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Much like the late night host himself, this friend of the host is being careful about the words she uses when it comes to defending the late night host and his drug use. Andy Cohen/Kelly Ripa (Kelly Ripa is 'offended' by Andy Cohen drug allegations in Leah McSweeney lawsuit as she DEFENDS close friend and Bravo star: 'I'm so angry over it!') (Kelly Ripa begged for an invitation to Diddy’s yacht in Tuesday’s ‘Live’ — because someone forgot to vet the reruns)

This former Disney actress who was passed around before she was old enough to drive is now dating a drug dealer who has his hands in everything. This won't turn out well. Skai Jackson (Skai Jackson On Learning TikTok Techniques And The ‘Full Circle Moment’ Of Being The Face Of Cantu Beauty’s Launch) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/14/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/17/21)

The foreign born alliterate singer is crashing and her burning with her most recent single. So, she has fans photoshopping things to make it look like the one named former one-fifth is behind it. She isn't. Camila Cabello/Normani/”Fifth Harmony” (Camila Cabello Steps Out for Dinner in L.A. After Dropping 'I Luv It' Music Video)

The foreign born three named actress used to always talk about the movies she liked. So, she was either lying then or lying now. Millie Bobby Brown (Millie Bobby Brown Says Filming Stunts On Stranger Things And Other Projects Makes Her Throw Up, But The Poor Girl's Doing Action Scenes All The Time)

This Disney actress is still open to more of the franchise which limits herself to the network. Right now she is being monitored 24/7 by a sober coach. Demi Lovato/”Camp Rock”/”Disney” (Demi Lovato says she wasn’t acting in “Camp Rock,” because she really was falling in love with Joe Jonas)

This A- list singer solo and in a group thinks if he gets a divorce there will be a horrible fight over custody. He is already watching that play out close to him, so doesn't want more of that in his life. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra/Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner (Priyanka Chopra holds Malti Marie close while Nick Jonas asks paparazzi to be quiet as they leave Mumbai)

If the celebrity CEO gives information on how to access his semi-trucks remotely in exchange for access to markets in another, will the blood flow red on the highway? Elon Musk (Tesla to Manufacture Semi at Giga Berlin, Says Elon Musk)

Speaking of access, this 1/100 is just going to be a front for the foreign government who already owns the app the 1/100 says he is going to buy. Steve Mnuchin/China/”TikTok” (Steve Mnuchin pitching investors on plan to buy TikTok, rebuild algorithm in US)

 Apparently, the alliterate reality star just watched her co-star have sex with the A list singer and that is it. Scheana Shay/”Vanderpump Rules”/John Mayer/Stacie Adams (Scheana Shay Claims She Was in a Throuple With John Mayer and ‘Hills’ Alum Stacie ‘The Bartender’ Adams, Partied With Jennifer Aniston)

Reader Blind: CDAN has eyes everywhere. Someone who stamped the male DJ’s passport in Nigeria noticed that he has traveled to predominantly Black countries since he was exposed as a predator. This is the British male DJ (Tim Westwood) who looks like the witch from Snow White. He doesn’t know what is about to hit him if he thinks he can get away with hunting little girls in those countries. One of the countries (Senegal) he targets is the same one the Bob media personality (Khaby Lame)  runs his “agency” from. The DJ violates underage girls. The Risky star exploits young men from poor villages. Both will be exposed. Tim Westwood/Senegal/Khaby Lame (British DJ Tim Westwood accused of sexual misconduct, 'strongly denies all allegations') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/13/22) (BLIND ITEM 03/28/24)

What you didn't hear the still very young A list singer tell the fans of the A+ list singer, but has been telling everyone in her circle for the last few weeks, "I have an Oscar, and she doesn't." Billie Eilish/Taylor Swift (Billie Eilish hits back at Taylor Swift fans over ‘wasteful’ packaging comments)

Reader Blind: The Lip licking rapper (LL Cool J), the A List everything in her mind (Jennifer Lopez) and the Def producer (Russell Simmons) (“Def Jam Recordings”) made one of the worst predator’s in the world wealthier by sampling him on their 2006 hit (“All I Have”). The predator (Afrika Bambaataa) has been using that money to stay out of jail but his time is coming. He has been accused of molesting a minor and then trafficking the young boy to other pedophiles as recently as 2021. He uses the royalties he receives from BMI to keep his lifestyle going as the survivors suffer. They should go after that money. The Tune Code is 499029AU. LL Cool J/Jennifer Lopez/Russell Simmons/”All I Have”/Afrika Bambaataa (LL Cool J: 11 Things You Didn't Know About The Lip-Licking Grammy Host) (Afrika Bambaataa Sued for Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking) (BLIND ITEM 09/09/21)

This former dual threat A list actress and all around great person doesn't want to use the weekly shot to lose weight. She wants to prove it to herself and others she can do it the hard way.

April Fool's Wig Blinds
Rachel Maddow may or may not take off her wig on tonight's show.
Chrissie Hynde's wig blew off while she was walking in London. A passerby retrieved it for her.
Laurie Anderson has a wig that looks exactly like her hair, and will take it off at the end of her show on her current tour.
Wendy Melvoin is nicknamed "Wig" because she's always moving around, but like Laurie she herself has a self wig which was revealed when Lisa accidentally pulled it off.

Reader Blind: The Middle Alphabet rapper (Central Cee) from Britain is laughing all the way to the bank because he is given all of the brand deals that were supposed to go to the Porta Papi (Griggs) before he was cancelled. Morality clauses stop companies from doing business with artists with bad reputations because that drives share prices down. The Porta Papi makes his money in Dubai and the Middle Alphabet rapper makes legitimate money selling music and modelling for the Pentland company. Should have left the little girls alone. Central Cee/Griggs

The Top Floor: There are so many bars in this northern California town that brag about rooftop bars or visiting the top floor lounge, that this hotel (“Stanford Court San Francisco”), which does also have a top floor bar is lost in the shuffle. It is not that it is not spectacular, because it is, but when someone who belongs to a certain group of people mention the top floor, it is not the current top floor, but the previous top floor. It is confusing for a reason. Way back in the day, this mansion was home to normal society events and then also hosted debauched events which often consisted of hundreds of women brought over from Asia on ships. Prior to being handed out to manual laborers from the same country, they were first offered to male members of the elite. Often, they would keep one or two for their own or perhaps they would just sample the wares and then pass them along to the laborers. When they did decide to keep them, they paid room and board at the mansion for their mistresses. The women were kept one level below the main level of the house. When they were summoned by their owner, they would use one of the bedrooms on the upper levels of the house. Everything was great until a little over 100 years ago, the mansion burned to the ground and with the exception of the women that were spending time with owners in an upper floor, every other woman perished. The whole building was destroyed. When a hotel was built in the same place, they used the floor where all the women died as the base. It was the top floor of what had been left of the mansion. So, the basement of the hotel, is actually the "top floor" club. It is this club that decides who gets invited to the woods (“The Bohemian Club”) in the summer. At this club, there are many rooms which people can use for meeting their lovers. No wives allowed. Each of the rooms is named after one of the dead mistresses from the turn of the century. “Stanford Court Hotel”/"The Bohemiam Club" (The Big 4 on Nob Hill: A Closer Look) (Leland Stanford took over “Occidental and Oriental Steamship Company” in 1874) (A Grim History of Nob Hill's Mansions—And the Horror Novels They Inspired)

The hard to spell model has been in this space for her lousy company (Inamorata“). Apparently, things are even worse than we thought. The company is on the verge of bankruptcy and the employees are being screwed over. Emily Ratajkowski/"Inamorata“ (Emily Ratajkowski is slammed by Inamorata bikini brand customers who claim they STILL haven't received purchases they made in its Black Friday sale FOUR MONTHS ago: 'Give me back my money!')

Pretty random that some pap would show up in Costa Rica to catch the A- list singer who hasn't had any good music in a decade. Maybe she should focus on the music and not getting snapped with the new boyfriend. Ellie Goulding/Armando Perez (Ellie Goulding wows in bikini on beach trip with surf instructor boyfriend Armando Perez following marriage split)

This old, permanent A+ list singer/songwriter made it a point to find someone to cover this very controversial song (“Blackbird”) (“Little Rock Nine”) from much much earlier in his career. Paul McCartney/”Blackbird”/Beyoncé (Beyoncé Used Original Beatles Backing Track for ‘Blackbird’ on New ‘Cowboy Carter’ Version, With Paul McCartney’s Blessing)

The ex of this barely there celebrity used to have an OnlyFans. With all the buzz about the much higher on the list significant other of the barely there celebrity, OnlyFans has personally reached out to the significant other and offered a $5M guarantee for her first month on the site. The company estimates she could make as much as $50M and make more money than any other person on the site ever.

This liquor conglomerate (“Diageo”) (“Cîroc”) (Sean “Diddy” Combs) might want to hold off signing a new brand ambassador until everything shakes out. They really should think twice about that nine figure commitment to someone who has been accused of rap**g and beating women. “Diageo”/”Cîroc”/Sean “Diddy” Combs/50 Cent (Diddy Liquor Dispute: Diageo Dropping Rapper Who Sued For Racial Discrimination, Unfair Promotion Of Brands) (50 Cent files US$6m case against Beam Suntory)

This A/A- list actress is a nepo baby. She thinks she isn't but she is. Her slightly slightly slightly lower on the list sibling has always embraced being a nepo baby. Zooey Deschanel/Caleb Deschanel/Emily Deschanel (Zooey Deschanel denies nepotism, says ‘no one gave her job’ because of six-time Oscar nominee dad)

If there are many more days like today, the celebrity CEO is going to be forced to sell off his stock. He won't go bankrupt, but he will be reduced to single digit billions. Elon Musk/”Tesla” (Elon Musk’s Tesla Empire Is Facing ‘Unmitigated Disaster’)

This alliterate celebrity/talking head got her former boss to shell out $10M to buy a sex tape of the celebrity that was shot without her permission but was about to be spread online just in time for election season. Hope Hicks/Donald Trump

This foreign born A+/A list singer has been paying off certain tabloids in his home country to not talk about the collapse of his marriage or his drug use.

Reader Blind: The brother of the beloved X Factor Britain winner got a school girl pregnant in England. This is the same dusty brother who was caught trying to sell drugs to an undercover reporter. The same dusty brother who hit his girlfriend. His sister cut him off when she found out but the girl,  but the whole thing is about to blow up because someone from the girls’ high school tried to sell the story to a news desk here in LA.

Just as I told you last week, and was confirmed today, the one named foreign born singer/industry plant who was pushed harder than almost anyone in recent memory flopped hard. The label sold about 10% of what they had been expecting six months ago when they started the push. Tyla

The only thing this A list singer solo and in a duo likes doing more than gambling, is doing coke. I wonder if one led to the other. Bruno Mars (MGM Resorts Shuts Down Claims Bruno Mars Owes $50 Million in Gambling Debt)

This foreign born former soap star turned sex worker is trying her hardest to get pregnant with the baby of this offspring of a permanent A+/A list singer solo and in a group.

The Friends: They knew each other. People are not making the connection, but it is right there in the open. Last year, prior to the mysterious death, they were hanging out together in public and were known to discuss their common interest at length. Their common shared interest is the billionaire (Jeffrey Epstein). Both had long histories with the billionaire, although the one who died last year (Jean-Luc Brunel) had a much longer history than the one who recently died (Thomas H. Lee). The one who recently died, also died under very mysterious circumstances. They both died of Putin specials (“Novichok“). In between, was the former hockey player who as far as we can determine so far, didn't know the billionaire but died in the same manner as the others. The former hockey player (Konstantin Koltsov) did know the one who died just a couple of days earlier. It is unknown if he knew the one who died last year
. Jeffrey Epstein/Jean-Luc Brunel/Thomas H. Lee/Konstantin Koltsov (Konstantin Koltsov, Belarusian former NHL player, dies aged 42) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/29/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/24/23)

The barely there celebrity offspring of two permanent A listers self diagnosed the medical condition she recently announced by using a questionnaire from a monthly magazine. Yeah, so no doctor or neurologist. Tallulah Willis/Demi Moore & Bruce Willis/Autism (Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah diagnosed with autism)

The weekly music trade has gone all in on supporting the people who have made a fortune exploiting the permanent A list "singer." The problem the trade is going to have going forward is those same people are up to their ears with the producer/wannabe rapper. “Billboard”/Robin Greenhill/Britney Spears/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs sexual harassment suit includes notable music industry names)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity can rebrand her upcoming tour all she wants, but she is still going to have cancel more shows and change to some smaller venues to make this look at all successful. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez Quietly Rebrands Tour as Greatest Hits Show Amid Weak Ticket Sales)

This three named actress made it seem as if her wedding two years ago was a secret. Maybe she thought it was a secret, but all her fans knew about it at the time. It was a pretty lousy secret. Anya Taylor-Joy/Malcolm McRae (Anya Taylor-Joy posts never-befo photos from 2022 wedding, including anatomically correct heart cakes)

The foreign born A list TV presenter in her own country and B- list in the US who left her plum US primetime gig in a hurry has a knack for going from one show embroiled in a sex scandal to another. Cat Deeley/“So You Think You Can Dance”/“This Morning”

This foreign born A- list celebrity/porn star/drug addict in her own country, and non existent to anyone other than us outside of it is playing with fire. Her fired publicist is scorned and out for revenge. She’s showing anyone she meets private photos of the coke fiend and sharing stories. The stories and photos are grim. The most popular story involves the tabloid tart and a cage fighter and the photos are of her laying on a bed with the cage fighter’s faces on her stomach. Katie Price/Conor McGregor (Katie Price facing Instagram ban and Ofcom investigation after being slammed over 800 calorie diet post) (Conor McGregor hails "real G" Katie Price as she visits Black Forge Inn)

The interview of this A- list actress who used to be the subject of incredible amounts of fan fiction and is now a streamer mainstay was almost called off this morning because of how much of a pain she was being. She is not a nice person any longer. Gillian Anderson/”The X Files”/”Today” (Gillian Anderson regrets returning to work 10 days after giving birth in 1994)

This one named A- list singer has always looked up to and admired this alliterate singer. That is until the alliterate singer wouldn't take no for answer when trying to hit on the one named singer. Halsey/Marilyn Manson (Halsey Unveils Huge Marilyn Manson Tattoo on Her Torso)

Now, in hindsight, people are looking at the producer/wannabe rapper and his "charity" that he ran about a decade ago. Basically, it involved giving drunk women, especially celebrities a ride home. The more drunk the better. Our producer/wannabe rapper would sometimes personally take them home. Sean “Diddy” Combs/”Safe Rides campaign” (Sean "Diddy" Combs Announces $1 Million-Worth Of Safe Rides Home)

Reader Blind: This former child actor (Devon Werkheiser) (“Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide”), who was recently under fire for an insensitive reaction to the Quiet On Set doc., is hiding information involving Dan Schneider and top executives from Nickelodeon. This info. could bring down Schneider along with the whole of Nickelodeon. The people involved are trying to keep this individual from speaking out. Devon Werkheiser/”Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide” (‘Quiet on Set’: Devon Werkheiser Apologizes to Drake Bell For Mocking Docuseries)

This A- list actress (Chloë Grace Moretz) seemingly is always involved in reboots of classic franchises. Even though she is closer to 30 than to 20, she looks like she isn't old enough to drive and she takes advantage of that with the kink her married lover has. He pays her several million dollars a year to act 16. Chloë Grace Moretz (Every Chloe Grace Moretz Horror Movie Remake)

Reader Blind: Why is the Canadian rapper (Drake) tied to so many people who have been accused of Harvey Weinstein crimes. There is the Not Nice person (Baka Not Nice) who intimidated one of his victims into withdrawing her claims. There is the Porta Papi (Griggs) and there is his former Bird boss (Birdman). The Butterfly rapper (Kendrick Lamar) knows about it all and is getting ready to expose him. That is why he scared to respond. Drake/Baka Not Nice/Griggs/Kendrick Lamar

A national sports reporter says she was sexually assaulted after a recent award show and it involves an A+ list celebrity.

The Reunion: The B list singer in her own country, A- list singer (Jade Thirlwall) (Muslim) throughout Europe and Asia and A+ in her musical trio (“Little Mix”) is facing pressure to reunite with her group.  She endured a barrage of bullying from bandmates and racist attacks from management, the record label and tabloids, making her famously reclusive. She’s now reclaiming her spotlight one gig at a time and enjoying her career on her own terms. What’s more, the band member (Perrie Edwards) who eclipsed her fame in the UK, via the casting couch, spent years dismissing any chance of a reunion, now needs it more than ever. As allegations continue to swirl around the talent show she’s a judge on and no credible primetime projects in the pipeline (her latest brand endorsement was for a car dealership), she’s looking for an exit plan and saw a reunion as her golden opportunity. She recently used a promo trail for a flop solo re-release (a vinyl limited edition run of 500 units which didn’t sell) to put feelers out, claiming “unfinished business”, which our B lister is ignoring. The silent third member (Leigh-Anne Pinnock) is never a problem, she does as she’s told and is in no position to challenge otherwise.  As the lead vocalist with unmatched songwriting talent (Songs written by Jade Thirlwall), our B lister holds the power while her former bandmates clamor for her return. The former bandmates categorically can’t sing or write. Right now, she would sell a kidney quicker than rejoin
. Jade Thirlwall/”Little Mix”/Perrie Edwards/Leigh-Anne Pinnock (Jade Thirlwall teases solo music with video from the studio) (Perrie Edwards 'close to signing record deal with Beyonce and Harry Styles' record label Columbia Records' as she embarks on solo career) (Leigh-Anne Pinnock believes Little Mix will reunite because they are like ‘sisters)

The foreign born A list TV presenter (Cat Deeley) in her own country and B- list in the US left the States in a hurry to a British presenting job, which she initially rejected when she wasn’t offered what she wanted, after delivering the goods during a guest hosting stint. She is now on a similar fee on this daily show, to the US show she presented one season a year, but has to present this British show every day to get it. She also wanted another co-host, the network gave her someone else. The network smelled a rat and knew to take advantage, nobody has a winning hand when they have to return to the table to negotiate after such a rejection. Cat Deeley/”This Morning”/Rylan Clark/Ben Shephard (This Morning’s Cat Deeley being eyed up for BBC role)

The billionaire was thwarted this week. So, he is going to buy the studio that is headed to bankruptcy. This guy will do anything to make his offspring a star. Nelson Peltz/”Disney”/"Paramount"/Nicola Peltz (Nelson Peltz Warns He’ll Be Back If Disney Fails to Keep Its ‘Promises,’ Suggests His Firm Has Made About $1 Billion on Its Investment in the Company)

This A list singer who started off acting lost so much weight filming her most recent movie that the costume designer had to make the smallest mannequin made, even smaller by chipping away at it with a chisel. Ariana Grande/”Wicked” (Ariana Grande & Elizabeth Gillies Accused Of Taking 'Hush Money' From Nickelodeon)

This former A- list actor was supposedly kicked out of an organization. It doesn't feel like it, considering how hard he is recruiting for it while in prison. Danny Masterson/Scientology (Church of Scientology tried to DERAIL actor Danny Masterson's rape trial by harassing and intimidating prosecutor including breaking into their home and car and having them followed, explosive unearthed documents suggest)

This celebrity mom is trying to convince everyone she is the victim, when it was her who stole the actor from her daughter. The daughter would seemingly be the victim. The mom is just upset she got called out for it publicly. Tish Cyrus/Dominic Purcell/Noah Cyrus (Tish Cyrus and Dominic Purcell started going to therapy after Noah Cyrus drama was exposed)

The former superhero should be very careful with the woman who has been identified as his girlfriend. She has been accused of scamming people out of many thousands of dollars. She sees dollar signs when she sees our former superhero. Andrew Garfield/Kate Tomas (Who Is Andrew Garfield's Girlfriend? All About 'Spiritual Reader' Kate Tomas)

The permanent A list rapper thought there would be a fair chance he would be in jail by the time Labor Day rolled around, so canceled his festival. Jay-Z/”Made In America festival” (Jay-Z’s Made In America festival canceled for the second year in a row)

This former A+ list social media star turned reality star sent bots, followers and her PR team after a guy online who was exposing her fake life.

The nephew who shares a bed with this A- list actress is now being called a close family friend. Miles Hurley/Elizabeth Hurley (Re-introducing Miles Hurley: Elizabeth’s model nephew returns to London scene after stabbing) (BLIND ITEM 02/07/19) (BLIND ITEM 05/22/23)

Reader Blind: This Sports Commentator (Emmanuel Acho) used to play professionally. His surname rhymes with Nacho. He is in trouble at work (“Fox Sports”) because the execs he is desperate to impress have worked out that his approval ratings within his own demographic  are in the gutter. He was signed to bring in their advertising dollars but is losing them. They have metrics to measure popularity and his numbers are Uncomfortable. He is on thin ice. Emmanuel Acho/”Fox Sports” (Fox Sports Analyst Slammed by Colleagues for Angel Reese Take: ‘Harboring a Deep Disdain for Black Women’)

By the time the screening of the premiere ended, this A- list actor from an acting family had finished an entire 750ml bottle of vodka and left the evidence under his seat for the cleaners to pick up. David Arquette/”Blue Ridge: The Series” (David Arquette and Johnathon Schaech attend "Blue Ridge: The Series" premiere at Franklin Theatre)

This former A list actress was in a massive franchise. She was not happy to go backstage and see one of her co-stars on her knees servicing the significant other of the actress. It was how the co-star got the job.

This former A+ list singer is A- list now. He is bragging that he somehow knew about the huge cash heist this week before it was going to happen. (In one of L.A.’s largest cash heists, burglars steal as much as $30 million in elaborate operation)

Fired: It was definitely surprising when this series regular left the show when it was at its peak. He had come in to the show halfway through its run and his persona on the show was making him a lot of money outside the show. A lot of money. That money depended him being on the show. For years, the show runner ignored the way underage extras that he was always hitting on and looked the other way when he could convince them to come to his dressing room on set. Then, with a few episodes left one season, he went too far with a teen who was 14 or 15. He didn't like that she said no when he wanted her to touch him and got angry and pushed her and she broke her arm when she fell to the ground. The parents were threatening all kinds of legal action. The producers and network paid a lot of money to make things go away, but our actor had to go to make the parents satisfied. The parents. The network and producers actually were going to let the guy continue on the show. In fact, the same producers hired him again for a very short lived show, but told him he was going to leave the teens alone. The short lived show was filled with teens and it wasn't long before he was up to his old ways. New network management came in and just decided to shut down the whole show rather than have anything bad happen again
. William Demarest/”My Three Sons” (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/15/22)

This blackjack playing rapper is having difficulty selling tickets for his upcoming tour. It's one thing to pack venues when co-headlining with a bigger artist, but it's another to do it by yourself. 21 Savage

The foreign social media app is trying to demonetize as many high profile creators as possible by pretending their use of normal words are algocodes for bad things. “TikTok”

The pint sized comedian did file a report with the FBI about being blackmailed by his assistant and a vlogger. Kevin Hart/Miesha Shakes/Tasha K (Kevin Hart Lawsuit Against Ex-Assistant for Blackmail Gets Uglier)

The producer has a lot more recordings to help a lot more victims should they also want to sue the producer/wannabe rapper or his family members or friends. Lil' Rod/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Diddy Sexual Assault Accuser Lil Rod’ “Willing To Cooperate” With Federal Investigation)

The promoters of this festival are offering seven figures for this A+ list singer to just show up at the event. They think it will help the awful ticket sales. “Coachella”/Taylor Swift (she showed up) (Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce planning to attend Coachella 2024 to see Lana Del Rey)

The celebrity CEO getting drunk in front of his young child is pretty much on brand for the CEO. Elon Musk/X Æ A-Xii (Elon Musk’s 3-year-old son, X Æ A-Xii, steals the show at starry NYC premiere)

The boyfriend hates being hidden. His A list boyfriend knows that and usually vacations on yachts or private estates. It is unusual for the A lister to vacation somewhere so openly that he knows the boyfriend can't enjoy too. Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys beach vacation with partner Georgina Rodriguez, shows off sizzling physique in photos)

The people of the late night talk show host have definitely been greasing the wheels to make sure footage of an incident never sees the light of day.

The foreign born B-list presenter in America and A list presenter in her own country who left the US in a hurry is sucking up the network taking advantage. She rejected the UK show, only return to the table to renegotiate months after and accepted shitty conditions. It just so happened to be following the A list singer’s lawsuit against the US show our British star hosted and its creator. It’s clear she got out to avoid being dragged into it. She had been on the show since 2006 after all… What did she know? Cat Deely/”This Morning/Paula Abdul/”So You Think You Can Dance”/Nigel Lythgoe (Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard dealt huge blow during This Morning break) (So You Think You Can Dance airs without Nigel Lythgoe amid assault allegations) (BLIND ITEM 04/04/24)

Reader Blind: The A list singer with the new Country album was going to surprise her fans in the West African nation with a meet & greet but cancelled when her team told her about the recent child marriage controversy with the priest and 12 year old. Millions of dollars lost in sponsorship opportunities for the nation’s businesses. The British male West DJ who was exposed as a predator in England has been out there though. Beyoncé/”Cowboy Carter”/”Ghana”/Tim Westwood (Beyoncé Becomes First Black Woman to Nab Number One Country Album With ‘Cowboy Carter’) (Ghanaian Designer Kwame Adusei Is Quickly Becoming a Staple In Celebrity Closets) (12-year-old girl who married high priest, 63, taken into police protection: reports) (Shamed DJ Tim Westwood will perform a huge Christmas gig in Lagos despite allegations he had sex with 14-year-old girl)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor from multiple franchises didn't want the new family member shared on social media, but his significant other has a thirst that can't be quenched. Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse (Suki Waterhouse reveals first photo of ‘angel’ baby she shares with Robert Pattinson)

This A/A- list daytime star is being suspended for ten days for bringing a gun on set. Steve Burton/”General Hospital” (Laura Wright Celebrates Steve Burton's 'Perfect' Return to General Hospital: 'It's Home')

This very controversial and divisive A- list celebrity recently had surgery. It was to fix one of her fake breasts.

Four For Friday - The Publisher
The foreign born A list talent agent turned author (#1) in her own country has been majorly screwed over. She created a best selling trilogy with an independent publisher who loved her and did everything to make it big. It worked, the first book (#2”) was translated into 10 languages and sold 300,000 units worldwide. Ahead of the follow up (#3), it caught the eye of this publisher (#4) who poached her. They said they were so impressed at how she reignited the “Bonkbuster” genre and promised to publish in every single country, pumping money into billboards and prime the trilogy for a Hollywood remake. They lied to her. They did nothing. The author used her entire advance money to pump into the promotion, the publisher gave her a publicist from the children’s department to market what was going to be dubbed “the raunchiest book of the year”, took the manuscripts and published the book with endless typos - even changing character’s names. They then refused to publish in Australia, despite the author being huge there and one of the storylines in the book - a leading soap opera being cancelled and then revived on streaming, was taking place in real life with Neighbours. The author offered to pay her expended to travel go Australia and promote the book. They refused. They also refused to publish in over 100 other countries. Several countries, especially within the EU, have “use it or lose it” policies when publishing, incurring compensation checks. It’s clear they bought our author, to keep it on the DL and let it flop. They wanted to eliminate competition for other new writers on the roster, who they want to take the Queen of the Bonkbuster crown, which endless outlets have given to our author - and all the worldwide sales that go with it. The third book, (#5), is due to release this year, as a self publisher. Our author is owed money well into the 6 figures and the publisher is now ignoring, completely ghosting the author and her legal team.

We are now up to two artists from this South American country that the one named permanent A list singer stole from on her new record without giving credit to them in advance. Beyoncé (The problem with Beyoncé’s ‘Jolene’) (Songwriter Tiffany Red Calls Out Beyoncé, Tamar Braxton, Zendaya, And More For Allegedly Stealing Music Credits) (Usher, Zendaya, Beyoncé, Called Out For “Stealing” Songwriting Credits)

Interesting that while the wife of one and the girlfriend of the other are both pushing the Disney lives and happy family narratives, the men in the equation are looking miserable. Unless they're with each other or talking about each other, that is. Even when asked directly, all the boyfriend could muster was the party line about his "romantic" relationship. David Tennant/Michael Sheen/”The Good Omens” (BAFTA host David Tennant and wife Georgia go viral for adorable PDA on the red carpet) (Michael Sheen says he has ‘worry’ over large age gap with girlfriend) (David Tennant & Michael Sheen Continue Their ‘Good Omens’ Chemistry in This Series)

Her dad would definitely approve of the four decade age difference because that is what he does. It is pretty sad though that his barely there celebrity offspring has to do it to try and get the bag because her parents blew threw tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars. Russell Simmons/Aoki Lee Simmons/Kimora Lee Simmons/Vittorio Assaf (Aoki Lee Simmons, 21, stuns in pink satin gown at Columbia Law Gala with college pals - after enjoying St. Barts getaway with much-older new love Vittorio Assaf, 65)

The flowering financial institution isn't saying anything that I wasn't saying a decade ago about the foreign born B+ list singer who thought her kids and not her drug use brought her career to a crashing halt. Azealia Banks/Lily Allen (Azealia Banks calls out Lily Allen following her criticism of Beyoncé) (Lily Allen says having children ‘ruined’ her career) (BLIND ITEM 03/12/24)

This north of the border singer got a new tattoo for his cult leader. Shawn Mendes/Ipsissimus Dave "Thor" Lanyon (Shawn Mendes gets sister's name tattooed) (“The Modern Mystery School”) ()

This stay young "serum" that was all the rage a decade or so ago among actresses in Hollywood is why they now have the debilitating disease. “Glutathione”; “Penis Facial” (“Glutathione”) (How the antioxidant glutathione keeps mitochondria healthy) (We Tried It: The $650 'Penis Facial' That Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett Swear By)

The one named A+/A list actor/entertainer was/is really hoping someone adds him as a number two on a ticket. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Changing His Tune? Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Says He Would Run for President 'Down the Road')

This newly married actress has been sucking face with her co-star as much as possible. Joey King/Steven Piet/Logan Lerman/”We Were the Lucky Ones” (Joey King Reveals the Best Part of Married Life With Steven Piet) (‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ Review: Joey King and Logan Lerman in Hulu’s Stirring Holocaust Survival Drama)

This company named after a pale predator/70's honorific is by far the biggest advertiser on the highway into the festival. Each ad seems like they are trying to sell yachters, specifically a couple of them that name a person while others are very generic. "White Fox"/“Coachella”

Speaking of the highway into the festival, this initialed record company that has been around since the beginning of recordings, ticked off their biggest act. The ad for the label features very white dogs and for whatever reason, the names of the artists are also written in white, so no one can read them, especially while travelling 80 m.p.h. The big artist had suggested something much different and is really upset. "Coachella"

This South American country which was in this space this week for the exploitation of its recording artists by the one named singer is in the space again because the celebrity CEO says he will ignore all judicial orders from the country as they pertain to his social media company. Brazil/Elon Musk (Elon Musk Vows to Defy Brazil Order to Block Some X Accounts Amid Hate-Speech Clampdown)

Reader Blind: The family and lawyers of the permanent A- lister are taking every step possible to block and prevent the public release of the humiliating pictures that were taken by the police, stemming from the 1993 abuse case. Meanwhile, the accusers and their families smiling with glee believing they’re really entitled to those pictures being released and that it will help them truly win their lawsuit. Little does anyone know, some real good dirty laundry is about to be aired about them that’ll be very shocking. Michael Jackson/Wade Robson and James Safechuck (Michael Jackson's Alleged Victims Seek to Open Sealed Records Featuring Nude Photos of Late Star Ahead of New Trial)

This country singing social media star thought the end of the week singer wouldn't like a new cover version. The end of the week singer doesn't care about the cover, because he makes a ton of money and literally has to do zero promotion work. Tebey/The Weeknd/”Blinding Lights” (Tebey’s Gone Viral Covering The Weeknd)

The foreign born alliterate singer is furious about her new song underperforming, this was supposed to be her big comeback but not even fried hair, paying influencers or buying streams can save her. She had to resort to buying TikTok comments too, to flood her comment section with positive reviews and flush out the negative comments from the general public. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello’s New Album Is “A Love Letter To Miami”)

The A- list foreign actress knows more is coming out about her higher on the list soon to be ex, so this was the time to bail. Isla Fisher/Sacha Baron Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher Reveal They're Divorcing After over 13 Years of Marriage)

This permanent A list NBA player is set to come out of the closet.

CMT AWARDS: The former actor turned CEO has never liked the one named singer since she turned him down for a date way back in the day. He made sure she wasn't invited to the show. Beyoncé

CMT AWARDS: Speaking of executives, it must be a little embarrassing to have multiple executives know who your wife is because they have slept with her. Several of them after you became a couple. Jelly Roll/Bunnie Xo (CMT Music Awards 2024: Jelly Roll looks loved up with glamorous wife Bunnie Xo - after pair were left 'shaken' by private airplane emergency landing: 'The screen cut out!')

CMT AWARDS: Are we going to talk about how the athlete wasn't at the show last night because he switched from one singing sister to the other.

CMT AWARDS: This foreign born A+/A list singer could not stop raving about a treatment done to his face which everyone was complimenting. He has had more work done than just about any male singer alive (other than Barry Manilow). Keith Urban (Keith Urban Follows Nicole Kidman's Footsteps With Tuned-Up Look At 2024 CMT Awards)

CMT AWARDS: Speaking of work done, this foreign born A- list actress was unrecognizable except in a side profile because of all the work she has done to her face. Honestly, it didn't matter because no one knew who she was anyway. Minnie Driver (CMT Music Awards 2024: Minnie Driver makes her first appearance since making shocking claim about producers refusing to let her wear a wetsuit on the set of Hard Rain)

CMT AWARDS: Pretty tough to have to call a halt to your massive tour, but the insurers were very clear about the A+ list singer being sober. Morgan Wallen (Morgan Wallen threw a chair from a rooftop bar in a meltdown after learning his ex-fiancée KT Smith secretly eloped)

CMT AWARDS: Speaking of sober, this beach actor pretty much stopped trying to hide his drinking before the show even started. Everyone thought he might pass out before the show ended, but he pulled himself together to be able to enjoy the whole night. David Hasselhoff

CMT AWARDS: Speaking of actors, this three named actor looked like a kid in a candy store with all the attention he was getting. Could we be looking at yet another wife down the road? Billy Bob Thornton (Billy Bob Thornton speaks onstage during the 2024 CMT Music Awards)

CMT AWARDS: This winner/nominee from last night had an OnlyFans during the pandemic. She made way more doing that than she has as a singer so far. Megan Moroney (CMT Music Awards 2024: Megan Moroney looks stunning in pink sequin dress as she stuns on the red carpet)

CMT AWARDS: You can take her out of the acting award shows, but you can't take the attitude away. The A/A- list actress is just never nice to anyone. Literally no one. Emma Roberts (CMT Music Awards 2024: Emma Roberts is an ethereal beauty in a flowy chiffon dress on the red carpet at star-studded event)

CMT AWARDS: This A- list singer was at the show last night. She had a huge future but wouldn't do coke and hook up with the very bad manager, so her label dropped her and now she is barely getting by because radio won't play her because the label owner pressures them. She has to rely on streaming and social media, neither of which she is very good at. Carly Pearce/Scooter Braun/”Big Machine” (CMT Music Award winner Carly Pearce shares what it’s like touring with Tim McGraw: ‘One of the pioneers’)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **12**
CMT AWARDS: This alliterate singer loves taking the opportunity to remind everyone she is mentioned in the definitive biography of The Smiths. Last night was no exception. Carlene Carter (John Carter Cash and Wife Channel Classic Country Aesthetics, Carlene Carter Wears Beyoncé ‘Carter Girl’ Tribute Jacket for CMT Awards 2024 Red Carpet)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **13**
CMT AWARDS: Industry plants happen in country music and actually have an easier time succeeding. This singer is probably B+ list and was D list a few years ago until her college roommate introduced her to a close family "friend," who happens to be the head of an entertainment conglomerate. The next thing you know, our singer is taken off a small label, thrown on the big one and had her name shoved down the throats of everyone. Kelsea Ballerini (Kelsea Ballerini Hits Back at Haters Trolling Her No-Pants Look at 2024 CMT Music Awards: 'Shut Up')

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **14**
It wouldn't shock me if the A- list celebrity/actor/reality star/general all around a-hole grifter didn't use the Go Fund Me he set up to pay for the $25,000 birthday party he threw for himself. Todrick Hall (Todrick Hall Responds to GoFundMe Backlash)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **15**
This foreign born A/A- list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee confirmed what we all along suspected. While filming the show (“Skins”) that launched his career, everyone was wasted and drugged and drunk and sex was just going on everywhere which means probably people who were not legal because there were a lot of actors on the show who were not of legal age. Dev Patel/"Skins"

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **16**
This NHL player is being told by that he needs to reevaluate his personal life choices after his disappointing season. Things did not work out for him this season and what different from the last two is the person he is dating. Trevor Zegras/”Anaheim Ducks”/Dixie D'Amelio (What Will the Anaheim Ducks Do With Trevor Zegras?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/07/24)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **17**
This north of the border singer is still supporting the cult and his cult contact. She is really starting to make some money exploiting him and tries to convince the world they are a couple. Shawn Mendes/“The Modern Mystery School”/Charlie Travers

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **18**
The foreign born A list mostly movie actor is really getting tired of reading "quotes" from him in tabloids that he didn't say but his girlfriend says are from him. Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse (Robert Pattinson already wants MORE children with Suki Waterhouse just weeks after welcoming first baby together - as insiders reveal how 'joy' of becoming a dad has changed the Twilight star)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **19**
This reality star/celebrity has been in the public eye since she was a tiny kid. Her husband uses her and cheats on her whenever he can.

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **20**
The barely there celebrity offspring could have played an even bigger card, but chose not to let people know she has slept with the foreign born actor from an acting family. He was the first revenge guy she went after. Noah Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth (Noah Cyrus Likes a Selfie of Sister Miley's Ex-Husband Liam Hemsworth amid Family Drama)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **21**
The Academy Award winning singer will always make sure she releases an album at the same time as her A+/A list foreign born crush so they can be mentioned in the same sentence. Billie Eilish/Dua Lipa
110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **22**
CMT AWARDS: That CEO who didn't want to invite the one named singer has a history with the alliterate one and her husband. They have attended premieres together. He asked them to come, and they turned him down.

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/08 **23**
The Video: It is just a five minute video. You have to search for it, but it isn't hidden away or private. It is right there on YouTube. You have to know what to look for and when you solve this you can go look at the video yourself of the 16 year old band follower who ended up dead. The video is all about her parents trying to get her to come home and be a normal teenager. They don't like that she is living with a band (“Ten Years After”), and specifically the lead guitarist (Alvin Lee) who used to be the fastest guitar player in the world. He was part of an A list group that had eight straight top 100 albums if we include one of the live ones. The band still tours today with multiple original members. The guitarist is dead. The girl is dead too. She was killed because another girl wanted the guitarist and beat the girl until she was nearly dead. The girl then got hooked on drugs while trying to stay close to the guitarist for another shot and then ended up with another band's crew as their permanent girlfriend/drug mule. She overdosed and died
. ”Ten Years After”/Alvin Lee (Late 1960s, Early 1970s Groupie Doesn't Want To Go Home)

This initialed rapper confirmed what I told you months ago. He cheated on his singing princess actress girlfriend with his alliterate ex for a quickie. DDG/Halle Bailey (DDG Reveals Halle Bailey Saw Him DM Rubi Rose Last Year & Explains Why He Did It (Video))

Even this talk show host knew if she released a cookbook based on her "diet" that she would look ridiculous once she finally admits to using the weight loss shot. Kelly Clarkson/"Ozempic" (Kelly Clarkson’s Diet Is Having Some Stinky Side Effects That Are ‘Holding Her Back’)

The barely there celebrity offspring hooked up with her sugar daddy last night, so how is the relationship over? Aoki Lee Simmons/Vittorio Assaf (Aoki Lee Simmons, 21, told friends her brief romance with Vittorio Assaf, 65, already ‘100% done’)

The only reason this married old permanent A list mostly movie actor signed up for TikTok is so he can DM really young women he sees on the app. He decided that is better than hitting on his daughters' friends. Sylvester Stallone (Sylvester  Stallone)

This A- list alliterate singer should really learn the rule of never getting work done to your face within 24 hours of going in front of television cameras. It makes you look like you gained 20 pounds. Maren Morris/”The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (Maren Morris displays her curves in sheer floral dress as she steps out in NYC ahead of appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) (Why Maren Morris Didn't Attend the 2024 CMT Awards Despite Her Nomination)

Speaking of getting work done, the three named director got her breasts recently done so her husband wouldn't disappear on her again. Sam Taylor-Johnson/Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Sam Taylor-Johnson, 57, insists the age difference between herself and husband Aaron, 33, is 'never' noticeable in their relationship)

Speaking of three named directors, if this permanent A list one can't find a distributor for his movie, he will have to file for bankruptcy. Francis Ford Coppola/”Megalopolis” (Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’ Faces Uphill Battle for Mega Deal: “Just No Way to Position This Movie”)

Reader Blind: The mutiny happened. The loud and controversial radio host was locked out of his own building a week ago, and is trying to legally maneuver his way back in. Also, if the voicemail his replacement host played on the air is any indication, he is unbelievably drunk. Alex Jones/”The One Show” (Alex Jones announces break from The One Show with emotional message to BBC fans)

This back in the day A- list actress/singer who now just basks in her wealth, thinks as she grows older she is looking more like a man which is why she got her breasts enlarged again and keeps getting massive lip fillers. Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson, 43, shows off her radiant skin in a skimpy bikini top as she enjoys 'epic' spring break with her family in Cabo)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **10**
This reality star on the sailing show begged producers to not show him making out with another guy. He is in the closet to his family and didn't want them finding out that way. “Below Deck”

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **11**
The 1/435th who will probably be on Only Fans this time next year really should stop hanging out with the expelled former 1/435th. He records her constantly and gets her to say things about others he is going to use in a book he is writing. She is being used and doesn't even realize it. Lauren Boebert/George Santos (Ken Buck says Rep. Lauren Boebert makes disgraced George Santos look good)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **12**
The one named permanent A list singer might not make it through her tour. She has people really worried with the talk of her wanting to unalive herself. Lizzo (Lizzo Says She Is Not Leaving Music Industry After ‘I Quit’ Post)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **13**
The alliterate one wants a huge launch for her company next month. She wants to time it with the overseas visit of her husband so he will be forced to come right back home again. It is troubling how he is never allowed to stay longer than a day. Spell wears off? Worried about his ex? Meghan Markle/”American Riviera Orchard”/Prince Harry/Chelsy Davy ('Sleepless nights': Royal specialist claims Prince Harry worried ahead of UK Visit) (Prince Harry, Meghan alarmed as ‘money is disappearing fast', have to make choices about…) (Prince William Used to Impersonate Prince Harry's Then-Girlfriend Chelsy Davy and Make Hilarious Prank Calls)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **14**
Bad Week: There is an iconic album (“Jagged Little Pill”) that was released by this former A+ list singer (Alanis Morissette) who is probably A- list now. Many of the songs were very personal, but one in particular stands out (“You Oughta Know”) (Lyrics). The timeline of that particular song took place over the course of a week when our singer not only got hit on by this long long long time television host (Jian Ghomeshi) in her country (Canada), but he wouldn't take no for an answer and she kicked him in the balls and he told her he would ruin his career. She eventually got him fired from the show (”Q with Jian Ghomeshi”) but not before he molested/harassed dozens of other young women trying to get their first television exposure. Our singer had been around a lot of television perverts in her day so wasn't cowed. That same week, her long time boyfriend (Dave Coulier) cheated on the singer with the singer's best friend because she apparently was better at oral sex than our singer
. “Jagged Little Pill”/Alanis Morissette/”You Oughta Know”/Jian Ghomeshi/Canada/"Q with Jian Ghomeshi”/Dave Coulier (Life is a Highway: Canadian Pop Music in the '90s)

126. POPBITCH 04/10
(British blog)
Does anyone know exactly where the usually eco-conscious Chris Martin took a private jet for a little intercontinental Easter trip the other weekend?

This weekly music trade is struggling so they are going to really be murky with the line allowing payola to influence their bottom line. “Billboard”

Instead of apologizing to every woman he locked inside his office, this former morning show guy says he is the one owed an ap[ology. Yeah, that will see you getting hired again. Matt Lauer (Matt Lauer Feels He’s ‘Owed an Apology’ as He Plots Return, Plus New Details on Girlfriend)

Apparently this alliterate rapper not from Philly and the producer/wannabe rapper hooked up, but the wannabe rapper enjoyed it most in a threesome with the youthful Floridian. Burna Boy/Sean “Diddy” Combs/Yung Miami (Diddy executive produced Burna Boy's new album 'Twice As Tall')

The reality family is now paying people to defend them in comment sections of popular social media posts and websites. It is why you see people defending the youngest one with the side job over her latest stealing from small business discovery. Kardashians/Jenners/Kylie Jenner/”Khy” (The Internet Thinks Kylie Jenner Is Having Finance Troubles Amid Multiple Product Launches) (Australian designer who accused Kylie Jenner of 'ripping off' her designs demands an apology from the 'morally corrupt' star - who wore her dresses FIVE YEARS before launching her own lookalike KHY collection) (Kylie Jenner fans spot clues clothing brand Khy is 'already over' and 'failed to sell')

The singing princess actress reads the blinds which is why she dumped the initialed rapper who has been using her the entire time they were together. Wait until he starts asking her for child support. Halle Bailey/DDG (DDG Admits Halle Bailey Knew About His “Petty” Rubi Rose DM)

This A- list actress is not stepping down from her job to do acting full time. She was already close to that anyway. It is because the company is trying to be sold and she is getting in the way. Jessica Alba/”The Honest Company” (
Jessica Alba Exits Role At The Honest Company “To Shift Her Creative Energy To New Endeavors”)

The foreign born superhero knows his co-star is being barraged by racist abuse, but he won't say anything because he doesn't like to make any waves at all. Tom Holland/Francesca Amewudah-Rivers/”Romeo & Juliet” (Tom Holland Urged to Speak Out After Nearly 900 Black Actors Condemn Racial Abuse of Romeo & Juliet Star Francesca Amewudah-Rivers)

The wife of this A list actor has always been there for him, but has decided to start making plans to break away and has been looking for a new house to move to with their kids. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (His co-defendant just got 18 months in jail) (Kyle Richards says Hilaria Baldwin is her ‘dream’ ‘RHOBH’ castmate: ‘The door’s open’)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity has tried for years to buy the rights to a former short lived show on which she starred, just so people wouldn't be able to see her original nose. Jennifer Lopez/”South Central” (Jennifer Lopez Nose) (Young Pictures Of Jennifer Lopez)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **10**
Reader Blind: “Prince outlived MJ”. Yes, the Kung Fu rapper was referencing the Smooth Criminal’s legal issues with kids when he dissed the Canadian rapper. Kendrick Lamar/Drake (Joe Budden Claims Drake & Kendrick Lamar Both Have Diss Tracks Ready: ‘It’s Nuclear’) (‘South Park’ Creators Matt Stone, Trey Parker Set Live-Action Comedy With Kendrick Lamar at Paramount)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **11**
Despite recent events, this A- list actress says she doesn't want to be part of The Club and thinks things will change. Jennifer Garner/son Seraphina, now Fin Affleck (Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's 15-year-old daughter, formerly Seraphina Rose, debuts new name Fin) (“The Club”)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **12**
Reader Blind: The Lottery sounding rapper (Latto) is upset with the Frozen Flavoring rapper (Ice Spice) because she is losing most of her endorsements to her. Neither of them sell enough records to make a profit so are reliant on endorsements and partnerships. The Lottery rapper lost 45 percent of her fans when she started feuding with Mrs. Predator (Nicki Minaj). Brands can see the data so would rather give Frozen Flavoring the money. Latto/Ice Spice/Nicki Minaj ("We’re Being Bold Today": The Ice Spice And Latto Beef, Explained) (Explained: What was American rapper Latto’s feud with Nicki Minaj)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **13**
This barely there celebrity recently had a threesome with her best friend and a professor of the best friend. Apparently, there are either photos or video.

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **14**
Reader Blind: When Mrs. FreakOff (Meek Mill) wants to travel to Africa discreetly he uses a private Approved jet company. He has big dreams but his biggest Nightmare ("Dreams and Nightmares") is happening because the world is now suspicious of his trips to Africa because of his dealings with Mr. FreakOff (Sean “Diddy” Combs) and the Krafty men (Robert Kraft) who are on board with him. Mrs. Predator (Nicki Minaj) was managed by Mr. FreakOff and dated Mrs. FreakOff so knows all about the nastiness. Who do you think the half dollar rapper (50 Cent) has been sharing gossip with? Meek Mill/Sean “Diddy” Combs/Robert Kraft/Nicki Minaj/50 Cent

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **15**
This alliterate singer was A list solo and in a group. He has some female relatives that would like to see him in jail for what he did to them. Bobby Brown

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **16**
Reader Blind: This influencer team is disappointed in them because of lack of interest lately, and isolation from friends, family and team members, and a lot of it has to do with the person they are dating. They just got a new place, have spent little time there and have left the team to take care of the move in process while they have been "hanging out" at the place of the person they are seeing.  Everyone is hoping they realize on their own what is going on before having to step in. Everyone is wishing for that understanding ex to come back into their life right about now. Dixie D'Amelio/Trevor Zegras/Noah Beck (Dixie D’Amelio stirs dating buzz with Anaheim Ducks’ Trevor Zegras)

Decades: This actress (Kathleen Turner) used to be A+ list. She was top billed in several movies even above the lead actors (“Peggy Sue Got Married”/Nicolas Cage) (“Switching Channels”/Burt Reynolds) (“Undercover Blues”/Dennis Quaid) (“Prince of Central Park”/Danny Aiello) (Filmography) who were also in the movies. She loved doing that. She is probably A- list now. A career of no one wanting to work with her and the aging process have for the most part left her on the outside looking in. There was one role (“Princess Leia Organa” in “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope”) in the not too distant past in a franchise that is ongoing. Originally, she was supposed to be in at least the first sequel, but no one could stand her, so the part was rewritten where she could not be back for the sequel. Our actress was married for a very long time and would sleep with her husband (Jay Weiss (m. 1984; div. 2007)) only when she thought he would leave her if she didn't. Our actress has one love other than herself and it is with another woman that should not be had. Our actress knows this and self flagellates whenever she thinks about it. The obsession is what led to her divorce. Oh, there were other reasons listed in the press, but the husband couldn't compete with the obsession and he got to witness it up close and personal for a bit and then when he was gone our actress came oh so close to following through on it. She could have and no one would have known. The obsession is really what led to her going to A- list because she just could think of and do nothing else but try to be near her obsession. Kathleen Turner/“Princess Leia Organa” in “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope”/Jay Weiss (Fan Casting Kathleen Turner as Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope) (Hollywood icon Kathleen Turner looks unrecognizable as she struggles with a cane during a rare public outing after revealing she once had a crush on former co-star Michael Douglas)

There’s a reason this long time  and well-liked couple has appeared to defy the Hollywood odds and stay happily married – THEY’RE SWINGERS! They have a tight-knit group of celebrity friends and industry movers and shakers, and they host sex parties – frequently swapping partners. They’re smart enough to only invite A-Listers into this group because they wouldn’t want their secret revealed or used against them for nefarious purposes. Long story short, they host swinging sex parties at their Santa Barbara home -away from Hollywood -and that explains why they appear so happy after all these years. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick; Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff; Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

This group likes to pretend they have something exciting going on in their lives which is why they are postponing a huge leg of their tour. The thing is though, they aren't selling tickets and the postponement is going to be a cancellation. The Jonas Brothers (The Jonas Brothers Are Being Called Out By Fans After They Rescheduled 22 Tour Dates On Short Notice To Make Room For “Exciting Projects”)

The Broadway performer who had a failed show and then a successful run as a replacement deserves to know that her boyfriend, despite his claims to be single, has been making advances on another woman on multiple occasions.

As much as this sports organization wants to protect one of its biggest stars/moneymakers, things are not adding up in the investigation at all. “MBL”/Shohei Ohtani (Shohei Ohtani’s ex-interpreter stole $16 million to cover gambling debts, feds say)

It is very interesting that years after being promised the gig, it looks like this former late night host is going to be getting it after all. Craig Ferguson/“The Late Late Show” (Craig Ferguson hopes to return as a late night talk show host after making his Spokane debut)

No one really paid attention to the first trial involving this movie, but everyone will be paying attention when the killer actor is on trial which is why he is trying to get it tossed. He won't have any kind of career after. “Rust”/Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin lost control on 'Rust' set and lied about his actions, prosecutors say)

Every so often, the wealthy bookseller should say no when his significant other says she wants to get more work done to her face. Jeff Bezos/Lauren Sánchez (Lauren Sánchez Stuns in Racy Red Corset Dress with Jeff Bezos at White House State Dinner)

This Spring film festival has already been rigged for a certain director to win. “Cannes Film Festival”/Francis Ford Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Megalopolis’ Will Premiere in Competition at Cannes)

This north of the border former A+ list actor has suggested to this campaign that they do an appearance together because it would be huge on TikTok, especially if they dressed alike. He has been met with nothing but rejection. Jim Carrey/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Robert De Niro pictured socializing with celebrity anti-vaccination squad Jim Carrey, Robert F Kennedy Jr, and activist film maker amid controversy over movie linking MMR to autism at Tribeca Film Festival)

This foreign born superhero and this one named A list actress are both very good actors. Excellent actors even. So, why is it so hard for them to make their affection for each other look real? It is just painful to watch. Tom Holland/Zendaya  (Zendaya and Tom Holland silence split rumours as they share a rare PDA at the premiere of her steamy new film Challengers)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **10**
Reader Blind: The ex-wife (Andrea Kelly) of the jailed R&B pervert (R. Kelly) looks like Jiminy Cricket. She claims that she didn’t know about what he did to the Resolution singer (Aaliyah) (“We Need a Resolution”) but that is a complete lie. Her friends remember everything and are talking. She knew what her husband did and called his victims “fast”. Even the child in the video . It’s why the husband married her. He loved that she didn’t sympathize with little Black girls. She was married to an “Epstein man” so those innocent little girls were her “rivals”. Sick. Very sick. Andrea Kelly/R. Kelly/Aaliyah (R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Andrea Kelly Reflects on Alleged Physical, Financial Abuse)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **11**
Speaking of things forced, our favorite foreign born A list closeted actor is trying to make people think he is out there looking for new love. He isn't. He does know his team is going to make him find someone soon though. He has got promo work to do. Sam Heughan (Outlander star Sam Heughan opens up on 'unsettling' realisation about late father)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **12**
Reader Blind: Yes, it’s true that the lawyer (Tyrone Blackburn) is salacious but that doesn’t mean his clients’ claims aren’t true. The Unwine vlogger (Tashak/unwinewithtashak) is losing her audience to the Tells vlogger (Tisa Tells/tisatellss) because Tells’ coverage of Mr. FreakOff’s (Sean “Diddy” Combs) case is professional. Trying to discredit a lawyer who advocates for survivors of color was a cheap way of trying to compete. This is the same Unwine vlogger who lost her case against the Bacardi rapper (Cardi B) because she lied. The same vlogger who used her platform to discredit a single mom who claimed her son was attacked by the Doodie rapper (LoDown/otf_doodielo). The mom wasn’t lying. Neither was her kid. The Doodie rapper’s Gold manager (Ola Ali/ali_gold_2) told someone he thought he could trust. Oops. Tyrone Blackburn/TashaK/Tisa Tells/Sean “Diddy” Combs/LoDown/Ola Ali  (Sean 'Diddy' Combs' accuser's lawyer claims record labels 'funded' Combs' alleged sex trafficking)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **13**
This foreign born A- list actress all of you know, recently tried to kill herself.

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **14**
Payback: It hasn't happened with her most recent boyfriend, but for years, whenever this foreign born former A- list celebrity offspring would get a boyfriend, this former A+ list singer would make every effort to sleep with said boyfriend. It is why the foreign born celebrity never had any relationship that lasted longer than a month. The singer made it her goal in life to screw over the foreign born celebrity because the foreign born celebrity called the singer talentless. The singer, who does have a lot of talent, took offense and they got into a fight in a club and the singer won because she is tough like that and made it her mission to get revenge. It has gone on like this for well over a decade. On a side note, the singer actually lives in the former house of the celebrity. That might be going a little far
. Kelly Osbourne/Christina Aguilera ('She's a fat b****': Kelly Osbourne reignites long-running feud with Christina Aguilera)

The A+ list singer probably didn't expect to be number one in the streaming ratings, but had to be really disappointed in only reaching number eight for her first week, knowing she will quickly drop from that. Taylor Swift/“Eras Tour Film”/“Disney+”

The foreign born singer might have had cause of death listed as cardiac arrest, but it was an overdose. Sinéad O'Connor (Sinéad O'Connor died of natural causes, coroner says)

If you are actually paying to see the dirty old man who ra**ed the 16 year old girl after feeding her drugs, you should know he and much of the band are lip synching. Don Henley/”Eagles” (Jimmy Buffett tribute: Dave Grohl, the Eagles, Paul McCartney and everything that happened at the Bowl) (Eagles’ Don Henley testifies that ‘poor decision’ led to his 1980 arrest) (BLIND ITEM 11/12/17) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/07/24)

I will never be a fan of the everything in her mind A lister, but to say that because she bartended at a club for a couple hours for a promotion means that she is a part of a sex trafficking ring run out of that bar that everyone in LA has been to is really pushing the envelope too far. Jennifer Lopez/”The Abbey” (Jennifer Lopez Makes Surprise Appearance at The Abbey to Celebrate Founder David Cooley's Work with LGBTQ+ Community)

This A list pro athlete has been everywhere the past year. Those close to him are worrying he is drinking too much. Travis Kelce ('Taylor Swift must be getting sick of this': Travis Kelce is SLAMMED over 'cringe' beer-guzzling graduation antics - as body language expert says 'attention-seeking' display indicates NFL star will never 'mature')

This A list singer who started off as an actress and has a big project coming out soon, did not go home with her boyfriend the other night, but sent him home while she kept partying. Ariana Grande/Ethan  Slater (Ariana Grande and SpongeBob Are Going Strong)

It was just a pre party for the desert festival, and this 15 minutes of fame alliterate model was already stealing everyone's coke like she was famous or something.

This editor has informed the powers that be that if anyone touches her magazine, they should expect all kinds of things to come out about said powers that be. Anna Wintour/“Vogue”/“Conde Nast”

If you ask this A list news anchor, he will tell you he is in an open marriage, but his significant other would say otherwise. Chris Cuomo/Cristina Greeven Cuomo

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **10**
Reader Blind: The Y2K creep (Chris Stokes) and the TAZmanian bulldagger (Ketrina "Taz" Askew) should look into The Streisand Effect. The media is just WAITING for them to sue someone for defamation because it would open a can of worms for them.  If they were really about it they would have sued the female rapper (Nicki Minaj) for what she said about the Y2K creep in her Flames song (“Fire Burns”) and sued the Joc rapper (Yung Joc) for his lyrics (Discography) about the abuse. Chris Stokes/Ketrina "Taz" Askew/Nicki Minaj/Yung Joc

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **11**
This north of the border actor isn't thrilled that his actress girlfriend is doing press with a co-star who she has hooked up with in the past. Joshua Jackson/Lupita Nyong’o/Joseph Quinn/”CinemaCon Awards 2024 ('A Quiet Place: Day One' Stars Lupita Nyong'o & Joseph Quinn Honored at CinemaCon Awards 2024)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **12**
Reader Blind: If the Lips Housewife/actress is friends with the Hotel Housewife is she basically admitting that she lied about the homophobic rant? Why would she befriend someone she said called a gay man the F word when she claims to be an ally. Lisa Rinna/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Kathy Hilton (Kathy Hilton pals around with Lisa Rinna 1 year after calling her ‘the biggest bully in Hollywood’ on ‘RHOBH’) (Lisa Rinna bares all to show off spray tan after dissolving her polarizing facial fillers)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **13**
This Scandinavian royal (Princess Mette-Marit of Norway) had a reporter tossed from an event this week when he brought up some new information about her past with the billionaire ped*phile. Princess Mette-Marit of Norway/"Unifying Threads"/Jeffrey Epstein (Crown Princess Mette- Marit attends the Unifying Threads exhibition at Queen Sonja Art Stable on April 12, 2024 in Oslo, Norway) (How Jeffrey Epstein Wooed a Princess) (BLIND ITEM 06/0723)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **14**
Four For Friday - Bad Coachella Behavior (From alt-rock in the desert to a haphazard fashion show: charting the strange history of Coachella)
#1 - These two one named singers got into an actual fistfight because the foreign born one wouldn't stop trash talking the American born one.
#2 - This two color singer was debating until the last possible minute just not going on stage. She wanted to be able to sign a solo deal. She got her wish. Lisa/”BLACKPINK”/"Coachella 2023 (Blackpink makes Coachella history at 2023 festival, holds own without guests)
#3 - Speaking of not wanting to play, it took threats of violence to get the two brothers to take the stage because they were wasted and thought the crowd was too small for them. “Oasis”/Liam and Noel Gallager/”Coachella 2002” (Liam Gallagher Calls Coachella a ‘Pathetic Festival’)
#4 - There has always been speculation that one of the driving forces behind the festival didn't actually die of natural causes, but was the result of a money dispute gone wrong
. Rick Van Santen (Rick Van Santen: Co-prexy of L.A. concert promoter Goldenvoice)

Mr. X: Which A-list actor who got his start on TV was paid a tidy sum of cash to attend an event last month by the cult he’s slowly distancing himself from? He was persuaded to attend by a mostly TV actress still very much in the cult because their recruitment numbers are in the toilet, per the cult’s leader (who the actor despises). John Travolta/Scientology/Elisabeth Moss/David Miscavige (John Travolta Is Reportedly Giving Major Clues That He's Disillusioned With the Church of Scientology)

Mr. X: What all star charity song (“We Are the World”) is getting another remake for its 40th anniversary? All of the surviving artists from the original have committed as well as one artist (Sheila E.) who was originally supposed to be featured but cancelled at the last minute, the one named permanent A-list diva (Madonna) who is currently on tour. “We Are the World”/Shelia E./Madonna (Lionel Richie proposes 'We Are the World' remake for COVID-19 aid) (‘The Greatest Night in Pop’: 10 Revelations About the Mega-Stars Who Created “We Are the World”) (Ranking the 37 Contributors to ‘We Are the World’)

This former A list boy bander who would love nothing more than to reunite, is splitting with their spouse. Lance Bass/”NSYNC” (Lance Bass Remembers Getting a 'Welcome to the Club' Gift Basket from Elton John After He Came Out in 2006)

It isn't a very convincing relationship when you wait for the photographers before showing any PDA. The foreign born actor and the former Disney actress turned singer should just give up. Barry Keoghan/Sabrina Carpenter (Barry Keoghan Took a Sabrina Carpenter Fancam at Coachella)

The barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A list singer threatened the wrong person and they want to kill him. Declyn “Dex” Lauper-Thornton/Cyndi Lauper (Cyndi Lauper’s son faces boot from posh NYC pad for allegedly smoking weed, late-night screaming and thumping music: ‘Unlivable’)

They don't test for everything, but even though the permanent A list athlete looked like he had coke jaw, I'm guessing he isn't doing coke. Tiger Woods (Question about Tiger Woods note leads to awkward end to Neal Shipley press conference)

The former manager turned reality star turned talk show host turned celebrity knows after what she said she isn't going to get hired for anything again, so is just going scorched Earth and looking very petty doing so. Sharon Osbourne (Amanda Holden takes a savage swipe at 'bitter and pathetic' Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh as she stands by BGT boss Simon Cowell after they tore into him on Celeb Big Brother)

Speaking of petty, this not used denim foreign group (“New Jeans”) is really petty for going after a tiny YouTube account that just calls out all the BS of the K-pop groups and companies. “New Jeans”  (NewJeans Asks U.S. Court to Force Google to Identify YouTube User for Criminal Defamation Case)

When you see the permanent A list "singer" seemingly taking shots at the wife of her ex it generally occurs after an argument involving decisions made about the kids of the singer and her ex. Britney Spear/Victoria Prince/Sean Preston & Jayden James Federline/Kevin Federline

After the events of earlier this weekend, I'm sure the A- list celebrity offspring was inundated with texts from her father and her church minders about the A- lister's husband and his relationship with another offspring. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Stephen Baldwin/Justin Bieber/Jayden Smith (Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith Bro Out at Coachella, Share Kiss)

Did the A+ list singer know the Housewife? No, but at least knew enough about the show to make it seem plausible she knew who the Housewife could be. Taylor Swift/Teresa Giudice/”Real Housewives of New Jersey” (Taylor Swift and ‘RHONJ’ star Teresa Giudice pose together at Coachella: ‘Two absolute queens’)

Speaking of the A+ list singer, her people really would like to be in charge of her boyfriend's social media so he doesn't embarrass the singer. Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce (People Are Questioning Travis Kelce After He "Liked" Instagram Photos With Donald Trump At A Sporting Event)

This A list singer with the huge movie being released this year convinced her fans that her lyrics are like the Gospel and are a 100% true recap of events in her life. They aren't and her boyfriend's ex is lobbing bombs on social media disproving any kind of narrative being preached in the lyrics. The same thing will happen later this week in another music release. Ariana Grande/”Wicked”/Ethan Slater/Lilly Jay (Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Pack on PDA at CinemaCon to Promote ‘Wicked’) (Every detail and reference you might have missed on Ariana Grande's new album 'Eternal Sunshine') (A Lilly Jay Source Absolutely Goes Off on Ariana Grande's New Song 'The Boy Is Mine')

Unlike what he says publicly, this former talk show host loves when his significant other is gone because he goes surfing for a replacement. T. J. Holmes/Amy Robach (T.J. Holmes admits he gets ‘really frustrated’ when Amy Robach travels without him: ‘I just don’t like being apart’)

The on again/off again significant other of this foreign born A list athlete has another woman pregnant. Cordae/Naomi Osaka (A Timeline of Cordae & Naomi Osaka’s Relationship)

The one named north of the border singer/DJ always had someone get everything ready for her. This time, she got into a fight about payment and they walked and her set sucked
. Grimes (Grimes apologizes for disastrous Coachella set)

Apparently, the barely there celebrity offspring who dates forty years her senior has a different definition of what drugs are than you or me, because she is definitely using drugs. Aoki Lee Simmons (Aoki Lee Simmons Shares Message To Parents After “Terrifying” Them)

The only reason the alliterate one and her husband are staying in the resort and not mooching off some poor sap is because the streaming service is paying the bill. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/”Four Seasons Palm Beach”/”Netflix” (Prince Harry, Meghan Markle stay at luxe $8K-per-night Palm Beach resort as they film Netflix show)

 191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **3**
I don't know why anyone is shocked the reunion of a group nearly a decade in the making got a bigger crowd than Friday night's headliner. They have more hits and their lead singer has been in our face for decades. The reuniting group also got paid more, although don't tell the headliner. “No Doubt”/Gwen Stefani/Lana Del Rey/"Coachella" (No Doubt had the best show at Coachella. It only took 30 years)

Next week, this closeted A/A- list actor from an acting family is going to have another round of he is going to finally get married and settle down and have a family with his girlfriend press. He likes to do it every nine months or so. Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal Still Skittish About Marriage Despite Being 'Crazy' About Girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu)

At one point during this recent Northeast Con ("Steel City Con"), this A- list actress who starred on an iconic show and its reboot, had to send people out to come to her table. No one wanted to meet her. Five years ago she would have thought Cons were beneath her and now she can't even get anyone to pay money to get a photo with her. “Steel City Con”/Debra Messing/”Will & Grace” (Debra Messing is here today and tomorrow for Steel City Con - April 12-14, 2024)

Speaking of that Con from #5, the former 80's actress (Molly Ringwald) did a thing with her fellow 80's stars. You could tell she hated being there although she probably could use the money. Everyone else (Judd Nelson/Anthony Michael Hall/Ally Sheedy) from her famous movie (“The Breakfast Club”) seemed thrilled to be there. “Steel City Con”/Judd Nelson/Anthony Michael Hall/Ally Sheedy/”The Breakfast Club” (Molly Ringwald admits that parts of 'The Breakfast Club' have 'not aged well')

The jailed whistleblower/reporter is about to be set free and the north of the border actress will be there with a film crew for a documentary. Julian Assange/Pamela Anderson (Biden ‘considering’ Australian request to drop Assange case)

The celebrity CEO doesn't want to announce it, but his company is going to stop producing the much ballyhooed truck. No one is buying it. Elon Musk/”Tesla Cybertruck” (Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Reportedly Halted)

With a very recent revelation that this former A list news reporter/anchor had leaked about her, now people are asking her questions about the A+/A list actress.

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **10**
This former A list singer in a group just got a breast enlargement and lift for her new gig. She said she wanted to look good for the cameras. Then she was told there would be no cameras, but she got the procedure done anyway.

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **11**
This foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee was told by his doctor that he should start taking the weight loss shot because of how overweight he is. The actor refused. He says he wants to enjoy life and that taking the shot would be miserable. Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe at Global Radio Studios on April 15, 2024 in London, England)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **12**
The antithesis of our actor from #11 is this A- list actress who starred on a very very long running network sitcom. She probably didn't need the shot, but she wants every advantage she can get to land more work. She had to play older than she was and thinks it will hut her unless she always looks young and skinny. Sofía Vergara/”Modern Family” (Sofía Vergara Reveals She Underwent Knee Surgery and Was Taken Care of by New Boyfriend Justin Saliman)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **13**
This A list writer/actress/producer was supposed to show up to the desert festival this weekend but was a no show. She also was due to present at an award show back in LA, but was a no show at that event too. Mindy Kaling/”Coachella”/”2024 Writers Guild Awards Los Angeles Ceremony” (Mindy Kaling roasts Prince Harry as her ‘friend’s husband’ who ‘wrote a book’)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **14**
The Quiet Casting Couch: It isn't as if this permanent A lister (Anna Wintour) has never talked about their casting couch. They have, but in a very opaque way. You always have to read between the lines when it comes to the A lister about their sex life. Because of the nature of the A lister's profession, they got to choose who worked for them. They held the auditions. They could choose to hire and fire at will whoever they wanted. At first, our A lister was just sleeping with long familiar people they knew, but that changed over time. It became the responsibility of the people who worked for her to offer up someone to have sex with if they wanted to keep their job. They had to do so once a year. It was OK if the A lister didn't like them, they just had to have someone they were offering. Things were good if you did that. The people being offered were fully aware that if they were chosen, they were going to have a great life. Our A lister, even if you were with them, just for a year, would take care of you for the rest of your life. The only thing you had to do was be available and keep it all a secret. Every so often, someone decided they were not going to keep the secret. After a visit from a couple of the A lister's friends, their attitude was changed. The sex drive of our A lister has slowed, but they are always on the lookout for someone new
. Anna Wintour (Relationships) (Anna Wintour's love life to date as she arrives at Met Gala with rumoured partner Bill Nighy)

Way back in the day, this A+ list singer had a boyfriend who was on a very self destructive path and brought out the worst of our singer. Her people dragged her out of the relationship. Are we seeing a repeat now? Some on her team think her current boyfriend has a way of taking her down a path that isn't good for her. Taylor Swift/Martin Johnson/Travis Kelce

The murdering ra*ist wanted to stay at home while his wife went on tour. He would get to do all kinds of crazy things. She knew that which is why she wants to drag him along. What will happen is he will be going back and forth because there are several countries on the tour who don't want him inside their borders. This is going to be the end of their marriage. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj's Husband Begs Court to Let Him Go on Tour with Her Outside U.S.)

If things go as poorly as it looks as it will today in court for the celebrity cult, there have been discussions about settling all the lawsuits against it and just making it all go away. The constant negative publicity is never good for business. David Miscavige/Scientology (Scientology stuns Jane Doe attorneys, bounce judge before ruling can be made)

You only got a gift basket from the alliterate one if you agreed in advance to promote it on your social media and promised not to give it or sell it to anyone else which is one of the reasons why the jars are numbered. The other reason is to make it seem as if each batch is a limited edition, when in fact, you can go to the supplier and they will do the same thing for every company. Meghan Markle/”American Riviera Orchard”/Jelly (First look at Meghan Markle’s American Riviera Orchard brand as she sends gift basket to 50 close pals)

This foreign born A- list actress spoke about her slightly higher on the list actor ex and said she had to split with him because he demanded constant reassurance of how amazing he was. Surprisingly this is not about Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen, but it wouldn't be a shocker if he was also the same way with her.

This married former A- list teen actress still works a lot, but will never be more famous than she was as a teen. She is hooking up with a guy from her church. Candace Cameron Bure

This A- list actress who has been the lead on multiple shows with no luck since her cable show went off the air, said recently she makes way more money being the girlfriend to a billionaire than she ever did as an actress but that he expects her to be like his favorite character which is extremely demanding.

Yes, all of us would be deported for doing it, but there is no way the ginger haired one will ever be deported. Yes, it will clearly show once again there is a them and an us. Prince Harry (Prince Harry won’t be deported under Biden, US ambassador says)

The manager everyone hates is trying to turn the tide of bad press directed towards one of his groups. The group is now all over the Internet because they fudged the AR/backtrack to the festival goers physically there, but the streaming connected directly to their microphones, so their actual voices were heard by the whole world on the official livestream. It is a scandal in their home country. Scooter Braun/”Le SSerafim”/"Coachella"/Korea (Le Sserafim draws mixed reviews at Coachella)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **10**
This foreign born celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister could barely stand at a film premiere last night. Lily-Rose Depp/Johnny Depp/”Jeanne Du Barry” (Johnny Depp Explains Why He Feels 'Perversely Lucky' at U.K. Premiere of His Film Jeanne Du Barry)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **11**
Probably wanting to be wasted at the same premiere as #10, were the director and the A+/A list actor who had to make nice for the cameras, when they really don't like each other. “Jeanne Du Barry”/Maïwenn/Johnny Depp (Maiwenn aka Maiwenn Le Besco and Johnny Depp attend the UK Premiere of "Jeanne Du Barry" at The Curzon Mayfair on April 15, 2024 in London)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **12**
This foreign born A- list actor has multiple franchises to his name and has starred in several Oscar winners/nominated films. There is buzz that he secretly married his partner, but didn't want his ex to know. Michael Sheen/Anna Lundberg/Kate Beckinsale

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **13**
This agent has managed to keep all his bad behaviors from too much public scrutiny through a series of lawsuits backed by one of his very rich producing clients. Apparently, though there is video proof of one of his bad deeds that has been circulating around town which could finally topple him. Ari Emanuel (Why Ari Emanuel Can’t Help Himself) (The unstoppable rise of Ari Emanuel) (Now it's Personal: Ari vs. Bryan) (Ari Emanuel, Bryan Lourd and the Feud of the Century)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **14**
The Pool Boy: This actress is an offspring and has an actress offspring too. She has gone through multiple pool companies over the past few years. When I say multiple, I mean about two dozen in three years. It began during the pandemic when she was in the need for company and started showing up topless to her pool each day the pool guy would come visit. Then, she would be naked and eventually started sleeping with every pool guy one company sent. A couple wives of the pool workers complained and it was on to the next pool company and the next. Apparently, over the past couple of months she finally locked into one company that heard about her special requests and found a couple single guys to rotate for her pool services. They also raised their monthly prices. She pays about ten times what anyone else pays for pool service
. Melanie Griffith/Tippi Hedren/Dakota Johnson

The out in the sun European country reality star is trying to ingratiate himself even more with his bosses in hopes of getting even more deals from them. What he is saying about a former castmate isn't true and dragging it all over social media is really immature. Tan France/”The Queer Eye”/”Netflix/Bobby Berk (Tan France's Entryway Features a Retro Material That Designers Say is Making a Comeback in 2024) (Travel Style Tips From ‘Queer Eye’ Star Tan France) (Tan France Says He Didn’t Advocate For Bobby Berk’s ‘Queer Eye’ Replacement: ‘My Former Colleague Getting Fired Had Nothing to Do With Me’)

This former A+ list athlete and this former A+ list mostly movie actor got suckered into being speakers at a front group for the celebrity cult. Marshall Faulk/“Foundation For A Drug Free World”/Scientology (‘Shilling’ for Scientology? SDSU Great Marshall Faulk Hit for Plugging ‘Front Group’)

Speaking of the celebrity cult, will the Housewives channel mention their latest addition is a member of the celebrity cult or are they just going to let that slide? Scientology/”Bravo”/Rebecca Minkoff/”Real Housewives of New York” (What Rebecca Minkoff Has Said About Being a Scientologist Before ‘RHONY’)

This A list mostly movie actor is hooking up with his co-star which has left the reality star scrambling to make it look as if she has already moved on. Timothée Chalamet/Elle Fanning or Florence Pugh/Kylie Jenner/Ryan Garcia (Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning Share a Laugh Together on Set of Bob Dylan Biopic) (Why Timothée Chalamet And Florence Pugh Couldn't Be Around Each Other On Dune 2) (Is Ryan Garcia Dating Kylie Jenner? Sparks Dating Rumors With Public Announcement Amid Reports of Her Split From Timothée Chalamet; Fans React)

This A- list actress had enough of a certain producer after just three weeks. She had enough where she quit the project where she was going to be the star and executive producer. Margaret Qualley/Amanda Knox or Monica Lewinsky (Margaret Qualley no longer playing Amanda Knox in Hulu miniseries)

This reality star with a side gig loves the world to think he moves from one woman to the next and he does. But, there are also the guys in West Hollywood he hooks up with a couple of nights a week and those are the nights his girlfriend has to do something without him. She doesn't know about the guys though. Tom Sandoval/Victoria Lee Robinson or Tom Schwartz/Sophia Skoro/”Vanderpump Rules”/”Schwartz & Sandy's” (Tom Sandoval Dating Victoria Lee Robinson After Rachel Leviss Affair) (Tom Schwartz and Sophia Skoro Are ‘Almost’ Official: We ‘Definitely Love Each Other’)

It wasn't as if this A list athlete was the best host for the job, it is just producers are hoping because of his buzz and his girlfriend he can snag some early ratings to keep the show on the air. Travis Kelce/”Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?”/Taylor Swift (Travis Kelce Confirms He'll Host Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?: 'I'm Just Happy to Be on the Hosting Side')

This foreign government can say whatever they want, but they employ a group of hundreds of people who, as their job try to find new ways to seed clouds. They did too good of a job. Dubai/United Arab Emirates (What is cloud seeding and did it cause Dubai flooding?)

You have the alliterate actress telling everyone the pay cable show is coming back while the one named actress says she isn't sure. It looks like the producers decided to make sure the alliterate actress was the one paid more. Sydney Sweeney/”Euphoria”/Zendaya (Is Euphoria Season 3 Still Happening? Here's Everything Cast Members Have Said)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **10**
Reader Blind: At the music festival this past weekend, the foreign born A-list actor was hanging out with a group of friends and his thirsty girlfriend. He was actually enjoying himself for the first time in a while. But when she started recording a video for her TikTok and other social media pages, let’s just say he wasn’t happy. It was a total buzzkill. “Coachella”/Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse (Suki Waterhouse subtly reveals sex of her and Robert Pattinson’s baby during Coachella 2024 set)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **11**
This A list singer/songwriter hosted a party for a company and was very disappointed they didn't provide him with a "date" for the evening. John Mayer/”Audemars Piguet” (John Mayer Goes ‘Beneath the Crystal Sky’ to Celebrate His Starry Audemars Piguet Watch Collaboration)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **12**
This A- list mostly television actress who got famous for another kind of acting was about fifteen minutes late to an event because she wanted to make sure all the fans who waited to see her, got to take a photo with her. Chloe Cherry/adult entertainment/Premiere of Amazon MGM Studios’ “Challengers” (Chloe Cherry attends the premiere of Amazon MGM Studios' "Challengers" at Westwood Village Theater on April 16, 2024)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **13**
Wait. Until the barely old enough to drive influencer (Lil Tay) pointed out the former tween turned teen turned adult reality star/singer/celebrity (JoJo Siwa) didn't write her own music, did people actually think she did? Yeah, and she was best friends with the lady (Abby Lee Miller) who ran the dance studio ("Dance Moms") too. Lil Tay/JoJo Siwa/Abby Lee Miller/”Dance Moms” (Lil Tay Fires Shots at JoJo Siwa: ‘Madonna From Dollar Tree A– B—-‘)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **14**
Foreshadowing: Back in the day, there was a wrestling tour traveling around the US and also just over the border in Mexico to cities like Tijuana. One of the main draws was this Mexican wrestler (#1/Psicosis). The promoter (John Arezzi of this tour thought he could have sex with this manager/model (#2/Nancy Benoit) so he assigned her to act as the "manager" for #1. After one of the shows south of the border, it is late at night and this one named foreign born wrestler who still wrestles today (#3/Konnan) hears this pounding at his hotel door. It was #2 and she is half naked and she has been beaten. She explains that she was partying with this foreign born wrestler who still wrestles today and is often confused with a music genre (#4/Heavy Metal). The wrestler was unable to perform sexually so beat up #2. Someone suggest they call #2's husband who was also a wrestler (#5/Kevin Sullivan), but they said he probably beats #2 worse than #4 did. Later in life #2 ended up dead from a different wrestle
r (#6/Chris Benoit). (Chris Benoit double-murder and suicide)
Promoter: John Arezzi
#1: Psicosis
#2: Nancy Benoit
#3: Konnan
#4: Heavy Metal
#5: Kevin Sullivan
#6: Chris Benoit

231. POPBITCH 04/18
(British blog) Which writer-comedian has been doubling up the casting process for his latest TV show as a dating service? At least three hopefuls who auditioned for it got asked out on dates. (And none got the job.)

For decades, these two equally famous A-list actors were closer than Siamese twins. They worked together, partied together, invested together and were the definition of BFFS. Luckily their significant others also got along famously so it made for good times for everyone. One of the actors went through a very public breakup and rebounded with a new love and therein lies the problem: the other actor and his wife can’t stand the new partner and it’s affected their friendship. Before you start guessing, this is NOT about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Contrary to some reports, Matt and his wife happen to ADORE Jennifer Lopez, so guess again. Brad Pitt & George Clooney/Angelina Jolie & Amal Clooney/Ines de Ramon (Brad Pitt and George Clooney 'Enjoying the Hell Out of' Reuniting on New Film: 'Forever Friends' (Exclusive)) (Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon's Relationship Timeline)

Everyone has been speculating that the 2 offered up by the A+ list singer means double album. It could also mean the second weekend of a certain desert festival and appearing on stage with one of her best friends. Lana Del Rey/Jack Antonoff/Taylor Swift/”Coachella”

This north of the border singer who has had a long hiatus while he decided if he wanted to be an actor or a singer, is booking tour dates for 2025. No word on whether his cult minder will be tagging along. Shawn Mendes/Charlie Travers

The on again off again two decade couple were paid six figures to name drop a company (“Proov”) in their life announcement. Nelly/Ashanti/”Proov” (Ashanti And Nelly Unveil Co-Ownership Of Fertility Company Proov In Pregnancy Announcement)

Apparently, this school ("Navarro College") just can't stay out of the spotlight. State investigators say that this school which was featured on a streamer for a few seasons has a huge sex ring being run from the campus and also involves money laundering and drug smuggling. “Navarro College”/”Cheer”/”Netflix” (Navarro College’s ‘Cheer Queen’ announces retirement after three decades, 17 national titles)

The one named rapper suddenly decided he actually didn't want to be a full time parent any longer which is why he modified his request. Jeezy (Jeezy backtracks full custody request of 2-year-old daughter, Monaco, with Jeannie Mai)

The success of this rebooted Broadway musical was the first step to reboot one of the all time classics in film history. The rebooted musical is a flop though, which should see the iconic film safe for a few more years at least. “The Wiz”/"The Wizard of Oz" (‘The Wiz’ Broadway review: We’re off to see the cheap national tour!)

Reader Blind: Fans of this foreign “singer” who performs crowdsourced songs are not happy with the recent festival appearance. The shows “she” puts on overseas are a genuine rave spectacle, but the streaming service behind the current US tour has been cutting corners you simply don’t cut with a show like this. They are about to be hit with a hurricane of refund demands and cancellations. Grimes (Grimes Apologizes for Coachella Tech Issues Leading Her to Scream During Set: 'I Will Not Let Such a Thing Happen Again') (An Interview with Grimes)

This permanent A list director wanted a project that could actually be three or four parts for his final film. Yes, it would be four parts but only one movie in his mind. Quentin Tarantino/”The Movie Critic” (Quentin Tarantino’s 10-Movie Retirement Plan Has Some Flaws)

The celebrity who got pregnant with the underage guy's baby is pregnant with the A- list singer's baby. They really might cancel the whole tour now and would have a better excuse than the lames ones offered up so far. Stormi Bree/Lucky Blue Smith/Joe Jonas (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/04/24)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **10**
The one named permanent A list singer was so high at a recent event that she was eating cookies and brownies like they were crack. Rihanna/”Fenty x Puma Event” (Rihanna Debuts Blonder Hair and New Bangs at Fenty x Puma Event — See Her Look!)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **11**
This long time A list Japanese wrestler liked watching his wife sleep with other wrestlers. Antonio Inoki

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **12**
This A list singer turned talk show host wasn't very happy with her former reality co-star and what he did earlier this month. Kelly Clarkson/Blake Shelton/”The Voice”/Officiated at Reba McEntire’s ex-husband and Kelly Clarkson’s ex-father-in-law Narvel Blackstock’s wedding to Laura Stroud (Blake Shelton May Have Irked Friends Kelly Clarkson & Reba McEntire With This Surprising Move)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **13**
This former A list actress tells everyone she is single, but she is dating a guy she is embarrassed to be seen with publicly.

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **14**
Shadow Banned: The powers that be can't completely derail the career of this A- list actress. She has a franchise and as long as it continues, she will remain in it. The problem she has is that she blew the whistle on her former manager and thought she could trust her agent to have her back. Her agent betrayed her though and since that point in time, she has struggled to find work outside of the franchise. She also no longer has the evidence supporting her whistleblowing so it is just her word against the very powerful. Prior to the whistleblowing she was headed to A list. If not for the franchise she would be essentially out of the business when it comes to any kind of mainstream success
. Michelle Rodriguez/”Fast & Furious”

This foreign born alliterate singer can't take no for an answer and has been hounding this foreign born A- list actor/former co-star to be her boyfriend or at least hang out together. He has always been a no on that but she keeps trying and doesn't care that he has a girlfriend. Camila Cabello/Nicholas Galitzine/Cameron Valentina (Camila Cabello Finds Her Prince Charming for 'Cinderella' Retelling) (Did Nicholas Galitzine Just Soft Launch His New Girlfriend?)

It is interesting this new Housewife took the job. She had been asked a few years ago but said no because of her very complicated marriage and almost divorce. She didn't want it to be raised in the show. All of the cast knows about it though, so it will be brought up and why the whole move to Dallas didn't happen because of the trouble in the marriage. Bronwyn Newport/”Real Housewives of Salt Lake City“

The foreign born former A+ list rapper is already having troubles with foreign immigration authorities because of her murderer husband. It is just going to get worse. Nicki Minja/Kenneth Petty/Canada (Drake 'Made a Couple Calls' for Nicki Minaj After She Experienced Issues at Canadian Border During Tour)

This ousted sports leader is trying to grab some of the biggest stars from his old league and start a brand new one. Vince McMahon/”WWE” (John Cena/The Rock) (Vince McMahon Still Regularly Keeps In Touch With John Cena And The Rock)

Speaking of sports, this brand new professional A lister's significant other doesn't want to move where she has to move because of her job. There will be a split very soon. Caitlin Clark/Connor McCaffery (Indiana Fever select Iowa's Caitlin Clark No. 1 in 2024 WNBA draft) (Who Is Caitlin Clark's Boyfriend? All About Connor McCaffery)

The alliterate one's fruit spread is going to cost nearly four times what her in-law charges for his. $30 for a jar is crazy. Meghan Markle/”American Riviera Orchard” jam/King Charles “Charles’ Highgrove Organic Strawberry Preserve” (King Charles’ Jam Sells Out After Meghan Markle Unveils Her Preserves)

This fortunate spice is married. Her family is very big into a sport played on huge open fields. One of her female friends is seemingly always in the same place as this foreign born A+ list celebrity. Ginger Luckey/Polo/Prince Harry

So, the former co-star gets a birthday present every year, but the estranged daughter doesn't? Tom Cruise/Kirsten Dunst/Suri Cruise (Every Star Who Has Spoken About Receiving the Tom Cruise Coconut Cake) (Suri Cruise chats with friends in NYC days before her 18th birthday)

This west coast Housewife was drunk and out of control at an event earlier this week. Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/”Neon Carnival” (Kyle Richards attends Liquid I.V. Presents Neon Carnival In Association With Patrón El Alto And The Levi's Brand)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **10**
This soon to be divorced reality star has already found someone new and she is decades younger than the reality star. Gerry Turner/”Golden Bachelor” (Gerry Turner Exposed? Fans Claim Money Issues Led To 'Golden Bachelor' Divorce)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **11**
Speaking of moving on, the prime minister actor is acting as if he has moved on from the girlfriend he used like a prop. Jonathan Majors/Meagan Good (Jonathan Majors avoids jail time in assault and harassment sentencing)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **12**
This actress sibling not named Hudgens dresses up as characters her sister has played for men online. Ali Lohan/Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan and Sister Ali Make Rare Joint Appearance in Contrasting Looks)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **13**
This closeted A+/A list mostly movie actor with a very long running franchise had his long time boyfriend move in to the actor's house. Hugh Jackman/”X-Men” (Sources Claim Hugh Jackman’s Worrying Behavior May Have Something to Do with His Breakup)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **14**
Four For Friday - Bad Soap Behavior
 #1 - This long time staple on an ABC show was due to make his return. However, they want him to take weekly drug tests and to lay off the booze during actual working hours. Steve Burton/”General Hospital” (Steve Burton Announces Return to “General Hospital” 1 Day After Announcing Exit from “Days of Our Lives”)
#2 - This actor from a NBC show was fired from the show for being too aggressive during sex scenes. This is the same guy who hooked up with an underage co-star and everyone pretended it didn't happen. Robert Kelker Kelly/Miriam Parrish/”Days Of Our Lives” (At 12 midnight at party for Miriam Parrish, RKK took the microphone and announced that Mirriam was officially 18 and that were officially dating)
#3 - This former CBS teen actress was fired from the show because everyone threatened to quit if she wasn't. Everyone hated working with her and she hasn't acted since. Ashley Tesoro aka Ashley Lyn Cafagna/”The Bold and the Beautiful”
#4 - This former ABC actress moved on and has had a very nice career. It was huge at one point during a very popular movie franchise. She was sued by her show because she tried to leave it for a big primetime opportunity. Sarah Michelle Gellar/”Scream 2”/”All My Children”/”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

It is not just that the A+/A list mostly movie actor destroyed an iconic home, it is the fact that an appearance at a birthday party and a few signed photos was all it took to get permission from the government to do so. Chris Pratt/1950 Zimmerman house designed by architect Craig Ellwood (Chris Pratt draws ire for razing historic 1950 LA home for sprawling mansion)

It would really be better if the former Disney actress turned singer was a better actress. If she were a better actress, then her love scenes with her fake actor boyfriend would be so much more believable. Sabrina Carpenter/Barry Keoghan (Sabrina Carpenter Nods to Barry Keoghan (and His Saltburn Bathwater Scene!) with Coachella 'Nonsense' Outro)

I wonder why the north of the border A++ lister is hiding his new significant other. Perhaps people just wouldn't understand. Justin Trudeau/Canada

The ex of the alliterate talk show host is hoping if he says a couple nice things about her, that her guardian will forget how many horrible things he did to her and also forgive the six figure debt he owes the talk show host. Kevin Hunter/Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams’ guardian demands Kevin Hunter return $112K after he was ‘overpaid’ in divorce)

Apparently, in the two weeks prior to her death, this social media A- lister had told a couple of people in her personal life and a couple of followers that she felt like she was being followed or stalked. Then, she got a spam email from someone trying to extort her. She knew it was spam but it added to the fear. Kyle Marisa Roth (Kyle Marisa Roth, controversial TikTokker, dead at 36)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity already has a failed album, movie and concert tour on her checklist this year. Somehow she thinks having a baby will get everyone to love her again. No. It won't. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez Talks ‘Nonstop’ About Wanting Another Baby With Husband Ben Affleck)

This permanent A list dual threat actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and comes from a sprawling acting family, hates that the alliterate actress is going to remake a movie done by the permanent A lister and is doing everything she can to get it killed. Jane Fonda/Sydney Sweeney/”Barbarella” (Sydney Sweeney to Star as ‘Barbarella’ in Remake She’ll Also Produce)

The relationship between the barely there celebrity offspring and the A+/A list actor/director has not gone very well ever since the offspring's parent tried to get the actor to invest in one of his projects and the actor said no. Gigi Hadid/Bradley Cooper/Mohamed Hadid (Gigi and Bella Hadid's Palestinian-American father Mohamed sends string of vile Instagram messages to NY Congressman - and says 'you worse than the rats of New York sewage system')

Even with the label paying for her guest spot appearance, the foreign born alliterate singer couldn't even convince her collaborator to come to the desert to be on stage with her and the A list singer who invited her barely even knew the song so just had to stand there and watch. It was a bus
t. Camila Cabello/Lana Del Rey/Playboi Carti/”Coachella” (Camila Cabello Joins Lana Del Rey During Weekend Two of Coachella)

When your "weight loss shot" is actually a steady diet of coke and booze, it is a lot harder to say that you are going to quit taking the shot. It wouldn't shock me if this former A list celebrity goes to rehab for a couple of months. Scott Disick (Scott Disick will ‘stop taking Ozempic’ after ‘public outcry’ over extreme weight loss)

For someone who says they never wanted to be a Housewife and made that point repeatedly several years ago, they suddenly have changed their tune 180. Now, the bad actress/offspring/reality star says she was blocked from her dream of becoming a Housewife. Which is it? Tori Spelling (Tori Spelling recalls confronting Andy Cohen over his refusal to cast her on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: 'Wasn’t I the O.G. Beverly Hills?')

Everyone wants to see the failure of this new entrant horror movie as reflective on the lead actress and her views. Honestly, it is just a trash movie. 99% of the world has no idea what her views are on anything because she isn't a big star. “Abigail”/Melissa Barrera (Abigail Ending: Why Vampire Ballerina Makes That Decision Explained By Melissa Barrera) (Melissa Barrera dropped from ‘Scream VII’ after pro-Palestinian posts)

Apparently, the ex of the former 1/435th/porn star lover/registered sex offender still hasn't had sex with her billionaire "boyfriend." It is all about the donations. Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Alex Soros (Huma Abedin and George Soros’ son Alex, lovebirds with 9-year age gap, spotted on courtside date at Knicks’ playoff game)

Online, people are arguing about whether the A+ list singer or the one named permanent A+/A list singer are going to win Album Of The Year. Offshore betting odds have the winner being an album that has not even been released yet. It comes out next month. Taylor Swift (“The Tortured Poets Department”)/Beyoncé (“Cowboy Carter”)/Billie Eilish (“Hit Me Hard and Soft”) (and if you don't think Taylor made TTPD the way she did trying to compete against Billie, then I don't know what to tell you)

It was not all that long ago that in this space I told you about how this A+ list mostly movie actor screwed over his investors in a fitness product (“F45”) and how everyone except the actor and his cohorts lost money. Now, this foreign born permanent A list athlete is suing the actor for millions. Mark Wahlberg/"F45"/David Beckham (David Beckham suing Mark Wahlberg for $10 million over F45 Training deal) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/15/23)

Behind the scenes this A list director is trying to block their significant other from getting a huge role. Sam Taylor-Johnson/Aaron Taylor-Johnson/”James Bond” (Aaron Taylor-Johnson could miss out on James Bond as another Hollywood star is tipped for role)

This former gold winning gymnast is on OnlyFans without showing her face. In one of the videos, you can see a display where there is a glimpse of one of the medals. It is impossible to do much more than identify the Olympics where it was won.

Word on the street is that the recent announcement of four movies about the same story (“The Beatles”) may be because two (Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr) are about to speak their truth. Or, rather, one (Paul McCartney) on behalf of a deceased partner (John Lennon). Apparently, in his eighties, he's beginning to realize that the person (Yoko Ono) he wanted to pass before he spilled the beans is still clinging to life, albeit at the farm upstate rather than overlooking Central Park West, and with relatives (Paul McCartney’s son James McCartney & John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon) of theirs collaborating recently on a song (“Primrose Hill”), he thinks maybe it might be time. (P.S. The four-way split (Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon and George Harrison’s daughter Olivia Harrison) was suggested so that half the group wouldn't play the background, as they have in the entire history of that story to date.) “The Beatles”/Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr/Paul McCartney/John Lennon/Yoko Ono/Paul McCartney’s son James McCartney & John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon/”Primrose Hill”/Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon’s son Sean Lennon and George Harrison’s daughter Olivia Harrison (Sam Mendes, Sony & Apple Corps Set Four Beatles Theatrical Movies On Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison & Ringo Starr) (James McCartney and Sean Ono Lennon release joint single) (Inside the dysfunctional last days of the Beatles, as they called each other ‘nasty’)

Last year, the manager of the permanent A list "singer" was hoping to have a Crown type show about his client which he could executive produce and pocket a whole lot of money. Now, he is pitching an Aretha style series. Cade Hudson/Britney Spears (The Making of Genius: Aretha Part I)

This foreign born reality star (Nikita Cuzmin) who usually can be seen dancing (“Let's Dance” and “Strictly Come Dancing”), hasn't stopped talking to his former housemate (Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu) who once spent time on an island (“Love Island“). The reality star's girlfriend (Charlie Backshall) doesn't seem to know about it. Nikita Cuzmin (“Let's Dance” and “Strictly Come Dancing”)/Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu (“Love Island”)/Jeffrey Epstein’s “Little Saint James”/Charlie Backshall

A few weeks ago I told you that this alliterate news anchor was in talks to get his old job back. His old employer needs a boost for the fall. Now, the news has started to leak in the mainstream media so he can up the amount of money he is paid. Chris Cuomo/”CNN” (Rumors swirl of a Chris Cuomo-CNN comeback after network’s latest experiment is axed) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/07/24)

This movie studio has decided to pluck off one of the three original cast members of this long running about to be rebooted horror/lost film franchise and pay them a bunch of money, so the other two will look ungrateful. “Lionsgate”/”The Blair Witch Project” (‘The Blair Witch Project’ Cast Ask Lionsgate For Retroactive Residuals and ‘Meaningful Consultation’ on Future Projects)

At this dinner between two former castmates from an iconic show, neither really ate much because they couldn't actually get their mouths open enough to eat any big pieces of anything. Jennifer Aniston/Courteney Cox/”Friends” (Jennifer Aniston, 55, and Courteney Cox, 59, show off their age-defying looks as they enjoy a mini Friends reunion with girls' night out in Beverly Hills)

This loves himself more than others former A list singer (Brian McKnight) who started off in a Christian group (“Take 6”) for a hot minute with his brother (Claude McKnight) before he decided they were not good enough for him and the group became a massive success without him, now dumps on his biological children (Brian Jr., Briana, Nico and Clyde) all the time because he decided they were not good enough for him. One of those kids (Nico) has cancer, but he never shows any love towards the child at all. Brian McKnight/”Take 6”/Claude McKnight/Brian Jr., Briana, Nico and Clyde (Brian McKnight’s son, ex-wife react after singer calls estranged kids a ‘product of sin’: ‘Outright disrespect’)

The wealthy surfer sure is hosting a lot of lobbyists and decision makers at his Hawaii properties. He wants to force the sale of the clock company to him. He is desperate for the technology and the algorithms, not to mention the money. Mark Zuckerberg/”TikTok” (Microsoft And Oracle Could Be TikTok's 'Likely Buyers,' But Real Winners Would Be Mark Zuckerberg And Sundar Pichai)

When we discuss grooming, we don't discuss the A list do nothing while people died around him rapper when he was in his early 20's hooking up with the alliterate celebrity with bad taste in men who was a junior in high school. Some say she was a sophomore. Travis Scott/Rubi Rose (You guys know about this? 21-year-old Travis Scott dated a 15-year-old Rubi Rose)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **10**
Right before COVID, scientists discovered something (“Apophis”) that was probably going to kill the world a decade later. With all the doom and gloom about COVID, the powers that be around the world quickly decided to minimize that and then again minimized it a year later and then again another year later. They just wants us to be docile like sheep as they try to do something about it and will let us know if it succeeds, after the fact. Asteroid “Apophis” (Asteroid Apophis will swing past Earth in 2029 — could a space rock collision make it hit us?)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **11**
The A list everything in her mind celebrity yelled at a photographer for taking photos of the celebrity with her hair wet and not wearing any makeup. She only likes to be seen in full makeup and fully filtered. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez Dresses for Comfort in Platform Uggs)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **12**
This very wealthy streaming star (Jason Oppenheim) who is A list if you watch the show (“Selling Sunset”) and D list or lower if you don't, has a game he plays with his dates. For first dates, he always has a SUV with a driver. After dinner, if the woman he is with, doesn't want to orally service him, he never goes out with them again. He doesn't actually make them go through with it, but doesn't tell them stop until they are just about to do it. Jason Oppenheim/”Selling Sunset”

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **13**
This foreign born A- list actress sees things completely differently than her married co-star did from the time period four years ago that the co-star discussed this past weekend. Lily James/Dominic West (Dominic West addresses ‘deeply stressful’ Lily James affair rumors)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **14**
The Family: A family that does po*n together stays together, or at least earns enough to keep the lifestyle they have been accustomed to. They are celebrities, but have been going through a rough patch and don't have the millions of dollars a year in income they had before. So, what to do? Beginning next month, this family is going to go all in on OnlyFans and their gimmick is an announcement they will only do it for one month and they will never do it again. Uh huh. They want to see how much they can get in a one month span and nothing will be off limits or taboo. That is what they will say, but they don't want to get kicked off the platform, so they won't push any limits
. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Brielle Biermann/Ariana Biermann

The older reality star who appeared on that dating show wasn’t really the nice, kind person he was presented to the public to be. His now soon to be ex-wife found out a couple months ago and she’s planning on taking him to court for a good paycheck. Good for her. Gerry Turner/”Golden Bachelor/Theresa Nist (Insiders Are Making Some Bold Claims About Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Getting ‘Caught In A Lie,’ But Theresa's Daughter Has A Different Take) (Gerry Turner’s Divorce From Theresa Nist: What Women Have Said About the Golden Bachelor’s Past)

The foreign born A- list actress who recently had her own blind item has people guessing the love of orgies goes to the celebrity CEO and the royal ped*phile. Rebel Wilson/Elon Musk/David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon (Rebel Wilson gives three clues to the identity of the Royal Family member who she claims invited her to a drug-fuelled orgy) (Who is Viscount Linley? David Armstrong-Jones, the 2nd Earl of Snowdon) (REBEL WILSON BLIND ITEM 03/23/24)

One of the reasons the wife of the killer actor wants to divide things now instead of after the trial is because of things like what happened this week which will see the actor getting sued and more of their money disappearing. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin smacks phone of anti-Israel agitator who begged him to say 'Free Palestine' inside coffee shop)

The former singer turned princess actress is setting up the reasons publicly why her significant other is leaving her, instead of the real reason. Halle Bailey/DDG/"severe" postpartum depression (Halle Bailey gets real about ‘severe’ postpartum depression battle after son’s secret birth)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor from multiple franchises got into trouble with his significant other because he was in communication with his ex about how great she recently looked with her whole makeover. Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse/FKA Twigs (FKA twigs Dances Martha Graham: ‘This Is Art in Its Truest Form’) (2015/FKA Twigs 'Really Wants Kids' with Robert Pattinson)

With the death of the murdering athlete, the attention of the world is once again focused on the coverup of the hired killer that was scrubbed by the patriarch of a reality family and a death that was covered up right as the reality family was starting to make their mark on society. O. J. Simpson/Bill Wasz/Robert Kardashian (How OJ Simpson's 'trial of the century' shattered the Kardashians: Kris Jenner and ex Robert went to war over Nicole Simpson's murder - leaving Kim and Kourtney forced to CHOOSE between their parents... with family still split over what really happened) (OJ Simpson Case: Bill Wasz's Story)

This alliterate social media star who recently passed had a recent "boyfriend" who was not a very nice person. He was really upset that she didn't want to go on "vacation" with him. Eva Evans (TikTok Star Eva Evans Dead at 29, Sister Reveals: 'Still Find Myself in a Constant Cycle of Denial')

Back in the 2000s, you could read a lot of buzz on music blogs about this up and coming country singer. Tons of folks around Nashville would flock to the comments to talk about the vocal lessons and music lessons they’d given her. She wasn’t really the topic of interest. They were all more interested in her parents—super rich, but also nightmares to deal with. While they were mean to everyone, the singer was their primary target. If they didn’t like her performance at lessons or how she looked in a photo shoot, she was given dry lettuce for dinner and told that skinny girls would work harder. After our singer became famous, all the comments on message boards about her family, suddenly disappeared. Taylor Swift

This engaged foreign born A- list actress recently hooked up with one of her former co-stars again. They called it a goodbye fling.

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **10**
Speaking of flings, the significant other of this alliterate A list actress has been having lots of flings, so maybe the actress can finally stop pretending they are still together. Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell (Glen Powell Credits Sydney Sweeney for Successful ‘Anyone But You’ Marketing Campaign)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **11**
An insider is saying this married A- list actress used her children to find her young men to seduce and put under her spell. Jada Pinkett Smith

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **12**
One of the guests on this sailing show actually has warrants issued for his arrest from multiple countries. Appearing on the show put him back on the radar of authorities. “Below Deck” (Season 11)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **13**
This singer (Donald "DeVanté Swing" DeGrate) was part of a one named group (“Jodeci”) with his brother (Dalvin DeGrate). The group had a lot of success before disbanding. Now, the singer usually sticks to producing. Part of his production process a decade ago was to have adult video actresses visit where he was recording. His ritual was to have them wait in a bedroom off the recording studio and once every few hours he would go in and try to get them pregnant. He has dozens of children but pays literally zero child support. None of the moms have ever even tried to get a dollar form him. It must be because of his connection to Suge Knight and the killers he would discuss with them if they crossed a line. Donald "DeVanté Swing" DeGrate/“Jodeci”/Dalvin DeGrate (This Is What Happened To Jodeci After 20 Years) (The Rise and Fall of Devante Swing: A Cautionary Tale of Fame and Addiction)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **14**
Their Goddess: Back in the early-mid 2000s, websites like LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace, and Tumblr were the meeting grounds of a subculture that was largely populated by teenage girls. The point of the subculture, called pro-ana or pro-anorexia, was to share tips and tricks to develop and maintain an eating disorder. While these mostly underage girls starved themselves, they also engaged in near-worship of this A- list actress from an acting family. Most disturbingly, the actress also seemed to worship these girls back, to the point of silently sending messages to them. For example, after they speculated on how far above her skeletal elbow a bangle bracelet could go, the actress started wearing bangles above her elbows at shocking heights. This went on for years with outfits and accessories that revealed protruding ribs, collarbones, and hips. Eventually, the actress' retreat from the public eye helped this subculture fade into obscurity as mid to young millennials aged and embraced public facing social media
. Mary-Kate Olsen (The Bicep Bracelet Is Back)

This A+ list NFL QB left hundreds of fans literally out in the cold overseas who had come to get his autograph and were paying to do so. Our QB just hung out in his hotel room and refused to attend the signing. Lamar Jackson/Berlin
This foreign born model/sometime actress who is probably A- list when it comes to fame is the number one candidate for the sexual partner in the car of the three named rapper who is being sued. Cara Delevingne/Megan Thee Stallion/Cameraman Emilio Garcia (Megan Thee Stallion Sued by Cameraman Over Hostile Work Environment Claim) (Cara Delevingne breaks silence over red carpet photos of her and Megan Thee Stallion: ‘I was hyping her up’)

If you tell everyone that movies suck, then no one will be disappointed when your crap movie (and it is) invariably bombs. There are not many people more pretentious than the A list comedian/bad actor. Jerry Seinfeld/“Unfrosted” (Jerry Seinfeld Says the ‘Movie Business Is Over’ and ‘Film Doesn’t Occupy the Pinnacle in the Cultural Hierarchy’ Anymore: ‘Disorientation Replaced’ It)

Considering how much she was drinking on a recent vacation, it seems highly unlikely this A- list reality star is pregnant with the A list actor's baby. They also haven't been together in months because he is over her, so this would be awkward for everyone if she is and would remain awkward for the next 18 years. Kylie Jenner/Timothée Chalamet (Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with Timothée Chalamet’s baby? The wild rumours explained) (Kylie Jenner Flaunts Fit Physique While on Lavish Vacation With Sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian Amid Timothée Chalamet Split Rumors: Photos)

This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee sees the singer biopic as a way to get back to the top. She shares the same agent as the A+ list actor who would play the male lead. The problem is the male lead has his eye on a much younger actress who he also wants to make his next girlfriend. Jennifer Lawrence/”Frank Sinatra”/Leonardo DiCaprio (Martin Scorsese considering Leonardo DiCaprio for Frank Sinatra biopic, Jennifer Lawrence as Ava Gardner)

The psychic has doubled her rates and clients since she started being seen with the foreign born former superhero. Olivia Brower/Andrew Garfield (All About Olivia Brower, Andrew Garfield’s Rumored New Girlfriend) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/11/24)

The actor previously married to a man is now back with his long time female partner. Lukas Gage/Chris Appleton (Lukas Gage Loves and Hookups)

This A lister has a private collection of the non blurred out video of various men from the cable network. Andy Cohen/"Bravo"

This A list actor starring in a show based on books had some type of allergic reaction and some of his hair plugs started falling out. He was freaked out about it. Tom Hiddleston/”The Night Manager”

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **10**
The foreign company has more data about more people than any other company in the world. You don't think they have a bunch of stuff to use on politicians if push comes to shove? “TikTok” (Why U.S. officials want to ban TikTok)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **11**
This A list singer/Academy Award winner knew exactly what she was doing when she invoked the name of this A list singer in an interview giving her good advice. Our singer/Oscar winner knows he is the ex of the A+ list singer. For whatever reason she loves taking subtle digs at the A+ list singer. Billie Eilish/John Mayer/Taylor Swift (Something John Mayer Said Helped Billie Eilish Put The Intensity Of Her Early Career In Perspective) (Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish’s Relationship Through the Years)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **12**
At least one of the ship spinoffs on the cable network is done. The ratings are too low and they are logistically very difficult to shoot. “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”/”Bravo”

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **13**
After her recent performance, this former A++ list dropout is going to start fundraising again next week. Nikki Haley (Some Nikki Haley voters are hanging on to her candidacy and, like her, refuse to endorse Trump)

319.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **14**
The Bet - Old Hollywood: This mob boss (#1/Carlo Gambino) had always wanted to sleep with this alliterate A list actress (#2/Marilyn Monroe), but she had always rebuffed his advances. He was not used to people saying no to him. So, he reached out to this permanent A list singer (#3/Frank Sinatra) and asked for his help. The singer said he could get the actress to be anywhere the mafia boss was going to be, but the boss didn't believe him. They literally bet $100K on whether or not the actress would show. The actress, who had recently divorced a husband (#4/Arthur Miller), was in bad shape and self-medicating a lot. The actress showed up but still wasn't interested in the mafia boss. He wasn't taking no and the boss and the singer not only sexually assaulted the actress for two straight days themselves, they brought in others too. She died shortly thereafter
. (EXCLUSIVE: How Sinatra served as a 'bag man' for the mafia (once carrying $2million in cash to Cuba), won Oscar-winning role in From Here to Eternity thanks to mobster threats and helped arrange JFK's affair with Judith Exner, new book reveals)
#1: Carlo Gambino
#2: Marilyn Monroe
#3: Frank Sinatra
#4: Arthur Miller

This north of the border singer and this A- celebrity offspring of multiple A listers have been culting together and doing all kinds of other interesting things with each other and other members of the cult. Justin Bieber/Jaden Smith

There is no way this foreign born former A list model goes back to bearding, plus she still hangs out with the former A+ list athlete whenever his mood fancies her. Irina Shayk/Tom Cruise/Tom Brady (Tom Cruise on Irina Shayk's 'list of potential boyfriends' following split with Tom Brady: 'She needs famous, good looking, and rich')

Giving her a quick promotional spot wasn't much of a severance bonus for this barely there celebrity. It is better than the A lister usually does in his contracts though. Aubrey Paige/Ryan Seacrest (Ryan Seacrest’s ex Aubrey Paige claps back at haters after breakup: ‘I don’t give a f–k’)

I love how this foreign born actor and the alliterate actress have the world convinced they faked their love for a marketing campaign. If it was so fake, why did the actor's girlfriend break off their long relationship? Why did the boyfriend of the actress not speak to her for a month? Glen Powell (Gigi Paris)/Sydney Sweeney (Jonathan Davino)/“Anyone But You” (Glen Powell Admits He and Sydney Sweeney Leaned Into Romance Rumors to Market Anyone But You: 'It Worked')

This foreign born A list singer was thought to be off heroin, so it is disheartening to learn that he is back using.

Speaking of foreign born singers, even though he didn't sign a NDA, don't think the singer will be going after the A+ lister. She knows too many horrible things about him which he doesn't want the world to know. They have a mutually assured destruction thing going on. Matty Healy/Taylor Swift (Matty Healy’s ex Halsey shows boyfriend Avan Jogia supporting Taylor Swift in ‘TTPD’ sweats)

So, the sitcom dad and the wannabe rapper/producer hooked up? Talk about strange hookups. Reginald VelJohnson/”Family Matters”/Sean “Diddy” Combs (50 Cent Speaks Out About Wild Rumor Diddy Had Romantic Relationship With ‘Family Matters’ Star)

This alliterate A- list rapper thinks people are trying to kill him and is documenting all the attempts made on his life. It is also to distract from the comments made about him and someone from #7. Meek Mill/Sean “Diddy” Combs (Meek Mill Says Hummer EV Brake Pedal Failed Before Crash)

It kind of feels like this barely there celebrity offspring is being used as bait for financing of a new project by this A list mostly movie actor. Gigi Hadid/Bradley Cooper (Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Had a Couples Vacation with Bradley Cooper & Gigi Hadid, Mom Donna Kelce Reveals)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **10**
This A list actor/sometime director celebrated a recent professional milestone by having a threesome with his long time boyfriend and a waitress they both discovered at an after party.

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **11**
This A- list actress who can never seem to make a project work, despite so many chances, didn't bring her sugardaddy to a recent event because she doesn't like people to know how much older he is than her. Lucy Hale (Lucy Hale Details the Benefits of Dating Older Men After Skeet Ulrich Fling)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **12**
This foreign born former A- list singer in her own country from a manufactured group turned frequent celebrity reality show contestant/host went to a recent event after spending an hour in a tanning booth. Yeah, it looked as bad as you would expect. Nicole Scherzinger/”Pussycat Dolls”/Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham’s 50th Birthday Party (Tess Daly surprises fans as she enjoys a night out with her 'girl gang' Hannah Waddingham, Nicole Scherzinger and West End star Mazz Murray: 'So much talent in one picture!')

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **13**
According to Bani, the highest paid yachter in the world right now is this A list social media influencer who was recently paid seven figures for a week that she spent in London with a Prince from a Middle eastern royal family. She refused to go to his country and made him meet her in London. She also demanded and received private jet flights from Los Angeles to London and back. When they heard about it, her talent agency actually tried to take 10% of the deal. Danielle Marcan (daniellemarcan) (DANIELLE MARCAN) (Danielle Marcan attends the House Of Creed "Queen of Silk" Global Launch Party at Tate Modern on April 23, 2024 in London, England) (Top 60 Social Media Influencers in 2024: Who’s Leading the Chart)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **14**
The Forgotten One: It isn't so much as she is forgotten as she was just erased almost from all the history of this group of people, all of whom became famous except for her. There were differing levels of fame for the members of the group, but no one was really less than A- list and most ended up being A list or even A+ list. The woman who was left behind happened because this dual threat A list actor was sleeping with her and another woman in the group who later became A- list. Our actor was about to take new job that would send him on his way to A list and the forgotten one wanted to be there with him. He wanted to be free and to sleep with what he assumed would be women everywhere and to let loose. So, he sabotaged her career. Just outright sabotaged it to make sure there could be no way she could ever follow him. The rest of the group never said anything to come to her defense. They all wanted their fame and if one person had to go down, then so be it. The forgotten one literally had zero career after this happened. The only one who didn't.

It must have been some argument with this wife that made this A+A list mostly movie actor want to keep it out of the tabloids. Not like when he did the racist hate crime that sent a man to the hospital, or was it? Mark Wahlberg/Rhea Durham (Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham's Sons Stand Taller Than Their Parents in New Family Vacation Photo: 'My Boys') (David Beckham’s Lawsuit Against Mark Wahlberg’s F45 Company: Everything to Know)  (Mark Wahlberg’s History of Hate Crimes Resurfaces After ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ SAG Win)

You know the tabloids had a lot of money back in the day is they were able to pay off 40 different women to keep quiet about their affairs with the foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor. “National Enquirer”/Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger dragged into Trump hush money trial as tabloid boss reveals plan to buy damaging stories)

Speaking of getting paid, this foreign born A list model is used to getting paid for her efforts and this permanent A list athlete believes in free love. Irina Shayk/Tom Brady (Single Irina Shayk is ‘boyfriend shopping’ after Tom Brady fling: source)

This former A list singer finally reached out to his offspring who is dying. He only did so because everyone in the world shamed him about it. Well, everyone except his wife who didn't want him to have anything to do with the kid or any of his OG kids. Brian McKnight/son Nico McKnight/Leilani Malia Mendoza/Briana McKnight and Niko McKnight (Brian McKnight Claims Ex-Wife Forced Him To Stop Helping With Estranged Son’s Cancer Treatments) (Op-Ed: On Brian McKnight And Why Women Shouldn’t Be Comfortable Being With Men Who Abandon Their Kids)

This foreign born diminutive superhero wants everyone to think he is going to marry the one named A/A- list actress so keeps leaking things to the tabloids. It isn't going to happen. Tom Holland/Zendaya (Zendaya and boyfriend Tom Holland have 'discussed marriage'... eight years after meeting on Spider-Man set)

This actor (Billy Porter) is one shy of an EGOT. Everyone seems shocked he won't be hitting up the ball next month, but he and the editor have a longstanding feud which means he wont ever be invited again until she is gone. Billy Porter/”2024 Met Gala”/Anna Wintour (Billy Porter Is Skipping the 2024 Met Gala After His Mother’s Death: ‘I Have to Take Care of Myself’) (Billy Porter criticised for calling Anna Wintour a ‘b****’ over Harry Styles Vogue cover)

What this alliterate barely there celebrity (Hope Hicks) does not want to come out during the trial is how she earns her living right now. Hope Hicks/Donald Trump New York Hush Money Trial (Here’s What Hope Hicks Could Testify In Trump Hush Money Trial)

Speaking of trials, this very controversial social media personality is threatening to expose all of the politicians who came to the country where he was living on foreign trips and how they spent a great deal of their time while there. Andrew Tate/Romania (Andrew Tate and brother Tristan to be tried in Romania on rape and trafficking charges)

This barely there celebrity offspring is sleeping with the dad of one of her brother's girlfriends. Bella Hadid/Anwar Hadid/Sophia Piccirilli (Who Is Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend, Adan Banuelos?) (Anwar Hadid moves on from Dua Lipa with model Sophia Piccirilli) (Who is Sophia Piccirilli, Anwar Hadid's New Girlfriend?)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **10**
This former A+ list athlete who keeps trying to get back to A+ list, but won't ever get there, has a sex tape with two women he really wants to keep quiet because he was unable to perform in it. Antonio Brown; Tiger Woods

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **11**
This former member of a manufactured group has been coming into work each morning wasted out of her mind. She is about to get fired. Adrienne Bailon-Houghton/”The Cheetah Girls”/”Raven’s Home”/”I Can See Your Voice” (Adrienne Bailon spent ‘easily over a million’ on IVF treatments before welcoming son via surrogate)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **12**
This A list celebrity offspring didn't really seem to care about his wife when he was sucking face with an A- list singer the other night. Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz (Nicola Peltz explains why she skipped mother-in-law Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday party after squashing feud rumors)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **13**
This foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee got new breasts which made the pickup scenes she had to shoot for a movie, really different than when she first shot the movie.

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **14**
our For Friday - Bad Tween/Teen Behavior
#1 - This long long long time soap star who also did a little reality television was dropping acid before she was even a teen.  Alison Sweeney/”Days Of Our Lives”/”The Biggest Loser”
#2 - This foreign born A+/A list actor used to always want to sleep with his co-star back when they were teens. She would only let him if he bought her coke.
#3 - This former soap actress turned A/A- list adult actress used to try and get a co-star fired all of the time when our actress was in her teens. She hated the co-star that much.
#4 - This A+/A list actress was a teen when she started sleeping with a much much older medical professional who she got nearly six figures from as a "loan." She never paid him back.

Free for less than 24 hours and the permanent A list "singer" is with the felon drug dealer/grifter who she has given thousands of dollars to and this time when she crashes and burns, no one will do anything, or at least that is what people think. She technically still does have a minder with power who can go into court. By the time she does though, my guess is our singer will be in jail or dead. Britney Spears/Paul Richard Soliz (Britney Spears CRACKS windshield of Mercedes G-Wagen while crouched in passenger seat before speeding off with felon 'ex' Paul Richard Soliz in LA - as 'furious' star is seen for FIRST time after shock legal settlement with dad Jamie)

This permanent A list actress who has directed in the past wants to do another installment or two of her biggest franchise so she can make enough money to walk away from acting forever. Angelina Jolie/”Maleficent 3” (Maleficent 3 is in the works, despite Angelina Jolie hinting that she wants to leave acting)

This former talk show host is finally owning up to why she was forced out of her show. She knows she was awful to people. It is also why her significant other is not on your with her. Ellen DeGeneres/”Ellen”/Portia de Rossi (Ellen DeGeneres complains she was ‘most hated person in America’ after toxic workplace claims)

The former one-fifth thought this whole dropping a single thing would be like back in the day when people remembered who she was and no promotion was necessary. That was a long time ago. To have your lead single not debut on any chart in any country shows the album that everyone has been waiting for is going to be dead on arrival. Normani/”Fifth Harmony”/”1:59” (Normani finally confirms album release date, shares new song "1:59")

The singer turned Disney princess should just walk away from her relationship with the initialed rapper right now. I don't think he could make it any more clear that he is using her and doing whatever he wants. Halle Bailey/DDG (DDG Explains Why He and Halle Bailey Don’t Split Finances Equally: ‘I Pay for a Lot of Stuff’)

Apparently, the daughter of the sports entertainment founder was so well known for her strapon that she gave it a name and everyone used the name as a verb. Stephanie McMahon/Vince McMahon/”WWE”

In the same genre, there was a big grift back in the day after one of the family members from a legendary family (Von Erich family) died. Two or three people would sit around and autograph photos of the dead family member which were then sold as a limited edition batch. They did this for a solid year. They sold thousands of them. Von Erich family

From what I understand, at least two of the fifty had their labels fall off which is why they couldn't post anything to social media. At least one of the fifty was returned because they didn't want to post anything and were not asked in advance and were being pressured to post about something they didn't want to do. They tried to get an address to return it to and no one was getting back to them or taking their call, so they just sent it to the agent's office where it sat on some rando's desk for several days. Meghan Markle’s “American Riviera Orchard” (Meghan Markle set to make seven figures in less than a year with American Riviera Orchard brand: report)

 This foreign born permanent A list model was using her charity to enable money laundering for others. Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell's high-profile fashion charity is shut down - midway through charity watchdog's probe into claims of financial mismanagement)

This A- list actress who has been acting since she was a teen and has been in this space because she is cheating on her husband may be pregnant by her boyfriend.

Speaking of actresses, who have been acting since their teens, this A/A- list actress has a flask that looks like a cell phone. It is pretty ingenious for sneaking in a quick drink.

This A list mostly movie actor from one of the biggest franchises ever refused to do a voice over gig for a movie a couple of years ago because he thought it was beneath him. What is being the voice of a delivery app commercial? Adam Driver/”Star Wars”/“Instacart“ (NEW Instacart commercial voiced by Adam Driver “Shopper Thoughts, Overthinkers”)

This A- list voice over actor is dating someone nearly five decades younger than him.

This celebrity sibling of an A lister went absolutely bonkers with fillers and prior to her set this weekend. Brandi Cyrus/Miley Cyrus/”2024 Stagecoach Festival” (Brandi Cyrus performs at Diplo's Honky Tonk during the 2024 Stagecoach Festival at Empire Polo Club on April 27, 2024 in Indio, California)

It wasn't really the look this cable network was going for when the face of it was partying with the racist/accused sexual assaulter/revenge po*n king. “Food Network”/Guy Fieri/Diplo

This A- list actor from multiple hit kid shows who has millions and millions of followers on social media won the too much coke for one night contest this weekend with the epic nose bleed
. Zac Efron/”High School Musical”/”49th AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute” (Zac Efron speaks onstage during the 49th AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute celebrating Nicole Kidman at Dolby Theatre on April 27, 2024)

Looking at the numbers of a solo effort by a member of the two color group, it is glaringly obvious that the numbers of the group were heavily manipulated by bots. They would routinely get many hundreds of million views of their videos while the singer in a solo effort has less than 500K after a month. “BLACKPINK”/Jennie (Blackpink Singer Jennie Claims One Of The Biggest Hits Ever Among Koreans On One Chart)

This celebrity offspring who is a B+ list celebrity in her own right, has not denied the relationship with the actor or that her mom stole him. She just took a shot at someone who brought it up on social media. Noah Cyrus/Dominic Purcell/Tish Cyrus Purcell (Noah Cyrus claps back at comment about alleged love triangle with mom Tish, Dominic Purcell)

This former permanent A list athlete turned many other things has stopped interacting with one of his kids because the kid doesn't want to go to the school dad attended. Deion Sanders/Shelomi Sanders (Shelomi Sanders lands at HBCU after leaving Colorado)

Speaking of permanent A list athletes, perhaps next time he visits this particular country, and he promises one of the leaders a certain amount of money after what he did to a woman in the country, he would be well advised to pay the money. Floyd Mayweather/United Arab Emirates (50 Cent Is Buying Gervonta Davis' Claim That Floyd Mayweather Is Being Held Hostage In Dubai)

Someone should ask the permanent A list foreign born model about the little beach town in Kenya where she owns multiple villas and their huge underage sex tourism issue. The people who own the villas in the town are some of the same ones who contributed to her do nothing charity. Fees? Naomi Campbell/Malindi, Kenya (Naomi Campbell's high-profile fashion charity is shut down - midway through charity watchdog's probe into claims of financial mismanagement) (Inside Naomi Campbell’s tranquil Kenyan villa)

Reader Blind: I am a jobbing supporting actor for a local-ish casting agency outside the US. My handler at said agency is occasionally loose-lipped, and they revealed to me recently that this foreign-born male actor (Tom Hardy) (and more recently producer (“Venom: The Last Dance”) who's mostly known for their 'hard man' roles in movies & TV is bisexual. The actor is married to a foreign-born female actor (Charlotte Riley). The male actor has been asked about his sexuality at least once during a film-related press conferences, and his response was to shutdown the journalist asking, citing relevance and elegance of the question. Tom Hardy/“Venom: The Last Dance”/Charlotte Riley (Tom Hardy Shuts Down Reporter Over Sexuality Questions And It’s Awkward)

It was the controversial comedian/host who started the rumors in the first place about her joining a west coast franchise. That would never have happened. Chelsea Handler/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Chelsea Handler reacts to rumor she’s joining ‘RHOBH’)

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee sure has enjoyed not having her significant other along with her for any part of her recent promotion campaign. She has been lighter and happier than anyone can remember for a long time. Anne Hathaway/Adam Shulman/”The Idea Of You” (Anne Hathaway reveals that she's celebrating five years of sobriety after giving up booze once she started a family with husband Adam Shulman)

The boyfriend of this married B+ list actor/offspring has threatened to go public with their affair. The next thing you know, the boyfriend was evicted from his apartment for partying and every application to find a new place has been rejected.

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **10**
Reader Blind: Big mistake. The Bump Bump Bump perv (Chris Stokes) has been threatening Tik Tokers with cease and desists because he and the Taz “lady” (Juanita Stokes aka Smooth aka Needa S) worry their time is coming. TikTok will be the least of their problems. There are moles in the Hall and they are watching the “Naked” singer (Marques Houston) with the “missing” wife (Miya Dickey). He is paranoid and has good reason to be. Chris Stokes/Juanita Stokes aka Smooth aka Needa S/Marques Houston/Miya Dickey (“Waited till she was legal to marry her”: Miya Dickey missing claim surfaces as Marques Houston age difference goes viral)

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **11**
Do you get to be a member of the club if it is a very close family member you have been helping raise since they were a child, but is not actually your child. Well, this A list television host who had a very high profile relationship just explode all over every tabloid everywhere, would like to be a member.

375.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **12**
Reader Blind: Has anyone asked the manager (Scooter Braun) what he knew about his client (Justin Bieber) and Mr. FreakOff (Sean “Diddy“ Combs)? Or was he too busy trying to buy the Poet singer’s (Taylor Swift) music to notice ? Hmmm. Scooter Braun/Justin Bieber/Sean “Diddy” Combs/Taylor Swift

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **13**
While his girlfriend attended a very high end event, her actor boyfriend who has been acting since he was a child, was partying with one of the girlfriend's best friends and they could not stop making out.

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **14**
The Housewife - Part One: Back in the day, this wealthy executive (#1) (Stan Dragoti) used to scout for "talent." It is not unlike what this former medical professional (dentist John Ronan) did when he spotted this very young model (#2) (Halle Berry) who would later be an Oscar winner that all of you know. He tried to recoup the money he gave her after she became famous and even went to court about it (Personal Life). Someone should ask her about it on her next press tour. Anyway, #2 found someone who would later become a permanent A list model. (#3). He pumped tons of money into her career and to get her spotted. Mostly, though he was doing it for the sex. #3 (Cheryl Tiegs) hated being a model though and just wanted to be a trad wife. For several years, she begged #1 to marry her. He finally broke down and did so and our model settled into becoming a housewife. She gained 40 pounds but then decided she didn't like being that overweight. To lose the weight she developed an eating disorder and was soon back to her modeling weight. She decided that if she was going to be that thin, she might as well go back to modeling and soon was the highest paid model in the world. She also decided there were plenty of other fish in the sea, including an A list pro athlete (#4) (Keith Hernandez) which she kept very quiet and then the new love of her life who was A list (#5) (
Peter Beard) in her industry and that affair was noisy to the point she had to split with #1.
#1: Stan Dragoti
#2: Halle Berry
#3: Cheryl Tiegs
#4: Keith Hernandez
#5: Peter Beard

The permanent A list "singer" was trying to bring drugs with her the last time she left the country. The pilot of the plane told her he would not take off unless she got rid of them prior to takeoff. She complied. Britney Spears

The debt this permanent A list athlete has incurred, is going to take most of his fortune. He is definitely going to have to work again, which is something he didn't want to do.

The three named rocker says it was about 100 women he cheated with, but it was at least double that or more. It is OK. His soon to be daughter-in-law will probably do the same to his son. Jon Bon Jovi (Jon Bon Jovi admits he ‘got away with murder’ in Dorothea Hurley marriage: I had ‘100 girls in my life’)

This foreign born one named singer who has crashed and burned despite big label backing, is now in a war with people on social media and her time in the spotlight is going to be very short. Tyla (Tyla Gave us WATER, Next She Promises FIRE | The Breakdown | Cosmopolitan)

hSpeaking of singers, this permanent A list singer/actress doesn't hold back and had to be convinced to take down a social media post about this A- list alliterate actress and her use of Ozempic. Barbra Streisand/Melissa McCarthy (Barbra Streisand ‘forgot the world is reading’ when she asked Melissa McCarthy if she took Ozempic on Instagram)

Apparently, this A- list actor spent all morning complaining about the car and driver that was sent for him prior to his big job this morning. Jesse Tyler Ferguson/”The 77th Annual Tony Award Nominations” (Jesse Tyler Ferguson hosts The 77th Annual Tony Award Nominations LIVE from Sofitel New York on April 30, 2024 in New York City)

Reader Blind: Many decades ago, this foreign royal person (Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma) who served in many distinguished roles was assassinated (Assassination).  At the time, why this particular person was chosen was put down to accessibility, the fact he was often in a place (“Classiebawn Castle“, on the “Mullaghmore Peninsula” in “County Sligo“), in the north-west of Ireland  where he could be easily gotten to.  But there was another reason.  Both he and his wife (Edwina Cynthia Annette Ashley) were known for having many sexual relationships (Marriage).  His wife slept with a famous world leader (Jawaharlal Nehru) in a country (India) where they lived for a while and were famous for their involvement while the assassinated person liked younger men especially boys (Sexuality).  There were allegations after his death by some of the boys he abused.  The revolutionary group (“IRA”) who assassinated him knew this and they also knew he came to their area because he knew there were boys available at orphanages etc. and he could get away with his sexual abuse of them. Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma/“Classiebawn Castle“, on the “Mullaghmore Peninsula” in “County Sligo“, in the north-west of Ireland/Edwina Cynthia Annette Ashley/Jawaharlal Nehru/India/”IRA”

This A- list actor has been hassling a former date after the date went on TikTok and talked about how disastrous the date was. Billy Porter

Long before she was legal and long before she made her pro wrestling debut, this wrestler/valet was the personal plaything of this former NWA champion who would pass her around to other friends who he owed favors to. The first two years of this she was not legal.

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **10**
Reader Blind: An anecdote in an upcoming book by a retired, successful TV producer about this deceased permanent A+ Oscar winning energetic comic actor who started off on TV.  When he was going through the audition process for the otherworldly character he played on TV, under the influence and frustrated with the multiple interviews he had to attend to get the role, he pulled down his pants and defecated and then ate his feces to show the otherworldly character’s alien mindset. Robin Williams/”Mork & Mindy”

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **11**
For the first time I can remember, this A- list mostly movie actress hit a red carpet without her higher on the list actor husband. The word is they are still married, but living separately.

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **12**
Reader Blind: Mr. Freak Off is doing everything he possibly can to avoid any jail time by hiring the best lawyers and attorneys possible to fight and disprove the allegations against him. He truly thinks he’s gonna get off completely Scot free, not a chance. He’s finished. All those secrets of his that have been revealed and exposed, even more are coming. Sean “Diddy” Combs (‘It’s A Bad Day For The Culture’: Suge Knight Speaks Out About P. Diddy Allegations Years After Feud)

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **13**
One of the companies the alliterate one approached as part of her new business venture was not made to sign a NDA, and they are talking about everything to a reporter. This is going to be so crazy. Meghan Markle/”American Riviera Orchard” (Meghan Markle’s American Riviera Orchard Jam Is ‘Kid Tested’ and ‘Approved’ by Friend Heather Dorak)

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **14**
The Housewife - Part Two (Part One can be found here.) When our Housewife (Cheryl Tiegs) started cheating on her husband (Stan Dragoti), he couldn't handle it. He started doing drugs heavily and was spending a fortune on cocaine. His habit was so extensive that he even got caught smuggling it while traveling overseas and was thrown in jail for a couple of months. Our Housewife felt awful because she felt she was responsible and flew to him where he was imprisoned and when he was released, flew back to the US with him. She only stayed with him a week or two before she was back with the A lister (Peter Beard) in her industry who she couldn't stop seeing. Our Housewife ended up getting a huge modeling contract. Her husband decided to start a new chapter in his life and bought his way into movie directing by throwing money at people who wanted to get movies made. He ended up directing a handful of movies, most of which I am guessing you have seen (Filmography). Our Housewife was openly flaunting her boyfriend now, so her husband started dating his own succession of new women (Lori Singer/Valerie Perrine/Alana Stewart) including a model (Lisa Taylor) who was on the cover of Vogue four times. The press could not stop talking about our married couple and the husband finally filed for divorce. Unlike our Housewife, it was the only time he ever married. Cheryl Tiegs/Stan Dragoti/Peter Beard/Lori Singer/Valerie Perrine/Alana Stewart/Lisa Taylor (Stan Dragoti, director of ‘Mr. Mom,’ ‘Love at First Bite,’ dies at 85) (Why Lisa Taylor, ’70s Supermodel, Was the Ultimate Fashion Muse)

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