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This A list singer has had numerous men pursue her in the past. She is married now, but while she was dating, she would tell all her boyfriends she was a virgin. When she became famous several guys wanted to be her first. There are three men who think they are her first and they each paid dearly to think they were the first, but none of them actually were. Our singer lost her virginity back in high school to a guy who died the next year in an auto accident. With no one to ever challenge her, our singer sought to make sure she was always a force in the business. The first man owned a record label and our singer desperately wanted to be on that label. He thinks he was the first and lavished our singer with gifts including cash and cars and signed her to his label. The day the deal was signed they spent two whole hours in a hotel before she said she had to go. The second was a producer who our singer wanted to produce her record. He was married at the time but wanted this singer badly. She told him she would only go out with him if he got divorced. He left his wife and produced the record and in return got to spend a weekend with the singer before she dumped him. Then, there is her husband who was told when they started dating that she was a virgin and intended to remain so until she got married. She didn't make it that far, but did manage to string him along for almost two years before they finally ended up in bed together. In those two years she set herself up for life in gifts and cash even without her huge record sales.

1. This legend certainly enjoys the single life, but one of his offspring may enjoy it a little too much himself. The offspring put too much business out on twitter about the company he keeps. Time for a one on one with the legendary parent.
Michael Jordan's son Marcus

2. This Mogul is finding out the hard way his late friend’s family can be a handful when you try to help them. Tyler Perry/Whitney Houston's family

Her marriage may be in trouble, but it hasn’t stopped this Girl her from having sex! She’s pregnant. And with bikini season upon us, she won’t be able to hide it for long. Now the big question is: Who’s the Daddy? Is it her hapless hubby or her business buddy? Fending off accusations about an affair should give her plenty to talk about this summer.
Bethenny Frankel

Oh, the luxurious lifestyles of those rich and famous franchise stars! They basically run Hollywood these days, what with their movies making gajillions of dollars at the box office and all that. But it's when they step out of that limelight that their perfect little facades fade away and their naughty little secrets come to light. Like, say, Sammy Sniffles and a late night secret that's yet to be exposed... Until now. Sammy recently appeared in a mucho-hyped big screen flick, Three Cheers for the Underdog. One of those million dollar popcorn flicks that comes with action figures, legions of devoted fans and instant A-list credit. And Sam does not disappoint when it comes to living the franchise lifestyle. For one, S2 is into that whole fakey romance thing (complete with lovey-dovey paparazzi pics, natch), and, while that's one secret Sam would not want revealed, there's a nastier Vice that's starting to draw even more attention: Cocaine! And loads of it! Yep, like so many stars of yesteryear (or even yesterday), as soon as Sammy made it big in Tinseltown, the drugs started flowing. Now, Sam—discreetly, of course—will spend the whole night snorting lines of blow. So when does the party end? Well, it doesn't, really. Sammy does enough coke to stay awake through the wee hours of the morning, then heads directly from the party to whatever sort of work Sniffles has that day. So far though, Sam hasn't slipped. But we're assuming it's only a matter of time. AND IT AIN'T: Kristen Stewart, Josh Hutcherson, Chris Hemsworth.
Chris Evans

What former A list actress who seemed to be in every movie made over a 5 year period and now is maybe a C spent all of a recent coast to coast airplane flight in first class while her daughter and nanny flew in coach. It might be nice to at least go back and visit them. Oh, and she also refused a flight attendant's request for a photograph by saying she does not do those. And everyone used to think she was so sweet. Meg Ryan

What A list movie actress was so whacked out on drugs during this not that long ago movie that her A list movie actor co-star had to take over many of her lines for her. She just could not get them out at all.
Angelina Jolie/Nicolas Cage "Gone In 60 Seconds"

This actress is a solid B list. Everyone knows her name and would recognize her instantly in pictures. She has been in the business for a long time, but only does movies and is not that old. When she was still a teen she was in a movie with a very well known actor at the time. Heck he still is. A very big actor. Anyway she was so enthralled with him that she would follow him around the entire time she was on set. When she became legal, he took her out to dinner and they had sex. He was dating someone seriously at the time so there was no way he was going to continue to see this fling. He told her when he left her that the reason was she was too big for him despite her probably weighing 100 pounds at the time. For the next five years, the actress was in and out of therapy and rehab because she refused to eat and thought that she would never get anyone again. Later they did something else together and she starved herself for a month before filming started, barely eating enough to stay functional. She thought he would be pleased, but he never even noticed her size although he did welcome the opportunity to sleep with her again. This time they had sex almost everyday of filming. Again at the end he dumped her and she said that she thought her world was over and had no idea what to do anymore. She did meet someone special right after and he convinced her she was too thin and they began to work on her self-esteem issues together. She dumped him though when a chance meeting with her former flame happened. This time he convinced her they would be together forever, but again, it was not meant to be as he was still with the same woman as their second time together. For the past several years she has swung up and down health wise depending on her therapy and still believes that somehow she can get this actor who she thinks of the love of her life to notice her. When she knows they will be somewhere together is when it is the worst as she stops eating to the point of passing out but for the past few years he has not even acknowledged her presence even when they are in the same place.

1. WHICH still-gorgeous, 60-something star – a former Bond girl – got into a HUGE screaming match over the phone with her husband at a recent Washington, D.C., political function? The actress, who’s on hubby No. 4, was so loud that other guests at the event stopped and stared before she stormed off!
Jane Seymour

2. THIS Grammy-winning musician gets such a kick out of impersonating a certain A-list star that he actually poses for photos with the actor’s fans AND signs his autograph! The sleazy singer likes to be a bigger jerk than usual when people mistake him for "Mr. Movie Star" – and even undertips on restaurant and bar bills in the hope that the media will pick up the story! Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Will Ferrell

3. WHAT hunky actor’s wife isn’t so happy that her hubby – who is long rumored to be gay or at least bisexual – has reunited "professionally" with a former longtime boyfriend? The multitalented star had cooled it for a while, but his ex begged the movie star to let him back into his life!
Actor: Hugh Jackman
Wife: Debora Lee Furness
Business Partner: John Palermo

4. WHAT actor/writer-turned-director has been texting and e-mailing a photo of his passed out, NAKED ex-girlfriend to pals? The former medical drama star has a sick sense of humor and actually placed leftover food on the nude girl’s body before he snapped the pic. Peter Berg/Estella Warren

5. BUZZFOTO 06/04
This Hollywood couple that everyone adores, have been together for a while now. They are starting to struggle in their relationship. One of the partners admitted to a source that they feel like the relationship is only "maintenance stuff." Her solution is to pay for a one night stand when she goes to Vegas in a couple of weeks.

There are few things more humiliating than public failure. And it’s got to hurt being pushed out of your own company. For example, back in the mid-1980’s, Steve Jobs was famously demoted and pushed aside at Apple until he finally quit. But investors don’t play. If you take millions of their dollars and can’t get the job done, they will berate, demote, and marginalize you until you quit or get fired. This fate is awaiting one of the most famous names in entertainment. In fact, they are so rich and famous that they thought they were invincible. And now they have completely fucked up a huge opportunity that is costing millions of dollars and lots of jobs. A sober and responsible person would do whatever was necessary to fix the mess they created. But is this person is acting neither soberly nor responsibly. Are they buckling down to fix the problems? Oh, no! A big, fat ego – coupled with a drinking problem – is proving to be a terrible thing. This delusional executive is running away. They are taking on unrelated outside jobs in the hopes of achieving success somewhere, anywhere. Anything to get that ego reinflated! Suffice to say, investors are furious. While the executive should get the boot, it’s more likely they will be quietly marginalized to the point of stepping aside. Oprah

7. BUZZFOTO 06/05
This not-quite-legal actor, who has some big upcoming projects, was seen throwing his guts up in a club after drinking one too many this last weekend in Hollywood?
Josh Hutcherson

The marketing for this blockbuster movie is struggling. Fans aren’t as rabid as they were for the first installments of the saga. The film will make box office history, but that studio is aiming to dethrone ‘The Avengers’ opening weekend sales. A new take on marketing will attempt an emotional association with the new installment. One planted stunt has already happened and there’s more to come.
"Dark Knight Rises"/Christian Bale teared up over Heath Ledger at the MTV awards

This actress used to be on the cusp of A list. It was right there for the taking. Then she lost it and it all happened because of a part. A part that she thought would take her from sexy to Academy Award. Our actress never had a problem working. She always worked. She just wanted to be taken seriously. She felt like after a few years of lead roles that all directors and producers wanted her for was her body. She had been on enough casting couches to start a furniture store and the only thing that kept getting her those roles was her willingness to be on the couch. She knew as she started to get older there would be younger and more attractive actresses that would also be willing to roll on the couch so she wanted more. She finally figured out how to get off the couch. Get a role so good that people would take her seriously. She was going all in on the role and decided to go method. Really method. When she was cast she started doing everything her character would do. She lived that life for months before filming. Sex, drugs and practicing what would be the clincher in the movie. She was ready. She was her character. She nailed it. She did exactly what she set out to do and received lots of praise and awards. Nothing big, but she had been noticed. The problem is that after the film was finished, she could not escape the role. Not that she was typecast, but she had involved herself so deeply into becoming the person she was playing that she kept living the same life. She goes from guy to guy just like her character. She loved living that party lifestyle which she convinced herself was work before but was now just an excuse to still stay in that one moment where people took her seriously. The character became such a part of her life that when she read for directors she would end up acting just like the character. As a result, with the exception of two or three decent performances, the past decade has been a wasteland of forgettable roles. As she starts to age now, the casting couch is back in play again. Even though she has B list name recognition and is probably still a B- list actress she finds herself in the same position she was before, but just can't seem to ever get out.
Heather Graham

10. BLIND GOSSIP 06/06
This actor has been in more than one big movie and received at least one major awards nomination in the past couple of years. While his professional life is on track with big roles and big awards, his personal life is not faring as well. At a restaurant in Los Angeles last month with a group of hipster friends (all male), he suddenly excused himself and ran to the bathroom at the back of the restaurant. He pushed past a line of people into the small restroom, and had a large man block the doorway to keep other guests from entering. The man simply stated, "He’s going to be in there awhile." The line of people politely smiled at each other, thinking that the star had suddenly gotten sick to his stomach. The smiles turned to annoyance when they heard long, loud sniffing noises through the door. The marching powder session went on for an impossibly long time. When finished, he darted out the door without a word to the people waiting on line, gathered up his hipster posse, and beat a hasty exit for the door. Sadly, this powder room behavior has become a very regular occurrence for the actor, and if he doesn’t get help soon, he is certainly heading for trouble.

This actress was a solid B lister and for a time even considered an A lister. She had her own movie once or twice even though they were small. That is not how she is best known though. At her peak she made her living being the co-star and like many actresses she fell for her co-stars frequently and to her peril. There was never a time when she got involved with her co-stars that she was not used and thrown aside when the men were finished with her. Her most famous co-star is probably, reluctantly an A lister. He used to have sex with her in the morning and then go out and have sex with other people in the afternoon. There was one time she said that she is pretty sure he called while having sex with another woman, but she always took him back until he found someone more famous and he didn't want to come back. Another co-star who is more celebrity than actor she fell for didn't even pretend to have any feelings for our actress. He would put her down in front of her friends and would send her to the bedroom and tell her to wait while he hung out with his friends and he would go in and have sex and then just come right back out. If he was finished with her for the night he would send her home. She always came back though. Another co-star who actually did treat her right gave up because our actress lost interest to another B list actor who would yell at her and make her cry and she just could not get enough.
actress: Brittany Murphy
A lister actor: Ashton Kutcher (Demi Moore)
celebrity: Eminen

co-star who treated her right:
B list actor:

12. BUZZFOTO 06/06
These two celebrity mothers got together for a playdate with their toddlers recently. One mother (the bigger star) still uses a pacifier for her child, even though the child is out of diapers. As soon as she left the activity, the other star called up all of her friends to gossip and tell everyone what a "bad mother" the bigger star was because of this.

1. WHICH super-famous reality star’s popular perfume is a huge seller, but her new beau can’t stand the scent? The musician boyfriend didn’t want to create a stink and hurt his lady’s feelings because she loves wearing it 24/7, so he LIED and told her he was allergic to ALL perfume! Kim Kardashian/Kanye West

2. WHAT married-with-kids A-list movie star has his faithful assistant help him find dates with men on a gay sex website that caters to guys who like Latino and African- American gangster-types? The actor, who has long been rumored to swing both ways, has a kinky penchant for prison thugs! Will Smith

3. THIS Academy Award-winning actress – she’s the widow of an iconic screen legend and Oscar winner – is sadly showing signs of dementia. Friends are concerned because the 80-something star has started telling tales about her handsome husband’s many indiscretions and how she was a fool to be so devoted all those years! Joanne Woodward/Paul Newman; Lauren Bacall/Humphrey Bogart

4. WHAT pop star – she’s currently on a world tour – crossed the line when she physically assaulted her new female choreographer? The pro hoofer had the gall to approach the entertainer during rehearsals, so the singer palmed the woman’s face and pushed her back! The choreographer quit on the spot. Nicki Minaj

What actress you probably have never heard of but scored herself the lead in a high profile tv movie quit because one of her co-stars who you have heard of, kept hitting on her.

Actor: Rob Lowe
Long running network show: "Parks and Recreation"
Actress: Holly DeVeaux
Movie: "Imperfect Justice" (Casey Anthonymovie)
Replacement actress: Virginia Welch

These two were in a movie together. They were actually even a couple for a bit. He used to be A list and has only ever done movies. He does not do much now. He spends a lot of his time doing nothing except watching his former co-star and flame. She is a movie actress but is not above doing television for the right part at the right time. Not her usual though. She has no idea he ex actually stalks her. She knows that he seems to show up at odd places and events halfway across the world but he always says he is working. He lives for the moments when they run into each other away from LA because that is the one time she will sometimes let her guard down and let him close to her again. Back in the day he scared her. Scared her very badly. Too intense. Too controlling. Not anything like he appears in reality or even in his roles. Confrontational and would not back down. It was too much. She thinks he has changed, but he hasn't. He makes sure to always be acting his best when she is around. The last few people he has dated have almost been her twin. One of them had the wrong hair color and he made her color it to match. Everyone who knows him assumes he managed to chase away her last boyfriend who almost married her. He lived to break them up and worked and worked and worked at it. Our actor thinks that he can get her back despite what happened in the past. Despite the fact that when he touches her now she still looks like she is freaked out. She has told her friends and our actor that she would never take him back. He keeps trying though. Watching and following.
Keanu Reeves/Charlize Theron (Stuart Townsend)

This established male actor that has A-list status has been doing everything he can to regain his youth and appeal to a younger audience. He has had a few surgical procedures and botox. He shelled out thousands on fighting the aging battle, but he suddenly became very cheap on his hair. After buying a box of drug store hair color, he attempted to do the job himself. He ended up botching it and had to have a professional come fix it. He made up a huge story about how it was all an "accident" and claimed he mixed up his leave in conditioner with his wife’s dye.
Tom Cruise

17. BLIND GOSSIP 06/07 **1**
The first blind item today is about this woman who was recruited from a competitor network. She got her job because she was having an affair with the married president. Every time he wanted to be with her, he would call his wife and tell her he was working late. How original! Everyone in the building knew about the affair, but the chatter really ramped up when he hired her to star on one of the network’s shows. Yes, everyone knows. Well, except for the wife. She seems to be pretty clueless. Even though she works in the same building.
Woman: Michelle Beadle/sports reporter and host on ESPN and NBC Universal
Man: Steve Capus/president of NBC News
Wife Sophia Faskianos/Dateline

18. BLIND GOSSIP 06/07 **#2**
You already know that Woman 2 annoyed her way out of a job. Well, we have some information on the timing of her termination. She won’t last the year. She will only last as long as a significant summer event continues. Then she will have to say sayonara to her sweet gig! Woman 2: Ann Curry "Today Show" after the Summer Olympic

19. BLIND GOSSIP 06/07 **#3**
A successor has been chosen! Man 2 – the same man who spurred the demise of the last co-host – has chosen a successor. Interestingly enough, it’s Woman 3, the competent candidate with whom he hasn’t slept. Yet. (She is single, so you never know what may happen in the future!) She will move into her new post as soon as her predecessor leaves. What happens to Woman 4, the woman with whom he did have an affair? She is staying put. She’s got a good job and she knows it.
Man 2: Matt Lauer
Woman 3: Savannah Guthrie

Woman 4: Natalie Morales

20. BLIND GOSSIP 06/07 **#4**
She says that something happened. He says that she is a liar. This case of He Said/She Said will hinge on a photo. Yes, there is a photo with a time and date stamp on it. And it definitely proves the case in the woman’s favor. The only problem is that she doesn’t have the photo in her possession. The photo was taken by a third party, Orange Girl, who was on the same television show. He wants that photo badly, and he has lots of money and a really big, nasty mouth to pressure Orange Girl into giving it to him and siding with him. And if Orange Girl isn’t intimidated and won’t respond to the stick, he will offer her the carrot of a spot on a future television show. Orange Girl really wants to be famous. She may be willing to sacrifice the truth and her alliance with her friend in order to achieve that fame. Either way he will likely get what he wants. He usually does.
He: Donald Trump
She: Miss Pennsylvania
Orange Girl: Miss Florida

21. BUZZFOTO 06/07
These two costars from a very popular network comedy have always had a great relationship…. until now. The actress accidentally "outed" her costar when she had too much to drink at a party. We wonder how his girlfriend reacted when she heard the news…..
Actor: Johnny Galecki
Co-star: Kaley Cuoco.
Girlfriend: Kelly Garner

Talk about not having a say in the naming of your child. This actress who is C list based on talent and A list based on name recognition has been told by her husband what they are naming the baby and he has already trademarked the baby's name even though she is not even halfway through her pregnancy. Apparently the husband has already even drawn up business plans and wants the actress to focus more on marketing products he thinks will be a fit between her and the baby. Does she have a say in this? Not really. Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green

This actor is A list. There should be no doubt in your mind that he is. He is also foreign born. He also likes to make sure that his movies are filled with plenty of potential bedmates. He makes it perfectly clear that he wants to have final approval over small roles that are just a line or two so he can have them filled with high school girls he finds attractive. He loves trading roles for sex. Most of the time he gets what he wants just by introducing himself but he saves the ones who hold out from him roles for them to fill. He promises them big Hollywood dreams and all they end up with is his sweaty body on them for a couple of minutes or spanking him and calling him very bad. You would think that with all his kinks that he would stick to women who are older and not just high school seniors. He calls them his personal yearbook. He used to be with someone who could satisfy all his kinks and she would bring home others who were younger, but when she left he gave up on anyone older and prefers them as young as possible. Always legal, but always very young. His favorite expression is my 18th birthday is today. Most of the teens that take him up on his offers never come back. They have never encountered anything quite like what gets this actor turned on. Those that don't run away, he sees frequently and he will definitely call and call and call if he likes you. Of course he will ask you to bring your friends and you are more likely than not to be stranded in a bar somewhere so he can take home a couple of your friends and try them out. Apparently in the last 5 years he has only been with three or four people over the age of 19. This despite being more than double that age. Not too far from triple that age. Hugh Grant/Elizabeth Hurley

Is there a crack in these friendships? First, this Diva has got to put up with the publicity hungry girlfriend of her hubby’s collaborator in her inner circle. Now, the Diva’s Actress friend is getting a little loose with her language and is catching pushback because of it. Will the Diva be able to sit this out, or will she have to speak on it?

Diva: Beyoncé
Publicity hungry girlfriend: Kim Kardashian

Diva’s Actress friend: Gwyneth Paltrow

25. POPBITCH 06/08 {{British blog}}
According to current rumours, the spring in Katherine Jenkins' step isn't just from her appearance in Dancing With The Stars and more to do with a secret fling with which LA-based superstar?

26. BUZZFOTO 06/08
Which C list actress from a network sitcom recently keyed the car of her television husband after she overheard him telling the crew that he was "glad she wasn’t" his "wife in real life?"

This going-to-be an A Lister and his fiancé have quietly split just in time for him to make his blockbuster break. He and his PR team want to pretend the engagement never happened while she is doing everything she can to make the marriage happen for all the wrong reasons.
Alex Pettyfer and Riley Keough

Two couples and two babies but so entwined. So, the first couple to get pregnant consists of a female celebrity who used to be a singer and probably wishes she still was and that people would come watch her perform. Meanwhile she will just keep doing things here and there on tv and doing regular work too. She loved having the attention of being pregnant and having the world focused on her and then along comes this other couple. This couple consists of a female celebrity who just tries to keep working and her husband who also used to be a singer and probably wishes he still was and that people would come watch him perform. Meanwhile he will just keep doing things here and there on tv. As soon as celebrity couple #2 became pregnant, celebrity female #1 started talking smack non stop to anyone who would listen about the other couple. I mean we are talking world class trash talking here. Who knew she had it in her. Meanwhile the celebrity female #2 wanted people to stop talking about female celebrity #1's baby all the time. Unlike female celebrity #1 though, she did not talk smack to anyone and just let it all fall off her shoulders and has been amazingly nice. Well, the two worlds collided a few months ago in a big way. It turns out the celebrity females have the same doctor and ended up having an appointment at exactly the same time. The two of them in a waiting room together. Pretending the other didn't exist. No one else there. Just the two of them. Not even a word. Not even an acknowledgment.
Couple #1: Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson
Couple #2: Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo

29. BUZZFOTO 06/11
This aging, foreign-born actor, who has won a big award is said to be seriously perusing over mail-order catalogs so he can find a companion that he can keep on the side for companionship. He wants to buy her a home on foreign soil and visit her in between projects.

What A list pop singer called up the boyfriend she had dumped two weeks earlier and begged him to go out with her. She ended up getting drunk and doing way more on their date than she intended, but knew she needed to take all precautions to avoid ending up naked in bed with her ex which is what he had proposed when he called two days before.
Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd (Florence and the Machine guitarist)

It's not very often that an Academy Award nominee can have such a secret life, but this actress has managed it. It is something she got from the rest of her family. Secrets were easy to keep on the family and no one talked to outsiders. No one except for a few people even know who the real father of our actress is. There are huge gaps missing in her life story and some of them are answered here. When our actress graduated from high school she had big dreams but ended up in a situation which saw her getting married to a high school sweetheart. Her life got put on a hold awhile before she could start her acting career full-time. She eventually did so and just when she thought everything was going great after her college graduation, she again had a setback. This time it was another relationship which she has never discussed. She never discusses any of her relationships. As far as anyone is concerned she has never even had a relationship. For a long time she had a relationship with a person she had met at school. This so dominated her life that for almost two years she was unable to really focus on acting. It was not until the relationship ended after two years that she got her big break. Because of the way relationships have messed up her career and her plans, she tries to avoid any kind of situation which could lead to a date or a relationship. She stays alone and has few friends. She refuses to let anyone really know her. She has friends only for the sake of saying she has friends, but they don't know anything about her either. If you ask her a question about any part of her life you will not get an answer, but instead, some kind of vague circling that sounds like an answer. Jessica Chastain

A few years ago it seemed like you could not watch any movie without seeing this actress. She was everywhere. She was the it girl. She was the next big thing. She was in big movies and blockbusters and even got nominated for some of the bigger awards and then one day, she was gone. Vanished. She was B+ list at the time and now, if she decided to come back, she would probably still be close to a B because of her name and what she did in her short time. She has talked about coming back but she went through some of the roughest times that I have ever heard. She was in her late teens when she really got noticed and that is when it became hard. There was the movie with the method actor who has been nominated for an Academy Award and is A list all the way. He decided that he was going to do drugs for the movie and insisted she do the same. He said he would get her fired if she didn't, so there she was in an alley in a city she had never been before smoking crack with an actor who said it was all part of the process. When he forced her to have sex with her "to keep things real," she wondered if that was part of the process too. Apparently his process involved him having sex with every female on the production. There was the producer who kept wanting her to read for a part and would keep insisting that she come at the end of the day to his office. After everyone left for work. She knew what was going to happen. She knew it and told her agent she didn't want to go and why couldn't she meet the producer somewhere else. The agent told her the producer always did it that way. A soon as she got to his office and he reached for her breast she ran screaming from the office and never went back. Her agent acted like it was a big misunderstanding and he would get her another meeting with the producer. Maybe they could go to dinner or something. She talked about the time she had agreed to do a love scene, but with no nudity and the director kept her in her trailer for three hours yelling at her that she needed to get naked for the scene to make it real. There was that word again and she was tired of it. He gave her something to take and then had sex with her and she finally agreed to get naked for the movie. There she was in front of 30 other people having sex on camera and the director yelling at her to make it more real. more sexy. He never even used the scene. It ended up on the cutting room floor. She later heard he had hours of footage of actresses from scenes just like hers that ended up in his home but never on screen. He loved the power. After one too many gropings on set or coke being offered to her. Our actress just left. She walked away. One second she was there and one she was not. She says she has quit forever. Leelee Sobieski

33. BLIND GOSSIP 06/12
Mom recently made a big move to divorce herself from a key family member and an oppressive lifestyle. But it looks like she isn’t going alone. She is taking her kid/s with her! Grandma, who has lost all control of the situation, is not handling the situation gracefully. Grandpa, on the other hand, would have heartily approved of this turn of events.
Mom: Lisa Marie Presley
Kid/s: Danielle Riley, Benjamin Storm, Harper Vivienne Ann, Finley Aaron Love
Grandma: Elvis Presley
Grandpa: Priscilla Presley

34. BUZZFOTO 06/12
This beautiful R&B singer peaked in the early 2000's but now her spotlight is dimming… Dimming so much that she is said to be working with a well-respected and discrete Hollywood Madame. For a few appointments a year, she’s paying the mortgage for herself and several family members. There are apparently a lot of rich business men that will pay big bucks to spend the night with a former famous performer. Blu Cantrell

1. WHAT straight, divorced father and former TV sitcom star – he’s since crashed and burned and is now trying for a comeback – had a memorable sex party with multiple MALE escorts? The actor is known for his wild partying and hooker escapades, but he seems to have gotten bored with the ladies and is now into guys. Charlie Sheen

2. WHICH Oscar-winning actress has infuriated her fiance because she skinny-dips in the family pool in front of their kids’ friends AND the household staff? Her actor-beau doesn’t mind her swimming in the buff when it’s just the two of them, but now their oldest boys’ pals have been visiting more often to catch a glimpse of the hot mom’s "splash parties." Not to mention the gardener who almost drove the lawnmower into the house after getting an eyeful!

3. THIS former child star recently had a baby with her athlete husband, but the bundle of joy hasn’t helped their troubled marriage. The young couple have tried counseling, but it hasn’t curbed his urge to spend more and more of HER hard-earned money – and that’s left the actress seriously contemplating single motherhood. Hilary Duff /Mike Comrie

4. THIS respected TV personality and her producer/ filmmaker husband have both had same-sex affairs through­out their long marriage. She’s been hooking up with a famous female author, and he’s been linked to many openly gay Broadway actors and dancers. Diane Sawyer/Mike Nichols

It is surprising to me that this actress still can go out and smile everyday and keep plugging away at her career. She is probably a C+. Movies mainly. Almost exclusively actually. Even though she is a C+ in the acting world, you would probably still recognize the name for sure, although putting a face to it would be a little tougher. At one point she was the lead in a movie. That seems a long time ago. When she got the lead she did so through contacts she made at her church. They made it clear to her that there would be payback. She balked at what their payback was. It turns out that when new recruits come through the door they wanted her to act as their greeter and to show them around. They also wanted her to flirt and if the person had enough money and was a big catch, the flirting should turn into something more. She refused. She then had a year long dry spell acting. Apparently at some point all was forgiven and she started getting roles again. All the roles were set up through contacts of the church. She was on top of the world again and excited that she was acting. Then she started wanting some of the money she had been paid. Turns out that because she had not entertained the men properly before, the church was fining her. They took almost every penny of her salary for four consecutive movies. She had enough for rent and food. That's it. Car? Nope. They came and took her to work and picked her up and took her to church. Quit the church? She can't. Her whole family is in the church. She thinks her friends are in the church too. She was wrong. Have a drink? Smoke some pot? Those friends were sending texts the second she did anything over the line and she was forced to pay fines or work for three days straight or suddenly told she did not get a role. She was given a boyfriend. They did not have sex but she was told the actor needed a girlfriend to stop rumors about his sexuality so she complied. Out in public and in interviews she said he was her boyfriend. They went to premieres and parties and were the happy couple. At the end of the night he went home and so did she after she gave a report. 24 hours a day they are in her life. Several times she has wanted to walk away, but she loves acting. She keeps putting on that smile and pretending her life is great but she hates every second. Erika Christensen

This action hero in a major franchise has a lot of action going on downstairs. He is on his fourth STD. You’d think he’d learn to shield himself against diseases, but he hates using protection because it "ruins" the moment. Chris Evans

38. BLIND GOSSIP 06/13
Lots of stars currently filming this weird movie. We’ll focus on two of them. She is a young – but very experienced – actress. He is at least ten years older than her, and is starring in several films this year. They are doing a scene together. He enters the scene wearing nothing but a thong that barely covers his private parts. It is not a bedroom scene. She stops filming, pulls her publicist aside, and talks about how uncomfortable she is with the way he is dressed and the fact that he has been drinking and smoking weed and acting like an unprofessional jerk all day. Production shuts down for a while the two go for a little walk. The publicist manages to talk her down, they come back to the set, and production resumes. After filming for only a couple of minutes, she starts freaking out again. Why? Because, seeing how uncomfortable she was, he decided to push it even more. He began doing an obscene break dance right in front of her… starring him and his thrusting crotch. She walked off the set, vowing never to work with him again.

39. BUZZFOTO 06/13
This British star who is on an auto-themed show in the UK, was seen outside of a pub recently, using very harsh racist language against a homeless man. Jeremy Clarkson

This A list R&B singer is famous for his birthday parties. Not famous publicly so much, but famous for how much he likes the attention. At a recent birthday celebration, our singer held it at a big venue and there were lots and lots of celebrities. Within this main event, there would be a private party also being held in a separate VIP room for our singer. The staff working the party were told that he would mingle for a short period of time in the main event and work his way to his private party which was supposedly a surprise. Our singer's people told management at the venue that they only wanted females, and they had to be attractive to be providing service to the singer. The staff were told to not talk to him, do not ask for any autographs, speak only when spoken to - stay out of his way because he can be an a-hole and make sure everyone has what they need before they have to ask for it. When the singer arrives, he sees his cake - doesn't even bother to feign interest. He has a very tight crew of men around him that are fawning all over him and touching him and he is loving every minute of this attention. They want him bad, and he knows it. They all end up sitting together on a couch, and they are all about him. He completely ignores all of the other people in the room, they have his attention. All of it. None of the other guests, not the people bringing drinks or food. Just the guys around him. Usher

Our actor today used to be an A lister. I suppose he still has some type of permanent close to A list status as he would never do a movie in which he was not the lead. Academy Award winner. Kids. And former woman beater who used to beat one of his old girlfriends so badly that some people are surprised she lived. The couple hated each other at the same time they loved each other. He would sleep with someone during the day and then come home to this former A list actress movie star who would smell perfume or see lipstick and they would start to fight. At the time, our actor had a rage which he had not yet learned to control and would beat her. Our actress once had to back out of a movie she was set to star in because our actor beat her so badly. The role went to another actress who won an Academy Award. That actress also had sex with our actor. Even after he would hit her, the actress would never leave. When our actor tried to leave her she would beg him to stay and he would. There was not a month that went by where he didn't beat her. There have been no other women that have ever said anything about him hurting them, but this actress brought out the best. Even though he cheated on her on a daily basis, when he found out she was maybe cheating on him, he knocked out her three front teeth. There was also a scar that you could see right above her lip where the tooth had pushed through. The relationship probably would have ended up with her dead, but our actor found another actress he wanted for his regular girlfriend and broke it off and fled the country with his new actress girlfriend. By the time he got back our beaten actress had move on and into another violent relationship. One that lasted much longer.

42. BLIND GOSSIP 06/14 **#1**
This pretty actress is suddenly everywhere, appearing in half a dozen films over the past couple of years. But while she played a 17-year-old in a stage play just a few years ago (just before her film career really started taking off), she is nowhere near 17. She is actually in her mid-30s. In real life, that might not be so important. As an actress, though, it gets tougher to book those desirable younger roles once you pass 30. She has never talked about her age in any interview, and after years of battling to keep her real age off of IMDB – and then having the birth year change three times in the past couple of years – her real age is finally listed there. Boy, is she pissed! But she won’t sue to get it removed. That would just bring more attention to it. Jessica Chastain

43. BLIND GOSSIP 06/14 **#2**
This celebrity was invited to a party hosted by a group of several celebrities with whom she used to be friendly. She did not want to attend the party, but did allow her adult children to go, as they had grown up with many of the people who were there. The celeb directed her kids to call her immediately if anything suspicious or "too adult" happened at the party. She soon got a call from her daughter (an actress), who reported that many of the celebs that Mom knew were hanging around a table. On that table were long, long lines of powder, some running the entire length of the table. Several big names were hovering over the table and hoovering up its contents. Among that group: An actress whose beauty has been destroyed more by plastic surgery than by age. She is married to an actor whose career is faring better than hers. An actor who is known for only one role in a nostalgic TV show. The one-role actor’s wife. She is an actress, too, and hails from a famously screwed-up family. Mom calmly asked her daughter what she thought she should do. The daughter – who is a rising star and seems to have her head screwed on straight – immediately pulled her sibling away from the party and headed for home.
Celebrity: Lisa Marie Presley
Daughter: Riley Keough
Actress w/ Plastic Surgery: Melanie Griffith
TV Actor: Danny Masterson
TV Actor’s Wife: Bijou Phillips

Will this upcoming tour be the last? The Brothers don’t get along. The Jacksons

Remember when we mentioned that actor who has been immersing himself in work but his team has been busy beard shopping? Click HERE if you missed that one… Well, he has found a taker. She hasn’t done much lately, but she will be in a movie filled with big names next year.
Jake Gylenhaal and Minka Kelly ("The Butler")

46. BUZZFOTO 06/14This Hollywood actor is in the process of getting a divorce. The reason for the split is mostly due to his repeated cheating. Now that the process has started, he’s feeling deep regret and is doing everything he can to stop the divorce. We hear it’s too late and it will go through, but he’s even offered his wife a promise that he would quit the biz forever if she’ll take him back. Arnold Schwarzenegger

So, today I wanted to tell you about this actress. She is still an actress although she has not been in much lately. I would say she is still in the B+/A- list as far as name recognition goes, but as for actual acting and her status on the working list, she is probably a C+. Always more famous for things other than her acting, she is a big name. For years she has been the object of desire for many men. Men, who have seen her and are willing to pay a price to spend time with her. After her most recent series failed and the grind to find more acting work began to take its toll, our actress found a way to earn money and have a good time and make all those men happy. If you live outside the US and have a big enough checkbook you can hire our actress. She has a one week minimum and prefers a month. Last year she made more money by being the companion of men around the world than she ever did acting. She gets to go to parties and events and has seen the world. She tries to not get too drunk and every man who has spent time with her has had her back for another visit. She is not shy about it and will tell you flat out it is what she enjoys doing. No more auditions or wondering if she is going to get another role. No more being grab handled by guys at mall signings and endless photographs where she pretends to be happy. She has found her plan for the next few years and as she says, it's a living. Oh, and for sure this one will be revealed.
Pam Anderson

48. BOSSIP 06/16
There’s been plenty of speculation about this hot young r&b star’s sexuality, but most of it has been drowned out by the adoration by fans and famous alike. After keeping folks guessing in 2011, this soul singer will answer any questions about which team he’s swinging for with his upcoming musical release. Sorry, but the only other hint we can give is he had at least one big rap collabo last year. Frank Ocean

This former A list female singer thought she had it made. It didn't start out that way for her and didn't end that way for her, but there was a short period of time where she thought she was going to be on top of the world forever. Back when she was starting out she had a voice and a demo tape. She was lucky enough to have a guy hear it and the next thing you know she was meeting with some of the biggest producers in the music industry. Just because it is not acting does not mean there is not a casting couch. The producers told her they could get her with some great writers and other singers and make her a star, but what was she going to do for them? For a year she had to trade sex with producers for recording time and writers for songs and rappers for guest appearances. In a manuscript she is shopping right now she says that she had to have sex with over 50 different guys to make her first record. She said that if she didn't, they would have just found someone with just as much talent who was willing to have sex, so she did it. After her first record was a huge success, she thought that life was over and that she would have some clout. Nope. She did not have to have sex as much, but because the record company controlled her, the executives there said they were not sure if they were going to keep using her or go in another direction. That resulted in a long term relationship with three men at the record company who protected her from everyone else but also expected her to be on call for them 24 hours a day. They also got her hooked on coke and by the time she finished recording and went on tour she said that weeks would go by in blur. When it came time for her next record, she said she was numb and spent most days trying to sleep off the nights before. Not only the drugs but also the memories. She would record and have sex, often with all three of the men in the same night but never at the same time. She could not go on any longer and she told them that. She thought because she had so many hits and sold so many records that she would be immune like she had seen from some of the other females she worked with. Nope. They gave her a chance to change her mind, but our singer said not again. The next thing you know she was dropped and went from A list to, "who?" almost overnight. She blew through all her money trying to record her own album, but it sounded nothing like her other records and did awful. For years she tried to do it on her own but just was locked out. Then she made a call and said she wanted back in again. All these years later and she has a brand new anticipated record coming out that features lots of great producers, guest singers and she says she had to do it because she needed to live. She thinks she can make enough from the sales and from touring to live on and never have to go through the process ever again.

50. BLIND GOSSIP 06/18 **1**
One of those cringe-worthy reality shows. Frankly, these people are not smart, and none had any kind of success before the reality show. This abundance of stupidity is reflected in their current evil plan to get rid of one of the cast members. They are each telling the producer that they refuse to film with Cast Member A. They hope that if no one will film with her, the producers will be forced to let her go. Here’s why their strategy is deeply flawed: While Cast Member A may not be the most likable person in the world, she is the one who is bringing in the ratings! And that is what matters most to reality producers. She has the most interesting story lines, gets the most magazine covers, and makes the most money off of branding. So targeting her for elimination is pretty stupid on the part of her jealous cast mates. They would be much smarter to ally with her to ensure their own survival. But, as we told you before, they are just not that smart. Maybe they will realize that after they get booted from the show. Yes, the producer is cleaning house on this one.
Show: "Real Housewives of New Jersey"
Cast Member A: Teresa Giudice
Stupid cast members: Caroline Manzo; Jacqueline Laurita

51. BLIND GOSSIP 06/18 **#2**
What was a fading teen idol doing in a questionable neighborhood late one night? Catching a bite to eat at a local restaurant, uncomfortably posing with the occasional fan for photos, and… scoring drugs? That’s right. When he thought no one was looking, he met up with the local party girl, who took him into the alley next to a restaurant. Were they asking for menu recommendations? Not unless they come from some shady character dressed all in black in an alley. The hookup girl did the introductions. The two men nodded at each other, exchanged a couple of words, and then exchanged money for a black plastic baggie. The whole deal took less than a minute, and our boy looked very paranoid, glancing around, and pulling his baseball cap low over his eyes. The man in black took off in one direction, and our boy jumped into a waiting car with the local girl and split. My, my, my, this young performer is quite the multi-tasker! Television appearances , bad music, fake relationships, and he still manages to find time to score a little sum sum in the back alleys. Time to go to rehab, brah!
Joe Jonas

52. BLIND GOSSIP 06/18 **#3**
A few years ago, this celebrity swore she would have nothing to do with all those "sleazy reality stars." She told friends that reality stars had no talent, made no contribution to making the world a better place, that their antics were "disgusting", and that she didn’t want to spend one minute of her life thinking about them or being involved with them. Fast forward a few years and a few failures later, and she now has a whole new attitude. She is currently in deep discussions with the three reigning kings of reality television. What is she doing? Trying to become the Reality Queen! In addition to her recent reality dabbling, she is trying to bring aboard some star friends to do a reality show to mend their reputation. She is also considering staging the ultimate reality stunt herself: Her own wedding. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! She doesn’t have a perfume, but, if she did, it would be called… Desperation.
Celebrity: Oprah
#3 Three Kings: Andy Cohen; Mike Fleiss; Ryan Seacrest
Star friends: John Travolta/Kelly Preston
Recent Reality Dabbling: Kim Kardashian

Wedding: to Steadman

In Hollywood, it seems like most of the actors you read about are cheating on their wives. It doesn't matter who their wife is or what she looks like, chances are she is getting cheated on and probably frequently. Well, this former A list actor and probably still a B- is one of the greatest cheaters ever. There is nothing he would not do to have sex with someone. I think I will focus on the time he was married to the wife before his current one. She is an actress too. A good one. A very good one although people seem to discount her skills for some reason. I think it is because she comes across as an airhead which she isn't. She just thinks that is what people expect of her in public so she plays to that role. Anyway, our actor once got his wife drunk so she would pass out and then called over a woman and had sex with her on the bedroom floor with his wife sleeping in the bed. This was a favorite trick of his. He would often get his wife drunk or drugged out so she would pass out and he could cheat. When he was working there was not a day that went by that he did not have sex with someone on set. Most of the time it was someone new everyday, but if someone was particularly intriguing he would have sex with her a few days in a row. Our actor was not careful about using protection during sex and his wife lived in constant fear of what she would catch from him. There was the time our actor dropped his wife off to get her hair done and while she was getting it done at the salon he suggested, the actor was having sex out in the parking lot with the owner of the salon. Our actress put up with it for years. Our actor always said he would change but never did. He would always talk his way back into her life.
Don Johnson/Melanie Griffith

These celebrity siblings got into a screaming match after the more well known of the two accused the lesser known of reverting back to an old cocaine habit. The war started awhile ago after the lesser known started hanging out with a tabloid favorite who recently held up production thanks to the nasty habit. It reached a boiling point and threats were made including a cutoff of financial help.
Well known: Hillary Duff
Lesser known: Haylie Duff
Tabloid favorite: Lindsay Lohan

1. WHAT popular star of a classic 1989 teen film – he’s since turned into a successful adult actor – had an eyebrow lift that has left him with a permanent look of surprise? The 40-something star (whose sister is also a famous actress) is so inconsolable about the botched surgery that he’s considering suing the reputable Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who performed it!
John Cusack

2. EVERYONE likes to say these two pop divas are at odds, but the truth is that the younger star has been helping the older singer mend a broken heart! The two are secretly working on a song together, but they really bonded when the elder pop star confided that her young boy toy was sleeping with a dancer AND a makeup artist on her current tour! Jennifer Lopez/Nicki Minaj

3. WHICH rapper has begged his girlfriend’s mother to manage his dad’s flailing water purification business venture? The musician thinks it’s the least she can do since his popularity has given their family name a much-needed boost of street cred! Kanye West

4. THIS newly married Hollywood couple never settled their religious differences before walking down the aisle – and now it’s become a HUGE issue! The laid-back newlyweds didn’t give it too much thought, but his family is insisting that their future grandchildren must be raised Jewish! Drew Baryymore

This controversial singer was thisclose to A list two years ago because of a couple of big hits and talked about awards show appearance. Now? Being controversial used to be cute, but now it turns people off. She is also not a fun person to work for or be with or hang out with and if you do, you do so at your own peril. Two people who worked under her attempted suicide. She dumped her baby (who she never sees) daddy via twitter so she could date someone else. She accused a former employee of leaking tracks. He didn't and someone was discovered later to have done it. Prior to the discovery of the other person though, the singer blacklisted the man, told everyone to stay away from him and that she would not work with anyone who worked with him. She also had him followed everyday to see if he was responsible. She had him harassed to the point where he got hooked on drugs and has never been the same since. She never apologized when they discovered the real person who had leaked the tracks.

I asked last week about whether you were the black sheep in your family. Today I want to tell you about one of the worst sisters to have if you are a sister. She is an actress. I guess she is C list, but she would probably be nowhere if not for her more famous sister who once flirted with B+ status, maybe even A- depending on what career we are discussing. Anyway, the lesser known sister was the number one seller of insider information to the tabloids, including the fact that her sister contracted an STD by one boyfriend; who the sister lost her virginity to; what the situation was like when she did; had no problems sleeping with the boyfriends of her sister; and then would tell the tabloids that the boyfriends were cheating on the sister but of course would not say with whom. The lesser known sister had her much more famous sister convinced that it was boyfriends or the boyfriends' friends that were spilling all this dirt. It was not until one night when the more famous sister walked in on the lesser known sister having lines snorted off her breasts by a boyfriend (B list celebrity) that she realized the truth. That experience also led the boyfriend to go sober. he said it scared him straight. He is also the one who gave the more well known sister the STD.
Lesser known sister: Hayley Duff
Better known sister: Hilary Duff
B list boyfriend: Joel Madden

58. BLIND GOSSIP 06/20
This actor had a sweet gig that lasted longer than usual. Good pay, the ability to work with top names, lots of creative freedom, plus time to do other projects on the side. Overall, it was a sweet gig. So what did he do? He quit! A couple of flops later, though, and he’s panicking. He is now begging for his old job back. What a dick.
Will Forte "Saturday Night Live"; Andy Samberg "Saturday Night Live"

It has been a sad past few months for this A list movie actor. And let me start right off by saying this is not John Travolta and the actor I'm talking about does not even like John Travolta. In fact, one time they actually shoved each other. So, there you go. Our actor is A list. Only movies, although he seems like the kind of guy that if you gave him something fun or really good he would do television. He isn't a snob at all. He does though hold a secret that he thinks about every second of the day and that is his sexuality. He is married. Been so for awhile. Even before he met his wife though he met his best friend and his lover. The pair have been through everything together. he has generally worked on our actor's movies and is never far from his side. They lived in the same city and the wife knew about and accepted the relationship. It was great for her too because she had her own interests and our actor is a great guy and great provider. This was the perfect man for our actor. Never flashy. never wanting to be out in the open. Totally accepting of everything. On film sets around the world they were inseparable. Press tours? He was always waiting back at the hotel for our actor. Those were their times. Even though they lived in the same city, they rarely met up. They rarely saw each other. It was all about their time away. When they did meet in the city, the boyfriend would dress as a meter reader or even a Jehovah's Witness one time. But those encounters were rare. About a year ago, the boyfriend got sick. Our actor put as much of his life on hold as he could and when he could not be with the boyfriend, his wife was. Together they saw him everyday and made sure he was always comfortable. He died about ten days ago. I wish the actor all the best and hope this maybe sets him free in many ways to show the world who he is and that it's ok and everyone will still love you.
HINT: A tenuous connection to Pierce Brosnan

Liz Jones, a British journalist who writes for the Daily Mail and has a weekly diary in Sunday’s Youmagazine, has given the biggest hint yet about the identity of a rock star who is cheating on his glamorous wife. Liz, who is herself dating a mysterious, single rock star, informed readers of her diary that a female friend who is ‘well connected when it comes to famous people’, told her that ‘she has it on good authority that a famous rock star, with an uber-famous wife, is having an affair with his backing singer’. Shocked, Liz mused: "No! Why would he do that, when he is married to someone so rich, so famous, so beautiful, and the mother of his children?" The friend replied: "That’s what men do. They are incapable of saying no. They are threatened when a wife is too perfect, too famous, too powerful, on the cover of Vogue just once too often. They want you to be in awe of them." Wow, wow, wow! Almost too much information. There are several stars reputedly entertaining women who are not their wives. Just about everyone in showbiz knows who the errant men are, but the papers avoid naming them for fear of lawsuits. Only the vaguest hints are usually made, but Liz’s comments must have raised a few eyebrows. The clues are there – ‘uber-famous wife’ being the biggest. This story has been rumbling along for some time, with slight variations. Like the other cheated wives, this one plays the Edwardian wife- i.e. one who ignores the situation and keeps up a public profile of unity. This particular Mr. Rock Star knows which side his bread is buttered. Mega-millions must play a big part in his reckoning. And Mrs. Rock Star doesn’t want to lose face. She had a previous life and doesn’t want the press poking around again in her past. So, expect a carefully staged, heart-warming, ‘so in love’ interview any time soon. Unless the ‘backing singer’ runs to the tabloids first. UPDATE: There are two celebrity couples apparently with equal claims to be the Mr. and Mrs. Rock Star in that report. One possible Mrs. Rock Star has recently taken pains to show that she is really devoted to her husband‘s family. Of course she is. UPDATE: there are two celebrity couples apparently with equal claims to be the Mr. and Mrs. Rock Star in that report. One possible Mrs. Rock Star has recently taken pains to show that she is really devoted to her husband 's family. Of course she is.
Famous rock star/Uber-famous wife: Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow
Famous rock star/Edwardian wife: Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani

Sex tapes are a path to fame these days. They usually involve a consenting couple looking to ignite their careers. But, what if a third person organized one of these encounters? That's what an ex is saying. Is this bitterness making a truthful revelation or an outright lie? Is a mother's advice needed here, or is that what started this mess? Kim Kardashian/Ray J/Kris Jenner

This actor will probably always be A list. He has done it all. Movies and television and his name will always make him A list. He has had his ups and downs, but there is no turning back for him. Going forward it's all A. It has not always been like that, and our actor has struggled with demons that most of us cannot imagine. Over the course of his career he has tried to kill himself at least four times. The first time was after he rocketed to instant fame. He says that he was not trying to kill himself and that he just was partying too hard and took too much of the wrong drug and fell asleep. The thing is he had been telling people that he couldn't handle the fame and was going to do something about it, so most people believe he was trying to kill himself. The second time was when he was at the depths of his career. The sudden fame had turned into a bottomless pit. His love life sucked. His life sucked. No one would hire him. He was strung out and the only way he got any work was when his best friend at the time who is also a television and movie actress recommended him for a part. When he thought he had been turned down for the role, he tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists. You can still see the scars if you look hard enough. A friend who was staying with the actor heard some commotion and ran into the other room and found the actor. He got him bandaged and talked to him for two days straight. At the end of the two days, the actor got the call that said he got the role. It was the beginning of the comeback. The third time he tried to kill himself was when his wife left him. His wife walked away from the marriage and his life and said that the actor was driving her to an early death. Our actor is always depressed and gloomy. Our actor rarely smiles and is even more rarely in a good mood. He is a great actor and knows when to act the part, but at home his demons come out and his wife left. She was gone six months. During that time our actor locked himself up in his house, drank and ate himself silly; would not talk to anyone; and tried the drugs route again. Again it didn't work. he didn't take enough. He was huge at this point and it made him very sick, but not dead. His most recent attempt was not that long ago. He was on the set of a movie and there was a car chase scene. Our actor tried to walk right in front of the cars as they were chasing each other but didn't see a production assistant who grabbed the actor. At first the assistant thought he had saved the actor's life, but when the assistant didn't get thanks or appreciation they realized that the actor had been trying to do something that was best left unsaid. Of course they did go and say it and after that, the actor had someone watching him at all times, including bodyguards that were flown out to the set by his wife. Yes, she came back. One of these days the actor will succeed. So many demons. So many secrets. Tired of hiding them all.

Rumours abound concerning the marriage of a famous couple, yet there is a bewildering silence in the media. Let’s call the pair Mr. and Mrs. VIP - I’m not even saying whether they are British. Recently, Mrs. VIP failed to turn up to an event that she might reasonably have been expected to attend. Strangely, the media scarcely mentioned the fact. Meanwhile, the whispers say that Mr. and Mrs. VIP are no longer together and are using the excuse of busy lives as a cover. The theory is that they won’t announce the split for family reasons. Maybe, but a divorce would also mean the disentangling of considerable wealth and property interests...and a lot of secrets still bind this couple together. There is already one privacy agreement with the media in place regarding a past incident, and the continuation of the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics might explain the reluctance of even the hardest-nosed British papers to expose the situation: so we have stalemate. This suits Mr. and Mrs. VIP as they don’t want nosy parker journalists taking a close look at their life, or heaven forbid, some forensic biographer shining a flashlight into the dark corners of their union. The funny friends? The magic millions? Oh no! So expect a choreographed Hollywood-style loving couple appearance with cheesy smiles this summer. And it’s not Charles and Camilla. The ‘$300 million divorce’ exists only in the fantasyland of US tabloids. No names, please, in the comments: TMR is read in some very high places.
UPDATE: As for Mr. & Mrs. VIP in this report - well, would you believe it: a few days after TMR published my forecast 'so expect a choreographed Hollywood-style loving couple appearance with cheesy smiles this summer,' it was announced that Mrs. VIP will soon be alongside her husband at a big event. Hope she recognizes him- it's a long time since they were seen together!
famous couple: Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes
event: Friars Icon Award
forensic flashlight: who is Suri's father?

64. BLIND GOSSIP 06/22
Divorces are unpleasant, and many get downright ugly. However, only about 5% of divorces go to trial. A good divorce lawyer will develop a strategy that will enable their client to stand strong and appear aggressive and committed to their position right up until the almost-inevitable settlement. Once you start bringing in those third parties, though, people crack. Such is the case of this ugly divorce case. These two were firmly rooted in their positions and were fine sniping at each other when they thought the divorce was going to be mano a mano. However, once the third parties started getting dragged into the mess, both got nervous. These third parties know a lot. They know all about their real motives, their manipulative games, their affairs, their sexual perversions, their plastic surgeries, and their abortions. These third parties have little or no loyalty to them. These third parties may even want to hurt them in revenge for their past bad behavior. The threat alone is enough to make one of them crack. So who will crack first? Surprise: she already has! Lots of tears and a huge hissy fit over not getting her way with "That Fucker" (she calls him "My Ex" in public and "That Fucker" in private). But this is business. She has a lot more to lose, and she doesn’t want her ex deposed or her real motives exposed. A settlement is in the works, and this divorce will never see the inside of a courtroom. You will see a few more weeks of public posturing, but he has already won. Although we’re sure she’ll publicly spin it otherwise.
Divorcing couple: Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries
Third party: Reggie Bush

This former B- list "singer" had a reality show for awhile. She has not done squat since then. Famous family. Her boyfriend keeps trying to dump her because she is so annoying. She calls and texts him literally 24 hours a day. The problem is he loves the sex and after two or three days gives in and calls her or texts her back then spends the next two weeks wishing he hadn't.
Ashlee Simpson/Vincent Piazza

66. BLIND GOSSIP 06/25
These two celebrities (one more famous than the other) will be getting married this summer. The wedding will be held at a resort, and all the top-secret preparations are being made using code names. The bride is concerned about the weather (she has other concerns too, but this is the one on which she is currently focused) . She doesn’t want it to be too hot to hold the ceremony outdoors. Right. Good luck controlling the weather. The ceremony and party will be rather small and intimate by Hollywood standards (under 200 people), but the couple is definitely not scrimping on the arrangements. They are paying for more than one private plane to whisk guests in for the event, and the resort will be practically shut down to allow for total privacy for the bride and groom and their guests.
Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

This actress is a solid B+ actress. Yes, you confuse with her with every other actress that is her same age and it seems like she is in a group of actresses that are all interchangeable depending on the schedule of the others to fill in parts. She did have one really memorable role that stood her out slightly from the others. Anyway, her taste in guys is extraordinarily bad. She has yet to meet a guy who has not used her for one thing or the other. Her first serious boyfriend, well she thought he was a boyfriend. It turns out she was his girlfriend when he was in town. otherwise he had another serious girlfriend in another city. She always thought she would find out if he was cheating because of the tabloids. He is a well known actor. The thing is, his other girlfriend didn't care that he was cheating and they stayed in most nights when he was with her. No tabloids, so our actress thought everything was good. Nope. When she found out she was crushed and told herself she would never date again. Then she ran into this A list actor who said all the right things. She promised herself she would not do anything rash and would take things slow. Well, our A list movie actor fed her drinks and the next thing you know she was spending the night with him on a first date. After a walk of shame home she realized he did not give her a phone number and he never called again. So, the next time she told herself she would be even more careful. She found herself an almost A list actor. Well he thought of himself as one. In fact he calls himself one. He thinks very highly of himself. He also talks about himself in the third person. She thought it was quirky and fun. He is a solid B+ actor who would probably be an A if he was not such a pain. She made this actor wait. Many dates. He waited and waited patiently she thought. She thought they were friends. Well, they finally had sex and something changed. They had sex again and then he never called her again. Now she says that she has given up on dating and is never going to go out again.
Amanda Seyfried

The story goes like this: Miss Boldface, who has a high opinion of herself that is not always shared by others, has formed a fascinating friendship with a household name. Mr. Very Famous has had problems in the past, all smoothed over because of kids, image, celebrity wife... the usual reasons. Mrs. Very Famous knows all about this latest triangle but is unlikely to issue divorce proceedings at the moment as she has interests in other directions, including commercial ones. How long this situation will hold is anyone's guess - especially if they read this.

These two young stars costarred in one of the biggest movies of the year and everyone speculated that they had an affair. But that’s only half right. The female lead DID have an on set fling – but not with her costar – with her costar’s GIRLFRIEND when she came to visit! Ironically, the girlfriend is also a major star but she wouldn’t let her hunky boyfriend join in the fun. Both women are bisexual and he’s straight.
Female lead: Jennifer Lawrence
Male lead: Liam Hemsworth
Girlfriend: Miley Cyrus

The meeting must have been incredible. Executives sitting around talking about the teen actress who was starring in a fairly big hit for them. Wholesome and pure on the screen and living with her drug dealer at home. No one knew at first that the teen lived with her drug dealer. He was just a guy they would see with her. Sure, he was older, and yes, they whispered they would prefer if he was white at least. And did you see the tattoos? And now it turns out he is also her drug dealer and that they live together. They wanted to know if she was old enough to be living with someone legally like that. Where were her parents? Probably doing drugs too. It all started off well for everyone. They really liked this tween actress. She was going to make them all rich and had started off doing just that. Then all of a sudden her drug dealer ex-boyfriend shows up and moves in with their actress and starts showing her off around town. Apparently she owed him money and it was not just for her, but also money he was owed for drugs her friends and family took too. She was going to pay it off. He was going to stay with her until she did. The actress didn't mind because she didn't have many friends in LA and here was a guy who was usually nice to her and gave her good drugs and all she had to do was sleep with him. She thought her mom had probably slept with him too. They were closer in age. The executives had a word with the dealer. How much was he owed? They quietly paid him off and sent him on his way and gave him plenty extra to never come back and hook up with their meal ticket again. Too late.
Lindsay Lohan

It concerns a primetime soap that, although popular, came thisclose to getting the axe at season’s end — and just when a pair of its well-liked lovebirds were heading for a reunion, too. Now I hear that, when the show returns this fall, it’ll pick up right where it left off and pleasantly surprise fans by immediately marrying off the star-crossed couple in question.

1. WHICH Oscar-nominated actress had a bathroom hookup with a bearded man she just met at the Beverly Hills Hotel? When the now B-lister, whose brother is also an actor, walked out of the men’s restroom with her hair a mess, lipstick smeared AND severe beard burn on her face, her friends shouted: "Get a room!" She fired back: "I don’t need one now!"

2. WHAT pop star is about to dump her longtime manager and replace him with her fiancé? After years of turmoil, the singer is finally getting her act together and wants a new guru to direct her reinvigorated career. Britney Spears

3. THESE two well-known female Scientologists have secretly hooked up. One is married and the other is divorced. They are not overt lesbians, but some nights – when the booze is flowing and the timing is right – they rush into each other’s arms. Kelly Preston and Kirstie Alley

4. CAN you name the married talk-show icon who is notorious for drunk-dialing his female assistants and producers? The pushy personality is all business on TV, but after a few drinks he turns into an overheated sex hound.

5. WHICH Oscar winner gets a kick out of answering the door to her Malibu mansion wearing nothing but a robe? The aging star has a staff that can do door duty, but the attention junkie likes to shock delivery guys and workers – most of whom don’t even recognize her! Faye Dunaway

73. BLIND GOSSIP 06/27
The search for a replacement for the costar of this television show has dragged on for months. The producers have finally narrowed it down to three men. They are all in their 30s and 40s. One is a funny actor, one is a professional performer, and one is just a pro. All three are very comfortable on camera and have good chemistry with the current costar. The really interesting twist is that there is one other last-minute dark-horse entry: the current costar’s ex. He would certainly be ratings-grabber, but we don’t know how much longevity he would have on the show, and the producers really want someone for the long haul. Out of the running: two gay talkers (both are too busy with other projects), two over-50 contenders (too old), and the current costar’s current SO.

This actor is just about A list. He does a mix of television and movies and is one of those guys who you just feel is on the way to superstardom, but just can't quite get the perfect role. I guess he would be A- then. He is married. Hooker stories would not be fun if the guy was not married. This would also get rid of Charlie Sheen which would be every person's guess for anything to do with a man and hookers. Oh, Sean Penn would be a guess too. But you know even in the middle of nowhere if you say actor and hooker, someone is going to say Charlie Sheen. This actor I am referring to is married as I said, and she is famous in her own right. In certain ways she might have eclipsed her husband's fame. The husband has been in trouble before with hookers. The thing is he loves them. He says that the first thing he does before going to a new city is to see what their escort situation is and he spends a few hours in front of the computer deciding which ones he is going to have and on what days and in what order. When he gets to the city he makes himself wait and then he invites them over one by one to the point where he has had four or five different women in one night. After being busted several times by his wife, he now has it down to a science and plans his schedule in advance to make sure that when he is with the women, his wife will be busy. She checks up on him constantly when they are apart. The thing is he rarely does anything while at home with anyone because he is too scared of getting caught and feels like when he is away from LA that most people don't know what he looks like. Well, no one said he was incredibly brilliant. After the last time he was caught his wife made him go to outpatient sex therapy. He still goes but the second he is out of town his fingers are dialing. He has not had sex with his wife in months and he said they once went a whole year without sex. This is his excuse for being with the hookers.

So, I thought I would give you an easy one. What D list celebrity with the name that keeps on giving was on a reality show not that long ago. If the cameras were not running, he would not talk at all to anyone. When the cameras were running, he was always there and in front of it. Whenever the host would be talking to someone else for longer than a few minutes, this dad would roll around on the floor screaming until people gave him attention.
Michael Lohan "Celebrity Rehab"

76. BLIND GOSSIP 06/27
The search for a replacement for the costar of this television show has dragged on for months. The producers have finally narrowed it down to three men. They are all in their 30s and 40s. One is a funny actor, one is a professional performer, and one is just a pro. All three are very comfortable on camera and have good chemistry with the current costar. The really interesting twist is that there is one other last-minute dark-horse entry: the current costar’s ex. He would certainly be ratings-grabber, but we don’t know how much longevity he would have on the show, and the producers really want someone for the long haul. Out of the running: two gay talkers (both are too busy with other projects), two over-50 contenders (too old), and the current costar’s current SO.
Show: "Live with Kelly"
Current Costar: Kelly Ripa
Funny: Seth Meyers
Performer: Josh Groban
Pro: Michael Strahan

Ex: Regis Philbin
Gay: Anderson Cooper; Neil Patrick Harris; Andy Cohen
Old: Dana Carvey; Martin Short

SO: Mark Consuelos

77. POPBITCH 06/28
What has Kate Hudson done to deserve the cold shoulder? She's thrown several parties in her Brooklyn neighbourhood but we're told next to no-one has been turning up to them.

She came into the acting mainstream in her mid teens. 14 or 15 to be exact. Her first role made her a star. One of those plucked from nowhere kind of things and it was all just a blur. She is a solid B lister now who does movies and television and is always working. Back then though she was at the top. In her first role she was supposed to get kissed on the cheek by a character who played her dad. She got tongued by him. It was the first kiss she ever had and it was with an old man who stuck his tongue down her throat and said welcome to the business. He then grabbed her ass. This guy is also still in the business and a character actor who everyone would recognize but maybe not know his name. Her parents were around, but they were not usually on the set. They didn't know about the tonguing or the groping. They didn't know that the actress she was sharing a trailer with also did lines of coke in the morning to keep her awake. That actress is still working too and generally has to resort to getting naked to get cast. Our actress tried coke during that film. She tried it for the next film too. By her third she was strung out on coke and stopped on her own. By then she had also realized if she was going to keep doing this she was going to have go things her way. She refused to be in any more movies that wanted to show her naked. She has never got naked for a movie but plenty of producers have offered her lots of money. Once she got naked but the director cut it. She had to sleep with the director to get him to cut it though. The studio was ticked off. But, the director had final cut. Our actress also decided that she needed another career besides acting so started doing other things which would be there as a fallback. She actually is more known for something else other than acting.

Actress: Mandy Moore, known more for singing than acting
Movie: "A Walk to Remember"
character actor who played her dad: Peter Cyote
coke-head co-star who has to get naked: Paz de la Huerta
Director who she slept with: John Turturro "Romance & Cigarettes"
fallback career: she's doing more voice over work: Dr. Dolittle 2; Kingdom Hearts; Racing Stripes; Brother Bear 2; The Simpsons; Tangled; Tron Uprising

79. BLIND GOSSIP 06/28
This actor was really riding high for a few years. Unfortunately, he was also literally high much of the time. His substance abuse problem began to interfere with his ability to show up for work on time. And to have his lines memorized. Sometimes he just wouldn’t show up at all. Even though he was quite talented, directors and producers just starting passing on him, tired of his unprofessional behavior. He eventually just dropped off the radar. Well, he has finally cleaned up his act, and is now looking to get back to work. However, a whole new crop of young actors have come up since his departure from the limelight, and he is more than a little shocked that his name just doesn’t carry the weight it once did. He is getting quite discouraged and depressed about it. We hope he finds work soon so that he can continue to stay clean.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

This A-lister is very fond of his co-stars. He has left a slew of one night stands and hook-ups in the wake of his many films. While he was in a committed relationship, he managed to have repeated booty calls with one of his lesser known co-stars in a money making franchise. That ended once filming wrapped, but he moved on with a beauty he shared the silver screen with while he was still in the relationship. After his co-star broke up with her long term love, she demanded he do the same or else she was never going to speak to him again.
A-List Actor:
Lesser Known Co-Star:
New Girlfriend:

81. BLIND GOSSIP 06/29
Single Guy and Married Couple have been friends for a long time. You will often catch pretty photos of them hanging out together every couple of months. No, this isn’t going where you think it’s going. They are not a threesome. Nor is Single Guy romantically involved with Married Girl. However, they do have a very interesting arrangement. Single Guy is quite the package, so it’s not exactly hard for him to land an attractive woman. In fact, he always seems to have a new Single Girl on his arm. However, he is not the only one doing the selecting. Married Girl has a big say in Single Buy’s choice of mates. That’s because the bottom line is that the Single Girl is really for her. That’s right. The real couples here are: Single Guy + Married Guy and Single Girl + Married Girl. So, now you know that whenever Single Guy breaks up with his Single-Girl-of-the-Month, it’s really because Married Girl has decided that it’s time. Married Girl is the selector of Single Girl, ergo the decision maker in Single Girl’s termination. It doesn’t always go smoothly, though. Once the Single Girl is part of this lifestyle, the fame-by-association and the lifestyle can make it very difficult to leave. However, they always do go, thanks to a binding contract and a nice payoff.

Single Guy: George Clooney
Single Girl: Stacy Kiebler
Married Guy: Rande Gerber
Married Girl: Cindy Crawford

This Diva's career is going great, but she's had her share of struggles in her personal life. Now it looks like she's getting cold feet with her upcoming wedding. Mogul vs. Mogul! This legendary Mogul says his younger counterpart doesn't show enough interest in learning the craft that made them so rich. The legend says the other mogul may know business, but falls "B" flat when it comes to learning the craft that fuels it.

Diva: Jennifer Hudson
Legendary Mogul: Quincy Jones
Younger Counterpart: P. Diddy

What former A list female movie star best known for one very famous role who has crashed down to a C as she has got older sent back three bodyguards on her recent trip because they did not measure up to her attractiveness standards. She won't be seen with any men she is paying for unless they are going to look good next to her. If they are willing to spend the night and have some fun off the clock, then so much the better. The fact that she has a boyfriend is irrelevant. She might be paying him too.
Sharon Stone

This actor is A list. He is all movies all the time. This one is so easy, I probably should not have said he is A list. How many A list actors are there anyway? More than you think if you decide that headlining a movie makes you A list. Does that mean that the guy who headlined Van Wilder 3 is A list? Yikes. Anyway, our A list actor does some very quiet, very substantial charity work. How substantial? Millions of dollars a year substantial. If you are poor and cannot afford rehab, this actor has given away so much money to prominent rehab clinics so that people can afford to go to the same places he went to. They pass out "scholarships," or "grants." It is basically our actor paying for it. Complete a rehab program and stay sober for a few months? Don't be surprised if you get an offer for a job at some company that is paying you from money this actor gave to that company for that purpose. Someone to pay to watch your kids while you are in rehab and can't work? "Financial Assistance Program." Need your rent paid? That too. Anything he can do or thought of which he needed during his recovery he does for others who can't afford it. He says that he was helped by so many and given so many breaks and that is what allowed him to stay clean and he wants to do the same for as many others as he possibly can. Does he talk about it? Nope. This is his personal way that he gives back and doesn't feel that it is something that needs to be shared with the world and for him to get credit for. It is one recovering person helping another recovering person.
Robert Downey Jr.

What new talk show host lines up three to five women at the end of his show and has them answer questions about what they would be willing to do to sleep with him. If there is more than one person that attracts his interest he asks if they are willing to do a threesome. if not, he has the second place finisher wait for a few hours until he finishes with the first.
Russell Brand


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