NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

A late night talk show host and a late night executive producer contributed to the settlement paid to the underage girl groomed by a former late night cast member. Jimmy Fallon/Lorne Michaels/Horatio Sanz/”SNL” (Horatio Sanz settles sexual assault suit of underage fan at ‘SNL’ party)

One of the people named in the recent dead billionaire pedophile case, has been to the island. He is the one closest to the entertainment industry and arranged connections between celebrities and the pedophile. Michael Ovitz/Jeffrey Epstein (Google founder, former Disney exec to get subpoenas in JPMorgan Epstein lawsuit)

The Disney singer/actor has been in this space quite a lot as of late as he gets corrupted into a horrible situation. Apparently, his minder has now lined up the singer/actor to play a series of concerts at conversion therapy gatherings. Joshua Bassett (Joshua Bassett Stops At The Hammerstein Ballroom During Complicated Tour)

This former A/A- list singer turned reality star turned prolific child birther, needed to call 9-1-1 for one of her children, but wanted to live stream it for likes on social media. Keke Wyatt (KeKe Wyatt Says She Wants ‘One More Child’ After Delivering 11th ‘Miracle Baby’ 4 Months Ago) (Keke Wyatt Asks For Prayers After Her Infant Son Heads Back To The Hospital: 'Back To The PICU')

No, the A list mostly movie actor is not working to mediate the money dispute between the celebrity grandma and the celebrity granddaughter. It does make for a nice story though. John Travolta/Priscilla Presley/Riley Keough (John Travolta Working To End Priscilla Presley & Riley Keough’s Feud Over Lisa Marie’s $35 Million Trust: Sources)

For years, this foreign born A list singer has refused to discuss what happened when he was younger and under the "tutelage" of this one named singer. Apparently, he has started speaking to friends about it. I think the world would love to know.  Justin Bieber/Usher (Is this why Justin wants to have an exorcism now?)

A big olive branch to the stylist, from the one named actress. In return, he tried to stay out of the photos from a recent event. It was probably some of his best work. Law Roach/Zendaya/”Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centr” (Zendaya Reunites With Law Roach on Red Carpet While Boyfriend Tom Holland Poses Solo: Photos)

The flash in the pan alliterate actress is telling the tale again of how she lost custody of her child solely because of a very very brief nude scene. That is not even close to reality, but at this point, after telling the story for so long, she probably thinks it is her reality. All of her stories, are always about evoking sympathy for her.
Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone: I lost custody of my son after sexy ‘Basic Instinct’ role)

The significant other of this A list singer has sexual harassment/assault allegations in his past. Apparently there is a more serious one about to hit. Dalton Gomez/Ariana Grande (Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s husband, reportedly deactivated his Instagram account after comments were made about his sexuality. Are the duo headed for divorce? Fans are speculating)

This one-half wanted to go solo in the worst way and even slept with someone to get a full album instead of a few songs. The result? A dumpster fire that will get her dropped from the record label and leave her $500k-$1M in debt because she just had to have everyone be a feature artist.  Chlöe Bailey/”Chloe x Halle”/”In Pieces”/Jay-Z (Chlöe’s Highly Anticipated Debut ‘In Pieces’ is a Fascinating But Uneven Listen)

This former wrestler turned actor must really want to take over for the boss when he retires. He basically said it was OK the boss raped and sexually assaulted women and that everyone makes mistakes. The wrestler also has backing from the very very large Asian country, who has a company that wants to buy the organization. John Cena/Vince McMahon/”WWE”/China (WWE Star John Cena Comments on Vince McMahon Sexual Misconduct Allegations: 'We All Make Mistakes') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/26/22)

For the longest time, this A- list actor was clean. The only reason he is A- list is because of who he used to be married to. The only really good gig he got in the last decade disappeared because of his drug use. He is using again and has a much much younger girlfriend. Someone said she is 18 or 19. Ryan Phillippe/Reese Witherspoon/”Big Sky”

The A- list celebrity offspring of someone much lower on the list had a stylist work 40-50 hours tracking down a look for the offspring who then decided she didn't like the look after all and went with a designer who would pay the offspring to wear something for this big event she was hosting. So, how much did she pay the stylist who did the 40-50 hours of work? Nothing. And the stylist is scared to ask for any money because they are just starting out and don't want to have the offspring say bad things about them. Gigi Hadid/Yolanda & Mohamed Hadid/Opening gala of the “Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre” (Gigi Hadid, Zendaya and Penelope Cruz make heads turn at the NMACC Gala event)

This foreign born actor is having an A+ list year, but he is probably A list right now. He didn't really do all those rumors about him any favors by groping and making out with a guy at a celebration this weekend. Pedro Pascal/“2023 PaleyFest"  (‘The Mandalorian’ Panel Kicks Off PaleyFest LA 2023: Three Key Takeaways)

This A list host/mogul had a mild stroke 18 months ago and he managed to keep it quiet. That is impressive.

This acting couple are both about the same on the list which is about A- list. It really isn't fair because the wife has been working nonstop for decades while the husband just takes projects every so often. Maybe one of the reasons he takes so few projects is that whenever he does, he always cheats on his wife like he is now.

This A list singer turned A- list actress is complaining about injuries. She always does that when she is doctor shopping. Apparently, she has not been on time to work the past few days, and the lateness is not measured in minutes, but hours. Lady Gaga/”Joker 2” (Lady Gaga spotted singing on infamous Bronx steps for ‘Joker 2’)

The former stripper turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity has been showing off her new image and is also not talking to her wannabe celebrity mom anymore. The mom is headed to jail or rehab by the end of 2023. Blac Chyna/Shalana Hunter aka Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna Bundles Up in Fluffy Coat & Louboutins at ABC Studios) (Blac Chyna steps out with her new face)

Apparently the A- list actress/singer has a rule that whatever money her husband spends on his own kids, he must match with her own kids. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck looks unusually smiley on outing with Jennifer Lopez’s child Emme)

This might be going to jail CEO of a sports entertainment company, knows the pressure would be on to throw him in jail if he sold his company to the actual highest bidders, so is hoping that selling it to the management company and all of their connected political donors, will see any possible charges float magically away. Vince McMahon/”WWE”/”Endeavor Group Holdings” (Endeavor’s UFC, WWE to Merge; Ari Emanuel to Serve as CEO, Vince McMahon as Executive Chair)

This actor struck it big not once or twice with television hits, but four times. The guy can do no wrong when it comes to television. The married A list actor has been hooking up with his co-star for the last couple of years and she wants a baby with our actor, not with her boyfriend. This is all very awkward. David Boreanaz/”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”/”Angel”/”Bones”/”SEAL Team”

This alliterate talk show host is moving to Los Angeles and a fresh start and to get away from her ex. It is also the only way she can get the podcast/show she wants. The company partnering with her wanted her in Los Angeles. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter (Wendy Williams selling off all her belongings in NYC penthouse)

It is always believe the victims or publicize the affair for ratings until it is your own son-in-law, and then it is we need privacy and the woman is lying. Amazing how the news broke after the reunion filmed, isn't it? Lisa Vanderpump/Jason Sabo/”Vanderpump Rules” (“Vanderpump Rules” Star Jason Sabo Named In Workplace Misconduct Lawsuit)

The three named singer/rapper who had a decent first pitch this week is not dating the A+ list NFL player. Just because you are in the same place, does not make you a couple. cc: Yolanda Hadid. Megan Thee Stallion/Travis Kelce/”2023 CMT Music Awards”

Old Hollywood: This permanent A list actor with multiple hit shows is still alive. One night, back in the day, he and this foreign born permanent A list artist, who sold his work in mass quantities as he aged, used to go out and pick up women together and used the pickup line that either the actor would put the women in a show, or the artists would paint their picture. Neither of them ever followed through. Dick Van  Dyke/Salvador Dali

This barely hanging on to A- list actress from a hit show and its reboot, told friends this weekend at a dinner that she was finally going to throw this foreign born A- list actor under the bus for the abuse he inflicted on her years ago when they dated. Danielle Fishel/”Boy Meets World”/Devon Sawa (Casper Abused Topanga???) (William Daniels Rings in 96th Birthday With ‘Boy Meets World’ Co-Stars)

This network morning anchor is cheating on his wife. Apparently an already busted news anchor leaked it.

Speaking of morning shows, this A list actor who has been acting since his younger years, refused to do a morning show because an anchor gave a bad review of the actor's son. Rob Lowe/John Owen/”Unstable” (‘Unstable’ Review: Rob Lowe and Son John Owen Lowe Make a Winning Pair in a Netflix Comedy That Keeps the Focus on Fun)

This late night talk show host is going out with as much disdain as he came into town with and at an event this weekend was a total tool. James Corden/"The Late Late Show With James Corden"/”PaleyFest LA 2023” (James Corden reflects on the end of ‘The Late Late Show’ and what he’ll do next (hint: not much) during PaleyFest event)

The Trio: I don't know if a one night stand would necessarily qualify as a throuple, which is why I am calling it a trio. It was one night and so heavy handed that two of the three participants walked away from the night feeling used and betrayed by this former A list mostly movie actress. She wanted an introduction to an A+ list actor/businessman (George Clooney) to pitch an idea she has which is a horrible idea. To do that, she decided to seduce this A- list actor (Austin Butler) and his much younger girlfriend (Kaia Gerber) in the hopes the much younger girlfriend would set up a meeting with the A+ list actor. Apparently during the sexual event, the actress kept reminding the younger girlfriend about the business idea and made the business pitch part of the sex act. She was using it as sex talk in bed and it freaked out the actor and his younger girlfriend to the point they made excuses and got out of there as quickly as possible.
George Clooney/Austin Butler/Kaia Gerber

This foreign born A- list celebrity in her own country, and non existent to anyone other than me outside of it, needed some publicity for something other than her breast enlargements, so defaced her own property and then called the press. Katie Price/House tagged with graffiti (EXCLUSIVE: Katie Price's 'mucky mansion' targeted by vandals who smear expletive-ridden graffiti over fences leading up to the model's £3million Sussex property)

I know this foreign born A- list reality star/host in her own country, and B- list the world over, really wants the world to think she is dating the A+/A list mostly movie actor just like she wanted the world to know she was engaged to the NBA player after six weeks of dating, but our actor doesn't like reality stars. They are way too thirsty. Maya Jama/Leonardo DiCaprio/Ben Simmons (Maya Jama breaks her silence with a makeup-free clip after Leonardo DiCaprio denied rumours that they were dating)

She didn't accept it because she thought how he was going to pay it was too shady, but this A- list alliterate pay cable actress was offered $250K to be the date of a guy to a party. Chloe Cherry/”Euphoria”/”Vanity Fair and TikTok’s Vanities Party Celebrating Young Hollywood” (Inside Vanity Fair and TikTok’s Vanities Party Celebrating Young Hollywood)

To make them different from the movies, this author of a series of books is going to add extra scenes and characters for the new television series.  J. K. Rowling/”Harry Potter” TV series (‘Harry Potter’ TV Series For HBO Max Inching Closer To Reality With JK Rowling In Talks To Produce)

Every year or two for the past five years, the sexual assault allegations of this A list author (Jay Asher) (“13 Reasons Why”) (now banned in several states)/creator/showrunner come bubbling to the surface again. He has never addressed it. The barely legal teen who made the accusation has not really been heard from since either. Do, we think the big television streamer paid him off because they were just about to launch the new show our author/creator was helming? Jay Asher/”13 Reasons Why” (Thirteen Reasons Why Author Jay Asher Has Been Accused of Sexual Harassment)  (Jay Asher, Author of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why,’ Files Defamation Lawsuit)

Apparently the significant other of this former A list teen actor turned adult grifter is not having sex with him any longer, so he is trying to hook up with random women he finds on Instagram. Corey Feldman/Courtney Anne Mitchell

This former stripper turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity is using her bought and paid for degree to start her own church. And yes, she has asked the former A+ list rapper to be a part of it. Blac Chyna/Kanye West (Blac Chyna Reveals She Received Doctorate From Seminary College)

The son of the alliterate aging celebrity embroiled in a legal dispute right now, gets the majority of his income from mom, so of course he is going to take her side in the legal dispute. It is the only way he can afford his "career." Navarone Garibaldi/Priscilla Presley (KISS AND MAKE UP Shocking Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough ‘feud’ update revealed by Lisa Marie’s half-brother amid estate battle)

The movie (“Sex Tape”) this former A- list actress all of you know did right before she quit acting has been bought by someone who wants to release it. The previous owner promised to not release it. At one point there was a topless scene in the movie. It is unclear whether it remains. "Sex Tape"/Cameron Diaz/Jason Segel  (Cameron Diaz Exposed In 'Sex Tape'! 'You See Everything')

Reader Blind: Life imitates art as this situation is reminiscent of a film that featured an Oscar winning Emmy winning actor and an Oscar nominated Emmy nominated actress.  The person currently being passed off in photos is obviously not the recent A lister.  The resemblance in the face is superficial at best but the close ambitious family member is gambling that the recent A lister will soon be taken off of life support and declared dead then she can announce it and fill his current position herself.  What is being reported in the news about the A lister’s current medical state is not true at all.

The alliterate one is being given an award because the organization presenting the award needs a high profile name to sell tickets. No one had been buying any. Meghan Markle/”2023 Women of Vision Award”/”Ms. Foundation For Women” (Meghan Markle To Receive 2023 Women Of Vision Award) (“Ms. Foundation For Women”)

It doesn't seem possible, given the crazy demand for tickets, but this past weekend, you could get tickets at just about face value for this A+ list singer's show stop. In fact, many people even bought tickets from the box office on Saturday, and not a reseller for that night's show. Taylor Swift/Arlington, Texas (How much are last-minute Taylor Swift Tampa tickets for the ‘Eras’ Tour?)

Reader Blind: I was a bartender during my time in University here in Toronto. In 2019, I was working at St Regis Toronto, which hosted the Golden State Warriors and their VIP crew during the NBA finals for the year. This A/A- list mostly television actor is a huge Warriors fan, and made a point of staying with the team at the hotel. He and his offspring would show up for drinks at the bar, where I would serve them many nights. During one of the final matches, the actor came down and sat at the bar alone, and a coworker overheard a young woman come up and tell him she had “something to show him in private.” They were locked in the bathroom for over half an hour, and when we cleaned up for the night it was clear they were doing blow and having a good time. Not a bad tipper, so not sure I can complain though. Woody Harrelson/Deni Harrelson or Zoe Harrelson (Celebrity Warriors Fans) (Apple CEO Tim Cook, Star Wars creator George Lucas, Browns WR Odell Beckham at Game 4 of NBA Finals)

The Recruiter: Considering this foreign born A- list celebrity in her own country, grew up in a cult, it wasn't that hard to convince her to join another in her country. In this cult though, she would be a leader and help set the rules to whatever she wanted. There was only one thing she needed to do in return. She needed to recruit young women. If young women were recruited, then it was much easier to attract men to the cult and keep them. Our celebrity had the right set of contacts and began recruiting young women who would DM her on social media or like her TikTok videos. She was a recruiting machine. What she didn't know is that leaders of the cult, were shipping these women across the country to different chapters of the cult. They were being sent thousands of miles from their homes to places they didn't know. This of course made them more reliant on the cult for everything they needed. It isolated them. The cult is isolating enough as it is. Throw what happened into the mix and it just got worse. Through secret financial transactions, the women were married off to the highest bidders and encouraged to have as many children as possible. Our celebrity has tried to separate herself from all of this, but she can't say anything because she was recorded agreeing to recruit the women, so it will make her look awful.
Katrina Kaif/born in Hong Kong/India/“Children of God” (one in billion girls look like katrina kaif)

You would think most A list comics/sometime actors would be above stealing content from a reporter (David Mack) and passing it off as their own. Then, you realize the comic/actor is a horrible human being and has always been one, and realize that he is perfectly capable and willing to steal content and pass it off as his own. Michael Rapaport/David Mack (Fact Check-Michael Rapaport added audio to video of Marjorie Taylor Greene, duping some)

Another day, another story about how this A list writer/sometime actress really was probably writing her biography when she wrote the script for an oft quoted movie. There are people churned in her wake, she did not treat well. Tina Fey/”Mean Girls” (‘Mean Girl’ Tina Fey paid me nothing for hit franchise: author) (Tina Fey admits she was a Mean Girl)

Keeping with the theme of awful people, we can probably count down the days until this A list actor/writer/creator/showrunner sends a cease and desist to this A- list actor/singer/creator about his new project. The A lister hates when people parody him and always tries to destroy their lives. Tyler Perry/Donald Glover (‘Atlanta’ Recap: Donald Glover Takes Aim at Tyler Perry) (Atlanta Season 4 EP 5 | Tyler Perry & The Chocolate Factory of OZ)

We might as well keep it going today with the really bad people. This A- list journalist/host says that she was continually pressured for years to have sex with this former A++ lister from back in the day, who did her a very big favor. It was only in the past few years that he finally stopped saying she needed to pay him back with sex.

The most recent ex of this alliterate A list rapper says they got secretly married about three years into their relationship and are still married. Perhaps that could be addressed on the show in which he is going to appear. Then again, it is not like his current girlfriend could communicate with him about it anyway. Gabriela Berlingeri/Bad Bunny/”The Kardashians”/Kendall Jenner (Bad Bunny’s Girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri: Their Status & Rumored Kendall Jenner Romance)

Do you ever wonder on this anniversary of death that the A- list singer/sometime actress tells her offspring, "Sorry I killed your dad." Courtney Love/Frances Bean Cobain/Kurt Cobain (Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain Remember Kurt Cobain on 29th Anniversary of His Death)

This former A- list singer was also on a very popular television show featuring twins. He can say whatever he wants to say about when he started having sex with his wife, but everyone knows that when he was 35 and she was 15 and a runaway, that he hid her until she turned 17 and then married her at 19. Marques Houston/”Sister, Sister” Miya Dickey (Marques Houston On Backlash Received From Marrying Woman 20 Years His Junior)

Apparently this global health organization (“WHO”) didn't like what this A list tech guy (Bob Lee) was going to say at a conference about his time working with them early on in the pandemic. Now, he is dead. I am sure it is a coincidence. “World Health Organization”/Bob Lee (Bystander ignored dying Cash App founder Bob Lee as he begged for help)

Old Hollywood: This actress offspring who is a very recent Oscar winner/nominee had a father who was much higher on the list. The father, while out of the country, once threw bottle of booze out of a hotel room window. It landed many stories down on the head of a girl. She had permanent damage to her head, and the actor said he would pay for all her bills, but never did. He just fled the country as fast as he could. Jamie Lee Curtis/Tony Curtis (Kim Novak says she woke up naked after party with Tony Curtis)

This actor was A list for decades. In fact, his greatest successes probably came in the two hit shows in which he starred over the last two decades of his life. He was an Oscar winner/nominee and the show where he most recently starred, is still airing new episodes, although not for much longer. In any event, this actor proposed marriage to his girlfriend and she accepted, but the actor's wife wouldn't agree to a divorce, so the actor had to dump the girlfriend. George Segal/”Just Shoot Me” & “The Goldbergs” (‘Goldbergs’ star George Segal dead at 87)

This three named actress is taking advantage of recent events to take her image in a completely different direction. Whether or not she was actually involved in helping anyone after a tragedy that recently occurred, she is going to monetize it like crazy and her most recent project demonstrates it. Melissa Joan Hart/Nashville “Covenant School” shooting (Melissa Joan Hart Helped Kids Flee the Nashville School Shooting and Brought Them to Safety: They ‘Were Trying to Escape’)

This A- list actor is apparently in every project on this pay cable channel. He is also engaged and is cheating on his significant other. I bet they don't make it all the way to the wedding. Lukas Gage/”HBO”/”Euphoria”; ”Gossip Girl”; “The White Lotus”; “The Other Two”/”Dead Boy Detectives” (Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton Are Engaged! Celebrity Hairstylist Is 'Dazzled' by White Lotus Star)

In case you were wondering, yes, there are new "revelations" scheduled for every week for two days prior to each episode airing and will continue through the end of the season for the bar show. This is why every Monday you are being force fed a new scandal (sex all over the house anyone?) to make you watch. Other than that of the owner's son-in-law of course. Would it shock anyone at this point if the cheated on one's new love interest is a woman. Maybe they can borrow someone from another reality show that needs ratings. Is anyone from the seasonal house available? “Vanderpump Rules”/Lisa Vanderpump/Jason Sabo/Ariana Madix/"Winter House" & "Summer House" ('Vanderpump Rules' : Sandoval Brags to Schwartz That He and Ariana 'Check Girls Out All the Time — and Guys') ('Vanderpump Rules' ' Ariana Madix Says Her Bisexuality Is 'Not an Issue' for Tom Sandoval) (“Vanderpump Rules” Star Jason Sabo Named In Workplace Misconduct Lawsuit)

The Spell: I have heard the stories from makeup influencers that companies and competitors will often try and hack their phones to steal new looks as their own or just to see what they are working on or who is coming out with a new product. If you find yourself listening to a certain YouTube pastor (Steven Furtick), he will tell you that he spoke to a "friend" who knew a big makeup influencer and they were convinced that it was actually demons that were hacking their phones looking for secrets. Yeah, so there is that version too. That one sounds like the more interesting version. With that being said, that rumor has been a sort of an urban legend that everyone publicly discounts, but, there are those in the A list makeup influencer world, who always keep it in the back of their mind. They don't believe it, but they are superstitious enough, to not say that out loud. One of those makeup artists who always publicly discounted it while keeping it in the back of her mind is this foreign born A list makeup artist. She is more of a makeup professional rather than an influencer. Obviously, she does a little influencing and selling products, but she deals in big names and actually doing makeup for people. The thing is, all of you know her most famous client. Well, former client now because the makeup artist wouldn't go along with a story the client wanted the makeup professional to say publicly. The client was embellishing or lying about something and the makeup artist was willing to go to a certain point, but not beyond that point. Obviously, this caused a huge rift between the pair. The makeup professional is convinced that the client hired someone to cast a spell targeting the makeup professional because her life has been hellish for the past year and everything that could go wrong in her life has.
Steven Furtick/Angelina Jolie/Toni Garayaglia (Titanic Brush are a go-to favourite for Angelina Jolie's Personal Makeup Artist, Toni G) (Angelina Jolie's Signature Beauty Look Is So Easy To Replicate) (Angelina Jolie's makeup artist spills her beauty secrets)

Surprisingly enough, despite all the stuff that has come out the past couple of days about a news anchor, it is the big boss that is on the shakiest of ground. He was never going to be a good fit for the place. The anchor already got demoted for his behavior and if he is fired, they are going to have to pay him. They are encouraging him to find a new home though. Don Lemon/Chris Licht (CNN’s Don Lemon ‘apoplectic,’ wants to sue Variety over ‘sexist’ allegations: report) (Whispers already spreading around CNN that Chris Licht is on his way out)

It seems so cliché, but this A- list actress who recently starred on a network television hit, has nanny and husband problems. Mandy Moore/”This Is Us” (Mandy Moore Posts Cryptic Message About a ‘Personal Betrayal’ From Someone ‘Intimately Involved’ in Her Life)

At this point, you get the feeling the old permanent A list singer is trying to drag out a lawsuit until he dies. He obviously doesn't care about what people think with an argument that because he was legally in charge of a minor's well being, that he was legally allowed to rape her. Steven Tyler/”Aerosmith” (Steven Tyler denies sexually assaulting a minor, claims it was consensual)

The A- list singer turned A- list actress says that she has been meeting a lot of singers and producers about new music, but for whatever reason, there have been only two of those meetings that anyone has cared about. Those involving male singers. Selena Gomez/Drew Taggart “Chainsmokers”/Zayn Malik (Selena Gomez & Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart Hold Hands on Date Night) (Zayn Malik sparks controversy with cornrows amid Selena Gomez dating rumors)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has already moved on from his three decades younger wife (Tina Kunakey). His new girlfriend is the same age his wife was when he got married to her, which means the age gap is even larger this time. Vincent Cassel/Tina Kunakey (26 now, 21 in 2018 marriage) (EXCLUSIVE: Sacré bleu! Ocean's Twelve star Vincent Cassel, 56, DELETES all traces of model wife Tina Kunakey, 26, from his Instagram - as sources claim pair have SPLIT after five years together)

With her recent reconciliation with her serial abusive boyfriend, this A- list actress won't ever be able to see her child unsupervised. Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson (Hayden Panettiere hints she's back together with Brian Hickerson: 'I did not do any of this lightly')

This A- list actress is trying to get her career restarted after some awful personal missteps, is cheating on her husband. Jennifer Lawrence/Cooke Maroney (Public Scrutiny Destroyed Jennifer Lawrence. Now She Wants To Win Us Back.)

This A list country singer should be very wary about the gig her new boyfriend is about to take. His last relationship also ended because of a new job. Kelsea Ballerini/Chase Stokes/Morgan Evans (Kelsea Ballerini and beau Chase Stokes hit up ANOTHER red carpet days after making debut at the CMT Awards as they attend premiere of Broadway's new musical Shucked) (Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans' Relationship Timeline)

This former late night actor turned A- list actor away from the show, threatened a woman with revenge porn when she called him out on his drug abuse. ”SNL”/Fred Armisen/Bill Hader

This permanent A+ list mostly movie director has a late in life coke problem that he says is just a phase.

This barely there celebrity offspring/reality star is HIV+ but never tells his dates, and always wants unprotected sex.

This foreign born A- list actress turned judge is in a feud with her actress former best friend who she accuses of stealing a sponsorship deal from our A- lister. Sofia Vergara/”America’s Got Talent”/Reese Witherspoon (Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello's Famous Friends: Who Can We Expect To See at Their Lavish Wedding?) (Blame Game: Reese Witherspoon And Sofia Vergara Feuding Over Movie Flop -- Jim Toth In The Middle!)

There was a pro tennis match this week that has regulators looking at some live betting action that took place. A top seed was easily cruising and then made a ton of unforced errors to make it look like the match was loser than what it appeared. Then, when the appropriate number of games were played, the higher seed went back to their dominance and easily won.

The Model:  This foreign born A list model has not been getting any work for the past few months. None. She says it is because she called out this A+ list magazine editor who is now taking revenge on the model. The model was told that she needed to sleep with certain people or she wouldn't be booked for jobs. One of those people was this magazine editor, who often times doesn't even sleep with the models, he just likes having the power and having them come to his house and getting what he wants. The model refused to play the game and now she can't get booked anywhere. The magazine editor doesn't care because he knows everyone is afraid to speak out against him, so it literally would just be this one model. Models end up dead really easily, and especially as of late.

The meme actor and the reality star with a side gig? That is not the person who has been spending most nights at his house. Timothée Chalamet/Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Dating Rumors Have the Internet Coming Unglued)

With all the new things being allowed for this trial compared to the first when they were not, don't be shocked if this former A- list actor looks for a plea deal. It is also going to be much harder this time to knock off so many members of the jury. Danny Masterson (Danny Masterson Re-Trial Date Set: Fresh Jury, New Witnesses on Tap for ‘That ’70s Show’ Star Criminal Rape Case Reboot)

Yes, this now sober A- list singer did call out her former employer for not doing anything when she was sexually assaulted by a co-star, but the reason she and other classic favorites from the channel were left off a promotion is because no one who watches the channel now, knows who any of the people are, who were left off. Demi Lovato/”Disney” (Demi Lovato Was Left Out of Disney Channel’s ‘Wand ID Compilation’ & Fans Have Thoughts)

This former A list reality star mom from multiple shows from the not too distant past is known by an entire generation. Gone are the millions of dollars she earned on the show, and now she makes her living doing hustling celebrity things but also as an online Domme using a different name and a complete set of hundreds of photos she paid a woman to take that she pretends to be. Kate Gosselin

This foreign born former boy bander had to take multiple drug tests over the past two months to prove he is clean, and now he is about to land a huge new television project, which will go with his new music project and his new actually not dying body. Zayn Malik/"One Direction” (‘10 Lives’: Animated Feature Sets Voice Cast Including Zayn Malik, Simone Ashley, Sophie Okonedo & Mo Gilligan — AFM)

This foreign born actress/director (Maïwenn) hates her most recent A list co-star (Johnny Depp) so much, that she is willing to destroy her movie (“Jeanne du Barry”) with an edit that makes him look awful. I guess we shall see next month if she follows through with it. Maïwenn/Johnny Depp/”Jeanne du Barry” (Maïwenn, Director Of Johnny Depp-Starring Cannes Opener ‘Jeanne Du Barry’, Accused Of Assaulting Journalist, Spitting In His Face)

Speaking of actresses/directors, this A- list one says that after she decided to not cast an A/A- list actor for a role, she started finding dead birds and mice all around her home and thinks he is the one responsible. Olivia Wilde/Shia LaBeouf/”Don’t Worry Darling” (Here Are All The Messy Controversies Olivia Wilde Has Been Involved In In The Past Year)

This A- list talk show host/former reality star (Amanda Kloots) has made such a good living from a personal tragedy (Husband Nick Cordero Illness and Death) that she is hiding her boyfriend from the world because she doesn't want to hurt her brand. Amanda Kloots/”The Talk”/Nick Cordero (Amanda Kloots Recalls Dropping Nick Cordero Off at Hospital Nearly 3 Years After His Death)

I'm sure it is no coincidence that this massive streaming platform and the one owned by the wealthy bookseller are both wining and dining and giving huge raises to their biggest showrunners/creators who they expect to go to bat for them publicly and privately about the WGA (“Writers Guild of America”) talks and how things are best if they stay as is. “Netflix”/”Amazon Prime” (WGA Talks With Studios Could Extend Into Next Week)

Dear local reporters,
Let me give you a little tip which will make those sweeps ratings periods starting in a couple of weeks all the richer for you and your stations. There is a trial set to start in Phoenix next week about a software company owner and the stash of self produced and traded for child p**n on his laptop. The guy belongs to a cult disguised as a religion called Two By Two. That is not mentioned in any of the news stories. Late last year one of the top five members of this cult/church (Two By Two) was found dead in a motel room in Bend, Oregon. He died in possession of a laptop that had thousands of images of self produced and traded for child p**n. There were also videos of some of the victims approaching his motel room door. Once, the church/cult discovered his death, they sent another church/cult leader (Two By Two) to collect the laptop and other possessions. For seven months he hid the laptop in his car, and refused to turn it over to the authorities until several of the victims went to law enforcement themselves.  In Washington State right now, leaders from around the world of this church/cult (Two By Two) which professes to take in zero dollars from any of their members and owns no buildings or structures or property in the name of the church/cult have spent nearly a half million dollars on travel and lodging. Why? They need to replace one of the leaders of the cult who represents Washington and Alaska. Why? In the past month he has been accused of molesting dozens of underage girls. He is not being forced out of the church/cult (Two By Two), just replaced. he also gets to weigh in on who should replace him. I can go on and on and on about how this is in every single local market across the country and around the world. This is about to explode. Now, about those May sweeps ratings? Get on it.
Love & Bacon,

This A list daytime talk show host recently left a date sitting at a table alone after she decided it wouldn't work. She never even spoke to him. She just saw him from across the room and turned around. Drew Barrymore

This A- list celebrity offspring of a barely there actor lost out on an acting role, and she blames her biggest rival. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Stephen Baldwin/Selena Gomez

This one-third singer is spending a lot of time away from his actress wife right now. It is almost a marriage of convenience right now. I mean, it always has been, but seems more like it now. Nick Jonas/”Jonas Brothers”/Priyanka Chopra (Inside Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' Trip to India With Daughter Malti)

Four For Friday - We Have Wigs:
#1- This former A- list singer who had two really big hits, one of which has been sampled for other hits briefly took to wearing wigs just to change things up a bit. The wigs were the same color as her own hair. Once in 2017 during  a tribute show, her wig nearly fell off while performing. Fortunately she had a top hat on and was able to hold it in place, and there is a picture of her doing so. A year later while attending an anniversary dinner, a different wig she had on fell off. You can see pictures of her going in. She has since returned to her real hair, and denies she ever wore them. Patti Labelle; Chaka Khan
#2 - This permanent A list singer has worn wigs on and off for decades, but has now embraced them, despite people saying it goes against her punk rock ethos. Cyndi Lauper (Cyndi Lauper Reveals Her Secret Disease That She Keeps Covered Up); Debbie Harry; Joan Jett
#3 - This one hit wonder hit it big with an anthem type song. She has a new song and video about how she once had such crazy sex that her always in place wig, came off.
#4 - This former A list singer in a group and then solo used to embrace her grey hair, but is going on tour with nothing but wigs that make her look two decades younger. I wish she could write some hits like she did two decades ago. It leads credence to the claim that she stole all the hit songs from a former lover. Annie Lennox/”Eurythmics”/Dave Stewart (Top ten celebrities who rock grey hair!)

This A- list actor has at least one movie franchise and moves from main role to main role in show after show after show. The crazy thing about his new girlfriend other than being the age of his daughter, is that she was introduced to him by his girlfriend at the time. He then promptly cheated on the girlfriend with the new girlfriend. James Marsden/Kelsey Merritt/Edei (James Marsden Spotted On a Date with Model Kelsey Merritt!) (Holidays with his ex-wife and new girlfriend: Inside James Marsden's unusual family life.)

I suppose you can call it quitting acting. The hard to spell model was not getting cast for anything, so she quit. And is it acting really, if you can't actually act? Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski Quit Acting Because She 'Felt Like a Piece of Meat Who People Were Judging')

This A list singer who got her start in acting, can't make it through more than 30 minutes of filming before becoming exhausted and needing a break. She needs to start eating. Someone needs to step in and do something. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande stuns wearing a puffy hot pink coat alongside Wicked co-star Cynthia Erivo as the duo make a stylish exit out of Ronnie Scott's in London)

This should be banned for life from reality shows reality star, has 24/7 minders with him at all times while filming the beach show that made him famous. The reason? It was the only way any of his domestic violence victims would film with him and it also keeps from drinking or doing drugs. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/”Jersey Shore” ('Jersey Shore' Stars Ronnie and Sammi Back Under Same Roof for Show)

This closeted A- list country singer comes from an entertainment family. She also left her girlfriend with a broken nose after catching the girlfriend with another woman.

This actor offspring who will never be higher than third in the family on the list, is cheating on his wife and the other woman is pregnant.

This A- list pay cable actor has been hooking up with people who just want meth in exchange for sex. Apparently the actor doesn't use any himself, but loves the rush of not only purchasing it, but watching others use it while they have sex with the actor.

The significant other of this A list actor all of you know is causing a lot of trouble for the actor's always friendly persona. The significant other refuses to let any attractive young women take their photos with the actor. Those are his personal favorite. Many a creepy photos exists of the actor with young female fans. It is the way he met his now significant other.
Jeff Goldblum/Emilie Livingston (All About Emilie Livingston, Jeff Goldblum's Wife)

This boy bander shares his significant other with other men so he doesn't have to have sex with her any longer.

There was no way on this planet that the girl with this foreign born A list singer at a party last night was legal. He is back up to his old ways. Drake

Speaking of horrible people, this A- list actor from an acting family, had a woman pass out in his bed because she had too much to drink. He didn't want her throwing up in her bed, so dragged her out of the bed and dumped her on the floor so he could have the bed to himself.

Continuing the awful people theme, this A- list pro wrestler got divorced last year because his wife discovered he sexually assaulted a barely barely barely legal teen. Matt Riddle/Lisa Riddle (WWE's Matt Riddle and Lisa Riddle Officially Divorce)

I bet the A+ list singer is wondering if she can claw back that fake award she got her now ex. It didn't keep him around as long as she thought it would. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn (Accolades)

A Polaroid has turned up that was long thought missing. It is from a college party and shows this A list royal who is not alliterate, lifting up a sweater and flashing for the camera. It is for sale. The person who took the photo and owns the copyright is doing the selling. Kate Middleton

This A- list actress who stars on a hit streaming show after starring on multiple hit other shows, one of which also turned into a movie and is iconic, got dumped. So, she doesn't want to be on his show any longer. Gillian Anderson/”The Crown”/”The X-Files”/Peter Morgan ('That's absolute b*****ks': Gillian Anderson denies rumours The Crown bosses were 'forced to rewrite script' following her exit) (From her two husbands to her X Files co-star: A look back at Gillian Anderson's love life as she is spotted hand-in-hand with The Crown creator Peter Morgan three years after split)

This A+ list CEO of a company, every person in the world knows, is sleeping with someone who is not his wife. The only reason anyone knows this is because of the enemy he made in a former friend co-worker who wants to get even for getting his pet project canceled.
Bob Iger/”Disney”/Willow Bay/Isaac Perlmutter (Ike Perlmutter: Disney Fired Me From Marvel; I Wasn’t Laid Off)

The wannabe cannibal planning a comeback reached out to this foreign born B List actress famous for her contract relationships to see if she would be willing to be his ‘girlfriend’ once her time is up with the foreign born alliterate superhero. The foreign born actress almost played ‘girlfriend’ to the permanent A+ lister so she’s okay with crazy if it gets her attention. Armie Hammer/Annabelle Wallis/Sebastian Stan/Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise In Love With Blonde Co-Star Annabelle Wallis, 32)

The former wheelchair actor paid a whole lot of money to make sure his mediocre song made it to the top of the charts. Drake/”Search & Rescue” (Drake Unleashes ‘Search & Rescue’: Listen)

Of course the mogul knew what he was getting into with his new husband. That is why the potential payouts I discussed a few weeks ago were so low. The mogul loves that everyone is talking about him which has not happened for years. Who do you think leaked the background report of his husband he had prepared, to the press? David Geffen/Donovan Michaels (Exclusive: Wedding Bells Ring for Media Mogul David Geffen And Much Younger Boyfriend) (Billionaire David Geffen’s new ‘husband’ is a former go-go dancer with a murky past: ex-pals) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/15/23)

Remember when the initialed cult that branded people first got their start, how they used to molest children and tweens? It was around that time that the religious leader for a large group of people and his assistant were spending so much time with the group. I guess we now know why. “NXIVM”/Dalai Lama/”Tibetan Buddhism” (The Dalai Lama Apologizes for Asking Boy to 'Suck My Tongue' in Viral Video) (The Real Story Behind The Dalai Lama’s Puzzling NXIVM Entanglement)

This writer/showrunner of multiple shows, finally figured out the free money was going to dry up if he did another season of his high budgeted show and never brought in more than 350K viewers for any episode. So, he is getting many of the gang back together and throwing in a reality star everyone hates, but will probably watch because they will want her killed. Ryan Murphy/“American Horror Story”/”Delicate”/Emma Roberts/Kim Kardashian (All the Details on Kim Kardashian Starring in ‘American Horror Story’ Season 12 (Exclusive))

This three named A- list actress who will never be the highest on the list in her family, convinced tabloids that the lawsuit filed against her had been settled. It hasn't and if she loses she is going to have to pay out a bunch of money for labor law violations. Tracee Ellis Ross (Tracee Ellis Ross’ Ex-Assistant Drops $300k Battle Over Unpaid Wages)

This former A- list actress from a long running hit almost network television show has to mostly take work as a producer now and put together her own projects, because the showrunner of her former hit show tells everyone not to hire the actress.

Nothing is unplanned for the A+ singer. After the news all saying the same thing was sent out to outlets, promo for her next move is released in bits and pieces online. It features a former ‘boyfriend’ and the vibe the singer wants the public to pay attention, not the ex. Taylor Swift/Taylor Lautner/Joe Alwyn (Taylor Swift to Direct Feature Film for Searchlight Pictures Based on Her Own Original Script) (What music video did Taylor Swift recently film in Liverpool?)

Reader Blind: This A- celeb was supposed to be in his hometown for a speaking engagement.  It was reported as being canceled due to a scheduling conflict. The real reason is that his fiancé doesn’t want him seeing his family since they have become estranged since their relationship started.  She is afraid they will do something to convince him not to marry her. Jon Hamm/St. Louis, MO/Anna Osceola (Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola Are Engaged After Two Years of Dating) (Heartbreak: Jon Hamm Won't Interview Neil Gaiman in St. Louis)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **10**
Chat GPT Blind: I asked ChatGPT to write a blind item for me and this is what it came up with. “Which A-list actor was recently caught cheating on his wife with his co-star? The two were spotted getting cozy at a local bar after filming wrapped up for the day.” I thought for sure it must have found it somewhere on the internet, but I can't find it anywhere. Let me know if you find it somewhere, or if it really did write its own.

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **11**
The serial cheating alliterate basketball player is living with the alliterate reality star. This should turn out well. Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian (ALL FORGIVEN? Tristan Thompson has been ‘fully welcomed back’ into Kardashian family after spending long weekend with Khloe and clan)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **12**
This former bar star cheats on his significant other every day. Jax Taylor/”Vanderpump Rules”/Brittany Cartwright

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **13**
There is a sex tape for sale that features a closeted very big name Congressman with another man. Does anyone care though? Who would want to buy it? I believe there are some names that would be big sellers, but that is because there would be people willing to shell out money to buy it and watch it. The seller of this sex tape has already come down 75% on their sale price. They will probably need to keep going down to get any interest.

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **14**
Protection: This young north of the border no name actor is resting easy now that his fans have made him look like the innocent party after a series of very serious sexual assault allegations that go back quite a few years. They completely tore apart the credibility of one of the whistleblowers. But she is far from the only person who has spoken out. Doesn't matter anyway because our actor had an extended on set fling turned serious relationship with one of his co stars (that pint sized it-girl you all would know) while they were working abroad. Not only that, but his star actress paramour is now executive producing the popular streaming show and is using her newfound influence to protect her ex-boyfriend's career. She's well aware of his pattern of behavior and the evidence of his— ahem —proclivity towards vulnerable and underaged girls. So she's effectively enabling his abusive tendencies. But does she know he was grooming and propositioning minors while he was still dating her? Wait until some text and email messages with underage girls start leaking.
Percy Hynes White/Jenny Ortega/”Wednesday” (‘Wednesday’ star Percy Hynes White trends as potentially unsettling childhood history is uncovered) (‘Wednesday’ Star Percy Hynes White Accused of Sexual Assault by Multiple Women) (Jenna Ortega Has Deactivated Her Twitter After Receiving Backlash For Reaffirming Her Friendship with Percy Hynes White) (Percy Hynes won’t be returning for Wednesday Season 2)

What better way to cover up a pregnancy by your much much much older lover, than to sucker your very young boyfriend and say it is his and get married. That is the plan anyway for the very young A- list actress. Millie Bobby Brown/Jake Bongiovi (Millie Bobby Brown's Stranger Things Family Reacts to Jake Bongiovi Engagement)

Speaking of hiding things in plain sight, this A- list actor who has been A+/A in his career and all of already has a long long time secret lover so is not sleeping with the politician that has been rumored.

A recent music video starring this former vampire (werewolf) actor who crashed and burned his career was supposed to film in Los Angeles. It was going to use some locations from a movie in which he starred. He actually had to get an emergency passport renewal to travel overseas to film it at the last minute. “Vigilante Shit”/Taylor Lautner/”Twilight” (What music video did Taylor Swift recently film in Liverpool?)

This former A- list Disney actress was on a game show recently, and was so bad at it, they decided not to air the episode.

I mentioned this comedian/actor/YouTuber a few weeks back about how he didn't care about any #MeToo movement and he is proud of what he has done to women and has doubled down and is now being even more aggressive with women and daring anyone to call him out. He thinks he is untouchable. Brendan Schaub (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/21/23); Bryan Callen (Why #MeToo Hasn’t Transformed the Stand-Up Scene)

With their aid being diverted elsewhere, some countries are now being forced to accept the money and help from the wealthy farmer. These include countries where they have already seen the damage he causes with his forced use of certain growing techniques and products and being forced to use seeds he provides. Bill Gates (On Africa’s farms, the forecast calls for adaptation and innovation) (My trip to India in pictures) (For Eva Nangalo, saving mothers and babies is a calling)

If you are a brand, this former A+ list rapper, will be ride or die if you pay her. The way she blocks people right and left who call out her support of the child p**n enabling fashion brand is next level. She earns that paycheck, even if it means supporting awful companies. Cardi B/”Balenciaga” (Cardi B slams Dalai Lama’s tongue sucking debacle: ‘Predators’ are everywhere)

This married actress with a really really good side hustle is hooking up with a venture capitalist who she met a couple of years ago, and they recently reconnected. Jessica Alba/”Honest Company”; Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Falchuk/”GOOP”

With a revelation that is about to break in the next few weeks, the string of affairs of A++ listers had at some point in their married lives will remain unbroken for at least the past sixty plus years. It involves someone a couple back in the series. “The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor” (The Real Crown: release date, episode guide and all about the royal documentary) (The eight biggest bombshells in new royal TV series as Harry deemed dispensable by Queen)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **10**
The A+ list singer did some striking back of her own by throwing the foreign born actor under the bus about his lack of career. Will she go really deep and talk about the cheating or save it for new music? Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn (EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn began to struggle over their career differences as her 'superstar persona came out once the pandemic had ended')

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **11**
This alliterate crossover reality star was groping someone at a bar who is definitely not the woman he is supposedly dating. Craig Conover/”Southern Charm”/”Summer House” & "Winter House"/Paige DeSorbo (See Why Paige DeSorbo Isn’t Ready To Settle Down With Craig Conover)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **12**
This A list pro wrestler has not received any punishment for grooming a girl who was barely into her teens. Jerry Lawler (New Jack reminds us that Jerry Lawler is the actual villain)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **13**
This love her or hate her A- list celebrity actually had a shirt on for her most recent thirst trap photo, but decided it was not thirst trap sufficient and took off the top to pose in her bra. That is the one she posted. Chrissy Teigen

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **14**
Summer Camp: This actress started to make it big when she was in her teens. She hit it big pretty much, right away. She is A/A- list and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Her family has always been very grounded and there was never the whole you have to work thing so you can support us stuff coming from the family. Despite the acting and despite all the Hollywood stuff, her family wanted her to do normal things. One of those experiences they wanted her to have was summer camp. So, off they sent her. It was something she had done as a camper and this particular time she went as more of a counselor rather than just a camper. While there, she ended up hooking up with another counselor and our actress became pregnant. While she was pregnant, her first big break was showing her to the world. The only other person in the business she told she was pregnant was an actress who she worked with and her own pregnancy drama a decade or so later. Our pregnant actress didn't tell a soul she was pregnant and didn't tell anyone when she had an audition for the role that would change her life. She managed to get out of some table reads, and then gave birth and two months later was shooting the role that would shine a huge light on her. It was an open adoption and about five years ago, the child made contact with our actress who has brought her into her close knit fold and gone on vacations and things with the permission of the adoptive parents. No one has asked about the child. They just assume the child is a friend of one of the other children. The father of the child has never really wanted anything to do with the child.

With a second solo international trip so quickly on the heels of another, it looks like the ginger haired one might be willing to try to go back into the family business six months a year, and get some of the daddy money. Prince Harry (Prince Harry to attend coronation without Meghan)

Obviously the questions from the interview that aired yesterday between the foreign born comic/multiple host and the bar star were prepared in advance by those closest to the bar star, which is why it is shocking it still didn't go better for him. He even had input on what he wanted asked and how the question should be framed. Not the brightest tool in the shed. Howie Mandel/Tom Sandoval/”Vanderpump Rules” (Howie Mandel slams Andy Cohen, Lala Kent after controversial Tom Sandoval interview)

It was obviously a horrific accident, but nowhere has an actor had a bigger 180 from hated a-hole who no one can stand and a very very messy personal life, to an actor basking in the public's love that he is still alive. Jeremy Renner (Jeremy Renner walks red carpet just three months after his near-fatal accident: ‘I feel very grateful to be here’)

Apparently, if you want to get away with a murder, go south of the border with a dozen or more of your friends. In front of every one of those friends, kill one of the people and then flee back to the US before the police south of the border know what is going on. Then, here, the US will pass on prosecuting the killer or any other charges, and that is how you get away with murder. I guess that could be another season of the show. Murder of Shanqella Robinson (North Carolina woman, 25, found dead during friends' trip in Mexico, is seen being beaten by one of the group in their villa: Autopsy found she had a broken neck - despite friends claiming she died of alcohol poisoning) (Feds Won’t File Charges in Mysterious Death of Shanquella Robinson on Mexico Vacation) (Who is Daejhanae Jackson? Shanquella Robinson story triggers call for friends behind Mexico video to be imprisoned)

It is not solely that this former A+ list singer recognized that a breakup song about the A+ list singer might be pushing things too far, it is that he knew she had just split with her boyfriend. It was not even two hours after the split, that he was talking about it on stage. He definitely keeps track of her life. John Mayer/”Paper Doll”/Taylor Swift/John Alwyn (John Mayer speaks out about his 2013 song Paper Doll rumored to be about ex Taylor Swift... amid her split from Joe Alwyn) (BLIND ITEM 03/20/23/John Mayer/Kiernan Shipka)

It looks like the checks the boy bander was offering to keep the multiple sex assault allegations hidden away forever, were just not big enough. Nick Carter/”Backstreet Boys” (Nick Carter Rape Accuser Melissa Schuman Sues Backstreet Boys Singer for Sexual Assault and Battery)

This foreign born A- list actor has been most recently seen in a universe streaming series that has been renewed. He has a long time celebrity girlfriend born in the same country as our actor. That was not stopping him from enjoying the women of this not a state, but not a country this past week, while wasted out of his mind. He did not limit himself to just one woman. Tom Sturridge/”The Sandman”/Alexa Chung/England/Puerto Rico

I personally don't think anyone should be honoring the racist, sexist, fat-phobic (Karl Lagerfeld) who frequently yelled at models who gained even a pound. That being said, it isn't my decision to make, but if you are going to do it, doesn't it make sense for your magazine cover ("Vogue") that you put the daughter (Aoki Simmons) of the three named model (Kimora Lee Simmons) who was the youngest model ever for the designer? The daughter is a better model than two of the offspring/trash models (Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner) the editor (Anna Wintour) put on the cover. Karl Lagerfeld/"Vogue"/Aoki Simmons/Kimora Lee Simmons/Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner/Anna Wintour (Vogue’s May Issue Is Dedicated To Met Gala Subject Karl Lagerfeld) (Karl Lagerfeld: A history of his controversial comments as Met Gala honours designer with 2023 theme) (A Look Back At Karl Lagerfeld's Most Problematic Moments) (Kimora Lee Simmons Defends Daughter Aoki's Modeling Career Amid Criticism: 'It's Absolutely Absurd')

The siblings (Brie & Nikki Bella) recently left the sports entertainment world that made them famous. I wonder if it is because the head of it came back. The guy (Vince McMahon) who helped/enabled their mom (Kathy Laurinaitis) to get cheated (John Laurinaitis) on and then paid off the woman who was the mistress.  Brie & Nikki Bella/Kathy Laurinaitis/John Laurinaitis (Bella Twins Announce They're Leaving WWE – and Going Back to Their Own Names Nikki and Brie Garcia) (Report: WWE Fires Executive John Laurinaitis in Wake of McMahon’s Sexual Misconduct Scandal)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **10**
I'm glad the trade magazine wrote the 50,000 word article taking apart the charity of the A+/A list actor. That being said, the good deed the actor did for the 100+ year old guy was talked about much more this week than the charity story will be. Our actor always gets a free pass. “The Hollywood Reporter”/Brad Pitt/”Make It Right Foundation” (Brad Pitt and the Bizarre Charity Mess That’s Left Katrina Victims Stranded Again) (Brad Pitt let 105-year-old neighbor live rent-free on his former LA estate)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **11**
There is a little revolt going on with some of the mothers of children of this prolific celebrity baby maker. They all want to be paid equally. Some get much more money than others, especially those that had lawyers. Nick Cannon (Nick Cannon forgets daughter Onyx when asked to name all 12 children)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **12**
The snitch rapper wants people to think he is traveling to central Africa, when in fact, he is just taking a ferry from Europe to Africa and back. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 69 To Africa With DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Stabilizer For Music Video Shoot)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/11 **13**
There was nothing new about the abuse documents making another run through social media about the politician. What is new, is that it is one of her opponents running for the same job from the same party, who decided to flood the documents back out again. Katie Porter/Adam Schiff (Lawmaker of Dumping Steaming Mashed Potatoes on Him in Divorce Filing) (First Look At California Senate Race: Adam Schiff And Katie Porter Ahead In Campaign To Replace Dianne Feinstein)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/12 **14**
One Movie: I am not sure how many directors have made a X rated movie and also been nominated/won multiple Oscars, but this one did. He was known for having women do things they didn't want to do and would surprise them with the most awful things he could imagine. He wanted to see their reactions and capture it on film. He would only cast actors who would be willing to go along with these things. He did this right up to his final movie and the actress offspring all of you know, who didn't know she was going to have to get naked. This is not about her or any of the director's most famous movies. This one, was a much smaller film with some very taboo family topics. There is an actress who is the love interest of the male lead, at the beginning of the film and the end. The entirety of her role was filmed at the beginning of production. The director wanted to see how a scene would work where the woman was forced to have sex with the lead actor's character and his best friend in the movie who later dies. As was his usual style, the director didn't tell the actress any of it. It was supposed to be a kissing scene, not a forced threesome. She cried the entire way through it and walked off the set and never worked in any movie or show or play ever again.

145. POPBITCH 04/13
(British blog)
Which celebrity assistant once refused to pick up the phone to her charge all day because the planets weren't properly aligned?

Shortly before this A list everything overdosed, this former A list actress said she finally had enough working for him and she was going to quit. Jamie Foxx/Cameron Diaz (Jamie Foxx Hospitalized with 'Medical Complication,' Family Says He's Recovering) (Production for Jamie Foxx’s New Film with Cameron Díaz Has Been Halted After He Reportedly Has ‘Major Meltdown’ on Set, Fires Four from Project’s Staff)

Speaking of drugs, this foreign born former superhero still wants a shot at Bond. If he does, he needs to stop having the coke and pill parties. Henry Cavill (Despite UK Public’s Support, Marvel Star Aaron Taylor-Johnson Likely to Dethrone Henry Cavill in James Bond Race)

The late night talk show host is just angry about a recent appearance because it changes the storyline producers had planned. Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live”/Tom Sandoval/”Vanderpump Rules”/“Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast” (Andy Cohen drags Howie Mandel’s Tom Sandoval interview: ‘Didn’t do his homework’)

The tech guy who killed his higher on the list "lover" had a six figure deposit put into his bank account two days prior to the killing. Pay off? Buy off? Extortion? Nima Momeni/Bob Lee (Who is Nima Momeni? Suspect in Bob Lee stabbing in San Francisco) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/05/23)

This A- list actress all of you know, is looking to finance a new project. Using some tricks she learned when she was trolling for women for the disgraced producer to use, she is wooing a very wealthy woman who has a crush on the actress and loves writing big checks. The actress will do whatever or whoever it takes, to get the project financed. Olivia Wilde/Harvey Weinstein (Tell Us What You Know About Harvey Weinstein's "Open Secret") (Harvey Weinstein: His Career Timeline of Sexual Harassment Allegations)

Even this foreign A++ list tyrant got tired of the antics of this foreign born former A- list actor here, and permanently A list in his home country. It is why the actor had to go back to being a predator in his own country. The actor had previously enjoyed the protection of the A++ lister, but the list of abused girls became way too long to cover for any longer. Vladimir Putin/Russia/Gérard Depardieu/France (Gérard Depardieu Accused Of Sexually Inappropriate Behavior By 13 Women In Médiapart Report)

This A list actor who has a new movie debuting at that big film festival next month, says he is afraid for his life. He thinks there are people out to kill him, and he has sent a body double out a lot in his place over the past month or two. The problem is the body double was not supposed to let anyone get close or take pictures, but the fame got to him. Everyone now is asking where is the actor? Is it a thing where he is scared for his life or is he in rehab or getting more surgery? Johnny Depp/”Jeanne du Barry” (Maiwenn’s ‘Jeanne du Barry’ With Johnny Depp to Open Cannes Film Festival (EXCLUSIVE))

You are a former A list teen actor/musician who was headed to big things until you weren't. You thought you were a huge star and acted like it, so no one wanted to work with you. You then got busted for having sex with minors, but nothing happened. You got away with it, so you did it some more. You are addicted to duster because you can't afford much more than that. How do you get people to notice you and give you magazine covers and guest spots on shows? Hello DWTS. You go "missing" and then are found right away, but get to have that redemption story you don't deserve. Drake Bell (Nickelodeon actor Drake Bell reported missing, found safe)

There might be new music from this foreign born permanent A list singer, but there doesn't mean there will be a tour. Ever. Celine Dion (Celine Dion announces new music amid her health battle)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **10**
This reality star was on a show from a very early age. Her sister was also a reality star and has a hidden face OnlyFans. The other sister wants to do the same thing, but with her boyfriend.

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **11**
Speaking of OnlyFans, there is a CURRENT Housewife who has expressed an interest in starting a page. If Bravo takes their cut, would they be in the porn business? Erika Jayne Girardi/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **12**
She moved overseas for the foreign born former boy bander, and he is still cheating on his girlfriend. He is lucky that it is not the actress version, because she would have destroyed him for doing that to her. Kate Cassidy/Liam Payne/“One Direction”/Katie Cassidy (Liam Payne makes a bleary-eyed departure from PLT launch with leggy girlfriend Kate Cassidy - as mystery surrounding Tommy Fury 'fight' is revealed)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **13**
This local to LA politician ran on the concept of change and made a very big deal about it. Does that change also include sleeping with one of your employees? Because that seems very on brand for a politician.

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **14**
The Connection: It is obvious no one will do anything. It is a woman who had no family in this country. She was expendable, and she was used and discarded. I knew the name in the back of my head, but it wasn't until the news broke of who she was sleeping with, that everything clicked. Oh, I know no one is actually saying the singer was hooking up with the manager, but they were. He probably even paid for the drugs. The reason I had heard the name before was she was the other woman that was the final straw in the demise of the marriage of a different A+ list music manager all of you know. That was the name bandied about as the mistress. I know a lot of you like to think it was a Housewife, but come on. That rumor was started by the Housewife herself in hopes of getting him looking at her and getting some of that manager money. I am sure if the layers are peeled back far enough that she was making her living as someone managers could help themselves to in return for drugs and money, and they could all use the cover that she was an aspiring singer they were trying to help.
Laura Lozano/David Bolno/Scooter Braun/Erika Jayne Girardi/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (EXCLUSIVE: 'It's a terrible tragedy': Business advisor for Drake and other top musicians who was in Miami hotel room with woman found dead in bathtub claims they were working on music together)

One of the reasons why this former A+ list rapper has not released any new music in a very long time, is because no one likes working with her. She doesn't show up when she says she will and has been known to be a week late and then yell at everyone when they gave up waiting on her. Cardi B

The son of the Pawn Stars royal, looks a lot like the heir as a child. Maybe that is why the son of the Pawn Stars royal is involved in the whole coronation thing. Marchioness of Cholmondeley(pronounced Chumley)/Prince William

This one named foreign born permanent A list singer not named Rihanna, literally FaceTimes her significant other every 15-20 minutes when he is not with her, just so she can check on his location. The calls only last 20 seconds, but they are never ending. Adele/Rich Paul (Adele FaceTimes Boyfriend Rich Paul While He's Live-Streaming on Twitch and Sweetly Says 'Hey Baby')

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress is cheating on her much higher on the list significant other. Alba Baptista/Chris Evans (Who Is Chris Evans' Girlfriend? All About Alba Baptista)

Usually no outside camera crews are allowed in the desert festival (“Coachella“). Apparently the reality family (Kardashian) pulled some strings so new "love" (Kendall Jenner & Timothée Chalamet) could be captured for the television show (“Keeping Up With the Kardashian“). Oh, and as a twofer, you have a wife (Kourtney Kardashian) supporting her husband's (Travis Barker) return to playing music. “Coachella”/Kardashian/Kendall Jenner & Timothée Chalamet/“Keeping Up With the Kardashian“/Kourtney Kardashian/Travis Barker (Will Timothée Chalamet be on Keeping Up With the Kardashians? The internet reacts) (Kourtney Kardashian Turns Groupie for Travis Barker's Blink-182 Coachella Set)

The alliterate actress from the national park show should know that her significant other who she hooked up with while married, is talking and texting to another woman. Hassie Harrison/”Yellowstone”/Ryan Bingham ('Yellowstone' Co-Stars Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison Found Love off the Ranch)

This foreign born former A list model/actress slept with a relative's wife before a wedding to make sure the new wife would be a great sex partner for the relative.

In a story that had way way too much information, this former A list singer/sometime actress turned neither of those was explaining to a table full of friends why she was late and said it was because her husband finished himself sexually all over the first outfit she had been planning to wear, so she had to find something else that she could wear. Her descriptions of the event, were much more graphic in nature. Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson Stepped Out in a Gothcore Two-Piece Set Littered With Tiny Cutouts)

This A list singer/actress never seems to learn that she should stop defending sexual predators. She has a long list of predators she embraces and supports, and now she found another one and is sleeping with him too.

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **10**
This north of the border rapper says that whenever he tries to use a bot farm to make sure he has the most streams, he always has to pay extra, because there is a singer who pays for the service every single week, unless she is outbid. Drake/Taylor Swift

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **11**
This former one-fifth had yet another plastic surgery procedure. I am sure she will deny this one too. In this procedure, she got fat removed from the inside of her thighs. Camila Cabello/”Fifth Harmony” (Camila Cabello Shows Off A Peek Of Her Toned Abs In An Alo Yoga Corset Bra Top In New Instagram Photos)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **12**
Whether or not the story making the rounds about the rapist soccer player hiding money from his ex-wife is true, the ex-wife has almost as much money as the rapist soccer player. If he is hiding money, it is because he doesn't want his rape victims to be able to sue him and get money. Achraf Hakimi/Hiba Abouk (Divorce: Hiba Abouk Discovers Achraf Hakimi’s Mother Owns All His Assets)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **13**
The woman in #12 has hooked up with the husband of this foreign born A- list reality star, who despite living outside the US, keeps landing US reality shows. Hiba Abouk (Who is Achraf Hakimi's estranged wife Hiba Abouk? And is she divorcing the Paris Saint-Germain football star?)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **14**
Four For Friday - Slept With Him
This A- list actress sometimes sings. She also has been known to sleep with boyfriends and husbands of women she hates. This is a list of some of the celebrity guys who were in relationships, when she did.
#1 - A+ list singer in a group and solo. Former boy bander who is never getting the band back together.
#2 - A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and can do no wrong in the eyes of Hollywood.
#3 - Foreign born A- list singer who is now married to an actress from an iconic teen movie.
#4 - One half of a brotherly singing duo. I hope she made him use protection.
(BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/06/21/nothing to do with the “she“ in this blind item, but such a great REVEAL)

As soon as he makes his way back to LA, this long time "girlfriend" of this A list host will be given her walking papers. I think she thinks she is going to get more money than he is planning to give her. Aubrey Paige/Ryan Seacrest (Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend makes rare appearance during his final ‘Live’ show)

The Svengali got a power of attorney over this pay cable cable actor to act in his best interest. Uh huh. Sam Lutfi/Angus Cloud (Angus Cloud’s former manager details ‘Euphoria’ star’s alleged drug addiction)

This former Disney actress turned host who does a little bit of everything, thought she would land a ghost hunters type show super easy, but she is discovering not everyone is a fan. Apparently there was some behind the scenes drama from an executive's wife who holds a grudge against the actress for something that happened years ago. Vanessa Hudgens/”Dead Hot” (Vanessa Hudgens Explores Her 'Witchy Awakening' in New Documentary About Witchcraft)

The barely there celebrity offspring who has more money than sense sometimes, was a huge star f**ker which is how she ended up with the criminal. The cause of the breakup was not her cheating on him, but him cheating on her with the string of escorts he was running and sleeping with, one of whom killed a guy. Chloe Green/Jeremy “Hot Felon” Meeks (EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Green gives birth! Heiress is seen for first time since welcoming second child during outing to Loulou's with husband Manuele Thiella - while her mum Tina carries a pink rattle) ('Hot felon' Jeremy Meeks is releasing a memoir this fall... nearly seven years after his sexy mugshot went viral)

The celebrity CEO is like a puppy dog trying to get the attention of his one named ex. She is making him work for it, but they are going to end up back together. Elon Musk/Grimes (Grimes Reveals New Name of Daughter with Elon Musk, Shares Rare Photo of the 15-Month-Old)
(Grimes said she got a brain gadget for her birthday from a company competing with Elon Musk's Neuralink)

This alliterate permanent A list singer wanted to keep as much money for herself as possible which is why she has barely any backup dancers on her tour. She also lip synched the entire show to save money. Plus, she recycled old costumes to save money. Not worth your money. Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson Kicks Off Opening Night of Her 'Together Again Tour' in Florida With 40-Song Set)

This foreign born A list singer says her barely there celebrity ex, once tried to kill her when he wasted on some drug.

This A/A- list wrestler with the real name that had to be given a stage name, likes being forced to be a cuck and also enjoys when women walk on him in heels. One of his celebrity exes is known for telling all about his fetishes and what he wanted her to do to him.

Following up on a blind from yesterday, it turns out that the one named north of the border singer who would like to permanently end a race through genocide, is actually living in a home owned by the celebrity CEO and she has allowed him to start staying over when he wants. Grimes/Elon Musk (Grimes Responds To Complaints That She's Developing AI Instead Of Releasing Her Album) (Grimes said she got a brain gadget for her birthday from a company competing with Elon Musk's Neuralink)

This used to be a "couple" needed to get wasted out of their minds to even attempt a kiss that looked very uncomfortable and forced. It got people talking though, and that is always the idea with this pair. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello seen kissing at Coachella one year after breakup)

This foreign born A list tennis player doesn't want to play tennis any longer, but still wants all that endorsement money she owed. So, she found out another way to keep getting paid and drag out her return to the game for at least two years. By then, she hopes she will have made enough endorsement money to last her life. Naomi Osaka (Naomi Osaka Is Having A Baby. These Are The Pregnancy Products She Swears By.)

This B+ list actress still has A list name recognition and all of you know her. After decades of bad men in her life, she is now living with a woman.

This alliterate bar star stayed about five minutes at a Coachella party before demanding she be paid for being there. When she wasn't paid, she walked out. Everyone was glad to see her leave. Scheana Shay/”Vanderpump Rules” (Scheana Shay bares her abs in skimpy crop top and groovy coat at Coachella bash - after Raquel Leviss checked into mental health treatment facility)

This A- list actress and this A list actor are both from the same country. Everyone always wanted them to end up together. They are both with other people, but that was them being very touchy feely at a lunch earlier this week. Rachel McAdams/Ryan Gosling/Canada

The actress best friend of Coke Mom is sleeping with a married NFL coach. Debra Messing/Mariska Hargitay (Debra Messing talks her 14-year friendship with Mariska Hargitay: 'It was just instant love'); Angie Harmon (BLIND ITEM 08/31/16)

This closeted foreign born permanent A list athlete hooked up with someone from Grindr Friday night after getting wasted at a Coachella party. He didn't think the hookup recognized him. He was wrong.
Lewis Hamilton (Inside the Marc Jacobs and i-D Coachella Pool Party With Lewis Hamilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Enninful, Riccardo Tisci, Irina Shayk and Stella Maxwell)

This foreign born A- list actress had a huge movie franchise that made her famous. Most of her on set experiences since, have been awful. She is about to come forward and accuse a former co-star who is an A list actor of sexually assaulting her. Emma Watson/”Harry Potter”/Channing Tatum/"This Is the End" (“We were stepping in Emma’s tears”: Emma Watson Nearly Left ‘This is the End’ After Channing Tatum Got Drunk and High to Make Her Miserable)

This A list host/producer who recently left a gig, was texting friends all morning sharing clips of how bad his replacement is. Ryan Seacrest/“Live with Kelly and Ryan”/Mark Consuelos/“Live with Kelly and Mark” (Viewers pan Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos’ ‘brutal’ first ‘Live’ show together)

The tabloids might want this A+/A list actor to be with a foreign born A- list model, but she has a child so that is a big no. Plus, he hooked up with a 22 year old host all weekend from the Revolve House. Leonardo DiCaprio/Irina Shayk (Leonardo DiCaprio spotted with Bradley Cooper’s ex Irina Shayk at Coachella) (Revolve Festival Returns as More Intimate Affair, With City Girls and 21 Savage Taking the Stage)

This foreign born A- list actor from an acting family that all of you know, says he once was at a party with this married A list political person from a family of rich behind the scenes players/former convicts the whole world knows. This person was showing him a video of the political person whipping a male escort.

After settling a lawsuit for almost no actual money, and a bunch of promises that will never happen, the killer actor thought he could do the same thing with other family members. They are not biting though and our actor is going to pay out more money he will never get back. Alec Baldwin (Judge says Alec Baldwin settlement in fatal shooting sealed) (Alec Baldwin seeks to toss ‘misguided’ Halyna Hutchins lawsuit in shooting death)

The middle of the week streaming actress pushed her way to the front of a line of 100 people at the music festival this weekend. She essentially said she was too famous to stand in lines. Jenna Ortega/”Wednesday”/”Coachella” (Jenna Ortega Rocks White Daisy Dukes As She Hits Up Day 3 Of Coachella: Photos)

This married business reality star has been hooking up with a flight attendant he employs.

This foreign born former A list rapper who loves killers/rapist and pedophiles in equal parts, can say whatever she wants, but she didn't get a dime when her catalog was sold. Nicki Minaj (Birdman Reveals He Gave Lil Wayne $500 Million USD When He Struck a Deal With Universal)

The marijuana feline had been doing so much better, but she is fully back mixing coke and pills and booze and is out of control. Doja Cat (Doja Cat taunts trolls over 'demonic' monster tattoo in foul-mouthed tirade: 'Satan said thanks for all the buzz!')

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **10**
The permanent A list legendary singer is off to a rocky start on her tour and is going to smaller venues for later dates, in an attempt to get more sellouts. Janet Jackson (Sheinelle Jones enjoys 'magical' moment as one of Janet Jackson’s backup dancers)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **11**
This dancing reality star/host has a great sob story. Apparently she was cheating on her beloved significant other though. Amanda Kloots/”Dancing With the Stars”/”The Talk”/Nick Cordero (Amanda Kloots Is Gearing Up For Son’s Grief Of His Dad’s Passing)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **12**
Speaking of hosts/reality stars who are married, this particular host/reality star got his start in the business in an entirely different way. He has hooked up with multiple participants of the show he hosts.

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **13**
The wealthy farmer has some explaining to do with the latest revelation of where he donated $80M to and how he didn't have anything to do with the dead billionaire pedophile. Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein (Fact Check: Did Bill Gates Visit Epstein Island 37 Times?)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **14**
Banned: If you are 16-25 on the clock app and are female, and do dance videos and have a decent following, chances are one of three women have reached out to you to discuss partnerships and the opportunity to make millions. The three women each have close to or more than 1M followers on the app and always look so happy in their videos. They have this perfect life and are always traveling and have lots of people they partner with for each video. It all looks so perfect and amazing and the newcomer thinks this will be their life too. Plus, to do what they want and live their dreams? Priceless. The reality is far different from the dream. Once signing on, they are forced to work 12 hours every day either rehearsing or creating content. They are assigned boyfriends because couples sell better they are told. The travel is just to places in a van or car and staying in motel rooms with three others. You are under constant pressure to sleep with the more famous members and if you don't, then you don't get to appear in videos and no one will do partner videos with you. The money? You are lucky to get $200 a week because of all the expenses taken out of any money you earned. Meanwhile, the big names and the leaders of this cult live in mansions and drive expensive cars. If you complain too much, you are fired. Thinking you can do your own thing again, you realize the power this cult has with the clock app. They report every video you make with the goal of getting you permanently banned. Pictures and videos of you in compromising positions or naked or having sex, show up in your email. Most of the victims come back and then give in and do what they are told and then become recruiters themselves. The more victims you get, the more money you make. It is a pyramid scheme of victims.
“7M Films” (Dancers Sue 7M Films Claiming Owner Runs a ‘Cult’)

The benefactor of this cold flavor rapper is the reason she is getting a piece of paper. No one at the organization where she is getting the piece of paper has even heard of her. It was a very large donation. Ice Spice/”Honorary Doctorate” from “Wharton Marketing Department” (Ice Spice to Receive Honorary Doctorate From Wharton Marketing Department)

If anyone blinks first, it is not going to be the movie about the doll. The studio thinks it will beat its competition by about a factor of four and will make no less and no more even if the other movie being released that day, stays in place. “Barbie”/”Oppenheimer” (Men Still Don’t Get That Women Can Be Barbie Girls and Nolan Bros. We’re Complex!)

A documentary was being made at the desert festival, by one of the headliners. He apparently wants to make it look like everything that happened was the organization's fault and not his own, to show how big business never sees an artist's true vision. “Coachella 2023”/Frank Ocean (Frank Ocean leaves fans stunned and angry after bizarre Coachella headlining performance)

The prime minister actor has more, even more serious accusations headed his way. He is probably going to end up on a several year time out because of all of this. Jonathan Majors (Everything Jonathan Majors Has Been Dropped From) (The Jonathan Majors Fallout Has Begun)

This foreign born alliterate A- list actor all of you love because of an old television show on which he starred, admitted he cheated on his wife and the long time ex-girlfriend before his wife. Joshua Jackson/”Dawson’s Creek”/Jodie Turner-Smith/Diane Kruger (Joshua Jackson on Fatal Attraction: ‘I think an affair can be forgiven’)

The almost lottery winner rapper knows she can't draw a decent crowd, which is why she is an opening act. I'm not sure she is doing herself any favors by making it look like she had a huge crowd in social media photos. Anyone who was there in person, knew she didn't. Latto/”Coachella 2023” ('Never photoshopped a crowd lmao': Latto denies altering photos from Coachella outing to enhance size of audience)

The powers that be at a beauty company, have been editing all the videos starring the A list singer/soon to be big time movie actress. They are editing the videos to make it appear she is bigger. It gives the video a very strange feel. They should just deep fake the whole thing or even use a different model, because right now it is just strange. “R.E.M. Beauty”/“Ulta Beauty”/Ariana Grande/”Wicked” (Ariana Grande Talks ‘Wicked’ & Leaked Demos During R.E.M. Beauty Makeup Tutorial)

Speaking of strange, this A list director who is supposedly on a farewell tour, recently partied like he was still working at a video store in the 90's. Instead it was a theatre dressing room and it looked like a bomb went off with the liquor bottles and vomit and various party residue that needed a professional cleaning crew. Quentin Tarantino (The video rental store where Quentin Tarantino began his career) (Quentin Tarantino attends the presentation of the book "Cinema Speculation" on April 07, 2023 in Milan, Italy)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: This one happened in the early 2000’s. The driver was assigned to drive the mother of the permanent A-list basketball star (Shaquille O’Neal) to his wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Since he was driving the star’s mother, he got to park in the coveted spot closest to the entrance.  The driver waited there and watched the scores of celebrities from the sports and entertainment world arriving. The big controversy was that the other permanent A-list teammate (Kobe Bryant) (now deceased) was not invited. That wasn’t the only controversy. A dark blue vintage Rolls Royce arrived. Three women dressed in long black dresses and head scarves were inside the car along with the notorious A-list religious figure (Louis Farrakhan) from Chicago. He was there to perform the ceremony. He exited the Rolls and was dressed in a tux with tails and a top hat. He even had a cane with a diamond studded handle. The preacher pranced into the hotel like a peacock.
A-list basketball star: Shaquille O’Neal
A-list teammate (now deceased): Kobe Bryant
Notorious A-list religious figure: Louis Farrakhan
(Shaquille O'Neal and Shaunie Nelson's Marriage Sadly Ended With Infidelity: A Timeline of Their Relationship) (Shaq–Kobe feud) (Shaq's Apology Not Good Enough)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **10**
Reader Blind: This teenage Grammy winning/nominated former Disney star and this K-pop girl group member who is going to be in streaming show, were seen dancing very close to each other at an after party. There were even reports they were making out.

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **11**
With the new gig of this former A+ list actor, hookers in town have big paydays headed their way. Also, the former actress turned reality star doesn't have to worry about heading back to Housewives. Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Charlie Sheen Reunites With Chuck Lorre, Joins Max Comedy Series ‘How To Be A Bookie’) (Why 'RHOBH' Fans Are Hopeful For a Denise Richards Return)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **12**
This A+ list TikTok star convinced all of her followers she was at Coachella, but she was just at parties in the desert. She actually couldn't afford the VIP ticket prices. When her fans started asking her to prove she was there, she ended up sleeping with a guy and the last day had a VIP bracelet he gave her before he headed out of town. Olivia Ponton (coachella with my all time favorite)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **13**
This former Supernatural actor, who has never been a blind, which is shocking, considering everything in past, is cheating on his long time wife.

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/18 **14**
The Buzz: This actor has been A+ list. All of you know who he is. The whole world knows who he is. He has had difficulties over the years, but nothing compares to the storm that is emerging behind the scenes. No one, including the actor knows for sure if he ever was involved with this murdered teen (“Vatican Girl” Emanuela Orlandi). However, he was around enough of other teens at the same time the murdered teen was there. Our actor was having sex with these teens and women in their early 20's. Our actor was a huge supporter of this massive untaxed organization (“Roman Catholic Church“), not named Scientology. He had just reached A list status and was just on fire career wise. The leader of the organization  (Pope John Paul II) invited him to a special audience. Afterwards, and whenever the actor returned over the next couple of years, he would partake in what were known as purity parties. It was a way for the leaders of the organization to appear pure to the world, while having their sexual needs and wants and fetishes fulfilled. Women of the organization were forced to participate. Sometimes things got out of hand and accidents happened. One of those is in the news a lot over the past two weeks. Our actor had no involvement in that accident, but no one wants him associated with being there at that time and are hoping this all stays completely secret, so he can continue to pretend he was never present at any of the purity parties
. “Vatican Girl” Emanuela Orlandi/”Roman Catholic Church”/Pope John Paul II (Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi) (Pope Francis slams ‘offensive and baseless’ insinuations about John Paul II and missing girl) (Arnold Schwarzenegger (Just 1 Percent)) (The story of how Martin Sheen convinced the Pope to condemn Gulf War shows the power of faith)

This state A++ lister was invited to the birthday party of a preschooler. I guess when you are the alliterate one though and think there might be an appointment coming your way, you do such a thing. Gavin Newsom/Archie’s 4th birthday/Meghan Markle (Meghan tipped to invite 'famous faces' to Archie's birthday bash on Coronation weekend)

Somewhere out there, the alliterate talk show host is having a great laugh. Her serial cheating/serial stealing ex broke up with his mistress. She was spending too much of his ill gotten gains. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter/Sharina Hudson (Wendy Williams’ ex Kevin Hunter’s ‘mistress’ Sharina shares rare video of daughter Journee, 4, after love child scandal)

So, what the autopsy report basically says is that the manager of the now dead singer was the one who was pill shopping for the singer and then supplying the singer with the drugs that killed him. Criminal charges anyone? Some for the one doctor who couldn't write enough prescriptions. Aaron Carter/Taylor Helgeson (Aaron Carter’s Manager Goes OFF On ‘Disgruntled Ex-GF’ Melanie Martin) (Doctors issue warning over 'huffing' aerosol canisters after Aaron Carter's autopsy revealed pop star was high on cleaning chemical when he drowned in his bathtub)

This A- list actress who was recently dumped from a superhero franchise is the mistress of a married billionaire. Amber Heard/”Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom” (WB-Discovery CEO David Zaslav Reportedly Saddened After Seeing Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2, Likely To Order Reshoots) (Aquaman: 6 Actresses who could replace Amber Heard as Mera) (Amber Heard Past Secret Sex Parties With Billionaires Revealed)

This former actor turned B+ list singer pimps out his wife to pay the bills every month. Ray J/Princess Love (Princess Love Says She’s Been Intimate W. Women Along Ray J To Make Him Happy); Marques Houston/Miya Dickey (Marques Houston, 41, says women his age often come with 'baggage and kids' and that is why he married a TEENAGER three years ago)

The amount of money this Housewife is getting for her new gig is minimal and was the result of her benefactor (Michael Gaughan) (“South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa“) who I have spoken about here before. She is hoping to make lots of money by selling meet and greet packages. If she can get a few suckers each night she can double or triple what the place is paying her. Erika Jayne Girardi/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” singing residency (Michael Gaughan/”South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa”) (Move over Adele! RHOBH's Erika Jayne announces Las Vegas residency - as cash-strapped star heads to Sin City for raunchy show amid money woes) (South Point owner Michael Gaughan still going strong in Las Vegas) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/07/21)

This movie studio is also photoshopping photos of the A list singer turned actress to make her appear larger in publicity stills from the set of the movie she is filming. Ariana Grande/”Wicked” (See Ariana Grande in Full Glinda The Good Witch Costume on 'Wicked' Set: Photo) (Ariana Grande addresses ‘concerns’ that she looks ‘thin’ in new pics)

This pro sports league wants no part of a bid (Brian Davis) presented for the purchase of the team. They know the money is coming from the government of a country as they try and get a foothold in another professional sport. “NFL“/Brian Davis/“Washington Commanders”/Saudi Arabia/”PGA LIV Golf” (Where is Brian Davis’ $7B Commanders Bid Coming From?) (Washington Commanders Sale: The NFL has reviewed the Josh Harris group’s bid and there are no major issues) (PGA Tour Seeks Dismissal of Saudi Arabia Sovereign Fund Appeal)

This morning show duo are sending out press leaks by the dozen to try and change the narrative about their hosting skills. Probably not thinking through any end game, they have now made it so when there is a firing, it will be both of them, rather than just one. Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos continue cringey ‘Live’ PDA: ‘I’m so tight’)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **10**
Apparently the bar stars who share the same first name have been involved in multiple threesomes. Yes, including the girlfriend who has been in the news a lot as of late. Tom Sandoval/Tom Schwartz/Raquel Leviss/”Vanderpump Rules” (Lala Kent: ‘Sick’ Tom Sandoval got off on Raquel Leviss kissing Tom Schwartz)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **11**
This permanent A list model/reality star/host slept with the heir apparent to a massive fortune (David A. Siegel) which was built on the timeshare model (“Westgate Resorts“). She managed to get a massive payday/new job as a result of the liaison. Tyra Banks/”Westgate Resorts” (David Siegel’s childen) (Inside Queen of Versailles’ $100M mansion as Jackie Siegel reveals most expensive part of house and when she’ll move in) (Lawsuit over Jackie Siegel’s sexual harassment allegation settled before trial begins)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **12**
The most recent life event of this married A- list actress was the result of a hookup with her lover. Her cuck husband was not present, but he usually is.

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **13**
Speaking of crazy sex, this former southern reality star on a show that manages to exist without her, says the owner of a defense contracting company in her west coast town likes to be whipped, especially on his genital area. She has done it to him and several other women have too. Is this something an owner of a huge defense contractor should be doing? Does it make him susceptible to extortion? Landon Clements/”Southern Charm” (Landon Clements Has Been Busy with Her Real Estate Career Since She Left 'Southern Charm') (Landon Clements Says Kathryn Dennis Is ‘1,000 Percent’ to Blame for ‘Southern Charm’ Stars Exits: She ‘Manipulates’ Everything)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/19 **14**
Alt Accounts: This A list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee. She is also trying to game play a way to an EGOT within the next few years. She is also the actress with the most alt accounts that she uses to troll people she doesn't like and to boost her own projects. By some estimations, she has about 10-15 alt accounts on each social media platform. She has developed back stories for each account and has names and histories for each of the accounts. These are not just nameless and faceless one time troll accounts. These are fully developed characters. Just to make sure she doesn't actually forget to sign out of an account, there are different phones assigned to each account. Just like the characters, each phone is different. Some are Android and some are iPhones. She even has one phone that is a flip phone that has internet access. She even goes so far as to give them different cases and downloads different apps on each. The only thing that makes them similar is they all have a sticker on the back with the name of the person on it. The only reason the stickers are on the phone is because her assistants don't know them all by heart. Our actress knows them all without stickers. Maybe this is why she is such a great actress
? Jessica Chastain (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/27/23)

What better way to pay for your wrongful death settlements and legal bills, than a reality show to make money and exploit the deaths. The wife of the killer actor is living her best life. Wait until she goes and promotes it all and we get to hear the Spanish accent every day. Alec and Hilaria Baldwin (Alec Baldwin Says He 'Owes Everything' to Wife Hilaria and His Lawyer After 'Rust' Charges Dropped)

I am grateful there are very few stans of the north of the border former A list singer and the foreign born alliterate singer. No one buys it as real and there are no paps who care enough to follow them around. But hey, if you have a new song to promote, than you do it. Do either of them have a new song to promote? Oh, look, yes there is. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Fully Back Together After Coachella Hookup)

This former cable actress turned take whatever project she can regardless of whether it is even watchable, is staying sober. Who knows, maybe being with the biggest jerk of '07 is turning out better than anyone thought it would. Ashley Benson/Brandon “Greasy Bear” Davis (Ashley Benson sweetly reaches for boyfriend Brandon Davis' hand as they run errands together in West Hollywood) (Brandon Davis: 5 Things To Know About The Oil Heir Reportedly Dating Ashley Benson)

Is it any shocker that the child p**n enabling A- list actress supports the accused serial abuser prime minister actor. Tiffany Haddish/Jonathan Majors (Tiffany Haddish Faces Backlash After Defending Accused Assaulter Jonathan Majors In Now-Deleted Tweet)

In a pairing I did not see happening, this A list music manager all of you know has been hooking up with this much much younger singer offspring of at least one A lister.  Scooter Braun/Noah Cyrus/Miley Cyrus

The corrupt award organization who managed to make it back on television this year because they said they have changed. Umm, then why the big birthday tribute to the serial rapist actor from an acting family? Isn't that what got you thrown off the air in the first place? “Golden Globe Awards”/James Franco (birthday April 19) (Golden Globes return to television in 2023: List of winners and nominees) (Why People Are Calling Out James Franco After the Golden Globes)

This celebrity chef who is not on Food Network, but is on a "free" channel has a coke problem that is out of control.

This disgraced cable host who had to move to a new channel says the woman he hooks up with once a week at her place is much better in bed than his wife. Chris Cuomo (Megyn Kelly slams Chris Cuomo’s ‘self-help’ podcast: ‘Vagina candles next?’)

The singer had a week to figure out how to perform on his "broken" bone. Many options were offered and all would have kept him off his bone. He chose not to. Frank Ocean/”Coachella 2023” (Frank Ocean cancels Coachella Weekend 2 performance due to leg injury: 'I'll see you soon')

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **10**
This B- list former streaming reality star tried to kill himself. He wanted to do it while live streaming but forgot to turn on the camera. Bear Brown/”Alaskan Bush People” (Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown rushed to hospital emergency room after he’s ‘stabbed’)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **11**
The meme actor was across the country from this reality star and doing what he always does. Partying and find a one night hookup. Sounds just like the ex of the reality star, so the meme actor will fit right in. Timothée Chalamet/Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott (Timothée Chalamet slams into, breaks camera on streets of NYC) (Kylie Jenner Is Seeing Timothée Chalamet 'Every Week' but Wants a Relationship 'Without Any Pressure')

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **12**
This A- list actress comes from an acting family, but she will never be the biggest name in the family. She yelled at her stylist on the phone with language one wouldn't expect from someone who was sitting next to people she didn't even know. The stylist is apparently an idiot and lucky to have a job. Emma Roberts (Fans Are Saying Emma Roberts Is ‘The Queen Of Coachella’ In A Lacy White Prada Dress)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **13**
Speaking of stylists, this female stylist is sleeping with a member of an all female A list K-pop group.

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **14**
Once Was Enough: This long time reality star once killed a guy who was trying to rob him. That is the version of the reality star. He said he was acting in self defense. If he was acting in self defense, why didn't he go to police and report it? He will tell you because it was a drug deal gone bad and he didn't think the police would believe him. They would believe him. They always cover for him until everything goes really bad and things get out of hand. Even recently, if you look at the actual document, nothing really happened to him. That was very much intentional on the part of those who have known him the longest. What really happened when he killed the guy was he wanted to see what it was like. He had come close several times before, but wanted to see what happened. Was it different than when he killed animals up close? He just wanted to see. When he got away with it and no one came looking at him for the killing, he decided not to press his luck and try again. Even he is not that dumb. That being said, could he kill again? Yes. I think there are certain people he would love to kill.

This former late night actress has been in this space before for her hijacking of comedy rooms. Last Saturday she just showed up without alerting anyone beforehand she was coming. She did 45 minutes in BOTH The Main Room and Original Room and just casually goes by the booker and says “sorry I went long” and then orders the parking lot guy to get her car like he’s her servant. Leslie Jones/”SNL” (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/18/22)

This misspelled helper in a gym A/A- list singer sold her soul for a career. She works with the business manager who ruins lives. As a condition of working with the business manager, the singer can never say an unkind word about her business manager or anything the business manager has ever done. That can make for some very awkward interviews when old clients of the business manager are brought up and you say you can't talk about things like you have a top secret security clearance and someone asked you about nuclear secrets. Instead, you are a singer who sings some really forgettable songs and wants to be much more famous and important than you ever will be. Meghan Trainor/Lou Taylor (Lou Taylor is Meghan’s business manager. We know who those “family friends” are sweetie and we don’t like her, we don’t trust her, we don’t want her.) (Meghan Trainor Reveals She Suffered PTSD After Son's Terrifying Birth in New Book (Exclusive))

Apparently this foreign born B- list actor had some very strict prohibitions on what he could and could not do in his last relationship. With those out of the way, he got hammered drunk with friends at a bar, which was not allowed before. Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift's Ex Joe Alwyn Spotted in London, First Sighting Since Breakup) (Taylor Swift's Brother and Friends Appear to Unfollow Joe Alwyn as He's Photographed First Time Post-Split) (Taylor Swift gets the squad back together, hangs with Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and Haim after Joe Alwyn split)

This A list model/host/producer/everything else, was unlike most reality show producers. She wanted the most unstable contestants to return time and time again because she thought it made for better television. Tyra Banks/”America’s Next Top Model” (America's Next Top Model winner Lisa D'Amato RIPS Tyra Banks over toxic environment on series ... and says Banks blocked her on social media)

The bar star with the new boyfriend? Go ask the boyfriend, not the girlfriend, when they first started hooking up and hanging out. Everyone was in on the coverup. Ariana Madix/“Vanderpump Rules”/Daniel Wai ('Vanderpump Rules' Star Ariana Madix and Daniel Wai Have Been Casually Dating For A Month (Exclusive))

This foreign born B+ list actress has a personal photographer and a dozen changes of clothes for everyday she is with her much much higher on the list singer significant other. She tries and makes as much content with him as possible to boost her career. It has to be exhausting. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (When In Rome: Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Holiday Album Sealed With A Kiss) (Priyanka Chopra Wore the Springiest Two-Piece Set During a Roman Day Date With Nick Jonas)

You might not be able to take pictures inside this private club in LA. However, that doesn't mean people don't talk and this barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister was making out with her sometime girlfriend who is an A list actress. The boyfriend of the barely there celebrity doesn't mind at all, but her parents do. “San Vicente Bungalows”/Kaia Gerber/Cindy Crawford/Camila Morrone/Austin Butler/Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber (Kaia Gerber cuts an elegant figure in a silky black midi dress and longline coat as she dines in West Hollywood) (Who says three's a crowd? Kaia Gerber and Camila Morrone hold hands as they head out to a gig with Austin Butler) (The San Vicente Bungalows: Hollywood’s New Clubhouse)

Have plans for running for statewide office? Want an inside track to winning your primary which will get you the election? Make some donors happy and make sure all those criminal charges go away. Voila, all the charges go away. Back in the day when the billionaire was living in the state, he had enough power to not even have the charges filed in the first place. New Mexico/“Rust” charges against Alec Baldwin dropped/Jeffrey Epstein ('Rust' shooting charges against Alec Baldwin formally dropped in New Mexico, prosecutors cite 'new facts') (Jeffrey Epstein Sent Girl to Governor and Senator for Sex, She Testified)

I really like this barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister a lot. Still though, someone should have told her you don't get your lips filled for the very first time, right before a life event and lots of photos. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie (Sofia Richie Celebrates Day 1 of Her Wedding Weekend with 'a Little Pool Hang' with Friends)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **10**
This foreign born former A+ list comic actor has been hitting really hard on this Disney actress/singer who is legal but is almost two decades younger than his youngest kid. Jim Carrey/Jenna Ortega (20 years old)/Jane Erin Carrey (35 years old)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **11**
I suppose this rapper turned A- list actress will go to her grave without ever coming out. Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah Cheers on the Sidelines in Fear of God Sweatsuit & Dior Sneakers at Clippers Game With Partner Eboni Nichols)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **12**
This B+ list actress I used to refer to as also having A+ list name recognition. That just isn't true any longer which is why she is throwing a whole bunch of money into rounds of publicity this month. She is getting the love and attention, but it remains to be seen if it leads to anything. Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes Tells Drew Barrymore Her Producing Career 'Gives Me Confidence': 'Women Can Do That') (Katie Holmes Stands By Her Viral Dress-Over-Jeans Outfit She Wore to Jingle Ball: 'I Felt Cool')

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **13**
This foreign born A list director told his celebrity significant other if she didn't get a breast lift and go up a size, he would leave her. So, she did. Martin McDonagh /Phoebe Waller Bridge (Phoebe Waller-Bridge during the arrivals for the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 12, 2020) (Phoebe Waller-Bridge is seen on March 12, 2023)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **14**
Four For Friday - Lindsay Lohan Award Nominees : As one of the greatest celebrity thieves, it is fitting that any discussion of other celebrity thieves have them competing for the Lindsay Lohan award.
#1 - This actress was probably A- list at her peak. She then married a director and rarely worked again. If you are a designer and lend her a dress, you will never get it back. The designers know this going in, but are afraid to say no to her. Kate Capshaw/Steven Spielberg
#2 - This three named actor (not named Billy Bob Thornton) is probably still A- list, although he seems to be fading. His game involves going to gold dealers, usually at conventions, not at stores, and asking to see lots of different gold coins at once. Normally, they would be more careful, but they all know his face, and for some reason trust him. He is rarely caught, and when he is, the dealers are afraid to say anything, because of who he is. James Earl Jones (James Earl Jones Coin Collecting Video on New PNG YouTube Channel)
#3 - I am on the fence about whether this constitutes theft or just a strange fetish, but this married A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee always steals bras and panties from his actress co-stars. I have zero idea what he does with them, but everyone knows he is going to do it. After word got around, actresses usually just leave a set out so he doesn't go digging through all their stuff.
#4 - Back in the day I wrote about this now A+ list actress and her stealing shoes scam. It operated in a very similar fashion to the gold coins one above. There is an actress who has improved upon the grift and is a master at her craft. She is someone all of you know and has multiple children. When each child is looking and trying on several pairs of shoes, there is no one that can keep up with that. Throw in some bodyguards and often customers trying to take a look, and several empty shopping bags with the names of other stores, and the store is robbed blind. Again, no one ever says anything. They just all think it will not be worth their while
. Angelina Jolie (Jolie Pitt kids hit the streets wearing Stride Rite)

I love how the wife of the permanent A- list rock star a-hole makes it seem like the one named permanent A+ lister just randomly decided to feature the product the wife sells. The reason why it was featured was because of the well into six figures ad buy the wife did. Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx/”Bouquet Box”/”Oprah's Favorite Things for Mother's Day!” (The O List: Mother’s Day Edition)

Whatever this A- list actress continues to go through with her on again off again horrible boyfriend, she still has the bodyguard living at her house. That should show everyone the relationship with the rocker is more for sex and publicity than anything permanent. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (EXCLUSIVE: Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are BACK ON! Couple rekindle romance on a 'healing' holiday in Hawaii after she ditched engagement ring amid split rumors: 'They're more connected than ever')

The child killer must have a lot of customers willing to pay for her services to afford all the plastic surgery she had in the past year and the vacations and the new car she has too. Casey Anthony (Defense Attorney Admits Casey Anthony Killed Her Daughter, Investigator Says) (Where Is Casey Anthony Now In 2023? What Caylee Anthony's Mother Is Doing After Prison) (Casey Anthony Continues Her Disney Adventure, Browses Kids' Toys)

If you get a chance this weekend, look out for a short film (“The Recruit”) that is being released. It is all about the cult ("Odyssey Study Group") that uses a temporary work agency to recruit members. Yes, it is the same cult that the A list actor's (Adam Driver) wife (Joanne Tucker) and mother-in-law (Cynthia May) belong to. Everyone should ask him about it and if he has seen the short film. “The Recruit”/"Odyssey Study Group"/Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker/Cynthia May (BLIND ITEM 08/02/22)

The not quite a lottery winner rapper just can't get enough attention for her music, so she tried the fake gun thing and now she is trying to go after other rappers by calling them out in verses for attention. It is pathetic which is probably why the blackjack winner rapper is going to dump her. Latto/21 Savage (Coi Leray Slams Latto For Dragging Her Into Alleged Nicki Minaj Beef)

I'm not sure why this former A+/A list NFL player doesn't just come completely out of the closet. We all know he wants to.

The lawyer for the Prime Minister is working overtime for him and also made sure she got a credit card and a hefty deposit. There will be no repeat of the Housewife disaster. Priya Chaudhry/Jonathan Majors/Jen Shah/”Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" (Jonathan Majors's attorney claims he was the victim in domestic violence case, submits 'irrefutable evidence') (RHOSLC’s Jen Shah dropped by her lawyer for ‘not paying for services’ as star’s prison sentence is reduced by a year)

Speaking of out of the closet, this A list country singer is going to be exposed very soon for something that happened with a boyfriend/hookup. Kenny Chesney

I have written before in this space about the A+ list singer and her paying for play in streams and to set records. Apparently, this holds true for plays on social media too. Those bot armies are working overtime to make sure videos of the singer show up often in your feed whether you want them to or not. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Angers Everyone With Pay-for-Play Ticket Scheme) (A history of Taylor Swift’s odd, conflicting stances on streaming services) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/11/22)

This A- list comic actress/child p**n lover/admitted sex trafficker who also engages in domestic violence and assaults is somehow still not facing any repercussions for her actions. How is that possible? Tiffany Haddish (Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears are accused of child abuse in a lawsuit) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/28/22)

In case anyone forgot, the hard to spell model is once again reminding everyone she kissed the former boy bander and once again apologized to the actress/director. Until she can find someone even more notable to trick into kissing her on camera, this will probably be an ongoing theme for the next few months. Anything and everything to distract from questions about what she knew about her sex predator husband/baby daddy. Emily Ratajkowski/Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde/Sebastian Bear-McClard (Emily Ratajkowski Reacts to Her Harry Styles Kissing Photos Going Viral) (Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily Ratajkowski’s Estranged Husband and ‘Uncut Gems’ Producer, Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Multiple Women) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/31/23)

The house of cards has always been close to toppling. The only thing that has saved it over the years is the money that comes from being a Housewife. Now, it looks like there won't be that salary or the easy money that comes with it. The east coaster knows it and it is all going to collapse into a world of lawsuits and bankruptcies.  Joe & Melissa Gorga/”Real Housewives of New Jersey” (Everything to Know About Melissa Gorga's New House and the Homes It Replaced) (Margaret Josephs Says Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Need a “Big Pause”)

Things are getting more serious between this married foreign born A list actor and the girlfriend he used to only see every two to three weeks for a few days at a time. Now, he plans on seeing her much more as he bought a place near her.

Once again, the meme actor was all over yet another person who is not the reality star with the side gig. Timothée Chalamet/Kylie Jenner (Timothee Chalamet looks sharp in a suit while filming a Chanel ad with Martin Scorcese on a rainy subway platform in Astoria, New York)

The barely barely there celebrity ex of a dead singer is having to yacht on an almost daily basis to pay the bills and feed that habit. Melanie Martin/Aaron Carter

Despite being thin as can be, this former A- list singer/bad actress/former serial adulteress continues to take the shot twice as often as recommended
. Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson Appears Thinner Than Ever: Pals 'Extremely Worried' Her Weight Loss Has Gone Too Far)

This A list country singer still made his money last night and the venue made a bunch of money too. The promoter lost out and the fans. Oh, and the singer was out of the place at least an hour before the announcement was made. Morgan Wallen (Morgan Wallen cancels second night of “One Thing at a Time Tour,” in Oxford)

Another day, another tournament fixed to favor a particular outcome. All the teams involved play in the foreign league you all know (although the tournament like most in the sport is separate from the league) and two have a bitter rivalry. One of the losing teams is seen as an underdog given their more recent ascendancy as opposed to their opponents. These opponents have been A++ for at least three decades, although have arguably slipped to A+ in recent years. Regardless, they will always be permanent A list based on the game changing success they experienced a while back (something which their rivals may emulate this season). The losers have had a good season and in fact they beat their opponents on the road, early in the campaign. They got paid very handsomely to throw their chance at a trophy and ensure that the final the league wanted to happen, did. “Man United Man City FA”/Sevilla FC”/“Manchester United F.C.” (Sevilla send Manchester United skidding out of Europa League)

The former wheelchair actor was really disappointed he didn't get to hook up with this 19 year old a week earlier when she was 18. Drake/Millie Bobbie Brown

This married B+ list celebrity all of you know is actually cheating on her much much higher on the list husband. I did not see this one coming.

The citrus anchor has already been offered a job with his old colleague who is on a different channel. The citrus anchor wants to party all summer though before even thinking about starting a new job. If he parties all summer without having to work, it is much more likely than not, that at some point in time, he will spend at least one night in jail. Don Lemon/Chris Cuomo/”NewsNation” (Don Lemon Ousted From CNN in Move That Left Him ‘Stunned’) (NewsNation Interested in Both Don Lemon & Tucker Carlson After Firings)

Law enforcement is focused on whether the former late night actor was having sex in his car when it was involved in an accident. Pete Davidson/”SNL” (Pete Davidson could still face charges for crashing car into Beverly Hills home: report)

With all the talk about news anchors today, a story has resurfaced that first appeared at the early stages of the pandemic. I assume it was swallowed in a sea of pandemic news, and no one discussed that this long time morning anchor who is moving to primetime appeared to actually subtly come out when she was asked about long time rumors involving herself and her long time friend. Gayle King/Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey Enjoys Italian Wellness Retreat with Gayle King, Ava DuVernay: 'Cheers to Better Health') (Gayle King And Charles Barkley Land Weekly CNN Show ‘King Charles’)

And keeping with the anchor theme, the CEO of one of the cable news channels is hooking up with one of the female anchors.

"Make this one look like a watch advertisement." It is direction like that when it comes to family photos that no one ever believes the relationship between the A list singer solo and in a group and his foreign born actress wife is real. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (Much Like Nick Jonas, We're Drooling Over Priyanka Chopra’s Mesmerizing Green Ensemble)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **10**
This A list comic actor has not been working as much as of late. He slipped in his long term sobriety last year and decided it is more important than working.

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **11**
This one named A list rapper/writer/sometime actor is being questioned about some of the activities he was involved in with his actress ex. Was he involved in illegal behavior with her? Common/Tiffany Haddish (Jokes or Shade? Tiffany Haddish Called Out For Comments About Common And Jennifer Hudson, Confirms New Bitcoin Boo)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **12**
I'm sure lots and lots of people have this A+ list singer as the home and lock screen on their phone. This A/A- list actress/superhero/Oscar winner/nominee has one too, of the two of them together. For the longest time it rotated between a pet and an outdoor shot and something from Europe. Then, within the past week, it is them. Just interesting coincidence. Taylor Swift/Brie Larson (Brie Larson Invokes Taylor Swift In Her Latest Marvel-ous Workout Post)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **13**
This former A+ list actor/porn star lover is chatting back and forth with the celebrity CEO. I can't wait until the actor takes him out one night. That should end well. Charlie Sheen/Elon Musk (Charlie Sheen begs Elon Musk to return his blue Twitter checkmark)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **14**
Stateside Bani: With all the travel restrictions put in place during the pandemic, it accelerated a trend that was already taking place in European yachting. There will always be demand for actresses that are popular to go overseas and yacht. This is true of the very very high popularity celebrities from the US and Canada. There is a whole other world when it comes to celebrities from Mexico and Central and South America and yachting. Lower end reality stars who used to make a ton of money being flown over to Dubai and the Med have been replaced by reality stars from shows in those countries and that region. They will never be getting the $25K flights on Emirates any longer. Now, they get flights on Southwest and a weekend if they are lucky at a Ritz Carlton and some shopping and maybe $5K for a weekend. Also, to make a decent living, you need to do it every single weekend. For the longest time, this reality star/sometime porn star ran a few reality stars, but drugs and fighting and unprofessional behavior and trying to steal clients made things awful. Fast forward to last year around this time, and one of the stars of this sister wife type show that is not the one with all the drama right now, and two people from that 90 day show got together and started recruiting women they met at conventions and through Insta and asked whether they would like to make some money. They were pretty upfront about it. They focused on shows where sex and hookups were fairly common. There are no reality stars involved who are above B+ list in this, but because of the organization and the email collections at conventions, they are doing really well, and the stars are making $100K-$200K a year tax free and still get to try and go to parties and conventions and whatever else they can to stay famous. The vast majority of the women come from dating shows. There are two that were on the network dating show, but most come from shows like Married At First Sight and some streaming dating shows and of course some from the 90 day shows
. (The Celebrity Sex Broker - Part One/Part Two/Part Three/Part Four/Part Five) (SUPER BLIND ITEM 02/23/15) (Bani Is In Town 01/08/16) (SUPER BLIND ITEM 01/08/16)

This A list rapper turned actor/producer is trying to block some recordings and texts that a former lover is trying to sell, who himself is also a former rapper, now on hard times. 50 Cent/Young Buck (Young Buck Says 50 Cent Forced Him into Bankruptcy)

It might finally be time to cut back on the coke binges for this late night talk show host. The temper fuse gets shorter and shorter each year. He is going to anger himself out of a job. Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live” (Andy Cohen Says 'Hate' Between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga at 'RHONJ' Reunion Nearly Drove Him to Walk Off)

The Formula One driver knows he is not in a relationship with the A+ list singer, but it doesn't mean he isn't going to take advantage of the publicity to nab a few high dollar sponsors, which he has done. Fernando Alonso/Taylor Swift (F1 driver Fernando Alonso adds fuel to Taylor Swift dating rumors)

Those strange roleplaying sex games that the one named north of the border singer said she had to play with the celebrity CEO makes a lot more sense today. Same with what the flowering financial institution has said about his kinks. Grimes/Elon Musk/Azealia Banks

Speaking of the celebrity CEO, wait until some town leaders get busted by the FBI for taking kickback money and they tell them where it came from and what it went towards. The only reason the government contracts had not been pulled before was because there was success. The feds were willing to overlook a lot of things. With failure comes reckoning. Do you think they will find the tunnels? Elon Musk/Snailbrook, Texas/”The Boring Company” (Elon Musk Plans to Build His Own Texas Town) (Boring Company cited for 3 more TCEQ violations at Bastrop facility)

Even with using my fingers and toes to do math, I know there is something completely wrong about the pregnancy timeline that this foreign born A- list scar actor provided. People were already looking for any kind of excuse to go after his significant other. This is just going to add fuel to the fire. Daniel Radcliffe/”Harry Potter”/Erin Darke (EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Radcliffe becomes a dad! Actor welcomes first child with long-term partner Erin Darke as the family go for a stroll in New York) (Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriend Trans Rumors Spark A Controversy)

It is not our fault as an audience that this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and a friend to disgraced producers and directors who cast her, that she is unable to get good work now. So, when you do get a starring role and are in Vegas plugging it, just pretend you like being there. You are an actress, so act. Jennifer Lawrence/Harvey Weinstein/David O. Russell/”No Hard Feelings”/”CinemaCon” (Jennifer Lawrence Lets Sex Jokes Fly in Raunchy ‘No Hard Feelings’ Footage at CinemaCon)

In return for what amounted to $2000 worth of styling and cutting and makeup for free, the alliterate one was supposed to give a shout out to the person who did all the work which she showed off this week. They are still waiting, and probably will be for quite some time. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle Wears Shorts and Pumps for Date Night In LA)

Twenty years ago, the government started preparing us for all of the computer generated music and videos. Just look at the movie (“Simone”) which starred the guy (Al Pacino) from the mafia movie (“The Godfather”) who has been in the news a lot this week. No one paid attention to that movie when it was released. They probably should have. “Simone”/Al Pacino/”The Godfather” (Al Pacino says he 'gave Harrison Ford a career' after turning down iconic role)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **10**
This K-pop girl band member is said to have hooked up with this singer/streaming show actor at Coachella. It is not the first time she stole someone else's boyfriend, she broke at least three long-time relationships. Her country's royal family members who basically own her and pay for her success will be mad at her repeated drunk behavior in public. “Blackpink”/Lisa (Lalisa Manobal)/Dominic Fike/”Euphoria”/Thailand (BLACKPINK Lisa Poses With Billie Eillish, Dominic Fike At Coachella)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **11**
Apparently it is not just attending banquets together for this convicted child sex offender and his celebrity wife who he may still be married to. Apparently, they also are once again living together. Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin (Weiner out again: Disgraced pol spotted at event with estranged wife Huma Abedin)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **12**
The alliterate A- list actress has a new project. Lots and lots of sex scenes, but there is not much more to it than that. Combine that with the homewrecker tag she is going to have to carry, even though the actor she is hooking up with is equally responsible, and she needs another season of the pay cable show ASAP. Sydney Sweeney/”Immaculate”/Glen Powell/Gigi Paris/”Euphoria” (Sydney Sweeney pokes fun at Glen Powell cheating rumors with ‘Kiss the boys’ tee) (Glen Powell's Girlfriend Just Unfollowed Sydney Sweeney and Fans Think Something Happened During Filming)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **13**
It is really easy to have date night two and half hours from your house, if you in fact, do not actually live two and half hours from the site of your date any longer. I'm not sure why the ginger haired one and his wife still play this game where they live. Just rip the Band-Aid off and tell people you want to live in LA full time. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have a Rare Date Night at the Lakers Game)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/25 **14**
The Player: Though this  player (Cristiano Ronaldo) will never give her (Georgina Rodríguez) a real wedding at least he gave her (contract mother of his children) her very own television series (“I Am Georgina”) where she is scripted precisely to her liking. Nothing new for this arrangement! Unfortunately , this player is now in some new trouble of the very worst financial kind. He knew possibly he was in on a Ponzi-ish sounding scheme. He just didn’t realize he was the main investor being scammed out of the vast majority of his own wealth, too.  Sounds a lot like another player who can never retire due to bad “investments “
. Cristiano Ronaldo/Georgina Rodríguez/“I Am Georgina” (LIV Golf, sportswashing and women's rights in Saudi Arabia in the spotlight as Adelaide event wraps up) (FIFA's award of the World Cup to Saudi Arabia is blatant sports washing)

A little revisionist history in who was the first choice for an underwater live action film. The original choice 4 or 5 years ago is this A- list actress who is the offspring of two generations of dead A listers. Subsequent to her is this one name A list actress who is a mainstay on a pay cable channel. Only recently, did we get the current casting choice. “The Little Mermaid”/Zendaya/Halle Bailey (The Little Mermaid (2023)/Trivia)

This music judge should have a talk with her significant other about his coke use. It is harkening back to the days of last decade. Katy Perry/”American Idol”/Orlando Bloom (Katy Perry Is ‘Excited’ to Stay at Windsor Castle for King Charles’ Coronation Performance: ‘This Is Wild’)

Maybe the A+/A list north of the border actor thought he needed some new fillers for his big appearance yesterday. They looked really bad up close. Ryan Gosling (Ryan Gosling Says He Doubted His “Ken-ergy” Before Signing on for Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’)

You know, if the reality star wanted to keep it a secret, she wouldn't have called TMZ to come take pictures of the secret and explain it the world in a really complicated post. A much easier solution would have been the meme actor going to her house and ordering in, but then there wouldn't have been the drama and intrigue. TMZ has to eat too. Where was the reality star in Vegas? New York? Not hooking up with the actor, unless she changed her hair and body. Kylie Jenner/Timothée Chalamet (Kylie Jenner, Timothee Chalamet's Secret Mission to Grab Tacos Together)

This long time A list showrunner for streaming and cable and networks has a bunch of under the table writers that are writing episodes of multiple new series. The showrunner is doing this for a streamer and a network who have promised the showrunner a new deal if they come through ready to shoot day one after the strike. Ryan Murphy; Shonda Rhimes

This former tween/teen A- list actor is still hitting on teenagers in his DM's on social media. It is why his wife left him. Drake Bell (EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced Nickelodeon star Drake Bell, 36, is spotted inhaling balloons AGAIN - as he's seen for first time since being reported missing)

When a company can spend $5M on private detectives to follow and dig into the past and present life of a political figure for six months and were willing to spend much more, but apparently got enough to make the life of the figure horrible, maybe the political figure should think about negotiating. Apparently this is the oppo research package to end all oppo research packages. “Disney”/Ron DeSantis (Disney sues Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over control of self-governing district)

There have been multiple attempts from this A list singer's family to get him to go to rehab over the past six weeks to two months. He refuses to go. To make matters worse, his manager, thinks the singer is fine and just needs to shake it all off by working. Morgan Wallen (Morgan Wallen's team shuts down rumors he was 'too drunk' to sing at canceled concert)

The singing misspelled gym assistant, is desperate to have her own show or be a judge on one off the network programs. Also, all of her "personal" stories, she has written for her by a writer to make her sound more interesting. Meghan Trainor (Meghan Trainor Has a NSFW Confession About “Nightmare” Sex With “Big Boy” Daryl Sabara)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **10**
Negotiations are underway to pay this not quite yet legal barely there celebrity every single one of you know, mid eight figures to stay silent about things she knows, once she hits that 18th birthday. The sticking point is how much will be paid upfront and how much annually. Right now, it would be $30M upfront and then $2M a year for either a ten to fifteen year timeline and then at that point see if another negotiation/payment is needed. It is quite possible the person who wants the silence, could be dead. Suri Cruise negotiated by Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **11**
The studio that kept the superhero who is also a pedophile/kidnapper/thief/serial woman beater were convinced the movie was going to be great and worth all the pushback. The first hour is great. The second hour is crap. Can they fix it in time? “Warner Bros.”/Ezra Miller/”The Flash” (What Ezra Miller problem? Early reaction to 'The Flash' is overwhelmingly favorable despite star's off-screen scandals.)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **12**
This long long time A/A- list actor who comes from an acting family and has starred on multiple hit shows and even a movie franchise or two, is once again, cheating on his wife. Jason Bateman (Jennifer Aniston, ex Justin Theroux reunite for dinner with Jason Bateman)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **13**
Apparently the troubled bar star also slept with at least one other man. You will never ever ever ever hear about it though. It wouldn't ever make it to air. Raquel Leviss/”Vanderpump Rules”/Guillermo Zapata (‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Raquel Leviss Works At SUR Now & It Feels Like A Long Time Coming — PHOTO)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/26 **14**
Don't Tell: This former tween/teen Disney actress has not had a huge acting career since her time at the channel ended. This doesn't mean she is not in high demand. She starred on some of the bigger hits of the channel and had some very memorable characters and is very very good at roleplaying them. She had recurring roles on at least four shows. One of her biggest fans she had met numerous times was an executive at the company. Despite their age difference and his marital status at the time, they hooked up from time to time over the years. It was often when she needed help with rent or needed a new car or some other financial help. He was not the only person, but he was one who always said yes. A couple of months ago, the actress had someone reach out to her and offer her a lot of money to meet up with the executive. She didn't know what to think, but it was a lot of money. The actress was told what to do and say and was even provided coke and some other party drugs. All she had to do was get him to take the drugs and maybe sleep with him and the other person would take care of the rest. The only reason we know any of this is because she told her best friend, who later told the police. The reason our actress could not be questioned about her role in the death of the executive directly is she has disappeared. No one has seen her since Valentine's Day
. Dave Hollis (Former Disney Executive Dave Hollis Died of Accidental Overdose, Had Previous Heart Issues, Autopsy Says)

OMG – another celebrity sex change! This religious patriarch made a name for himself on reality TV with his famous daughter. He gradually disappeared from the public eye and we hear there’s a reason. Even though he’s old enough for Medicare, he’s started taking female hormones to transition. His family was SHOCKED to say the least. In public he still dresses like a man, but behind closed doors the flouncy dresses come out and he’s a real southern belle. Jessica Simpson’s father Joe Simpson (Jessica Simpson celebrates dad’s birthday with family photo)

This A- list actress with multiple movie franchises to her name sent a video to the three named rapper of our actress having sex with another guy and telling the rapper happy birthday. Megan Fox/”Bad Boys 2”; “Transformers”; “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”; “The Expendables 4”/Machine Gun Kelly (Megan Fox Is Noticeably Missing From Photos of Machine Gun Kelly’s 33rd Birthday Party)

I know this A- list mostly movie actor wants to create a timeline where it doesn't look like he cheated on his girlfriend, but the actress he cheated with is unconcerned about timelines, so already told everyone in her life what was going on and when. Glen Powell/Gigi Paris/Sydney Sweeney (Glen Powell, Gigi Paris broke up weeks before Sydney Sweeney drama)

The former tween/teen A- list actor/singer continues his comparisons with the dead singer. Now, our former actor/singer wants to shoot porn to make money. If he gets together with the ex of the dead singer to do that, this would all just come full circle. Drake Bell/Aaron Carter/Melanie Martin

This foreign born former ‘girlfriend’ (Toni Garrn) of an A+ lister (Leonardo DiCaprio) and the stripper actor (Alex Pettyfer) with anger issues are going their separate ways. The thirsty foreign born B+ lister who’s a fan of stunts with higher on the list actors has agreed to play the other woman for a high price. The offers have dried up unlike before. Toni Garrn/Leonardo DiCaprio/Alex Pettyfer/”Magic Mike”  (Alex Pettyfer’s wife, Toni Garrn, announces divorce after 2 years of marriage)

Speaking of the foreign born former ‘girlfriend’ of an A+ lister, an old clip of a ‘Live‘ on SM is circulating where she bluntly admits to dating the alliterate model. This was before the A+ pop star met the model. toni Toni Garrn/Leonardo DiCaprio/Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift (Alex Pettyfer & Toni Garrn are divorcing less than three years after their wedding)

Reader Blind: This deceased A-list singer who wrote a famous love song to his wife, was so rough with her on their wedding night that he broke two of her ribs. John Denver/"Annie's Song"/Annie Martell Denver (John Denver Cut His Marital Bed in Half With a Chainsaw During His Divorce From His 1st Wife) (”Annie’s Song”)

This A- list singer/actor is using his new girlfriend/cult member to recruit new female members from her country and from the region. He needs them to entice more men with money to join the cult. If he can promise them a sex slave, they will fork over cash. Jared Leto (Jared Leto vacations in Antibes with a mystery woman)

I didn't think the family of this reality star/singer/waste of space could get more annoying or rude and then the brother decided to go on social media and make an ass of himself. Plus, the worst part of it was, it made no sense and his argument made no sense. The whole family is awful. Bam Margera/Jess Margera (Bam Margera's Brother Says He's On The Run With Girlfriend and a Child, Using Meth)

The ex of this A list actress/host coerced yet another woman into an abortion this past year. In his never ending quest to make money by doing nothing, he really keeps shooting himself in the foot in his vendetta against the actress. Nick Loeb/Sofia Vergara (Sofia Vergara’s Ex-fiancé Loses Yet Another Lawsuit Over Former Couple's Frozen Embryos)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **10**
Somehow we not only didn't fire the head coach (Monica Aldama) of this streaming (“Netflix”/“Cheer”) cheer team the last time she was aware of sexual assaults and grooming of those beneath her, we got her an extra entertainment gig (“Dancing with the Stars”). Now, of course, she is once again covering up more sexual assaults and grooming, all to protect her job and program and money. If you want to commit a sexual assault and have nothing happen to you, go attend this school and sexually assault a cheerleader. Monica Aldama/”Netflix”/”Cheer”/“Dancing with the Stars”/”Navarro College” ('Cheer's Navarro College, Coach Monica Sued Allegedly Tried to Cover Up Sexual Assault)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **11**
The only thing a "relationship" between the A+ list singer and the A+ list mostly movie actor would do, is turn every skeptic into a believer. Taylor Swift/Bradley Cooper (Not Fernando Alonso, but Luka Doncic Leads The Odds to be Taylor Swift’s next boyfriend Alongside Drake, Bradley Cooper) (Bradley Cooper Turned Down Taylor Swift As He “Was Not Into Her” Despite Jennifer Lawrence’s (Failed) Attempt At Matchmaking!)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **12**
The head of the alternative wrestling organization (“All Elite Wrestling”) is getting a lot of renewed attention in his wrestling urban legends website that he created using a pseudonym. “AEW”/“All Elite Wrestling/Tony Khan (Roderick Strong Debuts For AEW On Tonight’s Dynamite, Tony Khan Confirms Strong Is All Elite) (Kenny Omega Sends Message To Tony Khan – “Stop Letting The Inmates Run The Asylum”)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **13**
This A+ list mostly movie actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) is not the lead in his new movie (“Killers of the Flower Moon”). This permanent A list actor (Robert De Niro) is also not the lead. The actual lead in the movie is an A- lister (Jesse Plemons) who is married to an A- list actress (Kirsten Dunst). For whatever reason, the A- list actor is being pushed out of all publicity or attention for the new movie and it is very heavy handed. Now, if the movie does poorly, they will throw him under the bus. Leonardo DiCaprio/“Killers of the Flower Moon”/Robert De Niro/Jesse Plemons/Kirsten Dunst (‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ First Look Hits CinemaCon: Finally, More Photos) (‘Love & Death’: Elizabeth Olsen Set for Lead Emmys Submission, Jesse Plemons Goes for Supporting (EXCLUSIVE)) (Lizzy Caplan, Jesse Plemons, Joan Allen, Connie Britton Board Netflix’s ‘Zero Day’)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **14**
The A List Spy: What I have not been able to fully comprehend or wrap my head around is how someone can take millions of dollars in gifts, take several other million in investment money that makes you tens upon tens of millions of dollars, but the only thing you have to do is forfeit one gift. You get to keep all the money you made from the dirty investment (“1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal”). It was nearly $100M that our A lister (Leonardo DiCaprio) received as a result of the dirty money investment. He also had models paid for him and his friends and his friends got to keep all the gifts they were given. Why did this happen? Why the special treatment? The same goes for other actresses who received dirty money. They got to keep it all. I can't speak for them or the A list director who got to keep his $100M, but I do know a little about the actor. Back in the day when he was dating a foreign born A list model (Bar Refaeli), the model was up to her eyeballs in some very interesting things her own government (Israel) wanted her to be doing while abroad. The US government wanted to know who she was seeing and why and to keep track of her and reached out to our actor. He did just that and when she discovered what he was doing, they split. She later ran afoul of certain people in her own government and had to dig her way out of trouble. To do so, she had receipts of people who should have known better. The case against her magically disappeared. With our actor, the government was happy with the results and they didn't speak to him again until this recent person (Pras Michel) started spreading money around everywhere. The government wanted to know who he was talking to and doing and our actor was already spending so much time with him, so why not spy on him too. This time though, it was more being a rat than a spy. Our actor was involved much more than he let on, but he got to walk away from it all hands clean because he was helping the government and helped them before. It is much easier for the government to put away a guy who isn't even from the country, than an A lister. It is why all the other A listers and celebrities got to walk away. Except for the one A list comic/actor/singer (Jamie Foxx). The one on death's door
. “1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal”/Leonardo DiCaprio/Bar Refaeli/Israel/Pras Michel/Jamie Foxx (Leonardo DiCaprio, the Malaysian Money Scandal and His “Unusual” Foundation) (The Shady Side Of Leonardo DiCaprio) (FBI grilled Leonardo DiCaprio over ties to Malaysian fugitive financier – report) (Bar Refaeli: Israel convicts model of tax evasion) (Model Bar Refaeli's scandal-plagued family bares all in new docuseries) (Former Fugees Rapper Pras Michel Convicted of Role in Foreign-Influence Scheme Tied to 1MDB) (Jamie Foxx Is “Awake And Alert” As He Continues Recovery Following “Medical Complication”) (“He wasn’t fun to be around”: Jamie Foxx Reportedly Was Not Nice to Cameron Diaz Before His Near Death Experience Due to Heart Attack)

I know the alliterate reality star needs story lines. However, one of the guys she recently married is already married to a woman. Kim Kardashian/Lukas Gage/Chris Appleton (Kim Kardashian officiates Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton’s Las Vegas wedding) (“Livid” Kourtney Kardashian Accuses Kim Kardashian of Using Her Wedding as a Business Opportunity)

The alliterate one has been looking at scripts. The only conditions are that she must be the lead or second lead and that she gets producer credit too. The first project involves this writer/actress/producer who starred on an iconic show has a mystery baby daddy and lost a lot of weight. Megan Markle/Mindy Kaling ('You probably can't say' Meghan's latest podcast guest takes apparent swipe at royals)

Even the bots couldn't keep the solo single from the K-pop former boy bander staying on the charts any longer. It was too cost prohibitive because there were no actual listeners after the first week.  Suga/”BTS” (Jimin Replaces His BTS Bandmate Suga Atop Billboard’s World Songs Chart)

It wasn't the $50M payday he imagined when he signed on to help promote the grifting course, but the alliterate A list actor did walk away with about $10M for two hours work this week. Matthew McConaughey/” Roadtrip: The Highway to More” (Not alright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey is slammed after his bizarre self-help webinar on 'The Art of Livin' - featuring Tony Robbins - descended into sales pitch for vague life coach course 'valued at $4,500')

This current running mate is going to be dropped due to a "scandal." It was apparently going to be a health issue, but that idea was thrown out. Kamala Harris

One of these days, the former wheelchair actor is going to go too far and one of these high school girls he is always chatting up will bust him. Drake (Drake's Hot Chicken Chain Dave's Is Giving Out Free Sandwiches for Its Anniversary)

This actress is really trying to convince the world that the foreign born A list alliterate actor got her pregnant.

Don't you think the mom of the former Teen mom would call out her daughter if she was raiding a trust account for boats and vacations? Or, would it be a case of stones at glass houses? Barbara Evans/Jenelle Evans (Inside Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ child support payments from 2 of 3 baby daddies as she gains custody of son Jace, 13)

Mr. X: Which former talk show hostess will definitely be attending the official Met Gala afterparty like she did last year but is also rumored to be attending the Gala itself for the first time? Hopefully she’s healthy and sober. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams makes rare public appearance at Met Gala 2022 afterparty)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **10**
Mr. X: I’m hearing rumblings that an A-list mostly movie actor will be making his return to Broadway next year after a nearly 50 year absence. He’s rumored to be starring in another revival of that drag queen musical which was remade as a classic 90s comedy film. Two of the stars from that movie are also rumored to be appearing in this revival as well. The choice of play is interesting to say the least. John Travolta/“La Cage aux Folles”/“The Birdcage”/Nathan Lane and Christine Baranski

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **11**
Mr. X: What recently deceased singer/celeb spawn’s autopsy results are being withheld because there might be proof that she was poisoned, which could open up more legal rabbit holes? It’s very strange that before her demise she seemed healthy and sober and it was only after attending that awards show she went downhill health-wise. I’ve got lots of questions… Lisa Marie Presley/”Golden Globes” (Lisa Marie Presley Said She Was 'So Happy' During Final Public Appearance at Golden Globes Before Her Death)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **12**
This flash in the pan A list singer who is a celebrity offspring is cheating on his much much younger significant other with someone even younger. I guess that is why he hasn't married her yet. Robin Thicke/April Love Geary (Robin Thicke & Yo Gotti Link Up In Miami For Their 'Brown Liquor' Video) (Model Who Starred In Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' Video Recalls On-Set 'Scramble')

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **13**
One way you can make sure you are considered for the slate of movies and television shows this studio is now running with full steam ahead, is to support the disgraced kid show producer every chance you get. His best friend runs the studio and is always willing to help out a supporter. If you throw one of the accusers under a bus, that much better
. “Paramount Pictures”/Dan Schneider/Brian Robbins/Josh Peck/Jennette McCurdy/”I’m Glad My Mom Died” (Paramount Pictures Chief Brian Robbins Says Annual Release Output Will Rise To 12 To 15 By 2024 As “Path To Monetization” Improves) (Josh Peck Claims Jennette McCurdy Blocked Him After Unaired Interview About Their Time at Nickelodeon) (Jennette McCurdy Reveals How Her Brothers Reacted to the Title of Her Book ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/08/19)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **14**
Four For Friday - One Name: All the answers have one name and are all A list.
#1 - This closeted A lister used to force clothing store workers to watch him undress. If they didn't watch, then he would never shop in the store again and complain to the manager/owner about the worker. Liberace (What Liberace reveals about the march of gay rights)
#2 - This A lister used to make her lovers snort coke off her kitchen floor while she beat them with various kitchen utensils.
#3 - This A list model used to offer rides home to female models who didn't have a car. He would drive to the worst parts of town and would force them to have sex or oral sex with him before he would take them home. If they refused, he would make them get out where they were. Fabio (Weird Stories About Fabio Lanzoni, King Of The Romance Novel Cover)
#4 - This foreign born A lister used to tie down women who wanted to sleep with him and pierce their nipples and other parts of their bodies.

This barely hanging on to A- list actress has had numerous opportunities to see her child, but it would mean leaving her abusive boyfriend behind. Because of his arrests, he can't get into other countries. So, to please her boyfriend, she stays here. Hayden Panettiere/Kaya/Brian Hickerson (Hayden Panettiere Says Relinquishing Custody of Daughter Was the 'Most Heartbreaking Thing') (Hayden Panettiere says her daughter 'still loves me' after being sent to Ukraine to live with her father) (Hayden Panettiere hints she's back together with Brian Hickerson: 'I did not do any of this lightly')

This one named A-/B+ list singer is more famous for her name than her music. She paid a guy who is paraplegic $5K for sex, because she wanted to experience it for her art.

This A list rapper/singer has almost died several times this year due to drugs. At this rate, he won't make it until June. Post Malone

This former A list singer has been in this space before for singing his own songs and playing his own music when having sex with women. His significant other has been cheating on him and he should do some math in his head.

It is pretty tough to give up that huge fortune for a fling with an actor that won't last past the summer. Sydney Sweeney/Jonathan Davino/Glen Powell (Sydney Sweeney, fiancé Jonathan Davino go on date night amid Glen Powell drama) (All About Sydney Sweeney's Fiancé Jonathan Davino)

The streaming star is addicted to fame and will do whatever it takes to stay on the air, so of course she would cover up anything to make sure the show kept airing and the fame kept coming. Monica Aldama/”Cheer” ('Cheer' Star Coach Monica Aldama Denies Trying To Bury Sexual Assault Claims) (Cheer Season 3: Whether Renewed or Canceled?)

Last time, the love her or hate her A- list celebrity was convinced to cover up before posting a photo to social media. This time, she was going to be naked no matter what. Chrissy Teigen/”White House Correspondent's Dinner”  (Chrissy Teigen Glitters in Sheer White Gown With Crystal Bustier)

One of the meme actor's guests last week when he was out of town, was the foreign born actress with a lot of vowels in the first name. They do have a history together, and comes with a lot less attention. Timothée Chalamet/Eiza Gonzalez

Considering this Disney actress/singer took out a restraining order on this A- list actor/singer, the Met Gala should be interesting since they both will be in attendance.

This former A list NFL player puts a toe out of the closet every day. He must be waiting for a magazine cover to fully come out.

This A/A- list comic actor/a-hole who is also a director/showrunner says he doesn't support the strike by writers but of course wants everyone to support the director's strike in June. Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller Addressed Alleged Drama On Severance Set Following Rumors About The Apple TV+ Series Being Delayed) (DGA Reminds Members That No-Strike Clause Is in Place Through June 30)

With everything this couple shared, I am shocked they didn't admit they have an open marriage. The foreign born former boy bander sees the people that turn him on and his wife sees people that turn her on. Robbie Williams/”Take That”/Ayda Field (Robbie Williams opens up on sex life with Ayda Field and the surprising number of times they actually do it)

I wonder how long the government will keep letting the husband of this Housewife keep using his get out of jail free card. It must have an expiration date on it.

Speaking of get out of jail free cards, I guess when you help kill off the billionaire pedophile, you get rewarded with the top spy job. Jeffrey Epstein/William Burns
Matthew Lawrence Blind Item: “There’s been many times in my life where I’ve been propositioned to get a huge role. I lost my agency because I went to the hotel room where a prominent director showed up in his robe, asked me to take my clothes off, said he needed to take Polaroids of me and said if I did X, Y and Z, I would be the next Marvel character." Lawrence said his agency ended up firing him because he left the hotel room. Raise your hand if you think it is Bryan Singer. (Matthew Lawrence Says He Was Fired From Agency After Refusing To Strip For Director Offering Him A Marvel Role)

In return for the appearance of this A+ list actor, the celebrity cult is getting granted new approvals and concessions in this country which had not been that nice to them. Tom Cruise/“Coronation of King Charles III”/Scientology/United Kingdom (Tom Cruise: Hollywood star latest to join Coronation Concert line-up) (Scientology in the United Kingdom)

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