NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. BUZZFOTO 05/01
After spending thousands on designer clothing this last weekend, this C list reality star complained to the head of her charity that she couldn’t afford any more time or money on the cause and told them to stop ‘pestering her’ for either one.

#1 - I guess this movie actor is still A list. He has spent almost $1M of his money over the past few years to acquire movies of Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. Apparently he likes the ones involving sex and nudity the best.
Nicolas Cage

#2 - This almost A list movie actor who got his break on one of the biggest shows in television history has been a vocal proponent of PETA. I wonder if they know about his monthly pig events where he personally kills and cooks a pig for guests. Woody Harrelson

Celebrities often date and marry beards because it is professionally beneficial for them to be seen as straight. Even in this day and age, it’s more usual for performers to stay in the closet and beard up then it is for them to proudly proclaim their same-sex preference. But there is a big risk in bringing a beard aboard: you are depending on them to keep your secret forever. If you beard with another celebrity, both of your reputations and livelihoods are at stake. But if you marry a non-celebrity, there is little for them to lose if they decide to blackmail you. Such is the case of this male celebrity. Pushed by his family (especially his father), he married his non-celebrity beard. Beard Wife knew exactly what she was marrying into. And now she is demanding more to keep his secrets. And she wants a lot. She wants a television show. It isn’t enough for her to marry a celebrity; she wants to be a celebrity! So does her musician brother. So does her sister. So does her sister’s husband. The celebrity said "No. I’m not doing that." The wife said "Oh, yes you will! Because if you don’t, I will tell everyone that you are gay, and your career will be over." So it’s a done deal. The wife and her sister will be the talent, the sister’s husband will be a producer, and the wife’s brother will hope that his appearances will lead to a big record deal. The entire project is being sold on the strength of the celebrity’s name, yet out of all the players, he is the one who wants it least. But he’ll go along with what Daddy and Beard Wife and her family wants. Because he still does not have the courage and strength to run his own life. We hope that someday he will. And then, instead of pretending to be happy, he can actually be happy. But for now, he is a miserable closeted gay guy with a declining career, a controlling Daddy, and a blackmailing Beard Wife. Kevin Jonas

1. WHICH popular talk-show host has never cared for Jennifer Aniston and isn’t afraid to say she’s on "Team Angelina"? The chatty star won’t go public with her views because the former "Friends" beauty has been a returning guest on her show, but she was very vocal behind the scenes when Jen’s BFF Chelsea Handler slammed Angelina Jolie as a homewrecker!
Barbara Walters

2. Which actress/TV personality is trying to raise the baby of her aging father? The 40-some­thing funnylady has children of her own, but she doesn’t think her dad’s baby mama can care for her 2-year-old half-brother as well as she can.

3. What former child star, who went on to marry an abusive athlete, is in the grips of a terrifying cancer scare? The actress won’t go public until the findings are positive, but she’s been a nervous wreck as she awaits the results. Robin Givens (Mike Tyson)

4. Which fashionable actress/reality personality – she’s had serious eating disorder issues in the past – has shocked her personal trainer with comments about her new binge and purge routine? The trainer doesn’t want to get fired, but he felt it necessary to mention the skinny star’s "chew and spit" habit to her famous husband. Lisa Rinna

5. Which blonde actress and mother of two doesn’t get invited to her friends’ Malibu beach parties any longer because she’s a HUGE flirt? The currently unwed star is in a relationship, but that has never stopped her from making advances and pawing all over her girlfriend’s husbands and dates before! Pamela Anderson

1. WHICH megastar is so notoriously rude to airline staff that American Airlines workers prefer to take breaks to avoid him?
Alec Baldwin

2. WHICH TV exec is so demanding she fired a show’s hairdresser — but only after the stylist gave her a two-hour blowout? Tyra Banks

Dancing With The Stars:
#1 - This pro dancer has received middle of the night drunk calls from a B list actress who tells her to stay away from her man.

#2 - This male pro dancer has been trying to get producers to get rid of another male pro dancer because he stole his girlfriend.

#3 - This female pro dancer spent so little time with her celebrity that it was no wonder he got eliminated early. The pro dancer kept spending time with this other male celebrity dancer trying to get him to ask her out. She is basically begging at this point. Karina Smirnoff (Gavin DeGraw)/William Levy

#4 - Speaking of begging, this former B+ television actress who does nothing now, asks her pro dancer out everyday. And by out I mean to have sex with her. Kirstie Alley/Maksim Chmerkovskiy

#5 - This celebrity who was eliminated was such a complainer that people were calling her Kate Gosselin Jr. Sherri Shepherd

7. BUZZFOTO 05/02
Which blonde bombshell celebrity is obsessed with Mitt Romney? Although she has never identified her political beliefs publicly (that we’re aware of), she apparently is in love with the candidate and told friends that if he becomes president, she someday plans on becoming his "Marilyn Monroe." Kate Upton

These two male artists – who are both solo stars – recently collaborated on the lyrics to a song that has not yet been released. The lyrics include a reference to a television star (not an actress) with whom the First Musician had a hot one-night stand. The song will be rapped/sung by the Second Musician, who hasn’t had sex with her. Yet. He is hoping that by mentioning her name in the song, she will be flattered enough to let him have a little taste as well. Even though she is married, we would bet good money that the Second Musician will get what he wants.
First Musician: Drake
Second Musician: Lil Wayne
The Hot TV Star: Giada DeLaurentis

9. POPBITCH 05/03
(British blog)
Which loud and annoying pop star wannabe had a gak-fuelled threesome with her equally likeable partner, and a journalist sent to get some quotes from them?

This television show was not actually called The Sex Show, but it might as well have been. It seemed like the entire cast was having sex with each other at some point or the other. The show was a very big hit and spawned the careers of several actors and was also the place where some of the careers never get better. One of the actors who has gone on to bigger and better things is probably a nice solid B list actor. When he first arrived to the show he was a virgin. A 20 something year old virgin who quickly changed that with this much older foreign born actress. In fact, things were so hot and heavy between the actress and actor for a time there that she almost broke up with her boyfriend. There was another actress on the show who has permanently kind of stalled her career. She thought she was the big thing but on the set everyone laughed at her and secretly loved the fact that her boyfriend at the time was having sex with just about all the actresses on the show. He would come to visit his girlfriend on the set and while she was shooting he would be in the trailer of some other actress and having sex. He would also use his girlfriend's trailer. He got caught by her all the time cheating but she never would leave him. One of the lesser known actresses on the show was married at the time she was on the show. It is rumored that she got divorced because of things that happened on the show and that a child may or may not belong to the person she was married to at the time. Another actress on the show who was supposed to hit the big time but has never quite got there was mocked by everyone on the show because she would always tell her co-stars she was waiting to get married to have sex with her boyfriend. She was not a virgin as one of the producers can attest to, but she tried to keep that fling a secret. Her boyfriend at the time was keeping a whole lot of things secret.

The Sex Show: "The O.C."
B List Actor – Ben McKenzie
Actress 1: Older foreign-born actress – Kelly Rowan (Canadian) (boyfriend David Thomson)
Actress 2: Has permanently stalled career – Misha Barton (boyfriend Cisco Adler)
Actress 3: Lesser known, was married at the time of the show, has a child, now divorced – Melinda Clarke
Actress 4: Supposed to hit the big time but didn't, pretended she was a virgin – Rachel Bilson (Hayden Christensen)

This Couple’s split has all the drama: bad press, fights and dating other people. There’s one element I don’t think anybody counted on….police involvement. Now that the cops are looking into this latest altercation, will past bad behavior result in somebody catching a case? Deion and Pilar Sanders

12. BLIND GOSSIP 05/03
Which potential reality show judge is terrified that the truth about her physical and mental health will cost her a job offer? The show’s producers don’t know that the young star has actually been in and out of rehab three times this year (and it’s four times if you count one interrupted stay where her team pulled her out of one facility and moved her to another). She has a serious cocaine and alcohol addiction and severe emotional issues and is still a fragile mess. But it’s all about the money. Although she already has enough money to live on for the rest of her life, there’s a multi-million dollar payday at stake here. Her team – who have always cared more about the star’s bank account than her health – will do anything they have to do to prop her up and present her as a sober, mature professional and a good role model for young girls in order to get the gig.
Demi Lovato "X Factor"

13. BUZZFOTO 05/03
This A list actress recently told friends that she is not living her dreams. Her dream job is to be a truck-stop waitress and she’s sad she’ll never be able to do it. She says she loves the idea of having a job of serving food and just making people happy, and living a life of simplicity and anonymity

Traylor McMuff is the kind of celeb dude who enjoys many of the trappings of Hollywood life. But the guy will probably never go home with an Oscar, that's just a cold hard fact. Instead, Traylor gets to take back to his bicoastal abodes many other things, mainly lots of money, tons of friends who love his outgoing personality, and, um, just about every woman who he comes in contact with, both married and not. What's his secret? Traylor hangs out almost exclusively with gay men! See, Traylor knows that despite his killer abs and face, both L.A. and New York are chock-full of gorgeous young men who are dying to show almost any woman a good time. And even though Traylor's bod is drop-dead tight (still) and his face is chiseled as they come, he is not, how shall we say, getting any younger. He therefore loves nothing more than going out—sometimes several times in one week—with his friends to gay bars. Because Traylor knows full well that often where gay men go, also go their straight best girlfriends. And these gals are usually so taken aback to find out Traylor isn't secretly gay (as many folks think) they're willing to do just about anything the McMuff asks. Which just happens to always include taking them back to his pad and—how shall I put this?—having nooky that's not exactly great for everybody. Just Traylor. What a naughty boy in more ways than one! AND IT AIN'T: Matthew McConaughey, Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West.

It was not that too long ago that this comic actor from a network sketch comedy show was probably one of the top two or three cast members of the show and was starring in movies and fielding offers constantly. Now, he is barely remembered except in some best of collections and is a constant subject of whatever happened to? Well, what happened to him was some very bad choices when it came to his life. There was the awkward marriage to a no name actress where he tried to convince himself and everyone that he is straight. He still struggles with this and as a way of dealing with his personal demons started abusing drugs on a regular basis. Much of his fortune went for drugs for his wife and him and his friends. His wife who he split with is HIV+. She swears she got it from our comic actor but she has never pursued it and he has never submitted to a test. She is and was an avid drug user so it could just as easily be that she got it from dirty needles. Over the past few years our actor has taken loans from his old castmates and got jobs here and there including a minor recurring part on a middling show but it does not support his drug habit. He has several men and women he sees for sex and they pay him and keep him around because they are star struck. When he really makes the effort he can turn on the smile and laugh and make people remember what they found likable about him in the first place and what should have kept him as a star.
Chris Kattan

16. BUZZFOTO 05/04
Which A/B list, married actor with children was influenced by Banksy after watching "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and spent an entire weekend a few months ago, in LA with street artists tagging up the city?

Over the next few weeks, this B- list television actress will be scrutinized for why she is leaving a hit show. She has not been asked to leave the show and she is a firm believer in the policy of not voluntarily leaving a hit show. So, why is she leaving? Because of one of her co-stars who will not stop saying things to her which have caused her to seek therapy. It all started out a couple of years ago when she started working on this hit network show. Things happened and one thing led to another and she ended up sleeping with her B list co-star. He soon started sleeping with another co-star and our actress was hurt but moved on. Then, the actor wanted another go with her and she said no and for the past two years has been talking smack about her to anyone who will listen. Truly awful and horrible things about how she is a drug addict which she is not. How she hit on married producers and crew members which she has not. Anything he can think of, he has said. The one time she confronted him about it, the actor said all she had to do was sleep with him again and it would all go away. So far she has refused and because he is a bigger star than her, the producers have told her to stay quiet and that they will give her a bonus if she leaves the show and does so quietly. If she makes a fuss they have told her she will have trouble getting work on any show and that perhaps if she just had sex with the actor again then things would be all better. Yeah. She was pretty disgusted too.
Grace Park "Hawaii 5-0" (Scott Caan or Alex O'Loughlin)

18. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/07
1. Which on-the-rise married TV executive is having a very public affair with a staffer he’s openly trying to promote? His newsroom is buzzing like a high school cafeteria.
Chris Licht "CBS This Morning"

2. Which married publicist abruptly quit her top job after rumors of an affair with her married boss got out of control?

3. Which fashion star is selling off her designer clothes to pals, but only giving 10 per cent of the proceeds to charity? Kim Kardashian

4. Which publicist is badmouthing an ex-client because she hates his new girlfriend?

19. BLIND GOSSIP 05/07
This franchise actor has publicly denied that he is gay. He is even occasionally photographed with his girlfriend. However, he also has a new "boyfriend" in private. The "boyfriend" is the son of two celebrities and is accomplished in his own right (and, luckily for him, looks more like his mother than his father). We call him a "boyfriend" because we don’t know for sure if the two men are intimate. However, for two guys who are not in the same business and who live far away from each other, they sure are spending an awful lot of time texting and calling and visiting together. In fact, it’s as much time as the actor spends with his current girlfriend! If the actor is gay, do not expect him to come flying out of the closet any time soon. In the meantime, these two men certainly do make a very cute couple!
Daniel Radcliffe and Ronan Farrow

This solid B+ actress is taking a break from her marriage to a C list actor. She was overheard telling people that they are just "taking a break," but she admitted in private that she caught him sending sexy texts and emails to their mutual friend. Their male mutual friend.

Actress: Claire Danes
Actor: Hugh Dancy
Friend: Ewan McGregor

21. BUZZFOTO 05/07
This C list musician in an A list group, was recently caught with his pants down when the lead singer of the band walked in to his own living room and found him and the lead singer’s wife in flagrante delicto!

Musical Group:
Lead Singer:

It has been an interesting few weeks for this celebrity couple. The couple, part of a huge franchise and consisting of a B+/A- movie actor and movie actreess have always managed to give the impression they are a couple, when in reality they are not. It has never been that big of an issue until lately. With the exception of some flings our actor had on set with some of his co-stars, he has managed to keep everything he has done on the side on the down low. The actress has always loved the friendship and relationship the two have had although it has been entirely asexual. She does not really have feelings for anyone, whether it be male or female in a sexual way and has loved being part of a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Make sense? Well, although it works for her, it has not always worked for the actor. He would love to play the field and take advantage of all the women who want to be with him. Not in a Gerard Butler kind of way, but at least have some fun. Most of the time his drinking keeps him from getting too interested as that is by far his first love. Unbeknownst to the actress though, the actor has maintained a steady group of two or three other women who he spends time with which satisfies his needs. If the actress were to find out about them or if the relationships would be made public then she would be forced to answer questions about this long time relationship and move on which is something she is loathe to do. She likes being insulated. The problem is the actor has been seeing someone more frequently who is growing impatient and wants to be seen with our actor in public. She wants a real relationship and not just one consisting of random hotel rooms and hookups at his place when the actress is out of town. It got so bad that in the past two weeks, the woman actually showed up on the set where our actor was filming and he had to pass off the woman as an obssessed fan which our actress did not entirely believe. Also, a former lover of the actor who also happens to be a co-star got drunk with the couple and began revealing details of the relationship she had with the actor and did so loudly. She also saw the "obsessed fan," and said, "That looks exactly like the girl you showed me last year who you said was just your type and you were going to try and meet her." Although our couple headed back home together, apparently neither of them have stayed there together since the fateful time on set.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (co-star: Ashley Greene)

This former almost A list Tweener has been desperate to get back on television since her abrupt departure a few years ago. Her parents won't let her though because they don't want to have to answer questions about what happened which would break wide open the hastily concocted cover story that has barely stood up to any kind of examination.
Jamie Lynn Spears

24. BUZZFOTO 05/08
This B list film celebrity, who is a bit on the larger side, who also enjoys cooking, hosts lavish dinner parties at his home. When guests ask what they can bring as a polite gesture, he has his assistant send them a complicated recipe. If the finished product isn’t up to par, he mocks it openly in front of them. Some guests have learned not to ask, and those are usually the guests that aren’t invited back.

Over the past year this A+ list singer has seen her life turn into a downward spiral that her friends think is going to result in her death. One friend said the singer is abusing drugs so much that she wonders how the singer is not already dead. She spends all day and night doing drugs. In the past our singer always had a busy schedule but managed to make it to everything and to show up coherently, but now when she does show up for things, she does so out of it and is never quite sure where she is or where she needs to be. She also has used drugs in the past, but now she is using them openly and not afraid who sees her. The friend knows about 15 people that the singer has slept with in the past six months alone and has heard there are way more. Her recording sessions have sounded awful lately and millions of dollars have been spent on songs that are not even usable. Our singer wants to move away from just records and to be an actress, and doesn't understand why she is not able to get more parts and be a star, especially after her most recent movie. The singer is constantly taking last Asecond trips and paying for the expenses of all her friends who tell her what the singer wants to hear and not what she should hear. The singer had a brief one month relationship with this A list midwest rapper who the singer stalks by calling him everyday and night but who she never mentions publicly. The rapper messed with the singer's mind and ever since their working relationship turned hot and passionate for a short time she has never been the same. He has moved on but she has not. She ruined the relationship with her mentor by calling his wife one night and telling her what the singer and the mentor had previously done and that they continued to hook up all the time. The mentor went ballistic and has not spoken to the singer since. Our singer has tried counseling but says she is fine. The friend I spoke to said when she confronted the singer and advised her to get help or take a year off to get her head straight, the singer yelled at her and threw her out of her hotel room and has not spoken to her since.

Pop Star: Rihanna
Recent Movie: "Battleship"
A list midwest reapper: Eminem

Mentor: Jay-Z
Mentor’s Wife: Beyonce

1. Which gorgeous stars of a hit supernatural TV show – they’re dating in real life – had a monstrous fight in public that could mean the end of their low-key romance? The young lovers were in tears after their brutal bout and ended up going their separate ways!
"Vampire Diaries" Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev

2. Which superstar entertainer swears by her expensive "lifesaving" bottled water and vows that she can taste the difference? Turns out the actress/singer’s terrified staff ran out of the must-have H2O so they filled a few bottles with L.A.’s finest tap water and she guzzled it without question! Madonna (Kabbalah water)

3. This Hollywood comedy legend can do pretty much anything if she puts her mind to it – except drive! But the beloved senior citizen’s age has nothing to do with her collision-course driving style – she’s been slamming and side-swiping cars for years!

4. Which famous family’s youngest siblings are fighting over a guy? The celebrity clan’s other daughters are accustomed to making headlines, but it’s only a matter of time before these teen terrors’ rivalry takes center stage! Kylie and Kendell Jenner

5. Which hunky prime-time star of a new hit show, who plays the loyal love interest, is actually gay? The actor was spotted at a gay watering hole in Los Feliz, Calif., carrying on with his buddies and one special guy in particular who kept rubbing his back?

27. BUZZFOTO 05/09
This troubled actress is looking around her for solutions to her problems. She is trying desperately to win back the hearts of the public, but so far nothing is working. She has seen how adoption has helped the public perception of some of her colleagues and has decided that might be the avenue for her… except she isn’t going about it in quite the right way. She reportedly offered her housekeeper a large sum of money if the housekeeper’s daughter would ‘sell’ her baby that is due at the end of the summer. Naturally the housekeeper declined.

This pop star has been spiraling out of control. She is unapologetic in her partying and her friends have noticed that things have gotten worse as her mentor put her on the back burner. They think she is doing it to get his attention, but his A list wife has demanded their relationship to be more professional and less personal. A few weeks ago she went on a binder that led her handlers to try and intervene. As they tried to get her to call it a night, she went ballistic and started pushing her assistant. After she knocked her to the ground her security guard picked her up and carried her out of the club. A day later she was back in the same club and invited a few strippers and a couple of random guys she met back to her hotel for some "fun." Several of the guys she invited starting taking pictures of her as she performed oral sex on one of the dancers. Now, she is paying out for the pics and sending her assistant to pick up her prescriptions thanks to the sex and drug fueled evening.

Pop Star: Rihanna
Mentor: Jay-Z
Mentor’s Wife: Beyonce

29. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09
This big actor is in a hairy situation. If he lies, the problem gets bigger. And if he tells the truth, the problem still gets bigger! If he does settle, he would be forced to continue to lead a life that has made him miserable for many years under even more scrutiny than before. It’s a life he was prepared to leave a few years ago, before he was entrapped by two significant parties in his life. If he doesn’t settle, the threat of all his secrets coming out at once would destroy his career, his family, and his bank account. Contrary to what you may believe, he is not a very smart or strong person, and he has been rather easily manipulated by others into leading a life that is outwardly successful but inwardly sad and twisted. It’s hard to feel bad for him, though. His fame and money have made him soft and arrogant and careless, and he has made a lot of very conscious and very stupid decisions that have hurt a lot of people (including people very close to him). And, sadly and ironically, there’s not support for him at home. The two parties closest to him are also the two parties who care more about saving their own reputations and wallets than in helping him achieve authentic happiness. If he doesn’t continue to lie, his wife swears that she will divorce him and take all the money and the child/ren. Meanwhile, the other party is ready to blackmail him into poverty and oblivion. If there is a way out of this for him that would satisfy all parties, we don’t know what it is. We hear that he is leaning toward more lies and a big payoff. Not surprising, given his history.
John Travolta (Kelly Preston and Scientology)

1. Barely hanging on B- actress w/ list bf moved past 4 people at bathroom line at MetBall - When they protested said"Don't you know who I am?"
Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

2. Which Real Housewives - New Jersey housewife is about to declare bankruptcy? Not Teresa. Melissa Gorga

31. POPBITCH 05/10
(British Blog)
Which star, currently in the news, must have such a high opinion of himself that he needs to massage his ego quite frequently? He was, for quite some time, having sex with someone who worked professionally as his own lookalike. (Some of his more casual hook-ups too are said to have more than a passing resemblance.)
John Travolta

In the past week, all the NFL teams had mini-camps, but the biggest talk among the players on one team was not about their new teams or the upcoming season, but what is being called the greatest celebrity sex tape ever. Apparently this former A+ list Tweener not named Miley or one of the Cheetah Girls made a sex tape with this newly drafted NFL player. The player who went to school in California was talking about how he had dated this Tweener and someone said prove it and out comes a full 15 minute video on his iPad. The next thing you know every player was gathered around this iPad and there was almost complete silence for the full 15 minutes. Afterwards, the noise was deafening and players begged to watch it again. For the entire mini-camp all anyone could talk about was the sex tape and what exactly goes on during it.
Former A+ list Tweener: Amanda Bynes
PROBABLY: Newly drafted NFL player: Keith Rivers (not newly drafted, but changed from Cincinnati Bengals to New York Giants)

33. BUZZFOTO 05/10
This troubled actress is looking around her for solutions to her problems. She is trying desperately to win back the hearts of the public, but so far nothing is working. She has seen how adoption has helped the public perception of some of her colleagues and has decided that might be the avenue for her… except she isn’t going about it in quite the right way. She reportedly offered her housekeeper a large sum of money if the housekeeper’s daughter would ‘sell’ her baby that is due at the end of the summer. Naturally the housekeeper declined.
Demi Moore

34. PAGE SIX/NY POST 05/10
Which straight male actor recently made a pass at a very straight male artist by putting his hand on his knee and inviting him to a European gay bar?

Riddle me this: what Real Housewife got a fake divorce from her husband so that his creditors wouldn’t come after her Housewives’ TV money?
NeNe Leakes

Which married Real Housewife gave her phone number to Hugh Grant and told him to call anytime and that she was available.
Lisa Vanderpump

37. BUZZFOTO 05/11
At a dinner party a few months ago at a A list director’s house, this B list, married actor met a woman who was helping to cater the event. He claims it was "love at first sight," and although he hasn’t yet physically acted on it, he’s developed a very intense emotional relationship with her.

38. BLIND GOSSIP 05/11
There have been many false reports about this actress in the past… but this time she really is pregnant! She is not married to her Significant Other – and we are assuming that he is the baby’s father – so the couple will need to make a decision in the next few weeks. Since she is over the age of 30 and loves children, her friends believe that she will opt to keep the baby. We have heard that her S.O. is not especially eager to get married, so she may be going the single-parent route for now. She is only approximately five weeks along, so there is nothing to see yet. But, with summer right around the corner, it will be difficult for our actress to cover up the pregnancy once she does start showing. Given how slim she is, we expect that you’ll start to see a bump sooner rather than later, perhaps as early as the middle of June. Oh, and although it is too early to know the gender of the baby either, we predict that the couple will opt for a European-sounding name.
Jennifer Aniston

Oh, what a tangled website we weave, when at first we practice to deceive. That's what one of those crusty writer guys said, right? OK, maybe not exactly, but conniving, breasty Harriet Talons sure had that in mind when she backstabbed so many people on her current hit show, her own network's New York website is currently weighing whether or not to write a scathing exposé on Harriet's behind-the-scenes shenanigans—they're that damn impressive. Back in Hollywood, but equally as stealth—and to far more sexy results—would be an Oscar-nominated star's party behavior. Want to hear what Freddie Friction picked up along with his cocktail? A date! And it's weird on so many levels: Just like Harriet, who tells the world constantly (mostly in women's magazines) how down-to-earth and shy and humble she is, Freddie's been busy spinning a similar ersatz media presence. For instance, he often talks about how "straight" he is. Like, a lot. Isn't it fascinating how very unlike Crescent Cumquat and Topher Hairy-Tuchus—who often depend on extravagant online shenanigans to hook up with guys they fancy—Freddie is. He just asked a guy home at a recent N.Y. party! Right in front of everybody! And even though the party dude who Freddie asked back to his place was completely shocked, he did manage to say yes, in case you were wondering. Yeah, maybe it was kinda stupid for Freddie (who we hear is a tad on the old-fashioned side) to let this all go down in the open, but hey, makes more sense than Craigslist, huh? Less of a trail… I think Freddie's gonna be a crafty one, just like Harriet. In fact, I'm sure of it! AND IT AIN'T: Felicity Huffman and Chord Overstreet, Joan Rivers and Zac Efron, Betty White and Robert Pattinson.

Harriet Talons: Terry Hatcher
Freddie Friction: Jeremy Renner

This A list actor has franchise millions in his bank, but won’t spring for a much needed dental appointment. He makes a conscious effort never to smile and show his teeth at red carpet events. Fans think it’s all part of his dark and aloof mystique, but his teeth are beyond yellow…they are brown.
Johnny Depp

Today I wanted to tell you the history of this A list movie actress. She would never do television. Wait. She would never do scripted television. Anyway, our actress has had lots of high profile boyfriends and every one of them has said they have never felt as free as the day they were finally free of the actress. One actor said it was quite possibly the happiest day of his life and he had to act sad at some premiere and all he wanted to do was shout and scream. Our actress is a clinger. A big clinger. As in if she decides to date you then you are going to be with her until you do something so egregious that she has no choice but to leave you. You can't break up with her. It does not work that way. One boyfriend tried to break up and then went and shot some movie on the other side of the world. Third day there, the actress showed up at his hotel room door with a suitcase saying she was there for a visit. One actor wanted to break up with the actress so much that he cheated on her. She got upset but the actress was not going to leave. He then got the idea of getting caught while cheating. She broke up with him after that but would still call him everyday and talk to him. That one was before caller i.d. One actor who lived with the actress said that he never asked her to move in but that she just kept bringing stuff over and he never noticed and then one day he realized she was there all the time. It took him years to get away from her. Even in her current long term relationship, her significant other knows he can do anything he wants and that she is never going to leave him. He has done a lot and even been caught, but she just will not go anywhere. They can go weeks without seeing each other but she calls. All the time. All day. Texts all day too. Hundreds of times a day. Her significant other hired an assistant just to respond to the texts. Apparently his life is so much easier since he thought of it. One week of telling the assistant what to say in the texts and now one year later, the actress is none the wiser. Of course the assistant has got to see plenty of naked photos of the actress. She is big photo sender. She is also a big hypochondriac. She wonders aloud about everything she eats and how it will affect her and would like your opinion too. She has very few friends because they are subject to the same type of clingy. Not very many people can deal with that kind of constant barrage of attention and neediness.
Gwyneth Paltrow
actor at premiere:
actor shot movie on other side of the world: Brad Pitt "Seven Years in Tibet"
actor who cheated: Luke Wilson
actor who lived with her: Ben Affleck
significant other: Chris Martin

What B- list mostly television actress & her husband are having big problems since birth of baby? He does everything to avoid being together.

43. BUZZFOTO 05/14
Which B list actress and singer who was recently at Disneyland, got so scared on Tower of Terror that she peed her pants? She didn’t bother to change, and instead went on the river rapids ride right after hoping no one would notice.
Miley Cyrus

This rom-com queen has been trying to find a suitable A-list mate to compliment her image, but had to settle for a C-lister. She was about to break up with him, but when her ex announced his engagement to a couple of mutual pals, she decided to fast track their relationship. Not only will they be getting married soon, but they will also be welcoming a baby. She is about 3 months pregnant and plans to let bump rumors ride until she confirms the news at what she is deeming "perfect PR timing." Her goal is to go public with the pregnancy just in time for her ex’s wedding.
Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux - Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

This couple is A++ list. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger celebrity couple anywhere. Not that long ago there were lots of infidelity rumors that plagued the couple. It seems that the man in the relationship just could not control his sexual urges. Never mind the fact that if he destroyed the couple with his infidelities that headlines would follow everyday for a year, he still had to get some sex so he did. Well, his significant other who was never much for sex decided that the brand and the couple was really important so promised her significant other they would have sex everyday for a year if he would behave. Previously they had sex about once every two months. Just like everything she puts her mind to she followed through and the couple had sex everyday for a year. For that year they were never apart and even when he was tired or complaining she would not give in. Well, after a year, it stopped. In fact, almost everything about them has stopped. Rarely even seen together any longer one of the downsides to their year of sex was they found that they go through periods where they really can't even stand to be in the same room. What was supposed to bring them closer together actually ended up driving them apart. Now instead of a sex deal, what they have is a deal where they try to be photographed together once every two weeks otherwise they spend most of their time apart. Right now their image keeps them together and nothing else.
David and Victoria Beckham (when he decided he was going to retire things got better)

What actress who adopted a baby not that long ago called the agency that set her up with the baby and has asked about giving the baby back.
Denise Richards

47. BLIND GOSSIP 05/15 **#1**
This fashionable diva is very particular when she travels. Staff records across one hotel chain include the notation "difficult guest". When she stays at one of their hotels, she has her assistant call down to the front desk dozens of times each day and night to demand things that she doesn’t want to handle herself. The caller ID always shows her name as Dorothy (the alias she uses when she travels). When the staff person rings the doorbell to the suite, they have to announce their name, their position with the hotel, and why they are there. When they enter the room, the staff person is not allowed to look Dorothy in the eye or to speak to her directly. Dorothy: "Tell them that the thermostat in the room needs to be set at 70, not 72." Star’s assistant or sibling: "Miss Dorothy needs the thermostat in the room to be set at 70, not 72." Hotel worker: "OK, well, here is the thermostat on the wall. If you want to change the temperature, all you have to do is move this lever from 70 to 72." Star: "Tell them that I’m not responsible for maintenance issues." Star’s assistant or sibling: "Miss Dorothy is not responsible for maintenance issues." Sigh. We can’t wait for Dorothy Jr. to grow up.
Lady Gaga

48. BLIND GOSSIP 05/15 **#2**
Her career has waned, but this girl isn’t willing to sit back and see other young performers take any headlines away from her. Lots of antics in the past couple of months, each one that should be accompanied by the caption "Hey! Look at ME!" Significant Other starring in a movie? Upstage him on the red carpet! People talking about how good looking he is? Wear (or don’t wear) something that creates a photo frenzy! He scored another big acting job? Create a rumor that you are in contention for a big TV job! His brother is having a baby? Adopt another pet! Your movie flops? Get another piercing or tattoo! Not cool. Her hunger for fame and need for constant attention is exhausting everyone, especially her Significant Other. Word is that he is looking for the exit door.
Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

Want to see a wife who cries every night? Look no further than this gorgeous B list movie actress. Only movies. Never television. Her husband is a well known celebrity. An actor. You would all know him. He is also one of the biggest cheaters out there. She could do so much better but she is afraid to leave him. He has brainwashed her into believing that he is the only one who would ever find her attractive. The only one who would ever want to be with her. He demeans her whenever he can. He cheats every day whether his wife is there or not. He says he cheats because it is expected of him. Like he is doing it out of some sort of devotion to his craft. He is abhorrent. He gets away with it though because people like him. In private though he is a terror. The only time he has ever said anything nice about his wife? In public. Never private. He tries to keep her sheltered from her family. Wants him by his side except at night. That is his "personal time" with the women he keeps on retainer and the ones he meets on sets and in hotel bars when he shows off and preens. Meanwhile, his wife is upstairs. Crying. Wondering if it will ever get better.
Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber

50. BUZZFOTO 05/15
Which C list actor from a comedy television series was seen spending almost an entire month at the same row of slot machines in a seedy casino off the Vegas strip?

51. BUZZFOTO 05/16
One of the main actors from the latest "Avengers" film is so in to his character right now, he’s been buying up fan art online. He doesn’t display it in house, but keeps it in a room and shows it to close friends. He seems to be proud of his growing collection, and we do mean growing!
Mark Ruffalo "The Hulk"

1. WHAT former A-lister and Hollywood womanizer – he supposedly sowed his wild oats before getting married and raising a family – hasn’t been that loyal? The Oscar winner has been having phone sex with a C-list celebrity for years behind his famous actress/wife’s back!
Hollywood womanizer: Warren Beatty
C-list celebrity:

2. WHICH model-turned-reality star may get a legal workout in court over a fitness video she was working on before she and her soon-to-be ex broke up? Hubby is singing the blues, claiming that he should get a piece of the pie if the video gets made. But she’s telling her lawyers he didn’t have anything to do with it! Heidi Klum/Seal

3. WHICH Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy-winning star is thisclose to losing his multimillion-dollar Malibu home to foreclosure? The aging actor needs to go back to his roots and start picking roles that will put him back in demand! Louis Gossett, Jr.

4. WHICH famous high-budget action director had a major meltdown on the Miami set of his latest film? The single and never married playboy – he only dates gorgeous models and actresses – fired an assistant director for dating an extra he had his eye on! Michael Bay

This actress is B list. It is strictly because of her A list name recognition though and does not reflect any actual acting talent. In fact, she does not even really appear in that many things anymore. Back in the day though she was considered the best thing that ever walked into your living room. Everyone wanted a piece of her and the marketing campaign was based on her being hot and available. Innocence with just a hint of edge. That all changed though when some photos were taken of her by her boyfriend at the time. He was an up and coming rapper and he had taken lots of photos of the two of them in bed together. Mostly just shots of her naked from the waist up, but there were one or two which would have fit right at home in an X rated movie. Lets just say, she was inspecting some anatomy parts really up close. Anyway, the rapper had been showing off the photos to his friends and then the next thing you know they are being offered for sale. Panic set in at the network. Producers cringed. This was their golden meal ticket. Money was exchanged and the photos bought. This was the first time anyone knew she also was dating this rapper. Well, that had to stop. She was told she had to stop seeing him for the good of her career. Basically they were all telling her America is racist and no one would think of her the way she wanted to be thought of. It was all crap, but she bought in to it. The pair broke up, but for several years, the couple always texted and got together from time to time to re-ignite the flame. In fact there are some who thought he might have been the father of her child.
Jessica Alba ("Dark Angel")/50 Cent

54. BLIND GOSSIP 05/16 **#1**
This music group recently left their record label. They publicly announced that they had outgrown the label and were moving in a new direction. Everyone thanked each other for their years together and wished each other well in the future. Blah, blah, blah. Lies, lies, lies. Do you want to know what really happened? Well, the truth is that the music group was totally fired. Yes, fired! The label had warned them numerous times that they needed to clean up their act. Their fans were drifting away because they were tired of their ridiculous faux relationships of all the members of the group, and the troubling, rehab-worthy behavior of one of the members of the group (Member C). If they didn’t get their act together and start making music again – together – the label wasn’t interested in keeping them. But the group and their manager had grown arrogant and lazy. They didn’t want to listen to the label that had made them into a success. They weren’t interested in creating music as a group or touring anymore. They just wanted the fame and the money that their very greedy and very controlling manager convinced them that they deserved – just for being them! So Member A left to try another solo venture. That venture – which had been successful up until the time Member A joined – had to shut down when he couldn’t bring in an audience. Over a hundred people lost their jobs. And his fakey fake relationship with an older woman simply annoyed everyone, especially his former fans. He’s in a new fake relationship now. Member B lost all control over his own life. He let his manager set him up in a fake marriage and is now letting his wife dictate his next ridiculous gig (which is designed to promote her, not him). Member C wanted to do a solo album in between drinking binges. The label advised him against it because there had been a backlash from fans after one of his faux relationships. He did the album anyway. It bombed. He blamed the label. That was the final straw. The label fired all of them. They practically gave them their songs back. Anything to get them out the door as fast as possible and completely sever ties with them and their idiotic manager. Good riddance.
Group: Jonas Brothers
Member A: Nick
Member B: Kevin
Member C: Joe

55. BLIND GOSSIP 05/16 **#2**
In the late 00's, his face was starting to sag and lose its elasticity. His face pretty much fluttered in the breeze as he ran. He had lines around his eyes and bags under them. Now, frankly, this is not a big deal. All faces age. Really! But this ego maniacal liar wants you to believe that he is no mere mortal, and that his looks are all natural because he lives such an extraordinary life. That’s right, People! He’s not like you! He works hard to stay young! He has never had plastic surgery and never will! Or so he claims. Here’s the truth: He had a nose job when he was in his teens (he had the bridge thinned out). He had his teeth completely redone (although we wouldn’t include teeth in the plastic surgery category). He had his eyeballs replaced. He had a mid-section face lift and lower blepharoplasty (eye job) around 2009. He is currently holding off on upper eye work (because that would drastically change his look). Now he just has regular injections of Botox and Restylane to freeze things up and plump them out. Hey, it’s good work, he doesn’t look "done", and his face settled in nicely six months after the plastic surgery. But it’s still plastic surgery. And he is still a liar.
Tom Cruise

With all the casting couch and horror stories about what can happen to actors and actresses as they try to make it in the business, I thought I would tell you about the actress who got even for every guy that put her in a casting couch position or was an a-hole to her when coming on to her. Our actress is A list. Actually she is A+ list. Probably going to make it too easy, because there are not that many out there. Anyway, when she first started out as an actress there was this producer who said he could get her a part if she slept with him. She did and got the role, but not the one he promised. Later, when she became very well known, our actress would send photos of herself to his house and to his office with the message Fuck you! written across them. In another very early movie in her career, our actress was propositioned by an actor, who at the time was still a big deal. I mean like A list television big deal. A guy who had been married to one of the most famous women on the planet big deal. He was divorced at the time but about to get married to another woman. He failed to tell this to our actress and the pair began dating on set. He of course got what he wanted and dumped her and our actress got her revenge when this actor got signed to direct a movie and was going to be paid a fortune. Our actress heard about it and signed on to the movie but said she would not do it with this man as the director. He got fired and she did the movie. Again, she also sent a note from the set which said, "Wish you were here." One of my favorites though has to be when she was cast to do this awful movie. On the set she met this guy who is still a very solid B list actor and has been married to someone very famous. Anyway, the two started dating and he kept saying she was the only one in his life and that he only wanted her. She heard this before from others so took awhile to warm up to the guy, but she did. Well, one night she goes over to his place expecting them to be alone and the guy is in bed with another man and woman and got really upset when our actress did not want to join in. As in really upset and screaming and yelling at her and calling her worthless and so much more. The guy was out of control. Our actress finally walked out. What our actress still does to this day is send the guy flowers and a card whenever a show of his gets canceled or a pilot not picked up which says, "Who is worthless now?"
Charlize Theron

57. BUZZFOTO 05/17
After a long and nasty divorce, you’d think this celebrity and his latest ex-wife would never want to see each other or interact again. Not so! Apparently he has hooked up with her twice, even though he’s settled in another relationship!
Sean Penn/Robin Wright

1. This TV Host got an unwanted Addition to his show. The addition insulted his wife in the past and now the ratings are worse than ever on his show. How much patience will the Host have for someone he's got no use for? Nick Cannon/Howard Stern "America's Got Talent"

2. This Actor is going all out to stay relevant. He's starring in a top-rated show, but it's an ensemble. So, he's trying to stand out with wild pictures of himself in the club or surrounded by women at the beach. He's all over the internet, but is this really helping his career? Shemar Moore

If sometimes trampy, always crafty Veronica Bee-Stings can find love, then we all can, right?! That's what Awful Truth's broken hearted club is hoping, at least. Because we recently caught wind that our dear VBS—who never met a husband she couldn't steal or a lie she wouldn't tell—isn't just hooking up with her current beefcake B-Lister. Nope, Ronnie has been bitten by the love bug. And how! "She's telling everyone she knows that she's in love," a close pal of Veronica's dishes about the surgically enhanced starlet and her boy toy of the moment, who (if you believe Ms. Bee-Stings) might be "the one." How trés romantic, no?! Sounds like someone's ready to get wifed up! Actually, on second thought, that's not saying much, as Veronica has always been known to fall hard and fast for the many men in her life. At least that's what she wants you to believe...she values the paparazzi pictures of her and her famous beaus far more than any TLC they give her. That is, until now. "She's changed her ways. Really!" her friend promises. "She's not interested in setting up tabloid pictures or flaunting him on the red carpet. She actually likes spending time with him. It helps that he's crazy about her too." All her ways except one. We have a feeling she isn't exactly revealing her nasty secrets to this dude either, ya know, in case her rather risqué past makes him want to cut and run. So instead she'll keep those sexy skeletons buried in the back of her closet, behind all those Hervé mini-dresses and designer pumps. AND IT AIN'T: Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Lea Michele.
Blake Lively

So, this show was a favorite of a lot of people. It went off the air a few years ago, but not long enough where people don't remember it. Everyone remembers it. It was a comedy. Typical sit com stuff but designed for a younger audience and a big hit for lots and lots of years. Anyway, the female lead of the show has started opening up about her experience on the show and it is pretty revealing. Everyone who watched the show was in love with her and the actors on the show were no different. She was new to the whole experience and new to the attention that was being forced on her from every direction. She started the show as a minor but that didn't stop her from being hit in by everyone. She told me that 40 year old guys who were married with kids who worked on the show would hit on her and were always groping her. Always touching. When she talks about it now she visibly shudders when she describes it. She says she can still feel their hands. They knew she would not do or say anything and she says sometimes four or five guys a day would be groping her. When she got older and began to really develop she says it got way worse. Then, it was not just the groping but they also would ask her out or corner her. She said that she never really felt safe the whole time she was on the show and this was years. She did have a relationship with two of her co-stars, one of which took her virginity. Of course that actor told everyone so then the old men making moves on her grew more intense. She did admit to having a one season long relationship with a producer on the show who was married. She said he was so good looking and now she wouldn't have done it but she was 18 and didn't think about his wife and kids but only the fact that this boss saw her as attractive and didn't grope her so she went to lunch with him which turned into them getting hotel rooms and then it was over. She said that she almost died inside when he dumped her and also thought about killing herself. She didn't know how to deal with it. One of the actors she had sex with on the show later came out to her as gay even though he still has not to the rest of the world. She was miserable for years and when the producers wanted to do one more year of the show she told me she knew she would fall apart and never be the same and told them no more. They decided not to do another season. Her experience has left her so shattered she does not really do much anymore except live day to day and hang out with a few friends. She does not work, and has thought about acting from time to time, but just is afraid of what will happen.

61. BLIND GOSSIP 05/18 **#1**
This actress, wife, and mother is pushing hard to maintain her fake marriage. She hasn’t spoken to her own mother in years. However, after some recent unfavorable publicity, she called up some relatives and asked them to provide a positive comment to one of the tabloids in support of her family. They all said "No." They just weren’t willing to lie for her. Desperate, the actor called her own mother, to whom she hadn’t spoken in years. Grandma initially said "No." Mom offered up a wad of cash. Grandma said "Not enough. I want something else, too." Turns out that Grandma wants another grandchild and access to all the grandchildren (up until now, her bad relationship with her daughter precluded her from seeing the grandkids). Mom agreed, mainly because she is desperate to to keep up the charade of a happy family, and having pics of the Grands and the Grandkids together would actually make for some good photo ops. No, we don’t know how the actress’ husband feels about all this. He’s the biggest liar of all, so he can’t exactly take a moral stand here. Frankly, we don’t know whether the actress will even tell him about all this. Yes, she’s sneaky that way.
Kelly Preston/John Travolta

62. BLIND GOSSIP 05/18 **#2**
This actress – who worked much more several years ago than she does now – has found the perfect way to annoy her controlling husband. He always insisted that she not step foot out of the house unless she was looking her best (full hair, makeup, clothes) because she was a "reflection of his image". But now that they have quietly separated, she consistently walks out of the house in casual clothes and messy hair and no makeup (even when her destination isn’t the gym). Of course, the paparazzi are there, just waiting to snap her photo. Her publicist called and said "Do you realize how much you’re pissing him off when you do that?" She replied, "Absolutely!" and giggled. Sounds like it’s just her little way of reclaiming her life.
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

63. BUZZFOTO 05/18
This overweight comedian is tired of being the third wheel to his charming costar and his girlfriend. He hangs out with the couple constantly, and covers for his actor friend when the actor is cheating on his girlfriend. However, the comedian has found himself in love with his costar’s girlfriend and is building up the courage to tell her.

You know, when you are a big tweener star who relies on wholesomeness and want to keep your reputation intact, you really can't go around hitting on every teen that walks by you. So, what do you do if you are an A list tweener and want to find some women who are open to more than just kissing, you let your mom handle it for you. Not a manager or an agent, not even a friend. Nope. Mom handled things for her A list tweener(s). Her only rule is that it has to be someone who is not a fan. She would find escorts who would sign confidentiality agreements in advance and then spend time with the tweener(s) and be gone the next morning. She had no problems with this. She felt it was way better than a scandal. It was way more preferable than waking up to some unexpected teen pregnancy or some crazy fan who sold everything they knew to the nearest tabloid. With a new escort coming every night there was no need to take that chance. Mom even made sure that when the tweener(s) had a girlfriend the escorts kept coming. At least one horrific breakup was the result of a girlfriend discovering that.
Justin Bieber

65. BUZZFOTO 05/21
Which C list singer and performer was seen outside a Vegas strip club over the weekend trying to get her infant in the door with her?

66. BLIND GOSSIP 05/21
Another staff change at this newsy national television show. One of its presenters is out the door. In fact, she is so far out the door that she is going to a competitor network. Here’s why: She had an affair with the show’s big star. She expected that an affair would lead to a move up the food chain… eventually leading to the seat next to his. Wrong. He is married, she was just a fling… and there was already another mistress ahead of her coveting the same seat! She was so mad when she found out that she confronted him at work. Bad move. He holds a lot of power at the network. Whoever he wants to stay, stays. Whoever he wants to go, goes. If you annoy him, you’re shown the door. She annoyed him. Buh bye!

Show" "Today"
Big star: Matt Lauer
Presenter: Amy Robach
Other mistress: Natalie Morales

1. This rapper started smoking weed backstage at the Billboard Music Awards. Most were trying to simply find the source of the smell to end the situation while a member of a certain band was trying to find the source to join in.
Wiz Khalifa/LMFAO

2. This hot headed pop star was complaining backstage at the Billboard Music Awards because Adele nabbed most the awards but didn’t show up. The star snapped, "It’s fitting that she always wears a muumuu because she is such a cow." Chris Brown

This actress is A list now. I hate to say it, but she is. Not for movies, but for television. If you are the lead for your own show, you get to be A list and she has done it twice. One was a very big hit. Back in the day though, when she was still a teen but very developed for her age she was on a show. The show didn't last long at all and it is probably a very good thing because this once B list tv/movie actor who has been in the news recently for some sex issues was also on the show. Apparently our actress never noticed what was going on but other members of the crew did and would not let the actor anywhere near the actress. They caught him always looking at her and making comments about her and were really scared he would try something if he managed to get her alone. The actor would try to do everything he could to spend time with the actress alone, but the word was out. Keep him away from her. The problem was the show did not film locally in Los Angeles so someone was always on duty to make sure he did not get access to her in her hotel room or call her and convince her to go out. It was a 24 hour a day operation. He never got the chance and you have never seen a happier crew that a show was canceled.

Show: "Byrds of Paradise"
Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Actor: Timothy Busfield

69. BLIND GOSSIP 05/22
This actress and her husband like to pretend that she is the Best Mom in the World. We’ll let you in on a little secret and you can decide for yourself. Before she married her current husband, she had a child. But that child doesn’t live with them and is never mentioned in interviews. That child isn’t included on her Wikipedia page, and isn’t mentioned in the Biography section of the actress’ own website (although there are plenty of words and photos devoted to her other child/ren). Why not? Because that child is disabled. In her eyes, that child doesn’t even exist. It’s just one more secret to sweep under the rug. One more lie so that she and her husband can pretend to be the perfect couple with the perfect family.
Kelly Preston

70. BUZZFOTO 05/22
He’s a C list television actor on the rise, and he’s gay. No big deal, except his beard doesn’t know and she had his baby.

71. ANONYMOUS 05/22
Which MTV reality star was paid to do an event in Detroit this past weekend but refused to do it unless he got paid an extra $10,000? He/she was also contracted to sign autographs for his/her fans but said, "I'm not signing anything for those people!"

Pauly D

1. WHAT A-list actor – who’s on the brink of becoming B-list – paid off his actress/ TV personality ex so that she wouldn’t talk about his dark and kinky secrets? The chatty blonde is about to be very visible on TV, and her manic-depressive former beau wants to make sure she keeps her lips sealed!
Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

2. THIS A-list star was having a boys-only gay bash in the late ’90s at his Hollywood Hills home when his then-wife (she’s now his ex) unexpectedly showed up at the front door. The actor’s bodyguard turned the Oscar-winning actress away because her hubby was busy hosting a slew of sexy young men! Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman

3. WHICH "Real Housewife of New York City" had a secret hookup with the star of another Bravo reality show? The single mom-turned-cougar and the young stud with the million-dollar smile are trying to keep their affair on the down-low, but busy-body Andy Cohen got wind of it and is now determined to turn it into a story arc. Sonja Morgan/Ryan Serhant, Realtor from "Million Dollar Listing New York"

4. WHICH once-promising actor-turned-reality-star was recently slapped again for failing to pay child support? The Oscar-nominated actor says he’s mentally impaired, but the baby mama isn’t buying it. She’s taking him to court! Gary Busey

Every May the movie world turns its direction to Cannes. Everyone wants to walk the red carpet and movie stars from all over the world come for their time in the spotlight. There are several other actresses that come also, but for an entirely different purpose. Cannes is the time of the year when actresses who have hit some harder times but have a high level of fame and still some kind of beauty audition to be what they call yacht girls for the summer. Cannes is where they try to find the guy that will make them their yacht girl. This is going to focus on three or so actresses who have turned to this road. Once you come down this road it is tough to get off. The first actress is easy She used to be a B+ movie actress who made some bad choices. Couldn't get a part and one May was convinced to come over. She is actually one of the few who enjoyed it the first few years. She was young and still getting offers from guys in their 30's and 40's. She was making way more than she made as an actress and having the time of her life. Now though it is getting harder to make the same kind of money and when she does find a man it is usually some guy in his 60's or older. The rest don't want her because she has been around for too many seasons.

Tara Reid /Fawaz Gruosi

Another actress who has made it off the yacht system but will probably be back is this former B+ television actress. She first came to Cannes a few years ago and was caught up in the excitement. She found a young rich guy right away and thought it was going to be great. The drugs were great, the guy provided the kind of sex she loved and she wanted to party all summer. After about a month the guy had found someone younger and the actress found herself strung out and then she got lucky and met a big world famous celebrity and he got her out of the cycle and the next thing you know she is back in Hollywood. Hayden Panettiere/Wladimir Klitschko(world famous celeb)

A slew of reality stars have tried to join in the parade but its harder for them because the men like to brag and its much easier to brag about someone who was on a hit television show or was a star in the movies than some reality show no one has heard of. One reality show actress who did make it for awhile was on Real World. She had been very popular on the show and men in Europe knew who she was and she lasted a season or two before getting strung out and then had no takers. Trishelle Cannatella

There is the British reality star/actress who is always available but only picks one guy and controls her partying. She loves it and says that three months in the south of France pays for her entire year of living. She tries to have a regular boyfriend the rest of the year, and always manages to break up just after Easter. Kelly Brook

Don't think this has been going on just the past few years either. One of the greatest acting legends of all time made her fortune doing the same thing way back in the day of old Hollywood. Everyone talks about her with awe. That is their dream.  Grace Kelly

74. BLIND GOSSIP 05/23
Before Alexandra Wentworth met and married George Stephanopoulos, she dated an comedian. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night, the funny actress described one particularly eventful date with the comedian. "Here’s the story. I was living with this guy. We’ll call him… Josh. I came home one afternoon and he said, "Ali, I’m really worried. There’s something wrong. I was in the shower, and I felt something… I think it’s a polyp… you need to check it out." So, I’m from a very uptight, waspy, blue-blood family. We don’t look in orafices and holes. I didn’t even poop until I went to college. That’s how uptight we are. But it’s a medical emergency… So he put down a towel, and he’s naked, and he laid down on his stomach. And I – very gingerly and in a very elegant way – parted his buttocks and reached in……and I pulled out a diamond ring. And he said "Will you marry me?" I said, "Of course I’ll marry you!" Well, I ended up not marrying him, but to this day, I wondered if I had dug deeper, I could have had a tiara by now.."

75. CRUSHABLE 05/23
She’s not a brat, she just plays one on TV. Can you figure out who this blind item is about? This star of a popular TV show has a reputation for being particularly…ahem…difficult (both on-screen and off), and it’s clear that that reputation is entirely deserved. Crushable has just gotten word that this celebrity was out to dinner with her parents recently and didn’t feel that the laws of physics that govern the speed at which food can be cooked should necessarily apply to her. Less than twenty minutes after ordering well-done fish, this starlet sent her father back to the kitchen with instructions to "knock on the window" to see if their food that they ordered "hours ago" was ready. When the waiter did ultimately bring the food to the table, this star argued with him about which items were safe for her to eat with her food allergies (which he had apparently accounted for), and after insulting his intelligence, left a 10% tip. We can’t tell you the name of this bratty star, but can you guess??
Chelsea Kane

76. BLIND GOSSIP 05/23
Remember that scene in Legally Blonde where Reese Witherspoon goes to get the alibi of Ali Larter’s character? It turns out that the aerobics queen would rather have people think she offed her husband than know that she got liposuction. With that in mind, let’s talk about this celebrity’s troubled marriage. The public fights will be about egos and money and infidelity. The private fight is the real one. It’s all about the wife’s rampant eating disorder. The wife is purging multiple times every day, and the husband can’t take it anymore. It’s making her ill and it’s completely stressing him out. Most importantly, he doesn’t want that kind of sick behavior around their impressionable child/ren. However, if they talk about the real problem, will the brand be destroyed, and does the fortune go with it? Quite the conundrum.
Bethenny Frankel

77. BUZZFOTO 05/23
Before getting married, this B list celebrity married to a C list actress had a wild bachelor party. Apparently it’s coming back to haunt him as one of the entertainers from the party is trying to shop out pictures of the actor at the party. The entertainer is a man.

So, last fall, this male A list tweener singer had a group of people over to his house. His B- list actress girlfriend was not among those invited. As the 15 or so guests walked in the house they all were forced to hand over their cell phones which were put in a basket and then locked away in a separate room until the end of the night. Then, the squeaky clean singer pulled out some pot and took turns inviting guests into another room to smoke with him. While he would smoke with them he would also hit on each girl who was at the party and they were mostly girls. Mid to late teens and no one older than 18 or so. When he would talk to one who was younger than him he would say he preferred older women. When he did find one who was older than him, he would invite them into a different room and spend time alone with them one on one and then remind them not to talk about what happened. Several times during the night he got calls from his girlfriend and he told her he was just hanging out watching football with some guy friends. I wonder if he got the pot from his A list singing friend who started off in the business at about the same age.
Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez/Usher

79. BUZZFOTO 05/24
This very clean-cut, and religious television actress might be highly opinionated about morality, but we shouldn’t judge her too harshly. She has a terrible pain-killer addiction she is struggling with.
Patricia Heaton

Have we mentioned that Chiquita is, well, bananas? If her using her man-trapping nether regions to sleep her way to the top (or at least to primetime) or that outrageous diva 'tude (seriously, who does this broad think she is?) wasn't enough to convince you, well, maybe you're just as kooky as Chicky is! Which means you'll love her latest party trick: Not only does Chiquita make it a habit to hook up with at least one costar per party, natch, but she's taken to a stripping routine of sorts. At a recent A-list fête attended by our brassy babe and her coworkers, partygoers were left shocked when Chiquita cut a line for the bathroom and disappeared inside. Well, the cutting wasn't actually what had jaws dropping—Chiquita is way too famous to wait in lines, of course—it was what she revealed when she left the powder room. Which was her lingerie. Yep, Chiquita hit the bathroom, stripped off some clothing and returned to the party in her hot pants like it was totally normal. And that's how she entertained for the rest of the evening: in her pseudo-birthday suit. On second thought, guess I'm not too surprised. She's always been more likely to bare her body than her soul. AND IT AIN'T: Blake Lively, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emily VanCamp.
Naya Rivera

So, at the Billboard Awards, the perimeter around the theater was blocked off so all the stars- even the big ones- were apparently taking the 5 minute walk from their hotel(s) to the theater. But, not this male B+ singer who is now on a television show. Instead of the walk, he wanted to pull up in a car which took 45 minutes to make it the two blocks. He also waited until the last 15 mins of the red carpet before the show to walk the red carpet because he thinks he's up there in status with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. To make things even worse, he was also really rude to his press line escort. During the show, he was in the sixth row in the theater, just behind Amber Rose. One of the producers came over during the show and said he'd be on camera after the break. He said he wanted to be moved up to first or second row when on-camera because being behind Amber Rose was not a good look. They couldn't do anything about it, so he got up and left the show and didn't come back.
Robin Thicke

So, this actress was A list. She was on top of the world and then got sucked into the lies of an A list movie actor and lost it all. Why? Because he was bored and placed a bet with crew members that he could get her to have sex with him. The bet was that he could get her to have sex in 10 different locations before the end of the movie. He won easily. She was always a bed and lights off person, but she did everything for him and anything he wanted. She was married at the time and had some on set flirtations but nothing beyond that even though her husband cheated on her frequently. She was going to be the good one in the relationship. She liked her martyr role. She liked being able to throw it into her husband's face whenever they argued which was often. There was no joy, but she was faithful at least until she met the A list actor that would change her life forever. He was bored. He was in the middle of nowhere and the drinking options were limited. He did like the crew though. He always got on with the crew. he also liked getting it on with local women and extras and any other woman who was willing. The problem was there just weren't that many. So, one night when he was drinking he made a bet with the crew that he could get his co-star to have sex with him. The crew didn't think it was much of a challenge so the ten locations was added. The actor started the next day and it took entire days of talking to her and wearing her down. He gave up drinking for three days just so he could talk to her into the night. He turned on that A list actor charm and finally wore her down. They hooked up. All the time and everywhere. She was not just in this for the sex though, she had fallen in love with the actor. When she told him she was going to leave her husband, he was not even paying attention or it didn't register, but she did that and when she did, that was the end. Her A listness was over permanently. His A listness took a huge hit and took years and years to even come close to coming back. When he told her that he just was not interested in her that way and didn't want to be with her forever, it crushed her. It took her a few years to just get over that. She had given up everything and all he wanted was sex.
Meg Ryan/Russell Crowe

These two Entertainers are finally acting like a couple. They enjoyed themselves overseas recently and gave the press plenty to talk about. But, he still has some wild oats to sew and babymommas to pay. Will she last long? Diddy and Cassie

84. BUZZFOTO 05/28
This star has a character made of them at a theme park. We heard that when the character was made, the star insisted the character have a tattoo placed on a delicate part of the mannequin. Johnny Depp/Capt. Jack Sparrow on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disney

What just about A list movie actress thinks her B- list movie actor boyfriend is so into her that he wants her to relocate from America to be with him. He says that, but in reality, it would really put a crimp in his relationship with that other woman he sees regularly back home. He better hope that the actress never finds out because she will explode into something he never thought could exist.
Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez

What B- list actress who seems to be on everything, but is really just on one hit show and one middling show and a movie here and there spends a significant portion of her time and income helping out military families. About a year ago she ran into a woman who was barely out of her teens and had a baby and her husband was going to get some leave but didn't have time to come all the way back home from Afghanistan and then go all the way back. So, our actress paid for the mom and child to meet the dad in Europe. Since then she has contributed money to other reunion efforts, managed to get a lot of sponsors to donate things to help out other military families and will speak anytime and any place about her passion for helping them.
Alison Brie ("Mad Men" and "Community")

This former B+ teen actress who has had a really bad year is suffering from some severe substance abuse issues and her friends all blame a boyfriend who got the actress hooked on everything to keep her under his thumb. It worked. Ever since the pair started dating, she gave up even trying to act and the only thing she cared about was doing exactly what he wanted when he wanted it and gave up any kind of regular life. Even though he cheats with several other women he expects her to be available to him whenever he calls and she refuses to be away from her phone at any time and drives herself crazy worrying she has missed a call from him. He leaves her for weeks at a time and it drives her even more crazy and then will rush back into her life setting demands. He has spent a great deal of her money. Her friends try to convince her she needs to dump him and to go to rehab just to escape him if not to get clean.
Amanda Bynes & Kid Cudi

88. BLIND GOSSIP 05/28
This very talented actor has been nominated for one major award and won another major award. He has been debating about coming out of the closet for a long time now. That time has finally arrived. We hope he doesn’t pay a price for his honesty. The timing will coincide with his starring in a new project this fall. We expect that his coming out might upset some in a certain religious community. No, our actor isn’t really a holy roller. He just knows how to pretend to be one. Come to think of it, so does his boyfriend. And his new costar.
Actor: Andrew Rannells (Originated the role of Elder Price in The Book of Mormon on Broadway. Currently on the HBO show Girls. Will star in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming The New Normal this fall)
Boyfriend: Dennis Jones
Costar: Justin Bartha

What former almost A list tweener and now a C+ movie actress said that unlike her former A list tweener boyfriend and now B list movie actor, her new boyfriend lasts longer than 30 seconds and wants sex more than once a month.
Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron

What rapper who has a real name just as unusual as his stage name might want to tell his celebrity girlfriend before they get married that he has been seeing that other person they had the threesome with on the side. Maybe the celebrity girlfriend knows about it, but with the way they have been trying to sneak around, I'm guessing she is in the dark.
Wiz Khalifa's real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz/Amber Rose

This actress is B list now. A very solid B list who most people know. She has always been in movies. No television. One of her biggest roles came via an audition. It was her big break. She had already met with the director and producers and now was having a one on one with her Academy Award winning co-star. He was married and had a great reputation so when he suggested they meet at his place she agreed. When she got there he turned on his smile to full wattage and was talking about his wife and made our actress a drink and they sat down and started to talk. As they began talking more he continued to refill her glass while just sipping his. She started to feel woozy. She didn't know if she was drunk or if he had slipped her something. He wouldn't do that. He is a nice guy and there is just no way. He told her there were several other women he was meeting about the movie and that because they were going to have a sex scene in the movie he needed to make sure they got along very well so there would be chemistry. He said they should kiss and see how that went. She was more woozy and the next thing you know the kiss led to groping which led to sex and she says all she really remembers about the entire sexual encounter was laying on his office couch and staring up at his Academy Award while she kept saying to herself, but he is a nice guy. She got the part, but has never spoken to the guy since the end of filming.

This former tween idol was overheard complaining about her now ex boyfriend being bad in bed. Despite her efforts of seducing him, he never really wanted to have sex. Odd being that most people would call him lucky to have this beauty in his bed. Maybe that is why he only lasted a minute or two when he did put out.
Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron

93. BUZZFOTO 05/30
When this B list, award-winning film actor was a young boy, he and his friends once spent a summer terrorizing animals at a local park. He was said to have killed several ducks with a golf club. He deeply regrets his actions now and the incident still haunts him. He has donated large sums of money to several bird reserves all over the country, but he still can’t bring himself to go to any local parks that have ducks.

This Academy Award nominated actress who does not do much lately has a much much younger boyfriend. He is apparently a kept man by the actress. When asked by one of her friends what she saw in the man she said, "Have you seen him without a shirt on? Plus he isn't divorced with three kids like everyone else who asks me out." She then made the man take off his shirt so all her friends could have a look. And a touch. Sharon Stone

This A list celebrity and former singer who seems to always wear sunglasses was out over the weekend when she stopped to watch a woman on the street singing for money. The celebrity said, "You are better than I ever was. Honestly, so is was everyone." She then actually laughed and dropped $500 into the bucket. Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice)

This C+ singer had kicked her heroin habit. She was on the road to recovery when this former A list singer who has had a loooooong time heroin habit was hanging out with her a few weeks ago and decided to shoot up in front of her. The next thing you know she was trying it again. For the past few weeks she has been going at it like she never stopped. The former A list singer has a history of getting actresses and other singers hooked on heroin. He says it is because he doesn't like to do it alone. One actress he was with has never fully recovered in her career since being hooked. She went from a solid B to barely getting work now.
C+ singer: Lana Del Rey
A list singer: Marilyn Manson
actress: Rose McGowan

97. BLIND GOSSIP 05/30 **#1**
We have some good news about this talented girl for a change! After more than a year of lying and covering up and downplaying her addiction issues, she is actually seriously working the steps toward getting better! She is carrying The Big Book everywhere, and is reading it in between work commitments. She is also journaling a lot. She is up to Step 4, and is making a searching and fearless moral inventory of herself. Don’t expect any big announcements from her about her completing this step, though. Her only obligation is to admit to another human being (probably her sponsor) the exact nature of her wrongs. BTW, Girl, your friends have told us that you are actually thankful for our pushing you in the right direction. That came as a bit of a surprise to us, but we are pleased that you recognize that was our intention. When you are up to Step 9, and are ready to make direct amends for publicly calling us liars, we would welcome your doing so. While a public apology would be great, we know that’s a hard thing to do, so you may do so privately if you like. You know how to contact us. We wish you continued success and peace. Demi Lovato

98. BLIND GOSSIP 05/30 **#2**
This couple always ramps up the phony gushing about their marriage whenever there is a project to promote. However, what goes on behind the scenes is a different story. They actually spend as little time together as humanly possible, and rarely speak to each other. Recently, though, they did have to get together to have one serious discussion about their child. The child admitted to Mom that they are having romantic feelings about a member of the same sex. While we do not know the outcome of that discussion, we do wonder if Mom and Dad have told their child/ren that they have lots of personal experience with the subject. And we also wonder if they will encourage the child/ren to stay as closeted as they are. Will and Jada Smith

So, this television couple is having problems in real life too. She is married. He is married. They were having an affair and keeping it quiet and then the next thing you know she got pregnant. Yikes. Who is the baby daddy? Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ioan Gruffud "The Ringer"

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **#2**
Have you ever wondered why this former A list movie actor and still a solid B+ movie actor with A list name recognition has never really had a girlfriend? Sure, there was the one on and off again relationship but that was a long time ago. He is never photographed with any women and has never talked about his dating life. Some people have speculated it is because he is gay. Nope. It is because he has had a relationship with his sister since they were in their teens. Not a sister/brother type relationship either. We are talking full on love of my life this is who I am with every night kind of relationship. The thing is that it isn't a secret in the family and the other family members are very accepting of it at home. Knowing this family they would probably be ok with it in public too, but some things have to be kept quiet. Joaquin  and Rain Phoenix

101. BUZZFOTO 05/31
Because of strict religious rules growing up, this male C list actor still has a lot of guilt about, er, self-pleasure. He recently told a source that he still can’t be with a woman for several weeks after he’s done it, because he still continues to feel so much shame.

102. BLIND GOSSIP 05/31 **#1**
Female singer/rapper A wouldn’t even speak to female singer/rapper B, even when they were at the same event. It all stems back to a feud they had in their early days when A tried to help B get a record produced. It didn’t sell well, B blamed A, and has been throwing shade on her ever since, including in her lyrics. However, we don’t really think that shade is the reason that A is getting so bleached out.
A: Lil Kim
B: Nicki Minaj

103. BLIND GOSSIP 05/31 **#2**
Female Singer C is blaming everyone except herself for her latest album’s poor sales. She’s taking out her frustration by mocking Singer D, who she tells friends is a low-rent ripoff of herself. The reason this is laughable is because there is a song on Singer C’s own current album which was clearly ripped off from a third singer. We’re going to roll our eyes at the hypocrisy and throw a flag on this play.
C: Madonna
D: Lady GaGa

104. BLIND GOSSIP 05/31 **#3**
Male Singer E is trying to make a comeback after stumbling a few years ago. His music is fine, but people aren’t so forgiving of his personal transgressions. One of these people is Male Singer F, who is going around telling people that E hasn’t changed at all. F insists that E is just as slimy as before, and that E is just feigning remorse to get back on top. He also claims that that part of E’s comeback will involve his luring in a beautiful actress so that he can be part of a celebrity couple again. Why does F even care about this? He says that E has compiled a list of female targets… and one of them is F’s former girlfriend.
E: John Mayer
F: Justin Timberlake (Cameron Diaz)

105. BLIND GOSSIP 05/31 **#4**
These two female singers actually used to work together, but they aren’t exactly friendly anymore. It’s all about jealousy. Singer G thinks she is more talented and better looking than Singer H, but H has always had a bigger name. Singer G is also annoyed that she and H are currently working the same kind of gig, but H is making more money. Singer G needs to mind her own business. We mean that literally. Although she has the job for another year, she isn’t exactly a favorite of the fans or producers. She should get back to basics and concentrate on her own job and her own singing and her own appearance.
G: Christina Aguilera
H: Britney Spears

106. BLIND GOSSIP 05/31 **#5**
Male Singer J has a steady girlfriend named K. He also has a professional relationship with Female Singer L. K does not feel very secure in her relationship right now. She doesn’t like the fact that Singer J and Singer L spend lots of time together talking about their singing careers and speaking so highly of each other in interviews. So K is doing everything she can to get rid of L. She tells J that L is just a one-hit wonder, and she doesn’t want J to wind up looking bad by association when L’s career flops. She makes up stories about L being into drugs and having an eating disorder (not true), and tells J that it will hurt his image if he continues to hang around her. And on and on. But the real reason K doesn’t want L around is because she is extremely jealous of L. She is convinced her that L is just playing sweet and innocent, and that the minute K turns her back, L will make a play for J. Too late. She already has. And J didn’t object. L isn’t going anywhere.
J: Justin Bieber
K: Selena Gomez
L: Carly Rae Jepson


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