NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. Which handsome, married star of a successful movie franchise was thisclose to sleeping with his sexy, engaged co-star? At times, the chemistry between the two A-listers was so intense during filming that they actually told producers that they shouldn’t be left alone together! Christian Bale/Anne Hathaway

2. Which married-with-kids singer/actor has been living in a Hollywood hotel after a HUGE falling out with his sexy wife/former lingerie model? The handsome crooner – he’s been married for almost 20 years – has been popping up to parties solo and NEVER mentions the little lady! Harry Connick Jr.

3. Which pop star’s young lover is causing major problems on her current tour because he thinks he’s a bigger star than the other acts performing alongside his cougar girlfriend? The brash beau thinks he’s the ringleader of the concert tour and has alienated almost everyone except for his famous meal ticket! Casper Smart (Jennifer Lopez)

4. Which super-skinny TV personality says she doesn’t have an eating disorder, BUT works out semi-disguised so no one can recognize her? The married mom-to-be shows up to the gym with sunglasses, hair pulled down and a hat, then finds the farthest, out-of-the way treadmill to shed even more weight! Guiliana Rancic

5. Which closeted male star aggressively propositioned THEN groped the hunky husband of his blonde co-star back in the mid-’80s? The now 60-something actress, who had a child with and then later divorced the actor/dancer, is finally spilling the beans about her famous co-star’s legendary, inappropriate behavior.
Actor: John Travolta
Actress: Olivia Newton John
Actress’ Hunky Actor/Dancer Husband: Matt Lattanzi

What C list actor from a hit network drama which is still fairly new told his co-star and B- list actress girlfriend who is the lead of the show to get over it when she caught him getting a lap dance from a stripper while he was in his trailer. He then told her that if she would be more sexy then he would not need a stripper. He does it for their relationship.

This C list actress with much higher name recognition was in labor not too long ago. Within the past six months. Her baby daddy's phone rang. He had stepped out so she answered. Turns out it was his girlfriend that he had kept hidden for the past year. Needless to say it has been an interesting time since that happened.

This actress would love for you to all believe that she is without fault. Her sudden rise to A listedness has made all her dreams come true but she spends half her time trying to juggle all the skeletons in her closet. Nobody really ever paid attention to her until recently so she has been trying to cover all the really controversial things she has done and now pretends they don't exist. The threesomes she used to have every weekend? Those women have been paid off. Swapping? Our actress has done it and those people have been hired by her as consultants. All that coke she used to snort like candy with her boyfriend at their parties? Now they do it quietly at home. The drug deals she used to make? Oh yeah. One of the world's A list actresses is a big time drug dealer. That is one thing that has not changed. She has just passed off some of the work to those who worked under her before. She is no stranger to the drug business. It makes sense if you think about it. She is still there, behind the scenes and making the decisions. Sofia Vergara
(calls off engagement)

You know you have a problem with cheating when you have to work hours everyday just to make your cheating possible. Well, this married C list actor with almost A list name recognition does not work much so he has lots and lots of time to perfect his cheating. He was burned once before and vows to never let anything mess with his marriage to his B+ list celebrity wife who has way more money than he does. Up until a few months ago he carried on affair with a former Playboy Playmate that started even before he got married to his wife. The Playmate is the one who finally broke it off because she was tired of all the work that went into having an hour of fun with the married guy. Our actor would spend two weeks setting everything up just right so he could get away from his wife for a couple of hours on one specific day to spend time with the Playmate. Sometimes though he would be forced to cancel and this became more frequent as his wife grew more clingy and suspicious about why her husband would ever want to do anything without her. Well, it did not take our actor long to find a replacement. This person is much more willing to work around the schedule of the actor and thinks it is flattering that he devotes so much time and energy to spending time with her. Our actor is probably just grateful for the few hours he gets away from his stalkerish wife. Eddie Cibrian/LeAnn Rimes

Which political diva was overheard bitching about her famous reality-star daughter at a Beverly Hills event? The controversial brunette told a celebrity father-to-be that she’s glad he’s having a boy because "girls are a nightmare – from toddler to teen and beyond!"
Political Diva: Sarah Palin
Reality Star Daughter: Bristol Palin
Celebrity Father to Be: Nick Lachey or Bill Rancic

7. POPBITCH 08/02
(British blog) Rumours are circulating that which married celebrity has turned his roving eye from Katherine Jenkins to Alexa Chung?
David Beckham

8. CELEBZTER 08/02
Which high-profile couple’s relationship is on the verge of imploding because one of the partners can’t tame their wild ways? The excuse that you’re young and dumb and make stupid mistakes is fine initially, but when you are still brazenly partaking in some rather seedy endeavors, the question becomes, how much more can the other person take? Her worst fears are starting to ring true, and as one person close to the male in the relationship says, "everyone knows he’s gay". Can a person who likes the same sex really do a complete U-turn? Expect an announcement of a split soon….Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart

If you date this former A list celebrity and now a struggling C who still has A list recognition, you do so at your peril. Of course before you even get a date with her she will know whether or not you are into kink. She only wants you if you are willing to be dominated by her and are willing to suffer all in the name of her personal satisfaction. You think you are going to get satisfied? Not going to happen at least while you are with her. It is all about her and only her and if you can't handle that then you better leave. She does not break up with guys, they run from her. The longer you go out with her the edgier she gets and the riskier she gets. Safe words? Not with her. She goes until she gets tired or bored. Oh, and this will be revealed. Janet Jackson

Ever wonder why this now A list television actress on a hit television show split from her celebrity husband? It turns out that the celebrity husband had been keeping a secret from his wife. It involves another actress who used to be a nice solid B lister on a hit television show. Her show faded to nothing and all she is left with now is a vague acting and modeling career. Oh, and her willingness to do anything for a musician she likes. Back before the A list actress got involved with her husband, our then B list actress and him hooked up. Sometimes alone and sometimes with her then celebrity boyfriend. Over the years, our former B list actress has kept in touch with the musician and when he comes to town or needed a companion on the road he would give her a call and if she was available, she would come running. It stopped happening when he first got married and also when the former B list actress got clean, but things happen and they were in the same city and it happened again and the A list actress wife found out.
A-list actress: Zooey Deschanel
Celebrity husband: Ben Gibbard "Death Cab for Cutie"
Model/former B-list actress: Mischa Barton
Musician that 3 likes to hook up with: Cisco Adler

Lets talk about the cheating this B+ movie actor has done on his B- list actress girlfriend over the past few years. It only seems fair. Lots you will know, but many you won't. The list numbers about 10. The most salacious to me was the marriage he broke up. She used to be a B+ television actress on a very hit show. She got married and had some problems. She got back together with her husband then auditioned for a movie with our actor. The chemistry was instant. By the time they started filming her marriage was over and our actor and actress were in bed everyday. One time they were joined by one of his other long time female co-stars. Threesomes are nothing new. Our actor and his best friend who is also an actor took an actress with them on a European trip. Sex and booze and threesomes the entire time. The actress had previously had a relationship with our actor and she even co-starred with him in another role that required sex scenes. She said they were real. Remember, this is all going on while he is dating the B+ list actress from the first paragraph. There were always the flings with his co-stars. That happened before, during and after. There was the European burlesque dancer. Oh, and a couple of models. There is the night he got drunk and made the ultimate mistake and slept with someone who should not be slept with unless you have a quadruple strength latex bodysuit. She has actually started getting work again. There was the C list Australian actress and the reality star from VH-1. Oh, there was the co-star of the actress that had her marriage broken because of him. That was an interesting one. There was the daughter of one of the director's of a movie he starred in. He told her he wanted to be with her forever, but didn't really mean it. He just wanted to sleep with her. There are a few more, but no one would know who they are.
B+ movie actor: Robert Pattinson
B- actress girlfriend: Kristin Stewart
Former B+ TV actress on a very hit show, split and got back together with husband: Emilie de Ravin "Lost"
B+ movie actor’s longtime female costar: Ashley Greene
Actor’s best friend: Tom Sturridge
Actress who had real sex scenes when co-starring with B+ movie actor: someone from "Bel Ami": Natalia Tena
STD-ridden female who is starting to work again: Lindsay Lohan
C-list Australian actress: Sophie Monk
Burlesque Dancer: Caroline Jones
Reality star from VH-1: Paris Hilton
Co-star of Former B+ TV Actress: Maggie Grace
Director’s daughter from movie he just starred in: Caitlin Cronenberg

The Olympics are off the hook for U.S. Basketball Team. Several players have been photographed or had stories of the nightlife in London hit the internet. Problem is those players are either married or engaged. The big shock is the other Athletes with the "wholesome" reps also being caught up in the talk. Hmmmmmmmmmm!

Kobe Bryant and Aussie swimmer Stephanie Rice
LeBron James and USA swimmer Lauren Perdue

13. STAR MAGAZINE 08/03 **#1**
Which pop superstar’s baby dreams were shattered when her fiancé revealed that he couldn’t have children because he had undergone a vasectomy? Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

14. STAR MAGAZINE 08/03 **#2**
Which young singer-actress is known around town for being the worst tipper? When she gets manicures, she’ll tip the nail technicians just $1 on a $30 bill, and massage therapists are lucky to get a few bucks – far from the customary 20 percent gratuity. Her megafamous younger boyfriend, however, is known to be a very generous tipper – and when they go places together, he’ll usually make up for her stingy ways.
Singer/Actress: Selena Gomez
Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

15. BLIND GOSSIP 08/03
This actor is over the age of 30 and has been starring in films for many years. Although he has become more in demand over the past year, we were really surprised to discover that this big, athletic guy has recently been traveling with FOUR bodyguards. Even Katie Holmes – who is a female needing protection from Scientologists and paparazzi – only has two bodyguards! So why does our actor need four bodyguards? Is he scoring a role that requires him to understand personal protection? No. Is he genuinely afraid that someone will hurt him? No. The bodyguards aren’t there to protect his body. They are there to protect his ego. He thinks that having more bodyguards makes him look more important. Chris Evans

16. CELEBZTER 08/03
We tend to be reluctant to drop blind items, but what has just landed in our inbox leaves us totally perplexed. We’re not even sure it is a blind item– maybe a fairytale gone awry. But news just came in that someone is willing to forgive and forget. Tut, tut, tut…once a cheater, always a cheater. Excuses, excuses…. Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart

What A+ list singer chained smoked joints and did shots during a recent interview because she knew that the A+ list interviewer would not say a word about either and would pretend everything was normal. Rihanna and Oprah Winfrey

18. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06 **#1**
There’s been an interesting development in the relationship of this TV girl. Her boyfriend – who is neither famous nor wealthy – isn’t too happy about her fake-dating a TV Guy with whom she appeared on one season of popular show. So he got hold of some very compromising photos of the TV Guy with his Boyfriend (who has also appeared on the same show), and told TV Guy that he was going to send them to the tabloids. TV Guy totally panicked. He turned to a good pal of his, Rich Guy, for advice and help. Rich Guy – who is more high profile, on more television shows, and has more money than everyone else in this blind combined – said that the best way to keep TV Girl’s real boyfriend quiet was to offer him some hush money. He even generously gave the TV Guy the money for the payoff. Why would Rich Guy do that? Well, it’s in his best interest, too. He is fake-dating the TV Guy’s sister. He knows that if one of these fake relationships was disclosed, they could all come tumbling down like dominoes.
TV Girl: Maria Menounos
TV Guy: Derek Hough
TV Guy’s Boyfriend: Mark Ballas
Rich Guy: Ryan Seacrest
TV Guy’s Sister: Julianne Hough

19. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06 **#2**
She may be in a committed relationship, but this multi-hyphenate girl sure isn’t acting like it! She has been out partying practically every night. And although she isn’t drinking in public, she is certainly acting like she is under the influence of some substance. On a recent night out at a bar in a hotel in New York, she spent a lot of bodyguard-protected time in the restroom. When she came out, she stumbled around aimlessly, holding onto walls and people for support. When a song came on that she liked, she grabbed a cute guy and pulled him out for a very physical encounter on the dance floor. Let’s just say that it sure didn’t look like she was practicing her wedding dance. We wonder how many calories she expended stroking, grinding, and kissing this complete stranger. We hope the exercise was worth it! Miley Cyrus

20. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06 **#3**
This youngish, humorous actor is fairly modest in public, but not so modest in private. He has been bragging to his friends that he was so rich that he could "wipe his ass with twenties" and "light his joints with ones". At a recent informal barbecue at his home, one of his friends – who is also an actor, though not as successful – asked if he could borrow a twenty-dollar bill. He disappeared into the house. Several minutes later, he told the host that he had a gift for him, but he would have to come into the house to receive it. Yes, he left the host a smelly gift in the bathroom, topped by the used twenty. The host play-smacked his friend and yelled, "I said my ass, you idiot!" But he did find it funny. Boys. Jonah Hill; Seth Rogen

21. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06 **#4**
This award-winning actress is facing bad news in every direction. Her acting career is waning; she’s unable to get her body to look the way she wants it to look; and her business is failing. We’re talking about a pretty major meltdown on all fronts. Not that you’ll hear her admitting any of these things. No, she just keeps telling big lies about how great everything is going. The good news is that she has finally given up trying to nail a popular young actor. It’s not because she doesn’t think she could land him. It’s because she found out that he actually makes fun of her behind her back.
Actress: Demi Moore
Actor: Zac Efron

22. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06 **#5**
Little Man 1 set up an elaborate production that was supposed to be fronted by Little Man 2. But Little Man 2 lost control of his personal life. So Little Man 1 approached a very controlling Actress. Would she be interested in stepping up? This presented a dilemma for the Actress. She had originally been lobbying for her husband to take over Little Man 1’s role, but Husband was not exactly leadership material right now. So the Actress is seriously considering taking on the responsibility herself. While she doesn’t have nearly the star power or reach of Little Man 2 or her husband, she rather likes the prospect of being in a position of power greater than that of both Little Man 2 and her Husband. This will not end well.
Little Man 1: David Miscavige
Little Man 2: Tom Cruise
Actress: Kelly Preston
Actress’ Husband: John Travolta

It is quite shocking that this actress is even still alive. She probably spent more on drugs and did more drugs than any other actress in modern Hollywood. She rarely works anymore although she has talked of a comeback. Back in the day this actress was just about A list and was doing movies and television and had an A list boyfriend. That was the peak of her drug use. His parties were legendary and he paid for the drugs and our actress had about a two year period there which is just one big blank. If this actress ever decides to write a book to tell her tales it will be filled with orgies and drugs like you have never seen. Her boyfriend used to make her have sex with everyone and everything. Men or women, old and young. She did it too because she was so crazy for the drugs. She basically could not function enough to work for a several year period but her boyfriend would make sure she was hired more to keep her out of the house than out of any goodness of his heart. She was just a plaything to him. Had them before and has them now. Not as many now, but he still has them. Back then he was winding down his party lifestyle and she was the perfect way for him to go out. She is a hollow shell compared to what she used to be. She is with someone else now. He doesn't really know what happened. He is just enamored with the fact that he has an actress who used to be in movies and television. The fact that she does not talk about that part of her life or have many memories of it and has had so much brain damage that she can barely make sentences sometimes does not really bother him. This actress had such promise and it went away in a drug induced haze that is the biggest anyone can remember. Lara Flynn Boyle/Jack Nicholson

This A list Tweener recently told his actress girlfriend when he visited on her set that he just wanted to stay on the set and eat craft service. Earlier in the day he had dropped $20K on a present for a woman he has been seeing on the side and then came to the set and when his girlfriend said she didn't have time to go to her trailer for a quickie he made his excuses and left. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez

This B- list actress and I am being very generous with the B- thing. I could see a bouncy C. Mostly movies. Former tweener. You are going to blurt out a name, but you need to think about it. Anyway, she filmed a movie not too long ago and brought along her younger sister. That did not stop her much younger sister, who is also underage from out partying, out drinking and out drugging her older sister. That's not to say that her sister didn't give it a good try, but she was working all day. Oh, and one morning, they both woke up in bed with the same guy. Creepy. Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

This B/C list celebrity couple’s marriage is on the rocks. They are spending more time together to try and reforge their marriage, but he is too focused on his career and sexting a flight attendant he hooked up with a couple of times. Since he was caught cheating, the couple have been taking pricey vacations together on his dime. She is now carrying all the power in the relationship and calling the shots. Orlando Bloom/Miranda Kerr

Most of you have heard the Charlie Sheen shooting Kelly Preston story, but there is one that would have made the world explode with gossip if this one had ever got out to the public. This couple was everywhere. They were all over every tabloid. The actor, all movies all the time is still A+. Back in the day not so long ago he was a drinking and drugging machine and had a thing for antique weapons. Still does. Brings them to the set all the time. Much more careful with them now though. His girlfriend at the time was A list. She was strictly a booze and cigs kind of person with the sometime coke night if she was really having fun. Well, one night, our actor was showing off a new gun he had purchased at auction and was drinking and playing around and swinging it and shot his girlfriend. Bam right in the ribs. The bullet sliced off a chunk of the side of her ribs right below her bra line. She was not wearing a bra at the time. She was naked. There was blood everywhere. They screamed for several minutes before one of them finally got the idea of trying to towel it off. Yeah, that did not last long. They then used the hotel room drapes. Finally our actor made a call and the hotel sent up a doctor. The girlfriend did not need surgery because it went in and out. It did cause her a whole lot of pain and to help with her pain she started using some stronger drugs which took her ten years to break. Johnny Depp/Winona Ryder

28. BLIND GOSSIP 08/08
We are always alerting you to the newest fake couple. Today, we want to alert you to a new real couple! This is all her doing. The two actors were colleagues, and remained good friends after their project ended. The truth is that they have always been attracted each other. But they were always in committed relationships with other people. The only place they were a couple was in the annals of fan fiction. Until now… He left his wife over a year ago, and she just left her boyfriend. Now that her personal relationship has collapsed, however, the path is clear for them to be a real couple! She is encouraging him to announce his divorce, and, once he does, they will start making appearances together. We don’t have an exact time frame for this announcement, but hear that it may be before year’s end (it depends on the cooperation of his wife). Truth be told, we’re pretty excited about it. And we know that their fans will completely freak out! David Duchovny/ Gillian Anderson

1. WHICH B-list beauty, who’s not even 40 yet, is about to go under the knife to get her upper and lower eyelids smoothed out? The actress is dating one of Hollywood’s hunkiest A-listers, but she’s worried she may lose her young lover if her peepers keep drooping! Eva Mendes

2. WHAT talk-show personality’s overbearing husband made a major scene at an Atlantic City event his wife was hosting? The well-liked celebrity – she did a stint on a popular reality show – was approached by a fan for an autograph and was just about to sign when her hulking hubby pulled her away and told her admirer to (bleep) off!
Talk Show Woman: Wendy Williams
Reality Show: Dancing with the Stars
Husband: Kevin Hunter, Sr. (nickname: Big Kev)
Talk Show Woman: Marie Osmand (‘Donnie and Marie’ and the forthcoming talk show on Hallmark)
Reality Show: ‘Dancing With the Stars’
Her Husband: Stephen Lyle Craig

3. THIS actress – who became famous for playing a hip city girl on a popular cable series – is helping her Oscar-winning beau stay on a clean and sober path. The new mom makes it a point to be at most of her busy partner’s Hollywood events just in case he’s tempted to take a drink and relapse! Kristin Davis "Sex and the City" and Aaron Sorkin "The Newsroom"

4. THIS actress-turned-talk-show host has become a nightmare to work with because her new chat fest, which hasn’t even aired yet, is already a complete disaster. She’s yelling and screaming at her writers and producers, she hates the set, and she’s been accusing some of her staff of setting her up for failure. Jenny McCarthy "The Jenny McCarthy Show"

5. WHICH single, aging blonde actress – the baby-mama to a respected Oscar winner – bumped into her baby-daddy’s famous co-star from a classic ’70s film trilogy and read him the riot act? The has-been party girl was so delusional she began screaming about her child’s absentee father to the actor because she actually thought he was her ex’s real-life brother – but they only played siblings on film!
Actress: Beverly D’Angelo
Oscar Actor who is the baby-daddy: Al Pacino
Actor who played his brother: James Caan
1970's Film: The Godfather

This former reality star/model who is now an actress on the lower rungs of the C list but has a very famous name from a very famous family recently split up with her celebrity husband because when he drinks, he cheats, and he drinks a lot. He also yells. Oh, and there is the whole, impotent thing which he blames on her. Shayne Lamas & Nik Richie

This B- list television actress who will probably never get a movie role, recently split with her significant other. Our actress has been in the news lately and everyday she discovers that her life with her ex was a lie. Apparently he had been cheating on her since day one. As in day one of their first date ever. Apparently he also hooked up with one of her former co-stars the same night they first went out. He had already planned both dates without telling either of them, and didn't think he would get lucky with both, but he did. She also found out that while they were dating and had been for a couple of years that while she was working and he was filming a movie that he slept with what seems like every cast member from the movie he was working on. Except for one. For sure. Our actress was told this by the one person her ex did not sleep with. That person is also an actress. B+. Does some movies, but not many. The one person who did not sleep with him said that she tried to contact our actress several times before she got married to warn her but the actress never got back in touch. Could have saved years of heartache. What our actress thought was a monogamous relationship was actually monogamous on her part with him sleeping with 5 or 6 women a year.
B- list television actress: Jennie Garth
Significant Other: Peter Facinelli
Former co-star: Tiffani Thiessen
Movie: "Can’t Hardly Wait"
Co-star who didn’t sleep with him: Jennifer Love Hewitt

This commercial shoot for a clothing brand was designed to be a reunion of a very popular television show from back in the day. Well, it is still on, just in a different way. Anyway, a few of the stars from the show filmed the commercials. Everything was great with everyone except the actress who has been in this space frequently. Everyone kept asking if she was on drugs because she was acting so crazy. The company said right there they are never going to work with her in the future.
Commercial: Old Navy
TV show: "Beverly Hills 90210"
Stars in the commercials: Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Gabrielle Carteris and Jennie Garth
Crazy actress: Jennie Garth

This actress has gone through periods of depression and has attempted suicide more than once. She used to be getting close to A list and then drops back. She can't handle the pressure. The fame. It all goes to her head and makes her have more episodes that even her medications can't always help. Our actress started off with a bang in her very first role and she tried to keep it together, but the next year after a stint on a very popular show, she tried to take her life. Everyone was coming up to her and talking to her and acting like they knew her or at least her characters. She said later that it felt like a million people were in her head all the time. She has never really discussed the suicide attempts. Since then she has gone through a year of working really hard and then hiding for a year. She has had some crazy relationships over the years that always have been intense and crazy and passionate and end with huge arguments and fights. The whole cycle usually is one or two months. Then she goes back into her world. Not that long ago she had a baby as a result of one of her wild romances. She tried to take care of the baby and still brings the baby out for photo ops or interviews she knows she is going to have, but for the most part she has given up custody to the celebrity dad. She could not handle the pressure. She tries and the dad is willing to let her have the baby as much as she wants now that our actress has someone to watch her everyday. She is in a long term relationship for the first time in a long time. When she was not with someone, she would go periods of days or sometimes weeks without returning phone calls or answering the phone or answering her door and no one knew if she was alive or the baby.

This actress who used to be a model continues to find work despite the fact that she is probably the biggest pain on the planet to work with. Her husband, a celebrity, and former athlete is a little dim, but really nice. Anyway, our actress fired her management agency that she also used with her husband because they would not meet her crazy demands. She expected her husband to do the same but he kept right on using them and getting work. He never told her this though. She thought he had moved on. That must have been one great fight when she found out. Our actress is a yeller. Angie Harmon/Husband Jason

Sehorn is a former defensive back for the NY Giants

This mega Superstar sings, dances and acts. She recently left her husband and is seeing a much younger man. A lot of people are urging her to be careful about her new romance. Her young beau may be after her money. Meanwhile, the mega Superstar husband is having the last laugh cause he knows this guy will break her heart.

Mega Superstar: Jennifer Lopez
Younger man: Casper Smart
Mega Superstar husband: Marc Anthony

36. CELEBZTER 08/09
But let’s mull over a scenario of a wicked, wicked sister, in a famous family who is showing her true colors. What gets us, is that she is fabulously talented and famous in her own right, so why try to get her grubby mitts on a family fortune? Her frightening antics have led one of the children to confess to a friend, "I fear for my life". Janet Jackson (Paris Jackson)

37. CELEBZTER 08/09
Oh, the weekend is almost upon us– almost! And at least we have a reason to kick back and not worry about repenting for our sins. You see, this star has gotten themselves in a whole lot of trouble and she just doesn’t know how to get out of this mess, as more and more evidence of her unruly and wayward behavior continues to mount up. In an act that could either be characterized as desperate or delusional, the person in question has even been putting in calls to someone she wronged….and publicly humiliated. But can her sobs and cries for forgiveness ever really be enough? And, no, it’s not Kristen Stewart calling Robert Pattinson! Kristen Stewart calling Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross

The existence of royal love children is an interesting subject. Although history is littered with examples, only two children fathered by living royals have been officially acknowledged in recent times: Prince Albert of Monaco has admitted that he is the father of Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste. King Albert II of Belgium is reputed to be the father of artist Delphine Boel, although this has not been confirmed. The late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (father of Queen Beatrix) had two illegitimate daughters, Alicia von Bielefeld and Alexia Grinda-Lejeune, recognized after his death, although rumors persist of more children outside marriage. Some also believe the Duchess of Cornwall, formerly Camilla Parker-Bowles, is descended from Edward VII through his mistress, Alice Keppel. Then there are some disputed claimants. Robert Brown, an accountant from Jersey, came forward to say he was Princess Margaret’s secret son with Group Captain Peter Townsend, but failed to convince a judge. Attempts to prove that Prince Philip fathered two children, Max and Louise Boisot, with his childhood pal, Helene Cordet, have come to nothing. At one stage, there were several putative offspring of the late Duke of Windsor popping up in the UK press. Fanny Cradock, a wild-eyed television cook, even wrote a novel called The Windsor Secret in which Wallis Simpson gave birth to the Duke’s son. To this day, nobody has produced reliable evidence that he ever had any children. However, the Duke of Windsor apparently did believe that Michael Canfield, the first husband of Jackie Onassis’s sister, Lee Radziwill, was the secret son of his younger brother, the Duke of Kent, who was killed in 1942. What a film the mysterious Mr. Canfield’s life story would make! The bisexual Duke may also have been the father of Raine Spencer, Princess Diana’s stepmother — at least that’s what Raine’s mother, novelist Barbara Cartland, once told respected writer Michael Thornton. So what about modern royals? Whispers that Diana’s father might have been the late Sir James Goldsmith have been discounted, but there are two recurring rumors concerning secret paternity that I still wonder about and neither concerns Prince Harry, who is definitely the son of Prince Charles and looks more like him and the Queen every day. Diana believed one of the tales about current royal love children to be true — and she knew the secrets of all the world’s royal families. Diana told a friend, who told someone else, who told someone else …who told me.
Prince Andrew is the son of the 7th Earl Carnarvon, Henry, Lord Porchester, The Queen’s racing manager

39. BLIND GOSSIP 08/10
This Real Housewife is completely delusional. She freaks out over every item and photo that’s published about her, furious that the blogs and magazines don’t "clear them with her first". She then has the nerve to contact them and say that she would like to give them an interview. But only if she is given all the questions in advance. And only if she can approve all the photos. And only if she can make her own edits to the copy before the article is published. If they refuse her, she tells them, "You should really reconsider, because I have the power to drive many visitors to your site. I can give them to you… or I can take them away from you." Of course the media finds her threats completely laughable. No It’s Not: Anyone from Real Housewives of New Jersey. Ramona Singer; Alexis Bellino

What just about A list actress from a new hit franchise movie told a random stranger to please not leave her side at an event because the co-star of the actress who is an A+ list actor would not stop hitting on the actress and touching the actress or suggesting they go somewhere later. Oh, and he brought a date.
A list actress: Jennifer Lawrence
A+ list actor: Bradley Cooper

(I think she regrets sleeping with him)

Which celebrity offspring with kind of her own television show has decided she needs more of an edge so has tried heroin a few times just so she can say she has done it. She also wants a trip to rehab because it sounds "cool," and would be great for next season. Francesca Eastwood

So, this actor was about A list. He might still be. It depends on how you judge. Has he headlined a movie? Yep. And it was not a horror movie. It was an actual real honest to goodness premiered in a movie theatre movie. Other than that though he has just been a co-star or second banana. Hugely popular though. Everyone around the world knows his face. The thing is, he does not go out much. He hates going out. When he goes out he has to leave his boyfriend behind. His manager and agent have made it very clear. Do NOT go out in public with your boyfriend. No guys playing basketball. Nothing. The only time you are allowed to go out is if you are with your parents or a girl. The problem is most of the women he knows have boyfriends so then he is a third wheel. He loves going to premieres because then he gets to feel normal. It is also the one time his boyfriend is allowed to be in the same place at the same time. Our actor has tried the bearding but it just doesn't work. he doesn't know how to go about it and because he is so young, most of the women aren't interested. So, our actor stays at home and orders in. He works out at home and does everything at home with his boyfriend. He would love nothing more than to come out, but he is hanging on by a thread with his career at this point despite his status and will do whatever his agent and manager tell him to do. Taylor Lautner

One of the best pieces of gossip I’ve heard lately. I wish I could have watched it go down. Wait, but now I’ve built it up too much. So I’ll pull it back first: this does not involve sex or cheating or secret gays or garden vegetables which means some of you may find it boring. But it does involve two celebrated actors, super powerful, super respected, neither of whom seem to be particularly vain physically beyond staying trim. A few months ago, one wrote the other asking for some advice:
Actor A: I was just wondering...who did your eyes?
Actor B: I don’t know, I’ve never had my eyes done.
Actor A: Yeah, ok, sure. Merry Christmas.
And then they spent the rest of the season shit talking each other while smiling down the carpets at all the events during the season because one suspects the other of holding out on him for a good surgeon. In Hollywood, you’re never too mature to be pretty...and petty!

What A+ list star athlete was told by his biggest sponsor that if he divorced his wife or let his wife leave him that they would drop him and no other company would take him. The sponsor even negotiated the agreement with his wife and what she would receive for staying with the A+ lister. The athlete still makes it tough though for her. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Want to know why this A list rapper has been taking shots at this other A lister about his choice of girlfriends? Because the A list rapper already sampled the other's girlfriend and dumped her after she kept asking for money and gifts. I wonder if the woman will tell her current boyfriend about her past. Probably not, because the current guy doesn't really care. It's not like he is actually having sex with her. 50 cents/Kanye West/Kim Kardashian

What C+ list celebrity/reality star with A list name recognition recently asked if it was possible for her to test drive a baby. She wanted to see if she could try it out being a mother for a few months and if she didn't like it, then give the baby back or give it to someone else. Holly Madison

What former A list singer is already telling friends what his current girlfriend/A list singer is like in bed? John Mayer/Katy Perry

One of the most heartbreaking stories out there is of this B- list actress. She probably would be a C+ actress if not for the kind of hit show she is on each week. She seemingly has it all going for her, but she has more demons inside than almost anyone you will ever meet. How she keeps it together to get up every morning let alone film and interact with people is beyond me. Our actress was molested from a very young age. It then stopped until she reached her teen years when she was forced to have sex with a relative who used to babysit her. When discussing those rapes, was when she remembered about being molested when she was much younger. Same relative. He had already been accused of rape by other relatives in the family too. Our actress started taking meds about that time. Also about that time she discovered that if she did not take her meds she was unable to cope. She wanted to do nothing but stay inside and under the covers and had no problems doing so for days at a time. She said once that she stayed in bed for a week and the only time she got up was to go to the bathroom a few times and to answer the door for one pizza she ordered which was the only food she ate for seven days. She didn't watch television or read a book. She says she just was there, in the bed, and that hours and days flew by and that she has done the same thing since. Not as much, but when she is down or has been too busy to remember to take her meds. Even when she takes them she says she can be scared to come out of her trailer. She hates it sometimes when people look at her and says that when she is filming she is drenched in sweat thinking of people looking at her. Wondering if her relative who raped her is looking at her. She then walks calmly back to her trailer and screams.

49. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#1**
These young performers are both very hot. We told you earlier this year that a new fake relationship would be starting up in August. Well, guess what? It’s August! The relationship is starting! Here’s how it’s going to go down: There has been some buzz over the past month. Photo op together in the next two weeks. "We’re just friends!" Fangirls breathe a sigh of relief. Pretend sneaking in and out of clubs, restaurants, and each other’s homes. Tabloids ask "Are they a couple?". More denials. More photo ops. Dates, hand holding, a "secret" photo of an intimate moment. The fangirls go wild! They finally "confess" that they are dating. Milk the publicity. Breakup by end of year. Demi Lovato and Niall Horan

50. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#2**
This very popular young performer is so much fun! And so upbeat! At least, that’s the side you see. What you don’t see is her dark side. The one that causes her to hurt herself. The good news is that there is an explanation, and that there are medications that can help her a lot. The bad news is that she refuses to take them because she doesn’t want to "lose her personality". You see, she was recently diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, and she thinks that the medication will turn her into a zombie who can’t create or have fun or enjoy life. She is already acting out in public, and her friends, family, and S.O. fear that she is heading toward a Britney-style meltdown. They really don’t want to have her committed or put her under a conservatorship, but if she continues to refuse, they may have to take drastic action. In the interim, she continues to take her body to extremes in public, and to self-harm by cutting and burning herself and pulling out small clumps of her hair in private. Not exactly a party. Miley Cyrus

51. CELEBZTER 08/13
This couple should have never, ever wed. Their marriage had disaster written all over it from the moment they walked down the aisle. The cheating, the physical abuse has been going on for the majority of their time together, and a source reveals that there is "no respect between the pair" and that their relationship is "doomed". Marriages in the spotlight falling apart is not something new, but a possible split, will reveal some shocking, shocking secrets. Oh, and the worst part of this sad tale is the child who has developed questionable recreational habits as a way to deal with the pain and the embarrassment of the couple’s relationship.
Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson & Evelyn Lozada

Honestly, everyone should get this. The only reason I am even making it a blind item is because it is more fun sometimes to break a story this way instead of writing it out. What A+ list actor who will never get married but loves having one or two year long relationships with a variety of women you have mostly never heard of has a current girlfriend who once starred on a very popular reality show. The current girlfriend called producers of the show and asked to be on the upcoming season. They said yes and were ecstatic to have her come on board and be on the show. Everything was all set up and she went to tell her A+ list actor boyfriend about it and he said no. He would not let her do it. It was a deal breaker if she did. Apparently he was still upset that the producers had given his former girlfriend a spot in the show and felt they did so to take advantage of the fact she had dated him. Noooooo. You think so? You mean she didn't get it because she was some well known celebrity on her own? So, the girlfriend had to break the news to the producers and then put on her happy face and do what the A+ list actor wanted.
A+ list Actor: George Clooney
Current Girlfriend: Stacey Keibler
Very Popular Reality Show: "Dancing with the Stars"
Former Girlfriend: Elisabeth Canalis

This up and coming hip hop star who almost had a number one album not that long ago has been through a lot in the past few months. Way more than most people ever have to go through. It has taken a toll on him and his body, but all the substances he abuses have really been abused lately. It did not matter as much before, but now he has the whole world watching him and his every move. Despite the damage his absence may cause his career, the singer is headed to rehab and some other therapy now so that he will be able to deal with what happens in the future. Of course if his former lover would stop doing everything for the cameras and get his head out of where it currently is stuck and focus on the up and comer, and maybe lend some emotional support, that might go a long way too.
Up and coming hip hop star: Frank Ocean
Album: "Channel Orange"
Former Lover: Kanye (where it is stuck: up Kim Kardashian’s ass)

This A list movie actor is about to drop back to a B. He kind of has to. No one wants to work with him unless they are obligated to do so. He brings a ton of baggage and when you hire him for your movie you have to hire three or four people who will stay with him almost every second of everyday. The only time they are allowed to leave his side is when he is actually in his hotel room. Yep. Only hotels while filming, even if it is being filmed in LA. They don't trust him anywhere else. They know he is getting trashed in his hotel room, but they have him confined there. Yes, he can bring in hookers. And he does. Lots of them. He likes the trashiest hookers they can possibly find. Street hookers. No escorts for this actor. He likes them dirty because he thinks of himself as a dirty guy. When he is sober he tries to be a loving boyfriend but even that does not usually work because he gets drunk almost all the time so girlfriends only stick around for some deluded reasons known only to them. He doesn't spoil them or buy them makeup gifts. I guess they think he can be saved. Maybe he can at some point. He has been close to death a few times from drinking too much. He rarely showers. Other actors like to film scenes with him quickly. Hair and makeup yes. But he says that nowhere does it say his character needs to shower. The audience can't smell him he always says. He got one of the hookers pregnant not that long ago. His girlfriend of a while dumped him at that point. Not so much that he was cheating because she knew about the hookers. Not even that he got another woman pregnant. It was because he loves having unprotected sex with hookers. He thinks it is part of the danger. Shia LaBeouf

This married actor tried to reheat an affair with a former costar. The costar – who was a rising starlet when they worked together – had originally seduced him on set. But now she is attached to a younger, hotter star, and wants nothing to do with the married actor. When she turned him down, he opted to go for his back up play – a stripper that cost him a previous engagement.
Married Actor: Ben Affleck (Jennifer Garner)
Former Costar: Blake Lively
Hotter Star: Ryan Reynolds
Previous Engagement: Jennifer Lopez

56. BLIND GOSSIP 08/14
This blind item actually touches on the themes of two recent blind items: One where a young celebrity is dealing with mental health issues; and one where management tries to help a celebrity in trouble. In this case, we’re talking about a young performer. Not too young. Old enough to vote. Old enough to make her own business decisions. She is unhealthy and she is acting out and self-medicating. Her mom – who has managed her career for years – sat down with her to express her concerns. She told her that she needed to tame her public antics, and she asked her to spend some time out of the spotlight getting physically and emotionally well. The daughter’s response? "You’re fired!" Mom and daughter have not spoken for three weeks, and the daughter continues to spiral downward. Similar: High and Low, The Price of Trying To Help A Star
 Miley Cyrus

1. Which star's nail biting obsession has gotten so bad that she bleeds all over her outfits and they need to constantly change her into a reasonable facsimile of the dress she just stained? It's enough to make you worry! Britney Spears

2. Whose boyfriend is gay and she doesn't really mind, seeing as this is what she wanted right now and he looks good? Besides, her manager actually likes her having a ditzy queen in her life, as opposed to someone who might boss her around?
Woman: Jennifer Lopez
Her Boyfriend: Casper Smart

3. Which feud supposedly started years ago when she said "Who the fuck is Diane Warren?" and he thought she said "Who the fuck is Dionne Warwick?" (That level of ignorance pissed him off and he went ballistic about it. From there, the grudge grew like a fungus.)
She: Madonna
He: Elton John

4. Which middle-aged scion of an incredibly rich clan was supposed to be the clean one, but she's back in a crack house, more of a mess than ever? Cornelia Guest

1. These two female TV personalities, who’ve also had success in the music biz, have bonded over their shared interest in mental health care. Turns out the ditzy duo had more in common than anyone thought when they were hired for the same gig, and now they sit around comparing panic attacks and which psych meds work better than others! Britney Spears/Demi Lovato

2. Which TV actress was getting late-night hang-up calls on her private cell phone that only a very select few people have access to? The petite brunette didn’t want to change her number again, so she hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of it. So who’s her stalker? Her famous athlete ex! Eva Longoria/Tony Parker

3. What Emmy-winning TV star has implemented a strict "no booze or drugs" policy on the set of his new sitcom? The actor is constantly reminding everyone on the set what’s NOT appropriate in the workplace – and he’s offering counseling to any co-stars or crew members who may be in need of a little 12-step work! Matthew Fox

4. Which aging diva turned down performing at the Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee in London because British officials would only pay for her hotel and airfare but balked at her demand for an exorbitant performance fee? The notorious cheapskate didn’t even RSVP to the queen’s invitation, so they settled for Grace Jones instead. Diana Ross

5. Which handsome cable TV star refuses to marry his long-term girlfriend – whom he really does love – even after she gave him an ultimatum? The hunky actor just isn’t the marrying type – he’d rather booze it up, hang with his buddies and concentrate on his career, rather than settle down! Jon Hamm/Jennifer Westfeldt

Which recently-divorced actress/designer with a stylish daughter recently had her credit card declined in New York at a popular national high street retail chain? Apparently, the actress/designer, who frequents the store, scooped up $900 worth of clothes for her daughter. When the sales clerk handed her credit card back, instead of whipping out another one, she put the items on hold, left, and didn’t come back. This is someone who should easily be able to afford $900 of kids clothes…hmm…. Katie Holmes

This actor is A list. All movies all the way. I don't think he has ever made even a guest appearance on a scripted television show. He kind of thinks he is above that. He is actually a big snob. Oh, and if you are a man, and a fan, he is probably not going to talk to you. If you are a female, and under the age of 22 or 23 or an older woman with the kink he loves, then he will. Chances are, he will also bug you incessantly until you give in and sleep with him. Our actor probably has some of the strangest fetishes around. Lots of people probably have one or two of them, but he has so many. He likes to be demeaned by women, but only if you are a different ethnicity than he is. He likes the full treatment. Being abused, yelled at, some torture. Making him wear women's clothes. Whatever you are open to, he will be too. Oh, and he is willing to pay for it. He sees nothing wrong in paying to get what he wants. He loves playing school girl and teacher. He does the spanking in this one but more often than not that lasts about five minutes before he is the one who wants to be on the receiving end. Because he has been famous for so long he got bored a long time ago with picking up random women and sleeping with them and needed more. His agent told him he needed an actual relationship so he gave it a try but that didn't work because the woman he picked, although gorgeous, would not do anything he wanted so he would rarely call her and just went through the motions for awhile. She wanted to marry him and he laughed at the idea. He spends a great deal of time watching porn and then tries to find the most outrageous stuff he sees online and then tries to make it happen in his own life. I think this one should be revealed. John Cusack

Back in the day not so long ago this band was huge. Bigger than life. Then they split. Broke apart. The band is back together again, but it is not the same as it was. At this point they are just going through the motions for money. When they were at the top and could have stayed on the top, they split. They used the whole creative differences excuses for the reason, but it was way more juicy than that. It always is. The lead singer was the nail that broke everyone. He always stated and acted that he was better than everyone, not just the rest of his band. But, in reality, even though he said he was sober, he drank every night. Even though he said he was faithful, he cheated every night, usually more than once. Often, several times. Even if his wife was on tour with him he would cheat. What he would tell her was quiet reflection time was him getting serviced in the bus or backstage by whatever groupie had caught his interest. The fake pious act was what started it, but what clinched it was when the singer slept with two of the band members then girlfriends. When they found out, they were not as ticked off at their girlfriends as they were at the singer. He said that he was spreading his seed to his flock. Yep, and he was deadly serious when he said it. Despite him having sex with their girlfriends, that is not what broke the band up. It was another chip. One he saved for a flight they were all on to a gig. Private jet. Plane takes off and on the video screen comes a movie with the lead singer having sex with each of the girlfriends. Two separate movies. When the plane landed, the group broke up. Apparently time heals all wounds. That and a diminishing wallet. One of the band members married the girlfriend the singer slept with. I wouldn't be surprised if he had done so again. Scott Stapp/Creed

What A+ list comedian should maybe be home a little more than he has been lately. His celebrity wife has been seeing a married executive. Hey, she has cheated before as our comedian knows very well, so you know she has no qualms about doing it again. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld

63. BLIND GOSSIP 08/16
When someone gets fired, how obligated is the person who gets fired to make the person who did the firing look good? This boss is really pissed off at his subordinate for acting like an ass, and wants them to step aside to allow someone else to step in. But he’s got a delicate balancing act to pull off. If he fires the subordinate for doing the same thing they have been doing all along, then the boss looks dumb for selecting the ass in the first place. If they manufacture some other excuse (e.g. "stepping down for health/ personal reasons"), the lie would be so transparent as to make the boss look a liar. The only thing we know for sure is that the replacement is thrilled by the recasting decision. Not that she’ll be able to show it. She’ll have to act very serious and professional and look like she had absolutely no part in the firing. She is going to have enough to deal with if she actually gets the part.
Boss: President Obama
Subordinate: Joe Biden
Replacement: Hilary Clinton

This A-Lister is being pushed to clean out his closet. The chorus is growing louder, including a Mogul's daughter, certain hotel staff and their lawyers. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! John Travolta/Rashida Jones

65. POPBITCH 08/16
(British blog)
1. Which musical star was so unpopular with his castmates that the rain effect in the show wasn't always just water?

66. BLIND GOSSIP 08/16
When you are acting erratically, you are sure to get into trouble eventually. This multi-hyphenate girl got into an accident with her rental car yesterday. Although she is usually seen in Los Angeles, the accident occurred on the East Coast. She ran the SUV into a pole, and we hear that the car was pretty banged up. It has yet to be determined whether she was under the influence when the accident occurred. Although she loves to display every minute detail of her life on Twitter, we somehow how doubt she will be tweeting pics of the wrecked car. She is very famous, and those around her are already in motion, doing their best to hush everything up. Miley Cyrus

What former B+ list television and movie actress and also former tweener is now someone who can barely function, but is playing with a lot of danger when it comes to her future. Not only is she moving drugs for her "boyfriend," but he is also passing her around to whoever wants her because he is tired of her. She is wasted almost 24/7. At this point, it is just a matter of time before she messes up again, but that the police get involved. Amanda Bynes and Kid Cudi

This actress is not shy about talking, you just have to start her off and then she talks and talks and talks. About everyone. This actress is B- list, and I'm probably just saying that because she is nice to me. She is actually closer to a C+. name recognition? Pretty good. Gorgeous? Absolutely. Always movies. Would you know her? Probably. Would you know most of the guys she has slept with? Absolutely. She talks about one guy she dated for awhile. He was just about an A list celebrity at the time. He had started to slip from his peak, but he still had millions of people following him. Anyway, he wanted her to try and keep their relationship a secret. He told her it was because the fans liked him better if he was single. Turns out he liked them to think he was single so he could sleep with more of them. She says that when they had sex, he would only do it in places where he could look in the mirror. One time they were having sex in the backseat of a limo and there was no mirror, so he asked to borrow her compact. Yep. That obsessed with watching himself. She watched him crank call an A list celebrity repeatedly and also watched as he called her and yelled at her and used words she had never heard come out of a mouth before except in a movie. It was then she knew they were going to split. The way he treated that person was awful. Of course that person didn't really care for our actress. Our actress also said that she did once hook up with a married man. In fact, it happened on her 18th birthday. The actor, who is B+, but with A list name recognition, who has one of the big awards took her out for her birthday and the next thing you knew they ended up in bed together. He told her they could never tell anyone because it would ruin his marriage and that she should probably go which was about two minutes after they finished and about ten minutes after they started.
B-/C+ all movies actress: Camilla Belle
A list celeb, slipping: Joe Jonas
A list celeb, cranked: Taylor Swift

B+ actor & pm ejaculator: (POSSIBLY: Daniel Day Lewis/"Ballad of Jack & Rose" was released June 2005 and Belle turned 18 Oct 2004, probably during filming)

69. BLIND GOSSIP 08/17
She’s changed her mind! She doesn’t want to do this again! She did the fake relationship thing before, and it ended very badly for her. So she met with her management team this week to try to stop the new relationship. They are insisting that this is the boost she needs to push her new project into the spotlight. She is young – and not strong enough to say "No" – so the relationship will be moving forward. Demi Lovato and Niall Horan

This very good looking B- list actor in his 30's from a hit (for them) USA network show ran into McKayla Maroney and started hitting on her like there was no tomorrow. When she told him she was only 16, he said that it didn't matter to him, and gave her his phone number and said that when she wanted a man, and not a Jonas brother to give him a call. Seth Peterson "Burn Notice"

This Real Housewife from Beverly Hills does not really look the type, but she actually has a tabloid she speaks to on an almost daily basis. Not only does she tell them everything that is going on in the show, but also has been known to tell things not exactly as they occurred. It was this Housewife that first leaked the Brandi Glanville having sex in a bathroom story because she wanted Brandi to look bad. The thing is though, it apparently never happened. She has one very big reason for hating Brandi so much, although Brandi has no idea what it is. Adrienne_Maloof-Nassif

72. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/20
1. Which Hollywood wife isn’t as long-suffering as she appears? While everyone gossips about her philandering husband, she is secretly seeing a handsome Australian. Kelly Preston

2. Which partner of a "Real Housewife" is doing a terrible job of keeping his affair secret? The Housewife, who appears to be the only person not to know, even underwent a recent cosmetic procedure to spice up their sex life. Ramona and Mario Singer

3. Which perky national TV anchor is having an affair with a very married local TV anchor? Katie Couric

This former A list celebrity/reality star who was finally forced to the background is usually not a very nice person. Just ask her dogs. Anyway, she was being her usual not nice self earlier this year at an outdoor event until she started doing whipits. Lots and lots and lots and lots of them. Suddenly she thought she was at Woodstock and was all peace and love and sitting on a couch and then got off the couch and peed right on the ground in front of Snoop Dogg before getting back up on the couch and getting back to peace and love. Paris Hilton

What celebrity wife of a former A list celebrity told him she would divorce him unless he got them a reality show. She also made it clear that until he got her a reality show there would be no sex. Well, he got her the reality show, but she is still holding off on that sex. She is also holding off on being nice to the guy unless there are cameras present. Probably the most miserable celebrity marriage at the moment. Kevin and Danielle Jonas (and then she got pregnant so they could have another season).

This actress is C+. To a certain group of people she is probably a B, but for most of the world, you would be hard pressed to identify what hit show she is in because even thought it is a hit, chances are you haven't watched it. Anyway, our actress has been through more than most. She was subject to some time with the same abuser who has managed to get his hands on other tween stars. The difference with this actress is that she knew how to handle herself. She told him no and when he said he could get her more roles she still said no. She could not stop him from groping her because he was bigger and stronger, but that was all he managed to get. Our actress has a lot of experience fending guys off because unlike most young actresses who primarily work with people their own age, our actress has always worked with lots of older actors and has been fending them off since a very early age. There have been times where she spent entire days hiding out in a locked dressing room because the 50 something co-star would come try and find her whenever he got drunk. This is not to say that she has not been persuaded. She will be the first to admit that she lost her virginity to a guy who would go to jail if anyone found out. She was a teen and he was in his late 30's. She is not much older than a teen now, but has always seemed to have been acting and making her own decisions. When you meet her she has a shell that is so hard and no one ever gets to crack it. Ever. Too much drama, too many fights. Never let them see who you really are she says. She has a boyfriend right now and a guy she sees on the side and they both think they know her and that she is crazy about them. Nope. She is with them because she feels like it is part of her job description. Great acting job, great boyfriend, and then someone on the side who cares for her, but she does not give much back. At least emotionally. Ashley Benson

76. BLIND GOSSIP 08/20
It feels so intimate when reality couples discuss their desire to have a baby together in front of the cameras. But in the case of this reality show couple, it’s just downright hilarious. They will not be conceiving a baby together the old-fashioned way. That’s because he is gay and she is his beard. Ahh, young, fake love! Kevin and Danielle Jonas

This tv star, who has some rom-com films under his belt, is begging his A-list girlfriend to marry him. She is considering it, but he insists on adopting her daughter after they marry. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings by vetoing him outright, but she has no plans to actually let him have any legal right to the child. However, he was up the creek after he referred to the child as his stepdaughter in front of mixed company. A huge fight led to a brief cool down in their relationship and he has remained quiet on the subject since. Michelle Williams & Jason Segel/her daughter, Matilda

A famous actor had a gossipy father. He was well-versed in the secrets of high society and of diplomatic and royal circles. (This is the father, not the actor, you understand.) One of his favorite stories, which he gladly recounted at top dinner parties, concerned a prince of a European dynasty who had a youthful but short-lived affair with a lowly palace maid. What was surprising about this story was that at this stage of his life the prince was rumored to be gay... especially in the world in which the gossipy father’s son moved.

The Actor: Griffin Dunne
The Father: Dominick Dunne
The Prince: Prince Ranier Sr. of Monaco

What B- list always now television actress from a very hit cable show tells her child to call all her dates daddy. If they don't freak out when she says that in front of the man then she goes on a second date with them. Of course she also talks about getting married to them too and has been known to bring out a Brides magazine during a first date, while at dinner.
January Jones

What female on Jersey Shore cheated on the guy she has been seeing sometime in the past 30 days. He has no clue. She does not feel all that bad and says he did it to her too. It is not as obvious as you might think it is. Sammi and Ronnie

It has been awhile since I had a Kindness to report and I think this one is really wonderful. I would say amazing but then everyone of you would think it was Katie Holmes. No kindnesses from her at all. You would think Kristen Stewart would be out there kindnessing everywhere. Nope. Anyway, this actress is B list. Probably B-, although she has been close to A list name recognition. She does movies and television, but pretty much limits herself to one movie role. Oh, and she has been in back to back hits on television. Anyway, our actress actually read something about the homeless in a tabloid or possibly a gossip website ahem and wondered how she could get involved. Apparently there is a real lack of reliable transportation for people who are homeless and searching for jobs. Because of the limited public transportation in LA, the radius for a job search is limited in scope. Our actress heard about this and arranged for 10 vehicles to be bought which not only transport homeless people to job interviews in places they would normally be unable to access, but also to take them to work everyday and pick them up. Our actress also pays a portion of the salary for the drivers of these cars who are also all former homeless people. She has encouraged other members of her show to help out and they have chipped in enough to pay the other salaries and to also contribute to other programs to help homeless people get jobs. Alyson Hannigan

82. BLIND GOSSIP 08/21
They changed their minds and picked the athletic one. Now there’s conflict in this couple. He wants to move their primary residence to the opposite coast so he can take the new job. She wants to keep their primary residence where it is now for the sake of her kid/s. She told him that he should get used to commuting every weekend.
Show: "Live with Kelly"
He: Michael Strahan
She: Nicole Murphy

83. BLIND GOSSIP 08/22
This one is just weird. This handsome actor has at least two films coming out in the next year. He has dated several famous beautiful women, including a famous model and a famous actress. Here’s something interesting though: When he dates a non-famous woman, he has a specific physical type. Of course they are usually tall, leggy, and blonde… but there is one physical feature on which he is completely fixated… Their chin. He thinks that cleft chins are an incredible turn on. Nothing arouses him more than kissing and stroking a woman’s cleft chin. Oh, and he expects you to run your tongue inside his little groove in return. Yes, he has a cleft chin, too. One of the women described his chin fetish this way: "It’s not horrible. It’s just fucking weird. You’re just lying there wondering when he’s going to be done licking your chin. And then he wants you to do it to him." So, next time you see this actor with a beautiful, non-famous woman, you will know that he hasn’t fallen for her beauty or her brains or her talent. He’s fallen for her chin. Aaron Eckhart

1. THIS 50-something former A-lister has been partying way too much, dating much younger guys and canceling gigs at the last minute – and now her team is so concerned that they’re making a list of rehab facilities for her to check out. The blonde movie star has been very vocal about her willingness to fire anyone who suggests she has a problem, but she’s finally agreed to get some help for her "exhaustion" issues. Madonna; Sharon Stone

2. WHICH TV actress has secretly broken up with her hunky sitcom co-star – she never owned up to the romance publicly – and is going through a massive midlife crisis? The rail-thin single mom doesn’t think she can keep a good man, so she’s actually contemplating taking back her wacky ex! Courtney Cox/Josh Hopkins/David Arquette

3. WHICH early ’90s badboy reality star, who’s now married with children, has found love away from his manipulative and cheating wife...with another MAN? The hard-partying personality, whose cast mates once referred to as "homophobic," is this close to coming out as gay! David "Puck" Rainey "The Real World: San Francisco"

4. THIS former famous mistress, who helped send her ex-lover to jail for murdering his wife by testifying for the prosecution at his trial, is now turning tricks for money in Thailand! She’s so broke that she’s telling friends she had to turn to the world’s oldest profession just to make ends meet. Amber Frey/Scott Peterson

5. WHICH closeted TV chef is carrying on a down-low romance with an openly gay actor/comedian from a popular sketch comedy show? The handsome cook refuses to come out of the closet – he has a gorgeous girlfriend – but his gay secret is about to explode because his new lover is yapping all over town about his celebrity boyfriend!
Chef: Roble Ali
Actor: Colman Domingo

This former A list foreign born singer who is still probably angry inside despite a recent birth, but much less popular than back in the day was at an event honoring her and there were not that many people who showed up. Disappointing to say the least. There was one fan though who had driven up from San Diego and waited hours and hours and hours to see his all-time favorite. Our singer knew he was there but didn't bother to take a photo with the guy or sign anything or even say hi or even wave at him. Security kept telling the guy our singer was busy even though she wasn't and when she was finished with the event told her driver that she wanted to get out quickly because she didn't want to see anyone. Totally changed my opinion of her. Thought she had grown up and changed. Nope. Now I know why she and her ex were such a perfect match for each other. Competing to see who could be the most aloof.
Singer: Alanis Morissette
Event: Guitar Center Rock Walk in LA.
Aloof ex: Ryan Reynolds

There I was last week. I was at one of my favorite hamburger places not named In-n-Out or Five Guys. This one actually has waiters to bring me my burgers. They also have hostesses. At first I thought she looked familiar. But honestly, I get that feeling every second here sometimes. You are always scanning the crowd and seeing if someone looks familiar. Someone you can write about or mention or take their photo. Despite me looking at hundreds of photos everyday I really suck at the game. I had a ten minute conversation with Amanda Seyfried two weeks ago at the grocery store about why avocados have to be mushy before they make proper guacamole and I had no idea who she was until we were about to walk away from each other. At that point, I didn't even bother to try and take a photo or let on that I recognized her or ask her why she is dating that creepy guy from Dexter. The only reason I did recognize her was someone came up to her who wanted an autograph. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. So, I am looking at this hostess without appearing to look too much and then finally I think I know who she is, but how does one ask that question? It can go badly. But, I did. I finally asked her and I was right and then comes the next question about how did someone who was on the cover of magazines and on a hit network television show and one of the most famous men in the world as her boyfriend go from all of that to working as a hostess at a burger joint. A good one though, don't get me wrong. She answered with the air of someone who has answered it all before although with her I think she had told her story in meetings rather than to the public. She said it all started with thinking that everything would last forever and that even when the show ended she thought she would get another in a second. It was why she had not bothered to save any of the almost $2M she earned from the show. She had bought a house but ended up refinancing it and losing it during the recession because she could not afford the payments when the interest rate went from the teaser rate. She had done a lot of coke when she had a hit show, but could not afford it when the show ended so she turned to cheaper drugs which took a long time to get off. What was once a drop dead gorgeous face has the hints of years of meth abuse. She still has that beauty under there because she got off it quick enough. For awhile her boyfriend stayed with her, but he got tired of the drugs and partying so she found other guys that did enjoy it and they would take care of her. They liked having sex with someone they watched on television and she kept telling herself it would be for just a little while until she got the next show. Well, her agent and manager dropped her. Her family would not speak to her anymore because she had borrowed and borrowed from them without ever paying anything back. Plus she stole from them too. Not a lot she says, but enough. Sober for a year now, this job is the first job she has had. Prior to that, while she was in recovery she found a guy who was good to her and paid for everything so she could get help and not have to worry about anything. As soon as she got her life straight, he fell off the wagon and is in jail now. So, she got a job. She says she likes it. She has this frantic activity about her which you can still see from the screen. She still has that smile when she wants to give you one. She says she is taking acting classes, but is not in any kind of hurry to get back in the industry. She says that it is one big trigger for her, but that she actually loves acting and just wanted to be in class and read lines and be someone else for a few hours a few nights each week. She says that no one recognizes her in class usually and that very few strangers do either. She knew I had recognized her by the look I gave her. That double take. She says that sometimes happens and that she tries to avoid the situation, but she had no place to go because she is at work. She says that on the street if stopped, she will try and make it as quick as possible and not answer anything. She says that she has paid everyone back now and that she can actually use her residual checks on her now and that she is happy with her quiet life and all the parties and covers and the world at her feet seems so long ago, when in fact it was really only about a decade or so ago that it all ended. Lisa Nicole Carson

87. POPBITCH 08/23
If Prince Harry wants to keep playing strip billiards, he should learn from one of his celebrity friends. This star doesn't see embarrassing photos in the paper thanks to a foolproof system. He always gets two hotel rooms - one for him, one for his security. He gives the girls he likes a key - not to his room, but to his minders. If she wants to go through the connecting door to hook up with the star, she has to get fully dressed in front of his security, leaving all her things in the second bedroom. That way, the star knows there'll never be any pictorial proof of his indiscretion. Come on Harry, wise up.

This actor is really close to A+ list and in his own country probably is. Here he is a solid A lister who only does movies and has been in this space lots of times before. Over the weekend, our foreign born actor with A++ list name recognition was in a bar in Edinburgh where he met two women. After a while he became bored with small talk and drinking and decided to take one of them back to his place to have sex. How did they leave the bar? He grabbed her by her breast and led her out of the bar. Yes, let me clarify. He grabbed her breast with his hand and got a firm hold and then dragged her out of the bar just like that and she went willingly. Oh, and this will be revealed for sure. Have to call this guy out. Hugh Grant

This actor is on his way to A list. All he does is movies. Oh and a celebrity. Anyway, on his latest movie, his co-star is not impressed with him at all. She is a movie actress. Probably B-, but headed to B+ list and has definitely been in the news a lot lately. Anyway, our actress was overheard yesterday telling someone that the actor and his girlfriend were made for each other because she had met boxes of rocks that were smarter than this guy. She was trying to engage him in any kind of small talk while they were waiting for a scene to be shot and the only thing he had any knowledge about were video games and the best hair gels for windy weather. She asked him who he would vote for in the Presidential election if he could vote and he said he didn't even know that was happening this year. Amber Heard/Liam Hemsworth (Miley Cyrus)

If this celebrity is really a virgin, then why all the condoms in the nightstand drawer? If this celebrity is waiting until marriage, then why the negotiations with the woman he saw a few times and got pregnant? Quickie marriage and wow she got pregnant on the wedding night or pay her off and make her go away and pretend she never heard his name before. If this celebrity is such a pious person then why did he let one woman he was seeing leave her husband for him? Of course the promises he made about their future also had something to do with it. Oh, and because she thought she would become more famous. Of course once he found out he could have any woman he wanted, he wanted someone who had not been married before, although she did teach him a whole lot. Tim Tebow

This Soul Legend made headlines when she lost a lot of weight…..I hear she is gaining it back........ somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 pounds. Aretha Franklin

What former almost A- list movie actress who is now still all movies all the time but has pretty much been reduced to indies. Ahh, she used to be a popcorn queen. The drinking cost her a lot of jobs. That and the complaining about wanting to do something more than popcorn movies. Anyway, our actress was at events twice in the past week and busted with booze in hand and stopped the photographers mid-stream and found someone who was drinking something that did not look booze and then allowed the photographers to take the photos. She said, "I will lose my next job if anyone sees me drinking. I just can't stop. I love it." Kirsten Dunst

This celebrity/model has it made now. In the world of celebrity she is A+. She has it all going for her. Model/reality show host/businesses. Everything. It did not start out that way for our celebrity. Back in the day she was struggling. Lost in a world in which she did not feel comfortable and struggling to make ends meet she met a man. A very rich man. This man is struggling financially now and has approached our celebrity about getting him out of his financial mess. Seems simple enough, only he did not just ask for a loan. He is basically blackmailing our celebrity into giving him the money or he will tell the world how she got her start as the man's plaything. Our celebrity was paid a lump sum of money every month to be his mistress. The man is not nice and this was not a normal sexual favors for money relationship. The things he made her do still haunt her today and because of the situations he put her in she has a host of bodyguards to protect her from people coming out of her past to try and get close to her again. The man used to take our celebrity to S&M clubs where he would pass her around like candy to get favors from other business people and to just humiliate her. Some of those people have tired to also blackmail our celebrity. She has generally paid them off and signed an agreement. It has worked. This man though knows all the secrets and has hours and hours of footage of her sexual activities. He knows the true story of the circumstances surrounding a pregnancy that she never wants to come out in the open. He knows the people she slept with to get ahead. The political leaders and married CEO's. He knows it all and for years she has kept it quiet and out of the press. She knows if it ever comes out it would destroy her fairly family friendly image. Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore

94. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24 **#1**
We have been hearing a lot of rumors that people are arguing over her because they want to control her money. We have even heard people say that her team gives her drugs just to make her lethargic and easy to control. Neither of these things are true. Without her team, she is not just bratty or rebellious or outrageous. She has a serious medical condition. She is bipolar, and when left to make her own decisions, will often skip her meds and start leaning toward either depressive or manic episodes. In the past, if those things happened, she would either self-harm or act irrationally and do outlandish things. She needs to continue to allow her health to be managed by a third party, especially because she is responsible for more than just herself. But her boss needs to STFU. He is the one who has been whispering in her ear that she would be better off without her team. He pretends that he cares about her and wants her to be well and happy, but he knows that normalcy and sincerity and professionalism don’t sell. Crazy sells. And he is doing anything – anything – to entice the kind of crazy behavior that will bolster publicity for his project. Britney Spears/Simon Cowell "The X Factor"

95. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24 **#2**
This funny TV actress (and former reality-show contestant) comes across as outspoken and extremely self-confident about her plus-sized body. However, she showed her true colors at a Hollywood event. Each celebrity was assigned a thin, pretty female guide – models and beauty pageant contestants from the local area – to accompany the celeb through the gifting lounge. Our celebrity took one look at her assigned guide… and rejected her. She said that there was "no way in hell" that she was going to walk around accompanied by someone so much thinner than her, and demanded a new guide. The event organizers scrambled to accommodate her, but she rejected all possible replacements. The celeb then saw an event volunteer who was not assigned the job of venue guide. She was an overweight girl with a bad complexion. The celebrity decided that she had found her guide and there was nothing organizers could do to convince her otherwise. She finally entered the venue while the organizers stood there shaking their heads and vowing to never invite her to another event. Kirstie Alley

96. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24 **#3**
It takes a lot of strength to stay sober, and this performer is not as strong as she pretends to be. Despite having gone to rehab, she continues to relapse. Right now she’s binging on diet pills and cocaine. Yes, she’s back into the powder. She calls it "snow". She likes how "up" the pills and coke make her feel, and how they kill her appetite. Will she be going back to rehab anytime soon? Absolutely not. She will continue to work. And promote her projects. And make money. And be famous. And fool her fans into thinking that she is a great role model. Because her team knows that those are the things that really matter most. Demi Lovato

What C+ celebrity used connections to get a date with this A list singer. She only did it as a favor and after he kept making moves on her which she kept rejecting, chances are he won't get a second date. He also said that she was lucky to get a date with him because he has so many other women who want him. Rob Kardashian/Rhianna

Which B- all movie actress from at least one very big hit broke up with her A list actor boyfriend because she caught him literally in bed with another woman because our actress came back early from lunch with the actor's mom. Bradley Cooper/Zoe Saldana

This celebrity has A list name recognition although she is probably just a B- or even a C+ list celebrity. Back in the day she was all over the world and A list through and through. She has gone through a fortune or two because of some bad decisions with the men in her life. Our celebrity grew up thinking the man should be in charge of all the finances in a family. Despite the fact that our celebrity has earned millions of dollars a year for almost the past 20 years she barely has anything to show for it because of her poor decisions. The first man she was with got the celebrity involved in a bunch of bad businesses which cost her half her fortune. The now ex also managed to pocket several million dollars of her money and also got a nice settlement when they split because she had no idea he had taken the money. Somehow she managed to bounce back on her feet and lost most of what she had regained because one of her boyfriends wanted to make a movie. That cost her almost everything again and nothing ever happened to the movie except that her boyfriend personally auditioned all the female leads for the movie and ended up sleeping with lots of them. So, the celebrity was paying for her boyfriend to have sex with strangers. She bounced back with nice settlement agreement of her own after a very short relationship. Combined with a nice boost in income over the past several years you would think she would be on her feet and solid. She thinks she is but her current significant other has her in an investment she thinks is going great because he spends most of his day preparing paperwork that says it is, when in reality he is borrowing more money from other people to try and fix it and using our celebrity as collateral. She has no idea that he has her on the line for most of her remaining money should this go bad and that if it does she will have to go back out and figure out a new way to make back her millions all over again.
Mel B

100. The 08/27
Which global star is cheating on his A-list American wife with a member of his entourage? Chris Martin/Gwyneth Paltrow

101. BLIND GOSSIP 08/27
This mom really hates the girl her son married. It’s actually rather ironic. While she thinks it’s fine for her and her husband to control her son’s life, she really resents that her daughter-in-law is now starting to call the shots and force her son into doing things he doesn’t want to do. So the MIL is now bad-mouthing the DIL behind her back. Frankly, it’s a little hard to feel sorry for anyone in this scenario. The parents are control freaks, the son is a wimp, the daughter-in-law is an opportunist… and all of them are caught in a series of interconnected lies that affect both their families.
Mother In Law: Denise Jonas
Son: Kevin Jonas
Daughter In Law: Danielle Jonas

This married A list all movie actor was more than upset when he got sandbagged by his B- list movie actress co-star. The pair were supposed to have a quiet dinner but the actress made sure the paps were there to try and get a photo of the couple. She doesn't care that he is married and is open to whatever he has in mind. She wants to be with an A lister publicly so much. She has had her taste of fame and now wants the entire dinner.
A list movie star: Harrison Ford

B- list movie actress co-star: Amber Heard

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **#2**
Beneath the quirky exterior of this former A list movie actor from some of the biggest movies of all time and still a very nice B+ who has dabbled part-time in television is a person who can only get satisfied sexually if there is a little extra kink in his sex life. And by kink I mean he likes to do some tying up and spanking and even likes to bring out his whip and other toys if his partner is willing. Our actor had one long term relationship with someone who shared his kink. She used to be an almost A list actress in both television and movies. The problem was she liked to return the favor so to speak and our actor could not handle that. He likes to be in charge. Since the long term relationship ended he has moved from young model to young model. The problem he has discovered is that because they are models they have trouble making a living with the bruises and other marks he likes to give them on their bodies. He is a big fan of dating all colors under the rainbow. Finally he seems to have found a model who said he can do whatever he likes, but he has to pay her her rate if she has to miss a job because of the damage he has done to her.
Former A list movie actor: Jeff Goldblum
Almost A list actress: Geena Davis
Current girlfriend: Emilie Livingston

This B list beauty has the staff at one of her favorite restaurants arguing over who has to serve her. She is snotty to the point of dismissing waiters by waving her hand and she is notorious for being a terrible tipper. If she is in a particularly superior mood, she will demand her meal be comped due to her celeb status. I guess in this economy desperate times call for desperate measures. Teri Hatcher

105. BLIND GOSSIP 08/28
This famous celebrity couple may have a little klepto on their hands! Every time they take their child/ren shopping, they seem to emerge with an item that wasn’t paid for. Usually it is a small item that can be easily tucked in a pocket, but occasionally it has been something larger that the child has placed in one of the shopping bags with which they entered. To the couple’s credit, they (or a member of their staff) always return to the scene of the crime with a sincere apology and payment. It does make us wonder, though, at what age does a child know that taking something without paying for it is wrong? This particular child seems too old to be doing this accidentally. And if you give a child the item that they "stole", does that give them a sense of entitlement and make them more likely to do it again? We’ve got our eyes on you, little one!

106. CELEBZTER 08/28
There has been much speculation surrounding the status of this headline-grabbing former couple. Are they are, or are they not, together? The answer lays squarely in the former rather than the latter. Despite the bad press, despite the criticism of fans, despite the ridicule that would be heaped upon them when they finally reunite in public together as a couple, they simply don’t care. So, is their love really that strong? Perhaps. But certainly their "sexual chemistry" is intense, leading one friend to say that they are "obsessed by one another." With the pair already sharing the same bed again, all bets hedge on them walking the red carpet together very, very soon… Rhianna and Chris Brown

1. WHICH high-profile TV personality – people in Hollywood call her an "attack dog," and most say THAT’S a compliment – has been hiding a lesbian secret? The twice-divorced loudmouth says she has been burned by men in the past, but has always preferred women! Gloria Allred

2. WHAT A-list, never-married movie star was spotted lunching with his attorney as they went over specifics of a prenup? The 30-something hunk has a penchant for dating leggy lingerie models, but he thinks his latest love interest is Mrs. Right! Let’s hope she signs on the dotted line! Leonardo Di Caprio/Erin Heatherton

3. WHICH married aging male heartthrob – he’s known for his charitable works and environmental activism – is now worried that a tell-all book about his secret extramarital affair will soon be published? The squeaky-clean, still-handsome 70-something star had written the woman off as a nonissue long ago, but it turns out she’s the one who’s been writing! Robert Redford

4. WHICH formerr "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" alum has relapsed, gained a ton of weight back and is now in serious condition at a Los Angeles-area hospital? Hitting rock bottom for the umpteenth time hasn’t changed the grumpy, bloated D-lister’s sour attitude – the hospital staff threatened to transfer him if he didn’t stop harassing the nurses! Jason Davis (The Gummy brother to the Greasy Bear)

5. WHICH former TV bombshell and "DWTS" hoofer is boozing and partying so much that she’s decided to get a quickie nip/tuck to smooth out her puffy face and deep wrinkles before she’s in front of the cameras again? The actress is concerned about her appearance in this HD age when she should be more concerned about her performance skills! Pamela Anderson

108. ENTERTAIMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#1**
What former C+ television actress who was called an actress only because she was on television and was not playing herself, although who could really tell at the time. Anyway, I could go on for hours about her lack of talent. A charity called our former actress and now reality star/host and asked her to appear at a charity function. The function will have actual A list movie stars, all of whom have agreed to appear for free. Not our former actress. She told the organization that she does not leave her house for anything unless she is getting paid. When she was told who would be appearing for free she said good for them, but if they wanted her, the organization was going to have to pay her. Oh, and put her up in a hotel for two nights even though the event was only 15 minutes from her house. Tori Spelling

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **#2**
This actress is A list. Lately it feels like she has been in this spot frequently. Our actress only does movies. She has been in some very very high profile relationships. Lately though she has been on her own and single. Well, she says she is single, but there is one of her old hookups that she has sex with about once a week. When the A+ list celebrity can't find someone in the strip club, then he calls her and she comes running. She must be really good because his last girlfriend dumped the celebrity because he kept comparing her sexually to the movie actress. Our actress is having sort of a mid-life crisis. She is doing things she has never done before. While pot was just a once a week thing it is now a several times a day habit for her now. While she never used to think about being naked in a movie, now she is considering two roles which would see her go all the way and not just topless. When she is not seeing her ex, she has guys on standby for her almost every night of the week. She might go running for the ex, but every other guy is waiting for her call and hoping they will be the one. They see fame or at least a chance for fame. She sees them as tools to be discarded. She thinks it is great because she gets all she wants and doesn't have to pay and all the guys are discreet because she holds out that string that she will help them along. Oh, there was one little issue about two years ago. It was in between relationships and she had a week long fling with the A list significant other of a former A list co-star.
A list actress: Cameron Diaz
A+ celebrity/girlfriend: Alex Rodríguez/Torrie Wilson
A list significant other of a former A list co-star: Sam Mendes/Kate Winslet or Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore

110. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 08/29
Nothing to laugh about here -- this one we will all be sad about. All of us. Because it’s almost over for them. After rising together and stabilizing together and conveniently finding a home together, where you’d think work would be so much easier, and having the babies too, they’re close to formally ending it, and there may be an announcement soon...which, well, if you look at him it doesn’t seem to have affected him physically. Everyone says he really cares about his appearance these days, more than ever, and is looking hotter than ever. Or, as one person put it, "hot all of a sudden". Emotionally too he hasn’t let on that there’s anything wrong. For what it’s worth, I’m told there was no third party involvement. Perhaps that means it’s amicable, just the end of their story. Perhaps we’ll be more choked about it than they are. As I drench my waffles in more maple syrup. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett

111. BLIND GOSSIP 08/29
This bachelor is quite the catch. He is handsome, talented, and always has his pick of the best projects and the most beautiful women. While he always seemed content dating the same type of girl over and over again (even sometimes going back to the same girl more than once), it looks like he is ready to pop the question! He is quietly having a mind-bending engagement ring made for the lucky lady, and will propose before the end of the year. Leonardo Di Caprio/Erin Heatherton

112. QUEERTY 08/29
Our spies in New York tell us that a star of a now-axed reality show, in which he played his sassy gay self, is doing as so many have before him and getting into porn. Only this model citizen is getting in behind the scenes, working in the offices of Michael Lucas’ Lucas Entertainment. We always knew he was the only sane queen on that show.

Apparently when organizations that are tied to Neo-Nazi causes need money you would think they would be out of luck with what is considered a very liberal Hollywood. Not so. There are at least two A list movie actors who are huge contributors to several of these organizations and who would cease to exist if not for the generosity of these A listers. Each of them has given well over $2M to the organizations. One of the organizations is basically a front for the KKK but just have a more politically correct name. Others are more of a para-military save yourself from the onslaught of minorities type organizations. One of the actors is A+ list. Only movies now, but not so back in the day. Whenever he has been forced to work with anyone of color he makes it clear there needs to be some distance between himself and that person. He has turned down several great roles simply because they would have required him to work more with people of color. He likes his projects to be lily white. He has even told his wife and kids that he will never speak to them again if they bring home anyone who is of color. The other actor used to be A+ but has dropped to A-. Barely hanging on to A-, but he has that name recognition which keeps him artificially inflated. This actor has always said that some of his closest friends are black people, but in reality, no people of any color are friends with him. None. After they have known him for a bit, his true colors come out and they want nothing to do with him or his politics. He tries to hide it, but has trouble. The first actor is a huge donor to the para-military organizations while the A- list actor prefers the KKK type organizations that are doing everything in their power to make life miserable for what our actor calls the lower races. He also only dates people who can provide a trace of their ancestry so he knows they are "clean." Apparently about a year ago he dated someone without checking until later and found out she had some African-American blood in her. Our actor went on a three day bender.
A+ list actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger; Bruce Willis; Michael Douglas; Mark Wahlberg
A- list actor: Mel Gibson

114. BLIND GOSSIP 08/30
In case this award-winning star’s team picks you out at a concert and asks you if you want to party with him, here’s what you can expect. You are taken back to his hotel, where you are escorted into a room with half a dozen other girls who look like you – 18 to 25 years old, short, curvy, long hair, dressed in short skirts and tight tops. Some of the girls look like younger versions of Kim Kardashian. He is seated on the other side of the room, just watching. He doesn’t speak to any of the girls, and you aren’t allowed to speak to him. You are offered alcohol and drugs by his team. The star, who has a mirror with white powder in front of him, selects 4 or 5 of you. The bodyguard then ushers the chosen ones into a large bathroom. He tells you that the star likes his women clean. He tells you all to strip down and get into the shower together and wash each other. Eventually, the star joins you. After the shower, you all go to the bed. He directs you to perform acts on each other. He tells each girl that they are beautiful and special. He wants you to compliment his member, which is thin and unimpressive. But he isn’t really looking for conversation and he doesn’t want to know your name. He has unprotected sex with you and each of the other girls. After he is done, he leaves the room. The bodyguard tells you that you have five minutes to get dressed and to leave. Additional Clue: The star is a singer. It’s his concert. Justin Bieber; Usher; Kanye West

People are starting to wonder if this Mom, who has lost so much, has other issues. Inappropriate dress and appearance in public are sparking much conversation. Usher's wife Tameka

So, this foreign born A list (barely) movie actor is foreign born and also will sleep with anything that has a pulse. He has been seeing a woman (#1) for almost 3 months now which she thinks is a world record. It would be if he was not also sleeping with one of the other women (#2) from the same commercial in which the three of them starred. He has told #1 that they need to keep their relationship secret because he is known for being a ladies man and if women thought he was unavailable then it would be bad for his career. It is so #2 does not find out because he loves having both women think they are the only ones in his life. He says the sex has never been better and if he had known this before he would have always had 2 or 3 women who thought they were the only ones.
Foreign born A list: Gerard Butler
Woman #1: Madalina Ghenea
Woman #2:

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#2**
What former A list celebrity and now a C+ actress/singer has her boy toy hooked up to GPS through his phone. Now she knows wherever he is at all times. He does not have to check in with her when he goes out, but he is required to always answer when she calls and to reply to her texts within 5 minutes. Hey, but at least she gives good presents. Jennifer Lopez

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#3**
What former A list tweener and now B- list movie actor who will drop to C or D if he doesn't get a hit soon, told his co-star he would get her kicked off his movie if she did not sleep with him. So, she did. The actor thought she would be clingy and want to be his girlfriend. She said it was all business and would get him back someday when his career completed its tanking and she was at the top. Shia LaBeouf/Jessica Chastain or Mia Wasikowska from "Lawless"

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **#4**
At this point I am not sure what keeps this couple together. They don't get along and can't stand to be in the same room as each other. They rarely go out together, and if they do it is because of some obligation where it would look funny if they were apart. The couple is A list all the way through. As for them individually, an A for the wife and a B+ actor for the husband in their respective professions. He wants kids. She keeps promising him kids but then something always comes up and there are excuses and missed doctor appointments and she really does not want a child. She does not tell our actor that though because she knows he would leave instantly. He brings home things on adoptions and she always promises to look but never does. For his part she is tired of finding receipts for hotel rooms when he has been in town. The way he will have sex with everyone but her. He says that he would love to have sex with her but that she needs to be home more often for that to happen and that when she is home all she does is sit in front of the television or work and that she has not said one nice word to him in a year. She thinks about cheating because she wants people to find her attractive. Men do find her attractive. She is more afraid of getting caught then anything. There have been some make out sessions with one particular guy. He is married too so it makes it a little easier. Our actor sits at home everyday waiting for his wife to get home. Although he has messed around a lot, he does want the marriage to work he says, although there is someone he has been seeing more than just his regular nooner flings. He found someone who runs a charity and would love to have lots of kids and our actor is seriously considering making the move to end it so he can be with this woman. The person who listens to them both complain thinks they both stay in the marriage because they are stubborn and don't want weeks of headlines and speculation about their divorce if it should happen and the seeing the other person with other people after the split. There is also the question of money. No prenup and the wife is worth way way more than the husband and doesn't want to give up half the money she made during the marriage because it is a ton. Fergie/Josh Duhamel (what is crazy is that she must have just found out she was pregnant right about the time of this blind item considering Axl was born the following April. They didn't announce it until February.)

120. BOSSIP 08/31
We said it wouldn’t last…and it didn’t! After shocking the world by pairing up in the first place, this notorious bachelor and his beautiful girlfriend of "questionable talent" have parted ways. Wonder how long she’ll wait before parting her legs for the next baller in line? Eddie Murphy and Rocsi Diaz


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