NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This cable channel was all set to move forward with a rebooted reality show about someone who has been on and off their channel since she was in first grade. Finally, an executive pointed out that the channel would then be glorifying statutory rape in the family after already dealing with the man who molested the girl back when she was in first grade, along with her sisters. "TLC"/Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson (Mama June's boyfriend molested her daughter and forced 3 year old sister to watch) (Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson, 16, has been secretly dating college student Dralin Carswell, 20, for six months)

The botox getting/hair colored "reporter"/mouthpiece for the alliterate one forgot to mention a great story in his book or update about how the alliterate one raged for days after being told she wouldn't be getting an engagement ring worth mid six figures made from a piece of jewelry her deceased mother-in-law once wore. Instead, she got something basic. Apparently she berated her now husband for not standing up for her and having the piece made.
Omid Scobie/Meghan Markle/Princess Diana emerald headband

This west coast Housewife gets wasted drunk nearly every night at this point. Oh, and she fills Grey Goose bottles of vodka with the plastic generic Ralph's bottles of vodka.
Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

This former almost network vampire is all ahead full for scamming people with NFT sales. The fact that a cable channel is helping her just makes things worse. Kat Graham/"Vampire Diaries"/"Toro Gato" (Kat Graham Explains the Meaning Behind Her New Identity "Toro Gato")

Once again the fix is in for this barely there celebrity offspring on this network reality show. Because she will be hated by the general public and voted off the first week, the producers guaranteed she can remain until week three. After that, they won't protect her any longer. Olivia Jade Giannulli/Lori Loughlin/"Dancing With the Stars" (Olivia Jade 'set to join Dancing With the Stars' after college admissions scandal that sent both her parents to jail)

The statements can say what they are going to say, but this ensemble talk show host, who I have been writing about a lot in the past few weeks, was fired from the show. It was set in motion by the network judge who would only come back if the host was fired. Because the producers waited so long to fire the host, it is unclear whether the network judge will return or not. The producers were supposed to announce a new male host which has received a lot of pushback from the other members of the ensemble. "The Talk"/Elaine Welteroth/Carrie Ann Inaba (Elaine Welteroth Exits ‘The Talk’ After One Season)

This foreign born permanent A list model/abuser/procurer is spewing all kinds of nonsense about why she never found love. The reason is because she chose to be paid by suitors rather than looking for love. How is she suddenly the darling of every magazine? Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell: I sacrificed finding my ‘soulmate’ to have a successful career)

The alliterate former A list athlete had a chance in a recent big interview to denounce the cult and cult leader she admires so much. She didn't. She is still under his spell. It is unclear if she has spent time under him. McKayla Maroney/Church of Master Angels/Master John Douglas/Elle Magazine (McKayla Maroney Is Done Being Unimpressed) (If you want to read more about McKayla and the cult, click here) (McKayla Maroney Defends Controversial Church: "I Am Not in a Cult.") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/16/20)

This barely a teen celebrity who got her start on a realty show is A+ list in her corner of the entertainment world. She is also being groomed by her "manager" who is nearing 30.

Speaking of underage, this one named DJ who is A list won't take his new girlfriend anywhere where they could possibly ask her for i.d. I'm pretty sure she is old enough to drive, but not much older than that.

The entire time this permanent A list record executive is being serviced by whatever guy he has hired for the night, he yells at them and calls them names and tells them what an awful job they are doing. Clive Davis

This college aged now former employee of this back in the day A list politician turned talking head says the groping was fine as long as she got paid. When she stopped getting paid, she left. She is also talking. A lot. One of the funnier stories was from several months ago. Her boss was doing an event with a woman who has been parodied multiple times. The woman, who is a former "model," said she was going to send the boss a sex tape she made a decade earlier and then he should call her.

This former naked celebrity turned host (Jenny McCarthy) has made millions of dollars this year through the scam foundation ("Generation Rescue") she runs selling all kinds of fake cures. She likes to pretend she isn't active any longer, but she still runs it, meets with people everyday to discuss new products and ways to get people committed to giving money every month. Jenny McCarthy/"Generation Rescue" (Jenny McCarthy's Controversial Autism Charity Seems to Be Rebranding Away from Autism)

Who? - Old Hollywood: This actor/entertainer (Paul Winchell) was probably A list at his peak. The thing is though, he isn't really known for his acting on screen. He had other talents (ventriloquist) which got him to A list and after those talents went out of fashion, he then became a hugely prolific voice actor for characters all of you know (Filmography). He hated one of his wives (Nina Russel) with a passion even though it was because of her that he had his greatest success on television. After the divorced, her forbade anyone from mentioning her or the child (April Winchell/known for voicing Clarabelle Cow in the Disney franchise since 1996/she and Kevin Spacey dated for a while after high school) he had with her. That child, when she was about 10, and her parents were going through this marital stress was at home alone with her dad. Out of the blue that day, our A lister goes up to his 10 year old daughter and said he'd just had a phone call telling him that her mom had been killed in a traffic accident. Then he showed her how he'd turned the living room into a memorial for the departed mother, with various possessions the mom owned set out in surreal geometric patterns. The girl knew the phone had not rung, and she'd already learned to go on normally under abnormal circumstances. So she nodded and mentally shrugged. After the divorce, her dad never spoke to her again for the rest of his life. Paul Winchell/ventriloquist/Nina Russel/April Winchell

The celebrity CEO has received another letter from the 5 letter agency, which has not been made public yet. He has been lying for years, and people have died.
Elon Musk/"NHTSA" (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

The children of this celebrity ("Stuttering" John Melendez) who got his start asking celebrities random questions gonzo style for a radio show ("The Howard Stern Show"), seemed to have confirmed that he was abusive to his ex/their mom. Apparently he is also way behind on child support. "Stuttering" John Melendez/"The Howard Stern Show"

This former A+ list rapper is hoping her pregnancy will get her another several month continuance in her ongoing criminal situation which doesn't even have a trial date after two years of continuances. Cardi B (Heavily Pregnant Cardi B Ordered To Appear For Court Hearing Despite Pleading With Judge For Permission To Skip)

The significant other of this foreign born dual threat A list actor has been taking as many meetings as possible with producers while at a festival. She says she has a vision and is looking for $20M in financing for her project. She also has been telling producers that her husband will work for scale and no more. These producers will never see their money again. Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch/"Venice International Film Festival" (Benedict Cumberbatch is dapper in a powder blue suit as he high-fives chic co-star Kirsten Dunst at the premiere of their new movie at Venice International Film Festival)

As soon as the promo is finished for her new movie, this former A list mostly movie actress will announce her marriage is over. It has been over awhile, but some things that happened over the past year would have made an announcement look really bad.

Just like her sister back in the day, this foreign born A- list model/yachter is going to need some work done to her nose if she continues doing as much coke as she is. She must have nosebleeds all day long at this point. Kate Moss/Lottie Moss (Make-up free Lottie Moss cuts a cool figure in a waistcoat and trousers as stops to chat to pals and smoke a cigarette in Notting Hill)

This former actor turned host wants everyone to think he isn't vaccinated, but he is. Joe Rogan (Joe Rogan, a podcasting giant who has been dismissive of vaccination, has Covid)

This sometime actress who is the sibling of an actress much higher on the list, is hooked on heroin. Normally, I wouldn't even bother with it because she is so far down the list. However, she says the person she uses heroin with the most frequently is one of the very top (but not the top) guys at a car company all of you know.

This foreign born former A- list actor who had one almost network hit, didn't pay his last girlfriend what she had been promised. She finally left him, so he found another yachter to join in for threesomes with his boyfriend. Ed Westwick/"Gossip Girl"/Tamara Francesconi/Lottie Moss (Ed Westwick SPLITS from Tamara Francesconi - as newly-single star parties with Lottie Moss at the GQ Awards)

Speaking of boyfriends, these two closeted A list mostly movie actors don't seem as if they would be a fit for each other, but they have been spending a lot of time together as of late. Jake Gyllenhaal/Rami Malek (Jake Gyllenhaal & Rami Malek Enjoy a Dinner Together in Venice)

This former A list mostly television actor who definitely did his fair share to contribute to #MeToo incidents shoved a valet driver who brought up the wrong car and then went on a rant about people speaking English. Jeremy Piven (Jeremy Piven Says He's Ready & On Standby for 'Entourage' Reboot)

Speaking of bad behavior, this back in the day A++ list celebrity who has a name that will always be known turned spokesperson/producer told a waitress who wanted a picture with her after dinner, that the request violated some kind of waitress/patron code. Huh? She refused to pose with the waitress and then told the waitress as a favor, she wouldn't be reporting her to the boss of the waitress. Monica Lewinsky (Monica Lewinsky: 'I wanted a job, I wanted a husband, kids. I wanted to be treated normally) (Monica Lewinsky: I'm happy people are making amends for their treatment of women)

Speaking of #MeToo, does anyone find it interesting that so far this season, there have been two close encounters of husbands of Housewives who had "friends" that did bad things, but never them. Maybe we will get to the husband that cheated with one of his employees. That could definitely also be considered a #MeToo. Rob Minkoff/Crystal Kung Minkoff/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Angry 'RHOBH' fans dub Crystal 'dumpster human' for her comments on 'Me too' movement); Harry Hamlin/Lisa Rinna/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Lisa Rinna's bizarre comparison of rape and disloyalty in friendship puzzles 'RHOBH' fans)

It Gets Creepier: I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. When I told it to an executive for a record label, they said it gets way worse. How could it get worse, and what did I see? Several weeks ago, I saw this former tween reality star turned legal age actress with her so called boyfriend. That is how I phrased it in my head the night I saw them. With them was an A lister who is quite a bit older than the actress and her boyfriend. They were in a courtyard and had just got up from their table which was positioned in such a way that several other tables could see them. As they got up, the A lister first kissed the actress and then the boyfriend of the actress. These would not be air kisses or pecks on the cheek. I mean, there was no tongue, but these were intimate, lingering kisses on the lips. The A lister has previously been accused of grooming. When I told my story to the executive, the executive said it gets creepier. Some, but not many nights, the three share a bed together. Most nights, two of the three share a bed together, but the combination always changes. How long had this been going on? The executive shrugged their shoulders, but that it is something that is a minefield for which they are not prepared. Maddie Ziegler/Eddie Benjamin/Sia (Sia Calls Maddie Ziegler’s Boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, Her ‘Son’)

This foreign born alliterate singer/wannabe actress who is starring in a movie that is next level awful, wanted to make sure she could get her partying in this weekend. So, there is a huge event for the new movie, but their target audience will either be at work or in school when the event happens. The powers that be wanted it at a time when the audience would be available to watch. The actress said no. Camilia Cabello/"Cinderella" (Camila Cabello's 'Cinderella' Finds Its Modern Form As A Musical Ode To Girlbosses)

This foreign born former A+ list athlete/model has tried to have relationships with men. They never work out. She loves women. She is telling friends that she has found true love with this A list actress. Maria Sharapova/Jessica Chastain (Jessica Chastain and Maria Sharapova unwind with a glass of champagne as they enjoy some downtime during Venice Film Festival)

In a few months, a much anticipated film will be released. It was never supposed to have been made. This highly successful film series was written to end after the previous installment. The new installment has a massive budget, the script will disappoint fans, and it will be a critical and financial disaster.
"The Matrix Resurrections" ( I was going to wait a few weeks after the release to reveal this prediction as being totally accurate. The opening weekend was such a disaster, relative to the massive budget, that I can reveal it now. It is undoubtedly the biggest financial bomb in recent memory) (Matrix 4: Every Question Answered After First Resurrections Footage)

Because the former A+ list rapper (Kanye West) has had minimal blowback for his partnership with the alliterate rapist (Marilyn Manson), and the seizure ridden rapper (Lil Wayne) has no blowback from his relationship with an 11 year old, this foreign born one named A+ lister (Drake) said he was fully on board doing a project with the child porn/child rapist singer (R. Kelly) who is currently on trial. Kanye West/Marilyn Manson/Lil Wayne/Drake/R. Kelly

Executives at this network are preparing for an expose on this foreign born late night talk show host and his problematic relationship with women he has employed. James Corden

Kindness: This foreign born dual threat A/A- list actor not named Benedict Cumberbatch, who does star in the same universe as Benedict was enjoying dinner with a woman. Yes, I know, we can save that for a blind item for a different time though. Diners seated next to the actor were given the entrees of the actor and his companion. The actor not only told them to keep the entrees, but also their own and bought the other table their meals and drinks and gave no trouble to the embarrassed wait staff who brought the pair new entrees. Tom Hiddleston/"Marvel"/Zawe Ashton

Whether it is her sacrifice room or killing animals with the celebrity CEO after drugs and sex, the flowering financial institution gets away with a lot. Her team though want her to apologize for threatening to kill a baby. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Azealia Banks Claims She Owns The Skull Of A Six-Year-Old Girl)

This fitness model/influencer who was accused by this A list NBA player of faking love to get millions in child support money each year is now hooking up with a married man and sees more dollar signs. Brittany Renner/"Charlotte Hornets" player PJ Washington (PJ Washington Appears To React To Brittany Renner Saying She’s Not Ashamed Of Having Hooked Up With Several Athletes/ Celebrities)

You can't troll for financing for a movie supposedly starring your A list husband if he doesn't even want you by his side. So, you ignore his protestations and show up at the hotel with your six suitcases and leave the ever changing number of children at home with one of the nannies who do know how to count the kids. Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch (Venice International Film Festival 2021: Benedict Cumberbatch shares a tender kiss with wife Sophie Hunter as he leads the stars during PDA-filled red carpet appearance for The Power Of The Dog)

So, the actor that tested positive for COVID after refusing to get vaccinated which shut down production and who will be sent the bill for the missed days of shooting, had another horrible thing occur. His significant other wanted to know about the woman who answered the intercom for a tabloid when the significant other wasn't there. Uh oh! Miles Teller/"The Offer"/Keleigh Sperry (Report: Miles Teller’s Allegedly Unvaccinated Ass Causes Headaches on Godfather Series Set)

This permanent A list rapper/host/commercial actor has a health condition he keeps from everyone including sexual partners which is a big no no in many states. Snoop Dogg

This disgraced A- list actor had a going away orgy party with the meme actor and a bunch of other men. Armie Hammer,Kevin Spacey or James Franco/Timothée Chalamet (‘Dune’ Venice Film Festival Review: Timothée Chalamet In Denis Villeneuve’s Spectacular And Defining Version Of Sci-Fi Cult Classic)

This A+ list mostly movie actor who started off on television is being pressured to run for Governor of California next year, much like a family member. Chris Pratt/"Parks and Recreation"/Arnold Schwarzenegger

Four For Friday - Four Crazy Things:
#1 - This one hit wonder movie wise is still known around the world because of that movie. No, not Sharon Stone. Earlier. The one who recently got married to the serial cheater. Anyway, she shot a porn movie on film when she was probably 14 or 15 and copies of it sell for six figures. Bo Derek/"10"/John Corbett
#2 - This former model/reality star (Janice Dicksinson) who calls herself the first supermodel once hooked up with this foreign born A- list action movie actor (Dolph Lundgren) who is in that action movie franchise ("The Expendables") with all the other old action stars. Oh, and also involved in this hookup was this foreign born actress/singer (Grace Jones) who usually wears her hair short or shaved. Janice Dickinson/Dolph Lundgren/"The Expendables"/Grace Jones
#3 - Even after all these years, there is a reward for anyone who can find the head/skull of this former A list singer. The family wants it. One of his songs is used frequently in a horror franchise.
#4 - One person who will not be sticking up for the "singer" is this permanent A list actress. It probably has something to do with the fact that her A list actor husband at the time hooked up with the singer and then bragged about it to the actress not knowing the actress was married to the actor. Britney Spears/Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

This trade publication is not content with just for your consideration money, they are also selling good reviews. "Variety"

The celebrity CEO has been advised he can do whatever he likes in that town of his, so you know it is going to get even more lawless. Elon Musk/Austin, TX (Elon Musk ‘Likes The Social Policies’ In Texas, According To Governor, Amid Abortion Furor)

This A-/B+ list mostly television actor who used to be on a singing show before hitting it big with a different show, has been fired from that show. The producers are trying to keep the reasons why, secret. Titus Makin Jr./"Glee"/"The Rookie" (The Rookie Season 4 Promo Features the Hunt for Angela, a 'Chenford' Moment and a Concerning Absence)

The reunion of this female singing group is now tied up in litigation. It won't be long now, before all of the yachting drama is blown wide open. "Pussycat Dolls" (Nicole Scherzinger Sued Over Pussycat Dolls Reunion)

Without even waiting for the results, this former A list musician who is probably A- list now, offered a pharmacist overseas $5K for a negative COVID test. Travis Barker (Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian Bring Their PDA to Paris: 'Forever Isn’t Long Enough')

The end of the week lover is correct to not give in to the award organization. It is all smoke and mirrors on a bed of lies. They still rig it all. The Weeknd/"Grammy Awards" (The Weeknd will NOT submit his music for any Grammy Awards consideration... continuing his boycott following After Hours snub)

To the media, the meme actor says one thing about his one named co-star. Behind the scenes, the language he uses is horrific. Timothée Chalamet/Zendaya/"Dune" (Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet Make Red Carpet Fashion Magic at the Venice Premiere of Dune)

This A list mostly movie actress hooked up with this married former wannabe A++ lister who now does something else in the government. She did it for access.

Earlier this year we got a first hand account of the grooming done to the foreign born three named teen actress. Now, it is confirmed that this foreign born one named A+ list singer did the same thing to the same girl. Millie Bobby Brown/Drake (Drake Credited Accused Sex Trafficker R. Kelly In A Song That Fetishizes Young Women On His New Album) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/16/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/05/21)

This permanent A list mostly movie actress (Reese Witherspoon) canceled the career of the foreign born actress (Abbie Cornish) for sleeping with her then husband (Ryan Phillippe). She tried to do the same with this A list mostly movie actress/sometime director (Angelina Jolie/"Playing by Heart") after she also slept with the then husband of the actress. Reese Witherspoon/Abbie Cornish/Ryan Phillippe/Angelina Jolie (Abbie Cornish Discusses Early Romance with Ryan Phillippe)

This foreign born former A+ list rapper hired someone to trash the rape victim of her husband. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Woman sexually assaulted by Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty, asks judge to reject plea deal)

We always knew the foreign born permanent A list musician from a permanent A list band had a seriously twisted mind and ruined the lives of multiple tweens and teens. This is a new low. Even though he has been dating this woman for quite some time with a massive age gap, apparently she also might be his daughter from a relationship he had many many many decades ago. Jimmy Page/Scarlett Sabet (Jimmy Page, 77, and girlfriend Scarlett Sabet, 32, pack on the PDA as they arrive for the Becoming Led Zeppelin premiere at Venice Film Festival)

This former A- list actress who now just Tweets all day and night while trying to become a cult leader/television host, appeared on the podcast of this A list producer/host/showrunner who told the actress she could use some good therapy. Rose McGowan/Rupaul (Rose McGowan Said Oprah Is "As Fake As They Come" In A Scathing Post Just Days After An Uncomfortable Clip Of Her Interviewing Dolly Parton Went Viral) (Rose McGowan Calls Alyssa Milano A‘Moron’ In Harsh Tweet Over Texas AbortionLaw)

The press is letting this foreign born A- list celebrity in her own country get away with a fake story about a recent appearance cancellation. Usually, they would call her out for it, but don't want to rub salt into wounds. They know about the drugs. Katie Price/"Mighty Hoopla Festival" ('Devastated' Katie Price PULLS OUT of Mighty Hoopla gig 'to be with her dying horse' in second event cancellation after her alleged assault)

This A/A- list mostly movie actor who started off acting as a tween, is trying to get the media to print a couple of hit pieces against his foreign born accuser and her sex life. Shia LaBeouf/FKA twigs (Shia LaBeouf Will Play a Saint in His First Acting Role Since FKA twigs Abuse Allegations)

This former A+ list athlete turned stripper/escort/coke lover bailed on a commitment using COVID as an excuse. It isn't true. Oscar de la Hoya (Oscar De La Hoya Hospitalized for Breakthrough COVID, Withdraws from Comeback Boxing Match)

The advance sales for the new product line from this foreign born "singer" turned fashion designer turned celebrity have not been good. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham/"Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh Lipstick" (For Victoria Beckham, Lipstick Is The Ultimate Conversation Starter)

With the kind of shape this permanent A+ list golfer is in, it wouldn't be a shocker to not seem him again until the Masters next year. Tiger Woods (Steve Stricker Drops Major Update About Tiger Woods’ Health and His Ryder Cup Participation)

In return for leaking dirt about her foreign born A list dual threat actor husband, and others, she gets stories about her which no one else in her position would be able to secure. Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch (Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Rare Appearance with Wife Sophie Hunter at His Venice Movie Premiere!)

Kindness: This punk band ("Dropkick Murphys") has been heavily associated with an East Coast city (Boston), so much so that when an A+ list director (Martin Scorsese) made a film ("The Departed") in that city, they were heavily used in the advertising. The members of the band have been known to not only befriend fans enough to both feed them behind the scenes and invite them to barbecues, but to invite them on stage to sing with the band. "Dropkick Murphys"/Boston/Martin Scorsese/"The Departed"

Every time he would walk off stage at a show this weekend, this foreign born A list singer would take a bump of coke. He says it is to keep the energy going. Harry Styles/Las Vegas (See Harry Styles Perform First Pandemic Era Concert in Las Vegas)

This back in the day A/A- list mostly movie actress (Sean Young) who was everywhere (Filmography), says her part in this business classic ("Wall Street") was really cut because she refused to have a naked sex scene with the lead actor (Charlie Sheen). Sean Young/"Wall Street"/Charlie Sheen (Sean Young Reveals Charlie Sheen's Inappropriate Behaviour While Filming 'Wall Street')

The alliterate one really wants her husband to sandbag his grandmother with a secret camera interview.

This barely there celebrity offspring is learning what the last barely there celebrity offspring learned after several painful years, the only thing that matters to this part-time reality star, is himself. He is always on the lookout for the next 18 year old to screw over. Amelia Hamlin/Sofia Richie/Scott Disick (Amelia Hamlin and Scott Disick 'taking time apart' after THAT Kourtney Kardashian DM leak... amid Lisa Rinna's campaign for her daughter to DUMP the reality star)

So, let me get this straight. This celebrity who cheated an overdose death this week that killed several of her friends, and will have to be careful Final Destination wise, is best buddies with an offspring of the A++ lister and visits the offspring all the time since they live just a few doors down from each other. Is he sober or not because if he is, should he be hanging out with a group of addicts who are still using? Kate Quigley (Fuquan Johnson, Natalie Williamson, and Enrico Colangeli)/Hunter Biden (Comedian Kate Quigley, who was hospitalized, doing 'OK' after reported overdose killed three)

This singer/celebrity/thirst chaser spends all her time on social media and her podcast complaining about all them men who cheated on her in her life. I mean, she goes on and on and on and on about it. Yet, for some reason, she decides the serial cheating former NFL player is the way out of it? The guy who dumped the A- list actress/bad singer because she was bad in bed. Yeah, I am sure this will work out great. Jana Kramer/Jay Cutler/Selena Gomez (EXCLUSIVE 'It's a stab in the back': Kristin Cavallari immediately BLOCKED friend Jana Kramer on social media following Jay Cutler date... after helping her through toxic split and even recommending divorce lawyer)

Her record label ("Roc Nation") and management team didn't say anything to her, because, well, I mean they have done way worse. However, the team ("Fenty") that makes her the most money had a lot to say to the foreign born one named permanent A list singer (Rihanna). They have ignored the fact she is dating a serial abuser (A$AP), but have drawn the line at the singer going on double dates with a murderer/pedophile/rapist (Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty). They will drop her in a second. "Roc Nation"/"Fenty"/Rihanna/A$AP/Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty (Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Pose With Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty in New Photos)

The same person who was behind the leak about the heir (Prince William) and his affair (Rose Hanbury) is now telling the media about a certain weekend five years ago when the heir and this foreign born A-/B+ list actress (Sienna Miller) all of you know, had a fling with the heir. I get the feeling that the alliterate one (Meghan Markle) was just recently told this or it would have been leaked long before now through the conduit. The actress has never been known for her fidelity, and apparently the heir should not be either. Prince William/Rose Hanbury/Sienna Miller/Meghan Markle (Did the Royals Cover Up Prince William Cheating Rumors While Claiming They Couldn’t Help Meghan Markle?) (America's Love Affair with the British Royals is Exiting its Honeymoon Phase)

The world is insane. This A+ list Tik Tok star who is a horrible actress was given $250K to walk out of a store. The whole thing took under 15 minutes. Addison Rae (Addison Rae rocks a plaid vintage Michael Kors crop top with a matching mini skirt for Live with Kelly and Ryan in New York)

Two of the stars of a spinoff from a long long long long long long long running network show, would probably agree to do another spinoff. They just won't want to star in it together. Kelsey Grammer/David Hyde Pierce/"Frasier" (A Frasier Revival Starring Kelsey Grammer Is Happening)

There was a paper recently selected for publication in an A+ list academic journal. However, prior to being selected, the authors, through a suggestion of this government and others, had to remove the portion of the paper which suggested the new radio signals they discovered, were actually communicating with something/someone in our solar system.
"The Astrophysical Journal" (Something Mysterious Near The Galactic Center Is Flashing Radio Signals)

This Housewife has been put on notice. She needs to stop asking for so much money from her sugardaddy or he will go back to cocktail waitresses from one of the several casinos he owns. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (and this week she was seen shopping at discount stores)
 (Michael Gaughan) ("South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa") (Erika Jayne Trashed For Rocking $700 Christian Louboutin Heels After Being Slapped With $25 Million Lawsuit)

This very very recent A list celebrity who got her fame through athletics landed a network reality show and is hooking up with another cast member, but not her partner. Suni Lee/"Tokyo Olympics"/"Dancing With the Stars" (Suni Lee will appear on 'Dancing With the Stars' while taking college classes online)

The husband of this former A/A- list mostly television actress who is a behind the scenes person now, is hooking up with this foreign born three named actress. Pepe Bastón/Eva Longoria/Ana de Armas

The barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A list model was doing lines of coke this weekend at an event and didn't care who saw her. Kaia Gerber/Cindy Crawford (Kaia Gerber rings in her 20th birthday with boyfriend Jacob Elordi as they volunteer for non-profit organization in LA)

This closeted A list mostly movie actor picks up men at his gym and then hooks up with them at a place next door before going home to his wife. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine’s personal trainer and F45 co-founder unveils brand new fitness concept Reunion)

This long long long long time almost network actor is cheating on his wife and it is not a fan fic thing that everyone wanted for so long. Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki/"Supernatural"

The Show: In the past, I have written about some shows that have gone off the rails in a big way. Most of them involved some combination of drugs/partying or out of control love triangles that caused big problems when a star would invariably want to leave. This particular show was very short lived. Did it get low ratings? Yes. Did the network air it in a time slot that would ensure it get low ratings? Yes. Was there a huge controversy surrounding the show? Yes. All of those things contributed to the show's demise, but there were several unaired shows. How come it was canceled prior to those episodes airing? It is because the controversy about a story line was actually happening to an actress on the show and the network freaked out and shut it down when they heard. One of the stars of the show was an actor all of you know. He was not a big star then, but he slept with two of the actresses on the show, both of whom would go on to have B list careers. One still works, and the other does not. The one that does not, all of you know. The actor was having sex with both actresses without the knowledge of either. One of the actresses got pregnant and had an abortion. The show was pulled from the network a couple of hours before an episode was to air. The executives at the network learned of the abortion and canceled the show and no one at the network was allowed to discuss the show at all. That ban lasted a solid year or two before people forgot about it.
Matt LeBlanc/Teri Polo/Stacey Dash – "TV 101" ("I won't say which one had the abortion.")

After spending tens upon tens of thousands of dollars in fees to keep what didn't belong to her, the widow is about to settle with the band. There might finally be some new music that finally gets released. Vicky Karayiannis/Chris Cornell/"Soundgarden" (Vicki Cornell Thanks Metallica For Releasing Chris Cornell Tribute On Vinyl)

With summer now over, and this A lister back at work, his significant other can start spending time with her special friend again. Aaron Rodgers/Shailene Woodley (Aaron Rodgers says separation from fiancée Shailene Woodley during football season will be 'a good thing')

One of the lawyers in the Theranos trial speculated out loud that the case against his client/fraudster/yachter is discriminatory because she did nothing different than the celebrity CEO/fraudster/drug abuser/animal sacrificing participant who has lied for years about technology that also doesn't exist and also charged people for something they know doesn't exist and won't exist for the foreseeable future. Elizabeth Holmes/Elon Musk (Fraud trial begins against Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes)

The girlfriend of this foreign born alliterate A list mostly movie actor had to pay extra to have a pap come take photos of the couple. The photos of the pair haven't been selling for very much money. Sebastian Stan/Alejandra Onieva (Sebastian Stan Packs on PDA with Girlfriend Alejandra Onieva During an Afternoon in the Park)

Picking up right from where she was last season, this permanent A list model has skipped every production meeting of this network reality show. She is putting in even less time than last season. Tyra Banks/"Dancing With the Stars" ('Dancing With the Stars' Fans Push Back Against Tyra Banks as Host, Call for Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews' Return)

This cable channel sure can pick them. Apparently a major source of income from this now former cast member (Landon Clements) of a southern reality show ("Southern Charm") was the money she received from the patriarch (Alex Murdaugh) of this crime family which is going to have about twenty books and made for television movies about it in the next year or two. Although a current cast member (Madison LeCroy) definitely yachts, apparently she never hooked up with the guy for money. However, they did share a drug dealer and also got their prescriptions from the same doctors. Landon Clements/"Southern Charm"/Alex Murdaugh/Madison LeCroy (Missing Murdaugh law firm money raises questions: How much taken? How did it happen?)

The "singer" thinks she will be free, but the woman running her life is questioning whether to object because she doesn't want to get sued later if something happens to the "singer." Britney Spears/Jodi Montgomery (Is Britney Spears #free yet? Not quite)

The former spouse of this A list designer admitted that he played a role in the designer's death. He didn't say what his role was though. Andy Spade/Kate Spade (Details emerge about Kate Spade's suicide note, personal struggles)

Because of the success of this horrible mom (Kathy Hilton) at rehabilitating her image on a reality show ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"), and the way it was done with the help of her much more famous daughter (Paris Hilton), the publicist for this disgraced alliterate actress (Lori Loughlin) is using the barely there celebrity offspring (Olivia Jade Giannulli) of the actress to rehabilitate the actress. Every story you see in the upcoming weeks ("Dancing With the Stars") will not focus on the offspring, although, it should be for now. Instead, every story will be geared to how great a mom the actress is, in hopes of landing the actress an acting job. Kathy Hilton/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Paris Hilton/Lori Loughlin/Olivia Jade Giannulli/"Dancing With the Stars" (Olivia Jade says Lori Loughlin is ‘in total mom mode’ over ‘DWTS’)

The rock star's wife is at it again. Not only, is she lying about the origin of the products she sells, but she is also lying about who designed them. She says she did. Nope. There are so many lies now, that people are threatening her with FTC complaints. Courtney Sixx/Nikki Sixx/"Bouquet Box" (DIY summer floral arrangement tips from Bouquet Box founder Courtney Sixx)

This A-/B+ list actress has tried hosting several times. They have all failed. She isn't giving up though and is willing to throw any current host under a bus if it gives her a chance to step in as a replacement.
Busy Phillips

For the first time I can remember, this B+ list actress with A+ list name recognition got a no when she asked for tickets to some Fashion Week shows in NYC. Katie Holmes

This A- list mostly television actress got her start working for the perv producer (Dan Schneider) who used to paint the toenails of this A+ list singer (Ariana Grande) while her feet were in his lap, has split from her husband. Dan Schneider/Ariana Grande

There is a model who sounds like she is foreign born, but isn't. She is A- list. She is very well educated and started modeling at the tender age of 15 or 16. She is in her early 20's now. At some point she was introduced to the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) and he introduced her to the wealthy farmer (Bill Gates). He pays for all her bills, including that $60K+ a year tuition for college, and the bills associated with the condo he bought her in Manhattan. Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Gates

Hush Hush: Most of the time affairs would never make the big blind. They are far too common and generally not all that interesting. This is an exception to that general rule though, because of the sheer effort that went into keeping it a secret and the impact it had when certain people did discover it. It involved an at the time A+/A list mostly movie actress (Kim Basinger). She was one of the biggest stars on the planet. Even though this happened several decades ago, all of you know her. She doesn't work much today, but she hasn't worked much in the past couple of decades. She is an Oscar winner/nominee. At the time this occurred, she was married. This was not the only affair she was accused of having by her then husband (Ron Snyder/makeup artist). He said there were multiple men and she said he was a drug addict and he said they did a lot of drugs together. The husband was very careful not to name names of the men the actress has been sleeping with. His payout depended on her continuing to work. The other participant in this affair was much less known. He was an indie director (Spike Lee) when they started hooking up. He was headed places, but at the time was just like every indie director ever. You get a film that people talk about, but it takes a few years before you get your big break and in the meantime you are hustling to make a living. Our actress paid for everything. Our actress paid for a lot of his projects, so he could keep working. They were together about 18 months or so and she financed a handful of things for him. When her husband discovered the affair and that she was spending all this money on the director, he got a nice big settlement for keeping his mouth shut. He did let a couple of people know, including the agent and manager for our actress. They freaked out. Not so much about having the affair, but who the other person was. They told her she had to break it off and never tell a soul about it. They gave her a deadline and if she didn't break it off, they would drop her as a client. So, our actress broke it off. If she hadn't broken it off, things in Hollywood would have looked a whole lot different now. It set off a chain of events that still makes news even today. Kim Basinger/Ron Snyder/makeup artist/Spike Lee (At 1990 Oscars, Kim Basinger Called Out the Academy for Snubbing Spike Lee and ‘Do the Right Thing’)

96. POPBITCH 09/09
(British blog)
Which two actors managed to conduct a year-long affair right under their partners' noses by setting up endless double dates, even arranging a joint holiday together?
Miles Teller (Keleigh Sperry)/Shailene Woodley (Aaron Rodgers) (Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley Join Miles Teller, Wife Keleigh Sperry On Vacation In Hawaii — Pics)

This A- list actor (Garrett Hedlund) has addiction issues. For a long time his significant other was this A- list actress (Kirsten Dunst) who has been acting since a very young age and had a big drinking problem. Our actor, for the past several years has had a tumultuous relationship with this A- list actress (Emma Roberts) who is a celebrity offspring (Eric Roberts) and has an even more famous relative (Julia Roberts). This past week our actor celebrated is birthday. Instead of spending it all with his actress significant other and their child, he sent much of it with this A- list actress (Hayden Panettiere) who has been in multiple hit shows, also has a huge substance abuse issue and was last spotted with her on again off again serial abusing boyfriend (Brian Hickerson). This would be a combustible couple. Garrett Hedlund/Kirsten Dunst/Emma Roberts/Eric Roberts/Julia Roberts/Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson (Hayden Panettiere is seen again with her 'abusive' on-off boyfriend Brian Hickerson as they grab dinner with friends in Los Angeles)

This foreign born A+ list alliterate actor and his A- list wife have frequently said they don't want their kids anywhere near a film set. The acting life is not for their kids and they will keep them away from it. One wonders then, why the kids are in the actor's latest movie. The one where his wife makes a cameo. Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively/"Spirited" (Ryan Reynolds credits wife Blake Lively for making 'Free Guy' a success)

The channel that used to air nothing but music ("MTV"), still gives awards for them ("Video Music Awards"), which is kind of odd if you think about it. Anyway, no one watches the show any longer which is why producers went looking for people to draw in a new crowd even if that meant bringing in a serial rapist (Conor McGregor) who is foreign born and fights for a living. Maybe he and the husband (Kenneth Petty) of the foreign born former A+ list rapper (Nicki Minaj) could present together. Just really go for it. "MTV"/"MTV Video Music Awards"/Conor McGregor/Kenneth Petty/Nicki Minaj ("MTV Video Music Awards 2021")

After decades of trying to bring down this pioneer (Afrika Bambaataa) of the hip hop movement, it looks like it will finally happen. One person who was 12 at the time he was sex trafficked has brought a lawsuit against the pioneer and there are dozens, if not hundreds more out there. The hip op star has bragged in the past about molesting kids, and no one ever did anything. Afrika Bambaataa (Afrika Bambaataa Sued for Sexual Abuse, Sex Trafficking)

Her daughter isn't even old enough to drive and this foreign born A- list celebrity who loves her drugs, has asked her plastic surgeon about getting breast implants for her daughter. Katie Price/Princess, 14 (Katie Price says she’s happy to have ‘feral’ children who splash about in muddy puddles)

This permanent A list actress who played an iconic character wants to quit acting just because she is tired of the promo game. She hates talking to press and after several decades of it, doesn't want to do it any longer. As it is, she turns down as much as she can without making her employers hate her. Jennifer Aniston/"Rachel"/"Friends" (Jennifer Aniston’s awkward TV interview leaves viewers cringing)

The billionaire television star/professional team owner suddenly sold every bit of crypto he owns. He got an email earlier this week and within minutes sold it all. What did that email say? Mark Cuban (Mark Cuban says the SEC is trying to regulate Coinbase through litigation and urges CEO Brian Armstrong to 'go on the offensive')

The legal move is designed to keep anyone from looking at the cooked books and to keep the agreement with the former business manager/cult leader (Lou Taylor) ("Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group") out of sight. The gamble is that the "singer" will be so thrilled to be out from under it all that she will see no need to continue to do anything and will fire her lawyer or at least not ask him to pursue anything further. Lou Taylor/"Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group"/Britney Spears (Britney Spears's dad petitioned to end her conservatorship — but why now?) (Who is Britney Spears’ former business manager Lou Taylor?)

These two barely there celebrities managed to cash in on some pregnancy news and their struggles to conceive. Yeah, because they probably have still never had sex. Lauren Scruggs & Jason Kennedy (Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs share sweet videos from famous pals Justin Bieber, Giuliana Rancic, and Maria Shriver reacting to pregnancy news... after years of struggling with IVF)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **10**
This former A list athlete in her corner of the sports world has seen most of her endorsements go by the wayside. She thought she had her meal ticket locked in with her ex, but that didn't work out so well. She is trolling for wealthy men and when she gets a phone number from a potential guy, she immediately sends them very racy photos. It is not what she used to do. I wonder if she is running out of money. Danica Patrick/race car driver/Aaron Rodgers (Danica Patrick Admitted That She Would’ve ‘Loved’ to Have Had This 1 Job and She Kind of Did)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **11**
This former A+ list political donor (Terry Bean) lives in a West Coast state (Oregon), and hosted fundraisers for multiple Presidents of his political party. For nearly a decade, this donor has been the subject of child sex abuse indictments. His former partner (Kiah Lawson) went to jail. Our donor tried to illegally buy an underage victim’s silence. He has bought the silence of many other underage victims over the years. Yet the donor somehow remains free, having tied up legal proceedings for years. Terry Bean/Oregon/Kiah Lawson (Terry Bean’s ex-boyfriend gets 2 years for sex crimes against teen boy)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **12**
This former cast member (Lilly Ghalichi) of a Los Angeles based reality show ("Shahs of Sunset") that doesn't involve Housewives and is based on a specific ethnic group (Iranian Americans), has been married before. She has her own business ("Lilly Lashes") which is being financed in exchange for sex with a married leader of this oft initialed Middle Eastern country (UAE). Lilly Ghalichi/"Shahs of Sunset"/Iranian Americans/"Lilly Lashes"/UAE

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **13**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and not named Jessica Chastain, is cheating on her cuckolded husband.

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **14**
Casting Couch Horror: There was a movie ("The Brown Bunny") that got a ton of press at the time it was released. It didn't get press because it was good, because it wasn't. It didn't get press because of the writer/actor/director (Vincent Gallo) who starred in it, because he is awful and an a-hole. It got press because of the content. Because of that content, the a-hole director had a great excuse to take auditions to at least an R rated level. He did so. Despite it being such a low budget film, he managed to get several A- listers to audition. Two of them were left shell shocked after their auditions. One of the actresses (Winona Ryder) stars on a streaming show ("Stranger Things") now, but at the time was in a big dry spell. She had a name that could sell tickets, but didn't work much. He got the actress naked and took lots of photos and shot video of her. He wanted to make sure she was "comfortable" with it all. He got naked too and then on film asked her dozens of questions about her sex life and sex in general. The other actress (Kirsten Dunst) who was shell shocked actually ended up having sex with the a-hole. She said he lasted about 30 seconds. She too was photographed and recorded nude and had to answer questions about her sex life. She was mentioned briefly in a previous blind. Neither ended up getting the role. "The Brown Bunny"/Vincent Gallo/Winona Ryder/"Stranger Things"/Kirsten Dunst

The alliterate talk show host told co-workers she was vaccinated, but one of her friends says that isn't true and she has COVID and is not doing great. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Looks Sick As She's Spotted Wearing A Bathrobe Outside New York Apartment After Revealing 'Ongoing Health Issues')
(Wendy Williams Hospitalized for Psychiatric Evaluation)

This model/actor is spilling a bunch of dirt about the alliterate reality star after she tried to out him. He knows lots and lots of things about her soon to be ex husband. Plus, he did have sex with you, so, not sure what she was trying to accomplish. Tyson Beckford/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West (Tyson Beckford Goes Off On Kim Kardashian For Suggesting He’s Gay: "In Jamaica, We Don’t Play Dat")

There is a country that is basically a no go zone for anyone. No one knows what really happens inside it. A sibling of the leader, who is supposedly the power behind the throne has been having hookup weekends in various SE Asian countries with the manager of this massive boy band. I have no idea how they met. Photo agencies are hesitant to take photos of the pair, but every intelligence agency has lots and lots of photos. North Korea/Kim Yo-jong/Kim Jong-un

This A list NBA player can say whatever he likes about his girlfriend, but HE is the one who paid for her surgeries, so to say it is all natural is ridiculous. Karl-Anthony Towns/Jordyn Woods (Karl-Anthony Towns Defends Jordyn Woods' Body Transformation, 'This Is All Natural')

Over the years in this space, I have written about the A list comic/writer who recently announced he was going to be a dad. He has been in here for hooking up with random college students while he was married. He would find them on social media before traveling to their cities and arrange a hookup. His now ex wife has recently been told that often over the course of the marriage he would also hook up with the actress he is now dating. Didn't this guy make his living talking about how much he loved his wife? All crap. John Mulaney/Anna Marie Tendler/Oliva Munn (Parasocial relationships aren’t to blame for the John Mulaney/Olivia Munn pregnancy discourse)

The A list everything in her mind while out of the country, yelled at one of her people when she discovered that a store would not close just so the A lister could shop. They said they would stay open late for her, but were not going to close the shop in the middle of the day. Jennifer Lopez/Italy (Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Make Their Red Carpet Return in Venice: See Every Gorgeous Photo)

Unlike almost every previous winner of this foreign born island love show, there have been zero yachting offers for her. The other contestants are making bank, but not the winner. Millie Court/"Love Island" (Inside Love Island winners Liam & Millie’s new mega-money lifestyle with £360 earrings, designer shops and restaurants)

Two well known porn stars and their relationship with this southwest politician is why he abruptly resigned. Apparently he is an idiot and also let them film him. Bret Roberts/Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives (State Rep. Bret Roberts announces resignation, gives no reason)

This A- list actress/host who has been in the public eye since she was a toddler, is having an affair with a B-/C+ list indie actress/writer/director. Drew Barrymore

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **10**
This A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee took a couple of years off from acting because she really hates doing press and doesn't like crowds. She is back with a new movie, and says she has hypnosis therapy twice a week. Halle Berry/"Moonfall" (Halle Berry’s Moonfall Trailer Has The Moon Trying To Destroy The Earth, Because Roland Emmerich)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **11**
While this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is out of the country promoting her new movie, her husband is taking time to really get to know this unknown theatre actress. Jessica Chastain/Italy/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Jessica Chastain Reacts to Viral Red Carpet Moment With Oscar Isaac); Julianne Moore/Canada/Bart Freundlich (Julianne Moore & Ben Platt Premiere 'Dear Evan Hansen' At TIFF)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **12**
Everyone guarding the royal pedophile was instructed not to accept any papers from anyone, but one of the royal police apparently decided to be a hero and deliberately disobey that order. Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew served papers for Virginia Roberts Giuffre's sex assault lawsuit, her lawyers say in court docs)

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **13**
This publicist/wannabe reality star was caught in a public bathroom orally servicing a guy from this streaming catfish type game show. Jonathan Cheban/"The Circle" (Jonathan ‘Foodgod’ Cheban sells heavenly Sky House home for $2.5M) (Netflix's New Reality Show About Catfishing Is, Itself, A Catfish) (The Circle Season-Premiere Recap: Liars and Dog Lovers and Catfish, Oh My!)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **14**
Four For Friday - Friends Bad Behavior: All of them are about the people who were regulars or recurring on the show, and none of them involve Matthew Perry's drug use.
#1 - This three named A- list actress trashed the apartment where one of the stars lived. Why? He cheated on her with the star of a very popular horror franchise at the time. Jennifer Love Hewitt/Matthew Perry/Neve Campbell/"Scream"
#2 - One of the stars of the show blamed her coke addiction on this former A list musician who was fired for his drug use. Courtney Cox/Richie Sambora/"Bon Jovi"
#3 - If you ask this A- list mostly movie actress/Oscar stealer who was the second worst sexual partner she ever had, she would mention the star from the show who now likes to direct. He was rude, arrogant and angry that he was unable to perform. Gwyneth Paltrow/David Schwimmer ("The Pallbearer")
#4 - This star split with the perpetually young A list actor because he didn't want to sit around every single night and drink wine and do bong hits. Every single night. Jennifer Aniston/Paul Rudd (Paul Rudd Accidentally Ran Over Jennifer Aniston's Foot With a Segway on "Friends")

This permanent A+ list Oscar winner is not the same guy he was even a couple of years ago. He has nurses taking care of him 24/7. Most of them quit after a day or two of him trying to grope them. Jack Nicholson (Sad Last Days: Jack Nicholson ‘Forced Into Retirement’ From Hollywood, Friends Fear ‘He Has Dementia’)

A granddaughter of the founder of several movie chains has confirmed what was also told in a documentary a few years ago. The manager of this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner, sexually assaulted underage girls. She witnessed it. She also said that the A+ lister did nothing to stop it.
Bernard Myerson/"Loews Theaters"/Leonardo DiCaprio (Loews prez Myerson dies)

The television networks that show the NFL are in a bind. As a group most of them dislike the rich guy with the messy personal life and also know he will bid far more than any of them are capable of to acquire a package from the NFL. He doesn't care if it loses money. One of the network heads wants to bid the package up to ridiculous prices just to make the pain hurt more. But, the others have argued that if they do that, they will have set the bar too high for the bids for the packages they want. Jeff Bezos (Amazon wants to be the exclusive provider of all Thursday NFL games starting in 2023) (What Would a Jeff Bezos Ownership Mean to the NFL?)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor was in this space a few weeks ago discussing his drinking and carousing while out of the country at a film festival. That same night, he fell down and busted his head, and it is going to leave a permanent mark. Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp Slips Into Jack Sparrow Voice For A Young Fan On A Red Carpet And The Video Is Adorable) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/30/21)

While this former East Coast Housewife looks for a guy she can claim as a love interest to get her back on the show, this other former Housewife wants to film Botched, as soon as her run on a network reality show ends. Tinsley Mortimer ("Real Housewives of New York")/Kenya Moore ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")

This alliterate A- list actress got away with the one photo with the couple. She broke free. Why on this Earth then is she having cam sex sessions with both of the couple together and individually? Tessa Thompson/Taika Waititi/Rita Ora (Ring photo sparks rumours Taika Waititi and Rita Ora are engaged)

This A/A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and is not named Jared Leto, dropped acid with a fellow actor of the same level, prior to a recent dinner together. Rami Malek/Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal & Rami Malek Enjoy a Dinner Together in Venice)

You know I am not a fan of this former A- list actress (Rose McGowan). Far too often, she ignores all the troublesome enabling/support/participation of her friends when they do horrible thing to people while calling out others who do the same thing. Plus, she would also do anything to be as popular as she once was. That being said, she is telling no lies about the significant other (Jennifer Siebel Newsom) of this A+ list politician (Gavin Newsom) and how she was doing the bidding of the disgraced producer (Harvey Weinstein). Probably not at the direct orders of the producer, but as a favor to the troublesome lawyer (David Boies) who has seen his lawyers/staff leave in droves and who was on the wrong side of the producer's case. Rose McGowan/Jennifer Siebel Newsom/Gavin Newsom/Harvey Weinstein/David Boies (Rose McGowan Alleges Gavin Newsom's Wife Tried to Bribe Her Before Harvey Weinstein Scandal Broke) (Law firm Boies Schiller Flexner has seen exodus of 'dozens of attorneys' amid staff anger at 'Harvey Weinstein and Elizabeth Holmes being taken on as clients' and fury over son of firm's founder 'caught using n-word')

The three named singing ingenue is too thirsty to be gone from social media longer than the release of her new project next month. Look for her to come back with a new look (weight loss) which she thinks will get her bullied less on social media. A little trip to rehab would work wonders for her too. Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey Quits Social Media, Explains Why in One Last Post)

One of the participants ('Slim' Saeideh Aletaha) in a recent fight was not told that her opponent (Janie Morgan) used to be a man. The promoters knew she would back out like all the other women had. 'Slim' Saeideh Aletaha/Janie Morgan (Female kickboxer, 26, who started sport to prove that Muslim women could do extreme sports in a Hijab died in MMA fight after being 'mismatched with 'much bigger' competitor', inquest hears)

This trade publication knew the story about the billionaire pedophile and the former studio head hanging out with underage girls together. They just refused to publish it until after his death because they didn't want to lose ad revenue from all the companies her controlled. "The Hollywood Reporter"/Jeffrey Epstein/Sumner Redstone (The CBS–Viacom story isn’t going away)

It isn't just women this foreign born permanent A+ list athlete has been accused of raping. This has been going on for nearly two decades. Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo: plane banner protest as striker returns to Manchester United)

This former business manager (Lou Taylor) of the "singer" (Britney Spears) once promised the celebrity mother (Dina Lohan) of this alliterate former almost A- list actress (Lindsay Lohan), $100K per month if she placed the actress in a conservatorship. The mom agreed, but the dad (Michael Lohan) didn't because there was nothing in it for him. Lou Taylor/Britney Spears/Dina Lohan/Lindsay Lohan/Michael Lohan (Michael Lohan To Fight Dina & Lou Taylor For Lindsay Conservatorship)

Speaking of the "singer," don't forget that the former A- list singer/possible murder suspect was hovering in the background causing trouble when the "singer" was at her lowest. It was her drug dealer that was being used. Britney Spears/Courtney Love (Why Is Courtney Love So Interested In Britney Spears’s Story?)

There was a big pay dispute several years ago that almost saw the end of the voice behind this commercial cartoon character who sells a very boring product. They agreed on a contract years ago. This year, they didn't. It is a new voice you are hearing. Jake Wood/"The Geico Gecko" (The Geico Gecko Actor Said He Was Fired Over a Pay Dispute, but Is He Still the Voice Today?)

One of the jobs of this former college aged employee who was also frequently groped was to keep the former A+ lister sober. Without her there, he was a drunken mess at a public event. Christianné Allen/Rudy Giuliani (Rudy Giuliani goes on a tear during 9/11 memorial dinner) (Giuliani communications director resigns for role with tech startup)

After grifting the public and enriching himself, the celebrity CEO is back with another crap crypto coin to scam everyone. Beware. Elon Musk/"$FSHIB" ("Floki Inu") (Elon Musk's Puppy Pic Caused This Obscure Cryptocurrency To Surge Nearly 1,000%)

According to a few people who have attended "retreats" hosted by this former A- list almost network actress, she constantly tries to upsell you the entire time you are visiting. The most expensive upsell is having a private "retreat" with the actress herself. Rose McGowan/"Charmed" (Rose McGowan Reveals She’s Become a Permanent Resident of Mexico: It’s a ‘Really Healing Land’)

Speaking of almost network former A- list actresses, this one is going to jail. She is trying to get pregnant before she goes. She also has sold the rights to her story through a third party.
Allison Mack/"Smallville"/Nxivm sex cult scandal (Interesting that two days after the blind was published, she reported to serve her sentence two weeks before she was due.) (Allison Mack enjoys one of her last meals as a free woman ahead of prison stint)

The victim turned procurer with never ending names says she knows of at least two instances where this former Hollywood guy turned political grifter hooked up with a model from Ecuador who wasn't old enough to drive. Sarah Kellen aka Sarah Kensington/Steve Mnuchin (What We Know About Sarah Kellen, Who Allegedly ‘Recruited’ Girls for Jeffrey Epstein) (Steven Mnuchin’s Mysterious Link to Creepy Epstein Model Scout)

The former late night actor wanted someone who was great at defending pedophiles so he chose the same attorney who defended the disgraced director. Horatio Sanz/Andrew Brettler/Bryan Singer (The Horatio Sanz Lawsuit Is an Explosive Story About SNL, NBC, and Jimmy Fallon) (Prince Andrew Hires Armie Hammer’s #MeToo Lawyer) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

I would concur with the A/A- list actress who is an Oscar winner when she advised the "singer" to get a prenup. I would also advise the singer to do a little background check on the current status of the marriage of her betrothed. You know me. I always love a happy ending. This won't have that. Octavia Spencer/Britney Spears/Sam Asghari (Octavia Spencer tells Britney Spears to make Sam Asghari sign a prenup)

Almost three years ago, this A- list mostly movie actress who was married at the time and still is actually, turned down some very very heavy advances from the foreign born fighter/serial rapist. He wasn't nice to her. This was at a party after a fight. Fast forward to early 2021, the same fighter called her some names and then made some comments about her boyfriend at an after fight party. That is what led to last night. Megan Fox/Conor McGregor/Machine Gun Kelly (Conor McGregor’s alleged DMs to Megan Fox ignited VMA tussle with Machine Gun Kelly) (Conor McGregor throws punch and drink at musician Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on red carpet) (Conor McGregor Just Called MGK a ‘Little Vanilla Boy Rapper’ After He Tried to Punch Him in Front of Megan Fox)

Apparently the two authors with the same first name who both worked for the same people and both wrote about it are in a war of words behind the scenes. The first one (Stephanie Winston Wolkoff/"Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady") to get their book published says the second (Stephanie Grisham/"I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The Trump White House"), slept with the son-in-law (Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner) of the former A++ lister. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff ("Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With the First Lady")/Stephanie Grisham ("I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The Trump White House")/Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner ("Melania Did. Not. Care": In A Blistering New Book By Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump Sounds A Lot Like Her Husband) (Ex-White House press secretary's book likens Melania Trump to Marie Antoinette: report)

Pretty tough to get a fair trial when the defendant is perfectly willing to make it known what the Judge and other court staff and future jury pool prefer when it comes to their porn viewing habits.
"Pornhub"/"Mindgeek" (Judge denies majority of Pornhub’s bid to toss child porn suit)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **10**
The one named A list singer (Sia) once had this former reality star (Maddie Ziegler) play a younger version of the singer. The singer is now doing to that former reality star what she did to the other young woman she groomed. Sia/Maddie Ziegler (Inside Maddie Ziegler and Sia’s Relationship; Is It Problematic?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/18/21) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/02/21)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **11**
This alliterate barely there celebrity (Jessie James) offspring of a permanent A+ lister (Sean "P. Diddy" Combs), was doing lines of coke at a Fashion Week party this weekend. The A+ lister would not be pleased, but he had a coke problem for at least a decade. One of his girlfriends (Amber Rose) who acted from time to time who all of you know, would literally whip him when he would do coke until he finally stopped. Jessie James/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Amber Rose (Chance, Jessie James and D’Lila Star Combs, daughters of Diddy)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **12**
Speaking of Fashion Week, there was one show held yesterday where several of the models shot up heroin just prior to putting on their outfits and walking the runway. It was a mess.

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **13**
In case you were curious, then yes, this former A- list mostly television actor who starred for many years on a network show, does have his former co-star's photo as his home screen on his phone. A passerby last night noticed this as they were being extremely nosy to see who he was texting. They could not see, but the photo was the one of the co-star in that yellow bikini she owns. Our actor is also looking really thin and has dropped ten or fifteen pounds in the past year. Tony Goldwyn/"Scandal"/Kerry Washington (Kerry Washington Looks Incredible In NeonYellow Bikini As She Vacations In The Desert) (Tony Goldwyn attends the 2021 Creative Arts Emmys at Microsoft Theater on September 12, 2021)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **14**
The current hookup for this A- list commando going actor broke all the rules at a party given by this A+ list comedian. There were supposed to be no photos. The hookup posted several, including a video to social media before taking them down. Jon Hamm/Dave Chappelle (Dave Chappelle's party at "Lure")

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **15**
Hello Again: This A- list dual threat actor (Jeremy Renner) who has been top billed in a movie ("The Bourne Legacy") before and now has his own television show ("Hawkeye"), was told by his employers to keep his nose clean. Sure, they could have been referring to his coke habit, but as long as he does it at home and doesn't die before the end of looping and doing press for the new show, they don't really care about the coke. Pretty tough to say anything about that when one of the top guys at the studios brags about how pure the coke he buys is. They were troubled over his love of strippers, especially underage ones and his habit of big dollar poker games at his house where he would offer up these teen strippers to winners and when he was playing himself, to use them as kind of a cooler. The actor had been pretty good about being good, but that is because he was too busy filming and he stayed isolated because of the $1M penalty if he got COVID and if he was out of guidelines. Filming is over now though and our actor is making up for lost time. He thinks by partying up at Mammoth Mountain that no one would notice. He is probably right, but he is sending out party buses once a week to several strip clubs in the Bay Area. The strippers are completely legal at least according to the identification they submitted at the strip club. Ahem. However, many of their friends are not legal and our actor pays a big bonus to those who are not. Jeremy Renner/"The Bourne Legacy"/"Hawkeye"

MET GALA: The editor snubbed the A+ list Tik Tok star who wants more than anything to be an actress. Anna Wintour/Addison Rae (Addison Rae makes her debut as a blonde bombshell while rocking red hot vintage Tom Ford for her very first Met Gala)

MET GALA: I only could ask about a few, and not every celebrity that was missing. (Did Anna Wintour's 'vaccine mandate' put stars off Met Gala? Nicki Minaj tweets 'If I get jab it won't be for the Met' as she leads stars including Kylie Jenner and Sarah Jessica Parker who missed vax-only event)
This newly married A+ list singer has not been vaccinated. Ariana Grande
This A- list actress has not been vaccinated. Zendaya (Zendaya explains why she is sitting out this year's Met Gala)
This actress who has been acting since she was a tween on Broadway and has gone back and forth between movies and television is not vaccinated. Sarah Jessica Parker (has been vaccinated since)
The entire family who you got to know because mom was a Housewife are not vaccinated. Yolanda, Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Three celebrities, including Gigi and Bella Hadid’s brother Anwar Hadid, are refusing to get the Coronavirus vaccine)
The offspring of a former A+ list singer/musician just wanted to enjoy a honeymoon so turned down the invitation. Lily Collins/Phil Collins

MET GALA: When asked why the $35K spent on a ticket couldn't be put to better use, this A+ list politician said it was a good return on investment because of her message. It probably would have been more effective if it wasn't in the middle of all the people you are supposedly hating while eating and drinking with them and telling them how much you love them. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC ripped for attending elite Met Gala in ‘Tax the Rich’ dress)

MET GALA: The A list alliterate reality star was offered free dresses from American designers, but she said she didn't like American designers. Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian West Walked The Met Gala Carpet With A Masked Man Who Replicated A Past Kanye West Look Hours After Changing Her Instagram Icon To Match His)

MET GALA: This barely legal B-/C+ list actress was there. No one could figure out why until it was revealed she was the "muse" of this permanent A+ list mostly movie director a few years ago when he was filming an epic that has yet to be released. She was underage and sat on his lap a lot. Oh, and at the Gala did a lot of coke. Talia Ryder (Talia Ryder attends the The 2021 Met Gala); Storm Reid (Storm Reid Just Got Invited To The Met Gala And Her Reaction Is Priceless)

MET GALA: This foreign born B list actress/singer told several people that she orally serviced her significant other during the limo ride to the event so she wouldn't be asked to do something at the event where people might find out. Umm, you just told people. Rita Ora/Taika Waititi (Rita Ora flashes a sparkling silver band on her engagement finger and flaunts her abs in sequined crop top as she poses with her beau Taika Waititi at the Met Gala)

MET GALA: This actress who stars in a cable version of the rebooted almost network hit, was charmed by an Asian billionaire who had two women with him. Right about now, the actress was supposed to be having lunch with him for the promised fee of $50K. Whitney Peak /"Gossip Girl" (Whitney Peak & Jordan Alexander Represent 'Gossip Girl' at Met Gala 2021)

MET GALA: The meme actor was all set to try and urinate on a "tree" at the party when he was stopped by security. Timothée Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet Walked 10 Blocks to the 2021 Met Gala—and Showed Up in Sweats)

MET GALA: He (Justin Bieber) didn't have to pay for the award ("MTV Video Music Awards"/Artist of the Year & Best Pop) on Sunday night, although there were a lot of future commitments made to the network ("MTV"). On Monday night ("2021 Met Gala"), he did have to pay to play. He didn't have to pay a fee, but he had to pay all the expenses of the people who were there to support him and unlike the DJ (DJ D-Nice) who came after, this foreign born former A+ list tweener, didn't get paid. Also, no one really paid attention to him when he was performing. Justin Bieber/"MTV Video Music Awards"/Artist of the Year & Best Pop/"MTV"/"2021 Met Gala"/DJ D-Nice (VMAs 2021: Justin Bieber’s big win has left fans with mixed reactions) (Justin Bieber Closed Out the Met Gala With a Surprise Performance)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **10**
MET GALA: This controversial A list athlete who shills for a fast food company got wasted drunk and then started hitting on this alliterate model who pretends she can code. Megan Rapinoe/"Subway"/Karlie Kloss (Subway franchisees are fed up with Megan Rapinoe’s TV ads) (Don't you know who I am? Moment Megan Rapinoe and Julia Garner have to convince bouncers to let their group into Rihanna's Met Gala after party) (Karlie Kloss puts on a stunning display in a red Carolina Herrera rose petal dress as she walks the red carpet with designer Wes Gordon at the 2021 Met Gala)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **11**
MET GALA: This A/A- list rapper who used to hook up with the Tik Tok star mentioned earlier, is apparently single according to a few of the models who were told as much while he was spectacularly rude and wasted. There were enough complaints about him made that he probably won't be invited back. Jack Harlow/Addison Rae (Inside Jack Harlow’s Tommy Hilfiger Look at the 2021 Met Gala) (Addison Rae makes her debut as a blonde bombshell while rocking red hot vintage Tom Ford for her very first Met Gala)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **12**
MET GALA: The murder of the evening. "You still cummin' in 30 seconds baby?" This was delivered by the foreign born one named A+ list singer (Rihanna) while touching the recipient's (Justin Bieber) face as the singer walked by. The recipient's wife (Hailey Baldwin Bieber), who is a celebrity offspring more famous than her parental unit (Stephen Baldwin), but less so than another family member (uncle Alec Baldwin). Rihanna/Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Stephen Baldwin/uncle Alec Baldwin (Rihanna Dares to Bare in Ultra-Sheer Met Gala After-Party Look With A$AP Rocky) (Hailey Bieber Dresses Up And Justin Bieber Dresses Down For His Met Gala After-Party)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **13**
MET GALA: I will keep saying it until the alliterate actress stops doing it, because it is going to ruin her career. The throuple was in full effect last night. There have to be pictures and then people will start talking again and work will be harder to find. Tessa Thompson/Rita Ora/Taika Waititi (Rita Ora and boyfriend Taika Waititi narrowly avoid Tessa Thompson after THAT kiss... as the actress keeps busy third wheeling Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **14**
This elderly band member has been in this space before because of the way he is being treated by those around him. At this point, he is being propped up on stage every night and really has no idea where he is, but that "manager" of his gets the money deposited right into her account. Mike Nesmith/"The Monkees" (Review: The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith say farewell in style) (BLIND ITEM 03/21/21) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/28/21)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **15**
In what was probably not a great idea, a fan of this B+ list actor all of you know from at least one role, let the actor drive White House press around during a motorcade. Alan Ruck/"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" ('Succession' actor Alan Ruck drives Biden motorcade van during California stop)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **16**
MET GALA: The reason this alliterate rapper got booted from the celebrity CEO's party is because they had the flowering financial institution on Face Time while trying to get into the party. Teyana Taylor/Elon Musk/Azealia Banks (Elon Musk may have had the best Met Gala afterparty)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **17**
MET GALA: Everyone loved this foreign born A list model/pro beard (Irina Shayk). With the older crowd, she was the most well liked. From the younger crowd, it was probably the actress with the Oscar nomination turned singer (Hailee Steinfeld). Anyway, the model did not have an admirer in this former A+ list mostly movie actress who really doesn't get much work now. The model slept with one of the exes of the actress, while the actress was pregnant with his baby. Irina Shayk/Hailee Steinfeld (Irina Shayk Wore a Naked Dress Adorned with Flowers at the Met Gala) (Hailee Steinfeld completely unrecognizable with new look at Met Gala)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **18**
MET GALA: This comes from one person. There were very few people left at this party when it happened, and the person telling it, was partying very hard. This alliterate foreign born singer had been asking for some Molly to go with her bottles of wine. When some was finally delivered, she swallowed it down and then maybe a minute or two later said that something was wrong with that pill and went and made herself puke. The singer was convinced afterwards that if she hadn't done that, she would have died. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello Stepped Out In A Bustier And Dior Short Shorts With Shawn Mendes For A Met Gala After-Party)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **19**
MET GALA: This almost network actress who finally got out of the miserable relationship with her co-star was spotted getting very cozy with the technically still married manager of numerous singers. Lili Reinhart/"Riverdale"/Cole Sprouse/Scooter Braun (Lili Reinhart stuns in a pink semi-sheer gown featuring the 'flowers of ALL 50 states' as she attends star-studded Met Gala) (Why Did Riverdale's Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse Split?) (Elon Musk may have had the best Met Gala afterparty)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **20**
MET GALA: This foreign born A- list actress (Sienna Miller) is no stranger to this space. She used to be an almost daily part of it. She has been much more discreet the past few years which should serve her well considering the married hedge fund manager she is hooking up with. The pair were introduced by this celebrity (Huma Abedin) who is more famous for the misdeeds of her political (maybe still?) husband (Anthony Weiner) than anything else. The celebrity made a little commission from the introduction and also had to sleep with the rich guy (Jeffrey Epstein), which is not something she likes to do. Sienna Miller/Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner/Jeffrey Epstein (Sienna Miller turns heads in a glitzy gown and faux fur shawl while Emily Blunt, Rose Leslie and Carey Mulligan exude elegance in stylish ensembles as they lead the British stars at the 2021 Met Gala) (Huma Abedin attends The 2021 Met Gala)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **21**
MET GALA: Speaking of the celebrity in #20, she has not spoken to the celebrity CEO since their mutual friend/partner was arrested by the feds. It makes you wonder why the celebrity and the CEO have not also been arrested. Friends in high places. Huma Abedin/Elon Musk/Emma Coronel Aispuro (El Chapo's former beauty queen wife could avoid a life sentence for drug dealing by throwing cartel kingpin's sons under the bus in a deal with U.S. prosecutors) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/01/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/10/21)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **22**
The Birds: The idea was that this group of industry professionals was going to start a secret group. Because of course, they like to talk about their own importance, word has begun to leak. It started a few months after the first lockdown. Someone was shopping online and found an old bird beak mask for sale and decided to buy it. He showed it off to some of his friends. It had belonged to a doctor who had a family member back in the day wear something similar while treating patients during the plague. Soon, a few others had masks made which were similar and then a writer who is an Oscar winner and has been nominated for a different movie which is completely 180 from the one he won, wrote some rituals and rules for others to follow when they joined. The group is called Black Death. They use the beaks as sort of bongs to basically have a long hot box session right on their face. They have hired strippers to fellate the beaks and do other things with them too. The writer wants to have more dark rituals and not just have this be a club. The guy is dark. The other darkest member is this B- list actor who got his start in acting by having sex on screen. Sure, the director edited it, but the many underage characters were really having sex. He has been known to get a little carried away with beating some of the strippers/escorts past where they had agreed to go. If left to their own devices, the writer and actor would probably make this some type of death cult. In the actor's last movie which was very indie, he sexually assaulted his, at the time 16 year old co-star and she hasn't worked since. They both have tried to evict members who seem to want to be there just to get stoned and grope strippers.

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ list singer not named Michael Jackson has been hitting the coke hard. Despite having a boyfriend, she has also been hitting the guy who provides her coke. Lourdes Leon/Madonna/Jonathan Puglia (Lourdes Leon shows off her armpit hair on the Met Gala 2021 red carpet)

This barely legal A list singer was under the impressions she would be allowed backing tracks for a recent performance. She was wrong and now people know she can't sing nearly as well as she would have you believe. Olivia Rodrigo (Olivia Rodrigo Arrives in a 'Punk Rock Feminine' Look for Her 2021 Met Gala Debut)

This royal bride who has fled her serial cheating husband who has many children by many women, has found true love. He is the married best friend of the brother of this now deceased A+ list royal. Charlene, Princess of Monaco/Albert II, Prince of Monaco/Charles Spencer/Princess Diana (Prince Albert II denies rumours about Princess Charlene’s departure)

I guess this A+/A list singer/judge who isn't a host hasn't seen the recent documentary about the clothing company? Or was the check just so big, she doesn't care about supporting them. Katy Perry/LuLaRoe (LuLaRich’s Derryl on Taking Down LuLaRoe and Boycotting Kelly Clarkson)

No, the alliterate one was not invited to the Met Gala no matter how much she might want to leak otherwise. She will never be invited as long as the current editor is in place. She likes the title presented to her by the Queen. Meghan Markle/"Met Gala"/Anna Wintour

While his actress wife was off supporting her actor dad, this A list mostly movie actor was up to his old tricks. Russian escorts. He just can't get enough. Sean Penn/Leila George/Vincent D'Onofrio/"The Eyes Of Tammy Faye (Vincent D'Onofrio, 62, poses with daughter (and Sean Penn's, 61, wife) Leila George, 29, at New York City premiere of The Eyes Of Tammy Faye)

This former part time reality star who got her start escorting before ending up on a southern reality show for a couple of seasons is very good friends with the newlywed wife of this politician. Federal law enforcement officials paid her a visit to ask if she knew anything about her friend's husband smuggling drugs. That is unexpected. Ashley Jacobs/"Southern Charm"/Ginger Luckey/Matt Gaetz

At a movie premiere last night that no one really attended who was above C list, there was an Instagram model who somehow managed to put into every conversation that she is sleeping with this NBA player who doesn't like to take or make shots in playoff games. She was then told, as a joke that he was hooking up with another woman too. Well, our IG model spends the entire movie texting and afterwards says, that it was just once. Ben Simmons/Kendall Jenner (Sixers' Joel Embiid Defends, Throws Shade at Ben Simmons in Bizarre Twitter Rant)

This sketchy Russian mob guy who runs about 2,000 shell companies from this island nation for crooked business people around the world is also someone who is apparently the reason why this married top two worst actress of all time took a gig there.
Tori Spelling/Malta (Tori Spelling Living In The Lap Of Luxury While Working Overseas Weeks Before She's Set To File For Divorce From Alleged Sex Addict Dean McDermott)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **10**
This A- list actor had a hit network show and a movie franchise. According to several lovers, his favorite kink is to make fake snuff films while having sex with them.

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **11**
This celebrity offspring model of a model has a unique look. She is also hooking up with this married former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee. Lily McMenamy/Kristen McMenamy (Model family Kristen and Lily McMenamy on their most iconic i-D moments)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **12**
This long time casino magnate (Steve Wynn) who seems like he is about 100 years old, paid nearly $500K to watch this former A+ list singer do a 20 minute strip tease down to nothing for him. Steve Wynn (After Sexual Misconduct Claims, Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn Fell Fast) (Steve Wynn claims he couldn't have made his Vegas showgirls strip to their bras and panties for him when he came to rehearsals because he is 'LEGALLY BLIND')

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **13**
The producers of this network reality show ("Dancing With the Stars") have let it quietly be known to one of the contestants (Matt James) to make sure they are not outed during the season, or at least while they still remain on the show. Basically they said they have a quota and that quota (JoJo Siwa) has been already filled. "Dancing With the Stars"/Matt James/JoJo Siwa ('Dancing with the Stars' 2021 Cast Revealed for Milestone 30th Season!)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **14**
So, let me get this straight. The married NFL coach (Urban Meyer) who had sex with the daughter of a booster along with other women, and who enabled and lied about a serial abuser of women, and who has lied about several illnesses to get out of jobs he doesn't like, is now going to worm his way out of another job where he completely sucks, so he can take another high paying job somewhere else and be applauded for being such a stand up guy/savior. Did I get all that right? Oh yeah, sorry. I forgot about his substance abuse issues too. Is there literally no one else for the job who might be a slightly better human? Urban Meyer/"Jacksonville Jaguars"/"USC" (It appears Urban Meyer's messy, controversial legacy won't be enough to deter the desperate Jaguars) (Urban Meyer embodies the hubris of the US sports industry) (Things keep getting worse for Urban Meyer and the Jaguars)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **15**
We Have A Talker: She (Alanis Morissette) says she was inspired by a co-star from the same show ("You Can't Do That on Television") who came forward to discuss the abuse/harassment she faced from producers/executives and directors on the show. She says that she wants to make sure to point out that none of the crew ever did anything, but many of them knew what was going on, but for fear of losing their jobs, said nothing. She was 14 when she was given a one season recurring role on the show in question. Because she didn't say anything when they would grope her or touch her or look at her while she was half dressed, she got a big promotion. Not another show, but as part of a different project ("Orpheus Musical Theatre Society") that assembled several male and female teens. She was about 15 or so when that first got off the ground. The project was one of several organized by a different studio ("Nickelodeon") specializing in tween and teen entertainment. It was also a breeding ground for predators such as television executives, but also music executives. She said that because the executives had so many different male or female teens to choose from in these projects and each project was more or less separated from the others as they worked, you could go days without anyone hassling you, unlike when you are on a television show. But, at the same time, when it did happen, it was much worse. You had nowhere to go and there were less people around. All of this led her to some serious issues that she has been dealing with now. Her project wasn't very successful and she left the industry for a few years to sort some things out. Now, she is happy and content with life and had a huge break this past year, but is willing to risk it, to tell the truth about what happened. Alanis Morissette/"You Can't Do That on Television"/"Nickelodeon"/"Orpheus Musical Theatre Society"/" Jagged" (How the controversial Alanis Morissette doc handles disturbing sexual assault allegations)

If the west coast Housewife is to be believed, one would assume there would be police reports on both incidents she described. There are none. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/home burlary & rolled car accident (‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne’s Latest Tall Tale Includes A Burglar, A Rolled Car and…Glaucoma?)

It's a shame the network pulled the reality show ("The Activist") starring a bunch of ego driven stars who would then tell people how to be thirsty. It was billed as a show, and will still be a documentary about doing good for others and fair wages. It is kind of ironic that the producers made it a non union project so they could pay less wages and make people work more hours. "The Activist" (CBS changing 'The Activist' in response to backlash)

This former bodyguard for this one named permanent A list singer (Beyoncé) didn't sign a NDA. It was just overlooked when he started and he worked for the singer and her equally high on the list husband (Jay-Z) for almost three years. He wants to write a book. He actually already wrote it. He names a bunch of names and has proof for everything including the mysterious death of a woman (Cathy Koreana White) that was never pinned on the husband. He also talks about the wife's affair with a former bodyguard. How much is all that worth? The couple has offered him $2M. Beyoncé/Jay-Z/Cathy Koreana White (Friend Reveals Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Dirty Little Secrets????) (Beyoncé's Former Trainer and Bodyguard Dies from COVID-19: 'He Was Like a Family Member') (Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Dies At 28)

This foreign born former A+ list rapper has been in the news a bunch this week. She is also being investigated for making terroristic threats against one of the women her husband raped. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj’s various claims debunked: ‘Swollen testicles,’ White House visit and ‘Twitter jail’) (Nicki Minaj’s Ridiculous Vaccine Testicle Story Is Just a Distraction From Her Legal Issues)

I have to think this one named foreign born former A+ list singer must know her very fast rapping/woman hitting boyfriend cheats on her. If she doesn't know, now she does. A lot. No word on whether he wears his Captain Crunch outfit when he does. Rihanna/ASAP Rocky (Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Make Carpet Debut as a Couple (in Matching Comforter Coats!) at 2021 Met Gala)

This former A+ list actor who is not a great actor gave his twice former co-star $1M to help out with legal bills. Ashton Kutcher/Danny Masterson/"That '70s Show" & "The Ranch" (With Multi-Count Rape Trial Pending, Danny Masterson Lists L.A. Home)

There is at least one woman I know of who was paid low six figures to travel mainly to NYC and LA, even at the height of the pandemic when no one was in airports or on planes. She did this traveling because she was hired to entertain reporters and editors and even local politicians for the celebrity CEO. She would get a call and told to fly to whatever city and to meet the guy at whatever restaurant and told how many days or nights she would have to be there. She assumes, but does not know if there were others. She says that if she had a prior conflict or if it was that time of the month, she was not given any grief about it. She traveled about 10 days a month total. She quit a few months ago when she got pregnant. Olivia Munn/Elon Musk/John Mulaney (Olivia Munn wants to date a ‘normal’ guy) (Pregnant Olivia Munn shows off her baby bump with John Mulaney)

There is a deep fake porn of this A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee and who is now married and pregnant being shared around town. It is supposedly shockingly life like and the only reason anyone knows it is a fake is, because the person who made it said it was and you can find the actual scene from which it was created. Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly 'very happy' and 'looking forward to being a mom' as she expects first child with husband Cooke Maroney)

This A- list mostly television actress has starred in two massive network hits, and has been a recurring in one that is currently being aired. She has been cheated on pretty publicly by a couple of her boyfriends, but she said this foreign born alliterate actor who was a one time co-star and is A list, took the cake when it came to cheating. Every day when she wasn't on set and he was, he would find some extra or groupie and take them to his trailer. Every single time. She got tired of all the women he was/had been sleeping with coming up to them in restaurants in this north of the border town, all thinking they were his girlfriend. Jennifer Morrison/"House" & "Once Upon a Time"/"This Is Us")/Sebastian Stan/"Once Upon a Time"/Vancouver (Jennifer Morrison, Sebastian Stan split: ‘Once Upon A Time’ actors ‘grew apart’ after real-life year-long romance)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **10**
There were people who were convinced that after the recent death of this foreign born permanent A list musician, that we might get the answer to whether he is the father of one of his bandmate's children. There has been no answer so far. We might have to wait until the death of that bandmate before we know for sure. Charlie Watts/Keith Richards/"The Rolling Stones"

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **11**
This permanent A list actress in television and movies, met a guy off Raya and hooks up with him from time to time. What is interesting, is even though the guy never asks for it, and has a decent job, the actress gives him $1K every time he goes to her place.

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **12**
If I would have had to guess in advance, I would have expected this situation to be reversed. This three named actress will get a restraining order if the wife of her actor ex does not stop harassing her. The three named actress apparently has been accused of getting close to her ex when they exchange the kids and the current wife thinks it might be sex and has threatened the three named actress. Evan Rachel Wood/Kate Mara/Jamie Bell (How Evan Rachel Wood & Jamie Bell Prioritize Co-Parenting Their Son)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **13**
There was a couple months where this pregnant actress/pro beard was here in Los Angeles while her significant other was on the opposite coast. They were not seeing each other. The actress was asked why and she said that for the longest time, the significant other didn't think the child was his. Interesting. Olivia Munn/John Mulaney (Pregnant Olivia Munn shows off her baby bump with John Mulaney)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **14**
This streaming reality star of a rebooted show says he hooked up with this closeted A+ list politician, but it didn't work out because they weren't into the same things sexually. I also think it is because the reality star likes to be paid.

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **15**
Deathbed Confession: I'm calling this a deathbed confession, but in reality when this director (John Alan Schwartz) died a couple of years ago, he didn't say anything, but he left behind a bunch of old film reels from some of his movies, including several from the first installment of his most famous movie ("Faces of Death"). Prior to the internet, everyone who discussed the movie did so probably without actually having seen the movie. What were people dying was actually the work of actors and some not very good editing and camerawork. It was low budget and a long time ago, so that is understandable. There was also some footage that was not shot by the director, but bought from a news organization. With all of that being said, one of the scenes shot by the director is actually someone getting killed and the angles and outtakes in the unseen footage show for a fact there was an actual death. There is more footage of a death that didn't make it into the film. The fact that it is footage shows it wasn't bought, but actually filmed. That footage may or may not show a death. It looks like a death. People are reacting like it is a real death, but there are only a handful of people remaining on the planet who would know for sure, and they haven't been asked/found. John Alan Schwartz/"Faces of Death" ('Banned in 46 countries' – is Faces of Death the most shocking film ever?)

Never say that this movie studio is not thorough trying to protect its brand. They spent nearly $1M to completely wipe the internet clean of hundreds, if not thousands of posts of this very recent lead actor entrant to their universe. Why? Well, because most of the posts were crazy misogynistic While hundreds said that compared people who are pedophiles to those who are gay and expressed his thoughts that there was nothing wrong with pedophilia. "Marvel"/Simu Liu/"Shang-Chi" "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" (Shang-Chi's Simu Liu: Pedophilia Is 'No Different Than Being Gay')

The alliterate one wore a yachting present, and didn't have a cover story for it, so now is scrambling. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle’s new pinky ring has a special meaning)

This A- list rapper/actor is in the closet for life, but at least he is willing to actively support those in the industry who have come out. Kid Cudi/Lil Nas X (Kid Cudi Wants to Help Lil Nas X Destroy the 'Homophobic Cloud Over Hip-Hop')

Recently, our favorite foreign born B list actress/singer who loves a good throuple, had a cold. Her voice was really messed up. It was so bad that she spent a week in bed. How then did she manage to give a handful of radio interviews with a perfectly normal voice with no sign of a cold? Her sister, who actually does most, if not all interviews that don't require a face. Rita Ora ("A Curious Ora")

Reader Blind: Two Permanent A+ list athletes, one a superstar, the other a jack of all trades. Decades ago, they were good friends. That friendship was permanently ended when the jack of all trades (Bo Jackson) lost the ability to trust the superstar (Michael Jordan). The jack of all trades wanted to form a player’s union and the superstar reported his friend to the sport’s owner. Later on, during a legal battle with said owner, the jack of all trades would discover that, at a particularly well-attended event, the superstar was getting paid more than all of the other athletes in the event combined, and almost certainly would have his financial value reduced by a union. Bo Jackson/Michael Jordan (Twenty years ago, strike changed baseball)

The A list mostly movie actor's charity has a lot to do with all of those people getting from point A to point B. In the past, they could only move a dozen people a day. This is a huge windfall. Sean Penn/"CORE" (Community Organized Relief Effort)/Haiti earthquake (CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort)) (‘It’s not the end of the world. Life will return.’ A month after the Haiti earthquake)

This billionaire tech executive (Scott Hassan) has threatened companies that he will make sure their websites can't be found unless they do and say and print exactly what he wants about some troublesome events surrounding him as of late. Scott Hassan/co-founder of "Google"/Divorce (Who is Scott Hassan, the Google 'founder' accused of 'divorce terrorism') (Google ‘founder’ admits he created revenge site against estranged wife)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: Before there was GPS, there were Thomas Guides. Thomas Guides were thick map books that contained all the streets of Los Angeles County. Drivers had to map out their routes in advance, and rely on their instincts and knowledge of the streets. Mistakes were sometimes made. The driver was transporting a fresh-faced actress to a horseback photoshoot in Burbank. She was doing publicity for her first female lead role in the third installment of an iconic series that started with a male lead. The driver was sweating bullets because he could not find the address of the photo shoot. He was driving around aimlessly in Griffith Park. The actress sensed the driver was lost and he admitted he was, but she didn’t freak out or go ballistic. She calmly asked for his Thomas Guide, and she mapped it out and directed the driver to the correct address. She went on to become a big star. A class act in the driver’s mind.

This foreign born former soft core porn star turned children's show host turned billionaire (Xuxa) says that this offspring of an A++ lister was going to leave his wife for the billionaire and thinks he was killed because of it. Xuxa/John F. Kennedy Jr. (Xuxa Net Worth) (TV Star Not Celebrating JFK Jr.’s Wedding)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **10**
This conservative law professor and "pro-life" activist (Dr. Carol Swain) is A+ in the conservative Christian world, and has crossed over to mainstream media. She likes to talk a big game about wanting what's best for children. The truth is, she has long supported hate groups that demonize LGBT youth, as well as ignored the horrific child abuse in her own church that went on right under her nose. Dr. Carol Swain (Vanderbilt chief responds to call to suspend Carol Swain) (Fake Crimes by Carol M. Swain) (What is Progressivism?)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **11**
Apparently the world will have to wait a long time to see just how much money was left to this dead royal's illegitimate children. Prince Philip (Prince Philip's will to be secret for 90 years)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **12**
This closeted foreign born A list singer says that his first Hollywood romance/sex came just after he turned 18. I think it was before, but OK. He says it was with this closeted A list singer who got his fame from a boy band and is now married to a woman. Shawn Mendes/Nick Jonas/"Jonas Brothers"/Priyanka Chopra (Shawn Mendes Reveals the Age He Lost His Virginity — but Stays Mum on the Last Celeb He Kissed) (We Need to Stop Speculating About Shawn Mendes’ sexuality)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **13**
This cable news anchor makes potential dates sign a 20 page NDA after meeting them on Grindr. The thing is, the photos on Grindr are not even the same person as the anchor. So, you get there and surprise, different guy, and oh by the way, here is a big document you need to sign.

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **14**
This former A list mostly movie actor (Clifton Webb) who was a three time Oscar loser (1945 Nominee Oscar Best Actor in a Supporting Role "Laura" (1944)/Nominee Oscar Best Actor in a Leading Role "Sitting Pretty" (1948)/1947 Nominee Oscar Best Actor in a Supporting Role "The Razor's Edge" (1946)) was the sugardaddy for this former A list mostly television actor/probable murderer (Robert Wagner). Clifton Webb/Robert Wagner ("Natalie Wood’s Drowning Was Not an Accident": A New Book’s Shocking Findings)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **15**
Four For Friday - Bad Sex Behavior
#1 - This foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner and starred in a very long running franchise used to bring his penis pump with him to bars, just in case he got lucky and wasn't able to go back to his place. Oh, and he made the women he picked up, do the dirty work for him. Sean Connery/"James Bond" (‘Bully’ Sean Connery sued for $30 million)
#2 - This former A list mostly movie actor who was only A list in his long running franchise, would make all his new conquests measure his erection and then during sex constantly had to say how it was the biggest one they had ever seen or felt. He would yell at them if they stopped.
#3 - This permanent A list mostly movie actor has a franchise and is an Oscar winner, but not for the franchise. Back in the day he did a lot of coke. One day he was cheating on his wife with a woman and would pause during sex to do bumps of coke. The woman tried to also do a bump of coke and he beat her, telling her it was his.
#4 - Speaking of beatings, this permanent A list model/bad host, says she broke off a relationship with this former A list mostly movie director after he beat her because she accidentally bit him when performing oral sex on him. Tyra Banks/John Singleton (Why ‘Dancing with the Stars’ host Tyra Banks Said Dating John Singleton Made Her ‘Insecure’)

This potential game show host got $500K and a first look deal to walk away from a certain game show. Levar Burton/"Jeopardy" (LeVar Burton Retires Quest to Become ‘Jeopardy’ Host: ‘It Wasn’t the Thing I Wanted After All’)

This A+ list singer didn't like the way she looked on television and went and got Botox. She didn't notice any changes, so went back for three consecutive days. Her face is now trashed for a few weeks at least. Madonna (Warning: These plastic surgery trends might make you look like a star)

The husband in this seemingly always happy couple that host numerous programs together on a variety of channels, cheated on his wife. Chip and Joanna Gaines (Chip and Joanna Gaines say divorce 'is not really an option' despite 'not perfect' marriage)

Earlier this week at the big event where everyone dresses up, this one named foreign born permanent A list singer called out the A list north of the border/rapper singer about his latest 16 year old. Apparently the fight was pretty epic. Rihanna/Drake

Did I tell you that this social media CEO spies on any and all perceived enemies. He also likes looking at hacked amateur Asian porn and has one guy who scours through the social media/hard drives of people he can hack, to find it for his boss.
Mark Zuckerberg/"Facebook"

Our favorite foreign born closeted A- list pay cable actor is trolling for a new guy. Apparently he split with the last one. Sam Heughan/"Outlander" ("Outlander" Star, Sam Heughan to Attend Wizard World Chicago, October 16)

I'm shocked it has taken this long, but there is a recording of this former almost A- list mostly movie actress having sex with two men. The camera was hidden, but she can't stop it being released where they plan to do it. Lindsay Lohan

This is a time in their lives where they should be rolling in money because of what the Housewife and her husband do on the side. They aren't though. He owes a ton of money that has come due and there was a massive failed investment in crypt and some steep gambling losses too. Melissa and Joe Gorga/"Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Melissa and Joe Gorga list 3 homes for sale, downgrade to $950K NJ pad)

The alliterate one has quite the little grift going on. She finds charities that are thriving, even if not well known. She then puts them on her website and encourages people to donate to them THROUGH her own charity. She then not only takes a cut of the donation for "processing" but also can make it look like she is the largest donor to whatever charity because they all come from her. Meghan Markle

The love her or hate her former A list celebrity has a PR team that has her A/B testing to see what the public likes more. She wants to be back in the spotlight. So, one day it will be wealth and private jets and vacations and the next it is sympathy while also showing luxury. She is spending a lot of money for this advice. Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen Learns the Joy of Fly Fishing In Chunky Hiking Boots, Western Ensemble) (Chrissy Teigen Gets Emotional About Postpartum Body After Pregnancy Loss: ‘Your Body Just Pauses’)

A record label had a chance to sign this one named A list singer who has a crush on an A+ lister that just does not disappoint. They didn't sign her because they thought she was too "dark." Yes, this will be revealed. Lizzo/Chris Evans (Lizzo Jokes She & Chris Evans Should Star in Whitney Houston's 'The Bodyguard' Remake)

Everyone keeps talking about the bad things the aunt did and that this guy's father did (Leon Black), but how come no one discusses that this wealthy ("Browns Shoes") guy (John Brownstein) who popped up in the news last Monday used to hang out with the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein) all the time and joined his dad (Stephen Brownstein) on the island. Oh, and his sister (Jessica Mulroney) knows that too. The same sister who has been best friends with the alliterate one (Meghan Markle). Leon Black/"Brown’s Shoes"/John Brownstein/Jeffrey Epstein/Stephen Brownstein/Jessica Mulroney/Meghan Markle (Leon Black won’t file countersuit against former Russian model who accused him of rape) (Jessica Mulroney Is The Heiress To One Of Canada's Largest Shoe Companies)

Most celebrity backed documentaries about their own lives are very boring. Apparently though, the permanent A list alliterate singer is telling everything. I mean everything and it should be glorious. Janet Jackson/"Janet" (Janet Jackson Teases Upcoming Documentary ‘Janet’)

This one named rapper who had a meal named after her was not shy this weekend and flashed groups of men multiple times in a bar after a performance. Saweetie/"McDonald’s The Saweetie Meal" (New The Saweetie Meal - McDonald's) (Saweetie Teams Up with Crocs & Hidden Valley Ranch, Creates the Coolest Shoes) (Saweetie looks like a treat as she sucks on a lollipop while making her way to Catch LA wearing a skimpy butterfly top)

This A list mostly movie actor is supposed to be in a new relationship with this A- list actress offspring. Then, why is he taking a fan to where he is staying, literally 45 minutes after meeting her. Channing Tatum/Zoë Kravitz

It is all semantics. Is there a separate sex tape starring the alliterate A list reality star? No. Are there several more hours of footage that could have been in the first one, but were not? Yes. It consisted of the really really graphic stuff. It probably could have used it, since so many people fell asleep watching the first one. Kim Kardashian/Ray J (Kim Kardashian’s lawyer denies existence of second Ray J sex tape)

EMMY AWARDS: This former A list mostly television actor was nominated, but not for acting. He is supposedly in a relationship with this A- list actress who is way younger. Apparently not young enough, considering the ages of the women he was hitting on. Zach Braff/Florence Pugh/Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series "Ted Lasso" (2020) For episode "Biscuits" (Zach Braff Never Won an Emmy Award for ‘Scrubs’ But He Could for ‘Ted Lasso’)

EMMY AWARDS: Because of the limit on the number of people allowed to attend, this A- list actress who was nominated, was not allowed to bring her usual dozen or so handlers who then use the access to try and recruit for their organization. Elisabeth Moss/"The Handmaid’s Tale"/Scientology (‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Breaks Record For Most Emmy Losses In One Season)

EMMY AWARDS: This actress, nominated in one of the comedy categories was convinced by her manager that she was going to win, and the manager was so convinced that the manager was going to place a bet online. The actress made a bet too. The spy thought she heard $10K, but it was hard to hear because it was a whispered conversation. After the actress lost, she said to the person next to her, that she wasn't the only one who lost money. She then discovered by text, that her manager had not ever actually made the bet.
Kaley Cuoco, "The Flight Attendant"/"Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series"/ Pete Davidson (And the winners will be: The BuzzMeter experts predict the 2021 Emmy winners)

EMMY AWARDS: Speaking of actresses in the comedy category, this actress lost and the first thing she said to her nominal boss is that she lost because he makes her be in too many sex scenes.
Juno Temple/"Ted Lasso"

EMMY AWARDS: This actress is probably A- list and was a winner/nominee last night. At a party the night before the Emmy Awards, she was the biggest star at the party and said she liked it. It gave her the same kind of feeling as when she used heels on the balls of her sexual partners. Yvette Nicole Brown/"Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series "A Black Lady Sketch Show" (Justin Hartley, Padma Lakshmi, Yvette Nicole Brown Honored by Creative Coalition Ahead of Emmys)

EMMY AWARDS: This A list mostly television actress who was a winner/nominee last night, and not for the first time either. She was hammered drunk at a party and did the best Brittany Murphy impression anyone could remember seeing.

EMMY AWARDS: We had a drunken hookup. The crazy thing is that this A/A- list actor you would expect to hammered drunk, was not. Sobriety appears to be sticking with him. This A- list actress who is a celebrity offspring was drunk however. They tried to do something in a bathroom, but the logistics didn't work out, so they came out after about ten minutes. Tracee Ellis Ross/Outstanding Comedy Series "Black-ish" (Tracee Ellis Ross Shines in a Red Sequined Valentino Haute Couture Gown at the 2021 Emmys)

EMMY AWARDS: An actress previously mentioned in a blind, got into a heated argument with this stylist/host/reality star because she says he owes her money and he ghosted her after she loaned him some. Kaley Cuoco/Brad Goreski (Kaley Cuoco Hinted She Had a Red Carpet Emergency at the Emmys (& We're Dying to Know More))

EMMY AWARDS: This A- list actress could have attended the award show in person, but she didn't want the drama of knowing her former co-star would find a way to corner her while she was in Los Angeles. Something within the past few months has really made them hate each other.
Gillian Anderson/"The Crown" (The Crown's Gillian Anderson, Olivia Colman and Emma Corrin lead the British glamour on a night of red carpet hits and misses as they attend Emmy Awards screening in London... while co-star Josh O'Connor flies the flag in Los Angeles)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **10**
EMMY AWARDS: This actress found out last night, her network showrunner husband has been cheating on her. Someone remarked they had seen him in a place with a different actress and wondered what the project was. As soon as the person said it and saw the wife and the showrunner's look, the person got out of there fast.
Caitlin Thompson/Dan Fogelman/"This Is Us" (Dan Fogelman and Caitlin Thompson arrive at the Walt Disney Television Emmy Party)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **11**
EMMY AWARDS: This A- list actress who was a winner/nominee last night pretty much blew through most of the press line after the first place she stopped asked not only about a family member but also whether it was true she cheated on her then husband with a co-star. So much for softballs. Jurnee Smollett/"Lovecraft Country"/brother Jussie Smollett/divorce from Josiah Bell (Jurnee Smollett attends the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards) ('Lovecraft Country' Star Jurnee Smollett Settles Divorce From Josiah Bell)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **12**
EMMY AWARDS: Do you think the actress wife of this winner last night knows about her husband and all the women he went through in a casting couch process a couple of years ago. Is that why they got married? A little cover? Gillian Anderson/Peter Morgan/"The Crown" ('She believed in me like no one else would': Gillian Anderson dedicates her Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actress for The Crown to her 'best friend' and manager Connie Freiberg) (Peter Morgan accepts the award for outstanding Writing For A Drama Series for The Crown in London)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **13**
EMMY AWARDS: Usually you can count on this A list actress/showrunner/writer to have her long time co-star either at an event with her or at an after party. It is as if he is gone from her life now after reporters started digging into his on set and off set behavior. He isn't actually out of her life, but she won't allow him to be seen with her. Mindy Kaling/BJ Kovak (Mindy Kaling Puts a Bow on Her Incredible Year With Fanciful Look at The 2021 Emmys) (The Internet Thinks Kiernan Shipka And BJ Novak Might Be Dating, And You Are Allowed To Have Thoughts)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **14**
EMMY AWARDS: They might have come as a couple, but this A list actress who was a winner/nominee is going to have a tough time getting her husband back there. He hated it and also said it made him wonder why his wife liked it so much and it was just bad. Kate Winslet/Edward Abel Smith — formerly known as Ned Rocknroll (Emmy Winner Kate Winslet Recalls Falling 'Head Over Heels' for Her Husband: 'A Whirlwind')

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **15**
EMMY AWARDS: Proving once again what an a-hole he is, this former boy bander, at an after party made a comment about his wife's weight when she reached for a piece of bread. Nick and Vanessa Lachey (Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey attend the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **16**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A+/A list actress who is closing in on an EGOT, thought the entirety of the ceremony was going to be outside. Instead it was in a tent, and it made it much harder for her to get up and go vape, so she spent a good thirty minutes after the ceremony just smoking. She then said she has to knock herself out for long flights with some type of pill because of her love of smoking. Kate Winslet (Emmy: "Mildred Pierce" and "Mare of Easttown"/Grammy Awards: For the album "Listen to the Storyteller"/Oscar: "The Reader ")

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **17**
EMMY AWARDS: This host just landed an incredible network show, and could have thrown it all away by doing coke last night. There were just too many people around who could tell her bosses. They would dump her in a second. Despite her talent, it was a hard sell to the network. Vanessa Lachey/"NCIS Hawai'i" (Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey attend the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards) ('NCIS Hawai'i?' Star Vanessa Lachey Breaks Down as She Learns She Landed the Series' Lead Role)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **18**
EMMY AWARDS: This B+/B list actress who used to go by a nickname here back in the day when she was dating an A lister, must know by now she is strictly a booty call for the A list host. She wanted to go to the show. He lied and told her there were not enough tickets. Trevor Noah/Minka Kelly (Trevor Noah, Conan O'Brien & John Oliver Step Out for the Emmys 2021)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **19**
EMMY AWARDS: This A- list actress has hit it big in two network shows, both for the same network. When she first came to Los Angeles, she was a college student and also auditioning and being a nanny and doing everything to make ends meet. Last night, she recounted that, while doing that, she was hit on constantly by a neighbor of the people where she was working as a nanny. He would come over at least once a week and would offer her money and gifts, if only she would sleep with him. He said he could help her career and knew the right people. He was married at the time to his first wife. He met his second wife the same way. In addition to the movie business, he also worked for an A++ lister for a few years.
Beth Behrs ("2 Broke Girls" and "The Neighborhood")/Steven Mnuchin/Donald Trump

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **20**
EMMY AWARDS: This B+ list comic actress/host/writer is going through a very very quiet divorce to a fellow comic actor. She was telling a friend last night that she was thinking of getting new breasts as part of a new start. When she said that, this much much older permanent A list actor said he thought they looked just fine, and reached out and groped them.

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **21**
EMMY AWARDS: This A/A- list mostly television actress gave a reason why she walked away from a very hit show that has no basis in reality. She can say whatever she wants, but if she told her boyfriend she wants to marry that same story, that would be really wrong of her.
Sophia Bush/Grant Hughes/"Chicago PD" (Actress Sophia Bush is engaged to boyfriend Grant Hughes) (Sophia Bush Wore Markarian To The 2021 Emmy Awards) (Sophia Bush Says She Quit ‘Chicago PD’ Due to ‘Abusive Behavior,’ ‘Intolerable’ On-Set Conditions)

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **22**
EMMY AWARDS: To calm his nerves, this A- list musician/actor/writer who is halfway to an EGOT and has had chances to add to it, popped some mushrooms. His wife, did the same, but when she thought they were not working, took some more. She was tripping hard and started humming during the show and had to leave for the rest of the show. Leslie Odom Jr./Nicolette Robinson (2016 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical and a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album) (Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson attend the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **23**
EMMY AWARDS: At a party that was not really all Emmy people, this celebrity who is the recent ex of this one named singer/rapper who had his best days over a decade ago, said she was on call to hook up with this married A list mostly television actor who is on a very hit long running network show. Shantel Jackson/Nelly (Actress Shantel Jackson attends Zeus Network's "One Mo Chance" Season 2 Premiere at AMC Universal at City Walk) (Nelly’s longtime girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, says they broke up)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **24**
EMMY AWARDS: This A- list actor used that new found streaming fame of his to send his significant other home early while he hit on women until he found one ready and willing. Brett and Kerry Goldstein/"Ted Lasso" (Brett Goldstein Beats Out Three Other ‘Ted Lasso’ Nominees For Best Supporting Actor Comedy Emmy; Jokes He "Was Not Allowed To Swear" In Speech) (Who Is Brett Goldstein’s Wife Or Girlfriend?)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **25**
EMMY AWARDS: This HGTV star was at a party and being a huge diva along with his actress girlfriend. He acts like an A+ list movie actor instead of the guy who won't really be remembered a decade from now. Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers")/Zooey Deschanel (Zooey Deschanel, Jason Alexander, More Stars Complain About Not Having Emmys in Hilarious Sketch)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **26**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who has never told the truth about her age spotted one of the worker bees without a mask and threatened to report her. Meanwhile of course, the actress was not wearing mask or any other guest. Catherine Zeta-Jones ('She's aging backward': Catherine Zeta-Jones stuns at 2021 Emmy Awards)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **27**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born B+ list actress who is just out of her teens was doing lines with three others at this party with no more than a couple of dozen people. Someone ran in and said they heard it might have been cut with something like fentanyl. Our actress stopped but the others kept going. The spy thinks, but isn't sure that a couple of the others are on the same show or work on the show.

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **28**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A+/A list comic actor was given a really hard time about his comments by the producers. They told him he ruined the show. He was telling the truth. He really didn't care what they said to him. Seth Rogan (Seth Rogen Walked on Stage at the Emmys and Immediately Called Out How Unsafe It Seems)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **29**
EMMY AWARDS: A publicist was calling around looking for someone to take over for her. Her client wanted to stay out all night to go to the parties where he was invited. The publicist, while looking for someone, told people on the other end of the phone that she was doing PR/social media for the "singer" beginning today and didn't want to be dead tired. Britney Spears (Britney Spears returns to Instagram after hiatus)

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **30**
EMMY AWARDS: A lot of talk last night that this long long long long running network show will finally end at the end of next season, but one person argued that it was going to conclude its run at the end of this season. Either way, it is done. "Grey’s Anatomy" (Ellen Pompeo hints that Grey's Anatomy may be ending for good soon)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **31**
EMMY AWARDS: While getting ready with her glam squad, this married A- list actress who presented last night, bent over in her dress with nothing under and took a photo. She sent the photo to someone. It was not her husband. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn (Kerry Washington Wows in Silver Corset Gown at 2021 Emmy Awards)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **32**
EMMY AWARDS: As an offshoot to the conversation about the long running show ending, the subject was brought up that a former actor on the show who is A- list was the last person to see this porn star that died a few hours after he left. That would make two women in the past five or six years who have died very young deaths during or after their affairs with the married actor. "Grey’s Anatomy"/Eric Dane (Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart and Kari Ann Peniche Sex Tape)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **33**
The Origin: Everyone thinks this feud started after the show ran its course or after one of the movies. Nope. It started way back around Emmy time nearly two decades ago. The actress star (Sarah Jessica Parker) of the show ("Sex in the City") kind changed the face of the awards that year. She talked the powers that be into dumping huge amounts of money into For Your Consideration campaigns. Much more money than had ever been spent before. Our actress made sure the vast majority went to her from her show, but also picked one of her co-stars (Cynthia Nixon) to get some money too. She explicitly told the powers that be to not spend any money on a different co-star (Kim Cattrall). It was at an after party that night after our actress and the co-star she favored won awards that the one who had zero money spent on her was advised of that by a different co-star (Kristin Davis) who didn't really care because she was literally shocked she had even been nominated. Well, the other co-star went ballistic and the party for the channel which had been festive started turning ugly because there were other winners and losers from the channel and everyone wanted to know if something similar happened on their shows and award campaigns. Sarah Jessica Parker/"Sex in the City"/Cynthia Nixon (WINNER: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series "Sex and the City" (1998) For playing "Miranda Hobbes")/Kim Cattrall (NOMINEE: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series "Sex and the City" (1998) For playing "Samantha Jones")/Kristen Davis (Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series "Sex and the City" (1998) For playing "Charlotte York Goldenblatt")/"HBO"

Do I write about restaurants very much? No, because for the most part they are local. I will however write about their owners from time to time. The owner of this very popular one named high end restaurant chain got married this past weekend. Apparently the co-founder of the business was upset because his partner didn't make him a groomsman. His yachter girlfriend was upset because she had been recently dumped by one of the groomsmen. The friend was so upset that he threatened to skip the wedding. He then complained to the woman that she was not doing a good enough job of "f**king" him.
Mark Birnbaum & Tori Praver/Catch/Michael Hirtenstein

It's fitting that the alliterate one and her hairdresser husband are finally venturing out in public this weekend. The charity ("Global Citizen") they are choosing to support has been one big scam since it started a decade ago, but it just keeps plugging along taking everyone's money while paying huge salaries to the executive team. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/"Global Citizen" (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to appear at Global Citizen Live in NYC)

This A+ list lawyer who has chosen the wrong side many times over the past several years, is married. The woman 40+ years younger than him that he is hooking up with, is not. Alan Dershowitz; Mark Geragos; David Boies

This foreign born celebrity/former porn star/frequent seller of everything who is A- list in her own country is trying to drop the recent charges filed against her attacker. It is all about the drugs. Katie Price (Katie Price 'is likely to DROP assault case because she cannot face being grilled in court' after man was arrested over '1.30am bust up' that saw her hospitalised, friends say)

This disgraced former A+ list mostly movie actor who has a huge booze problem and who is out of control when he is drunk, is being investigated by the feds.

I have been telling you for a long, long time about the celebrity CEO and the safety problems - especially the one which is just a total scam, in name, and has killed people. One of the Feds just went public with their concerns. This particular Fed almost never goes public. Elon Musk/"Tesla"/"The National Transportation Safety Board" (The National Transportation Safety Board thinks Tesla should pump the brakes on full self-driving)

The question of the day is whether the STD that this A+ list rapper gave to this foreign born one named permanent A list singer, was also given to the reality star who is the mother of his child. Travis Scott/Rihanna/Kylie Jenner (Adult film star Harley Dean claims that Rihanna hates her and gave her boss chlamydia)

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The driver was waiting in baggage claim at LAX with his client, when the late Actor/comedian who had a pay cable show named after him in the 80’s showed up with his driver. Several minutes went by and the bags weren’t coming down and the actor had a conniption fit. He started cussing and yelling at airport employees and anybody else he made eye contact with, demanding they do something about it. It was such an ugly scene that the driver vowed he would never watch anything with the actor in it again. Garry Shandling/"It's Garry Shandling's Show"

This former athlete turned acquitted killer wants to start a podcast where he discusses among other things, his long time intimate relationship with this current momager. O.J. Simpson/Kris Jenner

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **10**
This A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner is really quiet about her personal life. This whole new relationship she is in, is not going to be quiet, and it has her distressed. She is so quiet about her personal life that you probably don't know she was pressured by a foreign born A list co-star of her franchise, to have sex with him. She finally said yes, just to get him to stop, and the next day, he did just that, and never hit on her again. Renee Zellweger/Ant Anstead/Hugh Grant/"Bridget Jones's Diary" (Ant Anstead Is 'Really Grateful' for Relationship with Renée Zellweger: 'There's No Hiding It')

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **11**
This A list dual threat actress actually made the suggestion this week after several weeks of filming, that the whole production start again, because she didn't like her hair color. Sarah Jessica Parker/"Sex and the City" reboot "And Just Like That" (Sarah Jessica Parker displays her ample cleavage in a plunging top as she films a scene for the Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That in NYC)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **12**
The very very very wealthy husband of this streaming reality star is cheating on her. The person he is cheating with, has not been particularly quiet about it and constantly complains about how much he sweats all over her during sex. Just buckets of it apparently. Richard Hilton/Kathy Hilton/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Richard Hilton Net Worth: How Rich is Kathy Hilton’s Husband?)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **13**
With all the talk about the guy (Mark Zuckerberg) who runs the former female college rater ("Facebook"), no one is talking or making the US head (Shouzi Chew) of the much more relevant social media company ("TikTok") appear before Congress. He knows their algorithm shoves front and center behaviors that the government owners of the company think will have the biggest negative effects in this country whether it be people injuring themselves or destroying and vandalizing property while calling it a "trend." Mark Zuckerberg/"Facebook"/Shouzi Chew/"TikTok" (New Tik Tok challenge raising concerns at schools across the country)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **14**
This cable news channel knows that a very high level appointee is having an affair and was traveling with that person on a recent trip. The news channel tried to obscure that fact by using a gender neutral term for the person and making it seem as if the person was on the staff of the appointee. They didn't use the word staff though, because that would have been a lie.

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **15**
The Ruse: Faking your death is something regular people do and something celebrities do too. I have written about a few of them. One that is really tragic though involves an actor who wasn't even acting at the time he faked his death. He planned on returning to acting after a hugely successful child career, but wanted to leave any traces of his childhood behind him before he went back to Los Angeles. When he disappeared, he was using a lot of drugs and kept that hidden from his family and most of his friends. He also owed his dealer a great deal of money which he didn't have. So, he faked his death and got out of town. He made his way down to Los Angeles, mainly by hitchhiking. He got himself some jobs in LA and because he didn't look anything like his former child star days, no one ever stopped him on the street or recognized him. After a couple of years, he thought about getting back into acting, but then he was kind of committed to the whole fake death and he didn't want to have the dealer find him, because now he would probably kill our actor. It was while that was all going on, that our actor was killed in a car accident and was buried under the name he had been using for work.

This publicist who promises to make you famous for a very large fee, essentially just tells you to pay his pap to take your photos. So, I saved you a bunch of money. Oh, but what he doesn't tell you is that his paps will pressure the female clients into having sex and that they work much harder to make you famous if you have sex with him.

This foreign born A- list rapper who is a serial abuser of women, including shooting them, is set to be deported. Tory Lanez (Fans Believe That Tory Lanez May Be Going to Jail After He Shared a Cryptic Tweet)

Apparently this A list mostly television actress had a big fight this weekend with her former late night actor boyfriend. He wanted to go to the award show with her. She said no, because then it would publicly confirm she was cheating on her husband and the former late night actor was cheating on his girlfriend. Kaley Cuoco/Pete Davidson/"Primetime Emmy Awards"/Karl Cook/Phoebe Dynevor

Apparently if you would like to date this former A/A- list actress turned jinx, you have to agree to only go to vegan or vegetarian restaurants. She will not go to any restaurant that serves any kind of meat or fish. She doesn't even like to go to movie theatres that serve hot dogs. Alicia Silverstone (Alicia Silverstone Shares the 1 Wellness Practice She Can’t Go a Day Without)

After being fired by a former A++ lister (Donald Trump) for a very very public incident that made some D listers famous, the person (Anthony Scaramucci) is now using the name of the former A++ lister to sign up people for a MLM scheme. Donald Trump/Anthony Scaramucci (Anthony Scaramucci: Fired from the White House after 10 days) (SkyBridge Capital) (Anthony Scaramucci - Reality Check for Entrepreneurs 2021)

From that wedding weekend I mentioned yesterday, the person getting married had a welcome mat in front of their hotel room which said "Come back with a warrant." It is pretty disturbing considering how many of his female employees he is accused of harassing and molesting.

It wouldn't be the first time this cable talking head/political operative who at one point was seemingly on every cable channel. Usually his affairs are with co-workers or employees. This one is apparently with a potential candidate for that A++ list job.
Corey Lewandowski/Kristi Noem

Disappointing that the wealthy farmer was not pushed more in a recent interview about the billionaire pedophile and how often they participated together in underage sex acts. The interviewer decided after the evasive answers to not ask questions about eugenics experiments that the wealthy farmer has been funding in Africa. Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein/"PBS Hour" (Bill Gates squirms as PBS' Judy Woodruff grills him on past ties to Jeffrey Epstein: 'Well, he's dead, so...') ("PBS HOUR" INTERVIEW) (‘Act of genocide.’ Eugenics program tried to ‘breed out’ Black people in NC, report says)

The foreign born former A+ list rapper loved to tell everyone that the only reason her serial rapist, murderer husband was convicted of raping one victim, was because the victim is white. That all kind of went out the window today when the victim showed up on television. Nicki Minaji/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj’s Husband’s Rape Victim Speaks Out on ‘The Real’)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **10**
Now, even the lawyer of the "singer" wants her to not be able to control her own money. He says that at some point in the future she can maybe control it again. Don't forget, the last person he picked was trying to take over his mom's money before a judge slapped it down. Matthew Rosengart/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' attorney says her engagement is 'another essential' reason to boot her father from conservatorship) (Who Is Mathew Rosengart, Britney Spears' New Lawyer?)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **11**
Things between the Housewife and her casino mogul sugar daddy must be better than they were a couple of weeks ago. He paid for her to come see him and shopping and got her a paid gig too. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"
 (Michael Gaughan) ("South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa") (Erika Jayne and Samantha Ronson Celebrate the Grand Opening of SUSHISAMBA Las Vegas Tree Bar)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **12**
This producer/label owner/manager can say what he wants, but everyone knows he grooms all of the recording artists on his label. Male or female, you do what he wants sexually, or you don't work. Scooter Braun

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **13**
I didn't even know hospitals still use electro shock therapy, but they do, and this offspring of a celebrity/reality/sometime acting family has undergone multiple treatments. Sami Sheen/Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen (Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards’ daughter Sami, 17, claims she was ‘trapped’ in ‘abusive household’ in TikTok video)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **14**
This streaming reality star says that a few years ago, she worked for the husband of this Housewife and they hooked up after getting drunk in the afternoon at a hotel bar.

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **15**
I don't know who ordered it, but I do know the ex (Wendi Deng) of this foreign born permanent A+ list media mogul (Rupert Murdoch), put it into operation. She not only had an affair with the leader (Tony Blair) of this country (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), but also brought in another woman at one point and there is evidence from that night. My guess is that the media mogul knew, even though he pretended not to know, but that the birthplace of the ex was behind it, just because the other female was also from the same country (China) and lives in that country to this day. Wendi Deng/Rupert Murdoch/Tony Blair/Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/China (Rupert Murdoch hurt by 'closeness' of Wendi Deng and Tony Blair, editor reveals)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **16**
Rope A Dope: It has been quite some time now that this C lister all of you know went to jail. He ostensibly went to jail for something that doesn't see you get that much time for that specific crime. He was involved in a huge con that he always blamed on a family member, despite that family member serving much much less time. The family member is not a celebrity, but everyone on the C lister's side is, and like I said, every one in the world knows the family. The most famous one reached A- list. Every person on the planet knows her. It was about at the time the C lister got out of jail, that this east coast tabloid reported on it and mentioned something about a sibling that was never mentioned before or after. No, I'm not talking about the half sibling. Supposedly, much like what happened to Chuck Cunningham, this sibling was supposedly away at college, but never seen. Where did that sibling go? Meanwhile, the family member who wasn't famous, moved out of state and started working different scams. One of those scams involved a man who became a bit of a celebrity himself. This is where it gets really strange. Our C lister is divorced, but his ex is equally high on the list. She was desperate to get on a reality show and get some attention. So, she said to the world she was involved in a relationship with a man she never met. OK, but that man was in cahoots with the formerly jailed family member, so there was a big connection. Was this part of a potential new scam? Oh, and the missing sibling. The articles mentioning the sibling have been scrubbed clean by the tabloid, not to be found anywhere on their site, but the links from others exist, and the actual newspapers exist too.
Michael Lohan/Paul Sullivan (911 fraud)/Lindsay Lohan (was it the missing twin?)/Dina Lohan

303. POPBITCH 09/23
(British blog)
Which burgeoning fashionista made herself rather unpopular at a recent photoshoot by yelling "I AM THE FUCKING REVOLUTION!" at an assistant who displeased her?

Perhaps the rest of the members of this group knew what they were talking about when they wanted a clause in their reunion contract, that the nominal lead singer of the group be fined $1K per minute she was late to each show. If that were the case, she would be doing the tour for free. She did not agree to the clause. Lauryn Hill/"Fugees" (Fugees return to New York for their first gig in 15 years … after a three-hour wait)

The celebrity CEO loves when there are stories of him womanizing or cheating on who is supposed to be his significant other. Then, one very extremely factual blurb comes out about his significant other hooking up with this A- list actor who has a history of not being kind to women comes out, and the next thing you know, the CEO and his legal team swarm all over the truth teller. Elon Musk/Grimes/Noah Centineo (and the split was announced within 24 hours of this post) (Elon Musk and Grimes Split After Three Years Together)

This back in the day A+ list celebrity will be a low level celebrity for the rest of her life. All of you know her. She would love all of you to not know about her affair with a married studio executive. Monica Lewinsky

This child murderer is trying to find guys to film porn with her for an Only Fans page she is starting. Casey Anthony

We Have Fish: So my friend and I were talking this afternoon and I of course asked him about his meeting with this pint sized A list mostly movie actor. He said it was cool and the actor was quite friendly but he said he overheard the gentleman who got off the helicopter with the actor whispering to one another. He wasn't 100% sure what was said but he said that he's pretty sure he heard something that sounded like "should've put a hole in the chute" followed by something that sounded like "this bullshit with the fish". He said he's pretty sure it was fish but it's possible it was "wish" instead (all I can think of is maybe he was involved in some sort of Make A Wish Foundation thing for a child or something). Tom Cruise

The new found narrative for this reality star who used to do more coke than almost anyone still alive is that she is a sweet mom and not a drunken mess like her reality star sister, so silence about her most recent drunken escapade at a restaurant. Kathy Hilton/Kim Richards/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Why is Kathy Hilton wearing a tablecloth?)

The CEO of this troubled company ("Triller") that sounds either like a Michael Jackson record or something on a boat, was dumped by his wife, but he really doesn't want anyone to know. I should probably keep it a secret. Maybe I will just put this in drafts. "Triller"/Mike Lu (10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Lu) (Triller CEO Mike Lu to talk taking on TikTok at Disrupt 2020)

The head (Tony Khan) of this still new wrestling empire ("All Elite Wrestling" ("AEW")) will fire someone if they say something negative about him and give you a raise if he sees something nice about him in the media. Tony Khan/All Elite Wrestling (AEW) (Tony Khan Says AEW Has Grown Stronger Since He Became More Hands-On With Everything, Talks Current Television Deal)

Much like is happening in the rest of the world, the local healthy authority here said that although general workers still need to always mask up, the celebrities they serve are free to not wear a mask. Control. It is about control. The foreign born A list comic actor really opened a can of worms. Seth Rogen/"Emmy Awards" (Seth Rogen Calls Out Emmys Over COVID Protocols)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **10**
This former late night actor has narrowed the states where he is moving a for a political run down to three. He really wants his old job back. Al Franken (Al Franken on another Senate run: 'I'm keeping my options open')

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **11**
Old Hollywood: This A- list actor (John Gilbert) who fell off a cliff list wise when talking films started, suffered a heart attack while at home with his lover, who was this foreign born permanent A list actress (Greta Garbo) who only died within the past few decades. The actress called one of the doctors she knew who wouldn't ask very much. While the actor's condition worsened, our actress, who was afraid of being involved in a scandal, started to pack all of her stuff into a pillow case. Once packed, she ran out of the room, downstairs to the car of her housemaid, and drove back to Beverly Hills. The doctor finally arrived, but wasn't skilled nor equipped for such an emergency. In the end the actor died alone. John Gilbert/Greta Garbo (The truth and the fiction behind John Gilbert and Greta Garbo’s romance)

Old Hollywood: Many people have forgotten that this A+ list actor (William Holden) who won an Oscar (1953 Best Actor in a Leading Role "Stalag 17) and an Emmy (1973 Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series "The Blue Knight" For playing: "Bumper Morgan"), faced a trial for killing someone while overseas (Italy). He did kill the person. There was no doubt, but because of his status, nothing really happened to him. In an interesting coincidence, his final wife (partner/not married Stefanie Powers) played opposite in a long running television show ("Hart to Hart"), another actor (Robert Wagner) who got away with killing someone (Natalie Wood). William Holden/Italy/Stefanie Powers/"Hart to Hart"/Robert Wagner/Natalie Wood (Actor William Holden May Face Manslaughter)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **13**
For a few years, this actor (Erik Estrada) was A+ list. He was everywhere because of his very hit television show ("CHiPs"). Now, he mainly plays a parody of himself from that show. While the show was airing, he had a crazy scandal that was on the front of the tabloids, and if it happened now, would have seen him fired and maybe the show canceled. His wife (Joyce Miller Estrada) sued him for one million dollars over claims of "sex assault, forced drugs, and voodoo." His wife claimed the actor "fired a bullet into the ceiling of their bedroom and threatened to fire more" and forced her to use "PCP and LSD" and assaulting her "while she was tied up with a rope." Erik Estrada/"CHiPs"/Joyce Miller Estrada (Bitter divorce proceedings between actor Erik Estrada and his wife)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **14**
Careless: Most of the time, this A list mostly movie actress (Kate Hudson) who is an Oscar winner/nominee is very careful about her company name. She has a loan out company that she uses for her acting and legit businesses ("Fabletics") and then a different company for her more unethical businesses ("Hippo Knitting"). Those businesses include the sweat shops in Asia (Taiwan) she owns and a distillery ("King St. Vodka") in an island country where children do much of the farming of the plants needed. Se knows that with her brand, she would look ridiculous if people knew about her shady businesses, so she keeps them quiet. Recently though, some documents from a decade or so ago were unearthed where her regular business name were on some papers that really don't look good. What should have been her bad company did some business with the legally challenged model recruiter. Apparently he even came to her home in that country to visit. Our actress wanted to send some "models" she met in Africa to "work" in a country in South America and wondered if the model recruiter could help. He was happy to help and papers were drawn up establishing a model company with proceeds going to her legit company rather than the shady one. Kate Hudson/"Fabletics"/"Hippo Knitting"/Taiwan/"King St. Vodka" (Union fights sexual harassment at Hippo Knitting garment factory, Lesotho)

This one named singer who was a one-fifth should be dumping her management team. Instead, she is going to resign with them, and give them a higher percentage of her earnings. Normani/"Fifth Harmony" (Barstool Sports founder blasts VMAs for airing explicit dancing by singer Normani while lamenting double standard that labels his site as 'sexist, chauvinist pigs')

If he can take himself away from the undocumented "housekeepers" he has at two of his compounds, the flowering financial institution says she is supposed to help the celebrity CEO with a ritual sacrifice. Azealia Banks/Elon Musk (Azealia Banks Elated Over Grimes, Elon Musk Breakup: ‘We Can Finally Make Those Darn Songs’)

This foreign born former A+ list rapper is now being investigated for extortion, racketeering and hiring multiple hackers who then broke into systems at the direction of the rapper. Nicki Minaj (Black Twitter calls out Nicki Minaj for implying husband’s accuser is white)

This foreign born former A list actress who is probably A- list now just because of her name says that her A+ list mostly movie actor ex once forced her into a threesome by tying her up and then letting the other person in the room. They broke up shortly thereafter. Charlize Theron/Sean Penn

This foreign born B+ list actor known for a book based movie franchise was clean and sober the entire time he was living in the guest room and the bedroom of his foreign born former co-star. That no longer appears to be the case. Tom Felton/"Harry Potter"/Emma Watson (Harry Potter star Tom Felton is 'OK' after his shocking golf course collapse before Ryder Cup in Wisconsin, claims a friend who posted an update to Instagram)

This back in the day game show ("Match Game") which I have previously written about in this space was already one big frat party. It turns out also that the three named fixture (Charles Nelson Reilly) on the show learned how to make his own LSD and would pass it around to everyone on the show. Charles Nelson Reilly/"Match Game" (Scott Michael’s Find A Death)

This alliterate singer who is probably A- list, lost a baby at some point in the past year. It is unclear exactly when or how far along she was, or even who the father was, only that it happened in the spring at some point.

The husband of this liquor heiress is the go between/pimp/middleman who specializes in arranging the sale of women/slaves on social media. I'm sure he is thrilled there will be a children's version soon. Basit Igtet/Sara Bronfman/"Seagram"/"NXIVM"

After what could have happened a few years back when a case was quickly settled just prior to the Supreme Court deciding whether to take up the case or not, this studio wanted to make sure it protected its tens upon tens of billions of dollars it makes which could have been cut in half with a bad ruling. So, they decided to make sure it didn't ever happen and has been a huge dark donor to make sure they never get that ruling against them. "Disney"/"Frozen"/"Marvel" Characters (Disney Hit With A Copyright Infringement Suit For "Frozen") (Disney Sues to Keep Complete Rights to Marvel Characters)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **10**
At one point in his life, this permanent A+ list soul singer decided to move back to his hometown because it was much easier to find tweens and teens to sleep with. In NYC where he had been living, parents always threatened him when he would try to do the same thing. James Brown/Augusta, GA

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **11**
This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family who has been acting since he was young and is an Oscar winner/nominee, was all set to host this late night show and was bumped by the alliterate reality star. He did not take it well.
Jake Gyllenhaal/Kim Kardashian/"Saturday Night Live" (Live from New York, it’s ... Kim Kardashian? ‘SNL’ unveils October lineups)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **12**
Because of some very unique rules, which I have no doubt will be broken to save embarrassment for the actor, it is possible that the only nominee in an award category this upcoming weekend, could still lose the award. "Tony Awards"/Aaron Tveit/"Best Leading Actor in a Musical"/"Moulin Rouge!" (Aaron Tveit on his unique Tony nomination and hopes for Broadway’s return)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **13**
One of the things that has emerged in the ongoing battle between this A+ list mostly movie actor and his A list actress ex, is some swinging the couple engaged in during the second and third installments of this movie franchise. A foreign born co-star of the A+ lister who is known for acting and directing and having real sex on film with his actress wife (now ex) were the other couple. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Vincent Cassel/"Ocean’s Twelve"/Monica Bellucci

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **14**
This married A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner was doing coke with two strippers last night. I don't think this marriage will last either.
Nicolas Cage/Riko Shibata (‘Drunk and rowdy’: Barefoot Nicolas Cage is thrown out of Vegas steak restaurant after 'booze-filled row with staff')

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **15**
Four For Friday - STD List: It has been years since I did an STD list, so why not today. Four female celebrities and four male celebrities. To make things more interesting, I will not include anyone in the Derek Jeter herpes tree. I am also fairly certain there is no one in the Paris Hilton herpes tree, but it is possible that #2 in the women and #2 in the men are in it. The tree includes nearly 100 celebrities in the top few "generations" so it is possible. I have also not included Vanessa Lachey who happens to be in both trees, once as the ex of Derek and once via her husband through Paris. Congrats!
The women:
#1 - This alliterate female permanent A list singer. Janet Jackson
#2 - This permanent A list singer who is going through a mess in her life right now. Britney Spears
#3 - This A-/B+ list actress with A+ list name recognition, although that is slowly fading as that marriage is further back in time. Katie Holmes
#4 - This very outspoken A- list mostly television actress with at least two big television show hits to her name. Alyssa Milano
The men:
#1 - This foreign born alliterate A- list mostly television actor. Joshua Jackson
#2 - This foreign born A- list actor who had several chances at A+ list. Had a sex tape once. Colin Farrell
#3 - This former A list singer in a group who made a return to the spotlight a month or two ago and was totally unrecognizable in his new look. Fred Durst
#4 - This former A++ lister who has been out of office for awhile. Bill Clinton

The tabloids are sheep. They know that this pint sized A+/A list mostly movie actor was not dating his co-star, but they all want the chance to interview him for his two movies being released next year, so they go along with the fiction. Tom Cruise/Hayley Atwell/"Mission: Impossible 8" (Tom Cruise has split from Mission Impossible co-star lover Hayley Atwell after a year of dating

In an effort to get this A list actress another Oscar, the writer/sometime cokehead/sometime director of this biopic changed two scenes in the movie to give the actress some woke scenes. Fine, except it would never have happened seven decades ago and for sure would have never happened from the person being portrayed, so it is totally out of place from the rest of the movie. Nicole Kidman/Aaron Sorkin/"Being the Ricardos"/Lucille Ball (Lucille Ball’s Daughter Wanted Scenes That "Never Happened" Removed From Aaron Sorkin Drama ‘Being the Ricardos’)

This A list mostly movie actress was having sex with someone in her hotel room outside the country while promoting her latest movie. It definitely was not her husband who seems like a figment of our collective imaginations at this point. Jessica Chastain/"San Sebastian Film Festival"/Spain/"The Eyes Of Tammy Faye"/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Jessica Chastain looks sensational in a bejewelled backless gown with a very sexy thigh-split at The Eyes Of Tammy Faye movie premiere at San Sebastian Film Festival)

It is super rare when this former child actress turned wealthy designer/keeper of secrets comes to town. When she does, if she stays long enough to run out of the drugs she brought on her private jet, she will usually get in touch with a drug dealer who has been known to leak a tip or twenty to me. She didn't call though, but the dealer found out why. Our former actress has her own personal drug runner. Our actress doesn't trust anything bought at the local level. She is scared of fentanyl. She has a guy who buys it directly from a dealer in South America who then smuggles it into the US for her and three others. Ashley Olsen/"YES 20th Anniversary Celebration" in Beverly Hills (Ashley Olsen Made a Rare Red Carpet Appearance in Full-On Monochrome)

This three named former A- list tween/teen mostly television actress recently found out, her offspring has multiple half siblings. Apparently the producer father was busy with other teens from other shows. Jamie Lynn Spears/Dan Schneider

Prior to connecting with the yachter he brought home to be his girlfriend for nearly a decade, this part-time reality star/former Mueller spy from way back in the day, who has multiple celebrity offspring, went through a phase of hooking up with Eastern European teens who may or may not have been of legal age. They were used on the yachts and then sent home, sold or married off.
Mohamed Hadid/Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid/Shiva Safai (Mohamed Hadid, 71, and fiancée Shiva Safai, 39, split because 'she wanted to started a family but the father-of-five didn't want more children')

The significant other of this former Disney actress turned B+ list adult actress/porn star/porn director is cuckolded so often, he might as well be one of Christina Aguilera's exes. Benjamin Mascolo/Bella Thorne/Jordan Bratman (Bella Thorne turns heads in a figure-hugging white dress as she holds hands with fiancé Benjamin Mascolo before premiere of their film Time Is Up)

This permanent A list singer in a permanent A list band that plays really long songs, is cheating on his long time wife. Dave Matthews/Jennifer Ashley Harper (Dave Matthews Band performance worth the wait) (Did you know? The longest song performance at The Gorge Amphitheatre was on 09.01.2006, when the band played a version of "Bartender" hitting the impressive mark of 23 minutes and 22 seconds. #DMBMemories)

Thiz hyphenated A lizt rapper iz back to doing coke during showz which is about on par for him. That former A- list actress got out of there just in time or he would be pimping her out by now. G-Eazy/Ashley Benson (G-Eazy is 'arrested for assault after a fist fight with two men over a private VIP room' inside the Boom Boom Room club in New York City) (Ashley Benson and G-Eazy’s Relationship Took ‘a Hard Turn for the Worse’ Before She Initiated Split)

A very prominent plastic surgeon who is usually booked for at least a year in advance unless your name is Demi Moore has an appointment scheduled for a week from Monday which uses a very frequent alias of the alliterate one. Meghan Markle

This barely old enough to vote A list singer wasn't going to make the same mistake the teen industry plant prior to her did, she let herself be stared at, groped and let the old men see what they wanted to see. She will continue to have a career while the plant before her will fade into a Lorde like mist. Olivia Rodrigo/Billie Eilish (Olivia Rodrigo leaves little to the imagination in risqué gala dress)

With this celebrity offspring set to reach an age early next Spring where she can decide whether she wants visitation with a parent, things are in motion. The A list parent who never sees the child is set to make a big move to bring her into his orbit not only as a successor but to make sure she stays quiet. Suri Cruise (turns 16 on April 18, 2022)/Tom Cruise/Scientology (Katie Holmes shares rare photos of Suri Cruise on her 15th birthday)

The lucky to be alive standup comic is not only friends with the offspring of the A++ lister, but has hooked up with him too. I don't know if she has made his video collection. Kate Quigley/Hunter Biden ('It's not every day you wake up to find people dead in your house': Kate Quigley opens up on fentanyl overdose that left her in hospital and killed three of her friends) (Comedian Kate Quigley revealed she 'microdoses shrooms' daily and recalled smelling 'bad odors' in laced cocaine in podcast interview just three days before fentanyl OD that killed three of her friends)

The actress wife of this permanent A list mostly movie actor thinks she has him under her thumb. The actresses he has slept with over the years would disagree. The company he has that pays the actresses to be quiet, would also disagree.

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who has one franchise in which she plays the lead, has a bad habit. She chain smokes and often lights her next cigarette with the one she is smoking and often forgets to put out the previous cigarette. She has set fire to one movie trailer and one couch in a hotel room over the years because of it. Kate Beckinsale/"Underworld" (Female Celebrity Smoking List - Kate Beckinsale)

For the second straight year, the Dominatrix/stripper community missed out on an annual huge pay day they get by servicing the wealthy farmer and his friends on a three night cruise. Some of them made enough money each year to only have to work those three nights. Bill Gates/"Leander" (Bill Gates drops by Turkey’s Bodrum for dinner with friends)

Apparently every four to six weeks, the celebrity CEO takes a granddaughter of this A++ lister out to dinner or sends her tickets for events or does something to make sure she knows he is in her life. If he is doing it for one person, he is probably doing it for others now and in the recent past. It might be why nothing ever happens to him.
Elon Musk/Naomi Biden (Joe Biden's Granddaughter Naomi Biden Is Engaged to Peter Neal)

This late night talk show host (Andy Cohen) and this cable show runner (Ryan Murphy) with multiple franchises (Filmography) are no longer friends. Several years, the talk show host wanted his first imprint at his new publisher to be a book about the former intern (Monica Lewinsky). She balked, but he didn't know why. Fast forward a few years and the talk show host was going to do a documentary or some other project with the former intern and she said no again. It turns out in both cases, she was getting better deals from the showrunner who stole her from the talk show host ("Impeachment: American Crime Story"). Andy Cohen/Ryan Murphy/Monica Lewinsky/"Impeachment: American Crime Story"

This former actress turned streaming star never leaves the side of her boyfriend. She clings like a version of Saran Wrap you have never seen. She is utterly convinced he will cheat on her the second she can't see him. She also tells everyone she wants to have a baby with him. Chrishell Stause/"Selling Sunset"/Jason Oppenheim (‘Selling Sunset’ Star Chrishell Stause And Boss Jason Oppenheim ‘Are Happily Together’)

Speaking of clingy, this B+ list actor who is the offspring of an A list acting couple with an interesting sex life, has a girlfriend. The actor, while visiting a Harry Potter store out of the country took pics with every member of the staff of the store. He did so while his girlfriend never actually stopped touching him during any point of the visit. Not for one second. Jaden Smith/Will & Jada Pinkett Smith (Jaden Smith in London)

Maybe the game of this A+ list QB wasn't as sharp as it could have been yesterday because of the actress who visited his hotel room the night before the game. Tom Brady/"Tampa Bay Buccaneers" (Brady doesn't get much help from other Bucs in loss to Rams)

Speaking of A+ list athletes cheating, that was indeed a seven figure amount given to the now ex girlfriend of the married permanent A+ list NBA star.
LeBron James

This foreign born former A list model and her nephew have stopped hooking up. Apparently he got weirded out when she wanted her son to film them having sex. Elizabeth Hurley/Miles Hurley/Damian Hurley (Elizabeth Hurley, 56, displays her ample cleavage in a form-fitting dress as she attends star-studded Versace event with lookalike son Damian at Milan Fashion Week) (Elizabeth Hurley’s 21-Year-Old Nephew Miles Hurley Stabbed in London)

This northwest male home improvement ("Treehouse Masters") star and his male co-star have been investigated by police multiple times about inappropriate relationships with children. CPS got involved too, but somehow the cases just disappeared and no announcements or determinations were ever made/revealed.
"Treehouse Masters"/Pete Nelson/Tory Jones ("Tree Masters" on "Animal Planet") (Will There Be a Treehouse Masters Season 12?) ('Treehouse Masters' Was Fined Multiple Times for Building Without Permission)

This former/current boy bander and this foreign born former A list boy bander (Zayn Malik ("One Direction") share a dealer. Does this mean that the former/current boy bander is also using heroin? The dealer is not known for much else.

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **10**
Old Hollywood: This foreign born nude dancer/actress/drug addict (Anita Berber) who died of an overdose made most of her money yachting. It was special though. She once hooked up with a King (King of Yugoslavia) and said the sex was remarkable, so she became in demand from European royalty. She was once thrown in jail after she told one King (Zagreb) that he had a small package. Anita Berber ("The Seven Addictions and Five Professions of Anita Berber: Weimar Berlin's Priestess of Debauchery")

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **11**
Judging by the goon who has been protecting her, this foreign born A list model/pro beard is hooking up with this oligarch who poisoned a man and his daughter in England a few years ago. Irina Shayk/Andrey Lugovoy/Sergei and Yulia Skripal (Poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal) (2 Russian Agents Carried Out Skripal Poison Attack, U.K. Says; Arrest Warrants Issued) (Polonium ‘poisoner’ Andrey Lugovoy warns Sergei and Yulia Skripal’s lives are in danger in Britain amid Moscow claims they’ve been ‘kidnapped’) (Irina Shayk is the picture of elegance in a black pinstripe shirt and trousers as she makes a low-key appearance on the final day of Milan Fashion Week)

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **12**
This closeted A list host/producer has been going crazy for a Samoan guy he met at a restaurant around Labor Day. They see each other almost every day. Ryan Seacrest

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **13**
Back In The Day: This second generation MTV VJ (Tabitha Soren) who also did news (MTV News, ABC News and NBC News) and married an A list writer (Michael Lewis), used to hook up with singers she met through her job, but there was always talk she was going to marry this at the time A list singer (Billy Squier)
who was a good two decades older than her. Apparently whenever he would go on tour, he would try and fly back and see her before going on to his next tour date. Except for a handful of people, including her roommate at the time, they kept this secret for three years which is crazy. Tabitha Soren/MTV News, ABC News and NBC News/Michael Lewis/Billy Squier

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **14**
No Consequences: It has been a little over a year since this talent manager (Nour Khodr/"Not A Content House") was accused of grooming several underage TikTok stars to be offered up to various men for their use and also would supply the girls with drugs and alcohol. The person who reported on the news, was suspended from all their social media accounts because the underage sex business sells, and someone said it was better to shoot the messenger. The grooming continues and now it is even worse than ever because there have been no consequences. Since that time, the algorithm for that app ("TikTok") has been forcing more and more sex and drugs videos to kids as young as 13, in hopes they too will normalize the behavior and continue feeding the market for underage sex. The whole investigation just went poof. The police know what happened because one of the main accusers (Rachel Brockmann) (who is an A lister in that world) was escorted out of one of the houses after she called them and explained what was happening. Nothing was done. Nour Khodr/"Not A Content House"/"TikTok"/Rachel Brockmann (Past Members and Other TikTokers Are Calling out the Not a Content House Management Team)

This A list TikTok star who loves to throw punches at anyone not bigger than him, while also being the biggest a-hole, did at one time date the A list TikTok star turned horrible actress. Anyway, the vaper got sued last year for one assault and lost. The TikTok star is going to be out about $1.2M and his friend that was with him, $400K. Hope that vaping session you needed was worth almost $2M all in. Bryce Hall/Addison Rae (A Complete Timeline of Addison Rae and Bryce Hall's Relationship) (TikTok Star Bryce Hall Won't Be Charged After L.A. Restaurant Fight Last Year: Report) (TikTok Star Bryce Hall Sued for Assault, Battery over L.A. Restaurant Fight Caught on Camera)

This A list rapper (Lil Baby) who was a nominee in this year's Grammy Awards got tired of people telling him he had no chin, so he got one implanted.
Lil Baby (Lyricist of The Year Nominee: Lil Baby’s Best Bars of 2021)

Speaking of getting work done, this back in the day A list singer who was in the closet forever, looks like he got his horrible fillers and botox done at the same place Chaz Dean must get his done. Ricky Martin (What happened to Ricky Martin? Before and after pictures go viral as recent appearance sends internet into meltdown)

This A list celebrity who used to be a reality star and is a brand new married man again for the fourth or fifth time is certainly putting the government to shame. He is also partying a lot with strippers and tried to get some discounts on lap dances because of his fame. Apparently back home, he is used to getting them for free. Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman/Francie Frane/search for Brian Laundrie ('Dog the Bounty Hunter' star Duane Chapman ties the knot with Francie Frane) (Brian Laundrie manhunt: Tipster sends Dog the Bounty Hunter to Florida campground 75 miles from family home)

In what would feel very full circle if it happened, this cable network is having internal discussions about hiring this reporter who is the offspring of an Oscar winner/nominee, to take over a primetime slot that will be vacant next year. "MSNBC"/Ronan Farrow/Mia Farrow/Rachel Maddow/"The Rachel Maddow Show" (Inside the Massive MSNBC Deal Paying Maddow to Work Less)

This three named A- list actress had a bit of a sex/cheating scandal thrown her way last year. This year might get a little rougher because the new sex scandal is her having sex with a 14 year old male singer when she was in her early 20's. Maybe they could sit around a table together and discuss. Jada Pinkett Smith/"Red Table Talk" (Will Smith Confirmed He And Jada Pinkett Smith Have An Open Relationship And Admitted She's "Never Believed In A Conventional Marriage" A Year On From That "Entanglement" Drama)

This foreign born celebrity chef (Nusret Gökçe, a.k.a. Salt Bae) who owns a chain of restaurants ("Nusr-Et") where the food is overpriced and tastes awful and has been known to hit on women right in front of their boyfriends/husbands and to get single women drunk before groping them, also has a drug habit and launders heroin money through his company. Nusret Gökçe, a.k.a. Salt Bae/"Nusr-Et" (Salt Bae Opens A Restaurant In London, Food Price Leaves Netizens Stunned)

Reader Blind: Back in the early days of Facebook (2004-2006), it was somehow possible for me to friend this comedian. We chatted on Facebook and when he was in Minneapolis touring, we spoke about meeting up after the show. Now for me, I was an extremely naïve 22 year old who just wanted to meet my favorite comedian. He had other plans of course. So I get to meet him after the show and he gives me some free cds and a creepy hug. Later in the night I get a phone call from the comedian to meet up...except he wants me to meet him directly in his hotel room - in a voice unfamiliar to me...CREEPY. I kept declining and saying I just wanted to meet casually for a drink NOT IN HIS ROOM, but he insisted several more times that I come and sleep in his hotel room. I firmly said no and had to end the call with him. I was completely disgusted knowing full well he was married with kids. This comedian tries to keep a clean image in front of the cameras by ensuring his jokes are free from swearing - so I was horrified that he would behave this way. This guy is beyond sleazy. And I'm sorry to ruin his comedy for you.

One of the things reporters are digging into in regards to an actor/writer mentioned earlier today, is whether he has been grooming this B+ list actress 20 years his junior, since she was barely a teen. BJ Novak and Kiernan Shipka (Kiernan Shipka (21) & BJ Novak (42) Have Been Seen Together A Lot, And People Are Confused) (2014 tweet)

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **10**
This A list dual threat actress has multiple hit television shows to her credit as well as a movie franchise. She also has a publicist who does every email/written interview for the actress. Usually they will go over things afterwards, so the actress knows what she "said." At least once, that talk didn't happen and the actress has gone on a show and confessed to not knowing the answer to something she had previously "said" in a written interview. Kristen Bell/"Gossip Girl", "House of Lies", "Vernoica Mars" & "A Good Place"/"Frozen"

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **11**
This foreign born A list celebrity/porn star/seller of anything/drug addict in her own country had done it. No one had to know about the drugs and what led to her getting beaten. She was going to take the abuser back and drop all the charges. She was in the clear. Then, she had to get wasted on booze and coke and almost killed herself in an accident. Katie Price (Katie Price faces JAIL after she is arrested for drink-and-drug-drive crash at six in the morning in 'dash for more drugs after all-night binge' - while serving six-month driving ban and after SIX previous offences) (Katie Price appears to wear ‘stolen’ £50,000 engagement ring at make-up masterclass) (Katie Price ‘attack’: Man arrested on suspicion of assault after TV star ‘punched at home’ is re-bailed by cops)

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **12**
This married foreign born A list celebrity chef/television personality/cheater had a long talk with this celebrity who is only famous in the home country of our chef. The talk was more like a warning about not trying to sleep with the offspring of the chef. It didn't work. Look for the chef to make the working life of the man really difficult. Gordon Ramsey/Luciano D’Acampo/United Kingdom/Matilda "Tilly" Ramsey (Luciano D'Acampo Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Girlfriend Matilda Ramsey) (TikToker’s hilarious impression of Gordon Ramsay ‘reacting to daughter’s date’ goes viral) (Tilly Ramsay enjoys cosy night in with Strictly partner Nikita Kuzmin after sneaking him into her pad)

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **13**
It is not just audio recordings of the "singer" that were made. Unlike the audio, she knew about most of the video. One of the cameras in her gym was the reason she tried to burn it down. Britney Spears/"Controlling Britney Spears" (Britney Spears reacts to latest documentary on her troubled life as she tells fans 'I hate to inform you but a lot of what you heard is not true!')

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **14**
An offspring of this A+/A list mostly movie actor and an A- list actress said that for much of the last two years of high school, her actress mother had forced her to be on a diet the same way the mother was on one during high school. A piece of fruit for lunch and a small salad for dinner. The offspring rebelled.
Stella Banderas/Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith (Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas' Daughter Stella Files to Remove Griffith From Her Name)

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **15**
The Marriages - Old Hollywood: This A list director (Vincent Minnelli) who was an Oscar winner married four times in his life (Judy Garland/Georgette Magnani/Denise Hale/Margaretta Lee Anderson). It was the first marriage that anyone ever discusses. That first marriage was to a permanent A lister (Judy Garland) and his treatment of her was one of the reasons she turned to drugs and booze more frequently. The director was an awful person. There has been a book or two written about him, but those books and even his Wikipedia page, make it seem as if was gay only prior to moving to Hollywood and then went back in the closet and didn't have sex with any men for the rest of his life. That is of course nonsense. The director didn't love the actress and it was an arranged marriage. He directed his wife ("Meet Me in St. Louis") while she was going through her first divorce (David Rose) and just before they married. While filming was taking place, the director was sleeping with his future wife. He was also sleeping with the leading man (Tom Drake) in the movie. It was really his best known role. In the next movie ("The Clock") the actress made, also shot by her now husband, he tried to get the lead actor (Robert Walker) to sleep with him, but was turned down. During a movie about a swashbuckler ("The Pirate") a couple of years after, the director once again directed his wife and this time did succeed in sleeping with the leading man (Gene Kelly). He was in lust with the permanent A list actor/director/dancer and went over budget just so he could find new ways to shoot the actor. All of these affairs with men while married, caused our actress to go into a deep state of depression. She did have a child (Liza Minnelli) with the director. Vincent Minnelli (Judy Garland/Georgette Magnani/Denise Hale/Margaretta Lee)/Judy Garland/"Meet Me in St. Louis"/David Rose/Tom Drake/"The Clock"/Robert Walker/"The Pirate"/Gene Kelly/Liza Minnelli

This one named A- list singer who is a Grammy nominee/winner split with his wife because she found out about the other woman. The woman he got pregnant after telling his wife he didn't want children. Miguel/Nazanin Mandi (Miguel and Nazanin Mandi Separate After 17 Years Together: We 'Wish Each Other Well')

This blink and you will miss him skateboarding sitcom star from a show that aired for a few seasons, uses whatever remains of his fame to hit on underage teens on his Instagram. Jason Lee/"My Name Is Earl" (Jason Lee From a Skateboard To The Big Screen)

After seeing her relative and the psychic hotline thing (Dionne Warwick), this permanent A list singer (Whitney Houston) wanted no part of anything other than singing. Her former manager (sister-in-law Pat Houston) has no qualms about exploiting every last bit of the singer in any way she can make a buck. Dionne Warwick/Whitney Houston/sister-in-law Pat Houston/new M.A.C. Cosmetics line (Whitney Houston remembered with new M.A.C. Cosmetics line)

This former A- list actress turned full time attention seeker was told by her doctor to not mix her medication with booze. She is doing it anyway and is going to end up in the hospital or dead if she doesn't stop. Amanda Bynes (Amanda Bynes and fiance Paul Michael both wear rings in LA... after lawyer clarifies her conservatorship is 'open day to day' after 'incorrect' reports stated it had been 'extended through 2023')

Every woman who has ever gone out with this closeted NFL A lister who is not a QB has never been able to get him to completion. Apparently the present girlfriend managed to pull that off and more. The 18 years of six figure child support was probably a big incentive. Odell Beckham Jr./Lauren Wood (Odell Beckham Jr. and girlfriend Lauren Wood having fun in quarantine)

This current Teen Mom has a side hustle where she is a phone sex/text operator.

The A list reality family is in talks to buy a majority stake in the company of this A- list actress/Oscar stealer.
Kardashians/Gwyneth Paltrow/"GOOP" (but now Meghan Markle has entered the GOOP picture, so we shall see how she fits into this dynamic) (Kim Kardashian And Gwyneth Paltrow Battle Over Who Gets The Most Sleep!)

Apparently the one named talk show host didn't feel the need to ask this A- list mostly movie actress why the actress is continuing to support an accused serial rapist. More important to talk about showers I guess. Ellen/Mila Kunis/Danny Masterson (Mila Kunis Laughs About Bathing Debate on Ellen, Jokes 'This Story Has Taken Such a Turn')

The husband of this A list writer/actress/producer is cheating on her and has been for quite some time.
Elizabeth Banks/Max Handelman (Elizabeth Banks posts unfiltered selfie on Instagram: 'Just know what's up')

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **10**
The words coming out of this foreign born singer/actor towards the former Disney actress turned porn star/actress/director were not kind. He screamed at her for every possible slight he could think of. Apparently it might have to do with a miscarriage she had. Bella Thorne/Benjamin Mascolo (Braless Bella Thorne showcases her incredible figure in lavender crop top as she goes for a stroll with fiancé Benjamin Mascolo in Milan)

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **11**
This one named former A- list rapper in a group doesn't do much of anything now. He was excited that his A list wife was headed out of the country. He thought alone. Nope. I think she is done with his cheating, so if he wants the bills paid and all the toys, he has to stick with her. Offset/"Migos"/Cardi B (Cardi B makes a bold statement in a staggering headdress with matching breastplates as she locks lips with husband Offset during Paris outing... weeks after welcoming second child)

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **12**
She can't do as much as her foreign born permanent A list model mom did back in the day or even what her model/yachter aunt does today, but this foreign born wannabe model did her best to show the world she can do a ton of coke at a recent party. Kate Moss/Lottie Moss/Lila Grace Moss Hack (Kate Moss beams with pride watching daughter Lila Grace follow in her footsteps on the catwalk)

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **13**
This foreign born permanent A list designer all of you know, has given up on extensions and other work arounds to hide her receding hair line and bald spots. She shaved her head and is going full on wigs all the time. Donatella Versace (Donatella Versace, 66, cuts a glamorous figure in diamond encrusted belt as she joins Naomi Campbell at Versace Milan Fashion Week event)

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **14**
Bought & Paid For: Although as far as revealing stuff, the autobiography of this former A list television actress/model (Cybill Shepherd) who had multiple hit shows ("Moonlighting"/"Cybill"/"The Client List") to her name, is better than most, it still leaves out a lot. It fails to state that temp agencies banned her for decades and wouldn't send any help to her at all. This, after the dozens of complaints they received about the way she treated any domestic help. It was brutal. There were assistants who would hide in closets in fear and then try and make their escape before they could be cornered by the actress. I fear what she did to her children as they were growing up. One of her husbands said he feared he would end up dead by her hand if she had more than a couple of drinks. There was no co-star who ever wanted to work with her a second time. One co-star (Christine Baranski) in a later hit show ("The Good Wife") had their salary doubled and then doubled again to get her to stay for the final two seasons of the show. Oh, and the actress also conveniently forgets to mention that she wasn't in fact legal when she started hooking up with this permanent A+ lister (Elvis Presley). She was about 14 or 15 and he bribed a bunch of judges at beauty pageants so she would keep winning them. Cybill Shepherd/"Moonlighting", "Cybill", "The Client List"/Christine Baranski/"The Good Wife"/Elvis Presley (Cybill Shepherd Elaborates on Sex with Elvis Presley)

392. POPBITCH 09/30
(British blog)
Which former music exec once enjoyed a very debauched night in a hotel with an escort and the contents of their minibar? Waking up with a foggy head, they briefly feared the worst when they saw their bedsheets caked in brown smears. It was only when they spotted a line of ants leading from the door to a congealed, nutty mound on the bed that they remembered what they'd used the mini Toblerone for...

This A- list almost network actress took back her ex for a few weeks before he dumped her again. After he dumped her, she had a pregnancy scare. Can you imagine if she had got pregnant with him again? Have some self esteem. Vanessa Morgan/Michael Kopech/"Riverdale" (Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Reunites With ‘Dad’ Michael Kopech After Split) (White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech files for divorce from ‘Riverdale’ actress Vanessa Morgan)

Speaking of almost network actors and actresses, this has nothing to do with them. It does however, have to do with a foreign born A list mostly movie actor (Robert Pattinson) who filmed a franchise ("Twilight") where those shows are filmed. His on again off again girlfriend (Suki Waterhouse) who once bearded for an actor (Bradley Cooper), sent him a solo sex recording. He accidentally sent it to his entire contact list. Robert Pattinson/"Twilight"/Suki Waterhouse/Bradley Cooper (Robert Pattinson And Suki Waterhouse Were Seen Holding Hands For First Time In Months)

This mostly movie A lister (Adam Driver) who is set to star as a fashion icon (Maurizio Gucci/"House of Gucci") has been hassled by his struggling actress wife (Joanne Tucker) to mention her in upcoming press articles. Tensions have been high this summer where he refused to take her to premieres of his work. But expect some appearances soon. She wants to promote her big role ("American Rust"). Adam Driver/Maurizio Gucci/"House of Gucci"/Joanne Tucker/"American Rust" (Everything You Need To Know About Adam Driver's Wife, Joanne Tucker)

This A list mostly movie actor is behind all the diva behavior on this popular network reality show.
Martin Kove/"Dancing With the Stars"

Speaking of network reality shows, the executive for one currently airing on the alphabet channel, knows that reporters will only ever reach out for comment from the executive and will never actually push the executive. They like access to come to the shows and the after parties so they can feel important. The show isn't subject to game show laws. It can do what it wants. So, don't let the executive get away with making a statement that says/hints/implies otherwise. Robert Mills/"Dancing With the Stars"/ABC/Olivia Jade Giannulli (ABC Executive Responds to Claims Olivia Jade Giannulli Has ‘Deal’ to Remain on ‘DWTS’ Until Week 3)

Did you know the Svengali and the soon to be husband of the "singer" are friends and have known each other forever? I didn't know until yesterday morning. Sam Lufti/Sam Asghari/Britney Spears

Now that this foreign born one named A list singer has a boyfriend who is no good at keeping secrets from anyone, which is why his most important client gets blasted every time he has a new mistress, we are learning new things about the singer's friends. Specifically, she has a friend who is a foreign born married A+/A list celebrity who has more than once had to spend the night at her home because he had too much to drink and passed out. Apparently one time she had to get her couch cleaned and ultimately replaced because he pissed himself while sleeping on it. Adele/Rich Paul/Prince Harry (Adele and boyfriend Rich Paul are Instagram-official)

I saw the oddsmakers views on who will be the next girlfriend of the celebrity CEO. The A- list mostly movie actress has the best odds, but would those odds changed if the powers that be knew she owes the CEO well over $1M she has "borrowed," and been dodging him like he is a bill collector. Elon Musk/Amber Heard (Elon Musk and Grimes break up after three years together)

This A+/A list mostly movie actor who sometime directs was spotted drinking while gambling earlier this week. Never a good thing to see. Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez 'Will See Each Other When They Can' amid Busy Fall)

402. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **10**
Speaking of A+ list mostly movie actors, this one who is married and has multiple Oscar wins/nominations has been living in his guest house for the past few months while his wife lives in the main house.
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith  (Will Smith shares details about open marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith: ‘We have given each other trust and freedom’)

403. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **11**
This actor (Clint Eastwood) is permanently A list. He is also a permanent A list director. He has celebrity offspring (Kathryn Eastwood/Kimber Eastwood/Kyle Eastwood/Alison Eastwood/Francesca Eastwood/Scott Eastwood). He got his start by being the boy toy for this way back in the day/Old Hollywood director (Arthur Lubin). Clint Eastwood/Kathryn Eastwood/Kimber Eastwood/Kyle Eastwood/Alison Eastwood/Francesca Eastwood/Scott Eastwood/Arthur Lubin

404. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **12**
This former syndicated actress who got naked a lot and was a reality star and is a celebrity now and is not named Pamela Anderson, got some type of work done to her eyes. Something went wrong with one of the eyes, and there was a time where the doctors thought she would lose sight in that eye. Carmen Electra/"Baywatch"/"'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave" (Carmen Electra shows off her figure as she dances in bubble gum pink bikini)

405. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **13**
When this popular pay cable show turned movie reboot was being filmed, the star of the show was sleeping with an actress he also slept with on the show. It ended his first marriage. "The Sopranos"/"The Many Saints of Newark"/James Gandolfini/Marcy Wudarski (The Sopranos: Tony's Mistresses And Affairs, Ranked Worst To Best)

406. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **14**
Kindness: This television actress with a foreign-sounding name has been acting her whole life. You’ve probably heard her voice at some point, even if you haven’t necessarily heard of her, unless you watch a lot of Christmas movies on a certain cable channel. While visiting a relative in a hospital, she was recognized by another patient for her role in this cult classic high school movie. She spent the better part of a half hour chatting with the patient. Lacey Chabert/"Hallmark Channel"/"Party of Five" (10 Hallmark Christmas Movies Starring Queen of Nice Lacey Chabert) (Lacey Chabert Is Starring in a Castle-Themed Christmas Movie)

407. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **15**
I don't think it would shock anyone to know the alliterate actress turned escort is grifting for a scam company who thinks they will be able to scam even more people by using the endorsement of the former actress. She doesn't care what it is as long as the check clears. Well, certain things it is cash only, but for this one she probably took a check. Lindsay Lohan/Furry NFT "CanineCartel" (Lindsay Lohan, NFT Evangelist, Is Selling a Furry NFT on OpenSea)

408. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **16**
Like Napalm: These two women used to be best friends. They always hung out together and did coke together. They were in multiple threesomes with each other. The first one we will call AA (Lindsay Lohan). She was and is an actress. She peaked about A- list. The second one we will call BB (Paris Hilton). She has been an actress and a singer and a reality star and not very good at any of them, but all of you know her. They were best friends until a series of events over the course of a couple weeks resulted in them never speaking to each other again. AA, over the course of those couple of weeks, slept with the boyfriend of BB in BB's bed while BB was passed out in the living room. BB didn't find out about the sex in the bed until a couple of days later when she woke up from being passed out and found AA orally servicing BB's boyfriend in the kitchen of BB's house. She also discovered that AA had slept with two other very close friends of BB and made them pay her. AA definitely made a pass at BB's dad, but it isn't clear whether she slept with him. She also made a pass at the sister of BB. Oh, and stole about $10K worth of coke for herself.
Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton

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