NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Apparently this A- list bomb of a superhero thought that a court order expiring 24 hours early was some kind of big win/exoneration. No, you are still an awful human being, and my prediction is that within five years you will be dead at the hands of someone who doesn't want any more abuse from you. Ezra Miller/”The Flash” (Ezra Miller addresses harassment claims: ‘I have been unjustly and directly targeted’)

I think everyone already assumed one long time significant other of a Teen Mom was gay. I mean, read the blinds. Anyway, don't forget about the former significant other of a Teen Mom who turned tricks for men to get what he needed. Tyler Baltierra/Catelynn Lowell (Catelynn Lowell Steals Money From Her Kids, and Tyler Baltierra Is Cheating On Her With a Man, Brother Alleges)

Bookmakers are about to set some odds as to whether the ginger haired one ever returns to the marital home after he films his documentary overseas. Prince Harry/Africa (Prince Harry Planning a Netflix Documentary About Africa Without Meghan Markle)

The former Housewife turned guest must be in bad shape if she can't even find the money to make payments on a $2K credit card bill. That is $50 a month? Kim Zolciak-Biermann/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/”Target” (Kim Zolciak sued for unpaid Target credit card bill as financial woes mount)

This living legend who is an offspring of a legend is being robbed blind by those closest to her. Liza Minnelli/Michael Feinstein (Frail Liza Minnelli’s NY friends worried about her care in LA)

Even back before she could legally drive, this three named model (Kimora Lee Simmons) turned reality star turned celebrity turned possible accessory after the fact, knew that for her to succeed as a model she would have to sleep with much much older men and did so. She then got involved with one more powerful than others, so she wouldn't have to sleep with a lot of older men, but just one (Russell Simmons). Kimora Lee Simmons/Russell Simmons (Kimora Lee Simmons Shares How She's Doing After Calling Out Ex Russell Simmons’ Alleged Abusive Behavior)

This oft troubled former A+/A list dual threat actress reached out to a photographer about shooting nudes of the actress. She is thinking of starting an OnlyFans. Hayden Panettiere (Filmography)

The way the director/offspring (Sam Levinson)  is being thrown under the bus for the disaster of this pay cable show (“The Idol”) lends credence to the fact we will not get another season of the show (“Euphoria”) he directed that everyone wants to do, except for the one named actress (Zendaya) who is kind of important to it. Sam Levinson/”The Idol”/“Euphoria”/Zendaya (Zendaya’s Euphoria Season 3 canceled by HBO after two hit seasons? Here’s what we know)

The former A- list Disney actor needed to make sure his girlfriend turned 18 before the news of him cheating with her on his long time girlfriend leaked. Ross Lynch/Jaz Sinclair (All the clues Ross Lynch & Jaz Sinclair have split after 5-year romance including actor’s cryptic ‘heartbreak’ comments)

The mistress wants to be the highest paid bar star to get her to come back. Raquel Leviss/”Vanderpump Rules” (Raquel Leviss Finally Negotiating to Return to 'Vanderpump Rules')

This A list record producer is pressuring radio stations to not play any of the new music from his long time nemesis. Dr. Luke/Kesha (Kesha and Dr. Luke Settle Defamation Lawsuit After Decade-Long Legal Battle)

It sounds impressive, but in reality this A+/A list mostly movie actor and the wealthy bookseller are going to just donate a fraction of the money they promised to a charity. They are going to try to raise the rest, but won't really try. They just liked the positive PR. Jeff Bezos/Leonardo DiCaprio/”Protecting Our Planet Challenge” (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Bezos Help Launch $200M Fund to Protect the Amazon Rainforest)

The cleaning product actor's new girlfriend spends most of her time trying to find women for threesomes. Armie Hammer/Lisa Perejma (Armie Hammer makes out with ex Lisa Perejma a week after finalizing Elizabeth Chambers divorce)

Speaking of extras, this former A++ lister and his wife have come to an understanding about his mistress. This is probably not your first guess. Donald Trump/Melania Trump/Kari Lake (Unafraid review: Kari Lake as election denier, birther … and Trump VP?)

These two former A+ list morning show hosts are still best friends. While both were married, they loved spending Friday afternoons after work, having threesomes or swapping with fans they would have their assistants set up. Matt Lauer/Bryant Gumbel (‘Today’ alum Bryant Gumbel calls disgraced best friend Matt Lauer a ‘good man’)

The alliterate one wants to have the wife of the killer actor be a part of the snake oil she is going to start selling soon
. Meghan Markle/Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin ('I see our common humanity': Hilaria Baldwin likens herself to Meghan Markle and reflects on pair enduring 'bullying and dark thoughts' - after attending gala honoring Suits star and Prince Harry)

Old Hollywood: In a true Garp (“The World According to Garp” driveway scene) moment, this A list mostly movie actor was killed when the woman he was forcing to orally service him while driving, bit down on him. The actor ended up crashing into a tractor trailer in front of him and died.

Reader Blind: The recent fatal incident which occurred at the site of a very famous disaster has some details that have not been released to the public.  One was the presence of these living things in the same area.  They have been in the news lately as they have seemingly been fighting back against man’s abuses.   Investigators are seriously looking into whether they were involved.  “Titan Submersible”/”The Titanic”/Killer Whales (Why Killer Whales Can't Be Responsible for Missing Titanic Sub) (Mystery Titanic submarine 'banging' may have been whales or from famous shipwreck) (The Titan Submersible Was “an Accident Waiting to Happen”)

Reader Blind: Last year you posted about ________________ (A- list actor) having an affair. Since then he remained quiet for basically the entire year. A few days ago, he made the first public appearance. The next day he made a post on Instagram promoting ___________(his former show hitting a streaming service). No one in the cast liked or commented, the cast is said to have lost contact with him basically. He hasn't even been seen in family events in over a year... and now there's a rumor going on that he moved overseas. I heard he’s been there since December of 2022. Can you confirm that? The other thing is that at the beginning of this year he began following pages on Instagram like a page about family therapy and how cheating gives you a second chance in your marriage. But the most serious stuff has to do with him following pages about being in narcissistic relationships. One teaches you how to deal with a narcissist partner, and he also followed a page on Twitter which is a Life Coach for victims of narcissistic abuse based overseas. The rumor has always been that his celebrity wife controls his life and nobody really likes her, and that's why four of the actor's friends unfollowed her in the past years.

This A- list disgraced actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee has a lawyer who is even more disgusting than the actor. The lawyer is victim shaming and blaming for multiple sexual assaults committed by the actor. Kevin Spacey/Patrick Gibbs (Who is Patrick Gibbs, Kevin Spacey’s lawyer defending actor in London court against 12 sexual assault charges?)

Neither this A- list writer/actress/creator (Mindy Kaling) nor this A- list actress (Gwyneth Paltrow) who is an Oscar winner/nominee/snake oil salesperson has commented on the arrest of the cult leader (Durek Verrett aka Shaman Durek) they love so much. It has been three weeks and they have stayed silent. Apparently keeping a warehouse of sex slaves makes them want to stop talking about the guy they have bragged about for years. Mindy Kaling/Gwyneth Paltrow/Durek Verrett aka Shaman Durek (The Shaman of Instagram) (Getting LIT with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Spiritual Healer, Shaman Durek) (I Spent A Mind-Blowing Hour With Gwyneth Paltrow’s Shaman)

Reader Blind: This foreign rockstar from the foreign band looks like he broke up with her contract influencer girlfriend but the truth is, after the big fight and thirst trap last time, the rockstar gave her a big f**ck off and she's trying to create a drama out of it because she still needs 1 million followers and her new product to sell. Damiano David/”Måneskin”/Giorgia Soleri (Maneskin frontman Damiano David announces split from girlfriend in wake of kissing video)

If you didn't think anything could beat the box office bomb of the superhero, the franchise installment that was released this weekend said to hold its beer. “The Flash”/”Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” (‘Indiana Jones’ & The Box Office Of Doom: Why ‘Dial Of Destiny’ At $60M Opening Isn’t Setting Records For Franchise Finale – Updated Box Office)

The driving singer might not be friends with the A+ lister any longer, but has certainly taken a page out of the playbook of the singer by releasing new music that takes a shot again at the former Disney singer and her relationship with the born again singer. Olivia Rodrigo/Taylor Swift/“Vampire”/Sabrina Carpenter/Josh Bassett (Olivia Rodrigo Seemingly Calls Out an Ex Who "Sucked Her Dry" in New Song, "Vampire")

This former daytime talk show host tried to get tabloids interested in purchasing baby photos of a family member. They all passed. Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter Cassidy’s son (Kathie Lee Gifford Shares Heartwarming First Photo with New Baby Grandson Finn: 'Most Blessed')

There are not many days when this boy bander turned group member turned boy bander doesn't try and have a threesome with his significant other and another woman. Joe Jonas/“Jonas Brothers”/“DNCE”/“Jonas Brothers”/Sophie Turner (We're suckers for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas)

Reader Conspiracy Blind: Much of what this outspoken youngish phenomenon keeps saying about what happened earlier this year is not true despite her performances on Instagram and other places where she talks of trauma and PTSD. She was never in any danger. Her first location was never under any attack and her second location which was even further away from the actual fighting was even safer. This was why her name trended not that long go when coupled with the name of a disgraced actor who also didn't tell the truth. Olga Tsoi/War in Ukraine (Chicagoan home after escaping war in Ukraine: ‘I’m incredibly lucky’)

Reader Conspiracy Blind: Many years ago, this recently deceased long lived entertainer (Harry Belafonte) who was A+ at his peak and an A+ long lived actor (Sidney Poitier) who also died not that long ago set up a scholarship fund (“African American Students Foundation”).  They were friends and trailblazers due to who they were and the fund was to help people who came to America from where their ancestors came from (Africa).  They also used this fund to hook up with women not just those seeking scholarships but family members too.  In one case, the recipient (Barack Obama Sr.) of a scholarship married an American woman (Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro) who was very promiscuous.  Both A+ listers slept with her.  This was after she gave birth to a future A++ lister (Barack Obama). Harry Belafonte/Sidney Poitier/”African American Students Foundation”/Africa/Barack Obama Sr./Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro/Barack Obama (Belafonte is gone, Poitier went before him. They were the titans who uplifted our world) (How Sidney Poitier paved the way for Barack Obama)

This foreign born singer was A list for a couple of years. She made it very clear in a very outspoken way about how much she hated meat eaters and hunters and said she wished them all dead. Now, she owns a cattle farm that raises cows to be slaughtered.

Fan Mail: I left this in the words of the tipster. Just added the stuff to make it blind.
Back when this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee was doing this A+ list franchise, I was in high school. I am 3 years younger than her. It was the days of ICQ and MSN. Anyway, I saw her in one of the franchise films and that made me a huge fan. I managed to track down her real name and email address from a fan website and emailed her. Being a 15 year old, I didn't realize how creepy that was (I am a woman, so coming off as creepy does not naturally enter my mind when I do things LOL).  At the time, her 18th birthday had just passed and there were photos of her birthday party where she was wearing a NesQuick t-shirt. In my email I said that I enjoyed the movie and was a huge fan, and that I saw some photos of her wearing a NesQuick t-shirt and I asked her where she got it from. She actually responded, saying she wasn't the actress and that fans have been emailing her thinking she's the actress, and she's sorry to disappoint. I responded back, explaining why I'm sure the email address I had was correct. Lo and behold, she responds back, admitting that she was indeed the actress but that her "bonehead fans need to get a life and stop bothering [her] (no offence)." That was the end of it, and I didn't respond. I think my 15 year old self was pretty shocked. Anyway, a few months later, she was featured on Mademoiselle magazine (at least I think it was that article, it could have been a different magazine) and in the article she said this: “I had gone to my best friend’s house an hour before the party to choose outfits,” she recalls. “We went into her eight-year-old brother’s room and found that Nesquik T-shirt in a drawer. Then, all the magazines had my photo, with articles about how the cool new thing was to wear logo T-shirts. He was appalled. ‘Yuck, girls’ magazines have my T-shirt in!’ he cried
.” Natalie Portman/”Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” (Natalie’s 18th birthday)

This TV star made headlines when she announced that she and her husband were separating, and while viewers of her popular show might have been surprised- the reality is her girlfriends didn’t bat an eye at the news. Although they’re publicly claiming they just grew apart, the tea is that her husband wants to explore his sexuality and might be gay! Our long suffering wife has been complaining to pals that while her hubby is a good provider, their sex life has been practically nonexistent for ages. It didn’t help that they sleep in separate bedrooms. A few years ago she started confiding to her pals that she questioned if her mate was attracted to men, so when he finally got the courage to tell her, she was more relieved than surprised. At least now she doesn’t feel like she wasn’t sexy enough for him. Here’s the real shocker, since she wasn’t getting any action at home she already has a side piece who satisfies her need for intimacy. Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Mauricio Umansky/Morgan Wade (Mauricio Admits To Cheating On Kyle Richards) (Real Housewives star Kyle Richards hit by claims her husband cheated with a female prostitute and transsexual escort) (Kyle Richards' secret lesbian romance rumors revealed: RHOBH star, 53, linked to female country singer Morgan Wade, 28, after shock split from Mauricio Umansky (and they already have 'matching tattoos'!))

She might have been released from prison early, but if she wants to get on the straight and narrow path, perhaps this actress should stop communicating with her ex who is also still in the cult. Allison Mack/Nicki Clyne/”NXIVM” ('Smallville' Star Allison Mack Released from Prison Early Post-Nxivm Case) (Allison Mack Files for Divorce from Battlestar Galactica's Nicki Clyne)

Beginning next season, this seasonal house show is going include offspring of Housewives. “Summer House” and/or “Winter House”

Considering they both like to date the same sex, perhaps the split of the former politician and his wife is not the worst idea ever. Former Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio/Chirlane McCray (Bill de Blasio and wife Chirlane McCray are separating to date other people — without moving out or divorcing)

This A- list actress who plays the same role in movies and television had no problems in her role of producer demanding other women get naked if they wanted to be cast. She just refused to do it herself. Sarah Jessica Parker/”Carrie Bradshaw”/”Sex and the City” (Sarah Jessica Parker Explains Never Going Nude In Sex And The City)

This former Housewife decided to turn the news away from the implosion of one of her businesses, by doing a little leaking about her former fellow castmate of whom there is no love lost. Lisa Vanderpump/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/”PUMP” Restaurant/Kyle Richards (Work Crews Tear Down Lisa Vanderpump's Restaurant Before Closing Date) ('RHOBH' Fans Point Out an Eerie Prediction from 13 Years Ago About Kyle Richards' Separation)

This YouTube star in the middle of a huge crash and burn is trying to hang on to the rich guy she is seeing outside of marriage. If she is going to go down, she needs his income. Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings

This foreign born A list singer/tax evader was in an open relationship for years, but gets mad when her husband actually then catches feelings for one of the women? Shakira/Gerard Piqué (Shakira makes pointed message at ex Gerard Piqué as she wears 'no' slogan coat to join Camila Cabello on the front row at Viktor and Rolf's PFW show)

Speaking of confusing, the closeted actor who "dated" the superhero actress for a bit is now "dating" another actress (Pa? Each of the actresses has been known to have certain kinks they enjoy, maybe this is the guy who makes that happen. Elijah Allan-Blitz/Brie Larson/Paula Patton (New couple alert? Paula Patton grabs groceries with Brie Larson’s ex Elijah Allan-Blitz at Erewhon Market in LA)

This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee was still doing the whole southern accent thing in Paris this week. Can we get him a new movie and a new accent please. Austin Butler (We're a perfect match! Austin Butler and girlfriend Kaia Gerber wear the same color for date night during romantic trip to Paris)

This food loving publicist is constantly sending in anonymous tips to tabloids and gossip sites about his clients and who they could be dating. He is just way too heavy handed in his approach. Jonathan Cheban aka Foodgod (Pretty Much Every Celeb Ever Was at Michael Rubin's Hamptons Party This Weekend)

The married leader of this "church" got a woman not even old enough to drink, pregnant. He has got many other women pregnant before, but this is the first he has allowed to stay pregnant. He wants the baby to be the leader of the church. He is going to say it is a reincarnation of the founder of the church. David Miscavige/Scientology/L. Ron Hubbard

The alliterate one sent her husband home from a party early because he was annoying her. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle Parties Without Prince Harry In LA, According To Rumors)

The significant other of this A+ list politician all of you know, is spending many thousands of dollars per month on a webcam woman from Asia that he met online. Riley Roberts/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Stalker: The young Grammy winning/nominated singer-songwriter just made a comeback and has a big day in court this week. It isn't the usual deliberating of writing credits. She's pursuing a multi-count criminal complaint against a longtime stalker. Among many other things, the creep followed her around the world during her headlining concert tour last year, showing up at and in some cases even sleeping outside her hotels. Countless videos online show the screwball getting way too close for comfort, staring her down, lunging at her for autographs, being shoved away by her security after blocking the door of a car she's trying to enter. It's unclear what his motive is, and that might be the scariest part. It's reached a point where many of her fans know who he is by name and have expressed growing concern for her well being in public. There was even an incident outside a coffee shop at the end of last summer when his actions resulted in a member of the starlet's security team sending him away in an ambulance. Well, it's escalated quite a bit beyond that since the beginning of the year and it appears that it's finally time to put an end to it. Olivia Rodrigo (Olivia Rodrigo Is Swarmed By A Mob Of Fans While Leaving Her Hotel Ahead Of The MTV VMA Awards) (Olivia Rodrigo Is Mobbed By Fans While Leaving Her Hotel For A Day Of Shopping With Friends In N.Y.)

46. POPBITCH 07/06
(British blog) Which Hollywood star is spending the summer holidaying across Europe doing such big bags of toot with his entourage that the US showbiz correspondents following him are now just trying to outdo each other in getting the most obvious drug references into their copy?

The publishing family (Newhouse) (“Condé Nast”)  sit on the board of the movie studio (“Warner Bros.”). Of course they are going to kill a story (“GQ”) about the CEO of the studio. Newhouse/”Condé Nast”/”Warner Bros.”/“GQ”/David Zaslay (David Zaslav Article Taken Down By GQ After Warner Bros. Discovery Raises Objections) (Condé Nast may have a place in the Warner Media/Discovery merger)

Even if she has not really split with her boyfriend, this former news anchor finds herself having to sell herself in many different ways to keep her show on the air and the donations coming in and it really doesn't also leave room for a boyfriend who has any kind of jealousy issues. Keke Palmer/”Baby, This Is Keke Palmer”/Darius Jackson (Keke Palmer's Boyfriend Darius Jackson Calls Out Her Outfit on Twitter: 'You a Mom')

This is not something you probably ever thought you would hear. The long time ago ex of the woman in #2, had lunch in January or February with the ex of the man the woman from #2 has been seeing for years. That would have been a crazy lunch. (Keke Palmer Dated Who)

The end of the week singer seems to think if can retool some things that there is going to be a second season of his show. That is fools gold. For some reason though, he seems pretty confident he can offer something to someone that will get him that second season. The Weeknd/”The Idol” (Is The Idol Season 2 Even Possible? And Does Anyone Want It?)

If you think this former manufactured singer/reality star/serial filter user/lover of geriatrics wouldn't go back to the offspring of the former A++ lister, you would be wrong. This is why she is always telling tales out of school about him. He would make a nice change from the guys a year from a nursing home she currently hangs out with to make a living. Aubrey O’ Day/Donald Trump Jr./Donald Trump (Aubrey O'Day Reveals She Had Sex with Donald Trump Jr. for the First Time in a 'Gay Club Bathroom')

This former A list rocker couldn't get anyone interested in funding a new record until he also threw in an offspring to sweeten the deal. Bret Michaels/Raine Elizabeth or Jorja Bleu Michaels

I think people are shocked that this controversial movie (“Sound of Freedom”) got great reviews from the trades in town. For the most part, the trades just review them as they see them. It happens to be a good movie. If it had been a bad movie, they would have said so. I mean, one of the actor's (Jim Caviezel) most controversial roles (“Jesus Christ“/“Passion of the Christ“), saw the film win three Oscars (“Academy Awards”). “Sound of Freedom”/Jim Caviezel/“Jesus Christ“/”Passion of the Christ” ('Sound of Freedom' becomes top grossing July 4th movie, beating out Indiana Jones)

Let the whole molesting of a relative scandal fade into the background and then there can a very quiet divorce announcement between this former A list singer (twice) and his husband. Ricky Martin/Jwan Yosef (Ricky Martin and husband Jwan Yosef are divorcing after 6 years of marriage)

The problem with trying to secretly date the year singer so your fans don't find out is the year singer has a really big mouth. Matty Healy (“1975”)/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift and Matty Healy’s relationship status clarified after report claims pair rekindled romance)

The pint sized actor has stayed out of the legal system for the past several years. He had quite the losing streak and the attention was not good. If he goes in for another fight, there are going to be a lot of questions asked he doesn't want to answer. The thing is though, he likes everyone to believe he does all his own stunts, so the latest reports that he doesn't do them all are the kind of thing his ego makes him want to avenge. Tom Cruise/”Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One” (How Tom Cruise pulled off 'the biggest stunt in cinema history': Mission: Impossible star who insists on doing his own stunts rode motorbike off cliff in new film after years of training, 500 skydives and 13,000 motocross jumps)

The holes in the music awards rules are massive. There won't be any stopping payola from the artists who have it to spend. It just means no new unknown names will ever get a chance to hear their named called. It is just going to be one big love fest for those who can afford to buy the voters or the board. “Grammy Awards” (Top 10 Do’s & Don’t’s of Grammy Campaigning) (Music Made With AI Will Be Eligible for Grammys, But Only Humans Will Be Awarded)

Old Hollywood: The daughter of this permanent A list mostly movie actor says there is no way he ever slept with men. Umm, ask your mom about the actor he lived with for many years, when each could afford mansions on their own. Jennifer Grant/Cary Grant/Dyan Cannon/Randolph Scott (Cary Grant’s daughter addresses rumours about father’s sexuality ahead of new ITV drama) (Were Cary Grant and Randolph Scott Really Lovers? Many have speculated about their relationship over the years. A new book looks at the evidence)

This celebrity owned drug rehab is still paying kickbacks and still letting celebrities get treatment for free. (Celebrity Rehab Centers for Famous People)

The CON in Convention: Is he (Chris Wood) a big star? No, he isn't. That doesn't mean he doesn't think he is a big star and will be charging accordingly at a fan convention (“Always and Forever”) for his pictures and autographs. Even though actors from the long running almost network show (“Vampire Diaries”) on which he starred are bigger and more famous (Guests), our actor is charging (way) more than ANYBODY for autographs and photo ops ($850 for a 45 minute meet and greet). And his meet and greet is literally as much as quadruple the cost of others from the show or those more famous. (Joseph Morgan, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley)  Does he really think he’s worth all of that just because he’s married to an actual star (Melissa Benoist)?? Considering he’s worked a grand total of maybe two months out of the last six years and his last gig (Broadway show “Almost Famous”) was a huge flop in part due to his ego and not showing up for work, it is nuts what he’s charging. He’s literally taking huge advantage of fans. Talk about entitlement. What is also interesting is at this convention, at least two of his exes from the show that he slept with will be in attendance. He has a history of cheating, including with fans, so it’s going to be interesting to see who he will cheat on his wife with first. Will it be a fan or an ex. Also, will anyone actually pay his inflated prices?  The chef's kiss to all this is the very important life event he will be skipping just to cheat on his wife and gouge his fans. There is nothing that will stop this guy from his hundreds of teenage fans desperate to meet him and give him money and perhaps later sleep with him. By the way, the convention is even offering loans and payment plans through a third-party vendor so fans can afford all of this. And if he cancels or the convention is canceled apparently there’s no refunds, so he really picked the most shady possible convention to be a part of for the first time in years. Why is he this hard up for money? Is his wife finally leaving him, or did she actually tell him he needs to finally contribute to the family a little? Can this guy ever do anything that’s not embarrassing
? Chris Wood/”Always and Forever”/”Vampire Diaries”/$850 for a 45 minute meet and greet/Joseph Morgan, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley/Melissa Benoist/Broadway show “Almost Famous” (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/26/22) (BLIND ITEM 05/29/23)

This A+ list singer is lucky she isn't facing tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits. She also got away with lying to the public again. Taylor Swift/”FTX” (Taylor Swift agreed to $100 million deal with FTX before it went bankrupt, but FTX pulled out)

Speaking of lying to fans, this one named permanent A list singer decided she wanted a day off so canceled a previously scheduled show. Beyoncé/Pittsburg (Beyoncé's Pittsburgh Renaissance Tour Stop Canceled — Here's Why)

This reporter might not have the ginger haired one's phone number, but he has the email and multiple phone numbers belonging to the alliterate one. Omid Scobie/Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Omid Scobie is trying to ‘cash in’ on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s royal rift)

At least this former A- list actress knows that she is marrying into some money and all the coke she can handle. Sure, she might be passed around once or twice, but it is way better than the alternative. Ashley Benson/Brandon Davis (Ashley Benson is engaged! Cara Delevingne's former girlfriend shows off massive diamond sparkler from oil heir and mid-2000s party boy Brandon Davis)

Speaking of being passed around, I think this A- list singer/actress has enough self-esteem to not date the three named actor who couldn't go a day without cheating on his wife. Selena Gomez/Jeremy Allen White/Addison Timlin (The Bear's Jeremy Allen White ditches wedding ring at LA grocery store amid rumor he's dating Selena Gomez)

It is always the politician stepping out on their spouse. Well, in this case, the spouse of this state A+ lister has been hooking up with a billionaire she met at a campaign fundraising event. Jennifer Siebel Newsom/Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom’s wife opens up about ‘survivor’s guilt’ after accident killed older sister)

Lost in all the drama about the slap, is why there is a line of credit at the casino (“ARIA Resort & Casino") in the husband's name when the singer is the one who pays for it. Britney Spears/Slapped by NBA player Victor Wembanyama’s security guard Damian Smith/Sam Asghari/”ARIA Resort & Casino" (Britney Spears Incident Video Shows Singer Tap Player, Security Allegedly Slap Her as Police Close Investigation)

This recently deceased A-list singer in her part of the world used to tell everyone early in her career she was a virgin. She wasn't. Coco Lee/Hong Kong (Coco Lee, ‘Crouching Tiger’ and ‘Mulan’ Singer, Dies at 48)

This reality star let it slip that this showrunner is doing some writing on one of his shows. Kim Kardashian/Ryan Murphy/”American Horror Story” (apparently a line was not working, so he changed it) (All the Details on Kim Kardashian Starring in ‘American Horror Story’ Season 12 (Exclusive)) (Ryan Murphy, With 3 Shows in Production, Threatens to Sue Writers Guild Strike Captain (Exclusive))

This three named A- list mostly television actress can say what she wants about getting a character removed from a show, but everyone knows she did it and she would do it again. Sarah Jessica Parker/“Samantha Jones”/Kim Cattrall/“Sex and the City”/"And Just Like That" ('I couldn't have been more upset!' Sarah Jessica Parker discusses Kim Cattrall's return as Samantha Jones in And Just Like That... and reveals candid new details about shock cameo)

This one named A- list industry plant totaled the car of a promoter at a European show. She just took it and went about fifty feet but didn't know how to drive a stick and crashed it into a semi-truck unloading the sets. Latto/Iris van Herpen Show (Cabello, Latto among stars at van Herpen show)

This long time HGTV star is doing what he always does. Cheats. The person being cheated on changes though. Tarek El Moussa

This A list host/creator/producer has it written into his contract that he gets final approval on who his game show co-star is. Ryan Seacrest/”Wheel Of Fortune”/Vanna White (‘Wheel of Fortune’ execs think Vanna White is ‘replaceable’: report)

Four For Friday - Live Studio Audience:
#1 - These two former late night actors, one who went on to bigger and better things and one who crashed and burned, would find two willing women and play strip poker. The way it worked is that if one of the actors laughed during the show, the actor who did not laugh got to take a piece of clothing off the woman the actor who laughed, brought. This would continue on through the night. Jimmy Fallon/Horatio Sanz/”SNL”
#2 - This former A+ list mostly television actor directed a porn while also filming his hit show. Bob Crane/”Hogan's Heroes”
#3 - This actor is permanently A list and starred on multiple very hit network shows. During the one that made him famous, he would have lines of coke everywhere on set so he could get a bump. Beginning in later seasons, there were two other cast members who would join him. Ted Danson/”Cheers”/Kirstie Alley/Woody Harrelson
#4 - During a live show, this A list mostly television actor who has also starred in some very hit network shows, was so wasted out of his mind, he punched his female assistant when she dropped his coke on the floor and the powder went everywhere
. Kelsey Grammer

In one corner you have the momager of the reality family trying to convince tabloids that the possible GOAT QB is dating one of the daughters. In the other corner, you have a group of tabloids saying he is dating the hard to spell model. Neither would ever be much more than a hookup. Kris Jenner/Kardashians/Tom Brady/Kim Kardashian/Emily Ratajkowski (Dave Portnoy: Tom Brady can’t date Kim Kardashian but he can ‘f–k her in a motel’) ('They were together most of the night': Sparks fly between Tom Brady and Emily Ratajkowski)

After years of discussing in this space about the celebrity CEO, his drug problem and still having a security clearance, it is nice the mainstream media finally decided to bring it up. Elon Musk (Florida student suspended by Twitter for account tracking Elon Musk’s jet moves to Threads – is DeSantis’ jet next?)

This A list showrunner insisted that this A list dual threat actress get naked for him before he was willing to cast her in a project. He wants her naked as much as possible in the show and was afraid she would look too old. Taylor Sheridan/Nicole Kidman/”Lioness” (Nicole Kidman to Star in Upcoming Taylor Sheridan Drama)

When the press run beings for the sports documentary, the ginger haired one plans on doing the entire thing solo. This really does seem to be more and more of an conscious uncoupling. Prince Harry/"Invictus Game" (Prince Harry to take solo leap with Netflix documentary following Princess Diana, Meghan Markle misses the ride)

This barely there celebrity says she is engaged to a long time Bravo staple. Morgan Wade/Kyle Richards/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Kyle Richards insists rumors about a Morgan Wade romance are just speculation as she steps out for dinner with bestie Teddi Mellencamp)

This pay cable actor was saying this and that about splitting with his actress girlfriend but it all comes down to the fact he is enjoying sleeping with another woman more than his girlfriend. Dominic Fike/”Euphoria”/Hunter Schafer (Dominic Fike Opened Up About His Co-Dependency And His Relationship Status After A Very Public Romance With Hunter Schafer) ('Euphoria' Actor Dominic Fike Says He Was Almost 'Kicked Off' Show for 'Really Bad' Habit of Filming While High)

In what is probably the worst idea ever, the permanent A list singer is going to personally finance a movie project starring her husband. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari

This A+/A list country singer has been showing off the naked photos his significant other gifted to him after her breast enlargement lift. Blake Shelton/Gwen Stefani (Fans Are Shocked By Gwen Stefani’s 'Ageless' Appearance In Latest Tour Pics: ‘You Still Look 25’)

This former A- list actor who was accused of some pretty horrific things from his at the time A list actress significant other, has a new career. Professional steroid taker/body builder.

Speaking of horrible things, this former Disney actress used to be passed around by guys twice her age, even when she was underage. They would never pay her though and she is having a hard time selling herself which is why she has turned to grifting. Skai Jackson (Disney Channel alum Skai Jackson ROASTED for running raffle with $5 entry fee where winner gets a MacBook... despite her insisting: 'I do not need money')

This online tabloid is owned by a big media company. Apparently they must expect some kind of exclusive interview or backstage passes to a concert of this permanent A list singer if they are willing to throw out the no drugs BS. “TMZ”/Madonna (Madonna Too Sick To Get Out of Bed After Hospitalization, Opening Tour Dates Uncertain)

This former A list rapper turned actor/producer might be trashing industry parties and what goes on at them and the things that happen to young stars at them, but the former rapper did the same thing and played the same game and was used just like the rest of the people who wanted to get ahead. 50 Cent (50 Cent Reacts To Photo Of Lil Baby At Michael Rubin's Party)

Despite what you might think about this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee, he told everyone a decade ago that the comic actor/former co-star is an awful human being. Nothing has changed since then. Brad Pitt/Jonah Hill (Jonah Hill’s ex accuses him of ‘emotional abuse,’ gaslighting when they were together: ‘Misogynist narcissist’) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/17/13)

A daughter of this now deceased A- list comic not named Robin Williams, plays her dad's standup while she is having sex with guys.

This back in the day A list singer in a group who has never been able to make any kind of comeback and is still more well known for something outside her group, was showing everyone last week a recording of her from two decades ago where she is on the floor and a bunch of guys are pleasuring themselves to her naked body and then finish all over her.

There is a Housewife with a podcast who really doesn't want to explain the whole swinging and swapping thing
. Teddi Mellencamp/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/”Two Ts In A Pod”Kyle Richards/Dorit Kemsley/Mauricio Umansky (Teddi Mellencamp is under fire for keeping quiet about Kyle Richards’ alleged affair)

You would think the foreign born A list mostly movie actor could at least match the various spray tans on his body which is what his character would do. Ryan Gosling/”Ken”/”Barbie” (Ryan Gosling poses during the photocall for the film 'Barbie' at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City)

There is no saving the stoner comic actor from his fate. This A- list actor with the goody goody image though, should put out some kind of statement in a hurry about whether he knew a bunch of underage kids were being plied with booze and sexually assaulted at his place. Jonah Hill/Justin Long

This three named muse/singer thinks that if she goes total scorched earth that somehow she will get her ex back. That isn't going to happen. Lana Del Rey/Sean Larkin (Lana Del Rey Disses Ex with New Lyrics During “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” Performance: Watch)

I wonder if the really really rich actress would consider the A- list singer/actress such a good friend knowing the husband of the rich actress has confessed a million times to having a crush on the singer/actress. Get him drunk and alone with her and lets see what happens. Nicola Peltz/Selena Gomez/Brooklyn Beckham (Selena Gomez Shares Sweet Photos with Nicola Peltz Beckham: 'When You Need Your Bestie') (Selena Gomez denies Brooklyn Beckham romance in resurfaced clip amid 'throuple' claims)

This A- list actress really wanted to star on the second season of a pay cable show. She got the role. The thing is, right before she got the audition, she had unprotected sex and was thinking of starting a family with her significant other. When she heard about the audition she went crazy overboard with the amount of Plan B she took and everything else she could think of. Aubrey Plaza/Jeff Baena“HBO”/”The White Lotus”


This permanent A list pro athlete is thinking about retiring because he knows if he gets tested for PED's he will test positive and he doesn't want that to be the last thing people remember about him

Kindness: This foreign born A- list dual threat actor who has been in and out of the closet a bunch in his life is filming a movie on an island famous for LGBT rights. He's made a point of patronizing local, LGBT-owned businesses during his stay, happily meeting and greeting the owners of these businesses and fans as well as supporting their work. Pedro Pascal/”Gladiator 2”/Malta (Why the Tiny Island of Malta Has Europe's Most Progressive Gay Rights)

This former A list commercial actor used to hang around all the time with the soccer coach that got busted with the sex assault videos on his phone. Camilo Campos (Tennessee soccer coach drugged, raped, recorded attacks on children, police say)

This foreign born A list singer gave her phone number to this foreign born A list actor. Both are involved in serious relationships. Dua Lipa (Romain Gavras)/Ryan Gosling (Eva Mendes) ('Barbie' stars Margot Robbie, Dua Lipa and Ryan Gosling rule the movie's world premiere, check pictures)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **10**
The former Disney actor turned A- list adult actor/HGH lover is doing the whole beck and call thing of his personal Svengali. Zac Efron/Mohammed Al Turki (Zac Efron shows off ripped physique as he gets wet and wild on luxury yacht in St. Tropez)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **11**
This A- list actress was a hit on cable and crashed and burned on her latest projects when she was going to be the lead. She also said she never saw someone look in a mirror more than when she went on a few dates with this standup comic. Lucy Hale/Matt Rife (Comedian Matt Rife reportedly dating ‘Find Me in Paris’ actress Jessica Lord)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **12**
This one named A- list rapper who can't afford to ever pick up the check when out, has no problems ordering thousands of dollars of food and booze when someone else is and almost got into a fight with a friend who felt the rapper was ordering way too much. Tyga (Tyga flashes a smile as he leaves celebrity hotspot Nobu in Malibu after grabbing lunch with friends... amid potential rekindling of romance with Avril Lavigne)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **13**
This A list singer who is turning back into an actress wanted to attend the premiere of this long awaited movie, but her significant other told her she should stay home with him because he didn't want to go and it would look bad if she went without him. Ariana Grande/Dalton Gomez/”Barbie”

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **14**
When your asking price for a rental property is twice what you should be asking, then you are either not serious or you are hoping against hope some idiot will bite and you can get some breathing room on your mortgage. Lets see what camp this reality star falls into. Crystal King Minkoff/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (‘Real Housewives’ Star Crystal Kung Minkoff Rents Out Snazzy Bel Air Mansion)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/10 **15**
Bodyguards: This foreign born A list singer is scared of his own shadow. Since becoming famous, he has become abysmal. No one likes being around him, so he throws money at people for drugs and parties so they will hang out with him. He throws money at people for gifts so they will show up at parties. When he is around his friends he is known for finding some weak person and then destroying them through words and actions. Often he hits them and slaps them and abuses them in front of others. He especially enjoys if they don't speak English as a first language. Sometimes, these victims fight back and then our singer has his bodyguards step in and threaten and beat the victim and remove them from the event. I'm not sure there is a more awful celebrity in existence right now
. Sam Smith

This A- list singer/actress is desperately trying to take advantage of the pay cable show/torture porn by trying to be a victim. She had nothing to do with anything as far as inspiration for the main character. Selena Gomez/”The Idol” (EXCLUSIVE: Selena Gomez thinks it is 'creepy' there are so many 'uncanny similarities' between herself and Lily-Rose Depp's character in The Idol - and is 'irked' that ex The Weeknd is 'using her real-life pain for entertainment')

The wrongful death lawsuit rapper is lucky a recent concert didn't end up in even more deaths than the last one. After basically getting away with the last bunch of deaths, he doesn't even care what happens or the crowd situation as long as he gets paid. Travis Scott/”Astroworld Festival”/”Wireless Festival” (Travis Scott performs during day two of Wireless Festival 2023 at Finsbury Park on July 08, 2023 in London, England)

With her latest social media move, this Housewife essentially admitted to what was suspected awhile back. She was cheating on her former A list NFL husband. Monique and Chris Samuels/”Real Housewives of Potomac”/followed trainer she hooked up with (Monique Samuels Reveals What Led to Chris Samuels Divorce: 'I Was So Miserable … and It Wasn't All on Him')

This foreign born A list host/music mogul is addicted to plastic surgery and it is not going well for him. Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell trolled after appearing unrecognizable in video: ‘Madame Tussauds’)

That two week extension in talks had nothing to do with talks, it had everything to do with the nearly seven figure deal the head of a union was trying to land for herself, and a two week vacation. “SAG-AFTRA”/Fran Drescher (SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher Criticized for Italy Outing Amid Strike Negotiations: ‘Out of Touch’)

It is pretty rare that the pink newspaper gets involved in celebrity gossip, but one of the editors has shared the bed of this A list actress/sometime director and is willing to take shots at her ex in a business gossip kind of way. "Financial Times"/ Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie

Producers of these two upcoming blockbusters want carve out exceptions in case of a strike. They want the actors to be able to promote the movies and do press and whatever else is needed. “Barbie”/”Oppenheimer”/"SAG/AFTRA"  (Margot Robbie Embodies 'Enchanted Evening' Barbie in Vivienne Westwood for London Premiere) (‘Oppenheimer’: First Reactions To Christopher Nolan Film Starring Cillian Murphy Call It “Awe-Inspiring,” “Staggering” & A “Spectacular Achievement”)

It seems kind of fitting that the groomer/YouTuber/racist is about to launch an OnlyFans aimed at parting her fans with their money to see her naked. Colleen Ballinger/”Miranda Sings” (YouTuber Colleen Ballinger Comedy Tour Dates Canceled In Wake Of Controversies) (Trisha Paytas calls podcast cohost Colleen Ballinger 'inhumane' for allegedly sending OnlyFans photos of her to under-aged fans)

This pint sized A list actor had some kind of eyebrow lift or replacement which does not match the other side of his face. Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise surprises moviegoers at Georgetown theater)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **10**
This barely there celebrity in a family full of them, is hooking up with her former drug dealer. That doesn't sound like a good idea. Bella or Gigi Hadid

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **11**
Is it legal? No. Is it revenge porn? Absolutely. Is the ex willing to leak it to the world? Yes, he is unless he gets his deal. The thing is though, his now former significant other while an A+ lister in her corner of the world doesn't have that kind of money and doesn't have enough buzz to get it from others. Plus, this is from when she was about 18, and she is long past that now. Maybe he would take another secret lobbying deal.

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **12**
The meme actor has never been known for his discretion, but to say the A- list reality star is one of the worst times in bed he has ever had, is not really all that nice either. Timothée Chalamet/Kylie Jenner

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **13**
Reader Blind: Which East Coast Housewife was in contact with people who know about her co-star’s deepest darkest secrets when she first joined the show? She heard the rumor, did some digging and uncovered the truth. She won’t use it , but does like knowing how much power she has over him and his wife. Margaret Josephs/”Real Housewives of New Jersey”/Teresa Giudice/Luis Ruelas (RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs ‘doesn’t feel safe’ filming with Teresa Giudice’s husband Luis Ruelas as new season begins)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/11 **14**
Buyer Beware: There is a house currently for sale. It is owned by a foreign born A list director (Marc Forster). Our director has never been one for awards or even nominations. Oh, sure there are a few here and there, but nothing spectacular. He has directed at least one installment (“Quantum of Solace”) of a massive long running franchise (“James Bond“). Over the past several years, the genres of movies he has been asked to direct seem to be headed towards a younger market (Filmography). That was not the case with his biggest projects. Perhaps one of the reasons for this, is because of at least one thing that happened in the house now for sale. One of the accusers (Julia Morrison) of the cleaning product actor (Armie Hammer) has come forward with accusations against the director and his friends and what happened in his house. Apparently, our accuser was invited over to the home of the director where he drugged her. He then invited several of his friends over to the house where they all took turns sexually assaulting her. The police never bothered investigating her claims, which she has now documented in a piece of art. The assault didn't happen all that long ago, but the director thinks getting out of the house now would be a very good idea. Maybe the new owners should know what they are buying into
. Marc Forster/”Quantum of Solace”/”James Bond”/Julia Morrison/Armie Hammer (Film Director Marc Forster Puts Richard Neutra-Designed Santa Monica Canyon Home Up for Sale at Reduced Price) (Julia Morrison: Everything To Know About Armie Hammer’s Actress Ex Speaking Out In Docuseries)

The snack Housewife has been completely off the radar the past week ever since the whole divorce thing of her co-star has been making headlines. Dorit Kemsley/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky (“Queens of Bravo”) (We Have an Update on the RHOBH Fox Force Five’s Friendship Status) (‘RHOBH’ Star Dorit Kemsley & PK’s Mansion Flooded After Reality Stars ‘Accidentally Left the Water Running’: Lawsuit)

If you think the sun damage is bad on this former A list actress, despite all the snake oil she sells, then you probably realize she doesn't actually use the snake oil she sells. Gwyneth Paltrow (Consciously uncoupled from SPF? Gwyneth Paltrow sparks horror after showing off her 'horrific sun damage' in topless selfie - despite peddling ultra-healthy lifestyle as the 'poster child for wellness')

This foreign born former A list boy bander knew he would get nothing by softballs and no follow-up questions in his recent podcast interview. The host of the show is known for letting abusers/troubled men say what they want with no pushback. Zayn Malik/”One Direction”/”Call Her Daddy” (Zayn Malik Says He Handled That Yolanda Hadid Altercation ‘in the Best Way’)

This A list voice over actor/writer/creator/showrunner now has even more allegations from women about improper behavior. I think this is the first time I have heard anything about underage girls though. Jonah Hill (Former child star Alexa Nikolas says Jonah Hill 'shoved his tongue' down her throat against her will when she was 16)

You don't have enough fingers to count the Emmy nominations/wins of this A/A- list actress. It is definitely an interesting choice she has made with her latest project which is a kids cartoon featuring a human sacrificing blood drinking cult. Christine Baranski/”Praise Petey” (Annie Murphy, John Cho & Christine Baranski Star In Animated Series ‘Praise Petey’ From Anna Drezen For Freeform As Network Takes Another Crack At Genre) (“Primetime Emmy Awards”)

Not only did the permanent A list "singer" not write her book, apparently she didn't even bother to read what had been written. Britney Spears/“The Woman in Me” (Everything to Know About Britney Spears’ New Memoir)

The depressing, still very young A list singer really needs to stop wanting to be with guys twice her age. They never have good intentions and she just gets hurt. Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish Transforms into Barbie with a Retro Blonde Hairstyle in the Teaser for Her Soundtrack Song)

The marriage between this foreign born former almost A list singer and the streaming actor is hanging on by a thread. Lily Allen/David Harbour/”Stranger Things” (Inside David Harbour and Lily Allen’s “Weird and Wonderful” Brooklyn Town House) (Beaming Lily Allen and her husband David Harbour have plenty to smile about as they step out after her latest West End performance)

If you are this studio, you don't need to extend the review embargo, the people going to see the doll movie are going to see it bad reviews or not. “Warner Bros.”/”Barbie” (‘Barbie’ Delays Review Embargo Lift to July 18th)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **10**
Speaking of soon to be released movies, this foreign born A/A- list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee finally freed the long time "girlfriend." He now has another just in time for the new movie. Rami Malek/Lucy Boynton/Emma Corrin/”Oppenheimer” (Look Away Lucy! Rami Malek Puts on Very Cozy Display With 'The Crown' Star Emma Corrin — as Girlfriend Boynton is Nowhere to Be Seen)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **11**
Speaking of the movie in #10, the foreign born A list actress who stars in it, needs to learn to say no when someone asks if she wants more fillers. Emily Blunt/”Oppenheimer” (Fans Think Emily Blunt Had Plastic Surgery After This Red Carpet Appearance)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **12**
This one named permanent A list singer was THIS close to working with a viral photographer and inviting him to shoot her on tour. That was until he several people accused him of sexual assault. After what happened with her producer, she couldn’t risk being linked to another alleged predator so he was dropped even before he was contacted. He’ll never know. Until now. Beyoncé/Noel “Detail” Fisher (Jessie Reyez Accuses Beyonce Producer Detail of Sexual Misconduct)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/12 **13**
This A+ list mostly movie actor had a run in with the law during a possible DUI stop in early June. It was not his car. In the car were several dozen GHB pills. Our actor was the only person in the car.

Fortunate Son: While he is not a household name, this musician (Marcus Miller) was definitely A+ list in his prime, for playing a certain instrument (Fender Jazz Bass).  He played that instrument on hundreds of recordings, with dozens of A+ list entertainers, which span nearly every major genre of music.  He is also an award-winning producer, and is currently on tour (Tour) overseas as a solo artist, although he is far less well known for that work. Our musician's son (Jon Miller) is quite a different story. A couple years ago, the musician's son was employed as the White House correspondent  for a relatively mainstream Internet political organization (“The Blaze“), founded by a former A list cable network talking head (Glenn Beck).  The son began to espouse hateful rhetoric, which led to that organization firing him. Presently, the son is obsessed with making hateful posts about Jews on his bird social media, which he typically does multiple times per day.  The son has become a close follower of the notorious closeted neo-Nazi internet celebrity (Nick Fuentes), about whom I have written previously, and referred to as Fan.   He travelled across the country to attend the only event Fan held this year.  The son has even openly advocated for beating and raping women, while appearing on Internet streams with other close followers of Fan. (Gettr has banned former Blaze TV host Jon Miller for using the N-word on its platform)
Musician: Marcus Miller
Instrument: Fender Jazz Bass
Son: Jon Miller
Former Employer: “Gettr” aka “The Blaze”
Founder: Glenn Beck
Notorious closeted neo-Nazi internet celebrity: Nick Fuentes

Even the tabloids have finally given up on pretending the A+/A list mostly movie actor is dating the barely there celebrity. Leonardo DiCaprio/Gigi Hadid (Why Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Wants to Take It Slower’ With Gigi Hadid Relationship: ‘There’s Potential There’)

You know what you do when you have a really big project coming out and you are being accused of grooming and loving child p**n. Well, if you are this A- list comic/actress you write a really big check and then it goes away like magic. Tiffany Haddish/”Haunted Mansion” (Tiffany Haddish Prepared for ‘Haunted Mansion’ With a Groupon Ghost Tour) (Tiffany Haddish: I lost all my jobs because of child sexual abuse lawsuit)

This three named A/A list actress/offspring is an Oscar winner/nominee. This past weekend she also showed she believes and spouts racist stereotypes. After what happened at the Oscars, it is shocking she was even invited to the event to make the remarks. Jamie Lee Curtis/Tony Curtis/”Essence Festival 2023” (Essence Festival 2023, a Melting Pot for Blackness, Has a Generational Gap Ahead)

Even I can admit the A list actor/comic/singer had a ready made promo for his new project. I think the whole world would be really onboard if there had been a video of him saying what he did rather than the written social media post. Jamie Foxx/“They Cloned Tyrone” (Jamie Foxx’s health is ‘not 100%’ yet amid recent sightings: report) (Jamie Foxx Says He Was 'Feeling Good' as He Returned Missing Purse to Woman in Chicago (Exclusive))

The only reason this former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee wants to go back to her old franchise character is because people will like her again. Plus, it would be her biggest paycheck ever. Jennifer Lawrence/”Katniss Everdeen”/”The Hunger Games”

This A- list actress/offspring got nominated for an Emmy. If she wins, she knows the former fellow cult member will walk out just like she always does because the cult is one massive mess of horrible people. Riley Keough/Elvis and Priscilla Presley/“Daisy Jones & the Six”/Elisabeth Moss/Scientology (Riley Keough remembers late mom Lisa Marie, brother Benjamin after Emmy nomination: ‘Missing you both’)

I know without even looking into it for five minutes that the bad nepo actress offspring turned reality star turned celebrity turned wannabe reality star is filming a reality show right now with her kids. When the set up in the press is this heavy handed, that is a guarantee the show will be awful. Who decided to greenlight this monstrosity. I would check the money her kids are supposed to earn too. Tori Spelling (Why Tori Spelling and her kids are staying at a $100-per-night motel)

The fighting organization invested a bunch of seed money into this initialed tabloid. So, they know the tabloid never says anything bad about the fighters without prior approval. That is why you see all the love fest photos of the foreign born fighter/serial rapist/beater of women on the site. It is disgusting. “UFC”/”TMZ”/Conor McGregor

I have talked about the middle of the week actress and how she said she wanted a writing credit for the show. She is really upset they haven't given her one yet, and has started really pushing back on it. Jenna Ortega/”Wednesday” (Emmys: Jenna Ortega Makes History With First Nomination)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **10**
This actor is A- list and has been acting with his sibling since they were kids. The cast party to end a long running show was epic. The A- list actor wasn't invited. Cole Sprouse/Dylan Sprouse/”Riverdale”

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **11**
This former A- list mostly television actress (Ariel Winter) was everywhere on television (Filmography) not all that long ago and is still super young. She comes from an entertainment family but is highest on the list. Her boyfriend (Luke Benward) controls her life to the point she has to ask permission to leave the house. Ariel Winter/Luke Benward

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **12**
This A/A- list home channel reality star spends hours a day tracking her most recent ex. It is scary. Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa Anstead/Ant Anstead (Christina Hall talks ‘difficult’ co-parenting dynamic with Ant Anstead, Tarek El Moussa)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **13**
This married B+ list actress will never be the highest on the list in her family even if everyone else dies. She is sleeping with her married neighbor.

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **14**
You can tell which trades (“Penske Media Corporation”/“Variety”/”Deadline”/”Hollywood Reporter”) are owned by the AMPTP (“Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers“) with their horrifically misleading headlines. Some are outright lies. The one with Matt Damon is especially egregious and misrepresents everything he said in the clip which was attached, so everyone could see the trade was lying. (“Let’s Do This Thing”: Matt Damon, Margot Robbie, and More Celebs React to the Actors Strike) (AMPTP Responds To SAG-AFTRA Strike: “Union Has Regrettably Chosen A Path That Will Lead To Financial Hardship For Countless Thousands”) (Studios Reveal What They Claim Were Rejected Offer Details to SAG-AFTRA) (Studios Allegedly Won’t End Strike Till Writers “Start Losing Their Apartments”)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/13 **15**
The Fetish: Just when I think there are no more crazy fetishes to discover that are of interest to sportscasters, someone comes forward to tell a story about this permanent A list national sportscaster (Howard Cosell) who liked to call all his girlfriends by the names of his grandchildren and would often also throw in their moms into the conversation all the while never actually having sex with the girlfriends. He enjoyed being orally serviced while he commented on not only her performance but would use the names mentioned above and would do all of this while smoking a cigar and listening to classical music
. Howard Cosell (Howard Cosell with Cigar - Sportscaster Extraordinaire - Sports Illustrated - August 8, 1983 - SI) (What does this famous sportscaster have to do with classical music?)

The brothers (David and Charles Koch) who like to control so many political fortunes have been making more and more bets as of late on weather derivatives. Since, they don't like to make bets without losing, how much can the weather be controlled? David and Charles Koch (The Kochs’ Dream of Smashing Climate Action May Be About to Come True) (China ‘modified’ the weather to create clear skies for political celebration – study) (“H.A.A.R.P. - “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program”)

The A list NBA player/coffee maker isn't dating the foreign born one named singer either. However, it is more believable than the race car driver. The coffee maker's girlfriend probably isn't all that happy about all of this. Jimmy Butler/Shakira/Lewis Hamilton/Rachel A. DeMita  (How Heat star Jimmy Butler turned his love for coffee into a second career) (Shakira and NBA star Jimmy Butler fuel dating rumors with ‘cozy’ dinner in London) (Shakira 'partied into the early hours with Lewis Hamilton at London nightclub' after supporting him at the British Grand Prix amid romance rumours)

If the foreign born billionaire/serial cheater who is married to a foreign born A lister, gets his way, all of his companies are going to have there very own celebrity to act as spokesperson. Plus, his kids are just as much of star f**kers as he is. François-Henri Pinault/Salma Hayek (Billionaire François-Henri Pinault eyes $7B majority stake in talent agency CAA) (How many children does François-Henri Pinault have? Salma Hayek and husband attend Balenciaga show with their daughters)

There was no way the relationship between this former A- list actress who starred on a long running vampire show and her significant other was going to work. He was way too jealous of her yachting past. Another actress from the show has a soon to be husband who is turned on by her past as a yachter. Kat Graham/Darren Genet/”Vampire Diaries”/Nina Dobrev/Shaun White ('Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham & Fiancé Darren Genet Split 1 Year After Getting Engaged) (Nina Dobrev is chic in a sheer blouse and polka dot mini skirt as she and beau Shaun White celebrate her DuJour magazine cover in NYC)

The three named offspring died basically the same way her dad did. At least that is according to the autopsy. It still doesn't tell us about the fatal drugs and why she got them from someone who wasn't her regular. Lisa Marie Presley/Elvis Presley/Bowel Obstruction (Lisa Marie Presley Died From Bowel Obstruction, Officials Say)

The big lawsuit against the cheap clothing company is just because the other fast fashion companies were getting screwed over. They pay taxes in the US and Europe so regulators are willing to turn a blind eye to their IP theft. “Shein” (‘There is no Coco Chanel’: Lawsuit accuses Shein of copyright infringement)

This Housewife/actress is someone who tabloids love talking to because she can't keep a secret. Garcelle Beauvais/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Garcelle Beauvais was ‘suspicious’ of Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky’s marriage before split)

This foreign born B+ list actress has never looked happier now that the shackles from her relationship to the foreign born A- list actor/Oscar winner/nominee has ended. Lucy Boynton/Rami Malek (Lucy Boynton looks in good spirits amid rumours of 'split' from Rami Malek as she, a stylish Jenna Coleman and an edgy-looking Shakira lead the stars attending day 12 of Wimbledon)

This former cult follower is set to move in with a movie producer and a ghost writer. The wheels are in motion to get as much out of her as quickly as possible. Leslie Van Houten/"Manson Family" (Ex-Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten released after serving half-century in prison)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **10**
Reader Blind: Foreign blue blooded folk of a royal nation claim the alliterate one and her ginger husband have never lived where they say they live but instead have always lived apart. The alliterate one stays with the kids at a San Ysidro ranch in a chalet owned by her father in law whilst the ginger haired one is all over the place.

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **11**
What happens when staffers who work for two of the biggest Pop stars in the world read CDAN religiously ? They change the world. Touring companies are now planning to run mandatory sexual assault and racist backgrounds checks on touring staff after these two A list solo singers' tour broke records when it was announced they were doing same. Long story short, stars know that any behind the scenes drama will make it into a blind within hours. #MeTooChecks limit the risk of scandal by weeding out anyone who stands in the way of profits. Adele/Taylor Swift

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **12**
Reader Blind: A boxing champion known for his lavish ways has been spotted in a far flung location providing support to a controversial regime . This regime of a poor country paid this millionaire boxer more than $1 million dollars to be there. Eye witnesses report seeing the icon rubbing shoulders with high-ranking officials of a government that has faced criticism for its alleged authoritarian and corrupt tendencies. The boxing champion's presence at events and gatherings associated with this regime has left its citizens questioning his motives especially as this nation is about to have general elections. There are suggestions that this unexpected alliance (Iran) could have financial incentives at its core with rumors of deals being struck behind closed doors. Floyd Mayweather Jr./Zimbabwe/Iran (Boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. thrills crowd in Zimbabwe during ‘Motherland Tour’) (Iran signs economic agreements with Zimbabwe as Raisi ends Africa tour)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **13**
Reader Blind: This foreign born girl group member has been spotted having lunches with a real life Succession-esque foreign born family member who is in a succession battle with his siblings to be appointed CEO of foreign luxury conglomerate. Eyewitnesses say the lunches are cozy and if this materializes - a formidable power couple could be born. Lisa/”Blackpink”/Frederic Arnault/“LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton” (Blackpink's Lisa rumored to be dating LVHM heir amid contract uncertainties)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/14 **14**
Four For Friday - Way Too Big: These are A list rockstars and above who had a hard time getting groupie sex because of how well endowed they are. Many potential sexual partners went running away.
#1 - This guitarist for an 80's hair metal band used to be as famous as the lead singer. Considering he had a thing for barely legal teens, he had to get them almost passed out before they would say yes. There was a lot of screaming involved to the point where if someone screamed, everyone would look to see if the guitarist was in the room. CC DeVille/”Poison”/Bret Michaels
#2 - This foreign born lead singer of a band that had an animal name in it said he hated life on the road because once he was seen naked, every woman said no. Not every man though and on the road our singer started sleeping with guys. Alex Turner/”Arctic Monkeys”
#3 - This singer said it helped a lot that he couldn't see the looks on women's faces, so he just didn't care what they felt. He was going to get his. Jeff Healey
#4 - This female singer was A list solo and a musician was A- list in a group. She was known as the woman who went seeking out the biggest. She wouldn't even talk to you if you were under 8 inches
. Lita Ford
(Who are the best-endowed male rock stars?) (The Long & Short Of It … World Famous Penis Chart!)

This A/A- list comic actor is not only using bots to help him in his war against his ex, but is also using them to trash her too. Jonah Hill/Sarah Brady (Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady's Relationship Sparks Conversation About How to Set Boundaries)

The guy who owns all the trades and is on the side of management should definitely not be reminded of the time he was arrested for peeing on a woman. Jay Penske/Chairman and CEO of Penske Media Corporation (Citizen Jay: How An Eccentric Racing Heir Became King of Hollywood Media) (Todd Boehly, Jay Penske Buy Scandal-Tainted Golden Globes Awards) (Jay Penske -- NASCAR Heir ARRESTED ... and It's a Pisser)

Speaking of the strike and management. Everyone seems shocked about the AI scanning your likeness and using it forever. They have been doing that already for years. “SAG-AFTRA”/”AMPTP” (
Striking SAG Actors in Disbelief Over Studios’ Dystopian AI Proposal)

Reader Blind: This recently wed A-/B+ actor was told by his now wife that he was not allowed to invite his family to their wedding. This won’t end well. Jon Hamm/Anna Osceola (Shirtless Jon Hamm, bikini-clad wife Anna Osceola pack on PDA during Mallorca honeymoon) (Jon Hamm was accused of setting a person on fire in the 90s. Decades on, he shows little remorse) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/10/23)

This A list NBA player is going to have to get a permanent restraining order against the porn star. I think Misery is her favorite book. Zion Williamson/Moriah Mills (Moriah Mills claims Pelicans star Zion Williamson beat her)

The alliterate one had dinner last night with someone who is not her husband. Meghan Markle

This married foreign born A/A- list actor with at least one movie franchise, got another woman pregnant. Aaron Taylor-Johnson/”Kick-Ass” (BLIND ITEM 03/19/23)

Apparently the friction that exists between these two A list celebrity politicians from opposite parties is they were both sleeping with the same mega donor. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Lauren Boebert (AOC blasts Lauren Boebert's claim that it's "cheaper to have a kid" than buy birth control) (Lauren Boebert Praises Man Who Screamed Profanities at AOC)

The manager of the permanent A list "singer" was nearly arrested for lying to the police and making a false police report. Cade Hudson/Britney Spears/Victor Wembanyama Body Guard Slap (Who is Cade Hudson? Meet Britney Spears’ manager – and vacation partner) (Victor Wembanyama’s claim of Britney Spears grabbing him from behind stands false after a video surfaces online)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress is an Oscar winner/nominee. She has a new movie coming out. She also refuses to walk a picket line.

The foreign born jailed sex trafficker/revenge porn maker is suing his victims. He will lose. Andrew Tate (Andrew Tate and His Brother Tristan Are Suing Their Alleged Victims for $5M)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor (John Cusack) who has been acting since he was a teen and comes from an acting family (Dick Cusack (father) Ann Cusack (sister) Joan Cusack (sister)) and got taught acting by his best friend's (Jeremy Piven) mom (Joyce Piven) (“Piven Theatre Workshop”). The best friend is also an actor all of you know. Our actor recently wrote his own blind item but can't reveal it because then people will know he was sleeping with the actress and she doesn't want anyone to ever know that. And no, it is not about one of his family members. John Cusack/Dick Cusack (father) Ann Cusack (sister) Joan Cusack (sister)/Jeremy Piven/Joyce Piven/“Piven Theatre Workshop”

If you are now just learning that every journalist hates this film/Broadway actor, then wait until you hear what his co-stars have to say about him. Ben Platt (Don’t Ask Ben Platt This One Question)

This former stripper turned reality star turned celebrity turned porn star turned celebrity had her last boyfriend go back to his wife. She is having a tough time finding a pastor to couple up with for her new ministry. She has been circling the husband of the former Disney actress, but I think he is scared of his current wife. Not his last wife though. He was willing to cheat on her with the former Disney actress. Blac Chyna/Israel Houghton/Meleasa Houghton/Adrienne Bailon- Houghton (Blac Chyna reveals she’s 10 months sober amid ‘life-changing’ journey)  (Blac Chyna Has Earned A Doctorate From A Bible College)  (Twin Hector: 5 Things To Know About Blac Chyna’s New Man) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/21/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/30/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/24/23)

This cold hearted significant other said there was one less person in the will when a relative of her A list significant other died
. Tiffany Chen/Grandson Leandro De Niro/Robert De Niro (Cops Say Robert De Niro's Grandson Took Fake Oxycodone Pills Laced with Fentanyl) (Tiffany Chen says Robert De Niro was "very supportive" when her face "melted on itself" after baby's birth)

With his retirement from touring, this foreign born permanent A list singer doesn't need to worry about fans hating him for supporting the disgraced A list actor and all of his sex assault allegations. Elton John/Kevin Spacey (Elton John, David Furnish Testify in Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Assault Trial)

The husband of this A list singer took a woman from his office out to dinner earlier this weekend. They looked to be way more than friends. Dalton Gomez/Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez SPLIT: Singer DELETES wedding photos from Instagram and ditches engagement ring after separation following two year marriage - amid claims pair had problems for MONTHS)

This fading alliterate reality star is still defending her serial cheating ex. Wait until she finds out who is sleeping with now. Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson (Khloe Kardashian Forgives Tristan Thompson: Staying Mad Would Be Bad for Me!) (Khloe Kardashian shares cryptic posts about 'cruelty and the worst people' in wake of sister Kylie Jenner's reunion with Jordyn Woods... four years after Tristan Thompson kissing scandal)

Speaking of exes, this A- list actress from an acting family is married but still hooks up with a married ex from time to time.

This former A- list singer recently had the same issue strike her that the three named singer died from. Madonna/Lisa Marie Presley/Small Bowel Obstruction (What is a small bowel obstruction? Lisa Marie Presley's cause of death explained)

The cult that is adjacent to the A list mostly movie actor is suing a former pseudo family member of the actor. They will lose. “Odyssey Study Group”/Adam Driver/Spencer Schneider (NYC’s Odyssey Study Group ‘cult’ that held ‘fight clubs’ sues over tell-all book) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/09/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/14/22)

This wannabe A++ lister has canceled all his ads in the first primary state. Mike Pence/New Hampshire (Pence Raises Just $1.2 Million, Aides Say, in Worrying Sign for 2024 Bid)

This closeted A+ list mogul is being blackmailed by a former lover who is HIV+. Barry Diller (Billionaire Warns Hollywood Faces "Absolute Collapse" If Strike Isn't Resolved)

This significant other of a permanent A lister missed a memorial because she was getting spa treatments. Tiffany Chen/Robert De Niro/Grandson Leandro (Robert De Niro’s 19-year-old grandson Leandro laid to rest in NYC funeral: ‘No one is doing well’)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **10**
This A- list actress (Keri Russell) (Television) (Julianna Margulies) (Television) from multiple hit shows dating back thirty years is hooking up with a co-star (“The Diplomat“) (“The Morning Show“). That is a pretty common theme for her over the years. Keri Russell/”The Diplomat”; Julianna Margulies/”The Morning Show” (‘The Diplomat’ Star Keri Russell On Balancing Life, Love And Politics In The State Department: “I’m Really Enjoying Myself On This One”) (Julianna Margulies Admits She and George Clooney Had a 'Crush on Each Other' During 'ER') (Keri Russell BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/04/13) (Keri Russell BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/28/13) (Keri Russell BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/16/13) (Keri Russell BLIND ITEM 04/01/19) (Keri Russell BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/17/20) (Julianna Margulies BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/21/21)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **11**
The husband of the royal who isn't discussed as much in public is cheating on his Princess wife.

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **12**
The reboot of this Housewives franchise is a huge success. The talk show host never thought it would be and argued against it. He is always wrong. “Real Housewives of New York City”/Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live” ('Real Housewives of New York City' Reboot Debuts with New Stars Arguing Over Restaurant Choices and Cheese)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **13**
This A- list actor/director who has played the same character for decades has a whole panel lined up for SDCC (“Comic-Con International: San Diego”). So far they haven't canceled even though they are not allowed to be there. Jon Favreau/”Happy Hogan”/”Iron Man” (Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau Wrote a Key Iron Man Scene on the Spot) (The Latest News From Disney Parks, Universal Studios Resorts, and What to See at SDCC 2023) (“SAG-AFTRA” FAQ) (“Can I participate in conventions? You cannot participate in conventions such as Comic-Con on behalf of, or to promote, companies we are striking against. This includes appearances, panels, fan meet-and-greets, etc. involving struck work. You may participate in a convention in ways that are wholly independent of characters from struck work or sponsorship by struck companies)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/17 **14**
Forbidden: She (Charlotte Gainsbourg) doesn't ever discuss it any longer. Back in the day when she was first starting out as an actress, she would talk about the incest she suffered for nearly a decade (Father Serge Gainsbourg) (Mother Jane Birkin). She thought it was therapeutic to do it and then as times changed, she slowly stopped discussing it. She is foreign born and maybe peaked at B+ list here, but overseas she is much higher on the list (Filmography). The last time anyone remembers her talking about it was when she was hooking up with this A- list actor (Shia LaBeouf) who is much younger. They hooked up for about six months several years ago and he would pretend she was his mom or sometimes his sister. He doesn't actually have a sister, but he would pretend she was
. Charlotte Gainsbourg/Father Serge Gainsbourg/Mother Jane Birkin/Shia LaBeouf (Singer Serge Gainsbourg Promoted Incest and Pedophilia. Now He’s Being Honored) (On "Lemon Incest," the Creepy Provocation That Launched 12-Year-Old Charlotte Gainsbourg's Career) (Shia LaBeouf Examines Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Privates in New, Naughty Poster for Lars von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’)

This A-/B+ list actor who is now single has been hanging out with the alliterate A list singer who has a bevy of sexual assault allegations against him. Apparently the two are very good friends. Joe Manganiello/Marilyn Manson (Tweet)

This A list actor/director who is an Oscar winner/nominee can now move his lover from the home he bought her, into his. Kevin Costner (Kevin Costner’s estranged wife shuts down claim she stripped ‘the house bare’)

Remember back a year ago when this former A list singer was accused of awful things by a family member. The singer assured us all it was all going to go away. It hasn't. It has got worse. Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin’s Coded Message To Ex Jwan Yosef Has Fans In A Tizzy) (Ricky Martin Distances Himself From Family After Nephew’s Bombshell Accusations Against Singer) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/06/22)

Remember when this former A- list singer had a best friend who married an actor? An actor all of you know. Yeah, apparently that actor hit on the singer. Jessica Simpson/CaCee Cobb/Donald Faison (The Story Behind Donald Faison’s Proposal To CaCee Cobb)

I know it is just pot, but technically you could call this barely there celebrity an international drug smuggler. Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid arrested over drug possession in Cayman Islands)

This former boy bander who is not foreign born is working on secret music with the north of the border singer who had her halcyon days many years ago. Justin Timberlake/Nelly Furtado

Of course the pint sized A list actor doesn't support the strike. He is a tool of producers. Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise Made Personal Plea To Studios And SAG Before Actors Strike)

This A list politician is trying to stop some revenge porn from leaking.

This A- list singer/actress did herself no favors recently when it comes to the discussion of her using a ghost singer. It used to be just for the high notes, but now it seems like it might be for all the notes. Selena Gomez/Julia Michaels (Selena Gomez shares throwback video of ‘Lose You To Love Me’ on TikTok, explaining why she disabled her comments) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/21/19)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **10**
This bad actress/reality star/celebrity is trying to drum up support for herself and her situation in hopes that people will be interested in the reality show she is pitching. No luck so far. Tori Spelling (Why Tori Spelling and her kids are staying at a $100-per-night motel)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **11**
This A- list mostly movie actor is in SAG/AFTRA but is skirting the rules for his new movie by saying he is under a different foreign guild for the specific project. Jim Caviezel/”Sound of Freedom” (Jim Caviezel Supports Striking ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ but ‘Sound of Freedom’ Isn’t Involved: ‘They Wanted No Part of This Film’ (Video))

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **12**
This disgraced YouTube star really doesn't have much money saved. She thought the easy money would last forever. OnlyFans anyone? Colleen Ballinger/”Miranda Sings” (Here’s Everything That Colleen Ballinger’s Former Fans, Friends, And Employees Have Said About Her Alleged Inappropriate Behavior Over The Past Few Weeks)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **13**
A previously unknown offspring of this now deceased A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is trying to claim their portion of royalties from the estate of the actor.

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/18 **14**
Split Summer: These things generally happen in threes and the one split which could get us the trifecta is one involving this foreign born permanent A list celebrity. He has long had affairs and his long suffering equal on the list wife, has just put up with them over the years. For the longest time they have lived in two separate cities and just get together for family time which is about two weeks a month. The other two weeks they live separately and he has a long long time girlfriend in the city he calls home without his wife. For the first time in forever his wife spent time in her husband's city and has nearly run into his long time mistress three times in the past week. It is only a matter of time before the media catches on to this and then there will be a split. Ariana Grande-Dalton Gomez/Sofía Vergara-Joe Manganiello/David and Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham (Victoria Beckham laughs at David's infamous slip in the Lionel Messi Inter Miami presentation: 'He's not a natural on the catwalk!')

This likeable guy is successful in all aspects of his life EXCEPT when it comes to romance. Despite his fame and fortune, the reality is he’s lonely and doesn’t have much time to date. He sticks to transactional romps- which is a polite way of saying he hires gay escorts! One of his former hustlers recently ran into financial trouble and turned to our guy for help, but was turned down flat. So now the disgruntled trick is threatening to release a video showing Mr. TV mogul being degraded. His fetish? He likes to worship men’s sweaty feet after they workout. From sniffing shoes, gagging on dirty socks and licking the sweat off toes, the video allegedly shows our guy doing it all while pleasuring himself. We can’t help but wonder what  his A-list celebrity friends would do if they knew about our silver fox’s kinky fetish
! Anderson Cooper (Anderson Cooper Doesn't Like Being a Silver Fox: I Look Like a 'Game of Thrones' White Walker!)

This foreign born former A- list actress did the whole take a photo on the picket line thing. She doesn't really care because her significant other has made acting much less of a necessity for her. Plus, she crossed a picket line earlier this year. Nina Dobrev/Shaun White/”Writers Guild of America” (“WGA“) (Busy Philipps, Hilary Duff, Kevin Bacon and Nina Dobrev lead celebrities on the picket lines amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes) (Nina Dobrev & Shaun White Cozy Up On Red Carpet For Netflix's 'The Out-Laws' Premiere)

Mainstream tabloids are just now catching up to what I told you several weeks ago about this barely there celebrity being in rehab. Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid Enters Rehab After 5 Months of Sobriety: ‘She Often Becomes Overwhelmed’) (BLIND ITEM 06/14/23)

This A list actor/director has been ditching the paps his significant other keeps setting up for him. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez Wears White Minidress for Dinner with Ben Affleck in Los Angeles)

This former A+ list TikTok star turned actress is really threading the needle when it comes to SAG violations and her being compensated for influencing. Addison Rae

This former A- list actress turned escort turned actress was supposed to take a break and then film a holiday movie. Her husband doesn't want her to act any longer though. Lindsay Lohan/Bader Shammas (Lindsay Lohan gives birth, welcomes first baby with husband Bader Shammas)

The significant other of this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who stars in at least one franchise, is never supposed to discuss her relationship with the actor for fear the narrative of what he is trying to accomplish will be altered. Zawe Ashton/Tom Hiddleston (Zawe Ashton Shares Advice Fiancé Tom Hiddleston Gave About Joining Marvel: 'He Really Empowered Me')

It took about two decades but this country is finally going to launch a program that is very similar to what the pint sized actor and A list director showed the world was going to be crime's future. Japan/Tom Cruise/Steven Spielberg/”The Minority Report” (Japan’s Terrible Anti-Terror Law Just Made ‘The Minority Report’ Reality)

This A list alliterate reality star is trying to purchase this iconic sunglass company that was everywhere in the 80's. Kim Kardashian/”RayBan Wayfarer” (Sunglasses of the 80's)

This A list country singer always gets cranky when she is back on the bottle. Her relationship is crashing and burning too. Miranda Lambert/Brendan McLoughlin (Miranda Lambert lashes out at fans during concert, causing people to walk out: 'It's p---ing me off')

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **10**
Speaking of A list country singers, everyone loves any excuse other than the reality of being drunk and not able to stick it out for the whole show. Jason Aldean (Jason Aldean Suffers Heat Exhaustion, Ends Concert Early Abruptly: 'It Was Pretty Intense') (CMT pulls Jason Aldean video: What to know about 'Try That In A Small Town' controversy) (Jason Aldean’s Publicity Firm Splits With Singer After Wife’s Transphobic Comments)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **11**
Don't be shocked if this A list YouTuber ends up killing his wife. Adam John Grandmaison aka Adam22/Lena (American YouTuber Adam22 let's wife Lena ‘The Plug’ shoot porn film with another man for…, faces backlash)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **12**
The actress/muse has been confined to the US for the past six to eight weeks which has really cut into her yachting earnings. Julia Fox (Julia Fox goes basically nude in wet, see-through $20 thong bodysuit for swim at NYC beach)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **13**
This A- list mostly television actor has several hits to his name, primarily on pay cable. He got his niece drunk and then tried to have sex with her.

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/19 **14**
Open Auditions: This OG talk show host (Steve Allen) from back in the day has many successors to the show (“The Tonight Show”) he started. He was not the most famous to hold the position, but he was the first. One of his favorite things to do was to have random actresses appear in skits or bits several times each week. His most famous successor (Johnny Carson) used to do the same thing even when he was married. He just did it less often and more discreetly whenever he happened to be married. Our OG host had one very simple rule. You didn't have to sleep with him, but to get on the air you were going to have to get naked in his office alone with him and let him take photos of you. Each actress was told this upfront when they came for an open audition. Our host didn't want any surprises or people saying no wasting his time. Now, if you wanted to sleep with him, he was open to that too, but was more interested in the modeling aspect of it and then being orally serviced. He was something of a neat freak and hated sweating so sex was not on the top of his priority list. He must have gone through hundreds of actresses over the short time he was on television with his show
. Steve Allen/”The Tonight Show”/Johnny Carson

The rule for pretending you got sick while actually drunk, is to make sure no one actually saw you drinking. I believe the A list actor/musician now has that memo. Johnny Depp (Inside Johnny Depp's health issues as he's forced to cancel concert at the last minute)

The vast majority of the vocals used in this new song from the permanent A list singer are extras from the last track she did with the same singer. There was also AI involved. Britney Spears/”Mind Your Business” (and a few days later, he admited it ) ( Saw ‘the Same Light’ in Britney Spears When Making New Song: ‘She Is an Amazing Person’)

The now ex of the A list singer threatened a couple who were going to find a new realtor. They are friends with the singer. Dalton Gomez/Arianna Grande (Ariana Grande Is Dating Her 'Wicked' Costar Ethan Slater After Dalton Gomez Split: Sources) (Dalton Gomez Reportedly ‘Would Love to Win’ Ariana Grande Back Despite ‘Dating Casually’ Post-Split)

You should have seen the original concept art for a music video this A list country singer was going to shoot. Jason Aldean/“Try That in a Small Town” (Here’s What’s Wrong With Jason Aldean’s Vision of America)

The former late night actor is going to pretend to his girlfriend that he didn't cheat on her while in rehab. Pete Davidson/”SNL”/Chase Sui Wonders (Pete Davidson’s girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders looks somber as she resurfaces in first post since he entered rehab)

The best friend of this A++ list YouTuber is about to be exposed for being just awful to people when they are trying to have sex with groupies.

The ginger haired one has a realtor looking for a place for him in Africa. Just him. Prince Harry

This A list music couple are making nearly six figures a day between their surrogate farm and adoption center. Beyoncé/Jay-Z

Speaking of the nuclear movie, one of the foreign born stars had an old interview resurrected where he discusses his penchant for faking orgasms during sex. “Oppenheimer”/Cillian Murphy (Bored Batman 'fakes orgasm')

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **10**
This A- list standup comic/actor is cheating on his sugar mama. Chris Hardwick/Lydia Hearst

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **11**
This foreign born A list actress who does some reality is hooking up with the ex of this alliterate permanent A list singer. Garcelle Beauvais/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Janet Jackson

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **12**
Having an affair is probably not the best way to promote a two parter of a movie. Ariana Grande/Ethan Slater/”Wicked” (Ariana Grande dating still-married ‘Wicked’ co-star Ethan Slater after Dalton Gomez split)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **13**
This former A list athlete is not going to be able to hide his relationship with men much longer. Dwight Howard (Read Texts From Dwight Howard Allegedly Pressuring Stephen Harper To Have A Threesome With Man)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/20 **14**
The Haunting: This foreign born A list model is investing nearly $1M into a haunted house she bought. A real haunted house that has a history of multiple murders. The model has always wanted a haunted house and wants people to not just walk through the house, but also to spend the night in the house. She is adding in all kinds of special effects and secret doors and hidden chambers that she wants to be the ultimate haunted house experience. She is looking to charge upwards of five figures per night per person and the only rule is you are not allowed to sleep. She has cameras being installed which will keep guests from falling asleep. This is going to be one scary place
. Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum’s Outdid Herself With Her 2022 Halloween Costume—Look Back at Her Best Transformations)

The Scientologist composer got a sweetheart deal and all he had to do was pay the bill and no one would be the wiser. Then, he decided he wasn't going to pay and now will have to have the whole world know how awful he is. Danny Elfman (Danny Elfman Settled a Sexual-Harassment Allegation for $830,000)

The meme actor sure is spending a lot of time with a model he met during fashion week. The fact he is doing it 3000 miles away from the reality star kind of shows where that relationship is in the scheme of things. Timothée Chalamet/Kylie Jenner (Adam Sandler, Timothée Chalamet hit NYC basketball court for pickup game)

This royal commentator had to quickly delete a social media post because there was identifying information about a royal they claim to not know. Omid Scobie (Meghan and Harry's pal rushes to defend them after 'nonsense' marriage rumour)

The marijuana feline doesn't care that she is dating a groomer. She didn't care before when she was dating guys who espoused violence against people they didn't like. She is always going to do her own thing. Why should she care? Everyone keeps giving her money anyway. Doja Cat/J. Cyrus (Doja Cat Gets Cozy With Boyfriend J. Cyrus on Yacht in Mexico) (Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? Her Dating History Is So Mysterious)

There has been talk over the past day or two about a former sitcom star turned streaming star who would LOVE to be a superhero. One of his co-stars from the show was way worse and is one of the reasons there has never been a reunion. In fact, that star, has actually started a grift now because he isn't making as much money as he used to.

Another weekend, another disaster at the box office for this superhero universe. “Blue Beetle”/”DC Comics” (Early Blue Beetle Box Office Projections Aren’t Promising for DC Movie)

This religious leader is facing accusations from other men that they were abused by the leader over the past several decades. Apparently, there are about a dozen that have been talking to a reporter from a Hong Kong based news organization. Dalai Lama (Dalai Lama apologizes after video asking child to ‘suck’ his tongue sparks outcry)

You will notice there is no video to go with the "photos" that were taken of the A list comic/actor/singer. Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx teases ‘big things coming soon’ after health scare, fans think his pic is ‘AI-generated’)

Reader Blind: A spa in the Caribbean frequented by a married A list singer has lots of things to say about his visits. Jason Aldean (See Inside Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean’s Family Vacation)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **10**
All of the proceeds from charity events organized by this alliterate actress are supposed to go to charities. Instead, 95% of them end up in her pocket.

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **11**
For the first time in a long time, this foreign born former A+ list tweener passed on the booze at a party this past week. Justin Bieber (solidarity with the wife who isn't drinking right now?) (Hailey and Justin Bieber Wear Matching Casual Looks for NYC Lunch Date)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **12**
This A list mostly movie actress with at least one franchise to her name, has moved on from her long time husband.

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **13**
Reader Blind: The real reason this A list singer/songwriter won’t take her tour to India is because she is upset by its human rights issues and treatment of women. The Manipur case gave her more reason not to do so. Taylor Swift (Will Taylor Swift Tour in India 2023?)

248.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/21 **14**
Four For Friday - The Strangest Worst Relationships: These relationships were not only out of place, they also ended horribly.
#1 - This former boy bander and a now A lister hooked up a few times. Apparently when she refused to give him a hand job at a party filled with people in the next room, he ended it with her and went out into the party and found someone else to have sex with.
#2 - This actor peaked at A- list. He is an Oscar winner/nominee and married an actress strictly to escape rumors that he enjoyed being with children. Predictably, the marriage crashed and burned. They refuse to speak about each other.
#3 - This married permanent A list male singer both solo and in a "group," had a long time secret relationship with a teen idol who had lots of adoring female fans who had no idea what he had to do with the singer to keep his fame. No wonder he spiraled out of control with drugs.
#4 - This former A list mostly movie actor is known to all of you. After a crash and burn lead role in a movie, he was offered another but he would have to take on a group of men. He chose not to and barely gets any good roles any longer.

This CEO credits the weight loss shot with their huge weight loss. Sometimes though, it is really cocaine. Elon Musk/”Ozempic” (Celebrities on Ozempic: All the stars who’ve used the weight-loss drug)

It will be interesting to see if the shoe company deposes the A list alliterate reality star to see if she knows what happened to the missing funds and how much control she had over the shoe deal. “Adidas”/Kim Kardashian (Kanye West ‘mishandled virtually all’ of the money from a $100 million-a-year marketing fund meant for Yeezy, Adidas says)

At this point the bad actress turned reality star is desperate to find any hook, even illness to get that greenlight for her show. Tori Spelling (Tori Spelling's Kids Taken to Urgent Care After Falling Ill From Mold Infestation at Home)

Much like the drinking destroyed the last marriage, this A list country singer needs to get sober or there will be another divorce very soon. Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton/Brendan McLoughlin (Miranda Lambert laughs at ‘Shoot tequila, not selfies’ shirt)

This former A+ list rapper turned actor/turned entrepreneur says he has been approached by multiple campaigns about being a potential VP pick. Ice Cube/Republican (Ice Cube Claps Back At Complaints He’s Pushing Black People To Vote Republican) (Ex-Trump Aide Writes New Book With Approval From Rapper Ice Cube)

This A+ list radio host thought he was going to be invited back again this year on the European trip with his friends. Nope. Howard Stern/Jimmy Kimmel (Hidden Jims! Can You Spot Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Among This Galaxy of Stars — and 'Friends'?!)

This alliterate barely there celebrity offspring of A listers looked so ready to dump his wife and hang out with anyone else other than her. I think she is catching on that he isn't really all that into her. Brooklyn Beckham/Victoria “Posh Spice” and David Beckham/Nicola Peltz (Nicola Peltz shows off her incredible abs as she hits the shores with dapper husband Brooklyn Beckham during their idyllic St Tropez getaway)

Another day, another event where the foreign born A list mostly movie actor decides not to attend with his thirsty girlfriend who is tired of posing solo and wants everyone to see her with the actor. Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse (Longchamp x Toiletpaper Pop Revolution Launch Party); Sebastian Stan/Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle Wallis attends the 2023 Mediterrane Film Festival Closing Night Award Show at Fort Manoel on June 30, 2023 in Malta, Malta)

The A- list singer turned A- list actress is not even close to being a billionaire. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Is Almost Certainly A Billionaire Right Now Thanks To Booming Rare Beauty Makeup Empire)

The Oscar winner/nominee starring in the lesser box office bonanza of a movie this weekend, has his team as "sources" for his new romance and the ending of his old one. Rami Malek/”Oppenheimer”/Emma Corrin/Lucy Boynton (Rami Malek, 42, and Emma Corrin, 27, spotted in deep conversation at Bruce Springsteen concert) (Is the Bohemian Rhapsody over for Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton? Speculation is rife that one of Hollywood's most glamorous couples have split after more than five years)

Speaking of teams being "sources," this foreign born former A list boy bander turned A list solo artist is playing the same game for a new relationship, but it has more to do with branding and endorsement dollars than anything else. Harry Styles/”One Direction”/Taylor Russell (Harry Styles and Taylor Russell spark further romance rumors 'as they spend more time together at singer's final Love On Tour gigs')

Speaking of teams, this A+ list mostly movie actor could use his team right now because he is definitely the bad guy from his former relationship and apparently he is drinking again, and doing so publicly. Isn't that what caused the domestic violence in the first place. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (Johnny Depp Faces Serious Health Crisis: Performance Cancelled After Depp is Found Passed out in Hotel Room)

Speaking of drinking, this A list actor/director supposedly removed the bar from his office, but visitors say it is still there and in frequent use. Ben Affleck

This foreign born A list comic/sometime actor/sometime host was paid for a recent interview he did for a very high profile guest. Russell Brand/Ron DeSantis (Ron DeSantis tells Russell Brand that January 6 was NOT an insurrection but merely a protest that turned violent)

The long long long time girlfriend of this permanent A list singer/former actress recently passed away.

This A list singer who is not foreign born but sings in a foreign language is going to sue his celebrity best friend after the best friend advised the singer to get out of an investment. The celebrity best friend then secretly bought the divested investment and tripled his money. Marc Anthony/Carlos Slim

The marijuana feline doesn't care about trashing her fans because she knows they think it is all a game. She just wants their money. She doesn't care about them. Doja Cat (Doja Cat rips supporters for ‘creepy’ fan accounts, ‘Kittenz’ nickname: ‘Get a job’)

Police recently acted on a tip regarding DNA evidence on a long long unsolved A+ list celebrity murder. Tupac Shakur (What to make of new developments in the investigation into Tupac Shakur's murder)

The alliterate one is looking for a place near to the billionaire she is interested in for financing, and maybe more. Meghan Markle (David Mayer de Rothschild)

Because of the insurance company payout on the movie he was filming, you will never hear the real story about what happened to the A list comic/actor/singer. Jamie Foxx/”Back In Action”

If he wasn't able to trademark his kids initials, good luck to the celebrity CEO and trademarking a letter. Elon Musk/”X AE A-XII Musk”/”X” (Twitter Rebrand Mocked After Users Discover Origins Of New ‘X’ Logo)

This A list designer turned reality star turned designer already was skeletal. At this point, the weight loss drug is just hastening death. Rachel Zoe (Rachel Zoe, 51, stuns in gowns as she says she has been 'kicked down' many times but celebrity clients like Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz lifted her up)

The mouse house CEO might be in a different political party than many other billionaires, but one of the most important still wants to see his daughter become an A list actress. With a movie deal in hand for the daughter he has been pushing his like minded billionaire friends to find a different A++ list candidate other than the mouse house enemy. Robert Iger/”Disney”/Nelson Peltz/Nicola Peltz/Ron DeSantis Governor of Florida

This married foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor is on pause with his new movie, but not his girlfriend.

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress has her first huge hit as a producer and her production company. The problem is her partner is her husband and they are not for marriage for much longer. Margot Robbie/”Barbie”/Tom Ackerley (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/04/22)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **10**
This former Housewife who really wants back in, might be pretending to reconcile, but she is hooking up with a guy she thinks is wealthy. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **11**
This A- list actress started off as a teen. She is in love, but her betrothed is hooking up with a different actress. Joey King/Steven Piet (Joey King celebrates bachelorette party in Napa Valley 1 year after engagement)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **12**
It isn't like the former news head hasn't hooked up with married women before. Jeff Zucker/”CNN”/Alisyn Camerota (Ex-CNN chief Jeff Zucker seen holding hands with married anchor Alisyn Camerota while leaving Don Lemon’s Hamptons party)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **13**
This foreign born A- list female tennis player wants to have gender reassignment surgery, but still play as a woman.

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **14**
Other than yachting, this would be the first relationship this foreign born A list model had which didn't involve being a beard. Irina Shayk/Tom Brady (Irina Shayk Dating Tom Brady, Spends Night with Him, He Caresses Her Face in Car)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **15**
This A list director didn't let anyone really know he was putting the actor/serial sexual assaulter/Oscar winner/nominee in his movie. He wanted to give the actor a get out of jail free card because the director didn't believe the women accusing the actor. Christopher Nolan/Casey Affleck/”Oppenheimer” (Who does Casey Affleck play in Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan?)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **16**
The palace is basically leaking that the heir is going to be doing most things without his wife. They have been doing a lot of things separately as of late. The thing is though, he hooks up, but she is not allowed. Prince William/Kate Middleton

281.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/24 **17**
Another Death: The recent disappearance/death is getting a lot of publicity. It is understandable considering where it occurred. What is never discussed is the disappearance that occurred several years ago on an island. No, not an island in the Caribbean. An island where you don't need a passport though. You have to go back in time a bit. Actually at this point you have to go back about two decades. This future huge celebrity was still nothing. He did a little teaching and he was a local A+ lister. He was married and having an affair with a student. Not one of his students. She was a law school student. The affair was hot and heavy and nearly caused a divorce. The student was put in hiding and kept from the media for a couple of years. The thing though, once the big big stuff happened, the student had to be put on ice. She was given a clerk job to a judge as far away as you can be and still not need a passport. Then, she decided she hated living there and was approached by some people. She was willing to sell secrets. She then ended up dead in a "drowning."

This former child actress turned tween actress turned teen actress doesn't act as much as an adult. Right now, she wants to start a new grift and get people to pay her for psychic readings. Raven-Symoné (Disney star Raven-Symoné declares she has psychic abilities like famous character)

This foreign manufactured group has not had a reunion in years, but two of the members are nearing bankruptcy and want to do a tour even if other members will skip it. “Spice Girls”  (Victoria Beckham Sings Spice Girls Hit as Husband David Dances Along: ‘Warming Up the Vocals’)

This former A list comic actor was in this space for trying to circumvent the writer's strike. Now, he is telling actors he can keep them safe if they come work on a project he is trying to finish.

This barely there celebrity offspring is thirsty thirsty and loving that her dad is A list again. Maybe she should be quiet though about the other family member that dad hooked up with back in the day. Alabama Barker/Travis Barker/Kim Kardashian (Travis Barker Previously Discussed Dating Kim Kardashian And Now People Think He Actually Moved To Calabasas To Be Closer To Her Instead Of Kourtney Kardashian)

This A list singer both solo and in a group has blinders on when it comes to her marriage. This is the same thing that happened in her first marriage. She only is focused on herself, and has no idea her world is about to come crashing down again. Gwen Stefani/“No Doubt”/Blake Shelton/Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton’s Reported Reason for Couples Therapy Reminds Us of a Former A-List Couple)

This former Disney actress who has been trying to get out of a franchise there, is hooking up with a married A+ list producer to make that new career happen. Dove Cameron/”Descendants” (Dove Cameron ‘Inches Away’ From Releasing Debut Album After Writing 60 Songs)

This permanent A+ list singer hasn't learned her lesson and is still using drugs. Madonna

This A list actor/director sleeps in a separate bedroom from his wife.

There will be second and third and fourth opinions, but this offspring of a permanent A+ list athlete is not going to be able to keep playing the sport he loves. From a physical exam a few years back, this was always deemed a possibility. Bronny James/LeBron James (Bronny James, son of LeBron James, suffers cardiac arrest at USC basketball practice)

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **10**
This one named former A list singer (Monica) turned having a regular job (Mortician) turned back to touring B+ list singer lost out on a huge endorsement deal with this A+ list design house because she surrounds herself with convicts and murderers. Monica/Mortician (Monica Brown Explains Her Calling on Becoming a Mortician in 2013) (Monica Says Her ‘Instincts Kicked In’ When She Confronted a Man Allegedly Assaulting a Woman at Her Show)

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **11**
Whenever you hear about how much these two co-stars from a long long long long running franchise hated each other, it does make you wonder whether one of the co-stars faked his own death. Paul Walker/Vin Diesel/"Fast & Furious" ('Paul Walker Is Alive' Theories and Videos, Debunked)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **12**
The ratings have been abysmal for this southern Housewife franchise which is why they are going to bring back the former Housewife and all her current drama. The powers that be know it will be a huge ratings boost. “Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Fighting Over Comments From Police Body Cam Footage)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **13**
This teen actor is best known for his role in a very hit streaming series.   Our actor recently travelled to a location very important in his religious faith, and posted about it on the wealthy surfer's picture site.  Despite the picture site having clear rules against such behavior, the actor received a deluge of hatred for his faith. Noah Schnapp/”Stranger Things”/Israel/Mark Zuckerberg/”Instagram” (Jewish ‘Stranger Things’ star Noah Schnapp visits Israel)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/25 **14**
Pick One: I don't think I have ever written about this director (Joe D'Amato) before. He was definitely A+ list in his genre of movies. He specialized in exploitation movies. He used to tell people if the money was right, he would do a snuff film. His movies (Filmography), were basically one step removed from it. He was a money launderer for the mob and would wash their money in his movies. He also looked for financing from wherever he could get it. His favorite place to get it were mafia run bordellos or through the women they were running. Our director/producer would hear about guys who had really freaky fetishes and were also wealthy. They would be high class escorts the men were using. Our producer would approach them and say they should invest in movies. They would get a tax write off and they could live out their fetishes with an actress who would star in one of the movies. Our producer would write the fetish into the movie and let the guy read the script and then be present for the casting of the actress for the role and then let him pick. He would then sleep with the actress after he ponied up the cost of making the film. This went on for a solid decade until our producer started shooting straight porn and was blacklisted from making any movies that would be distributed in regular theatres. Joe D'Amato

The team behind this actress/creator/producer/sister molester is trying to get the world interested in the other toy movie. It won't be happening. Lena Dunham/”Polly Pocket” (Move over Barbie: Here's everything we know about the new Polly Pocket movie) (The Lena Dunham child abuse controversy, explained)

Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress wants kids with her husband. He says it will destroy their sex life, so he is a big no. Rita Ora/Taika Waititi

Showing a little bit of slowing, there are still tickets available in Europe for the A+ list singer a week after they went on sale. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift tickets - UK Eras Tour dates, locations, prices and more)

This barely there offspring of a foreign born permanent A lister is often hit on by her father's friends.

A lot is being made about a group of writers  crossing the picket line as if it were big news. The same thing happened during the last strike for this particular type of show
(“Soap Operas”). The group that crossed last time is being replaced by the group crossing this time. “Soap Operas“ (‘General Hospital’ Is Now Using Scab Writers) (Soap-Operas Are the Hidden Drama of Strike)

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor failed to mention all of the story when discussing a robbery at gunpoint. An argument over a drug purchase was the main impetus. Idris Elba (Idris Elba reveals he was threatened at gunpoint in the US after attempting to stop a man threatening his girlfriend: 'I nearly lost my f***ing life!')

This fading wannabe A++ lister has a bomb he wants to drop about the new riser in the polls whom he can't stand. Donald Trump/Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr., Gavin Newsom now have better White House odds than Ron DeSantis) (RFK Jr. Moves To Third In 2024 Presidential Odds, Ahead Of Desantis And Behind Biden, Trump)

Speaking of the government, this airline government guy is under pressure to retaliate against the EU wanting to charge Americans to visit. Pete Buttigieg/“European Travel Information and Authorisation System” (“ETIAS“) (Here's What You Need to Know About Europe's New Entrance Fee)

Proving once again this film festival is awful, they have chosen to honor a child molester and a child rapist. Woody Allen/Roman Polanski/”Venice Film Festival” (Woody Allen And Roman Polanski Headline Venice Film Festival Lineup Although Disgraced In U.S. Film Industry)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **10**
This A- list singer turned A- list actress helped finance the trafficking movie and dated/hooked up with at least one producer on the film, but her team thinks it would be a bad idea for her to bee super public about it and the A+ list friend wants nothing to do with it either. Selena Gomez/“Sound of Freedom”/Eduardo Verastegui/Taylor Swift (Who is Eduardo Verastegui? Picture of Selena Gomez with Sound of Freedom producer goes viral online)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **11**
This offspring of a wannabe A++ lister is running a campaign that is getting money from front organizations tied to this religious cult.

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **12**
You can always tell when the alliterate one thinks no one is paying attention to her. The tabloids are sent dozens of product placements and endorsements of products she uses just so she can see her name in print everywhere. Meghan Markle (24 Beauty Products That Meghan Markle Can’t Live Without in Her Makeup Bag)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **13**
Reader Blind: The revelation of separate engagements acts as a crucial gauge of public sentiment towards a potential royal divorce. The experienced PR team is working tirelessly to craft a thorough and well-thought-out strategic plan, exhaustively exploring all possibilities. If they decide to move forward with the carefully devised strategy, brace yourself for the earth-shattering announcement of not one, but two related royal divorces. A colossal scandal is on the horizon! Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle's former friend says 'writing is on the wall for Harry' amid divorce rumours)

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/26 **14**
Change It: A little over a decade ago (“Golden Globes Winners & Nominations 2009”), this A list actress (Anne Hathaway) was winning all the awards for a movie (“Rachel Getting Married”) (Accolades) she was in. She was also really making this A list actress/sometime director (Angelina Jolie) angry, because our actress/director thought she gave the better performance (“Changeling”) that year. No matter what though, this A list actress kept winning. So, a few days prior to the foreign journalists giving out their awards, they had a leak on their website. They mistakenly published the winners of the awards before they were handed out. The A list actress was once again named the winner. Well, our actress/director hadn't slept with and wined and dined with those journalists over the years to have that happen. So, she demanded they do a "recount." Remember, this is all before the show even aired. The night of the show, neither the A list actress or the actress/director won. Instead, the journalists decided they needed to give it to someone other than those two so they would appear to be fair. They gave it to this foreign born A list actress (Kate Winslet) (“The Reader”) who then took that momentum and won Oscar too
. “Golden Globes Winners & Nominations 2009”/Anne Hathaway (“Rachel Getting Married”)/Angelina Jolie (“Changeling”)/Kate Winslet (“The Reader”)

After his beatdown in court, the ginger haired one is more likely than not to just drop the rest of his claims. He is not going to win on any of the claims. Prince Harry (Prince Harry loses part of lawsuit but will get his day in court against The Sun publisher)

This Teen Mom star is going to use OnlyFans as a way to pick up sex partners. Tyler Baltierra (Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra Joins OnlyFans with Wife Catelynn's Help, Promises Nothing 'Sexual': 'We Got Kids')

The disgraced actor thinks people are going to start hiring him again. They won't. Too many people know too many people sexually assaulted by the actor to ever give him another big chance. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey Found Not Guilty Of Sex Crimes In UK Trial; Actor “Humbled” By Jury’s Verdict)

This B list actor thinks it is love with the A list singer. I doubt the love will last past the time it takes to finish filming, if that long. Ethan Slater/Ariana Grande/”Wicked” (It didn't even last the week between the blind and now) (Ariana Grande's New Boyfriend Ethan Slater Files for Divorce from His Wife: Report)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor stopped dating one of his most recent "girlfriends," (Who Leonardo DiCaprio Dated) when she refused to do any more threesomes with the actor's best friend and the actor. Leonardo DiCaprio (Lukas Haas or Tobey Maguire)

This frozen flavoring knew what she was doing when she hired an underage girl to be sexualized in a music video. It is how she got 100% financing for the video. Ice Spice/”Deli” (16-year-old dancer sparks controversy in Ice Spice’s Deli)

The state A++ lister wants campaign cash from the billionaires and love from the union members which is why he wants to settle the strikes. California Governor Gavin Newsom (California Gov. Gavin Newsom offers to help negotiate Hollywood strike)

This A+/A list rapper/singer has been stepping more and more out of the closet. He just feels more comfortable with men.

This A/A- list actress from an acting family says she once got a STD from this A+ list actor with whom she made multiple movies. She was married at the time. Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey/”How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” & “Fool’s Gold”/Chris Robinson

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **10**
This permanent A list comic actress had her own television show which all of you know. It was her production company that owned it and lots of other shows. Even though her son was not gay, she often called him a gay slur and would tell reporters he was sleeping with men when he was not. Lucille Ball/”I Love Lucy”/”Desilu Productions”/Desi Arnaz, Jr./”faggot” (“In and Out of Hollywood”)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **11**
The ex of the permanent A list actor/director/Oscar winner is now making money by taking product placement photos.

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **12**
This former A+ list rapper doesn't want to release a new album because no one would give her any writing credits, so she won't make very much money from it. Cardi B (Cardi B Promised Her Fans That Her ‘New Album Is Coming’ Soon During A Recent Instagram Live Stream)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **13**
This Svengali made this A- list actor and B+ list actress put on a sex show for a crowd. He really needs some new recruits. Mohammed Al Turki/Zac Efron/Michelle Rodriguez (Zac Efron Shows Off His Ripped Body on Luxury Yacht Vacation in Saint-Tropez) (Michelle Rodriguez puts on a busty display in a TINY bikini top as she dives into the Mediterranean during lavish cruise aboard £86M superyacht in sun-soaked Sardinia)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/27 **14**
Complicit: Want to keep working on this show (“Days Of Our Lives“)? Do whatever the executive in charge says and turn a blind eye to what he does. Want to work on a different show, but the same field? Don't ever say anything bad about the executive (Albert Alarr). This former actress turned reality star (Lisa Rinna) got a stark reminder of that when she posted something negative to social media and took it down very quickly. Everyone covers for the executive. Does he have a casting couch? Yes. Does he sexually harass subordinates? Every single day. Does he care? No he does not. Despite what has been recently said about him, he knows his job is not in danger. He produces results and deals with talent and crew and gets it all done way under budget. He is a huge profit earner for the big company (“Sony”) and everyone knows if this show goes down, the whole industry (“Soap Operas”) goes down. Thousands of people would be out of work. Thousands of high paying jobs gone in a flash. There was already one downturn. They don't want extinction. There are ancillary companies that only survive because of this industry. So, whatever pushback might be normal, is not so in this case. There is no independent third party to put pressure on the executive. There are no harsh words. The survival of so many rely on them being complicit in everything bad that occurs. Things are so complicit that reporting from specific publications choose to not even mention anything about bad things that go on, let alone things that are being reported in the past week. If they did, they would be writing their own pink slips, plus they would never be allowed to interview anyone from the show he controls. It is a fiefdom made for abuse and everyone watches it happen, but are only looking out for themselves
. “Days Of Our Lives”/Albert Alarr/Lisa Rinna/”Sony”/”Soap Operas” (ten days later though, he was tossed out) (‘Days Of Our Lives’ Staff Cuts & Work Environment Scrutinized As Co-EP Albert Alarr Faced Misconduct Investigation) (Lisa Rinna Reacts To Albert Alarr Misconduct Probe: ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Work Environment “Was Disgusting”)

324. POPBITCH 07/27
(British blog)
Which megastar was recently discovered zonked out of their brain at Soho Farmhouse, crawling around in a horse stall on all fours, yelling that they'd always wanted to be a pony?

Riddle me this. How should an artist feel if the parent company of her record label chooses to place her biggest rival on a major movie soundtrack even though said rival is signed to a rival label? Not good. “Atlantic”/Cardi B/Nicki Minaj/”Barbie” (Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice's 'Barbie World' Gets Huge Boost from Movie Release)

If you are the biggest agency in the world and want your very very high profile client to start getting some serious attention, you make a call to the streamers who always want your business. The next thing you know, the show the high profile client once starred on is setting record numbers of streams. Something it never did before. “William Morris Endeavour” (“WME“)/Meghan Markle/”Netflix”/”Suits”

An offspring of this permanent A list actor and the former stripper turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity are in talks to start a church together. Chet Hanks/Tom Hanks/Blac Chyna (Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks debuts massive cross tattoo on his chest as the Christian convert proclaims his life's purpose is to 'serve God')

In doing a good deed, this A list actor/showrunner/producer/mogul has really taken a huge step out of the closet. Tyler Perry (Tyler Perry Calls for Help, Offers $100K Reward for Information About Targeted Murder of Gay Man)

For a very big life event, this foreign born permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group decided to have sex in a public bathroom. Something he had not done in over a decade. Mick Jagger/80th Birthday (Mick Jagger Celebrates 80th Birthday Until 3 A.M. With Leonardo DiCaprio, Lenny Kravitz and More at Party)

The B list actor is trying to do damage control in his messy breakup, but his ex is watching the bridges burn and doesn't care. Also, the A list singer doesn't care and will just bail if things get more messy. Ethan Slater/Lilly Jay/Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande gets blasted by Ethan Slater’s estranged wife: She’s ‘not a girl’s girl’) (These Stars Accused Ariana Grande of Stealing Their Boyfriends Before Her Recent Relationship Scandal)

The wealthy surfer is making a play to buy the company that is harvesting the identities of the millions of people who have turned over their biometric information. This all needs to be stopped. Mark Zuckerman/”23andMe” (10 Years Ago, DNA Tests Were The Future Of Medicine. Now They’re A Social Network — And A Data Privacy Mess)

Despite the onslaught of new music from the wrongful death rapper taking over the fruit charts, the Disney actress/singer keeps hanging on to her spot. The same cannot be said for the A+ list singer who is barely hanging on to one song at the precipice of dropping out of the top 40. What happened to all the others? Travis Scott/”iTunes”/Olivia Rodrigo/Taylor Swift (Travis Scott Drops New Album Utopia: Stream)

After meeting with his ex, the girlfriend of the A list mostly movie actor had a story planted about how great she and the actor are doing. Umm, does she know about all his random hookups? Brad Pitt/Ines de Ramon (Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon Are Still ‘Doing Great’: They ‘Are Very Into Each Other’)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **10**
It was meant as an aside or support, but what it really did was show this A- list reality star has hooked up with women despite the years of ignoring the issue. Kylie Jenner/Stassie Karanikolaon (Kylie Jenner Addresses Rumors She's Been Hooking Up with Bestie Stassie Karanikolaou)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **11**
Look for this billionaire to write a big check rather than to demonize a developmentally disabled woman she claims raped her as a teen. No one will do business with him any longer if this gets to the deposition stage. Leon Black (Billionaire Leon Black Accused of Raping Jeffrey Epstein's 'Special Girl')

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **12**
The former cable news head just didn't want his plans revealed because he thought he could get a better deal for the network than he will now. Jeff Zucker/”CNN” (‘Baffled, stunned’ Jeff Zucker demands Variety retract story claiming he’s trying to buy CNN: report)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **13**
Yet another person who worked closely with the pint sized actor and his then wife has come out to say it was all for show. Frederic Raphael/Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman/”Eyes Wide Shut”  (EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise branded 'egocentric control freak' by Eyes Wide Shut screenwriter, who casts doubt on 'genuine passion' between actor and then-wife Nicole Kidman, in scathing new book)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/28 **14**
Four For Friday - Where Is The Baby?
#1 - The A list actress/director and the baby that belongs to this old permanent A list rock star.
#2 - This permanent A list singer had several children, none of whom were his biologically. He did have one biologically and gave it to his stylist to raise. They both died in a car accident.
#3 - Another actress/director in this group. She got a huge break, but also didn't want to have an abortion. She instead gave up a baby for adoption while trying to hide a pregnancy where she barely gained any weight.
#4 - This A list actress with at least one franchise had a baby via surrogate, but she and her husband refused to take the baby when it was born with birth defects.

Wait, so the kids all got poisoned while outside? Plus, the deleting a social media post that contradicted the wife's story? Plus, the child that drowned. All of this just seems, off. Bode & Morgan Miller (Bode Miller's wife Morgan reveals that THREE of their young children had to be hospitalized and put on oxygen after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning caused by 'a crane at their house') (Bode Miller's wife Morgan shares details of their daughter's drowning in emotional post)

The betting markets have the blue state politician resigning before the red state politician does. I think the blue state one ends up dead before resigning. Democrat U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein/Republican U. S. Senator Mitch McConnell

If you think this A- list actress/writer/creator/future late night show head cares about crossing picket lines to film a commercial where she will get paid big bucks bothers her, you would be wrong. Tina Fey (Tina Fey could take over ‘Saturday Night Live’ for Lorne Michaels)

The wife of the killer actor already got the first kid out of the will. I'm not sure the point of having another child unless she just really loves saying the word ocho (Spanish word for eight). I too like saying the word ocho, but only in the Dodgeball context. Quisiera ocho pepinos (I would like eight cucumbers). Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin/Ireland Baldwin (Hilaria Baldwin jokes about having ‘11 more’ kids with Alec in anniversary post)

Her dream was to buy a stake in the winery owned by the A list actress/director and her ex. The alliterate one can't afford it, so has set her eyes on a Santa Ynez winery she particularly loves. Well, she does love her wine. Meghan Markle/Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt “Chateau Miraval” (EXCLUSIVE: We heard it through the grapevine! Harry and Meghan could become the next celebs to dip their toes into wine-making as neighbors urge them to create a 'Brangelina-style' label in Santa Barbara) (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Willing to Settle Winery Dispute Out of Court)

Reader Blind: This reclusive leader of a major overseas rock band says he has no ill will towards the CEO, but it’s curious that he decided to release a hastily-mixed single as the band's first in nearly a decade, right as the recently renamed social media platform threatens the band's trademark in their home country. Toshi/”X Japan”/Elon Musk (What will Twitter be named in Japan, since 'X Japan' is already taken by a rock band?)

The one named permanent A+ list celebrity had her falling out with the mogul earlier this year and it didn't take her long to hook up with the wealthy bookseller to get a bunch of money from him for programming no one will watch. Oprah/David Geffen/Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez Host Oprah on Superyacht, Still Pack on the PDA)

The foreign born alliterate singer turned wannabe actress must know the guy she is sleeping with will cheat on her the first chance he gets. Is that worth the week of publicity she will get for dating a new guy? Plus, she needs money and he doesn't have any to give her
. Camila Cabello/Rauw Alejandro (Rauw Alejandro and Camila Cabello Dating Rumors Are '100 Percent Not True': Source (Exclusive))

Despite her doctors arguing against it, this A- list singer turned actress recently got a breast enlargement. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez puts her VERY ample assets on display in a pink bikini while yachting with friends... a week after celebrating her 31st birthday in LA)

The former A++ lister was not really doing himself any favors based on recent remarks and his look about whether he has undergone any Adrenochrome treatments.

With the release of the police report, we now know this wrongful death rapper knew how many were already dead, but insisted the concert should go on. The police report made it very clear that anyone with an earpiece knew exactly what was going on. I would remind you that the A- list reality star also had an earpiece in her ear too. Travis Scott/”Astroworld”/Kylie Jenner (“Someone’s going to end up dead”: New evidence emerges in Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy)

The mouse house was warned that its working relationship with the comic actress could hurt profits as parents feel uneasy about taking their kids to see her in a movie after “that” scandal. Heads will roll now that the newest box office release is out and how badly it failed. “Disney”/Tiffany Haddish/”Haunted Mansion” (Disney Hits Lowest Box Office Opening For Theme Park Movie Since 2003's OG Haunted Mansion)

Reader Blind: Speaking of the foreign rock band, the reason we haven’t seen any new music from them in so many years, is that the band actually broke up in 2018. The bandleader will never tell you this. In fact, he is threatening legal action against any media outlets who try to say what their fans already know. He knows he screwed up when he consolidated the empire and failed to pay his bandmates their shares. Now he is desperately trying to get the band back together before the truth gets out that they ever broke up. Fat chance. Yoshiki/X Japan

The B list actor really thought filing for divorce would bring back the A list singer/sometime actress. Nope. Watch the actor try and reconcile with his wife. Ethan Slater/Lilly Jay/Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande's Boyfriend Ethan Slater Returns to New York amid Divorce from Estranged Wife Lilly Jay)

The OG franchise is going to take a break but the sometime actress is going to move up the coast and star in the other west coast franchise next season. “The Real Housewives of Orange County”/Heather Dubrow/”The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (Terry and Heather Dubrow Buy English-Style Beverly Hills Estate for $16.1 Million)

The annual drag show at this retreat in the woods for elites (“Bohemian Grove”) had a little different format this year. Apparently the young men hired for various services were the only ones to dress in drag. Up until this year, many of the attendees also participated in the show. “Bohemian Grove” (Bohemian Grove annual event is underway in the Bay Area, per the FAA) (Clarence Thomas and Bohemian Grove: What goes on at the all-male club?) (BLIND ITEM 04/21/15) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/13/17)

This closeted north of the border singer has a new benefactor who is always very public with his relationships. Shawn Mendes/Tommy Hilfiger (Shawn Mendes’ Tommy Hilfiger Collab Brought His Family Together, and Helped Him Rediscover His Creative Spark)

The former teen sitcom actor really should try and clean from the meth before it permanently destroys him. Zachery Ty Bryan/”Home Improvement” (Home Improvement's Zachery Ty Bryan Arrested, Charged with Felony Domestic Violence)

The boyfriend of the marijuana feline just becomes more and more problematic, but she really doesn't care. Her whole career is going to come crashing down. Jeffrey “J” Cyrus/Doja Cat (Who is Doja Cat’s controversial boyfriend Jeffrey ‘J’ Cyrus?)

Don't believe the hype. The former A+ list rapper is not going to face any criminal charges from his past election run. Kanye West  (Turf War Erupts at Kanye West's 2020 Presidential Committee Following Allegations of Campaign Finance Chicanery)

Someone who is going to jail is this flash in the pan A list singer who hasn't had a hit in over a decade and once was involved in a gang rape of a minor. He is up to his old tricks of ripping people off who think he has way more money than he does. Sean Kingston (Sean Kingston Sued For Over $900,000 Over High-End Watch Deal) (What happened to MusicFest? Sean Kingston’s rape allegations lead to student advocacy for cancellation)

There are plenty of stories of the A list singer hooking up with guys who are in a relationship. At this point, if you are bringing up something that happened well over a decade ago in high school with the singer, that is just attention seeking. Ariana Grande (These Stars Accused Ariana Grande of Stealing Their Boyfriends Before Her Recent Relationship Scandal) (Dalton Gomez Reportedly Wants to Be In Touch With Ariana Grande Again But Is 'Giving Her Space')

Lots of friends of this former actress are getting production credits on movies given waivers to strike rules. Fran Drescher (The Chosen gets a waiver from SAG-AFTRA to continue production on season four of the Jesus-based drama amid ongoing strike) (The SAG Strike Will Make Exceptions for a Select Few Very Indie Filmmakers, but It’s Complicated) (Sarah Silverman Softens Strike Waivers Stance After Chat With Fran Drescher: ‘We All Want the Same Thing’ (Video)) (Nolte: 6 Reasons Hollywood’s in Real Trouble This Time)

The former spy turned reporter/columnist will hopefully find a new home quickly after his employer recently went out of business. Omid Scobie/‘royal executive editor’ of Yahoo! News/Prince Harry & Megan Markle/”Spotify” (Harry and Meghan's biographer Omid Scobie is no longer 'royal executive editor' of Yahoo! News which he used to launch regular attacks against the monarchy)

Perhaps this former House husband should focus more on paying the bills he doesn't pay, leaving people high and dry, rather than spending everything he can on the mistress who is going to leave him anyway, probably before they even get married. Lenny Hochstein/”Real Housewives of Miami” (Lisa Hochstein Reacts to Estranged Husband Lenny’s Engagement News: ‘Congrats to My Current Husband and His Mistress’)

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **10**
Mr. X: In more sad news, the flamboyant fitness guru is rumored to have Alzheimer’s which explains a lot. Richard Simmons ('Something’s broken inside because he did it' - The heartache behind Richard Simmons' retreat from public life)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **11**
Mr. X: Per a family member, this EGOT entertainer/celeb spawn has Parkinson’s. Liza Minnelli (Judy Garland) (Liza Minnelli Not Seen in Public for 294 Days: Dementia Fears for Stage Icon, 77, Who is Receiving ‘Round-the-clock’ Care) (List of EGOT winners)

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **12**
Mr. X: Speaking of Vegas residencies, the whispers are growing louder that this one named superstar is going to have a residency starting next year. Kylie (Kylie Minogue set to land Las Vegas residency that could last several years)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **13**
Mr. X: I don’t know why this blogger and this singer/sometime actress are continuing their fake feud after a full decade. Maybe they’re doing it to intentionally rile up her fans, who knows? But her team directly called him to have him announce the news that she’s doing another Vegas residency before the news leaked out. He’s acting like she’ll kick him out of the venue if he attends, which she probably won’t. They’re both so weird. Lady Gaga/Perez Hilton (Lady GaGa EXCLUSIVE! Some Will Be Upset At Me For Reporting This, But...) (Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga beef explained)

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 07/31 **14**
The Bait: A couple of decades ago, there was a promoter on an island nation who specialized in making actresses from other countries, famous singers. In two instances he used an A list actress and an A list reality star to show he could succeed. The thing is though, he bought their success by manipulating record sales. He did so for an ulterior motive which the two A listers didn't know. Our promoter went to other countries and found actresses who were popular in those countries but were unknown elsewhere. He would then promise the actresses huge record deals and fame and use the two A listers as an example. None of that happened though. The actresses were instead sold off to wealthy men and were told they had to work off the debt they incurred to the promoter and they would need to remain in the country and working however he sought fit. Embarrassed by their situation, the women never reached out to anyone in their home countries. Most were used as sex slaves for a year or more. Several of them committed suicide. One of the men who was using an actress had a son who was in his very early teens. The son was allowed to use one of the actresses however he wanted. She ended up dead. Two decades later he killed a porn star and has seemingly got away with that murder too.

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