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This foreign born A-list singer in her own country pretty much crashed and burned here. She did have a brief relationship with a D list reality star. She says she had to stop seeing him because he tried to control every aspect of her life and was constantly trying to get her to marry him. And not asking in a good way. She says it was worse than when she was cheated on by her husband. Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough

This celebrity sibling says that she will be going out every night and making sure she wears as little as possible for the foreseeable future to take advantage of the renewed interest in her B list sibling who gets photographed everyday. The celebrity sibling who has not done much lately knows she can get her career jumpstarted again by going out and doesn't care that she is using the fame of her sibling. Ashlee Simpson

I sure hope this new relationship is an open relationship. This former A list actor who is A list in theory only and has the talent of a D lister has been dating this B list movie and television actress who is in a very big hit movie. Anyway, our actor has been telling the actress that he has changed his cheating ways and can commit. The problem is he just has not decide who to commit to. He doesn't consider it a lie, because he knows he can commit. Just needs time with each person he is seeing to decide what feels best. It would be nice though if he actually told everyone involved about all the others. Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis
(For his part, it does look like things have changed from the first part of the relationship almost a year ago)

Talk about crash and burn. This singer was A list. Sold out concerts all over the world. Had the entire world at her feet and then lost pretty much all of it. Our singer has always had diva in her. She needed to be the center of attention and when she hit it big that attention was multiplied and she loved it. With that attention came lots of people saying yes. Saying yes has led to lots of alcohol problems for her. That was the start of the decline. She was binge drinking and pretty much never said no to any male or female. At the height of her fame was also the height of her issues. She was sleeping 18 hours a day and barely functioning. She decided to get her life straight and be faithful to one person and she did. Things began to improve. She quit drinking for a long time and started working out. She had another hit album. Then came the tour that nearly destroyed her. Away from her significant other she started getting into bad habits and drinking and sleeping around and this time she was not going to be deterred from being a diva. Her demands became crazier. She would wake up people in the middle of the night just to have them bring her coffee and then go back out for tea and then our diva wouldn't drink any of it. She expected people to be there all the time for her. She loved the power. She was invincible and then it all came crashing down. She refused to listen to producers or her label for her next album and it died. She refused to support it and yelled at everyone and would shoulder none of the blame. With sales declining and no touring, our diva's antics were not as tolerated. People started telling her no. She binged and binged until her significant other dumped her after getting tired of the cheating which she was not even bothering to disguise anymore. Her life is still out of control, but she manages to cope. She goes through periods of sobriety followed by binge drinking. She found someone who lets her be with whoever she wants to be as long as he is well taken care of by her. Christina Aguilera

What tv cast is walking on eggshells around the show’s producer? His career is full of drama, but one particular incident has everyone nervous. Even the show’s main characters fear for their jobs. While the cast gets along really well and there is no problems while he is away, things get uncomfortable and tense the moment he steps on set.
Aaron Sorkin "Newsroom"; Marc Cherry "Devious Maids"; Ryan Murphy "Glee"

What former D list Tweener from a fairly big tween hit show has been making his living selling information about the star of that show who has been in the business long before she even hit tween. Her unwanted entrance into the spotlight about a topic was all because of him. He has a substance abuse problem. Raven Symone/Orlando Brown

What singer that never releases any records; prefers being an actress and is really good at it, got tired of not making any money off her pap photos. Beginning about a week ago she has someone who travels with her and takes photos of her all the time. She then sells the photos to agencies. She says she got the idea when she was at the White House and saw the photographers that follow the President. Jennifer Hudson

If you thought being married to Tom Cruise was bad, there is someone who has survived a marriage that was even more controlling. Hard to believe. Well, this A lister in the world and in her mind suffered through having someone follow her 24 hours a day. Someone seated in front of her bedroom door when she was inside. The only time she was allowed to wear even the slightest bit of revealing clothes was during a performance. Otherwise if she was not with her husband it was chastity and innocence all the way. There was the tracking device in her phone so in case she got separated from her minders that she could be found quickly. If she went out at night she had to call in and check in every two hours. This was even if she was at the movies and it lasted longer than two hours. This was also despite the fact she had someone with her in his employ. He was always worried she would fall for the guy so he rotated them every few weeks. Guy friends? Not a chance. She was only allowed to go out once or twice a month. She could have friends come over, but only one glass of wine per hour and they had to leave by midnight. All purchases had to be approved in advance. All clothing choices had to be approved in advance. Despite all of this she managed to last way longer in the marriage than anyone thought she would. Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

So how much did she get paid to be his wife? How much will she be getting in the divorce? We know that many sources have reported that her contract stipulated for her to be paid $X per year of marriage, but the formula is actually more complicated than that. The main calculation is actually based on a number of variables. It looks something like this: (number of years married x annual salary) + a five year bonus + a childbearing bonus – any contract violations = net payout. As it stands now, she has earned a payout of approximately $44 million. We expect that he will contend that there were multiple contract violations (including her failure to meet certain religious, educational, and promotional requirements), so the final number will likely be reduced by those penalty amounts. Even given those penalties, the net cash payout should total north of $40 million. Here are a few more interesting details: Having another child during their marriage would have earned her another $10 million. She would have faced substantial financial penalties if the marriage had not lasted five years. There would have been a much bigger bonus if she had lasted past ten years. Keep in mind that this is just the cash portion of the agreement. The division of assets will also include battles over substantial real estate, automotive, and aviation holdings. All told, the five-year marriage will probably result in the wife receiving close to $100 million in cash and physical assets. UPDATE: Just wanted to clarify that some of the monies discussed were already paid out over the course of the marriage. We do not know how much of a balance remains. Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise

Who Is This "Pendulum Prince"? The Royal Husband was already a man of a certain reputation when his naïve bride married him. She wanted to believe the romantic best about a man she adored, and so ignored the society rumors that swirled in more than one country. Although he is still attractive to ladies, some in high places whisper that he is gay, which is unlikely to be 100% true, and he is certainly the father of all his children. Others are convinced that he is a ‘pendulum prince’ — i.e. one who swings both ways, a label attached to more than one royal man. It wouldn’t matter too much if the Royal Wife had known and accepted his inclinations at the time of their marriage, but apparently she didn’t and the truth came as a great shock. In dynastic style, she put the family line first and buried herself in work. While the Royal Wife was busy, busy, busy with cutting ribbons and pastimes of her own, the Royal Husband found plenty of me time, down time, and private time with some close friends, prudently away from the attentions of paparazzi. There were a number of crises, but the Royal Wife insisted putting on a public front. When it came to the children, the Royal Husband was overly strict. The Royal Wife looked the other way, just as she did over his other activities. The result was that the children were emotionally damaged by such harsh discipline. One had rebellious episodes, and although is technically ‘settled’, some fear that situation might not hold forever. Another has had relationship difficulties that have attracted speculative gossip. At the moment, the Royal Wife lets the Royal Husband pretty much do exactly as he likes. This is not the British Royal Family, although Queen Elizabeth knows all about the Royal Husband; all royal families know each other and most know each other’s secrets. The late Princess Diana also knew about this Royal Husband, but not through marrying Charles and joining the House of Windsor. And that is actually the biggest clue of all.
Royal Husband: King Juan Carlos
Royal Wife: Queen Sophia


You would never know it by looking at this used to be all movie actor who now is on a fairly hit television show but he is a sex crazed nympho. The thing is he only likes guys. he is one of those actors who has never actually bothered to come out and say he is gay, but everyone just kind of assumes he is. There have never been any girlfriends, but no one has ever just come out and asked him about his sexuality. On his show he plays a straight guy and the rest of his roles seem to be more asexual than anything else. One of his most proud sexual conquests was taking the virginity of this former A list tweener. He did it at a basketball game. He never stops talking about that story and how he had 15 minutes and made it happen. He never spoke to the tweener again. Our actor loves finding someone new and will strike whenever he can. At this point he considers his trailer boring as he has had so many guys in and out of it over the filming of his show and it has not even been on that long. The thing is our actor is very anal retentive and does not allow anyone he has sex with to come to his house. He doesn't really like having a boyfriend and prefers just random acts. He is not even that good looking but he can talk guys into anything. One time he took the date away from this A list movie actress he had co-starred with in a very big movie and then spent an hour in the bathroom and then our actor brought him back out and said, I'm through with him. He is all yours again. Kevin Spacey

Guess which popular rapper is set to ‘come out’ in days! just learned that as early as tomorrow, a popular hip hop star will come out of the closet as bisexual. We’ve been sworn to secrecy for now – but we’re told that the official announcement is being prepared and will be ready as early as tomorrow. We’ve been asked to keep the name confidential until the release. But a hint – he’s popular with young folk and many of y’all have been calling him gay since he first hit the scene. BG Note: It’s not Frank Ocean.

These two look like good girlfriends for the cameras....... but seating arrangements don't lie! Beyonce & Kim Kardashian

14. BLIND GOSSIP 07/06
We always thought these sisters were close, so we were surprised to find out that they haven’t spoken to each other in over a month. They are fighting over gifts. Sister A gave Sister B a rather expensive gift to commemorate a significant event. Sister B made the mistake of telling a mutual friend that she thought the gift was tacky. Sister A found out and called Sister B an "ungrateful, spoiled bitch." A screaming match ensued, and the two haven’t spoken privately since. No, it’s not The Kardashians.
Ashlee Simpson/Jessica Simpson "birth of son"
Haylie Duff/Hilary Duff "birth of son"
Ashley Judd/ Wynonna Judd "marriage"

This former B- list movie and television actress who is more known now for the trouble she gets into than her acting which is still good, has been on a drunken binge for the past month. Things have got so bad for the actress, who likes to take her clothes off all the time and has been fired from gigs, that she has missed entire days because of her blackouts. Friends of hers fear that her new guy is going to make things worse because he likes to do more than drink. When she is in blackout mode she will do anything. They are afraid what he could talk her into doing and that she would never recover. Paz de la Huerta

16.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/09 **#2**
What almost A list singer who fronts a band and spends some time doing some other things too, was really enjoying his hotel this weekend. He loved sitting in the lobby collecting phone numbers of models who were staying there while his current model girlfriend was in their room taking a nap. Adam Levine

There are so many actors and so many movies that you might not have really noticed that this former almost A list movie star has kind of dropped out of sight in the past year to eighteen months. Before that he was everywhere. In everything. It felt like you could not go a second without seeing his name or even seeing him in a movie whether it was a cameo or him being the male lead. Then something happened. He got a little too cocky and a little bit to full of himself. It all started after a movie came out a little more than a year ago and our actor was doing shots and smoking pot and was at a party while his girlfriend was at the house they shared. Our actor was with a friend of his and they had stopped by this house and our actor was out of his mind blitzed and he says that if he had not been so hammered he would never have had sex with that girl. The 16 year old girl he just could not say no to. The 16 year old girl who was dumped on her parent's lawn drunk and passed out by the actor and his friend. The girl who happened to be the daughter of a senior executive at a studio. The daughter never told her parents about the sex. But, the daughter did tell them about the drinking and pot smoking and who she was doing it with. The executive drove over to the actor's house who was passed out himself. The actor's girlfriend couldn't get the actor up, so she is the one who got yelled at by the executive. The actor's girlfriend was ticked off, but she also didn't know about the sex. It also didn't stop her from marrying the actor. The only one who knew about the sex was the friend of the actor. He needed some money and started finding out if there were any buyers for the story he was selling. The problem is he gave too much away for free so there was no need to buy. The teen still denied to her dad that she had sex, but the friend had watched it. The dad was not sure, but did it make it very clear that he would not do business with the actor. Others asked and whispered and now the actor is finding it very difficult to get any kind of work with any big studios. Seth Rogen

18. BLIND GOSSIP 07/09 **#1**
When the person who appears to have the power in a relationship backs down quickly in a dispute, you know that there have to be some compelling reasons why. Although all the talk up to this point has been about his involvement with a powerful group, there were actually three other reasons he settled so quickly. Here are the three reasons: 1. His very personal relationship with a professional athlete. 2. His very personal relationship with a musician. 3. His very personal relationship with a famous actor. She was ready and willing to expose all three relationships to get what she wanted. The scandal of having these three famous people deposed by attorneys about their sexual relationships would have destroyed all four men. So, he gave her the thing she wanted most so that his biggest secret could remain a secret.
Him: Tom Cruise
Her: Katie Holmes
1. Athlete: David Beckham
2. Musician: Rob Thomas
3. Actor: Jeremy Renner; Will Smith
His biggest secret: bi-sexual; not Suri’s father

19. BLIND GOSSIP 07/09 **#2**
She is not supposed to be dating for a year. But, then again, she has never been very good at following directions. So she has agreed to be set up with a very hot celebrity. The setup was orchestrated by her boss, who has a vested interest in getting publicity for both the boy and the girl. They cut a deal for an initial four month contract – ending just before Christmas – with an option for renewal. While the couple hadn’t even met yet, their first "date", complete with paparazzi photos, is scheduled for August. Expect lots and lots of promotional teasing of the relationship up until that point, and daily updates from the tabloids once they do begin dating.
She: Demi Lovato
Very Hot Celebrity:
Boss: Simon Cowell "X-Factor"

What married Real Housewives - BH wife really needs to watch her husband more closely? If he was dirty dancing with that much younger woman and rubbing her ass and telling her how hot she was while the Bravo cameras were filming all around him, then how do you think he is behaving when they are not around? Adrienne Maloof-Nassif’s husband Paul

Which Real Housewives BH star has a huge drinking problem that is not named Kim Richards? When it comes to filming, she can usually stick to just one glass of wine maybe two. But as soon as her scene wraps, she is drinking hardcore. And she is an angry drunk. Lately, she's been making scenes all over town at night at places like Soho House etc. She gets a bunch of drinks in her and then starts getting really nasty, berating, yelling and screaming at both friends and total strangers. She often has to be helped out when she wants to leave. I'm also told that when she's not drinking, she gets extremely fidgety. I don't want to call it the DT's but she's apparently very fidgety and very uncomfortable when she does not have a drink in her hand. Her real friends (not the Housewife people) want her to get help but they know it won't happen because that’s not her style and she doesn't think she has an issue. The producers of the show have been witness to plenty of her drunken outbursts and know her patterns but as long as she shows up on time, sticks to her one glass of wine during filming and does her job, they don't really seem to care. Brandi Glanville; Taylor Armstrong

At this point our B list actress who has been in several very very hit movies in the past few years wants to get divorced, but she can't. She refuses to get divorced because she doesn't want to pay. She earns way more than her husband and doesn't want to give him half. So far, this kind of sounds like a boring blind item, but the thing is he has lots and lots of secrets about her that she is unwilling to have revealed and knows he will in a second if she leaves him. Her husband is a celebrity who has had absolutely no luck in his chosen profession. She finances his profession and spent most of her last movie paycheck watching him go through it and knowing she would never get her money back. When she thought she was in love she shared with her husband how she did a threesome with a guy who used to be with one of the nastiest reality stars around. Oh, and there was the time she had sex with the married co-star of one of her biggest movies. The married co-star has since got divorced from his actress wife because he was cheating with another co-star. Our actress also shared with him about when she was a teenager and had an experiment where she slept with 30 different people in 30 days just to make sure she had every kind of experience possible. So, she is afraid that all these things are going to come out but the thing is he drinks and talks and talks and has been sharing these stories all over town, so she might as well dump him and pay the money and move on.
B list actress: Nikki Reed
Husband: Paul McDonald (placed 8th on the tenth season of "American Idol")
Threesome guy:
Married co-star/wife/co-star: Peter Facinelli/Jennie Garth/Ashley Greene

What RHBH couple is trying to quietly sell their huge house? It seems their money is not what is used to be & their side ventures are a bust. Adrienne Maloof-Nassif/Dr. Paul Nassif

24. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#1**
This network is pretending that they are totally satisfied with their casting choices for this television show. It’s a lie. Ratings aren’t great, and they are already planning a shakeup. One of the new cast members (who isn’t stirring up enough controversy or fans) is out, and one of the old cast members may be back in (they are negotiating now). Of course the network is denying all of this. They don’t want to give the newbies any reason to dial down the peripheral promotional work that constantly has to be done for the show, and they don’t want the old cast member shooting off their mouth.
"Real Housewives of New York" (out) Aviva Drescher/(in) Jill Zarin
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (out) KathyWakile/(in) Danielle Straub

25. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10 **#2**
We wish we had some good news about this celebrity, but there is none. His downward spiral continues. He doesn’t have much of a career left. Just a crappy TV show here and there. And – based on his current lifestyle – he is bound to lose even those gigs. He is making a lot of bad choices, starting with his new "girlfriend." She is also his drug dealer. He started doing drugs a while ago, but it has gotten much worse since she’s been around. Before her, it was "just" pot and cocaine. Now it’s the white horse. That’s right. Heroin. Every day. We know you’re reading this, Dude. We hope you start making better choices for yourself. We suggest starting with three months of rehab.
Joe Jonas
New Girlfriend: Natashia Ho
Tv Shows: "The Choice"; "The Next"

1. THIS prominent lady politico is frantic to keep news of her recent tummy tuck and liposuction procedures out of the media. The conservative mom wants her fans to believe she’s all natural and stays trim by exercising daily! Sarah Palin

2. WHICH newlywed talk-show host has her husband on pins and needles with cheating fears? She’s admitted to blacking out after taking the sleep aid Ambien, and then waking up to find herself on dating websites! Her two kids are even aware of her sleep-chatting habits and have threatened to password the computer.

3. WHICH comedic actor in his early 40s – who plays a gay man on an award-winning sitcom – desperately wants to have a baby with his live-in girlfriend because he’s afraid of being an old dad? The guy has even given her an ultimatum: Get pregnant this year – or get out! Eric Stonestreet

4. WHICH country singer – who’s had a tumultuous relationship with her duet partner over the years – recently married a man who she stole from her best friend? The singer’s new hubby is not only a serial cheater, he was also verbally and physically abusive to his ex-wife! Wynonna Judd

What happens when you have a teen who is the star of her own show but still a few years under the age of consent? A recipe for disaster. This teen is A list in the tween world. If you have a tween they have seen this show. The thing is this tween thinks she is way older than she really is and this has got her into a situation where she needs help, but the parents just love seeing those paychecks. Our actress has gone from a no name doing bit parts to her very own show and it is because she sees nothing wrong with the casting couch. I know. The thing is her parents just turn the other way. Our tweener looks way older than her age, and she knows it. She also knows that men find her attractive and she also knows that she loves being on television and in movies and is afraid it will all go away so to get the role that has made her famous she has been having sex with the producer. It is not an everyday thing. All the same it is illegal. The problem is no one is talking. The parents know, but like I said, they want the checks. Plus, they figure everyone else is doing it so why should their daughter not be allowed to make big bucks. If their daughter does not sleep with the guy then someone else will and their daughter will never get famous. Forget that. It is your daughter. Have some respect. Go kick some producer butt. The tweener thinks it's normal and one of her co-stars also has had sex with the producer, although she is slightly older and just about legal. It is a sick sick world in the world of tween programming. Just because someone is under age 18, does not make them off limits in the tween world.

28. BLIND GOSSIP 07/11 **#1**
Lots of drama and activity around some photos and a video of a young man engaging in some very intimate behaviors. In the center of this controversy is someone who looks exactly like one of those suddenly hot actor kids. Phone calls and emails are flying around with strong denials that it is the actor… while at the same time negotiating to buy the photos and videos. By the way, the intimate behaviors don’t involve another man or another woman. He’s just getting intimate with himself.

29. BLIND GOSSIP 07/11 **#2**
If you called up your boss and said , "I have a health issue, so I won’t be in to work for the next month", would your company keep paying you with no questions asked? Would they hold your job open for you indefinitely? When someone who is actively working in Hollywood mysteriously disappears for a month, it means one of three things: Pregnancy. Plastic Surgery. Rehab. When the same thing happens to an active politician, it’s always the third. And in this case, it’s someone who wants to legalize drugs. Oh, the irony! Jesse Jackson, Jr.

1. Which Oscar-nominated blowhard bristled when his lowbrow movie comedy was called "silly" by a reporter and became downright outraged when the same writer compared it to an Eddie Murphy film? (In actuality, even Norbit looked like Downton Abbey compared to parts of this flick.) Alex Baldwin "Rock of Ages"

2. Which ex-boybander picked up a guy who was thrilled about it until the next morning because, as the guy relates: "He was singing show tunes in my shower! I just wanted him to fucking leave!"? Lance Bass

3. Which star recently played an evil character, only to have those who know her—as opposed to her image—squeal, "Perfect casting"? Julia Roberts "Mirror Mirror"; Angelina Jolie "Maleficent"

4. Which daughter of a late socialite used to lube herself from head to toe in an attempt to seduce a Siberian husky? (The maid would find the daughter all scratched up and the dog traumatized, with a distended penis. She'd start frantically crossing herself.)
Late socialite: CZ Guest
Daughter: Cornelia

5. Which media mogul cheats a whole lot, always with younger men (big surprise)? Barry Diller (married to Diane Von Furstenberg)

6. Which old legend, whenever she's taken out to dinner, makes sure to order another meal to take home with her, just because it'll be paid for? Lauren Bacall; Liza Minnelli; Elaine Stritch

7. Which writer told me he was gonna make it big, so he wouldn't have to be a "hack" like me for the rest of his life, only to get in a brawl at a bar when the doorman had no idea who he is? Ted Casablanca

8. Which '70s writer and her husband who sat next to me during a recent play had a lively conversation at full volume all throughout the performance? ("Who's that?" "He looks old!"; "Who blackmailed him?" "The KGB!"; "This scene reminds me of the conversation we had about our vacation." "Really?") Why didn't I shut them up? (Free answer: They were entertaining!) Erica Jong

9. Which daytime TV motormouth is not nice to work with, one producer never forgetting her brusque entrance into the studio? ("Where's my fucking latte?") Kathie Lee Gifford; Bethenny Frankel

10. Which really old Broadway legend—not the free-dinner one—tells friends that she only got pregnant because her ex-athlete husband punctured holes in her diaphragm? (Her offspring isn't thrilled about it, believe me.) Carol Channing. Her second husband, Alexander Carson, played center for the Ottawa Rough Riders Canadian football team. They had one son, Channing Carson

11. Which overnight TV star has gone a bit cuckoo from the attention and is being referred to as "the new [Glee star]?"
Megan Hilty

12. Which perky Broadway type is partly so perky because she simply adores the coke when it's offered? (And it's offered!) Kristin Chenoweth

13. Which theater star happens to be the girl who once sued an actor for having sex with a minor? (I don't take this one lightly. It's a serious mess, and my lips are matted and sealed.) Cristin Milioti

14. Which faded-icon-turned-hatemonger should stop promoting family values, seeing as insiders remember his extramarital flings with every female flight attendant with wings? Jon Voight

15. Which married star's first boyfriend, pre-fame, was a cute Mexican guy he shared a place with in California? (The Mexican now owns a gallery way out west, where he's enjoying his anonymity.)

16. Which Best Actress Oscar winner was known to yell at her assistant, when the gal was innocently taking dictation: "Why are you looking at me? Look at the wall! Look elsewhere! Stop looking at me!"? (Funny, that lady usually loves people looking at her.) Barbra Streisand

17. Which Tony nominee is such a diva she wouldn't even put her own fingers down her throat to vomit? (She'd have her dresser do it. Talk about outsourcing.)

18. Which married movie star works out with a gay cop in the West Village and has been seen with the guy quite a bit elsewhere, too? Hugh Jackman

19. Which once-trendy designer has burned so many bridges that a recent press request was greeted with silence? (Coincidentally, he was recently spotted pulling a hot dog out of a garbage pail and eating it! So not chic!) Todd Oldham

20. And now for a glimpse at the three faces of evil: Which singer/rapper/diva stood up a magazine's crew who'd gone all the way to Middle America to photograph her? Which national magazine did she stiff by sitting for about six photos, then saying, "I'm not feeling it," and sailing through the exit? (She later rescheduled but changed her mind about the stylist at practically the last minute, thereby scuttling the whole thing one more time.) Which other magazine did she screw by grabbing the film out of the photographer's hands when she decided the photos that had been taken weren't to her liking? And which up-and-coming version of the same lady is acting every bit the nightmare herself lately?
Singer/Rapper/Diva: Nicki Minaj
Diva 2: Azelia Banks

This celebrity was pretty calm for a guy who had just been busted by his wife after he got into a car accident. He had said he was somewhere else. Obviously not true when there are photos everywhere. he probably doesn't care anyway because the marriage is on its last legs. There is only so much of the drinking and womanizing she can take. Robin Thicke

This former B+ television actress from a very hit show on an almost network with almost A list name recognition generally does movies now. Not great movies and they seem few and far between. She has always craved to be the center of attention which you can see in her past photo appearances and with the men she has dated and the controversies she managed to get herself into. Although she still has money, she chooses to not spend it, but still wants to be in the tabloids as much as possible. With no career and not wanting to spend money, how does she do it? She sleeps with a pap. Once a day he takes new photos of her walking down the same street and once a week he gets to have sex with her. Rose McGowan

No one ever wants to work with this actress twice. Despite her being a very good actress, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who has ever worked with her more than once. Directors? Not if they can help it. Actors? Not a chance unless they are contractually obligated to and even then one actor once went so far as to beg for the chance to get out of his contract before ultimately having to suck it up and film with the actress. Do you remember Meryl Streep's character in Devil Wears Prada? Multiply that by about a factor of ten. During one film which actually was filmed in the south, our actress ran through 25 assistants over the course of the filming. There was no one left to hire in the very small town where they were shooting so they told the actress that her new assistant used to be the assistant to Oprah and jumped at the chance to work for our actress. It wasn't true and in fact, the assistant had been judged incompetent a few weeks earlier, but the actress never even recognized her. You would think she would be one of those people who would say don't look at her, but she is fine with that. She likes to be looked at. She won't look at you or talk to you, but you can look all you want. Did I tell you that our actress is a nominee/winner of an Academy Award. Nothing is ever the fault of our actress. She forgets a line? Her co-star's fault or the director's fault or the lighting was bad or the food was bad or anything else other than she forgot. There is a reason she does not act very often anymore. She has run through all the good directors and with her price tag so high, that is generally who she works with are good people. They would just rather work with anyone else. There have been a couple of people who have called her out. One A list actor who worked with her had a shirt made up which he wore all day that said "I work with a bitch." He wore it all day and the crew loved it, but the actress never even noticed. The same actor also said you could make him the highest paid actor ever in the history of the world and he would not work with her again. He gave himself an award for working with her. Julia Roberts

37. POPBITCH 07/12
Once upon a time it was rock stars who would trash hotel rooms. Nowadays, according to hotel workers at a luxury US establishment, it's the biggest RnB stars who are doing the damage - and it's much more grim. But which ones were responsible for:
* Half-sucked lollipops wedged between the headboard and the mattress? Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne
* Fried chicken hidden under the bed? Mary J. Blige or Aretha Franklin
* Cigarettes stubbed out on carpeted floors? Rhianna
* Used condoms "anywhere and everywhere"?
Chris Brown

He was the one we trusted who can’t actually be trusted. He used to be my answer to the question - is there anyone in Hollywood who DOESN’T cheat? Yes, I’d say, and excitedly too! Art does not imitate life! He’s faithful! Well, no. He isn’t. He hits on the young funny pretty ones at parties. Very typical behaviour - he loosens up with a few drinks and he turns into a pig; two of his more famous targets, both under 30, turned him down. He did however spend a few nights with a frequent co-star, over 30. They’ve worked together on major and minor projects. As for his long suffering partner? The woman we thought was the love of his life? Well, sometimes when he gets drunk and smears himself all over other ladies, she’s actually right there. She turns away. She pretends she doesn’t see. Which... kind of explains why she looks the way she does. That said, it is a partnership. It’s not like she’s getting nothing out of it. He has used his influence to help her, certainly. Perhaps she’s decided it’s worth it. An actor cheating on his partner is nothing new and doesn’t make for the most intriguing blind, sure. But like I said earlier, he was the one who was supposed to not be like the others. He’s the one who’s enjoyed almost unanimous popularity. And he turned out to be the cliché. I was surprised about this one. And very, very disappointed.
Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt
Targets under 30: (POSSIBLY) someone from "Sucker Punch"
Co-star over 30: (POSSIBLY) Kristen Wiig

Is this Oscar Winner putting down the Commander In Chief to make people think, or is it to distract from his own headlines issues. Morgan Freeman

Which hated Real Housewife has been cheating on her husband of more than 10 years with multiple guys? A source tells Star, "She and her husband cheat on each other. He can’t leave her, and she wants to stay married for the security for her large family." Adrienne Maloof-Nassif

This B-/C+ actress/model has not been in many films but her name is very recognizable. She had a premiere this week but skipped the after party. She said she was sick, but only bailed when she saw who one of the guests would be at the party. He is a millionaire dating a very famous model and when our actress/model was starting out in the business he took her out for drinks and dinner and forced her to do some things she does not want to think about anymore, let alone be in the same room with him.

What started out as just trying to lend a helping hand has turned into some ex sex. This former A list couple split not that long ago. Mostly because of his cheating. This pushed her over the edge. He has been seeing other people and by seeing I mean trying to race Russell Brand in a celebrity sex version of The Big Year. Anyway, he has kind of been seeing one B+ movie actress and at the same time trying to play counselor to his ex which involves adding the s to the ex. he told the B+ actress he was being faithful to her. I know, I know. I laughed and laughed too. Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore/Mila Kunis

#1 - This former American Idol alum who actually is well known has other plans since her records have not been selling well. She is dying to be in Playboy and wants to make the transition from singer to host and thinks being naked in Playboy is the way to make that happen. Why is everyone's first thought to get naked? If you need a hint, she has fake breasts. Kellie Pickler

#2 - This top female tennis player is scrapping her marriage plans after she caught her celebrity boyfriend cheating. Maria Sharapova/Slovenian professional basketball player Sasha Vujacic

#3 & #4 - What A list celebrity bff female couple reunited recently but won't be doing it again. It has been forever since they spoke or went out prior to this because one of the women got drunk and made out with the significant other of the other woman. Jennifer Aniston/Courtney Cox  Josh Hopkins

Which B- list always movie actress who used to be much bigger in her franchise days is back on the booze. The actress has always worked hard to stay off the booze since some embarrassing incidents a couple of years back. At an event this weekend, booze was at the beginning, middle and end of her things to do. Kirsten Dunst (this was a boring blind, especially considering the things she does while drunk that I have documented)

How awkward is it to have guests over to your home, knowing you paid to have sex with the wife of one of the people you invited over. Well, this A+ list actor found out first hand this weekend. Of course since he is paying his current girlfriend too, it probably wasn't as awkward as it could have been. George Clooney/Stacy Keibler

This actress is not just someone you have never heard of. This actress is a B- list actress who has done movies and television. She was on a huge hit for an almost network. Anyway, the actress ended up meeting this guy, and despite him already sleeping with several women each day, she fell in love with him. Now, she is one of the several women he sleeps with everyday. The problem is the guy just doesn't love women, he also loves teens. As in underage teens. As in 16 and 17 year old teens and the actress knows about it, but refuses to leave him despite this. She also refuses to leave him despite his insistence that the couple have threesomes as much as possible. Our actress defends the actions of her boyfriend and thinks that people who don't understand him or his needs, are just wrong. The crazy thing is, our actress has got her best friend, a foreign born B+ list movie and television actress from the same show also thinking this guy is incredible. No word on whether the pair were involved in a threesome with the boyfriend since our second actress claims to have a boyfriend, but if they did, Comic-Con probably would have exploded. Oh, and I'm about to give you your favorite words. This will be revealed.

Actress: Allison Mack "Smallville"
Co - Star: Kristin Kreuk
Boyfriend: Keith Raniere
(cult leader)

Which weight-challenged funnyman is throwing his heft around on the set of his recent film – terrorizing cast and crew members? "Ever since his stock has gone up, he’s become a real tyrant on the set, throwing tantrums and making women cry," an insider says. Jonah Hill

48. BLIND GOSSIP 07/16
Despite reports that they are fine, this famous couple is splitting up. It’s the husband who wants out, and he has made the first move by hiring a very interesting group of attorneys. The wife, who wants to stay in the marriage so that she can save face, has engaged an entire team of her own to stop the divorce. Her most powerful weapon is a set of taped conversations of him discussing some very private issues, including gay encounters he had in the past. While she has always known that he is gay, she considers these tapes fair game in getting him to "reconsider" the divorce. The husband’s biggest concerns, however, do not have to do with rumors about his sexuality or his legal issues or the millions that this divorce will cost him. He is most concerned about saving his child/ren from the influence of his wife. To that end, he will be asking for full custody. Don’t expect a long, drawn-out divorce here. Similar to another recent celebrity split, everything will be settled quietly behind the scenes. These two will never have to face each other in court.
Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

John Travolta/Kelly Preston

This actress, who has been in this space before for some of her boorish behavior was at it again at the Dark Knight premiere. She is B-/C+ list and isn't even in the movie. She is barely part of the hit show on the almost network she shows up on sometimes. After she posed for photos on the red carpet without ever really smiling, the actress discovered where she was supposed to sit during the movie. She went into a don't you know who I am mode and said there was no way she was going to sit with regular people. She is an actress. Not someone who works a job. She would not stop causing a scene until she was moved into something she regarded as more her class. This is normal behavior for her, but there is one movie she was in before she got all high and mighty and I wish she had stayed the same. really liked that movie too. Michelle Trachtenberg/"Gossip Girl"

At this point, this former almost A list actor, now a B- living off his name, who is an Academy Award winner/nominee does not even bother to show any respect for his wife. He cheats every chance he gets, and is not even shy about doing it. This past weekend was no different as he spent the entire weekend groping and making out with a woman in public that he had just met. They spent much of the weekend in his hotel room bed and he really tried his best to have her friend join them too. I guess his wife has just given up or does not even think it is worth it to fight anymore. I just don't understand why he would bother to stay married. It is one thing to try and shove your tongue down every one of your co-stars throats which he does, but at least he can say it is part of the movie. What he does away from the movie is just too much. Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith

51. BLIND GOSSIP 07/17
A few key cast members were recently fired from/quit this television show. One detail that’s being kept quiet is that an offer has already gone out to someone who is a legend in the industry. Since she did a guest arc a few seasons back, producers were confident that she would accept their offer. Nope. She thinks that the show is more about creating a spectacle than it is about developing talent, and that it is "beneath her." There just isn’t a paycheck big enough to make her compromise her integrity. Looks like the producers will just have to reach out to other industry biggies who care more about the spotlight than about putting out a quality product.
Show: "American Idol"
Legend: Bette Midler

52. CELEBZTER 07/17
So many actors in Hollywood find themselves to be on the receiving end of malicious gay rumors, and for some subjects of the gossip, they are true. For others, they are not. There has a long been speculation about the sexuality of this actor, and it’s a rumor that has dogged him throughout his career. So, can you imagine our surprise then, to discover that the said actor actually falls into the minority of those wrongly accused of being in the closet? But while we can 100 per cent confirm that he likes women, there is a one teeny problem: As much as he likes to wave his magic sword around, it, err, falls into the micro category. As one person with knowledge revealed: "He falls embarrassingly short in that department." And an ex-girlfriend backed this up , previously telling a friend, "Oh, it’s so tiny!" when asked about her lover’s manhood. Whoever could it be? Throw your guesses into the ring and be prepared for the big (or shall we say small, on this occasion) reveal tomorrow….

1. WHICH actress – she plays a sexy doctor on TV – has her camp worried sick because she barely eats? In fact, her scary, stick-thin frame has become the topic of every conversation! The fiery redhead is currently looking for a new project, so her handlers are desperately trying to convince her to put on a few extra pounds. Rachelle Lefevre "Gifted Man"

2. WHICH super-famous young star was recently spotted making a late-night drugstore run for condoms, booze and a disposable camera? The 22-year-old actress is supposedly dating her equally famous film co-star, but he was nowhere in sight. Kristen Stewart

3. WHAT former "Desperate Housewives" hunk gets his sexual kicks by working out and flexing his guns for the ladies AND the gentlemen at the Equinox gym in West Hollywood? The supposedly straight, 30-something actor likes the attention so much he usually brings different female crew members from his latest TV series to watch him strike poses. Jesse Metcalfe/"Dallas"

4. WHAT weight challenged Oscar nominee is taking spin classes in order to cycle his weight down for an upcoming film role? The funnyman struggled so much during a 60-minute class at a trendy West Hollywood spinning studio recently that the instructor thought he was having a heart attack! Jonah Hill

5. THIS eccentric, two-time Oscar nominee loves to sweat it out at yoga, but he has such bad body odor that fellow clients at the popular L.A. studio are bending over backward to avoid the stinky star. Joaquin Phoenix; Woody Harrelson

This established actor in multiple franchise films was dining out with his wife in Manhattan. The two kept things as low key as possible, but snuck off to the bathroom together. The waiter feared they dined and dashed, but they returned about fifteen minutes later looking slightly disheveled, but smiling. They finished their meal and left the waiter a 50% tip.
Robert Downey Jr.; Matt Damon; Christian Bale

This actress is C+list. Her name though, well that is another story. I would say she is a solid B+/A- in name recognition. Her problem in the acting department is that she is at that age where it is tough to get roles unless you are a very good actress. She is a good actress, but always counted on some sexiness to get her the very good parts. That and her immaculate connections. When you think of our actress now you think of someone who is deceitful and a pain and a total control freak. She didn't used to be that. Well, the deceitful part has always kind of been there, but she did used to be fun. Always doing what she could to climb that fame ladder and she would do anything to climb it. Lets not kid ourselves, this is a woman who would and did fuck anyone to make her dreams happen. She did something with one A+ list actor that he has never done since. She was that fun and amazing and driven. She is still driven now, but is having a torrid affair on her husband and he doesn't care and she doesn't care about him anymore. She was so driven to see his career succeed and now she is in that survival mode she has had for so long and is looking for her escape; for her next step up the ladder. She had not given up on her husband until recently, but now is just so over it. Back in the day, she once used to be so much fun that she would challenge guys to drinking contests and wanted to party every night. She did have a dark side which she has explored with several of her exes. Some of them involved kink and some of them involved her trying to make sure everyone thinks she is perfect. She is big on everyone thinking she is prefect, even if it means sacrificing one or two of her own. Melanie Griffith (Harrison Ford); Kelly Preston (George Clooney)

56. BLIND GOSSIP 07/18
We are pleased to announce another defection from this ridiculous group. She is not talking about it yet, but we can tell you that she is an actress, and that she was a member of the group for many years. Her new full-time gig doesn’t require any press time this summer, so she is keeping a very low profile for the time being. She started getting paranoid that her phone conversations were being tapped and that her child/ren were being followed, so she quietly consulted with another former member of the group (who is also an entertainer and Mom concerned about the safety of her kid/s). After their talk, the actress got new phones and hired new bodyguards to protect herself and her child/ren. We don’t know if she has talked to her best friend – who is still a member of the group – about her decision.
Actress: Leah Remini
Mom: Lisa Marie Presley
Best Friend: Jennifer Lopez

57. POPBITCH 07/19
Which member of One Direction seems to want to be such a prolific shagger that access to much of UK's female population might not be enough for him? Some photos of him have been floating around on Gaydar. Zayn Malik

Over the past six years I have told you some awful stories of people. There have been plenty of good people too. This story though is about someone who probably suffered the most as a child star and still managed to come out on top, although very emotionally scarred. This actress used to be a nice solid B list actress. She does not act very much anymore. Some movies and some cameos, but for the most part she does not do much. She has some other activities which keep her busy and which she has also made a name for herself. Back in the day she was a child actress. Cute and funny and growing up in a time of actors on set where rules were not really followed and behavior could be abhorrent. Despite being just an early teen, our actress was forced to have sex or coerced to have sex with men twice or sometimes three times her age. This was not a one time thing, but a daily thing she had to endure if she wanted to be an actress. Her parents told her to toughen up and that there was nothing wrong with it. Well, she did not have the best parents in the world. From the very first day she walked onto a film set, she was groped and teased. There was one older actor she thought she was safe from, but after their third day filming he had her in his dressing room, undressing for him while he pleasured himself. She had to do this at least once a week. There was her co-star who was almost the same age who told her he would get her fired unless they had sex. He also made her try some drugs. This was all like at 12 and 13. Crazy. On one show she was on she was repeatedly molested by a man who later was accused of raping one of his neighbor's children. Apparently since he thought he could get away with it on sets, he also thought the same rules applied in the real world. All you have to do is mention this guy's name or character name to the actress and she will start crying. All of this has affected every day of her life since. It all makes sense what she does now when you think of what happened to her back then. Kim Richards "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

59. BLIND GOSSIP 07/19
This woman is one of the top-earning celebrities in the world, and has all the fame and fans anyone could ever want. She is also on track for a breakdown. Away from the cameras and the cheering crowds, she has been ingesting tons of drugs and booze. Other celebs (even her competitors) have quietly tried to intervene, but she is ignoring their pleas. If she keeps going this way – and continues to refuse to go to rehab – insiders fear she will meet the same fate as Amy Winehouse. Rihanna; Lady Gaga

Some years back a Famous Woman had a baby but rumors soon arose that the father’s name on the child's birth certificate was incorrect. Gossip had it that the real baby daddy was an Infamous Man who happened to have a wife and a reputation as a womaniser. Time passed and so did the marriage. The Infamous Man then met a younger, fame-hungry, aspiring starlet. Ms. Wannabe soon had the considerable benefit of publicity surrounding their relationship. More time passed and so did the relationship. Everyone in this tangled web has moved on but the Famous Woman and the Infamous Man remained friends. Amazingly, the ex-wife is still friendly — even with the Famous Woman. Keeping it in all the family, perhaps? And Ms. Wannabe? She’s had a lot more than fifteen minutes of fame. To this day she thinks all that media interest was based on her stunning beauty/scintillating talent/overwhelming charisma. How stunned she would be to learn that the press attention had little to do with her and lot more to do with the Infamous Man’s extra-marital history.
Infamous Man: Jude Law
Ex-wife: Sadie Frost
Ms. Wannabe: Sienna Miller
Famous Woman: Kate Moss

This Rapper won't even acknowledge his on-again, off-again girlfriend in public. But, he has no problem hitting this Singer up for some cash when he's strapped. Nelly and Ashanti

This A+ list all movie actress has been out of the public eye for about a month. She had some botched plastic surgery to her face and had to have a procedure to correct it. She is going to be ok now, but she was a mess for a few weeks.

I wanted to tell you today about an Emmy nominated actress. She has been in the business for what seems like forever, but she is still young. She has done movies and television and is a great actress. Solid B+/A- list. Everyone knows her. Through one of her recent co-stars, she got involved with a group of people who help injured soldiers and their families. She met a group of injured soldiers who had lost limbs and heard they didn't have enough money to always get the best prosthetic limbs. There was also the matter of transporting families to where the soldiers were hospitalized. Our actress not only has donated $2M to this cause, but also leased 10 apartments that are within walking distance of one of the hospitals where returning soldiers are sent. All of the apartments are fully furnished and each family is allowed to stay up to two months in the apartments free of charge so they can be close to their loved ones. As a new unit becomes vacant in the complex, she rents out another and has encouraged all her co-stars to help out. So far, they have done a tremendous amount and none of them have asked for or sought any publicity for their actions. She might not always look happy, but this actress, has definitely made me smile and now I know, I will never utter a bad word or slight about her again. Claire Danes

What celebrity mom has been driving her friends crazy by inviting them over for screenings of her old ‘90s hit flicks? "Behind her back, her pals are all laughing at her out-of-control ego," a source confides. "She’s barely a full-time actress these days, but she still wants to be treated like a screen legend." Melanie Griffith; Demi Moore

What Real Housewives wife has gloriously backstabbed her fellow co-star by sleeping with her husband. The thing is these two housewives are actually friends so it is a true back stabbing. Of course he is sleeping with lots of other people too, but the wife just keeps living in her fairyland with lots of unicorns and pixie dust when it comes to him. Ramona Singer/Sonja Morgan "Real Housewives of New York City"

This former almost A list television actress who is now lucky to be a C lister who gets any parts in movies or television but still has almost A list name recognition has some terrible luck with guys. She probably has the worst luck of any celebrity name that you would recognize. She has had her issues in the past. Drugs, booze. An arrest. But, she still gets modeling work and some acting work too. Anyway, the last five guys she has dated. That's right five guys, kind of like the hamburger chain which is where I will now have to eat my lunch have all cheated on her either on their first date or within two days of them going out. Our actress is acting way too desperate for a guy and is sleeping with them all the first date. One of them she slept with when he came to pick her up and later that night he got serviced at a club by another woman. The others have all had their fun and then have had fun with others while still having fun with our actress. She finds out and dumps them, but she needs to change her whole dating philosophy. Hopefully by the time this gets revealed in January she will have found a guy to make her happy.
Mischa Barton

67. BLIND GOSSIP 07/23
We don’t need to put this woman’s face on a milk carton, because we know where she is. Perhaps she is hiking in a canyon. Or else she’s rounding up cattle at a ranch. Or maybe she’s just relaxing at a spa somewhere. Wherever she is, she’s not alone. She might have two sons with her. Then again, maybe she’s with her daughter. Who’s watching the kids while she’s gone?
Katherine Jackson/Canyon Ranch Spa, Tuscon, Arizona

What Real Housewife has secretly been taking birth control pills without telling her husband. He thinks they are trying for a baby. She thinks it may be time to get divorced and wants no part of a baby with him right now. It's not RHNYC or RHATL. Teresa  and Joe Giudice

This A list R&B singer has always shown he can and is an a-hole, but even with his past track record this might have brought him to new levels of a-holiness. His now former girlfriend is telling everyone that for the past year she was forced to watch the singer have sex with at least one person a night if she wanted to stay with him. She put up with it because he would pay her and give her gifts and she always thought he loved her. In addition to this demeaning activity, he would also make her have sex with his friends because he was not always up for having sex with her. With other people yes, but not always her. I hope you see where I am going with this. When he couldn't perform with her he would yell and scream at her and blame her. He tried to not hit her. Most of the time. Chris Brown/Karrueche Tran

Which seemingly innocent Teen Mom star likes to mellow out with mar*juana? "She’s a good girl, but she does fall prey to the pressures of her troubled family," a source tells Star. Catelynn Lowell

It has now been a little over 30 days since this sibling of a trainwreck actress entered rehab. She is supposed to have been released by now, but maybe she needed more help for her issues which include an eating disorder which is caused by her addiction to some pills her sister got her hooked on.
Ali Lohan

For many years this B- list actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has managed to keep his love for cross dressers and transsexuals to himself. What I mean by that is back in the day it was sort of known that he enjoyed them, but then he decided that no one would take him seriously if they found out about his secret life and he had enough issues with women in his life that the last thing he needed was talk about him also enjoying lots of other things. Lately though, his girlfriend of a few years has encouraged him to explore and has been there with him and our actor has not only enjoyed threesomes with his girlfriend and transsexuals, but also has been dressing up himself and doing so on a regular basis. He even has taken some hormones to try and get some breasts. The problem is as much as he loves doing it, he is also afraid that if they get too noticeable he won't get any film roles. The other thing is, he has had so much plastic surgery that no matter what he does or how much makeup he wears, he really does not make the most attractive woman. But, he is happy. He says he feels more free than he ever has and that because he is free he has stopped drinking and doing other drugs. Mickey Rourke

73. BLIND GOSSIP 07/24
We used to see this child out all the time with their parents. These sightings provided lots of photo ops of normal parent/child stuff, usually with the mother, but often with the father. However, lately, the child has been missing from public view. We hear it’s because the child has become uncontrollable in public. They are hitting, kicking, and don’t want to be touched. They have also been heard screaming at one of the parents, "You’re not my real mother/father!" Pax Jolie-Pitt

1. THE last time this A-List actress texted nude pics of herself to an ex, her phone got hacked and the images were plastered all over the Internet. You’d think that would have taught her a lesson, but she’s done it again! Although she’s dating a businessman now, the blonde 20-something actress sent racy photos to her well-known actor "friends with benefits" pal – and he’s been sharing them with all of his Hollywood buddies! Scarlett Johansson (Justin Timberlake/Sean Penn)

2. Which openly gay TV personality ONLY hires good-looking 20-something assistants that look exactly like Zac Efron? The hunky guy is in a serious relationship, but he loves eye candy and will dismiss applicants for being female, in their 30s or God forbid – chubby! Anderson Cooper; Nate Berkus

3. What Bravo "Housewife" was nibbling on a salad in a dark booth at Dan Tana’s in Hollywood with a mystery man when she was caught with the gentleman’s hand up her dress? The leggy single mom played dumb and just ignored the other patrons when they complained about her inappropriate table manners! Brandi Glanville

4. This famous Latina TV actress is secretly dating the popular mayor of a big U.S. city. She’s in her 30s and has been divorced twice, and she’s desperate to be half of a power couple with the handsome politician! Who are they? Eva Longoria/Antonio Villaraigos

5. Which 60-something singer/ actress – she was in a classic ’70s musical – has given her troubled daughter a dose of tough love? The Grammy winner has forced her spoiled, wannabe starlet offspring to get a 9-to-5 job – as a housekeeper! Olivia Newton-John

Let’s take a break from the Twilight despair to get into some sexual produce. They’ve been together a while now. They’re beautiful and fashionable and they’ve travelled the world. This sense of adventure extends beyond geography. After so many years, it would appear that these two are still super hot for each other. At a party very recently, they wandered into the garden. They started kissing, rubbing, grinding. He went between her thighs...with his hands...and an accessory. A cucumber. In the garden. At a party. With a cucumber. She enjoyed it. They didn’t know at the time but there was an audience. When they figured that out they were obviously mortified. They’re a lot luckier than Kristen Stewart though. The evidence in this case will not be published. Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger

I have to say that in the world of diva's, this one is one of my favorites. She has been in this space before for a fairly big thing, but for an entirely different reason than today's item. Through the years, our diva, who is an A list diva, but on a lesser scale when it comes to her actual talent has always acted a little more innocent than she really is. She has done a little bit of everything and has A list name recognition and is known throughout the world. Back in the day she was involved with another A list celebrity. She liked to stay in the background and pretended she was this naive person when it came to the real world. But she isn't. She played our celebrity exactly the way he needed to be played and she walked away with well over $2M from her time with him and never paid for anything and earned a huge sum for herself much of which was based on the publicity she got from being with him. One time, our diva was involved in something very messy. She pleaded ignorance and that she had no idea what was going on, when in fact, she was the one who caused it all to happen by her actions. Later, she basically ran the same con again with another celebrity. She walked away with millions in cash and gifts and some huge paychecks that were way more than she should have been earning, but the publicity allowed her to get her rates way way up. From the time our diva first burst on to the scene, she has been cold and calculating and makes every decision with a very cold heart. It is all business and everything she does is business.
Diva: Jennifer Lopez
A list celebrity -messy: P Diddy
Another celebrity: Ben Affleck

Dear A list Celebrity/Reality Host/Model: I always thought you were the real deal. You seemed like the rare grounded celebrity and more importantly a good mother. You parade yourself on TV and flaunt your perfect body on billboards and always seem to look amazing. It makes everyone feel inadequate. New mothers always tell me they are jealous of how you were able to bounce back after your pregnancy/pregnancies. One moment you were heavily pregnant and the next moment you were sporting abs that would make The Situation jealous. It was like magic. After reading that you attributed your dramatic post-pregnancy weight loss and rubber band form to healthy eating and exercise, most women I spoke to thought there must be wrong with them that they could also not lose weight as quickly as you seemed to. So, when I was visiting a friend who works at a plastic surgeon’s office, imagine my surprise when I saw you there surrounded by a wall of bodyguards. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I guess you were hoping I wouldn’t. Why lie and make the rest of us feel like crap for not being able to lose weight through diet and exercise?! In your profession who would judge you? I’ll tell you why. Apparently your visits are a more extensive project than just a nip here and tuck there. After chatting with the friend, I found out that in addition to the tummy tucks and the lipo, that you also preferred to have your deliveries scheduled several weeks early so that you would gain as little weight as possible. Heidi Klum

Everyone wants to date this A list celebrity. I would guess there are people all over the world desperate to date her, but very few get the chance. Those that do are generally disappointed. The sweetest person on the planet, but the most possessive person ever. If you thought The Goopster was a clinger, you have seen nothing like this. Texting and calling several hundred times a day to someone she is into. There is never a moment to breathe. The thing is that somehow she stopped maturing at about age 13 for some things. When she kisses there is never ever tongue involved because she thinks it is disgusting. if you end up having sex with her it is going to take a few months of dating and then when you do have sex she is going to leave everything on but the items necessary to have sex. She doesn't like it and only does it because she thinks it is expected. This of course is combined with the never ending texts and calls. Our celebrity is still very young. One of the top celebrities in the world. Most people can only put up with the texting and calling for a week before they have had enough and break up. Or so they think. It gets even worse after, but that is another item for another day. Taylor Swift

This Oscar winning beauty is seething..her baby daddy is draining her pockets and won’t go to work because he wants to be a stay at home dad and raise their daughter. She wants him to get a job and stop milking her for her money. Halle Berry

80. POPBITCH 07/26 (British Blog)
Remember the Jubilee concert? Well, when many of the bands turned up for the dress rehearsal they were told they'd only be able to mime rather than play live. So which group of nutters decided to take advantage and got in an immediate order of class As. And got off their tits before taking the Buck Palace stage.

81. BLIND GOSSIP 07/26
She is a beautiful and talented actress who is currently in a leading role. She has been actively involved in issues bigger than herself, and comes across as worldly and compassionate. Don’t let the philanthropy fool you. This one is a predator. During the course of filming a big blockbuster a few years back, she set her sights on one of the crew. He was married and told her that he wasn’t interested. However, her beauty and charm eventually proved impossible for him to resist. They had an affair. She told him that they had a cosmic connection and that they were soulmates and that she would marry him if he got a divorce. So he did. Bad move. The actress got bored with him and gave him the bum’s rush from the relationship. He was left with nothing but the dog. She has since moved on to a new man. It’s practically a repeat performance of the last one. Yes, he is a crew member on her current project. She tells him that they have a cosmic connection and that he is her soulmate. You already know where this one is going. Maggie Q (vegetarianism)

The babys father of a popular R&B singer just sent out this letter to his fraternity brothers. This ish is about to get UGLY!!! We’re putting the story as a Blind Item because he’s making some CRIMINAL ACCUSATIONS against his celeb babys mother. And we’re not trying to get anybody LOCKED UP!!!

::Just wanted to set the levels straight, I’m getting blasted everyday by the woman that swear she loves me about a picture of a chick I don’t even f*ck with. But you know guys you n*ggas are my best friends most loyal muthaf*ckas I know and I’m tired of protecting what [FEMALE R&B ARTIST] does as if I should be kissing her ass because a picture went public. Thing is the public dont know none of the trifling sh*t she had done. Not even you dudes, yes my best friends. Know why because I didn’t want to make her look like a trifling chick we sit around the room and talk about. So once again for the last month she’s tripped on me about a picture, well picture this in your head: About 4 months ago while [THE BABY] was like 2 or 3 months and I was trying to make the Arena team, [FEMALE R&B ARTIST] got mad over some sh*t and took it upon herself to try and get back at me. Guess how? A local n*gga that sells jewelry, his name is Marcus, and had his own jewelry shop has been courting her, and instead of deading the sh*t as a real down bitch should, about a year ago she went out to dinner with him, guess what I’m just finding dinner wasn’t at a restaurant; but she still hasn’t told me where "shakey right"? ( at the time we were mad but not broken up). She gave me her word she’d let the sh*t go and it wouldn’t be an issue again, that I wouldn’t have to worry about him, that she wasn’t even attracted to him. Well again like I said some months ago and right after having [THE BABY] this woman decides she’s gonna play payback so she has me come get [THE BABY] who she left with her momma, she wore a brand new dress from Nordstrom’s, Loubouton f*ck me heels, and naughty lingerie underneath ( keep in mind when she with me she always wearing some lounge wear like some tights or a long dress, or sometimes worse). So she goes at 8pm to this dudes jewelry store and stays until 2am, the whole while texting me back and forth some bullsh*t. She "supposedly" came to her senses after 6 hours of being in a private place with someone, asked to come to my house. You don’t know this [DUDE'S NAME] but I actually said yes ok, like a dummy. When she comes in looking all sexy and fly she immediately tells me she was actually going to f*ck him but couldn’t. Now we some fly ass NUPES and truth is none of you I’m sure would believe that someone was private with someone drinking Ciroc for 6 hours, getting drunk and didn’t do anything. So like a sucka I allowed it to happen and we f*cked, maybe it was the second f*ck of the night for her I’ll never know, all I can do is speculate. Even still I moved forward, and boom I slip up and let a chick that f*cks with my homeboy take a picture of me that went to gossip sites and she been dragging this sh*t on for a month now. Talking sh*t every chance she can. I’m tired of the public always looking at me as the bad guy. I’ve had her fans calling me giving me death threats and all, but never have I told anyone about her bs. Not even my best friends. Not cause I give a damn about yall judging me, but as usual to protect my woman from you looking at her silly. Does she give me the same respect, f*ck no. In the airport the other day although I was told to hush hush and not let anyone know we’d been arguing she goes out her way to ask someone that don’t really care for me anyway, same one approached me at the bar when they "thought" I was there with another bitch, and someone she calls her sister, questions about something that aint even her business, but to me it’s hush hush don’t let them know we beefing. "What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander" Oh and [NAME REDACTED] knows the many lies I told on the stand when I was going through that court sh*t, guess who promised to pay my lawyer fees of over $50000, yep the same woman that says she got my back and wants me forever in her life, etc etc. Ask me did we win the case on my lies alone, lying to the court committing perjury to once again protect the woman I love "unconditionally". Now ask me how much I still owe that lawyer. If you guessed $50000 plus, you are correct. (You guys are smart) She got all these people that look at me crazy everyday not knowing any of the dumb, childish sh*t she has put me through. The world, her friends, management, play sister, momma, brothers, etc, will never know the truth. Hey but look continue to be the supportive friends you are we all know I’m good as long as my kids happy, I love my life and I promise I won’t change a thing about it, can’t change other people if they don’t wanna change themselves. So honest opionion? Regards,::
Fantasia and her boyfriend Antwuan Cook (his divorce)

#1 - This former B list actress who was once touted as the next big thing fell off the wagon. Got back on and got married and had some kids. Now way off the wagon again. Horribly off the wagon. She is taking the whole family down with her. Gretchen Mol

#2 - This now almost A list television actress on a hit network comedy recently split from her husband. He said that her most annoying habit is that when she has sex she sings. Really softly, but she does sing and does it the entire time. Even if you tell her to be quiet she starts again after a few seconds. Zooey Deschanel

#3 - This A list tween singer who is moving nicely to the top 40 as she becomes an adult recently decided to surprise her celebrity boyfriend backstage at a show. The singer had finished early with her commitments and when she walked into his dressing room, her boyfriend was not there, but a girl wearing nothing but a pair of panties was. The singer stormed out, but as she always does, forgave her boyfriend. Selena Gomez/Justin Beiber

#4 - This former A list television actress from a very hit show with a huge following to this day has mainly struck out since and dropped to a B lister. Anyway, one of her former co-stars who is now just about an A list television actress in her own right says that she refuses to have any part of any discussion of any kind of reunion show with the former A lister because she is one of the meanest people she has ever met and that life is too short to spend even five seconds with someone like that. Wow.
Show: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
A list television actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Co-star: Alyson Hannigan

This blind item, which has never even been hinted at anywhere else, concerns a famous TV Wife who has a hidden family tree... or rather The Husband has. There is a Secret Son — and he is NOT a love child. This Secret Son was born in a valid marriage, which has never been mentioned by either the TV Wife or The Husband. Amazing, when so much else has been revealed. The Secret Son is all grown up now and, in fact, is married with a child of his own. That makes The Husband a grandfather. The TV Wife knows all about The Husband’s Secret Son and she has no bad feelings. Actually, the Secret Son fleetingly appeared on a show with the TV Wife and The Husband. It’s just that they didn’t say who he was and only those in the know would have recognised him. How amused they must all have been!
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd

85. CELEBZTER 07/27
Which wife thought her marriage was stronger than ever? Thriving, in fact. "Things have never been better," she recently proclaimed to a friend. Fast forward and her world has crumbled. What makes it worse is that she discovered her husband’s infidelities the same way as everyone else in the world did. What adds more salt to the wound: A cheating spouse, or a spouse cheating with a so-called friend? Liberty Ross, wife of Rupert Sanders (who cheated on her with Kristen Stewart)

86.  STAR MAGAZINE 07/28 **#1**
What superstar fashion mogul put a piece of cardboard under her shirt on the set of her show to give her the appearance of a flat tummy? Says an insider: "She was really struggling with her weight, so she was looking for any help she could get!"
Jessica Simpson; Kimora lee Simmons; Tyra Banks

87. STAR MAGAZINE 07/28 **#2**
What pop star’s marijuana addiction is turning her into a monster? "She will light up in the middle of the Chateau Marmont gardens," a source tells us. "She loves to get high. She says it helps her creativity when she’s writing songs."
Lady Gaga

88. NY POST/PAGE SIX 07/30
1. Which sexy actress slapped her boyfriend in the face after finding a mystery blond woman in his apartment?

2. Which famous New York couple split after the husband constantly cheated and kept hitting on young women in the office? Vera Wang and Arthur Becker

3. Which male musician isn’t telling his high-profile girlfriend that he previously had a gay affair with a well-known male fashion designer?
male musician: Kanye West
high-profile girlfriend: Kim Kardashian

well-known fashion designer: Riccardo Tisci

What former tweener who has made more money than just about any other tweener ever since giving up acting is pregnant. She loves being pregnant, but is having a whole lot of trouble kicking cigarettes and the prescription pills. Until she does, she is not saying anything about being pregnant. She really is all grown up. Mary Kate Olsen

Is our former B+ list actress with still A list name recognition actually in jail? No. Actually locked up against her will? Nope. She has been isolated from everyone close to her though from her past. Who she can speak to and who she is allowed to see are closely monitored. Her significant other who everyone also knows makes our actress think she has some control over her life, but she really doesn't. Can she go out alone? Not really. Can she go out with her girlfriends? What girlfriends. Even if she had girlfriends left after years of isolation, there is no way he could let her go out unsupervised. She might wander off. Work? Umm, no. Last time she worked she almost left him because she tasted sweet freedom. Even Katie Holmes got to go out alone and got to work. Sure, there were bodyguards and minders, but she got to go out. Our actress gets none of that. Her man is so insecure that he makes her share a cell phone with him. No cell phone for herself. They have an extra one for emergencies or if he is going to be out for longer than an hour or two. Oh, yeah, he is allowed to go out. While he is out though if she is not with him, then he keeps her at home. It is better for her he says. Wouldn't want to have to deal with all those paps by herself. This is not the same person she was even five years ago. At this point in her life she defers every decision to her significant other. Dinner, clothes, anything and everything, he is the one who decides. At this point she is like a robot and it just keeps getting worse. Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green

91. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31
Everything about this TV girl reeks of fakeness and desperation. Although others with her job title manage to remain fully clothed while working, she is always finding an excuse to strip down to the minimum and then feign embarrassment when she is caught by the cameras. Another manipulation on her part is her relationship. Although she has a real boyfriend, she is pretending to date a reality show regular because he is more famous than her boyfriend and provides her with extra photo ops. For someone who is not an actress and has no discernible talent, she sure thinks that she deserves to be the center of attention.
TV girl: Maria Menounos
Reality star: Derek Hough

This almost A list celebrity has become resigned to the fact that her actor husband is going to cheat on her. What will drive her ballistic though is knowing he is cheating on her with his B list actress co-star who will do anything to make it to the top. Fergie/Josh Duhamel/Julianne Hough

When you read about or hear most people talk about this A+ list actor all you ever hear is how good he is and how wonderful he is and blah blah blah. Seriously, people talk about him like he is the greatest thing ever. Turns out though, he has a temper that is completely out of hand and he will sleep with anyone when he has been drinking. Who knew. His wife has left him before because of it. Generally his wife goes with him to every movie he promotes. She likes traveling with our actor and feels like if she is there then he will be well behaved and won't drink. One time though, she made the first stop on the trip with him and he went and got drunk with some of the other cast and then came back to their hotel and yelled at his wife and slapped her so hard she lost a tooth. She spent the next two weeks back at their home and debated whether or not to finally leave him. Our actor generally stays faithful, but on set he and his co-star spent the entire shoot together in bed. The co-star has not worked much since because our actor's wife raised a stink when she found out and our actor said it was the actresses' fault and he bad mouthed her to others so because he could not keep his dick in his pants, a great actress rarely gets work.



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