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Unless this former A- list teen singer gets help, he won't live to see 2022. Aaron Carter (What's Really Going on After Aaron Carter Accused Brother Nick of Trying to Put Him Under Conservatorship)

Speaking of in trouble singers, the flowering financial institution needs to stop smoking crack. She is in bad shape. Azealia Banks (The 'Black Madonna' raptress insinuates that she thinks the 'Eric Andre Show' host's mother looks like a man after he posts a throwback picture of his parents.)

Don't believe the hype coming from the former A+ list rapper. He was not close to the recently deceased designer. In fact, he has burned most of the bridges with every notable designer because he was always trying to steal their designs using the guise of friendship. Kanye West/Virgil Abloh (Kim and Kanye put aside Pete Davidson drama for Virgil Abloh tribute in Miami)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor sure has been pushing himself into the news each day. One thing he hasn't mentioned is the plastic surgery he had done to his face. Not Tom Cruise. I think we have already established chipmunk cheeks got some work done. Will Smith (Will Smith ‘looks like a Pixar version of himself’ in new TV interview)
(Will Smith: I used to vomit after orgasming as a ‘psychosomatic reaction’)

This three named rapper/singer used a tragedy as an excuse to cancel an upcoming concert. Will she do the same thing in every city that has low ticket sales, because the sales at the upcoming venue were abysmal. Megan Thee Stallion/"Astroworld"/Houston (Megan Thee Stallion Cancels Houston Show Out of Respect For Astroworld Victims)

This permanent A list actress who has won the best (2009 Academy Awards - Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role "The Blind Side") and the worst (2009 - Razzie Award - Worst Actress & Worst Couple "All About Steve") in acting awards, always seems to head over to an online talk show right before her racist ex makes the news for something. It is as if she knows it is coming which makes me wonder how much of an ex is he. Sandra Bullock/"Ellen"/Jesse James (Sandra Bullock Doesn't Need Marriage to Be a 'Devoted Partner' to Bryan Randall: 'Love of My Life') (Sandra Bullock Says She and Keanu Reeves "Could Have Survived" as a Couple) (Jesse James: Most hated man in America)

When you financially cut off a relative, the next thing you know, you can end up dead. Apparently the dispute happened last week around Thanksgiving. Otis Anderson Jr. (Father charged in shooting death of former UCF football player Otis Anderson Jr.)

In exchange or agreeing to an interview, this A list mostly movie actor's wife is going to get multiple spots on the early morning show on the network hosting the interview. Alec Baldwin/Hilaria Baldwin/"ABC" (Alec Baldwin exclusive: 'The trigger wasn't pulled. I didn't pull the trigger') (Hilaria Baldwin Shares Photo with Husband Alec Ahead of His First Interview After Rust Shooting)

One of the things that has emerged in the A- list mostly movie actor being sued by his exes for assault, is a relationship he had with the one named A list foreign born singer. Apparently he liked to tie her up.

The ex of this A-/B+ list actress who died not that long ago, is trying to sell multiple sex tapes featuring the actress, but not himself. Naya Rivera

This one named A list singer is keeping her tattoo of the serial rapist because she says the tattoo is about his music. So, all the horrible things he has done to dozens of women and girls I guess doesn't matter to her? Halsey/Marilyn Manson (Halsey Unveils Huge Marilyn Manson Tattoo on Her Torso)

This foreign born former superhero hit his most recent hookup in the face yesterday after she spilled something on a suit he recently purchased. She fled the house and went to stay with her sister. Henry Cavill/Natalie Viscuso (Who Is Natalie Viscuso? Everything You Need to Know About Henry Cavill’s GF) (Is Henry Cavill dating Anya Chalotra? Rumors swirl around 'The Witcher' Season 2 co-stars)

This international organization was not pleased last night that the A list singer who is an ambassador to the program was missing from an event. The singer didn't want to answer any questions from press, so she skipped it. Katy Perry/"UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador"/"UNICEF At 75 Celebration" In Los Angeles (Katy Perry Appointed Newest UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador)

The Quickie: This actress is A list and married. She has been married for a long time and is a dual threat. A guy who had an affair with her back in 2018 said there was nothing romantic about their affair. It was really regimented. A friend of the actress would text the guy and tell him where to be and what time. It was usually a hotel, but sometimes it was a condo that may have belonged to the friend of the actress. She would already be there and be showered and was always in a white terry cloth robe. She would make him shower and then also put on a robe. They would then hit the bed. No kissing was allowed and he said she would go through all the motions and did everything he wanted to, but rarely said anything at all during the act. As soon as it finished, she would always say, "That was nice." She would then make him shower again and when he finished ask him to leave. There was never a time that he was alone with access to anything. She didn't make him put his phone in a bag or anything, but there was never a time he would have been able to access it or anything else without her seeing.

This A- list singer/bad actress should let her PR team handle her social media. If that were the case, she wouldn't have the world talking about her alcohol and booze use after her kidney transplant. Now, everyone is digging into it again because our actress/singer had to make a drinking joke. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Bluntly Responds to Commenter Who Accused Her of Drinking Heavily After Her Kidney Transplant)

Speaking of in trouble singers, the flowering financial institution needs to stop smoking crack. She is in bad shape. Azealia Banks

That Potomac Housewife cheating on her significant other with a trainer, is now in the process of splitting with her significant other.

This A list actor would now have you believe there was some kind of supernatural force at work or another killer responsible for the death he caused. Alec Baldwin (Alec Baldwin Said He Didn't Pull The Trigger Of The "Rust" Prop Gun That Killed Halyna Hutchins)

It is award season time. This A+/A list mostly movie actor is working the publicity machine. Every single day this week, there has been a different story about him and he managed to work out the details for the contract to have his "girlfriend" back for the season, so that will get him even more press. Bradley Cooper/"Nightmare Alley"/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper calls ex Irina Shayk’s support ‘very special’)

This one named singer/producer who is A+ list as a producer and lower on the list for singer, is someone all of you know. He could barely make it through an event last night because his drug habit is out of control. Pharrell Williams/CHANEL Dinner To Celebrate FIVE ECHOES By Es Devlin, Jungle Plaza, Miami Design District (Pharrell Williams, Alana Haim Visit Chanel Labyrinth at Art Basel Miami Beach)

Speaking of naming rights. Apparently there is a NBA team that you would never imagine in a million years in financial difficulty, but they are which is why they are looking for cash anywhere they can find it. "LA Lakers"

This A list rapper is trying to get families who take up his offer for burial assistance, to sign a release which in effect, keeps them from suing him. Man he is shady. Travis Scott (Families of Astroworld Tragedy Victims Refuse Travis Scott’s Offer to Pay for Funeral Services)

Reader Blind: This one named singer currently riding a nostalgia wave, who usually has a far better singing voice and a far better attitude towards the crowd, wasn’t just having a panic attack. She was full on drunk. I hope she gets the help she needs. Tiffany (Singer Tiffany apologizes for 'trainwreck' performance, swearing at fans: 'I panicked')

This A list stoner comic actor still talks to his disgraced actor friend every day. He just pretends he doesn't when asked about it publicly. Seth Rogan/James Franco

This offspring of an A+ list reality star is not even old enough to have an account on this short form video social media platform. That being said, there was an exception made because they are trying to expose the next generation to the masses and already have a marketing deal in place for someone who is not even a tween yet. North West/Kim Kardashian

This foreign born A list country singer is cheating on his wife. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman

Speaking of country singers and cheating, this A lister from a sometime lightning rod A list group is hooking up with a man who still very much lives with his wife.

The Deaths: Nearly ten years ago, three scientists wrote a research paper that was then posted in a more widely read science magazine that sometimes even regular people can understand. It is a highly cited article. It was also the first time that anyone really dug into furin cleavage sites and how they could be man made, but also look as if they could occur naturally. Think about a deep fake video. They can be very difficult to tell whether they are real or not. This is the same kind of thing. Did I mention that all three scientists who write this paper are Chinese? One of the three died under mysterious circumstances and since November 2019, the other two have had round the clock bodyguards while in Europe. The question has been are the bodyguards there to protect them or keep them from speaking. (Computational prediction of furin cleavage sites by a hybrid method and understanding mechanism underlying diseases)

This A- list singer who has battled serious substance abuse issues admitted to what I have been telling you for months. She has been using again and knows she needs help. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato says they're no longer 'California sober,' now 'sober sober': 'The only way to be')

With this A list mostly movie actress no longer wanting to sleep with this A list mostly movie actor who have starred together frequently, the actor called on the three named actress/former co-star, who would be more than happy to. Scarlett Johansson/Chris Evans/Ana De Armas (Ana de Armas Replaces Scarlett Johansson in Chris Evans’ ‘Ghosted’)

The one still in charge issued a very rare edict. She wanted no trails of the century while still alive and ordered the result that was issued. Now lets see if the one still in charge can also stop the documentary/hit job. Queen Elizabeth/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle given rare Christmas privilege by Queen not afforded to Kate Middleton)

This talk show host decided his ego was more important than whatever happened to his employees during the holiday season. They are without a job. He could have waited a month, but instead only looked after himself. Dr. Oz (TV stations to take 'Dr. Oz Show' off air after Mehmet Oz announces Senate run)

This foreign born A list dual threat actor is forced to spin a lot of tales because of the odd dynamic between himself and his wife, but he didn't know her when he was a teen, so I am not sure how he could have had a crush on her then. Benedict Cumberbatch/Sophie Hunter

This A-/B+ list actress has been footing the bill for her sibling's big trial. The sibling has also been pocketing a bunch of money for himself and his boyfriend. Jurnee Smollett/Jussie Smollett (Jussie Smollett’s defense argues prosecution star witness is a disgruntled ex-lover)

Want to hear something crazy? The wife of this A list actor now is saying the person who died, committed suicide. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin/Halyna Hutchins/"Rust"

The government offered the madam/procurer a plea deal after day three of the trial. They know things are going bad. Is this when we get another unexplained death. Ghislaine Maxwell (things are going slightly better now in large part to Carolyn) (Ghislaine Maxwell trial: third accuser’s ex-boyfriend corroborates her account) (Ghislaine Maxwell's defense keeps 'spotlight' on Epstein, other powerful men)

A 16 year old girl was paid six figures from people representing this foreign born A+/A list singer. He had asked her for nude photos and she complied. Her parents discovered it, but instead of going to the police, took some money. Drake

According to this A- list mostly movie actress, a sex game got really out of hand which is why she has been taking a break from her A/A- list boyfriend. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (Machine Gun Kelly Needed Stitches After Attempting To Impress Megan Fox With Tricks That Included A Knife From Travis Barker)

This A- list actor who you hear nearly every day in commercials for a massive company, has been avoiding reporters who want to know about the Epstein victim he slept with. Josh Lucas/"Home Depot"/Ghislaine Maxwell (Who Is The Voice Of Home Depot Commercials? (You’ll Be Surprised)) (11 Ghislaine Maxwell Josh Lucas Photos) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/26/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/10/19)

First, the one named foreign born singer lied to everyone about how she achieved her new look. Now, she is pretending she doesn't watch reality television, when it is all she watches. Adele (Adele’s Weight Loss Journey: How She Lost100 Pounds) (Adele's stance on reality television: 'My brain will die' if I watch it)

This A- list actor/singer who is that high on the list to Gen Z, says his way higher on the list ex, who is on the radio every ten minutes, used him to hide her illegal relationship with the much older music producer. Joshua Bassett/Olivia Rodrigo (Joshua Bassett shades ex-girlfriend Olivia Rodrigo in savage new songs ) (How did Dan Nigro discover Olivia Rodrigo?)

Four For Friday - Really Bad Behavior - NOT Old Hollywood
#1 - This former A+/A list mostly movie actress from an entertainment family tried to kill a family member so they wouldn't rat out the actress for sleeping with a different family member. Tatum O'Neal/Griffin O'Neal/Ryan O’Neal (Tragic Details About Tatum O'Neal) (Ryan O’Neal Hits On Tatum O’Neal At Farrah’s Funeral) (BLIND ITEM 02/29/12)

#2 - This former A list host pulled out her celebrity husband's gun and threatened to kill him after catching him in yet another affair. Did I mention the hookup was with the husband at the time of the gun holding and threatening? Sharon Osbourne/Ozzy Osbourne; Kathie Lee Gifford/Frank Gifford; Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter
#3 - This very very wealthy former CEO who I usually call by a different nickname once watched a man be killed because he wanted to see what it was like to see. Ted Turner/"The Mouth of the South"
#4 - This former A- list actress who had multiple franchises, once pushed a woman down a flight of stairs because she thought the woman was talking to the date of the actress. The woman wasn't. Our actress was wasted on coke and booze. The woman broke her arm and wrist. Shannen Doherty/"Little House on the Prairie"/"Beverly Hills, 90210"/"Charmed"; Tara Reid/"American Pie"/"Sharknado"

All the pressure from the former Housewife to take over management was just too much for the A list singer. Plus, every conversation with anyone in the family was about money or drugs. She had enough and walked away. Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Dua Lipa (Anwar Hadid)

The 2021 stick the knife in the back (Taylor Swift) a little deeper continues for the alliterate model (Karlie Kloss). She and wife (Sophie Turner) of this alliterate A- list singer (Joe Jonas) are now best friends, and she took the members of this family musical group ("The Jonas Brothers") out to dinner.
Karlie Kloss/Sophie Turner/Joe Jonas/"Haim"

This very tall former A+ list athlete who is always on your television screen is cheating on his girlfriend with this one named singer which sounds a lot like it should be two names. She also did a thing with a fast food place. Shaquille O'Neal/Annie Ilonzeh/Saweetie (McDonald's TV Commercial, 'The Saweetie Meal' Featuring Saweetie)

The government is doing nothing to stop the online bots/doxxing/people following family members of Jane Doe (accuser in Ghislaine Maxwell trial) . They harass her employers. It is not just a team that the madam/procurer has hired, she has lots of supporters. I have no idea why. Ghislaine Maxwell (Accuser Describes Maxwell and Epstein Ensnaring and Abusing Her at 14)

This massive network reality hit show was set to cast someone else as its latest lead. The issue was that one of their hopefuls has a criminal record he hadn't previously revealed and another has an ex-girlfriend who is having his baby. "The Bachelor" (Clayton From Michelle’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season Is the Next Bachelor—Here Were Other Contenders)

A producer from this cable show where the A- list singer/actor appeared, is the man who repeatedly sexually abused him as a teen. "Stuck in the Middle"/Joshua Bassett (Joshua Bassett Discussed Being Sexually Abused "A Lot" As A Minor: "I Didn't Remember That Until Last Year")

A big win for this singer/actress. The last time I can remember the award being bought was several decades ago, when this A list actress won for a very funny comedy. The actress chooses not to work right now. Lady Gaga for "House of Gucci"/"New York Film Critics Circle"/Cameron Diaz for "There's Something About Mary" (Lady Gaga Named Best Actress by New York Film Critics Circle for House of Gucci) (Cameron Diaz honored by New York Film Critics Circle)

This former daytime talk show host says he has never had a girlfriend where they didn't regularly have threesomes. Any exceptions he was asked. "None," was the reply. Montel Williams (Montel Williams Ex-Wife Grace Morley)

It used to be that the reality stars from England and other European countries would be flown in to yacht. Then, because of COVID, they essentially moved to the yachting capitol. It has changed the dynamic and now they work for agencies and will do hour visits or things more typically associated with the escort business. That is what the soon to be expelled reality star has been doing.

The cast of this soon to be released musical are pulling no punches at throwing this now dead actress who starred in the original under the bus and then rolling over her grave with it. "West Side Story"/Natalie Wood (Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story' fixes the original film's mistakes and delivers a perfect Maria)

This foreign born former Victoria's Secret model (Laetitia Casta) likes to tell a tale of how she was discovered when she was still underage (on family holiday in her father's native Corsica, at age 15). It is right out of a movie, except that isn't what happened. A modeling scout for Victoria's Secret discovered her and passed her to the guy who was recently fired. He promised her a job if she would have sex with him. She did and he gave her the job. Laetitia Casta

Reader Blind: This twentysomething triple threat being touted as the "world’s youngest director" would like you to believe he got where he is by his faith and his bootstraps. BS. He is the heir to a restaurant fortune, his father plays with a permanent A-list band, and his mother is a Hollywood socialite who engineered his entire career from his earliest childhood. For all his talk about faith and God on social media, there is seemingly no limit to who he will step over and kick to the curb once they’re no longer useful, including his own father.

Reader Blind: A decade ago this former A+ list comic movie actor was dating a European model. He was back in Canada (without her) and hanging out with his good friend the late A- list stand up comic. The now deceased comic was loved by all the Yuk Yuks staff and was headlining a series of shows while our actor was in town. There was a beautiful waitress in one of the clubs that the comic knew for years; one evening as he was waiting to go on stage he asked her if she'd like to meet our actor. She said yes, of course! A little later a limo pulled up outside the club, the rear window went down and there was our actor. He must have liked what he saw because later the comic invited the waitress to 'hang out' after the show and she was allowed to bring a friend. Well, she and the friend ended up spending the night in the actor's hotel room. I don't know whether there was a threesome with the waitress and her friend or if he was just with the waitress but I know for sure this happened because the waitress called me the next morning while they were eating breakfast and I could clearly hear the actor's voice, sitting right beside her and she put him on the phone to say hi to me! She said he was a total sweetheart but admitted he couldn't see her again because he had a girlfriend. Jim Carrey/Anchal Joseph

Reader Blind: I was a young engineer at Nabisco in Toronto, and somewhere around 1990, my secretary told me a wild story about her part time job. She drove a stretch limo at night, and the previous weekend this one named permanent A list singer was in town, and she was hired to drive her around. My secretary told me that she told to drive around and find a young woman for the singer, who was in the back. Well, they found someone, not sure of the details around that, but my secretary told me that she had her back window up the whole time as she drive around for a few hours. When she got back to her depot, she advised her boss that they should dispose of every alcohol bottle in the back liquor connection. She was not explicit about what she thought had happened, but it seemed obvious to me. Madonna

Photo prices for the A list "singer" have already doubled in the past two weeks. With prices increasing, more paps are going to start following her. Britney Spears

This Housewife personally knew the Vegas shooter. They had a history.
Erika Jayne/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Two sets of producers and one big argument. One set of producers want to bring in the the actress/producer/host (Leah Remini) to be the permanent host of this daytime talk show. A different group of producers want to bring in this alliterate host (Sherri Shepherd) who is under contract to a different show ("Dish Nation"). One thing that both agree on is the original host (Wendy Williams) will not return. Leah Remini/Sherri Shepherd/"Dish Nation"/Wendy Williams

Speaking of producers and arguments, there are two competing biopic productions being made of this permanent A list dancer/actor (Fred Astaire). One of the movies is going to show one of the most famous dances of the actor's career ("Bojangles of Harlem"). It is incredible dancing, but he is also in blackface. One production is going to show it, and the other is not going anywhere near it. Fred Astaire/"Bojangles of Harlem" (Fred Astaire’s ‘request to never be portrayed on screen’ resurfaces amid Tom Holland biopic news)

This foreign born permanent A list musician who gets an A- list for singer, makes homemade Nazi memorabilia which he gives to friends as presents. One actress, who peaked at about A- list says he has given her multiple pieces over the years. Eric Clapton/Ellen Barkin (Ellen Barkin Says Eric Clapton Gave Her A Piece of Jewelry With Nazi Connotations Back in the 90s)

With no pushback at all directed at the pay cable channel for their hiring of the racist misogynist who beats women and also is a raging Anti-Semite, this movie studio has decided he would be a wonderful choice to direct the next installment of a long time movie franchise.
"STARZ"/Mel Gibson/"Warner Bros."/"Lethal Weapon 5" (Scandal actor Joshua Malina says 'cancel culture' doesn't exist with Mel Gibson's return to Lethal Weapon franchise ... citing past allegations of anti-Semitism)

The celebrity CEO made a joke on social media a few days ago. Turns out he was talking about something coming from a 3-letter government agency. Elon Musk/"SEC" (Elon Musk jokes about whistleblowers with new Tesla product) (Tesla Stock Losses Top $250 Billion After Report Alleging New SEC Probe)

With all that is going on in this family and all of the news and tragedy and head fakes and shiny objects, one of the family has decreed to tabloids that beginning now, she would like an accent aigu added to her name. It has already begun. Khloé Kardashian

The owner of this crypto exchange was not kicking back enough to his masters overseas. So, they sent a really big warning. "BitMark" (Sheldon Xia) (Crypto-Exchange BitMart to Pay Users for $200M Theft)

This wanted to be an A++ lister has been asked if they will resign. They will not because they think they will have a chance to get to be A++ list before it would normally be available.
Kamala Harris

It could be bruising related to the new tattoo, but I have never seen anything like that before. Plus, if it was bruising instead of what look like track marks, then why take down the photo from Instagram. Is our former model turned wife (Courtney Sixx) to a permanent A- list musician (Nikki Sixx) from a permanent A- list band ("Mötley Crüe") strung out on drugs? Is that why the business ("Bouquet Box") is not doing good? Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx/"Mötley Crüe"/"Bouquet Box"

This three named A- list singer is trying to put back together a lot of the bridges she burned. She has also given up coke and is going to therapy. Good for her. Lana Del Rey (A Decade of Lana Del Rey: The Artist Talks Diarist Pop and Upholding Her Truth)

Speaking of three named celebrities and drugs, this A- list actress is essentially extorting the married head of a record label who she had sex with a few times. Oh, the drugs part. Yeah, she and some guy who once worked for her and has no job sits around all day with her doing drugs and having sex.

This Gen Z political Internet personality (Nick Fuentes) is notorious for his racist, anti-Semitic views, as well as espousing hatred towards gays and 19th-century attitudes towards women. Since he has received a great deal of national media attention, mostly due to his his participation in a certain post election event, we will call him A- list. A great deal of his anger stems from the fact that he is deeply closeted. He will never come out, as that would essentially represent the end of his career, because his audience would abandon and shame him. He greatly fears being outed, which prevents him from having any relationship with a man. Nick Fuentes (White Supremacists Are Going All In on Anti-Vaxxer Rallies)

Apparently this A list rapper is still not off the hook criminally for what happened last month. Travis Scott/"Astroworld Festival" Tragedy (Travis Scott isn't likely to face criminal charges after the deadly chaos at his Astroworld Festival, according to legal experts)

The Actor: You don't know this actor. He has nearly fifty credits to his name and has been working for a couple of decades (Filmography), but you don't know him. Both his real name (Hector Hank) and his stage name (Hector Hugo) are alliterate. Actors will hide things about their lives whether it is age or sexual orientation, but rarely do they hide their family. This actor hides his family's history which is why he has never really tried to move higher on the list. It would bring unwanted attention to his family and may even cause the death of the actor. His family has several billionaires. They all look respectable on the outside, but they aren't. They made their billions through the mafia. A mafia based outside this country. Our actor, although he spent much of his life in Beverly Hills, he was actually born outside the country (Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico). The actor is valuable as a conduit between the family and Hollywood. Movie production is a great way to launder money. It is extremely interesting that this actor is such good friends with the celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) until of course you realize the actor is the nephew of at least two billionaires from a country where the celebrity CEO seems to park his jet for an hour or so. One of those uncles has been a mayor of one of the larger cities in the country and his wife unbeknownst to the uncle, used to hook up with the celebrity CEO back in the day. The uncle/mayor has been trying to get a higher elected position in his country to make things easier to move product to the US. Oh, and here is a little tidbit to help you in the right direction. The house our actor grew up in was once owned by the pint sized A+ list actor (Tom Cruise).
Hector Hank/Hector Hugo/Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico/Elon Musk/Carlos Hank Rhon/Jorge Hank Rhon/Tom Cruise (Prominent Mexican Family Viewed As Threat to U.S.) (The Hank Family Of Mexico) (Elon Musk’s highflying 2018: What 150,000 miles in a private jet reveal about his ‘excruciating’ year)

A brand new film festival outside the country just kicked off. It is a winter wonderland of yachting led by way more models and IG models and reality stars than actresses and actors. This foreign born alliterate A list model was paid $500K to bring 100 of her closest female friends. "Red Sea International Film Festival" in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia/Alessandra Ambrosio (Candice Swanepoel looks incredible in white gown as she joins Hilary Swank and Alessandra Ambrosio at star-studded premiere of Cyrano in Saudi Arabia)

As I said before in this space several times over the past year, the head of the news network was perfectly willing to cover for any transgression of any of his male anchors. It is why several anchors were happy when he decided to stay under the new management. What they didn't count on is someone above the head of the network who actually knows the difference between right and wrong. Jeff Zucker/"CNN"/David Zaslav (CNN President Jeff Zucker Protected Chris Cuomo. Then Came a U-Turn.) (CNN’s Zucker, Reunited With a Powerful Friend, Sees His Fortunes Change)

There is nothing like an out of touch foreign born permanent A list celebrity who says if your job isn't making you happy, then you should quit it and while you are at it, sign up for the $680 month app he shills for to get you through it all. Prince Harry (Prince Harry claims we should leave jobs that make us ‘unhappy’ – easy for him to say)

The celebrity wife of this A list actor knows there could be a lot of court and interviews in her future, so she has dropped her fake accent. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Hilaria Baldwin says she 'lost her voice in this giant cyclone of modern media' during the 'torture' that followed Alec's fatal shooting of Rust cinematographer as she is seen leaving NYC after his interview: Critics slam Instagram post as inappropriate)

This A list comic (John Mulaney) is headed back out on the road and is already direct messaging female members of his fan club, trolling for just the right women to hook up with in each city. I'm sure mom and baby (Olivia Munn) are super excited to have him do that. Oh, and he is still married to that other woman (Anna Marie Tendler) too. John Mulaney/Olivia Munn/Anna Marie Tendler (John Mulaney Announces New Comedy Tour From Scratch One Year After Relapse)

Surprising no one, the online/television tabloid has take the side of the artists/management/company when it comes to dealing with the recent deadly tragedy. Victims can't do anything for them. "TMZ"/"Astroworld Festival" Tragedy (Travis Scott Wants Astroworld Suit Dismissed, Files First Response of Many)

Regardless of what the writer (Frederic Raphael) of this screenplay ("Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick") says way after the fact, he knows that what the now deceased permanent A list mostly movie director (Stanley Kubrick) did care about showing and telling the truth in his final film ("Eyes Wide Shut"). Every little detail of the film has another eye opening moment and the writer is scared to go down that path. It is just easier to go along with the tide. Frederic Raphael/"Eyes Wide Open: A Memoir of Stanley Kubrick"/Stanley Kubrick/"Eyes Wide Shut" ("This is confidential material. Where did you get it?" Frederic Raphael looks back at Eyes Wide Shut) (Eyes Wide Shut: Ending, Themes and Symbols Explained)

This former A- list mostly television actress who loves the spotlight, didn't have the funds to keep her case in court. She is also going to have a tough time paying the fees of the winning lawyers. Look for a some kind of fundraiser from her in the very near future. Rose McGowan (Rose McGowan’s RICO Lawsuit Against Harvey Weinstein and His Lawyers Is Dismissed)

This adjective actress still hasn't announced her divorce but is on a dating app, so... Busy Philipps (Busy Philipps Has Surprise Cougar Town Reunion with Dan Byrd: 'We Both Screamed at the Same Time')

The family of this alliterate model have been paying a premium for properties also known to be of interest to the A+ list singer. Joshua Kushner/Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift (Inside Karlie Kloss’s New Life)

This former Oscar winner who is a probable Oscar nominee this year, is waiting on the nominations before deciding to go ahead with liposuction or not. Jennifer Hudson/"Dreamgirls"/"Respect" (Tracking the top Oscars contenders for 2022)

None of the millions of devotees to this technology company will utter a peep about their beloved company making a deal with this large Asian country. Wokeness doesn't extend to giving up cool toys. "Apple"/China (Apple made secret 5-year $275B deal with Chinese government)

This overseas Housewife made her fortune through a scam hundred times bigger than the one going on in SLC. Sara Al Madani/"Real Housewives of Dubai" (Who Is Sara Al Madani? The Entrepreneur, Former Bazaar Arabia Cover Star And Rumoured Real Housewife of Dubai Cast Member)

The Director: The rapist director (Roman Polanski) who has been on the run for decades, recently confirmed a rumor that everyone thought was just a rumor and in no way could possibly be true. It makes sense though because the person (Anton Szandor LaVey) who played the uncredited role would probably have stepped forward by now. It isn't as if the director and this evil guy who fronted a church (Church of Satan) were not friends. They were friends. They slept with a lot of the same young women and were in each other's social circle. They just were not good friends. It just so happened they had been at a party together a few days before they needed someone to play the devil in a very famous classic movie ("Rosemary‘s Baby"), and so he did so. Roman Polanski/Anton Szandor LaVey/Church of Satan/"Rosemary’s Baby" (Was Famed Satanist Anton LaVey the Technical Adviser on Rosemary’s Baby?)

The foreign born alliterate B list NBA player isn't good enough or famous enough to warrant a gag order in a pending case. But, because the reality family hates any kind of negative news, they are going to court to make sure the soon to be mother of a baby can't tell her story every day. Meanwhile, the family can start slamming her and she won't be able to defend herself. Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian (Kardashians)/Maralee Nichols (Tristan Thompson accuses Maralee Nichols of trying to ‘gain’ fame with lawsuit)

The actor who didn't pull the trigger of a gun that fired has a best friend who is the biggest casting couch director of all time and now the actor is hiding out at a home owned by a director who molested one of his children and essentially married another. Oh, and is all set to host an award show because he still needs his thirst quenched. Alec Baldwin/Woody Allen/"Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award Gala" (Outrage as Alec Baldwin lunges at reporter in viral video outside Woody Allen's home) (Alec Baldwin to Make His First Public Appearance Since Rust Shooting at Human Rights Event) (Alec Baldwin still defends Woody Allen after HBO documentary, says ‘trial by media’ should stop)

The cleaning product actor's campaign to make his rape victim look unstable has apparently worked. Nothing will happen to the actor and his agent already has a project ready to announce. Armie Hammer/"Effie" (Armie Hammer Rape Case Being Sent to D.A., Charges Not Likely)

At this point, the former Disney actress turned A- list mostly movie actress is way closer to coming out of the closet than her actor boyfriend. Zendaya/Tom Holland (Zendaya Wants to Make a "Love Story About Two Black Girls")

A final agreement is in sight for this former A list couple in their years long divorce. There will be a big check written to the A list actress. In return, she can never publicly say anything negative about her A list actor ex. It has to be rainbows and unicorns and that he was the best husband and is the best dad. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt Hopes He and Angelina Jolie Can ‘Forgive Each Other’ for Their Kids’ Sakes)

In a big change of direction, this foreign born A list singer/rapper has moved on for awhile at least from underage girls to men who owe our singer/rapper money. Drake/YK Osiris (YK Osiris Tells Soulja Boy He Was the First Rapper to Get on Drake's Plane, Soulja Says YK Isn't a Rapper)

So far it is just one department at the company of the celebrity CEO, and is being called a test. Why does he call everything a test. Anyway, the workers in this department, who all work from home are required beginning December 13th to have their laptop cameras on during work hours to make sure they are actually working. The company doesn't call it that. They say it will foster teamwork and make it easier for the employees to reach out to others if they have questions or an issue about something. "Tesla"/Elon Musk

If you thought there was a lot of talk about Avril Lavigne having a body double/being replaced by someone else, then be prepared for even more talk to try and explain the person seen today, who is supposed to be a back in the day A list country singer. Faith Hill (Faith Hill looks unrecognizable on magazine cover with Tim McGraw)

Every so often I like to point out that this pretentious a-hole actor (Richard Dreyfuss) who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee (Awards and nominations) and got a huge break thanks to an A+ list director (Steven Spielberg), thinks he is perfect and that people around him are trash. Then I tell everyone to make sure they don't forget how the actor was once coked to the gills so hard he flipped his car multiple times and got himself busted for DUI. Richard Dreyfuss/Steven Spielberg (Richard Dreyfuss on Spielberg and Stone, Hollywood and the almighty dollar) (The Shady Side Of Richard Dreyfuss)

Speaking of cocaine and a-holes, this former studio head who is still alive and still an A list a-hole, once ordered that anyone using cocaine who was employed by the studio or working on a film for the studio, be fired. This of course did not apply to his use of cocaine.
Barry Diller

One thing that is only being whispered right now, but is very much on the minds of streamers and studios is the chance to make some money off a long time ago murder that is still popular. If the killer is given a new trial, that means big money to be made and the killer wants his share and has lawyers who have reached out to different production companies. Scott Peterson (Scott Peterson to learn next spring whether he will get a new murder trial) (Scott Peterson gets new life sentence in wife's murder after years on death row)

This way underage foreign born actress (Karam Taher) is the lead in a very powerful foreign movie ("Farha") that could see some Oscar love. Previously I told you about a new film festival ("Red Sea International Film Festival") which is just a front for yachting. Apparently someone offered this actress $2M. The actress said no, but her family is leaning towards yes. Karam Taher/"Farha"/"Red Sea International Film Festival" (Movies by female directors from the Red Sea Film Festival 2021) (BLIND ITEM 12/07/21)

This former A- list mostly television actress (Jennie Garth) all of you know, hasn't acted in a long time. She is broke and her celebrity ex (Peter Facinelli - "I got certified in hypnosis") is way behind on child support and spousal support and is currently running a con on his rich girlfriend (Lily Anne Harrison - daughter of actor Gregory Harrison and actress/model Randi Oakes). Jennie Garth/Peter Facinelli/Lily Anne Harrison (Jennie Garth speaks candidly about parenting her children with ex Peter Facinelli) (Peter Facinelli Hopes to Wed Fiancée Lily Anne Harrison by Next Year: 'I Already Feel Married')

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/08 **14**
Back To The Future: Back in the day, two world leaders had a meeting. One of them was a former actor turned A++ lister (President Ronald Reagan) and the other was an A++ lister in her own country. The A++ lister (Margaret Thatcher) in her own country (United Kingdom) was ticked off. She was mad at a man (John DeLorean) who stole $18M from the country and was hiding out in the US and partying with actresses, and celebrities and even was hooking up with the offspring of a (Nancy Sinatra) permanent A+ list singer (Frank Sinatra). That love connection had the mob and the FBI watching him. The former actor turned A++ lister told his counterpart not to worry about it and he would help the other A++ lister get the money back. The actor turned A++ lister knew the person who stole the money was also dealing in drugs. Nothing had been done because it didn't seem that important. As soon as the meeting finished, the actor turned A++ lister called the FBI and had them arrange a sting. The actor turned A++ lister then had a quick speech written and went out in public with his counterpart (Nancy Reagan) and declared a war on drugs ("Just Say No"). A few days later, the man who stole the money was arrested and made front page news around the world. None of that would have happened if he hadn't stolen the money. Ronald Reagan/Margaret Thatcher/United Kingdom/John DeLorean/Nancy Sinatra/Frank Sinatra/Nancy Reagan/"Just Say No" (Cars, cocaine and a world-class conman: He built the car made famous in Back To The Future. But John DeLorean was also a drug smuggler and serial womaniser who conned the British Government out of millions, as a very racy new film reveals)

This weekly late night show has reached out to the A list "singer" about hosting this season. "Saturday Night Live"/Britney Spears

This rarely seen member of this reality family is very quietly headed to court to get full custody of their child until the mother of the child can pass a drug test. Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna Accuses Ex Rob Kardashian Of ‘Attempted Intimidation & Abuse’ In Court Battle)

This former southern Housewife who had multiple reality shows but no acting jobs, lost a bunch of money in a Ponzi scheme but her husband doesn't know about it. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Troy Biermann (Kim and Kroy Biermann Just Shared a Major Update on Their Marriage)

This alliterate actress best known for her role in a iconic sci-fi show/movie, is being abused by her son and forced to appear at conventions signing autographs and then he takes all the money. It has been reported to the police, but they have taken no action. Nichelle Nichols/"Star Trek" (Nichelle Nichols Appears for Final Comic-Con Events in L.A. amid Conservatorship Battle)

Every question this A list rapper was asked ahead of an interview today, was provided by his team to the interviewer. It was way too soon after the tragedy to do anything like this. Travis Scott/"Astroworld Festival" Tragedy/Charlamagne Tha God (Travis Scott sits with Charlamagne Tha God during first interview since Astroworld tragedy)

Despite what she says for sympathy, the bar star/sugarbaby will be back next season, because it is 80% of her income. Lala Kent/"Vanderpump Rules" (Lala Kent posts about fake friends after hinting at ‘Vanderpump Rules’ exit)

The late night host can and should promote the rebooted show of his actress friend. That being said, the show just isn't that good and no amount of promotion can change that. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/"And Just Like That"/Sarah Jessica Parker (Andy Cohen and Amy Sedaris sit with pal Sarah Jessica Parker at debut of Sex and the City spin-off And Just Like That)

She might not remember what television shows and movies she was in, but this A- list mostly movie actress does win the blue ribbon for already signing a deal to be the largest importer of a certain kind of grape seed (Polyphebols) ("Caudalie") which she knows will make her even more rich than she already is. Gwyneth Paltrow/Polyphebols

Reader Blind: What does it mean when an A List Celebrity's C List significant other deletes everything from their social media accounts (or possibly shuts them down)? Discussing with friends, we are all of the opinion that there's trouble in paradise. The celeb seems to be a decent person and *seems* to be happy with the significant other. But prior to this person's last breakup, their last SO put their IG on private, so this has raised a few eyebrows. Sarah Hyland/Wells Adams (Sarah Hyland's Fiancé Wells Adams Adorably Hypes Her on 2021 People's Choice Awards Red Carpet)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **10**
This reality star from a show I really dislike recently had a baby. The father is the same man who also arranges company for her in exchange for money. He provides the same service to a barely there celebrity who also recently had a baby. He could also be the father to that baby rather than who the public thinks. "90 Day Fiancé"

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **11**
Is it a clerical error or is it something more sinister. Whatever the case, it needs to be discussed. The country in the world with the second most COVID deaths has a very detailed database of the people who have passed from the virus. The government agency responsible for registering births and deaths in the country - began its COVID death count on March 16, 2020. But for all cases, months after the announcement of the "first death by COVID in the country, the media claimed that the first death had happened a few days earlier, on March 12, 2020 and the second death would have happened on March 15 2020. However, this government agency now records the first death due to COVID-19 in 2019. The official story claims that the virus first appeared on December 31, 2019. The first cases were only officially confirmed on January 7, 2020, according to WHO. But none of this stopped them from recording the first death from COVID-19 in 2019. When in 2019? According to the government agency who is responsible, the death occurred on April 15, 2019. We even know his age and what city. He happened to live on an island. Testing it there first? In the reveal, I will provide the links straight to the government's website so you can see for yourself. Brazil

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **12**
This A list singer/host got ghosted after two weeks of dating a guy. That added to her already depressing holiday season. At least no one knew about him yet publicly. Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson's Heartbreaking Announcement About The Holidays—We're Devastated For Her!)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **13**
In that helicopter crash a few years ago that was associated with a hotel that has one less location now, everyone assumed there had to be many people involved to have the victims taken to an inadequate hospital forever and gone from the crash site. Nope. It took one person to advise dispatch where the victims should be taken if any happened to survive. They hoped the distance would kill them, and they were correct. "Standard Hotel" (No Name Survivor, just referred to as Lone Survivor in the news) Kimberly Lynne Watzman (general manager of the Standard hotel in West Hollywood)/Brian Reichelt (regional finance director for parent company Standard International) (‘Tragic loss’: 3 people killed aboard helicopter in Newport Beach crash are identified) (Map from scene of accident, 40 Egret Court to Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/06/18) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/02/19)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/09 **14**
Today's Blind Items - The Other Island - Reader Blind Item: Aside from the now deceased billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein), perhaps the most suspicious individual I’ve come across is this very wealthy individual (Dean Kamen) who is well known in the world of engineering. We’ll call him The Inventor. The Inventor was very cozy with this now-deceased A++ lister (President George H. W. Bush), who had perhaps the darkest past of anyone to ever hold the position. This A++ lister was also implicated in perhaps the biggest child trafficking scandal to ever break in the last 50 years. It was during this decade that The Inventor bought an island. ("North Dumpling Island") Using his connections to the A++ lister, The Inventor was able to make this island into its own nation state, separate from the United States. It has its own navy, in the form of an armored yacht, to keep away anyone who gets too close. It also has a temple, this one in the form of a very famous ancient monument ("North Dumpling Light" replica of Stonehenge). The Inventor is also very connected to the foundation ("The Clinton Foundation") run by the other A++ political family (Bill and Hillary Clinton), the same one that was so close to the billionaire pedophile. Jeffrey Epstein/Dean Kamen/President George H. W. Bush/North Dumpling Island/"North Dumpling Light" replica of Stonehenge/"The Clinton Foundation"/Bill and Hillary Clinton (Renowned inventor Dean Kamen: Innovation is about finding the right problem)

The judges involved in an annual competition are all there because someone paid for them to be there. In several cases, it is because their "sponsor" wanted to be able to brag his friends about his yachter. "Miss Universe" (The 70th Miss Universe beauty pageant begins in Eilat, Israel) (BETTER ENTERTAINMENT: Over 40 camels barred from Saudi ‘beauty’ pageant over use of Botox, touch-ups)

This foreign born one named singer/rapper and this former A+ list rapper know a certain prisoner (Larry Hoover) is never getting out of jail. But, they also know that their fans have no idea, so just sell them merch at overinflated prices and make the fans think, but not say, it is going to the cause. Drake/Kanye West/Larry Hoover (Kanye West, Drake hold LA concert to 'Free Larry Hoover,' notorious Chicago gang killer)

Don't believe the hype about how the alliterate one wants some high brow talk show. The truth is she wants to replace the one named talk show host, but only for a few days per month as a guest host which is probably not something the new host, whoever that is, would like. Meghan Markle/Ellen (Meghan Markle 'inspired by Ellen to set up own talk show', expert claims)

Speaking of not believing the hype, as much as he would like it, this former A+ list rapper is not even on a list of the top 200 people the fashion house is thinking of hiring to replace a recently deceased designer. Kanye West/Virgil Abloh (Kanye West is 'being lined up' to replace the late Virgil Abloh as Louis Vuitton creative director... in a move allegedly orchestrated by the longterm friends before the designer's death)

Tell me again why the barely there celebrity (AJ Discala) who once was married to a former A- list actress (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and also hooked up with lesser known sibling (Haylie Duff) of a former Disney actress turned A- lister (Hilary Duff) is headed to jail for a decade when every billionaire does the same exact thing when it comes to crypto and their own stocks. AJ Discala/Jamie-Lynn Sigler/Haylie Duff/Hilary Duff (Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s ex Abraxas Discala sentenced in $300M stock scheme)

With the A list mostly movie actor drinking again, he has to be supervised when he sees his children.
Ben Affleck (We all saw that play out this week) (Ben Affleck appears frustrated, vents to ex-wife Jennifer Garner)

If you believe this foreign born former A list syndicated actress who is in contact again with the imprisoned journalist, she was told an attempt was made on his life two weeks ago by poisoning his food. Pamela Anderson/"Baywatch"/Julian Assange (WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Can Be Extradited to U.S. After U.K. Court Reverses Decision)

There is a lot of buzz that this religious leader all of you know, has terminal cancer.

It won't work, but this A list politician says that he lied to the FBI because they lied to him first, so he should not be in trouble. Matt Gaetz (Rep. Matt Gaetz, possible sex trafficker, vows to investigate his investigators)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **10**
This A- list reality star sends women on dates and collects a fee. One of the women was badly beaten and is going to sue the reality star which will blow this all out into the open. Scott Disick or Kris Jenner (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/15/21)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **11**
The foreign born A list rapper knows that most people have no idea the horrible things she is doing and has done. That is why she keeps getting high paying gigs. It is also why she is convinced that sometime prior to next month, someone can end up dead and nothing will happen to her. Nicki Minaj/Jennifer Hough, accuser in lawsuit against her husband Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj slams husband Kenneth Petty's harassment accuser and 'brands her a liar looking to score an easy pay day' as lawsuit heats up)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **12**
Prior to Valentine's Day, this A- list actress/director and the celebrity she calls her boyfriend will no longer have to continue with the charade, and will split. Olivia Wilde/Harry Styles (Olivia Wilde Is Living Her Best Life)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **13**
This foreign born A list tennis player that everyone knows, is being cheated on by her significant other, and with more than one woman.

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/10 **14**
Four For Friday - Very Very Bad Behavior
#1 - This B+ list mostly movie actress who has a franchise and has hosted a late night show had two drug dealers killed who didn't pay her.
#2 - This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family watched a guy die while they were doing heroin together.
#3 - Speaking of watching people die, this former A- list actress from an acting family has more than one person who died on her watch. One of them, well over a decade ago, where she could also have died, got her thrown very quietly into a months long rehab that got her off the stuff that almost killed her, but nothing else.
#4 - This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor doesn't get out much now, but back in the day, he was coked out of his mind and decided that he wanted to see how fast a golf cart could go down Mulholland. He lost control, and jumped out the side. His passenger didn't have time and went over the side of the road and died. They told police the passenger had been driving.
Jack Nicholson

More Politics On Bravo: Good Lord. If this show was not already sucking enough, at least one of the newbies is a Trumpster and hates anyone who voted for Biden. It’s really not shocking in the area she lives in. But, it makes me hate this show even more… I’m so over this political divide. UGH. Nicole James/"Real Housewives of Orange County" ('RHOC' Star Nicole James Dated "Rebel Soul" Crooner Kid Rock in the Past)

Despite the fact it will probably win an Oscar for Best Picture, it was never going to do well at the box office, but the egg that it is currently laying, also has to do with the fact you let a rapist be front and center doing press for your movie. "West Side Story"/Ansel Elgort (‘West Side Story’ Isn’t Kicking Up With $10M+ Opening: What That Means Right Now During Another Pandemic Holiday) (A Timeline of the Allegations Against Ansel Elgort)

The family of this deceased musician/singer/writer is already looking at the shady assistant who had to flee the most recent tour of our deceased after being called out for her abuse. Mike Nesmith/"The Monkees" (Melodie Akers) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/28/21)

The Disney actress turned A list singer couldn't have booked bigger venues even if she wanted to. The dates she needed to do the tour had her blocked from bigger arenas by other acts who long long ago booked their tours in anticipation of COVID ending. Plus, it is way better to have your tour sell out, then to have certain cities where you are half full. Olivia Rodrigo (Fans are sour after scalpers snap up Olivia Rodrigo concert tickets)

It took twenty minutes, a bunch of yelling, and a quick hair brushing from a brought along makeup person to get the family photo the actor and his thirsty wife took to celebrate Christmas. This is all going to end horribly. Alec & Hilaria Baldwin (Alec Baldwin picks up 'NYC Christmas tree' with his six children and wife Hilaria Baldwin after she claimed the actor had been suffering from PTSD even before Rust shooting) (Alec Baldwin Attends First Public Event Since 'Rust' Shooting)

This A list TikTok star who usually does dancing videos with female TikTok stars or his family, is closeted and has his first boyfriend and is terrified everyone will hate him if they find out.

This B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A list singer got quickly up and left this very popular bar/restaurant when she saw a pap walk in to try and catch her with the married man she was meeting. Lourdes Leon/Madonna

This foreign born one named A+ list singer/rapper should get a better NDA for his bodyguards when he is visiting those Eastern European countries with ridiculously low ages of consent. The bodyguards love to talk about it and do so in very public settings. Drake (Druski Shares Why He's So Terrified Of Drake's Bodyguard)

If the pap who was called by this foreign born celebrity to snap her with this foreign born A list superhero actor, had stuck around for another five minutes, he would have seen an argument between the couple at a coffee shop. The actor was ticked off. Suki Waterhouse/Robert Pattinson (Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse Signal They’re On for the Holidays With Cuddly NYC Day Date)

This online/television tabloid took down the story they posted earlier this week stating that a certain character was not going to die in a rebooted television show. Was it to get people to watch since everyone, including me reported he was going to die months ago. Even as far back as 2018, the actor in question knew that he would be dying whether it was a movie or a television show. It was always the plan. "TMZ"/Chris Noth/"Mr. Big"/"Sex and the City" Sequel - "And Just Like That..." (Let’s talk about that ‘Sex and the City’ revival twist — and the real shocking moment later on)

This A- list actress who used to be higher on the list and even was part of a movie franchise, forgot in a recent interview to talk about the A+ list mostly movie actor who pressured her into having sex when she was still underage. Kirsten Dunst (For Kirsten Dunst, ‘Power of the Dog’ was an opportunity to ‘let it all hang out’)

In a book that came out a few weeks ago about the foreign born A list DJ (Avicii), it is the closest that anyone has come to saying what happened that led to his death. What he witnessed and saw four days before his death and how that changed the course of his life. Avicii/"Tim - The Official Biography of Avicii" (Avicii biography ‘Tim – The Official Biography of Avicii’ releases today) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/27/19)

If the east coast Housewives franchise does come back, it will come back without the Housewife who was new this past season. "Real Housewives of New York"/Eboni K. Williams (‘RHONY’ star Eboni K. Williams storms the stage at comedy show)

The recent charge against the one member of the reality family I actually like, is nothing more than people getting back at her because she has untraditional relationships with men. They think it is wrong and one of those relationships is with someone who helped put her brother away. Jana Duggar/"19 Kids and Counting" (Jana Duggar, 31, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and has taken a plea deal: Revelation comes one day after brother Josh is found guilty of child porn charges) (Jana Duggar's Cousin Amy Defends Her After Jana's Child Endangerment Charge: 'Couldn't Have Been Intentional')

Everyone thinks that the arrest of this cable producer is the end when it comes to the alliterate host and his time at the network. Nope. There is much more to come. John Griffin/Chris Cuomo/"CNN" (CNN Producer John Griffin arrested for attempting to persuade minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity) (EXCLUSIVE: Fired Chris Cuomo and suspended CNN producer pal, accused of 'training' minors to be sexual submissives, are seen cavorting together and performing a mock Papal blessing)

Speaking of the alliterate host (Chris Cuomo) mentioned in #6, the former Housewife who sells snake oil (Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") is good friends with the host's wife (Cristina Greeven Cuomo) and they are cooking up some kind of garbage to sell. This though, is about the celebrity chef (Sandra Lee) and the wide ranging interview she gave which mentions just how many times she knows she was cheated on by the host's brother (Andrew Cuomo). Chris Cuomo/Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Cristina Greeven Cuomo/Sandra Lee/Andrew Cuomo

A movie that definitely does not need to be remade and should never be remade or a television spinoff of it. Nothing like that should be even out there to the universe, but three stars of the one named iconic teen movie got together for dinner last week and were discussing the fact it is probably going to happen. "Clueless"

If you invest in the crypto company ("Jade Currency") that sounds like an Asian gemstone, you might as well just burn your money because it is the same thing. The owners have already taken everything and the bottom is waiting to fall out. "Jade Currency" (Jade Currency Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030)

The TV producer arrested for child sex trafficking spent a couple million dollars in the past couple years on a 2nd home, luxury cars, and paying the mothers to bring their little girls to him. We know he couldn’t have afforded this on his salary alone. Did a rich family member leave him a big inheritance recently, or was his source of funds much darker in nature? John Griffin (CNN Producer John Griffin arrested for attempting to persuade minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity) (EXCLUSIVE: Fired Chris Cuomo and suspended CNN producer pal, accused of 'training' minors to be sexual submissives, are seen cavorting together and performing a mock Papal blessing)

The girlfriends of these two A-list superheroes spent their time yachting at this new film festival thrown by this oppressive country. Those contracts made their rates go up quite a bit. "The Red Sea International Film Festival" (Saudi film festival is a ‘whitewash’ by authorities, say critics)

This foreign-born rapper is A-list (Doc Gynéco) in his country. He was just arrested for sexually assaulting a girl who wasn’t even a teen. Doc Gynéco (Doc Gyneco suspected of sexual assault on a minor: he was taken into police custody)

The marijuana feline singer got an easy out from her obligations. With so many people dropping from a tour because of COVID, she did the same thing. Her was not actually COVD related, but rather wanting to party.
Doja Cat/"iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour" (Doja Cat, positive for Covid-19, drops out of tour)

The A list everything in her mind will be on the arm of the A list mostly movie actor/sometime director in whatever capacity the award organization is passing out awards. She made it perfectly clear this morning, she will be going. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck/"Golden Globes" (Jennifer Lopez Sweetly Supports Ben Affleck at L.A. Premiere of The Tender Bar)

Speaking of the award organization ("Golden Globes"), apparently there was some hanky panky to get some results they wanted. They removed the accused rapist (Ansel Elgort) starring in the recently released bomb ("West Side Story") and replaced him with this A+/A list mostly movie actor (Leonardo DiCaprio/"Don‘t Look Up") who can be in just about anything and be nominated by them. They all like to take photos with him. They also had to find room for this A- list mostly movie actress (Nicole Kidman, "Being the Ricardos") who didn't make the cut. They put her in the top five and then moved this A list mostly movie actress (Jennifer Lawrence, "Don't Look Up") from drama to musical/comedy of which it is neither. "Golden Globes"/Ansel Elgort/"West Side Story"/Leonardo DiCaprio, "Don't Look Up"/Nicole Kidman, "Being the Ricardos"/Jennifer Lawrence, "Don't Look Up" (Golden Globes 2022: See the list of nominees)

It isn't the first time this magazine had a criminal named as person of the year, and it probably won't be the last. "Time"/Elon Musk ("Time 2021 Person of the year" Elon Musk) (5 of the most controversial choices for Time magazine's Person of the Year)

With the never know what will happen at trial consequences, look for the A+ list singer to settle with the people accusing her of stealing lyrics. If she settles, no one will remember or think about it. If she loses at trial, everyone will remember. Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Copyright Lawsuit May Go to Trial, Judge Rules)

It is amazing that just a couple of days after the cleaning product actor gets out of trouble legal wise from his biggest accuser, he suddenly is clean and sober and out of rehab. Armie Hammer (Armie Hammer Rape Case Being Sent to D.A., Charges Not Likely) (Armie Hammer Exits Treatment Facility Amid Sexual Assault and Abuse Allegations)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **10**
The beard of the former A+ list rapper just got her first big contract ("Pat McGrath Labs’"), thanks of course to the publicity of being a beard. It can pay very well. Vinetria/Kanye West/"Pat McGrath Labs’" (Kanye West’s new belle Vinetria lands big beauty campaign)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **11**
This alliterate A- list NFL running back can say what he wants about hiring a lawyer, but the nine kids with nine women is true. Josh Jacobs/"Las Vegas Raiders" (Raiders star Josh Jacobs savagely responds to insane report about children)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **12**
Naomie Harris Blind Items (Filmography)
#1 - James Bond star Naomie Harris has revealed that she was groped by a "huge, huge star" during an audition. Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the Oscar-nominated actress, who plays Eve Moneypenny in the Bond franchise, said that the actor put his hand up her skirt during the read-through. The actress declined to name the man but said he faced no censure from those in the room during the audition. She said: "What was so shocking about it was the casting director was there and the director, and of course no one said anything because he was – he is – such a huge star. That was my only #MeToo incident, so I felt very lucky given how rife that behavior was. Johnny Depp or Geoffrey Rush/"Pirates of the Caribbean" (Geoffrey Rush Wins Record $2 Million in Sexual Misconduct Defamation Case)
#2 - "Now things have definitely changed: I was on a project where there was a #MeToo incident and there was no hesitation, [the perpetrator] was immediately removed," she said.
(Naomie Harris: What shocked me most? The director said nothing)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **13**
The man (Mohammed Al Turki) who pulled the strings for so long with this Disney actor turned A- list recluse actor (Zac Efron), has found a new front man. He is a foreign born former A- list mostly television actor (Ed Westwick). This whole week has been filled with nothing but reports of some horrific things happening to women who thought they were going to have fun ("The Red Sea International Film Festival"). Meanwhile, the foreign born permanent A list model/new mom (Naomi Campbell) is in lock step with the string puller. Mohammed Al Turki/Zac Efron/Ed Westwick/"The Red Sea International Film Festival"/Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell, 51, stuns in a sweeping bejewelled gown and sheer cape as she leads stars at Red Sea International Film Festival closing ceremony)

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **14**
Another Bryan Singer: There is an actor who was once A- list and is in need of a great deal of money in a very short amount of time. He is fully prepared with receipts to show this A list director/producer who always claims he is innocent of anything related to #MeToo, is in fact, not so innocent. This actor is willing to discuss how he was forced to sleep with the director/producer not only for parts, but to keep his part. He is willing to talk about at least a dozen other legal and no so legal aged men who have similar experiences and many of whom were then passed to other producers or directors and forced to have sex with them also for parts. If they ever stopped wanting to have sex with a producer or director in this group, then it was their responsibility to find a replacement, or they would never work again. Jussie Smollett/Lee Daniels (Jussie Smollett Says 'Empire' Creator Lee Daniels' Fat Shaming Lead Him To Hire Osundairos Brothers In Attempt To Lose Weight) (City of Chicago confirms it WILL sue Jussie Smollett for wasted $130k police investigation into fake hate attack: Nigerian brothers he accused also plan lawsuit)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor is using his new gig to find even more inexperienced women than his reality star staples. Brad Pitt/recording studio (Brad Pitt and Damien Quintard reopening famed recording studio in France) (Brad Pitt snapped getting cosy with German model Nicole Poturalski)

This A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and is big on click baiting with a recent co-star, is pumped for her Golden Globes nomination. Another crack in that wall. She knows if you come out and support it, even quietly, you have a great chance of winning. Jessica Chastain/Oscar Isaac (Television/Best Actress: Jessica Chastain, "Scenes From a Marriage"/Film/Best Actress: Jessica Chastain, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye")(Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac PDA Continues — on TikTok) (Golden Globes 2022: See the list of nominees)

This foreign born former A- list actress is going to get her A list significant other in trouble if she keeps using coke the way she has been.

The former A+ list rapper and the one named foreign born A lister are set to mint NFT's as part of their clothing scam that is generating $1M a week in sales right now. Drake/Kanye West/Larry Hoover (Proceeds From Kanye and Drake’s #FreeLarryHoover Will Benefit Charities, Rep Clarifies)

This A- list actress who is red hot right now and seemingly in everything and everywhere is closeted and her long time girlfriend is really upset about the fake relationship the actress splashes everywhere. Zendaya (Aww! Zendaya's Arrival at the Spider-Man Premiere Literally Stopped Tom Holland in His Tracks)

This long long long time, on again off again soap actress was offered her old job yet again, but she wouldn't get vaccinated. Genie Francis/"Laura Webber Collins"/"General Hospital" (Genie Francis Returns to General Hospital as Laura Webber Collins)

The royal pedophile now admits to the sex with his accuser, and thinks his new argument is a winner. It still won't get his old life back where he extorted companies and sought bribes from others to make his living. Prince Andrew (Virginia Giuffre) (Prince Andrew’s Lawyer Argues Virginia Giuffre Was Old Enough to Consent Under New York Law)

The wealthy serial cheater who is sometimes the richest man in the world stopped a sexual harassment lawsuit in its tracks. Apparently his accuser was shown a deep fake porn starring herself and was threatened that it would be released on all the major porn sites under her real name. She then agreed to a settlement. Jeff Bezos

This back in the day A list singer with a group that is often confused as the name of the singer, kicked the drug using comic out of the house he owns and gave her some hush money. Darius Rucker/"Hootie & the Blowfish"/Kate Quigley ('You haven't called once to see how I'm doing': Comedian Kate Quigley blasts ex Darius Rucker for publicly commenting on her fentanyl-laced cocaine overdose while privately ignoring her)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **10**
A member of this foreign boyband, who is known for his fascination with male interviewers at red carpets, has recently posted a picture of himself that seems to be one step closer to finally transitioning and coming out. Jimin/"BTS" (Jimin BTS suddenly updates with long hair, ARMY is shocked, it turns out that this is the real fact)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **11**
The buzz is getting louder again that this north of the border gossip writer loves the access to this foreign born A+ list alliterate actor and his wife. So, she has done a 180 in her coverage of the actor. Elaine "Lainey" Lui ("Lainey Gossip")/Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively (Ryan Reynolds’s Maximum Nostalgia) (Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively seen together in New York as Ryan's Free Guy starts streaming on Disney+)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **12**
This foreign born A+/A list TikTok star/singer (with 8M+ followers) is still underage and has a boyfriend in his 30's who helps "manage" her.

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **13**
This married former A++ list wannabe has a different kind of political job now and all of you know him. He had a one night stand while out on the campaign trail two years ago that is just now about to come out.

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/14 **14**
Undercover Actress: This very well educated foreign born A- list mostly movie actress (Gal Gadot) (Natalie Portman) stars in at least one franchise. She has a great origin story on how she decided to become an actress, but leaves off what happened before she became a full time actress. She worked for an Interpol specializing in going undercover in situations where organizations were laundering money or trafficking workers from third world countries. It was during an assignment where she was nearly killed during a gun fight and that was enough of that for her and acting is where she ended up. Gal Gadot/"Fast & Furious" & "Wonderwoman"; Natalie Portman/"Star Wars" & "Thor"

The significant other of this A+/A list mostly movie actor who everyone loves, has been cheating on him with both men and women. Alexandra Grant/Keanu Reeves (Who Is Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend?)

Nothing like an election day where the former reality star turned candidate is called out as a trafficker by his in-law. Of course that in-law doesn't have the greatest track record either, but still. Jim Bob Duggar/Derick Dillard (Jill Duggar's husband Derick slams her father Jim Bob for being 'verbally abusive' and a 'sellout' - and claims his 'manipulation has resulted in what is akin to human trafficking') (Duggar fails to make runoff in Arkansas state Senate primary)

The foreign born alliterate mediocre NBA player is doing his desperate best to try and have his court case be in Texas. He says he wants to make the life of his new baby mother miserable and it won't be if the case is in California. Tristan Thompson/Maralee Nichols (EXCLUSIVE: 'Our relationship was based on sex.' Tristan Thompson admits to hooking up with 'baby mama' Maralee Nichols for MONTHS, only communicating for 'where and when' to meet up via Snapchat under his username 'blkjesus00')
(Tristan Thompson’s Maralee Nichols paternity suit dismissed in Texas)

One of the more dumb celebrity fights/feuds is happening right now. This former Housewife and this former A list rock star turned reality star are trying to outshine the other at who is better at helping people in need after disasters. It is ridiculous how their people are fighting for air time to say each is the best. Bethenny Frankel/Bret Michaels (Ways to help survivors of the tornadoes in Kentucky, Illinois and elsewhere) (POISON's BRET MICHAELS Is Leading Support Efforts For Victims Of Storms)

This A list singer who shares way too much information about herself is another person who is supporting the award organization in hopes of landing an award this year. She has been a little more vocal than others.

Don't believe the hype. Although this end of the alphabet loving producer/writer/rapper is a cheater, he keeps his cheating super quiet and would never go for a public name. That already happened once and ended up having to marry her. Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys (‘I Was Just Like ‘Eeeewwhh’: Alicia Keys Admits That Swizz Beatz Wasn’t ‘Even My Vibe’ Prior to Dating)

A report from this international organization beginning with a vowel was covered up by someone. The report warned that the wealthy farmer controlled too much of the food supply, distribution and farming land in the world and by his own actions could determine the prices of many commodities. U.N./Bill Gates (America's Greatest Disruptors: Planet Protectors) (The Gates Foundation should fund better solutions to hunger and nutrient deficiencies)

It is amazing how many people who work for this car company end up killed in the most unusual of circumstances and how many of the deaths are on company property where things can be manipulated prior to the arrival of any law enforcement. "Tesla" (Man fatally shoots co-worker outside California Tesla plant, police say)

This former A+ list talk show host (Oprah) has from time to time aided this fugitive sex guru (Nithyananda) by allowing him use of the host's properties around the world. Oprah/Nithyananda (Swami Nithyananda’s suggestion to Oprah Winfrey!) (Why is Nithyananda always in controversy but still have huge following?) (Nithyananda: Truth About the CULT of Swami 'Paramahamsa' Nithyananda; Organized Fraud)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **10**
The A list mostly movie actor/sometime director must have forgotten about the time when he wasn't married and passed out drunk on top of a former Playmate and had to be carried to an Uber by two bouncers. Oh, or the time when he wasn't married and passed out drunk at a card table. You can't forget the time when he wasn't married and had sex and then passed out on top of the woman he just had sex with who was handcuffed to the bed and couldn't move until our actor woke up several hours later and then yelled at her. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner (Ben Affleck Hit Back At Accusations That He "Blamed" Jennifer Garner For His Alcoholism And Said That He Was Wrongly Made Out To Be An "Awful Guy")

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **11**
This late night actor didn't act like he had a girlfriend when sucking face with a woman at a bar late last night in NYC. Pete Davidson/Kim Kardashian (Pete Davidson gives thumbs up sitting courtside with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart at New York Knicks game... as Kim Kardashian says marriage to Kanye West can't be saved)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **12**
Speaking of bars and NYC, this NBA player (Kristaps Porzingis) who was traded out of NYC was about to have his legs broken because he didn't pay a bet he owed that he made to a bookie in the back of a bar. This player is probably A- list. Kristaps Porzingis (Kyrie Irving Trade to Dallas for Kristaps Porzingis? Mavs Respond to Rumor)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **13**
The family of this A list dual threat actress is way over the top when it comes to creepy. Apparently a family member of the actress has a surrogate business. It isn't traditional. The babies are sold to parents who are on waiting lists.

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/15 **14**
The Ban: This actor (Thomas Middleditch) is foreign born. He is probably B+ list. He has reached A- list and is mostly known for television (Filmography). He is an Emmy winner/nominee (2016 - Nominated - Primetime Emmy Awards - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series- "Silicon Valley") and works all the time. He is also thisclose to losing his entire career. If you thought the cleaning product actor was bad, you haven't seen anything. At least the cleaning product actor wasn't banned from the sex clubs he attended with his wife (Mollie Gates). I should probably mention that our actor has slept with the now former wife (Elizabeth Chambers) of the cleaning product actor and the cleaning product actor (Armie Hammer) has slept with the now former wife of our actor. Interesting how the sex clubs lead to divorce. Anyway, our actor has been banned from most of the bigger sex clubs in this country and his own. His name and photo are known to the people who do private sex parties. His photo was circulated after he attended a party as a plus one to someone who was known. Our actor then was aggressive and essentially sexually assaulted multiple women that night. He said he had a bad reaction to pills and booze. The party was a $5K per person event and no waves were needed, so the matter was dropped. However, after that night, his photo was circulated so he couldn't be a plus one. It has got so bad that in registering for some of these sex parties, you have to attest you are not the actor and will not bring the actor to the party and that you will forfeit your fee and be banned. Thomas Middleditch/Mollie Gates/Elizabeth Chambers/Armie Hammer (Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch splits from wife after revealing they were swingers)

Don't believe the hype. This three named A- list singer/former ingenue/former coke head is not getting a 9-5 job. She just wants people to think she is like them. Lana Del Rey (Did Lana Del Rey wear an $18 Shein dress on the red carpet?)

The foreign born former A+ list rapper is getting desperate to keep her husband out of jail. There has been an offer made to his victim of $1M to pretend like it never happened. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty/Jennifer Hough (Nicki Minaj Files Legal Documents in Response to Husband’s Accuser’s Lawsuit)

Of course the A list actor/sometime movie director pushed his way onto the airwaves to try and do some damage control. No one believes him or likes him. And to top things off, he showed up to the show wasted. Not a good look. Ben Affleck/"Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (Ben Affleck responds to 'not true' media coverage of Stern interview: 'It's the exact opposite of who I am')

Speaking of the actor/director in number #3 who was wasted for the late night show, that was far better than being coked up for the morning show that started all of it. Ben Affleck/"Jimmy Kimmel Live!"/"The Howard Stern Show" (Ben Affleck responds to 'not true' media coverage of Stern interview: 'It's the exact opposite of who I am')

The hotel ("The Cecil") that was home to serial killers and elevator games couldn't find anyone to give it a second chance at a hotel, so now will provide low income housing. "The Cecil" (List of deaths and violence at the Cecil Hotel) (LA’s Infamous Cecil Hotel Transforms Into Apartments For Unhoused Angelenos)

A couple days ago, I told you how the pedophile cable news producer had recently spent a couple million on a second home and luxury cars, that he could not have afforded on his salary. Yesterday, the indictment on the woman who sex trafficked the 9-year-old girl to him came out. It said there were 4 other men in the room. How much did he charge them? John Griffin/"CNN"/Heather Carriker (PICTURED: Nevada woman 'who took $3,000 from "pedophile" CNN producer to fly girl, 9, across country to Boston before joining in as he sexually abused her')

An actress on this very popular sitcom went from series regular to recurring for multiple seasons, just so she wouldn't have to be in the same room with this recently fired actor. He always wanted to touch her. AJ Michalka/"The Goldbergs"/Jeff Garlin (Jeff Garlin leaving ‘The Goldbergs’ after investigation into ‘abusive’ misconduct )

The disgraced producer looks to have bought his way out of one jail sentence. Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein Could Go Free, as Appeals Court Casts Doubt on Conviction)

One of the members of the cast of this cable show featuring a group of people living in Los Angeles who do not work in a bar, but are on the same channel, tried to start a fight with an A list television producer after the producer called the reality star's show mediocre. Apparently the cast had been being rude to everyone at an event and thought they were A+ listers rather than the stars of a mediocre cable reality show. The producer called them out on it. "Shahs of Sunset"/"Bravo"/Reza Farahan & Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi/Los Angeles Mission's annual Thanksgiving event (Winnie Harlow and Chrishell Stause lead stars volunteering at LA Mission's Thanksgiving event... where Kanye West gives speech saying God wants him and Kim Kardashian to patch up their marriage)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **10**
Of course the stars of a new movie about a television show knew the impact of that show. They are just trying to have some ready made excuses handy when the movie bombs. Nicole Kidman/Javier Bardem/"Being the Ricardos" (Being the Ricardos) (‘Being the Ricardos’ review: Aaron Sorkin's uneven love letter to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **11**
This three named actress was wasted out of her mind at a recent event. It was not a good look. Sarah Michelle Gellar/"102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2021" (Sarah Michelle Gellar Joins Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Husband Justin Mikita at LA's Jingle Ball!)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **12**
Old Hollywood: The self inflicted shooting by the wife of this A list comic actor was always considered accidental. Apparently the family knew though that wife was trying to kill herself and failed. Georgia Skelton/Red Skelton (Georgia Skelton suicide)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **13**
It is not the first time this Housewife has skipped out on bills because she was drunk and thinks everyone should feel lucky to have her in their establishment. It has happened multiple times. The only reason she paid up on this one was because of the bad publicity and possible arrest. Luann de Lesseps/"Real Housewives of New York" (Real Housewife Busted Doing a Dine-and-Dash at Schmancy D.C. Eatery)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/16 **14**
The Nice Guy: When anyone thinks about this foreign born A list actor, they think right away that he must be a nice guy. That would be anyone's first reaction if you asked about him. The married actor has made his public image to be a wonderful husband and father and guy. The kind of person you would want to be your best friend. Therefore, he is not the kind of person you would think who juggles a bunch of different lovers who all hate him. Our actor gets them to sign NDA's and when they split, he makes their lives miserable and sends his thugs and legal teams out to keep them in line. There has been at least one former lover who couldn't handle the nonstop press of hate, and ended up killing themselves. The actor's reaction was that he had one less person to pay every month and that maybe the others if they heard about it, might think it could happen to them too. Oh, yes, our actor conveniently forgot to mention to others that it was a suicide.

The executive team based in the US for this usually PG social media app which hosts thousands of live pages designed to teach you one specific language, were ordered by their bosses not to take down posts advocating school shootings today. "TikTok" (TikTok says US school shooting threats not credible)

This foreign-born A-list YouTuber and his close associates have groomed numerous underage teen girls. Most of you are probably familiar with the people who say they have the goods on him. They have a track record, and don't miss.
David Dobrik (David Dobrik Was the King of YouTube. Then He Went Too Far.)

The curse continues for this Christmas song that is a new reboot of a classic. A fifth person featured on the song has died.

After promising to cooperate with law enforcement, this A list actor has not done so. It is also why he could still be criminally charged in his case. Alec Baldwin (Rust: Police obtain search warrant for Alec Baldwin's phone)

Speaking of not cooperating with law enforcement, this A list producer/director/showrunner pays off the police where he lives, so they don't look too hard at the people being trafficked through his place. Tyler Perry/"The Tyler Perry Foundation" ("The Tyler Perry Foundation")

This former Housewife has a great job and pulls in several million dollars a year actually doing a job. She would be starring in a reality show about it on her former channel, but a star of the show is still holding a grudge that she turned down his sexual advances years ago. Kelly Bensimon/"Real Housewives of New York"/Ryan Serhant/"Million Dollar Listing New York" (Former Housewife Kelly Bensimon Heats Up Romance With Million Dollar Listing Star) (Kelly Bensimon closer to passing $100M in sales with $3M ‘Police’ pad)

This former almost A- list actress turned has been passing information along to the de facto leader of a country who she once had a sexual relationship with and who has financially helped her over the years. Lindsay Lohan/Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Inside Lindsay Lohan’s Bizarre Friendship With Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman)

It feels like the alliterate one's favorite bodyguard spends more time alone with her than her husband. Meghan Markle (Duchess's day out! Masked up Meghan goes undercover with oversized LeSpecs shades for a pre-Christmas shopping trip to her favorite stores in Montecito)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: Which foreign born A list actor (Antonio Banderas) arrived in LA with his young beautiful wife to take meetings with producers about possible movie deals? The actor and his wife spoke very little English and seemed like genuinely nice and humble people. The actor’s career quickly took off after that and he was pursued by the permanent A+ singer, left his wife and then married an older A list actress. Antonio Banderas/Ana Leza/Madonna/Melanie Griffith (Antonio Banderas recalls Madonna pursuing him while he was married: ‘I couldn’t believe it’)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **10**
There are some things going on behind the scenes that suggest a little sleight of hand is coming. It would tend also to suggest that the first week of January there will be a formal split announcement coming from this A+ list singer in regards to her relationship.
Taylor Swift/Joe Alwyn (Taylor Swift Subtly Signaled Her And Joe Alwyn’s Romance Is Going Strong This Holiday) (Hoax Lyrics)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **11**
The much lesser known sibling of an alliterate actress every single one of you knows, has decided to rebrand herself and make a living as a Christian singer/commentator. She thinks there is a lot of money to be made. Ali Lohan/Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan's Sister Ali Lohan Releases Heartwarming Track 'I Will Stand' Dedicated To Mom Dina: 'The Strongest Woman I Know')

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **12**
Apparently this foreign born A/A- list actor decided to get people to talk about things other than his sexuality, so hey, why not bring up starting a family. Tom Holland ('I want to focus on starting a family': Zendaya's boyfriend Tom Holland talks taking hiatus from acting to settle down as he 'loves kids' and 'can't wait to be a dad')

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **13**
Apparently this foreign born A- list singer who would love to be an actress, is pregnant with her new boyfriend's baby. Amazing what happens when you have actual sex during a relationship. Camila Cabello

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/17 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange Sex Games
#1 - This former A list "singer" turned network reality star split with an A- list mostly television actor boyfriend who all of you know because he liked to tie her up and pretend she was a high school student he had kidnapped. Paula Abdul/ John Stamos (John Stamos "Sort of Forgot" He Dated Paula Abdul)

#2 - This aging A- list actor from a big acting family is an Oscar winner/nominee. He bragged that he never had a sex scene in a movie where he didn't actually have sex. Keith Carradine (Carradine family)
#3 - This alliterate former A- list actress was in a long term relationship with this long long time A- list actress who has been in multiple hit shows. They had to stop seeing each other because they would be covered in bruises after any sex session they had.
#4 - Speaking of rough, this three named actor used to make this A list actress who is A- list now, cry every time they had sex because it was the only way he was happy. The actress said it was a miserable point in her life. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox

Do I think the former A- list teen star turned meth head had money stolen from him by his parents? Yes. Do I think it was $500M as he alleged? Umm, no. He hasn't even earned a tenth of that in his lifetime. Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter Believes Family Trying to Put Him Under Conservatorship)

The least known member of this A list trio has been hinting that she has been in the recording studio with the other two members. This would be the first record/single from them in a long time. Michelle Williams/"Destiny’s Child"/Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland

In his most recent interview, this A list YouTuber/fighter/horrible person is setting up all future defenses in court whenever and whatever he is arrested for. Jake Paul/brain damage (Jake Paul says ahead of big weekend bout that he has brain damage but will carry on with fight)

So, let me get this straight Mr. A list stand up man who was all about being a family man. The birth day was November 24, which takes us back to a conception date of March 2nd which is about four days after you got out of rehab and two and a half months prior to the date (May) you told the world that you started dating the A- list actress. March is also a solid month prior to filing for divorce. So, instead of whatever explanation you tossed out to the world before, it sounds like it went something like this. When you got out of rehab you hooked up with the actress after communicating with her all through rehab. She gets pregnant and you find out and then realize you have to file for divorce. John Mulaney/Olivia Munn (Olivia Munn gives birth, welcomes baby with John Mulaney) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/27/21)

This singer/reality star/actress/host who loves to make everything about herself has made another poor decision in her love life. It is probably not as bad as the guy she dated for a week, but pretty close. Jana Kramer/Jay Cutler (Jana Kramer Explains Robe Photo Featuring Mystery Man — and Why She Won’t Reveal His Identity) (Jana Kramer says Jay Cutler was never her ‘boyfriend’)

This alliterate A list mostly movie actor talks about actresses equal or higher to him on the list and says nothing but nice things. The ones lower on the list or when he was first starting out he says nothing nice about them and everyone knows they feel the same way too. He has been awful during his career. Matthew McConaughey (Matthew McConaughey Tells Reese Witherspoon She Was His First Celebrity Crush: 'True Story')

This foreign born B+ list actor who is in a massive franchise and is someone all of you would recognize, got so hammered after a premiere this week, that he ended up passing out in a park and almost got taken to jail by police. He did get robbed while passed out. Rhys Ifans/"Spider-Man" ('The King's Man' Cast Hit The Red Carpet At New York City Premiere)

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress is spending about $1K a day to get her photo taken by paps. That way the paps can sell them for next to nothing and know a tabloid will pick them up to post.

This athlete has always done his best to make sure he is hiding deep in that proverbial closet. He thought his current girlfriend felt the same way. She is acting like she wants the world to know how their relationship really works and wants him firmly out of the closet. Aaron Rodgers/Shailene Woodley (Shailene Woodley and fiance Aaron Rodgers have a 'different, non-traditional relationship' and are 'very private about things')

I told you last year that this former A+ list rapper was full of lies when he told everyone he would give the masters back to the people on his label. He didn't and is also stealing from them too to fund his lifestyle. Kanye West (Big Sean Says Kanye West Owes Him Millions and Never Returned His Masters)

The two co-stars from a superhero movie are playing with a ball of fire unseen since the Twilight days. The problem with those types of relationships is that someone always gets caught with another person and is then branded a cheater forever. The studio pushed back against the PR teams for the co-stars, but finally gave in. If it blows up, the studio can easily replace a character in the universe. Tom Holland and Zendaya/"Spider-Man: No Way Home"/Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Zendaya, Tom Holland finally confirm they’re dating with steamy car makeout) (Kristen Stewart Called Her Relationship With Robert Pattinson "Young and Stupid")

The ex might have been a freeloading/gold digger, BUT, and this is a big but, he is a really good dad and has had a stable relationship for a very long time. Can you imagine if there hadn't been a stable father figure in a loving relationship for the kids to be sent? The boyfriend of the "singer" only wants the money that comes with being a dad. It wouldn't shock me if the ex ends up raising the baby when the boyfriend and "singer" invariably split. Kevin Federline/Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (The Reason Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Divorced) (Sam Asghari Says He & Britney Spears Will Be ‘Baby Making’ For Christmas — Watch)

A new generation is about to learn all about the double life this permanent A list Oscar winning actor leads with his entire other family. Denzel Washington (Denzel Washington Hints That He May Be Retiring From Acting Soon)

Reader Blind - The Other Island - Part Two: Finding his connections and his island ("North Dumpling Island") more than a little suspicious, I dug a little deeper into the Inventor (Dean Kamen) and made the key connection. There is a pilot (Nadia Marcinko) you all have probably heard of. She was the plaything of the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) for years, before he passed her onto the Inventor. As soon as she became the Inventor’s personal plaything, he announces his company now has an aviation club. That recruiting website she ran, was run from the Inventor’s corporate headquarters. I also recall that not that long ago, the Inventor’s Wikipedia page stated that his house contained a medieval dungeon themed room. That little tidbit has been removed, though it still mentions the secret tunnels. Make of that what you will. "North Dumpling Island"/Dean Kamen/Nadia Marcinko/Jeffrey Epstein (PART ONE)

It is true that this one named permanent A list singer never does solo holiday songs. The reason is she doesn't celebrate Christmas.

Variety Blind Item: One of these has been in this space often for the same thing. "Also in recent days, rumblings about two unvaccinated actresses has grown louder and more concerned — one up for Oscar contention in a prominent indie (Vanessa Hudgens/"tick, tick...BOOM!"), the other the headliner of a December tentpole." (Zendaya/"Spider-Man: No Way Home") Vanessa Hudgens/"tick, tick...BOOM!"/Zendaya/"Spider-Man: No Way Home"

Over the weekend, these brothers who are A list famous on TikTok, and don't have a last name of Paul, were partying in a hotel after a big event. One of the brothers was hooking up with a woman but was watching gay porn on his phone while trying to have sex with the woman. She laughed at him and he threw her out of the room and threatened to beat her. "The Island Boys" ('Island Boys' TikTokers Get Heckled, Doused by Crowd at Jake Paul Fight)

Well, that is one foreign born former A+ list boy bander turned A+/A list solo singer who was forcefully thrown out of the closet this weekend. Interesting to see what all parties involved have to say about this. Harry Styles (Harry Styles Allegedly Hooked Up with Andy Cohen)

The wife of this A list actor now says that people are trying to kill her. Well, she should make sure her husband doesn't have access to any guns. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin

Was the STD rumor about the new baby mother (Maralee Nichols) to the foreign born alliterate athlete (Tristan Thompson) put out there to make her life miserable by the reality family (Kardashians)? It was done through a third party so they have total deniability, but what is the point of having the first baby mother (Jordan Craig) saying it? Whole told her? Maralee Nichols/Tristan Thompson/Kardashians/Jordan Craig (Maralee Nichols shares first pic of son allegedly fathered by Tristan Thompson) (Tristan Thompson Claims New Alleged Baby Mama May Have STD; Used "Blkjesus" Snapchat To Hook Up With Her)

This foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actress has a very very good chance of winning Oscar gold this year. It doesn't help her though when her husband publicly says the child molesting director is a great guy. Penélope Cruz/"Parallel Mothers"/Javier Bardem/Woody Allen (Oscars 2022: Bradley Cooper, Penelope Cruz's chances dim after missing out on early awards) (Javier Bardem defends Woody Allen again, calls abuse allegations ‘gossip’)

A long time actress friend of the site who knows first hand how to play the game in her home country and over the years has had to have sex with a number of men she really didn't want, but did so to keep her career going and her lifestyle, says at some point, the government might just kill the athlete because otherwise all of this is going to continue to linger. Bai Ling/China/Peng Shuai (Peng Shuai tells Singapore newspaper that she never said she was sexually assaulted; social media post in Nov. said differently)

There is a movie remake ("Nightmare Alley") opening this weekend. If it bombs, which is the most likely scenario, it will be the end of the studio ("Searchlight Pictures") that made it. "Nightmare Alley"/"Searchlight Pictures" (and the movie did bomb) (Bradley Cooper's 'Nightmare Alley' Flops, Bumped for Spider-Man)

Back in the day, you would hear stories about teens being kidnapped on streets and sold to some wealthy man in the Middle East. Apparently now the way to do it is to have the teens travel to the region for a massive rave festival and then disappear. One eastern European country says they have reports of 40-50 missing teens from that country, who have now been reported as missing. "Soundstorm ‘21"/Saudi Arabia (SOUNDSTORM 21: Stars thrill on the closing day of the BEAST that shook the Middle East) (MDLBeast Soundstorm Has a Shuttle Fiasco in the Saudi Desert)

Reader Blind: It now approaches three years since this daytime soap actor who graced the cover of People Magazine was murdered on the idyllic star-studded Caribbean Island, with his sugar-mommy widow in court disavowing her participation while trying to collect millions -- and refusing to return from CA for the Island’s inquest into the crime, while local CA law enforcement remain mum. Casey Scott MacPherson/"The Bold and the Beautiful"/Anguilla/Barbara (Casey and Caleb died mysteriously on an island. Their families think their wives know something.)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **10**
A big no show at a premiere for the celebrity husband of this foreign born B+ list actress. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra/"Matrix 4" (Priyanka Chopra says she missed Nick Jonas at Matrix Resurrections premiere, goofs around with his parents in new pics)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **11**
This not even old enough to drive a car A- list TokTok star/singer went home after a friend's birthday party this weekend with a guy who was about 30. No one at the event seems surprised and she wasn't the only one who did this, but was the only one the spy knew by name.

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **12**
With the disgraced director taking another rightful beating in the press today, somehow this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who has worked for the director and is best friends with the director and was in many of the same situations as the director with the same young men, he has never been called out for it. He has been given a pass. How long that pass holds, is very tenuous. Bryan Singer/Hugh Jackman (My Traumatizing Years With Bryan Singer)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **13**
This A list mostly movie actor (Adam Driver) has at least one massive franchise ("Star Wars"). He is in a Oscar contender ("The Last Duel" and/or "Annette") this year and is meme worthy. He also has a growing problem because of his wife's (Joanne Tucker) family and their involvement in the creation of a cult (Sharon Gans "Odyssey Study Group") which is being sued by many members now. An ex stepfather (Spencer Lee Schneider) of the actor's wife (Cynthia May) is writing about the cult ("Manhattan Cult Story"). It is big and the actor should distance himself as quickly as possible. Adam Driver/"Star Wars"/"The Last Duel" and/or "Annette"/Joanne Tucker/Sharon Gans "Odyssey Study Group"/Spencer Lee Schneider/Cynthia May/"Manhattan Cult Story" (Inside the alleged ‘cult’ that has been quietly operating in NY for decades) (Two ex-members of secretive NYC 'cult' say they paid $400 a month to serve as 'assistants, cooks and drivers' for actress and founder who lived life of luxury at the Plaza Hotel) (My Life in a Cult) (South40Studios Acquires Worldwide Film/TV Rights to "Manhattan Cult Story")

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/20 **14**
Management: The management ("Big Hit Music") of the biggest foreign group ("BTS") on the planet is already trying to make the members sign another renewal contract before they start serving in the army. This is likely to happen because the last time their main singer (Jungkook) tried to leave and sue the company two years ago, his private life was exposed after bot accounts and several media were paid to start controversies about him and stalk him, his family and friends. He was coerced into staying by his management and was also fined for the negative press encouraged by the agency itself. The dispute almost got revealed by one of the biggest local tv channels, however, they too were paid off, and consequently they stayed quiet and apologized. Several attempts had been made by him to quit the label since 2017. In June 2020 he finally gave up. The member said in an interview this month that the past few years were a nightmare for him. Meanwhile the members who seem to show more loyalty towards the label, get their solo projects approved. "Big Hit Music"/"BTS"/Jungkook (BTS' Future Depends Upon If They Can Get Out Of Military Service) (All controversies that BTS member Jungkook has ever been entangled in)

One of the two missing princesses from this royal family is dead. Apparently it is the older one (Princess Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum) who tried to escape again and then committed suicide. It is the younger one (Princess Shamsa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum) who had the fling with the British royal which got her into trouble. Princess Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum//Princess Shamsa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum (Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed abducted daughters and threatened wife - UK court)

These two reality stars from multiple shows can make their relationship Instagram official, but it still isn't real. Paige DeSorbo ("Summer House")/Craig Conover ("Southern Charm") (Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover are Instagram-official)

Speaking of reality stars from the same channel as #2, this NJ Housewife is being cheated on by her significant other and it is not Melissa, although, I mean come on. Lol. Jennifer Aydin/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Jennifer and Bill Aydin's Marriage Appears to Be Tested in New Season of 'RHONJ')

The three named actress knew what was going on all along, but never said anything. It was why though he was going to be killed off years ago when they were going to make another movie. Sarah Jessica Parker/Chris Noth/"Sex and the City" (Sarah Jessica Parker Reacts to Sexual Assault Allegations Against ‘Sex and the City’ Costar Chris Noth)

This foreign born alliterate actor has a secret child from a past relationship that is never spoken about in any articles. He stopped paying for her years ago, isn’t in contact with her & blatantly ignores her messages - he moved to Australia to start fresh; he now has a new family & booming acting career in the Marvel cinematic universe, but his eldest daughter turns 18 in January & wants to become a nepotism baby.
Charlie Cox

I told you many months ago that behind the scenes, this A list mostly television actress from a long long long running network show wanted to leave. She knows it will be tough to leave though if the show is still airing. Now, she has taken her thoughts public to really put pressure on to end the show. Ellen Pompeo/"Grey’s Anatomy" (‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo says it’s time for show to end)

This radio host (Dan Bongino)
isn't walking away from his many millions of dollars a year gig, despite what he might have told his listeners. He knows he would never find another easy high paying job like the one he holds now. Dan Bongino

It took less than 24 hours from the release of the video about the foreign born former A+ list boy bander to the publicists feeding a story to Kneepads to talk about the happy life he has with his girlfriend. All lies. Harry Styles/"One Direction"/Andy Cohen/"People"/Olivia Wilde (Harry Styles Allegedly Hooked Up with Andy Cohen) (Harry Styles Is 'Slowly Getting to Know' Girlfriend Olivia Wilde's Kids: Source)

This A- list mostly movie actor is a superhero. He is also married. He got a woman, who is not his wife, pregnant. His wife knows and hasn't divorced him or anything. Their relationship has always been odd. This just kind of supports that position. Jason Momoa/"Aquaman"/Lisa Bonet (Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa's Strange Relationship)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **10**
Yesterday, I wrote about a female celebrity not old enough to drive who went home with some guy pushing 30 and no one even blinked. It turns out there were multiple female celebrities the same age who did the same thing from that same event. There was one parent there, and they were the organizer of this horror show. One of the girls is an alliterate celebrity, not old enough to drive, who has bragged to friends before about how she slept with a guy old enough to be her grandfather and landed a multi-million dollar spokesperson contract because of it.

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **11**
The cult run by the business manager takes "converted" lesbian/bisexual young women and passes them out to men in the cult ("Mercy Multiplied") ("Remnant Fellowship") who make sure the women stay "converted." Lou Taylor/"Mercy Multiplied"/"Remnant Fellowship" (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/06/21)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **12**
This late night host wants double his current salary to remain. He won't get it. The owner of the show doesn't like him. The network likes his numbers, but hate everything that comes with it.
James Corden

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **13**
A woman who works as a waitress/bottle service person was working undercover for law enforcement to bust this LA based personal injury lawyer who has all kinds of PR problems right now and a host of former partners being arrested. James Bergener/Noella Bergener/"Real Housewives of Orange County"/"Sweet James" (Who Is 'Sweet James' Bergener? Everything To Know About 'RHOC' Star Noella Bergener's Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband) ("Sweet James")

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **14**
Don't Take A Drink: When this one comes out and it will in a story right after the holidays, it will be big. Think about one of the biggest stars on a children's network who drugs his fans and then sleeps with them. Our actor who is old enough to drink will invite fans who he has met to come hang out or join him at a party. If they don't act like they are going to sleep with him on their own, he spikes their drink and then has sex with them. This has happened dozens of times. This is not GHB that he is slipping in their drinks either, apparently he got his hands on the same drug the CIA agent was using on his victims. When you wake up, you don't think you have been drugged, you think you just drank too much and passed out and will often apologize for doing so. That works just fine for people who have had too many drinks. The problem our actor didn't consider is that many of these women he is assaulting have never had anything to drink, let alone pass out from drinking. The other thing that worked against him is many of the girls are 16 or 17 and live at home and their parents asked a lot of questions about why they didn't come home.

All of this buzz about the alliterate one being called to give a deposition. The only relevant information she could have would be from a long time ago when she was yachting. Did she travel in the same circles as her in-law.
Meghan Markle/Prince Andrew (It could be her connection to Ron Burkle through Marcus Anderson) (Meghan Markle May Be Forced to Testify in Prince Andrew Lawsuit)

The celebrity/former network reality star who escaped jail because her parents took the fall, has now entered the world of contract dating. Olivia Jade Giannulli/Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli/Jacob Elordi (Jacob Elordi cuts a casual figure in grey sweatpants following a workout... after going public with Olivia Jade romance)

With just barely over a month until her husband could be sent to jail for a decade, the pressure on the victim is being amped up by many different people. Two new people are threatening her, and her life. They literally will do anything to get her to recant. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty/Jennifer Hough (Nicki Minaj slams husband Kenneth Petty's harassment accuser and 'brands her a liar looking to score an easy pay day' as lawsuit heats up)

Why yes, this west coast Housewife did get her breasts lifted and slightly enlarged for the season she is filming right now. Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Speaking of Housewives, this going broke, southeast one has been making overtures to the Nigerian who used to take care of her, but he likes his women much younger. Porsha Williams/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Bashorun Jide Omokore (Billionaire Oil Tycoon Bashorun Jide Omokore Is 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Porsha’s Sugar Daddy!) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/03/20)

The alliterate talk show host is privately telling people she won't return to her show until early summer at the earliest. Wendy Williams (The Wendy Williams Show Delays January Return as COVID-19 Cases Surge in the U.S.)

The disgraced actor from an acting family thinks his career will be back on track now that he has confessed to his horrible behavior and did the old standby of sex addiction. There are at least another dozen or more people who could also call him out and plan to if he gets another chance at working. James Franco (James Franco admits to having sex with his students: ‘That was wrong’)

Every bit of trouble in the life of this A list rapper has been caused by the actions of her husband. Whether it is cheating on her and getting other women pregnant, or getting into fights with other women that get you into legal trouble, everything can be traced back to him. They have split multiple times, but yet, she keeps coming back for more and then gives him that ridiculous amount of money. Have some respect for yourself. Cardi B/Offset (Cardi B gifts Offset $2 million for his birthday)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **10**
It would be easy to say the recent splits of the streaming reality couples is because the season is over, but really at least one of the splits was because the former daytime star wanted to get married and was pressuring every single hour of the day for that. Her boyfriend likes to use his fame to have sex with as many women as possible, so that was not going to happen. Chrishell Stause/Jason Oppenheim/"Selling Sunset" (Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim of 'Selling Sunset' have split)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **11**
This former teen star of multiple Nick shows has a few men who take care of her in return for sex.

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **12**
This foreign born A- list actress in her own country was known to sleep with powerful executives in her country. That suicide is looking much more like murder. Sayaka Kanda/Japan (Heartbroken parents of Japanese Frozen actress who fell to her death from a hotel hold her ashes after she is cremated as they 'say goodbye' as police investigate suspected suicide)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **13**
This former A list NBA star went on TikTok and declared himself sober. He isn't. Dennis Rodman

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/22 **14**
The Good One - Kindness: This actress is A- list. She is an Oscar winner/nominee and also loves singing. She requires no water for any kind of thirst, because she has no thirst. Zero. You have to really push her to put herself out there to promote her projects. While other celebrities like to have cameras present when they volunteer or deliver groceries to people, our actress is the polar opposite. Other than when she was filming her latest project, our actress has spent the pandemic volunteering nearly every day in a variety of places and for the first few months of the lockdown was delivering groceries and food 12-15 hours a day, seven days a week. Over the past year she has helped people find places to stay and get fed and put them in touch with agencies that can help them. She is tireless. Despite her fame, she has given out her phone number to hundreds of people who know they can reach out to her for help at any hour of the day or night.
Hailee Steinfeld

Every time this late night talk show host over indulges party wise, he always blames it on an illness. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live" (Andy Cohen reveals he contracted COVID-19 for a second time)

KINDNESS: This alliterate actress with a name that is also a city, had a big year. She also donated a ton of money which basically pays for several hundred dogs to be able to be housed in a shelter for about a year or until they can be adopted. Sydney Sweeney (Sydney, Australia) (Sydney Sweeney Is Social Distancing With Her Pup, and the Photos Are So Adorable)

The celebrity CEO has a bot army that defends him whenever he is attacked online. The funny part is replying to the bot with some off the wall reply that the AI system doesn't understand, so they give you a nonsensical answer. Elon Musk (What is Web3, is it the new phase of the Internet and why are Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey against it?)

This one named rapper which sounds like two names was appearing at concerts this holiday season with this former A+ list NBA star. They were hooking up. He dumped her and now she has pulled out of all their joint appearances. Saweetie/James Harden (James Harden lashes out on Instagram after 50 Cent spreads Saweetie date rumor)

This Below Deck female star is a huge hit with the jet setters and earns nearly $10K a night for sleeping with them.

Speaking of yachters, this part-time reality star needs some new recruits for his business. It has been slow since his main money maker dumped him a few months ago. Scott Disick/Sofia Richie (Scott Disick reunites with model Bella Banos in St. Barts)

Reader Blind: A low profile couple - one spouse is A list, the other isn't on a list - will officially announce a divorce in the new year. There have been more than two trial separations over the years and the start of awards season isn't panning out as hoped so they're getting through the holidays and then pulling the plug rather than limp through for the sake of an awards campaign. He has a couple of factions of pretty crazy fans who aren't going to react well - there's going to be a section who will be crowing about this like they're psychics who predicted everything and spitting in the fandom's faces, another who will basically lose their minds about 'mom and dad' breaking up, and the rest who will shrug and say 'that sucks' and move on with their day like well adjusted adults. There are probably going to be a bunch of made up rumors flying around, like hooking up with costars and dramatic scandals but the simple matter is much more boring - two people who aren't suited to each other aren't in love anymore. Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver drove attractive young ladies all the time. Not yet celebrities. Sometimes he went out with them after he was done working. The problem was that he was married with young children at home. He felt like a rat doing it, but couldn’t resist the beautiful ladies who wanted someone to show them around town. He would take them shooting pool to the Hollywood Athletic Club or dancing at the Roxbury. Places they would likely see celebrities, because that was what the women wanted. If it was leading to sex, he would back off. He couldn’t bring himself to fully cheat yet. He picked up the A-list Academy Award nominated actress (also married at time) at LAX. She was more of a supporting actress than leading lady. The driver and the actress hit it off, and they agreed to go on a lunch date the following day. They walked along the Santa Monica Pier and had lunch there. They laughed a lot. The actress had the most beautiful blue eyes the driver had ever seen. Maybe it could have gone further, but the driver felt like a total heel, because his wife and kids were waiting for him at home. He took the actress back to her hotel and hugged her farewell.

The former spouse of this former NBA A+ lister didn't sign a NDA spilled some dirty secrets about this reality family. What she doesn't know is that the executives at the cable channel have made sure nothing derogatory about the family comes out. They try and control everything. Larsa Pippen/"Real Housewives of Miami"/Scottie Pippen/"Kardashians"/"Bravo" (Larsa Pippen Shares an Update on Where She Stands with Kim Kardashian Today)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **10**
The sometime reality star is out earning a living with a man who she found through her reality star mom. Brielle Biermann/Kim Zolciak-Biermann (Kim Zolciak's daughter Brielle Biermann flaunts her assets in a teeny pink bikini while on vacation in the Bahamas)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **11**
The lead in this Chicago based television show desperately needs rehab. Jason Beghe/"Chicago, P.D." (‘Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe Investigated By NBC For "Inappropriate Behavior" Amid Sexual Harassment Claims) (‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9: Could Voight’s Tricky Situation Cause Jason Beghe to Be Written off the Show?)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **12**
This one name north of the border singer is seeking a $1B payout from her ex. Grimes/Elon Musk (Elon Musk is learning a hard lesson: never date a musician)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/23 **13**
The Death: She got away with it. It was an experiment and this A list celebrity (Joan Didion) got away with murder. I was reminded of it today when I saw the news of the celebrity's passing. She was always very vague when describing the death. She had enough people behind the scenes that eventually a story was cemented about the cause of death, but it was never actually documented, it was just was accepted. It is not what is listed as the cause of death on the death certificate. What our celebrity decided was that instead of allowing a family member (daughter Quintana Roo Dunne) to kill herself, our celebrity was going to do it to her and slowly but surely over a period of time killed the family member using arsenic. She then profited from the death (book "Blue Nights"). Good riddance. Joan Didion/daughter Quintana Roo Dunne/book "Blue Nights" (Joan Didion, ‘New Journalist’ Who Explored Culture and Chaos, Dies at 87) (Who was Joan Didion's daughter Quintana Roo Dunne? Writer's daughter died at 39)

One of the most heavily guarded buildings in Manhattan that has roving packs of guards 24/7 is an art gallery who has a celebrity offspring as one of their featured artists. Who is paying for the security presence? It must be at least $10K per day.
"Berges Gallery"/Hunter Biden

It would certainly have Gen Z talking about the award show, but it doesn't mean if they get these two co-stars who are in a fake relationship to host the show, that the ratings will be any higher. It was not all that long ago that an actor and actress hosted and the show has never recovered. "Academy Awards"/Tom Holland & Zendaya/2011 - James Franco & Anne Hathaway (Tom Holland Reacts to the Idea of Hosting Oscars 2022 With Zendaya)

This A list singer said some things about a group of people that is going to cause a huge backlash. There were several people there, so someone must have captured the audio at least of what she said. Bette Midler/West Virginia (Bette Midler’s West Virginia slur proves she’s the ‘illiterate’ bigot)

Not only has this one named A list singer continued to support a serial sexual predator but also has hooked up with him since her marriage. Beyoncé/Trey Songz (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/28/21)

Don't believe the hype. These two foreign born one named A list singers didn't hook up with each other. She doesn't want anyone with that big of a body count, especially someone who has never used protection in his life. Adele/Drake (Adele Said She Vents To Drake About Fame Sometimes Because He Understands And "Won't Judge" Her)

This three named actress thinks her foreign born actor significant other is not cheating on her. Does she not remember how they got together in the first place? Of course he is cheating every chance he gets. Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Ewan McGregor (Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead Secretly Welcome Their First Child)

This former A+ list actor crashed and burned in a very public way. He supplements his residual money with quite a lot of international drug smuggling from contacts he made when he would fly down to South America and get them personally.

Speaking of the actor in #7, one of his former wives is hooking up with a wealthy man who is definitely not her husband.

This A- list actress who is a third generation celebrity, tracks her foreign born A list boyfriend wherever he goes. She does not want to be cheated on again. Dakota Johnson (Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson)/Chris Martin (Dakota Johnson keeps warm in NYC in fall fashion ... as she remains in celeb romance with Coldplay's Chris Martin)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **10**
This reality family says one thing publicly about an annual party, but they are still having it. It is just super secret now with NDA's to be signed. Kardashian/Jenner (Kardashian-Jenners won’t be having annual Christmas bash due to COVID)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **11**
This former A-list actor claims that what he did wasn't so bad because it was all consensual. I guess he forgot about the time he stalked an 18-year-old at a university summer program he attended and harassed her so horribly that she had to get the president of the school involved before he would leave her alone. James Franco (James Franco speaks out about sexual misconduct allegations: ‘I did sleep with students’) (James Franco accused of causing ‘immense pain and suffering’ by former students)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **12**
This A- list rapper who won't work again for years, is really trying to influence any potential jury pool by trying to buy his way out of it with gifts. Travis Scott (Travis Scott gifts 2K presents to kids in Houston after Astroworld tragedy)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/24 **13**
Four For Friday - Best Guesses: This album (#1/"Live Through This") was huge for this at the time A- list singer (#2/Courtney Love) and still not yet a murder suspect. There have always been questions about who wrote what on the record. #2 and her significant other (#3/Kurt Cobain/Seattle) were both really strung out, so perhaps neither wrote as much of it as previously suspected. What about someone (#4/Billy Corgan/Chicago) that #2 used to write with. One producer said that #3 wasn't familiar with songs when adding background vocals. #4 would just smile when asked with a big smile if he wrote it and would never deny it. #2 would come out to visit #4 and try to sober up a bit in his town. Yes they were hooking up. He was never into drug scene and #3's death scared him off from any further relationship with #2. #4 truly loved #2 and would never admit anything publicly to hurt the legend of #2 or #3. He also didn't want #3's fans to come after him as a home wrecker. #4 had a hard enough time keeping his fans from breaking into his home. #3 was too strung out to care what #2 did and who she slept with for songs. #4 has denied other collaborations instantly when asked if they were false. #4's band ("The Smashing Pumpkins") was in competition with #3's band ("Nirvana") and his hometown fans would give him a hard time if it came out that he helped her at that time. #4 is still friends with her and sits back with quiet satisfaction knowing he wrote way more than #3.
#1 - "Live Through This"
#2 - Courtney Love
#3 - Kurt Cobain/"Nirvana"/Seattle
#4 - Billy Corgan/"The Smashing Pumpkins"/Chicago

This foreign born A list actor got everyone this week to say what a wonderful guy he is and to distract from all the news about he and the disgraced director and what they used to do back in the day. Hugh Jackman/Bryan Singer ('Take it from me, real superheroes do not wear capes': Hugh Jackman pays tribute to understudy who stepped in with just FIVE hours notice when leading lady of 'The Music Man' tested positive for COVID as virus shutters scores of Broadway shows)

Speaking of distracting, this alliterate reality star had a full court press of new family photos to send out last night to distract everyone from her Anti-Semitic comments. Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian posts family holiday card with some notable members missing)

This A- list actress/business owner went solo yesterday to some family events which will only fuel the fire she is divorcing the guy who forced her to invite his mistress to the baby shower of the wife. Jessica Alba/Cash Warren (Jessica Alba has her arms full of tasty treats as she makes a last-minute run to Whole Foods before her Christmas Eve festivities) (Jessica Alba Celebrates Baby Shower With High Tea Party: Photos)

The thirst of this former daytime star turned network reality star is something else. She has multiple paps in her phone and thought she looked cute, so called one to come snap some photos. Chrishell Stause/"Days of Our Lives"/"Selling Sunset"/"Dancing With the Stars" (Chrishell Stause Shares Fan Message That Gave Her 'Quite the Laugh' After Jason Oppenheim Split)

So far, most of the pictures released of this actor who saw his career crash and burn over the past two weeks have been red carpet photos. They don't make him look bad. The picture of him at a bar drunk, with college aged women will change all that and be the picture used in all media coverage about him. Chris Noth (‘Beverly Johnson Told Us About Him Back In 1995’: Beverly Johnson’s 25+ Year Restraining Order Against Chris Noth Resurfaces Amidst New Sexual Assault Allegations)

Speaking of drunk, this one named rapper who was too broke to actually buy the seats where he was at the Lakers game last night, was wasted drunk hitting on women who didn't want his attention and also he spilled a beer on a guy that almost caused a big fight. Tyga (Paula Abdul the former Laker Girl joins rappers Snoop Dogg and Tyga as the Lakers face off against the Nets for first official Arena game)

The wannabe celebrity wife of an A list actor is really getting paranoid. She now thinks people are following her and are listening in on her phone calls and conversations. If she didn't need her phone to create thirst traps, she would have thrown them away. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Hilaria Baldwin Slam "Cruelty" Of Online Bullies Following Alec Baldwin’s Involvement In Fatal "Rust" Shooting)

The remake of this one name horror classic that was originally a book by the master, is set to have multiple sex scenes every episode. He wants it to have more sex than Game Of Thrones. Stephen King/"Christine" or "Firestarter" (Everything We Know About Stephen King’s Christine Remake) (Stephen King’s Firestarter Remake: An Updated Cast List, Including Zac Efron)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who should get an Oscar nomination this year took another step out of the closet this past week.

To prove to everyone she isn't pregnant, this foreign born permanent A list singer got wasted this past week and did her Seth Rogen "Night Before" impression by doing a wide variety of drugs. Rihanna (Rihanna Claps Back At Latest Crop Of Pregnancy Rumors)

Publicly this now former talk show host is saying one thing about his boss, but behind the scenes, she is pulling a lot of levers for him. Dr. Oz/Oprah (Dr. Oz tells Oprah to stay away from his Pennsylvania Senate race: ‘I don’t want my friends hurt’)

The north of the border singer had to be physically restrained to keep from going on a TikTok live this weekend to talk about her ex. No one wants to endanger the money despite what she wants to say about him. Grimes/Elon Musk (Grimes seemingly shades Elon Musk over Time Person of the Year 2021 cover)

What is always so strange to me is that these celebrity parents didn't want their barely there celebrity daughter to keep dating women so hey brought in a guy for her to fake date. Meanwhile, they hooked up with the guy as much as possible. Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber/Kaia Gerber/Austin Butler (Kaia Gerber sparks romance rumours with Austin Butler as they enjoy yoga class while he gears up for release of his new Elvis movie... a month after model's split from Jacob Elordi)

This northern California NFL QB has a girlfriend. She lives in Chicago. She is paid a lot of money to let her boyfriend "date" other women so his sex life makes him famous. Jimmy Garoppolo/"San Francisco 49ers" (Jimmy Garoppolo Dated a Porn Star, But Still Hasn’t Found Love)

That very lengthy newspaper article about the former manager of the "singer" didn't have much that you already didn't know, but did hint where they were going next. They are going to go after the reality family and how they have profited off the "singer." Lou Taylor/Britney Spears/Kardashians (Kardashians still doing business with Britney Spears’ embattled ex-manager) (The Kardashians Are Facing Backlash For Working With Britney Spears’ Controversial Ex–Business Manager Lou Taylor. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 11/02/21)

Mr. X: Which three named singer/celeb spawn (Lisa Marie Presley) has been done with her autobiography for quite a few years now. The only problem is that the major publishing houses have turned her down, fearing that they may get sued. Why? Even though it is a memoir disguised as a roman a clef, she outs several actors, actresses and musicians and rakes several media moguls over the coals all using fake names. She also reveals her secret side job in the music industry that has been discussed in previous BIs. Plus there’s the cult that she used to belong to, and the matter of the sexuality of one of her ex husbands… they just want to avoid the onslaught of scandal. I’m hearing she’s seriously considering publishing it independently. Lisa Marie Presley/Elvis Presley/songwriter/Scientology/Michael Jackson (BLIND ITEM 08/06/2018 PART 2)

This actor from an acting family where he is not even close to being the highest on the list has been forced by his siblings to never come out of the closet. Ever.

This still very young, but legal A- list model who will never be the highest on the list in her family spent the holidays doing coke and being the threesome partner for various yachting couples. Lila Moss (mother Kate Moss/aunt Lottie Moss) (Lila Moss, 19, follows in lookalike mother Kate's model footsteps as she sports a racy black bra and ab-flashing co-ord after landing fashion campaign)

This A- list mostly movie actress who usually sleeps with women had to sleep with a man to get her next part. She doesn't have a very good box office track record. Kristen Stewart/David Cronenberg/"Crimes of the Future" (Kristen Stewart and David Cronenberg examine the existentialist side of filmmaking)

One of the revelations the north of the border singer has made in the past week is that the celebrity CEO knows his company will be kicked out of that massive Asian country in 2022. They have already notified him. There are very few people that know this. He doesn't want it made public. Grimes/Elon Musk (China Lodges Complaint After Alleged Near Collision With Elon Musk’s SpaceX Satellites)

One of the closeted former members of this foreign born A+ list group has a years long boyfriend who is a makeup artist he met through the group.

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **10**
This is not the 80's and this washed up boy band who has to rely on a drug addict every night actually showing up, thinks they can sell out arenas next year. They are going to be playing in a bunch of half empty venues if not worse. Stick to casinos and assure yourself sold out crowds. Lets check back next month and see how many of these dates are canceled or moved. "New Edition"/Bobby Brown (New Edition Announces 30-City Culture Tour With Charlie Wilson and Jodeci)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **11**
What happened to this former Housewife is her husband found out about the other guys she was seeing throughout the entirety of their relationship. Meghan King/"Real Housewives of Orange County"/Cuffe Biden Owens (Meghan King Confirms Cuffe Owens Split After 2 Months of Marriage: 'Shocked and Saddened')

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **12**
What this celebrity/behind the scenes player (Huma Abedin) fails to mention anywhere in her new book ("Both/And: A Life In Many Worlds") are all the other times her husband (Anthony Weiner) cheated or sexted with underage girls which didn't reach the public. There are dozens of other infidelity scandals, but she knows it will make her look even worse for staying. I really didn't expect her to mention them or her close friendship with the drug dealer's (Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán) wife (Emma Coronel Aispuro) or how hooked up with this foreign born former A+ list boy bander (Zayn Malik) a couple of times, but there was always hope. Huma Abedin/"Both/And: A Life In Many Worlds"/Anthony Weiner/Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán/Emma Coronel Aispuro/Zayn Malik (Huma Abedin says the 'final straw' in her marriage to Anthony Weiner was finding out he'd sexted another woman while in bed next to their young son and opens up about co-parenting their 10-year-old)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **13**
No one wants to say the quiet part out loud. That this A- list mostly movie actress has slept with this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor and his A- list actress wife which makes everything really much more awkward. Amber Heard/Paul Bettany/Jennifer Connelly (Paul Bettany Says Having His Texts Made Public During Johnny Depp’s Libel Case "Was an Unpleasant Feeling")

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/27 **14**
Talking Heads (Not The Band) - Mr. X
1) Which right wing pundit who has a fan in a rapper used to be a bleeding heart liberal up until the 2016 election? All of her past political history has been wiped from the internet by her team. It makes you wonder if she believes what she says and if she’s just saying it to get attention. Candace Owens/Nicki Minaj (Candace Owens backs Nicki Minaj for standing up to liberal media, politics: She’s ‘not playing that game’)

2) What foreign born pundit is in serious danger of being deported? His coke problem is getting out of control and it’s a matter of time before he gets arrested. Sebastian Gorka (Sebastian Gorka, the West Wing’s Phony Foreign-Policy Guru)
3) This conspiracy theorist who has been in the news quite a bit lately due to his personal life is about to face another scandal. There’s an video circulating that will be leaked somehow of the individual in blackface at a Halloween party from the late ‘90s/early 2000s. The video shows him putting on the brown makeup and his costume while spouting racial slurs. Alex Jones (Alex Jones Claimed He Feared for His Life as Wife Attacked Him)

Fans of this singer who sings in a language other than English, but is not foreign born seem surprised that he was coked out while performing. What you should be surprised about is when he performs and is not coked out. Marc Anthony

This A- list rapper has tons of expenses but no money coming in. Will he get a loan from the woman he has babies with, but is not his girlfriend. Will he end up in the same situation financially as the former A+ list rapper who doesn't control any of his biggest assets any longer. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner/Kanye West

This Peloton star (Jess King) who went viral in the past month, is being very coy about why she went viral because she doesn't know if her ex has receipts or not. Jess King/Sophia Urista (Meet the real Peloton instructor from ‘And Just Like That’ who [spoiler!])

This female A- list dancing TikTok star is being hit on hard on an almost daily basis by this A- list married television show host. Addison Rae/Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon, Addison Rae Under Fire for "Stealing From Black Entertainers" in ‘Tonight Show’ Segment)

Let me get this straight. The streaming channel ("Netflix") is going to try and convince you that no one knew that one if its stars (Jerry Harris) was involved in child porn/sexual assault of underage kids. They are so desperate to have another season of the show ("Cheer"), they are willing to pretend it was not known everywhere the first time they were filming and the leader of all the stars (Monica Aldama) had no clue even though she did know and it has been proven. Plus, they also want you to not know that the one who made headlines for being arrested is not the only predator. All of those hoops to jump just because the executives of the streaming service love to take the stars to dinner. "Netflix"/Jerry Harris/"Cheer"/Monica Aldama ('Cheer' Star Jerry Harris' Child Porn Arrest Featured In Season 2) (Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Set to Return, Deal With Season 1 Fallout)

All the stuff in the press make it seem like the momager paid six figures for a bunch of cars. She didn't pay anything because she knew she would get a bunch of publicity and all the articles would use the brand's name and have photos of the cars. Kris Jenner (Kris Jenner bought her whole family electric cars for Christmas)

This one named A/A- list singer with the horrible tattoo is now first in line for acting roles going to singers. The A/A- list singer who had been getting roles, is being pushed aside. Halsey/Lady Gaga

Speaking of one named singers, this foreign born A list one named singer is blaming everyone but herself for her lackluster record sales. Adele (Adele Tops The Charts & Beats Out ‘Queen of Christmas’ Mariah Carey)

This east coast Housewife is trying really hard to make it seem like her awful significant other is a nice guy. Such a nice guy that she had to pay for her own Christmas present but then say he did. I bet he bought his girlfriend a present. Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of New Jersey"/Luis Ruelas/Mercedes Benz 2022 S Class Sedan (Teresa Giudice receives new car from fiancé Luis Ruelas for Christmas)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **10**
This barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities can say what she wants about her participating in a shoot that involves her half naked. The reality is that it is for a website for Middle Eastern men who would like a high profile celebrity wife. Think Raya, but for the Middle East and not for hookups. Bella Hadid/Yolanda Hadid & Mohamed Hadid/"Victoria’s Secret" (Bella Hadid showcases stunning figure in racy lingerie in behind-the-scenes snap from Victoria's Secret shoot... as she insists brand has 'changed' after sexual misconduct claims)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **11**
This long time photo agency ("Getty Images") which specializes more in red carpet photos rather than paparazzi photos is going to close unless they get a big infusion of cash. "Getty Images"

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/28 **12**
The Husband: This is one of the more everything comes full circle kind of thing than I have heard in a long time. The former wife (Rebecca Borgerson) of this barely seen/known husband (Scott Bogerson) told some friends at church on Sunday that still blows my mind. Someone at her church was talking about a divorce announcement of a Congressman (Madison Caswthorn). They were having coffee and someone asked to see a photo that was in the article because they were having trouble remembering what he looked like. The phone was held up for everyone to see. The former wife noticed the wife (Cristina Bayardelle) in the picture and asked to see it closer. She then said she knew the woman and her husband had recommended her as a nanny a couple years earlier for the couple's children. The former husband is now married to someone else (Ghislaine Maxwell). The person he is married to is on trial in a case the whole world is watching. Rebecca Borgerson/Scott Bogerson/Madison Caswthorn/Cristina Bayardelle/Ghislaine Maxwell (Who Is Scott Borgerson First Wife Rebecca Borgerson? Ghislaine Maxwell Recent Drama Creates Curiosity) (Who is Madison Cawthorn’s wife Cristina Bayardelle?) (HUSH HUSH HUSBAND Who is Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband Scott Borgerson?) (Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn's soon to be ex-wife Cristina, 28, admits there were 'difficulties' in their marriage: CrossFit athlete says shift to public life was 'strenuous' - but they are still great friends and there is no 'ill will')

In hopes of landing a reality show together, this former cable reality star is saying yes to marriage to a guy who has had multiple marriages, including to a former A lister, none of which have been consummated. Sabrina Soto/"Trading Spaces"/Dean Sheremet/LeAnn Rimes (LeAnn Rimes’ ex-husband, Dean Sheremet, is getting married a third time)

This former A- list "singer"/reality star who had one of the most memorable exits to a career that anyone could possibly have, thinks of herself as an A+ lister. She also thinks she is married to an A lister. When you pair them together, it is even worse. They went to an event earlier this year and were supposed to pose for official photos for the company and then with fans. No fans wanted a photo with them because they are nobodies. But, they claim that hundreds of fans were screaming and trying to get close so they had their security get them out as quickly as possible. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross/"LA Mission's Annual Holiday Fundraiser" (Ashlee Simpson and husband Evan Ross look cozy at the annual Los Angeles Mission's holiday fundraiser as they join Vanessa Hudgens)

This former A+ list rapper/producer solo and in a group got exposed for not being as wealthy as it had been assumed. The thing is though, he had a lot of money and still wasn't halfway to being a billionaire. So, no matter how much the other former A+ list rapper likes to pretend that he is a billionaire, he has been far less successful and is currently only worth maybe $20M. The magazine will never correct itself though. Dr. Dre/Kanye West/"Forbes" (Dr Dre Pays Nicole Young $100 Million in Divorce Settlement)

You know who goes through more pets than Paris Hilton? This reality family who has them show up for a photo or two and then gives them back to wherever they got them from or rehomes them. Kardashians/Jenners (Pregnant Kylie Jenner Debuts New Kitten on Christmas Ahead of Welcoming Baby No. 2 With Travis Scott)

I'm not sure why anyone is shocked that this A+ list writer/producer/a-hole is a misogynist. Everyone around him, including his wife knows this and his wife also knows if she hadn't lost her baby weight, she would now be single. David Foster/Katharine McPhee (David Foster Praises Wife Katharine McPhee's Body, Criticized as Out of Touch)

This late night host who is doing his annual thing with his supposed best friend, is desperately trying to land the primetime spot on the cable network which employs his friend. The thing is, no one likes working with him which is why he didn't get the daytime gig he wanted with a co-host. Andy Cohen/"Watch What Happens Live"/Anderson Cooper/"CNN New Year’s Eve Celebration" (Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Ring in 2022 on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Celebration) (Anderson Cooper says Andy Cohen lobbied for Chris Cuomo's vacated CNN spot)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver was warned when he first landed in Hollywood by his then agent that if he ever saw a certain permanent A list actor out and about, never to approach him. He heard the same thing from other people. One bright morning the driver was waiting for his client in front of a fancy private elementary school in West Hollywood. The client was inside the school dropping his daughter off. The driver waited outside leaning on the black Town Car smoking a cigarette. The driver looked up the street and saw a man approaching, and there was no mistaking who it was: the widow’s peak, the Ray-Bans and the wing tip shoes. The iconic stroll. The permanent A-lister was walking right toward the driver, and also smoking a cigarette. Everyone smoked in the 90’s. The actor stopped next to the driver and the two men puffed their cancer sticks, probably Marlboro Lights. "How are you doing, Mr.____________?" the driver dared to ask. "I’m doing alright, how are you doing?" the actor replied in his iconic slow delivery, snuffing out his cigarette on the ground. "Can’t complain," the driver said, exhaling a large puff of smoke.. The actor grinned and nodded and then walked into the school. A woman walking out almost fainted as she noticed the actor holding the door for her. The driver smiled to himself - he had survived the encounter with the notorious A-lister. Jack Nicholson (A widow’s peak isn’t necessarily a bad thing…)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver remembers the recently deceased A+ sports personality as one of the most genuine people her ever had the opportunity to drive. John Madden (John Madden, Face and Voice of the N.F.L. on the Field and in the Broadcast Booth, Dies at 85)

This A+ list mostly movie actor has been hooking up with multiple people, including a recent co-star. Does this mean we are finally at the end of the relationship everyone wanted to see him leave. Keanu Reeves/Alexandra Grant

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **10**
This A- list actress/wannabe singer says she isn't in the cult any longer. One way to find out is to have her speak her truth about it. If she won't do that, then she is still in it or afraid of what they will say about her. Juliette Lewis/Scientology (Juliette Lewis, an ‘Imagination Freak Fairy,’ Knows Her Worth)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **11**
This serial sexual assaulter/child molester/drug addict/serial woman beater/underage porn king went to the one media outlet in the entire world who would take his side against a woman. They are as pathetic as he is. Joe Francis/"TMZ"/Abbey Wilson ('Girls Gone Wild' Founder Joe Francis Claims Daughters Are Missing)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **12**
Comments from the A list "singer" reminded me that way before her troubles began, she actually did do a photo session for a magazine that included shots of her topless. It wouldn't shock me if those ended up being released. Britney Spears/"Playboy" (Hugh Hefner Was Totally Obsessed With Putting Britney Spears on the Cover of ‘Playboy’)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **13**
I guess the former Pretty Little Liars actress decided the abuse she will suffer is a decent tradeoff for the free drugs. Ashley Benson/G-Eazy (Ashley Benson and G-Eazy spark reconciliation rumors as they reunite in LA)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/29 **14**
To The Grave: When they say things like taking a secret to the grave, it doesn't usually happen. In this case, it did. I know he told his daughter (Alison Cayne Schneider), but that is about it. This man (James Cayne), who died very very recently is the person who said yes to the dead billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein). The yes was to allow the dead pedophile to redeem the money he had invested in a fund ("Bear Stearns High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leverage Master Fund") run by the recently deceased man. Everyone else was always told no. So, did the dead pedophile have something on the head of the company? Probably. He seemed to have something on everyone. The one thing his redemption did do was collapse the entire economy. Did the dead pedophile know that would happen? Was he told to do it by a foreign government? It is how he ended up getting a sweetheart deal later (Fed bailout and sale to JPMorgan Chase). Alison Cayne Schneider/James Cayne/Jeffrey Epstein/"Bear Stearns High-Grade Structured Credit Strategies Enhanced Leverage Master Fund" (Bear Stearns High-Grade Structured Credit Funds)

This former studio head who left under a big wave of pressure is strung out on coke and speed. Kevin Tsujihara/"Warner Bros." (Warner Bros.’ Kevin Tsujihara to Exit as Studio Chief)

This actress who is still not legal and recently ended a long run on a network sitcom has been regularly cutting herself. She says she was attacked by a former cast member and she is in bad shape.

Speaking of attacks, apparently the former commune of the former A+ list rapper was rife with sexual abuse and harassment and lawsuits are being prepared. Kanye West

The team of this A- list actress are begging her to make a clean break from the A list athlete before he completely disintegrates her career. Shailene Woodley/Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley reportedly have ‘non-traditional relationship’)

This former A+ list singer/songwriter/musician who is probably A- list now almost accidentally outed herself in a recent interview. She also almost let it slip about her affair. Alicia Keys

This A+ list host who holds down a lot of jobs decided it was better career wise to keep up the pretense of not being vaccinated than make a few bucks he doesn't really need. Joe Rogan (Joe Rogan forced to cancel Vancouver show because he’s not vaccinated)

This foreign born female pro tennis player has been paid to throw a match in Adelaide next week.

This married A list mostly television actor from a very hit network show has a lover installed in an apartment about five minutes from where the show is filmed. Justin Hartley/Sofia Pernas/"This Is Us" (Justin Hartley Talks Meeting Wife Sofia Pernas While with Chrishell Stause: 'I Wasn't Available')

The celebrity offspring of this permanent A+ lister continues to feel the effects of what her relative did to her when she was younger and she is always chasing the wrong relationship and is used in every one of them.
Paris Jackson (The Jackson family reportedly know 'exactly' who sexually assaulted Paris Jackson) (BLIND ITEM 06/04/13) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/08/22)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **10**
This A- list actress will continue to drop unless she gets more work. Not that she ever needs to work again. Even at her very young age she has made millions and millions of dollars. Her significant other shares naked photos of the actress with his friends who have then been known to share them with others. Ariel Winter/"Modern Family"/Luke Benward (Ariel Winter sports a casual look while stepping out for a lunch date with boyfriend Luke Benward in LA)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **11**
The cleaning product actor's love life hasn't slowed down. Ever since he returned back to the islands, he has been hooking up with different women almost every night. Armie Hammer/Cayman Islands (Armie Hammer Resurfaces in Caymans After Rehab)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **12**
The frozen rapper can say what he likes, but he low balled everyone for the sequel which is why the comic actor went elsewhere. Ice Cube/Chris Tucker/"Next Friday" (Ice Cube Addresses Low Pay Allegations For ‘Friday,’ Why Chris Tucker Didn’t Return For ‘Next Friday’)

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **13**
This legal professional who is seemingly always in the news the past year has been sleeping with one of his clients. Alan Dershowitz (BBC Apologizes for Interviewing Alan Dershowitz About Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/30 **14**
Reader Blind - The Author: What the foreign born permanent A+ list author (J. K. Rowling) has said about this community (Transgender people) publicly is only the tip of the iceberg. She would like to go further, but she risks losing more than just half her fanbase if she does. At least one of the main actors (Johnny Depp) in her current film series ("Fantastic Beasts") has indicated that they will quit if she makes any more comments about this community, which would be a disaster for a series which has already lost one of its big draws. The studio has so far resisted calls to explicitly disavow her statements, but they have compromised in a way as both the upcoming reunion of the actors from the original film series ("Harry Potter") and promo material for the next film are distancing themselves from her. Our author believes it should be illegal for people to change their gender, even socially. She does not believe in gender dysphoria and believes the majority of male to female transgender people are fetishists who transition just to gain access to women's spaces. As for female to male people, she thinks they only transition because they feel uncomfortable as women in a patriarchal society. Her beliefs are nothing new either. One of the major plot devices in one of her earlier books touches on the subject in a humorous, young adult friendly fashion. The transgender community is not the only minority she has difficulties with. She has also objected to the casting of a person of color as one of the leads in a separate adaptation, even though she was publicly supportive of it. She didn't want to incorporate too many characters of color in her books as she thought they would be out of place in the setting. Several of them originally had "white" names, and she reluctantly changed them only when the publisher suggested she would sell more if she made the books more ethnically diverse. J. K. Rowling/Transgender people/Johnny Depp/"Fantastic Beasts"/"Harry Potter" (JK Rowling is slammed by ANOTHER Harry Potter star she helped make famous: Now Percy Weasley actor Chris Rankin brands author's transgender views 'damaging') (J.K. Rowling Angers Fans With Another Anti-Trans Tweet as New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Trailer Premieres)

A very recent police report demonstrates this celebrity's new wife may be even crazier than him, which is really saying something. Just a few years ago, she openly advertised her escorting services on an Internet website. Alex Jones/Erika Wulff Jones (REVEALED: Alex Jones 'feared for his life' as his wife struck him 'with a polished club' during Christmas Eve fight and tried to hit him with a five-pound stone ball, police report reveal)

This alliterate B+ list rapper who last I checked had seven children, says all of R. Kelly's accusers are lying. Would he let R. Kelly babysit his 12 year old daughter alone? Boosie Badazz (Boosie Ends 2021 Defending R. Kelly, Says He Just Likes Them Young)

Proving the apple does not fall far from the tree, this B/B- list actor offspring of a multiple Oscar winning/nominated a-hole actor is just as much of an a-hole as his father as many women will attest to.

Unlike this other wrestler turned actor (John Cena) who sucks up to the Asian country (China) as much as possible and has no opinion or knowledge of any genocide going on in the country, the wrestler turned A+ list actor (Dwayne Johnson) does have an opinion and knows one franchise ("Fast & Furious") really tries to target that market which is one of the reasons he doesn't want to do it any longer. John Cena/China/Dwayne Johnson/"Fast & Furious" (Actor John Cena apologizes to Chinese audience after calling Taiwan a country) (‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Mocks John Cena’s "Weird" Apology To China) (Dwayne Johnson Turns Down Vin Diesel’s Invitation to Rejoin ‘Fast & Furious’: ‘No Chance I Will Return’)

Not something a family man of faith would do? This A+/A list actor who talks about his faith a lot and acts like a devoted family man left his family for two and a half months for a movie in the Caribbean. There are accounts that he was sleeping with all the hot girls and sliding into their DMs on IG. In addition, there was one personal trainer half his age who posted bedroom morning after pictures in her stories. Nothing too graphic but had him in the background in shorts and shirt.
Mark Wahlberg

It has been confirmed that the license plate found in the wreckage of the car crash of this "deceased" A- list actor was different than the one he actually owned. Does this mean he is not dead? Paul Walker (Paul Walker died after crashing at over 100mph, coroner's report reveals)

Well, they are friends which is the only reason this former A- list cable reality star with multiple shows has a job. So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the former reality star uses illnesses as an excuse for overdoing it on coke much like his late night talk show friend. Jeff Lewis/Andy Cohen (‘Flipping Out’: Jeff Lewis Said Andy Cohen Is a Personal Friend, Then Shades ‘Housewives’ and Kathy Griffin)

Do I believe the former A- list teen singer turned meth head that the former A++ lister gave him coke? Definitely. The former A++ lister got parents and their offspring wasted all the time to take advantage of the kids. However, our former A- list teen singer tried coke long before the A++ lister gave it to him. Aaron Carter/Michael Jackson (Aaron Carter Clarifies His Claim That Michael Jackson Was 'Inappropriate,' Says It Wasn't 'Sexual')

This former A+ lister of his state squeaked by this time around, but there is plenty more out there he has done. Someone might want to ask the celebrity chef what she knows. She would love some payback. Andrew Cuomo/Sandra Lee (Westchester DA declines to pursue charges against former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo)

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **10**
This foreign born former A+ list rapper is spending money on celebrities so they will say nice things about her. The general public has no idea what a horrible person she is. They will in a month when her husband goes to jail. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Real Housewives Of Potomac's Mia Thornton claims Nicki Minaj sent gifts to all of the cast’s kids EXCEPT her son... rapper responds: 'Please send me the address')

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **11**
The momager is really pushing the second baby stories hard now to change the narrative about the A- list rapper. This despite the fact he still spends a bunch of time with the woman who is not pregnant. Kris Jenner/Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Are 'So In Love' As They Wait For New Baby)

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **12**
This A+ list news anchor tested positive for COVID this morning but is still working his annual gig tonight. Anderson Cooper/CNN’s "New Year’s Eve Live" (Here’s How to Watch Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper’s NYE Special For Free to See All the Drunk BFF Moments)

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/31 **13**
Four For Friday - Strange Hookups
#1 - This royal from a very small country brags that he was the first person to sleep with this former A list model/sometime actress who has been acting since she was a child and all of you know. By the way, the actress would have been about 16 when this happened. Milla Jovovich/Prince Albert of Monaco

#2 - A sibling of the royal in #1 slept with this now dead rich guy who also slept with the model/actress in #1. Princess Stephanie of Monaco/Prince Albert of Monaco/Jeffrey Epstein/Milla Jovovich
#3 - This foreign born former A- list syndicated actress once hooked up with this one named female permanent A list singer. Pamela Anderson/"Baywatch"/Madonna
#4 - This now deceased foreign born permanent A list actor who was the best ever in a certain movie franchise and this former A list mostly movie actress who was once married to the actor/murderer. Sean Connery/Kim Basinger/Alec Baldwin ("Never Say Never Again")

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