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This former A- list mostly television actor likes to pretend he is dating women right and left when he has slept with nothing but men for as long as he has been in Los Angeles.

This do nothing rapper while people were killed, has talked about a tribute of play things he had to offer up to this A list producer/wannabe rapper as a sort of initiation fee. Travis Scott/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Sean “Diddy” Combs throws the best New Year's Eve party ever with DJ Khaled, Joe Budden, Future and Travis Scott)

Speaking of the A list producer/wannabe rapper, he used the three decades younger celebrity offspring when they were together to help him find women in the age bracket of the celebrity offspring. Sean “Diddy” Combs/Lori Harvey

Speaking of celebrity offspring, this A- list offspring got a really high paid gig he didn't deserve. He took the gig to get out of the country and then drunkenly hooked up with several women who were not his much much younger significant other. Robin Thicke/Egypt/April Love Geary (Robin Thicke Performs for Lavish Wedding at Base of Pyramids in Egypt)

This foreign born barely A- list actress who is a recent award winner, was sent a little note by this A+ list singer for all of the online hate that was directed towards the actress because the fan base of the singer got things all wrong.

The permanent A list "singer" is back on the pipe. That was her downfall before. Britney Spears

Reader Blind: This local A lister (Kristi Noem) seems to have blown her chance of working with the A++ lister (Donald Trump) by revealing an interaction with an animal (shooting a puppy).  People are surprised that she would make an admission about something like this.  Truth is she was advised to do this by the advisor (Corey Lewandowski) she is having a very public affair with to make her look tough.  The advisor did this deliberately to torpedo her chances as he will also be working with the A++ lister and does not want her around.  The local A lister has grown a bit obsessed with the advisor but unlike the local A lister, the advisor is not willing to leave his partner (Alison Hardy) and considers this only as an affair. Kristi Noem/Donald Trump/Corey Lewandowski/Alison Hardy (The Kristi Noem puppy-killing scandal, explained) (Noem-Lewandowski relationship doesn’t have to be an affair to be inappropriate)

What was not discussed in this documentary is how many of those hundreds of cameras were live streaming to friends/co-workers of this producer for a very hefty monthly fee. Dan Schneider/”Quiet On the Set” (Dan Schneider Sues ‘Quiet On Set’ Producers Over Investigation Discovery Limited Series For “Falsely Implying He Sexually Abused” Child Stars)

This barely there celebrity offspring recently had a procedure done at the request of her boyfriend that Victoria Beckham made popular back in the day. It permanently keeps your nipples erect. Delilah Belle Hamlin/Henry Eikenberry (Delilah Belle Hamlin and New Boyfriend Henry Eikenberry Make Red Carpet Debut) (Delilah Belle Hamlin frees the nipple in sheer black dress while sister Amelia Gray goes braless too as they lead stars at Daily Front Row Awards) (What are nipple injections?)

This foreign born A list director wants to start a new throuple that doesn't contain his significant other. Taika Waititi/Rita Ora

It is interesting that this alliterate A- list actress has a brand new project being released at the same time the permanent A list singer/actress/director mentioned the alliterate actress which will bring the actress extra attention while promoting her project. It is almost as if it were planned. Melissa McCarthy/”Unfrosted”/Barbra Streisand (Melissa McCarthy Responds to Streisand's Ozempic Question, Babs Apologizes)

This former east coast Housewife all of you know, doesn't know it yet, but the person she recently hooked up with was born a woman.

They have worked together several times, but so far, this foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actress has been unwilling to come to the defense of this A+ list actor/former athlete. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Emily Blunt (The Rock & Ryan Reynolds Butted Heads on 'Red Notice,' Issues Resolved)

The Housewife - Part Three. Part One and Two can be found here. Shortly after our Housewife (Cheryl Tiegs) divorced (Stan Dragoti), she rushed to the altar to marry the A lister (Peter Beard) in his field. By this time our Housewife was a coke fiend and it shouldn't be a shocker that her husband was too or that all their friends were or that there was free coke for all at their wedding reception. For the next year, he was off doing his A list thing while our Housewife continued to work, but also continued to do a lot of coke. It was judged that she probably did more coke than anyone else in the world at the time because she was getting it for free whenever she would sleep with someone and she could afford to pay for it too. There was no one she wouldn't sleep with if coke was involved. This of course made her husband less than thrilled and he decided to end things with his wife after barely a year of marriage. He publicly discussed her affairs and her coke use and she retaliated by burning all of his clothes. So, she decided to move on and ended up hooking up and then living with a new guy (Christopher Reeve)  while she was still married. That is for part four though
. Stan Dragoti/Cheryl Tiegs/Peter Beard/Christopher Reeve (Absolutely Not Fabulous) (Sobering Up Behind the Wheel)

This foreign born A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee keeps hooking up with a former co-star despite her assurances to her A- list boyfriend that she has stopped. Lupita Nyong'o/Joshua Jackson/Jared Leto (Lupita Nyong'o looks incredible in a stylish blue leather dress as she promotes new film A Quiet Place: Day One in London)

Two thirds of this trio of podcasters are talking to a company about striking out on their own and are being offered many times over what they make now. “Nerd Crew”/Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman/Rick Evans

Back in the day, prior to he boss being married, this actor on a western show used to hook up with the now wife of the boss which always makes things very awkward on set.

This actor feels like he is in every new television show that comes on the air, but is actually only in two or so right now, is splitting with his director wife. Walton Goggins/”Fallout”, “Invincible”, “The White Lotus” and “The Righteous Gemstones”/Nadia Conners (Who Is Walton Goggins' Wife? All About Nadia Conners)

This former reality star is about to be back on television again and hates what she looks like, but thinks the weight loss shot will take too long. I hope she doesn't do the meth thing again. Jenelle Evans

Speaking of drugs, this current reality star who is doing press for her new show better hope her probation officer doesn't drug test her any time soon. Gypsy Rose Blanchard/”Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up”

Reader Blind: The A List everything in her mind sampled a song from one of the worst child predators in the world. It is the “Zulu Nation” leader who has been hunting little boys since the 70s. He is a monster. Will she stop performing the Control song even though she knows he is paid as a writer every time she does it? No. Everyone in her team wants her to stop performing the song or release a version without his sample because he uses the money he makes from it to silence his victims. Will she do it? No. Horrible. Jennifer Lopez/“All I Have”/Afrika Bambaataa (BLIND ITEM 04/01/24)

We’re almost half way through the year and the Bacardi rapper still hasn’t released her new album. Someone who was in junior high when her first one came out is finishing college now. That’s how long it has been. She is fighting for more marketing spend but the label is focused on the British dance crying singer’s new album because the dance crying singer’s fans buy her music. Cardi B/Dua Lipa

This K-pop group is doing their best to get reporters fired who mention that the K-pop group is being financed/sponsored by a cult. “E’LAST”/”Manmin Central Church” (Boy group E'LAST's management company under suspicion of being affiliated with the religious cult 'Manmin Central Church')

Reader Blind: The ex-wife of the jailed R&B perv looks like Jiminy Cricket. She thinks she can rebrand herself by busting a move here and there but no one who knows her is buying her act. Ask her what she used to say about the R&B singers who were teenagers when her ex was sniffing around them. Yeah, that includes the Renaissance woman, the Resolution singer and the singer who is Heaven Sent. The R&B perv went after her too. Mrs. Jiminy Cricket can play dumb all she wants but she knew what her husband was doing and thought she was better than his victims because he put a ring on it. Now twirl on that. Andrea Lee/R. Kelly/Beyoncé/Keyshia Cole/Aaliyah

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress who is married to someone well above her, is no longer wearing her wedding ring. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra isn’t wearing her wedding ring on latest IG live)

Reader Blind: Here is a list of people the wannabe rapper’s friends (Sean “Diddy” Combs) wants the media to report on in case the coverage of his forthcoming lawsuits and trial gets too embarrassing. This “list” and the sex crimes they have been accused of landed on the news desks of some journalists this week. They can’t control international press so “offering up” tea on “local” names in those territories minimizes the coverage of his trials there. Primarily Africa and the UK where he used to have fans. The British male West DJ (Tim Westwood) who moved his ring to Nigeria. The Dip producer (Diplo) who wants to keep his crimes against little black girls on the Lo. The band aid rapper (Nelly) who is expecting a baby with the Foolish singer (Ashanti). The Nigerian Bob (Khaby Lame) personality whose trafficking sugar daddies just threw him under the bus. The Canadian rapper (Drake). The Porta Papi (Dutchavelli). Mr. Expeditiously (T. I.). The photographer (Terry Richardson) with the glasses who released a book with the Shallow singer (Lady Gaga). The “Naked and Immature” singer (Marques Houston) with the “missing” wife (Miya Dickey). The former President (Donald Trump) who farts in court because of what his son (Donald Trump Jr.) said about his deceased ex (Ivana Trump) in a recent interview (Donald Trump Jr. weighs in on the Diddy scandal). And the Cool Runnings actor (Malik Yoba) who hunted and groomed the trans star (Mariah Lopez Ebony) named after the Christmas Lady (Mariah Carey) and the A List everything in her mind (Jennifer Lopez). The Hitman has been collecting tea for years and thinks he can use it to save his boss. The plan backfired because those journalists already knew about the people on the list and are going to talk about ALL of them. Sean “Diddy” Combs/Tim Westwood/Diplo/Nelly/Ashanti/Khaby Lame/Drake/Dutchavelli/T. I./Terry Richardson/Lady Gaga/Marques Houston/Miya Dickey/Donald Trump/Donald Trump Jr./Ivana Trump/Malik Yoba/Mariah Lopez Ebony/Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez

It took an astonishing amount of money (compared to her normal fee) to get this A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee to do another vampire movie. The producers think fans want it enough to justify the price tag. Kristen Stewart/”Flesh of the Gods” (Kristen Stewart, Oscar Isaac to Star in Vampire Thriller ‘Flesh of the Gods’ for ‘Mandy’ Filmmaker)

The Relationship: This singer (#1) from the two color group (#2) and her boyfriend (#3) are perhaps the blandest, most boring and the most evident media relationship we’ve seen since the foreign born former boy bander (#4) and the actress/director (#5) attempt of PR relationship to promote their mega flop movie (#6), or similar to the foolery that was this foreign born singer/rapper (#7) and the reality star's (#8) relationship #7 can’t sell concert tickets and doesn’t have a hit song since the PR hype died. #1 and #3 have tried all ways to make that relationship relevant, even avoid using VVIP areas in concerts and airports, or avoiding renting an entire restaurant for dates like old school billionaires that want to impress their beloved do, but that doesn’t work because they need everybody to notice them. How is it possible a relationship of one of the members of one of the biggest groups in Asia is barely being covered by Asian media, so all they do is to repost some fan photos without fact checking them. Perhaps we will never know their real goal, is it to promote the family brand (#9) of #3? The family does forbid #1 from ever showing off any of her vast collection of another label (#10) who is in a constant war with #9 and the family. Is it to promote #1's acting career? Because #9 is sponsoring her acting debut in (#11) and she will be only wearing #9 during the show. Is it to promote her music career? It would be hilarious to know how a relationship all her fans hate is going to give her a hit song. Or is It perhaps to promote #3 to make media finally stop confusing him with his brothers or to rise in the company by currying favor with his father
#1: Lisa
#3: Frédéric Arnault
#4: Harry Styles
#5: Olivia Wilde
#6: “Don’t Worry Darling”
#7: Bad Bunny
#8: Kendell Jenner
#9: “LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton”
#10: “Hermes”
#11: “The White Lotus”

The team of the actress/singer is always looking for new ways to create stories about her. Wait until you see the ones about her and the A list actor getting together while doing the whole weekend thing. Sabrina Carpenter/Jake Gyllenhaal/”SNL” (Jake Gyllenhaal and Sabrina Carpenter Slated for SNL's Season 49 Finale — Plus a Beloved Alum Returns to Host!)

Apparently, if you try and leave the employ of the flowering financial institution, she has been known to threaten you with a machete. Azealia Banks (Azealia Banks Drags Kendrick Lamar, Claims He Sent Goons To Press Drake & J. Cole)

This former southeast Housewife got new very large breasts and was showing them to anyone who wanted a peek at a recent event. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Kim Zolciak celebrates birthday early with daughter Brielle Biermann with dinner at fancy restaurant amid severe financial issues ... after THAT shocking 'RIP Kroy' post)

It was good to see her out and about, but this barely hanging on to A- list actress was heavily self medicated and slurring her words at a recent event. Kate Beckinsale/”King’s Trust 2024 Global Gala” (Kate Beckinsale attends first public event since mystery illness, hospitalization at King’s Trust 2024 Global Gala)

Apparently, the lucky several of his accusers died before they could go to court. The actor is going to sue the producers of a new documentary who are going to catalog everything he has been accused of for the past couple of decades. Kevin Spacey (New Kevin Spacey Doc Reveals Actor Allegedly Groped a ‘House of Cards’ Cast Member on Set, Made ‘Aggressive Sexual Move’ on Schoolmate and More)

This foreign born former A++ lister
of a large country, killed the much much much much younger woman he was set to marry because she slept with another man while engaged to the former A++ lister. He has been married multiple times. He also has more kids than you can count on two hands. Jacob Zuma/South Africa

If it was just a matter of a couple of million dollars, this permanent A list athlete would have already been on his way. There is much more to this than money. Floyd Mayweather Jr./United Arab Emirates (“He’s Not Stuck in Dubai”: Floyd Mayweather’s $30,000 Act of Kindness Towards Homeless Men in LA Raises Questions About Gervonta Davis’ Bombshell Claim)

The frozen flavoring is trying to get the fans of this A+ list singer to try and drown out the fact she has been beating her boyfriend fairly regularly. Ice Spice/RIOTUSA/Taylor Swift (Ice Spice's Former Friend Alleges That She’s Dating RIOTUSA and Cheated on Him With Lil Tjay) (Ice Spice Says She ‘Started Crying’ After Hearing Taylor Swift Wanted to Collaborate)

This bar star was bragging that her stylist gets her one of a kind pieces. Umm, the piece you wore to your birthday had already been worn years ago by this A- list reality star who might be the only in the family who hasn't had work done. Lala Kent (Lauren from Utah)/”Vanderpump Rules”/Kendall Jenner (Lala Kent Reveals There's Been “Lots of Happiness” in the Past Year: Here's Why)

This permanent A list actress who doesn't act much any longer, but could if she wanted to, has been talking a lot of dirt to an author about her most recent husband. Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

Apparently, the very first question this church leader is going to get asked under oath during his deposition is the whereabouts of his wife. David Miscavige/Scientology/Shelly (Scientology Boss David Miscavige Gets Judge Knocked Off Sex Assault Lawsuit)

This one named A list actress got all the publicity and all the marketing and a lot of buzz and multiple sex scenes but still no one wanted to see the movie. She needs a winner with her name above everyone else. The only time she has succeeded is in an ensemble cast. Zendaya/”Challengers” (Zendaya Breaks Down That Sexy ‘One Shot’ Challengers Scene (Exclusive))

There was talk late last year that the editor was doing her best to try and get the heir and his wife to her May gala. Apparently, she has extended a permanent invitation to the couple which would seemingly permanently ban the alliterate one and her husband until the former had officially said no each year. Anna Wintour/Prince William & Kate Middleton/”Met Gala”/Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

Four For Friday - The Mystery Group: What if you had an all female group (#1) (“Oral”) that might not have been female except for vocals and that the vocals attributed to the people on the cover of the record are not the ones singing. In fact, the women on the cover of the album, have vanished in time too. The only clue to their identity is that one of them (#2) (Candy/Dee/Monica Ramone/Bev E. Lee) may have been a former adult model. The other supposed members of the group are random teens they found to take a group photo for the album. Now, what if I told you this album (#3) ("Sex") is considered a classic in the alt rock/heavy metal community. What if I told you this record was produced by an at the time A+ list producer (#4) (Malcom McLaren). What if I then told you this foreign born A+ list bassist (#5) (Glemn Matlock) from an all time A list heavy metal band (#6) ("Sex Pistols") also had a part in all of this. What if I further said that two former members (#7, #8) (Steve Jones) (Paul Cook) of this foreign born A list punk band (#9) (“The Professionals”) contributed to the record without their bandmate (#10) (Johnny Rotten). There is so much secrecy about this album and who wrote the songs and so much misdirection about it even though it was released nearly forty years ago
#1: “Oral”
#2: Candy/Dee/Monica Ramone/Bev E. Lee
#3: “Sex” (Side One: “Head”/”Love Pole”/”Gas Masks, Vicars and Priests”) (Side Two: “Black Leather”/”Pearl Necklace”/”I Need Discipline!!!”)
#4: Malcolm McLaren
#5: Glen Matlock
#6: “Sex Pistols”
#7: Steve Jones
#8: Paul Cook
#9: “The Professionals”
Johnny Rotten

This controversial church leader faked attending a big event for the church out of the country because he didn't want a record of his arrival back to the US. David Miscavige/Scientology/Paris (Scientology faked David Miscavige appearance at Paris opening)

A grandson of this former A++ lister who all of you know was on a meth binge the other day while live on social media talking nonsense. Caroline Kennedy's son Jack Schlossberg/John F. Kennedy (Jack Schlossberg uses different accents to mock RFK Jr.’s presidential run)

You can buy one of the billionaire ped*phile's address books, but the last person who owned one of them ended up dead. The thing is cursed. Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘black book’ with 221 additional high-profile names is being sold to a secret bidder)

There is just nothing that is not forced in the relationship between the former boy bander and the model/actress. Every tabloid was basically force fed relationship stories about the pair just three days before the Met Gala. There is nothing real about the relationship. Harry Styles/Taylor Russell (Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Are Reportedly Getting ‘Serious’ After Almost a Year of Dating)

Reader Blind: So it looks like the Butterfly rapper (Kendrick Lamar) confirmed what was said in this space some weeks back. The Canadian rapper (Drake) leaked his own video to get attention , and is associated with Weinstein and Epstein men like the Not Nice person and the Porta Papi (Dutchavelli) who lost opportunities to the Middle Alphabet rapper (Meek Mill) after he was caught trying to brainwash school girls and was accused of selling his meat in Dubai. “Never fall in the escort business, that's bad religion Always remember, you could be a bitch even if you got bitches”. Yes. This line in the new Family diss track is about him. It was a warning shot because he has heard about what happened to the little girls in England. Also count how many times the Butterfly rapper says the word dog in the 6am diss. Not an accident. He saw the dog video too. He’ll expose how the Canadian rapper tried to throw Porta Papi under the media bus to save himself if he has to write more diss tracks. This should scare the Porta Papi because everything in the blinds about this beef has come true so far. Kendrick Lamar/Drake/Dutchavelli/Meek Mill

I'm sure the A+ list singer must be thrilled that her boyfriend has already bet this permanent A list QB, who can get the most drunk at an event this weekend. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce /Aaron Rodgers/”Kentucky Derby” (Travis Kelce, Aaron Rodgers, other NFL stars descend on Louisville for Kentucky Derby)

The significant other of the permanent A list mostly movie actor keeps calling the paps to catch her with her boyfriend. She gets the photos in the tabloids but wants her business mentioned and goes after editors who don't mention it. Ines de Ramon/Brad Pitt/”Anita Ko Jewelry” (Brad Pitt and girlfriend Ines de Ramon go on romantic morning stroll in Santa Barbara)

The former Bachelorette has a trick up her sleeve that will get her ex to stay super quiet and go meekly into that good night. She is tired of him playing the victim. Rachel Lindsay/Bryan Abasolo (Bryan Abasolo Seeking Spousal Support from Rachel Lindsay amid Divorce So He Can Move Out of Shared Home)

As much as the online tabloid tried to help the former wheelchair actor, it didn't stop anyone from believing there is a secret kid or that he really blurs the 17/18 year old line a lot. “TMZ”/Drake (Drake Sources Call Kendrick's Hidden Daughter Claim Total 'Fabrication')

Speaking of the former wheelchair actor, apparently he has a track about the message board founder and the alliterate one. Drake/Alexis Ohanian/”Reddit”/Meghan Markle (Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian weighs in on Drake and Kendrick Lamar's escalating beef amid history of being dissed by the Canadian rapper)

The A list athlete seemed very smitten with the offspring who only is seen publicly once a year.  Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn Birkhead/”Kentucky Derby” (Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn, 17, Steps Out in Janet Jackson Dress Ahead of Kentucky Derby)

Reader Blind: The rapper who is in the middle of a messy divorce battle is worried that his ex will remind the world of what he did to his son. The story goes that he had his bodyguard blocked his child from escaping the room so he could punch him repeatedly as he threatened to kill him. It will be a clean KO if the ex’s lawyers present this to the courts. This is the same weirdo ex who said she loves “dark meat”. She knew what he did to his son before they got married and didn’t care. She does now though. Jezzy/Jeannie Mai (Jeezy Arrested For Alleged Violent Assault On His Son)  (Jeezy claims 'volatile' estranged wife Jeannie Mai is upset he didn't want to have a second baby... after she accused him of 'domestic violence' amid ugly divorce)

Reader Blind: The Pink female rapper (Nicki Minaj) is married to a predator (Kenneth Petty) so her name in this space is Mrs. Predator. She isn’t upset over the leaked texts with Frozen Flavoring rapper (Ice Spice) because she knows it was a conversation about business. You know who she is upset with though ? The Unlocked blogger (Jason Lee) and the Bacardi rapper (Cardi B) who helped the blogs get a hold of the text. Big mistake. Mrs. Predator is very friendly with someone at Bacardi rapper’s label who told her that she has to take regular STI tests because her husband is always cheating on her. She also knows that the marketing budget for her album has been cut again because her fans aren’t doing Enough to keep her new single in the top 80 of the Hot 100. Mrs. Predator knows when the album is coming out and is very Petty. Just ask the one she calls Big Foot (Megan Thee Stallion) what happened with the mixtape two years ago. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty/Ice Spice/Jason Lee/Cardi B/Megan Thee Stallion

This very recently dismissed Housewife is set to split with their significant other. Robyn Dixon/Juan Dixon (“The Real Housewives of Potomac”)

Reader Blind: In England the use of young people to transport drugs is called “county lines”. The drug barons there use kids who were neglected by their parents to move drugs out of big cities into smaller towns. From New York to Patterson for example. Anyway, Epstein men and women use the same network to traffic teens to other predators. The teens think they’re going into a house to sell drugs and don’t know that they’ve been pimped out to a sex predator by a drugs predator. This week a rapper in England was convicted for “county lines”. One of his songs is called “Street Profit”. The authorities are now interested in at least five other rappers making the same “Street Profit”. One of them had a side Gig just like this. Some say Mr. FreakOff was one of his biggest customers.

This mostly retired former Mexican luchador who was big here and in his home country made far more money selling drugs to everyone on wrestling circuits than he made wrestling.

This technically isn’t a whodunit since our celebrity was the victim and not the perpetrator. This A-list star has been in the limelight since elementary school, having a successful Hollywood career spanning decades. Now that other less successful child stars have started revealing they were sexually abused as kids, our celeb is terrified of getting dragged into the headlines. Our former child star was also abused, but fears it will damage a successful career. Even though this now-adult performer has been asked by a former costar from childhood to corroborate the stories of abuse on one of their sets, this star is choosing to remain silent, fearing damage to a squeaky-clean image.

It was pretty obvious the A list actor/sometime director was drinking again and acting like it. Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck trolled for bad ‘plastic surgery’ and ‘unhinged rant’ at Tom Brady roast: ‘Car crash’)

Speaking of drinking, this alliterate reality star dumped out half a glass of champagne into her water glass to make it look like she had been drinking when she hadn't had any champagne at all. Kim Kardashian/"Tom Brady Roast" (Tom Brady roast: From those loud Kim Kardashian boos to his Gisele reactions, here are 5 things you didn't see on TV)

This pint sized comedian was really interested in what this waitress was doing after the big event last night. I wonder what his wife would have thought. Kevin Hart/”Tom Brady Roast” (Kevin Hart pulls no punches roasting Tom Brady’s divorce from Gisele Bündchen: ‘Karate man’)

This three named celebrity/former prisoner makes her ex watch her have sex with other men. Gypsy Rose Blanchard/Ryan Anderson (Gypsy Rose Blanchard returned 'family heirloom' wedding ring to ex-husband Ryan Anderson after filing to divorce him)

The stripper actor is making sure the press sees another side of him rather than the reality his ex has put in front of everyone. This is why you keep seeing the stories about his current actress girlfriend and their happy relationship and him doing good dad things. Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan/Zoë Kravitz (Zoë Kravitz Has 'Bonded' with Fiancé Channing Tatum's Daughter Everly) (Jenna Dewan Accuses Channing Tatum Of ‘Bullying & Gaslighting’! The Latest In Their Messy Battle!)

Speaking of being manipulated, this A list everything in her mind celebrity has been planting stories all weekend about how perfect she is and how perfect her relationship is and just going over the top. She wants to be the breakout star tonight and thinks she will be, but in reality, will not be. Jennifer Lopez/”2024 Met Gala” (Jennifer Lopez demands her 16-year-old twins join her on tour for the month of July in honor of her 55th birthday: 'You have to come with Mommy!') (Jennifer Lopez’s Met Gala dress has 2.5 million beads — here’s how long it took to make)

This A/A- rapper and his producer friend are struggling to sell tickets for their arena tour. Expect another diss track or three to try and boost sales. Future/Metro Boomin (Drake Blames Metro Boomin For Future's Involvement In Beef: "I Know He Had To Be An Influence")

The notorious closeted neo-Nazi Internet talk show host was restored again to the former bird app.  A couple hours into his first, much hyped public live space following his account’s restoration, a former disgraced congressmen asked if he was also gay - which he refused to answer and left the space. Nick Fuentes/”X”/George Santos (Musk Lets Nick Fuentes Rejoin X—And Quickly Picks Fight With ADL)

Despite her online protestations and a plastic surgeon she brought in to defend her, this foreign born A- list actress has had multiple procedures done to her body and face. Kate Beckinsale (Kate Beckinsale Pushes Back on 'Insidious Bullying' of Her Appearance and Plastic Surgery Claims: 'Please Stop Now')

Reader Blind: The Canadian rapper (Drake) may have nasty nasty friends but he isn’t the only one. Just ask the British rapper (Giggs) who made the Praise song with the Umbrella lady’s (Rihanna) husband (A$AP Rocky) and the Good Morning remix with FreakOff (Sean “Diddy“ Combs). One of his friends was a Solo rapper who is currently doing time in an UK jail for Jeffrey Dahmer crimes. This Solo rapper (Solo 45) had a side hustle as a male escort who would make it clap for depraved racist men in the music industry. It’s how he paid for his Lions video. Part of this extreme mental illness is a repulsive slavery fetish which was discussed in his court case. What does any of this have to do with the Canadian rapper? The Solo rapper has been gossiping about the Canadian rapper and the Praise rapper behind bars. He thinks they should be in there with him but wants their help to get out. It will never happen. The Canadian rapper can’t afford to be connected to any more preds now the Kung Fu rapper (Kendrick Lamar) is going after him. Drake/Giggs/Rihanna/A$AP Rocky/Sean “Diddy” Combs/Solo 45/Kendrick Lamar (Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s feud got heated and ugly. Here’s what happened.) (Grime artist Solo 45 jailed for 24 years for multiple rapes)

A rejected advance from another guy is the leading theory of how this teen ended up dead at a party last year. Noah Presgrove (Brother of Oklahoma teen Noah Presgrove says someone is covering up the truth about his death)

Reader Blind: Oops. Did Mr. Steal Yo Coochie (Trey Songz) think no one would notice that he settled out of court with another accuser this month? His manager will do anything to avoid a deposition because his accusers’ lawyers might ask if Steal Yo Coochie’s behavior was caused by what happened to him. Just ask the jailed Pied Piper (R. Kelly), the butch Taz lady (Ketrina "Taz" Askew) who manages the Aiko singer and his mom who wants him to get help before he is sent to jail. Do you remember the Virginity song from the short lived girl group (“Tom Gurl Four”)? The butch Taz lady was behind it. This kind of stuff damaged Steal Yo Coochie’s mind because he was around at the time. Oh, the press is paying attention to every cease and desist sent by the Taz lady’s camp. They’ll be used in future docs about she and her boss. Trey Songz/R. Kelly/Ketrina “Taz” Askew/”Tom Gurl Four” (Trey Songz Has Been Accused of Assault (Again)) (Trey Songz Settles $25M Lawsuit Over Alleged 2016 Sexual Assault)

The throuple going on between these two foreign born A- list actors and the girlfriend of one of the actors who is adjacent to an earlier blind item, is the talk of their country.

This A list singer/judge didn't even hide the fact she is MK Ultra. She put it out there front and center on social media. Maybe because she is leaving? Katy Perry (Fans Believe Celebs Are Being Mind Controlled, and the “Proof” Is Kind of Eerie)

Yes. The Kung Fu rapper (Kendrick Lamar) is a big fan of Mrs. Predator (Nicki Minaj) which is why he has been using her animated flow to get at the Canadian rapper (Drake). Mrs. Predator knows she cannot really trust the Canadian rapper because he bitches about her to her ops whenever they fight. Kung Fu knows this so using her flow and rhyme schemes is completely intentional. Kendrick Lamar/Nicki Minaj/Drake

The Back Story: This foreign born one named permanent A list model (Iman) got discovered because she was attractive and was willing to sleep with the photographer (Peter Beard) that made her famous. She just wanted to be famous and would say or do anything to get famous. She had worked her way up through photographers and scouts and agents until she was finally introduced to the photographer who could make her dreams come true. He did make them come true. To make her stand out from the million other models who were just as attractive as our one named model, they created an entire fictional background and history for her and how she was discovered and why and she has tried to stay true to that legend all these years later
. Iman/Peter Beard (Early life)

MET GALA: The ban was lifted for this A list celebrity after several years. A few years back he was drunk and coked out of his mind. He still got drunk this year though. Andy Cohen (Andy Cohen attends the 2024 Met Gala celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion")

MET GALA: It looked like the A list everything in her mind celebrity and her husband must have got a two fer when it came to Botox and fillers. Much like her husband the night before at an event, our A lister in her mind could not make any facial expressions last night. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck skips Met Gala with JLo after 'unhinged' rant at Tom Brady roast goes viral)

MET GALA: When you are one of the hosts, you really are expected to understand the assignment. The editor is exempt from that rule, but she likes to enforce it on the hosts and the actress/singer already mentioned, displeased the editor with their effort. Anna Wintour/Jennifer Lopez

MET GALA: This one named foreign born singer not only got her label to pay for her ticket, she also grabbed on to a Chinese billionaire and didn't let go of him the entire night. Tyla (Tyla departs The Mark Hotel for 2024 Met Gala)

MET GALA: How do you get the world to stop talking about you being lustily booed for a solid minute on live television that was then shared worldwide? You tell everyone you are wearing the sweater of your boyfriend. Didn't you just "break up" with the last guy a few days ago? Plus, if it is your boyfriend's sweater, then he is a tiny human. Kim Kardashian/Odell Beckham Jr. (Netflix edited out Kim Kardashian getting booed at Tom Brady’s roast) (Why Hunter Schafer Is Proof Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Sweater Was Not a Wardrobe Malfunction)

MET GALA: This foreign born A list actor and his wife won't be invited back. They wore what they would wear to any event to which they are invited. Chris Hemsworth/Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky attend the 2024 Met Gala celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

MET GALA: This A- list singer and this A- list actor/offspring could not keep their hands off each other. The two guys were definitely going to be in hookup mode after the party. Troye Silvan/Dan Levy (Troye Sivan, Ayo Edebiri and Dan Levy attend The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

MET GALA: This beach actor was leaving his tan stains everywhere he went last night. Chase Stokes/”Outer Banks (Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes attend the 2024 Costume Institute Benefit for "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

MET GALA: This Disney actress is trying to convince the world she is pregnant. She isn't. Her singer boyfriend did get someone pregnant though. Dove Cameron/Damiano David (Dove Cameron and Damiano David attend The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

MET GALA: Speaking of Disney, this former actress turned singer who started off as a kid, looked super happy to be in attendance and even played the how many hours did it take to make your dress game and in the past would have had a break down being in the same frame as the A- list reality star with a side job, but our actress turned singer took it in stride. It is good to see her doing better. Demi Lovato/Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato attend The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

MET GALA: Speaking of the how many hours did it take to make your dress, this former A+ list actress knows how the game is played and always makes sure to be a winner by throwing out some insane number of hours that isn't true, but knows will be more hours by a factor of ten than anyone else's number. Demi Moore (Demi Moore is a Floral Sculpture in Custom Harris Reed Made from Vintage Wallpaper at Met Gala)

MET GALA: Even last month, you just knew this foreign born one named permanent A list singer was going to skip the event. She didn't want to discuss it in interviews and just wanted a break from it. Her "flu" was a classic music flu used for many a cancelation of concerts over the years. Rihanna (Rihanna Skips 2024 Met Gala After Coming Down with the Flu)

MET GALA: While his supposed actress girlfriend was at the Gala, this foreign born actor was very much into one of the many choices on offering at the chain of clubs/hotels that attracts yachters from all over. Barry Keoghan/Sabrina Carpenter (After Months of Canoodling, Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan Make Their Cheeky Red-Carpet Debut at the 2024 Met Gala)

Reader Blind: The Canadian rapper does not let his children listen to the Seductive Color. The elevator couple don’t either . Neither does the Bacardi rapper. They know who is behind her and how they want her to influence children. In fact, one of them joked that people who do let their kids play her music are irresponsible. Drake/Sexyy Red/Cardi B

The meth has messed up the teeth of the permanent A list "singer" but this time there is no one to order her to go to a dentist and get them fixed. Britney Spears

Reader Blind: The R&B Groceries singer (Jhené Aiko) with the cute Japanese name wants to stay out of the beef between the Canadian rapper (Drake) and the Butterfly MC (Kendrick Lamar). People are already doing deep dives into their associates because of the disses. She told the both of them about the ring that hurt her, her sister (Mila J), the dollar sign rapper (Ty Dolla $ign) with the green eyes, the Romeo and Juliet child actor/singer (Quindon Tarver) and the boy band (“B2K”). The ring is still led by the Jehovah Witness pred (Chris Stokes) with the thin beard and the butch Taz man-lady (Ketrina "Taz" Askew). The poor R&B singer has Stockholm Syndrome and is still being controlled them. She is worried about what her abusers will do to her if anything she told the rappers is even alluded to in the beef. The Butterfly MC hates her abusers because she wasn’t the only one they hurt. Look into their history with the musician he made the Tinted music. This musician (Anderson .Paak) is one half of the Silk duo (“Silk Sonic“). Jhené Aiko/Drake/Kendrick Lamar/Mila J/Ty Dolla $ign/Quindon Tarver/“B2K”/Chris Stokes/Ketrina "Taz" Askew/Anderson .Paak/”Silk Sonic”

MET GALA: This A- list reality star was incensed with her personal pap that he was five minutes late to take her photos. She had changed outfits for the third time and the pap thought they were finished. Apparently, they weren't and told them to come and meet her outside right then. It took the pap five minutes which was too long and got them a side of the reality star normally reserved for servers and such. Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner Wore Two Different Mini Dresses to the Met Gala 2024 After Parties)

The rumors swirling around the suspicious nature of the pastors wife’s death are very true. He’s been hiding a very dark, dangerous secret that he doesn’t want to be exposed. Unfortunately he won’t be able to hide it for much longer. John-Paul Miller, is the pastor at Solid Rock Church in Myrtle Beach, SC/Mica Miller (South Carolina pastor husband claims wife died of suicide as family urges police to ‘deeply’ investigate her death)

Reader Blind: There is a video on YouTube which exposed the leaked DMs of the Dutch rapper (Dutchavelli). The video is on a channel called Rap No Cap. Pause that video at 4 minute 56 seconds and look at the third message. It’s from his sister (Princess Diamz). Her name is Baddest Gyal. She joked that he didn’t want to show his face on camera because Mr. FreakOff (Sean “Diddy” Combs) was in the room. A very specific joke about a very specific person. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. See for yourself. He really should have left the teenage girls alone. Dutchavelli/Princess Diamz/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Dutchavelli leaked DMs with Yung Filly) (Dutchavelli : Socials Hacked ,Leaked DMs The Facts)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor insisted his new release play in big theatres. It was part of his deal. The thing is though, it is an art house type movie and also not his normal fare. Most showings had zero in attendance. It is embarrassing, but he doesn't care. He got his movie in the big theatres and that is all that mattered. Johnny Depp/”Jeanne du Barry” (Johnny Depp's latest movie Jeanne du Barry's was NOT yanked from theaters in its domestic release, insiders say ... amid online controversy over independent French language film)

The Outfit: It was just a few years ago that this foreign born A list model (Jourdan Dunn) wore one of the most iconic looks ever at the Met Gala. Even though it feels like our model has been around forever, because she has, she is still very young because she started out at a very young age. She wasn't even old enough to drive when she was discovered and everyone thought her career was going to explode. It did, but it also looked like it might be cut short just as quickly. When she was discovered, her boyfriend was a solid decade older than our model and was one of the biggest drug dealers in her home country. He also had a temper and was very jealous of all the attention his girlfriend was now receiving. He also didn't like her traveling all over, so from time to time he would hit her so she would be unable to model. After that happened a few times, bookers were hesitant to hire her because they didn't know if she would be able to show up. Her management team knew an intervention wouldn't work to get her to leave her boyfriend, so they would take turns calling in leads and tips to try and get him arrested. It worked and out model was freed of his clutches
. Jourdan Dunn/"2019 Met Gala"/Jordan Cummings (Jourdan Dunn Turned Into a Rose for the Met Gala) (Boyfriend of model Jourdan Dunn jailed for possessing cocaine)

When you are this three named actress trying to get people to buy your new book, you generally should not be yelling and arguing with people just trying to do their job. Sarah Jessica Parker/“Alina Grabowski’s Women and Children First“/”SJP Lit” (The New Novel from SJP’s Imprint Is a Mystery For People Who Think They Don't Like Mysteries) (“SJP Lit”)

No matter what you may see "leaked," the alliterate rapper who does not speak English as a first language wants nothing more to do with the reality family and their games. Bad Bunny/Kendall Jenner/Kardashians & Jenners (Kendall Jenner, ex Bad Bunny get flirty, cuddly at Met Gala 2024 afterparty)

Because of all the rumors about him, the former wheelchair actor has been banned from the largest music festival in South America (“Rock in Rio“). Drake/”Rock in Rio” (Karol G to Headline Rock in Rio 2024 & More Uplifting Moments in Latin Music)

It is hard to believe the bloated drugged out mess of today was once an A+ list mostly movie action actor. Steven Seagal (Steven Seagal Attends Inauguration Ceremony of Russian President Vladimir Putin)

As I have told you many times, for years and years, the celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) has committed massive, criminal level fraud, in multiple aspects of his business.  Today, it was revealed that the Feds have an extensive criminal investigation into the celebrity CEO's years of flagrant lies about the extra feature he sells for an additional price on his cars (“Tesla“). The reporters (Hannah Dreier) who broke this story were awarded a Pulitzer only last week for their coverage of the celebrity CEO, and their sourcing on this is rock-solid. The wheels of justice move slowly, but when you're responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people, they move eventually. Elon Musk/”Tesla”/Hannah Dreier (Tesla is being investigated for securities and wire fraud for self-driving claims) (NY Times’ Dreier, Reuters coverage of Musk win Pulitzers) (“Musk Industrial Complex”)

This former model turned trophy wife, sculpted to perfection (or at least her surgeon's best effort), dined at a celeb hotspot in Miami a few nights ago with her husband, a retired baseball legend turned announcer whose smile seemed to have retired along with his bat. They had more chemistry in those commercials they appear in. Hannah & Derek Jeter (Inside Derek Jeter and wife Hannah’s romantic Formula 1 weekend date night: ‘They looked so happy’)

Even though this former state A++ lister is out on the trail pulling very large numbers, some other wannabe alternatives want to push her out of the way and cash in themselves. Nikki Haley (Haley’s eye-popping support raises questions for Trump)

In light of their mission, I'm not sure firing someone for not moving people to empty seats is the way this athletic organization really should be going. “Invictus Games” (One sad little car and one security guard accompanying the Ginger Whinger to hold back the crowds and ensure his safety from the nasty UK at Invictus today...)

Was the A- list singer solo and in a group really sick or did he have a deadline to start filming his project that he was going to miss? Nick Jonas/”2024 Met Gala”/”Sing Street” (Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Skip the 2024 Met Gala Amid Nick’s Recent Announcement) (Nick Jonas, Paul Rudd to Star in New Movie from ‘Sing Street’ Director Jon Carney)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **10**
There was a lot of tension at a very very recent movie premiere because several of the stars have a long running feud.

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **11**
This A- list actor who is an offspring is not currently living with his wife.

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **12**
This A list athlete got his recent acting gig thanks to the recommendation of this A list alliterate reality star/actress/producer who is best buddies with the producer of the who. That is a very interesting turn of events. Travis Kelce/”Grotesquerie”/Kim Kardashian/Ryan Murphy (Travis Kelce joins cast of Ryan Murphy's FX horror series 'Grotesquerie')

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **13**
Speaking of producers, the last time I checked, this creepy producer/director was actually owed money by the former bar star and not the other way around. Randall Emmett/Jax Taylor/”Vanderpump Rules” (Jax Taylor Blasts Lala Kent’s “Scumbag” Ex Randall Emmett On ‘WWHL’, Says Emmett Still Owes Him $75,000)

110.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **14**
The Step Mom: Over the past decade or so, this heir (Luke Henry Oliver Richard Berkeley Portman) to a peerage (Viscount Portman) (CURRENT: Christopher Portman, 10th Viscount Portman) has had 24 hour security and has a food taster. It seems strange for someone who is not actually a peer. Yes, the family has a great deal of money, but for the most part, the family is unknown. Oh sure, there was the relative (Justin Portman) who was married to the super model (Natalia Vodianova) for a bit. Anyway, the reason this heir takes all these precautions is because his stepmother (Patricia Martins Pim, now Viscountess (Lady) Portman) would love nothing more than for the heir to die so her oldest child (Matthew Portman) would then be the heir. When our heir was younger, there were any number of close calls with "accidents" that could have caused death. There was the robbery gone wrong where he might have been injured or killed, but the robber went to the wrong house. Our heir says he has had food poisoning dozens of times in his life, including since he moved out a decade ago. He is always on guard and paranoid and it has affected how he lives each day. He is constantly paranoid about being killed. If he was, then the billion or so dollars would also not have to be divided in as many different ways
. Luke Henry Oliver Richard Berkeley Portman/”Viscount Portman”/Christopher Portman, 10th Viscount Portman/Justin Portman/Natalia Vodianova/Patricia Martins Pim, now Viscountess (Lady) Portman/Matthew Portman

The roaster who has been accused of underage sexual relationships gave some of his surplus jokes to another roaster. Jeff Ross/”Tom Brady Roast”

Speaking of the roast, this 1.0 version of the one who dates the A+ list singer barely used the teleprompter and improvised most of his roast. Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski/Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift/”Tom Brady Roast” (Rob Gronkowski brutally injured girl in crowd at Tom Brady roast by spiking shot glass, says Andrew Schulz: 'Her whole cheek is red')

The mother of the permanent A list "singer" spoke to the singer's brother this past week about a conservatorship. Lynne Spears/Britney Spears/Brian Spears

The rebooted dog and cat cartoon is awful. None of the original writers were allowed to be involved because the network wanted something very politically correct. “Shnookums & Meat” (Disney's Forgotten Ripoff of a Popular '90s Cartoon Didn't Last Very Long)

This red headed newlywed was disappointed that her A list actor husband didn’t attend the Met Gala. She was hoping to use the event for more self-promotion as she has done the entire time since they have been dating.


This long time permanent A list mostly television actor almost let it slip this week that he is gay. Tom Selleck (Tom Selleck Says He Danced with Princess Diana to Calm John Travolta Gossip)

This A- list Oscar winner didn't exactly refute the charges made against him in a recent lawsuit. Cuba Gooding Jr. (Cuba Gooding Jr. speaks out on Lil Rod’s allegations against him, claiming he’s just an easy target)

It is a good thing this Housewife already finished filming her latest season. Next year, she won't have any money. That was part of the deal her boyfriend made with the feds. There is going to be some heavy restitution. Jennifer Pedranti/“Real Housewives of Orange County“/Ryan Boyajian (Ohtani’s ex-interpreter reportedly wired money to ‘Real Housewives’ star to pay gambling debts)

If there is another season of the bar show, and that looks very doubtful right now, the aggrieved one who thinks she is now a superstar wants at least double what the next highest cast member makes. “Vanderpump Rules”/Ariana Maddix

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **10**
On that same network, this former southern star has been raiding the bank accounts of a guy she met at a casino. "Bravo"/Kathryn Dennis/”Southern Charm” (Kathryn Dennis Announces a Big Life Change: "This Girl Is Going Back...")

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **11**
The former sugarbaby thought she was going to get her own spinoff on the network to discuss her life event. She isn't. Her Q ratings are not good enough. Lala Kent/"Lauren from Utah"/”Vanderpump Rules” (Lala Kent in ‘early talks’ to join ‘The Valley’ after cryptic ‘Pump Rules’ finale) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/15/19)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **12**
This former wrestling valet used to have to sit at bars alone until men would approach her. Then, her wrestler boyfriend would appear and scare the guy off. She hated this little game and one night walked out with the guy who picked her up at the bar. Sherri Martel/Jake the Snake Roberts (“Dark Side” Of Sherri Martel Pretty Sad Not “Sensational”)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **13**
The three named reality star/celebrity is actually going to do what was teased last month. Start an OnlyFans. Gypsy Rose Blanchard (
Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard on OnlyFans? Account Appears With Her Name After Ryan Anderson Split) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/29/24)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **14**
Small Town - Part Two: You can find the first part here. The woman in the original blind moved to that tiny town to be with him. She reportedly sold everything she owns and left her kids with relatives. She apparently has big money from a settlement after her husband died in some kind of accident. The reality star has been accused of several sexual assaults in the past and is rumored to have convinced her to buy him a house. This is also being discussed on Reddit. The reality star is lying to his followers on Instagram currently claiming he's up in the mountains camping. He's not. He's helping his new sugar mama unpack at her new house. He can't let his followers know this though, because the women will unfollow in droves and it will also disrupt his narrative. Our reality star has been stringing along multiple women and has manipulated the latest one into paying his bills. There are also rumors he's not sober even though he claims to be. People have reached out to the woman's family members. They are very, very upset about what is going on but can't do anything.

What wasn't seen in the strangest of strange encounters at a private club were the two Russian hookers that the pair of men left inside. Sean Penn/Hunter Biden/”Soho House” (Sean Penn puffs a cigarette, hangs with Hunter Biden at Soho House in Malibu)

If the current schedule holds true, the offspring of this actress and her singer husband will only have one parent for the next several months. If the rumors of the split are true, that would obviously seem to be extended. Malti Marie Chopra Jonas/Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra enjoys family time with daughter Malti Marie)

The former singer turned A- list actress couldn't even let the A- list celebrity even have an afternoon of attention focused on her without the actress wanting to steal some of the spotlight. Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Selena Gomez explained why she disabled Instagram comments just days before Hailey Bieber’s pregnancy news)

All told there are just five hours of activities spread over the time period the alliterate one and her husband will be in country. What really is the point? Oh yeah, the locally "sourced" coffee that will soon be in a gift basket headed to people who really don't want it. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Nigeria (Meghan Markle Thanks Nigeria for 'Welcoming Me Home' After Discovering Her Heritage)

This A list singer/radio channel host always seems his most happy around the talk show host/producer/radio host so it seems strange he is trying to discount their relationship. John Mayer/Andy Cohen (John Mayer Sets the Record Straight on His Friendship With Andy Cohen)

Just because this barely there celebrity offspring and an A+/A list mostly movie actor are in the same airport doesn't mean they are on the same flight. Gigi Hadid/Bradley Cooper (Gigi Hadid, 29, and Bradley Cooper, 49, arrive at JFK Airport in New York at the same time... as romance continues to heat up)

It looked as if this foreign born A- list actor who stars opposite actresses who also have other jobs was going to finally come out of the closet. His team decided he should wait. Nicholas Galitzine (Idea of You Actor Nicholas Galitzine Addresses Sexuality)

This number rapper who barely managed to beat immigration court is now being called out for being one of the many rappers who was with this alliterate celebrity long before she got out of high school. The age gap is not as bad as the rapper who watched people die or the one named after something you play, but still. 21 Savage/Rubi Rose/Travis Scott/The Game (Rubi Rose Interview From When She Was 21 Resurfaces Where She Admits To Dating Travis Scott & 21 Savage ‘When I Was Younger’)

If you ask the former wheelchair actor about what the very young at the time foreign born actress was doing on his yacht with him and then ask her, you will get completely different answers. Drake/Millie Bobby Brown (Here’s A Full Breakdown Of Drake’s Controversial Friendship With Millie Bobby Brown After He Name-Dropped Her In His Latest Kendrick Lamar Diss Track)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **10**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor is taking shots at his A list ex. He must really think she won't use the really bad stuff about him. He would be wrong. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie is accused of sabotaging her six kids' relationship with Brad Pitt - as ex bodyguard claims the actress was overheard telling the children to AVOID spending time with their devoted dad)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **11**
This former reality star from multiple shows has been trying the whole Christian grift thing but no one will give/loan her any money to start a church and she refuses to put any of her own money into it. That should tell you something right there. Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna's Evolution Over the Years)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **12**
This former A+ list rapper is personally auditioning potential po*n actresses for his studio. It is taking up most of his time. Kanye West (Kanye West Announces Plans For Yeezy Adult Entertainment Studio)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **13**
The lucky she is not in jail model is doing a solid for her offspring which I love, but the offspring was not set up. She was trying to get back at her parents for not giving her enough money and attention. Kimora Lee Simmons/Aoki Lee Simmons/Russell Simmons (Kimora Lee Simmons 'Embarrassed' Daughter Aoki Hooked Up with Older Man)

138.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **14**
Four For Friday - Bad Model Behavior
 #1 - This former A+ list model had to spend a solid year doing threesomes with her future husband's ex before he would finally agree to be serious about the model. It was then that she got so addicted to drugs.
#2 - This former Victoria's Secret model auctioned off her virginity for seven figures. The guy who paid was none the wiser that she had been sleeping with her boyfriend for two years. Adriana Lima (Adriana Lima, the Victoria's Secrets angel, says that she was virgin until she married at 27. Whereas in modelling, she has to expose a lot and that inevitably brings sex. Do you think that her claim is true?)
#3 - This eastern European model used to be A+ list. She also used to schedule shootings so she could get her heroin fix right before and right after shoots. She hated doing fashion week shows because she would need to find a place out of sight to shoot up multiple times a day. Eva Herzigova ('I know I don't look perfect')
#4 - This north of the border former A list model, could have been A+ list and could have been one of the biggest models ever but because of her addictions would never show up on time and frequently wouldn't show up at all
. Shalom Harlow (Shalom Harlow Is Back, But She's Doing Things a Bit Differently This Time)

The A list producer/wannabe rapper wants his former girlfriend who is an offspring of a do everything celebrity to come back into his life and do damage control by being his girlfriend again. All that will remind people of is how young she was the first time around. Sean “Diddy” Combs/Lori Harvey/Steve Harvey (Did Steve Harvey's Daughter Lori Date Diddy? Here's What She Said)

The snack Housewife should have been caught out on a date with the realtor and not her husband on the night of a split announcement. It reeks of setting up a storyline, but everyone wants the former and not the latter. Dorit Kemsley/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Mauricio Umansky/Pau “PK” Kemsley (REPORT: Paul “PK” Kemsley Storms Off After Chat With Mauricio Umansky, and Steps Out Looking “Frazzled” to Film RHOBH Season 14 Amid Separation, See Video as Insider Speaks on Marriage & Split From Dorit Kemsley)

Apparently the trip on the yacht back in the day with the former wheelchair actor and the barely a teen actress was not parentally supervised. Drake/Millie Bobby Brown (13 y.o. Millie Bobby Brown onboard Drake's yacht in 2017)

Speaking of the former wheelchair actor, what he claims were things to set up his rival are actually from a sting complete with footage of some very bad things the former actor did. It feels like he is going to have to write a very big check to someone to make it all go away. Drake/Kendrick Lamar (Drake And Kendrick Lamar’s Messy Feud Could Be Over After One Of The Rappers Seemingly Conceded Online)

This married former A+ list front man just can't stop using and when he can't stop using then he ends up in the arms of various groupies. Scott Stapp/”Creed” (Creed's Scott Stapp and Wife Jaclyn Divorcing After 18 Years of Marriage)

Would it shock you that the former A+ list athlete didn't get a jar of jelly? Meghan Markle/”American Riviera Orchard”/Serena Williams (Meghan Markle Seemingly Snubs Good Pal Serena Williams Over Mariah Carey in Formal Tribute)

This former southeast Housewife has a new project she is fired up about and thinks will make her millions. It won't. She also thinks it will get her back on the show. It won't. If she dishes who paid for her to do the project, that would definitely get her back on the show. 1000000%. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Lee “Bib Poppa” Najjar (Who Was Kim Zolciak’s Sugar Daddy, Big Poppa? Everything We Know About Lee Najjar)

This sometime wrestling promoter (Rob Zicara aka Rob Black) used to try and pay wrestlers with hundreds of homemade po*n DVD's (“Extreme Associates”). Rob Zicari aka Rob Black/”Extreme Associates”

Instead of taking shots at the snack Housewife, perhaps the recently dismissed Housewife will come clean on the origin story of how she met her husband. Crystal Kung Minkoff/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Dorit Kemsley/Rob Minkoff (Fans accuse Crystal Kung Minkoff of shading PK, Dorit Kemsley split with anniversary post)

Speaking of Housewives, this east coast Housewife could have just gone on Cameo like everyone else rather than the whole Zoom scam like thing she is pulling. Melissa Gorga/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”

No matter how much they tried, the studio couldn't get anyone to go watch the tennis movie, so they are sending it to streaming now to try and get it some more buzz. Prior to its release they were thinking Oscars. Nope. “Challengers” (When Will Challengers Be Available to Stream?)

Speaking of desperate, the frozen flavoring can't get any kind of traction on her most recent release which is really bad. And just like that, her career may be over. Ice Spice (Ice Spice Drops New Single and Video "Gimmie a Light")

The A list everything in her mind celebrity still might end up canceling more of her tour dates to make it "more special" and "exclusive." Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez hits back at tour cancellation rumours)

Speaking of concerts being canceled, this permanent A list singer who can often be late for shows, didn't even bother coming into town before she canceled her show last night. Anita Baker (Anita Baker Cancels ATL Show at Last Minute, Upends Mother's Day Gifts)

Her first book has been a massive success. Nearly two years on the best seller list. Her publisher wants the former teen actress to come out with another, but they are arguing about how salacious it needs to be. Jennette McCurdy/”I'm Glad My Mom Died” (Jennette McCurdy releases audiobook after ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ spends 80 weeks as NYT bestseller)

One way to get people to stop talking about you and the alliterate celebrity and how underage she was when you were sleeping with her is to have people start speculating your legal age rapper girlfriend is pregnant
. 21 Savage/Rubi Rose/Latto (Rubi Rose's relationships with Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and deleted Tweets uncovered) (Boo’d & Ink’d Up? Fans Are Convinced 21 Savage Got A New Tattoo For His Long-Rumored Girlfriend Latto)

Of course she wants people to start thinking she is pregnant again. It gives the alliterate one a lot of attention. Plus, it will be great cover for when she gets the new breasts she wants. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle Honors Son Archie by Rewearing the Blazer She First Wore While Pregnant With Him)

Keeping with the alliterate theme, this foreign born singer was a mess this weekend when she visited a series of bars to try and get people excited about her new single. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello and Lil Nas X surprise fans as they celebrate new collab at Heart in West Hollywood after getting 'stuck on an elevator for an hour')

It feels like he has been around forever but this A- list rapper is just in his mid twenties. He was passed around by everyone in the industry and is now telling all to the FBI.

The taking a leave of absence pastor is hoping none of the threesome women are going to come forward to tell their stories. John-Paul Miller (Mica Miller's pastor husband sent her twisted email saying he wants to 'attack and cause pain' instead of forgiving her as divorce documents reveal he was accused of rampant adultery)

The lead singer of this band that has quite the resurgence over the past year thanks to a baseball team, got a taste of the good life once again and wanted out of his marriage. He is playing the victim though. Scott Stapp/”Creed”/”Texas Rangers” (How Creed songs became Texas Rangers' unofficial soundtrack for 2023 World Series run) (Creed singer Scott Stapp shares cryptic post about 'leaving opponent with their dignity' after wife Jaclyn files for divorce for THIRD time following 20 years of marriage)

People left the foreign born former A+ list rapper's concert in droves when it got to the three hour late point and there was no sign she was going to show up. Nicki Minaj

Reader Blind: Thousands of predators live on the service (“Telegram”) which was founded in March 2013. These predators share illegal images with each other and had a hand in having educational predator hunter videos removed from YouTube. They didn’t want potential victims to watch them and recognize if they were being groomed. These predators also want the average person to think that they are untouchable and cannot be charged if they did not meet the minors they groom. That is  a lie. Just ask the Preds who were caught by the LC Predator Catcher, Prevent a Predator and People V Preds. The Kung Fu rapper makes secret donations to them to keep kids safe. “Telegram”/Kendrick Lamar

Three years ago the loud feline (Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty) did save two companies from extinction. One probably for a good long time, and wanted to give the other one a fighting chance and to make some money for himself too. So, he came back to do just that. Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty/”Gamestop” (GameStop short squeeze)

I'm not sure there is any coke left in the UK after this hot as fire right now actor who is probably a one hit wonder, went through a ton last night at after party. Richard Gadd/”Baby Reindeer”/”2024 BAFTA Television Awards” (Baby Reindeer 'stalker' Jessica Gunning  joins dapper co-star Richard Gadd at the BAFTA Television Awards 2024 after 'real' Martha's bombshell interview with Piers Morgan)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **10**
Reader Blind: Did the British West DJ (Tim Westwood) really try to silence a vlogger for reporting on his crimes? Silly silly nasty rabbit. There is a mole in team who secretly works for the corporation (“Global Media & Entertainment”) he was fired from. They are monitoring him. The corporation is embarrassed that they have at least two predators on their books now. The other one died in 2011. If he sues anyone for reporting on his sex crimes the defendant could ask the corporation to turn the results of their investigation into a court. They don’t want that to happen. The DJ could also be forced to turn his own phone records in for discovery. He doesn’t want that to happen. Not only because of what may be in his gallery (ew) but because it would reveal which artists he is still in contact with. You’d be surprised by how many black men still talk to a colonizer who hunted girls who are the same age as their own children. There is a reason some artists over here call artists over there s*uts. They’ll do anything for money. Tim Westwood/”Global Media & Entertainment”

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **11**
This foreign born A/A- list actor intended to bring a very very recent girlfriend as his date to the BAFTA's last night. On the way to the event he asked her to perform oral sex on him. She told him she could barely even move in the dress she was wearing and there was a driver two feet away. Our actor asked the driver to pull over and made the woman leave. He then attended last night solo.

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **12**
Reader Blind: The Canadian rapper’s (Drake) label want the beef to end because their internal data will show that he is losing fans to the Butterfly rapper (Kendrick Lamar). Do you know who else wishes he could use a neuralizer on the public? The Jehovah Witness pred (Chris Stokes). Someone should ask him why he sends cease and desist letters to journalists but never follows through with a lawsuit. Three words. The Streisand Effect. That’s why he didn’t sue the Pink lady (Nicki Minaj) for what she said about him in her Flames song (“Up in Flames“). The zinger comes in at 1 minute 46. Or why he is too afraid to go after the Bad Boy South rapper (Yung Joc) for what he said in his Lookin song (
"Lookin Boy"). That zinger comes in at 1 minute 40 in the video. Both are “defamatory”. Right? Drake/Kendrick Lamar/Chris Stokes/Nicki Minaj/”Up in Flames”/Yung Joc/"Lookin Boy"

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **13**
 Seems the Doctor and the Doctor's Daughter aren't as lovey as they used to be. David Tennant/”Doctor Who”/Peter Davison/Georgia Tennant (David Tennant and Georgia Tennant attend the BAFTA Television Awards 2024 with P&O Cruises at The Royal Festival Hall on May 12, 2024)

168.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/13 **14**
She's Back: This foreign born celebrity used to be A list. Then, she got greedy and tried to do twofers by sending her underage female recruits all over the world to wealthy businessman, while also using the girls to smuggle coke. Many of her recruits were also the ones who would show up at "modeling competitions" which were nothing more than auction markets for the wealthy. She is back now and has been supplying only female recruits this time and no drugs that I know of, but her recruits are transported to areas used as rest and recreation for troops fighting in wars and other conflicts. Often times she is actually paid by the specific governments themselves which should also give her more protection against arrest. There are recruits who are legal but there are just as many who are not but have been given fake papers or the arriving countries just forget to look at the age in the passports
. Priyanka Chopra (Sex racket fiasco: I had no clue, says Priyanka Chopra)

This barely there celebrity had her friend take the photo of her kissing the A list actor/probable Emmy nominee. Gigi Hadid/Bradley Cooper

Speaking of offspring, this barely there offspring who used to be higher on the list and is one of the lower on the list in her family had been out of the religion before they forced her back in, so it isn't shocking she is openly rebelling against them now. Bijou Phillips Masterson/Scientology (All the single ladies! Bijou Phillips parties in LA after quitting Scientology - as rapist ex-husband Danny Masterson's request for bail is DENIED 'because he has no wife to go home to')

The former Disney actress turned singer thinks her new relationship is rainbows and unicorns. She should talk to his ex and ask her about the all the times he got wasted and came after her. Barry Keoghan/Sabrina Carpenter/Alyson Sandro (Sabrina Carpenter's Boyfriend Barry Keoghan Threw Her a 25th Birthday Party Featuring a Leonardo DiCaprio-Inspired Cake) (Barry Keoghan's Relationship History Isn't As Squeaky Clean As Fans Have Been Led To Believe) (‘Eternals’ Actor Barry Keoghan Arrested in Dublin for Public Intoxication)

The flowering financial institution has made herself clear. Adults in their 40's are allowed to be with 16 and 17 year old. She said she did it and it is fine. Azealia Banks (Azealia Banks Criticizes Kendrick Lamar for Calling Drake a Pedophile When Age of Consent Is 16)

This letting it get to her head A list celebrity chef is hooking up with lots of people who are not her significant other.

Speaking of things getting to their head, this A list director made sure she was front and center for the press photos and questions at this annual festival. She was taking the spotlight. Greta Gerwig/”Barbie”/”2024 Cannes Film Festival” (Cannes Jury, President Greta Gerwig Bombarded With Political Questions at Lively Opening Presser)

Reader Blind: Why have the foreign blogs in the tea and crumpet country (“Great Britain”) gone radio silent about the allegations their rappers are battling? They are afraid they could be injured if they speak out because they know how violent they are. That is why victims are speaking to people in other countries to be heard. So, here’s a list of people who may or may not want to tread carefully if they don’t want end up like the Porta Papi (Dutchavelli). The Halo artist (Bakar) whose name may or not may not rhyme with Jafar. The handsome Praise rapper (Skepta) whose friends beat, kidnap and torture women. These friends envy his looks and he ignores their crimes. Any rapper using music as a front for county lines and “Street Profit” (Kana Kush). The “Opposite of Fast Asian Country” rapper (Slowthai) who is in a relationship with the Alarm singer. And the female rapper (Stefflon Don) who may or may not know that the deceased Pop rapper was with her sister (Princess Diamz) who was underage at the time. Ew. “Great Britain”/Dutchavelli/Bakar/Skepta/Kana Kush/Slowthai/Stefflon Don/Princess Diamz

It wasn't that the late night host was cropped out of a photo, it was that it was the paper of record and they cropped out 90% of him from the photo at the big event last week, but the 10% left was enough to identify him. He thinks it was done on purpose to humiliate him. Andy Cohen/"New York Times"/”2024 Met Gala”

This talk show host is not the best at what they do. They know it. They also feel stuck doing it and are going to find a way to walk away from it in the next few months for an acting role. Jennifer Hudson (Jennifer Hudson talks success and renewal of her talk show)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **10**
Reader Blind: If the foreign born replay singer (Rihanna) is really friends with The Elevator Couple (Beyoncé & Jay-Z) why is she also best friends with the Unlocked blogger (Jason Lee) who has been threatening to expose something embarrassing about them? Maybe she feels bad about what went down with the singer with No Daddy (Teairra Mari) and secretly hates the Elevator couple. Maybe. Rihanna/Beyoncé & Jay-Z/Jason Lee/Teairra Mari

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **11**
This A list reality star who now acts and produces says she was given one of her vehicles by the company of the celebrity CEO. She would never have bought herself. Kim Kardashian/Elon Musk/toy “Tesla Cybertruck” (Kris Jenner gifts Kim Kardashian’s son Psalm a $1,500 toy Tesla Cybertruck for 5th birthday)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **12**
Reader Blind: The Teflon female rapper (Stefflon Don) slept with the foreign born wheelchair rapper (Drake) for a verse. She took the verse to a label and used it to get a deal worth half a million dollars but then found out that the wheelchair rapper wouldn’t give her clearance to use it. Nasty work. He never respected her family and gossips about them relentlessly which is how tea mongers over here heard about them. But, the family knows a lot about him. Maybe it was a coincidence that the Dutch rapper’s (Dutchavelli) DMs were leaked in the same month his EP dropped. You know, the EP the Dutch rapper told the wheelchair rapper he wanted him to promote as a favor for a favor. What was the favor? And how did whoever hacked his pages know what they would find in there? Maybe you could ask the non-Homophobic British rapper (Central Cee) whose face you Cee when you search for the Dutch rapper on the picture app. Or ask the Attached British singer (Imani Williams) whose name sounds like a European fashion brand (“Armani”) how old she was when the Dutch rapper went after her. Or you could just ask the butch Taz man-lady (Ketrina "Taz" Askew) or the Zulu Nation pred (Afrika Bambaataa) from the Bronx? Oh they don’t know the Dutch rapper, but maybe they can tell him how to stay out of jail after being accused of Elvis Presley/Ian Watkins crimes. They have gone years without being investigated by the authorities. Or have they? Tick Tock. Stefflon Don/Drake/Dutchavelli/Central Cee/Imani Williams/”Armani”/Ketrina "Taz" Askew/Afrika Bambaataa (Disgraced paedophile Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins, 42, has 10 months added to his 29-year jail term after hiding phone up his rear so he could use it to contact ex-lover)

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **13**
I'm confused. If the alliterate one really thinks of the country she just visited as home, then why not use the title they gave her rather than the one she says she hates. Oh, she really doesn't hate it does she? Oh, and was that one of her assistants who is now the owner of the traditional outfit that was gifted to her. Regifting already? Meghan Markle/Nigeria/“Adetokunbo”/Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Meghan visited Nigeria as a duchess and left an African princess) (Meghan Markle Wears Traditional Skirt Gifted to Her in Nigeria After Admitting She Needs to 'Wear More Color') (All the looks Meghan Markle wore on her trip to Nigeria, ranked)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/14 **14**
The Big Loss: Even to this day, you can tell this former A list singer (Paula Abdul) is still really upset with went on back in the day with her at the time A list mostly movie actor husband (Emilio Estevez/Relationship). Our singer wanted kids. That was her thing. The thing she wanted most in any relationship. She didn't want to have then outside of marriage. She already had a traumatic experience a decade prior when her boyfriend (Jackie Jackson) at the time made her get an abortion. There was going to be no more of that. She gets married and gets pregnant to our actor and our actor immediately is angry all the time and is threatening a divorce and wants her to get an abortion and is just making her life miserable. Day in and day out her life is awful. Then one day, she loses the baby and within a week our actor files for divorce. Our singer then went on a very long binge of self medication and to this day has a very hard time discussing her past and what happened in that relationship
. Paula Abdul/Emilio Estevez/Jackie Jackson

The only reason this former A/A- list mostly television actress can't talk about a death that happened thirty years ago is if she knew for sure who gave the person the drink that killed him. That person is still alive. Christina Applegate/River Phoenix/”Viper Room” death (John Frusciante) (Inside Christina Applegate's Sad Connection To River Phoenix)
(Did John Frusciante kill River Phoenix?)

No matter what city she is in, the A list everything in her mind celebrity loves looking at places to live. She likes the attention and fawning over her. All it does though is convince everyone she is getting divorced sooner rather than later. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are ‘Headed for a Divorce,’ He ‘Already Moved Out’) (Jennifer Lopez Goes House Hunting in L.A. with Friend, No Ben in Sight)

The host and singer finally confirmed what we all knew - she used medication help to lose 60 pounds, not walking and cutting out refined sugar.  In her announcement she stressed that she didn't use Ozempic because she just signed a major money, multi-platform deal to serve as the launch spokesperson for newly FDA approved weight loss shot Zepbound (Mounjaro for diabetes patients).  Zepbound does the two things Ozempic does plus burns fat. The commercials will begin during the summer when Eli Lilly manufacturing catches up with demand and in September product integration will start on her show.  Amazing how a multi-million-dollar deal is the catalyst to honesty for some people. Kelly Clarkson/”Ozempic” (Kelly Clarkson sets record straight on Ozempic rumors, says she started medication after 'bloodwork got so bad')

If you think what this permanent A list did to women on the set of his most recent movie, you should hear about what happened on that movie he filmed in the jungle. Francis Ford Coppola/”Megalopolis”/”Apocalypse Now” (Francis Ford Coppola, 85, accused of trying 'to kiss topless and scantily clad female extras' on set of his forthcoming film Megalopolis)

The girlfriend (Kelly Piquet) of this Formula 1 driver (Max Verstappen) slept a couple of times with one of his arch rivals (
Esteban Ocon) until he kicked her out after a few nights together. Kelly Piquet/Max Verstappen/Esteban Ocon (Kelly Piquet Ditches Boyfriend Max Verstappen to Hail Her “Best Travel Buddy” in Her Latest Social Media Activity) (Max Verstappen and Girlfriend Kelly Piquet Enjoy Japan With Daughter P In Beautiful Moment)

This franchise had to fire three Housewives to afford one returned one who won't even have a decent story line this year. “Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Shereé Whitfield, Marlo Hampton and Sanya Richards-Ross/Porsha Williams (The Real Housewives of Atlanta Sets Cast for Season 16 After Shakeup: Meet the New Housewives)

The word is out and it is going to be much more difficult this year for the sports guy to get people to accept invitations to his annual party. Michael Rubin/”White Party” (Michael Rubin’s white party invitations to guests Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian and more are illustrations by acclaimed artist George Condo) (Wayment! Meek Mill Explains Resurfaced Video Of Him Doing “Bunny Hops” For Michael Rubin)

I told you two months ago and a month ago and even last week and now the always second place wannabe A++ lister is finally forcing her donors out into the light in hopes of attracting more. There is still no shot at winning. It kind of feels griftish. Nikki Haley (Nikki Haley reemerges to thank big donors, not expected to endorse Trump)

The bodyguard of this A- list actress beat up her most recent boyfriend. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Are 'Taking Things One Day at a Time' Amid Ups and Downs) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/17/23)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **10**
Over the course of the next several years, this music conglomerate will have a new label that is filled with nothing but AI music. So far, with the limited amounts they have done, they are making a fortune. No artist to pay. No royalties to pay. Plus, they are teaming up with satellite radio to provide them with many channels of music that will have a flat rate of royalties  paid to the label that is a fraction of what the satellite radio pays now. “Universal Music Group”/”SiriusXM”

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **11**
The head of this foreign charity (“African Parks”) that is under fire, tried multiple times without success to get a meeting with the ginger haired one to discuss what steps should be taken. The ginger haired one has washed his hands of the whole thing and pretends he was never a part of it. Peter Fearnhead/“African Parks”/Prince Harry (Harry's Africa charity rangers 'raped and beat tribespeople': Rainforest families claim years of abuse at the hands of guards who work for conservation body which has Prince as a director - and beg him to intervene)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **12**
The amount of anger directed towards the producers that gave this A list actor his big break on their television show is crazy. He told them there will be no cameos and no participation at all from him in the new version of the show. John Krasinski/”The Office” (Steve Carell, John Krasinski reveal whether they will return to ‘The Office’ spinoff at premiere of 'IF’)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **13**
Instead of being with someone who he will always think has other motives, this A+/A list NBA player pays two women to alternate weeks with him and pays them each several hundred thousand dollars a year to be with him. If they get clingy or ask him for anything, he replaces them.

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **14**
This A list comic/podcaster is about to be sued for sexual assault/harassment. The wrestler co-host will also be sued as a part of it. Bobby Lee/Logan Paul (George Janko accuses comedian Bobby Lee of sexually harassing him on IMPAULSIVE podcast)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **15**
You Should Pay: The story for public consumption, if you can even find it anywhere at this point, was that this foreign born A list actress had a very wealthy man supporting her and backing/financing her when she first started out here. It was in much the same vein as the permanent A list actress (Halle Berry) who is an Oscar winner/nominee. The thing is though, the guy (John Ronan) who gave the latter money actually sued her for it later in life. If you tried that with the former, you would have ended up dead. Apparently, all of the goodies and luxuries our foreign born actress acquired was just really money laundering for drug money. Yes, she did have a guy that took care of her, but that just led to her former friends and acquaintances to see a good place and idea to hide cash and soon not only did our actress have multiple properties in her name, but there were other aspiring artists who also had multiple properties and lots of jewels. At least one of those artists ended up dead when they tried to sell one of the properties and not share the profit with her "lender
." Salma Hayek; Sofía Vergara; Ana de Armas/Halle Berry & John Ronan (Halle Berry’s Ex-Boyfriend Sued Her for $80,000 Over an Expensive Misunderstanding)

This A list mostly television actress who can seemingly do any type role is cheating on her significant other with a much much younger person. Sarah Paulson/Holland Taylor (Sarah Paulson Doesn’t Live with Girlfriend Holland Taylor After Nearly 10 Years as a Couple)

Speaking of A listers, this A+ list actor has been trying to make plans to see his kids for Father's Day next month and they have all said no. Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt Praises ‘Very Beautiful’ Daughter Shiloh: ‘Brings a Tear to the Eye’ (Exclusive))

The only time this A- list singer/actress is nice to her boyfriend is when it is for the cameras. Selena Gomez/Benny Blanco

This former A+ list rapper who might not ever release another record again, was cheated on by her husband multiple times in the past year, so of course it makes sense for them to have another baby together. Cardi B/Offset (Cardi B reportedly pregnant, will still perform at Coachella)

This former Disney actress is being investigated for money laundering and drug trafficking. Skai Jackson (The Internet Had a Big Problem With Skai Jackson's Mother's Day Photo Shoot, But Did You?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/01/24)

In the span of his two week leave three months ago, this A+ list K-pop star got at least three women in the Philippines pregnant. The record label is trying to pay all of them off now.

Considering the history of this network and the anchors that have hosted their nightly news over the years, but this eye network is seriously contemplating dropping their nightly news broadcast. “CBS”

This married A list mostly movie actor has multiple franchises and is hooking up with the daughter of one of his co-stars.

Wait. The pro athlete who has taken all the heat this week isn't even the father of the kids he is always posing with? Harrison Butker (NFL responds after Harrison Butker’s controversial graduation speech goes viral)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **10**
This foreign born barely hanging on to A- list actress is using a rental property for her social media photos of her own home. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra shares photo of newly renovated $20 million LA mansion after it became ‘virtually unliveable’ due to mold infestation)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **11**
There is apparently a video of what went down after the alliterate one and the pro golfer got wet for charity/social media likes back in the day. Meghan Markle/Rory McIlroy (Meghan Markle sparked Rory McIlroy romance rumours after 'unexpected' challenge and cosy dinner)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **12**
This stand up comic has more underage women coming for him than the magician. Chris D'Elia/David Copperfield (Whitney Cummings On Chris D'Elia Sexual Harassment Accusations: ''I'm Devastated and Enraged'')

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **13**
This foreign born permanent A list model who uses ONE name used to love posing nude and having kids in the background of her photos. Iman (Iman reflects on photographer’s claim she was a ‘goat herder’ when he ‘discovered’ her) (Nude)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **14**
He Quit: This former wrestler/football player (#1) (Ahmed Johnson) was hated by everyone he worked with and this blind is another of those reasons. He did a lot of coke at the height of his fame. This now dead alliterate wrestler (#2) (Chris Candido) and his then girlfriend (#3) (Tammy "Sunny" Sytch) also did a lot of coke. They once ran through their cash but were desperate for coke. They asked #1 for an eight ball on credit. He laughed and said, "I don't believe in credit. But we can barter." #2 asked what he wanted and #1 said he wanted #3. #2 offered her up and said not to hurt her. Twenty minutes later #1 finishes with #3 and she leaves his room with the tiny, paper envelope. Instead of going back and using it with #2, she did the coke with this A+ list wrestler (#4) (Shawn Michaels) and spent the night in his room. A few hours later #2 starts banging on the door of #1 looking for #3 and can't find her and #1 says he has no idea where # is. The next morning #2 still hasn't seen #3 so he goes to the front desk where he runs into #4. #4 walks up to #2 and pushes a nostril close, sniffs, and says, "Thanks for the bump." #2 gets into a huge argument with #3 and then goes to the higher ups at wrestling and quits on the spot and ended his wrestling career
#1: Ahmed Johnson
#2: Chris Candido
#3: Tammy "Sunny" Sytch
#4: Shawn Michaels

It is no coincidence that this sports league made sure one if it's teams would be playing really close to a stadium where this A+ list singer would be performing. “NFL”/”Kansas City Chiefs” at "Buffalo Bills"/Toronto//Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Toronto concert tickets: Price to see Chiefs vs. Bills Eras Tour show)

Apparently, if you are the three named singing muse you grew up poor if you were taking private plane flights and your dad made millions. When exactly was she poor and why does she go after fans who call her out about it? Lana Del Rey (Some fans have turned on Lana Del Rey. Here's a complete timeline of how the singer soured her own reputation)

This A-list actor is an Oscar winner/nominee and is back to booze and coke big time and he looks rough. Ben Affleck (What Ben Affleck refused to do in Jennifer Lopez marriage before split rumors)

This married permanent A list actor from a Hollywood family brought two of his female "employees" with him overseas. Nicolas Cage

Apparently this A+ list country singer hasn't learned his lesson. He was hammered last night. Morgan Wallen (Cowboy hats and boots: Morgan Wallen parking lot scene at MetLife Stadium)

Speaking of drunk singers, this foreign born A+/A list singer said a drunk singer was super aggressive and rude in hitting on her last night but doesn't want to tell his name. Dua Lipa/”ACM Awards” (Dua Lipa Looks Incredible in Two Totally Different Sheer Gowns at the ACM Awards)

This A list female country singer brought her secret girlfriend to town with her, but not to the actual award show. Lainey Wilson/”AMC Awards” (Lainey Wilson Goes Shirtless in Cowboy Chic Look on ACM Awards Red Carpet)

This former Disney actor turned A/A- list adult actor has been spending his time at a film festival hooking up with a former co-star. Shia LaBeouf/Charlotte Gainsbourg/”The 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival”

The first word on the cooking project is that it isn't good. The alliterate one is not as bad as the celebrity offspring, but it was described as robotic and fake. Meghan Markle/Brooklyn Beckham (Meghan Markle Is Hosting a Cooking Show — Here's What We Know)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **10**
It was not the alliterate "boyfriend" she was holding on to like he was her savior while at this festival. The A- list singer/actress seemed much more happy and relaxed with the guy overseas. Selena Gomez/Edgar Ramierz/”The 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival”/Benny Blanco (Selena Gomez, Édgar Ramírez and Zoe Saldana attend the "Emilia Perez" red carpet during The 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 18, 2024 in Cannes, France)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **11**
This A list mostly movie actress is an Oscar winner and is set to say some not very nice things about a former co-star who bullied her. Faye Dunaway/Bette Davis (Faye Dunaway's wildest moments! Fiery Oscar-winner locked horns with Bette Davis, publicly slammed Andrew Lloyd Webber for sacking her and was accused of SLAPPING crew member - as documentary set for Cannes debut)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **12**
Apparently, the reason the wife of this elected official to a national office filed for divorce so quickly is because she was sent a few recordings of an intimate nature. No one is sure why they were sent or by whom. The mistress? Rich McCormick/”Republican U.S. House of Representatives”/Debra Miller McCormick/Beth Van Duyne (Glamorous GOP Rep. Beth Van Duyne breaks her silence on love affair with married Georgia Republican Rich McCormick)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **13**
This on again off again national news anchor/host is already cheating on their brand new significant other.

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **14**
Four For Friday -Ditched At The Altar (Or Really Close)
#1 - This prolific baby making actor from an acting family left this former A list television actress just before they were to be married. The actress has not had much of a career since her very hit show went off the air. Alec Baldwin/Janine Turner/”Northern Exposure”
#2 - This at the time A- list actor got a very big check to walk away from at the time this A- list actress right before they were set to marry. Chris Klein/Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise & Scientology
#3 - This actress was A- list and headed to A list with her own show at one point. She walked away from a guy who was going to out  her and steal all her money if they got married. Ellen DeGeneres/”Ellen”/Johnathon Schaech
#4 - If you listen to this former franchise movie actress which she had when she was much younger and who had a career resurgence over the past year or two tell it, she and the former A+ list mostly movie actor were going to get married in Vegas, but the line to get the marriage license was too long. Then, the next day he broke it off with her. Neve Campbell/”Scream”/John Cusack

This permanent A list female rapper always puts on a great show. But when you haven’t had a hit in two decades, you can’t expect to fill an arena with Taylor Swift-level ticket prices. Expect some date cancellations or ticket deals on Groupon. Missy Elliot (Missy Elliott Adds New Dates To The 'Out Of This World Tour'); Lil Kim (Lil Kim Announces Comeback Tour This Summer With “Somebody Special”)

Nobody believes the hateful political podcaster’s claim that his stream was hacked by a foreign government’s elite unit. Nick Fuentes (White supremacist Nick Fuentes streams gay adult content, claims hack by pro-Israel group)

This American sports media mogul is racking up millions in sports gambling debt. Typically in the media business the advertiser pays the media outlet, not the other way around. Dave Portnoy (Dave Portnoy Sounds Off, Says Stock Market Is Rigged To Screw Over The Little Guy)

90's Limo Driver: The driver picked up the former female talk show host/comedian and her partner, and two or three adopted kids at a home in Beverly Hills and was to take them to LAX. It was the usual hectic start to a trip with young children, strapping them in, getting all the luggage situated, etc. The former talk show host (recently in the news) was nice enough to the driver, unlike the other former female gay talk show host, who was beyond condescending when he drove her. Once on the road, the driver noticed the former talk show host cussed like a sailor in front of the children. The former talk show host got on a phone call to one of her associates, and every syllable out of her mouth dripped with venom and sarcasm. This toxic conversation went on all the way to LAX. Once she hung up, she launched into a profanity driven diatribe to her partner. When the driver dropped them off at the terminal, the former talk show host tipped him a twenty, which in those days was enough to buy two packs of Parliament Lights, a twelve pack of Budweiser, and a Whopper combo. Better than a sharp stick in the eye, and the driver was very glad he didn’t get on her wrong side. Rosie O'Donnell/Kelli Carpenter/Ellen DeGeneres

This on again off again Teen Mom has been seeing a guy for about two weeks and is already trying to get pregnant. Amber Portwood/Gary (Teen Mom: Everything We Know About Amber Portwood's New Boyfriend Gary)

There has been enough buzz and talk about the old relationship that the family of this dead woman want the police to reopen the investigation into her death and speak to the producer/wannabe rapper. Kim Porter/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Kim Porter’s Alleged Friend Kola Boof Claims Pneumonia Can Be “Faked So Easily”)

I thought this A- list celebrity everyone hates unless they need a favor from her like the alliterate one, quit drinking. Judging by those recent events, it doesn't look like it. Chrissy Teigen/Meghan Markle (TikToker Claims Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Kicked Group Out of Photo Booth)

Unlike this cooking foreign born celebrity (#1) or this married foreign born A-/B+ list actress (#2) or this married A- list actress who quit acting for a while (#3) or this now divorced A- list actor (#4) and hundreds more, at least this initialed A list singer/rapper (#5) admitted she was a long term sugarbaby
#1: Nigella
#2: Priyanka Chopra
#3: Cameron Diaz
#4: Channing Tatum
#5: SZA

The half dollar rapper has a more publicized history of bad behavior so he will probably go down prior to the permanent A list rapper who is much better at hiding his atrocities. 50 Cent/Jay-Z (50 Cent Continues JAY-Z Jabs, Claims He’s In Hiding Following Diddy Allegations)

Suddenly, the foreign born superhero doesn't want to play opposite his new co-star. He is trying to get out of his gig. Tom Holland/Francesca Amewudah-Rivers/”Romeo & Juliet” (Tom Holland Is 'Beyond Proud' of New Romeo & Juliet Production After First Preview Performance)

This A list singer is trying to become an A list country singer which is how he started and bombed. He needs rehab first though. Post Malone (Post Malone Debuts New Country Song, Plays ‘I Had Some Help’ at the 2024 ACM Awards)

This alliterate rapper was reminded as recently as Wednesday there are videos of him with other men doing sexual things. It is supposed to keep him in line. Meek Mill (Wayment! Meek Mill Explains Resurfaced Video Of Him Doing “Bunny Hops” For Michael Rubin)

With the new light being shone on the death of the former significant other of the producer/wannabe rapper, people are just now discovering that the significant other of the reality matriarch was on the scene even before police or the coroner could get there. That reality family is always on the verge of everything shady. Kim Porter/Sean “Diddy” Combs/Corey Gamble/Kris Jenner/Kardashians (Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble Caught Up in Diddy Conspiracy Theory)

What isn't mentioned in the new pay cable documentary about the permanent A list actress is her two decade coke addiction. Faye Dunaway/”HBO”/”Faye” (‘Faye’ Review: The Legendary Dunaway Reveals All About Co-Stars, Lovers, Movies & Her Bipolar Disorder In Compelling HBO Documentary – Cannes Film Festival)

The felon boyfriend of the permanent A list "singer" supposedly threatened the life of the manager or at least to beat him. That probably isn't good. Paul Soliz/Britney Spears/Cade Hudson (Britney Spears’ boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, is a ‘deadbeat’ cheater with at least 9 kids, ex claims)

I don't think anyone is shocked to hear the three named actor groomed his A- list actress ex. Did anyone believe they really started dating the second she turned 18
? Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox (Relationship) (Brian Austin Green's ex alleges Megan Fox was 'groomed' by him)

242. POPBITCH 05/20
(British blog) Which big-time comedian – who loves to make out that he's not a part of the prissy Hollywood diva set – refuses to leave his hotel on show nights until he's been shown photographic proof of the temperature of his dressing room at the venue?

This A list pro athlete made sure to take a big dig at this A list singer beloved by a late night talk show host by wearing one of the singer's concert shirts on one of the athlete's podcasts. I'm sure it was a suggestion of the A+ list singer. Travis Kelce/John Mayer/Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live”/Taylor Swift (Fans think Travis Kelce tried to ‘throw people off’ with John Mayer shirt when he started dating Taylor Swift)

Speaking of A+/A list singers, this always mumbling/depressing singer who has a lot of serious hardware hates that people are now finding out how difficult it is to work with her and her team. Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish has all the reason in the world to scream – that’s why she whispers) (People Who Dislike Billie Eilish's "Whisper" Singing Need To Hear What She Just Said About It)

Back in the day this permanent A list "singer" made some sex tapes with the boyfriend who cheated on her with the po*n star. The felon now has a similar collection of recordings. Britney Spears/David Lucado/Paul Soliz (Britney Spears' ex David Lucado cheated with a porn star) (Britney Spears sparks concern as she 'is drinking' and letting her criminal boyfriend 'run her life')

There is much more insight into the recent unaliving of the boyfriend (
Konstantin Koltsov) of a foreign born A list athlete (Aryna Sabalenka). It turns out the athlete was cheating on her boyfriend with the founder (Georgios Frangulis) of one of her sponsors ("Oakberry"). The founder's wife also discovered the affair and left him. This kind of ruins the everyone loves her image of the athlete. The whole thing was discovered about a week prior to the boyfriend unaliving himself. Konstantin Koltsov/Aryna Sabalenka/Georgios Frangulis CEO of “Oakberry” (Aryna Sabalenka’s new boyfriend, Oakberry founder Georgios Frangulis?) (The new relationship of the former world number one tennis player is revealed! After being filmed kissing a married woman, her ex-boyfriend fell to death last month)

Even the foreign tabloids know the barely there celebrity is overseas looking for a new "mentor." They use every metaphor for it they can in a recent article about the celebrity. Bella Hadid/”77th Cannes Film Festival” (Bella Hadid leaves nothing to the imagination as she goes braless in a brown sheer dress at the 77th annual Cannes Film Festival premiere of The Apprentice)

Speaking of yachting, this actress who shares the same name as the one in #5 is also in the same city also looking for "financing" for a new project. She has also had so much work done to her at such a young age. She is going to regret that. Bella Thorne/”77th Cannes Film Festival” (Bella Thorne puts on a leggy display in a dark red off-the-shoulder number at a press conference for the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival 2024 in Cannes)

This one named A- list singer just announced a new album. She also just got married which she doesn't want anyone to know. I am super super confused though because she is still living with her most recent girlfriend, so are all three living in the same house now? SIA/”Reasonable Woman”/Dan Bernard (Music Review: Sia soars with first solo album in 8 years, ‘Reasonable Woman’) (Sia’s Husband: Get to Know Dan Bernard & Find Out More About Her Past Relationships)

This initialed rapper has been cheating on the singing Disney princess forever while using her for everything. One of his latest girlfriends is talking about him. Our princess won't leave him and has been telling friends that if she gets pregnant again, maybe he will change. Ummm. DDG/Halle Bailey (DDG Explains Why He and Halle Bailey Don’t Split Finances Equally: ‘I Pay for a Lot of Stuff’)

This big city A++ lister is talking a lot of talk about the producer/wannabe rapper. The producer knows a lot about the A++ lister so his threats are all bluster. New York City Mayor Eric Adams/Sean “Diddy” Combs (N.Y.C. Mayor Eric Adams May Revoke Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Key to the City After Cassie Assault Video)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **10**
Apparently, this foreign born A+ list celebrity has a long time prescription for a pill (“Finasteride” aka “Propecia”) to help regrow your hair/keep it from falling it out. He has never stopped the prescription despite the fact you are not supposed to take it around anyone who is pregnant or might be pregnant. Explains a lot. Prince Harry (Prince Harry only has '18 months of hair left' as he is urged to take action following Meghan theory)/”Finasteride” aka “Propecia” (Sexual adverse effects) (Post-finasteride syndrome) (Fertility and pregnancy while taking finasteride)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **11**
The cult adjacent A list actor (Adam Driver) who stars in multiple franchises is so hated by the press in this current festival (”77th Cannes Film Festival”) country (France) that the media invariably don't mention him or use his image when discussing the vanity project (“Megalopolis”) of the permanent A list director (Frances Ford Coppola). In this case, maybe it is fortunate they don't mention him. “Odyssey Study Group”/Adam Driver/”77th Cannes Film Festival”/France/”Megalopolis”/Frances Ford Coppola (‘Megalopolis’ Review: Francis Ford Coppola’s Passion Project Starring Adam Driver Is a Staggeringly Ambitious Big Swing, if Nothing Else) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/17/23)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **12**
The lead singer of this country group is really trying to screw over his ex by using an employee agreement she signed. To go that route she must know some truly awful things about him which wouldn't be shocking. Zac Brown/”Zac Brown Band”/Kelly Yazdi (Zac Brown's estranged wife fires back after country star granted temporary restraining order)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **13**
Very early this morning, one of the drug dealers to the permanent A list "singer" was arrested. It won't be long before he starts talking. Britney Spears (Britney Spears Needs Conservatorship, New Reporting on Drugs & Surveillance)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/20 **14**
The Comeback - Mr. X: There’s been a lot of hush-hush talk about the upcoming season of that historical true crime series (“American Crime Story”). What I know for sure is that it will center on that infamous discotheque (“Studio 54”) and the shady behind the scenes stuff from the two owners (Steve Rubell) (Ian Schrager) of the nightspot and their inner circle. It will be shooting later this year for an air date of next year. As for the cast, no one has been confirmed so far but the singer/nepo baby (Ben Platt) is a sure lock for the deceased half of the club owners and actors from the producer/creator/showrunner’s (Ryan Murphy) past shows are rumored to be making reprisal guest star appearances. But the biggest casting grab is going to be a surprise. Allegedly the producer has sent scripts to the treatment center where the alliterate former talk show host (Wendy Williams) is staying. The role is for fictional radio and TV host/gossip columnist/socialite who is a amalgamation of  Nikki Haskell, Cindy Adams, Rona Barrett, Suzy Knickerbocker and the host herself… and she runs an extortion racket. No word on whether or not the former host has accepted the role, but the role seems tailor made for her. My bigger questions are this: how did the producer know where she’s at [he isn’t the only celeb who has sent her stuff] when her family apparently doesn’t? Is her alleged illness not as severe as we thought, so why are they sending her scripts if she’s having rumored memory problems? So many question
s…  “American Crime Story”/“Studio 54”/Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager/Ben Platt/Ryan Murphy/Wendy Williams

This alliterate actor is determined to get nominations, including the most coveted one, during this next award season. That includes extending his contract with the professional foreign born beard/girlfriend. Sebastian Stan/”The Apprentice”/Annabelle Wallis (‘The Apprentice’ Review: Sebastian Stan and Jeremy Strong Are Superb in Chilling Account of the Unholy Alliance That Birthed Donald Trump) (Sebastian Stan and Annabelle Wallis look loved-up as actress shows off her pert derriere in sparkling gown at Cannes Film Festival premiere of Donald Trump biopic The Apprentice)

Speaking of alliterate, this singer/actress is terrified the things she did for the producer/wannabe rapper will soon be exposed. It was not that long ago that she hosted a sex party for elites. Teyana Taylor/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Teyana Taylor Helps Diddy Get ‘Closer to God’ in New Video)

This A- list painter sounding singer is really struggling with ticket sales. She was convinced she is much more popular than she is, and is now canceling multiple shows. Not postponing. Janelle Monáe

Speaking of the elites, you have to have done some very bad things to get one of the few $40K 4th of July invites hosted by a not very nice person. Michael Rubin/”Hamptons White Party” (Kim Kardashian & Tom Brady Among Stars to Receive Insanely Cool Michael Rubin White Party Invites)

This A- list actor has already fallen from grace once in Hollywood. All he did this week with his drug induced nonsensical rant, was to make sure no one gives him any more chances. Terrence Howard (WATCH: Terrence Howard Goes Full-Blown Terrence Howard in Conspiracy Theory-Filled Joe Rogan Interview: ‘We’re About to Kill Gravity’)

This foreign born former A++ lister has recently been in this space discussing the murder of a young woman who cheated on him. It is why he wanted to run again to be the A++ lister in his country. He has been ruled ineligible. Apparently, the 20 year old everyone thought was one of his 20+ kids isn't, and he is dating her and she is pregnant. Jacob Zuma/South Africa (Ex-South African leader Zuma, now a ruling party critic, is disqualified from next week’s election) (South African President Zuma marries for sixth time) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/03/24)

When the alliterate one and her balding husband met with the enabler of the disgraced teen show producer a few months back in the Caribbean, the really bad documentary hadn't come out, so the couple had some cover. Sending one of the fifty to the enabler's wife was a choice. This weekend, the couple doubled down hard and were seen publicly having dinner with the enabler and his wife. Last weekend it was the money launderer/international fugitive and this weekend was the enabler and his wife. Way to kick off that brand. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Brian Robbins/Dan Schneider/“Quiet On Set”/Jelly/Tracy James/Allen Onyema/“American Riviera Orchard” (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have a Double Date Night in Montecito with Friends on Anniversary Weekend) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/24/24)

As I said last week, this divorcing alliterate singer from an A list group has a penchant for groupies, especially when he is using. The groupie became a girlfriend and is tired of being kept in the shadows so the singer had to announce his divorce so he could show off the groupie turned girlfriend. Scott Stapp/”Creed” (Creed frontman Scott Stapp and wife Jaclyn divorcing after 18 years of marriage) (BLIND ITEM 05/13/14)

The fall guy for the producer/wannabe rapper has been very vague with his statements about what happened back in the day that sent the fall guy to jail. Now, the fall guy is actually doing some talking. His constituents want to know the truth. The A list everything celebrity in her mind must have this in the back of her mind every day. Shyne/Sean “Diddy” Combs/MP Belize/Jennifer Lopez (Shyne Denounces Diddy & Labels His Behavior "Repugnant")

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **10**
The side piece of PMK is being awfully quiet about what he knows of the death of his former friend and how she died. I mean, he was on the scene even before the police. What does he think about the involvement of the producer/wannabe rapper? Corey Gamble/Kris Jenner/Kim Porter/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Kris Jenner, Corey Gamble Caught Up in Diddy Conspiracy Theory) (BLIND ITEM 05/19/24)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **11**
When the three named actor and his co-star eventually stop hooking up, and they will, that set is going to be a really uncomfortable place to be.

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **12**
This A- list actress took a "break" from her boyfriend to spend some time with this foreign born A- list model/bad actress. Selena Gomez/Benny Blanco/Cara Delevingne/”77th Cannes Film Festival” (Selena Gomez Cries as Emilia Pérez Film Earns Minutes-Long Standing Ovation at Cannes Film Festival) (Cara Delevingne puts on a leggy display in a shimmering lilac slip dress as she steps out for Miu Miu summer event during Cannes Film Festival)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **13**
It must have been news behind the scenes that the leader of this economic organization was leaving prior to his public announcement. That would explain the death of the one woman who was discussed as his replacement. With her out of the way, it can just be a fight amongst the regulars. Klaus Schwab/”Chairman of the World Economic Forum” (World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab to step back from executive role)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/21 **14**
The Fear: This foreign born actor has been acting since he was not even double digits in age. From his very first public thing, he has worked with some of the biggest actors and directors on the planet. He has always been groomed to succeed. To Gen Z he is probably A- list, but to everyone else, he is probably closer to B+ list or even B. By the end of this year, his team thinks he will be pushing A+ list. That is a bit of a reach but they want him to be offered the same roles that Timothee Chalamet is offered. They see identical career paths. When our actor was coming up through the ranks, there were many directors who took liberties with him and he was always known as someone who wouldn't complain or put up a fight to get to the casting couch. Our actor is legal now, but he has always looked very young. Because he was in such high demand sexually, it is why he got the roles he probably would otherwise have had to wait years for. He is about to be big enough to say no to everyone other than the people he wants to be with sexually. There is just one fear. One of the directors, a director who is A list and has worked with him for a very long time has some very explicit videos of himself and our actor. They are not just explicit, they are also extreme. If they came to light, that would be a tough hurdle to overcome for the actor. The director is getting older and sometimes forgets things and has more and more people assisting him with things. Our actor and his team, hope the new hires can be trusted not to leak things. Maybe they should look at themselves in the mirror since they are the ones talking about it all.

This A list actor/director is going to have to go back to the TV show to help pay for the disaster of his movie. Kevin Costner/"Yellowstone"/”Horizon” (‘Yellowstone’ finally resumes production — as Kevin Costner’s new movie gets slammed by critics)

How many times can the one named racist DJ terrorize women before he is actually canceled? He added a new woman to his list. It is probably because he bought off his assistant. Diplo (Diplo Faces Backlash Over Jamaican Estate In Portland)

The F1 team sponsor who also cheated on his wife with the A list tennis player doesn't care about the forced child labor that provides his business with product. Georgios Frangulis CEO of “Oakberry”/Aryna Sabalenka/Açaí 
(WATCH: Aryna Sabalenka holds hands with Georgios Frangulis as pair explore race car driving at F1's Emilio Romagna Grand Prix)

No one pays attention to the three named actress which is why she inserts herself into the conversation about the permanent A list singer and her troubles. Melissa Joan Hart/Britney Spears (Melissa Joan Hart Feels 'Guilty' About Taking 'Underage' Britney Spears to Nightclubs: 'I Should Have Known Better')

Speaking of the permanent A list "singer," there is a video from the hotel that shows her having sex with the felon. He is sharing it with people. Britney Spears/Paul Soliz/”Chateau Marmont” (Britney Spears sparks concern as she 'is drinking' and letting her criminal boyfriend 'run her life')

This former superhero who crashed and burned now has a former underage sexual partner trying to sell her story about her time with the actor. Ezra Miller (Ezra Miller’s ‘Invincible’ Role Recast Following Controversies)

This one off cable reality star/competition winner, long before the likes of American Idol, earned her living by yachting and trading drugs for sex which is why her career failed and not the other reason she alleges. The producer/wannabe rapper still sexually assaulted her, but he is not the reason she was blackballed. Crystal McKinney/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sued by model who claims she was drugged, sexually assaulted by mogul in 2003)

This offspring of an A+ list celebrity is being cuckolded by his wife on a nearly daily basis.

The former reality star/naked celebrity should probably focus more on her mom telling randos stories at bars about her daughter and the dead magazine guy rather than going after the former co-workers who always take the high road. Crystal Hefner/Lee Lovitt/Hugh Hefner/Holly Madison & Bridget Marquardt (Crystal Hefner Accuses Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt of 'Sabotage,' Hits Back at Podcast Claims)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **10**
This A+ list QB has looked awful in off season workouts and doesn't seem to really care.

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **11**
This former tween/teen A lister is going to run out of money with the amount of settlement checks she writes to sex partners.

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **12**
This A list podcaster is being cheated on by the guy she thought she was going to marry. Nikki Glaser/Chris Convy (Nikki Glaser Has Been Dating Her Boyfriend for 10 Years)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **13**
Speaking of cheating, this married A list pastor with all of the celebrity connections has two of his parishioners pregnant at the same time. Carl Lentz (Embattled former minister to the stars Carl Lentz goes from Hillsong to Tulsa megachurch)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **14**
The Yachting King Of Cannes - Old Hollywood - Mr. X : With the Cannes Film Festival winding down and yachting season in full swing, I thought it would be nice to look back on both during Hollywood’s golden age. When the Cannes Fest officially started just after WWII, this Middle Eastern royal and socialite (let’s call him The Prince) (Aly Khan) parked his massive yacht on the French Riviera and invited a revolving  door of female celebs to entertain (more or less) his circle of friends, who were millionaires and sheiks mostly from South Asia and the UAE. Sometimes, an Egyptian royal (King Farouk I) would take part as well as The Prince’s father (Aga Khan III)  and a Latin American diplomat/athlete/playboy (Porfirio Rubirosa). Aly Khan/King Farouk I/
Aga Khan III/Porfirio Rubirosa
As for the ladies, the following are rumored to have taken part:
1) The A-list actress/dancer who had just finalized her divorce from the permanent A-list actor/director/writer and would go on to marry The Prince. Ironically, The Prince and the director were good friends and would often swap prostitutes when The Prince would visit LA. Rita Hayworth/Orson Welles/Aly Khan
2) One actress who The Prince almost married, a cat-eyed A-list actress, left him when someone in her camp told her what the trips on his yacht entailed. Gene Tierney
3) The A-list actress who was then still married to a permanent A-list singer/actor. One of the trips she brought along a matador whom she was cheating on her husband with. Ava Gardner/Frank Sinatra/Luis Miguel Dominguín
4) Not one, not two, but three of the foreign born actress/socialite sisters, the third sister being the lesser known of the trio because she gave up acting after an unsuccessful try in her home country. Zsa Zsa, Eva and Madga Gabor/Hungary
5) The actress turned royal who slept with The Prince around the same time she met her soon to be royal husband. The Prince in turn gave her some expensive jewelry as a thank you. Grace Kelly/Rainier III, Prince of Mónaco
6) The B-list foreign born film actress who later became an A-list TV star, still very much alive but will hesitate if you ask about it. Joan Collins
7) Another still very much alive actress, who is retired, also won’t talk about her visit on The Prince’s yacht. Kim Novak
8) The foreign born permanent A-list actress, also very much alive, went on The Prince’s yacht several times before she became a superstar, until her producer husband put a stop to it. Sophia Loren/Carlo Ponti
9) The blonde bombshell who’s initials aren’t MM, the first of many, many yachting trips to Cannes. Jayne Mansfield; Mamie Van Doren
10) The alliterate actress/singer who was in Cannes to promote the film which would put her in the history books. Dorothy Dandridge/”Carmen Jones”
11) The foreign born alliterate actress who like #7 is still alive but no longer acts, was basically discovered yachting in Cannes while barely legal and was a regular on The Prince’s yacht. Brigitte Bardot
12) Another actress who was barely legal when she went on The Prince’s yacht was this permanent A-list actress who everyone knows. She vowed never to return again after the way she was treated and she kept that promise.
13) If you were wondering if the star who was mentioned in #9 visited The Prince’s yacht, she did so only once that I know of
Marilyn Monroe

285. POPBITCH 05/23
(British blog) Which comedian had to spend a small fortune on post-production for a recent special? The loud sniffing after each and every punchline proved so distracting, an editor had to be hired to snip them all out...

The former and soon to be vampire actress who also happens to be an Oscar winner/nominee seems much less interested in being with her significant other than she used to be. A split seems imminent. Kristen Stewart/”Twilight”/”Flesh of the Gods”/Dylan Meyer (Kristen Stewart, Oscar Isaac to Star in Vampire Thriller ‘Flesh of the Gods’ for ‘Mandy’ Filmmaker)

This new beauty titleholder refused in a recent interview to even say the names of the people that recently dropped out. The new owner of the company is petty, but that seems overly harsh. Savannah Gankiewicz/”Miss USA”/Miss USA 2023 Noelia Voigt/Miss Teen USA 2023 UmaSofia Srivastava (Miss USA Savannah Gankiewicz 'Very Empathetic' Toward Noelia Voigt After Her Resignation)

This social media star turned reality star is trying to find a "mentor" at the foreign film festival. She was interviewed on a red carpet at one of the screenings about the movie she was about to see. She didn't know what it was about or who the director was. Dixie D'Amelio/”77th Cannes Film Festival”/”Marcello Mio” (Dixie D'Amelio Makes Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Debut at 'Marcello Mio' Premiere)

I told you last month that the girlfriend of the producer/wannabe rapper had her allowance cut off even after she did so many things for him. She also has been accused of wrongdoing done at his direction. Because he cut her off financially, I said it was only a matter of time before she bailed. She has done so and is now back with her ex who is giving her much needed financial assistance. Yung Miami/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Yung Miami Unfollows Diddy On Instagram Amid Abusive Hotel Video Surfacing)

The ex of the A list actor/sometime director is spending so much time with the actor to make sure he doesn't go off the wagon and start drinking again because that would just make everything worse. Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck moves closer to ex-wife Jennifer Garner as he rents $100k per month mansion amid JLo split rumours)

This alliterate actress convinced her former co-star to buy a house out of California, so they could be closer together and away from the cameras. Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell/”Anyone But You”

This Scientologist is about to lose her news job. The company thinks they can do way better with her time slot. Greta Van Susteren/”Newsmax” (Greta Van Susteren (And Others) Question Jake Tapper’s Bias Ahead Of Debate)

The former bar star who now does another thing for the same cable channel, is hooking up with a waitress. That should probably put a permanent end to his last relationship. Jax Taylor/”Vanderpump Rules”/bar ”Jax's Studio City”/Brittany Cartwright (The Valley's Brittany Cartwright Finally Snaps at Jax Taylor After He Questions Her Drinking)

There sure was a lot of love and there was a whole lot of touching and nuzzling between these two former co-stars at the premiere of the preview of his new directorial effort. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn/”Ezra” (Kerry Washington Reunites with Tony Goldwyn at 'Ezra' Screening!)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **10**
This former Disney actress who still can't get higher than A- list, got paid more for two nights yachting in Cannes this week than she did for her last two movies combined. No wonder she was in such a good mood at a press event. Bella Thorne (Bella Thorne exudes glamour in a sheer silver gown as she attends the amfAR Gala with fiancé Mark Emms during the 77th Cannes Film Festival) (Filmography)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **11**
Apparently, the streaming giant was a lot miffed at the alliterate one because they wanted her to do an upfront presentation about her new show and she thought it was beneath her status to be there. You should have heard the reaction from the celebrity chef when he heard that one. He was there for his network and always is. “Netflix”/Meghan Markle/Gordon Ramsay/”FOX”/”Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars” (Meghan Markle Starts Shooting Her Netflix Cooking Show Two Miles From Home) (Gordon Ramsay and Lisa Vanderpump butted heads on ‘Food Stars’: He needed to ‘shut the f – – k up’)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **12**
While the barely there celebrity is overseas and basking in attention levels she may never see again, it is interesting that her security team is all from a country one would not expect. Bella Hadid/”77th Cannes Film Festival” (Bella Hadid Stands With Palestine In Striking Keffiyeh Dress At Cannes)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **13**
While his celebrity wife was overseas, this actor from an acting family was hooking up with a barely barely legal influencer who is bragging about it on social media. Barbara Palvin/”77th Cannes Film Festival”/Dylan Sprouse (Cannes 2024: Behold The Glory Of Barbara Palvin And Greta Gerwig)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **14**
The Flight: The police were called to meet the plane when it landed, but nothing actually happened to the person who the airline thought should be arrested. It involved a foreign born wrestler who was probably A list in wrestling when it happened. Back then, wrestling was still very much a regional sport rather than the national powerhouse that was around the corner. This wrestler was usually considered a good guy, but in some regions would be the villain. This particular plane flight was headed to an area where he was most famous and had the protection of a wrestling family. Our wrestler was known for his drug and alcohol use and on this fight he was drunk and wasted and was openly using cocaine on the plane. He ended up with a bloody nose and spilled cocaine when he tried to get up and broke his tray table and threw it at a passenger. He tried to force his way into the cabin of the plane because he insisted the pilot was one of his friends. At one point, he tripped and slammed his head into an oven in the galley of the plane and that staggered him and got him to return to his seat to sleep it off. When they arrived, the police talked to him and the flight crew wanted him arrested, but he was never charged and the police even gave him a ride to the arena where he was performing that night.

This permanent A list television actor who has played an iconic role over the course of three television shows can't seem to remember his lines any longer and tapings take forever. Kelsey Grammer/”Dr. Frasier Crane”/”Cheers”/”Fraisier”

This A list north of the border singer/sometimes actor is in talks to have a residency at the Vegas orb. It's the venue's strict prohibition of drugs in the greenroom that might be the deal breaker. The Weeknd/”The Sphere” (Inside Word: Weeknd Residency Rumored at The Sphere)

Now, the manager for the depressing Oscar winning singer is getting involved in the feud with the A+ list singer. Danny Rukasin/Billie Eilish/Taylor Swift (BAD GUY? Billie Eilish’s manager retweets ‘openly petty’ post about Taylor Swift that fans call ‘messy as hell’) (Fans React to Billie Eilish’s Apparent Shade at Taylor Swift After Calling 3-Hour Concerts ‘Psychotic’)

Speaking of singers, this A list country singer is about to buy their way out of their Live Nation contract because they are losing money even while selling out 15,000 seat venues. (Get $25 concert tickets for select shows during Live Nation's Concert Week from May 8-14)

The not much left ginger haired one has been mass emailing PR firms to try and get marketing help for his charity next year. They also include a NDA ten times longer than is necessary. Prince Harry/”Archewell Foundation” (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle given scathing one-word warning over charity blunder)

If you ever needed proof that someone else has access to the social media of the permanent A list "singer," a recent post related to trauma suggests the singer doesn't do drugs. Not true. It was also the subject of said post that got her pregnant and not the A list singer solo and in a group which led to the abortion. Britney Spears/Wade Robson/Justin Timberlake (Britney Spears praises video her old flame and Michael Jackson accuser, Wade Robson, shared about ‘trauma’: ‘Touched my heart’)

The celebrity offspring's mother sees nothing wrong with the offspring sleeping with one of the men the mother did many years ago. Leni Klum/Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum and daughter Leni match in feathered frocks at amfAR Gala Cannes afterparty)

This former tween/teen reality star turned social media star turned please let me stay famous doing something, still hasn't fessed up to stealing the song she keeps trying to force down people's throats. JoJo Siwa/”Karma” (JoJo Siwa Addresses Claim She “Stole” Her New Song “Karma” From Miley Cyrus and Brit Smith)

This closeted frequent television host wants everyone to think she would date this permanent A list singer. She wouldn't know what to do with a guy and her girlfriend would probably kill her. Gayle King/Lenny Kravitz/Oprah (Gayle King Shoots Her Shot with Lenny Kravitz as She Asks if He’s Dating Anyone: ‘Can I Beat Her Ass?’)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **10**
Judging by their pasts, the one named rapper/statutory rap*st and the statutory rap*st rapper who watched people die were probably fighting over a teenager while at the overseas film festival. Kylie Jenner’s exs Tyga and Travis Scott/”77th Cannes Film Festival” (Travis Scott gets into fight with Tyga’s pal Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards at Cannes: ‘Models were flying everywhere’)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **11**
The lesser known offspring of the foreign born permanent A list actor/celebrity is now dodging a deposition in a long running legal battle that her parents have been trying to sabotage for years. Christina Schwarzenegger’s boyfriend Shawn Driz/Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver (Part 1) (Part 2) (Jury awards $40M to Good Samaritans beaten outside WeHo restaurant)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **12**
The north of the border singer is spending even more time with cult members and even vacationed with the cult leader. They are really trying to control his life/money. Shawn Mendes/“The Modern Mystery School” (Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **13**
This alliterate singer who is A- list solo and in a group was crazy wasted on an overseas red carpet to the point the person who invited him was really upset. Joe Jonas/”Cannes Film Festival Gala”/Nick Jonas (Joe Jonas Joins Nick Jonas at Cannes Film Festival Gala for Surprise ‘Cake by the Ocean’ Performance)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange But True
#1 - This foreign born permanent A list actor was an Oscar winner/nominee. Until he was 13, he was raised as a girl. Cary Grant (Cary Grant dropped acid 100 times to get over his mommy issues)
#2 - This former soap star who once sued over some naked photos, made five times her salary as an escort. The only reason she stayed on soaps was for the advertising.
#3 - This A list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee. She once nearly overdosed with an actor ex. Her family hushed it up and banned her from seeing him ever again and literally stayed with her 24/7 for one year until they were sure she was clean. Kate Hudson/Owen Wilson
#4 - This foreign born A+ list (in her own country) actress/singer hated her long time television job. For years, she would call in sick once a week and then producers put a stop to it until she agreed to sleep with the producer once a week.

The alliterate foreign born singer has managed to make her label angry, she didn't manage to chart with her latest single so her label is asking her to put in more effort into promoting her music on social media or else they might cut back her budget after the album is released. Selling out a tour is not going to be easy if she continues to perform below what is expected. She hasn't even sold out her few signed copies that are listed on the website, that's how bad it's going for her right now. Camila Cabello/”He Knows” (Camila Cabello & Lil Nas X Wrestle for Love in Grungy ‘He Knows’ Video)

The streaming service wants to stop the promo tour of the A list everything in her mind celebrity's new movie because it is useless, but the A lister loves the attention and feels like a star, so wants to keep going. “Netflix”/Jennifer Lopez/”Atlas” (ATLAS: Jennifer Lopez's Netflix Sc-Fi Adventure Hits Rotten Tomatoes With 10%)

This former Housewife, who has never been in this space before, is yachting to earn a living. Lisa Hochstein/”Real Housewives of Miami” (Real Housewives Of Miami's Lisa Hochstein oozes glamour at Cannes with millionaire boyfriend Jody Glidden - amid messy divorce from 'boob god' plastic surgeon Lenny)

Apparently, the first reaction of the husband of this former superhero to her show being canceled, was an I told you so kind of thing. Chris Wood/Melissa Benoist/”Supergirl”/”The Girls On the Bus” (‘The Girls On The Bus’ Canceled By Max After One Season)

The alliterate one couldn't get an invite to the Campari party because no one wanted to deal with her demands if she was invited. Meghan Markle (Rage on the red carpet! After Kelly Rowland's outburst at Cannes, we reveal the biggest outbursts when A-list tempers were running high at glitzy events)

After starring together on a long time network show, this acting couple got married. Fast forward a few years and the same actor is now hooking up with a now former co-star of a different show which went on for a few years, who is half his age.

The flowering financial institution was correct that the drug addiction of the foreign born former A+ list rapper would get her arrested on this international trip. Azealia Banks/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj arrested, slapped with fine in Amsterdam for allegedly carrying drugs)

This former A+/A list mostly movie actress took a long break from acting. She says it is because of PTSD from her relationship with the producer/wannabe rapper
. Cameron Diaz/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Sean Combs Regrets Breaking it Off With Cameron Diaz: “If I Could Turn Back Time, Things Would Be Different”)

The barely there celebrity just spent a week putting on her fake face and couldn't get enough of the attention she was receiving at the film festival. If she truly was walking away from her "career?" to avopid the spotlight, she wouldn't have announced it. Bella Hadid/”77th Cannes Film Festival”

This former Disney actress was also at the festival and someone secretly recorded her having sex. They are telling potential buyers it is not AI and have proof. Bella Thorne/”77th Cannes Film Festival”

The ex of the producer/wannabe rapper can't find any new takers even when she offers her toilet skills. She will be broke within a few months. Yung Miami/Sean “Diddy” Combs ('Pee Diddy’ Trends After Yung Miami’s Golden Shower Confession)

The foreign born former A+ list rapper/lover of killers and rap*sts can't make it through the rest of her tour. She will end up dead. Nicki Minaj

This always annoying A- list celebrity should check in on her husband. There is a woman he has been working with for the past few weeks and that flirting is getting serious.

And just like that, the foreign born superhero won't ever be getting the T in an EGOT. No one will give him a gig on Broadway after these reviews. Tom Holland/”Romeo and Juliet”

While this former Housewife is ranting nonstop about not feeling loved by a luxury brand, I am reminded of the woman that used to work for the Housewife when the Housewife had the awful morning show. The woman, a comic, was there to do audience warmup. The Housewife though was too important to ever even say hello to the comic. What she did do was try and make the life of the comic a living hell until the comic quit the show. That is what I think about when she feels like the luxury brand is being unfair to her. Bethenny Frankel/”Real Housewives of New York City”/”Chanel”/”Bethenny”/Jessica Kirson (Bethenny Frankel calls fashion brand ‘elitist’ after being denied entry to Chicago store) (A comedian who did warmup for Bethenny’s show says she is “the rudest person on Earth”)

Speaking of Housewives, this on again Housewife is trying to get the one named beyond the present rapper to hook up with her again. She needs the story line and the money
. Porsha Williams/“Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Future

This A+/A list mostly movie actor is trying to distance himself as much as possible from the disastrous vanity project of the permanent A list director. The actor has been skipping red carpets and screenings and trying very hard to not talk to the press. Adam Driver/”Megalopolis”/Francis Ford Coppola (‘Megalopolis’ Review: Francis Ford Coppola’s Passion Project Starring Adam Driver Is a Staggeringly Ambitious Big Swing, if Nothing Else)

This wife of this dual threat actor who is currently filming in NYC is back to calling the paps to get her picture out there like she did at the beginning of their relationship. Chris Evans/Alba Baptista (Dakota Johnson shares a bottle of wine with Chris Evans while shooting The Materialists... after she was seen kissing Pedro Pascal for the same film)

The alliterate singer who is A- list in multiple groups dumped the girlfriend as soon as she said she might be pregnant. He just wants casual sex which is why he then started hooking up with the first person who showed any interest. Joe Jonas/Stormi Bree (and a few days after this blind announced the split)

This former Disney actress is going to try and follow in the footsteps of the one named former Disney actress by starring in a movie where our actress has sex scenes, but also where she gets naked. Her singing boyfriend is all for it if it will keep her very distant from him for awhile. Dove Cameron/Zendaya/”Challengers”/”Obsession”/Damiano David (Dove Cameron, Avan Jogia Cast in Prime Video Thriller Series ‘Obsession’ With James Wan Executive Producing)

Speaking of alliterate singers, this one is going to come out despite everyone around him begging for him to stay in the closet. Bad Bunny

Now, the former enabler/participant in the awful things the producer/wannabe rapper did to people is suddenly deciding that water sports have never before been a part of her yachting game. Uh huh. Yung Miami/Sean “Diddy” Combs ('Pee Diddy’ Trends After Yung Miami’s Golden Shower Confession)

In this space I often write about very low ticket sales for touring acts. It has been a very long time since I have seen ticket sales for an arena tour do as poorly as the one with the foreign born singer who uses initials in place of a last name. Even with a great supporting act, the sales are abysmal. I don't know what she is going to do. Charli XCX/Troye Sivan (What's up with all these musical acts booking venues they can't sell?)

This alliterate reality star has taken digs at the offspring of two permanent A listers and thinks her own child has more talent and will be more successful. It all feels very petty, but what does one expect from the reality family? Kim Kardashian/Blue Ivy/Beyoncé and Jay-Z/North West (Blue Ivy and North West are hard launching their careers through 'The Lion King')

The cranky permanent A list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee decided to hijack a screening of one of his movies and went on a rant about this permanent A list actress/singer/director and a permanent A list director. Richard Dreyfuss/Jaws”/Barbra Streisand/Steven Spielberg (What Richard Dreyfuss said about trans children, LGBTQ community, #MeToo and Barbra Streisand while wearing a dress during 'sexist and homophobic' rant at $300-ticket Jaws screening)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **10**
This foreign born former A- list actress is being begged by her family to stay off social media, but she is addicted to it, even when horrible things are said about her. Kate Beckinsale (Kate Beckinsale slams critics calling her too ‘thin’ after health scare: ‘I am trying to survive’)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **11**
This A list NFL player has seemingly added yet another two children to his family in the past few months. How does he have time to even play football? Tyreek Hill/”Miami Dolphins” (NFL star Tyreek Hill hints he has TEN kids in new interview and insists he takes care of them all - but the $120m Miami Dolphins man, 30, admits it's distraction when they go to see him play football!)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **12**
The former Housewife's husband lost badly in court to the singer to the tune of as much as $6M. Kameron Westcott/“Real Housewives of Dallas”/Carl Westcott/Katy Perry (Katy Perry Officially Gains Ownership of $15 Million Montecito Home After Years-Long Legal Battle)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **13**
This A- list actress best known for the three named basic cable show recently discussed how she will never get married. She actually would, but only to someone who makes more money than her. Shay Mitchell/”Pretty Little Liars”/Matt Babel (Shay Mitchell Has A Pretty Good Reason Why She Won't Marry Partner Matte Babel)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/27 **14**
The Boyfriend: It felt very Star 80 (Dorothy Stratten, who was murdered by her husband Paul Snider) like, although there was probably not going to be any murders due to jealousy. In fact, the significant other of this A- list actress wanted her to see as many men as possible. It is how he earned his living. For the most part, she kept her acting money and he kept all the money she made sleeping with men who saw her on television or in magazines. The way he worked her in the early days, she was making three or four times more from sleeping with people than her acting salary, which was often small, at least to start. As soon as the significant other hit the number he wanted and had saved, he dumped her. She has not had a boyfriend since. She will pretend she does to get some pap shots or publicity, but no boyfriends. She will supplement her acting income from time to time, but refuses to do the casting couch thing any longer
. AnnaLynne McCord/Dominic Purcell

Now that the fans realize they were snookered about why their was a delay/postponement to the concert tour of this group, they have been approached by lawyers to file a class action lawsuit. “Aerosmith” (Aerosmith announces rescheduled 2024-25 farewell tour dates. Get tickets)

The former A- list actress with A+ list name recognition must want some attention time to be thinking she wants to be a beard. Considering the things she has done for men in the past, being a beard is probably a very easy thing. Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx (Katie Holmes wears a stylish denim trench as she joins Hugh Jackman to attend the final night of Alan Cumming's Broadway show)

Interesting that this alliterate actress has decided on her next role and it won't be a Christmas movie. Her husband probably doesn't know she once slept with one of the leads. Candace Cameron/Valeri Bure (All of Candace Cameron Bure’s TV Christmas Movies, Ranked)

This one named always broke rapper wanted to spend a couple of hours with one of the most famous Dominatrix's in the world while our rapper was overseas. His credit card was declined and he couldn't come up with the cash to see her. Tyga

This actor has said the only reason he is marrying this former A+/A list mostly television actress is to make sure he locks in child support for the next decade or so. This relationship will end up in her personal dust pile. Tom Pelphrey/Kaley Cuoco (Kaley Cuoco flashes massive diamond engagement ring in revealing family photos with Tom Pelphrey –– see her sparkler)

The permanent A list "singer" needs to look no further than the felon she is dating to find her missing stuff. Britney Spears/Paul Richard Soliz (Britney Spears claims her jewelry was stolen: ‘It’s all gone’)

At this point, no one is quite sure why the former boy bander and his actress wife haven't announced their split. They couldn't possibly be further apart on the planet right now and have no plans to meet. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (Joe Jonas and his brother Nick are whisked off by boat to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix practice after enjoying the luxuries of the Eden Roc hotel during the Cannes Film Festival) (Priyanka Chopra Jonas reaches Australia to shoot for ‘The Bluff’)

One thing the two candidates to be A++ lister can agree on. They will make sure the rules change to keep the third party candidate out of the spotlight. President Joe Biden/Donald Trump/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr. eliminated in first round of Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination vote)

The foreign born A- list model who has acted, is the one who said no this weekend to the former A+ list NFL QB. She is tired of his games. Irina Shayk/Tom Brady (Irina Shayk shows off her incredible figure in a black bikini while posing for sultry lakeside snaps during weekend getaway with her daughter)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **10**
This former bar star turned different, but kind of the same bar star hooked up with one of his employees. Jax Taylor/”Vanderpump Rules”/”Jax's Studio City” (Jax Taylor Steps Out for Lunch in L.A. with Paige Woolen amid Brittany Cartwright Separation)

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **11**
The wife of this A+/A list country singer all but admitted she knows her husband is going to cheat on her and she is OK with that. Brittany Aldean/Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean's wife Brittany ‘knows the drill’ when it comes to country star ‘lifestyle’)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **12**
This F1 driver is closeted, but once a year when the tour heads to the wealthy enclave, he always has sex with a long time on again off again boyfriend and this year, he wasn't quite as discreet as in years past. Lewis Hamilton/”Monaco Grand Prix”

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **13**
The reason this A list actress who you think was born somewhere else, but wasn't is upset with her husband is not because of his words, but because he is seemingly obsessed with this A list singer/sometime actress. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban/Ariana Grande (Nicole Kidman Reportedly 'Disappointed' Over Keith Urban's 'Audible Heroin' Comment)

357.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/28 **14**
The Runaway:  This film (“Apocalypse Now”) is a classic. It won a ton of Academy Awards and took forever to film (16 months). It was filmed overseas (Baler, one of the main Philippine islands). There were multiple A list actors in the film, some of whom are still alive. It was directed by a permanent A list director (Francis Ford Coppola). One of the stars of the movie was a permanent A list actor (Marlon Brando) who had a thing for underage girls. One day, one wandered on to the film set and he immediately pounced. Our actor chose not to film for two days and instead spent time in his room with the young girl. Stating he was finished with her, he was ready to get back to work. Meanwhile, his co-star (Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen or Dennis Hopper) went to check on the girl and he found her in really bad shape. He helped her out and over the next couple of weeks took her in and took care of her. That was really nice of him until it was discovered that he too began sleeping with her. It turns out she got pregnant by the actor who took her in. The girl ended up pregnant, but by the time anyone in her family discovered it, the filming had completed and everyone was back in the US. The woman gave birth and tried to make the actor take responsibility for what he did. He always ignored her pleas. The first actor who had started the whole thing actually reached out to the girl and provided for her financially. Fast forward a few decades and the offspring of the girl was now in her early twenties and our actor decided he should be rewarded for taking care of the girl financially for all those years. He brought the offspring over to the US where he proceeded to have sex with her and kept her basically locked up in his house. That girl became pregnant and our actor raised the child
. “Apocalypse Now”/Francis Ford Coppola/Marlon Brando/Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen or Dennis Hopper

Even her daughter will tell you this A-list actress from an acting family didn't have any pressure about losing weight for her iconic role. The studio was just happy to have her. The foreign born singer is really thirsty right now. Billie Lourd/Carrie Fisher/”Star Wars” reboot/James Blunt (James Blunt Says Friend Carrie Fisher Felt Pressure to Lose Weight for Her ‘Star Wars’ Return)

This married A+/A list mostly movie actor contracted what used to be a death sentence from his male lover. Hugh Jackman; Will Smith

The A list everything in her mind celebrity is trying to figure out a way to use what is happening to her as marketing to get more ticket sales for her very lacklusterly purchased tour. Some of her people have recommended actually canceling the entire thing and can use her love life as an excuse. Jennifer Lopez (and she did cancel it using her love life as an excuse) (Jennifer Lopez’s $90 million Las Vegas residency in jeopardy as comeback album and tour flop)

The foreign born failing industry plant is just going to live her best life from now on and if that means sharing she has a girlfriend, then that is what she will do. Tyla (Tyla on Hit Single "Water," Postponing Tour, and Representing Africa)

Considering how she was doing everything she could to renounce her citizenship to avoid paying taxes, it is funny that the Housewife now considers herself an expert on immigration law. Porsha Williams/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Porsha Williams Claims Estranged Husband Simon Guobadia's 'Questionable Immigration' and 'Criminal History' Was the Reason for Shocking Split)

It isn't too often the government throws in RICO allegations against someone in the music industry, but that is what is going to end up happening to the producer/wannabe rapper. Sean “Diddy” Combs (Federal prosecutors preparing to bring Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ accusers before grand jury: report) (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs allegedly beat college girlfriend with a belt in front of other students: eyewitness) (Sean 'Diddy' Combs Would Wait Outside MTV's TRL to Try and Win Jennifer Lopez Back amid Alleged Abandonment Issues)

This always annoying A list Broadway actor is playing games with the ticket sales to his upcoming event. The demand is really low, but with the help of the ticketing company they are making it seem as if sales are more robust. He thinks he is more popular than he really is. Ben Platt/”Palace Theatre” (Lottery and Rush Policies Launched For Ben Platt: Live at the Palace)

There is a whole lot missing from the story the family of the critically ill north of the border actress is telling. Mamie Laverock (‘When Calls the Heart’ Actor Mamie Laverock on Life Support After Falling Five Stories From Balcony)

The wealthy farmer is partners with the foreign government in a lot of the farm land purchases. Bill Gates/Africa (The New Colonialist Food Economy)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **10**
The state actress had told her long time higher on the list boyfriend she quit smoking. It must suck to actually get busted smoking by paps. Dakota Johnson/Chris Martin (Secret celebrity smokers revealed from Dakota Johnson to Jenna Ortega as stars are busted puffing in public) (Chris Martin seemingly confirms breakup with Dakota Johnson during a car ride with fan)

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **11**
This three named actress is being a diva on set and is making herself available to film in very specific hours each day. Sarah Jessica Parker/”And Just Like That” (Sarah Jessica Parker's Pajama-Like Trousers from the AJLT... Set Are a Comfy Alternative to Jeans for Summer)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **12**
This A- list actor who is directing now, was carrying a memento from his long time former co-star while he was making the rounds promoting his new project. Tony Goldwyn/Kerry Washington/”Ezra” (Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn have a mini 'Scandal' reunion)

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **13**
Just a few hours after meeting, this A list singer/rapper/tattoo lover/cigarette lover/beer in a solo cup lover was already hooking up with this foreign born singer while they are out of the country. Post Malone (Post Malone: An Exceptional Concert By The American Rapper At The Louvre)

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/29 **14**
Juggling: Back in the day, this initialed A list wrestler (CM Punk) was in two different organizations. In one of them he was hooking up with this female wrestler/valet (Tracy Brooks) (“Total Nonstop Action Wrestling”) who also even would referee sometimes. Then, he would go wrestle for this other organization (“World Championship Wrestling”) and while there, he would hook up with this one named female wrestler (Daffney). This went on for quite some time until the one named wrestler got fired and wanted to work with her boyfriend over in the other organization. Our initialed wrestler didn't want the two women to know about each other, so told her there was no room for her at the other organization. She then found out about the other woman and was so devastated she quit the sport. She later suffered a tragic
death. CM Punk/Tracy Brooks/”Total Nonstop Action Wrestling”/”World Championship Wrestling”/Daffney (Death)

Don't believe the hype. The permanent A list "singer" is not going to do a residency, and if she were to do one, it certainly wouldn't be at the place that has the feds and gaming board crawling all over it because of the money laundering buzz. Britney Spears/”Park MGM” (Britney Spears Gets Brand-New Las Vegas Residency, Will Make $500K a Show)

The singing Disney princess needs to know that one of her significant other's side pieces is telling people she is pregnant. This is not the car side piece, but a different one. Halle Bailey/DDG

Despite the PR team of the golfer doing their best at deflection, even Kneepads wasn't willing to pretend this pro golfer isn't dating the announcer. Rory McIlroy/Amanda Balionis (Rory McIlroy only has ‘professional relationship’ with CBS reporter Amanda Balionis)

Why yes, that was the foreign born A- list model/bad actress going to town with a waitress in a closet at a party they both attended. Cara Delevingne/”77th Cannes Film Festival”

This foreign born A+/A list actress in the K-pop country has her former co-star dodging the media over allegations she has made about their very brief relationship. Song Da-eun/Jimin (Song Da-eun bombarded by BTS Jimin's fans for dating suspicions)

This foreign born A- list actress who was in a massive franchise was wasted drunk at an after party last night. It was very embarrassing to watch. Daisy Ridley/”Star Wars”/”Young Woman and The Sea” premiere (Daisy Ridley Wore Atsuko Kudo Couture To ‘Young Woman and The Sea’ London Premiere)

As they stand currently, the streamer doesn't like either of the offerings from the alliterate one and her husband. “Netflix”/Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

The male sex worker interviewed by the feds about the producer/wannabe rapper has not been offered any protection. That is probably not going to turn out well. He knows way more about way more people than just the producer/wannabe rapper. Sean “Diddy” Combs (Diddy Allegedly Victimized Male Sex Worker, Feds Claim To Have Surveillance Footage)

This former reality star turned social media star turned singer was supposed to do more interviews at this radio network, but she was so annoying that she ended up going home early. JoJo Siwa (JoJo Siwa Blings Out in Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers For Radio Show Appearance in Los Angeles)

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **10**
This married permanent A list actor is an Oscar winner/nominee and is also scared about who the feds are talking to in Miami. Will Smith

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **11**
The foreign born CEO of this record label group is being followed by paps because they know he is going to be served in several other lawsuits. Lucian Grainge/”Universal Music Group” (UMG and Lucian Grainge Blast Lawyer For Adding Them to Diddy Sex Abuse Lawsuit: ‘Recklessly False’)

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **12**
This former multiple time reality star thinks being messy will get her another chance. Her long time channel wants nothing to do with her though and her level of messy.

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **13**
For years you would never spot this A list mostly movie actress smoking. She is a chain smoker, but good luck catching her. Then, she gets divorced and she lets herself be seen twice in six months. Natalie Portman (Newly-single Natalie Portman, 42, looks giddy with Paul Mescal, 28, as they get the giggles enjoying a smoke after finalising divorce from Benjamin Millepied... so is life imitating art for star after she romped with a younger lover in May December?)

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **14**
The Party: This actress (Tiffani Amber Thiessen) has been acting steadily since before she could legally drive. She made the transition from teen to adult without any issues. One of the reasons she made it through so easily is because she was always up to party and never complained. If a producer wanted to have a little coke party with her followed by some sex, she was on board. She was always up for fun. Everyone loved her and they loved her so much that she actually should have won an award for something, but the producers remembered at the last minute they promised it to someone else. It never made sense then and it doesn't now. Whenever there was a lead role for a woman her age and type she was always looked at and she landed many main roles on some very good shows. People would cover for her if she got busted partying and would make sure there were no photos of her doing drugs. She was probably A/A- at her peak. Almost always on television. She starred on some very popular shows. (Filmography) All that partying took a toll though and the actress who always looked great on camera didn't look so great any longer. At this point she was still in her 20's but looked a decade older. People stopped wanting to party with her and also stopped giving her jobs. She found work doing a lot of voice work and then just scrambling to find any kind of work and she started doing some yachting. It took until the last year or so when her age matched her look that she started getting some on camera work again but they still have her playing characters a decade or two older than her
. Tiffani Amber Thiessen (Tiffani Thiessen almost played Rachel on Friends) (Spelling asked Tiffani Thiessen to join ''Charmed'')

After many attempts to make it look like he is in a relationship and never having much success, our favorite foreign born A- list closeted actor finally decided to make it easy on himself. He hired a yachter who has an IG that just screams, ask me how much I charge. Sam Heughan (Outlander's Sam Heughan Holds Hands with Mystery Woman as He Hits the Streets of London)

Considering this A/A- list actor doesn't seem to want to join the celebrity cult, I wonder just how much "mentoring" can be done by the A+ list actor who has taken him under his wing. Glen Powell/Scientology/Tom Cruise (Glen Powell Spent 6 Hours Watching a Tom Cruise Video ‘Breaking Down Everything He’s Learned About Filmmaking,’ Says Chris Pratt Helped Open the Door For His Success)

I think this manager/reality star/host seems to have forgotten how debauched her own husband and his peers were and are. Perhaps she forgot all the times her husband was whacked out on drugs and booze and beat her. Sharon Osbourne/Ozzy Osbourne (Sharon Osbourne Claims Ozzy 'Was Stoned on Every Episode' of “The Osbournes” Reality Show)

Just because he has been a federal informant in the past, doesn't mean that will help this producer/wannabe rapper with any new charges. The other stuff was part of a deal he made before which sent some others to jail. Sean “Diddy” Combs (Bad Boy for Life: Sean Combs’ History of Violence)

Extreme exhaustion means the same thing for comics as it does for rock stars. Also, he keeps bailing on the same place. Matt Rife (Matt Rife Cancels Two Comedy Tour Dates Last Minute Over 'Unexpected' Health Emergency: I'm 'Sorry')

The former bar star turned different bar star is not dating the social media star. He already says he wants someone super young like the waitress he hooked up with a few weeks ago. Jax Taylor/”Vanderpump Rules”/”Jax's Studio City”/Paige Wollen (Jax Taylor Steps Out for Lunch in L.A. with Paige Woolen amid Brittany Cartwright Separation) (Jax Taylor Says He and Brittany Cartwright Are Open to ‘Dating Other People’ to Stave Off Divorce)

With the release of new music in a couple of months from this one named foreign born singer, it will be interesting to see whether the A+ list singer returns the favor the one named foreign singer performed for her.

In her interview with this A list actress/writer who got her start on social media, this long time A list actress stayed silent about her long held belief that people who started off on social media ruin it for everyone else. Quinta Brunson/Jennifer Aniston (People Are Bringing Up Jennifer Aniston’s “Shady” Comments About People Who Got “Famous From YouTube” After She Was Paired With Quinta Brunson For Variety’s “Actors On Actors”)

While out on tour, this actor/musician has been cheating on his significant other. He is a what happens on the road stays on the road kind of guy for sure. Jon Bon Jovi (How to watch Bon Jovi's intimate set from the BBC Radio Theatre this weekend) (Jon Bon Jovi’s marriage with wife Dorothea is not a bed of roses: It’s a ‘challenge’ every day)

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **10**
This long long time sitcom star who started acting at a very young age, has made a ton of adult content, and her boyfriend wants her to start an OnlyFans. This would be crazy. Ariel Winter/”Modern Family”/Luke Benward

396. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **11**
This network morning show personality can't make it through their morning without a bunch of coffee and cocaine. Kelly Ripa

397. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **12**
At the big wedding this past week, an ex of the ginger haired one says she still keeps in touch with him. Cressida Bonas/Prince Harry (Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, 35, stuns in a burgundy dress with thigh-high split at a very lavish Venice wedding)

398. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **13**
In a new book, an author makes the argument that this former lead singer of a permanent A list entryway band who has books and movies about him and the band, was working for the FBI. Considering his upbringing and where, that really isn't all that shocking. Jim Morrison/”The Doors”/father George Stephen Morrison (January 7, 1919 – November 17, 2008) was a United States Navy rear admiral (upper half) and naval aviator

399.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **14**
Four For Friday - Same Sex Secret
#1 - This permanent A list comedian/actor/host was known for hitting on men in the military. Drew Carey
#2 - This foreign born permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group. Mick Jagger/”Rolling Stones”;  Bono/”U2”
#3 - This singer/actor who has been acting since a very young age. Tevin Campbell
#4 - This female rapper trying to make a comeback used to get "loans" from this female A list singer to keep one of their relationships quiet
. Lil Kim and Missy Elliott (Lil Kim Announces Comeback Tour This Summer With “Somebody Special”) (After Decades of Hits, Missy Elliott's Dating History Remains Mysterious)

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