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After that New Year's Eve rant, there is no doubt no that the late night host really wants a primetime slot on the cable channel. The thing is though, they don't like their hosts to be wasted messes on air. Plus, there are a lot of skeletons in that closet. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/"CNN" (Andy Cohen 'Overserved' on New Year's Eve While Anderson Cooper Lands New Parenting Show on CNN+)

Speaking of hosts, doesn't it get awkward to have your photos taken by paps with your beard while your boyfriend has to stay for the most part out of sight. Wouldn't it just be easier and far less expensive, to just come out. You won't drop below A list. Ryan Seacrest/Aubrey Paige (Ryan Seacrest, 46, and girlfriend Aubrey Paige, 24, celebrate NYE together and she boasts meeting the TV star was 'the best part of 2021')

Speaking of juggling beards and boyfriends, this A- list almost network actor has found the answer. He alternates days. Very good idea, but again, wouldn't it just be easier to come out. KJ Apa/"Riverdale"/Clara Berry (KJ Apa spent NYE in the hospital with girlfriend Clara Berry) (KJ Apa Spotted Getting Coffee with a Friend on New Year's Eve)

This foreign born B+ list actress all of you know, has already arranged for herself and her "staff" to purchase negative COVID tests. Here is the crazy part. She hasn't tested positive. She just doesn't want to take a test and since fake results are easy to buy in the vacation spot where she is, she bought some. Priyanka Chopra/Spain (Priyanka Chopra Looks Super-Hot In Her Latest Spain Vacation)

This A- list Oscar winning actress recently had a miscarriage from sex with her married lover.

This foreign born A- list model who is a really bad actress has got the A- list singer/bad actress using coke again. That is never good. Cara Delevingne/Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne Got Matching Tattoos)

This foreign born A list Marvel superhero is cheating on his wife again. Chris Hemsworth/Elsa Pataky (How Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky's plans for ANOTHER sprawling 'Westfield-style' mansion have hit a snag - as they splurge $15MILLION on oceanfront land in Tasmania)

This foreign born alliterate A list permanent model blew through her vast fortune and is now trying to get married to whatever rich guy she can find. Alessandra Ambrosio/Richard Lee (Alessandra Ambrosio kisses beau Richard Lee as she parades her bikini body during Brazil beach day)

This still very young A list singer knows the powers that be like her using makeup and filters for all her photos, but she has put her foot down and is refusing to do it any longer. She has these rebellious moments, but she has grown to love the fame, so in the end will do what they want. Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish secretly had red hair for a week)

The pressure the foreign born former A+ list rapper is putting the the rape victim is astonishing. The rapper not only has her own network of friends, but also has enlisted her stans to go after the victim every chance they get. Nicki Minaj/Nicole Hough (Nicki Minaj Responds To Gangbanging & Bribery Allegations In $20M Rape Victim Lawsuit)

You can choose to believe the married reality star offspring of a former A+ list singer that she didn't hit on the slimy former A list singer, but he wouldn't have been the first or the last. Teddi Mellancamp/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/John Mayer (RHOBH’s Teddi Mellencamp Slams John Mayer Over His Claim)

It shouldn't come as a shock that this A/A- list singer/wannabe full time actress does all she can to curry favor with entertainment writers to tell their audiences the singer deserves all the awards. Does she pay the as has been alleged this weekend? No, because they are more than happy just to have her phone number or go to dinner with her. It is no different what the celebrity CEO does with his gifts and cash and presents, other than the fact, people lose money when he uses writers as PR. Lady Gaga/"Academy Awards"/Elon Musk

The former A list actor from the long defunct hit cable show, now bounces around doing projects and has the name still, but is probably A- list. Oh, and he is still drinking, and doing so very publicly, which will also cause him to keep bouncing around and dropping lower on the list. Jon Hamm/"Mad Men" (Actor Jon Hamm (no relation to beer) soaks up Minneapolis' dive-bar scene around NHL game)

This caught in the camera woman is definitely making the most of her 15 seconds of fame for making out with a guy from a show that has the same name as a beach area. She is straight up saying if you are a celebrity and looking for a yachter, she is the one for you. Yasmine Lopez or Michaela Mendez/Kanye West aka Ye (Kanye West Parties with IG Model Yasmine Lopez in Houston) (Who is Yasmine Lopez and how old is she?) (sheismichaela)

This Nordic country never really locked down and has continued that philosophy for the past two years, so it is rather surprising to hear they will be the roll out country for human microchips.

The boyfriend of the permanent A list "singer" has been taking meetings saying he has financing for a movie he is producing. It is her money, but she will regret doing that when they split. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Sam Asghari Talks His New Movie Role & Shares Special Gift For Fiancée Britney Spears)

Reader Blind: A little over three decades ago, there was a movie ("The Adventures of Ford Fairlane"). It flopped hard, and few remember it, but the writers (David Arnott & James Cappe) of this film were trying to tell us something. Despite being heavily re-written so this notorious comedian (Andrew Dice Clay) could be cast in the lead, it still managed to remain a thinly disguised swipe at the mogul (Clive Davis) all of you know, and what happens to those who cross him. "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane"/David Arnott & James Cappe/Andrew Dice Clay/Clive Davis (Dice Rules)

Maybe next time, this A list reality star could spend some time with her kids and actually take them to Disneyland rather than photoshopping them into park pictures to make it seem like they went. Kim Kardashian (TikToker goes viral claiming Kim Kardashian posted Photoshopped pic of kids)

How many times have you mentioned the name of this B+/B list actress prior to this weekend or even heard of her before this week? This was just a full on get myself some publicity week. In the first part of the week, she slammed her baby daddy calling him a deadbeat and that she was having trouble paying all the bills. Then miraculously she found enough money to fly down to Miami to hang out with the former A+ list rapper and get her photo taken and people now making them a couple. Now, that is a week. Julia Fox/Kanye West aka Ye (Julia Fox SLAMMED 'deadbeat alcoholic' baby daddy days before date with Kanye West) (Julia Fox hangs out on Kanye West's hotel balcony in Miami following dinner date... as insiders reveal they are dating: 'They're kind of kindred spirits')

The celebrity CEO is bootlicking his overlords and trying to stay in country, by opening an outlet in a region most multinational companies are boycotting, due to numerous human rights violations. Elon Musk/"Tesla"/Xinjiang, China/Apple & Google (Tesla is opening a store in Xinjiang, where China is accused of orchestrating a genocide — and where Apple and Google have faced pressure to stay away from)

I was going through old cell phones this weekend looking for a photo that I still can't find. I did find a text though from about the time the blog started. It was from this A- list actress who is now deceased and it said, "I know it was ________ who gave me this infection. Fu**ing fat f**k." She was referring to the disgraced producer. Brittany Murphy/Harvey Weinstein (The 5 Craziest Brittany Murphy Conspiracy Theories)

That Is A Coming Out: Two actors, both of whom have always been locked in the closet, have got married. Fans have always wondered about the two actors. One (Richard Madden) is foreign born and has won awards for his looks and his acting. (Public image and personal life) A solid A- lister. The other actor (Froy Gutierrez) is much younger than our first actor, but they have been inseparable since being introduced. Our younger actor is probably B+ list, but if you have never seen either of the two shows ("Teen Wolf"/"Light As A Feather"/"Cruel Summer") he is most known for, than you probably have no idea who he is. That will change when a certain movie ("Hocus Pocus 2") hits screens sometime very late this year. The pair invited friends and family for a destination wedding, and the pair got married. It was a civil ceremony in that country and will need to be done again here in the US. With everyone there for the wedding, you would think they would want to control the narrative, so there has to be some type of announcement coming. Richard Madden/Froy Gutierrez/"Teen Wolf"; "Light As A Feather"; "Cruel Summer"/"Hocus Pocus 2" (Richard Madden & Froy Gutierrez Seen Together Again in London - See Every Photo!)

A Russian oligarch paid this foreign born A list singer $500K to go on a three hour dinner date with him. She went on the date. Dua Lipa (Dua Lipa shows off her bikini body in St. Barts after Anwar Hadid breakup)

This former A list tween star turned A- list adult singer isn't even trying to be discreet about sleeping with the late night actor multiple times over the past several weeks in several different cities. She insists his other relationship isn't real because she wouldn't be hooking up with him if the relationship was real. Miley Cyrus/Pete Davidson/Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian 'unfollows Miley Cyrus on Instagram'... after pop singer's wild and flirty NYE special with reality star's boyfriend Pete Davidson)

Apparently this foreign born former A+ list tween singer turned A- list adult singer used an excuse last month that women were not allowed at a certain dinner to keep his wife back at the hotel where they were staying. He hooked up with multiple people that night. Justin Bieber

Speaking of cheating, the alliterate model who likes to pretend she can code, is being cheated on. Her marriage is rather unconventional, so it is possible they have an open marriage. Karlie Kloss/Joshua Kushner (Sun-kissed Karlie Kloss makes New Year's resolutions in a bikini as she journals on a yacht)

By my count, if this RHONJ offspring's sex tape is real, that will make a half dozen Housewives offspring who have made real or amateur porn that others have seen.

This B list actress who all of you know says that her most recent ex talked her into giving him a very large loan for his business and hasn't repaid it. She thought it was love. It wasn't. Katie Holmes/Emilio Vitolo (Katie Holmes and Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr. Split: They ‘Remain Friends’)

I don't know why anyone is all that shocked that Kneepads didn't directly talk to the legend for her final interview. They do that all the time which is why publicists love them. Sometimes the celebrities don't even know they have been "interviewed," because the publicists have done it all. "People"/Betty White

Wait until the public sees photos of the man arrested by the feds today and then sees there are several photos of the man with this A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Mario Antonio Palacios/Sean Penn (Colombian man allegedly involved in murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse arrested in U.S.)

The foreign born throuple loving director had a pandemic fling with this foreign born B+ list thirsty actress with the two vowels at the beginning of her name. They split, but he uses her as bait at parties for actors he wants in projects or for other things. Taika Waititi/Eiza Gonzalez (Eiza Gonzalez shows off her curves in a Bob Marley tank top and nude leggings as she visits a friend in Beverly Hills)

Speaking of the director in #9, he and this A list superhero have become good friends over the past year. The superhero has been doing a lot of partying with the director, probably too much partying and always ends up each evening in the bed of the actress mentioned in #9. Taika Waititi/Chris Hemsworth/"Thor"/Eiza Gonzalez (Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi Lied About Their Friendship to Marvel Before Thor: Ragnarok)

The amount of money spent by the wife of this foreign born A list dual threat actor on PR is astonishing. She spends more money on PR for herself than most A list actors, including her husband. She loves being interviewed even if the headline always says her husband's name first. Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch

With about a dozen members of this award giving organization shuttled into non-voting status, it has been even easier for a nominated person/movie/show to contact the remaining voting members. This A list mostly movie actress had Zoom calls with several dozen of the voters and because of it could end up winning when she really shouldn't have a shot. "Golden Globe Awards"/Nicole Kidman (and she won) (Nicole Kidman receives Golden Globes award for Being the Ricardos, dedicates the honour to Lucille Ball)

The last time I saw the nude photo/playing card of the recently deceased legend auctioned, I think it went for about $1500 a few years back. It was an uncut autographed (yes, she signed one) four card set. One is now being offered that isn't autographed for $50,000. Betty White

This Can't Be Happening: Boy bands are a lot of work to create. Back in the day there was one particular boy band ("NSYNC") that was a lot of work and very expensive to get it to launch. All of you know the band. Most people, unless they are big fans don't know that the band, which is US based, needed Europe to launch the band into the stratosphere of fame. All of that work had been done and everything was ready to go. Europe had been conquered and the US was next. Then, one of the band members (Justin Timberlake) decides he is in love. This was not one of the random hookups from European fans, this was something else. A fellow singer (Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie) who was on the same label and had been signed to the label at just about the time this whole US launch was about to happen. The pair met at a label party. The fellow singer was nearly a decade older than the very underage boy bander. The fellow singer had been around Hollywood for a long time. She had been having sex with producers and other men since she was barely a teenager. The boy bander was no match for her and thought he was in love. When the record label heard about it, they had a mixed response. They thought it might be great to have two label mates be a couple. The manager (Lou Pearlman) of the boy band went ballistic. He spent a ton of money and everything was perfect and he didn't need the older singer corrupting his underage singer. Looking back, that is ironic. What finally convinced the label to take the side of the manager and force a breakup was the news that the older singer's drug problem might taint the image of the perfect teen boy banders. Plus, the label executives liked having the female singer and the other women in the group ("Wild Orchid") to themselves. So, our boy bander had his heart broken. "NSYNC"/Justin Timberlake/Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie/Lou Pearlman/"Wild Orchid" (Fergie on Dating Justin Timberlake: ‘It Wasn’t All That Serious’)

It was never about the charity or foundation, which has never had a clear goal. It was only set it up to make it look like the ginger haired one and the actress were not just solely interested in lining their own pockets. Well, that and fame too. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle/"Archewell" (Harry and Meghan raised less than $50,000 for their Archewell charity in its first year, spending MORE money on legal fees to dissolve their original 'Sussex Royal' UK foundation, IRS filings reveal)

This year marks the 25th anniversary that the A+ list director who is finally going to release the sequels, chipped in $1M to match the $1M this three named actor contributed to get a relative of the actor free from kidnappers. They never got the money back. James Cameron/"Avatar"/Guillermo del Toro’s father Federico del Toro Torres (How James Cameron Saved Guillermo del Toro's Father From Mexican Kidnappers) (Aliens: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts From James Cameron's Sci-Fi Action Sequel)

The article was written very slyly, and there is no way an editor reading hundreds of articles a day, was going to catch it. A foreign tabloid outed this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Leonardo DiCaprio/Lukas Haas (Leonardo DiCaprio tops off his tan in the back of a huge yacht with his best friend Lukas Haas)

The former stripper/reality star/sex tape star who somehow always hovers in that B+ list celebrity range, really needs to send her mom to rehab. Blac Chyna/Tokyo Toni (Blac Chyna Calls Off Nasty Feud With Mom Tokyo Toni As She Prepares To Face Off With Ex Rob Kardashian In Court)

This convicted Hollywood pedophile who is friends with the disgraced director had a weird fandom with a notorious serial killer. He corresponded with him via letters in prison, and even collected his paintings. Brian Peck/Bryan Singer/John Wayne Gacy

There are foreign born twin sisters who are extremely popular on TikTok. They are forced on whatever algorithm you might be on. They are also mistresses to two of the most powerful leaders in the country where they live. An actress who has been a long time friend of the site saw one of them sitting in the lap of one of the men at a party and she might as well have been naked. Deepa & Damanta/Nepal/Bai Ling (Deepa Damanta)

The streaming thriller ("Sweet Girl") released in 2021 starring a superhero (Jason Momoa/"Aquaman") not in Marvel. OK, this is not about him, but an alliterate actress (Adria Arjona) in the movie who has been cheating on her husband (Edgardo Canales) pretty consistently which in 2022 is probably going to blow up in her face because it will be a breakout year ("Morbius") for her and people will be watching. "Sweet Girl"/Jason Momoa - "Aquaman"/Adria Arjona/Edgardo Canales/"Morbius"

One of the men the actress in #7 has been cheating with is this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who lost out on a role in the DC universe. Our actor therefore has been cheating on his partner, not only with the actress in #7, but also an actress mentioned yesterday who is dividing her attention between the A- lister in this blind and the A+ lister mentioned yesterday.

Old Hollywood: This actress (ZaSu Pitts) was A+ list in her day. Her career spanned many decades. She was the lead in what is considered one of the best movies ("Greed") of all time and runs about 4 hours long. It is a silent film. The original was over 7 hours long. During her career, this former A++ lister who didn't become an A++ lister until after our actress died, used her as one of his original dirty tricksters when he was still a politician here in California. She was sued multiple times and threatened with defamation lawsuits and she didn't care. ZaSu Pitts/"Greed"/Richard Nixon (Discovering ZaSu Pitts)

The whole second season of this show was just to set a narrative for down the road when there is a trial for this child porn procurer. The producers got everyone on camera to feign innocence that the other cast didn't know anything. "Cheer"/Jerry Harris (‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris allegedly wants to be a motivational speaker)

This A- list actor is still grifting his fans and never delivers anything he promises. He uses their money they think is going to a foundation, to fund his lifestyle. Corey Feldman

I told you three months ago this athlete who won a network reality show was splitting with his wife. He just waited to file until after the show ended so he wouldn't turn off audience members voting for him who might not if they knew about the strippers/escorts/porn stars he was seeing while married. Iman Shumpert/"Dancing With the Stars"/Teyana Taylor

You just know that in the next few days it will be leaked that this foreign born A list actress in her own country had some kind of sex tape her manager made and she was going to leave the manager and then she either killed herself learning he would release the video, or he killed her. More likely the former. Kim Mi-Soo (Disney+ Snowdrop actress Kim Mi-soo dies suddenly aged 29, leaving her family in 'shock and grief-stricken')

The Hanger On: Usually a hanger on is someone unknown or lower on the ladder than the person they are always shadowing. This is a very unique situation. This actress (Sofia Boutella) is foreign born and has been accused in the past of working for an intelligence service for the country (France) where she lives, but not her birth country (Algeria). Our actress is probably A- list at this point and has been in a franchise ("Kingsman"). Prior to becoming an actress she was an A list dancer and traveled the world with the biggest names in music. It was during one of those tours that the allegations were first made that she was using her cover as a dancer to spy for the country where she lives. She managed to extricate herself from that situation but never went on another tour again and went into acting. As she has climbed up the ladder to where she is now, she has befriended multiple actresses who are lower on the list. She is seemingly everywhere with them all the time and even tries to work on the same projects they do or at least have the same shooting schedule and locations so she can be around. Her ex boyfriend (Robert Sheehan) said he was encouraged to sleep with the actresses if he wanted to. He did so for a little while, but thought the whole thing was strange and left our actress. I asked Bani whether the actress was the middleman so to speak between interested parties and he said no. His best guess was that she was recruiting actresses who are extremely attractive to be used without their knowledge, for blackmail against others and to have actresses working in different countries to do the things our actress used to to. Sofia Boutella/France/Algeria/"Kingsman"/Robert Sheehan

The A- list actress and the celebrity CEO must have come to some understanding because she is back to driving the car he gave her which she knows and has stated in court documents is bugged for audio and video. Amber Heard/Elon Musk/"Tesla" (Amber Heard takes a spin in the Tesla ex Elon Musk gifted her... a year after claiming billionaire 'bugged' $80k car)

It is definitely no surprise that within 24 hours of that slyly written story, I told you about earlier this week, the A list actor makes sure his girlfriend is seen everywhere with him. Leonardo DiCaprio/Camila Morrone (Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, and girlfriend Camila Morrone, 24, leave $150 million superyacht to stroll along the beach and go shopping in St. Barts)

The former Disney actress turned B+ list adult actress did some publicity in exchange for a deeply discounted jewelry piece. The figure that leaked out is what the jeweler intends to charge everyone else who wants something similar. Our actress paid about one third of that amount. Zendaya (You're Looking at Zendaya's "Treat Myself" Ring, a Gift From Nobody but Herself)

This foreign born former A- list actress who long ago walked away from a hit network show and has had an awful career since, is finally landing some lead roles in very tiny budgeted movies that are not paying her much. She also has been reduced to sleeping with her landlord several times per month in exchange for her rent. Mischa Barton

This A list rapper is running quickly away from a podcast opportunity he had been excited about as recently as last week. Apparently the hosts of the podcast he was interested in working with and investing in, did not fare well with his background check. Lots of horrible past statements about women of color and one of them is in the closet, which is fine, but in this particular case, because of the nature of the podcast, seems like a fraud, at least in the eyes of the rapper. Lil Nas X

This A- list mostly movie actress saw the success of the reunion of another franchise and very much wants one for a different movie franchise also based on books. She thinks it will give her career a boost and also maybe make someone want to make more of the movies.
Kristen Stewart/"Harry Potter"/"Twilight"

This foreign born A list mostly movie actress recently made some comments about how she gets great advice from a group of people about how to raise her children. What she neglected to mention is that all of those people are employed by her, so don't ever tell her anything she doesn't want to hear. Charlize Theron

This recently cut former A list NFL player threatened to kill himself and others while at his home earlier this week and waving multiple guns in the air. Antonio Brown/"Tampa Bay Buccaneers" (Antonio Brown heads back to Florida home after wild Buccaneers exit)

Now that this A list host of multiple shows/producer has taken a very healthy jab at the drunken late night talk show host about ratings, will the late night talk show host go silent or take a very big swing which will open a huge can of worms. Ryan Seacrest/Andy Cohen ("Watch What Happens Live") (Andy Cohen Addresses Reports Kelly Ripa Was Upset Over His Ryan Seacrest New Year’s Eve Comments)

At least this time when one of the 80 children got engaged, they didn't have to pretend the woman had never been with another man like the last time, or that the man had been a different sibling than the one who got engaged. Jeremiah Duggar/Hannah Wissmann (Jeremiah Duggar Is Engaged to Hannah Wissmann Less Than 3 Months After Announcing Relationship)

This week, the alliterate reality star photoshopped photos of her children into a place they had not been and now is posting photos trying to make them look current which are actually nine months old. Nothing is real. Kim Kardashian (TikToker goes viral claiming Kim Kardashian posted Photoshopped pic of kids)

I don't know what the reason for the lawsuit will be. What was overheard is that this celebrity offspring of a permanent A list singer solo and in a group is going to sue the part-time reality star for something he did to her. Sofia Richie/Lionel Richie/"Commodores"/Scott Disick

I thought there was no way the music festival would give into the demands of the former A+ list rapper. Apparently they did. Look for some very special guest stars at his performance who are problematic at best, and at worst are rapists and enablers of death. "Coachella"/Kanye West (Kanye West to headline 2022 Coachella festival)

The Director: This foreign born director (George P. Cosmatos) was probably A- list if you look at his credits. Then, when you look a little deeper into it, you think to yourself, this director directed some really big budget box office hits, how come he has less than a dozen credits to his name (Filmography)? When you direct at least three movies that were at the top of the box office, you should have more credits. The crazy thing is, he directed his first two movies, and that is about it. For much of his career, he was a guy who lived off friendships and those friends saw that he was paid well for "directing" movies, but he was just a guy who was told what shots he was supposed to set up each day and how. He also got the credit for directing the movies, but had nothing to do with it except going where others had told him to go the night before. One of his biggest admirers is this permanent A list action actor (Sylvester Stallone) who made sure his friend always had a job to earn some money and also got a kick out of the fact that he felt like he was pulling the wool over everyone's eyes in Hollywood. George P. Cosmatos/Sylvester Stallone

Apparently the cult leader/Housewife decided she didn't need the paycheck because she can scam it from her worshippers and blew off the reunion. Mary Cosby/"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" (RHOSLC Star Mary Cosby Skips Season 2 Reunion Taping)

The A list mostly movie actor/sometime director just started shooting a documentary starring himself so he can show the world how wonderful and amazing and perfect he is as a human being. Ben Affleck

This former A+ list rapper who with a new headlining gig, might get that A+ list back, talks a lot about being a great parent, but hasn't spoken to any of his children in weeks. Kanye West/"Coachella"/Kim Kardashian

This fruit company knew what would happen with their tracking devices. When they were testing it out, one of their testers used it to stalk his ex and was arrested for making threats and domestic violence. He was able to keep track of her after a meetup to exchange things they had at each other's apartments. He carried a box and put it in her trunk and slipped one of the trackers beneath the carpet in her trunk. Wherever she would go, he would show up. "Apple" (How Apple AirTags are putting women at risk: TikTok users including a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model reveal how they've been stalked by strangers as charity warns device could be used to track victims of domestic abuse)

Way back in the day when the former almost A- list actress turned escort was best friends with the host who had the lemon nickname on here and would play with knives with the actress, apparently the two made a sex tape. The actress said she found it when going through boxes of items she hasn't looked at in over a decade. Lindsay Lohan/Vanessa Minnillo Lachey "Vanessa Limoncello"

The current husband of a former Housewife tested positive for HIV after contracting it from a man he has been hooking up with for quite some time.

The fired alliterate news anchor has been in talks to host a show on the former software company channel. He would take over for the former network news anchor who left. Chris Cuomo/MSNBC/Brian Williams

This one named former A/A- list singer solo and in a group is strung out on drugs again. Fergie

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver met his client, an elderly person, at the gate. The driver could not determine the gender of the person, although the first name on the order was a masculine one. As he escorted the client through the terminal at LAX, several people stopped the person and asked for autographs. The client graciously signed every autograph and chatted with the seekers. The driver did not know who the actor/author/performer/transgender person  (Eddie Izzard)
from the other side of the pond was at the time, but apparently a lot of others did. Eddie Izzard

I don't suppose it would shock anyone to know that the celebrity CEO was responsible for a grant for this foreign professor who is spreading doom and gloom prophecies for the big crypto coin. As it tanks, the CEO swoops in to make a profit. Elon Musk

The tabloids can talk themselves into it as much as they like, but the A list mostly movie actress who has multiple movie franchises is not dating the Daniel Craig gif. Angelina Jolie/The Weeknd (Fans Are Convinced The Weeknd’s ‘Movie Star’ Lyric Is About His Rumored Relationship With Angelina Jolie)

As late as Monday or Tuesday, this award organization had planned to live stream their award ceremony. Then, they started getting pushback from the celebrities who will be there, but don't want to be seen attending. My guess is that the celebrities who have made it known they are coming will all be winners. "Golden Globes" (Golden Globes Will Not Be Livestreamed This Weekend)

Several cast members have been trying to bring up the past parenting decisions of this Housewife, many of which have been addressed by at least one child. Other offspring of the Housewife were also mentioned. Considering who kind of runs the show for that Housewife franchise, I don't think it will make it into the final edit. Kathy Hilton/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Paris Hilton/Conrad Hilton/Kyle Richards (Kathy Hilton: ‘This Is Paris’ documentary ‘put me into such a depression’) (The Hiltons Are 'Disappointed' but Not 'Surprised' by Conrad's Parole Violation, Jail Sentence: He 'Has Had a Drug Problem for Years')

Four For Friday - Celebrity Offspring: Each of these offspring of celebrities have reached at least A-/B+ list status.
#1 - This actress reached A list and has been married for decades and still never had sex with her husband. She has orally serviced him several times over the years. Jamie Lee Curtis/Christopher Guest
#2 - This actress reached A list and has been married multiple times. When she was still way underage, her boyfriend at the time tied her to a bed so a half dozen of his friends could have sex with her. She has vacillated between saying it was consensual and rape. In any event, she later married the boyfriend who did it. Melanie Griffith/ Don Johnson
#3 - When this B+ list actress and I am really pushing it with that, but all of you know who she is, was having sex a few years ago with her then boyfriend, her sister would often like to watch. Annalynne McCord/Kellan Lutz; Kate or Rooney Mara
#4 - This actor is also stretching the B+ list limit, but all of you know him. He once threw a guy off a cruise ship as a joke. The guy lived, but only because the cruise ship was about to dock and had slowed down and was in a harbor. Scott Caan; Hooper Penn; Chet Hanks

This classic television show from the days of black and white has been rebooted once as a movie not that long ago and crashed and burned. So, of course a studio thinks it is a great idea to do it yet again. "The Honeymooners" (‘The Honeymooners’ Female-Driven Reboot In Works At CBS With Damon Wayans Jr. Executive Producing)

After several wild reports that the alliterate talk show host had died, she was shown off in public. It also confirmed what I told you months ago that she had her breast implants removed. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams' Spotted With Son Kevin Hunter Jr. In Miami, Talk Show Host Seen With Smoothie & Salad Amid Recovery)

I have previously said this A+ list American singing icon didn't rape his most recent accuser when she was 12, but there are many more he did. The accuser has adjusted their timeline to make it seem as if it is possible, but her account do not match the accounts of the other underage tweens and teens he raped over that same time period. What is going to happen, is many of those women are ow going to come forward. Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan Brands Sex Abuse Lawsuit a ‘Brazen Shakedown’ by Unbalanced ‘Psychic’)

There is a crazy revision of history that is trying to be foisted upon us right now and it is important to remember how things happened at the time. The alliterate permanent A list singer (Janet Jackson) has her new documentary ("JANET JACKSON") and surrounding that is trying to change the past. The facts are that she tried to push her mother (Katherine Jackson) out of the way, so she could control the fortune of her niece and nephews (Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II, Prince Jackson). She wanted the money at the time. She needed it. Now, she is trying to say that she was trying to just make things right and to protect everyone. No. It was a money grab. It is why she ended up marrying the rich guy (Wissam Al Mana) she didn't love and having a child. She did nothing to protect her niece when another relative was molesting her daily even though our singer knew about it. Janet Jackson/"JANET JACKSON"/Katherine Jackson/Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II, Prince Jackson/Wissam Al Mana (The Jackson family reportedly know 'exactly' who sexually assaulted Paris Jackson)

These A list TikTok siblings who also dabble in reality are not technically yachting, but are making sure the executives controlling million dollar deals are having fun with friends of theirs while on vacation. Charli and Dixie D’Amelio (Charli and Dixie D’Amelio cause stir in Bahamas with their young fans)

Arguably the one member of this singing group/prostitution front who could actually sing, wanted almost 75% of tour money for her and the rest to be split among everyone else. When no one would agree, she took her toys and went home until she can find new women to hire and call them the same name. Nicole Scherzinger/"The Pussycat Dolls" (Nicole Scherzinger Says Pussycat Dolls Tour Is Canceled, Other Members Say They Were Unaware of Cancellation)

The singing marijuana feline does not like to be filmed when she has been doing or is about to be doing coke. Fans beware. Doja Cat (Man makes bomb threat to jump line for Doja Cat concert at Monument Circle)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver met the late Old Hollywood Academy Award nominated actor at the gate at LAX. The actor was wearing one of those flat- topped Argentine Gaucho hats tilted to the side, and a bandana. The actor greeted the driver very warmly with a two-handed handshake. The driver was impressed with the actor’s demeanor and tried to think of something meaningful to say. The driver remembered that the actor liked to paint and mentioned a painting he had seen by the actor. The actor’s eyes lit up and he talked about his painting techniques all the way to the car. "Egg whites are the key, " the actor said. Anthony Quinn (Artwork)

This iconic A++ classic tv show you all know and which many say is the greatest of all time in its genre, apparently stole many of its famous plot devices from this little known B-list movie which came out just a few years before. Maybe the writers got lazy and hoped not many people remembered that movie.
"Star Trek"/"The Time Travelers"

This A list actor who becomes more paranoid each day is not trying to keep law enforcement from things on his phone as much as his wife. Apparently our actor was seeing and talking to multiple women. Alec & Hilaria Baldwin (Alec Baldwin Says He Is Complying With Cellphone Search Warrant)

Is the RHONY Housewife still pretending she is sober? She has been drunk multiple times in the past month. Luann de Lesseps/"Real Housewives of New York" (Luann de Lesseps hopes her Fosé can help end ‘stigma’ for sober community)

Do you think the reality star knows the late night actor was doing coke at an end of the year party?
Kim Kardashian/Pete Davidson

Last month I told you that many yachters during COVID simply have relocated to the yachting capitol instead of commuting. Now, there are "camps" where you can stay for up to one year without any kind of special visa to facilitate the yachters being close. One of them is partially owned by this foreign born permanent A list model/horrible person. Dubai/Naomi Campbell

This A list rapper with the serial cheating spouse was told by her people that she was hired for a music video as part of a huge ad campaign for a designer. That would seemingly confirm what has been going on the past week with this A+ list rapper and those around him. Cardi B/Offset/Kanye West/"Balenciaga" (Kanye West set to shoot a music video at Balenciaga store in Miami with Cardi B... after he announced collaboration with brand)

If you read the site, then you know just last month, I said this A- list singer knew they needed help to get off drugs. Apparently though, they couldn't be bothered to stay the entire time and bailed early. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Quietly Completes Third Stint in Rehab, Reports Say) (Demi Lovato Debuts New Spider Tattoo on Their Freshly Shaved Head: 'We Are All Connected')

Kindness: This alliterate A- list actress surprised her neighbor and her neighbor's teen daughter with passes to the premiere of the new season of her show and also bought them red carpet worthy clothes and got them a limo. Sydney Sweeney/"Euphoria" (Sydney Sweeney shows off sculpted midriff in shimmering frock and slips on a pair of opera gloves as she leads stars at Euphoria photo-call in LA)

This A- list mostly television actor who has been fired from everything and is probably disgraced for about a year, is headed to rehab to speed up the process of resurrection. Chris Noth (Friends worried as Chris Noth ‘feels like his life is over’)

This A+ list mostly movie actor won't ever divorce his wife, but she would leave him if she knew about the college student he sees all the time and even flies her around on his jet when he is working out of town.

Speaking of jets, this A+ list mostly movie actor blamed and emergency landing on a fellow passenger having heart issues, when in fact the actor nearly died of an overdose.

One of the leading movie critics in the country uses her access to the entertainment industry to spy for her country. Apparently there is a lot to be shared from her dealings with producers and the money people in Hollywood.

You know I am not a fan of the alliterate one, but it is primarily because of her hypocrisy and her constant need for attention. I have never heard of her committing an act of violence against anyone, let alone a child. Despite the hype and buzz, she did not hit a child.

I told you last month that the award organization was, and would continue to manipulate the winners. There is no one to stop them and many of the people who won will be clamoring for them to be aired again next year and it will look hypocritical to not listen to the people that won. It was a master class in manipulation. "Golden Globe Awards" (Screw the irrelevant Golden Globe Awards and their boring winners)

This three named A-/B+ list actress who is not the highest on the list in her family, must read the blinds and knows exactly who is coming for her and why. Jada Pinket Smith (Will Smith) (Jada Pinkett Smith shares ominous video on untrustworthy allies: 'I see fire in the horizon')

Is anyone really surprised that this Southeast Housewife who stars on multiple shows, buys most of her social media followers? It is pretty common for all of them, because they all compete to see who has the most, no matter the franchise. Porsha Williams/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/"Porsha’s Family Matters" (Whew Chile: ‘Porsha’s Family Matters’ Drama Continues To Unfold And It’s Not A Good Look)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver picked up the producer and his boy toy at a mansion in West Hollywood and was to take them to a concert at the Greek Theatre by the permanent A list knighted singer, wait for them and bring them back. The driver does not remember the name of the producer, so anyone’s guess may be right. If the producer reads this, he will know. The producer was in his fifties, tanned with dyed brown hair, and his date was a handsome blonde in his early 20’s. They both wore sweaters tied around their necks. The producer was a big shot and referred to the driver as "driver" many times, while he spun tales of the movie business, dropping name after name to impress his date. The star-struck youngster hung on every word. The driver dropped them off at a special VIP parking lot behind the Greek and waited. The driver could hear the iconic pop hits coming from the amphitheater. It was almost as good as being there. After a couple of hours, the concert ended, and all of the cars began leaving. After another hour, the driver was alone in the big parking lot looking down at the twinkling lights of the city. Dispatch instructed the driver to another VIP parking lot. He drove to the other lot and there was another stretch limo parked there, running. The driver pulled beside it and waited for another long hour. Finally, the producer and his date emerged from the other limo looking disheveled and got into the driver’s car. They were giddy and drunk. "Take us home," the producer ordered. The driver began driving as the producer and his date whispered breathlessly. They had been in the car with the permanent A list singer. The driver noticed another car following them out of Griffith Park. As he kept driving, he was sure the car was tailing. They probably thought the singer was in the car. "We’re being followed," the driver alerted the producer. "Lose them," the producer shouted. The driver went into full McQueen mode and barreled down Franklin at over 75mph with the car right on his tail. The light from Franklin to Highland was yellow when the driver entered the intersection turning left, skidding sideways onto Highland, violently throwing the producer and his boy toy across the back seat of the car. He did lose the tail. The producer and his date were scared silent the rest of the way home, and the driver was smiling inside. The producer didn’t even say thank you as he and his date skedaddled out of the car. The driver saw the producer with a different young dude years later shopping for sweaters at Fred Segal. The producer eyeballed the driver suspiciously as if he remembered him from somewhere. Elton John (Elton John Setlist at Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 1994 Tour)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **10**
Reader Blind: Asian movie distributors don't have much of an appetite for this French film director. When he would visit back in the day, he was only interested in schmoozing with the stars, and would snub local film executives, you know, the ones marketing his films around the region.

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **11**
The strongest witness responsible for convicting the madam/procurer has been giving interviews to the media. None of the print/online publications have paid her, but she has just wrapped something for a television special/documentary and was paid a "photo fee." This could really screw with the new trial, should one be ordered. Carolyn/Ghislaine Maxwell (Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers claim they have found a third juror in her sex trafficking trial who lied about being abused - as the socialite is given hope of a retrial)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **12**
This three named A list mostly television actress who stars on a network show, is having yet another affair with a married man. Tracee Ellis Ross/"Black-ish" (Anthony Anderson says ‘Black-ish’ co-star Tracee Ellis Ross didn’t like him for 'maybe 10 years')

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **13**
The fired cable news anchor is perfectly willing to publicly discuss the multiple affairs his boss was having, including one with another one of his bosses, if the anchor doesn't get the money he feels is owed to him. Chris Cuomo/Jeff Zucker (Shelley Ross) (Jeff Zucker tells CNN staff Chris Cuomo will NOT be paid severance and that he wishes he'd taken action to fire $6m-a-year star sooner) (Chris Cuomo's former boss at ABC News accuses the CNN anchor of sexual harassment)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/10 **14**
The Affair: Everyone in Hollywood knew about the affair between this A+ list mostly movie actor (Sidney Poitier) who was an Oscar winner/nominee and this A- list actress (Diahann Carroll) who was a multiple Emmy winner/nominee. In her later years, the actress spoke publicly about the affair and how she was dumped by the actor after she did everything he asked, including divorcing her husband (Monte Kay). The actor did later divorce his wife (Juanita Hardy) but then wanted to play the field and not play solely with the actress. What has never been discussed by the actress and definitely not the actor during his lifetime is the daughter they shared together, but has always been attributed to the man our actress was married to at the time, despite the fact they didn't sleep together for well over a year, and during that year, the offspring was born. Now, that everyone involved in this triangle has passed, I will be curious to see if the offspring discusses it or if it will continue to remain her little secret. Sidney Poitier/Diahann Carroll/Monte Kay (Inside Sidney Poitier’s steamy, tumultuous affair with Diahann Carroll)

The flowering financial institution (Azealia Banks) is a lot of things, but liar isn't one of them. We already know from the husband (Peter Artemiev) of the B+/B list actress (Julia Fox) that she is not in a good place substance abuse wise, so her snorting heroin shouldn't be a shock. The shocking part is the A+ list rapper (Kanye West) joining her. Azealia Banks/Peter Artemiev/Julia Fox/Kanye West (Why Azealia Banks called Julia Fox ‘dopehead white b***h’? Resurfaced post goes viral)

The celebrity wife of this A+ list NBA player had to shut down many of her seemingly successful business ventures because the married man she was having an affair with had to liquidate assets when his wife found out about the affair and divorced him. Ayesha Curry/Stephen Curry (Ayesha Curry Addresses Claims She Is in an Open Relationship: 'Don't Disrespect My Marriage')

This alliterate former Olympic gymnast is finally giving in to the pressure and is starting an OnlyFans page. McKayla Maroney (McKayla Maroney’s Provocative Holiday Photos Go Viral)

Speaking of gymnasts, this former A+ list Olympian is self medicating and also drinking and things are not looking good for her. Not Simone. Gabby Douglas

The A list "singer" should be worried about her ex, but should also be worried about the daily conversations her boyfriend has with the Svengali. Britney Spears/Jason Alexander/Sam Asghari/Sam Lutfi (Britney Spear's Ex Jason Alexander, Pleads Guilty To Stalking, Gets Probation)

This A list mostly movie actor who has crashed and burned through at least two franchises, smokes crack almost nonstop. Johnny Depp/"Pirates of the Caribbean" & "Fantastic Beasts" (Petition To Bring Johnny Depp Back To Pirates Of The Caribbean Amasses Another 100,000+ Signatures, But Will It Hit Its Goal?) (Johnny Depp Fired from ‘Fantastic Beasts’ After Amber Heard Verdict)

This A list singer/bad actor and his wife have split. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake sells off his luxurious NYC penthouse apartment for $29 million... nearly five years after snapping it up for $20.2 million)

It isn't awkwardness that is causing hesitation on the part of the alliterate one to head to the Oscars. She only wants to attend if she can present an award. Wait until you get a listen to her new British accent. Meghan Markle (Prince Harry ‘thinking about skipping Oscars’ over Diana film but Meghan Markle ‘desperate to return to Hollywood scene’)

Reader Blind: A few years ago my parents went to a Dead and Company show at Red Rocks in Colorado. During one set they saw, very much to their surprise, a small cluster of casually dressed security walking with this married A+ list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee, who was accompanied by a much younger (20s) and very beautiful Asian woman. Nicolas Cage

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **10**
The actress/singer/podcaster/thirst seeker got dumped by another guy. Apparently he didn't want to agree to her rules that she knows exactly where he was 24/7. Jana Kramer (Jana Kramer unveils hunky new boyfriend in loved-up snaps... less than one year after filing for divorce from Mike Caussin)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **11**
This alliterate foreign born singer/horrible actress thinks if she gets breast implants, people will take her more seriously and she will be more noticeable. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello heats things up in tiny bikini during trip to the Dominican Republic... after ex Shawn Mendes flashed his beach body in Miami)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **12**
This aging foreign born A list singer/musician (Graham Nash) in a group ("Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young") and solo is involved with a woman a third of his age. Hopefully he will resist her pleas to get married. He really has no money left. Graham Nash/"Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young" (Graham Nash reveals why he's dating a woman half his age after turning his back on his wife, drugs AND his former bandmates)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **13**
Whenever the barely there celebrity offspring (Bella Hadid) hangs out with this barely there celebrity (Hailey Baldwin Bieber) who comes from a celebrity family (Stephen Baldwin) and is married to someone (Justin Bieber) higher on the list, she goes on a coke bender that can last for weeks. Bella Hadid/Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Stephen Baldwin/Justin Bieber (Where to shop Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid’s matching workout wear)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/11 **14**
The Never Ever: The never ever is because I am not sure you will be able to solve this without me giving you very specific clues. The person (Kato Kaelin) has been a celebrity. The star of a very successful reality show ("Celebrity Big Brother"). Prior to that he hustled men (O. J. Simpson) in sports and then hustled rich women at night. He actually managed to move in with one woman (Barbara Dare) who was once A+ list in her corner of the entertainment world (Porn Actress). When she kicked him out, he bounced around for a few years until he landed the reality show. Then, that ended and he went back to hustling. Somehow that morphed into him connecting with athletes when they came to where he lived and setting them up with very young women for company while they were in town. That lead to him running a maid service from this very poor area of the US. No passports or work permits or visas needed. He sends out "maids" for as long as the athlete wants them and then they can turn her in for a new model whenever they want. He is making millions of dollars a year and these "maids" are everywhere in this sport. Kato Kaelin/"Celebrity Big Brother"/O. J. Simpson/Barbara Dare/Porn Actress (Here's What Kato Kaelin Was Up To Before Entering The 'Celebrity Big Brother' House) (Barbara Dare Age, Wikipedia, Family, Height, Net Worth & Biography)

The sister of this now deceased A-/B+ list actress has had several miscarriages over the past year with the significant other of the actress. Nickayla Rivera/Naya Rivera/Ryan Dorsey (Nickayla Rivera is STILL living with her drowned sister Naya's ex-boyfriend Ryan Dorsey a year and a half after her freak death 'to help care for his six-year-old boy')

The sister of the "singer" did nothing to stop the conservatorship. If she claims that resigning as trustee of a trust was something, she did that because she knew she would be busted and bad things would happen to her, if she stayed. Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears Defends Role in Britney’s Conservatorship: ‘I Did Take the Steps to Help’)

This former Pretty Little Liars actress knows she was used for clout by this former network reality star, but is too nice to call him out for it and his pressure to make them a "couple." Lucy Hale/Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") (Lucy Hale Says She Never Dated Colton Underwood, Reveals If They're 'Close' After His Coming Out)

Speaking of "couples," this former A- list mostly movie actor who is probably B+/B at this point is really trying to force his engagement and soon to be marriage on the world. It won't really help his career because he is not that great of an actor. Taylor Lautner/Tay Dome (Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome are spotted out after getting engaged... as they pick up coffee and walk their dog in Malibu)

This former A list tween actress (Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen) turned entrepreneur was overheard saying the wrong person (Bob Saget) from her former cast died and they would have much preferred a different actor to pass. Mary-Kate Olsen/Bob Saget (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Honor Bob Saget After His Sudden Death: 'We Are Deeply Saddened')

With this A- list singer accused of yet another sexual assault, you would think the A+ list one named singer would finally call him out or put some distance between herself and the singer, but she hasn't and won't. He must have something big on her. Trey Songz/Beyoncé (Basketball Player Dylan Gonzalez Accuses Trey Songz of Raping Her at Las Vegas Hotel)

After losing a key ruling, look for the royal pedophile to stop defending the lawsuit and for a judgement to be entered against him. No one will be able to collect on it and there is no way he will sit for a deposition or attend a trial. Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew to face civil sex assault case after US ruling)

Whatever the leader of this country is doing in his sex life, at least it is not like his predecessor, who should be in jail for a lot more than campaign funding. Emmanuel Macron/Nicolas Sarkozy (Brigitte Macron 'received anonymous phone call saying her husband was with a gay lover', French documentary claims)

This back in the day A list television actor/comic was being taken care of by an A list talking head. Once she broke up with him and cut him off, he was forced to take some very cringeworthy gigs. The senior healthcare television ads are particularly bad. Jimmie Walker/Ann Coulter (Ann Coulter Breaks Her Silence On Jimmie Walker Romance Rumors)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **10**
The love her or hate her A list celebrity has a pap on standby every single day to take her photo. She pays them whether she ends up going out or not. Chrissy Teigen (Whoops, Fans Apparently Mistook Chrissy Teigen And Khloé Kardashian In New Pic)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **11**
One of the daughters in this TikTok family which has moved beyond just TikTok, was at a party when a girl was sexually assaulted by multiple men. The girl passed out from drinking too much and our TikTok star said nothing as several guys went in and out of the bedroom where the girl was passed out.

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **12**
The boyfriend of this superhero/Oscar winner/nominee blew a gasket at the person giving him a spray tan saying it was not even and then going on a rant about how they were lucky he didn't get them fired. Elijah Allan-Blitz/Brie Larson (Brie Larson puts on busty display in beige corset top paired with fluffy silk slippers as she shares popcorn and giggles with boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz at Lakers game)

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **13**
This A list mostly movie actor who has multiple movie franchises and is a serial cheater, is cheating on his latest girlfriend who is a celebrity offspring. Michael B. Jordan/Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori Harvey (Michael B. Jordan Gives Lori Harvey a Big Birthday Surprise, Despite Not Being Able to Attend)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/12 **14**
The Recruiter: Bani emailed this past weekend and said that TikTok is making his life so much easier. How? Many of the women who work as yachters also make him promotional videos extolling the wonders of Dubai. If someone comments on the post or follows one of the women, the woman reaches out to try and establish a relationship and develop a future yachter. There are dozens of women doing this, making dozens of posts a day and they have been wildly successful. Plus, the new women are generally much less expensive. This is where the celebrity aspect comes in to all of this. The woman (Laura Whitmore) in charge of the women making the posts is a foreign born reality star who is probably A list in her home country and in the UK and has appeared on more than a handful of reality shows (Television). It is also said she landed her biggest gig yet as a host of a show ("Love Island") because of how successful she has been at recruiting women. The show she will host got a huge financial boost from one of Bani's employers. Laura Whitmore/"Love Island" (Laura Whitmore covers up against the winter chill in a large faux fur collared suede coat as she leaves BBC Broadcasting House)

The alliterate reality star and the boxer should be sued for their actions regarding pumping and dumping and everyone else including the NBA owner and the celebrity CEO should also be sued. Kim Kardashian/Floyd Mayweather/Mark Cuban/Elon Musk (Angry Crypto Investors Sue Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather Over ‘Pump and Dump’ Scam)

This famous flight review/airline points guru (Brian Kelly) not named Sam Chui probably misses his frequent "business" trips to that Asian island nation now that COVID has put a damper on things. There was one particularly cruisy, nude hot springs that he enjoyed, sometimes alone, sometimes with his partner. Brian Kelly

An actor we know all too well from MTV has been cast as Nightwing for the new Batgirl movie. Announcement happening soon. Dylan O'Brien/"Teen Wolf" (Dylan O’Brien As Dick Grayson In Batgirl Rumor)

The old guard at the big award show wants the way back in the day late night actor and his current co-star who is also a way back in the day late night actor and then to bring in the younger crowd, their much younger co-star to host. "Academy Awards"/Martin Short/Steve Martin/Selena Gomez (Judd Apatow Nominates Steve Martin and Martin Short to Host Oscars: ‘It Would Be Pure Joy and We Need That’)

In order to make herself sound a little better, the sister made herself older when the conservatorship started. In fact, the sister was 16 and pregnant, not 17. Jamie Lynn Spears

The Svengali confirmed what I told you several years ago that he was in touch with the brother-in-law and that he tried to get access back to the "singer" through him and the sister. Sam Lutfi/Jamie Watson/Britney Spears/Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Sam Lutfi Threatens To Sue 'Snake' Jamie Lynn Over Her 'Book Of Lies,' Prepared To Expose 'Mind-Blowing Receipts')

For the first time ever, there are people on US soil who have been affected by the syndrome ("Havana syndrome") that has shown itself all over the world. Several people who work in the federal building in Los Angeles have been at home since Thanksgiving because of what happened to them. "Havana syndrome" (4 US diplomats struck by Havana syndrome in Geneva and Paris: report)

A judge that is not handling a criminal case, but is in charge of a civil case has never had protection before. Beginning last night, she now has a team of a six who are with her 24/7 to protect her from any John Doe's who might want her dead or to threaten her. U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska/Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell documents, and unmask eight high profile "John Does" (WHO'S NEXT? Clinton, Trump & ‘mystery PM’ could face humiliation as Andrew’s accuser bids to unseal secret Epstein & Maxwell docs)

There is a married couple on TikTok who made their fame talking smack about each other and one sentence insults. The husband is cheating on his wife which would make for some really good posts.

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **10**
I know the B list actress says her relationship isn't PR and that it is real. Maybe she could explain why an hour after her "boyfriend" left the club alone, she was sucking face with another guy at the same club. Julia Fox/Kanye West (Kanye West Investigated for Alleged Criminal Battery)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **11**
Once a year like clockwork, this foreign born A-/B+ list actress throws out the wanting to have a family line for some random reporter to try and make her come across as more relatable. If someone offered her the leading role in a summer blockbuster if she got pregnant, then she would do it, otherwise it is not happening. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra Jonas: "I’m Very Excited About the Future. I’m Terrified of It Too")

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **12**
This A+ list dual threat actress does her very best to never be seen drinking in public and certainly not going out in public after having drinks. So, it was a rare sighting indeed to watch her getting smashed at a restaurant last weekend. She was having fun, but there were no chances taken that she would interact with anyone other than those with her.

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **13**
I wonder if the A+ list rapper will have more of those overnight auditions like he did a decade ago when he headlined the spring festival. Kanye West/"Coachella"

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/13 **14**
The Dogs: It kind of seems like something out of 101 Dalmatians, except in this case it is not coats being made from dogs. It also doesn't seem like it would have a celebrity connection, but it does. Using a group of people that are very loyal to her, this former A list social media star who crashed and burned so many times until she has been reduced to just being a name you remember and someone who comes out of the wood work from time to time when she truly goes off the deep end, is running a racket. It involves dogs. It does not involve training dogs to fight or anything like that. It does involve the breeding of dogs. Specifically those bulldogs that keep getting stolen. Several of her group are behind the thefts of the dogs. They are not usually doing the actual robbing, but are the ones paying. With the help of several state police who are addicted to sleeping with her, the group is breeding the bulldogs as fast as they can and then selling them for ridiculous prices. They also steer the buyer to an insurance company who offers insurance in case the dog does get stolen at a very high premium of course. One of the problems they have faced is when they steal a dog that has been spayed or neutered. Obviously they can't use it to breed, so sell them to a couple of shelters out of the state who then charge higher "fees" for people looking to adopt them. (Married dog breeder couple who broke animal welfare laws by forcing dogs to deliver back-to-back litters before selling the puppies for up to £20,000 EACH are ordered to pay £400,000)

This fashion fashion consignment store is ripping off customers. They will offer something for a discounted price but charge customers sales tax based on the original price and keep the difference for themselves. "The RealReal" (The RealReal’s 2022 Luxury Resale Report Sees Outsized Demand For Vintage Products)

This B list actress is the one providing all the party favors to the rapper and friends. Hopefully it will not end in some mass overdose. Apparently when she is in NYC, she uses/used the same drug dealer that wiped out the comics. Julia Fox (Madonna hints Julia Fox will star in her biopic after Kanye West dinner) (Three dead of overdose early Saturday morning in Venice, including comic Fuquan Johnson)

For the first time in two decades these two A+ list mostly movie actors spoke to each other. The one who doesn't direct bailed on a movie franchise the other A+ lister had asked him to be involved in. There were words and then none for these two decades. Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt (Jennifer Aniston Shock: Brad Pitt’s Ex-Wife Wants Him To Reunite With Tom Cruise Onscreen Even Though They Disliked Each Other?)

The serial sexual assaulter/child porn producer is just trying to use the fame of this former A+ list reality star to get some attention for himself. He is also misremembering the past and it is probably because was just as coked out as the former A+ list reality star. Joe Francis/Paris Hilton ('Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis Claims Paris Hilton 'Beat Him' During 2003 Breakup, Says Her Marriage To Carter Reum Won't Last: 'She's Out Of Her Mind')

The sister has no choice now and is going to go all in and burn bridges to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. We are going to hear things about the "singer" that we wouldn't have otherwise. Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears (Britney Spears Calls Jamie Lynn A 'Scum Person')

This B list streaming actress who always looks scary thin and loves coke more than eating has a clause in her contract for a new movie. Drug testing every other day. That would be great for her. Natalia Dyer/"Stranger Things"/"All Fun and Games" (Asa Butterfield, Natalia Dyer Set to Star in Horror Thriller ‘All Fun and Games’)

He knows the movie is awful, but this long time B list actor turned part time wrestler is still out there hustling and promoting it unlike some other cast members. David Arquette/"Scream" (The VERY awkward moment exes Courteney Cox and David Arquette are asked about working together on the new Scream movie: 'Yeah... it's great')

This musician/music producer is doing a lot of talking about some things that have made him unhappy as of late with the A+ list singer. Oh, do please tell. Jack Antonoff & Taylor Swift

The paps are intentionally trying to make the wife of this in trouble A/A- list actor cry, just so they can sell the photos for more. It is pretty bad. Tara Wilson/Chris Noth (Chris Noth's wife Tara Wilson is seen crying in her car and not wearing her wedding ring in Los Angeles weeks after claims emerged that he sexually abused four women)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **10**
The star of the original movie franchise that is getting a reboot won't answer any questions about her actor ex from an acting family. She says it is too traumatic. Neve Campbell/"Scream"/John Cusack (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/17/13)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **11**
While his higher on the list wife is out of town working, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor has been sleeping with a yoga instructor.

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **12**
It wasn't just the strippers and the cheating that made the wife of this A list mostly movie actor want to leave him. It is also due to some of the actions he has taken outside of their marriage that she thinks could end up killing them both. Lisa Bonet/Jason Momoa (Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Announce Split After Nearly 5 Years of Marriage)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **13**
The amount of payola being paid to get this foreign born former A list singer's new song this much radio play, must be astonishing. Avril Lavigne/"Love It When You Hate Me" (Avril Lavigne Previews New LP ‘Love Sux’ With ‘Love It When You Hate Me’)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/14 **14**
Four For Fridays - Hookups You Forgot
#1 - This one named A list singer not named Madonna hooked up with this musician who has an infamous sex tape. Cher/Tommy Lee (Tommy Lee and Cher)

#2 - Speaking of musicians, this one is also A list and fired from his band for drug use. He hooked up with two people you probably forgot about. This former brat packer and also this alliterate actress from an iconic show. Richie Sambora/"Bon Jovi"/Ally Sheedy/Courtney Cox (Ally Sheedy on dating Richie Sambora) (Did Bon Jovi appear in friends sitcom?)
#3 - This permanent A list mostly movie actress who was the highest paid actress for a long time used to hook up with this A+ list mostly movie actor who is best known for that long running action franchise. Julia Roberts/Liam Neeson/"Taken" (Teenage Julia Roberts had a relationship with Liam Neeson)
#4 - This former A- list mostly movie actress who had brief appearances in this movie franchise and also cameos in a long running sitcom that spanned network and streaming. She used to hookup with the A list mostly movie actor who died of a drug overdose. Heather Graham/"The Hangover"/"Portlandia"/Heath Ledger (Inside Heather Graham's Relationship With Heath Ledger)

The countdown now begins before the inevitable leaks of the women this married A list actor was having affairs with or communicating intent to have an affair. Jason Momoa (Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet Lived Separate Lives In Months Before Divorce, Actor Was Spotted Partying In Hawaii Without Wife)

The problem the reality family is having with the birth announcement is the lawyer representing the deceased victims has promised to have a press conference/release the same day. Kardashians/Kylie Jenner/"Astroworld" (Kylie Jenner shuts down birth rumors as she displays baby bump in new pictures from daughter Stormi and niece Chicago's joint birthday party) (New FBI Website Asking for Astroworld Pics, Video: ‘This Took Far Too Long’)

This married actor (David Arquette) was mentioned in this space yesterday regarding his new movie ("Scream"). Today he is in this spot because he is the source for an affair that his married foreign born co-star (Neve Campbell) is having with an actor (Mason Gooding) who is the celebrity offspring of a sex predator (Cuba Gooding Jr.). David Arquette/"Scream"/Neve Campbell/Mason Gooding/Cuba Gooding Jr. (Next Big Thing: How Mason Gooding Landed ‘Scream’ — With Help From an NYU Paper)

Somehow TMZ and all the other jail watchers missed this indie director getting arrested for domestic violence this week. He has won multiple awards at Sundance. The kind of guy who talks about craft a lot. He already had a five year protective order taken out against him by his ex-girlfriend who is the creator/showrunner of a show with girlfriend in the title. Shane Carruth/Amy Seimetz/"The Girlfriend Experience" (‘Upstream Color’ Director Shane Carruth Accused of Abusing Ex-Girlfriend)

The biggest K-pop boyband ("BTS") preaches about no-violence campaigns and loving yourself at the UN while working with a composer (Jung Bobby), aged 43, who drugged, raped, filmed young women, and drove one of them to suicide. His reputation was no secret, but they worked with him on at least four albums ("Map of the Soul"/"Love Yourself: Answer"/"Love Yourself: Tear") ("Dream Glow"). A member (Jimin) who is a dancer of the band and loves media playing his donations to children charities, made a solo song ("Filter") with the rapist in 2020 despite the composer being charged with rape in 2019. Their rabid fans are fake woke like the band, so they ignored the news and still continue mass-buying the songs and basically sponsoring the rapist's lawyers. "BTS"/Jung Bobby/"Map of the Soul"/"Love Yourself: Answer"/"Love Yourself: Tear"/"Dream Glow"/Jimin/"Filter"

This one named A list DJ who is also racist and an accused rapist yet still has his own channel on a satellite network is having trouble getting anyone to work with him who is equal or higher on the list. They all know what is about to come down and want to be far far away from him when it does. Diplo

The A+ list rapper is out talking about his kids. The thing is though, he doesn't acknowledge most of them because they were born using surrogates. The one child who is his favorite, might not even be his, but is still his favorite. Kanye West/North West/Reggie Bush

In quite the turn of events and knowing there must be something more coming, Kneepads has quietly taken the side of the sister in the ongoing battle between the sister and the "singer." "People Magazine"/Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Pointed Message After Sister Britney Calls Her 'Scum Person')

This alliterate actress who has spent some time in jail, has always been known for the armed guards that patrol her property. Where did they suddenly disappear to? Lori Loughlin (Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's Home Burglarized, $1 Million in Jewelry Stolen)

The ginger haired one is implying through a recent statement that the US is covering the costs of his security and also providing Secret Service and he wants the same thing at home. Also, if it doesn't happen it gives the alliterate one an excuse to stay behind which is what she really wants anyway. The ginger haired one didn't have any issues with it last time when he was home. Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry to Britain: This Is What I Need to Keep My Family Safe)

The amount of disparaging stuff the momager is leaking to the press about the A+ list rapper is going to have consequences. They think he won't spill secrets to keep his safe in return, but they are fast approaching the line where he is going to say screw it. Kris Jenner/Kanye West (Kim Kardashian Upset By Kanye West's Comments About Co-Parenting: 'Healthy Boundaries' Says Source)

The sister (Jamie Lynn Spears) wanted a producer (Dan Schneider) for herself and didn't want the producer to be sleeping with her co-star (Alexa Nikolas), so made the life of her co-star miserable and had her forced out ("Zoey 101") and the next year the sister got pregnant by the producer. Jamie Lynn Spears/Dan Schneider/Alexa Nikolas/"Zoey 101" ('Typical move for a bully to play the victim card': Jamie Lynn Spears eviscerated by former Zoey 101 costar Alexa Nikolas for 'lying up a storm' in her new memoir)

This foreign born permanent A list singer is losing her battle to cancer. Celine Dion (Celine Dion cancels remaining shows of Courage World Tour due to ongoing health issues)

This mostly former Teen Mom has been having troubles finding suitors as of late to keep her financially afloat. Perhaps, this is why she recently lost her temper. Farrah Abraham (Farrah Abraham Arrested for Battery at Hollywood Nightclub)

A victim of this former A- list actor she accused of rape, says she has been receiving death threats from parties unknown, but because so many police officers are members of the celebrity cult, she gets no help. Danny Masterson/Scientology (Can ex-scientologists sue the church?)

AKA Sticks is being heavily pressured to take a settlement deal and then say nice things about the A- list actor. She won't do that. FKA Twigs/Shia LaBeouf (Margaret Qualley doubles down on support for FKA twigs after Shia LaBeouf allegations)

I haven't heard there was a complete surrender of parental rights, but I do know this A+ list rapper has zero say on any decisions when it comes to parenting or any deals made by his ex on behalf of the children and it is not something that can be revisited down the line. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian (Kanye West wants to have his four children 'over as much as possible' after moving across the street from estranged wife Kim Kardashian)

This A/A- list singer who doesn't want to sing any longer and just wants to act, was wasted out of her mind at a recent gathering of actresses. Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga, 35, Celebrates Her SAG Awards Nomination With A Flawless New No-Makeup Selfie On Instagram)

Fascinating how one minute the world thinks the A+ list singer and her boyfriend have split, and the next thing you know, the A+ list singer travels to the other side of the globe and then engagement rumors somehow pop up. I would lean more towards the split, than the engagement. Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn ('People think an engagement could be on the cards': Taylor Swift and beau Joe Alwyn 'jetted from Nashville to CORNWALL for three-day romantic break as pals predict a proposal')

Fans of this wizarding book series and everything that accompanies it, think they are sticking it to the author with a recent casting announcement. The fans do realize that (a) the author gets approval on every casting and (b) the author gets a ton of money for allowing the project to move forward. "Harry Potter"/JK Rowling (Film producers plan 'woke' Harry Potter series which would see trans female cast as the wizard's mother amid JK Rowling gender row)

This basically unemployed former? southeast Housewife is in a relationship but has been hitting on retired NBA players thinking they will be interested in her. They aren't.

The one year wonder/beard for hire has been in the news this week, which is rare for her. It also shined a light on some of the women that are with her on a little trip and how the trip is being paid for and by whom. Olivia Culpo/"Miss Universe in 2012" (Olivia Culpo & Christian McCaffrey Show Off Ripped Bods On Mexico Vacation)

This west coast NBA owner just ensured his team will lead the world in merch sales from people in the large Asian country. It was amazing he was able to speak at all with his nose so far up their butts. Chamath Palihapitiya/"Golden State Warriors"/China (Warriors owner Chamath Palihapitiya: ‘Nobody cares’ about Uyghur genocide in China)

It was no surprise that the sister of the "singer" went on a specific podcast. It is beloved by publicists or celebrities with abusive/problematic backgrounds that would normally have to answer for those behaviors. On this particular podcast, they don't and can spin and spin. Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears/"Call Her Daddy" (Jamie Lynn Spears Recalls Britney Being 'So Sad' After Justin Timberlake Split: 'How Heartbreaking') ("Call Her Daddy"/Jamie Lynn Spears - Part 1)

The flowering financial institution is leading a celebration on the night of February 1st for Satanic New Year. She has invited a lot of celebrities. Who will show up? Azealia Banks

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **10**
This B+ list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and serial sexual assaulter has been taking his shot with the ex of this former NBA player. Cuba Gooding Jr./Larsa Pippen/Scottie Pippin (Cuba Gooding Jr. in Miami) (Larsa Pippen, 47, shows off her incredible curves in a tiny pink bikini as she soaks up the sun in Miami Beach)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **11**
Speaking of NBA players, this A lister is supposedly the boyfriend of this A- list reality star from the reality family. Why is it then, that he is constantly hooking up with women in the city where he plays and also on the road when he can get away with it rules wise. Kendall Jenner/Devin Booker (Kendall Jenner Snuggles Up to Boyfriend Devin Booker in Sweet Photo from New Year's Weekend)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **12**
Apparently as long as he doesn't actually come out to the public and at least pretends he has a girlfriend, then the barely there celebrity offspring of a couple of A listers in their respective entertainment fields, then they are fine with him being seen in public and going on trips with his boyfriend. His parents pretend to be progressive, but really are not. Patrick Schwarzenegger/Abby Champion/Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver (Patrick Schwarzenegger shows off ripped abs in tiny patterned swim trunks as he pulls kayak on to Maui beach) (Patrick Schwarzenegger showcases his new platinum blond hair as he steps out with girlfriend Abby Champion and pals in Santa Monica)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **13**
This HGTV star (Christina Meursinge Haack El Moussa Anstead) doesn't have a restraining order against her first husband (Tarek El Moussa) because it would make it difficult to work with him ("Flip or Flop"), but in all respects that is how they live their life and a restraining order is probably in the future for her ex (Ant Anstead) and his current significant other (Renée Zellweger). I give it a year or so before something violent happens that necessitates it. Christina Meursinge Haack El Moussa Anstead/Tarek El Moussa/"Flip or Flop"/Ant Anstead/Renée Zellweger (Christina Haack blasts critics saying she got engaged to Joshua Hall ‘too soon’) (Ant Anstead and Renée Zellweger Spotted Together for First Time in over a Month in Laguna Beach)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/17 **14**
Scandal Brewing: A scandal which has been brewing in a certain winter sport (Figure Skating) for years is very much an open secret, and will reach a boiling point at the upcoming Olympic games. A certain federation has made it clear for a long time about their golden boy and what they want from him this Olympics. However, this golden boy (Nathan Chen) wants nothing more but to be out of this sport and will announce retirement the second the games end. He is also currently dealing with an injury which is only getting worse. The federation is desperate to knock off their biggest rival (Yuzuru Hanyu) to the golden boy and get the one title that has been out of their grasp. They know if they get it, the money and publicity for the federation will be like it was in the 90's early 00's for women in the sport. The federation is not above corruption and payouts or loopholes for coaches and over scoring for certain routines which favor the golden boy and not his rival. There has been a similar scandal at a Winter Olympics (2002 Winter Olympics figure skating scandal). It was in the same sport and went mainstream (TV series "Meddling") when the public realized that the medal was sitting around the neck of someone (Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze) who got it through corruption from their federation (which is not the federation who is the subject of the blind), and not the rightfully deserving, also ever-popular, foreign-born competitor (Jamie Salé and David Pelletier). Figure Skating/Nathan Chen/Yuzuru Hanyu/2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City/TV series "Meddling"/Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze/Jamie Salé and David Pelletier

Apparently if you are a sometime Disney actress who had a memorable character, you can dress up as that character for the children of a national morning show radio host and then get nearly 10 minutes of that host and the A+ list host talking you up and your brand brand new song, all while of course forgetting to mention how that ten minutes came to be.

Call me crazy, but when this director/creator/showrunner, trying a redemption tour on for size, says that the dozens of people who accused him of horrific behavior are all wrong, and he is the one who is correct, that is doing much for your redemption. Joss Whedon (Joss Whedon denies toxic behavior allegations made by 'Justice League' and 'Angel' cast members)

This permanent A list singer/actress/entertainer who is an EGOT winner has possibly given her last filmed interview after what she saw looking back at one she gave this past week. Liza Minnelli (VIDEO: Liza Minnelli Appears on CBS Sunday Morning)

This B+ list actress is in the talked about reboot of the iconic show which was then turned into mediocre movies. Our actress had to do a bunch of lopping because of how slurred her speech is from all the botox. Even with the looping, it sounds like she has been drinking all day. Kristin Davis/"And Just Like That"/"Sex and the City" (Kristin Davis says she plans on using Sex and the City to teach her kids when they're older: 'I don't want her to feel embarrassed')

The late night talk show host doesn't hate this west coast Housewife. He just can't do anything about her and isn't under his thumb. Plus, she brought in someone who is going to rain down all kinds of horrific media on the season when it begins airing. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Sanela Diana Jenkins (Who Is Sanela Diana Jenkins? 5 Things to Know About ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 12 Newbie)

This A+ list TikTok star who now only wants to act, had her recent trip paid for by a very wealthy older man. He is just setting the groundwork. She very much wants to be rich, and knows what she will need to do to achieve that. She is just looking for the right wealthy older man. Addison Rae/Turks And Caicos (Addison Rae shares flashback photos from the Turks & Caicos as she names Angelina Jolie's 'sexy goth' look from the Nineties as her style inspiration)

The marijuana feline can say whatever she likes about not using coke in three years, but that was definitely her I saw doing lines in late 2020 and then again early last year. So, chances are good those were not the only two times. Dojo Cat (Doja Cat, French Montana and more stars vacation in the Bahamas)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The disgraced LAPD commander known for his part in a seminal moment in LA history showed up at LAX working as a limo driver after he got out of prison. Talk about Karma. He didn’t look too happy to be standing there with a luggage cart holding a sign with his client’s name on it. After the initial notoriety wore off, he became just another one of the guys. Stacey Koon (Police sergeant involved in Rodney King beating now works as luxury limousine driver)

Apparently this A-/B+ list actress/singer from an acting family thought she was getting the six figure birthday present she asked her "boyfriend" for. She had been telling all her friends to act surprised. The person surprised was the actress who got some gifts, but nothing close to what she was expecting. Zooey Deschanel/engagement ring/Jonathan Scott (Jonathan Scott wishes girlfriend Zooey Deschanel a happy birthday as she turns 42: 'You make life so much better)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **10**
Why yes, that was this A- list rapper/civil lawsuit defendant who hit up a strip club and then took some of them home. Another instance of him definitely not being with his baby mother. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner (Travis Scott keeps a low profile while attending football game in LA... before a sewage pipe bursts at the stadium)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **11**
This closeted A-/B+ list actor all of you know has split from his long time boyfriend. Now comes the scary part trying to find someone new who won't spill the secret. Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal Once Revealed How Heath Ledger Hated ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Jokes)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **12**
The publicity team of this foreign born A- list actor/superhero have really been trying to push the actress "girlfriend" to take a selfie in bed together. Apparently that is going much too far for the actress. She rarely is willing to do anything more than a side hug. Tom Holland/Zendaya (I Want What They Have: Zendaya and Tom Holland)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **13**
Speaking of superheroes, this A+/A list mostly movie actor apparently sent out a really nice wedding present to his ex. She is still keeping those secrets. Chris Evans/Jenny Slate (Jenny Slate married fiancé Ben Shattuck on New Year’s Eve)

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/18 **14**
The Lawsuit That Never Was: This one is not as hard as some that are in this space, but it is an interesting tale that hasn't been discussed much, if ever. Go back in time to when this teen actress (Jamie Lynn Spears) on a hit teen cable show ("Zoey 101") got pregnant. It made a lot of news. People were fascinated by it. A couple of people reached out to the actress to see if she would be interested in documenting her pregnancy on a reality show. She had a story to tell and could help other teens in the same position. She turned them down because she was doing her best to hide it and the story of who the father was, had not been completely thought out. Plus, the family just wanted to get through it and get back to making the actress famous. Finally, there were things going on with a different family member (Britney Spears) that would make things difficult, and questions would be asked about the horrific parenting. Fast forward several months and the team of the actress hear about a new show ("16 and Pregnant") being filmed by the same people who pitched the actress about starring in their documentary. Her team really thought she should be compensated because it was her situation that led to all this and there had been some papers signed while the actress was still thinking about it. That option had long expired though and there was talk of a lawsuit but there was so much going in the family that it was never really a serious play. It is interesting to speculate if she had been the sole star of the original concept if there would have been the franchise there is today ("Teen Mom"). Would she have been willing to be part of an ensemble cast? She would have made her own money instead of asking for handouts for over a decade. Jamie Lynn Spears/"Zoey 101"/Britney Spears/"16 and Pregnant"/"Teen Mom"

This B+ list actress has a nice career. She starred in a very hit television show. She has also discussed all of the men who took advantage of her, especially when she was underage. One of those men she has not discussed until now. Apparently she is going to come forward and talk about the showrunner/creator/director who also had sex with the actress when she was underage. Michelle Trachtenberg/"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"/Joss Whedon (Michelle Trachtenberg Says Joss Whedon Was Not Allowed to Be Alone With Her on ‘Buffy’)

This A- list actress and her betrothed had another huge fight. Their fights are becoming legendary and wonder if there are some substance abuse issues going on with both people. Emma Roberts/Garrett Hedlund (Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund Sell One of Their L.A. Homes)

This A- list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee, literally has two, maybe three friends. If all of them are busy, our actress will literally just sit in her home and not do anything. Apparently she just sits there and waits for someone to text or call her. She doesn't read or watch television or doom scroll, she just sits there. Not Jessica Chastain.

I have discussed in this space before about the foreign born celebrity/model who has a title and how she misremembers a lot of the past to make herself look good in the present. She was way more involved in bad things then she lets on. She knows that no one will challenge her representation of events for fear of getting called out themselves. Victoria Hervey (Socialite Lady Victoria Hervey says Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton 'were like brothers' and 'loved' being around Prince Andrew as ITV documentary hears royal 'put himself in a dangerous situation' with his partying lifestyle)

It used to be that the foreign based tabloid would just have photos and captions for yachting advertisements of celebrities you have never heard of. Now, if you are willing to pay more, they will also have an "interview" so the yachter can attract more interest. "The Daily Mail"/UK

Even though the foreign born A/A- list rapper was dropped from a lawsuit, it really doesn't matter. Her husband is broke without her money, so she will still be paying the judgement if he loses. Of course, he could be defending the case from jail if things go badly on Monday. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj Harassment Lawsuit Dropped by Husband Kenneth Petty's Alleged Rape Victim: 'Stay Tuned')

Even after the death of this three named bigger than life celebrity, the editor still has a grudge. I guess I expect nothing less from her. André Leon Talley/Anna Wintour/"Vogue" (André Leon Talley, Editor and Fashion Industry Force, Dies at 73)

This A- list actor (Brian Cox) who you have seen most recently on a hit pay cable show and shares a name but not spelling with a really good former NFL player (Bryan Cox), is doing himself no favors by publicly praising some of the worst people Hollywood has to offer. Brian Cox/"Succession"/Bryan Cox (Is Brian Cox Allowed to Be Saying All This?)

The drug use by this former? Teen Mom is getting out of hand. Instead of doing something about it, she is asking if there is a reality show paycheck she could land before and after rehab. Farrah Abraham ('NO SURPRISE' Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s ex accuses her of being a ‘violent alcoholic’ after arrested for ‘slapping security guard’)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **10**
A really strung out former porn star traded a video the other day for some drugs. I don't know if there will be a market for it, but some of the adult sites are discussing its value. It stars this former A+ list actor and the porn star. There is a value in that. However, there is also another man involved and the very much closeted actor is involved in sexual activity with the man. Bree Olson/Charlie Sheen (Bree Olson describes hardships after leaving adult film industry)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **11**
Our A list "singer" wanted her attorney to do something, so he did. Even he knows though he would never win any type of defamation case against the sister. He also knows that in order to win, that the singer would have to be deposed. That will never ever happen. Britney Spears/Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears sends cease-and-desist letter to sister demanding she stop talking about her on book tour)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **12**
Apparently the permanent A list radio host knows about his wife's obsession with a certain celebrity chef and was extremely worried she would act on that if starring with him on a show. Howard Stern/Beth Ostrosky Stern/Bobby Flay (Beth Stern and Bobby Flay Give Rachael Ray a 50th Birthday Surprise)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **13**
Is it really a great marriage when you need to have a tracking device on you at all times and for your significant other to ask for your phone every few hours to see who you have been talking to? That is what it is like for this reality star who is married to his co-star in seasonally named shows that always use the same base word. Kyle Cooke/Amanda Batula/"Summer House" ("Winter House") (Summer House's Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Get Married in Outdoor Ceremony)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 01/19 **14**
A Tidbit: There is nothing salacious in this blind, and is more of an encounter rather than anything else. Because it is rare for me to have a blind about this person, I thought it would be fun to include. Other than some light editing, it is exactly in the words of the tipster. After watching one newly-released film decades ago in our Northern California county, we were handed a small typed flyer inviting us to a screening of a film ("Ordinary People") that would go on to become an Oscar winner (Awards and nominations). The film would also be the directorial debut for this permanent A list actor (Robert Redford) and starred one of our favorite actress (Mary Tyler Moore) in comedies who is also permanently A list. At the screening, though, there was no soundtrack so it was a little dull but I believe it was being completed at this nearby studio ("Skywalker Ranch") owned by the filmmaker (George Lucas) best known for a franchise ("Star Wars"). The screening was to determine whether the audience would like the ending or not. Our usual row (of only four seats against the side wall) was blocked, so my mother, sister and I settled for the row right in front of it. This was annoyance number one for my mom. All of a sudden, after everyone was settled and the theater was darkened, two or three people filed in and sat in the row - our row! - behind us. Everything was fine until the man behind my mother started kicking her chair - non-stop. This went on for quite awhile until finally my mom - who was really getting into the movie - couldn't take it anymore and she turned to her side and, in a loud irritated whisper, said "stop KICKING my chair! I'm trying to watch the movie!" As a teenager, I was a little embarrassed but when I saw a man's hand stretch out to touch my mom's shoulder, I turned to see what he was doing. I was startled to see that it was the film's director, sitting with his tall blonde girlfriend at the time. He was quite embarrassed and obviously unaware of his kicking. "I'm so sorry," he whispered back. "Keep watching." He never kicked her chair after that and left before the lights went back on. "Ordinary People"/Robert Redford/Mary Tyler Moore/"Skywalker Ranch"/George Lucas/"Star Wars"



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