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guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Apparently the boyfriend who beats her also supplies her coke for free which is why he is the boyfriend and why the foreign born A list celebrity in her own country won't break up with him despite the beatings. Katie Price/Carl Woods (Katie Price's fiancé Carl Woods looks solemn in first sighting since her car crash and Priory trip... as it's revealed the couple fought before she illegally drove during drink and drug binge)

The offspring of this foreign born back in the day A list singer/actress is sleeping with the Sheriff where she lives as a payment to keep operating her business without a license. Chloe Lattanzi/Olivia Newton-John/Canby, Oregon/"Lauging Dog Farms" (See Olivia Newton-John's Daughter, Who Owns a Marijuana Farm)

Well, the princess has her guy back home where she wants to be, and her husband finally fulfilled his fantasy and has someone in his life. The crazy thing is that when the husband offered this flash in the pan A list mostly movie actress $200K for a weekend when she was at her peak, she turned him down. Now, she is all about getting some of that balding royal and his money. Charlene, Princess of Monaco/Albert II, Prince of Monaco/Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone steps into Monaco’s royal drama by hanging with Prince Albert)

The alliterate one was spotted chain smoking last weekend. She always has been a big smoker despite what her press team likes to leak about her hating smoking and smokers. Meghan Markle (Prince Harry’s smoking habit stubbed out by super healthy Meghan Markle)

Just as I told you a month ago would happen, this A+/A list mostly movie actress has a ton of projects in the pipeline with the Mouse House and she would get some money and say nice things about them again. She has done so. Scarlett Johansson/"Disney" (Disney & Scarlett Johansson Resolve Bitter ‘Black Widow’ Profits Lawsuit; Big $$$ Win For Oscar Nominee)

The reverse version of that reality show that exploits women from foreign countries has a star who charges about ten times what she used to for sex. She credits the show and people flying from overseas who want a chance to be with her. "90 Day Fiancé"

I told you last week about the celebrity chef trying to read the riot act to this foreign born celebrity to keep him away from the chef's daughter. Not only did that not work, but the celebrity has dumped his celebrity girlfriend and wants to move in with the daughter of the chef. He sees $$$$$ in his future. Gordon Ramsay/Nikita Kuzman/Nicole Wirt/Matilda "Tilly" Graham (Strictly pro Nikita Kuzman’s girlfriend posts about ‘not being able to change a thing’ as he grows close to Tilly Ramsay) (Strictly's Nikita Kuzmin's girlfriend Nicole Wirt posts cryptic message about 'not being supported' as 'curse' rumours heat up between the dancer and Tilly Ramsay)

Until last weekend when he decided he had a shot at someone younger, things were still hot and heavy between the talking head/campaign manager guy and the married politician. It was one of the reasons she agreed to attend the event last weekend without her significant other. Corey Lewandowski/South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem/"Victoria’s Voice Foundation" dinner at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino’s Benihana restaurant (Trump donor files report to police alleging unwanted sexual advances from Corey Lewandowski) (Kristi Noem cuts ties with adviser Corey Lewandowski after donor alleged unwanted sexual advances) (South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem dismisses conservative website’s claims of extramarital affair with former Trump adviser)

While filming a documentary ("Heather O'Rourke: She Was Here") about her child actress sister (Heather O’Rourke) who was brutally murdered, she (Tammy O'Rourke) said she regrets every single day the lunch she was having in a commissary with her sister when this A+ list director (Steven Spielberg) ("Poltergeist") walked up and joined them. The actress would still be alive if she hadn't let the director sit down. "Heather O'Rourke: She Was Here" - Official Documentary Film (2022)/Heather O’Rourke/Tammy O’Rourke/Steven Spielberg/"Poltergeist" (‘Poltergeist’ Star Heather O’Rourke Dies at Age of 12) (BLIND ITEM 11/09/17 "Molesters Killed Her")

This married west coast Housewife is hooking up with her trainer.

Murder In New England - Part Eight: (If you are still with me, I thank you. A story in a local paper summarized the problem: "It takes 300 words to describe a crime, and 30,000 words to describe a conviction") The creep (Vance "J.R." Lattime) and the real killer (Patrick "Pete" Randall) watched the testimony of the rapist (William "Billy" Flynn) on television. The jail guards were watching with them. The rapist must have snorted too much cocaine. First it was all about him. In his world there was no leader, creep, or real killer. He would state that he carried the gun into the house. The rapist would state that the widow (Pamela Smart) never told him to kill her husband (Greggory Smart). Furthermore, he never told her that he killed her husband. The rapist just destroyed the prosecution's case. While the real killer treated the husband with dignity, the rapist did not. The rapist's description is the scene is one where he tormented the husband, and the husband whimpered and begged for his life. Then the rapist cried. The jail guards roared with laughter. They told the two punks that the rapist destroyed the case. He contradicted so much on what the real killer said. Also all that bragging destroyed the media image of these guys being innocent boys seduced by an evil teacher. The jury will be less sympathetic to them and side with the widow and acquit her. That may mean that they will spend the rest of her life in prison instead of being released in a few years. The crying also made the rapist look like a wimp. Later the boys would laugh and joke in front of the media. Many people were shocked by their cheerfulness. The prosecution's case was falling apart in front of their eyes. Vance "J.R." Lattime/Patrick "Pete" Randall/William "Billy" Flynn/Pamela Smart/Greggory Smart
(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three ) (Part 3B) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)

Just to screw with this A+ list singer, this one named foreign born former A list singer went to lunch with a certain manager and took a selfie with him and texted it to the singer. There is some buzz the two have been doing more than just having lunches together.
Taylor Swift/Lorde/Scooter Braun (Rihanna Joins Justin Bieber, Madonna & More Scooter Braun's Star-Studded Dinner in NYC)

Maybe the three named rapper has an understanding with his actress girlfriend which could explain the give him the benefit of the doubt 18 year old he was making out with before dragging her inside his hotel this week. Machine Gun Kelly/Megan Fox (Machine Gun Kelly makes a statement in a giraffe print print sheer top as he storms the stage at Texas gig... after punching a rowdy fan at recent show)

This one year wonder/professional beard is in talks to be the new "girlfriend" of this A+ list mostly movie actor who hasn't had a girlfriend in awhile and his people would like him to. Olivia Culpo/"Miss Universe in 2012"/Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper Predicted To Date Lady Gaga, Olivia Culpo, Or Anna Faris After Irina Shayk Split)

Four For Friday - Child Stars: These are all still famous as adults.
#1 - This child actress who starred in her own show and then as an adult was on a monster hit network show almost died from alcohol poisoning when she was in high school. Mayim Bialik/"Blossom"/"The Big Bang Theory"
#2 - This former A list teen actor (Anthony Michael Hall) has had success as an adult with a show ("The Dead Zone"). He was in one teen movie after another (Filmography). Anyway, when he was still a teen he was going to be cast in a role ("Private Joker") in a movie ("Full Metal Jacket") which was an epic production directed by the guy (Stanley Kubrick) who did the one ("Eyes Wide Shut") that blew the lid off cabals molesting kids. Anyway, our actor was fired after one day of pre-production because he threatened a woman's job because she wouldn't have sex with him. Anthony Michael Hall/"The Dead Zone"/"Private Joker"/"Full Metal Jacket"/Stanley Kubrick/"Eyes Wide Shut"
#3 - This actress starred in a show in her tween/years and then had a big hit as an adult too. All of you know her. Back in the day she had nude photos leak, but managed to convince everyone they were fake. She even won a bunch of money. Alyssa Milano/"Who's the Boss?"/"Charmed" (Actress wins nude photo battle)
#4 - This child actress (Sarah Jessica Parker) was a big Broadway star ("Annie"). She later became a big teen star ("Footloose") and now is an A list actress as an adult ("Sex and the City"). This offspring (John F. Kennedy Jr.) of a former A++ lister (John F. Kennedy) famously dated her for awhile and also just as famously told everyone the reason he broke up with her is she is completely silent during sex. No moans, no words. Completely silent and doesn't want to hear anything from her partner either. He said it was the creepiest thing ever and just wanted no part of it any longer. Sarah Jessica Parker/"Annie"/"Footloose"/"Sex and the City"/John F. Kennedy Jr./John F. Kennedy (Filmography) (What Sarah Jessica Parker Has Said About Dating John F. Kennedy Jr.)

It would be nice if this daytime talk show host who started off as a security guard had a very public breakup with a frequent guest who is on the celebrity cult's payroll as a private investigator. Steve Wilkos/"The Steve Wilkos Show"/Daniel Ribacoff/Scientology (Dan Ribacoff, IIGPI Allegedly Aided Rapes, Sexual Assaults, Overbilled Clients Together with Lance, Lisa Ribacoff) (Texts Reveal How the Church of Scientology Shadowed Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez)

This prolific A list rapper who loves his purple drank is one of the people this recently convicted child molester /former A+ list singer is going to give up to the feds for a lighter sentence. Lil Wayne/R. Kelly

Don't believe the hype. The alliterate one has no plans to sell makeup or anything else. She doesn't have the influence to sell enough product and would look awful when that became public knowledge with very low sales. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle Ranks No. 1 in Beauty News Coverage, Beating Out Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian)

The Compound - End Game - A Reader Blind: A fellow escapee of The Compound drove by the property and told me the place has been completely demolished. The Craigslist ads also seem to have disappeared. He also told me he was screamed at and called a "traitor" by the cult leader for leaving, and is aware of massive tax evasion activities on their part. The cult leader’s son has also fled and is now living in a van. ("THE COMPOUND" an Intercerebellar blind item PART 1) (The Compound Part II: She Was Nearly a Household Name - An Intercerebellar Blind Item) (The Compound Part 3 - The Reckoning) (More Dirt - A Compound Blind Item)

What is omitted from everyone's recollection of this four word movie from a quarter century ago is how this foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee hit the casting couch with this A+ lister who is an Oscar winner/nominee to land the role.
Salma Hayek/"From Dusk Till Dawn"/1995/Quentin Tarantino (George Clooney And Quentin Tarantino Argued Over This Salma Hayek Scene in ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’)

The good news about the new role as a host for this former network reporter/host/news anchor is she doesn't have to sleep with the lecher who was fired from her previous place of employment. Natalie Morales/"The Talk"/Matt Lauer/"Today" (Natalie Morales Leaves NBC News for CBS’ ‘The Talk’)

Although this former A/A list dual threat actress is sober and has been sober for quite some time, her significant other is not, which makes it much more difficult on a daily basis for the former actress. Amanda Bynes/Paul Michael (Amanda Bynes steps out with fiancé in rare sighting as fans bring attention to her conservatorship)

This back in the day teen star (Elizabeth Berkley) turned one film ("Showgirls") adult actress which everyone knows, is back with a reboot ("Saved by the Bell") and still has not lost her temper. She walked into a restaurant and started yelling at her husband (Greg Lauren) how she told him she didn't want to eat there and he needed to get the f**k up right then and leave with her. Elizabeth Berkley/"Showgirls"/"Saved by the Bell"/Greg Lauren (The Steamy Drama That Ruined Elizabeth Berkley's Career)

This current housewife (Erika Jane Girardi) has been seeking refuge in Las Vegas with a certain former casino magnet (Michael Gaughan) who has had many allegations about illegal dealing and sexual harassment in the casino ("South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa") he used to own. But she doesn’t care. She’s hoping for a gig in one of his venues. I mean the body isn’t cold yet, but there is no time like the present to move on. Erika Jane Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Michael Gaughan/"South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa" (NASCAR won’t bust Gaughan for betting)

For now, the powers that be are waiting to see if there will be some kind of uproar about the behavior of this former singer/alcoholic/cocaine lover/serial cheater/serial sexual assaulter turned network judge. They don't want to fire him after the recent revelation. It isn't a revelation. He has done that dozens of times to dozens of women. There is other photographic and video evidence of such. Robin Thicke/"The Masked Singer"/groping Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski Claims Robin Thicke Groped Her Breasts During 'Blurred Lines')

In return for their donation ("Wanda Group"), this brand new museum ("Academy Museum of Motion Pictures") had to agree to never screen any movie made in Taiwan. It also had to agree to never screen any movie banned in China. Considering how desperate they were for cash, they would have agreed to anything. This was a group (Supporters) that had this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress (Salma Hayek) who is an Oscar winner/nominee sending out pleas for money from actors who are lucky to make five figures in a year while her husband (François-Henri Pinault) could have paid for the whole project and wouldn't have missed the money. "Wanda Group"/Academy Museum of Motion Pictures"/ Salma Hayek/François-Henri Pinault (Here’s 7 Latine Items You’ll See Inside New Academy Museum of Motion Pictures)

The new girlfriend of this A- list actor (Steve Buscemi) all of you know is much much younger than our actor. What concerns me more is she is an ex (Alice Kim Cage) of this A list mostly movie actor (Nicolas Cage) who is married and spent at least one night last week getting tossed out of a restaurant for being drunk. They went out for awhile and he only goes out with you awhile if you are into extreme kink. Does our A- lister share those same kinks? Interesting. Steve Buscemi/Alice Kim Cage/Nicolas Cage (Steve Buscemi, 63, beams during loved up stroll with his much younger girlfriend... two years after losing his wife to cancer) (Nicolas Cage's Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Abusing Her, Actor Denies 'Absurd' Allegation) ('COMPLETELY SMASHED' Nicolas Cage caught on camera ‘drunk & rowdy’ as he’s kicked out of fancy Vegas restaurant & mistaken for ‘homeless man’)

While on the other side of the world filming during lockdown, this A list dual threat actor had his wife and family with him. Despite that, he managed to have a months long affair with a production assistant. The actor kept saying how much he wanted to marry her and dump his wife, but ghosted her the second he left the country. Matt Damon/"Thor: Love and Thunder"/Australia (Matt Damon Confirmed Thor: Love and Thunder Role as His Family Flies to Australia)

This former A list teen singer (Taylor Dayne) from the 80's is selling one night "experience" packages to her male or female fans. It is just a fancy term for yachting. Taylor Dayne (The Return of Taylor Dayne: talking new music and old favorites with the pop icon)

This actress (Tatum O'Neal) was probably A- list at her peak. She said when she was very young she used to be offered up as a prize when her A- list actor father (Ryan O’Neal) really needed to land a role. There is talk that one man (Jack Cassidy) went too far which is how he ended up being burned alive and not because he had been smoking a cigarette. That man was the father of two celebrities (Shaun Cassidy) (David Cassidy) and the ex-husband of another (Shirley Jones). Tatum O'Neal/Ryan O’Neal/Jack Cassidy/Shaun Cassidy/David Cassidy/Shirley Jones (Jack Cassidy, Actor, Dies at 49 In Fire at Los Angeles Apartment)

The foreign born failed reality who gave birth to some barely there celebrities and once spent six figures a year on snake oil products is really trying to take over the management of her son's girlfriend. The amount of pressure being applied on a daily basis is quite something. Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid/Dua Lipa (Dua Lipa, Ready For Fall, Steps Out With Yolanda Hadid and a Potential New ‘It’ Bag)

Pretty convenient timing for the one named foreign born permanent A list singer/serial tax evader to get attacked by wild animals. A little sympathy from the public for yet another scandal she faces about hiding money. Shakira (Shakira Says Her Bag Was 'Destroyed' by Wild Boars Who Attacked Her and Son in Barcelona Park)

Could it be that a certain busy blonde is brighter than we think? Well, she’d have to be, wouldn’t she? I’m told that despite her ever-present grief, she’s calculated every subsequent step of her career with some fancy footwork. While I find it unseemly to use tragedy for personal gain, a buck’s a buck. It’s bold. But it’s icky. In the words of AJ Benza - "Fame - ain’t it a bitch". And, so I’m told, is the subject of this blind.
Amanda Kloots/"Dancing With the Stars" (Amanda Kloots' agonizing DWTS injuries will leave you lost for words)

This Washington D.C. news anchor is having an affair with the young wife of a young divisive southern Congressman.

This A list country singer thought she was going to have to postpone her tour because some Botox and fillers paralyzed one side of her mouth/face for nearly a month.

With the release of all those documents over the weekend, there are all sorts of connections being made between the rich people on that island nation that never seems to catch a break, trafficking, and the A list mostly movie actor. Those donations were not made for kindness. It was business. "The Pandora Papers"/Haiti/Sean Penn ('Pandora Papers': Leaked files reveal financial secrets of politicians, billionaires, celebrities)

Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor who did a lot of television before making it big and his wife, adopted two children who are just shy of being tweens. For some reason they don't want anyone to know yet. Interesting that they will talk about their surrogate kids but not the adopted ones. Maybe there is no paperwork yet? George Clooney/Amal Clooney (George Clooney Spent the Pandemic Teaching Pranks to His 4-Year-Old Twins: 'Can Really Pay Off')

This ska band ("Smashmouth") which is a one hit wonder with a song ("All Star") that is gratingly annoying with a title that represents the best of the best in athletes, has replaced their lead singer (Steve Harwell) for shows, but still use photos of said singer in all their promo stuff. No one knows why they haven't made the switch public.
"Smashmouth"/"All Star" Steve Harwell (the blind yesterday set the wheels in motion for them to make the public announcement about Steve Harwell and to stop trying to fool fans) (Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell is on hiatus due to heart issues)

(If You Work On The ‘Rolling Stone’ Music Team, Smash Mouth Are Coming For You)

This alliterate B list actor last seen singing, considers himself an author now. Well, he buys the stories from someone else, but I'm sure he writes the acknowledgements, so why not. Chris Colfer/"Glee" (Chris Colfer reveals which character in his new book A Tale of Sorcery is openly gay — and why it's so important)

One reason for the hemming and hawing about whether the offspring of an A++ lister in a foreign country will attempt to take the place of the A++ lister is because the spotlight will expose her ties to the Las Vegas shooter. Sara Duterte/Phillipines/President Rodrigo Duterte/Stephen Paddock's girlfriend Marilou Danley (Philippine President Duterte retirement fuels speculation around successor) (New details emerge about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock and girlfriend Marilou Danley)

The sibling of this Housewife who makes it seem as if the Housewife is more rich than she is, had the bank accounts in a foreign country seized before he could get it all out. Jeffrey Kung/Crystal Kung Minkoff/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Don't believe the hype, the southern reality star and his sometime reality co-star from a different show are not together. It is for publicity and to hide relationships each of them are having with people they don't want made public. Ever. Craig Conover ("Southern Charm")/Paige DeSorbo ("Summer House") (Southern Charm's Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo are 'officially together' just weeks after denying romance rumors)

This A- list mostly movie actress has found someone to replace the celebrity CEO for now. The celebrity offspring of this former A+ lister is putty in the hands of the actress. The offspring doesn't have much experience with women and is buying the actress everything from drugs to clothes and paying all her bills. Amber Heard/Paris Jackson/Elon Musk (Amber Heard and Girlfriend Bianca Butti: Everything We Know About the New Couple) (The extravagant looks that Cardi B wore during the Paris fashion week)

Speaking of the actress in #10, she was approached by the alliterate model who "codes." The actress told the model to f**k off because the actress is a fan of the arch enemy of the model. Amber Heard/Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift

This three named actor all of you know had a blowout fight with his celebrity girlfriend this weekend. That will make their partnership much more awkward. Brian Austin Green/Sharna Burgess/"Dancing With the Stars" (Brian Austin Green Holds Girlfriend Sharna Burgess' Hand At Disneyland As Ex Megan Fox Abandons Machine Gun Kelly After Punching Fan)

Mr. X: Which one name talk show host is fuming that that foreign born one named singer with a new album on the way is seriously considering going on the alliterate talk show host’s show before hers? She’s banned guests for doing so in the past. Ellen/Adele/Kelly Clarkson (Adele Appeared To Confirm Her New Album Is Coming After Changing Her Social Media Pictures To Match "Mysterious" Billboards Around The World)

She Won't Tell: This foreign born actress (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is A- list. All of you know her. She is an Oscar winner/nominee (Winner 2002: Best Actress in a Supporting Role "Chicago"). A couple of decades ago, she got into a real mess which I wish had been filmed. She was bouncing around from project to project here in the US, but wasn't getting anything solid until this permanent A list movie director (Steven Spielberg) saw her in some television special (1996 miniseries "Titanic"). It wasn't a big role, but it got her into the bed of the director who was producing a movie ("Mask of Zorro"). He ordered the director (Martin Campbell) of that movie to fire an actress (Izabella Scorupco) and give the role to the actress he just hooked up with. That role and casting couch led to her biggest role to date. During the filming of that movie ("Entrapment"), she was hooking up with a married foreign born A list co-star (Sean Connery) who was 40 years older than her at the time, but he was also producing the movie and promised to get her more roles. He wanted her for himself, but at the same time, she was introduced to this A list mostly movie actor (Michael Douglas) who would soon be her husband, after of course his wife (Diandra Luker) found out about their affair. To break it off with her co-star, she found him someone even younger than our actress and he was satisfied with the deal. Catherine Zeta-Jones/Winner 2002: Best Actress in a Supporting Role "Chicago"/Steven Spielberg/1996 miniseries "Titanic"/"Mask of Zorro"/Martin Campbell/Izabella Scorupco/"Entrapment"/Sean Connery/Michael Douglas/Diandra Luker

A few weeks ago I used this space to discuss a married actress who really is desperate to try and get back to television hosting. Her last attempt crashed and burned. During award season you can often find her next to an actress who is a frequent Oscar nominee/winner. Anyway, our talk show host wannabe is getting a divorce from her long long time husband. Busy Philipps/Michelle Williams/Marc Silverstein (Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps’ Best BFF Moments Over the Years) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/08/21)

I have asked for details and told the tipster how to sell the video. Who do we think this is? "There's a very high profile, Brit boy who has been inviting grindr meets over to his gfs encino home. I've been twice now and ive got videos. do you ever pay for content?" Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde (Inside Olivia Wilde & Harry Styles’ newly renovated LA love nest); Brooklyn Beckham/Nicola Peltz (Just your average $10.5M starter home! Brooklyn Beckham, 22, and fiancée Nicola Peltz, 26, snap up five-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion complete with private yoga room, gym, sauna and JUICE BAR)

Reader Blind: In the 90s there was a large adult emporium on Van Nuys Boulevard that had an area in the back full of XXX rated video booths that men fed dollar bills into. I knew one of the employees at that store. He said that an Academy Award winning A-list actor who peaked in the 80s would come in and visit the video booths several nights a week. The actor was often drunk or seemed coked up. LAPD Vice rang a sting at the video arcade one night, and the actor was yanked out in handcuffs with his pants around his ankles along with several other men. The police let the actor go. I hear the actor is sober now, and that is probably a good thing.

After her comments this weekend supporting a serial woman beater/sex assault enabler, this one named A lister saw her chances to hang out with this A+ list mostly movie actor plummet to zero. Lizzo/Chris Brown/Chris Evans (Lizzo Faces Backlash for Posing With Chris Brown & Calling Him Her 'Favorite Person') (Lizzo Wants to Remake The Bodyguard with Chris Evans: 'What Y'all Think?')

The dealer for this foreign born former A+ list boy bander was busted for dealing. The boy bander had no backup dealer and was crazy dope sick and calling everyone he knew to get some heroin. That is how bad off he is now. He does have a new dealer now, but you never know with new dealers. Our singer could soon be dead. Zayn Malik/"One Direction" (Zayn Malik Shares a Selfie & Announces a New Collab)

Apparently there is no guy anywhere who has ever slept with this A list rapper. There have been a few times where guys have gone up to him and hit on him and he turned them down and was making it clear their approaches were not welcome. Hey, everyone lives their own lives, but when there are multiple women who have come forward claiming to have slept with him, but no men, it makes you start to wonder if he is pretending to be gay. The ultimate bait job. Lil Nas X (Lil Nas X says he misses 'p***y' after confirming his single status... before hilariously taking it back: 'Nevermind he texted back')

She has a couple of memorable hits, but this now A- list singer is spending money faster than she ever will take it in again. Oh, and her husband is cheating on her with a brunette. I guess he thinks no one will recognize him because he had his tongue pretty far down the brunette's throat while seated outdoors at a restaurant. Meghan Trainor/Daryl Sabara (Meghan Trainor and husband Daryl Sabara have two toilets next to each other and reveal they have 'POOPED together twice')

Apparently the several million dollar offer to the powers that be by the pint sized A+ list mostly movie actor and his backers, was not enough to get him to be the first to film in space. Russia/Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise lost the $200M cinematic space race to the Russians)

Back in the day, this second wave VJ who is foreign born would only hook up with you, if you bought her an ounce of coke. Yes, an ounce. Probably why all the nose surgeries. Downtown Julie Brown

This A/A- list mostly movie actress all of you know has been, whenever the opportunity arises, quietly hooking up with this married closeted female news anchor who does her show with other people.

I'm sure the barely legal waitress loved being hit on by the former A list mostly television actor with multiple hit shows who could have been her grandfather. Oh, and he was doing it at a private club with a waitress he picked up next door at a restaurant 30 minutes earlier. Matthew Perry/"Friends" & "The Odd Couple" (Sunburnt Matthew Perry appears strained as he puffs on a cigarette following swanky Nobu dinner... in rare sighting since 'concerning' Friends reunion appearance)

This actress (Diane Lane) is probably B+/B now. It was not all that long ago that she was headed for A+ list. When she first started out, she caught the eye of this permanent A+ list movie director (Francis Ford Coppola) not named Spielberg. When I say she caught his eye, it means she did what he wanted and he cast her in some of his movies which were all monster hits and some are very important. She was cast in three straight movies ("The Outsiders"/"Rumble Fish"/"The Cotton Club") by the director and was going to get her own headlining movie. Then, she did some work ("Streets of Fire") for a different A list director (Walter Hill) and he never cast her in another project. He dumped her. Diane Lane/Francis Ford Coppola/"The Outsiders"; "Rumble Fish"; "The Cotton Club"/"Streets of Fire"/Walter Hill

There was supposed to be a test episode prior to the former almost A- list actress turned escort signing a new deal with a company. She managed to avoid it and unless each episode is carefully scripted, it will be a mess. The company has no idea what it is in for. Lindsay Lohan/"Studio71" (Lindsay Lohan Inks Deal for Her First Podcast, Promising ‘Intimate Conversations’ With Friends and Guests)

The Spy: Knowing what I know now, I am sure there must be a dozen or more spies scattered throughout the entertainment industry. This one only came to be known because this permanent A list actress (Halle Berry) who is an Oscar nominee/winner shared it with her relatively new boyfriend (Van Hunt) after a little too much wine. The actress says that from time to time she is told which part she needs to take or turn down. She is asked to go on dates with people, which is why she was telling her new boyfriend. She had lied to him about where she was one evening and then with some wine, got some courage. She is often asked to spy on people or go to events and report on behaviors of people. The purpose is to give information to a group of people. She doesn't know everyone involved. She only knows her for a lack of a better term, handler. It is this one named permanent A+ lister (Oprah). It has been going on ever since the actress was in crisis mode after an accident that really tarnished her image and if not for a quick coverup about her being drunk, could have resulted in jail time. The A+ lister was there and paid for the legal team and also for the crisis PR people who worked for nearly a year on it. Of course there had to be pay back, and that is what the actress has been compelled to do for two decades. Halle Berry/Van Hunt/Oprah (Halle Berry and Van Hunt’s Relationship Timeline) (Halle Berry Gets Probation, Fine for Leaving Scene of Crash)

Every so often while promoting a movie, this A list mostly movie actor from an acting family gets trapped into some kind of are you going to start a family question. He always says that is the plan, but he never will. He just wants to say the least problematic thing in every interview. Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal is ready to be a family man)

The animal sounding former reality star has indeed sold a new show and now has cameras and crew trailing him wherever he goes. To make the story line seem credible, he is going back to places he already visited and asking the same questions again which would seem to be taking time away from actually doing what he was previously doing. The producers of this new show want this particular trek to go for at least two seasons which means it would then be in the best interest of the reality star to not find who he is looking for which seems counterproductive. Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman/search for Brian Laundrie (Dog the Bounty Hunter Pitched Show on Brian Laundrie Hunt to A&E, Which ‘Immediately Passed’ (Exclusive)) (Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter calls Brian Laundrie hunt a ‘publicity stunt’)

The former business manager (Lou Taylor) of the "singer" (Britney Spears) is trying to merge her current cult ("Mercy Ministries")
with the one that features weight loss ("Remnant Fellowship"). It is why she bought a massive property within shouting distance of it. Lou Taylor/Britney Spears/"Mercy Ministries"/"Remnant Fellowship" (Jamie Spears and Others Allegedly Tried to 'Cure' Britney with Religion) (The Britney Spears Story Just Gets More Harrowing) (Who is Lou Taylor? Meet Britney Spears’ embattled former business manager) (‘This is a cult’: inside the shocking story of a religious weight-loss group)

Executives at this cable channel are debating whether to cancel a late night talk show or just remove the host. The ratings have been atrocious and was referred to as a "money pit of wastefulness just to satisfy the ego of one individual." "Bravo"/"Watch What Happens Live"/Andy Cohen

The husband of this west coast Housewife is cheating on his wife because they haven't had sex in well over a year. His mistress was introduced to him by a husband of a different Housewife.

A few weeks back, I wrote a blind about the wealthy farmer and how no one has ever called him out about his belief in eugenics. Now, his old speeches are coming out where he advocated for just that. It doesn't matter though because he can't be canceled. He knows it too which is why he does what he wants wherever and whenever he wants and nothing will ever happen to him. Bill Gates (Fact Check-Bill Gates quote about vaccines and population growth has been taken out of context again)

All must be forgiven because the long time male lover of this closeted A+ list mostly movie actor is back hanging out with the family after a messy couple of years. Duane Martin/Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith steps out with actor friend Duane Martin... after husband Will Smith revealed the couple are in an open marriage) (Tisha Campbell-Martin Responds To Duane and Will Smith Gay Rumors)

This A list wide receiver for a NFL NY football team really should stop cheating on his wife. The sad thing is she keeps taking him back. Maybe this time will be for good and she will stay gone. Sterling Shepard/"New York Giants"/Chanel Iman (Sterling Shepard Appears To Have Split With Supermodel Wife Chanel Iman)

This permanent A list dual threat actress is best known for a long running television role that has cemented her fame forever. She recently had a lung cancer screening. I don't know the results, only that she had the screening.

The streaming service is not happy with the alliterate one or her puppy husband. They are way behind schedule and what they have done isn't going to work in the context of the project they pitched. "Netflix"/Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Harry's secret mic? Tell-tale wire poking out of prince's pocket suggests he and Meghan may be recording their New York visit as part of multi-million dollar Netflix and Spotify deals)

This four named actress nearly died of an overdose while filming a music video. Paz de la Huerta/"Video Games" (Paz De La Huerta Tells NY Times Elvis' Ghost Gave Her An Orgasm, Will Still Be Getting Naked At 70 & More...) ("Video Games" Music Video)

Of course the boyfriend of this foreign born former A list singer everywhere but North America is not moving in with her or moving for her. It would mean splitting from his real significant other. Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue’s boyfriend Paul Solomons WON’T move back to Oz with her – and they’ll attempt long distance relationship)

Always keep this in the back of your mind. The only way for the boyfriend of the "singer" to make big money is first to marry the singer and then have her earn new money after the marriage. That way, when they inevitably divorce, he will get a big payday. So, when you hear him say he wants her to perform again, he wants it after they are married and he gets a cut when they divorce. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' Fiancé Sam Asghari Has 'Encouraged Her to Think About Performing Again')

The Brothel King: For much of his run on network television, this talk show host (David Letterman) was married or in a relationship (Michelle Cook) (Merrill Markoe) (Regina Lasko). He was also very secretive. Although he would mention his family or offspring (son with Regina Lasko, Harry Joseph), it was fairly rare. There was the time he got busted cheating (Extortion attempt and revelation of affairs) and had to publicly address it, but other than that, he was very quiet about his personal life. He has been accused of not liking women and definitely not hiring them. He didn't want women around because they might discover what he was doing on a daily basis and have them leak it somewhere because they were offended. In his early years, he would often go see an escort at lunch or right after the how taped. Every day he filmed this would happen. When he reached a certain level of fame, he was counseled by his long distance boss to make these visits much more discreet. So, our host rented an apartment and would have an escort meet him there. This started to prove problematic because he liked to change things up almost every day and have someone new, and sometimes they wouldn't show up and he would get angry at his staff. So, one day an assistant was assigned to him who had as their main task each day, to coordinate the escort for the host and make sure they were at the apartment at the appointed hour. There were often backups and they had to be paid too because they did come out. David Letterman/Michelle Cook; Merrill Markoe; Regina Lasko/son with Regina Lasko, Harry Joseph (David Letterman Reveals Extortion Plot and Confesses to Sex With Staffers)

76. POPBITCH 10/07
(British blog) Which publishing house throws two Christmas parties: one with a high-earning but 'difficult' author of theirs – and then another one without?

Everyone is whispering it, but no one is saying the bad part aloud. People are worried that this former A+ list actor may try and sleep with his daughter. Charlie Sheen/Sami Sheen (Charlie Sheen's House Is 'Wonderland' with No Structure, Says Source as Another Claims He Sets Rules)

This foreign born A list dual threat actor has always been my pick to be the next actor to take over this long running franchise. I have also said over the past couple years that he wouldn't land it because the producers want to keep everything the way they have for the past five or so decades. They did offer him a role as a villain. Idris Elba/"James Bond" (Sadly, Idris Elba Will Not Be the Next James Bond)

I think what sealed the deal for this B list singer/actress/thirst seeker on a split is when she discovered the celebrity serial cheater she was dating, also hooks up with his reality star ex from time to time. Jana Kramer/Jay Cutler/Kristin Cavallari (How Kristin Cavallari Played a Role in Jay Cutler’s Split From Jana Kramer)

This serial woman beater/sex assault enabler who used to be an A list singer wants everyone to defend him because the district attorney declined to press charges. Umm, that is because you gave the woman $25K and she refused to cooperate with the police. How is that vindication? Chris Brown (Chris Brown Battery Case Rejected Due to Insufficient Evidence)

The boyfriend of the "singer" has been telling people close to him that the singer is willing to finance a movie starring the boyfriend. That would be a horrible decision on par with her ex wanting to be a rapper. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears/Kevin Federline (Who Is Britney Spears's Fiancé, Sam Asghari?)

Maybe a recent music video casting decision can be explained by the fact that this foreign born former A+ list tweener likes to call his wife, "mom" while having sex. Justin Bieber/"Ghost" starring Diane Keaton/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (Diane Keaton Stars in Justin Bieber’s New Music Video, Wearing Her Own Clothes)

This alliterate A- list actress keeps playing with fire. Currently what is burning her, is the torrid situation with her three named actress co-star. Tessa Thompson/Evan Rachel Wood/"Westworld" (Evan Rachel Wood looks sharp wearing an emerald green coat as she teases return to Westworld while on set of sci-fi thriller in Manhattan) (Tessa Thompson wears a black-and-white jumpsuit as she celebrates her 38th birthday while working on the New York City set of Westworld)

A woman is demanding a NBA player pay her for the STD she caught while in his employ. Yes, she is not alleging he personally gave her the STD. What she is alleging is that this NBA player used several women, including herself as companions for NBA players and executives while they were all in the bubble. One of those others gave her a STD, but she is not sure who. So far I don't know who the NBA player is or who else availed themselves of this service.

This A+ list singer/newlywed is going to have big problems in her life if her husband keeps using as much as he has been. Our singer kicked coke and I would hate to see her back on it. Ariana Grande/Dalton Gomez (Ariana Grande & Hubby Dalton Gomez EnjoyRare Date Night At Dave Chappelle Show)

With all the positive publicity this A list dual threat actress has been receiving lately and the talk show hosts who do their vanilla thing, I thought I would tell you a tale about her from a few years back. She was in first class while her nanny and kids were in the back in coach. She could hear her kids crying, which embarrassed her. So, our actress goes to the back of the plane where one thinks she might have comforted her children or assisted in getting them to stop crying. Nope. She yelled at the nanny and told her to get the f**king kids to stop crying. Then, she turned and went back to the front of the plane.
Nicole Kidman

This former A+/A list mostly movie actor who has cancer and has been reminiscing about his life talked about when he dated this foreign born permanent A list model who likes to throw things. He said that he had never been more scared having sex with someone than with her. He thought she was going to kill him. Val Kilmer/Naomi Campbell

Family History: Except for making it a blind and hiding some identities, I chose to leave this one in the words of the tipster: I am reaching out to let you know this whole story/America's Sweetheart image is complete bs and I have been wanting to write to you about her (former A+ list mostly television actress (Barbara Eden) who had an iconic role ("I Dream of Jeannie")) for a while but unsure about airing family laundry out there, or if you would even be interested in a blind about her. What she did to her ex-husband, and even indirectly to her son has bothered me ever since his funeral. As a quick background, our actress, was basically a nobody and her husband (Michael Ansara) helped raise her star to what she became because he was more famous than her at the time. She was literally the love of his life and when she left him after having a few miscarriages, he was DEVASTATED. He would have done anything for her, and he was never quite the same after she basically abandoned him. He was always the sweetest, most gentle loving man, and it just destroyed him. So her son (Matthew Ansara) did become a drug addict, but he told people privately that he started using drugs when he was a kid by taking HER pills that she was already taking... uppers in the morning, downers at night. His funeral though is really where I became beyond appalled by her existence. We were already in the chapel at Forest Lawn in a side section reserved for family. I was sitting close to her ex, when our actress walked up to us with her sleazy husband (Jon Eicholtz) and said to her ex, "The press have come to pay their respects and would like to get a shot of us going into the chapel." Her ex was so distraught and wasn't really all mentally there because he just lost his only child, so he just did whatever she said silently. She made him get up, leave the chapel we were already in, in order to reenter it for the press shot. She made her son's fiancé (Leanna Green) do this too. That's why there is a stupid picture online of them entering the chapel in general. Her ex slowly deteriorated after that, as a piece of him obviously died, while she went on a press interview rampage. The last time I saw her was at the funeral of her ex. She showed up uninvited, probably in case the press showed up. I just think she’s disgusting and thirsty, and exploits family tragedies for her own personal fame. Barbara Eden/"I Dream of Jeannie"/Michal Ansara/Matthew Ansara/Jon Eicholtz/Leanna Green (Barbara Eden Opens Up About Her Son's Death by Overdose 20 Years Ago: 'Drugs Are Inexplicable') (Michael Ansara, Beverly Ansara, Eden, and her husband Jon Eicholtz at Matthew Ansara funeral) (Michael Ansara, Kang on ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 91)

This foreign born one named A list singer wants to stay married until her current legal troubles are behind her. So, she is imploring her athlete husband to stop getting caught with other women. Shakira/Gerard Piqué/"Pandora Papers" (Elton John, Ringo Starr, Shakira Named in Pandora Papers Leak Exposing Offshore Financial Dealings)

Don't believe the hype. This A+ list mostly movie actor who was a long time superhero is not dating the A- list singer/bad actress. She doesn't do well with his particular brand of kink. Chris Evans/Selena Gomez ("sex dungeon") (Selena Gomez & Chris Evans May Secretly Be Dating 6 Years After She Revealed She Had a Crush on Him) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 05/03/19)

Apparently this celebrity chef wanted the same size deal as the frosted hair chef. That wasn't going to be possible. One of the questions is how many will depart with him. He has talked to four who would be willing. Bobby Flay/Guy Fieri/"Food Network" (Bobby Flay and Food Network to Part Ways After 27 Years) (Food Network’s Guy Fieri snags $80M deal that renews his 2 shows)

This A- list mostly television actor with substance abuse issues gets spotted with the former A- list mostly television actress with substance abuse issues who was regularly beaten by her ex, and the next thing you know, our actor is fired from a movie where he was the lead. Garrett Hedlund/Hayden Panettiere/"The Bride" (Hayden Panettiere returns to Instagram for 1st time in 6 months) (Thomas Doherty Replaces Garrett Hedlund in ‘Dracula’-Inspired Horror Movie ‘The Bride’)

This now dead TikTok star made hundreds of thousands of dollars trafficking undocumented workers. His death has opened a can of worms about a new trafficking line that was previously unknown. Gabriel Salazar (TikToker Gabriel Salazar, who died after police chase, was carrying illegal immigrants)

This weekly tabloid has a what to expect with your toddler type book and every month they see what should be happening in the life of the eldest child of the alliterate one and make up an exclusive. None of the people writing these exclusives have any contact with anyone who even knows the alliterate one or seen their kids. "Us Weekly"/Archie/Meghan Markle (Here’s Prince Harry’s Secret to Getting Baby Lilibet to Sleep—He Has the ‘Magic Touch’) (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Son Archie, 2, Is ‘Coming Into His Own’: Details)

Yet another monthly magazine with yet another article admiring the time and effort for this foreign born A- list dual threat actor and how he managed to transform himself. No matter what word salad is said in his interview or any of the other superheroes, it is always steroids and PED's. Always. There is not enough time to do it any other way. Eventually the DEA is going to come after all the doctors handing out these drugs in exchange for junkets and movie premiere tickets, and of course the money. "GQ"/Kumail Nanjiani (How Kumail Nanjiani Got Huge)

This former A+ list singer/songwriter who is A- list, is finally ready to talk about her former musical partner and how he groomed her from when she was 14 or so and he was in his mid 20's. They made a lot of great music together, but she finally managed to break free and realize what their relationship was. Alicia Keys/Kerry ‘Krucial Keys’ Brothers Jr. (Alicia Keys And Boyfriend Kerry Brothers, Jr. To Wed On July 4 In Long Island)

This two first named A list TikTok star has been sending naked photos and videos of herself on a near daily basis to this part-time reality star adjacent to the big reality family. The reality star recently became single and this TikTok star who has been in multiple controversies wants to be the replacement. Ava Louise (Scott Disick) (The influencer who licked a toilet seat for the 'coronavirus challenge' is finding TikTok fame for music she recorded while concussed) (Influencer Ava Louise admits to making up Kanye West and Jeffree Star rumors)

The long running bar star should probably keep a closer eye on her significant other. It sounds like he is moving towards regifting again. Lala Kent/"Vanderpump Rules"/Randall Emmett (Currently producing) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/27/20)

This foreign Grammy winning/Grammy nominated A+ band's ("Radiohead") biggest record was two and a half decades ago and their biggest song ,with a one word title ("Creep") and has been covered many times, was even before that and appears on their first album ("Pablo Honey"). Their lead singer (Thom Yorke), who has done some solo work, has an unusual pre-gig warm-up activity. He is a compulsive and constant masturbator and likes to find himself a private spot to pleasure himself before a gig. "Radiohead"/"Creep"/"Pablo Honey"/Thom Yorke

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **12**
Reader Blind: This foreign Oscar nominated A+ actor (Liam Neeson) (1993 Nominee: Best Actor in a Leading Role/"Schindler's List) who in the last decade or so who has gotten more associated with a specific genre of film including a film ("Taken") that had several sequels (action films) had an unusual experience as a child. He was visiting a body of water in his home country (Northern Ireland) and he saw something unusual. There is a similar phenomenon ("Loch Ness Monster") in another body of water in the same general part of the world (Scotland) that is is much much much more famous. As a result, searching for this phenomenon became a hobby for him as an adult as it is found all over the world. It was something he used to enjoy doing with his now deceased A list wife (Natasha Richardson) as well as part of expeditions in between films. Some years ago, in this very large country (Lake Khanto, Noyabrsk, Russia), he did find conclusive proof but what he found was hostile and dangerous and five people were killed and expensive equipment was destroyed. The story was covered up by the country's government. Now if he visits that country the local security services follow him around to make sure he doesn't try that again but he is trying to get back to that spot to see if he can catch or produce conclusive proof about what he found. Liam Neeson/1993 Nominee: Best Actor in a Leading Role "Schindler's List"/"Taken"/action films/Northern Ireland/"Loch Ness Monster"/Scotland/Natasha Richardson/Lake Khanto, Noyabrsk, Russia (Bizarre photo claims to show the Loch Ness Monster’s Russian cousin stalking a Siberian lake)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **13**
Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: Those borne after the Boomers would probably remember this deceased TV comic/host ("Soupy Sales"),whose name was not the name he was born (Milton Supman), as a fixture on various daytime shows of a certain type and from voiceover work. He also did radio but those a little older would remember he was actually sort of an unpredictable edgy character. The show(s) ("Lunch with Soupy Sales" later titled "The Soupy Sales Show") he had were aimed at a very impressionable audience and he once got in trouble for telling his impressionable audience to do a specific act (steal money from parents and send it to him) towards those in authority (New Year's Day incident). In real life, he was also an eccentric character with a penchant for bizarre prankish behavior. An example -an overweight friend had complained for some time that he could not lose weight. The TV comic invited him over to his house, drugged his drink and chained him to a wall in his basement .. For the next several months ., he kept him as a prisoner and only served him healthy food in small portions. When he released him, the friend did not call the police as he was happy to see he had lost almost 30 pounds. "Soupy Sales"/Milton Supman/"Lunch with Soupy Sales" later titled "The Soupy Sales Show"/steal money from parents and send it to him/New Year’s Day incident (55 Years Ago: Soupy Sales Asks Kids to Send Him)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/08 **14**
Four For Friday - Fetishes:
#1 - This very wealthy former A+ list mayor has paid millions of dollars to keep his secret of being dominated by professional women a secret. One of them used to be the girlfriend of this aging A permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. Michael Bloomberg/Toukie Smith/Robert De Niro
#2 - This former A+ list actress who hit a big valley in her career before a nice boost the past four or five years back up to A- list with a streaming show, has a great story. This guy she dated for a brief period of time would get most turned on when he could do lines of coke off her naked body. In fact, it was the only form of foreplay they did. All of you know who he is. He is dead. Winona Ryder/River Phoenix (River Phoenix and Winona Ryder at a PETA event) (Winona Ryder Bites Back)
#3 - Back when this actress was A list and had back to back hit shows, she and her then actor husband spent $100K on a torture chamber in their basement. It was not that long afterwards that he ran away and filed for divorce. Kirstie Alley/"Cheers" & "Veronica’s Closet"/Parker Stevenson; Teri Hatcher/"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" & "Desperate Housewives"/Jon Tenney; Courteney Cox/"Friends" & "Cougar Town"/David Arquette
#4 - This former A+ list mostly television actor turned A+ list mostly movie actor turned A+ list mostly television actor is someone all of you know. His public image is all sweetness and kindness. Still looks the same as he did four decades ago when he hit your television screens for the first time. He has been known to go to sex clubs and use a paddle on a woman as hard as he can for as long as he can or until the woman gives up. He is also known as a very generous tipper for being allowed to do that. Ted Danson (Career)

The Sun has the name of five stars who paid £750 each to hoodwink the NHS App system and secure their places on upcoming TV series — where executives had asked for proof of a double jab. Four of the individuals are reality TV stars while one is a musician with a string of UK chart hits. Broadcasters that have fallen foul to the scam are Channel 4’s sister broadcaster E4 and MTV. A source said: "Many TV series are now requiring stars to have double jabs and those who don’t want the vaccination are paying for them instead. "But if they aren’t actually double jabbed they’re putting the productions at risk, along with the stars on the shows who have genuinely had their vaccinations. "It’s scary how people are able to hoodwink the system and there is nothing anyone can do. "Celebs have become wise to these schemes and it’s now becoming rife within the TV industry. "The reality stars and the musician involved in the scam are all well connected – and it wasn’t hard for them to find someone in the know. "It costs just £750 for the fake passport to be put onto your app and the process takes about four days. "The scammer contacts them, takes the payment and their NHS number – and it all gets uploaded within a few days. "On your app it even shows which dates and where you had the alleged jabs. "It’s become obvious that no one can prove whether it’s real or not and it’s becoming an issue in the TV industry." The stars known by The Sun have been booked on E4’s Celebrity Coach Trip and MTV show Geordie OG. Both shows require a double vaccination to take part and have been filmed. An MTV spokesperson commented: "MTV does not condone any actions from individuals that deliberately seek to bypass our Health & Safety guidelines. "Protecting our cast and crew has always been our top priority – as such, we have rigorous COVID-19 protocols in place and adhere to industry guidelines throughout all of our productions. "We are taking this issue very seriously and will be looking in to this further with our production partners." An E4 spokesperson said: "To take part in the latest series of Coach Trip, celebrities had to adhere fully to the show’s stringent Covid protocols and testing regime. "At the time of travel, vaccination status was not a requirement to enter Portugal." (Coach Trip will return to C4 with tour guide legend Brendan Sheerin after almost two years off screen) (Celeb Ghost Trip To Spook Up E4 This Autumn) (Geordie OGs Season 5 is yet to be announced by MTV)

Whenever there is any press about the actress wife of this A+/A list mostly movie actor, for some reason, it is the same article each time. Oh, sure there might be a word change here or rearrange the paragraphs, but they are all exactly the same. It is strange. Joanne Tucker/Adam Driver (Everything You Need To Know About Adam Driver's Wife, Joanne Tucker)

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned several other singers/musicians/actors who have done the same as this former A+ list singer yet they are not being investigated or arrested. Now, comes news that the permanent A list rapper did the same thing with several of the same girls the former A+ lister is going to jail for, but again, crickets. It is as if there only needs to be one person to do the time for everyone's crimes.
R. Kelly/Jay Z (Ailiyah being one of them)

The cast and crew have been annoyed this week that it takes often as long as two hours for this alliterate reality star to get out of the makeup an clothes she wore solely to get photographed in on the way to the set, and then get into makeup and clothing for rehearsals. "Saturday Night Live"/Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian Wore Two Insane, Winter-Ready Outfits in One Warm NYC Day)

There was once talk of this royal who is trying to escape her life, faking her own death. There are far too many people looking her way now though for that to happen. Why can't the couple just divorce. This is ridiculous. Charlene, Princess of Monaco (Princess Charlene's return to Monaco is delayed AGAIN as she undergoes 'final' surgery today - despite Prince Albert's claim she's better and would be cleared to fly home within days)

This foreign born celebrity used to be A+ list when she was a child. She has a last name everyone in the world knows. It is tough tough tough getting information on her, but one of her friends got married this weekend. They have hooked up in the past and she wanted him to be the father of her kids, so the family name would continue. She looked miserable at the wedding. Athina Onassis/Sammy Zane (Athina Onassis Today: Heiress Unrecognizable at Monte Carlo Wedding)

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: This deceased actor (Gale Gordon) had a long film and TV history but is primarily known for a couple TV shows ("I Love Lucy"/"The Lucy Show"/"Here’s Lucy"/"Life With Lucy") he did with this actress (Lucille Ball) of a certain hair color whose most famous TV show ("I Love Lucy") came first. He played her exasperated foil ("Theodore J. Mooney"). In real life, he was heterosexual and married for many many years but he also enjoyed being pegged and was known among Los Angeles sex workers as someone who would tip generously for a strap-on experience. Gale Gordon/"I Love Lucy"; "The Lucy Show"; "Here’s Lucy"; "Life With Lucy"/Lucille Ball/"I Love Lucy"/"Theodore J. Mooney

Reader Blind: What a lot of people didn't know about the recently deceased foreign (Canada) born comic's comic (Norm Macdonald) is that he was married for a time and had a son (Dylan) although he did not live with his wife (Connie Vaillancourt) for very long. There is not much in the way of an estate or an inheritance for any of his loved ones or his heirs though because in addition to gambling and alcoholism he really spent a lot of money on prostitutes. In fact, his wife knew it wasn't going to work when he told her was keeping a special bank account for his "hooker money". Norm Macdonald (Norm Macdonald Dies: Influential Comedian & Former ‘SNL’ Weekend Update Anchor Was 61)

Reader Blind: There are no accidents in this country (Germany) that many associate with discipline and things running in order. The candidate (Olaf Scholz) who has passed the handpicked successor (Armin Laschet) of the long time retiring leader (Angela Merkel) in recent elections has made a deal with the country's internal power structure. For many years they have been blackmailed by a shadowy group of criminal hackers. What the hackers have is audio proof that a national (Andreas Strassmeir) from the country, an intelligence operative, whose name has been invoked in the past by conspiracy theorists was involved in one of the worst attacks ("Oklahoma City bombing") on civilians in another country's (United States of America) history. The popular narrative is that only two people were involved in the attack - One (Timothy McVeigh) is already dead and another (Terry Nichols) is in prison. The dead guy was being set-up in a sting that involved his own country's law enforcement and an undercover operative from the country having an election now. The operative actually helped suggest the attack and others were involved in the planning the idea being to arrest the dead guy and the prison guy before it happened and it would be a big public success for law enforcement. However, something went wrong and the attack actually happened. The national from the other country escaped back to that country and was debriefed by his handlers. A tape of the debriefing session is what the hackers have. Whereas past leaders in the country have been very careful in trying to end this matter, the new candidate has pledged privately to aggressively find and if necessary terminate the blackmailers which appeals to the powers that be. Germany/Olaf Scholz/Armin Laschet/Angela Merkel/Andreas Strassmeir/"Oklahoma City bombing"/United States of America/Timothy McVeigh/Terry Nichols (Olaf Scholz’s Quiet Revolution in German Economics) (German elections: Defeated Merkel heir Laschet prepared to resign) (The Oklahoma City Bombing Trial)

This former tween/teen actor from Nick has been trying to intimidate people who call him out for his underage sexual activities, including the recent criminal conviction. Drake Bell/SL04N (Drake Bell Offers Explanation Of Child Endangerment Guilty Plea, Urges Fans To "Come To Your Own Conclusions") (Drake Bell Tried Intimidating Me)

This A list mostly movie actress took a break from sucking the face of her three named boyfriend and took a little tour in the UK with her kids. While wearing a Hufflepuff robe, she watched a performance with her kids. Her kids were wearing a mask, but she was not. Her exemption apparently was she didn't want people to get a photo of her wearing a mask. They gave her an exemption sticker for that reason. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (Expendables 4 Set Photos Reveal First Look At Megan Fox’s Costume)

This B+ list mostly movie actor (Sal Mineo) who was an Oscar winner/nominee (1955 - Best Actor in a Supporting Role "Rebel Without a Cause"/1960 - Actor in a Supporting Role "Exodus") was murdered (Death). Many suspect it was one of his male sex customers who did the deed. What is unknown though is whether this former A- list mostly television actor (Shaun Cassidy) who had a television series ("The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries") based on children's books ("The Hardy Boys") ("Nancy Drew") and is the offspring of a former A lister (Shirley Jones) and the sibling of another (David Cassidy), was turning tricks with the victim. Our offspring would have been 17. He is currently one of the executive producers of a network drama ("New Amsterdam") and also a recurring character on the show. Sal Mineo/1955 - Best Actor in a Supporting Role "Rebel Without a Cause"/1960 - Actor in a Supporting Role "Exodus"/Shaun Cassidy/"The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries"/"The Hardy Boys"/"Nancy Drew"/Shirley Jones/David Cassidy/"New Amsterdam" (James Ellroy: Cracking the Case of Murdered Actor Sal Mineo)

This former A- list singer/songwriter turned long time Housewife used to peg this one named A list singer on the regular when they would hook up. Kandi Burruss/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Usher (Kandi Burruss Hits the Town With Usher)

Reader Blind: There wasn't much fanfare about the release of the attempted killer (John Hinckley Jr.) of the A++ lister (President Ronald Reagan) (Ronald Reagan assassination attempt) just as there was never any public amazement about the many coincidences and connections between the back-up A++ lister (George H. W. Bush)/next A++ lister and (George W. Bush) another A++ lister's family and the attempted killer's family - They have a common relative and family members of both families were engaged in business at the time and have long multi-generational social connections. The truth is the attempted killer who already had mental illness has had so much brainwashing and conditioning done he will never be in any shape to tell what really happened to him just like the still living killer (Sirhan Sirhan) of the wannabe A++ Lister (Robert F. Kennedy) (Robert F. Kennedy assassination) who may also be released soon. John Hinckley Jr./President Ronald Reagan/George H. W. Bush/George W. Bush/Sirhan Sirhan/Robert F. Kennedy (The Man Who Tried To Kill Reagan Walks Free — With Conditions) (Family relationship of George H. W. Bush and John Hinckley. Jr.) (California parole panel votes in favor of release from prison for Sirhan Sirhan)

The old guard in wrestling agreed to do another show in this Middle Eastern country even though the last time they went, the government essentially held them hostage. "WWE"/Saudia Arabia (Ranking every WWE in Saudi Arabia's main event so far) (WWE in Saudi Arabia)

Reader Blind - Old Hollywood: This extremely handsome, extremely tall, extremely rugged actor (Sterling Hayden) was the lead in B movies earlier in his career and then later played more supporting roles in some truly great films (Filmography) including two ("The Killing" & "Dr. Strangelove") directed by the foreign permanent A+ List director (Stanley Kubrick) and another (Francis Ford Coppola) ("The Godfather") where his character ("Captain McCluskey") is killed by this A+ actor (Al Pacino/"Michael Corleone") who was in the two sequels ("The Godfather Part II" & "The Godfather Part III"). This actor also had a distinguished World War II service record including time with a three lettered agency that was the foundation for another three letter agency (War service). His one scandal was naming names during a harrowing time in American history ("The Red Scare") (House Un-American Activities Committee) as he had joined an organization ("Communist Party USA") some years before but not for that long. Documents recently retrieved under the Freedom of Information Act show that this whole thing was a fraud, a cover story. He was with the new three named agency and was undercover when joining the organization being investigated. Sterling Hayden/"The Killing" & "Dr. Strangelove"/Stanley Kubrick/Francis Ford Coppola/"The Godfather"/"Captain McCluskey"/Al Pacino/"Michael Corelone"/"The Godfather Part II" & "The Godfather Part III"/"The Red Scare"/"House Un-American Activities Committee"/"Communist Party USA" (Remembering Sterling Hayden, Actor, OSS Operative) (Sterling Hayden faces drug charge)

The Hollywood media CEO getting exposed for being an all around horrible person defended a couple powerful Hollywood pedophiles a few years ago. Sharon Waxman/"TheWrap" (TheWrap launches an investigation into CEO Sharon Waxman after she is accused of stopping an employee from taking his fiancée to cancer appointment and screaming at staff) (Controversial ‘Times’ Writer Quits) (Ex-New York Times editor dismisses claim the paper spiked Harvey Weinstein allegations)

This foreign born one named A list singer not named Rihanna has stayed mum so far on who gave her a life lasting STD. Adele/Herpes simplex virus ('What the f**k... you did NOT just ask that!' Adele fans are left shocked after follower asks bemused superstar a VERY intimate question during surprise Instagram live stream)

We always knew about the one secret child, but apparently there are two secret children. The most recent one was discovered this week when she went to go take the written test to get a learners permit for driving. That alliterate permanent A list singer is so good at hiding things. Janet Jackson

This silver spoon born director has been living it up shooting his latest indie film with his A list actor, who can't seem to say "No" to him. The director has a personal chef for his family at their rented luxury residence. Meanwhile, wages are as low as $10 an hour for people working on this film. He expects these low earners to be available 24/7. He specifically wanted to shoot in the state to pay people as little as possible. He has the funding to pay more, considering he inked a massive streaming deal. This is another reason why there will be a strike. He is of the feeling that people should feel lucky to have any job. Wes Anderson/Bill Murray/"Asteroid City"/Chinchón, Spain (Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, and Adrien Brody Will Appear In Wes Anderson's Next Movie)

As I told you last year, this former child actor turned pedophile enabler/child porn collector/turned A++ list candidate's latest venture is a scam. There is no actual money in the bank. Oh sure, they have a little to cover day to day stuff and some redemptions, but all the rest goes into the pockets of people who are criminals. In every other country, they would already be in jail and shut down, but not here. They already know that nothing will happen to them and have found a scam that has the blessing of the federal government. Brock Pierce/"Bit Digital, Inc." (Bit Digital Appoints Brock Pierce to its Board of Directors) (Cross eyed: Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce buys Puerto Rican ‘monastery’ for $5M ) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/13/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/22/21)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who got her start as a lead in this massive space franchise, was almost fired the first week because her acting was so bad. Daisy Ridley/"Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens"

After chipping and breaking so many teeth doing his own stunts, this A list mostly movie actor just has dentures that he takes out each night. Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise looks like a whole new person at baseball game)

Changing the title doesn't change the fact that the book written by a sibling of the "singer," still exploits the singer and the ghost writer was paid for by the singer but all the advance and profits go to the sibling. Jamie Lynn Spears/"Things I Should Have Said"/Britney Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears to release book: 'Strong conviction to share my story')

Everyone always assumes this former A/A- list actress had her psyche most affected by being married to this former A+ list athlete/rapist/abuser/part-time actor. She will be the first to tell you that isn't the case. The one that screwed with her the most was the at the time A+ list mostly movie actor. He is still A+/A list. She was still in her mid teens and he was in his very early 20's. He used her and crushed her soul. Robin Givens/Mike Tyson/Eddie Murphy

She can say what she wants but this alliterate celebrity knows her producing credit is not real and no other singer would ever give her one other than her boyfriend. Jameela Jamil/James Blake (Jameela Jamil opens up about being a producer on boyfriend James Blake's album: 'James had to fight me to take credit on this album')

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **10**
Reader Blind: This retired actor (Henry Silva) was known primarily for playing villains and tough guys in many films. His multi-ethnic background meant that he played a lot of nationalities. In real life, as a young man before he was accepted to a prestigious acting program ("Actors Studio"). he was kind of a tough guy too working for the local mob as a contract killer. In that time he was responsible for three killings. There was a fourth one but that came later when he was appearing in films ("Ocean’s 11"/"The Manchurian Candidate"/"Sergeants 3") with and socializing with this animal named much celebrated group ("Rat Pack") of A List performers. This permanent A++ singer/actor (Frank Sinatra) asked him as a favor get rid of a pesky journalist (Dorothy Kilgallen) (Frank Sinatra feud) (Kennedy assassination) looking into the singer/actor's own crime connections which he did. Henry Silva/"Actors Studio"/"Ocean’s 11"; "The Manchurian Candidate"; "Sergeants 3"/"Rat Pack"/Frank Sinatra/Dorothy Kilgallen

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **11**
This A list stand up comic has not changed his ways since his recent exposure about grooming and sex with an underage girl. The woman he is living with now, is of age, however he and other comics were grooming her long before she turned 18 and he is still a predator.

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **12**
Back in the day, this alliterate a list porn star used to be invited to parties of A+ list actors to see first hand her special talents. This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who doesn't act any longer used to have a cover charge in addition to whatever each actor paid her. Linda Lovelace/"Deep Throat"/Jack Nicholson (After 33 years, Deep Throat, the film that shocked the US, gets its first British showing)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **13**
This former A+ list country singer (Faith Hill) is not sure if her eldest child is the offspring of the guy (Scott Hendricks) she was living with at the time she got pregnant or her now husband (Tim McGraw) who she was also sleeping with. Faith Hills/Scott Hendricks/Tim McGraw

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/11 **14**
From The Grave: Several years ago I told you in this very space about the drug (Apo-triAvir (generic HIV/AIDS drug)) (testing being done by a company ("Apotex") north of the border (Canada). I told you at the time, that in addition to testing unsuspecting people in third world countries (Rwanda), it was also testing in its own country to unsuspecting populations. They knew it was a dangerous drug, but thought maybe the benefits would outweigh the danger. It was really about the money and control. It did end up in the death of the owner of the company and his wife (Barry and Honey Sherman) (Death). Now, authorities are finally realizing what hit them was this drug testing. In one province, several people have died and dozens are sick. They will never fully recover. Their brains are permanently damaged. Apo-triAvir (generic HIV/AIDS drug)/"Apotex"/Canada/Rwanda/Barry and Honey Sherman (AIDS drugs fiasco a tale of red tape) (New Motive Found in Murder of Canadian Pharma Billionaires — Largest Producers of Generic Virus Cure) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/23/18)

This foreign born B+ list pro tennis player has a doping history. They didn't exactly put up their biggest effort in the match this past weekend that saw them lose. They heard they were going to be tested but hadn't been officially notified, so drove to LAX and flew to Dubai almost immediately. They know the doping people don't have anyone there and hate paying for someone to fly there, so it is a safe haven while you get the drugs out of your system.

Speaking of that same tournament, there is an A list pro there who has won at least one big tournament. She agreed to play doubles with a very low ranked player who would never have been invited to the tournament. Now, that player will get prize money and a higher doubles ranking. In return, she has to sleep with the higher ranked player.

This A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee not named Ben Affleck, publicly bragged about being sober. Does drinking booze inside a restaurant and then smoking some pot after equal sobriety? Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt Opens Up About the Pitfalls of Alcohol Addiction)

Management is greedy, which we all know. Last week I told you about the scam the management team of the one hit wonder band was pulling because of that greed. So, of course they brought back the singer, and it was a mess. The management team will tell you it is a rehab problem so they are more easily able to fire him. However, the singer's sometime girlfriend who is a filmmaker says he has been diagnosed with dementia which would open up an entirely different can of worms about how to remove him and what he would be entitled to.
"Smash Mouth"/"All Star"/Steve Harwell (Him being allowed to retire was the choice made) (Smash Mouth singer Steve Harwell retires after ‘chaotic’ onstage rant) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/04/21)

A local sports reporter in the Bay Area took a not so subtle jab at the pint sized A+ list mostly movie actor. I wonder what he could possibly have meant with his Tweet? Hmm. Tom Cruise/Game 2 of the National League Division Series in San Francisco ('What has Tom Cruise done to his face?' Top Gun star, 59, sparks speculation he's had FILLERS... as Twitter reacts to changing appearance at LA Dodgers game) (Tom Cruise's face raises lots of questions on social media)

There was no possible way while his mother is alive that anything was going to happen to the royal pedophile for his criminal ways. The guy running the place loves his title and knows who gave it to him. Plus, they have a file on the guy. They know all about the other teens and meetings and eventually that would get out. Once mom passes, it wouldn't shock me at all if he ends up dead of a heart attack or an accident while driving. Prince Andrew/Queen Elizabeth/Michael Fawcett (Charles's fixer Michael Fawcett is accused of keeping ethics chiefs at Prince's charity in the dark over multi-million-pound fundraising activities for billionaire Saudi donor)

Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. The foreign born former A+ list rapper is about to be wiped out. Considering she is about to lose a $15M judgement, and her lack of concern about it, my guess is she has hidden her money and is going to file for bankruptcy to not have to pay. In bankruptcy court, she will have to lie, and then she can join her husband in jail. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj Accused Of Blowing Off $20 Million Lawsuit Accusing Her Of Harassing Husband Kenneth Petty’s Attempted Rape Victim, Set To Be Hit With Default)

This sometime cable reality star with a last name all of you know, should probably have kept quiet about a recent loss in the family because someone is behind the scenes now discussing that the star and her husband are known swingers and rarely use protection.

Reader Blind - Vegas Casino: In I think 2005, this foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor attacked a man over a slot machine. I guess he is very attached to a machine called Mr. Cashman and has a particular machine he prefers (there was a row of four of them, three were empty but his preferred one was occupied by another guest). It happened very quickly but I remember it well. Without warning or even saying anything the actor came up behind the man, grabbed the collar of his shirt, and ripped him out of the seat, throwing him onto the floor. He then sat in the chair and began playing with the man's balance of 20 bucks or so. It was bizarre but also sort of amusing due to the sheer randomness of it.
Russell Crowe

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **10**
Reader Blind - Las Vegas Casino: In 2002, this A+ list mostly movie actor who now produces a lot with his film company was discovered sitting at a slot machine naked from the waist down.

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **11**
Reader Blind - Vegas Casino: I heard from a very elderly coworker that back in the 70s he saw this A list mostly movie actor who is now deceased and keeps getting his memory tarnished by imposters trying to recreate his most famous role, apparently had the flu. The actor then proceeded to projectile vomit all over a poker table. He was incredibly embarrassed, stuck a $100 bill in the dealer's pocket, and excused himself to his room.
Gene Wilder/"Willy Wonka"

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **12**
Reader Blind - Las Vegas Casino: This A+ list mostly movie actor who has several franchises has apparently been caught counting cards on at least five occasions but nobody ever does anything about it.

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **13**
Reader Blind - Vegas Casino: Years ago this A list game show couple were filming for the show in the lobby of our hotel. After they were done getting all the footage they needed they both sat down at slot machines and kept ordering drinks by pressing the drink service button. I guess they need chaperones because they got so rip roaring drunk they eventually stumbled off to the bathrooms but the male host went in the women's and the female host went into the men's. The female host realized her mistake quickly and came out and went into the women's room and screamed bloody murder. Apparently the male host had passed out and whacked his head on the sink on the way down and was unconscious on the floor. Vanna White/Pat Sajak/"The Wheel Of Fortune" (Pat Sajak Admits He Was Drunk Behind The Wheel Of Fortune)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/12 **14**
Hidden Away: It wasn't all that long ago that news broke about a special favor given to this very wealthy man (Larry Page). It was a medical emergency and the government (New Zealand) broke every rule it had in place, just to accommodate him. Why? They did it to get him on their side in the battle they are waging with words so far against a much much larger country (China). They know this wealthy man has been working with the much much larger country and essentially does their bidding so he can make more money. One of the things the wealthy man has been involved with the much much larger country doing is cloning. Oh sure, there was the original crude things the country tried but the results were horrible and even if they did have an unending supply of people from a certain region of the country, it just wasn't worth it. What is worth it though is therapeutic cloning. That has the potential to be worth more money than anything else on the planet and the wealthy guy wants in on it. Now, you still need human subjects for these experiments, and there are plenty of "volunteers." The country doing the favor is worried all of this therapeutic cloning will somehow lead to their downfall, so want someone on the inside who owes them a very very large favor. Larry Page/New Zealand/China (Billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page was allowed to enter New Zealand from Fijian island despite closed border so his son could receive medical attention, government admits)

This A- list mostly movie actress stars in a superhero franchise. She always says she is fighting the forces of Hollywood, but what about that sixteen year old girl (Akira Akbar) she introduces as her goddaughter, but really is a friend of a friend's daughter and sleeps with the actress. Brie Larson/"The Marvels"/ Akira Akbar (born October 2, 2006) (How ‘Captain Marvel’ Sets Up a Hero’s Future)

This married NFL team owner not named Jerry Jones, although, lets be honest, he might have some too, has not one, nor two, but three different children out of wedlock, all with different mothers.
Dan Snyder/"Washington Redskins"

The very very recent split of this couple from the reality show that exploits women from other countries, was because the guy has been sleeping with his ex. Juliana Custodio/Michael Jessen/"90 Day Fiancé" (90 Day Fiancé's Juliana Custodio & Michael Jessen Announce Separation on Wedding Anniversary) (90 Day Fiancé: How Michael Jessen's Focusing On Family Amid Rumored Split)

This married foreign born former A list celebrity/singer/reality star all of you know who is probably A- list right now, slept with a man to get financing for her latest money losing project. Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham/"Cheeky Posh" (Victoria Beckham's new beauty launch is a hit! Fashion designer's 'Cheeky Posh' blusher sells thousands over the release weekend – with the 'Knickers' shade being the most popular)

I know the foreign born former A+ list tweener publicly said he wanted to start having his children, his wife told a friend the couple hasn't had sex in "months and months." Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber ('Hopefully we will squash out a little nugget!' Justin Bieber reveals plans to start trying for a baby with wife Hailey at the end of 2021 in sweet snippet from upcoming Amazon documentary)

In order to save his marriage, this A-/B+ list mostly television actor quit the show he was in. Apparently the romance between himself and a much younger co-star slightly higher on the list was the reason for the marriage trouble. The much younger co-star says the actor still texts her a dozen times a day and always wants naked pictures. Mark Consuelos/Kelly Ripa/"Riverdale" (‘Riverdale’: Mark Consuelos Exits CW Teen Drama As Series Regular After 4 Seasons)

This former A+ list singer (Christina Aguilera) has a long history with the permanent A list "singer." (Britney Spears) In the autobiography she is writing, there are at least two chapters devoted to trashing the "singer." Did you know the former A+ list singer once hooked up with a former co-star who turned into an A+ list singer/bad actor (Justin Timberlake)? She says in the book it was the most boring three minutes of her life. Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake (Christina Aguilera talks Britney Spears love triangle with Justin Timberlake)

The fairly new spouse of this always in the news Congressional representative has been embezzling campaign funds for themselves or the couple (that part isn't clear) using several fake companies that are supposedly doing work for the campaign, but don't actually exist.

Speaking of the reveal earlier today, I wouldn't look to former members of that cult to be responsible for the airplane crash, I would look much much much closer to the founding family. Super close. "Mercy Ministries"/"Remnant Fellowship"/Gwen Shamblin/Nancy Alcorn (This woman thought a Holocaust diet was a good idea) (The True Story of Remnant Fellowship Church Founder Gwen Shamblin Lara's Death) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/06/21)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **10**
This A+ list mostly movie actor (Keanu Reeves) with multiple franchises ("Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures"/"The Matrix"/"John Wick") and a sad meme (Sad Keanu) has been making some poor decisions as of late. One of the women (Jade Struck) ("Shooting Star") he has worked with in the past training him to use guns was sexually harassed by her employer (Taran Butler) ("Taran Tactical"). There is video proof of it. Our actor knows it, but just hired the employer to come train him in Europe ("John Wick: Chapter 4"). Keanu Reeves/"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures"; "The Matrix"; "John Wick"/Jade Struck/Taran Butler/"Taran Tactical"/"John Wick: Chapter 4" (Taran Butler (Taran Tactical) Leaked Video1) (Instagam video)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **11**
Reader Blind - Kindness: This singer/musician (Midge Ure) has been a solo artist and part of several bands. He was most successful in a band ("Ultravox") he joined that already existed and was already making records. His time in that band was the band's biggest period and they have done reunions. He is also well known for charitable work including helping to organize a huge famous event ("Band Aid") and co-wrote a song ("Do They Know It's Christmas?") for a specific cause tied to the event. He has been involved in many other charitable causes and activities and in the country where he lives, he is considered a great man (Band Aid and charity work). Lately he has been helping to run an organization that delivers groceries to those who have lost their jobs and/or do not have resources due to Covid. This started as a project to help children but there is so much need out there he expanded it to cover adults and families too. Midge Ure/"Ultravox"/"Band Aid"/"Do They Know It's Christmas?" (Scots singer Midge Ure tells of upset after someone tried to mug him in broad daylight) (Charity Work, Events and Causes)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **12**
This foreign born designer is the head of an A list foreign fashion house. He is also addicted to meth which might explain why his latest lines look awful. It is so easy to not screw up this particular fashion house, but he is doing his best.

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **13**
Our favorite foreign born closeted A/A- list mostly television actor has been trying to find a girlfriend that can really beard well. He doesn't want an American. There is talk that the "split" between this A+ list mostly movie actor and his co-star was to allow the co-star to start "dating" our closeted A/A- lister. He really wants that long long running movie franchise role. Sam Heughan/"Outlander"/Tom Cruise/Hayley Atwell/"James Bond" ('It just ran its course': Tom Cruise, 59, 'SPLITS' from Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell, 39, as movie wraps filming 'due to leading man's hectic acting schedule') (Outlander’s Sam Heughan would love to be the next 007)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/13 **14**
The Trouble Maker: It greatly amuses me to see this second coming of love for this former A+ list mostly television actor (Mandy Patinkin). A new generation follows the aging actor on social media and love him. They think he is kind and loving and warm and exactly the kind of person they would want for their grandfather. There was the time he was the lead in an ensemble show ("Chicago Hope") and was so hated and reviled by the cast and crew that he was forced out of the show after just a few seasons. The public loved him and was upset that he was gone. The cast and crew partied like they all just won the lottery. There was the time he violently slapped the face of this A- list actress (Toni Collette) after she stopped sleeping with him and spit in the face of another actress. The same thing that happened at the show I mentioned above, happened at another hit show ("Criminal Minds") and another wild celebration was had when he was forced out. Oh, when he was doing a play that he hated, he would call in sick when Tony voters were coming in so the show wouldn't win any awards. There are dozens of other examples of him being horrific, but everyone just loves him now because he is all cuddly. Don't believe the facade.
Mandy Patinkin/"Chicago Hope"/Toni Collette/"Criminal Minds"

162. POPBITCH 10/14
(British blog)
Which leading sportsman is lucky to still be in the running for a big trophy this weekend, thanks to an incident from last week being quietly hushed up? People know he got steaming drunk, but not that it led to him getting so irate with a colleague that he threatened to glass them. Thankfully he couldn't have done much damage anyway, as he was too pissed to notice the 'glass' he'd picked up was actually made of plastic.

This former A/A- list mostly television actress turned show host for multiple shows is looking to make her new replacement gig, permanent. It is why she recently went after the one named talk show host so hard. Leah Remini/"The Wendy Williams Show"/Ellen (The Wendy Williams Show announces Leah Remini as a guest host... as talk show icon grapples with 'serious complications' related to worsening health condition) (Leah Remini playfully smacks Ellen DeGeneres on-air after accusing the host of 'acting really interested' in her story)

This foreign born three named A- list actor was drunk in a bar over the weekend. If anyone should not be drinking, it is him. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Jonathan Rhys Meyers And Alessio Della Valle Discuss Sex And Art In American Night [Exclusive Interview])

This west coast Housewife needs her benefactor. Without him, she has a serious cash flow problem. So, with that being said, she probably shouldn't have yelled at him for twenty minutes while sitting in her car in the parking garage of her closest Ralph's. I always have trouble getting a signal in there, so good for her on that at least. Erika Jayne Girardi/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Michael Gaughan - "South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa") (Who is Erika Jayne’s new boyfriend Michael Gaughan?)

Pretty crazy that a deaf actress (who is amazing by the way), is going to play the role of someone who was just faking being deaf. Millicent Simmonds/"Helen & Teacher"/Helen Keller (Helen Keller movie casts deaf Quiet Place star Millicent Simmonds as disability activist) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/31/21)

This A- list singer doesn't have the patience to lose weight by diet and exercise or coke, so is going to undergo surgery and then not tell anyone the truth, because she always lies until called out about them. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Meets Up With Paris Hilton for Halloween Costume Shopping)

The celebrity offspring of this foreign born part-time reality star/full time a-hole are hiding his money for him. They are also spending it like crazy. Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid/Mohammad Hadid (Hadid’s troubled Strada Vecchia mansion still in limbo after failed court auction) (Wrecking Ball and $275 Million Price Cut Loom for L.A. Mansions)

This A- list dual threat actress used to have a massive drinking problem. This past week, while at lunch, she couldn't stop her hands from shaking and had to use a straw and bend over her glass without holding it. She also couldn't hold a fork to use it so gave up eating.

Considering the name of her most recent project, it is slightly amusing that this A+/A list mostly movie actress is splitting with her husband. "Scenes from a Marriage"/Jessica Chastain/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain risked friendship to make new HBO hit 'Scenes from a Marriage')

Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver: The three named actress gets a lot of bad press on this site, but the driver remembers driving her a couple of times, and she was nothing but pleasant. She was dressed very nicely, smelled good, and tipped cash. Unlike the one named talk show host/comedian, who he also drove a couple of times, and who was condescending, snide, and tipped nothing. She made the driver feel an inch tall. Sarah Jessica Parker or Evan Rachel Wood/Ellen

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **10**
Reader Blind: This Oscar winning A+ actor was at one time a well respected actor. He is now a bit of a joke due to personal issues that have forced him to make some questionable career choices. He has been in the tabloids a lot. This actor is also a collector of rare items which is something that has gotten him into trouble in regards to his net worth. Something that he acquired that may have caused long lasting mental damage - He funded a young inventor who came up with a device that allowed him to move ahead to another place temporarily. There the actor discovered a possible relation committing horrible crimes against humanity well on the way to becoming Hitler level infamous. He returned from this trip very shaken up. Nicolas Cage (How Nicolas Cage blew $150 million on mansions, a private island — and a real dinosaur skull)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **11**
Reader Blind: The network responsible for running this popular tv show that has had several spin-offs which involves traveling to spend time with a potential partner for marriage hoping no one notices the couple second mistake in a trailer for an upcoming season. In the trailer was a brief clip of a couple who never appeared on the actual show. The reason? The male part of the couple had not been properly vetted and had a record of stalking and sexual assault. He had spent some time in jail. He had gone to the country of the woman he had met and after a couple of unpleasant weeks that should have thrown up red flags for the makers of the show he murdered the woman. For this he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the country of the woman. However, because this is a poor country, the network was able to spend a little money and remove any mention of the show. There has never been a mention of this anywhere but there are a few people who know about it on the show and at the network. "90 Day Fiancé" (Meet 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s New and Returning Couples)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **12**
Reader Blind: There does not seem to be much dispute about who killed the world record holder. Yes, it was her husband but why? In a very homophobic country, the record holder only get married as a shield. The very recent day of her murder, her husband walked in on her and her girlfriend in bed. The girlfriend escaped, the record holder did not. Agnes Tirop/Ibrahim Kipchumba Rotich/Kenya (Agnes Tirop: Athlete's Husband Reportedly Called His Parents and Confessed to Killing Her)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **13**
Reader Blind: This deceased Emmy winning, Oscar nominated, Tony nominated (Awards and nominations) rotund actor (James Coco) whose weight loss might have been a factor in his death started off in the theatre but was also in a lot of TV shows and movies (Filmography). In movies, he was primarily in comedies and was in several films by this permanent A+ playwright/screenwriter (Neil Simon/"The Last of the Red Hot Lovers"; "Little Me"; "Murder by Death"; "The Cheap Detective"; "Only When I Laugh"). One quirk he had was his love of nudism and he insisted on being completely naked when he did print interviews. This was especially true if the interviewer was a younger man. James Coco/Neil Simon

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/14 **14**
The Hotel: This particular hotel chain ("Choice Hotels International") calls itself luxury. They really aren't. They are also one of the hotels named in a class action sex trafficking lawsuit, but also have the distinction of also being named in multiple other lawsuits across the country for the same thing. In addition to this higher end brand they own, they also own chains that are budget friendly. Those are the hotels where you will often find the sex workers who were trafficked being forced to work. The thing is though, they always need a fresh supply of workers. One of the places they find them is in their upper end hotels located in heavily urban areas where it is easy to get someone out and move them quickly. Hotels which usually have lots of street traffic and noise to cover any screams. There is one of their hotels ("Cambria D.C.") in the capitol (Washington, D.C.) that has the reputation for being one of their feeder properties. All of the staff are in on it because they get kickbacks from the traffickers. You are not safe in that hotel. If you are a woman traveling alone, they will make an attempt to get you. If you are a woman traveling with other women, they will try and separate you by making you take different elevators and then will grab the one who ends up alone. They also do the same thing with couples that are traveling together. No one will help you at the hotel. No one. "Choice Hotels International"/"Cambria D.C."/Washington, D.C. (Woman's Alleged Attempted Kidnapping At DC's Cambria Hotel Raises Concerns Of Human Trafficking) (Black Women Are Being Targets At Cambria Hotel in D.C.) (Woman drowns at Cambria Hotel & Suites Washington, DC Convention Center, police say) (GMO Mosquito Whistleblower Murdered In D.C.)

One of things left out of the very good, very long interview with this former tween/teen actress from the now rebooted hit show, is how many of those showers she was not taking alone at 16 and 17 were with a married producer of the show. Jennette McCurdy/"iCarly"/Dan Schneider (iCarly's Jennette McCurdy on Healing from 'Intense' Physical and Emotional Abuse by Her Mom)

You have to hand it to the west coast Housewife. Even when all the critics had their screener links canceled because the studio knew how bad it was, she kept plugging/promoting her new movie. To be called a disaster would be kind. This should effectively end her acting career for good. Kyle Richards Umansky/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/"Halloween Kills" (In her acting comeback, Kyle Richards had one question: ‘How far do you need me to go?’)

Speaking of horrible movies, everyone knew the movie ("The Last Duel") starring A list actors/best friends (Ben Affleck/Matt Damon) was going to be problematic from the start. The movie is boring and then somehow gets even more boring. Despite all that, the A list actor (Adam Driver) with the larger role still wants the studio to honor their commitment for a huge FYC campaign to get him an Oscar nod. "The Last Duel"/Ben Affleck/Matt Damon/Adam Driver (Beneath the chain mail and bad hair, ‘The Last Duel’ is a movie about mansplaining and toxic masculinity)

This foreign owned massive conglomerate is already planning a hologram tour of the alliterate permanent A list singer solo and in a group. Are these really going to be a thing?
"BMG"/Tina Turner

This former singer turned Housewife is covering up for relatives that molested other relatives. It is unclear if the Housewife was also molested as a youth. Kandi Burruss/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Apparently the long time affair between the mother of an A+ list TikTok star and the married TikTok executive has ended. Why did all of you think she became such a star compared to others? Sheri Easterling/Addison Rae (Addison Rae Reveals She Has Been Permanently Banned From TikTok)

The special access and payola were not forthcoming. So even the foreign born one named A list singer won't get played on the big boys until that is done. Adele (Radio Nowhere: So Far Adele’s "Easy on Me" Ignored by Two Biggest Pop Stations in New York, Los Angeles)

This former A+ list NBA player who is still A- list, is about to come out as bisexual. Apparently some guy is blackmailing him.

Reader Blind: This foreign born dual threat actor had a film out a few years back. To tie in with the movie, the studio put out some promotional Rubik’s cubes for the launch, with images of the film including our actor, instead of the regular colors. Our actor throws the hissiest of fits as he doesn’t want his image or his masterpiece associated with tacky merch. Wonder how that’s working out for him in the MCU? Benedict Cumberbatch/"The Imitation Game"/"The Imitation Game CumberCube"/"Dr. Strange" ("The Imitation Game CumberCube")

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **10**
This A list actress from an acting family passed out drunk in a Savannah bar this past week. Dakota Fanning/"The First Lady" (The First Lady Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **11**
Sometimes singers/band cancel their shows/tours because of COVID, and then there are singer like this back in the day A- list singer (not named Aaron Carter) who would from time to time hook up with Paris Hilton. Our former A- list singer is using COVID as an excuse to cancel a tour which had awful ticket sales. Jesse McCartney (Paris Hilton and Jesse McCartney) (Jesse McCartney Postpones Upcoming Tour: 'This Isn't Fun News')

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **12**
This one named foreign born A- list rapper broke up with his one named singer girlfriend because she was always drunk. Skepta/Adele (Adele shops at outlet mall with rumored boyfriend Skepta) (From a New Yorker Blind Item to Instagram Official: The Rich Paul and Adele Story)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **13**
This former A list talk show host bombed hard at a comedy club here in town this week.
Jay Leno

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/15 **14**
Four For Friday - Celebrity Sexual Assault:
#1 - This long time A list writer/showrunner who is married, sexually assaulted this former A+ list mostly television actress who is in the process of a reboot of one of her shows. Dan Schneider (Lisa Lillien)/Miranda Cosgrove/"iCarly" (‘iCarly’ Revival With Miranda Cosgrove & Other Original Stars Gets Premiere Date On Paramount+)

#2 - This alliterate A list mostly movie actor has been accused of stalking and repeatedly sexually assaulting a woman during the earlier parts of his career. In a long ago blind, I told you about what he did prior to becoming famous. Matthew McConaughey (BLIND ITEM 03/20/12)
#3 - This one named singer/DJ used to be A list. He has always been annoying and horrible. He also sexually assaulted this at the time barely legal A list actress who is probably B+ list now and known to all of you. Moby/Christina Ricci
#4 - Normally, this permanent A list actress with celebrity offspring and multiple A list exes who doesn't act much any longer won't even admit to being near the former A++ lister. But, if she has some wine and some pot and gets to talking, she will tell you that he held her down and dry humped her while grabbing her breasts. It was at about the time period when she was a "dancer" in a movie. Demi Moore/Rumer, Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis/Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher/Bill Clinton/"Striptease" (Demi 'Dating' Bill Clinton)

Does the love or hate her A list celebrity always ask someone to grab a camera whenever she starts crying? Is that how this works? Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen Reflects on Depression After Pregnancy Loss: ‘I Felt Suctioned to the Couch’)

This alliterate rapper with wealthy friends should try and scam them instead of all the fans who he is lying to this week. Just because you are going to play to a crowd in NYC that is about 30% full, don't scam them. Just do the right thing and cancel because of exhaustion and give them their money back. Meek Mill/Jay-Z & Robert Kraft/"Madison Square Garden" (Meek Mill and Jay-Z got Robert Kraft an insane Bentley for his birthday) (Meek Mill & Friends/Sat • Oct 23 • 8:00 PM/Madison Square Garden, New York, NY)

So far, an actress and an actor from this long running sitcom starring the serial rapist, have come forward and believe they were hypnotized to forget the abuse and molestation they suffered on set. Lili Bernard/"The Cosby Show"/Bill Cosby (Actress Lili Bernard files lawsuit against Bill Cosby alleging he drugged and raped her)

Earlier this week I wrote about the oft accused A/A- list comedian of living with the now legal aged woman who was someone he groomed from the time she was in her early teens. Well, it turns out that a stand up comic/writer who has the same last name as a game show host who worked for the A list comedian on many projects, was hired even after the A list comic knew his employee had also had sex with the woman our comic is living with now. Oh, the woman was just 16 at the time. Jeff Ross/Jamie Kennedy (Jeff Ross Is the Latest Accused Creep to Get a Free Pass From the Comedy World) ("Jamie Kennedy & Jeff Ross")

Reader Blind - Kindness: This actor was on two huge TV shows in the ‘90s, one of which has a huge fan base and was based on a blockbuster movie he was also in. He shows up to every convention and is usually the last one to leave. I’ve heard stories of him joining convention goers for lunch, and putting on impromptu puppet shows for very young kids. The first thing you’ll usually hear from anyone who's met him is what a nice guy he is.

Reader Blind - Kindness: This actor is still quite young and was on a very hit cable show. He became something of a teen heartthrob despite the role he played, and would put on his own meet and greet events so he could get closer to his fans than the big conventions would allow.

This former teen actress who got another chance in a reboot, is on several dating apps. Generally when you converse with her, the subject of money comes up and whether the guy is generous or not. Jodie Sweetin/"Full House" & "Fuller House" (What Did Jodie Sweetin Do Between ‘Full House’ and ‘Fuller House’?)

The heavy makeup on this former Disney actress couldn't quite hide the bruising on her face when she hit a red carpet this week. Her boyfriend is such an a-hole. Bella Thorne//"Time Is Up"/Benjamin Mascolo (Bella Thorne looks stunning in a busty black thigh-split gown as she shares a kiss with fiancé Benjamin Mascolo at the Rome premiere of their new film Time Is Up)

This back in the day A- list actress turned lightning rod who is in the news this week celebrity once had a threesome with this dead actor and his celebrity girlfriend turned lightning rod celebrity girlfriend. Stacey Dash/Michael Clarke Duncan/Omarosa

I wonder if the one named permanent A list singer knows that her husband pays the sister-in-law seven figures a year to stay quiet about what she knows. Beyoncé/Jay-Z/Solange Knowles

This former child bride turned porn star was doing lines of coke last night at a party. There was no sign of her live in lover. Courtney Stodden/Chris Sheng (Courtney Stodden debuts medical aid in plunging underwear) (Courtney Stodden Announces They're Engaged to Boyfriend Chris Sheng: 'The Ring Made Me Gag')

Speaking of coke, this pint pint sized foreign born/B+ list actress who has a new movie coming out in which she stars with an Oscar winner, was doing lines with a married producer last night who somehow kept sliding his hand up her dress whenever she bent over to do a line.

Reader Blind - Kindness: Of all the directors I’ve met at repertory screenings, this retired foreign-born director (Jan de Bont) who was A-list in the ‘90s, was the greatest with the fans in the audience. After a sold-out screening of his mid-90s ("Speed" or "Twister") adventure blockbuster, he spent over a half hour in the lobby signing autographs and taking pictures with anyone who wanted them. And that was after he spent even longer taking questions from the audience. Jan de Bont (Filmography)

One reason why this A+/A list dual threat married actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee wanted out of a hit show is the husband of the woman he was hooking up with during filming. Apparently he found out and stalked last season's set with a gun.

This A- list actress/producer/director from an acting family screamed at a reporter when he dared asked her about James Franco last night. Maggie Gyllenhaal/"The Lost Daughter"/James Franco (Maggie Gyllenhaal and Dakota Johnson don dueling black dresses while attending a screening of The Lost Daughter at the Mill Valley Film Festival) (Maggie Gyllenhaal Stands by The Deuce’s Decision to Keep James Franco)

This A- list actress has been acting since she was a kid and spilling tea to me since not long after. She said this HGTV star and his actress girlfriend smiled pretty for the cameras but kept their distance from each other during an event this week. Abigail Breslin/Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers")/Zooey Deschanel/"Environmental Media Association Awards" (Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott arrives at GEARBOX LA) (Abigail Breslin Gives Puff-Sleeved LBD an Edge with Patent Platform Boots at EMA Awards Gala)

There was a statement of support to IATSE ("International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees") workers and the long hours and low pay they have endured. Although, it is nice of the former A/A- list mostly movie actress turned singer to do that, perhaps she would be willing to address the slave labor she enables in that cult. Juliette Lewis/Scientology (Juliette Lewis calls on fellow actors to speak up about poor work practices in the entertainment industry as she shows her support for the IATSE strike)

This news anchor who made her fame in the morning knew what her co-star was up to with women, because all the women were talking. She just doesn't want to be blamed for not speaking up so pretends everything was rainbows and unicorns. How was she the only woman there not to know? Katie Couric/"Today"/Matt Lauer (Katie Couric says she has no relationship with Matt Lauer)

Speaking of that cult mentioned previously, now that another woman has come forward alleging the accused serial rapist/actor also raped her, when will the A/A- list actor and his wife finally denounce the actor, instead of enabling/supporting him no matter what. Scientology/Danny Masterson/Ashton Kutcher/Mila Kunis (New Woman Claims Danny Masterson Raped Her At 'Dracula 2000' Cast Party As He Faces Trial For Allegedly Raping Three Other Women)

This A- list rapper is a known homophobe and landed him in hot water. However, while overseas, away from what he thought were prying eyes, he hooked up with several men. DaBaby/Dabai (A Timeline of DaBaby's Homophobic Comments Controversy) (DaBaby Hilariously Crashes Dubai Boxing Match)

The meme actor was still wasted out of his mind from a night of partying when he did morning show appearances today. Timothée Chalamet

This permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor with multiple franchises is aging and cranky and being a diva which is why the latest installment in one of his franchises just got pushed back an entire year. Harrison Ford/"Indiana Jones 5" (‘Indiana Jones 5’ Delayed Another Year – Harrison Ford Will Be Nearly 82 When Sequel Opens)

This bar star was at a LA Fashion Week event this weekend and she acted like she was an A+ lister. She wanted to be able to be seated before everyone else and even wanted security because she was sure she was going to be mobbed. Hardly anyone even recognized her or even cared to know who she was. Lala  (Lauren from Utah) Kent/"Vanderpump Rules"/"Travel & Give Fundraiser" (Lisa Vanderpump rocks a black tuxedo and red vest to Travel & Give's fundraiser attended by Lala Kent and Garcelle Beauvais event at her restaurant and bar Tom Tom in West Hollywood)

This A- list mostly movie actress from an acting family has been acting since she was very young. All grown up now, she always makes the women (but not men) she sleeps with, sign a NDA. Well, apparently things were hot and heavy with one woman and she didn't make her sign one and now the woman can't be found and our actress is freaking out. She has never come out as bisexual, and hadn't ever planned on it. Dakota Fanning

I am always up for a happily ever after, but the alliterate reality star needs to be prepared. I know she has dealt with a mess for a long time with her ex, but the new guy has his demons too. She just hasn't seen them yet. Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick/Travis Barker (Scott Disick Is ‘Furious’ Over Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Engagement, Thinks It Could Get ‘Called Off’)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **10**
This foreign born A-/B+ list actress reached out to this A+ list dual threat actress and apologized. Within a week, the foreign born actress got her old job back and a bunch of other offers too. Abbie Cornish/Reese Witherspoon/"Jack Ryan" (‘Jack Ryan’: Abbie Cornish To Return As Cathy Mueller In Season 4 Of Amazon Series)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **11**
The powers that be at this pay cable channel are hoping they can survive a week of negative publicity about their recent casting news of the former A+ list actor. They feel if they can make it through the week, they can keep the woman beater/homophobe/anti-Semite and won't have to recast him with literally anyone else who is not one of those things.
"Starz"/Mel Gibson/"John Wick. The Continental" (they made it through the week) (Mel Gibson First Star Set For ‘John Wick’ Origin Series ‘The Continental’ For Starz & Lionsgate Television)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **12**
Speaking of bad people, this alliterate back in the day A list mostly television actress from multiple hit network shows, is getting a reality show. Hopefully someone will ask her what went on during the filming of her last big hit network show and why she didn't get any more television acting gigs after it. Suzanne Somers/"Three's Company"; "She's the Sheriff" & "Step by Step"/"Candid Camera" (Suzanne Somers could be getting her own reality TV show)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **13**
Old Hollywood: In a new book coming out soon, the author makes the claim that this permanent A list actor/director was the killer of the Black Dahlia. Orson Welles (Citizen Killer?)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/18 **14**
Where Is The Kid? - Old Hollywood: In the past in this space, there have been several stories about old Hollywood actors and actresses who gave up kids for adoption or pretended a family member was a child's parent instead of themselves. Old Hollywood allowed for that kind of anonymity and hiding family members and histories that might make a fan hesitant to buy a movie ticket. Much like me personally wanting to ask Katie Holmes about the two weeks she went missing at the beginning of her relationship with Tom Cruise, this blind item asks the question why did this actress disappear and go off to a place she knew she wouldn't be bothered. At the time, the actress was A list and living with the alliterate rich guy who made movies and airplanes. The reason she gave for leaving and going back home was because he was sleeping with multiple men and women. She couldn't understand why he would do that, especially since she was pregnant with his child. Our actress didn't have an abortion because she kept hoping that the alliterate one would change his mind and have her come back and be loyal and be monogamous. It never happened, so she had the baby and presumably gave the baby up for adoption. He knew and she knew. The child never knew. The adoptive parents of the child never knew either. Katherine Hepburn/Howard Hughes (The Hughes-Hepburn affair)

So, this surviving stand up comic, with a bunch of dead/dying people around her called the dealer first to come clean up and then called a 1-800 drug line and hung up on them and then called 911. She also loves the sympathy she is getting so, is milking it for all it is worth. Kate Quigley (Fuquan Johnson, Rico Angeli and Natalie Williamson) (Kate Quigley's Near-Fatal OD Might've Been Avoidable with Fentanyl Strips)

The flash in the pan foreign born comedian has told the money laundering service to pull her specials unless they vow never to hire the permanent A lister again. Hannah Gadsby/"Netflix"/Dave Chappelle (Hannah Gadsby Slams Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos for Defending Dave Chappelle)

This not even close to legal offspring of a former A/A- list singer/musician who still tours and has been in the news a lot as of late, is hooking up with a guy who is pushing 30. Alabama Barker (15 years old)/Travis Barker (mother Shanna Moakler)/"blink-182" (Kim Kardashian, Addison Rae and Alabama Barker react to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker engagement) (Meet Alabama Barker: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Travis Barker's Daughter)

This former A- list teen actress who has really done nothing for well over a decade, is someone all of you know. She is in the news a lot. She is also helping to recruit tweens and teens for that cult run by her manager. Jamie Lynn Spears/Lou Taylor/"Mercy Ministries/Remnant Fellowship" (‘Deeply sorry’ nonprofit declines donations from Jamie Lynn Spears’ memoir) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/06/21)

For much of her red carpet attending life, this A list mostly movie actress has her hair and makeup people do what they need to do while our actress is either topless or in whatever undergarments she is going to wear for her particular outfit. When the hair and makeup people finish, whether it is one hour before she has to leave for the red carpet or four, she stays exactly as she is, until ten minutes prior to leaving, and puts on her dress. The habit started back in the day when she was still shooting up and staying naked or almost naked made it easier to do so. Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh, 15, wears a dress on the red carpet for the first time as she joins her siblings at the Eternals premiere)

This former A- list singer in a group where she was the only real singer, but not the only one who slept with people for money is ticked off because a producer she recently slept with was supposed to get her a big part in a movie, but he ghosted her. Nicole Scherzinger/"The Pussycat Dolls" (Nicole Scherzinger goes braless under plunging 70s-inspired lilac suit as she heads out for a romantic date at Craig's with boyfriend Thom Evans)

This foreign born actress currently stars on the show every UK actor/actress seems to find time for in their career. She is a fan favorite and has no idea that she is about to be slammed by the ex of the celebrity guy she is dating, accusing her of being a home wrecker. "Strictly Come Dancing"/Rose Ayling-Ellis/Giovanni Pernice/Maura Higgins ('I forgot how stressful moving is': Maura Higgins unpacks boxes in her new house after leaving her home with Strictly's Giovanni Pernice following their 'devastating' shock split)

This permanent A+ list athlete was out to dinner this week and someone asked her about the alliterate one. The only thing the athlete said was that she had blocked her number. Interesting. Serena Williams/Meghan Markle (Serena Williams stuns in knee high boots on date night with husband Alexis Ohanian)

With how much her publicists are making, feeding stories to the tabloids about this alliterate actress, the pressure was on to keep the offspring competing. Lori Loughlin/Olivia Jade Giannulli/"Dancing With the Stars" (Crime Pays: Lori Loughlin To Earn $150K Per Episode In Return To Television) (Olivia Jade Giannulli and Val Chmerkovskiy Aren’t ‘Focused’ on Rumors About Their Relationship: ‘We Want to Win This Trophy’)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **10**
This RHOP Housewife is cheating on her significant other. It is about time. Ashley and Michael Darby (Here’s the Real Reason Why Michael Darby Didn’t Come on the RHOP Couples’ Trip)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **11**
Speaking of cheating and Bravo shows, this former Bravo star who actually made her fame on a different long long running reality show, is being cheated on again by her husband. Cameran Eubanks/"Southern Charm"/"The Real World: San Diego"/Jason Wimberly (Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks Says Producers Tried to Get Her to Crash Season 7 Filming to Defend Husband Jason)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **12**
Two coaching jobs ago ("Florida Gators"), this at the time A+ list college coach (Urban Meyer) had people place bets for him in games against much smaller schools. He knew he could control whether or not his team could cover a 30-40 point spread. "Florida Gators"/Urban Meyer

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **13**
Apparently this ridiculously wealthy socialite who is an heiress to one of the biggest old money fortunes left her husband several years back because she prefers women to men, and she is now involved in a relationship with a woman all of you know, who has/had one of the worst husbands ever.

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/19 **14**
I Know Who - From Reddit: I just made it a blind and removed a couple hints.
I missed when this truth bomb dropped but a reporter is calling other crew from ("Runt") about the public statement our director (William Coakley) made. I worked on the movie too but nobody called me. So I can just say the truth on here I don’t give a f**k and one of the reporters will see it. The ones who harassed this A/A- list dual threat teen actor (Cameron Boyce) (Filmography) were the wife (Chrysanthi Casseres Berger) of a drug executive (Harvey Berger) and her daughter who was the female lead (Nicole Berger). They are billionaires who financed the whole movie so the actress could get the role. Worst set vibes ever because that woman and her kid. I spent a lot of time around our actor and they were making him so miserable. He told us nobody warned him that the actress only just turned 14 or why her mother wouldn’t stop begging our actor every day to post about the actress and make her famous using his followers. The actress always cried that our actor ignored her and nobody liked her. Yah since her mom was a monster to everyone and they both tried to fire this woman who the daughter didn’t like. We were all afraid to get fired and could barely do our jobs. Got mad ugly by the end when the mom was always spreading real f**ked up shit about our actor and other women on crew, sexual lies and insults. Our actor yelled at a producer about it but it never stopped. Shit hit the fan when our actor said it would be creepy to kiss the daughter in a scene because she was too young. The director said no problem and changed it to a hug. The daughter freaked out and was crying she didn’t get to kiss our actor. The mom went off on everybody it was the daughter's first real life kiss and they paid for it so our actor had to do it. Our actor looked humiliated in front of us all while we reshot it so the daughter got her kisses. One of the creepier things I ever saw go down on a set. All of us were over it and nobody even our actor went to the wrap party as a f**k you to the mom. There’s other stuff too but people just need to know it was the mom before working with that family again. I actually felt sorry for the daughter sometimes she acts nice and sweet but it looked like she was already learning to be an rich asshole like her mom. They should be ashamed for how treated everybody but especially our actor. "Runt"/William Coakley/Cameron boyce/Chrysanthi Casseres Berger/Harry Berger/Nicole Berger (Disney star Cameron Boyce died from epilepsy. A neurologist explains why the disease can be deadly)

The producers of this talk show hosted by an alliterate host are trying to burn the show to the ground in her absence. They want her permanently out. "The Wendy Williams Show"/Wendy Williams (Whitney Cummings and Sherri Shepherd to Guest Host Wendy Williams Show amid Williams' Health Issues)

This former A+ list rapper lied in a court pleading signed under penalty of perjury, but knows that nothing will happen to her because she is rich and famous and the person she is being sued by, is not. Nicki Minaj (Court Declines to Award $20 Million Default Judgement Request in Nicki Minaj Harassment Case)

Someone asked this A/A- list dual threat actor who made his fame late night, whether he would ever date this A-/B+ list alliterate actress again. He said she is a special kind of crazy and would not be dating her again. Jason Sudeikis/"Saturday Night Live"/January Jones (What Happened Between Jason Sudeikis And January Jones?)

This network talent show had to reshoot a segment because this A list singer didn't have her wedding ring on. She said she would have an hours long fight with her husband if he noticed it wasn't on. So, the ring was brought from her dressing room and they shot the segment again. "The Voice"/Ariana Grande (The Voice: Blake Shelton uses last steal of Battles round to save singer at urging of Ariana Grande)

Considering they were hanging out last night, I guess the foreign born former A+ list singer and his abuser/groomer/former A+ list singer have worked things out. Justin Bieber/Usher (Justin Bieber reps his streetwear brand Drew House while catching up with longtime mentor Usher at the NBA season opener in LA)

This A/A- list mostly television actress who loves her former co-star made it clear this week, that she has not lived in the same house as her husband in years. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn/Nnamdi Asomugha (Kerry Washington stuns in a flowing striped dress at ELLE's 27th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration)

The (not a) daughter of this northeast Housewife was doing lines of coke at a very late night party this week.

This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee totally blew off this A+ list TikTok star at an event, saying "She doesn't belong here." Halle Berry/Addison Rae/"ELLE's 27th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration" (Halle Berry Gives A Heartfelt Speech At ELLE's Women In Hollywood Event) (Addison Rae showcases her toned abs in black dress at ELLE's 2021 Women in Hollywood Celebration... amid news she's set to star in Snapchat show about returning to her Louisiana roots)

The sometime girlfriend of this one named permanent A list rapper who has also acted says that instead of having sex with her, he prefers to watch her having sex with other men.

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **10**
When he first started out, this A- list dual threat actor who was married to someone much higher on the list, used to provide sexual services to wealthy older women.

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **11**
The one named foreign born A list singer is good publicity for the company of her boyfriend, but it doesn't mean he hasn't cheated when given the chance. Adele/"Klutch Sports Group"/Rich Paul (Adele and Rich Paul dating, relationship timeline: How the two became the NBA courtside "it" couple)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **12**
In the reunion that never was and never will be, there was some talk one would be held, but minus one of the Housewives. "Real Housewives of New York"/Ramona Singer (Ramona Singer FIRES BACK at ‘RHONY’ Viewers Who Want Her OFF the Show (Exclusive))

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/20 **13**
The Mess: It all began several decades ago when this now A list mostly movie actress (Salma Hayek) first came to the US. It was at the same time that this A list everything in her mind singer/actress (Jennifer Lopez) was just starting to become famous. A foreign born very wealthy man (François-Henri Pinault) came to visit to Los Angeles and wanted to spend time with an actress. He was very much a star f**ker. He ended up meeting both of the women, but decided he wanted to spend time with the A list everything in her mind. It was actually this man that encouraged our A list everything in her mind to leave the show ("In Living Color") that made her famous. It was shortly thereafter that our man got a new title/job and really couldn't spend much time in the US any longer. Fast forward two decades and he kept in touch with the A list everything in her mind and from time to time would see each other. Meanwhile, the foreign born A list mostly movie actress was doing her own thing until one day she ran into the man again. They started hooking up almost immediately, despite him having a girlfriend (Linda Evangelista) he was also seeing and also seeing the at the time married (Marc Anthony) A list everything in her mind singer/actress. It was a mess and the only one who wasn't afraid of the mess was the foreign born A list actress. Salma Hayek/Jennifer Lopez/François-Henri Pinault/"In Living Color"/Linda Evangelista/Marc Anthony

248. POPBITCH 10/21
(British blog)
Which media pundit is actively trying to get himself 'cancelled' by pushing a weird social media campaign – not because he's invested in the cause, but because he's making a documentary about cancel culture and is hoping to bait the press into flaming him?

After nearly a decade of grooming and assaulting legal and underage teens, this Emmy winner/former reality star is finally going to be nailed to the wall for his behavior. The fact his employer still employs him is stunning.
Travis Wall/"So You Think You Can Dance" (two days after this blind his employers did dump him) (What is Break The Floor Allegations? Dancers Travis Wall Grooming & Assault)

Speaking of scummy people, this former A+ list director (John McTierman) thought he was going to finally get a credited gig, but he is still blacklisted. Yes, he works, but under an assumed name. There is also a buzz around town that you are not supposed to have sex with him without protection or you will get something long lasting. John McTiernan/"Tau Ceti Four" (‘Die Hard’ Director John McTiernan Headed to Prison After Supreme Court Denies Appeal)

This early prime time cable anchor is cheating on his wife. One thing that may be in play here is they have an unconventional marriage. He might try and claim it is an open marriage.

This multiple reality star/horrible actress thinks she has found true love with her Russian mobster. He just wanted to brag to his friends. Tori Spelling

This foreign born alliterate A- list singer/horrible actress has been spending every night this week with a guy who is not her "boyfriend." Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes (Camila Cabello Debuts a ‘Cool Shag’ Haircut — and Fans Are Loving the New Look)

This directionally challenged rapper has been spilling tea and wearing a microphone to try and keep himself out of jail. French Montana

The alliterate one and the A++ lister for CA had a one on one conversation this week about her political aspirations. Meghan Markle/Gavin Newsom (Meghan urged to ditch duchess title when talking US politics, including on paid family leave)

This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family has been hooking up with this A- list mostly movie actress who will probably read this and then do some photo op with her supposed boyfriend. Owen Wilson/Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker (Danny DeVito Joins Owen Wilson and Rosario Dawson in Disney's Haunted Mansion Reboot) (Rosario Dawson doesn't think SNL gets her boyfriend Cory Booker 'quite right,' and has some suggestions)

This former A- list mostly television actress with two hit shows to her credit and a very turbulent past few years, has been spotted with that Room 23 founder.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **10**
This A- list singer/bad actress said it took her about a dozen takes to plug the season finale of her show because of botox injections she got the day prior and thought it was making her sound funny. Selena Gomez/"Only Murders In the Building" (Selena Gomez (‘Only Murders In the Building’) should slay SAG Awards with her charismatic performance)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **11**
This multiple reality star contestant was at an event this week and was giving up spoilers for the streaming show she is on right now.

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **12**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee finally has confessed that his publicist at the time was the one who first spread the rumor about the other A list actor and a gerbil. Sylvester Stallone/Richard Gere (Where Richard Gere And Sylvester Stallone's Infamous Feud Started) (How That Gerbil Story Really Started)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **13**
Reader Blind - Vegas Casino: So we actually have a thick book dating back to the 1960s that documents celebrity encounters, both positive and negative. There's an entry from 1968 about this permanent A list singer/actress with celebrity offspring in which she apparently was plastered out of her mind, sitting at a poker table but not playing, and telling everyone who would listen "Don't believe what they say. Elsie the Cow was not modeled after me. It's a lie. It's all bulls*it." Judy Garland (A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow) (Little Nellie Kelly) (Portrait of Elsie the Cow, character) (Judy Garland- A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow(1940))

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/21 **14**
A History Lesson: There is nothing Hollywood celebrities like to do more than rewrite their own personal history. The thing is, a decade or two ago, you could still do that kind of thing. Today's media/social media makes that almost impossible. This is history that probably would never have some out if the former A+ lister was not feeling reflective of his cocaine and hooker past. Lets go back in time to when the former A+ lister (Charlie Sheen) was spending time with this at the time A list mostly television actress (Heather Locklear) turned frequent rehab guest. The A list actress introduced him to one of her co-stars. It turns out though, he already had the pleasure of her company a few years earlier when she was in the employ of the same person (Heidi Fleiss) who employed his future wife (Denise Richards). The three then enjoyed a threesome. He added an epilogue to the tale. Later down the road our actor and his then wife filmed a movie together and cast the co-star in a bit role so the three could enjoy threesomes together on the set. Charlie Sheen/Heather Locklear/Heidi Fleiss/Denise Richards (Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen Were Pals Before Denise Richards Was in the Picture)

This B-list streamer in his corner of the magic letter community is a convicted pedophile, the age of the victim was only in the single digits. The streamer uses an alias to conceal his true identity, and recently did a stream with a guest who is barely a teen.
David Todeschini aka David Trent /"Mini" Mike Lindell

Probably a deal was struck. The actor wouldn't tell the world his wife is really American and she wouldn't tell the world he is really five years older than he pretends to be. Alec Baldwin/Hilaria Baldwin (‘Rust’ crew describes on-set gun safety issues and misfires days before fatal shooting) (What is a prop gun and how can it kill someone? How the Alec Baldwin tragedy was possible)

This ratings service which has been around for decades has been pushed out the door by streamers because they don't want the truth, they want to make up their own numbers which are nowhere near reality. "Nielsen Ratings" (Nielsen falls short in ratings reboot)

During a recent talk show appearance, this A- list mostly movie actress/Oscar stealer had a chance to come clean about how she won the Oscar and what she had to do to win it, but chose not to do so. Gwyneth Paltrow/"Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" (Watch Gwyneth Paltrow React to Glenn Close Saying Her Oscar Win Didn't "Make Sense") (Gwyneth Paltrow on Gifting Sex Toys to Celebs)

In her latest relationship, this east coast Housewife is just going from one abuser to another. I give it no more than another year before everything that made dozens of women hate him, also opens up the eyes of the Housewife. Teresa Giudice/"Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Luis Ruelas (Jackie Goldschneider says ‘karma came’ for Teresa Giudice when Luis rumors hit)

This permanent A list singer/actress/Oscar winner was asked to provide her input into a casting decision for a theatre role and she gave her blessing to the actress who landed the job. Our permanent actress said no to the actress who always wanted the role for fear she would overshadow what the permanent A list actress did with it. Barbra Streisand/"Fanny Brice"/"Funny Girl"/Beanie Feldstein/Lea Michele (Beanie Feldstein recreates Barbra Streisand's iconic 'Hello, gorgeous' moment from Funny Girl in sneak peek for Broadway revival) (Beanie Feldstein Didn't Understand Why Lea Michele Started Trending When She Landed 'Funny Girl' Role)

The boyfriend wants to get the biggest, most expensive house possible, but not until after he marries the "singer." Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (House hunting! Britney Spears and fiancé Sam Asghari check out the sprawling $16.5M Hidden Hills mansion put on the market by makeup mogul Jeffree Star)

There are two actors who are set to go public about the on set tragedy and will discuss the heavy use of coke and other stimulants to get as much done each day as possible. "Rust" (‘Rust’ crew describes on-set gun safety issues and misfires days before fatal shooting) (Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ co-star Jensen Ackles spoke about gun training days before tragedy)

Reader Blind: Many years ago, this foreign band had one big hit. Following the release of the record that followed, they fired their singer. This was due to his not very secret same sex relationship with a photographer. The fired singer had a solo hit a few years later that was the name of a movie. Much better at keeping a relationship secret with the same photographer was this deeply closeted A List actor (Tom Selleck) who had a very popular TV show ("Magnum, P.I." 1980 - 1988) at the time of the band mentioned above's success and which has had a reboot ("Magnum P.I." - 2018 - current). He is in another long running series ("Blue Bloods") now and has also been in movies. Tom Selleck/"Magnum, P.I."/"Magnum P.I."/"Blue Bloods"

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **10**
Don't believe the hype. This B+ list actor/accused kidnapper/attempted murderer is not dating this B+ list actress.
Ross Butler/Madelyn Cline (Ross Butler Just Revealed If He’s Dating Madelyn Cline After Her Rumored Split From Chase Stokes) (Allow Me To Explain This Bizarre Murder Conspiracy That Involves Ross Butler & Courtney Love)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **11**
This B- list actress (Katharine Isabelle) actually gets a lot of work in horror movies (Filmography), but says she makes way more money getting naked for fans. Katharine Isabelle (Katharine Isabelle on Playing Against Type in Night of the Animated Dead)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **12**
This multiple network A- list reality star who comes from a network reality star family says she was aggressively hit on by this celebrity offspring who has other siblings much more famous. When she turned him down he got really rude and nasty and was not pleasant. He said she should be grateful.
Julianne Hough/Barron Hilton

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/22 **13**
Four For Friday - Strange Couples:
#1 - This former A- list comic actress who is also an author and a host used to hook up with this former late night talk show host who still does stand up comedy everywhere. Sandra Bernhard/Jay Leno (Sandra Bernhard Recruits One for the Team | Howard Stern)

#2 - This foreign born second generation VJ and one half of a magic duo. Penn Jillette (So Many MTV VJs, Then and Now)
#3 - This former A+ list singer turned network judge and this former A+ list mostly movie actor with at least one movie franchise who is an Oscar winner/nominee.
#4 - This permanent A list singer/diva/date decider of the holiday season and this former A list mostly movie actor who was everywhere for many years and is in an acting family not named Wilson or Baldwin. Mariah Carey/"Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center"/John Cusack (Dick Cusack (father); Ann Cusack (sister); Joan Cusack (sister)) (Mariah Carey Is Joining The Butler)

One of the things this A- list part time reality star likes is for a potential girlfriend to have their own source of income, preferably from their family. If they don't, they always ask him for money or gifts. If you throw in the fact they make any money they earn from "modeling," it won't last. So, the new woman? No chance. Scott Disick/Elizabeth Grace Lindley (Scott Disick parties with 23-year-old model after Kourtney Kardashian engagement)

This A- list almost network actor took another tentative step out of the closet this week. KJ Apa/"Riverdale" (Hang On, KJ Apa May Have Hinted He's Married Via A Video Of Him Drinking Breast Milk In His Coffee)

This A list director can huff and puff forever, but there is no way on this planet that the largest theatre market in the world is going to show the latest Marvel movie as is. It will be censored. Chloe Zhao/"Eternals"/China (Chloé Zhao Spoke to Marvel About Not Censoring Gay ‘Eternals’ Characters Overseas: ‘Fingers Crossed’)

The sister of the killer is the first person I would look to for a suspect in the killer's death. Cassie/Brian Laundrie

This alliterate B+ list actress turned down booze yesterday at an event. Usually when she does that, it is because something bad happened the last time she got drunk. It could also be because she had to pick up her kid from school. January Jones (January Jones puts on a leggy display in a sleeveless mini dress while Laura Dern is flirty in floral at Oceana's 14th Annual SeaChange Summer Party in Laguna Beach) (January Jones’ accident and her history with alcohol)

Look for a very quick pregnancy announcement from this former Housewife. Then, look for her to try and explain the timeline later on down the road. Meghan King/"Real Housewives of Orange County"/Joe Biden’s nephew Cuffe Owens (Meghan King’s ex-husband on ‘RHOC’ alum’s wedding to President Joe Biden’s nephew: ‘I thought it was a joke’)

This foreign born A list celebrity is going to allege in a book that his father enabled a molester of the celebrity and did nothing to stop him from molesting others. Prince Harry/Prince Charles/Jimmy Savile (Prince Charles wanted Jimmy Savile to be Prince Harry's godfather, it has been claimed)

Speaking of books, this former teen star of one of the most famous horror movies of all time, was paid a great deal of money to not tell anyone that this at the time A list singer/former soap actor had sex with her when she was 14 or 15. Linda Blair "The Exorcist"/Rick Springfield/"General Hospital" (Rick Springfield's icky new memoir: we read it so you don't have to) (Linda Blair’s Mom ‘Loved’ Rick Springfield Despite Their Controversial Age Difference: ‘He Was Part of Our Family’)

If the rumors about an upcoming project are true, then this recent death opens up a bunch more questions. "Rust" (Assistant director on 'Rust' was subject of complaints dating back to 2019)

You would think, considering her history and such that this A list mostly movie actress would be open to dating anyone, but she refuses to date any people of color and tries to keep her offspring from the same thing. Angelina Jolie/The Weeknd (Is Something Cooking Between Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd? Have A Look As The Diva Gives Major Hint)

The members of the most popular K-pop band of all time have only managed to retain about 10% of their earnings total. They divide that 10% between the members of the group. The managers and others took 90%. "BTS" (BTS, the band that changed K-pop, explained)

Unless she wants to head into a dark place, this A list celebrity to anyone under the age of 18, should stay far away from the foreign born A- list model/bad actress who is pursuing the celebrity.
Cara Delevingne/JoJo Siwa (Why Cara Delevingne prefers quiet sex)

Our favorite foreign born B list actress/singer secretly recorded herself having sex with this A- list actress. Rita Ora/Kristen Stewart

This foreign born actress (Lilimar Hernandez/21 years old) is barely legal drinking age. She got her start ("Bella and the Bulldogs") on a kid's channel ("Nickelodeon"). She has over 1M followers on social media (1.2 M Instagram). She is hooking up with the A+ list mostly movie actor with a bad back tattoo. Lilimar Hernandez/"Bella and the Bulldogs"/"Nickelodeon"/Ben Affleck (Is Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo Really That Bad? Tattoo Artists Weigh In.)

The founder of this wrestling organization doesn't let any women appear without first sleeping with him. Tony Khan/"All Elite Wrestling" ("Truth can be ugly" – WWE Hall of Famer promises to expose AEW President Tony Khan); Dana White/"Ultimate Fighting Championship" (The hidden truth about UFC President Dana White)

This A list singer solo (Gwen Stefani) and in a group ("No Doubt") who now judges others ("The Voice"), made her career from a certain song style ("Riot Grrrl"). She was asked to be a part of an event ("Acid Test"/"Austin Film Festival") celebrating the movement with its founders and basically told them to f**k off.
Gwen Stefani/"No Doubt"/"The Voice"/Top Rankin': The O.N. Klub & Birth Of The L.A. Ska Boom/GRAMMY Museum

The latest superhero movie bought and paid for a positive fresh rating, despite all the reviews admitting it isn't all that great. "Eternals" (Marvel's Eternals early reviews aren't so glowing)

This supporting actor (Oscar Issac) has gone into lightspeed skipping career wise. Another huge film ("Dune"), along with successful artisan films (Filmography) make him a prime candidate for award season. His star is climbing. Meanwhile, his overhyped costar (Adam Driver) from a galaxy far away career is fading fast with a string of box office bombs and 2 films coming out in 2022 that so are far are considered unwatchable (Filmography). Even with his next movie, his male costar stole the show. "Star Wars"/Oscar Issac/Adam Driver (Oscar Isaac films – ranked!) (‘The Last Duel’ Review: Matt Damon and Adam Driver in Ridley Scott’s Intriguing but Overcooked Medieval Soap Opera)

Don't believe the hype. The offspring of the alliterate one, were not eligible to receive the titles recently given. There was no turning anything down. Archie/Meghan Markle (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Turned Down Title for Archie Over ‘Mockery’ Fear at School, Says Royal Expert)

While there to support her "boyfriend" at a NBA game, this A- list reality star received an urgent call. The cup advertising her liquor company was not facing the cameras and couldn't be seen. Devin Booker/"Lakers"/Kendall Jenner/"818 Tequila" (Kendall Jenner Shares a Kiss with Boyfriend Devin Booker After Suns' Victory Over the Lakers)

This A- list mostly television actress has two big television hits to her name. She is in the process of splitting with her husband/former co-star. Keri Russell ("Felicity")/Matthew Rhys ("The Americans"); Ginnifer Goodwin ("Big Love")/Josh Dallas ("Once Up A Time"); Alyson Hannigan ("How I Met Your Mother")/Alexis Denisof ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

I have written about the creators of this kid's programming network before. This is not Disney or Nickelodeon. They wanted to start getting girls in their pipeline much earlier than 10 or 11 so they can really get them in the right frame of mind. To that end, they have opened an acting school and a dance studio which gets the kids in the door as young as 5 or 6. So, by the time they are cast when tweens or early teens, they know what is expected and have seen it all.

This A-/B+ list foreign born actress sends money to what she calls a charity. The charity is actually used to support groups calling for the extinction of certain marginalized groups of people in that country.

With rare exceptions, don't idolize celebrities. This foreign born celebrity doesn't care what you think about him. He is A list and always will be. He is getting a massive check and will ignore anything bad in the country he is promoting by saying it is not about the country, but about the sport. Plus, after the bath his wife's company took, they could use the infusion of cash. Oh, and don't forget how he used his name to escape being named in that illegal deal his soccer team made. David Beckham/Qatar/Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham (David Beckham urged to focus on ‘human rights abuses’ in Qatar ambassador role) (Victoria Beckham Focus On Price & Planet In Brand Overhaul)

Why yes, this movie studio did have the cast and staff accompanying them on their European press tour of this new big budget movie have everyone say they hadn't been exposed to anyone with COVID in the past 14 days, even though they knew it to be untrue. The various governments know it is untrue. If it had been you or me, we would have been in serious trouble for lying. Money and fame trumps everything.

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **10**
There is a drive right now to ban the firing of guns on set, and using real guns that can fire objects. This alliterate A+ list mostly movie director is opposed, so it has no chance of going anywhere. "Halyna’s Law"/Steven Spielberg (Petition Asks For 'Halyna's Law,' Banning Guns From Sets After Alec Baldwin Shooting)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **11**
This A- list dual threat actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and has been in multiple franchises and even does commercials. She always said she would get no work done to her face or body. I guess times change. Anna Kendrick (Anna Kendrick Doesn’t Even Look Like Herself Anymore–Her Face Has Changed SO Much)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **12**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor says his days of full frontal are over. His significant other doesn't want him to do so any longer. Michael Fassbender/Alicia Vikander (Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander take time off from parenting duties as they head out in Paris) ('The hype around one man's anatomy is ludicrous' - Michael Fassbender)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **13**
This barely old enough to drink foreign born A- list mostly movie actress (Thomasin McKenzie - 21 years old) is set to hit it big in 2022 (Filmography). She had a very good 2021 and has a huge hitter in the industry that she is sleeping with to try and get an award nomination this season. Thomasin McKenzie (7 Facts About Thomasin McKenzie That Prove She's One to Watch)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/25 **14**
Secret Checks: This is not the first time I have written about this production company. They do multiple reality shows in the same region of the country. They had to write several checks to the mom of a child and the child, not because of anything they had done, but what they witnessed and didn't report. They recently completed arbitration in another case that has been going on for at least five years. Several crew members and at least two producers had each, over the course of two years, sexually assaulted a woman who was sometimes on the show. They would get her drunk and then assault her. They knew she needed the money that being on the show would give her, and when she would stop drinking with them, they would cancel her call times and tell her they didn't need her any more. Eventually, she put her foot down and her lawyer threatened a lawsuit. Apparently she received several million dollars. None of the crew members or producers were fired.

The significant other of this A list mostly movie actor will do whatever she can to protect the inheritance she will get when the actor dies. There has been talk that the insurance company will not defend or pay any wrongful death lawsuits which of course means it will come out of the actor's money. She wants to fundraise so she can protect her inheritance. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Criminal charges ARE on the table in Alec Baldwin shooting case, say prosecutors - as it emerges crew were using actor's gun to shoot cans with live ammo just HOURS before tragic death on set)

This A list singer all of you know, has won a lot of big awards. He is cheating on his wife, who all of you know. Not Blake Shelton, although... John Legend/Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen reveals she and John Legend bring late son’s ashes to family vacations)

The "singer's" boyfriend had an "audition," so he bailed on a date with her. Sam Asghari/Britney Spears (Britney Spears' Fiancé Sam Asghari to Star Alongside Mel Gibson in Action Thriller Hot Seat)

This reality star/celebrity/actress has been in the public eye for nearly three decades. She was one of the very first reality stars. She is losing her fight with an illness that is apparently terminal.

A very recently married man who married way way above his own worth, used his now defunct and under investigation company, to launder money for "charities" in the Middle East. Jennifer Gates/Nayel Nassar (What to Know About Bill Gates' Daughter Jennifer's Husband, Equestrian Nayel Nassar)

The meme actor was once again trashing the one named A- list actress with whom he stars in a very recent movie. He said that she was getting way too much publicity for two minutes of screen time where all she does is move her head and smile. Timothée Chalamet/Zendaya/"Dune" (Fans are outraged that Zendaya is in ‘Dune’ for only 7 minutes)

The foreign born NBA player is being threatened by various other NBA players around the league, but specifically those on his team who say he is screwing over their chance at getting endorsement deals from companies based in a very large Asian country. Enes Kanter ("Boston Celtics")/China (Enes Kanter says Nike is 'scared to speak up' against China and wears 'Modern Day Slavery' shoes in protest of Uyghur treatment)

As a condition to keeping her lifestyle funded, this alliterate celebrity offspring of an A lister keeps having to do the model thing. She doesn't want to do it, but is being forced. Lourdes Leon/Madonna (Lourdes Leon Flaunts Chest Tattoos While Wearing Only Pink Nails) (Lourdes Leon Says Mom Madonna Is a "Control Freak" Who Controlled Her "Whole Life")

Let me see if I can get this straight. This A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee (Casey Affleck) from an acting family (Ben Affleck) and a sexual assaulter has slept with this A- list actress (Rooney Mara) from an acting family (Kate Mara) and did so solo and with his then wife (Summer Phoenix). The A- list actress is now married to the former best friend (Joaquin Phoenix) of the actor who is the sibling of the ex-wife. Casey Affleck/Ben Affleck)/Rooney Mara/Kate Mara/Summer Phoenix/Joaquin Phoenix

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **10**
Speaking of odd hookups, this A- list mostly movie director who shines at this time of year has slept with this actress/model who is his secret girlfriend, and also her daughter. Not at the same time of course. Probably.

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **11**
This foreign born former A+ list singer who may or may not be a body double did not tell her boyfriend that a few years ago she slept with this A- list musician set to marry a reality star. The musician failed to tell his girlfriend the same fact. It was probably for the best since they all were at an event together. Avril Lavigne/Mod Sun/Travis Barker/Kourtney Kardashian/"Travis Barker House Of Horrors" (Avril Lavigne replacement conspiracy theory) (Avril Lavigne in the studio with Travis Barker (Blink-182)!) ("Travis Barker House of Horrors")

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **12**
While promoting her new movie, this actress/pro beard for hire is not responding on the record about her boyfriend/baby daddy. That should tell you all you need to know. She should never have tried to make it work and just stayed out on the west coast. Of course, he still doesn't think the baby is his, so there is that. Although, this would never have happened if he had remained faithful in his marriage. Anyway. Olivia Munn/John Mulaney/Anna Marie Tendler (Pregnant Olivia Munn Isn’t Concerned About ‘Settling Down in a Conventional Way’ Amid John Mulaney Romance)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **13**
This foreign born A+ list singer is the reason this royal had to cancel a trip and stay home. Adele/Prince Harry (Adele Chooses Between Prince William and Prince Harry in a British-Themed Game of 'This or That')

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/26 **14**
Traitor: At some point, she turned. What I find absolutely fascinating about all this, is that she knew what was going to happen in the world and that she probably wouldn't get paid for a long time for what she did. Literally six weeks prior to the world shutting down, she takes care of her business. She had debts and found a guy to sleep with her who paid them all off. For nearly a decade, this foreign born actress/celebrity (Pamela Anderson) was the go between. She was the one who passed messages and codes and believed in him (Julian Assange) when no one else really did. She slept with him and assumed she was the only one doing so. Of course, she was wrong about that. He used her, much the same way he used many of the women in his life. She would start seeing a new man and then he would cut her off and she would be so desperate for his attention or love that she would dump the guy and fly across the world to see him for an hour or two each day she was there. She was a 5,000 mile booty call. At some point, she began to realize it. It was at that point, she was approached by a man from a government agency who wanted some help. In return for making some very heavy duty tax problems go away, would she tell them everything she knew about her friend and also be willing to set him up. She would. To do this of course, she would need to be closer. No problem the government man said, and the next thing she knew, she was living with a man (Adil Rami/French professional footballer) overseas and pretending to be a very lovely couple. This went on for the entirety of the time she was working directly for the government to try and arrange a way for the man to be killed or kidnapped. When it became obvious that the friend no longer wanted to see her, there was no more use for her. So, she had a very public breakup and stormed back home. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange/Adil Rami (Julian Assange Fast Facts) (Julian Assange's relationship with Pamela Anderson) (Julian Assange could be RELEASED from UK prison – major new Labour Party bid launched) (Lawyer: Julian Assange suffers from autism and could commit suicide if sent to United States) (U.S. says Assange could go to Australian prison if convicted) (Pamela Anderson splits from soccer player Adil Rami, calls him a ‘monster’)

The guitarist and the band with the three names can deny the ever increasing sexual assault allegations against the guitarist by numerous underage girls, but lets not forget how he encouraged those same underage girls to give him their bras during shows or the undisputed fact that when he was in his mid twenties he was hooking up with this 15/16 year old actress who is A-/B+ list now as an adult. Jack Barakat/"All Time Low"/Abigail Breslin (All Time Low Denies Allegations of Sexually Abusing Underage Fans)
(Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin, 17, 'dating Holly Madison's rocker ex Jack Barakat, 25')

Everyone wants to know the Senator. Former northern Senator who got divorced the same year the unwanted kiss occurred.
Huma Abedin/Russ Feingold (Huma Abedin says kiss from unnamed senator was not sexual assault)

Disney is working hard, but not as hard as the parent of this soon to be Disney princess type, to make sure no one finds out the actress is a lesbian. Mom is going to get really upset about how public the actress has been with her latest girlfriend. Halle Bailey/"The Little Mermaid" (The Little Mermaid's Halle Bailey showcases her eye-popping cleavage and taut waist in a dazzling jewelled coord as she joins the stars at Miu Miu's Paris Fashion Week show); Rachel Zegler/""Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (‘West Side Story’ star Rachel Zegler shuts down haters mad about Snow White casting)

There is not a day that goes by that this very fast rapper is not sliding into some woman's DMs. The foreign born one name singer is in denial. A$AP Rocky/Rihanna (Rihanna goes full glam as she steps out for dinner in a feather-trimmed sequin skirt and an edgy raincoat emblazoned with photos) (A$AP Rocky's 'Live. Love. A$AP' Mixtape Coming to Streaming for First Time)

The offspring of this former A list comic/host wanted about ten times what the studio was prepared to pay for the rights to a story. The offspring also wanted final approval on everything. That kind of deal was just not going to happen. Melissa Rivers/Joan Rivers/"Showtime"/"The Comeback Girl" (Joan Rivers TV Series ‘The Comeback Girl’ With Kathryn Hahn Not Moving Forward (EXCLUSIVE))

This A list everything in her mind singer/actress yelled at a host in a restaurant because he told her they were closed. She couldn't understand why they wouldn't want to stay open for her. Jennifer Lopez

This serial cheating three named actor is doing it again. This time it is with someone, who liked the three named actor, peaked several decades ago in a hit network show. Brian Austin Green/Tori Spelling/"Beverly Hills, 90210" (Brian Austin Green reveals he did not have a crush on Tori Spelling while filming the original Beverly Hills 90210)

This one named rapper who is always broke, was recently in Las Vegas. There was a drunk woman in the VIP section and he and his friends kept trying to open a champagne bottle inside the woman's body. Tyga (Tyga Was Just Booked For Domestic Violence After His Ex-Girlfriend Shared Photos Of Physical Abuse)

This actress (Jessica Alba) who started a massive company ("The Honest Company") not named GOOP, wants to start selling products used for witchcraft rituals, but no one can figure out what to call them. She likes to call them "candles." Jessica Alba/"The Honest Company"

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **10**
Reader Blind: This A+ comic who had a permanent A+ show has made some very negative comments about this other comic who is currently more known for a different entertainment related job. The reason for this was because the comic with the different job said something negative in the press first but the real reason is the A+ comic's wife before they were married was a sometime comic groupie and did sleep with the comic with a different job a couple times back in the day. Jerry Seinfeld/Jessica Sklar/Bobcat Goldthwait (Jerry Seinfeld Began Dating Wife Jessica While She Was Married, Which Her Ex-Husband Called ‘Appalling’) (Why does Jerry Seinfeld hate Bobcat Goldthwait so much?)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **11**
Reader Blind: This recently deceased comic (Mort Sahl) was a true trailblazer who in the early stages of his career was everywhere, friends with world leaders, and in movies and TV, and was deeply influential on modern stand-up comedy. The eulogies praising him are leaving out the real reason his career took a sudden nose dive. Released files show this three letter agency ("CIA") had a file on him and were monitoring his movements, tapping his phone etc.. In addition, they spread phony stories about his sex life and used their criminal contacts to pressure clubs and venues not to let him perform there. Why? Because he questioned in his act the death of his A++ friend (President John F. Kennedy) and specifically the official story of his death. Mort Sahl/"CIA"/President John F. Kennedy (Mort Sahl, Comedian Who Satirized Politics, Dies at 94) (Mort Sahl To Discuss New `Jfk' Film)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **12**
Reader Blind: Another story about this deceased comic comic's - A while back he started telling a few jokes in his act about this A+ big box office actor with a weird personal life. In no uncertain terms, he was warned to stop doing this by many powerful people and at one point a dead animal was dumped at his front door as a warning. He stopped but what he started doing once a month for a couple years was anonymously mailing a large collection of phallic sexual aids to the A+ actor. The actor never figured out who was doing this. Norm Macdonald/Tom Cruise/Scientology (Norm Macdonald Dies: Influential Comedian & Former ‘SNL’ Weekend Update Anchor Was 61) (Norm Macdonald on Why He’s Tired of Trump Satire and the Joke He’ll Never Tell Again) (Norm MacDonald - Tom Cruise (SNL weekend update))

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **13**
Apparently this A list celebrity bought even more recipes than usual for her latest cookbook. Chrissy Teigen/"Cravings: All Together: Recipes to Love: A Cookbook" (Chrissy Teigen models plunging top with Chanel suspenders as she swings by Barnes And Noble event for her cookbook... after first interview since THAT cyberbullying scandal)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/27 **14**
The Role: In this space, the casting couch is often mentioned. It might get you a role for a particular production, or the opportunity to steal an Oscar, or be placed with a director who gets you many Oscar roles, but it offers no guarantees about your future. There is one actress, foreign born who is an Oscar winner/nominee (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who figured that out on her own. Back when she was first starting out and in her very early 20's, she had a very brief fling with an actor (Anthony Hopkins) who had already achieved A list status. They are from the same very small country (Wales). He had seen her in a play and although he was married to his second wife (Jennifer Lynton), the pair hit it off for a very quick, but torrid affair. Over the years, they would see each other, and after that first time, always rebuffed him. She knew that she would hook up with him again, but wanted it to be on her terms and in a way that would make her a huge star. She saw her opportunity in a movie ("The Mask of Zorro") where she was not the first choice (Izabella Scorupco first choice) for the role. She had made an enemy of this foreign born A list mostly movie actor (Antonio Banderas) who is an Oscar winner/nominee in her first leading role when she wouldn't sleep with him. The cranky guy let it be known the actress was "difficult" to work with and no one should hire her. When her former lover, the A list actor was cast in a role in the movie she wanted to land, the one she knew would make her career, she reached out. She made it very clear that if he wanted to have sex with her, she wanted that role. They had sex and he talked to the director and got her the role. It made her a huge star. She never looked back. Catherine Zeta-Jones/Anthony Hopkins/Wales/Jennifer Lynton/"The Mask of Zorro"/Izabella Scorupco/Antonio Banderas

334. POPBITCH 10/28
(British blog)
Now that she's landed a well-respected millionaire author for a boyfriend, who has just treated herself to a celebratory labial tuck?

If you are going to do a run up the empire state building it is more convincing if you actually do it and not simply show up afterwards for photo opportunities. But to give him credit he did change into running clothes from street clothes for the photos and social media posts. The fact he came along with still warm pizza should have been enough for fans to realize that he didn't actually run. He had no intention of actually running despite what he said leading up to the event. Sebastian Stan (He’s Soh, so fast!)

Don't believe this foreign born one named A+ list singer when she says she is simple and humble. She had to be talked out of charging fans twice the amount that was finally agreed upon. She says it has to be worth her while to get her to perform. Adele (Gayle King Teases Adele's Concert Special and 'Intimate' Interview With Oprah Winfrey)

Don't believe the hype. This foreign born pint sized superhero is not engaged to the one named A- list actress. Tom Holland/Zendaya (Source Claims Zendaya And Tom Holland Are Engaged — And Will Announce After ‘Spider-Man’ Releases)

With his latest loss in court, look for this A+/A list mostly movie actor to very quickly settle things with his A list ex. There is no way he wants this to drag out for two more years where his name gets dragged through the mud. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt's Petition for Review in Custody Case with Angelina Jolie Denied by Calif. Supreme Court)

This alliterate A list reality star is hiding her boyfriend. It isn't so much that she doesn't want the public to know, she just doesn't want her ex to discover it, because then he will maybe say/do things she doesn't want him to until after everything is settled. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West (Kim Kardashian Spoke About What It’s Like Remaining Business Partners With Kanye West Who Still Has A Stake In Skims Weeks After They Were Rumored To Be "Rebuilding Their Relationship" And Reconsidering Divorce)

It is remarkable how the significant other of this foreign born permanent A+ list soccer player managed to get pregnant without ever having sex with the soccer player. Congrats. Georgina Rodriguez/Christiano Renaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo Reveals He's Expecting Second Set of Twins with Georgina Rodríguez: 'Blessed')

This A+/A list mostly movie actor knows nothing about the company that is paying him a ridiculous amount of money to endorse it. Perhaps he should have looked at all the customer reviews and lawsuits calling it a scam, prior to taking their money and telling everyone how wonderful it is. Matt Damon/Cryptocurrency ""Fortune Favors the Brave" (Matt Damon Hawks Cryptocurrency in New Commercial)

If you don't pay your debts to the bad people you owe money to, then bad things happen to reality stars. Dorit Kemsley/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley is held at gunpoint and robbed of jewelry and handbags during 20-minute home invasion by three men while she was asleep with her kids: Co-stars show up to show support)

This alliterate A list mostly movie actor was tracked down by a fan who somehow got an old phone which used to belong to the actor back in the day. On the phone were several photos of this three named actress who doesn't act much any longer. The photos were all nudes. The fan tried to give the phone to the actor, but the actor didn't want them, and told the guy to see if he could make a few bucks selling the photos.
Ryan Reynolds/Rachael Leigh Cook or Melissa Joan Hart (The Truth About Ryan Reynolds And Rachael Leigh Cook's Romance) (Melissa Joan Hart says she had a fling with Ryan Reynolds while filming 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch')

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **10**
This foreign born permanent A list model/host/producer often gets the blame for the demise of her marriage to this one named foreign born singer. It is true the model cheated, but it is also true the singer was also cheating with this permanent A list model/producer/bad host and another person overseas. Heidi Klum/Seal/Tyra Banks

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **11**
In a change of pace, the leader of this tiny country did an interview which seems to be setting the table for him being a single dad. Albert II, Prince of Monaco/"People" Magazine (Princess Charlene Will Return to Monaco Within Weeks, Says Husband Prince Albert: 'We All Miss Her') (Sharon Stone steps into Monaco’s royal drama by hanging with Prince Albert) (Prince Albert says Princess Charlene will be back in Monaco 'very shortly' and anticipates doctors in South Africa will clear his wife for travel within days)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **12**
At one point this year, this former A/A- list mostly television actress with multiple hit shows said she wanted to run for political office. Now, she is telling friends she wouldn't mind being a Housewife. Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano Confirms She Is Considering Run For Congress In 2024)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/28 **13**
The Trilogy: Prior to the first installment of the new trilogy, the studio locked down a big secret and has kept it quiet now for several years. It nearly got out during an interview that was given by this long time actress (#1/Carrie Fisher) who had a role in the trilogy ("Star Wars" sequel trilogy) and another prior to this set ("Star Wars"). She is an offspring of a celebrity (Debbie Reynolds) and also has celebrity offspring (Billie Lourd). She would know more than anyone about the secret. She saw it happen first hand. Fans read the interview and would place bets on this A list mostly movie actor (#2/Adam Driver) and this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress (#3/Daisy Ridley) in order to fulfill a gajillion fanfic fantasies but based on a few simple workings, it was more likely to be this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor (#4/Oscar Isaac) and the offspring (#5/Billie Lourd) of the aforementioned actress. Several scenes were filmed with ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens") #1 present alongside #4 & #5, who have a similar age gap themselves (Carrie Fisher/Harrison Ford/14 years) (Billie Lourd/Oscar Isaac/13 years). No scenes existed with both #2 & #3 present alongside the OG characters. Subsequently, both #4 & #5 were inexplicably left off attendances of the premieres for installments 2 ("Star Wars: The Last Jedi") and 3 ("Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker") of the new trilogy after having provided one of the best red carpet interviews in conjunction with #1. #4 was absent from a premiere at which #5 was in attendance, whereas #5 was missing from the European premiere where #4 then reappeared. #5 was then missing again from a premiere in which she herself starred in her own role as well as a stand-in for #1. With internet chat already aflame with controversy on all three instalments of the new trilogy the studio heads intervened to prevent any scandal from leaking. The dynamic between #4 & #5 was apparent in their one public appearance together. Notable that one director (Rian Johnson), consulting closely with #1 in script and scene work, put the two actors together whenever possible whereas once permission was secured for the studio to use #1’s likeness, another director (J.J. Abrams) kept the two characters apart to the point where he tried to write #5’s role out altogether. Carrie Fisher/"Star Wars" sequel trilogy/"Star Wars"/Debbie Reynolds/Billie Lourd/Adam Driver/Daisy Ridley/Oscar Isaac/Billie Lourd/"Star Wars: The Force Awakens"/"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"/Rian Johnson/J.J. Abrams
#1 - Carrie Fisher
#2 - Adam Driver
#3 - Daisy Ridley
#4 - Oscar Issac
#5 - Billie Lourd
(Oscar Isaac’s Best Moments With Carrie Fisher Will Make 'Star Wars' Fans So Emotional) (Carrie Fisher Oscar Isaac Swear ALOT on LIVE STREAM Star Wars The Force Awakens Red Carpet)

I can't speak to the entirety of her claim, but this A list celebrity was boozing around Labor Day weekend. Chrissy Teigen

This former government contractor turned character actor with hundreds of credits is now being investigated for possible abuse he committed on kids and teens he worked with on set.

This split between declining on the list celebrities will last about as long as it takes before the non-foreign born one of the pair needs to use again. Zayn Malik/Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Break Up After Singer's Alleged Argument with Her Mom Yolanda: Sources)

One Housewife thought she was getting her old job back in this rebooted franchise until she discovered her friendship with this outspoken reality star/host cost her the chance. Lea Black/"Real Housewives of Miami"/Jeff Lewis (RHOM Is Back! Meet the Cast: Alexia Echevarria, Lisa Hochstein & Larsa Pippen Return) (Former Real Housewives of Miami Star Lea Black Weighs in on Peacock Reboot, Casting Speculation)

This A/A- list actress/host/singer is closeted, but recently got married to her long time girlfriend. Queen Latifah

With his long time celebrity girlfriend on the other side of the country last night, this former A list athlete took the opportunity to hook up with a fan he met at a premiere after party.
Colin Kaepernick/Nessa/"Colin In Black And White"/Los Angeles, CA (Colin Kaepernick arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "Colin In Black And White")

Payola is just getting worse. With this foreign born super group not getting any play, it was discovered they are refusing to pay those in charge. If stations can stop an A+ lister from getting played, they have no issues keeping the group off the air. "Abba"/Adele (ABBA Says They're Breaking Up For Good After Upcoming Album: 'This Is It')

This A+/A list comic actor who got his start in late night and only does movies is doing a bunch of press right now. He came out of an interview and there were some people there waiting. As he always does, he blew them off until he saw a television camera and then he went back and signed and made jokes. A-hole. Will Ferrell/"SNL" (Kathryn Hahn oozes sophistication in a pinstripe jumpsuit as she joins Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd at the NYC premiere for their series The Shrink Next Door)

Orange was looking a little under the weather last night at an event. Apparently those late nights of partying are not doing wonders for her health. Those pesky rumors are not going to go away. Jaime King/"DKMS 30th Anniversary Gala" (Jaime King oozes elegance in black, red and white strapless gown at DKMS 30th Anniversary Gala in NYC) (Jaime King dresses down with a bolero hat during a coffee run... the day after she stunned in an off-the-shoulder gown that revealed a special tattoo) (Jaime King breaks up with activist beau Sennett Devermont)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **10**
This A- list actress got a pass for her first big time grooming scandal, but there is another headed her way. How many will it take for people to care? Jada Pinkett Smith/August Alsina (A Timeline of Will, Jada, and August’s Entanglement)

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **11**
Reader Blind: A book came out recently about this historical clash ("Battle of the Alamo") that occurred a couple centuries ago that has been the subject of several movies. A number of the "facts" about this event were debunked and a number of truths often left out of the official narrative were revealed.. This led to some outcry and the forced cancellation of a promotional event in the area where the historical clash happened. One thing though that was left out of the book is a lot of the scandalous personal details about a figure (Sam Houston) who played a key role. This individual has had one of America's largest cities named after him and is much celebrated in history. However, letters from his first wife whom he was only married to for a couple months before she ran back to her family shows that he was a cross dresser who liked to wear her petticoats and who sometimes liked to have sex with male farm staff. He also consumed a lot of this drug which was popular in those days, so much so that a spy a rival planted on his staff said he was often completely out of his mind due to his overconsumption of this substance.
"Forget the Alamo"/Sam Houston/"Battle of the Alamo"/opium (OK, Fine, Remember the Alamo. Just Don't Forget the Slavery and Stupidity) (The opium war, Texas style)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **12**
Reader Blind: This commentator of a specific political bent not on TV has got bigger problems than the fact he is always on the verge of being banned. Details about the nature of his marriage as well as medical problems he had earlier this year will finally expose what has been long rumored about his true sexuality.

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **13**
Reader Blind: Besides his general poor health, there is another reason why this A+ (both solo and in a group) foreign singer/musician is performing live in a certain way. As part of his health issues, he no longer has control of his bowels and has to wear diapers when he performs. Phil Collins/"Genesis" (Phil Collins accused of not brushing teeth or showering for a year in bitter court battle) (Genesis cancel UK tour shows over Covid cases in band)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 10/29 **14**
Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior - Female Version: It always seems to be guys in this space, so lets talk bad band behavior from women.
#1 - This never on time A list singer solo and in a group has been known to physically beat her employees if she doesn't think they are doing a good job. I'm not talking about just a slap either. Lauryn Hill/"Fugees"
#2 - This alliterate permanent A list singer went on a week long coke bender that was something straight out of Hunter S. Thompson. She did this while mostly naked, in the company of this alliterate A list mostly movie actor. Janis Joplin/Kris Kristofferson (Story Behind When Kris Kristofferson Dated Janis Joplin – Almost 50 Years Ago)

#3 - This former A+ list singer from an entertainment family is still out there touring and still selling out concerts. If you see her out on tour, ask her about the woman she left to die at a gas station restroom after doing drugs with her inside. Not anyone related to the Cash family.
#4 - This singer/songwriter is A- list. Still everywhere, just not the hits she had at first. She was once hired for a movie directed by an A list director. She was fired after two weeks because no one could stand her demands. It was either she be fired or the crew was going to walk. Do you know how hard it is to be worse on set than the A- list actor who was her very brief co-star.

This back in the day A+ list mostly movie actor is also a few years removed from an Oscar win/nomination. He has been in this space before about his transition from woman lover/beater to all men all the time now to the point where his friends and employees are all men he met on Grindr. Mickey Rourke (Mickey Rourke Renewed Long-Standing Feud with Robert De Niro over His 2019 Act) (Why Evan Rachel Wood Didn’t Interact with Mickey Rourke While Filming ‘The Wrestler’)

Speaking of closeted, the new soon to be husband of this A- list quadruple threat actress is going to have to go back in the closet and stop hooking up with random men every weekend. Kristin Chenoweth/Josh Bryant (Kristin Chenoweth is engaged to Josh Bryant after 3 years together)

Just what the world needs, a serial child molesting enabler/former reality star running for political office. Jim Bob Duggar (Jim Bob Duggar Announces Run for Arkansas State Senate amid Son Josh's Child Porn Case)

This very tall former A- list mostly movie actress says that a recent event, this former A- list actor who is now the boyfriend of predator enabler, hit on the actress with the girlfriend at the same event. Uma Thurman/Adrian Brody/Georgina Chapman/Katie Couric "Going There" book launch (Beyoncé sends Katie Couric flowers after ‘Going There’ book launch)

Reader Blind: I’m not saying for certain anything bad is going on, I just find it kind of weird that this very prominent assistant director who has worked on major blockbuster movies always hangs out with the child actors, even off set, and posts pictures of them together on Instagram. I also find it a bit weird that he mentors boy bands in his spare time, despite having no musical background, and tosses them aside when they get too old. Dave Halls (Assistant directors work under extreme pressure. What we know about the one who handed Alec Baldwin a gun)

Reader Blind: A number of decades ago, there was a series of horrific serial crimes committed (Atlanta Child Murders) in this large American city (Atlanta). Someone was eventually arrested (Wayne Williams) and found guilty of some of the crimes but even the prosecution acknowledges that it would have been physically impossible for him to have done it all. The case has been reopened a couple times through the years and is currently reopened now. There are those (including the convicted criminal who maintains his innocence) who insist that race played a part in all of this. As part of the investigation of a much discussed much televised event that occurred earlier this year, a search warrant was issued for someone who lives in the same city. Evidence was found connecting him and others to this other case. This involves a lot of potential defendants. There will likely be an announcement on this before year's end. "Atlanta Child Murders"/Atlanta/Wayne Williams (Was He Framed for Killing Black Kids to Get the Klan off the Hook?) (Atlanta police sending four-decade-old 'deteriorated DNA' from child murders to private lab)

Reader Blind: A number of decades ago, two bands from the same country (England) were touring together. Both bands took their names from different pieces of music. Band #A ("Squeeze") was the headliner and was already established having had several modest hits that would grow over time. They still tour and record to this day but it is now just the two permanent songwriting members. Fans and critics would probably say that this band is underrated in terms of the amount of good music they have put out. Band #B ("A Flock of Seagulls") had just put out their first record. They would go on to have a few hits and are strongly associated with this decade. Recently, the original members reunited ("Squeeze" Official). While touring together, the singer of band #B (Mike Score) had been getting on the nerves of this big, burly heavy drinking member (Gilson Lavis) of band #A who is no longer in Band #A. Things finally came to a head in a Southern city where the angry drunk band #A member held the band #B singer's head underwater in a swimming pool until he was unconscious. A life guard had to do CPR. When he came to, the singer's first question was about the state of his hair. "Squeeze"/"A Flock of Seagulls"/Gilson Lavis/Mike Score (A Flock of Seagulls/Squeeze/June 18, 1982/Madison Square Garden)

This A- list mostly television actor was at a party a decade ago with the royal pedophile and says they both hooked up with teens that were "probably not legal." There was no way to know for sure, because they didn't speak any English. Prince Andrew

This B list foreign born celebrity spent all this past week trying to get assets transferred into her name alone.

Is this A-/B+ list actress director following the playbook of this A- list actress/producer? Kind of, except the latter actress actually has sex with her significant other.
Olivia Wilde (Harry Styles)/Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake)

This former A+ list boxer is perfectly willing to take the massive payday to fight someone he could kill. He will even string the fight along for many rounds to get a part 2. Mike Tyson/Logan Paul (and the fight has now been confirmed) ('I would f****** beat Mike Tyson': Logan Paul claims he would knock out the boxing legend but would be hesitant about fighting the 55-year-old saying it's 'not cool' to 'beat up an old man')

This former A- list reality star turned barely there celebrity is trying to sell her first interview and is not finding a lot of interest. Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Gigi Hadid opens up about allegations Zayn Malik’s hit mom Yolanda amid split)

You always think the permanent A+ list QB is going to talk about the affair with the nanny, but it never comes up and no one dares ask. Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen/Christine Ouzounian (Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen facing ‘very difficult issue’ in relationship) (It gets worse? Gisele Bundchen 'doesn't know what really happened when Tom Brady let Ben Affleck's nanny Christine Ouzounian ride his jet')

This former A+ list teen star from back in the day has managed to keep herself from being caught up in the sex cult, despite one of the leaders being her best friend.

If you ask this foreign born former A list boy bander who could be the dad other than himself, he will say the drug dealer's name. Zayn Malik/Gigi Hadid

I don't think things are going to last long in the marriage of this young A list singer if her new husband is going to keep cheating on her with her fans. Ariana Grande/Dalton Gomez (All About Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s New Husband And Partner Of Over A Year)

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