines. Though he was faithful to her, totally, there are addiction issues he clearly has to address. And he’s doing that now, going to meetings, reaching out to another celebrity in recovery with whom he’s worked, as some of their issues are quite similar. He’s almost a month sober now and, yes, he’s doing it, in part, to get her back which... well... they know that’s not the way, don’t they? A few people close to him don’t think he’s really taking it seriously if he hasn’t committed to rehab. And she can see that too. For her, this is permanent, even though he doesn’t seem to be able to accept it.
Couple: Jason Segel/Michelle Williams
Other celebrity: Russell Brand

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#1**
This former A list celebrity and still someone with A list recognition is now struggling to find any way she can to earn money. She got fired from her most recent gig and spent a good deal of her remaining fortune to try and mount a comeback. She reportedly is set to file bankruptcy and her family all want her to go to rehab so she does not have another blackout episode when she was alone with her kid(s). Nadya Suleman "Octomom"

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#2**
This B list television couple from a very hit show is set to make their public debut as a real couple. They have been teasing everyone for a very long time, but it looks like the actor in this actor/actress relationship is ready to leave his wife and confirm what everyone has been guessing for a long time. David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#3**
This C list celebrity offspring with a lot of money has been getting a lot of pressure from her boyfriend to marry him. So far she has managed to stumble through her drug hazes without agreeing to do so, but he knows it is just a matter of time until she dies and he wants the money. Bobbi Kristina (Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#4**
This A list reality star apparently caught her A list celebrity boyfriend in way more than just a lip lock with another guy. It does not seem to have slowed down their relationship at all though. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#5**
This B list mostly television actress now but who got her fame in movies has some boyfriend jealousy issues. They are so bad that she had to drop out of a very promising project because there was going to be a love interest for her in the role. Christina Ricci

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#6**
This married B- list actress is on a hit television show. Very hit. Network. Her male co-star is helping her cheat by being her alibi when she goes out at night. They would never be an item, but he seems to be ok with helping.

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#7**
#1 - This A+ list aging, but still gorgeous supermodel has donated every penny she has made in the past 20 years to charity. It amounts to nearly $10M. Iman

#2 - This model is A+ list and surprisingly young for the amount of time she has been in the public eye. A great name and a great giver. She paid for an apartment building and had it remodeled and converted it into a shelter for battered women which can house 20 women and their kids. Christy Turlington

#3 - This almost A list foreign born male singer from a very famous family has spent almost $1M in the past year financing a job training center where teenagers who have been forced to work the streets as hookers or been homeless can learn skills to get them jobs and a way out. Enrique Iglesias

152. BLIND GOSSIP 03/20
This television show continues to go through some major changes and it’s causing pain for everyone… especially its male lead. The situation is very fluid, so the strategy has been changing from week to week (or sometimes even day to day)! Here is the latest: As of today, the plan is to have two new young costars has been scrapped. It’s too risky to bring in two new people and hope that they have some chemistry. So, the new new plan is to keep the male lead and bring in a new female lead with whom he has some chemistry. And what better way to do that than to bring back one of its classic stars? That’s right, instead of going with a young, fresh face, they are going to bring back one of the old ones! All three of these contenders have worked with the male lead before in some capacity. Here are the three women in contention:

1. This former leading lady just quit her job. She has nothing else lined up for the foreseeable future. Although she has publicly claimed several times that she won’t go back and she wants to spend more time with her family (blah blah blah), she is telling friends that it is all a negotiating tactic to return to the male star’s side… for the really big bucks. She wants the same salary as the male lead… which is something that was unthinkable a few years ago!

2. This former leading lady is doing well in her new gig. There is really no compelling reason for her to return to her old show. She is moving forward, and although she has a very good personal relationship with the male star and owes part of her success to him, she doesn’t see it as a good career move to go backwards.

3. This woman has great credentials, but she is not owing anything the male lead in regards to her career success. Besides, she is so rich on her own, they may not be able to afford her no matter what they offer.

The network has approved all three women, and is willing to pay a huge price to lure one of them into the co-starring role. If the partnership works, the male star can stay. If it doesn’t, the older male lead is out, the older female lead will stay, and she will then be paired with a new younger male lead. Oh, and will they have to cut the male lead’s salary to make this happen? Yes! He is going to have to take hits to both his ego and his wallet for this strategy to work. This is going to be interesting.
Show: "Today"
Male Lead: Matt Lauer
Woman 1: Meredith Vieira (left "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire")
Woman 2: Katie Couric
Woman 3: Maria Shriver
Bonus Question: What will be the salary of the new female lead? $25 Million a year

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#1**
This A list celebrity/mogul has his people offering up multiple reasons why he split with his most recent girlfriend. All of them blame her. That is the unifying concept. She got caught after they agreed they would keep those things quiet. He is ticked because it was perfect for him and he wants to have her feel some of his pain, but not pain in a broken hearted kind of way. Ryan Seacrest/Julianne Hough (party girl)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#2**
Whenever this former A list mostly television actor from some huge television hits turns up at the press appearances, it is because he has done something embarrassing which could lead to the demise of his marriage. So, he trots out the family and makes them smile and kisses them and tells the press anecdotes about his marriage that make him seem like a guy who has the hots for his wife and not for that barely out of his teens boy from that chorus he keeps flying out here. Kelsey Grammer "Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C."

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#3**
"She is a lying, manipulative bitch and I know she is cheating on her husband with that guy." A list mostly movie actor describing A list mostly movie Academy Award winner/nominee actress after spending time with her very recently. Natalie Portman/Jude Law "Jane Got A Gun"

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor describes himself as a family man. He must love families because besides his public family, his long time mistress has two kids of her own with the actor who financially supports them and does so with the blessing of his wife. Denzel Washington

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#5**
Most of the time an actress appearing on the cover of a magazine would love to look as thin as possible. However on her most recent magazine cover, this A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wanted to look fuller and wanted it to appear she was heavier than in reality. She says she is going to use it as a before and after for her new diet. Gwyneth Paltrow "Self"

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#6**
This former B list reality star who was in multiple reality shows has her career barely registering a pulse for some time now. She is desperate to revive it again and calls her agent almost hourly to ask him if he has found her any work. She says she needs the money and she really wants the fame again. While she used to ask for $25K an appearance and burned so many bridges when offered less than that, she is now willing to appear places for as little as $1000. She even appeared at a Bachelorette party not long ago for $1500 so she could do a Q&A about one of her shows. Audrina Patridge

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#7**
This actress used to be B list and is mainly known for her television work, although she does have a body of film work too. Now she is C list and would love to be hired for things, but no one really gives her a chance. At the height of her fame and beauty, our actress was the other woman in five marriages. All ended in divorce. She said that she preferred married men because they required less of her time and was way more fun for everyone involved. I gather this is excluding the wives and families that were affected. Her first known affair was when she guest starred on a television show. Even though it was only one episode she ended up having a six month affair with the star of the hit network show and brought his marriage crashing down and in the process derailed the actor's career too. In one of her more famous roles, she ended up breaking up a relationship rather than a marriage. It took her a season or two of the show before she finally managed to sleep with the star of the show. Once he decided to go for it, it was white hot and lasted three months. His relationship and career soon tapered to nothing. One of her more notable film roles also was with a married man who she started sleeping with on the second day of filming. He has always been considered loyal to his wife and they did remain together, but only after years of therapy and the wife attempting suicide when she found out about the relationship our actress had with the then A list mostly movie actor who is still considered extremely good looking.

160. POPBITCH 03/21
(British blog)
Which married singer with a new album due out has been told by his team to stop shagging around as it might jeopardise the release? They're keeping an eye on him from now on.
Michael Bublé

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#1**
This B list celebrity has had some issues with sex in the past. To make sure there are no complications, when a woman agrees to go to bed with him he conjures up an agreement that she signs and also is videotaped agreeing to have sex with the celebrity. David Copperfield

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#2**
This hit network comedy had to rewrite some scenes earlier this week because the young B- list mostly television actress who was set to star in the scene could not stop grinding her teeth because of her need for a coke fix. She kept insisting she was fine but it was painful to watch so the writers quickly wrote someone else in.

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#3**
This former A list celebrity has learned to do the true celebrity diet. Snorting Adderall. I'm sure she will come out and say how she lost it by eating right and exercising and coming up with some crap diet plan to put in the issue but it has been Adderall and booze. Christina Aguliera

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#4**
Back in the day this B-/C+ list mostly movie actor would try his hardest to get his A- list significant other to do swaps with other couples. She rarely complied. It turns out he has no such issues with his current significant other. She is up for anything and everything and at least once a week they either swap with a couple or have a threesome. David Arquette/ Courteney Cox/Christina McLarty

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#5**
This former A list mostly movie actor has seen his career stall after being in some very big movies. He will tell you it is because there are no good roles for him. The fact is, he has dropped to B- because he is a pain to work with, not a very good actor and his graduation from only booze to booze and coke is making him a big liability. He does not shower much either. Shia LaBeouf

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#6**
This actor who keeps getting treated like an A lister with all of his lead movie roles but has the talent of a C lister was doing pretty well with his ladies man reputation. He had a girlfriend. He didn't want you to know it, but if you asked him point blank he would not deny it. Six months. Going well until she went shopping and he went down to the front desk of the hotel to get a new key made. Started talking with the clerk and she volunteered to make sure it worked for him. Back to the room and naked in a matter of minutes. Hello girlfriend. Didn't expect you back so soon. Single again. Gerard Butler/Madalina Ghenea

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#7**
This female A+ list celebrity is being accused by an ex boyfriend of sending dead flowers weekly to the home of his current girlfriend. Taylor Swift

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#8**
This actress is A list. Definite. Not a question about it and she has A+ name recognition. Mostly television. She is a little goofy. No question about that. When someone has stars on the ceiling of her bedroom because she likes to see them light up her room at her age, you have to wonder if she had the chance to ever fully embrace adulthood. She may try to act innocent or give the impression that she has not messed around with entire crews before, but she has. Guys who you think would not stand a chance with this actress get her phone number. They can text her and call her and flirt with her and if you make her laugh then you have a pretty good chance of getting to sleep with her. She likes to have a contest of sorts on the shows she has worked on and also garnered a serious flirt and play reputation once when she guest starred on this long time hit network show. The entire cast of men on the show got one week to flirt with her and do their best to get her attention, but when that end of the week party happened, there was only one guy who got to take her back to her hotel. Looking at him, you think to yourself that the B list actor/celebrity/comedian she picked was kind of an odd choice, but again it goes back to making her laugh. They dated all of one night. She is not known for her long term relationships.
Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Guest on network show: "Saturday Night Live"
actor/celebrity/comedian: Chris Kattan

This Dude tried the marriage thing but wasn't good at it. After getting beat up over it, he's trying commitment again. But, is he talking too much about it? Slow down cause I'm worried about you! Tiger Woods/Lindsey Vonn

170. BLIND GOSSIP 03/22
We read a lot of gossip reports. The most interesting one we read recently was that these two actors are planning to elope. Allow us to fill you in on all of the details… Wait, what details? They’re not eloping! In fact, he can’t even stand being around her! However, his contract does obligate him to make public appearance with her, and he is not going to be the one to break their contract. That’s why you still see pictures of them on "dates"… and why fans can continue to fantasize about them being together for all eternity. Their most recent outing was set up by her publicist. He is always told where to go meet up with her, either at her place (no, they do not live together), or a friend’s place. Then they all go out together in a group to a public, populated place for a couple of hours. He tries to limit their "dates" to group outings because he doesn’t want to spend time alone with her and he likes having his friends around him as a buffer. However, there will always be one "private" date where he has to deal with her "alone" in a public setting. Hey, he’s an actor. If he can fake being a non-human for an entire movie, he can fake being on a date with her for one hour! If there aren’t going to be paparazzi present, the publicist also tries to set up some sort of "fan encounter" so photos can be taken as "proof" that they were together. He likes it when the fan encounter happens early in the "date" so that he can go home early. The photos are then posted on some gossip site a day or two later, along with some testimonial by the "fan" about how nice they were and how romantic they were with each other, and his obligation is complete. He will be getting on a plane to Europe very soon, and is scheduled to start shooting a new film in April, so he hopes he won’t have to see her again for a while. He really likes being as far away from her as possible. We’re telling you: the contract runs through August. He wants out before then, but right now she won’t let him go. So unless the studio and his people and her people can all agree to terminate the contract early, he is stuck with her. He is hanging in there. Just a few more months and then he can resume his normal life without her as a burden. The sun has definitely already set on this relationship.
Actor: Robert Pattinson
Actress: Kristen Stewart

Fan photo

171. CELEBZTER 03/22
She is used to seeing the drama of her family’s life life played out in the tabloids, but those stories are also a little money earner for her. She is drowning in a sea of debt and is estimated to owe over a $1 million dollars. But what is surprising, is that her own self-worth doesn’t reflect her financial woes. The evidence? In a bid to keep the creditors at bay, she had her people try to organize exclusive interviews, with the going price for a sit-down chat costing in the six figure range. The offers, however, didn’t exactly come flooding in — one organization felt her words were worth a mere $5,000. Ouch, that has to hurt, right? Dina Lohan

Flashback to over twenty years ago…. Imagine the scene: one of the most opulent buildings in the world. It’s a royal palace, not necessarily in England. A man is standing in the study of a member of a royal family, waiting for the royal to arrive. The royal’s secretary is also waiting. Suddenly, there is total chaos in the corridor outside. Loud noises, shouts, scuffles are heard. The man turns to the secretary in alarm and asks, "What on earth is going on?" "Oh it’s just xxxx and xxxx having one of their regular set-tos," replies the secretary, as though such stand-up fights were commonplace. As indeed they were.
Prince Andrew/Fergie

His recent arrest blew the whistle on this lyrical poser of a pimp, exposing the Oakland rapper as a middle-aged drug addict. But that’s not our blind item’s first run-in with the law. He’s got four DUI’s — two in L.A. and two in Vegas. We’re told his drug of choice is crystal meth and Molly’s. Our blind item could be self-medicating himself over the financial turmoil he’s reported to be facing, from tricking off all of his money on hoes and drugs. The money our mystery man squandered is what’s said to have led him to previously shack up with fellow rapper Richie Rich, a roommate he lost after dude checked into the slammer a few months back. His years of makin’ it rain around gangsters and strippers is what’s said to have left him owing money to some Oakland OG’s, leaving him banned from his native city. His record contract with Jive Records divided his cake – a third to his manager; a third to his label; and a third to him. It didn’t make sense, but sources say he signed it regardless. Now, with our blind item reportedly left with just $20K, he’s said to be planning to jump into the world of reality television as his next hustle. But…he really could be reality TV gold. Know why? Because he’s so ratchet that he pulled out his business in front of a group of people outside of West Hollywood’s, House of Blues — before letting a groupie drop some head game. Today’s blind item is 46-years-old but his years of partying have worn away extra years, making him look like he’s well into his 50's. Too Short

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#1**
It was probably not a good idea for this former B+/A- list mostly movie actress who is now a shell of that person to start dating her current boyfriend. Our actress has always had a hard time saying no to drugs and since her boyfriend is all about heroin, this will probably not turn out well. Our actress has only ever snorted it. He prefers needles. Will she? Christina Ricci

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actor and now still a solid B who works anywhere when he can get it has always been a ladies man. Never bothered before about being married and cheating, he still isn't. His wife (for now) has decided to believe he has reformed but he hasn't. Give him a drink or three and he will still end up in the bed of someone else. Dennis Quaid

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#1**
Kid's Choice Awards: This must have been a sight to see last night. Kid's Choice Awards after party. Two huge tweener stars on a show that is currently airing. Mid-teens at best and bent over with their knees on the bathroom floor and short dresses riding up while they do lines of coke off a menu from the party. Meanwhile there were five or six other people in the bathroom.

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#2**
Kid's Choice Awards: This almost A list singer/celebrity spent the whole show sipping from a flask of what looked like whiskey. It was brown. Could have been bourbon I guess. She appeared to be playing her own kind of drinking game. The object of the game appeared to be this A list celebrity/singer who our drinker kept referring to as "whore," the entire night. Guess they don't get along.
Almost A list singer/celebrity:
A list celebrity/singer:

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#3**
Kid's Choice Awards: This B+ tweener with a show is slightly older than the character on her show but she was still really smart to keep her 40+ year old boyfriend who is more than twice her age away from the cameras. The person who saw them together also saw them make out. This is her quote. "I'm trying to imagine something more creepy than watching some guy who must be pushing 50 trying to jam his tongue down the throat of someone just barely out of her teens. At one point she tried to pull away and he grabbed her hair and brought her back. I was almost ill." Jennette McCurdy

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#4**
In a survey of celebrity coke users, the consensus is that if you are ever wanting to hang out with another celebrity because of their coke stash, this former A list reality star and now C- list celebrity who thinks of herself always as A list has by far the best coke anyone has ever tried. It is one of the reasons that other actors and actresses and celebrities never really said bad things about her. They didn't want to be cut off. Yes, it is supposedly really that good. Paris Hilton

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#1**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who spent one weekend night talking to women in a bar. When they approached him, he asked each what they would be willing to do for $1000. Apparently one of them answered the way he wanted because he invited her to sit down and then left the bar with her a short time later. Mel Gibson

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#2**
This married almost A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee sure has been spending a lot of time with a new guy who is most definitely not her husband. I'm sure they must have had a reason for meeting in his hotel room rather than in the dining room of a hotel where he was staying.

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#3**
This B-/C+ list actress with A+ list name recognition is just about broke. She owed her drug dealer thousands of dollars and has given him every penny she has. Now it appears she has been on a payment plan and is paying her dealer in sexual favors until she can get some more money. Not Lindsay Lohan. Pamela Anderson

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#4**
This C+ reality star/offspring and her B+ celebrity boyfriend got a little too carried away at a recent event. They decided to have sex in a bathroom but didn't realize that they could clearly be heard by the catering staff and the guests at the event. Kylie Jenner/Jaden Smith "Kids' Choice Awards"

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#5**
This A+ list model has been passed around by her boyfriend the past six months as his punishment for her disobeying him. Apparently she went through his phone because she was being jealous and saw some things she was not supposed to see. She begged to stay with him. He has been making her life miserable but she has not given up on being with him. Naomi Campbell

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#6**
This former A list tweener is pulling out all the stops to make sure she does not lose her B list actor boyfriend. He has always had a thing for one of her tweener friends from a different show and although she couldn't get the friend to agree she did get a look-a-like for a threesome this weekend. Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#7**
This actor is probably C+. Definitely has A list name recognition although some may get him confused with others. He does have his own unique spin though. He is also a big drinker. Not uncommon with this group. It is the things he does when he drinks that sets him apart. Plus, he thinks he can get away with anything because of something important in his life. So, when he ends up in his daughter's room and passes out in bed with his daughter's friend, he blames it on the booze and knows everything will be ok. When parents don't let their daughters come over anymore because of this regular habit, he blames it on the booze and knows everything will be ok. Hitting his wife? Blame it on the booze. She does not press charges because she thinks it is his right because of their situation. Long time affair with an annoying A list celebrity who is way more starstruck than you would expect and would get some serious opposition from her countless detractors if they found out. Might have a tough time getting more bookings if her supporters found out too. She definitely is a divider that one. He likes to tell everyone he is sober but he is not even close. He counts in the months before he is at it again.
Actor: Stephen Baldwin
Unique spin: Born Again Christian
Something important in his life: tax evasion
"The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin"
Annoying A list celebrity: Sarah Palin

Today I'm proud to bring you the Fashion Spot's first-ever Blind Item — that is, a story that's too juicy to pass up, but too quasi-libelous to run on the site in full. Let's see, typically blind items present themselves as a question, so let's try: Which well-known high fashion model has an ex-boyfriend and (sorry but this is the best way to put it) "baby daddy" who's obsessed with slandering her for dubious personal reasons? For the purposes of this post, I'm going to call the ex-boyfriend Texas and refer to the model as Zelda. Yesterday, Texas launched a blog with an extended account of his turbulent multi-year relationship with Zelda. He describes how the pair met, fell in love, moved across the country several times, broke up on the regular and had a baby. That's all window-dressing to the main attraction: Zelda's spectacular rise to the top of her profession, corresponding addiction to drugs (mostly prescription) and alcohol and her attempts to prevent Texas from seeing his son (let's pretend the son's name is Andy). Texas claims Zelda is a bad mom, too caught up with partying and getting blitzed out of her mind to be there for her young son, who she (as the story goes) exploits as a marketing gimmick for her career. Because she's currently camped out with Andy in Europe (Instagram seems to back this up), publicly shaming her is, Texas alleges, his only recourse. He wants to rescue his son; he wants to see Zelda get the help she so desperately needs. Throughout this whole sordid narrative, Texas weaves in a message about the corrosive influence of celebrity — a point of view which is contradicted by his seeming obsession with Zelda's fame and recurring mention of his fancy music industry job, working with some supposedly-bigshot performing artist. Instead of laying out a modest set of facts to put pressure on Zelda to compromise with regards to custody and visitation (he claims that's all he wants), Texas includes every detail he can possibly think of to make Zelda look bad — including her non-heteronormative sexual relationships and her father's drug use. To his credit, I guess, Texas includes several passages about his own, er, youthful indiscretions (which consist of, among other things, heavy drinking and sex so casual it's sloppy), but he spends so long harping on his many sexual partners, I wondered whether he just wanted us (and maybe Zelda) to know he can get laid. Look, I understand the appeal of the revenge story better than the next girl (writing about terrible ex-boyfriends is literally what I do with my free time), but after reading Texas' account, I'm not convinced that his blog is about anything other than his hurt feelings. Also not convincing: the argument that he'd be a better primary parent to his son. Considering what he revealed about his prior alcohol use and (no judgment, but let's call a spade a spade) reckless sex life, it's not like he's living in a particularly pure or moral way. That's all folks. We made the decision to run this as a blind item because we don't want to reward "Texas" for his (sorry) sleazy behavior by publicizing his story, his blog and his allegations about Zelda.
Zelda (the model): Arizona Muse
Texas (her ex): Manuel Quintana
Andy (their son): Nikko
Supposedly big-shot performing artist:

188. BLIND GOSSIP 03/25
This is the most unlikely – and shocking – celebrity pairing of the year! We’ll call them Big and Little. Big supposedly has a steady girlfriend. He used to be good, but he is definitely behaving badly now. Little is married. She wants everyone to think she is a very good girl, but she is definitely a very bad girl. Big and Little hooked up in Los Angeles earlier this year during the week of a major awards show. He just couldn’t keep it in his pants. She just couldn’t keep it out of her mouth. Much more to come on this one.
Big: Michael Strahan
Little: Kelly Ripa
Major Awards Show: "Academy Awards"

Today’s "Bad" blind item is a rapper who didn’t only rumbled against Ray J, he’s also said to have received a beat down from Suge Knight’s goons. His run-in with the Death Row Records crew happened back in 2002, the same year the goon squad reportedly took dude’s manhood. Our blind item’s recent beef with Brandy’s baby brother is one which is said to stem from the 2002 incident. Know why? Because our mystery man may blame Ray J for helping to set him up. The ongoing beef may not stop there!!! Word is whenever our blind item sees Ray J, it’s on and popp’in. Know why? Because sources say our blind item hates the rumor that he got beat down by a dude who ate Kim Kardashian funkdafied punany for the camera. P.S. The female who was arguing with Brandy’s brother last week was Suge Knight’s niece Polly, who was an HSK source for two-years. That’s before she tried to set Jacky up by inviting him to a pool party. Bad Azz

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#1**
This B list reality star who has also had a career as an actress. Well, she called herself an actress. Anyway, she carries the phone of her husband now. Apparently there have been some incidents the past year with women he has been seeing and part of the deal to allow him to stay was calls and texts go through the Mrs. first. Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#2**
This almost A list television actor from one of the Law & Order franchises has been hitting the coke hard. So hard that he tried to snort some fake stuff used in a recent episode. Richard Belzer

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#3**
This married always A list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and still very good looking despite his age, got caught getting freaky in a dressing room with a seat filler at this year's Academy Awards. Michael Douglas

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#4**
This former B list actor who on a good day is probably a C lister had a very bad week last week. He has A list name recognition and a girlfriend. He told his girlfriend he was going out with some friends. Apparently those friends included just a B- list mostly movie actress. Well, the actress was the only friend really. When he finally got home, he was hoping he would be able to talk himself out of trouble, but his girlfriend had spray painted his car and the inside of his place with some very choice words.
C lister: Ryan Phillippe
Girlfriend: Paulina Slagter
B- list actress: Ashley Greene

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#5**
She is barely out of her teens. She is also the reason that this C+ reality star is now getting a divorce. Her husband found someone younger and someone who doesn't have a desire to be on television and someone who will worship the ground he walks on. Also, the barely out of her teens woman has another quality that he has never had before in a relationship. He is in lust with that quality. It kind of blurs the line between male and female if you know what I mean. Porsha and Kordell Stewart "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#6**
This top athlete is set to come out of the closet after the NFL draft. No more lies for him. Michael Sam (he came out to his teammates and coaches couple of months after the NFL draft)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#7**
They got back together for two or three days tops. He is back with the girlfriend he left for those three days. Our B+ list actress with A list name recognition is pregnant. Maybe they planned it that way. I think she likes who the relatives will be.

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#8**
This actress is B- list. Not in any huge roles, she has just been in so many roles that she is a volume B lister. She is mostly in movies, but there has been the occasional foray into television. She prefers movies though. She can be a little raunchy. Even more so in real life. She has had some alcohol and drug problems, but has firmly come down in the I'm going to do it no matter what category because she believes in living life as much as possible and getting whatever she can from it pleasure wise. She has become known as the go to kind of actress for anything you want to do that is wild. She is not hung up with whether you are married or not or female or not and if you seek her out for fun, you will probably get lucky if you invest the time. Spend a couple of hours with her and she will be willing to help you out. Discreetly. Couple wanting a threesome? She is happy to help. Having some performance issues? Our actress is your person. Going by some code or belief that frees her from any kind of inhibition, she usually has a boyfriend that travels with her, but is rarely seen and rarely gets involved in her sexual life. They have an open relationship and she is allowed to do what she wants. Because of this and because she grew up in an environment none of us can imagine, it has shaped her perception of cheating. She does not think there is any. She grew up having to have sex with people in power so has no issues with a producer wanting to take her to dinner and then to bed for a role. As I said before, her only requirement is that you spend time with her first.

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#1**
This A list rapper has been telling friends that he has made a serious mistake by getting involved with his girlfriend. He says that it has been nothing but drama and that he is bombarded by her family for requests to help them out and that he should be doing it out of the goodness of his heart. He has been spending a great deal of time alone or with his "assistant," and doing a ton of coke. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#2**
This Academy Award winner/nominee actress who is A list and does mostly movies is on a trial separation from her long time love. Well, that is what he says anyway. He says that she has been cheating on him and that she calls it exploring and that it is good for them. Not that he has not been doing some exploring on his own with that home decorator he met a few months ago.
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt
home decorator

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#3**
This former A list mostly television actor has not spoken to his daughter in a year. The reason? They both have drinking problems. Big drinking problems. Blackout type drinking problems. Neither one knows what happened exactly but almost a year ago to this week the pair woke up together in bed. Naked. Our actor has a girlfriend but she has not said a word about the situation and still is together with her boyfriend. All that anyone knows is that father and daughter don't speak to each other or to anyone about what may or may not have happened that night. David Hasselhoff

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#4**
This B list celebrity/singer was popping Adderall like candy on a recent flight. She also went through about ten bottles of vodka. She then proceeded to throw up all over the man seated next to her about two hours into the flight. Said she was sorry and passed out in her seat. Ke$ha

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#5**
This almost A list celebrity/reality star should probably be worried because there are three women who have all banded together and are in the process of selling a joint story about the celebrity cheating on his A- list celebrity wife. The three are just the tip (Insert Office joke here). Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#6**
This female A list celebrity got into a knock down drag out fight with this C list celebrity after the C lister started doing coke on a private jet flight the two were sharing. The C lister didn't seem to care that she was doing it front of a publicist and the flight attendant. The two spent over an hour screaming at each other and it got to the point where the pilot said if they didn't stop he was going to land the plane. Huh. Kind of like when a dad pulls over the family truckster. Yeah, that last part is a clue, but has nothing to do with Vacation. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#7**
You would never know it by looking at her, but she definitely has some destruction in her blood. No one knows if she intends to destroy, but she does. Any man who has ever had a relationship with her has been left in shambles and some of them have not been able to recover. She is an actress. Not a great one. More of the Jessica Biel type when it comes to acting but without that A list recognition. She is still gorgeous and fairly young and would probably be considered a C list mostly movie actress who used to be a B at her peak. For the most part she has dated celebrities. She has spent most of the money she has made on drugs, but she also has steered so much business towards her drug dealer that she lives pretty well off what he pays her and some other endeavors. You can definitely hire her for the night. She has such a drug problem that she invariably snares her boyfriends into her web. They want to be with her. She has a way of making them lust after her and do anything for her and she loves when they join her in being dependent on drugs. Her most famous conquest is this almost A list celebrity who had never really even experimented with hard drugs until he met her. By the second date she had him doing his first line and he says that because of her he almost lost his job and his career and his life and has still not been able to recover. A lesser celebrity boyfriend she turned on to drugs lost a wife and all of his money to drugs after she got him hooked and has finally just reached a point in his life where he does not have to sleep on the couches of friends. This was a guy who once made millions per year.
A list celebrity:
Lesser celebrity boyfriend:

205. BLIND GOSSIP 03/27
Once upon a time, there was a sweet and spicy little star of a television show. During the week of the Grammys, she met a big rapper who was nominated for a major award. She was married and a lot older than him, but they hooked up anyway. Now there is tape out there documenting the very special time they spent together. The End. Giada De Laurentiis/Drake

206. NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB 03/27 **#1**
Which troubled actress that is now better know for her troubles with the law than any work she has done in years, was caught climbing out of a window of a Beverly Hills mansion after the house party got interrupted by the police. The private party was assumed to be a ‘safe place’ to engage in illegal activities until the cops arrived after complaints about the noise. The house was full of some of Los Angeles hardest party kids and even they were worried about the young star that certainly knows her way around a courtroom! Lindsay Lohan

207. NAUGHTY BUT NICE 03/27 **2**
Which C-list TV personality who is BFF with an A-list TV celebrity, always takes TWO gift bags when leaving an event saying, "The other bag is for you know who!" Gail King/Oprah

208. NAUGHTY BUT NICE 03/27 **#3**
Which golden boy news anchor who the network is grooming for this big seat on the evening night is so frightened that it will be discovered that his a gay that he has started to date women? Scared that Anderson Cooper talk show was cancelled after he came out and his CNN show ratings are dropping fast, the tortured guy has decided he will stay in the closet for ever.

209. NAUGHTY BUT NICE 03/27 **#4**
What sports star with an amazing body and a love for the ladies is being marched around the offices of every high profile publicist. Putting a team in place for his new career in the entertainment business? Not many guys from the world make a splash in the TV business, but his producers are so excited about him and the project that they felt he needed an A-list professional to manage his image and press campaign. Great plan, however, he ended up meeting a cute girl in a club and hiring her instead. If he wasn’t so darn adorable and clueless, his producers might actually be annoyed. Ryan Lochte

This ‘Everyday Italian’ blind item didn’t land her television success through luck. Know why? Because her grandfather, Dino, is a big film producer. She’s married to fashion designer Todd Thompson. The couple share a child, and have been together since 1989. But, that doesn’t mean this food fashionista is keeping true to her hubby. That’s because our mystery lady is reported to heat things up with young black celebrities — way outside of the kitchen. Don’t believe me.. Ask Drake. That’s right folks! Our 42-year-old blind item is a cheating cougar – and learned it first from HSK! Wait…There’s more!!! We’re told during the Grammy’s she wanted some Motor City Johnson to play — and she got it! Our Motor City rapper reportedly took her to a private room during a party and told his boy to follow him in to tape his sexcapades with our mystery lady. Know why? Because he wanted to add the celebrity cook to his porn collection. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper showed his boys the tape, and guess what? Someone stole the tape – and HSK has it! We’re told punk ass Irv Gotti is threatening everyone to try and make the tape disappear. I wish he would call me so I can tell him about how much dick his artist Ja Rule is currently sucking in jail. Today’s Food Network darling has fucked almost every black rapper in the industry. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? BTW - tomorrow HSK is dropping her sex tape with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper. He needs this hype to sell his bullshit music anyways!!! Stay Tuned!!!! Giada De Laurentiis/Big Sean

Following in the footsteps of Sam Champion, Thomas Roberts, Anderson Cooper and now Jenna Wolfe – another high profile TV newsperson is thinking of coming out of the closet to reveal they too are gay. Everyone in the business knows the truth about the person we see on TV five days a week, however recently after life became much more public, the pressure is mounting. It’s very difficult to let people into half of your life and then close the door. Now the door is open you cannot shut it. Robin Roberts

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#1**
This A list mostly movie actor who is also an Academy Award winner (no and/or here today) has been seeing a new woman lately. He is also her drug supplier. He thinks it is a much better deal than just paying her to be with him. A vial a day he likes to say.

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#2**
This former A list mostly movie actor and Academy Award winner (again no and/or designation) is back on the full-time coke wagon again. He had taken an almost two year long break, but is now indulging in his favorite activity. Not sure if his wife joins him, but she used to. Nicolas Cage

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#3**
This is quite the reunion. Several years ago, this B+ list celebrity/singer had a long term secret relationship with this former A list reality star. He did this while dating various other women. She is in a long term relationship now, but has not stopped them from reuniting after they bumped into each other in the airport and sat next to each other on a LAX-JFK flight. Since then, she has met with him twice. Once at a hotel and once at his NYC apartment. He is currently single. Wonder if this is the reason why. John Mayer/Kristin Cavalleri

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#4**
From her very first boyfriend, this B list mostly television actress who is currently on a middling hit network television show on ABC has only dated guys who have hit her. No one is sure whether she enjoys it as part of some sexual game or just makes really bad choices. Hayden Panettiere

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#5**
What former B list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner had to pay for her teen daughter's rehab after the mom got the daughter hooked on coke? Melanie Griffith

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#6**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner is much more discreet than she used to be when she had a party, but she still throws the best coke parties in NYC. HINT: She won her Academy Award in the past five years. She never does them in LA. She acts like a different person when she is out here.
Anne Hathaway

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#7**
This celebrity is A list. A+ list name recognition. She also likes to pretend she is a victim. All the time. Nothing is ever her fault. Not really true, but she likes to pretend it is true and if you disagree with her, you do so at your peril. With lots of failed relationships in the past, at least three of the breakups were because she cheated. She has never discussed them or mentioned them. What about the time she was dating a then A list tweener. The reason for the breakup was not the one she gave, but was because she could not stop making moves on one of the tweener's closest friends. It was constant. She would make excuses to be alone with the friend under the guise of working together. There was also the time she was dating this A list actor and "accidentally" walked in on the actor's brother-in-law while he was just getting out of the shower. The fact that she was only wearing a towel so she could have her shower was just a coincidence. Well, that was her excuse to the wife anyway.
A list celeb: Taylor Swift
A List Tweener: Harry Styles
Tweener's Bestie: Ed Sheeran
A List Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal
A List Actor's Bro-Inlaw: Peter Sarsgaard

Is this Actress moving too fast? Is her Boyfriend taking the "daddy" role from the real Daddy? Is her bad luck dating streak fueling a babydaddy feud? Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez/Gabriel Aubry

221. POPBITCH 03/28
Staff at a Hamburg sex shop say they were surprised to see which pop star - a favourite of Princess Di - buying glide gel, a dildo, and a special device with a cockring-like base and a dolphin-shaped vibrating tip? Elton John

She’s a successful music star. Her image involves lots of love and light. But on a shooting, she smokes pot all day, is abusive and mean, and is scarily obsessed with looking pretty. Jennifer Lopez

Get ready to bawl like a baby! Season finale time is juuuust around the corner, and we just scored exclusive scoop on a certain highly anticipated finale you won't want to miss. It's a blind item (you're welcome, and our condolences), so you'll need to guess the show. But we can tell you the following stunning spoilers do indeed go down in the final episode:
**Two fan-favorite couples finally reconcile, something the fans have been waiting ages to see. And this kind of reconciliation is one that can't be broken!
**One couple gets back together after the guy saves the girl's life—in oh-so-dramatic fashion.
**A main character will get diagnosed with cancer, and we'll never get to see her happy and healthy again. It will be…gut-wrenching, mostly for the lack of resolution. But also, you know, the cancer.Here are your options for which show:
Glee; Scandal; Revenge; The Vampire Diaries; How I Met Your Mother; Big Bang Theory; 90210; New Girl; Castle; Grey's Anatomy

1. WHICH girlfriend is frustrated because her famous boyfriend won’t sleep with her? Word is she has been texting an ex for sex?
Famous Boyfriend: George Clooney
Girlfriend: Stacy Keibler
Girlfriend’s Ex: Geoff Stults

2. WHICH publicist has been going around town bad-mouthing Page Six after we caught her in a lie?
3. WHICH star’s recent weight loss has insiders chattering it was helped by a cocaine habit? Christina Aguilera
4. WHICH TV star is just as well known as a gigolo to married women in Manhattan? Mike Sorrentino aka "The Situation"

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#1**
This former B list mostly television actress who is foreign born and starred on one of the biggest network shows ever has not been as fortunate with her new love as she was with her former actor boyfriend. He enjoyed her golden showers.

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#2**
This C+ celebrity who is a former B list reality star has been losing clients hand over fist because of her coke habit. She has been continually showing up late or just canceling all of her appointments and her business is sinking fast. Kat von D

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#3**
This B list celebrity and former A list group member is a legend when it comes to kink. This is probably what attracted her ex to her in the first place. Nothing is too kinky for this celebrity. Eddie Murphy/Scary Spice

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#4**
At a recent party, two guests were speaking about this almost A list mostly movie actor who has been in a couple of the biggest movie hits ever and has a very unusual name.
"I thought he was gay."
"No, not gay. Every once in a while he will go out with a woman and even have sex with her."
"Oh, ok."
Well, usually sex with her. Lots of times he just will make her sit and watch him while he inserts things into his butt. He is big on pleasing himself like that."

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#5**
Her last famous boyfriend didn't work out. He caught on pretty quick that all she cared about was a name and he is on a hit cable show. What he probably didn't know is that she called a few other guys that she found in her sister's phone before finding one that would say yes to going out with her. She is back on the hunt again and has her eyes set on Bradley Cooper. He would be finished with her in one day. Ashlee Simpson/Vincent Piazza "Boadwalk Empire"

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#6**
This month marks the 9th anniversary for this gay couple. 9 years that this B list mostly television actor who is one of the very few actors to continue having a career after this hit network teen type show went off the air a few years back has hid his boyfriend. That is a long, long time. Ben McKenzie "The O.C." "Southland" "The Advocates"

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#7**
This couple is a solid B list. I call them a couple but they split up shortly after a movie was filmed. Not a huge movie by any stretch, but it did feature an Academy Award nominee/winner or two. It starred an A list mostly movie actor. He has always kind of explored both sides of the fence when it comes to relationships, but does not generally hook up with men like this B list mostly movie actor who has a memorable name, but you would be hard pressed to identify all of his movies. They all kind of seem the same. His ex-wife has had a more varied career. Also B list, mostly in movies she has shown a greater range of characters. The wife was on the set and walked into the trailer of her husband and found her husband and the A list actor in full on sex mode. By the time the movie had wrapped, our actress had filed for divorce. Must have not been too big a shock though considering what happened later. I had to look up the movie because I never knew the A list actor had done anything remotely like this movie. Shows you how popular it was.

She once claimed she’s close to being a virgin (fat chance). Now, this reigning cougar is fighting for billionaire status – probably to keep reeling in more boy toys half her age. The problem is Forbes Magazine has exposed her for lying, outing the Material Girl as having half of what it takes to qualify. Sources say she’s worth closer to $500M – not even close to being a billionaire – only if this Lucky Star saved every penny she’s ever made. After being checked by Forbes, insiders say her camp contacted the magazine to argue their report. But, the bottom line is she reportedly doesn’t have the numbers to add up to her facade of being the first billionaire entertainer. She’s a pop culture icon whose art collection is said to be going up in value. Now, can you guess who I’m talking about? Madonna

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#1**
I don't usually revisit blind items, but in this case I thought I would make an exception since I have a feeling you will be seeing the answers to these on Wednesday when the tabloids release their big/cover stories for next Friday's issues. As you can see, I first talked about it way back in 2011. Apparently the tabloids finally got one of the women to talk.
September 6, 2011: #1 - Which RH Beverly Hills couple, despite giving off the appearance of being the most in love actually have the most marital issues and none of it began until the show did, which is ironic considering.... Half the time the couple does not even sleep in the same bed together.
December 11, 2012: This Real Housewife is being played for a fool. According to a woman who had sex with the husband of the Real Housewife, they sat in bed and watched an appearance of the Housewife on television while the Housewife said everything was great at home. The husband then said it is great as long as she is gone. Not New Jersey. Kyle and Mauricio

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#2**
This celebrity couple is not even hiding their affair anymore. Well, not very hard anyway. She is B list and married. On a reality show. He is a B list celebrity and generally a jerk to women. They have been spending their very very long lunches together in his trailer. The lunches are several hours long. Anywhere on set they are all over each other. Off the set, they do their best to pretend it is all just a professional thing.

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