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This very fast rapper has been talking about fleeing the country if he ends up being convicted next month in court. A$AP Rocky (ASAP Rocky Uses Woman's Face to Climb Over Crowd Barricade to Get to Hotel Before Met Gala)

It is funny how this A list singer/rapper is supposed to be the significant other of the A- list reality star/model, but they are not even staying together while out of town together in the same city. Kendall Jenner/Bad Bunny (Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny arrive at the Mark Hotel in New York ahead of the Met Gala... as they continue to 'spend almost every day together')

This A- list singer has been having sex with this A- list actor who started off at Disney. The actor has a significant other, but she is pregnant, and asked the singer to make herself available to the actor so he would not get violent if she said no to sex. Halsey/Shia LaBeouf/Mia Goth (MaXXXine First Look Photo Reveals Mia Goth and Halsey in 1980s Hollywood)

Things do not look good for this A list comic/actor/singer. Jamie Foxx ('We need you back bro' | Jamie Foxx's longtime friend asking for prayers)

This foreign born B+ list actress was not on the original invitation list for the ball tonight, so had her much higher on the list (not legal in the US) husband get her an invitation. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Are Glamorous in Black and White at the 2023 Met Gala) (Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Reportedly Obtain Their Marriage License) (BLIND ITEM 09/26/22)

This A- list awful rapper who doesn't even write his own lyrics, got turned down by his top five choices as dates for the ball tonight. Plus, there were a dozen others he asked his agent about, but already had boyfriends/weren't interested. Jack Harlow (Jack Harlow attends The 2023 Met Gala)

This on again/off again reality star all of you know, almost got punched this weekend when he was his usual drunken self and propositioned a woman who was having none of it. Scott Disick (Scott Disick keeps an eye on daughter Penelope, 10, and Kim Kardashian's mini-me North West, 9, as BOTH girls carry Chanel purses in New York City)

The frosty flavoring has zero idea she is going to crash and burn. Despite being an industry plant, she thinks she is going to have a huge career. She isn't. The gig tonight was paid for by corporations to get her more exposure so she can sell more products. By next year, there will be someone in her role and she will wonder why she can't even get a gig at a club. Ice Spice (Ice Spice Attending Met Gala as Vogue Special Guest, Wearing Balmain)

This one named singer did peak at A list. She has been in this spot for her troubling reputation. Apparently she offered a first year college student $1M to have sex with a C+ list celebrity and to get pregnant. The kicker was though, the singer wanted the college student to then, after birth, sign over parental rights to the C+ lister and another woman. Sia/Eddie Benjamin/Maddie Ziegler (Maddie Ziegler and Musician Boyfriend Eddie Benjamin Split)

After my blind item a few weeks ago about how this foreign born actress/director was going to delete this A list mostly movie actor from her movie, or at most give him a couple minutes, sales reps visited her. If she wanted to make any money and be able to sell the movie, she needed him in longer than two minutes. They made their point, and he is in it for about ten minutes. It is a two hour movie. Maïwenn/Johnny Depp/“Jeanne du Barry” (‘Jeanne Du Barry’ Set Was So Chaotic That Johnny Depp’s Role Was Cut to Only 15 Minutes) (Maiwenn, Director of Johnny Depp’s Cannes Opener ‘Jeanne du Barry,’ Accused of Assaulting Journalist)

Whenever the bar star had her back turned this weekend at a festival, her significant other was chatting up women and using the fame of his significant other to meet them. Ariana Madix/”Vanderpump Rules”/Daniel Wai (Ariana Madix sparks romance rumors as she gets cozy with fitness coach pal at Coachella - after splitting from Tom Sandoval over cheating scandal)

A sibling of an A- list celebrity who has starred in multiple television shows and even a movie franchise, is trying to exploit the ill health of the celebrity for money and fame they could never get on their own. Jess Margera/Bam Margera (Bam Margera's brother says the troubled Jackass star's health is so bad he is 'dying' days after he handed himself into cops: Musician Jess, 44, also threatened legal action over hearing damage from the 'attack')

Apparently the alliterate one is pushing for the ginger haired one to just bail on the whole event last minute. That would certainly get them lots of extra attention. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/“Coronation of King Charles III” (Prince Harry potentially facing ‘uniform humiliation’ at King Charles’ coronation)

The Favor: Seeing the people in the calendar of the dead billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) reminded me of a story of a guy (Aaron Swartz) who broke into a university (“M.I.T.”)  that the pedophile supported with a lot of money and where one of his best friends (Noam Chomsky) worked. The best friend who is willing to support him and cover for him to this day. Anyway, the guy who broke into the university, didn't really break in. He walked in with a pass he had. He got arrested for doing things with the pass he was not supposed to do. Now, it should not have been a big deal, but two of his co-workers decided to throw him under the bus so they could make tens of millions of dollars more than they would have if he was alive. They knew he had problems with depression and anxiety. One of his co-workers (Alexis Ohanian) is married to an A lister (Serena Williams). The co-worker (Steve Huffman) not married to an A lister leaked to some federal government law enforcement types that the guy arrested had been facilitating the leaking of government secrets and was helping the foreign born accused rapist/journalist/secret leaker (Julian Assange) who is seemingly under some type of permanent arrest without actually being charged with anything. So, the government really goes after the arrested guy hard. They don't have any proof of anything and his other crime was minor and should have been a slap on the wrist. They started harassing him and got wiretaps and they drove him mad. He wouldn't break and the other two co-workers got impatient. The next thing you know there was a doorknob suicide. I'm not saying or implying the co-workers killed him or had anything to do with his death. I just always find doorknob suicides very puzzling, especially when there is a huge benefit to others after the death
. Jeffrey Epstein/Aaron Swartz/M.I.T./Noam Chomsky/Alexis Ohanian/Serena Williams/Steve Huffman/Julian Assange (Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top Lawyer) (”United States v. Swartz”) (How an Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein) (Renowned academic Noam Chomsky told The Wall Street Journal that his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein are "none of your business")

MET GALA: Apparently the alliterate reality star didn't like it at all when the former late night actor name dropped in front of the reality star and other people, the guy the reality star has been secretly hooking up with for the past year. Kim Kardashian/Pete Davidson (Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson link up at Met Gala)

MET GALA: Even as her "special guest," and actually meeting her, the editor has no idea the real or nickname of the frosty flavoring. She just knows she was told who to make her special guest and did so. Ice Spice/Anna Wintour/”Vogue” (Ice Spice Trades Her Trademark Curls for Sleek Hair & Dress in Met Gala Debut)

MET GALA: The former Housewife got at least two tabloids to bite and keeps trying to force the pairing of her daughter with the A list actor. Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid/Gigi Hadid/Leonardo DiCaprio (Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio Reunite at Star-Studded Met Gala 2023 After-Party)

MET GALA: The hard to spell model was trying to imply to everyone that she is pregnant. I guess she wants everyone to think she and the former boy bander had sex? And she is expecting his baby? Emily Ratajkowski/Harry Styles/”One Direction" (Emily Ratajkowski Debuted Blunt Bangs on the 2023 Met Gala Red Carpet) (EXCLUSIVE: 'He avoided it like it was the bubonic plague!' Harry Styles SKIPPED this year's Met Gala to save himself from having an 'awkward run-in' with ex Olivia Wilde and new fling Emily Ratajkowski)

MET GALA: The one named flash in the pan A lister was not taking no for an answer and made sure she got the wait staff to bring her lots of drinks. She was on a mission to get drunk. Lizzo (Well, THAT's awkward! Lizzo arrives at Anna Wintour's pre-Met Gala dinner party after slamming the lack of food and 'stingy liquor' at the A-list event)

MET GALA: This former talk show host kept having his date manually stimulate him under the table and would get upset when she stopped. Trevor Noah (Salma Hayek Pinault and Trevor Noah attend The 2023 Met Gala)

MET GALA: Speaking of talk show hosts, this current one was doing his best to hide the fact he was drinking. As the night wore on though, he stopped hiding it. Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon, Gigi Hadid, and Karen Elson attend The 2023 Met Gala)

MET GALA: This foreign born singer/celebrity (Carla Bruni) is A list in her own country (Italian-born French naturalized). She has a very creepy husband (Nicolas Sarkozy) and an even more creepy brother-in-law (Olivier Sarkozy) who used to be married to someone (Mary-Kate Olsen) all of you know.. Anyway, she was pressuring designers to hire her son (Aurélien Enthoven) for modeling gigs. She wanted their assurances face to face. She has the power to make their lives very very difficult if they don't comply. Carla Bruni/Italian-born French naturalized/Nicolas Sarkozy/Olivier Sarkozy/Mary-Kate Olsen/Aurélien Enthoven (“He Was Constantly Present and Never Nostalgic”: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Andrew Bolton Speak at the Press Preview for “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”)

MET GALA: The nominations had not even been announced, but this A list actress would not stop talking about it last night. It was obvious that she wanted to be nominated more than anything. You think she was thirsty going after that Oscar? You have not seen anything like what is about to come. She can smell an EGOT. Jessica Chastain (Jessica Chastain Debuts Icy Blonde Hair at the 2023 Met Gala) (Jodie Comer and Jessica Chastain nominated for Tony Awards)

MET GALA: The husband of this A list actress spent more time texting a hookup on his phone than actually paying attention to his wife. Maybe she would have been better off with her former co-star. Kerry Washington/Nnamdi Asomugha/Tony Goldwyn (and less than two weeks later, the co-stars did hang out together) (Kerry Washington Makes Rare Appearance with Husband Nnamdi Asomugha at 2023 Met Gala)

MET GALA: Judging by what she was saying, it seems as if the former A+ list reality star who was the most hated reality star ever, is not going to be married long. It is one of the reasons she refuses to buy a house with him. Paris Hilton/Carter Reum (‘Tax the rich’ protesters block Paris Hilton’s vehicle outside Met Gala) (Paris Hilton's New 'Dream Home' Described as 'Amusement Park' by Husband Carter Reum)

MET GALA: The foreign born A- list model/bad actress was trying her best to get this A list depressing singer to "hang out later." It didn't work out quite the way she had been hoping. Cara Delevingne/Billie Eilish (Cara Delevingne's 2023 Met Gala Look Included a Shaggy Platinum Bob and Thigh-High Leg Warmers) (Billie Eilish Wears a Sheer Black Lingerie Gown at the 2023 Met Gala) (Billie Eilish Shares Sneaky Met Gala Bathroom Selfie with Elle Fanning, Halle Bailey and Maya Hawke)

MET GALA: At an after party, this superhero was being a jerk to various models who were turning down his drunken advances. Simu Liu/”Shang-Chi” (Simu Liu attends The 2023 Met Gala)

MET GALA: This Japanese sounding model, wanted to get cute and shift a ring she wore to her ring finger, but her actor significant other was not having any of that. Suki Waterhouse/Robert Pattinson (Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson Make Their Met Gala Debut as a Couple in Coordinating Looks)

MET GALA: Yes, the costume was hot. However, it was the coke that made the actor/singer really do some sweating. Jared Leto (Jared Leto Dresses as Giant Cat at Met Gala for Karl Lagerfeld Tribute)

MET GALA: This married A- list actress who has been acting since she was a teen, has always said she would never get any plastic surgery. Looking at her up close last night, it was super obvious she had multiple procedures and some don't look good at all. Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway Met Gala 2023 Plastic Surgery Rumors)

MET GALA: The strangest encounter happened last night. There were two actress Oscar winners/nominees who had the briefest of brief interactions. It happened incredibly fast. The younger (Vanessa Kirby) of the two actresses, who is foreign born and has been the star of multiple franchises (“Mission Impossible“/“Fast & Furious“/“The Crown“), was asked about it later but gave a very vague answer. It seems as if the younger actress has been tapped to play a real life role as the significant other of an actor (Tom Cruise). The same role was played by the older (Nicole Kidman) of the two actresses who was also involved in the interaction. The younger actress and the actor have kept this remarkably quiet, but they are both very good at keeping secrets. Vanessa Kirby/Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman (“A Proper Museum Piece”: Vanessa Kirby Honored Lagerfeld’s Legacy in the Iconic Chloé Shower Dress at the 2023 Met Gala) (Nicole Kidman’s 2023 Met Gala Inspiration? Nicole Kidman Circa 2004) (Tom Cruise Is Planning Wedding No. 4 to Vanessa Kirby: Get to Know the Rising Star! (EXCLUSIVE))

MET GALA: This foreign born B list actress is really unknown outside her home country. She got drunk and then got sick and just missed puking all over the dress of another attendee at an after party.

The Cold: The Met Gala didn't use to always be the first Monday in May. For much of its early existence, it was a pre holiday spectacular to get everyone in the mood for the holidays. As soon as the current person (Anna Wintour) took over, she switched it immediately because she wanted to do the exact opposite of anything the former editor (Diana Vreeland) did. Anyway, one particular year (1974) when it was still held in December, there was an alliterate designer who needed a very big loan because his business was struggling. He was an A list designer (Bill Blass) at the time but needed funds. Normally, he would have been the date of the person in charge, but that would have kept him from face time with people who could get him his money. So, in an act that might have actually set her death in motion, he gave her something that made her seriously ill to the point where she couldn't attend the event. The designer then got to pick his date and he chose a model/socialite/twin (Consuelo Crespi) who knew just the right people to get the designer the money. In that particular year, the one name singer/actress (Cher) had the best outfit
. “Vogue”/Anna Wintour/Diana Vreeland/1974/Bill Blass/Consuelo Crespi/Cher (History of the Met Gala: How It Turned From Fundraiser to ‘Fashion’s Biggest Night’) (The Long Fall of the House of Blass) (Sports Illustrated, August 26, 1957 - Consuelo Crespi) (Bow Down, Kim and Kendall—Bob Mackie Explains Why Cher Is the Reigning Queen of the Naked Dress)

This alliterate reality star was convinced that because she is famous and bff with the editor that she would be able to have the age restrictions waived for her offspring. Nope. So, instead of prioritizing the child and just leaving, she prioritized the cameras and herself and her fame. She did the same thing years ago when she left the same child as a baby in a hotel alone while in a foreign country. The same foreign country the reality star had been robbed in a home invasion. Kim Kardashian/Anna Wintour/”Met Gala 2023”/North West/France ('LET KIDS BE KIDS!' North West joins Kim Kardashian for Met Gala as fans slam her for ‘dragging’ young daughter to ‘adult-only’ event) (North West Looks Just as Stylish as Her Mom)

This foreign born A+/A list singer won't quit music. He is trying to get more attention for his tour which is not selling as well as previous tours. Ed Sheeran (‘I’m stopping’: Ed Sheeran vows to quit music if he loses Marvin Gaye copyright trial) (Ed Sheeran Tears Up over Wife Cherry's Cancer Diagnosis: She's the 'Most Amazing Thing in My Life')

The former late night actor turned talk show host doesn't care about his employees. Apparently that hangover from the night prior while partying with models kept him from a staff meeting. Every other talk show host met with their staff. Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon blasted for allegedly skipping meeting amid writers’ strike)

This cable news contributor makes a lot of money by telling people they are fighting in Ukraine. They raise money, and they get more work. Is it really fighting though if you spend your nights at strip clubs looking for women to hook up with for the night and pretend you are going to pay them one thing, but actually pay them much less. Malcolm Nance/”MSNBC” (Ex-MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance contributed to 'chaos' in Ukraine volunteer effort: report)

The significant other of this permanent A list actor cheated on the actor. That is why there is a split. What is crazy is who the person is that the significant other was cheating with. Oh, and don't think to yourself that the actor was always faithful. Not by a long shot. Christine Baumgartner/Kevin Costner/Taylor Sheridan (co-creator of “Yellowstone”) (Inside Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner's 18-Year Marriage Before Their Breakup) (Kevin Costner ‘stunned’ by Christine Baumgartner divorce, says he didn’t cheat) (Kevin Costner, Taylor Sheridan ‘Yellowstone’ feud needs to end)

It shouldn't come as a shock that a guy (Steve Albini) who named a band (“Rapeman”) after a violent sexual act loves underage sex acts and has written about it extensively and how much he enjoys watching and participating. What is shocking is that even with everyone knowing this for decades about the guy, bands are on waiting lists that can stretch a year to have him produce their records. Steve Albini/”Rapeman” (Steve Albini speaks out on his past “edgelord” behaviour: “Nothing was off-limits”) (The Toadies Celebrate 4/20 with Weed Edible, Reveal Upcoming Album with Steve Albini)

This studio that also has a tour (“Paramount Studio Tour“), but much much less famous than the one (“Universal Studio Tour”) with the rides, is ramping up their IT department. It makes sense because they do have a streaming service and an app. They have outsourced the IT work to a SE Asian country that is a group of islands. So, to save money? Kind of. The new IT department just works on developing AI programs to write television and movie scripts. They are using the Spotify game as their base and every script has a writer's name who doesn't exist. The studio does not want any AI language in the new contract, but if there is, they don't think anyone will discover their little secret. “Paramount Studio”/”Universal Studio”/Philippines (The Dark Side of Spotify Data Collection)

This A list crooner abandoned his girlfriend the other night to make out with a model before coming back to his girlfriend who had been looking everywhere for him. Bad Bunny/Kendall Jenner (Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner arrive separately to 2023 Met Gala despite reported romance)

It is always funny when someone like this A list actor/sometime director/sometime writer hops out of his car next to the picket line of writers and then grabs a sign while someone takes his photo. Then, the actor gets back in his car and drives off. Then they post the photo on their social media or give it to the tabloids to make it seem like they are a man of the people. Ben Affleck (WGA Strike Photos: Stars, Writers, Showrunners & Their Supporters On The Picket Line)

This presidential sounding southern reality star is hooking up with a guy for gifts and things her husband can't afford to buy for her. Madison LeCroy/”Southern Charm”/Brett Randle (When rumors of Alex Rodriguez's affair with Madison LeCroy resurfaced following J. Lo. split) (11 Beach Vacation Essentials from Amazon You Need to Buy, According to Madison LeCroy)

The benefactor in #10, used to do the same for a different member of the cast until she got wasted on drugs and tried to kill him. Thomas Ravenel/Kathryn Dennis ('Southern Charm' 's Thomas Ravenel Accuses Kathryn Dennis of Alleged Hit-and-Run amid Custody Battle) (Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Says Patricia Altschul Tried to Set Up Thomas and Madison: Watch Olivia React)

This thirsty streaming real estate star is sleeping with an executive at the streamer to try and get her own show. Chrishell Stause/”Selling Sunset””Netflix” (Selling Sunset Season 6 Trailer Teases Chrishell’s Metamorphosis)

Reader Blind: This foreign-born rockstar has a contracted influencer girlfriend. The rockstar cheats on her all the time and the real problem for the girlfriend is that the band members (“Måneskin”) are tired of her and her thirstiness. That's why they keep asking the group manager, "When are we going to get rid of her? Do we have to see her face all the time? But the game is just beginning for her. Good luck with her contract expiration date. Damiano David/Giorgia Soleri/”Måneskin” (Who is Damiano David dating?) (Maneskin's Damiano sheds rocker image as he supports stunning girlfriend in cosy pics)

The Menudo Of TV: This show has been on the air for well over three decades. It caters to young children up to about tweens and is shown after school. As far as I know, it is only shown in North America, and mostly north of the border. The creators of the show wanted the hosts of it to realize right away they were expendable. They didn't allow the hosts to use their real names. They forced them to use names the creators made up. They didn't allow the hosts to take any outside work. They wanted them dependent on the creators for their jobs. They would often bring in different hosts and fire someone just randomly, and for no reason. They wanted the hosts on edge and always willing to do anything to make the creators/producers happy. This included sleeping with the producers. If you didn't do it, you would be fired. Even if you did everything they wanted and asked, they would usually fire hosts after a year because they would either get bored having sex with them or they didn't want the host to get too famous or too well known where they could afford to leave the job. Over the years, the original creators and producers were pushed out of their jobs and hosts began to use their real names and were allowed to take outside jobs. The original sets of hosts rarely got work because there were so many shuffled in and out of the jobs that their performances never really stood out.

So much for letting the alliterate coder have her special moment. If you would like to believe the A+ list singer is dating the year band member (they aren't), then you also have to subscribe to the same reports that say they have been dating two months. You can't have one without the other. Five weeks ago, the team of the A+ list singer said her actor boyfriend would be front and center when he had a break from acting. So, if you are a believer in the singer with the year singer, then you also have to say the singer's team was lying and that the A+ list singer was cheating on her actor boyfriend to be with the year singer. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift/Matty Healy/Joe Alwyn (Taylor Swift Fans Sound Off on Rumor the Singer Is Dating 1975's Matt Healy) (Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Friendship Timeline, From How They Met to Rumored Fall-Out)

Don't believe the hype. AKA Sticks didn't leave an event just because she saw her foreign born actor ex. Now, if the former Disney actor had been there, then yes, she would have left. FKA Twigs/”Met Gala 2023”/Robert Pattinson/Shia LaBeouf (FKA Twigs left Met party after seeing ex-fiancé Robert Pattinson, girlfriend)

The alliterate former talk show host is finally about to start her new project, which for now appears to be just a podcast, but anything would be great. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Show Reboot? CNN Could Have a Hit Talk Show on Their Hands [LISTEN]) (Wendy Williams’ Rep Confirms She is Currently Filming ‘Mystery Project’)

This studio has 24/7 minders on this A- list superhero. The superhero still gets away from them, and also is still doing horrible things online. “Warner Bros.”/Ezra Miller/”The Flash” (‘The Flash’ Production Designer Isn’t Worried Ezra Miller’s History Will Derail the Movie: ‘People Will Forget That’)

This B+ list actress (Francia Raisa) is more famous for a kindness (donated a kidney to Selena Gomez) she did than any of her acting. She says that this former A- list singer once, while wasted, had a threesome with her then boyfriend and the boyfriend's manager. Francia Raisa/donated a kidney to Selena Gomez/Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber/Scooter Braun (Selena Gomez's kidney donor Francia Raisa SHADES ex-BFF as she avoids all questions about her... just months after Rare Beauty founder heaped praise on her)

Ten years ago when this A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee didn't get nominated for a theatre award she felt she deserved, there was no one safe from her wrath. It was out of control. She blamed everyone on her team for not working hard enough to secure the nomination. If she doesn't win this time, can we expect more of the same? Jessica Chastain/”The Heiress” (Theater Review: The Heiress Can’t Make Jessica Chastain a Mouse)

This former southern reality star is in a quandary. She has hours upon hours of porn with many different men and thousands of naked videos and photos of herself. If she starts an Only Fans though, then she will have to give up her reality career, at least when it comes to that show and channel. She is never getting asked back, so she might as well do the Only Fans. Kathryn Dennis/”Southern Charm”/”Bravo” (Kathryn Dennis Shares Cryptic Quote After Losing Custody Battle With Ex Thomas Ravenel, Plus She Turns Down Cameo Role on Southern Charm Season 9)

Apparently having best friends who are bosses pays very well. In looking at the financial statements from this conglomerate, there were several payments to loan out corporations for the disgraced teen channel producer. Are they paying him every quarter? These are not royalties. This feels like a payoff. Brian Robbins, President and Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon/Dan Schneider

This former one-fifth tried the weight loss shot, but she didn't see any effects because she refuses to stop boozing every night. Camila Cabello/”Fifth Harmony” (EXCLUSIVE: Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello appear loved-up after Coachella reunion - as on-again couple enjoy flirty date night before heading back to their hotel in LA)

Speaking of former one-fifth members, one of them is finally going to release new music. Seven songs are completely finished and ready to go. It has been a very long wait and see.  Normani/”Fifth Harmony” (Normani, JT And Alton Mason Came Together For A Photo At This Dinner And The Internet Is In An Absolute Frenzy)

It would be pretty tough for the ginger haired one to say he wanted to be out of the spotlight, if he did host SNL. Probably a good move on his part to turn it down. Waiting so long though to make the final decision, probably made Lorne angry though. SNL probably had visions of resurrecting their Disney princess sketch and even bringing back the alliterate actress who is pregnant right now. Prince Harry/Lindsay Lohan/"Real Housewives of Disney"  (We Missed Out On Prince Harry Hosting SNL) (Lindsay Lohan on SNL: Real Housewives of Disney!)

Our favorite closeted A list foreign born pay cable mainstay from multiple shows on the same channel, has been all over Grindr the past few days doing press while in this country. Alexander Skarsgård/”True Blood”; “Big Little Lies”; “Succession” (“I Need a Dozen Oysters and Then I’m Ready to Roll”: Alexander Skarsgård on the Met Gala 2023 and Succession’s “Cas-Cock” Style)

Speaking of out of town, this A list actor/sometime director had the strangest lunch while his wife is out of town. He met with this A+/A list actress/sometime director and that is a meeting I didn't see coming. Ben Affleck/Angelina Jolie

The Missing Extra: With all the hype this award season about a certain actor (Ke Huy Quan) and a movie (“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”) in which he appeared so long ago, there was a family who tried to use the press and attention to find answers. Back when the movie was filmed, this family had a young boy and a young girl who filmed village scenes (Sri Lanka). Only the young boy ended up with a credit. The young girl did not and can barely be seen in one still frame. The boy had done a few earlier roles when he was even younger, but this was by far his biggest appearance. At some point during the filming, the boy and girl were filming a scene that would end up in the movie. The shoot that day finished in the evening after dark. There was an uncle who was waiting to take the kids back home. He had done so for the entirety of the shoot in this two name country. This time though, they disappeared. There was no sign of them. The uncle went and asked every crew member he could find. They all said they didn't know the location of the kids or had not seen them or maybe they had seen them, but hadn't seen them in a while. They were just gone. He searched for hours. There were no cell phones back then and had no idea where they had gone. He had seen them at lunch. The next day he brought the entire family of the kids and they searched and asked everyone until they were kicked off the set because the kids were just kids, but this was a huge Hollywood production. The family was then banned from the set, so the family started hanging out at the crew hotel and got the police involved. Then suddenly, the police stopped helping and the family was banned from the hotel. This year, a journalist tried to ask several members of the cast who were at that shoot. That movie got a lot of attention this year. To a person, they all said they either didn't remember it or it was so long ago, they forgot the details
. Ke Huy Quan/”Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”/Sri Lanka (CAST)

A few years back, this Miami based rapper said she would rather her son be dead than gay. Now, she has come out as bisexual. Yung Miami (Rapper Yung Miami defends saying she would ‘beat’ her son if he was gay) (Yung Miami Confirms She’s Bisexual and Wants Megan Thee Stallion Real Bad)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity essentially just said her husband could cheat on her, just not with her best friend? Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (“I’d just walk out”: Jennifer Lopez Will Instantly Dump Ben Affleck if He Even Dares to Cheat on Her)

Ratings have been good which is why this studio has not canceled the show of the accused rapist who stars on multiple reality shows. There is a lot of pressure building, but so far they have resisted. They are waiting for the results of an internal investigation which could take weeks and then hope people move on to a different accused rapist. Shangela/”We’re Here” (‘Drag Race’ Star Shangela Denies Rape Allegations: ‘It Has No Basis in Fact or in Law’)

I don't know if the celebrity CEO is bankrolling the A- list actress in her new life outside the country, but she does live in a place he pays for or knows the owner of, but does not himself own. Elon Musk/Amber Heard/Spain (Amber Heard is spotted out with her daughter Oonagh and a friend on a stroll in her new home of Spain... after she quit Hollywood for now)

Because of their drinking, this A list singer is unable to see their child(ren) without paying for a supervised visit. Britney Spears (“She is making an effort to see her kids more”: Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Make Efforts to Bond With Sons Preston and Jayden Federline)

A bar employee, not on the bar show, was fired for asking about the affair of the son-in-law. Lisa & Ken Vanderpump’s son-in-law Jason Sabo ('It was toxic': Lisa Vanderpump's son-in-law Jason Sabo accused of workplace 'sexual harassment' in lawsuit) (Lisa Vanderpump To Close ‘Pump’ Restaurant Featured On Reality Show)

This original cable news channel thinks by the end of this year, they will beat the "Succession" channel in ratings by lurching to the right and bringing in the most popular hosts who were fired from it. “CNN”/”Fox News”/Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Tucker Carlson (Past Fox firings carry lessons for network after Carlson)

The clock app sent reports to the very large government owners of the company, reports on which users watch content that could make them open for recruitment/blackmail, depending on the type of job they have or where they work. “TikTok”/”ByteDance”/China (Despite TikTok ban threat, influencers are flocking to a new app from its parent company)

This former A list rapper has started taking the weight loss shot after claiming he would never take another medication in his life. Kanye West (Ye in tights? Kanye West bravely rocks skin-tight leggings after secret Yeezy show)

This married A list TikTok dancer is cheating on her husband with another dancer.

This alliterate director was asked about paying the homeless people who showed up in background scenes of the movie, or setting up craft services for them or something or anything, and the director dismissed it all and said they would all just be a blur in the background anyway. Greta Gerwig/”Barbie” (EXCLUSIVE: No spare change in Barbie world! $100million movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling filmed in Santa Monica with homeless people in the background and paid them NOTHING')

Reader Blind: This former TikTok Couple who reunited in the desert have been "talking" since then and keeping it all very off line for now. Charli D’Amelio/Chase Hudson

This B- list celebrity offspring has a new product he is launching, but he didn't invest one dime. He had his wife write the big paycheck, but he calls himself an entrepreneur. Nothing he touches ever turns gold. Brooklyn Beckham/”WESAKE”/Nicola Peltz (Brand It Like Beckham: Brooklyn Beckham Launches Sake Brand Inspired by Community and Culture) (WESAKE: Premium Japanese Sake In A Can) (Brooklyn Beckham discusses his passion for cooking in Michelin Guide video... after being SLAMMED for his 'disastrous' tutorials)

Four For Friday - Stand Up Stand Up: These are all standup comics and I don't think any have been in the blinds before.
#1 - This now deceased A list comic/A- list actor was gay, but could only have sex with men if he used meth. He was scared of getting addicted to meth and it made him violent when he took it, so the sexual encounters were awful and he ended up being beaten and robbed many times by the men he wanted to have sex with. Louie Anderson (The Untold Truth Of Louie Anderson); Jonathan Winters (Was Jonathan Winters gay)
#2 - This A- list comic/host is clean now, but when he used, he used hard, and if you were a woman at his house during a party, there was a good chance he was going to drug you and rape you. When he was really messed up, he would tell the women in advance what he was going to do.
#3 - In what would probably be a devastating blow to his base, this TikTok famous comic, is closeted.  Matt Rife
#4 - This female A- list standup comic says she spent years getting groped and harassed and then she started hooking up with a UFC guy. He had words with every single male comic who ever touched or harassed the comic. She has been left alone ever since
. Whitney Cummings/Brendan Schaub (Whitney Cummings exposes Schaub for being a narcissist and his feminine ways)

Three of the members of this foreign born former boy banders recently recorded two songs together while in Los Angeles. It took place over a very long 30 hour marathon. "One Direction"

At this point, the Housewife can never change her weight loss story. She has to see it through to the bitter end. She has been trying to lose weight since the first season of the show and dieted and exercised like a fiend for years, but nothing changed until the advent of the shot. Apparently she can't find a trainer to talk about her many hour a day exercise program and strict diet, or she would have done so. Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Kyle Richards responds to fears about her weight loss after exposing her ribcage in shock new photo - following her denials about Ozempic use)

Going on a multiple day bender beginning last Monday at the annual party, is why the one named soon to be flash in the pan singer missed a concert. There are not many people getting the flu in May. I might have gone with food poisoning. People are always sympathetic to that. Lizzo/”Met Gala 2023” (Strep Throat Forces Lizzo to Postpone Hartford Concert)

Two very good friends of this foreign born closeted A- list singer were recently busted for drug possession. One of them had previously been arrested for domestic violence after getting into a fight with their lover who also happened to be sleeping with the singer at the time. Shawn Mendes

I have no idea about the way over to England, but in the airport lounge when the ginger haired was returning, for whatever reason he just was using the speaker on his phone rather than AirPods, and everyone clearly heard the alliterate one telling him he was only allowed to have one drink on the flight home. He then turned off the speaker and put the phone to his ear. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry grins at Heathrow after racing from his blink and you'll miss it appearance at his father's Coronation - just hours after being relegated to the third row at ceremony)

After getting trashed on social media for their tone deafness and flaunting of wealth and a woe is me thing, this reality star real estate couple, decided to get even. They hired a bot farm to boost the love and comments on a recent post. Go look at the comments and the people behind the comments. The vast majority have no followers and no profile. That means they went low end for their bot farm. It wasn't like the bot farm was going to change the minds of anyone about the couple, so they presumably just did it for their own egos? Tarek El Moussa/Heather Rae Young (Tarek El Moussa defends Heather Rae Young after ‘tone deaf’ private jet post)

The reason I could tell you nothing about the flight over to England for the ginger haired one, is that despite some serious alternative reality where he supposedly flew commercial even though no one saw him, he actually flew private and didn't hang out in a lounge. Saving that carbon footprint and all, one flight at a time. It wasn't about security, it was about flexing. Neither of them care about saving the planet themselves, it is about what they want you to do. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Revealed:  Prince Harry jetted into UK for the coronation on commercial American Airlines flight yesterday morning, amid gobsmacked passengers) (Prince Harry Already Heading Back to U.S. After Coronation)

Wait until the next weekend of shows, when the former SNL actor shows up at a concert of the A+ list singer. He is out promoting a new project and it would be great publicity. Pete Davidson/Machine Gun Kelly/”Bupkis” (‘Bupkis’ Adds Humanity To Pete Davidson’s Mythos And Shows He’s More Than The Dong And Bong Comedy King) (Machine Gun Kelly Supports Pal Pete Davison At ‘Bupkis’ Premiere Without Megan Fox: Photos) (Machine Gun Kelly disses Jack Harlow on new ‘Renegade’ freestyle)

Just like when the A+ list singer manipulates the streaming charts, to have you talking about her, the latest PR move has everyone talking about her for something that is not even real. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Dedicates ‘Fifteen’ to ‘Beautiful, Redheaded High School Best Friend’ Abigail in Nashville: See Her Reaction)

This foreign born former A+ list singer tried to kill himself last month. The people around the singer still won't try and get him help though. Justin Bieber

This A- list standup comic who also acts from time to time and is probably B+ list when he acts, said it was a good thing the guy from the sports website was fired. Umm, this is the same comedian who regularly used the n word in his standup and said it was just him being progressive. Michael Rapaport/Ben Mintz/”Barstool Sports” (Dave Portnoy fears firing host Ben Mintz may be a 'death blow' for Barstool Sports - as parent company Penn's stock price falls after axe) (Michael Rapaport Is the Worst Kind of White Man)

Apparently this A list singer/host had a several minutes long conversation with the side piece of the heir apparent. The singer is very much convinced that it is an ongoing thing still. Katy Perry/Rose Hanbury the Marchioness of Cholmondeley/Prince Williams (Katy Perry Shimmers in a Custom Metallic Gold Gown at King Charles' Coronation Concert) (Watch: Katy Perry searches for her coronation seat inside Westminster Abbey) (Rose Hanbury, Once Dubbed Kate Middleton's "Rural Rival," Was at King Charles III's Coronation) (Who Is Rose Hanbury? Everything to Know About the Who Is Rose Hanbury? Everything to Know About the Marchioness of Cholmondeley) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/14/23)

This former A list singer who is a serial abuser of women and drugs, smokes so much meth each day that he sleeps once a week. Chris Brown (Chris Brown Involved in Another Confrontation After Usher Incident)

This A- list actress/director was asked to walk a picket line and she said she was too busy. Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde shares a glimpse of her toned abs as she keeps it casual while shopping at a flea market in Los Angeles)

This foreign born A list singer is being blackmailed by a model over a tape she made of the singer.

This B/B- list actor/celebrity tried to convince his permanent A+/A list mom to let the wife of our actor sing a song on stage with the singer. The idea was rejected
. Evan Ross/Diana Ross/Ashlee Simpson (Evan Ross Says Ashlee Simpson's Friend Warned Her He Was 'Trouble' After First Make Out)

This former singing actress who really doesn't seem to do much acting any longer, was recently interviewed. Although she was definitely the person referred to in several songs by the A+ lister, the double deuce one is not about her. Dianna Agron/Taylor Swift/”22” (Dianna Agron Responds to Decade-Long and 'Wildly Untrue' Speculation About Taylor Swift Relationship)

This foreign born B+ list actress married to someone much higher on the list, met with a lawyer about revising the agreement she has with her husband.

This foreign born former A- list tennis pro, was in the news a bit this weekend because of a controversy. If everyone knew about him cheating on his wife, even more people would have been talking about him. Feliciano Lopez/Sandra Gago (Feliciano Lopez makes irony against Aryna Sabalenka?)

Speaking of cheating, this A- list actress who has crashed and burned through several series leads in the past few years, is hooking up with her married agent. That is never a good idea. Lucy Hale/"Pretty Little Liars"/"Life Sentence" & "Katy Keene" ('Pretty Little Liars: Summer School' Welcomes Back Character From Original Series, & Lucy Hale is Thrilled) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/26/22) (BLIND ITEM 06/07/22)

I suppose the north of the border A- list actress could just be watering the plants and bringing in the mail while the meme actor is out of town, but the fact is, she still has a key to the place and got food delivered there, so... Taylor Russell/Timothée Chalamet (Taylor Russell on Being Offered ‘Bones and All’ Role With No Audition Needed and Her Love of Watching Timothée Chalamet ‘Do His Thing’)

The barely barely there celebrity offspring of a GOAT had to take out a loan because his celebrity girlfriend wanted a new car. The girlfriend can afford her own car. Marcus Jordan (Michael Jordan)/Larsa Pippen; Romeo Beckham (David Beckham)/Mia Regan; Bronny James (LeBron James)/Peyton Gelfuso

This disgraced former A list director was being very handsy with a model this weekend who didn't appreciate it and started yelling at the director who then called the model a litany of slurs. Brett Ratner (Brett Ratner is seen on May 07, 2023 in Miami, Florida)

This married actor/offspring of someone he will never surpass, had his tongue down the throat of a woman this weekend who was definitely not his wife. Robin Thicke/Alan Thicke/”Drink Champs” (Robin Thicke Speaks On Connection To Hip-Hop On Drink Champs)

This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who has starred in at least one massively huge movie franchise and was a cuck in his marriage, has been out of the country the past week. Thoughts of the girlfriend were far out of his head when he was entertaining three and four women at a time all week who were crazy fans. Liam Hemsworth/“Hunger Games”/Miley Cyrus/Gabriella Brooks (Liam Hemsworth's glamorous model girlfriend Gabriella Brooks will walk the runway at Australian Fashion Week in Sydney)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **10**
This foreign born A list model who has many millions of followers on Instagram says that someone tried to kill her and she thinks it is because of the country she is from and the support she has shown it while at war with the country she suspects tried to kill her. Irina Shayk/Russia/Ukraine (Irina Shayk Receives Backlash for Using Russian War Symbol 'Z')

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **11**
This former A- list actor who crashed and burned when he started hanging out with the horrible manager, was being super messy with his coke use at a party this weekend and didn't care who saw him. It was not that kind of party to be doing that either.

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **12**
Speaking of drugs, I have zero idea what drugs this flash in the pan singer/offspring is taking, but the way his hands shake every time he lights a new cigarette makes me think he is trying to quit. It was painful to watch. Chet Hanks (Tom Hanks) (Tom Hanks’ son Chet talked to himself ‘for 2.5 hours straight’ on hike)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **13**
The alliterate one supposedly recorded a podcast episode for Mother's Day inviting all kinds of moms, but complained the whole time about how hard it is for her and that she knows the struggle of working moms because she is one. Apparently at some point she tried to compare herself to single moms who work, but that just went too far. Meghan Markle

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/08 **14**
My Show My Rules: The idea pitched was a pretty good idea and the alphabet network thought it could be a special they could run several times a year. It was hosted by a former A list talk show host/comedian and there would be other people brought in to add to the humor of it. It was part variety show/part game show/part pageant. The problem with the show was the fact that the host insisted the only way anyone was going to win the game portion of the show was to sleep with him. He would make sure that anyone who didn't sleep with him would not win. He didn't trust the network to bring him women who would do so, so he went out and cast women he already had slept with and knew would do so again. The problem with that is most of the women knew each other but didn't know the other women had also been sleeping with our married host. This led to lots of fights not only among the women, but also a lot of anger directed at the host, who was having none of it. His co-hosts were alcoholics and were drinking the entire time. It was the biggest mess ever. Despite all of that, the show was a raging success. Part of the reason it was such a hit is because this A+ list night time talk show host was sleeping with several of the contestants too so gave it a plug on air even though it was on a different network. After the first episode, the network tried to rein in the host, but with no success. It ran as an annual special for several years.

This former A- list singer turned actress has been directly asked by the donor to call off the stans of the singer/actress because they are doxing and terrorizing the donor. The singer/actress has done nothing. Not even one of her vanilla I don't condone things. If the donor ends up dead, the singer/actress is going to end up defending a wrongful death suit. Francia Raisa/Selena Gomez (Francia Raisa Says Selena Gomez Fans Are Bullying Her) (Selena Gomez's Donor Francia Raisa Upset She Drinks Post-Kidney Transplant)

I get that the former singing actress wants to think she is above all things pop culture, but she herself has used the word "shipped" in several interviews when she was on the singing show. Dianna Agron (Glee star Dianna Agron responds to fans ‘shipping’ her friendship with Taylor Swift)

Apparently the new second in charge, wants the person in charge to kick out his sister and have her go live as a commoner. If this were four hundred years ago, people would already be dead. Queen Camilla/Princess Anne (Princess Anne allegedly confronted Camilla at the coronation dinner) (Princess Anne's controversial love life - affair, saucy letters and Camilla's ex-husband) (Camilla’s ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles attends coronation despite her 20-year affair)

This A-/B+ list actor who spends most of his time podcasting now and lets his A list actress wife do the acting in the family, continues to host on his podcast ("Armstair Expert") every sex predator actor he can find and give them an atta boy. If you ever try to disagree with the actor/podcaster or ask him to ask a serious question about the accusations or claims, you will get blocked. Dax Shepard/”Armchair Expert”/Kristen Bell

Speaking of awful people, the studio doesn't seem to want to let the kidnapper/sexual predator/child molester/serial abuser out of whatever place the actor is being locked away by the studio to promote the new movie. So, the studio has the multiple Oscar winner/nominee out there heaping effusive praise on the actor and making the actor look like the victim. There has been zero pushback from the media about any of it. Ezra Miller/”Warner Bros.”/”The Flash”/Michael Shannon (Michael Shannon Addresses 'The Flash' Costar Ezra Miller Controversy: 'It's Difficult to Talk About')

This B+ list celebrity/reality star has been summoned to court because she abandons the kids for whom she is responsible for days at a time and then the kids don't go to school and have to fend for themselves. Savannah Chrisley/”Chrisley Knows Best” (Savannah Chrisley Questions Having Kids of Her Own amid Caring for Niece and Brother at 25)

This A- list actress has been on the same show forever. She supports her husband and the two other women who live in their house but don't like to be called sister wives.

Speaking of a little kink, this beach area actress had a drunken threesome this past weekend. Madelyn Cline/”Outer Banks” (Outer Banks stars Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey are the epitome of chic as they step out in Miami with pals)

Reader Blind: This A-list no-longer-teenage singer/former actress who made waves for the lack of waves in her bold look at this month's urban ball recently had dozens of seminude and nude photos and overly explicit videos shared around town. And it hasn't slowed down. This is one of the reasons the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album, which has been complete for months, is on hold as her team tries to get a handle on the situation. Nothing says bad publicity like leaked nudes during what's slated to be a redefining, matured record rollout. Olivia Rodrigo (Olivia Rodrigo Channels Audrey Hepburn With Micro-Bangs at 2023 Met Gala) (Olivia Rodrigo Confirms New Music In 2023 - Here’s Everything We Know So Far)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **10**
Reader Blind: This A list foreign born singer confessed at a church meeting that he tried to kill himself several years ago after he lost a baby because his current girlfriend suffered a miscarriage within a few months of getting pregnant. The pair traveled to a foreign country days before the miscarriage. The singer’s team got him out of the situation by putting him in a wedding and the month the baby was do, both had a breakdown. The wife went to rehab and the singer was seen crying by paps. Justin Bieber/”Hillsong”/Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin comfort each other as they hold back tears on emotional trip to the park... before breaking down AGAIN in a cafe)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **11**
Apparently this former Housewife, who will probably come flying back to the show, found someone much more wealthy than her soon to be ex husband. I wonder if she gave the new suitor her real age. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Kroy Biermann (EXCLUSIVE: Kim Zolciak 'BLAMED' ex Kroy Biermann for their financial ruin after 'relying on him for everything' for years - and blindsided family with secret divorce plans, leaving daughter Brielle devastated by the split)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **12**
In what would be a very full circle moment, this former A list teen star turned A- list adult actor wants to officiate the wedding of his former girlfriend/co-star. Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa Hudgens Talks About the Challenges of Wedding Planning: 'I Kind of Just Want to Elope')

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **13**
This former Disney actress who started there even before she was a tween, is probably A- list as a very young adult actress. She makes much much more money dressing as her old tween character and having sex with very wealthy men who fly her all over the world. Skai Jackson/”Zuri Ross”/”Jessie”; Debby Ryan/”Jessie Prescott”/”Jessie”; Peyton List/”Emma Ross”/”Jessie”

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **14**
Only After Death: One of the best stories to never be revealed publicly was supposed to be revealed once the subject (Aaron Spelling) died. However, his wife (Candy Spelling) has insisted she would also like to be dead before the story is told. I suppose after she dies, her celebrity offspring (Tori Spelling) all of you know, will have no such qualms. The subject of our story was A+ list. He was definitely one of the more powerful entertainment moguls ever. He had so many hit shows, it is hard to even list them all. He earned a ton of money and was not one to just throw it all away. Yes, he liked nice things, but everything was spending under control. He had one expense that was out of control, but he insisted he would never give it up. Over the decades he had three or four professionals who he paid. Each one lasted about a decade and they have nice houses and retirement and health insurance. He really took good care of them. That story would be fine coming out if that was the whole story. It isn't the whole story though. He liked to pretend he was a dog and be treated like one and liked to be made to eat dog food and he would drink from the toilet. I mean this was full on immersion. He had a house he bought just for this purpose and it essentially became a "dog house." He sold the house a few years before he died when he stopped indulging in the fetish. He had the house completely remodeled before selling it, but the new owners still razed it and built a new house on the property
. Aaron Spelling/Candy Spelling/Tori Spelling

This superstar should be on top of the world since her career and personal life are better than ever, but behind closed doors she’s facing major drama. Her longtime assistant recently quit over a pay dispute and now the scorned ex-employee is threatening to write a juicy tell-all and spill the beans on a shocking secret. The employee DID sign an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement which many celebrities make their staff sign) BUT the courts have questioned the validity of such agreements in cases where sexual abuse is alleged. Our superstar is torn. She doesn’t want to be blackmailed but also desperately wants to hide her personal secret – she’s bisexual and had a fling with the female assistant who quit! Jennifer Lopez

This alliterate back in the day A- list mostly television actress has been on multiple hit shows, but is losing her battle against cancer. Suzanne Somers (Suzanne Somers, 76, of Three's Company fame claims she said NO to co-hosting The View with Barbara Walters when the show launched)

This one named permanent A list singer is famous for not putting anything in email subject lines. She thinks that people will see her name and open it right away because she is so famous. Apparently she was trying to register one of her kids for a new school and had to do it by a certain deadline. No one ever got back to her about it. She asked why and they said she needed to include certain items in the subject line. They didn't back down either and the kid was rejected. Madonna

The marijuana feline can say she wants to retire, but she loves drugs way too much and would be broke in a year. Also, she wants to start a cult and needs way more followers to do so. Doja Cat (Doja Cat Fans Upset After She Called Her Latest Two Albums Cash Grabs — and Says They 'Fell for It')

This closeted homophobic A-/B+ list mostly pay cable actor likes to hit his girlfriend when he can't get an erection and tells her it is her fault. He has her convinced it is her fault. Jacob Elordi/Olivia Giannulli (daughter of Lori Loughlin)
Jacob Elordi Opens Up About Homophobic Bullying & Embracing Femininity) (Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade Giannulli get cozy 8 months after breakup rumors)

With all of the powers of attorney she has signed and having to live off allowances provided to her by others, there is not much freedom this A list singer really has. Also, she is worth way more dead than alive. The life insurance policies taken out on her are worth ten times what she is. Britney Spears

This A- list actress hit a fashion show last night. Unlike others who used a neutral gate to attend the function, she chose to go out of her way to cross the picket line in front of the studio. She said she is an actress not a writer and it isn't her fight. Kristen Stewart/”Chanel Cruise 2023/2024 show” (Chanel Takes Over Paramount Studios for Star-Studded Cruise Runway Show) (Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer are seen on May 9, 2023 in Los Angeles, California)

This married A- list celebrity has been on the other side of the country and recently spent some time with a married A list race car driver. “Miami Grand Prix” (Celebrities Flock to Miami's F1 Grand Prix)

Speaking of cheating, this couple who has defied my expectations by staying married for nearly a decade, look like they are finally done. Consisting of an A- list actress and A- list actor, the actor was spotted leaving an event with a woman who was not the actress. Kristen Bell  & Dax Shepard (Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Relationship Timeline)

The last time the pint sized actor married a Catholic, it didn't really work out for him. It was one of the biggest L's in his life. The A list singer would be an even bigger L and she is still married. It would be fun to watch him make an ass out of himself again though. Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Shakira/Gerard Piqué (Tom Cruise is ‘extremely interested in pursuing’ Shakira)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **10**
The studio has made it very clear to the actress starring in their huge box office gamble that her boyfriend at least for the press run will be her co-star. The real life boyfriend should find a place to hide until the press is done. The studio wants nothing happening to poison the box office.

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **11**
The book that is being released in the summer everyone assumes is about the A+ list singer. It is actually about a foreign born A list group. Taylor Swift/”BTS” (No, Taylor Swift Is Not Releasing a Memoir in July — Although a Mystery Book Has Become a Bestseller Based on Rumors It’s Her) (Sorry, Swifties — that $45 book you preordered isn’t Taylor’s memoir)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **12**
When the A- list actress/director thinks it is beneficial to her as in child support and spousal support then she lives in California. When it is not beneficial to her as in having to pay employees the wages they are owed and not wanting to pay penalties on that, then suddenly she lives in New York. Olivia Wilde

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **13**
This foreign born A list record company owner/discoverer (Yang Hyun-suk) of monster bands is being accused of all kinds of horrible behavior to the women he manages and has on his label. The number of women who have come forward now stands at six. No one from the big band ("Blackpink") he discovered have come forward to lend support to the women. Yang Hyun-suk/”Blackpink” (Yang Hyun-suk, Former Head of K-Pop’s YG Entertainment, Found Not Guilty on Blackmail Charges) (Yang Hyun Suk announces the final member lineup of BABY MONSTER)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/10 **14**
Full Court Press: In the past week, we heard from the former singing actress (Dianna Agron) for the first time in forever. Literally it came out of nowhere or perhaps she was taking advantage of the lull between boyfriends (Joe Alwyn/Matty Healy) of the A+ lister (Taylor Swift) and knew her Google search numbers would be high, so why not make them higher. Now, to add on to that, we have an interview with the boyfriend (Harold Ancart) of the actress who no one has mentioned in at least two years. Two years incidentally is the time he says the pair have been together. It could all of course be a remarkable coincidence that the A+ list singer splits from the long time boyfriend and then the subject of many fan rumors has a big magazine interview (“W”) and the boyfriend too, all in the same week. Oh, and the boyfriend forgot to mention the whole thing about him leaving his former gallery ("Gagosian") because the son of the owner (David Zwirner) of the former place was sleeping with the actress
. Dianna Agron/Joe Alwyn/Matty Healy/Taylor Swift/Harold Ancart/”W”/"Gagosian"/David Zwirner (Dianna Agron Thinks Decade-Old Taylor Swift Dating Rumors Are "So Interesting") (Taylor Swift Reportedly ‘Has a Crush’ on Matty Healy, Is Seeing and ‘Having a Good Time’ With Him) (In the Studio with Harold Ancart) (Bradley Cooper ‘wasn’t serious’ with Dianna Agron before dating Huma Abedin) (Harold Ancart, Painter of Abstract Vistas, Joins Gagosian After Departing David Zwirner) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/06/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/08/22)

This middle of the week streaming actress is not only still hanging out with the accused rapist, but is also hooking up with him. Jenna Ortega/”Wednesday”/Percy Hynes White (Jenna Ortega Cannot Escape Dating Rumors)

The first meeting at the super agency went as expected. The staff were told to call the alliterate one by her title. No one was allowed to use her first name. “William Morris Endeavor”/Meghan Markle/Duchess of Sussex/Meghan (Meghan Markle Signs with Talent Agency WME to 'Build Out Her Business Ventures')

This showrunner still refuses to say anything in support of the writers. With as many shows as he has with a studio, he could make a big difference, but he is worried about losing all the money he makes with them in side deals. Taylor Sheridan/”Paramount”/”Yellowstone”; “Mayor of Kingstown”; “1883”; “Tulsa King”; “1923”; “Special Ops: Lioness”; “Lawmen: Bass Reeves”; “Finestkind” (Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan Could End The Writers Strike)

It has all come out in court documents that I was telling you about years ago in reference to the music streaming service once owned by an A lister. It was a loser of a company and it gamed the system, even criminally to support his wife and other artists on his label. “Tidal”/Jay-Z/Beyoncé (Judge Tells Jack Dorsey’s Block It’s Allowed to Make ‘Terrible’ Decisions Like Buying Tidal) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/18/16) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/21/17) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/14/17)

This foreign born closeted A+ list athlete in his corner of the athletic world is thrilled with the rumors about him and a celebrity. He was especially thrilled because he was with his long time boyfriend while the tabloids speculated he was hooking up with the female celebrity. Lewis Hamilton/Shakira (Ships don't lie! Shakira is joined by Lewis Hamilton and his entourage of friends as they board a boat outside her £20million waterfront mansion - hours after crossing paths in a Miami restaurant)

This former A- list actress who is probably B+ list now, but all of you know her from a very memorable movie, used to sleep with a teacher when she was in high school who then made sure all the other teachers gave her A's, even when she would miss weeks at a time skipping school with her drug addict boyfriend.

The wealthy farmer is one of the long long time John Doe's in the case of the billionaire pedophile and was discussed in grand jury proceedings. Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein (What We Know—and Don't Know—About Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein) (Jeffrey Epstein claimed he managed Bill Gates’ money, philanthropist says)

Speaking of the wealthy farmer, he and the wealthy bookseller are teaming up to purchase that country down at the bottom of the world. They are willing to prop it up, for total control of the country. It kind of makes you wonder if they had something to do with its collapse, just to see if private people could actually buy a country. Bill Gates/Jeff Bezos/Argentina (Argentina Is Going Broke to Stall a Full-On Currency Collapse)

This foreign born A- list actress who won't be drinking for a few years still, has finally told more than just a handful of people about the abortion she had while still not 18. For sure it is going to get out now. Millie Bobby Brown

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **10**
The vast majority of the time, this A- list actress/director just has her on call photographer snap a photo of her to make it look like she was working out. When she does work out, she usually hates the photos that are taken of her. On the days she does actually work out, she uses a different drinking container than every other day when she is faking it. Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde showcases her midriff in sports bra and leggings for gym session in LA)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **11**
He is in too bad of shape to actually do anything with the multiple strippers he invites over while his wife is out of the country, but this foreign born permanent A lister, still likes them to come over and get naked and flirt with him. Ozzy Osbourne/Sharon Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne set on stage return: ‘Wheel me out there’) (Sharon Osbourne looks chic in a pink coat as she goes shopping in London with her eldest daughter Aimee)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **12**
This permanent A/A- list actor (Ethan Hawke) who has an offspring (Maya Hawke) who thinks she is a good actress, is cheating on his wife (Ryan Shawhughes) who he married after cheating on his then wife (Uma Thurman) with her. Ethan Hawke/Maya Hawke/Maya Hawke/Ryan Shawhughes/Uma Thurman

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **13**
This one named A/A- list singer recently split with a long time love. Apparently a state A++ lister was one of the reasons why.

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/11 **14**
The Alibi: This actress/singer/host (Barbara McNair) was A- list. She broke a lot of barriers and was a national television host  (“The Barbara McNair Show”) seen in every house in the country. She was known more for her singing. She owed her success to sleeping with mafia heavyweights who made sure she stayed booked across the country and paid her very well. One of those mafia bosses (Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno) was in love with her and wanted to be with her. Our A- lister was married to another guy (Rick Manzie)  in the mafia, who was nothing more than a grinder in the business. He was never going to be a boss. Still though, the mafia boss knew it would look better if the husband was dead. It wasn't as if he was ever going to marry our A- lister. That was not ever going to be possible, but he wanted her for himself. So, he booked her a gig across the country (“Condesa del Mar” nightclub in Chicago) and then killed the husband so he could have the A- lister all to himself
. Barbara McNair/”The Barbara McNair Show”/Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno/Rick Manzie/“Condesa del Mar” nightclub in Chicago (Slaying of singer Barbara McNair's Mob-connected husband in Las Vegas remains a mystery since 1976)

The foreign born A- list singer/racist/homophobe/groomer who an entire fanbase bend over backwards to make excuses because their cult leader is dating him, is talking a lot of smack about the singer to his friends. He is not the silent type. Matty Healy/Taylor Swift (Matty Healy Controversy: Taylor Swift’s Fling Doesn’t Care About Being Canceled)

The talk show producer rightfully getting hammered today was the driving force behind everyone always quitting their jobs on the show hosted by the A list model and the "holiday parties."  The crazy high turnover in the staff because of the producer is one of the main reasons the show ended. Alex Duda/”Kelly Clarkson Show”/“The Tyra Banks Show”/Tyra Banks (‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ is ‘traumatizing’ workplace run by ‘monster’: staffers)

Considering they picked the sex of the baby, and didn't conceive naturally, it isn't any surprise the website founder knows the sex of the baby he is having with his much higher on the list wife. Alexis Ohanian/Serena Williams (Why Alexis Ohanian Is Convinced He and Pregnant Serena Williams Are Having a Baby Girl)

As was highlighted again today, when the alliterate one started dating the ginger haired one, she cut all friends out of her life who couldn't do her any favors. That is why she had to invite so many people she didn't know to her wedding. She got the names and contact information for as many A listers she could find and sent them invites even though she had never met any of them. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Millie Mackintosh (Who is Millie Mackintosh? The London socialite who claims Meghan Markle ditched her for royal life)

This former Disney A lister as a teen turned A- list adult actress bragged about her eating disorder in a recent interview. Apparently she is hoping to sell products like the Goopster does. Hilary Duff/Gwyneth Paltrow (Hilary Duff admits she follows Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet: I ‘starve off my hunger’) (Gwyneth Paltrow hypes $150 vibrators to wear around your neck)

It is an awkward story that the foreign born A-/B+ list actress shares about her much younger husband watching her win a beauty contest. The thing is though, it only aired in the US on the exclamation mark channel and her husband was not allowed to watch that channel when he was the age when she won it. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas/”E!” (Priyanka Chopra Reveals Nick Jonas Watched Her Win Miss World Pageant… When He Was 7)

There is apparently a deal in place where this state A++ lister (Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer) is going to replace the second (Kamala Harris) in charge and the second in charge is going to go back to her old job (United States Senator from California) either next year or when the very old one (Dianne Feinstein) in the job finally resigns or dies. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer/Kamala Harris/United States Senator from California/Dianne Feinstein

Reader Blind: A certain American anonymous site is allowing Russian and Chinese bots to spam. Why? The government is telling them to allow it.

If you want to see this permanent A list legend, you better try and see her as quickly as you can on her current tour, which may be her last. Her drinking is out of control and she can't keep that up and continue to perform each night. Anita Baker (Babyface asked not to perform. Fans respond to Anita Baker's diva behavior)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **10**
This permanent A list rapper is running another business into the ground because of all the illegal things he is doing. There won't be a savior this time around to buy his damaged goods. Plus, the feds didn't care about his last business and its shady dealings, but they care a lot about this one. Jay Z (Jay-Z begs New York to choose him over others for Times Square casino)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **11**
This foreign born A+/A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee said she was late to a premiere this week because the guy she was having sex with tore her dress and she had to find a new one to wear. Charlize Theron/”Fast X”/Rome (Charlize Theron exudes glamour in daring blue cut-out bandage and matching boots as she steps out in Rome ahead of Fast X world premiere) (Charlize Theron Wore Dior Lingerie On the Red Carpet)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **12**
Speaking of A list actresses who are Oscar winners/nominees, this closeted actress is sleeping with a publicist assigned to her by a studio. Brie Larson (Brie Larson cuts a trendy figure in jeans and a white T-shirt as she enjoys a day out in Rome with stylist Bryce Scarlett... after the Fast X premiere)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **13**
This A list singer has a song out that is being played everywhere right now. He lost whatever color he has in his face when he ran into a woman last night at an awards show that he hooked up with two months ago. The singer's wife was with him last night too.

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/12 **14**
Four For Friday - Random Bad Behavior
#1 - The lead singer of this permanent A list band had a place in LA that was separate from where she lived with her husband and child. She needed it so she could do cocaine in peace and quiet and not be bothered by them. Belinda Carlisle/”Go-Go's” (Go-Go’s rocker Belinda Carlisle to open up about 30-year cocaine addiction)
#2 - This foreign born former A list singer who was at his peak about the same time as the person in #1, used to invite women to his recording sessions, but if they were not willing to have sex in front of everyone there, he would kick them out. Billy Idol (SEX, DRUGS & ROCK AND ROLL Billy Idol: ‘My diet was pot, cocaine, smack, opium, ecstasy … and women’)
#3 - This foreign born A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee says she once got drunk and passed out. When she came to, this A list director she was dating at the time and another A list director were trying to have a threesome with her.
#4 - The significant other of this permanent A list actor is a truly horrific person and has done damage to countless lives, but because everyone loves the elderly A lister and wants to hang out with him, they pretend to not notice the trail of destruction his significant other has caused.

This always controversial celebrity who has a last name no one tries to pronounce is in a lot of trouble. It looks like the drugs have got out of control. Milo Yiannopoulos (‘Gross Negligence’: MTG Camp Blasts Yiannopoulos for Kanye Website Fiasco)

The prime minister actor is trying to rehabilitate his image and not lose the big universe role. So, what do you do? Find someone everyone loves to "date" and make sure the publicists shove it down the throats of everyone. Jonathan Majors/Meagan Good (Jonathan Majors Is Dating Actress Meagan Good as Actor Faces Assault Charges)

Things are bad when the boyfriend of  the lead actress in what will be a monster box office hit is threatening to kill the lead actor of the same movie. Why? Because of the rumors they are more than just co-stars. It is why the boyfriend was banned from the premiere, but the girlfriend still has not split with him. The boyfriend is going to ruin the career of the actress or possibly even kill her.

In the same vein as the #4 reveal, yesterday a big truck pulled over next to a group of writers striking at Warner Brothers. Several people hopped out of the truck and handed out cold cans of cactus water. They then ran around taking pictures and telling everyone to thank this former Disney actress turned host. By the way, the drink was awful and no one asked permission of the writers if it was OK to take their photos with the drinks. Vanessa Hudgens/”Caliwater” (Vanessa Hudgens Just Launched A Refreshingly Tasty Line Of Cactus Water) (“Caliwater”)

This alliterate singer felt he would oversleep his early morning call to perform, so stayed up all night partying and was a mess by the time he got to perform. Joe Jonas

The former A list singer turned talk show host/judge just regurgitated the same sentences the producer gave the day before in response to the horrible working conditions. Nothing is going to change unless the producer is fired. Kelly Clarkson/”The Kelly Clarkson Show”/Alex Duda (Kelly Clarkson Responds to Toxic Workplace Claims from 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' Staffers)

At some point in the past few months, this married A- list actress just stopped caring if anyone spots her out with her long time girlfriend. She used to be so careful about it. Jessica Biel (Jessica Biel cuts a stylish figure after leaving a lunch with jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer at San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood) (Jessica Biel Makes A Case For The Return Of Twee With This Hot-Button Accessory) (Jessica Biel looks sensational in a leggy shimmering mini dress and platform heels as she leaves a party in New York City) (20 Interesting Facts About Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel’s Marriage)

He started hooking up with his current wife while he was married, so I guess it shouldn't be a shock that this A+/A list country singer is doing the same thing again
. Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood (STANDING WHOA Morgan Wallen critics ‘disgusted’ with Garth Brooks’ comments about singer after he wins ACM Award despite skipping show) (Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s Relationship: A Timeline)

For years, I have pointed to the superhero and his on and offline behavior towards others and how it was problematic and he probably should never have been cast as a superhero in the first place. So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that he is still an a-hole and constantly attacks people online. This weekend is just the latest example of many. Simu Liu/”Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” (“What he is doing is really f—king dangerous”: Marvel Star Simu Liu Immaturely Feuds With TikToker After His Massive Ego Got Hurt Over Random Video)

The photos were staged. If you were allowed to take them and then sell them, you would do anything to protect that and say whatever they told you to say. It makes zero sense to constantly stalk the alliterate one and hope that once every three or four months you actually get paid if she deigns to leave her house. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle debuts new hair transformation and looks Kate Middleton-inspired) (Meghan, Harry go on fun outing with Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz for the first time after Charles’ Coronation) (Harry & Meghan Grab Sushi, Pregnancy Rumors Seemingly Debunked)

This A list celebrity in her own country, and almost completely unknown here except to people who read this site, is trying to charge $5000 an hour for sex and $100K for an overnight. No one is actually paying her that. They are paying a fraction of that amount. Katie Price (Katie Price showcases her VERY ample assets in a TINY teddy bear bikini during sun-soaked Spanish holiday - after vowing to 'go bigger' as she plans 17th breast augmentation)

This A list rapper tried to touch the A- list reality star a few times the other night and she quickly pulled away. Yeah, but tell me again how it is true love. I bet she cannot wait for filming to be over this season. Bad Bunny/Kendal Jenner (Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Sitting Courtside Get Compared to Viral Mansplainer Meme)

AI Blind Item: I asked Bard to write a blind item about a specific actor and this is what it spit out. It is not the description I would give for the actor, but it is interesting. The only thing I told it to do was write a blind item about ____________. That was the only instruction. This A-list actor has been in the news a lot lately for his personal life, but there's something else going on that no one is talking about. He's been struggling with addiction again, and it's starting to affect his work. He's been late to set and missed a few important meetings. He's also been acting erratically, and his co-stars are starting to worry about him. He's been in and out of rehab for years, but this time it seems like he might be in over his head. He's surrounded by enablers, and no one is really willing to help him. If he doesn't get help soon, it could be the end of his career. Ben Affleck

Reader Blind: An A-list actor who is currently in a PR relationship with a z-list/noname actress, is having trouble with his real-life partner owing to this stunt. His real-life partner wants this stunt to end immediately but others don't let this happen! This handsome fella feels too much pressure on his shoulders! He dislikes his stunt girlfriend, plus can’t stand her, he doesn’t want to lose his real-life partner, still and all he can’t get rid of this paperwork! Acc hearsay, he’s having health problems due to high stress! Sebastian Stan/Annabelle Wallis (Sebastian Stan and Annabelle Wallis Spotted Holding Hands in New York City)

Of course this foreign born former A+ list rapper who is married to a rapist/murderer is going to want to hook up with this A+ list streamer/gamer who has enabled rapists in his past and covered for them. Nicki Minaj/Kenny Petty/Kai Cenat (Kai Cenat, The Streamer Who Nicki Minaj Shows Love To: 5 Facts About Him)

This B list foreign born actor is only that high because of who he dated for so long. He was asked this weekend why everyone sees him out and about now but hadn't for the past five or six years and he said his much higher on the list girlfriend didn't like to go out, so they stayed home all the time. That is a 180 from what we have always been told. Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift (All the clues Taylor Swift's rebound with Matty Healy mirrors doomed Tom Hiddleston fling)

This alliterate former B+ list actress who has grifted off her ex for decades, says everything is fine between herself and her grandchildren. Uh huh. Then why is the hearing still scheduled for this week to try and keep the grift going? Priscilla Presley/Elvis Presley/Riley Keough (Priscilla Presley DENIES feud with granddaughter Riley Keough over Graceland estate: 'That’s B.S.')

This one named A/A- list actress says she won't be coming back for another season of the pay cable show. Zendaya/“Euphoria” (at this point I don't think the show is coming back either)

The A+ list singer has it on her calendar to reignite the feud with the A list singer turned judge who is trying to make a singing comeback later this year. Taylor Swift/Katy Perry (Katy Perry and Taylor Swift beef explained)

It is the former Housewife who is spreading all kinds of nasty things about her ex to cover her own misdeeds. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Kroy Biermann (Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann Didn't Have Open Marriage, No Cheating Despite Rumors)

This A list voiceover actress is addicted to the power she gets from donating so much money. If she ever loses her job and can't donate millions, watch how fast the organization forgets about her. Nancy Cartwright/”Bart Simpson”/Scientology (Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, has donated at least $21M to Scientology)

This two hit wonder who could make a ton of money touring on those two hits that all of you know turned sometime actress got cheated on by her significant other who got another woman pregnant. Our singer/actress discovered this while buying a wedding dress.

This foreign born B+ list actress went full on Karen at a Louboutin store because they said they were sold out of the $400 baby booties she wanted. Apparently after 20 minutes of yelling, they found some in another city and had them shipped to her. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra shows off 1-year-old daughter Malti’s ‘baby Louboutins’)

This became a billionaire before he could legally drink says he has seen an AI program that could end the world within a year if it was unleashed. Palmer Luckey
This A- list mostly movie actor has a big gig for the next week or so out of the country. I don't know if he has an open relationship or broke up with his actress significant other, but that wasn't her sitting on the balcony of his hotel room.

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **10**
This former A+ list TikTok star turned failed actress decided her weight had to do with her career crashing and burning so has been using the weight loss shot and anything else she can to drop weight as quickly as possible. Addison Rae/”Ozempic” (Addison Rae continues her transition to acting as she joins Ryan Reynolds and a star-studded cast in R-rated road trip comedy Animal Friends)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **11**
Another day, another pap walk, but still no time to walk the picket line for the A- list actress/director. Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde keeps a low profile in hoodie and sunglasses as she hits the gym for Monday morning workout in LA)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **12**
This former wrestler turned actor is the main source of leaks about a more popular wrestler turned actor. Apparently our leaker wants bigger roles. John Cena/Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Tells John Cena 'I Just Don't Like You' in Throwback Clip from 'WWE Rivals')

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **13**
This A-/B+ list actress has a very big movie opening in the next couple of weeks and is desperately trying to keep a video from leaking of her using a very offensive racial slur.

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/15 **14**
Grifting Grifters: It has been a long time since I looked into the shady dealings of this barely there celebrity (Michael Lohan) who has made his money by exploiting his offspring (Lindsay Lohan) and getting kickbacks from rehabs. Then, all of a sudden there was his name on something I was looking into. He wanted in on the whole experimental therapy thing that already killed one person and might still kill this A- list celebrity/reality star (Bam Margera) who once hooked up with a flash in the pan A list singer (Jessica Simpson). Our shady celebrity threatened to go to the police and give them what he knows about the death and how a YouTube channel was complicit, unless he gets a piece of the rehab action
. Michael Lohan/Lindsay Lohan/Bam Margera/Jessica Simpson (Michael Lohan, father of 'Mean Girls' star Lindsay Lohan, gets probation for patient brokering) (Where Is Lindsay Lohan's Controversial Father Michael Today?) (Bam Margera Reaches Out to Lindsay Lohan’s Dad to Get Sober on ‘Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn’: ‘It’s Not Fun Anymore’) (Lamar Odom Invites Bam Margera to His Rehab Center After Surrender to Cops) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/22/21)

You can't say you didn't know that your foreign born singing boyfriend is an awful human being when you are shoving articles to amenable publications for them to print to distract from the horrible things the boyfriend has done and said. Taylor Swift/Matty Healy (Taylor Swift Faces Backlash After Boyfriend Matt Healy Admits To Masturbating To Porn That ‘Degrades Black Women’)

The husband of the permanent A list "singer" can barely string a sentence together. The statement "he" released came from a professional who is trying to make it seem like the couple is doing great. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Sam Asghari Defends Britney Spears Against 'Disgusting' People Using Her as a 'Money-Making Machine')

The MTV wolf was the only no show at convention from the show. The reason? They wouldn't pay him double what everyone else got. Dylan O'Brien/”Teen Wolf” (Dylan O'Brien on Why Stiles Is Not in 'Teen Wolf' Movie: 'Difficult Decision')

This foreign born alliterate A list actor generally has an 18 month time limit with any woman he sees. The current girlfriend is trying anything she can to extend the deadline, but the clock is ticking. Sebastian Stan/Annabelle Wallis

Apparently the A/A- list comic/actor who is a serial sexual assaulter (it kind of sucks that I have to make it more specific than that because of how many there are) who really enjoyed pleasuring himself in front of others is about to have a documentary released about him. It is going to be way worse than he endured the last time around. Hopefully he stays gone for good this time. Louis CK (Before He Plays the Bay, a List of 10 Horrible Things Louis C.K. Has Done)

This superhero actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee, basically said she supports rapists and the rapist and the craft of acting/directing should be separated. Scarlett Johansson/"Black Widow"/Woody Allen (“Their clothes make women feel confident”: After Defending Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson Shamelessly Wore Harvey Weinstein’s Ex-Wife’s Dress at Met Gala Despite Protests)

The foreign born year singer (Matty Healy) is desperately trying to keep an artist (beabadoobee) he was trying to sign from revealing what the singer said about this one named permanent A list singer (Beyoncé) who is currently on tour. It makes the porn thing look tame. Matty Healy/beabadoobee/Beyoncé (Beabadoobee teams up with The 1975's Matty Healy for dreamy new single, Last Day On Earth) (Taylor Swift Has Been Branded Another “Complicit White Woman” After Matty Healy Admitted To Masturbating To Hardcore Pornography That Degrades And Humiliates Black Women Just Three Months Ago)

This wrestler is on life support the most messed up thing about him is that he still recommends steroids to young wrestlers even though it ruined  his life and career. Billy Graham ('Stay strong my mentor': Ric Flair pays emotional Billy Graham tribute after it emerged the wrestler, 79, is on life support in hospital with an array of health issues)

This A- list north of the border singer really needs some direction in their life. Now, they have been talking about manufacturing meth. Justin Bieber

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **10**
This horrible makeup influencer is facing fresh accusations of sexual assault after a guy kept refusing the influencer's advances. James Charles (James Charles Debuts Items From His Painted Makeup Brand, Uses Them at Coachella on Other Attendees) (BLIND ITEM 01/07/23)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **11**
An offspring of this A list mostly movie actress has moved back home with the actress after fleeing from criminal charges that were about to be brought on him in a foreign country. Maddox Jolie-Pitt/Angelina Jolie/South Korea (What has Maddox Jolie-Pitt been up to in 2023, at age 21? From his White House appearance with mum Angelina Jolie and working with brother Pax on her new film Without Blood)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **12**
This former one-fifth needs rehab. Camila Cabello/”Fifth Harmony”

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **13**
Speaking of drugs, this reality star from not one, not two, but three different shows, needs yet another nose reconstruction surgery because he can't stop doing coke. Craig Conover/”Southern Charm”/”Winter House”/”Summer House” (‘Summer House’ Recap: Craig Conover Cries Amid Paige DeSorbo Drama: ‘Sometimes I Just Feel Really Alone’)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/16 **14**
The Threesome: Everyone in Hollywood knew this actress (Elizabeth Hartman) suffered from depression. They also knew one of the ways she coped with it was by sleeping with actors and agents and producers. Our actress was married for nearly two decades, and the reason she got married is because she nearly died while landing a role. A role for which she was ultimately replaced. Our actress was an Oscar winner/nominee (1966 Best Actress in a Leading Role “A Patch of Blue”) and at the time she was up for her Oscar she was the youngest ever to be nominated for best actress. It was at that time she started an affair with a married man (Edgar Bergen) who was an A lister at the time and used a doll (”Charlie McCarthy”) in his act. He had an offspring who became an A lister (Candice Bergen) in her own right, is still very much alive and had a pervert for a husband (Louis Malle) who liked watching little girls naked and in sex scenes (“Black Moon“ & “Pretty Baby“). Anyway, back to our actress, she wanted a big big role (“Neely O'Hara”/”Valley of the Dolls”), and the producers wanted her in the role. They told her it was between our actress and one other actress (Patty Duke) who was also A list and has an offspring who is probably A- list (Sean Astin). Our Oscar winner/nominee was told she would have to have sex with both of the producers (Mark Robson & David Weisbart) and why not get it over with quickly with a threesome. She did it and was obviously excited to land the role. A month later she found out the other actress got it. Our Oscar winner/nominee tried to kill herself, but was stopped and then tried to kill herself again, but survived. She ended up marrying the first guy (Gill Dennis)  who would marry her while she spent the next couple of decades alternatively trying to kill herself and cheating on her husband with this three named permanent A list director, until one day she finally was able to kill herself
. Elizabeth Hartman/“1966 Best Actress in a Leading Role “A Patch of Blue”/Edgar Bergen/”Charlie McCarthy”/Candice Bergen/Louis Malle/“Black Moon“ & “Pretty Baby“/“Neely O'Hara”/”Valley of the Dolls”/Patty Duke/Sean Astin/Mark Robson & David Weisbart/Gill Dennis (Actress Elizabeth Hartman Plunges To Death) (Louis Malle’s Unsettling Takes on Pubescent Femininity in Black Moon (1975) & Pretty Baby (1978))

Sometimes things go too far and then everyone realizes they have been played. The alliterate one and her puppet of a husband must have been taking Jussie Smollett lessons if they think anyone will believe their story. They do know there are a million cameras in the city right? Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Unhurt After “Near Catastrophic Car Chase” With Paparazzi – Update)

The always depressed sounding singer and her much much much older boyfriend split. Much like he does with all of the women he dates, he cheated on the singer. I also think that perhaps the foreign born model/bad actress who tried to hit on her and failed, may have put an idea or two in her head about future dating prospects. Billie Eilish/Jesse Rutherford/Cara Delevingne (Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford break up after less than a year of dating) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/02/23)

You will notice that other than two outlets, who really don't care about access, because they don't really do interviews, no one has mentioned about the year singer and his porn watching habits or the things he has said. They all just twist themselves in whatever way they can so they have a shot at an interview or backstage passes or a free sweatshirt from the A+ list singer. They should be ashamed of themselves. Matty Healy/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Has Been Branded Another “Complicit White Woman” After Matty Healy Admitted To Masturbating To Hardcore Pornography That Degrades And Humiliates Black Women Just Three Months Ago)

It is very strange that one of the leaders of the free the singer movement is very very close with the sketch husband. They repeat anything the husband says to the leader verbatim and ignore everything suspect the husband does. So much for being free. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari/Mathew Rosengart (Britney Spears’ attorney working for free after being paid $4.2 million: report)

The most recent recent recent suicide of a K-Pop singer was because she was tired of having to sleep with everyone her bosses set her up with so the bosses could have some of their debts forgiven. Haesoo (Korean trot singer Haesoo found dead at 29, suicide note recovered)

This A list everything should just finally come out. His girlfriend is really getting tired of the fake thing and wants to find a real boyfriend. Ryan Seacrest/Aubrey Paige (Ryan Seacrest and His Girlfriend Aubrey Paige Are Madly in Love! See Rare Photos Together) (Ryan Seacrest Already Returning to 'Live!' as Kelly Ripa and New Host Mark Consuelos Face Backlash)

This late night talk show host should realize that a certain age, that you really should stop doing coke. It does different things to you than when you were even a decade younger. Jimmy Fallon (‘Fallon’ Is First Late-Night Show to Stop Paying Staff Amid Strike: Report)

Whatever this streaming giant says are views or the most popular or whatever, is all lies and also part of contracts they make with people like the A list everything in her mind celebrity. Every other project they do outside of the home of the streamer is actual objective measurement. This way, they get to feel on top of the world for a day and make posters they can frame and hang on their walls. “Netflix”/Jennifer Lopez/”The Mother” (‘The Mother’ Scores Netflix’s Biggest Opening Weekend for Film in 2023 as ‘Queen Charlotte’ Continues to Lead English-Language TV Charts)

Not even 24 hours pass before the professional beard/girlfriend saw the blind about her trying to extend her contract that photos were spread online of her and the alliterate foreign born superhero. The photos are from last year since the professional beard/girlfriend couldn’t locate any new ones. Sebastian Stan/Annabelle Wallis (Sebastian Stan and Annabelle Wallis Spotted Holding Hands in New York City) (BLIND ITEM 05/14/23)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **10**
This foreign born former girl group member is being cheated on by her significant other. Again. Victoria Beckham/“Spice Girls”/David Beckham (“So Proud “- David Beckham Elated With His ‘Spice Girl’ Wife Victoria Beckham and Her Fashion Brand’s Major Achievement) (Victoria Beckham: ‘David’s been hell to live with’)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **11**
The foreign born blackjack playing rapper is back with his wife to make sure the greencard thing goes well. 21 Savage/Keyana (21 Savage Spotted On Date With His Wife Keyana After Alleged Split From Latto)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **12**
This A+ list mostly movie actor blames his first wife for everything that went wrong while they were married and continues to do so which is why he is always being shady towards her. Chris Pratt/Anna Faris (‘Gross’ Chris Pratt blasted for snubbing ex Anna Faris in Mother’s Day post)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **13**
This controversial politician thinks it is new love, but she doesn't know her lover is actually married and that the money he spends on the politician wining and dining and lavishing gifts on her comes from the wife's family. Lauren Boebert (Lauren Boebert files for divorce from husband Jayson)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/17 **14**
The Screenplay: This writer (Michael Alan Lerner) is probably A- list. He has written books and articles and screenplays, at least one of which most of you have seen. He is an offspring of someone who was much more famous, but generally in the same occupation. That parental unit (Alan Jay Lerner) had a best friend who was an A++ lister (John F. Kennedy) (At both Choate and Harvard, Lerner was a classmate of John F. Kennedy). Going through some of his father's old things, he came across some documents that have kept him busy for nearly a decade. A decade in which he has not written any other screenplays. His father was a drug addict and was addicted to the same drugs (Personal Life) that the A++ lister was and they got them from the same doctor (Max “Dr. Feelgood” Jacobson). The father also got his secretary addicted to the same drugs (amphetamine and methamphetamine) and then sent her off to a mental hospital to get clean. That is how the story goes. Our screenwriter thinks that she was sent off to stay quiet about the death of the A++ lister and that the screenwriter's dad and the crazy doctor were heavily involved. The father had a long collaboration with the mob and even married (Micheline Muselli Pozzo Di Borgo) the daughter of a mafia kingpin
. Michael Alan Lerner/Alan Jay Lerner/John F. Kennedy/At both Choate and Harvard, Lerner was a classmate of John F. Kennedy/Max “Dr. Feelgood” Jacobson/amphetamine and methamphetamine/Micheline Muselli Pozzo di Borgo (Power Women, Beautiful Jewels)

I know there is a group of people who think the celebrity doctor is going to lose his license for offering an opinion, but he won't. #FreeBritney/Dr. Drew

At first I thought the permanent A list rapper was just trying to be nice and was on tour with his A list wife because of it. Apparently it is to hide from multiple process servers over a variety of lawsuits. Jay-Z/Beyoncé (Beyonce puts on a leggy display in a plaid Michael Kors playsuit as she enjoys lunch with husband Jay-Z in London after earning rave reviews for her Renaissance tour)

Despite the now dozens of underage girls who have come forward and countless other women against this A- list comedian, this former showrunner still keeps trying to get the comic gigs. It is crazy. Chris D’Elia/Whitney Cummings (‘Do Everything I Say’: 10 Women Claim Comedian Chris D’Elia Preyed on Them)

Speaking of showrunners, there is one who has a massive ego right now which is why one of his shows is ending. He also screamed at someone recently when they turned down his advances and is why of course, the person turned the showrunner down. Tyler Sheridan/”Yellowstone” (Inside ‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan’s $350M ranch amid spending scandal)

At an event out of the country this foreign born A/A- list singer who has been famous since he was a tween, could not string any sentences together. He looked like a zombie. Justin Bieber (Justin and Hailey Bieber Step Out for Glam Date Night in London as She Launches Rhode in the U.K.)

Dear Momager (Kris Jenner),
When you leak information to the press, it behooves you to use different phrasing and syntax and tone. Also, no matter what you do, don't use very very specific phrasing, because people tend to remember it. So, for example when you were referring to the "relationship" between the former late night actor (Pete Davidson) and your daughter (Kim Kardashian) and use a phrase such as hands on mom and boss and do the same thing when you are referring to the "relationship" between the meme actor (Timothée Chalamet) and your daughter (Kylie Jenner), people know it is you and that the relationship is probably junk.
Love & Bacon,
Kris Jenner/Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian/Timothée Chalamet & Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Are Reportedly ‘Trying to Keep’ Their Romance ‘Low-Key’)

Don't be surprised on Memorial Day weekend if this soon to be prisoner comes down with some crazy illness or crime that causes bodily injury that keeps her from reporting to prison on time. Elizabeth Holmes (Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes must report to prison May 30)

Old Hollywood: The widow of this A+ list dancing legend has quite the racket going. If you want to even mention the legend's name in a book or magazine or movie, you have to pay her a bunch of money, or she will sue you. She might not win, but she will tie it up in court long enough that you give up the project. So, pay her some money and you get to tell whatever story you like. Fred Astaire/Robyn Smith

The gift that keeps on giving is this B+ list actress all of you know. She got a yachting gig out of the country this week and managed to make it look like a work trip. (“The Jeter Herpes Tree”) (BLIND ITEM 09/24/21 - FOUR FOR FRIDAY - STD LIST) (BLIND ITEM 10/28/22 - FOUR FOR FRIDAY - HOLLYWOOD HERPES)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **10**
This A- list actress is an offspring of someone higher on the list who is an offspring of someone even higher on the list. Our actress called a pap to take some pictures this week for the first time because she knew there would be a story about her and wanted to be able to control what she was wearing and doing and her look. Bridget Fonda/Peter Fonda/Henry Fonda (Bridget Fonda unrecognizable during rare outing 20 years after quitting acting)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **11**
This A- list actor has hit it big on multiple long running television shows. He is hooking up with a woman who is not his wife. The woman he is seeing is a streaming reality star. Ted Danson/Mary Steenburgen; David Boreanaz/Jaime Bergman; Scott Bakula/Chelsea Field; Kelsey Grammer/Kayte Walsh

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **12**
This A list country singer had to leave home for a week because his wife caught him doing coke after he promised to stop.

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **13**
This A list influencer says she once had a threesome with her then boyfriend and his mother. Millie Griffiths/Damian Hurley/Liz Hurley (Liz Hurley’s son, Damian Hurley, pictured on romantic break in Italy with artist Millie Griffiths)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/18 **14**
The Sleepover: All of the drama from Vanderpump rules about cheating and whatnot, has nothing on a little affair that happened during the run of this very iconic long running show (“Melrose Place“). All of you know the show and all of you can name the characters on the show. Arguably the most famous of them all is an A/A- list actress (Heather Locklear) who often would get wasted and when she got wasted, she would often make poor decisions. She once slept with her co-star's (Laura Leighton) significant other (Grant Show). Not the one she married (Doug Savant), but a boyfriend. She was repulsed by the husband and said so multiple times. The co-star got back at our A/A- lister when that person was married. Our co-star arranged for two escorts to have sex with the husband (Richie Sambora) while the A/A- lister was out of town. It nearly ruined the marriage
. “Melrose Place”/Heather Locklear/Laura Leighton/Grant Show/Doug Savant/Richie Sambora

This A list singer turned A- list actress finished shooting a movie  and then went  really overboard with the treatments to her face and lips. She can't even move any muscles in her face. Lady Gaga (Fans think Lady Gaga is unrecognizable in new TikTok: ‘Who is this?’)

He is dead, so I suppose it doesn't matter, but it is odd that the statement about the death of the former singer from a manufactured group was a lie. He died of an overdose. Moon Bin aka Moonbin/”Astro” (The K-Pop Star Moon Bin Died Aged 25. Here's Everything We Know) (ASTRO's JinJin's first appearance after Moonbin’s demise turns into heartwarming display of support by fans)

This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and has at least one franchise to her name, is abusing prescription pills to the point she is only awake a few hours each day.

Speaking of drugs, this A list mostly movie actor from multiple franchises, was so coked out an event this week, he couldn't stand still and was super paranoid and twitchy. Vin Diesel

This A- list actress who started on television but is not allowed to do television any longer, was being texted by her controlling husband every five minutes while she was shooting a movie this week. Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds/”It Ends With Us” (Ryan Reynolds tells Wrexham player to ‘put a shirt on’ around wife Blake Lively)

Apparently this A- list offspring of multiple celebrities, one of whom is much higher on the list was asked by one of those parental units to distance herself from the A+ list singer. The offspring chose to ignore the advice. Zoë Kravitz/Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz/Taylor Swift (Channing Tatum holds the door open for his girlfriend Zoe Kravitz as they arrive at friend Taylor Swift's New York City apartment)

Reader Blind: Cheater cheater pumpkin eater. A certain A list former superhero (Chris Evans/filming “Red One“) has a foreign no name z list “girlfriend” (Alba Baptista/born in Lisbon, Portugal) who has been very busy this past year indeed. Not with work, no, she can’t make that materialize even with paying the superhero to ride his coattails to fame. She instead has been VERY VERY busy with Mr.  Creator (Simon Berry) of her now defunct streaming network show (“Warrior Nun”). I wonder if Mrs. WN Creator knows that this Portuguese trollop has been sleeping with her husband? Does former superhero know or does he just turn a blind eye since you know, you can’t make a Ho into a housewife which means all of those engagement rumors indeed must be fake and he has no intentions of putting a ring on it. Once a Ho Ho Ho always a Ho… just ask the Red One as he has Ghosted her quite often. But I guess when Cap is away the racist nun will play!! Ole Mr. Creator isn’t the only one she’s been playing with while Cap has been hustling that pain! Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!! Chris Evans/Alba Baptista/Simon Berry/”Warrior Nun” (Alba Baptista and friends being racist and mocking native americans.) (BLIND ITEM 02/15/23)

Mr. X - Old Hollywood: Which foreign born A-list actor and multiple Oscar nominee who was one half of an A++ list power couple (Richard Burton & Elizaberth Taylor) insinuated in his diaries (“The Richard Burton Diaries”) that his one time costar, this foreign born A-list actor (Michael York), was a kept man early in his career by the openly director (Franco Zeffirelli) who made him a star (“Romeo and Juliet” (1968 film))? Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor/”The Richard Burton Diaries”/Michael York/”Romeo and Juliet (1968 film)”/Franco Zeffirelli

Reader Blind: Our A+ list actor and his z-lister/no-name PR stunt girlfriend vol.2. This no-name girlfriend ,who loves showers, is unfortunately primary school graduate. She makes stupid moves, because you know, her capacity of brain is limited. Our handsome fella loves highly educated, sophisticated women (like his real love) and he wants to be found attractive by her real love by acting like he is into science and space. This low intelligent Pr stunt girlfriend has no idea about him and his real love’s inside jokes, etc she tries to use these for trolling. However this only makes her look stupid. Poor PR stunt girlfriend… Sending her positive vibes to getting mature and stop being ridiculous, wishing her higher intelligent and IQ! Brad Pitt/Ines de Ramon (Brad Pitt and Girlfriend Ines de Ramon Are ‘Not Slowing Down’ With Their Romance: They’ve Already Said ‘I Love You’)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **10**
Reader Blind: This recently engaged actor from a once top rated cable series has been seen parading his girl around and getting some pap snaps. However he is miserable and regretting the decision. Jon Hamm/”Mad Men”/Anna Osceola (Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola Are Engaged After Two Years of Dating)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **11**
This A- list actress who has multiple movie franchises is convinced she will end up dead if she continues to stay in her current relationship. Megan Fox/”Bad Boys II”; ”Transformers”; “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”; “The Expendables 4”/Machine Gun Kelly (Machine Gun Kelly still ‘in the dog house,’ Megan Fox wedding plans halted: report)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **12**
This A list country crooners is getting older and apparently needs not only chemical help to get into the game so to speak, but insists on watching gay porn while he has sex with his long time wife. Garth Brooks (Garth Brooks claims he once ‘showered with’ Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **13**
This actor is A- list and is on a soon to be ending show. He has been acting for much of his life and been a jerk for just about as long. This week he yelled at his girlfriend when she wouldn't stop eating when he was ready to leave. Cole Sprouse/”Riverdale”/Ari Fournier (Cole Sprouse Confirms Ari Fournier Relationship: See the Couple’s Dating Timeline)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/19 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange Hookups:
#1 - This permanent A list model slept with a late night talk show host before he would let her come on and plug her product. Elle MacPherson/Johnny Carson (“Tonight Show” 02/10/87 Michael J. Fox, Elle Macpherson)
#2 - This foreign born time traveler hooked up with this very much closeted A+ list actor who said he just wanted to try it once. David Tennant (“Doctor Who”)/Tom Hiddleston, Bradley Cooper or Hugh Jackman
#3 - This former A list actress who crashed and burned before a resurgence in the past couple of years, hooked up with this now dead reality star. Winona Ryder/Ryan Dunn (“Jackass”)
#4 - This foreign born alliterate singer who got famous for selling music on television once hooked up with the front man for this disbanded permanent A list group that could not get along. Leona Lewis/Roger Daltrey (“The Who”) (Flashback: The Who Reunite In ’89, Seven Years After Saying ‘Farewell’) (Report: Roger Daltrey taking part in all-star charity single to benefit London high-rise fire victims)

This A list comic actor has an ongoing love affair with cocaine and is back on it. He is super confrontational while on it and no one wants to be near him.

The actor/killer is pitching a book about his experience being targeted. Nothing like exploiting a death. Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin 'verbally berated' female server at gala leaving her 'shocked and upset' - after making first red carpet appearance since charges were dropped in Rust shooting)

It looks like the A- list three named actor has moved  on with someone who is not the woman he cheated on his wife with that led to the divorce.

If the bar star was pregnant, she isn't now. Raquel Leviss/”Vanderpump Rules” (and it was  confirmed she is not currently pregnant) (Is Vanderpump Rules’ Raquel Leviss Pregnant? Truth or Rumors!)

Some very nuanced words and statements from the mouthpiece of the alliterate one. He said he didn't have the ginger haired one's phone number. Never said the same about the alliterate one. Omid Scobie/Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Harry and Meghan biographer Omid Scobie claims he was shown how to hack phones while on work experience at newspaper as he denies being the Sussexes' 'mouthpiece' who has a vested interest in helping the duke in hacking case)

So, is the alliterate reality star kind of low key say she is hooking up with her sister's ex? Kim Kardashian/Tristan Thompson (Khloé Kardashian Shut Down Rumors That Kim Kardashian Was Helping To Build Tristan Thompson A "Redemption Arc" After Kim Was Spotted At Multiple NBA Games)

All the tributes to the NFL legend who died. What about all the women he beat and raped? Why are you going to give him tributes? Jim Brown (Jim Brown, legendary NFL running back who left the game to become an activist and actor, has died at age 87)

This vowel loving closeted A list actor brought his long time boyfriend out to an event with him this week. That is a first
. Timothée Chalamet; Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal's Trainer Shares the Key to His 'Road House' Body)

It took less than three weeks from me saying this A list actress would be better off reuniting with her co-star than hanging around with her husband, and for the two co-stars to get back together. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn/Nnamdi Asomugha (Olivia and Fitz reunited! Kerry Washington shares adorable snaps in honor of Scandal co-star Tony Goldwyn's 63rd birthday) (BLIND ITEM 05/02/23)

The actress offspring with the sex and rape show being released this week is not going to get other work unless she grows up and does interviews and press for the show. Lily-Rose Depp/Johnny Depp/”The Idol” (A Rogue Journo Is Claiming Lily-Rose Depp Is Refusing Interviews For The Idol & It’s A Big Mess)

At least we know now that the foreign born actor is the one who did the breaking up with the A+ list singer. Good for him for getting out when he could. Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Says She's Never Been Happier in Comments Made More Than a Month After Joe Alwyn Breakup)

Speaking of the A+ list singer's new boyfriend, he has cheated on his last four girlfriends (Halsey, Aliana Lohan, Gabriella Brooks (Australian model), FKA Twigs, Charlotte D'Alessio (Canadian Model), and the A+ list singer will be no different. He likes models and he likes them very young. The A+ list singer is neither of those. Matty Healy/Taylor Swift/Halsey, Aliana Lohan, Gabriella Brooks (Australian model), FKA Twigs, Charlotte D'Alessio (Canadian Model) (Taylor Swift fans launch #SpeakUpNow campaign over Matty Healy controversies)

AI Blind Item: As is the case every week, I just tell Bard who to write a blind item about. My only instruction is write a blind item about "Selena Gomez". This is not the description I would give the singer/actress, but here it is. And Draft 2 is dark, but I love it.
Draft 1: This young starlet has been in the spotlight for years, and she's always been known for her squeaky clean image. But lately, there have been some rumors that she's not as innocent as she seems. There have been reports that she's been partying hard and getting into trouble. She's been seen out late at night with friends, and she's been photographed smoking and drinking. Some people are worried that she's headed down a dangerous path. They're concerned that she's going to self-destruct, just like her ex-boyfriend. Others are more forgiving. They say that she's just a young woman who's trying to figure things out. They believe that she'll eventually find her way. Only time will tell what happens to this young starlet. But one thing is for sure: she's definitely not the same girl she was when she first started out.
Draft 2: This young actress/singer is known for her squeaky clean image, but she has a dark side that she's been trying to keep hidden. She's been struggling with addiction for years, and she's been in and out of rehab. She's also been involved in some shady business deals, and she's been rumored to be involved in some illegal activities. She's trying to put on a brave face, but she's slowly starting to unravel. It's only a matter of time before her secrets come out. Do you think you know who this is?
Draft 3: This young actress has been in the spotlight for years, and she's always been known for her squeaky clean image. But lately, there have been some rumors that she's not as perfect as she seems. The rumors started when she was spotted out partying with some questionable people. She was seen drinking and dancing with people who are known for their drug use. Then, there was the incident where she was caught on camera making out with a man who is not her boyfriend. This led to speculation that she might be cheating on him. The rumors have been swirling for a while now, but she has never addressed them. She's continued to put on a brave face for the public, but it's clear that something is going on behind the scenes. Only time will tell what the truth is, but for now, she is the subject of much speculation.
Actress: Selena Gomez
Boyfriend: Justin Bieber

Reader Blind: The permanent A lister is calm, but her team is panicking after learning that some of the women abused by her boyfriend’s favorite website are planning to speak out. Journalists from several publications have tracked some of the women who are ready to talk about how they were manipulated into appearing in the content. They want her to “break up” with them but she’s not ready to let go of this PR stunt just yet. Taylor Swift/Matty Healy (Taylor Swift fans launch #SpeakUpNow campaign over Matty Healy controversies)

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister had fresh track marks up and down her arms that were clearly visible at an event last night. Paris Jackson/Michael Jackson/”Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project’s (CTAOP) 2023 Block Party” (Paris Jackson Soars in Dusky Pink Dress and Platform Stilettos at CTAOP’s 2023 Block Party)

She went all the way across the world, but this barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities is really having a tough time getting reporters to bite that she is there as the guest of this A+/A list mostly movie actor. Gigi Hadid/Yolanda Foster Hadid & Mohamed Hadid/Leonardo DiCaprio/”Cannes Festival” (Leonardo DiCaprio's Party Pals 'Blame' Gigi Hadid for 'Monopolizing All of His Time': Source)

The actress/muse is doing some yachting while in Cannes. That is basically the only reason she went. Julia Fox (Julia Fox lets it all hang out in totally clear dress at 2023 Cannes Film Festival)

Speaking of yachting, this foreign born permanent A list model was running a string of them. Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell celebrates her 53rd birthday on the water as she departs Cannes in a private superyacht with daughter and friends)

Sticking with the yachting theme, this foreign born model, who has been a professional beard and a yachter, landed mid six figures for the week to keep one tycoon happy. Even the A lister she bearded for can't afford those rates. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (Irina Shayk, 37, wears next to NOTHING as she steps out during the Cannes Film Festival in semi-sheer lingerie and a gem adorned harness)

The A- list alliterate pay cable actress continues to not wear her engagement ring. Maybe she is just getting it resized. Sydney Sweeney (Sydney Sweeney wears engagement ring publicly for first time in nearly a year)

The three named Svengali was everywhere in Cannes this week and looking for new people he can bring into his orbit. The model running a string of yachters, previously mentioned in a blind, is his eyes and ears. Mohammed Al-Turki/Naomi Campbell (‘Saudi Arabia will be a major player in the future of film,’ Mohammed Al-Turki says as Cannes kicks off) (Naomi Campbell joins Saudi film fest CEO on the red carpet at Cannes)

This A- list actress is best known for a streaming hit. She has spent the entirety of her time in Cannes drunk. She is a happy drunk until about 9pm and then she becomes a mean and angry drunk who is out of control. She better hope and pray no executives saw her like that. Julia Garner/”Ozark” (Ozark's Julia Garner injects punky glamour into Cannes with edgy leather pencil skirt and bleached crop for chic appearance at Nespresso bash)

I don't know how many apartments the celebrity CEO has scattered across Texas filled with barely legal women that he visits, but it is more than a handful. Elon Musk

So, let me get this straight. We are supposed to believe that this Silicon Valley worker (Mila Antonova) who wanted to raise a bunch of money for her Academy (“BridgePlanet”) and slept with the wealthy farmer (Bill Gates), never Googled the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) before meeting him several years after he had been to jail? Oh, and she didn't Google him a year after that when she stayed at his house for several days? And, how did he know that she slept with the wealthy farmer? Mila Antonova/”BridgePlanet”/Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein threatened to expose Bill Gates’ alleged affair with Russian bridge player: report) (Who is Russian bridge player Mila Antonova who 'had affair' with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates?)

If the allegations are true, now it does make sense that the former Housewife was seeing someone else who could afford all her bills. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Kroy Biermann Says Kim Zolciak Has Gambling Problem, Wants Her To Get Psych Exam)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **10**
This barely barely barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities, just made a death threat against the guy dating his ex. I'm sure the family will blame it on some random disease that five people in the whole world have. Anwar Hadid/ Yolanda Foster Hadid & Mohamed Hadid/Romain Gavras/Dua Lipa/”Lyme Disease” (Anwar Hadid posts ‘kill him’ after ex Dua Lipa goes public with Romain Gavras)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **11**
After her nephew stopped sleeping with her, this foreign born model/actress started sleeping with the nephew's friend. Elizabeth Hurley/Miles (See Elizabeth Hurley’s Greatest Beach Looks) (Elizabeth Hurley shares Easter photo with model nephew three weeks after brutal stabbing attack that left him for dead as star 'thanks God he is alive') (BLIND ITEM 02/07/19)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **12**
Speaking of things one does not really want to think about, this old permanent A list director was entertained this week by a women 60 years his junior. Martin Scorsese (Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon Is a Triumph)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **13**
This A list mostly movie actress is still insisting that people who work around her do so masked. The reason is so she can treat them even worse than she already does. Jessica Chastain (Mask-wearing Jessica Chastain celebrates not getting Covid at Golden Globes as multiple stars test positive)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/22 **14**
The Battle: I was going to give descriptors for all the initials, but I think you can get them all. AA's (Taylor Swift) decision to double down on her controversial relationship with AB (Matt Healy) is due to a number of reasons, both petty and competitive: Keeping AA's name circulating in the press, AC's (Olivia Rodrigo) upcoming album release and the overall threat she poses to AA's position in the music industry and her success. Both AC's album and lead single will be announced in the coming weeks, and AA is fiercely competitive and territorial over her top position in the music industry - especially when it comes to AC. Since AD (Billie Eilish) who also has an album coming out this year), AC has been the only artist who has ever truly challenged AA and her success. AC played by AA's rules at first, but when she began to break records, ones previously held by AA herself, all bets were off - AC was no longer considered an ally to AA, she became a threat and AA had to act accordingly. Do we dare mention how AA and her legal team retroactively hounded and threatened AC for bogus writing credits on her hit song AE (“Deja Vu”)? Or how she persuaded AF (Paramore) to follow suit in pursuit of obtaining their own writing credits for AC's massive hit AG (Good 4 U’) Thankfully, AC's team revealed this online before it hit the news, letting everyone know that this was no mistake, but instead an absolute mean girl move on AA's end. Do not underestimate AA's fear of becoming old news or second best. She won't hesitate to resort to desperate and cheap tactics so long as it keeps her at the top. As long as her name remains a trending topic while she's stuck on tour the rest of the year, while her top competitor is about to release new music, she will absolutely break up with her boring boyfriend, manufacture a blurry timeline alluding to infidelity, and date one of the most provocative males in the industry and bring him on tour - because she knows it will be a success
. (Olivia Rodrigo Allegedly Feels 'Hurt' By Taylor Swift After Their Brief Friendship Ended In Drama) (Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff & St. Vincent Get Co-Writer Credits on Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Deja Vu’) (Olivia Rodrigo Adds Paramore to Songwriting Credits on ‘Good 4 U’)
AA: Taylor Swift
AB: Matt Healy
AC: Olivia Rodrigo
AD: Billie Eilish
AE: “Deja Vu”
AF: Paramore
AG: “Good 4 U’”

Playing one abuser (Tommy Lee) got him award nominations and this alliterate foreign born superhero (Sebastian Stan) wants more. This time it is playing the sports guy (Ric Flair) who sexually assaulted two women, likes using racial slurs and openly campaigns for political figures do the same.  The superhero doesn’t care about pushback because it gets him the nominations. Will he use steroids like his previous superhero costars (Chrises Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt, and Pine)? Tommy Lee/Sebastian Stan/Ric Flair (Chrises Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt, and Pine) (Sebastian Stan fuels rumors he's starring in Ric Flair biopic after dining with the wrestling legend for FOUR hours: 'Living large in NYC!') (Steroids may be Hollywood’s dirty secret – but they’re a symptom of a bigger problem)

So, now the A+ list singer and her followers can explain away all the hooking up with/kissing underage girl allegations that have emerged about the singer's boyfriend. Taylor Swift/Matty Healy (Matty Healy Allegedly Ghosted His Model Ex Meredith Mickelson, Leaving Her "Blindsided" Over Taylor Swift) (Denise Welch's worrying update on Matty Healy amid Taylor Swift rumours)

This A- list MLB player already had the messiest marriage (which I have discussed in this spot before) and somehow his wife forgave him. It doesn't matter to him, he still takes random women out of town on trips with him. Tim Anderson/Bria Evans (When Tim Anderson's ex-girlfriend announced pregnancy coinciding with wife's happy family posts)

One of the judges on a talent show said he would not ever return, unless the person he wanted to win did so. That is how you got your winner. Keith Urban/“American Idol”/Iam Tongi (‘American Idol’ winner Iam Tongi speaks out for first time after ‘rigged’ backlash) (Keith Urban Says Returning to 'American Idol' as a Mentor for Finale Will Be 'Incredible' (Exclusive))

This former A- list actress all of you know is sleeping with men for street hooker prices. Tara Reid (Tara Reid: ‘Powerful’ Jennifer Coolidge should push for ‘American Pie’ sequel)

So, you think someone who faked moving out of her home for money, wouldn't be a part of faking when she knew there was an affair so she would get a big raise for next season and to keep the show running when it was about to be canceled? Ariana Madix/Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss/"Vanderpump Rules" (Ariana Madix Faked Moving Out of House with Ex Tom Sandoval as Brand Admits It Was SponCon 'Stunt')

I have always said the three month show enables abusers. Staffers on the show have urged their bosses to cut all ties with a cast member. It’s getting harder for the film crew on location to film her interactions without feeling they’re facilitating abuse. There’s also that icky thing about her daughter. They want her gone permanently. Producers have even started commenting on message boards and websites to put pressure on the bosses. “90 Day Fiancé”/Angela Deem/Scottie (More Facts About 90 Day Fiancé's Angela's Daughter Skyla (& Grandkids))

The ginger haired one already gets security paid for by the government when he is home. He just wanted to play the victim again. What he really wanted was the massive team of security he used to get. But, he left that to go make money, so now he gets what every other dignitary gets. Prince Harry (Prince Harry can't hire UK police as private security guards, court rules)

There is some doubt whether the announced massive home purchase by the A list couple is actually going to happen. Jay-Z and Beyoncé (Jay-Z and Beyoncé Purchase Most Expensive Home Ever in California) (Jay-Z and Beyoncé paid cash for $200 million Malibu estate: report)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **10**
This A- list actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. He attended a premiere with his long time significant other and didn't even bat an eye as he introduced her to the actress co-star he slept with the entirety of filming. Adrien Brody/Georgina Chapman/”Astroid City” (Adrien Brody looks dapper alongside his glamorous girlfriend Georgina Chapman at the Asteroid City premiere during Cannes Film Festival)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **11**
Speaking of cheating, I'm not even sure how this permanent A list mostly movie actor met this foreign born celebrity who has a sibling more famous, but he flies her around the world to be with him, even when his wife is traveling with him. Tom Hanks/Poppy Delevingne/Cara Delevingue/Rita Wilson (Raving Private Ryan! Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson remonstrate with a red carpet staffer as they attend the 76th Cannes Film Festival premiere of Asteroid City) (Poppy Delevingne puts on a busty display in a very plunging silver sequinned dress at the Chopard Art Gala in Cannes) (Poppy Delevingne, bracelet/clutch detail, attends the 2016 Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit presented by Chanel - A Tribute to Tom Hanks at Museum of Modern Art on November 15, 2016 in New York City)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **12**
This former late night talk show host is going to divorce his wife. He does not want to be home with her. James Corden/Julia Carey (Where Is Julia Carey Going After Leaving The Late Late Show?)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **13**
This already announced candidate for the A++ list job must know that his really really big secret is known to everyone he is opposing in the race. If he starts getting any momentum (he probably won't), they will just release it and crush his world. I'm not sure why he would risk that. Ron DeSantis/“President of the United States” (The gloves are off! Casey DeSantis launches husband Ron's presidential campaign with glossy advert saying battle for America is worth a FIGHT)

291. . ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/23 **14**
Love, American Style: This actress (AA) (Elizabeth Ashley) was probably at her peak A- list. She was a Tony winner/nominee and an Emmy winner/nominee (see below) and was among her marriages, once married to an actor (George Peppard) all of you know from an iconic movie (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”) and a long running television show (“The A-Team”). Our actress is still alive and can probably tell the tale better than I. Once, while making a movie (AB) (“92 in the Shade”), based on a book, our actress engaged in multiple threesomes with the author of the book (AC) (Thomas McGuane) and the then wife (AD) (Portia Rebecca Crockett) of the author. The lead actress in the movie (AE) (Margot Kidder) is someone all of you know (“Lois Lane” in the “Superman” film series), but not for the role in the movie being discussed. Anyway, the lead actress and the author decided to start hooking up. They later had a very very brief marriage (m. 1976; div. 1977). The place they hooked up was in AA's house. AA then promptly beat the hell out of the author which sent him to the hospital. But wait, there is more. The author's wife decides to get revenge by sleeping with the lead actor of the movie (AF) (Warren Oates) and then ditches him and starts sleeping with the other lead actor of the movie (AG) (Peter Fonda) and later marries him.
AA: Elizabeth Ashley
Primetime Emmy Awards: 1991 Nominee Primetime Emmy/Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series/”Evening Shade”
TONY Awards Winner : 1962 Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play/“Take Her, She's Mine”
TONY Awards Nomination: 1964 Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play/”Barefoot in the Park”
TONY Awards Nomination: 1975 Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play/”Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
Husband: George Peppard
Iconic Movie: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
Long Running Television Show: “The A-Team”
AB: “92 in the Shade”
AC: Thomas McGuane
AD: Portia Rebecca Crockett
AE: Margot Kidder
Role Known For: “Lois Lane” in the “Superman” film series
AF: Warren Oates
AG: Peter Fonda

Showing you how crazy Hollywood is, this former A list tween/teen star turned awful human being/convict/groomer is going to get a reboot of his old show. Drake Bell/”Drake & Josh” (???Is There Going to Be a ‘Drake & Josh’ Revival? Everything the Cast Has Said: Josh, Miranda Quotes)

This former A list NFL player who left the league under controversial circumstances is hooking up with someone not his significant other. Andrew Luck/Nicole Pechanec (Colts accept resolution in Andrew Luck, Commanders tampering dispute) (Who is Andrew Luck's wife? All you need to know about ex-NFL QB's spouse Nicole Pechanec)

This A- list actress has been controlled forever by this three named Svengali. She has always been at his beck and call to serve whoever needs serving. Apparently she said no to him this week. The last time someone said no to him, they were dead within a few weeks. Kristen Stewart/Mohammed Al Turki (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/19) (BLIND ITEM 05/22/23)

Speaking of the three named Svengali, this A- list actress who seemingly only works in a very very long running franchise is still under his thumb and entertained several friends of the Svengali this week. Those friends have billions of dollars to throw around financing movies and other projects. Michelle Rodriguez/”Fast & Furious” ('Fast X': Michelle Rodriguez Is Ready to "Pass the Baton" to the Franchise's Next Generation) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/19)

Whether he gets jail time or not, this north of the border will be deported either after the sentencing or after his jail term. Apparently there will be US Marshals at the sentencing. Tory Lanez/Megan Thee Stallion shooting (Prosecutors Seek Harsher Sentence for Tory Lanez After Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Conviction)

I don't know who took it or who is in it other than the permanent A list singer. It may even be a solo recording, but there is a recording being shopped that has the singer performing a sex act. They are asking mid seven figures for it.

This A- list actress offspring who is the third generation of actress in the family and her foreign born A list boyfriend appear to be taking a break or in an open relationship because they are each hooking up with someone. Dakota Johnson (Mother Melanie Griffith/Grandmother Tippi Hedren)/Chris Martin (Dakota Johnson Wore a See-Through Mesh Dress With Black Underwear to Gucci’s Cruise Show) (Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin's Complete Relationship Timeline) (Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals How Chris Martin Compares to Her Other Exes)

The late night talk show host always hates it when people on the projects he controls get more famous and get more attention than the host. Those people always end up gone. He might have gone too far this time with his treatment of an OG, and his bosses are discussing his future. Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live”/Teresa Giudice/”Real Housewives of New Jersey: (Andy Cohen Says Teresa Giudice “Contradicted Herself” on WWHL & Luis Said Something Different About PI at RHONJ Reunion, Plus He Talks Melissa Rumor, & Live Viewing Thread)

I'm assuming she was legal, but the server this A+/A list mostly movie actor hooked up with after meeting her at an event overseas looked super young and decades younger than our actor. Brad Pitt/”Cannes Film Festival” (Brad Pitt to launch a French Riviera gin at Cannes Film Festival)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **10**
The former husband of a former Housewife is married again and more famous than when he was on the show. This past weekend it was nothing but coke and strippers for him at a party thrown by some friends of his. It was insane. Dr. Paul Nassif/Adrienne Maloof/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” ('Botched' Star Dr. Paul Nassif's Slashes Price of $28M Mansion, Hires 4th Realtor After 2 Years On Market)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **11**
Speaking of coke, this A- list alliterate singer got into a shouting match over coke the other night because she thought someone stole hers. It was in her purse, but she didn't apologize. Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Rekindled Romance Continues With Hand-Holding in NYC)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **12**
Bani said that a record was set this week for the most money paid for yachting. $2M for one night. The yachter is a member of a K-pop group. She got $0. Her manager got it all. Jennie Kim/“Blackpink” (5 K-pop idols who attended the 2023 Cannes Film Festival)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **13**
This pay cable actress who is not on HBO, has a girlfriend who likes to beat her. The actress has no plans on leaving. “Yellowjackets”

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/24 **14**
Second Nature: This actress peaked as a teen. She got to A- list and then when her show ended, her career turned to just about nothing. Oh, she can make a living to conventions and such, but her actual acting career peaked long ago. She says that one of the reasons it ended is because right before the long running, hugely popular show ended, the man (permanent A list actor) who had been raping her for the entire run of the show, discovered the actress was sleeping with her boyfriend. The man felt betrayed and told everyone he knew, to not hire her. So, despite everyone loving her, she couldn't get any work.

306. POPBITCH 05/25
(British blog)
Which guest got lucky with Lottie Moss at Jamie and Sophie's Made In Chelsea wedding at the weekend – and is now about to get a whole lot less lucky with their other half?

This reality star seems to thrive on playing the role of victim, as she’s never been more in demand since her promising romance went kaput. She’s milking her newfound fame for every last drop and even recently rebounded, trading in her no good ex for a “knight in shining armor.” But is this whole thing a sham? Her new “love” lives in a different state, and when she’s not close by for convenient photo ops, he’s tomcatting around looking for a good time! A show insider claims the entire breakup and rebound romance was scripted, but if we give her the benefit of the doubt and it wasn’t, then she’s setting herself up for more heartbreak! Her new beau doesn’t seem any more loyal than her last one… Ariana Madix/”Vanderpump Rules”/Tom Sandoval/Daniel Wait (Who Is Ariana Madix Dating Now? Meet Her New Boyfriend After #Scandoval)

This A-/B+ list actress offspring all of you know has been hosting swinger parties with her long time husband.

This controversial pay cable creator is going to have his #MeToo moment soon. Sam Levinson/”Euphoria” (BLIND ITEM 06/26/22)

Speaking of bad people, this permanent A list director sits at home in his final years watching all the outtakes of the actresses he forced to get naked for roles. He also has hidden videos and he invites his pervert friends to come watch them. Woody Allen

This permanent one named A list singer is thinking about putting the band back together so to speak for the remainder of her tour. Beyoncé/”Destiny’s Child” (Beyoncé’s Dad Wants Destiny’s Child to Reunite for ‘One Last Album’)

The husband of this A list singer is trying to make an undercover documentary without his wife really catching on that it is anything more than filming some happy moments and life events and reunions. Sam Agashi/Britney Spears

It is not so much vocal rest as it is substance abuse issues for this alliterate singer. Sam Smith (Sam Smith cancels Glasgow and Birmingham shows after ‘vocal cord injury’)

One of the biggest financial backers of the making babies completely in a lab, is the wealthy farmer. The idea is that you could have those people be the workers or whatever thing you want them to be. Bill Gates (100% lab-grown babies in FIVE YEARS: Japanese researchers are on cusp of creating human eggs and sperm that can be grown in a fake womb)

This foreign born down under A list host/judge is hooking up with a married billionaire who is from the same country.

Don't believe the excuses, this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee was really angry because someone had dropped him off at the wrong place. He was really angry. Tom Hanks (Rita Wilson says awkward moment on Cannes red carpet with Tom Hanks isn’t what it looks like) (Asteroid City explosion: Tom Hanks is noticeably ABSENT from today's photo-call with cast of new Wes Anderson movie - as Cannes red carpet manager breaks his silence on last night's run-in with the actor and his wife)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **10**
This foreign born alliterate A-/B+ list singer/actress is out of money. She kept her spending high and her income is down about 90% from its peak. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Smile While Shopping in New York City amid Rekindled Romance Rumors)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **11**
The side piece of this A- list actor offspring says she and the actor were making out and she noticed a paparazzi, but the pap couldn't get the shot and could barely even get them in the same frame.

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **12**
It makes sense that the comic accused of having underage sex with a girl not old enough to drive is bff with the horrible manager. Jeff Ross/Scooter Braun

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **13**
Melissa McCarthy Blind Item: “I did work for someone (Mark Roberts) once who ran such a volatile, hostile set ("Mike & Molly") that it made me physically ill,” McCarthy said. “My eyes were swelling up, I was absorbing all of this nuttiness.” “There were people weeping, visibly so upset by this one person,” she added. “And I think that’s why the manipulation worked, because to get to me this person would fire people I loved, which kept me quiet. It was very effective. Then one day, I was like, ‘It stops today!’ I just kept saying to them, it stops, it stops. And I know now I’ll never keep quiet again.” Mark Roberts/"Mike & Molly" (Melissa McCarthy: ‘I spend a lot of my work shredding people’) (Filmography)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/25 **14**
The Link: Back in the day, the tween/teen movies made were super realistic. There was also something about them that made them more dark then they really needed to be. In this case of one particular movie, the darkness was really bad. All of the stars of the movie were between 11-13. The lead actor was 12 and still in elementary school when he was cast to play the lead. All the young boys cast and there were several all ended up being molested by the director and all of the producers. The director has had a very long career and those boys who played along nicely got to appear in his long running franchise. The only requirement was they could never mention what happened on the films and they had to find new young boys for roles that always made their way into the franchise. The lead actor did the one movie and was so scarred for life, he never did anything after. No one exactly knows what happened to him.

This A- list actress (Lily-Rose Depp) offspring (Johnny Depp) is only that high because of a recent project (“The Idol“). She is also hooking up with a co-star from that show which might come as a surprise to her significant other (070 Shake), although she already hooked up with the main co-star (Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye) of the show, just to get the tension out of the way. Lily Rose Depp/Johnny Depp/”The Idol”/Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye/070 Shake (The Idol Gives Lily-Rose Depp Plenty of Sex Scenes but Not Enough Character)

The studio head everyone is talking about right now seemed angry when this A list actress turned down his heavy handed advances. David Zaslav/Fan Bingbing (Who Is David Zaslav and Why Is Everybody Yelling at Him?) (Inside Warner Bros. Discovery and Air Mail’s Starry Cannes Party With Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese)

Look no further than this music manager /film producer If anything happens to this 2000s R&B singer. Chris Stokes/Raz B (What did Chris Stokes do to Raz B? Controversy explained as B2K singer lands in trouble after attempting to jump from hospital roof)

This is what a song sounds like when you rush it out to try and cover for your racist boyfriend and distract everyone yet again. Wait until you hear the 30+ remixes. Taylor Swift/”Karma” with Ice Spice/Matty Healy (How Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ remix with Ice Spice came to be)

The last of the one-third is gushing all about her actor boyfriend and how perfect he is. Isn't this the  same guy who was cheating on his wife and had multiple Viagra prescriptions he was hiding from his wife. Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas/”TLC”/Matthew Lawrence/Cheryl Burke (Matthew Lawrence Was Worth the Wait, Says Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas: 'I Thank God Every Day for Him') (Is Cheryl Burke EXPOSING Ex Matthew Lawrence For Cheating & Taking Viagra??)

The three named actress was going to lose her custody case, so she settled, which means technically she did give up custody. The headlines are not wrong, just the context. Evan Rachel Wood (Evan Rachel Wood 'hands over primary custody of son, 9, to Jamie Bell due to safety fears after ex Marilyn Manson made threats towards child')

As I have been saying for much of the past 12-18 months, we need to come to terms that we may lose another singing living legend in 2023. This time, the foreign born permanent A lister. Celine Dion (Celine Dion ‘Not Giving Up’ on Performing Over Stiff-Person Syndrome)

You should ask this foreign born rocker from a permanent A list group about the house and property he has in a developing country and the sick and twisted "games" he plays there and how many people have not survived the games. The crazy thing is he films it all. He shows it to friends. He has no shame. One person who knows first hand, called him, "One sick f**k."

I didn't think this A list comedian could find anyone younger than his current significant other to hook up with, but I was wrong.

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **10**
This A/A- list mostly movie actor has starred in at least four movie franchises. He is also married, but was doing coke off a woman's arm at a party earlier this week and then he reached under her dress Robin Thicke style. Harrison Ford/”Indiana Jones”/”Star Wars”/”Blade Runner”/”Jack Ryan”/Calista Flockhart (Inside The Party As Harrison Ford, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Bob Iger And Others Celebrate Launch Of Final ‘Indy’ Late Into The Night At Cannes Film Festival)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **11**
The filmmaker/spy (Chad Gracia) who was outed this week for sleeping with/being the handler for the woman (Mila Antonova) who would later become the mistress of the wealthy farmer (Bill Gates), should be asked what he knows about the downfall of building 7 (“World Trade Center Building 7”). I mean, he was there. The feds knew he was there. Then, a couple of years later, the spy comes along and lives with him from day 1? Chad Gracia/Mila Antonova/Bill Gates/“World Trade Center Building 7” (WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Revealed - Bill Gates's younger Russian 'lover' and her links to notorious Kremlin spy Anna Chapman) (World Trade Center 7 Report Puts 9/11 Conspiracy Theory to Rest)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **12**
The man is barely in his grave, and the lead singer of this band is already to pressure the family into taking pennies on the dollar for some royalties. Andy Rourke/”The Smiths”/Morrissey 
(Andy Rourke, former The Smiths bassist, dead at 59)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **13**
This bar star who might not be a bar star next season, already met someone new while out of state. Raquel Leviss/”Vanderpump Rules”

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/26 **14**
Four For Friday - Hookups: These are hookups that happened right in front of us, but we never knew it was happening.
#1 - A- list actress appeared on a show this now A+ list mostly movie actor was producing. It is because they were hooking up. Ginnifer Goodwin/”Big Love”/Tom Hanks (BLIND ITEM 03/05/13) (BLIND ITEM 10/10/22)
#2 - This permanent one named A list rapper was brought in to do some work with this permanent one named A list singer. One thing led to another and they started hooking up. He now brags about it. She likes to pretend she was a virgin until she met her husband. Eminen/Beyoncé (Eminem Explaining Why He Wanted To Work With Beyoncé Is The Purest Thing Ever)
#3 - This permanent foreign born A list model and this permanent A list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. They were in rehab together and talked about being in rehab together, but no one caught on they had been hooking up the entire time in rehab. Naomi Campbell/Robert Downey Jr.  (Why Naomi Campbell Got Sober) (Robert Downey Jr. and Late Dad Get Candid About Becoming 'Stuck' in 'Drug-Culture Life' in 'Sr.' Doc)
#4 - This permanent A list actor/director who got his start on television and this permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee have starred in several movies together spanning decades. It was their first collaboration that they hooked up during the entirety of filming. It is why they have such good chemistry now
. George Clooney/Julia Roberts/”Ocean’s Eleven” (George Clooney and Julia Roberts: A Shared History)

One of the reasons you know that the frozen flavoring is an industry plant is that she landed a spot on the toy movie soundtrack being released this summer before anyone had heard of her. She has an expiration date just like that one named foreign born singer a few years back that everyone thought was going to be huge. The A+ list singer waved her magic wand and the singer was gone just like that. Ice Spice/”Barbie”/Lorde/Taylor Swift ('Barbie' Movie Soundtrack Features Ice Spice, Tame Impala, Nicki Minaj and More) (“I F*cked Up”: Lorde Apologies For Comment About Taylor Swift)

This former A- list actress was everywhere a decade ago. Then, she fell in love and she knows if she takes a job that her indifferent higher on the list husband (not named Ryan Reynolds) will probably leave her. So, she keeps turning down work. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling

You know that I am not the biggest fan of this A- list actress/director (Angelina Jolie). However, she can act and she can direct. The whole world came down on her hard, but for some reason the director (David O. Russell) with an initial in his name who sexually assaulted his underage relative (niece) made this alliterate A lister (Amy Adams) cry every single day, was caught on film yelling and screaming at a permanent A- list actress (Lily Tomlin) and nearly came to blows with this A list actor/director (George Clooney) over the initialed director's treatment of crew on a movie (“Three Kings”). Plus, he had the biggest bomb of a movie in the past year (“Amsterdam”). Oh, and made this former A+ list actress (Jennifer Lawrence) sleep with him to keep working with him. But, he just landed a brand new movie ("Madden") with a huge budget. How does this keep happening? Angelina Jolie/David O. Russell/niece/Amy Adams/Lily Tomlin/George Clooney/”Three Kings”/”Amsterdam”/Jennifer Lawrence/”Madden” (A Timeline of the Allegations Against Amsterdam Director David O. Russell) (Will Ferrell Circling John Madden Role In Amazon/MGM’s ‘Madden’ With David O. Russell On Board To Direct – The Dish)

This A- list actress will never be as famous as some of her siblings. She will also never be as nice. Try and stop her for a picture and see the look of disgust you get from her. Unless she is at a premiere and there are cameras on her and she has to force that fake smile of hers, there will never be a pleasant fan interaction. Oh, and by all means, do not under any circumstances ask about her siblings. Elizabeth Olsen/Mary Kate and Ashley

This A list female celebrity chef and this permanent A list rocker from a group hooking up backstage at a festival was not something I expected to hear. Then, knowing both their histories, it makes sense. Giada De Laurentiis/John Taylor/”Duran Duran”/”BottleRock Napa Valley 2023 (BottleRock Napa Valley 2023 announces lineup for Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage)

While this A- list reality star with the nice side gig is overseas, the meme actor keeps hooking up with random people. Already done? Fling? Kylie Jenner/Paris, France/Timothée Chalamet (Kylie Jenner rocks sheer all-leather look for Beyoncé concert in Paris) (Kylie Jenner Is Still Seeing Timothée Chalamet, but 'It's Not Serious')

This former A- list singer/reality star turned all time disgraceful moment on live television is holding out herself as some kind of business mogul/expert. Umm, she isn't. Yes, she owns a piece of a company that was given to her so she could get a paycheck. Ashlee Simpson/Sister Jessica Simpson’s Business (Was Ashlee Simpson's Lip-Syncing SNL Debacle The Real Reason Her Music Career Came To A Crashing Halt?) (Ashlee Simpson shares the secret to staying happily married to Evan Ross after a decade together) (The Inside Story Of How Jessica Simpson Launched, Sold Then Re-Acquired Her Billion Dollar Retail Empire From Bankruptcy)

I guess when you are sleeping with one of the creators of a show, you are willing to throw several more hundred million their way for another season, even if the show is garbage.

As part of the reunion with a family member, this A list singer is going to pay about $1M in legal fees the family member owes to her attorneys. Britney Spears’ Mother Lynne Spears (Britney Spears reunites with her mother after three years)

This reality star/manager all of you know, quietly settled the sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit filed against her. Kris Jenner/Marc McWilliams (EXCLUSIVE: Kris Jenner and former bodyguard - who accused her of sexual harassment and groping his crotch - fail to work out an agreement a year after they were ordered to settle the case in arbitration)

If you started working on a project in late April and it is now late May, you could say you had been working on the project for months. Don't buy any other timeline or hype from the A+ list singer and her minions. Taylor Swift/Ice Spice

The story going around about the A list director and sucking on strippers' feet for $10K to fulfill his fetish are pretty much par for the course for this disgraced producer of teen television shows. The only difference is he would have an actress (legal age) come to his house or office to do the same thing and never paid any of them for it. Quentin Tarantino/Dan Schneider (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/05/19)

AI Blind Item: As is the case every week, I just tell Bard who to write a blind item about. My only instruction is write a blind item about Meghan Markle. In this case, I took out descriptors. Sometimes Bard is good about them and sometimes it leaves in names of significant others or other big clues. It is still learning.
Draft #1: There's a famous actress who married into the a famous family. She was once beloved by the public, but now she's seen as a diva and a troublemaker. She's been accused of being difficult to work with, and she's been criticized for her expensive taste. She's also been accused of being manipulative and controlling. Her husband has been accused of being under her spell, and he's been criticized for his decision to step back from his job. The couple have been trying to build a new life for themselves. But it's been hard for them to escape the negative attention. It's unclear what the future holds, but one thing is for sure: they're not going to be able to please everyone.
Draft #2: There's a famous person who is struggling to adjust to her new life. She's been in the public eye for years, but she's never had to deal with the level of scrutiny that she's facing now. She's been criticized for everything from her clothes to her parenting style. She's been accused of being manipulative and attention-seeking. It's been hard for her to cope with the pressure, and she's been feeling isolated and alone. She's been having trouble sleeping, and she's been feeling anxious and depressed. She's been seeking help from a therapist, but she's still struggling. She's not sure if she can handle the pressure. (Note: This is a blind item, so I can't say for sure who I'm talking about. But I think it's safe to say that this is a story that many people can relate to.)
Draft #3: There's a famous actress who married into a famous family. She was once beloved by the public, but now she's seen as a diva and a troublemaker. She's been accused of being difficult to work with, and she's been criticized for her lavish lifestyle. She's also been accused of being manipulative and controlling. Her husband has been accused of being under her spell, and he's been criticized for distancing himself from his family. The couple has recently stepped back from their jobs, and they're now living in California. It's unclear what the future holds for them, but it's clear that they're no longer the darlings of the public. (Note: This is a blind item, so I can't say for sure who I'm talking about. But I think it's safe to say that this is a story that many people can relate to.) Meghan Markle

Is anybody still believing that the foreign soccer team pulling off a Hail Mary at the end of every season is legit? The reprieves are getting less and less believable. I mean, a player who hasn't scored for months scoring, AND a goalkeeper getting "injured" and "playing through the pain"? The league that likes to ensure the most profitable matchups, such as the derby between the subject of this blind and their close neighbors, is just insulting our intelligence at this point. “Everton F.C.” (Everton beat Bournemouth to save themselves from relegation)

This wealthy man owns all the high end stuff. He is married, but this week he spent most of his life event week with a mistress he has been seeing for a year or so. François-Henri Pinault/”Kering”/61st Birthday/Salma Hayek (“Kering”) ('You are my sunshine': Salma Hayek shares heartfelt tribute to husband François-Henri Pinault on his birthday)

Speaking of cheating, this A- list singer/muse should really pay very close attention to her significant other and a young female musician he is "mentoring
." Lana Del Rey/Evan Winiker (All About Lana Del Rey's Rumored Fiancé Evan Winiker) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/27/23)

This ageless actor (Paul Rudd) once starred in a classic teen film (“Clueless”) and is now an A list superhero (“Ant-Man“). He was at the A+  lister’s (Taylor Swift) concert this weekend  with his family. The actor has a great image and been married forever. That hasn’t stopped him from hooking up over the years with the A+ lister’s close pal, the former child star turned singer/bad actress (Selena Gomez)Paul Rudd/”Clueless”/”Ant-Man”/Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez (Paul Rudd and Aaron Rogers go viral at Taylor Swift concert, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes rekindle romance) (Paul Rudd Dished On Working With His 'Only Murders in the Building' Co-Star Selena Gomez)

Alan Carr Blind Item: He’s less philosophical about comedian Louis CK – who was revealed by the New York Times to have masturbated in front of several women – and he gets me to turn off my tape recorder to say how appalled he is at another big-name comedian who faces accusations not yet public. David Walliams (Alan Carr reveals estranged husband Paul Drayton's alcohol addiction 'got too much' as he speaks out on the reason for their divorce and why he now feels ready to date again) (‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ Judge David Walliams Accused of Making ’Sexually Explicit’ Remarks About Contestants)

With as much as this aging former A+ list singer is charging for tickets on her tour, you would think she could get at least muster the effort to get in sync with her lip synching on every song. Shania Twain

This not well liked music manager is about to sue their biggest client because the client owes them a ton of money because they have not been working. Scooter Braun/Justin Bieber

eader Blind: This B-list Broadway performer (Solea Pfeiffer) who had a show (“Almost Famous”)  last year (canceled due to poor reviews) was hooking up with her married co-star (Chris Wood). This co-star has a higher-up on the list of superhero wives (Melissa Benoist/“Supergirl“), and the performer was part of a mediocre movie last year (“A Jazzman's Blues”). "It’s all happening" behind the scenes, and they were caught kissing numerous times when the wife and the boyfriend (
Kevin Csolak) weren’t around. Solea Pfeiffer/”Almost Famous”/Chris Wood/Melissa Benoist/”Supergirl”/”A Jazzman's Blues”/Kevin Csolak (Solea Pfeiffer Boyfriend: Is A Jazzman’s Blues cast Dating Kevin Csolak? Family And Net Worth) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/26/22)

The timeline is really not working for me because this foreign born A+/A list actor/superhero hasn't been home for months, so how was he home when the chef was ranting and screaming and hurling abuse? Benedict Cumberbatch/Jake Bissell (Chef breaks into Benedict Cumberbatch's family home with a knife; Here's what happened next)

Old Hollywood: This former A+ list actor who was closeted until close to death never married this aww shucks A- list actor/singer who starred in multiple long running hit shows, but they did have a mock ceremony that attracted a who's who of gay Hollywood in the 60s/70s. Rock Hudson/Jim Nabors (When Gomer Pyle Married Rock Hudson)

This closeted NFL star broke up with his long term boyfriend, so I don't think we are going to get him coming out of the closet anytime soon.

The year singer doubled down on his racist comments because the A+ list singer doesn't care, so why should he. Matty Healy/Taylor Swift (Matty Healy Addresses Controversial Podcast Comments About Ice Spice: ‘It Doesn’t Actually Matter’) (Azealia Banks Slams Taylor Swift’s Romance With Matty Healy: ‘This Dude Is a Full Incel’)

In addition to a couple of national talk shows, this A list mostly movie actress is trying to get on local NYC broadcasts too, so she can reach as many Tony voters as possible. She is a relentless campaigner. Jessica Chastain ('It's a dream come true!' Jessica Chastain stuns in royal blue suit as she stops by the Today show to talk about her Tony nomination for A Doll's House)

This former naked celebrity turned reality star turned licensed professional is sleeping with her boss. Kendra Wilkinson/Ernie Carswell/”Ernie Carswell and Associates” (Meet the Team) (Exclusive: Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Hopes for the Playboy Mansion—and Selling Her First House)

This foreign born A list sculptor has been accused of grooming very young women of color. I wonder what his partner would think about that.

This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor didn't have much luck recruiting women into his cult, so now he is going to start a church. Jim Carrey (Jim Carrey Revealed His Religious Beliefs During An Emotional Speech To A Room Of Inmates) (BLIND ITEM 02/08/23)

This A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is spending his vacation doing coke and having sex with hookers while being joined by Russian mafia members. Sean Penn

It is amazing how this A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee has a new project coming out and suddenly finds herself in public everywhere with the serial cheating NFL star, knowing she will get photographed and her new project mentioned. Hailee Steinfeld/2011 Nominee Oscar Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role “True Grit”/”Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse”/Josh Allen (Inside Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘makeout’-filled sushi date night in NYC)

The ginger haired one did the solo hotel stay thing again. Prince Harry (Prince Harry 'flees to hotel to get away from home' with Meghan Markle claims royal biographer)

This A/A- list singer in England is probably B- list here unless you watch specific television shows where his music plays a lot. He is cheating on his long time wife.

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **10**
This long time water reality star thinks there really is a chance he will get to return to the show. He won't. Edgar Hansen/”Deadliest Catch” (‘Deadliest Catch’: Where Is Edgar Hansen, Sig Hansen’s Brother, in 2023?)

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **11**
I thought this A list Christian singer was sober again, but apparently not with the coke she was hoovering up at a party this weekend. Lauren Daigle/”10th Annual K-LOVE Fan Awards - Show” (Lauren Daigle Says Her Song ‘Rescue’ Was Inspired by a Vision; Years Later, She Met the Person It Was About)

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **12**
This A- list actor/singer was being his usual jerk self this week. Told a man who wanted a picture to basically f**k off and told a woman who wanted a photos, that she could only have one if he could grab her ass. She agreed. Jared Leto (Thirty Seconds To Mars fans rage as band pulls out of Radio 1’s Big Weekend last minute due to ‘technical issues’)

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **13**
This married A list TikTok star is being blackmailed into sleeping with men who support her career financially and with talent.

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/30 **14**
Repeat: One of the members of this now disbanded all female group shared a story last year which sounded really familiar to the person she was telling the story to, and called out the member who swore it was true. It wasn't, but this member was going to file a police report and had a "witness." The story was the same told by this one named permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group. The permanent A list singer (Debbie Harry) was robbed and raped while her band member friend (Chris Stein) was tied up and forced to watch. The member of the female group backed off her story, but she thought it would bring her a lot of attention. Has she not heard the name Jussie
? Debbie Harry/Chris Stein (Debbie Harry details the horrendous moment she was raped at knifepoint in the 1970s)

Still no response from the alliterate A list reality star who crossed a picket line so she could discuss future shows which will be just as bad as her current show. Kim Kardashian/”American Horror Story” (Kim Kardashian Crosses Picket Line Into American Horror Story: WGA Strike)

When you are the lead actress in the biggest movie in the world right now, you would think your boyfriend could stay off social media and out of the DM's of women he finds attractive and tries hooking up with, using the lead actress as clout. The very sad thing is the actress knows about all of this and does nothing to stop it because she is in love. Halle Bailey/”Little Mermaid”/DDG (Halle Bailey Divides Fans As She Shuts Down Rumors She Broke Up With 'Husband' DDG)

The documents released this week about the pedophile prince and his wife are thisclose to showing the offering they made to the billionaire pedophile that I have been talking about for years that made him cough up actual money from his own pocket and not just arranging deals through others. Prince Andrew/Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson/Jeffrey Epstein (EXCLUSIVE: The Jeffrey Epstein Files: Trove of never-before-seen emails and calendars gives unprecedented insight into late pedophile's network of power and influence that includes Chris Rock, Peter Thiel, and Richard Branson)

If the CEO likes the movie and he does, and he likes the star of the movie, which he does, then yes, unless it is a total bomb, there will be a sequel and the same actor will continue in the same role. David Zaslav/”Warner Bros. Discovery”/”Flash”/Ezra Miller (David Zaslav Saw ‘The Flash’ and ‘Loved It’)

Look for this new health drink (“PLEZi”) to be in every school cafeteria across the country next school year. It is a pretty easy thing to do when you know all the people who makes those types of decisions and they owe their job to you. “PLEZi”/Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama launches a food company aimed at healthier choices for kids)

All this alliterate permanent A list singer has done with her recent statement about the back in the day baby conspiracy is add fuel to the fire of said conspiracy. Janet Jackson/James DeBarge (secret baby) (Janet Jackson denies carrying a secret child with ex-husband James DeBarge... and blames the rumors on her weight gain from birth control)

Last time around you had the coffee guy (Howard Schultz/”Starbucks”) who wanted to be an A++ lister and have his ego stroked. This time around it is the banking guy (Jamie Dimon/”JPMorgan Chase”) who helped enable the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) who wants his ego stroked and a possible get out of jail free card from whoever does win. Howard Schultz/”Starbucks”/Jamie Dimon/”JPMorgan Chase”/Jeffrey Epstein (Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says he will not run for president in 2020) (JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Won’t Run For Office, Bank Says)

Talk about a pause, the Housewives in the South might just get canceled rather than a pause. Series low ratings will do that and their is no Scandoval to help them out of the hole. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA Cast Members Worried About Show Being Recast as Dismal Ratings for Season 15 Continue To Drop)

At least the bar show has the other affair of a cast member to blow through for next season. Same woman, different guy, which is why she probably won't want to subject herself to it again. Raquel Leviss/”Vanderpump Rules”

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **10**
The last few people that dated the former one-fifth says she only likes sex when she is wasted, but when she gets wasted, she passes out. So, yes, she would generally fall asleep during sex. Camila Cabello/”Fifth Harmony” (Dated Who)

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **11**
This former A list actor from a long running show is cheating on his husband.

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **12**
To show you just how niche the pay cable show is that just aired its series finale, the number of people who watched it doesn't even compare to some random episode of The Masked Singer. You don't see the column inches about that show though. Even the bar show reunion this week could match the numbers of the pay cable show. It would be a stretch, but it has a chance. Succession(2.9M)/The Masked Singer(averages about 3.7M)/Vanderpump Rules(2M)- A lot of people guessed Barry which averaged about 250K viewers per episode even though it seemed like everyone was always talking about it. (UPDATE: “Succession,” “Barry” Low Linear HBO Ratings Reflect New Generation of Streaming Audience vs. Cable and Cord Cutting)

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **13**
This A- list actress with a unique quirk got into a fight the other night when someone tried to take her coke. Aubrey Plaza (The Aubrey Plaza ad for Big Dairy that may have violated federal law, explained)

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/31 **14**
Beauty Pageants: I want to make it perfectly clear that I don't have any proof and I am not implying that this former A- list actor (Kelsey Grammer) who all of you know from multiple hit shows, has actually touched anyone inappropriately, I just find it next level creepy. Our actor, when one of his children (Greer Grammer) was little got her started in toddler beauty pageants (Pageant competitions) and made her keep doing it until she was just shy of being a teen. There our actor would be at every pageant supporting his daughter, but also offering his services for free to take photos of other daughters for headshots, or just souvenirs of the pageant. Right before his daughter quit doing the pageants there was some type of scandal. No one knows what it is, but everyone does know it involved the actor and was the impetus of the daughter quitting the pageants. If dad couldn't be there, then she was not going to be able to go. It was also the reason the wife (Barrie Buckner) of the actor left him. Kelsey Grammer/Greer Grammer/Barrie Buckner (A Grand Jury Refuses to Indict 'Frasier' Star on a Sex Charge)

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