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This couple consists of a B+ all movie actress. She is foreign born. Her husband is an actor although he has really had no success at all except with one role and when it is gone, who knows what he will do. They have had a lot of problems in their marriage. Lots. Way more than most celebrity couples. Despite all that, they have pulled together after a miscarriage the pair suffered earlier this year. They had already told friends and family and were preparing to have a tabloid cover when they lost the baby. The marriage at one point a year or so ago was headed to divorce, but now, it appears that the tragedy brought them closer than they ever have been. HINT: They recently had a baby. PROBABLY: Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

What A list reality star who has at least one very hit show she hosts and does a bunch of other things has told her new boyfriend that their relationship is about sex and nothing more. Apparently he started talking about marriage and getting serious and our celebrity just laughed and laughed and said that it was about sex and companionship and nothing else. She said there is no way she is jumping into another serious relationship right now. I think the guy had visions of marriage and not working ever again. Heidi Klum

This A+ list female singer with hit after hit was found two nights ago with a needle sticking out of her arm, passed out on the floor of her hotel room. A few hours later she was out doing her thing for another 16 hour day. I'm shocked she can still function. All she does is work, party and take drugs 24/7. Rihanna

This foreign born male singer who is very very very very reluctantly A list although everyone wishes he was probably D list or didn't even exist is already having lots of trouble remaining faithful to his celebrity girlfriend. He told himself that after the first time cheating he would not do it again, but it has been two different women in two different weeks while still having sex with his rarely wants to do it girlfriend which is going to be the end of their relationship soon. Chad Kroeger (Nickleback)/Avril Lavigne

(congrats to them for sticking it out this long. Never thought it would happen)

This B- list actress with the A list name recognition who usually only does television has been having a rough time lately. Her new actor boyfriend called her boring and split with her. She has found out her actor ex-husband recorded a lot of times they had sex and has been sharing the recordings with friends because he is drinking again and that her former bff talks smack about her all the time.
B- list actress: Courteney Cox
New actor boyfriend: Josh Hopkins
Ex-Husband: David Arquette
Former bff: Jennifer Aniston

This actor is only B list but he would be A list if lust by fans added to your total. He does a mix of television and movies, but probably has made his biggest fame on a very hit show. Because of his good looks he has had no trouble finding dates. His problem has been keeping them. One actress he dated who is B- list in popularity but close to A list in talent said she loves dating edgy guys. The edgier the better, but this actor made her so uncomfortable that she feared she would end up dead every time she went to his place. There was no violence that he did to her, but just the way he acted. Very clean. Very anal. Body hair shaved everywhere. Had latex gloves sitting randomly around the house which he said was for cleaning. She said it freaked her out. She would wake up at night and find him staring at her or coming into the room like a ghost. She said that she tried to only have him come to her place instead of going to his, but that he said she was too messy and that he preferred his home which he kept freezing. She swears that she would not have jumped if she found dead bodies in his place and was expecting them every time she went. Another actress who has way more name recognition than talent has not said as much about the actor except to say that she also found his place cold and that she swears she could see the blood running through his body because he was so pale. For those of you with lots of lust, you need to know he only does it in one position (missionary) because the others are too messy.
Actor: Alexander Skarsgård
B- list actress: Amanda Seyfried
Other actress: Kate Bosworth

1. WHICH former Disney kid-turned-pop star loves to show off her body by dancing topless in the window of her Hollywood mansion? Neighbors of the barely legal homeowner have complained to the naughty resident, but she pays them no mind – and even flips them off!
Miley Cyrus

2. THIS hunky A-lister is getting calls from his desperate C- list actress ex-wife – she was famous when he was struggling – because now she’s hoping he’ll help HER with her floundering career! But the still-bitter actor wants nothing to do with her. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito

3. WHICH married Hollywood couple – they’re both Oscar-nominated fought like cats and dogs recently while visiting longtime actor friends at their quiet retreat outside New York City? The 40-something couple’s constant arguing and bickering culminated with her storming out of the bed-and-breakfast and flying back to L.A. – alone! Diane Lane/Josh Brolin (while visiting Richard Gere and Carey Lowell in upstate New York)

4. WHAT TV host got a little too hot under the collar and threw a major hissy-fit in front of a live audience? The former child actor-turned-television personality blamed his crew for purposely keeping the hot lights pointed at him when the cameras weren’t rolling! Mario Lopez

5. WHICH "DWTS" contestant was eliminated from the competition because her TV boss wanted her to get back to work on her day job? The well-connected boss pulled some strings, and before you could say, "disco ball trophy," the wannabe hoofer’s dancing dreams were crushed! Sherri Shepherd/Barbara Walters

Her team has decided that this star absolutely must work on a regular basis. It’s the only way to keep her focused and to keep her out of trouble. So even though she hates her current gig and is happy that it may be over soon, her happiness may be short-lived. That’s because her team is already negotiating for her next job. It’s the same job… just on a different show.
She: Britney Spears
Current Job: "X-Factor"
New Job: "America’s Got Talent"

This actress is fast approaching A list and made her fame in television and movies. Always seemingly nice, she also has a husband and kids. Turns out that she may love fame and publicity more than she has ever let on before. She usually will let paps know when she is leaving her home and leaves it up to them whether or not they want photos. The other day they did and she and her family walked slower than you have ever seen anyone walk just so that lots of photos could be snapped. When one of her children started crying about how long the whole process was taking, our actress sternly reminded the child that there is no crying allowed when they are being photographed by paps and to be quiet. Alyson Hannigan

What reality show contestant who is a celebrity themselves is on a coke bender for the ages. They think it is the only way they can fit enough hours into the day because they really want to win. They know this is the last big chance at a career boost.

What B-/C+ list actress with A++ name list recognition is counting down the days until she ends her latest project. What started out as an innocent lunch with a co-star has turned into a full court press by him almost 24 hours a day. She is wary of any bad publicity coming her way right now and thinks he will run screaming to the press if she treats him poorly or blows him off like she wants to. So, she sucks it up and puts up with his constant badgering. Never has someone been more grateful for no cell service. The constant calls and texts have stopped, but now he pops in at her hotel all the time to make sure everything is ok. Katie Holmes/Josh Hamilton "Dead Accounts"

This B-/B+ list actor is one of those actors who you could name every movie he has ever been in, but would not be able to remember his name. He has been in several huge hits and has done both television and movies, although movies have given him his fame. It was a movie that also gave our married with kid(s) actor an insight into who he really is when he had a torrid affair with a male co-star who is always A list. Our actor told everything to his wife and she has been supportive and understands that they won't be able to get divorced because his family would never understand. She has her own career and the kid(s) and wants our actor to be happy. He has become pretty open in public and at parties and clubs but would never actually come out to the world. John Cho

This actress is B list, probably the definition of B list. Even though she has been a lead actress in lots of movies, she still has to work hard to make sure she gets roles. Not as hard as some other people. If you have ever seen this very attractive actress in anything, you might have asked yourself how she got the role. She is a good actress, but she is not a great actress. She tries to make films which will get her nominated for things, but they never do and then she has to go back to doing what she does best. Fucking directors for parts. The funny thing is that she never has to audition, but she is usually in the mix of two or three people who look fairly identical to her. She knows that her reputation precedes her though and that she will get the role if the director is straight and not too happily married. It started about a decade ago. She came out of nowhere really and landed a huge role in a huge movie which put her name on the map all because she made it very clear to the very married director that she would be happy to have sex with him as much as he wanted. The director who is A list is not known for his good looks and he jumped on the chance. You never saw a happier guy during filming. Our actress thought she could suffer through a few months of sex for what was turning into almost $500K a movie and letting her have a chance to make serious movies without having to have sex with directors. She has never really had a boyfriend because she just goes from one director to the next. 2 or 3 months with a director then takes a break for a year and then gets another role and a director. A decade of doing this and our actress has a very solid career and one that you scratch your head and wonder how she got the role, but now you know exactly how she got it and she won't be shy about admitting it if you ask her either. Erika Christensen; Rebecca Hall; Heather Graham; Radha Mitchell

A certain Media Personality no longer mentions the spouse. Are they still together? Tom Joyner/Donna Richardson

Nice girl. Adored by her parents. Liked by all who know her. Well connected. Has a handsome young beau in tow. But a couple of years ago she let her hair down at a private party and was photographed trying to tongue kiss another girl. It was just a lark but a silly pal put some pictures that our young lady would rather forget on an open profile on Facebook. The pal was told to take them down - but not before some snooping journalists had found and copied them. So far no paper or magazine has published them but the girl in question dreads them appearing. So does her family who don’t want more bad publicity.
Girl: Pippa Middleton
Beau: James Matthews

This married A+ list movie actress let it be known at an event yesterday that she is open to a new relationship because she is bored with her celebrity husband. Our actress turned on every bit of acting knowledge she has ever showed and flirted non-stop with a man approaching billionaire status. When she was asked about her kid(s) she said that is what boarding schools are for and he would never have to worry about seeing them.

This former A list all movie actress has been going through a rough time the past year. Getting paid $1M to spend the weekend as a host for a party will probably help improve the mood. Our actress refers to it as being a host. There will be a party and she will be a host with the owner of the house, but, she will have to perform some other duties during the weekend too. Of course considering how wasted she was when she arrived for her flight, and her inability to form sentences or put two words together probably means she might not even remember any of the weekend. Demi Moore

This C+ actress/model who is married to an A list celebrity has always suspected her husband is at least bisexual. They rarely have sex despite her being considered one of the more beautiful women in the world. When they do have sex, it is awkward and often disappointing as if she is the first woman he has ever been with and he can rarely maintain any kind of well, you know. Now he says he wants to take a year away and travel the world with his male trainer while she works on her career. Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick

What B-/C+ list actress with A list name recognition took out three separate $5M life insurance policies with three separate companies within two days of marrying her new husband. I'm not saying he needs to sleep with both eyes open, but he might want to just take some extra precautions. Apparently life insurance is about the only way she will see any money because of the way the pre-nup is structured. It probably would have been better if she told him she was getting it. Jessica Biel

This a-hole reality star from a top rated program was asked if he had given any money to the Sandy relief effort or had any plans to volunteer to help like Ben Stiller did and the reality star said," Why should I help them? Did they help me get to where I am? Everyone needs to stand up for themselves and if you don't have the resources to make it, then, maybe that is not a bad thing." Scott Disick

What tool of a B- list actor who only does television went way too far when making moves on this D list actress of celebrity offspring. She was drunk and he was not and he took full advantage of that fact. He took her to a corner of the party and let his hands and fingers do the walking. The only reason he didn't take it further is because she ended up getting sick all over the place so he went and found someone else to take home for the night.

What C list all movie actor with A list name recognition and a proclivity for getting women pregnant told his latest girlfriend that he had a vasectomy after what happened to him not so long ago so that it was fine for them to have unprotected sex. Considering how many women he has been with she should have run away screaming at the thought of that, but she is naive and very young and he knows she wants to be with him. He has never had a vasectomy either. It will be interesting to see what happens when his half his age girlfriend gets pregnant. He would probably accuse her of cheating. That is what he did with the last one to get pregnant. Ryan Phillipe

Our blind item is a man who’s back to his infamous ways of snorting cocaine and smoking crack on a daily basis. That’s why he’s now a false teeth-wearing, escort-buying junkie. Even though he’s rolling in the dough, that may not last long. Know why? Because he has anywhere from a quarter to a half an ounce of cocaine delivered to him daily. That’s about $2,000 spent on drugs every day. He snorts and smokes cocaine before and when he’s not watching porn and when he’s hanging out with high-end hookers he’s hired. But there’s one hooker who our mystery man is said to fancy the most, paying a nightly rate of $25,000 for her services. Wait…that’s not all!!! Because his favored hooker had insecurities about her vagina, sources say our blind item footed the bill for her vaginal rejuvenation surgery. That’s after he bought her a set of new wheels, of course. Our snowball loving blind item likes a close group of people around him when he’s partying. That group of people are no strangers to our mystery man’s preference of cooking the cocaine to make crack to smoke. Once cooked, our blind item often uses a Fiji water bottle as a makeshift pipe to smoke his homemade crack. Here’s what an insider had to say about today’s blind item: "He’d get so high. He was just absolutely out of his mind, mumbling incoherently and tweaking. Then he would just space out, not talk to anyone, and watch porn." When he’s high on crack he’s infamously known for throwing around money like it grows on trees, just because he can. He’s also known to get extremely nervous and generous while high – giving away thousands of dollars to people he sees as cool. His new FX series may be in production, buy when our blind item isn’t on the set he’s partying. If he keeps on with this reckless lifestyle, our mystery man may not live to see his next birthday. Don’t believe me.. Ask Hollywood producer Mark Burg. Charlie Sheen

What A+ list tweener singer, had his first penicillin shot two weeks ago after he got an STD. He told his girlfriend that it was just a B-12 shot but they should probably go a few days before having sex. Around his friends he was actually happy and telling them that he finally felt like a rock star. Yeah, STD's and unprotected sex with strangers and a career that is fading more quickly than his future hairline. Justin Bieber

This C+ list celebrity managed to do something no other person in her position was able to do. Get a huge settlement from this A++ list reality star. Every other woman has been forced to keep having sex with him to get anything. It is what he did to her and what she could do to his career in a flash that prompted him to pay out big and quickly. I'm surprised she can still smile. Terri Seymour/Simon Cowell

Speaking of television shows, this show always was plagued by bad luck and a tall tale for the ages. The history of the show says this A lister was hospitalized for a certain very serious condition. She was hospitalized alright, but it was because she tried to kill herself after losing a baby in a miscarriage to one of the producers of the short lived show.

People often say that Moonlighting was the most dysfunctional show that ever aired. Not so. The show that was the most dysfunctional was this sitcom that featured actors that are now A listers. Each week was like a Fleetwood Mac reunion. Prior to the shooting of the first season, this now A list actor (#1) was having sex regularly with an actress (#2) who was an A list tweener and is now a struggling, yet very rich C list actress. When the filming started, the lead actress (#3) in the sitcom who has always been a solid B-/C+ list actress started sleeping with one of the male leads (#4). This continued until our A list actor broke it off with his tweener and started having sex with the lead actress. Our A lister then got back together with the tweener but still had sex with the lead actress until she found out about it and then went back to having sex with the guy she was with in the first place. This cycle repeated itself for several months. When the show went on hiatus during the first season, our A lister went his own way and never even spoke to the lead actress. Then, on the first day back of filming he wanted to start right where they had left off. At that point though, another future A lister (#5) joined the show and our actress (#2) started a relationship with him that lasted almost all season. Well, this caused our first A lister all kinds of ego bruising and he and the second A lister would often come to blows trying to show who had the biggest peen. It was a mess. Meanwhile, another actress (#6) on the show was having sex with the actor from the first season (#4) until A lister #1 decided that he wanted to have her. He wooed her for weeks until she broke it off with #4 only to try and get him back when #1 dumped her after having sex with her. Things only got more complicated when in the next seasons there was recurring actress (#7) who was the object of affection between the two A listers but ended up going out with #4. She did sleep with #1 though which eventually caused a breakup between herself and #4. In the final season of the show, weeks would go by with no one speaking to each other and other weeks it seemed like everyone on the show was sleeping together and then the following week everyone would have switched.
Sitcom: "Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place"
#1 - Ryan Reynolds
#2 - Melissa Joan Hart
#3 - Traylor Howard
#4 - Richard Ruccolo
#5 - Nathan Fillion
#6 - Jillian Bach
#7 - Tiffani Thiessen

28. BLIND GOSSIP 11/06
This beautiful female celebrity comes from rather humble beginnings. She has been quite vocal about supporting one presidential candidate this election cycle. To our surprise, though, she is actually voting for the other candidate! Why would she say one thing but do the other? She told close friends that in order to get work in her profession, supporting Barack Obama is practically required. But she is very worried about the economy and the impact that it has had on her family and her non-famous friends over the past few years, and believes that voting for Mitt Romney is that only way that things will improve.
Katy Perry

You know your career is in a free fall when you are a former B+ lister from a very hit show and also lots of movies and even though you offer to sleep with directors and producers they still won't give you a part. Too much drama. This actress ruined her reputation behind the scenes with one director and no one will ever give her a chance because of what she did to his family. Rose McGowan

What A list celebrity/reality star told his girlfriend before a recent event they attended together that she was not to talk to any guy without him standing next to her. Of course he was allowed to talk to any women without her and sure did seem to be getting a lot of phone numbers too. It isn't like the world thinks he is faithful or anything. Adam Levine

The question has always been whether this former A list actor and forever at least a B in our movie loving hearts is gay or straight or bi and no one can understand his marriage to this A list actress. Well, it seems they have come to some type of compromise at least as far as the sex goes which had not happened in years. That hot new nanny/assistant is all his all the time and our actress loves not having to hear any whining and she can focus on what she loves the most. Herself. Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick

This B+ pop singer has had some huge hits and has an unusual name. She also takes a lot of flack about her weight. She thinks that if she drops 40 pounds she can be an A lister and get a shot at judging a talent competition show. She has started popping Adderall like candy in order to lose weight. No exercise for her though. She says she is way too lazy for that. Ke$sha; Beth Ditto

This Glee actress is so in love with her new boyfriend that she decided to get a reconstruction in her private area. Umm yeah. She says that no one else ever mattered except her current boyfriend so she wanted him to feel like he was her first. Dianna Agron

Listening to this B list almost always now movies and frequent nominee of some really high acting awards actress talk, leaves your mouth agape. I always liked that word agape. Seriously, she ticks off things one after the other and think to yourself all of those things must have happened over the period of her life and she says those particular incidents happened over the course of about six weeks. When our actress was far from being legal, she was out every night. She said that one of the first roles she got she hung out with one of the actors from the show who never amounted to much but is from a well known acting family. She says that he got her into clubs because he was at the height of his fame and they would get hammered every night. There was the time she and the actor did a threesome with the actor's brother and how the next day she spent all day throwing up in between scenes. It was the first time she had ever got drunk and also lost her virginity. Yes, in a threesome. On the same show she says the lead actor of the show who was about her same age thought he was the bomb and came into her trailer and grabbed his crotch and said, "I bet you would like some of this. I can make you a star." She laughed and walked away. She said he sounded like a little girl when he was yelling at her. A fairly hit movie that she was in she says she can't even remember filming and that she had to go see it in the theatre because people kept asking her questions about it and she had no clue what they were talking about. Turns out she spent the entire movie getting stoned with one of the actors and even though critics loved her performance she says she remembers filming a scene or two. The actor she smoked pot with all day and all night says that always happens to him but that it never affects his performance. It does in the bedroom though. She says he might be an A lust movie actor who is married, but that when he tried to make moves on her which she was receptive too, that he had no chance of getting it up. He tried three or four different times but that he could never get it up. Our actress says she has done every drug possible, partied for days on end, got into lots of trouble but that she has never been caught. She says the reason she thinks she gets away with everything is that she always shows up on time to work. She might be sick all day or hung over, but somehow she makes it there and gets through the day. As she has gotten slightly older and she is not even halfway through her 20's she says she finds herself more boring and doesn't know if she can stick with the boring because she thinks and critics agree that her performances have not been as good lately.
B list actress: Evan Rachel Wood
Actor: Shaun Cassidy
Show: "American Gothic"
Lead Actor: Lucas Black
A lust movie actor:

1. THESE two young film actresses – they’ve co-starred in a huge franchise and one bomb together – like to get drunk and fool around. But now that one of the ladies is back with her boyfriend, the other has been left out in the cold – and she’s telling everyone who’ll listen that not only is the popular star a cheater, she’s also a lesbian! Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning "Twilight" movies/"The Runaways"

2. EVERYONE thinks this "DWTS" pro is gay, and he doesn’t mind one bit! In fact, he says his "faux homosexuality" gets him more dates than he can handle! The hunky hoofer brags about three-ways and sex parties with girls who think they can "change" him from gay to straight! Mark Ballas; Derek Hough

3. WHAT sexy singer/model-turned-action star is living large in a Hollywood mansion while his baby mama and young child are cooped up in a cramped shoebox apartment down the road? The selfish 30-something stud was paying his ex the minimum he could get away with legally, but she’s hooked up with a savvy lawyer who’s convinced she can take the cheapskate to the cleaners! Tyrese Gibson

4. WHICH A-list Latin couple is getting backlash from Spanish media for ignoring reporters from their home country while openly courting Hollywood outlets? The Oscar-winning couple has been branded snobs and, worse yet, traitors! Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz

This C+/B- list all movie actress with A- name recognition is so enamored of her celebrity boyfriend's advice that she thinks will propel her back to the top of the acting world that she follows his crazy demands. He has her stay awake for two or three days on end and then read lines and act out scenes. He has her fast for those days too. She was already very skinny, but at a wardrobe fitting our actress had lost about 15 pounds in three weeks and her bones were sticking out more than her breasts. Another actress getting her wardrobe at the same time said it looked like a commercial to raise funds for starving people. Kate Bosworth/director Michael Polish

I don't know if she was being funny or being serious, but this A+ female singer spent some time yesterday basically molesting this former A list tweener who is having trouble maintaining his A list singer status. The female singer kept teasing him about his manhood and kept trying to get him to take his clothes off and would grab him and try to feel his manhood. Apparently she was obsessed with it or pretended to be. She finally cornered him and grabbed it and held it and told him to call her sometime. The tweener was bright red and tried to act cool like it happened everyday but just ended up looking like an idiot. He also called her a ho after she left. Idiot. Rhianna/Justin Bieber "Victoria Secret" show

This B- list mostly movie actress was thisclose to A list at one point and then entered into a disastrous relationship which saw her crash down to the almost C+ level. Out of that relationship now, she is having a much harder time finding roles that pay well and is open to just about anything that will pay her money. Things she never would have considered even six months ago. Dancing With The Stars? You bet. Even a reality show is on the table. In the meantime she is trying to live as frugally as possible so people don't notice her financial pain, but she has been quietly selling some items each month to make her look like she has more than she does.

Shortly after I wrote about what I think was the most dysfunctional show ever on television, someone reminded me about a show I had not thought of in awhile. In my mind, it was not nearly as dysfunctional because there were really only about four or five people involved in the dysfunctionality of it. I will let you decide. In favor of this show being the most dysfunctional is that what happened on the show caused one of the leads to quit acting forever. Every once in awhile they will do something, but since the show ended its run in the 90's she has been out of the limelight. She was the Betty almost in this fivesome. I figure if threesome is a word, then fivesome should be too. Anyway, the lead actor (#1) who is still a solid B lister who keeps making good shows asked our actress out almost on the first day of filming and they dated awhile. This is where it gets kind of freaky. The lead actress on the show who is a C lister at best now was a head turner and is the Veronica in this fivesome. Our lead actor and his co-star (#2) who is probably the best known of the five now and has been in one of the most popular shows of all time both tried to ask her out and they kept failing. She would always turn them down cold. Ice cold. The reason? Well, it is one of the bigger secrets in Hollywood and one she would never in a million years make public because it would cost her so much face, but she was having a torrid affair with the Betty of the fivesome. Our Betty was quiet about it then and now and says it is the only woman she has ever been with. Neither of the other male leads had any clue. Now where it gets even more interesting is that #1 would often drop off Betty at her place at about midnight and waiting at her place would be Veronica. At some point, #2 started dating a former A lister known way more for her looks than her acting. In order to have a chance with her, Veronica agreed to sleep with #2 hoping she could convince him to have a threesome with his girlfriend. He was game, but his girlfriend was not. At the end of all of this and years of being manipulated by #1 and Veronica, our Betty walked away from the world of acting.
Lead Actor #1:
Lead Actor #2:

40. BLIND GOSSIP 11/07
He’s been through so many relationships (always with notable women) that it may be hard to picture this famous actor settling down. However, he was ready. He was about to propose to his girlfriend. He liked the fact that she was a little cool and independent, and that she let him live his life as he had before he met her. He sank over $1 million into a huge rock. He was going to propose over the upcoming holidays. She was the one. However, she got wind of his plans, and her behavior shifted. She became more demanding and possessive, which completely annoyed him. They fought, and broke up. If she had just remained as aloof as she had been at the beginning of the relationship, she would have had that ring on her finger this year. So close! But, as it is, she goes back into the dating pool for some other actor or musician. And him? He has already started trolling the waters for a newer, shinier, model. Leonardo DiCaprio/Erin Heatherton

What Dancing With The Stars pro thinks they have it made now that they convinced their partner to finally have sex with them. Spending every night together now, this pro thinks it will continue on forever. The celeb says it just makes it easier while the show is going on and after elimination, the pro will be gone. Kelly Monaco/Valentin Chmerkovskiy

This A list actress spent most a recent evening at a party crying in a corner. When asked what was wrong, she said it was the first time she had ever been to a party where no men had hit on her and that no one seems to care about her. The actress just downed one drink after the other collecting a pile of shot glasses until at the end of the night she was helped out to a waiting car. All alone. Cameron Diaz

This celebrity couple was doomed from the start. This foreign born C lister has learned what every other C lister has learned before her when they date this B list musician who has had some very big hit songs. He is a stage 5 clinger. First dates he talks about marriage and despite his bad boy image, is the most insecure person on the planet and needs constant texting and calls and is terrified of people cheating on him. I also wonder if he is secretly gay and tries to cover that up with his looks and does not know how to interact with women which might be the root of his problems. Benji Madden/Eliza Doolittle

Five out of the last eight days this former A list television actress who is now a lucky B lister who only does movies has had lunch with the same man who is most definitely not her celebrity husband. Everyday they find a new place to go and everyday they come closer to taking things public. Katherine Heigl

Talking to this actress is like jumping back to the summer of love. There was a point in time not that long ago, that this actress was getting leads in movies and was a hit away from becoming A list. Now though, she struggles to find work. She is still very interesting to talk to and if you are looking for someone who has been with more A list actors than her, you would have to look long and hard. She is a believer in all things art and thinks that the only way you can achieve a true connection with the lead actor is to become one. No, seriously she says become one. She also talks about forces and chakras and spirituality a lot too. She has co-starred with some of the biggest names on the planet. You probably all know her name. You would all be hard pressed to think of what you saw her in last, but you could all name a movie or two she has been in. Even though they are roughly the same age, this A++ list all movie actor called her his sexual mentor and that everything good he ever learned about sex came from our actress. He said that sex with this actress is an experience. She has never done a quickie in her life. She believes in taking hours which he says can prove to be complicated. She makes you slow down he said. In one of her most famous roles, there was no lead actor which she thought would ruin the chemistry of the film. Instead, she and another now C list actress who peaked a little higher but has fallen just as far in the world of lists spent the entire time of the shoot basically living together which caused the C list actress to split from her most high profile relationship with an A list actor. He could not handle the fact that she would find anyone else preferable over him. On her most recent film, our actress was reunited with someone she says matches her spirituality level and they spent the entire time the movie was being filmed in an abandoned house with no power or hot water and just shared each other. Yeah, that is probably why she has not had much if any work in the past few years although it has not hurt the actor she stayed with. He has had a bit of a career resurgence since that role although has not come back to his A list status.
A++ Actor/Movie:
C List Actress/Movie/A list Boyfriend:
Spiritual Boyfriend/Movie:

46. CELEBTZER 11/08
She has the voice, she has the talent, not to mention the vast fortune, but love quickly disappears from her grasp. It’s your typical Hollywood story of being in the closet and the other person tiring of living a lie. She has recently been in the throes of a torrid lesbian affair (she likes to indulge in a threesome for good measure), but without commitment from the star, the other woman is looking elsewhere for affection. Now the starlet is so emotional…thus explaining a recent tweet. Christina Aguilera ("We are like dominoes. I fall for you and you fall for another…")

47. BLIND GOSSIP 11/08
This pretty actress has been missing in action for the past week. While she should have been out promoting her new project, she has been claiming that she can’t because of the weather in New York. That’s odd. Other cast members have managed to get flights out. And even if she was stuck in New York, she certainly could have done appearances on the New York-based morning shows. So what’s really going on here? Well, what she isn’t saying is that she actually isn’t in any shape to be seen in public. One of our spies saw her a few days after Sandy hit. She was sitting alone in the corner of a casual restaurant, wearing giant sunglasses. When she lifted up her sunglasses to read some papers she brought with her, our spy noticed that she was sporting a rather shocking accessory… a giant black eye! When she saw people staring at her, she grew uncomfortable, gathered her things, and left. We don’t know if the black eye was the result of plastic surgery, an accident, or something more sinister… but it was definitely the kind of injury that even makeup couldn’t hide.
Actress: Ashley Greene
Project: "Breaking Dawn, Part 2"

This A list Tweener has a had a rough few days. It turns out that models are not attracted to him and laughed when he hit on them. He also found out he won't be getting a starring role in a popcorn movie that he thought he had a shot at. Apparently even though he had no shot, people kept telling him he did and he believed them. Maybe he should look at some of his other acting performances. Justin Bieber (Victoria Secret Angels)/'Transformers 4'

This unfortunately A list celebrity and reality star was being her normal rude self thinking she was dealing with a fan who loved her. Our celebrity blew off the fan and was treating her like she was garbage. You know, because that is normal. You should have seen the massive butt kissing that ensued when the celebrity found out who the fan really was and how our celebrity's bad behavior almost cost her a million dollar deal. Kim Kardashian/Chloe (Sir Philip Green's designer daughter

This former pop princess and now a singer/actress depending on what day you ask her has been trying forever to have children with her celebrity husband. He has always indicated to her that the issues must be her fault and she has been through batteries of tests to determine what could be wrong while not undergoing any of his own. He also swears he would love to have kids with her. What she has just now discovered is that he had a vasectomy right before they got married just so he would not have to have any kids with her. Leann Rimes/Eddie Cibrian; Mandy Moore/Ryan Adams

This A list singer talks about how much she loves her husband and how he is amazing and goes on and on. She might say all of those things, but I wonder if she is thinking them when she is in bed with her manager. This is not a recent thing. It has been going on for years. Her manager is married and has been married and it was all going to be too complicated if they tried to publicly get together, especially with her fan base, so she found some guy and married him.

This celebrity mom loves to post photos of her with her baby. She reviews each of them extremely carefully to make sure you can't see any of her needle marks though because she has not given up her heroin habit, but she did move the injections from her arms to her legs. Peaches Geldoff

Did these BFF's lose their friendship over a guy? Word on the street is the friend thinks her girl will get treated badly again by this guy. Since her friend won't listen, she's keeping her distance. Katy Perry/Rihanna (Chris Brown)

54. BLIND GOSSIP 11/09
This affable man currently hosts a television show. Back in the day, a supermarket in his town sponsored an unofficial weekly "Gay Night". The local gays and our Star would go to the Market to nibble on appetizers, do a little grocery shopping, cruise the aisles, and meet up at a gay bar later on. Often our host would wind up steaming up the windows in a car in the parking lot with a new friend. If there was no car, he would have no problem taking it to the bushes. Then he would pick up his groceries and take them home to his wife. Yes, our host was married at the time. Still is. Tom Bergeron; Pat Sajak; Phil Keoghan; Billy Bush; Mario Batali

This week’s blind item is a television news anchor for Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV. She’s the ex-wife of an American football running back who’s listed as one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Our blind item is said to have dated a slew of people – and even messed around with other men while married. That’s exactly why insiders say her marriage to her NFL husband ended in divorce. Our blind item ran through the Detroit Pistons when they were the "Bad Boys", Professional Boxers, Actors and finally the NFL, where she landed the gullible country boy from Oklahoma, who she quickly turned out and dropped a couple of babies out before he knew what hit him. A source told me our blind item is a witch who practices the WICCA religion – and is attached to some very powerful people who also practice the "dark arts" at a very, very high level. But again, that is another story. Lauren Campbell Sanders/ex wife of Barry Sanders

What A list all movie actor who doesn't deserve it, regrets splitting up with his ex, not for any sense of love, but because he didn't date her long enough to sleep with her. And by long enough, he thought one date was long enough and when it didn't happen he said bye. Gerard Butler/Jessica Biel

This A list all movie all the time actor had a secret meeting with this formerly almost A list foreign born singer. He has always sung her praises and when she was at the top of her fame chart, he was her biggest admirer. Meeting in secret is not that big of a deal normally, but in this case, it will be very interesting to see if she goes out with him to a very public event in the next few weeks. You know, just as friends, but then marriage in about two weeks. Tom Cruise/Joss Stone (This would probably be irrelevant at this point, but apparently they have seen each other in London several times over the past few months)

This former B list actress and now just a celebrity, albeit a very rich one is involved in a very strange relationship. Her older boyfriend insists that our celebrity and his kid(s) not wear clothes when they are home.

What B list movie and television actor who really made his fame from one big thing met a woman at a party and they ended up going to his place and having sex. The next day he was hung over so sent the woman he had met the night before to the house of his ex to pick up his kids for the weekend. Ex-wife was not amused. Peter Facinelli

What former A++ list all movie actor and Academy Award winner/nominee and now still probably a B+ with extra points taken off for being an ass spent most of last night hitting on women in their teens. In fact, he would ask their ages and if they were out of their teens the, man old enough to be their grandfather would move on to the next. In the end, despite his perviness and him being almost three times their age, he got lots of phone numbers and as he said, six months of one night stands. Mel Gibson

It turns out this B list movie actress is not so much interested in reviving a relationship with her almost A list movie actor boyfriend as it is, trying to salvage her career and getting some positive publicity from a horrible situation she put herself into. She must be a better actress than I thought because she has the actor convinced she wanted to get back together, but it is just until she can break it off in a more traditional manner. She doesn't let him kiss or touch her and has said that she hates it when he tries. She actually still talks to the one who caused it all. That is who she wants to be with. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson/Rupert Sanders

62. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/11
1. Which high-profile guest arrived at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after-party reeking of pot? Justin Bieber

2. What movie distributor once had an intern who was interrogated by the US Secret Service after she’d slipped a Post-it into a film print headed to the White House that said, "No more war"? New Line Cinema "Wag The Dog"

3. Which mogul, who had an argument with a rebellious family member, was horrified when she took revenge by sending sexy pics of herself to a host of top executives at his company?
Mogul: Donald Trump
Relative: Daughter Tiffany Trump (Marla Maples’ daughter)

I am in deep trouble with the feds and about to go to the big house – which will force me to resign from my recently re-elected to job and forfeit my pension. My famous father may be ashamed of me for my transgressions, but he’s probably proud I have carried on the family traditions of infidelity and extortion of powerful people. Many feel sorry for my wife – who is a local politician – but she is not-so-secretly banging my old buddy, most likely to get my old job. That’s why people should really feel sorry for me — After all, I’m faking depression to generate sympathy from the authorities. Let’s face it, old white dudes been playing this game for years — so I hope it works for me. I want them to send me to the psych ward. Know why? Because if Bubba finds out me and my mulatto wife been living as swingers I’m gon’ become a cum dumpster for promiscuous men, ass bandits and penis procurers on the cell block D. All cause I bought my jump-off a $40,000 Rolex and used some of my jobs’ funds to decorate my crib, oh, and I tried to buy Obama’s vacant Senate seat too. It’s all my fault. I turned her on to the swinger lifestyle – thinking I could get some extra trim. Shit, that girl sucking and fucking everybody. Girls, boys, you name it. I can’t turn the faucet off now. It’s going be all stretched out by the time I get back. Damn. Jesse Jackson Jr.

This musician from a B+ group is married to an A list actress. He needs to know this is not her first trip to the rodeo and that when he cheats on her, she has heard all the same excuses in the past from a husband and multiple boyfriends. Everyone cheats on her so when you think you are getting away with it, she is just biding her time and yeah, she actually packed up the kids and moved. She also has a way of making the other person look very bad. Unlike with her past relationships, she was acting normal in this one and not desperate. Her reaction to all of this will be interesting. Kate Hudson/Matthew Bellamy

This A list actor who used to be A++ and only returned to A list status recently after a trip down to B- land, had promised his wife that he had stopped cheating with one particular woman and he even drafted a post-marital agreement which would give his wife a ton of money if she caught him cheating with that woman. Well, our actor's wife did not catch him in the actual act of cheating but did spot the other woman in a series of photographs shot by paps with our actor coming out of a hotel and that mistress was right there with him. Ruh oh. Dennis Quaid

What A list reality star who I wish would go away yelled at a production assistant yesterday because he dared bring the star sparkling water when she asked for still. "How did you even get this fucking job?" Yeah, she is a real joy. Probably because other people very close to her are passing her in popularity which really makes her mad. Kim Kardashian

This celebrity offspring of two solid B list movie stars is barely into her teens but is already smoking almost a pack a day and the cigarettes are bought by her mother who is herself a chain smoker. The teen is only allowed to smoke at home because the actress does not want the negative publicity or the father to find out through pap photos. The couple are divorced and it took the dad years to quit smoking. He would go ballistic. The teen has her friends over all the time and is always offering them cigarettes. Kate Beckinsale/Michael Sheen

This tweener from a very popular Nick show is pregnant. Cancel the show? Write in a teen pregnancy or say buh bye to the star.

This actor almost reached A list at one point. He even got to be the lead in a movie. Then he dropped like a rock to the point where he is now a C lister even though it was not that long ago that he co-starred in some of the highest grossing movies of all-time. It was not just because his movie bombed or that he was difficult to work with, it is because producers were ticked off at him because he knew he was HIV+ but kept having unprotected sex and not telling anyone. When two of his partners tested positive, our actor was confronted. The actor said he had not known he was positive, but his B list actress beard told producers that the actor had known for sometime and that his lying about it was one of the main reasons they "broke up." Our actor has been trying to make amends, but he is having a lot of trouble making any progress and is practically blacklisted by anyone who matters in the industry. The only time he is hired is by people who are not aware. They are then made aware and advised that they should drop the actor.

This female reality star who would be unknown if not for her significant other has told him that as soon as their show ends so will their relationship. She has told him point blank that the only reason she is even with him is to make her famous. The thing is, he won't split with her because he has told everyone that their relationship is perfect and doesn't want to look like an idiot. Danielle and Kevin Jonas

Producers of this very very hit television show are extremely worried. Their A list star needs rehab desperately but they really want to finish shooting the show for this season first. When the actor shows up for work they try and get as much finished as they can as quickly as they can and have even made alternative scripts in case the actor does not make it through shooting before heading for rehab. I can't imagine how they would be able to write out his character. It is his show. Charlie Sheen "Anger Management"

This A list actor might want to be with as many women as possible, but he wants to make sure no guy ever tries to go out with his ex. When he finds out that she is going out on a date, the actor calls the would be suitor and says he would really appreciate it if they would stay away from his ex and also claims she has psychological issues and that he does not think it would be good for the children if she started going out. He has been successful everytime.

These two actresses have never got alone. Like ever. Like a Taylor Swift song ever. The problem is they were stuck together for years and had to pretend to like each other at least for the press. Now that is winding up and the full fury has begun. This almost A list movie actress sent a bunch of texts and left voice mails calling her co-star and B- list actress just about every name you can think of because the B- list actress had the nerve to talk about the almost A lister in public in what the almost A lister thought of as talking smack. It was talking smack and the B- lister told the almost A lister to fuck off and that no one will care about her or her fucking moodiness or diva-ness in a year and that no one ever liked her. They just sucked up because they didn't want to get replaced. Kristen Stewart/Ashley Greene

This C list actress used to be A list. She still looks amazing even though it has been a long time since she approached A list. It is also amazing that she can look this good despite the toll she put on her body. She always struggles with her sobriety and has had some glorious fuckups when she has failed. This past week she was at a charity event and they had free booze and our actress could not stay away. By the end of the night she had lost her blouse and had her bra hanging on by one strap and had to be carried out of the event and placed into a cab. She told everyone she could drive which she had to be forcibly talked out of and her keys removed from her. Liza Minnelli

This B list actress will probably slip to C now that her run is ending so to speak. She actually has way more talent as something other than an actress, but she loves the fame that comes from being an actress. Anyway, even though our actress is in a very serious relationship she has never got over the rich guy who wined her and dined her for a year and then basically left her by the side of the road. He also dated a herpes queen so our actress should probably be grateful she got out unscathed. Instead though, our actress got a call from him about tickets to an event and then they started texting and e-mailing and now she is lying to her significant other. She is going to end up broken up and hurt. The guy just likes to have sex with famous people and will dump her in a second. She doesn't think so though. Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis

Several years ago, this B list all movie actor who has flirted with A list but has failed dramatically when given the chance to headline a movie, came out to his C+ list male co-star. He felt safe doing so because his co-star is also gay. Very good looking, but not that great of an actor. The two never hooked up because they just are not attracted to each other. The C list actor has got some kink to him and the B lister is still all new to everything and just likes things nice and simple. Anyway, the C lister told the B lister that he was going to come out, and that the B lister should do the same. He has kept saying this for years despite the fact that the C lister keeps finding new women to "date." He has told the B lister that he needs to keep dating women because he is afraid that his limited roles will completely dry up if he comes out but has told the B lister to not worry and that everything will be fine if the B lister comes out. The B lister has been unable to do much the past year because of all the turmoil of wanting to come out and keeps hoping the C lister will do what he promised and make it easier for the B lister.

This married A+ list all movie actor was at a recent event at a hotel and as has been his habit lately had no issues at all with cheating on his wife. I don't know if they have come to some understanding, but this was the second time in as many weeks. This one is the star of her own network show. They disappeared from the party to go to a room he had reserved and an hour later they were back as if nothing had happened. Apparently she even had her stylist come up to the room to make sure she still looked good after. Ben Affleck/Krysten Ritter " Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" - "GQ Men of the Year" at Chateau Marmont

This still in her teens, but legal almost A list actress with a very unique name has never really talking about boyfriends or even been seen with guys except in movies which have been some of the biggest movies in history. She only does movies and at a party this week she was seen making some very awkward attempts at hitting on a woman. The woman, who is very open about her sexuality, was very kind to the actress and talked to her for a long time, but it was more of a mentoring and not anything sexual. The actress was seen crying at some points during the talk and after their talk the woman gave our actress a very big hug. Dakota Fanning

This C+ list actress recently on two very hit network shows is known more for her name than her acting ability. Married. Drunk at a party this week and kept grabbing her ample breasts and telling everyone they are real. Also offered to show them. Several men took her up on her offer. Probably her husband and kid(s) would not approve. Busy Phillips

This former B list reality star with almost A list name recognition is dead broke. She is constantly making appearances to try and make any money she can to keep herself afloat. She has given all her money to her boyfriend and he takes almost every penny she makes now. She has asked two of her very famous celebrity former boyfriends for loans of almost $1M. She has told them it is for her, but it is really to keep her boyfriend with her. He has people after him that are not people you want after you for owing them money.
B list reality star: Holly Madison (boyfriend: Pasquale Rotella)
Very famous former boyfriends: Hugh Hefner and Criss Angel

What former A list female singer is begging tv producers to keep her job. Apparently she thought things were going to be way better for her and that she was going to be able to get things back to the way things were for her money and fame wise, but she is just not catching on like she thought and is campaigning everyday that they should keep her around. They are actually thrilled she is leaving. Christina Aguilera

Old Hollywood Blind Item - Who Killed Her? This actress was never a huge star even back at the peak of her career. She probably reached B list at one point at her career. It was all movies all the time. She struggled to find her way in US films, and made her biggest films outside the US. This did not stop her from being one of Warren Beatty's conquests while she was married. Not that she was immune to having affairs. She had a baby with a man who she later married but he was still married at the time she got pregnant and kept the news from the child until he was a teen. She said that she was abused in every relationship she was ever in. She had another baby that died shortly after child birth that she told everyone was her husband's but was actually the product of an affair, but not another affair. Yes, she was having several affairs simultaneously. She made a lot of money which one of her husbands stole from her leaving her penniless at her death which was called a suicide, but never officially ruled as one. Some people say she was murdered by her abusive husband who stole all her money then ran away. Others say she was murdered by the government. Jean Seberg

83. BLIND GOSSIP 11/14 **#1**
Which funny man lies when he talks about his sobriety in public? He publicly says that he is sober, but he definitely is not. He tells friends that he considers himself sober because he is now "totally in control" of his drinking, and that he is "allowed" to have a drink or two once in a while if he feels like it. The "drink or two" is actually five or six, and the "once in a while" is actually every night. Matthew Perry

84. BLIND GOSSIP 11/14 **#2**
He used to be the "good brother". While his siblings were getting lost in fake relationships and excessive partying, he was focusing on expanding his skill set to acting. He has definitely taken a wrong turn, though. He has fallen in with an older, party crowd… and was spotted doing both coke and heroin with them earlier this month. Nick Jonas

85. BLIND GOSSIP 11/14 **#3**
This young star is doing better, perhaps due to the fact that her boss is keeping her on a tight leash. He is very insistent that she shows up to work on time, sober, alert, and ready to work. Yes, these are normal requirements for those of us who have regular jobs, but it’s more of a challenge when the employee is a popular young singer who used to party as much as work. She is still drinking and doing drugs, but to a lesser degree than she has in the past. She still likes her vodka tonics and Jack and cokes, but she is not getting drunk every night, and her cocaine use is way down. We hope that she will eventually get strong enough to break free from using any kind of substance. Demi Lovato

This isn’t so much a blind item as it is, say, a far-sighted one. But, before I explain why, let me give you your clues:
*As the headline on this story foretells, a certain female character is about to be paid a visit by the stork. (Her delicate condition will be revealed on air sometime in the next three months.) What the headline doesn’t hint at, however, is that the gal in question is a lead on an established series (i.e., more than a season old).
*When Madame X finds out that she’s with child, she’ll be — understatement alert! — shocked. Fans of the show, by contrast, will likely love the plot twist. Now, as for the "far-sighted" element of this "blind" item: The mystery woman is one of the 13 suspects included in the gallery below. So, before your hit the comments, take a look and hedge your bets! Meredith on "Grey's Anatomy"
1. Penny on the "Big Bang Theory"
2. Fiona on "Burn Notice"
3. Kate on "Castle"
4. Olivia on "Fringe"
5. Rachel on "Glee"
6. Alicia on "The Good Wife"
7. Serena on "Gossip Girl"
8. Meredith on "Grey’s Anatomy"
9. Zoe on Hart of "Dixie"
10. Carrie on "Homeland"
11. Robin on "How I Met your Mother"
12. Leslie on "Parks and Recreation"
13. Addison on "Private Practice"

You would think Jon Hamm would have the biggest manhood on the set of Mad Men, you know, because he always wants to show it off. It turns out though that one of the stars other than Jon is called Diet Coke because his manhood is the size of a 20 ounce diet coke bottle. Yeah. Maybe Jon is feeling a little insecure.
Bryan Batt

This B list actor always seems nice and friendly. He isn't. Any gay man will tell you he is vicious to them when he dates them. A lot of anger built up inside him, especially now because for the next year or so while he promotes his latest A++ popcorn movie he will have to pretend he is with women. He hates that. Everyone assumes he is gay but he loves to pretend he isn't for the press. Bradley Cooper

This A list television and movie actor has not been married all that long. He said it was forever. Of course he says a lot of things he never follows through with so it should not be surprising that he was caught making out with a guest star on his hit network show. He says they were just practicing for their kissing scene. It does not explain why he was in the middle of undressing her. Or why they were practicing in her trailer. Or why he told his assistant to tell his wife that he was on set and could not be bothered if she called. Alec Baldwin/Nina Arianda "30 Rock"

I guess sometimes sisters don't share every secret. This former B- list television actress and now a very rich celebrity had sex with a man but decided he was really "creepy," and "freaked her out." She never told her sister about the guy or having sex with him and has no plans now since he has started dating her sister. Ashley Olsen/Mary Kate Olsen (Olivier Sarkozy)

So, what happens when a former A list all movie actor and now a B- all movie actor who thinks he has other talents but really doesn't gets a little booze in him followed by a lot more booze followed by even more booze? He starts talking about the time he sat down with his former flame who is an A list movie actress. They also got a little boozy followed by more booze and they started talking about old times. Not their own old times but she started talking about how her current man in her life almost didn't get to be the current man in her life and that she actually was into someone way more. It had happened about a year before she met her current man. She was into this foreign born actor who she said took her breath away. She was actually way more into him than vice versa which never happens. He was a drinker and a partier which she found fun and exciting. Plus he had some danger in him. She loved danger. She loved that he was always on edge. Plus she thought he was a really great actor and could respect him. He was the whole package. This was who she wanted to have a bunch of kids with. They hooked up while filming a movie, but the problem was she could not get him to commit to her. He was off screwing everyone and anyone. He was everywhere and no matter how much she tried and no matter how good her acting skills, she just could not get much more out of him than some weekly sex when he could not find anyone away from the set to have sex with. She sent him gifts and tapes of herself. She sent him photos and would call him and leave dirty voice mails. Nothing worked. When the movie ended so did the relationship. When they did press for the movie she tried again, but he didn't even really acknowledge her. It was about that same time she met her current guy, but she always felt like she was settling. He was definitely not her first choice.
A (now B-) list actor: Colin Farrell
A list actress: Angelina Jolie
Current Man: Brad Pitt
Movie: "Alexander"

92. BLIND GOSSIP 11/15
Lately, this young star has been making more headlines for his personal life than for his talent. Well, his handlers are desperate to deflect your attention and give you something else to talk about. So, believe it or not, his next big project will be… as the lead in a feature film! His preference is an action film, but he will settle for a romance. Either way, he wants to prove that he is multi-talented and not a baby anymore. Turning him into an action star or a viable romantic lead would certainly accomplish that (although adults may have a tough time believing him as either one). Since his longevity as a teen star is running out quickly, his team knows that they may only get one shot at this, that it must be successful, and that it must happen soon. They have already started reviewing scripts and taking meetings with the goal of being in pre-production Q1 2013.
Justin Bieber

What do you do when you haven't paid your taxes? You turn to your wife, of course. This Music Mover and Shaker may have to ask his wife to touch her purse to settle up with Uncle Sam.

Music Man: Swizz Beatz
Wife: Alicia Keys

This actress used to be on the cusp of A list. She is still a B now. Always movies. A very good actress with lots of awards. She has been in some very very high profile relationships and even crazier breakups. At an event this week, our actress was talking to herself throughout the entire evening, even during presentations. At several points she would get loud enough where the entire room could hear her. She would repeat the same things constantly and would stand up and sit down frequently. People tried to calm her at the beginning but she would just get louder if they did, so they just let her be. She didn't speak to anyone the entire night except herself and at the end of the night left as if nothing had happened. People will be talking about this one for awhile.

This A list all movie actor has banned his house sitting girlfriend from his movie set. He is in a foreign location and she is watching his place and that is exactly where he wants her because he has been sampling a different woman every night since he has been gone. He says that it will help him remain faithful when he gets back home and he wants to get it all out of his system. The sad thing is, he could just tell his girlfriend and she wouldn't go anywhere because she is that crazy about him. Sure she would yell and scream and knowing her, might throw some things at him and threaten to cut off his manhood, but eventually she would relent. Yeah, his girlfriend has a bit of a temper. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

This barely out of her teens all movie actress is probably B list, but she is fairly anonymous about it. She just seems to mash in with all the others that are exactly her same age and all compete for the same roles. Her name is memorable and opens doors though. That is what makes her stand out. Anyway, she had a fling with an almost A list all movie co-star recently who is well over twice her age. She was madly in love with him. he just wanted the conquest because of what happened a couple of decades ago. Once he had taken her he never spoke to her again except while actually filming. John Cusack/Emma Roberts "Adult World"

This C+/B- list actress should be way more famous than she is. Hit television shows and huge, monster hit movies, but still not really reaching a level of fame you would expect. Most of it is her own doing though. The actress, who is gay, and not really closeted, but not open either, just likes living a very private life. She says that most people know she is gay, but when she got what she considers her big break, the director didn't think she could be sexy heterosexually since she was gay so he told her to prove it to him. They were at lunch, sitting across from each other in a booth. She came over to his side of the table, whispered in his ear, and then proceeded to manually stimulate him until completion while at the same time whispering in his ear. She got the part and has played some very sexy heterosexual women ever since. Michelle Rodriguez "The Fast and the Furious"

This Victoria's Secret model is not one of the big names of the company, but she did walk in their recent fashion show. At a party last night she was drinking heavily among other things and took a butter knife and slashed her throat in front of everyone leaving a huge gash and blood pouring down her body and she just wiped it off and kept partying. Cara Delevingne

This always A list singer is fighting for his life and is losing the battle. No matter what treatments he tries and no matter what he does to try and improve, things don't. Everyone is shocked that he has a chance to make it through 2012. George Michael

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **#7**
This actor is A list. He is everyone's best friend and everyone loves him and the world feels like it would die without his movies. If there was an America's Sweetheart for actors, he would be at the top of the list. Always the family guy he has been married for quite some time. He has kid(s). It is that easy, heartwarming kind of thing he has going that makes it so easy for him to talk that teenager back to his room or his condo which he keeps just for that kind of thing and see how open they are to things. And by things I mean, our actor has a very dark side which never shows itself in public. It has showed itself in a role or two and in an interview you will sometimes see a brief flash and wonder where it came from. He loves finding teens. It is always teens for him and he loves to see what he can talk them into. Loves seeing what they will do for him that they never would consider. He can be extremely rough and violent but always makes sure everything is consensual. He finds a teen and they go to his place or hotel. Never anywhere in public. Ever. Room service and then he does what he does. It can be anything from convincing them he can get them in one of his movies to helping them with their homework. Whatever it takes to get their clothes off and his kinks satisfied. It is really interesting that when he was first starting out in movies he actually starred with one of the most sexually violent actors working today. Who knew they both would become such big stars.

Today’s Blind Item is the troubled 23-year-old son of a popular Detroit female singer/preacher from the legendary gospel group The Clark Sisters – reported to be spiraling out of control on drugs and alcohol. He’s gone from being a back-up singer to Chaka Khan, to living in Vegas on his mothers tab. Mom is said to be unaware of his addictions, and unknowingly sponsoring our mystery man’s drug habit. Sources say ever since our blind item’s mother was hospitalized from overdosing on diet pills, she’s spoiled her son. That could be why our mystery man’s mother reportedly plans to leave him everything when she dies. It’s the reason that caused concern for many. Know why? Because sources say some are afraid he’ll squander his inheritance on drugs, women and alcohol. I’m told when his mother was away from her Detroit home, our blind item threw a hometown bash – after packing up and leaving Sin City for the Motor City, where he sparked a group orgy in his mother’s blessed home. That’s when our mystery man is said to have then smoked crack till the sun came up.
Mom: Karen Clark Sheard
Son: John Drew Sheard II

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#1**
This former A list tweener and now just an A lister in his mind had just sat down to dinner with his former B list tweener girlfriend when she asked to see his phone. He said no. She got up and left the dinner and said she never wanted to see him again. Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#2**
This A list country singer got more than he bargained for this week when the fire alarm went off in his hotel while he was in bed with his boyfriend. Because the closeted singer who has been in some high profile heterosexual relationships didn't want anyone to see who he was with and the way they were dressed in bed, they decided to ignore it. Well, the management didn't ignore it and used a key to come into his room and order the couple out. In their leather outfits. Our singer said the couple were going to a costume party. At 2 am. With their singers hanging out if you know what I mean. Kenny Chesney

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **#3**
This B-/C+ list actress has A list name recognition. She will do any kind of acting and has done so. This week she told a co-star that she had made out with a guy for the first time in five years. As she was saying this she was jumping up and down and laughing and everyone apparently was ecstatic for her. Everyone assumes she will pass out from happiness once she has sex again. Katie Holmes

This A+ all movie actor with the odd cameo now and again, was hitting on this celebrity all night at a party and told her she was the best thing ever and would not leave her side and finally she broke down and gave him her phone number and they ended the night with a little kissing and groping in a corner outside while he smoked. He said he could not wait to see her then went and picked up a woman at a bar and took her home. Called the celebrity the next day though and said he couldn't wait to see her and had been thinking about her all night. Sean Penn/Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine

This B list actor seems to move from one hit to the other whether it be television or movies and seems to be everywhere, even though he is not particularly attractive or what you would call actor material. Didn't stop him from getting a drop dead gorgeous wife. She was all about the crazy kinky sex until they got married. Since then though, she has said no until he gets her a reality show. He has not been able to pull it off and now she is looking around at other guys who might help her out more.

This female celebrity is probably C list even though she is on a hit network show. When she heard about Cheryl Burke considered for The Bachelorette, she immediately made a call and screamed at the man at the other end and made it perfectly clear that she had slept with him because he assured her that she and not Cheryl was going to be the next Bachelorette. Karina Smirnoff

This actress is barely C list. Considering that she is the star of a network television show you would think she would be a B or even an A. That would probably be pushing it, but in her mind she is an A. The thing is no one recognizes her because no one watches her show. Plus, she just kind of fits in with everyone else. She is not memorable. The other day though she yelled at her PR team and said she was going to get a new team unless they made her famous that week. Yes, she gave them a two day deadline because it was Wednesday already. Well, it is Sunday now and no one knows who she is still. She actually said on the phone that she wanted to be as famous as Lindsay Lohan. Dakota Johnson "Ben and Kate" (It ended up taking an extra six months, but her team got her a great role)

109. PAGE SIX/NY POST 11/19
1. Which Hollywood starlet is trying friends’ patience by incessantly talking about her vagina? Olivia Wilde

2. Which New York nightlife fixture has a secret "hot-boxing" room in the back of their club? Richie Akiva "1 Oak"

3. Which comic star has dropped so much weight that friends are suggesting he’s gone a little too wild with cocaine? Seth Rogen

4. Which socialite is the butt of jokes for waiting patiently at every event for party photographers to find her, which they seldom ever do? Paris Hilton

5. Which newlywed might’ve just pulled her own Liza Minnelli and married a man who friends insist prefers men? Anne Hathaway/Adam Shulman

6. Which social butterfly, forced to stay in when Hurricane Sandy canceled a host of events, realized she can’t stand her other half? Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#1**
This A+ list all movie actress has found a new guy for what seems like the third or fourth time this year. What I am hoping she doesn't know is that he is married and his wife is 8 months pregnant. If she does know, then that is awful. Scarlett Johansson/Romain Dauriac

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#2**
This B- list actress, who is really closer to C list is strictly movies at this point, although it is fair to say she probably got most of her fame from a very hit show that was one of the more memorable network shows ever. She is also someone who has squandered her fame with her off screen issues. Anyway, our actress had a dilemma until recently. She had a long time female lover but then found another female lover and was cheating on both and getting confused about who she was seeing and where and finally just came out and admitted to both what she was doing. Instead of being upset, now all three are together all the time. Michelle Rodriguez

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#3**
This female celebrity used to be almost A list as a celebrity. Now she is thankfully, closer to a D. Despite that, she does still have A list name recognition. She was married once. For much of the past year or so she was involved in a relationship with a B-/C+ list actor. They have been in this space before. He dumped her. Not only was she bugging him everyday to get her auditions, she also kept using all his drugs. Even when her child(ren) was/were around. Ashlee Simpson/Vincent Piazza "Boardwalk Empire"

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#4**
This B- list television actress who would love love to be in movies if someone would give her the chance is on a very hit network show. Filming her scenes is going very quickly and producers want to rush through the rest of her scenes for the season as quickly as they can because she is pregnant. The question everyone wants to know is whether it is her actor boyfriend's baby or the very very rich executive she sees on the side sometimes.

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#5**
This reality star is out of money and is borrowing from friends and family and saying he will get it all back to them when his new reality show starts. There is no new reality show for him though. There is nothing but a pile of unpaid bills, and cars that were leased and are now being repossessed. Two years ago he was one of the highest paid reality stars in the world and had endorsements from several companies. If he is owed any money from them he has signed it away. He has nothing. The Situation "Jersey Shores"

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/19 **#6**
This actor is known by his looks to almost everyone. Will you know his name? Maybe. But you will know his face and you would be able to name a few movies he has been in by looking at him. Comic actor. I guess he would be B-/C+ list and does movies and television and works consistently. He is also one of the scarier people you want to have working on a set. Mental health issues. He says he has it under control, and is taking his meds, but he can get really violent, very quickly. He has also been accused in the past of acting inappropriately around children and young teens. He says it is always a misunderstanding and that people have mischaracterized what really has happened. He also says that his meds control those urges too. I'm not sure that a guy who has been accused of fondling children and molesting a 14 year old girl on one of his movies should be working on a project that has him interacting with kids all day and night. There is too much free time and not enough supervision and I just know that in a month or two, he is either going to get caught doing something or a parent is going to complain to the producers and sue the studio. It scares me everyday that he is there and possibly alone with kids. What is even scarier is the producers and studio knew it before they hired him but told themselves they could watch him. That lasted five seconds the first day. Timothy Busfield "Restless Virgins"

116. E! ONLINE 11/19
Fans of a certain red-hot TV show: You are gonna wanna sit down for this! We have it on good authority that two characters on one of our favorite shows are finally going to do the nasty. Soon! And it is going to come at you outta nowhere. Boom. So who is it? It's a huge plot twist we can't outright spoil, because...Come on, what's the fun in that? But we can tell you that this couple is:
1) Part of the show's main love triangle
2) Has a huge fan following
3) Has plenty of haters, too
4) Has been slowly building for more than three seasons
5) Is part of a popular show with rabid fans
Damon/Elena/Stefan"The Vampire Diaries"

117. U.K. DAILY MIRROR 11/19
Which successful model cheated on her husband with a pop star recently? This beauty loved the fact he was a "young one" and wanted to teach him new tricks.
Model: Miranda Kerr
Pop Star: Justin Bieber

118. BLIND GOSSIP 11/19
These two young female stars have each become as well known for their romantic entanglements as they have for their talent. And now they are hatching a plan together! They have each taken part in PR-generated couplings in the past, and they know that being part of a celebrity couple generates more publicity than dating a "regular person". So… what if they upped the ante and together dated a couple of famous guys who are "related"? The teams behind the four young stars are now exchanging phone calls trying to figure out if they can pull this off from both a logistical and contractual perspective. If approved, every time these two couples go out together, expect absolute bedlam among paparazzi and fans… and the internet to explode! If nothing else, it would certainly provide excellent material for all four kids once the contracts expire.
Two Girls: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez
Two Boys:Harry Styles and Niall Horan

She may only be 26-years-old, but our blind item has long faced big girl problems — becoming a mother at 17, and a divorcee at 21. That’s why – even though she’s younger- she can now lend her life experience to her elder sister. Five-years is the age difference between our singing mystery lady and her famous pop sister – whose celebrity quickly forced our blind item into the shadows. Though they may not share the same shine in the spotlight, our blind item recently stepped forward to let the bond between the pair of singing siblings be known. Here’s what our blind item had to say: "Being a mom was always chill and easy for me. But marriage is a whole ’nother ball game. It was a time when you really, really need your sister. Every time there was drama and I was all the way in Idaho, it was nice to be able to call. Now it’s kind of a reversal, with her getting married and having a baby after me." Did our blind item speak just to keep her and her sister relevant? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keri Hilson. Solange & Beyonce

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#1**
I don't know how she does it, but this C list movie and made for tv movie actress with A list name recognition managed to convince an average guy (with a large, but not obnoxious bank account) to part with $20,000 to spend the night with our actress. Considering they did not leave the club where she met him until almost dawn and that she was out of his place by 8, not sure what her definition of all night is. Lindsay Lohan

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#2**
This B list actor has a severe anger problem and also controls every second of the life of this B- list actress who is his significant other and has A list name recognition. Two days ago they got into a huge fight witnessed by their neighbors while they were in the driveway of their home. They were supposed to go out and evidently she said something to irritate him and he told her to get her ass out of the car and back in the house and she was lucky they had to go somewhere the next day or he would beat the crap out of her. She got out of the car and kept looking behind her at him while she went into the house like he was going to attack her. Josh Brolin/Diane Lane

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#3**
For the third time out of her past five boyfriends this B+ list all movie actress from some of the biggest films of all time has discovered that her boyfriend prefers men to women. She was complaining to a friend the other day that she doesn't know what draws gay or bi men to her, and they never bother telling her until after they are in bed and they confess and hope they can still go out because they do love her and blah blah blah and our actress says she has given up. She is sticking with her current boyfriend as friends until she finds someone who can prove to her they like women more than men. Amanda Seyfried; Emma Watson; Kirsten Dunst

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#4**
This celebrity with her own reality show talked some serious smack this week about one of her exes. Yeah, she kind of forgot to mention the fact that she used to sleep with this former A list television star from multiple hit network shows. Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett/Kelsey Grammer

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#5**
This actress is probably more known for her beauty and her former boyfriends than her acting skills. Despite the fact that she is not that great of an actress, she still gets lots of roles. Her current B-/C+ movie actor boyfriend is shooting a movie and says his sex life is great with the actress provided they have sex with a mirror in the room. The actress will only have sex if she can watch herself in the mirror at the same time. There are no exceptions. This also means that positions are limited unless there are multiple mirrors which is probably why her A list celebrity ex had a bedroom with mirrors on every wall.

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#6**
This A list celebrity/model leaves her home thinking that her children will be well behaved and good like they are when she is at home with them. Well, her mid-teen daughter is having sex with a mid-30's photographer who photographed the teen not that long ago. They love when mom is out of town.

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/20 **#7**
This actress had a chance to get to A list. She was thisclose and was in a movie that got her nominated for one of the big awards and everything was going great. Then she had a personal tragedy which she does not discuss much and since that time she has worked on her career but other things in her life are more important. For her, she has been focusing on kids, especially those who are terminally ill. Her favorite thing to do which she does at least once a week is go to a children's hospital and sit and meet with kids and they watch some of her most famous movies. The movies that still make kids scream with delight when she comes visit them. She has tried to get her castmates to come with her because the kids would even love it more but they always say no or they will come some other time. There is one castmate who invariably comes. Apparently there is nothing quite like the smile of a kid who is suffering from cancer when this B list all movie actor walks in the room and sits down and watches the movies with them. If smiles could heal, there would be no sick people when he comes along to visit with our actress. Anna Kendrick/Taylor Lautner

127. MOUTH TO EARS 11/20
VH1 is the go-to source for all divorced women these days. This former wife is really a lesbian but is NOT ready to come out the closet. She will now be joining her friends on a reality show about their famous ex-husbands. She had the opportunity to be on the first season, but backed out for fear that her skeletons would fall out the closet. When the first season ended without things coming out about her friends, she thought maybe she could actually be on the show without being exposed. When VH1 brings this show back, let’s see if she is able to keep those skeletons locked in! When the show premieres in the next 6 months and this new ex wife enters the spotlight, let’s see if she SHINES or FRIES.
Show: "Hollywood Exes"
Woman: Daphne Wayans
Ex-husband: Kennan Ivory Wayans

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#1**
It is her week with the kids, but that is not stopping this B list actress married to an A list actor from spending some time with her new toy. She found an 18 year old girl who she took with her on a trip with the kids and is loving every second of it. Jada Pinkett Smith

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#2**
This stage mom thinks a baby will make for great ratings and a bunch of money so she has her daughter's ovulation cycle in an app and calls her and texts when its go time. Not sure, but she would probably even go and watch if she thought she could get away with it. Kris and Kim Kardashian

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#3**
This B- list television actress who is about to be out of a job has convinced her co-star to have a baby with her. She told him he will have no obligations at all. He agreed and has been having sex with her, but has not told his girlfriend. The actress won't keep her word. She will tell the world who the dad is and will definitely try to get him to marry her.

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#4**
This B list actor who mainly does television and is on a show with some drama right now off screen was at an event recently when he got a little drunk. OK, a lot drunk. He then started hitting on this actress who is gorgeous and an A lister in her country. The whole time he was talking to her he was touching her. She told our actor she was married, but the actor said something about her husband not being there then and was touching her everywhere and trapped between the table and a wall. The actor was really getting out of hand when she jammed her foot on his toe and used that as a way to get up quickly. Eric Stonestreet

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#5**
This actor is A list as a character actor. He has been in countless television shows and movies and his name is actually probably a B+. He has some very famous friends who would probably dump him if they knew that he loved to go to the poorest of the poor regions of the world and film himself having sex with girls. They are all legal but he likes them to look really young. He also likes them to dress up like young actresses he has worked with. It is just a matter of time before people will find out what he is up to.

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#6**
She can't help it. Everytime this A+ list all movie actor calls this B+ all movie actress she falls for his words and ends up going over to his place to have sex. Or to his hotel. Or anywhere he tells her to be. There is nothing that is going to come out of it and he does the same thing with several other women. She ignores him for a few weeks and then always caves. Meanwhile, when other guys ask her out she says no because she keeps waiting for the jerk to text. He never calls which makes it even more clinical. Zoe Saldana/Bradley Cooper

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **#7**
This A+ movie actor is filming a movie right now and recently had a day off. He had 6 hookers sent to his hotel, 4 hours apart and apparently had sex with them all. He told one of them that his soon to be ex couldn't keep up with him. The hooker said she might have been with him for four hours, but the sex lasted under a minute and that he seemed to be doing it to prove to himself that he was some kind of stud but he isn't. She said that when she walked into his room it stank of beer and urine and that he looked homeless and if she saw him on the street smelling and looking like he did that she would have thought for sure he was homeless. He had not showered in what seemed like days. She said she was grateful the sex only lasted a minute because she thought she was going to vomit the entire time. She says that he had been known for his body in the past but now he was a pudgy mess and that he was obviously drunk and had food stuck to his face. He did make her dance for him and he threw money at her while she was dancing and she thought she was going to get to keep it but that after she finished dancing he asked for it all back and he was going to use the money again later. She says that she was number three of the day and that she felt really bad for the three women who were coming after her. Russell Crowe

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#1**
This former A list celeb/reality star saw his career crash after some disastrous personal choices. He says everything is great now and has a new woman in his life. I wonder if she knows about the former B list celeb/reality star that our former A lister calls all the time to try and hook up.

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#2**
Apparently this former A list singer and still an A list legend managed to get a woman who is a B list celeb and a quarter of his age to give him a little loving. It was not full on sex, but it was still impressive what he managed to convince her to do. The pot probably helped.

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#3**
This former one hit wonder from the early 90's with some weird punctuation in her name has now been reduced to working as a street hooker. Everytime she is arrested for prostitution she brings up her hit song and thinks it will get her off or that someone will be impressed. Des'ree

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#4**
This A list all movie actor with the occasional foray into television was taking some classes at a college. While he was there during a summer, the actor would choose one camper to work with each week, and by work, I mean what you think I mean. One of the campers complained about being stalked and harassed by the actor and the faculty at the college initiated grievance proceedings against him. James Franco

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#5**
This B- list actress who is moving beyond her tween fame was at a charity event and was in and out in under 5 minutes. Stars which are A list were there for hours helping out, but our all television actress told the organizers that she had 2 minutes so get some photos quickly because she had some shopping to do that day and a date for lunch with her boyfriend. Bella Thorne (Tristan Klier)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#6**
This A list female singer will not be showing up to this other A list female singer's concerts anytime soon. It turns out that about a month ago, the second A list female singer was talking about all the times she had sex with the A list significant other of the first A list female singer and also started listing everyone else he had sex with where she was watching or had heard. Drinking apparently was involved but our first A lister is not happy.
First A list female singer: Beyoncé
Second A list female singer: Rihanna
First A list’s significant other: Jay-Z

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **#7**
I give this A++ lister a lot of grief and goodness knows she is the biggest diva on the planet. I know she didn't invent diva, but she has perfected it into something that no one will probably ever be able to match. While other people talk about what they are going to do or try and get a bunch of people do some giving, our A lister puts her purse out there and writes really big checks to help kids. She has given at least a million dollars a year every year for the last ten years to children's organizations. Nothing in the news. No splashy announcements. She goes and visits the organizations when she can. Sometimes there is press there, but she prefers it to be all about her and the kids. At most of them she does not even wear much makeup and doesn't wear heels either. The diva is gone and in the diva's place is someone who wants to do what she can to change the lives of as many people as she can for the better. She has thousands of kids who are truly thankful for her this holiday season. Mariah Carey

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#1**
What C list actor who has not been in anything of consequence but still manages to keep his name in the news almost everyday was spotted this week getting a new cell phone. From a new company. Without his B list celebrity wife. He was denied for service with the new company and asked if he wanted to use someone as a co-signer. He looked like he would die. He also had to pay in cash. He said there was no way he could use any credit cards and his wife pays all the bills. Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#2**
This celebrity offspring from an A list celebrity couple has been late with her period twice in the past six months. The mom knows her daughter is having sex and has been freaking out. She had her daughter on the pill but the daughter never took it and says she does not always use condoms so the mom took her to the doctor and got her the birth control shot. And a GPS tracker for her phone. And a curfew. This offspring is going to be the wildest kid ever. Lily Rose Depp

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#3**
This C- list actress was once a big deal on television and it was not that long ago. At the time she thought she was too good for the hit network show and wanted to move on. She has moved on, but not to much. Somehow she supports herself through appearances and the occasional modeling job. She had found a boyfriend after a bunch of horrible relationships and she thought this boyfriend was the one and even got a tattoo. He convinced her to have a threesome with another woman who was a friend of the actress. Once they did he started dating the friend and broke up with the actress. Misha Barton

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#4**
This A list NASCAR driver who has been driving for a very long time is married. He had been telling his very attractive wife that he was going to take a little three day vacation with some of the guys from his crew. In reality, he was going to take a little three day vacation with an 19 year old he met when he was signing some autographs. At the last minute, our driver's wife decide she wanted to come so our driver had to cancel with the mistress, get a bunch of the guys to come and had to pay for all of them to get there and be there just so the story would seem true. Jimmy Johnson

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#5**
This barely still A list all movie actor who is always a little strange finally went too far with his long suffering girlfriend. The final straw was when he introduced her to his co-star and then said they were going to have sex and the girlfriend should join them. The girlfriend said no, and her A lister boyfriend said that the co-star had a boyfriend and would the girlfriend rather just swap? That was it. Out the door she went. Shia LaBeouf

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **#6**
#1 - This former A list all television actor from a hit show has finally found some work after his show had finished its run. He needed to find something because he said spending time with his wife after being gone so long was killing him and he couldn't wait to what kind of extras were going to be hired. Hugh Laurie

#2 - This former A list actor who has always been on television had some serious butt kissing to do as he hit the bottle really hard, but this time instead of passing out, got violent with his much younger girlfriend. She is sticking with him, but got him to start paying her every month because she quit her job to be with him full-time. Matthew Perry/Lizzy Caplan

#3 - This former almost A list actress who is still B and always has been all movies is back on the bottle again and got hammered at a club out of the country the other night. Took off her shirt and bra and wandered around the club topless. Her boyfriend was so hammered, he didn't care at all. Kirsten Dunst/Garrett Hedlund

#4 - This B- list all movie actress who used to be in television had planned on quitting acting because she was not getting any roles that were not repeats of what she has previously done. Unfortunately her husband has spent all their money on stupid get rich quick schemes and her businesses are doing well, but need more cash. Rumor has it the only part she can get which will pay enough will require her to strip for the first time ever. Jessica Alba/Cash Warren

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#1**
If you are in the Miami area, have access to a great deal of meth, then you to can have sex with this former B list actress from a hit cable show. Now she is probably a C lister, but if you act fast, you can have her before she loses her teeth. Paz De La Huerta

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/24 **#2**
This B- list reality star and C list actress has told her A list boyfriend that she either wants a raise or a ring. This whole fake boyfriend/girlfriend thing is no longer working out like she thought it would and it has not been helping her career like she thought either. Ryan Seacrest/Julianne Hough

150. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/24
1. Which angelic-looking show-business star has a secret — but very nasty — cocaine habit that helps her stay thin?

2. Which star was written out of a hot television show because he or she was doing way more cocaine lines than script lines?
Eric Dane "Grey’s Anatomy"
Paz de la Huerta "Boardwalk Empire"
Jennifer Esposito "Blue Bloods"

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#1**
This B list actor who has dabbled with A list in the past and usually does movies now but has dabbled in television previously has a new significant other and they have not been together long. They got very close, very quickly. Most people say way too quickly. He is a person though who also believes in open love which his new significant other is finding tough to grasp. She wants to be supportive, but finds it hard when she comes home to finding him in bed with a couple of other women and stoned out of his mind tells her to come join them. Shia LaBeouf

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#2**
Until recently this A list director/producer/writer had never cheated on his significant other. Then he met this foreign born B-/C+ list actress. Within an hour of meeting they were having sex and he even cast her in one of his upcoming projects to give them an excuse to spend months together. Tim Burton (and that was the end of his relationship with Helena Bonham Carter) (PROBABLY Eva Green "Dark Shadows")

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#3**
This A list all movie actress is telling reporters in her interviews that the failures of her most recent movie are because of her co-stars and director and that she kept trying to get them to change their performances and that she worked so hard to make everything try and work out right and that she worked 20 hours a day to try and make it right. Everyone on the cast and crew hates her for this and it was because she didn't want to be there and complained everyday that everyone tried to get her fired and consider her the reason this last movie like most of her recent movies have been toxic. People hate working with her. Halle Berry "Cloud Atlas"

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/25 **#4**
Things have got so bad between this celebrity couple with A+ list name recognition that they were going to try and spend Thanksgiving together for the sake of the kids, but just ended up fighting and arguing and no one is sure why they have not announced their split. She has given up any pretenses of being married. All she wants now is a nice fat check from her husband, but he thinks she might be the one writing the check because she has made more since they were married. Annette Bening and Warren Beatty

155. NY POST 11/25
When a hot-tempered Frank Sinatra wanted to break it off with a beautiful woman, he would order loyal valet Tony Consiglio, a high-school buddy from Hoboken, to do the dirty work. Though it would be nasty, Consiglio admits in his posthumous book "Sinatra and Me: The Very Good Years" that he had no choice. During their 50 years together, if something went wrong for Sinatra, Ol’ Blue Eyes would say to Consiglio, "You have a problem." One night at the Claridge in Atlantic City, Frank was with a gorgeous young actress, Consiglio writes. But when the talk turned to politics, she rubbed Sinatra the wrong way. The lady retired to her room to change into something more comfortable. Sinatra told Tony to deliver dinner — a plate of spareribs — to the woman with a special instruction. "I went to her room and knocked on the door. She opened the door wearing a beautiful light chiffon dressing gown over a transparent white negligee. She looked beautiful and ready for a long night. I told her that I was sorry to bother her, and that Frank had insisted that I deliver the spareribs. "When she reached out for the plate I hit her in the face with the ribs, sauce and all. I apologized again and went back to the suite. "Frank asked, ‘Did you do what I told you?’ I nodded yes."

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#1**
This actress is an idiot. The actress who used to be almost A list back in the day and is now a laughable C who is lucky to get work but still has A list name recognition was told by one of her friends that Prince Harry loved her and had a crush on her from back in the day and there was some super secret exchange thing going on and after a lot of back and forth our actress thought she had the personal cell phone number of Prince Harry. For two days straight she sent massive amounts of texts and photos, many of them not fully clothed and was just incessant about communicating and told everyone they were texting and dating and just went on and on. The thing is no one ever wrote back and after two days of this constant barrage, it turns out that it was a wrong number and belonged to some woman who had left her phone at work over the weekend and came in on Monday in London to almost 500 messages and photos since she had left on Friday. Lindsay Lohan

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#2**
This had a little fame herself sister of an A+ list celebrity has definitely followed in her famous sister's footsteps so to speak. Not only is she currently having sex with her sister's ex, but in the past she had sex with her sister's current boyfriend. They stopped though when she got serious with the ex even though he is involved with someone too.

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#3**
This former A list reality star is now her own worst nightmare, a D list celebrity with a pocketful of money who is having to shell out that money to keep her boyfriend by her side. The former star does not want to have to date guys her own age or older because she feels she needs young guys to have any chance at career redemption, but the only way they are willing to be with her is if she pays. $100K a month for her current boyfriend. Paris Hilton/River Viiperi (she stopped paying and the boyfriend just disappeared. No announcements or anything)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#4**
This B list celebrity couple consisting of an A list female and a C list male have come to an agreement. She can hang out with her ex-boyfriend and he can hook up with the nanny who looks and dresses exactly like his former flame.

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#5**
This just about A list movie actress has been told by her A list actor boyfriend that he wants a baby with her. She has said ok and he thinks they are really trying, but she has made sure she will not get pregnant with him because she doesn't trust that he won't cheat and she is not ready to walk away from her career at this point which she thinks will happen if she gets pregnant. Mila Kunis/Ashton Kutcher

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/26 **#6**
This A list television actor who has been a flop whenever he has chosen to try and do movies has had some bad luck on tv lately but will always be an A because of his past multiple hits. Back in the day he liked the world to think he was a Playboy. He had women all over Los Angeles and would stop at nothing to wine them and dine them, although he admits it usually only took a whole bunch of coke and some shopping to make them want to date him. A huge ego did not leave them much room to emerge from his shadow and he preferred them to look trashy and cling to him for support like they were wanting a drink of water in the desert. The trashier and needier the better. Basically a Courtney Stodden type with a drug habit they could not afford without him. The thing is he never really had sex with these women. Oh sure, every once in awhile he would give them 30 seconds of sex, but his thing was meeting their exes and trying to hit on them. It turns out that trashy looking women with drug habits had ex-boyfriends who were also not averse to spending time with someone who could provide them access to drugs even if they are the same sex. Our actor stayed the longest with women who had exes who would go along with him. Trashy girlfriend in public, their ex-boyfriends at his place. Kelsey Grammer

162. BLIND GOSSIP 11/26
This award-winning film actor is Hollywood royalty. He and his wife, who have been married for more than 5 years, decided that they wanted a baby to complete their family. They chose the surrogacy route. Because they are celebrities, they worked through an agency, and chose to remain anonymous throughout the process. The surrogate was successfully impregnated, and everything was going well. But then, she got curious. She started talking. A lot. "Who are the parents? Are they celebrities? Are they royalty? Are they in The Mafia? Why is their identity such a secret?" When the star and his wife found out that the surrogate was determined to know the parents’ identity, they were furious! The wife told agency, "How dare she! Let her abort it. I don’t care." The agency staff was shocked, and scrambled to fix the situation. They reminded the surrogate that she signed a contract and was receiving big $$$ for the baby. She eventually carried the pregnancy to term, the couple got the baby, the surrogate got the money… and she still doesn’t know that she carried this star’s baby. Robert De Niro/Grace Hightower

To Pam Grier, today’s blind item isn’t just another actor who’s an asshole — he’s also a racist bastard. That’s because, we’re told when our blind item played the leading role in "The Witches Of Eastwick", he had the last word when producers of the movie considered casting Foxy Brown. According to our insider, our mystery man pulled rank over Grier which is why she ultimately wasn’t cast in the 1987 flick surrounding three single women. We’re told our blind item wasn’t secretive about his desire to act alongside an all-white line-up of women. Here’s the drop: "When Pam Grier’s photo came up, everyone wanted her to be in the movie – he said ‘I’m not going to do it. It’s a bad idea. What do you guys think this is, The Cosby Show?’ That’s exactly why sources say our blind item doesn’t like working with Afro American actresses — adding the actor doesn’t want to piss off his racist fan base. This while the actor makes it a point to always head to witness his favorite house trained negro – Kobe Bryant - in action. Jack Nicholson

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#1**
This real housewife recently went on vacation. She wants the world to think the family has plenty of money and that the luxury vacation proves it. Reality is that the vacation was paid for by a company in exchange for photos to be sold and the family is more broke than they have ever been and if not for the show would probably be living at the in-laws house. Melissa Gorga

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#2**
This B+ list always movie foreign born actress with a very interesting name showed up unexpectedly at an event the other night. It was an unpleasant shock for this A list always movies goody goody actor because he had just left the actress at her hotel room two hours earlier and was at the event with his long time wife. Apparently the actress was drunk and wanted to live on the edge. The couple have been seeing each other for over a decade when she was still married and he single. Now, their roles are reversed.

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#3**
This former A list tweener is so worried that her B- list movie actor boyfriend is going to cheat on her while he is on set that she sent one of her assistants with him to be on set all day with him and to stay in his hotel suit at night. What our tweener probably did not consider is what happens if the actor and the assistant start hooking up? Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#4**
This B- list television and movie actress who had one huge hit has been in this spot before when I wrote about how she regretted adopting a child and was trying to give the child back. Unable to do so and fearful of bad publicity, the actress has given the baby to one of the nannies that was caring for her. The nanny lives in a guest house and weeks will go by without the actress seeing her child. The only time she ever makes sure to bring out the child is if there is a red carpet that involves kids. She loves those. Joely Fisher

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#5**
This B- list Academy Award winning actor who is now on television mostly is cheating on his wife with the woman he cheated on his first wife with 20 years ago. They had not seen each other in almost 20 years and then ran into each other on his television show when she was a guest star. Timothy Hutton/Lauren Holly "Leverage"

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/27 **#6**
There are two sisters. Not of each other. In fact, they probably don't even know each other. What they have in common though are older sisters who are celebrities who got them hooked on drugs and changed the lives of the sisters forever. One of the sisters is related to a former almost A list actress. The almost A lister was always smoking pot and doing coke and would drag her sister along with her. Inevitably the girl, who was barely 12 when she started going out with her older sister would share some of the drugs and then ended up doing even more than her actress sister. A 12 year old at adult parties turns into a 13 and 14 year old strung out on heroin and two attempts at suicide. The girl is about to hit her 20's now and can barely function due to brain damage from a bad reaction to some drugs she once made herself because she was so desperate to get high. Her actress sister never mentions her and doesn't think she is to blame for the downfall of the sister. Our other actress in this item also used to be A list and has always had problems with drugs and booze. She too would drag her sister to parties. Those parties also saw the younger sister at the ages of 13 and 14 at adult parties using drugs and when the older sister would be preoccupied, much older men would hit on the young girl. She lost her virginity at 13 to a guy in his 40's who would be back frequently, generally trading drugs for sex, only the drugs went to the older sister. The younger sister was passed around like this frequently and has been to a mental institution twice in the past year. The actress thinks it is all part of growing up and refuses to take any blame at all.
Sister One: Lindsay and Ali Lohan
Sister Two: Mischa and Hania Barton

170. BLIND GOSSIP 11/27
This cute and popular young actor has one relative who is very ill and one who just passed away. He is so worried that he will wind up in the same situation that he is freaking out. He is distracting himself by throwing house parties several times a week, and tells anyone who will listen that he is worried about his health. The irony is that while he is doing this, he is drinking and smoking heavily. Yes, he is legally old enough to drink and smoke. However, he might find that he has better luck with his health if he spent more time shooting hoops and less time partying.
Zac Efron


171. MOUTH TO EARS 11/27
This [woman] was not even cold in the ground and her family was spending her money. They say that blood is thicker than water but not for this diva. As soon as she lost her battle against her demons her family took over. She was still one of the biggest superstars in the world at the time of her death. In the past people put her on suicide watch but lately she was said to be getting herself together. Which is why her death was a surprise to some. Although this diva had few private moments in life she tried her best. So was it surprising when her sister-in-law sold her death pictures for more than $500,000.00? Her sister-in-law always wanted to be the star! Her [sister-in-law] now can be a star every week for thirty minutes sharing her life and time.
Woman:Whitney Houston
Sister-in-law: Pat Houston
Show: "The Houstons:"We’re On Our Own Now"
Another Sister in Law that sold pics: Tina Brown (Bobby’s sister)

This item concerns a famous woman who used to be a bit of a player but is now married to a less famous but notorious man. She's keen to stress the romantic nature of their marriage but the truth is that their relationship is based on a shared need for money and a strong physical connection. Those on the ground whisper that within minutes of their first meeting the randy lovestruck pair made a hasty retreat to the invalid loos (that would be the handicapped restrooms for our American friends). Not quite what she told her world-renowned family.
Woman: Zara Phillips
Man: Mike Tindall
Woman’s Family: The British Royal Family

173. BLIND GOSSIP 11/28
This famous actor has always come across as a good guy, a good husband, and a good father. It’s hard to imagine him as anything but a good guy. Well, we have a little story that may dispel that notion. When he was married to this famous actress, he was not exactly faithful. When he traveled on business, he liked to pick up random women. He would go to a local bar, check out the women, and select one for the evening. His woman of choice usually looked like Brigitte Nielsen in her prime: six feet tall, with short, blonde hair. Basically, someone who looked exactly the opposite of his wife. When he took the girl back to his hotel room, he never wanted to have regular intercourse. It was all backdoor action for him. No, the fact that he was married with children at the time didn’t seem to be a factor at all in his decision to have unprotected sex with a random stranger. Both he and his ex-wife have moved on, but we do wonder if she knew about his constant cheating. We also wonder if he cheats on his current wife. Why? Because she doesn’t look like Brigitte Nielsen either!
Actor: Bruce Willis
Ex-Wife: Demi Moore
He co-owned "Planet Hollywood" with Brigitte’s ex, Sylvester Stallone

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#1**
I love this blind item. It seems that this A list reality star had to go scrambling to find a place that wanted her to host a New Years Eve gig. Previously the star had asked for and received $600K for hosting. This year she managed just a fraction of the amount and had to settle for a way less prestigious place to host. Tick tick tick on the 15 minutes.
Kim Kardashian
this year
last year

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#2**
This B+ list television actress on one of the biggest television shows on television has a serious prescription drug problem. The good news is that she knows not to drink while taking them because she doesn't want to end up dead. The problem is she can't stop taking way too many of them. They have started to really age her and bloat her and she is rarely coherent after about 4pm everyday, but does not want to go to rehab because she is so scared of getting replaced on the show. She says it is the show that got her hooked because of the demanding schedule. Kaley Cuoco "Big Bang Theory"

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#3**
This former B list television actress and now sometimes a reality star and always an A list name recognition celebrity totally blew off the guy she had been having sex with for a few months at a party recently. He thought they were still together even though she had been traveling. Apparently it was fun while it lasted but she needs a guy with a whole lot more cash and found that out really quickly when he tried to go in for a kiss and was shot down and dumped right there at the party and she was not even nice about why. She told him exactly why he was not going to make the list. Pam Anderson/Jon Rose

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#4**
This foreign born actress who was on a very long running hit network show back in the day is probably C list now. Because of her accent she is more well known than she would be if she were American. She is on a show right now too, but not nearly as successful. She loves to pretend she is prim and proper but apparently she loves giving lap dances, especially to the husband of her married co-star. That holiday party should be really interesting. Jane Leeves "Hot in Cleveland"/Wendie Malick

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#5**
This A list all movie actor with a charming smile and a fairly goody goody reputation has been banned for life from a strip club because he had hired away all the best performers and has them come to his house every night when he is in the mood. He loves it because he doesn't have to go out and can get as freaky as he wants which is pretty freaky which is why one of his exes broke up with him. The man needs his strippers and she could not deal with it.
Luke Wilson/Gwyneth Paltrow

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **#6**
This celebrity is probably C list. However she is A+ when it comes to name recognition. She is also about doing anything she can do to become as famous as she possibly can. It is not about money. She has had offers from men who have been willing to pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to sleep with her. She is young and attractive, and she certainly draws a very wealthy crowd, but she does not want the money, she wants the fame. She craves fame. She loves when people recognize her and loves being the center of attention. She also likes to pretend she is above it. But she isn't. Now, she has used some of these powerful men in the past. She keeps getting on television for one simple reason. She is willing to use what she has but not with producers. Nope. She goes for network heads and the presidents of development companies. She is one of the few people who can get access and she knows how to use her charms. She learned from a master. She does have a downfall. She can't seem to stay away from guys who are really good looking, but dumb as rocks. She can't take them out in public so usually just stays in when she wants to be with them, but she is always worried they will tell the world how she likes to be spanked or her secret love for a very special kind of porn. She tried out that porn in person once or twice and loved it, but that is something she doesn't allow herself in person. She thinks it will mess up her chances for fame. She will say anything about anyone to get ahead and will throw anyone under a bus to get there. Apparently she is in the process of getting something a C lister in her position could only hope for and would never actually get. It is why she was on her best behavior the other night and actually said hello to regular people. Oh, how she hated that. She wants the fame and adoration from fans, but not the interaction. Farrah Abraham

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#1**
This actress was almost A list way back in the day. In the not too distant past she was on a show for multiple seasons. A great show. A huge hit cable show. Everyone will always love her for one very important role with an A++ list actor. Anyway, she has not been doing much the last couple of years that would make her swamped with offers from fans, but at a restaurant the other day several fans approached her while she was waiting for a car to pick her up. They all wanted to say hi or have their photo taken with her and the first few just got a curt, "No." After that though she started getting increasingly angry that people were bothering her and at one pointed shouted, "I'm way too busy to be talking to you right now. Get a life." She then continued doing nothing and just waiting for a car which eventually arrived.
Actress: Elizabeth Perkins "Weeds"/A++ list actor: Tom Hanks "Big"

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#2**
This actress is on a network show that is fighting to stay on the air. It is not looking good. I actually like the show and the actress, but even people you like, do dumb things when they are drunk. When they are on a plane and drunk it can be worse. Our actress was sitting next to a man who apparently had been working on something for quite some time on his laptop. Our actress, seated next to the man and who had been steadily drinking for an hour or so was asking him questions about his work and what he was working on and then leaned over and asked what a certain button was for and pressed it. It turns out that it was an equation for some car engineering thing and although she didn't erase everything, she did manage to make the last hour of his life irrelevant and he had to start again. She said, "You can fix that right? If you used my iPad would it go faster? It's new." Krysten Ritter "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#3**
This significant other of this A+ list celebrity with A++ name recognition has been struggling with a serious drug addiction. He is trying to hide it from the A lister because she would love to have some of what he is having. On a side note he also apparently picked up an STD from some fan of his. Who knew significant others had groupies? Britney Spears/Jason Trawick

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#4**
This Real Housewives star was in a store this week and started yelling at her child and slapped the child across the face. A passerby looked as if they were going to help and the Housewife told the person to mind their own business.

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#5**
This female B list host of an A list very hit reality show has found her new conquest. A very married A list politician. Padma Lakshmi "Top Chef"

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **#6**
This actor is B- list or even C+ list but almost everyone knows who he is because of who he has dated. He has tried to date women but it just is not satisfying for him or the women. He generally finds one woman he can be great friends with and makes it last and last. There are no short term things. When you talk to him there is a lot of bitterness about his past and people he feels took advantage of him and his sexual preferences. He says his relationship with this A list all movie actor was instant and "torrid." Whenever they could find a moment they were all over each other. He says the A lister told him it was the first time he seriously considered coming out and that he was falling in love with our C lister. For months they were inseparable. The A lister then introduced the C lister to another A lister all movie who also was struggling with his own sexual preferences but was equally attracted to men and women but took an instant liking to our C lister and started having sex with him on a regular basis, but only when the A lister was out of LA and could be more private. Both of the A listers were using the C lister on a regular basis and the first A lister continued to profess his love for the C lister and said that he was going to help the C lister with his career and to just stick with him. As part of the help though, he needed the C lister to stay in the background and soon they would be together. So, the C lister did not work as much as he could have and for several years did not have any work because his job was to keep his A lister happy. Then one day, the A lister said that there were too many rumors about the pair and the A lister was leaving and that the C lister was never to call him again and gave him a check for $100K. Our C lister had been cruising to B list or A list status and now had no prospects and had given up because of promises made. It took him a year before he could get work again and now he never misses the opportunity to talk about how they used him.

186. BLIND GOSSIP 11/29 **#1**
This young star is in danger. There is a huge gap between what is publicly being reported about him, and what is really going on in his private life.
Public: He is a clean-cut guy.
Private: He parties every day, and consumes copious amounts of alcohol, cocaine, and heroin.
Public: He dates beautiful, famous, "nice" girls. He is currently single, and is looking for a nice, clean-cut girl to settle down with.
Private: His last girlfriend was his drug dealer, and his current girlfriend is a hard-partying, older woman who is using him to promote her business.
Public: He is a healthy and well-groomed.
Private: He rarely showers or brushes his teeth because his new girlfriend has told him that it is better to be "natural".
Public: He is a good Christian boy.
Private: He is telling friends that he now worships Satan. He is practicing "black magic" and some sort of dark religion (witchcraft?) with his new girlfriend.
Public: He had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with his family.
Private: He told his family over Thanksgiving that he doesn’t believe in God anymore. His family completely freaked out at the news. He got into a huge fight with his father about it, and he and his girlfriend wound up hopping a plane early so that he could go home and shoot up some more heroin. Joe Jonas/Blanda Eggenschwiler

187. BLIND GOSSIP 11/29 **#2**
This funny guy – who is the star of a television show – is not laughing about the state of his relationship. He and his wife have been struggling to add to their family, there have been many fights along the way, and their marriage is currently in trouble. The first fight occurred when they both went through a series of fertility tests. One of the tests he took came back positive… for herpes. It turned out to be a false positive, but they did have a huge fight over it. The second fight happened when they figured out that they could not conceive on their own. She is unable to bear children, and he feels like that was something she should have known and told him about before they married. The third fight happened when the wife’s close friend – the celebrity who originally set them up – became pregnant this year. The celebrity is younger than the wife, and although the couple is genuinely happy for her, it just reinforced their own futility in getting pregnant. The latest fight came after they hired a surrogate to carry a baby. They used his sperm and a donor egg. The surrogate did get pregnant… but unfortunately had a miscarriage a few months into the process. The couple now has to start over again from scratch (if their marriage survives the fighting). We will probably never be able to solve this one officially, but if you stay up late enough, you should be able to get to the root of the funny guy’s identity.
Funny Guy: Jimmy Fallon
Television Show: "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"
Celebrity Friend: Drew Barrymore

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#1**
What A list country singer once was at a movie theatre and saw there was a black man in the same row. The singer got up and moved a few rows to the front and said, "Now that (n word) is behind me where he belongs."

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#2**
This B-/C+ list television actress who is dropping quickly thanks to the end of her show was at an event for charity and was told that the organizers were waiting for some other celebrities before kicking off the night's festivities. The actress asked who the other people were and when told, she said, "I'm not waiting for them. I am a much bigger celebrity then them so we need to start right now or I am walking." The organizers caved and started the event which looked ridiculous because no one else was there yet. Kelly Rutherford "World Aids Day"

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#3**
What A+ list all movie actress is finally getting a chance to explore with women which is something she has always wanted to do. While on the set she met someone who changed her life and the pair have continued to explore, although not as much as they did while filming. The actress is not going to leave her significant other for the woman, although he has said that he feels threatened by this new version of the actress. He does say she is nicer than she has ever been before. Julia Roberts

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#4**
This Real Housewife has had sex with so many guys that she is one degree of separation away from every other version of the show except New Jersey. She slept with a guy who has slept with a woman on Beverly Hills. She has slept with a guy who has slept with a woman in New York. She has slept with a guy who has slept with a woman in Orange County and has done the same in Atlanta and Miami. Only New Jersey has somehow managed to escape her attempt to be the sexual Kevin Bacon of Real Housewives. Joanna Krupa "Real Housewives of Miami"

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#5**
This is not what this B- list television and movie, but best known for a hit almost network show expected. She did not sign up to hide inside and never be seen. She wants to go out and be noticed and have a career and be noticed and be in magazines and be noticed, not order in every night. It's what you get though when you are with this A list all movie actor. It is all about him and what he wants. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **#6**
This actress is almost A list. Always movies. She was at a party the other night and started talking about how she is thinking of leaving her A list actor significant other. She can't handle him anymore. What he says are just tricks and games and don't mean anything, starts to look a whole lot like cheating when he comes home with panties in his pocket or rushes to the shower as soon as he walks in the door or has just showered right before coming home. The nights where he refuses to answer his cell phone or has it turned off. How he is always interviewing models. He has appeared at parties they have thrown together completely naked. He had one party and insisted everyone bow to him each time before they spoke. The actress says times can be great but that over the past few years the fun times have been replaced by someone who she longer recognizes. His temper has increased dramatically and anything will get him to lose it and scream and she said that when he screams he is a spitter and she is terrified and scared, but then he says it is all a game. She said the games were fun a long time ago, but now it is time to grow up. Sacha Baron Cohen/Isla Fisher

Did this Superstar try to use his political connections for a hopeless case? Trying to back your friends is one thing, but you can't burn your connections on a friend that won't do better himself. Will Smith/TI

195. MOUTH TO EARS 11/30
This pop star has had incredible success. Who would have thought a single teen mom could raise such a great child. Since he is not from the US he still has strong ties in his country . He recently met a important public and word is he was HIGH. Seems like he is following his mentors footsteps with the on and off relationship he has been having with his girlfriend. What is the problem you ask ? He likes to smoke ! Not just one blunt ………….we are talking 4 to 5 a day. Oh yes this pop star is said to be on Snoop Dogg status. But we hope he slows it down soon. You never know next time he gets chased down by reporters the highway patrol just may look into his eyes instead of asking for a autograph.
Pop star: Justin Bieber
Public figure: Canadian Prime Minister/Stephen Harper
Mentor: Usher
Girlfriend: Selena Gomez

He’s a comedian who may have done well in the 90's from his former MADtv gig, but our now 37-year-old blind item is said to be facing tough financial times. That’s because source say our mystery man’s latest comedy DVD "Hollywood Look I’m Smiling" tanked – selling a total of just 5405 copies. We’re told our blind item lacks in management of his money. This while sources say he moves like a show girl – quick to place blame on others. And – that show girl comparison is something that could be well deserved. Know why? Because sources say our blind item features a make-out session with an invisible male friend in his stand-up routine. Word is our mystery man’s stand-up comedy routine has long peaked, leaving this funny man in the old news category. That’s what’s said to have led our blind item running around Tinseltown claiming, "my manager ripped me off". One industry insider has since voiced their concern for our mystery man, saying our blind item would do himself a big favor by putting down the bottle – and retire his Shaquille O’Neal impression. Know why? Because both practices are said to be played out. Now, sources say only a few bullshit out-of-town promoters are the ones who will book our blind item and his tired act. Can you guess who I’m talking about? Aries Spears


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