NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This one named industry plant is going to see her downfall hastened with the recent lawsuit. The powers that be were ready for her to go and this will make sure she won't have any career left. Lizzo (Lizzo forced dancers to eat bananas from sex workers’ vaginas during Amsterdam trip: bombshell lawsuit)

This one named permanent A list singer used her recent hospital stay to also get more work done to her face, which really doesn't seem possible. Madonna (Madonna Thanks Her Children One Month After Hospital Stay)

This former sitcom actor turned streaming actor turned wannabe superhero is living away from his higher on the list wife. John Krasinski/”The Office”/”Jack Ryan”/”Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic”/”Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”/Emily Blunt (Emily Blunt Is Taking a Break from Acting to Be with Her Kids: 'I Just Need to Be There')

The Nigerian singer/rapper has had big songs with Drake and some Billboard success, but his team definitely was overly ambitious with ticket sales. Some venues are less than 20% full. Expect some really cheap tickets soon on GroupOn. Wizkid (Wizkid Lights Up Tottenham In A Record Sold-Out Concert)

The manager of this A list singer can really only make money if the singer is put back under some type of supervised control. There is zero new commission money. Cade Hudson/Britney Spears

We were right in calling it “the CON in convention”. Turns out this upcoming fan convention (“Always and Forever Con“)  is run by a convicted felon and people are starting to spread the word. “Always and Forever Con” (BLIND ITEM 07/06/23)

The celebrity CEO has quietly backed out of a fight which would have seen him destroyed. Elon Musk/Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg vs. Elon Musk Fight Doesn’t Appear To Be Happening)

Don't believe the hype. If the madam/procurer is set free, there will be no new trial. The prosecutors just don't want names being released to the public in an election cycle. Ghislaine Maxwell (US urges appeals court to uphold Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking conviction)

Pretty coincidental that no campaign finance charges will be filed against the initialed crypto criminal on the same day he steals $100M to spread out to politicians again. Sam Bankman-Fried (Prosecutors drop another charge against FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried)

This former model turned syndicated actress turned reality star turned sometimes gets naked for money turned celebrity needs rehab. Carmen Electra (Carmen Electra appears distraught, seemingly cries in rare sighting in LA)

The alliterate one just pretends the strikes don't exist when it comes to her own projects. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle 'keeps silent' over actors' strike as rumours swirl over Netflix deal)

This foreign born model/singer/actress promised a pap an exclusive on photos with her higher on the list actor boyfriend. The problem is she said the same thing to a half dozen other photographers who are not happy with the model/singer/actress. Suki Waterhouse/Robert Pattinson (Robert Pattinson and Girlfriend Suki Waterhouse Hold Hands During Rare Sighting Together in N.Y.C.)

This female superhero is cheating on her celebrity husband with her ex.

New Market: Recently in a town in this divided country, firefighters and police were called to what was described as an illegal nightclub. It wasn't. Instead, it was what is known as a black room/dark room where members of manufactured groups entertain the people who provide financing to the owners of the groups in return for a large portion of the profits and first shot at the group members. Every single promoter/company has one of these rooms. Often the rooms also have full camera coverage too. This particular dark room is owned by the biggest of the big companies (“HYBE”).  They are the ones who own the initialed boy band (
“Big Hit Entertainment"/"BTS"). That same company now has the same type setup in two spots in Los Angeles. One of them is filled with teens looking to break into the business but who were born or raised in the US, but still can speak that Asian language fluently. In a different part of town, there are two dozen girls brought from all over the US to try and make a US version of the Asian success story (”YG Plus”/”Blackpink”). They are locked in rooms and have rehearsals 12 hours a day along with weight checks and wardrobe checks which are filmed and also broadcast live to bosses back in Asia. The teens are allowed one phone call per day to their family and 15 minutes of texting which is monitored. One of the teens recently had a medical emergency and managed to communicate what has been going on in these homes. Seoul/Korea“HYBE“/“Big Hit Entertainment”/”BTS”/”YG Plus”/”Blackpink”

In anticipation of the streaming documentary about a very controversial court case last year, this celebrity offspring/reporter is writing a new book which takes the side of the actress rather than the actor. “Netflix” “Depp v. Heard”/Johnny Depp & Amber Heard/Ronan Farrow (‘Depp v. Heard’ Asks Questions About the Court of Public Opinion)

This Housewife has some very noticeable weight loss which is because of the weekly shot. It just wasn't the name she was asked, therefore she can honestly deny it was that particular brand. Erika Jayne Girardi/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/“Ozempic”/”Wegovy” (Erika Jayne Says Menopause — Not Ozempic — Led to Her Weight Loss) (Wegovy vs. Ozempic: The truth about new ‘weight-loss’ drugs)

Because of her past flirting with the message board founder (Alexis Ohanian), the alliterate one is never invited to events where he will be present. Alexis Ohanian/”Reddit”/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle nowhere to be found at pal Serena Williams’ baby shower)

This openly gay singer/actor/host (Aaron Yan) was up until recently A-list on his island and the Mandarin-speaking world (Taiwan). He was accused of raping a teen boy and leaking footage of it. That streaming service scrambled to edit him out of future episodes of one of its shows as best as they could. He's also been dumped by his sponsors, including that famous food delivery service (“UberEats”). One sponsor, a popular local apparel company with an ironic name, wasn't very happy they had to replace their ads with a new spokesmodel only a month after they had signed a big deal with him, and apologize to customers. Aaron Yan/“Netflix”/“Let's Open”/“Uber Eats”/“One Boy” (What did Aaron Yan do? Allegations against Taiwanese actor explored amid ex-boyfriend scandal) (Aaron Yan loses major events, ad endorsements)

The YouTuber with the police show sounding name tried to distract everyone what is coming. Namely, the teens who have stories about his behavior towards them. How many of them were underage is the question. There was certainly a lot of sex that his wife didn't know about. Adam22/Lena The Plug (Candace Owens Blasts Lena The Plug & Adam22’s Relationship During Andrew Tate Interview) (BLIND ITEM  REVEALED 03/06/23)

The wife of this permanent A list musician is trying to get her business (“Bouquet Box”) to succeed. So, she invited a tabloid to cover a life event of an offspring which is really just an ad for her company. Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx (“Mötley Crüe”)/"Bouquet Box"/Daughter Ruby’s 4th Birthday (Nikki Sixx and Wife Courtney Throw Daughter Ruby a 'Sleeping Beauty'-Themed 4th Birthday Bash)

An offspring of a dead wannabe A++ lister is cheating on his wife. Probably not a good time for that. Robert F. Kennedy Jr./Robert F. Kennedy/Cheryl Hines (RFK Jr. says he’s not anti-vaccine. His record shows the opposite. It’s one of many inconsistencies)

Speaking of offspring, this sports entertainment CEO doesn't want his offspring anywhere near the leadership of the company he started. Vince McMahon/Stephanie McMahon/”WWE” (WWE boss Vince McMahon hit with federal grand jury subpoena and search warrant, company reveals)

The meme actor was not using the reality star for publicity for his new movie. He was using her for sex. Timothée Chalamet/Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Still Dating, Despite Reports They Split)

This long long time almost network actor has always slipped through very problematic things in his life. It is funny that him being on the opposite side of strikers is what will actually bring him down rather than the domestic violence or cheating. Stephen Amell/”The Flash” (Stephen Amell attempts to clarify SAG-AFTRA strike comments in new statement)

This directionally challenged rapper is in Europe touring and assumed because the drinking age in a country was 16 that the age of consent was the same. French Montana (French Montana in Marbella Arena)

The ginger haired one stopped taking hair pills because they were not working. Plugs is what he is doing now. Prince Harry (Prince William Just Joked About Losing His Hair)

This offspring is a crack addict and his dealer tried to give up the offspring after he was busted. The police said they were not allowed to move against the offspring so the dealer had to cut a plea deal for jail time while the offspring who is so connected, just found another dealer and moved on with his life. Hunter Biden (Why Hunter Biden's addiction battle shouldn't be a political target)

This talk show host seems to have a faulty memory about all the times he was on the receiving end, rather than the giving end. They sure were coming out of the woodwork yesterday. Dozens who have different memories than the talk show host. Andy Cohen/”Watch What Happens Live” (Andy Cohen shocks fans, shares sexual preferences: ‘Need to loosen up’)

The marriage of the north of the border A++ lister and his wife just could never recover from that March 2020 weekend of hers overseas and having to explain the circumstances how she ended up testing positive for COVID alongside one other person, and what they had been doing when transmitting it. Justin Trudeau/”Prime Minister of Canada”/Sophie Grégoire Trudeau/Idris Elba (Idris Elba and Sophie Trudeau Posed for a Photo Together Days Before Testing Positive for Coronavirus) (Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announces separation from his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau)

This time traveler knows he would be an awful superhero, and the studio is having second thoughts too, but that paycheck was too big to say no to. Matt Smith/”Doctor Who”/”Reed Richards”/”Fantastic Four” (Matt Smith Rumored For Reed Richards In Fantastic Four)

The Host: At one point in time this host (“Craig Kilborn”) was everywhere. He was A list and was hosting and acting and everyone thought he would be one of the biggest stars on the planet. He played everything correctly. He hosted multiple very hit shows (“SportsCenter”; “The Daily Show”; ”The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn”) and starred in a very popular movie (“Old School“). Then, boom, he disappeared. Just stopped acting and hosting and he doesn't even try any longer to work. One of the biggest names in Hollywood, the owner of a studio, and this A+ list director conspired to make sure he would never work again. There was a costumer that all three men loved and our actor/host kept her hooked on drugs while making her do all kinds of horrible things. The men blamed the actor/host when the woman died and they swore they would make sure he never worked again. Whenever he tries to work, someone is always there to make sure it is not for long. Calls are made, and he is sent on his way
. Craig Kilborn/“SportsCenter”; “The Daily Show”; ”The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn”/”Old School” (Kilborn suspended from ‘Daily’ duties)

32. POPBITCH 08/03
(British blog) Which TV personality, actor and occasional suspect of international crime has taken on a new life in Australia, using the name Gavin Maxfield?

This foreign actor (Sean Biggerstaff) is best known for multiple brief appearances as a particular character, in a blockbuster film franchise, roughly between a decade and two decades ago.   Our actor’s career never really took off, but he has since become known for making a number of bigoted remarks on social media.   Our actor just lost his account on the former bird site, which is pretty rare these days. Sean Biggerstaff/”Oliver Wood”/”Harry Potter” (Harry Potter star brands Jeremy Clarkson ‘rancid old thug’ after socialists remark) (@Seanchuckle Account suspended)

The now ex wife of the north of the border leader could once do things for the alliterate one. So, they were "friends." Now though? Crickets. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau/Justin Trudeau/Canada/Meghan Markle (Justin Trudeau's wife Sophie Grégoire was on Meghan Markle's failed Archetypes podcast and exclaimed women 'all long to be free in who we are' - months before their separation)

For the longest time, this former A+ list mostly movie actress had really good cover. Now, once again she doesn't and one wonders whether this will finally get her out of the closet for good. Sandra Bullock (Where Sandra Bullock & Her Partner Stand Now After a 'Long Cooling-off Period' While Living Apart for a Year)

There is no way this former streaming real estate star will go back to her show now. The story line would be about her husband evicting a bunch of poor people from their rent controlled apartments while the star showed off her wealth. Heather Rae El Moussa/Tarek El Moussa/”Selling Sunset” (Heather Rae El Moussa breastfed her son on a commercial flight after facing backlash for sharing parenting tips while flying private) (California residents say HGTV star evicting them for a big ‘flip’)

Speaking of renovation people, this former network renovation specialist poisoned a neighbor's dog who would not stop barking at night.

If the reality family can arrange any kind of meeting with the offspring and the meme actor, you know there will be lots of photos. They really want the relationship to work. Kardashian - Jenner/Kylie Jenner/Timothée Chalamet (Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet Still Dating, Despite Reports They Split)

This one named singer has zero people willing to stick up for her unless they are being paid by her. The thing is, she isn't very good about paying people and the publicist is going to be the first to jump ship. Lizzo/Ashley Kalmanowitz or Jessica Nall (The allegations against Lizzo, briefly explained)

This state A++ lister doesn't need campaign cash. He can cruise to any victory in his state. Why he is fundraising so heavily about a future television appearance? So, he can spread the wealth to people who will support him to be the next A++ lister. He thinks next year is not a lost cause yet because he thinks the one there now won't make it to next year. Gavin Newsom/California/Presidential Debate with Ron DeSantis/President Joe Biden (Ron DeSantis agrees to take on Gavin Newsom in Fox News debate)

This former A list reality star who was really hated, has proof she used to hang out with the royal sons. She talked about it a lot. She also says she slept with one of them, but no one knows which one. Is she saving it for a new book? Paris Hilton (probably Prince Harry) (Paris Hilton shares 'heartbreak' over Prince Harry as she relates to royal's struggle)

This former A+ list rapper wants his girlfriend to do OnlyFans, which seems to be an odd choice. What he wants her to wear is even more strange. Kanye West/Bianca Censori/”SKIMS” (EXCLUSIVE: Kanye West's busty 'wife' Bianca Censori turns heads with VERY revealing nude top while the rapper goes BAREFOOT as they step out for lunch in Italy) (“SKIMS”)

The matriarch is not saying no to her daughter. She knows her daughter is doing everything for publicity and wants no part of that. Candy Spelling/Tori Spelling (Tori Spelling seen living in RV park with her 5 kids: ‘We need a home’) (Candy Spelling found a house for daughter, grandkids — but Tori turned it down: insider) (Tori Spelling had use of Josh Flagg’s $9M Bel-Air mansion, but left to stay in budget motel, RV)

We know the offspring of this A++ lister takes pictures and videos of everything. Everything. There are some big critics who don't go too far because they know they did things with the offspring and wonder if he filmed them. Hunter Biden

This A+ list mostly movie actor has never been happier now that he is shedding his long time problematic girlfriend that no one likes. Keanu Reeves/Alexandra Grant (Shirtless Keanu Reeves enjoys boat day with a glass of champagne as John Wick star holidays in Italy with sister Kim)

Whistleblower: A lot has been said about this actress (Anne Heche) and her recent death. None if it makes much sense. Apparently, one of her offspring did find a note. Well, actually much more than a note. It was about 50 pages and it looked like the beginnings of a book or at least notes to herself about what the actress wanted to discuss. During her final project, a lot of memories were dragged up by the actress about her life and how a lot of those things were coming to life on screen. Specifically, she wanted to put a stop to certain actors who were seducing young actresses and giving them lifetime STD's. Our actress had a long hard life and one of the reasons she felt it was so hard was because of the abuse she endured at the hands of her dad. The sexual abuse was horrific, but every single day for her entire life she had to come to terms with the STD he gave her during that abuse. So, when she saw actors doing the same thing to young girls and the project she was working on, she decided to go on a vendetta. Obviously, someone probably didn't want her to do that
. Anne Heche (Anne Heche opens up about Ellen DeGeneres, Harvey Weinstein and Alec Baldwin in posthumous memoir) (Tragic family history of Anne Heche: Her father raped her as a kid and then died of AIDS triggering her brother to commit suicide by driving into tree - before her sister died of cancer... and her mother says she's going to hell for being a lesbian)

No has ever liked working with this A- list actor who moved from television to a lame superhero. So, it isn't shocking he doesn't support other actors who are not his equal on the list. Zachary Levi/”Shazam!” (Zachary Levi Says His Joke About ‘Dumb’ Strike Rules Was ‘Taken Out of Context’ — Read Full Statement)

This X Factor star isn’t talking to her little brother after she found out that he got a 15 year old girl pregnant.

This former music show contestant was targeted by this host during his reign of terror. He was catfished. No prizes for guessing how a tabloid got the story and images as fast as they did. Sanjaya/”American Idol”/Simon Cowell (American Idol: Sanjaya Malakar Reveals Producer Manipulation)

It wasn't because of her recent troubles that sent the boyfriend of the one named singer running, it was that she cheated on him. Lizzo/Myke Wright (The allegations against Lizzo challenge the artist's brand of positivity and fans' investment in it)

Nearly two decades after he found her lacking when he was looking for a wife, there is no way this pint sized actor is looking to the foreign born actress/host as his new wife. Sofía Vergara/Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise ‘ready to pounce’ on second chance with Sofia Vergara)

Much like you won't see her son-in-law's affair documented on the reality show, you also won't see this reality star and her husband skipping out on their rent or what the husband gets up to at that hotel bar he frequents. Jason Sabo/”Vanderpump Rules”/Lisa Vanderpump/Ken Todd (Pump restaurant’s landlords suing Lisa Vanderpump’s husband Ken Todd for almost $1 million) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/03/23)

This political matriarch certainly wanted the journalist dead after he exposed her family. I don't think she killed him, but she certainly didn't shed any tears over his death.

There was finally confirmation from the family about what I have been reporting for quite some time now. This foreign born permanent A list singer is struggling to stay alive. Celine Dion (Celine Dion's sister Claudette shares grim update on the singer's health as she battles stiff person syndrome: 'We can't find any medicine that works')

It was a six figure birthday gift from the billionaire to the alliterate one. Meghan Markle (EXCLUSIVE Meghan Markle's birthday date night with Prince Harry! Smiling Duchess of Sussex celebrates turning 42 at trendy Montecito restaurant after couple's pals blasted claims of 'tensions' in their marriage)

The significant other of this A list country singer is cheating on the singer, with a backup singer of the A lister. Brendan McLoughlin/Miranda Lambert

This A- list celebrity married to someone higher on the list is not doing anything to stop people from thinking she is pregnant. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber (BABY BIEBER Hailey Bieber’s ‘common pregnancy signals’ are matched by ‘macho’ Justin’s ‘leakage’ signs, body language expert says)

This married former A list boy bander is hooking up with a singer lower on the list. Justin Timberlake/Nelly Furtado (Justin Timberlake & Timbaland FaceTime Nelly Furtado From the Studio — Is a Reunion on the Way?)

This husband of a Housewife has a coke problem for the ages.

Two marriages (Chad Michael Murray & Grant Hughes) for this actress and two short horrible decisions with two guys deciding cheating on her was the way to go. Sophia Bush/Chad Michael Murray & Grant Hughes (Sophia Bush Divorcing Husband Grant Hughes After 13 Months of Marriage (Exclusive)) (Dated Who)

The Svengali who doesn't make people have sex in front of his investors, is the one who got the drugs for the now dead pay cable actor and wanted to put him in a conservatorship. Sam Lutfi/Angus Cloud ('Euphoria' Star Angus Cloud's Former Manager Accuses the Actor of 'Verbal Abuse, Emotional Distress & Severe Drug Addiction')

I don't know why this on again/off again Housewife is confused about her relationship with the alliterate former talk show host. The Housewife used the host, pretended to be friends and didn't care about the host. She still doesn't care. Not one phone call or text to see how the host is doing. NeNe Leakes/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/Wendy Williams (NeNe Leakes Was 'Confused' by 'Off and on' Friendship With Wendy Williams: 'She Would Switch on Me')

For this designer/reality star (Whitney Port) from multiple shows, it is not the weight loss shot. It is coke and starving herself with a little Adderall mixed in for flavoring. Whitney Port (Whitney Port steps out after her husband admitted he’s ‘worried’ because she’s ‘too thin’)

The prime minister actor might squeak by in this case by sending his accuser outside the country, but there are a long line of people waiting their turn to take a shot at the actor. Jonathan Majors (Assault trial for actor Jonathan Majors postponed until September)

Dear HGTV Star,
You know you are required by law to have 10% of your units be low income so it isn't like you are doing anyone a favor or being noble. You are using word salad, but it doesn't change the fact you are a jerk and will always be a jerk and give it a year more or so and this wife will say the same thing and will also spill all those secrets you think she is keeping, but really isn't.
Love & Bacon,
Tarek El Moussa (HGTV star Tarek El Moussa responds after tenants say he's evicting them, 'destroying' lives for luxury project)

At least when the biggest producer on the planet is hitting on the TikTok star, she is legal. It makes quite the change from the singer who died in the plane accident. Timbaland/PinkyDoll/Aaliyah (Timbaland Shows Love To Viral TikTok Sensation PinkyDoll) (Timbaland Confesses He Fell in Love With an Underaged Aaliyah in Resurfaced Video)

The wrongful death rapper put profits over people and is going to see all those profits go away. His insurance company says he already reached his max payout so now everything is going to be coming from his pocket. You know what that means? Fake bankruptcy filing
. Travis Scott/”Astroworld” (Travis Scott’s Astroworld contract included $4.5M for finishing show: report) (Travis Scott settles with the family of John Hilgert, 14, who was killed in the 2021 Astroworld tragedy)

This three named actress is a nepo baby. Her career was handed to her on a silver platter from her very first role. She has made tens upon tens of millions of dollars. She also doesn't care about anyone other than herself. Jamie Lee Curtis (Jamie Lee Curtis Digs Herself Out Of Comments About SAG-AFTRA Strike)

The mouse house has literally zero ideas any longer and just make new versions of their classics. It is stale. “Disney” (The Four Flops Of 2023 That Cost Disney $1 Billion)

I guess the mistress being pregnant was what pushed it over the edge to divorce for this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. There has been so much cheating that she has forgiven, but the baby she couldn't get past. Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied (Natalie Portman is seen without her wedding ring as she returns to Sydney  following reports her husband Benjamin Millepied had an affair)

The Housewife travels everywhere with the girlfriend which doesn't seem like working on your marriage. Kyle Richards/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Morgan Wade (Kyle Richards Supports Morgan Wade at Lollapalooza After Music Video Collaboration)

It wasn't just the wannabe A++ lister who got duped into speaking to hardcore Scientologists. The former A+ list tennis player and the talking head also let the paycheck cloud their judgement. Vivek Ramaswamy/Venus Williams/Megyn Kelly/“10X Ladies Empowerment Seminar”/Elena and Grant Cardone (Inside The 10X Ladies Empowerment Seminar With Elena Cardone & Venus Williams)

This former A- list actor from multiple hit shows, who has an ex higher on the list, had a massive infection from some surgery and had to destroy everything he paid for on that area of the body because of it.

When you not only sleep in separate beds but separate residences when you are married and celebrating a life event of one of the couple, then divorce is right around the corner. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle/42nd Birthday (Meghan Markle Celebrated Her 42nd Birthday With the 'Barbie' Movie and a Very Barbie Party Dress) (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'offering to rent Royal Family property')

This former Housewife is the only one who will make any serious money in this court action. Everyone else will receive peanuts. Bethenny Frankel/”Real Housewives of New York City” (‘Ringleader’ Bethenny Frankel recruits ‘over 80 people’ in Bravo, NBC war)

The barely there celebrity offspring is trying the same ridiculous story her mom told. The tick disease is not chronic. It is not real. It is just an excuse to do a bunch of drugs and not get called out for it. Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid Reveals She’s 'Finally Healthy' After '15 Years of Invisible Suffering')

The Disney actress/singer has really never gone for the beard thing, but apparently she had a change of heart. At least she found a rich one (Fred Again). Her hero has always had to be the rich one when with guys. Selena Gomez/Fred Again/Taylor Swift (Selena Gomez shares playful selfie with British record producer Fred Again after they grabbed dinner together in West Hollywood)

This female celebrity dessert chef is once again cheating on her significant other.

Speaking of celebrity chefs and cheating, this A+ list Michelin starred female chef was caught by her significant other cheating and told the significant other to grow up and accept the fact that the chef is desirable and wanted by everyone. Dominique Crenn/Maria Bello (Three Michelin stars! Meet the first woman to smash America's boys' club) (It's love! ER vet Maria Bello, 55, proves her romance with fiancée Dominique Crenn is still going strong as they hold hands at a Beverly Hills gala)

This current NBA player did the sex sting against his blackmailer, but eventually the player's name will be made public, probably by his blackmailer. Dwight Howard ('I’m Not Even That Type of Person': Dwight Howard Denies He Assaulted Man Who He Allegedly Met Online)

This 30 something model actually was pregnant for a few weeks from the former A+ list tweener. That is as close as she has come to getting the bag. Ten years of moving from one actor/celebrity to the next. She has gone for young and old, and just can't lock it down. The animal actor is definitely not going to be locked down. Plus, he likes hooking up with his ex too much. He just doesn't like being with her on a 24/7 basis. Ashley Moore/Justin Bieber(Shia LaBeouf/Skeet Ulrich)/Jeremy Allen White/Addison Timlin (Justin Bieber steps out for romantic lunch date with rumoured new squeeze... bikini model Ashley Moore) (Who is Ashley Moore? Meet model Jeremy Allen White kissed amid Addison Timlin divorce)

I have said it before and I will say it again. The celebrity CEO can huff and he can puff, and honestly he probably does duster and pot, so has the huff and puff thing down. Anyway, he is not going to fight the wealthy surfer. Ever. Elon Musk/Mark Zuckerberg (and he isn't) (Elon Musk says he weighs 300 pounds, and if the Zuckerberg cage match becomes a long fight, Zuck will 'win on endurance')

Of course the A list comic/singer/actor posted the post to social media. It is only because he caught flak for it that he suddenly said it was someone else. Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx Offers His 'Deepest Apologies' After Being Accused of Antisemitism in Post: 'I'm Sorry')

This former Housewife got a huge award in divorce court, but is still yachting as much as possible. Noella Bergener/”Real Housewives of Orange County” (Ex-‘RHOC’ Star Noella Bergener Awarded $25k Per Month in Child Support After Revealing She Has Zero Income Since Leaving Reality Show) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/22/22)

This on again/off again bar star films solo gay porn for money. Jax Taylor/”Vanderpump Rules” (Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Are Opening a 'Neighborhood Sports Bar' That Will Serve Mamaw’s Beer Cheese)

This former A+ list soap actress who is a multiple Emmy winner/nominee never could get ahead when it came to saving. She used to let male photographers take nude photos of her kids to make a few bucks.

The estate of the former A+ list host/entertainer/producer/creator still makes millions of dollars a year from him stealing from music artists. He got all the money to buy them out because of payola, but of course never spent a minute in jail. Dick Clark (Dick Clark survives the Payola scandal)

This A list mostly television director all of you know, nearly bit a nipple off a woman he was doing coke with. He had been doing lines from her breasts and then got carried away. He did pay for the doctor.

Crazy: I have talked about this foreign born B list actress (Liz Hurley) many times in this space. I have written extensively about her unnatural affection towards those in her immediate family and how she enjoys having them watch her perform intimate acts. It is nothing though compared to this foreign born B list celebrity (Asia Argento) who films herself having sex with various members of her family and then selling them. She also records them having sex with other people who pay for the privilege. She films everything not only for money but also to make sure no one who has paid for the services decides to go to the police. You should see what she does to the underage kids she pays to have sex with. They are generally never the same again
. Liz Hurley/Asia Argento (BLIND ITEM 05/22/23) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/17/23) (Sexual assault allegation against Argento)

This former teen star wasn't selling any tickets on his tour. How could he get out of it? Divorce. Corey Feldman/Courtney Anne (Corey Feldman and his wife, Courtney Anne, are separating amid her health battle)

This foreign born alliterate A list singer has always been a jerk. Recently the singer did a fashion shoot in front of a residence. One of the residents is a 10 year old girl. She is a big fan of the singer. The singer went out of their way to be rude to the 10 year old while blocking the entrance to where the 10 year old lives! Sam Smith (Boston Has Bizarre Reaction to Sam Smith Eating Brunch in Beacon Hill)

The murdering band's lead singer is once again facing accusations that he is a racist.

This former television superhero told a staffer at a convention he was going to get the staffer fired after the staffer asked for a selfie. Grant Gustin/”The Flash”/”Tampa Bay Comic Convention” (Tampa Bay Comic Convention Still On Despite Actors’ Strike)

Don't believe the hype. This A list singer is not going to lose her makeup deal. Ariana Grande/”Ultra”/”r.e.m. beauty” (Ulta beauty faces rumors of contract termination with Ariana Grande's r.e.m beauty)

This A list mostly comic actor is not just doing the weight loss shot, he is also supplementing it with coke. Jonah Hill (Jonah Hill seen looking unrecognizable after ex-girlfriend’s abuse allegations)

This B+ list alliterate actress is pitching a book which will include all the dirt on the beloved A+ list mostly movie actor. Ginnifer Goodwin/Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks Ginnifer Goodwin Affair)

The manager of the A list "singer" is in cahoots with the former manager to get the singer completely under their control and start making money again. Cade Hudson/Britney Spears/Lou Taylor (Britney Spears Scores Another No. 1 Hit On The Billboard Charts) (Britney Spears Has Dropped 13 Instagram Posts In 2 Days, And Fans Are Confused By Her Captions)

This very fast rapper got another woman pregnant. A$AP Rocky (How Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Are Preparing for Baby No. 2: Source)

This foreign born one hit wonder who is probably B list at this point is shooting her shot at the rapper about to be sentenced and then deported for shooting a woman. Sounds like a winning relationship. Iggy Azalea/Tory Lanez/Megan Thee Stallion (Iggy Azalea submits letter of support for Tory Lanez ahead of his sentencing for Megan Thee Stallion shooting) (Tory Lanez sentenced to 10 years in prison for Megan Thee Stallion shooting)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **11**
This A list national sportscaster is a former pro athlete. he recently got beat up a male escort he found online.

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **12**
Speaking of male escorts, this former B- list celebrity who was supported by his higher on the list now ex-girlfriend, uses the girlfriend's name to charge more to men for sex.

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **13**
The alliterate one and her husband are so broke that they had to have the streamer service buy the rights to a property. Because they were broke, they gave up half their future earnings in exchange for the streamer purchasing the rights. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle/”Meet Me At The Lake”/”Netflix” (Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Buy Rights To Bestseller ‘Meet Me At The Lake’ For Netflix)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/08 **14**
Afterlife: No one knows exactly what this now dead former A- lister (Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman) wrote in the first draft of his biography. He always said that when he did write a book that he would tell stories never heard before, or even suspected. One of those stories is about his "wife," (Chandi Heffner) and how his wife used to sleep with her "mother," (Doris Duke) and whoever the mother told her to sleep with. Those people could be employees or strangers, but the "daughter" did it because she wanted to get paid, and boy did she end up getting paid. She was the first in the family to successfully grift, but even with all her millions, her grift pales in comparison to what other family members have done
. Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman/Chandi Heffner/Doris Duke (Who Is Pee-Wee Herman Actor Paul Reubens’ Ex-Wife?) (Doris Duke’s Final Mystery) (The $65 Million, Duke Daughter Ends Claim To Estate)

Times are tough for this one named singer right now, but it was low ticket sales at a festival that canceled her performance and others, and not solely her recent legal troubles. Lizzo/”Made in America Festival” (Made in America Festival, Featuring Lizzo and SZA, Canceled)

This A list reality star has been remarkably quiet about her legal studies as of late. Perhaps because she has given up. Kim Kardashian (Has Kim Kardashian Passed the Bar Exam? What We Know About the Reality Star’s Lawyer Journey)

An offspring of the pedophile royal thought she was off the hook about the affair she had with the husband of the alliterate one's friend. Once again though because of someone else, everyone is bringing it up. Princess Eugenie/Prince Andrew/Justin Trudeau/Meghan Markle/Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (Did Princess Eugenie and Justin Trudeau Have An Affair? CDAN Blind Item Tarot Reading) (Justin Trudeau’s Wife Sophie Grégoire Shared Words of Advice to Meghan Markle About Managing Public Pressure)

Speaking of alliterate ones, this alliterate former A list actress once had a director fired from a job because the director ran a dog rescue and the actress hates anyone who likes dogs.

Keeping with the alliterate theme, this A- list alliterate actress should be taking a victory lap with her superhero news, but she keeps saying the wrong thing about her affair with a co-star that ended the co-star's relationship. Sydney Sweeney/”Julia Carpenter”/”Madame Web”/Glen Powell/Renee Bargh (Madame Web: Sydney Sweeney on playing Julia Carpenter (aka Spider-Woman) in Sony’s upcoming film) (Sydney Sweeney puts on eye-popping display in low-cut top as she finally addresses THOSE Glen Powell romance rumors and reveals she will be joining Marvel Cinematic Universe)

The frozen flavoring industry plant probably doesn't even know it, but the reason her music is geared to tweens and teens is so the people behind her can find a pool of young people to work with and exploit and work her fan base to do so. Ice Spice (Ice Spice Accepts the Rookie of The Year Award | R&B Hip-Hop Power Players & Live 2023) (Who Is Ice Spice? The Lowdown On Her Rise To Fame, Real Name & Taylor Swift Collaboration)

In return for financing a pet project for the decision maker, this former A+ list actor and a current A+ list actor got a waiver for the filming of their movie even though it is being made by production companies that are part of the struck companies. “Untitled Yellowstone Sequel”/Taylor Sheridan/Matthew McConaughey (Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan Could End The Writers Strike) (Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey join Jesus in snagging SAG-AFTRA strike waivers) (SAG-AFTRA Interim Agreements: List Of Movies And Series Granted Waivers) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/11/23)

This married A list singer from an A list group is being accused of buying fans airplane tickets to come see him and then spending a few hours in a hotel room with the fan and then leaving. Many times the fans don't have money to get back to the airport and sometimes they were only bought a one way ticket and had no way to get back home.

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and keeping her relationship with this actor/producer a secret. Margot Robbie/Brad Pitt (Margot Robbie fans in hysterics as Brad Pitt brands star 'like a Barbie' - with actress hilariously shooting DOWN suggestion in resurfaced clip - 3 years BEFORE she played iconic doll) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/16/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/04/22)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **10**
Apparently this nepo baby of a permanent A lister is OK with her new husband cheating on her. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie/Elliot Grainge

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **11**
Another new record has been set for one night of yachting. According to Bani the amount was in the high seven figures and was for one night with this foreign born singer (Hanni Dons) in a clothing group (“NewJeans“). Apparently as part of the deal, it had to take place prior to her 19th birthday (October 6).
Hanni Dons/“NewJeans”/October 6 (NewJeans Singer Hanni Dons YCH Little White Dress to Chaumet’s ‘Bee My Love’ Collection Pop-up Store Opening)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **12**
This former A- list singer/reality star who crashed and burned in a public way is splitting with her long time husband. Fantasia Barrino/”American Idol”/Kendall Taylor (Fantasia Barrino Gets Emotional as She Celebrates 39th Birthday with Oprah Winfrey and 'The Color Purple' Cast) (Did Fantasia Barrino Crack Under the Sex Scandal Pressure?)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **13**
Reader Blind: This member of the biggest K-pop girl group moves swiftly through relationships. The moment she starts seeing a new guy, she gets exceedingly familiar with every detail about his life, friends and family. The girl tries to introduce herself to her boyfriends' parents immediately, joins the family members on vacation trips, and goes shopping with their mothers. Every family will hear that they're her newfound home, and the best family ever, until she finds another boyfriend. Her recent target is the richest family in Europe, and she is molding herself into their lifestyle. The girl's parents must be thrilled as they always encouraged her to aim big. Lisa/”Blackpink”/Frederic Arnault/“LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton” (Rumors arise that BLACKPINK's Lisa went on a date to Greece with Frédéric Arnault) (BLIND ITEM 07/14/23)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/09 **14**
Look To The Dad: For years this foreign born A- list social media star (Lil Tay) was sexually abused by her father (Christopher J. Hope) and exploited by him and passed around to all his friends so they could say they had sex with the star. The dad took every cent she ever earned and spent it on himself. He literally spent millions of dollars on himself and whatever woman he was trying to impress at the time by exploiting his daughter. The daughter is now dead and the one person (brother Jason Tian) who called out the dad for what he did to the daughter is now also dead. Did the dad kill his meal ticket or did the meal ticket and sibling just give up because life was going to keep on sucking
. Lil Tay/Christopher J. Hope/brother Jason Tian (Lil Tay allegedly abused by family, ex-managers question death: reports) (Gen Z influencer Lil Tay dead at 14: Star and brother’s ‘sudden’ death under investigation)

One way to keep people talking over the next few months is to invite the alliterate model to the final show. The model could pay any price to be in a front row seat, but there is much more chatter when she isn't. Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift (Karlie Kloss attends ex-BFF Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour years after rumored fallout)

The former athlete turned multiple reality star turned celebrity turned addict was very recently arrested. The person he was seen arguing with was sent by the person who wants to control his life. Bam Margera/Wife Nikki (Bam Margera arrested for public intoxication outside Pennsylvania hotel: police) (Bam Margera's Estranged Wife Nikki Gets Temporary Custody of Son Phoenix)

If the former social media star isn't dead, then this would be a much bigger way to relaunch yourself back to society, then hey, remember me. Also, if she is dead, then maybe this is someone to take her place with no one the wiser. I mean, it has been five years. Do we know what she looks like? Lil Tay (LIL TAY I'M NOT DEAD)

For just coming out of rehab, this barely there celebrity doesn't really look sober. Bella Hadid (Bella Hadid shares behind-the-scenes look at first fashion gig after Lyme disease treatment)

What is it about this musical show that had one person after another who either have done bad things or had bad things happen to them. One of the actors from the show has been canceled before because of the violence he inflicted on this former television superhero. Now, he has been busted trying to groom a 14 year old. “Glee”/Blake Jenner/Melissa Benoist (Life For Blake Jenner Has Taken A Dark Turn After His Controversial Relationship With Melissa Benoist)

Never forget that this actress/educator who is leaving her education role, was ride or die with her former co-star/serial sexual assaulter. Phylicia Rashad/”The Cosby Show”/Dean of Howard University's Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts/Bill Cosby (Phylicia Rashad stepping down as dean of Howard University's Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts) (Commentary: Why Phylicia Rashad’s defense of Bill Cosby is so infuriating)

This former network news person had the opportunity to take a much lesser paycheck at a different network and would get to work with her partner. She passed on that though to take the huge deal with a company that didn't want to hire her partner. Amy Robach/”MSNBC”/T.J. Holmes/”NewsNation” (EXCLUSIVE: Amy Robach set to sign million dollar deal with NewsNation to host her own show - but execs PASSED on hiring lover T.J. Holmes) (BLIND ITEM 03/03/23)

The tour to Asia had been planned for years. It is a very high profile polo tournament. Up until four months ago, the alliterate one was supposed to accompany her husband. Prince Harry/Singapore/”Sentebale” (Prince Harry Heads Off for Next Leg of His Mini-Tour With Pal — British Passport in Hand)

The walking blind item is in serious need of rehab at this point. Taryn Manning (Taryn Manning Loves Her ‘Un-Racist’ Hero Donald Trump) (Taryn Manning shares bizarre video about ‘licking’ married man’s ‘butthole,’ claims his wife wants restraining order)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **10**
At least the A+/A list mostly movie actor is just being upfront about it now. He is just straight up paying his dates now instead of doing some kind of barter arrangement. Leonardo DiCaprio/”Love Island” Arabella Chi (Leonardo DiCaprio yachts with Tobey Maguire, bikini-clad ‘Love Island’ star Arabella Chi in Spain)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **11**
This foreign born former boy bander is losing his hair at such a rapid rate that it is going to look really crazy when he shows up with a full head of hair in a few months.

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **12**
This B+ list actress with A list name recognition is hooking up with the father of one of her daughter's best friends. Katie Holmes/Suri Cruise (Katie Holmes looks cool and casual during two strolls in New York City)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **13**
This late night actor fits right in. He uses his very very young look to hit on high school girls.

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/10 **14**
Her Rules: It was not often in her early career that she was refused, but this permanent A list actress did have one person say no to her rule. Our actress, who was A+ list for the longest time had a rule she considered inviolate. She would only star in a movie with a lead actor that she also wanted to have sex with. Most of the time, she actually did hook up with the actor, often before even agreeing to star in said movie. She would go to great lengths to sleep with the lead actors, and one of those instances was documented in the early days of the blog. She said sleeping with someone was the only way to have real chemistry on screen. Because of her rule, there were no shortages of actors who wanted to work with the actress. One time though, she was unable to have sex with her co-star. Oh, she wanted to have sex with the A list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee but he refused. She threw herself at him the entire time they were filming and would even be in his trailer naked when he would return filming a scene. He never had sex with her, which is really interesting because he was known for cheating on his wife with many different actresses over the years. He has never given an answer to why he said no to the actresss
. Barbra Streisand/”The Way We Were”/Robert Redford/Lola Van Wagenen (Filmography) (Barbra Streisand’s Hotly Anticipated Memoir Cut Back to Less Than 1,000 Pages, But Not By Much) (Robert Redford Originally Didn’t Want to Star with Barbra Streisand in ‘The Way We Were’ Due to Her ‘Reputation’) (Robert Redford insisted on cutting a line from The Way We Were implying he was bad in bed) (Robert Redford: The great pretender)

130. POPBITCH 08/10
(British blog)
Which homegrown star was once spotted inspecting every last corner of Sheekey's trying to find themselves in among the many framed photos they have hanging? A poor waiter who'd been dragged along as a guide was heard saying "I'm sure you're here somewhere...

The nepo baby's husband who is the ultimate nepo baby has been partnering with the former business manager of the permanent A list "singer." Sofia Richie/Elliot Grainge/Lou Taylor/Britney Spears

This foreign born former A list boy bander turned A list solo singer hasn't confirmed his new relationship. The people representing him and her have been doing their best to get the press talking about it to generate buzz for her latest projects. Harry Styles/”One Direction”/Taylor Russell/”Mother, Couch” (Harry Styles and Taylor Russell Seemingly Confirm Romance With New PDA Pics) (‘Mother, Couch!’ Starring Taylor Russell & Ewan McGregor Among Titles Set For San Sebastian’s New Directors Competition)

This former A list model (Kate Upton) is married to an athlete (Justin Verlander) who makes about $120K per day every single day. Despite that, and her own wealth, the model started a Go Fund Me to raise $200K for a grifter (Tracy Piper) supported by the barely there celebrity (Bella Hadid) and other celebrities who love her snake oil products. So, what is the $200K for? Apparently the grifter wants a vacation home. Kate Upton/Justin Verlander/Tracy Piper/Bella Hadid (Who is Tracy Piper? Bella Hadid's GoFundMe appeal for 'holistic healer' friend as she battles Lyme disease sparks backlash)

This foreign born superhero keeps wanting another installment of her franchise and thinks that if she discusses it publicly, it will force the hand of the studio to make it. They are not having it and want no part of another installment. Gal Gadot/”Wonder Woman” (‘Wonder Woman 3’ Won’t Fly in the New DC Universe, Despite Gal Gadot Teasing Development Plans (EXCLUSIVE))

This actress was A list when she was a teen with a movie franchise that has been rebooted and she was A- list for years after that. She had some projects crash and burn and some relationships crash even harder. All of you know her. Now, she is reduced to selling autographs with a bunch of D listers at a 4th rate con.

This former singer turned A- list franchise actor has zero chance of winning his lawsuit. It isn't discrimination when someone is trying to buy something using your credit card and the store asks for identification. Tyrese Gibson (Tyrese Gibson Accuses Home Depot of ‘Outrageous Discriminatory Mistreatment’ in $1 Million Lawsuit)

This out of work A list soap actor is being accused by a woman of sexually assaulting her on a recent flight. Tyler Christopher/”General Hospital” ('General Hospital' Star Tyler Christopher Arrested Over Drunken Airport Nap)

This state A++ lister is convinced he is going to have a chance to run next year for the big A++ list job. He must know something that has him that convinced. The former A++ list wife also registered some new domains which means she might know something too and is planning to make her own move. Gavin Newsome/”President of the United States”/Michelle Obama

This foreign born permanent A list singer discovered the judge trying her significant other's felony case is a huge fan, so you know she is going to be front and center every single day at the trial to keep him out of jail. Rihanna/A$AP Rocky (A$AP Rocky 'ordered to return to court' after pleading not guilty to assault with firearm)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **10**
This A- list actress/producer knows she is being cheated on again by her higher on the list husband, but just accepts it and moves on for the sake of the kids. Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **11**
This A list singer was invited to a party thrown by a trade magazine, but her two worst enemies were both committed to attending, so the singer said no. Olivia Rodrigo/"Variety"/Sabrina Carpenter/Joshua Bassett/“Power of Young Hollywood” (Noah Schnapp, Dylan Mulvaney, Reneé Rapp and TikTok Faves Dance the Night Away at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood Party)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **12**
Speaking of that magazine party, one person who won't ever be invited back is this foreign born A- list actress who was crazy rude to everyone she encountered. No one had anything nice to say about her. “Variety”/“Power of Young Hollywood” (Noah Schnapp, Dylan Mulvaney, Reneé Rapp and TikTok Faves Dance the Night Away at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood Party) (Variety’s 2023 Young Hollywood Impact Report: Lily Rose-Depp, Ice Spice, Jenna Ortega and More) (Variety Power Of Young Hollywood - Arrivals)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **13**
This former A- list actress sure is spending a lot of time away from her kids. One of her companies also signed a lease for a new house so she can be closer to the lifestyle she craves. Meghan Markle (EXCLUSIVE: Harry and Meghan are setting up a complex network of 11 companies - named after the Duchess's freckles (Peca), a South American river (Orinoco) and their 'babymoon' (Hampshire) - all based in tax haven Delaware)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **14**
Four For Friday - Really Strange Hookups:
#1 - This A list actor/director and this at the time very young dual threat actress who has won an Emmy and an Oscar and who everyone thinks is foreign born. Ben Affleck/Nicole Kidman (Jennifer Lopez Photo: Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck 2002)
#2 - This foreign born A- list actor who has at least one movie franchise and this actress who never quite lived up to the hype and is recently married after getting recently divorced. The reason this one is listed under strange hookups is that she enjoyed being tied up, but he enjoyed being tied up and they could never make it work where each was happy. Alexander Skarsgård/“Zoolander”/Kate Bosworth/Michael Polish/Justin Long (Inside Alexander Skarsgard's Relationship With Kate Bosworth)
#3 - This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor and the least known actress from this iconic television show. She says he almost killed her because he was so brutal. Lisa Kudrow/”Phoebe Buffay”/”Friends”/Jean-Claude Van Damme (Friends: The True Story Behind Jean-Claude Van Damme's Cameo)
#4 - This permanent A list mostly movie actor has a troubled past. He used that to his advantage when he would give drugs for free to his childhood crush actress. He then forced her to sleep with him or he vowed to release videos of her using drugs
. Charlie Sheen/Soleil Moon Frye (Soleil Moon Frye Opens Up About Past Relationship with Charlie Sheen: I Had a 'Huge Crush' on Him)

The permanent A list game show star wants a raise and a new contract. The new guy wants her fired and replaced with one of his friends, preferably the model who he has been friends with for several years.  Vanna White/”Wheel of Fortune”/Ryan Seacrest/Aubrey Paige Petcosky (‘Wheel of Fortune’ temporarily replaces Vanna White amid contract negotiations) (Ryan Seacrest and Model Aubrey Paige Petcosky’s Relationship Timeline)

So, the actor with the new pay cable show thinks that by walking the picket line for an hour or two will make up for the weeks of breaking the strike rules and being a scab. Stephen Amell/"Heels (Arrow and Heels star Stephen Amell says he does not support striking) ('Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Joins Picket Line After Controversial Comments)

This former A- list actor turned reality star and frequent arrestee and rehab guest, needs rehab again. He spends his days doing drugs and grifting people online. Andy Dick

There were a few people who made a lot of money from the "death" of the former social media star. Lil Tay (Lil Tay Is Not Dead, Claims Social Media was Hacked)

Does it seem strange that the little girl actress who died in such a horrible way, had a very large collection of gifts and personalized items from the alliterate action star. Heather O'Rourke/Sylvester Stallone

This A list actor not named Ben is not only drinking again, but is also calling in a lot of media favors to trash his ex. It all seems very mean. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce finally confirmed after agonising negotiations)

The cast of this long running network show had a reunion of sorts on the picket line this week. The biggest star from the show was a no show because she supports the side of management like her best friend. “Parks and Recreation”/Amy Poehler/Tina Fey (‘Parks And Recreation’ Cast Reunion On Picket Line Includes Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, Li’l Sebastian & More)

This former A+ list athlete likes thinking of himself as a DJ. The thing is, someone programs everything for him in advance. All the former athlete does is press some buttons to make it look like he is doing the actual DJ'ing. Shaquille O'Neal aka DJ Diesel (A Backstage Look at Shaquille O'Neal (AKA DJ Diesel)'s HARD Summer Set)

This reality star who started off as a teen before later in life getting naked for money can dump her husband and probably get a spot on the show again and a real paycheck. I think she has finally figured that out. Jenelle Evans/”Teen Mom”/David Eason  ('STEP UP' Teen Mom Jenelle Evans admits she’s ‘depressed’ because of husband David Eason and makes shocking claims in wild rant)

This foreign-born boy bander turned solo artist is having trouble getting bums on seats for his U.S. tour. Some venues are only a quarter sold out. Expect a steep drop in ticket prices or vast sections of seats curtained off. Niall Horan/”One Direction” (Niall Horan Tickets)

The one named singer with all the legal problems was never going to headline the big game halftime show. As I said several months ago, this one named permanent A list singer is the front runner and would probably bring along the alliterate singer who could use a halftime redemption tour. Obviously if the A+ list singer indicates interest, it is hers for the taking. Lizzo/Usher/Janet Jackson (EXCLUSIVE: Lizzo has been DROPPED from Super Bowl Halftime Show consideration in the wake of dancers' shocking sexual harassment and abuse claims - as her team frantically scrambles to 'save her sinking ship') (Usher wants Las Vegas Super Bowl stage: ‘I’d be a fool to say no’) (BLIND ITEM 06/15/23)

Speaking of the A+ list singer, she once again is dipping her toes in the acting pond. This is never a good idea. Ever. It would be in a superhero movie. Taylor Swift/”Dazzler”/”Deadpool 3” (Believe it or Not, Taylor Swift Reportedly Making MCU Debut in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 as Fan-Favorite Mutant)

Our favorite foreign born B+ list actress/singer is spending too much time looking for a threesome third and not enough time supervising her grift. She got busted by her fans for fraud. Rita Ora/Taika Waititi (Rita Ora fans demand refunds from the £23m singer over the authenticity of ‘signed’ copies of her album bought online that bear strikingly different signatures to those autographed in person)

Please don't think the alliterate one and her product placement (NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc) was by accident. The photographer knew exactly what to shoot and when and where on the body. When she reactivates her website, they won't be selling for $4 though. Think more like $40. Meghan Markle/”NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc” (How does $4 'stress patch' that Meghan Markle was spotted wearing work?)

This three named rapper is going to sue the guy who shot her so she ends up with all the money he is making selling merch related to his conviction. Megan Thee Stallion/Tory Lanez (Tory Lanez on Megan Thee Stallion shooting: ‘I refuse to apologize’)

This three named actor and his ex are sleeping together every chance they get. Their relationship has always been so strange
. Jeremy Allen White/Addison Timlin

This former A- list actor does have a formant movie franchise and didn't want to save the cheerleader. His way of meeting guys right now and making money is hosting porn shoots at his home. Zachary Quinto/”Star Trek”/”Skylar” on “Heroes” (“If Not We Had a Great Run”: Zachary Quinto Gives a Disheartening Update on Star Trek 4 That Would Crush Fans’ Hope for Good)

All of the video and audio recordings taken without the consent of the permanent A list "singer" have long since been destroyed. Britney Spears

It doesn't take place in the woods and they don't sacrifice things (probably), but this Dutch version of the gathering in the woods (“Bilderberg Meeting”) brought together two people who are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but have become very good friends. One (Stacey Abrams) is someone who tried to become a state A++ lister a couple of times. She seems the opposite of a pro world government type person, but the litigious payment guy (Peter Thiel) (Gawker lawsuit) and her hit it off. “Bilderberg Meeting”/Stacey Abrams/Peter Thiel (A secretive annual meeting attended by the world’s elite has A.I. top of the agenda) (BILDERBERG MEETING 2023 Participants)

This former A+ list social media star crashed and burned at acting and hasn't had much success outside the social media realm. I know the marijuana feline likes talking about cash grabs, but the release of music that everyone already heard, is the definition of a cash grab. Addison Rae/Doja Cat (Is Addison Rae finally coming? Viral star hints at release of EP featuring I Got It Bad) (Doja Cat Confirms Illuminati Membership While Flexing Her Graphic Design Skills On IG)

Speaking of social media stars, the podcast host/TikTok star who is an industry plant has been asking for more money and thinks she can go out on her own. The powers that be are pushing back and her big name interviews will be no more. Bobbi Althoff (Who is Bobbi Althoff? Meet the 25-year-old TikToker who interviewed Drake in bed) (Wild speculation erupts over Drake's unlikely friendship with influencer podcast host Bobbi Althoff after she mysteriously DELETED interview with the rapper - before pair UNFOLLOWED each other on Instagram) (Drake and Bobbi Althoff podcast disappears as fans speculate there is beef)
Considering how much she loves photos of herself, don't you think this former A+ list reality star would have taken photos and videos if she actually did volunteer at a shelter or drop off things at a shelter in Maui? She has never cared for anything but herself. Just ask all the dead dogs. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton Is Photographed Vacationing on Maui Beach Near Wildfire Devastation) (Animal Cops Watching Paris)

Speaking of celebrities who only want to do nice things while being filmed, the one named permanent A list host took a camera crew with her when she tried to go to a shelter to exploit the victims there. Wait until they see the offers she and the wealthy surfer start making for the land. That will feel like being exploited. Oprah/Hawaii wildfires/Mark Zuckerberg (‘Publicity stunt!’: Oprah Winfrey slammed for trying to bring CBS crew into Maui evacuation center)

The foreign born syndicated former A list actress has already booked a flight to Australia, so she must be pretty confident the incarcerated free speech guy is headed there soon. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange (Julian Assange could get plea deal, hints US ambassador to Australia)

The rape victim of this awful billionaire pedophile/rapist is the one who can bring everything down and all the names. I hope she is being protected 24/7. Leon Black (Leon Black's Down syndrome rape accuser claims he intimidated her family by sending private investigators to their doorstep armed with PHOTOS of her young child)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **10**
This foreign born one named A list singer/serial tax cheater is not dating the former wheelchair actor. She would very much like to date the NBA player/coffee king, but can't exactly go into the homewrecking business after playing that victim card herself in her last relationship. Shakira/Drake/Jimmy Butler/Gerard Piqué (Shakira and Drake fuel romance rumors after discreetly leaving same after-party 'within MINUTES of each other' at the wee hours in Los Angeles) (How Heat star Jimmy Butler turned his love for coffee into a second career) (Is Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler Dating Shakira?)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **11**
Speaking of fakery, has there ever been a more awkward looking PDA than between the A- list reality star and the A list singer/rapper. Kendall Jenner/Bad Bunny (Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Pack on the PDA at Drake Concert in L.A.)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **12**
It is extremely rare that a studio has to tell a star of a movie they are trying to get buzz for, to stop talking about said movie. In this case though, the star of the live action version of a classic is causing trouble every time a microphone is put in her face. The studio has had horrible luck this year and next year is going to be bad too if she keeps talking. It makes people dig into her past and things only get worse when that happens. “Disney”/”Snow White”/Rachel Zegler (‘Snow White’ Star Rachel Zegler Angers Conservatives and Disney Fans, Insists the Movie’s Prince ‘Stalks’ Her Character) (Snow White star Rachel Zegler, 22, is slammed as a 'fake feminist' and accused of 'gaslighting' Disney fans as resurfaced interviews show her repeatedly trashing original cartoon)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **13**
The ghostwriter will make numerous television appearances to promote the book. The subject of the book is in demand by everyone to come on their program and talk about the book, but that is not going to happen. If she can do an interview, then she can sit for a deposition. Sam Lansky/”The Woman In Me”/Britney Spears (Britney Spears's Ghostwriter Revealed Along With Memoir Release Date) (Britney Spears ‘to sit down for TV tell-all’ ahead of memoir release- and may accept interview offer from Oprah Winfrey)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/14 **14**
Old Hollywood - Mr. X: Whenever the lists of the greatest movie casting “what if’s” are released in any format, this one is never mentioned, probably due to the personal, backstabbing nature of it all. This actor (Anthony Perkins) was A-list only for a brief period, but he continued working right up until he died. He’s known primarily nowadays for one role, the main  antagonist (“Norman Bates”) in one of the greatest horror/suspense films (“Psycho”) of all time. After the film was released, the actor gunned for the male lead in a big budget adaptation of a then recent hit Broadway musical (“West Side Story“). The fact that he had a musical theater background and had just finished a run in a BWay musical (“Greenwillow”) that was nominated for a bunch of Tony Awards. He was so determined to get this part that he not only threw himself into ballet and jazz dance classes but he also slept with not only the musical’s director/choreographer (Jerome Robbins) but the alliterate lyricist (Stephen Sondheim) of the score. Did I mention that the actor was openly gay in private but not in public. He struggled with his sexuality for most of his adult life and eventually wound up marrying a woman (Berry Berenson). They both gave him encouragement that he was all but set for this role… but two other people involved with the film dashed his dream to pieces. Part 2 coming soon
! Anthony Perkins/role #1: ”Norman Bates” in ”Psycho”/role #2: "Tony" in ”West Side Story”/Broadway musical: ”Greenwillow”/Jerome Robbins/Stephen Sondheim/Berry Berenson (Troubles with Paramount) (Roles turned down by Anthony Perkins)

They’ve been married for years, but lately there’s trouble in paradise for this same sex couple. The problem is the older mate is jealous and doesn’t allow the younger partner to have any alone time or friends. Things between them were fine for years because they were both so busy with their respective careers that they cherished their time together. But now that their careers have slowed down, it’s turned into too much togetherness. The younger partner is eager to get back to work and suddenly considering jobs that were out of the question just a few years back, so don’t be surprised to see one of them on a reality show
. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia de Rossi (Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi keep it casual as they enjoy shopping trip in Santa Barbara)

With a new album and movie coming out, this A list singer/horrible actor won't do a full reunion tour. If anything, it would be a one night only thing that would be filmed. There has been a lot of buzz about them doing that big halftime thing. Justin Timberlake/“Trolls Band Together”/”NSYNC” (Justin Timberlake's Upcoming Album Is 'Fun,' Timbaland Teases: 'It's Done and It's Coming') (Justin Timberlake Taps Into His Boy-Band Roots for 'Trolls Band Together' Trailer with Anna Kendrick) (Justin Timberlake Reunites With *NSYNC Bandmate In The Studio)

The billionaire doesn't want anyone to question his beloved actress daughter about anything. He will settle before she has to be deposed. Nelson Peltz/Nicola Peltz (I would throw the Beckham on at the end, but I don't want anyone to get used to it because the divorce is inevitable) (Nicola Peltz Beckham to face grilling amid legal spat with fired wedding planners)

The wife of this permanent A list mostly movie actor only sees him a couple of times a week. The rest of the time she lives with her boyfriend. Emma Heming Willis/Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis’ Wife Gives Blunt Update Amid His Dementia Battle: “I’m Not Good”)

Apparently, committing a sexual assault at a university doesn't keep you from being hired as a professor at the same university years later. Just ask this former A list QB. “University of Tennessee”/Peyton Manning (Woman who accused Peyton Manning of sexual harassment once again reiterates her accusations) (Peyton Manning goes back to school to teach at Tennessee)

This former boy bander turned actor turned A list sol singer turned B+ list actor/singer all of you know, has been talking about the movie producer with a hit out right now who shared his bed for a year 20 years ago. As far as I know, the producer has never come out and would probably hate hate hate for anyone to even know. The singer is not being shy about talking though. Ricky Martin

Speaking of closeted, this A- list actress finally sealed the deal on a permanent bearding arrangement. Zooey Deschanel/Jonathan Scott (All the details on Zooey Deschanel’s ‘unique,’ ‘personalized’ engagement ring from Jonathan Scott)

This three named A- list actor is married, but on the very down low, sees an actress/former co-star very frequently. He really needs to break free from that marriage. Aaron Taylor-Johnson/Joey King/"Bullet Train"/Sam Taylor-Johnson (Rumor: Aaron Taylor-Johnson Allegedly Cheated on Wife With Joey King) (BLIND ITEM 07/17/22)

This A list singer/sometime actress has left her co-star hanging and even changed her phone number. I wonder how the rest of filming is going to proceed. The co-star should run back to his wife. Ariana Grande/Ethan Slater/Lilly Jay (What scandal? Ariana Grande ignores rocky romance rumours with fun Instagram throwbacks)

This pro team really wants their star player back for the playoffs which is why you no longer hear about the barely a teenager and instead have been inundated with the other instances which involve teens who were almost legal and in any event everyone in that country always lie about their ages, including the players who play in the pro league so he should just get a slap on the wrist so that he can play in the post season. “Tampa Ray Bays”/Wander Franco (Wander Franco 'faces allegations of improper relationships with TWO teenage girls after a 17-year-old filed a complaint about Rays star in July,' claims Dominican media reports amid investigation into new allegations)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **10**
The former House husband has been in this space previously about his financial woes that will impact his ability to hang on to his new much younger betrothed. He can't afford the divorce settlement he previously agreed to either. Lenny Hockstein/”Real Housewives of Miami”/Lisa Hochstein/Katharina Mazepa (Newly engaged Lenny Hochstein fights to withdraw settlement in bitter Lisa divorce battle) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/08/23)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **11**
The A list everything in her mind celebrity was shopping in NYC and told a salesperson to stop looking at her and to turn the other way. Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez wears a patterned mini dress with flip flops for shopping outing in NYC)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **12**
This A+ list mostly movie actor who is currently acting on a "waiver" cost investors billions with a capital B on his crappy product ("F45"), but he is walking away with a ton of money of his own from it. I can't wait for the lawsuits. Mark Wahlberg/“F45”

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **13**
This A- list actress who has made way more money from her side gig than acting was recently talking about the sweet and sticky movie role (“Honey”) for which she is known. The only reason she even got the role is because the actress/singer set to star in it was killed right before production started. Jessica Alba/”The Honest Company”/”Honey”/Aaliyah (Jessica Alba Says Her Daughters Find Her 'Honey' Dance Moves 'So Embarrassing')

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/15 **14**
It Almost Happened: There was a time on this iconic network show that everyone still loves and binge watches all the time, that one of the characters was going to be fired. The obvious choice is the guy with the drug problem. You would be wrong. Instead, it was one of the actresses. She didn't get along with anyone and was always complaining about her character to the other actors and the producers and refused to even talk to the writers because she blamed them. She hated the writers. With several seasons remaining on the show, the plan was to have the character get a fabulous new opportunity she could not refuse, which would force her to leave. The idea was storyboarded and apparently there was a short three episode arc with the season finale saying her goodbyes. The idea was that she was going to move to another show on the same network on a full time basis. In the end though, the idea was scuttled and she remained
. “Friends”/”Phoebe Buffay”/Matthew Perry/Lisa Kudrow/”Ursula”/”Mad About You” (‘Mad About You’: Lisa Kudrow’s Subtle Nod to Friends)

This A- list writer/actress/producer was asked whether she would stop taking the weight loss shot if it had the horrible side effects being recently reported and she said she would keep taking it. I'm surprised she didn't throw in the Kate Moss quote. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Mindy Kaling (Mindy Kaling’s Transformation Continues To Stun Us All)

Their actions at a recent concert are not helping the rumors that the talk show host and the former A+ list turned A- list singer are a couple. They were all over each other. Andy Cohen/John Mayer (Ed Sheeran's Concert Brings Out Major Star Power: Gwyneth Paltrow, John Mayer, Paul McCartney and More Attend) (Andy Cohen and John Mayer are ‘in love’)

As much as we all would love the killer actor to be criminally charged, it isn't going to happen. He called in favors from everyone and nothing is going to happen to him. Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin could be charged again in fatal 'Rust' shooting as new report claims he pulled trigger)

This A list actor from an acting family was double crossed by a lover which is how he ended up losing out on a huge project. To make any noise about it, would have made it necessary to reveal a very big hidden secret. Jake Gyllenhaal/Bradley Cooper/”Maestro”/"lovers" (Bradley Cooper 'stole' Leonard Bernstein role from half-Jewish Jake Gyllenhaal, with star slammed for donning prosthetic nose for part)

The flowering financial institution thinks if she can shake the bushes enough and rattle the north of the border singer that maybe she can get a big check from the celebrity CEO. Apparently, she doesn't want stock shares this time. Azealia Banks/Grimes/Elon Musk (Azealia Banks Praises Cardi B & Tinashe, Disses ASAP Rocky, Rihanna & Others)

This A list singer in a group who is a former judge and a serial cheater was a pain in the butt a-hole/diva this weekend in Vegas and blew off everyone who thought they were going to get a full performance and got about ten minutes instead. Adam Levin/”Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails at the Cosmopolitan” (Adam Levine cuts out of Barbershop party early after ‘miscommunication’)

This disgraced singer is probably still A- list. He should have been permanently canceled well over a decade ago. He is also the lead person financing all the flash mobs in LA stealing things. Chris Brown (Ciara and Chris Brown’s ‘How We Roll’ Debuts on Billboard)

This obnoxious A list YouTube star who recently lost her biggest sponsor because she threatened physical violence on a tour guide is now trying to get people to like her again by reminding everyone she was the girlfriend of the dead alliterate rapper when he died. Umm, no you weren't. You had a conversation with him via text. Tana Mongeau/Mac Miller (‘This Is Horrible’: YouTube Star Tana Mongeau Faces Backlash From Fans for ‘Doxxing’ French Wine Tour Guide) (The social media stars claiming to be Mac Miller's secret girlfriend before his death)

This offspring/nepo baby/reality star/horrible actress is supposed to attend a 90's con next month and as of today has not sold even one photo op. Is it because no one wants to pay, or because everyone thinks she will cancel. Tori Spelling/"Beverly Hills, 90201"/”90’s Con” ('Beverly Hills, 90210' cast members announced for 90s Con in Hartford)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **10**
No one fawns over you or gives you attention or takes your photo or make the news when you are sitting inside your home. The alliterate one has loved the ginger one being out of town and going out every single day and night. Apparently she told someone that she also enjoyed making the paps trek all the way out to see her instead of having to go into LA. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle beaming in new photo as Duchess of Sussex continues celebrations)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **11**
Apparently there is some very recent very bad blood between the A++ lister and his former boss about the latter's wife buying domains. So, in retaliation, you have inaction on an event that occurred at the former boss' second home. Joe Biden/Barack Obama/Michelle Obama/Wildfires in Hawaii (Map Shows Why Obama's Hawaii House Was 'Spared' From Maui Wildfire)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **12**
The dead pay cable actor nearly died the night before he died. The night before he had been saved by his mom. The actor yelled at her for coming into his room. So, the next night, there was no checking in on him and he died. Angus Cloud/"Euphoria" (Euphoria star Angus Cloud did not leave suicide note for his family before tragic death aged 25 - after actor's mother said she believed he did 'not intend to end his life')

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **13**
Old Hollywood: This permanent A list actor always told the tale about how he escaped from a chain gang and then worked his way to Hollywood. What he never mentioned is the guard who he left for dead and needed 24/7 care for the rest of his life. Robert Mitchum (Robert Mitchum was a Fugitive from a Chain Gang)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **14**
The Closet: This actor is probably A- list. He has had his moments of A listerdom, especially when he starred on the show that made him famous. He is arguably not the highest on the list in his family. Our actor is closeted and has been for the entirety of his career. He has trotted out a few beards, but did so for short periods of time and very unenthusiastically. One of the crazy things about or actor is that he doesn't really do long term relationships with other men. He is very much a one night stand guy of guy. He is very much a throwback to the bathhouse days in San Francisco. Our actor cruises very popular pickup spots, and hooks up with anyone willing. It is remarkable that with the sheer number of hookups that no one has decided to sell their sordid tale. Our actor learned a very valuable tool though from a closeted A list athlete he once hooked up with when our actor was much younger and the athlete was well over twice the actor's age. The athlete was always being followed by paps and tabloids to try and catch the athlete with one of his many boyfriends. Our athlete at one point married his beard to try and throw the tabloids off. The athlete told the actor to only hook up with men who were also closeted. They were the only ones who wouldn't try and sell their story and were certainly not going to tell anyone about the hookup either for fear of their own closet door being opened. So, our actor always only sleeps with closeted men.

The guy who bought the big black diamond is out scamming people out of millions of dollars again. Why is he not in jail? Richard Heart/”Enigma” (US SEC says Hex crypto founder defrauded investors, spent money on 'Enigma' diamond)

The husband was blocked at every opportunity to grift off his relationship with the singer. He just wants a check and will go away and in two years will blow through it and be on OnlyFans. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Sam Asghari threatening to release ‘extraordinarily embarrassing’ Britney Spears info if prenup is not renegotiated: source)

We knew the former late night actor was going to go young with his new girlfriend, but he had to pick a yachter who sued a former A- list actor after dating him. Oh, and that actor met her when she was friends with his daughter. This will not end well for the late night actor. Jason Sudeikis/”SNL”/Elsie Hewitt/Ryan Phillippe/Ava (Ryan Phillippe Settles Case with Model Ex Who Sued Him for Alleged Assault)

The three named A- list actor didn't need the monthly magazine curse because his marriage is already headed for a split. He can't hide everything that is going on forever. Aaron Taylor Johnson/”Esquire Magazine”/Sam Taylor-Johnson (It's Aaron Taylor-Johnson Season!)

The ousted sports entertainment host is reminding everyone that his son-in-law is a racist and a random publicist sent out a video from two decades ago as proof. Vince McMahon/”WWE”/Triple H (Vince McMahon Retires from WWE CEO Amidst Allegations, Daughter Stephanie McMahon Takes Top Spot) (Booker T Vs Triple H: A WCW Vs. WWE Feud Or A Storyline Based On Racial Prejudice?)

Just because a woman is standing next to an A- list mostly movie actor with multiple franchises does not make them a couple. It is just the publicity team at work and the tabloids printing it and not asking about the male friend who is with him on every trip. Chris Pine/”Star Trek”, “Wonder Woman” (Chris Pine And Mystery Brunette Enjoy A Holiday In Sardinia)

This foreign born A- list actor and his significant other are on vacation with another couple. The actor once hooked up with the woman in that couple. That feels like it would be awkward. Lauren Sanchez & Jeff Bezos/Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom/Orlando Bloom & Lauren Sanches (Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez continue their Eurotrip, visit Croatia with Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Usher)

Compared to the posts this weekend from a victim of the A list baseball player, that is going to seem like nothing. Things are about to get way worse. Shockingly worse. Wander Franco/”Tampa Bay Rays” (Dominican Republic prosecutor says division specializing in minors and gender violence leading Wander Franco investigation)

Expect to see a whole lot more celebrating in beautiful locations from this actor. He just made a 60 million dollar profit from his investment in his vegan foot wear brand (“LØCI US”). Leonardo DiCaprio/“LØCI US” (Vegan Sneaker Brand LØCI Backed by Leonardo DiCaprio) (Leonardo DiCaprio Jumps Off Yacht While Vacationing with Tobey Maguire in Saint-Tropez)

213.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **10**
The hard to spell model is having to pay paps to come take her picture now because they don't sell for much any longer. Emily Ratajkowski (ABS-OLUTELY HOT Emily Ratajkowski shows off her deeply chiseled abs as she pulls down skirt dangerously low in new video)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **11**
This former Hills star is not technically yachting, but she does get tens of thousands a month in gifts from her Middle Eastern lover. Audrina Patridge

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **12**
Speaking of reality stars, this state line straddler one got wasted drunk at a party, tried to perform oral sex on a guy in the bathroom before having to rush to the toilet  and throwing up for 30 minutes. Candace Rice, Nilsa Prowant or Aimee Hall/“Floribama Shore” (Candace Rice, Nilsa Prowant, and Aimee Hall of Floribama Shore attend the Bourbon Street Beach Party)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **13**
This A list actress/sometime director is hooking up with a married university Dean. Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie Is All Smiles While Visiting Daughter Zahara at College); Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde Finds Composure and Focus in the Midst of Personal Challenges)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/17 **14**
(Part One)
What If - Part Two - Old Hollywood Blind Item - Mr. X: So who, you may be asking, were the two people that blocked the actor (Anthony Perkins) from the previous BI from getting that coveted role? One was a former lover, a playwright/screenwriter (Arthur Laurents) and who wrote the original book to the musical (“West Side Story”) that was being adapted to a movie. He was openly gay and was briefly romantically involved with the actor early on in his career. Their breakup was very messy and they avoided each other in public whenever possible. The writer was also known one of the most unpleasant and evil people in show biz, was known to hold grudges for a long time and clashed with almost everyone he worked with. He was furious that the producers of the film passed him over to write the screenplay. The writer was convinced that the actor had something to do with it and would probably secure this role unless he wasn’t hired on. Enter person #2: a B-list actor (Richard Beymer) who was headed for a promising career. He was in showbiz since he was a kid and attracted attention in a movie (“The Diary of Anne Frank”) based on a famous diarist (Anne Frank). Actor #2 also wanted this part very badly even though he couldn’t sing or dance. The night before the first table read, the playwright called him and said he would talk to the movie’s other director to recommend him for a last minute screen test. He also put in a call to the alliterate gossip columnist (Hedda Hopper) to officially “break” the news about the said test and possible casting. The screen test landed him the part and actor #1 did not know about this until the movie’s leading lady (who was a good friend of his) broke the sad news to him via a phone call. Actor #1 was livid and knew exactly who the culprit was. Still having the playwright’s phone number, he left him a series of profanity laced messages on his answering machine and threatened to ruin his career, Actor #1 was so despondent about getting this part he moved to Europe to make movies and did not come back to the US for five years. As for the playwright, he saved those answering machine messages and copied them to a reel to reel tape and would occasionally play them at parties to the bemusement of guests. He was that kind of a person
. Anthony Perkins/Arthur Laurents/Movie: ”West Side Story”/Richard Beymer/movie where he first garnered attention: "The Diary of Anne Frank”/Robert Wise/Hedda Hopper (Arthur Laurents: Broadway’s Last Ferocious Man Opens a New Version of ‘West Side Story’) (Laurents Laughed When Tony Perkins Got Aids) (West Side Story 1961 premiere)

Apparently the massive new breast implants this A list singer got, have come with some major health complications that she is still recovering from. Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera rides mobility scooter at Disneyland to celebrate daughter’s birthday amid injury)

I guess the now ex husband of this A list "singer" doesn't realize how many times he was followed by private detectives to see what he was up to when he would disappear for days on end. They have video too. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Sam Asghari's Rep Responds to Claims That Sam's Threatening to "Exploit" Britney Spears)

Mr. X: The alliterate former talk show host’s (Wendy Williams) podcast is still happening even though she’s still in rehab. Her team has decided that she can’t do it alone and are at work assembling cohosts. They so far have gotten interest from the YouTuber/former escort and porn star/sometime actress/reality judge (Ts Madison), the flame haired comedienne (Kathy Griffin) and the mostly TV actress/cult whistleblower (Leah Remini). I’m hearing that they’re shooting for early next year for a start date. Wendy Williams/Ts Madison/Kathy Griffin/Leah Remini (Wendy Williams’ podcast not canceled despite report)

It wasn't just that awful catalog sale deal and the constant demand that the former A+ list tweener get back on the road that finally led to the firing of the manager. There was also the hitting on the wife thing that didn't go over well. Justin Bieber/Scooter Braun/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Justin Bieber denies rumors of split with longtime manager Scooter Braun)

Speaking of the music world, this A list producer is not even married yet and cheating on his soon to be wife. That seems to happen to her regularly. Evan Winiker/Lana Del Rey (5 Things to Know About Evan Winiker, Lana Del Rey’s Artist-Manager Fiance)

I don't think anything will come of it, but the FTC is investigating the alliterate one and her recent outing to see if she arranged the photo shoot and whether it should have been labeled as an ad. Meghan Markle/”NuCalm” (What Is an Anti-Stress Patch? How Meghan Markle’s NuCalm Disc Works)

Every year for the past several years, this A+/A list actor convinces himself that he will be not only nominated for an Oscar, but win. He worries about it more than Jessica Chastain worries about her EGOT chances. Every year though, something derails him, and this year it is looking as if it will happen again. He was convinced he was going to win this year. Bradley Cooper/“Maestro” (Opinion: Why I care about Bradley Cooper’s fake nose)

It is pretty obvious now that the foreign born permanent A list singer isn't going to tour any longer that he will revert back to being the egregious a-hole he has always been. It is just that he is being so blatantly obvious about it and supporting/dining with a serial sexual predator isn't even at the top of the worst things he has done or is doing. Don't forget the "art" he was carrying while being searched at an airport. It was "art" the same way what Paul Reubens possessed was termed "art." Elton John/Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey parties with Elton John after singer testified at his sex assault trial) (Elton John defends photograph seized in 'child porn' art raid)

This A list acting couple are doing a reality show that is going to focus on one of their properties. Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis (Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Are Putting Their Santa Barbara Guesthouse on Airbnb)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **10**
Speaking of reality shows, this former A+ list reality star has already reached out to the "singer." It would be epic. Paris Hilton/Britney Spears

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **11**
A K-pop employee living in the US for a company that now has its top person living here in the former house of this foreign born former talk show host had to make their Twitter account private and were disciplined at work. Why? They had announced that this one named A+ list K-pop singer is the new ambassador of this controversial brand but the announcement is being delayed because of the controversy. It would also explain why the singer only wears that brand. Jennie/“BLACKPINK”/”Balcienaga” (Blackpink’s Jennie Makes Balenciaga’s Controversial Crocs Look Chic)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **12**
This former A list Idol has a big coke problem. He's been hanging around with the same crew that latched onto this A- list singer before she overdosed. Our former Idol has major control issues. No one is allowed to keep a photo, until he looks at his pupils in the photo to see how dilated they are.

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **13**
Is it true that a certain popular with the ladies Comedian and his current dancer/actress "gf" are represented by the same agent and are engaged in a PR relationship? Lots of tea about his constant hookups (influencers, actresses and tiktok stars) on the road and since signing on to do a World Tour, he seems to be cleaning up his image. She's also not working and not all that known. Her followers on social media have increased since being tied to him. Matt Rife/Jessica Lord (Matt Rife confirms he's dating after being linked to actress Jessica Lord... following romances with Lucy Hale and Kate Beckinsale)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/18 **14**
Four For Friday - Reader Blinds That Push The Envelope: These are reader blinds with the dates they were sent to me to help you with your guessing. For whatever reason, mostly because they pushed the edge, they have not been posted until now.
#1 - July 4, 2023 - For now, those around the fading A++ lister are happy to only attack the unconventional beliefs of the wannabe A++ lister (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.) with a famous name.   If it gets close, expect them to go after his personal life as well as there is a lot there.  Not just infidelities and the wife (Mary Richardson Kennedy) he drove to death with his cruelty but also the fact he visited the island (Little St. James) twice and knew the person (Jeffrey Epstein) who definitely did not commit suicide.  One particular story is his collaboration on different issues over the years with an older man who knew his father and uncle. This person was briefly an A lister largely due to the death of someone else (John F. Kennedy) but lost that the next time around.  Late in his life, he came out as gay and in a relationship with a much younger man of a certain race.  Truth is, despite a long marriage, this person was also into young men of this race and when they worked together the wannabe A++ lister (Robert Kennedy Jr.) always brought someone along to help procure young men for him. Robert F. Kennedy Jr./Mary Richardson Kennedy/Little St. James/Jeffrey Epstein/Harris Wofford (RFK Jr. Was a Compulsive Womanizer, and Yes, We Should Care) (Jeffrey Epstein, Mary Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at a NY Academy of Art benefit in February 1994) (Sixty to ninety years ago, it was scandalous to have a gay friend. Lem Billings’ role in the Kennedy Administration went entirely unsung)
#2 - June 4, 2023 - This A++ lister whose faculties are sometimes questioned  played a cruel joke at summer camp many many many years ago in a bigger state than the one he is associated with.  He defecated in a box, gift wrapped it, and gave it to another camper who had Down's Syndrome.  Years later, when he was in long time A list position, he met the same person and jokingly reminded him about what he he did. Joe Biden
#3 - May 22, 2020 (Looking back, I'm not sure why I didn't post it because it is not edgy at all. It is cool. I just don't know if anyone will be able to guess it from the clues they gave) I used to live in Seattle, Washington. In my mid 20's (1996-ish) , I was really into the gothic/industrial/fetish music and club scene. My best friend at the time was this super flamboyant gay dude. Every Saturday night we got dressed up in our black PVC to hit our favorite Goth/Fetish club (Called "The Catwalk"). Like most gay divas, my friend takes no less than 127 hours to get ready. It was late by the time we set out and when we got to the club, it was about 12:30 and there was a line wrapped around the club of people waiting to get in. I told him, "If we want to tie one on before last call, we're going to have to find somewhere else". About a block away, there was a sleepy little sports bar. We walked in looking like the most out-of-place freaks you've ever seen. We got a beer and two shots each and headed over to the side of the room to drink. There was one large group of people in the middle of the place and then us. We decided 3 drinks each was not enough and my friend went back for round 2. As he got to the bar, this very casually dressed, older woman (sleeveless sweater, Jeans) from the group of people approaches him and begins making conversation. After a few minutes, my friend motions me to come over. The woman had bought a round of Jagermeisters and wanted to toast. We toast, I thank her for the shot. Then a young woman calls out to her that it's time to leave and a limousine pulls up out front and they head out. My friend asks her, "Are you someone important?", she replies, "Not tonight honey". We get on with our night and that was that. About a week later, I'm watching "Steel Magnolias" on cable and nearly choked when I saw the woman who we drank Jager with a week earlier. Shirley MacLaine
#4 - January 27, 2019 (Looking back, not sure why I didn't post this either. Maybe because they didn't provide the name of the show.) This is a story about spoiled Hollywood hangers-on/geek superfans aborted marriage- yet the shameful wedding went on, tl;dr (too long; don’t read) version, because they both wanted to have a lavish party with celebrities, with a Freudian twist. Skip to the asterisks *** for the wedding. Friends thought the groom would never find his forever partner because he was sooo obsessed with this certain TV show, so much so that every aspect of his life revolved around it. Also holding him back was that he insisted on making people think he lived independently and also that was a successful filmmaker, when in reality he’d go down the street every night from the large home his parents bought him to sleep at his childhood home, in his unchanged childhood bedroom, nearby. Very few people knew the truth. He’d made it his life’s work, aided by his industry connected-mother, to befriend celebrities from this show while protecting his secret. Never having really worked, his life revolved around his commitment to his fandom, and to maintain this fabrication about his gorgeous house and career. When he met, started seeing and got engaged to another equally obsessive superfan, he disappeared socially. People assumed this was due to his happiness. In reality, he had just never told her the truth about his dependence on his parents and had managed to deceive her with all sorts of lies and manufactured drama to keep her from spending the night. I was invited to the wedding, which was several months out, bought an expensive gift from the registry with money I didn’t have, dropped everything to show my happiness for my friend and the mystery girl that he never had time to introduce. ****About 15 stars from the show who were close to his family were in attendance. One of them even officiated. A prop from the show was involved in the vows, and music from the show was the soundtrack to the whole ceremony. She wore a custom dress, and even got lipo to have the perfect shape for it. The wedding planner (Colin Cowie) also did JLo’s. Every speech at the reception focused on their geek love. The ceremony-reception was held in a highly desirable location in Malibu. It was a beautiful, lavish, themed but in a tasteful and sentimental way. All our friends were there, from all over the country and the world. I cried, the groom cried. It was everything I’d hoped for for my friend. Just too perfect. HER parents paid for everything. This should have been a red flag, since HIS parents were just as loaded, though they pretended they were going though hard times. It should have been a clue that the groom’s best friend wouldn’t come, and would huff quietly to me that it was a sham wedding and he just wanted her help funding a movie, but he wouldn’t elaborate and I personally refused to believe he was that awful. Groom had the eccentric innocent Peter Pan act down pat. *** When I still didn’t see him the rest of the year, I reached out to the bride on Facebook, as the groom was notoriously hard to reach. As it turned out, they’d decided to marry and divorce months before the wedding invites were even made. He couldn’t go through with the real-life commitment for the obvious reason, his inability to detach from his parents, but she was still not clued in. When she mentioned their issues, and I commiserated, I inadvertently betrayed his 2 year deception to her. They’d never broke up and he was still picking fights with her to get her to leave before his bedtime run to mommy’s, but she was still attached to his celebrity friends and the illusion of his industry status. It was apparent his mother just could not cut the umbilical cord and was sabotaging his attempts at breaking free at every turn. And both of them, the narcissists, had insisted on going through with the wedding because they wanted to be the center of attention of their star-studded event. Literally, bride told me the two of them BOTH decided they really, really, really wanted to have a giant expensive party, even if it was a lie that they’d have to account for later to all of these people. The mother collected all the wedding gifts that she instructed guests to send to her house, and kept them. When the jilted bride spewed the truth all over social media, along with wild accusations of an inappropriate relationship between MIL and groom, sh*t REALLY hit the fan. A campaign to make bride look like a malicious, bitter, psychopathic liar began, headed by the MIL. But the thing that bothered the bride more than being made to look nuts, and to generally and understandably to feel like a chump, was losing her new extended celebrity family and how infuriated she was that they wouldn’t console her or even get involved in the public drama when she thought they really cared about her
. Yeah, LA...

With the sentencing of the former A- list actor set for next month and the civil trial which could be televised, the pint sized actor is trying to make it look like he is leaving the cult. He isn't. Do you know how much stuff they have on him? Danny Masterson/Tom Cruise/Scientology (Danny Masterson's Sentencing Date For Rape Conviction Set By Judge) (Tom Cruise Quits Scientology After Years Of Following The Controversial Religion? Mission Impossible Star Has Not Visited Their UK Headquarters In Three Years Despite Being In Britain)

This offspring of a former A+ lister is essentially making yachting ads right now. Like mother like daughter. Leni Klum/Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum's daughter Leni follows in model mom's footsteps, vacationing on father's yacht)

The manager everyone hates is the "source" for all of the stories that say he hasn't been fired while he tries to do damage control. Scooter Braun/Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber denies rumors of split with longtime manager Scooter Braun)

With today's result, you just know this A+ list soccer team is really going to try and bring back the serial rapist/abuser to the team. They want him back, but they can't figure out how to do it without the public hating them for doing it. Mason Greenwood/”Manchester United” (right after this blind item, they decided to part ways even though the plan had to bring him back. I bet Everton would love him right now) (Man United insist a decision has NOT yet been taken over Mason Greenwood's future despite reports chief executive 'Richard Arnold told senior staff he is returning to the club two weeks ago')

I was reminded today of something I hadn't thought about in years. Back in the day when adult video productions were still fairly large, especially with orgy scenes, it  was not uncommon for this A- list actor who is an Oscar winner, cranky and very litigious towards family members to be on set, trying his best to hook up with any of the adult actresses who were there participating. Richard Dreyfuss

Speaking of adult film sets back in the day, this A- list actress who starred in one of the biggest franchises of all time, and is an offspring and has produced celebrity offspring too, would often show up on sets to watch. She wouldn't hit on anyone and rarely said a word. She just liked to watch. Carrie Fisher/”Star Wars”/Debbie Reynolds/Billie Lourd

When the alliterate one gets her ring "fixed," it won't look anything like the original. The story behind needing to get it "fixed," is "crazy," but no one is willing to risk saying what the "crazy" part of it is. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle ditches £156k engagement ring 'for a less flashy look' says expert)

If the rumors are true that this singer/actress who did the Disney thing while hiding a very very toxic significant other from the public as much as possible is pregnant, it will not end well. She will be stuck with that toxicity forever and it will crush her career. Halle Bailey/”Little Mermaid”/DDG (Little Mermaid Star Halle Bailey Believed To Be PREGNANT By Struggle Rapper DDG! (PICS))

This is probably not something that is told in an upcoming film. A legendary American composer both Broadway and classical and conductor was scheduled to perform in a legendary European city. The star-struck American embassy staff were delighted to make the composer's visit as pleasant as possible: finding appropriate housing, scheduling dinners in the composer's honor, arranging meetings and visits that the composer had hinted he would enjoy. Then the composer demanded that the Embassy arrange visits with horizontal professionals. Enthusiasm lost, senior diplomatic officials explained that this was not a service they provided, even to the most distinguished of guests.  Embassy staff continued to do their very best for the conductor, but with the stars fallen from their eyes. “Maestro”/Leonard Bernstein

This long long long time network television producer you all know has been having an affair with one of his assistants. Hey, it is the same way he usually finds his wives. Lorne Michaels/”SNL” (Personal Life)

The now ex-husband is about to sign his own book deal to talk all about the "singer." Will it mention all the cheating he has done or the lies he has told the media? Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (“It’s a disaster”: Britney Spears Divorce Lawyer Terrified Sam Asghari Will Use Her $15M Book Deal to Convince Courts She Cheated on Him – Report Claims)

The whole gossip world already knew the former swimsuit model was a yachter/pro beard for hire. I'm not sure she had to be publicly exposed to the entirety of the world for her past. The only thing it does is make it seem like her current A list significant other has to pay for women. Nina Agdal/Logan Paul (Dillon Danis Continues Ugly Beef With Logan Paul by Sharing Another Photo of Nina Agdal & “The Bloke From Flash”)

So, if this racist one named A/A- list DJ really is HIV+, is he continuing to have unprotected sex? It sounds like he is. Diplo (TikToker says Diplo sent her a video of him having relations w/ a woman later diagnosed w/ AIDS) (Gena Tew Posts Old Pics With Celebs to Prove AIDS Story Isn't For Attention)

Last I checked the former Friday night family star was doing OK for herself. It wasn't like the period in life where she seriously contemplated doing what her other co-star does to make a living. So, she is probably hacked and not turning to a life of selling computer products on her social media. Danielle Fishel/”Boy Meets World”/”ABC's TGIF” lineup/Maitland Ward (Danielle Fishel Reveals How 'Boy Meets World' Creator Humiliated Her on Set) (How ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Maitland Ward Found Her Sexuality in Porn)

The foreign born A- list model turned really bad actress was banned for a long time from hanging out with the A+ list singer for fear the singer would be associated with out of control drug use and debauched sex with a parade of women. I'm glad to see they made up. Cara Delevingne/Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift parties into the early hours of the morning with former BFF Cara Delevingne)

I find it odd that this A list movie director shares the same address as the daughter of the pint sized actor. Of course it is just one floor below the pint sized actor who has exclusively worked with this director for the last fifteen years and talked about them living together during the start of COVID. Then, it all doesn't sound so odd
. Christopher McQuarrie/Isabella Cruise/Tom Cruise

Although she’s not famous for her own accomplishments, this Hollywood fixture is a household name thanks to her multitalented children and former spouse. Because of these connections she’s worth millions and millions. She recently found love again, but some insiders fear her new beau is only with her for the money. He’s a washed up actor who hasn’t had much success in recent years. He’s also flat broke and his last girlfriend wound up paying for everything including his rent, which is why she eventually dumped him. He’s now showing off his a new flashy car and $50,000 gold and diamond watch – all complements of his new woman! Tish Cyrus/Miley, Noah, Brandi, Trace & Braison Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus/“Prison Break” actor Dominic Purcell (The Family Drama Surrounding Tish Cyrus' Wedding Looks Messy As Hell)

The meme actor is hooking up with lots of women, and the A- list reality star just happens to be one of them. I know her mom is trying to make fetch happen, but it is just a f**k buddy thing. Timothée Chalamet/Kylie Jenner/Kris Jenner (OUCH Timothee Chalamet’s sister Pauline ‘shades’ his rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner in savage post)

The foreign born one named permanent A list singer is going to show up in court with that newborn next week to even further sway the judge in the case of the very fast rapper. Rihanna/A$AP Rocky (Rihanna Secretly Gives Birth to Baby Boy with A$AP Rocky) (EXCLUSIVE: A$AP Rocky on the ropes? Rihanna's baby daddy is ordered to return to court for hearing where judge will determine if he'll stand trial for shooting former friend and fellow rapper A$AP Relli)

251.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **3**
Hopefully the long time A/A- list actor will say what he knows about the death of this A list actress before he dies. The actor is close to death and it would be nice to know the real story. I'm guessing they will have some cowbell played at his funeral. Christopher Walken/Natalie Wood (Did Christopher Walken And Natalie Wood Have An Affair? New Documentary Addresses Rumors)

I'm shocked they made it down the aisle. Not as shocked probably as the A- list actress (Tish Cyrus) from an acting family who tried for years to get him (Dominic Purcell) to walk down the aisle. Noticeably absent from the big day were the two offspring (Noah & Braison Cyrus) who get all their money from dad (Billy Ray Cyrus). The ones who have their own income (Trace & Brandi Cyrus) and live off the largesse of the rich sibling (Miley Cyrus) were in attendance for mom who is now going to fully immerse in that BDSM lifestyle. Tish Cyrus/Dominic Purcell/Noah & Braison/Billy Ray Cyrus/Trace & Brandi Cyrus/Miley Cyrus (The Family Drama Surrounding Tish Cyrus' Wedding Looks Messy As Hell)

The permanent A list "singer" was just hanging out with guy friends. Gay guy friends. It was not an orgy. The problem for her though is one of them sold her out for a few bucks and it sounds like it was her "manager." Britney Spears/Cade Hudson (Britney Spears Throws Divorce Party Amid Reports That Sam Asghari Couldn’t Handle Her Freedom) (Britney Spears' Manager and Lawyer Left In Charge of Her Care)

The actor (Milo Ventimiglia) who left one of the alliterate girls (Alexis Bledel/”Gilmore Girls”) for the underage cheerleader saving the world (Hayden Panettiere/”Heroes”) when he was 30 is trying to keep his wife and her pregnancy a secret. Is this for privacy or so he can cheat and not have anyone know he is married with a kid on the way. Milo Ventimiglia/Alexis Bledel/”Gilmore Girls"/Hayden Panettiere/”Heroes”

As good as the marketing was for their doll movie, it was atrocious for the new superhero movie. It is like they wanted it to fail so they could just shove it to streaming next time around and only release big name superhero movies. “Barbie”/”Blue Beetle”

This barely there celebrity offspring of a foreign born permanent A list legend is back on drugs. She got sober while her parental unit was dying, but is on them and even worse than she was at her peak drug use. Chloe Rose Lattanzi/Olivia Newton-John (Olivia Newton-John’s daughter, Chloe, ‘neglecting’ herself after mom’s death: ‘I have not been OK)

This Southern Charm star has been known to finance some of the outfits of the Alabama Rush students as long as they give him private shows of what is underneath. Austin Kroll (Where did Austen Kroll go to College?)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **10**
I hope the frozen flavoring enjoyed her time at the top. She has officially been replaced with the new industry plant who has a name that sounds like it belongs in Pirates Of The Caribbean. Ice Spice/Sexxy Red (Latto Accused Of Biting Sexyy Red's Style Following Ice Spice Copying Accusations)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **11**
Apparently Madonna is not the only singer once popular in the 80's who gets bad work done to their face. This former 80's A lister (Eric Carmen) who had at least one hit on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, has told her to hold his beer. Eric Carmen/”Hungry Eyes”

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **12**
So, was the celebrity CEO pocketing the money given to him by the Russians for spying for them or did he use it to prop up his social media company so he doesn't have to sell more car stock yet, because that day is fast approaching. Elon Musk/”Twitter”/”Tesla” (Report: Elon Musk Has Been Chatting Up Putin While Aiding Ukraine)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **13**
This alliterate rapper has the money to attend school or be privately tutored by professors about business, but chooses to complain about he is being screwed over in business because he doesn't know what he is doing. Meek Mill (Meek Mill Roasted For Trying To School A Sneaker Reseller)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/21 **14**
The Business: This foreign born former A- list reality star in his country is best friends and business partners with this foreign born A- list reality star who has multiple shows here and in the country of his business partner. Most, if not all of you know the reality star from over here and probably admire his show and him. I just wonder why he does business with the other guy, and what it says about him that he is in business with a guy who is known to throw parties where they don't check the identification of the young men who come to the parties and who are paid much more to be there if they look very young. The younger, the better. It isn't as if our reality star based in both countries doesn't know about the parties because there have been several arrests made over the years in regard to the parties
. Philip Green/Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell bids farewell to Philip Green. It was a fine bromance, but now it’s over) (Simon Cowell pays Philip Green £10MILLION to get rid of 'toxic tycoon' for good)

Has anyone really talked about the illegal PED's (performance enhancing drug) the now ex-husband and his co-workers were trying to sell to people to make more money. Sam Asghari (Sam Asghari On His Fitness Transformation, Acting Career, And Girlfriend Britney Spears) (Natty or Juice: Sam Asghari) (Sam Asghari, Britney Spears’ boyfriend: I’m ‘genetically blessed’) (Reports Claim That Sam Asghari Would “Disappear For Months” At A Time During His Marriage To Britney Spears, Days After She Admitted She Tried To Be “Strong” For “Way Too Long”)

I have been telling you for nearly a year that when the contract was up, this A list singer with the fidelity issues was going to leave her manager. That one has been a long time coming. The lesser on the list A- list singer wasn't making him any money, so he let her go. Ariana Grande/Scooter Braun/Demi Lovato (Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato both split from music manager Scooter Braun)

It was this A- list actress being a source on the celebrity CEO article that got him interested in writing a book about her and her case. Amber Heard/Elon Musk

You don't usually get bruises all over your body because of mold in your house. Apparently CPS is also investigating what is going on in the home of the reality star/actress. Tori Spelling (Tori Spelling spotted with bruises as she leaves hospital after mystery illness)

The killer actor has finished filming the cursed movie so can be enemies with all the people he had to get along with while filming. He is certainly doing a good job at being a horrible person to them. Alec Baldwin/”Rust” (Alec Baldwin Tries To Ax ‘Rust’ Crew Members’ Suit Over Fatal Shooting As Criminal Trial Pushed To 2024)

You know why average people hate everyone in Hollywood who is a star? It is because of people like this a-hole actor who had no problem spending $600 on pillows and blankets in an airport and bragging about it or how his wife makes $10M a movie, or how he makes several million each year doing what he does but then goes on a podcast and whines about not having enough money or going broke because actors are on strike. Not only is it insulting to every person who works hard to support themselves and their family, it also ignores that the vast majority of actors on strike can't even earn enough to get health insurance through the union. It is probably why the ginger haired one went on his podcast. That whole fake victim thing. Dax Shepard/Kristen Bell/”Armchair Expert”/Prince Harry (Kristen Bell Shares Photo of Dax Shepard Cuddling Daughter on Airport Floor amid 9-Hour Delay) (Dax Shepard has ‘new fear’ of going ‘broke’ because of Hollywood strike) (Prince Harry opens up about his mental health on ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast)

Speaking of the ginger haired one, I guess he got tired of looking at his balding head so made the failing app company who pays him millions while they lay off employees and cut the pay of the ones they keep, photoshop his photo on their site to make it look like he has a full bushy head of hair. Prince Harry/”BetterUp” (Prince Harry criticized over new photo showing fuller head of hair after mocking Prince William in memoir) (UN-APPY Staff at Prince Harry’s California mental health app in quit threat after ‘unethical’ pay cut)

The celebrity CEO has already anticipated that people will take their accounts private if he removes the block feature, so to combat that he is also going to remove the ability to take your account private. He wants that revenue. Elon Musk/”Twitter” (Elon Musk blocks actor James Woods after weekend Twitter spat)

The government moved in two seconds to extradite the suspected serial killer (Bryant Rivera) to Mexico to stand trial who has no criminal record, but hasn't lifted a finger to extradite the person (Dejahanae Jackson) everyone knows is responsible for the death of an American (Shanquella Robinson) in Mexico. Why? Because they are politically connected. That person is going to get away with murder and not even face a day of arrest just because of who they know. Bryant Rivera/Dejahanae Jackson/Shanquella Robinson (California man accused in Mexico of serial killings has been arrested in US) (US prosecutors tell family of Shanquella Robinson they won’t pursue charges in her death in Mexico) (Suspect In Shanquella Robinson Death Identified, Misled Villa Staff To Flee Mexico, Reports Say) (SHANQUELLA ROBINSON HOTEL ROOM ATTACK IN CABO)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **10**
Speaking of criminals, the initialed one who had his bail revoked is going to end up dead in jail. Think about it. He hasn't had his drugs in two weeks. When he finally gets them back, someone is going to be administering them to him. They make a mistake and give him the wrong pill and he dies. Then, that whole problem on both sides of the aisle goes away forever. Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) (Jailed Sam Bankman-Fried can't prepare for trial without vegan diet and adequate meds, lawyers say)

273.. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **11**
You will notice the actress/nepo baby (Spencer Grammer) of the dad (Kelsey Grammer) who has made several hundred million dollars in his acting career as an A lister from multiple hit shows (”Cheers”, “The Simpsons”, “Fraiser”) did not say she didn't have health insurance for her child the first year of the child's life, just that she didn't qualify for it from her earnings as an actress. Her dad paid, BUT, she is very effective at getting the message across and the actor mentioned earlier who hasn't even hit a picket line should take notes from the nepo baby who does hit the picket lines on an almost daily basis. Spencer Grammer/Kelsey Grammer/”Cheers”, “The Simpsons”, “Fraiser” (An Actor On Several Hit Shows Opens Up About Low Pay)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **12**
Next time a pap gets close to the bar star's boyfriend, why don't they ask him when the pair started dating/hooking up. It kind of destroys the whole time line from last season. Ariana Madix/Daniel Wai

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **13**
Speaking of the bar show, there is someone from the show who has given a gift that never goes away to several people they work with and many fans too. “Vanderpump Rules"/Herpes

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/22 **14**
The Ties That Bind: It was not that many days ago that I mentioned the odd living arrangements of the pint sized actor (Tom Cruise) and his director best friend (Chris McQuarrie). Let us add this into the arrangements too. The director has been best friends with the disgraced director (Bryan Singer) since high school and they lived together for many years. The director knew all about what the disgraced director and his disgraced actor friend (Kevin Spacey) were doing and did nothing. In fact, even while all that was going on the director and the disgraced director did the movie (“Valkyrie”) with our pint sized actor. Since that movie, the pint sized actor and the director have been inseparable. And lest you think our director doesn't hang out any longer with the disgraced director, you would be wrong. They are not dumb enough to get their photo snapped like they did together a couple of years ago, but they see each other often. Is the pint sized actor there too
? Tom Cruise/Chris McQuarrie/Bryan Singer/Kevin Spacey/”Valkyrie” (BLIND ITEM 08/20/23)

This former television superhero is being cheated on by her husband. Again. This time he went the Norman Reedus route with a fan. Melissa Benoist/“Supergirl”/Chris Wood

Speaking of bad management, this former A+ list TikTok star who could have and should have made tens of millions of dollars with the amount of buzz she had. Instead, she is barely hanging on to fame with not a lot to show for it. Addison Rae ('Crushed' Addison Rae recalls contemplating quitting music after debut single)

As I remind you every time this former A list singer solo and in a group who sometimes acts, goes on tour, you need to see her early. She doesn't make it through tours. She hates the people she is touring with which makes it even worse. Yes, she will be late. That is expected. If you want to see her though, pick one of the very first shows. Lauryn Hill/”Fugees” (Ms. Lauryn Hill Reunites With Fugees for Tour Celebrating 25 Years of ‘Miseducation’ Album)

The alliterate actress is trying to get more attention from the death of her higher on the list offspring. Priscilla Presley/Lisa Marie Presley (Sofia Coppola Reveals Presley Estate Turned Down Using Elvis Music for ‘Priscilla’)

Speaking of attention seeking, I know this A- list singer/actress has new music coming out, so had to do the feud thing again. Be happy for your own success, which is considerable. Find some other trick for attention. Selena Gomez/Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s husband Justin Bieber calling her (Selena Gomez Uses 'Sex and the City' Audio to Tease New Song and Kim Cattrall Approves)

One streamer who will never be real about their numbers is the one that started off sending envelopes. They lie about literally everything they do from budgets to numbers. No one watches the vast majority of their offerings. It is why they paid a fortune for one more year of a show that had been off the air for over a decade. “Netflix”/”Seinfeld” (Why Netflix Paid So Much Money For Seinfeld)

When pressed by American journalists, this foreign born permanent A list athlete played nice for the cameras. Don’t be fooled. He’s as close to the leader as he was before the conflict. This summer he was on a yacht with the leader’s key associates. Alexander Ovechkin/Russian President Vladimir Putin ("Alex Ovechkin is Putin's bottom bit*h" - Fans flame Capitals star after receiving award from Russian Prez)

When she was yachting this barely there celebrity offspring/sometime reality star had no problems paying her bills. She doesn't want to start up again, but hasn't had much luck grabbing the bag. Brielle Biermann (Brielle Biermann Sued by American Express Over Nearly $13K in Unpaid Credit Card Debt)

Movies released on this bird streamer rarely get any kind of attention or buzz. The one being released on Friday won't get any noise prior to release either. After though is a different story when the two leads, who are a couple in real life announce their split. It is for the same reason he and the ice actress split. Cheating. “Peacock”/”The Comeback”/Taye Diggs/Apryl Jones/Idina Menzel (‘I Haven’t Seen Him With You In a While’: Fans Suspect Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs Have Broken Up As She Continues to Share New Posts Without Him)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **10**
I know the head guy over at the online/televised tabloid is best friends with the evil manager, but you would think they would want the story correct and not just lie for the sake of friendship. But, you only have to read their take on the permanent A list "singer"who they claim is an invalid who can barely function and has to be fed like a baby, to see more lies. Do they get that many clicks when they run stories with that angle? Harvey Levin/”TMZ”/Jamie Spears/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Talking About Reconciling with Dad Jamie Spears)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **11**
Speaking of the media, the high powered lawyer has the media playing the victim shaming game to a tee when it comes to the victims of the one named singer who is the one usually playing the victim card. Lizzo (Lizzo’s Team Slammed For “Victim Shaming” Over Ex-Dancers’ Lawsuit; Grammy Winner’s Lawyer Threatens “Malicious Prosecution” Action)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **12**
This A- list actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee and really has a very good chance to do the whole EGOT thing as she gets older, recently took a very big step out of the closet.

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **13**
Maybe this permanent A list musician should stop thirst trapping so much and do some parenting, so his offspring doesn't think posting child po*n is a good thing. You know if she is posting that to the world, that she has been sending things much more revealing to others. So, she is also distributing and the others are possessing it. Travis Barker/Alabama Barker (Alabama Barker Reveals She Has an Autoimmune Disease amid Body-Shaming Comments: ‘Keep Your Opinions to Yourself’) (Alabama Barker, 17, appears to pose topless after clapping back at haters over weight gain)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/23 **14**
The Studio: This studio (“Paramount Pictures”) has a great library. They have made some of my favorite movies (Films) of all time. They have an extremely underrated/unknown public studio tour. They are also a festering sea of corruption that is breaking the company and will see the company bankrupt very shortly. With the onset of the war with Ukraine, the Russian mafia money that was being laundered through the company under the guise of financing is gone. The Russians did not care how over budget things got because it all was being washed through their companies. Why do you think so many of the shooting locations for the past decade have been in eastern Europe and other European countries. They had a massively huge film last year (“Top Gun: Maverick“), but the deal was structured to screw them but they didn't care/worry about it when it was signed. The movie (“Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One”) this year they were counting on to save them busted. The properties they can unload for big bucks are being lowballed because everyone knows they are in trouble. They have the least popular streaming service (“Paramount+”). Now, the one good thing that might come from all of this is without the sweetheart deals their number one actor (Tom Cruise) gets, and with the loss the new movie is taking, the celebrity cult (Scientology) is going to take a massive hit to their bottom line. Is it the knockout blow
? “Paramount Pictures”/“Top Gun: Maverick“/”Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One”/“Paramount+”/Tom Cruise/Scientology (Swiss investigate a Russian oligarch who helped finance Tom Cruise's film Top Gun) (Why Foreign Film Shoots Are Flocking to Southeast Europe) (‘Game of Thrones’ to ‘Spider-Man’: Why Big TV and Film Productions Shoot in Eastern Europe) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/31/22)

291. POPBITCH 08/24
(British Blog)
#1 - Which big-name comedian recorded a BBC Sounds show at 10am this week, shortly after sinking half a bottle of red in about ten minutes?
#2 - Which cult comedian arrived drunk and high to headline a gig this week, demanded to change the order and go on second, then got weirdly aggressive when the venue tried to actually pay them?

This initialed rapper was at a casino with his much much higher on the list girlfriend and yelled at an attendant. Why? Because the attendant wouldn't let the underage nephew sit next to him while gambling. DDG/Halle Bailey

She escaped once and he somehow forced her to come back. This time I hope the royal learned her lesson and stays gone for good from her royal horrible husband. Charlene, Princess of Monaco/Prince Albert (Princess Charlene of Monaco deletes her Instagram account amid reports she is 'living in Switzerland' and only sees her husband Prince Albert 'by appointment')

This former reality star who would love to be a reality star again and has got naked for money says her most recent marriage ended when her husband cheated with a reality star who is not the one he is married to now.

The long running television show ended with some swinging, but in real life this offspring and her significant other have been doing some swinging with another couple who is equally as famous, but much more wealthy. The offspring grew up with swinging parents so it isn't a big deal to her at all. “Riverdale”/Jughead, Veronica, Betty, and Archie “quad” relationship/Kaia Gerber & Austin Butler/Karlie Kloss & Joshua Kushner (Riverdale died as it lived: with teen angst and multiversal time travel) (EXCLUSIVE: Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber are seen visiting Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner's newborn son Elijah at couple's Malibu beach house)

The alliterate one got canceled on by this A+/A list mostly movie actor because one of his 20 somethings came to town. Meghan Markle/Leonardo DiCaprio/Vittoria Ceretti (Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, enjoys ice-cream date with Italian model Vittoria Ceretti, 25, in Santa Barbara... after she seems to have split from husband Matteo Milleri)

The permanent A list "singer" paid for a place for her husband while married. In divorce, he has upgraded and is making her pay more. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari (Britney Spears Paying $10K a Month for Sam Asghari's New Apartment)

So, the professional mistress essentially said that the snack Housewife's husband is lousy in bed and went bankrupt trying to impress the mistress. Rachel Uchitel /Dorit Kemsley/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Paul “PK” Kemsley (Rachel Uchitel claims ex Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley ‘spent over $1M’ on alcohol during fling)

The family of this A list actor who stars in at least one massive franchise really thought they would win their lawsuit against the pseudo family member even though he was spilling truths about their cult. It looks like they are about to lose though. Wife Joanne Tucker/Mother-in-law Cynthia May/Adam Driver/”Star Wars”/Spencer Schneider/“Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival”/”Odyssey Study Group” (NYC’s Odyssey Study Group ‘cult’ that held ‘fight clubs’ sues over tell-all book) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/14/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/17/23)

This former primetime network dramedy actress who reached A list when the show was at its peak. She is trying to make a comeback, but then everyone is going to have lots of questions about her life which she likes to keep very hidden. Very very hidden. These are some dark secrets she managed to keep quiet only because she did walk away from the light. “Twin Peaks”/Sherilyn Fenn (Filmography)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **10**
This Motown legend was honored this week. One record he probably set was the most girls under the age of 16 ever raped by someone on the label. Marvin Gaye/”Let’s Get It On’ 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” (Marvin Gaye Estate Releases ‘Let’s Get It On’ 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Featuring 20 Never-Heard Tracks) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/28/17) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/31/21) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/07/22)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **11**
The cast of this musical show hate one of their former co-stars so much they actually organized their group picketing session for a day they knew she couldn't make because of work commitments. "Glee"/“Funny Girl”/Lea Michele (Darren Criss, Heather Morris, & Glee Cast Reunite At SAG Protest: Photos) (Lea Michele celebrates son Ever's third birthday after frightening health scare earlier this year: 'We love you so much!')

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **12**
This time around this foreign born former A- list singer got skinny from the shot and not cocaine. Lily Allen (Lily Allen Reflects on Pre-Sobriety Drug and Alcohol Use and Says Fame 'Was an Addiction in Itself')

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/24 **13**
This foreign born former A list celebrity/porn star/drug addict/reality star in her own country gives every bit of her yachting money to her predator boyfriend. Meanwhile, he sleeps with random women and often buys them gifts with his girlfriend's money. Katie Price/Carl Woods (HOUSE ABOUT IT? Katie Price in neighbour row at new home as fiance Carl Woods is reported to the council)

Corruption: This former A list actor (Ashton Kutcher) has starred on a very hit show (“That ‘70s Show”) which has spawned multiple spinoffs and got lucky with another (“Two and a Half Men”). He has been in some really bad movies (Filmography). He also has so many skeletons he juggles that one day they will all come crashing down. He has been lucky to have people die who could have shared some of the skeletons and some very string NDA's with people he has cheated with or other things with that would have taken him down. My favorite story which will also probably never see the light of day is the time he got wasted and high with A++ list offspring (President George W. Bush’s twin daughters Jenna and Barbara) when they were underage and also had a fling with one of them a year or so later. The offspring will say it happened while underage
. Ashton Kutcher/”That '70s Show”/”Two and a Half Men”/President George W. Bush’s twin daughters Jenna and Barbara/Jenna Bush (Did Ashton Kutcher Get George W. Bush’s Daughters High with a Bong?) (Ashton Kutcher: George W. Bush Snubbed Me At The Super Bowl) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/20/14)

Apparently that director I have mentioned in this space a couple of times in the past week or so discussing his friends and how he kept in close contact with some disgraced people must read the blinds. He deleted all his social media which included photos with some of those bad people I mentioned. Christopher McQuarrie (Christopher McQuarrie & Bryan Singer) (BLIND ITEM 08/20/23) (BLIND ITEM 08/22/23)

The supposed girlfriend of this A+/A list mostly movie actor really wants the world to think they are still together. So, she pulled an old trick. She put on a necklace with his first initial on it for a pap run. I guarantee you he is not wearing a necklace with her first initial. Ines de Ramon/Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt’s girlfriend Ines de Ramon proves they’re still going strong with ‘B’ necklace)

After the first wave of subscribers, this former A- list actress who starred in multiple hit cable shows is going to have to get darker and more dirty to keep the money flowing. Plus, now she will have a tough time getting any good new roles. Drea de Matteo/”Sopranos”, “Joey”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “Desperate Housewives” & “Shades of Blue”/”OnlyFans” (Sopranos' Drea de Matteo creates OnlyFans account - will set fans of the HBO mob show back $15 a month for access)

This one named north of the border singer really needs help. She needs to get away from the celebrity CEO and the way he manages every second of her life. She needs to stop taking things that are not prescribed. I fear if she doesn't take a break from that and social media that something very bad is going to happen to her. That Japan concert almost pushed her over the edge. Grimes/Elon Musk (Grimes says she ‘hopes to die in space’ by age 65: ‘Mars would be great’) (Japanese Concert Goers 'Paid For Grimes But Got Elon' And Not All Of Them Think This Was An Upgrade)

Apparently someone who was close to the permanent A list singer and now isn't, claims to have videos of the singer using drugs and that the man close to her is the one who gets them. Really trying to ratchet that pressure up a few more notches for a bigger payday. Britney Spears/Paul Richard Soliz/Sam Asghari divorce settlement (Britney Spears 'has been getting close' to former housekeeper with felony weapon conviction... after split from Sam Asghari after 14-month marriage) (Britney Spears 'cracked her head open on a coffee table during explosive fight with Sam Asghari in London - which required her to get STITCHES' -  before their shock divorce)

I understand why, if there were toxic fumes you wouldn't let professional animal rescuers inside the burn zone to find people's lost pets. But, despite what those in charge are saying, there are no toxic fumes and every politician who has taken a photo op tour through the zone hasn't bothered to wear a mask, so where are the fumes? Why not let people reunite with their pets? Wasn't there a law passed after Katrina to prevent just such a thing. Lahaina, Hawaii (EXCLUSIVE: Maui animal rescue groups insist pet cats are still hiding out in Lahaina wreckage after Hawaii's top military officer called their claim 'an absolute lie') (Protestors demand Maui County help them save missing pets in burn zone) (Pets rescued from Hawaii wildfires have paws burned 'down to the bone' while thousands still reported missing)

I'm not sure if this former A list actress from multiple hit shows knows that her boyfriend films her when he watches her with other guys and women.

They are not technically related by blood, but they have acted like it for well over a decade. It is very Woody Allen and it is going to cause some jaws to drop even though they are D listers.

Behind the scenes, this A list everything is really pushing hard to not sign the long long long long time co-host of a show to another deal. He really wants someone new. Ryan Seacrest/Vanna White/”Wheel of Fortune” (EXCLUSIVE: Vanna White's new Wheel of Fortune contract STILL hasn't been finalized - because the longtime host is stuck in stalemate with execs over her demand for a 'tremendous payout')

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **10**
Producers of the sailing show must really be worried about lawsuits if they are sending out former cast members to defend them in public. “Below Deck” (‘Below Deck’ Accused of Covering Up Gary King’s Sexual Misconduct)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **11**
One thing I admire is the effort singers and musicians have put forth in the past several years in dropping the term exhaustion as the reason for canceling shows or tours when it really is drugs. Now, they come up with all kinds of diseases or conditions and really show some imagination like the one with the former boy bander. Liam Payne/”One Direction”/kidney infection (One Direction’s Liam Payne Hospitalized With ‘Serious Kidney Infection,’ Postpones Tour)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **12**
This reality star married to someone much higher on the list is going to learn that when you bring your barely legal nanny with you wherever you go and encourage her to get to know your husband, that the nanny is going to become the stepmom.

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **13**
There is a TikTok account (“sussex pivot”) that is driven by the team behind the alliterate one and her husband and is even narrated by the friend (Abigail Spencer) who is featured in the documentary (“Harry & Meghan”) about them on the streamer. “sussex pivot”/Prince Harry & Meghan Markle/Abigail Spencer

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/25 **14**
Four For Friday - Good News:
#1 - This former actress turned host once saved the lives of hundreds of dogs from a kill shelter and used her network to find homes for all of them. Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore Honored at ASPCA Bergh Ball)
#2 - When this former A list singer was about to land a job that would revive her career and pay her more money than she earned singing, she learned a reporter was going to blow the lid on all of it by announcing an affair she had with an actress who was then on a hit show. The actress from the hit show, risking her own career if caught lying, told the reporter she would sue if printed and called the editor. It was true, but her threats worked and the singer got the job she needed. Paula Abdul/”American Idol”
#3 - This foreign born A- list who is a Grammy shy of an EGOT at least as far as nominations go, paid for the first several rehab stays of an actor ex-boyfriend most people didn't know she even dated because she keeps things so quiet. Helen Mirren/Liam Neeson  (Awards and Nominations)
#4 - Speaking of rehab, this A list actor/sometime director let this permanent A list actress hide out at a house he used to own so she could do rehab and get her meds right without being at an actual rehab center where people would talk. Many years earlier when the actor was starting out, she got him drunk and had sex with him and then introduced him to some people
. Ben Affleck/Madeline Kahn (Famous Friends of Ben Affleck) (Madeline Kahn: "Why Are You Laughing?")

One of the sticking points with the former A list tweener leaving his manager is that his wife would probably have to give up her makeup company because it is majority owned by people under contract to the manager and all of whom have their businesses managed by the former manager of the permanent A list "singer." Justin Bieber/Scooter Braun/Hailey Baldwin Bieber/”Rhode”/Lou Taylor/Britney Spears

Speaking of the business manager, I don't think it would shock anyone to know she had a big part into introducing this former A+ list rapper to his girlfriend who now has a power of attorney over his life. Lou Taylor/Kanye West/Bianca Censori

This older A list comic actor did not split with the one named singer because they were not even dating. Bill Murray/Kelis (Bill Murray, 72, and Kelis, 44, SPLIT after two months of dating: 'Things just ran their course')

The alliterate one is going to cast herself in the lead role of the project she had the streamer buy. She has been looking at actor's to star with which is why she was supposed to meet with the A+/A list actor last week and he blew it off even after coming out there to meet with her. I wrote last week that he decided to hang out with his 20 something instead, but now we know what the meeting was about. Meghan Markle/”Meet Me At the Lake”/”Netflix”/Leonardo DiCaprio/Vittoria Ceretti (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Turning a Best-Selling Romance Novel Into a Netflix Movie) (Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, enjoys ice-cream date with Italian model Vittoria Ceretti, 25, in Santa Barbara... after she seems to have split from husband Matteo Milleri) (BLIND ITEM 08/24/23)

While his fatal medical episode could have been exacerbated by COVID, let's not forget what caused the recently deceased athlete/entertainer's serious health issues in the first place. Lots and lots of coke. Bray Wyatt (New details emerge following death of WWE star Bray Wyatt)

Not too long ago, this studio head was being hailed for his innovative ideas and how he was going to move the studio forward. Of course it was an article he wrote and several news organizations decided to print it. Now though, the former kid star/best friend of the perv producer is headed out the door. Brian Robbins/”Paramount Pictures”/Dan Schneider (After a Decade in Limbo, Brian Robbins Is Giving Paramount a Makeover With ‘Ninja Turtles,’ Tom Cruise and ‘Gladiator 2’)

This former boy bander is trying his hand at gay escorting and has also signed up for an OnlyFans account, but has not taken it live yet. AJ McLean/”Backstreet Boys” (Backstreet Boys talk AJ McLean winning 'RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race' and why his family 'thought he was moonlighting as a stripper') (Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean showcases his fit physique with incredible body transformation photos on his journey to sobriety: 'This is just the beginning')

Between the weight loss shot and the drug use, this eastern Housewife is going to die unless she gets help. Eva Marcille/”Real Housewives of Atlanta” (Eva Marcille disables comments after fans express concern over slimmed-down appearance)

The reality family went out of their way this weekend to not only host the mother of the alliterate one, but also introduce her to people because they would like to do some business with the alliterate one. That is a long way removed from helping the people's of the world. The next thing you know the alliterate one will be working with the business manager of the reality family and trying to put the ginger haired one in a conservatorship. Kardashian-Jenner/Doria Ragland/Meghan Markle/Lou Taylor/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle's Mom Doria Ragland Poses with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner at L.A. Charity Event)

This alliterate A list web comic creator is a sex offender and someone who carried on a years long incestuous sexual relationship with his mother. All the charges were dropped against the pair, seemingly because they are both too insane to stand trial. Chris Chan aka Christine Weston Chandler aka Mrs. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu, Goddess of the Nations of Cwcville, Comma, and the Commodore Consoles, and the Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. She/Her." (WEB COMIC CREATOR Who is Chris Chan and what did she do?)

This married permanent A list mostly movie actor who has multiple Oscars wins/nominations has always been given a free pass by everyone because of who he is, but he has been called out numerous times for raping underage girls. In fact, he used to brag about them and even this one named permanent A list singer/sometime actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee  was a victim when she was about 15 and he was a grown man. Warren Beatty/Cher (Warren Beatty accused of coercing sex from underage girl nearly 50 years ago in new lawsuit) (Cher Started Dating Warren Beatty at 16 After He Almost Hit Her With His Car)

The new boyfriend of the closeted A- list actor all of you know used to be a yachter. Is it now love or is it money?

This A- list singer should have been canceled forever over a decade ago and he hasn't got any better in the years since. He is just better at hiding his domestic violence victims and drug use. Somehow, despite all of that, his team manages to find 30-40 new women each night for him to choose from before they get the leftovers. Chris Brown (This Video Of Women Entering Chris Brown's Party Like It's Game 7 Of The NBA Finals Is All-Time)

The actor who starred in the jail show, recently got married. He just made his new wife get him a car worth six figures. He didn't even make six figures last year. Dominic Purcell/”Prison Break”/Tish Cyrus (Inside Tish Cyrus-Purcell and Dominic Purcell’s Wedding in Malibu) (Filmography)

Those adopted children are going to have to find jobs now because the money train from their A list dad is going to stop because their mom cheated on him. On the other hand though, she did cheat on him three years ago with the one named forward looking rapper and nothing happened. So, maybe dad is just a cuck.  Morgan, Jason, and Lori Harvey/Steve Harvey/Marjorie Elaine/Future (Comedian Steve Harvey’s Wife Marjorie Elaine Cheated On Him With His Bodyguard & Personal Chef? Divorce Rumours Spread Like A Wildfire After Alleged Incident!)

This former late night actor is once again a drug addled mess. He was supposed to do some work with this A- list singer/actress who is an offspring, but he was too wasted to do anything
. Pete Davidson/Miley Cyrus

This streamer head is having an affair with an actress he met in Korea who is many decades younger than our boss. Yet, he is still screwing over Korea trade guilds. Ted Sarandos/”Netflix” (Ted Sarandos Visits Seoul, Tries To Reassure Netflix-Skittish Locals) (South Korea’s Directors Guild Pushes for Bargaining Rights and Backend Pay from Streamers, Studios) (Asian filmmakers watch Hollywood strikes with hope and frustration)

If you don't make a good song, it doesn't matter who you are, it won't do well. It is one of the reasons the bff of the A- list singer/actress didn't promote it. “Single Soon”/Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Responds to Fan Speculation That ‘Single Soon’ Is About The Weeknd)

This former A+ list rapper is boozing again. The last time he did that he nearly succeeded in killing himself. Kanye West (Kanye West bares his NAKED buttocks as he and 'wife' Bianca Censori enjoy a VERY amorous boat ride in Venice in front of groups of gawking tourists)

The manager is just like the now ex-husband. They need the permanent A list "singer" to work so they can make some money. The manager is pushing for the singer to take the record deal and is leaking it everywhere, but she wants no part of it. Cade Hudson/Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears working on new songs and negotiating a deal with Sony for comeback album amid Sam Asghari divorce... as she's said to be remaining in 'great spirits')

Despite the vacation to save the marriage, this foreign born A+/A list actress and her husband are going to split. Margot Robbie/Tom Ackerley (EXCLUSIVE: Margot Robbie looks sensational in a plunging white bathing suit as she packs on the PDA with husband Tom in Greece - before hauling her own luggage off a public ferry)

This singer who sometime acts on a very hit show that feels like it will probably never come back is lying about how she lost her weight. Oh, I have no doubt she ate less and worked out, but she also takes the weekly shot which she forgets to mention in every interview she gives about her weight loss. Lainey Wilson/”Yellowstone”/”Ozempic” (Yellowstone star Lainey Wilson, 31, looks thinner than ever after losing 70lbs by hiring a personal trainer and eating more fruit)

  342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **7**
Dear Beyoncé (permanent A list one name singer),
Congrats on a very successful tour. I really liked the Loewe bodysuit you wore on tour and had commissioned by them for you to wear. Perhaps next time you could instead order it from the person/company you pulled the sample from and then showed to Loewe. Perhaps it would have been better to help the struggling small designer who came up with the design in the first place. You know, lift people up. You have never done that though. It is why the sister duo (Halle and Chloe Bailey/“Chloe x Halle”) never get to succeed and it is why you have kept the former one-fifth (Normani/“Fifth Harmony”) from releasing an album.
Love & Bacon,
Beyoncé/Halle and Chloe Bailey/“Chloe x Halle”/Normani/“Fifth Harmony” (Halle Bailey/Jay-Z BLIND ITEM 02/08/19) (Jay-Z/Normani/
Beyoncé BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/09/22)

Reader Blind:  This happened well over ten years ago, when I first began working in the wardrobe department (“Trust the Man“). I was on a movie with an actor (David Duchovny) who was fairly well known at the time for his role in a science fiction franchise (“The X-Files”) (although his star has dimmed a little over the last bit). The first day went swimmingly, and once we wrapped, my last task was to wait for him to leave his trailer to collect his wardrobe and launder it. I waited for thirty min, then an hour...he wasn't leaving. I finally gathered up all my might (I was in my early twenties and nervous as hell) and knocked on his trailer door. He yelled for me to come in and was quite nice about it - PHEW! I grabbed his wardrobe and was about to leave when he called me to come back - at which point he informed me that he didn't like to wear underwear and that I would need to do a daily sniff test in his trailer to figure out if his jeans needed washing. BARF. “Trust the Man”/David Duchovny/”The X-Files” (Movie Poster)

This former A- list actress from a very hit cable show has really not done much since. She is treated horribly by her barely there celebrity boyfriend, but just wants to get married, so she is willing to put up with it. Ashley Benson/”Pretty Little Liars”/Brandon Davis (Ashley Benson flaunts her engagement ring during date night with fiancé Brandon Davis at Giorgio Baldi)

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **10**
The wife of this A list singer is hooking up with an extremely wealthy business partner of a reality star. The wife wants a similar deal. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber/Jay Sammons/Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian and Jay Sammons Launch SKKY Partners) (Is Hailey Bieber building an empire to rival the Kardashians’? The model-turned-entrepreneur’s Rhode skincare line is going great guns, and she’s eyeing fashion and even baby products next)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **11**
This back in the day A list "singer" who didn't stay A list for that long, got wasted this weekend at an event and tried to keep sitting in the laps of different men. John Mayer/Dave Chappelle’s 50th Birthday (Pete Davidson, John Mayer, Busta Rhymes Help Dave Chappelle Celebrate 50th Birthday in NYC)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **12**
Up until very recently, this A+ list mostly movie actor who is a superhero, would interact with fans on social media through DM's. Back in the day it was how he would also meet hookups. Anyway, suddenly this has stopped and you have to be invited to send a message. Is his social media being controlled by a team? No, by his wife. I wonder if there is something that made her jealous. She has also taken to blocking fans from his social media. So, basically she is controlling who he speaks to. Chris Pratt

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **13**
It turns out the photo op with the snake oil sticker (“NuCalm”) was a demo to show to other companies what their engagement would be if they work with the alliterate one (Meghan Markle). Will she do waist trainer tea (Kendall Jenner)? “NuCalm”/Meghan Markle/Kendall Jenner (What is NuCalm? Is Meghan Markle’s skin patch a scam?) (Meghan Markle’s Mom Doria Ragland Hung Out With Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner) (The Delicious Detox Tea That Had Kendall Jenner Drinking ’12 Cups a Day’) (“waist trainer tea” BLIND ITEM 06/26/20)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/28 **14**
The Secret: If you ask him, he will tell you he was drunk and he may very well have been drunk when it happened. He also might very well might not have been drunk and he wasn't drunk the next day when it happened again. I was reminded of this story because he is in the news almost every day. For years, the only thing we heard from him is whether he was going to sign on for another season of the show on which he stars. Back in the day though, our actor was hit on hard at a party. That is not unusual, because it happens a lot to him. married or not, he gets hit on and married or not, he can be very receptive when given the opportunity. At this party, this pseudo royal who likes her toes sucked was hitting on him hard. This was nearly thirty years ago. Our actor and the pseudo royal were friends and she definitely got hammered drunk and they hooked up that night and the next day too. The following night though he hooked up with the now dead princess who he had been introduced to by the pseudo royal
. Kevin Costner/“Yellowstone”/Fergie/Princess Diana (Sarah Ferguson ‘instrumental’ in bold Princess Diana move ‘clear how much she likes Diana’)

You will notice how the wife of the game show host only referenced the bodyguard and not the looking forward rapper when denying she cheated on her husband. Marjorie Harvey/Steve Harvey/William “Big Boom” Freeman/Future (Who is Steve Harvey's bodyguard? All about William Big Boom Freeman amid Marjorie Harvey divorce claim)

The YouTube family that sounds like you had a lot of babies at once is going to come under fire for the amount of work the parents force the kids to do all in the name of making a buck and being famous. “Our Tribe of Many”

Another day another woman complaining about being sexually harassed and propositioned daily by the now ex-husband of the permanent A list "singer." Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Sam Asghari Accused Of Sexual Harassment; Shocking Details Inside) (EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears believes that ex Sam Asghari was 'secretly working' with her estranged dad Jamie to feed him information about her life that would help keep popstar locked in 13-year conservatorship)

As part of their agreement to attend the foreign gala next month, this barely there celebrity and her A list husband insisted that the A- list actress/singer not be invited. “Vogue World: London"/Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (British version of New York's Met Gala is set to take place in London next month - with guests including Kate Moss, Oprah and Justin Bieber)

The royal pedophile thinks he is off the hook. Wait until the offspring come forward and say who he gave them to for payment and also that party in the very early 90's where the underage teen died after being in his bed. Prince Andrew/Princess Beatrice/Jeffrey Epstein (King Charles 'overruled Prince William and ordered Royal Family to welcome Prince Andrew back into the fold') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/20/19)

I don't think the "publicist" has thought through the questions he will be asked in any deposition taken during his lawsuit. A couple of those big secrets he is hiding will be very exposed as well as business dealings the reality family will want to stay quiet. Jonathan Cheban/Kardashians (Kim Kardashian's pal Jonathan Cheban files $20M lawsuit alleging bottle of Korean BBQ sauce 'inexplicably exploded' and cut his hand... impacting his 'ability to use his hand in social media posts')

This A list singer made it perfectly career to the sponge that he should go back to his wife. Ethan Slater/Lilly Jay/”SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical” (Ariana Grande's Boyfriend Ethan Slater Files for Divorce from Wife Lilly Jay) (Meet Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend, SpongeBob SquarePants actor Ethan Slater: the pop princess first met the Broadway actor on the set of Wicked … and they just recently split from their spouses)

This back in the day A- list singer who had a couple of hits and also spent some time on a reality show, isn't on crack. She just can't stop drinking which is why she was a hot mess on stage recently. Michel’le/”R&B Divas: Los Angeles” (1990s Female Singer Michel’le On Stage Acting CRACK-ISH … Fans Think She’s On Drugs!)

This foreign born A list director doesn't care that he is married. he just hooks up with whatever woman he can find each day. Taika Waititi/Rita Ora (Breaking: Rita Ora doesn’t know her husband Taika Waititi’s ethnicity)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **10**
This alliterate bar star was at an outdoor mall (The Grove) taking selfies and having friends take photos of her and her kid. They were making quite the scene so of course people noticed. Fans wanted to take photos and she wouldn't do it because she was too busy. Scheana Shay/”Vanderpump Rules”

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **11**
This A list actress is pressuring an offspring to have a same sex relationship and the offspring wants no part of it. The actress thinks it will help the offspring's growth. Angelina Jolie/Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh shows off pink buzz cut as she catches up with pal in LA)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **12**
Apparently the first step for getting back in the public's eye after the death of her husband is for this A- list celebrity to call the paps. She didn't even try and pretend it was anything else. She even posed for them like it was a runway. Allison Holker/Stephen "tWitch" Boss (Allison Holker is seen on August 28, 2023 in Los Angeles, California)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **13**
The boyfriend of this former A list teen actress from multiple very hit shows is a few years older now and he wants her to do OnlyFans and wants to manage it for her. Luke Benward/Ariel Winter/”Modern Family”; “Sofia the First”; “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” (Video games)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/29 **14**
The Fight: The fiancée of the wealthy bookseller was once a sports and news reporter in Los Angeles. At the time, she was still young and vivacious and had a lot of hookups including with a number of very high-profile athletes she was reporting on. Anyway, the long running network morning show/gabfest needed to replace one of their hosts, so they began auditioning replacements. #1 auditioned and did well. So well in fact they kept bringing her back for appearances. She was easily the front runner and was on the verge of landing this prized gig. In the middle of a week-long stint, this twinkle member of the show’s panel invited her to sit courtside at an NBA game. Along for the ride was a B+ actress known for both TV and film, including the A list director’s kung fu epic. That’s when the fun started. The game was between the city’s favorite NBA team and one of their most bitter rivals. The game was heated and included a brawl which spilled off the court. There is actually video of #1 and #4 scurrying to get out of the way. The real fun, though, was postgame. #4 and #1 went back to the tunnel by the locker rooms. #1 was quite well known to the rival team. She’d been involved with their star player, a guy who often taunted opponents and who’d hooked up with #1 along with making many clutch shots in his Hall of Fame career.  #1 caused quite a stir, as players from both teams went crazy when she made her postgame appearance. Guys were falling all over each other trying to get at her. Meanwhile, #4 was ignored. The next day, #4 went to the show’s founder and grand dame with an ultimatum. If #1 was hired, #4 would quit the show. So the gabfest ended up hiring another woman, who would later move on to the 24 news network
#1 - Lauren Sánchez
#2 - Jeff Bezos
#3 - “The View”
#4 - Debbie Matenopoulos
#5 - Star Jones
#6 - Vivica Fox
#7 - “New York Knicks”
#8 - “Indiana Pacers”
#9 - Reggie Miller
#10 - Barbara Walters
#11 - Lisa Ling
#12 - “CNN”

This alliterate A- list rapper/sometime actor (Method Man) makes it seem as if he has never strayed from his marriage (Tamika Smith). Well, the alliterate former talk show host (Wendy Williams) hooked up with him for sure. Then there was the woman (Modest Jones) who gave birth to twins that are his. Oh, and the super groupie (
Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans) who wrote a book about having sex with famous people included him. Method Man/Tamika Smith/Wendy Williams/Modest Jones/Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans (karrien steffans aka super head confirms what wendy willams been saying about method man)

This A list singer/rapper drinks way too much booze so his weight loss shot diet won't last. Post Malone (Post Malone looks slimmer than ever in black leather jacket and skinny jeans for mirror selfie... after revealing how he lost 60lbs)

Thank goodness the barely there celebrity finally got a boyfriend. Now, her mom can stop telling the tabloids the daughter is dating the A+/A list actor when they were not actually dating. Gigi Hadid/Cole Bennett/Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid/Leonardo DiCaprio (EXCLUSIVE: Gigi Hadid seen leaving a house party with music producer Cole Bennett in LA... amid romance rumors with Leonardo DiCaprio)

This former A list singer turned judge (Katy Perry/“Anerican Idol“) doesn't even sell clothes (“Kitty Purry“) any longer in the country (Austalia) where she continues to harass a woman (Katie Perry aka Katie Taylor) who does, simply because she chose to be born with a name that the singer chose as a stage name years AFTER the business (“Killer Queen LLC”) started. Katy Perry/”American Idol”/”Kitty Purry”/Australia/Katie Perry aka Katie Taylor/”Killer Queen LLC” (Katy Perry files appeal in case against Australian designer Katie Taylor) (‘Personally attacked’: Australian designer lashes out at US singer Katy Perry over legal threat) (Katy Perry has secretly been fighting with a mom in court for years — over her name)

This one named A- list DJ sexually assaulted a woman at a party last weekend and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. Diplo (Untangling the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Diplo) (BLIND ITEM 01/22/22) (BLIND ITEM 04/16/22)

The A- list actress/singer needs to get a better team doing her social media, or if it was the actress doing it herself, her team needs to have a word with her. She blatantly broke the rules of the strike when she promoted her show. Selena Gomez/”SAG-AFTRA” (Selena Gomez Seemingly Takes Down Instagram Post After Getting Accused of Breaking SAG-AFTRA Strike Rules)

Apparently, this adult who is still a boy bander is just going to call every woman who accuses him of sexual assault a liar. There sure are a lot of "liars" accusing him of it with very good details of when and where these happened. Nick Carter/”Backstreet Boys” (Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter accused of sexually assaulting woman when she was 15 on yacht in 2003: lawsuit) (Nick Carter Wins Legal Battle with Accuser, Judge Allows His Countersuit)

This married actor (Rob Lowe) who walked away from a hit show (“Parks and Recreations“) talked trash about a second (“The West Wing“), and destroyed a third (“Code Black“), traveled with his girlfriend this past weekend for a cross country trip. Rob Lowe/”Parks and Recreations”/”The West Wing”/”Code Black” (Kelly Slater and Rob Lowe Talk Surfing, Localism, Golf, and 'North Shore') (Rob Lowe Says Stint On ‘The West Wing’ Was “A Super Unhealthy Relationship”) (The Real Reason Rob Lowe Left ‘Parks and Recreation’) (The Real Reason Code Black Was Canceled)

In a book being written, the author says that during the filming of a music movie, the lead A+ list actor hooked up with one of his male co-stars. Neither of the actors have ever had rumors about their sexuality before or since.

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **10**
This not that long ago retired A list NFL player, punched a woman in the face a couple of weeks ago because he felt she was using too much of his coke.

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **11**
Once a year like clockwork, this A list actor negotiates a new deal with his ex. They have never been to court once. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Take Trip to Italy with Daughter, 'Both Want to Make Lea Happy')

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **12**
This A list comic loves watching his girlfriend have sex with other guys. He does go through a lot of girlfriends.

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **13**
A foreign born two color (“Blackpink”) singer (Lisa) wants to get married. The guy (Frederic Arnault) she wants to marry has more money (“LVMH”/”Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton”) than the company (“YG Entertainment”) does, so the bosses might have to give in on this. “Blackpink”/Lisa/Frederic Arnault/“LVMH”/”Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton”/”YG Entertainment” (Blackpink star Lisa and billionaire LVMH heir Frederic Arnault spark FURIOUS rumors that they're DATING as pair is seen putting on very intimate display in Venice before being spotted at LA airport together) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/09/23)

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/30 **14**
The Spender: If you ask someone right now, which Hollywood star has spent the most on paying for sex, you might guess Charlie Sheen. What if you changed star to producer though? An A+ list producer (Don Simpson). A producer who has some of the biggest hits (Filmography) to his name. (“Flashdance”/“Beverly Hills Cop”/“Top Gun”/”Beverly Hills Cop II”/”Days of Thunder”/”Bad Boys”/”Crimson Tide”/”The Ref”/”Dangerous Minds”/”The Rock” )  A producer who lived a Hollywood life like it was a movie about Hollywood with drugs and sex and hookers and parties. This producer spent millions of dollars a year on hookers. He liked them young and pale and they would leave bruised and battered. He enjoyed roughing them up. The problem was that he needed a new hooker every day and because of his requirements, it became harder and harder to find ones that were not already bruised by him or ones who had been and wanted to see him again. So, the prices went up and he had to pay sometimes as much as ten times the going rate because women would be flown in from other cities. This went on for years until he promised to tone down the bruising and beating. That caused him to ramp up his drug use and drinking which were already legendary
. Don Simpson/“Flashdance”/“Beverly Hills Cop”/ “Top Gun”/”Beverly Hills Cop II”/”Days of Thunder”/”Bad Boys”/”Crimson Tide”/”The Ref”/”Dangerous Minds”/”The Rock”   

The former radio sidekick to this permanent A list host got fired from his teaching job because he was drunk and making homophobic slurs. John Melendez aka Stuttering John/”The Howard Stern Show” (Studdering John is a substitute teacher!)

Earlier in the year, a film festival in the northern part of this country honored the disgraced former A list actor. Now, another festival in the same country is honoring the child molesting/pseudo incestuous director. Kevin Spacey (“National Cinema Museum”)/Italy/Woody Allen (“80th Venice Film Festival”) (Kevin Spacey honoured by Italian film community amid sex assault legal battles) (How Should the Media Cover Venice’s Problematic Men?)

Speaking of horrible people, this serial rapist, who publicly admits to being a serial rapist, including way underage tweens/teens, just landed a new directing job, and he said people in the future won't care that he was a serial rapist and will just remember the movies. Luc Besson (Luc Besson Returns to Directing With ‘Dogman’ After Rape Case Dismissal: ‘In 20 Years, the Only Thing That Will Remain Are the Movies’ (EXCLUSIVE))

Not only did this foreign born A+/A list singer scab for the coffee maker, he got paid to do so by them. Ed Sheeran/”Starbucks” (Ed Sheeran Teamed Up With Starbucks To Celebrate 'Autumn Variations' Album Announcement & Pumpkin Spice Latte Launch)

Maybe the half dollar rapper could lay off the PED's and he wouldn't have raged hard enough to leave what will be permanent damage to a woman's face. 50 Cent (50 Cent throws microphone into audience, allegedly injuring concertgoer)

Whenever the permanent A list "singer" goes south of the border, a part of me always wonders if she will come back alive. A little "overdose" and then just splitting up the money. Britney Spears/Mexico (Britney Spears takes jab at little sister Jamie Lynn in dance video from Mexican vacation... after estranged husband Sam Asghari finally UNFOLLOWS her on Instagram)

The offspring of a Teen Mom was about to go in an IG Live and show the world something crazy messed up before the phone was yanked from them. Jace Evans/Jenelle Evans (Police Find Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans' Son Jace After He Goes Missing Again)

This married A+ list showrunner is hooking up with an actress from one of his shows on an almost daily basis. She is going to move from recurring to main when they start production again.

This long long time A- list dual threat actor was going to travel out of the country for work by himself. His wife said no to that because the last time he went off alone outside the country he got a woman pregnant. Patrick Dempsey/Jillian Fink/”Venice Film Festival” (Patrick Dempsey, 57, sports slick silver locks as he joins gorgeous wife Jillian Fink, 57, at Ferrari premiere during the Venice Film Festival)

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **10**
The foreign Svengali is throwing a yacht party this weekend that will be his biggest ever. He wants to raise about $100M in financing so the actresses and yachters he provides this weekend to his guests will be the very best of the best. Mohammed Al Turki (Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Fest Cancels Women In Cinema Venice Event; Cites Solidarity With Actors’ Strike) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/10/23)

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **11**
The full frontal actor must be thrilled that his new movie is being released during the strike and he can't go promote it. Somehow, it is only now the mainstream press is learning about his violent past towards women and probably would have asked him about it. Michael Fassbender/”The Killer” (‘The Killer’ First Trailer: Michael Fassbender Becomes a Stone Cold Assassin in David Fincher’s New Netflix Movie) (Disturbing Domestic Abuse Allegations Against Michael Fassbender Have Resurfaced Online After The Trailer For His New Movie Dropped)

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **12**
This floundering network just hired a new, foreign-born CEO.  About a decade ago, he resigned in disgrace from an even bigger job, after it was revealed he covered up for a serial pedophile. Mark Thompson/”CNN”/”BBC”/Jimmy Savile (CNN names Mark Thompson, former BBC and New York Times executive, as its new leader)  (Jimmy Savile Scandal: Net Tightens On New York Times CEO Mark Thompson)

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **13**
This three named A- list actor uses the picket line as a place to pickup women. Once he finds one, he leaves the line.

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/31 **14**
Not A Nice Guy: Without even knowing anything about him, people have been calling the boyfriend of this bar star a sweetheart, a gentleman and such a nice guy. He is not. He has a huge history of sleeping with women and playing them. He would see multiple women at the same time without them knowing about it and playing them to fall for him. As soon as they fell for him and validated his existence he moved to a new victim. The prettier and the more popular woman the better. He is extremely insecure about himself and his body. Getting beautiful and successful women to sleep with him validates his ego. He got a job at the bar so he can sleep with more women. He used to have a girlfriend in Las Vegas who he broke up with because he got scared of her moving in with him. He used to fly out to see her for a weekend and just like for his current girlfriend bought her $1000+ dinners. He uses women for sex and his ego and then moves on to new ones. He has never had a healthy long lasting relationship. He is climbing the social ladder to being well liked and popular through his current girlfriend. Ariana Madix/Daniel Wai/”Vanderpump Rules” (Who Is Daniel Wai? 5 Things to Know About Ariana Madix’s Makeout Partner at Coachella)

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