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With the very recent announcement by this A+ list singer, it confirms that her reason for not wanting to perform at a huge event with the billionaire foreign born one named singer, was a lie. Why wouldn't she want to share the stage with the one named singer? Taylor Swift/"2023 Super Bowl" halftime show/Rihanna (Rihanna will headline the 2023 Super Bowl halftime show after Taylor Swift reportedly turned it down. Here are 6 times musicians declined the coveted performance spot) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/01/22)

Proving once again that this love her or hate her A list celebrity is not worth our time or attention or respect, she did something awful once again. She pretended to cooperate with a small baking company, but in reality, stole all their recipes and then passed them off as her own. Chrissy Teigen/"Cravings"/Jordan Rondel/"The Caker" (The Caker 'miffed' by celebrity Chrissy Teigen's brand's resemblance)

This comic is A- list and she has also been a co-creator of multiple network shows. She is a huge enabler of horrific behavior from male comics. There she was last night, sitting along side the comic who rapes underage girls. She was having a great time with him. Whitney Cummings/Chris D’Elia

It was just last week, that this murdered rapper reached out to his bandmate, to try and fix things, and the bandmate, who is living off his girlfriend, and should want to do new music, refused to take his call and blocked the number when he tried to text. I wonder how he feels now. Takeoff/"Migos"/Quavo (Houston police are searching for witnesses after rapper Takeoff's killing) (New video shows moments leading up to Takeoff deadly shooting in Houston)

As much as the family is trying to will it to be, the A list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee is not going to hook up with the barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities. Just because they attend the same party does not make them a couple. Leonardo DiCaprio/Gigi Hadid/Yolanda & Mohamed Hadid (Gigi Hadid Having 'Fun' with Leonardo DiCaprio: 'He Treats Her Really Well,' Says Source)

The celebrity CEO certainly set out to do what he accomplished with his outfit. Get people talking about the Illuminati. Elon Musk (Elon Musk Wears $7,500 Costume to Heidi Klum's Halloween Party, Brings Mom Maye as Date)

It wasn't the fans of his show that forced this streaming teenage actor out of the closet. It was the relationship he was having with another guy that turned sour and that guy told his story to an internet outlet who was going to publish everything. Kit Connor/"Heartstopper" (Heartstopper Fans Support Kit Connor After ‘Forced’ Coming Out)

This musical based on a movie ("Almost Famous") which was based on a true story, is getting a chance on late night television to get an audience, but the show is closing the week after Christmas. "Almost Famous"/"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (See the ‘Almost Famous’ Cast Perform Iconic ‘Tiny Dancer’ Bus Scene on ‘Fallon’)

Congratulations to the NBA for rewarding the serial cheater/sexual harasser with a super high profile gig. Tis the holiday season, and I guess you don't see anything wrong with it.
Ime Udoka (apparently the league finally got the memo today, and he won't be getting the new coaching gig) ('His name was slandered and slaughtered... and he's possibly going to coach our rivals': Marcus Smart says it 'sucks' that Ime Udoka could join the Nets and says Celtics team 'wish he was here' - after he was suspended for an affair with a team staffer)

This A- list actress who somehow lucked into an Oscar win/nomination very recently, is cheating on her significant other. Jessica Chastain/Gian Luca Pasi De Preposulo/Winner "Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role" "The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021)"

This A list singer got into a huge fight with her controlling husband about what she wanted to wear for Halloween. He is such an a-hole. Ariana Grande/Dalton Gomez (Ariana Grande Recreates Jennifer Coolidge Character for Halloween — and Jen Approves!)

A woman is suing this gay rapper for allegedly giving her a STD.

Apparently some supplements this A- list actress shills for, nearly killed her. She is still shilling them though. Gwyneth Paltrow (Do Gwyneth Paltrow’s new ‘DTF’ libido supplements really work? Doctors weigh in)

The Bookstore - Anniversary Month: Way back when there was still a Borders in LA, I was in it one day in the cookbook section of all places. I love to eat and I love to cook. There was a young woman who came into the section. I was seated on the floor, because there were no chairs. A couple of minutes later, she was seated a few feet away and we started talking about recipes and books and magazines we liked and had a really great conversation. Fast forward a few weeks later and I am at some party, and the same woman walks up to me and asks if I ever made the recipe we had been discussing. I told her I was going to do it the next day, as a matter of fact and we chatted for five or ten minutes, and she went on her way. The person I was with asked me when I had become such good friends with this at the time A- list actress on a network show that ended way too early. Over the years we would run into each other and always had time for each other. It was a few years after our initial meeting, that I started a long time feud with this model/terrible actress, who really does not like me because she overheard me calling her thirsty, which she is. Well, the model turned actress suddenly started working with my bookstore friend. And, being the thirsty person she is, she started hanging out with the much more famous actress. It was during one of those hang out sessions, that I happened to run into the two of them at a lunch place and the actress insisted on me joining them. Of course I accepted, if only to see the model/actress' look for the entirety of the meal. She had no idea I was friends with the actress.

This meth head who used to be an A- list tween/teen singer, has been purchasing his guns illegally from the husband of a pseudo employee who sticks around for the commission payoff that is never going to happen. Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter Pulled Over On Suspicion Of DUI While Driving RV)

While promoting his new podcast starring one of his former child co-stars, this actor, who has been in the business since he was a child, hasn't denied the fact that he used to hook up with his three named co-star when they starred on a network show. She expected him to keep it a secret. Jaleel White/"Ever After with Jaleel White"/Kellie Shanygne Williams/"Family Matters" (Ever After with Jaleel White) (‘Family Matters’: Did Steve and Laura Date In Real Life?)

This closeted pay cable actor must think he has a good shot at being James Bond, because every thread on a popular gay themed website about his sexuality, has been removed. Interesting. Sam Heughan/"Outlander" (Sam Heughan Reveals He Auditioned to Be James Bond in His New Memoir)

No apology from the love her or hate her celebrity about stealing. Nothing. This is why everyone hates celebrities. Chrissy Teigen/"Cravings"/Jordan Rondel/"The Caker" (The Caker 'miffed' by celebrity Chrissy Teigen's brand's resemblance)

This A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee, regrets doing a movie, not because of the box office, but because of the affair she had with her co-star which led to the end of his marriage. Jennifer Lawrence/ "Passengers"/Chris Pratt/Anna Faris (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/25/21)

Apparently the hard to spell model had a little fling with the about to be single QB. How is that everyone who hooks up with the A list actor also hooks up with the QB. Emily Ratajkowski/Tom Brady/Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt

This A- list celebrity who sits outside the entertainment world, but who all of you know, went straight from the bed of her married lover to the Glamour Magazine awards yesterday. Huma Abedin (Huma Abedin attends the 2022 Glamour Women of the Year Awards)

One of the people this foreign born A list singer bypassed in the 90 minute line was one of the prosecutor's in her case, along with her children. Shakira (Shakira sparks outrage for allegedly cutting line at Halloween attraction)

Unless both of them are using lawyers outside of Southern California, the alliterate one and her husband are not splitting. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

This foreign born A+ list reality star in her country, has moved her show to this country. It won't take long for the press here to talk about the incest in her family the press in her country were not allowed to print. Katie Price/"Katie Price's Mucky Mansion" (Katie Price cleans up her £3million Mucky Mansion as a skip is spotted taking away rubbish - including a bizarre horse sculpture)

This A- list actress/writer/producer just got some truly awful work done to her face and should never use that plastic surgeon again. Marlo Thomas ('You used to be a big woman!' Marlo Thomas 'annoys Sherri staffers' after fat-shaming Sherri Shepherd live on-air)

Another day, another forced paparazzi shoot for the A list actor/director set up by his A list everything in her mind celebrity. He is her lap dog at this point. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez (My OTHER true love! Ben Affleck drags health food fanatic Jennifer Lopez to his favorite Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and treat with their kids) (Ben Affleck's reign as the low-key sneaker king continues)

How much longer do you suppose the marriage of this A- list comic actor/comedian is going to last if he hasn't had sex with his wife in a year. She only married him for his money.

The Drug - Anniversary Month: I need to be clear right upfront that I never actually with my own eyes, saw the actor do what I am about to describe. Several friends of the actor though have relayed to me over the years essentially the same story they each described to me separately. I also don't know if there is causation, but I will lay it out for you and you decide. This actor is A- list now, and I have personally seen him do a wide variety of drugs. I have seen him beyond wasted and still try and find someone to take home for the night, even though everyone knew he would be passed out before he made it home. More than one woman has been awakened by him in his living room or guest bedroom in the morning and asked who they are and how they got inside his home. His temper is legendary and his cheating is never ending. His actress wife left him because of both. Before he got married though, he was single and always partying and looking for a good time. When he wanted someone that night, he would head for them and many times, he was successful. It was the nights that he was not successful, that the trouble began. According to those who knew him, in those early years, he would have some coke he kept in a different vial from his regular vial. He called the vial his leg spreader. Two of his friends believed the coke was laced or cut with some kind of medicine used to tranquilize large animals. He got it from a friend who was a vet. He would invite the object of his attention to do some coke with him and within 5 minutes they would be out cold. In the intervening five minutes he would either take them to his bedroom or his car. The friends know of at least a dozen women that he did this too. No one knows what happened to most of those women, or if there were more. They only know of the dozen or so. The crazy thing is, and this is why the first one reached out, is that all of the ones they know of that are still around, all have developed MS.

29. POPBITCH 11/03
(British blog)
Which popstar – who once confessed to taking a driving test drunk – is at risk of losing her license completely after she was recently pulled over in Hampstead doing 60+ in a 20mph area?

In light of the whole CBS having to pay a bunch of money because of Les Moonves' behavior, I am reminded of the reason this permanent A list radio host used to have so many porn stars and strippers on his show, back when it was good. They would do the show and then various executives would take them to "lunch." Howard Stern/"The Howard Stern Show" (LAPD to Investigate Captain Accused of Tipping Off Leslie Moonves About Sex Assault Investigation)

It doesn't look like all of the male models that this fashion icon left bequests for in his will, are not going to get anything for all their dirty work he made them perform over the years. He promised them all they would share his fortune. All he had when he died were debts.
Karl Lagerfeld

It isn't a good look for the CEO of this concert company to be glorifying domestic violence.
Pasquale Rotella/"Insomniac Events" ("Insomniac Events") (Pasquale Rotella & partner share photo of tasteless Halloween costume as Johnny Depp and abused Amber Heard)

If she wasn't paying money, this former dual threat A- list actress all of you know, would have been kicked out of this school. They need the tuition though. Amanda Bynes/"Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising" (Amanda Bynes has 300 hours left at cosmetology school)

Because of her antics, over the past few days, the ex of this A- list actress from multiple movie franchises, wants an investigation conducted by Child Protective Services to see if she should be allowed time with her offspring. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox (Megan Fox's Ex Brian Austin Green Talks Co-Parenting Relationship) (Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Being Called Out For "Sexualizing Communion" After Flaunting Their "Distasteful" And "Blasphemous" Halloween Costumes) (Megan Fox asks ‘devastatingly handsome’ Machine Gun Kelly to get her pregnant)

This reality family is trying to film as much as they can before two of them have to go to jail. They are probably going to have to shoot the Christmas one, a little bit early. Todd & Julie Chrisley/"Chrisley Knows Best" (Todd & Julie Chrisley’s Motion For New Trial Denied; Judge Rules the ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Stars Will Still Be Sentenced November 21)

How many actors or actresses can you name who you could agree deserve some type of lifetime achievement award. There are certainly enough, where you don't have to give money, and the award to this disgraced former A list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Kevin Spacey/"National Museum of Cinema" in Turin, Italy (Kevin Spacey to Make First Speaking Appearance in Five Years: Actor Will Give Masterclass And Receive Prize at Italy’s National Museum of Cinema) (National Museum of Cinema in Turin)

Apparently the three named singer/muse is completely sober again and is looking really good and talking about music which is something she hasn't been doing for awhile and that she is excited for it. Good for her. Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey reveals her laptop and cameras were stolen as songs and personal photos are leaked leading her to delete book she was working on: 'I'm worried about it')

The vaccination rules that were put in place for the bailed on residency of this foreign born A list singer, have been lifted for the one she promises to actually be at this time. Adele (Adele’s Las Vegas residency sold out as ticket prices soar)

This foreign born B+ list actor who started off his acting career in a movie franchise, has been dating an actress for nearly a decade. She is higher on the list. He is also cheating on her.

A barely there celebrity daughter of this long closeted A list actor is a 180 degrees from the actor. She is open and fluid and doesn't care who knows it.

This barely legal A list TikTok star with multiple millions of followers, was at an event last night and was doing coke like a pro. Charli D'Amelio

Maybe it isn't a reality show, if a scene needs 15 takes to get right. The streaming real estate show is so heavy handed. Mauricio Umansky/"Buying Beverly Hills" (Mauricio Umansky and His Daughters Bicker Over a Big Sale In Buying Beverly Hills Sneak Peek)

Lady Love: I suppose the title could have several meanings. In this case, it is what this permanent A list celebrity (Tina Turner) called her long time girlfriend. A girlfriend she managed to hide for 40+ years. A girlfriend she managed to hide when our singer was the biggest singer on the planet. There was no one more famous. It was after a horrible marriage to the man (Ike Turner) who launched her and beat her, and made her A list. She wasn't in the mood for any men. But, especially at that time, things were already stacked against her, so there would need to be secrecy. She found someone (Erwin Bach), but was always worried someone would discover the secret they shared, which was the deepest of loves. So, in order to keep it secret, she found a lovely man who treats our singer well, and is a great guy. Shortly after the pandemic began, the girlfriend died. It is why our singer has been selling off assets. She is worried that she will die soon, because of her broken heart. In a biography to be published after her own death, the girlfriend is given several chapters. Tina Turner/Ike Turner/Erwin Bach (Another Blockbuster Deal: Tina Turner Sells Entire Catalog to BMG) (How Tina Turner's husband donated an organ to save her because 'he didn't want another woman') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/16/22)

The celebrity CEO backtracked quickly on his "free speech" promise for the bird site, once he found out all the advertisers would leave if he allowed hate speech. Just ask the rapper, who made a hateful tweet this morning, which got nuked within minutes. Elon Musk/"Twitter"/Kanye West (Advertisers pull back from Twitter amid 'uncertainty' about new owner Elon Musk's strategy) (Kanye West Will Put Elon Musk’s ‘Free Speech’ Promise to the Test)

This barely legal foreign born A- list actress confirmed what I told you a year or more ago. She had a very special relationship when she was not of age, with the superhero who is pushing 40 and has a history of relationships with underage girls. Millie Bobby Brown/Henry Cavill (Millie Bobby Brown Said Her "Adult Relationship" With Henry Cavill Has "Strict Boundaries") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/25/20)

I got it. Everyone in town loves taking the shot every week to make you thin. Fine. However, once you get down to skeletal, I don't think you need to take it any longer. Yes, I am looking at you, former A- list singer/actress who has a really lucrative side job. "Ozempic"/Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson sparks concern with ‘strange’ behavior in Pottery Barn ad)

One of these days, one of the many women who willingly have children with the host/actor will not sign the take it or leave it child support agreement he hands them. If a couple of them actually retain a lawyer, he would have to pay more than the bare minimum, and it would quickly out a stop to his baby making spree. Nick Cannon (Nick Cannon has 10 kids with more 'on the way': A breakdown of the TV host's family tree)

This A- list singer/serial rapist who is best friends with the one named permanent A list singer, didn't rape a woman this past weekend, but did beat up a woman at a bowling alley hard enough where she had to go to the hospital. Trey Songz/Beyoncé (Trey Songz's $20million sexual assault civil suit 'dismissed after statute of limitations expired on alleged victim's claims')

Apparently this actor who once starred in an iconic role, decided to get a spray tan in his dressing room at a morning show. The show won't be able to use the room for quite some time. Spray was everywhere. Matthew Perry/"Good Morning America" (Matthew Perry hopes his memoir will 'help a lot of people' battling addiction)

There is a big election nearing in a country that has an amusement park that is also in this country. The winner was supposed to be a woman who has long been called the heir apparent. She dropped out after being sexually assaulted, by a man who is now seen as the favorite.

The meme actor threw a drink at a guy at a bar while out of the country. There hadn't been a fight. He just got up and threw the drink at him. Not, the actual glass. Timothée Chalamet/London (Timothée Chalamet And Taylor Russell Step Out In Killer Looks At The "Bones & All" Premiere)

This A list mostly movie actor is trying to hire his kid's teacher to be his date during award season. Bradley Cooper (Maestro: Photos show Bradley Cooper meeting local teacher as Ely streets transformed for new film) (Irina Shayk sits on ex Bradley Cooper's lap as he dons bear suit for Halloween in festive snaps... after they were seen trick-or-treating with daughter Lea)

I don't know if this A- list actress/director knows there is a private investigator following her, but there is. Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde looks casual as she steps out amid claims tension with Florence Pugh stemmed from the Wonder actress' chemistry with Harry Styles)

While north of the border this week, these two streaming reality stars from the same show who are supposed to be lovers, did act that way on the red carpet. Apparently though, they had a huge fight about money at a restaurant and she told her boyfriend to get a job.

This A- list mostly movie actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and has an unusual name. She was also wasted at an event his week where she was getting paid. Lupita Nyong'o (Lupita Nyong'o dazzles in an embellished gown as she joins her glamorous co-stars Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright and Michaela Coel at the star-studded Black Panther: Wakanda Forever European premiere)

You would have thought this not yet old enough to drink American Horror Story actress is A+, the way she was treating fans who wanted a photo of her inside and outside an event. Shelby Young (Shelby Young attends DSW's Crown Vintage Fall Launch on October 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California)

Four For Friday - Top Four Drug Stories From Vixen - Anniversary Month
These are stories that have not already been shared here.
Vixen: Yasmine Bleth

#1 - When she was still in her teens, this former nighttime soap actor, who had yet to land that role, was always hard up for money. If they wanted to party, they had to get money from somewhere. Usually, they would go to a club, where Vixen would rub up against some rich guy and after a few drinks would offer to get topless for the guy for some money. The actor would go to a gay club and do the same thing. Luke Perry/"Beverly Hills, 90210"
#2 - She once went out with an actor who has starred in multiple movie franchises. He was very straight laced, but this was during a period when she was doing a lot of blow. She would do it anywhere and he always freaked out when she would do it out in public. One night she was doing it in his car, and he hit a bump and the vial in her hand broke and it went everywhere. He lost his mind. He threw her out of the car, and wondering how he would explain it to the police if he was pulled over. Steve Guttenberg/"Police Academy"/"Cocoon"/"Three Men and a Baby"
#3 - One time she was filming a movie in downtown Los Angeles, and she and her A- list actress co-star were desperate to score. They had no money. Then, they ran into a guy who once had dated the A- list actress and still had a thing for her. The actress "borrowed" $1K from the guy, and promised to come over later that night and sleep with him. The guy died in a car accident that afternoon. Pamela Anderson
#4 - This latest set of stories came about because of the actor with the book who apparently could never get it up because of all the drugs he took, so she would have to fake how good the sex was, and told his friends how amazing he was in bed. Matthew Perry
(Yasmine Bleth dated who)
(BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/27/2006) (BLIND ITEM 10/22/2007) (BLIND ITEM 06/20/14) (BLIND ITEM 11/26/15) (BLIND ITEM 11/16/18) (BLIND ITEM 02/19/20)

This foreign born permanent A list singer has suffered yet another setback in her health. She is still hopeful for the Spring.

This actor starred on a long long long running show for the almost network. Renewal there was guaranteed every year. He got a new show on the same channel, and assumed he would get the same automatic renewal. Therefore, he didn't promote the new show and didn't really do any press. He didn't care. So, now coming in last minute and pretending to care about the show, isn't really going to work. The show is a bust, and he will have to find new work and maybe this time he will do some work promoting it.
Jensen Ackles/"Supernatural"/"The CW"/"The Winchesters"

The political commentator (Candace Owens) who defended the rapper (Kanye "Ye" West), is now defending the NBA player (Kyrie Irving) accused of similar things, having spotted a much deeper pocketed backup for when the rapper doesn’t close on his purchase of her husband’s (George Farmer) website ("Parler"). Candace Owens/Kanye "Ye" West/Kyrie Irving/George Farmer/"Parler" (ADL creates 'more antisemitism,' divides Jews, black people -Candace Owens)

It didn't take long for this musician from a permanent A- list rock group to realize that and he his wife were going to split, if they continued to live in the middle of nowhere together. She wanted to be back in LA with her friends and drinking buddies, and to have some time away from him. So, they moved back. Nikki Sixx/"Mötley Crüe"/Jackson Hole, Wyoming/Courtney (Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx Calls Lake Sherwood Estate ‘Home Sweet Home’)

Kindness: This A- list actress with the almost impossible name to pronounce, but not foreign born, is single handedly keeping a foodbank open with her monthly donations of money. Saoirse Ronan

This A list daytime actor got kicked in the balls last week by a woman he was hitting on. He had to go to urgent care.

This former A list teen actress has not done much as an adult. Her daughter is one of the highest paid yachters in the world.

It is pretty interesting that the leader of the diving rescue group that found the dead missing girl in Nevada so quickly, it made your head spin, has now been arrested and charged with two counts of felonious abuse against a woman in a neighboring state. Jared Leisek/"Adventures With Purpose"/Kiely Rodni/Utah (DISTURBING HISTORY Chilling details about dark past of Adventures With Purpose founder Jared Leisek who ‘is charged with child rape’)

With the death of the singer yesterday, you can add one more to the body count of the disgraced actor. Aaron Carter/Kevin Spacey (Aaron Carter Dead at 34) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/05/12)

It has been a while since this comedy club has seen an actual fight between comics, but this weekend there was the former late night actress going toe to toe with the guy who started Roast Battle which started when he fought someone else at the comedy club. Leslie Jones/Jimmie Carr or Jeffrey Ross

So, apparently there really is a donor recipient who is equally as bad as George Lopez. OK, yes, he got the kidney from his wife and cheated on her with hookers and strippers, but, to say the person who gave you a kidney is not your friend is next level from the actress/singer. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Named Her New Kidney After Fred Armisen — and 5 Other Takeaways From Our Cover Story)

This former Teen Mom is having trouble landing a rich husband so has been forced to settle for fans who want a "meet and greet" to make a living. The fans probably don't know they are being recorded when they arrive at her place. Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom Farrah Abraham busts out of plunging top in raunchy new photo after it’s revealed her apartment suffered fire)

The reason this barely there "grieving" celebrity quit OnlyFans, is because one of her customers is now taking care of her full time. Courtney Stodden (Aaron Carter's ex-girlfriend Hilary Duff recalls the 'deep love' they shared while a sobbing Courtney Stodden hopes he is 'at peace' as tributes pour in for late teen idol)

This permanent A list soccer player is counting down the days to his retirement, and his coming out. Zlatan Ibrahimovic; Gerard Piqué or Cristiano Ronaldo

Speaking of barely there celebrities, a sibling of the permanent A list "singer" was set to be bast on a reality show but insisted on getting paid double what everyone else was getting paid and had pages of demands. Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears/"Masked Singer"

One of the ex wives of this A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee killed someone a decade ago, and no one even noticed. Apparently she wasn't even charged with a crime.

The celebrity CEO will not keep the comedian's account permanently suspended. Elon Musk/Kathy Griffin (Kathy Griffin Defies Twitter Ban by Using Late Mother’s Account, Calls Elon Musk an ‘A–hole’ and a ‘Hack’)

Remember when this A- list actress everyone loved, died under unusual circumstances and her a-hole actor ex gave the lamest response to her death? That is pretty much what the former Disney actress did about the dead singer. Brittany Murphy & Ashton Kutcher/Hilary Duff & Aaron Carter (Ashton Kutcher Still Can't Make 'Sense' Of Brittany Murphy's Death) (Hilary Duff and More Stars Remember Aaron Carter: ‘You Had a Charm That Was Absolutely Effervescent’)

I know it is unthinkable, but there have been whispers at her record company that the one named permanent A list singer might get dropped from the label. Madonna

While the controversial athlete/influencer is on video as having formally converted to the religion, don't expect him to keep it up. Andrew Tate/"Islam" (Andrew Tate fires back at True Geordie’s "Islamophobic" reply to fight rumors)

I'm not sure your yachting profile should begin with the claim that you slept with a married A list singer from a group. That is what she has done though. Sumner Stroh/Adam Levin/"Maroon 5" (Model Sumner Stroh claims she had an affair with Adam Levine)

This A- list actress/singer is choosing a really bad hill to die on and her team is not happy. No, you don't need to name everyone, but yes, you need to name the person who gave part of themselves so you could live. Selena Gomez/Francia Raísa/kidney (Selena Gomez hits back at Francia Raísa’s reaction to Taylor Swift comment)

This licensee of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, knows its days are numbered with the designer and is going to have their own line of beauty products, but using all the formulas of the designer.

The three named actress/offspring spent some time again with the Satanic leader's offspring. They have been friends forever. Lily-Rose Depp/Johnny Depp/Michael Aquino/"Temple of Set"/Bianka Berényi ("Temple of Set") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/26/22)

For the first time in a long while, this foreign born former A list tweener was at an event and didn't drink and didn't look wasted. Justin Bieber/" LAFC Major League Soccer Cup Championship" (Will Ferrell and Magic Johnson celebrate their LAFC team winning its first MLS Cup with Justin Bieber in California in an epic game... but its defeat for Philadelphia fan Rob McElhenney)

This TikTok star turned reality star is being told to keep her sexuality hidden so it doesn't mess with the brand. Dixie D'Amelio/"The D'Amelio Show" (Dixie D’Amelio Forced To Disclose Her Sexuality)

This former one year wonder was really upset at her boyfriend for not choosing a bigger market team. Even though he didn't have a choice in the matter, she thinks he did and, I guess she could go back to doing what she was doing before she met him. Olivia Culpo/"Miss Universe 2012"/Christian McCaffrey/"San Francisco 49ers"/"Yachting" (Olivia Culpo Details Why She Broke Her 'No Athletes Ever Again' Dating Rule for Christian McCaffrey) (Olivia Culpo and her sisters Aurora and Sophia step out in style in New York City just hours before the debut of their reality TV show) (Christian McCaffrey Wants Nothing To Do With Olivia Culpo’s New Reality Show) (BLIND ITEM 12/20/19)

Remember when this actress starred as a tween/teen on the show about advertising and how the much much much older A list singer would always comment about her? Yeah, it was creepy then and even more so now that they are apparently dating. Kiernan Shipka/"Mad Men"/John Mayer (EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood lothario John Mayer, 45, dines with Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka, 22, at romantic restaurant nine months after they were caught in a clinch)

The alliterate one finally found someone who will come to the house to give her Botox, rather than having to risk getting caught doing it out in the wild. Meghan Markle (Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Reportedly Swear By This Product Instead of Botox — & It's On Rare Sale for 30% Off)

Gaslighting: He (Henry Cavill) did it with his very young female co-star (Freya Allan) on the show ("The Witcher") he just left. He told her to always keep everything quiet and not say anything. With her, it was offscreen and on. When someone would notice in their scenes, that there seemed to be an intimacy between the pair, he would always admonish her publicly in front of the crew, and tell her it was her fault. He always made it seem like she had a crush on him and nothing more. Fast forward to another show ("Enola Holmes"), and his very odd relationship with the barely legal actress (Millie Bobby Brown) all of you know. I am not going to call it grooming, but he likes to be her acting coach, if you will. As you grow older you are going to have roles which are much more adult in theme, and we should practice those. You will have scenes where you are kissed and are pretending to have sex. We should practice those. So, of course, she fell for him and once again he gets angry if she lets anything slip in front of others. He gets angry with her and she has to be the one to rush to him and beg for forgiveness. At some point, she won't ever be able to remove herself from him. Henry Cavill/Freya Allan/"The Witcher"/"Enola Holmes"/Millie Bobby Brown (Henry Cavill flirt with Freya Allan? - Interview The Witcher) (Millie Bobby Brown Said Her "Adult Relationship" With Henry Cavill Has "Strict Boundaries") (BLIND ITEM 11/05/19)

I guess he couldn't strike a deal with the teacher, so the A list mostly movie actor did as I told you he was contemplating all summer. He got together with his ex for award season. Bradley Cooper/King's Ely teacher Lizelle Goosen/Irina Shayk (Maestro: Photos show Bradley Cooper meeting local teacher as Ely streets transformed for new film) (Back on! Bradley Cooper, 47, and Irina Shayk, 36, CONFIRM they've rekindled their romance as they pack on the PDA during NYC stroll) (BLIND ITEM 11/04/22)

The hard to spell model is angling for an invitation to The Club. Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski reveals she bought her truck-obsessed son Sylvester, one, a baby doll and tea set to 'balance' out his gendered toys) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/10/2019)

This past weekend, the alliterate reality star had a 30 minute phone call with the "celebrity trainer," about her ex. A trainer and a phone call? Kim Kardashian/Harley Pasternak/Kanye "Ye" West (Harley Pasternak threatens to ‘institutionalize’ Kanye West: ‘Back to Zombieland’)

I bet the streaming service didn't ask the child murderer about how she earns a living now, and all the scams she participates in. "Peacock"/Casey Anthony (Today in "Why?": Peacock announces 3-part Casey Anthony documentary)

This alliterate actress says she nearly doubled the size of her breasts as a present to her new husband. Lindsay Lohan/Bader Shammas (Lindsay Lohan Says Married Life with Husband Bader Shammas Is 'Amazing': 'We're a Great Team')

The new narrative is that the dad of the permanent A list "singer" is somehow a victim in all of this. Jamie Spears/Britney Spears/"The Curse of Kentwood" (The Curse of Kentwood One year ago, Britney Spears was freed from a notorious conservatorship. What possessed her father to seize control of her life?)

I don't know if he still has them or not, but a story about people licking psychedelic toads reminded me that this foreign born A list comic actor had several of them, and would shame his guests into licking them, or they would never be invited back. Jim Carrey (All the celebrities who ‘died’ from smoking toad venom: Mike Tyson, Chelsea Handler and more) (Tourists Are Now Smoking Toad Venom in Mexico’s Hipster Town Tulum) (Jim Carrey Immerses Himself in Nature While Taking Mushrooms To Prepare for Psychedelic Film Role) (Please stop licking psychedelic toads, National Park Service warns)

Should you buy a supplement from a reality star who doesn't take them and also had their doctor warn against taking them? "Lemme Essentials Bundle"/Kourtney Kardashian Barker (Kourtney Kardashian’s Lemme supplements are now available on Amazon)

In addition to paying for everything, this still very young A list singer/muse is also paying for her boyfriend's drugs. Billie Eilish/Jesse Rutherford (Billie Eilish & Boyfriend Jesse Rutherford Make Red Carpet Debut at 2022 LACMA Art + Film Gala)

The alliterate actress who frequently gets naked and the meme actor have a little team up going on against the one named actress. Sydney Sweeney/"Euphoria"/Timothée Chalamet/Zendaya (Venice Film Festival: Sydney Sweeney and Timothée Chalamet rock the red carpet, here's what they wore)

I think I have finally heard from every gay man in Los Angeles who has slept with the husband of this A list celebrity/reality star. There could not possibly me any more. Harry Hamlin/Lisa Rinna; Carter Reum/Paris Hilton

According to the A- list singer/actress, she is being played by the donor for more money each month. Selena Gomez/Francia Raisa (Selena Gomez Addressed Her Rumored Feud with Kidney Donor Francia Raisa)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **13**
This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who is in at least his third movie franchise, has been texting the sticks singer. Robert Pattinson/"Harry Potter"/Twilight"/"The Batman"/FKA Twigs

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/08 **14**
Another Bad One - Anniversary Month: Over the years, I have told so many stories about this particular one hit wonder that all of you know, that I begin to wonder if I am repeating any of them. Anyway, I know I have written about when he toured with one particular band, and how awful their behavior was, but there was one time when he was out on the road that it was much worse. He was playing a one off show at a casino, and he was not a headliner that night. He was either second or third billed. I don't remember who the third band could have been, but the other person he was opening for was a legend. The legend was going through a very rough time. For several years she had been grieving for her husband and was just in a rough spot. This particular night, the one hit wonder decided he would have some fun. He knew the legend had a drinking problem and he got her hammered drunk before she went out to perform. It was awful out there for her. It was so bad, that she had to give up after a few songs. She came backstage and was headed for her bus, when the one hit wonder directed her to his bus, and then had sex with her. He then kicked her off the bus and threw her clothes out after. She literally had to walk half naked to her bus and it was freezing cold that night. Well, there was a second show the next night and he tried the same thing the next night, but one of her roadies beat him up to the point, our one hit wonder played his show with a split lip and a wiggly tooth.

This A/A- list actress who once starred in an iconic role and comes from an acting family, told a sad tale in a monthly magazine. It wasn't the whole truth though, because she realized the guy she was with at the time was not the right guy to be having kids with, so kind of self sabotaged the whole thing. Jennifer Aniston/"Vanity Fair"/Fertility (Jennifer Aniston Shares Her "Challenging Road" with IVF and Trying to Get Pregnant)

Pretty interesting timing to have the photos of the A list actor doing crack released at the same time he was walking down a runway in a fashion show. Even more interesting is the identity of the leaker and how she let herself be known. Apparently the friendship her father shared with the actor is not one passed to the daughter.
Johnny Depp/"Fenty"/Tom Petty's daughter (Johnny Depp Appears in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show and We Still Don’t Understand Why)

This barely there celebrity/actress/reality star has been secretly hooking up with her baby daddy, but doesn't want the public to know. They will know, because once he cheats on her again, she will use it for months of content. Jana Kramer/Mike Caussin (Jana Kramer says ex-husband Mike Caussin wouldn't perform oral sex on her for years... after recently claiming he cheated with more than 13 women)

This A- list streaming actress starred on the OG and is now going to star on the spinoff, was trying to hide her identity while doing lines the other night. A hat, sunglasses and hoodie. She really needs the hat because otherwise it is a giveaway right away.

Speaking of coke, a female musician from this very popular foreign band, was doing coke before having sex in an bathroom with the door open to the rest of the party.

Speaking of the woman in #5, the lover is a foreign born A list mostly movie actor who has been in a universe for quite some time.

It isn't shocking to read about the allegations aimed at the aging Oscar winner. Everyone in Hollywood at that time were always competing to see who could find the youngest person they could coerce, and only one person really saw anything negatively happen to them. Warren Beatty/Roman Polanski (Warren Beatty accused of coercing sex from underage girl nearly 50 years ago in new lawsuit)

This television superhero who got his big fame in a television show being turned into a movie, is getting quite the reputation for trying to sleep with as many female crew members as possible on his current project. And his last, and the one before that. Tyler Hoechlin/"Teen Wolf"/"Teen Wolf: The Movie"/"Superman & Lois"/"Supergirl"

Apparently the actor from an acting family/song subject is going to get married. That came out of left field. I guess the girlfriend provide she is ride or die over something that happened a few months ago. Jake Gyllenhaal/Jeanne Cadieu/Taylor Swift’s "All Too Well" (Jake Gyllenhaal Responds to Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well' for the First Time)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **10**
The ex of the disgraced producer is being cheated on by her long time boyfriend. Georgina Chapman/Harvey Weinstein/Adrien Brody (Adrien Brody and his stylish girlfriend Georgina Chapman walk arm-in-arm as they leave romantic dinner date in Santa Monica together)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **11**
There is finally a decent story that has been pitched to get a sequel to this classic movie from the 80's, which will star its original cast. Apparently it is not as lighthearted as the original that everyone loves. "Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off" (Ferris Bueller's Day Off Sequel Is Happening—With a Twist)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **12**
Speaking of actors from the time period of the sequel mentioned in #11, an actor who starred in a collection of movies around that time period said he got an actress in the collection pregnant, and she took a whole bunch of sleeping pills to cause a miscarriage.

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **13**
The Housewife's offspring, who has her own show, is being cheated on by her significant other. Kyle Richards/Farrah Aldjufrie"Buying Beverly Hills"/Alex Manos (Buying Beverly Hills’ Farrah Aldjufrie Has a Dress, But No Date Set for Alex Manos Wedding)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/09 **14**
Once Upon A Time - Anniversary Month: There used to be a lot of fan fic ("Kradam") about these two male network reality contestants hooking up. I don't know how often they hooked up, but I do remember sitting at very tiny restaurant on Santa Monica and the more famous (Adam Lambert) of the two was there. This was very early on. This might have even been when they were still doing the show ("American Idol"). I believe the more famous one had used to work in the restaurant or his ex did. Anyway, at some point, the less known one (Kris Allen) and the one everyone considered straight, came in and looked around and settled his eyes on the more famous one and sat down across from him. It wasn't until a brief brief handhold, that I didn't think anything was going on more than two people from the same show eating some food together. Then, the two of them went into the back of the restaurant. I have no idea what happened. I wasn't there to see it, but they were gone about twenty minutes and then they came back out to the very small dining area. The more famous, sat back down and the other walked out of the restaurant. Adam Lambert/"American Idol"/Kris Allen (A Kradam Retrospective: A Tribute To The Friendship Of Kris Allen & Adam Lambert)

The good news is she isn't on coke any longer, the bad news is this foreign born permanent A list model, likes to mix pills and booze and should never be invited to give any type of speech unless it is between the hours of 10-noon.
Kate Moss

Speaking of mixing pills and booze, the permanent A list singer is doing just that and there have been some very close calls. It is her life, and she is just doing what she wants, regardless of the consequences.
Britney Spears

I hope the alliterate part-time boy bander and his actress wife do not need to sell their place in a hurry because they are asking way too much for a house they just bought last year. Honestly, if they want to sell, they are probably going to have to do so at a loss. Other than taxes, I'm not even sure why they bought a Miami place. They are never there which makes the tax dodge a little harder. Joe Jonas/Sophie Turner (Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner List Their Eclectic Miami Waterfront Property for $17 Million)

This barely there celebrity offspring of an A lister with lots of jobs has dated multiple famous men. Her father doesn't care how many men she dates, he just never wants to catch her with another woman again. Lori Harvey/step-father Steve Harvey (Michael B. Jordan 'throws shade' at ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey with cryptic comment)

This actress (Mackenzie Rosman) once starred on a long running drama ("7th Heaven") which starred someone (Jessica Biel) all of you know and had several children in roles. Since the show ended, she has barely worked and stayed out of the limelight. She finally recovered enough from the trauma she suffered on the show at the hands of one of the actors (Stephen Collins), to finally bring another life into the world. I guarantee you that child will not go into acting. Mackenzie Rosman/"7th Heaven"/Jessica Biel/Stephen Collins (Mackenzie Rosman Gives Birth To Baby Girl) (Child Molestation charges againt actor Stephen Collins)

Apparently this actress/writer/producer best known for a pay cable show was involved with One Taste for a while, and like quite a few folks, had a traumatic experience with them. So she got revenge on the cult group by helping to bankroll the expose/movie ("Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste"). Lena Dunham/"Orgasm Inc: The Story of OneTaste"

The magazine ("People") was supposed to honor ("PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive") this actor last year, but couldn't because of the kind of naked photo that emerged. So, it happened this year when he really has nothing to promote for the next year, but did last year. But hey, his girlfriend (Alba Baptista) has that new season of her show ("Warrior Nun") which comes out, let me check my notes, today. Nice timing. "People"/"PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive"/Alba Baptista/"Warrior Nun" (Chris Evans Is PEOPLE's 2022 Sexiest Man Alive: 'My Mom Will Be So Happy') (Chris Evans accidentally shares penis pic, driving Twitter wild) (Chris Evans Is Dating Actress Alba Baptista: 'It's Serious,' Says Source — He's 'Never Been Happier')

Of course the fruit corporation bowed down to their Chinese masters yet again. I mean, why let people try and fight against tyranny when there are bucks to be made. "Apple" (Apple will ‘take years’ to diversify away from China, says Counterpoint Research)

This A- list dual threat actor who is also a superhero, almost got in trouble on a long flight back to the US. He was a little drunk and a lot belligerent. He finally calmed down, but he definitely pushed it to the limit. Jason Momoa

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **10**
This north of the border singer has seemingly quit the singing part of his career and focusing on the acting. How much acting did he have to do with the porn star Monday night? Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes shows off chiseled chest and muscular arms by going shirtless for solo hike in LA)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **11**
It looks like the always a holdout in the girls group reunions is set to join for a few dates. She was talked into it last weekend by the others in the group. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham/"Spice Girls" (Victoria Beckham Has Spice Girls Reunion with Mel C and Emma Bunton at Geri Horner’s Birthday)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **12**
Speaking of reunions, this huge boy band that has never reunited, was going to do so without the biggest name, but he wouldn't let them use the name of the band, so no go on the tour for now. "NSYNC"/Justin Timberlake (Chris Kirkpatrick Says Justin Timberlake Isn't 'Stopping' An *NSYNC Reunion From Happening: 'We're All In Different Head Spaces') (Lance Bass Says He'd Pick Darren Criss to Replace Justin Timberlake for *NSYNC Tour: 'He Loves Boy Bands')

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **13**
Apparently the alliterate one is ready to move in to the rental in town right away, but her husband is having second thoughts. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/10 **14**
The Candlestick Club - Anniversary Month: Don't forget that back in the day, the original point of Bohemian Grove was to act as a retreat, educational place for artists and actors. It was only after the elite barged in, that it really got many of its rituals and staged?!? sacrifices. Many of the actors still wanted a place for themselves, but they also liked the area and thought it conducive to a summer camp. Not only did they find a place for a summer camp, they also found a way to hide it from literally everyone because they were able to buy a massive piece of property ("Sanctuary Forest") that is hidden in every way from the nearby road because of a big hill. It is only beyond the big hill that you can see the camp and the homes and cabins and everything they have set up for themselves. Of course to get to the top of the hill, you would also be trespassing, so it is even more secure than Bohemian Grove, which really isn't. One of the quirks of the whole thing is they have a front operation. They are off the 101 in a very remote area of Northern California where the speed limit is rarely higher than 45. At a bend in the road, it would have been possible for someone from the road to maybe get a glimpse of some activity. So, one of the members came up with a very unique idea. Make some type of store that seemed to fit. So, they made a store that makes and sells candles. Right out in the middle of nowhere, but the building effectively blocks people on the road from seeing anything. Good luck on ever going inside the shop. It is only open for about two hours every weekend. This is where the blind part of this comes in. The person who mans the counter every weekend is the person who is the current President (Eric Shafer) of the organization (Staff and Board). Before he died, it used to be this actor (Rip Torn) who was an alcoholic who got in trouble often and you probably saw him in the movie ("DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story") about a kid's school sport ("dodgeball"). He used to drink and yell at customers all the time which is why they reduced the opening hours to about two. This back in the day A list singer (Frank Sinatra Jr.) who is the offspring of an A list singer (Frank Sinatra) and also has been an actor, was one of the first heads of the group and he had the place open all the time and travelers would end up there and camp down the road, until the police decided there were too many and run them out of town, and then the cycle would begin anew. The current head of the club is an actor/director who is a really big a-hole and has some very problematic ties to disturbing events that have occurred in his past with an actress oft mentioned in this space. "Sanctuary Forest"/Eric Shafer/Rip Torn/"DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story"/"dodgeball"/Frank Sinatra Jr./Frank Sinatra ("Sanctuary Forest")

Everyone knows it was one half of a brotherly singing duo that was the first to sleep with this A- list actress back when she was doing the Disney thing. It was also very illegal. The dead singer always liked to pretend he was first, but he wasn't. Joel Madden/"Good Charlotte"/Hilary Duff/Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter took Hilary Duff’s virginity on ‘maybe’ her 13th birthday: unfinished tell-all)

Apparently the 20 something old Russian stripper was not young enough for this A list mostly movie actor who has multiple movie franchises to his name. Now, he doesn't want anyone who is old enough to legally drink. Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp Is Still Dating Lawyer Joelle Rich After His Trial, ‘Surprised’ by Split Rumors: Details) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/22/22)

Look for the husband of the permanent A list "singer" to head out of town again for another "movie" which keeps him gone even longer. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Says Husband Sam Asghari Is "Home Now Acting Up" After Month Away)

This foreign born former A list celebrity in her country who has struggled with drugs and booze for years, is once again being set up by her current boyfriend/drug dealer/abuser to take the fall for a drug shipment, should it go wrong. Katie Price/England/Carl Woods (Katie Price shows off her huge tattoos as she strips off to a bikini in Thailand)

I don't usually appreciate the blocking game the A+ list singer is playing, and if you don't think she is playing a blocking game, then you need to open your eyes. In this week's block attempt though, I am on board because why give the underage girl lover/misogynist/liar the top spot. Taylor Swift/Drake (The Contenders: Will Drake and 21 Savage’s Debut Be Big Enough to Take Over From Taylor Swift?)

I told you from the beginning that the second season OG would join the new cast if the realtor on the same network had his way. He didn't want her on his show. The socialite wants back on the show badly, but needs a boyfriend or some other storyline. Kelly Bensimon/"Real Housewives of New York"/Ryan Serhant/"Million Dollar Listing New York" and/or "Sell It Like Serhant" (Former Housewife Kelly Bensimon Heats Up Romance With Million Dollar Listing Star) (BLIND ITEM 10/12/22)

Both this A list dual threat actress and her foreign born A list husband are on the "naughty" list of records that hackers are threatening to release. Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban (Keith Urban Shares Why He Flew Solo to the CMAs Without Wife Nicole Kidman)

The talk show host arranged for her offspring to be featured in an issue of this weekly magazine, so it shouldn't have been a shocker. Kelly Ripa/Michael Consuelo/People Magazine’s "Sexiest People Alive" (Watch Kelly Ripa react to son Michael being named one of the ‘Sexiest People Alive’)

The publicity run continues. You win an award and the next thing you know, that new season of the show airs and magically for the first time ever, you appear publicly with your girlfriend the day it is released. Chris Evans/Alba Baptista/"Warrior Nun" (Chris Evans Has Done More to Save Girlfriend Alba Baptista’s Show ‘Warrior Nun’ Than Netflix) (BLIND ITEM 11/10/22)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **10**
The UFC fight with the huge betting line move is the first of many to come apparently. Darrick Minner vs. Shayilan Nuerdanbieke (UFC to review suspicious betting activity before Shayilan Nuerdanbieke's win over Darrick Minner)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **11**
The daytime actor turned night time actor who cheated on his wife a former co-star, was acting very single at a recent screening. Justin Hartley/Lindsay Korman/"Passions"/"The Noel Diary" (Lisa Vanderpump is chic in a Chanel jacket while Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas make a stylish pair at The Noel Diary screening in Pacific Palisades)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **12**
This former A- list actress who is an offspring of a former A- list actor says there have been talks to reboot the buddy comedy movie that everyone loves. Mira Sorvino/Paul Sorvino/"Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" (Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow tease Romy and Michele sequel: 'We're getting closer')

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **13**
The good news is this celebrity CEO is set to hook up with a no name Insta model this weekend, so maybe the social media site will be better for it. It will at least distract him. Elon Musk

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/11 **14**
Four For Friday - Old Hollywood
#1 - This long time television doctor (Vince Edwards) ("Ben Casey") liked nothing more than coming home from a long day of shooting and beating whatever wife or girlfriend he was seeing at the time. Vince Edwards/"Ben Casey"

#2 - This alliterate OG gossip girl (Hedda Hopper) kept her long time lesbian love affair with her manager, secret for the entirety of her life. Hedda Hopper (Scandalous Facts About Hedda Hopper, Hollywood’s Venomous Pen)
#3 - That time when the young boy who starred on the long running dog show got busted for being a big time drug smuggler. Tommy Rettig/"Lassie" (Lassie TV star arrested in marijuana raid in SLO County CA)
#4 - Speaking of dogs, this not old enough to drive actress (Sarah Rose Karr) who starred in one of the more famous dog movies ("Beethoven") used to have to fly to LA all the time to have "auditions." Sarah Rose Karr/"Beethoven"

The child murderer is going to blame her dad without actually coming out and saying it. I can't believe the streamer is going to allow that. That is crazy. Casey Anthony/George Anthony/"Peacock"/"Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies" (Casey Anthony Shares Her Side of the Story in Trailer for Peacock Docuseries)

This crypto bigwig (Nikolai Mushegian) tweeted some crazy stuff, inferring the former A list child actor/pedophile/crypto mogul (Brock Pierce) was running a blackmail/sex trafficking/pedophile operation. A few hours later, he was found dead. Oh, and both of them just happened to live in the same town (San Juan, Puerto Rico). Nikolai Mushegian/Brock Pierce/San Juan, Puerto Rico ('Paranoid' crypto millionaire drowns in Puerto Rico after tweeting that CIA and Mossad were after him: Family say no foul play... but friends are suspicious about his sudden death) (Inside the home Nikolai Mushegian left behind after drowning death)

One of the rules for this Christmas movie churner outer is only one person of color is allowed for every three movies made. "The Hallmark Channel" (Vancouver actors speak out about "unwritten rules" limiting diversity in Hallmark films) (Is Hallmark's Christmas Empire Coming To An End Because Of Its Recent Wokeness? Here's What You Need To Know About The Network That May Be Taking Its Place, Great American Family)

To file a lawsuit on a day the courts are closed, shows just what this A list actor is thinking. He thinks there will be criminal charges filed against him next week. Alec Baldwin(It turned out to just be the police report, but he knew it was coming a week in advance of its arrival) (Alec Baldwin Sues Crew Members On 'Rust' Film For Halyna Hutchins Shooting Death)

This not selected former Housewife has been begging to get cast on the new reboot. It is hilarious that she says she didn't want to be on it. Ramona Singer/"Real Housewives of New York: Legacy" (Ramona Singer, 65, reveals she will NOT be returning to The Real Housewives Of New York City: 'It's not for me')

I love how this A- list singer/actress calls herself a hands on mom. When she goes on tour, she leaves her child home with a nanny and doesn't even bother to check in every day or sometimes every other day. Katharine McPhee ('I'll have a glass of wine!' Katharine McPhee, 38, reveals how she keeps spark alive with husband David Foster, 73, as pair seek to 'reconnect')

This aging former A+ list singer convinced the half his age actress she needed to get lip fillers already so she would be more attractive to men. John Mayer/Kiernan Shipka (Kiernan Shipka, 23, shows off her ripped abs in crop top and baggy jeans in LA... days after dining with John Mayer, 45, at romantic Santa Monica restaurant)

With all the things 70's making a return to the forefront, this long running sitcom from that time era which was a spinoff of a truly iconic piece of American television, is going to be given a reboot. The actress died a few years ago, but always wanted a continuation of the story.
"Rhoda"/"The Mary Tyler Moore Show"/Valerie Harper

This A list mostly movie actor has to use his birthday party as a promotional vehicle for all of his agency's clients and also the streaming service too. At least he gets paid for it. Leonardo DiCaprio/"Creative Artists Agency LLC (CAA)" (Leonardo DiCaprio's Star-Studded 48th Birthday Party Was Stacked)

I am reminded this weekend, of what the perv director (Larry Clark), who makes very questionable movies, once said long ago about the wife (Bijou Phillips) of the actor (Danny Masterson) on trial. The only reason she was ever cast in anything is because of the number of people she slept with as a teen who felt like they owed her a favor. The perv director will have you believe he was immune to her charms. If she was over 18 at the time, then maybe.
Larry Clark/Bijou Phillips/Danny Masterson

We may lose two singers in a month to drugs, unless the former A list singer/serial abuser/ex con gets some help. Quickly. Chris Brown (Chris Brown Demands Trial Be Pushed In $71 Million Battle With Ex-Housekeeper Over Alleged Dog Attack) (Chart Check [Hot 100]: Chris Brown’s ‘Under the Influence’ Becomes His Highest-Charting Solo Hit Since 2016)

It is always rare to see a bearding contract also lead to marriage. Usually, it is a never ending engagement thing. Apparently this actor decided he needed to go all in. Taylor Lautner & Taylor Dome (EXCLUSIVE: Twilight's Taylor Lautner and longtime girlfriend Taylor Dome share a passionate kiss after getting MARRIED at a beautiful winery in California)

The foreign born one named permanent A list singer has been doing a lot of things out of the norm for her. Lets see what her handler does to put her back in line. A tragedy perhaps? A bad accident? Lorde (Lorde Details the Harsh Reality of Touring in 2022: ‘Things Are at an Almost Unprecedented Level of Difficulty’)

The alliterate pay cable actress who gets naked a lot, thought she was getting one kind of article/interview about her and got something that made her look ungrateful and the interviewer look like they were stoned. She needs a new publicist. Sydney Sweeney/"Euphoria"/"GQ UK" (Sydney Sweeney Says Social Media Trolls Tagged Her Family on ‘Euphoria’ Nudity Posts: ‘Disgusting and Unfair’)

Way back at the beginning of the year, people knew the now public girlfriend, existed in the world of the superhero. It is not a new development. I wrote about it way back then. Now, did she get close to him because she knew about his sugar daddy account and what his preferences are? Perhaps. She certainly has played up the fact that she loves Lolita and Leon. Alba Baptista/Chris Evans (Chris Evans and girlfriend Alba Baptista hold hands in first PDA photos) (BLIND ITEM 11/10/22) (BLIND ITEM 11/11/22)

Why yes, there is already at least one script I know of that was written in the past two days which is being pitched about the three named crypto guy (Sam Bankman-Fried) ("FTX") and his fall from grace. It will get a greenlight, but they just need an ending. Will we get something Puerto Rico-esque or is it going to be a slow fall with a bunch of barely dented in their wallet celebrities in his wake. Sam Bankman-Fried/"FTX" (In less than a week, Sam Bankman-Fried’s $16 billion fortune evaporated)

The meme actor and the cannibal have been hanging out again. That never turns out well. Timothée Chalamet/Armie Hammer (Luca Guadagnino On The Carnal Amore In ‘Bones And All’ & More ‘Call Me By Your Name’ – Crew Call Podcast)

Two weeks ago the hard to spell model was seen hanging out with some guy and it didn't catch fire. Two weeks prior to that, the same thing. So, how to get some attention? The late night actor guy. If you want to get some publicity for who you are dating, then I guess make it with someone you enjoy sleeping with rather than the rich guy who is 100 pounds overweight. I wonder how many times she has to sleep with the actor before he gets a tattoo of her kid's name. Emily Ratajkowski/Pete Davidson (Pete Davidson, Emily Ratajkowski are reportedly dating, ‘really like each other’)

This actress (Emma Roberts) from an acting family says she was asked to work on a recent project ("Madame Web") because the person (Sydney Sweeney) doing the asking was jealous about the time the actress was spending with another woman (Dakota Johnson). Emma Roberts/"Madame Webe"/Sydney Sweeney/Dakota Johnson (Sydney Sweeney ‘Was a Little Nervous’ to Work With Dakota Johnson on ‘Madame Web’: ‘She’s So Hot’)

Unless she runs out of money, you will never see this former A list rapper go on tour. She doesn't want to do anything but stay home. It is also one of the reasons her label doesn't want to release any record, because then what is the point, if she won't go out and support it. Cardi B

The celebrity cult (Scientology) continues to be the top spender on the bird site ("Twitter"). One of their biggest contributors (Bob Duggan) is one of the celebrity CEO's (Elon Musk) best friends. I'm not sure who thought that having a big ad buy during a rape trial (Danny Masterson) would be a good look, but there you go. Scientology/"Twitter"/Bob Duggan/Elon Musk/Danny Masterson

Speaking of the celebrity CEO, how has what he has promised for a decade and never delivered on and had investors send him nearly a billion dollars for something that doesn't work and shows no evidence of ever working, any different from the woman who will be sentenced to jail next week. There is no difference other than if his company ("Tesla Powerwall") goes down, then lots more people would be affected than because her company ("Theranos") went down. Elon Musk/"Tesla Powerwall"/Elizabeth Holmes/"Theranos" (Tesla cancels solar projects en masse, scales back solar division) (Elizabeth Holmes Asking Trial Judge To Be Lenient Is Peak White Woman Behavior)

The divorce between this former child/tween/teen/adult actress with the very lucrative side gig and her ex went really smoothly. Apparently, he was told to make it quick so no one would discover the bribe money his brother passed along that he had received from a foreign government for a soccer tournament. Mary-Kate Olsen/"The Row"/Olivier Sarkozy/Nicolas Sarkozy/Qatar/"FIFA World Cup" (Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Reach Divorce Settlement) (FIFA's former leader says making Qatar a World Cup host was a mistake)

This former A++ lister lost 95% of his wealth this past week. It doesn't appear that even his wife knows. Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton (FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried - once dubbed 'the next Warren Buffet' before his downfall - rubbed shoulders with Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry at $3,000-a-head Bahamas crytpo festival (but now his famous friends have gone dark))

This married permanent A- list musician from a permanent A- list group has been making overtures to his long ago actress ex who he used to wish dead. Nikki Sixx/"Mötley Crüe"/Donna D'Errico (Donna D'Errico Divorces Nikki Sixx) (Baywatch vet Donna D'Errico, 54, poses in lingerie after revealing she is lonely: 'It's a heart numbing thing when so many men desire you but none love you') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/20/22)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **10**
Death stares for some reason this weekend between the actress/director and the alliterate reality star at an event. Olivia Wilde/Kim Kardashian/"Baby2Baby Gala" (Olivia Wilde Wears $3,140 Ball Gown Skirt with Abs-Baring Bra Top at Baby2Baby Gala)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **11**
An offspring of this permanent A- list singer solo and in a group, wants to move out because his mom's boyfriend verbally abuses him all the time because of the kid's lifestyle choices. The mom does nothing to stop it.
Matthew Collins/Phil Collins/"Genesis"/Orianne Cevery (Matthew Thomas Clemence Collins)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **12**
The super rich reality star (Jackie Siegel) who also had a movie ("The Queen of Versailles") made about her had a daughter get pregnant by an A list singer and made her get an abortion because she didn't want anyone to know the pair had sex. Jackie Siegel/"The Queen of Versailles" (Lawsuit over Jackie Siegel’s sexual harassment allegation settled before trial begins)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **13**
This Housewife couple like to make it seem like this fashion house gave them free stuff, but they bought it themselves and then pretended the house gave it to them for clout.

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/14 **14**
Tool Move - Anniversary Month: It was a great love story and then it was garbage. I wasn't there for the first time they got together on a movie set. She said it was magical, but then again, she said that about every leading man she worked with and had a relationship with. This actress was A- list you knew if you were the leading man opposite her, that chances were really good she was going to hook up with you during the shoot and all the way until her new shoot when she would repeat the process. So, she works with this A- list actor(BB) ) and they hook up and it is great until she moves on to the next actor. BB says he was treated like crap by the actress. She refutes this and says BB cheated whenever he was not actively having sex with our actress. Apparently BB decided to get revenge on the actress, and he got his chance a few years later when they made a movie together. I don't know the back story or who was telling the truth or whatever combination of truth and fiction they both believe. But, I do know on the set of the second movie he took great pains to share his conquests with her on set and who he had slept with and how they were so much better and would bring dozens of women on set over the course of the shoot. He wasn't even the lead. The lead actor, had no idea what was happening around him. Our actress almost quit several times, and then decided to play the game and brought out to set, this actor she had hooked up with for a year who is A+/A list now and foreign born. She borrowed the trailer next to BB and while he was in it, apparently had the loudest sex she could possibly have with the foreign born actor. Everyone talked about that performance for years.

I'm not sure why this foreign born A- list singer tried to keep the address of his new house a secret, considering how many guys from Grindr have already been over to see it. Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Buys Stylish Los Angeles House)

The foreign born former A- list rapper (Nicki Minaj) who loves a good murdering rapist (Kenny Petty) or a man (brother Jelani Maraj) who molests his stepdaughter took a huge check to record a song for the sporting event ("2022 Qatar World Cup") and doesn't care what any of her fans think, because it is a huge check. Nicki Minaj/Kenny Petty/brother Jelani Maraj/"2022 Qatar World Cup" (Nicki Minaj Confirms 2022 Qatar World Cup Song Despite Backlash) (Nicki Minaj Receives No Nominations at 2023 Grammys After 'Super Freaky Girl' Was Removed From Rap Categories)

Speaking of foreign born singers, this one named A lister (Rihanna) is really trying to control the narrative with her inviting the wife (Beyoncé) of her former lover (Jay-Z) to come walk in a show ("Savage X Fenty Fashion Show") for the foreign born singer. The foreign born singer would be the boss. Interesting. Rihanna/Beyoncé/Jay-Z/"Savage X Fenty Fashion Show" (Rihanna Reveals Her Dream Model for Next Savage x Fenty Show: Beyoncé 'Would Trump Everything')

This actress/singer/host/reality star is doing anything for content. How thirsty do you have to be for clicks to tell a story about your pee and a superhero? Jana Kramer/Chris Evans (Jana Kramer Says She Was Ghosted By Chris Evans After He Smelled Her 'Asparagus Pee' on a Date)

This former almost network vampire has always been know to lie about her age, so I question whether her music video story is true as to her age.
Kat Graham/"Vampire Diaries"/Starred in "Ying Yang Twins" video at 14 (Wait...Kat Graham Was Only 14 in Ying Yang Twins ‘Salt Shaker’ Video)

Articles make it seem like A+ list athletes lost millions of dollars of their own money in a recent crypto crash. If they are like the foreign born A list tennis player, they had nominal $1000 investments, just to say they were investors and then got paid to promote it. They made a killing through the endorsements of the product that saw you lose everything. Naomi Osaka/"FTX" (FTX’s collapse cost a who’s who of pro athletes and sports brands millions) (‘How Will She Feed Her Family Now’- $60 Million Worth Naomi Osaka’s Latest Crypto Setback Leaves Fans Worried About Her Tennis Career)

This permanent A list mostly movie actress has been letting her husband sleep with their neighbor for years.

Contrary to reports and click baiting suggestions otherwise, the dead singer hadn't scheduled any interviews with anyone. Aaron Carter/Christy Carlson Romano (Christy Carlson Romano Was 'Genuinely Concerned' for Aaron Carter Shortly Before His Death)

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A list singer used to have to shove coke up the butt of her long time reality star boyfriend to help pleasure him sexually. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie/Scott Disick

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **10**
The only baby this foreign born model will be having with the award hungry A list mostly movie actor would be via surrogate and the best agency has a huge waiting list. They will be long broken up before any baby comes along. I suppose they could try and push their way to the front of an adoption line with a bag of cash. How bad does he want an award? Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (Exes Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Are Reportedly Trying for Another Baby)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **11**
This permanent A list actor/director/icon is on his death bed.

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **12**
This former A list actor and his foreign born actress wife are really trying to deflect people from discussing how much they have enabled/supported the accused serial rapist. They have never done a pap stroll before. That was a first. Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis/Danny Masterson (Mila Kunis reveals Ashton Kutcher is training their kids for 5K after running NYC marathon)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **13**
I keep waiting for the ginger haired one to show up in LA this week, because his ex, who has never been here before, is in town, and just hangs out at her hotel. She never leaves. No one knows why she is here. Originally everyone thought for maybe a documentary or something, but that has turned up nothing. Prince Harry (‘Stay away from my husband’: Meghan Markle Reportedly Super Insecure of Prince Harry’s Ex Chelsy Davy, Afraid Zimbabwean Businesswoman is After $60M Royal Family Fortune) (Every Woman Prince Harry Dated Before Meeting Meghan Markle)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/15 **14**
The Harem: Most of the people I reached out to, are too old to remember and referred me to people who are dead, but I stuck with it. I wanted to know if there was any truth to the accusation about the Oscar winner (Warren Beatty) and the 13 year old (Kristina Charlotte Hirsch). From what I discovered, it is way worse than just one. Apparently when an A+ lister (Jack Nicholson) or their pervy producer friend (Roman Polanski) at the time, managed to land a 13 or 14 year old, they would do everything in their power to keep her and would rotate her between the accused and the actor who has a name that rhymes with back and the Godfather actor (James Caan) and a few others. They tried so hard to keep them, they would sometimes have as many as a dozen young teen girls. At some point, someone would say we have far too many and they would load them up and take them to the big magazine mansion (Hugh Hefner/"Playboy Mansion") and let them loose into the arms of others who would then take them home. The hunt would then begin anew. Warren Beatty/Kristina Charlotte Hirsch/Jack Nicholson/Roman Polanski/James Caan/Hugh Hefner/"Playboy Mansion" (Warren Beatty Sued for Allegedly Coercing Sex With a Minor in 1973) (Jack Nicholson, celebs had tunnels to Playboy Mansion under golf course)

It is not a Jussie in regards to a recent celebrity mugging, but there is much much more than meets the eye. Frankie Grande (Ariana Grande's older brother Frankie was hit in the back of his head and robbed of his Louis Vuitton bag while he was walking in Manhattan, police say)

I love how this long long long time A- list actress thinks conversion therapy worked for her gay son. Candace Cameron Bure (Candace Cameron Bure's Son Lev, 21, Calls Off Engagement: 'Nobody's Heartbroken') (Candace Cameron Bure Addresses Stance on Gay Christmas Movies, Blames ‘Toxic Climate’ for Controversy: ‘I’m Called to Love All People, and I Do’)

The Russian mafia doesn't play games when you owe them money and don't pay and then tell them they will never get paid. Just ask this now dead rapper with the on fire balloon name that explodes.

This reality star is already forcing one of her offspring to work nearly 40 hours per week, plus school commitments, all to make sure the brand continues to another generation and wants her kid to beat all the other kids in the family. Kim Kardashian/North West/"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" (More make-up than mommy! Kim Kardashian ditches the glam but daughter North, 9, is all dolled up to sing along to Pete Davidson's ex Ariana Grande for TikTok)

This A- list mostly movie actress (Charlize Theron) who starred in a franchise ("The Fate of the Furious"; "F9"; "Fast X"; "Fast & Furious 11"), and was in a best picture winner/nominee ("Mad Max: Fury Road") says she spent two nights at a swinger party with this A+ lister (Bill Clinton) back in the day, but is afraid to talk about it, because she really does think she will end up dead. She knows there were lots of people far more powerful than him there, but doesn't know who they are. Charlize Theron/"The Fate of the Furious"; "F9"; "Fast X"; "Fast & Furious 11"/"Mad Max: Fury Road"/Bill Clinton (Hats off! Bill Clinton lends his fedora to Charlize Theron at GLAAD Media Awards)

There are some very powerful people in town, including a creator/actor/showrunner/host who would love nothing more than to see this former actress gone. She is talking too much. I hope she is protecting herself. Seth MacFarlane/Alexa Nikolas (Alexa Nikolas claims Seth MacFarlane ‘hired me to abuse me’ over job at ‘Family Guy’) (‘Zoey 101’ alum Alexa Nikolas claims Dan Schneider sat in fitting room as she changed) (‘Zoey 101’ alum Alexa Nikolas sues ex Michael Milosh for alleged abuse) ('Zoey 101' Star Alexa Nikolas Protests Unsafe Work Environment At Nickelodeon)

I sometime wonder if the actor boyfriend of the A+ list singer will ever talk about his days in drama school and what he knows about the disgraced actor. My guess is he will keep it to himself. Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift/Kevin Spacey (CDAN Podcast Recap - clip of Enty talking about Kevin Spacey & Joe Alwyn)

Things are so bad with the latest installment in a decades long franchise, that the alliterate director is being brought in to write and direct one of his famous set pieces, just to see if audiences start to like it more. This would probably delay the movie yet again. "Indiana Jones 5"/"Indiana Jones"/Steven Spielberg ('Indiana Jones 5' Director James Mangold Teases Trailer Release Date) (Ke Huy Quan Still Gets Christmas Gifts From Steven Spielberg, 38 Years After ‘Indiana Jones’ Debut: ‘He Has Not Forgotten Me’)
(Harrison Ford will be ‘de-aged’ in ‘Indiana Jones 5’ to look like first film)

This former A- list actress/reality star/naked model is the third celebrity to be shot at this week. I wonder what they know. Denise Richards (Denise Richards’ car shot at while driving with husband in road rage incident)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **10**
I love how the tabloids have already given the A+ list actor/producer cover. We know he has a history of breaking up marriages, but the tabloids are willing to turn a blind eye to this one and have given him yet another free pass. Brad Pitt (EXCLUSIVE: Beaming Brad Pitt, 58, gets up close and personal with Paul Wesley's ex-wife, 29, at Bono concert and introduces his new squeeze to best friends Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **11**
As bad as the streak has been for this foreign born A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee, she is going to have to break down and get naked for a movie again or at least a producer to get a role she wants. She doesn't pull in a crowd and makes really bad decisions with scripts. Keira Knightley/"Pride & Prejudice" & "The Imitation Game" (Filmography) (No more nude scenes now I'm a mother, says Keira Knightley, 33, who now opts for a body double after appearing topless in The Duchess)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **12**
When you see this A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and a Razzie winner/nominee, try not to stare at the part of her face that is paralyzed for a few weeks because of a complication from some injections. Sandra Bullock (Sandra Bullock & Bryan Randall Call It Quits After 7 Years Together: Report) (Razzie flashback: A decade ago, Sandra Bullock brazenly made history by being the year’s best and worst actress)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **13**
This A- list singer/actress is in talks to play the alliterate one on television. Lea Michele/Meghan Markle

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/16 **14**
The T-Shirt - Anniversary Month: I have written in this space before, about how some friends and I discovered a place when we were way underage, where touring bands would hang out for an hour or two after a show before they went out with their night time of debauchery. We stumbled on it by accident, because we were trying to find our ride after a show. No one was ever in there. It was surreal. There would be the band and their entourage and no one else. Sure, a few customers, but it was not the kind of place they would even know who the band was. After all these years, I have never figured out why so many bands went there after a show. Not all bands did, but more often than not. One thing we noticed very early on is that bands tended to talk more and be more open if we had brought along some of our female friends. It sounds easy, but in reality, we only had one car that we really liked using and there were only so many seats and also so many tickets we could afford to buy. On this particular night, there were four of us, with only one female present. Even though we were in the same grade, I'm pretty sure she was a year older than me, so was probably 16, maybe 17 at the time this happened. We will call her C. This band was a little past their prime, but not by that many years. They still sold out an arena that night filled with young people, despite them being older than most bands at the time who played that kind of music (heavy metal). They are a foreign band and they had several massive hits. This band sold well into nine figures worth of albums and here they were just sitting quietly having a drink. The singer was sipping hot tea. All four of us had met lots of bands by this time, so no one was intimidated and we just liked them telling stories about life on the road and opening acts they hated. I guess, gossip would be the right word. The guitarist, who at that point in time could have definitely been the age of C's father, and if we are talking a Teen Mom situation, could have been a grandfather, was really showing some attention to her that didn't quite seem right. We were going to leave, and the guitarist, who is one of the all time best guitarists of all time didn't want C to leave and said he would love to show her his hotel room and blah blah blah. She wasn't having it. He really wanted her. Looking back, it is super creepy. At the time, it just felt desperate. I don't remember how it happened, but somehow he agreed to give up the guitar he had been playing if she would show him her breasts. As she lifted the band's t-shirt, she said something to the affect of take a really good look at these 16 year old t**s and dream about them tonight. She then put down the shirt, picked up the guitar and we walked out. “Scorpions”

202. POPBITCH 11/17
(British blog)
Which celebrity tries to avoid incurring any online scrutiny by getting the young ladies he dates to scrub their social media accounts so that nosy journalists can't start sniffing around them?

As I told you would happen, the A list rapper is fast running out of cash. The problem he faces is he has really nothing to sell because he has signed everything away in the past and can't go on tour because no one will want to see him perform. Kanye "Ye" West ('He's Having To Sort His Finances': Ex-Billionaire Kanye West Forced To Halt Construction On Malibu Beach House After Losing Adidas Partnership)

In the early 1990s this very rich guy who always has his name come up when you are talking about very bad people, was approached by the FBI who informed him that the Calder sculpture he owns, and paid an exorbitant amount of money for, was a fake. The agents asked if he wanted to file criminal charges against the seller. Without bruising his inflated ego to the denizens of NYC he refused to make a criminal complaint. Now he is trying to offload the faux Calder sculpture along with his other fine pieces of art. Ronald Perelman (Continuing His Grand Sell-Off, Billionaire Ronald Perelman Is Offloading His French Design Collection at Sotheby’s) (Billionaire Ronald Perelman to Sell Matisse and Miro Paintings in Sotheby's London Sale for £28m)

This A- list actress/director didn't ruin her directing career, but has ruined her acting career, because she tests horribly right now as someone you would pay money to see. Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde Brings Kids Otis and Daisy to Harry Styles' L.A. Concert)

There is a lot of buzz right now about whether there is going to be a biopic about this permanent A list legend (Donna Summer), disco and otherwise. The problem is the mogul (David Geffen) has some rights that he needs to sign away before it can happen, so there can't be anything he thinks of negative about him in it. Donna Summer/David Geffen (The legacy of Donna Summer, America's disco queen, is lasting) (The Real Donna Summer: Big Hits, Big Controversy, And Working Hard For The Money)

This former Disney star turned A list singer says when she goes on tour, she won't charge more than $100 for a ticket, and that would be for the very front row.
Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato comes to Portland on Sept 25, tickets still available for $18)

This actress (Christina Ricci) reached A/A- list. Started acting young and had a movie franchise ("The Addams Family"). She also was given the lead on at least one failed television show ("Pan Am"). She says her dad used to force her to sleep with him until she was about 14. Christina Ricci/"The Addams Family"/"Pan Am" (Christina Ricci: 'I don't think anything I said was really dark')

What I found really interesting about all the FBI raids looking for top secret stuff from online journalists (Joerg Arnu) ("Dreamland Resort: Area 51"), is that the only videos they cared about were not really of the top secret stuff, but the land adjacent to it, which used to be owned by a guy (Stephen Paddock) who did a really big thing in Vegas once ("Las Vegas shooting"). Joerg Arnu/"Dreamland Resort: Area 51"/Stephen Paddock/"Las Vegas shooting" (Air Force, FBI reportedly raid homes of Area 51 website owner: 'I have no choice but to take legal action')

In one of the very few nights, he actually spends in his wife's bed, is it the best time to try and go clout chasing by putting her on live? What he is trying to do to the permanent A list "singer" is to get her to go on when she is at her worst, so when he makes a move, people will sympathize. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Sam Asghari fires up his Instagram Live while in bed with Britney Spears... before pop icon shuts down request to appear on camera: 'I have nothing to say')

I wonder if it is all the supplements, steroids, and other PED's that maybe messed up the chemistry of this foreign born A list actor's brain, rather than just genetics. Chris Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth learns he’s genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s: ‘It affects the rest of your life’)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **10**
This former hated A+ list reality star who manages to stay in the public eye because of herself and her family will be using a surrogate to start her family. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton Says IVF Going Well, Despite Mom Kathy Saying it's a Struggle)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **11**
It was like 40 years ago the way the marijuana feline was partying last night at a famed club. The booze and coke was everywhere. Doja Cat (Doja Cat cuts a stylish figure as she steps out in a draped velvet gown teamed with $1,500 rose-heel shoes while leaving an event in Hollywood)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **12**
This really bad A- list rapper was being obnoxious hitting on women at a party last night overseas. That is kind of his thing though. Be mean and if they say yes, then he just gets more mean. Jack Harlow (Alex Scott, Jack Harlow and Leah Williamson attend the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in association with BOSS after party at The House of MOTY)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **13**
This A+ list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and is beloved by everyone, has found yet another woman other than his wife to sleep with on a regular basis. Apparently she is in her 20's despite the fact she looks like she is in high school. She got carded while with him, so at least 21. Tom Hanks

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/17 **14**
The Influencer: I have previously written in this space about the celebrity "trainer," (Harley Pasternak) and most of what he does is not actual training. I have focused on his very high profile clients, but what about the next generation of clients. Where are those coming from? Social media. With the help of his significant other (Jessica Hirsch), they are reaching out to mostly women on social media who have a very high number of followers and having them do the work for them. Want to push a particular message for the day? It can be done instantly. Want to push a certain product/supplement that can influence behavior? The millions of followers will be happy to purchase it. The thing they are discovering is these influencers are so desperate for content and to have something out there each day, they never stop to question what they are promoting. In addition to being desperate, the big names under the control of the trainer record personal messages for the big influencers and always make some type of vague promise about working together or getting together which makes the influencer work even harder to get out the message. One of the biggest celebrities who sends lots of greetings to the influencers on behalf of her "trainer," is this A list singer/sometime actress. Harley Pasternak/Jessica Hirsch/Lady Gaga ("Harley Pasternak") (Meet Jessica Hirsch | Founder of CheatDayEats and Sony Alpha Collective photographer) (The Daily Diet and Exercise Routine Lady Gaga Swears By) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/08/22)

This former A list late night talk show host, set aside their long time feud, and reached out to this injured former A list late night talk show host. The next thing you know they will be doing a special together. David Letterman/Jay Leno (Jay Leno ‘feeling better’ after suffering serious burns, Tim Allen says) (Tonight Show conflict)

Before landing a life changing role ("Doctor Who"), this foreign born A- list actor (Ncuti Gatwa) had been undergoing a slow transition to a woman. "Doctor Who"/Ncuti Gatwa (‘Doctor Who’: David Tennant Confirmed as 14th Doctor, With Ncuti Gatwa to Follow)

This is not sketchy at all. The foreign born model who is getting back with her ex for award season, has a female friend. All of you know the friend and once she was associated with the actor which is crazy. What is not crazy is that a man from the model's home country, who has the shadiest of pasts is getting in super tight with the female friend. That is a security issue. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper/Huma Abedin/Roman Abramovich

Just because there is no on air drinking, doesn't mean this late night talk show host isn't going to get plastered while the camera is not on him. He will be even more wrecked because he will be drinking more in shorter amounts of time. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/"CNN New Year’s Eve" (Andy Cohen says 'rest assured,' he will be drinking on CNN this New Year's Eve: 'People enjoy watching me try to get Anderson plastered')

Remember two things. There was a way to make sure bots didn't buy the tickets and could have said no to dynamic pricing. Both of those solutions would have cut into the bottom line. Because you know that bottom line needs padding. How many records and how much money does one person need? Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Is a Capitalist...That’s Where Her Ticketing Debacale Starts")

This A- list actress is an offspring of celebrities, one of whom is definitely higher on the list. Our actress is set to play a role that I think is a first. The role is a lead, but never specifies whether the lead is male or female. There are literally no clues given. She could definitely pull it off.

This foreign born permanent A+ list soccer player has an endorsement deal in place here in the US which would make up for the salary he would be missing out on by joining a team in MLS. In the first part of the Spring, he wants to play for a team in his home country to say farewell. Lionel Messi/Argentina (Lionel Messi MLS Transfer Eyed by Inter Miami, Team Co-owned by David Beckham)

Speaking of permanent A list athletes, this all time legend, is about to come up with an "injury," that will force him to miss the rest of the year. Aaron Rodgers (Packers QB Aaron Rodgers doesn't think injured thumb will heal until bye week)

The problem with setting up sting emails for leakers at his current company is that he doesn't have anyone to do it for him, so the celebrity CEO wants people to think he set it up, but he hasn't. Plus, there are too many that are going out. Elon Musk/"Twitter" (Elon Musk’s new email pushes Twitter managers to do his dirty work)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **10**
You kind of expect YouTubers looking for clicks to use this former A- list comic actor/reality star/comedian for clicks. What you don't expect is current and former A- list celebrities to also do it. Andy Dick (Andy Dick sentenced to 90 days in jail, will register as a sex offender) (Andy Dick Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Power Tools)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **11**
Old Hollywood - Mr. X: This long time married A- list singing actor (Nelson Eddy) ended up with three stars on the Walk Of Fame. He always refused to orally service other men because someone told him it would damage his throat and he wouldn't be able to sing. Nelson Eddy (Nelson Eddy - Hollywood Star Walk - Los Angeles Times)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **12**
Old Hollywood - Mr. X: Speaking of the actor in #11, he was once set to star opposite a long time A- list singing actress (Jeanette MacDonald) who had multiple gold records (discography) and was his long time mistress. A heart condition prevented it. She also dated a guy who was one of the biggest con men in the 20th century. Jeanette MacDonald (Dr. Michael DeBakey, 99, could he really have saved Jeanette MacDonald’s life?) (The Star:Fan Responsibility Ratio: Jeanette MacDonald)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **13**
Old Hollywood - Mr. X: For several years, this foreign born alliterate A+/A list mostly movie actress (Claudette Colbert) was the mistress of the guy second in charge at an initialed studio ("RKO Pictures"). It really helped keep her at the top of the box office. At one point though, he heard about the oral techniques of another actress (Nancy Davis) and dropped the alliterate actress. The one with the great oral technique became the significant other of an A++ lister (Ronald Reagan). Claudette Colbert/"RKO Pictures"/Nancy Davis/Ronald Reagan (The Secret Fury 1950 (RKO Radio Pictures)) (Nancy Reagan Is Trending For Allegedly Being "Renowned In Hollywood For Performing Oral Sex" — Here's Why It's More Complex Than It Seems)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/18 **14**
Four For Friday - Royal Hookups
#1 - The leader of this tiny country is known for his tiny member. It is one of the reasons his relationship with this A- list actress winner/superhero universe/franchise actress didn't last for very long. Albert II, Prince of Monaco
#2 - People forget that before this guy died with the Princess, he had a months long hookup with this back in the day A/A- list actress who had issues with prescription pills and has made a big comeback. Dodi Fayed/Winona Ryder (Dodi Fayed dated Winona Ryder)

#3 - Speaking of actresses, this actress was one of the very top grossers of the 90's. Her film salary paled in comparison to how much she made in Brunei being the companion to the Sultan for two weeks at a time. Michelle Pfeiffer (Borneo Bulletin: Michelle Pfeiffer joins Instagram)
#4 - Lets us not forget this A- list dual threat actor who has a children/tween/teen movie franchise based on a video game and how he was the play toy of this Nordic princess for many years. Princess Martha Louise of Norway

This former A list singer/serial woman beater/drug addict is wasted most of the time and this organization, just wasn't going to take a chance on that. Chris Brown/"American Music Awards" (Chris Brown Claims Michael Jackson AMAs Tribute Canceled Inexplicably)

The rapper will not be funding the "clinic", or any other ideas from a certain thirsty, barely there, disgraced former Internet political celebrity. Kanye "Ye" West/Milo Yiannopoulos (Kanye West Spotted With Disgraced Alt-Right Political Commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, Still Rocking Adidas)

This streaming service is ready to pay for their two leads to win the Golden Globes in their categories, even though they are not the front runners. The male lead, who is a foreign born alliterate A- list actor, laughed when a colleague asked if he would stay home & support a boycott. "Hulu"/Lily James/Sebastian Stan/"Pam and Tommy" (Golden Globes: Can Hulu score first win in Best TV Movie/Limited Series race?)

The alliterate ex of the dead meth head singer will say anything to anyone if the check has enough zeroes in it. She was the enabler of enablers because she wanted as much money to keep coming her way as possible without resorting to getting naked for strangers and doing other things with them too. Melanie Martin/Aaron Carter ('He had a hand in his relapse!' Aaron Carter's fiancée Melanie Martin accuses his manager of 'overworking, using and enabling' late star as he battled addiction in explosive post)

With another shot at award glory, this foreign born A/A- list actor is taking a play straight from the playbook of the A+ list actor and finding himself a girlfriend for the season. He has also done photoshoots for monthly magazines. He is going all in to an extent that would make Jessica Chastain proud. Andrew Garfield/Bradley Cooper/Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor, 27, is 'dating Andrew Garfield, 39, after hitting it off at GQ Man Of The Year Awards afterparty')

I guess we know why the A list actor settled with the victim's family prior to the police report coming out. He still screwed them over in that deal too. Alec Baldwin/Halyna Hutchins (Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ Fatal Shooting Police Report Released: Details Chaos On Indie Western Set)

Old Hollywood - Mr. X: Which A-list actress/blonde bombshell /pinup girl not named Marilyn threatened to sue a former costar, the pint sized former child/teen actor turned moderately successful adult actor after he went into somewhat graphic detail about their alleged one night stand? She denied it ever happened and she went so far to say she had heard stories from a friend and fellow sex symbol who became one of the pint sized actor’s wives that he was horrible in bed. Jayne Mansfield/Mickey Rooney/Ava Gardner (Mansfield & Rooney At The 18th Golden Globes)

Old Hollywood - Mr. X: Just to clarify an earlier blind from yesterday involving the singing duo (Nelson Eddy/Jeanette MacDonald), they were never a couple. He was gay in the closet, whose longtime boyfriend was the husband (Gene Raymond) of the female half of the duo. The duo were very good friends offscreen, even though they had a big fight during the location shoot of the second film ("Maytime") they made together after the male half of the duo got busted for trying to solicit an undercover cop. This scandal of course covered up by the studio led to them not speaking to each other for months. The guy also had an affair with another closeted A-list actor (Claude Rains) a few years after that incident, when he was being loaned out to costar in a big budget epic ("Phantom of the Opera"). When the head of the studio ("MGM") who loaned him out heard about this, he quickly had the closeted actor [who also had a longtime boyfriend] married off to one of the studio head’s mistresses (Ann Denitz Franklin). Then there’s the situation involving the female half of the duo and her "manager" (Bob Ritchie). Was he really her husband? Did he pimp her out to Broadway and Hollywood producers so she could get roles? Did she really abort his baby which left her unable to have children? Nelson Eddy/Jeanette MacDonald/Gene Raymond/"Maytime"/Claude Rains/"Phantom of the Opera"/"MGM"/Ann Denitz Franklin/Bob Ritchie (Legendary Jeanette MacDonald: Robert G. Ritchie)

The foreign born A- list singer solo and in a group has always been a next level a-hole. Even his biggest fans will completely agree with that. If you saw him the first night on tour, you got to hear him sing a song he hasn't in well over a decade and which I know at least one band have named themselves after. Anyway, he said singing it cursed him which is why he bailed on his LA show after such a brief show. Why do we put up with him?
Morrissey/"The Smiths"/"Girl In A Coma" (Heaven knows I'm freezing now! Morrissey fans left fuming after he abruptly abandons Los Angeles gig after just 30 minutes 'due to being too cold' at 11C)

The former reality star who has a husband in jail for sex crimes against kids, has been hooking up with another guy who isn't even in her religion. Anna Duggar/Josh Duggar (Duggar Family Blames Anna for Josh's Crimes, Cult Survivor Warns) (Anna Duggar Spotted Partying: Is She Over Josh Already?!)

Apparently big checks can still manage to persuade a jury pool. You just have the right person to give the check to. The crazy thing that the juror doesn't understand is the upfront payment is all they will get. Who can they complain to when they don't get the much bigger second payment? Danny Masterson Rape Trial/Scientology (Danny Masterson Rape Trial Jury Deadlocked On Trio Of Charges; Judge Sends Panel Home For Thanksgiving Week)

The foreign born A list singer certainly seemed to be enjoying his first night of freedom. The person I told you about a couple of months ago that he was hooking up with then, was right back with him this weekend. They didn't have to hide as much this time. Harry Styles (Harry Styles eyes up £260k Ferrari sportscar as downcast star indulges in retail therapy at LA dealership - after 'SPLIT' from girlfriend Olivia Wilde)

See, the former late night actor was getting paid whenever he had his photos taken in the last relationship. He was getting paid when there were cameras. He would get some random deal that paid him a bunch of money. The hard to spell model did none of that. Just had the paps ready to go and it was all for herself. That is all she cares about which is why she will end up the plaything of the QB again or something. Pete Davidson/Kim Kardashian/Emily Ratajkowski/Tom Brady (Emily Ratajkowski Hints She Isn’t Exclusively Dating Pete Davidson on TikTok)

After what seems like forever, this foreign born A list actor/superhero is divorcing his wife. Chris Hemsworth/"Thor"/Elsa Pataky (Chris Hemsworth Changed His Life After an Ominous Health Warning)

It is only the huge financial consequences of losing millions of dollars of her fortune, that this foreign born one named A lister is going to do the residency. If you ever want to see her in concert, this will probably be your last chance for at least a decade, if not longer. She definitely doesn't want to be there and is hating every second of it. Adele (Adele Repeatedly Breaks Down in Tears as She Begins Las Vegas Residency)

The A list rapper has been drinking again. That is never good. It really can push him over the edge. It is when everyone he knows should bunker down. Kanye "Ye" West (Kanye West has returned to Twitter after vile anti-Semitic rant)

There has been a lot of crazy stuff written about the former A++ lister over the years. I have written about a lot of it and confirmed a lot of it, especially as it relates to the early years when no one outside his state knew who he was. The craziest rumor I have ever heard which even tops the stand up comic story of yore, is that he is actually the father of the first two kids of this reality mom with a lot of kids which is why she got married in a hurry. They certainly knew each other and crossed paths multiple times. Bill Clinton/Sam Kinison (BLIND ITEM 11/14/17)

This A-list celeb likes to consider himself a renaissance man with various trendy projects in everything from food to fashion. Recently he’s been experimenting with modern art, and doesn’t hesitate to call himself an artist – but this is hardly paint by numbers! He’s attractive, so he pulls a lot of women, and once he’s comfortable, he asks them to grow their pubic hair so that he can wax it for them. (Yes, he’s THAT attractive) He happens to have all the accoutrements of a fancy salon and only uses a special type of hard wax so he can save the hair covered remnants in plexiglass boxes. He considers it pop art and loves to show off his creations – or would you call them TROPHIES…

The rapper is no more serious about running for the A++ list job, as he was 2 years ago. This time, he surrounded himself with the Gen Z podcaster notorious for hating Jews and women, and the disgraced political Internet personality. It is all one big grift. Kanye "Ye" West/Nick Fuentes/Milo Yiannopoulos (Kanye West enlists alt-right voice Milo Yiannopoulos for 2024 Presidential campaign)
(Kanye West Traveling Cross-Country with White Nationalist Nick Fuentes)

AMAs: The biggest buzz last night at this "award" show is just how unrecognizable this A list country singer is when you see her in person. The amount of work done to her face has been extensive. "AMAs"/Carrie Underwood (Carrie Underwood Brings the Bling in Sparkling Rhinestone Gown at 2022 AMAs)

The in his words, soon to be retired director is lying through his teeth when he didn't know the disgraced producer was sexually assaulting women. Quentin Tarantino/Harvey Weinstein (Quentin Tarantino Regrets Not Having ‘Man-to-Man Talk’ With Harvey Weinstein: ‘I Didn’t Want to Deal With His Pathetic-ness’)

AMAs: The serial woman beater/drug addict/serial sexual assaulter didn't get the chance to perform the tribute to the child molester last night, but the organization kept up their part of the deal and gave him the award to honor him for being such a role model to others, except for half the population, and those who don't like to support men who commit violence against women.
Chris Brown/Michael Jackson/"American Music Awards Favorite Male R&B Artist"  (Kelly Rowland Asks AMAs Crowd To "Chill Out" After Boos & Amid Chris Brown’s Canceled Michael Jackson Tribute)

The reason this permanent A list singer has always lied about her age is pretty simple. It is only a one year difference, so why would she do it? It wasn't her. It was the record label owner/significant other. He wanted her to be able to go through an entire decade with people saying she was in her 20's. He didn't want the blip at the end where people would call her 30 or nearly 30. It was long term marketing. Mariah Carey/Tommy Mottola (Mariah Carey BLOCKED from trademarking 'Queen of Christmas' title by festive singer Elizabeth Chan - who jubilantly declares: 'it's the season of giving, not taking!')

The southern reality star thinks she can get her own show, now that she is married. It would help if you are likeable and if anyone thought the marriage would last longer than a year. Madison LeCroy/"Southern Charm"/Brett Randle (‘Southern Charm’ star Madison LeCroy marries Brett Randle in Mexico ceremony)

This media conglomerate wants to turn one of their cable networks into 24/7 betting with an online gambling platform they own. As part of the deal, their long term vision is to have the online/television tabloid they own to start sending that much younger audience to the gambling website and to create odds on celebrity marriages/divorces and deaths too.
"Fox"/"TMZ Live" (Fox Television Stations Renews ‘TMZ’ And ‘TMZ Live’)

The foreign born late night talk show host who won't be hosting that particular show for much longer because he will probably be scooting over to the big opening, doesn't like women to know he is taken which is why he hates being asked about women he could be dating and most definitely doesn't like to be photographed with women he could be dating. Trevor Noah/"The Daily Show"/"The Late Late Show" (NO-AH WAY! The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah ‘may join The Late Late Show’ after James Corden leaves series following eight-year run) (Trevor Noah plays coy when asked about Dua Lipa dating rumors)

Of course the alliterate one and her husband are going to kiss the butt of the permanent A list singer. He is the one who loans them his private jet for free. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Elton John (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Surprise Fans at Elton John Concert with a Special Video)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **10**
Speaking of permanent A list singers, this singer is not that, but at one point she did make it to A+ list. She bought her female lover a house several years ago and the singer is now selling it without letting the girlfriend know it is for sale.

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **11**
I have talked about the recently deceased star (Jason David Frank/"Tommy Oliver" - "Green Ranger") of the most popular iteration of the long running children's show ("Mighty Morphin Power Rangers") before. He has made fairly regular nostalgia appearances in the show, before leaving earlier this year. Except he didn't actually leave. The costar (David Yost/"Billy Cranston" - "Blue Ranger") he bullied into quitting back in the day, wasn't the only one. At least three others have quit the show over the years due to him, and for so long, his popularity among fans protected him. The producers finally had enough of his bullying and all round diva behavior and fired him. Losing his gig on the show that made him as well as a recent divorce, probably contributed to his suicide. Jason David Frank/"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"/David Yost/"Billy Cranston" - "Blue Ranger" ('Power Rangers' Star Jason David Frank Dead By Suicide at 49) (David Yost, Blue Power Ranger, Says He Quit Show Over Gay Insults) (BLIND ITEM 12/20/20)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **12**
There is a reason why this foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor has not committed to buying a dog with his on again off again model girlfriend. Because he is not committed to the girlfriend.
Robert Pattinson/Suki Waterhouse

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **13**
With the huge push as of late to remind everyone she is with/married to/lives with the foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor, he must have threatened to leave the former B+ list actress again. Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling (Eva Mendes Refers to Ryan Gosling as Her 'Husband' During TV Interview)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/21 **14**
Her Version - Anniversary Month: It wasn't long after this television show ended, that this at the time A- list actress (Traylor Howard) all of you know, but a lot might not, was at a table at dinner with about ten or twelve people. It was a loud restaurant. When you had a group, the place wouldn't give you a private room, but they did kind of try and shove you in a corner so the noise would not even become louder. I am really not sure why they were worried about that considering the DJ they usually had playing and the Bachelor parties which would always go crazy for the naked woman covered in sushi who would lay upstairs for private parties. Maybe not the classiest of places, but it was fun for its time. Anyway, people asked her what happened to the show. I'm sure there was some feigned interest, but there were people who probably were gleeful because they like the misery of others, especially in this town. The show ("Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place") had some big names, especially looking back at it now. One in particular was always going to be too big for it. Plus, everyone was sleeping with everyone else and I have written about that on her before and the jealousy that came of it. The show had a crazy name which also probably doomed it. Our actress talked about the sleeping together and the jealousy and she said that the lead actor (Ryan Reynolds) on the show who is A list now, beat her when he thought she was sleeping with another male co-star (Richard Ruccolo) on the show. Our actress was so shocked, she didn't do anything. She did know she didn't want to be on the show any longer and asked to be let out of her contract. Apparently, while this behind the scenes stuff was going on, a production assistant confided in the actress that she too had been hit by the actor after she refused to go home with him one night when he was being mean to her at dinner. She too stayed quiet, because she didn't want to lose her job. Other than that one dinner party, I have never heard the actress mention it or anyone tell me she mentioned it. It would destroy the carefully crafted image the actor has given himself over the years as one of the nicest guys in town. Traylor Howard/"Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place"/Richard Ruccolo

The A-list political commentator/grifter was the public face of the "anti-woke" bank ("GloriFi Bank") which just collapsed, after burning through $50 million of investor money, in less than a year. She was pumping the bank as recently as a few weeks ago. Regulators are looking into the extent of her involvement and whether it was limited to just being a spokesperson. Candace Owens/"GloriFi Bank" (‘Anti-woke’ bank shuts down after less than 3 months)

If you think the accent on the podcast is bad, you should see the alliterate one in action in town. It comes on heavy and for only being in country a short while, she sure does have a lot of the aristocratic, mannerisms and interactions with people. Most people she encounters are treated as socially inferior to her as only the royal system does. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle Visits Her High School in New Podcast Episode: 'My Locker Was Right Over Here')

Apparently this married foreign born A list mostly movie actor didn't appreciate this foreign born director from hitting on the mistress of the actor and they are no longer friends. Chris Hemsworth/Taika Waititi (In Seeming Dig At Taika Waititi, ‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth Says He Refuses To Work With Any More "Mad Genius" Directors)

I don't know why anyone is surprised now to learn that the permanent A list "singer" is in a care plan. I have been telling you this from the day the conservatorship ended, that there was a plan in place and the same non relative person running it. The same person who was at the wedding. Britney Spears/Jodi Montgomery (Britney Spears Deactivates Instagram Account After Refusing to Join Sam Asghari's Live Earlier This Week) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/14/22)

Apparently the foreign born singer didn't like that she only had one butler on call at her hotel suite, so moved to the place down the street where she could have a team of four to boss around and wait on her. Oh, and she didn't tip the one she had before leaving, so the new team should also expect nothing. Adele (EXCLUSIVE: Diva Las Vegas! Adele shuns suite offered to her by Caesars Palace during Vegas residency 'because it wasn't in most exclusive section of hotel': Stays at rival Wynn instead)

With certain photos she posts to social media, the thirsty wife of the A list actor/killer must know that she will be attracting some of the worst predators out there, but she keeps doing it anyway. It is kind of like she wants her very own Wren Eleanor. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin, 64, and Hilaria Baldwin, 38, reveal gruesome black eye suffered by 20-month-old daughter María Lucía who fell 'and hit her face on a metal table leg') (‘Wren Eleanor’ TikTok movement inspires moms on social media to remove photos of kids: ‘Sick people’)

The former A+ list tween/teen actress/singer turned A- list adult singer really feels like the former late night actor, in her words, did her dirty last year and made her look foolish. Perhaps that is why he was excluded this year from what will be a mainstay for at least the next five years on the end of the year holiday. Miley Cyrus/Pete Davidson/"Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party" (Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s Best ‘New Year’s Eve Party’ Moments) (Pete Davidson Is Out, Dolly Parton Is in as Miley Cyrus‘ New Year’s Eve Party Co-Host)

I see once again that in less than two weeks from now, The Comedy Store will once again, be paying a statutory rapist to come play on their stage. Jeff Ross (*2 Tickets Remaining* Horribly Funny - Dane Cook, Tiffany Haddish, Pauly Shore, Jeff Ross, Harland Williams, Jessie "Jetski" Johnson and more!)

Just like I told you at the beginning of the season, the TikTok star was guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals and then it was up to her. The same deal was given to the college scandal celebrity but everyone made a big deal of it, so she got paid like a semi-finalist, but didn't get the guarantee because no one wanted to know the fix could be in on the show. "Dancing With the Stars"/Charli D’Amelio/Olivia Jade Giannulli (She’s a Winner! Charli D’Amelio Named ‘DWTS’ Mirrorball Champ Alongside Pro Mark Ballas) (Olivia Jade successful without college thanks to YouTube channel, ‘DWTS’) (BLIND ITEM 09/20/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/01/21)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **10**
The confession of the alliterate celebrity currently starring on a reality show makes you take a second look and ask yourself if he wasn't hooking up with both the wife and the husband. August Alsina/"The Surreal Life"/Will & Jada Pinkett Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith’s ex August Alsina seemingly comes out, introduces boyfriend)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **11**
This former one-third who had some initial luck as a solo singer, has been known to hook up with some of the women this former A list singer passes on to her. Kelly Rowland/"Destiny's Child"/Chris Brown (Kelly Rowland Says Chris Brown Deserves Grace, Forgiveness)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **12**
The day this former A+ list rapper has $75M in a bank account will be the first day he has $75M in a bank account. He is like the guy who says he is waiting on a third party out of town payroll check to clear and then he can pay you back. Kanye "Ye" West (Kanye West Confirms Presidential Run, Enlists Milo Yiannopoulos for His 2024 Campaign) ("Uncle Buck": I won't have any problems cashing a second-party out-of-state paycheck, will I? The reason I'm saying is, I've been so busy lately, I haven't been able to do my banking.)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **13**
The alliterate talk show host is back and better than ever. Now, just keep her away from her ex. And vodka. And pills. Wendy Williams (PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams, 58, looks in good spirits as she heads to photoshoot in NYC - three months after sparking concern with trim frame and disorientated behavior)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/22 **14**
The Cruise: There are a group of bands that seemingly form a never ending rotation of former A- listers that roam the seven seas year round playing cruises. It pays better than playing a casino in some out of the way place and you get to pick and choose from fans to sleep with or have your family come along which is super rare. You don't see a lot of family time from any of these band members unless they are making up from something they did the last time out. There are a lot of really bad things that happen to women on these cruises. Not just from the bands themselves, but also other guys who say they are friends of the band or work in some mysterious capacity with the band and then take advantage of a woman they got drunk, or worse. Most of the guys in these bands are decent guys. They know they don't have to work all that hard to have sex with someone. If a woman says no, there are others from which to choose. This is not necessarily the case with a drummer from one of those bands. It is only because he is in a group that had any kind of fame that he ever has a chance with women, and he loves the cruises. He loves prowling backstage. The thing is he hates women. Everyone knows he does. He would rather hit a woman than have sex with her. No one knows why exactly. Two decades ago he was a happy go lucky guy, but aging has made him nasty. The band had a decent run and like I said, they play casinos in the winter and amphitheaters in the summer and make a good living. Most of you would know at least a song or two of theirs. Just before COVID shut everything down, and I mean, just before, the group was playing on one of these ships. There was a woman who was last seen with the drummer. They were seen down on a deck with pools. She was really drunk. Everyone agrees on that. Staggering drunk. Someone thought they heard a scream. Most people agree they heard some kind of thunk like some object hitting the back of a head. When the ship docked the next morning, no one could find her. The band left early and was on a flight home before everyone even had to depart the ship. Then the world went crazy. (10 Best Music-Themed Cruises for 2019-2020)

Do you think the former A+ list rapper's "trainer" wanted him to interact with employees like that or that he was way off the plan the "trainer" had for him? Kanye "Ye" West/Harley Pasternak (Harley Pasternak threatens to ‘institutionalize’ Kanye West: ‘Back to Zombieland’) (Kanye West says he’s selling Balenciaga, Adidas, Gap hoodies for $20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/08/22)

The A list everything in her mind celebrity is looking at projects she can star in with her husband. Yeah, that worked out well last time ("Gigli"). Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck/"Gigli" (Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Display of Marital Bliss With Ben Affleck Is Raising Some Eyebrows)

The cleaning product actor thinks there is going to be a ton of money for him now that dad has passed. Nope. The dad basically blew whatever he could that wasn't in trusts. Armie Hammer/Michael Armand Hammer (Armie Hammer's Father, Businessman Michael Armand Hammer, Dead at 67 from Cancer)

Apparently Kneepads has decided the man who killed his pregnant wife and two kids is a sexy killer and they get a lot of clicks when they show him not in a prison cell or his mugshot, but rather perpetuate him as some sort of guy who didn't kill his family and is the kind of guy you want to spend Thanksgiving with. It is pretty sick. "People"/Chris Watts (Chris Watts Is Sending 'Racy' Letters to Multiple Women from His Prison Cell: Sources)

The former Housewife thinks she can make a run for it. That would be a horrible mistake. Where is she going to go that she won't stand out? Jen Shah/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" (Andy Cohen Doesn’t Think Jen Shah Will Be Back for ‘RHOSLC’ Season 4: ‘Talk to the Judge’) (Jen Shah Calls Tamra & Teddi ‘Two P**sies In A Pod’ And Reveals What Really Happened During Public Altercation)

This permanent A list singer told the wait staff serving her to put on masks. This wasn't for health reasons, but because she didn't want to look at their faces. She thinks it makes for a much better dining experience. Adele (Adele goes viral for disappearing trick at Las Vegas show)

The drug addict/muse pretty much confirmed she was playing for pay with the rapper. Julia Fox/Kanye "Ye" West (Julia Fox makes VERY risque comment about Kanye West's manhood as she reveals 'getting a lot of clothes' was top perk of dating disgraced rapper)

This alliterate no name celebrity tried to get cash from first magazines and then paps to try and sell pics of her kid's first birthday. Nothing like trying to make a buck off the kid's birthday because the singing dad died. Melanie Martin/Aaron Carter (Melanie Martin celebrates son Prince’s 1st birthday after Aaron Carter’s death)

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister has been hooking up with a guy in his 50's. I'm not sure she is even out of her teens.

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **10**
This infamous celebrity is really playing with fire and deportation with some of the things she has been doing. Anna Sorokin aka Anna Delvey (Riding the Subway with Anna Delvey In four-inch Manolos — to meet her parole officer) (House Arrest Can’t Keep Anna Sorokin Down: ‘I’m Still Living Better Than All of You’)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **11**
This A list superhero who loves to get naked, has two women pregnant at the same time. I believe he is still technically married too. Jason Mamoa/"Aquaman

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **12**
It took a lot of calls before any organization was willing to let the alliterate one and her husband come help for the holiday. You are not supposed to demand things of the organization when you are doing the volunteering. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **13**
This married A list mostly movie actor who has starred in two movie franchises, but no superhero universes is cheating on his wife with a woman who works at a Coffee Bean.

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/23 **14**
The Dinner: Do you remember the movie, The Freshman? Yeah, not so memorable, but it did lead to a dinner that was held for several years by this actor (Ralph Fiennes) who is rarely ever in the blinds. His most famous appearance in the blinds was in the first few months of the blog's existence. At the time the movie ("Schindler's List") was made, he was one of the biggest actors in the world. Not necessarily the biggest star, but one of the biggest actors. He is foreign born and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Shortly after the movie came out, he got together with several friends who owned land and hunted in the middle of nowhere. He also then used his contacts to have meat brought in from Asia which would never be allowed to be hunted in Europe or here. He got a little of this and a little of that from several corners of the globe. He invited a dozen of his friends who brought the best liquor they could find and they had a dinner. He has done the same thing with roughly the same dozen people for almost thirty years. He stopped during the pandemic, but two months ago on the autumnal equinox, the group was back together and eating all kinds of different things. It really kind of goes against everything he has talked about in his career, but at the same time, it seems like something that fits in with the real him, rather than the perceived him. Ralph Fiennes/"Schindler's List" (‘The Menu’: A stylish takedown of elitism and fetishized food culture)

291. POPBITCH 11/24
(British blog)
Friends of which I'm A Celebrity campmate had to invest in throws for their sofas because their famous friend sweats so profusely that they kept getting left with wet arse marks on their upholstery?

This celebrity VC (Venture Capital) guru (Gary Vaynerchuk) recently visited a place that's been in the news a lot lately. During a press conference there, the guru not only praised a certain celebrity CEO, he also showed off his ample bulge during the entire event. Gary Vaynerchuk/Elon Musk (Gary Vee On Why Twitter Bringing Back Vine Is A Strong Play During Economic Downturn) (Web3 Is Heading to the World Cup)

It is pretty funny that within 24 hours of the one named A- list actress posting that iconic thirst trap photo, that the PR team of her "boyfriend" released a barrage of messaging about how they can't wait to get married and start a family. Zendaya/Tom Holland (Zendaya Glows in Golden Hour Photos From the Desert) (Zendaya and Tom Holland Are In ‘Settling-Down Mode,’ Planning for a ‘Real Future Together’) (Six Years Before Marriage Rumors Emerged, Hollywood Icon Zendaya Had to Explain Her Relationship With NFL Superstar Odell Beckham Jr: "Just Because You’re in the NFL")

This foreign born A list author (E. L. James) recently admitted that her newer works are written by someone else and she just consults. So, why isn't it possible the books that made her famous were just part of a deal to help get a movie made? E. L. James

Wait until everyone sees the photos that this fashion photographer (Gabriele Galimberti) has taken of kids all around the world and the way he displays them. Gabriele Galimberti (Balenciaga apologizes for ads featuring children holding bondage bears)

It would be the television network and the cable sports giant that the fruit company would be buying if a deal can be made. So, no, they are not buying the whole thing. "ABC"/"ESPN"/"Apple"

It is pretty clear by now that if this former A- list actress keeps getting back together with her ex, at one point she may end up dead. She will certainly be broke if she keeps paying for his first class tickets from her pocket. Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson (PICTURED: Hayden Panettiere reunites with convicted felon Brian Hickerson for Thanksgiving trip eight months after wild LA bar brawl (and he's still on probation for abusing her))

Perhaps the permanent A list "singer" should be going after her husband for making the pass at the former singer turned A- list actress instead of the actress who turned him down cold. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari/Selena Gomez (Sam Asghari attends the 2022 GQ Men Of The Year Party) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/26/22)

Apparently a gardener has come forward with new information about the death of an A list singer (Kurt Cobain) from a group ("Nirvana"), at the singer's home. A lot of new information. Kurt Cobain/"Nirvana"

The actress/director doesn't want the attention to stop which is why there have been a series of "stories" about how she is feeling about the breakup which have been leaked by her publicist. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles (Olivia Wilde Is Reportedly Having a ‘Difficult Time’ With the Harry Styles Breakup)

It is tough to go to rehab when you are in your mid 60's, but the permanent A list singer needs to go or she will soon be dead. Madonna (Madonna, 64, puts on ANOTHER sultry display in a skintight corset and fishnet tights to promote 30th anniversary of controversial Sex book)

Speaking of permanent A list singers, this aging one is discovering that boy toys are much more expensive than the ones she was paying for 30 years ago, and are constantly demanding money and toys. I don't see this one lasting very long. Cher/Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards (Cher Says She and Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards 'Love Each Other' and Kiss 'Like Teenagers')

The medical bills are sky high for this former Housewife, so she is set to make a comeback. NeNe Leakes/"Real Housewives of Atlanta" (NeNe Leakes' Son Leaves Hospital 2 Months After Suffering a Stroke: 'Home Just in Time for the Holidays')

Someone finally told the permanent A list "singer" not to combine her meds with booze, so she gave up her meds and is just drinking. Britney Spears (Britney Spears' shows off her toned midriff as she shares another video dancing in a crop top and hot pants... after her Instagram page mysteriously vanished)

Speaking of the permanent A list "singer," her former business manager was invited for Thanksgiving to the A list reality family. She was unable to attend, but was invited. Britney Spears/Lou Taylor/Kardashians (Get a Glimpse Inside the Kardashian-Jenner Family's Thanksgiving Celebration) (The Kardashians Went All Out On Thanksgiving With Royal Portraits Of Themselves)

The A/A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family who is the subject of song lyrics, is trying to do anything he can to get press for his new movie. Honestly, all he would have to do to get the world to notice him is post the A+ list singer's name on social media, along with the name of the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal/"Strange World"/Taylor Swift/"All Too Well" (Strange World Review: Jake Gyllenhaal's animated adventure is formulaic but scores on visual appeal)

The manager for this alliterate barely there celebrity is someone any celebrity should use. He took a guy who had been groomed by an actress for herself and maybe her husband was involved too, and then got him a reality show and told him to come out and then got him a skin care line which sold out in under an hour. Wow. August Alsina/Jada Pinkett Smith/Will Smith/"Surreal Life"/"Encina Wellness" (August Alsina Introduces The Man He Credits With Teaching Him About Love And Healing) (August Alsina Launches New Skin Care Line, Encina Wellness)

It will be tough for this foreign born permanent A list soccer player to accept the offer that has been made, because his long time male companion would never want to visit. Cristiano Ronaldo/Saudi Arabia "Al Nassr"/Badr Hari (Cristiano Ronaldo gets mammoth $225 million offer from Saudi Arabia club Al Nassr after Manchester United exit) (BLIND ITEM 12/07/20)

Apparently when this A list mostly movie actor was hooking up with a professor, he also hooked up with one of her students that he met at the professor's house. Brad Pitt/Neri Oxman (Who is Neri Oxman? Brad Pitt’s new ‘girlfriend’, professor at MIT and architect) (There's something about Ines! As Brad Pitt gets very cozy with rumored new flame, FEMAIL lifts the lid on the 29-year-old's fiercely-private life - from her impressive European education and linguistic prowess to her secret wedding with ex Paul Wesley)

This permanent A list model/host has an option on the show she hosts that she hates hosting. She knows the network wants her to just walk away, but she is going to make them pay her entire salary plus some for not showing up. Tyra Banks/"Dancing With the Stars"/"ABC" ('Dancing With the Stars' Fans Are "Screaming" Over Tyra Banks' "Awkward" Gabby Windey Mishap)

What is crazy is there are two A list reality stars who knew what the designer photo shoot was going to be and still offered up their own children for the modeling shoot. The kids were turned down, but they offered them up. "Balenciaga" (Balenciaga: Child Sacrifice, Cannibalism, & Couture) (Balenciaga files $25M suit against producers of controversial ‘BDSM teddy bear’ ad campaign)

This foreign born A- list actress had one franchise which she has starred in for many years. Her resolution this year was to try and find one friend who liked her for her and not because they were an employee. She was asked how it was going and she says she has never been closer to her pets. Emma Watson/"Harry Potter" (Emma Watson’s Pets); Kate Beckinsale/"Underworld" (Kate Beckinsale, 49, looks incredible in a blue gingham bikini and oversized white sunglasses as she poses with her Persian pet cat Clive) (Kate Beckinsale Feeds Adorable Baby Fox Who Comes Over for 'Tea' – Watch!)

This permanent A list stand up comedian/actor is cheating on his current wife. I don't understand why he keeps getting married. Kevin Hart (The Hollywood Reporter’s Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year: Kevin Hart)

Speaking of cheating, this A- list actor who had an iconic movie role is cheating on his actress wife. It has been many years since he has done so. Daniel Craig/"James Bond"/Rachel Weisz (Daniel Craig Didn't Want to Make 'Song and Dance' of Benoit's Sexuality in 'Knives Out 2') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/07/11) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/07/14)

This A- list actor who is best known for multiple television roles in which he starred, has a long and horrible reputation when it comes to women he harasses and dates. Last week he was harassing a woman at a restaurant bar of all places. The woman's boyfriend then came in and knocked the actor out with one punch. Apparently, there is CCTV footage of it and I would love to see it. Michael Weatherly/"Dark Angel"/"NCIS"/"Bull" (‘Bull’ Was Not the First Time Michael Weatherly Found Himself In Hot Water Over a Female Co-Star) (Michael Weatherly took Jessica Alba’s virginity when she was a teen)

The rapper just hired this disgraced former Internet political commentator, but doesn't know the commentator made numerous social media posts in the past year accusing the rapper of being closeted. Kanye "Ye" West/Milo Yiannopoulos (Trump gets played in Mar-a-Lago dinner with Kanye West, Nick Fuentes, and Milo Yiannopoulos)

The singing ex says the celebrity CEO is feeling very Hunter S. Thompson like as of late. That is fine for some gonzo journalist, but is that how you want a CEO of multiple companies? Grimes/Elon Musk (Twitter erupts after Elon Musk mocks CNN with satirical chyron about threats to free speech)

I honestly thought this front man for this A list group would cheat on his wife with another guy. Maybe he did, but it was the actress offspring that was the death knell for the marriage. Dan Reynolds/"Imagine Dragons"/Aja Volkman/Minka Kelly (Imagine Dragons lead singer and wife Aja Volkman have separated) (Minka Kelly, Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds spark romance rumors after LA date night)

Apparently if you are a closeted actor (Marc Blucas) who has married a woman, but everyone knows you are gay, then you are perfectly acceptable to the actress who makes all the casting decisions of stars at a Christmas television factory. Marc Blucas/Candace Cameron Bure/"Great American Family" (Marc Blucas of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ talks about his latest projects)

The alliterate reality star (Kim Kardashian) can have her publicist release all the statements she wants, but she knows about the designer's ("Balenciaga") core group of people, including the designer (Lotta Volkova) who sounds like an Austin Powers character. That designer only made her Instagram private a couple of days ago. Prior to that, it was filled with nothing but disturbing images of children being abused and occult references. The reality star is friends with her, and the ex of the reality star is too. So, stop with the pretend shock and outrage. Kim Kardashian/"Balenciaga"/Lotta Volkova/Kanye "Ye" West (Kim Kardashian "Re-Evaluating" Relationship With Balenciaga After Being "Shaken By Disturbing Images" In Controversial Teddy Bear Campaign) (Who Is Lotta Volkova? Stylist Linked to Balenciaga, Kanye West) (Balenciaga: Child Sacrifice, Cannibalism, & Couture)

I have previously written in this space about how the sovereign of this country took a bunch of cash in the whole give them the sporting event scandal. Briefcases and suitcases filled with cash. Why does he still need to keep taking their money? What are you going to do with it? It isn't like you can retire from your job and live on an island somewhere spending it. You already have more money than you will ever need. At some point, it is just straight up greed. Is it payments for something that is still going on? King Charles/Qatar/"FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022" (‘The man who bought London’: Qatar billionaire behind Prince Charles scandal)

I told you last year that this former reality star offspring of reality stars who had a lot of kids, but not like 20 something of them was thinking about doing OnlyFans. Apparently it is a go. Her dad is already counting the money. Hannah Gosselin/Kate & Jon Gosselin (Hannah Gosselin Teases Her College Plans While Celebrating Her 18th Birthday: ‘I’m Finally an Adult!’) (BLIND ITEM 05/11/22) (BLIND ITEM 05/14/22)

The head (Sam Bankman-Fried) of this now fallen crypto dynasty ("FTX") knows his name is on the list. He keeps watching the others (Matthew Mellon/Gerald Cotten/Nikolai Mushegian/Tiantian Kullander) get picked off one by one. Sam Bankman-Fried/"FTX" (Cryptocurrency co-founder Tiantian Kullander dies 'unexpectedly' aged 30 - weeks after another digital money millionaire drowned on Puerto Rico beach) (Curse of the crypto whizz kids: Missing millions, mysterious deaths and wild conspiracy theories surrounding the untimely demise of digital currency tycoons - after young star becomes SECOND to die in four weeks) (In less than a week, Sam Bankman-Fried’s $16 billion fortune evaporated) (BLIND ITEM 11/13/22)

This A- list actor with the famous name is straight up hitting on yachters now. Just wants easy transactions. Michael B. Jordan (Who is Michael B. Jordan Dating?)

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **10**
This is the first time I can remember that this one named permanent A list singer solo and in a group had any work done to her face. Lots of work to her body, but this is the first time to her face. It didn't turn out well. Beyonce´ (Beyoncé Wore a Tenniscore Set and Sky-High Heels for a Date Night With Jay-Z)

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **11**
With all of the rumors about her dad (Anthony Kidman), did you really think this permanent A list actress was going to talk about her deal with the fashion house in the news. Anthony Kidman/Nicole Kidman/"Balenciaga" (Balenciaga campaign star Nicole Kidman slammed for silence on ad scandal) (Nicole Kidman’s now dead father ran child hunting parties for the amusement of his powerful friends !!) (Nicole Kidman’s Father Died in Singapore, Hiding From Elite Pedophilia Accusations)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **12**
This barely there celebrity parent to several celebrities, including an A lister, should be careful with the new actor boyfriend. There are some actresses in town who have a tale or two to tell about his behavior. Tish Cyrus/Miley Cyrus/Dominic Purcell (Tish Cyrus CONFIRMS new romance with Prison Break hunk Dominic Purcell in romantic snap - DAYS after ex Billy Ray Cyrus revealed his engagement to much-younger singer) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/26/16)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **13**
The Southern reality star has made it very clear on her honeymoon, that she wanted something much more upscale. An overwater bungalow in Bora Bora seems to be her favorite thing to bring up. Madison LeCroy/"Southern Charm" (Inside Madison LeCroy and Brett Randle's Lavish Honeymoon in Singapore and Bali)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/28 **14**
She Knows: I'm sure if you asked this former A- list singer about it, she would say she doesn't know or doesn't remember or she was so busy at the time, she wasn't paying attention or the drugs have clouded her memory. She knows. She knows that she did nothing to stop an A list actor all of you know, from grooming the singer's child from a very young age. Our singer felt like the tween needed to have the one on one time with the actor to make their bond stronger. He wouldn't do anything to the tween, right? He set the groundwork for later though when the tween became a teen. I'm not sure what our singer was expecting. The actor's own offspring have made it very clear with their associations and friendships, that grooming is totally acceptable. It is exactly because the singer didn't do anything that caused the total breakdown in the parent/child relationship. Our singer knows this, but has always been vague as to reasons why. She knows why.

The rapper whined about IRS problems (after previously saying it was the shoe company), and then stormed off the set of this internet show, once his virulent anti-Semitic beliefs were mildly challenged. He lasted about 10 minutes before eating strip mall Japanese food in his waders. Kanye "Ye" West/"Timcast IRL" (Kanye Storms Off Podcast After Host Gently Pushes Back on His Antisemitism")

This former A list producer/performer/designer has been plagued by sexual assault and rape issues for nearly a decade. He already had one victim on a Housewives franchise and is actively trying to keep his ex from starring on another. That will just bring out more victims. Russell Simmons/Cynthia Bailey/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Kimora Lee Simmons/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (The Truth About Cynthia Bailey And Russell Simmons' Relationship) (Kimora Lee Simmons Explains Why She Hasn’t Joined the Cast of ‘the Real Housewives’ Yet) (Russell Simmons Ordered To Pay Kimora Lee Simmons Over $100K, Concluding Year-Long Bitter Court Battle)

The child murderer thinks this will lead to book deals and reality shows and increasing her rates she charges guys for yachting. Casey Anthony/Documentary (Viewers Outraged After Casey Anthony’s Peacock Doc Drops)

Apparently this on again off again female singing group member bragged how wasted she was for a big event today. Mel B/"Spice Girls"/"Violence Against Women and Girls" (Camilla's Queens! Royal is joined by Rania of Jordan, Sophie Wessex and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark as she welcomes Mel B and Zara McDermott at reception to raise awareness of violence against women)

If a Broadway musical based on a movie is struggling to make it, then perhaps it would be a good idea for the lead actor to not miss as many weekends and holidays as he can possibly get away with, but somehow make it to every television appearance the show gets. "Almost Famous"/Chris Wood (The new musical ‘Almost Famous’ is not even almost great)

The alliterate one has a Google alert for her name that she checks every hour like clockwork. Of course she knew about the Housewives rumors and if she hadn't got married to who she did get married to, she would be begging to get on the show and have a steady paycheck. Meghan Markle/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Prince Harry (Meghan Markle shuts it down: There will be no 'Real Housewives of Montecito' for her)

The married permanent A- list musician keeps trying to shoot his shot with his alliterate ex and she is having none of it. The horrible abuse she suffered at his hands is still a very painful memory. Nikki Sixx/"Mötley Crüe/Donna D'Errico (Baywatch Alum Donna D'Errico Claps Back at Claims She's 'Too Old to Wear a Bikini') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/20/22)

This HGTV star is playing a game of word salad. She was trying to make any money she could off her kid, and wanted a reality show with him in it. Christina Meursinge Hall (née Haack, formerly El Moussa and Anstead (Christina Haack Hits Back About Posting Photos of 3-Year-Old Son Hudson After Ant Anstead Drama: ‘This Is About Control’)

This permanent A+ list DJ is criticizing the one named talk show host for showing off her wealth. Is this not the same guy who is known with a nickname that includes a very very expensive and exclusive beach community because of how much he brags about having a home there.
Howard Stern/Oprah/"Hampton's Howie" (Howard Stern criticizes Oprah Winfrey for 'showing off' her lavish lifestyle and $2.5 billion wealth on Instagram: 'You gotta be a little self-aware') (A Stern Critique of Has-Been ‘Howie Hamptons’) (Inside Howard Stern’s massive houses, from Long Island to Palm Beach)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **10**
It is pretty telling that we are now several days into the designer disaster and are discovering even more awful things about the company and the people they hired, but no one in charge of any of those decisions has been disciplined at all. Oh, and the reality star asked for more money from the company to stay on. "Balenciaga"/Kim Kardashian (Balenciaga BDSM scandal ignites ‘hidden’ child Satan worship conspiracy video) (A Timeline of Balenciaga's Ad Campaign Scandal)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **11**
Just when I have decided I am reaching a new phase in life where I actually like this former A list dual threat actress who talked and argued and quit her way out of A list and into near obscurity, she says something else that is not true about her work history. She always wants to be the victim, but she just left victims in her wake. Katherine Heigl (Katherine Heigl Opens up About Heartbreaking Reality of Being a Working Parent: ‘I Never Saw That Baby’)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **12**
Old Hollywood: One of the reveals on Black Friday involved this actor who starred on a very popular network show. While he was on the show, he had a mistress who was calling him out every week for him trying to convince her to abort his baby. Every single week of her pregnancy she was in the tabloids calling him out. It was glorious. Chad Everett/"Medical Center"/Shelia Scott (Closing arguments in Everett's paternity suit)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **13**
Speaking of pregnancies, this not old enough to drink yet A list singer is trying to get pregnant by the guy who groomed her for the past several years. That would be a horrible mistake and I hope she realizes the guy is a predator and not a boyfriend. Billie Eilish/Jesse Rutherford (Billie Eilish calls boyfriend Jesse Rutherford ‘hottest f–king f–ker alive’)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/29 **14**
The Mystery - Anniversary Month: I have only been to the backyard of the house and inside the guest house in the back. But, to hear it be told, there is a room in the house of this A list actor's (Anthony Michael Hall) home that is off limits and is rumored to be a dungeon. The actor, who got his start in teen movies before moving on to more adult fare (Filmography) has always been a jerk. He ruined an iconic show ("The Dead Zone") with his tantrums and bad moods. When he did have his girlfriend (Teresa De Saint/1990 to 2002) still living in the house, she was never allowed in and she lived there for well over a decade. The most common answer to what lies in the room are a vast array of electronic gadgets. Our actor is known for his love of tiny cameras and hidden cameras and goes back to a role in which he starred. He has cameras everywhere on his property, but people who have been inside the main house say there are no feeds for those cameras anywhere they have seen. So, those are probably in the room. Apparently he is part of a group that places cameras in public places where no one will see them and also places them in areas where they would not be welcome if discovered. He has been accused of putting them on sets and in trailers on sets and in changing rooms in a mall once. People agree that he is mostly likely part of a group that shares hidden camera feeds 24/7 and that he helps finance people in other areas of the country and world who can put cameras inside places he really wants to see. Anthony Michael Hall/"The Dead Zone"/Teresa De Saint/1990 to 2002 (Sketchy Things About Anthony Michael Hall No One Knows About) (Anthony Michael Hall ‘Deeply Sorry’ For Being An Asshole)

A day you talk about the divorce settlement is a day you are not talking about the alliterate reality star and her continued endorsement deal with the company who enables and promotes child sex predators. Oh, and the rapper won't pay her any money each month. Kim Kardashian/"Balenciaga"/Kanye "Ye" West (Not even $200K-per-month can put a smile on her face: Tense Kim Kardashian heads to a family summit after two-year divorce battle victory against ex Kanye West - as Balenciaga crisis looms large)

There is a lot of buzz around town right now about this on again off again superhero in the DC universe who has apparently angered some guy with whom he shared a bed from time to time. The aggrieved party is talking all kinds of stuff about the superhero, and none of it is good.
Henry Cavill/"Superman"/László Juhász Junior (The Witcher star Henry Cavill trains with a Hungarian riding instructor – PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This A list NFL QB was able to hide his PED use, but this year, has been subject to a lot of extra testing, and his performance sucks as a result. Tom Brady (Patriots insider floats possibility of Tom Brady return)

This A list show runner/actor/director/movie producer seemingly only hires thirsty men from IG, who he thinks he can have sex with or admire. He definitely will harass. Tyler Perry (Tyler Perry Inks Four-Picture Film Deal With Amazon Studios)

This former reality star turned manufactured singer, suddenly has a lot more money to spend on her publicity than she did a few months ago. She must have found a new 80 year old out in the desert to milk for funds. Aubrey O’Day/"Danity Kane" (Aubrey O’Day: I found out I was single after Pauly D ‘fingered two waitresses’) (Aubrey O'Day sets the record straight on why she photoshops herself into exotic locations on Instagram: 'I'm making art')

As I have told you numerous times, each big new signee to the streaming platform, gets some kind of "record" they can then publish in the trades and frame in their office. None of it is true of course, but it makes people like the A list mostly movie director feel huge, so the streamer is happy to oblige. The new show is great. But even if it sucked, he was still going to get the same announcement. "Netflix"/Tim Burton/"Wednesday" (‘Wednesday’ Summons Record-Breaking Debut Week On Netflix With 341.23M Hours Viewed)

Over the last decade, I can't even begin to count the number of times this A- list actress has told some version of a story where she used to be mean but has completely changed. She really hasn't. The same people say the same things about her on every set she walks on to and she has burned so many bridges because of it. Katherine Heigl (Katherine Heigl Teases the 'Pretty Juicy' Reason for Rift Between Tully and Kate on 'Firefly Lane'); Lea Michele (A Guide to Where Lea Michele Now Stands With Each of Her ‘Glee’ Costars: Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch and More)

The owner (Dmitry Rybolovlev) of a soccer team ("AS Monaco FC") who, through his daughter (Ekaterina Rybolovleva) bought one of the most famous islands ("Skorpios") in the world from one of the most famous last names ("Aristotle Onassis") in the world, is responsible for the latest crypto death (Vyacheslav Taran). It is definitely not his first or last. This is the same man who bought a house where one of the biggest criminals in the world was murdered. Dmitry Rybolovlev/"AS Monaco FC"/Ekaterina Rybolovleva/"Skorpios"/Vyacheslav Taran (Confirmed: Russian Billionaire Heiress Buys Famed Greek Island Of Skorpios) (Sabotage fears after Russian billionaire dies in helicopter crash)

This former talk show host, whom the former A++ lister convinced to give up his high-paying gig to run for the A-list political office, just got rejected for his old job. Dr. Oz/Donald Trump/United States Senate seat in Pennsylvania (Dr. Oz Wants His TV Show Back, But He Beclowned Himself Too Hard in Politics)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **10**
This A- list singer is in danger of dropping to B+ list and being dropped by her label. She really needs to think about dropping her boyfriend before he causes all of her bad habits to resurface. She has been doing well. Demi Lovato/Jutes (Demi Lovato looks smitten with new beau Jutes as pair pose for romantic Thanksgiving snap)

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **11**
Apparently the permanent A list actress has decided since it is not going to hurt her career to not say anything about the designer, she just won't say a word about it and keep cashing those checks. Nicole Kidman/"Balenciaga" (Why Nicole Kidman Is Being 'Canceled' Right Now)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **12**
The too far to travel for such a short visit, doesn't really fly when the alliterate one was 80% of the way there anyway. Meghan Markle/"Violence Against Women and Girls" (Meghan and Harry faced ‘disgusting and very real’ threats, ex-counterterror chief says) (Buckingham Palace Apologizes After Racism Scandal at Queen Camilla’s Reception)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **13**
This long time Housewife is going to go broke supporting her new husband. he spends money way faster than she can earn it. Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Luis Ruelas (Luis Ruelas Calls Teresa Giudice's Brother Joe Gorga 'a Good Human,' Says They Got 'Vulnerable' Before Feud)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 11/30 **14**
The Story - Anniversary Month: It is a tale you hear around town, but always think of it as a tale. You think to yourself there is no way that something like that could possibly be true, and then you realize it is Hollywood, and there are some very sick people in this town. A lot of people had to sign off on a lot of things in that Balenciaga thing. An open secret in town was that this A/A- list comic actor (Bob Saget) had raped and killed someone back in the day. Everyone talked about it, but it was a joke right? I mean he was publicly roasted and it was mentioned several times and people just laughed and laughed. Is it true though? Did he really rape and kill someone? Here is what I have found out. No, he didn't kill anyone. The person in question is dead, but there is no way he would have the capability to pull that death off. From what I have been able to figure out is that a couple of years prior to making it really big, the comic actor starred on a very short lived series. It was a reboot ("New Love, American Style") of a show ("Love, American Style") that aired a decade or two earlier. The reboot did not do well. The reboot was filmed on the same lot as another show which was probably going to be a hit. That show ("Lime Street") was produced by some people who have some very powerful connections. That being said, this is not where this story is headed. I just think it is a very interesting coincidence. Our actor took a shine to a teen (Samantha Smith) shooting on the new show and and would invite her to watch him shoot and he would invite himself to her set and watch her film. This teen was already very well known and adult supervision was minimal. Our actor started sexually assaulting her on a fairly consistent basis for about a month. It would have probably gone on longer, but the teen was killed. The belief is that over the years, the story has changed. Yes, there was a girl raped. Yes, there was a girl killed. It is just that the actor didn't do the killing. Bob Saget/"New Love, American Style"/"Love, American Style"/"Lime Street"/Samantha Smith (Gilbert Gottfried: My Bob Saget Murderer Joke is Not a True Story)

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